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SEASON 2 IS NOW AVAILABLE ON AUDIBLE SUNO. Why is it difficult for women to prioritise their health? Why is there a vortex of guilt around women's bodies and their medical care? How do we alleviate the fear around women's deepest, most private health concerns? She Says She's Fine is a women's health podcast hosted by popular gynaecologist, Dr. Munjaal Kapadia, whose mission is to bust the shackles around patient-doctor hierarchy, and create a friendly, warm environment for his patients to be treated. The show will explore and open up conversations around sex, periods, contraception, miscarriages, IVF, etc in the context of changing lifestyle choices, advancements in medical technology, misinformation, social taboos and more.

Ask Me Anything ft. Mae Thomas & Sharanya Subramaniyan
Is there a complete home-kit for STD testing? What can I do to reduce my risk of cervical/ breast cancer? Does treatment for endometriosis make conceiving difficult? What is an Anti-Mullerian Hormone (AMH) test? What are my fertility options if I have undergone chemotherapy? What can I do if I can’t orgasm through peno-vaginal sex? How does one deal with vaginismus? What are the laws around abortion in India? When will there be a solution to menstrual cramps? Will I be judged when I go to a gynaecologist?  ...

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I'm Not Fine ft. Dr. Nayreen Daruwalla & Donita Quadros
What is abuse? Why don't women ask for help when they need it? What are some forms of abuse women face? Where should women report cases of abuse? What rights do women have in these situations? How do women break out of abusive relationships? What are the obstacles that women face in reporting cases of abuse? What constitutes marital rape? What is the role of the police department and the hospital in these cases? Is there a protocol that should be followed in case of assault or abuse? What are the Government...

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What's Up Doc? ft. Anu Menon & Rohini Ramnathan
Have you had a Pap smear? Why are women hesitant to go to a gynaecologist? Do women prefer male or female gynaecologists? What kind of experiences have you had with doctors? Have you ever felt judged by your doctor? How often should you go to a gynaecologist? Why do women not prioritize their health? What kind of information should you seek from your gynaecologist This week, Dr. Munjaal talks to comedian and actor Anu Menon and content creator and radio personality Rohini Ramnathan about building a relation...

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IVF ft. Kainaz Messman & Nihal Harchandrai
When is the right time to have a baby? How do women balance their jobs and getting pregnant? How difficult is it to have sex on the clock? How do you find the right gynaecologist? What are the different kinds of treatments available for people struggling to conceive? Is IVF right for you? How do you navigate the tough times with your partner? How can men support their partner? Is it all worth it?   This week, Dr. Munjaal talks to founder and creative director of Theobroma, Kainaz Messman and Nihal Harchandr...

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Miscarriages ft. Pooja Jauhari & Dr. Riddhi Kapadia
Can working too much cause miscarriages? Can taking the local train cause miscarriages? Is it better to stay at home and rest to avoid miscarriages? How do you plan for parenthood? What toll does it take on your relationship with your partner? How do you deal with losing a baby? How do you deal with losing four babies? How do you still find the courage to try for another baby?   This week, Dr. Munjaal talks to CEO of The Glitch, Pooja Jauhari and Pathologist & Head of Diagnostics at Namaha Healthcare, Dr. R...

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OB-GYAN ft. Dr. Vipul Kapadia & Dr. Vaibhav Kapadia
What was it like to be a gynaecologist in the 70s? Are women uncomfortable with male doctors? What are the advancements in gynaecology? How do lifestyle changes affect women's health?   How can hospitals be more comfortable for patients? What is the effect of technology on healthcare? Should patients self-diagnose using the internet? How important are communication skills for doctors?   This week, Dr. Munjaal sits down with his father, Dr. Vipul and his brother Dr. Vaibhav to discuss the changes in the medi...

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Motherhood ft. Kiran Manral & Meghna Pant
What is the right age to get pregnant? Are you allowed to complain about pregnancy?   What is something no one tells you about being a mother? Are epidurals safe? Is breastfeeding painful? How do you deal with post-partum depression? Do you fall in love with your baby? How will your baby affect your career?   This week, Dr. Munjaal sits down with authors Kiran Manral and Meghna Pant to discuss how they navigate pregnancy and motherhood. -- You can follow Kiran at @KiranManral and Meghna at @MeghnaPant 

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Safe Sex ft. Rytasha Rathore & Sakshi Juneja
What are the deficiencies in our sex education? Is information about contraception easily available? What are some misconceptions around contraception? How can doctors and businesses be more inclusive? How do you choose between condoms, birth control pills and other options? What is the government's role in spreading HIV awareness? Is the medical community equipped to deal with problems the LGBTQ+ community face? 
 This week, Dr. Munjaal talks to the co-founder of Gaysi family, Sakshi Juneja and television/...

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Periods ft. Sofia Ashraf & Chitra Balachandran
How was your first period? Menstrual cramps - how much pain is too much pain? How does your workplace deal with women with periods? Do men know enough about periods? What is endometriosis? What is PCOD? How do you deal with PMS? Sex while on your period? Sanitary napkins, tampons, cloth pads or the cup? What do you do with social taboos around periods?   This week, Dr. Munjaal talks to fitness coach and dance instructor Chitra Balachandran and musician/activist Sofia Ashraf about their experience with perio...

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Sex ft. Kaneez Surka & Aranya Johar
When was the first time you heard about "sex"? What age is the right age to have sex? Is sex associated with guilt for most people? Has porn ruined our expectations of sex? Is there something to learn from porn? What is the difference between porn and real sex? Are relationships redundant? How often do you get tested for STDS? Are iPills safe to use? Are flavoured condoms bad for you?   This week, Dr. Munjaal talks to comedian & improv artist Kaneez Surka and spoken word artist Aranya Johar about changing p...

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Is She Fine?
How often do you go to your gynaecologist? What is good sex? Will iPills affect your ability to conceive? Are epidurals safe? Tampons? Pads? Menstrual cups? How common is PCOD?   Hosted by gynaecologist Dr. Munjaal Kapadia, She Says She’s Fine aims to eliminate patient-doctor hierarchy, bust myths, stop the spread of misinformation and create an open and honest discussion on women’s health issues. The first season features some fantastic women who share their personal experiences, journeys and challenges to...

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