Aggregated reviews for Skepticality:The Official Podcast of Skeptic Magazine

We're tired of pertinent social and science news being buried by clap trap. Our podcast is here to bring you relevant, under reported current events, as well as in-depth discussions from a scientific, critical, skeptical, and humorous point of view. Derek and Swoopy are your hosts, filling your pod and your brain with skeptical insight and conversation, sometimes heated, on a plethora of topics that are ripe for critical examination. Bringing truth to podcasting, and all who choose to listen. In our travels we will tackle the beasts of pseudoscience; the paranormal, supernatural, ufo / alien encounters, mis-understood history, and overwrought legends - urban or otherwise. Our interview shows feature notable skeptics including; leading astronomy speakers, scientists, philosophy experts, and other scientific, secular, humanist, and skeptical book authors, and critical thinkers.

My first podcast   (5/5)

My first podcast when I my first iPod with the mechanical spiny dial. Loved listening to them.

A longtime favorite   (5/5)

I’ve been listening to the show almost since the beginning, early on in 2006 catching up with the back episodes from 2005. As hosts of the very first skeptical podcast, Derek and Swoopy always had something worth hearing about and interesting to learn from for skeptical n00bs like me. Recently, I’ve been re-listening from the very first episodes to the very last up until 2018. With scads of good interviews, terrific book references, and cool skeptical online tools, some still extant, I give the show five stars and four thumbs up — well, were I a bonobo!

Bad news   (1/5)

This podcast doesn’t know the difference between natural medicine that ha been in use for successfully and for profit scams. My Naturopath is board certified M.D. from Columbia university. My acupuncturist graduated from Harvard. This podcast is crap.

Declining quality   (2/5)

I once looked forward to this podcast as a well-edited compilation of diverse voices from the scientific and skeptic community. These days, quality and diversity seem lacking. A recent May 2017 episode had a seemingly unedited 30+ minute discussion of Wikipedia editing. Some of the sound quality of the contributors is also quite grating.

Good podcast that used to be great   (4/5)

I generally enjoy Skepticality. It's a decent podcast. However, after discovering it a couple years back, I went and listened to the back archive to "catch up" and I really really loved it... it was a bit more quirky and I loved several of the regular contributors.. but in the lst few years, several of those old regulars have stopped appearing and I really find they were my favorite part of the show. Again, its a really good podcast, but it'st eh past catalog which gets my 5 stars.

Useful   (2/5)

This is a useful podcast for those who want information on skeptical books, events and activism. The interviews would benefit from editing; they often ramble. Sometimes it seems the interviewer has forgotten there is an audience. Thirty minute interviews can drag on for half again as long. This could be addressed with more focused questioning and better sound editing to keep the conversation moving.

A bit generous...   (5/5)

I'm gaming the system a little by giving 5 stars. The truth is these guys/gals aren't the best entertainers. Derek can be a little hard to listen to, especially when reading anything prepared... "Awkward" is probably the best description. But there's good information and conversation to be found. I can't knock a solid source for skeptic content, because of a little lack of polish and occasional cringy awkwardness.

Lost Their Focus   (2/5)

Turned into a Trump bashing festival. Sore losers.

Science!   (5/5)

Lots of ideas I never considered. Challenges me to think, in a good way.

Irresponsible Podcast   (1/5)

This is actually one of the worst podcasts I have listened to. I have suffered through 10 episodes to give this a chance. As little as that may seem, that is far more research than is put into to this podcast. The production quality is right there with the worst I have come across but you can usually get past that. What you can't get past is that the arguments are very surface level and the hosts and guests are not well versed on the arguments and beliefs of the other side. When they need to fill time, they turn to mocking the subject. Perfect example of "beware of what you find on the internet".

Awesome   (5/5)

This is a very well done podcast. I love all the different voices and the interviews are fantastic. Highly recommend.

Unlistenable   (1/5)

The host talks so fast, that I turned it off within the first minute. I tried again the next day, but after a few more minutes, the “phaser” effect turned me off in its entirety. If you like to strain in order to get a message, you might like it. I don’t.

Not getting better   (3/5)

While I enjoy Derek, who I think has gotten really good as time goes on, and the various subjects, it is hard not to have the entire podcast engulfed in how annoying the female interviewer is. After all this time it seems like she either has a cold all the time or is really nervous. Her voice goes into this highs and lows without much reason that I can see. The way she interviews people is really off putting and almost like she didn't prepare any questions and, unlike Derek, she goes out of her way to say something she thinks is smart to impress the guest or maybe the audience. Unfortunatey, she looks like a moron doing it rather than just having a natural flowing conversation. Honestly, she reminds me of a stereotypical unattractive, plain, boring girl who goes out of her way to sound smart and put down every area she doesn't fit in. For example, just listen to her recent interview about Celebrity Culture. Regardless, her voice is so annoying and her interview style so bad I don't know how the decision hasn't been made to have her only work behind the scenes.

not enough wheat among the chaff   (2/5)

If you're in the "skeptic community", you'll probably like this podcast. And you're not the kind of person I'm writing this review for. A person outside the skeptic community who just wants to hear some interesting information should look elsewhere. There is occasionally an interesting or intriguing bit here, but you have to listen to hours of droning to get to it. For those who don't know, "skeptic" is a code word which means essentially the intellectual equivalent of a bully. Just like physical bullies like to pick on weak people and not people their own size, skeptics spend most of their time not vigorously discussing interesting topics with other intelligent people, but rather sneering at dullards and superstitious and gullible people, and congratulating themselves on being so brilliant for accepting scientific explanations for everything. They all speak in smug and pompous tones of voice that sound like fingers on a chalkboard after a few minutes. If you're a masochist, by all means listen to this podcast. But if you want something interesting and scientific to listen to, you'll get a much better hit ratio by skipping skeptic podcasts altogether.

I learn a lot from this podcasts   (5/5)

Great Podcast. I have been listening to this podcast since the beginning. The podcast has evolved into one of the best pod cats out there. Several of the guests opened my eyes to a great number of new viewpoints.

Tough to listen to, but great content.   (3/5)

I've been listening to this show for about a year and I'm honestly pretty surprised by how little the listenability of the show has improved. Not a single person involved in the show has learned how to do a line reading. Derek pauses his sentences in the absolute strangest places. Everything he says sounds stilted and irritating. Nothing sounds natural. All of their banter is pretty obviously scripted (but not rehearsed). Learn to read off of a page! It isn't THAT difficult. Enough time has elapsed for this to have improved. Aside from that, GREAT CONTENT. But I may have to stop listening because every time I get really distracted and irritated by the line reading.

Voice of reason!   (4/5)

I enjoy this podcast. However, the woman who keeps talking about going to Manchester, England, England" annoys me beyond reason. WHY DO YOU SAY "ENGLAND, ENGLAND"?!? One England is sufficient!!

Fight!   (1/5)

If a Mortal Kombat character had a finishing move that would murder you with unmitigated full blast pretentious monotone boredom it would be called a Skepticality. I was looking for a good podcast to expand my mind in the vein of Skeptoid (which is far superior) and I am so disappointed I died. SWOOPY WINS. SKEPTICALITY. FLAWLESS VICTORY. toasty!

If you like to think, you'll love this show   (5/5)

This show introduced me to podcasting in 2005, and has remained one of the few shows from that time I still subscibe to. If you like to think, you will love this show. If you do not know how to think, then you need to download and listen to every episode. Thanks Derek and Swoopy, its been a great ride...

One of the top skeptic podcasts   (4/5)

I've listened to several of the skeptic/atheist-themed podcasts the last 4-5 years, and Skepticality consistently remains near the front. Some episodes are better than others, but the interviews are usually first rate. The recent additions of "segments" led by various semi-regulars range from amusing ("The Odds Must be Crazy") to repetitive and annoying (enough with the Guerrilla Skepticism...we get it...editing Wikipedia is important and can be misused in the wrong hands..I don’t need the 5-minute reminder each episode). Overall, I like the new direction, however. Finally, I think its admirable Derek takes this on mostly on his own these’s well past time they remove "Swoopy" from any marketing materials. She clearly has the more natural "podcast host" personality, but Derek has been going mostly solo for a while now...and he deserves a lot of credit for that.

Connection   (5/5)

The information they provide is useful and makes me a more effective thinker but I often see many people not exercising effective thought therefore I recommend this podcast.

Hotchkiss -- Most annoying guest ever?   (2/5)

I listened with increasing frustration to the interview with Jon Hotchkiss of "This vs That." Jon: Please stop talking. Stop. Talking. Stop. Between Hotchkiss unable to shut up and Derek quietly letting him rant on (with occasional "Very cool" interjections), I wanted to pound my head against a telephone pole. (Fortunately, my patient dog kept me from injuring myself by peeing on the pole.) Ironically, Hotchkiss's new show "This vs That" sounds very interesting. Of course Derek ("Cool, very cool") allowed 80% of the show to pass by before we found that "T v T" is an Internet subscription show. Still, at $5-10, it seemed not outrageous. But Hotchkiss WOULDN'T SHUT UP. I realize he's an accomplished, talented TV/media producer and I imagine a certain amount of hyperbole ("We did a big experiment, big, I tell you!") is perhaps to be expected, but didn't his handlers ever take him aside and whisper, "Hey Jon, when you've made your point, JUST SHUT THE **** UP.") One clue that you're droning on is when you repeatedly say "Again, as I said..." Again, I say, Hotchkiss: put a muzzle on it when you've made your point.

good, but could be better   (4/5)

Some segments are enjoyable and I have found many of the interviews to be interesting enough. The 4 stars have more to do with the quality of the guests than the abilities of the hosts. There are enough complaints about the apparent arrogance of the hosts. Yes, it does also sound like they are reading from a script. Derek needs to practice annunciation! He alternates between rushing through mumbled words and then taking painfully long pauses in the middle of sentences. He speaks so softly that I made the mistake of turning the volume up, which resulted in shockwave of sound slapping me in the face when the music started playing for the next segment.

A good starter podcast for skeptically minded folks.   (4/5)

I have found many interesting people and resources through Skepticality. I stumbled upon it a year ago, so naturally went back and listened to the previous ones starting from the first episode. I should admit that I was a little skeptical about possible hidden agenda, as I had no idea about this fledgling skeptic community such as the good folks in JREF. Keep up the good work Derek, and bring up Swoopy once in a while.

One of my favorite podcasts   (5/5)

Love the interviews and the new format.

Jumped the shark   (1/5)

I used to enjoy this podcast, but it really went downhill about 6 months ago. It's very segmented and runs too long. Also seems like they keep talking about the same thing over and over. Also has the worst theme song of any podcast ever.

Very high quality   (5/5)

My favorite of all the freethinker podcasts out there. Their contributing guests are great. Unlike some other, also great skeptic podcasts, skepticality is well scripted rather than discussion-based and they are very good at staying on one topic long enough for it be refreshing without it getting boring.

Well Done!   (4/5)

Fun to listen to and know they have done their homework. (I have checked up a few times and they are right on)

So Disappointed...the only show that made Penn Gillette Boring!   (1/5)

TOTALLY sounds scripted, read, and non-spontaneous, over-produced and performed by a mush-mouth host. Is this the best Skeptic Magazine can do? Listening to this makes me wanna get religion! Don't recommend this to someone you want to bring to skeptical philosophy...they will run away and never trust your opinion again. Instead subscribe to The Skeptics Guide to the Universe(SGU), Penn's Sunday School, Skeptics with a K, and The Skeptic Zone.

There is a reason why I don't listen to this podcast   (2/5)

Skepticality gets some amazing folks on to interview, then it's like Jimminy Glick. I could only listen to them fail to hold up to the tallent on the other end of the phone again and again so many times before I had to stop listening, and delete the entire collection from my library. Every interview I find myself thinking "Gee this would be an amazing guest to hear on the SGU!" I've met Derek and I like him (though we have disagreed on occasion) but I don't think that he makes a good podcast. But hey, I'm apparently in the minority in this point of view.

Fantastic   (5/5)

Great podcast, great segments. Not only the original skeptic podcast, still the best.

#188   (5/5)

This podcast is usually pretty good but #188 was an excellent interview and a great program overall.

Reductionist Materialism   (2/5)

Words have meanings and a skeptic is "A person inclined to question or doubt all accepted opinions." The self described skeptics on this podcast are dogmatic believers in Reductionism and Materialism, skeptical only of ideas that run counter to these two belief systems. Mocking anyone who doesn't subscribe 100% to your belief system is not Skepticism. It is defending your faith.

Derek just gets better and better   (5/5)

I am enjoying all the recent episodes, each one better than the next, talking about topics of interest to the rational thinker.

Please get Swoopy back, I can't take Derek anymore   (1/5)

I can't listen to this podcast since Swoopy left. Derek either speaks like DC's Swamp Thing, spits out words all jumbled together, or mixes both styles in the same sentence. Like this: "Hey. ThisisDerek. Andyourelisseninto. Skepticality. The official audio program. Of Skeptic Magazine. For Tuesday. December 13th......... 2011" Unfortunately I can't take it anymore. I tried. Now I just listen to Tim Farley's segment, then check to see if Swoopy is back, and immediately skip the rest of the podcast. That's unfortunate because they frequently have interesting guests on the program, but listening to Derek conduct an interview is too much torture. Sorry.

Awful!   (1/5)

I have an open mind about most things, but when these guys tell us what we SHOULD think, and if we are not on their side, we are less human, I really have an issue with that. You can be skeptical, but look at all sides as well. Also, I notice they diss on Christianity all the time. Even though I am agnostic, I find that insulting. How about dissing Islam? Or Derek are you too afraid to touch that? Hmmmmmmmm

One of my favorite skeptical science podcasts   (5/5)

Swoopy and Derek quickly come to feel like close friends, sitting there discussing science and skeptical thinking while I drive, work and relax. Like Agnostic Salvation Hour, Monstertalk and a precious few Good Atheist episodes, Skepticality has hit on a great mix of female and male hosts that keep things interesting and balanced, while pacing perfectly so that you never feel like you need to skip ahead or listen at 2x "just to get to the good parts." There's a reason why Skeptic Magazine picked this podcast as one of their official podcasts. You won't be disappointed.

Exceptional Podcast!   (5/5)

I found this podcast about six months ago and decided to go back and listen to all of the podcasts they have done. It has been a great pleasure to see how far Derek and Swoopy have come in just a few years. From a slightly unorganized, yet fun podcast of the two of them rambling about science and skepticism to the great podcasts with people like Eugenie Scott, Phil Plait, Ben Radford, James Randi, Michael Shermer, George Hrab (of which I am a huge fan of now), and many others that I quite possibly would have never heard of if not for this podcast. Although there are still a few rough edges that the pair can still work on, overall I believe they bring a great balance to the arena of skepticism and are able to defend both sides of the debate in an intellectual manner. Thank you Derek and Swoopy for making science sexy again!

Poor excuse for skepticism   (1/5)

I could only make it through two episodes and was extremely disappointed. This podcast has nothing to do with skepticism rather the promotion of atheism and humanism. To compare Colbert and Stewart as one of us was very insulting. Critical thinking has little to do with the satire they present.

Fun podcast, but...   (3/5)

I have a few problems with this podcast. First of all, Derek (or however it is spelled) is hardly ever even on the show. He announces the titles and associations, then disappears while Swoopy drones on and on. There needs to be more science banter and discussion among themselves. I hate to say it, but the SGU does this perfectly. And my only other problem is that you never know when a new episode will show up with Skepticality. I was looking forward to it last week, and a week has past, yet no new episode. However, the Skeptic History segment is phenomenal. My favorite part.

Ok if you like being bored   (1/5)

Tried listening to multiple episodes, but it just feels like it drags on and on. It sounds like every word is read directly from script without deviation or enthusiasm. It may be a fairly informative podcast, but all credibility goes out the window with the podcast art. Depeche Mode would like their style back guys.

Mostly decent   (3/5)

I have listened to about 150 episodes of this podcast, and I will say there have been some great authors, musicians and other guests that are informative and interesting. The addition of skeptic history is great. However, I have noticed that over the last year, the content has started to become somewhat mundane and it's material is a lot less edgy compared to when the podcast begun. It is the sporadic episodes that seem appealing that keep me subscribing to this podcast, although I probably only listen to every third or fourth one published. That having been said, this podcast has great production values and Swoopy seems genuinely knowledgeable about the books, music, etc. that her guests produce. I feel as though she has lost some passion or has less time available for the podcast now than before.

...   (1/5)

Not worth the time to critique.

A good enough "gateway" podcast   (3/5)

This was one of the first podcasts I listened to, and through it I discovered a lot of other great podcasts through it! I stopped listening to this a few years ago when I cleared out my over-full podcast feed, and I haven't really missed. This is a "pretty good" podcast, but there are a lot better out there on the same topic.

Too much POV, not enough objectivity   (1/5)

After listening to a few episodes of this podcast, it comes of more as a left-wing preaching session than objective skeptical discussion. Within the interviews, they slam global warming skepticism, a feature ironically prevalent in skeptic community podcasts, they pan meat-eating, and they even go so far as to equate the Tea Party movement to evangelicals. And while the conversation with Guy P. Harrison on his book was fascinating, thought-provoking, and meeting with unequivocal agreement from me, it hardly has anything to do with skepticism. I have some of the same criticisms with SGU as I do with this podcast, but it was much more overbearing here. Perhaps I would change my mind after listening to more episodes, but after about five in a row I knew that I could not recommend this one. It seems well produced but off-topic and agenda driven.

Great Podcast   (4/5)

Your recent shows interviewing the author of the Columbine book and the one regarding psychics "helping" police investigations were some of the most interesting podcasts I've ever heard; that's saying a lot stacked up against "Reasonable Doubts" and "The Atheist Experience". I'd say those two shows of yours more than made up for that awful, self-congratulatory 100th episode show. Keep up the good work! P.S. Is anyone else sick of hearing about George Hrab?

the people magazine podcast of the skeptical movement   (2/5)

I really enjoy The Skeptics Guide to the Universe. They take a critical look at topics and ask their guest great questions. I listened to skepticality hoping it would offer the same. However, they are more like people magazine. If you want boring questions and want to learn more about the people than their ideas tune in. I listened for 1 year and gave up. I wish Skeptoid would expand.

Keep that mind busy   (5/5)

This is a show that's not just about critical thinking. It's a pretty decent general science program in its own right. There's usually an interview or two which is always informative. The hosts are personable and don't take themselves too seriously.

Love the kids interviews on the last show.   (5/5)

Science is in good hands.

skepticality   (5/5)

I just found this podcast last week and downloaded all of 2009 and I so enjoy it. Every last podcast is interesting. I even had to go to the website to learn all about "The Stroke" and all that transpired there. Glad to see the man is back to work and kickin' butt. Keep up the great work.

Bland, not well executed   (2/5)

I adore my science and skeptical podcasts. I've tried and tried to like Skepticality and have attempted to sit through quite a few. The interviews are dull in spite of great guests and topics. I feel the interviewers and are just not very skilled at what they're attempting to do.

Simply Great   (5/5)

Skepticality provides not only excellent content and top-rate interviews with people you don't know but should, this podcast also provides real life melodrama! From great and accurate information, entertaining conversation, and excellent topics of conversation, to getting ring-side seats at one of the most inspirational stories of loss and recovery you will ever hear, Skepticality never lets the listener down.

Loving Skepticality   (5/5)

After about 10 months with an iPod, I am up to episode #76 of Skepicality. I've heard Derek & Swoopy improve over this time. The quaility of their guests has always been high, and now they are totally emersed into the "Skeptic Nation". They and their range of topics and guests have energized me to step up for Skepticism, and simply, I'm a fan. Thanks guys.

so so   (2/5)

they dont just get to the point, long intro, dillydally etc...sounds like 2 random ppl throwing something together.... Theres another Skeptical podcast out there that is much more to the point and very smart

I listen to every episode!   (5/5)

Almost... there was one I didn't finish. Swoopy is a very good interviewer and has a great flow of questions and interaction with her guests. I love the way she pronounces "poop". They have gotten away from duplicating the same interviews that SGU had, that was starting to bug me. The range of topics is great and I've learned a lot and had a lot to think about. Great job!

An outstanding podcast!   (5/5)

They have great interviews, they keep up-to-date with what is happening in the world of science, they are entertaining, I just can't say enough good things about them. They attend events like The Amazing Meeting, Skeptrack at DragonCon, and more! The only thing that would be better was if they were to host the show on a major news network, because the information they provide should be known by the general public!

Maturing and growing up   (5/5)

I just discovered this podcast about 6 months ago. I downloaded and listened to this podcast to have something to listen to while I work at night when it's peaceful and I am less likely to be disturbed by the occasional phonecall. In the beginning, there was a strong format but as life intervened Derek had a stroke and Swoopy got a bit upset. It got hard to stick around when that happened, however, that changed. What makes this podcast good for me are interviews of the likes of George Hrab, Adam Savage, Dr Phil Plait, James Randi, The Infidel Guy, etc. Their powers are strong in interviewing people and they have a feel of the who's who in the Skeptic Movement, so it's a bit more of a showcase. I think that's okay, especially for someone like me who has recently embraced agnosticism and science. They are careful to steer clear of those who "take on the label of skeptic but still accept woo woo things without evidence" Is it heavily educational , no. They help us meet more skeptics through the podcast. I found out that not all skeptics are scientists- they are actors, musicians, magicians, etc and very entertaining- and average people who take an interest in the world around them.

Interesting   (5/5)

This is such an interesting podcast. They don't do just the shallow overview of the fad topic of the day. They interview actual scientists! And have detailed talks.

Good show   (5/5)

Derik and Swoopy have been doing this back when podcasting was just begining. I wasn't a big fan at first but there shows have been getting better and better. A must listen for any skeptic at large.

Great But Infrequent   (5/5)

Great interviews and great hosts. I only wish they updated more frequently!

The leading skeptical podcast for a reason   (5/5)

Okay, I don't know if it really is the leading skeptical podcast, but it should be. Even when they have interviews with the skeptic and science podcast "regulars", Derek and Swoopy really bring the awesome. Their love of science and learning is infectious, and Swoopy is the best interviewer in all of podcasting.

At last   (4/5)

Right after returning from TAM7 I lept on itunes to catch up on all of the podcasts I had been hearing about. I listended to the first 10 issues and got very discouraged as I had heard nothing but praise about this duo. Evenutally I figured I'd just go ahead and jump to Dec '08 and start from there. Horray! I guess they just needed a little time to get into their groove. Thank you for loosing the cow button. Congrats on the 100th episode which I am listening to right now. Also I think it's great you have nice long episodes for those of us who have an attention span larger than an earwig and want to hear a *real* conversation.

I always want more Derek and Swoopy :)   (5/5)

This is absolutely my favorite podcast. I only wish there were more Skepticality. The interviews are extremely well-researched, and both of the hosts come up with great questions and points. Derek and Swoopy are friendly, funny, and down-to-earth, and genuinely excited about what they do. They have introduced me to authors, music (George Hrab!!), great thinkers, and other cool podcasts. I've downloaded and listened to almost every back episode, and I'm dreading the day when I have to wait a whole week to hear more.

A Skeptic Necessity   (5/5)

I'm new to the skeptic arena and seriously enjoy listening to Skepticality. For anyone who seek facts and enjoys listening to podcasts, this one rates 5 stars.

Skepticality - the perfect workout for your brain.   (5/5)

This is a great show. 5 stars don't seem enough.

Quite possibly the "Genesis" we've been looking for...   (5/5)

Though the first episode I listened to was about magic tricks, I wondered "What is the skeptic movement"? I dug further into both this podcast (and others) and into the internet. I found a vast network of twists and turns, but to my suprise, no dead ends. It seems the skeptic movement is far from dominent, but it made sence to me, so much in fact that this podcast alone I credit with turning my mind 180 degrees from an on the fence christian to a thinker of larger proportions. It seems to me I've found a calling I am proud of and, dispite my surroundings, I can say that I am now a "Skeptic". Thank you Swoopy and Derick, for what I see tomorrow and beyond isn't the course grained life I lived yesterday, today I am a Skeptic.

Entertaining and educational!   (5/5)

I've now listened to the first 100 Skepticality podcasts. Yep, I guess I'm a fan! Great, entertaining and educational segments as well as interviews with fascinating knowledgeable people from all over the world . I've learned so much and became fans of so many other leaders from this podcast. Derek and Swoopy are a perfect team and provide my podcast of choice each time I pick up my iPod. Highly recommended!

Enlightening   (5/5)

When confronted with a barrage of truly ridiculous assumptions and presuppositions, I find it comforting to listen to Skepticality. This podcast is the best of its kind when it comes to insightful interviews, engaging ideas, and wonderfully sensible science. Swoopy and Derek are clever, entertaining hosts and throughout the series of podcasts they conduct interviews with impressively notable scientists and important figures in the skeptical movement. Each podcast has so much interesting information to offer, so please give it a try!

Great content, shaky delivery   (3/5)

I like this podcast and the things they discuss. However, my major problems with it are all in the amatuerish production, particularly considering that it's a pretty long-running podcast. One host, Swoopy, frequently is heard to be obviously reading scripted material. Derek often sounds flat and mildly disinterested and there is very little chemistry evident between the two hosts. All in all the poor presentation of interesting information leaves me wanting something more polished and lively. Given that they've been at this for a few years, it seems UNlikely that there will be future improvements.

A podcast for thinkers   (5/5)

The more I listen to Skepticality the more I like it. Usually it begins with some playful joking between Swoopy and Derek which, I think, is often too childlike for my tastes. Then they may read listeners' feedback or discuss some recent news items, applying their skeptical perspective. The heart of most podcasts, however, is an interview with an interesting person, often a scientist, but almost always a fellow skeptic. Skepticality is a good listen.

General Review   (4/5)

Thank you for your investigative work and focus on the facts. We need groups like yours to balance the mass media's support to individuals that make uniformed statements.

Good until the change   (3/5)

This was one of my favorite skeptical podcasts until a horrific event changes the shows lineup and format. It then transformed into mostly an interview podcast of people important to skeptics rather than covering news, topics and skepticality in general. I just don't enjoy the change to interviews, but I understand and feel for the hosts.

Need New Hosts   (2/5)

I have listened to all of the Skepticality podcasts. The guests are excellent, and Skeptic Magazine is excellent; however the hosts of this cast are not qualified to represent this organization. Derek is not involved, and reminds me of Ed MacMahon, in that he just says a word or grunt here and there. Swoopy sounds like she is reading a script. She knows the skeptical players, but is not insightful nor articulate enough to engage the guests. Sorry, but this should be THE skeptic podcast and really is not interesting...

Love it   (5/5)

New listener, love the show. I love that I'm getting past the woo and pseudoscience and I can see reality closing in.............,

Great Podcast for the Skeptic in Your Life   (5/5)

This was one of the first podcast that I heard and I continue to enjoy it ever since then. The hosts have good chemistry and the interviews are top notch.

I can't love this podcast enough   (5/5)

I was beginning to believe that pseudoscience and religious nonsense were taking over. It's not only refreshing to know this isn't true, but encouraging to know that there are many rational thinkers out there. However, discovery of people I agree with is not enough to rate this a five star program. The delightful tone and incredible interviews bring Skepticality to the four star realm. What really takes this program into the five star realm is the sheer volume of interesting science information contained within.

five stars and then some   (5/5)

absolutely love the show, keep up the good work!

What a roller coaster ride it has been   (4/5)

I stumbled across Skepticality not so long ago. I downloaded all the podcasts and have finally worked my way through them - I'd still be going if it hadn't been for a two week long cruise with a lot of at-sea days! Listening to Derik work his way back into the saddle has been one heckofa ride. Swoopy has shown that a person can have a big heart and still be skeptical (and to quote my favorite Skepticality regular "Mmmmmmm, Swoopy"). Great podcast, and it's been really nice knowing I wasn't alone in the world when I wasn't quite comfortable with all the woo swirling around me. It was also really helpful to finally have a good name for it all!!! I hope to make it to a DragonCon or TAM to meet the dynamic duo in person on of these days! Keep up the good work, gang!

Worth your time if you want detail and real information vs sound byte interviews and Media Hype   (5/5)

It took me a few shows to warm up to this, but time and again the depth of the material has proven to be really well done. Its nice to hear an interview with someone who has written a book where the interviewer has the time to ask great questions and get detailed information and responses, which is so rare in todays sound byte media. Its nice to hear both a scientific and skeptical view point on current news and events. Hopefully these kind of shows will gain in popularity and therefore production value because they deserve it!

Great show   (5/5)

When I discovered this podcast, in early 2007, I downloaded and listened to every episode, in order. Not only have they greatly improved over the years, they were the first. Between this podcast and Point of Inquiry, I've been introduced to many authors that I might have otherwise not heard speak. They do a good job of covering not only 'hot button' science, but other areas that might be of interest to skeptics, such as the talks on water a couple years back. I'm waiting to be invited to talk about popular myths regarding the energy business. :D Naomi, aka Geek Goddess

Found last, but reviewing First- A Great Podcast With a illuminating Past   (5/5)

I had no Idea how influential skepticallity was. I listen to Swoopy and Derek along with all the other highest ranking skeptical and science podcast I can get my hands on, at work everyday. If you listen to the latest podcast, you would hear how many other great "Reality Based", "Critically Thinking" and "Science Loving" Podcast that have been influenced by this podcast. I started late, so I know how great Swoopy's interviewing technique is, and I am getting to know Derek more and I like them both. If you are interested in another "Trupetier of Truth" with great questions for interesting Interviewies, Check out Skepticality. I am another human whos neurons are calling out for his own podcast to help the skeptical movement everytime the ocean in my head vibrates the hairs with a ring that says "REALITY". I love it, These two are great. I hope to make it T.A.M. A.S.A.P, but we will see if that is even possible. Don't know what T.A.M. is? check it out in the Podcast.... Oh, and Im sure you are wondering like I am, how I can win some books to help shelf overcrouding and and further my knowledge, lets listen and find out how!! I am seriously just another influenced listener, joining the march to a better Earth (or is that stopping the march to a worse earth?)...lets do good by being right. to many of us, that starts with Skepticality (If there are mistakes I am not uninformed, just under a time constraint, now back to Podcasts and Monotonous tasks before I get fired) Take THAT reviews from 2005!

Great show.   (5/5)

I've been listening to Skepticality since the beginning and never fail to enjoy it and be informed. It's as simple as that.

This podcast rocks!   (5/5)

This podcast has the most amazing guests and topics. It's informative, but never preachy. I always learn something new, and sometimes they even make me laugh! You might not always agree with them, but you can't say they haven't done their homework.

A Perfect Pair   (5/5)

I just can't get enough of Derek and Swoopy. They play off each other perfectly in a wondrous mix of banter and education. No complaints, you guys are the perfect topper on the cake that is my skeptical week.

Entertaining and informative.   (4/5)

This podcast is very good! Usually it keeps a light, and upbeat tone. Less 'bashing' than some of the other podcasts, while still capable of presenting the urgency inherent in some issues. Shows are released on a consistent schedule, cover a wider variety of topics, and sound professional. That being said, often it seems as though I'm a 3rd party listening in on a warm conversation between old friends.

Enjoyable, fun, informative   (5/5)

I hadn't seen Skeptic Magazine in years, but when I came across the Skepticality podcast last week, I was pretty sure it would be worth listening to. I've listened to the latest few episodes, and it definitely was. It's great to see how they've inspired other skeptics to get into podcasting and skeptical activism, and their interviews and content are informative and fun to listen to. Derek and Swoopy make a great pair, and you can tell they enjoy what they're doing, which brings it all together. Swoopy's mom should be proud of what her daughter is doing to spread the word about science and skepticism and know that fans and fellow skeptics appreciate her work (if that doesn't make sense to you, listen to the 100th episode and you'll know what I'm talking about.)

Like a pair of smart friends you've never met   (5/5)

The interviews and information that Derek and Swoopy dispense in this podcast is always refreshing and interesting. They get a wide selection of interview subjects from water plant operators to world famous scientists. Their dedication to this podcast is immense. I also want to with them a happy 100th episode :)

What a Great Podcast!!!   (5/5)

This is a podcast that would practically be worth paying for! I'm not sure why some of the reviewers here are so harsh.... unless there's some sort of hidden agenda on their part. HEY - If you don't like the material, don't listen!! It's that simple! But for those of open mind who are interested in learning a few things and listening to some dynamic conversation and interviews, this is the podcast for you! Derek and Swoopy manage to land some astounding interviews - really big names in the area of science and skepticism. I'm sure there are professional television newscasts that can't do as well. On top of that, the approach of the podcast is always very affable, open and friendly. It's always a treat to see what topics are coming up next. Whether the subject is "Bigfoot" or the Loch Ness monster, or simply the latest cutting edge discoveries in the area of astronomy or other sciences, the next podcast is always something worth waiting for! Subscribe to this podcast - you won't be sorry!!

If Angels existed...   (5/5)

...and they could whisper in your ear, this podcast would be the equivalent. No-nonsense honest to goodness skepticism. They just want to get the word out and protect you from the evils of douchebaggery. Keep it up guys!!!

Long time fan!   (5/5)

I have been listening to Derek and Swoopy for the past 4 years. All episodes are interesting and informative. I was raised a skeptic and it is wonderful to know there are so many like minded people out there. Would you all consider bringing back monkey news? Thank you and keep on podcasting!!!

Like taking a big swig of smart juice!   (5/5)

It shouldn’t matter; but to put my review in context I want to point two things out: #1 I honestly love this podcast, it’s one of my all time favorites and #2 I am a “believer”, which is to say that I’m a practicing Roman Catholic (ghosts, big foot, alien saucers and all that is way too goofy, but I make no apologies for being a Christian). That said, Derek and Swoopy are outstanding hosts, great examples of critical thinkers, and they speak the truth from their hearts with science as their evidence. Together, the produce a podcast that is entertaining, interesting and educational all at the same time. This show is like taking a big swig of “smart juice” and savoring the flavor. It’s always a good day when there’s a new Skepticality downloaded to my iPod. On the 10 scale, this one most definitely goes to 11.

classic and refreshing   (5/5)

Top notch show, its inspiring that they where one of the first podcasters and still give off a love of what they are doing. Keep up the good work.

Skeptically skeptical   (5/5)

This is a very good podcast that puts science and rationality first. Mulder and Scully, oops Derrick and Swoopy, remain factual and current while being cool and hip. The world needs more podcasts like this one.

One of the best...   (5/5)

This was one of the first podcasts I subscribed to and it is still among the best I've heard. The content is relevant and interesting which keeps me coming back for more. Derek and Swoopy are witty and easy to listen to. The format is fun without being the star of the show, if you know what I mean. Most importantly, they remind us why critical thinking is so important. Don't trust them, look it up yourself!

Keep your mind open and enjoy the flow   (5/5)

I like some of those podcasts that present neurologically-intense content. I enjoy those that help me relax and laugh. I appreciate those that try to take some of the default beliefs in my culture, hold them up to the light, and say, "Whaaaaaaa--?" Swoopy and Derek bring it all together. Some "skeptic/freethought/rationality" podcasts take themselves way too seriously. Not these two. They aim to have a friendly conversation, thinking honestly and openly about the issues, without going into heavy-handed polemics. Content's generally accessible, and yet they bring in guests who definitely require your attention. This one I look forward to every week. Thanks, gang.

Hey, I'm a Skeptic!   (4/5)

This is the podcast that made me realize I'm a skeptic. Honestly, I didn't entirely realize there was a skeptical movement out there before I started listening. So, thanks guys! Keep up the good work!

Skepti....huh?   (4/5)

Although at times the banter can at times drift, the content is highly focused. If you want a source of varied skeptic ideas, this is it.

Amazing   (5/5)

Great show. pro style. Great interviews.

Great interviews!   (5/5)

Skepticality was one of the first podcasts I subscribed to. I picked it up on a whim and a suggestion from Penn Jillette (on his radio show). The amazing thing about Skepticality is the interviews with the myriad of excellent guests! New scientific discoveries are given center stage and we get to the bottom of the most interesting issues from dinosaurs to astronomy. Even if you don't consider yourself a skeptic, Skepticality will open your eyes to critical thinking. At times I see a subject that frankly sounds boring. I plod on with trepidation only to find myself intrigued. One such issue was the one on water purification and quality. Doesn't sound too entralling to non water nerds, but I discovered so many things that intrigued me and equipped me for conversations that I didn't know I'd have. Thanks Derek and Swoopy! Congratulations on your 100th podcast!

I Love Skepticality   (5/5)

I just wanted to say thanks for what you do. I came across Skeptic Magazine on a History Channel show and found you through them. I've learned a lot listening to the podcasts and have found a number of resources for critical thinking and skepticism. Since we're both in the Atlanta area I hope to meet you both one day.

Great Find!!   (5/5)

Air America used to produce and broadcast intellegent and informative shows. Over the past few months they have systematically eliminated those hosts who actually provided rational thought on our current social/political environment. I stumbled upon this podcast while searching for intellectual stimulation and am happy that I have found another alternative to network news reporting. And by the way, Swoopy rocks!!

One of my favorite podcasts   (5/5)

Derek and Swoopie make this podcast both informative and entertaining. It has a friendly conversational style that makes the listener feel like Derek and Swoopie are sitting in his or her living room conversing. If you are new to skepticism, Skepticality is a good place to start. If you are a confirmed skeptic, Skepticality is a must listen podcast. If you start listening to Skeptically from the very beginning, be forewarned that the first few episodes are pretty lame. I almost gave up on it. But I kept listening and the podcast improved in short order. And now it is one of my favorite podcasts. :-)

Excellent show after 100   (5/5)

This podcast has reached show number 100 and has been through a lot of changes. There affiliation with Skeptic Magazine allows them access to some great guest. Swoopy has honed her skills providing entertaining and interesting interviews. I heartly recommend this podcast. Look for great things in the future.

Thinker   (5/5)

April 01 2005 is the day I got hooked on your Pod cast. WOW - what a treat and excellent experience for the ones of us out here who think for a living.... Thank you for 100 episodes - I am looking forward too the 1000 episode

Absolutely essential for the skeptic   (5/5)

This is by far the best podcast devoted to reason. They take 'science' out of the hands of the charlatans and make it a verb. They have the best guests and are not afraid to take on tough topics. Every time I see a link to one of Kurt Cameron's fraudcasts I send the confused poster your podcast link in hopes of freeing them from their ignorance.

Very well done   (5/5)

A very well done, professional show. Derek and Swoopy have put together a fantasitic program that pulls in all kinds of interesting topics that can make you stop and think about the world around us. You don't have to agree with everything on the show, I find that my degree of agreement often varies, to appreciate the message. I highly recommend this program to anyone interested in thoughtful discussion.

Since you begged...   (5/5)

I've loved Skepticality from the beginning. It's informative, entertaining and feels great in my ears. Don't listen to a podcast about science and skepticism for hard news and investigations, rather listen to a podcast to learn about the issues of the day and then decide what warrants further research. That's what books are for. Also Sketpic magazine, Skeptical Inquirer, Science, etc. Enjoy the interviews and repartee. Derek and Swoopy have great chemistry and it's like listening to a couple of friends who don't like nonsense but aren't dicks about it. Happy 100th episode! Thanks for the hours.

Great skeptical podcast   (5/5)

This is one of my favorite podcasts, along with Point of Inquiry, Skeptics Guide to the Universe, and The Non-Prophets. Light and humorous but hits the right skeptical tone. Good stuff.

Always a must-listen on my playlist   (5/5)

"Skepticality features a wide variety of guests and topics in the area of skeptical thinking. The hosts, Derek and Swoopy, keep the format open to experimentation. You never know what you might hear. But it will most certainly make you think. Keep up the great work!

Great show--here's to 100 more!   (5/5)

Like so many others here, Skepticality was the first podcast I downloaded and was my intro both to the world of podcasting (back when podcasting was brand-new) and to the skeptic movement. Most of the other podcasts I download today--the Geologic Podcast, Point of Inquiry, and the Skeptics' Guide to name a few--I heard about through Skepticality. It's a great show that always makes me think. Keep up the great work Derek & Swoopy! I'm looking forward to show #200 and #300 and beyond!

Well worth a listen, very informative...   (5/5)

Do you find yourself questioning everything you hear? Do you have a desire to understand the truth based on the facts? Ever feel like if it's just you and wonder if there are other people who are skeptical too? Well, you aren't alone and this is the podcast for you. The two hosts (Derek and Swoopy) spend 50 minutes every other week taking you on a journey through the skeptical movement. They share the latest news, mention upcoming events, discuss how to promote skeptical thinking, and interview great guests. Their guest have included James Randi, Phil Plait, Michael Shermer, the cast from the Myth Busters, and many others. Mostly, you will enjoy the show because Derek and Swoopy are thought provoking, open-minded, and respectful of all opinions. I have been turned off by some "skeptics" that seemed condescending when you have a discussion with them. This is NEVER the case Skepticality. As I am writing this review, Skepticality has passed it's 100th episode and having listened to most of them, I can say that it is one of my favorite podcasts. It always makes me thing, usually makes me laugh, and is certainly the only podcast that ever made me cry (listen to The_Message). I love it and I know you will enjoy it too!

Fantastic Science and Inquiry!   (5/5)

Darek and Swoopy have been doing Skepticality for four years now, and they're fantastic. Episodes regularly feature interviews with movers and shakers in the Science community, and Swoopy is fantastic at interviewing them in a way that makes the scientists, and the subjects they are exploring, interesting and accessable to listeners.

This is the one that started it all   (5/5)

Skeptoid, The Skeptic Zone and The Geologic Podcast all credit Derek and Swoopy of Skepticality as the inspiration they needed to start their own podcast. In a world full of woo and anti-science media reporting it's refreshing to hear smart people talk about living a rational, evidence based life. Subscribe to Skepticality and open your mind to a science based reality.

Awesome Podcast   (5/5)

One of the best and most informative podcasts on iTunes.

If you’re interested in the current skepticism as well as current podcasting, then guess what?   (5/5)

I have listened to EVERY SINGLE EPISODE of this podcast over the years (now up to the 100th episode milestone, though newcomers may want to wait till the 101st episode to start listening as the celebratory number 100 is a bit of a digression) and I have never met or spoken with Derek or Swoopy, the hosts. I take for granted that they will simply keep putting out free episodes month after month, year after year, of one of my favorite podcasts around. I figure it’s high time I at least finally let Derek & Swoopy know how much I appreciate their podcast. While in full disclosure of honesty, the first year or so was a bit rough (in fairness, they were just learning the craft), the last couple years the interviews have been professional and informative. Keep it up.

Skepticality Always Gives Me Something To Think About   (5/5)

Skepticality is an interesting podcast that always makes me think and discusses important topics you just don't get from the news. It helps me think more critically about all kinds of things in my life, and I always look forward to a new episode of Skepticality.

"The" place to find out who's who in the skepicality movement   (5/5)

Skepticality has introduced me to more great people than any other podcast, by far. With insightful interviews of such personalities as Phil Plait,Michael Shermer, Ben Radford, and Steven Novella, I look forward to another 100 episodes! Any friend of James Randi, is a friend of mine. Keep up the good work, and I'll see you at Dragon*Con!

100 shows ! All interesting   (5/5)

Skepticality. Listen in, it is truely worth it.

Good Work   (5/5)

Great podcast, lives up to the podcast discription. Funny and imformative with enterviews that serve a fan of science.

Podcast excellence   (4/5)

Skepticality is one of the best podcasts out there. Top of the line interviews. If you want to know what's going on out in the skepical world, download Skepticality.

One of the best around.   (5/5)

Simply a great podcast - for skeptics and non-skeptics alike. One of my very first, and very favorite of every podcast I've ever listened to. Derek and Swoopy do a fantastic job! If you like science and critical thinking, then Skepticality is the podcast for you!

Good show getting better.   (5/5)

This was one of the very original podcasts, because of this it has learned many lessons of the years and has made many changes in format and quality. But on a whole a great listen, bringing up topics and getting interviews with people that most people have never heard of, but should.

This is NOT fox news   (4/5)

Having listened to nearly all 100 episodes I've come to think of Derek and Swoopy more as friends down-the-street than "just" the hosts of a great podcast. They've introduced me to all sorts of stimulating people, ideas, books and publications that have made my life as a skeptic all the richer. About the podcast - I enjoy the unstructured parts where they banter or ramble and we get to know them a little better as individuals. I'm not too wild about the long, unedited interviews and panel discussions and those are the few episodes where I can't make it to the end. I miss "Monkey News" and some of the unpolished fun of the early shows, but am thrilled by their success and the impact they've had on our community! Oh, I Loved the 100th episode - as it captured a lot of the fun spirit of the early shows!

Download this podcast now, it is awesome!   (5/5)

This was the first podcast I ever downloaded and now am totally hooked! I am always eagerly awaiting the next episode. As a Texan now living in Helsinki, I sometimes feel a bit disconnected and isolated. Skepticality keeps me informed and entertained (not easy to do both). Derek and Swoopy are doing an awesome job.

One of the Best   (5/5)

One of the best podcasts out there. One of the first and still the best.

If you're a critical thinker....   (5/5)

In response to the 100th episode, I must leave a review. Skepticality is an excellent source of current topics exposing the hokum and bamboozling that is rampant in our society, media, and healthcare among other topics. The hosts are funny, informative, and prepared with great questions to assist us all in methods of scientific inquiry and critical thinking. Thanks to Skepticality and the skeptics movement, I feel I can wade through rampant confusion, misinformation, and the abuse of science a little easier. Thanks Derek and Swoopy. Long live Skepticality!

Still Wonderful   (5/5)

I have been listening to Skepticality for a long time. I believe it was the first podcast I listened to and all 50+ I subscribe to owe it to the chemistry that these two have. Every time I tune in I learn and laugh. I love hearing from some of my fave scientists and skeptics. Well worth the download.

Great show   (5/5)

Dear Swoopys Mom, Your daughter and her friend Derek are a joy to listen to. I find their efforts to be both informative and entertaining. You should be very proud of your daughter for the role she has assumed as a pillar of the skeptic community. Seriously, they put on a really good show. I am glad I found them.

Graphic Designer/ Author   (5/5)

Awesome Listen! I have been listening to Skepticality since it started in 2005. I look forward to each podcast– they keep me informed without preaching. "Lord" knows we don't need any more preaching. I would never be able to find the time to put together the research that they bring to my Mac twice a month, and they do it in a light conversational style that keeps me engaged. I have always been a skeptic and am happy to find out that skepticism is as cool as I thought. Thanks Swoopy and Derick!

Skeptics unite   (5/5)

The skeptical movement is deeply indebted to Derrick and Swoopy. They open the world of skepticism and science to their listeners. Good and insightful interviews with important movers and shakers in science. It's a podcast well worth a listen.

Excellent and fun science, critical thinking and, of course skeptical podcast.   (5/5)

The hosts of the show, Derek and Swoopy, are intelligent, humorous and entertaining. Interviews are well conducted with insightful questions and enthusiasm. If you are interested in expanding your knowledge of science and critical thinking, give this podcast a shot! Later, Harry Canyon -- Sent from my cab.

Do yourself a huge favor   (5/5)

We learn and grow by being challenged. We cannot possibly experience the breadth of the human condition on our own, but listening to other people’s views (whether we agree with them or not) comes close . . . but only if those people are articulate, passionate, intelligent, and eloquent. This shows delivers such people with every broadcast. Make no mistake, this is not preaching. There are no sermons here. But for anyone who is a fan of reason, and of stretching one’s view beyond the confines of their own experience, this show is a rare gem.

Great Show   (5/5)

Great show to listen to, as long as you do not have a closed mind.

Inspired and inspiring   (5/5)

Skepticality combines all the best features of the skeptical movement. It is skepticality without the cinicism and social apathy that critics associate with skeptics. Listen to episode 100 to see how many other podcasts were inspired by Derek and Swoopy, and I can add that the Earth and Environmental Systems Podcast is another of its inspired spawn. Keep up the great work.

The first and still the best.   (5/5)

This was the podcast that got me thinking about skeptical reasoning, and for that I will always be grateful. I never miss an show and neither should you, give it a try.

Skepticality Is Awesome   (4/5)

Skepticality is a great podcast for those who dare to be different. Derek and Swoopy are always entertaining, and often have wonderful interviews with those in the know. If you're looking for a different slant on current events, this podcast is for you! It will challenge the way you think about everything.

Congrats on Ep 100   (5/5)

I've been listening to this podcast since about Episode 30 and I really enjoy it. The guests have been excellent lately and I'm always learning something. Recent interviews with Radford, Pamela Gay, and Seth Shostak were really good. It was neat hearing from all the skeptical stars in episode 100, here's to another 100 episodes.

I woke up   (5/5)

I knew few things did not make sense, then I found you. By listening to you I found there were more. Thank you guys, you woke up the skeptic in me.

Still one of the best   (5/5)

Congratulations on Show 100, guys! Still one of the best skeptical science shows. They know what the scientific method is (which puts them ahead of many reviewers) and can point out the logical fallacies that exist in so much of popular culture. Derek and Swoopy are made of awesome, with awesome sauce!

Skepticality: My reality   (5/5)

Derek and Swoopy make a great team for bringing all things "woo" to it's knees. They have great interviews. Go back and listen to them all. It is worth your while.

Congratulations on 100 podcasts.   (5/5)

I have enjoyed this podcast from the very first episode. As one of the very first (possibly *the* first, I'm not entirely sure) skeptical podcasts, Skepticality has been in the forefront of the "critical thinking in new media" wave. Thanks for making it fun to think! Congratulations to Derek and Swoopy for 100 episodes.

Magnifying the candle in the dark.   (5/5)

This podcast is essential listening for anyone interested in the truth behind popular beliefs and science. Skepticality offers outstanding guests and interviews, interesting topics, and top quality hosts. Thank you Swoopy and Derek.

One of the best   (5/5)

Skepticality is truely one of the best podcasts out there. As the first podcast to deal with critical thinking and skepticism it has spawned numerous other people and groups to follow suite, and for me to completely embrace the skeptical movement.

One of my favorite podcasts!   (5/5)

I love this podcast. It has great guests and interesting topics.

Happy 100th   (5/5)

This podcast really got the skeptical and evidence-based podcasting ball rolling. Derek and Swoopy are so congenial, smart and funny that they were able to present the skeptic movement as a bunch of really interesting, humorous and reasonable people. The best skeptic podcasts to follow along have all reproduced this really warm, human tone. If it wasn't for Skepticality, I might not know about Astronomy Cast, the SGU, Geologic, Skeptic Zone, and the great work of the guests who have appeared on the podcast.. Especially in the long months after Katrina destroyed my community, and my small network of free-thinking friends on the Mississippi Gulf Coast was scattered and communication was difficult, and all my books and magazines were gone, I was able to keep in touch with the skeptical world through iTunes.

One of the very best !   (5/5)

Skepticality is one of the very first skeptical podcasts, and it remains one of the very best. They provide fun, interesting insight into science news and into social issues. Their concern with critical thinking and with minimizing bias in the news is refreshing. I always look forward to the next episode.

Better With Age   (5/5)

Some of the early shows are a bit rough, but the last two years have been packed with great content. It's not for everyone, but if you've got an interest in science, anti-"woo-hoo", or the skeptical movement, give it a shot.

Very smart and funny podcast   (5/5)

I'm glad there is someone out there taking the time to talk about controversial topics in a rational, common sense way. Thanks.

Great Potential, Poor Execution   (2/5)

With backing and contacts from Skeptic Mag and the very impressive Michael Shermer, this podcast should be fantastic. The guests are good, but (and forgive my bluntness) the hosts are monotonous. Swoopy sounds like she is just reading the content, and Derek is not involved (ala Ed McMahon). Please replace hosts.

A show for scientists and non-scientists alike   (5/5)

If you want someone to tell you what to think, this is not the show for you. Then again, skepticism isn't for you. Derek and Swoopy bring together the best material and brightest leaders in the skeptic movement to discuss HOW we should think about what we know and how we know it. It is accessible, entertaining, and up-to-date.

Great Podcast - Sexist Reviewers   (5/5)

I have enjoyed this podcast for about a year, and have found it to be entertaining and informative. The banter between Derek and Swoopy only adds to the fun, and you can tell how they really care about the books, guests, ideas, they are talking about. I love how anytime women get involved with the media, her performance quickly escalates into discussions on her sex appeal and attractiveness. Another reviewer on this site claimed that Swoopy is "into chicks" and that is because she is "not hot herself". Way to understand sexuality, moron. I can only hope Swoopy is into chicks, and let me tell you, many other chicks do too! But FSM forbid you should listen to any woman you don't want to fornicate with.

Horrible   (1/5)

haha these guys are ridiculous! Horrible, horrible show, lol

Intellectual Honesty Anyone???   (2/5)

Entertaining? Yes. Open minded, honest approach to investigating claims? Not in the least. Dissappointing, but they obviously fill a niche for true non-believing skeptics.

Solid skepticism   (4/5)

Presents serious and articulate skeptics in a format that gives them room to dig in and get traction on their topcis and experiences. Some could argue with the show's audio "blogging" segments or their length, but that's a producer's choice to make. (I miss the monkey news...)

Eh.   (1/5)

When you've got podcasts like 'skeptic's guide to the universe' and 'skeptoid' at your disposal this really simply doesn't stack up. The hosts quite frankly are not very good at hosting. It simply seems like they're trying too hard to be the 'funny' or 'offbeat' skeptics, but they completely miss the idea of having substance. I tried three episodes and really couldn't make it more than halfway through any of them before deleting this permanently. Skeptoid or SGTU are far better to satisfy your skeptic cravings.

Not to good   (1/5)

These so called skeptics are just a couple of bad debunkers. They dont look at the other side to make a fair judgement.

A great intro course   (5/5)

This podcast is a great introduction to the world of critical thinking. I just discovered it recently and have been catching up for the past week. It has been informative. By the way Swoopy, You rock!!

Skepticality Isn't What People Often Say   (5/5)

I have noticed that many people have reviewed Skepticality in a negative light... but I beg to differ. Skepticality is one of the few podcasts which actually speaks from an objective perspective. Despite what many of these biased reviews might purport, this podcast truly is a prominent voice of reason, rationality, and critical thinking in an irrational society. I am sure that many of the cronies mired in the stagnant methodologies of the ID movement and pseudoscience likely come here to iTunes to write scathing reviews of Skepticality to save face and preserve their profit margins. It is readily apparent to me, a freethinker who is not rooted in one ideology or another, that these naysayers are sorely incorrect with their ranting and often incoherent arguments against rational thought. I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to learn, grow and think freely with the refreshing and interesting stories and interviews that I get the opportunity to hear on Skepticality.

Painful hosts - there are much better skeptical podcasts available   (1/5)

This is skepticism and science for the "yeah dude" college freshmen set. The hosts are painful to listen to for various reasons. Derek sounds like a frat boy who barely has any idea what he is talking about. Swoopy (the name kills it for me) is better... but just by a bit. Listen to The Skeptic's Guide. It is a FAR better use of your time.

one of my favorites....   (5/5)

These guys are awesome and present an informative and entertaining podcast. They have great guest interviews and even occasionally some skeptical musicians. Not only that, but, they're very professional and to the point. They're the NPR of the podcasting community.

Perfect   (5/5)

This is easily one of the best podcasts out there. Entertaining, enlightening and interesting. I enjoy each episode and keep coming back for more. Very professionally done. Instead of the hosts simply talking to the microphone, in each episode (I've listened to about 30 so far) is an interview of some interesting person in the skeptical community. Give them a try.

A "must subscribe" podcast for clear thinking!   (5/5)

Skepticality is a breath of fresh air in the world of mass media. It takes your brain, wrings out all the hooey that's stuck there, rinses it clean with clear thought and puts it back all fresh & sweet smelling! What a relief! Do your brain a favor and subscribe! Rich

Makes a mockery of scepticism and, by extention, the scientific method.   (1/5)

I only listened to a couple of episodes, but what I heard was unbearable. This podcast is about doubting ideas the hosts disagree with, it is not about being sceptical. This combined with a steady diet of opinionated comments and wildly misrepresented scientific ideas makes for a one star podcast, even with the good production quality. An example: the female host said something along the lines of "you want proof of evolution? look how much taller you are than your grandparents!" a notion that her cohost echoed... If you know so little about the theory of evolution that you think it causes major physical changes over one or two generations, please, please, do not blather on about it on your podcast.

I need more   (4/5)

I really enjoy listening to this show. My 2 complaints are that there is so much time between episodes. I heard that Derek was ill and I wish him well. Perhaps this is the reason. Also, the audio is often of poor quality for some of the interviews, as these are often done over the phone by other or recorded from an auditorium. Some of the complaints that I see on this forum are common to most skeptical podcasts, such as they are "sarcastic" or "know-it-alls". This is what I like about it. I am a skeptic and I deal with people all day long in my profession. I constantly am confronted with pseudoscience and woo. I deal with this in a very nonsarcastic and professional manner. However, when I am in the privacy of my own headphones or my own car, I want to hear others speaking openly and freely about such things. It is good to hear that I am not alone in my world view and that others share my frustrations. Keep up the good work. I hope to hear more.

Love this PC. Too bad the sound is bad on interviews.   (4/5)

See Title.

One heck of a superb podcast   (5/5)

I highly recommend Skepticality, due to its high-caliber guests, fascinating, thought-provoking subject matter, and generally interesting nature. As a skeptic, I greatly appreciate what Skepticality is promoting- critical thinking and scientific education. I can honestly say that I am grateful such a podcast exists. Keep up the excellent work!

A good podcast with some great interviews   (4/5)

Overall, I really like this podcast and have been an avid listener for a couple years now. I think the new relationship with Skeptic magazine has only improved the show, and it has brought even better interviewees. Since they have gone biweekly, I think the production and quality has gone up on the whole. Though, I sometimes wish some of the interviews were edited a little more. My main complaint is that sometimes the show gets of topic (e.g., podcasting, iPhone, etc), but usually it is the whole show. That is less annoying than if every episode strayed on and off skeptical topics because I can just skip those rare episodes that have nothing to do with skepticism or science. I'm glad Derek is back, but it doesn't seem like he is nearly as involved as he used to be, and I would like to hear him more. I think Swoopy does great interviews, but I also like to hear Derek. I would also like to hear some of the humor and banter (between the hosts) of the early episodes come back. Maybe they need the return of the "something blue" segment.

By far, the most interesting Skeptic podcast around   (5/5)

This shows is one the most interesting shows about the skeptics society more focused on interviewing prominent scientists such as Richard Dawkins and Eugene Scott just to name a few. If you're looking to listen to a round table discussion about scientific facts pulled from the internet, this is not the show for you. If you enjoy listening to REAL scientists’ opinions on matters affecting the world today, then you will love this show. They've also improved a lot of the audio quality and sound effects making it a little more professional like some of the other shows. Swoopy is an excellent interviewer and who's enthusiasm and love for science shines through every show. When you have scientists such as Neil deGrasse Tyson practically begging to be a guest on your show, you know you're doing something right. I'm thankful to be able to listen to some of my favorite idols in the scientific community.

Skeptology for Marshmallows.   (1/5)

Skeptology for Marshmallows.. Or - buy my magazine, products and my friends products who come on my show because.... ? This is JUNK. If you want real, try out "Skeptoid: Critical Analysis of Pop Phenomena" and "The Skeptic's Guide to the Universe".

First of the Podcasts for Skeptics and Thinkers   (5/5)

Skpeticality is no longer the only Podcast available for people who aren't afraid to challenge the superstitions of supernaturalism and religion. Several others like Point of Inquiry and Humanist Network News may be more interesting for some audiences, but Skepticality is the trendsetter and pioneer, and remains one of the best of a strong bunch. Highly recommended.

The first...   (4/5)

skeptical podcast that was available and the one that got me hooked on podcasts, in general. I love the interviews with some heavy hitters in skepticism and science. My favorite so far was the interview with Donald Prothero, the author of Evolution: What the Fossils Say and Why it Matters [a great book BTW]. Keep up the good work.

Excellent   (5/5)

smart, inspiring and thoughtful content.

Let's get rational   (5/5)

Derek and Swoopy cut through the crap to find where the evidence leads. So whatever pseudo-science, religion, or other woo-woo infects your brain, they can dig it out and patch the holes.

Easy-listening for the skeptic   (5/5)

I love this. I've been a subscriber for maybe a year and I can't wait for the next cast. Their style is conversational and "easy-listening" and yet they interview in interesting group of people and their content is wide-ranging. Sometimes they're "fanzine-ish" and even that gives me a kick. I would know far less about the amazing Randi without this podcast - it has been informational and fun for me. Definitely worth a listen! (And if you don't like it, just unsubscribe, it's all so easy.)

Fake Skeptics   (1/5)

I am a skeptic. I require proof. I believe extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. That said, a skeptic must consider and analyze claims before dismissing or ridiculing them. In the early days of this podcast there were some episodes that did just that however the podcast has degenerated into a pair of pompous semi intellectuals who have listened to themselves way too much and believe that they have all of the answers. Listen to them for just a little while and I think you will quickly grow tired of the constant bashing of other peoples religion and other beliefs. (I am an atheist but I do not think attacking religion at every turn is the purpose of a "skeptic") Maybe a better name would be belief bashing-acality. I like this approach better, state the issue to be analyzed, present the claims made by it proponents, present the evidence for and against the validity of these claims, state your opinion, and let the listener take this information and formulate their own decisions.

Definitely a Favorite   (5/5)

This podcast seems to get better and better, especially the interviews. Both Derek and Swoopy ask good questions and prompt the speaker where necessary. But they avoid being overbearing or intruding on what the speaker has to say. I like that in an interview!

Entertaining and Interesting   (5/5)

This is consistently one of my favorite podcasts. They have many fascinating guests and interesting news items. They approach their subjects with humor and insight. I am always eager for a new episode.

Critical Thinkers wanted   (5/5)

This podcast is an intrepid vessel in an ocean of hogwash! As a critical thinking teacher I recommend this podcast to you just as I have recommended it for my students. It will have you questioning the things you think you know and considering thoughtful new ideas through a prism of necessary evidence. Plus Swoopy has a big brain and a velvet voice. She's one of the most on-target prepared interviewers on the wire. My only criticism is that the podcasts are fewer and farther between than they used to be. I listened to the podcast and now I'm a subscriber.

My poor neglected other podcasts   (5/5)

When I heard my 1st Skepticality podcast I needed more. So I listened to more and more and more. I was never disappointed. I downloaded each one not because I had a personal mission but because I just liked them so much. Now I see the end of the tunnel with only 39 shows to go. Maybe soon I can go back to my poor neglected podcasts.

These Two Are The Worst Podcast Hosts I've Ever Heard!! Yuk!   (1/5)

If this podcast is the best that Skeptic Mag can do to "endorse" as their "official" pudcast, then I have to wonder about the competence of that magazine! The gal is a bimbo and the guy ALWAYS sounds like this is the very first time he's ever been in front of a microphone! I'm a Jazz station DJ and I teach broadcast comm, I have new students that sound better than these two in just a few weeks ... and these two have been at it how long!?? It sounds unprofessional and more like two little pre-teens gabbing on the telephone. Avoid this terrible podcast.

Island of Sanity   (5/5)

With all the insanity in the media, Skepticality is an entertaining island of sanity. It even managed to get my wife interested in skepticism--something I was unable to do for years!

A good and fun resource   (4/5)

I've been a regular, but not a religious, listener to Skepticality for the past year. I enjoy their detailed interviews on matters important to skeptics. It is a bit of an insider's podcast. I don't know a lot about the people and goings on of the "skeptic community," which sometimes seems to be required. But I appreciate the thought provoking and insightful interviews with very interesting subjects. They are particularly relevant when they are talking about current issues in the news, like what craziness is going on in Congress or what is troublesome about the Ben Stein anti-evolution movie. My only complaint is that the episodes can drag sometimes. It would be nice if they were a little tighter and shorter. But I know it is hard to choose what to cut.

enter cleverness here   (5/5)

I started listening to the show a couple of years ago in an effort to see what the "other side" was up to. I quickly found myself agreeing more and more with the "other side." I've been chanlenged, educated and entertained. I am thankful for Derek, Swoopy and everyone involved in this projekt.

Interesting discussion on a wide range of topics   (4/5)

This podcast has its strong points and its weak points, like all podcasts, but the underlying theme is explored in a variety of interesting conversations with some very different people. Serendipitous listening! Keep up the good work...

Very good podcast   (5/5)

When I first got my iPod Nano in the summer of 2005, I put primarily audiobooks on it, then some music. And then I thought I'd try these "podcast" things that I'd heard people talk about. The very first one I ever listened to was Skepticality. I loved the idea of a show dedicated to skepticism and critical thinking. On top of that, Derek and Swoopy, the hosts, are great at interviewing their guests. They seem naturally comfortable in front of a microphone. There have been some interviews where the quality of the audio was awful, but I chalk that down to Skype and not anything they can control. The show got even better when it gained a sponsor: Skeptic Magazine. Derek and Swoopy get to talk with some big names in the skeptical world, now. As a "gateway drug," Skepticality was an excellent choice, and I highly recommend it. And I've heard every single episode, not just one or two.


This is one of the only podcasts I listen to. I have always been a skeptic and never understood why I thought this way. It was a relief to find out that there are others out there that think the way I do. are one of the smartest alive. And Derek, you are too cool. Vaughn

A Breath of Fresh Air   (4/5)

I don't know if I necessarily identify myself as a skeptic, but I love this podcast. They discuss issues that are unquestionably pertinent and are not afriad to tackle those that may seem too controversial for mainstream media. I disagree with the other reviewers that they have an "agenda." What they obviously do is take the "skeptic's" position on the issues. They basically say that if there is no evidence for something then they're not going to believe it until you show otherwise, and I find that very refreshing. They sound well versed on all of the topics presented and while they don't necessarily present a balanced view of every issue that is not the point of their show. This podcast successfully puts the burden on those who believe unbelievable things to explain themselves...otherwise we won't waste our time. My only criticism would be to have more guests who don't conform with their beliefs, so they can challenge them. Sometimes I get the impression that they just have their friends on the show and that we don't tackle the core issues. Otherwise, it's a great listen.

Good, Though Occasionally Induces Eye-Rolling   (4/5)

I find the topics discussed on this podcast are dealt with in an interesting and thorough fashion, and does indeed live up to the promise made by its description. My only complaint is that at times they seem a bit overly smug about their stance on certain issues. Still well worth a listen.

Everyone should be required to listen to this show.   (5/5)

The media is constantly bombarding us with fantastic claims as it perpetuates ridiculous mythology. There is little or no representation from the school of scientific, rational thinking. If only this show were as popular as American Idol!

Interesting subject   (5/5)

I've been listening to this podcast for several months and I do enjoy the variety of subjects Derek and Swoopy discuss. Keep up the good work!

I've been a listener forever...   (4/5)

I've been a listener since about six months into their program and I really like it. They do run pretty long, but it's usually worth it. They get really interesting guests to interview too.

Excellent Skeptical Podcast!   (5/5)

This was one of the first podcasts I subscribed to. While it led me to add many other skeptical podcasts, it remains one of my favorites and one of the best. Derek & Swoopy, especially since their association with Skeptic magazine, manage to find great interviewees and to put critical thought into an entertaining format that I always look forward to. I'd recommend it to anyone interested in science & technology-related happenings.

Thanks   (5/5)

Great podcast, and getting even better.

One of my favorites   (5/5)

An excellent way to keep up-to-date on the Skeptic movement.

It's fun to think!   (4/5)

Skepticality takes a good long look at some of the news items that may whiz past in the mainstream media and at some items that may be of interest to science enthusiasts but never seem to make it onto the cable news networks. They dig into a breadth of topics with enthusiasm and humor, challenging the common wisdom and the assumptions of authority. They've made me aware of resources I had never considered - from astronomers to comic books to something that begins with "Z".

Since the beginning   (5/5)

I've always enjoyed this podcast, and am glad it's still around. I hope Swoopy & Derek will continue for a long time to come.

Logical Conversation for Logical Thinkers   (5/5)

If logical thinking doesn't scares you, then this podcast is for you. Very interesting podcast. It applies skeptical, logical, mature thought to important topics.

Fun and Informative   (4/5)

Like most, this is an amateur podcast produced on a shoe string budget with unexperienced hosts. Given that handicap, it is admirable that they manage to produce such an entertaining and well informed show. If you are interested in science and on learning what science has to say about popular topics such as the quality of tap water, faith healing, etc. it is worth checking out.

Excellent Podcast !!!!   (5/5)

This is one podcast every skeptic should be listening to. The show is put together well and they always have big name guests. Keep up the great work!!!!!!

A partnership of mainstream and new stream   (4/5)

Skepticality is doing a great job of combining the assets of the mainstream media (Skeptic Magazine) with new ways of distributing and producing work. What other podcast could have well-known guests such as Michael Shermer and Richard Dawkins? I also love the subject matter. Debunking urban myths and encouraging skeptical thought is something that's sorely missed in modern society. And Derek and Swoopy do a great job as hosts.

Great Resource for those Interested in Reality   (5/5)

Derek and Swoopy are awesome! The information and interviews are always great and informative. Who could hate a podcast where you can hear everyone from Christopher Hitchens to Dr Phil Plait "The Bad Astronomer" to the ever amazing James Randi? Nobody, that's who! Intelligent, funny, heartfelt, and uncompromisingly factual.

Yha Right?   (1/5)

Not really what they said it would be, Yha I'll pass.

A fine, maturing podcast   (4/5)

I really wish it was clearer when these reviews were posted. This podcast has clearly matured a lot since its inception and is continuing to improve on an almost weekly basis as Derek and Swoopy find their voices and refine both their ability to express themselves and their own opinion. This isn't a news broadcast with an anchor who will simply recite whatever blurbs he's presented with. These are real folks sussing their way through thorny issues and expressing their own views (maybe you can call them biases) for your consideration. Swoopy is clearly the driving force of the duo (at least on air) with Derek supplying a solid supporting foundation. Anybody in the skeptical sphere is going to galvanize their audience to some degree as personal sacred cows are assailed, so some controversy is to be expected. I, for one, positively look forward to the show and expect that it will only continue to improve with the hard work that obviously goes into it.

Not bad, not too good either   (3/5)

I subscribe to a good bucket of science, technology, and skeptical inquiry podcasts and have recently dropped Skepticality from this. I recognize the hosts try their best but the pacing is slow, the content seems poorly mapped, and the discussion model doesn't seem to work with hosts as polite as these two. Derek was the engine of the show while Swoopey was often a bit self-righteous and blatherous (if that's a word). The interviews are well done as I imagine the backbone of Skeptic magazine helps bring in some heavy weights in the field of rational inquiry. I may grab one or two of these as time passes but otherwise, the content found here can be gotten elsewhere and better.

You can do better   (2/5)

If material about skeptical thinking is what you're looking for then keep looking. There are other podcasts out there hosted by people that have some expertise. A couple of sycophantic know-it-alls they rarely challenge the guest or ask any hard questions. Also, I couldn't take the chick's constant use of there term 'awesome' to describe any opinions she already agrees with.

Better than the ratings suggest   (5/5)

I would highly recomend this in addtion to the Skeptics Guide to the Universe, Infidel Guy and Point of Inquiry.

Don't vote?   (2/5)

Yeah, registering to vote makes you a slave to the system. Stupidest podcast ever.

Great podcast, if a bit uneven   (4/5)

I very much want to give Skepticality a 5 star rating because I've been a listener for a LONG time and enjoy participating in their online forums as well, however in good conscience, I can only go as high as 5 stars because the show is somewhat uneven. The earlier episodes, before Derek's AVM, had a great fun format and the informal tone that felt like having an interesting conversation with good friends. Perhaps a near-death scare like that inevitably changes things, but since that time I think the tone has changed and unfortunately it sometimes feels like Derek and Swoopy are working more than having fun with it. While becoming affiliated with Skeptic was a good thing in the sense that it forced Derek and Swoopy to get back to producing shows on a regular schedule, I think that perhaps that sense of obligation reinforced the sense of "work" instead of smart, witty, FUN dialog about science and society. Now having said that, I must say that the show consistently delivers very good interviews with a host of interesting people on a broad range of topics.

A fresh breath of reality that todays media don't want to touch.   (5/5)

This is a great show that covers lots of good topics which affect our daily lives. Taking a scientific view on all things from religon to big foot and using science to disprove them. This show is real people talking about real topics with no preconceived hang ups. If your a CRITICAL THINKER you will like this show.

Clear Thinking Can Be Fun   (5/5)

A fun, informative podcast that has improved in both quality and content over its life. You can hop right in, or go back and listen as Derek and Swoopy build a format and find their vocal footing. Now the official podcast of SKEPTIC magazine, topics range from current news, the advancement of science, the challenges of ignorance and its endless assault on reason, and interviews with guests whose work touches these topics.

what is so skeptical   (1/5)

This seems to be more of a rant podcast that picks certain issues, then begins by using some skeptical ideas to debunk, BUT then draws conclusions using similar logical fallacies. We need skeptical discussion but a skeptic does not attack an unscientific position and then draw the opposite conclusion without scientific evidence. There are much better skeptic conversation going on and not preaching own views but ones using science

Excellent   (5/5)

Derrick and Swoopy are awesome.

Great idea, poor execution   (3/5)

I love Skeptic magazine! This podcast, not so much! Try the Skeptics Guide to the Universe, Logically Critical, or better yet Point of Inquiry and Freethought Radio!

A great podcast   (5/5)

There was only one episode I didn't think was very good (the iPhone episode). This is a good podcast to listen to if you are new to skepticism. They often feature interviews with prominent scientists and scholars, so you can quickly figure out who's who in the world of the rational. The podcast also acts as a sort of skeptical "gateway cast" since they often have interviews and details about other good science and skepticism podcasts, websites and publications.

Interesting and improving by the episode.   (4/5)

Give it a chance!

Opinons Vary   (2/5)

Their opinions are ridiculously self-important...and kind of boring, too. And seriously, are we supposed to take a person seriously when they elect to call themself "Swoopy"?

Great podcast!   (5/5)

Wish all podcasts were this good.

Decent, but there are better skeptical podcasts out there.   (3/5)

This is a decent podcast full of good skeptical material, but for some reason it just doesn't stack up to either The Skeptic's Guide to the Universe, Skeptoid, Quackcast, Point of Inquiry, or even The Infidel Guy or Berkeley Groks- all these are better skeptical podcasts than Skepticality, but if you're all caught up on all of those I listed and still thirst for more skeptic podcasts, this one would be next down on the list. So, overall, Skepticality is about the 7th best skeptical podcast. Above average, but no where near great. It's not the content that hurts this show, it's the hosts' delivery/style. They're just a little too boring and lacking in humor. Needs better writing.

Good subjects, BAD audio   (3/5)

There is no excuse for any radio show to have bad audio. At one time there was an interview conducted with everyone on a crackly phone line and they aired a lecture filled with thundering white noise. The hosts are quite meek, but it's all a good concept. I just wish they would show more respect to the production.

Either this show is getting better, or it's just growing on me   (4/5)

I'm replacing my other somewhat negative review because the more I'm listening, the more I'm liking! It definitely seems like the content is getting much richer since this became the official podcast of Skeptic Magazine. There are more interviews and interesting segments. And I'm finding Derek and Swoopy themselves much more fun and interesting to listen to when there's also a bunch of other interesting content. It's more fun and relaxed and less formal sounding than another great podcast called Point of Inquiry, but the content is really entertaining and interesting. Quickly becoming the podcast I most look forward to.

I agree - enough with the talk about podcasting...   (1/5)

Barely any content - Skeptic Mag must regret their decision. Rename your podcast - "the making of skepticality". I'm gone.

interesting....   (1/5)

Strange to me that one of the first statements i read on a skeptic podcast stated we were getting "the truth". Fairly "absolute" statement from a supposed skeptic source. Not to mention the seemingly partial views exibited within.

GREAT SHOW!!!   (5/5)

Keep it up.

An opinion podcast   (2/5)

After having listened to this podcast for a while and after hearing how well it's done (from the hosts no less) my hopes were high. But after a while I tended to find that they don't question their own view points, and don't seem concerned with explaining to anyone why they should be listened to. Our main reason for listening would be "the other side is wrong and therfore our opposite opinion is correct." But that doesn't prove your own points are true. I think podcasts like Point of Inquiry give info and make a solid attack on religion much better than this podcast, which seems to rest of the authority of the hosts opnions.

Groundbreaking, and quirky.   (4/5)

I have been listening to this show for a few months, and even though its been sporadic, its remained consistently good. Derek's health problems notwithstanding, the show does things almost no one else is doing, and thats bringing skepticism to the podcasting world. If I could, I'd have everybody listen to this rather than to the shows Swoopy calls "McNews." Well worth checking out.

Fantastic   (5/5)

While I often disagree with the political views of the hosts and many of the fans, there is no arguing the level of research done for this podcast. It is nice to know that there are others out there that don't accept life at face value, and encourage everyone to understand their own opinions...

Thought Provoking   (5/5)

Skepticality is an exceptional, thought provoking podcast that explores many subjects and has wonderful interviews with other skeptics, scientists, and bad astronomers. I hope to hear more of this podcast for many years to come.

Good resource for skeptical community   (5/5)

I absolutely disagree with "scienceListener" about this podcast. I think he needs to listen to more than two episodes before he passes judgment. As someone new to the skeptical movement, I found this podcast extremely valuable as a launchpad... a starting point. It highlights great skeptical thinkers like Michael Shermer, James Randi... etc. This podcast isn't meant to be the ultimate forum where science and religion are pit against each other. It by no means pretends to serve that purpose. It is a podcast by skeptics for skeptics in a world that inherently doesn't understand and is hostile to skeptics. scienceListener seems to expect all skeptics to dig their own grave by bickering amongst themselves, questioning their own well established ideas instead of enlightening others. Maybe he is one that expects this podcast to give "equal time" to religion, pseudoscience, pseudohistory before it is truly "skeptical." If so, he is mistaken.

Excellent show   (5/5)

An excellent show due largely to the hosts' enthusiasm. They clearly care passionately about the topic and put a lot of effort into the show. One of the older podcasts about science, their experience shows in their production and discipline. Highlights are their excellent guest interviews.

Best podcast I have found   (5/5)

This is the kind of program I have been looking for all of my life but never knew exactly what it was I was looking for until now. Derek and Swoopy are beacons to all free thinkers and feature fascinating, intelligent guest interviews about all topics skeptical. I am especially glad to have Derek's voice back after a brief hiatus which was thankfully shortened by the powers of science and good old Western medicine.

Skepticality: Refreshing that people can still think, and talk about it   (4/5)

In the increasingly rare style of grad students making fun of idiocy, Skepticality restores some of my faith in the future of mankind. Why is ignorance rewarded? Why must we tolerate the bleats of the truly dumb? While the fashion of the day seems to be to denigrate science, liberal (in the Enlightenment sense) ideas, and knowledge-seeking in general, the hosts give no quarter to fools, even if they are not exactly charitable to their subjects. But why should they be? The critics of smart people aren't charitable either.

Be Skeptical of This Podcast   (2/5)

"Science and Skeptic Thought." "Truth in podcasting." I am really skeptical of those claims. I feel that the hosts of this podcast are pushing an agenda. Before you dismiss me, you should know that it is an agenda that I generally agree with. However, I feel that the description and supposed ideas behind the podcast misrepresent what you will actually hear. Skeptics question what they agree with as much or more than they question opposing views. The hosts of this show do not. I have only listened to a couple of episodes, but I believe that it is a podcast where the only things being questioned are the viewpoints not shared by its creators. Question yourselves along with everything else. Question and explain science, don’t just regurgitate it in a dry and boring way. Talk about religion rather than just put it down. Don’t spend so much time making fun of any and all things; it makes it hard to discern what you really want us to absorb. Provide concise and meaningful interviews rather than giving the excuse “we talked for 45 minutes and I don’t feel like editing it.” Know that when you listen to this podcast, you are getting a specific “truth in podcasting,” one that is far more specific than the description would lead you to believe. Of course, you shouldn’t take my word for it. Be more skeptical than they are and decide for yourself.