Aggregated reviews for Slow Burn

In its first two seasons, Slow Burn looked back at two of the biggest stories of the late 20th century—the Watergate scandal and the impeachment of Bill Clinton. Season three of the show tackles another: the murders of Tupac Shakur and the Notorious B.I.G.

Where’s the Biggie Content? (4/5)

I’m a huge fan of season 1 and 2. This is incredibly well researched and I’m enjoying so far; however, the Biggie content is extremely lacking. Heavily focused on Tupac. Maybe just change it to “Who Shot Tupac” instead? Feels a little skewed to his story and there hasn’t been more than 5 minutes of information on Biggie...

Absolutely excellent (5/5)

Love this Podcast. Episode lengths are just right, stories offer an interesting look into topics from angles the general public may not have known about. Wonderful.. It catches and grips me with two of my loves: Politics and Pop Culture. Season 3 is equally as awesome as seasons 1 and 2 so far. It may take lovers of the first two seasons a while to shift gears but season 3 is right up there with the previous ones. Excellently done guys.

Just give the facts (2/5)

In the episodes they just recite facts without their opinion on them, it feels like I may actually be learning something. But then when they start spouting their political views, it feels manipulative. Tell the truth. Be a journalist, not a blogger.

Stellar show and Season 3 is just as important (5/5)

I’ve been disappointed to read how negative other reviews have been about season 3. The first two seasons are phenomenal and the third is just as, if not more, urgent in subject matter than the first two. It is the story of two murdered pop culture juggernauts, yes, but it’s also an examination of how hip-hop was an important part of the political climate that bubbled over with the Rodney King race riots. It’s a history about tensions between people of color and law enforcement that continues today. Rap has been the platform and megaphone for people of color, especially at that time. Examining the legacy of Biggie and Tupac is just as important as delving into Watergate and the Clinton Impeachment. Fantastic show. I can’t wait to listen to the many more seasons to come.

More More More (5/5)

Gripping and so relevant. I’m becoming a political addict. Love the writing.

Worth a listen! (5/5)

I’ve always been fascinated by the Clinton affair scandal, so I was really excited to find a podcast that covered the story! There was so much I didn’t know about the scandal; I think this podcast provides excellent writing and storytelling. I’ve only listened to the Clinton season so far, but I’m excited to delve into the other seasons. Definitely recommend!

Season 3 lost all of the momentum of the previous seasons (1/5)

Too bad, I really enjoyed Slow Burn but Season 3 seems rushed and piecemeal and like the editor just wanted sound bites.

Confusing if you don’t already know this story intimately (2/5)

The first episode makes a lot of assumptions about the listeners level of knowledge about Tupac and lost me via confusion. I typically love Slate’s podcasts, but this one lost me early.

Apolitical Journalism? (2/5)

This podcast has covered some very interesting topics. It would be more impactful if it were unbiased. Disappointed that there is clear bias as I feel the integrity of the investigations are undermined by it. It really became almost comical in season 2 compared to season 1. I have yet to listen to season 3 and may not bother at all.

Highly disrespectful to Tupac’s legacy (1/5)

This pod sounds like mainstream media without any new twist. There’s no one to speak on Tupac’s behalf. I wanted to like this so bad but sadly I don’t. And I’m 32 I remembered the Tupac era very vivid.

Excellent Watergate Examination (5/5)

This review is strictly based on season one; being a former journalist now in my mid-50s, I very much lived through the Clinton scandal, and I’ve had my fill, and I really don’t care about a rivalry between two hip-hop stars, so you’re on your own regarding seasons two and three. I did think I knew a fair amount about Watergate, but then my knowledge was pretty much based on reading All The President’s Men and seeing the movie version. A lot of great information I wasn’t familiar with in this first season, particularly the episode on Martha Mitchell, an apparently bigger player in this scandal than I had realized. Watergate may seem like ancient history to millennials, but there are a lot of parallels between that scandal in the 1970s and what’s going on right now, so I certainly recommend season one for anyone who was not glued to the television set in 1973 and 74. Even if you were, there might learn about something in here you missed, especially given how complex and vast the scandal was.

SSN 3- where is the new artwork? (5/5)

Update the art to match the season’s topic

Season 3 = Binge-worthy (5/5)

I have little interest in season 1 or 2, but I stumbled upon season 3 of Slow Burn and am really enjoying it. As a 90s teen, the Tupac/Biggie story is one that I feel invested in. And revisiting the story now as an adult takes on an entirely new meaning since I can better appreciate the social and cultural undertones that were at play — race relations, police brutality, etc. I can’t wait for the next episode!

Slowwwww Burn. (3/5)

Much slower tempo than the previous seasons. Feels dragged out like when you get stuck behind a old lady at the grocery store and you can’t get around her.

Tupac the Rapist (1/5)

It’s amazing how a community is trying to portray a bunch of thugs as legend. They raped, dealt drugs, murdered. The production is too professional for too low level a subject matter. Comparable to a food critic eating a Happy Meal, it doesn’t make sense and is a waste of energy.

Stop listening to this podcast after season two! (1/5)

Highly disappointed on the direction that podcast takes in season 3. This use to be one of my favorite podcast. I honestly have no idea why the podcast change its direction. Disappointed!

Excellent Journalism (5/5)

Accidentally found the podcast while searching for information on the Nixon impeachment process. So glad I did, it’s become my favorite podcast. I thoroughly enjoyed seasons 1&2 and can’t wait for more of 3.

Loving Season 3 so far (5/5)

As a child of the nineties and hip hop fan, I still remember the MTV special reports that told the world the Tupac and Biggie had been killed. The first episode was well done and I’m looking forward to the rest of the season.

Journalism at its best (4/5)

First two seasons were incredible. Looking forward to season four.

Missed opportunity (1/5)

Wanted to love season 3, but the way the first episode handled the sexual assault accusations was distasteful. Compared to the care with which season 2 handled accusations against Clinton, this episode relied on tired “ he said-she said” tropes and failed to give adequate weight to the seriousness of the event. Though Slow Burn picked an interesting subject, failing to examine past events with critical modern awareness shows poor judgement and a missed opportunity.

LOVE (5/5)

I am obsessed with all things past political. I can’t stop listening to this because it’s not just a podcast, but an actual story with a timeline. There is so much about Watergate that I didn’t know. It gives me chills. It is so informative and I honestly think everyone should listen!

I thought this was about political scandals? (2/5)

Seasons 1 & 2, which explore Watergate and the Clinton scandal, respectively, are excellent and worth a listen. Season 3, however, is going to be about rap? I think this podcast is having an identity crisis. I’ll check back in for Season 4 (if there is a Season 4).

Must Listen (5/5)

This is required listening for everyone right now. The in depth look at past scandals and impeachment proceedings provides important context and frame of reference for the current scandal and inquiry.

Slow Burn (5/5)

Definitely a must listen to anyone interested in American Politics and how impeachment inquiries have been carried out for be corresponding presidents

A must listen! (5/5)

For anyone interest in civics this is a must listen.

Excellent resource (5/5)

Having lived through Watergate I thought I knew everything about it but this podcast opened up my eyes to even more information than I thought possible. Very well done and worthwhile listening to from beginning to end.

Fabulously well told story! (5/5)

This is a fabulous podcast. One of the very best I have heard, and the best possible way to learn about a history I only vaguely remembered. Thank you! Thank you!

Really? (4/5)

Fascinating, grateful for this podcast to illuminate this story but I laughed out loud by episode 3 as the amount of “suicides” started piling up. C’mon, man.

Bogus advertisement for paid service (1/5)

These podcasts are entertaining and informative, but the host CONSTANTLY reminds us that to get the full podcast content we have to become paid members of Slate Plus. He repeatedly tantalizes us with content & special episodes that non-Slate-Plus members are missing out on. Out of principle, I’m going to stop listening because the podcast is actually an advertisement for a paid service. I really parted ways when the host promised Slate Plus listeners an extra, members-only interview with key Watergate player John Dean. If that content’s not central to the narrative, then what is? I wish Slate the best of luck getting people to pay their $35 “introductory” rate, but I won’t be one of them. All the allusions to content non-members don’t get access to just infuriate me. Don’t turn your product itself into an advertisement for a more complete product.

Great and informative! (5/5)

Excellent podcast, many parallels to the current troubles our country is in. The only bad thing is the same depressing ad about depression over and over again. Truly annoying.

Relevant (5/5)

This podcast is extremely interesting and relevant for our time in 2019. It provides important context and directly mirrors our current situation. I will definitely be recommending to everyone I know.

Really looking forward to Season 3 (4/5)

Hope you’re already working on it.

Informative (5/5)

Interesting, well edited and informative.

Love it (5/5)

I listened to all of them while driving . Sometimes I could not wait to get into my car to find out what happened next . Can’t wait for new episodes !

I thought it was going to be great (1/5)

Started off as a really awesome show. Journalists political bias really started showing further in to the podcast. Stopped listening.

Slow Burn (5/5)

Best explanation of the Clinton/Lewinsky affair I have ever heard.

Declined as the season went on (2/5)

The reporters bias began to show more as the season went on. Trump is also an immoral president but it’s completely wrong to publicly doubt a women’s corroborated rape claim just because she voted differently than you.

Biased (1/5)

Sometimes, you listen to a journalist, and you can’t tell their political affiliation. They are not bias, and are just looking into facts. In the very first episode of season 1, you know which way Leon leans. He didn’t even make it through the first episode without letting us know how bias his views are going to be. The parallel for the 2016 Democratic scandal wasn’t mentioned, (how it was always going to be Hillary, and Sanders was just there so she had an opponent,) but instead Trump administrators, Mueller investigation, and even Ivanka was mentioned? All in the first episode. Makes me think I won’t be able to trust his reporting of facts for the Clinton impeachment or investigation of his rape victims. Not sure he realizes that his reporting on the whole second season will not be credible anymore?

Almost Amazing (3/5)

This podcast was almost amazing. It’s the sort of podcast you can’t stop listening to and it certainly gets into the nitty gritty of the Lewinsky scandal and all the other scandals that spiderwebbed around it. BUT the reporter’s own political bias really shines through at certain points and that taints what could have been great objective journalism.

Corruption (5/5)

Clinton body count

Too much emphasis on women’s lib rather than lying, cheating, and the moral vaccuum (3/5)

This is well researched and fascinating until it morphs into women’s lib evolution. While it does a good job of illuminating the Clinton “scandals”, it spends far too much on women’s rights issues and far too little on the lack of moral compass, lack of integrity, and lawlessness of both Bill and Hillary. Those are what the story should be focusing on. In the time spent on this story those issues deserved deeper coverage. The women’s issues are indeed important but should have been expanded in a different story.

Great storytelling (5/5)

But please ease up on promoting Slate Plus! I lived through these times and it’s interesting to revisit all of it.

Dangerous propaganda (3/5)

Totally biased. The purpose of season 2 is to exonerate the Clinton’s instead of actually presenting facts. In 15 years there will be the same type of podcast defending Trump in all of his scandals and I will also give it 1 star.

Love it (5/5)

I absolutely love the show but the ASMR style Michelob ads are disturbing.

Love Slow Burn (5/5)

Love the history and stories featured here. Hoping another one is coming soon.

Balance (5/5)

I started listening with the Watergate episodes and love it right away. Now I am listening to Clinton, an era I lved in and raised my kids, and I am learning so much about what was going on. I applauded everyone invovled in these important stories. I am going to subscribe even though it is difficult for me on my salary to do much of that and I am a supportor of PBS. I feel it is very important to keep these kinds of in-depth reporting alive.

Very good, just short of great (4/5)

I loved listening and learning through each of the seasons. Watergate predates me so that was mostly new info. I was a teen during Clinton so that was a lot more detail than I was aware of. The only thing that keeps bumping me is the parallels Leon keeps drawing to Trump. I get that he hates him but it seems amateurish when perpetual investigations continue to turn up no evidence. Hollow comparison.

! (5/5)

It’s real good stuff.

Excellent show (5/5)

Brilliant writing and production!

Great stories (5/5)

I just love this podcast. Never enough!

Excellent! (5/5)

Really excellent! It’s well made, entertaining, and very informative. This is perfect for both younger listeners who want to learn about the legacy of scandals and partisanship that led to where we are today, and for those who remember the events described and want to hear about what the media didn’t cover at the time, as well as a thorough analysis of the historical impact of the events. Great job!

Excellent (5/5)

Enjoyed hearing the full story pulled together. Also, so disappointing to hear the extent of Clinton’s destructive behavior. This was a very fair overview, no matter your politics.

Long form journalism at its best (5/5)

The level of detail in both series makes this essentially a history lesson — with profound relevance for current affairs. As others have noted, the episode on feminism grappling with the Clinton impeachment is the best treatment of that subject (and its broader roots) to be found. Riveting, unflinching and respectful. But the first episode of season 1 on Martha Mitchell was also a real eye-opener. I remember at the time the media had caricatured her as a looney drunk. The truth is so much more interesting. Thank you Slate+ for supporting journalism of this quality, and Leon Neyfakh for doing justice to the complexity of the events.

Phenomenal (5/5)

This podcast has become an absolute favorite for me. As a young American who was born as the Clinton scandal was occurring and well after Nixon this podcast as opened my eyes as I look at the current administration.

Wow (5/5)

Huge fan of this pod cast. I listened to it on flight from USA to Australia and it made the flight seem short!! The one about feminism is one of the best pieces of journalism about the topic I have heard or read. Great job I wish there was more!!!!

Season 1 is my favorite podcast ever! (5/5)

A good reminder that the parties have always been partisan and awful to one another. Our current gridlock and level of lies and self interest seems new but it’s not. Most importantly, this podcast lays out that the truth always comes out. Truth is like water and eventually washes over everything, seeping into ever crack and crevice, eroding away at lies, falsehood, deception. Such excellent reporting and narrative! My favorite by far is the Martha Mitchell episode. Completely drew me in.

The Irony (5/5)

I loved this podcast. I find the other reviews claiming liberal bias and asking for corrections in the aftermath of the Mueller Report interesting, as that is NOT what the Mueller Report found. Read it. In any event, more than anything I found it beyond ironic that the Republicans now rant and rave about a witch hunt after being reminded about how they conducted themselves in the 90s. Crazy. What a double standard.

I (5/5)

Love both seasons! Can’t wait to see what gets done for season 3!

Mostly Good (3/5)

While it was informative and entertaining, I just don’t think it was reported as straightforward as other reviewers stated. I found the ending especially irrelevant and a lame attempt at narrative. Also, then First Lady Hilary Clinton was only mentioned for one minute at the very end?? Even still, I find it funny how some of those sanctimonious Republicans now support Trump, and some of those forward thinking Democrats now want to impeach Trump... Politics.

Listen to it (5/5)

Wonderful storytelling. This is one of those podcasts that I proselytize about to basically everyone I encounter.

Only Listen to the First Season (5/5)

The majority of the first season is very good, however, the last episode of the first season and the entire second season aren’t very good. There is very obvious bias which is quite annoying for a show such as this one.

Interesting but duh bias :( (2/5)

Would of preferred more facts than the commentary. The live Q&A in season 2 was unnecessary...bummer.

Season 2 - Great Unbiased Reporting (5/5)

Thank you for this show!

One good one bad (3/5)

Season one is fantastic. Tons of investigative material and in depth looks at what constituted Watergate. Really fascinating historical look back and journalism. Season two the author admits his bias and love for Clinton but completely fails in every aspect that made season one so good. The authors clearly had no passion in exploring the Clinton scandal but were only interested in exonerating Clinton to the best of their ability. Again they admit this bias but admission does not excuse the total change in attitude. Clinton scandals are quickly mentioned and then brushed aside so the focus can be shone back on the evil prosecution. Really sad they tarnished their integrity with season two. If they had no interest in really investigating Clinton why even bother? Pick a different scandal to actual delve into rather than throw out some smoke and mirrors puff piece.

Liberal bias (1/5)

After comparing trump and his daughter to Nixon and Martha in you first season and all the talk about how there where so many similarity’s I wonder now in season 3 of you will correct since trumps investigation returned with no evidence of any wrong doing love the history of the podcast but leave out the bias

Well done (5/5)

This was so educational. Thank you for telling the story is such an informative, interesting and exciting way.

Yo it’s Joel! (5/5)

Im hype because Joel is season 3’s host. Dassit.

Well done, compelling (5/5)

Great story telling. Took a complex case, the original details largely forgotten/ignored, and told the story with great detail and humanity. Loved hearing from Linda Tripp and Starr. Wish we could have heard from Monica herself.

if you want more info, you can get it here... (5/5)

I think Slow Burn was very well done. Lots of info I wasn't aware of and told from a balanced perspective. Will make you think not only about Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky, but our political system and balance of power in these situations as well.

Listened to the Clinton season twice (5/5)

So well done! So much in here.

Very good (4/5)

Great show. Season 1 taught me a lot as that happened before I was born. Season 2 I felt like the host’s feeling about ‘would I have felt differently when the story broke if I knew what I know now’ was a perfect summary of why I wanted to learn about that scandal. Just like the host I was in grade school when the Clinton scandal broke and I was also too young to fully form an opinion. I found the refresh, with todays understanding of power’s place in sexual misconduct, was very appropriate and I enjoyed the experience and appreciate the host’s point of view.

Fascinating well-researched narrative podcast (5/5)

Brilliant show

Well done (5/5)

At first I thought, oh no, this again. Have a listen though, the stories will pull you right in. This is like a hefty coffee table book, with an index, and lots of (mind) pictures to gaze upon. Guaranteed that some people you thought villainous at the time, turn out somewhat heroic. Some people, then- despised, well, you"ll be justified in STILL despising with this further detail. Authors of this podcast have provided an index for this subject matter, and should be commended. Pass the podcast link to everyone. If he or she liked Serial, s/he will like this. Slow Burn is the future of podcasting. I'd love to support, but can’t see how to sign up. Hey Slate, make it a clear link-through. It’s like a bakery window with no door next to it...let me in.

Can’t wait for the trump season (3/5)

I guess the publisher expected different outcome for trumps investigation that yield nothing. I hope the publisher will eat his hat and build a fair season that will describe what happened

What journalism should be (5/5)

Slow burn is an amazingly well researched, constructed, and narrated story about some of the most problematic and contentious political issues of the 20th century. Well done!

Warning: Highly Addictive! (5/5)

Fascinating and frustrating. I particularly enjoyed season 2.

Highly recommend this podcast (5/5)

Well scripted and impactful in a soft spoken way. The stories are fascinating. No fluff.

One of the best! (5/5)

I recommend this podcast to everyone I know. It is fascinating and so well done. One of the best podcasts I have ever listened to!

Great Show (5/5)

Enjoyed both seasons. Wondering if there will be a season 3?

Brilliant work. About the ending of S2... (5/5)

I just want to respond to the many reviewers giving the show one or two stars based solely on the last few minutes of a season that was more than a few hours long in total. Some people are making claims about the host Leon Neyfakh, specifically what he says about Juanita Broaddrick in the last five minutes, that I happen to think are blatantly absurd and tone-deaf. First of all, they don’t mention what he says about her BEFORE the few remarks he makes about her current political opinions. He makes it clear that he does not think she was some right wing operative bent on taking down Clinton at all costs, truth be damned. He shows us that this idea simply does not make sense when you consider the fact that she waited so long to go public with the story, along with the reticence she still had when she was essentially forced to do so. Finally, her story becomes even more credible in her consistent denial of the notion that Clinton or his people bribed or pressured her to stay silent. So, Neyfakh tells us all this. He then returns to the theme of his being raised in a fervently Democratic household, his parents instilling in him the belief that Clinton was a decent man and very good president who had been unfairly maligned by the right. It is pretty much an irrefutable and obvious truth that the great majority of us do not form our deeply held political opinions and affiliations in a vacuum. Typically we follow the lead of mom and dad, as they did with their parents, and so on. We do this (as do our parents, for the most part) unconsciously, and some of us may push back or rebel at a certain age and take a different path. But those people are the exception to the norm. Now, to the point: Neyfakh is not saying he does not believe Broaddrick on account of her current political affiliations. He is being quite honest, and admirably so IMO, by telling us that he WANTS to believe she was lying, and that her somewhat unsavory public statements make this easier to do now. That being said, I highly doubt that he was actually saying he does not believe Juanita, and I think most people who aren’t routinely misled by their proclivity to launch into hair-trigger-outrage mode will recognize this too. I would like you to know that this show is incredibly well produced and nuanced in its approach. Slow Burn truly goes the extra mile in presenting this bizarre, disturbing, but endlessly fascinating era in American politics from all possible angles, and without casting overt judgment on the many players involved. Whoever you may be, do not be dissuaded from treating yourself to this podcast by the one and two star reviewers who base their ratings on a truly minuscule portion of the second season. These reviewers completely missed the point of the ending, and by doing so, blinded themselves to the astute point Neyfakh makes at the very end. Which is, by the way, that diehard partisanship, or tribalism, to put it more bluntly, makes it dangerously easy for humans to convince themselves of notions that basic logic and rationality would otherwise show them to be misguided or outright false.

Great show (5/5)

Love listening. I can’t get enough. I would love to hear more. Suggestions: Bush v Gore Enron 911 aftermath/Iraq

Absolutely OUTSTANDING (5/5)

Thought I knew everything about Watergate. I was left with my jaw on the floor. Thank you

I demand Season 3! (5/5)

This series is absolutely edge of seat stuff.

Great! (5/5)

Storytelling, in depth interviews, clarification, non-partisan reporting. This podcast is hella rad.

Now I can see... (5/5)

I wasn’t alive when Nixon was the president and I was a young adult when Clinton was and I never understood why their actions were so out of line. Now that I’m older I am thankful for these insightful reviews of these events and Presidents. Now, I can see why the things Trump does (or doesn’t do depending on whom you’d like to believe) are so worthy of investigation!!

so so good (5/5)

this podcast is amazing!!

Good start,terrible ending (3/5)

I’m glad to know that I was not the only one who thought the ending was in poor taste by the host.

Rape is bad (1/5)

A short lesson here. 1. Rape is bad, we do not support rapists. We don’t insinuate that because Juanita now has different political views that she is no longer believable or in any way deserved what happened to her - as the host does in the last 6 minutes of the final episode. We do not then make the rapist into a martyr which helped the progression of feminists and the election of Hilary Clinton. 2. Monica was not a feminist. The NUMBER ONE goal of the feminist movement is to support other women. By sleeping with a married man, Monica did NOT support her fellow woman (Hilary). The podcast was interesting and informative but an investigative journalist should present non-biased information and under no circumstances as a human being support a rapist. I’m in shock the podcast allowed that to be said. Unacceptable.

Biased (1/5)

From the first episode and already brings Trumps campaign into it instead of just telling history.

Too bad… (1/5)

Interesting stories undermined by political bias.

Love it - will there be a season 3? (5/5)


Linda Tripp was/is a scum bag (5/5)

Tripp tries to come off like she was helping Monica. She was trying to buy her 2 minutes of fame. Not anyone comes off as a hero or even a good person. But after listening to Tripp, I need a shower.

Say Wha???????? (5/5)

I had no idea. Thanks for this podcast and the Nixon one. Corruption and bad decisions fall equally on everyone’s shoulders, regardless of politics. We as a people need to do better at holding our officials on both sides accountable. Thanks for these eyeopening informative and very interesting podcasts!

So fascinating! (5/5)

This series is so well-done and riveting. So many things I didn’t know and so much detail. I love this podcast!

Binged this show (5/5)

I listened through the 1st season about Watergate in a few days and learned a lot through the podcast. It's a part of US history that I'm not familiar with and was not alive to experience it. I only know the TL;DR version so Slow Burn introduced me to the main people involved with the investigation and Nixon's administration. It has peaked my interest to learn more about this tumulous and piviotal moment in US history. I'm interested to listen to 2nd season but haven't yet.

Too Biased (1/5)

I loved season one of Slow Burn, but sadly season two seems way too biased for my liking. Only listened to 2 episodes, and decided I will be skipping this season. So much of journalism today is trying to tell the reader or listener how to feel & think. Please stick to facts, and leave the side comments out. I can make up my own mind on the information given. Even if I agree with the narrative you’re projecting, I don’t like feeling like it’s being forced down my throat- immediate turn off. Hopefully this improves in season three, or I will be unsubscribing.

Riveting (5/5)

What a wonderful series. Great research and told in such an amazing and interesting way. Well done Leon et al!

Watergate (5/5)

Born in 1990 and Watergate has always been of curiosity, but I haven’t found a book that discusses what happened with great detail minus taking sides. I came across this podcast and have not been disappointed. Season 1 discusses the Watergate very clearly and I’m still obsessed especially how it has similarities of today’s politics. Excellent!

Great podcast, poor ending (4/5)

As someone who was too young to understand what was going on with Clinton when that all happened, I knew I needed to be better informed about his impeachment, and about Watergate--especially given the current happenings politically. I was overjoyed to see a podcast that covers both! The interviews in both seasons are excellent, the host is engaging, and they do a great job of presenting what happened in context of how it was perceived at the time. I do agree with other reviews that the last episode left a bitter taste in my mouth, however. They were doing such a good job of covering the Broaderick case in a relatively unbisaed way, but in the last 5 minutes of the podcast, the host dumps a bunch of her current political opinions out and says he's tempted not to believe her based on that. I guess disclosing bias is a good thing, but that's the note it ends on--and I disagree that those are good grounds to disbelieve a claim of rape. Regardless, the other 98% of the podcast was amazing and educational, and I do recommend it.

Hooked! (5/5)

I did not grow up in this country and missed the original saga then. I found this podcast through Rachel Maddox’s podcast on Spiro Agnew. I was hooked after listening to the first episode. Each episode is more intense than the last. I’ve since read some of the books on watergate and educated myself on this important part of American history. The more I listen to them (I have so far listened to the episodes three times), the more they parallel current events. Can’t wait to hear the ending to the Trumpgate.

Detailed journalism (5/5)

I was too young to properly appreciate what, exactly, was going on during Watergate. I knew my parents were worried, though, and after listening to this podcast, I have a much deeper appreciation for why they were so worried. I loved the way Mr. Neyfakh told the history of Watergate.

Season 1 review (5/5)

I learned SO much from this! I listened to the entire season on a road trip. I grew up post-Watergate so this revealed a lot that wasn’t covered in history class.

Just another biased liberal. (2/5)

Somehow after all of Season 2, Hillary is still the hero?! The guy even admits that he wants to discredit Juanita Broaddrick because she’s a Trump supporter. Laughable. I don’t get it. I gave it 2 stars instead of 1 because it is actually informative most of the way thru both seasons, which I can appreciate. But I wish I could ever just get a strictly unbiased, straight down the middle account of U.S. history.

Entertaining but bias (3/5)

The podcast is good but the bias way too strong and painfully obvious.

Good storytelling of the Watergate events; mediocre production valuesn (4/5)

This series retells the Watergate scandal story through the eyes of a younger observer with an almost “golly gee!” point of view. There are lots of interesting details, even for those who lived through the real events. I could have lived without the “conspiracy” episode, which was of limited value. Production values are low. Scripts are good. The reader is undramatic, almost matter-of-fact. Severely limited natural sound (sound bites) despite a rich trove of available material, suggesting this was produced with a very limited budget for broadcast production.

Great podcasts (5/5)

Excellent research and presentation.

Good podcasts (1/5)

As always the left media can’t have any conversation with out brining up trump and their hatred towards him stick to the subject

Extremely monotonous (1/5)

Couldn’t make it through one episode

What a resource! (5/5)

My high school American history classes barely made it to the Vietnam war, so this deep dive was really helpful for me. Looking forward to whatever comes next!

I lived through Watergate (5/5)

I was in my early 20’s. Overwhelmed with a sense of doom on election eve 1971. All my fears came true as slime oozed through our precious White House. I was glued to the news and later the hearings. I can remember The Saturday Night Massacre and where I was...what I was doing just as I can with news of the Kennedy assassination. It was gut wrenching! This series of podcasts brings it all back to life in compelling detail; brings in new detail unknowable to the voting public at the time. Butterfield was not a name I would recall, but refreshed by the podcast, my memories flooded back. Were I to have a magic wand of public informing, I would require this series as a pre-qualifyer for eligibility to vote. “Follow the money, expletive deleted” are phrases from this episode of our national history that are still in common usage today. This story needs to be fresh in the era of the impact of Trump. It is a story that shows how fragile our republic and institutions are when assaulted. But equally, one of pride when leaders step up and actually put country over party and “Do the right thing.” God Bless America is perhaps too common a phrase, but if this nation is to survive the current administration with honor and strength, we need not only the blessings of the Christian God, but those of Allah, Mother Nature, as well as all the Saints and Deitys the world has known. Please_______ Bless America!

Binge Worthy (5/5)

Throw this on when you’re craving a good, binge-worthy podcast. You won’t be disappointed!

Good storytelling (5/5)

Listened to the bill Clinton series in one go

Excellent podcasts. (5/5)

My son told me about this podcast series and said I’d love it. I lived through Watergate and well remember being glued to the hearings on TV. Slate’s series triggered a lot of long forgotten memories and filled in the details the naive public never knew. I recall how Martha Mitchell was made out to be a nutcase...she was a true victim of her horrid husband. The parallels to the current administration are mind-blowing. Thank you for making these podcasts available. On a side note, in January of 1974, I named my new Scottie puppy “Sam” after Senator Ervin because of the bushy eyebrows!

Good (4/5)

It can seem a little one sided at times but it’s entertaining overall.

Thought it would be as if Bill and Hillary wrote it (5/5)

Was ready to give this ten minutes and then put my fingers down my throat but insted it is actually solid journalism, so rare. The only left wing spin came in the bonus episode but the story itself seemed totally fair. Great job!

The world is a better place for this podcast (5/5)

And a worse place for Linda Tripp’s existence. Loathesome person.

Slow Burn Season 1 (5/5)

Season 1 about the Nixon Administration and Watergate is fascinating and is my favorite podcast so far. Season 2 is good but I’m more interested in the political theatrics involved in Watergate. President Nixon was a fascinating character.

Corruption in government! (5/5)

Gutwrenching story about corruption in politics. Even old guys like me had forgotten about this. The story is well told, and surely relevant to our times.

Political hit piece (1/5)

I must admit that for the most part I enjoyed this series along the way (I just finished the Clinton series). Although there are many points where the Leon’s bias is somewhat obvious, it nonetheless seems to uphold a certain minimum of journalistic integrity. That is right up until the end of the last episode, where, after admitting an affection for Clinton and the Democrats for much of his life, Leon Neyfakh brings to a close the story of Juanita Broaddrick by noting that, although her rape allegations against Clinton were credible in every respect, it has recently become easier take shelter in the ranks of his tribe again (The Democrat’s) as Mrs. Broderick is an advocate for Donald Trump. So it appears now that Mrs. Broaddrick may having been lying all along right ? Given her willingness to vote republican 40 years later? The balls on this woman! To have political opinions that differ from yours. She should have known that would cause you to doubt her rape. Leon, you are not a journalist. And I think it says a lot about Slate that you have a job with them. And I think I should note, since it is the language you speak, that I am not at all a conservative. I feel dirty. Thanks Leon.

All of them. (3/5)

Too bad the leftist narrative comes through with so much bias at times. Some great discussion but you undermine your own credibility with your bias. Pretty condescending to think your audience is that uniformed.

Amazing Insight (5/5)

Was overwhelmed with the amount of new information and great reporting with a novel feel for understanding the Nixon scandal. Love this podcast!!!

Excellent podcast! (5/5)

So so good! Well thought out. High production value. Both seasons are interesting! Can’t wait to see what else they’ll do.

Well researched and riveting (5/5)

The best and most comprehensive narrative of Watergate I’ve ever heard or read

Good but they should at least try to be non-partisan. (3/5)

Finished Season 1. Lots of good facts and interesting story lines in here but basically it will all boil down to the fact that you will like it if you hate Trump and you will probably hate it or be irritated if you support Trump. Bet you thought it was all about Nixon huh?

Fun Ride (5/5)

Excellent piece of journalism and a really great intellectual journey full of fun twists and turns.

Well meaning, well done, but openly biased (4/5)

Season 2 (Clinton Impeachment) is very well produced and compelling. Much of it is an excellent overview of the political climate, the historical timeline, and some excellent detours into questions of power and feminism. But as the season progresses, the series begins to rely on what amounts to be a defense of Clinton. The host and most guests acknowledge Cilnton's incredible recklessness, but never question the potential dangeer for a sitting President to be so reckless. And rather than take a very credible rape accusation (and yes, there were others not even mentioned by Broaddick and compare it to current #MeToo, the series folds with two dismal episodes of apologists and scolds. The hosts asks questions why people hated the Clintons so much...and comes away that it was mere personality. There are plenty of sane conservatives who would have been GREAT interviews to help answer those questions but instead, it's just panels of liberals like Ruth Marcus who still love President Cilnton. And oddly, the host doesn't bother to mention that Clinton was disbarred for his perjurious ways. It's astounding to hear so many journalists on this show--working, well regarded journalists--openly admit that because Cilnton is a Democrat and they like him, that the ends justify the means.

Unnecessary (5/5)

This podcast is wonderful and eye opening, however, this last episode was unnecessarily lewd. Trying to get laughs by saying blow job soooooo many times was a real disappointment. I just turned the episode off.

Iran contra? (5/5)

Great show, no doubt! But what happened to Iran Contra? As I understand the investigation was concluded just recently, so why not cover it here on the show/podcast? The Gipper was as ruthless and conning as Tricky Dicky... Oh, yeah! And there was no consequences!

I have lived through this history. (5/5)

I remember much of this but it is nice to have a concise and easily understood telling of such history. Season one was great and I am into season two. Leon's voice is clear and he narrates intelligently.

Biased (1/5)


Addictive (5/5)

I need a season 3 ASAP. I blew threw both seasons - the episodes are tantalizing, well reported and SO entertaining.

Slow Burn (2/5)

Great. True. But then you bring in this lady on the live show. I didn’t want to hear her opinion on the sitting President.5 Stars with out her!!!!

Fave (5/5)

Not only is the content thorough and well researched, it’s very easy listening. Some podcasts can have interesting content but the way people present the info or even their voice (bless their hearts, I know they can’t help that) make it impossible to listen to. I love this guy’s voice. I love the information. It’s my favorite thing to listen to.

Was good til they bashed a rape survivor for being a Trump supporter (3/5)

Was really enjoyable until the last two episodes where, most notably, they have one speaker who goes off on a lengthy diatribe about how perversely evil the “religious right” is, and even better, when our narrator says one can’t help but doubt the story of a rape victim because she’s now an insanely passionate Trump supporter. I voted for Bush, Obama, then Hillary. Yes, Trump is insane, but this was so much the epitome of stereotypical liberal elite as to be laughable. I’m as middle of the road moderate as they come. This was over-the-top bias that you hate to see from an otherwise good show. Obviously it’s Slate, so maybe you already know it’s coming, but it was such a good show right up until he suggests maybe a rape survivor isn’t worth listening to because she’s now a Trump supporter. Disappointed.

Partisan bias underlies season 2 (3/5)

The constant smoothing over of Clinton’s crimes and character flaws—paired with the casual digs at Trump (justified or otherwise) undercut Slow Burn’s effort to be a balanced, thoughtful work. The live episode after the season was particularly partisan, with the guest experts pandering to the liberal crowd.

You missed something (2/5)

Clinton was disliked because he was credibly accused of rape, sexual assault, and sexual harassment. It was his criminality coupled with his lack of moral character that drew ire. Think Weinstein in this case. He was good on some political issues but was a sexual predator when the cameras weren’t on. He is still given a pass. Even by this wide-eyed apologist who wishes Clinton was back in office knowing the witness testimony and the broader scope of history. Have her listen to your Juanita Broderick interview.

Slowburn, season 1 (5/5)

Riveting. I binge-listened the whole thing Thanksgiving weekend. I was 14 when Nixon resigned. I have vague memories of the break-in, the Sat. Night Massacre, the hearings, because my dad hated Nixon and was gleefully obsessed. It made the period real to me.

Loved First 2 seasons (5/5)

Excellent podcast. Both seasons very gripping. Cannot wait to start season 3. Thank you for your excllent work.

Outstanding! (5/5)

Superb podcast; really went deep on Clinton & Nixon impeachment history!!!

Informative. Biased. (3/5)

I would love to give this podcast 5 stars, because both seasons are super interesting and informative. But the commentary in the last episode of Season 2 on Juanita Broadderick’s current political activity and how that raises unasked questions of her credibility were unnecessary. It’s sad that in today’s climate, a sexual abuse victim’s political party are the final determination of credibility.

Fantastic journalism! (5/5)

Both informative and entertaining! I’ve always been interested in Watergate because I didn’t live through it, and I’ve been able to learn so much about the smaller details that aren’t typically talked about. Almost as good as being there firsthand!

WoW Report on Radio Andy... (5/5)

The podcast was plugged today on WoW/Radio Andy, I’m so glad it was! This has been a fantastic adventure . So many parallels to today’s political climate and I feel smarter for having listened.

Top notch (5/5)

The second season on Clinton was really really great. So much important detail that put a completely different spin on what I thought I knew.

Great! Until the end...🙄 (2/5)

I enjoyed this podcast, however, it is heavily biased, which is obviously not a surprise. I wanted to find learn more about the Clinton scandals, which I had known about & heard of, but not in detail. We all know the ending of the podcast so that was sort of anticlimactic (not the reason for my negative review). My negative review is about the podcast host’s opinion at the very end about him thinking Juanita Broaddrick “making it up” and her social media posts saying she supports Trump. First of all, as an anti-Trump supporter, this is what aggravates me about the left - Juanita had several witnesses corroborate her story. Then the host goes on to say that Juanita Broadrick thinks Christine Blasey is lying about the Kavanaugh scandal via social media (whom by the way has not ONE person to corroborate her story), therefore, the host thinks she’s a nutcase. You had a 5-star review until the very end. Keep your deficient opinion to yourself.

The narrator talks too fast! (3/5)

Great content and well produced, but I can’t listen as the narrator talks so fast I can’t concentrate. Seriously it’s as if there’s only so much time and he’s trying to squeeze it all in. I tried using the 1/2 time function to slow it down but that just sounds wrong. I found this also to be true of Season 2. I feel so pounded with info at such a speed I can’t process—so I can’t follow and lose concentration and interest. Really it’s a shame.

One of my favorites (5/5)

This series is one of my favorite podcast. With today’s polarized political climate, it is difficult to get the facts without the information being biased. My wife and I have found ourselves diving into political history more for this reason. Leon and the Slate crew do such a great job with the unbiased factual information they present. I really am looking forward to a third season and what other political topics that I can learn more about. I know that another series about impeachment would be difficult at this time but would love to hear about other interesting political events such as the Reagan Iran Contra or the Bay of Pigs. Thanks and keep up the good work! Ben

Excellent! (5/5)

Tightly edited and riveting. Full of interesting characters yet doesn’t loose focus. There are elements of what made the first season of Serial so popular without the annoying parts. It has the pacing of a political thriller and leaves unsaid the scary parallels to our own political moment which only builds the tension. Loved it!

Fabulous storytelling (5/5)

The host is an incredible storyteller. I couldn’t stop listening.

Fantastic, binge worthy podcast (5/5)

I didn’t think it was possible to want to binge listen a podcast, but Slow Burn accomplished this in spades. The first season listens like a suspense novel—except it’s all true and based on exhaustive research. I particularly like the interviews with key people that lived through Watergate. I’m looking forward to bingeing season 2 next! Take a listen — if you’re a history buff, you won’t regret it.

I love you Leon 😍 (5/5)

Amazing Podcast. More Moooooorree!!! 😫😫😫

Nothing but kudos (5/5)

I wasn’t sure I wanted to take a deep dive into the Clinton mess so I didn’t. Until I did. And then I couldn’t turn it off. Kudos to Team Slow Burn.

My favorite podcast! (5/5)

Journalism is excellent! Bipartisan reporting at its finest!

Ruby Ridge (1/5)

No. The guy is a Nazi. It starts and ends with him being a Nazi. He belongs in prison.

Great look back (5/5)

I was too young during watergate to have a clear understanding. This is very well researched and told in an interesting fashion. The second season was really good as well. It made me see Bill Clinton in a very different light.

Last episode was disappointing (4/5)

I’m not sure why more video tape account of the rape allegation was not used. It wasn’t nearly as convincing to hear it summarized than to hear it first hand. What was said in that interview? What wasn’t? Why wasn’t it used? Maybe it was a strategy to get ppl to sign up for slate plus. If your a fisherman looking for listeners you let this fish get away. You held out on the most important detail.

The human dimension... (5/5)

This show does the hard work of seeking out and identifying the individual people who create the conditions for the ‘scandals’ that define the powerful institution of the Presidency. It’s not explicitly interested in ‘changing your mind’ about any individual actor, but I suspect the mere activity of hearing so many of their voices may have that effect anyway.

Great (5/5)

I’m learning so much about some of our worst presidents.


This is podcast is a fantastic piece of investigative journalism styled as a political thriller. Upon starting, it was impossible to stop listening, and I have since recommended it to all of my friends, who are just as hooked. It’s doesn’t require a lot of prior political knowledge on the issue, so don’t be scared off if you’re not very into politics. Five stars!

Dud....but hey, I’m conservative soooooo (1/5)

The buildup and subsequent destruction of Juanita Broaddrick’s credibility at the end is evident that liberal leaning journalist’s are not interested in substance, but rather hinging credibility on minuscule details of a political affiliation and personal opinions that in no way detract from her accusation of rape by then AG Bill Clinton. This Slow Burn ending, in my opinion, is essentially a singular, opinionated effort to further distance the truth. Furthermore, to create an illusion of analogy between JB’s/Christine Blasey Fords story is completely ridiculous and irresponsible. The additional fluff is readily available in many books and online readings. This was my first podcast to download. Very disappointed.

Well done (5/5)

A really well done n put together podcast on a specific point in history, first season 1 being about Nixon and season 2 being about Bill clintons impeachment. It was so fascinating how much information and thought was put into each episode that it really truly makes you want and crave more. Really well done n hope more seasons come

Superb (5/5)

Hooked immediately after the first episode of season 2 was shared on an off-week of Dickerson’s Whistlestop. Fantastic long-form journalism with a well-executed narrative arc.

SO GOOD (5/5)

Really enjoyed this podcast! Very thorough and interesting. It included some great interviews and stories of these events.

Clinton’s getting off easy (1/5)

I think this is a paid for by the Clinton’s podcast to distract from the more messed up horrific things they’ve done. Do your research people.

Roped into believing this was unbiased journalism (2/5)

I listen to the entire season of Season 2, and was pleasantly surprised at how unbiased it seemed to be until the last episode. I was shocked that in the last episode Leon pretty much dismissed Wanita, because she has different views than he does. Pretty much said he doesn’t want to believe her on the biased of her political views. Isn’t that what happened to Christine?! This is so disappointing and in bad taste. I had planned on listening to other Slate podcast but won’t be after this.

Was a good investigative pieces... Until it got political (3/5)

This was a decent series, but fell off the rails during the final episode. The way Broderick is described and her assault is ultimately dismissed by this producer is sad. Seems like the producer just wanted to make a political statement at the end. You can’t compare a Supreme Court nominee being labeled a “Gang Rapist”, to a sexual assault victim who was silenced by the same media to protect an office.

Really makes you think (5/5)

Ughhh Its hard to reconcile Clinton after listening. And the parallels to the presidency today. LOVED THIS PODCAST.

Excellent listen and very informative (5/5)


Pulls no punches (5/5)

Lots of people would expect the host and producers to go easy on Clinton, but they probe deeply into the Lewinsky scandal and get to the heart of the issue. The first season is rife with details about Watergate and Nixon’s role but not over the top with partisanship.

Disappointing (1/5)

After interviewing Juanita Broderick and hearing clear evidence that she was raped. You victimize her again by saying it’s easy to dislike her because she’s a trump supporter. Her support of trump doesn’t mean she was raped any less by your beloved former rapey president!.

Good story telling, bad ending (5/5)

Loved this podcast until the end of season 2 when Leon reverts to being tribal and lizard-brained. Casting doubt on a sexual assault victims testimony because you don’t agree with them politically is the EPITOME of hypocrisy. Spoiler alert this pod ends with Leon more or less excusing Bill’s inexcusable behavior.

Good but I have one BIG issue (4/5)

Good podcast but my big issue is that the presenter openly admits to wanting to discount Juanita Broderick’s rape claim simply because she has a different political view. Either we believe women - and especially those like Paula Jones and Juanita Broderick who both have corroborated sexual assault claims - or we don’t. Listen to this podcast and substitute “Trump” for “Clinton”, “Stormy” for “Monica” and worst of all “Dr Christine Blasey Ford” for poor, Southern, “Paula” and “Juanita”. How anyone can claim that Kavanaugh should not have been approved for the Supreme Court but can say that Clinton is ok to come back to the White House as First Gentleman is ludicrous, hypocritical and just plain sad.

Season 2 was great (5/5)

Haven’t listened to season 1 yet. Binged season 2 in two days! Hope season 3 continues with Hillary!

I’m addicted! (5/5)

A fascinating exploration of the politics, the history, and the untold drama of events I thought I knew. Especially powerful in today’s political climate.

Great podcast (5/5)

Love it

Remember when... (5/5)

I was in my late teens when the Bill/Monica story began. I never could understand why Monica got the rawest end of the deal. First of all, it takes 2 to tango! Second, He Was The President! I still have much empathy for Monica. She legally was an adult but her heart was naive in believing our suave Mr President. Great Podcast! Please keep them coming!

Sooooo good! (5/5)

Well-researched, interestingly-presented, addictive! I can’t wait for future episodes!

Great show (5/5)

This show is equal parts well told history and juicy political gossip. I loved season 1 but I just finished season 2 and had to write a review immediately. It was a fantastic story and the ending was incredible. Can’t wait for season 3!

Superb (5/5)

Both seasons are beautifully researched and narrated by Leon Neyfakh, who knows just when to conclude each season. The final espisodes of each season are haunting me still.

Indelible (5/5)

The last few lines of the second season were brilliant! I so look forward to the next one!!! As a Preachers Kid raised in LR during this time I was fascinated and horrified at the same time!

Outstanding (5/5)

Deeply researched, fair and fun. Obvious relevance to political scandals and polarization of today - but the host doesn’t overstate it either.

Informative listen (5/5)

I’ve listened to seasons 1-2 and it has been my most anticipated download weekly. Great story telling and format with a soothing voice.

That was stupid! (2/5)

Great podcast, but next time leave your political views out of it. The end of the last episode absolutely ruined the tone of the series. Definitely won’t be listening anymore.

Mind blown (5/5)

Season 2 episode 8 is the best podcast I’ve heard all year. I’ve never experienced such a perfectly delivered look at the past through the jaw-droppingly - and unpredictably - relevant present. So nuanced, so thoughtful, so good. Truly hungry for more.

Had me hooked but.... (3/5)

This podcast was very well done and had me on the edge of my seat wanting more. Listened to both the Watergate and Clinton seasons and really liked both. BUT it’s very obvious that it leans heavily to the left. When can we all simply acknowledge that wrong is wrong is wrong no matter what political party you support? Bill Clinton was and is a predator and a disgrace. Hearing about him being celebrated by feminists and hearing the podcast try to justify disbelieving Broderick is a denial of reality and hypocrisy at its finest. I look forward to more unraveling of histories’ presidential scandals in the next season! With political tensions at their highest in the country, I hope that there is another president (not Trump) to pick on and dissect. Let’s save Trump for season 4 or 5, when he is out of office and we can lay all the evidence on the table. I fear that if there is a Season 3 and if it’s on Trump, it will be with incomplete information and will alienate lots of listeners.

Educational (5/5)

I'm surprised that I like a more historical podcast, but it's really well done. I'm learning a lot.

One of the best Slate Podcasts around (5/5)

This podcast is superbly made in every regard, from the extensive research, engaging narration and impeccable editing. In my mind, it’ll serve as the definitive exploration of the Nixon and Clinton impeachments for a long time, and done so in a very objective and non-partisan manner. Both seasons are produced with very professional quality, and represent the best that Slate has to offer.

Fantastic show (5/5)

This show is so well researched, and logically and methodically presented. It’s the only podcast I actually enjoy listening to because the narrator doesn’t make it about him — the show focuses on the factual deep dive into the material. I only wish the RFK Tapes had continued with this approach, instead it reverted to the “ain’t I witty” narrative.

Well researched unbiased research...except for the last episode (3/5)

Unlike yourself, I grew up in a very conservative household. With that said, I also grew up with a family who believed that Clinton should not have been impeached because of his private life—regardless of party. With that in mind, I was interested in delving deeper into the Clinton/Lewinsky scandal out of nothing more than interest and pure curiosity. I was 10 years old when this news originally broke. I remember my family following it on TV, and watching parts of it for myself. I also remember several conversations between my grandmother, and my mother and aunt. My mom and aunt felt that Lewinsky was victimized, while my grandmother believed her to be something other than a victim. Different generations I guess. But I have always been interested in knowing further details, as this was and is an event that truly defined my generation. I appreciate your in-depth research and analysis, and I found it fascinating and compelling. To be completely honest, my intrigue was more from that of a historical standpoint than anything else. It’s an event that occurred within my lifetime that may never happen again, and I wanted to know more. While listening to this, I left my political beliefs at bay, because I believed that you did as well (I would have been just as interested in an Abraham Lincoln, Richard Nixon, or George Bush affair). It’s sex. Everyone wants to know—regardless of party. You had me hooked until the very end, when you let the current political state come into play and influence your conclusion of this very real story. Prior to that, you gave almost certain credibility to a woman claiming to have been raped by the soon to be president of the United States. You insinuated that you yourself believed her. More than that, you provided evidence and interviews of people who found her to be credible and also believed her story. You also reported that this alleged rape was only left out of the Star report and overall media because it didn’t fit the political agenda at the time. You all but admitted that you felt compelled to believe her and that under any other circumstances you would have sided with her. But then you revealed her political alliances as the reason for your doubt in her??. Even though she was formerly a huge Clinton supporter, and volunteered for his campaign—which is how this all started? Even though she has absolutely nothing to gain from her political position in 2018? The fact that she supported Trump and did not support Dr. Ford’s accusations in the Kavanaugh hearing seemingly made up your own mind as to whether or not the president raped an otherwise credible (to you) victim in 1978. This thought process is no more acceptable that me stating Ford’s accusations towards Kavanaugh are not credible because she’s a liberal. . Let me say that I thoroughly enjoyed the podcast. So for anyone out there who is looking for pure entertainment, I would be happy to recommend this as a great story and account about a very *true* political sex scandal. You are reporting on a corroborated event of a president in a position of power using that power to take advantage of women. The fact that you would question one of these otherwise sincere woman's credibility (your words) because she herself found Dr. Ford’s accusations less than credible (among other reasons) is unbelievable. I invested in this show with an open mind and an unbiased mindset. I expected you to do the same until the end.

Excellent reporting, spooky timing (5/5)

Particularly this second season seems like it should be required listening for everyone. I was too young to follow the news during Clinton’s administration, but even though almost 20 years have passed, the seeds of our current events and conversations seem to have been planted in the stories which are brilliantly clarified by the host. Excellent sense of balance in the delivery, allowing the listener to hold the facts in the mind without proposing an easy conclusion. Thank you very much for your work.

Torn (4/5)

I’ve really enjoyed listening to the Clinton story and the research behind it. It’s very well told and interesting- especially being that I was born in 1990 and don’t know a whole lot about the Clinton scandal. However, I am super disappointed in the politically biased sprinkled throughout the podcast. I understand Slate is a liberal leaning media source, but the outright hypocrisy is astounding at times.

Biased Host... (1/5)

I listened to all of Season 1 and was annoyed with the hosts bias. I kept an open mind and listened to all of season 2 and was quite dismayed with the hosts bias. I understand this is a Slate production, but again I kept an open mind in hopes that this podcast could be right down the middle. It is not.... I won’t make the mistake again.

*vomit* (1/5)

So incredibly bias I threw up in my mouth a little.

Fascinating (5/5)

Due to my age, the Nixon season was a little over my head but interesting nonetheless. However, I was FASCINATED with the Clinton season. Great show.

Superb (5/5)

Each season has been an amazing, in-depth look at some of the biggest moments in our time in a way that makes me feel like I knew nothing to start with. Kudos to the team who put these together.

Great Podcsst But... (5/5)

Great Podcsst love the content that is being provided ....but don't like how you're forcing the slate plus package. Let the content drive the promotion of signing up for slate plus. Having random episodes to give me FOMO just doesn't do it.

Eye opening (5/5)

Brilliant journalism. So through. Very very relevant for today

Time Warp (5/5)

I’m 41, spent my teen years in Arkansas and can’t get enough of this podcast. Every episode is a blast from the past. Tiny details that bring huge awakenings in a crisis that’s ripple effects have become crashing waves in our current time. As my womanhood was budding, this scandal has shaped my of my perspective regarding balance of power and hypocritical leaders. Quality storytelling and packed with amazing interviews with the heavy hitters.

Very good (5/5)

Very well done. Enjoyable to listen to.

Fascinating Details about Impeachment (5/5)

So many details that I had never heard about the impeachment of Nixon and Clinton. I couldn’t stop listening to season 1. Season 2 is equally intriguing (trying to savor it.) Can’t wait for season 3.

Understanding our times (5/5)

I only wish this podcast had existed prior to the election… But of course it couldn’t. I was too young when this all went down to really understand what was happening. But had I understood the deep and visceral hatred for the Clintons, I would’ve known that Hillary could never have won... The worst part is the hypocrisy of the Republicans standing behind Trump who is 100 times worse than Clinton ever was.

Worth the listen (5/5)

So well done!

Love this podcast (5/5)

It’s so interesting to hear these stories told from the perspective at the time, as they unfolded, and to learn how history repeats itself.

Outstanding (5/5)

The season 1 parallels to the present day are hilariously depressing. Well done.

Mostly good but biased at times (3/5)

This was a mostly well-done podcast. However there is some bias. I lived through the Monica Lewinsky scandal. I was a political scientist major at the time and then Law student, so we digested this information and discussed it at length. The episode where he talks about the religious right and Starr being an evangelical was biased. Little attention is paid to the real issue most of my peers and I had: perjury. Morality, religious fanatics, this right movement to condemn him for his immorality... that was not really the main point for anyone I knew. Sure, it was a factor, but THAT wasn’t the catalyst. Most everyone was grossed out by his antics but did not care until he violated the law that he swore to uphold. It was the violation of the law, not God, that was his undoing. The abuse of power was what upset us more than anything. That didn’t really get aired out well. Starr also got criticized for detailing the sex acts, but truly, he had to. Legally we debated this. After all, if sex isn’t oral sex, then there was no perjury. This detail got a very brief mention that was dripping with bias. It wasn’t just Starr— all the media outlets were debating the act as well to determine if it was perjury. So mostly good, but the bias in reporting the religious right fervor as the main catalyst was silly. Mentioning Starr’s religion was also unfair-many people have a belief system, doesn’t mean it affects their job.

Clinton (5/5)

Your story on President Clinton was incredible!!! As I listened intently I realized after all these years I feel the same now as I did then. “None of my business, it’s between him and Hillary, has no bearing on how he runs the country”. Thank you for always putting out wonderfully interesting stories. Keep up the Great Work!!!!

Love and hate (5/5)

Love Slow Burn. Both seasons phenomenal! Loved the Extra episodes purchased through Slate Plus membership. BUT website is horrible (why oh why no search feature???!!) and accessing S+ members only versions (sans commercials) requires frustrating and lengthy searches. Not worth the money and effort. Listen to the regular episodes. You’ll miss good stuff but save your phone from being hurled into traffic in a fit of rage

Phenomenal (5/5)

So relevant. So compelling. One of the best podcasts I’ve heard.

Who Knew? (5/5)

"History enables bewildered bodies of human beings to grasp their relationship with their past," historian Allan Nevins wrote. This riveting series does that in spades, allowing -- perhaps even compeling -- listeners to see a hugely consequential piece of the American experience in a whole new light. Like LBJ's War, a similarly fresh take on a story I thought I knew, Slow Burn puts us in the room where these big events happened, and sends us home possibly sadder but definitely wiser. Kudos.

That didn't take long. (1/5)

Maybe you should keep your unsolicited political views out of it.

For political junkies (5/5)

And even 90s nostalgics (season 2); a great listen.

Good info, please lose the political slant (4/5)

I really appreciate the detailed podcast on what I find to be important and critical historical events. But can you leave out the partisan snippiniess? For example, when discussing the Monica Lewinski scandal, you said several times that Bill lying under oath is ‘technically’ illegal. As if the subject upon which perjury is committed is relevant. If I’m suing my wife in divorce court, is she allowed to commit perjury on some things so long as they are personal? Nope. The entire justice system demands an unequivocal rule of law and testifying under oath must remain sacrosanct.

Just Great (5/5)

This podcast keeps my attention the whole time, and it is so interesting. Loved season 1, but season 2 is even better!

Thank You ‘Make Me Smart’ (5/5)

Found this podcast thru another - ‘Make Me Smart’. I started with Season 1 and was fascinated to learn so much about Watergate, which I remember from my high school years. NOW I understand the nuances. As entertaining and informative Season 1 was, Season 2 is a must given MeToo and TimesUp. Real food for thought here. I only wonder how this can be topped by a Season 3. Good luck!

Extremely Entertaining & Educational (5/5)

Entertaining and educational podcast with great narration

Disappointed (2/5)

Loved loved loved it until I get to Episode 7, season 2 and felt like something was off. Like I was being brainwashed. Like maybe history was being rewritten. A group of women (highly accomplished) were put together to discuss that they, too, would have slept with (not in those words) the president. Taking any claim of sexual misconduct out of the equation. Making it seems almost laughable that anyone would question the lovable nature of ole Bill. I thought- this is the stuff liberal media hates, but surely this isn’t conservative media?? Nope. I went to research Slate and realized why I felt brainwashed. I am neither conservative or liberal. Voted for neither in the last election. I hate politics but am fascinated. Something I cannot stand is the spin. I want truth. Not an agenda. I will make sure I pay attention next time before downloading a podcast that it is not run by agenda.

Holy crap this podcast is crushing it (5/5)

I strongly, strongly recommend listening to both seasons. Season 1 covered the Nixon and Watergate and Season 2 is covering the details of the Clinton/Lewinsky sex scandal. In both cases, they draw clear lines between political motivations at the time, minor players that had major impact, and how the social climate at the time affected the public judgment. The stories unfold like true crime/dramatic series, rather than overtly political or historic podcasts. Further, it’s difficult, as a millennial that was alive/aware during those two events, to listen without drawing comparison to current investigations and scandals. The position of the producers is to critically examine the politics of the past to understand whether, if we were aware of how monumental an episode was unfolding, would we have reacted any differently, and how that might inform our reaction to the political climate now.

Should be required listening (5/5)

I never write podcast reviews b/c I’m a SAHM of three kids 5 and under (hey there, no time!), but I just used to be a HS History teacher and just finished season 1. If I were still in the classroom, I’d make this required listening for my students - really puts you in the space/time of what was going on during the Watergate scandal in a way straightforward history books can’t. Also, it’s totally possible to become a HS history teacher and *also* have no clue that Agnew was forced to resign during Watergate, for unrelated reasons!

Timing is Everything (5/5)

Required listening for US citizens during these startlingly rhyming days.

Well Done (5/5)

Slow Burn is thoroughly researched and well-composed. I really appreciate the measured, methodical approach to topics that can so easily become sensationalized. I also love the Slateplus episodes, I gotta say. Worth it.

Awesome details and unbelievable story (5/5)

Love this podcast

Wow is this a great podcast! (5/5)

This is such a great podcast. Season one was good. Certain episodes were better than others and I wasn’t too sure about season two given the salacious nature of the subject matter but it’s gripping. The way the storyteller weaves in the information without being dramatic or hyperbolic is masterful. All the players of the Clinton Lewinsky scandal are discussed and even though I lived through it there’s quite a bit of information I didn’t now. Great job you guys.

Angry at Slow Burn (5/5)

These last two episodes had me yelling at my phone. Bill Bennett can take his Clinton-hating, Trump-loving hypocrisy and shove it up his — or better yet he can go to Vegas and drop $100k on the over/under of a Trump impeachment if Dems take back Congress. And Beat Friend of Monica Linda Tripp? The next time I’m in a jam, I’d want her with me. With a tape recorder. Ready to go to the Feds. Love the podcast! Great job!

Amazing (5/5)

Amazing and very informative podcast

I’m obsessed (5/5)

I stalk this podcast every week. I literally can’t wait for new episodes ! It’s great to get all of the facts surrounding one of the infamous events in the 90s. Most have forgotten all about this and I love the new perspectives. A lot of this scandal reminds me of Trump. History repeats itself.

Song at end of God episode? (5/5)

Great song. What was it? Absolutely love your show!

So wonderful! (5/5)

This podcast really keeps you wanting more! I love learning the little details about the huge moments in American history. I highly recommend and have been to all of my friends 🙌

Riveting (5/5)

The Nixon episode was fantastic and I was so thankful to be able to marathon it. The Clinton episode, is the most exciting hour of my week. I cannot get enough! Great work!

Most timely podcast (5/5)

If "Those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it," this podcast is EXACTLY the history we should be studying in the Trump era. Thanks so much to Slate for promoting this deep dive into our past episodes of government corruption ...and the ultimate success of American democracy's checks and balances. Plus a lot of luck. Luck be with us now!!!

Love it (5/5)

Just so enjoy this series just like the last one. So well thought out and original. I am hooked!

Deep into a great story (5/5)

Features interviews with people who were in the thick of it. Is about a sex scandal but the sex stuff is a small part relative to the drama of all of the players involved (media, GOP, law enforcement, etc.).

Top quality (5/5)

I keep learning so much from this podcast.

Truly enjoying this podcast. (5/5)

I love listening to this wonderful podcast. It’s just the right length to listen to on my way to work and gives me a topic to talk about with my customers.

I really enjoyed Season 1, but now... (3/5)

I thought that Season 1 was great, but now, listening to Season 2, I have to wonder what sort of biases were involved with the presentation of Season 1. I considered myself middle of the road politically, and I can say with absolute certainty that I have given up any hope of unbiased journalism. It doesn't seem to exist. That appears to be the case here, where I expected to get facts about what went down in Clinton's White House, but it definitely appears slanted, making it seem like the dirty Republicans were out to get this man who was an innocent victim. With comments used from interviewees and sometimes the host's own commentary, it comes across as this sweet love affair with hero Monica Lewinsky not betraying this man who used her to get off. Preying on her feelings for him, he used her when it wasconvenient for him, until it wasn't. If there's another season, I hope it will be of a more straightforward story, presenting facts and when presenting opinions, at least using opinions from both sides.

Love it (5/5)

Season one was good, but season two is GREAT. I’m hooked.

Love! (5/5)

For someone who wasn’t born until 1990 I felt that the story of Nixon and Clinton were ones I that I knew all about, but this podcast taught me so much more and is so interesting to listen to. It’s very well done and I’m sad the second season is almost over. Can’t wait for season 3!

Arrogant, condescending (1/5)

We were interested In the subject matter of season 1 and season 2 We stopped listening because the hosts are arrogant, condescending towards any person who does not agree with their political choices The lack of respect for other people political choices is offensive and appalling No we do not “eat nails” We have an MBA and JD Of course we do not recommend your podcast and at a dinner party last night this podcast was discussed

Ironic that this podcast is named slow burn.. (5/5)

because I burned through the entire first season in less than 24 hours. Absolutely fascinating, well done.

Above party lines (5/5)

This piece of history is delivered in a way that everyone, no matter what your political affiliation is, can greatly enjoy. Incredible story told incredibly!

I’m on the edge of my seat!!!!! (5/5)

Love this podcast team! Can’t get enough 😊 I tell every client about this!!!! And now they love it too!

Where did it go? (4/5)

I enjoyed season 1 and got into Season 2 but it has disappeared from my feed and hasn’t dropped a new episode since ?? (None of the episodes in the feed are dated). Strange that it has just stopped issuing new episodes. Disappointing.

Disappointed (1/5)

I was really looking forward to this look back at watergate. I am extremely disappointed that Trump is discussed throughout the 1st episode. Is it really so hard to stay on the topic at hand?

Wonderful (5/5)

excellent infor and wonderful storytelling

Fascinating! (5/5)

I love history, and this podcast is wonderfully edifying. Whenever a new episode appears, it becomes my top priority. Can’t wait for the Trump impeachment season!

Awesome (5/5)

Enthralling every time ... like a good book you can’t put down

Things I didn’t know (5/5)

I was born in 1980, so did not know a lot about Watergate. I had to stop mid-season and call my parents for their take on it. I was very much alive for the Clinton scandals, but a naïve 18-year old when it really hit the fan. This podcast is helping me truly understand things I didn’t then. Effing love this podcast.

important (5/5)

in these trying times this is a must. I am a huge fan of this podcast. I am have gotten a lot out of my time listening. I am looking forward to more episodes.

Excellent as a Series (5/5)

There are some podcasts you throw on to hear some facts or fun stories- this is one that grips you. It’s like a really good tv show that doesn’t melt your brain. Well done everyone!

So good! (5/5)

I found this podcast by accident and have BINGED the entire thing at work in a week. I have recommended to friends who also love it as well! Can’t get enough!

So much information (4/5)

Love learning and hearing about these events. Only problem is the amount of ads. Limit those and this is fantastic.

Addictive (5/5)

I'm on Episode 4 of Season 2 and finding it addictive. I remaing a Clinton supporter. Regardless of your political leanings, the reporting and delivery are bar none. If you're at all interested in the subject matter, do yourself a favor and subscribe ASAP.

Me too? (1/5)

Especially in today’s “me too” era, this podcast seems to really downplay the fact that someone with power (not to mention the most power in the free world) used his influence to seek a relationship with an intern. But then again, he pushed democratic policy, so I guess we just look the other way.

Keep up the good work (5/5)

A Slow Burn season about the Andrew Johnson impeachment is literally the only thing I want for Christmas!

Fantastic deep dives (5/5)

Just binged through season one and am two episodes into season two! These are stories that everyone know of, but now I would guess that few people have a major grasp on. The stories presented are told in a way that grabs you and makes you want to know what happens next, even while you know the ultimate ending. Really well done!

Horrible it so hypocritical (1/5)

Don’t waste your time liberal propaganda

Before my time...loved it! (5/5)

Watergate and Nixon administration occurred before I was born. I’ve always wanted to learn about it but never put in the time. This is a great podcast. So fascinating to hear details that were in the news at the time but have been forgotten bu many over the years. Very worth the listen.

Slow burn (5/5)

I grew up during WaterGate and my dad made me watch coverage of it EVERYDAY.But Slow Burn educated me about parts that I didn’t even know.A great podcast that is both informative and very entertaining.Also VERY appropriate to what is going on in America today!!!

Excellent! (5/5)

I am presently binge listening as an escape from the daily Trump grind. This is fascinating to listen to and brings me back to another not so long ago time. I’m in process of cleaning my art studio which is a days long job of sorting and reorganizing. This podcast has been helping to get me through it. In my opinion it is very well done. I will remain a constant fan as you guys are doing a great job. Keep it coming. :)

As good as the Nixon season (5/5)

The insanity of the Clinton White House seems only to be rivaled by the Trump and Nixon administrations. As usual, Slow Burn does a great job of telling the human stories amid all the chaos. Download this now.

Excellent (5/5)

Season 1 was excellent. Can’t wait for season 3 on the next impeachment.

I’m a progressive myself but... (1/5)

This podcast is so biased it’s comical. Apologizing for a man with this much power preying on a young 20 something is wrong through and through. Stop making excuses for this man! Acting like it was school boy love, are you kidding me? Stay consistent with your views please.

Could be good, if only (3/5)

The Watergate story is a fascinating one and Slate and Leon Neyfakh do an almost credible job of telling it. The archival tapes and interviews with those that were there are compelling. This would be a great series were it not for Mr. Neyfakh's obvious dislike of Republicans, conservatives and especially of Donald Trump. Every episode gives a dig against the President at least once. What is astounding is that if Mr. Neyfakh was the kind of reporter he imagined himself to be he would be astounded by the similarities to the Obama administration and the Democrat Party's efforts first against Bernie Sanders and then against Donald Trump. I recommend this Podcast, but hold your nose if you aren't convinced that President Trump is evil incarnate.

Absolutely AMAZING!! (5/5)

Great podcast with a clear message!!

Love this podcast! (5/5)

And hoping for a third season (in more ways than one)!

Spellbinding. (5/5)

As I listen, I can’t help but contrast the chaos and confusion there and then to the chaos in the White House today.

I love how informative this is but... (3/5)

As a person who is listening to learn, I get frustrated that I cannot keep up sometimes. This information is reaching SO MANY people (amazing!!) and I imagine I’m not the only one. If you just did a “previously on Slow Burn” segment or something like that, it would reach even more.. I doubt you’ll see this review but if so.. please remember that your audience may have a hard time keeping up because it’s aired once a week and there are a lot of names to keep up with. If you’re not familiar it’s very hard..

Huge Eye Roll (2/5)

The Clinton story is obviously told by a bunch of liberals who do their best to shift the blame away from Clinton and onto Monica Lewinsky and the Republicans. They laugh about it and talk about how sweet the affair was! It’s sickening! All of this while in real time the left is doing everything they can to throw Trump under the bus and smear HIS moral character.

Currently obsessed! (5/5)

Listening to S.1 right now, and I am hooked!

Wow (5/5)

Making my way through the first season and WOW!!! The parallels between Nixon and Trumps administration blows my mind!


This podcast is a defense of Bill Clinton’s actions while he served as President if the United States. If you think he did nothing wrong and his victims are to blame, this podcast is for you!

Get the story behind the story (5/5)

The show is well produced and well narrated, and the host finds great people to talk to as he brings to life these epic moments in American history.

Incredible!! (5/5)

Riveting! Amazingly good!

Exciting, and I lived through it (5/5)

I lived through the Clinton impeachment and didn't find it as interesting as this podcast makes it. Great storytelling.

Love it! (5/5)

One of my top podcast go to’s, this show is binge-able while driving and cooking! I can’t wait for the next season! Best podcast that I listen to!

Amazing! (5/5)

I love this podcast! Season was was great and filled with a lot of information that I had never heard about and season two is starting off great as well!

Season 1 Slow Burn (5/5)

Stunning how this mirrors current White House/Congress playbooks. Gives me hope though, since we all know how Watergate ends. Today’s pundits often say the difference between Nixon and Trump is that House Republicans didn’t protect Nixon— Not true! Worth the listen.

Love it! (5/5)

Sometimes I wish the episodes were longer. Great storytelling.

Excellent Telling of One Side of an Issue (2/5)

I enjoyed Season 1, but the political bias sure is showing in Season 2 regarding the Clinton impeachment. For example, Whitewater and Mrs. Clinton’s questionable legal work for Jim McDougal - “the billing records were missing.” That’s it. No elaboration. Just a few words tossed out and glossed over. Likewise, their re-telling of the files being removed from Vince Foster’s office. There are reasons that Clinton opponents had questions and concerns over these things that the podcast glosses over. People would learn a great deal more if events were discussed objectively without bias.

Excellent! (5/5)

Thanks for this very timely recount of this particularly painful period in our history. It gives hope that today's events will eventually end with our country in tact.

Easy to snooze through (3/5)

Typically I am a fan of Slate’s reporting and podcasts. While I think the reporting in Seasons 1 and 2 this podcast has been spot on, I can’t help but think they could have chosen a better main voice/ narrator for the show. Leon Neyfakh has one of the most droning and easy-to-ignore voices I have ever heard in my life. He does not vary his intonation, even when telling the most compelling parts of the story. I find myself having to rewind back 30 seconds or up to 5 minutes because my thoughts have completely drifted away from the topic. The Nixon impeachment and Clinton impeachment are too fascinating, both socially and legally, to be left to this dull voice.

Okay for a mainstream analysis (3/5)

This is a well-made podcast about the mainstream version of Watergate. It totally leave John Dean and Al Haig off the hook. See the work of Jim Hougan and Len Colodny for a more full view of the Watergate era.

Educational!! (5/5)

Great podcast

One of the Best Podcasts (5/5)

This is one of my favorite podcasts. Excellent reporting and story telling.

Smart, intriguing (5/5)

People get hung up on opinions. This explains the history and laws but in an approachable storyline. Love it

Andrew Johnson (5/5)

Can Season Three cover the Andrew Johnson impeachment?

Amazing (5/5)

Amazing, informational, unbiased, and entertaining! Keep it up please!

interesting.... (5/5)

Great podcast!

History, very sober. (5/5)

As a Baby Boomer now Silver Tsunami-er (?) Slow Burn is turning my head around, Exorcist style. Those who don’t know history are bound to repeat? Good God we need this now more than ever.

Wow (5/5)

I’m in the 18-25 age group. This is amazing to hear because it’s not something anyone has gone in depth with me about.

Good, would be better without the left slant (3/5)

Interesting stuff, some details I’d never heard before and put together well. Has some great potential but a liberal bias (comments, jabs at Trump, victim blaming/shaming on Clinton’s behalf, etc..) is most definitely there and ruins it for me. I understand it’s not a news podcast but was hoping for a history lesson without being politicized. IMHO

A great tale retold (5/5)

The best podcast I’ve heard this year. A fantastic retelling of the Watergate scandal that you thought you knew . I can’t wait to listen to Season 2 about the Lewensky affair

Awesome Podcast (5/5)

Looking forward for the next episode

Simply put, an amazing podcast. (5/5)

Such a great and well done podcast. I’m telling all of my friends about this!

Great podcast (5/5)

Just getting into podcasts now and I began here. Love it. Very informative and I look forward to hearing new episodes.

WOW (5/5)

Wow wow wow

Can’t wait for the next (5/5)

My favorite podcast ! I check daily to see if new episode available. First podcast review 🙂

Not Digging Deep Enough (2/5)

Definitely some softballs being thrown here. DNC approved 👍

Watergate series (5/5)

This is interesting. I am still listening and have two left, but this history is really complex, and to get it explained after the fact, even more complex and interesting!!! I'm looking forward to Clinton's saga.

Liberal revisionist history (1/5)

Utter liberal crap to muddle the truth of Bill Clinton Lying and having multiple people kill witnesses on his behalf.

Context (5/5)

Is everything. The historical facts of Watergate are immensely helpful in contextualizing our current national situation. This podcast was amazing.

Yes (5/5)

Tell both sides or none at all

Amazing Unbelievable Story of Impeachment x2 (5/5)

Even if you lived through the 2 impeachment hearings, you’re definitely going to want to listen to this story of dirty tricks, corruption and entitlement. Sound familiar? It’s actually 1972. Series 2 is even more suspenseful. The opening episode looks at Monica Lewinsky with the compassion that she deserves while sounding like a James Bond radio play.

Disappointed (1/5)

I was looking forward to unbiased account of Watergate. Unfortunately, that is not the case.

Can’t wait for the Trump episode (5/5)

Season 3 can’t come soon enough

Season 1 (5/5)

Spellbinding storytelling. It’s so difficult not to draw parallels to present day. Just riveting.

Not Completely Objective (2/5)

This podcast does seem to have a lot of information regarding the Clinton Presidency and the events that ultimately lead to his impeachment. The production quality is nicely done. I also enjoyed how several different events and perspectives were merged to help paint a fuller picture. However, I do feel that the facts are laced with a certain degree of subjective thoughts as well, and that influences the overall presentation of the story. I feel that it is a strong enough influence to significantly lower my enjoyment when listening to this series. I wish it was a little more clean in that regard.

Easy to understand (5/5)

When it comes to politics I tend to get lost in the big words being used. This podcast is great because they break down the interviews and such so I can understand the full story. I love it!!

Mediocre, unimaginative and a pale imitation of better programs. (2/5)

Also, the host is a self-important dweeb.

Excellent (5/5)

Really interesting and well done! Especially liked the interview with Jane Sherburne.

Jaw-dropping Clarity (5/5)

This is one of the best produced political/historical podcasts out there. I’ve always been muddy on some details with the Nixon scandals and how Watergate played out over the years. This clears it all up in a relevant and jaw-dropping narrative. Can’t wait for Season 2!

always good (5/5)

the new clinton season is going to be amazing

Sooo good!! (5/5)

I love this show!!! So informative and well articulated!

el_PGH (5/5)

Season one was fantastic, excited to hear season 2. Really interested background for today's political environment

Very informative (5/5)

Great research and work on this podcast!

Hooked (5/5)

I love this podcast! I have been hooked since season 1, love the content as well as the delivery. All around great podcast.

Season 2!!! (5/5)

You have done it again. Great job.

Can’t get enough! (5/5)

Loving this podcast - like Serial for politics!

Excellent (5/5)

I stumbled upon this gem while looking for a new podcast. Superb story telling and first class information. You’ll love it.

Wow! (5/5)

The podcast is exactly as advertised. His research goes deep. The interview clips with both the relevant people and individuals on the periphery of the investigation, give us a clear balance of what actually happened. Great job of presenting us with facts and feelings of the individuals involved.

Hooked (5/5)

Fascinating and very well done

Keep going! (5/5)

Enjoyed season one so much had to binge listen. With joy and anticipation on to season 2. Hope the Iran Contra scandal gets covered in season 3.

Deal or no deal is terrific (5/5)

Great reporting. Hard to believe the FBI agents thought they were doing the right thing. Much easier to see Lewinski’s courageous defense of her jerk of a president.

Could be better (2/5)

Liberal trump bashing disguised as a history lesson. Would be interesting if it would just stick to the facts, a constant difficulty for liberals.

My new fav podcast (5/5)

All I can say is wow! I’m obsessed.

Brings it all back... (5/5)

Every name mentioned is one I remember, only it took this podcast to help me remember it! I was working in Boston in 1973-74, and carpooled from the South Shore. We'd get to Boston before most of us had to start work, and so we would have breakfast at a coffeeshop, listen to news reports and read articles about Watergate, and discuss. It was very exciting. And now, even though it was a "simpler" time then, and in fact, the crime was simpler, we definitely have a related situation now.

Amazing stuff (5/5)

I am engrossed.

So well done! (5/5)

Could not stop listening and heard all of season 1 in one day! Excellent, educational, and vastly entertaining! Look forward to season 2! A five star podcast!

Super (5/5)

Great job. If you like politics at all this is very educational . Looking very much forward to season two and beyond thank you for a great podcast

Wowzers!!! (5/5)

Randomly ran across this podcast on my way to St Louis from Minneapolis. This podcast is not only a well told account of the watergate scandal but a real study of the human condition. How deep are u willing sink to protect someone? How much are u willing to lie to yourself? How bad can someone be? If u listen to this podcast u will find out!

In Love (5/5)

This podcast draws you in and hooks you instantly on both the big and the little details of Watergate. You’ll be so glad you listened.

Home Run! (5/5)

This pod hit so close to home for me because I grew up in Nixon’s hometown. I recently went to the renovated museum and still can’t get Watergate off my mind. So thanks for explaining all details I missed. Also this is a good easy listen if you love true crime pods like me. Can’t wait for season 2!

Then & Now (5/5)

This is a marvelous podcast that takes me back to earlier days when our democracy was also being put to the test. I was so proud of our country and the way we as a nation faced the challenge. A Democrat, it never occurred to me that Republicans might care less about the survival of our country than I did. I never doubted the body’s basic integrity. And my faith was proved right. Sometimes frightened about what might happen, I was never sick to my stomach as I am now. I’m so glad this podcast is here for all the younger people without the privilege of having been there.

Wow, they did it again (5/5)

I didn't know I wanted a deeply researched story about the Clinton impeachment. But, wow, I *need* to hear the rest of this second season of Slow Burn. Season 2 features more riveting storytelling, fantastic production, and a much-needed reconsideration of the people ground up in a still very recent scandal. How could we forget so much? How could we not know so much? How could the narrative of just 20 years ago be so obviously wrong by today's standards? Slow Burn is asking all the right questions.

Thank you, Slate! (5/5)

Thrilled to seet this show back for another season!

Gives history fresh urgency (5/5)

Slow Burn revisits events you think you know, only to reveal the story was much more compelling and surprising, and more relevant than you ever thought.

Great pod (5/5)

Slow burn is back baby!

More please (5/5)

One word excellent

Quite something (5/5)

Anything that takes something you think you basically know everything important about and shows you how much you really don’t understand it or how you misunderstand it is doing something truly special. Slow Burn does it.

One of my all-time favorite podcasts (5/5)

Highly recommend — great production and narrative focus.


I’m itching for new content, y’all.

Yay! (5/5)

Was so looking forward to Season 2 and am happy to report that it is off to an EXCELLENT start.

Ms Tripp was a terrible friend (5/5)

I knew about the first season covering Watergate and intend to listen at some point, but I just found out about this new season covering 42’s impeachment and started listening. 5 minutes in and I’m hooked. I’ll spare you my thoughts on Linda Tripp, but won’t it be fun to hate her all over again!?! Thank you for doing this series. Frankly, I am amazed that the Clintons still want to serve this country after all the stupid stuff we’ve done to them. They’re not perfect but they’re better than this.

Incredible! You’ve got me hooked. (5/5)

One episode into the new Slow Burn about Bill Clinton’s impeachment and I’m hooked...and I lived through it. The background/behind-the-scenes drama was more intriguing than I ever knew. Also, if you haven’t listened to the Watergate/Nixon podcast, do it now.

Best podcast ever! (5/5)

Thank you for amazing insight on this crazy time in our history...can’t wait for next episode

Factual (5/5)

I’m amazed to see the similarities between Watergate and the Stupid Watergate. Down to people backing Nixon and how people supporting Trump do the same thing. It’s terrifying and amazing.

Amazing (5/5)

Beautifully told story of the Watergate affair. I learned names I would never known and heard the carefully told story of the Watergate scandal. I loved it!

Wow! (5/5)

Brilliant work. Really, really brilliant work. It’s nice to look back into history and realize that all of this has happened before. It gives me hope for the future. :) Looking forward to season 2.

Binge worthy (5/5)

Honestly, my only regret is waiting this long to listen to Slow Burn. This is a fantastic series. I can’t wait until the next season.

Awsome (5/5)


Awesome!!! (5/5)

This is a very well done and informative look into the Watergate scandal and how it all went down. I had (very) limited knowledge of Watergate prior to listening and I found myself fascinated. I can’t wait for season 2!

Very informative and entertaining!! (5/5)

I was born and in 1971 and had no idea that Water gate was such a circus- looking forward to the next season!

Wow Just Wow (5/5)

Season 1 was spectacular! I am not a podcast listener but all I wanted to do was listen and wish there were more episodes! Cannot wait for season 2!

RFK tapes (5/5)


Great podcast, but I have a pet peeve (5/5)

Very entertaining, poignant in out particular time in history. Pet peeve: I numerous occasions this podcast mistakenly states that Nixon was the one who installed the recording system in the White House. It was in fact Lyndon Johnson. I don’t think that makes much of a difference of the story overall, but in an era where the journalism is under assault seems like sloppy editing on History side.

Awesome! (5/5)

Can't wait to hear what they talk about next

Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it (5/5)

In most scenarios George Santayana’s aphorism is a bad thing but in the case of Celebrity Apprentice & today’s obviously senile GOP, it will serve America & the world well that they will be doomed to walk Nixon’s path of shame into obscurity. Thank you Leon Neyfakh for hosting & Slate Plus for producing this important historical analysis!

Makes me feel (slightly) less scared about the future! (5/5)

This podcast is so good. If you're exhausted by the never-ending Trump news and feel like the world might end every day, listen for a teeny tiny light at the end of the tunnel – hope from our history.

Expose Judge Kavanaugh! (5/5)

I hope the series exposes the hypocrisy of Brett Kavanaugh.

Excellent (5/5)

I found myself fully engaged; as excited listening to this as watching a well made crime thriller on tv. The similarities between watergate and current investigations are scary

Excellent (5/5)

On a road trip yesterday I listened to the eight episodes of the SLOW BURN podcast, detailing some of the stories and the background of the Watergate scandal. On October 10, 1972 when the Washington Post first broke the story of the break-in I was 9 years old. So it wasn't a personal concern of mine at the time! I found the podcast fascinating and informative. There's no shortage of books and pop culture references to Watergate. I wonder if, after 47 years, the same actions would result in the same ending? I hate to be cynical but it's almost expected for politicians to be corrupt today. While listening to stories about White House tapes in Nixon's office, a story broke about taped conversations with our current President. Denials, coverups, calls for impeachment, deflection attempts, election rigging (Fascinating story about how Nixon team manipulated his second term opponent so he could run against McGovern) ... is national politics stuck on an endless repeat cycle? I'm sure many thought Nixon would never resign ... many think Trump would never resign due to corruption coverups (I think they are right)... some think these are similar personality types. Were presidents of the past better men ... or just lucky to live in a time with little technology for snooping? Anyway, if you are a podcast listener Slate did a good job with the Slow Burn podcast. Season two will deal with the Clinton impeachment. I look forward to listening ... that was a little more contemporary to my times.

These guys can do no wrong (5/5)

The presentation is great. One doesn’t know what to believe. Keeps you questioning.

slurring vocal grind. (1/5)

I'd love to listen to this seemingly interesting side to a story, but the narrator slurs words together when speaking quickl.y (which is often) *and* has a bad case of vocal grind (dropping and grinding the tone of voice at the end of sentences or clauses) Take some articulation lessons?

Slow Burn (4/5)

Riveting and painfully relevant.

Love it (5/5)

Watergate history viewed via a 2018 lens. Succint and engaging.

Really great, could allude to greater context (5/5)

Of dishonesty that contributed to so many deaths and hardships for our country’s young people in Vietnam Nam and Cambodia.

Two episodes in (3/5)

First two episodes provide valuable additional information for even those who lived and have widely read about Watergate. However they should just can the annoying comparisons to Trump. Nixon was a deeply thinking politician brought down by human impulses that have studied for thousands of years. We don’t know that about Trump.

Fascinating. (5/5)

Lived through that era.

Brillant and Compelling (5/5)

Well done! I have been recommending this podcast to anyone who will listen. It offers so much insight into our world today. Although history repeats itself, it is fascinating to see how much difference as well as similarity there is at these crucial moments in history.


This is a story pack with lies and liberal bias. What idiot watches any movie made in Hollywood and considers it fact.

Important to Remember (5/5)

This is a period of US history that we should and must remember in today’s day and age. The podcast does a fantastic job of putting all of the events in context. The use of historical video and audio recordings as well as recent interviews make it all the more engaging. Well done!

New Listener (2/5)

Just listened to Episode 1. It is very interesting and exactly what I was looking for, BUT leave your personal bias about Trump out of history. I will listen to more in hopes you do not continue pushing your views and just educate us on the facts. I would have given it a 5 so far if opinions had been left out.

Heavily Liberal biased (1/5)

Liberal propaganda poorly disguised as a historical podcast

We Must Never Forget (5/5)

This podcast is crucial to American history (past and present). Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it...which is why this matters so much. Excellently put together! You’ll find out things you never knew about Watergate and the voices of the past will seem to echo sentiments of the present. Strap in, I burned through this pod in one weekend and loved it! I feel much more educated on the subject and it’s hooked my interest for certain!

Feedback Loop! (5/5)

Great listen...can’t wait to hear season 2 wink wink!!

Great podcast (5/5)

What a tremendous and relevant listen!

Great podcast (5/5)

What a tremendous and relevant listen!

Excellent! (5/5)

I am not even done listening to all of the episodes, but had to leave a review of these great podcasts. I am 53, so I have a few fuzzy memories of Watergate, and have read some books about it to learn more about what happened. These podcasts are so informative-chock full of interviews, news clips and a lot of information I haven’t found in my own research. Very entertaining, unbelievable and timely with what is going on in DC right now. Highly recommend!

Completely worth every second (5/5)

This has me on the edge of my seat. So fantastic. I simply can’t wait for your next episodes.

Great! (5/5)

I love this podcast! I'm late to the party, but will probably listen a second time to get all the details. Hope there will be more.

Great (5/5)

I can't wait for more episodes!

Amazing (5/5)

90 seconds into the first episode and I was hooked! Absolutely thrilling story telling!

An amazing show (5/5)

I wasn't alive for this era and my history classes always failed to talk about this time. I learned so much and the connection between the Watergate scandal and what is now occurring politically is eery. Highly recommend. I can't wait till the next season!

Fun (5/5)


BEST podcast (5/5)

Simply great stuff. Writing, narrating, research, just perfect. One thing though...keep in mind, as President Ford himself said, inherent in the act of pardoning someone, and the acceptance of that pardon, is an admission of guilt. In other words, you can’t pardon an innocent person. Nixon always denied he did anything illegal; by accepting Ford’s pardon, he ended up admitting his guilt. Ford isn’t as dumb as people think.

Unique Historical Perspective (5/5)

America desperately needs a multitude of perspectives on historical events. Our collective understanding of history and the web of connections that spiral out from the past is shallow at best. This ignorance is draining the life out of our society. Slow Burn is a type of show that might just help.

Those who do not learn from the past . . . (5/5)

. . . are condemned to repeat it. This is a fascinating and, let’s face it, fun history of Watergate. I know those who are positive Trump is the victim of a witch-hunt aren’t likely to listen, but we might be a bit better off and less divided if they did. One of the things they would learn is how, as facts came out, even Nixon’s strongest supporters could not abide being lied to.

great show (5/5)

interesting history lesson for those of us who weren't born yet. very well done

The Problem With Nixon (5/5)

Nixon's problem rested with his habit of telling the truth up to the point he knew he would lose when he would lie.

Great Job (5/5)

I thought I was really informed about Watergate, having been in college and politically active at the time. However, as much as I knew all the characters, the podcast brought together back stories that I wasn't aware of were incredibly illuminating. For anyone who thinks this might be a rehash, I would be surprised if there aren’t a number of tidbits that they wouldn't find new. Highly recommend

Decent show but stop using it for current events (3/5)

The show is informative and there are some real revelations but please...give the anti-Trump stuff a break.

Just listen, you will love it! (5/5)

This podcast explores the smaller parts that made up the scandal. Many know how watergate ends but did you know how it began? You will when you listen. Binge worthy! Replay worthy!

Informative af (5/5)

Super informative and fun to listen to. As someone born a long time after Watergate, I found it a very, very enjoyable listen.

Good but (3/5)

The show is really good I would have given it 5 stars but the beginning episode turned me off because of the comparison to current events I listen to shows like this because of love of history not for political commentary

Awesome ! (5/5)

Awesome !!

Amazing and Timely (5/5)

This was my first lesson about Watergate and I’m hooked. The narrator was great. Can’t wait for next season.

Amazing (5/5)

Fantastic podcast. Brilliant investigation

Incredible Podcast (5/5)

I have been obsessed with Watergate for many years, but my wish would be for every American citizen to hear all the episodes of this incredible podcast. Although it stands on its own as a thoroughly researched, well organized and highly entertaining historical record, it also inevitably frames what our great country is going through right now. The similarities and differences between Watergate and the Russia Investigation are unavoidable. This podcast injects just the right amounts of fear and hope. It is a creative masterpiece.

Great story; easy to listen to (5/5)

This was a wonderful podcast. It left me both disparaged for current happenings, and hopeful to overcome them. The pacing was good, the details riveting. I really enjoyed some of the interviews with some of the people in the fight.

One of the best Podcasts (5/5)

Excellently presented historical information! I have learned so much!

Edge of my seat, binge worthy podcast!! (5/5)

Even though we all already know how this presidency ended... This podcast perfectly documents and captivates the moments leading up to investigation, the crazy insane political stunts before Nixons resignation & everything in between.... I didn’t want to get out of my car because it was so thrilling & suspenseful!! You will NOT regret listening to this podcast!! Instead, you’ll regret not having listened to it sooner!

Excellent storytelling! (5/5)

I’m so glad I found this podcast!

Very well done, prepare to binge listen (5/5)

This is a well done podcast that was worthy of binge listening start to finish on one long drive. I highly recommend

Just Awesome!!! (5/5)

Furious this is over. Finished it yesterday. Such a compelling story, especially right now. Wow. So well done. Thank you!!!

Fascinating (5/5)

Comprehensive and well researched!

Fascinating...and foreboding (5/5)

I lived through this but only knew part of the story. Thanks for this excellent podcast and alerting the country.

I want more! (5/5)

This is a fantastic podcast. My only complaint is that it's too short! There's so much to cover here, and so much that people born after this period don't know (I'm in the 'only know what was in All the President's Men' camp). I can understant the desire to keep this short and sweet, and not to go overboard into every little detail of the case, but a few more episodes would have been great!

Slow Burn (5/5)

I lived through Watergate and it’s more timely and essential than ever to know the details.

Please listen. (5/5)

So many parallels to today.

Couldn’t “put it down” (5/5)

This podcast is amazing. Never really considered looking deeper into Watergate or past All the President’s Men, so I assumed it was a bygone time of bipartisanism. (i know better now) The way this podcast is produced is very well done—it kept me hooked the whole time—and gave me hope for the state of our country now.

Watergate revisited (5/5)

As soon as it became clear that there was a scandal in the making from this administration, I longed to review what had happened during Watergate. Then, along came this wonderful podcast. The creators have certainly done their homework and many details, long forgotten, were brought to my attention. In addition, there was so much that I did not understand in that time period during my mid 20s. One cannot help but compare what is going on today with what went on then. Thank you for making this podcast at this important time.

Fascinating Listen (5/5)

I burned through SLOW BURN over the course of a weekend. So good. Well produced, enlightening and timely. I highly recommend!

No Alternative Facts Here (5/5)

This podcast is amazing!!! I randomly came across it last night and binged on episodes 1-7 today. The story is very well told and all of the facts are clearly laid out. I’m pretty sure that after listening to this, I can officially label myself as historian. :-)

So good (5/5)

I didn’t even know I wanted to know this stuff.

Clinton (5/5)

So excite for season 2!

I remember (5/5)

I was a young person during Watergate. This podcast brought back the memories into a compelling and organized set of stories about the characters and situations. It brought them out of the haze and back into the forefront. Thank you!

Great podcast (5/5)

Really great insight

Thorough history story (5/5)

I highly recommend this podcast. It fills in the story and leads you from start to finish. I look forward to the next season. Thank you for highlighting some lesser known parts and characters. For people who are squeamish like me, it’s not violent or gross or creepy.

Amazing (5/5)

Love this show. I’ve listened multiple times.

VERY special episode....bring on season 2! (5/5)

The panel you gathered as well as your extensive intro was great. As a political junkie since grammar school and living through watergate day to day (I was a Nixon-hating hippie in Boston luckily with a high draft lottery number) it was so great to get that perspective from each player you spoke with. Each day I see the parallels between then (nixon) and now, trump although now the story moves at speed of light. Thanks for making the day of a 66 year old watergate junkie (and I did ok on the quiz😀)

Revelatory (5/5)

I was alive for Watergate. I am learning stuff I was never aware of. Highly recommended. More timely than I would like.

Loved the podcast.......until now (1/5)

I enjoyed the season and was able to learn a lot I didn’t know of that time and felt it was a well rounded podcast as well as engaging in its production. However, the live Q&A turned into an anti-Trump message. Though not a fan of Trump, I would have hoped that when the discussion turned to him, that the level of professionalism would have remained. Comments were not objective, but rather divisive, insensitive, and you exploited stereotypes. As a group, you were laughing at images of West Virginian Nail chewers or mentioning “Cletus Safari”, or “wives home making chili”. Why do you react strongly when immigrants or minorities are marginalized, but lead the way to marginalize this group? It seems irresponsible at best. The exception was Bob Woodward. Though it is clear he is not a Trump fan, he is being thorough in his upcoming work. I cannot wait to see his book, since he will work to get a more complete story. I hope it brings to light what the people really need to know.

Bad agenda (3/5)

Shame that I would have given this 4-5 stars if not for the obvious agenda & bias against President Trump.

Compelling and... whoa. (5/5)

Other folks will say it more articulately than I... but here goes. It's great.

Slow Burn: A Podcast About Watergate (5/5)

I burned through this season 1 of this fascinating podcast in 3 days. I was in junior high when most of it all went down, so All the President’s Men (unfortunately) is the basis for most of my Watergate memories. Presidential paranoia and conspiracy theories, attacks on the press and the rule of law, and the true believers/partisan politicians who made it all possible — the parallels to current events are striking to say the least.

Shallow (1/5)

This podcast has all the depth of a high school essay. It promises a deep dig, and delivers very little information in a very topical fashion.

Worthwhile listen (5/5)

Knowing very little about Watergate before this, as it occurred before I was born, I found this series to be enlightening and interesting to listen to. Gives some interesting points to consider that it took a lot of moving parts to fall into place to bring down Nixon, et al. Looking forward to the second season as I was a young adult when the impeachment of President Clinton happened.

This is great!! (5/5)

I’m glad I came late to the party so I could binge listen to this! I can’t wait for season 2!

Upon Further Review (5/5)

Well done. Something you passed over, though. Nixon’s coach, Chief Newman, was a Native American. Nixon believed Newman should have coached major college football, but was discriminated against for being Native. While president, he enacted massive and lasting reforms to federal Indian policy and is generally regarded by Native leaders and scholars as the most important president for Indians in the 20th century.

History helps us understand (5/5)

The first season on Watergate gives us insight into what is happening now.

Riveting! (5/5)

Excellent. Timely. Must listen.

Great podcast (5/5)

Bring on season 2!

Tilted (1/5)

This podcast seems to paint Richard Nixon as some sort of evil dragon slain by shining, virtuous knights, which is a story that’s already been told countless times. Also it clumsily connects Watergate events/people to current events, never successfully. Anthony Scaramucci? Elizabeth Warren? Really?

The best! (5/5)

The only down side of this podcast is that it ended! Can’t wait for the second season.

binge-listened. (5/5)

superb recounting of an unbelievable event in American history that seems to be, sadly in many ways, repeating itself...

"if we were living through Watergate, would we know it?" (5/5)

I love the question the creators asked: "if we were living through Watergate, would we know it?" So much resonance with today and made me realize how easy it is to forget what it was like when we're so many decades on the other side of it. I was only 10 years old during Watergate & primarily remember being annoyed when the coverage preempted Saturday cartoons, so I was very struck by hearing the names, even obscure ones like Bebe Rebozo, & remembering them. My family wasn't political at all so it was not a topic of conversation at the time. This podcast is so extremely well done & very compelling. It was my motivation to sign up for Slate plus.

Eerily familiar (4/5)

This was wonderfully interesting, and eerily familiar to current politics climate. I am slightly embarrassed to say I really knew almost nothing about Watergate except the outcome. With this in mind I would have liked a little more of the basic history not just the behind the scenes info, which is the only reason I did not give the podcast 5 stars.

Pretty good (5/5)

Topical and eye opening

How history rhymes, really really well (5/5)

GenXer here, on the left coast. Nice to hear all these names again I heard on the news growing up. And there are little vignettes of California from that era. A lot of detail about what happened even if you think you know the story. Things that didn’t make it into the received history that we have today; and a great taste of the zeitgeist back then. I have to wonder if the producers are trying to show parallels on purpose. It’s almost uncanny. Makes one wonder how many on Mueller’s team have studied Watergate for their current work.

Very Informative & Relevant (5/5)

Each of the podcasts are about 30-35 minutes (members may have access to more). I found each podcast full of information and great for those who were not around or old enough to understand the impact. I also found it very relevant to what is happening in politics is almost haunting.

Fascinating pod (5/5)

That’s really interesting to step back in time and see how Watergate happened. It’s also really interesting to juxtapose that with what’s happening today, to see all the similarities. Great podcast! 🔥

Fascinating (5/5)

Many details of Watergate that are newly uncovered and information forgotten or enhanced in this telling. Very thought-provoking.

Comparisons (4/5)

I have only listened to one episode so far and I find it fascinating especially since I barely knew what watergate was My problem however is the constant comparisons to trump?? That sounds so agenda like. Tell the story. It’s a crazy cool story. Let’s not use this to plant trump=Nixon innuendos

Excellent journalism (5/5)

Podcasts are coal... and here is a diamond.

Amazing (5/5)

History repeats itself

Deja vu (5/5)

This is really well done. I lived through the thing as a young Nixon supporter till the day he resigned! So much of what happened in that two year train wreck is happening again in a familiar way.

Incredible (5/5)

The best podcast series I’ve heard since the first season of Serial.

Interesting Take on an Age-Old Story (5/5)

Really liked the details that were focused on in this series. The watergate scandal is a by overplayed but the hosts and team don’t focus on the aspects discussed ad nauseam in the press / movies. Instead aspects of the stories are explored that are more nuanced and explain more about the watergate culture both in Washington and the country. Really worth the time and would like to see other historic events explored like this!

Very interesting! (5/5)

Great job, I learned a lot.

👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽 (5/5)

Thorough and pretty riveting. Very well researched.

Fantastic (5/5)

The untold stories of watergate

Amazing!!!!!!! (5/5)

I am only 14 but this has made the seemingly interminable car rides seem to fly by. Amazing podcast!!!!

Whoa!! (5/5)

I can’t recommend this enough! It is informative and suspense filled!! Thank you!!!

Well done (5/5)

A totally addictive, insanely informative exploration into Watergate and the parallels that America’s largest political scandal has with today’s administration.

Great Season!! (5/5)

Just finished my first season. Very good show for someone like me, born after the Watergate. Awaitong how the Russiagate will end.

Slow Burn (5/5)

So good!! I loved it!!

Great Podcast (5/5)

Completely fascinating!

So pertinent (5/5)

A must listen for a time when the Watergate scandal is more relevant than ever. Compelling story telling and great production.

Excellent podcast (5/5)

These people are good. They made a long story short and with enough detail that the podcast doesn’t seem as short as it is with all the information provided, but still not long.

Awesome! (5/5)

Loved Slow Burn! I teach high school American History and I got some of my students hooked. Great reporting, editing, and very engaging.

New perspective (5/5)

I love news but just can’t handle the current news, so I thought I would listen to some news that was very similar but that is never actually gotten to listen to in detail. I chose well.

Really well done (5/5)

Fantastic podcast! Thoroughly researched and documented. Made more meaningful through interviews with cast members of the drama that was Watergate. I really enjoyed all 8 episodes, thank you Slate!

Is it 2018 or 1974? (5/5)

Swap “Nixon” with our current president’s name, and you don’t miss a beat. The parallels are unbelievable. A public asleep at the wheel? Check. Obfuscation by means of attacks on the “leaks” from the various committees? Check. A disaffected populace upset that minorities might be entitled to the same rights? Check. A base unwilling to see the naked man behind the curtain? Check. I knew about Watergate, but didn’t live through it, so much of this was new to me. This was a thorough podcast, very well researched. An excellent listen.

Essential listening (5/5)

The story is obviously relevant today, but it is also very well told and produced. Gotta listen. I’m waiting for the part where republicans act with integrity. It happened with watergate, I am hoping against hope that we will see that again some day.

Solid well presented information (5/5)

This is the kind of podcast that I am interested in. So many of these other podcast have this inane conversations going on with only a small bit of information. I’m anxious to hear next years slow burn

First-rate journalism from beginning to end (5/5)

Leon Neyfakh is as good as Ken Burns is in finding the right people to talk to on a subject, and as effective at getting them to open up. Brilliant work and amazingly entertaining given how fraught I remember those times being.

Two thumbs up (5/5)

Excellent. One of my favorites. Incredibly informative and expertly narrated. Can't wait for season two: The impeachment of Bill Clinton. Hoping for season three: The impeachment of Donald Trump.

Martha (5/5)

This is one of the best podcast ever! I was 7 or 8 when my older brother and I were spellbound by the Watergate hearings. It made us both democrats. My poor republican parents. Thanks to Rachel Madow for mentioning it on her show. Loved every minute!

I’m speechless (5/5)

I’ve just finished listening to all the episodes and as soon as I can catch my breath, I’ll listen to them again. mygawd. People who think history is boring should listen to Slow Burn.

Great storytelling and production value. (4/5)

Very well done. What keeps me from giving it 5 stars is the continual efforts to pair Nixon with Trump. To say that Trump is a modern day Nixon is a little pre-mature. Good podcast though.

Great but stick to the story... (4/5)

The constant jabs at Trump were completely unnecessary and showed a lack of professionalism in this podcast. I didn’t vote for Trump either, I get enough of him and his antics in my daily life so the last thing I want to hear during a podcast, is more of him! I am smart enough to make the connections on my own and I suppose anybody listening to this type of subject matter can as well. Ridiculous and juvenile.

Listen to this podcast (5/5)

Great podcast. Great lesson in history. The parallels to today’s political climate are eery.

Superb (5/5)

I honestly didn’t think there was anything left to tell the Watergate story. I was wrong. This thoughtful podcast is absolutely fascinating with new details and a fresh perspective. The arc of the podcast is to relate it to today’s political landscape.

Great Review of History! (5/5)

Thoroughly enjoyed this podcast and learning even more about the moving pieces that were a part of the Watergate scandal. Well done, well done!

Thrilling (5/5)

I finish this podcast in one day. I couldn't stop listening and had no idea how long the impeachment dragged on. This is amazing story telling and curated very well. You must tune in now! Can't wait for season two.

Terrifyingly Timely (5/5)

Beautiful blend of suspenseful story telling with perfectly selected supporting archival material. Captivating from the first to the last episode!

Fantastic Listen! (5/5)

This is such an interesting story and so well told. Very entertaining for someone not well-versed in Watergate.

Great podcast (5/5)

After reading “All the President’s Men” I wanted to know more. Slow Burn rounded out my knowledge of this very complex scandal. It is very timely. Highly recommend even if you didn’t read the book or have previous information about Watergate.

Fantastic (5/5)

I can’t get over the similarities between then and now. Slate does an awesome job of bringing to light the precedence this administration, and congress, set for the future.

Very Relevant (5/5)

The parallels to today are frightening. Worth a listen to see how history repeats itself.

Essential (5/5)

Anyone following the #TrumpRussia probe wants to listen to this. It’s a play by play of what is happening in America today.

To understand the present you have to understand the past (5/5)

A friend of mine encouraged me to listen to this podcast. I put it off for quite a while but I cannot say forcefully enough wouldn’t incredibly timely insightful and thorough discussion these podcasts were of the Watergate hearings and outcome. And, it could not be a better time to hear all of the things that went on in Watergate. Because, what’s going on now is incredibly similar. Excellent X

Slow Burn is engrossing!! (5/5)

I spent my summer as a 14 yr old watching the watergate hearings. I thought I knew the story... but wait there’s more!!! This podcast knits together the myriad of my own memories with additional facts and interviews. It’s very interesting and considering the current events gives me a sensation of deja vu

The Story Can Stand By Itself (1/5)

He couldn’t just make it about history, but instead TRUMP! TRUMP! TRUMP! TRUMP! TRUMP! TRUMP! TRUMP! TRUMP! TRUMP! But it is Slate, so what is to be expected.

great deep dive (5/5)

This is a great deep dive into the scandle. It's so much more layerd then I was tought in school or shorthand via pop culture. Very informitive.

Absolutely fantastic! (5/5)

I have listen to the podcasts more than once, and I'm sure I am not done yet. Just as I Google "mueller" several times a day, I am hungry to know the truth about the corruption which so many Americans deny.

More Please (5/5)

I had to watch All the President’s Men to hold me over until the next podcast comes out.

Must listen podcast #1. (5/5)

I could not stop. I lived through this era and I had forgotten much. But drawing the comparisons forward was just wild. I laughed out loud. I lived every minute. Looking forward to Clinton. Thanks for the awesome work. Loved loved loved it.

excellent (5/5)

thorough, engaging, already have learned a lot, I'm not finsihed!

Couldn't stop listening (5/5)

I was born in 1980, and completely ignorant of the Watergate scandal. I graduated from public school (nothing), got a Master's degree in biology (nothing), love to read (my own fault for not educating myself)... this podcast really was my first exposure to what happened during the scandal. I loved it. I couldn't stop listening, and finished the series in 2 days. Great history lesson, and dare I say applicable to today?

Holy Cow! (5/5)

I lived through the original Watergate so this is a reliving of the scandal for me. But there are new details that I didn't remember which makes this a fresh retelling of the story which is so very needed now. What was chilling was the reaction of the Nixon supporters at that time, eerily similar to the hardcore Trump supporters of today. What ultimately did in Nixon was the tapes that he recorded. But there are no tapes today and so many people are willing to accept the "fake news" claims which is a scary thought. This is story telling at its best.

Slow burn (5/5)

I listened to much of Watergate Hearings. Still learned a lot plus interesting to recall it all again.

Captivating! (5/5)

It revealed parts of the Watergate story I hadn’t heard.

Slow burn (5/5)

This is absolutely binge worthy. A listening must for our current times.

Slow Burn - Watergate (5/5)

I was in the Hospital at Walter Reed In 1973 and left D.C. in September 1974. I read The Post everyday and have read a few books about Nixon and about Watergate. Slow Burn revealed events I had never heard of and insights I’ve never considered. Outstanding. More!

That was then and that is now (5/5)

Well done, a very good listen. Worthwhile during these times. So many young folks are clueless about watergate. This is a great overview for them and a good reminder for those of us who lived through those days. I have shared this podcast many times and will continue to do so. History comes alive in Slow Burn.

Yes (5/5)

As a kid during Watergate I remember most of this but not all of it. This podcast serves as the bookend on the other side of the stack of volumes that is my memory of Watergate. One can only wonder how much we are we living history now.

citizen (5/5)

In my thirties when this part of our history was unfolding and its revelations evolving, I watched the hearings on a floor model TV encasing a 20 inch black and white screen, eating a dagwood sandwich and was mesmerized. Ex-VP Spiro Agnew had been the governor of Md, my home I was aware of his forced resignation... The tapes and their transcripts are available at the nixonlibrary along with those played in open court trials U.S. vs Mitchell and U.S. vs John B. Connally...Connally was an influential Texas Democrat and its governor that was injured during the JFK assassination sitting in the same car of the motorcade... .He became a Republican in the 1970s and appointed Sec of the Treasury under the Nixon Administration... Nixon's downfall was his tapes...trump's downfall will be his tweets...both men convinced the presidency has unlimited power and above the law...

Slow Burn (5/5)

Very Informative.

Amazing (5/5)

What a compelling story. Can’t wait for season two!

Great History Lesson (5/5)

Fascinating, educational, and relevant.

Deep into lesser-known facts (5/5)

I began listening because (pure honesty here) I simply did not know a thing about the watergate scandal, other than its name and that it had something to do with Richard Nixon. Now its parallels with current politics are chilling to me, and I find myself more drawn to learn more about not only current politics, but those of the past. A very interesting and entertaining podcast.