Aggregated reviews for Smart Art Business

Smart Art Business is a podcast by Conception Arts to help visual artists and creative entrepreneurs grow and sustain a successful art business. Featuring tangible advice and inspiring interviews with artists and industry experts, you will learn how to brand, market and sell your art, the smart way.

Excellent guests, pertinent questions.   (5/5)

I’m so glad I found your podcast. It’s like you’ve customized your guest speakers for me and you always ask the question that I am hoping to get answers for as I’m thinking of them. You’ve offered real value for fine artist like myself in a ‘Wild West’ atmosphere of marketing and selling art. Please keep the podcasts coming! We need you now more than ever. Thank you!

Excellent content   (5/5)

I recently discovered this podcast-it has wonderful interviews with area experts and the host does a great job with the interview questions. Valuable content- thank you!!

Great insight from a unique community!   (5/5)

I help my wife run her creative business, and often it's hard to find other creative businesses to visit with. Rachel has some awesome guests on her show and each of them offers a terrific perspective on running a creative business. Great show, Rachel! Keep up the good work!

Great show by Rachel!   (5/5)

If you’re a visual artist who is interested in the business world, this is for you. Some great concepts and advice from industry experts and artists about the intersection of business and art.

Starving artists? Thanks to this show, not anymore!   (5/5)

Thanks to Conception Arts, to Rachel, and to this very informative, helpful, easy-to-listen-to and learn-from podcast you don't have any more excuses to keep being a starving artist/art business owner. No, not anymore! Listen to Rachel's and her guests' wisdom, advice, knowledge, experience and stories and understand how you, too, can explore your creativity and what your passionate about doing while still growing and building a successful art business! Recommended!

Very informative very useful   (5/5)

I am a big fan of Rachel & Conception Arts They gave me my first opportunity to showcase my work last December in Chicago & I was thrilled to see they have a podcast. Great tips and suggestions thank you once again.

Personable & Helpful   (5/5)

I work as an art director for art shows and am halfway through the first podcast. The interview is personable and I think gives helpful advice and anecdotes for artists trying to connect the right with the left brain. . .the creative and business sides of art, which often suffer at the expense of each other. I'll definitely refer all my artists to this!

Real Artist, Real Solutions   (5/5)

There is always value in being able to hear directly from artist who are working in the industry...they can relate to the ebbs and flows of creating in real time. Thank you Conception Arts...this podcast gives me motivation and more importantly allows me to find common ground with fellow artist. Peace and immediate blessings

Conception Arts podcasts   (5/5)

I work with Conception Arts as a city Director for Seattle, Denver and Phoenix. I’m about halfway through the podcasts so far and I’m really enjoying the candid conversations with these artists! Such great insights and helpful information for any artist who listens to them! I’m so excited that we’re rolling these Podcasts out, as one of the many tools we are working on to help our artists get better and better making their passion...their art...a lucrative business! Way to go Conception!! 💪 I’m proud of this Company and I’m very happy to be a part of it!

More Fruits of Conception's labor   (5/5)

Conception Arts continues to makes strides in providing new and informative ways to help the world's artists gain access to tips, exhibits, ideas and community. This podcast is another great way for artists of all levels to take their careers to the next level. This podcast is a great listen for everyone not just artists. Happy listening and happy creating.

Really helpful   (5/5)

Conception Arts is such a supportive community to artists. I just participated in my very first pop-up art show hosted by Conception Arts in Boston, and with their guidance, I sold 7 out of 12 pieces in one evening! Now this Podcast and I am ever more impressed. So much valuable insight shared. Thank you Conception Arts! Keep up the great work!

Informative and entertaining   (5/5)

As someone just starting out in their art career, I found this podcast to be super helpful in navigating the art world.

The Business of Art   (5/5)

Rachel has been building the business of art for artists for years! This fresh new podcast is an amazing composition of all her years of working with so many amazing artists around the world! This is definitely a podcast I will be recommending to those in the creative community. I look forward to listening, learning and growing. Thank you Rachel and to all those who share with her to help our overall community grow! Encouraging, inspirational and education that keeps us all developing into all we are meant to become and more!

Let’s Go Floating!!   (5/5)

I need to try floating now.

A new fan of the show.   (5/5)

I honestly haven’t heard a podcast yet but I am in love with Conception Arts on Facebook I check it everyday and love reading the articles that are posted there. I can’t wait to sit back and listen to a few shows. Give my eye balls a break.😉

Conception Arts helping artists is gold.   (5/5)

I am so glad to have a podcast with such insight about art. It is what I breathe, sleep and live for. So to be able to listen to subjects such as how to sell your art, it isn’t only helpful for even the experienced artist, but it may have a great amount of help for anyone who is looking to start their own art career. I’ve downloaded all the podcasts and looking forward to hearing more!!

Great info for Artists!   (5/5)

Such a great podcast!! I’m an artist whose just starting out & this is the best way to get REAL details on how to grow your business!!

Nice   (5/5)

It's nice to have podcast for artists

Soo insightful!   (5/5)

It's a podcast by ACTUAL artists who seemingly have been through the ringer, like most of us. It's reassuring to hear well-known artists describe the process and struggle I'm currently experiencing with my career. Rachel is great! Her voice grabs my attention with robust poise, but soft enough to allow me to think simultaneously. I shall be an avid listener of this podcast as a reference to where I am in my career and how to get where I want to be.