Aggregated reviews for Snap Judgment Presents: Spooked

Spooked features true-life supernatural stories, told firsthand by people who can barely believe it happened themselves. Be afraid. Created in the dark of night, by Snap Judgment and WNYC Studios. WNYC Studios is a listener-supported producer of other leading podcasts, including Radiolab, On the Media, Death, Sex & Money, Nancy and many others. © WNYC Studios

The Snap Judgment Team Does It AGAIN! (5/5)

Wow. Wow. WOW! This guy is incredible. From the amazing host, to the spellbinding production, and I don't know where they find the storytellers -- this show has it all. Glynn Washington is a find! Minute one, he had me screaming and hiding under my covers. Be afraid, and don't turn out the lights! A++++++

Good stories (5/5)

I like the stories but the host talks too much in the beginning; I have to fast forward through it.

The best (5/5)

Love is this. If Spooked could just not be so short, and go year round like a regular podcast it would be amazing.

My all time favorite story-telling podcast (5/5)

I try to limit my listens to one per night to stretch the enjoyment, because (according to their website) the pod has run its course 😢. I love, love, love the first hand accounts of truly interesting folks telling their ghost stories and just stories of survival (as in the telling of the ep.: Unholy Water). Please consider continuing its content.

The best!! (5/5)

Man, I’m so sad that season 2 is over! The stories are great, and I always look forward to them. I wish this show had more episodes played through out the year. That being said, I can’t wait for season 3!

Love it! (5/5)

I need this to be year round. Not just the season before Halloween. It’s so good!

High Quality (5/5)

There are TONS of ghost/paranormal podcasts out there, but only this one has the quality you expect from an NPR/WNYC show. Great stories, told first person from seemingly sane people. The hip hop music is a carry over from the parent podcast Snap Judgement (another fine podcast), but on Spooked the music seems out of place. Takes me out of the spooky vibe a little. Other than that, top marks! MORE MORE MORE please!

i love this show so much (5/5)

it's spooky season and literaly love this show so much. i love how it's all REAL and scary and emotional and beautiful. thank u thank u thank u (not next)

Love this podcast (5/5)

Love this podcast. But I guess its to late to save it. I hear the plea to buy Tshirts, etc but nothing appears on the website. Too bad its a good one! Its been a year since the last one and I only heard of it now from The Lineup and I listen in the dark on the drive home from work. Makes it go quicker. The clown was sheer terror! The suicide woman was sad. A tip, background music is supposed to be just that! The drum beat music is so loud the announcer cant be heard clearly! Turning up the vol, blasts the ear drums. Fix the music.

Chills and a new appreciation (5/5)

I fully believe we only see 1/3 of what is visible. This show will give you a new appreciation for the other 2/3. I love the stories and even more so because they come directly from the horse’s mouth. Thank you for making my car rides better in traffic. I’ve really enjoyed your show! Cheers!

Srsly 😞 (1/5)

I think this is a good podcast? It’s just so difficult b/c the background music is too distracting and it is also too loud so I can barely hear the person talking so FIX THAT PPL

How did I not know about this podcast? (5/5)

My new favorite. The host does an amazing job of introducing the stories.

Addicting (5/5)

I could not stop listening to it once I started. This podcast is so well produced and the music is perfect. I recommend it everyone I know.

Love it (4/5)

One of my favorites. This last season got a little weak, but the series as a whole has been something I regularly look forward to.

Highly recommend (5/5)

My partner and i look forward to listening to spooked every week because it really expands our imagination. If you like story telling you’ll love the formate of this show. The only thing i wish there were more of is stories about other paranormal/unusual encounters aside from ghosts. It becomes a bit repetitive. Overall a very well done and eye opening podcast i’d recommend to anyone interested in being spooked!

Go away Glenn (1/5)

Can Glenn Washington be done? Please? Are there seriously people who thinks he’s a talented writer or storyteller? How many otherwise promising podcasts must he ruin with his incredibly incredibly indulgent droll yarns. Is he bribing y’all WNYC? Is this like an “ honorary sheriff” thing.

The Wraith- cannot stop thinking about it (5/5)

I enjoy this podcast from every angle. Everyone does such a great job! Music, content, insight. Keep them coming!

Amazing (5/5)

Oh how I wish this was a year round podcast.

I’m a SME and you are the best! (5/5)

I listen to every single podcast I can find in this category and yours is the best! By far! My only complaint is that I’ve already plowed through each episode and have no more! Love you guys.

Listen to Season 1 (4/5)

I would give season one 5 stars and season two 3 stars. Season One had more variety whereas Season Two was the same haunted house story on repeat. I like the authenticity of Spooked but it seemed that the producers were scraping the bottom of the barrel to come up with new material. I look forward to next season!

Sophomore slump (2/5)

The majority of season one was captivating and creepy. Sadly season two isn’t up to snuff. This was my favorite supernatural podcast previously but season two clearly lost its way. Hopefully the team double down on their research and we have more ‘friends in the woods’ and NO squirrel ghosts.

Love it, will keep listening but… (4/5)

I am a subscriber and love this podcast. It’s very well produced and the stories are great, It would be nice if the episode were a little longer but I can live with that. My only real gripe is the hosts style of speaking which is apparently a carryover from his spoken word performances. I can accept hearing it in spoken word performance but as a narrator for a podcast it’s distracting.

Fabulous creepy stories! So great for Halloween! (5/5)

These stories are creepy and spooky but not gory, which is just perfect for me. I love to listen to the episodes while I walk my dog or while I'm sewing. I hope this series goes on forever! Thank you, WNYC, for producing these!

Greatest of all things (5/5)

Awesome podcast for this time of year! I love how non-judgemental it is, really just about the story. This season there's even a story that's an admitted hoax and still a great story. I recommend this to everyone when the conversation turns to podcasts!

I’m worried about the host. Is he ok?! (4/5)

Are those stories of his real? They are super f-up...If they are not real, then can we skip that part. They are weird and uncomfortable.

Spooky! 👻 (5/5)

I LOVE this podcast! The narration is so good I don’t even mind listening to the commercials! Was searching for scary stories to listen to and so glad this one popped up, I’ve listened to every episode already.

Binge worthy! (5/5)

I listened to the entire first season in one day! Then of course couldn’t sleep 😱. Super spooky and suspenseful show!

Awesomely Done (5/5)

Best show without sounding cheesy or over done!!

John is great! (5/5)

This is one of the only places I go to aside from CNN, to get my news. Love love this guy and The Young Turks.

So great!! (5/5)

I absolutely love this podcast. I’ve repeated some stories because I’ve listened to them all. Lol I have some spooky stories myself I’ll have to share soon.

Fantastic! (5/5)

This is exactly my kind of podcast! The storytelling is stellar and I am voice crushing hard on my new favorite narrator. I could listen to Glen Washington talk all day!

Best ghost stories!!! (5/5)

Some seriously awesome and chilling stories. Yay!

Hooked! (5/5)

I started listening to Snap Judgement and then heard about this spin-off. I was excited just from the description of the podcast! I have blown through both seasons in two weeks! Love the narration, music, stories, all of it!

Closing (5/5)

I have never ever never ever ever never been that dramatic about anything in my life. I have to click off as soon as the story is over to avoid that ending. The narration style just isn’t my taste but I appreciate the stories

Host is obnoxious. (2/5)

Some of the stories are decent, others mediocre. The host is over the top obnoxious.

Beyond Dumb (1/5)

Beyond dumb I tried to listen to an episode and there was so much music full band, it was impossible to pay attention to the narrator, who actually made very little sense. Big disappointment. The whole thing needs to be retooled. Don’t waste your time.

Believable, Fascinating, Chilling (5/5)

You feel like you’re there... in the story with the person telling it. That’s how good a job every storyteller does recalling their encounters. I’m a new addict.

Excellent! (5/5)

Stories are so human, spooky and fascinating! The production is above and beyond. I love this show so much!

A great scare to be in All Hallows’ eve mood. (5/5)

The stories are to the point and great well told by actual people, not actors. Everything is great, but the host. He’s a bit cheesy and overly voice acting.

My favorite (5/5)

This is my favorite podcast by far. I look forward to new episodes and I listen to them over and over again and always pick up on something I missed before. I recommend this podcast to everyone who asks for recommendations.

Best Host/Narrator (5/5)

I listen to dozens of podcasts and he is by far the very best. I love listening to him. I love Spooked and Heavens Gate.

Skeptic (5/5)

This is great stuff, even for us skeptics.

This the BEST in storytelling!! (5/5)

This is by far the best danged Podcast evah! I LOVE Snap Judgement and had already dug through the archives listening to their October episodes! These are the BEST stories out there! Wonderfully produced, no cheese, just the real thing!! Enjoy!! And leave the lights on!

Great storytelling (5/5)

I’m not sure if I believe some of the stories being told, nevertheless, they are very interesting.

My new favorite (5/5)

First of all, let’s get one thing straight- host Glynn Washington’s voice is the only thing I ever want to hear on a haunted night. The storytelling narratives, first person accounts, sound track, and (obviously) Glynn, elevate this podcast to a whole new level of scary stories. Forget about your other ghost story podcasts, all you need is Spooked.

AMAZBALLS!!🌈❤️🦄 (5/5)

Omg i luv spooked! Its so interesting and spooky I definitely recommend this to anyone who likes a good scary story!🦄🦄

Beyond obsessed (5/5)

Wanted to listen to something a little spooky to get into the Halloween spirit and came across this podcast. I can’t stop listening! It’s so well done, definitely spooky and the quality is fantastic. The stories are unique and the accounts are authentic and well done. I listened to the Heaven’s Gate podcast, which has the same host, so the second I heard his voice I subscribed- he’s fabulous! This is a must listen. I’m hooked, and spooked!!

So great (5/5)

I wish I had an unlimited supply of this podcast; it’s hard to not binge right through all of them.

Stay.....tuned! (5/5)

Sometimes I can’t get enough of this podcast. The stories are entertaining, the narrator seems like a cool person, and I also love the beats in between the stories. I am looking forward to the next season next year!

All good but 37 seconds sucked (5/5)

All are spooky except the 37 seconds episode, avoid that episode of risk losing 37 minutes of your life. I can’t imagine how boring the storyteller’s book is...

Awesome (5/5)

Glynn Washington and his team are amazing! Long time fan of Snap Judgement and fell in love with Spooked last season and this year is even better! I can’t get enough! Thank you😀

Love this podcast (5/5)

This is my favorite podcast, and every week it captivated me. I recommend it to everyone I can think of and I will be a fan for years to come.

Love! (5/5)

Love this podcast, the stories, the sound design! Great stories about the paranormal and many blood chilling moments!

Best podcast ever (5/5)

Love, Love, Love Spooked!! Wish it was all year round! Thank You Glenn and Team!

Spooked (5/5)

Love the stories. All of them are awesome. I don’t care for the narrator and his stories. They just don’t make any sense and are boring. I always have to mute his section so that’s a little frustrating but other than that It’s great.

Good scary fun (5/5)

Love Snap Judgment, love Glynn Washington and LOVE this spooky podcast that raises many questions about what is really out there. Great fun, great stories, outstanding host.

Yikes! (5/5)

I can’t wait for Spooked every year. The stories are amazing and the is music is unforgettable! Five stars always!

Love it (5/5)

Such a great show, very well produced. Love Glen Washington, he’s a pro!

My fave (5/5)

My favorite spooky podcast, from the story telling to the music, I love it all. I hope y’all keep spooked alive for a looong time. Thanks for the chills😈😈

Spooked (5/5)

Great podcast because the stories are told by the listeners, not overly produced great entertainment 👍🏽

I love hearing stories... (5/5)

by people that sound actually honest and can tell a tale

A m a z i n g (5/5)

As a scary story aficionado I highly recommend this podcast!! listen at night if you dare, even during the day I’m spooked. Wonderfully told and illustrated- I’m so happy I came across this program.

I need MORE!! (5/5)

So many podcasts are good but lack in certain areas. Either too many ads or the presenter can’t read his own writing or the stories are great but the presentation is just meh! BUT THIS ONE!! Omg I cannot get enough!!! His presentation is awesome the stories are great and I seriously am constantly looking to see if there are more available because I need more!! Listen once and you’ll be hooked!!

Hands down, the best ghost podcast (5/5)

I’ve been listening to paranormal podcasts for years. There are some good ones. But this one is by far my most favorite.

Let’s get back on track (2/5)

Let start by saying I love this podcast but is it me or was last season better? I waited all year for this podcast to comeback I feel like the stories are just not as scary or interesting anymore. I figure they would get scarier as we got closer to Halloween but it is 10/13 now I am beginning to loose hope. Come on spooked turn this baby around.


I cannot stop listening. So fun! I've even turned other people into it. Please keep making this!

Finally a good scary podcast (5/5)

Me and my wife went on a road trip recently and wanted something like this to listen to during the night drive a few months back. I wish I would’ve found this show then. But I just binged the whole first season in 2 days. On season 2 now! Top 5 of my list right now!

So happy it’s back!! (5/5)

Last year I really got into this series. And I was so excited to see that it came back this year! No better way to get into the Halloween mood then with this podcast. So happy it’s back great job!

The best (5/5)

Spooked is hands-down the best story telling podcast for the season.

Loved to be scared! (5/5)

These stories are so chilling. Don’t listen with the lights off!

This is the one you’re looking for! (5/5)

This is it if you’re looking for scary stories told by the real people they happened to. Greatness!! 😍

Pure adrenaline (5/5)

Ever since my friend’s mother told us scary stories on the way to their house, I was hooked on ghostly tales. Like her stories, this series is pure adrenaline, and because we are made to listen rather than watch, it’s all left up to our own imaginations.

Obsessed- except for the narrator (4/5)

Absolutely LOVE this show. Have re-listened to almost every episode a few times. I have yet to find anything like it. But I could do without the overly dramatized stories from the narrator. Makes it seem super cheesy when I show it to friends.

Compelling stories - great production (5/5)

Love this format, I could listen all day!!! The story tellers are so unique for all walks of life. So intriguing.

SCARY GOOD!!! (5/5)

I have found myself in anxious anticipation of each new weeks episode. I’ve never been a real believer in the supernatural but the truthful stories told on “Spooked” have made me one! The production and fantastic narration of Glen really put me right in the situation itself. Care on...please!

My favorite podcast (5/5)

I waited patiently for season 2 all year, and it hasn't disappointed! I just wish they were putting out more episodes! I love this pod - spooky for sure, and Glen Washington is the best host.

Spooked podcast (5/5)

I have saved up the last season for October. It is my favorite for getting me into that fall, crisp air, spooked nights mood. The best part is the way he tells stories, his voice and tone. Love it!!!

Amazing (5/5)

This is the best ghost story/spooky podcast. I force myself not to listen to them all too quickly !

Love Love Love ❤️ Spooked!!! (5/5)

It is by far my most favorite podcast! Please keep producing this podcast!

More episodes (5/5)

I love this podcast. I wish it was all year long!!!!

prank episodes? (1/5)

come on guys, that was lazy at best. really poor effort there. by far the worst episode of this series ever.

Spooky and fun (5/5)

Can’t get enough!

Awesome (5/5)

These stories are awesome! PLEASE make more!! Best paranormal podcast I’ve heard!

Oh ho ho ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ (5/5)

The beats, the stories, the narration! The versatility. All in one show. I just wish they kept coming year round. You guys should get an award for this. SPOOKED. Don’t be the last one behind. Listen now guys.

No better paranormal podcast than this! (5/5)

I have listened to many podcasts of true stories of the paranormal. Snap Judgement’s Spooked is absolutely by far, and bar none the very best of all. These are simply the scariest and most believable true paranormal stories that I have ever heard. Ever! Please keep this podcast going!

Great podcast for horror junkies (5/5)

I’m a horror junkie where I am not just interested in the scare and the unease, but the build up of anticipation. The podcast is so on point with the music and sound effects being more subtle and not attempting the cheap jump scares. Glynn Washington is superb as a host and creates a scary but approachable atmosphere. The guest stories are well curated and there are a couple that have stuck with my even from season 1. Border boogeyman was really creepy and the one when the woman is running away from two suspicious men and a ghost helps her. Please keep these coming, I truly wait for each episode to come out and savor them.

Love this podcast (5/5)

After listening to these episodes, one thing is for certain - NEVER turn out the lights!

The Listener Stories Are the Best (5/5)

I could really do without the host’s own stories every episode, especially about slaughtering animals, it feels like a bit of a stretch to make them fit. Beyond that the best ghost/paranormal storytelling podcast!

The best “ghost stories” podcast available! (5/5)

Been searching for a true-ghost-slash-supernatural-stories podcast for ages, but not always a fan of the many overly theatrical, cornier options (they have their place, but sometimes I wanna be scared!) This does the trick. A+!

So Happy your back!!!! (5/5)

I love this show!!! I have been looking at that tab on the side for far to long. Finally your here, your back. Opening to this show gives me a rush everytime :) Thank you for such a great show and the host has the best voice for this podcast. I must listen to anyone viewing my comment.

I Love It! (5/5)

I love Ben Washington and his cool mysterious voice! These stories are so cool and realistic I feel I’m there with them. The people on the show are so real and their stories are amazing, I usually only listened to them at Halloween but now I need a spook everyday! I love his podcast and recommend it!

I’ve been craving more.... (5/5)

I’m thrilled there’s a new season of SPOOKED! So, so good. Love the host, the music, the vibe, the sound design. (My other favorite podcast, EAR HUSTLE, has similar epic sound and now I know that this cat Pat Mesidi-Miller (sp?) does both pods.)

Love! (5/5)

Love this podcast and I must thank the ladies over at The Hoodwitch for tweeting about it. Okay so, these spirits/ghosts aren’t as bad as they seem. There’s always a lesson at the end of interaction and I’m beginning to believe we need them? Idk, love the content.

Season two not as strong (3/5)

Spooked season one was consistently strong but season two so far has been weaker in terms of story in my opinion. It feels to me like they are scraping the bottom of the barrel from what didn’t make the cut for season one. The episode “something in the walls” contains a story that wasn’t even about a haunting but rather a prank! It just loses its spooky edge. Many of season ones stories were creepy but most of season two has been haunted house stories with a thick helping of deniability. I love Snap Judgment and spooked season one but season two hasn’t sold me yet after four episodes.

I'm Hooked! (5/5)

That's all, hoooked. So good!!


I only wish it was produced all year long. I love the music production, perspectives of the guests and of course, Glynn Washington (the host) sells it and really brings it altogether. Whether you believe the tales told or not, the art of storytelling is alive and well in this podcast. Keep bringing the spooky thrills & chills - great job! PS: I think my favorite episodes were the one about the friend in the forest in Season 1 and (so far), the one about the wraith in Season 2.

Love Spooked! (5/5)

Put on my earphones and my podcast and went for a walk one October night. After a bit the walk turned into a jog. By the end of the story I was running home all the while looking over my shoulder! Heart rate way up too!

Spooky stuff (5/5)

Love these scary stories, told by the people who experienced them. Production, sound and effects is solid. Not all stories are home runs, but I’ve enjoyed listening to them all

Great! (5/5)

I got hooked into Spooked last year. I truly enjoy the first-person accounts of the paranormal.

Spooky True! (5/5)

Been waiting for the new season! THANK YOU! I wouldn’t mind a ton more episodes.

Scary and REAL (5/5)

I’ve tried numerous paranormal podcasts but nothing gives me the chills like this one. The stories are real and scary. Not all stories are sinister though, which strikes a nice balance. A perfect mixture of dark and light. The main narrator’s voice is great and sets the tone for the whole show, so it’s easy to get hooked right away!

My favorite (5/5)

I love Snap Judgment. The production and the stories. Just the best! So entertaining, eye opening and thought provoking. Add ghosts to the mix!? I wait for this all year.

Best of its kind! (5/5)

If you like listening to (possibly) true stories of the uncanny then there is no better podcast than this one! These are first person accounts of strange events told by the ordinary people they happened to BUT each one is a perfectly narrated little gem! And the theme music is eerie and beautiful. I don’t want this to end when Halloween is over. Please Glynn Washington-Keep this podcast going year round!

Creepy wholesome fun (5/5)

I love this show! Excellent story telling! I get chills every episode

Really is spooky (5/5)

I listen to lots of speculative fiction podcasts and rarely get spooked. But every episode of Spooked has me looking over my shoulder and pulling the covers up a little higher. Wish it was all year long!!

Awesome Stories (5/5)

Love the story telling on this podcast!

Fabulous! (5/5)

I adore this podcast! I wait for it every year and was so happy to see it was released early this year. If it became a regular show, I would definitely listen every week.

Amazing! (5/5)

This podcast is probably my favorite part about fall. I listened to the first few episodes within two days and couldn’t wait for new ones. I count the days until a new, even more exciting episode comes out. Snap Judgement never fails to impress me!

Can we all just be honest? (2/5)

I dig this stuff! I love listening to the individual stories! But seriously, I am tempted to unsubscribe because I can not endure anymore WRETCHED, DOPEY VOICED, OVER DRAMATIC, CHEESY story telling by Host! It’s unbearable! Ooohhh, Scarrryyy! NOT!

Wow!!! (5/5)

I usually get so scared listening to these kinds of things but these are just great!!

Captivating with a side of scarey (5/5)

Didn't know if I would like this...Love it!!!!! Thank you!!!

Favorite podcast (5/5)

I’m an artist and I like to work with a good podcast on to keep the juices flowing. Spooked is perfect for this! It isn’t depressing, it’s smart, well narrated and beautifully creepy.

So Frightening in a Good Way!!! (5/5)

These are fantastic stories!!! I am enjoying these hair standing stories!!! Love this!!!!

Look forward to this every year (5/5)

I hate that this is a seasonal podcast but yet, the wait for it every year is fun :) nothing has topped this as much as I’ve looked/listened! Keep it coming!


This is my favorite scary story podcast. There’s truly nothing else like it out there. Really well done. I wish it was produced year round!

Creepy (5/5)

Love it, nice show!

Love this podcast! (5/5)

So well done! I was so excited it was back for a 2nd season. The stories are so enjoyable. The host’s voice is like envelops you. Loooooove.

So glad I found this podcast! (5/5)

I stumbled across the podcast and I so love the stories. So real, and being told by the people themselves makes it so much more intriguing.


I listened to the first season and was so happy you have a second season! Keep this going !!

Second season no good (2/5)

The second season is no good. Which is a shame. The first one had really interesting and somewhat scary stories.

37 Seconds (5/5)

This podcast, and Snap are my favorites. But today I could relate in a way that I was incredibly uncomfortable with. I cried as I prepare to give birth to my 4th babe, only 18 months after almost dying giving birth to my 3rd. This story is awesome, a mother just knows.

Ahhhh! (5/5)

These stories are sooo good. I'm so excited that Snap Judgment created a whole different podcast of ALL spooked stories.

So enthralling (5/5)

Last season drew me in with riveting first hand accounts of supernatural experiences. So far, season 2 is even better. These are a great listen on my dark morning commutes to work. The theme song is a catchy, haunting melody too. I highly recommend Spooked.

So glad Spooked is back!! (5/5)

I’m so glad you’re back with season 2 of Spooked!!! These stories are great -we’ll told and love the production. My favorite so far is about the boy and pigeons. He was a great story teller. Keep up the fantastic work on your podcast!!!

Gives me fright bumps! (5/5)

These are the BEST spooky stories! They frighten me in a real way and I love it!

Great podcast (5/5)

I wish this podcast was year round!

This is one of my favorites (5/5)

The stories are great and the narrator does an amazing job of making you want to listen. I look forward to every episode and have relistened to them. Great stuff!!

Excellent - a great gift to someone in October (5/5)

I was listening to these in my bright, hot Charleston summer kitchen while making dinner and got goosebumps. Hereing the stories told first hand is amazing.

👻 (5/5)

Really well curated stories!

Hands down best storytelling horror podcast (5/5)

I have been searching and searching for a genuinely creepy podcast to no avail. While NoSleep and Let’s Not Meet have interesting stories, I don’t find them the least bit scary. I discovered Spooked and it was exactly what I was looking for. Glynn Washington’s voice and the first-person storytelling make everything sound frightening.

Hit or Miss (3/5)

Some of the stories are riveting, but just as many are “meh” or feel out of place for this podcast. The stories noticeably dip in quality towards the end of Season 1, and Season 2 hasn’t improved so far. Ironically, the show is at its weakest when the host shares his own personal stories. They’re not very compelling, and his attempt to amp them up with an overly dramatic delivery actually makes them worse.

Amazing (5/5)

One of my favorite podcasts!!

Wowowow (5/5)

So happy to have this pop up into my feed. Guys, the pigeon story in the creepy crawly episode alone is worth the subscribe. Incredible.

Solid Production - Sick Beats (5/5)

I love the sound production and the original beats of this podcast. Definitely some of the best out there. Together, the ambience blends seamlessly with the story telling and amplifies the mood. I only wish it could go all year!

Hands down, favorite podcast!! (5/5)

This podcast is incredible, I’ve told all my friends about it.

A standout among spooky storytelling podcasts (5/5)

The thing that makes Spooked stand out is the attention to detail. The editing, the mixing, the music choices, the decisions regarding when to cut to sound effects, etc all make for a heightened storytelling experience. Spooked creates a pervasive atmosphere that I have yet to find in any other similarly themed podcasts. Great stories told in enthralling ways. I hope it continues for a long time because it’s unparalleled!

Chilling & True (5/5)

I started listening to Spooked just a few days ago and can’t stop! The stories are so creepy, they gave me chills… in summer… in Kuwait!

way too emotionally invested in this podcast (5/5)

First of all, I need more episodes. I’m addicted and would pay good money (that I probably don’t have but I’m desperate for more audio) to hear a new episode right at this very moment. I’ve listened to every episode like three times. Then I started listening to other ghost podcasts to fill the void, but I legitimately cannot find another podcast that weaves public radio-style production quality with emotionally raw confessional storytelling about real paranormal experiences. It’s the purest thing I’ve ever heard in my life and I hope this podcast continues for 500 seasons. Thank you to all the talented people who produce this.

The best podcast of all time! (5/5)

THIS IS THE BEST STORY TELLING PODCAST OF ALL TIME!! Such wonderful stories told by expert producers who know how to build connection and how to get to the heart of a great story. I love spooked!!!

Oh f**k that! (5/5)

Is all I can think, these stories are scary AF.

I love this podcast (5/5)

Great spooky stories. Perfectly delivered.

Spooky storytelling (5/5)

Great stories and great storytelling! Just what I want on a spooky podcast that leaves me on edge. Don’t listen to this before bed.

Awesome podcast (5/5)

I love these interviews! These people are so awesome for sharing their scary stories and the length of the stories are perfect. I’m hanging on to every word.

Great nighttime listen! (5/5)

Love this podcast! The human elements of the story are great. Great nighttime listen.

Love me some Spooked! (5/5)

This show is so scary! My favorite part of every Snap season.

An annual favorite (4/5)

My work buddy and I listen to this podcast whenever a new episode comes out. I really like a lot of the stories, and purchased a couple of the recommended books. I would personally like to hear less Glynn stories. He is a great narrator with a beautiful voice, I just get turned off by his storytelling topics and style. The guest stories are magnificent! Excited to see what other stories are coming up!

The Best! (5/5)

Always left with chills. Great story telling. The sounds. The music. I get lost I every story and i definitely get scared.

Best must-have addition to your camp trip (5/5)

Got your fire starter? Check! Got your inflatable pillow? Check! Got your Clif bars? Check! Got your Spooked? CHECK!

Best Supernatural Podcast Around! (5/5)

A+. This will give you the creeps, even in broad daylight. And that is no small task. Give it a listen...and keep a light on.

Amazingly Spooky! (5/5)

Each story is good, several are amazing! I would recommend this podcast to anyone and everyone. I love that you hear the story from the actual person witnessing the phenomenon.

Wonderful, scary podcast (5/5)

I loved season 1 and am so happy season 2 has arrived! This show is beautifully produced, the stories are haunting in every sense of the word, and the host is perfect. (And you may not want to listen right before bed.)

The BEST (5/5)

I cannot tell you how much I love this podcast and when it became its own spinoff from Snap Judgement I was ecstatic. I’ve been a loyal Snap listener for a long time and the Halloween episodes were always my favorite. Amazing, true, empathetic and spiritually chilling stories. Couldn’t recommend enough. THANK YOU GLEN

Love. It. (5/5)

Always keeps you on your toes!!! Best added sound effects!!!!

Thank you for season 2! (5/5)

Great podcast! A lot of fun to listen to. I was really excited to se a season 2 pop up in my library. Never stop making ‘Spooked’.

So scary and REAL! (5/5)

I'm a spookaholic! I love showing this podcast to people to show them that this stuff is REAL. Real people, their real encounters with the paranormal... what's not to love? Great music, too. Love Glynn!!

Winner! Best podcast! (5/5)

I’ve listen to a lot of scary/paranormal podcasts, but this is the best. The voice! The music, yes the music and sound effects, wow! The stories! As soon as you start listening to this you will be hooked! This one has everything! Thank you!

love spooked! (5/5)

i’m so glad you’re back!!! i’ve missed you! Must listen podcasting please don’t stop uploading!! l

Incredible (5/5)

Probably my favorite podcast ever quite honestly. Everything Glenn Washington is apart is gold.

Spooktacular! (5/5)

I normally don’t get chills from ghost stories because I have experienced a lot myself, however this podcast always makes me shiver to turn off the lights.

As I Expected = 5 Stars (5/5)

Spooked II delivers, just like Spooked I! Hope this can become a monthly podcast in the future -- or weekly.

YAAAYYY!!! Season 2!!! (5/5)

So happy for Season 2, this is one of my favorites!!!

I love it! (5/5)

The telling of the stories is awesome. Keep up the good work. This is one of my favorite podcasts!

Stranger than fiction. (5/5)

My mom grew up in a haunted house in Mexico, so I grew up hearing stories about it. I’ve always loved to hear people’s ghost stories. It’s wonderful that this show acknowledges that mysterious things really do happen to people, and gives voice to these amazing experiences. And I love that it’s the people themselves telling the stories, instead of some other storyteller or narrator. Reality is truly stranger than fiction!

Great show! (5/5)

So glad it is back!!

Spooked for sure (5/5)

I look for spooky podcasts every now and then to keep me on my toes. I’m a fan of Spooky stories but these ones give me the chills. I love every moment of it, I’ve even listened to some twice and played a couple for my husband (he’s not a scary story kind of guy but he listens to entertain me) and he even compliments this podcast. What i love most is that these stories are true and told by the ones who experiences it first hand. My ONLY wish is that there would be more, but it’s well worth the wait for these few episodes between August to October.

You will be “spooked” (5/5)

This podcast does not disappoint! Love the format the way the story is told by the individual who experienced it. If you’re looking for some seriously creepy stories you’ve come to the right place for sure! Keep them coming please!

🔥🔥🔥🔥 (5/5)

Love the stories!!

Glad this show is back!! (5/5)

Can't believe it's been a year. I still sometimes think about the stories I heard from season 1 that stuck with me! Great host, good story telling and LOVE the beats... woo OOO ooo oooooo...

So Much Yes!!! (5/5)

This is not weirdos telling crazy stories. This could be me, or you telling of our encounters that we typically keep to ourselves. Creepy and awesome! And I knew if it was Glynn Washington it was going to keep me on the edge of my seat and I would be hooked!

Great podcast (5/5)

I’m so glad there’s a season two going on!

Season 2!!! (5/5)

I love this podcast. It’s so interesting and the way the stories are presented are fantastic. I’m so excited they brought back this podcast for a round two. Thanks for your commitment to this!!


So happy season two is out, season one was amazing. “Voice in the Woods” from the first episode is probably one of my favorite scary stories of all time, but there isn’t a bad one in the bunch, ranging from heartwarming to hair-raising! Definitely worth checking out if you’re in the mood for a good scare and amazing story-telling.

FINALLY. (5/5)

I’m so happy this show is back. Honestly, that’s all I can say.

Spooked (5/5)

I love ghost stories but this is the best of them all! The narrators voice and the sound affects just add to it. My daughter and I are both completely hooked! Great job!

Not just for Halloween (5/5)

Fantastic stories! Always gives me the chills~~

Welcome Back!! (5/5)

I’ve been waiting all year for you guys to come back!!

SPOOKED! is back!!!! Yay!!!!! (5/5)

I live this show! I am so happy it has started back up! I love to get my Spooked! on at work! Thank you!!!!!!!

One of the best horror podcasts out there (5/5)

If not the best. Greatly entertaining. Glad it’s back for a second season.

It’s back (5/5)

I missed this podcast so much, just listening to season 2 episode 1 chilled me to the pit of my stomach. The ‘I survived’ kind of format of people telling their stories just adds the perfect level of creepy and keeps me enthralled. Halloween take your time so I can enjoy these next few months.

Knocked it out of the park! (5/5)

Glenn Washington does it again! These stories are bone chilling, well written and addicting. I can’t wait for for of season 2!!!

Great Host and show (5/5)

Love this show, well made and worth listening to. Lock the doors.

Pls second season (5/5)

I really didn’t think stories could be scary- def was wrong! Hoping for more

Nope (5/5)

Overblown and cheesy, from the story content to the presentation style and production quality . Not even remotely creepy. No thanks .

Repeats (1/5)

I love the show, but I already heard most of these stories in Snap Judgement. Disappointing.

Exquisite (5/5)

Snap Judgement has always been a favorite, especially the Halloween episodes so it’s a delight to have them on demand. This perfectly blends spookiness with real life. The stories are all so touching.

A compelling listen (if not super-spooky) (5/5)

I love to be scared and didn't find most of these that "spooky", but they're well-produced and interesting stories.

No way (5/5)

This is so cool I know every episode by hart.

Best.Podcast.Ever (5/5)

Ok I Listen to many podcasts but this one is so immersive and real and interesting. They cover everything ever scary. From dolls to stalkers, Curses and lights. 100% recommend!

Riveting stories! (5/5)

This was such a great lead in to last Halloween, and I absolutely cannot wait to hear more! Great scary storytelling podcast, and Glynn Washington's intros are LEGENDARY. I wish this was produced year round.

lol (5/5)


LOVE IT (5/5)

I love snap judgement and I am love love spooked. Can't wait for the new season :)

Oooooo! (2/5)

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Snap judgement but I have never liked these. Take away the spoooooky music and it's just a person who made up a story. A sickly sweet sympathetic monologue where the teller talks about how they feel and think, rather than an objective look into something unexplained. I like a good ghost story but this series implies that they are real (at least from the viewpoint of the story teller). It makes me doubt the veracity of the entire Snap body of work. If it's performance art, don't pretend to be journalistic.

Yay! (5/5)

I’m so glad there is going to be a season2! I’ve waited all year!

I enjoyed every episode (5/5)

This is the most listenable 'Creepy Pasta'/Listener true story podcast I heard so far. I hope they get funding for more seasons. Well done!

I’m hooked (5/5)

This is an amazing podcast! The narrative voice is so enjoyable to listen to. Addicted for sure

Outstanding (5/5)

I have listened to these episodes over and over. The production value is amazing. The host has and outstanding voice and delivery. And the stories grab hold of your attention and won’t let go. I can’t wait for season 2.

Amazing (5/5)

This was one of the best podcasts out there I was so scared while listening but please keep making spooked a 100% yes it is the best thing to listen to. But yes it is freaky. This podcast was the BEST

This is one of the best scary podcast (5/5)

This all I have to say, but the music is on point. I feel like the music is saying this story is going to be scary or interesting love ur work 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

Want Not Want! (5/5)

I am a chicken. Period. I mean I hate to be home alone. Don’t let my arms or legs hang off the bed. Leave the door open when I shower. All of that. However, I love the WNYC podcast so I had to support. Waited until daytime and listened to all 13 episodes back to back and now I am petrified and don’t want night to come! Chilling for real! I want to hear the second season but at the same don’t want to set myself up for nightmares! Geez what to do!? Good on you guys - another epic podcast!

Loved season 1! (5/5)

I loved the show! When is season 2 going to be released?

Waiting for more (5/5)

This is the best supernatural podcast out here.

Sad there aren’t any more (5/5)

So sad. Loved your stories.

Unlike the Others (5/5)

Love, Love this podcast. Unlike all the other ghost Podcasts fresh perspective and awesome people telling their real stories.

Captivating! (5/5)

I was expecting strictly ghost stories. I was pleasantly surprised to find a cross between The Twilight Zone and paranormal stories. And these stories are TRUE! If the format stays the same, I'm hooked for life.

Pathetic Peddling (1/5)

Not only are the stories recycled, but the presentation is pretty lame. I think the worse thing is the peddling of merchendise with the threat of not coming back. "Buy our coffee mugs and t-shirts or there won't be another season." While I don't begrudge any podcast selling and promoting their merchandise, threatening the listener with not coming back if they don't buy your crap is a new low. So go ahead, don't come back for a season 2. You won't be missed by me!

Can’t get enough (5/5)

We need more stories!!!! Love love love this podcast!

Absolutely Incredible! (5/5)

My family and I gathered around and listened to every episode on this fantastic show. We all really hope that they come out with a new season!

Cant wait for season 2 (5/5)

Shout out from Switzerland!! Love this show! That funky beat at the intro! I listen to this in the shower. I scare my own self.

Great Stories (5/5)

Some of the best Spooked stories to be found.

Love it! (5/5)

Not many good podcasts on here about ghosts and all things paranormal, and this is not one of them. I am hooked.

Please (5/5)

Please make more of these!!! It's the best narration I have heard in ages!

Simply Excellent (5/5)

Great delivery, awesome intro , good stories to download and listen to in front of the campfire, wish there was more

Best paranormal pod (5/5)

I love paranormal podcasts but this is my favorite hands down. The stories have heart, as well as ghosts. What more do you want?

Love It (5/5)

Hope they come back soon with a new season. Interesting stories, always the perfect length to keep your attention.

Good (4/5)

Great stories. The narration is a bit hit and miss at times, depending on who’s telling the story.

Ahh! (1/5)

This is so scary

Excellent and unforgettable! (5/5)

I REALLY hope ‘Spooked’ will be back for season 2. It’s intriguing, well-told, and always entertaining. Awesome storytelling here! Not to be missed! And if you don’t listen to ‘Snap Judgment,’ you need to listen to that too!

Spooked! (5/5)

Can’t wait for season 2!!!

Floored (5/5)

This is literally the best podcast that has ever existed. It’s my entire soul. I can’t wait for seasons 2 and 3 and 4 billion. Please believe this is podcast is everything that the world has ever needed.

Can't stop listening (5/5)

These stories are so, so good! Keep them coming!!

Shook (5/5)

Best podcast

Addicting (5/5)

I had to drive from coastal California to Las Vegas and this podcast kept me company the whole way.

Amazing! (5/5)

This podcast is what got my into podcasts. I crave more!!! I loved it so much, there is nothing like this online right now. Please make more!

Always great (5/5)

I love ghost stories!! This show doesn’t disappoint. I hope there are more soon!!

Reruns and boring (1/5)

Most of these episodes are reruns, and in addition to that, only a few of the stories are great. Most of the stories are either boring or not believable. I don’t recommend this podcast.

excellent story telling (5/5)

Glynn Washington is an incredible Snap! Spooked is scary, insightful and definitely worth listening to.

Great spooky storytelling (5/5)

Great first person storytelling. I’ve sampled a number of ghost-story type podcasts but this one really hits the spot.

I need more please!!! (5/5)

This podcast kept me company while I was driving out west for hours - kept me so in suspense that I didn’t ever doze off while driving. Better than Red Bull and coffee at keeping me wide awake and totally engaged. Fantastic show and series - please make more!!!!

Loved these stories! (5/5)

These were all great episodes! Everything Glynn touches turns to gold and Spooked is no exception!

Love it! (5/5)

Love the stories!

Love it! (5/5)

Creepy and realistic. I wish it was one all year long.

Great Stories... (4/5)

But... I am not a fan of the narrator at all. Just doesn’t match the quietly interesting spooky stories. The narrator is like some Vincent Price cheesy host.

Great storytelling. (5/5)

So gripping, I love it. I need more stories!!!!

Awesome! (5/5)

Dudes... where’s season 2??? I’m dying over here! Best podcast around!

LOVE IT!!! (5/5)

I want this podcast all year long!!!!

That feeling someone is watching. (5/5)

I love these scary and mysterious stories, I actually stayed in the small town of Winchester Arkansas which is not very far from the place in which this story took place. Monticello Ark is indeed a old slave town and there are some roads throughout the parting of the trees that has such a watching demonic vibe over them all.

I hope there is a season 2! (5/5)

I love all things spooky/ paranormal and the fact that these are true stories, and without cheesey sound effects just adds to the creepiness

Another Homerun (5/5)

I LOVE Snap Judgement! But I'm definitely a scary story junky! This is the best of both worlds! And the best part is that they're all true!

Love it! (5/5)

Love the music and the stories!!! Quality podcast, hope there's a season two!

Season 2 (5/5)

Is this show up for season 2? I absolutely love this podcast!! Please don’t stop!!!!

Praying for a season 2 (5/5)

Every week I was so excited to listen to the newest episode. I really enjoyed the podcast and hope for a season 2. It was amazing!!!!!

Give me season 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (5/5)

Epic show! Thought provoking and very entertaining! Please give us season two!

Good stuff (5/5)

Awesome stories to listen to when alone

Wonderful (5/5)

I’m really enjoying the content of this podcast and the narrator is great. Hopefully they’ll be a second season.

Great Podcast!!! (5/5)

Hoping for a season two!

Frustrating (1/5)

I was super excited for this until I realized it was just old content which is fine but it’s marketed as something new. Lazy and dishonest. Heaven’s Gate & Snap Judgement are great tho. Make new content and quit recycling. Y’all have way too much competition to get away with that half-assery


I listen to about 3 different podcast daily. I listen to 10 -13 different shows weekly. This one is one of the best professionally put together shows! Catch his other show Heavens Gate. Top notch.

Keep the light on (5/5)

Thanks for choosing great stories with plenty of chills and mystery but going easy on the violence and horror. Cheers to the production team and the host.

Mildly entertaining at best (2/5)

It's basically just like, "This creepy thing happened...I have no evidence that it's what I think it was, but I KNOW it's what I think it was." Then nothing is ever resolved or explained. Boring.

Yes! (5/5)

I heard the end of a story on NPR, I had forgotten the name of the show as well as the host of the show. I was talking to a friend one day (weeks later) who had discovered the podcast, who then told me about it. I was hooked at the first episode. I love the stories!

Storytelling at its best (5/5)

Glynn frames the whole series with a voice that is unmistakable. Alluring stories, perfect musical ambience, and the voices of those who experienced real life horror. Couldn’t imagine a better way to get spooked!

Love this show and wish it would continue!!! (5/5)

I listen to quite a few horror fiction and nonfiction podcasts and this is by far the best. The stories are terrific AND it’s beautifully produced and edited. I love the host’s voice. Please consider continuing this wonderful podcast!

Zombie Clown (5/5)

This story was so crazy but so real. You could tell the storyteller wasn’t making it up. I believe in angelic and demonic spirits but never heard of hem taking physical form!!

The Summoning (5/5)

I LOVE THIS EPISODE!!!! I always listen to Spooked on my way to school and on my way home, it’s my favorite time

Good stories, annoying host. (3/5)

For the most part I really dig this podcast, a few of the episodes are pretty generic, but most of them are solid. The host is a little irritating, he always sounds like he’s nervous and most of the stuff he says is corny enough that it kind of ruins the genuine feel of the stories. Every episode ends with “never, ever, NEVER-ever, turn out the lights”, which sounds fine but the redundancy starts to piss you off like a bad cellphone service commercial. But that’s nit picky. The shows are pretty good, so if you can handle having to listen to the host try is damndest to sound scary, then you’ll enjoy this.

Definitely creepy (4/5)

Overall, I love this podcast so much. It well done and the stories are super engaging. My only bump is that I tend to skip past the host’s stories. They’re too, for lack of a better way to say it, rehearsed, whereas the other stories feel like you could imagine sitting in a room with that person and them just telling you. Again, really great overall.

Excellent (5/5)

This podcast is excellent, stories that feel so real with past experiences and from people I know. Great listening as always. Want more!

Good podcast (4/5)

Loved most of the stories here. The only stories I disliked were those of the host. His impersonations of characters was annoying and amateur imo. In the story about the well in Michigan for instance, his impersonation of other characters in the story make it sound like its based in The Deep South, not Michigan.


Really great scary stories!! This is my favorite scary podcast. PLEASE make a second season!!

This is so amazing!!!!😍😍😍😍 (5/5)

I’m normally not one to listen to podcasts, but.......WOW! Soooooo good.

Bring us mooooar (5/5)

This podcast is so creepy and fun!! We need another season please!!

A work of art (5/5)

The team at snap judgement are master storytellers. What they accomplished with This series is absolutely extraordinary!

Well done (5/5)

And really entertaining! I hope there’s a season 2!

Need more!!! (5/5)

One of my fave podcasts about spooky stuff!! The narrator’s delivery is on point and the stories are creepy!! I need more episodes!!

A must listen!!! (5/5)

An eclectic blend of top notch voice acting, immersive ambience, excellent stories & personal accounts! Instant fav!

Inconsistent Releases (3/5)

It’s strange that Spooked didn’t have a Halloween special and their releases are inconsistent, which makes it difficult for the listener. I find myself checking for new stories every other day because I just don’t know and it’s time consuming. I’m a huge fan of Spooked but saddened by no release on Halloween day and no release in a week :(

Love (5/5)

My only complaint is that they re-used some stories from Snap Judgement. I crave new stories, so that was a bummer. BUT, all other episodes were awesome!!

Spooked (5/5)


so interesting and addictive!! (5/5)

This became my favorite podcast for the past month. I constantly was checking to see if a new episode was out and would set aside time to listen to it. The stories are genuinely insane to hear and this has wholeheartedly convinced me that ghosts exist. Listen to it!!! Just not at night

Great for new listeners but not long time fans (2/5)

Update: So the Spooked 8 special included TWO old stories from Snap. IMO not even the best ones they could’ve recycled. I was so disappointed. Boo- and not in a spooky way. If you’re going to create a “new” podcast you need NEW content. Took away a star for this. I wasn’t even aware I was listening to the finale episode until the 31st came and went. If you’ve never listened to the Snap Judgement Halloween specials before - you’re in for a treat! You won’t regret checking out his show. However, if you’re a longtime listener, you’ll realize that almost all of these episodes are repeats of past Spooked stories. Not so interesting for long time fans. More new content please!



Amazing and spine tingling (5/5)

I downloaded the first episode to listen to while at work, and jumped when someone tapped me on the shoulder. The stories were so riveting, it felt like I was right there in the middle of it. The music and sound effects are amazing, meshing well with the narration. Written well, too. I think some podcast scripts are written too much like a book and then dialogue ends up sounding stilted, but this flowed beautifully. What I appreciate the most though is that these stories are genuinely creative and spine tingling. Can't wait to hear more!

The Scariest Stories! (5/5)

These storytellers are great at sucking you in and really making you feel like you’re experiencing the situation with them. I’ve been listening to this is the mornings on my commute to work with a coworker and when it’s done we’re in a spooked out daze, and makes walking into an office pretty startling.

Great Storytelling! (5/5)

I am a huge fan of Glenn Washington. He has wonderful introductions to these stories as well. These are a fabulous collection of ghost stories and I feel that the way they are curated and delivered is superb! I am always recommending Snap Judgement and now Spooked. This is the Art of Storytelling at its finest! Please enjoy!

Whoa! (5/5)

I can’t get enough of this podcast. It’s creepy and so interesting. I love that people tell their own stories instead of someone random just reading to story. I HIGHLY recommend “Spooked”!

Great (5/5)

So entertaining

Well done Podcast!! (5/5)

I heard this on 89.3 in Los Angeles on Halloween! Great stories and I had to follow! Well done!

Great but need more unique stories (4/5)

I’m a faithful listener of snap judgement and absolutely love the podcast. This time of year always excites me because I love scary stories. Snap judgement has curated some wonderfully scary stories during this time of year so I was happy to see a separate podcast start. While the stories are great, I’ve heard many of them before on the snap judgement podcast. I would love to hear stories that don’t overlap on both podcast as this is such a great idea to have a dedicated spooked podcast

Yes!! (5/5)

The best paranormal first person story telling podcast hands down. Magically produced with amazing music & sound perfectly mixed to create an atmosphere of thought provoking questions, make your heart beat an extra beat, & pull your n the harp strings. Please continue to make episodes for this podcast! Thank you!

Too much (1/5)

I really did not enjoy this. It’s too theatrical and the host does not annunciate when he talks, which is obviously the whole show.

Compilation of great episodes (3/5)

I always enjoyed the spooked episodes snap judgement. I was hoping for there would be some more new material. This just seems to be a compilation of old episodes. Great stuff, but I have heard it all before.

Awesome (5/5)

Great sound production that really pulls you into the paranormal stories people share.

Great stories, I wish I hadn’t already heard them on Snap Judgment last year (5/5)

Great stories and big love for Glynn Washington. I was so psyched for a whole new show with good stories like Snap did for October 2016, but kinda bummed when I realized I’d already heard them before.

Listen now!! (5/5)

Such great stories!! I always loved the Halloween epp of Snap, and now we get a whole season of spooky stories!! I’m totally donating and waiting for season two!! Great job Glen and the gang!!

Loving Loving Scary (5/5)

This is just one of the best and I hope it never never ends, more seasons please more !!! Happy Halloween, may the spirit be with us throughout the year !!! Creepy Cool

The Gold Standard for Paranormal (5/5)

I feel so lucky to have stumbled upon this elegant, well produced and utterly addictive podcast. The host is fabulous. The stories have the ring of authenticity, like the Moth podcast except much more riveting. I wish there was a new episode every day!

An amazing podcast! (5/5)

If you love ghost stories you NEED to listen to this podcast!

Top Notch (5/5)

One of the best podcasts out there. Can’t wait for Season 2. Great host!!!

Fantastic! Don’t miss it! (5/5)

This is great storytelling. It is real people‘s stories of unusual occurrences. Many of them are narrated (excellently) by the host of the podcast. The rest are narrated (very well) by the originators of the stories. They are not gory or overdone. Great listening. Would be especially amazing for a slumber party, or Halloween.

Love it (5/5)

Great stories and presentation.

Season 2 (5/5)

Season 1 was great. I sure hope there is a season 2!!

Cbenoit (5/5)

Sooooo good! Takes me out of my day and into what’s happening in the story!

So so good (5/5)

Addictive. Please keep them coming.

Please make season 2 ASAP (5/5)

LOVED THIS. Remember "Are You Afraid of the Dark" on Nickelodeon? This is like an adult podcast verion.

Best of paranormal podcasts (5/5)

One of the best, most professionally produced podcasts that I’ve listened to.

Solid storytelling. A new favorite! (5/5)

Love this podcast. Appropriately spooky in relatable stories.

The BEST spooky podcast ever! (5/5)

I have been looking for this kind of podcast for years... the narration is great, the first person accounts of the stories are fantastic. I listen at work.... PLEASE DON’T END THIS PODCAST AT 13 episodes!! Honestly you won’t regret it, it’s scary and fun and brilliantly produced all at once

Really Spooked! (5/5)

I absolutely love this podcast! The stories give me chills and I can’t wait to hear the next one. Please bring Spooked back for season 2!!!!

Amazing (5/5)

I stumbled upon this podcast, I’m hooked! It’s so well done and really immerses the listeners into the story.

Worth your time to listen (5/5)

I am usually very scared of ghost or unexplained phenomena type of stories, but these had me hooked. They’re more real and don’t feel overworked or over the top. They’re not cheesy or “BOO” kind of scary. I’ve had a few of my own strange things happen over the years, and it’s nice to hear how people in these stories have dealt with their experiences. Gives me a new way to look at mine.

Great podcast (5/5)

Great podcast

corny not spooky (2/5)

the first episode was pretty good but it was all downhill after that. unfortunately the poor narration and obnoxious “beats” that accompany every episode do nothing but distract from the stories. corny production makes this podcast anything but spooky.

Well Done! (5/5)

This is one of my favorite podcasts! Please keep making episodes.

The best of the best of the best (5/5)

10/10 podcast. From the production to the stories, I am thrilled every time I see a new episode up to listen to!! If you like spooky stories than this is the perfect podcast for you forrreeeal

Good Stuff (5/5)

I can’t get enough of this podcast! I love hearing spooky stories from the mouths of the people who experienced them. It’s like campfire stories. Awesome awesome podcast!

One of the best produced podcasts out there by far (5/5)

I never write reviews because to be honest, I just simply don’t feel the need to..but I had give this one 5 a grown man, I am not afraid to admit I was even looking over my shoulders after hearing some of these crazy stories! The host Glynn has a great voice. You owe it to yourself to give this a listen

Spooky Stuff (5/5)

I LOVE this podcast, fantastic ghost stories. Perfect for Halloween! Great narration and no cheesy sound effects, the stories stand for themselves.

No better companion for a late night drive through the wood (5/5)

Very identifiable, very scary, very human stories - all based on that universal experience of haunting. Told by the real participants, beautifully produced. The podcast advances as an art form with this most ancient kind of storytelling.

No new content (2/5)

I really wanted to enjoy this, as I like Snap Judgement and love scary stories. However, I’ve been disappointed to find that all of these stories are recycled from the main podcast and I’ve heard them all. I don’t understand why you’d make a new podcast for what is really better suited for a compilation episode. If they actually produce new content for season 2, maybe I’ll tune in.

Recycle of Snap Judgment Stories (2/5)

If you've never listened to Snap Judgment, then tune into Spooked. On the other hand, if you're a frequent listener to Snap Judgment this podcast simply recycles old stories. I've listened to all of the episodes and they've played few, if any, new stories.

Chicken skin givin! (5/5)

A great show! Wonderful commentary and the details

Spooky, real, engaging (5/5)

Fantastic writing for the framing narratives & timely editing to the personal stories makes spooked the best of its kind


All the best spooky stories from SNAP JUDMENT!!!!!!! :)

Snap (2/5)

I like snap and spooked is fun too but it really pisses me off that they take a story that isn’t new at all and they try to pass the thing off as a whole new show, such a bunch of crap.

Annoyed by Ben Washington (3/5)

If you can get past the host Ben Washington and his ridiculous narration then you’ll love it. The stories are great but the host is like listening to nails on a chalkboard. He ruins it.

Feels like reruns of scary Snap Judgment stories (2/5)

It seems like this podcast is just a way to replay scary stories that were aired on Snap Judgement. So if you listen to Snap Judgment already then there is no point in listening to this podcast.

Can’t Get Enough! (5/5)

I love all thinks spooky but this podcast stands out in that these stories are true and well-edited with great music! I can’t get enough of these stories! Let’s hope for a new season!

Perfect (5/5)

THIS is what scary stories should be! No sensationalism, no tricks of editing, no gimmicks, just good, old fashioned spooky stories! I am only sad Halloween is almost here and these will be done! Please consider keeping this project going!

Storytelling perfection (5/5)

I listen to a lot of spooky podcasts-black tapes, haunted places etc. Spooked! Is the model for how to do a truly compelling podcast. The delivery by the narrator and guest storytellers is so well done you lose the line between reality and fiction. Subscribe people.

Good Start (3/5)

I love the stories you’re finding and love having weekly scary stories to listen to on my commute. I feel this podcast could benefit greatly with a new host. This would differentiate it from the amazing Snap Judgement and allow it to be its own thing. Maybe someone with some supernatural history of their own.

Great (4/5)

Love the stories. Would love it more with less Glen talking. He’s trying too hard to be dramatic.

All my love, please no more repeats. (4/5)

I love both snap judgment and spooked podcast. I've practically listen to all of snap judgments episodes, so I may be a bit biased..My only complaint is, all the repeat episodes from snap judgment on spooked. I look forward to listening to spooked every week but more and more I am becoming disappointed at hearing repeats from old snap episodes.

Keeps me up at night (5/5)

This podcast is really good. The stories and the people that tell them you know are speaking the truth. You hear it in their voice. Love this podcast.

Consider me officially spooked! (5/5)

I’m a confirmed horror junkie, and it takes more than a creepypasta or the average “scary” real life story to get me my horror fix, but this podcast hits the spot! Low-key music, personal-feeling narration, and quality creepy stories. The first episode had my hair standing on end. Thank you, Spooked!

Incredible podcast (5/5)

Thank you for this, I love listening to these stories. I hope more scary stories are to come.

So excited and scared!! (5/5)

I've always loved the spooked episodes of Snap Judgement so really stoked to have more of them and a separate pod! Truly fascinating stories. I recommend listening during the daytime...

Reruns (1/5)

These are great stories, but if you listen to Snap you’ve heard them. There’s very little that’s new tape so just go in knowing that.

Amazing (5/5)

Such a great podcast. This my new favorite!!!!!

Love ❤️ this (5/5)

I want more pleeeeeeeze😘😘😘

Awesome But.. (3/5)

It’s awesome but every episode has already been on Snap Judgement. So I have heard all of these. Take it from me, Snappers would all be listening to Spooked just take it for granted we are, and don’t cross post episodes. Hopefully fresh Spooked episodes are coming.

New favorite! (5/5)

I’m obsessed with spooky tales & ghost stories. This podcast is my new favorite. Wish I could binge seasons worth!

Spooky (5/5)

Great series, I hope it come back after this season.

reruns of snap (1/5)

Its just the same stories they've had on snap time and time again. As if they didn't replay the same stories enough on snap.

Ok (3/5)

I have heard all these stories on Snap Judgement. I like this and all of these type podcast but we need new stories

Best Scary Stories (5/5)

If you have been listening to the Snap Judgment Halloween episodes for the past few years, you've heard a good portion of these stories already. That being said, Snap has THE BEST scary stories. I'm glad they are all in one place. I look forward to these episodes every year.


This is a platform to play previously played stories all over again, I have yet to hear something original. AND if I hear the roadside bar story again I'm going to fall asleep driving.

GREAT! (5/5)

Killing it.

More! (5/5)

Please tell me this will continue beyond Halloween! Love the storytelling style of snap and the paranormal twist is just brilliant.

Recycled stories from snap judgement (1/5)

These stories, at the time of writing this, are the same stories you would hear on snap judgement’s Halloween or ghost stories specials. Most of them are sensationalized only by the excellent story telling and not their content. Also many of them feel as if they leave off unresolved or unfinished. For example, the girl gets away from a sprite and that’s it. No background of the location or even any speculation. I felt myself asking “and then what?” After almost every episode.

Go ahead and make me afraid Glen! (5/5)

Huge fan of the spooked episodes so I was excited for this spin off. Please know that most of the content that is in these episodes were stories told on the spooked episode of Snap Judgment. I’m looking forward to more new content.

Shocked by good reviews (1/5)

Every single episode is a rebroadcast. How Glen gets away with labeling this a "new" podcast is beyond me. Also,'re a GREAT host. You are a TERRIBLE storyteller. Stop! Please, stop!

Almost all repeat stories from Snap Judgment (1/5)

If you’re a long time listener of Snap Judgement, you will quickly realize almost all of these stories were told on Snap Judgement over the years. Huge disappointment as I loved the Spooked specials and was hoping for more. Big leap calling it a “spin-off”.

Extremely well done! (5/5)

I want more! These stories are produced so well - they are captivating and intriquing, but not overly sensationalized or gruesome. Keep them coming!

Great listen! Perfect for the Halloween season (5/5)

There are a couple of blah episodes, but most are exciting and fun.

Amazing (5/5)

Wow! This is simply amazing. I don’t usually listen to paranormal-type of stories but I am SO glad I started listening to this. So captivating. Listen, you won’t be disappointed.

Wowwee (5/5)

Just what I expected form SnapJudgement GREATNESS

Best Ghost Stories Out There! (5/5)

I LOVE horror podcasts - true crime and paranormal especially - but it can be so hard to find a show that really sends a chill down my spine after having listened to so much. Spooked does that for me where absolutely nothing else will. The combination of true-life stories and the fact that people tell them themselves is absolutely unbeatable! It’s like an audio version of the scary Ask Reddit threads that I still can’t help going over years after I first found them. I wish this show went all year long!

Jesus christ these stories get me! (5/5)

Knowing they are true stories freaks me out every time. But only because they are told so well! Countdown to Halloween!

Keep Up the Great Work!!! (5/5)

Love this podcast. I listen to many and you’re one of the best. Mahalo and Aloha

Love it! (5/5)

Love the stories and I think the host has an awesome voice

You will adore this (5/5)

This podcast is so well done. No rambling about nothing like some podcasts do, fantastic audio mixing, engaging story telling, and creepy tales. What more could you want. Thank you thank you!!

Just the Right Amount of Creepy & Clean (5/5)

Some episodes are better than others, but I'm a fan of these short, scary stories that don't rely on graphic descriptions or vulgarity.

Great show with real ghost stories (5/5)

Love listening to Glynn Washington & really love the real life ghost stories on spooked. Excellent music & sound design. A+++

Fantastic story-telling that’ll give you chills! (4/5)

I loved Snap Judgement’s Spooked Special in 2016, so I was thrilled to hear they’d spun it off as its own podcast this year. If you listened to last year’s special, prepare to hear a lot of the same stories in this podcast. Hopefully next year brings fresh material!

Best. Podcast. Ever. (5/5)

I can’t get enough. This podcast is so well produced and the stories are amazing. I love listening to it with headphones in bed at night. If a new episode came out every day I’d be ecstatic. Keep up the great work!

Great Podcast (5/5)

The production that goes into this podcast is amazing. I was recommended by a friend to check these out and all of the stories have been fantastic.

Not impressed (2/5)

I LOVE snap judgment. It’s one of my favorite podcasts, however, this Spooked spin off really isn’t doing it for me. None of the stories are scary...or particularly spooky. Also, most of the stories have already aired (if not on snap judgment, on other podcasts). Hoping next years round of Spooked is much better.

love it (5/5)

i first heard about this on snap judgement and was curious about if it was good or not. but when I heard the first episode it was five stars all the way. keep it up:)

Too many repeats (2/5)

I enjoyed many of these stories when I heard them for the first (and sometimes second) time on Snap Judgment. If you’re a Snap Judgment listener looking for new material, you’ll be mostly disappointed.

Hooked and shook (5/5)

5 minutes into the first episode, I knew I had found something amazing. Incredible story telling.

Such a fan... (5/5)

I was already a HUGE fan of Snap Judgement podcast—but this one just really takes the cake. I so look forward to these coming out. I’m so sad it will be over after Halloween!!!! Maybe make it a permanent series?????? Pleeeeeeease???? Love the whole team, esp Glenn xxxxxxx

6 stars! Great storytelling and creepy stories (5/5)

I love creepy, weird stories and I used to listen to a few other ghost story podcasts where people tell there stories. Unfortunately, most people are terrible story tellers and I just couldn't handle the odd tangents, unnecessary details and vocal pauses anymore. This podcast combines the great storytelling and wonderfully creepy stories in the best way possible. Thank you!

Addictive! (5/5)

I always look forward to the next episode of Spooked. Long time listener of Snap Judgement and my fave episodes are their scary ones so this podcast is everything. I hope they’ll keep it up after Halloween!

So much yes (5/5)

I started listening to snap judgement during Halloween a couple years ago because of the spooky stories. They were my gateway stories into your amazing regular programming! I hope spooked stays around longer than the Halloween season. I love it!

Always a good listen! (5/5)

I wish you all could do more.

Enjoyable! (3/5)

I'm updating my review. At first I was disappointed because they were playing reruns. They still are, but the episodes are now more balanced with both new and old stories. The podcast as a whole is great though. Excellent production. Glen and the team are as thorough and compelling as usual.

I LOVE Spooked!!! 💀 (5/5)

Fantastic podcast! Well told stories that have you on the edge of your seat while being told and leave you thinking long after they are over! I can’t wait for each new episode to drop!

Excellent scary stories! (5/5)

I love scary stories and some of these really creeped me out. Really well done.

these are ALL repeats! (1/5)

If you’re an avid snap judgement listener, than you have heard all of these. I always look forward to spooked specials and campfire tales and am bitterly disappointed these are all repeats and I have heard that all before. Lame! I expected better Mr. Washington...

I'm a fan (5/5)

Overall it's a good podcast

Repeats? (2/5)

I love Snap Judgement... I support them and I donated to them. I was really looking forward to this podcast when I heard about it, but I have to say I am incredibly disappointed because, as a loyal Snap Judgment listener, I have heard all of these stories before. None of them are original. Because of this, I have no idea what the purpose of this podcast is. Maybe it’s a tool to obtain new Snap Judgement listeners? I don’t know. But this is a disappointment for me.

Hooked on Spooked (5/5)

Spooked managed to do the impossible; creep me out with a story about bigfoot. And every other story told so far has been just as creepy. Kudos to the Snap Judgment team, and I hope this goes on forever and ever and ever.

The host kills the show for me (4/5)

I understand sometimes he wants to tell a story, but him switching voices and playing the role of his grandma and other characters. I just don’t like it. He’s why I unsubscribed from Snap Judgement. If he stopped talking and just introduced the stories I’d love it more.

Most stories regurgitated from Snap Judgement (2/5)

I love the spooky stories concept but most of the tales I've heard have already been told previously on other Snap Judgement pods. Pretty disappointing it's not original content but for those who haven't heard I'm sure it's great. Hope new content is pushed out at some point, otherwise stale for SJ fans.

Recycled stories from Snap (1/5)

For a long time Snap Judgement was recycling their own stories over and over and now they introduce this very podcast and it’s recycled Snap Judgement stories and Spooked stories have already been played on Snap Judgement. This just looks like double dipping on iTunes and advertising spot money.

Obsessed (5/5)

I was a little skeptical of the podcast at first, but dang, I’m hooked! I believe the universe doesn’t always work how we want it to, this proves it!

Love it! (5/5)

Such great stories. Can’t wait for the next. Scary with a human perspective, not gory or horror.

Excellent (5/5)

This one terrifies me and it has amazing music to boot

Ha cha cha! (5/5)

Glynn Washington has such a beautiful voice and is an incredible narrator. This podcast is right up my alley and everything I could have ever wanted. I'm selfish and want it all to myself but also want there to be so many more episodes so I've been telling everyone I know about it. Spooked it absolutely brilliant!

The reason I listen to podcasts (5/5)

Spooked is amazing! I would happily listen to new episodes all year round, I hope they decide to continue past Halloween! I’m such a fan of Glen Washington and Snap Judgment thanks to hearing part of the first Spooked episode on the radio. I’m completely hooked on both shows now. Thanks WNYC for producing amazing content and to all those involved in creating these shows! It’s hard work and y’all are killin it!

Totally addicted (5/5)

Podcast was very well done and the stories were interesting and frightening.

Matt from The Weigh-In Boxing Podcast (5/5)

Great podcast!

Really, Glynn? (1/5)

As a huge Snap Judgement fan I was really excited for more BUT these are mainly recycled stories from old SJ episodes. I’m not sure if maybe they’re trying to get more money out of sponsors by reusing old content and packaging it differently but I’m super disappointed. This is NOT what I expected from Glynn Washington.

Repeated stories?! (2/5)

Great stories if you're new to Snap Judgement, but as a loyal listener, I've heard most, if not all of these so far. I was really excited for new stories, but am super disappointed:(

Fantastic! (5/5)

I’m so thrilled that Spooked became its very own podcast. The stories, the storytelling, music, and well-timed sound effects produce a compelling, edge-of-your seat listening experience.

Not so spooked. (3/5)

It's alright. The stories aren't very scary. I've been a Snap Judgement listener for years and love it, but a lot of these stories are recycled from previous episodes of their yearly Spooked episode. That's kinda of an overall recurring problem with SJ, they recycle their old material frequently.

So good. (5/5)

I really love this Podcast. Just in time for Halloween.

Great (5/5)

This podcast is well produced and has some great storytelling. Fun!

Good but not original (3/5)

I have heard at least two of these stories before on another podcast. Wish I could remember which one. Could have been Snap Judgement, but I don't like repeats.

Fun! Spooky! And VERY well produced. (5/5)

Fun! Spooky! And VERY well produced. Tremendously enjoyable storytelling!

Love it (5/5)

I've listened to other posdcasts with scary/supernatural themes, but this is by far the best. Great production values, and a charismatic host. Plus, great stories. What a treat for the time leading up to Halloween this year.

Increasingly bad (1/5)

The first few were ok but the last couple were pretty terrible.

Good stories but nothing new (3/5)

These stories are all quality snap judgement classics, but I really was hoping for more than a clip show of snap scary stories.

Really well done (5/5)

These are very well done. I like the delivery of the stories, music, and the type of stories. Nothing else like it that I am aware of out there.

Can't get enough! (5/5)

I've been a loyal snap fan for the past 6 years and I'm SO happy spooked is here for all our Halloween excitement! The stories are chilling and thoughtfully told.

Love (5/5)

Currently on my third relisten of all the current episodes. So well done, just like Snapped is, but it's, well, spooky. The narrators are all believable. Whether or not their stories are true, they come off as believing themselves and nothing has been so incredibly out there that it involves too much of a suspension of belief. A great listen.

Keep this going (5/5)

I hope this is not just for October. Keep this program going I love it.

love it! (5/5)

Love this podcast ! keep it up

Excellent Podcast (5/5)

It’s so easy to dismiss one supernatural story; but collectively they really make you think about what’s beyond our view...

Totally Digging It! (5/5)

Wow. Loving this so far. Super Creepy and I love the narrators and the way the stories are told. I get goosebumps every show. 100% recommend to anyone who loves a great, creepy story.

Great storytelling (5/5)

Can’t wait for the next episode. Settle into that comfy chair by the fire with a drink in one hand and your eyes on the fire...You will be entertained!!

Room for improvement (4/5)

The intros are way too long..get to the episode already!

SnapJudgment does it again (5/5)

Just when I think I couldn’t love SnapJudgment any more, they produce the Spooked podcast. Someone the episodes will give you goosebumps, others will keep you awake at night but all of them will entertain you.

Host's voice is grating. (3/5)

The host tries way too hard to sound scary and dramatic. I just want to hear the stories. I sometimes have to FF a whole 4 minutes in just to get to the stories. They're also very hit and miss. I'd say maybe 50% of them are good.

Reruns from past snap episodes 😤 (3/5)

Love Snap, listen to every episode. Serious addiction to it. So the Spooked and campfire tales episodes are something I look forward to each year, so I was thrilled to hear that Spooked was going to have its own show. Unfortunately, after listing to series thus far, most of the stories are reruns from old spooked episodes. Big disappointment for this snap follower.

Love (5/5)

I have already listened to all the episodes twice!

So good I used cellular data! (5/5)

I was hooked after one episode! I used my cellular data to download more, didn’t even wait for wi-fi y’all!! Then, I got so spooked that I turned it off. I finished the next day, so the data wasn’t used in vain! Easy listen, great production value and flow of stories, entertaining, and I love the diversity of the stories- different countries, many accents, unique themes, etc. Great job!

New Fav (5/5)

This podcast is now my favorite by far. Keep up the great work.

Scary! (5/5)

The Best ghost story podcast!

Those soundscapes tho (4/5)

The beats and other sounds are really, really good. Glynn is a master

This. Is. Everything right now! (5/5)

Thank you for your voice, dope music and amazing stories!! I get chills listening and that’s saying a lot 💀

Recycled stories (1/5)

I think it's a cheap move on your part, WNYC, to recycle stories from your Other podcast. For your loyal, long time listeners it's a slap in the face. Step up your game. Look around you at the competition. You have to step it up.

new fav! (5/5)

really good true ghost stories with great production value. i’ve listened to a ton of podcasts in this genre but this one is my new favorite.

Repetitive (1/5)

Same stories as last year. New content please

Microphone (3/5)

Pull the microphone away from your mouth by about a foot. Hard to listen to a podcast when it sounds like your talking to me an inch from my ear/face. See: Lore, Fresh Air, etc., on recording podcasts without eating a microphone during the process. Mimic normal human conversation. Thankfully there’s a fast forward button to mediate this. Otherwise, good podcast! Stories are fun to listen too... sometimes even scary!

Perfect! (5/5)

Wow this is certainly spooky and fantastic production!!! I’m already hooked after one episode. Well done!!!

Amazing! (5/5)

This podcast is for anyone that likes to be freaked out, scared, and/or disturbed. The story telling is great and by people who actually experienced the "event". Great all around.

Love it!! (5/5)

I can't get enough of these spooky stories!

Interesting & Fun!! (5/5)

This is my favorite podcast! The stories are interesting and they flow nicely. I've heard other podcasts of this genre and they're filled with people who aren't very good at telling their stories- this podcast sounds great from the actual stories to the sound effects. The only thing I'd change about it is to make it go on forever and give me more!!!

Finally a weekly podcast!! (5/5)

I loved hearing the special episodes last fall on Snap Judgement and was sad when there wasn’t anymore to listen to. I’m so excited to have a weekly podcast now rather than waiting for October every year!

No gimmicks, just goodness (5/5)

So glad to have stumbled upon Spooked. It’s so nicely edited and the stories are good variety of themes. None of the reporters are annoying or strange and everyone interviewed sounds very sincere. I am straight up HOOKED and hope they keep making episodes long after Halloween has passed.

Love this show (5/5)

My boyfriend and I listen to this at night when the lights are off and we get so excited. I just started listening on my runs they make them go by so quick. Awesome narrating and just overall a great way to unplug from technology while still being on your phone !

Love this collaboration of stories (5/5)

I cannot get enough of these. I like how they are all different but from all around the country! 👍🏼

Host is terrible, stories are good (3/5)

The stories, for the most part, are interesting and well told. The host, on the other hand, is terrible. Sometimes you can barely hear what he is saying, and he is often so over-dramatic it really takes away from the experience. He really needs to stop trying so hard and just get to the stories.

Spooky as all heck (5/5)

Whenever I listen to this, I can't stop from looking over my shoulder over and over again. Even if you don't believe in the ~supernatural~ it's still a great podcast that's very entertaining. Give it a listen if you haven't already! And get ready to be spooked

Podcast is pretty ok (2/5)

Some of the stories are interesting, some I find myself very confused by and lost while listening. Stories are occasionally hard to follow. Pro tip: skip to about 2:30 to avoid the hosts pointless intro and ads.

Goosebumps! (5/5)

I literally get them while I listen to these stories!🖤

Stories are riveting, but... (3/5)

Spooked! The stories are intriguing and captivating. Spooked! The problem is the production. Spooked! Every other sentence the host says spooked. Coupled with the hip hop beats, sometimes it becomes unbearable. Additionally, the host’s eye-rolling cliches and hyberbolic “horror” scenarios (if your neighbor turns into a bat and flies away...) spoken in his overly dramatic cadence is the worst part of the podcast. Really it is the guests that make the podcast great, so if you can get past that part then.... never, ever turn out the lights (what a stupid catch phrase 🙄)

Favorite Podcast ❤️❤️❤️ (5/5)

PLEASE!! Continue after Halloween!! This is the BEST podcast ever!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Great stories! (5/5)

This is an awesome new podcast. You won’t be disappointed!

Much better out there (2/5)

I know this is a hugely unpopular opinion based on the ratings of others but I do not see what is so special about the podcast. The story telling is subpar. To me it’s like listening to a stranger tell you about their dream. I just don’t care. I can’t help but compare it to the No Sleep Podcast which never fails to give me a thrill. Unsubscribing to this one unfortunately.

Excellent! (5/5)

The stories are original and just the right amount of creepy. The production of the podcast is top notch. I love it.

Forever Spooked! (5/5)

I look forward to these specials from Snap Judgement every year and I love that they have a new home! They seriously give me chills 😱

Great and chilling! (5/5)

This podcast has the great storytelling of Snap Judgment with new creepy true stories. I love it!

Best supernatural and ghost story podcast (5/5)

Love all the real story telling and have finally found a podcast that makes me feel scared to listen to. Great podcast to listen to during October :)

Spooky!!! (5/5)

The Spooked Snap episodes were always my favorite so I love that they now have a dedicated podcast for them. I download these and listen as I walk my dog at night and I feel like I'm in a horror movie, it's so frightening (in a good way).

Hooked (5/5)

Hooked!! So good!!!

Clearly fake (1/5)

A human that turns into a tiger by spirit animal ghosts? No thanks....

Almost Awesome (4/5)

Most of these stories are interesting and somewhat believable, but the story about the Indonesian TV show was completely goofy. I'd give this five stars, but I think they could have done a better job selecting some of these stories.

Just in time (5/5)

Glad to see all the ghost stories gathered in one place. I'm listening every day

Spooked (5/5)

Loved it 👏🏾🎈😱

Great stories (4/5)

I was initially turned off by the narration/music/theme that kicked this series off, but once the intro was over, the stories really hooked me in. Great retellings from people, some of whom are skeptics. Ghosts, haunted houses, unexplained phenomenons-really interesting!

Legit spooky (5/5)

I’m spooked

NEW FAV (5/5)

I’m obsessed with this show. Please post more!!! Already listened to all of the episodes on Soundcloud. Keep ‘em coming! Nice to listen to scary (“true”) stories from a black narrator. WHY DON’T THEY MOVE OUT AS SOON AS THE GHOSTS START GHOSTING?!

Excellent (5/5)

I'm a fan of podcasts that feature people telling stories like this in general, but this one is really well done. They did a great job with the one about the roadhouse saloon, can't wait to hear more

Can’t get enough! (5/5)

So so so good! I want all of the episodes to be out now!

Hooked (5/5)

Great show!

Totally spooky!! (5/5)

Spooky, scary, creepy and terrific all at the same time.

Love this sooo much! (5/5)

Actually scary! Gave me goosebumps multiple times. The podcast I'm most excited for it to come out every week.

YES!!!!!!!!!!!! (5/5)

I have been waiting for this since I heard my first Snap Judgment Spooked episode!!! Yes, just yes. You will love it!!!

Very good podcast (5/5)

I love true ghost stories and these are very descriptive and will have you creeped out by the end of each story

The best (5/5)


Fantastic! (5/5)

I listen to many podcasts, and this one, after listening to just two episodes, is one of my favorites. Superb story telling, fantastic host, well put together. Love it!

Love it!! (5/5)

My husband and I were on a short road trip and decided to take a chance on a new podcast. It was refreshing to hear the stories from the mouths of the people that experienced these spooky events.

Yup (5/5)

Just awesome - I loves me some spookified stories. Thank you and keep up the great work!

Great podcast (5/5)

Give it a go. Less curse stories, please.

Fresh Twist (5/5)

This show has amazing music and production value. Finally a fresh twist on a horror podcast. Instantly hooked.

AMAZING!!! (5/5)

Got to be honest, I was pretty skeptical of this podcast at first. I thought it would be like the other ones “animated” but not at all!! Love love love this podcast!

I looooove this! (5/5)

Honestly one of the best podcasts I've listened too. I had chills down my spine the entire time. I can't wait for more!

Obsessed! (5/5)

I was in search of a great scary podcast for the Halloween season and was not let down with this one. The accounts are so well told and leave me with goosebumps every time!

Wonderful...and spooky! (5/5)

Great stories and great production, and of course, there's always the great storytelling by Glynn. This is one of my all-time favorite podcasts.

Great, chilling real stories (5/5)

We just started listening to Spooked here in our office, we were instantly hooked! Can't wait for the next episode.

Every show is creepy. (5/5)

Every episode has a really unnerving creepy story that's super compelling. Great podcast for the Halloween season.


Just found your podcast and so far loving it!! Keep up the great stories and very excellently done!!

Cool show (3/5)

Cool show. Reminds me of The Brothers Mysterium in some ways.

Awesome (5/5)

Great storyteller host. Perfect time for it!

Best Supernatural Podcast Hands Down! (5/5)

I have been looking for a supernatural podcast just like this! I think I've tried every single one and only Spooked and Lore come close to what I want from a good scary podcast. The production and writing is fantastic. I wouldn't expect anything less from Snap and WNYC. I sincerely hope y'all will continue this podcast well past Halloween!

I want more!! (5/5)

Love this podcast!

Great! (5/5)

I was hooked after the first episode. I love the premise and it’s definitely creepy!

Love it! (5/5)

Spooky and believable. Cool stories!

Kansas City ❤️ (5/5)

Great podcast! Keep them coming!

Real stories from real people (5/5)

There's a vulnerability in a voice telling their real ghost story that hooks me every time! I've heard other "spooky" podcasts that I literally have to stop because the narrating voice is so scripted; you won't find that here. I get that old familiar hide-under-the-sheets feeling when I hear these stories!!

Fun and spooky (5/5)

Love it!

Love the stories and the format! (5/5)

Very well produced, true and engaging stories. Well done! The best part is: they are all stories I had not heard before. Gotta love that.

Love it! (5/5)

Give it a listen! Intriguing and believable stories.

This awsome! (5/5)

This is great, the best ghost stories I've found. I love this show!

I love this!! (5/5)

I love TRUE stories!!! Do not stop! Make this a normal thing.. all year not just for Halloween!

Glen Washington is bae (5/5)

What an awesome spooky story podcast!

Awesome Podcast!! (5/5)

I just discovered this podcast. It's very well done. I like the format. They don't cheese it out like some others. And they don't waste time with hosts talking to each other about nonsense. I love the stories. Great job! Can't wait for the rest of the podcasts in the future!

Perfection (5/5)

I was obsessed with the ghost stories shared last year on Snap Judgment and would've paid money for more, as they were head-and-shoulders above the rest of the first-person paranormal account podcasts out there. I was delighted to hear about this spinoff series and am praying it continues year-round with its flawless pacing, amazing musical stylizings, and fantastic variety of narrative voices.

Love this! (5/5)

Can't wait for new episodes!

LOVE IT!! And It's not just the stories! (5/5)

The audio, effects and setting the feel/ mood editing, overall, just makes this podcast awesome no matter how good the story is:) It just adds to the whole listening experience and it's great. Thank you. Keep putting more stories on here!!

My fave ghost pod (5/5)

Not cheesy, well curated. Most ghost pods are garbage, this is top notch, believable stories. Good stuff

So good (5/5)

Any fans of the supernatural should download immediately-- so well-done and SO scary.

Great new show (5/5)

Love this new show and the stories. Excellent quality and cool stories. There's a lot of scary story podcasts but only a few that have really good quality and narration like this one.

Please keep this show going (5/5)

My favorite time of the year, just because of these stories. Amazing

Amazing! (5/5)

So spooky, I love it! The first story of the second episode is especially spooky and amazing. So happy that Snap Judgment made this into its own podcast!

I just got goosebumps! (5/5)

Listening to my first episode and got major goosebumps!

Already obsessed (5/5)

The music & production are just the tip of the iceberg with this wonderfully creepy and suspenseful podcast. The stories gave me chills and even bough there are only 3 episodes released, I'm already hooked! If you like stuff like LORE & Last Podcast on the Left then you'll love Spooked. 🔥❣️

This is (5/5)

The podcast I've been hoping for! I wait months for the Halloween Snap Judgement episodes and listened to all three available episodes of Spooked! in one afternoon. Fantastic. Keep it coming!

Outstanding (5/5)

First episode gave me chills - in a good way! This is THE BEST new podcast around.

-Interesting- (4/5)

Pretty good show so far. The story tellers give enough information to paint a mental picture, but not so much that you're overwhelmed with insignificant details.

I needed this in my life. (5/5)

Like air, like water. True spooky stories to a beat. Never ever stop!

Podcast I didn't know I needed! (5/5)

Wow this podcast is GREAT. All the stories are gripping and the narrators have all been excellent. Well produced and totally engrossing. Cant wait for more episodes!

Hooked! (5/5)

Great stories and format!

Awesome! (5/5)

Love this podcast!

Thank you! (5/5)

Awesome sauce!

Hooked! (5/5)

Spooked is my new favorite podcast addiction. It is well produced and there is never a dull moment. My only "complaint" is that I wish there was more!

Ghosts aren't real (1/5)

The world doesn't need more superstition at the moment. Maybe think about what you're doing and what you're spreading. It'd be fine to do a horror podcast, just don't say it's real.

Wish the host would vanish like a ghost... (3/5)

The host's over dramtic delivery and the ridiculous music is awful. I don't know how anyone could enjoy the intro or interstitials. Over produced and cheesy af. The stories themselves can vary in entertaininment value. Take it for what it is.