Aggregated reviews for Snap Judgment Presents: Spooked

Spooked features true-life supernatural stories, told firsthand by people who can barely believe it happened themselves. Be afraid. Created in the dark of night, by Snap Judgment and WNYC Studios. WNYC Studios is a listener-supported producer of other leading podcasts, including Radiolab, On the Media, Death, Sex & Money, Nancy and many others. © WNYC Studios

Scarrrrryyyyyyy PAYWALL (1/5)

Used to absolutely love this show, for the past 2 years it was a fall tradition of my wife and I to sit back and enjoy the weekly upload. Not anymore. They’ve sold out and joined Luminary, and hardly ever upload a show. Such a disappointment!

Newbie! (5/5)

Live the show!! Kimmy

SPOOKY (5/5)

I love spooked and when I’m driving in the dark I get scared me and my stepdad started watching this a few years ago and I was so sad when it ended after Halloween

Great stories, can do without the host filler (4/5)

This is such a great compilation of first person ghost stories, and I love listening to the diverse tales from around the country and beyond! The host intros are waaaay too long and such a waste though- I always skip it but wish it wasn’t there to begin with. Would much rather have more stories!

RIP (1/5)

Bring it from behind the pay wall! This is ridiculous. Super insulting to long time listeners

Super sad (1/5)

Spooked used to be my FAVORITE pod, but I’m sad we are being asked to subscribe to Luminary. Can’t afford it. Such a bummer :-(

The actual stories are pretty good but..... (3/5)

The over dramatic, insufferable host and his nonsensical dialogues are boorish.

Missing MANY Episodes (1/5)

Why are so many episodes missing on this season’s podcast???? Why should I have to PAY for this podcast when there are so many other good FREE ones out there? Deleting.

Love this podcast! (5/5)

Look forward to this podcast each Halloween. Can we just skip the lame stories by the host though!?

um YES- (5/5)

Okay okay this is like, AMAZING But also very creepy and I've had several nightmares but i mean thats kind of the point Also, the episode 37 seconds; i would recommend this to anyone who wants to listen. Its AWSOME

So disappointed (2/5)

Loved this podcast but am very sad that they changed the format to pay to listen to most of the episodes. 👎🏻

Used to be awesome (1/5)

LOVED the past seasons, but this season... SMH 1. I echo so many that the Luminary thing is a bust. 2. Please have a consistent/transparent uploading schedule. Even if you’re only to release 5/26 episodes, let your listeners know how many and when. 3. STOP giving a platform to ONLY people with books and movies coming out about their experiences, I do not find them credible since they have every motive to lie or embellish.

Never going to pay for a podcast (4/5)

As many others have stated, this is a great podcast, used to be a favorite, but now that they’re asking me to pay $8 a month to hear all the episodes-- forget it. I’m done with Spooked and Snap Judgement now. You’ve lost a lot of listeners, I hope you’re paying attention to these comments.

I almost subscribed (4/5)

Spooked is a great podcast. I enjoy listening to people tell their own stories, and the guest speakers are guided in such a way that always leads to an entertaining story. I really do enjoy this podcast, but I was annoyed about the subscription to that app. I figured I could just do the free trial, but after reading a few other reviews I was convinced that I shouldn’t just to prove a point. I’d rather give the podcast my money and not some random app.

Hooked already (5/5)

My aunt recommended this podcast to me this morning and by 1:30 this afternoon I’ve listened to several episodes. It’s so good! The format of the storytelling keeps me interested. I will definitely be recommending this podcast to my friends.

Super bummed (1/5)

I used to be the BIGGEST spooked fan. Looked forward to it every year and even passed it along to friends and family. Now I’m regretting telling everyone to listen since the only way you can access the majority of the episodes now is to pay. Boo. Really disappointed in you, snap judgement.

Team Snap Judgment Does It AGAIN! (5/5)

This is incredible. From the amazing host, to the spellbinding production, and I don't know where they find the storytellers -- this show has it all. Glynn Washington is a find! From minute one, he had me screaming and hiding under my covers. Be afraid, and don't turn out the lights! A++++++

Loved, Sad, & A Good Replacement (4/5)

I feel the same way that most do about not wanting to pay for one podcast and for an app platform that has such horrible reviews and user experience. In any case, I found a new podcast that may be a good replacement for those not willing to pay. Radio Rental is a podcast that has real human accounts of odd experience that have happened. The difference is that they are not ghost related but I will say for me - I like the human account storytelling more than the host narrating the event. I will always have a special place for Spooked but I am not willing to pay on that platform. I may have been willing to pay directly for each episode to the host. But oh well, I get you have to make a buck.

Better Without Luminary (3/5)

For the past two years, Spooked has been one of my favorite podcasts. I listened to the first season with intense curiosity and eagerly listened to every episode in the second, the moment it came out. This year, the episodes were too far and few between. I was tempted to download the Luminary app, but when I’m already paying for Spotify, I realized it was too much. I’d rather have fewer episodes each season, that are high-quality. I hope next year Spooked separates from Luminary and goes to back to their old model.

Love (5/5)

Love this podcast. Why r people paying when it’s a free podcast.

Not paying for Luminary (1/5)

I’ve been a long time fan of Snap Judgement and Spooked but once they started using Luminary, it just has left a sour taste in my mouth. I went from leaving a five star to a 3 star rating. I’m not paying $8 a month just to hear scary stories. Bring all of the stories back to original format. There are some of us who don’t mind the ads.

Don’t waste your time (1/5)

Great material but don’t bother getting hooked because they started charging for a subscription. I’m not paying to listen to a Podcast! That is why I suffer through ads.

Not good (1/5)


Get out of the way, Glynn Washington (3/5)

Nobody wants to hear you ramble on in your coffee shop poetry cadence for five minutes of every show.

Great podcast (3/5)

It’s incredibly annoying that you can only access most new episodes on luminary. I really enjoy this podcast but I’m not going to pay JUST for this podcast on an app that gets horrendously bad reviews. I already pay for spotify. You should feel ashamed for this decision and I hope it backfires

Can’t stop listening! (5/5)

Just an awesome podcast where you get to hear real people tell their own stories. Creepy, scary yet intriguing...

Fantastic content, curious model (4/5)

I love the stories and narrative on Spooked, but I was really disappointed in the Luminary partnership and the sheer lack of content available on Apple Podcasts. I already have Spotify Premium so paying another service for podcasts just wasn’t going to happen. I can appreciate and respect the need to drive revenue to support the podcast - anybody criticizing you for that just doesn’t know what they’re talking about. But, I had a tough time aligning with the Luminary value statement.

Great but (4/5)

This podcast is a great, with 1st person narration. It’s well produced and most of the stories are captivating. There are a couple negatives; the paywall requiring you to sign up for a different app in order to hear all the episodes. And the host signing off at the end with the “never ever ever ever ever ever” is incredibly annoying and not funny.

Must pay now for episodes (1/5)

I’ve listened to Spooked for years, but won’t now that they are charging to listen. There are thousands of free podcasts out there and they are good too, so I guess I’ll be listening to them.

It started off so good, what happened? (2/5)

I remember when I first listened to Spooked. I was hooked and subscribed to the podcast. I waited on pins and needles for the Halloween season to roll around so I could hear more stories but this year was different. Wildly different. The stories were still scarily good but it used to be I could count on a new story each week until Halloween. This year they just appeared in a haphazard manner as if this podcast was an afterthought because now Spooked is on Luminary and that is a pay subscription. I get that a paid subscription means more episodes but I can’t afford it so I’m okay with less episodes but if uploading episodes to a free channel is too much hassle I would rather I was told that and this free podcast shut down. Your fans deserve consideration via whatever platform you have set up.

It’s Halloween, Haunted by Luminary (2/5)

I love spooked so much! I appreciate you guys putting out weekly episodes on iTunes...but I too will not pay for Luminary. Love the episodes so far, but disappointed I have no new episodes for Halloween. Guess I’ll have to re-listen and reminisce with old Spooked episodes

Yuck (1/5)

You used to rule. I can’t believe you want me to pay $8 to hear you. That’s some pretty proud pricing. Best to you. Thanks for the memories

Why? (4/5)

Love this but didn’t want to (AND ALSO AM NOT ABLE TO) download luminary!! What the heck?! Massively disappointed that I can’t listen to more.

Don’t listen to alone (5/5)

This podcast caused several (near) ghostly sightings, courtesy of my own reflection in a window. Spooky, hair standing-on-end fun. Narrators telling their own ghost stories lends some serious weight.

I won’t pay for it! (5/5)

I agree. I love this podcast but was very disappointed that they moved to an app that requires a subscription. I will miss the great stories.

I’m not paying (2/5)

Great show but not a fan of having to pay for the episodes

Luminary is a joke (1/5)

Really sad to be writing this review because Spooked is one of my favorite podcasts. Really disappointed about the partnership with Luminary forcing listeners to subscribe to a paid service to access episodes. The point of podcasts are for them to be freely accessible. I already pay for Spotify premium and there’s no way I’m adding another service on top of that for the same content. I see I’m not alone in my feelings so I hope the creators will listen to the feedback provided and go back to paid ads which I would happily listen to. I understand that it costs money to produce these shows, but there are ways to get it without forcing listeners to buy into subscription services. Overall just really disappointed.

Spooked (1/5)

You sold out to the man

Don’t download and use the trial (1/5)

Not all eps are out until November. Downloading the trail now will end up costing you later because you won’t get all the eps I used to love this show but now they’ve switched to a platform that charges you to listen to anything new and then slowly releases free eps not consistently. Then some of those free eps distribute here. It’s really really really sad how being a sell out became more important. There’s feedback telling you to sign up and cancel over the free trial but not all the eps are up so no.

No thanks, Luminary (1/5)

$8 per month? No thank you.

Bait and Switch (1/5)

Looked forward to Spooked each year for the previous 2 years, but you’ve really dropped the ball this year. Luminary? Such a disappointment. So few episodes being released this year unless you subscribe to a premium service.

Love Spooked, but I live overseas — no Luminary! (5/5)

This is possibly my favorite radio show/podcast. I love it so much that I was even considering paying for the Luminary subscription, even though I am not pleased with the fact that Spooked is now only available in full through a paid service. Alas, I live overseas for my job and Luminary is not available where I am. So, even if I wanted to, I actually cannot listen to Spooked anymore — definitely a disappointing Halloween season this year without my Spooked fix!

Won’t pay for podcast (1/5)

No. We need to nip this in the bud early. Don’t download the app their pushing or pay for it. It’s a rip off. They’re claiming to give you a choice but they don’t. You can’t listen to all of the podcast episodes with ads. Some are behind a paywall. Apple Podcast was just fine thank you.

Missing the old days (1/5)

Loved both Snap and Spooked but now they have been made unavailable unless you pay?? Unsubscribed to both :(

Have donated $ to support - don’t want to pay a 3rd party app (2/5)

Hello! I have always enjoyed the spooked series and snap judgement. Because of how much I enjoy it I have donated funds in the past to help the show out. So I am disappointed to be forced to another app to pay for what are duplicates shows. I would more than willing to donate as I had in the past for content.

RIP to my favorite podcast (3/5)

Just chiming in as well how sad I am that this is switched over to Luminary. I understand supporting quality content, but I’d much rather listen to paid ads. This is very inaccessible for those with limited income and want to enjoy the stories. Such a shame...

Absolutely love Spooked- (4/5)

but would rather have ads than pay for it as well.

Not happy about the move to luminary (2/5)

Used to be my favorite podcast but I won’t be following it to Luminary. What a shame.

Love but also won’t pay for it (5/5)

I love this podcast but along with other reviews I am seeing I won’t be downloading another app and paying for it. Hopefully they can’t find some more sponsors/advertisers to release the remaining episodes!

Move to Luminary a load of BS. (1/5)

I loved the podcast. I liked the host. But I find the move to a paid subscription service just wrong. I am very close to unsubscribing From Spooked.

Haunted by Luminary Ads (2/5)

When Halloween rolls around, I crave a good ghost story. And for the first two seasons of Spooked, I was treated to some phenomenally haunting tales. The art of storytelling is hard enough...scary stories, doubly so, but Spooked did it just right. Incredible sound design, captivating tales touched by true experiences, a delightful mix of creepy themes...It was my Halloween basket of ear candy, full of treats. ...then came the tricks. We all know what I'm talking about: the Luminary app. BAD MOVE, WNYC Studios. Instead of weekly releases throughout the fall, the episodes have been few and far between. Last year, there were around 15 episodes total, with at least three stories per episode. So far this year (as of 10/29) only seven, and most of those have been one-offs. To add salt in the wound, Spooked now only releases the newer ones on the Luminary app. The show did a similar thing last year with a different podcast app, but that one, while ad-ridden, was free. Luminary, on the other hand, costs $7.99/month, something the show did not even bother mentioning to it's listeners. Surprise endings are fun. Surprise fees, not so much. Spooked staff: For two years, listeners like myself have been under your spell. If you needed funding to keep this show going, we would've gladly contributed. A lot of podcasts get funding through Patreon campaigns that offer early episodes to donors. As one of the top podcasts, no doubt you would've gotten a huge response...surely more than whatever Luminary paid you. Delaying episodes and forcing us to pay for this unfamiliar, expensive app is a really, really, disappointing way to treat your fans. Please use better Snap Judgement next time.

Wish they had more episodes (4/5)

I love this podcast, but this season did not have nearly enough episodes on here. It’s Halloween this week and they have yet to post a new one in 2 weeks.

Spooked (5/5)

I love the show, I binged all the episodes!! I have a story to send in! Where can I email it too?

Story of Santi (5/5)

That story really got me! I believe it 100%. I am a mother of 4 and I could not imagine going threw something like that. God bless that family!! Thank you for sharing your incredible story! Tears rolling down my face, I am sobbing!! I hope one day you see your brother again.

Luminary Studios... this isn’t Spooked! anymore. (1/5)

Well after getting excited to listen to spooked for the 3rd year this time around they have decided to give it’s loyal listeners a half-baked deal this year around by cutting all their fans off with a paywall. While I don’t mind paying for this product, 8 dollars a month is steep when you see all the competitors have way more value than what this Luminary Studio has to offer. I don’t care about Trevor Noah, Lena Dunham, or any other hack that gets a lot of TV time. Give me Spooked, and make it a dollar and I’ll pay that if I must. Greed always finds a way to squeeze into a good thing. Shame that it’s happened here.

What kinda of douchery is this (1/5)

Going from listener supported to now having to pay is just wrong .. I’ll find something else to listen to on my commute ..

Love it but won’t pay for it (5/5)

Like everyone else, I’ll listen to the free stuff all day long. I love the stories. I love the narration. I adore this podcast. However, I’d rather have advertisements during the podcast than pay for a subscription. Hopefully someone’s paying attention to the complaints & people aren’t paying for the cast so we can get these back for free.

Not what it once was... (3/5)

Storytelling is great, but unless you pay for Luminary (which isn’t CarPlay compatible), then you get very few.

Disappointed (2/5)

I used to Love Spooked! But having to go to a third party app just to listen is a bummer. I’ll be forced to listen to another podcast instead.

Pubic radio (2/5)

Public radio’s new model is using tax dollars and listener donations, to pay for and build up a brand only to sell out to a pay wall company.

Great show (1/5)

Great show but c’mon npr...selling it to

Great podcast! Won’t be following to Luminary (4/5)

I absolutely love this kind of stuff !! Wife and I love it! We tried the new luminary app but it’s not very intuitive, and can be confusing to use.

Not worth $7.99 per month (1/5)

First two seasons were good, ONLY if you skip over the host’s terrible, unfunny, thinks-he’s-amazing phony blah blah blah-ing. I never listen to those parts because they’re so cringe-worthy and doing so is like chewing on tin foil. For Season 3, you have to pay Luminary—a dreadfully badly designed malfunctioning podcast app—$7.99 per MONTH! That’s more than a subscription to the Washington Post, the New Yorker, and half as much as Audible, where you actually get something for money.

Heartbroken (3/5)

I’ve listened religiously for the past few seasons and I love the stories; so much so I had multiple friends to whom I recommended this podcast text me excitedly. Also, I have to disagree with everyone who has issues with Glen’s voice. I love the image he’s evoking with his “alright, spooksters” like a late night, vintage radio show. Love it all. I have to agree, however, with the complaining listeners who take issue with paying Luminary. I’m sorry but it’s a lot to ask a fan base who only gets a month of shows per year. I’m also sick of it being ghost stories from people trying to sell their books. Sorry, Spooked and WNYC, but y’all really dropped the ball gere.

Bad karma begets bad karma (1/5)

(((Ps: try Sasquatch Chronicles AND Monsters Among us as replacements))) Can’t imagine the bad karma Glynn is getting from going from “LISTENER SUPPORTED WNYC” - which mind you is their tag line “listener supported” to making those listeners of 3 years now go pay some third party bs....... How can a podcast with loyal listeners go to a paywall? What other amazing podcast do this?....none- none of the well respecting podcasts would do this. It’s completely unneeded and wholly self serving to go pay for play. We do not care about ads and punishing the loyal listeners of YEARS by restricting the episodes to a choke hold is a very unnecessary way to make a living, when it wasn’t broke ... and you went ahead and fixed it. Please don’t run for president, you’re not a wise person making decisions well. Spooked is now 65 on the top charts, so please don’t say it’s the number one spooky podcast - it’s far from it now!

Love it but... (5/5)

I know that you need to pay to get all the episodes but without paying you are getting so few this year. Disappointing

Excellent content (5/5)

Great podcast for this time of year. People are complaining about having to pay. How are these people supposed to do all this work without getting paid? Sign up for a free trial for one month, then get one more month. You've gotten hours of content for two months for $8. Then terminate your contract. Stop whining. Artists need to eat too.

$$$ (1/5)

The one star is really just due to the Luminary subscription fee. I get a paid tv service for about the same monthly fee but get way more bang for my $$ than a half hour/once a week show.

My favorite podcast (1/5)

Where are the episodes?!?!?!?

So good, but yet I’m so sad lol. 😍 but 🤬 (5/5)

This show is absolutely one of my favorites. I love paranormal stuff, and I REALLY LOVE how they don’t just have listener stories- but the people who had the experience are actually on there telling it!! Idk, I like that more than hearing the same “spooky narrorator each time like a lot of other shows... and I guess It just adds more personality to each story.. It’s like a better- more vetted - Jim Harold’s “Campfire” (I like that show but some of the people... eeeyikes.) BUT NOW IM SAD. Because I apparently have discovered this gem of a show all too late😪; Because they have moved to the luminary app, and it is no longer free 🥺... so for people who binged the select “free” episodes like me- I’ll see you on this side of this sad, sad bridge lol. After posting this I saw “Snap Judgement” as a recommended show, DUDE ITS HELLA EPISODES OF SPOOKED!!! BLESS UP

Used to be great (3/5)

I loved Spooked until they changed to Luminary. Inconsistent release episodes and pushing for payment. Very disappointed in their new model.

Used to be good (3/5)

When I first started listening to the episodes that were incorporated into Snap Judgement the stories were great. The only annoying thing was the host’s voice that sounds like he’s trying wAy too hard to be sexy/spooky/jazzy/cool and comes across like a “B” movie bad Dracula introducing the stories. I usually scrub past it. This new 3rd season has been disappointing. Stories aren’t as good, some are repeats and now they want you to pay. Nah, ain’t happening. Too many free podcasts to fill my time with.

Would rather listen to ads! (1/5)

I have to echo the surge of other recent reviews here. I’d way rather listen to ads rather than have to sign up for a paid podcast service. This season has been so disappointing with inconsistent releases and push to download and sign up with Luminary where I’ll be charged 8.99 a month after 30 days. So unfortunate.

But why??? (1/5)

Loved this podcast, but charging extra through a third party? When so many other podcasts do the same thing without the extra funds? Sad. Guess I’ll go back to unexplained...

Great content; huge mistake moving to Luminary. (1/5)

My biggest gripe is that in past seasons, episodes were released on a weekly basis. Now the releases are sporadic. It comes off as almost abandoning their fan base. I get that they’re releasing 26 episodes and we can get them on the Luminary app (which based on the reviews sounds horrid), but they could’ve released a handful of episodes for 6-10 weeks straight for free and leave it up to the audience to decide if they want to download another app just for one podcast. It was a bad, non-logical move on their part. I’ve been a fan from the beginning but I’ve since unsubscribed. It’s a shame.

Used to LOVE Spooked (1/5)

Pay per month for this? Please.

Disappointed... I get it (2/5)

I look forward this EVERY YEAR and noticed that not all episodes are there. I understand that they’d have to get paid, I get it, but I’m a little disappointed. I can listen to Lore instead.

Change your revenue model (1/5)

This podcast was great - but not worth paying for a completely different service platform. You really screwed yourself with this model - I’ve now found other spooky podcasts that are better because this forced me out. Should have gone with ads. This podcast isn’t special enough that people would want to pay extra for....know your worth and your audience. You missed the mark. Boo.

Great podcast! (5/5)

Gladly pay for this, I don’t understand how pay say they love it but won’t support the pod cast!

Paywall? Thanks but no thanks (1/5)

I might have considered subscribing if the stories this season were as good as the previous seasons. But between the declining story quality and now a paywall behind what is likely one of their most popular podcasts, it’s a no from me dawg.

Mediocre (2/5)

Honestly not worth a 5 star rating. The content is mediocre, and I’ve heard some of these stories on other podcast before. It’s well produced, absolutely, but the content is lacking. It’s a step above Creep Pasta... The host of the show is WAY to much at times and sounds angry most of the time.

Give us an explanation and fix this plz! 😭🙏 (1/5)

This series has always been OUTSTANDING, and I look forward to it every year! I think it’s so great, that spooked should grow and make more episodes... HOWEVER, to think it’s reasonable to only make more shows under the condition that your fans must pay $8 a month, especially for a season that only happens in autumn, just so I have to cancel a third party subscription until fall again... 🤦🏽‍♀️🙎🏽‍♀️ NOPE NOPE 👎 Wouldn’t it make more sense to sell premium content directly or sell it on iTunes? How about having more adds instead? I would be fine with adds or paying for premium content, not $8 a month! If someone from spooked ever reads this, 🙏 PLEASE 🙏 hear me out. From what I’ve gathered, a huge portion of your fan base is just as disappointed as I am. I want to ask that you could give the public an explanation for why this was the decision that was made, and to go back to the drawing board for next year and I think a lot of fans including me will be waiting to forgive you and to become loyal listeners again...

Good stories but... 🤷🏻‍♀️ (1/5)

The host often just comes off as if he’s playing Dracula in a dinner theater production, and at times the music is intrusive. Certainly not worth paying 8 bucks a month, sorry.

Missing episodes (1/5)

The stories told on the first and second season were good. Now they try to lure you into paying a third party app in order to listen to new episodes. No thank you.

Playing reins from past years (3/5)

Every year I look forward to Spooked. Even when it was still incorporated into the Snapped Judgement podcast. This year was the first year I was disappointed. They are playing the same episodes from past years and pawning them off as new episodes. Maybe I missed in the description that they were reruns but it doesn’t change the fact I’m disappointed that for something that happens just once a year they can’t all be new episodes.


This is by far my favorite Halloween podcast. HOWEVER, instead of doing commercials like Lore and the others, they go to a third party, so now we have to pay to listen. We're already paying for so many things monthly, $9.99 here, $8.99 there, it adds up. I'm gladly paying for Apple Music, but this is really not cool in my book. Why even start the third season if only to let us down? C'mon!

Luminary got Greedy! (2/5)

Great content but they ruined a podcast that could have been at the top of the charts for Oct/Nov. Now they’ll never realize the potential of this content because they ruined it with the revenue model. Reevaluate!

Meh. (2/5)

Not worth paying a third party for this content.

Sad (2/5)

Truly sad: this is a great podcast. I listened to all of season 1 and 2. I recommended it to my friends. I understand that podcasts need financial support but two things: 1. It seemed to be falsely advertised coming up to season 3. All this stuff about lots of new episodes, etc etc. The free episodes aren’t even as many as the original first two seasons. 2. I am happy to financially support a podcast which is why, during season 2, I signed up for a paid platform because spooked was on it. Now I can’t get season 3 on there and I’m being encouraged to sign up for yet another paid platform? No thanks. Not worth it.

Content itself is 5 stars...but the move to Luminary? (3/5)

Oof. I know podcasters gotta get paid, I get that. I put up with ads as a result. But I feel like this season of Spooked was unfairly presented to listeners. Everything I heard was that there would be episodes exclusively on Luminary, but the amount of the free episodes would be equivalent to the amount we got last year. It’s October 23rd and it’s not even close to the number of episodes we had this time last year. Frankly I’d be more supportive of Spooked becoming a Patreon supported podcast. I’d happily chip in the $8 a month directly to them if it meant I could listen to all the episodes and download them to keep.

So disappointed (1/5)

Season 1 & 2 were great but now you have to pay a 3rd party to get to listen to all of season 3. No thanks.

just in time for halloween (5/5)

I work from home so I listen to a lot of podcasts. I ran across this one and have been binging them since.

This was free and now it’s paid? Bummer! (2/5)

I love this podcast, absolutely love it. I also tell all my friends about it too! I was so bummed to hear that now we have to pay/use a premium service to listen to all the episodes! That’s such a disappointment, I had been looking forward to the newest season for months.

Advertisement for the Luminary app, nothing more (1/5)

Seasons 1&2 knocked it out of the park but now this podcast is little more than a shill for Luminary and nothing more. You can’t even go to their website and pay directly, you have to pay for a subscription to a 3rd Party app that doesn’t even work that well.

What happened guys?! (1/5)

This show used to be incredible! So disappointed this season! :/


The removal of new episodes entirely from this app has absolutely killed any interest I have in it. I’d pay for it if they kept it on this app, instead it’s on an app that I don’t and won’t use…Thanks for ruining a good thing!

Cannot access it (2/5)

I live in a country where I can no longer access this podcast. It was my favorite, and still could be, but in attempting to monetize the material, they have removed access from my country.

I am so, so sad (2/5)

I am so incredibly bummed that I can’t listen to the entire season for free any more. For the last two years I have looked forward to the next season the moment the current season ended. It’s the ONLY podcast I have dedicated myself to listening (it even beats Snap Judgment, but narrowly). I’ve even listened to several episodes too many times to count #Afriendintheforest #theWatcher #spookedseason1 Do you guys need more listener support or something? Because I’ll happily do what I can to help with that- I just can’t pay to do it. Anyway, I think one of Snap Judgement staff members (maybe a producer?) and I have a mutual friend. I asked him to let you guys know that I had a bone to pick with someone about paying for Spooked S3– pun intended. Okay, done complaining. Wish I could listen to the whole season like I used to... sigh. Also, I really think this is a five star podcast. I just gave it two in hopes of getting your attention. I’ll probably change it. Maybe. Eh.. probably.

Used to be 5 stars (1/5)

I really looked forward to listening to your podcast again this year to get in the Halloween mood but I was so disappointed to find out I have to join a subscription based platform to get all of the episodes or wait for you to release episodes sporadically for free. Thanks for ruining Halloween for me, Boo! (not scary kind of boo but complaining kind of boo)

Took a bit (1/5)

Took a bit but really grew on me. The hosts just couldn’t grab my attention. But it’s produced very well IMO and the host grew on me. Helped the stories were good. Fun and creepy Edit::: I’d pay just to hear them through your own website. They were great!!! Loved them. to sign up with luminary and get on a subscription... yikes. No thanks. I figured I’d just listen to the ones offered up on I-tunes. Although I’ll actually probably unsubscribe from this since this stories this season have not consistently been played on a weekly basis anyway like they were advertised in the beginning. Maybe one day I’ll tap back into it, until then, good luck!

Access (3/5)

It isn’t here anymore.

Shookith (5/5)

I cannot get enough of this!! I already love listening to spooky stories but this podcast really knows how to set the scene. I cannot help but turn out the lights, light some candles and sit back and fall into a trance and listen for hours. Thank you for the amazing content

I was really looking forward to this season (2/5)

I’m extremely disappointed not to have access without paying. I’m not sure what happened but as a loyal listener I feel discouraged.

Awesome! (5/5)

This is by far one of my favorite podcast. ❤️

Disappointed (2/5)

Your show used to be on point... now we have to pay to hear full episodes? If I am ever going to pay for a podcast, it won’t be through luminary... way too expensive!!! Also kind of getting a little watered down lately... sharp tooth boy was ok, but the rest is questionable... really disappointed with your new season... used to always recommend this podcast to anyone looking for a great podcast, but not any more... weak......

Spooked is all about the $$$$ now (1/5)

I am truly disappointed by Spooked. I loved to listen to the weekly podcasts. But now you don’t even get them weekly unless you are paying for them. There are plenty of other podcasts out and I will find another to listen too.

What about your fans? (1/5)

I have enjoyed spooked.... but i cannot afford to add another subscription to my budget. I just canceled netflix, dont have cable . “The middle class are doing so well” . Pffff !! We beg to differ. Please consider your fans !

☹️ (1/5)

I love this podcast but I will not be listening after this season. It is very disappointing you sold to another company where we now need to pay $8 a month to access episodes.

Why did you move it? (1/5)

I love this podcast. It’s one of my favorites, if not my most favorite, and I look forward to it every year. Why did you put it on Luminary where I now have to pay $8 a month for a service I don’t want or need? I’d much rather listen to a few ads to keep access on iTunes. So very disappointed. :(

:( (1/5)

This podcast is amazing but I’m frustrated that you guys sold out. I thought you were supporters of public radio.

Well produced but the stories this season... (1/5)

Definitely not engaging or as fascinating as in the past

Unmatched Quality and Magical Content! (5/5)

Absolutely like nothing else out there. I listen almost exclusively to horror/scary/mystery podcasts. Genuinely some of the best encounters of all time. There are multiple episodes I will listen to again. This is by far the best out there in this genre. It is truly something special. I can’t even really put my finger on it. This podcast is so creative and simple at the same time. The host is brilliant, it’s just magic.


Love each and every episode. I wish the episodes came out more often a month.

Top Notch (5/5)

High quality podcast with expertly places beats and a host that is second to none. I would never rate this lower than 5 stars, but I do dislike Luminary. I agree with supporting content creators. There are free episodes offered and I think it is reasonable to put a price on the others. I think people would be more agreeable to a price per episode or per season. Luminary is just an unpleasant platform.

Spooked is stellar; stop complaining (5/5)

How is Spooked supposed to be created without revenue? Folks complain about ads, and complain about a premium service, but seriously, the best podcasts require a team of people and money to make it happen. Stop complaining! Let’s support the reality that these are people trying to make a living; it’s not a hobby. They need to generate revenue to produce this show. It’s my fave spooky Halloween season podcast! Thank you team Spooked.

Robert the doll (5/5)

I heard this story first on LORE (I love lore podcast) .. I used to live in Redlands Homestead me and my family drove to key west to meet Robert, I did ask permission for pictures and have them in my iPhone (he didn’t haunt me) we saw the house etc.. there are different details in the story.. Robert is one of the main attractions (museum is a fort!) just beautiful but Robert wasn’t the weirdest story there .. someone stole a corpse... too long to tell but if you ever there it surely doesn’t disappoint. I’m glad to learn more about Robert

Spooked is amazing, but Luminary is not. (1/5)

This is such a bummer! Like others, I love the stories and the host is great. But, sadly, I won’t pay $8 a month to make the move to Luminary to listen. I was willing to listen to the ads and even explored one of the products as a result. So many other really popular podcasts rely on ads, why not this one?

Love it but y tho (3/5)

Love this pod! But I can’t afford Luminary to listen to just one while all my other faves are on Apple. Might sign up for the trial and just binge listen and then delete but that doesn’t help the podcast!

Great show. (5/5)

Entertainment isn’t free. It’s not free to make, and it doesn’t exactly rake in the money. They clearly work hard and deserve to be paid just as you would pay to go see a movie or rent something. If you want to buy an album, you have to buy it or a purchasing service or listen to ads on Spotify etc. You don’t walk into a restaurant and say “I want that but I don’t want to pay for it and it’s not fair of you to charge me”. Think about what it would be like if you worked that hard and nobody wanted to pay for something that they are not entitled to in the first place! Support independent media y’all.

good but not great (5/5)

i wish you didn’t have the app thing because no one is going to pay. you need to keep your listers not lose them. but i do love the podcast, so you better get them all on apple.

Lol at charging a monthly fee for a Seasonal Podcast. (1/5)

That’s got to be one of the most asinine “deals” of all time.

Boo for Luminary (3/5)

One of my favorite podcasts. I’m really disappointed about the move to Luminary and will not be doing the subscription. It’s too bad.

I hope to they switch back to Apple podcast (1/5)

I loooooove this podcast. I became obsessed with it last year and was looking forward to season three. Unfortunately I only have access to a few of the episode now, because they switched to a subscription service. I hope they change it back next season, I would much rather they just add ads to the episode on here.

Why move to Luminary? (2/5)

One of my favorite podcasts I look forward to all year however the schedule has been inconsistent and they want you to move to Luminary. Besides it being a paid subscription, the app is extremely confusing and not user friendly. I hope they realize the $ wasn’t worth the switch for next year.

5 stars for content— 0 stars for luminary (3/5)

I love everything about this podcast— Glenn’s anecdotes, the first person story telling, everything. However, it is disappointing to lose access to such an amazing story telling podcast, and simply because I cannot afford to pay. It makes it seems as though they do not value all of their audience, only those who can pay. I understand the need for podcasts to pay staff and contributors, but low income individuals still want to listen! I would be more than happy to listen to ads and promos instead of paying monthly to listen to one podcast on the luminary service. That being said, I still highly recommend listening to seasons 1 & 2 and the season 3 free episodes– fantastic stories!

So disappointing... (1/5)

...that you want me to pay for an app subscription if I want to listen to all the episodes. I listen to many podcasts that run ads. I don’t mind that they do so in order to support their broadcasts. Looked forward to the new season but your pay-to-play gambit means I’m unsubscribing and won’t be back next year.

Sad to move to luminary (3/5)

This is my favorite creepy podcast! I’ve been waiting all year for Spooked season and now they are depriving me and forcing me to get a trial to another podcast interface. I’m doing the trial but I hope that they go back to the Apple podcast format next year

Not going to pay (1/5)

I loved Spooked and even have a story of my own. This channel deserves 5 stars but now you have to pay 8 dollars a month. To receive full access. Nope sorry.

Dissapointed—new app? (2/5)

At the beginning of the season I was excited I love this podcast! But now I am just frustrated because of the premium network change. I don’t this this was mentioned at the beginning of the season.

I have to PAY to listen now!?!? (1/5)

I LOVE Spooked as much ai I LOVE snapped so I went over to Luminary to listen and the episodes I want to hear are “premium “!!!? WHY Glen Washington WHY??? I have a strict budget, am a single parent an cannot even THINK of spending money to hear a story!! Shame on you all! The wealthy win again!

Why change perfection (5/5)

I absolutely love Spooked but having to use a different app is no good. I understand that everyone needs to make money however you are just punishing your longtime listeners!

Disappointed (1/5)

This podcast was great but they moved it to the luminary app and now requires a subscription to listen to, and they only release a few episodes for the common folk to listen to. Sad.

Download the trial for Luminary, then delete! (5/5)

Seriously, just do this and you’ll have access to alll the episodes. I have a reminder in my phone to delete Luminary once my 30day trial is over. Definitely not worth paying for Luminary.... so don’t!!

Paywalls are scarier than the podcast! (1/5)

Really look forward to this podcast every year during the Halloween season. Unfortunatly a majority of season three is blocked by a pay wall on the Luminary app. I have no issue listening to ads on the Apple Podcast version in order to justify the revenue generated by not having it on Luminary.

Whyyyy (5/5)

This has been my favorite spooky podcast and wait for it bummed that this year it’s scheduled weekly episodes and I don’t want to pay to listen on Luminary.

It’s that time of year again!! (5/5)

The ghosts, graveyards, spirits. That cool, crisp air, hoodies and bonfires. The best time of the year. My favorite thing to do is share stories about things we’ve seen or experienced that may or may not be otherworldly, or paranormal. Spooked has an awesome soundtrack, a great host, and some absolutely amazing storytellers. If you’re just starting out I would recommend three of my favorites: Tales from the Smokehouse, Skagway, and Thin Place I look forward to each season.

Love the podcast - not the payment (3/5)

I’ve been a big fan of this podcast for the last couple of years and I’m enjoying this season as well, however I’m REALLY displeased with being forced to pay for a separate app to listen to the additional episodes. Really?!? Part of the appeal of podcasts is that most of the time, they are free! I would much rather make a donation to keep the podcast running rather than pay monthly to use a separate app to listen. This has put a bad taste in my mouth and I’m honestly not sure if I will listen to the rest of the season.

Not paying! (1/5)

This is a great podcast, but very disappointed you elected to love to a pay only platform. Bad decision.

More is never enough (5/5)

This show started as a simple feature in Snap Judgment, my favorite podcast...well...what USED TO be my favorite podcast. I’m freaking hooked on Spooked! I listened to the entire 3 seasons’ worth of episodes, and now I’m working through them again. Thank you, Mr. Washington, and the entire Spooked crew!

Hmm (3/5)

I’m all for spooky podcasts, and in terms of content and seasonal timing the spooked podcast checks a lot of those boxes. Where it falls short this year is by switching to a platform where you need to pay for access to all episodes. Ads in episodes, Patreon, etc. are things I think most consumers of online content are familiar with, and- frankly- much preferable to an entirely different podcast platform. I’ll continue to listen to what I can through the Apple podcast app, and look for other spooky podcasts to fill the gap of the others being on luminary.

Spooky Season BS (3/5)

As a true fan and long time listener, I would gladly shell out some $$ to enjoy this podcast each spooky season. It’s the best scary story podcast around. But Im not at all jazzed about giving money or personal data to a shady, 100 million dollar start-up, with a 2 star rating. Especially to listen to a publicly funded, seasonal, radio production. Many of your listeners, including myself, were under the impression that new weekly episodes would continue to be released on Apple Podcasts and that additional content would be available on Luminary for those who chose to subscribe. We were under that impression because that is what was advertised. Oof, that’s goofy. Im not sure what is going on here, but I love the show and wish I had a choice to donate directly rather than through Luminary. Please consider the fan base and the many options you have for sharing and monetizing.

Pay for episodes? No thanks. (2/5)

I love this podcast, but I don’t want to subscribe to Luminary to pay for the whole season, especially considering it’s a limited run seasonal show. It’s not expensive, so it’s not the money. It’s just annoying. Edited to add: is it just me or are the episodes just not as good this season? They aren’t holding my attention, and I feel like the last two I listened to (the ptsd bonus ep, and Santi) weren’t scary, just sad. I actually stopped listening half way through Santi because it was just too upsetting as a mom. I love ghost stories, and I understand that that means people have died, but this is just heartbreaking, and not why I listen to Spooked. And the ptsd one just seemed exploitative if people experiencing trauma. Seriously disappointed this year.

Pay to play (2/5)

I like this podcast however I’m not happy about the fact that we have to download a separate paid app to listen to most of the episodes. Sorry but I’ll pass.

You lost me (1/5)

You lost me when you said Luminary. RIP.

Paywall nonsense (1/5)

Unfortunate this is behind a paywall now. I’m not the biggest fan of parcast, but at least there are many other free spooky podcasts.

Really (1/5)

Really 8 dollars a month for scary stories @#$&$*@“ NO !!!!

Santi (5/5)

OMG all of your episodes are amazing but the Santi episode was sooooooo good!!!! And that translation was so spot on!

Favorite show! (5/5)

As a horror and documentary junkie, this show gives me everything I crave! The move to luminary and subscription service is a bummer, but there’s plenty available for free! Worth the $8/month for me personally. Thanks, spooked!

Great podcast - but really? Luminary? (1/5)

Spooked is one the best podcasts out there - I look forward to it every fall and the stories are truly creepy and incredibly well told. That said though I’m upset that now we’re being forced to download an extra (apparently very glitchy) app and pay $7/month to listen to the whole season (and that they’ve seemingly totally abandoned the apple app when they’d said we’d get one new episode a week on this platform at the beginning of the season...) I already give to WNYC and to have this added on top of it - and the fact that that they’ve gone about this in such an icky way, releasing a bunch in August and then radically scaling back once fall arrives - is a real bummer. I’d rather have ads.

Why are the episodes labeled every other number??? (1/5)

I would give this a 5 star because I love it. It what I don’t love is how the episodes are numbered. I don’t understand how often this podcast is suppose to come out. I thought weekly once the season starts but today I got episode 12 and the last episode I got was almost a month ago at episode 7. So I thought I missed 8-11 but now I think there isn’t an 8-11. So how did it jump to 12?????????????????????

Love the podcast, hate the push to Luminary (1/5)

This is by far my favorite podcast, but I’m seriously so disappointed that they’re trying to force people to subscribe to Luminary by holding back weeks of episodes. That’s pretty low. Why can’t you let people give you money because they love the show, not because that’s the only way they’re able to listen to it? I can’t afford another monthly subscription service for one podcast. Not happening. Bring back free episodes!

Welcome Back!! (5/5)

Santi... that was incredible. Tears in my eyes, sitting in my car on the side of the road, I am completely hooked. I’ve been waiting all year for you guys to come back again!!!

Love the series, not the paywall (1/5)

I’m not sure what the benefit for spooked is, I guess to keep the lights on? But it’s a pain in the butt and I know I won’t be paying for it. Not sure why they couldn’t just have ads? I won’t judge, but I am sad.

Such a bummer (2/5)

What a waste to move public radio to a paid format, when I already donate to WNYC. Spooked is so good and listeners don’t deserve this.

Amazing storytelling, disappointing platform change (2/5)

I too, am upset with the move to subscription based totality. I have loved and devoured the first seasons, and looked forward to season 3 all year. This change in platform has made me rather angry, hence the low rating. It is unfair to restrict the whole season to those who have the means for yet another subscription service. I would have happily listened to ads or supported a pledge for the podcast. I am deeply disappointed by the change this year. (I have also contacted Luminary on this matter as well.)

Thanks for the episodes (4/5)

I don’t know what’s happening that there hasn’t been a release since September 18th, but I hope everything is ok.

A disappointment (1/5)

I love this Podcast! I can’t state that enough, and I’ve been a fan since day one. However, I don’t agree with this move to the paywall system. Yes, many do have a paywall structure but they don’t keep Episodes hidden away completely. The paywall should give you bonus content, and maybe a few new episodes. Instead the whole show is hidden. Not a smart move guys

Love this show, hate the switch to Luminary (1/5)

I’ve been listening to this podcast religiously since it started. This year though, there’s this big push to subscribe to Luminary premium to listen to all the episodes. While I’m not at all against paying artists for their work, I am grossed out by this bait and switch. I’m absolutely not going to subscribe to Luminary for the one podcast I listen to that’s on it, especially when the podcast is only on for a couple of months a year. Goodbye, Spooked. I loved you when I knew you.

I have too many subscriptions (1/5)

I have Netflix, prime video, direct tv, water, power, gas… I don’t need/want to pay a subscription to get me some Spooked. Booo Glen! Boooo!!!

Good while it lasted (1/5)

Umm...8 bucks a month on luminary? I don’t think so. Bye

Booo! (1/5)

Bring free Spooked back!

Disappointing (1/5)

I am sad to have to miss out on this great show. I can’t justify another subscription service.

Disappointed (4/5)

Love this podcast - absolutely one of my favorites. And absolutely not going to pay for it. Hopefully many former listeners will protest by not paying and then they will rethink decision.

Nope (1/5)

It’s a wonderful podcast but now that they have moved I am not following. I have enough subscriptions and am looking to cut back on a few. I won’t be paying that fee for 1 podcast I like.

uh oh (3/5)

overall fantastic podcast! i’m finishing up s1 just in time for spooky season. as for the paywall... this tip will screw me over as a new listener but prooobably putting the older seasons instead of the newer season behind a paywall would’ve been a smarter idea. new listeners can choose to pay for Luminary if they want to listen to older episodes & loyal listeners can choose to pay if they want to hear to an old favorite. operative word here being: choose. putting many episodes of a highly anticipated new season behind a paywall without proper warning was... not smart lol.

This used to be one of my favorites (1/5)

I loved when October rolled around and Spooked would release episodes leading right up to Halloween. I mistakenly thought that this would be the same thing this year. Then I learned that they would be released behind a paywall. Not great. I understand the need to keep the lights on, but I’m sure there are a lot of fans who just don’t have the extra money to pay for streaming service. I’d love for things to go back to the old way, because I would love to hear the new episodes. Sorry Spooked, but this is just not a great move.

Disappointed (1/5)

This show is so great and I’m genuinely disappointed to see that they sold out. Not going to pay to listen to one podcast. Hope you come back and just add commercials!

Pay to listen? What?! (1/5)

I love love loved this podcast.....until it fell into the hands of luminary. I refuse to pay for an app to listen to one podcast. Story telling is wonderful, a shame they couldn’t hang with some of the major podcasts out there with sponsorships and instead had to go to charging listeners. For shame!

Really disappointed. (1/5)

I looked forward to this podcast and to find out they charge to listen to it now, what a shame.

Love this show, tip on Luminary app (5/5)

Luminary allows a 30 day free trial. Sign up, hear our beloved Spooked stories and cancel once October ends!

Monthly donations for years...and now I have to pay more? (1/5)

I only donate to two podcasts: snapped judgement and Spooked. Now I have to pay to hear them on Luminary? I can’t afford that - Sorry, I can’t. I’ve waited all year for this series, and now I can’t listen to it? So disappointed.

Really miss this (5/5)

This was my favorite podcast! I loved the style and approach and the diversity of the contributors. I'm so sad about the move to Luminary. I hope they consider a move back.

Love it but calm down Glen Washington (4/5)

This is one of my favorite podcasts but the host needs to get out of the way sometimes!! He is a good storyteller and then sometimes he lays it on WAAAY too thick like OMG I wanna DIE. LoL.

They built a Wall (1/5)

It’s called a Pay Wall that only those who can afford it will pay... Correction: I CAN afford it but I won’t pay because the model they had before that allowed access to all for the small nuisance of ads worked well. If it ain’t broke... I looked forward to your show because it got me in the Halloween mood. I already pay God knows how much for Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Hulu. I’m not about to do the same with my podcasts. This was a bad bad bad decision... you didn’t think this through. Goodbye.

Not for those who don’t subscribe (1/5)

This was such a great podcast but even though it’s a public radio podcasts they’ve moved it to a platform where you have to pay to listen. I think many would be fine listening to ads during the podcast. I had also been a donor to snap judgement and spooked in the past. It’s a bummer that they decided to charge for a public radio podcast.

First two seasons were awesome and FREE, unlike the 3rd (1/5)

This season has only a few episodes and they’re great. The rest of them require you to buy a year membership from the Luminary app. No thanks. These stories are really good but not enough to pay a yearly fee for them. Too many free podcasts out there to pay IMO.

The struggles are real (1/5)

I am a high school student and i really love listening to the podcast but i can’t afford to pay $ 8.00 a month sadly.

Disappointed (1/5)

Like others, I’m saddened to discover that I now have to pay to get episodes of Spooked from Luminary. I don’t appreciate being teased with a few free episodes, and then without much warning, the podcast disappears and is now behind a paywall. Not cool. I look forward to this podcast every year, but I’m not willing to pay $8 for it. I’d actually rather listen to ads! I am a Patreon patron for another podcast, but in that instance, I’m actually receiving extra content in addition to the regular, free content.

Paywall (1/5)

I look forward to this podcast every year and now I find out it has been moved to Luminary behind a paywall. I understand making money so why not have a Patreon? LPOTL has been very successful doing so. Moving to a subscription service is not the answer. And $8 a month for one show? Smh

So sad (1/5)

Love this podcast, and I look forward to it every fall. So sad it moved to Luminary. I just can’t justify paying for yet another subscription.

Where did the podcast go??? (1/5)

Don’t waste your time getting into a podcast you can’t finish unless you start paying for it. I loved this podcast and kept wondering why new episodes weren’t coming out especially since they just started a new season. Looks like it’s moved to a pay platform. No thanks. Really disappointed.

PLEASE come back!!! (1/5)

Been with Spooked since season one and have always anticipated new episodes. I am torn because I love this podcast, but do not want to support the switch to Luminary. Please come back!

Luminary?? (1/5)

Specifically looked up the podcast now that it’s October and I refuse to pay for luminary. Guess we’ll have to wait until someone records a new episode and posts it on Reddit...

Amazing and addicting (5/5)

Guess I'll wait until after they complete this season and then binge under luminaries free trial!!!

Chills and a new appreciation (1/5)

Original review: I fully believe we only see 1/3 of what is visible. This show will give you a new appreciation for the other 2/3. I love the stories and even more so because they come directly from the horse’s mouth. Thank you for making my car rides better in traffic. I’ve really enjoyed your show! Cheers! Revised review 10/2/19 Oh wait they are all gone. Mr. Washington please please don’t turn out the light on your listeners. I look forward to all year.

Disappointed (1/5)

Totally disappointed that this has moved to pay platform. I would have donated if there was a donation ask!

Bummed (1/5)

Bummed this podcast is now on Luminary.

Disappointed (1/5)

Have looked forward to every season of Spooked, and was so excited for this season.... but it seems like beyond not being offered the extra episode hidden behind the pay wall, now there is not even one a week?! I would not mind hearing ads throughout if it meant I wouldn’t have to download a separate app and pay! Please return Spooked to its former glory!

Luminary sell out- lost it’s credibility and my respect (1/5)

I subscribed to luminary for the free first month to listen to the whole season, I’ll cancel as soon as I’m done. And after this season, I won’t be a listener any longer bc I refuse to pay for the subscription. Podcasts are supposed to be for everyone, and no one minds the ads! Come back to a free format, or at the very least join a multi-purpose platform (Spotify, amazon, etc) to make it worth people’s money. I’d disassociate with Luminary (especially with their horrible reviews and waning reputation), or anticipate a significant downfall of success.


I look forward to Spooked every spooky season AND NOW IM SAD BECAUSE LUMINARY STOLE MY SPOOKY SEASON JOY

The disrespect! (1/5)

Was really looking forward to this podcast. So upsetting that we now have to pay to listen to it.

Disappointed in Spooked (1/5)

Used to love this podcast and looked forward to it but now I have to pay to listen..No thanks.. not a good move.

Wow (1/5)

Wow. Spooked really brought out my Halloween spirit every year and they sell out to have all of their episodes behind a paywall. Sad. So many people here seem to feel the same. Wonder if they will change their mind. Will stop recommending this show to other people now.

Disappointed it moved to luminary (2/5)

I’ve been a very loyal listener and have gotten a couple other people hooked- I’ve always looked forward to this show every Fall. I’m incredibly disappointed as a fan that they moved to paid content, especially when 1) WNYC is public radio and 2) they could use ads like the majority of other podcasts. I reeeaaalllllyy hope you reconsider this move and come on back!

Bring it back with ads! (1/5)

I was wondering where you went and I see in the reviews that it switched to a paid subscription. Who pays for podcasts?!?! Much rather have the ads. Like many of the other reviewers I wait all year for the new season to come out its so good. Sorry to say not going to pay for a podcast subscription. Listeners should get a vote!! Bring it back with ads!!

No new episodes? (1/5)

Week 3 and no new episodes? What happened :(

Luminary (3/5)

While this is a fantastic podcast, what is so Luminary about charging for the privilege to hear it. Once again the word privilege enters the ranks. Well, there are many who have the privilege of not being able to afford 7.50 a month because that will pay for some makings in a meal. Yeah, it costs money to make the podcast, yet charging those with not as much.... a poor snap judgement.

Someone turned out the lights (1/5)

Great show, but if you think I’m going to download another app and pay a subscription fee, you’re out of your mind.

Come back to the free side. We have listeners! (1/5)

I used to love this podcast. But no way am I paying $7.99 for Luminary Permium for “access to 40 Luminary exclusives”. Um, what? You could at least partner with Audible/Amazon/Netflix something else that already exists and people already use to make it more economical. Podcasts are great because they are free. This is such a sell out.

T H E C H I L L S (1/5)

First episode of the season and it was so good! It gave me the chills the whole way home. Can’t wait to hear the next one! .....A few weeks later and I am disappointed just like everyone else here. I was really anticipating this podcast, since it only comes around once a year. Wish it would go back to the way it used to be.

Luminary... really. (1/5)

I love Spooked but I’m disappointed by this switch over. I’ve gotten so many people to listen who definitely won’t pay for yet another service. Shoulda just done ads. Good luck. ://


I am not paying $8.00 a month for a Podcast sorry. They just lost a listener!

So upset (1/5)

I love listening to Glynn Washington and all of his guests on Spooked, but unfortunately I can’t pay to listen. Come back!!!! Help out us poor/struggling people!!

Sad day (3/5)

It really is such a bummer that things have been moved to Luminary. This was my favorite podcast.

Such a shame (1/5)

So sad we have to pay to listen. Spooked had a good run. Hate seeing what they’ve done to one of my favorite podcasts.

One of the best! (5/5)

I love all this paranormal and this podcast is it! I listened to all the seasons at least twice and I’m loving season 3 so far. Every episode I get the chills 👀. Keep up the great content!

Luminary... (2/5)

I love this podcast and loyally listen to it on my way to work. I understand that they need support from listeners financially, but completely cutting out episode availability is pretty low. I am fine with getting half as many episodes or having to wait longer for them than Luminary subscribers, but to completely cut out non-subscribers is threatening to their brand and audience. I can’t pay $8/month for the entire Luminary library... I just want Spooked.

Never been so disappointed (1/5)

I’ve been looking forward to Spooked all year. It can’t compare to any of the other ghost related podcasts in my opinion. I’ve never enjoyed a podcast more, especially the narration. I was happily listening to the new episodes, but that all changed when suddenly they stopped and now I’m told I have to pay. How greedy! Can’t you just have ads like everyone else. One of my other favorite podcasts has three ad interruptions with multiple ads each (for episodes that aren’t very long), but I grin and bear it because I love it. Halloween won’t feel the same without Spooked to listen to. There is no way I’m paying, so I guess I’ll just have to move on. I’m pretty heartbroken.

And now his watch is ended (1/5)

I feel abandoned. I thought podcasts were supposed to be this source of free information and entertainment for all. Sadly, even the noble ones sell out.

Not happy to pay (1/5)

Love love love Spooked! Excited new season is here. Very upset about luminary charging to hear the episodes. You may lose many listeners. $7.99 +tax is a lot to pay a month.

Love this podcast but luminary? (3/5)

I love these stories! But I’m so disappointed regarding the platform move :(

Really? We need to pay for this podcast now? (1/5)

We already donate to NPR and have enjoyed listening to this podcast the last few years in a lead up to Halloween. Very, very disappointed that there is now a monthly $8 fee for this. Please go back to your ad based model.

Stories are too short! (4/5)

Please, give more time to your storytellers and less time to your introductions.

You’ve got to be kidding me... (1/5)

Money grubbing mofos...ugh!!!

Paywall for a publicly subsidized show? (1/5)

Myself and my family have been avid listener’s since the first season, we believe that it is a great show and it is a yearly part of our Halloween celebrations. It is disappointing that the podcast is now hidden behind a pay wall, we would gladly pay for the episodes themselves, but do not feel comfortable giving a podcast platform our bank information and the ability to automatically draw payment out monthly for a service we only use during the Halloween season. It is also disappointing because this podcast is a part of public radio’s programming, which has always been subsidized by taxpayers. In the most recent episodes Spooked has not been clear that they were going to be hiding their episodes behind a pay wall only, very disappointed.

Get out of here! (1/5)

I found this podcast last year and enjoyed it, but I am not cool with the switch to just pay for podcast on another app. I would rather have commercials in the episodes than pay the ridiculous price. RIP Spooked.

Where’d y’all go? (5/5)

My boyfriend used to listen to you every week. We haven’t seen any new episodes. What’s happenin?

REALLY Bummed. (1/5)

I look forward to this podcast every year. Now I have to pay to listen to it at all? WHAT? I understand things cost money, I do. Why not do what every other podcast in the universe does and have ads? Honestly, half the time I don’t even care about the ads because your shows and others are just THAT good! Truthfully I just don’t think it makes sense to pay $8 monthly for a podcast that only lasts for two months. Especially in my case where this is the only podcast from what you and Luminary offer that I listen to. There were other ways to solve this issue, but instead, this route was taken and it looks like I won’t be the only follower you lose because of it. My podcast Halloween was completely ruined. Incredibly disappointed.

Awesome podcast (5/5)

Love, love love this podcast!

It was great while it lasted (1/5)

So bummed that my favorite podcast, the one that I look forward to all year, is now a pay to listen podcast. The stories are good, like really good, if i had known they needed more listener/donor support i would have pitched in more. I’m not interested in paying a monthly subscription fee to a third party company.

Love (5/5)

This is my favorite podcast this time of year. I listen to it all the time l, and am earthly awaiting the next episode... it has been too long! Also with season 3, what happened to the episodes between #3 and #7?

What happened? (2/5)

The free samples are hardly enough to get me to go look for it to pay. This thing went downhill fast.

Dissappointed. (1/5)

I loved the 1st two seasons, but the Luminary pay wall is annoying. I’d rather get all the content and listen to ads. The storytelling is too good for luminary to kill this podcast by charging to listen. Guess I don’t get to hear all of season 3 unless I decide to pay.

Boo to Luminary (2/5)

I’ve listened loyally & recommended to everyone. Got two other dedicated listeners started & we waited in anticipation for season 3, but now there’s this luminary cash grab bs & we’re all disappointed. Use ads like everyone else.

Why do I have to pay (1/5)

Long time listener, excited every year for the stories, now I have to PAY. We already donate to NPR. Disappointed 😕

Nah (1/5)

Over the last couple of years I’ve looked forward to Spooked! However, this year I notice that I can only see 4 episodes...huh? After reading some reviews, I realize, ohhh...they’re now on luminary. To which I have to pay 7.99 a month to listen to it. Among other podcasts that I can listen to for free on Apple podcasts. It’s not that I don’t want to pay for podcasts, I understand everyone has to make a living. Which is why I sponsor some podcasts on patreon. Directly. What a disappointment :(

Bittersweet (1/5)

Loved spooked and listened to all the seasons. Really bummed that you have to pay for this season.

Serious goosebumps! (5/5)

I listen to a lot of creepy podcasts and my favorites are the ones with firsthand accounts. While all the others are great, “Spooked” is the only one that gives me literal goosebumps. Amazing host (seriously, how great is his voice) and content to match. You WILL get chills, you WILL be looking over your shoulder and maybe popping one earbud out for good measure. FIVE stars, no question.

So sad this requires payment for consistency. (2/5)

I love Spooked and wait for this podcast all year long. Very disappointed that I can not listen to new episodes here regularly. They are released very sporadically this season with the only way to listen consistently is by downloading and paying 7.99/month on Luminary where they are all available.

Extremely disappointed in the switch (1/5)

2 years ago, and last year included, I would’ve gave this podcast 10 stars if I could’ve. But now I don’t even get all the episodes? I get 1, 2, 4, and 7 sporadically over course of a month? No thank you. I really enjoy this podcast but I am not going to pay $8+ a month for a podcast that only releases 15 minute episodes for 2 months a year. Get ads. Blue apron, me undies, squarespace, anything. But buying and downloading a new app? That ain’t it guys. I suppose this will be my last 25% of the season, I listen to. Will most likely, unfortunately, be unsubscribing come 2020.

Been looking forward to more since Season 1 (5/5)

The best podcast ever, I can’t get enough! So happy Spooked will run for longer this year!!!

Hate the push to Luminary! (2/5)

I never minded ads for podcasts, it made it so I could always find something fun to listen to for free. I love this program, but now it is no longer available to me as it has become “exclusive” to Luminary, a service I can’t afford to pay the $8/mo, $96/year fee for. Boycott Luminary!

RIP spooked (1/5)

my favorite podcast is now stuck behind a pay wall.

Disappointed in Luminary (1/5)

I used to love this show but the new change over to Luminary is quite sad. Luminary is a terrible app and really takes the power away from supporters of public radio. Spooked is a prime example of this. Wish I didn’t have to pay some third party company to listen to this show — I would gladly donate or skip through a few minutes of ads, but I refuse to support the cash grab app Luminary. Maybe they will come to their senses next year, but until then I’m leaving a low rating and have stopped spreading the word. Anyways, give the episodes here on Apple podcasts a listen but when you leave a review remember how poorly they treat their loyal fans. Really a great show, although incredibly misguided with getting their content to their fans.

Waiting eagerly! (5/5)

This is such a fun show and I’m waiting with anticipation for the next episode! When when when?!

love it! But (1/5)

I absolutely love this podcast it’s my favorite. I wait all year for it and I’m so sad to know that now I have to pay to listen to it. it’s too bad I really enjoyed it and tell everybody to listen but now that you’re only on luminary I guess I’ll have to say goodbye 😑😞

Disappointing season all around (1/5)

Previous seasons stories are so far better than the one being told now. Don’t know when a new episode is coming, or when it does, I can’t access it. Used to be two stories per episode for the most part now it’s like one 15 minutes story. Quality has really gone down, very sad to see.

Disappointed (1/5)

I’ve been a long time listener, and now I find out I have to pay for the podcast? Seriously? Sorry but now thanks. Super disappointed.

Too slow coming out (4/5)

Season 3 episodes are coming out too slowly this year. I get it. You want us to buy the luminary app. However, you will lose our interest, you know us...your fan base

So what are going to do to get back listeners?? (1/5)

Enjoyed previous seasons. Have read tons of reviews condemning you for making people pay for a public radio show when we already support NPR/PBS. I’m sure you’ve seen the tons of complaints as well. So when are you going to restore the show to its previous accessibility? Please make sure to notify previous subscribers when you do, because until then you are removed from my, as well as many other NPR supporters, playlists.

Scheduling (5/5)

Please keep a more punctual schedule. I don’t like to wait to be spooked!

Favorite Podcast (5/5)

I just flipping love this!!!

Yikes! (1/5)

Very disappointed that this podcast cannot be listened to on my regular podcast player now. Not everyone can afford the subscription.

No luminary (1/5)

Great podcast but not subscribing to Luminary at $8/month for one podcast. I understand these shows cost money to produce but either sell ads or stick to a more flexible payment option like Patreon. No one likes being strong armed into a subscription service they’ve never heard of. Especially in a market that’s saturated with similar content.

Top notch production (5/5)

The music, The sounds, and the scary stories make this an amazing podcast. Keep it up

Great podcast! But the Luminary thing ... (2/5)

I’ve been waiting all year for this podcast only to find out I can’t listen to each episode unless I subscribe to Luminary - super disappointing. So much for a spooky fall.

Disappointed (1/5)

Absolutely loved this podcast. Had everyone at work listening to it. We are all very disappointed we won’t have the opportunity to listen to the new season with it being on a new app you have to pay for. Would have given it 5 stars other wise.

Disappointed (2/5)

Was such great podcast until y’all teamed up with Luminary. Shouldn’t have to pay for this content. Lost a fan.

Luminary 👎 (1/5)

Love this podcast, I look forward to it all year but switching solely to luminary was a bad decision. Hopefully they will release the rest of season 3 on Apple podcasts in the future.

LOVE but.. (1/5)

Such a great podcast but I’m not gonna pay $7.99 a month for a different podcast app when this would be the only podcast I’d listen to on said app. It’s kinda of annoying tbh and puts me off the podcast completely. If there was a patreon or something I’d donate to that instead.

No Luminary! (1/5)

Im also not paying for Luminary even though I was so looking forward to this season. I’d happily listen through ads or even pay in iTunes. It really is a great podcast.

Sold out - too bad. (1/5)

The luminary sponsorship means the new season of this awesome podcast are not accessible. Big disappointment.

Always Anticipated (5/5)

Some of these stories are S-C-A-R-Y!!!! I look forward to this program every single year I hope it goes on forever!!

I wish this was weekly (5/5)

I wait all year for this podcast and when it’s over I’m left incomplete. This needs to be a weekly podcast.

Loved the stories but disappointed (3/5)

So I absolutely love this podcast. I have to listen to something happy before I go to bed so I don’t have nightmares ! Lol But now that I’ve caught up to season 3 and found out that in order to listen to some of the episodes I have to pay Luminary I’m severely disappointed. I agree with other reviewers that I’d rather listen to double the length advertising and asking for donations than pay another app.

Good stuff (5/5)

Fun! Keep it up!

Spooky ‘spensive (4/5)

I love this podcast, they do such a great job setting the spooky mood and telling these stories in a believable way. But I do wish there was another way for them to make it profitable... the last thing we all need is another app with another monthly fee. Isn’t patreon enough?



The SPOOKIEST, again (5/5)

I was actually a bit disappointed by season two last year but season three is coming back strong. I will probably fork over the $$$ to listen to all the episodes because the content has been worth it. “Voice in the Woods” from the first episode in S1 is still probably one of my favorite scary stories of all time, but S3 has brought in some strong contenders. Won’t be turning out the lights any time soon.

A damned shame (1/5)

I love this podcast. I do not want to pay $7/month to stream it, however. Isn’t WNYC public radio anyway? I’d rather buy a $50 hoodie to support them than buy into some third party company.

Great Show; Luminary is a Mistake (4/5)

This is the best paranormal podcast I’ve ever listened to. Unfortunately they’ve decided to pair with Luminary, and almost all their new episodes are exclusive to the Luminary app. I would sooner listen to double-length ad breaks and donation requests than support Luminary, so I am sad they made this decision. I hope it turns out well because the host and team deserve to be compensated for their brilliant work, but I strongly dislike Luminary and their model.

Content is good. Requiring Luminary app is bad. (3/5)

I’ve listened to and loved Spooked! since season 1. I’ve recommended it left and right to anyone who would listen. Am so disappointed about the requirement to use Luminary app and to pay - even small fee. Reading other reviews posted, I see I’m not alone on this. I especially feel bad for the people who contribute to their local public radio station and still have to pay extra. I know I’m a bad capitalist. This makes me sad when I could really use not being sad.

Poor choice (1/5)

Great content and I’ve been listening for years. But I am not paying for yet another subscription.

Luminary? Seriously? (1/5)

You shouldn’t have switched to solely Luminary when this is where you built your audience. It’s a slap in the face to your loyal listeners. I love you guys and your show...... but not enough for another paid subscription. Wish you all the luck on your new platform.

Rate dem to de max (5/5)

We want more! and more and more!! more more more more more ✊

Not going to subscribe to an app - sad (4/5)

Really like this show, but i resent being coerced into subscribing to an app in order to hear all the stories. I would happily pay for Spooked episodes, but I don't want to subscribe to Luminary - it doesn't work for the hardware I have, and since I'm not offered an alternative...well, bummer man.

So good! (5/5)

Some are silly, but most are great! One of my favorite podcasts. When a new season comes out every fall, it gets me excited for Halloween.

You have to pay to play (1/5)

I’m so disappointed that now you have to $7.99 to enjoy ALL the episodes. I looked forward all year to this and now you have to install an app and pay almost $10 to listen to half the episodes. This is also a seasonal podcast! I’ve changed my rating from 5 stars to 1 star. I support my favorite podcasts on Patreon. But I will not be forced to pay for them. I’ll definitely be supporting the podcasts that don’t charge me to listen to them. I give 5 stars and a great review to those podcasts that deserve them. Bad move, guys. I’ve read the other reviews here and have seen the ratings going down due to this terrible decision to couple with Luminary. I’m just doing my part. Get spooked, but don’t get hooked. Now you have to pay to play.

Chills like you’ve never been chilled before! 👻 (5/5)

If you’re like me, you love being creeped out by real ghost stories. Then way too creeped out at night to sleep. It’s the best feeling. I’ve tried the others but this one is the best hands down. Put together beautifully.

Disappointed (2/5)

I look forward to this podcast every year and I’m definitely disappointed that I have to download another app and pay just to hear the season. Major thumbs down on that move. I won’t be paying for another streaming service, I’m pretty sure most people aren’t interested in that.

Bummed (3/5)

This is one of my favorite podcasts to listen to and look forward to it during Halloween season and I’m super bummed you have to pay to listen to all the episodes. I won’t be paying the $7 to listen so I guess I’ll have to just settle for what they put out for free because I love it so much. Still disappointed though!

It’s better than drinking your own pee I guess (1/5)

I’d rather have seen this podcast die in a dignified manner after the first season than be a witness to the wet fart that it’s become: sloppy, not something you’d pay to experience, and probably one of the last things you’d want forced into your ear holes. I am truly saddened.

No Luminary! (2/5)

Love this podcast, wish I could listen to all the episodes here like before

What’s going on, guys? (3/5)

I have adored Spooked since I first heard it two years ago. Beautifully done, spooky, and perfect! I love everything about it... except whatever the heck is going on with the Luminary app and skipping episodes and charging a ridiculous price per month. Sorry, but as much as I love y’all, that’s not going to fly. I would say, 5 stars for content, but 1 star for the changes they’ve made this year. So, I rated 3 stars to average it out.

Spooked--YES! Luminary--Bummer. (3/5)

I am an avid listener of both Spooked and Snap Judgement. I love storytelling podcasts and this is definitely the best out there--by far. I look forward to listening every Halloween season. I appreciate the first-person narrative of many of the stories, as well as the top-notch editing/production. I am bummed about Luminary, $7 does seem a bit too much to pay, so it's not in the cards for me. I really appreciated the previous accessibility and I would be open to ads, but understand that it may disrupt story flow. It's life though--I will listen to what episodes are otherwise available :)

No Special App! (4/5)

Please give up on pushing the Luminary App and make all episodes available through iTunes. I love this show. I would even pay here for it specifically. But I am not paying for podcasts I don’t listen to

Mostly Great (3/5)

This podcast has high production value and fascinating content. The only downside is the narrator. He comes off pretty obnoxious and can be very grating, especially at the end with his “never turn the lights out” shpeal. It’s a sad attempt at a tag line and just annoying. Like, just...stop.

So Disappointed (1/5)

When they advertised for season 3 they mentioned 26 new episodes. Unfortunately I missed the part when he said “some” of the episodes will be available here. I used to absolutely love this podcast, but I am really frustrated by the fact that in order to listen to all of the episodes I have to subscribe to Luminary at a ridiculous price. Why didn’t you just include ads? I don’t want to have yet another monthly subscription when all I care about is Spooked. I feel like I’m missing out on the good Spooked content that’s probably on Luminary so now I don’t even want to listen anymore.

Luminary? No thank you (1/5)

Luminary was a mistake guys. You should have gone with ads. I’m already experiencing subscription-fatigue from Netflix, Amazon, this and that. Enough is enough. And I thought you were part of public radio. What gives? Also, this season dropped in quality substantially: if you see a guest or story is sub-par, just don’t use it. It ruins the quality of the show.

Inaccessible Fave (1/5)

Disappointing in the extreme that not all content is available without subscribing to Luminary. Love Spooked! Love Snap Judgment. Love Glynn Washington. Not feeling it w/Luminary. So bummed. :-( Five stars to one for me. Halloween will not be the same.(Removing the numbers that drew attention to the gaps might make for good optics, but changes nothing. So sad to lose this one after sharing it with so many fellow lovers of all things spooky. Sigh. Vintage spooky radio shows are free. Sticking with that. Sniffle. YOU MADE ME SAD! Envision pouty lip and brimming eyes. I should be getting delicious chills, not getting emo.)

Love the podcast but $7 a month? (3/5)

I agree with another user. I’d be more willing to pay $1-2 for a month of these episodes but $7 a month is too much.

Not the same since season 1 (3/5)

I loved the first season! But season 2 and now 3 aren’t even close to being as good as season 1. I feel like It’s just people talking about their paranormal experiences, that aren’t believable to me. Now we have to download another app & pay way too much💰 for access to all of season 3 that isn’t that good to begin with. No thanks! I have enough apps & too many subscriptions already. Original review:This is an awesome new podcast. You won’t be disappointed!

Yes! Yes! Yes! (5/5)

So glad for a 3rd season. Awesome stories. Great for playing around the campfire, for those like me that can’t tell a scary story to save my life.

Missing episodes (4/5)

I love this show so much, but I’m bummed to see that season 3 skips from episode 2 to 4 and then from 4 to 7. Is this some kind of spooky trick?

Paying $7/mo for full season is BS (3/5)

This is one of my favorite podcasts, but it’s also the only one that doesn’t give you the full season unless you pay for a $7/mo subscription?! They could at least called the premium content “bonuses” like other podcasts so we don’t feel like we’re losing full episodes. I’d be more inclined to pay if I could just get Spooked content for $1-2/mo.

I love this podcast! (5/5)

These stories are creepy and scary not gory. I always listen in the daytime.

Bummer (1/5)

I loved this podcast and it was free the last 2 seasons, now we have to download another app and pay? What a crock! Just get adds. Won’t be paying. Guess I’ll just listen to your competitors like most people. You all are losing business with this move.

So scary! (5/5)

I love the stories! They’re all so creepy. I’ve caught up and have been looking out for more scary stories podcast, but nothing is as good as this one!

I love Spooked so much!!! Best podcast ever!!! (5/5)

These are fantastic stories!!! I am enjoying these hair standing stories!!! Love this!!

Great stories! (5/5)

I binged all available episodes over three days at work. They are great to listen too.

No luminary (1/5)

I already missed 3 episodes and I donate to WYNC public radio and now they want even more money to listen to podcast where does it end.

Disappointed but still love (4/5)

I love love this show but I was terribly disappointed to find out that I have to go through a another website to hear all of the episodes.

Sad The Podcast Switched Platforms (1/5)

The first two seasons were really great. I definitely enjoyed them. I’m sad they left Apple podcasts for Luminary. Not sure what led them to make this mistake. I won’t be subscribing any longer due to the added cost. Hopefully it will return to where it can be listened to again. Best of luck!

Sharp Toothed Boy is the Worst Episode (4/5)

Please re-do this episode or add an additional story to make up for the absolute worst; in fact the only bad story on the podcast. The story is first unbelievable, it’s one person telling a story with no back up from other people what so ever; not even any tidbits of the actual interview to make it sound believable. C’mon! The narrator never tells anyone about a crazy looking ghost she see’s in her bedroom; she doesn’t even seem to be scared. Her not crying, having the shivers or having any kind of cold sensations in the room made it that much more unbelievable. And then she goes on to say that her mother spoke with the devil himself. Seriously?! Can the mother be on the show and tell some of the story like, “Yeah, the Devil came to talk to me about my daughter.” Again, please remove this story it does not deserve to be on this awesome podcast....somebody dropped the ball BIG TIME on this one. I love the Spooked podcast and have been listening to it from the beginning as well as SNAP JUDGMENT. I even down loaded the Luminary App to listen to more episodes;(first 30 days is free, which I will cancel before being charged.) I will continue listening but man oh man; Glen, if your reading this, your Granny stories are sooooo much better!! I would love to read your supernatural experiences and stories in a book or listen to them on the podcast any day before even attempting to listen to this last episode again. Still love you guys, gals and gools! Sincerely, Leche 👻

Dream Podcast! (5/5)

Imagine the quality and storytelling genius of Snap Judgement combined with the best spooky stories you’ve ever heard but with a soundscape that makes you feel like you’re there! I love Glen Washington’s personal stories that prepare you for the weeks episodes. I love being invited in by Glen! This is a podcast that I wait for, with bated breath, every year (for the last 2 years). Tell EVERYONE! This is my new favorite spooky tradition.

Luminary ? (2/5)

Pay to listen to the whole season seems like a cash grab. Every other show out there is able to make it with in show ads. Love the show, won’t pay for it though.

where’d it go??? (4/5)

I would rather listen to ads or pay directly to Snap to get Spooked. So disappointing!

Where are the episodes? (5/5)

After a good start the episodes for season 3 have stopped downloading. What happened ? I only have 1, 2 and 4. Episode 3 briefly appeared and then stopped appearing. Will this be resolved? I love this podcast especially during the fall.

Luminary?! (1/5)

Why would I download ANOTHER app on my phone to listen to one podcast? Great business model. When I feel like hearing ghost stories I’ll just listen to any of the other 30-40 similar but EASILY AVAILABLE ghost podcasts out there that don’t require an app download.

Bye Bye (5/5)

This is one of my favorite podcast! Helps me get in the Halloween spirit, but I won’t download the Luminary App. Bye Bye Spooked!

Awesome podcast! (5/5)

I found this while browsing and I must say I love it! It is wonderful stories told by the actual people it happened to and not just narrated by someone. The stories are told so wonderfully my attention is always held. Good job guys keep it up! I am impatiently waiting for new episodes to come out! :)

Not paying a subscription!!! (3/5)

Love this podcast been listening since season 1. I was so excited when I checked and saw some episodes had started in August. Unfortunately now they want you to pay a subscription to Luminary to listen to all the episodes. Sorry but that’s a really bad move on their part. Going to lose lots of fans based on the rest of the comments I’ve read. So disappointed! Would have been 5 star but they dropped the ball with Luminary.

Disappointed (3/5)

I understand money makes the world go round, but I’d rather have a subscription through one app that I know is going straight to the show. I was very disappointed to learn I’d have to download and pay just to have access to everything in the third season. Sad Snapper in Nor Cal

Lest podcast, worst host (3/5)

I love this podcast, but the host is so over serious and a bad, over-actor. I always have to skip the into parts. Don’t need to get rid of him, but his unrelated and unconvincing narrative is brutal.

Disappointed (3/5)

I started listening to this podcast a year or so ago to get my spooky fix (especially around Halloween). I loved the stories and the content. But I’m not going to be paying for it. I understand these podcasts take money to produce, but I’d rather listen to an ad or two then to deal with any kind of subscription or fan club. Sad that a lot of podcasts are beginning to require a monthly payment for you to get full content.

Wow (1/5)

They ruined their podcast when they sold out to Luminary. Now you have to pay to listen to the episodes. Not worth it.

Is this weird (5/5)

Lol I love listening to this right before I go to bed. Is that weird

They Can’t Make a Bad Podcast (5/5)

I want to start off by saying, this is my first ever iTunes review. I easily listen to 20-30 podcast episodes a week — on my commute to work, while working solo, or doing chores around the house. And if you’re a frequent listener of podcasts and are not listening to this one, what are you doing? Their sister podcast, Snap Judgement, changed my whole perspective on storytelling, radio, and opened a world to me. I started listening to SJ through NPR and I was hooked. When I heard they were making a podcast solely devoted to their scary stories told during my favorite time of year, that sealed the deal! Glynn is always entertaining and brings incredible guests to the show with stories that are so captivating that they are worth a second or third listen. Go subscribe!

I absolutely love this podcast!! (5/5)

I look forward to every Thursday for my new download. Looking forward to hearing more episodes this season.

I can’t get enough of Spooked! (5/5)

Love the stories! The very best creepy stories out there!

Fun! (5/5)

Love listening.

Love this show, hate the move to Luminary (5/5)

How could you take a series that has been free since its inception over to a platform that requires payment? This has really ruined the series for me...I don’t mind donating directly to Snap Judgement or Spooked but to go through a third-party? It just doesn’t feel as authentic anymore and that’s what made these stories so addictive to listen to as well as moving and emotional. Ya’ll getting too corporate now...and the overall production/narrative is starting to sound less unscripted, more constrained. I will not be paying for Luminary so no more Spooked for me other than the episodes you provide for free.

Luminary?! (4/5)

This podcast is great. The perfect mix of scary and intriguing. Fun beats, smooth narration and real life stories. By far one of my favorite podcasts. I only gave it four stars because in order to listen to every episode you now have to pay $8 a month for Luminary. I would rather have more advertisements then have to have a different app.

Awesome podcast not happy about Luminary (3/5)

I love this podcast! I am only giving it 3 stars because am not happy that in order to get all the shows, we are being required to pay for Luminary premium. :(

Love. This. Podcast. (5/5)

Loyal listener from the very beginning! Everything is awesome - when I hear the theme music, It just relaxes me and then boom! comes the scares. I just hate the move to Luminary......don’t know if I’ll make the move over.

Love it but disappointed (3/5)

Love this podcast, but very disappointed in the switch to Luminary. Won’t be able to listen anymore.

Not a big fan of animal cruelty (1/5)

First episode that had to do with someone focused on dogs and cats dying. Time to shut it off.

Love this podcast (5/5)

I love this podcast the only thing that is bothering me is the switch to luminary it is a problem that I don’t have access to all the episodes anymore.

Great Podcast! (5/5)

This Podcast is one of the best ones I've heard yet! The stories keep you on the edge of your seat and the host does an amazing job introducing each segment!

# 1 fan Henry (5/5)

This is actually the best podcast ever.Its not horribly gruesome like other podcasts and it’s actually scary. The best one is tales from the smoke house,HANDS DOWN.

What happened?? (1/5)

Love this show, been following for last two years. I don’t want to download and buy an app sub just for one podcast. I’d rather donate. It’s silly having two podcast applications. Not a great marketing idea.

Luminary? $7.99? 😑 (1/5)

Disappointed Snapper here. This was one of my favorite podcasts and I’ve been looking forward to S3 since last year... now you think you’re Netflix? Shame shame.

Love (5/5)

I wish this was a year round podcast

Shut up, host. (1/5)

The stories are amazing, but by GOD the host is trying SO hard to Spooky? Either way it’s annoying. I regularly give up on this podcast because of his constant rantings. But now that it’s moving and I’ll have to pay? I’m definitely out.

Excellent stories - no to luminary (2/5)

So sad. This is the podcast that got me into podcasts, but a paywall and a terrible app?? No thanks.

The BEST!! (5/5)

The stories are spooky, the narrator’s voice is rich and his intro stories remind me of childhood stories from my southern relatives! This is just the best podcast for an imaginative story lover!!!

What’s up with luminary? (3/5)

Love all of G.W.’s productions, but really disappointed in use of Luminary. I donate and would have been happy to donate more if it would have prevented me from needing yet another app to use something in my life. Podcast rating 3 stars bc to listen to all episodes this season, I now need to lay more money, create another account, and get another app.

Loving this (5/5)

I am absolutely loving this podcast, and have been listening for about a year. As someone who lives with spirits my whole life it’s so awesome to hear other people’s stories. I’m Wiccan as well so it’s so amazing to hear these other people who can see these things.

$8?! (1/5)

I used to absolutely adore this podcast so I am horribly disappointed they are now charging. Way to sell out.

The Season of the Spooked! (5/5)

Spooked is one of those podcasts I anticipate all year. It humanizes the in-human, unnatural forces in our world, and shines a light on the beautiful, scary, and transcendental elements of the supernatural world. I just can’t get enough, it gives my whole friend/family group a reason to gather and listen together. Make it a part of your Halloween countdown tradition!

Loved the 1st person account, but (3/5)

I loved Seasons 1 and 2, it was the first person accounts were awesome. Now they want you to pay on Luminary to get all of the episodes!? Hell no! I would rather donate to keep the podcast free. So disappointed.

I’m out on Luminary (2/5)

Like most other people have said, I love the podcast but wish they would get away from Luminary. It’s the worst.

Stellar! (5/5)

Without a doubt the best true ghost story podcast. I feel like I have tried listening to nearly every paranormal podcast out there and more often than not they are hard to even get through. Not Spooked! Thank you for creating a stellar podcast in a pretty difficult genre. The best! Maybe one day I will share my stories with you.

It’s soooo worth waiting a whole year for this! (5/5)

This is my favorite podcast! Best one in the category! Love, love, love!

The best spooky story podcast! (5/5)

This is, unquestionably, the best spooky story podcast I have yet to hear. I love to store up the episodes and listen with my wife on road trips. The storytelling is awesome, and- wait for it- the stories are actually frightening! I recommend it to all my podcast-listening friends.

Wow. (5/5)

I’ve been waiting all year for this podcast to return!! So amazing. The story telling and the scores are amazing!

Fantastic but... (5/5)

They sent it over to Luminary for some reason. Luminary is a terrible app. Just stick with what’s working!

Pay to listen ? (2/5)

I’ve loved Spooked since it first came out, but disappointed learn they’re now charging to listen to all 26 episodes. I’d gladly donate just so that I wouldn’t have to download another app and get charged a monthly fee.

Mostly good (3/5)

Fascinating stories but the host narrator’s voice is super annoying and distracting. If you fast forward past those parts the stories themselves are entertaining.

Going Downhill (3/5)

This used to be my favorite podcast, but there are some serious flaws emerging. The previously wonderful and elegant host has become, sorry to say, very long winded with his intros. So it takes very long to get to the stories. Every single episode you have to hear him go “Never, ever, ever,ever, ever, turn out the light” plus on and on. The most disappointing new change is that you have to pay $7.99 a month for content. Boo!! I would have paid on patreon gladly, but this is only of dozens of podcasts I listen to. $8 per month is too much. Especially considering some of the content has been borrowed from the Jim Harold Paranormal Podcast (which is free.) Bummer.

Really, Luminary? (2/5)

This is a great podcast but I’d rather just pay everyone for their time for the season. It’s lame that we would have to subscribe to a service that wants you to pay monthly just to listen to this. Not joining another subscription.

Love the stories, not the host (4/5)

I first tried listening to this a while back and found the narrator at the beginning of every episode so over-the-top and hokey. When I tried again months later and realized people are actually telling their stories once I got past the intro, I loved it. Now I fast-forward through his cheesy intro and interludes. Dial it down, dude.

So dang good!!! (5/5)

This podcast is amazing; I’m so glad it’s back for a third season!

Totally ruined me (5/5)

I’ve got to say, this is my second year listening to this podcast. Last year I’ve binged both of the first two seasons. I was so excited to see that it started again. But now I have to say you have totally ruined me for any other “spooky“ type podcast. You do this so beautifully, and as a former journalism major, and amateur writer, I have to say this is so beautifully done it gives me chills every time I listen! Please, please, keep doing what you’re doing, and advertise if you’re doing anything else, because I listen to this and Snap Judgment, and I think you’re amazing!

Best podcasts ever! (5/5)

Hey I really like your podcasts I was listening to them in my moms car and they were crazy scary. The fact that they like HAPPENED is so cool and it makes it more interesting and scary. I like being scared and your podcasts make me quadruple scared. My favorite(so far)is Mrs.Hagstrom because like it is so so so so so so so scary and the spirit was trying to enter that little kid. Lol seriously sometimes I wish I had a haunted house. Its a five star for me.

Good podcast (4/5)

Good podcast but not tryna download luminary to listen to it

This podcast is EVERYTHING! (5/5)

A friend told me about this podcast and I’m OBSESSED. LOL Seriously. I’ve been binging all the previous seasons for about a week while I’m driving. And I started listening just in time for season 3! 😱🙌🏽 So excited!! 💃🏽

Leave out the bias, otherwise great podcast (3/5)

The reference in the Mrs. Hagstrom introduction to a person with a $1,000 briefcase and their having a sense of “entitlement”, really? What makes you say they have a sense of “entitlement”? A $1,000 briefcase? Critically speaking, that’s not even logical. It’s more like unnecessary assumption and bias. That’s not kind. Following the golden rule results in more civility. Thanks for your time.

Halloween Wish (5/5)

Spooky ghosts, I have but one Halloween wish: please make this podcast a year-round dish.

I love this podcast! (5/5)

The excitement I feel when I see a new episode is available is like a kid on their birthday. Thank you so much for extending the season!

Unhappy (2/5)

I love love love this podcast so much but I am SUPER annoyed with the move to Luminary. I don’t care about ads, I’m not paying for yet another app just to listen to this without them. I was looking forward to this season, now I’m just disappointed.

Scary move (5/5)

I say boo! to the move to luminary. The thought of subscribing to a service I only have interest in because of one particular podcast sends chills down my spine. It’s like spooked has disappeared into thin air. Will it’s stories return from beyond the grave? I hope so.

Love it! (5/5)

This is such a awesome podcast! The whole production is done well and the stories are very addicting!!

I used to like it... (1/5)

But you sold out to Luminary that will only allow us to listen for $8 a month. So freakin disappointed. I will no longer recommend this podcast.

Too much NOISE (2/5)

I wanted to love this and saw the high rating but honestly for me the LOUD noice over the narration is just too overwhelming. It makes it not enjoyable to listen to. The stories are good if you can stand the constant loud racket coming in at totally random times. It’s really just annoying.

Disappointed (1/5)

I waited all year for this and now cannot listen. Lost a fan.

What I Look Forward To (5/5)

I had no problem listening to Season 3, episode 1, last week on my Apple podcasts app. In fact, it usually drops on Wednesday night, a night earlier. So far, I’ve not had to sign up with Luminary. Spooked is what I look forward to and I’m never disappointed.

No to paywall :’( (3/5)

I understand that last season they had a lot of issues with raised funding for the podcast. They got a lot of donations but this season Luminary has sucked them in.. Looks like only a few episodes will be release while the “26” advertised are behind a paywall. I think it would be best to bring clarity about this to fans because everyone is confused about this :( . Would have much preferred a patreon fundraiser than. Sad to leave my fav spooky podcast behind RIP

Spooks, Thrills and Chills (5/5)

It’s not Halloween season until the first episode of Spooked drops each season. If you love spooky podcasts you will love Spooked!

Real Goosebumps (5/5)

Strong unbelievable sincere with good passion to listen I love it thank you

Amazing! (5/5)

This podcast is so great! I have listened to every episode, and it never gets old.

Yesssssssss (5/5)

I’ve been looking forward to this all year! Love the beats too they really round out the experience of Spooked.

Please don’t sell out to Luminary! (4/5)

I am OBSESSED with this podcast and have looked forward to its release every fall for the last couple years. I choose the least-chilling episodes to play for my tween kids who ask for more on the regular. BUT I’m super bummed that they sold out to Luminary this season. I do not like to be put in a position to pay for the use of a shoddy app just to lose the ads. I have never minded ads in my podcasts. Please come back to your original platform, Spooked!

Super disappointed about the move to Luminary (1/5)

Oh Snap

An excellent podcast however... (5/5)

I find that Season 3 will evidently ONLY be available on yet another app for yet another “premium” monthly subscription of Only $7.99. How many of these specialty apps are we supposed to be able to screw with financially? Luminary, Spotify, Apple, etc etc etc etc - it just keeps adding up and it’s gotten ridiculous. I love the stories on Spooked but I just can’t justify another money sucking app. 🤬

Best spooky podcast (5/5)

Nothing is better than real scary stories told by the person who experienced it. I’ve tried to find other podcasts similar to spooked but they all fail to deliver. Hate monotone ghost stories that other podcasts put out. I’m co scantly checking to see if a new episode has dropped. What do I do during the entire year while I wait for a new season? Binge all the old seasons.

Superior Podcast (5/5)

The stories, the production values, the editing— EVERYTHING about Spooked is top notch! My four daughters and I look forward to sitting quietly together on rainy days or chilly evenings and listening to these uniquely creepy stories told in first person— which makes them relatable and even scarier!

👍🏼 (5/5)

Above and beyond best podcast

Love the show! Hate the opening poems bleh (4/5)

Great show I hate the poems at the beginning

Love this Podcast (5/5)

My favorite spooky storytelling, I look forward to it all year long.

Great show (5/5)

The best scary podcast!!!

By far, my favorite of all podcasts (5/5)

I listen to a LOT of podcasts across all genres. News, true crime, politics, health and fitness, shows about nothing in particular, like (TBTL) and, of course, scary stories. By far, Spooked is my favorite. When you put REAL ghost stories narrated by real people, and they scare the f#%^ our of me, you e done a good job. I always want more. I’m so glad this season has more episodes. Thank you, and please make this year-round!!!!! Misty Birmingham, AL

I’m so excited! (5/5)

This is the best ghost podcast out there, and it’s going to be something I look forward to and savor every year! My method this time is to relisten to season 1 and 2.. then binge the rest on Halloween. My favorite time of year 🖤

Mr. G. tells stories like no one else! The music and effects just immerses you. (5/5)

The story flow, the music, it’s what gets me in the Halloween mood 👻🎃🖤. Amazing scary storytellin’ with a beat!! Thanks for what you do ✌🏽💜🙏🏽

Fabulous (5/5)

Unlike some other ghost podcasts, this one is done with quality audio equipment so you're not struggling to understand. The stories are well selected and quality produced. Love it.

Thank you Jesus!!!!!!!!! (5/5)

I’ve been waiting all year for this.

It’s fire (5/5)

This show slaps

‘‘Tis the season (5/5)

We all know Halloween is right around the corner when a new season of Spooked airs! I’m so excited!!!! I love love love this podcast. It’s my all time favorite. And who better then Glen Washington to tell stories. He’s amazing.

My favorite (5/5)

Best paranormal podcast out there! Great narrator, great production!

Series is 🔥🔥🔥 (5/5)

This series is sooooooo good!

Favorite Podcast (5/5)

I wait for Spooked’s new season every year. I am so beyond excited for the extra long season this year. This is everything I’ve been looking for in a paranormal / scary stories podcast.

The most wonderful time of the year (5/5)

Christmas has nothing on Spooked season. Is it real, is it made up, are all psychic stories a giant hoax? Who knows but I definitely want to hear all of them.

Zahra (1/5)

I don’t like it 😐😐😐

I can’t wait for only once a week!! (5/5)

Best podcast ever

LOVE IT (5/5)


So addicted. (5/5)

Excited that the new season will start soon. I’m a total fan of Snap Judgment and the Spooked series is just icing on the cake.

Anxiously waiting! (5/5)

So excited for season 3!!! I loved the first two seasons, and can’t wait for more episodes!

So excited it’s back! (5/5)

Perfectly executed scary stories. Will give you shivers, make you cry, and make you think. Love this brilliant podcast so much.

False description (3/5)

On episode 6 Series 1 the description is wrong. The border patrol agent meets a mountain lion/ or Sasquatch instead of his long-dead colleague in the desert. Other than that, show is pretty noice 👌👍

Can’t wait for season 3!!!!!! (5/5)

I have it marked in my calendar!!!!

Been waiting (5/5)

Yay!!!! Cant wait for the new season 😍😍😍

So happy it’s back!! (5/5)

Last two years I really got into this series. And I was so excited to see that it came back this year! No better way to get into the Halloween mood then with this podcast. So happy it’s back great job!

Spooked! Round 3 oh my!!!! (5/5)

Can’t wait for this years round of creepy stories and bumps in the night as the summer air cools to the autumn chill

Yes!!! (5/5)

This podcast is everything amazing. It's the perfect combo of beautiful and creative sound engineering and spooky paranormal topics. This podcast completes me. Glen, don't ever stop. ❤️ Update: I’m soooooo excited for this upcoming season!!!!!

Best of the Best (5/5)

This is by far my favorite podcast. Glynn is an awesome host and storyteller and the guests on here are great. I can’t wait for season three!!

Greatest Halloween podcast (5/5)

This podcast is amazing! I just wish it was all year round!

Season III!!!! (5/5)

YAAAAAAAY!!! See you on Luminary, Spooked ❤️

Sooo scary (5/5)

Favorite scary podcast. The fact it’s coming back for season 3 made my day. Spooked is terrifying and addictive. Love it

It’s my new Halloween tradition! (3/5)

A friend turned me on to this and I love it!! I can’t get enough of the stories. They are told so well.

I’ve been craving more.... (5/5)

I’m thrilled there’s a new season of SPOOKED coming! So, so good. Love the host, the music, the vibe, the sound design. (My other favorite podcast, EAR HUSTLE, has similar epic sound and now I know that this cat Pat Mesidi-Miller (sp?) does both pods.)

I love this podcast (5/5)

I don’t quite remember how I found this podcast, but I’m glad I did. It has become my favorite podcast of all! I binged through all the available episodes and now anxiously waiting for this new season! Thank you forgiving me chills at work!

Now a yearly tradition. So excited for this super sized season!! (5/5)

I listen to a lot of podcasts (I drive a ton for work) and have since 2006 so I’ve been around the block. This podcast (and Snap Judgement) put all other story telling podcasts to shame. Better than the Moth, way better than any other scary story podcasts for sure. Makes me feel like a kid reading Stephen King for the first time again. Love it and was ecstatic when I just saw the season 3 trailer pop up, I had to write this immediately. 26 episodes?! Starts already next week... when it’s not even Sept yet? Fall is coming early, y’all! Time.for.Spooked!

The wait (5/5)

I am waiting in silent expectation that your third season will be the best yet - the delivery is fabulous, your voice reminds me of the coke commercial in the late 60’s - that spoke of the ‘cola nut’......but here we have fresh renditions of the unusual and the macabre. Thank you for raising the quality bar on ghost stories, this podcast is truly the best I have heard. Aloha - from HONOLULU, Hawaii PS: maybe recount a little of the ghost genre from Hawaii, Mahalo.

I missed you!!! (5/5)

Spooked is the best paranormal podcast! I was afraid you’d left podcasting forever. I am SO happy that you’re back!

Long Live Spooked! (5/5)

I remember when Snap Judgement aired its first series of ghost stories on NPR for Halloween, I sat in my college bedroom transfixed, hooked on Glynn’s every word. SO happy to see that he continued the stories in his own Spooky podcast!!

Best Spooky Podcast! (5/5)

I absolutely love this podcast and can’t wait for season 3! It’s perfect for getting you ready for Halloween or just for when you feel like being creeped out.

Spooked is my favorite podcast! (5/5)

Whenever I start a spooked episode I can’t stop!

One of my favorites! (5/5)

I have to say this is one of my favorite podcasts ever. I was looking for a good paranormal podcast and was not too sure about giving Spooked a shot cause they didn’t have any recent episodes. Now, I am dying for season 3!!! Soooo good.

My Most favorite podcast (5/5)

Let me start by saying that I’ve never been into following podcasts or even tv shows. But when the Fall season approaches I am waiting for each episode of Spooked with anticipation. What I love about this series is the originality and ability to discuss what we don’t normally talk about in every day conversation. Please keep them coming. I’ve spread the word across many friends and we hope to hear more. Also my Uber driver should be subscribing shortly. Let me know if he doesn’t. Ha!

Needs a new narrator (3/5)

I would love to give this podcast a five start rating because the stories are really good, but I think the narrator tries too hard and ruins both the podcast and the ads. I usually skip through his stories and introductions.

Sets the bar high (5/5)

This podcast is the highest quality in the genre. I look forward to this every year!

?????? (5/5)

Waiting for season 3 😩

Best (5/5)

This is the best paranormal podcast you could listen to. Please come back soon

Meehhh (2/5)

Season 1 was good, season 2 is so blah. I don’t care for the narrators stories at all, he makes everything “so scary” and it’s completely not at all. Some of the stories that are picked are just silly. Most of them are haunted house stories. I’d say 90% of the stories picked I have to scroll through, repetitive and boring.

Spooked (5/5)

Yes please do a third season!

2019 season? (5/5)

Pleeeeeaase? A date? A preview?

Super spooky and I love it (5/5)

I love this podcast I hope it comes back soon!

My favorite Spooky Podcast! (5/5)

If you’re looking for something creepy, honest, and with great background music this will truly set the tone! It truly is my favorite podcast I listen to. I really hope it comes back soon!

The best of the genre (5/5)

I’ve listened to many a horror podcast. This one is the best, in my opinion. Other podcasts have great content, but this one is so expertly produced, the effect is so much better. Can’t wait for the next season!

❤️ (5/5)

I love his podcast so much please bring it back!! I’ve listened to every episode and this is truly my favorite podcast.

Kids Option? (5/5)

I love Spooked podcast stories that have a happy ending and are “ kid appropriate” and don’t really scare more tug at your heart strings. Like the story where the woman moves into a house and bonds with the child ghosts there. Fiona, 12 Raleigh NC

Please come back! (5/5)

Easily top 3 favorite paranormal podcasts. Hoping it comes back soon!

Come back please!!! (5/5)

Love this paranormal podcast!


This is the only podcast I will listen to and some episodes are so scary I can’t sleep but it is amazing❤️

I the podcasts! (5/5)

I started listen about a week or so but I have already watched half of all the podcasts in series 2

One of the BEST Spooky Podcasts (5/5)

I just love this podcast. First-person narrated, genuinely scary stories. Great host. I’m so bummed that it appears to no longer be in production. Bring back Spooked!

Good but questionable (4/5)

Why is it always the same people telling different stories? I have recognized at least 2 voices on different stories. Is it just the narrators telling other people’s stories or is it just the same people over and over? If so, makes it a little less credible in terms of ghost stories...and lessons amount of people who have actually encountered ghosts...

Love this podcast (5/5)

Love listening to this podcast. I have even listened to many of them repeatedly when I can't give it enough attention the first time. Please make more of these!

Still Listening!!! (5/5)

Started listening to this wonderful podcast last year during Halloween and enjoyed Every.Single.Episode. To this day, I find myself pulling it up to listen as I either travel for work (fly), workout, or just going through emails. I like the narrator’s style, because I believe it’s supposed to be a throwback to telling scary stories around the’s dramatic, theatrical, and I definitely hope it comes back in 2019!!!

Love everything but the hosts voice (4/5)

Amazing podcast. Incredible storytelling and experiences. My only complaint is the hosts voice and attempts at dramatic flare. It. Is. So. Annoying. And totally detracts from every aspect of this podcast. Otherwise-LOVE it.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year... (5/5)

This is genuinely my favorite podcast. I look forward to it all year. The stories that are picked are genuinely spooky, rather than just sentimental or about a dream (sorry y’all, just not what I’m looking for in a ghost story). I get clinically shook. I make friends and family listen. I re-listen to last year’s stories the following year. It’s just *that* good.

So well done (5/5)

I’ve never written a review until now, Spooked is awesome. Heard the first season on the radio as Snap Judgement’s Halloween specials (hence the reason why episodes are released in the fall). The production is top notch: the pacing, narration, and even the sound effects come together perfectly to set the tone for some wonderfully spooky stories. Haven’t found another podcast in the same genre that can compare. Good job Snap Judgment, wish it was a full time podcast! Please keep it up!

I need this now! (5/5)

Please start the spooky season earlier. I hate having to wait until September. I really enjoy it and I’m looking forward to listen to the episodes soon.

Come back! (5/5)

Will there be more episodes one day? I think about this podcast all the time and haven’t found anything like it to fill the void.

Snapped (5/5)

Excellent podcast...lovely host

Fantastic spooky storytelling. (5/5)

If you love Snap Judgement, and Halloween, this is the podcast for you. Amazing spooky stories told by master storytellers. I wish they would do this more than just at Halloween.

When? (5/5)

When are y’all coming back with more episodes? I’d hate to see this podcast fall off. There’s so much story content for this subject.

More!! (5/5)

It’s too good!!! I’m just sad there’s not more!! I need more!!!

Great podcast (5/5)

Greatttt podcast!!!

One of the best scary podcasts I’ve heard (5/5)

And I listen to a lot

Season 3 (5/5)

PLEASE!!! Come Back.

The creepiest real-life scary story podcast you will find! (5/5)

Please make a season 3!!

Great show. Good job. (5/5)

Listened to most of this with 12yo daughter on commute to/from school. Was entertaining for both of us. Seems like we listened to a lot working our way up to Halloween which timed out well. Ben Washington and the team are as good here as on Snap Judgement. Ben’s personal background (discussed in more detail in a Heaven’s Gate podcast episode called The Host) gives him a familiarity and legitimacy as the host of this show that would be hard to find anywhere else.

Love these stories (5/5)

I love each episode. I love the production, the music, the host, the guests, EVERYTHING is awesome! Very binge-worthy!

The best (5/5)

Spine tingling and so well done! Can’t wait for season 3

Your missed (5/5)

I have missed you!!! Waiting for more!

Updates? (4/5)

Will there be any updates for this podcast?!?

Wil there be more? (1/5)

5 stars to the stories but I feel like this has been forgotten and ignored? Updates? More stories coming soon? Just a bummer

Can’t beat these scary stories... (5/5)

...with or without a campfire!

Absolutely great! (5/5)

Great erie stories and been awaiting to hear more!!??

Freaky Awesome!!! (5/5)

I love this podcast! It took me a few to get used to the host but in the end it paid off 😃 I truly hope there are more to come asap!

Check it out! (5/5)

Fantastic! Hands down one of the best and spookiest podcasts out there. The stories are great, well told and easy to hear- not like you’re hearing them second-hand through an old staticky telephone. And, Glynn Washington is not only the best host, but also an excellent storyteller.

The BEST (5/5)

absolutely the best ghost stories podcast out there, bar none, without question, no exceptions, it is perfection.

Compelling stories beautifully presented (5/5)

Anyone who is fascinated by the paranormal or supernatural and doesn't listen to this podcast is missing a key element in their life. Snap judgement are the best story tellers in the podcast game period. Not only is this the best "supernatural" podcast, it's in the running for just best podcast.



Awesome (5/5)

I love this podcast! No one can find such amazing stories and narrate them so well!

Absolutely Terrifying! (5/5)

Terrific show...narrated & produced so well. I couldn’t stop listening and I’m sad that there are no new seasons available. No one weaves stories quite like Spooked - give it a listen if you are obsessed with the paranormal & other spooky stuff. PLEASE GIVE US MORE SEASONS!

Great stories! (5/5)

Scary stories which is what I’ve been looking for. Good mix of supernatural and human variety scares. The one with the girls in the woods with the dogs scared the bejeesus our of me. Hope it continues!

Love it (5/5)

I binged listened season one and two in a week. It’s a very well done podcast- creepy and entertaining. I wouldn’t t recommend listening on a deserted country road in the middle of the night. I’m not easily “Spooked,” but getting out to open the gate at our remote farmhouse that night gave me the jitters. Good job.

Love the horror! (5/5)

I love this podcast, everything about it. I wish there were new episodes all year round.

Awful (2/5)

This is as stupid as the host!

♥︎♥︎♥︎♥︎♥︎ (5/5)

I love this podcast! I listen to it everyday before i go to school 😊

Great except the Narrator (3/5)

Love the stories but the narrator and his “stories” are terrible. Please consider getting someone else.

Overacting (3/5)

Please stop overacting and talk at a normal pace. Please.

Come Back!! (5/5)

Where did you go? It’s been nearly 4 months, and I MISS this podcast so much! Hoping that something new will drop soon. ❤️

Give us a season 3!! (5/5)

Love the show! Super fun and interesting.

Spooky bae (5/5)

Spooked is my late night girlfriend. In love with that creepy tingle in my bones.

Creepy podcast (5/5)

I enjoy it pretty good.. interesting stories!! I’m only on like Ep 3, but the show is good.

Keeps me awake! (5/5)

This Podcast is well narrated and it keeps me awake during long commutes!

The best (5/5)

I love the stories

This podcast is what I’ve been looking for (5/5)

Snap Judgement brought me here. I was thrilled to hear about it- I love this vibe. From the voice of the host narrator, to the background music to the down to earth storytellers, this is my new favorite story podcast.

Spooky! (5/5)

How do you find all of these great stories?! On the edge of my seat.

Awesome (5/5)

Do yourselves a favor and just download and listen u won’t be disappointed 👏👏👍🙏

Perfect for the spoopy season! (5/5)

I loved when Snap Judgement added this and I’m so glad it has its own series now. Great stories from all walks of life.

5 stars! (5/5)

It’s really great!! I love listening to these while completing work, although I’m more focused on the podcast 😉

<3 (5/5)

Anything by Washington is high quality and worth your time!

Obsessed and need more!! (5/5)

I’m super late to game here but I’m completely obsessed with this podcast. It’s SO GOOD and I can’t wait for season 3!!! It makes my long commute bearable and has been super eye opening. I look forward to each episode and hope Spooked keeps creating more seasons. Love it!!

Why is it always the same host!? (2/5)

This host is so dramatic and goofy! Ruins several podcasts for me.

Well done (5/5)

And really entertaining! Can’t wait for the next season!

Slow to add shows (3/5)

I love this show and want to give it a five star rating but can’t only because they take FOREVER to add new shows. You’ll get a few and then have to wait several months before new ones come on. The show itself is amazing. I wish they could keep up and send shows out on a regular basis.

Great spooky podcast (5/5)

I’ve been listening to this podcast for two Halloween seasons in a row. It’s so good! The host makes me laugh sometimes bc the entros are overly dramatic, and I love his voice. The stories are great supposedly true encounters with the paranormal. Even if they’re not true, they are great to listen too. Also, they’re believable stories. I’m sad it only runs during the fall up to Halloween. However, absences makes the heart grow fonder. I look forward to next years episodes.

What I Been Looking For! (5/5)

Love the format and content. This is exactly what it feels like when you're amongst friends in a group or individually and out of nowhere a conversation begins about something scary that happened to them. This is great! The only concern I have is, there have been no more uploads since October. I hope that doesnt mean the end of Spooked.

Love! (5/5)

My all time favorite podcast!!

AWESOME! (5/5)

I absolutely love this podcast. The different stories told by different people are really interesting and spooky! If you like ghost stories, you should listen.

Best Ghost Story Pod (5/5)

The best! Creepy stories, and great host with a perfect radio voice. No annoying backgrounds, rambling commentary, and other such junk found in other pods with similar content. This is definitely one of my faves!

so great! (4/5)

love this podcast

It’s all true (5/5)

This podcast was not what I expected at first but after a short while, I really got into it. I love the thought that they are all true stories of ghost, poltergeist, spirits, etc. The show is put together very well and will keep your attention.

What happened? (2/5)

Loved season 1. The last half or so of Season 2 felt completely dull and repetitive.

Ehh (3/5)

The host is super annoying, but love the stories.

Good stories (5/5)

I like the stories but the host talks too much in the beginning; I have to fast forward through it.

My all time favorite story-telling podcast (5/5)

I try to limit my listens to one per night to stretch the enjoyment, because (according to their website) the pod has run its course 😢. I love, love, love the first hand accounts of truly interesting folks telling their ghost stories and just stories of survival (as in the telling of the ep.: Unholy Water). Please consider continuing its content.

The best!! (5/5)

Man, I’m so sad that season 2 is over! The stories are great, and I always look forward to them. I wish this show had more episodes played through out the year. That being said, I can’t wait for season 3!

Love it! (5/5)

I need this to be year round. Not just the season before Halloween. It’s so good!

High Quality (5/5)

There are TONS of ghost/paranormal podcasts out there, but only this one has the quality you expect from an NPR/WNYC show. Great stories, told first person from seemingly sane people. The hip hop music is a carry over from the parent podcast Snap Judgement (another fine podcast), but on Spooked the music seems out of place. Takes me out of the spooky vibe a little. Other than that, top marks! MORE MORE MORE please!

i love this show so much (5/5)

it's spooky season and literaly love this show so much. i love how it's all REAL and scary and emotional and beautiful. thank u thank u thank u (not next)

Love this podcast (5/5)

Love this podcast. But I guess its to late to save it. I hear the plea to buy Tshirts, etc but nothing appears on the website. Too bad its a good one! Its been a year since the last one and I only heard of it now from The Lineup and I listen in the dark on the drive home from work. Makes it go quicker. The clown was sheer terror! The suicide woman was sad. A tip, background music is supposed to be just that! The drum beat music is so loud the announcer cant be heard clearly! Turning up the vol, blasts the ear drums. Fix the music.

Srsly 😞 (1/5)

I think this is a good podcast? It’s just so difficult b/c the background music is too distracting and it is also too loud so I can barely hear the person talking so FIX THAT PPL

How did I not know about this podcast? (5/5)

My new favorite. The host does an amazing job of introducing the stories.

Addicting (5/5)

I could not stop listening to it once I started. This podcast is so well produced and the music is perfect. I recommend it everyone I know.

Love it (4/5)

One of my favorites. This last season got a little weak, but the series as a whole has been something I regularly look forward to.