Aggregated reviews for StartUp Podcast

A series about what it's really like to start a business.

Gimlet   (5/5)

Reply All is my favorite podcasts but Alex Blumberg is my favorite Host/Guest on all Gimlet Podcasts.

Strong start, then flopped   (3/5)

This started very strong, as many reviews have mentioned. But then it started drifting away from the original theme and became rather political. They placed a concerning amount of emphasis on skin colors and genders.

Lisa is a fantastic journalist   (5/5)

Well written, well researched, looks at both angles to each story

Church Planting Season!   (5/5)


So good.   (5/5)

From the first season of Startup I was hooked. I binged every episode catching up. So inspiring for anyone wanting to go out and do your own thing, no matter how hard. Highly recommended to everyone.

One of the initial Gimlet shows   (5/5)

I have never heard anything like this podcast - following the start of a business through the years was an amazing ride! Absolute delight to listen to.

This podcast has gone downhill   (1/5)

The very first season of Startup was excellent but this podcast has only gone downhill from there. The episodes gradually got less and less interesting and then in late 2018 they started putting as many ads as possible into each episode. After that they ruined this feed by spamming it with Without Fail episodes. Additionally, with the recent three episode season on Spotify's acquisition of Gimlet, they were too careful not to give away any important details. Those three episodes were nothing like the first season.

Ira Glass imitator makes self indulgent podcast   (1/5)

I can’t believe people like listening to this Ira Glass imitator. Full of himself

Lisa Chow - Wow   (5/5)

Lisa is the best story teller and podcaster I’ve had the joy of listening to. I was deeply moved by the Success Academy story. Very balanced coverage. I kept flipping my opinion throughout. So good, I’m hooked.

So awesome   (5/5)

Fun stories

New listener   (5/5)

Love this podcast! Found it from listening to How I Built This podcast interview. So interesting- been binging all weekend!!

AKA Without Fail   (2/5)

There hasn’t been a new episode of Startup published to this feed in almost a year. All it has been in that time is episodes of Without Fail, and sometimes some other podcasts that are advertising themselves to me. When they published a rerun of THE WRONG PODCAST to the Startup feed, I finally unsubscribed. If I want that show, I’ll go subscribe to it.

Binge-Worthy   (5/5)

I’m late to the Startup party. I started listening after the Spotify deal. It has been fascinating to be able to go back and hear the story from the beginning. Thanks for recording your journey so honestly.

Alex like talks to like Ira Glass like   (3/5)

Guys, I’m a big fan of both of you and your shows, but holy cow—this StartUp episode interviewing Ira Glass was almost unlistenable. Did not expect two seasoned radio pros to drop “LIKE” like a couple teenaged girls.

Startup podcast   (5/5)

This 5-star rating is for the interview with Ira Glass. I thought what bothered me about this series was all the celebrity interviews which went no deeper than most celebrity interviews and glamorized fame too much. But hearing the Ira interview I realize how great it is to hear interviews between people with a history in each other’s lives. AND VERY IMPORTANT is the discussion about the deep desire to make really good, beautiful work. This is what I crave and long for: more beautully interviewed, edited, and produced podcasts. So many are slap-dash blah blah ( not gimlet). But please. Now that you have Spotify in your corner how about more like Crime town season 2 and Crime Machine (reply all, and running from cops, and interview with Ira, and Heavyweight ( about Scott. The addict getting his father’s gun back) and Start-up season 1 and 2. And more. But most podcasts make me wonder why the host(s) bothered to buy a mic. Carry on. Thank you for working so hard and being so brave.

A little uneven, but mostly riveting.   (5/5)

The team does a really nice job of getting into the real ups and downs of starting a company. Nice that they also follow up on a lot of the companies that they profiled earlier in the previous season and spoiler alert: many did not survive.

Awesome!!!   (5/5)

I am not an entrepreneur but I have loved listening to this series! Nice work, great story telling and l love that it has a “happy ending”!

Amazing podcast!   (5/5)

Love, love, love this podcast! I have enjoyed the candor with which it was created and executed. The Gimlet story is inspirational. I couldn’t be happier for Alex and Matt and the successful sale to Spotify. You guys and your staff are a success!

Congrats and thank you   (5/5)

Very cool to follow this startup to exit story. Thank you for your contribution and all you do

Congrats Gimlet!   (5/5)

Congrats on your deal with Spotify. I look forward to following Reply All and Heavyweight, et all for years to come!

Some seasons are a hit, some are not   (3/5)

Startup was at it’s best when it was about Gimlet, but some seasons like the one with Arlen came close to the same magic. I am disappointed by the final “season”. It seemed more like a way to quiet the latest reviews criticizing this feed cross posting “Without Fail” episodes than an honest look at what it’s like to go through an acquisition. But I appreciate that Alex did something to wrap up Gimlets journey from Startup to multi-million dollar company. The first season is still a great primer on starting a business and is a must listen for all budding entrepreneurs.

What a great ride!   (5/5)

Listen from the beginning, and thank you for sharing the final episodes about your journey with Spotify! It was really interesting! Cheers!

Final season HUGE let down   (1/5)

I am sitting in my car, late for work, listening to the last episode. This final season is essentially a long-form press release. The first season asked hard questions and engaged with so many aspects of starting a business. They have given up on all of that in this final season. One of the highlights of the first season was the failed funding pitches. What happens to those investors? Is this playing it safe is a harbinger of what has to Gimlet because of acquisition? Will all the other shows be softballs? I am sad to let go of my favorite podcast.

Listened from the beginning   (5/5)

Final episodes are a fascinating look at a company leaving the “startup” phase. In this case, it means a buyout by Spotify. Also interesting to think about where the podcast industry is headed.

Gimlet post acquisition   (5/5)

The journal seems ungenuine and seems like an advertisement. Hoping the sale of the company doesn’t ruin the quality of podcasts i’m used to from Gimlet. Startup is amazing, i’m very upset it is ending.

I used to love this podcast   (4/5)

And listen to it the second it came out. Now it’s a trash feed for whatever Gimlet wants to promote. I couldn’t figure out what I had already listened to. I stopped listening bc of all the repeats and promotion.

Alex is as good as it gets   (5/5)

Every story Alex makes, it makes me cry or laugh or both. I’m sad that the startup franchise is coming to an end.

Zely   (5/5)

Love this sad that it coming to an end

I'm late, but happy to find this   (5/5)

Loving the first season!

The Gimlet story   (5/5)

I binged the first season over the last two days. I can’t say enough about it. I found it deliciously entertaining, extremely educational and incredibly inspiring. The honesty and courage to tell its story in near real-time made me forget that the episodes were produced years ago.

Used to be great   (1/5)

Startup used to be wonderful. Now, it’s effectively spam. Replaying a different podcast (Without Fail) week after week is just wrong. If I want to listen to Without Fail, I’ll subscribe to it.

Used to love this podcast. Not anymore!   (2/5)

The startup podcast was one of my favorite podcasts of all time. I loved listening to the stories and I felt like I went on a journey learning about the different companies and their struggles. I am personally not a big fan of the interview “successful” people podcast style they all sound the same. So, I am really unhappy to see that the podcast has changed now to just Alex interviewing people that I don’t care about. Very sad!!! Like others, I thought Spotify’s purchase would bring us more original content. The interview podcast is overdone. Unsubscribe for now; when things change I might come back.

Decide what to be and go be it   (1/5)

It was one of the best shows about startups. I loved it and looked forward to it. Then, that was finished and they just diluted it with barely relatable content and continued to disappoint listeners for two years. Would’ve been better to be honest and tell listeners you were coming up on the end and thanks for listening. Honestly I thought it was just me, but it’s good to see others felt the same way.

Without Fail is a great pod   (1/5)

I wish it wasn't in my startup feed. I like when podcasts serve me up a sample of another show. Not 18 of another show in a row. I'm patient/lazy...I can wait for the new episodes without unsubscribing, please don't abuse my patience.

What in the world   (2/5)

This was a great podcast that showcased the startup world and their struggles. Really fascination and intriguing. But now, it’s just reruns of other shows from Gimlet. It seems as though the producers are out of ideas or those that are willing to shed light on the subject. Now I can’t re-listen to the old podcasts such as Dov. So disappointed.

Disappointed   (4/5)

Just like everyone else you gave us quality content now you don’t . I suggest everybody unsubscribe and leave it at they apparently no one cares .

What Happened?   (3/5)

It’s so true that the joy is in the pursuit. When Gimlet was trying to make a name you could see the explosive captivating work. Now that it has a name, the content is somewhat disappointing. I subscribe to “Without Fail.” Love it! I subscribe to “Starup.” Love it. What I don’t love is that they now share the same content. I would think that selling out to Spotify would have made Gimlet enough money to produce new and original content. Guess not!!

What happened?   (2/5)

This was a great show and somehow it because a one on one interview show. I’m confused about the sudden change of direction on this show. Not a fan of this latest season.

Stop the republishing   (1/5)

Dear @gimlet and @spotify: do you plan to ever release original content here again that isn’t a cross-publish from Without Fail? Used to love this. And I miss it. But I’m frustrated having to delete all the duplicate content that I already heard on Without Fail. If you don’t have anything new to add for Startup, then just put it on pause or let people know you are no longer producing content under this banner.

What happened to Startup?   (1/5)

The feed has been hijacked for "Without Fail". If I wanted to listen to "Without Fail", I would subscribe to that feed. Unsubscribed.

Gone to trash   (3/5)

What was one of my favorite podcasts has become a lazy, uninspired interview show. But go back and listen to the first few seasons. They were fantastic.

What happened to startup   (1/5)

Startup started as a 5 star podcast, down to 4 when Alex handed over, 3 stars for church planting season, 2 stars for the school thing, and now it’s just reruns of episodes I’ve already listened to on other shows. In the mean time gimlet grew and was sold for $400m, really big missed opportunity to document that process

Annoying without fail   (1/5)

One episode (or two) to promote a new show, I can understand. Hijacking a podcast feed to push it out there? Terrible form. Am joining the list of unsubscribers for now.

Talk About Spotify Transition   (2/5)

What I want to hear about is the decision to sell to Spotify and how it’s going. How did that decision get made? How do your partners and employees and hosts feel? Have Naz weigh in. How do you feel about it, Alex? Is it changing the process of making Gimlet podcasts? You know what I miss? I STARTUP! Seems like a real missed opportunity.

Used to be good, now Alex talks to rich people   (1/5)

Since getting bought by Spotify, the Gimlet team is now ultra wealthy. That’s good news for them and they deserve it. But now they just talk to rich people on this podcast, like Guy Raz does on his podcasts. Rich people are boring as a rule. They should talk to interesting people going through real struggles, like they did originally.

Unsubscribing for now   (1/5)

Please listen to what the reviewers are saying and stop playing the Without Fail podcast where the Startup podcast should be. It’s bad form. I’m unsubscribing for now but will check back and will resubscribe if I see Startup is back with a new season. I love that show.

Unsubscribing from Without Fail   (1/5)

Been listening to StartUp from the get go. Normally, I love when podcasts drop a trailer or pilot of a new different show into their feed as a chance to try something new, but this is just getting out of hand with respect to Without Fail. I didn’t subscribe to Without Fail for a reason when you dropped the pilot. So, unsubscribing and deleting for now. Maybe I’ll come back in a year and see if this insanity has stopped.

Where’s my StartUp podcast?   (3/5)

This show is turning into “How I built this”. I want the emotional rollercoaster of building a company while diving headfirst into heartache and misery.

Start Up and Without Fail are both great shows...   (1/5)

...but it’s annoying to have WF episodes in the Start Up feed too.

Continues to cross post Without Fail   (3/5)

I love both The Pitch and Without Fail, but it’s a terrible user experience to keep reposting Without Fail episodes in this feed (and with different episode titles). Seems the only way to fix the problem is to unsubscribe from Without Fail.

It started it all....   (5/5)

I have listened to Start Up since Season 1 & I have loved every minute of it. I am a huge Gimlet fan. I love listening to the subsequent podcasts that came after Start Up because you know more about what it took to get there. I have an MBA & am always intrigued about the business end of I’m a huge fan of Matt’s side of the partnership. I look forward to many more seasons & new podcasts from Gimlet.

Great job   (5/5)

I love your story ..all the audio you included of your wife, your partner and his wife, Chris Sacca, etc. made the story more authentic and interesting. Congratulations!

It was great until the bigotry   (2/5)

Startup was a fantastic podcast. I loved listening to the podcast and was always excited to see a new episode drop. I listen while I work, and it resonated really well with me because I have started my own business. This being said, I was so excited for the newest season. I was a bit weirded out by the new season being about a church, but I consider myself to be pretty open minded so I gave it a go. I really enjoyed the beginning of it, and even liked seeing how Leah and AJ were really humble people and showing how human they were in the face of mental illness, specifically anxiety. This was really cool! Then... the bigotry. Hearing how the woman seemed welcome in her church, and the church would readily accept her money, but when push came to shove, the church was unsupportive of her marriage. Or when interviewed, how AJ said point blank that gay folks were not allowed in his church. Then the whole sexism... yikes. Sorry guys, I just can’t get on board with this. I realize you’re trying to just report on startups, and even some controversial ones, I find that this type of promotion of bigoted and sexist ideals is really antiquated and, frankly, gross. I’m unsubscribing and have other friends who have also expressed similar sentiment and have also unsubscribed. Please reconsider keeping these episodes up.

Eric   (5/5)

Eric Mennel is the greatest. Startup Bus and Church planting series were some of the best content. His story telling and production is on point. More Eric please!

Excellent Show   (5/5)

Almost every single moment listening to this show is a moment well spent. This podcast is so well constructed that it’s hard to imagine how this show could be better.

Great   (5/5)

Never heard a bad episode. Look forward each week to learn something interesting!

Great until this season   (3/5)

I really loved this podcast the first few seasons. I was kind of obsessed with listening to it as soon as it was released. However, this season has been pretty awful. Church Planting (The topic of the current season), is incredibly boring and only lightly touches startup ideas that go beyond basic level. Essentially, the church planters they are focusing on are unable to build traction because they aren’t adding a unique value proposition. The strategies used are solid, but they miss the real problem. Church attendance has been historically dropping because a true lack of interest. Those who still attend are overwhelmingly going to the same church for years. I’m a Christian, but I believe we could have some better businesses to focus on. I like stories that get into the weeds, not stories that are basically textbook cases. On a side note...Gimlet is amazing!

Church Planting 5   (5/5)


Loved the church-planting series   (5/5)

Thank you, Eric, for your thoughtful reporting. Really enjoyed this latest Startup series.

10/10 would reccomend the series on church planting   (5/5)

Although I was intrigued by the series on church planting because I am in semiary and love the church, I believe anyone would benefit from listening to the 5 episodes. They show human emotions, ethics, and personal suffering of ministers and church planters in a beautiful way.

AJ went from cool too a homophobe quick   (5/5)

I listened to every episode intently and also grew up a catholic, going to church every Sunday and left bc of there old ways.. I listened to this n thought wow a cool young hip pastor. Awesome and than bam there it is.. The reason why the church is crumbling bc even the coolest pastor is still a person who doesn’t allow gays into his church.. of course he doesn’t bc if he did if he had any balls he would lose his funding.. we’ll try harder and get more people.. instead he’s stuck back in the mid evil times with the rest of them now my whole mind state changed on him. And don’t get me started on the whole women’s rights issues.. terrible really terrible

Renewing my interest   (5/5)

I’ve listened to so many podcasts that I kind of burnt myself out, but when I started listening to season 2 of Startup, I found something that really held my interest. It’s been a long time since that happened. I’m finding myself checking iTunes to see how many days I have to wait for a new episode. It’s the only thing that has me so engaged right now (podcast, tv, book... any type of media). If you haven’t listened yet, please enjoy!

Authentic, investigative, unbiased and fascinating   (5/5)

Just finished church planting episodes 1-4. This is by far one of the most authentic and accurate glimpses into the church planting world. Having followed almost this exact journey (from assessment, to fundraising, to living room gathering, to Exponential Conf, early challenges, eventually to large multi-site church) Eric is hitting on all the major facets that play into starting a church. What I have appreciated so much is that he is asking a lot of the hard questions and is very fair and unbiased even if he disagrees with the planters stance. He is drawing out the real tensions that planters face. I now work full time with church planters and am going to make listening to this podcast as a pre-requisite. The ironic thing is that I’m co-host of a church planting pod cast called “Unfiltered: Real Church Planting Conversation ” but feel like Eric’s podcast may be more unfiltered than mine!!!

Ecclesial Innovation   (5/5)

Thank you for shining a light on the not-so-often talked about church planting sphere. As a church planter and as a person who helps others to start new churches for a living, I appreciate all the hard work and storytelling that you did here to honor the work. I’m going to send you an email and would love to participate in any follow up activity from this sequence of podcasts. Peace!

Love you guys   (4/5)

But we’d rather hear about church DISMANTLING than church PLANTING given modern ethics and the understanding of religion’s impact on the world.

Telling the other side....   (5/5)

Thank you for telling the other side of Church Planting/Start-ups! As a church planter, I found this story refreshing and real. Far too often, the only stories that are shared tell of rapid growth. This podcast captures the struggle, the desperation, and the total dependence on God that occur when starting a church to reach the very people who are not looking for church. Thank you again!

Latest season (Church planting) brought me back in   (5/5)

Extremely well done, with compelling characters and much more nuanced/real narrative than usual for these kinds of stories

One of the best podcasts out there!   (5/5)

I love the spectrum of ideas here. From venture capitalists serving under-represented groups to inner-city church planters, this show gets me excited about how an entrepreneurial spirit can better the world!

Awesome   (5/5)

I’m a pastor, and I’m considering planting a church. My father also planted a church, and I grew up seeing the church grow from scratch. This podcast has really highlighted the challenges of pastors today. Thank you for this podcast. It feels very rare to have a podcast so real about pastoring.

Rare Thoughtful and Very Helpful   (5/5)

Both a small biz owner and a pastor's wife. This current series on church planting really does capture the challenge and the calling of starting a church. Thank you for your thoughtful and intelligent coverage of Evangelical Christianity.

Diminishing returns this season   (2/5)

This show used to be amazing. It was thought provoking and totally unlike anything else out there in podcastland. The first two seasons were gripping. But then it went off the rails when they tried to cover a gazillion start-ups at once. And then it just became strange and self-indulgent. Now they have totally jumped the shark and doing a bunch of nonsense about churches and not getting at hard-hitting questions or deeper social issues. It's devolved into total garbage and that makes me very sad.

Love the podcast!   (5/5)

Thank you so much for the great content!

New season (Church Planting) is incredible   (5/5)

Love the current season focused on a Philadelphia church plant. So far the story has been really well told—they’re doing a great job capturing all the depth and complexity and peculiar points of interest in the church planting phenomenon. Also, as compared to founders featured in previous seasons (for example, Dov Charney), AJ and Leah are just so likable. Can’t wait for the next episode to drop.

Fascinating look at Church planting   (5/5)

I love Gimlet mainly b/c I like science (Science Vs Rocks!) but I heard a commercial for this podcast and could not wait to hear it. I’m a pastor and have considered planting a church. It has been fun to hear about another pastor’s journey through the world of pastoring. Thanks!

Still 💯   (5/5)

I’ve listened to every season of Startup and I am NOT into business, finance, or entrepreneurship per se but Gimlet knows how to tell stories. I’ve been hooked since the beginning. Currently listening to the church planting startup and once again, you hit it out of the park. Gimlet, there is SO much more competition for you than the first couple years of your existence - just the sheer overwhelming volume of crap our country gets daily from this President and the administration. As a result, political pods such as Vox and Crooked take a lot of my attention, but Gimlet is always #1 for leisure, fun, and recreation. Info that takes my mind off national chaos. Love y’all so much.

🤙🏼   (5/5)

I’m a new listener to Start Up. I found it after hearing a short segment on NPR. As a church planter, I’ve really enjoyed hearing the perspective of AJ who’s planting in a different context than we are. I’m really looking forward to the rest of the church planting series!

So so good   (5/5)

A podcast that has great journalism. Easy listening and thought provoking, this podcast is a must subscription. Really like the church planting story for this season. Wish there were more things like this!

Best season   (5/5)

Great season on church planting

Terrible disappointing new season   (4/5)

This was a wonderful podcast from the amazing gimlet cast but they ruined it with this season. Podcasts are a way get a way from normal ordinary bs in news and media yet I come to hear they brought religion even in podcasts about start ups..... it does not belong in this podcast. Nothing against religion just wrong time and place for it....

Best season so far   (5/5)

Thanks for covering church planting. I am on a leadership team for a church plant in year 5. Through two episodes it rings true to the experience. A lot of ups and downs. Really enjoying this season.

It’s lit   (5/5)

This church series is fire 🔥

Love it as a podcast but   (2/5)

Super disappointed that start up focused on Dov Charney, who has shown himself as someone who preys on women and has a terrible track record as a manipulative, gross man. They try to address this in the podcast, but it just feels like there’s excuses being made and that he gets pass because he’s smart an charming. This was one of my favorite podcasts, but I just can’t support something that gives a platform to people who manipulate and abuse other people. Very, very disappointed in Alex Blumberg and gimlet.

Absolutely beautiful   (5/5)

Blumberg, you have created something beautiful. Both the dear music lovers and the one about heridans have become some of my all time favorites. Keep up the good work at whatever you put your mind to.

Love it   (5/5)

Season 1 should be required listening for all humans.

Worth Your Time   (5/5)

An interesting look inside companies of all kind.

Back to the Original   (2/5)

Loved the first couple of seasons when it was about business.

Marlan Hamilton   (5/5)

Thank you for the Arlan Hamilton series. She is awesome, would love it if you followed up on her portfolio companies from time to time.

Addicted   (5/5)

Gimlets output is so professional and incisive. Unmissable! All those accumulated years in NPR have certainly paid off.

Always interesting and inspiring!   (5/5)

I’ve been listening since the very beginning, eagerly awaiting the next episode. Seasons 1 and 2 and any gimlet updates are my favorite and I’m also very much enjoying the current season and being inspired by Arlan’s grit. I learn things with every season so I will continue being a loyal listener!!

All over — the place   (2/5)

Just like many wrote before me the first season was great. The following couple of seasons were ok. But since then it’s been downhill. Constant changes in the format, the type of stories leave us all confused on what they are really trying to do with this podcast. I genuinely root for gimlet as I like the ceo and the story behind the company. So I keep coming back but they really need to find a story and format and stick to it for at least a few seasons!!

Engaging and Exciting   (5/5)

Honestly love this podcast so much. Every podcast is fresh, engaging, and relevant. Love this so much

Going downhill   (1/5)

First season was great but it’s been downhill from then. Just listened to first episode of latest season (Arlan Hamilton) and its just not interesting any more.

Brilliant   (5/5)

I’ve loved every episode of Start Up. This season is the best so far. It addresses what I’ve noticed listening to other seasons as well as shows like How I Built This: that there is occasionally a founder who wasn’t born a privileged straight white male, but that they are a tiny fraction and usually only belong to one marginalized group. Arlan is shaking everything up and working to bring queer/POC/female/less privileged people into the game. Thank you!

Loving Arlan Hamilton   (5/5)

I’ve been listening since the beginning, but really loving the episodes about Arlan Hamilton. Hard to wait for the next episode.

Arlan Hamilton - Amazing   (5/5)

Amy Standen takes journalism and storytelling to new heights in these new Startup episodes about Arlan Hamilton. Complicated, interesting, and full of the twists and turns of an extraordinary life rendered with deep insight. It's the best thing I've listened to in a long time.

Used to be good   (1/5)

Then it went down the drain of identity politics activism

All good things come to an End..   (1/5)

Startup, season 1 & 2, simply great - compelling characters & great narrator. Then..this season is so boring, so poorly narrated that I could not even make it past 13 minutes into the very 1st epiosde. Arlan -black, gay? Is this about a compelling person, or just liberal, quasi-PC complete BS. Arlan is a complete snoooooozefest & Gimlet's narrator...another snooooooooozefest. Summation: take an uninteresting character (Arlan) + Gimlet narrator = time to delete another Gimlet podcast.

Just wow!   (5/5)

This is an amazing look at an inspirational woman whose success is driven by hustle, grit and a refusal to give up!

New season with Amy Standen   (5/5)

Amy Standen is always terrific as is her mini-series on Arlan Hamilton. By profiling Arlan’s very compelling backstory, she reveals how the deck is stacked against minority women in bro-driven Silicon Valley.

Better than TV/Fan for life   (5/5)

I first started listening when I was overseas and I had a choice between AFN (pop songs on repeat and corny after school specials) or Italian radio. So I chose podcasts. This was around 2014... I think/not sure. I think I stumbled across start up because I was looking for resources on business start ups and of course searched start up. I’ll always remember when Alex’s wife laughed at his business name choice. It was such a genuine belly laugh that I still smile when I think about how funny that part of the show was that episode. I listened to all of Start Up and loved it. I got wrapped up in the mystery show and was SUPER bummed when it went away. (Can’t we get 1 episode a quarter of something similar?). I listened to Habitat because I love the thought of Mars exploration. I love The Pitch because I’m a micro business owner myself. Summed up, what Gimlet is doing is fantastic. Producers, music, hosts, writers... the whole team/company is doing a great job. The thing I love the most about Gimlet is that everything feels genuine when I listen and it really is a great interesting group of shows. Well done and fan for life... P.S. Mystery’s need solved, the Gimlet team should solve them.

Entertaining and Suspenseful   (5/5)

I appreciate learning about the real battles real people are facing in following their dreams. I especially enjoy that the show features stories of failure as well as success. Great of my favorite shows.

Go back to one company a season pls   (3/5)

Also pls stop with the cross posting of other shows. Annoying. Shout em out at the end of an episode or release them in tandem with one of your episodes.

Great podcast!   (5/5)

Really well done podcast that chronicles the journey of a startup and all the stress, anxiety, failure, and success that come with it.

Inspiring!   (5/5)

I'm so glad I found this podcast on Spotify. I've never been a podcast listener but this show made me addicted to the content especially in the early episodes! Gimlet media definitely has created at least 3 podcast that I'm subscribed to and can't wait for new podcast shows from gimlet!!

Great podcast, peaked at the start   (5/5)

Season one was a fascinating glimpse behind the startup curtain, this podcast is extremely well put together. After listening to season 1, I felt personally invested in the success of Gimlet. Season 2 dropped off hard. Season 3 was very good. Season 4 was meh. Season 5 has been good (on par with 3). So to recap, the definitive ranking of Startup seasons: 1 . . . 3 5 . 2 . 4

Listening from the beginning   (5/5)

It is the original gimlet with the original gimlet sound and approach. 1.2 speed eliminates some of the long, long, public radio pauses. Love it. Amazed they have the resources to put so much time and travel into it.

Disingenuous   (1/5)

The primary purpose of this podcast seems to be promoting other Gimlet Media podcasts. After finding multiple promotions for a new Gimlet show dominated my my feed, I pitched everything Gimlet into the circular file.

The Little Podcast that Could!   (5/5)

Just a monster now. Five great seasons, and in all different forms.

Good   (2/5)

I would say the podcast was Good at the start. And been ok last season But I an unsubscribing and know two others who are as well because they use their podcast to release a New episode to talk about other podcasts they have so many Times'. I dont want to Lose internet in that and have not subscribed to see that

Gimlet lover   (5/5)

I'm very impressed with the accomplishments of Gimlet. I followed its birth, and now success. I don't have time to listen to all the podcasts started by Gimlet, but the ones I listen to are excellent. A risk well taken, and congratulations!

1000000x👌🏽   (5/5)

This is such a good podcast

Awesome poscast   (5/5)

This podcast got me hooked on podcasts and I LOVE podcasts

Yep!   (5/5)


Gimlet crushing it as always   (5/5)

So good

Love the show   (5/5)

Started listening to old episodes after Season 2 had already aired. Got into it because I listened to Reply All. Been listening since 2016.

The OG Gimlet Podcast   (5/5)

Season 1 is a must listen

Hiker Bren   (5/5)

I just discovered this fantastic podcast. I can't wait to hear more-and find a way to back it.

Season 3 - 2thumbs up   (5/5)

Feels like this show is finally hitting its stride. I am back in.

Great   (5/5)

This show is awesome I especially loved season one. Highly recommend

Go back to season 1 &2 format!!!   (3/5)

Have listened to every episode and will continue to do so. But ever since season 2 the show has gone down hill. Need to go back to the format of telling the story of one startup journey.

Wowza!   (5/5)

I was entranced from the outset. Lost a bit of interest in Season 2. Lisa Chow on American Apparel was completely addictive. I like this season which feels a bit random, in a good way

Dig it   (5/5)

Dig it

So meta   (5/5)

Excellent as always. Continues to surprise me.

Fascinating!   (5/5)

Listening to Alex generate the courage to venture out from his cushy job, gives me the courage to do the same and when I freak out, I go back to season 1 all over again!

Informative and Entertaining   (5/5)

Wish I would have found this podcast earlier!!! Love it!

Fantastic !!!   (5/5)

The way storytelling should be.

Good podcast   (5/5)

Interesting and well produced. Recent episodes are especially good.

Directionless and   (2/5)

After listening to this since the beginning I have finally decided this podcast will never turn it around and is going to remain medicore for a long time. Instead of hearing stories about actual startups we continue to get stories about crazy oddball misfits. This season's high point was checking back in with past stories. The low point was the last episode about "starting" a new sport. It was so poorly reported. I don't happen to care about sports, but if you ate going to do this story, how about a story about emerging professional ultimate Frisbee leagues, which have attracted investment and may soon crack the Olympics? No, instead we get a story about slamball. Thanks for Season 1, it was great radio.

Running out of gas as the seasons go on...   (3/5)

Loved season 1 and 2. Always appreciate and enjoy "update" episodes. I really enjoyed the mini-season on American Apparel (I don't see how you can really call it a full season--they struggled to get a half dozen out). What was produced was fantastic, great job. I'd love to see how, I think it's LA apparel, is doing in a future episode. Beyond Friendster, this latest season has been pretty disappointing. I liked the update episode, Dating Ring etc., but even then I was expecting more updates on more companies. Instead, they slipped into a handful of unlistenable episodes until they got to the introduction their newest addition "The Pitch". With Google-like ferocity, Gimlet added a high-quality, interesting (complementary to in content) podcast by buying it. It's all rather meta; a startup media company of podcasts about startups, (named Start Up), who's first and best season was all about its' own launch, ends up snapping up another startup podcast business about startups. Exactly what happens to successful exit. I'm enjoying it, only two episodes in, and I plan on going back into season one, pre-Gimlet. The narrator seems fits in well with the Gimlet style. Let's see if it holds up or if it diminishes in quality as time goes on, like the flagship podcast has. The content overall isn't as interesting in these more recent seasons. The quality of the subject matter--not the production quality--has dropped. Some episodes are kind of boring, and are easily skippable 1/3 of the way in. I guess I only enjoy the multi-story arc. When Start Up focused on one company or one entrepreneur, for a string of episodes, or a whole season, it's fantastic. Like Friendster was this season. But when back-to-back-to-back episodes are unrelated, it's just not as fun. They are disjointed and there is no ability to develop any passion or empathy for the subject matter. I hope they take this to heart, because I think their serial-type episodes, where we can root for somebody or be in suspense to see how things play out, are much more enjoyable.

Looking forward to new directions   (5/5)

Loved the recent episode following up on past start up founders. I'm very interested to see where they will go from here to paint a full picture of how it is to start a business.

Startup   (5/5)


Wow downhill fast   (1/5)

The first season was good the next season's not so good.

Such a great show for startups!   (5/5)

Wow! Thank you for providing a great show to your audience! Very informative.

The best podcast!   (5/5)

I love this podcast! Especially the first couple seasons where there are more stories about the founder of Gimlet Media. What's going on with season 4?

Lost Interest   (1/5)

The first two seasons were good and I really enjoyed them. However, it has gone downhill since then and I finally unsubscribed. If the show goes back to the original format of following a startup from inception to success or failure, I might check it out again.

Excelllent   (5/5)

I enjoy this podcast a lot

Started off great, recently not so much   (3/5)

The first couple seasons were fantastic. 5 stars. Recently they gave not been making many episodes, and the ones they have made are not too great. They are even starting to "rebroadcast" which frustrates me and I'm sure others. It seems like a lazy way to release a episode and get viewers to listen so they can more ad revenue. Starting to get very disappointed at the lack of effort in this show, which once was by far my favorite podcast.

One of my favorites   (5/5)

For anyone who loves really good radio, this is the perfect podcast on the perfect network. I like every Gimlet show and a few of their shows are in my top five favorite podcasts of all time.

Real Life Business   (5/5)

Being a huge podcast nerd, a podcast about starting a podcast was right up my alley! I was pleased to discover it's touching, funny, educational, and inspiring. Highly recommended!

Declining quality   (3/5)

Started off strong but I have not enjoyed recent seasons as much as the first few.

Still fantastic, every time   (5/5)

I've been a huge fan of this show from the beginning. They've changed the format a few times, but they always tell great stories. Nothing compares to Season 1 (surprisingly edge-of-your-seat), but this season has been really fascinating.

Love love love.   (5/5)

Thank you!

Excellent short listening   (5/5)

I love that there is a podcast a day and they are nice and short but also full of information. Not too much advertising and a nice little way to start the day.

No crying   (1/5)

I do like them recording people crying

Each season becoming less interesting   (3/5)

The first season of this podcast was incredible, but each successive season is a little worse than the last. Feels like they've run out of ideas, but being a flagship podcast, they don't want to let it go.

Great storytelling   (5/5)

I enjoy the perspectives and the strong journalism and look forward to new episodes.

Amazing   (5/5)

Really enjoying every ep

Wandering from business to guru   (1/5)


Behind the scenes   (5/5)

Startup has become my favorite podcast. In a way it gives you all the juicy drama that goes on in the business world but it still remains informative. I listen to a variety of podcast shows and Startup blows everything else away.

Disappointing   (2/5)

Just wrote a review and it got kicked back. (4 times) Big shocker since I'm giving it 2 stars. Let's try this again. Not what I expected. He has This American Life to fall back on for name dropping. He didn't start StartUp from nothing. He had those contacts already in his pocket. He's not a garage start up company like he claims. I really thought this would be a "how to" for people starting a podcast for the very first time. Instead, it's him saying "This American Life....blah blah blah...I started StartUp from the ground up...blah blah blah, This American Life". I'm wondering how well he would have done without his previous connections. He even says he got his employees by mentioning This American Life. How do you get started when you don't have those connections? This podcast does not cover how to start a startup. False advertisement.

One of My Favorite Business Podcasts   (5/5)

There's so much to like about this podcast - it's well produced; it realistically portrays the challenges and victories of startup experience; and it's entertaining. There's more, but I think you should listen for yourself.

Brilliant   (5/5)

Love it

What a podcast should be   (5/5)

THIS is easy to listen to. Easy to follow. INTERESTING. HONEST. Funny (humor from the wife). I’m so glad I found it.

Start Ups are interesting? Who Knew!   (5/5)

So I avoided this podcast because I thought "bleh, who cares about starting a business, that sounds boring!" THEN I heard another podcast talk about this season of Start Up about the slimy CEO of American Apparel, and I wanted to hear what they were talking about. Well DAMMIT, now I am hooked. I started from the beginning and burned thru them all. I am reformed!! I just love Gimlet Medias shows!

Absolutely LOVE this show!   (5/5)

Learned so much from this show. He has a great way of telling his story. It's honest and knows how to engage people in conversation. I'll follow anything Gimlet produces!

Binge-worthy & eye-opening   (5/5)

Alex Blumberg is the master story-teller. If you start from Episode 1 you almost feel like you are part of this startup even though you're far from it! The honesty in the beginning can be cringe-worthy BUT refreshing. Keep up the great work, I'm obsessed!

Contents Stops Playing.   (3/5)

It seems odd that every eposdoe stops interruptly. The experience with Itunes Podcast isn't smooth. :(

I'm not even interested in entrepreneurship …   (5/5)

… and I love this podcast! They had me at the first episode, when Alex blundered his way through a pitch to the Silicon Valley investor. In then end, it's more about people and stories than about how to start a business. I still think the first season was the best, but the more recent seasons have been excellent too. The most recent season (about the American Apparel founder) made me feel like I needed a shower after almost every episode, but I couldn't stop listening.

Great!!   (5/5)

Super enjoyable podcast

Great reporting. Must listen: American Apparel story   (4/5)

I was roped in listening to the American Apparel story about its founder, Dov Charney. Amazing reporting/story telling. So good!

An amazing podcast   (5/5)

I love this show, hope they do it for years to come.

Binge it now   (5/5)

Alex's story is phenomenal. Production is nothing less than you would expect from someone so talented and with such a wealth of experience.

From great to good   (4/5)

First season was 5 stars. Following seasons still strong but a bit less compelling.

THE Best   (5/5)

Like a can't put down book. Gimlet is just so good at telling stories.

Amazing   (5/5)

I love this show

Another great podcast by Gimlet Media   (4/5)

Another great podcast by Gimlet Media, who just make fantastic quality stuff. If you are interested in startups, entrepreneurship, or Shark Tank then this is the podcast for you! Startup provides an interesting perspective as it tracks the progress of different startups and how they evolve through the different stages of their business. Full disclosure: I've stopped listening to this one just because I've got so many podcasts to listen to that I enjoy more.

So good!   (5/5)

Excellent show! Really like the combination of learning about how startups work, and character driven narrative.

I really 'like' it!   (5/5)

I am hooked. Been binging every episode since I first heard about it. The only negative thing I have to say about it is that I am very surprised that such intelligent journalists and creators say 'like' so much in the of the cuff conversations. It is startlingly different from the scripted pieces. And very distracting. Is this the new norm? If so, I hate it.

"Like"   (4/5)

I enjoy the podcast, but can the hosts please not say "like" so often? Thank you

Binge seasons individually with breaks between   (5/5)

I binged the first season then got mad they ended it and went to a new startup. I gave it a rest for few weeks, came back, and then binged the second season. It's definitely fascinating hearing the stuff you never hear about startups (the constant successes that don't lead to much more than a month of hype, the insanity required to become a mega startup, how investors ranging from super wealthy to modest think, etc).

So good, so real.   (5/5)

This is a brave peek behind the curtain. Follow founders as a pivot here and there trying to figure out the best route to success. Lots of tidbits of insight on how this journey might go. Love the host too.

Simply one of the best podcasts out there   (5/5)

It keeps getting better and better. Listen to understand the REALITY behind starting a company.

awesome   (5/5)

I love this podcast

Insightful, no holds barred insider stories   (5/5)

As a Silicon Valley entrepreneur - I love this. It's deep reporting and a fascinating look at the underbelly of emerging companies, plus they aren’t afraid to turn the lens on themselves during certain seasons. Alex Blumberg as founder and CEO is particularly transparent with the audience and unafraid to unveil the inner workings and struggles in forming his own company.

Super addictive   (5/5)

Great podcast and binged throw in 2 weeks while commuting to work.

My Favorite Podcast. Hands Down.   (5/5)

This is my favorite podcast. I wouldn't be writing this review if it wasn't. Such an amazing in-depth look into the life and minds of start up founders and their team. Gimlet gives you front row VIP access to these companies (including their own) and it's fascinating. As a young millennial working for a start-up company, I find this podcast to be extremely insightful. If you love business journalism and documentaries, then this is the podcast for you. Can't wait for season 5!

Really good   (5/5)

Season 1 was like a whole new world. Answered questions in a great way that I had always wanted to know. So so so interesting and entertaining.

Fading star   (3/5)

The first two seasons were true to the title of the podcast. In the most recent, it became almost a tawdry exposé of a flawed character. Listening to interviews with some of the staff of Gimlet in the earlier episodes became almost exhausting. Maybe I'm showing my age, but when professionals use the word "like" in nearly every sentence, I find myself unable to listen. I felt as though I was, like, listening to a group of teenagers. Like, you know what I mean? At one time, it was the podcast that I most looked forward to hearing. I hope that the creators bring it back to its roots next season.

Officially a Gimlet devotee   (5/5)

I just started this from the beginning this week, and I'm so excited! My first Gimlet show was reply all, so having the background of its inception makes me even more of a fan girl. Gimlet rocks my world.

Listener   (5/5)

Fabulous. Entertaining. Stressful. Relatable. So glad Gimlet was born.

One of the best podcasts out there!   (5/5)

Really well-done and engaging. Highly recommend.

One of my favorite podcasts   (5/5)

This show was one of the shows that got me into podcasts. I love the various directions it takes and the aspects of starting a business that it tackles. I also find it refrehsing that the show started w/its parent company, and still comes back to examine itself w/honesty.

Just the best.   (5/5)

Start from the beginning and listen to every episode. I love you, Start Up! More Gimlet episodes pretty please 🙏🏽.

Started out great, took precipitous nosedive   (1/5)

I loved the first season - incredible self-involved, but interesting! But for their third season they decided to extensively and uncritically cover sexual predator Dov Charney. I'm out.

Insider's look into startups   (5/5)

I'm usually not into business-y stories, but Startup talks about the ins and outs of creating a business from scratch in a way that is accessible to everyone.

My favorite podcast, ever   (5/5)

This is a great show. Trained narrators relate highly interesting stories that touch on all facets of startup life. The show creators make very interesting story lines which have subtle variations between seasons.

Love it!   (5/5)

I am in the arts and work at a non-profit, but I am hooked on this show. It is so fascinating to see behind-the-scenes of a start-up and it is inspirational, scary, and so interesting. I love the variety of stories that have been told so far - and truly Alex and the rest of the crew are very transparent and honest, which I do appreciate. I started listening on a recommendation from a friend, I recommend it to other friends and I recommend it to you!

So so good!   (5/5)

Well done Alex and Lisa!

Military Bashers   (1/5)

I enjoyed the podcast until the episode where they brag about turning down the department of defence to boost their journalism credentials. I deleted all of the Gimlet podcasts after that.

10 hour drive   (2/5)

Just drove ten hours and listen to the whole first season. One of the best informational podcast I have listened to. I am looking forward to my drive back next weekend to listen to season 2.

Once You StartUp You Can't Stop   (5/5)

Like the best of investigative journalism, this takes a topic I didn't necessarily think I would find interesting -- a behind-the-scenes look at starting a business -- and makes it absolutely compelling. I'm obviously catching up a bit late, so hearing in Season 1 about the insecurities behind the success of what has already proved to be a successful company is fascinating and inspiring...and subsequent seasons don't disappoint!

THE. BEST.   (5/5)

I love each and every episode of this podcast. As an entrepreneurship nerd I love that there's someone producing thoughtful content about the many challenges of starting and growing a business. The show's creativity in how they look at this challenges, and the honesty, openess and thoughtfulness they bring to the subject are amazing.

Can't. Stop. Binging!   (5/5)

It makes me take a deeper look into my own efforts. In business, family and art. So refreshing.

Lost track of the original idea   (2/5)

I was a huge fan of StartUp podcast for three seasons, but the 4th season left me in dismay. It has nothing to do with start up entrepreneurship and is not fit for the audience you've built. It's more suitable for soap opera fans with all the digging into juicy details of sexual harrassment cases and Dov personality. Nothing interesting and valuable for those looking for an inspirational story of building a business. Hope you'll return to the originals in the next season.

Less Navel Gazing, More Storytelling Please!   (3/5)

The show is beautifully edited but there is a tendency to dwell too much on people talking about their feelings. Feelings should be implied and hinted at not minutely dissected. Get on with the narrative.

Needs to go back to its roots   (2/5)

Season 1 of the podcast covering Gimlet was great, but I haven't been a fan of recent seasons. In particular, the latest season covering Dov Charney seems like a real departure from any real focus on the startup aspects of business. It's much more focused on sensationalism around his personality and his poor behavior. I'm disappointed in Gimlet for giving this person a platform.

what happened, Gimlet??   (2/5)

First, like many others on this forum, I have been an avid fan from Season 1. Season 1 rocked the podcast world, season 2 was a bit of a sophomore slump, season 3 in my opinion was solid (I really did enjoy dipping a toe into several startup stories over the course of one season, although I do realize I am in the minority apparently). Season 4 started AMAZING! We all love to hear behind the scenes of Gimlet because it of course mirrors why Startup became a success in the first place. However, the second half just had me wondering, what happened to the producing team? I just completed the Dov C episodes and I am left perplexed to why in the world you would give this man a platform to elevate, promote or have anything to do with, regardless if he is starting a new company or not. I greatly admire Lisa Chow and her fantastic reporting skills, but it seems she too was sucked up into the tale you spun her (or she told herself) to report on this story. She too was enamored with the smoke and mirrors that this man portrays at the beginning of the podcast and by the end you could taste the astonishment and disgust. It should not matter that Dov is a "fascinating character", because where are your ethics? There has to be a million startups that have equally "fascinating characters" without all the racist, misogynistic tendencies. Wether you realized it our not you gave this man, who is so underserving of a platform, an amazing opportunity that so many others would vie for. Why would you want to stand behind or promote anything that he is doing? Especially when he is so adamantly unapolgetic for his actions? And yet, we heard at the beginning of the season that Gimlet declined to go into production with the US government because you were apprehensive of how it would "appear" to look to the masses. So where were these heads I ask you? You've crossed into Jerry Springer land, covering this subject for salaciousness. I, and can only assume many others, plead that have a serious conversation with yourselves and get back true heart of what you want your company to stand for, and the stories you want to be proud of reporting. Controversial, groud breaking and thought provoking. YES. Glamorizing sexual, emotional and work place abuse. NO. You can do better...

Great   (5/5)

Great pod

Editing issues   (4/5)

Great podcast, hence the rating, but y'all really need to listen to your episodes to make sure the editing is good before releasing them- Episode 8 has a number of points at which it loops back and repeats several seconds of audio. It doesn't matter too much but it's a sloppiness you'd never encounter on, say, Radiolab or This American Life...

been good for so long   (5/5)

this one is consistently solid... i loved it in the begining and makes me a fan of everything gimlet, its stayed interesting even today

Alex Blumberg is the Bomb!   (5/5)

Best show ever...right up there with This American Life!

Investigative journalism and honest reporting   (5/5)

Love the show. Please keep it going.

Awesome   (5/5)

I just binged the first season and this show is phenomenal. Now I understand more about why I love every Gimlet podcast! However, I'm not crazy about the thought of this being taken over by another host in s2 because I love Alex!

Love the look into how gimlet was started   (5/5)

Very inspirational to a prospective business founder!

Love it!   (5/5)

Great seasons every year since it started. The episodes on both Gimlet and the other start-ups are great!

Loyal but disappointed in the Dov Charney episodes   (4/5)

I still love the show and am loyal despite the unfortunate direction it has taken following Dov Charney. It was truly hard to listen to it and the well documented history of his mistreatment of women. It made me feel powerless to hear about the ways he takes their power away from them. He is a sex offender that should have to face legal consequences. Start up gave him a platform to help launch his new business. Please follow someone we can root for next time!

In love since the beginning   (5/5)

I love Startup! I wish I could have an episode every day or at least once a week. I am tell that there has been experimentation with the format and I can honestly say that I'm not sure which format is better. The rapid fire business coverage made me feel like I wanted to know more but this season I've missed hearing from a variety of business owners. I'm sure I'm not alone but I'd still love to hear more Gimlet related episodes as well.

Bad Taste   (2/5)

I've been a listener since the beginning and I have to say the handling of the cancelation of Mystery Show has soured my listen experience a bit. At this point I went from being a supporter and sharer to just a passive listener who cares way less about your success. Hopefully you can turn it around. There are a lot of great podcast out there that people can enjoy and feel good about supporting, I think you success or failure will be heavily influenced by your ability to turn this around.

One of the most interesting podcasts out there   (5/5)

I've been listening to podcasts for a while now, and season 4 of StartUp is one of the best podcasts out there. It's completely engrossing, beautifully done, and fascinating. I highly recommend it to anyone with an interest in stories about businesses.

Great Podcast.   (5/5)

Great Podcast.

I love Gimlet   (5/5)

What an amazing opportunity to get to listen to the beginning of not only a podcast but a company.

Brilliant   (5/5)

I love Start Up. And while every season has been fantastic and Alex is wonderful and I want him to keep being wonderful, I love Lisa. This last season has been courageous and it puts listeners in the position of asking themselves hard questions without becoming pushy or preachy. Lisa is tenacious and honest and the story is brilliantly reported. Thank you for this podcast and this season!

The show that started it all for Gimlet   (5/5)

I love what Gimlet is doing... what they've added to my life through compelling storytelling that leaves me a more curious, open-minded person is measurable and palpable. .. and this show gives you the very real behind-the-scenes stories that explain how much painful effort has gone into producing such enriching content. The thing I'd like to say most is thanks... your company certainly contributes to making the world a better place and inspires me in my own work. I hope you succeed in being able to sustain such wonderful programming and am with you all the way.

Was better   (3/5)

The season long story telling of Dov or whatever got old.. I prefer the short storytelling of the many startups in Season 1.

Perfection   (5/5)

Truly perfection

My favorite podcast!   (5/5)

Really enjoyed season 4... best startup yet. As with all gimlet podcasts, great production and captivating content. Highly recommend.

Really interesting   (5/5)

I've put off listening to this one because I'm normally not a fan of podcasts I expect to be business-y, but I wish I'd started listening sooner!

Love the candidness   (5/5)

I have been a fan of Gimlet Media and Startup podcast right from the beginning. Alex did a great job of candidly recoding the ups and downs of his startup business. I have listened to all the episodes multiple times and have taken notes from season 1 just in case if I have my own startup one day. Lisa Chow is awesome, one of the best things Alex has done is to handover the reigns to Lisa. Everyone Alex has brought to Gimlet are so talented and do a great job. Love the laughter recoding of Nazanin from season 1. Keep up the good work guys and wish you many more successes.

Disappointing direction.   (1/5)

As an avid listener, a subscriber quite literally from the beginning, and someone who has evangelized for this podcast to friends, it pains me to edit my 5star review down to a 1star. I don't know how else to communicate my extreme disappointment with the decision to glamorize (fetishize?) Dov Charney for season 4. If 2016 taught us anything, it's that media's incessant need to "show both sides" is harmful and dangerous when one "side" is someone like Dov Charney. Please, Gimlet, I beg you- you turn down the Pentagon for branding but not that filth? Please re-examine your editorial choices.

One of gimlet's best   (5/5)

I've been listening to Startup since it launched, but am just now getting around to writing a review. Every season has been different but equally well-produced and entertaining. So glad Alex decided to go for it because, almost three years later, I don't know how I'd live without Gimlet podcasts!

Dov Charney is gross.   (2/5)

I've really enjoyed this podcast until this season. I tried listening to this season but I'm just tired of hearing this eccentric washed up former CEO trying to rebuild what he had and whining about the people who conspired to take it from him. Dov Charney skeezes me out and I'm not convinced he isn't a sex offender. He obviously was sexually harassing people and obviously was abusing his authority so it's not hard to make that leap. I've been deleting this season's episodes since ep 4 and will continue to do so until the next season.

Seasons 1 & 4 are the best   (5/5)

I was instantly hooked to season 1 of Startup, and got a little lost during seasons 2 & 3. Season 4 has me hooked again, both with Alex's opening episodes, and the remaining episodes about American Apparel's ex-founder. Starting, owning, and growing a business - and dealing with employees - is one of the hardest things to do, and it's really interesting to hear all the different points of views that come along with one person's vision/dream. Hoping the next season is great!

Go. Listen. Now.   (5/5)

You're welcome!

Great Season   (5/5)

This season is amazing.

Great show and host   (5/5)

Great stuff👍🏼

Start Up   (4/5)

First season was great, second season was good. The third season. I'm not sure what to say. It's a great story but not the story of a start up. It's a story of sexual abuse. I'm hoping it will turn into a story of a start up but those details seem to be left out over and over again. I'm disappointed this podcast didn't stay true to its original theme.

Good show   (5/5)

Good show

EXCELLENT 4th Season   (5/5)

I have been a fan of this show since it's inception, but Lisa Chow's work digging into the rise and fall of disgraced former American Apparel CEO Dov Charney is podcast gold. It's the most well-crafted, tightly edited, smartly investigated audio journalism I have listened to since Serial Season 1. Amazing.

Brave New Series   (5/5)

The latest series of Startup focused on the ex-CEO of American Apparel, Dove Chaney, is courageous and fascinating. A tough set of issues and a tough guy to interview. Dove's story is sad and disturbing. Dove is in complete denial about his sexual mental health. I do feel sorry for him, but cannot remain sorry because he systematically constructed a company and environment where he consistently used power to abuse and manipulate women as well as men physically and mentally way beyond what is appropriate or legal. He silenced his employees and created employment contracts that controlled legal proceedings if any legal issues were to arise. He has very little idea of what is right or wrong or of reality for that matter. Many people were hurt by him and will have scars for life. Still, he denies what he did or does as inappropriate. If he doesn't have a reckoning, he will continue a path of destruction and abuse of others. It does not matter that he built a company or made billions. It does not matter that when he abuses someone, he makes up the next day after a violent episode. That is a part of a pattern manipulation. There is no excuse for his behavior. People should be very wary of working for him.

Well researched   (5/5)

Super interesting insights.

Love the show   (5/5)

The American Apparel season rocks. Learned quite a bit about the inner workings of the corporate world.

THIS is journalism!   (5/5)

You are doing important and wonderful things by reporting this story!! You are not shying away from his sexual misconduct and I trust you will fully address those issues, but you're giving us a chance to see this person's personality, as he is and to hear about the wonderful things he was doing from a business standpoint. Incredible that he was able to buck the fast fashion trend and make something in the US. This story is what we need to be good humans - to see the whole picture. To not reduce one another to a single data point, a news headline, or a check mark on a ballot. You're sharing the whole story, not just the bad parts and not just the good parts. I for one am excited and hopeful to see this type of reporting in the world. please don't stop!! It is so critical to healing and growth of our country. Thank you team Gimlet.

Fascinating Exploitative and Informative   (5/5)

This is the best season of Start Up so far! It's somewhat like Serial in the sense that it is exposing human suffering in a graphic way, but isn't that why Serial AND this newest season is so fascinating and addictive? Poor Dov Charney and poor employees who have been both exulted and excoriated by him. This is obviously a man with serious mental health issues. And Lisa Chow is crafting a highly entertaining story but also expressing compassion for her subject that I've never witnessed before. As evidenced by her awareness of Dov's pain after he apparently frightened her with his primal rage. Amazing radio. I listen both with guilt and glee and recommend this highly. A best of 2016.. Trust me, I listen to many more podcasts than is normal OR natural.

Keeps getting better   (5/5)

Been listening since the very beginning and this podcast just keeps getting better. The most recent season about American Apparel has been amazing. Excellent reporting very fair on both sides. And just very interesting. Gimlet podcasts are all solid performers.

American Apparel Season Rocks   (5/5)

I just want to say that I love the new season featuring Dov Charney and American Apparel. Such an gripping, emotional story. Great reporting, guys!

Love this show!   (5/5)

One of my favorite podcasts! Great hosts, excellent content! A+

The current season is the best.   (5/5)

The Dov Charney story is so engrossing. Perfectly captures his irrepressible enterprising spirit while at the same time centering the voices of women and highlighting his abuses of power. I can't stop listening.

My favorite podcast   (5/5)

And I'm not even that into start-ups...

Focus   (3/5)

As many others here I have been a fan since season 1. However, this season seemed interesting until a few episodes ago in which the focus has now shifted to Dov's past. While I understand it will influence his current startup, I think a lot of us tuned in to this show to hear the backend of startups, the good, the bad and the ugly. I will not say this shift is a bad idea and you most likely are doing this purposefully but it's not what we signed up for and why I am considering if i'm still interested in listening more. I didn't even know anything about Dov before this season and am not interested in judging. However, I am growing tired of having to listen for 3 episodes about a laundry list of issues with Dov. One episode at most would have sufficed and now it feels like you have an agenda. Yes, it is an interesting story to tell... but be concise and get back to what had us interested in this podcast to begin with.

It was good in the first season   (2/5)

But now it's more about diversity than entrepreneurship. It belongs in a gender studies class, so maybe it's just mislabeled now. Rename the show!

The show took a disgusting turn   (1/5)

The host's relentless pursuit of the sex angle of American apparel story is truly disgusting.

Why...   (1/5)

I've been listening to this show since the start but why you chose to profile someone like Dov for multiple episodes is a mystery to me... did he pay you guys? I had to unsubscribe and I won't be listening again due to this decision.

Loving this most recent season of Start Up   (5/5)

I love this most recent season as almost as the first season, which hooked me on Gimlet. The subject has been so intriguing. Keep going man.

Excellent   (5/5)

This podcast was great from the start but the new season about Dov Chaney is extraordinary. Truly excellent reporting.

Great show since S1E1   (5/5)

I love the Gimlet updates

Trendsetter!   (5/5)

I love this show. I'm a big Gimlet Media fan, and I love getting the behind the scenes looks. The seasons about other startups are fascinating as well.

This new season rocks!   (5/5)

I love podcasts in general, and this one is great, but the name kinda missed for me. I love you guys and keep up the good work.

Great listen   (5/5)

I have thoroughly enjoyed this podcast and the coverage of business in its most raw, unflattering, and creative moments.

Really good show!   (5/5)

I love gimlets other shows and podcasting more generally, I think it's so cool to learn more about the ins and outs of a podcasting company. This podcast has definitely made me more invested in gimlet as a company.

surprised by the relevancy   (5/5)

I didn't expect to enjoy this podcast based on the topic, but surprisingly it resonated and made me think about my own goals, values, and priorities.

The highest of recommends   (5/5)

Alex absolutely rocks and I LOVE Gimlet Media

I Love StartUp, but...   (5/5)

I’ve been listening to Alex Blumberg for probably more than a decade, and today, I listened to probably the most hard to listen to show I ever heard from Gimlet, which was the latest show for Startup. (Sigh)…where do I start. Guys – unless you are programing your show to be a complete downer, then you are not accomplishing what you want out of this show. What I liked about Gimlet and Startup was that it is unpretentious. It was really balanced. Listening to Gimlet is like eating at a really good restaurant that has good food, good menu, good service, good atmosphere, good décor, good energy, and is just an overall good experience. Today’s episode was like watching the movie, “The Player” with Tim Robbins where he plays a Hollywood Studio Executive, and he save a film from being a complete flop because it has no second act. The latest episode of StartUp “Shadowed Qualities” was absolutely painful to listen to because it had no second act. Guys – please be who you are. You are a company that produces entertaining, humorous, heart-warming, interesting, educational, inspiring podcasts with occasional elements of drama as part of the setup. “Shadowed Qualities” failed in that respect. Alex – that scene where you were crying to your wife – good, but I felt like you spent the rest of the episode whining. Oh my god you gave me a headache. I was driving when I was listening to this episode and screaming at my radio like Godfather Don Corleone yelling at Johnny Fontane “YOU CAN ACT LIKE A MAN!” Seriously – buckup son – we all have problems and it is nice to show your personal side, but you really over did this one. You overshared. TMI. I have three words for you – volume, volume, volume. Gimlet should be a show factory. Instead, you are acting like a podcast show artesian boutique. Stop trying so hard to make every show perfect – its pretentious. You should take a lesson from the Kings of the Podcast – Josh and Chuck. Two shows a week. If I did not get two fixes a week of SYSK, I would flip out! Gimlet could be like that ten-fold. Startup, Surprisingly Awesome, Reply All, Sci Vs., even Mystery Show – these are all amazing shows. And you should release the bad stuff – the outtakes, the imperfections. That is what people listen for. It will make the good episodes even better. Listeners want reliability. We listen to you while we commute, while we work, while we are at the gym or cooking dinner or folding laundry. Give us what we want – more shows. Balanced shows. Find the formula and stick with. Go into production. You can do it – I completely have faith in you. Stop trying so hard. Make shows and release them like Ed Wood making a movie. Good Luck and I look forward to more episodes.

So much heart here   (5/5)

With a name like Startup, I'm always surprised at how emotional this show is. A company is its people and the stories behind Gimlet's are touching and fascinating. Today, I cried.

Great show.   (5/5)

Fun, quirky, and interesting. Lots of insight into the mind of a start up. Ok, lots of insight into the mind, period. Great show!

Not As Compelling Now   (3/5)

I feel that the current season of StartUp's early episodes only serve to put Alex Blumberg in a better light given the Mystery Show debacle.

Love this! Got me started thinking about doing my own   (5/5)

I love the honesty and transparency of Alex and crew. Will miss Brittany and Sampler but can't wait to see what comes next!

Yeah, whatever   (1/5)

In March or April of 2016 the executives at Gimlet make the decision to cancel a podcast that critics fawned over, fans went rabid for, and which Apple called the best new podcast of 2015. A start-up company cancelled it's plum podcast, fired all the staff associated with that show, and they kept it a secret until October 2016 when they finally announced the action without a single word of explanation. If such a monumental decision as that is not included in StartUp Podcast, why should anyone believe anything on the podcast? It is clearly staged, and does not reveal the most difficult or important decisions. Kind of contrary to the point?

Terribly interesting   (5/5)

I love learning about the ins and outs of how a podcast even happens and how business works in general.

Season 1 was one of best all time series   (5/5)

Season 1 was one of the best podcast seasons out there. The story was gripping. Would they make it? Season 2 was also very good. I got lost a bit with season 3. I'm really enjoying the Season 4 mini-series that's discussing all the changes at Gimlet. Highly recommend!

So authentic it hurts   (5/5)

Love how raw the team at Gimlet is willing to get to make great content. Keep it up!

Gimlet rocks!   (5/5)

This podcast is an excellent mix of understanding different startups and hearing about the startup we all love, Gimlet.

A mile in Blumberg's shoes   (5/5)

Love listening to this podcast, as we get a look at the ups and downs of starting up a business. I don't even have a desire to start my own business, but have enjoyed the "behind the scenes" look at not only Gimlet but other notable (and some not so notable...yet) companies as they try to make their mark. Not often do you find companies willing to show their foibles almond with their successes, but Start Up been able to find a way to show us the mans behind the curtain, in turn endearing the listener to try out the many other pods under the Gimlet header.

Love love gimlet podcasts   (5/5)

Start w season 1 so good

Like, like and like   (5/5)

I am subscribed, listen and enjoy the Gimlet podcasts, but this one, their first abuses and over uses like to the point of extreme distraction. It's insane and greatly diminishes my ability to enjoy the product.

I love every moment!   (5/5)

I am a traveling businessman and a podcast junky. I have never left a review for a podcast. I have fell in love with show. I spend my time traveling thinking why do I make money for other people. This podcast feels like my life from kids to wife and business. I keep asking myself why can't I be like Alex. He has motivate me to start making move while providing 30 minutes of entertainment. Thank you for the hope!

This show is Ah-mazing   (5/5)

Just started thinking about building a business next year and have been looking for something just like this. Authentic, gritty and down to earth. Really enjoy to know that someone who has worked on ThisAmericanLife and PlanetMoney also has the inner doubts that less experienced people feel! Keep it up and hope you continue going up!

Great Show   (5/5)

Started listening to it with my husband and did not expect to get into it. Totaly loved it! I liked the format of following one business the whole season better than jumping from business to another following a theme.

So good.   (5/5)

The inside of my favorite shows

Dang Good   (5/5)

I definitely liked the first and second seasons the best, where the entire season dove into one startup story. Still enjoy listening every week though and who doesn't love Alex?

So Good   (5/5)

Let me start with the fact that I don't care about businesses succeeding or collapsing, but the team of reporters and producers at Start Up are such masters of story telling that I get sucked in and LOVE listening to this podcast every week. I fell for this show because I am a huge fan of Alex Blumberg from TAL and Planet Money. The episodes about Gimlet are probably my favorite because they feel so personal and honest. However, the episodes about other companies are also riveting. I strongly recommend this podcast. Give it a chance and you will get hooked!

My first podcast   (5/5)

Put simply, this was the podcast that got me hooked on podcasts several years ago. Alex Blumberg is the best of the best. Thanks.

So glad season 4 is back!   (5/5)

Can't wait, great show

love!   (5/5)

So happy this shows back! It's the best

Bad idea   (1/5)

This has no interesting stories anymore, unless you want the story of how these guys are foolishly driving great podcast concepts into the ground because of their own egos.

Gimlet's flagship show rocks!   (5/5)

I appreciate this honest look into what it's really like to run a business.

Great, interesting, & informative storytelling   (5/5)

I've just "binge-listened" to season 1 and am looking forward to more! What great, honest, raw storytelling - whether you are interested in business or not, this is a great podcast.

Lost its way   (2/5)

Startup is still well-produced, but it's hard to see what Gimlet Media is spending its millions of dollars on. Other podcast networks that didn't raise huge Silicon Valley money are doing equal or better shows, and they don't have the 60 employee army Gimlet does. In the first season, you were rooting for Alex to make it, right there with him as he struggled to acheive his dream. Now it seems like the whole company has settled into bro culture, pumping out self-congratulatory shows that care far too much about being cool. Podcasting succeeds when it's personal, and makes the listener feel welcome, like you're hearing from a friend. Startup feels like you're stuck sitting in a bar with someone you knew in college who got a big job at Google, and can't stop telling you how tough it is to sit in meetings with important executives when what they really want to do is go drive their Tesla.

Can't wait for season 4   (5/5)

Hooked since episode 1

Honest and engaging   (5/5)

This podcast is amazing!!!!!

Fantastic   (5/5)

Very cool and entertaining podcast

One of the best   (5/5)

I am not sure anything is going to top Season One, and Season Two had me rooting against that awful dating site, but the premise here is good and the delivery is excellent. Strong stuff.

Real life feel   (5/5)

This podcast is amazing and gives you a great inside look of what it takes to start a company. I have been working for a startup for 4 years now so it was great to hear what it really takes to start a company. Alex does not hold back and tells it like it is. Highly recommend if you work for a startup, interested in startups or just looking for an entertaining podcast

Start Up keeps getting worse   (2/5)

The first season was great and Alex had a story to tell and was great. I never did get what season 2 was all about. Amateurs can be in business too, I guess. Season 3 was short and a dud. I like a couple of the other Gimlet shows like Reply All and Science Vs whiich are well done and fun to listen to. Suprisingly Awsome could cease production and I would never miss it.

Alex takes you throgh his journey   (5/5)

Alex takes you through his journey of how he set out to build Gimlet Media. Loved it! That was season 1. I never got a chance to listen to all of Season 2, but the format they use in Season 3 is even better - they talk about startup stories. They talk about the pitfalls and lessons that can be learnt from each startup story, and this is what I love most about this podcast.

Fantastic production!   (5/5)

Loved seasons 1 and 2! I listened to both the seasons in just over 2 days - amazing production, hats off to the team.

Great opening, diluted and weak by season3   (1/5)

Season 1 was riveting. Likewise for the start of season 2. By season 3, and the new presenters of the podcast are weak. Now, the show doesn't seem to know what it is. Sadly, I'm unsubscribing. Seems many others feel the same.

One of my favorites   (5/5)

Really like this one. Loved first seasons where focus was Gimlet, and impressed with their pivot to other start up stories.

Captivating and Inspirational   (5/5)

This podcast is a great introduction into starting a new business, on both a professional level and more importantly the personal aspects and sacrifices one has while working to grow a startup into a small thriving business. I’ve quickly grown to be a huge fan of this podcast and the story of Gimlet Media - 💯

Brilliant   (5/5)

This was my (post Serial) gateway podcast. Especially love the eps about Gimlet. Can't wait for more.

amazing   (5/5)

great story, super honest and transparent

Gimlet media is full of biased garbage.   (1/5)

All biased.

Listen from the beginning   (5/5)

You will root for Gimlet media to succeed if you start from the beginning. Great stories and suprisingly open and emotional. Startup got me hooked on their style of storytelling and style bleeds into the other Gimlet podcasts. I've been meaning to leave a rating and comment for a long time, I can’t recommend them enough.

Listened to three seasons In a week   (5/5)

Such a great show! I loved it so much that I listened to all three seasons in a little over a week. Highly recommend!

Startup is the best!!!   (5/5)

I freaking love this podcast! Season 1 is the best thing I have ever listened to in my car. So real and so well put together! Season 2 was the low point of this series with a huge over analysis of online dating rather than starting the company. Yah I don't care about online dating at all. Season 1 and 3 are so good though that I will still give it 5 stars! If you are a new listener, skip over season 2 entirely and you will love it so very very much! Love this show and I love all things Gimlet!

Insightful, real, and addictive reporting on entrepreneurship   (5/5)

I'm making a transition from tech to business and this podcast is a great mix of both. Alex Blumberg's account of a burgeoning startup in the first season is priceless and the second season expands on the idea beautifully. Getting to the third season soon, but can't wait to binge it!

Always doing new things!   (5/5)

Great show, but truly love that each season is a little different. I loved season 3 the most and hope they do something like that again next time (but perhaps with a new theme). Love shorter stories about many companies though!

No impressed   (2/5)

With the good reviews I had high expectations for this podcast. It was ok, I listened to a few episodes. I lost interest fairly quickly and will delete.

Very interesting stories   (5/5)

The first season was fascinating to hear in such depth at the ebbs and flows of creating a company. The second season has been just as interesting with profiles of it only extremely successful startups to those in the verge of collapse. I also loved the episode on how they bravely looked at their own company to see were they practicing what they preached within their own company with promoting diversity.

Fascinating   (5/5)

This is such a fascinating, engaging podcast. I have learned a ton just observing the process of their startup. It is also very funny and endearing. Well done!

all the gimlet shows are tops   (5/5)

this one is no exception.