Aggregated reviews for StartUp Podcast

A series about what it's really like to start a business.

One of the best poddcasts out there (5/5)

A must!

Most Amazing Potcast about a StartUp! (5/5)

I really enjoy listen to it!

Riktigt bra! (5/5)

Hög igenkänningsfaktor trots lite olika branscher. Keep it up!

So inspiring (5/5)

Super inspiring and very real. Goes to show that anyone with the right mindset and knowledge can create something amazing.

Great stuff! (5/5)


Wonderfully honest (5/5)

Wonderfully honest

No data behind episode 1-5? (3/5)

Hello there! i would really like to start listening to your podcast but currently it is not possible. Im able to download episode 6 with 23mb but episode 1-5 are only 1kb and i am unable to open them up to listen. Is this a problem everyone has or is it only me?

It ain't easy. (5/5)

A great tale of the American Dream told by an emotional and naive "everyman" with a million dollar idea. And it's wonderful, allowing a way to identify with Alex on a personal level as we join him in meetings with billionaire investors, struggle with confidence, and even join Alex's late night exhausted talks with his breadwinning wife who is filled with realistic, and sometimes harsh, advice and quick to remind him this venture into startups effects not only himself, but her and their children for better or worse. We all have a million dollar idea and believe all it takes to make that million is to share our idea, blow a couple minds, and watch the money roll in. Alex shows us it's nowhere near as easy.

Awesome (5/5)

That first investor meeting was the best podcast-segment I ever heard. Keep it up!