Aggregated reviews for Stay Tuned with Preet

Join former U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara as he breaks down legal topics in the news and engages thought leaders in a podcast about power, policy, and justice.

Best podcast!! (5/5)

If you are at all interested in what’s going on in our government/ politics this is the place to learn. Preet and Ann are a wealth of knowledge. They take the week’s news wipe away all the B.S. and lay out the truth. Thanks

Fantastic Interviews (5/5)

PB is the best mind conducting interviews today.

Translating Quid Pro Quo for the Masses (5/5)

I look forward to every podcast, just like I stop whatever I am doing to hear your commentary on CNN. Can you see your way clear to define quid pro quo in this Ukraine Matter as Solicitation for a Bribe. Even Trumpers know what a bribe is. PLEASE let’s define this Latin idiom for what it truly is....a high crime.

Smart sensible take on the week's hot topics (1/5)

Preet lost me after the tease of George Conway interview. Not being able to discuss Kelly Ann yet having George say the administration is complicit was a shift for me. Don’t have people on when the only reason to have them on is to discuss the obvious, especially when they are discussing the staff around Trump and KellyAnn is part of the story. Still wish Preet success. He’s a solid American. Moving on.

Hollywood? No Thank You (4/5)

I truly like Stay Tuned and especially enjoy Cafe Insider. But enough of the Hollywood/movie star guests please. I don’t listen or care for their opinions. I want legal and learned political knowledge. Now when I see a Hollywood person is a guest, I don’t listen.

Errol Morris episode (5/5)

I really enjoyed their conversation.

Celeste (5/5)

Fantastic interview with Errol Morris!

Preet and Errol Morris (4/5)

Not such a good job interviewing Morris. Preet sounded like a prosecutor instead of allowing Morris’ ideas to come out. Perfect illustration of ineffective interview technique. Preet is till learning to new skill.

Thoughtful and real (5/5)

In a world of fake news, it’s nice to hear the truth from a professional prosecutor like Preet and his expert panel of guests.

Better & better (5/5)

I’ve been listening to Stay Tuned since it started. It was very good yet it veered too far left politically for me. I was disappointed. I’m an independent looking to learn the facts. If the IV is good, I don’t need others to lead me toward conclusions. I started to only check in occasionally. Then he brought in the oh so moderate Anne Milgram. Also by then, in my opinion, Preet’s style evolved w much of his bias gone from the conversation. In addition, he has added some very interesting guests beyond the political sphere. He’s bright & funny & i think, now one of the best interviewers anywhere! I don’t miss any episodes & I’m ready to ‘buy in’. I think you’ll like him a lot!

One of the best! (5/5)

This podcast is just so good. Preet has a particular style that is, truly, just about perfect - he’s articulate, intelligent, prepared, funny, and even probes a little bit but in a way that’s always respectful. I’m wowed by how his mind works and what an excellent interviewer he is. I find myself completely interested and engaged every time.

Excellent podcast! (5/5)

I don’t miss an episode of this podcast! There are such interesting guests and lots of variety. Preet is a terrific host. Well done and very informative. Thank you and I’m going to be signing up for CAFE Insider.

Thoughtful shows and commentary on current issues and happenings (5/5)

I am so glad that I stumbled across the podcast. It is smart, thoughtful, thorough, with a great host who brings to the forefront interesting political issues, as well as topics in the fields of art and film. Very much appreciate the smartness of this show.

Adult Conversation (5/5)

I so appreciate the intelligence and tone of this podcast. None of the shrillness. Subscribe. Preet, your podcast could launch the narrative of the SDNY movie you are considering. The dramatic device to move and bookend the narrative. For now, I’ll keep listening.

The only podcast I listen to (5/5)

My best friend, who was an AUSA in SDNY for many years, recommended this podcast to me, and I’m so glad she did. Preet’s legal insights and interviews with other lawyers are fabulous, but his interviews with non-lawyers on a range of topics are similarly wonderful. Preet is smart, compassionate, self-effacing and very funny (everything the current occupant of the WH is not). Gives me hope that maybe the rule of law will prevail.

Very good (4/5)

I’m bored. Maybe it’s just me, but it seems line the appear substantive content is now reserved to the paid program and this one is mostly fan mail, rudimentary civics and movie stars.

Unmask The Corruption (5/5)

Excellent discussion with Edward Norton. Norton’s discussion of how to present facts that can change minds made me really want to hear more from him. Also now I’d love to hear Preet interview financial & trade & ethics experts who can analyze the impact of Trump’s & his cronies’ corruption. For ex. Would love to hear Preet interview a Coal Industry specialist or historian analyze how Trump & Mitch McConnell have betrayed & abandoned the coal miners. Norton talked about the corrupt bullies playing people - coal miners have been cheated by this admin. Coal mine owners have gotten all the gifts. Great series - thank you to Preet & team.

Great episode with Edward Norton (5/5)

Been a fan of the podcast since the very beginning and always appreciate the conversations! This may very well be my number two favorite episode with, of course, the Bill Browder one as number one... I always admired Edward Norton as a great actor, but this interview made me realize I can now also admire him as a great human being! I could have listened to Preet and Edward for many more hours!

Highly recommend (5/5)

Great podcast. I have learned so much from Preet’s shows. I appreciate the insights he brings and how he also shares insights he has gained by doing the show. I can listen to him all day.

Loved hearing Edward Norton talk to Preet (5/5)

Great insights that perhaps even non-liberals might appreciate. I love that Preet wants to communicate respectfully with those who don't share his views.

Best Interviewer I've Heard (5/5)

I've been listening to news and policial podcasts since the IPOD was released. I listen while I'm working out. I have many favorite interviewers, but Preet is the best I've ever heard. He's warm, prepared, articulate and empathetic. He doesn't appear to be damaged by all those years as a top prosecutor. I'm about to become a Cafe Insider.

Stay Tuned with Preet (5/5)

Wow, great show. Thanks Preet and Edward Norton... love listening to a conversation between two really smart people! Look forward to every Thursday to listen to new show. Always interesting and thought provoking. Thanks for a great podcast!

My New Favorite (5/5)

Loved the interview with Edward Norton. He’s awesome.

Enough with the celebritification! (3/5)

Please stop bringing on various celebrities and focus on getting experts (authors, academics, etc.) to give listeners new things to think about and consider. Celebrities have plenty of exposure already in US culture. Thank you!

Exceptional Interviewer (5/5)

I started listening to this podcast a few months ago at the recommendation of a colleague and fellow attorney who, like me, was not well-versed in the intricacies of criminal law and suggested that Preet was a great resource for analysis about the various investigations into Trump’s web of corruption and criminality. I appreciate the education Preet and his guests provide about the legal aspects of the ongoing Trump impeachment inquiry. That said, his recent foray into long form interviews has been a revelation to me. Preet’s interview with Edward Norton was spectacular. His thoughtful, well-researched questions to an incredible, well-spoken master of his craft (acting and directing) in Norton made my otherwise painful, traffic-clogged commute to work a total joy! Keep up the great work.

Wow (5/5)

Preet is only getting better and better. The George Conway interview was intriguing, interesting and instructional. The best I have ever heard.

Preet is a terrific interviewer (5/5)

Highly recommended

Long time listener (5/5)

Preet is a fantastic voice of reason in a time of chaos.

Finally. The voices of reason. (5/5)

Yes! Two people, sitting down in a respectful, intelligent, honest conversation about Trump. I was totally captivated by both the questions- and answers. Thank you! Ps...I like that Preet did not press Conway about his marriage. This entire sit down was much more important than digging for gossip.

Riveting yet calming (5/5)

Anne and Preet are a dynamic duo. Conway rocked it

Listen to the George Conway podcast (5/5)

Preet is amazing, but when talking with Conway they are like a super computer chipping away and exposing everything, great podcast!

Wonderful (5/5)

A ray of sunshine and reasonableness in these unbearably screwed up times

Outstanding (5/5)

Simply THE best podcast

Vincent E (5/5)

An informative and cerebral podcast.

Signs of intelligent life (4/5)

I’ve just listened to the podcast with Anand Giridharadas. I really appreciated Preet’s relative objectivity during the interview. He questions Giridharadas to understand not to act as fanboy or to be an amen choir. It’s so rare to hearda real conversation. Two Preet highlights: Giridharadas and Preet discuss the politics and cultural importance of pronouncing names correctly. Preet talks about (in the answering mail segment) Ellen and GW at the baseball game and HIS conservative Republican best friend. Don’t let the current administration fool you—thereARE signs of intelligent life.

Stay Tuned is one of the most thoughtful news podcast out there (5/5)

Insightful !

Amazing pod (5/5)

Simply amazing podcast. We’re all very lucky to get to hear Preet’s candid perspective, honestly. I don’t always agree 100% with his views, but am certain of his intellectual and legal prowess. (Mostly agree, though 😉) Bravo! 👏🏼

Wonderful Pod (5/5)

I love this podcast because Preet is fair minded, articulate, has a wealth of legal experience and especially because he can dealve into legal issues from a particularly informed position. He is beginning to interview people outside the legal arena and these are great too.

I don’t want it to be over (5/5)

Having these two together needs to be a regular thing.

The Plutocrats (5/5)

What a great conversation! Anand is outstanding

Excellent! (5/5)

One of the smartest podcasts available. Never shrill. This podcast invariably brings me more clarity on the issues discussed regardless of whether the topic is one on which I’m well-versed or one entirely new to me.

Smart, G.Conway was impressive (5/5)

Preet does a great job!! Great topics! Mark in Milwaukee

5 stars as long as it stays free (5/5)

This podcast is second to NONE as far as understating and being educating on the current troublesome politics. However, some new episodes are “paid” only by subscribing on a third party platform. This defeats the purpose, intent, and spirit of a podcast. I strongly discourage the Preet team from pursuing this, but I guess I’ll be a “free” podcast follower no matter what. Please consider disbanding this paid notion.

Diagnosing Trump with George Conway (5/5)

The best conversation I have heard in a long time: interesting, brave, scientific, knowledgeable, timely & wise. Thank you, Preet! Hope you will do it again soon with Mr. Conway!

Essential (5/5)

This is the best serious pod I’ve ever heard. It’s one of two or three essential shows that I subscribe to. I have not yet missed an episode. It’s like the fire from The Road.

Fabulous insightful and intelligent (5/5)

I love Preet’s pod cast. Cannot wait hear his pod cast on Monday’s and Thursday.

Preet Bharara (5/5)

Preet is excellent! The way he talks and speaks to the people is amazing. He makes it interesting and when you hear him you want to listen to him. But I can tell you that he is better in person than on tapes. It’s a pleasure to hear a politician talk to the people with the truth and not hear how great he is and how he treats the truth. With lies and no respect. It’s very assuring that there are a few good men and women that can handle the truth and not the lies that are given to the people. Thank you and it was a pleasure to write this review.

Frustrating (1/5)

Yet another completely biased point of view. So tired and frustrated with the “press.” We truly no longer have a “free” press which is really sad, frustrating and scary. You all were entrusted with a huge responsibility but instead, have utterly failed the people. It’s all about power any cost. Good riddance.

Outstanding journalism (5/5)

Preet brings a wide ranging group of guests that help me understand complex issues easily! Thank you Preet!

Amazing! (5/5)

I just started listening to your podcasts on my drive to work. I have about a 30 min commute, so on a new podcast day, it is tough to pause the podcast until my drive home! The recent one with George Conway was crazy good. You are such a natural at this. Wish you had a daily radio show to keep up with the pace of the news. HUGE fan 🤓

Love Stay Tuned! (5/5)

I’ve been listening from the very beginning! I haven’t missed an episode! I feel more informed after each podcast. Thanks!

Wow (2/5)

I honestly couldn’t imagine a more one-sided conversation. I wouldn’t recommend to anyone looking for anyone joking for a thought provoking argument from the left. Brilliant guy, total partisan

Such an important and enjoyable podcast (5/5)

Dear Preet, Love your podcast. I’ve listened from the beginning and also loved your book. I have the audio version. It was especially great hearing you narrate as you have such a pleasant voice. Such beautiful use of the English language. You always have fascinating guests and interviews. I’m always impressed by the humility and modesty of these impressive people. Shout out to the podcast theme music, it’s pretty cool. Thanks and I look forward to every episode.

George Conway Segment! (5/5)

The series is one of the most informative podcast available. The segment with George Conway is one of many of my favorites. This open discussion between left leaning and right leaning political affiliations exemplifies hope that future interactions between political parties may become less divisive and more constructive between the meetings of minds.

Fantastic podcast series! (5/5)

Love your podcast, Preet! Keep up the great work.

Biased As It Gets (1/5)

Terrible excuse for anything claiming to be journalistic. Coup Supporter just so everyone knows after the hammer falls.

Stay Tuned is the BEST (5/5)

I listen every week and learn something every single time!

Fascinating interview with George Conway (5/5)

Preet, counting on you now more than ever to provide intelligent, timely and relevant content on your podcasts. This one with George Conway did not disappoint. Love his grounded, yet wise perspectives. Thank you both for helping us all make better sense of the insanity that is currently occupying the White House.

Great interview (5/5)

Very interesting. I feel like I’m listening and hanging on to every word George Conway has to say.

The Conway Show, the Great Grifting Plot (3/5)

I understand why you had George Conway on but you can easily see through the game they’re playing. You can’t lose if you play “both sides” right? When you started to ask about his wife “I’m not going to go there” that’s where I shut it off. Who are you fooling Conway?

Great pod (5/5)

I have been listening to your podcast from the beginning. I learn a lot. You cover the political news so well. Each week you have great guests. Job well done. Today the show with George Conway was excellent. I learned so much. I want everyone should hear this podcast.

Credibility abounds (5/5)

Fantastic insight from Preet and guests. I like hearing legal POV

One big Cafe Insider advertisement (2/5)

This podcast used to be one of my favorites. He has great guests and good conversations but after creating his paid service “Cafe Insiders”, this podcast has simply become a way for him to try to get folks to pay $15 a month for his other podcast. For that kind of money I’d rather have Hulu and Disney+.

George Conway (5/5)

Great episode with George. I hope you have him back. He is an interesting man. His insights are spot on. Would love to here from him periodically during the impeachment inquiry.

Today’s interview was just what I needed! (5/5)

I am careful where I get my information and you are at the top of the list. I found today’s interview with George Conway to be enlightening and a bit calming to my frazzled nerves about Trump. Maybe, just maybe, hearing a former Republican speak up will give others a needed push to do the same. I can hope.

Conway (5/5)

As much as I love listening to Conway trash trump, his criticism of those around trump accurately describe his wife & undermine his credibility. One begins to wonder if it has all just been a way for him to elevate his own status & get more gigs.

Awesome Interview with George Conway!!! (5/5)

I haven’t heard such a great discussion and analysis on Trump, based on facts “we all know” (but in a completely non-partisan way) in a very long time (if ever). I found Conway’s article in the Atlantic amazingly clear (and damning for the “Republicans” in Congress) and this interview added such great insight into that article, as well as into someone I’ve come to admire for his principled stance (not to mention Preet, who I’ve admired for quite some time now). Keep up the great podcasts!

Excellent, Quality Program (5/5)

Wonderful, erudite discussions that bring the listener along, prompting them to truly focus on ideas and issues without pedantic rambling or screeching talking points.

Stay Tuned (5/5)

I listen to a lot of podcasts. Yours are the ones I wait for each week. Wish you did more. Thank you for clarifying so many things.

Brilliant (5/5)

Preet is an excellent communicator. I love how he can methodically explain complex legal arguments in easy to understand terms. Big fan even if I disagree with some of your takes like being hesitant to call our cowardly leader a traitor. ;) IMHO the bar for that was exceeded long ago. In any event, I look forward to many hours of expanding my knowledge by listening to your expertise.

Dear 2 detractors, (5/5)

I doubt you are reading this review or listening further to this podcast but you should not give up. Enlightenment will be your gift. You see, Preet is only pointing out the president and his bs policies are not following the established rule of law and being the bull and bully of the world. Clearly you are used to the opinion channel. I come to this podcast for a sane, intelligent, articulate opinion rather than your alternative rhetoric we all have to endure. Preet, if you ever come to Albuquerque or Santa Fe, I would love to buy a ticket.

Great Legal listen (5/5)

Wish they didn’t have the paywall, I rather hear ads. Besides that I love the pod and Preet.

Interview with David Remnick of The New Yorker (5/5)

What a fascinating and brilliant show! I love your interviews. Always thoughtful, inciteful questions and answers, certainly in this interview. Thank you.

I love this podcast. (5/5)

Preset always has the best guests, you can learn a lot from listening.

Leftist Bias Palpable (1/5)

One does not need to listen long to Preet before one discovers this podcast has an anti-Trump agenda which skews news and omits facts that goes against Preet’s Democratic Party leanings. I recognized the name and tuned in to a podcast only to hear a one-sided, unoriginal diatribe against the president which offered no new insight and had no deep political thought.

Thank You For Your Podcast (5/5)

My wife and I look forward to each new installment of your podcast. We often listen individually as we walk the bike trail near our home in Elkin NC. We have tickets to your Atlanta interview with Sally Yates. All The Best Ron Ashman

Prosody Distracting (3/5)

Great opportunity to hear investigative interviews and discussions with informed people, however Preet’s speech delivery style of pausing every 3-5 words, in places that do not coincide with normal punctuation, can make it unpleasant to listen to.

One sided (1/5)

This is great, if you only want the anti-Trump opinion of the law and what’s happening. Otherwise, look elsewhere for the truth.

David Remnick Interview - 10/3/2019 (5/5)

Preet, faithfull listerner here who always learns something from your marvelous podcasts. Thank you for your exceptional work. Your interview with David Remnick was remarkable. Remnick discussed how people are not just wallowing in the shallows of social information, but in fact do read more long-form works. As one who is visually challenged and who continually searches for audio long-form articles, please let CAFE and Remnick & the New Yorker know that there's a great untapped market here in podcasting - the narration/reading of their prominent works. p.s. Please let Remnick know that yes, people DO read entire New Yorker articles.

Super informative and intelligent! (4/5)

Love the show every week, and special thanks for the tribute to Officer Sandeep Dhaliwal this week !

If you listen to one podcast, it should be this one. Informative and entertaining. Thank you, Preet! (5/5)

Intellectually sharp in language and tone that never speaks above the listener...should be homework for high school students...thank you!

A must listen (5/5)

Consistently thoughtful analysis.

The best podcast. Need more episodes!! (5/5)

I wish this was on every day!! I look forward to Thursday’s when a new episode airs. I often listen to each podcast twice! Cafe insider is great too.

Preet and David. What a treat! (5/5)

Stay Tuned was the first podcast I subscribed to- and Benjamin Dryer said I could end with a preposition. Cafe Insider was the second. I love them both. When I purchased a kindle years ago the first thing I did was subscribe to the New Yorker. Now granted I’m from Queens, but I have spent my adulthood in the South. So thank you both from a little old lady in French Settlement Louisiana.

Very Clear and Informative (5/5)

I love your show. It educates me and informs me in a fair, intelligent way. With humor as well. Great. Thank you. PRS

Shut up, Anne!! (5/5)

Anne talks and talks and talks without even seeming to take a breath. Slow down, quit trying to dominate the conversation, and let Preet talk !! The show has a great premise and I enjoy the discussions of the law and how most of the members of the administration have broken the law. Just tamp Anne down, PLEASE.

Missing Podcast (5/5)

Would love to write a review but have not as yet received Monday’s podcast. I am a paid up member.. D.Pinneo

Excellent Discussion (5/5)

Due to knowledge of facts, integrity, intelligence and humor of the amazing Preet Bharara and equally amazing co-host Anne Milgram (from CAC, not NHM)

Podcast-obsessed and Stay Tuned is the best! (5/5)

Smart, witty, sane. His interviews are conducted as interesting thoughtful conversations.He asks thoughtful questions. Definitely on my list of most interesting dinner party guests!

Insightful and relevant (5/5)

Powerful interviews and thoughtful analysis of current events. Love it!

Insightful (5/5)

Fantastic and thought-provoking discussion!

The best! (5/5)

This podcast gives me hope. Preet and his guests are amazing people with inspiring stories and there is always something you can take away from every episode. If I had to pick just one podcast, this would be it!

I’ve never missed an episode (5/5)

One of the most important podcasts of our age

So Very Good (5/5)

Great and informative listening. The mix of timely commentary and deep interviews with diverse guests makes for a can’t miss pod.

Thank you (again and and again) (5/5)

I’m a long-time listener to this show and I appreciate the legal rationale Preet and Anne Milgram present on the events of the day (they could do this daily!). The episode with Samantha Powers is wonderful. She describes her work as UN Ambassador, her work with the Obama administration, and balancing her job with her own family. I heard her in another podcast but I can away from this interview more impressed with her work. Thank you, Preet and team, for this wonderful interview. I look forward to more of these conversations.

I never miss an Episode (5/5)

My favorites have been the 2 with Garry Kasparov. He gave me some insight into how Fox “News” tries to worm itself into a position of legitimacy. I also particularly liked Sally Yates. I looked forward to the interview with Susan Henessey due to the topics but honestly I just couldn’t handle her odd manner of speaking—the lingering slow R’s, the formation of words like she’s got food in her mouth. Ugh, annoying. Some people just don’t have natural, clear voices suited to audio. Preset, on the other hand, and most of his guests are a pleasure to listen to and learn from.

Top-Notch (5/5)

This is a top-notch podcast with informed moderation and stellar guests.. I've been listening since the beginning and the level is extremely high; my favorite episodes include Bill Browder, Brenda Bergman, Garry Kasparov, and John Miller. Preet's measured and even approach to issues informs about the law surrounding events without coming down too hard on one side. He gives his opinion and also how others could be looking at things. Highly recommend.

So smart (5/5)

Terrific conversations between the incredibly smart Preet Bharara, who seems to know everyone in high places, and a succession of excellent guests on the crucial topics of these difficult times. Preet’s calm expertise and his fierce devotion to the rule of law make this must-listen fare. I rely on this podcast to get me through the day.

Brenda interview (5/5)

Incredible 9/11 interview - best one. A must listen if you want to believe that hero’s still exist. I eagerly wait each week for the new podcast!

A true hero and inspiration (5/5)

Thank you for interviewing Brenda Bergman. Her story and voice must be heard by all. Thank you for fighting for equality, thank you for being a world class fighter fighter, thank you for volunteering on 911, thank you for giving back by educating the public at the 911 memorial and thank you for continuing to share your story. You are a true inspiration.

The most amazing episode (5/5)

The interview with Brenda Beckman is a must listen. I was listening to it while picking up my daughters from their activities. After a couple of minutes, they asked me to start at the beginning. We were all riveted for the entire interview and didn’t want it to end. She is amazing! I shared that episode with my family and friends.

Loved Brenda (5/5)

The 9/11 special was really wonderful, Brenda was honest and open a very brave wine who brought me to tears thanks for a great interview Preet.

Outstanding episode! (5/5)

A riveting interview! It made my commute fly by. What an amazing, brave woman. Brenda is a role model for all!

Confused and Fearful about current events? (5/5)

Listen and relax into a thoughtful, funny and timely discussion. We all owe Preet a debt of gratitude for holding our hands through a wild and perplexing time in our country’s history.

Great analysis, too much product placement and book/pod promotion (4/5)

Really like Preet’s analysis of legal rather than political frame of current political events. Too much content is really just product placement or cross promotion of others’ podcasts, blogs and books.

Man should be in prison (1/5)

It’s funny to listen to a former fires us attorney who abused the law and should be in prison

Brenda and 9/11 (5/5)

I appreciate the history of women joining the NYFD. The 9/11 accounts were very moving.

Great podcast but (2/5)

I love listening to Preet, getting his insights, learning about his process for reaching decisions. And his voice, and sweet sense of humor. Anne Milgram is a knowledgeable partner. But of late, she’s taking over a seemingly large percentage of time in the show with comments that are waffling and unduly drawn out — could be much crisper. And she keeps interrupting Preet which is especially aggravating in a podcast — to the point I might have to unsubscribe. Otherwise I’d give it a 5 star review.

A must listen!! (5/5)

The episode with Brenda Berkman was riveting. Women, and the men who support them, should listen to what Capt. Berkman & other women endured to become NYC firefighters. This is what true bravery is!

Amazing Interview (5/5)

One of the best interviews I’ve heard. Brenda is so impressive and so inspiring. Thanks for telling her story on this anniversary.

Wow! (5/5)

What a great interview. Such an impressive life story. Thank you Preet and Brenda for sharing your time with us. Would love to hear more and can’t wait to see what Brenda does next to serve our country! You both inspire us.

Quieting the madness (5/5)

Whenever I feel myself on the edge...I tune in with Preet...his voice, his words, his guests walk me back to the safe zone.

Michael Bennet (4/5)

Thanks for doing this interview. The press coverage of the Democratic nominating process is a feedback loop- they focus on Sanders-Biden-Warren almost exclusively and -Surprise!- these 3 top the polls, so others who would have a better chance of beating Trump are ignored and for this reason more than any other stay in the single digits. I hope Bennet can stay in the game and get more exposure in the press. Otherwise Trump may get a second term.

9/11 (5/5)

Great episode once again. Brought back the feeling when I visited the memorial. Hearing the story of the firefighters was illuminating to say the least. In awe of what Captain did and does.

Honest (5/5)

Well balanced fair and clear review of current events! True American values expressed thank you. I have been listening to this podcast, Stay Tuned, since the beginning. I never miss an episode. I have learned so much about our system and place in the world. Thank you for the work you do, I recommend it to everyone I talk to

You never disappoint (5/5)

Preet. You never disappoint. Excellent episode. I really didn’t think another 9/11 story could make me cry but it did. My favorite podcast

Amazing episode: Russian Asset & The 1st Female Firefighter, (5/5)

I don’t know if there are awards for individual podcast episodes, but there should be, and this episode should win it. Very special for the 18th anniversary of 9/11. Highly recommend.

Excellent! (5/5)

Very moving podcast!!

love this show learn something new every time! (5/5)

great show!!!! thanks Preet keep up the great work

Always interesting (5/5)

I’ve listened to Preet for over a year, and every podcast is informative, intriguing and reminds me there’s so much more out there I need to know! Don’t know how he finds such interesting guests, or if he’ll suffer burnout because of the consistently high quality of his ‘cast and his interviews, but I’m with him for the duration. Preet is a measured voice of reason and insight. What a relief to hear his take on the daily chaos.

More ads than content now (3/5)

This podcast would be a solid 5 stars but lately it’s more an ad for a different paid podcast. Chances are the new episode is actually just a teaser clip for his Cafe Insider podcast. Whoever thought this was a good idea should reconsider.

Clarity in an uncertain world. (5/5)

Preet has answered some very relevant questions for me. His clear explanation of presidential pardons gave me an understanding of strange behaviors in the Russian investigation.

Balm-y (5/5)

Thanks again Preet, your intelligent, insightful conversation with George Packer was a balm for the soul in these dark days.

Informative (5/5)

One of the most informative shows I have ever listened to. Thanks so much Preet. You bring great clarity and understanding. Great show.

I absolutely love this show! (5/5)

Terrific podcast! Thank you, Preet, for being the voice for the mindful, honest and concerned.

Cafe Insider (5/5)

In this time when science is scoffed, the pursuit of fact is demonized and clear thought is clouded with self-serving anger, the voices on this podcast give witness to the foundations of human logic, commitment to honesty and the resilience of rational discourse to those who will listen.

Less self flattery (4/5)

Great podcast when it isn’t about Preet. We understand your experienced, connected, etc. but the podcast shines when focused on guests experience, connections, and insights. Best wishes.

Excellent insights and understanding. (5/5)

Wonderful interview with George Packer. It was also engaging to hear your humor and interest in each other.

Preet pods George Packer a feast for the spirit (5/5)

A perfect pod.

A refreshing counter point (5/5)

So inspiring and challenging to follow the stories and concerns of smart, ethically driven folks. Thank you. This podcast gives me hope. - Mary Palo Alto

So far, always interesting (5/5)

I love this podcast. Who would have thought.

Stay tuned (5/5)

Love your show

My favorite podcast! (5/5)

I was extremely impressed with Michael Bennett. I learned so much more than I dud from the debates!

Smart People/Thoughtful Discussion (5/5)

The episode on justice is excellent.

Informative, but questionable choice of guests lately (3/5)

I was immediately hooked as it is hard to find such calm, measured, rational and informative coverage of law and current events these days. I was also quite impressed at the quality of speakers from diverse backgrounds. But lately I am struck by the lack of female voices. Preet interviewed 4 presidential candidates, not a single one of them female. In a year where a record number of women running, somehow none of them apparently have anything interesting to say. Also interviews are not as revealing as they used to be. One can see the distinction by comparing the interview of Andrew Young here and with Medhi Hasan. Despite my respect for the host, I have lost interest.

More Media with a specific intent (2/5)

Duh! Of course it has intent, it’s a for profit business, and I congratulate Preet on his pseudo-Capitalism. He invites friendly guests, usually vetted by the NYT. His positions are: Republicans “Argg”, Democrats “my people”. That’s fine, but for Preet and interviewers like him they never will face a real challenger, someone who could articulate a counter position to the ears of his/their adoring audience. That’s not good for business is it Preet? Good for you, a pseudo-capitalist, takes the money of supporters but doesn’t take the risk of spoiling the party with a genuine, defensible ‘opposition position’. Hey Preet, notice the behavioral psychology, make it rhyme and it will stick with the audience, or jury. Classic lawyers tool towards serving justice, right? Preet’s legal takes of daily events are great! Preet loves to speculate though as long as it grabs his audience, unlikely to own-up to his miscalculations, just moves on. Once outside his legal comfort zone, he’s an average interviewer, loves to share personal stories to his guest, and if possible get his guest to say something negative about a prominent Republican figure although not always with success. If you only vote for Democrats, without thinking about what gives America it’s power to influence, you’ll love Stay Tuned, you are “Preet Peeps”. Otherwise keep searching.

Wonderful (5/5)

I loved preets interview with Michael Bennett. As a Coloradan, I am sorry to say I did not know Bennett very well this shows him to be a smart strategic thinker and a passionate and ethical man. He and preet had a great rapport. The episode with Sandel was also fabulous, I would love to hear more in this vein. In particular, Prete mentioned that he teaches a yearly seminar on ethics to the Harvard business school. Can preet get someone to interview him so that he can spell out the bullet points about how ethics and business intersect and the ripple of fact that bad ethics has on business dealings.

Can't go without it (5/5)

Preet interviews well & brings out the best in his guests. His interview with Michael Sandel reminds me how valuable it is to talk with other people about the most important issues we face. It's not to be missed!

Love the show (1/5)

Love the show, but hate the snippets (or half show). I get you need to push people to your paid site, but it blows. UPDATE: After another few episodes of you playing Cafe episodes, I have decided to delete this podcast. You play more of those and less of your show. Best of luck to you.

Best podcast I have listen to you in a long while (5/5)

Pareet and his guests are informative, articulate, and always have something relevant to say. I am impressed! I am thrilled to have found this podcast.

Discussion with Michael Walkman (5/5)

I must say that this is the first time I have listened to a podcast more than once. While I have a little knowledge about the second amendment, this interview cast a broader historical cloak over it. For that, I thank you and Michael.

Discussion with Michael Waldman (5/5)

I previously read Mr Waldman’s book on “The Second Amendment “. This podcast was truly outstanding. Great discussion on history of 2A as well as more recent direction of NRA and obviously Heller. Great stuff, Folks!

Good stuff went to cafe insider (3/5)

I used to listen to this show weekly and not miss an episode. But since preet started the cafe insider podcast, the show lost its appeal for me. I wanted his insight and analysis on the current events, but the majority of that went to the cafe insider podcast. Now it’s just a bit of that with the majority of the podcast spent talking about his guests. Now I’m multiple episodes behind. With so much content out there. This show has gone to the back burner for me since losing its main appeal.

Like listening but.... (1/5)

I like listening but too often feel like a pawn. If you like this than pay for this. Made me quit listening and recommending.

Series (5/5)

Remarkable job of dissecting and explaining complex and confusing issues to the lay person! I have lived and appreciated every show. I just wish and hope some of your listeners used to be FOX channel watchers!

Smart, thoughtfull analysis . . . (5/5)

My favorite go to podcast for analysis of current happenings in politics and great interviews of interesting people. Preet is smart, asks great questions and has a great sense of humor. Really enjoy this podcast.

Thourough, thoughtful (5/5)

My favorite news/current events podcast. Preet Bharara uses his years of experience and relationships to cover today’s political news. Always a deeper look.

M. Morrell (5/5)

Last week’s interview with Mr Morell (CIA) was very interesting and enlightening!

Excellent analysis (5/5)

A great podcast - the host Preet uses his long background in justice and government to provide an analysis of the critical news of the day.

Refreshing! (5/5)

Loved the episode with Hasan Manaj. You’re both on point about Indian parents and bring Indian in America. Well done!

Clear thinking over outrage (5/5)

This is one of my favorite podcasts, because it reassures me that there are still intellectual, logical, and fair minds in the USA. Sometimes it’s difficult to cut through all the news emotion and hype, but Preet is calm and concise and I really love hearing his and Anne’s thoughts on the things going on. And the guests are awesome.

A Prosecutor’s Take on “Doing Justice” (4/5)

I recently had the good fortune of discovering your book sitting on a shelf in my local library. I checked it out on a whim. Truthfully, I didn’t expect to enjoy it as much as I did. Most books of this genre (i.e. post-civil service autobiographies) tend to be a little dry or preachy in my opinion. Yours was neither (okay maybe a little preachy, but the book is about justice, so that’s to be expected and forgiven). One criticism: I would have loved (aside from more stories) a suggested reading list for prosecutors (say, maybe at the end of the book). I’ve been a state prosecutor myself for about 5 years and I’m always on the hunt for a good book on how best fulfill my duties as a minister of justice. Your book covered a lot of principles of the job (especially the section on crime victims). Are there other books that you have read that you would suggest? Thank you for the book and your service.

Stay tuned with Preet Bahara (2/5)

I love listening and learning from Preet, but there is too much shilling for his paid podcast on Cafe. Offends me. I have not heard this on any other podcast.

Essential Listening (5/5)

An oasis of clarity, insight, and intellect!

Up yours, Trump and associates! (5/5)

Bring it on, Preet! You’re insight is the dose of sanity we need today. Also, love Anne Milgram on Cafe Insider. The two of you make me believe that a better world, where people are held accountable for their nefarious deeds, is possible.

Must listen for thoughtful legal analysis (5/5)

I rely on this podcast to explain the meaning of the non-stop legal crises precipitated by the Trump administration.

Centering (5/5)

This podcast is very calming.

Truly Outstanding (5/5)

The best podcast out there for high-profile legal news coverage, and it’s not even close. Preet’s delivery is impeccable, and he brings a measured, thoughtful, expert perspective to every discussion. Anne Milgram is an outstanding co-host during her appearances as well, and the guests are first class. Probably the most insightful podcast I subscribe to across any category.

Another great episode (5/5)

Thank you for so quickly responding to the Mueller hearing. Bob Mueller is a hero. I agree completely with Preet's take on the hearing. The facts that came out of it were damning. Only someone steeped in rightwing conspiracy theories would have been impressed by any other part of it. And if Bob Mueller was slow, careful, and seemed, at times, a little frail, he is more of a hero than ever for enduring it. So appreciate what you said, Preet, about him not having had to do this, that it was a public service, and obviously a pretty thankless one. I admire him for refusing to be, any more than he had to be, a soundbite in a political ad. If he had said one critical thing about Trump or Barr, immediate headlines would be "Mueller slams Trump/Barr." There is nothing, nothing, nothing to be gained by his getting into that food fight, and I thought, contrary to some of the pundits questioning his acuity, that he showed tremendous acuity in avoiding it. It was, predictably, an ugly minefield. I also thought the Democrats on the committees, and Will Hurd, did a really excellent job, and showed unusual discipline, and the requisite respect. So thank you for saying what you have!

Outstanding (5/5)

Listening to Preet and Anne discuss legal and political matters in their super-lawyerly yet good-humoured, human way is often the high point of my week. Thank you.

Cafe Insider (5/5)

I so look forward to each new podcast with Preet and Ann Milgram. They are rational, thoughtful legal minds discussing the must current legal/political issues with depth and an understated sense of humor that may catch you by surprise.

Listen to this! (5/5)

Brilliant, fun, packed with important information. The most measured, cogent explication of The Rules on the air these days. Delicious!!

Best New Podcast (5/5)

Wow! Am I glad that I discovered Preet’s podcast. Great interviewer, brilliant, interesting and with a wry sense of humor. Had seen him on MSNBC and was impressed by his analyses on various issues then found the podcast, became curious about who he was, googled him and was blown away by his brilliant legal career. What is particularly impressive about him is his humility as a human being, wide ranging interests, and ability to explain legal issues in easy to understand language.

Muller review (5/5)

Great sober content

Phenomenal analysis (5/5)

A great podcast from a true professional, with fantastic guests and solid legal analysis

Excellent podcast for these times (5/5)

Preet explains the law for laypeople.

Best in Show (5/5)

One of the best podcasts I listen to from day 1! Your guests are interesting and you are very witty and funny. Thank you for being honest!!!

Preet for Great Podcaster Guy Award (5/5)

I love the show Preet. Great topics, great guests. Thanks.

Intelligent and respectful conversation (5/5)

It is very refreshing to hear well informed, comprehensive and respectful conversations. Even when I may not agree with a guest, I get an insight into the guest’s viewpoint and am better informed.

The best (5/5)

Preet may not think of himself as a broadcaster, but his natural and unaffected delivery is just outstanding and pitch perfect. His style is an ideal balance between confident, humble, and relaxed - not so relaxed as to be sleep-inducing and boring, or so confident as to be cheesy and over the top. Add intelligent discussion, great interviewees, and his thoughtful questions and, like Chuck Rosenberg, he holds equal billing as my favorite podcaster. He makes the law accessible, but there are points he makes that a lawyer (and former broadcaster) like me can pick up. I hope he keeps doing this great podcast as long as possible because it’s simply brilliant. I know it’s not being a USA, but he has a huge fan here while it lasts, before the next major job (like AG) I am sure he will get in the future.

Impeccable (5/5)

Preet chooses intelligent, dynamic guests and they dive into relevant and often sensitive topics, with the utmost respect and consideration. I never miss an episode. As a fellow attorney I respect Preet’s ability to discuss legal matters, in a user friendly format. One of my highlights of 2018 was getting to meet Preet and read his book, Doing Justice. Although I’m not happy he lost his job at SDNY, I’m certainly glad to hear his insights each week. Keep up the good work!

Intelligent Conversations (5/5)

This podcast spends time explaining issues, thoughtfully discussing legal, political and personal stories and restoring faith in our Democracy when people fear the worst case scenario. Press is calm , cool and intelligent.

Consistently excellent (5/5)

The George F Will podcast was terrific-my favorite after the Bill Browder podcast.

Love and Appreciate your service to this country. (5/5)

I have been listening to Preet since the very first podcast. Incredibly timely, interesting and informative! A truly unbiased perspective. Relevant, accurate, authentic, insightful timely podcast. Love the topics the way Preet covers and presents them. The great guests you have invited have always resonated to me especially when covering a different perspective, allowing me to learn something new. Thank you!!!

Love the podcast, but back up from the mic a bit (5/5)

I love the podcast. Great content, thought provoking...but, my man, you have to back up from the mic a bit, I can hear every swallow!

Mixed offerings (3/5)

I really enjoy this podcast. It’s smartly done and almost always interesting. However, it’s now inundated with a commercials, prompt to buy his new book and urgings to pay for the Insider co-podcast. I’m glad he’s making a good living off his work but it’s gotten to be a bit much.

Thoughtful, informational and funny (5/5)

After listening to this podcast for weeks and feeling more informed I became a member of the Cafe Insider. When every legal guardrail is being tested or ignored by this administration which enjoys applying the law unfairIy, I need to hear the words of the sane and experienced more than ever. Loved the book. Thanks Preet!

Make available to all (3/5)

Would rather entire show was available to all and you used ads for income instead. The show is great otherwise.

Declining (3/5)

Started out great, especially his account of his dealings with Trump. Since then, not much of interest to say.

For 4th of July you could have picked something less inflammatory. (1/5)

Really? Nuke the constitution? I get the impression that there are a number of people in New York that are listening to themselves.

What Patriotism Means to you, Preet, & Heidi Schreck most enjoyable episode (5/5)

I always ♥️ ‘Stay Tuned with Preet’ but today’s episode & interview with Heidi Schreck is definitely my favorite so far. After fireworks I will spend rest of night geeking out looking up ideas mentioned. ERA isn’t passed? Bring ‘What The Constitution Means To Me’ to Chicago!

Ben Rhodes episode (5/5)

Excellent show! Rhodes is so smart and well versed in foreign policy, history, etc., and can explain very complex ideas and policies in clear, accessible ways for the rest of us. Thanks for having him on!

Stay tuned with Preet (5/5)

Always interesting and surprisingly funny. This guy is good

Best podcast I know (5/5)

This is the first podcast I ever subscribed to and is still my favorite (of about 15 that I now frequent). Listeners will constantly learn, especially about how the justice system really operates. Often laugh-out-loud funny as well. Never hotheaded or bullying.

Better and better (5/5)

Each session is better than the one before. They are all different, but each one whets my appetite for the next. ♥️ listening to coherent, intelligible people speak their truths and explain legal aspects to we laymen. Thank you, Preet!!!

More liberal (2/5)

Is it just me, or is he becoming more and more liberal. I am a conservative and used to enjoy listening to a start point of view on the other side. In the last few months, it seems like he just repeats the talking points of the left wing.

Ben Rhodes (5/5)

Wow. Blew me away. So effortlessly erudite. Thank you for speaking plainly. Thank you for being hopeful.

As Good As It Gets (5/5)

Terrific guests and topics. Preet is a great interviewer and his questions are always important ones and sometimes surprising to the audience and the guests. I am a huge fan. Great scripting, editing and production. One suggestion- less “plugging” of the book and the other podcasts.

Ads and premium begging is getting old (4/5)

I'm getting tired of the ads that run too long as well as the "please subscribe to this separate paywalled podcast" begging. It degrades the quality of the podcast greatly. The less of that, the better. I also really appreciate if guests not call in over a low quality phone line, it really makes me stop listening and skip to my next item in the playlist.

My favorite! Podcast (5/5)

Look forward to it every week! And listen to it at least twice!

Carol Krieger (5/5)

Very clear, lively and thoughtful discussion of current issues. Not always the opinions you might expect, but backed up with explanations of the law a lay person can readily understand.

Always worth the time (5/5)

You won’t predict what you’ll get out of each interview. But it’ll be something surprising. Great stuff!

Dissect (5/5)

Hi Preet, loved this episode - as a lover of language and grammar nerd! Wanted to point out - one of my pet peeves - you used the word “dissect” to describe your school’s sentence diagramming exercise. The correct pronunciation is “Diss-sect,” not “Di-sect.” The latter is to cut into two equal parts; the former is to methodically cut apart into various components - which is what you were describing. Words matter, and so does pronunciation.😁

The Best of Who We Are (5/5)

I think of Preet and I think he’s the best of who we are. Thank you for the clarity, the wonderful fulfilling conversations and the love and passion you bring to us weekly ❗️

Clear and thoughtful (5/5)

Preet’s podcast is fantastic and he is a great interviewer. I guess he may have been able to draw on experience from his previous profession. Also, read his book if you haven’t already; he mentions it occasionally during various podcasts if you need the name.

Awesome (5/5)

Great interviews and good opposing views, I agree with some past reviews that when Preet talks hard to hear so sound engineers need to amplify his voice

Preet is my sanity! (5/5)

No matter how awful things have gotten, Preet has a way of explaining things clearly and with a comforting voice. His interviews are interesting and I especially like how he answers email or tweets before he begins each podcast.

Like it, but.... (3/5)

I like his podcast, but unsubscribed because he mumbles quite a bit and it is hard to hear what he is saying

Chill Preet (5/5)

Whoa were pretty hard on the parkland guy...yes he should have gone in...but the guy only had a few hours of NONE of us truly know how we would react. Trust me. The school should have cared more abt the safety of the children and had full time real police on site.

Love this podcast (5/5)

I always enjoy listening to it and look forward to it

The Laws of Language with Benjamin Dreyer (5/5)

This was a truly wonderful podcast. This one ranks among the best. The interchanges between Preet and Dreyer were scintillating!

Diagramming (5/5)

💕 diagramming sentences👍🏻

Language (5/5)

A new favorite, today’s episode. I’ve come to enjoy Preet’s interview style on topics outside understanding the law. So much enjoyed delving into the ways language is mangled in our society and politics today. Mostly, I admit because I am an “Oxford” comma fan. Additionally, for understanding grammar and sentence structure, I too was a lover of diagramming sentences as a tool. Thanks Preet

Word Nerd Bliss (5/5)

Besides the insightful and illuminating guests who are experts in law and politics, every once in a while you’ll find a unique jewel. This simile barely does justice to this week’s interview with Benjamin Dreyer, Copy Chief at Random House and NYT best-selling author of “Dreyer’s English.” What a delight to hear two word nerds in conversation.

Check out cafe insider too (5/5)

Preet is the next Terry Gross. Such unexpected, great interviews.

English Nerd Heaven! (5/5)

I’ve been a huge fan of Stay Tuned and @PreetBharara since day one and eagerly await his take on the news each week. Driving in to work this morning and listening to Preet and Benjamin Dreyer discussing pled vs. pleaded, Oxford commas and “they” vs. “he” was terribly beautiful!

Simply Outstanding (5/5)

I’m very selective choosing podcasts. I have a lot of respect for Preet, for who he is, and his role previous role inside the criminal justice system. Thank you!

Amazing insight of laws and justice (5/5)

Blown away by Preet’s thoughtful and insightful explanations in layman’s terms how justice system works at the top level in the US and all the investigations due to Mango Mussolini.

Voice if Reason in Troubled Times (5/5)

Preet will be remembered as a lighthouse in a storm of political uncertainty.

Best podcast out there (5/5)

I never looked forward to Thursday so much until Preet started his podcast.

One of my favorite podcasts! (5/5)

Preet does an AMAZING job! He simplifies complicated legal jargon and always leaves me with something to think about! He definitely does not make it about it him. Love the podcast and your book!

Can’t stand Preet’s reading style (1/5)

Preet thinks that if he pauses..... after every three or four.... words that it will sound like he’s .... speaking contemporaneously .... and not just reading ..... I find that .... halting speaking style ..... completely nauseating.

It’s not about you. (5/5)

I love you and your podcast Preet, but remember, it’s not about you. 😊😊. Just saying.

Quality Content (5/5)

Didn’t know about this podcast before Andrew Yang was on it, really enjoyed the fair and engaging coverage.

Why the distracting sounds and noise in the background of great discussion (5/5)

I learn so much. My point of view expands and my interactions with the world become richer. Why, why, why are there crazy shaker sounds and random melodies overplaying the amazing conversation?? Please stop being “trendy” and stay brilliant in the production of your work.

Just an actress! (5/5)

This podcast has curiously become very popular in theatrical dressing rooms across the country. As actors we have a unique job to not only sometimes portray people we don’t agree with, but more commonly, we perform for an audience with which we share little political common ground. Those who have the means to frequent the theatre are often those who throw their support behind individuals who rally to strip of us of our rights. It’s an irony set into place as far back as the court jester entertaining the king. Preet does a tremendous job of hearing the whole of all sides and giving a compassionate assessment of what to think about what is happening around us. I share this podcast with anyone who wants an educated, fair and clear picture of what is happening. Only then can we go forward with integrity and continue to carry on with our jobs...providing escape from it all!!

Outstanding (5/5)

Great in-depth content that generally avoids partisan views and, instead, focuses on service of the public good. If you like a deep dive and extra information based on personal experiences of powerful people this is your speed.

Wast of my time the last two years (3/5)

In the back of my mind I knew following the "trump russia" thing would be tantamount to following benghazi investigations in the years prior. I was right, and I wish I could get my time back.

Stay Tuned (5/5)

Stay Tuned is a mandatory prescription medicine for staying sane in these insane times.

Best Q&A (5/5)

I love the first section with the Q&A; I've learned so much in listening to what questions other's have and the answers from Preet.

Are you still podcasting? (5/5)

Hello? Is there anyone out there?

Excellent conversation (5/5)

Very thoughtful, informative conversation related to the law and order. Mr Bharara is a great host!

Love ya Preet (3/5)

I’ve been listening to stay tuned since the very beginning, and while the thoughtful commentary and great guests have continued and even gotten better, the podcast is starting to lean far to heavily in the direction of paid content. I understand we all have to pay the bills, and the salary of a podcast host might not measure up against his previous job, but it’s getting to the breaking point. Whether it’s his book that he plugs in every episode, or the cafe insider, a paid subscription that now is taking portions of actual interviews behind the pay wall, I’m afraid that soon we won’t have any content left!

Impeachment (5/5)

Preet is forcing me to slow down and think and that is a GOOD thing.

Great thoughts (5/5)

I don’t really like politics and I haven’t listed to political commentary until now. I really enjoy listening to Preet’s thoughts. They are insightful and educational. I love to learn and this podcast fits.

Knowing there is Preet Bararha helps (5/5)

This expert analysis of current legal events informs and reassures me. Our current situation asks for prevalence of these cool heads.

Quickly Became One of My Favorite Podcasts (5/5)

Always informative, enlightening, and entertaining. Preet Bharara is delightful!

Indispensable (5/5)

Preet Barara’s podcasts are an indispensable source for news, analysis, and rational conversation. His legal expertise and respect for the rule of law offer an antidote to cynicism. His interviewing skills have surpassed many broadcast veterans. I hope at some point he can return to public service. In the meantime, we benefit from his contributions in public discourse. Just became a happy subscriber.

Mayor Pete Interview (5/5)

Pete Buttigieg interview was utterly fascinating. He was clear, articulate, thoughtful & moving. No hesitations or long pauses, always knew what he wanted to say. Really impressed!

Tiring of the other show marketing (4/5)

13 May 19 - This has been a great podcast to help put in context some of what has occurred wrt our government. But, since Preet has a new subscription based show for a few months now, we get constant marketing and “CLIPS” of the other show littering our feed. I don’t mind him trying to create a new revenue stream, but I won’t tolerate a podcast stream with bits of other shows that lack my interest. Next I’ll unsubscribe and look for the show when I think about it rather than have it fed to me.

Thanks, Preet (5/5)

I look forward to Thursdays when I can hear a new StayTuned podcast with Preet, and his is the only podcast I recommend to my friends.

Start listening (5/5)

This podcast has insight that will blow U away

Stay Tuned with Preet (5/5)

Love this Podcast I have been listening since he started great job

Love this podcast (5/5)

Great topics. Great discussions —Preet is careful to define the technical terms and summarize necessary histories so listeners understand the discussion. Especially love the dedication to integrity, doing the right thing, and honoring the rule of law.

Wanting more (5/5)

Every episode leaves me hungry for the next. Please never stop.

Water in the desert... (5/5)

I love love love this. Commentary by a crusader prosecutor who gets to the heart of the issue and weighs complexities deftly. Plus he's a pleasure to listen to. It's everything I want to hear, plus so much I hadn't known of, and need to learn about. Highest recommendations.

Preet for pres! (5/5)


Addictive, intelligent, varied topics and guests. (5/5)

I have only listened to three. I tire of other podcasts fairly quickly. This one is different. My only caution is that the guests are so good that you may also want to dig into each of their books and articles like I do. (If only there was more time.)

Well-informed Guests (and host) (4/5)

Casual, thoughtful, not shrill or panicked. Preet's humor is self-effacing, a little dorky and spot-on..

Excellent and refreshing viewpoints. (5/5)

Relieved to have a go-to source of credible and experienced intellectuals having real-time conversations about such important contemporary issues. So interesting and helpful. I love that I can catch up while I’m driving , grocery shopping or whenever. Love this kind of intellectual stimulation. Thank you.

Highly recommended as part of a well balanced consumption of media (5/5)

In this age of say anything op-eds tethered to notoriety and clicks over factual substance, Preet Bharara is an adult in the room. Highly recommended as part of a well balanced consumption of media.

A Republican who 💕 Preet (5/5)

I’m a highly disgruntled, never Trump Republican. I have an immense amount of respect for Preet. He is pragmatic, thoughtful and never spews talking points. I enjoy his podcast and his commentary on cnn. His interviews are interesting and not the same topics and people other journalists run into the ground. Preet actually allows his guests to talk - imagine that!! Warning, I’ve wound up buying the book of almost everyone he interviews 😣 💰

Perspicacious Preet! (5/5)

New to podcasts; loving Preet Bharara's insight into, and knowledge of American justice. He's still likely too establishment to be entirely candid, alas, but he gets close. Smart questions, wonderful guests. Branch out beyond politics and culture a bit more; it's all still sufficiently in your lane, Preet! Bravo, and thank you.

Excellent (5/5)

Preet guides his guests through interesting conversations. It is a clear and well-guided conversation with each podcast. Highly recommended!

Too Bad Preet's Joined the Greedies (1/5)

I really enjoyed listening to Preet and friends, until he began charging for everything. Sorry but charging for podcasts isn't goint to work. It's known as GREED and podcast are there to make money by attracting advertisers not asking your listeners to pay up. Podcastin old fashioned radio - good programming, good voices, free to your listerners.

So good! (5/5)

I love this podcast! People, this is definitely one you’ll want to hear.

Interesting and informative (5/5)

I love at least 90% of Preet’s shows. Great guests and mostly fascinating topics. I have bought a couple books by his guests. Whenever I have a long drive ahead of me, I queue up Preet’s latest podcasts. I have listened to numerous other good podcasts, but Preet’s is the best. I wish he also provided transcripts of the discussions, since I remember stuff better when I can skim over the text afterwords, and much of what Preet and his guests say is definitely worth remembering.

Smartest Washington Insider (5/5)

Preet is my #1 of >1yr, 30+ podcast subscriptions. Superb interviewer, fascinating guests, he breaks it down. I'm a devoted fan.

Still Terrific (5/5)

I have been listending to Stay Tuned with Preet for over a year now and still find it insightful, helpful, and on point.

Please (5/5)

Run for president. Wouldnt that be amazing?

Bharara, Milgram and Mueller (5/5)

For those of us trying to understand reasonable, legal next steps this episode is a must listen. Preset and Anne explain to us Business majors the difference between indictment, charging and impeachment and how and why each might work. Of course that would be for anyone still following the constitution, not this President.

Preet is a great interviewer (5/5)

This show is more valuable even than Fresh Air for revealing fascinating, intelligent people you've never heard of.

Thank you ... (5/5)

Preet, you make me proud to be a lawyer! You, Chuck, Mimi and the others bring some sanity (as much as possible) to the craziness of these unprecedented times. The law and facts not only matter they are our foundation. Thank you!

Exceptional (5/5)

I started with Stay Tuned when debuted and found Preet to be an exceptional interviewer and always to have very interesting and informative podcasts. I have not asked any questions because if I listen they are answered. Because of my respect for honesty and competence That Preet has shown, I am now a follower of cafe insider and a thank you also to Ann for that excellent endeavor. After yesterday I do have a question. Can Barr compel the SDNY to abandon any investigation involving the Trump administration? Could the SDNY resist such an order? Could the investigation be passed to State level? Thank you for all you are doing to help explain this unprecedented time. As a Ludo to you, I loved your book and are you thinking of another?

Informative & Intelligent (5/5)

I always get a new perspective on issues. I also learn about people and issues I was not aware of before.

Love Preet! (5/5)

It is a breath of fresh air to hear sound and intelligent opinions and commentary. In a time when the news can drive a sane person mad... Preet is a life raft of sanity and helps with wading through the craziness without catching every crazed wave of outrage. Thank you Preet.

Very timely and informative (5/5)

If I could only listen to one podcast related to current events, this would be it. That said, I listen to a number of podcasts covering a variety of topics and Preet is an excellent interviewer who adds a level of insight as a result of his background that many interviewers cannot. Give it a listen, you won’t be disappointed.

What took me so long?! (5/5)

I’ve always admired Preet and his plain-spoken intellectualism. Can’t believe it took me this long to subscribe. Great podcast!

Great (5/5)

Preet is always intelligent, informative, measured, calm and interesting.

Great Show! (5/5)

One of the best shows out there. Smart and articulate man!

The best for those interested in US law and political zeitgeist (5/5)

Preet is an exceptional host given his deep knowledge and awareness of the US legal system and the politics of the present day. Additionally, he has excellent taste in guests: 95% of which I rate *****. Well done @preet!

Stay Tuned (5/5)

Preet Bharara leads this informative podcast with insight, wisdom, humor and humility. I’m a forever fan and follower.

Stay Tuned (5/5)

I have recently been listening to the podcasts and find it to be to be some of the finest, most in depth analysis and commentary available. In this time of social and political turmoil, I find the content to be timely, highly informative and a source for hope. Thank you.

Always learn something (5/5)

I enjoy listening to this podcast with its even tempered and erudite attitude. I know I’m always going to learn more than a few things.

Interview with Robert Caro.... (5/5)

....was one of the most interesting, well prepared, thoughtful and insightful conversations I’ve ever been fortunate enough to listen to. Great episode. Always interesting podcast- it’s the highlight of my Thursday!

Every interview is exceptional. (5/5)

Even the interviews with people I've never heard of, on subjects I doubt I have any interest in...every single one thus far has proved fascinating, moving, provocative. The legal and political insights are so valuable in this fraught time. The interviews on more general subjects--education, writing, parenting--are just as terrific.

He needs to be a US Attorney again! (5/5)

He needs to be a US Attorney again! What a “breath of fresh air”

In Three Words: (5/5)


Unanimous decision - the best! (5/5)

I have been listening to Preet since the debut of his podcast. It is an intelligent, insightful and occasionally witty commentary on current events and legal issues. He has terrific guests and asks great questions. Bob Caro in a recent podcast said so himself on multiple occasions which is no small compliment. He also provides his insights on how he led the SDNY and his earlier time working for the Majority Leader in Congress. Could not recommend this podcast more.

Usually can’t wait (5/5)

I look forward to each new episode. Live this podcast.

RX: Hopeful honorable honesty for what ails you (5/5)

Not only do I learn more about what’s happening to our nation and its institutions during this horror show of a presidency, but Preet’s voice of reason and experience based context helps me feel more hopeful about the future. This podcast is excellent; it’s my favorite and helps me both face the day and sleep better at night. Preet should be wearing a cape- he’s my #2 superhero ...(RBG got there first!)

Thursday is Preet day (5/5)

I check my phone first thing on Thursdays to see if Preet has updated. He is a lifesaver, a voice of reason in this horrible political climate. I never miss a podcast.

Fast becoming my favorite (5/5)

This show is where I go to get the truth. An in depth look at politics and justice by serious and honest people, who can explain things so clearly. We need this so much now. Thanks!

Robert Caro - Truly one of the greatest interviews ever recorded. Mr. Caro is a born raconteur. (5/5)

I've been following Sal Khan for years, since the early days of Khan Academy. This interview is one of the best. Sal talked about aspects of his early life in more detail than usual. He talked about his Op-Ed about how he would never tell his kids how smart they are (my wife claims she pioneered this approach before anybody else). All fascinating.

Love this podcast (5/5)

I am hooked. Could it be Preet’s calm yet positive demeanor or his genuine guests? I love the distinctive yet relative topics and the way he begins the Cafe with current judicial news.

Preet is Neat (5/5)

If you are at all concerned about today's politics and law, you MUST LISTEN to Stay Tuned. In fact, you must listen to all Preet Bharara's words on podcasts, interviews and books (especially his own, "Doing Justice"). Seriously, I find Preet's clear, common sense, uniquely well-informed comments tremendously helpful. His matter-of-fact, conversational, tone makes him both easy to listen to and addictive. I feel he has become part of the family. I bet you will, too. And, once your Preet addiction sets in you will want to subscribe to his other podcast, "Cafe Insider."

Very engaging, interesting but oh, the ego (3/5)

Very engaging, and I am impressed with Preet's choice of topics and people he interviews (to a point, see below), as well as with his understanding of law, law enforcement and the public sphere. And he seems to be able to produce cogent, fluid paragraphs without much effort. The interview with Robert Caro I just listened to was top-notch. The big flies in this ointment: (1) he stays close to his own left-of-center worldview and doesn't seem interested in debate, (2) his ego has been showing, perhaps as a result of his recent book, and he has produced some gringe-worthy moments (is it because he's from NJ?), and (3) the promotion of the alternate, for-pay Cafe channel has been irritating and shameless. So, a very mixed bag. I still listen, I still recommend the podcast, but it comes with downsides.

Stay Tuned With Preet (5/5)

If you want to hear a voice of reason and learn about justice and politics from an expert, this will become your favorite podcast. Preet Bharara is the former US attorney from SDNY. He is doing a great service for our country explaining our current state of affairs. His podcast has won an award. Listen and you will know why.

Used to be great (3/5)

I still love this podcast, but it has been taking a bit of a hit lately. Between the ads for a premium sister podcast and the occasional snippets of the same you realize that all that content was previously available here but is now withheld seeking a fee. With so many quality podcasts available and paid for by normal advertising revenue, paying extra for Another segment is a hard ask for me. I don’t doubt it’s value, but I am disabled and on a fixed income. I also have way to many interesting podcasts delivered for free for me to listen to already. I’ll probably still enjoy the free version, knowing that it’s missing some good stuff. Still, It ain’t a beauty but hey it’s all right...

Breath of fresh air in these turbulent times (4/5)

Absolutely love Stayed Tuned with Preet. Preet is a great interviewer. Love all the podcasts but a special shout out to the episodes in which David Frum and Mayor Pete where interviewed. Love it love it !!

Still the best! (5/5)

I've been listening for a year now and this podcast, along with Monday's Insider edition, remain the highlights of my week. Preet's book, Doing Justice, is also and excellent read. I guess I've become a Bharara junkie--but at least I've learned to spell Bharara.

Robert Caro (5/5)

I listened to this episode twice it was that good. Robert Caro is an Intriguing guest and Preet is a fine interviewer. It fascinates me to learn about how Caro researches and writes his books, and about the subjects of those books. I am now motivated to read The Power Broker and Master of the Senate. Thanks!

all episodes of Stay Tuned (5/5)

November 9th, 1016---I woke up in disbelief; all stages of bereavement are developing. 'Thursdays with Preet' is a way to deal with the reality of the chaos. He is smart and witty. This is an addendum: Dear Mom to Preet, You and your husband did a great job in raising your son, Preet. I think heb is doing a lot to heal the country. I bought his book and even though I now reside in the UK, I always have Thursday morning with your son during coffee---we get it sooner than America---and he always makes me proud of my country.

Worth it for Robert Caro interview alone (5/5)

My first podcast review for any show, inspired by Preet’s interview with Robert Caro. Just riveting. Caro himself comments, repeatedly, on the considered, insightful question’s — and the in-depth preparation that preceded the conversation. I’ve long considered Terry Gross’s interviews with musicians she admires to be the benchmark for this form ... and Preet’s interview with Caro is right up there with the best of the best. So looking forward to future installments of interviews with other writers. Thanks for the excellent work and creative energy it inspires.

CARO!! (5/5)

Have him back. I could have listened to his New York accent for days. His humanity and sincerity was so evident. Thank you.


Preet does highly intelligent and informed interviews, giving relevant feedback from a legally accurate perspective. His background as a prosecutor is an asset (only wish he still were one) and his objective approach to whatever topic or guest he has is pleasant and informative. I ONLY WISH HE HAD BEEN MORE ASSERTIVE ON THE BILL MAHER SHOW WHEN HE TOLD MAHER THAT 'COLLUSION' IS NOT A CRIME. HE LET MAHER AVOID ANY FURTHER DISCUSSION OF THAT REALITY WHEN HE COULD HAVE REPEATED IT AS NOT SOMETHING TO PROSECUTE TRUMP WITH. I WANTED TO HEAR MORE ON PREET ON MUELLER REPORT.

A high quality podcast. The best! (5/5)

I never miss an episode and am amazed at the quality of guests. Preet is a great interviewer. He helps explain important news and with his guests, breaks things down to an understandable level He allows his guests to shine while at the same time Preet brings his own words of wisdom for these nuanced conversations. What this podcast doesn’t have is the usual back and forth yelling by a panel of pundits hired (only, it seems) to speak loudly and aggressively. Instead, Preet presents informed guests who offer their views and expertise in a calm and dignified manner. Quite frankly, during these divisive and troubled times, less anger is simply easier on the ears and nourishment for the soul. Thank you! Melissa G

Informative!!!! (5/5)

Thank you for giving us something informative!!! I’m so sick of podcasts that just complain. I’m always learning something new every episode!!! Perry you’re awesome 😎

Not much of a podcast anymore (2/5)

This podcast is just a cafe insider trailer. What is especially disappointing is that they do this bait and switch RIGHT when the Mueller Report was released. LAME. Book order canceled, unsubscribed.

A Treasured Favorite ! (5/5)

Stay Tuned With Preet is one of my favorite podcasts. Preet Bharara is absolutely brilliant and I love the opportunity to hear his views and opinions on current hot topics in the law and the related politics. He has fascinating discussions with guests, all of whom are brilliant and admirable people, just like Preet Bharara. I just also finished his book in under 48 hours- he is a principled, brilliant lawyer and he is amongst a handful of other prosecutors who as a law student, Pre- 2015 was sure I’d go into criminal defense but Preet was one public figure whose work as a prosecutor have completely inspired me to become a prosecutor too. Thank you for your podcast, book, and service to America!

Stick to guests with expertise (1/5)

The episodes with Sal Kahn and Samantha Bee have been the two worst. They meandered, had nothing to contribute beyond life experience and hesitant, uninformed comments. Preet, if you read these reviews, take folks like these out to dinner. I’d much rather hear folks with expertise in the topics you address in your book or current events with a national impact. Stay Tuned is not a “lifestyle” podcast most of the time. Let’s make it all of the time!

Love it! (5/5)

I’m late to the game but I just recently discovered this podcast and absolutely love it! The format of a Q&A in the beginning followed by an always thoughtful and engaging interview works very well.

“ the absence of Donald Trump” (5/5)

This truncated out-of-context quote from Preet made my heart sing. Preet, while discussing the longevity of the basic tenets and relevancy of his book, said that his intent is that it is applicable both in the presence and in the absence of Trump. I’m letting that possibly wash over me, that there will someday no longer be the pervasive odious (to borrow Preet’s word describing the Trump sideshow clowns like Roger Stone, Michael Cohen and Alex Jones) ubiquitous constancy of Trump’s dithering. I’m holding on until that day and Preet fosters that hope with his tempered insights. While it’s likely that Preet has said this along the way on his book tour I should say I heard him say it on his appearance on the Skullduggery podcast (also 5 stars).

The voice (1/5)

How do i, do this? Horrible voice! Very informative and insightful. People fight cause of political party views. The real people come out and hold friendships outside of politics. Politicians, Judges, criminal enforcement and activities are real people. Law enforcement is not just locking up people. Incarceration effects the community. Looking at peoples work and their insight. Preet creates a path to navigate his exposure to these groups of people he can call friends. He can also tell you where to go and get a slice of pizza. Just kidding about the voice.

I just wish Preet could narrate my life (5/5)

Preet’s eloquent speech is unmatched but, I have yet to find another source of political commentary that TRULY sticks to the facts the way Preet does, as well as Anne Milgram in The Insider podcast. By far, my #1 favorite podcast, I wait for it anxiously every week. Thank you for what you do, Preet!

Lowers my blood pressure (5/5)

Preet's style is to be cautious and thoughtful in all his discussions of the law. In this way, he's the perfect antidote to the rest of our hot-take culture. We need more Preets. Until we get more of them, I'm happy we have the one.

A total natural (5/5)

Preet is an ideal fit for this medium. He's an articulate story teller and interviewer, a humanist, a truth teller, all mixed with a bit self deprecating humor. Trump so stupidly firing him is our total gain...

Love the pod! (5/5)

Pareet’s good character shines through every episode. He’s clearly knowledgeable, insightful and funny! I bought the audio version of his book and look forward to listening to it as much as I do the show.

One of my favorite podcasts! (5/5)

I love Preet’s thoughtful engagement with the various topics at hand. I could listen to him all day!

Excellent! (5/5)

Thoughtful, charming, informative

Keep it Going (5/5)

Love the diversity of topics, also the ability to ask questions.

What we all need to hear! (5/5)

I had the privilege of hearing Preet speak at an AALDEF award ceremony. He was a great speaker, smart and funny. His podcast is educational and reassuring because after the anxiety of daily craziness coming from the administration, his voice is reasoned, empathetic and compassionate. What we all need to hear again.

Great Source (5/5)

This podcast is a fantastic source of up-to-date analysis of the political scene. And if that’s not enough, there’s that beautiful voice to go along with it.

Absolutely worth it (5/5)

A thoughtful, caring, intelligent human being who brings relevant information to us every week. We need more people like Preet in our world.

Great intelligent podcast (5/5)

#1 in smart, thoughtful, well lots of those kinds of adjectives. Wish more people were like Preet. Thank you for all you put out in thought provoking interviews.

Right now Preet Bharara is everywhere (5/5)

And somehow the opposite of what we think is true. I cannot get enough. And now he’s a writer and I hear a very good one but the podcast is endlessly fascinating.

Thankful I found this podcast (5/5)

I’m so happy to listen to such an interesting and thoughtful podcast.

Such an interesting Podcast (5/5)

I have been loving these Podcasts. They are so informative as well as entertaining. My son just became a police officer and wants to build to a career in Federal law enforcement. I will be buying Preet’s book for him to read.

My favorite! (5/5)

As soon as I listen to this week’s Preet, I’m miserable waiting for the next one! So, I joined Cafe Insider and now, at least, I get two Preet podcasts per week. Preet is such a concise and compassionate witness to history, as well as current events. I love that he expresses personal opinions but always in the context of it being his view and that others may think otherwise. It helps that I always agree with his insights! I’m loving his book that I purchased at my own independent bookstore! (Owning a bookstore did NOT mean I could get it early, unfortunately!)

Stay Tuned with Preet (5/5)

I listened to Preet being interviewed in NYC today on the occasion of his book’s debut. I have been a fan of his since I learned Trump fired him and a faithful listener to Stay Tuned and a subscriber to Cafe Insider. I cannot overstate my great admiration of this brilliant, charming and,yes, great man. The interview today brought tears to my eyes. Alberta Weinberg Seattle Washington

Preets soothing voice helps you during this troubling time (5/5)

As a physician, it is re-assuring to find someone who is decent, ethical, emphatic and intelligent qualities I see in the medical professionals I work with everyday, but similarly like a great doctor takes care of you with compassion and empathy when you are dying or dealing with illness Preet guides us through this troubling time. I can hear him endlessly as I find him to be refreshing. He is witty and a great host and great listener/interviewer and someone who I respect and admire greatly as he “breaks everything down” into layman’s terms. You have to subscribe to his podcast! What I love most about him is him reading the ads!!!! Love you man !

#1 Favorite Podcast — Stay Tuned w/Preet (5/5)

It has been nothing short of a dream-come-true to discover and enjoy Preet's podcast. His experience, his intelligence, and the clarity and wisdom of his ideas and perspectives have been instrumental in restoring my faith in America and my hopes for the future of the country. Listening to Preet's podcast is like pouring Bactine on my stinging brain during this exceptionally stressful time. Do yourself a favor and listen as he is interviewed about his new book “Doing Justice.” You’re in for a treat! #StayTunedWithPreet #CafeInsider/Preet #PreetBharara

One of my favorites!! (5/5)

This has easily become one of my favorite podcasts! It’s extremely different from the True Crime podcasts I usually listen to. So it’s nice to change it up. I have a new found appreciate for the legal insight that is given on the topics that tend to be in the news. It’s presented one sided mostly and I love to hear the judicial points. Thank you for providing such an informative podcast and renewing my love of the Law.

A moment of sanity in the week (5/5)

I could listen to Preet Bharara every day of the week. His topics are timely, his guests highly knowledgeable, his listeners ask intelligent questions, and Preet provides his thoughtful legal perspective to help make sense of it all. His steady voice and injections of humor have a calming effect on our chaotic times.

Talk Less. Listen More. (3/5)

I appreciate Preet's knowledge and expertise. He's very skilled at explaining how the judicial system works and brings on guests of substance. While Preet often asks great questions, he constantly interrupts his guests so that they don't really get a chance to answer them completely (or sometimes at all). It has become tiresome.

Wonderful (5/5)

I am a little smarter each week for having listened to Preet’s work. Outstanding, keep up the great work!

Incredible Podcast (5/5)

Not sure how I discovered Preet, but I Love this podcast. I enjoy his clarity of thought and speech, his integrity and fairness, the conversations with his guests, his insight and legal knowledge. He’s a gift!

A dose of sanity in an insane world! (5/5)

Exhausted from the hype and hysteria of mainstream news media, it is so great to hear measured, sane, educated conversations about topics pertaining to what is happening in our government today. Thank you, Preet. Well done!

I want to spend as much time as I can inside The Preetosphere! (5/5)

Preet's measured and thoughtful take on the Trump administration has been made even better with the addition of Anne. The several-minute-snippets I was getting for free were not enough, and I regret not subscribing sooner. This is the kind of discussion I want to support; my hope is that any little bit of money I spend, will go a tiny way to getting the word out about it, and bring more curious people into the General Calm that is The Preetosphere. Reasoned analysis, from two of the clearest thinkers, who have such a lovely rapport- both informs me and warms my heart every time. They take their job of explanation and analysis seriously- but always manage to see humor as well. I feel smarter, more grounded and less anxious about living in Trump's Very Awful World when I listen to Cafe Insider. I wish it were a daily show. It is painful to wait for the release each week.

Thoughtful, insightful show (5/5)

Terrific show. Great sweep of current events in law and beyond. Preet is a great interviewer. I have learned something g every time I listen.

Bragging (1/5)

Preet, your constant self-promotion statements are pretty sickening. You are second only to Trump. I love your podcast except for that sad part of the podcast. You can’t just say SDNY, it is always “SDNY OFFICE I ONCE LEAD” or “my old office.” Let it go. In this week’s podcast you went out of your way to announce you reach a million people thru your podcast and instructing ay NYU. Why? This statement was so forced and out of place - simply bragging. Hold it back sir. Be a bit more modest, I suggest. Thanks for reading. Keith

Obama-esque (5/5)

Calm, confident, intelligent, with a quiet wit. Makes me feel a bit less panicked about the crapfest that is modern American politics.

The Peepster (3/5)

Used to be the most informative podcast until it became all about money and giving kudos to Preet...his new pay podcast with Ann Milgram and his book and overly priced and hawked appearances. Preet is by far the most informed and experienced podcaster in politics and law and the podcasts can be great. The hawking and self-aggrandizing have to stop.

This podcast is so good it makes me look forward to a bad Thursday commute so I can listen to it (5/5)

Preet is intelligent and curious. He schedules great guests that help me better understand the crazy world we are living in.

Very refreshing (5/5)

Peet is a great interviewer and I would like to see Mayor Pete stick around for a while. He is a very interesting young politician with a very original idea: politics of common sense rather than politics of isms.

Great and informative (5/5)

Probably one of the most informative and thorough interviewers out there. Excellent podcast.

Smart and spunky hour of news and views (5/5)

Preet has been on my radar since Trump tried to get rid of him. I love listening to his presentation of political views, his voice is soothing and his sense of humor is lovely. Many thanks Preet for making this world better. Your insight is top notch and you delight me with your guests. I will support your podcast as soon as I have a chance to. Promise. 😘

Awesome Podcast (5/5)

This podcast is great for everyone, not just law junkies. If you care about politics and what is going on in America you will enjoy this podcast and be enlightened by it every episode. Get the Cafe Insider podcast too.

Very important podcast (5/5)

Preet has put together some amazing guests. His insight into the legal system is impressive. My favorite podcast

A factual look at the issues (5/5)

I love Preet’s take on current issues. He doesn’t parrot other media; he looks at the facts and examines them within the context of an issue to come to logical conclusions with a legal bent, regardless of politics. It’s left-leaning, but I would argue it’s actually liberty- or justice-leaning.

Thoughtful, measured, must-listen every week. (5/5)

"Stay Tuned" has become one of the core podcasts we listen to every week. Thoughtful, measured discussion of some of the legal and political issues of the day and good long-form interviews.

Logically Reasoned Presentations (5/5)

So glad I started listening to this podcast. Tremendous content with excellent interviews. Preet brings the law to the listener in daily digestible portions.

By the book (5/5)

Love love love this podcast. By far my favorite! Thank you for the text Preet. I have never written nor called in and I have listened since day 1! Love your podcast and I am an "insider” thank you. I truly believe as I do believe that most of the country believes Preet that you are changing the way information reaches the public (as tweeting HAS 4 Mr Trump). I know I have gone past or gotten ahead of things the way you disseminate information but having followed this story since the Steele Dossier 2-3Christmas-ses ago while driving back home on NPR radio it brings tears to my eyes every-time I think of how he has fooled many and probably is going to get away with HIS "acts". do we as a country have the attention span to follow this through?

Current events explained well (5/5)

Always learn something new on this Podcast and hear interesting people’s opinions. Preet is able to explain complicated topics and his guests are varied and interesting.

Very needed (5/5)

A calm voice in the current climate is needed and Preet is that calm. I was so inspired by your interview with Bryan Stevenson. And I am joining with him to hope for a better future for this country. I love the thought of a podcast about justice and fairness that is balanced and based on the truth. I’m a new listener and expect to be around for a while. 🙏🏽

Interesting but still meh (1/5)

This is just a standard center left podcast. Nothing insightful. No debate. No engagement with anyone who disagrees. No center right point of view is ever represented. And even when AM is on, I don’t see the point because they just end up completely agreeing with each other. It’s just legal news gossip. And it’s clear that the host is bitter he was fired. Understandable, but it’s too much. Get over it!

l (5/5)

The most informative podcast anywhere - and not on just legal issues. This podcast fills in relevant details on the tumultous events of the last few years. Not only is Preet an incisive, brilliant host; his guests are preeminent experts in their fields. Every podcast is a delightful learning experience.

Absolutely spot on! (5/5)

I have never been a podcast listener, but with Preet's "Stay Tuned" & his companion "Cafe Insider" I am hooked and hard. His weekly shows are timely to the minute with all that's going on in Washington & elsewhere in the news. After having served as the United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York, thisguy knows his professional to the nth degree. He is humble, is an outstanding listener with his weekly guests as he goes into the depths of each issue and comes off as the truly gifted lawyer, teacher & former prosecutor he has becom. This is a MUST if you only subscribe to one podcas. Enjoy and be ready to be mesmerized for an hour each week as you get lost in Preet's amazing world of the legal system.

Fair minded and knowledgable (5/5)

Preet and his guests are very fair minded and "conservative" in the sense of the law. Gives a very balanced perspective that is deeply knowledgable. Screw the cable news network and most of the web site. If you want to know the true meaning of the legal development, I trust nobody else than Preet and his podcast. I liked it so much I joined their premium offering.

Smart, Insightful, Informative (5/5)

I subscribe to the following podcasts and consider both of Preet's podcasts (Stay Tuned and Cafe Insider with Anne Milgram) worthy of including in this list: Fresh Air, On the Media, Lawfare, Pod Save America, The Wilderness, Mueller She Wrote, and Trump, Inc. So far what's most impressive is his range of conversation with surprisingly meaningful guests - in particular Bryan Stevenson, Adam McKay, and Preet's own shout-out to the late William Goldman. Highly recommend.

Absolutely the BEST! (5/5)

Preet is smart, insightful and oh, so interesting. I'm so very happy to have him doing a podcast!

Grounded in law and national security/integrity (5/5)

Essential commentary on US national politics, policy, and power. Preet is a former US attorney and US Senate counsel with backstage experience in federal criminal cases and inter-branch power struggles. He is articulate, easy to listen to, and cautiously reality-based. Fantasy deep-staters go elsewhere: this is about the reality of the US ship of state trying to right itself in stormy seas with the outcome unknown and the American future in the balance.

Stay Tuned (5/5)

This podcast is consistently compelling and insightful. Preet’s analysis is always well considered. His interview style brings out the best in his guests.

Very Informative (5/5)

I really enjoy this podcast! I appreciate Preet’s perspective/opinion on news and politics. His guests cover a broad range of subject matter, great way to become more informed on relevant topics!

Love the Show (5/5)

I love this podcast! As a young person in her 20s it’s difficult to find an informative podcast that speak to the issues that I care about in terms of politics, law enforcement, and current events! Keep up the good work!!

If you only listen to one podcast... (5/5)

If you only listen to one podcast, listen to this one. Its insightful, informed, entertaining and challenging. It will help you see things for what they are, and make you think and see things differently. Preet is brilliant, asks probing questions, analyzes new information carefully, and gives his interviewees airtime to express themselves. Listen and learn.

Needed Social Justice conversation (5/5)

Preet presents guests who are doing the work on social justice and mass incarceration reform. Where is there another platform to discuss this topic that undermines the social health of America? This is one of one I am aware of that brings the invisible to the visible.

Vimalhotra (5/5)

I love your style. Thank you for inviting Bryan Stevenson to your podcast. It was inspiring to listen to his interview.

Podcast seems good and courageous (4/5)

Except when I found out it was you that did not jail any of the monsters responsible for the 2007 financial disaster.

Outstanding Podcast, fascinating topics (5/5)

This podcast does a wonderful job of discussing current topics and gives excellent insight into the way investigations are handled. I recently started listening and have really enjoyed listening to the older podcasts - particularly since so much more information has come to light since the podcast was started. Mr. Bharaha does an excellent job explaining the issues and attracts excellent and informative guests.

First podcast I recommend. (5/5)

Interesting insightful guests and discussion. Hosted by the directly speaking and personable Preet. Top of my feed.

Thank you, Preet (5/5)

In times that are so complex and confusing, there is a great comfort in knowing that there is a Preet Bharara in the world. Thank you for both of your podcasts, "Stay Tuned" and "Cafe Insider". The world is a better place because it includes Preet.

Preet (5/5)

Clear, concise and focus. Bravo 👏👍🏽❗️

Fantastic Podcast (5/5)

Very smart analysis explained clearly and concisely. My husband and I listen together and discuss every week. We even appreciate re-listening (because you can miss stuff the first time through). Clearly, his legal background helps educate the audience. We’re devoted followers. We even subscribed to the Cafe Insider.

A wonderful podcast (5/5)

As a retired civil trial lawyer I truly appreciate Preet’s thoughtful and informed comment on the many legal issues of the day. I have a question on the constitutionality of the Act under which Trump has declared a national emergency. Why doesn’t this Act’s failure to adequately define “national emergency“ make it constitutionally deficient? Congress has ceded its power over the purse to the president to meet a “national emergency”, but it has failed to define what constitutes a “national emergency.” Criminal statutes have been struck down because they are too vague. Surely, the congress’ ceding a basic constitutional duty is subject to the same type of scrutiny.

Used to be great. (2/5)

This used to be my go-to podcast, and I desperately want it to remain so. However, the show has become intolerably political and Trump obsessed. I agree with a majority of Preet’s opinions but I had turned to this podcast to avoid the exhaustion of 24-7 Trump coverage.

Great guests, great pod (5/5)

Every time I think his guest list can’t get any better, Preet comes up with someone like Christiane Amanpour, raising the bar again. Preet’s analyses are always fair, objective, and reasonable, exceedingly rare in this day and age. This pod is a must-listen.

Bhararaddict (5/5)

This is my new 60 minutes - a show you can’t afford to miss. Thank you and keep up the great work!

You’re a hero (5/5)

Preet is a patriot, and runs a good podcast. Keep fighting the good fight.

Can’t Miss (5/5)

I never miss this podcast. I look forward to it dropping each week. I get so much out of Preet Bahara’s expertise, experience, reasoned and measured analysis. Can’t imagine going through these extraordinary times without this podcast. Truly enriches my life.

Stay Tuned with Preet (5/5)

Great legal perspective, Preet. Thank you. You can lay claim the moral high ground. Keep going high by avoiding the sale to sweatshirts and stuff. Have someone else voice the commercials, if possible . Don’t cheapen yourself as you await your next presidential appointment.

Stay Tuned with Preet Bharara (5/5)

I find Mr. Bharara’s discussions and guests a breath of fresh air providing rational, detailed explanations on issues and events not obtained from the few minutes given on televised newscasts or in the limited space of newspapers. Listeners can learn what has shaped a guest’s life, profession, or views on a large range of topics related to current news and politics, journalism, activism, and law - even tidbits of history, like Katy Tur’s tornado gig. I highly recommend Stay Tuned to anyone appreciating thoughtful and intelligent discourse. Thanks, Mr. Bharara!

Not the same podcast (2/5)

All these reviews reflect the podcast Stay Tuned was before Cafe Insider. Preet no longer discusses anything relevant or newsworthy. The interviews are interesting but not why I liked this pod in the first place.

State of the World 2019 (5/5)

Stay Tuned is a must listen-to podcast. For example earlier this year you MUST listen to Preet and Ian Bremmer. Wow!

Take the time to get smarter (5/5)

Preet needs to take an active role in governance

Still the best podcast going (5/5)

Consistently great guests, consistent inteeligent discussion; consistently topical. It don't get no better than this, kiddies.

Retired Engineer (5/5)

Little did our president realize that, with his firing of Preet, that he was launching a second career for a good man. If you had told me three years ago that I would be listening to a former prosecutor's podcast, I wouldn't have believed it. This is perhaps my favorite podcast; very informative, good guests, even handed and enjoyable listening! Thanks for defending our democracy, Preet!

Excellent (5/5)

Love this podcast

Awesomely informative. I instantly feel smarter. (5/5)

I instantly feel smarter. UntilPOTUS speaks again and I need another inoculation of adult. Can you do a daily podcast? 😉

Lukewarm (3/5)

Preet shares all the insights from years of insiderism. It’s a useful window into why things are the way they are.

Listen and learn (5/5)

One thing I love about his show is the opening when Preet answers listeners' questions. So informative. I think we podcast listeners are getting amazing educations about government and history and the law from listening to shows like Stay Tuned with Preet. He is really top notch in every way.

Fees (5/5)

Thank you for this podcast, wish other one was free. On social security and can not pay for a pod cast. But thank you for sharing this part. Peace!

Make Cafe Insider free please (5/5)

Sell ads and make your show available to all.

In the nicest possible way.... (3/5)

The magic of this show was that Preet could carry it alone which is so hard to do and he did it so well. Manuscript-ready delivery of unique and intelligent viewpoints and interpretations are now needlessly interrupted by a new co-host. The flow is now jerky in rhythm and lacking in depth. Much more like every other podcast.

My favorite podcast (5/5)

When something crazy happens in politics I look forward to hear what Preet has to say about it. His soothing voice and deep insights hep me feel more informed but never condescended to. And he always has amazing guests!

Such a Calm Voice (5/5)

Preet knows his stuff. He doesn't jump to conclusions and provides insight into the strange political situation we are currently in. His steady logical mind shines through in every interview.

Harry Reid interview (5/5)

I have yet to be disappointed with any of Preet’s interviews but that being said, the Harry Reid interview stands out. Excellent interview!

Much appreciation (5/5)

Thank you for all you do! Your interview with Harry Reid was wonderful!

Harry Reid (5/5)

Though I found this episode interesting and informative, I am disappointed that Harry Reid, nor Preet, didn’t acknowledged that Harry’s white privilege and his male privilege played a role in his success, despite his poor and tough childhood. This is something I notice with most interviews of older leaders. They don’t acknowledge it, and the host let it pass. I think Preet is awesome and I love this podcast, but this is an area that Preet can improve.

Thank you for thinking of us and sharing Senator Reid with us. (5/5)

Falling for Senator Reid underscores the need to have more of these one on one chats. He shared an amazing life. And Prett. Thanks for your service to our lives at this unprecedented time makes me among thousands of others too shy to tell you what a lifeline you are. I feel more hopeful that wise and articulate souls like yours know down in their bones how much we need you. The silver lining to your undeserved firing is we have been given the gift of a new champion. Never quit. With Deepest thanks. Carlyn.

Highlight of my week (5/5)

This is most definitely an hour well spent. It is incredibly gratifying to find a rational, articulate voice amid all of the political noise that assaults us daily. A breath of fresh air among all the pollution.

Too much bias (3/5)

I like the content and information, but the bias and partisanship is too much. You don’t have to argue both sides, but you should at least acknowledge their viewpoint.

A Voice You Can Trust (5/5)

Preet is the voice of reason within the madness that prevails in national politics today. He's smart, honest, fair, and always calming. Thank you, Preet, for shining a light in these dark times.

Consistent Listener (5/5)

I enjoy every episode. Still thinking about the subscription to the Insider. The episode featuring Harry Reid was wonderful. Skillful interview managed with respect and an ear for authentic stories. Hoping DEM candidates hear Sen Reid’s words and make celebrating America the foundation of their campaigns. Preet makes that point too in nearly every episode (despite the treatment he was given). So many strong voices out there now on several podcasts that recognize the power of this democracy (even as we work to make our society more just, more humane, and more like our ideal).

Extremely informative (5/5)

Preet gives great, layman’s answers to today’s political/legal questions. He is brilliant and mild mannered in his delivery and actually quite funny (for a lawyer;) I listen to him every week here and also on where I joined his insider group. Worth every penny of the $50.

Amazing Podcast! (5/5)

Informative & entertaining! I love the Q & A from listeners segment, notable guests, opinions about current events, explanation of the law, constitution, & the Trump Administration!

Ziplo (5/5)

Preet is the best. Smart, prepared, reasonable. He is funny, too. I look forward to listening to his podcast more than any other.

Great legal analysis (5/5)

Phreet, your thoughtful and well reasoned legal analysis is a breath of fresh air in this time of utter Political madness. Keep up the great work!

Appointment Listening! (5/5)

This is the smartest, most informative podcast I have found. Preet has great guests, asks smart questions, and offers excellent insights. The new show with David Frum is a perfect example!

Understand today's news with Preet Bharara, former USAtty for SDNY (5/5)

Great guests and fascinating interviews. Clear and interesting explanations of what's happening.

Thanks for the great podcast! (5/5)

I started listening to podcasts last year and Preet’s has been one of my favorites. I just drove a truck and trailer with two horses from CA to FL with my daughter and had this podcast in my ear catching up on the ones I hadn’t heard. Then drove from Ocala to Key Largo and listened some more! The interviews are always interesting and keep me thinking and awake (thankfully) and don’t lose their relevance a year or two later. I learn a lot about Preet,too (Happy Birthday, Mama and a podcaster is not your dream job-whhhatttt?). Keep it up and thanks for entertaining, educating, and keeping me off no dose and coffee.

Voice of reason (5/5)

Always thoughtful, unemotional and reasoned analysis of these tempestuous times in politics, law and government.

David Frum (5/5)

Thank you for an insightful and civil discussion. While my politics are not the same, you offer good advice for discussing topics where people disagree. First, listen.

Quickly became my favorite (5/5)

Stay Tuned rapidly went to the top of my list of podcasts. Preet himself is well knowledged and has a good voice for an audio presentation. Other than Preet the guests are insightful and the overall experience of listening is both pleasant and thought provoking.

The voice of sanity (5/5)

Thank God for Preet. He provides calm, articulate, well-reasoned discussions of the often chaotic events of our time, and he does it with humor and class.

temperance (5/5)

Careful consideration replaces the predictably partisan. Always informative and fair. Later, the self-referential remarks will diminish as the host and his audience become better acquainted (I hope).

Great listening (5/5)

Thanks Preet, from a big fan. When you decide to stop this, please run for public office! We need smart guys like you.

Great stuff here (5/5)

I wasn't a podcast fan until very recently when I got turned on to Preet. Every ep I've listened to has been very informative. Love the way he explains the law and criminal procedures for those who aren't lawyers. Plus, his voice!!!

Subscription (5/5)

I signed up for Cafe Insider for a year...still no access to the extra podcast. What gives?? Should I cancel my subscription?? I would like to hear the bonus episodes.

I feel smarter just listening (5/5)

Great guests and great interviews. Preet breaks it down and makes things easy to understand... and his Rolodex must be amazing because he has some of the smartest people on as guests I’ve ever heard from.

Fascinating!!! (5/5)

A former US Attorney praised then fired by 45. He's has many contacts and insight into Washington D.C. politics. This has become my number one go to podcast.

Thank you! (5/5)

Thank you Preet, for helping us all to understand the times through which we are living. I am smarter because of you, please keep up your important and amazing work!

Law Student Favorite Podcast (5/5)

Five stars. This is the one podcast I make time for. Preet has the best-informed takes on the biggest weekly news that I can find outside of an expensive printed subscription.

Unreal (5/5)

By far the best show available regarding the fake republican in the Oval Office ! As a Republican , I’m one of the few that will stand up to any right wing-nut that is under this Russian spy spell . I love the true insight and facts that are given.

Great listen! (5/5)

Podcast is interesting and honest. So informative!

Thanks Preet (and Anne)! (5/5)

Preet - love your podcast. I look forward to listening to it all week. Thanks for being a measured, smart, informative voice of reason in these troubling times. Love Cafe Insider too. Please pass along my thanks to Anne as well.

Going the Lord’s work (5/5)

Learn something every pod. Timely and consequential in a bigly way.

Always a Joy! (5/5)

I look forward to every episode, can't get enough of that dry humor

Favorite Political Podcast (5/5)

Super current analysis by a legal expert who’s also a great storyteller with super relevant, expert guests. Bonus: Preet is also super witty and articulate.

Learning that’s worthy of your time (5/5)

I discovered Hidden Brain when trying to moderate my political intake. Wow! Content, meaningful discovery and intelligent and compassionate commentary. We have much to learn.

Listener (5/5)

Intelligent, thoughtful, legal analysis of current events. Definitely worth listening to.

Essential for survival (5/5)

Listening to both Stay Tuned and Cafe insider is a lifeline in this absurd and terrifying era. I absolutely depend on regular infusions of the brainy, knowledgeable and measured voices of Preet, Anne, and guests. Thank you.

One of my favs (5/5)

I really enjoy these podcasts. I think Preet does great topics and interesting interviews and is really funny. Thanks!

Amazing Podcast (5/5)

Very well done and helps me more deeply understand politics today. I listen all the time and think the team does a great job!!

Essential listening for anyone looking for some sanity and intellectual discourse (5/5)

Brilliant legal insights, fascinating guests across a wide range of subjects and disciplines. Preet is a voice of reason, humor, patriotism and scholarship in a dark, dangerous time.

My favorite podcast (5/5)

Preet has become a world class journalist. He gives credit where it is due and pulls no punches.

The Fate of the World in 2019 (with Ian Bremmer) (5/5)

This program was excellent and left me wanting so much more.

Citation for Excellence (5/5)

Thank you for providing citations at the end of each episode description so that listeners can take a deeper dive on specific topics. I enjoy the breadth of guests sharing their insights. I’m learning so much. Keep up the excellent work.

Best podcast (5/5)

Very thorough and unbiased show

Essential (5/5)

This and the cafe insider podcasts are without rival the best available. I don’t need to sell it because all you have to do is listen once.

Cafe and membership (2/5)

I am very disappointed in Preet’s decision to privatize his show. I enjoy his perspective but am already committed to news and opinions with paid subscriptions to a number of respected periocals, eg Post and Times. I will not start subscribing to podcasts that should find other ways to monetize their work.

You lost me (5/5)

Your bait and switch from free hour per week, now here is 15 min, now pay for rest, that’s extortion, or “ here, I have some heroin, first one is FREE.” What’s the diff? How capitalist of you. Good luck with that. As US Attorney you were worth gold. As commentator with same info I can get anywhere, not so much. Keep up the good work, but you lost me.

Best pod (5/5)

If you want to know what and why is happening listen here. I joined for one year to support their work

Smart, timely, makes me better (5/5)

Preet and his guests smartly address news of the day in a smart and easy to understand fashion. Makes me better. Love this podcast and insights gained.

Most informative podcast I've found (5/5)

If you only have time to listen to one American political podcast, listen to Stay Tuned With Preet. He's brilliant, calm, logical and insightful. He also has great guests, and does a great job asking them just the right questions to learn more about the crazy stuff going on in our country. I wish he could be our president. Maybe someday he can be on the Supreme Court. Ah, to dream...

Thank you, Preet! (5/5)

At a time when I despair over the loss of professional, adult discourse, I discovered you. I actually discovered you on Twitter and was so excited to learn that you had a Podcast! I’m with you, no real conversation can be had in 200 +/- characters. I believe you have not only helped restore my faith in our government structure, in law enforcement, and in our ability to survive Trump, you have improved my health. My stress is lower and sometimes I even laugh out loud! Most of all, thank you for being a voice of reason in all the chaos. I think we as a country can deal with anything if we can just replace the current chaos with knowledge and reason. BTW, yours was the first Podcast I ever listened to. I guess even an old woman can adapt to new technologies. 😊

Informative Podcast (5/5)

Preet does great job informing the public on many legel issues.

excellent (5/5)

Preet keeps me up to date on what is happening and I appreciate his insights. This podcast feels very important right now. His guests are excellent and I have been exposed to many new voices through the podcast.

Stay Tuned With Preet (5/5)

This is a wonderful podcast: informative, interesting and engaging. Relevant topics with quality interviewees!

A MUST Listen!!! (5/5)

I love this podcast and look forward to listening every week. Preet is so clear and explains the different legal arguments in a compelling way and I recommend this podcast anyone interested in current events. He has a great voice too...kind of have a crush on him.

Knowledgeable (5/5)


The fate of the world 2019 (5/5)

Wow, just a fascinating conversation, thanks Preet, can’t wait for the next podcast 👍

Please subscribe and listen! (5/5)

This program makes the center sexy. Preet is a thoughtful and reasonable voice - much needed right now.

Ian Brenner is disrespectful and rude (5/5)

Don’t ask him back.

Put on your thinking cap (5/5)

Here you’ll find something almost entirely absent from our national discourse since the rise of social media: nuance. The human psyche has been digitized. By embracing online existence, we’ve been reduced to commodities, and we are being managed like products. If you’re at all interested in exercising your right to continue being a human being, I think politics is more important than at almost any time in American history. If you still have the ability to think for yourself, this podcast will give you plenty to think about.

Outstanding. (5/5)

Preet's choices in guests and topics of conversation do more than simply inform on the topics of the day but provide nuance, context and perspective that is invaluable in the current tumultuous state of politics.

Smart, Relevant, and Hopeful (5/5)

Stay Tuned is the one podcast I listen to as soon as it drops. Preet shares his expertise in a good-humored, approachable way that makes it easy for this non-lawyer to learn. There are terrific guests every week, and I particularly appreciate how often Preet interviews women he respects. I recommend this podcast so frequently that I’m surely annoying my friends.

Addicted to Preets Show (5/5)

Thank you for getting this honorable and intelligent attorney to do this podcast. At this time in our country this podcast is so very important.

Preet B. (5/5)

Smart, timely content that is designed to inform and entertain. Wish it was on daily.

Most interesting (5/5)

I don’t listen to podcasts every week but when I do, I listen to Stay tuned with Preet first!

Absolutely OUTSTANDING!! (5/5)

Every podcast should aspire to achieve this level of greatness & sophistication! Honestly one of the best, most educational, straightforward, insightful podcasts I’ve ever listened too...and I listen to hundreds! Its not hyped up news and that’s So refreshing! THANK YOU for all the hard work you put in, to make this such an enriching podcast ! We are grateful for the insight you share from your years of education, experience and high emotional intelligence. Well Done! (please run for president!)

Important insight and perspective (5/5)

Preet’s commentary often times gives me added perspective. I appreciate his institutional knowledge that allows me greater understanding of each week’s major stories. He is able to calm our greatest fears, but when he freaks, we should all freak!

Stay Tuned (5/5)

This is news, current news with thoughtful and knowledgeable analysis. Insightful. Intelligent. Timely. Important topics of interest to all. A great podcast series, well with your time.

Absolutely Must Listen Audio (5/5)

Preet is the best: rational, fact-based, informative, reasoned. You will absolutely learn something new each time you listen - about our government, or the legal system or business or crime - something worth knowing. The guests are top-knotch and always interesting.

Fly on the wall (5/5)

I listen to this podcast regularly and often feel like I’m a fly on the wall where two smart people are objectively discussing and analyzing complex issues that affect us all. I’ve found it to be about the best podcast out there. Which says a lot, since there are hundreds to choose from.

Insightful and timely (5/5)

Add this to your regular listening. Preet is a great interviewer with a surprisingly funny sense of humor. I have learned so much.

Look Forward To This (5/5)

It's a podcast with refreshingly great information and subtle humor. If only more people who once held government jobs had an actual personality like Preet does, we might be actually concerned about there being a government shutdown. ;)

My favorite podcast (5/5)

I feel like I learn something new every week with this podcast. It is intelligent, thought provoking, and always educational . I wish it was produced more than once a week. I want more! This podcast should be required listening for all University Political Science Majors! Kristin Petersen Park City, UT

A calming voice in troubling times (5/5)

Preet is an unbiased and well thought out host discussing the most important topics in todays politics

5 Star (5/5)

Love your insights into the abstract life we are now facing in the United States. I studied too much art and math in college and not enough law. Question, if one has the FBI look into their tax records held at the IRS, is one notified of this procedure? Just checking for the president. Thanks!

Must Subscribe! (5/5)

It’s no wonder Preet was one of the most well-respected US Attorneys. He’s thoughtful, articulate, insightful and funny.

Insightful, and quite funny at times. (5/5)

Preet is obviously very intelligent and knowledgeable, but his wit and insight help break down complex issues into very accessible terms. Great way to get perspective on current events and interesting conversations on larger trends and societal dynamics. Keep it up, Preet.

Thanks Preet (5/5)

Stay Tuned is one a few exceptional podcasts to hear extraordinary insight on politics and law - understanding what is happening in our country from the perspective of our Rule of Law gives me hope that we may survive a President who demonstrates daily very little regard for our laws. LouV

Is Preetsplainin’ a word? (5/5)

Because it should be! And not in a negative way. My fifteen-year old and I listen to the ‘cast together, and look forward to it as much as we do a Dr. Who episode.

Brilliant analysis, top quality interviews (5/5)

This is the perfect podcast — truly informed analysis (as opposed to political punditry) followed by interviews with some of the most important people of today. Thank you Preet!

Best podcast ever (5/5)

It’s my favorite podcast. Thank you Preet!!!

Brilliant Podcast (5/5)

Preet’s podcast is absolutely brilliant. He chooses current, relevant topics, and his guests are well informed and articulate. The podcast is such a welcome find in this era where willful ignorance and shouting seem to dominate the airwaves. I look forward to Preet’s podcasts for intelligent conversation on issues that matter. Keep them coming!

Great content but it's inconsistent with some of the shameless advertisements (4/5)

I love this podcast and find it amazingly insightful. However, I do find it ironic that a lot the guests scathing critiques, similar to the one I just listened to with Kara Swisher, of suspect business practices are actually promoted by the podcast's advertisements. I recently signed up for a New Yorker subscription with the podcast discount code. It turned out to be a somewhat deceptive ad with an automatic opt in after the introductory offer expired which left me disappointed. Also, the others I have researched haven't been that good of offers for consumers as well. I think they should either sell advertising further up the marketing funnel like tier 1 branding or copy more of the public radio mantra of sponsorship. Or at least change some of the content to more align with the podcasts own advertising goals. Judging from the podcasts I've heard, there is no way the podcast wants to be seen as hypocritical.

Great stuff (5/5)

I enjoy the letters responded to in the beginning and I love thee way the interviews and discussions go. I think Preet has one of the best and most calming voices.

Preet Raises the Bar (5/5)

This is the podcast I turn to over and over- it’s the best!

Great listen (5/5)

I listen to Preet every Thursday and also signed up for his insider podcasts. I love the structure of his podcast; first answering questions and talking about current events and later bringing on a guest. I have found all of his guests to be interesting and engaging and it has opened me to their various works that I likely wouldn’t have heard about otherwise. My politics and beliefs don’t align perfectly with Preet, but unlike other commentators in media, he uses logic and reason to formulate his arguments and it causes me to think deeply about my held beliefs and challenges me to defend them the same way. In the end, we may differ, but the dialogue is what the current discourse in this country is missing. Overall, it’s worth a listen.

Wonderful and informative (5/5)

I am enjoying your podcast. Thanks for sharing your insights, we especially from prosecutor's perspective. Happy New year.

Consistently great (5/5)

Not only is his voice calming, he also provides the clearest means of understanding our current climate of chaos.

Informative and insightful (5/5)

Preet Bharara has deep understanding of the law and how government is supposed to work. He’s fair to his guests and listens to all sides. While he gives the benefit of the doubt and doesn’t jump to conclusions, he’s also no fool and cannot be easily duped. These qualities seem perfect for working as a federal prosecutor - or as a podcast host. I’ve learned a lot and especially enjoy the start of each program in which he answers listeners’ questions.

Sooo good (5/5)

Stay Tuned has become my weekly ritual. Preet breaks down the madness of our times with uncanny clarity, calmness and wit. Love it!

Brilliant. Vital. Required Listening. (5/5)

Preet is the voice of reason and intellect in a time when it’s sadly absent. All of Preet’s guests are first rate, each the leading voice on the topic of that day. If only all Americans listened to Preet. In every episode he provides a master class in criminal justice, democracy, policy and civics. Plus, Preet is funny, self-effacing, genuine—and one of today’s most skilled interviewers. Tune in. Every day chaos erupts from the Trump Twitter-verse. Preet will talk you down!

My Favorite podcast (5/5)

Excellent presentation on important topics presented with a unique sense of humor. Most importantly insight into everything concerning the Meuller investigation. Groovey Gruver

Look forward to it every week (5/5)

I love this podcast, which is a note of sanity in my day. One thing, though, I can’t recommend the cafe insider paid subscription. It’s also terrific but you have to listen to it streamed from the web site, not through an app. Too inconvenient so I probably won’t re-up at the end of the 14 day trial.

Smart and accessible (5/5)

I love this podcast. It's smart, accessible and interesting.

Preet is awesome! (5/5)

His dry wit, thoughtful delivery and guests are entertaining and very informative In a world teeming with "fake news", Preet brings truth to justice. I 💕 this show! Also subscribe to Mueller She Wrote!!

mr (5/5)

thoughtful, interesting, informative

Indispensible (5/5)

Preet has emerged as a calm voice of reason at a time when the din of political upheaval in America has reached a fever pitch. Smart, measured, factual, and funny, Preet helps make sense of what’s happening. The legal explanations he and his guests provide have helped me, for one, feel less anxious at a time when the political landscape seems to change by the minute. I highly recommend Stay Tuned with Preet.

Brilliant (5/5)

I love Preet. I love his simple, logical, honest style. So totally relevant to today's events.

Don’t miss it! (5/5)

Easily a favorite. Wonderful insights, great guests. Absolutely love the show. Would love to hear Ralph Nader, Chris Hedges, John Kiriakou just to name a few weigh in. Keep up the great work.

Never miss it! (5/5)

Somehow I found this podcast in its very first week. I’d never heard of Preet before but became an immediately fan and have now never missed a weekly podcast. Preet quietly explains the chaos of these political times. Easy to understand, great guests!

It’s Preet (5/5)

It’s Preet Bharara you know, the whole podcast. Fantastic stuff.

One of the best (5/5)

Stay Tuned is one of my go-to podcasts for discussion of legal issues surrounding current politics. The host is obviously well-informed...but, most importantly, very skilled at explaining things to “laymen” like myself.

I love this podcast so much... (5/5)

That I paid for a yearly subscription for Cafe Insider. Because it’s not enough for me to listen to Preet once a week on Thursday. I need to listen on Monday too! If you’re a politics AND legal issues fanatic, this podcast is for you!

Want money for your podcast? (5/5)

You totally killed your coolness by demanding money for your podcasts. I will stop listening the free ones.

Intelligent and Informative (5/5)

Very impressive podcast fro a very impressive man. So much of the news is rooted in the law in these dismal times. This podcast is so valuable to me in understanding the realities of the law, how it’s practiced, and how to untangle the tangled skein of law, politics, and ethics we’re presented with every day. Preet is serious, expert, ethical, highly focused, a bit nerdy (not at all a bad thing in these buffoonish times), but with a sense of humor. Oh, and he pivots well — his recent show with Kumail Nanjiami was very entertaining.

Best in Class (5/5)

I have to admit I had never heard of Preet it before his firing.... but his ability to distill complex legal situations into plain spoken English, his deft understanding of the current situation we are in, and his ability to mix in humility and Humour make this podcast something I look forward to every week. With the fast-moving landscape of politics these days, it is a podcast I wish would be more frequent. I very much look forward to his book.

Outstanding!!! (5/5)

Can’t wait for new episodes.

Fabulous podcast for lawyers/judges and nonlawyers (5/5)

Preet presents very difficult material in a lawyerly yet extremely relatable way. I am a circuit judge in a reasonably large state and would not miss this podcast for the world. He always gives insight on how to be a better questioner, listener, or in many cases his guests give insight on how to be a better legal professional. His careful dissection of the ongoing special counsel investigation is magnificent, as the federal system is a beast unto itself, and these are fairly esoteric issues. Not for Preet! He makes them bite-sized. Stay with it til your next USA slot opens, Preet, please! Might not be terribly long... I too am a Circuit Judge in a fairly large ‘purple state.’ I look forward to this podcast every week. The insight & breakdown of our current events is definitely a commuter’s joy every week. It’s wonderful to hear an excellent lawyer talk to excellent guests. I too hope to see Preet as a USA SOON! The ‘insider’ podcast is excellent & well worth a subscription.

You’ll feel smarter (5/5)

This is a favorite podcast of mine. You just feel smarter after listening. Enjoy!

More in-depth more with Preet (5/5)

I am constantly looking forward to Preet’s analysis on CNN. I find his knowledge and experience fascinating and of great value to the coverage of current legal affairs covered by CNN. I am finally getting around to listening to more of what Preet has to say and I love it! Thank You, NRS California, USA

Thanks for keeping me calm and sane (5/5)

I absolutely love this podcast. Preet and his guests are so interesting , informed and their subject matter spot on for helping me to disentangle the confusing and worrying events and behavior of this current administration. The stories and examples shared are terrific and smart and give me hope that we will survive this! Thank you for educating me in a smart, funny and wry way - I love the show and have recommended it to all my friends!

Read before purchasing ‘insider’ (1/5)

I REALLY love Preet’s content, but his website is a hot mess.

Outstanding insights (5/5)

I love this podcast. Preet is smart, thoughtful, a great interviewer and has a voice I could listen to all day. His guests are equally fascinating. Try it. You will be hooked after the first episode.

RockStar (5/5)

I have to say that I really really love listening to Preet. His monotone, soothing yet substantive take on some of the most important issues of our time is what I like the most. I also like your attempt at dry dad humor. It makes me laugh. Regards with a secret Desi handshake, Not a Rockstar

If You Only Listen to One Podcast, This Should be It (5/5)

I have to admit to being a big political and cultural podcast consumer. Full disclosure, I am an attorney with over 20 years state and federal court civil practice and my politics probably fall along the same line as Preet's. Inevitably, in listening to this podcast Preet demonstrates being the tough, ethical smart and empathetic attorney I always strived to be. He brings all this and more to te podcast. But you don't need to be an attorney to enjoy this pod. Currently I am on a necessary break from my legal career as I care for my elderly mother with the help of hospice. Preet's podcast is a fantastic link to current events and fascinating guests that I look forward to every week. He has a wonderful ability to get at the heart of issues and explain nuances in an understandable and never condesending way. The new CAFE paid subscription podcast sounds to be even better than this one, if it is possible. Would love to subscribe but right now on a very fixed income. When I am able to resume my career it will be one of my first purchases. It is just that good.

bipartisan solutions (4/5)

great info, love the explanation of law and legal behaviors. great guests and love the bipartisanship, keep that up! hearing from both sides is important for the discussion and to better understand our current situation.

writer-editor (5/5)

This podcast is unfailingly intelligent, informative, and (dare I say it) fun. Preet Bharara's guests are as smart and well-informed as he is. If you have ANY interest in what's going on in the country right now, particularly in the legal underpinnings of it all, don't miss it.

Great podcast (5/5)

Great podcast! Preet is amazing and doesn’t talk down to his listeners!

Intelligent discussions (5/5)

Preet answers questions submitted by listeners that many of us have. One of my favorite podcasts.

Won’t miss it! (5/5)

What a comfort it is to hear discussions of important questions from thinking and informed persons who obviously care about the integrity of this country’s foundational institutions. I feel I am not alone, and there are those who will stand up for, and speak out about, what is right. My thanks to all who work to produce this podcast.

Love the pod (5/5)

This podcast is awesome!! I love being informed about the news and current events by people who have such a deep legal understanding of what’s happening.

Full of himself (5/5)

Preet is not a humble man, but somehow I don’t hate him in fact find him quite charming. Leaning left myself, I enjoy his perspective and the guests he brings on are THE best. Great work.

Must listen (5/5)

Preet is an amazing host. Great interviewer. A must listen if you want to call yourself informed.

I used to love this podcast. (1/5)

It was great when I could listen to it but they only run the first few minutes now. You have to subscribe to some other service to hear the rest. The last thing I need is another subscription.

Insightful, Thoughtful and Funny (5/5)

Preet has a terrific demeanor for the important and detailed discussions of constitutional and legal topics he covers - all done clearly, with insight, and humor. I've added it to my Favorite podcasts list and never miss an episode.