Aggregated reviews for Still Watching: Westworld Season 3

Vanity Fair critics Joanna Robinson and Richard Lawson are covering the third season of Westworld on HBO, episode by episode.

Very confused by new format (3/5)

This podcast used to release a podcast per episode and now it looks like they’re just covering the first episode of different shows? Was really looking forward to Joanna and Richard discussing a new episode of Watchmen every week but I guess that’s not happening. Super bummed out.

Watchmen s01e01 (3/5)

Super annoyed that they referenced content from the second episode to assure the audience that certain themes would be addressed and then didn’t even cover that episode the following week. Definitely not interested in scattered and sporadic coverage.

Fine. (3/5)

Lawson take a side. Don’t just “wait to see what people think” you are a critical mind right?

thought this was about a show (1/5)

clearly this isnt a podcast about the show Watchmen as much as it is another attempt to show off snd force political views down others throats!

Not Good Bob (1/5)

This podcast had so much promise. It covers top notch TV shows (GOT, Succession, and now The Watchmen). Joanna is consistently great, but Richard Lawson is horrible. He seems either indifferent or simply lacks podcast skills. Zero chemistry, little interest, and minimal opinions. I’m sure he is good at his day job, but I miss the David Chen/Joanna podcasts or anyone else with her. She is top notch and deserves better

Only one episode?!? (4/5)

I loved this first episode recap so much and have been searching for a podcast to geek with through this tv show adaptation! Loved that one of the co-hosts read the graphic novel and one didn’t, one host is a woman, really good energy and conversation. Please cover more of Watchmen! Damon Lindelof’s work is so nuanced and the hosts did a great job with it. More please!

Really Disappointed! (5/5)

I am so disappointed to hear you are only going to cover 1 episode of Watchmen! I was so looking forward to y’all’s interpretation of Lindeloff’s version. I’m new to the Watchmen material, but huge fan of the Leftovers and am currently watching Lost while following The Storm. I really hope you change your minds! Reconsider?

Does the Male host even like Watchmen? (1/5)

This podcast focuses on being politically correct more so than it does analyze the show. While it does well in going through each scene you’re pulled out of it with the unapologetic PC male host constantly questioning the direction it’s heading. Get someone who wants to actually analyze the show not critique its direction AFTER JUST THE PILOT...!

Watch Sucession instead of quoting Sodheim (1/5)

I’m very disappointed that a Sucession recap podcast ~ especially one associated with Vanity Fair ~ is so lacking in basic facts about the show. I’m embarrassed for you both. You talk down to your listeners “ I don’t expect people who don’t podcast to ...” You don’t recall the “vital moment” when Greg discloses to Kendall “ I have these documents”?!!! Watch the final episode of the first season you dum dums! “ I see you Greg. I like it” Not a direct quote - just from watching it months ago but still way closer than YOUR recollection of this brilliant moment you’re attempting to recap. Richard’s rewrite of Greg’s approaching Kendall with the documents - aka- airplane bathroom fiction- is insulting to the character, the writers and viewers. Stating that Greg’s motivation is to “make a connection w/ the person sitting in front of him” is more evidence that that these podcasters are not recapping this show with the attention it - and we listeners- deserve. Richard is definitely the Tom to Jonna’s Shiv. This is the Sands of Sucession Podcasts.

Where is s2 last episode podcast????! (5/5)

I really love this show. I listen to the podcast weekly. What happened to the podcast for the 10/13 last episode of season 2? Where are you?

Execellent coverage of Succession (5/5)

Great podcast,but regarding Sucession S2E9, how can "blood sacrifice" come up and neither of you speculate on a Mother of Dragons birth for the season finale?

Excellent Joanna Robinson content as usual (5/5)

The podcast is great and the banter between the two hosts is spot on. At this point I have an eternal subscription to listening to Joanna doing anything including reading the phone book. Not only that, but I tweeted at her about apple podcasts not uploading and episodes since S2 episode 1 and in 20 minutes it was fixed. The lady is a baller.

Love it! (5/5)

I listen to a few podcasts that have one woman, and one man as a host, and have noticed a trend of people getting annoyed with the woman host. Reviewers should investigate why they’re actually annoyed to hear her speak/laugh. I love this show! I’m on a weekly routine of watching the new succession and then waiting for the podcast to come out to help me process what I just saw. The only problem is that you can’t see all the episodes when you click on to the shows page - weird. It only shows episode one. I have to search for the new episode to have it pop up!

So glad you’re doing Succession! The 2nd season rocks. (5/5)

I was super ambivalent about Succession S1 but S2 is a whole new ballgame. I’m all in with this pod, now. Let’s go.

Technically Issue with Podcast on iPhone (4/5)

Update 9/20:19: Tks briianboitano for confirming the issue! As of today, problem still exists (8/11/19 shows as most current, later episodes not shown). Guess no one from VF reads these reviews. Posted 9/13/19: I love the podcast but, for some reason, the August 11 podcast of Succession shows up as the most current podcast for season 2 on my iPhone. I subscribe to many other podcasts on my iPhone and none have a similar problem. I’ve deleted and re-subscribed a number of times, but the same problem persists. At first, I thought your excellent podcast had been canceled after the August 11 episode. I now need to search the web for a specific episode title to enjoy your most current podcast. Very annoying, please correct. Again, love the podcast!

same issue as mattyM32 (4/5)

same issue as mattyM32

Lazy Criticism: Succession (1/5)

I have enjoyed JR’s work across other platforms and through her GOT podcast, but this podcast doesn’t do it for me. I just wish more time (even one working day) was put into the hosts’ reflections of the show. Recapping isn’t criticism.

Still watching: Succession (5/5)

Joanna Robinson is amazing as always and Richard Lawton is a great partner as they dissect this show. Look forward to listening every week!

The water cooler I’d choose (5/5)

I think I’m drawn to recap podcasts like one because I generally watch tv alone and never seem to engage with my friends about it. It’s nice to take a moment to think about an episode and then later get someone else’s take on it. Joanna and Richard offer a more critical view than mine, which is nice. I hadn’t realized how undemanding I can be when it comes to tv. I appreciate this pod.

“Like” (3/5)

The two podcasters say this word over and over. It’s as if I’m listening to valley girls discuss the show. It has worn me down so I have to give up listening.

Great (5/5)

Thanks for reviewing Succession. I have enjoyed this podcast through GOT, BLL and now Succession. I appreciate the thoughtful analysis and it enhances my experience in watching the shows!!

This show has become intolerable (3/5)

My friend and I are as liberal and progressive as you could imagine on social issues, especially as it pertains to media. But these two are ridiculous. Joanna turns everything into a social justice issue to the point that 50 percent of her social observations come off as virtue signaling (though she’s probably not aware this is the case). And, she is so worried about not offending people that I’m not sure she has her own moral compass. We used to be so excited when a new episode came out, but now this show has become intolerable. Please change Joanna.

Please stop the annoying ums and "sort of"s and "like"s (2/5)

Once one becomes aware of how often both speakers rely on these really annoying speech patterns, it becomes impossible to listen anymore. I will stick to reading their articles. JR seems to bring this out in Richard, because in his interview with Matthew McFaddyen on Little Gold Men, the speech pattern of saying "sort of" before every opinion completely (almost) disappears.

Still Watching: Succession (2/5)

I am still listening, even though Joanna's voice is very nasally and she laughs way too much.

Thank you !!!!!!! (5/5)

So happy you all are going to podcast Succession!!!!

Uhhhhh (3/5)

I like the analysis but Joanna’s incessant drawn-out “uhhhh” and “ummmm” are so distracting!!!!

Very Good Conversations - Great Interviews (5/5)

I've listened to most of the "seasons" of Still Watching skipping only The Romanoffs as I have not seen that show. The hosts are usually great and have a good vibe with each other. The Versace season was probably my favorite so far but I have enjoyed all. The end of their Big Little Lies 2 conversations kind of derailed a bit as I had strong disagreements with both hosts but I will still be back when they review a show I watch. The interviews however are amazing. Both Richard and Joanna really connect with the guests and get good insightful answers that seem fresh and not responses the talent has given hundreds of times.

Snide f’s with grating vocal tics (1/5)

T&P to anyone who survives this autopsy of a podcast and still consciously chooses to subscribe to their copiously self-promoted other one.

Debbie downer (1/5)

Liked the first few episodes but then realized these two were not going to be happy no matter what happened on Big Little Lies. Ended up unsubscribing due to the constant negativity. BLL isn’t perfect, but I feel like this podcast spent a lot of time rehashing the same criticisms over and over again rather than adding anything new or meaningful to the discussion surrounding the show. Disappointed.

Great Podcast (5/5)

I loves this podcast even thought I have never listened. This Podcast is great because it involves two of my favorite things. 1. Pod - whether it is used to seamlessly move items from a location to another. Or they are used to grow peas, pods are great!!! 2. Cast - used to make a model for mass production or to throw a line used in fishing. I think we can all agree the two together are like Honey and Mustard, as Abraham Lincoln said while bombing the French in The Franco-Hungarian war “I need more of that cast”

Miserable viewers (1/5)

All you do is find fault. It’s exhausting.

Good but something’s different (4/5)

I’ve been a happy subscriber from the start. Lately I’ve gotten the sense from it that reminds me of the people in high my school who were into vinyl and spoke verbosely on art in a way that distanced themselves from others. Seeing as that’s completely my thing, it’s odd that I feel put off by the takes on Big Little Lies S2. The source material has run out, and I’ve learned my lesson from other book adaptations, so I’m along for the ride with BLL. Richard and Jo are... not having as much fun as I am. Nevertheless, 4 stars. Good, smart people doing good work, even if I don’t like the takes. Thx for the pod!

So tone deaf (2/5)

Joanna and her pal reviewing a show about grown woman and men is ridiculous! They sound like 20 somethings with no real life experience, that got a job at Vanity Fair.

Really tried to like this podcast (1/5)

Despite getting a revolving door of people involved with the show, this podcast has failed to impress. Boring hosts, dead banter and not a single drop of nuance in the analysis of the shows (GoT and BLL).


Calling me a fan of Joanna Robinson is an understatement. Watching shows are actually more enjoyable for me when I know at the end of it I get to listen to her talk about it. I like the dynamic between her and Lawson, too. I love when they troll us with the “on the nose” reference. Lol. Or is it just me thinking they are?! I think all the guests are lovely but I gotta say my favorite part is the first part of just the 2 of them talking. I hate to admit it but on some rare occasions I don’t listen to the interviews. (I did that with some GOT guests) Anyway, keep up the great work. Still waiting for that last romanoff episode podcast tho!

Great podcast (5/5)

Joanna and Richard continue to helm a fantastic podcast. I love their chemistry and the interviews are always a delight. Great podcast production as well.

Joanna - Enough with the therapist! (5/5)

I love this show. It has very cogent and thoughtful analysis. However, it seems like in almost every episode this season, Joanna has criticized the behavior or approach of Robin Weigert’s character, Dr. Amanda Reisman. Joanna: Richard observed way back in this season’s Episode 1 that THERE ARE CRAPPY THERAPISTS IN THE WORLD. Deal with it. Rather than criticize Reisman’s behavior every episode as “unrealistic,” just go with it as I, Richard and I’m sure more than a few of your friends can testify that Reisman’s behavior is probably not the most nutty thing a therapist has done over the years. “Some” therapists do stupid things...The quality of your analysis isn’t helped by criticizing Reisman’s behavior every week. Anyway, love the show.

Bad chemistry (3/5)

I really like Joanna Robinson a lot, and whenever she’s podcasting on a show I am watching, I make sure to listen. But she has terrible chemistry with her cohost Richard. It’s like she has to drag Richard‘s opinion out of him kicking and screaming. It feels so awkward. Over and over again throughout the podcast she has to say to Richard, “so what did you think about that?” in order to get him to comment. It sounds more like an interrogation than a discussion. Good podcasting is when the hosts have intelligent conversations that grow organically out of that mutual interest and show interesting insights. I like what Joanna has to say, I just wish she had another co-host. (To hear Joanna in a good partnership on a podcast, listen to her and David Chen in “A Cast of Kings.” That’s chemistry.)

Joanna is fantastic, as always... (5/5)

...and I like Richard, too. Their discussions always manage to be both in depth and light and airy. As a podcaster, Joanna walks that line beautifully. Big Little Lies is a show that I enjoy well enough, but getting to listen to the recaps afterward makes it a must watch for me. Highly recommended.

Thoughtful Review (5/5)

Fun to listen to and an enjoyable recap each week. Thank you.

Enjoyable (5/5)

Refreshing to hear a podcast for a woman driven show that states facts without excessive giggling, the need to ham it up and talking over one another. I enjoy the opinions, the insight shared and the thorough deep dive into each episode.

Unsubscribing (2/5)

I refuse to let JR ruin this show for me. She’s got a major chip on her shoulder.

Great Pod! (5/5)

Love the podcast! You two are some of my favorite film/tv critics to read so Still Watching is essential. My only complaint is that I’d like to hear more from you both in the episodes; The interviews are interesting but I kinda prefer just hearing Richard and Joanna hashing out an episode of television! But anyways, thank you much for your work :)

Pretty Good Discussion of Big Little Lies (4/5)

I liked the discussion and I appreciate how they get into the directors’ work. But Richard really needs to cut back on “I’m afraid they’re going to do this” or “I was worried they were going to do that.” I’m listening for a discussion of what the show did, not constant “worry” or “fear” that the story isn’t going to be told or isn’t heading the way he wants. Anyway, happy this is here, and hopefully future episodes will be about the show as presented.

Just awful. (1/5)

Zzzzzzzz. Boring!!!

Swimchick87 (5/5)

Thank You for saying It like it is (for You). Continue to Swim with The Dolphins

Misogynistic (5/5)

Gave this podcast a listen and... WOW was offended instantly by their misogyny.

A great TV and Film Podcast (5/5)

Richard and Joanna provide a great perspective on Game of Thrones and I look forward to hearing them opine about other shows. You can tell that some of the reviewers didn't even listen, they are just giving Joanna the misogynistic hate rant treatment. Try this out if you are a normal person, I think you will enjoy it.

Boring, Awkward, Dry (1/5)

Joanna Mason gives the most awkward interviews. I feel sorry for the people who contribute their time to the show. The show dry and boring, besides. Look elsewhere.

I like Joanna Robinson (5/5)

I listen to all three of the GoT podcasts Joanna does and I know she gets a lot of hate. So let me just say I like her. I like her takes, I like her level-headed response to criticism, I like her insights, I like her sometimes-corny jokes, I like her dedication to the series, and I like her voice. I’m not on twitter and even if I were, I wouldn’t jump into the fray to defend anyone because that’s annoying. But I will say it here: I like Joanna! That is all.

Good Analysis, leave political agenda at the door (3/5)

Please stop with the brown people mantra. It’s a tv show. The Dothraki could have just as easily been Russian Cossacks. If anything white people are shown as cowards and weak. If the show is inherently racist, please provide concrete evidence to further substantiate this claim.

Not worth your time (1/5)

Who do they think they are? It is a t.v. show! Not real life, If you don't like the show then don't watch it or Review it!

Social Justice (1/5)

Joanna makes everything she is on unlistenable. She’s Lena Dunham for your ears, I could care less about your entitled rich white girl view on a fantasy world set in a completely different time and culture.

Great Interviews + Insight (5/5)

I love the interviews that you include! The behind the scenes stories are fascinating and show us just how much work goes into creating this series. I enjoy the social commentary, and I think it’s important. Do I always agree? No, BUT it always makes me think. Thanks for providing such great content!

Solid analysis, poor production (3/5)

The first half of every episode is great. Richard and Katie give quality analysis mixed with enough humor to keep everything breezy and easy to listen to. Their reads on the subtext and meta of Game of Thrones and it’s place in the culture are probably the best in the biz. This podcast has become an essential listen for season 8! But good god, the interviews. The big problem is the audio. How does a show like Fighting in the War Room, where hosts are based in different places and constantly traveling, have crystal clear audio for its far-flung hosts but the interviews sound like they’re being farted through a Motorola razr? It makes them basically unlistenable for driving because it’s tough to make out what the guest is saying over the sound of the road. For a publication as quality as Vanity Fair, you’d expect way better.

Y’all get the best guests (5/5)

Queen Joanna of House Robinson, I’m one of your bannermen and follow all of your work. What I love about this pod particularly are the amazing guests you are able to interview. Learning about the behind the scenes process of Thrones has added so much to my viewing experience. Keep up with the great work. Can’t wait to see what shows you cover in this feed next.

Great podcast! (5/5)

I enjoy this podcast, although the interviews are my least favorite part. I wish they would improve the sound quality on the interviews. Some have been very hard to understand. I enjoy the commentary between the hosts much more than interviews.

Nice contrast to other GOT podcasts out there (5/5)

I’ve never rated a podcast before but felt that you guys were getting bombarded by too much hate. The podcast is insightful and thoughtful. It is a nice departure from the male dominated and lore-heavy Thrones podcasts. Sometimes I don’t always agree with your takes, but that’s ok. We can’t all live in our safe spaces. PS - love the cast and crew interviews too, keep it up!

Painful (2/5)

This is the most painful GOT podcast! I love the show/books and listening to people continuously say “dislike” was so frustrating. I’m not sure why these two are doing a podcast with so much hate. I don’t recommend this...

They’re missing the point. (1/5)

All of Joanna’s podcasts are terribly hard to listen to. She injects real world social issues into a fictional tv show. There’s way too much time spent complaining that the writers are racist and sexist pigs because Daenerys’ advisors are men or that the rapist nation burning (but non-white) Dothraki died. This. Is. A. Fake. Tv show. It’s the story. And honestly how things would actually be in a world like the one game of thrones is set in. There’s a bunch of time being hung up on all that and no REAL insight into deeper themes of the show. It’s just a point by point recap and then virtue signaling. Try binge mode. They really get it and will help you gain insight into how amazing this story really is. Even with its flaws. The point of the show is not to give some timely trendy statement on killing the patriarchy. They focus only on race and gender when 99% of the other fans/cast/crew aren’t differentiating race or gender when telling this story. I honestly don’t even think about what race or gender a character is until hearing this. I just see them as people that I either enjoy watching or don’t. Tell me which seems closer to racism/sexism. If you want to be part of the social justice echo chamber, then this is the podcast for you. If you want to gain further insight and appreciation for this epic once in a lifetime story unfolding before our eyes, just listen to binge mode.

“Like” (5/5)

Please stop using “like” in every sentence

Tick tack reviews (1/5)

Appreciate the fact that there’s never been television like GOT or most movies for that matter of this scope and character development. Critiquing the episode is their job and good, but to get so absolutely tick tacky is just plain annoying and ridiculous. Why listen? No thanks.

Social Justice (1/5)

Too much discussion about social issues. Felt like I was listening to CNN or the mainstream media 👎🏻

Insulting (1/5)

Their most recent review of "The Last of the Starks" was so ridiculous that I couldn't get through the first 20 minutes. As a 27 year old liberal woman, it is incredibly boring and grating to hear you talk about your problems with this episode being about "the treatment of women". This is Game of Thrones and I don't watch Game of Thrones to live in a bubble. Get over it. There are so many powerful and intelligent and awesome women in this show. Just because a few of them are also evil doesn't make it less so! All women cannot be perfect. It's insulting and sexist that you would even be upset that they're not. Equality means we're all good and we're all stupid and we're all evil. Stop putting women on pedestals and criticizing a fantastic show because they're portraying some women who aren't perfect. I'm sorry you think it's a problem that Sansa has used her experiences to be a stronger person and didn't cry enough for you.

Too Woke! (1/5)

Too woke!!!!!!!

These 2 are so clueless (1/5)

Two WHITE people on a show complain about a show not having enough people of color? Why is it wrong for a tv show to portray a time when continents were homogeneous? I remember there being lots of pocs in Essos. I would totally understand this criticism if there were 1 poc on the entire cast and crew. Do you guys think they should have thrown in a couple black starks? A Mexican Lannister?

Going the Wrong Direction (2/5)

I’ve been listening to this podcast for years. Slowly the narrative on the podcast has become less about the content of the show and more about what it says about our sociopolitical world. When you watch a fantasy show, you cannot always compare it to the political climate of today. This podcast used to be amazing, now it feels negative and political.

Thumbs Down (1/5)

1 star because I love social commentary with my Fantasy TV series....

A great supplement to Joanna’s articles (5/5)

I listen to this podcast (and every other GOT podcast Joanna hosts) because I can’t get enough of the show and her analysis. I truly love the commentary and behind the scenes feel of this podcast due to the interviews with cast and crew. For me, it was a no brainer to start listening since I already scour VF Monday morning searching for my fix of Joanna’s articles/take on the episode. I should point out that I never ever listened to podcasts about TV shows until I started listening another podcast that Jo hosts that predates this one. Now, I’m addicted. Thanks to both Richard and Jo for providing us with fun, engaging commentary surrounding the show that keeps me listening season after season. You both rock!

Most enlightening podcast (5/5)

Come for the analysis, stay for the interviews of creators and crew. Joanna is smart and fun - really enjoy hearing her thoughts and predictions. If I had to recommend just one podcast for GoT, this would be it.

Great, fun and informative! (5/5)

Great pod! Joanna is awesome!

Racist or just Liberal (1/5)

In the pod for GOT season 8 episode 3 the hosts have issue with “people of color” aka The Dothraki charging in battle first. What they say is that the writers are racist because they intentionally killed the helpless “people of color”. I have so many issues that I’m now done with this pod. I know they meant it as a liberal statement. Looking for ways to be upset. I bet they will cover immigration with the Golden Company next week but in my opinion assuming Benioff & Weiss are trying to kill a fictional race of people just because they are a shade darker than white is what’s actually racist. Words matter. I guess what doesn’t matter is that in this fictional world there have been multiple successful battle plans sending the Calvary in first- Ramsay vs Stannis, Dragons vs Loot Train, Stannis vs Free Folk. But for some reason those instances weren’t racist. The writers spent 70 episodes waiting to kill “people of color”. It’s just my opinion but calling the writers racist is what’s actually racist. The hosts ignore history and simple judge actions based on skin color. That make harsh statements based on skin color. That to me is what’s actually racist.

California knows how to party (5/5)

Just subscribed to VF thanks for the tote hookup Joanna. Also thx for telling me who didn’t die bc I had a hard time keeping my eyes opened during s8e3. When will people get tired of bullying about your voice? Girl. Your voice is a national treasure and I’m glad you have multiple podcasts! Make sure you’re doing something nice for your voice tho!

Best GoT podcast (5/5)

When I only have time for one GoT podcast, this is the one I listen to. Joanna Robinson and Richard Lawson strike a nice balance between being fans and offering a critical perspective. Joanna has also read the books, so it’s nice to hear that perspective as well. And the cast and crew interviews are great.

Great Podcast (5/5)

This is one of three of Joanna’s podcasts I listen to, and my favorite by far. Richard is delightful and I love how Joanna interprets the different themes in GoT. I would recommend this podcast to anyone who loves GoT and needs some entertainment to hold them over until next Sunday.

Annoying? (3/5)

I wanted to hear in depth analysis of season 8 but I just can’t finish an episode. The woman’s voice is so so annoying. It’s like nerdy, nasally, and each statement always ends like a question?? The first 15 minutes are like a waste of time. Best dressed?? Really? I just listened to the latest episode concerning season 8 episode 2 and my brain just turned off listening to them both ramble on and on about Arya’s sex scene. What??

Really fun and interesting GOT podcast! (5/5)

I listen to around 30 podcasts regularly, between GOT and politics, and Joanna is by far my favorite podcaster. She has found a great co-host in Richard! Their reviews are fun and insightful, the awards are super fun, and I love the interviews! Oh, and the attempts at quotes in character are hilarious and adorable. :-). Love you guys! Thank you for another great GOT podcast!

The perfect complement to all my favorite shows (5/5)

I always look forward to hearing Joanna and Richard deep dive into all my favorite shows. The interviews are always insightful. I can't wait to see what they'll cover once GoT ends *tear*

Joanna’s always informative (5/5)

All of her GOT podcasts are worth the time!

Always enjoy Joanna’s takes and humor + great interview (5/5)

Great interview with John Bradley— really enriched his moving performance in S0801. Love Joanna on Storm of Spoilers- happy to know of this other podcast.

All hail the Joanna-verse (5/5)

This is my first time writing a iTunes review literally ever, but I think I listen to every single podcast that features Joanna Robinson. Obviously I love her work and I trust her taste in pop culture 100% of the time (boo Umbrella Academy, yay magicians)! If I had to have one little quibble with this podcast in particular, it’s that Joanna doesn’t laugh at Richard’s jokes enough! I know that’s silly, but I think even on little gold men, Joanna humors Richards funny asides more. I like that you want to get down to business, but I feel bad that Richards not getting any credit for his comedy gold! Otherwise, love the podcast, signed up for vanity fair because of this podcast (tbh guys that deal is a steal! Why are you complaining?). Keep up the great work!

Still Watching? More like Still Listening! (5/5)

Been following Joanna and Richard's podcasts and can say that this is a perfect addition to their arsenal. The interviews are insightful and I love their minigames at the top of each episode. Also, PAY FOR VF PEOPLE! Having subscribed last summer, I can say that its honestly worth it. Unlimited online reading is great but getting the print version is even better! Don't even get me started on the tote!

Refreshing (5/5)

Love to listen to all Joanna, Dave and Neil. They have great insight into dramatic theatre and what makes it good so listening to their take on GOT, GRRM, and Benioff and Weiss is really entertaining. I thoroughly enjoy every minute of the podcast, am disappointed when the episode ends and can’t wait for the next episode to drop. Congrats guys!

Queen Robinson First of Her Name (5/5)

Joanna has provided me countless hours of grade A GoT related content the past couple years. All of her podcasts are first class, and this interview focused show is incredibly enlightening. Anyone complaining about the paywall at VF should really get some perspective. I never thought I would say this, but I am now the proud owner of a Vanity Fair subscription... and for $7.99 there is no room to complain. If not for Vanity Fair, do it for Joanna.

Wow (1/5)

We don’t want there to be pay wall for our coverage - so just pay the money so you can read our content or we’ll burn you alive. That’s pretty much a direct quote from a recent episode.

Joanna is fantastic (5/5)

I always enjoy Joanna Robinson’s thoughts and her podcasts are a perfect companion to TV watching.

Great podcast! (5/5)

Thank you Richard and Joanna for the “Best of Game of Thrones” rewatch. I watched them all along with all of Season 7, listened to Joanna et all in a Storm of Spoilers and Joanna and Dave Chen’s predictions for the new season. Wow, Joanna you are a busy lady! I enjoyed your insight and the interviews and can’t wait to hear what you have to say about Season 8! Margaret

Paula Fairfield is wonderful! (5/5)

I could have listened to Paula all day! What a fantastic discussion and I hope you can get Paula back after the series concludes. The LaMonte Young of sound on tv!!!

Joanna Robinson, National Treasure (5/5)

Great chemistry with Richard Lawson. It was so cool to hear their takes during Westworld Season 2.

Awesome (5/5)

Really enjoy this recap podcast. Big fan of Joanna for years, and enjoy this format. Made my rewatch easier!

Love!! (5/5)

Joanna and Richard make my day. Basically I will watch anything they cover. Their chemistry is fantastic and I love listening!

Amazing rewatch! (5/5)

I love listening to the show, it's been a great way to keep me pumped for the new season! I've been going down your rewatch list and watching only these episodes and it's been an amazing rewatch experience. It really bookends character development and story lines very nicely. I've also been unusually emotional through this rewatch? Probably cause I know where it's all leading to now. I think you guys are really on to something and this rewatch will set up season 8 nicely. Keep it up guys!

👍🏼👍🏼 for Jo and Rilaws! (5/5)

Love this show and the two people behind it! Keep doing great work guys!

Shallow, puerile, and inane (1/5)

The hosts are clearly more interested in preening than they are in presenting any insight. I couldn’t even make it through the first episode. They did this for themselves, not for listeners. It’s like listening to a couple of sorority sisters babble about which reality-show “personalities” they find dreamy, or whatever. Then I realized that, in fact, Lawson is the guy who used to write “snarky, infantile reality-TV rundowns for Gawker. This podcast isn’t for, or by, adults.

Great Recap of Influential GOT Episodes (5/5)

The recent shows recapping the 15 most influential GOT episodes has been a delight and getting me so excited for the final season. I love how impressed the talent behind GOT is with Joanna’s in depth questions with her interviews with them. I especially loved the episode on Kissed by Fire which goes in depth of the Jaime and Brienne Harrenhal scene!

Rewatch rewatch and more rewatch (5/5)

Everybody is Great. Joanna, she’s the queen Richard s a lord I guess - rewatching all 7 seasons 2 episodes a day plus podcast listen on a way to work- living this life. The 15 episodes recap plus interviews good insight and retrospective.

<3 Joanna, VF, + SoS (5/5)

Joanna is the best. Richard is great. Never stop podcasting.

Joanna is great but Lawson not so much (2/5)

Joanna Robinson is fantastic - you can tell she is way into the shows she reviews and offers interesting insights and opinions. Lawson on the other hand doesn’t offer much of anything and in some cases appeared to have barely watched the show. Can’t see myself investing any time into future podcasts that include him. 5 stars for JR and -3 for Lawson

Well, like. . . (3/5)

I like started listened to their series like um, on True Detective and um like, it was hard to get through their podcast, cause like um, while it has interesting takes but um like, they have this like an annoying habit of like um, making it seem that they're being sponsored by the um, like the number of times they say, um like the words "um, like" so it you know, makes it hard like to get through um like their entire pod, um like, without pulling your hair out. . . . um like out.

Content Ok, Hosts can be painfully Tone-Deaf (2/5)

I generally love hearing people talk about “Sharp Objects,” despite their lack of any real insight into this amazing show (their guests have all the insight...I reckon that’s why I listen). They exhibit two things I do not miss at all about living in NYC: the snobbery/thinking culture does not exist outside of NYC, and speaking a million miles an hour. Take a breath. Calm down. Geez. It is so grating. The worst however, was when the tone-deaf guy on the podcast said that he thinks it’s sad, pathetic, and childish when adults call their parents “mama/momma.” Does he know any people not from the coasts? Does he know any people of color? Outside of the United States, in many cultures including my own, we refer to our parents as “mama” and “papa.” For our whole lives. In much of the South where I lived, it was the same way. That guy came off as such a typical New York snob when he said that. It’s what I loathed about so many of the rich people who live there. Also the fact that he respects Patricia Clarkson for having it in her contract that her food must be cut up for her is...a lot of things.

Charming, intelligent hosts and analysis, but.. (4/5)

why the delay in episodes? Especially recap and analysis of finale?????

Beautiful, knowledgeable analysis but share the mike more? (4/5)

Some great deep analysis, really appreciate Richard’s even handed and fully immersive approach. Joanna is an interesting host, beautifully detailed, wide knowledge but also reminds me of grad school when one student is so sure their interpretation is the most correct they steamroll the discussion. And she has great points but can miss things, and it sounds like Richard just barely gets his point in and we genuinely want to hear his insights too. Both are vital but would like it more equal. Perhaps more back and forth, and sharing? Also don’t strawman another podcast. The guys at Ringer are awesome too and know their stuff and have a great style of sharing info and several viewpoints.

Waste of Time (1/5)

This podcast is in need of some adults in the room. The dialogue sounds as if I’m listening to a couple of 20 year olds discussing a TV show while trying to be entertaining rather than putting real thought into what they are saying. They don’t seem to have done any preparations, while jumping to whatever comes into their heads. I’m not sure who their target audience is, but with all of their blathering I think it must be for teenagers.

I kinda like, but sort of don’t, like I can’t, um (3/5)

I agree with everyone’s comments. Get some elocution lessons! It’s so distracting from the content, which is interesting.

Smart analysis (5/5)

Great place to get Versace fix satisfied.

👍🙏 (5/5)

Joanna and Richard are great. I’ve been listening to Joanna for years with Dave, I love listening to Richard as well. I never write podcast reviews but I had to after the new spoiler warning song this week. Can’t believe the content we get for free these days...

Politics (1/5)

Keep your personal politics out of the podcast!

They just can’t help themselves (2/5)

Listened to True Detective episode 2. RL casually mentions he’s watched ahead a few episodes and then still offers his theory? Which after watching episode 3 was clearly built upon or at least reinforced by data beyond the episode that he was recapping. I assumed after the “not a spoiler section but more foreshadowing” debacle with Sharp Object they would at least pretend to care a bit. Alas, they do not. Honestly, I wish you all would just move on past podcasting at this point.

Still listening to Still Watching (2/5)

Some of these reviews are, like, way harsh. Both Joanna and Richard are smart, funny, and engaging hosts who bring different perspectives to their discussions. The podcast is a mix of recap and criticism that has added to my enjoyment of each show they’ve covered. Thanks, guys!

Excellent (5/5)

I’ve become a super-fan of Joanna and Richard’s smart analysis, easy chemistry, and in-depth interviews with creators. I started out listening to something I was already watching (Westworld), then watched something just because they were covering it (Sharper Objects), then tried an episode of The Romanoffs and thought “Meh” but continued to listen to their breakdown of each episode, even though I was no longer “still watching” The Romanoffs. They’re that good. Keep it coming, Joanna and Richard!

I can’t find podcast regarding final ep! (5/5)

Hi Joanna and Richard! I loved your coverage of The Romanoffs, but I can’t find the final episode anywhere. Did you decide not to discuss it for some reason?

Needed this.... (5/5)

Was so glad to find these two podcasters / interesting people discussing this Amazon series. So far the episodes have been intriguing ( and Im a Mad Man super fan forever). Looking forward to more chat about the show!🤓

Verbal tic victims but intelligent analysts (3/5)

Please stop saying “like” so much (each of you). You are professional grown folks now. It is a vexing, obnoxious, and juvenile habit that takes “2 stars” away from your talent. Do you write this way?

Thanks (5/5)

I mostly enjoy listening to these Sharp Objects recaps but can we watch it on saying “sort of” and “kind of” in front of everything, it’s a verbal tic that people have started doing over the past decade and just... eeek. And sorry to say something contrary because it’s not like I’m putting out a free podcast for anybody so I appreciate the recaps but just bringing it to your attention.

Too many refs to the books (2/5)

Had to stop listening in the middle of the “Dirt” episode because of another instance of the hosts talking about elements of the show that aren’t in the book. As someone who hasn’t read the book, I don’t want to risk my experience of the show being adversely effected by this. Save any talk about the book until the end, please.

Not-so-sharp audio (3/5)

Sadly, the audio of the Patricia Clarkson interview was inaudible. Otherwise, great commentary and critique.

If you can forgive stutter city it’s Ok (2/5)

Ok ... they speak to fast and if I had a quarter for every time they said “Eh Umm, ya know, Uh, it, sort of, like and” I would be a VERY RICH person. Good insight Sometimes but it’s Very hard to listen to with all the stutters and frivolous words as much as I love the tv show Sharp Objects I can’t finish one of these podcast episodes.

Good analysis; delivery annoying (4/5)

I love the content and the guests but there are so many "like" and "you know" and "um"s, etc. The delivery is just annoying. Especially Robinson. It just undermines the content when the delivery is loaded with so much noise.

Nose Whistling (3/5)

Couldn’t get through the episode Bc I could hear the dudes nose whistling. Turn the mic down, please!

Uh (5/5)

Season 2 finale breakdown belonged in the Westworld podcast. Not the sharp objects podcast. UPDATE* Seriously?????! You tell us who the killer is in the FIRST EPISODE of this podcast?! You literally just RUINED this show for me. What are you thinking?!

Spoilers (1/5)

I should have known from past Joanna Robinson podcasts (game of thrones), but it’s a bad idea to listen to her commentary when she has knowledge beyond the episode. While I know she tries not to spoil things, she can’t help herself. I gave episode 4 a shot, as this podcast was the first to release an episode... spoiled within the first few minutes. They discuss how a character is given an expanded role in the show vs the book. Ok, I guess that rules out that character for being the murderer. Super annoying to be basically told “it’s not this person”. THAT’S A SPOILER JOANNA

What?!?! (1/5)

Just listened to this week’s Still Watching Sharper Objects and am shocked both of you missed the fact that Ashley was cleaning up a bunch of blood she found under John’s bed. She wasn’t just randomly cleaning which didn’t make sense. I think I’m done with this podcast. How could you both have missed that and consider yourself qualified to discuss the show.

Sharp objects (1/5)

Enjoyed this very much until they(she) blurts out who the killer is in the second episode. Surely there is a way to discuss the show without ruining it for those who haven’t read the book already. Other podcasts seem to manage it. 👎👎👎

Great for watchers & readers (5/5)

Love this pod so much! I really appreciate that they have different sections for show-watchers and book-readers. I read the book ages ago, and it’s great to listen to a pod about the show that takes the source material into account too. I also love how closely they watch the show. I thought I caught every detail/Easter egg/etc. while watching, but every episode there’s a few fleeting things they point out that I missed. Love having a few more pairs of eyes—we all need them with this amazingly quick editing. Can’t wait to hear more. :)

Insightful, Funny, Endearing (5/5)

The hosts are wonderful. They are both funny, considered, and passionate about the topic. They manage to bring insights I don’t hear on any other Westworld podcasts.

Best Westworld Podcast (5/5)

Joanna Robinson is one of the most intelligent and brightest media critics out there. She has a plethora of podcasts but I believe in this one she shines brighter than in any of the others. She caught attention by being one of the earliest adopters of the William is the man in Black theory in the first season of Westworld and in the second she became one of its most perceptive yet loyal critics. If you are a fan of the show you need to be listening to this podcast.

Not for me (2/5)

Listening to this podcast, as with many Joanna is on, is like having to sit in a class taught by a graduate student who discusses concepts like social justice and white privilege with the passion of someone who just discovered them. Like the student in this hypothetical Intro to Composition course who just wants to learn how to be a better writer, I find myself asking why I have to deal with her and her cohost's snarky comments about race and mainstream religion just to get to what I came for: a discussion of a show we all seem to like and admire. It's a shame, too, because Joanna (unlike many of the Westworld podcast hosts out there) clearly has had some training and often has a sharp eye for evidence-based interpretation. I just get tired of her banal cultural criticism.

Great show (5/5)

I love your analysis but I have to disagree slightly with your analysis of episode 8. I agree that the episode was good and the acting was excellent the episode felt off a bit to me. All of the reveals in the episode were things we already knew. His revelations mirror those of Delores and Maeve which might work better for me if there weren’t so much stuff to reveal this season. I guess my point is this episode might be way cooler if it were in season 7 of this show but if we leave season 2 with all our questions not answered it will feel like a waste

Uninteresting (2/5)

Nothing more than a recap of what literally we just watched, punctuated by an overabundance of virtue signaling.

Perfect (5/5)

I am so glad this show exists. You get to hear the brilliant Joanna without the incessantly negative cohost which drags down her other shows.

Love Joanna and Richard (5/5)

As two of my favorite people on Blank Check and/or Fighting in the War Room pods, Richard and Joanna already sold me on giving this pod a shot. I find their perspective and sensibility unique in the Westworld analysis cottage industry. Also very funny!

Knowledgeable Reviewers but.... (2/5)

So the thing with reviewers is that you can find one for almost any side of an argument. I try to find one that shares my preferences. Then I can put some stock in what rating or opinion they have. So, Joanna is really smart and does A LOT of TV. I enjoy her podcasts, but man we always disagree. She says weak episode just when I was excited about a great episode. I like a story line and she doesn’t or vice versa. We clearly have different taste in shows. That’s OK, but it spoils my fun. Also, when she says I hate to say this, that’s a clue she shouldn’t. Maybe she watches too much TV?

My fav new podcast! (4/5)

So so happy I found this pod! Love what y’all do please keep up the amazing work!!

Well researched and well reviewed (5/5)

Compared to a bunch of other WW podcasts, this one has hosts that do their homework leading into their recording sessons. (3/5)

If a borage of “” doesn’t bother you, then go for it.

Pad Thai (5/5)

Ask for the spice tray, bump the spiciness

Waiting for Decoding Westworld (1/5)

Enjoyed Robinson on Decoding Westworld, thought I would try this one. Why is Lawson there? Provides minimal help and seems bored or uninterested. Will wait for Decoding Westworld.

Interesting. However: (4/5)

Informative analysis of Westworld; however, there are a few things that would make their explanation of the episodes easier. So, I’ve noticed that when the hosts of the podcast are describing an episode they will say things like “Anthony Hopkins then programmed them this way..” or something like that instead of saying the name of the character in the narrative they will use the actors name instead. This is all well and good for Anthony Hopkins bits, but it does make it harder to remember the scene they are describing when it is an obscure actors name they mention instead of the actual character in the show the viewer is presumably familiar with. They did the same thing for The Assassination of Giana Versace and I found it tremendously annoying.

Good content but ruined by "like" (5/5)

The show is rendered almost unlistenable with the incessant overuse of the filler word like. I gave 5 starts as an honest grade of content with the hope that the hosts take the feedback and try to modify an admittedly accepted speech pattern that is nonetheless very distracting and annoying.

How is Joanna gonna cheat on David Chen? (1/5)

David’s absence is glaring. Very strange decision to do a podcast without him.

Skip to the 2nd half interviews (3/5)

The Vanity Fair brand helps this podcast bag the stars of ACSV, so the interviews with cast and crew are genuinely compelling. Great interview questions and excellent background to the show. The first half of this podcast though, oy. It's a lot of humble-brag filler that makes the first half "as ever" skippable. "Well, when I was on set..." "At the [insert fancy critics' event]" "Since we had access to all of the episodes..." :bored Whitney Houston gif:

San Diego Opera set (5/5)

Really enjoying the podcast, I love the commentary the day after each episode. The San Diego Opera house setting is in the Los Angeles Theater on Broadway in Downtown LA. I recognized it immediately last night. Funny you commented on it today

Listen each episode (5/5)

I enjoy getting the backstory & drill down on what may be conformed and what may be fictional. Even though I followed Andrew and read all the Maureen VF articles still informative. Or I am just losing my memory. Lol.

Good insights (5/5)

Well done! Good insights and conversation. I agree- I think this series should be rewatched. There are many small (but significant) details you realize come back as we go backwards in time. I like how this series doesn’t tell you TOO much and lets you figure things out yourself, but I do agree that some scenes do feel a little forced.

Agree (5/5)

They do talk way too fast. Found myself looking for the button to slow down the speech.

A misstep (2/5)

I have listened and enjoyed Joanna Robinson’s Game of Thrones and Westworld podcasts with David Chen, where she brings a real critical eye to the proceedings. I love Little Gold Men and Richard Lawson. So what happened here? This seems like a part of FX’s promotional platform for the show. There’s lots of gushing about how amazing it is. VF was clearly given access to the actors and writer. So there’s a sense it can never do a take down when the show is really bad (and sometimes, yes, it is). This is unfortunate, as we know from GoT that Robinson does not shy away from a good take down. Here, she’s just a publicist, and it kills her credibility. She seems genuinely mystified when Lawson attempts to bring the criticism, like when he didn’t buy the deep connection between Versace and his partner. She was baffled. And poor Lawson, the film critic for VF and recent YA author, just doesn’t want to be here. He seems reluctant to rock Robinson’s cheerleader boat, but thankfully can’t help himself. He clearly would rather be at Cannes or on a book tour, and who can blame him? This is an assignment, and his lack of enthusiasm is palpable. Personally, I’m waiting for someone to suggest that Darren Criss is not up to the role, but that’s never going to happen. It makes me wish for a guest appearance by David Chen.

Only heard the first episode, so far (2/5)

But I've been an on and off listenener to Little Gold Men. It's the same problem. Johanna Robinson is amazing, probably the best popular culture reporter/podcaster out there. Katey Rich is good, and more importantly she actually read the book that is the basis for this WHOLE first podcast. Richard Lawson didn't bother to read the book. In fact it's my sense he doesn't bother to check in for these podcasts. Maybe they are beneath him? Maybe he's too busy, but could we not include the dude if he has nothing valuable to say? I was so turned off by his commentary on last year's Cannes festival that I swore off Vanity Fair for a while. (He mainsplained Wonder Woman? Really?) Is it that you wanted a gay voice for this episode? (Hey, I feel I can say that. I'm queer.) Or is it that you have to invite him. Either way it wasn't worth it.

58 minutes of vocal fry (2/5)

I just managed to to finish the first episode but don’t think I can do more. I cannot listen to Joanna Robinson VF’ing her way through at speed - essentially simply reprising the details of the episode but barely adding any depth to the conversation. Her counterpart is completely wasted in this exchange - all he’s able to do is throw in the occasional testy ‘uhuh’ and try to offer something before getting ridden over again. It’s a rich series and touches on some really potent issues that haven’t gone away - it deserves better than what’s being delivered here.

Intriguing, In-Depth Companion Podcast to the Show (5/5)

"Still Watching" is the perfect accompaniment to American Crime Story: The Assassination of Gianni Versace - it's equivalent the FX series' "special features" or commentary - required listening, for me, that fleshes out the colorful details of the storyline while putting the historic facts of the case in cultural context 20 years later. The cast interviews are superb so far, particularly Judith Light's segment. I'm caught up to "A Random Killing," eagerly awaiting the next show!

A Welcome Deep Dive (5/5)

A vigorous and intelligent analysis of ACS: Versace supplemented by terrific interviews with the artists involved. I hope this continues with other shows. [Note to the critics: don’t be embarrassed to hawk your different work on your podcasts! I was thrilled to learn of this on Little Gold Men...but weeks after it started. And keep plugging your book, too...I’m ordering a copy!]

Average, ill-prepared, odd dynamic (but interesting content). (2/5)

Love the subject matter (read the book five years ago) and am enjoying the TV show on FX. Penelope Cruz as Donatella? Genius. However, the podcast is just OK. Was expecting way more as the book's author is from the same publication as the podcasters. Couldn't they get Maureen Orth to host the podcast? They don't offer anything outside of summarizing the book, though the female podcaster is better than the guy. Their dynamic doesn't work - one never read the book, so the other fills them in during the show. I guess I've never seen that before in a format where preparation is key to success. Anyways, super interesting content (nice pick!) but poor execution. Will be curious to see their other topics once they figure this out.

Great as usual. (5/5)

Richard Lawson is my favorite film critic and I love to read his pieces and hear his opinions on tv and film. Joanna is another favorite writer/critic of mine, so when I heard they were doing another podcast together I knew I had to listen. Excellent companion piece to the television series. Thanks guys and keep up the great work!

Great Content but annoying delivery (4/5)

This is, like, a really well done, deep dive and I, you know, like the content but, you know, it’s like annoying as hell to, you know, listen to you both, like, talk. Please, like, be aware and work on that, you know?

Decent podcast (3/5)

I'm a podcast fanatic, and I was excited to delve into this one. Robinson is an energetic lead, leads the hour well and is very knowledgable on the subject. Lawson, on the other hand, doesn't seem like he wants to be there and doesn't seem to know much on the subject that he's giving 12 hour podcasts on. I myself have read the book, so I feel like I know more about this subject than he does (which is a shame as a podcast viewer). And seeing as Orth (a Vanity Fair contributer) wrote the literal bible on Cunanan, I would think as a Vanity Fair editor you would do the same. I might give the podcast another shot, if only to hear Robinson and any upcoming guests (hopefully the incredible Cruz, Criss and Ramirez!)

good - but slow down! (4/5)

Interesting and looking forward to the series. With the exception of Maureen Orth, though, these people speak way too quickly!