Aggregated reviews for Stuff Mom Never Told You

Join hosts Anney and Samantha to listen to Stuff Mom Never Told You, continuing the conversation of what it is to identify as female through research-based discussion around feminism and how it impacts everyday life. New episodes come out Wednesday and Friday.

Q Podcast is Just MSM Rhetoric   (1/5)

Do a little research ladies.

Cool podcast   (5/5)

Nice to listen to

Just not the same...   (3/5)

This show used to be SO much better. I have to stop listening now because it doesn’t teach me anything new. Listen to decoder ring instead!!

Live this podcast   (5/5)

Rarely do I come across a podcast that has host(s) that reflect my point of view at all. I love the podcast so, so much!!

Wishy washy   (3/5)

SMNTY was one of the first podcasts I really latched onto but it no longer feels as well executed as it once was. I think they have great ideas and are trying to keep up with the current state of the world but at the cost of not being very well researched and feeling like meandering conversations. The older episodes, mostly the Bridget and Emily eps do have more of the researched feminist briefings and better chemistry between the hosts.

I miss the old hosts   (1/5)

I was a long time fan and loved the post cast with Kristin and Caroline, but it just isn't as entertaining or informative anymore. Every now and again there’s an interesting subject, but it’s a lot of boring banter.

Eh   (1/5)


Love it!   (5/5)

I do love this podcast! I liked the old hosts and I like the current ones. It’s sad to see people hating on Anney and Samantha. I think they’re so fun! When I listen, I feel like I’m listening to friends! They’re also great at responding to emails and I even did a Netflix Party with them. They are awesome and I hope they know they do have some loyal listeners!

More like Stuff Mom Never Bored You with   (2/5)

I’ve listened to smnty for many many years, and while it used to be a place I could learn interesting history of feminism and women that has been traditionally neglected, it has warped into exactly what it was supposed to break free from. It started with hiring Emily, who seemed more concerned with promoting her business than doing any research (and promoted ideas inherent in rape culture), continued with what appeared to be pushing the wonderful host Brigette out (or at least making her so uncomfortable she had to leave), and has ended with a good effort in creating a new format that keeps up with current times, but failed. I think part of what disappoints me is listening to Savor and hearing what Anney sounds like when she’s actually excited about the topic and does well-rounded research. The show seems to be bored with itself, and has nothing interesting or challenging to offer anymore, and not to mention seems only interested in talking to straight cis women. I hope things turn for the better, and I’ll gladly come back if it does, but for now I feel like I have more knowledge to offer to the show than it does to me.

Now more preachy than teachy   (2/5)

I have listened to SMNTY since it came out (over 10 years!) through various hosts. It’s now time to cut the cord, because I don’t feel like I’m learning anymore. The problem with the show is that instead of being an educated resource on feminism, it’s a journey where you learn about feminism alongside the hosts. This wasn’t as big a problem when I was a teenager learning about feminism. Over the past ten years, I have learned about intersectional feminism, queer theory, and race politics from inside and outside the show, and the show is no longer teaching me anything, giving me new perspectives, or even practicing what it preaches. It has long been a problem with the show that it would discuss a study about heterosexual people and the hosts would just add some caveat (“and obviously this would be different for non-heterosexual couples”) but never discuss why, it’s just no longer a problem I can put up with. The show does name its white-centricity a lot but it doesn’t change its white-centricity. Basically, I feel like the show just name-checks the right things now without backing them up, without educating. Thank you for the years and the tears, SMNTY, maybe I’ll see you around when we’ve both grown up some more.

25 minutes of NOT talking about princess Leah.   (2/5)

This was supposed to be a two part episode about princess Leah and her feminism. Of the 57 minutes set aside for the first episode, 25 minutes of it were about Samantha catching up on Star Wars, personal anecdotes about Star Wars, and almost zero mention of the actual subject matter in the title. So much promise, not sure I’m going to keep subscribing if it’s just going to be a show about two friends catching up during quarantine. Ugh.

Love   (5/5)

I really love some of the older episodes, this is a really good podcast

Too Much Irrelevant Banter   (3/5)

Good concept but not well executed. Get to the point and stay there.

Love and sex   (5/5)

I am the exact opposite I don’t see a separation between love and sex. It leads me into great distress. I have fear of abandonment from my mom and previous partners and fear of not being good enough from many things mainly my grandmother. I also see the higher self of people and my fear of not being good enough makes me choose incompatible partners. Thank you for this.

Can’t listen anymore   (3/5)

I’ve always been drawn to SMNTY and the subject matter approached throughout its running. I LOVED when Bridget and Emily hosted the show. I’m just having a hard time staying up to date on it with the new hosts. Might be a personal opinion, I just have a hard time staying engaged with how Anney and Samantha run the show now. Tried getting back into the show and quickly tune out after all the personal dialogue.

Great hosts but too much reading   (4/5)

I love the hosts. They are fun and have great chemistry. Most of the topics covered are pretty interesting too. The hosts leave no feminist issue unturned! My only criticism is that the hosts often just read from articles with little personal commentary. I could look up that information and read about it online. I’m more interested in hearing about the hosts’ experiences and opinions.

Great content but too much   (3/5)

First of all, I love the premise and usually the execution of this pod. The hosts are fun and knowledgeable, and their real-life friendship makes for lively, natural discussions. The episodes are well-researched and timely. I especially enjoyed listening to ‘The Ghost of Phyllis Schlafly’ episode in preparation for Mrs. America. I’ve learned a lot from this pod and have often enjoyed it. However. I just have to say it: There are too many ads on this show! Ads are played 3-4 times per 30-45 min episode (that’s more than any other show I’ve listened to), and are often repeated. I’ve heard the hair product ad so many times by now, I can recite it from memory. Look, I know shows usually need advertisers to function, but this is just downright excessive. It’s gotten to the point where I dread pressing play on new episodes. Speaking of excessive, this show is unique in that I would actually appreciate FEWER episodes in my feed. They post 2+ episodes per week, which is just impossible to keep up with, especially considering the fact that most of us are subscribed to about 50 other podcasts. TLDR; I had to unsubscribe from what is otherwise a good podcast, because between the bombardment of ads and episodes, I don’t feel this is a show that respects listeners’ time/attention. I would happily return if they changed their model.

Thanks   (5/5)

Don’t know what to say! Fantastic ! Did my own thing in 70’s and successful the rest of my life. Thanks to all of the great women I and you have appreciated Couldn’t have done without that attitude that came from them. You appear well versed as opposed to others

Nope   (2/5)

Used to enjoy. The hosts are good people but sound young and dumb lately. It sounds like kids gabbing on the phone.

Horrible   (1/5)

I used to like the show but it is cringey now. The valley girl talk is ridiculous with “like” and so on. The hosts just are not enjoyable to hear. It is too babbly and less informative than it used to be.

Not objective   (1/5)

I started listening to the Phyllis Schafly and the ERA podcast but had to stop after ten minutes. It was extremely obvious to me that the two female hosts were in no way going to provide an objective fact-filled episode. Their smirky, condescending attitude with their belittling laughter and very slanted remarks against conservative men and women were good indications that these two are not real journalists and tend to model themselves after main stream media. Just tell the true story, ladies, without throwing in your perspective and biases. Won’t try this one again, because I’m sure it will be the same type of crap.

Really?   (1/5)

I tried to continue but t after the Kavanaugh hearing episode I just can’t. If that witness, and that evidence convinced you of someone, who has championed women’s causes his whole career, is guilty. I pray you never serve on a jury. It was bad enough when her stories didn’t match, then person after person was caught, on tape sometimes, admitting to deception for political sake, and even monetary gain. Then to see celebrities blatantly breaking the law so they can try to save their washed up careers, it was a farce. I don’t respect Pres. Trump for many many reasons, but I do respect many things that are going right. Prison reform, new committees to solve the mass disappearance of indigenous women, and yes reproductive rights. I believe in choice, but not in planned parenthood. Too many women have been welcomed as long as they wanted an abortion but as soon as they don’t want an abortion they are basically told to get lost. I sure as hell don’t agree with abortion up until the day after birth. Please, please, don’t forget the pendulum effect. As far one way public opinion can swing, is just as far the other way it can swing. Good fortune to you, I wish you the best and applaud your strength in opinion. Please wait and research before you give voice to accusations, treat every accuser as your daughter, and treat every accused as your son or daughter. Become the devils advocate, defend them as a defense lawyer. See if after a small period of time you still believe, without a shadow of doubt, that your son raped the girl. If you can’t perhaps more investigation is needed. I know that can sound confusing but before someone is destroyed all doubt Must be gone. As a survivor, nothing angers me more than when ALL survivors are doubted because people rushed to believe a story because it fit their opinion, then find out the person lied.

Love the pod! Makes me think   (5/5)

Long time listener here. Topics are always timely and delivered with humor and useful information.

Women’s march   (5/5)

Thank you for including in episode 12

Separating listeners   (1/5)

You are very educated and have launched an awesome podcast that a lot of hard working people would love to listen to. Honestly it’s a shame your left lean is far too obvious for non political people to listen to.

Worst podcast..period   (1/5)

Listened to their “labels” podcast. Not only did they label everyone and everything, but while touting a body positive, strong woman wannabe attitude, all their sponsors were promoting why women can be better, with prettier clothes and better hair. Total garbage.

Hmmmm   (3/5)

I wanna like it more than I do. A lot of topics are interesting. But most shows just consist of them reading Wikipedia articles in bored voices and that’s not very fun to listen to.

It was too inappropriate for me so no   (2/5)

Heck no this thing is talking about stuff and it's probably I think it should probably be named things your mom didn't tell you for a reason because well it's getting deeply into things they well you shouldn't really know and I think it's really mean well not mean mean but like I'm trying to protect myself here and now just now I only watch it for one day and I already knew that I didn't like it so no thanks and I read the reviews and there was a lot of negative stuff so... and one person said that they said like too much and I agree with him.

Sjw   (1/5)

Lame and whining.

3 star Content 1 star editing   (2/5)

I give this podcasts 3 stars for content. While a bit “poor me” and liberal leaning, I like to hear the history of some female heros that may not be covered in other podcasts. The production is pretty bad. Obviously reading from papers and articles written by others and awkward transitions to discussion and back to reading. Horrible editing. Really horrible editing. Long awkward pauses that could easily be edited out. Commercial breaks in mid sentence. I have to point out one particular commercial about shampoo that was put in mid sentence and when the show resumed the first thing broadcast was, “totally untrue!” This was said in the same voice as the commercial since that shampoo was being plugged by the host. The same commercial is played two or three times in a row sometimes. I only listen to this podcast when I’m doing something that will allow me to hit the 30 second jump ahead icon multiple times while listening.

Annoying voices   (1/5)

Could only listen for a minute. Find new narrators!!!!!

Not what it used to be   (4/5)

SMNTY was one of my favorite podcasts. I tend, with all my podcasts, to not listen for a while, then binge on 1-2 years of shows over a month or so. I’ve been binging through 2018-2019. This used to be such a fun, informative, thought provoking podcast. However, now most episodes seem to be about psychosocial angst, how mistreated everyone in the world is, everyone is a victim of someone, “oh poor me” BS. I’m to fall of 2018 now. I feel like I’ve just heard 9 mo of how terrible the world is and how we each need special treatment & care b/c we have all been mistreated our whole life! We need to go back to Women’s history, science, and an occasional lighthearted fun topic. Let’s see some balance and positiveness mixed in! And some women’s strength! You are not always a victim!

So awkward & seems like a novice podcast now   (2/5)

I started listening when it was Bridget & Emily & really liked their chemistry & knowledge, but Anney always sounds so uncomfortable & awkward I was surprised she was chosen for the show. I thought she was just new & getting the hang of podcasting, so I stopped listening as much when Anney came on (I’m not trying to be mean, I actually like her & relate to her sometimes, I just don’t think she is good at podcasting. She seems like a writer more than a host?) It seemed like Bridget was ready to move on & when she did I just stopped listening all together. Today I tried a new episode & I liked the guest but the hosts Samantha & Anney just seemed to be under-qualified & unprepared because they just sounded like awkward beginners still. I’m not trying to dump on them, but I honestly don’t think it’s going to get better until they get hosts that are more charismatic or have more interesting/informed conversations so I’m just gonna unsubscribe....

First Pod Cast Ever   (5/5)

I don’t feel alone while going through such a sad experience. Thanks....

Not as good as it used to be   (3/5)

Used to listen religiously, now I listen less often. I don’t feel the hosts have as good as chemistry and it sometimes get toooo dreary. Some topics are still good and their guests are great.

Not the Same   (1/5)

This podcast is not the same with the new host. I don’t think they have the same zest. It is never light always heavy and depressing.

I still listen, but REALLY miss C&C!   (3/5)

If you miss the old hosts, check out their new podcast, Unladylike. I still listen to SMNTY, but this used to be my favorite podcast & now it’s not even in my top 10. I miss the enthusiasm. Maybe try adding some more lighter, fun subjects on occasion, like the classics on female pirates or coloring books. Make SMNTY enjoyable again! The world is depressing enough.

Used to be great   (2/5)

This used to be one of my favorite podcasts until Bridget left. I really dislike the new co-host, she's really self-centered and adds nothing to the podcast. I miss the days of the well researched episodes and when the hosts seemed to enjoy doing their jobs.

Lackluster   (1/5)

I used to like this podcast for the topics, detailed yet fun reporting and the enthusiasm and banter of the hosts. Since Bridget left I have really lost interest because it seems as if the current host is not that interested herself. I really enjoyed the dynamics of the previous hosts from the very beginning. Now I am listening to the History Chicks.

To many “like” used   (1/5)

I am not sure what has happened to our language. I cannot and will not recommend a podcast where the word “like” was overused 20 times in the first 60 seconds. This podcast may deserve better; however, I will never know.

Narcissistic episode   (1/5)

So after just 1 episode it was evident this lady is more concerned with portraying an agenda than helping or unbiasly educating the listeners. She states research on clinically diagnosed narcissists to be linked to trauma or abuse in childhood- control being withheld from a child by a caregiver in a scenario of neglect or abuse. A few minutes later she discusses how men are more privileged therefore “makes sense” to why men are far more likely to be narcissistic. My question and concerns: Is a person really “privileged” coming from a situation of childhood abuse ?? It’s stands to reason that the answer would be “NO”! Indiscriminately, anyone suffering from trauma inflicting by a caregiver in childhood,(regardless of sex,race, religion....etc...) clearly sustained tremendous inequality at the hand of their own family prior to society’s determinations. What is the true motivation of this podcast? Push an agenda or speak truth? Signed, A 33 year old female ✌️

Women first   (3/5)

I’m not keen on podcasts where moderators spend significant time trying to make each other laugh. Wiki briefing online is ok.

Drabble   (2/5)

I used to LOVE this podcast and the classic episodes are great. Unfortunately, the hosts tend to speak about their personal stories too much. It seems like the episodes don’t have focus and are just the two hosts going on and on about themselves. Nothing against the hosts - I’m sure they’re lovely people, but I miss learning from the show.

#1   (5/5)

Top notch. This is the first podcast I ever listened to. My wife turned me on to it and I listened for quite a bit. Well done and Bravo

History Clarified   (4/5)

Had we have only known. Why slavery would not have been a monster thing or the English would have given up without taxation.

Seems to be lacking direction   (2/5)

I’m a long time listener of the show- I loved the research and historical aspect of the show. These days, however, it seems like Anney inherited the show without a clear direction for where she wanted to take it. Now that Samantha is on it, the tone is far more conversational, anecdotal, and less info driven. It’s fine if you’re into that tone, but that wasn’t why I listened to the show in the first place. I miss learning from this show!

No longer research based   (3/5)

I’ve been listening to SMNTY for years and the quality has dropped since they were bought by I Heart Radio. Do they even pay the hosts? One of them says she works three other jobs! The hosts have changed so many times. The show used to be 1 hour episodes that contained research and history mixed with modern takes. Now the episodes are 20-30 minutes of the hosts talking about personal stories. I love the hosts but I wish there was more interesting background to the issues.

Like listening to two people talking with mouths full of bread   (1/5)

Just simply that. Sounds like your mouths are just super full of sludge and after giving four episodes a full listen just could not stand it any more. If it’s your mics or something with mixing please address it but dear god people.

Hi   (5/5)

I have been listening for 5 months and am on 2013 July/August I am need to tell you George Washington teeth were not made out of wood in fact they were made out of teeth, from slaves hippos,etc.

Great podcast from 2 interesting women   (5/5)

I listen to your podcast every week; and I love it. I have learned a lot about different social justice topics especially related to feminism and structural oppression. I appreciate your vulnerability, and how I can really tell you two have a strong working and friendship relationship.

All Time Favorite!!!   (5/5)

This is my all time favorite podcast since it started! 99.9% of the topics are super relevant and interesting. The episodes touch up on important topics and even hard topics but they always manage to make them really fun! On the downside, It’s always so sad when a host leaves! But honestly, after they start to get more comfortable speaking and sharing their thoughts and experiences you start to warm up to them.

Very informative and provocative   (5/5)

I really enjoy how relevant the topics in SMNTY is and how much I learn from listening

Can’t wait for new hosts   (1/5)

I’m sure some people like Anney and Samantha; I simply can’t relate to them. All of their episodes fall flat. Their content is much more anecdotal than it is factual. The former hosts—Cristan, Caroline, Molly, and Bridget—were inspirational and well-informed. Anney and Samantha just kinda wing it. The current show is definitely not on par with other How Stuff Works podcasts. I’ll check in in ~6 months to see if anything (hopefully) changes.

do yourself a favor   (2/5)

This podcast used to be so good. It is difficult for me to listen anymore due to the overwhelming amount of personal stories and interjections of the hosts. Even topics I would generally enjoy, I find myself not being able to finish the episodes because I am so annoyed about the incessant and unnecessary personal stories; Sometimes it’s okay to just stick to the facts. If you are a new listener, do yourself a favor and listen to the Christen and Caroline episodes only.

Thank you   (5/5)

Thank you for sharing both enlightening facts and your personal stories in this podcast. I love Anney and Samantha!

What Happened?!   (5/5)

AND THEY’RE BACK! So glad I stuck with SMNTY. 5 stars -> 1 star -> 5 stars. Thank you so much for bringing us back to podcast perfection. Now I get that you all were just figuring out which direction to go and getting organized. Love you!!!!

Always All About Anney   (2/5)

I find some of the topics of the show really interesting and I would love to hear genuine conversation about them. But somehow, every episode seems to revolve around Anney. I get that a host wants to inject their own experiences into what they are discussing, but every episode becomes the Anney Show. I think you need a less self-absorbed host.

👍🏻   (5/5)

Ok ok I am a...kid I know this is this gave me a lot of answers I NEEDED TO KNOW!!!! So thank you the peeped that made this (sorry I forgot the names 😭) so you guys have fun bye!!!!!!!!!!🤓

Unimpressed   (3/5)

Not a fan of the new dynamic. Samantha is very drull and not engaging. Samantha does not have the voice for podcasting, and the two together bumble through the most awkward one sided topics.

Going downhill   (2/5)

I’ve listened to every episode religiously until Annie came along. I was very happy when Bridget came along but once Annie joined it just really sucked. It sounded like Bridget was unimpressed as well and she left shortly thereafter. Annie sounds like she is being forced to partake in this podcast and is just completely dry and seemingly unqualified to discuss many issues that are being discussed. I guess it is time to say farewell!

Disappointing   (2/5)

I wish this podcast focused more on data, facts, analysis, or even helpful advice. Nice to listen to but seems to mostly include personal stories and asides from the hosts, nothing novel or too factual about the topics presented. Maybe it’s just not what I had hoped, as it doesn’t really delve into the topics too deeply.

Sad to say...   (1/5)

I can't stand listening to the hosts' voices. That is judgmental, I know. I am sorry to both of them because I know they are both intelligent and well-accomplished podcasters who most certainly have interesting topics to discuss and ideas that should be heard. Perhaps it is akin to how some people are acutely affected by scratching fingernails against a chalkboard surface; that is to say, it is "just me." I know people have no control of how his/her voice sounds on the ears of others, but one is so "marble-mouthed" and the other (I hate to use it) has such a vocal-fry phenomenon going on. I try so hard to get through their podcasts because I truly do want to listen to most of the topics, but I can't. It is just so utterly grating on my ears. I have to click to something else before it frustrates me too much. The forced attempts at conversations with one another or at comedy are also a waste of time; too often I wish they would just get to the point instead of offering an in depth account of their personal daily routine for example.

I love this podcast!   (5/5)

I started listening when Cristen and Caroline were still the hosts in 2017, but I started listening chronologically all the way back at episode 1 when Cristen and Molly were the hosts. I was sad when Cristen and Caroline moved on before I finished all their episodes and then Emily left before I finished all of E&B’s episodes and and BRIDGET left before I finished all of Bridget and Anney’s episodes. 😭😭😭 hopefully some day I will catch up to the current episodes with Anney and her co-host before one of them leave! I love this podcast!!! And I have fallen in love with duo over time. 💕💕💕

Just more leftist SJW garbage   (1/5)

This show used to have actual information and facts, and a variety of viewpoints addressed. Now, like everything leftism touches, it’s been ruined. Not everyone hates our President, not everyone believes a person is a literal female just because they feel like they are, and not everyone believes women in America are oppressed victims. So tired and boring. Join the new conservative counterculture and (gasp!) state actual facts and allow dissenting opinions on your show.

Old episodes are good   (2/5)

I’ll continue working my way through classic episodes, but the post-Christen and Caroline hosts are just rambling complaining cultural commentary or trying to be funny and sarcastic, rather than informative. Boring and unoriginal at this point, and poorly-researched (seems like googling in real time). And they post too often to get through, overwhelms my feed.

Anney and Samantha are GREAT!   (5/5)

LOVE this podcast! I feel like I can really relate to the new hosts

Lost its whimsy   (2/5)

Feminism is important. So are equality and social issues. And we all hate Trump. But this used to be a podcast where you could also learn about the secret life of Lisa Frank or the socioeconomics of sports bras. It’s no longer a fun easy listen. There are plenty of feminist podcasts out there.... please bring the fun back to this one.

Please get new hosts!   (1/5)

I’m not sure how many more episodes I can listen to with these new hosts. This show was great when it was Bridget and Emily. I’m not sure how Anney got this job, she doesn’t seem very knowledgeable in any of the topics they talk about. At least when it was Anney & Bridget I could count on Bridget to give an interesting perspective & bring up great points. Now, with just Anney & Samantha, neither seems to know what this show should be. This used to be my favorite podcast. I’m so bummed with what it’s become.

Ready to see growth! Samantha stop cutting Anney off!   (4/5)

I fell in love with this podcast a few years ago. They cover great topics. Although I am a little disappointed with the newest shows. I do respect the new hosts and I want to see them grow. Samantha seems to interrupt Anney constantly while she is in the middle of a thought and Samantha will carry on about a topic that was not even related to Anney’s thoughts. Samantha also speaks very quietly and I can’t hear a lot of what she says. I think this is something that can be worked on though. Please Samantha, just stay on topic and stop cutting Anney off! Also I would like to hear more well thought out ideals, like Bridget would do very easily. Love you guys and look forward to the future of SMNTY!

complete monotony   (1/5)

While I love listening to taboo topics, these ladies are more about agenda and less about information. On top of that.... they have dry, boring deliverance of their stories.

the definition of annoying   (1/5)

These two are so annoying. I cannot stand it. The content and style is total garbage.

Please give us new hosts   (3/5)

This show has had some good host dynamics over the years but since Emily left it doesn’t feel like any of the hosts are meshing well. Annie sounds like she’s stuck in an elevator with an acquaintance having a conversation that she doesn’t want to be part of and is just being polite about it. Like lots of “yeah...” and “mhmm.” (Don’t get me wrong, she’s great on the other food podcast) The topics in the past few years don’t really seem to have a conclusion, like it’s just bringing up the topic and then- ? Idk it never gets interesting it’s just like oh the podcast is over now. That being said I still have hope that this podcast will get another solid duo in the future so it can go back to being 5 stars. I only listen now if I have run out of my other fav podcasts.

Listen to the older episodes   (2/5)

I agree with many other recent reviewers: this podcast is not what it once was. Bridget and Anney never really vibed as co-hosts, and Anney and Samantha don’t seem to have the right energy to keep it going. And the topics have gotten SO heavy. Well and good once in a while, but really too much all the time. Even the “fun” episode in their recent miniseries about trauma (the one ostensibly about sex) ended up being depressing. My advice is go back and listen to some of the earlier episodes. The one Bridget and Emily did on sexism in Silicon Valley I especially liked, and there are many other slightly lighter (but no less interesting) episodes. Also I will say I love Anney on Savor (another How Stuff Works podcast she co-hosts), but somehow she has never had the same energy on SMNTY.

Need New Hosts   (4/5)

I used to LOVE this podcast but lately it has fallen flat. The current host isn’t nearly as engagingly previous hosts which makes it hard to stay interested. She also seems to struggle to connect with guests on the show. I’d hate to stop supporting this podcast so now I only listen to the SMNTY Classics. Hoping for new dynamic and engaging hosts again soon!

Not what it once was   (2/5)

I used to really enjoy this podcast, but I’m finally going to have to let it go. The current host doesn’t have the energy or enthusiasm to engage me in *any* topic (and unlike some previous reviewers, I very much live for nerdy discussions), and the miniseries on trauma was just exhausting. Delving into heavy topics is one good, but focusing *exclusively* on them for an entire month was a serious misfire, particularly for a listener who suffers from clinically diagnosed depression. I had to stop listening a few minutes into the first episode, but figured you’d be back on a topic I could handle the next week...but the reprieve never came... Finally, I was moved to write this review after I saw another former subscriber note that she was switching over to Unladylike—a friend and I had that exact conversation just a few days ago. I hate to say this, but it’s really filled the void left by the unfortunate shuffling of SMNTY hosts, and the two women who helm it pretty much knock it out the park every episode. Maybe I’ll be back if there’s another hosting change...until then, I’m sorry to say that there’s no reason for me to stick around here.

I wanna like this podcast   (2/5)

The concept is great, the topics are interesting and important, but listening to this podcast is painful. The host, Annie, just drones on and on without getting to the point and butchering the pronunciation of so many words along the way. This basically like listening to random people’s stream of consciousness, and not in an interesting way. This podcast would benefit significantly from better editing.

Not relatable   (1/5)

I loved this podcast when it was Kristen and Caroline. I thought Bridget was ok. I cannot handle the new host Annie. I am sure for some people she is a welcome change, but I cannot relate to her in any way. Her excitement and stories of the fun things she does.. in an imaginary role playing game. Her somewhat negative views in sex. Again for some people she is probably very relatable and refreshing, but for me she is not and it makes it difficult to listen. Also her temp co host Samantha ( I think) makes me cringe so much every time she speaks. I am unsubscribing and will stick to unladylike

Inside the mind of 2 ladies   (4/5)

This is an excellent podcast to try and see life from another perspective. The hosts seem to be searching for something lost in their lives. They work around topics stating answers to questions from a place of victimization, loss and pain. Very eye opening and sad but very informative if you’re looking to discover the inner workings of the lost.

I can’t listen anymore   (1/5)

I started listening when it was Bridget and Emily, and loved the show. When Emily left I still listened because it was a fine show and I support other women of color. Currently there is one host ( with guests) but not a woman of color, and there are very few if any issues that looked at from many sides. I think the therapy idea was interesting in theory but proved to again be self serving as I have felt the show has been in the last few years. If they want this podcast to continue they need to add a second person. I think I have to delete this podcast and that’s sad after many years. But I can’t listen anymore when I feel like even with the Disney show they ignored many other facets because again, one person one main idea and where are the women of color? Like really? How can you be intersectional and not put that at the forefront. Comes across as a lot of white feminism, which yes support women but still lacking consciousness. Also not that I don’t enjoy “nerd” culture but as others said you need to be more broad.

Therapy episode 1!   (4/5)

Helpful. Generous gift - choosing to share a therapy session- to help demystify and destigmatize therapy. While it isn’t always an available choice, seeking help can help. Finding a skilled therapist who is trained in what you need is important. Thanks for the encouragement.

Bummed   (2/5)

I have loved this podcast but each episode is getting worse and worse.

Downhill   (1/5)

I loved this podcast until Cristin and Caroline left. Then it went downhill. Thank god that they have their own podcast that I can now listen to instead of this.

Liked it until the Ariana stuff   (3/5)

Come on ladies.

Gone Downhill   (2/5)

I’ve listened to this podcast semi-regularly for a couple of years now, but will be deleting this podcast from my library after writing this review. The episodes of the past year seem to lack the professionalism, novel insight, and the enthusiasm that the sharp-witted hosts of the past brought to the table. I thought past hosts Cristen, Caroline, Molly, Emily, and Bridget were all well-spoken, well-researched, and well... fun! The current topics are tired, banal, and yet lack any real substance. I think this podcast is worth having if you go back to the earlier episodes (2010-2017) and cherry-pick some topics you find interesting. Otherwise, you may be waiting a long time for an high-quality episode to come out.

Interesting sounding topics but fluffy delivery   (1/5)

The hosts act like high school kids. The topics are dumbed down. Total waste of time.

Thank you for talking about SWs & Fosta   (5/5)

We need all the help we can! God bless

awful   (1/5)

dont waste your time

This podcast embodies the concept of “too woke”.   (1/5)

The host won’t even commit to a pronunciation of GIF out of fear of being controversial.

In decline   (4/5)

There’s a TON of classic episodes (reruns) lately, featuring much more enthusiastic hosts Kristen and Caroline. Since Bridget left, Anney seems like she’s lost interest (I don’t blame her, she’s the only host left). All good things come to an end and I think they either need fresh hosts on the show or to stop pretending they’re producing new content. That said, Anney has teased a lot for an evil stepmother series, but it’s been a while. Also super depressing that one of their Valentines episodes this year was literally a rerun of a rerun. There was literally 10 minutes of intros bookending the actual content. Still a 4 for the good old days, but this show needs help stat.

A lot of man hating   (2/5)

I listened anyway

Reruns remind me of the good old days   (1/5)

I started listening to A&B. I really liked them, but started LOVING C&C through the Saturday classics. They had a smart, positive, witty and thoughtful approach to sharing their research. Whoever let them get away should be fired! If you do find a new host, consider with shorter episodes once a week. Stop teasing us with the good all days and so many reruns. I’m sorry Anney, but I really don’t need any more episodes about fan fiction, dungeons and dragons, etc. This isn’t SMNTY. I’ll follow Emilie to her new podcast and C&C to their’s.

Feminism Incarnate   (5/5)

Truly one of the great podcasts of HowStuffWorks is their staple classic Stuff Mom Never Told You. They have a long history of great hosts from the departed Christen and Caroline to Emily and Bridget and now to Anney. The show is extremely progressive and is what inspired us to shake off the stigma of the word of feminism and embrace its principle. Legitimately we would credit it with changing our lives. Keep changing the world, folks.

Great topics, distracting host   (3/5)

I would really love to listen to this podcast. I used to be a consistent and enthusiastic listener because what’s not to love about smart women discussing interesting topics? But I have had to abandon three episodes now due to Bridget’s excessive interjection of the word “like” in every sentence she speaks. Please address this—it is so distracting!!

You guys saved me ❤️   (5/5)

I first started listening to this when I’d begun working graveyard shifts, doing freight work at a grocery store. I’d gone from working in a preschool with all women, to being the only woman on the entire freight crew. It probably goes without saying that, by virtue of being the only woman I’d obviously dealt with a lot of sexual harassment, slut shaming, sexist workplace practices, etc.. The only real saving grace for me every shift was being able to put my earbuds in and listen to Emilie, Bridget, Anney, Cristen and Caroline talk about the stuff I felt like I was experiencing. All of their words validated me and helped me pars-out and unpack the struggles I muscled through every single day. And during this time in my life I genuinely believe that this podcast has made me into a better person. If I’m gonna be honest, these past fours years have been dark for me and idk how well I would’ve made it through without this podcast. As strange as that might be lol... So thank you, so so much. Never mistake the value of your words, because it’s limitless.

The BEST   (5/5)

This podcast is my favorite of all! All of the people who have hosted/co-hosted have been so informative, funny, and most important of all-intersectional. I think it’s amazing that there is an intersectional podcast that I can share with my girlfriends and even my guy friends that is so fulfilling. Keep it uppppp!

Amazing show   (5/5)

I LOVE THIS SHOW!!! It opens your eyes to the realities of the world with light hearted as well as heavy topics. You learn a lot.

If Anney says “Yeah” one more time   (2/5)

This show used to be jam packed with information and great knowledge. I’m so disappointed in where this show went. Bridget was the best host, offering great opinions and thoughts, but unfortunately has left. Im unsubscribing because I can’t stand to hear Anney say “Yeah” one more time. She doesn’t bring much to the table and never seemed to know what Bridget was talking about. I hate to say it but after 4 years of listening, I’m moving on.

Great!   (5/5)

Can’t believe I found a layered, well documented and historically accurate podcast on issues women deserve to know about! Plus you guys are fun.

bad co host   (2/5)

I started listening with Bridget and Anney as hosts. Their topics were very current and clearly millennial-influenced. through their occasional throwback episodes, I could tell that they made the show more personal, political and anecdotal compared to the previous hosts who were more fact based. Despite their different approach, I found no problem w how they presented the show and i was interested to hear their take on current topics especially as we all moved through the emergence of the “Me too” movement. Over time though, I realised Anney contributes almost nothing to the podcast. She seems uninterested and her replies are pretty much “dittos” of whatever Bridget says. Sometimes i feel like even Bridget is shocked at how little Anney has to say because there’ll be awkward pauses where Bridget has to pick up and continue the conversation. I’m sad that Bridget’s leaving the show because you can’t deny her passion for the issues she discusses. I personally can’t see Anney running this show alone at all. By the time the lena dunham ep came out, I wished Bridget just conducted the show on her own because it was so embarrassing hearing Anney forcing herself to make useless replies. I wish Bridget success in her future endeavours but Anney really needs to wake up. Bridget was constantly carrying the conversation for her....

Great   (4/5)

The podcast “Stuff Your Mom Never Told You” is a very different podcast with two female hosts. The hosts primarily discuss broad topics together that typically regard to how women are affected. After listening to these topics the common goal is to encourage change by making the world more equal.

Thought provoking   (5/5)

Love listening to SMNTY. Keep up the good work!

Gone downhill   (3/5)

This podcast never puts any new content out. They are constantly reposting episodes from the previous hosts (whom I love). Cut out the middle man and go listen to Unladylike podcast for fresh content.

Please, please, LIKE listen to yourself! Great topics, but...   (3/5)

The topics are great, the conversation is good but I can’t make it through a whole episode because I can’t stand hearing the word “like” so much! I assume the ladies on the podcast are adults, not 7th graders. Do your listeners a favor and be more conscious of your manner of speech.

Feminist Fam   (5/5)

Insightful and fun podcast. Feels like a feminist fam.

Finally Unsubscribed   (2/5)

This podcast used to be one of my favorites.......until politics got involved and the republican bashing began. The last straw for me was listening to 5 minutes of the Halloween episode regarding costumes that are culturally inappropriate. Seriously? Stop getting so offended by everything. I don’t see anyone getting upset about Jimmy Kimmel doing full blackface on national television as part of a comedy skit, yet it’s apparently absolutely horrendous when comments are made about dressing up as Diana Ross (to pay respect) during Halloween and darkening your skin to represent her. Stop with the social justice warrior crap and go back to having an educational podcast, like in the past.

Great   (5/5)

A must-listen.

Nix “like” in Statements   (3/5)

First time listening to the podcast and want to love Marriage v. Ambition but I can’t take how many times “like” is said by one speaker. Hope the rest of the episodes are not like this!

Don’t bother   (1/5)

Shrill and uninformed

Pretty good   (5/5)

Isn’t it funny how most of the negative reviews are from men that should be listening to this podcast in the first place? What do you want from these ladies? A podcast about being barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen? Sadly, that’s probably what they’d like. Thankfully this show is not it. Interesting and informative conversation, I’m glad I stumbled upon this podcast via another HSW’s podcast. Women make up a huge podcast audience that listen mostly to men hosts. It’s nice to finally get a good female led podcast that women and MEN should definitely check out.

Feminist Crap   (1/5)

Mostly just a bunch of typical feminist screeching

Got worse   (1/5)

I used to think this show was pretty decent, but unfortunately it’s gotten worse. I’m uninterested in the topics they have been choosing and Annie seems so apathetic about everything or just goes along with Bridget. It’s just not working for me anymore - I hope you can find that spark again!

Rant hour   (3/5)

I loved this show since I started a year ago with brigette and Emily. They talked about meaningful topics and balanced each other out. They didn’t always agree and that’s what made it amazing. It helped them dive deeper into these important topics. Now it’s just brigettes rant hour about why she doesn’t like a person or why she does. The new hosts barely scratch the surface of really important topics that we need to know. I find myself only listening because the SMNTY selects are great. Cristine and caryoline are amazing they really did their research. The difference in quality is so easy to see. Amy your input is great, when you talk, which is basically never now. I get it, you guys are putting out a lot of shows a week it’s hard to research that but I would rather have one really great podcast a well then a couple not so great.

Segregation   (1/5)

These women are condescending to Asians and Asian women by what they say is that only Asians should stick with Asians like one of the hosts who is with a Blue eyes Ken Doll looking man while saying that other race of men should not date Asian women while also stereotyping white men and Asian men I feel this show not only is Racist but condescending to Asian women and Asian people what they are saying only Asians should date Asians and that it is not ok for Asian women to embrace their femininity and while degrading Asian men masculinity just saying typical hypocrisy by white privileged women

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.   (5/5)

I’ve been listening to your podcast for a while now. I listened to a few episodes today to give me confidence and solace in going to my boss about sexual and physical abuses involving an employee at my company. Thank you for the strength and empowerment you give to so many.

B’s soap box hour   (1/5)

I want to like this podcast, I have tried several times... lately it’s been Bridget ranting on and on instead of taking a second to see or share both sides or allow listeners to formulate their own opinion before screeching her superior viewpoint - if you want to listen to a one sided, opinionated, and flat podcast this is for you.

Grateful for the open discussion   (5/5)

Demolishing constructs. If your ego shrinks when forced into the light, let it. Needs a lot more exposure. Let Smynty air you out.

Love It!   (5/5)

A&B, I love you guys, and I will pay a monthly fee to get an ad free version of the show. Keep up the good work.

Empowering!   (5/5)

I really enjoy listening to this podcast. I always learn more with every episode. Can’t say enough good things. Thank you for being empowering, diverse, informative...and fun!

MissMolly   (2/5)

The podcast has great content and generally fun to listen too. However I physically cringe at the amount of word fry and times “like” is used. Please, for the love of God, no content is worth listening to someone speaking at 10x normal speed to make up for the amount of “likes” used. Needs refining.

Not the greatest   (2/5)

I want to like it, but they always are a little to extreme on bashing anything of tradition which some women and men appreciate when it’s their choice.

Classless language!   (1/5)

Shocked at the classless way you presented ‘Men exposing themself.’ Why use cussing when discussing this? This could be used in a discussion group but with you the way you cussed all the way through it, it cannot be used. An IMPORTANT subject POORLY presented!

Bridget and Anney say what I want to say-just better!   (5/5)

I love listening to this podcast! Weirdly often, Bridget and Anney will cover something I have just been thinking or talking about. I share the podcasts with my spouse because they so perfectly explain the topics- with references! On the last episode about changing names with marriage: 1. I didn't change my name. We get mail to Mr. and Mrs. Hisname all the time. I'm often asked why I didn't change my name. We are in the process of buying a house with a VA loan which requires co-borrowers to be married. Despite the paperwork saying we were married, my lender once asked "You are married right?" When I replied yes, she said "Your names are just different?" Uhm, duh. After getting married very quietly, I had so many people who didn't know my spouse say "So what is your last name now?", to which I replied "Myname" and they just replied, "Oh." as if they didn't even know how to process this CrAzY information. It WILL be normalized- can't wait. 2. I cannot figure out what slur Bri Todd sounds like....

Wish I could call this my feminist podcast   (3/5)

I really like this podcast for the episodes that touch on important issues that all women face. But most of the time the topics are so trivial it just makes me upset! They have an opportunity to make a difference that I don’t think they’re taking proper advantage of.

Stuff Mom didn't tell you because it isn't true   (2/5)

A collection of things your mom didn't tell you if she wasn't a radical feminist.

Voice   (1/5)

I don’t know her name, but why does that host yell all the time? I really wanted to listen to this episode, but I’m turning it off because getting her voice to a tolerable level means I can’t hear the other host at all.

Pretty basic feminist podcast. Yawn.   (3/5)

If I were a tween I might find this intro-to-feminist media critique enlightening. To me, they are way too soft when it is obvious that a piece of media is rife with sexist messages. Maybe if I never went to school I would find it interesting. Stop looking for excuses to let something “pass.”

Awesome   (5/5)

This is pure girl power

New host needs to wake up   (2/5)

I think her name is Annie? I understand we can’t control our voices, but she just sounds so very disinterested and like she fell asleep in class and then got caught and is pretending like she didn’t. It just clashes so very badly with Bridget’s enthusiasm and passion. I have always loved this podcast but I can barely get through it now because it just isn’t as pleasurable to listen to anymore.

Music to my ears!   (5/5)

This podcast is so amazing! Fantastic, passionate, and well researched feminist perspectives on relevant issues. I wish everyone would listen to this.

Scam!   (1/5)

I was hoping for information.....not political platform!

One of my favorites   (5/5)

This show has really helped me explore feminism. I love the diversity of topics and often share episodes with my boyfriend because they articulate things that I feel in a concrete way that is easier to understand. The episode on women and ADHD legitimately changed my life, it resonated with me so much after 10 years of struggling with mental illness and not knowing what was wrong with me. I started therapy shortly after I heard that episode and a year later my life is completely different. I’m so thankful people are talking about these things and I have learned so much!

My favorite podcast   (5/5)

I just recently found this podcast and binged so many episodes and love it. It has a great balance of brevity, humor, and realism with seriousness, depth, and sincerity. I love that the topics are well researched and highly topical and up-to-date. Excellent podcast for feminism and intriguing topics in general.

Eh   (3/5)

I find, at least a lot of the later episodes, are mostly made up of whining and complaining about the topic rather than information or proposed advancement.

LOVE   (5/5)

I absolutely love this podcast for so many reasons! Each episode gives me a new perspective on a topic and gives me the language of how I feel about an issue that I didn’t know how to put into words. Another big reason why I love this so much is the fact that there is trigger warnings at the beginning of the episodes. That truly means SO much to me considering I have PTSD and find myself getting nervous listing or watching things in media, especially if it’s about a serious issue. I am so grateful for that. Also, the podcast NEVER gets boring. I always get excited whenever I see a new episode is released.

Rotate the hosts   (1/5)

I was a big fan of all the ladies who did a great job bringing interesting topics but find that I’ve been skipping or tuning out the voices of this latest round of hosts. They have a hard time getting their thoughts out and sound confused-especially during the “why men expose themselves” episode. Using the word “like” and “um” should be limited throughout the segment. At least edit it so the listeners aren’t subjected to what sounds like a coffee klatch with girlfriends.

So So Good!   (5/5)

I absolutely love this podcast. The first podcast I ever listen to from SMNTY was about Horoscopes, and it had me hooked! These ladies tackle every subject through the eyes of pop culture, politics, current events, and of course, WOMEN! I absolutely love B & Emilie. B is definitely the fireball of the podcast but Emilie is my reassurance and standing ground. They’re quite different, but that’s what makes them such a great pair to listen to! If you want a dull power point that has nothing to do with pop culture, current events, politics, then this isn’t for you. These girls talk about situations that may be difficult to address but need to be said, hence the Podcast title, “Stuff Mom Never Told You.” Some episodes make me really think, others make me laugh, and above all, I feel like I’m not alone and I’m apart of the podcast itself! I’ll be a long time listener. x Mia 💕

Interesting and wide array of topics   (5/5)

I stumbled onto this podcast while trying to find something new. I’ve listened to previous podcasts from whiskey & women to fan fiction. I enjoy the interaction between B & A. I find myself talking back to my phone and wanting to participate in the conversation. These are topics and conversations I wish I could have with my friends. Thank you, keep up the good work.

Too political   (2/5)

I made it three minutes into Gaslighting 101 before there was a Trump reference. I don’t like Trump, but I don’t see a reason to bring him up in “Gaslighting 101”, where I was expecting an unbiased purely educational podcast. Simply educating people about gaslighting can help and teach them to recognize Trump’s misdirection, but calling him out right away will just turn non-liberal listeners off.

Another anti Trump pod   (1/5)

Just another angry progressive yelling into the storm but with cursing to make it edgy. 😴

Declining Podcast   (1/5)

I started listening to SMNTY this time last year and fell in love. The first episode I listened to was "Women & Whiskey" & it was incredible! Learning about the history and transition of feminine to non-feminine things was interesting, E and B were entertaining, & they had a chemistry when conversing. I was sad but hopeful when E left that the pod would continue to be one of my favorites. Anney & B have no chemistry. It's hard to listen to them together because it FEELS so awkward. The topics are targeting very specific audiences rather than women in general (fan fiction... Star Wars...etc). Not to say that these topics aren't interesting to some, but the topics used to be broad (going into detail about specific examples throughout) and relatable and entertaining to all. I have given it a shot for a couple months and it's just declining, which is sad because this used to be my favorite podcast. I looked forward to listening, and now I can't even get through full episodes.

Used to love this show   (2/5)

Bridget and Emilie used to balance each other out, but now Bridget seems to have gone way too much into an echo chamber to the point where no insights seem new anymore. I miss Emilie’s upbeat insights that challenged Bridget a little more and she was more relatable to the business world and even though she was in the political realm, the episodes used to feel less political unless they were dealing with a political topic. There are so many better political podcasts. I wish they would go back to general feminist topics like role overload, relationships and women in workplace topics it’s hard to find elsewhere.

Gone way downhill   (1/5)

It’s a bummer, I like B and Annie seems great. But to be honest, and this was happening still when Emilie was still on the show — the topic and research quality has dropped significantly. Too many vapid or boring topics, very little new, unique or informative perspectives, and it just seems like B has talked herself into a narrow way of looking at things. I couldn’t wait to listen back when C and C were on. And the beginnings of B and E were pretty good. And now, it’s like 1 out of every 5 episodes is worth listening too. Hope they can get back in the swing of things.

Not very deep   (3/5)

This podcast has potential to be very good but the hosts don’t get very deep on anything they talk about. It’s really just scratching the surface of an issue then saying “thanks for listening”. Also, I can’t stand Bridget’s voice.

Very glad I stuck around   (5/5)

I have been listening to SMNTY for well over a year now. I was really bummed when I found out one of the hosts was leaving and really put off by the transition. It was awkward and uncomfortable, but I am so glad I stuck around. I think they have found their groove now and are even more chill than before. I wish they disagreed a little more often and weren’t on the same page about almost everything, but enjoy the podcast none the less. The topics as of late and chemistry between hosts have really picked up in quality and this is back in my list of top 3 favorite podcasts.

Better than ever!   (5/5)

B&A are doing a fantastic job. It’s beautiful to hear two deeper female voices represented in the medium they are best suited - radio. As a female with a deeper voice it is just nice. The subjects they cover are diverse and they never shy away from dissecting the whole of a matter and discussing the undeniable intersections any given topic is made up of. I really feel like my perspective is represented in this podcast; at the same time B&A provide new topics and good food for thought. They don’t leave you feeling like the world is only one way based on one person’s experience. Thank you guys so much for being the hosts of my favorite podcast!

They’re no C & C   (3/5)

I tired a few times to listen after Christen and Carolina left... I tried to like it, I really did, but I just can’t get into it. The hosts are ok. But mostly it is monotone and lackluster.

Keeping me WOKE Af   (5/5)

Oh my gosh I LOVE LOVE LOVE this podcast. Since I’ve moved from a very liberal/diverse city (Madison, wi) and ended up in small conservative Iowa own I have struggled finding other women who think like me. This podcasts makes me feel like I’m acing coffee with my best friend talking about topics that we all need to wake up to! Love the hosts and I love your rants brigette don’t ever stop ranting! This is my much needed daily dose of wokeness

New Fan as of Dec 2017   (5/5)

I discovered SMNTY late last year and became immediately hooked. Not only for the high production value, intricate research, undeniable passion and appropriately timed f*bombs, but because I am missing something in my life everyday. Real, intelligent, emotional talk about modern topics - hanging out with my 4 and 6 year old after working part time and collapsing on the couch with my husband after the boys go to bed does not leave a lot of time to talk about or hear about what’s going down all over the country. I don’t want to tune in to the news too often - just NPR’s First Up is about what I can handle. But I love SMNTY bc Emily and Bridget, and now Aimee and Bridget, sound like me and my BFFs - both literally and figuratively (weird) - I love to share links to SMNTY episodes with my girlfriends about topics I think they’d like too! Keep up the good work!

Educated and Bold   (5/5)

I LOVE this podcast. I find myself looking forward to the new episodes coming out so that I can be a part of the conversation on my 45-1 hour long drives to and from work. I consider myself a very moderate individual, and while this show is very liberal, the ladies are very educated and I enjoy hearing their opinions and the factual information they provide. As a young woman who is very ambitious and career-driven, I find the topics they discuss riveting and yet relatable. Keep it up guys!!! - A huge fan

Truly mind NUMBING   (1/5)

I really wanted to like this podcast, but the hosts are so boring. Very little factual information and they jut repeat themselves over and over in a monotone voice. CRING-WORTHY

Brigette is great   (5/5)

I loved her since the take over and I’m glad they gave her a new co host

Looking to support common sense gun control   (1/5)

This podcast missed the mark. Way to much emotionally charged arguments and not enough facts. Far better resources available

Please - stop using the word “like” in every sentence   (2/5)

I really wanted to listen to this, but had to stop.

Amazing insight   (5/5)

Well balanced & insightful!

Keep Bridget, dump Anney please   (2/5)

I got into SMNTY right around the time Bridget and Emilie took over so I don’t know how great it was before with the previous hosts. I loved Bridget and was very annoyed by Emilie’s extremely type A, kinda humorless personality, but at least she spoke knowledgeably from a clear feminist perspective and with passion. But since Emilie left and Anney came, I had stopped listening but kept it on my feed. I finally gave the episode on NFL cheerleaders a final long shot and decided to unsubscribe because of Anney. She adds pretty much nothing to the conversation and just says things slowly with a cadence to make it sound... like a question? And I guess because she has a pretty voice and her tone makes it sound like what she’s saying is funny, we’re supposed to be entertained? Just because she’s laughing doesn’t mean what she’s saying is funny. She doesn’t sound like she cares at all about feminism and lacks passion and knowledge about the issues. Bridget is so cool and smart, though - I will check back once in awhile to see if they find a better cohost for her.

Not as good anymore   (2/5)

I feel that the new hosts are not as good as the original. I think some of their comments or shows are very surface level feminism. I feel it's more of an opinion piece rather than an inspiring feminist podcast. Under the original hosts I'd give this podcast 5 stars. Hopefully this show improves, maybe I'll resubscribe when I notice they are touching on more substantial feminist issues.

Keeps getting worse   (1/5)

I was hesitant about the new hosts and never warmed up to Emilie and the way she interrupted and talked over. However, Annie is even worse. Everything she says comes it like a question and then she laughs after it - even facts and statistics! It’s like she is asking for permission to speak and it’s so annoying. Maybe they’ll find their footing in the next few episodes but I may have to be out after years of listening.

Lost Interest Quickly   (1/5)

As others have said, extreme feminist perspective, inconsistent world view, hypocritical, and truly doesn't teach things "Mom Never Told Me" just feminist propaganda that simultaneously says 'women are victims' and 'women are empowered'. I liked the girls they've got a lot of spunk and good chemistry which kept me listening for awhile, but in the end this content is hyper focused on social-justice, it's too biased, and gets old quick. Not everything has to be about the woes of womanhood. The Gray & Green show (light-hearted radio show, discuss trends/general happenings in their lives) and Sheologians (Christian hosts, religious and cultural topics) both have similar dynamics with their female hosts and put out better content than this.

Great Podcast   (5/5)

Informative, interesting and entertaining. This podcast is empowering and awesome in general. Great listen for everyone.

Has changed a lot - and not in a good way   (2/5)

SMNTY used to be my most favorite, could-not-miss podcast. I took a break for a while after the hosts changed, and I just recently decided to revist it. I was really surprised by how much the show has changed. In the past the episodes were well researched and pretty thorough discussions on such a broad range of topics. I felt like I learned a lot in every episode. That whole investigative element seems to have been lost. The new episodes seem to be more just conversations about current events based on the hosts' opinions. As someone who is reasonably well informed and up to date with things going on in the world, I'm not really getting any new information. They seem like cool girls, and I like that they have opinions, but I miss the more informative tone of the show.

Downhill fast   (1/5)

When Kristen and Caroline were at the helm this podcast was my go-to stay-sane feminist family online. But when the torch was passed to the new gals, the quality, tone, and authenticity took a nose dive. Now it sounds like millennials reading book reports. I find myself unable to make it past the ten minute mark every time I try to listen to a new topic that sounds interesting. I’m glad I found Unladylike, where Kristen and Caroline continue to do stellar work with unmatched humor and candor.

Love!   (5/5)

These ladies are fantastic! So smart and squarely centered on what’s going on in our world. And they don’t let a disagreement or a parting of their thought processes get in the way. This is how everyone should handle themselves in our current world climate—with respect and humility. Don’t get me wrong, they’re a sassy duo and definitely have opinions. Yay! I’m hooked!

Not “stuff mom never told you”   (1/5)

These gals seem great! And I was excited to listen. But I was expecting things that women weren’t taught (or mis-taught) growing up which could help us be stronger, kinder or more confident. Stuff mom really didn’t teach you - how do you reach the best orgasms? Why do some women not shave over the knee? How can you be a caring wife while also an independent, strong person? How the hell you do pee at Target when you have a one year old? This show doesn’t cover stuff mom never told you. It just talks about modern events and stuff around being a female. And their ads are misleading, as well. They should just say they are a podcast where female hosts talk about stuff in modern society.

Great point of view   (4/5)

I’ve listened to Stuff Mom Never Told You for years. Overall, I love it. I’m pretty disappointed that they censor curse words though. I think this undercuts the message and essence of the podcast.

Condescending tone   (2/5)

The way E speaks is very condescending and white feminist- so disappointing that this podcast is no longer a favorite of mine.

Yay!   (5/5)

I’ve been listening to the show since I was 16 and still can’t get enough. I have loved all the hosts and although they may come and go, the essence of the pod remains to be conversations, education and thoughts about the world from a feminist perspective (which we can all use more of)

Physically painful   (1/5)

I know I’m not the target audience but having been inundated with ads for this, I thought I’d give this show an honest try. It was physically painful to listen to. The hosts claimed to be scientific and fact-oriented (and on a science and fact channel) they praise pseudoscience and astrology. That in addition to the voices and overall topics, this is less stuff your mom never told you and more “feminism for the uneducated millennial.” If I could give it negative stars I would.

New hosts give more weight to feelings.   (1/5)

I found myself revisiting smnty after Unladylike returned and was very disappointed. I started with the horoscope episode and found myself saying “WHat?” like in an Amber Says What segment! This episode was a refinery29 article repackaged in audio form. Gonna stay away for now.

I'm done   (2/5)

I loved the old hosts, but I'm unsubscribing now. Bridgette is awesome.

Cool talks, sometimes militant   (4/5)

I find myself disagreeing and agreeing with one or both of you within the span of an episode, and I appreciate that. I’m a white, millennial male trying to be the best partner I can be, and I’ve found that this podcast is really helpful in picking out my privileges to address. I will say that sometimes y’all can be somewhat militant in the way you approach men, and I get that you’ve, along with all other women, been hurt by masculinity. I wholeheartedly believe privilege should be called out and discussed, but, and I know you’ll hate that I’m saying this, not all men are anti-woman.

Prepare to be condescended to   (1/5)

I loved the original hosts of SMNTY. These two new girls are not only terribly annoying to listen to due to the inflections they use when they speak, they frequently talk about subjects they can’t possibly know a thing about. If you’re a stay at home mother, prepare to be told why that’s wrong or how that’s a result of the patriarchy by two women who have no children. It’s impossible to fathom that you *wanted* to stay home with your children. Prepare to be told why being excited to learn what gender/sex your unborn child is is wrong. If you’re a married woman, prepare to be told by two unmarried women why it’s not a feminist institution and how entering marriage without considering that is not going to lead to as much happiness. Be prepared to be told that your skincare routine is a result of strife in politics. I’ve always had very liberal beliefs and have always considered myself to be a feminist, but it’s obvious that by the standards and opinions of E and B, I don’t make the cut as a liberal or as a feminist. This podcast has gone from being informative and thought provoking, to being an incredibly alienating experience. The hosts are everything that people dislike about the stereotypical millennial, and they let you know that if you aren’t like them, then you’re wrong. They discuss shallow subjects and approach deeper subjects they find a way not discuss them shallowly. They bring to the table only their own opinions and philosophies and they approach nothing objectively. That coupled with their valley girl manner of speaking and E’s tendency to say Oh-Em-Gee makes this show a big fat UNSUBSCRIBE from me.

Love this show!   (5/5)

It's great to hear their insightful discussions. I like that they don't always agree (in fact they often see things differently) and that they know how to have a civil and productive conversation. People can learn a lot from this show!

*sigh*   (3/5)

It's okay, just okay....the subject matter has seemed to change a huge amount lately and I don't dig that. I want serious issues covered, consistently.

Long time listener   (5/5)

Both teams of co-hosts have been fun and informative!

LOVE   (5/5)

Love these ladies!

Downhill   (2/5)

The podcast has changed so much from C&C, from researched and informative to ranty and less informed. Bridget and Emily seem like they’d be so cool to hang out with irl, but I don’t like them for the podcast. I’ve unsubscribed. Occasionally, I’ll check back in but am always disappointed, especially on the one covering ovarian cancer. Looking forward to having C&C back in my ears for Unladylike.

Enforcing Rape Culture   (4/5)

I could not believe my ears while listening to the Aziz episode. I understand why you would want to mentioned all views but it was horribly executed and further enforced rape culture. You both completely victim-blamed Grace AND the person who wrote the article. Unsubscribed and will not be recommending this podcast as there are many other great feminist voices available.

Great show   (5/5)

This amazing podcast has been produced for almost 8 years now. I would highly encourage browsing the archives to explore the many wonderful topics that are covered.

Sometimes it’s okay   (3/5)

Was on the fence about this show, but now I think I’m officially off the fence. Couldn’t stand the Taylor Swift episode. These girls will find ANYTHING to complain about. Very one-sided, biased conversations. They really should consider being more open-minded before talking about touchy subjects.

Didn't know mom only talked to her daughters   (1/5)

This show only gets worse and worse. The hosts make statements about how women are treated in their eyes by society and then makes comparisons to men that really aren’t comparable. Yes, a man who has done bad things and Hollywood capitalized on it. That is not the same as inviting the criminal to the event. Republicans are always criticized for turning attention to what H. Clinton did and the response is: she isn’t the president! Well Tonya Harding shouldn’t be defended for what she had done either because of her abusers. The hosts said in their Harding episode they aren’t “sports journalists”...they aren’t either of those! They never attempt to find the other side nor do they even find relevant information to back up their facts. Everyone knows the USOEC has issues, but no mention of what is going on with the doctor and women’s gymnastics that seems to have new details emerge every other month. It’s just awful how defensive this show gets from the first minute when there isn’t even a crowd to respond instantaneously to each uneducated comment.

I miss the previous hosts   (2/5)

I still listen to and enjoy the podcast occasionally, but don’t enjoy it like I used to. Many episodes devolve into the hosts yelling into the microphone about their personal beliefs or opinions. The podcast used to be more informative. Also, please stop using the word ”unpack” on air and in episode descriptions; it is very trite.

Used to be MUCH better   (3/5)

I have listened to SMNTY for several years and truly tried to stick it out once Cristen and Caroline left. I just can’t anymore. The new hosts don’t seem to fully research their topics (ex., Girl Scouts vs. Boy Scouts) and come out very biased in every single episode. Even when I agree with their bias it is over he top. They also say things like “irregardless” and “salitious(?)” which don’t make them sound very smart. I can handle their voices, but I can’t continue to listen to them anymore when they speak on topics they admit to not knowing much about, but don’t bother to research. I look forward to learning from Stuff podcasts, but I’m not learning anything here other than the opinions of two young, single women.

They sound like stuck up catty women.   (1/5)

The older episodes were quite nice and I used to enjoy this podcast but since they added Caroline it's gone downhill in both topic and delivery. They are both single women though one married woman would give a more experienced varied view on many of these topics. These ladies sound like catty snotty mean girls. They don't come off as anything other than two little women putting on a witchy snotty mean girls show. They sound like they don't care for men in general. I'm a woman and I know what woman like this sound like and I can't listen to these two any longer. Many of the topics as of late seem to focus on a single agenda. Neither married or have had a child and until they have more experience than just being in the workforce they really are not credible especially the way they come off. Please add a new host/hosts or find better topics for this show. Or you could just change the title to bitshy talk. (I didn't want to write a curse word so I improvised. I'm sure you get what I'm saying)

Old episodes are much much better than the new   (1/5)

I love the older episodes and found most of them very interesting and informative. The new episodes are a bit ridiculous. I’m middle of the road politically, but this is EXTREMELY left wing. According to them it’s white privilege to not have to sit in a hair salon all day on Saturday. That’s a choice, we all choose how to have our hair done and I know plenty of blonde white women who sit in a hair salon all day. According to them it promotes violence to call the police when your car is stolen, and you should go to the police department and file a report instead. Not sure how you’ll get to the department of your car is stolen. Lately these episodes have been lacking common sense and are extremely unrealistic.

Good, but loud and fast.   (3/5)

Great topics but the hosts talk (yell) at the top of their voices and in a great rush.

Interesting, but talks too fast   (3/5)

Love this podcast, but I tend to have trouble following along with the conversation because of how fast the girls talk.

Love the new hosts   (4/5)

Keep at it ladies!

Nope.   (1/5)

The new hosts are ridiculous and not as good. This podcast has changed from interesting to sorority girls chatting about nothing. They talk about meaningless topics and say things like “Kim kardashian is a feminist” when she is actually in fact setting back feminism years.

Love the hosts but   (5/5)

Love the discussions even more!

clucking hens   (1/5)

lots opinions not a lot of facts

Hmm   (3/5)

I wish I could say that I loved this podcast. It is mildly informative and slightly less entertaining. There are far too many times that they take what could be a great, interesting conversation into nothing. I’ve sometimes thought to myself that I have put more thought into a subject than they have. If you enjoy listening to women have a conversation like they were sitting in a restaurant trying to have a serious conversation and fail, this is for you. I really wish I had something positive to say, I was just disappointed.

BombDotCom   (5/5)

Fantastic perspectives, and shout out to these great ladies over from Uganda. You make inter-country traveling enjoyable. Keep it up, or down, or left/right. Best to ya’ll.

Yes!!!!   (5/5)

Great podcast.

Love, love, love Emilie and Bridget   (5/5)

Unfailing entertaining and informative. The host absolutely rock it every time.

Solid feminist commentary!   (5/5)

It's great to have a feminist/intersectional perspective on an interesting variety of topics.

My mom didn’t tell me any of this!   (5/5)

This podcast is really eye opening and informative. Thank you.

Good variety of topics   (5/5)

Yes, the title is a little misleading/confusing, but it's a great podcast! Emilie's interruptions used to annoy me quite a bit but she's acknowledged it's a bad habit and since then has gotten much better at letting Bridget speak her piece. The variety of topics keeps this podcast fresh.

Used to like the show.   (1/5)

I loved SMNTY until the new hosts came onboard. They remind me too much of SWJ’s on Tumblr and the”like” and “ummm” make them sound like I’m back in HS in the 80’s during the Valley Girl phase. I’ve given it a fair shake and am unsubbing. .

Too whiny   (2/5)

I really tired to listen to this podcasts because the topics intrigue me. But, the format of the show is too “talk show”. Words like “exactly” and phrases like “I love that xyz” get repeated so much it starts to feel Disingenuous. The meat of the podcast is there and I like it, but the service is not great. Sorry ladies.

So many great topics!   (5/5)

I love the variety of great topics you choose. My personal favorite is the Women and ADHD episode. This podcast hit home big time. I even learned a few things that I hadn’t known before about the topic. Amazing job keep up the good work!

Bad title   (2/5)

Should be called “things 2 female millennial’s want you to know and think”. I’ve listened to several episodes, there are much better podcast about the same issues.


My all time favorite podcast. I am constantly sharing it with people. It’s so informative and I always leave thinking about things with a clearer mind 🤗

Love these ladies!   (5/5)

Discussing feminist issues in a way that is both passionate & welcoming. ❤️

They had me, then lost me   (2/5)

I was all aboard for a good 6 episodes, but eventually ( it was actually after the Manterruption episode) I noticed how the the hosts started to sound like broken records and even interrupted each other a lot. I am a feminist, but I am not a fan of the style in which these ladies talk about issues thgough their feminist lends, aggressively bringing negative conversation. I started to not want to listen because it began to feel like a downer.

Lovely hosts but laughably hypocritical   (2/5)

Last episode was so bad it makes it hard to take what you're saying seriously, or maybe i'm just not "woke" enough to understand the message. Who QC's this "stuff" anyways??

Had to unsubscribe   (2/5)

For years, I was a loyal SMNTY listener. But once the new hosts took over, I just could not continue listening. It felt as though every conversation related to race, primarily black Americans. As a woman of color, I didn’t mind this at first. However, it began to become so overwhelmingly all about race as an undertone and it was just annoying. Let’s talk about all women. Not just black women versus the world.

Love this Show! We need an Explicit rating...   (5/5)

I love you guys. The show is great with topical discussions and great insights. But I'm getting annoyed with the bleep anytime you get real and use a expletive. We are talking about some serious issues that don't need bleeping. Thank you!

KEEP B&E!!   (4/5)

I’ve been listening to this podcast for a couple of weeks now and the only thing that i was bummed about is that I’ve found out that they were not the original hosts!! I love hearing their opinions about things and I’ve listened to older episodes about topics on here and it’s just not the same. I’m (hopefully) looking forward to hearing topics narrated by B&E for some time to come!

Terrible   (1/5)

This show used to be good. The new hosts are completely biased, overly offended, and just spout their opinions without actually discussing the nuances of these complex feminist issues. I miss the old show and I will not be listening anymore.

Smart women   (5/5)

Smart women sharing well researched information with intelligence and passion.

F*** Off Fund   (4/5)

I really enjoy this podcast. I stopped listening to it over a year ago for some reason but I find even with the new cast that it is highly informative and entertaining. Please, in the future, censor your curse words before you say them instead of using a bleep afterwards. I could not listen to the F*** Off Fund episode because it was so obnoxious and it sounded like it was a really interesting subject.

Like, Totally. Right?   (1/5)

I was a long time subscriber for over 6 years! That’s a lot of love for SMNTY. I remember sometimes it was hard to get past the awful fake accents and voices, but eventually the hosts found their grove. I loved C&C. So, when SMNTY was revamped, I figured it would take time for them to figure out the ins and outs and how they were going to fill C & C’s shoes. I just unsubscribed. I tried for so long, but nope. I just can’t anymore. Emilie talks over Bridget, the girl just does not care to hear anything except her own voice. She also smacks her mouth a lot. That combined with Bridget’s combination of up-speak and vocal fry it just cannot listen anymore. Do better. This podcast is an embarrassment.

Must-listen   (5/5)

Love Bridget and Emilie. The greatest podcast in feminism area. Interesting, articulate, informative, inspiring, heartwarming and fun. Keep up this great work please!

Intersectional Feminism!!   (5/5)

This is my favorite podcast!!

Catty & Arrogant   (3/5)

Did you two listen to your Taylor Swift episode in which you point out that she has gained fame by degrading other women? Your episode went from being objective and analytical to catty and trendy. Listen sound like haughty college students. By the way, there’s no need to be accusatory of women who are white. White women can be and are victims on a regular basis, and sometimes they are victims of people of color. Check your arrogance.

Like, pretty good   (2/5)

It's an ok podcast. The information here needs to be put through your own BS filter just like all other news. But it's good to listen to on occasion to try and get a perspective on women's issues. I will admit to having a lot of trouble listening to it after about 7 minutes because of the host tendancy to say "like" before, during and after all sentences. Classic public speaking bad habit that makes this somewhat informative podcast a tough one to get through - and a tendancy that I think reflects poorly on the percieved expertise of the host.

Very informative   (5/5)

This is great, love the subjectS!

Good job! And a recommendation.   (5/5)

I love how you give vocabulary to so many prevalent issues. Please do an episode on gaslighting. It’s such an important issue and I’m noticing that many people don’t know what it is or understand how destructive it is.


Please never use that obnoxious bleep noise to censor audio.

Misleading Title, Entirely Sexist every topic.   (1/5)

Delusional babble about unhealthy stereotypes nothing to learn here.

Use to be good   (2/5)

I really enjoyed this podcast when Cristen and Caroline hosted it. It was funny and light hearted while educational. I've tried listening to the two new hosts but every time I try to get through an episode I just cannot stand how they are trying to defend everything for femistist reasons or trying to bring feminism into every discussion. I'm not against the topic, I'm female myself and understand equality of the sexes is important but I feel this podcast is just overflowing with feminist talk, negativity, and venting. At least I can still listen to the old episodes which I still highly enjoy.

Like, like, like...   (2/5)

For my first listen, I choose marriage vs ambition and I can’t even concentrate on the content because “like” is used every other word by one of the podcasters, I hope the rest don’t follow suit.

Not a fan of the new paring on SMNTY   (3/5)

They don't have the same connection as the pair before. They aren't as interesting. I wish they used more facts and stats in their podcast. I'm here to learn. Not listen to a 45 minute opinion piece. I loved the old pairing and am very sad to see them go. They always had great content and had good chemistry during the podcast. They had nice banter while still staying on topic

Love the older episodes   (2/5)

After years of listening, I just can't continue listening after Christen and Carolina left. I recommend the older episodes, maybe I'm just too old at 29 to appreciate the new hosts, but I like my podcasts with more substance and information and less blatant bias and slang.

Thorough!   (5/5)

Love the podcast and the hosts! They do a great job of thoroughly examining an issue

Covers a lot of really important topics   (5/5)

Great show that goes in depth into a lot of important topics of sexism, femminism, and in general being female. I've been sending some to my boyfriend

I wish this was educational like the other stuff podcasts, but...   (1/5)’s millennial feminist babble (one of the hosts having a lisp that makes listening very difficult). I tried several episodes and it is just intolerable (and yes, I am a woman).

Good Info but Biased Opinions   (3/5)

I listened to about 8 episodes before I just couldn't take anymore. I consider myself to be a feminist and I care about feminist concerns, however every topic in these podcasts are loaded with these ladies opinions and it seems to narrow the focus down to the way we are being held down vs ways to lift ourselves up. I get enough negativity from other news sources - I don't need it from this podcast too

New version is good too but....   (5/5)

The initial version with was better as I feel bridget makes every single issue into a race issue. Things like wearing cornrows and twerking are apparently racist and cultural appropriation. How about hair styles, music and art are universally enjoyed and appreciated. She speaks as if there is no division between sexism and racism and puts a lot of blame on "white women." It is clean in how she speaks of women in the women's march. If it is wrong to stereotype her as “black women” please stop using the phrase "white women" it is stereotyping too. We didn't all vote for trump, we are not all racist, uninformed, straight or privileged. We are not that different and women all need to stick together. Can I get through one episode without having to hear about it in terms of race? and the phrase “as a black women I....” it is only the struggles of black women bridget is concerned with.

Good show, frustrating politics   (3/5)

I really like this show and have listened to it throughout various hosts, however, it frustrates me how political they’ve been making things. I find the topics very interesting but the jabs at the president and non-liberals of any kind seem unnecessary ...would rather just learn more about the topic discussed. That being said I love the attention your drawing to women in prisons that majority of the time gets overlooked:)

One of my favorite podcasts!   (5/5)

Well produced, relatable hosts, and interesting hot topics. I’m always to tell my friends and or boyfriend the things I learn from this podcast! Girl power ✌️💋

Annoying   (1/5)

I used to really like this podcast.. I find it angry, fast talking and defensive lately, not loving the new gals or the topics lately. Unsubscribing

Thank you   (5/5)

Totally needed content. Needs to be in the top charts.

False claims of inclusivity and equality   (2/5)

I was a big fan of this podcast. It made me think critically, even if it wasn't something I necessarily agreed with. However, for hosts that seem to be so outspoken about equality for all and inclusivity despite differences, a recent episode featuring a (not at all related to the topic of the episode) comment about the Mormon religion made me unsubscribe immediately. You do not get to preach equality for all and then make ignorant jokes about a religion that may not be in line with what you believe to be true. I do not support that kind of ideology or double think. Such a shame.

No longer able to listen   (1/5)

This used to be my favorite podcast, but as the presidential election heated up and ever since, I cannot relate to the feminism they discuss. There’s only one opinion being represented and is no longer showing all facets to an issue or topic.

!!!   (5/5)

I adore both of these women.

Misleading title - biased hosts   (1/5)

The title Stuff Mom Never Told You is misleading. My mom never talked of these things because they are mainly the opinions of the feminist hosts. One of the podcasts was based upon the assumption that Johnson and Johnson is targeting black women with its cancer causing talcum powders. The hosts did mutter that there was actually no scientific evidence that this is true, nevertheless they dedicated an entire podcast to it. Strange. If you are a left leaning, white guilt having, woke woman - this podcast is for you. For the rest of the rational folks out there - look somewhere else for your information.

W O K E   (5/5)

I learned so much about womanhood from this podcast: everything from understanding my body better to learning why things I take for granted or ignore that bother me as a (black) woman should be really analyzed. I love this podcast, old and new hosts, great material!!!! For anyone on any scale of feminist.

New hosts continue the fantastic coverage   (5/5)

Loving the new hosts and their continued dedication to keepin’ it real. Lately there seems to be a turn towards ‘right now’ topics, but judging by our leadership, it’s easy to see why. As long as they continue the history of well-researched/scholarly information, I will always be a fan.

Stopped listening   (1/5)

Stopped listening after an ad for Megyn Kelly's new show cut off one of the hosts in the middle of her sentence. Poor editing I can get over, but accepting an ad for Megyn Kelly? Really?

Makes you think   (5/5)

I really enjoy this podcast and love that it makes me think.

Brilliant and thought-provoking   (5/5)

I discovered this podcast a few weeks ago and am loving all the episodes! They tackle the difficult, weighty subjects like race and feminism with thoughtfulness. If it makes you uncomfortable, perhaps you might want to lean into that discomfort and ask yourself why it bothers you. Perhaps you are part of the reason why we need podcasts like this one. Prepare to be challenged in your worldview, but in a good way! Thanks for a great podcast. Might I recommend the episode, "The problem with a Pinterest-perfect life"? You'll love it!

Lost me!   (1/5)

When you start talking about all troubles can be laid at the feet of one race, you are exactly what you are calling the other race.

I love this podcast   (5/5)

These two women are brilliant and I always love to hear what they have to say.

Smart, joyful way to bite into feminism   (5/5)

Like a girlfriend hangout, if your girls friends are super smart and have the historic and studied facts of whatever topic you’re digging into at their fingertips. Always so entertaining and unabashed. I often listen while gardening or on a run but Imagine I’m just hanging with friends and a glass of wine. Only problem? So many topics I’d love for them to tackle. My obsession of late is school mascots and how male gendered mascots tilt the language— and therefore the culture, of our learning institutions. Would love for them to do an episode and unpack the indoctrination of our girls courtesy of gendering school environment through iconography. Fingers crossed! Thanks for all the great info!

Typical millennial entitlement   (2/5)

It's your typical uninspired show demanding unobtainable ideologies. The use of "like" to describe their feelings is abundant.

Informative and fun   (5/5)

Hosts may change but it manages to be one of my fav pods.

They lost me...   (1/5)

This should really be titled Stuff your liberal, conservative hating, non tolerant mom never told you. I consider myself a conservative feminist. The hosts obviously believe this cannot exist. I don't think they haven't mentioned Trump in an episode yet. Somehow they will bring it round to bash him. At one point they said that Ivanka Trump should be heckled and harassed while getting her hair done. Really? Would you say the same thing about Chelsea Clinton? Every episode has become a bash fest for white conservatives. Seriously, you are are preaching tolerance but have yet to show it yourself. I am done with your show. I just get too mad while listening.

Not worth your time   (1/5)

One girl is obsessed with the other and just agrees with everything she says and constantly praises her. Extremely one sided and whiney. I've now listened to at least 10 episodes and just can't get into it.

SMNTY!!   (5/5)

My favorite feminist podcast! These women are knowledgeable and relatable. Funny voices, witty humor, and lots of brain power

Great podcast   (5/5)

This podcast is just what I needed in my life and has helped me to reinvigorate my activism. I am not around many feminists or progressive individuals in my daily life so it feels so amazing to be able to hear discussion on these topics. I love the new hosts too, they have great personalities and chemistry. Will keep listening!

Opinions you did not ask for...   (1/5)

opinions that act as though they are inclusive, but in reality only act as isolating verbiage. a waste of time (mine and theirs)

Disappointing & Immature   (1/5)

This particular podcast on Tarot was a very short sighted view on the varied history and complexity of the Tarot and using it. Would not recommend to anyone who's interested in learning more about the cards. Very opinion based and immature frankly.

New hosts are great!   (5/5)

I love how they keep up the quality of this fantastic podcast from the previous hosts. Great work and great topics! Look forward to more episodes!

Mistitled podcast   (1/5)

I expected this to be an educational and informative podcast for anyone and everyone. Except it's just a liberal feminist talk show.

tough to listen to   (3/5)

I'm really trying to give this show a fair chance, but I find the newer episodes harder and harder to get through. The content is seriously lacking. I don't mind it sounding like a conversation, but it's more personal stories and self-promotion than actual facts and information. I listen on headphones, and I feel like half the time I'm leaning in to catch the super quiet things they say under their breath, only to be blasted with one of them raising her voice to make a point. I don't care that they're animated, but a little work in post could save my poor ears. Also, can Emilly, let her co-host talk? It's really frustrating to hear her cutting Bridget off or trying to finish her sentences for her. There have been a few times where Bridget was like, "Actually that's not what I wanted to say." I will keep listening for a while. Hopefully they will work some stuff out.

Disappointed by the new hosts   (1/5)

I used to ADORE this show. I miss Cristen and Caroline... after listening to the veganism episode I decided to stop listening all together. The new hosts are unprepared, cherrypick, and clearly biased in the podcast. I'm not even vegan, and the hosts were being very unbalanced to the lifestyle. These factors don't contribute to an interesting, or objective, podcast. I've been a listener for a long time, and it's a shame

I try, I really try   (2/5)

I try to listen but I feel like they could take half the time they do for their message … and I Iisten on at least 1.5 speed. Today was the final straw though- I was reminded the horrid "karz (sic) for kids" organization is a sponsor. They've never passed the smell test for transparency of revealing who their beneficiaries are or for just how many times the money needs to be moved around and around, losing administrative costs each time. Then the wormy jingle. Egads. No one deserves to have that horror forced on them- if more than one or two people complain about earworms they should stop torturing us. "Stuff" podcasts shouldn't (yes they should) drop them as a sponsor because of the jingle but they should drop them for bad policies, suspect behavior, yadda, yadda …

"Like"   (1/5)

The topics are very interesting but I cannot get past how much they say "like"

Um like you know, it's great   (4/5)

You must have a high tolerance of listening to people who use "um", "like", "you know", in every single sentence. Some days I just can't take it. Subjects are great and conversations are thought provoking. I sound like my mother, but It is a problem.

Not what you'd expect from howstuffworks   (1/5)

Personal impressions and anecdotes, not facts, are the bread and butter of this podcast. I got as far in the Veganism edition as when they started equating eating eggs and milk with female oppression (female cows and chickens) then they continued on to how being non-vegan is a form of racial oppression before I had to stop. If you're a militant feminist in college there may be something here for you. If you're looking for information (and facts) about how "stuff" works, look elsewhere.

Love the podcast but NOT the new hosts   (2/5)

I was first initially happy to hear 2 women were hosting this podcast. However, it is painful to listen now. They sound like "valley girls" with vocal fry that is irritating to listen to for over 30 minutes at a time. The overuse of "like" is distracting. Can't listen to this anymore!

Used to be my fave   (2/5)

I loved the old format of SMNTY - it was obvious that C&C put in a lot of work to thoroughly research topics, then present the topics in a clear and professional way. With the new hosts, it's much more of an informal conversation with little research, and I find myself learning almost nothing new. It's disappointing, and I'll be unsubscribing.

hit-and-miss   (3/5)

I have listened to some episodes all the way through, and deleted others within a few minutes. The positives include the awareness they bring to the way gender bias has historically affected everything from office politics to health issues, and the research articles they reference. The biggest flaw/drawback/annoyance I find myself judging is their immature/unprofessional pattern of speech with the overuse of the filler word, "like." It might behoove their producer to omit some of those for a smoother and less distracting presentation.

Woah.   (1/5)

I only listened to one episode. It was so disheartening. I chose to listen to the Ivanka Trump episode and was incredibly disappointed to hear two women completely bashing another woman for thirty minutes. They touched on her appearances, her voice, her vapidness, and pretty much everything but the substance of her character. If you would like to hear women putting other women/ mothers down click on the Ivanka Trump episode.

Idiotic   (1/5)

Two morons bantering about cultural Marxist topics, throwing around skin tone accusation.

Maybe you can tolerate it.   (1/5)

I really tried to get into this podcast. I did my absolute best to set my biases aside and genuinely listen to what you were trying to convey. I did learn some new information so it wasn't a complete loss. The hosts don't seem to understand any life outside of urban millennials. Maybe get some life experience and try again. I find Emilie to be abrasive and maybe not open to views outside of her own. She also seemed to really push her start up and how hard it is to have a start up. Bridget's role appears to be more of a side kick. She seems to have a good head on her shoulders and a lot to say, she just can't get a word in edgewise with Emilie talking over and around her. If they come back for another season, maybe I will listen in again.

Love it!!!   (5/5)

Love the old episodes as well as the new! There's always a take away (good or bad) from every episode.

Boring   (1/5)

Incredibly boring and difficult to get through.

Hosts need to find their footing   (3/5)

SMNTY was the podcast that got me hooked on podcasts and made me a feminist. Christen and Caroline seemed like friends who were excited to share what they had learned with their audience. They were both conversational and informative, with solid research, topics, and analysis. The new hosts have a lot to learn from them. I am rooting for Emilie and Bridget to succeed, I really am. But here's the thing– it's not SMNTY. It's a much more politically and culturally oriented podcast that is pretty informal. I find it hard to listen to because the new hosts talk over each other, use filler words, the ads are irritating, and Emilie tends to talk over Bridget. I'm hoping that over time, they can refine their broadcasting skills and produce a quality, informative podcast. SMNTY was super rough in the first year or so– it can take a while for podcasts to find their footing. I miss the old show, and I know it's not coming back, but I want to love the new show. In the meantime, the new hosts just aren't quite there.

Please stop saying like in every sentence   (1/5)


Feminist and Informative   (5/5)

As a woman, I have always been interested in many of the topics discussed. It has taught me a lot. The podcast has a liberal bias though.

Um like like like   (1/5)

Like every other word, they say like. It's like, really irritating. I stopped listening because they said like 1,000,000,000 times.


I'm not sure which woman it is but every other word out of her mouth is like, it's so distracting and it makes her sound so stupid that I have to unsubscribe to this podcast either replace or where I think the show will come to an end

Immature   (3/5)

I really wanted to fall in love with this podcast but it's very hard to take anything they say seriously when every other word is "like" or "totally". I keep trying to listen, hoping they will improve, not only the use of immature filler words but with their research & knowledge on subject material. Come on girls!

Loved it at first   (1/5)

Listened to many episodes but I am done after listening to the biking episode. You got stopped for breaking the law on your bike not because you are a women. I wish bicyclists would actually respect the rules of the road because you are considered a car when you are traveling on the road ridding a bicycle. I was telling people to listen but not any more. Also just because other people break the law does not make it ok for you to break the law.


This used to be my favorite show. It had a feminist feel but still they remand mutual. Also everything was factual and they would actually quote the research. All topics were based off of evidence. Now it's really just their feminist opinion. Everything is playing one gender vs the other. It was just like stuff you should know but for women. Now it's just a feminist podcast and ugh. I can't get thru an episode now.

Just two people talking   (1/5)

A very important and interesting topic done in a way that isn't compelling or interesting. Just two people having a conversation. Could be so much better. No production value at all, but very cheap to make.

Latina Feminism 101   (5/5)

Great episode!

New hosts are disappointing   (1/5)

I really liked this show with the previous two ladies but the new hosts here now in mid 2017 are just not the right fit at all. Topics are all super feminist and it no longer seems like the same podcast at all. Sorry. Gave them several episodes but not feeling it. Gotta unsubscribe

Host #2, please work on using 'like'   (1/5)

For a podcast about embracing female ambition, the language used seemed uneducated and frustrated me. I didn't catch the host's name, as I only survived 15 minutes into my first episode, but I believe she was the second one who spoke on the 'Ambition vs. Marriage' episode. Many of us have the bad habit of using 'like' too often, but I couldn't listen to a podcast where the host has that problem. I'd love to try the podcast again either with a new host, or after she revisits her speech patterns.

So much to love❤   (5/5)

I didn't think I could love a podcast more. Funny, informative, and inspiring !

Interesting topics, but stop using like   (3/5)

I don't agree with everything they say, but some of the episodes are interesting - my biggest complaint is one of them says 'Like' way too much in some of the episodes that it distracts from what they are talking about and I start counting the number of times they say it.

Garbage…   (1/5)

The two hose ramble on, was incoherent nonsense. Not very well researched, and not well delivered content.

Love the new hosts!   (5/5)

I really like the new hosts. Very interesting, smart, relatable, empowered women. I am not such a fan of the the classic episodes with the old hosts. Also, very nice to hear a black female perspective from Howstuffworks. Most of their other shows are all white hosts, so glad to see some diversity.

I can't listen!!!   (1/5)

The amount of time that the word "Like" is said- SO DISTRACTING!!! Not working for me.

Frustrating!   (1/5)

I was very interested in the topic but couldn't listen for long given the amount of times the women kept saying, "like." Stop! You are taking away from the content of your podcast.

Meh   (1/5)

Not interesting

Love it!   (5/5)

I really want to love this podcast.. but like...   (3/5)

I love the topics, I love the girls.. but the most recent episode I had to turn off because I could NOT handle Bridget saying "like" one more time. Once I noticed it I counted 85 uses of the word "like" from her before the first break. I know it can be a bad habit to break and I once did the same (probably why it bothers me so). Super distracting but I do love you guys! I will try again on the next episode.

The amounts of "I'm like"   (1/5)

Couldn't stand the amount of "ummm like" "and like"

Interesting but annoying to listen to   (2/5)

One of you overly says "like" every other sentence. You don't gotta sacrifice content for speed. I'd be more interested if y'all slowed down

Great concept, poor execution   (3/5)

I only recently started listening to this podcast, I never knew the previous hosts. I'm in awe of how established this podcast is, with so many episodes and loyal listeners. I want to love this podcast. I enjoy Emilie but Bridget feels out of place and unintentional. While Emilie seems prepared, Bridget just word vomits whatever irrelevant story comes to her mind. She then ends up talking in circles, saying the same thing over and over. She talks about herself too much in a way that isn't helpful. She uses the word "I" too often and doesn't tie her message back to the listener at all. We're just left knowing how Bridget felt once. Her contributions are genuinely so disruptive to the message that the podcast becomes a waste of time. I'm in agreement with others that her use of the word "like" is enough to deter me from listening in the future. I feel sorry for the host who shows up prepared and seems to be always bringing them back on track. She has to pretend that Bridget said something worthwhile every time she speaks. I'm sorry to say, if Bridget can't work on it then maybe she isn't meant to host a podcast like this!

Like so like so cool like🙄   (3/5)

Quit saying like every other word please!!!

Wonder Woman   (5/5)

This podcast makes me want to throw on my Wonder Woman garb and be fantastic.

Sorry don't like the new hosts   (1/5)

These girls have great content and I love the topic choices but the repeating of the same phrase or a point over and over is too much! Also not easy to listen to over some stuttering

Revival Flop   (2/5)

Recently Cristen and Carolyn, the hosts of Stuff Mom Never Told You for quite a while, announced that they were leaving the podcast to work on other projects. While I was disappointed - this was one of my favorite podcasts - I understood. Unfortunately, it recently got picked up again by two new hosts. At first I was excited because I loved learning all about feminism and looking at topics through a feminist lens. However, the new hosts just don't quite meet the standard that the last hosts left. Every episode feels like they're not really prepared. They often tend to go on and on about their personal life in a podcast where that was not the norm at all - instead, it was usually just about the topics at hand. The personal stories now seem to just take away from what they should be talking about. Plus, they release episodes so frequently, it feels like they're not really digging deep in their research and like they're choosing rather shallow, uninteresting topics. I am really sad that the podcast is so different now and is not something that I find informative or helpful at all. I really hope that the new hosts learn quickly and find their groove soon, but I am definitely unsubscribing.

A feminist perspective that is convincing, not alienating   (5/5)

As a woman, I feel that it is important to keep up with the latest issues but I've found some sources to be more alienating to those who don't believe exactly how they do, while these girls do a great job making their case and help me understand their perspectives. Great show!

Think some brain cells died listening this, ya know, like!   (1/5)

Wow. Felt like I was listening to a high school event with all the valley girls, ya know like? If you like leftist feminists, who can't say more than five words without saying "like", this is for you.

Lost a listener   (1/5)

I just can't take the new hosts. C&C made me feel like we were learning together. The new hosts are everything I don't like about #hashtag feminism, especially Emilie. Slow down a little and let this be a dialogue.

Great show, could improve though!   (3/5)

Stuff Your Mom Never Told You is a great show on its own, and as a male, I find myself coming back every show to be more informed. Very interesting content, but maybe the presentation or other aspects could be worked on? I know there had been hosts before Emily and Bridget, and I had never experienced their perks, but Emily and Bridget are great!

Like, no thank you, like, like,like...   (1/5)

Nope! I could not get past all the "likes ".

Love it!   (5/5)

Been listening for years. Great hosts and interesting topics.

I Miss C&C...   (2/5)

I was so excited to see this podcast come back after the hiatus...but it's simply not the same show. The subject matter is just a little too fluffy and seems to avoid the more complex topics that C&C address with solid research. The grit that made this show so memorable to me just isn't there anymore. I'm sure that the new hosts are still learning and adapting to the type of hosts they want to be but... I'm so sorry Bridget, but I can't handle all of the "likes". I will be unsubscribing for now but I hope to come back to you soon when it's a bit more established.

New topics are great, but...   (3/5)

I really love the topics that have been discussed lately, and I really like the two new hosts so much more than the past hosts. I do find, however, that all too often they stop talking about the subject and go into talking about their personal lives, usually to the detriment of their flow. Also, Todd says "like" so often that it's distracting from her content. She's obviously super intelligent and versed in the subject matter, but she easily distracts listeners by repeatedly using the word like where is isn't necessary. I'm looking forward to more interesting topics and hopefully some improvement on the discussions!

Great subjects   (4/5)

This is a great podcast and I really do enjoy it. But I would like to remind these young women valley girl talk when out with the 80s. When you hear 30 likes in 30 seconds that's too much. In the podcast about ambition and women Bridget is constantly saying like like like. And the other one her whole tone is valley girl. I love their subjects though and I think they do a great job as a 46-year-old woman I do enjoy listening to them.

Former hosts were amazing   (1/5)

I used to love this podcast for its informative, fact-based discussions on topics relevant to women's history, health, and culture. Caroline and Cristen episodes of SMNTY get five stars! Listening to the new hosts, Emily and Bridget, is like reading a never-ending Cosmopolitan article on career advice... only without any actual advice or research to back it up! I keep listening, hoping that they will find their footing, however the feminism presented here centers around headline issues pertaining almost exclusively to privileged career women. The hosts point out obvious challenges facing young professional women today without explaining their context. Emily in particular talks incessantly about herself. I would like to hear more fact-based research on interesting topics. I want "stuff Mom never told me," not "convoluted conversations between cohosts less woke than Teen Vogue." In fact, I'd advise potential listeners to read Teen Vogue instead. -- July 2017

Like.....   (3/5)

I would love your show and would subscribe. I love the topics and the way you both interact but the "likes" drive me nuts and I can't make it through an episode. Honest, you won't lose your cadence or the flow if you just drop "like." Your message will become more powerful.

First podcast I fell in love with   (5/5)

Since the start I really enjoyed this podcast and the hosts.

It isn't the same without Cristen and Caroline.   (3/5)

Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Okay now that I've got that out of my system, this podcast is great and informative. And I think it still is with the new hosts. But I miss the old voices and vibe of the older hosts. The ones I began this crazy journey with. Can they come back please?

Good, but sometimes annoying to listen to   (4/5)

The topics are great, they do their research. It's interesting content. I do find it annoying to listen to sometimes...stop using "like," "right," and "you know" between every other word!!

Awesome!   (5/5)

I never miss an episode. I suggest you do the same. Xoxox

Pumped for the new hosts!   (5/5)

I loved this podcast under Caroline and Cristen, but I'm stoked for Emilie and Bridget! I may be biased because Emilie is a friend, but I've already loved every episode they've done. Keep up the good work!

Love this podcast!   (5/5)

I loved the old hosts and I love the new hosts. Amazing topics, for both men and women.

new hosts :(   (2/5)

Obviously I miss Cristen & Caroline. But I love the podcast so I've listened to a bunch with the new hosts. The "likes" & the way they talk doesn't bother me. & anyone who complains about this podcast being "too feminist" is clearly a clueless idiot. My issue is that Cristen & Caroline really did their homework! Their research was awesome! I'm an almost-40-year-old woman who has been a feminist all her life. It's not everyday that I learn something new about feminist history. Cristen & Caroline surprised me with new information all the time! The new hosts disappoint me because they are literally just doing Google searches. Their research is coming from websites like HuffPo & Bustle. I get that it's not easy to put together two well-researched podcasts every week, or fill the shoes of hosts as beloved as Cristen & Caroline, but at least maybe go beyond the first ten results Google provides. Maybe I will tune in again in a few months to see if they've upped their game.

I miss Cristen and Caroline   (1/5)

I used to be such a fan of this show when Cristen and Caroline hosted it. I've tried,several times, listening to the new hosts and I just can't get into them. Cristen and Caroline were funny, intelligent, and engaging. I struggle to connect with Emilie and Bridget. I find that Bridget's overuse of 'like' drives me crazy and the two don't seem to bring the same passion the former gals did. Sad to say that I won't be subscribing to this podcast any longer.

Love it!   (5/5)

I was disappointed when Caroline and Christina left and thought this would mean the podcast would be over. Enter Emily and Bridget, they do a fantastic job of explaining topics, they are knowledgeable, eloquent and likable. Every episode is factual and the ladies do a fantastic job of considering all view points. I look forward to every episode!

Seems like a different podcast now.   (4/5)

I like this podcast, but I don't think of it as SMNTY. I seems a lot more feminist (even for me, a woman), and the hosts aren't as charming. What I liked about the old version was that it seemed more like a history podcast that tackled women's issues of now and the past. This version doesn't seem to delve as deeply into the research.

"Like"   (4/5)

I love this show, but PLEASE stop saying "like" so much. It brings down the caliber of the podcast, and (for me) it makes it difficult to listen to the entire show.

The new hostesses are not objective   (2/5)

I loved the show with the old hostesses. It was objective and interesting. The new women leading the podcast aggressively present new topics from a one-sided perspective to push an agenda.

What we need right now   (5/5)

This show, these topics, and these voices are all precisely what we need right now. Excellent.

Two who know nothing but brainless liberal ideology.   (1/5)

1st time I listened, was about "Auntie Maxine" the one person who has done the least for her constituents in the Nation. THe people who were suffering when Auntie Maxie came to power in 1991 and has taken her people further back than when she came to office. She has not had one program that has lifted one person out of the severe poverty that she oversees. For 26 years she has promised the moon and delivered nothing but poverty. These 2 think she is a modern day "Wonder Woman". Unbearable to listen to!!

If you want feminism as a religion, this is for you.   (1/5)

These ladies handle feminism like it's a religion, and treat everything else in relation to it. If men had a podcast where they spoke this way, it would be called chauvinistic.

Unapologetically feminist   (5/5)

I recommend this podcast to everyone I know. The feminist approach to each episode is fantastic, and I always appreciate learning things that haven't been male whitewashed *coughhistorybookscough*. Kudos to the former hosts for rocking an unapologetically intersectional feminist podcast for EIGHT YEARS, and I look forward to the new women as they embark on this new adventure!

Love this Stuff!   (5/5)

I had never listen to stuff mom never told you before Bridget and Emilie became the hosts- (i'm a huge fan of Bridget's because of her activism and just sheer coolness!) I am now totally enjoying this podcast! It is entertaining, informative and thought-provoking. Both hosts are erudite and engaging! Happy to have this podcast in my listening repertoire!

❤️   (5/5)

Great job, ladies! Thank you so much for all of the hard work you do to bring us these podcasts. It is very much appreciated!

Vapid garbage   (1/5)

Intellectual junk food for lefty millennial women.

I do not like listening to the new hosts.   (2/5)

The show has gotten much too political for my taste. It takes away from what can otherwise be a good conversation. If you're not into typical Millennial meme speak (e.g. "I did a thing," "adulting," or "goals"), then this podcast isn't for you.

Share the mic   (3/5)

Can we hear more from Bridget please? I'm optimistic about these new hosts and both seem plenty smart and interesting, but right now it feels like Emilie is directing everything (even doing all of the intros and sign-offs and segues) and Bridget only gets to pipe up every so often to agree or something. Their debut episode in particular felt like The Emilie Show, it was kinda glaringly off balance. I'm a big talker so I know it's easy to dominate conversations unintentionally! Emilie please be mindful of that and leave more space for your cohost to contribute and truly co-direct. You both have lots of valuable stuff to share.

You deserve this show!   (5/5)

Women- you owe it to yourself to indulge in this podcast! Very heavy and lite conversations take place and you can tell the hosts are having a blast.

Miss Cristen and Caroline   (3/5)

I'm not a fan of the new hosts. I miss Cristen and Caroline! Disappointed that I found a podcast I'm devoted to and shortly after the hosts switched around :(

Yes!   (5/5)

New hosts are great. I love this podcast.

I have not given up, but...   (3/5)

I too, was a big fan of Cristen and Caroline -- I loved the unabashed feminist perspective on real issues that effect real women -- with a good dash of goofyness mixed in. The new hosts do a fine job with the material, but I really cringe... at the the obnoxious radio commercials! I don't mind the hosts reading ad copy for their sponsors, like other podcasts do, but the icky slick FM rock radio commercials are a real turn-off. Sorry. I'll hang on until they drive me completely nuts.

Old shows Interesting new shows just politics   (1/5)

The old shows covered lots of interesting topics. Since 2016 (and especially 2017) the show is just feminist politics.

New hosts could be better...   (3/5)

I really liked Cristen and Caroline. I like the new hosts and the new "urbanesque" flair of the show...but Bridget sounds like a 15 year old valley girl from 1980. She must use the word "like" about 40 times per episode. She's actually a really good writer and doesn't do that in the articles that she writes. I want to love her but I find that I cannot listen to a full episode from the " valley speak". She's way to intelligent to speak so unprofessionally and annoying. Please stop! I want to listen to the podcast!

Don't bother listening to episodes from 2017 or later!   (1/5)

As an avid SMNTY listener for years, I was disappointed when Cristin and Caroline left the show. I was so hopeful that the new hosts would maintain the integrity of the show, while putting their own spin on it. Well, the spin is there but the show is garbage. Some voices should not be on the radio. I used to tell everyone I could how informative, funny and feminist SMNTY was, and now, unfortunately, I have nothing positive to say. I can't wait for unladylike (the future product of the former hosts) to develop and start streaming episodes! I'm unsubscribing from SMNTY today!

New Hosts   (3/5)

I'm a new listener and have been enjoying the classic episodes. I tuned in yesterday to hear the new hosts and it was difficult for me to listen to. While I realize that not all podcasters may have broadcasting training, I just couldn't get over how often they used "like" in their dialogue. To me, it was really distracting from the actual content.

Not much fun   (1/5)

The title (and commercials on other podcasts) makes it sound like it's going to be about cool stuff you never knew. I assumed it would be geared towards a female audience, but I didn't know it was going to be all feminist talk. I'm a woman who does not identify as a feminist because I find them to be preachy, but I do make an effort to listen to them. This show? I got through 3 episodes before I decided I was done. I tried. It was everything that makes me distance myself from feminists in daily life. The hosts seem bright and witty, and I liked them despite feeling that my female perspective about inequality wasn't represented at all.

Like, please stop saying like   (3/5)

I've loved listening to SMNTY and looked forward to the new hosts but- wow. I overuse the word "like" sometimes but to hear it in a podcast as an all-too frequent filler word is difficult. The content is great but ... it would be easier to stay tuned in if this bad habit was lessened.

Had real potential.   (1/5)

Had real potential to provide solid info but it is liberal biased 100%. Not worth the listening.

New hosts...   (3/5)

Change is good and the new hosts seem like nice people committed to continuing the podcast, but please try to not say "like" so often 😔 it's a bit distracting.

Not for me   (3/5)

Evokes frustration in me

Love the podcast   (5/5)

Good information presented in a witty and intelligent manner. Always an easy and enjoyable listen for me.

Great gws podcast   (4/5)

I really like this podcast and use it in my gender studies class. I don't always love the topics, but most of them are good. I also don't love the hosts like I love Stuff You Missed in History class hosts Holly and Tracy, but they are very good. Overall really solid review of some important issues.

Amazing podcast!   (5/5)

Cristen and Caroline are great! They work very well together and their content they talk about is on point. 👌

The hypocrisy is real   (1/5)

Let's talk about how you say that Beyoncé is a feminist package when Taylor swift has literally just turned feminist without being feminist with her "girl squad" when the only reason she is famous is clinging herself to a man. You talk about white feminist while not even been aware that your are the epitome of white feminism.

They are too extra for me   (1/5)

I don't like this Podcast and feel they are extreme feminists to the point I can't watch

Very witty, but turning into a feminist podcast   (3/5)

There are many podcasts that focus on women's health, and even a few that can woman-splain concepts if you are having trouble grasping them. Some of the topics (and the hosts discussing them) have been leaning towards feminists ideals. While that is not a bad thing, this podcast started off as being on topics of things "mom never told you." Be selective on which you listen to, but the topics that your interested in knowing more about are discussed in a thoughtful and respectful way.

Love the content. Not the chatter.   (3/5)

I like following them on fb more. Iearn more faster.

Dry as a desert   (2/5)

It's okay, if you like to listen to a bunch of girls rattle off facts they researched on the internet. They don't take it further than this ever, which is exactly what makes a podcast interesting.

Thank you for covering Feminist Transphobia!   (5/5)

Thank you so much for conducting the episode on Feminist Transphobia the way you did! It was very well done.

Enlightening   (5/5)

I am a progressive male and find this podcast very informative and amusing.

Really going to miss you ladies!   (5/5)

I've only been listening to podcasts for the last year, and the HSW sweet is such a rich treasure chest of variety. But this one has really made me think, and really reach deep to think about our history and our future, as women, as citizens and has neighbors. Thanks for the gift of introspection! I'm looking forward to your next venture; waiting for the first newsletter!

Sad to see it go   (5/5)

I have only listened to this podcast for the past few months and I was shocked to hear it go. I will greatly miss this show and I am so thankful for being able to listen to these girls with all of their helpful information. Defintiley would recomend listenng to the old eposides to hear about some stuff mom never told you.

Annoying   (1/5)


??   (5/5)

Sad to hear that it ended..............

What happened?!?!?!?   (5/5)

I really liked this show. What's up howstuffworks?

One of my favorites!   (5/5)

This podcast is phenomenal. Whether you're a diehard feminist or not, you will learn a ton and love this podcast. Caroline and Cristen do a phenomenal job of researching fascinating, diverse topics with an in-depth, informed, and professional approach. They voice both sides of issues, which is absolutely vital, especially in our current political climate. As a feminist, I appreciate their willingness to voice both sides of issues because this helps me to be more well-rounded and informed. I tell all of my socially-conscious friends that they absolutely have to listen. Try just one episode. You'll be hooked.

So good   (5/5)

I wish this podcast had been around when I was younger. It's so good, informative, positive, etc. I heap all the praise!

Fascinating topics and awesome research!   (5/5)

Great in all ways!

Brilliant   (5/5)

I had been searching for an informative, feminist focused podcast and this did not disappoint. These ladies are hilarious and so intelligent and they have taught me so much. I recommend this to everyone

Chicken Soup for the Researcher's Soul   (5/5)

This podcast is excellent for a deep dive into the topics on each episode. I love that Cristen and Caroline embed references to the research in their audio, and then make it availabe on the website, in case you want to do your own further research. As a college adjunct, this podcast is what made me start recommending that my students look to non-traditional sources, like podcast, in their research.

Informative and entertaining   (5/5)

You gals do your homework! Such an informative and funny podcast. Can't go wrong with HowStuffWorks.

Refreshing!   (5/5)

I love this podcast for the variety of topics discussed and how each episode feels like a "real talk" discussion with a bunch of your progressive-thinking friends (side note: As a social worker, the "Thank a Social Worker" episode made my life).

Feminism for the win   (5/5)

Such a thoughtful and engaging take on history, pop culture, and more with a smart feminist lens. Cristen and Caroline are smart, funny, and their content is top notch. It's one of the podcasts I recommend most often to friends.

Great variety, okay delivery   (4/5)

I loooove the variety of feminist topics covered on the show, and the two white, straight, cisgender hosts have great intersectional politics, but they're quite monotone and sound bored pretty often. I'd love to hear a host who is... not white or cisgender or straight. It feels quite forced to hear them talk about intersectionality without actually practicing what they preach.

Over it   (2/5)

I've probably listened to around 20 episodes of this podcast. I craved more "Stuff You Should Know" and thought this might be similar. It's not. Comparatively, the hosts are much less prepared on the subjects and present a very narrow/biased part of the topic. The episodes are beginning to all sound the same as the show is mostly the thoughts and ideals of the hosts, which are honestly a bit extreme and dramatic. Great idea for a show, different hosts and more genuine information would make it better. P.S. Pretty sure they say "cis gender white male" in every episode. And "antidotally" 9 times per episode.

Goodbye......   (1/5)

I am a long time listener and loved the show but after "Election Hangover" I must say good bye. I've always known the hosts' views leaned politically left but I don't want to surround myselft with people who think exactly like I do. But according to "Election Hangover", if one did not vote for Hillary Clinton, it was a vote for "white supremacy". There is no basis for this horrible statement at all, just a mean, hurtful accusation based on emotion. Apparently the hosts support of diversity only refers to skin color, sex, and sexual orientation -- not a difference in political opinions. I am sick of being called a "racist" because I don't have the same political opinions. Talk about marginalizing people, you two have succeeded in doing the very thing you hate. Signed, A Deplorable

Bleeding liberal crybabies   (1/5)

Hangover after election, makes me embarrassed to be a Woman. We fought to hard in the past to have people like you on the radio. Thumbsdown.

No class   (1/5)

Listened to half of one episode. If you really want women to be stronger. Don't publicly cry like children over an election.

C & C are Nasty Women   (5/5)

I could say that Cristen and Caroline are smart, compassionate, funny, and articulate. I could say that the podcast has made me laugh, made me cry, made me check my privilege on more than a few occasions, and made me feel not so alone as a feminist in a very conservative area. They are all those things, but most of all they are Nasty Women. Keep fighting the good fight, ladies.

Favorite podcast ever.   (5/5)

A must listen. Great hosts. Great topics. Thought provoking and smart feminism. We need this podcast now more than ever.

Fembot7147   (5/5)

Long time listener going on 7 years, love this podcast it means a lot to me !!

Love it   (5/5)

Love the informative yet entertaining delivery these women do.

Interesting, well researched and dynamic   (5/5)

This podcast is well researched and full of great information while also being funny and engaging. I appreciate the inclusive and thoughtful mindset that presents a feminist point of view that promotes equality for all people.

It's okay   (3/5)

It feels good to listen to when you want to get your feminist on, but it constantly paints women as the hapless victims patriarchy which strips away a lot of their agency. Over all, the show is well produced but it does edge toward the forgettable.

Feminism!   (5/5)

They read my email on the show, so how can I not give them 5 stars!

Unsubscribed today   (1/5)

Early on, this was actually a show that addressed women's issues. But somewhere along the line, it morphed into a show that panders to leftist feminist types. Congratulations on alienating half of your natural demographic, ladies. It's too bad the rating scale doesn't have a "negative star" option.

All time favorite Podcast <3   (5/5)

I used to feel like I was struggling to find peace of mind as a 22 year old feminist who hangs around a lot of guys and women who aren’t familiar with issues ideologies of the movement. I’ve been listening for over a year now and it’s easily my favorite. Cristen and Caroline are great at explaining complex histories, and are super funny. I find myself cracking up often and learning a lot. Thanks for the great work! <3

Informative and often funny   (4/5)

Clever and witty, friendly and relatable, knowledgeable and humble. The hosts do the research you Clever and witty, friendly and relatable, knowledgeable and humble. The hosts do the research you wish you had time to do. They present thorough background and usually balanced POVs (sometimes biased, but that doesn't affect my rating - it's in ways you can detect and sort through). You can learn a great deal and laugh or cry along the way. Lost a star for being a little too long for me to commit to listening often, and how star-struck they can be sometimes with celebrities.

Never realized how much I didn't know.   (5/5)

Love these ladies and the subject matter they choose. I never realized how much I didn't know, and I can thank these gals for filling in the huge gaps for me. It's really sad how bad U.S. education is and how most of the subjects they go over were barely touched, if at all. I appreciate how much research they do before each episode.

Why does this make me so happy??   (5/5)

I never thought I'd say I thoroughly enjoyed podcasts... But these ladies make me laugh out loud, ponder, and start deep conversations with friends after the broadcast. Like seriously. They're so great, and have helped me understand so much politically and why a lot of things are viewed certain ways because of past history. The research may be alittle liberal but aren't all podcasts biased one way or another? I can definitely say I enjoy this podcast more than Netflix!!! (oh my gosh don't tell anyone though!)

Perfect every time!   (5/5)

Eye-opening and hilarious! Best possible combination! The research holds water and I love the hosts' personalities! Love this podcast!

MissaKae   (4/5)

The super early episodes? ...skip them. But the later ones from the past few years? Excellent! This is definitely something you don't want to go in order with because it did get a lot better over time. This podcast is my go-to for well-researched feminist radio.

They listen   (4/5)

These ladies listen to their audience. Very inclusive.

Avoided this podcast & now addicted.   (5/5)

So I kept seeing the title and thinking, this isn't my type of podcast. I WAS SOOO WRONG. These ladies are intelligent, witty, and seriously entertaining. I now have my boyfriend hooked on the podcast also. So many interesting topics. I have found so much information, relatable for myself and others. You ladies are HEROES!

Inspiring   (5/5)

I truly appreciate the topics and views provided in this podcast. I listen daily.

So interesting and revolutionary!   (5/5)


Amazing!   (5/5)

This show is keeps me so informed and aware! Don't stop ladies!!!

Fantastic Modern Feminism   (5/5)

Amazing non-judgmental look at lady (and non-lady) issues of today.

Biased reporting--liberal agenda   (1/5)

They wear their politics on their sleeve and their liberal agenda taints what should be unbiased research and reporting. Also they have some vocal habits that are annoying to listen to after awhile. I used to be a listener, but have decided to hit DELETE because I am tired of hearing their own personal political agendas and beliefs seep through into every topic they take on.

The feminist podcast that also makes me laugh   (5/5)

C and C do amazing in depth research on a variety of topics that are under the umbrella of feminism but really apply to the human race. They balance the often academic nature of the topics with the ever important why does this even matter question every podcast. They educate and entertain me every week.

I love Cristen and Caroline   (5/5)

These 2 women are great show hosts. They are smart and funny. They play off of each other very well. I really apprreciate it that they are feminists. I look forward to every one of their podcasts and always feel better afterwards. Thank you for this podcast!

Interesting and informative   (4/5)

One of the first podcasts I've listened to, teaching me about women's rights before I even knew what feminism meant. The quality/balance between education and anecdotes varies between episode, meaning you might learn more about some topics than others. But nevertheless each episode is very well done.

Smart! Funny! Women!   (5/5)

Everything about this show is wonderful except Kissing Jessica Stein was *not* a great lesbian movie

Educational, entertaining, and enlightening!   (5/5)

This podcast is everything! I learn so much every time I listen. It has exposed me to so many different topics and has kept me entertained and informed on my commute to work and even during the day! I definitely recommend, especially for anyone looking to be more informed on various topics and seeing them through a feminist and intersectional lens!

Witty & informative   (5/5)

This podcast offers a wealth of information in a clever and entertaining package.

Dumbed down   (1/5)

I've been listening about a year and only enjoyed a handful of episodes. There is very little info relayed and the majority of topics deteriorate into personal stories of how they are affected. The recent topic on sports boob they kept talking about how important breast health information is to women and young girls then proceeded to mostly talk about their own boob stories. I listen to a lot of podcasts so I get that in depth discussions don't always fit the format but informative shows should contain information.

Fills a barely-occupied niche, but not as great as it can be   (3/5)

Informative, but not radio lab or freakonomics levels of formal. Leans more towards the two-friends-chatting format which is not for me, but stays structured and informative enough to keep me listening. Sometimes you can hear the hosts laugh at very inappropriate things. This is a minor nitpick. Mostly they mention white women. Some episodes are indeed the history of WOC but overall there is little mention of Asians or Latinas or native Indians or other NBPOC, not surprising since there are not many WOC in America and they were often not privileged enough to do anything that could be written down in history, but there are nuggets of history that have not been covered. In addition to this I feel that they don't adequately cover their topics. Brevity is understandable since they are a podcast and have to cap their episodes at a certain length lest all listeners ears glaze over, but like in the most recent boxing episode, there could be more historical coverage and less opining about patriarchal attitudes. We already know that patriarchal attitudes stymie everything, which is why we listen to a podcast called Stuff *Mom* Never Told You. Basically, I would love it if this podcast went deeper.

Hands down, favorite podcast   (5/5)

Basically, two smart, funny women invade your head twice a week and it👏is👏awesome👏. Noteworthy episodes: Notorious RBG, lady mechanics, Boston marriages, NASA's hidden computer women, Margaret Mead, cliteracy, and recently, the librarian episodes. Listen to this podcast. Do it. Don't be a dummy. Just listen. It's not that hard. Listen. Okay, sleep now.

The podcast that got me hooked on podcasts   (5/5)

Can't say enough good things about this podcast. C&C are dedicated researchers who aim to get counter-narratives told and told the right way. While it could easily be a white feminist podcast, C&C take extra care to address intersectionality, privilege, and erasure of marginalized people and their experiences. As someone who works at a campus-based women's center (which you should totally do an episode on), I'm the person who starts most convos with "I was listening to this podcast..." and refer to a great piece of info I learned about gender or women's issues. The podcast helps keep me relevant and abreast to important issues. Thank you!

Informative   (5/5)

Extremely relevant and fiercely feminist. I'm surprised (but not really) that it's not on the top charts.

Love   (5/5)

Love these ladies. Yay feminism!

One of my all time favorites   (5/5)

I learn sooooo much! & I laugh out loud a lot!

Love this Podcast   (5/5)

This is the podcast I never knew I needed in my life until I found it. The topics are diverse, well researched and enjoy learning about many unsung heroes in world of women. My fiancé even likes it on road trips and he often prefers nutrition podcasts. Keep brining the great topics and brining these incredible women and stories to the forefront!!

Insufferable host Cristen   (1/5)

I tried to like this podcast but instead found it to be an insult to my gender and my intelligence. I listened to over 30 episodes but I cannot do it anymore. This podcast is merely an hour long ego stroke for two privileged and sheltered white girls who think they understand the plight of others. It is an hour of Cristen's annoying voice (and those strange accents she takes on.) I listen to these podcasts and realize I have learned nothing new or insightful. By subscribing, I have just encouraged Cristen's insufferable self-indulgence, mindless chatter and faux outrage at the history of minorities. To the producers: there's a lot of promise in the premise of your podcast. Get rid of Cristen and I'm sure this podcast will re-climb the popularity chart.

Love C&C   (5/5)

Awesome, always excited to see what you're going to tackle next!

A Disappointing Downturn.   (2/5)

I used to love this podcast. I really did. But the politics of the two hosts (that I actually share) have infiltrated the podcast to such an extent that I can't enjoy the otherwise very good history information. Also, someone must have told the two to speak more slowly, which was very bad advice in my opinion. I had to play it at 1.5 speed for them to sound human!

Love the content but....   (4/5)

I've listened to quite a few of the 'stuff mom never told you' casts, and while I love the content, I find the singing asides, "hashtag" comments and irrelevant pop-culture analogies very distracting! I don't think anyone minds a little humor brought in to a historical or critical theory subject, but I find the humor serves the hosts and not the listener. It seems overly indulgent and takes away from the amazing research and content. I find the way in which the hosts at 'stuff you missed in history class' inject humor into their topics much more appropriate and relevant. Why dilute great content with repeated Brittany Spears references?

Smart!   (5/5)

Stuff Mom Never Told You is really informative and entertaining. I love how honest the hosts are.

Great Podcast!   (5/5)

Cristen and Caroline get into a lot of topics that may seem like they could get you down, but they add a fun, intelligent, thought-provoking spin to a variety of topics (and issues) relevant to women. They're a hoot to follow on Facebook, too!! ❤️

C&C fan-mail   (5/5)

I love you gals! Everytime I listen to the show, it feels like I'm hanging out with my feminist friends, gabbing about life- as you do!

One of my favorite podcasts ever   (5/5)

This podcast is so great, the hosts cover such a great variety of subjects and have really educated me on some things that I haven't had the chance to really think about. Thank you for the great podcast.

Great podcast on learning unsung lessons of female history   (5/5)

Caroline and Cristen are so charming! I love listening to them and they cover the most fascinating topics! I'm always pleasantly surprised by their topics and have learned so much from their podcast. Keep up the wonderful work and I always look forward to hearing your podcast each week! Love you ladies!!!!

Practical discussion, lighthearted delivery   (5/5)

Thank you for adding more well-researched and salient topics into my regular dose of news and pop culture content. Your topics are thought provoking and relevant to a wide variety of listeners. Keep up the good work and please don't compromise your sense of humor as your success grows.

Informative and relatable   (5/5)

I love Cristen and Caroline's rapport and the topics they cover. I've learned so much from listening to their podcast over the years. Keep up the good work!

So informative and thoughtful   (5/5)

Both of these ladies handle complex topics thoughtfully and do their research. Look forward to this podcast exposing the listeners to hot topics, cultural trends and how to make the world a better place.

SMNTY fangirl   (5/5)

You guys are awesome!

Wow   (5/5)

This is so good. I learn so much. Entertaining and enlightened.

Disappointing   (2/5)

I love Stuff You Should Know, so I was really looking forward to another thoughtful, well-informed, factual podcast. This is not that. It's a feminist rant. I guess I should've known that given the name, but it's still worse than expected. It's frustrating to me - as a woman - that there seems to be no way to discuss women's issues without spouting sound bites, catchphrases, and buzzwords every other sentence.

Could you talk any s l o w e r   (2/5)

Please explain things even slower. I love it.

Love the Feme talk   (5/5)

I have listened to SMNTY since my preteen age, Cristen and Caroline bring their research game for every podcast and lay down knowledge. I recommend SMNTY to everyone I know. You ladies make me proud to proclaim that I am a feminist! I can not wait for the future topics to come!!!

Enjoyable   (5/5)

The podcast is focused on women's issues and interests. There is a lot of information covered in an entertaining format.

Love this podcast!   (5/5)

This is one of my favorite podcasts!

Not my go-to, but a good filler   (3/5)

I spend my entire work day listening to podcasts and I listen to quite a variety of them. While SMNTY isn't in my top five, it is one of my go-to shows for filler. C & C are fun and smart and silly. But even as a woman and feminist, I find some of their topics (or maybe just the delivery of the show) to be occasionally boring. They're smart women though, and deserved to be recognized as such. I like how aware of their privilege of white, CIS women they are and how they try (and succeed) and remaining all inclusive when talking about social topics.

Ladies   (1/5)

Too much vocal fry, filler words and general babbling. I don't care for this type of dialogue.

Favorite Podcast   (5/5)

Love these ladies and their great, and informative podcast.

Excellent source of info   (5/5)

Just wonderful! It has reawakened my feminism (it was always there, but the rush of life had affected the focus), it isn't overwhelming, their voices are pleasant. Well researched. Just fantastic!

Amazing   (5/5)

Amazing show!

Some episodes are boring   (2/5)

I've only listened to a few episodes. I like the ones where the pair seem passionate about the subject matter. The others are quite bland with just crammed in info. Like the pee standing up, would have been nice if they took the time to try the devices prior to making a podcast about it. Also, they laughed about Edith commenting to burn the device after use, but garbage incineration is common in Europe so it's not an unusual statement.

Gift from Goddesses   (5/5)

Not only is this podcast highly informative but it is funny and engaging, and I am so glad that I found it! I have been listening for a few months now, and I look forward to this slice of heaven in my car rides and during my downtime in the garden or walking my dogs. C&C speak to my soul, and I can't wait for new episodes to be released. Keep up the amazing work, and come to the Midwest!

Opinions not facts   (1/5)

This is two people sitting together, spewing opinions cast as fact. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but not their own facts. Subscribe if you want to be preached at by two liberal feminists. Look elsewhere for actual information.

Used to love   (4/5)

I love that this podcast exists but honestly these hosts can sometimes be very patronizing. It gets old pretty quick

I’m a SMNTY BFF   (5/5)

SMNTY is like having two amazingly smart & amazingly funny girlfriends who drop by once a week and then blow your mind with the most exhilarating and clever conversation. Every episode has a detail or a story or a fact that I end up referencing later. I just love it to itty bitty rainbow sprinkle pieces!

Biased at times, yet interesting   (4/5)

The women that do this podcast are very funny and clever, but can be a bit biased at times. It is still interesting to listen their opinions and views though.

Great podcast!   (5/5)

Caroline and Cristen are great! They always make me laugh and have great conversations and opinions about contemporary subjects that everyone should be familiar with. I always learn something new from them!

Ladies you are spot on about women in tech!   (5/5)

Ladies I know the podcast I listened to is 3 years old but your podcast on Women In Tech is so spot on. I am a entrepreneur in the tech industry and I can agree its so hard to get established in the industry and to be taken seriously. I feel like someonetimes women just get the scrap tasks and not something that will mold you as a individual. I'm holding strong but I love your podcast keep going ladies! I'm a subscriber for life now. Just trying to catch up :). - Christina Emerson, CEO of Round House Games. -

Smart ladies!   (5/5)

This podcast is an excellent way to learn more about yourself and others, whether you are a man, woman or somewhere in between.

These ladies are the BEST   (5/5)

Two journalists researching topics surrounding the lives of women from a fact-based point of view, as voiced by your best friends. What more could you want out of a podcast? I learn something new every time, and usually come away motivated to make a change for the better in my own life! Side note: This is not an intentionally motivational/self help podcast, they're just that good.

👍🏻   (5/5)

Funny and informative! Love it

Amazing Women!!   (5/5)

Love listening. Have so much love for these ladies!!

Hosts make every episode interesting!   (5/5)

Always amazed by how interesting the episodes are, even ones which are on topics that I didn't think I would enjoy

Informative and valuable   (5/5)

All podcasts should aspire to be like this one - never wastes my time.

Please listen to MomStuff!   (5/5)

The people who create and host this podcast are making the world a better place by sharing their open-minded and empathetic perspective of life, the universe and everything. They're pretty funny, too. Highly recommended.

Thank you ladies   (5/5)

These ladies are the best! I love learning from them, listening to their quirky jokes and always find myself chuckling. They make even the most uncomfortable topics fun to listen to and leave me with great fun facts to share with family and friends. Thank you ladies!

Quite wordy at times but informative and entertaining   (4/5)

I like that nothing is too taboo to talk about and that they talk about it seriously.


I think the chemistry between the two hosts is absolutely spot on. I love how inclusive they are and how smart they are, and how broadly their topics range over just about everything. I never miss an episode. Keep it up!

Love it!   (5/5)

It's great!

Great podcast.   (5/5)

My favorite podcast. Well put together, very organized, well-researched, combined with the perfect touch of personality and charm from the girls. Great job Kristen and Caroline !

I tried.   (1/5)

I attempted to listen to three episodes (just to give it a fair shake) and it just isn't getting any better. Lame topics and annoying upward inflection in their voices. Disappointing.