Aggregated reviews for Stuff You Missed in History Class

Join Holly and Tracy as they bring you the greatest and strangest Stuff You Missed In History Class in this podcast by iHeartRadio.

It used to be great (1/5)

This podcast used to be fabulous, I highly recommend going back and listening to old episodes, so many of the previous hosts were wonderful, I particularly liked Sarah.

Great content / can’t handle hosts’ voices (2/5)

Love the content, but the vocal tone and sound of the hosts’ voices is just really nasally and hard to listen to. Not trying to be critical, they just don’t really have soothing radio voices. Love old episodes with Sarah.

So much good stuff! (5/5)

I love this podcast. It’s interesting, insightful, and informative. I listen while working overnights and it definitely makes work go by faster. Not only that, it’s great to hear about subjects/topics I never would have known about if it weren’t for this podcast

Bad hosts (2/5)

Love the show, but the hosts’ voices are not quite fit for radio; I would be able to look past this except podcasting is a purely audio medium

History (Light) (1/5)

The draw of this show is the breadth of topics covered. It’s Cliff Notes level of the presentations makes for nice light review of topics you know, and nice quick introduction to topics you don’t. The downside of the show is the dripping political correctness, and the soppy immaturity of the hosts. There have been a string of female hosts over the years, and unfortunately, none of them seem to be more mature than about high school. One of the current hosts apparently took some French classes at some point, and tries to pronounce French names with a laughable affected accent. One of them got married recently, and refused to play Swing Music at her wedding for fear of “cultural appropriation”! The incessant apologizing for historical events and institutions they had nothing to do with, and the ridiculous amount of time they spend warning listeners whenever an “adult” topic might be discussed is off-putting. It would be nice if they got an actual historian in one of the slots to act as a foil for the silly millennial mindset. All this being said, the show does cover a very wide scope of topics, and makes for a nice, light listen if you are into history in general.

Not ever!!!!!!😒😤😡🤩❌💯💤🚮0️⃣🔄✖️🎵🗡⚔️🧨💣🆚💣 (1/5)


The best (5/5)

I love this podcast- each episode goes in depth to uncover a piece of history.

I love history (5/5)

The host do an incredible job of delving into some really fun history topics! Thank you guys keep it up.

This Podcast is like the band Rush (3/5)

So just like the band Rush, who has a great rhythm section that serves as firm backbone to build off. This podcasts does for the most part, presents interesting subjects and solid research much, like the guitar work of Rush. But where things go wrong is as soon as the vocals start. Just like Rush’s singer Getty Lee, the voices of the host’s are only tolerable in short doses. Try some voice modulation.

Literally the best (5/5)

I’m a history student, and there’s so much information to consume. This offers a more in depth, personal look at stories and people in history that you wouldn’t have known other wise. Plus, lots of content to binge listen. Absolutely love it.


Holly and Tracy are amazing!!!!! They make the episode come alive with emotion while they speak and really interesting facts!!! Keep up the good work!!!! I have recommended this to all of my friends!!!! I’m only eleven, but I eat every word up, BEST PODCAST EVER!!!!!! Could we have like a three month spooky season? Those are always the best episodes.i was born in 2008, and my parents got me into it, so I have pretty much been listening to this my entire life!!!!!

My Favorite Podcast (5/5)

I listen to about 5 podcasts regularly, but this one is my very favorite!

Very Interesting Topics (5/5)

I really enjoy this Podcasts and the host. They do a really great job researching and explaining. It is both informative and funny.

Wanted to like it (1/5)

I really gave it a go but for crying out loud, get new hosts. The banter and how they sound is too millennial and vocal fry.

My favorite podcast (5/5)

A must for history buff. Listen to it on my commute

My favorite (5/5)

I love these ladies and the passion they put into this podcast. I feel like I’m having an interesting conversation with my besties.

Catacombs (5/5)

Really good show...thanks!

You’ll definitely learn something (4/5)

This is an entertaining, and well researched show. I like both hosts, Holly and Tracy are the best so far. The only reason I don’t give it 5 stars is Holly, in my opinion, over pronounces French words. Some may say she is pronouncing them correctly but it drives me up the wall. Some episodes with French subject matter I have to turn off. Tracy’s French pronunciations sounds more natural to my ear. Don’t let this nonsense, of mine, keep you from listening to this great show.

Awesome awesome awesome (5/5)

Thank God for this podcast and for Tracy and Holly!! Anyone who thinks they are annoying need to get past a Southern accent and appreciate the incredible respect and joy they bring to the history they share. Their cadence is spot-on, always giving my mind the right timing needed to absorb all the wonderful details they include. Their wide range of topics keeps me coming back - been listening for 5 years now and will continue to highly HIGHLY recommend this podcast!!!

A bad snl skit. (1/5)

Anyone else think these two sound like the radio skit on snl advertising Pete’s Sweaty Balls?

Where are all the Halloween history stories? (3/5)

I’m a huge fan, except I’ve been disappointed by the lack of Halloween stories they typically share this time of year!

Too high pitched (1/5)

The person that speaks this has a really high pitched vioce witch is not relaxing at all. And there’s adds at the beginning I watch tv for that.

Love this podcast (5/5)

The hosts are delightful and clearly delighted by history. A real joy to listen to as they explore and explain largely overlooked people and events in history. Absolutely love every episode.

Westernization? I think you meant Colonization!! (1/5)

Please think about how this sort of coded language comes off as an ignorant micro agression de: Liliuokalani episode .

Tone and pace is everything. (3/5)

Content is great. Love the stories. The one thing that breaks this for me are the tone of the hosts voices. Not all the time, only when they go up into the high pitch range... which is often. The other thing is the pace, or cadence of the reporting. This may just be a personal preference, I don’t like energetic, hyped-up casts or ads. I’d watch TV for that. But I killed the TV a decade ago because of that.

No fun (2/5)

I used to love this podcast, but they haven’t told a story that grabs my attention in a really long time. I also feel a lot of the commentary outside the scripted story is very self-indulgent and tired. Some podcasts do self indulgence like an art form, but they do not. They don’t seem to have the same joy for this anymore. I think I may need to let this one go.

Like good friends (5/5)

Holly and Tracey feel like good friends! I love to have their voices playing as I drive! I’ve learned so much, and become more educated in so many aspects of the world through their well-researched podcast. I appreciate their respectful, open-minded take on such a broad spectrum of historical events. I hope to one day attend a live broadcast! Bravo!

Love it! (5/5)

Love, love, love! Thank you for all the interesting topics! I can’t stop listening 👏👏

Just started listening (5/5)

I’m addicted to this podcast awesome to listen to when doing homework! Definitely going to listen to a lot of episodes. Also don’t listen to the haters they are just sad that they can’t be podcasters

Enjoyable fun history (5/5)

I like the quirky delivery. The laughing doesn’t bother me. To me the podcast sounds like 2 smart ladies discussing history.

Enjoyable history tidbits!! (4/5)

I have been listening to the podcast since 2016, and have even dived into the archive for older topics, although I don’t have a full PhD in SYMIHC yet! The majority of episodes are interesting to me, well researched, and fun. Overall a very enjoyable podcast!

Subjects are intriguing. (5/5)

I like history and I enjoy the lesser known details that turn facts into a story. I’m committed to this podcast because the subjects are almost always unusual and intriguing. I’ve seen that some reviewers are critical of the presentation. The presenters enjoy a friendly banter that is relaxed and natural. I much prefer this to a stilted presentation where I’m obviously being read to. The bottom line is the material is well researched and fully explored. No amateur historian would be unappreciative.

Accent and pronunciation (2/5)

The attempts made by the host regarding French accents and pronunciation make some episodes unbearable

Review (1/5)

I’m a woman and I also believe their laughs are super obnoxious so there goes the misogynistic men theory. They are terrible podcasters who make everything sound scripted and laugh at their own not funny jokes.

Funny and informative (5/5)

I guarantee you every person who has given a negative review saying their voices or laughs are annoying are just misogynistic men. Men never say another man’s voice or laugh is annoying. Don’t listen to ignorant male fuckwits - give these two intelligent and funny women a listen instead.

Like the concept but... (3/5)

I really like the concept of this podcast, but the delivery lacks. Always sounds more like a knowledgeable book report than an engaging story. Makes me appreciate the better story tellers I find on other shows.

Let’s go ladies!!! (5/5)

Yeah, it’s scripted. But they’re not trying to have “genuine” reactions and making it sound like bad acting. They have genuine reactions.

Love it love it love it (5/5)

Hi, I’m twelve and I love this show.My sister and I listen to it every night!!You ladies are our inspiration for learning history!School used to be so boring until we heard about stuff you missed in history class, then I realized that history is made every second in life.(P.S.: I want to be just like you when I grow up.)

Bite-size morsels... (4/5)

...of arcane history that fill in gaps just like the title says. Voices are nerdy, unique, NOT irritating. Holly & Tracy sound glad to be here, they are appropriately opinionated and careful to disclose when facts are missing. They are not above editorializing; great for a podcast. Episodes are not too short; any ads are irritating, but it's free.

Really cool variety of topics! (5/5)

I have loved this podcast for years. They do a great job with research, cover a really wide variety of subjects, and are generally fun, funny, and relatable! I also appreciate the attention given to listener requests and the sheer amount of content available. There’s lots to love for anyone, even if you just pick and choose episodes.

Great podcast for history (5/5)

I have listened to this from the beginning and love Holly and Tracy. The episodes are a good entry into each topic and they do their best to make the story interesting.

Quick briefings on history topics (4/5)

Really enjoy this podcast, as the topics really do vary from century to century and continent to continent. Love the fact that the ladies put their own opinions in there. Two downsides, 1. I can definitely tell they are reading from a script (fine, I guess, as that’s the format of this podcast.) 2. 95% of the time I can’t tell the two hosts apart. They sound identical.

Ratings (1/5)

I wanted to give it a “4” but my fat fingers hit the five. It was an interesting few moments but not something I want to pay for!

Hey (3/5)

For lyoii

It’s ok (3/5)

This is such a great concept but it’s so uptight and lacks personality. It feels like it’s just being read from a script with forced jokes and nothing terribly special. I really wanted to like it more but just couldn’t get past how cookie cutter it is.

Love it!!!!!!! (5/5)

Spot the difference!!!!!! 😰😰😰😰😨😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😨😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰

Love Love Love it! (5/5)

I’ve been listening for about 2 years now and I absolutely love it! Holly & Tracy are great! Keep up the awesome work!!!

I just can’t (2/5)

I realized that I was letting episodes pile up. I was getting the “Not Interested Anymore?” question on SYMHC feed. I felt like listening to this was good for me, you know, like eating a high fiber diet. I tried to ignore Holly’s horrible, nervous laughter and her completely annoyed over-the-top pronunciation of French names and vocabulary. I’ve recently discovered a different podcast that covers some of the same territory in a much more enjoyable way. I am deleting this one from my list. I did try.

Robert Liston episode (3/5)

“Holly’s and my’s”. Really? I mean, Really?

Not sure which one, but one host’s laugh is too much to handle (3/5)

I really want to like this podcast, but the occasional super annoying laugh from one of the hosts is unbearable. It’s one of those gutteral, insane ones that’s hard to explain but you’ll know when you hear it.

Too many commercials (2/5)

I enjoy the hosts and most of the content but there are way too many commercials.

Love this show! (5/5)

Love the topics, plus Holly and Tracy are great hosts!

A good listen for new and old episodes (5/5)

I’m very nearly through the entire catalogue and I’ve learned so much. Holly and Tracy clearly do the research, but never make anything too academic or dry which makes for easy, informative listening. I would also greatly suggest this if someone’s looking for a podcast where they can actually go through the backlogs because the episodes hold up to listening no matter how many years have passed.

Texas (1/5)

Extremely disappointed in the ladys not doing research on how to pronounce County names in Texas. Also a Boring Snoozefest

It’s okay (3/5)

I am not good at podcasts. They really need to hold my attention. These podcasts are informative, but unfortunately, I feel like I’m being read to instead of feeling like I’m listening to a conversation.

Just ok (3/5)

The topics are getting boring. And nothing about the titles of each episode is exciting so I end up skipping them all together.

Powerful (5/5)

I have listened for years and truly enjoy the show. I have a soft spot for humanities. Thank you ever so much.

I just can’t do it anymore (1/5)

The sing-song reading off of scripts has become worse. They alternate reading back and forth in such a boring, transparent manner. Most of all I can’t deal with Holly’s voice and behavior anymore: besides being the most nasally voice I have ever heard recorded on any media, she is laugh-talking at all times (even when it’s inappropriate) and then just stopping to laugh uproariously for the most minor reason. I haven’t listened for the last couple of months because I dread hearing the guffaws and giggling throughout. I guess this has just degenerated into Holly’s show where she indulges every thought that pops into her mind that she finds hilarious. After a couple years of listening, I’m done. Deleting the whole thing.

Used to be good... (1/5)

After several years of listening to every podcast I have given up. These podcasts have become one sided with the presenters opinions treated like fact. There are a lot better podcasts about history out there.



I love this podcast (5/5)

It’s the best! So fun for road trips! I’ve learned lots, thanks!

Please change the hosts! (1/5)

The hosts are terrible. They sound like they are reading directly from Wikipedia. Not engaging at all. I so wished this was good, the topics are very interesting but terrible delivery.

They make learning history interesting (5/5)

I have learned so much history from this podcast. They do research and make sure facts are as accurate as possible. Perhaps a little too much interest in whether people were homo/bi/intersex, but otherwise very good. When I was in school I thought history was just memorizing a bunch of dates and didn’t recall much at all. I am glad to have this “class” available. Thanks. And the hosts keep it real. They sound like fun ladies I would enjoy visiting with.

Used to be great... no below average (2/5)

This show used to have so many amazing episodes. I was always looking forward to what would be next. Recently, it has become so boring. I have tried to listen to an episode but it is just so dry, I end up turning it off. Tracey and Holly seem like they don’t even like each other and it really changes the listening experience. Also it has become a glorified biography show. It’s the “ let’s pick some random small character from history and tell you about their life” show rather than the engaging and interesting stories from history the show used to have.

Entertaining and educational (5/5)

The hosts are very careful about their research. When some quotes/sources are unreliable but included to advance a narrative or to present an ongoing debate, they make sure it is clear. When there’s question about facts, they correct and clarify in future shows. The presentation often includes surprising or lesser known aspects and perspectives. Extremely entertaining and educational at the same time.

Great English Convent Case - but WHY?? (1/5)

Just listened to this and could not figure why nobody addressed or even speculated WHY this abuse of the nun had happened. It makes no sense. Super annoyed I wasted my time on this.

Disappointingly bland (3/5)

I found this podcast because I’m a long time fan if Stuff You Shoukd Know but I was disappointed. Most of the bad reviews on this cast are rooted in misogyny, so I didn’t think there would be a real reason not to l8e it. Unfortunately, it just doesn’t have any of the charm of SYSK. The hosts sound like they’re reading bullet points from a paper and there’s very little color or excitement when discussing topics that should be riveting. My actual history class is much more interesting, seriously.

Interesting! (5/5)

Love the topics and the hosts.

Too many ad reads🙄 (3/5)

August 31 2019 episode. It’s a decent podcast and some interesting topics and information, but my goodness the ad reads were like every five minutes in this. I don’t mind one or two but on shorter podcast episodes, having multiple ads is super annoying.

Yer Midwestern Aunt (1/5)

Voices made for the silent pictures. Very strong Midwestern accents. Interesting stuff but impossible to listen to.

New hosts?! (1/5)

Loved listening with the original hosts, unfortunately I can’t get through an episode with these new women. They do sound like they’re reading from a script and seems very unnatural. Also seems to have gotten less “history” more political.

Love this! (5/5)

I just love this podcast. Interesting topics, great hosts. I especially enjoy listening to these podcasts on road trips and will listen to episodes back to back.

Good, but... (4/5)

They sound like they’re reading from a script. I wish they had a more natural delivery.

The commercials are out of control (2/5)

I love this podcast and I’ve listen to it for a long time but I just can’t listen to it anymore. The commercials are just out of control it’s mostly commercials and that’s it. I also think the episodes could be a little bit longer and more in depth. But mostly I’m no longer listening because the commercials are ridiculous. Did I mention that the commercials are ridiculous?

Wonderful podcast (5/5)

Fascinating and fun historical stories. Really informative and makes long car trips go by so quickly!

Great listen (5/5)

Facts with little,to no diversions.. on subject and delivered well to the listener

Not the droids you are looking for. (2/5)

If you like stale narratives about men being oppressive, abusive and the main reason women aren’t in more history books, this is the podcast for you.

I think it’s funny (5/5)

Why do people say they love it, give it 4 stars and then offer no specific suggestions for improvement. I love this podcast it’s smartly executed with out sounding elitist. Keep up the great work!

*Listens to one episode and unsubscribes* (1/5)

The topic was interesting but between the host and the ads I can’t do another episode. Too much virtue signaling and pseudo-history in the episode too.

Obsessed (5/5)

Since I found this podcast a year ago, I have yet to stop binging episodes, old and new. The hosts are engaging and do an incredible job covering difficult topics with grace and respect, and this show has truly broadened my mind and my worldview. Great job ladies keep up the good work!

Fantastic Podcast! (5/5)

Not sure what’s so “wrong” about the hosts bc I love them! They make this podcast great! I’ve listened to the back catalog with the previous hosts and if you want to fall asleep or simply relax please listen to their ASMR-like episodes bc they are total snooze fests! Keep up the great work!

Interesting (5/5)

I enjoy listening to this podcast because I am a history junkie myself and I like how it is history from all over the world. It’s captivating and intriguing.

Review (4/5)

I am a fellow history lover. I enjoy the topics covered by Holly & Tracy. I listen to this in the morning. Holly & Tracy please cover more Scottish history. Bonnie Prince Charlie.(for example). Love your work and keep it up.

So addicting/I feel like Holly and Tracy are my friends (5/5)

I love love love this podcast so much! I got into a little over two years ago and I never stop being entertained, entranced and it educated! I love Holly and Tracy so much! I feel like it’s just me sitting in a living room with two friends talking about interesting things and sipping coffee. It’s amazing! Highly recommend! You’ll never be bored!

Such a great show! (5/5)

I love this show so much. It's so interesting, funny, and enlightening.

History teacher love! (5/5)

As a teacher of American History in particular and history in general, I have truly enjoyed this podcast. They do a great job of keeping it entertaining and informative!

I love this!!! (4/5)

They do a great job, and most of it I’ve never heard about in history class!!!

Been listening since I can’t remember (5/5)

I may not listen to EVERY single episode released (this podcast is prolific!), but I’ve definitely heard the majority. And learned so many invaluable pieces of random historical information haha Thanks Holly & Tracy (Dublina & the others over the years)!

Well done! (5/5)

They love their subject and it is reflected in a great podcast! Don't listen to the naysayer trolling about the hosts under different names - they are great! Update - The current hosts have taken this podcast to new levels!

Too short, too many ads (3/5)

This podcast is good but would be so much better if episodes were longer and had less intrusive ads.

Please change hosts (3/5)

I used to listen to this podcast ALL the time because the info is great and the hosts were easy to listen to. Unfortunately, as I’ve come back to this show, I just cannot stand to listen to this woman’s voice.

Love love love (5/5)

I honestly can’t believe that this podcast doesn’t have all 5 star reviews!!! I am in love with every episode and have learned so much! It really helps get me through long days at work, cleaning, car rides, etc

Formatting suggestion (5/5)

I love this series and it makes a great companion on solo road trips. My one suggestion would be: on the feed of past episodes it’s awkward that part two is above part one and will get listened to first if one is no able to switch them, as when you’re driving. Is there a remedy for this?

Soothing and Knowledgeable (5/5)

Besides the fact that the hosts unearth some serious gems about lesser-known historical figures and events, the hosts’ voices are incredibly friendly and soothing. It blew my mind to realize they recorded in different cities, but I thoroughly enjoy listening to them each week for both content and the calmness they provide (even when discussing the bleakest of things).

Good (1/5)

But you know the network is hella shady

Love Tracy and Holly (5/5)

This show is great! I hope they never stop

Less well known history (5/5)

Tracy and Holly research and discuss people, places and events that were probably not discussed in your history classes. They pick great topics anyone interested in history will LOVE!

Eh it’s okay (2/5)

I’ve listened to a few episodes so far. The hosts give good information, but it sounds like they are just reading everything they say off a a sheet of paper or right out of a textbook. They also seem to fail to explain things sometimes. I was listening to the episode on the Achaemenid empire and out of no where they called it the Persian empire...they didn’t explain how the two were related which can be confusing. There were also a few other terms they didn’t define.

Great Show (Hosts are Awesome!) (5/5)

I’ve been listening to this show since 2010 and I absolutely love it. The hosts are amazing, bringing an innocent but versed and educated vibe to otherwise unheard of (at least to me) parts of history. Keep doing what you’re doing ladies! Hope this show and you guys keep on for a long time.

One of my favorites (5/5)

This podcast never disappoints. Even when I’m not interested in a topic, the hosts make it interesting to me so I listen to all of them eventually. If you want to learn more, especially about history of women, people of colors, LGBTQ+ and other countries—as well as pieces of forgotten American history, this is the podcast for you! I admire Tracy and Holly’s work so much and appreciate their uncompromising commitment to inclusion and to aspects of history which have been forgotten or underrepresented. Keep it up ladies!

Amazing podcast (5/5)

Very informative and wonderful narrators.

Excellent! (5/5)

I’m so happy I found this podcast! I love learning new things and Holly and Tracy teach me all things history on daily basis! Just the right mix of facts and humor so I’m not falling asleep like I did in history class. Thank you!!

Fantastic show! (5/5)

This is a fantastic show. It is carefully written and goes deep into meaningful topics of history. Love it! Keep up the great work.

Greatest 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂😃 (5/5)

Not for everyone, but if you like it you love it.Great work,a little silly, is very funny.

Great hosts,Great podcast (5/5)

For those people Who said that the hosts were bad,they might not know what great hosts are.I’ve learned so much more thanks to this podcast,and I hope you will continue it for a very long time.

Ok, but hosts’ voices distract (3/5)

Interesting topics could be made better by fewer personal reactions from hosts and by being read by less grating voices.

IN listener (5/5)

Keep it coming ladies! Fabulous hosts with informative but entertaining narratives. So sorry I missed the live show when it came to Indy.

I can’t with the voices. (1/5)

Not EVERYONE and your mom is suited for podcasting.

Thanku!byItsmejenn (5/5)


Fun and fascinating! (5/5)

My favorite podcast! Fun, engaging, educational, fabulous, seriously THE BEST!!

Good script annoying hosts (3/5)

Nuff said

Stuff has fallen off (1/5)

Had to tap out after listening to a best of episode where the current host had a disclaimer before the episode apologizing that they used the word prostitute instead of sex worker. I don’t trust Stuff you missed in History anymore. Woke SJW’s are notorious for rewriting omitting and shading history to fit their views. I don’t trust this to be history I’m more inclined to see it as indoctrination.

So fun and fascinating (5/5)

I love this podcast! It’s definitely all stuff I missed in history class🤗 it’s so interesting and you learn a lot! One thing is not all the episodes are for kids, there is an occasional reference to affairs and things BUT it is still a great show!

Downhill Slide (2/5)

My husband and I have been regular listeners for years but now skip half the episodes as just too boring. The current hosts push their agenda in an overbearing and obvious manner starting with their their episodes in early 2017 or so. The only thing keeping us listening is the archive shows from past hosts. Try History Chicks or a dozen other better history podcasts out there. Such wasted potential

They should just call it what it is “obscure slightly influential women of history” (1/5)


Like ads? (1/5)

Listen to this podcast to hear an advertisement every 3 minutes

Tip tip (5/5)

Exquisitely written and professionally delivered history lessons on sometimes complicated topics. The hosts have distinct voices and personalities that are charmingly geeky. Thank you ladies for this podcast legacy.

Great History and Entertaining Hosts (5/5)

This was one of the first podcasts I was able to share and interest my parents and friends with. The variety of topics across a wide catalogue provide plenty of interesting topics for about anyone, and the hosts are great!

Pretentious (1/5)

You know that guy? The one who comes back from Spain, talking about ‘Barthelona’? Or who insists on ordering in broken Spanish at the taqueria? That’s these two. We get it, you took French class. You literally pronounce Spanish words in a French accent. The podcast used to be good, but now they just read off a script. If I want to hear history spoken to me, I can ask Siri to read Wikipedia.

Love (5/5)

I have two degrees in history and I love this podcast! I love the stories that are covered and the shared love for cats.

Too narrow (2/5)

I’m disappointed about the sexist reviews on here about their voices...that being said, as a long time listener it’s seems that the scope of what they cover has become very narrow with an obvious agenda. I still listen every time an episode comes out but I find it’s becoming more and more background noise that I tune out as I’m doing chores. It’s just become boring.

Métis (3/5)

I just found this podcast and since I’m from Saskatchewan, I was immediately drawn to the Winnipeg Strike of 1919. In the beginning the hosts mention the Métis people (mix of French & Canadian Indigenous). It’s pronounced may-tee & the hosts were pronouncing it like “petty” with the “p” being replaced with an “m”. So, I’m listening to the story thinking, “what’s a metty?” Ha!! Then I had to start reverse the podcast a few minutes because I kept thinking, “I don’t think these two hosts are Canadian. Who call the Métis people Metty?” Anyway, I thought that was funny. This is my first episode, so I can’t give a 5 stars yet.

Amazing (5/5)

I LOVE SYMIHC. Whenever I am feeling down, I turn on Holly and Tracy in order to raise my spirits. I had the privilege of attending a live show and it was just as great as I thought it would be. If you’re looking for your next binge, this is it. Keep it up!

You can’t please everybody, BUT: (5/5)

I’ve been listening to this podcast for a few years now and I love it! I’ve learned so many interesting things about women’s history AND history in general that I didn’t know before. I love your voices and your contagious laughter during the lighter history lessons. Your handling of somber topics is respectful and sincere. You’ve buoyed my spirits while I’ve struggled with depression and stress and I look forward to future shows. Thank you for Stuff You Missed in History Class! Cookie in Oregon (my maternal Grandma gave me the nickname... I was her little Cookie, sweet enough to eat!) ❤️

Please trade out the hosts (1/5)

I used to love love love this show but once Holly/Tracy got into the podcast, I just couldn’t anymore. I still check periodically to see if they’ve traded hosts out yet (which frequently happened before, which I didn’t mind). Just please please trade them out. I know Tracy is the boss so she won’t be leaving any time soon but be humble and give someone else the reins.

boring (1/5)

listened to popsicle episode ... talk about short and boring

Only 2017-2019 avail? (5/5)

Why aren’t the episodes prior to 2017 available to listen to?

Laughter is not the best medicine (1/5)

Had to unsubscribe. The ladies laughing at their “jokes” and the often boring topics were too much for me. Try History Chicks instead

Live this show! (5/5)

Love this show!

This show has gone downhill, HARD (1/5)

I've tried to ignore the bad reviews and give the current hosts the benefit of the doubt, but they're just terrible, especially Holly. The only way I can keep listening to this podcast is to go back and listen to old episodes with different hosts. I don't agree with sexist "vocal fry" comments, but Holly's nervous snorting giggle fits are unpleasant and distracting. The noise can only be described as a "chortle" and most of the time I don't understand why she's doing that. Add the fact that Holly takes every opportunity to announce how she doesn't care for children and loves cats, she's the sterotypical annoying hipster. Lastly, I'm interested in women's history but not ONLY women's history. If they're only going to cover women's history they should call the podcast "Stuff You Missed in Women's History Class" and quit pretending this podcast is about history in general. It's unbelievable to me the current hosts still have their jobs. They're just terrible.

My favorite (5/5)

My absolute favorite podcast that I always come back to! I love both hosts, they are so knowledgeable, funny, and excited about the topics they cover. You can quickly see the research that was put into each episode. Huge variety of topics as well!

So much fun (5/5)

I love listening to y’all. Thank you for what you do.

Good info. Bad delivery (1/5)

Impossible to listen to the hosts. Unbearable.

Happy and grateful for Holly and Tracy (5/5)

I love you guys and this podcast. I learned about you guys last year and you have helped me so much. I was going though a hard time and you guys were so soothing to listen to. I have also won a how lot of Trivia Night Games thanks to you guys. Thanks and please keep it up🙂

So funny (5/5)

I’ve stuck with this podcast the longest because the episodes are well researched, easily digestible, and the current hosts are delightful to listen to. I find their rapport charming and I love that you can tell they genuinely enjoy working together. I also really enjoy all the ineffectual male rage in the reviews over a podcast called “stuff you missed” talking about stuff that was skimmed over in history class like women and POC. Everybody keep up the great work, I’ll continue to enjoy Learning from Holly and Tracy and laughing at dumdums in the comment section.

interesting content (5/5)

Nice to hear a podcast without 50% commercial content. a little pc at times but worth listening to.

Great podcast, great hosts (4/5)

.....but beware the “SYMHC Classic” episodes, which feature previous hosts with a breathy delivery style that could be deemed grating. The current duo of presenters are fantastic, funny and informative without being pedantic. Viva Holly Frey et Tracy V. Wilson!

School left out a lot of interesting history (5/5)

I love Holly and Tracy. Ever since I found this podcast I have faithfully listened to every episode. I love history and their program gives me new insight into many historical facts I never knew or just briefly touched on in school. Keep up the good work

Podcasting staple (5/5)

This is one of the best podcasts that I follow and a huge staple in my library. I love history and facts. Both do the host present the topic in an informative and interesting manner. Would absolutely recommend to anyone. I really don’t understand how this podcast doesn’t have 5 stars. So much content! Amazing hosts! So well presented! Thanks ladies for all you do.

Always fascinating! (5/5)

Holly and Tracy are the best. I love how they take a deep dive into little known subjects and bring them to life.

My favorite podcast! (5/5)

The title of this review says it all! This is my favorite podcast!

These two are just terrible (1/5)

I stopped listening after these two were brought on several years ago and I thought I’d wait a year or so and come back to find new hosts, but I find myself disappointed. These two are train wrecks. Not only are they online trolls, they are the most obnoxious people to listen to. Past hosts were phenomenal, and the premise is terrific... I’ll try back in another year. 😒

Listener for years!! (5/5)

I LOVE how well researched and thoughtful the hosts are! With other history podcasts I’ve listened to the hosts sound like they’re guessing at what they’re doing and their research goes as far as Wikipedia... not so with these hosts!! I love SYMIH!!!

I love these ladies!! (5/5)

Tracy and Holly are so much fun! The episodes are always so interesting and a joy to listen to. I definitely suggest giving this podcast a try!

M (2/5)


Delightful Hosts (5/5)

Contrary to the person who wrote that the hosts were annoying, I thoroughly enjoy the genuine and natural demeanor of the hosts. Keep up the great work.

Re: Great program! (5/5)

I have listened since the first podcast. It takes time to get used to the new hosts when there is a change, but I come to love each voice through the history of the show. Just great content, and laid out to us in easy to understand information for our ears enjoyment! Thanks ladies, it is always a joy to listen!

Excellent (5/5)

Tracy and Holly are truly delightful people who make history enjoyable. Their research is solid, and the content is fascinating.

Both entertaining and educational (5/5)

This podcast is so fun to listen to. The hosts are engaging and really tell the story of each event/person in an interesting way with a good cadence!

Enjoyable! (5/5)

I have listened to this podcast for the past five years. I have enjoyed it thoroughly. I have read a lot of negative reviews - mostly about their voices and subject matter. I have also read some people dislike political correctness stating they don’t need to know what race the person was. In history it is important to emphasize achievements or events in which minorities have succeeded against the odds. In regards to subject matter - read the title - if you don’t like it - don’t listen to it. If you aren’t a fan of women’s history then don’t listen to it. As someone pursuing a degree in history, I think it’s also important to point out that history is not as definitive or as easy as one would like. Things are not always black and white. Historical accuracy is relative to who wrote the history and from the person or events point of view. Overall I enjoy this podcast and the hosts are good at delivering information that most of us did not learn in history class.

Women you missed in history (3/5)

This podcast is going downhill with 75% “strong women” history topics. Please keep it balanced, your listeners need you!

Intelligent (5/5)

The current hosts are intelligent, articulate and well educated on the pod cast topics. It’s refreshing to listen to organized intelligent thought covering a wide array of topics. Nice work ladies.

Amazing (5/5)

Incredible podcast with great stories and info! So glad this was recommended to me, PLEASE listen! You will become addicted in one episode ❤️

Best podcast!! (5/5)

Love it so much!!

Awesome!!! (5/5)

I know a lot of comments were saying bad things about the hosts but they are so funny! Their quirky retellings of events can make younger listeners engaged and distracted, especially on long car rides. I love this show!

Great hosts! (5/5)

Wow - people who don’t like the sound of rich, cadenced regional (female) American voices should just opt out of this podcast. Yes I’m looking at you, every person who gave this show a 1-star review because these wonderful female voices somehow offend you. For the rest of us, grounded in empirical data, I find this show fascinating and truly educational even if you’ve read countless history and science texts. Tracy & Holly are hilariously entertaining hosts and I believe the evidence supports that.

Podcasters for Hire (2/5)

I'm disappointed that hosts of the show — who have been known to take holier-than-thou, p.c. positions outside of the podcast — have published an episode-long commercial for a Godzilla movie (May 13). I’ve always gotten the impression that their principles run skin-deep, and this pretty much proves it.

One of the best! (5/5)

Love this show- well researched, not too short or two long, and great hosts. If you’re a history nerd or like good storytelling, Tracy and Holly are here for it. Their friendship is obvious in every episode, and if you want to dig through the archives, past hosts were delightful as well. Can’t recommend it enough!

Engaging and delightful storytelling! (5/5)

I have been listening to this show for a few years now and love everything about it. Tracy and Holly are excellent hosts who bring history to life with their animated, thoughtful and well researched approach. They are dedicated to producing a great show and this really comes across in the way they explain things and make corrections along the way, list show notes and seem genuinely interested in the topics they discuss. I choose this history podcast because it feels like listening to friends who greet life with optimism and enthusiasm. They bring joy to my day! Thank you!

Stuff you Missed in History Class (1/5)

The voice and the deliver are unbearable.

Awesome (5/5)

My favorite pod cast! These two really bring color to history. Interesting and informative. Never drab while staying on topic. Thank You both.

Great show, great hosts! (5/5)

This has been a regular in my feed for years now. Holly and Tracy always bring a fresh perspective, and often the topics I don’t think I am interested in provide the best shows. I am surprised time and again!

Fingernails on chalkboard (1/5)

The hosts voices are so grating - truly cringe-worthy. And they laugh too much. Subjects are ok but the presentation is awful. I’m on the edge of unsubscribing. When they run old shows with the old hosts ...great voices btw... the show is a delight.

Thanks! (5/5)

I just discovered this podcast and have been listening to both current and past episodes. Since much of what is not covered in our history classes is what everyone besides white men was doing, I am delighted with the content and the focus on women and people of color. In contrast to what some other reviewers have said, I think is IS important what ethnicity and gender these actors in history were, because if we SEE it we can BECOME it. The importance of role models cannot be overstated; it’s time to remove the cloak of invisibility we have put over so many people in the way we have written “history” in schools, and give everyone a sense of continuity and empowerment to create what will become tomorrow’s history. (Plus, the hosts are passionate, smart, and fun to listen to!)

Love the show (5/5)

Continue to make great shows ladies. Wish I could come to Paris!



Kristallnacht episode error (2/5)

Hi! First episode I picked to listen to had an inaccuracy? Not sure if I’ll keep listening, but doesn’t seem hopeful. The Sudetenland region was surrendered to Germany by Czechoslovakia in 1938 not by the Austria-Hungary Empire which was dissolved in 1918??? Small error, but annoying.

Thank you! (5/5)

I so much appreciate you ladies! I love history and I love learning things I was never taught in school. It’s great that I can listen with my daughter as well on the way to school.

One of my favorite podcasts! (5/5)

One of my favorite podcasts. Listening to old podcasts I find the hosts a little annoying, but I love the current ones Holly and Tracy. They have great knowledge, but also have such great fun telling us what they’ve learned through their extensive research. And I have learned so much listening to them.

Politically infused (2/5)

The show could be called “How to manipulate history to forward your political agenda.” Classic leftist hosts assuming everyone believes what they believe. Slanted viewpoints on history that should just be... well... history.

Love every show! (5/5)

I learned something new every episode. Entertaining and funny and educational. Love it!

Women who changed the world (5/5)

Love hearing about all the great women in history. Just finished listening to the podcast on Dr Alice Hamilton. Wow what a wonderful person. Our country is a much better place because of her.

Reading tone (5/5)

Great podcast and hard working and dedicated hosts 👍 but the reading tone of the podcast makes it monotonous and hard to continue listening.

They Talk Too Fast and Are Not Enhancing The Program, i.e. they are annoying (2/5)

Could be a fine pod cast series, but I am deleting as the hosts have made me turn it off

That Lame Shrill Voice Torpedo... (1/5)

... sunk this show for me. I cringed through at least 40 episodes before giving up and jumping ship today.

Always super interesting!! (5/5)

I love the host , they speak clearly and can be heard. A really well done podcast!!! Highly recommend. Wish they were around when I was a kid I would’ve learned to love history a lot more.

Too much (3/5)

I like this podcast content a lot but there are too many ads. A 25 minute podcast with two interruptions for ads, plus announcements at the beginning and advertising for other podcast it all too much, it’s distracting and takes away from the enjoyment.

Could be better (3/5)

Pretty good. These two come with some left leaning ideology, presentism, and post-modernism. It would be nice to just hear about history.

an old favorite (5/5)

probably my favorite podcast. been listening for years, through multiple hosts and thought all were great. my only disappointment was the episode on the history of tea. i felt the episode barely touched the subject. it should have been a multi-podcast. otherwise, great show:)

Educational and sensitive (5/5)

Love this show! The hosts care about people and providing the most fact based I formation they can. They give clear warning at the first of each show if there is going to be any sensitive information shared.

Fascinating Topics & Nuanced Perspectives (5/5)

Love love love!

Thorough research and just so entertaining! (5/5)

Tracy and Holly are so entertaining. I appreciate the depth of their research, and I’m very comfortable citing the podcast in conversation. They’re transparent when something isn’t 100% substantiated, and very careful when stating something as fact. They write such fascinating episodes, even when I think the subject matter sounds uninteresting, I enjoy listening. Thanks Holly and Tracy! You ladies are fantastic!

Fun and informative (5/5)

Love the show! Love the hosts! They genuinely enjoy history which makes it fun to listen to!

Interesting (5/5)

I love this podcast! My favorite is the strong woman and next favorite is the Durable Mike

Love love love this podcast (5/5)

I think these ladies are delightful. I wish I was going with them to Paris. I’ve liked all the hosts but these ladies are hilarious and I think it’s charming how they crack themselves up. They have saved me from many long drives to home and work. Their topics are timely and fun and even if you think you’re a history buff, there’s always more to learn. Keep up the great work!

#1 Podcast (5/5)

Gosh, I live listening to this when I go to bed but it is so hard because of what these two women are talking about. I live their voices because, to me it makes the whole podcast much much better than what it would be if they had different host!

Stuff: FEMINISM (2/5)

The podcast is called Stuff You Missed in History, not Women’s History, which, in itself, might be totally interesting. I’m a woman and appreciate hearing about women in history, but it has gone too far that direction to enjoy. Please consider all of history and not just the women or worst men of it. Consider airing a women’s podcast if that’s your thing. Let history be what it is: men AND women making strides and staking their names and tell us about both EQUALLY.

Cannot get enough! (5/5)

This is my go to podcast when I’m traveling. I love the hosts, they are unique and knowledgeable! Funcast!

Ok (3/5)

It was ok not the best but not the worst.

Love this show!! (5/5)

My favorite podcast of all time. The hosts are fun, engaging and easy to listen too and the stories are always so captivating and well told. Im a collegiate distance runner and these podcast have gotten me through a countless number of long runs. Keep it up!!!

Great listen! (5/5)

Thoroughly researched podcast that is always entertaining!

Horribly annoying (1/5)

I wanted to like this but just couldn’t. Their tone is really obnoxious and they are just taking turns reading off prepared materials. It’s not conversational or engaging.

Listen daily (5/5)

I love the balance between informative and quirky and appreciate the pains they take to explain why something matters in its own historical context and how those things may relate to us today. It makes for an interesting, but easily digestible listen.

I love this podcast (5/5)

This podcast makes my drives to work so much better.

Always learning (5/5)

I love the hosts! This podcast makes learning history fun and memorable. This is a favorite of mine.

Long time listener no more! (5/5)

Been listening since '08 so, I've stuck around through many hosts. Still great!

Great show and to those who say they’re annoying (5/5)

I say Holly and Tracy may be to some but they do such a great job in terms of research and insightful perspective that one is compelled to look past (and in fact forget) any minor and very brief annoyances. This is one of the best podcasts out there. Nobody can bat a 1000 especially given how many shows they do. They also have an excellent range of topics from a history lesson on known figures to the history of air conditioning (a good one). Keep it up! I enjoy the maritime stories.

Great show! (5/5)

As a single father I love to listen to so with my 16 year old daughter. We both love it and the hosts are wonderful and knowledgeable

Bad voices (1/5)

I’ve tried several times to get into this podcast but I can’t stand the hosts. Vocal fry + nasal + weird midwestern accent. It’s unlistenable.

Delightful hosts (5/5)

I think the hosts are great- smart, informative, dynamic and charismatic. Love the show.

Used to like it (2/5)

This was my favorite podcast at one time. But it has over he past several years fallen from its top spot on my list. The content has become almost exclusively about female figures I’ve never heard of. I enjoy learning about the exploits of heroines but when 90% of the content is centered on persons I’ve never heard of its hard to get interested.

Just wow (3/5)

Ok, so I as I went about my day I am listening to the Thomas Alexandre Dumas (25 Feb 2019) episode. Aside from a couple of background historical facts that were omitted, and the over dramatic name pronunciations; it’s really not bad my daughter and I giggle along. Until y’all hit on some of the antics of Dumas while in the military. Notably the fingers in a musket. Why in 2019 would it be funny AND encouraged to make a brain damage joke? Do you know who has brain damage? PEOPLE. Ridiculing or separating an entire group of people is so heart breaking. The worse part? This is my daughter’s favorite podcast because she looks up to articulate women, see public speaking is something that isn’t easy for her, and she thinks at the very least maybe she can get into journalism or something this way. Since walking and mobility are issues for her. But then you made a “brain damage joke” and she stopped laughing with you as you spoke. Suddenly she wasn’t very happy at all, and felt laughed at. Mood swings are also hard for her. See, she has a damaged brain due to Brain Injury and Pediatric stroke at 15 months old. So, thank you for that. Way to feel indignation for one while ridiculing another. If that was your succeeded.

Annoying hosts (1/5)

The high pitch voice and constant laughter of hosts are killing the podcast for me. It is very distracting and extremely annoying!

Way too PC (1/5)

Can we cut the PC nonsense out of the podcast please? No one cares what race or gender any of these people were, especially if those factors weren’t of any significance in their life time.

Great Podcasts (5/5)

I love listening to these on road trips and they are super interesting and have things I have never heard before. Keep up the good work!!

Great history (5/5)

This is one of the first podcasts I ever listened to, and I’m still a fan. Tracy and Holly can get giggly at times, but the episodes are solidly researched and focus on topics that you might not know much about (and yes, they often focus on women, so deal with it).

Fantastic podcast, GREAT hosts! (5/5)

This is one of the most enjoyable informative podcasts available! The hosts are very genuine and engaging and could not possibly do a better job! Please keep up the fantastic work ladies! My family enjoys almost every podcast you have ever released!

MOVE Family Bombing (1/5)

I don’t think you did ANY research AT ALL. I can’t trust anything that you say now. Never once did you mention the newborn baby. And how do you not know who gave the “go” for the bomb? The PRESIDENT there’s actual footage of him saying to drop the bomb.

Interesting topics, terrible hosts (1/5)

Hosts are lame scripts readers trying too hard to sound intellectual. Absolutely no dialgue

There are better history podcasts (3/5)

If you like women’s history this is the pod cast for you.

Great hosts! (5/5)

I live this podcast and the hosts. I learn something new with every episode. The hosts are humorous, down to earth and friendly. I can't wait for the next episode.

Well researched and entertaining (4/5)

I’ve been listening to this podcast for almost 5 years. I cherry pick the episodes, some of which I’m just not interested in. It loses a star for me because Tracy’s tone of voice comes off as condescending to me (for the record, I am a woman) and it’s annoying. I quite enjoy Holly’s bursts of laughter and I’ll never forget her hysterical lightning speed reading of a handbill during The Seven Sutherland Sisters episode. Anyway, these ladies continue to shine a light on stories I have never heard of before in my life. My history & social studies education in New York State was sorely lacking.

Always great (5/5)

Thanks ladies!

The joy of history (5/5)

I thoroughly delight in the joyful approach this team has in sharing fascinating stories in history. Their rich detail and conversational delivery provide added value to my commute and appreciation of the past.

The very best!! (5/5)

I absolutely love this podcast! My husband and boys are now hooked too. This is my very favorite out of every one we’ve ever listened to. Intelligent, fun, educational and accessible. Thank you so much!!!!!

Single best history pod (5/5)

I’ve been listening to this show for years, and it always holds up. I have others I listen to for better jokes. Others for a specific in depth focus on a special topic. But for well researched history, on a BROAD range of topics this is the best. Two episodes a week, with a HUGE backlog, should keep any binge-listeners happy.

Host issue (3/5)

So, here’s the thing: I LOVE this podcast. I started listening when the episodes were longer than 5 minutes, and got hooked. The hosts so far (I’m in the late 2011 episodes now) have been fantastic. However, I started getting worried when I heard the current hosts doing advertisements before the old podcasts. I thought maybe these were just instances of them trying to be catchy for the advertisements, hence the over-use of voice inflection. So I decided to listen to one of the new episodes to do a comparison. As a person with hearing problems, it is incredibly difficult to listen to hosts who have no voice control (constant change in volume, pitch, and laughing into the mic). I know a radio-voice is kind of cliche but there are good reasons behind it. They also speak incredibly fast, so everything kind of blurs together. I’m dreading the day when I catch up in episodes to the current hosts, as I will no longer be able to listen.

Fun and informative (5/5)

I love this podcast! It is definitely the best way to learn all those things I missed (or wasn’t taught) in history class!!

‘Tough Mothers’ Isn’t About Mothers (1/5)

Of the first five women discussed in this podcast only one was mentioned as giving birth to children, and one as a stepmother whose daughter mysteriously died of illness. The stories were about some tough people, but didn’t have anything to do with their relationships with their children, except the first, who abandoned her sick son in an orphanage while she went and worked, eventually coming back to claim him at the end of the story. I’m a stay at home mother of four, and was looking forward to some interesting/inspiring stories of motherhood: disappointed.

Substantive & Personable (5/5)

I strongly believe that Tracy and Holly are so knowledgeable and very easy to listen to. While I believe everyone is entitled to their opinion I strongly disagree with those reviews saying that they think Tracy and Holly should go. Never ever ever remove them!! :-)

Entertaining and I enjoyed their banter! (5/5)

Just listened for the first time...Fanny Brice story. I learned a lot about her life that I found interesting. Also liked the way they presented it.

The Gold Standard! (5/5)

Where were Tracy and Holly when I was in school??! As a Spaniard I can say without hesitation that “The Franco Episode” was the most well researched and thus well balanced and pragmatic explanation I’ve ever read or heard. And it’s a VERY passionate topic right now. Wish they’d tackle the Catalans next...Bravo ladies!!

Favorite Podcast (5/5)

This is by far the Podcast I look forward to most each week. It has been a constant companion for nearly 4 years. The hosts are lovely and so relatable!

Really great! (5/5)

Personally I really like the hosts and don’t understand why some people don’t. The podcast is funny and entertaining, educational and relaxed. Thanks!

I love the content but the hosts are terrible! (2/5)

The repeated laughing and carrying on is very distracting from the content... and unnecessary. Like yes it sound be lighthearted and fun... but... I’ve always feel like I don’t really know why exactly they are laughing, It’s always something not really funny. It feels forced and faked!!! It’s like it’s some weird inside joke that no one else gets. And the voices are terrible when I host sounds really nasally and very nerdy and her laugh is probably what makes me cringe the most. She literally sounds like a cross between a bleating goat and some kind of ogre like creature. I have started to listen to previous episodes just to get away from the sound of her voice. Sorry not sorry, I’m just being honest.

this podcast is so important to me! (5/5)

i was surprised to see this podcast only had a 4.0 rating when i realized that most of the reviews are ten years old. i love listening to Tracy and Holly, they’re both fantastic, interesting, and easy to listen to. this is one of my most favorite podcasts

Great (5/5)

Love them. I learn so much with every lesson and I am amazed at how much research they have to do for each episode.

They aren’t that bad... (4/5)

They have a lot of good material as I don’t think their annoying I wish they would be slightly less opinionated. Otherwise great show.

Great stories interestingly presented (5/5)

This podcast gets 5 stars from me. The topics are always interesting and well researched. I learn something every time I listen even when I think I know the story already. The hosts are charming and warm. It’s a must listen for everyone who loves history and likes podcasts.

Very nice! (5/5)

It’s always interesting to listen to history, especially with such good hosts!

Listen every night (5/5)

My daughters & I listen every night at bedtime. The topics are interesting and having two female hosts is a bonus for my young history buffs.

Glad I didn’t read the reviews first... (4/5)

I came by way of another podcast referencing a specific episode from 2015 and I ended up downloading a bunch more to listen to at work - the subject matter is great and they go into things I definitely missed in history class. I tried to go back and start from the beginning but honestly I didn’t like the older hosts presentation. Other people have complained about the “obvious scripts” but I don’t mind it since they are obviously trying to get the details accurate and some of these subjects are very obscure. This is an office (and family) friendly podcast which is something I have been looking for - give it a shot and don’t let all the negativity in the reviews scare you away.

To many adds. (4/5)

Don’t get me wrong, I love this podcast. There are just TO MANY ADDS!!!!!! There are just way to many advertisement breaks.

Great show (5/5)

I love history and these two make it interesting and fun. Keep it up and thanks!

Great Podcast (5/5)

I really enjoy listening to this podcast... it is a fun way to learn some history and it is very entertaining

Holly doesn’t like kids. (3/5)

We get it Holly, you don’t like babies or children. You tell us nearly every. single. episode.

Interesting Podcast (5/5)

I love listening to Holly and Tracy! So far they are my favorite hosts of the show. I enjoy how the show highlights stories that are little known or unusual in nature. I also enjoy how many back episodes are available. If the topic of the week doesn’t suit you, you can always look back for a topic that does.

A more recent review (5/5)

So many of the other reviews for this podcast are 5 or more years old so I thought I’d provide a more current look. I appreciate the well researched background that Holly and Tracey provide. I don’t find their tone whiny, and the reader mail they interact with usually provides a few more fun tidbits to prior shows. Since there is already such a backlog of subjects covered, it seems that newer shows have more obscure references, or subjects viewed from different angles, such as the recent duology of the father and son Dumas. I do get bored with the Unearthed episodes as well as the occasional Impossible series they include, but there’s plenty of other content that it’s not much to miss.

Simply the best. (5/5)

Stuff You Missed is the best history podcast around. Each episode is about 30 minutes and covers both major historical events and people, such as Queen Victoria, and smaller, more obscure events such as ‘the great margarine wars’ or the infamous ‘egg nog riot ‘. Informative, enjoyable, and occasionally funny, this is a must for anyone who loves history.

Absolutely The Worst Historical Podcast Available. (There’s a lot of completion) (1/5)

Just AWFUL! She has a voice that could curdle milk! I beg of you, please please cease & desist from attempting to educate your fellow Ill informed Hollywood history “educated”, sea to shining sea trailer park country inhabitants to subjects that involve any historical subject that occurred more than two centuries ago and that took place beyond the Jersey shore. There is an alternative! Listen to BBC4’s In Our Time podcast hosted by veteran broadcaster Melvyn Bragg. For a programme with regular Oxbridge historical insight. However he also has to deal with another loud opinionated mollusc on a episode about the French Revolution. It pains me to have to give this rotten attempt at an informative podcast any stars at all. Just stop. Please.

Excellent (5/5)

Funny & informative 👍🏻

Love everything about it (5/5)

Tracey and Holly are perfect for this podcast. I have listened for years and will continue to do so. Don’t change a thing.

Infinitely Intriguing (5/5)

Far too many people hating on the hosts, they are fantastic. They speak in a natural tone, keep the topics lights, and provide facts without being boring. Overall, fantastic podcast.

Used to like this show (2/5)

Getting really tired of the misogyny & slut shaming by the hosts. Calling sex workers in history not virtuous? Are you kidding me? You have no right to judge women for one of the only professions open to them of that time particularly. Aside from that, no one ever says men aren’t virtuous for having sex. So nice double standard there. Nice embrace of patriarchal hegemony.

SYMHC and old reviews (5/5)

Why do 10 year old, one star reviews pop up at the top of reviews? That review is too old to be relevant. That’s like giving a ringer washer a one star review in present time. Regardless of the hosts, this is an insightful podcast which gives a great jumping off point to learn more about it.

Those voices!!!! (1/5)

I was an evangelist for this podcast but about 2 years ago just couldn’t take the nasal voices and dumb banter. These ladies don’t care about history, and their attempt at humor is not helping this podcast. I have almost 100 episodes just waiting for me but I just can’t listen to anymore.

Favorite podcast by far (5/5)

My kid and I love the hosts, Holly & Tracy! They cover a wide range of topics and fo a great job humanizing history. As a parent, I really appreciate the little warnings they give at front of podcast about content that may upset kids. Just wonderful and educational.

Nice show (5/5)


Women of Disney good, loud screeching noises bad (3/5)

I enjoyed my one listen of the Women of Disney two part podcast, but after starting the second episode and being blasted in the ear by a high pitched digital noise, and then later when they went to a commercial break makes me nervous to listen to more.

Sadly boring (1/5)

The host(s)? have whiny voices. Never introduced themselves. More concerned with their French accent when pronouncing names than making it interesting. I wanted to like this podcast and I love history. This was a slog for 15 minutes. Then I had to cut it short.

Great entertainment and great hosts! (5/5)

I love this podcast! And the hosts are terrific! Shame on you haters!

I think this is a great podcast (4/5)

But... I think that some of the words that are said could use some explanation.

What a crappy mess! (1/5)

These women are not only annoying, but when you send them an idea on Facebook they are very rude. They should do something else because they treat their fans like crap.

Great podcast (5/5)

Very well done!! I have listened for several years now and they are all done well. While I don’t fact check everything, when I have done some further research on topics, it is spot for on.

The hosts are great! (5/5)

I’ve been a long time listener and listened to the show prior to the current host and they’ve all been great. I’m writing bc the reviews that show in iTunes are from over a decade ago bashing the hosts. Not accurate at all! Many complain about their voices and I have to admit that I too struggled with the sound of their voices at first but mostly bc I was used to the previous hosts. These ladies do a great job of telling the story of what happened with the facts instead of just throwing a bunch of info at you.

Great podcast (5/5)

This podcast has really improved with new hosts. Holly Frye and Tracy Wilson are great! They have great information and are very entertaining.

MOVE (1/5)

Was wondering WHERE you got your information for this podcast from? Did you interview survivors? Neighbors? Anybody involved or did you use Google? Because your information is not accurate at all.

Vocal fry reading Wikipedia. (1/5)

I really wanted to like this podcast. But I couldn’t even though the topics appeared fascinating. First the material is read. It’s not in a flowing conversational approach. It’s clearly written to be read and not listened to. There are two presenters but they don’t leverage off of that and appear to be passing the text back and fort between them. Last is vocal fry: that’s when people end their sentences with a croaky rasp. Both do this, and I have a hard time listening past that noise.

Interesting things! (5/5)

You guys find interesting stuff in history that kids, nor anyone else, learns in history class. I have enjoyed listening to you ladies and you have made me go look up things that I thought I already knew! Thank you!

Can be boring but good content (3/5)

Hosts can be boring but I love the content.

Engaging (5/5)

Don’t be put off by previous hosts or comments from years ago. Current hosts Holly and Tracy have voices and narrating style that is engaging and funny when appropriate. They do the homework and prove it with the Show Notes. Depending on the topic, even my 15 year old boy who does not enjoy history gets sucked in.

Enjoyable podcast (5/5)

I find this to be an enjoyable podcast. I like that they cover a wide variety of topics and aren't 100% disaster porn like many history podcasts.

Listen Up Humanity (5/5)

Stuff You Missed in History Class is one of the original three podcasts of HowStuffWorks, and that means it has a huge archive that still outputs great episodes. Tracy and Holly are always there to educate you. Like the name suggests, the topics they cover aren't necessarily obscure, but they may as well be to an American audience. We learned so many things that were never taught to us in our education, and it really gives you perspective. One bit of criticism may be that episodes seem repetitive after a while occasionally, but that's just humanity's folly with history.

Reading text (2/5)

Interesting topics told by reading text. They need to figure out how to convey information that doesn’t sound like they are just reading.

Good Content & Variety (5/5)

Tracy and Holly do a good job of explaining interesting historical events, people, places, etc. They do stories on a large variety of topics so it’s easy to pick the ones that interest you.

Fun and great lesson (4/5)

I love this podcast and have listened for over a year now. I have enjoyed the various topics throughout history that get covered, and yes, my history class did not teach much of what they have. My only issue with this podcast is that they have several ads that are about a minute or more each and the same ones sometimes for months.

Great topics and accessible (5/5)

Love this podcast. Hosts are insightful, interesting and have a great assortment of topics. Enjoy listening to them and no complaints about their voices or delivery. (Not sure why this is an issue for some.) I have been a long time listener and enjoy the episodes.

My favorite podcast (5/5)

I love this podcast! I am a huge history nerd, and I love the detail the hosts go into in every episode. However, every episode is basic enough to enjoy without prior knowledge. Totally worth a listen!!!

Newer hosts aren’t great... (1/5)

Vastly preferred Candace to the new folks.

99% of the time I really learn something (5/5)

This show has shown me how shockingly little I know about the world, and I love learning through it. The hosts are definitely quirky, but I happen to love their personalities. The always laughing Holly and her mildly frustrated with the world companion Tracy are like grown up Bert and Ernie for adults.

Thank you Stuff You Missed In History Class! (5/5)

Very interesting and informative! Makes driving to work or cleaning my bathroom a much more enjoyable experience.

One of my favorites! (5/5)

For some reason iTunes is showing only bad reviews from the past 10 years. This has compelled me to leave my first review ever in 10 years of listening to podcasts 😆 I love the hosts. Every time an episode ends I get bummed!

My Favorite! (5/5)

I never liked history much in school, but Holly & Tracy present it in such a fun & interesting way, it keeps me listening on my long commute.

Good variety of topics (5/5)

I have been listening to this podcast for about three years and I love all the different topics the hosts cover. They have Time abs again shown sensitivity with some very difficult historical events, and I appreciate their perspective and thought. Often I am able to listen to historical events and figures that I did not know so much about, which is great for me as I studied art and art history with a minor in museum studies. Thanks ladies for your great rapport and subject matter!

History Class 2.0 (5/5)

Thank you ladies! I really appreciate the time you put into research and presentation of all the topics so many of us ponder 🤔. I’ve been listening for almost 2 years now and it’s always my favorite part of my commutes. I love getting into work and being able to share a random fact or add to something when it had just been on the show! Keeping me learning and asking questions. Super job!

Infectious enthusiasm (5/5)

The current hosts, Tracy and Holly, offer concise and interesting explorations of lesser known aspects of history. There is an emphasis on the stories of women and people of color. The context is always well explained. Their obvious interest in the topics makes each episode compelling. Always a delight!

Such learning!! (5/5)

I almost never rate or review because (honestly)’s work. I started listening to Missed in history as something to help me sleep...and it wormed my way in to my heart! If i miss a few episodes...I listen to them all at once. They make history an easy & interesting conversation!

Love it! (5/5)

I’ve been listening to this forever! and I am finally getting around to writing reviews. This is one of my safe work podcasts. But anytime I go on a trip I love to look up the location in the archive and download and re-listen to podcasts about that area.

Engaging (5/5)

The telling of the past by the hosts is done very well and keeps me engaged. Not every topic captures me the same but that doesn’t change how well the history is told. I particularly like how the telling is qualified when the research results in different or conflicting info.

Girls are too goofy (2/5)

Love the subject matter but as a 69 year old woman - I find the giggling too annoying to listen to it It’s a shame as I do like most of the subjects - But there is lots to listen to on podcasts and YouTube without getting angry at their stupid comments

Love!!!! (5/5)

Holly and Tracy are the BEST I love listening to these podcasts and I have for over 5 years... haven’t found one I like more than this

Topics (3/5)

Topics are a bit of hit or miss. Like the stories behind the history and not the monotonous dates, measurements, etc.

Enjoyable and Educational (5/5)

This is one of my go-to podcasts. Fun, entertaining history tidbits. Highly recommended!

Fantastic podcast and enjoyable hosts (5/5)

This is a fantastic show, and it’s so refreshing and enjoyable to have a woman-hosted history podcast, especially one that includes episodes about forgotten women in history.

Great Show (5/5)

Great hosts and great content. Very enjoyable. I love their history and think the hosts present it in the most illuminating way.

PC commentary much? (1/5)

The bending over backwards efforts they make to use the very latest PC language and terminology is beyond annoying. This podcast has changed over the last few years. And for the far worse. Just share the history.

They forgot they had an audience (1/5)

Lazily operated podcast, by two women whose gifts do not include oratory. They’re easily distracted, speed read through their content, and constantly make seemingly make inside jokes or randomly laugh content that is neither humorous nor interesting. If you’re interested in history and enjoy listening to podcasts, I would avoid like the plague

THE HOST!!!!!!!!! (5/5)

The host need to change!!! These POP girl need to change I’m getting annoyed because of the host!!!

Good podcast!!! (5/5)

I actually like this podcast. It helps me get through my housework! And you learn something!

Easy History (5/5)

I have been a faithful listener for a long time and love all of the content. Easy concise history taught in a fun way!

Great podcast! (5/5)

I have listened to this podcast on and off for several years! The hosts are entertaining and the topics are well researched. Keep up the great work!

Love it (5/5)

Love this podcast so much keep up the good work

Great History Podcast (5/5)

This is among my all time History Podcasts. I have several I use to catch the big History Events, then this gem for all the 'other' often equally important but way lesser known historical events. Example: Do you know about the Tulsa Riots in 1921? You should. Check this podcast out!

Mini lectures (5/5)

I love this podcast because the hosts talk to you. They have a plan, an outline, and they stick to it. These mini-lectures are so well planned and presented! I hate when it feels like I’m “listening in” or on the edge of the conversation between two hosts. This podcast has great topics and is easy to listen to.

Amazing podcast! (5/5)

I always look forward to Monday’s and Wednesday’s because of this podcast. Great topics, awesome hosts, and fantastic live shows. This podcast has it all!

I really like this podcast! (5/5)

I like that there are not too many “asides.” The speakers stick to the subject and it’s informative and interesting. I thought the other review is unfair.

I look forward to this weekly (5/5)

So many interesting stories from history that I was never thought in school.

Love the show, appalled at reviews (5/5)

As a male and someone who hosted a podcast for 10 years I am always amazed at how female hosts suffer weirdly personal and petty criticism I don’t see leveled at male hosts. Shame on the sad trolls posting “they sound like sorority girls” or “I hate xxxxxxx’s voice” reviews. Keep up the great work, ignore the morons, and thanks!

Talkin crap (5/5)

These ppl don’t know crap u guys aren’t annoying and this is one of my favorite podcasts! Don’t listen to the uncultured swine on the reviews 👍🏾

Incomprehensible this podcast is produced (1/5)

The hosts sound as though they're reading Wikipedia pages and their shrill voices make listening to the mundane info almost insufferable. About the worst podcast I've ever subjected myself to. Give this a miss!

Favorite for years (5/5)

I love this podcast! I’m constantly learning something new and relearning subjects from a new perspective. Thanks for the great podcast, Holly & Tracy!

Um, really? (3/5)

Fantastic podcast but honestly, I was rather shocked at the mispronunciation of the word Maitre d’. Definitely dropped the intelligence level of the series down a notch or two!

Like it, depends on the topic (4/5)

I scroll through the episodes and download the ones I like. When I download one that seems interesting, that almost always is the case. The hosts are pretty straightforward and academic and probably know that entertainment isn't really their thing - the information is what carries a given episode. Nothing wrong with that.

Love Stuff you missed (5/5)

Always well researched. I love the wide variety of topics. I very much enjoy the hosts and love that they now are doing Live shows. Maybe someday they will come to a city near me!

Awesome Podcast!!!! (5/5)

It is great if you like history. Good hosts and awesome topics like hitlers rise to power and the emu war.

Love the current hosts, and great writing (5/5)

I love the fact-based story-telling. I do wish the topics were slightly more interesting so it kept me engaged, like less about particular people’s lives and more about interesting historical events). It used to be about interesting stuff more. I still LOVE these hosts and their writing though, it’s everything I want in a podcast!! The hosts are great and mostly tell the story, with a few ad lib things here and there (I LOVE how they don’t spend half the episode making unrelated jokes and talking about their personal lives, like their coworkers at Stuff You Should Know do...that podcast is at least half jokes and personal stories...I know more about Chuck and Josh and their partners Emily and Umi than I ever needed to know—they should learn from Stuff You Missed In History Class and stick to the story like these girls do!!).

Super informative and interesting! (5/5)

Interested in quick vignettes into historical events you may be unfamiliar with? This is the perfect podcast for you! Do not expect Hardcore History - if you’re looking for audiobook-masquerading-as-podcast, deep contextual dives into broad swathes of history, this isn’t what you’re looking for. HOWEVER, if you’re interested in a 30-45 minute, very well written info blast on people and very specific events you might not be familiar with, this is absolutely the podcast for you! Expect a decent amount of non-white, female, and queer history (although also be aware that your mind might be tricking you into thinking they’re covering more of it than they actually are, because if it’s not the kind of history you’re used to hearing, it’ll stick out to you), which makes a lot of sense, because the disenfranchised are the people whose history more often falls by the wayside.

Great Writing, Fab Hosts, Consistent & Engaging! (5/5)

History told in an accessible, thoughtful way—often like listening to an engaging story. I appreciate the show’s continued ability to address the more complex (and often less wildly known) historical moments. Love that each episode has show notes with citations (in the Holly/Tracy host-era), so you can see the sources. History is often subjective, and Holly & Tracy certainly strive to be as fact-based as one can be with topics/situations where facts can be hard to pin down. Been listening to this show for years and have been through the entire library with all variations of hosts. Learned a lot while also being entertained—DOUBLE WIN, Y’ALL!

Propaganda Alarm (1/5)

I was unable to listen to this piece without being consumed by intense skepticism. Maybe I’m completely wrong. Maybe the reporting in this episode is as straightforward and unbiased. Maybe Amazon is good for NY and doubleplusgood for America. However, this article doesn’t sit right w/ my ol ears/gut. Feels a lil bit “bellyfeel”

My absolute favorite (5/5)

This has been one of my favorite podcasts for years now! I do a fair number of long drives, and this podcast makes me look forward to the drive instead of dreading it. The hosts are so engaging, and I have never had so much fun learning about history! I can’t say enough good things about this show. Every aspect is a success in my book!

Amazing! (5/5)

This is one of my favorite podcasts! Holly and Tracy do a fantastic job (as have the other hosts) and they have taught me about so many things I definitely missed in school. I recommend this podcast to everyone.

Love Love Love (5/5)

I love this podcast so much. I am part way through listening back through the archive and it is so weird hearing the former hosts because I expect to hear Holly and Tracy. I love the topics and the live shows are so funny to listen to in podcast form. I recommend this podcast to literally everyone I know, thank you so much for what you do!!!

Five star! (5/5)

The ladies of history class are terrific: their approachable, conversational lecture style makes them easy to listen along, and laugh, with. Their enthusiasm for the vast variety of historical topics they cover shines through in their voices.

Formerly great (1/5)

Formerly my favorite podcast of things you didn’t learn in history class but were fascinating to a broad audience. Now a podcast of things you didn’t learn because the powers of intersectionalist victimhood Mumbo jumbo hadn’t yet taken over the humanities. Perhaps a great podcast if you ever wanted to know who the story of the first native trans lesbian blind paraplegic to jot down a half-paragraph or sing a song. Otherwise, absolute and utter garbage. It honestly has been painful to watch this podcast go this way over the years. An indictment of the state of academia and our country. Here’s hoping it (and we) return from the abyss. Until then I listen no more.

Great historical podcast and girl power! (5/5)

I love this pod. My one critique would be that the topics might be growing a little stale—the earlier years were filled with really interesting topics and now I get excited less often. That being said, even when I listen to episodes that don’t at first THRILL me, I still learn a great deal and have a good time. I also find it incredibly sad and sexist that most of these bad reviews talk about these incredibly smart women’s voices, using the term “sorority girls” as an insult. As both an intellectual and a “sorority girl” please take a seat and maybe research the history of sexism in the media and scholarship!

Blah blah blah (2/5)

Stuff you missed in women’s rights class.

An absolute delight (5/5)

I struggled very hard to find a podcast I liked after finishing the one series I do enjoy. So finding this was an absolute blessing for my commute and work day. The hosts are lovely to listen to and choose amazing dynamic topic choices. I suggest it to all my friends! Thank you so much for the wonderful show!

Great array of topics (5/5)

You’ll reliably learn something new and the feature a really great array of topics—shipwrecks, newly unearthed finds, every day items we use, world leaders, inventors, literary minds—they’re all here.

Compelling and well researched! (5/5)

I am a professor and I love assigning these podcasts to my students as a way of providing entertaining and comprehensive context in our class. Thank you for your work! For those of you attacking the hosts for their voices or lightheartedness, your misogyny is showing. There are so few history podcasts narrated by women, so maybe you are still recovering from the shock. Consider this your homework: Research the average rating of podcasts hosted by men vs. women. Read around the subject and, I’m sure upon this informed reflection, you will reconsider your post.

Learn something new every day! (5/5)

I love listening to this show everyday and I learn something every time! Even if I know a lot about the topic they are discussing, I learn SOMETHING I didn’t already know about the topic! Their topics are very diverse from BC to Modern times and even if you don’t think you will be interested in the subject they have chosen you will be.

addicting podcast for history nerds (5/5)

This is my absolute favorite podcast. i discovered it about 4 years ago and I went back and listened to all the archived episodes. The current hosts are my favorite, but perhaps its because I started with them. while the format is simple the shows are entertaing and informative.

Random History Stories (5/5)

I really enjoy the podcast, host and topics. The topics sometimes feel very random and the endings never really feel complete. I still love to listen but usually at the end my mind is kind of like ????

Charming and informative (5/5)

I love the casual and always light hearted manner of this program. It’s one of the few that is not vulgar, but at both times witty and educational. Incredibly wide variety of topics. An amazing amount of research must go into this. Bravo say I to all involved!

voice is just as important as material... (1/5)

I think the show is moving away from having hosts with pleasant speaking voices. Sarah and Deblina had great content on their show, and their voices were not intrusive. I also liked Jane when she was on the show. It seems like now that Sarah and Deblina are leaving, their seats are going to be filled by knowledgeable people who simply aren't cut out for podcasting (their voices aren't made for radio)

Interesting (5/5)

I like hearing about some history that gets overlooked. These girls make it entertaining and informative. Their biases come through at times but they are not offensive about it. One of my favorite podcasts

Hosts are great (5/5)

Despite other reviews the hosts are great. Always pick interesting topics.

Love it! (5/5)

Fun little podcast for history lovers.

Fantastic show, fantastic hosts! (5/5)

I have been listening to this show for about 2 years and I have loved the more recent episodes. Holly and Tracy are really great about picking interesting and unique topics, deeply researching them, and then conveying them in a brief span of time! I’ve gone back and listened to past iterations of the show, and I’ve just got to say that he show keeps getting better. I have a hard time listening to past hosts, and have several times had to turn off past hosts’ episodes, because it seems like these past hosts didn’t really research the topic very much, or never bothered to look beyond their own personal opinion on the topic. I appreciate the new topics I really hadn’t heard about in history class, or new insights to seemingly familiar topics. This has definitely become one of my favorite podcasts!

Overall, fantastic (5/5)

Gotta say, though, the episode with Jason Porath is unlistenable. His ability to formulate sentences and use language - at least shown here - scares me off his books. I had to quit the podcast halfway through. No high school stoners, please, like, whoa! Holly and Tracy shine all the time and his was a stark low point in an otherwise fabulous catalog of podcasts.

A joy to listen to (5/5)

The level of professionalism and knowledge Holly and Tracy bring to every episode is unparalleled. I love getting to hear about topics that tend to get lost in history and diving deeper into better-known history. I’m so glad they started republishing episodes from the back catalog, too - it’s fun to revisit these still-relevant shows from years past. Keep up the great work, Holly and Tracy, and thanks for all that you do!

Always a good listen (5/5)

Intriguing content and entertaining hosts. Fun to hear about people and events that seem to be left out of mainstream history lessons.

Good (3/5)

Well I really want them to more Holocaust episodes

Could be SO much better! (1/5)

It’s so painfully obvious that you are reading the information. This podcast would be So much better if you would - at least - act like they knew or were even slightly familiar with the subject matter. Come on! Ad lib just a little bit ladies! Your subject matters are mostly interesting but it’s agonizing listening to your podcasts because of the lackluster delivery of the information. Please take this information to heart! Maybe listen to Dave and Josh to see how they do it!!

Veteran’s Day (3/5)

I have listened to this podcast for a couple of years now. I like it and also like that the team is often topical in the subject selection. That is why I was very disappointed that on Veterans Day there was nothing that involved our Veterans.

Good podcast! (5/5)

I’ve learned a lot. I didn’t know that much about the Ga gold rush, and this podcast taught me so much.

Love it! (5/5)

Such a rich and enjoyable history show. Love the in-depth research and feeling of being in the company of other history nerds. And that’s never a bad thing.

Gets me through work (5/5)

Favorite podcast!!

Making history interesting again! (5/5)

I can’t believe I’ve never reviewed this show. I’ve been listening for years, across many different hosts, and it continues to entertain and educate. Keep up the tradition of great work!

Excellent podcasts! (5/5)

I’ve found these podcasts really interesting! It’s like a little snippet of information delivered sometimes with a chuckle and sometimes with incredulity. These women are delightful and fun. I appreciate that sometimes they let me know that the topics aren’t great for a first listen with kids around. Keep up the great work!

My favorite podcast (5/5)

I’m an on-and-off-and-on again podcast listener and this podcast is always one that I come back to. I love Tracy and Holly, and sometimes I’ll put it on just for some white noise when I can’t really devote the listening and focusing that this podcast deserves (and then go back and really listen to the episodes later). I have a real appreciation for all the hard work and good research that goes into each podcast topic, for their consideration of the people that they talk about and of the times that they lived in. They tell a great story and I love the Unearthed! specials they do and the Impossible Episodes and the history mysteries. Thank you so much! I’ve learned so much just by listening to this podcast and every day, I learn even more. Keep it up!

My favorite podcast. (5/5)

A good little history lesson especially for my short attention span. hahaha

Fun and educational (5/5)

I have been listening for about 6 months and also occasionally listening to archived episodes. A great way to learn some trivia and super entertaining to listen to. Love it!

Great podcast! (5/5)

Love this podcast! The topics and the hosts are wonderful!!! Thank you for teaching me so much in my daily commute

Good content irritating hosts (1/5)

I popped back into this podcast after a long break hoping that they had replaced these two giggling and irritating hosts, but they are still here - so I’m gone again.

Love this podcast! (5/5)

Easy listening to the hosts I like how they tag team and interject their personalities into the topics Keep up the good work !

Interesting ideas for a podcast; poor delivery (2/5)

If this podcast were to post less frequently, I think the hosts could provide more substantive content worthy of my time. Instead, podcast listeners hear the summary of a historical event/item/person not even equal to that of a Wikipedia entry on the topic. The hosts are barely adequate and veer into downright annoying on occasion. I’m not looking for Hardcore History, but a deeper (more accurate) dive into what usually are good ideas for a history podcast would make for a much more entertaining and informative listening experience. It’s painfully obvious when the hosts haven’t done their homework and this has happened more and more as the years have gone by with this pair. tl;dr The idea for the podcast is great. The execution could be substantially improved with more knowledgeable hosts and better research prior to recording.

Love SYMIHC (5/5)

One of the most interesting and fun podcasts out there! Since listening, I have been able to answer 2 final jeopardy questions from information I learned here! I love Holly and Tracy! They are delightful and research the heck out of everything they discuss.

I Thought I Didn’t Like History! (5/5)

But guess what. I do! This is one of my favorite podcasts, which really surprised me. Now I advocate history as a subject my grandchildren should pay attention to, but they need excellent teachers like these amazing women. Try it! You’ll like it!

Great (5/5)

Fills in the gaps of my knowledge.

vocal frye (5/5)

love the research but the creaky voice makes it hard for me to listen. I of course love learning stuff i never knew ! keep up the good work ladies. cheers

Great Podcast (4/5)

I love your podcast. Sometimes though it sounds like the podcast is being read straight off of a piece of paper. Would like to hear more banter with two hosts.

Amazing (5/5)

I’ve learned so much. Thanks!

Makes History Fun (5/5)

I don't always have time to listen to every episode, but each time I start listening again I wonder why I took a break! A great way to take a brief deep dive into history subjects that don't always get much attention. Thanks for the good work!

Good to us BORINGLY (3/5)

I really wish they had more of a conversational style instead of just reading their notes. They don't try to conceal that they are just reading. It is really fast paced hum drum reading. It's really boring. The material is Interesting, but these ladies have NO PERSONALITY in their voices. I think their voices wouldn't be so annoying if they were actually discussing the material in a conversational style like chuck and and josh do. I’m really annoyed that one year later this is still the case. You gals really need to do better. Or get new hosts. I really want to like this podcast but I just can’t deal with the boring reading they do.

It has really gone down hill (2/5)

Maybe you should have moved this one to the junk pile along with Car Stuff.

Best History Podcast (5/5)

Absolutely love this podcast! My favorite!

Dope (5/5)

I love this podcast so much I’m actually write review for it.

The best history show ever!!!! (5/5)

I started listening to this show and it has opened me up to many other great podcasts. Even going back to 2008 and listening to Josh and Candance is great. But I honestly think that Tracy and Holly treat these subjects best (no offense Josh, I still like SYSK). I was making head way going through all the past podcast making to Sarah and Deblina, but with the start of the Saturday clips I just can’t keep up...You Ladies (and gent) have been a great source of knowledge and entertainment. Thank you.

Hosts are a mismatch for this podcast (2/5)

I used to love this padcoast with previous hosts. I also used to love Tracy and Holly when they did Pop Stuff, as they chatted about things they were clearly passionate about—–but they're awful on this podcast. They sound like their reading from a 5th-grade book report every episode. Its pretty groan-inducing.

Voices and mispronunciation (3/5)

I have tried and tried but I just cannot listen to the current hosts voices. Also take a class in diction for singers, it will help in correctly pronouncing the non-English words ya’ll constantly butcher

Eh (3/5)

Sigh...the topics sound interesting but once you click on an episode you get to listen to 7 minutes of the hosts opinions and experiences, which isn’t what I clicked the episode for. Also sounding pretty biased, the US seems to be the epicenter of everything if you go by this. That’s obviously not the case, I don’t recall American kids being taught to make their own ginger bread dough and build houses from it in middle school in the US, but they do do that in Scandinavia...

Always interesting (5/5)

This podcast is always interesting and I frequently learn something new.

A blessing (5/5)

Literally a fantastic pod. Well researched info I never would have known otherwise. Thank you for helping me get through my grueling work days. MTFBWY

Enjoyable (5/5)

Really fun to listen to.

Change the name (3/5)

I used to love this podcast, but they should change the name to Women You Missed in History. I don’t mean to sound sexist but what about events and places. This podcast needs more variety.

I can’t do it (3/5)

I wish I could listen but I can’t get past the vocal quality. Please get vocal coaching!

My favorite way to unwind! (5/5)

I love everything about this Podcast! I listen to Tracy and Holly when I’m walking to class, cooking dinner, or when I just want to unwind after a long day. Part of the fun of this podcast is the variety you’ll find with the respect to the sorts of historical figures and events they explore. I’m someone who has always preferred European history and biographies, but I love when I get surprised by a new topic that catches my attention! I recommend this podcast to all my friends and family and hope everyone gives it a listen!

Bright spots in my week (5/5)

Holly and Tracy bring us new and interesting topics twice a week. They really do research their subjects well to ensure they’re providing us with facts and do this while entertaining us with their personalities and wit. I love to learn, laugh, and occasionally cry with them.

Good hosts, mediocre history. (3/5)

I gave this podcast a second chance after unsubscribing the first time because I hear so many other podcasts recommending it. Additionally, I love history podcasts and this seems like something I would really enjoy. Unfortunately I have found that 4 out of 5 episodes cover topics and individuals that, while I did indeed miss them in history class, are uninteresting. I believe the hosts are great given the material, but I have again found myself skipping episodes after 15+ minutes because they're covering people whose stories are only mildly remarkable. I hope the hosts can eventually change this in the future; I will probably give this show another listen at some point.

Politically Biased History. (1/5)

The pod cast has developed a political bent and Present history with a biased view point. I just can’t stay with what happened I’ve got to give their opinion on the virtue of it.

Speed talking is out of control (3/5)

So I am better sure they use some kind of software to speed up the middle of their speaking parts. One of the host will start out normal then it’s like it’s on fast forward and weird. Sometimes it’s fast that you can’t quite get all the words. They then slow it back towards the end of the speaking to normal again. It sounds very abnormal & computerized...the show is good but stop speeding it up.

Please. We don't care about your opinions. (1/5)

Started listening in 2013 when I started college. For the longest time I loved Holly and Tracy. They provided hours of well researched content that was BROAD & comprehensive in its nature. But when they started getting political with it is when I lost it. I listened because I wanted to learn about pure, unadulterated history. If you want a show hosted by two people focused on the history of feminist movements, artistic revolutions, political studies, and race riots/slave rebellions. This is the show for you. The show hasn't had a topic that focuses on ancient history, natural history, sports history, medical history, aviation/naval history or military history in the longest time. All they talk about is politics! Honestly, the best thing they do is the ship wrecks. Long time listener is now long gone. There is a reason Josh and Chuck from how stuff works will always be better. Bye forever.

Can’t do it anymore (2/5)

Will happily re-subscribe when the ‘men are root of all evil’ narrative changes. Under Holly and Tracy it has been a slow but steady 2 year decline into near open misandry. This used to be a good podcast.

Ever Interesting and Educational (5/5)

I always learn something and often share it with my teachers at school.

Disappointed (1/5)

This is becoming the Women’s history podcast.

A+ (5/5)

This podcast is what started my love of podcasts! I’m not even a history buff and love the content! The hosts are delightful and stay focused while still being entertaining themselves! Huge variety of time periods and topics! I love you guys, thank you so much!

The newest hosts are awful. This show is not what it was. (2/5)

The downturn of this podcast has been most disappointing. Compared to the previous hosts, the current women are mediocre and do not provide a satisfying listening experience. Their voices are like nails on chalkboard. Suddenly we went from having an outstanding pair of professors to a couple of sorority girls. Yikes.

A bit too smug and condescending lately (2/5)

I’ve listened to this podcast for a decade, but lately the hosts come across as quite smug and condescending, often judging people who lived hundreds of years ago by 2018 social standards. There are some episodes (such as 17 September 2018) where it’s difficult to find a sentence spoken that isn’t dripping with sarcasm. This makes the podcast harder to understand for ESL speakers and isn’t something I’ve come across in any other professional broadcasting. While the topics have been interesting in previous years, it seems that recently the focus is either American history, history of somewhere the hosts went on vacation, or history the hosts came across while doing other work. They seem like nice, intelligent people, but perhaps they are bored with podcasting at this point.

Potential (2/5)

There is a lot of potential here but .. the women fail to execute it in an engaging way. Instead it feels like to people reading a report they made for history class. Just reading back in forth with nothing really added. I hope they get into more conversation, back and forth anything cause I can’t finish these but I know they are good stories deep down

Excellent (5/5)

If I could only listen to one podcast, this would be it. The two hosts are great together, and compliment each other’s personalities and interests. They make a huge effort to explore people from all over history- people who influenced today in various ways, focusing a great deal on women, people of color, and alternate sexualities, because all of these people are often ignored in history narratives. They explain the course of laws for civil rights, immigrant migrations, people with disabilities, the fashion of resistance, arts in war, margarine vs. butter, just to name a few of my favorites. Both have very distinct voices, which not only make them seem like real friends, but also don’t put me to sleep like smooth “radio voices”. I have learned more from this podcast than any other single source. If you want your world opened up just a little bit more, give it a try. Enjoy. Note: Confusingly, a lot of the podcast reviews for this show are describing hosts that produced this show many many years ago. I have no idea how it got so mixed up, but it doesn’t help people looking for their next great listen.

Show should be called "Women you missed in historical class" (1/5)

It's all about feminism and SJW nowadays... I can't stand the way the media forcefully makes everything political. There are great men and woman throughout history but, no need to rule out one sex over the other...

My favorite podcast (5/5)

I absolutely love this podcast. Keep it up Holly and Tracy! You bring so much delight into my weeks with your interesting shows! I learn so much and I enjoy your personalities! Love love love!

A favourite! (5/5)

Great hosts, interesting topics chosen, really recommend.

Painful (2/5)

Being a huge fan of SYSK, I thought I’d give this one a try. Not sure where they found these two ladies but their voices made me want to throw my iPhone across the room. It was excruciating to listen to and I figured I can’t be the only one. A quick google revealed several forum entries of complaints and a few others complaining about misogyny regarding complaints about the podcast. I’m not sure I can agree with the complaints about the subjects being too female centric but I do think this podcast must be for a narrow provincial audience as the nasal barking with occasional cackling are more than this listener can endure.

Bring Back the Old Hosts, Shows Circling the Drain (1/5)

As someone who’s been listening to this show for over 6 years, and has listened to nearly every episode, all I can say is that the Old hosts were better. This show just keeps slipping further and further down hill. The show’s cross podcast commercials featuring Tracy promoting her, “Little sister podcast,” put the final pin in it for me. Instead of giving the facts everything on this series is now pushed in the direction of feminism and the hosts bias. We get it, you’re women, women were important in history, please stop shoving it down your listeners throats and just read the facts. As an avid fan of history, Tracy and Holly have muddied this show for me by using it as their personal soap box to broadcast their agenda and have moved the show in the wrong direction. That’s not what people tune in every week for and it’s driving more and more of your past listeners to other programs. Tracy, maybe instead of going to twitter and calling out your fans as sexists, you take into consideration what multiple people are saying and consider that you’re biased? People don’t have to listen to your show, your making it that much easier of a decision with your actions and alienating more and more of the shows once fans. PODCAST DECISION MAKERS! Please get new hosts (preferably the old ones) or SYMIHC will loose continuing listenership to other programs. It’s so sad to see where this show is today compared to the juggernaut it was when I started listening years ago. Sincerely, A once loyal but now disappointed history fan who listens to Wondry History Shows over this once great program.

Great podcast but I miss the “feel” of the older episodes (3/5)

I recently discovered this podcast and have listened to about 150 episodes spanning from 2009-present. I really enjoy the older episodes. I’m not sure if it’s the writing or the presentation, but the older episodes are much easier and more enjoyable to follow along with. The new hosts, while knowledgeable and likable, seem to be quickly reading facts from note cards where previous hosts presented the topics in a more conversational way, which was very enjoyable. I will continue to listen but hope the format can be switched to how it was in the beginning. Thank you for all of the information!

Yikes (1/5)

She has the most jarring voice I’ve ever heard.

One of my favorites! (5/5)

I love this podcast...listen to you while I work out...I’m bummed I will miss you coming to San Fran...thank you for all your hard work! 🙂

Entertaining and educational (5/5)

I love a good story. The current hosts do a great job of taking a person or event from history and giving a great summary that is both informative and interesting.

I would rather listen to max volume opera (1/5)

This is ridiculous, if there was a zero here I would give it a -1. The gossip like talking is like massive ear pain and rings around my head as I come in and out of consciousness. There facts here are a light google search at best. I’m glad this wasn’t taught in history class, because if It was I would not know anything substantial. Oh and bring the jock back.

History (5/5)

The background information is great. All programs are at a high level, but you have resources provided if you want to do more research.

Bueller? Bueller? (1/5)

I have only listened to episode 58: Cajamarca. I listened in wonder... totally flabbergasted, as the two ladies read from their high school term papers. If you desire to turn people off to history, then urge them to listen. Bueller? Bueller?

Excellent! (5/5)

Quite impressive the ladies manage to often add interesting nuances and nuggets to well researched topics. Untangling Dred Scott was very well done. I must say the episodes regarding Ireland (I know this quite well!) were excellent - enjoyed especially they managed quite well pronouncing the Irish names of the various insurgency movements, a rare feat even for American scholars of Irish history!

Yuck! (1/5)

It’s like the two ladies hosting are having a contest to see who’s voice can be more grating. Horrific to the ears! Avoid.

amazing (5/5)

love what they choose to cover, love the social rights podcasts and feminism ones too! amazing work!

My week is not complete without this show (5/5)

Stuff You Missed in History Class is one of the finest shows available, anywhere. The hosts, Tracy V. Wilson and Holly Frey, do an excellent job researching and presenting many of the often untold stories from history. I appreciate their perspective and the way they present the information with the appropriate gravitas and humor. My week is not complete without this show.

Very enjoyable (5/5)

Have heard episodes from any number of the various host pairings & they are all good. Love hearing bits of history that I might otherwise not learned about.

Love this podcast! (5/5)

Entertaining and educational! This podcast helps me become more knowledgeable and helps cure the boredom of my daily commute.

Thank you (5/5)

As I spend time on my long commutes I find your podcast to be comforting. The drives are long and many of your topics I am unfamiliar with and the feeling of not wasting my time in the car is great. I find your voices soothing after my long day. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Favorite podcast (5/5)

They’ve got the formula dialed in on this show. The hosts get you through the data with nice canter to their banter.

My favorite podcast (5/5)

These ladies are so knowledgeable, I love this podcast! Very wide array of topics covered. I always recommend this one to my friends and family. I even downloaded it for my dad. :)

What they say is great (4/5)

But sorry to have to mention it- how these two ladies speak is less than pleasant to my ear. Both of them speak with a nasal dominant sound that makes me stop listening. I want to know the info, so I usually come back the next day or so, but it is always difficult to take. Please consult a vocal coach to learn how to produce speech that will be reproduced more pleasantly on the electronic devices. Sorry, but it is sincerely meant as a constructive comment which I hope you will take in that spirit.

Interesting topics & great hosts (5/5)

Holly & Tracy do a fantastic job of hosting this podcast. These podcast are not to be taken for the definitive information on the topic but rather a spark to do your own research on the topics you find interesting. I listen while driving to long island on my route.

Interesting and educational (5/5)

I trust the integrity of this podcast. The two women casters research their subjects using reliable resources. They keep it interesting and educational

Unearthed! (5/5)

These are my FAVORITE episodes!! Keep up the good work!!

Your the problem (1/5)

I couldn’t stand hearing “old white guys” or “ racist white guys” anymore after this last episode. Would an old black guy change the direction of the story? Done

Just right (5/5)

It’s the kind of podcast you sit in your car for 15 minutes to finish even though you arrived at your destination. You know what I’m talking about listeners. Thank you for bringing crayons I didn’t know existed to the party ^.^

Great show!!! (5/5)

This was my introduction to podcasts and they got me hooked!!! Love the premise of the show and topics are always super interesting!!! Love that the show not only does not shy away from possibly “touchy” topics but dives right in and will certainly cover woman and minorities which I certainly don’t remember in history class. Topics are very well researched. The hosts are great and adding personal flair and humor which keeps it fun and lively. Easy to binge!! Keep it up!!

THE BEST! (5/5)

HOLLY AND TRACY ARE THE BESTTTTTTTT. Seriously! I have listened to a LOT of the backlog of this podcast, as well as a ton of the recent stuff too, and (not to diss on anyone from the past) Holly and Tracy are just so accessible, friendly, conversational (without much irrelevant side chatter, I feel like! which is DIFFICULT, I also feel like!! give these girls credit!), and VERY knowledgeable. They're also very VERY conscious of marginalized communities and other topics relating to intersectionality, because it shows in how they treat a number of historical cases where terminoligy might be muddier (I'm thinking of specifically instances of people who would probably consider themselves trans men or trans women nowadays, and they usually explicitly acknowledge what source material might say about someone, and explain why they ended up choosing whatever pronouns they chose for that instance). Thank you so much for all your hard work!

Good BUT... (3/5)

I love listening to this podcast but hate when they put their liberal opinions in. I am neither liberal not conservative but I want to hear interesting FACTS, not your left wing opinion.

It’s been 4 years of delight! (5/5)

I have been listening to this podcast for 4 years on a weekly basis - and I love the hosts and the content dearly! It’s a bit of a PG experience but I find it delightful (one their favorite words) and educative - it’s pretty short about 44 mins or so per episode which is perfect for the commute and not too in depth that you feel lost. They chose really obscure topics sometimes that I love and they really never go in a set order of the episodes so one day I may be listening to 19th fashion and the next an ancient kingdom in Mali. They are fabulous and funny hosts and again - it’s a super well crafted show. It’s for history nerds!! And I am one so yay! Love it.

“Another Sponser break” (3/5)

Found it interesting, though not captivating, and there are many other podcasts with better ratios of good subject matter to sponsor breaks.

History done right (5/5)

An amazing podcast if you want to learn about all the stuff history class forgot or didn’t get around to than I have a podcast for you! The current podcast host holly and Tracy are amazing! They always do their absolute best on every single episode and if they make mistakes they admit it and are humble about it and will have a correction in one of the following episodes in the listener mail segment!

Thank you! (5/5)

I appreciate all you do, and very much enjoy the show!

Meh (1/5)

Their SJW views hurt the podcast. I don’t care about the views you are trying to push onto me. I listen to podcasts to get away from all of the stupidity that is in the world, not to get more pushed onto me. The majority of the recent podcasts are about women. I don’t have a problem with that if you called the podcast “Women you missed in history class.” This podcast along with all of the “How stuff works” podcasts seem very formulaic. They use banter back and forth to fill the time slot. It’s too bad because if there really was a good podcast about stuff I missed in history class, I would listen every day.

Thank you Holly and Tracy! (5/5)

That’s all I can say. Thank you for making my usual ridiculously mundane errand running into an exciting lesson in history whenever I get in the car! I would thank previous hosts, but I haven’t listened to any older episodes. Thank you to the previous hosts though for starting such an awesome podcast! Much love to al of you. 🧘‍♀️💜🙏🏻

Thank you (5/5)

Have enjoyed listening for many years through numerous hosts. The discussion format yields differing perspectives on the same events. Also like show notes that provide reference to source material. Thank you for this window into the past.

Love it (5/5)

"Love love love it!!!" I love learning new things and this podcast delivers! I love shocking people with knowledge!

Like listening to someone read a term paper (2/5)

These podcasts get tiresome really fast because it just sounds like somebody reading a term paper out loud in a community college class. It doesn't inspire confidence in the scholarship, and it's just not interesting listening, in spite of some of the titles. There are so much better podcasts out there where truly knowledgable people – scholars, even – discuss esoteric topics relating to history (e.g., BBC Radio 4's "In Our Time"), that I just don't have time or patience for this amateur act.

The lady who reviewed before me is crazy pants (5/5)

I’ve procrastinated writing a review (even though I know that reviews are currency. Sorry, guys) because I just thought that, obviously, everybody who likes history likes this podcast. Looks like I was a little mistaken! Quick note for the record, the hosts have charming voices that are distinctive, not annoying. See crazy pants review before mine for context. More importantly, the hosts and producers clearly work hard to be comprehensive and neutral in all of the content they share—occasionally to an annoying degree that makes me feel bad about myself. As a grown social studies teacher, I’ve often found myself childishly muttering to my self—kicking a pebble and pouting or something—about how I find some action or person reported on incredibly stupid or awesome while the hosts remain about as neutral as a pair of reporters in a modern historical scope can be. They have a firm understanding of the fact that history is not a linear climb, and they offer commentary that supports that. Any personal bias that is on this show is clearly prefaced as an opinion or personal conviction and is never preachy or misleading. Finally, the content selected is occasionally random, but that’s why it wasn’t in history class. There is something valuable in every show I’ve listened to, even if the title didn’t catch my eye. I still have a sneaky suspicion (conspiracy theory?) that the minds behind all of the How Stuff Works shows do coordinate at least a little, as sometimes I find common threads and what feels like inspiration from one show to the next. That’s just a personally fun little egg hunt for me. Anyway, keep up the good work ladies! Don’t let crazy pants slow you down!

by women, for all (5/5)

that some feel the necessity to leave a negative review because of some imagined SJW bias tells you why you should love this podcast.

“How Brain washing and propaganda work” (1/5)

More accurately “ How Brain washing and propaganda work” But go ahead if you think they’re honestly trying to help you

Enjoyable (4/5)

Very solid and enjoyable show. Inevitably some topics don’t interest me, or are so obscure they seem hard to make a show of, but I like to leave them on in the background and I’m a fan of both the old and new shows.

Start from the beginning (3/5)

I LOVE the old episodes. Seriously, start at the beginning with episodes from 10+ years ago and you will LOVE it. As they moved forward, I feel like they have run out of interesting subjects and I have a hard time listening to their pressured conversation.

Boring delivery (2/5)

This podcast manages to make fascinating topics utterly boring because of the hosts’ delivery. It sounds like they are reading from a book report. The upspeak is annoying, too, but I was willing to look past that if the rest of the podcast was better.

I had to Google SJW! (4/5)

I just read the review that didn’t like your attitude toward social justice. And I have to say that I think anybody who promotes social justice is just keen! Keep it up. Yours is the first podcast I ever accessed and I was kinda critical about some of your pronunciation and the giggling. HOWEVER, I keep listening. And now that I’ve listened to other podcasts I have to say you are the best! Topics are interesting and often things I’ve never heard of. Thank you.

Terrific Podcast (5/5)

My all time favorite podcast. Thoughtful, well researched, and never simplistic. I wish my history classes were this interesting. Great hosts!

😝 (5/5)

Love you guys! Amazing podcast with interesting topics

Delivery is lacking (2/5)

I was really looking forward to liking this podcast since I love learning about history. However, I couldn’t get past the way that the hosts sound like they are reading from a book. If I wanted that kind of delivery I would read a book or listen to an audiobook. Additionally, their sentences always end with a rising pitch intonation, which is a bit annoying.

Besties (5/5)

I absolutely adore Holli and Traci. Thank you both for a less boring commute!

Yay (5/5)

I love the history and topics!

My favorite history podcast. (5/5)

I always enjoy listening to Tracy and Holly. They are sincere and fun. Their love of history is engaging and their topics are great.

Learn about the forget people of history (4/5)

The hosts do a great job researching topics that you might not have ever heard of, but that are (most likely) related to something you are familiar with. They seem to focus mainly on women, minorities, or other groups of people that aren't usually covered in text books or TV shows. This is an excellent resource to use if you are doing your own research project or if you just want to learn about how history unfolded for everyone else.

Excellent (5/5)

I'm surprised by how many topics this show can cover in the over 10 years it's been running. Holly and Tracy are able to discuss a wide range of topics with excitement and empathy.

I ♥️ SYMHC (5/5)

Holly and Tracy are the best part of my long hours on the road as a traveling Hospice social worker. History buffs of all levels can jump right in and enjoy the meticulously researched show without introduction. My absolute favorite podcast!

Eww (1/5)


My favorite hustory podcast (4/5)

5/5 for the original hosts (Dublina, et al). Charismatic, informative, with the right touch of sensitivity for subjects regarding human oppression. 4/5 for the current hosts, Holly and Tracy. This podcast continues to be Informative as hell, but I don't appreciate the frequent snowflake disclaimers about problematic events from history. History is not to be sanitized for the sensitive, and modern audiences have no business getting triggered over horrific events from the past if they're listening to a HISTORY podcast.

Great variety & fun hosts (5/5)

I listen to the podcast during my commute & while working a tedious job & it really passes the time nicely. I’m always learning something new & appreciate the variety as well as the unbiased nature of the hosts. There are times when I totally would’ve thrown in an opinion but they never do. They are also very fair in their research & cover hard subjects honestly. I especially love how they handle tough subjects of race, gender & sexuality. The wide variety of subjects is also great, I’m always learning something new.

The best podcast (5/5)

Sometimes serious topics but mostly funny! And always entertaining! Even my kids listen when appropriate. Keep it coming!

Articulate well Researchered podcast (5/5)

I love this podcast and have been listening for years. I find all the hosts take the research and the listener experience seriously. They use primary sources and concisely explain the history and limitations to the history on important issues. Our history is full of darkness and many stories will touch on experiences of racism, sexism, and brutality. I appreciate that the hosts do not cave to some listeners feedback to rewrite our history. In fact, they face the history of red-lining, lynching, disenfranchisement of voting and other civil rights issues head on. At the same time, they balance stories of atrocities with the lighter side of our humanity. Kudos all around. Keep it coming.

Love it (5/5)

The last review said meh feminism to which I say YAY FEMINISM. Also they cover all kinds of things often glossed over or skipped in school. Not just women. Also Tracy an Holly rock at making history fun and entertaining.

Meh. Feminism (2/5)

If you like a pinch of feminist in your history class this is the podcast for you.

Down to Earth and Fun (5/5)

I work a very tedious job and to help my day pass I listen to podcasts. I really enjoy stuff you missed in history class, the topics are varied and keep you interested! I also often find myself laughing out loud. Holly and Tracy are relatable and very earnest. I especially enjoyed the “popsicle wars” episode. Great Job!

Interesting topics and well presented (5/5)

Have been listening to this podcast for a couple of months and have enjoyed it very much. Always learn something new on the subject being explored. Well presented which makes every topic enjoyable, regardless of your knowledge of the subject.


I love SYMHC! I listen to at least one episode everyday! I’m 11 and my favorite thing to do is listen to this podcast while drawing on my iPad!

Your history teacher probably had no clue (5/5)

Stuff you and most history departments missed, but so friggin’ worth listening to!

Why are the producers ignoring these reviews? (2/5)

They could have a great show if they would just get someone else to read the material into the microphone. The content is interesting. The script is well written. I can’t take the nasal voices any longer. Unsubscribing today.

5 stars (5/5)

Great variety of topics and stories, one of my favorites.

A good podcast (5/5)

As a podcast junkie who listens 50 to 60 hours a week while I work, I have given many podcasts a trial run. Most never last more than an episode or two. This one made the cut, and I actually look forward to new episodes.

I’d rather read an article (2/5)

I’d rather read an article than listen to these folks read to me. Their delivery is horrible. It sounds like a kid trying to read but add in some inflection. Stretching out a word here and there isn’t enough to make it NOT sound like they’re just reading a wiki article. I had high hopes for this one and gave it a few episodes due to subject matter but I can’t take it any longer.

Ehh (2/5)

Information not accurate. Can’t get over the voices. Sounds like they are reading straight from a script. Just a little tip for them, study the subject before you decide to talk about it for half and hour.

Voices (1/5)

I am so sorry to say that the voice are too grating. That sounds undermines the subject matter and comment.

Unlistenable (1/5)

Cannot stand the screechy voices of these two. Horrible.

By far my favorite podcast!!! (5/5)

Fun, interesting and well presented. This podcast is definitely worth listening to. The old episodes are good but Holly and Tracy really take it to the next level. They do their best to give clear, fair facts in a story like format. This podcast sets the bar high for all the others. A must listen!!

Brutal. (1/5)

two read index cards about an enslaved man.

The learning (5/5)

It doesn’t stop!

Obsessed (5/5)

This is my favorite podcast to listen to while I work. It’s fractionating and the narrators are awesome.

Amazing (5/5)

One of the best podcasts I've ever listened to. These ladies are great!! Even the topics I don't think I'd enjoy, like NASCAR, I end up enjoying the podcast anyway. I highly recommend this podcast to everyone.

Love the information (5/5)

I love the objective, comprehensive presentation of historical topics. Keep up the good work

So good (5/5)

First podcast that caught my interest. Love listening on the commute. Feel like the hosts make each subject come to life

Part of my morning routine (5/5)

As a single mother, it’s challenging enough to find the time to take a bath, let alone feed my mind. I love this podcast and listen to it every morning. It’s become part of my morning routine and it’s incredibly informative.

Love it! (5/5)

Interesting, informative, and entertaining.

Accents? (3/5)

San “Francisqew”? Listen to our “shews”? Is there a new accent coming out? Interesting stuff, but the way they of them groans the last word of nearly every sentence. Sorry, but I almost threw up when she said “argonaut”. Is she trying to be gross? Interesting, compelling content, but I, I guess but is this some supposed way to try and sound more interesting (like an announcer tries to sound interesting)? Listen to her finish a sentence with “NASCAR”...groan. Please, why?!

Excellent (5/5)

Absolutely a great podcast. Very educational and extremely interestingly

Thank You for SYM! (5/5)

Thank you so much to the hosts of SYM! I love this podcast! I am especially grateful for variety of topics covered and the inclusivity of voices and perspectives. If you’re not a history buff you can enjoy the excellent stories, if you are a history buff you can look forward to top notch research. If you don’t like SYM you are probably a butthead.

4 stars!? What!? (5/5)

I have no idea how this isn’t a solid 5 star show. I’ve learned so much listening to these shows. For me this is a top 5 history podcast show.

Good idea! (4/5)

This podcast’s concept is very creative. The hosts are funny while still having good information. However, you can tell they’re running out of ideas since the last 50 or so podcasts have been boring.

Used to be one of my faves... (3/5)

I used to listen to this podcast regularly but I have now unsubscribed. The topics have become boring. It’s been months since my interest has been peeked. Sorry.

Love This Show! (5/5)

I hated history class growing up but this show has turned me into a history buff, and a know it all 😂 No matter your interest (I started by listening to all the Halloween episodes and then started listening to the rest and now I’ll listen to whatever history they talk about lol), you will find the information they give fascinating and memorable. I eagerly await every episode (I even went back and listened from the beginning). Really great show, I tell everyone about it!

Rating (5/5)


Diversity (3/5)

Wish they would do more international history rather than just US and Europe

I love it!!! (5/5)

One of my all-time favorite podcasts! The stories are told in a way that is so accessible—I love this on my commutes.

So good! (5/5)

A podcast I listen to almost every night, it has by now become a ritual. I love going back and listening to older episodes.. there is always something interesting and new to learn about! I don’t think there is anything similar available on the mark. Great job!

I love this podcast!! (5/5)

I love this podcast!!

New(er) hosts (5/5)

I noticed many of the reviews are from 9 yrs ago and reference the old hosts as being difficult to listen to despite great content. New listeners should know the new(er) hosts are great. You get a taste of what others refer to on the “classic” episodes but those reviews are not reflective of the current hosts. They’re funny and thoughtful.

Interesting topics (4/5)

There are lots of things I have learned while listening to this podcast. The stories are told factually and focused. Most of the stories are told in a very interesting way.

Great podcast! (5/5)

Taught me a ton of stuff. Love it. The reviews about the extremely annoying boy and girl are correct. However, they have been replaced by two much better hosts.

Excellent (5/5)

I look forward to each episode. Tracy and Holly are delightful and tell an interesting story each episode. Filled in some history gaps for me and taught me brand new stuff.

Are you faking your DL numbers? (3/5)

Twice now I have updated my podcasts and this pod cast auto DLed the past 6 months worth... I already listened to them S they came out...

Best (5/5)

I am always amazed by the amount of people who don’t listen to podcasts. Then again I only got into them about a year ago. Podcasts remind me of when I was in my early childhood spending nights with my Grandma Great on the Gulf Coast of Texas. Though I was born in ‘86, my Grandma Great was of an era and socioeconomic status (or lack thereof) of people who enjoyed radio programs. She only had the local channels on her one TV, in her non-centrally heated/cooled home. I looked forward to evenings spent with storm shutters open to the coastal breeze, catching the latest episode of Star Trek, and then a program on the local public broadcasting radio station. Enough reminiscing. Stuff you Missed in History was one of the first podcasts I subscribed to after an extensive bit of research on the topic. Though initially put off by the hosts’ voices (this happens with every podcast host I experience for the first time; I suppose the lack of visual does that to you), I pushed through two episodes and I was hooked. I love history. I love quirk. I love the personal comments that aren’t terribly political. Tracy and Holly are dedicated to the subject matter but don’t take themselves too seriously. They make me laugh, cry, incensed (the subject matter). Though they frequently say things akin to “as we all know,” and it is never true of me.... which really is why more people should listen. After all, I was 30 before I knew of the Tuskegee Syphilis “study.”..... This is a podcast I enjoy sharing with my ADD partner and ADD 11 year old daughter. Over dinner. I don’t enjoy the sounds of people eating... Enough already, Ann! (the ADD, it runs strong in this household) TLDR too late, this is one of two podcasts I recommend to anyone starting their podcast journey. I hope it is around for years to come!

Great topics, terrible editing (3/5)

Although I love the topics the editing is terrible. So many rants, heavy breathing, laughter, pauses, quick reading of books that have not been rehearsed.

Great podcast!! (5/5)

I’m a big fan of the how stuff works podcasts, especially stuff you missed in history class! The ladies help me get through long work days at home. (Working from home is amazing but can be lonely) I love the wide variety of historical topics. I’m particularly drawn to the art history, women in history, crime and architectural history episodes. But they’re all great! Even topics I wouldn’t think I would find interesting still never cease to entertain me, or at least help me fill the silence, haha. Well researched, thoughtfully created and portrayed in an approachable manner. No wonder this podcast has been around for so long. Can’t say enough good things! High fives from historic Kennesaw, Ga! Haha

Good content (4/5)

It’s very good. My only complaint is that their voices do not sound good in podcasts.

Good podcast (3/5)

I like the podcast but one of he podcasters voice can be shrill and annoying

The first podcast I ever listened to (5/5)

I started listen to this podcast in high school and am still listening well after college. You ladies are like family at this point , love love love this podcast.

Interesting (5/5)

The ladies definitely make the shows interesting and fun.

All time favorite podcast (5/5)

My all-time favorite podcast. I’ve been listening since the Candace and Josh days, and I’ve loved all the hosts, but Holly and Tracy are my favorites. They do their research and really throw themselves into their topics.

This podcast is worth the time (5/5)

The hosts learn every episode with the audience. They take criticism with grace. One of the best podcast to me to listen to.

Nasally Noise (1/5)

I really tried to give this a chance, but the extremely nasally voices just grated on my nerves too much and I had to turn it off. I was bummed, some of the topics seemed pretty interesting.

can't keep my attention (2/5)

It's like they are reading real fast from a book. Get's old fast. Prefer Dan Carlen or the Italian History professor. They pull you into the story, give you background, and their own questions and interpretation.

The Gold Standard Of Podcasts (5/5)

Educational without being boring. A variety of hosts and topics throughout the years. Great current hosts. Keeps me awake during work and I actually retain most of the information. When a Saturday classic episode comes out I at least remember the basics of the person/event even if it was from a couple years ago! And of course I would love more halloween episdoes, more unearthed episodes, and hey lets get back to that exhumation theme! That was weirdly fun!

Amazing show! (5/5)

Learn about the titanic impacts of events you didn't even know about! Listen to episodes on the Easter Uprising, General Green of the Revolutionary War, and the occasional boat racing heiress!

Two thumbs up (5/5)

If you’re looking for a clear and concise yet, at times, witty history podcast, look no further.

Can't get enough (5/5)

Can't get enough of this show. I have been listening for a number of years, through different hosts. I adore these two, Tracy and Holly. They research so well, and their manner in presenting brings the material alive. Their chemistry is a bonus, and makes me feel I am sitting across from them listening to a conversation by two bright, fun people.

Consistently interesting (5/5)

This show has gone through many hosts and many formats. I love them all and now have random history facts for just about everything. Everyone is convinced I’m super smart, but I just listen to this podcast during my commute to work.

Great content - Poor hosts (1/5)

I have tried to be patient with the inappropriate giggling / laughter from the hosts during virtually every episode but I cannot overcome the commentary I recently heard on an “Unearthed” episode. Trying to qualify the DNA evidence to support your worldview of a person’s “choice” to decide their preferred gender is just too much. Why was this necessary? Did it truly add to the quality of the show? Not in my opinion. I will now unsubscribe and try to find a more unbiased presentation of interesting historical topics. If the show ever finds new hosts I would be happy to come back. Sincerely, S. H. Williams

Good (3/5)

Discussing certain topics, the narrators exemplify certain bias towards conservatism. Rest the topics discussed are indulging and research is thorough.

Meh. (2/5)

This could be a good show if the hosts weren’t so consumed with political correctness and self-congratulation. I feel like they throw their own opinions into everything rather than just talking about facts. I didn’t realize how much better the podcast was a while ago until they started playing Saturday classics which are more interesting, less dry and less preachy.

Grea stuff! (5/5)

If you love history then this is the show for you!

Love this podcast (5/5)

Holly and Tracy present such varied topics and people from history in a way that is engaging and accessible. I look forward to each episode and have learned so much from them. Well done!