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Issue #53: Reubens and Roll Ups with Steve Anderson
On this week’s episode, we are joined by our long time comic guru, Steve Anderson! Steve is the co-owner of the best comic shop on the planet, Third Eye Comics. We discuss how the store came to be the juggernaut of positivity that it is today and the DIY punk heart of everything Steve does. Third Eye or die....


Issue #52: Fried Haddock Sandwiches at 1am with Steve Orlando
We are joined by one of the biggest personalities and thirst traps in all of comics, THE STEVE ORLANDO. We got the chance to chat with Steve with his new comic “Commanders In Crisis” and his body of work. We also talk about fitness, wrestling, and all sorts of odds and ends. Call your LCS to add Commanders to your pull, you won’t regret it....


Issue #51: Vegan Mayo Hot Sauce Cheese Tempeh Bagels with Zac Thompson
On this episode, we are joined by the incredible Zac Thompson! Dan and Zac discuss connection in the digital age, the idea of self, and why Lorne is simply the best Buffy character. Grab Zac’s new book “Lonely Receiver” out now from Aftershock comics!...


DC Fandome Tailgate
IT’S THE #DCFANDOME TAILGATE! Have you signed up for the Supersons beer pong tournament? Everyone who is anyone in the DC Universe is going to be there. Meet us in the parking lot for a day of fun, sunshine, and nothing bad at all!...

Issue #50: Dead, Again
This week on Supersons, Dan’s birthday wishes are granted because we’re talking Resurrection Man. A man without his memories, a future, or even the possibility of death. We’re diving into the New 52’s weirdest series....


Issue #49: Fish and Chips with Jordan Clark
We have our first two-time guest, Jordan Clark! You don’t get a cool coat like SNL, but on your tenth visit you get a free sandwich. We are discussing the character of Aqualad and Jordan’s upcoming two part story about him in Aquaman....


Issue #48: Supersons Science Symposium
Things are a bit different as the brothers take a detour from DC and American pop culture to cover Dr. Stone! Dan explores his troubles with getting into anime, and Jake puts the crew in danger. This episode rocks! Pun very much intended. Story covered: Dr. Stone, Episodes 1-6...


Issue #47: Super Suburbia
What kind of secrets are the Secret Six holding? Well, one thing we can say for sure is that they’re weird as heck. We are discussing the New 52 run of Secret Six. Dan forgets the words to the Full House theme song and Jake breaks down costumes. Pack your bags because we’re moving to the ‘burbs! Story covered: Secret Six: Friends in Low Places...


Issue #46: Waffles & Batgirl
We are finally covering Stephanie Brown, one of Dan’s all time favorites. We’re trying out a new format this episode so let us know what you think! Bring your own waffles and syrup for extra enjoyment of this episode. Story on this episode: Batgirl: Point of Origin Cover by Bhavya Kashyap @madebybhavya on insta!...


Issue #45: Eisenberg's Deli Reubens with Ram V
On this episode, Dan interviews Ram V, the current writer on Justice League Dark who is taking over the Catwoman ongoing at DC. Ram blows Dan’s mind multiple times with this amazing conversation. Find Ram V on Twitter @therightram or his website Follow us on Twitter @DCSuperSons...


Issue #44: Reubens & Patty Melts with Jennifer Muro & Thomas Krajewski
We are joined by writers Jennifer Muro and Thomas Krajewski to chat about their upcoming DC graphic novel, Primer. We discuss the creation of character Ashley Rayburn and what makes her such a fun and creative addition to the world of comic books. At one point, Mike goes on about Paddington for a short bit. We promise it's not that long. Follow us on Twitter @DCSuperSons...


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Issue #43: The Heat is On
We’re covering Firestorm the Nuclear man! Dan talks about the FORBIDDEN POOL of his dreams. Jake yells Firestorm’s catch phrase a bunch. We cover Justice League Action season 1, episode 6: “Nuclear Family Values”. Follow us on Twitter @DCSuperSons...


Issue #42: Batgirl in the New Willennium
Part 1 of 2 of our back 2 back Batgirl episodes! This episode is all about Cassandra Cain. Just realizing now that we didn’t mention that she was in the BOP movie. Dan does a terrible Jerry Seinfeld impression. Jake accidentally took some nostalgia and keeps dreaming of simpler times.   Story on this episode: Batgirl (2000) 1-6   Follow us on Twitter @DCSuperSons...


Issue #41: Bacon Turkey Bravos with Michael Moreci
We are joined by Michael Moreci to chat about his upcoming DC graphic novel, The Lost Carnival: A Dick Grayson Story. We discuss Michael’s comic origins, how he approaches his writing, and that Star Wars series everyone loves. The Lost Carnival hits shelves May 5th, so be sure to check it out wherever you buy comics! Follow us on Twitter @DCSuperSons...

Issue #40: Tuna Melts with Marv Wolfman
Jake and Dan got to interview Marv Wolfman. The co-creator of some of the biggest Teen Titans, the first Crisis, and so many stories and characters that everyone knows and loves. We were thankful to have such a nice conversation about the impact of his work and DC Comics in general!...

spiderman raven nightwing cyborg starfire dccomics marvwolfman

Issue #39: Belly Busters with Taylor Esposito
We’re joined by Taylor Esposito who has lettered a number of DC comics. We chat about his teaching at The Kubert School and what lettering really is for those unfamiliar with it! Find Taylor at @taylorespo and @GhostGlyph Follow us on Twitter @DCSuperSons...


Issue #38: Spectacular Spider-Sons
Hey there TRUE BELIEVERS, we’re back for another web slinging adventure. We’re talking about one of Marvel’s biggest rivalries of all time, Spider-Man and the Green Goblin. Our lesson for today is to always believe in yourself! Even when times are tough, you just have to push through for a brighter tomorrow. Excelsior!   Story Covered: Peter Parker: Spider-Man “Death in the Family”...

Issue #37: Blood ISN'T Thicker Than Water
The brother of a large, blond-haired man is taken out of the episode due to unforeseen circumstances whilst a global crisis ensues. That's either the plot of this podcast episode, the plot of the story we're covering, or both. Note to our listeners: Stay hygienic and practice social distancing. Don't forget to call your loved ones. If you don't have anyone, reach out to Dan (@danthemcmahon) or Mike (@GuitarMike526) on Twitter. Story Covered: Justice League - The Enemy Below (S01E06-07) Follow us @dcsuperson...


Issue #36: BOOYAH
If the episode title didn’t speak for itself, we’re talking about Cyborg. A member of the Teen Titans, Justice League, and an overall genuine badass. This episode is sponsored by true friendship and how Dick Grayson looks at hot dogs. Dan says the name of this issue incorrectly... sorry 'bout it. Story covered: Tales of the New Teen Titans Follow us @dcsupersons on Twitter. Tweet pictures of otters at @koltreg and support all of his shows....

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Issue #35: That's So Hourman
It's the future he can see! It's so mysterious to meeeeee. On this episode we cover a pulp-y adventure about Liberty Belle and Hourman (Jake's favorite DC couple!). We see how far we can push our references to the Mouse before he comes after us.   Story Covered: Hourman and Liberty Belle: Inheritance   Find us on twitter @dcsupersons...

couple liberty belle hourman

Issue #34: The One and Only Birds Of Prey
Today we are covering Gail Simone's first arc from her legendary Birds of Prey run! We go over most of the major characters that will be in the movie so you can go in with a few morsels of information if you're new to the characters. Check out Episode #32 for all the info on Harley Quinn! Dan also shares almost all of his fears in one episode... Story Covered: Birds of Prey: Of Like Minds Follow Jake @jakelikesotters on twitter!...

podcast of black movie comic birds quinn canary harley prey huntress bop

Issue #32: Dr. Harleen Quinzel or: How I Learned to Stop Liking Joker and Love the Harley Quinn
The Supersons are back! The first time the brothers have recorded together in a very long time. On this episode, we talk all about Harley Quinn!!! After Dan's year of Harley, we are cover the first episode of her new show. We talk about how Harley has changed over time and developed as a character. Find us on twitter @dcsupersons...

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Issue #31: Booster Gold, def an Eagles fan
Mike is on the first leg of his journey to reunite the Supersons. Jake was easily enticed with the chance to talk about Booster Gold. He also goes off on several tangents... welcome to Season 2!   Story covered in this issue: Justice League Unlimited - The Greatest Story Never Told (S01E07)   Support us at

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Issue #30: The Year Without the Supersons
Mike reads a bedtime story to his daughter Lillian in the hopes of keeping the show going without Dan and Jake, but realizes that it's a fool's errand. Just when all hope seems lost, a light appears at the end of the tunnel...   Story covered in this issue: Batman: Noel   Support us at

comics dc batman year christmas without carol scrooge noel

Issue #29.11: Supersons Crisis Extravaganza
THE BOYS ARE BACK IN TOWN! More accurately, they’re still in Arkham but the guards are letting them do their show. LIVE IN FRONT OF A MANDATORY AUDIENCE! This very special episode has it all... a musical number, questionable choices, and appearances by your favorite DC characters (Dan and Jake, they are canon). Be sure to stay tuned until the last pulse pounding moment, could this be the end of the Supersons? Find out in this episode! Story Covered: Crisis On Infinite Earths Support us on patreon at www.pat...

comics on dc crisis infinite event crossover earths

Issue #29.10: The Flash (1990)
With Dan and Jake stuck in Arkham Asylum, Mike continues auditioning new hosts for Supersons. Luke and Devin take over the show to discuss the 1990 pilot episode of The Flash! Story covered: The Flash (Pilot, 1990) Support us on patreon at

comics on dc flash crisis infinite earths

Issue #29.09: Doom Patrol
With Dan and Jake stuck in Arkham Asylum, Mike continues auditioning new hosts for Supersons. Agents of Comic Book takes over the show to discuss the pilot episode of Doom Patrol! Story covered: Doom Patrol (Pilot) Support us on patreon at

comics on dc patrol crisis infinite doom earths

Issue #29.08: Super Friends
With Dan and Jake stuck in Arkham Asylum, Mike continues auditioning new hosts for Supersons. David Gallaher and Adam take over the show to discuss the pilot episode of Super Friends! (Wait... DAVID GALLAHER?!) Story covered: Super Friends (Pilot) Support us on patreon at

comics super on david friends dc crisis infinite earths gallaher

Issue #29.07: Birds of Prey
With Dan and Jake stuck in Arkham Asylum, Mike continues auditioning new hosts for Supersons. Matt and Amber take over the show to discuss the pilot episode of Birds of Prey! Story covered: Birds of Prey (Pilot) Support us on patreon at

of comics on dc birds crisis infinite prey earths

Issue #29.06: Titans
With Dan and Jake stuck in Arkham Asylum, Mike continues auditioning new hosts for Supersons. Eli and Tyler Pee take over the show to discuss the pilot episode of Titans! Story covered: Titans (Pilot) Support us on patreon at

comics on dc crisis infinite titans earths

Issue #29.05: Supergirl
Dan and Jake are still stuck in Arkham Asylum. Mike begins to lose faith in other hosts taking over the show, so he decides to take matters into his own hands. Mike and his daughter Lillian discuss the pilot episode of Supergirl! Story covered: Supergirl (Pilot) Support us on patreon at

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Issue #29.04: Black Lightning
With Dan and Jake stuck in Arkham Asylum, Mike continues auditioning new hosts for Supersons. Jock Doc Podcast takes over the show to discuss the pilot episode of Black Lightning! Story covered: Black Lightning (Pilot) Support us on patreon at

black comics on dc crisis lightning infinite earths

Issue #29.03: Legends of Tomorrow
With Dan and Jake stuck in Arkham Asylum, Mike continues auditioning new hosts for Supersons. Charlie and Vishal take over the show to discuss the pilot episode of Legends of Tomorrow! Story covered: Legends of Tomorrow (Pilot) Support us on patreon at

of comics on tomorrow dc legends crisis infinite earths

Issue #29.02: The Flash (2014)
With Dan and Jake stuck in Arkham Asylum, Mike continues auditioning new hosts for Supersons. Chris and Finn take over the show to discuss the 2014 pilot episode of The Flash! Story covered: The Flash (Pilot, 2014) Support us on patreon at

comics on dc flash crisis infinite earths

Issue #29.01: Arrow
With Dan and Jake stuck in Arkham Asylum, Mike begins a desperate attempt to find new hosts to take up the mantle. Steve and Adam take over the show to discuss the pilot episode of Arrow! Story covered: Arrow (Pilot) Support us on patreon at

comics on dc arrow crisis infinite earths

Issue #28: Supersons Talkin' Super Sons
One year baybee! We did it. We’re finally covering Super Sons. Thank you for a wonderful first year. We could not have done it without listeners like you. Listen though, we’re running late to our podiversary party that Mike set up for us. Listen till the very end of this episode because we talk about what’s coming! Story covered: Super Sons Vol 1: When I Grow Up Support us on patreon at

party comics super king dc batman sons condiment supersons

Issue #27: Burgers and Luchador Masks with Chris Sotomayor
Today we're joined by Chris Sotomayor! Chris was kind enough to spend some time talking with us at Keystone Comic Con in Philadelphia this year. We couldn't get enough of his welcoming personality and stories about the industry, so we brought him back for more. For any listeners curious about what it's like to be a colorist, Chris serves as a wealth of information! Support us on patreon at Find Chris at and on Twitter @SotoColor...

new york comics experience chris dc nightwing freelance sotomayor colorist

Issue #26: Wizarding World of Watchmen
We are joined by Sam Puc (EIC of Fatventure Magazine & Managing Editor of The Beat) to talk about Watchmen. Sam helps us dissect some of the tougher to handle topics that the book deals with. This is a rough one so buckle in for a bumpy ride.   CW: Discussion of sexual assault   Story covered: Watchmen...

graphic novel night manhattan watchmen comedian silk spectre owl rorschach archie ozymandias

Issue #25: Spookysons
1...2...the Supersons are coming for you... On this very spoopy episode, we are covering our first holiday special from DC Comics. We are talking about a bunch of characters that are dealing with real monsters and some inner demons. Our gang has been brushing up on their magic for better...or for worse. It's us though so you know it's for worse. Dan also gives you his recommendations for scary movies.  Covered in this episode:  CURSED COMICS CAVALCADE #1...

superman horror halloween green batman thing woman lantern wonder swamp spooky

Issue #24: Dan finally gets his way!
WE ARE FINALLY COVERING BATWOMAN! The story covered in this episode is one of Dan’s all time favorites. Dan may have also agreed to lead a cult... weird stuff happens in Gotham. At the end of the episode, Jake and Dan give their thoughts about that Joker movie.   Story covered on this episode: Batwoman: Elegy SO EXCITED TO FINALLY TALK ABOUT KATE KANE!   Support us at Follow us on twitter @dcsupersons...

comics detective crime dc kate kane batwoman

You can always escape. We are talking about Mister Miracle on this episode. This is one of the heaviest stories we have ever read. In our opinion, it’s a modern masterpiece that pushes the medium of comics. We hope you like this episode, it’s a very big one for us. Some would say it’s a miracle we even got it done. Jake’s audio set up was possessed by the Anti-life equation, which did its best to prevent us from recording.   Story covered: Mister Miracle Writer: Tom King Artist: Mitch Gerards Letterer: Clay...

comics is king dc batman tom mitch clayton miracle mister darkseid cowles supersons gerards

Issue #22: The Mike Annual
Dan, Jake, and Mike go to Keystone Comic Con in Philadelphia! We had the privilege of interviewing cosplayers and comics industry professionals, and are passing the savings on to you!! Support us at

comic comics chris dc amy con sotomayor chu cowan denys keystone

Issue #21: Bak 2 Skool Special
HELLO MEGAN! We finally get to talk about Young Justice. If you haven’t watched the show, this is a great primer. Dan was a little under the weather and was untethered from the realm for most of the show. Superboy will only be referred to as Soupy from here on out. We’re working on how to structure the show better, just believe in us. Stories covered in this issue: TV: Young Justice Season 1, Episode 1 “Independence Day” & Episode 2 “Fireworks” Comic: Young Justice: The Secret Support us at

comics young secret dc fireworks day justice superboy independence

Issue #20: Magic Girl Summer
As the summer comes to a close, we decided to go out in style with DC's own mistress of magic Zatanna! Jake and I ran into some technical problems which were solved by the Oracle Mike. Dan takes more of a Jake style of writing in his summary this week. Let us know if you decode the opening this week because it's worth your time to do it.    Stories covered in this issue: Zatanna (Vol 2)  Mystik U Follow us on twitter @dcsupersons and support us at

comics hot young magic dc girl summer thing justice swamp zatanna

Issue #19: Vegan Grilled Cheeses with David Gallaher
We are joined by the newest friend of the show, David Gallaher! David wrote the Green Lantern tie in for the DC comics event Convergence. He is currently writing the new Ghost Recon game as well! We get to discuss Guy Gardner at length which we should all do more. You’re going to be in awe of the length of his knowledge of all things comic book. Support us at

comics david guy green dc ghost convergence recon lantern gardner gallaher

Issue #18: Meatball Parmesan Heroes with Jimmy Palmiotti
Today we are joined by Jimmy Palmiotti! I cannot believe I get to write that. Jimmy has done everything from comics to video games to television and beyond. Some notable titles are his run on Harley Quinn with his wife, Jonah Hex, Marvel Knights, and my personal favorite Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters! Jimmy gives great insight into the industry, the craft, and overall one heck of a great conversation! We are thankful that Jimmy came on to chat!  Support us on patreon at Find a...

podcast interview comics jimmy power dc batman quinn girl palmiotti jonah hex harley starfire

Issue #17: Always Follow The Cake
Supersons, now with 100% more Reed! On this very special episode, we are joined by our friend Reed. Reed Co-co-hosts The Young Ones who all appeared in the opener! We are discussing the Doom Patrol today in comics and the original television show. If you aren’t familiar with the Doom Patrol, strap in for an exciting ride!   On today’s episode: Doom Patrol Season 1 Episode 8 “Danny Patrol” Doom Patrol “Crawling from the Wreckage”   Support us at Follow us @dcsupersons on Twitter Fin...

comics young dc patrol universe ones doom

Issue #16: Italian Subs with Tze Chun
On this latest installment of Supersons, we are very lucky to be joined by the legendary Tze Chun. Tze is the co-founder of TKO Studios who is trying to innovate on the way we read comics. Tze also served as a writer/director/producer on the hit show Gotham and Once Upon A Time! Find TKO at Find Tze on twitter @thetzechun Find us at @dcsupersons and at

time jim comics a business gordon batman fox superheroes penguin gotham upon once riddler tko

Issue #15: An HR Nightmare
Oh SNAP! The Supersons are back with a brand new episode! Today is our first patreon supported episode where we talk about Robin. More specifically Tim Drake. Dan and Jake get another odd job that doesn't go as planned...   On today's episode: Batman: A Lonely Place of Dying Red Robin: The Grail   Support our patreon at  Follow us on twitter @dcsupersons  Leave us a review and tell some friends :)...

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Issue #14: Summer Sausages with Tim Seeley
We had the absolute pleasure of chatting with Tim Seeley who co-wrote Grayson and wrote a recent run on Nightwing. Topics discussed range from great discussions on the comic industry to some peaks behind the curtains of his incredible runs on comics. We'd like to thank Tim again for his time and tell you that you should go out to buy Grayson and Shatterstar ASAP!  Find us at! Follow our instagram @supersonspodcast Support us on for access to our book club and b...

tim interview comic comics superman dc batman summer nightwing sausages grayson seeley hackslash

Issue #13: Two Zooms, One Flash
Wally West. A name that has been in almost every issue so far is finally our headliner! We try to break down as many Flash's as we can without losing our minds or place in the speed force.  Stories on this episode:  The Flash: Blitz Flash: The Return of Barry Allen Find us at!  Support us on Patreon at to get access to bonus episodes and input on future episodes!...

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Issue #12: Batman Has A Cold
I hope this episode isn't met with an icy demeanor because of the subject matter... Mr. Freeze. I know we said we were doing the Flash but life happened. We needed a quick fix so we defrosted some episodes of Batman to cover one of the most interesting villains around. Stories in this issue:  Batman The Animated Series "Heart of Ice" Batman Beyond "Meltdown" Check us out at! Our patreon is live here if you want to support the show and get your picks on a future episode! This weeks special c...

of winter comic comics game dc batman mr robin thrones freeze ncbd

Issue #11: Jake Gets His Way Again
Conspiracy theories, trench coats, and aerosols are just a few of the things we discuss this week in our Question episode. We are covering another one of Jake's favorite series. Dan's cats get a spotlight for probably longer than they should of.  Stories in this Episode: The Question: Zen and Violence Justice League Unlimited S2E6 "Double Date" Check us out on twitter @dcsupersons and at our website!...

comics dc batman league universe question justice shazam ncbd

Issue #10: Shazam!
You're about to hear our electrifying first crossover episode with our friend Luke and Devin from MultiversalQ. This issue is about one of the most popular heroes of all time Captain Marvel (not that one).  Stories in this issue: New 52 Shazam!  Superman/Shazam!: First Thunder Sorry about any audio issues, we had issues with a mic but Mike fixed the mic as best as he could.  Find us at!...

movie comic comics superman billy book dc zachary levi shazam batson ncbd

Issue #9: You Are Not Your Fears
In this episode, we cover two characters that are getting the spotlight in “Justice League vs The Fatal Five”. Dan may have found his new favorite Green Lantern. Everyone also learns a few valuable lessons along the way.   Stories in this issue:   JLA/JSA: The Lightning Saga Green Lanterns Vol 1: Rage Planet   Find us at!...

movie comics green dc batman league animation justice lantern nerd

Issue #8: Big Dick (Grayson) Energy
In this issue, we finally cover Jake'a favorite hero Nightwing! Dan makes a teeny tiny little uh oh that sets everything in motion for the creation of a character everyone knows and loves. Jake and Dan do their first Q&A!   Stories in this issue: Nightwing: Ties That Bind Grayson: Vol 1   Follow us on twitter @dcsupersons...

and comic comics dc batman patrol robin nightwing titans doom

Issue #7: Wait, Clark Kent is Superman?!
This issue is a celebration of all things Superman. Dan and Jake talk about how Superman has become a much more important character in their lives as they get older. Only one mega-sized issue is covered this week with some of the biggest names in comic books writing stories with the Man of Steel! Story on this issue: Action Comics #1000  Follow us on twitter @dcsupersons...

podcast comics superman action dc batman aquaman ncbd

Issue #6: We Don't Even Mention The Invisible Jet
On today's episode, Jake and Dan crash onto Themyscira where we cover Wonder Woman! This may be the first episode we don't mention Wally West! Both of today's stories are heavy hitters but only one comes out as the essential read!   Stories on this episode  Wonder Woman: The Hiketeia Wonder Woman: Blood   Follow us on twitter @dcsupersons...

comics dc batman god woman wonder

Issue #5: Vague Expositional Blueberries
On today's episode, Dan and Jake discuss two Green Lantern stories. Dan talks about his love for Forager on Young Justice. It only takes Jake 5 minutes this week to mention Wally West. Dan may or may not have joined a cult. Plus lots of other banter, bickering, and pulse-pounding adventure! There were a few audio issues on our end as usual but the Oracle cleaned those right up!  Stories on today's show:   Emerald Twilight/New Dawn   Ion   CW: We do discuss the "fridging" and why it is bad....

comics superman green dc batman lantern nerd aquaman supersons

Issue #4: Outrageous Fish Tails
First episode of 2019 is hot off the skillet! In this issue, Dan and Jake dive head first into the ocean to cover two Aquaman stories. Dan gets to make a joke that he never thought he'd get to make. Jake experiences what a real-life trident impaling is like. It is also the first episode they have recorded at the same table. They bros also discuss their thoughts and feelings on the cinematic masterpiece Aquaman.   Stories in this episode: Aquaman: The Trench Aquaman: Time and Tide   Follow us on twitter @dcs...

comics dc superheroes aquaman

Issue #3: Batginnings
Our last issue before the new year! If you couldn’t tell by the title of the episode, we are talking a lot about the Dark Knight. Our two stories deal with new beginnings for the cowl. Also, Dan and Jake discuss the .00000001% chance that the legendary Willem Dafoe listens to the podcast. Stories in this episode: Batman: Earth One Batman: Long Shadows Find us @dcsupersons on Twitter! Send us your story requests at [email protected] and we will put them into rotation!   P.S. Jake had an audio issue this ...

comics dc dark batman knight robin dafoe willem aquaman

Issue #2: Have Yourself A Very Animated DCmas
The boys are back in town! A very special guest stops by the McMahon house with his bag of cheer. In today's issue, we cover two of DC comics animated holiday episodes.  Stories in this issue: Justice League, Season 2 Episode 23 Batman: The Brave and the Bold, Season 1 Ep 5 "Invasion of the Secret Santas" Find us @dcsupersons on the Twitter!  Email any requests or feedback to [email protected]   Thanks to for the sound bits in our opener!...

comics superman dc batman christmas aquaman

Issue #1: A League Of Their Own
The origin episode of Supersons, a DC Comics podcast where two brothers dive head first into the multiverse to bring you back all of that comic book goodness. Things may start off a little bumpy but who knows, maybe we will have a reboot before Issue #2! On today's episode, we review two Justice League stories in which the team gets a new beginning. Will they have as much of a rocky start as us? Find out on Supersons!...

comics dc league justice origins