Aggregated reviews for Sword and Scale

The Sword and Scale true-crime podcast is an immersive audio experience covering the dark side of humanity and human nature. Our stories delve into the worst of the worst and include murder, rape, dismemberment and cannibalism. No crime is too brutal and no victim is too pure. The worst monsters are real.

Decline (2/5)

The podcast used to be much better when we didn’t know or care about things going on with this host. Just report the story. Don’t be one. Too many ads now too. Quit selling all your little lapel pins.

So much yes (5/5)

My favorite. Boudet’s my car husband.

Fast forward (3/5)

You have to fast forward a few minutes to skip his rants about how everyone else is so sensitive. Lol. Shut up and tell the story.

The only true crime podcast you need (5/5)

This podcast is the one! The rest only imitate.

Excellence (5/5)

The standard for true crime podcasts. Stories are in depth and no punches are pulled. A must listen for TC fans.

Rewind (2/5)

I used to drop everything to listen to new eps but I just can’t. There is rampant narcissism coming through and the host provides no or disgusting insight to the stories. Had he just chosen to ignore his detractors then things would have worked out much better. Cancelled my Patreon support and I REALLY wish that weren’t the case. Go back to your old format, don’t constantly remind us of your saltiness about detractors and you’ll have a fan again. I WANT to support you again, truly.

Best Storyteller Ever! (5/5)

I love SS again now that Mike is back. He has the best storytelling voice ever!!

Used to be interesting but Mike tanked (1/5)

Apparently someone hurt mike’s feelings online and now the podcast centers around his therapeutic word diarrhea

Start from the first episode (4/5)

This podcast is an absolute stand out in true crime: chilling, in-depth, and covering typically un-heard of and/or iconic cases, using sound clips that bring the people in these stories to life, and not holding back on the chilling details. In the past year the host went through a scandal and subsequent meltdown, but recent episodes give me hope that Sword and Scale can return to its formal glory.

The BEST host and show!! (5/5)

This show is freaking amazing! I had to pay to get more episodes because I listened to them all and needed more... I may need a Boudet intervention!! Even his other podcasts are (trying to think of a word to use that is better amazing?).... listen to this if you haven’t already... you’ll be hooked!!

Adds (2/5)

Way too many add breaks. Greedy

Needs new host (1/5)

This used to be great and binge worthy but now it’s downright soapboxy and hard to listen to.

Plagarism much? (1/5)

This guy did an entire episode from a Rolling Stone article.

Tired of the rants (1/5)

Like many others, this used to be my favorite podcast. Now Mike just rants about everyone and us such a condescending, entitled attitude I can’t make it through the episodes. It’s disappointing. I honestly feel like I’m going to end up hearing on the news that he went on a shooting spree or something with how he talks and behaves now.

Good job (5/5)

I love the show and would love if you did a live show or Something!! #CharlotteNC !!

Good at first, but then you actually find how disgusting the host actually is (2/5)

It’s good, but I’m having a feeling the host will end up being on his own series, being talked about for being the egotistic creep he is.

Get a life y’all (4/5)

It’s a good podcast. Ok the host can be a bit of a narcissist but who cares, he doesn’t even talk that much, the content speaks for itself. Sometimes being a feminist means overlooking some things and focusing on the main point.

Ad-tastic (3/5)

Wish I could give 2.5 stars. Good show but the amount of ads are insane, completely takes you out of the experience to hear a chirpy ad for debit cards in the middle of some heavy dark material. Host comes off as smug

Exploitative. Irresponsible. Ghoulish. (1/5)

The way the narrator speaks about mental illness is reprehensible and ignorant. The extended playing of real recordings related to crimes comes off as gross and voyeuristic. It’s basically a collection of cheap tricks designed to exploit the misfortunes of others for personal gain. On top of everything else, the narrator has absolutely nothing of substance to add to the dialogue. The very bottom of the podcasting barrel.

Good for a laugh. (1/5)

If you can hold your cringe, some of the early material may prove interesting. Barely. If you’d rather not have your true crime peppered with the reactionary whining of a total incel, then I recommend literally any other podcast.

Amazing (5/5)

love,love,love this!

Love It but Frustrating (3/5)

I love this podcast but what really irks me is the quality of the courtroom audio on some of the stories. It’s pretty hit or miss so I’ve got to the point now where I skip straight to the courtroom scene to check if I can decipher what they are saying before I decide to listen or not.

Host is ridiculous (1/5)

I listened as this went from one of the best, to one of the worst podcasts out the. The host is continually crying and complaining while growing more and more mean spirited toward victims and their families. It’s really sad.

I am hooked! (4/5)

Friend at work told me about this podcast. Episode 20 was so disturbing but I couldn't stop listening. Now on episode 112.

First review and necessary to deter others (1/5)

Like most reviewers, I used to really like this podcast, but Mike is unbearable. His narcissistic commentary is absurd and unnecessary. I truly believe he created and hosts this podcasts to live through these crimes and gets off on it. He alienates a lot of his guests with his comments and it gets so old. Skip it. Listen to literally any other true crime podcast.

Scary, yet addicting (5/5)

This podcast is kind of scary to me. Being someone who is literally scared of everything. But this podcast is very addicting. It leaves me asking, “what happened next?” It also gives me something to listen to when I’m bored of listening to music.

Was good.... (1/5)

This podcast used to have strong, thought provoking episodes. That is no longer the case. Very one sided views. Unsubscribing.

Started out with Love, turned into Meh (3/5)

I loved loved loved this podcast out the gate. I’m also still a fan, don’t get me wrong, it’s a well done podcast. However, Mike’s audible distain and lack of respect for law enforcement is extremely distasteful and frankly I don’t enjoy listening to it. Some episodes he spends more time talking down about the police and about how crappy he thinks they are then actually discussing the murderers and the crimes THEY committed. I just find it to be in bad taste and I’ve skipped episodes because of it. Wish he had more respect for those that solve these crimes and catch these criminals but that’s obviously not as important to him.

Gone down hill (2/5)

Used to be a great show. The latest episode felt more like a whole bunch of commercials and it ruined the flow. The last few episodes have felt so uninspired. It’s disappointing but for me this podcast has run its course. Too many other great storytellers out there to waste time on one that has sold out. Too bad.

He did what?? (1/5)

I saw a listener tell Mike that their mother died of cancer, and Mike said he hoped it was genetic. Seriously. Be done with this man, and take his platform away if all he's going to do is tear people down.

The best (2/5)

This is the best true crime podcast out there!

From Ecstatic to Disappointed (2/5)

I was ECSTATIC when I found out Mike was coming back to the show, because he is one of the absolute best podcast hosts I've ever heard. However, my excitement has now been replaced with disappointment. The episodes seem to be getting shorter and shorter, and are not nearly as gripping as they used to be. Mike complains A LOT and it gets old after a while. Maybe it will just take some time for Mike to get back on his feet... but for now this show would benefit from getting back to its roots!

Has to be Mike! (5/5)

This is my favorite podcast!!! Thank goodness Mike is back. I stopped listening during his absence.

The best True Crime podcast!!!!! (5/5)

This podcast was recommended to me by a friend of mine. And I’m so happy that she did. Mike does a great job at giving an in depth look into all of these cases. This podcast has definitely made me more aware, sometimes paranoid, about my surroundings, BUT in a good way. I am a new mom, and currently pregnant with my second child. This podcast has opened my eyes to many things that I hadn’t even thought of before becoming a mom. Thank you Mike, and to the rest of the Sword and Scale team for such great content! Keep up the good work!

Sounds (3/5)

I love the true crime stories but absolutely hate the background noises they added. In the first episode there is a screeching one that I thought was my car. If this goes through the whole series I’ll need to quit listening.

Sword and scale (5/5)

Love love the show. Well put together, interesting and captivating. Great job !

A great crime podcast (5/5)

Mike is great at stating the facts without interjecting his political/personal opinion. His voice is captivating and it keeps me coming back for more. The ads have gotten annoying as I’m binging episodes since I recently started listening but totally understand that ads pay the bills 🤷🏼‍♀️ This podcast isn’t for everyone and if you aren’t open to the horrific facts that’s are said and the emotional rollercoaster it will put you then don’t listen. Great true crime podcast!

💚💚💚 (5/5)

Omg yesssss!!!!! I’ve always been obsessed with true crime like in an unhealthy way. I’ve been listening to this podcast for a week and I’m on episode 80!!!! This podcast is magic! I looked at all these other ones and they just aren’t that good! I’m wanted you to be on that Top true crime list podcast cause you deserve it. I love that it not like a y’all show it is recording of actual interviews and court hearings etc... its amazing! Keep up the good work. Please let me know what I can do to help with the show and help you grow! I signed up for +PLUS. Can’t wait to start that journey of stories!!!

Sadly unsubscribing (1/5)

I’ve been listening since the first episode and used to love the sharp, gruesome storytelling but I can’t take the narcissistic monologues anymore. The host clearly hates everyone and it’s starting to feel like I’m listening to something that will put me on a watch list for white male terrorism. I hope mike gets into therapy before he alienates his entire audience. Good luck dude.

Host needs help! He has boring issues.went downhill (1/5)

I used to love this show, was even a little obsessed. Host has become a boring old fart who’s always whining about something that has nothing to do with crime. He seems to be wounded and angry that the world is changing and boo hoo ladies don’t like him(can’t imagine why...) I now feel annoyance and contempt when I hear his voice. He’s toxic and ignorant. I used to rate this show a 5. If I want to hear whining I listen to the Mental Illness Happy Hour where it’s productive. This guy is unaware of what a bore he can be.. Get some help and stay off the Internet.

I don’t like lapel pins (1/5)

I also do not like sloppy narcissistic narrative when there is cash for editing. In the latest episode he calls a woman diagnosed with cancer a man then switched back to she. Bored guy reading a script and not caring enough to correct. Unsubscribed a while back and thought I would check back to see if it engaged. It didn’t. He obviously hates reading scripts, he wants it to be about him. And he thinks he is worth money he is not.

Not for snowflakes (5/5)

I am shocked to find negative reviews of this show. It’s well edited, well thought out, and clearly a labor of love for the host. The host does interject his personal interpretation and opinion into the presentation but it does not detract from or diminish the analysis of the case presented. Perhaps common sense is indeed uncommon.

I’ve moved on (1/5)

Listen to Crime Junkie instead.

Better true crime shows out there (1/5)

Mike Budet is trash. unsubscribed permanently. I don’t want to hear your idiotic positions on entitlements. You have no idea what you are talking about and are irresponsible.

So well done (5/5)

Intriguing true crime stories produced so well. A few were actually too scary for me to finish.

Great storytelling (5/5)

I enjoy how this podcast is presented with a mix of audio of interviews, interrogations, etc and the calm voice of the host.

Storytelling (5/5)

Mike’s storytelling captivates you and submerges you into each story. I went back and listened to every single episode and completely enjoyed it. I will be an avid listener for as long as you create content.

Great presentation of true crime content (5/5)

This has been one of my favorites for a while. Good sound quality, hosts voice is great, and he doesn't repeat himself.

Irresponsible (1/5)

The host is so amazingly deluded. He preaches about how society is entitled and yet has built an entire business on that exact attitude. This dude goes on Twitter to call out Rabia Chaundry for being “irresponsible with her platform” 😂😂😂...NO ONE is more irresponsible than Mike himself. But anyways, his latest unwarranted attack on ‘Universal Basic Income’ was what prompted me to write this review. In his intro of episode 149 he directly associates supporters of UBI with the mindset of a gruesome murderer. Really dude?? Because feeling entitled to an ROI is the same as feeling entitled to chopping someone up...yah that’s a super rational and measured assessment. Such a friggin reach, and great, I’m sure all your die hard fans will give UBI a fair listen now. Smh. I used to support his show but his personality just keeps coming through more and more and it’s too unbearable. There’s enough true crime options now that I thankfully don’t have to listen to Mikes BS just to get my fix. I tried to leave all this commentary btw on the website but you have to be a paid subscriber to comment, even on free episodes 🙄. That’s one way to surround yourself with yes-men, Mike!

Used to be a great show (2/5)

The ads have gotten excessive and annoying. I’m having to hit the skip button repeatedly and I have to drop whatever I’m doing to do that because they are threaded throughout. It used to be 1-2 ads in the middle. Now it’s 1-2 in the beginning, 3-4 in the middle. Sometimes there’s 1-2 right after the show starts. I know they have to monetize, but it feels like greed at this point. I will not continue listening. I hate anything with ads and skipping them isn’t as convenient as it was, so I’m just going to stop fighting it.

Good Podcast (4/5)

Pretty good podcast. The only complaint that I have is that some of the episodes are much longer than they need to be due to the overuse of audio. For example, the Neil Entwistle episode. That episode was over an hour and it seems that a good 40 minutes of that were recordings of a couple of 911 calls and the phone interview of Neil with police, which really could have been summarized by the narrator. I would give this show 5 stars if there weren’t so many unnecessary audio recordings played during the podcast.

A very good podcast, but not for every TC-head (4/5)

This show is amazing at times but can be a bit off-putting. It could be argued that Mike has gotten a bit loose with his social commentary and that it leans a bit toward a more "today's kids are a bunch of entitled brats and snowflakes!" Its not totally that, but definitely a bit of that comes through. If thats your cup of tea, you're in the right place. If that sounds obnoxious, then you might not want to listen without keeping the 15sec skip button ready. These downsides Ive found in S&S are what drove me to Casefile and for my main dark-n-cold TC podcast. The only people i want to hear criticized on my TC podcast are the murderers, and for no other reasons than for their violent behavior. No social punditry please. I get enough of that on facebook. That said, S&S is a very well produced and written podcast with some truly inspired episodes, especially in the early seasons. The one with the robot-voice conversations is one of the most terrifying things Ive ever heard. I recommend that every TC-head at least try it out.

Gross. (1/5)

I can't believe people still listen to this after what he said back in May. just google him (mike boudet)... you guys should listen to crime junkies instead.

I’m a fan (5/5)

I really love this podcast. It’s so interesting and well researched. I like the audio clips in the episodes. It’s much more enjoyable than listening to someone else recap them. You get more of a feel for what really happened. The host could just read the transcripts from them, but that’s what everyone else does and it’s boring. I’m not sure why everyone complains about the host giving his opinions all of the time. It’s his podcast, he can say whatever he wants. Sorry if you don’t like or agree with his opinions. He’s not here to please everyone. Keep it up Mike! You have more fans than haters and we love your podcast! Also, if you love this podcast like I do, subscribe to sword and scale plus. You get much more content and you won’t regret it!!

Once great, now sad (2/5)

Mike said some stupid things, people, rightfully, got angry, and he can’t get over the fact that anyone dared to criticize him. This used to be a great podcast but now it is filled with the host’s misogynistic comments and defensive whining. For a guy who continually criticizes others as entitled, he proves himself entitled over and over. It’s pathetic because he was once a talented writer and story teller. Perhaps he should take a break, get some therapy, and return to the original focus on true crime.

An incel complaining about twitter (1/5)

This show was so good. It’s become clear, however, that the host is an incel, hell bent on hating people with opinions that don’t coincide with his. I can’t listen to another monologue about sad Mike Budet and all the people on Twitter that hurt his feelings. Unsubscribing for good.

. (4/5)


Great podcast but the host is a chode. (2/5)

Really good quality production but the host regularly makes a fool of himself. He’s self obsessed and definitely likes the sound of his own voice.

I had to tap out. (1/5)

Sorry, Mike. I’ve been listening since Episode 1. I used to really like the stories and ignore Mike’s awful commentary, but when it became misogynistic and woe-is-me I couldn’t even make it through the episodes. There’s too many great podcasts out there to subscribe to one I only like part of.

So over it... (1/5)

I used to love this podcast but that was before the host let his pride over run the purpose of the podcast. Do we really need to hear a misguided rant at the beginning of every episode? Definitely sticking to Invisible Choir from now on.

Nose dive (1/5)

I used to be an avid listener for years and years, I’ve told many people about this show. But I can no longer do that. Over the past year, the podcast has taken a significant nose dive in quality, and the host has progressively become crueler, whinier, and weirder. The strange, self-important ranting is too much to tolerate when there are plenty of high quality true crime podcasts out there.

Podcast is well made but mike’s commentary on the world is annoying (3/5)

I really wish he would leave his views about the world out of his commentary at the beginning of episode. It’s really annoying. Just dive into the story and let it speak for itself.

Not the Same (2/5)

Not sure what’s going on but these latest episodes consist of more court recordings than anything else. Same thing I can find on YouTube. Seems like very lazy editing compared to how it used to be. In addition, there’s no consistency on when new episodes drop.

Listening therapy for crime junkies (5/5)

Perfect show for crime junkies. Binged this show when I found it, it’s not for everyone as you can tell on the one star @-holes who likely ask for “gluten free menu- complain their drink has little or a lot of ice in the cup- put their life story on social media but get offended when asked about- etc...” but like any other podcast if you don’t like it, move on .. life will go on :).

Not good (1/5)

His voice and style are annoying. You’re better off with My Favorite Murder or Culpable.

Leave The Political Commentary Out (1/5)

I used to like this podcast. Can’t handle the host’s tirades about things like people having a sense of entitlement or today’s society lacking self-made men. Give it a rest. It’s exhausting and it takes away from the storytelling.

Good Podcast, But Full of Weird Opinions (2/5)

I like this podcast a lot - interesting, especially if you are an intense, non-lighthearted true crime listening human. Weirdly though, the narrator likes to add in some uncomfortable commentary moments where he shares his own partisan beliefs on the world, which is always strange. Like, stay in your lane here - no one wants to hear your thoughts on social ills or politics. Usually, you can skip past those pretty easily though, so still worth a listen.

Used to be great (1/5)

This was one of my fave podcasts but it’s slowly become clear that Mike the host has a major chip on his shoulder and now I can’t listen to it without feeling icky. It’s a shame cause it used to be really good content.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ (5/5)

The first podcast to hook me! I’ve easily listened to 95% of the episodes in less than a year. Love the podcast, keep up the great work!

Host is awful (1/5)

He uses this podcast as a platform for his deluded opinions. S&S was my first true crime podcast a few years ago but Mike has ruined it with his behavior. I unsubbed and won’t be listening anymore.

Just a lot of rhetoric (2/5)

Eh, it’s an ok podcast, but Mark/Mike (I’m not bothering to look it up) just drowns on about society this and raising kids that. All parents apparently demand that kids get participation trophies, everyone posts on social media for one reason or another. Blah, blah blah

Douche host (1/5)

The host is terrible- as a host and online. Casefile is about a billion times better.

My favorite podcast (4/5)

If you are a true crime junkie like I am then you will absolutely love this podcast. Every single episode keeps your attention. I love that the host gives it to you straight, with a clear and calm tone. He gives you an unbiased timeline of events without leaving out any detail. In the rare event he shares his opinion on something you will always agree with him. My ONLY critique is that he sometimes overplays audio, voicemail etc... that is unnecessary or turns an easy 1 and done episode into 2. Absolutely recommend. Caution: read each preview/detail before listening, major trigger possibilities. I am SO glad that they got rid of the women who took over for a few episodes, he is so much better.

Not for the squeamish (5/5)

Finally a podcast that really digs deep into the heart of cases instead of just people sitting around reading Wikipedia info and getting sidetracked.

Horrible (1/5)

Bad podcast, hypocritical host, most of episodes are hard to hear recordings, not enough episodes. Host has no care for the victims or the victim’s family. Don’t recommend to anyone.

Amazing broadcast (5/5)

The title sums it up. Much love Mike

The Host is Garbage (1/5)

The host is so disrespectful and always just loves to tell people his own opinion. And he’s always going into long boring stories about his personal life. Please Mike, get a life, and stop creating stupid, unoriginal, poorly written podcasts.

Really great podcast. (5/5)

This is such a good podcast! The mixture of the real and the story telling makes each episode unique and enjoyable. I listen to a handful of true crime pods and this one is my favorite. Keep up the good work.

My favorite true crime podcast! (5/5)

I am a HUGE Sword and Scale fan. Over the summer, I binged the entire backlog. I just couldn’t get enough. I’m so glad Mike is back. He does such a great job in the role of narrator. Keep up the awesome work!

The show use to be good... (1/5)

As the show evolved, the host progressively got worse.

Best True Crime Podcast (5/5)

This is truly the best true crime podcast out there. Not only is the content and story telling on point, the overall production and audio quality are AMAZING! Don’t let the 4 star rating fool you, that can be accredited to the trolls and clowns that get easily offended. This definitely deserves a 5 star!

Ugh.. unsubscribed after 4 years (1/5)

Mike is a misogynist. I took a lot of what he said as him being irreverent in the past, but the way he has reacted since he is no longer with Wondery.. nope. He is gross.

One of the best (5/5)

Love the show! Keep up the awesome work please!

Host is trash. (1/5)

Host is sexist trash. Honestly the lack of intelligence is so clear -Mike just likes to hear himself ramble. I listened for a while but it’s recently become clear to me that he’s not someone any sane person wants to spend hours listening to.

Mike is back?! (5/5)

I stopped listening back when others took over. I couldn’t listen to more than one - it just wasn’t the same!! I just saw that he is back!! Back to listening!! You do a great job, Mike!

Great podcast (5/5)

Lots of really bad reviews here focusing on something mike said a long time ago. It’s a great podcast about dark things. Mike doesn’t sugar coat anything and I don’t think a lot of people on the progressive side like him. Ian

Mike’s back! (5/5)

And that’s all that matters 🙏😊

Steadily declining (3/5)

If the next episode is another “mad online turns to murder” episode I’m unsubscribing.

Let’s get back to the dark stuff eh (5/5)

K first of all, as a female, I couldn’t care less about Mike offending the feminists of the world. I like that he is real, dark and opinionated, god forbid. I ADORE this podcast, the last 4 have been weak! Get back to the gnarly stories Mike 🙄 Please everyone stop being so sensitive and let the man work, if you don’t like him, go away. You lost, get over it! Bring on the darkness 😂

Like listening to a serial killer in the making (1/5)

The host seems to really get off to hearing about women being harmed

Happy to have Mike back (5/5)

This is definitely my favorite podcast and I’m so happy Mike is back!

Nothing like horror stories to unwind after a long day! (5/5)

Sword and Scale is literally the only reason I survive the hour-plus commute to and from PA school each day. 😂 I will say that after spending time doing dissection in a cadaver lab— the stories about dismemberment leave me dumbfounded— it brings the horror to a whole new level. Mike is a natural storyteller and because I have a sense of humor- I appreciate his. Keep it coming! (Seriously, though- I have so much driving to do!)

Elite True Crime Pod (5/5)

Best of the best. Been listening to True Crime Pods for years and nothing compares to Sword and Scale. Mike is a consummate professional and a literary/research god. Love you Mike. You’re the best!

Can’t stop/won’t stop (5/5)

I LOVE this podcast!! I go weeks where I will relisten to every episode. I love the way this podcast was put together, I love the stories that are told, the way they are told, and the format in which you use. I don’t get into what political/religious/personal issues of a podcast host. I listen because of the content and format. Keep up the good work, and know that not everyone is as shallow as the rest!!! Keep up the good work!! Love your shows! Shar B

Host is terrible (1/5)

This used to be a great true crime podcast. Now it is essentially the host’s vanity project, used to rail against “call-out culture” and push his men’s rights agenda. Essentially he said some disgusting things about women online, got called out, got kicked off one podcast network, and then swapped in a woman host for a few months to cover himself. Now he’s back and the show is terribly uninteresting.

Like Trump, it’s only about ratings. (1/5)

What about the families who ask that their child’s death not be exploited?

One of the best Podcasts (5/5)

I’ve been listening for over 6 months, and I agree with a previous poster. I can’t get enough of this! I love clear, articulate diction with the storytelling and this podcast delivers.

Sword and Scale (5/5)

This is a very realistic podcast. Sometimes it is tough to listen to. I’ve heard others - won’t name them though - when I have researched their stories, and saw where they are reading directly from Wikipedia. Word for word they are reading, except for giggles between the hosts and commercials - lots of commercials.

What a d bag (1/5)

Mike has lost me as a long time listener. It’s pretty clear he has no regard for feminism or women in general.

My favorite (5/5)

Absolutely love it. One of the best pod casts I have listened to. Keep up the great work Mike.

Almost Perfect (4/5)

The show is a great way into learning about the court process and how investigations start and end. It is a nice objective window into the mind of a killer and the reaction of society regarding the various crimes. There are usually multiple perspectives and opinions found within each episode and does not provide bias. However some episodes either drag or look at the crime in a gossipy way that is meant to appeal to middle aged moms that just heard about the neighborhood drama. But for the most part it is very entertaining and does not really cross a line when it comes to sympathizing with the perpetrators.

Fascinating content, poor production (1/5)

I listen to this podcast because the content is interesting—True crime is a fascinating genre. This podcast has had issues since it first began—ridiculously long musical interludes, extremely poor audio quality, frustratingly inaudible recordings of 911 calls and police interviews. The host has always been problematic—here and there little comments showing his misogyny and sex-negative stance. It’s casual, slight, he probably doesn’t even realize he’s doing it, but as a listener over 6 years, it’s noticeable and annoying. I was looking for a reason to stop listening. Now, with all the ridiculous drama on social media, I’m pretty much done with the show. Update: After the debacle he had with nearly getting shut down, his rants against his perceived oppressors and audio of his adoring fans themselves going on misogynistic rants, I’m done.

Ignore The Host (3/5)

This is a great podcast, if you look past the host and his agenda. The content usually is wonderfully put together. Unfortunately, Mike is very controversial and uses this platform to spread untruths about a fair amount of his personal feelings. A shame for that. But he does put on a hell of a podcast.

Unique Perspective to True Crime Storytelling (5/5)

It’s dark sometimes but I love it. Mike and his team do a great job at covering true crime stories and add their brutal honesty and commentary that is unique. This is a great podcast!

Season 1 (5/5)

I’m trying to listen to all the episodes but as of today when I went to finish the 1st episode it keeps saying it is as temporarily taken down? Same thing when I tried to start episode 2 of season 1. Anyway I’m enjoying it. Brings light to important topics such as domestic violence and mental health.

Great! (5/5)

This is my favorite podcast to date. Been listening for only just over a year now. But I love everything about it. The story telling, the actual phone calls from all these cases. I feel like I could actually be there. I’m very grateful this exists. Thanks Mike!

Be warned, lady listeners (1/5)

Host Mike Boudet is a rank misogynist, and most likely a men’s rights goon. To him, women so gullible, so needy, so deserving of all the intimate horrors he recounts in podcast episodes. Don’t be fooled.

uhhhhhh (4/5)

i have heard of the "drama" the host has caused. i have listened to this show from the begining. i find it somewhat funny that alot of the "hate" directed is oddly hypocritical. this is a decent true crime podcast that, yes, at times delivers barley heard original audio, but its backed up by retelling of what was said. its nice to hear original audio in any form you can get. obviously - alot of these tapes have sat in busted up boxes for years. not the best quality. but with a bit of listening power most everything can be made out. also, it seems everyone hates the host for his off color jokes, (that have nothing to do witht he show, or are involved in anyway) or the fact he "expresses his own opinion" - is that not every podcast? why not be able to express your opinion? isnt that the point? also the hate derives from people who seem to have loved this at the begining, but now it is "overwrote" and "not compelling". shame on you. you listen to a podcast that deals in some of humanitys most depraved acts! you "used" to love it? whatever. if saying a few bad things on the internet is worse then dismembering a person on a live feed (which was an old old episode so most people loved it) then where has the world gone? keep expressing your opions. everyone. i take it all with grain of salt. all in this is a decently made podcast, with good storytelling. and actual audio. the only reason i dont give this 5 stars, is cause there are even better storytellers out there.

I used to love this podcast (2/5)

This podcast was great and the host was great, until it got to his head. There are eyerolling moments where the host strokes his own ego by making us all listen messages of praise from his fans. Literally no one needed to hear all that, it's unrelated to the show and subject matter. It seems narcissistic as hell. I still subscribe because there is such a great show underneath it all, just gotta skip forward past all the Mike Boudet peacocking.

Fantastic (5/5)

Only Podcast I get excited about when I see a new episode flash on my screen! I like his passion for research and how he tells the stories. I’ve listened to every single episode...even the ones my friends warned me about 😂 I’ve literally felt sick from listening to some of the episodes-that’s how great this podcast is. If you have a visceral reaction to a podcast, someone is doing something right!

Hit or miss (3/5)

Some episodes are solid. Some aren’t so great. It’s sensational and gratuitous but doesn’t pretend not to be. I have listened to some episodes repeatedly and skipped others after listening for five minutes. Overall, I’m a fan but it’s not for everyone and not even for me all the time.

Amazing. (5/5)

Love this podcast so much! I just discovered and can’t stop listening.

Addicting (5/5)

Excellent podcast. Lots of dedication. It is difficult to keep a good thing going when you have people putting even more dedication into misunderstanding you.

Kristi (5/5)

My favorite pod cast hands down

5 stars all around (5/5)

Just found this podcast a month ago and I can’t get enough!!!

The best there is (5/5)

Sword & Scale is the best true crime podcast out there. Mike has the best voice. Each episode is both touching and heartbreaking. He weaves these stories together seamlessly, with respect and compassion for the victims.

Well done in general (5/5)

Great emotional hosting. Mike respects these cases and the victims and it shows. I’ve actively opened up c*nts myself when I used to get drunk with my guy friends! As in my friends were c*nts until they got booze in them and opened up! Come on. My English friends say that word almost every sentence when drunk especially. I am sorry a comment you made was blown out of proportion. Don’t let it get you down Mr. B. Still the best true crime podcast with consistent uploads. Thank you! God loves all the c*nts, with and without vaginas.

good podcast (5/5)

keep up the good work Mike. may your haters have the fleas of a thousand camels infest their armpits.

Mike Can’t Get Over It (1/5)

Used to be the best true crime podcast out there. Then Mike spiraled and now he’s another whiny butthurt white man who can’t get over being called out. Instead of taking the criticism and moving on to make great content and attract new followers, Mike uses every episode -all incredibly lazy and barely interesting stuff that you would hear on local news- to make a point against young people, liberals (especially his most-loathed SJWs), and anyone who would dare challenge him. I skip half the episode because it’s just him ranting about one of the above groups and then when it’s actually content, I listen at twice the speed because there’s no substance and the same point is just repeated over and over again. Not worth listening anymore.

I’ve heard the rest (5/5)

The podcast so nice you wanna listen twice! Thanks for the hours upon hours of entertainment! Seriously, I appreciate the hard work!

One of my favorites (5/5)

Love the podcast don’t mind the flame wars.

Awesome podcast (5/5)

Love this podcast and especially the host. Keep up the good work Mike.

Incredible (5/5)

Loving the content

One of my favorite podcasts! (5/5)

Always look forward to a new S&S

Love it (5/5)

Love this podcast! It’s always so interesting and I love the opinions the host gives.

Thumbs up (5/5)


Not for the spineless and weak (5/5)

Great writing and narration. I have binged through 70% of it since April this year. He’s very realistic and descriptive. The stories are laid out well. If you listen to this true crime podcast and expect it to coddle your sensitivities and insecurities, you are spineless and have not lived life, and you been infantilized lol.

Awesome (5/5)

I 🖤 Mike and this podcast. Keep on rocking man. Keep on rocking.

Best True Crime podcast out there (5/5)

Mike is a great host, production value is top notch, and the stories covered are riveting. Keep it coming!

There’s better true Crime out there (1/5)

I used to be a listener to this but the way the host talked just gave me some serious creepy-guy-at-a-bar-who-won’t-take-no-for-an-answer vibes. He also seems to have no regard for the victims or their families by airing the unedited and full 911 calls and interviews. Yes, I want the details too, but have some tact. There are dozens of better true time podcasts out there. Don’t waste your time with S&S.

New episodes? (5/5)

Hi Mike, I’ve been a loyal fan and a happily paying customer. I am wondering if you are now using only Monstruo episodes as S&SPlus installments? I’m not a fan of Monstruo and am hoping that this is not the way it’s going to be. Keep the original type of content coming. I love it! Rebecca

Used to be my favorite... (3/5)

But all the personal ranting is really annoying

Super Interesting cases! (5/5)

I couldn’t stop listening to them once it was recommended Sword and scale to me. The stories get more and more intriguing as you continue listening by episode. FORSURE one of best podcasts that I have come across in a while!!!

Could be great but.... (1/5)

The narration is awful and the writing a bit cheesy. Also, it is great that they have access to so much original audio but you can barely make out most of it. The story content is great and in more experienced hands, it could be a leader in crime podcasts. Had to stop listening after about ten episodes. There are just too many great ones out there to have to wade through this one.

Love Mike and this podcast!!!!! (5/5)

Everyone has opinions. Dragging Mike’s name through the ground won’t make your life any less miserable :) love this podcast !

My favorite true crime podcast (5/5)

This podcast really does set itself apart from the others. It’s informative, with great attention to detail. It tells you the story not only from an outside experience but frequently from people directly involved, whether victim/family/friends/neighbors...or criminal/monster. This is one of my favorite parts. Hearing original 911 tapes, interviews, etc. It is horrifying and painful and raw but for me personally, it’s important. I’m very much an empath and I truly feel the pain. But that’s what connects people- emotion. Sometimes I get cold chills from my head to my toes (literally) and sometimes I just cry and cry. And other times I’m just listening, entranced. I hope the host of the show reads this review because you do an outstanding job.

Great content (5/5)

The BEST content. I could listen to this podcast for hours. Although, the intro song doesn't seem very... fitting? It doesn't match the content. I skip over it every time.

Good story structure and writing but the host is a bummer (3/5)

I like the writing and the way the stories are laid out. I don’t even mind when there are long audio clips of interviews or calls. But the host is a little self important and his speaking cadence/terrible monotone voice acting are a little distracting. I get that there’s a morbid curiosity factor with this podcast so the graphic, unedited content make sense, but it’s bothersome to have so little disgust or compassion expressed by Mike in the telling of the stories. It’s a bit victim-blamey and makes you wonder if he admires these creeps. I definitely wouldn’t recommend this for anyone who has real trauma they are dealing with.

Mike talks the truth and people hating (5/5)

Mike says thinks the way they are and many people are sour because truth hurts , this podcast is one of the best ,

Incredible (5/5)

From the storytelling to the music, it is flawless. I always look forward to listening to this. Thanks for the incredible podcast! Aaron Mahnke blocked me on Twitter. I fully support any and all Boudet. Keep it up!

Pretty good...but... (4/5)

Great podcast but I definitely don’t like the episodes where we must hear long interviews of the deranged murderer ramble on about themselves. Nope. Nope. Nope. I don’t care about how they felt, what they think, etc. I only care about what happened, how they got caught and how they’ll be punished. These stories are told beautifully by Mike and that’s why I listen. He’s a modern day Bill Kurtis!

My favorite (even with bias), but... (3/5)

How long do we have to wait for new episodes? I’m trying to be loyal but I don’t want to have to pay for new content when I’m happy to wait a week (or two!) between episodes.

Great pod (5/5)

Hands down the best crime pod cast ever and I listen to a ton Iam a long haul truck driver and pod cast are my only form of entertainment this is the best

I just listened to all episodes (5/5)

I just listened to all the episodes over a 4 month period. This has been an awesome journey. Guess I'll have to wait for Sunday to roll around like the rest now.

Biased, misinformed, sexist host (1/5)

The host of this podcast is so misinformed and presents his own biased personal opinions as facts, that in turn are so false and misrepresenting. This podcast also highlights his bigotry toward mental illness and his sexist views around sexual assault.

Amaze-balls (5/5)

I’ve been recommended this podcast for ages and finally had the chance today to listen. Love, love, love!! @alexistremblaywilson 😘

Went Downhill Fast (2/5)

Used to really enjoy this show. Unfortunately, it appears Mike has turned into a misinformed, narcissistic, dbag. 👋🏼

The Best of True Crime (5/5)

I listen to many TC podcasts. This is my fav. One episode of Sword and Scale and I was hooked. Mike’s delivery is perfection, his tone was made to tell stories. The stories are detailed and include 911 calls, live court recording, police interrogations. All this makes it even more interesting. You’ll love it - You’ll be hooked!

Mike Boudet is THE Best audio talent in the US (5/5)

I just LOVE listening to him. What a talent.

From riches to rags (1/5)

The deterioration of this podcast is cringeworthy.

The decline is real (2/5)

I have been a huge fan of Sword and Scale for years. Binged the entire series when I was first told about it and eagerly waited for the next episode. Once I had a chance to branch out to other true crime podcasts it started to become clearer and clearer that S&S isn’t great, it’s just OK. This podcast relies heavily on the actual audio from courtrooms, tv segments, and 911 calls. This can sometimes punctuate the topic and lend that brutal, real life, punch that initially draws people in in the first place. But more often than not the audio included runs far too long, lends nothing to the subject matter other than to be filler, or is rolled out solely for the gross out factor. When episodes are this pillowed with this much unneeded audio files and the podcast is biweekly unless you buy through the Patreon paywall, it becomes hard to justify listening to this over something like The Last Podcast on the Left or My Favorite Murder. There are other true crime options that actually deep dive into the subject matter and give real insight instead of settling for a surface scratch and displaying the gory details. The host himself was probably the final nail in the coffin as far as enjoying the show. The controversy itself was pretty unremarkable. He made a stupid joke. Move on. But he threw a tantrum big enough to the point of no longer hosting his own show for a period of time. The narration of the show, even now, still references this. I came here to listen to a little chunk of true crime, and be kept up at night over the sound of someones head being smashed with a hammer for faaaaaar too long, not to listen to a middle aged man complain about how sensitive the younger generation is.

Bigoted trash (1/5)

Just so everyone knows, the host of this podcast has consistently demonstrated that he’s misogynistic, racist, ableist and horribly misinformed about mental illness. I’m as interested in true crime as I imagine most listeners are, but there are other sources that aren’t despicable human beings!

Worthy of more, but Mike became bitter (3/5)

This had always been my favorite crime pod. Then Mike had an issue with patreon. Ok, fine. Well then he played comments from listeners in his favor and he makes comments regarding these issues. Enough! Deal with your crap off line and just do the podcast.

Favorite podcast (5/5)

I love how is podcast uses a variety of different methods to narrate true crime stories. The real audio clips of the psychopaths example from their point of view is eye opening.

Love it! (5/5)

These people are way to hard in this podcast! I think it’s brilliant. At times it gets a little rough to listen to but it’s more the content than anything else. I think it’s very well made & it seems like a lot of hard work and energy goes into it. Thanks guys, excited to keep binging it!

Sometimes good (3/5)

I really enjoy this podcast, but I have to agree with most other reviewers, the host really needs to let this controversy go. Please stop with all your personal issues and just get to the story. You’re taking away from the victims you’re talking about. My real problem is with your last episode. I’m not saying these incidents never happened, but the interviewee sounded very scripted. It sounded like he was giving a performance on the phone. Either that or he’s just a guy who adds drama to everything to make the story more impactful.

Garbage (1/5)

Despite being one of the only true crime podcasts I listen to with a full blown staff, this podcast is really poorly done. Relies too heavily on outside audio (911 calls, interviews etc) to provide a compelling narration. No idea why the host thinks this is a place for long, bitter personal monologues. Listeners are trying to hear a true crime story, not your story.

Good content but annoying host (3/5)

Mike Boudet covers interesting story and includes relevant background in his podcasts. I really enjoy the way he tells stories and I look forward to his new episodes. I’ve listened to most of his episodes and my biggest complaint is that Boudet can’t go one episode without making some subtle snide comment about younger generations. Whether he remarks on their perceived entitlement or their unfamiliarity with Blockbuster, it’s rarely relevant to the actual episode. I’ll probably continue to listen but it’s super cringey when he makes these remarks, as he comes as a grumpy geriatric complaining about his grandkids’ iPads. All in all good content but Boudet clearly has some personal resentment towards millennials that he needs to work out.

My Favorite (5/5)

This is by far my favorite murder story podcast. I listen to it on the way to and from work. It’s interesting to hear the backgrounds of these stories. I wish there wasn’t so many child crimes but I feel like in today’s society that’s predominantly what we see. 😕

I love this podcast. (5/5)

This is seriously the only podcast I listen to the day it comes out. It’s also the only one I have listened to all episodes, some more than once. Mike has a way of keeping the listeners interested, it has a nice flow and seems to be over way to soon. I am so glad to have Mike back and even happier he hasn’t given into those who tried to force him to change.

Super Duper Good! (5/5)

I can’t stop listening. I started With episode 1 with a recommendation from a friend of mine. I can’t stop listening and I’m only 10 episodes in. Knowing that this guy will only get better at editing and narrating his podcast excites me. The detail and testimonies from each episode are stellar. Thanks for the great podcast and couldn’t recommend it even more than I am now.

147 (5/5)

Been listening to the podcast for a while and it's definitely been a journey--both the show and the host have evolved and this podcast remains a great supplement to all the other truecrime podcasts I listen to. I felt compelled to leave M.B. some postive words to hopefully encourage the good trajectory the show is on and offset some of the haters. At the end of the day, most people listen to true crime for entertainment purposes. Lately I think S&S has been delivering on both the entertainment and informative fronts. Each true crime podcast, whether it's Casefile or Sword & Scale or Up and Vanished, etc -- they all offer something unique. S&S has something to offer you if like enjoy a less clinical presentation and can accept that the host will interject with his own opinions.

We want more! (5/5)

Two thumbs up from this podcast snob. 👍🏻👍🏻

❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ (5/5)

They could all try but they’ll never be as great as you, Mike Boudet! Love this podcast!! 👍🏼👍🏼👏🏼👏🏼

I love mike (5/5)

I love mike and his podcast. I was referred to this podcast a year ago and I have loved every single podcast. I love the murder details and the 911 calls

Advertisement with some original content sprinkled in (2/5)

The first 9:15 was literally advertisements. I understand there is overhead and infrastructure to pay for but come on.

Just okay (2/5)

It’s not a bad experience to listen. It’s not as if there’s anything special about the podcast, I think they just read off already written articles and splice audio in between, but it’s something to listen to when you run out of other true crime podcasts. The big issue is that the person who hosts isn’t very intelligent and makes a lot of cliché, vacuous remarks (about human nature, for example). He breaks off into lecturing the listener too often and it totally ruins any tension or buildup. It’s always funny to hear his “insight” but it’s not really necessary.

GOAT (5/5)

You are great, Mike. I love the work you put into this podcast & I respect how you are so unapologetically you. You say what so many listeners like myself are thinking & it’s unfortunate so many other listeners have such a negative opinion. I love your documentary story telling style w a twist. THANK YOU for your hard work, you are brilliant.

We’ll researched (5/5)

This is an unbelievably researched pod cast I listen to a lot true crime podcast this is one of the best !!!!!

Excellent wrtiting (5/5)

Great writing and stories- respectfully done as well. I am wondering if you would please consider covering the Gwen Swanner murder in Elkmont, TN several years ago- the murderers were twins with the last name of Bondurant, and they committed other murders as well. When you first research this case, it seems awful, but not more so than other murders. Upon closer examination of the entire court transcripts, the things they did to this woman in particular were beyond imagination. Several things transpired with the brothers’ convictions and appeals, but I believe one or both are out now. Thank you for reading and Peace to You.

All day long! (5/5)

I wake up and have my morning coffee listening to this podcast. I drive to work, listening to this podcast. At my desk basically all DAY, I am listening to this podcast. On my drive home, I am- you guessed it- listening to this podcast!A co-worker hipped me to this joint maybe a month or so ago and I’ve been hooked since. Truly great stuff! While I love dateline and 48hours, this podcast gives a little more grit and grime, muck and creepiness than some of the others. This is why I love it!

Used to like it (1/5)

This was a great show and I wanted Mike back for a long time, but he came back unhinged. Mike goes on long rants about personal matters and has become overly dramatic with is narration. Acts like a vindictive narcissist who should see a doctor.

This “podcast” is garbage (1/5)

Full disclosure: I used to really like S&S, which is embarrassing to admit for so many reasons. The stories were intense, often graphic, and interesting to those with a morbid curiosity. However, all the talk about Mike Boudet being a total dirtbag is true. This show is exploitative, mysoginistic, offensive to those with mental illness as well as family members of victims, and finally, it’s now just boring. Die hard supporters of MB will probably love his incessant whining and complaining about topics completely unrelated to the “stories” he produces, but most people will just cringe. I could go on and on, but among the many final straws for me is the synopsis of the latest episode: “Sexual child abuse is so widespread that the numbers are astounding...Girls are typically more pretected, more sheltered from these sorts of dangers, but when this sort of abuse happens to a boy the repressed shame, guilt and anger can last a lifetime.” 1) you spelled “protected” wrong 2) what in the actual f*ck are you talking about? “Girls are typically more protected” from sexual abuse? This is the kind of garbage that I’m referring to. It’s untrue, misinformed, and just makes MB sound like a simpleton, which I believe he is. Furthermore - girls who are sexually abused also carry the “repressed shame, guilt, and anger” for a lifetime, you absolute dumba** Do yourself a favor and don’t waste your time with this debacle.

One of my absolute favs. (5/5)

S&S is one of my top all time fav podcasts. It took me a few episodes to get hooked but now it’s definitely one of my go to’s. It’s perfect for in the car when I need to run errands. Definitely NOT safe for children or work I’d say though. There are some very serious things talked about and some very graphic moments in certain episodes. I found this out the hard way with my son. So just FYI.

Don’t listen!! (1/5)

The last episode is proof this podcast is going downhill and fast. Piss-poor excuse for journalism and research. The last episode could have been produced by a 4th grader. The “victim” sounded scripted and coached. I couldn’t even listen halfway into it. No offense to the victim if that’s really the story but Mike.... fall in a hole. And get buried there.

Ads (3/5)

I know you have to pay the bills but I just listened to 10 straight minutes of ads and flipped the show off. It use to be my favorite before all the ads. My attention span is too short for so many ads at once, sorry!

Just tell the story... (2/5)

Leave your opinions about society out of it. It’s beginning to become annoying and letting know what kind of person the narrator is. Get to the story. Tell it. Leave it be.

It's Mostly interviews (3/5)

It's mostly audio clips with a few comments in between. They just happened to catch fire with this format, but it's lazy.

eh (2/5)

i mean it’s okay...i used to be obsessed even ignoring the controversy because i heard about it after i found sword and scale. but not that i learn what happened plus the last episode where he went on a long rant that seems way too personal. it’s getting less and less enjoyable.

True Crime-now an addiction (5/5)

Mike brings an intrigue to true crime podcasts in the way he narrates each episode; his presentation perfectly toned for all scenarios and dark humor which is impeccably timed. This podcast will have you hooked to the true crime genre as Mike unearths human depravity in each case.

Don’t provide hate with an audience. Please. (1/5)

This used to be my absolute favorite podcast, but something happened to it. Mike was always very passionate about the topics he covered, that’s one of the reasons I enjoyed the show, but he has gone from being an earnest storyteller to a rancorous and arrogant pundit. The final straw is the bigotry and hatefulness that he now exhibits. I realize now that sword and scale crossed ethical and moral boundaries long ago. That is why I can no longer listen. Not because my stomach couldn’t handle it, but because my heart couldn’t. This show is laced with a poison and a vileness unrelated to its subject. Mike is right about one thing, monsters do exist, only now do I see that he is one of them.

Misogyny & trauma (1/5)

This podcast is awful & dangerous. The podcaster & the “experts” he interviews know little about trauma & revictimization, and are dismissive of practices that would reduce harm to listeners. In episode 146, his guest uses misogynistic terms and tones to victim blame.

147 (1/5)

This last episode was very poorly put together. Very disappointing. Mike didn’t sound interested and the speaker sounded lost.

I LOVE IT (5/5)

I can’t get enough. My anxiety is telling me to not binge listen but lord I can’t help it!!!

Downhill-fast (1/5)

I used to love this podcast, but since the development of the controversy that surrounds Mike it’s been difficult to support. I listened through the challenges and after Mike was removed from the original platform. Episode 147 really showed me the host’s true lack of empathy towards different groups of people. The show notes mention that girls are “pretected” more than boys when talking about sexual abuse, but in the actual episode he states that 1 in 5 girls deal with this compared to 1 in 70 boys. The sex of the victim should not matter and downplaying any group’s trauma is where I draw the line.

Waited that long for this? EP147 (5/5)

Come on mike. This was a reach. I get it, but you spent this long to put out someone else telling the story? That should have taken that long for this whack of a story and easy to let someone tell it’s record it and give it to us...

Used to be great.... (2/5)

.... now it’s just thinly veiled sexist / misogynistic drivel. Have fun making fun of SJWs, bro 👍🏻

What happened? (1/5)

I’m paying for this? Barely puts out new content now and the last episode was ridiculous. Boudet’s voice isn’t the same anymore. It’s like he doesn’t put any effort or passion into this any longer. I was a huge fan but now I’m just wasting my money I feel

Is Mike Boudet alright (3/5)

Yo Mike are you okay man? The most recent Sword and Scale episode hardly even has a coherent written description. A lot of your verbal commentary sounds odd because it sounds as though you’re attempting to deal with internal personal problems publicly but without specifically addressing them.

Great!!! (5/5)

Love the hosts commentary- better details than any other crime podcast

Y’all (5/5)


Long time listener (5/5)

Easily the best produced podcast out there. The subject matter is gruesome but Mike’s delivery is eloquent.

No thanks (1/5)

I unsubscribed from this podcast after realizing the host is both problematic and a narcissist. I used to like the variety of cases covered (and having a backlog to catch up on) but 50% of the episodes are just tape from the media or police interviews and Mike making comments that at best add nothing and at worst are unnecessary, insensitive ignorant. Episodes not released with any kind of reasonable or reliable frequency. Someone else said it best in their review, the show just isn’t good enough to put up with the host or give him any more attention

Was once good (1/5)

Man, this host has issues. I hope he gets the help he needs and can get past the god complex.

Too Preachy (2/5)

Not sure why the host feels the need to add his personal political and social views into every episode but it’s exhausting. Even though the stories are good, he’s boring and predictable. And it’s the same in his other podcast as well. Skip this one and listen to Why Generation or Crime Junkie instead.

Best true crime podcast...period (5/5)

Excellent show, well researched and content/subject matter always vary. The host has the voice, the inflection and the capability to narrate and carry a show with sensitive/heavy subject matter. This world is a scary place. Listening to Mike reminds me to keep my guard up. You can never really know matter how close you think you are.

Sword and Scale is the BEST (5/5)

I love you Mike and your ability to bring these stories to the forefront.

One of the best true crime podcasts available (5/5)

The inclusion of 911 calls, police interviews and news clips along side the excellent narration from Mike makes this one of the best podcast you can listen to. This and Gen Why are the podcasts I turn to when I want to hear about some true crime.

Don’t care for the host (1/5)

Stories can be really good however the host seems to sometimes but down the victims. He also make snarky comments I just don’t care. Then he played “listener mail” from an obviously drunk guy who was just kinda bashing women. Sadly I am unsubscribing.

Don’t Bother (1/5)

Host is whiny and cocky. Very difficult to listen to. I used to enjoy this podcast, but it seems Mike is off his meds...

Hooked! (5/5)

Soooo good! Started maybe a week ago and have been bingeing ever since! Completely obsessed. LOOOOVVVEEE!

Love Mike and the Podcast! (5/5)

I saw a bunch of hate on here for Mike and just wanted to say that I love Mike! I’ve found many other podcasts with good stories and interesting topics similar to this but I can’t stand to listen bc the host is unorganized or has bad voice or stupid input or even the story just doesn’t seem thoroughly researched but Mike is none of the above! I think he gives just enough opinion and makes appropriate funny jokes and could listen to his voice all day. It’s very calming yet just creepy enough to make the stories. Now I will admit I’m new and only on about podcast 25 but so far I love Mike. Maybe he will aggravate me as I get further along but with what I’ve heard so far I highly doubt it!

Bonnie Prince Billy (5/5)

Madeleine Mary 😀🕯 -Les Couchon- 💄🐷🍒👠

My jam! (5/5)

Glad you’re back Mike. Love, love Sword and Scale. You give this podcast life.

Needs new host (1/5)

Used to be great.. now Mike is nothing but a nuisance and I won’t be listening after the way he started certain episodes being problematic. Over it. There’s other podcasts with better hosts and just as good stories.

Great stories but just too preachy. (1/5)

I feel that lately, the show has taken on a vindictive and preachy tone with episodes railing on feminism, “entitled generations”, and other topics. It’s become exhausting to listen to.

Great Podcast and Host! (5/5)

The hate for the host in these reviews..... straight up ridiculous. Salty much. I really enjoy this podcast as well as the HOST!! I’ve been a listener for years. Great content. Great host!! I was glad when Mike returned as the narrator. Although the lady (can’t remember her name)that filled in was good... I prefer Mike. I enjoy his narration, interview style, puns, etc. Much respect to great content creators! Keep up the great work!

Really poor man’s Court Junkie (1/5)

This guy releases an episode maybe every 2 weeks and can’t even keep keep that on track. 3/4’s of it is edited together clips of court interviews and the other 1/4 is moody music and him promoting his other mediocre podcast. Just not good.

Not good enough for host to be a** (2/5)

This podcast isn’t good enough for the level of douchery Mike presents.

So good! (5/5)

Just found you and I’m already addicted. So happy I have so many episodes to binge. Nice work!

Marriage Can Be Very F’d Up (2/5)

Just listened to episode 130 and 131 where the podcaster liken this sad story to being married in general. One of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard and not appropriate to add to this monster who killed his family. No wonder that this fool is twice divorced!

Episode 146 (1/5)

This used to be my favorite podcast. That was until episode 146 when Mike unapologetically bashes feminism and all it stands for. I wouldn’t have minded his opinion so much if it weren’t for the fact that he made all feminists out to be these crazy, radical women who just end up getting themselves killed. It was ridiculous. I have unsubscribes after that episode.

Story choices are great/storyteller is awful (2/5)

Host is the absolute worst. Podcast was best it had ever been when he was gone for that chunk of time. Just tell the story, you’re jokes/input are terrible.

Serves my entertainment purposes for free (5/5)

I don’t follow or get caught up in social media. This podcast gets me through work day and my 1 hour trip back and forth to work. Love it. Keep up the good work.

❤️❤️ Mike (5/5)

I am so excited that mike is back! His voice is not only relaxing, but it’s just so pleasant to listen to. I had unsubscribed when they had that other lady who sounded like she was in a toothpaste commercial. Will be subscribing again!!

Host ruins the podcast (2/5)

I’ve heard some really cool stories on here but the host is a huge tool. He’s super cocky and I had to stop listening because of him. Much better true crime options out there.

Fantastic (5/5)

Can’t wait till a new episode arrives. Keep up the good work. What a great show can’t wait till there is more shows to listen too.

Love this podcast (5/5)

Totally addicted to this podcast! Such a great podcast

Outstanding. (5/5)

Best true crime podcast out there. As far as the ads go, the man deserves to be paid. I have no issue with them.

A year ago it would have been a 5 (2/5)

I truly enjoy listening to this podcast. I find it to be very well written. However, after following the host on insta, it had become apparent that he does not care about his fans. He only cares for the ones who follow him blindly. I have seen him berate anybody and everybody who disagree with him in the slightest. I really wish he would show some decorum due to his status as a public figure. Tbh, listen or don’t... he says he doesn’t care either way. Which should tell you everything you need to know.

Sick s*** (5/5)

By far the sickest podcast I’ve ever listened to! The content is so well put together and narrated by Mike. Absolutely love it. Best true crime ever!

What happened? (1/5)

Use to be my favorite podcast. Now it’s mostly boring and you MAYBE get a good episode here and there. Rip

Chilling (5/5)

I cannot stop listening. Mind blowing crazy stories. And they are real.... it’s a reminder how fragile human life is and how thin is the line between sanity and madness. Thank you the podcast creators.

Host shows bias (1/5)

As far as true crime podcasts go, this is the only one I follow where the host happily shows his bias on the different cases. He’s cocky in his ignorance and it’s hard to listen to.

Very Bad and Very Good (3/5)

The host is basically your prototypical Floridian, aka a real Fred Durst. So that’s terrible to listen to, but if there’s a lot of audio tied to a crime, you may not have to deal with him talking much.

Use to love it , it’s Okay now (5/5)

I don’t know what is happening with this podcast but before it was amazing. Now it’s not as dark as true crime is supposed to be.

MB is Garbage (1/5)

Mike Boudet is a twatwaffle.

Mike is Gross (1/5)

I’ve listened to this podcast for years, but now there is something almost sociopathic and chillingly immature about Mike, despite his great radio voice. Nowadays there are so many better options out there. If you’re drawn to the true crime genre, it’s super important to listen to podcasts that actually pay respect to the victims. Otherwise you’re just exploiting tragedy for entertainment. I don’t want to fall into that trap, so, I’m out.

My fave! (5/5)

This is literally my favorite podcast. Me and mike have the same reactions and he makes me laugh. I love the way he tells the stories. I listen to this podcast at work and I get mad when my coworkers talk to me cause then I have to pause it lol. It also helps me look forward to the work day and it makes it more bareable.

Why did they let Mike back? (1/5)

He puts the “pro” in “problematic.”

So happy you’re back❣️ (5/5)

One of my favorite podcasts❣️

Very good podcast (5/5)

Mike so glad you are back, I really enjoy the podcast, keep up the great work, can’t wait until the next episode.

Used to be phenomenal (2/5)

This was probably one of the podcast that I used to recommend the most. The first seasons are 5/5. It was dark and the quality is really elevated this show for me. However, it went downhill and fast. The hosts personal issues and drama are really off-putting and consistently get in the way. His attitude is really nasty at times and even attacking towards the audience and loyal listeners. I’m really not one to be dissuaded from listening because of that sort of thing, but it gets to a point where it’s just too much. My advice is listen to the first few seasons then move on. He claims to not care if you listen anyway.

My favorite podcast (5/5)

I love this podcast! It’s definitely the best true crime podcast out there. Thanks Mike, you’re the best!


I love this podcast, not only does it help time go by quicker at work but it just makes me so much more aware of ppl. You never know what a person has going on in their mind & it also makes me so careful & grateful. I’ve fought depression a lot within the last couple of years and I really cherish life so much more when I listen to some of the sick stuff ppl do. And it gives me so much faith that all this I’m going through is temporary and life will one day get better. Thank you so much and please KEEP THEM COMING! I love it.

Welcome back mike... I’m back too! (5/5)

Glad mike is back and even more happy to know the episodes with the other narrater were re narrated with mike. I’m back for this podcast now!

Brutal, intense, insane, disgusting (5/5)

I wouldn’t recommend some of these episodes.. This podcast really shows what humans are capable of when the brain isn’t right. Super scary, but it’s helped me desensitize a bit. &Also has made me appreciate my life and my loved ones. Thanking the universe that we aren’t in these poor unfortunate victims places... Some episodes are so awful I have to turn it off &change it. I’m a bit more paranoid on a daily basis with strangers as well (Not a bad thing). My door &windows are always locked. And I lock my car doors as soon as I get in. Some human are horrible and this podcast shows that you should never trust anyone fully & to be aware of your surroundings. And just one thing, the instrumentals in between are waaaaay too long! Also, episode 85 had me pulling my hair out it was the most annoying episode I couldn’t even finish it.

New listener (5/5)

I just started listening to this podcast and I’m on episode 18 at the moment. I am obsessed! Great story telling and I’m so excited to get into more recent recent events.

Just the right amount of dark (5/5)

I feel like a lot of other podcasts sugar coat things but I really like how blunt you are and really tell the about how dark these stories are.

Best Podcast! (5/5)

This is the best podcast out there! Nothing compares!

What’s going on? (1/5)

10 minutes into the episode and I’m still listening to constant ads by the host. This used to be a great podcast..I’m constantly hitting FFWD!!!

No longer a fan (1/5)

The podcast has gone way down hill. I can’t even listen anymore

I miss the OG Sword and Scale episodes (1/5)

This show used to be AMAZING. Somewhere around episode 110-120 it started to have a lot more of Mike’s opinion and bias inserted into the storytelling. I also dislike some of the style changes like Mike reading with a strange echo or pitch added to his voice so you know he’s reading someone else’s words. I liked the original stories that were well researched and would creep me out through the amazing storytelling and thoroughly researched details that you couldn’t find from just any podcast. I can’t bring myself to listen anymore, and not just because of Mike’s actions online. If he can bring the podcast back to the original style and tone down the drama I would love to become a listener again.

Techno music (2/5)

That’s a no from me dog. I can’t do this awful techno. Anxiety central.

It’s gone downhill (1/5)

I used to love this show and listen to each new episode right when it came out. Unfortunately, I’ve gotten increasingly more uncomfortable with the episodes. The host has becoming overdramatic, presents more of his own opinions than facts now, and, frankly, has begun to come off as quite misogynistic to the point where it’s cringe-inducing. Sadly, I am unsubscribing and no longer recommending it. There are better true crime podcasts out there that are more appropriate and unbiased.

was good at one point (1/5)

But then the host just became bitter and butthurt both outside the show and then within it. He’s also exploitative and disrespects his listeners in a non-ironic way.

Not for everyone, but definitely for me. (5/5)

My husband and I love this podcast and many like it including Monstruo. That being said, I can see how it could be offensive or “too much” for some to listen to. If that’s the case, just don’t listen! Simple. Stop leaving bad reviews, mind your own business and move on. I’m offended by Republicans but don’t go on Republican based podcasts and leave bad reviews. Leave Mike alone!

Hold the ignorance on episode 146 (1/5)

Two guys down talking feminism which is a normal occurrence. Feminism is what led to women being able to divorce, vote, work, press charges against aggressors, etc... you both tried but you also gotta give credit where credit is due even if it’s unattractive. Definitely my least favorite episode and got off topic for a bit there.

No thanks (1/5)

This guy thinks “feminist” is an insult. Is it 1952? Yuck.

Used to be my favorite (1/5)

I loved S&S when it first aired and listened avidly to all episodes until social media problems went down. I stopped listening when a new host took over and the intros became irritating with the constant crying about unfairness. This is a podcast on true crime, not a place to whine about your personal woes before each episode. Tried listening again today when the old host came back and it just feels off.

Cringed (1/5)

The latest episode about Bianca was beyond cringey and really inaccurate when it comes to explaining things, it felt like I was watching an old man try to be hip.

I have faith in you dude! (5/5)

I’ve been absolutely addicted to S&S for the past couple months. Listening every day. I’m on episode 90-something, but first looked at the reviews today and I’m flabbergasted. I rant and rave to everyone I meet about this gripping podcast, what could have gone so “wrong”? I’ve gathered from various reviews/comments that Mike has had one hell of a time over the past few years and may be coping with the online heat in bizarre or unhealthy ways. I skipped ahead to the most recent episode, 146, and sort of see what people are talking about. That being said, people are allowed to be people, whether they’re on a public platform or not—if this show has taught all of us anything, it should be that people are vulnerable, impressionable, and reactive. It’s our nature, and therefore deserves patience. I wish Mike nothing but healing and I really have faith that this show can make a turn around, given better circumstances within the host’s personal life. Get it together, you’ve got this dude! I’m still totally hooked.

So bad (1/5)

The definition of cheesy, exploitative true crime. Also, Mike Boudet is trying so, so hard to prove he’s not an incel by casually mentioning his girlfriend and pretending he’s unfamiliar with this wacky internet language while also only using the word feminist with “crazy” in front of it. So cringy.

Horrible (1/5)

Horrible podcast ran by a narcissistic douche

4/5 (4/5)

Love the content, but Mike’s commentary is often pretty bitter and irrelevant. Lots of millennial bashing, considering they make up a large portion of his listeners. Still definitely worth listening for the first hand accounts and compelling stories.

First 120 episodes (3/5)

The first 120 episodes were great. The the host got into some drama with his parent company. Then I listened to the new host and almost lost interest. My favorite podcast ever and now it is loosing my interest more and more each episode. I might have to go back to season one and start over. The newest stuff is blah.....

Go back to the basics (1/5)

PLEASE go back to the original format. The last few episodes have been horrendous and not even worth finishing.

What happened? (2/5)

This show was one of my favorites, but the host has seems to have forgotten that this isn’t about him. He used to be passionate about the stories— I don’t hear that in his voice anymore. I’ll still be listening, in the slight chance things go back to the way they used to be.

Yikes (2/5)

I really liked this podcast until the host got to be way too drama. I couldn't even finish the latest episode. I want a true crime podcast. Not a narcissist with internet "haters" whining.

What happened? (1/5)

I’ve loved this podcast since the beginning, I’ve listened to every episode more then once but as of recently especially the last episode l’m not quite sure what is going on it seemed that the focus of the episode was very off and the comments made more of a opinion then fact it made me very uncomfortable and not in the hmmm let me ponder this opinion way but really that’s how you feel kind of way I don’t mind hearing things I don’t agree with but it seems like this is becoming less and less of true crime podcast and more of a let me push my opinion on life podcast....

The host needs to refocus on the podcast and not his personal drama (1/5)

After listening to the first 145 episodes I’m finally done with Sword and Scale. It seems now each episode opens with Mike either complaining about the drama with the podcasts platform or making some passive aggressive comments about what people are saying about him online... NO ONE CARES! He was somewhat annoying from the get-go but now a good chunk of the episodes are his BS drama in the beginning and his ever increasing personal one sided opinions of whatever case he’s talking about. He may have had an original podcast in the beginning but by now there are plenty of other true crime podcasts that don’t linger on the hosts ongoing drama and ego. Unsubscribed, End of rant.

Hopeful it will be good again (2/5)

Such a great show when it started, but Mike went off the rails. I was able to separate the good show from the narcissistic host, but since he’s come back the stories are not great and he focuses on grinding personal axes more than the crimes.

Weird (1/5)

Seems like a weird platform for the host to air out his hurt feelings but go off I guess..

Gone Downhill (1/5)

I used to enjoy this podcast and even as the host got more annoying I would just skip his intros. Lately most of the podcast is just his opinions. I just want to hear a true crime podcast, not Millennial hating rants or anti feminist rants every episode. If it’s a young person committing the crimes, then it’s a “kids these days are so entitled” rant for most of the episode. If it’s not that, then he’s whining about social media drama. It’s pretty ironic that the host complains about “kids these days” being entitled and easily offended when he’s clearly a narcissist who can’t let go of his social media drama. If you just want to hear about true crime, skip this podcast.

Good content, host is “off” (3/5)

The content is great but the host seems very self centered and sometimes is off in a tangent about nothing. Also, very offensive and insensitive with some of his comments.

Yikes (1/5)

This show truly fell off and should have stayed off the cliff it jumped.

Used to be really interesting (1/5)

Now the host seems a bit self aggrandizing, he and some of his guests come off super sexist when trying to talk about women and feminism. Dude likes to throw in his perspective as if he’s the authority in everything, over it. Unsubscribing.

Favorite Crime Podcast (5/5)

Literally the only podcast I’ll listen to anymore. Absolutely dumbfounded at the 1 star reviews.

Weird and meandering (2/5)

I used to enjoy this podcast but it’s gotten weird since the original host came back. Unsubscribed.

Always loved but... (4/5)

I’ve been obsessed with S&S forever and was so excited when Mike came back. It’s still good but something seems “off” recently. I can’t explain it but not loving the narration as much as I used to.

Too many advertisements (2/5)

Good podcaster, but way too many advertisements throughout the show. It was 10 minutes until the podcast even started.

One of the best (5/5)

I absolutely love this podcast. Although I will say it feels like the more recent episodes rely more heavily on audio- there was one in particular where I barely even heard Mike speak! He’s part of what makes me love the pod, and I’d enjoy hearing more from him.

My opinion has changed.. (1/5)

This used to be my favorite podcast. Until Mike started going on long rants during episodes talking about how terrible everyone is. He likes to complain about people being sensitive but he seems to be the most sensitive person out here. He’s started slacking on episodes and started using them to explain how it’s okay for him to be rude to fans. I stopped my monetary support, unsubscribed, and unfortunately won’t be listening anymore. Learn to keep your disdain for others in check. It’s exhausting to hear about.

Self awareness (1/5)

Decent episodes but the moralizing and philosophizing and just whining get so comically beyond the scope of self-awareness i wonder if the male host could even recognize himself in a mirror or, like some lesser animal, he would tilt his head to the side in confusion when he saw his reflection. There’s the fact that the show literally profits off of stories of death and dismemberment but doesn’t have the decency to even casually mention that. No, instead they rant about how evil and bad some individual is then run an ad that touts literally “the murderiest podcast!” lol jfc kids... Then there is the occasional “kids these days have participation trophies waaah my generation good and tough theirs bad and weak” Like that hasnt been said since literally confucius. Sorry you got old, dude, have fun making profit from murder stories on that hiiiiiigh high horse.

After the latest episode, I’m done (1/5)

I’ve been a loyal listener throughout all the weird cryptic messages and Mike’s online sketchiness. I was willing to forgive. But the casual anti-feminist sentiment has only gotten worse and I can’t listen anymore. This is a genuinely good true crime podcast, unfortunately the host can’t keep his personal politics out of it.

Thank you! (5/5)

Probably my favorite podcast I listen to!! Thank you! Keep up the good work!

What’s with the host? (2/5)

What is he even talking about? “See you on Twitter” what? Do your show, man. Hes back after whatever blown out of proportion nonsense he whines about what is it now. I can barely listen anymore, he cries about something every episode. And Lore is good don’t be petty.

Not what it used to be... (2/5)

I used to really like this podcast, but the host has let his personal social media drama get the best of him. I couldn’t even get through the latest episode...

Get over yourself (1/5)

This podcast used to be good. The last couple episodes have devolved into the host soap boxing about people he doesn’t agree with. Is misandry is really that central to a story about an instagram influencers who was murdered? For someone who talks about other people being offended, Mike seems pretty butthurt (dare I say offended?) by “feminists” and millennials. Stop being a snowflake and get over yourself. Or don’t, I’m subscribing elsewhere regardless.

Awesome podcast! (5/5)

Excellent context, excellent storyteller- he’s to the point and clear. There’s awesome outtakes from recordings, tons of details and creepy facts. I’ve had a few nightmares bc of this podcast! Keep up the awesomeness

Interesting, on episode 3 can’t wait to Hear the rest (5/5)


Kind of meh now (4/5)

Used to be one of my absolute favorites. But ever since the host left and came back the episodes haven’t been that great.

Feminist is not a 4 letter word. (1/5)

After this latest episode I’m done. Rate, review and unsubscribe. Mike’s words, perspective on victims snd social attitudes are hurtful, harmful, and ignorant. He brings a victim mentality to his work as if he is the one being persecuted. Sure you have the right to free speech. But don’t be surprised when everyone hates you for the speech you choose. Be humble. Learn from others. Use your platform for good.

an unfortunate yet inevitable decline due to host’s privileged perspective (1/5)

i was introduced to the world of true crime largely through sword & scale. i regularly find myself thinking about how interesting some of the older episodes were. the problem with the show lies within the fact that mike boudet really thinks of himself as the first and only name in true crime. it creates a, while understandable, really intense vacuum where it becomes easy to find yourself buying into what are at their base some really harmful opinions and practices that have no kinda place anywhere.

Love it! (5/5)

I always look forward to new episodes from Sword and Scale. Thanks for a great podcast!

Good podcast (4/5)

This is a well done podcast. I love the fact that he interviews people and I love the real audio he incorporates into the stories. Some of the stories are pretty disturbing so beware.

Full body chills with the crappy audios! (5/5)

No podcast like it!

Best Podcast Ever (5/5)

This podcast is wonderfully written. It’s is greatly produced with non biased content. Hands down my favorite podcast ever!

Stories about monsters... (1/5)

told by a Monster...

What happened?? (2/5)

As with most things that become popular, the show is driven by profits now and the presence of way more ads really takes away the focus off the show. The writing and stories seem lazily put together now whereas before you could tell how much effort went into each episode.

What is this even about? (2/5)

I found this several months ago, and binged multiple episodes. Didnt pay attention to the twitter drama, but it’s obviously had a negative effect on the quality of the show. Since the host has come back, I can’t make it through an episode. The last episode about the Instagram murder is a great example if something that could’ve been a good story, but instead it full of him rambling about his opinions and awkward interviews that offer no substance.

Fav podcast (5/5)

I’ve listened to every episode! Best podcast ever!!!!!

Doesn’t get better then this!!! (5/5)

Every aspect of this show is amazing! Mike does a perfect job presenting each case my only complaint is that I’ve binged the show & I'm almost out of episodes but S&S is my go to!! Just to touch on the poor reviews based on the opinions of the host on a personal level..honestly who the F cares! Are you here to make friends with Mike or are you here to listen to true crime..bc if it’s the latter then keep your personal opinions to yourself & just enjoy the podcast OR don’t, the beauty of these platforms is that you can unsubscribe with the click of a button! News flash to those that make these sort of judgements..if you could see yourself from a strangers perspective, typically you’ll find that you’re not so perfect either 🤷🏻‍♀️ just saying!

Stop and listen, you'll be glad you did! (5/5)

I absolutely love your podcast! All of your Episodes are spot on! Informative, non-biased, and actually factual. You actually have personality which is important. You also do your homework. You know each topic inside and out. No flat reading of script. This episode though 146 is one that everyone needs to listen to! It hits home with some awesome, pertinent information. To many people"think" they know what is going on both online and in real life. The truth is no one knows what is real. What pain hides behind that smile. What bruises and puffy eyes are heavily edited out. Everyone needs to step back, take a breath, and do as you would want done to yourself, mother, daughter ECT...

Unnecessary narrator rants (3/5)

The stories are genuinely interesting and well written for the most part. However, Mike’s lengthy intros and strange ramblings about human nature have just become odd and hard to listen to. It’s a shame because it’s enough to make me unsubscribe to a show I used to enjoy. I wish he would just leave the off show drama off the show.

Mike thinks he’s a Chad 😂 (1/5)

Mike is straight up losing his mind!! Episode 146 he calls himself a Chad (Someone who is a 8-10 on the looks scale) Go watch the tiger belly episode with him as the guest. The dude is a solid 4! I guess that’s all subjective but I don’t think there’s anyone that would call him a 8-10. Keep stroking that ego Mike.. MSASGA!

Just sad (1/5)

Such a disappointment. I listened to every since episode and actually missed it when they were gone for a bit. But now Mike is so full of himself and throws little tantrums that are extremely unnecessary. Sadly I will no longer be listening. Mike you need to re-evaluate yourself and see if this is even something you want to do. A great podcast thrown away because of your personal issues. Sad. Just sad.

used to be so good but now it’s all ads :/ (2/5)

wiggity wiggity wack bro

👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽 (5/5)

👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽 My favorite podcast ever ‼️‼️‼️

Self destructive (1/5)

The host is horrible. This guy is an alcoholic and gets into arguments with people on Twitter that exposes him to exactly who he is. What a complete waste of time to listen to such a horrible human. So many other podcasts out there that are way better.

I love you Mike!!! (5/5)

Keep doing what you do!!!!!

Terrible (1/5)

I used to listen to this podcast all the time. In the beginning it was amazing. Now the podcast is terrible. Mike the host is awful. He has become so negatively opinionated discussing things that have nothing to do with the crime. If you wanna be on soapbox go ahead that is your right, but don’t label it as a true crime. You are entitled to your opinion but don’t twist the narrative to your bigot views.

Just Say No To Mike Boudet (1/5)

This guy's perspective is wholly ignorant, regressive, and lazy. Time to get woke, Mike. You disrespect and blame the victims and glorify the violent men. "entitlement" and helicopter parents are not the reason for domestic violence. Its called misogyny, white supremacy and patriarchy. Grow up.

Yikes. (1/5)

What an awful host. No wonder this guy is divorced.

Love this podcast (5/5)

I’m so glad that Mike is back. He does such a great job telling the stories. I missed him! I don’t quite get why people are so up in arms with his little “rants.” I don’t think they’re rants at all. Society today seems to be offended by anything they don’t 100% agree with. So rather than just hearing something possibly unfavorable and then moving on, they have to complain, boycott, start a petition. etc,. Ugh. Just listen to the stories for what they are-entertainment-and then go about your day. I guess at the old age of 32, I’m just not easily offended, and cant get on the complaining train. Keep doing what you’re doing, Mike!

Host is pretty awful (1/5)

Content is good but the host is ridiculous and talks about his own opinions (which he talks about like they’re facts) way too much. There are much better true crime podcasts out there

Just Finished Binging 😳 (5/5)

This podcast - 🤯 I love Mike’s story telling and am completely addicted!! I caught up on all episodes in 2 weeks. I couldn’t stop listening!! You have a listener for life 💜 Thanks for such amazingly, well put together stories!!

Great Podcast (3/5)

The podcast is great but the narrator Mike Boudet seems like a sociopath

I’ve had it. (1/5)

I’ve listened to every episode and used to look forward to seeing S&S on my feed. After this week’s episode I’m done. Mike has become insufferable.

No thanks (1/5)

Used to be better. Hard to listen to now. Host brings in his outside drama and it’s weird. Not what your listeners came for

Tantrum (1/5)

I used to love this show but the tantrums and personal comments at the beginning of every new episode are obnoxious and utterly unnecessary.

Any content? (1/5)

10 minutes in and still no episode. Commercial after commercial after commercial. I never intended on writing a review but this is blatant corporate puppeteering

Host ruined it (1/5)

Host of this podcast is so so bad. What a wreck of a latest episode and of a podcast. Used to be creative...not anymore

Love it (5/5)

Great podcast. Love the host. Great voice, great at telling the stories.

This is awful (1/5)

Get over yourself and just tell the stories.

Keep it rollin’ (5/5)

Love the podcast, don’t really care about other people’s opinions. I’m happy and this keeps me looking forward to each episode... I’ve come to enjoy mikes voice and the podcast feels sickly and sweetly like coming home for a good murder chat. Some of us are weird, right?

Stop with the drama (3/5)

Love the show, could go without the persecution complex. Also, feminists aren’t inherently evil.

Lame (1/5)

Used to be ok but the host is sooo incredibly lame now I can’t get past it. Sounds like a bitter old man who can’t keep up with the times and also can’t stop talking about it for the entirety of the podcast

Used To Love It, Now It’s Awful (1/5)

I used to love this podcast. I’ve listened to every episode over the years, but now it’s become so unbearable that I am unsubscribing and deleting from my library. The content is interesting, and I’ve always been a true crime buff, but I find the host Mike’s demeanor insufferable- especially after being pushed out and then returning. He’s insulting to victims and their families, uses very problematic language related to women, sexual violence, and mental illness, and is just generally smug and egotistical. Frankly, it’s annoying. With so many other great true crime podcasts out there, I’m moving on.

One of the best! (5/5)

Typically i am picky with my podcasts, mostly because i don’t like to listen to people rambling or multiple people just having an open discussion about something-especially when they’re talking about True Crime, first i found Casefile, then after to listening to all of those i was on the hunt for a new favorite, that again doesn’t just ramble on in an open discussion format, and i found sword and scale! I love it because unlike other podcasts I’ve listened to, they use court recordings, personal interviews, and really gives you a deep look into each case, I’m hooked and i listen while i work, driving home, or doing puzzles lol.

Cool show, poor host (2/5)

The show’s always decent and was waaay better with the lady that narrated for awhile. The guy that started it and is now back has weird takes on things and lectures on morals at the end of every episode, which is lame.

Language is a bit wrong (3/5)

I’ve been listening to the podcast for a good while and really enjoy the stories, but sometimes I have issues with the language mike uses to describe certain things like feminism or misandry doesn’t correspond with the true definition (especially in 146). Sometimes I get uncomfortable with the language because it feels close to victim blaming.

Podcast used to be really good (1/5)

This podcast used to be really good, the narrator now injects every episode with his own personal struggles and strifes. The most recent episode left me with a sour taste in my mouth. Hopefully the narrator will stop being so full of himself and resume telling us about true crime.

Episode 146 (1/5)

It would seem that after Mike was essentially called out on the insensitive things he said about women and victims of crime, he is now attempting to prove to everyone that he isn’t “that guy” and he’s trying to look at stories from ALL sides, or at least, that’s what he wants you to believe. While listening to episode 146 I found myself (an open minded woman) starting to feel very uncomfortable. At first, I thought, well, maybe that’s the whole point. He wants us to feel uncomfortable to prove that things aren’t always what we want them to be. However, as the episode progressed, I soon started grappling with my moral compass. Sounds dramatic, but it’s true. I felt Mike was only verbally calling out the bad guys/killer/stalkers, etc, but ultimately, by having only ONE female talk JUST about the victim and TWO men offering their thoughts and opinions of “feminists” and “egirls” and women’s online safety, Mike is doing nothing BUT siding with the very people he wants us to think he is against. Maybe I’m wrong and a later episode will, hopefully, have interviews with people that don’t apologize for slightly understanding feminism. Sadly, I’m not sure Mike has reflected on what happened to him; he’s only reacting.

Love this podcast!! (5/5)

I stumbled across the gem about a year ago. I absolutely love this podcast! These negative comments are a little redundant but everyone is entitled to their opinion INCLUDING MICHAEL BOUDET. If you don’t like him, then don’t listen. If you don’t like his introductions, then skip it, but stop trying to tell him what to think and how to speak. It’s HIS podcast. Create your own if you’re so bothered. Anyway, I love all of the information that he gives. He is extremely thorough and includes real conversations which keeps me engaged for the entire hour. Keep up the great work Michael!

Best podcast ever (5/5)

This is hands down of the best true crime podcasts I’ve ever listened to.

Listening again (5/5)

Those of you complaining about Mike's so called "millennial bashing". My mother always said, if it bothers you then there must be truth to it. 🤷‍♀️ I've listened to most of the crime podcasts out there and Mike's is by far the best! If you can't handle his opening comments (which I get a kick out of, ALWAYS), Then maybe just skip past that part.

Platform for host’s weird neuroses (1/5)

I’ve listened to every episode of S&S and it’s a shame how it’s devolved into Mike’s soapbox for his weird obsession with/hatred of feminists. The most recent episode is absolutely ridiculous in this respect. Two nerdy guys jacking themselves off on air about how they have lots of female friends who aren’t feminists and yada yada yada. There’s also a pseudoscientific analysis of inceldom and influencer culture when the mainstream press broke that news like, two years ago. I laughed out loud when Mike referred to himself as a ‘Chad’. Spoiler alert Mike: you absolutely are not a Chad.

🤣 Monsters ARE real! (5/5)

The people who bash Mike and this podcast are just as much monsters as the ones he tells us about. If you don’t like the podcast - KICK ROCKS! Everyone needs to vent their issues and the good thing about a free podcast is that you can unsubscribe! You don’t have to pay for the plus platform, so quit ruining it for the rest of us! You guys are mean. He is just trying to make a living doing what he loves and what we love to hear!

What Happened (1/5)

Once one of my absolute favorites, this show has become more and more of a disappointment. Mike went from being an informative and entertaining true crime podcaster, to perpetuating really negative stereotypes about people and being really childish when confronted with things he’s said and done. He uses his platform to air his own drama instead of focusing on his content. He is the Joe Rogan of true crime in the sense that he laughs and agrees with everything his guests say.

What the f are u talking about (2/5)

The content is pretty good, but Mike’s social commentary is really wack. What the hell are you talking about at the beginning of 146?

I rlly like murder podcasts shut up about ur feelings (2/5)

I love true crime, but it’s really gross how they won’t stop talking about whatever this guy posted on social media. Please stop editorializing it’s ruining how evil this podcast is - also maybe just don’t repost offensive memes or whatever? A thought.

Used to be my favorite (1/5)

Can’t stand the host anymore. I never really cared for him but overlooked his condescension because I LOVE his storytelling. I just can’t anymore, I think following the Instagram account really turned me off. So if you are on the fence about Mike’s personality, do yourself a favor and don’t follow the show on social media because it will certainly leave a terrible taste in your mouth.

Come on man (1/5)

Also leave all the drama OUT OF THE PODCAST. It's annoying hearing you make subliminal comments in the beginning of each podcast about the way people view you and your opinions, want to rant? Do it on your social media outlets and stay professional keeping this podcast strictly..... A podcast!

Host killed the show (1/5)

To stop listening to a free podcast because of the host’s ever escalating angry and bitter ego says a lot about how the show has changed. Leaves me with a bad taste in my mouth.

Once a 5-star podcast (2/5)

I had to edit my initial 5-star review of this show. It’s become a platform for ambiguous, unkind and threatening comments to fuel social media feuds. A once well executed and respected podcast is now shadowed in the hosts issues and vitriol. I know comments like this one fuel his animosity, which is very sad.

Ignorance (1/5)

Okay, time to join the boycotters. PSA to Mike Boudet and his guest in the most recent episode, Ian Miles Cheong: Feminists believe that men and women should have equal rights. Misandrists are prejudiced against men. Learn the difference and use the appropriate terms. In this episode, you repeatedly used the term “feminists” to describe women who over-generalized that all men are awful in response to this horrific crime. Those aren’t feminists. They *might* be misandrists but the point is that you are both bastardizing feminism and all the hard work that many people have done in the fight for equal rights for women by calling those people feminists.

Finally had to unsubscribe (1/5)

This was the first true crime podcast I started listening to. After five years, it’s time to let it go. The host has become unbearable to listen to, so insulting and really thinks very highly of himself. His self aggrandizing attitude and the little jabs he puts in the narratives finally just take too much away from the story. Do any further research on this man and it leaves an even worse taste in your mouth. I can’t support this anymore.

Bogus host (1/5)

The host sounds like he’s o. such high horse and he’s annoying.

Glorifying horrible decisions (1/5)

The more popular this podcast gets the more unaware the host becomes and I hope they shut it all down

Shallow, biased, and self indulgent (1/5)

I love crime podcasts so was super excited to see this. Sad that after a few episodes of increasing disappointment I gradually understood why this show is not worth your time: the stories are exceptionally shallow, the way they are portrayed is filled with bias, and the host consistently inserts himself and his ego into the story line. No thanks. Would rather listen to Casefile any day.

Ignorant, biased and opinionated (1/5)

I’ve tried to give this podcast the benefit of the doubt but the host Mike Boudet continually indicates how low-brow and uneducated he is. No 👏 thank 👏 you If you’re interested in actually smart individuals, check out Last Podcast on the Left.

Music music music (4/5)

Good show but the maudlin, dramatic music interludes completely kill it. Pun intended. Cut out the stupid music or at least shorten the painful music breaks.

Host injects personal life and politics/views constantly (2/5)

I used to like this podcast, it was interesting content if a bit overdramatized. But recently I just keep rolling my eyes at how much the host injects his own world view I to the story instead of letting the facts speak for themselves. Then, on top of that, he had some kind of internet drama going on and would not shut up about it going as far as starting episodes literally insulting people we’re supposed to know about. Save that for your Twitter, nobody cares! There’s literally tens of other podcasts with similar content so I’m out.

One of the best True Crime Podcasts available! (5/5)

Not for the faint of heart but it is True Crime. Great research into the cases and very professionally presented. Mike is brutally honest. I am from an “older” generation (X) who appreciates this.

Just the facts, please. (2/5)

Used to be one of my favorites, but with Mike’s editorializing and excessive bias, it’s gotten tough to listen to. I find myself yelling at my phone “JUST TELL THE STORY!” I enjoyed it far more when it was fact based information and not the host ranting about whoever isn’t treating him fairly this week. Not saying you can’t have disagreements or be unhappy but at least try and keep it professional. I know he’s trying to be “edgy” and controversial but that’s not really what I’m looking for in an informative podcast. It is unfortunate because he has an excellent voice and does great narration. The stories - when he gets to them and when it’s not an ad- are truly awful and fascinating to learn about. All that said, once it gets going and all the ignorance and petty b.s. aside, an informative and engaging experience.

The best of the best (5/5)

By far my favorite true crime podcast. I find it the most immersive and well delivered. I have listened to every episode and look forward to each new one.

Mike is back!! (Updated) (5/5)

I found this podcast recently and started from the very beginning. I got used to hearing Mike’s voice, and quickly came to appreciate his ability to relay these stories with both passion, and a real sense of wanting them to end with justice being served. When I heard the first episode with the new lady, I lost some interest, but it’s still good. **Update** Mike’s back! 5 stars now!

I finally reached my limit (1/5)

The podcast used to be really high quality, so I could swallow my vomit at Mike's personality. It's not anymore. It's trash. He's trash. Bye.

Definition of misogynistic (Mike Booty) (1/5)

Easy on the victim blaming Mike. 🤮

Was trying to hang in there (2/5)

I thought it was odd enough deleting the female replacement’s work after the host had to “take a break” due to misogynistic comments. This week’s episode’s continual use of “feminist” as a pejorative description (while discussing the murder of a woman)is just too much for me. Unsubscribe.

Young(er) mother POV (5/5)

I am a 30 year old mother of two young children, a BSN, a wife and sister to a gay brother. Although I have never heard him say anything insensitive.. NEWS FLASH-people ARE allowed to dislike a person that is a female, gay, or a different color than themselves WITHOUT them being racist, sexist or homophobic... LOVE THE PODCAST

Boring! (1/5)

What happened to just telling the story?? The host is constantly trying to prove himself now.

F#%* the haters (5/5)

Anyone with half a brain can see this Podcast is well done. Easily in the top 3 best true crime podcasts ever, and probably actually in the top 2. Man it really is the worst time to be a celebrity. How about if you don’t like the format/content just find another? It’s not like there isn’t a massive selection to choose from in any topic.

Going off the rails (2/5)

I stayed for a long time, but the show has gotten increasingly more juvenile. True crime is my favorite genre and it’s already an extremely difficult topic to engage with, it’s much harder to engage with true crime AND Mike Boudet’s emerging negativity and resentment(?). It’s really too bad. I stuck with the podcast even after wondery dropped it, but I reached my breaking point with episode 146: Women post “misandry” because they’re scared. Pretty sure many (if not most) of your listeners are feminists, have some empathy, man. PS: Not all “SJWs” are straight cis white men, some of us do it because we don’t really have a choice but to fight for our rights. None of this is necessary for your story arc, or the trajectory of your story. I’m not opposed to laughing about things but all this in a show about a young girls’ death amid Elliott Roger comments etc. was too much for me. I guess I’ll stick to true crime podcasts that don’t work me up when I’m engaging in something that’s already infuriating.

Quality content ruined by ego (2/5)

The crime-related content of the podcast is easy and entertaining to listen to, but the host can’t seem to put out an episode without bashing millennials and feminists any more. There’s a way to respectfully criticize movements and types of people without being reduced to shallow and thoughtless stereotypes.

Uhhh... (2/5)

This show could be great. It’s really immersive. The stories chosen are interesting. The host comes across narcissist and has made some despicable comments about victims and their families. Hard to listen to for that reason.

Best true crime podcast EVER!!! (5/5)

For people complaining about the ads try supporting the show! I pay $5 each month and get weekly episodes and NO ADS. For less then a Starbucks coffee!!! Also mike does not prey on his female followers. He has never preyed on me. He can if he wants too though. LOL!!!! Jeez GET A SENSE OF HUMOR PEOPLE! My god I just can’t with all the people that need to firmly grab the stick protruding from their rear and yank hard! I bet you will feel a lot better when it’s dislodged. GREAT SHOW MIKE!

Best podcast (5/5)

This is how true crime stories should be told

Not sure (1/5)

One of my favorite podcasts but the constant drama the host causes on social media is immature and problematic. Tired of him bringing it into his podcast.

Real crime fans needing a fix ✔️ (5/5)

I love that this podcast gives you the actual 911 calls and footage to listen to. Sometimes I am left with my jaw on the floor but it’s definitely because I’m so fascinated with these weirdos! One of the best ones was just a wrong way driver scenario that could happen to anyone anytime. Informative podcast and always gets you thinking about things you may have never thought before !

Confused (5/5)

I have been reading all these negative reviews and I don’t hear any rants, I don’t hear disrespect to victims and families at I missing something? People saying that my favorite murder is better are crazy! I absolutely can’t stand listening to 30 minutes of nonsense banter before the story actually starts. Mike gets right into it and is no nonsense and I love it!

Deserved to be dropped (1/5)

Although I don't have any respect for Undisclosed because of how biased and poorly produced that podcast is, I'm glad this podcast got dropped from Wondery. The host of this podcast has made a lot of dispicable comments, he publicly named a rape victim that wanted to remain anonymous and he frequently plagiarizes large portions of articles by reading them word for word without giving the author any credit. True professionals don't do stuff like that.

Best True Crime Podcast (2/5)

This is hands down the most thorough, haunting, detailed, and spoken true crime podcast out there. This is THE best of the best, there is simply NO comparison! Mike is a legend

Best Show Ever!!!! (5/5)

To True Crime Fans, I just completed listening to the complete series. Bravo! The quality of the show is excellent! The audio clips re-create each horrific story. So, I guess I will just start over and listen to episode 1 again! 🤓 Please no more bad jokes. I like what you do! Keep it up!

Addictive, captivating. (5/5)

I’m seeing so much hate toward the host but can say that I’ve been listening for awhile now and he’s a captivating story teller who doesn’t use jokes or gimmicks to make a good podcast. He tells the stories Matter of fact, point blank and researched and not to mention the best voice I’ve heard on a podcast. The retellings are brutal and descriptive yes but hang in there. There’s something to be learned from these. Hands down my favorite podcast.

Bad host questionable content (1/5)

I used to listen to this podcast and I have heard the same stories on other crime podcasts....SandS dramatizes the crap out of the stories and milks them like crazy. I feel bad for the victims not having their stories told respectfully. Plus mike being a grade A garbage king on top of it just...bye Go listen to my favorite murder where the victims are respected.

So good! (5/5)

So happy Mike is back. This podcast is the best.

Love! (5/5)

Totally addicted!

Updated lower review (1/5)

I used to really love this show and could not get enough. Now it’s pretty weird in a bad way. Too many rants, not enough real content, just clips. And what happened to just putting in ads without warning and there’s so many!! Previous post with 5 stars: Yay Mike is back, I guess after a 6 month off air suspension? I really enjoyed substitute lady, but glad to have the original. Now just behave!!

This is why people hate true crime ): (1/5)

Little to no respect for the victims. Weird generalizations about people suffering from mental illness. A bunch of pointless truisms. I hate his commentary.

Why (1/5)

Episode 145 I’m almost 10 minutes in before the story even started... I myself am one of those that used to love this show now I just keep up with it out of force of habit. Nothing good seems to last. The music has gotten annoying and way too distracting. The ads.... I also never noticed how opinionated and biased this show was until i read other reviews. I have listened to every single episode before I came to this conclusion.

YES! (5/5)

Thank goodness MIKE IS BAAAAACK! Quit listening when he left & now my ears are happy once again!


I dont care what people say about the host... he is hands down the BEST narrator. I've tried to get into other "serial killer" podcast and can't finish one episode. I'll be a super fan as long as you keep Mike on! Love! Wish you guys covered more famous serial killers too since I can't seem to stand listening to the other ones that are out there. haha. Keep it up!

Cringe worthy (1/5)

The coverage of these stories is decent, I will admit, but by listening and subscribing to this podcast, you are therefor supporting a terrible person. Mike Boudet preys on his female fans, seeking them out via social media platforms and sending them inappropriate messages and requests. He also has shared info of victims families that he agreed not to share, and then mocked the families publicly when they spoke out against him. Terrible person and sub part podcast. Yawn. Move along.

Hate to Love it (3/5)

I love this podcast. I only recently heard of it, and started listening from the very first episode. It’s only taken me about a month to get caught up to speed, but the newer episodes have come to disappoint me. Ads are ads and I understand you need to have sponsors, but Mike randomly switches to ads without saying anything in the middle of a story. Confusing and just kind of annoying. I don’t mind the ads but warn us so I can turn my ears off for 5 minutes and try to remember the story you were telling in the first place. The scandals that have come to light recently are turning me away as well :( Sad!!! I loved this podcast.

Host’s Ego Precedes the Project (1/5)

The self-destructive tendencies of the host have completely derailed this podcast. Selling merchandise and bashing platforms who won’t support his tantrums have taken front seat. Modest podcasters like Casefile keep their identity out of the spotlight.

True crime junkie (5/5)

I LOVE this podcast. Well written. Well narrated. Details galore. I’m listening all of them for a second time! Great job Mike Boudet!

My view has changed (3/5)

This was a great podcast when it first came out, honestly it was my favorite. As time has passed I am truthfully... bored. The ads are overwhelming, but I get it and I just fast forward. The content lacks excitement and originality, but I do get he is telling real life stories. I try not to put too much emphasis on my opinion, because I know they all work hard to make me laugh. This podcast has just kinda slipped through the cracks for me. I give 3 stars on the positive side because I do enjoy the earlier seasons. Best of luck though! 💜👏🏻✌🏻

Would be a 5 if Mike wasn’t a D-Bag (4/5)

Very well produced with a lot of research and great sounds, and great story telling but Mike is a narcissist who just can’t shut up about his personal scandals and opinions. One of my favorite podcasts, just wish the host was less douchey.

To die for (5/5)

Sword and Scale is easily one of my favorite podcasts. I enjoy Mike’s voice and how he delivers each episode. I could listen to him all day, in most cases I have, until I ran out of episodes 😊👍🏻

A tried (1/5)

I gave it a few episodes but this podcast is not for me.

Episode 145 (3/5)

Old story...I believe it was on 48 Hours or Dateline. This is the second episode lately that is a re-run from a TV show. Too bad, I was going to re-up my + subscription. Overall still my favorite podcast

Love the story telling aspect (5/5)

I like how Mike narrates and tells the stories. It really helps you picture it all. Best narrative than all other podcasts I’ve listened too.

America’s Best (5/5)

After searching for new true crime podcasts, I think I’ve found the one. I came over here from crime junkies. While they are a good podcast, they are a little too friendly. With Sword and Scale, it’s more than an immersive experience. It’s a mixture of The First 48 and Forensic Files. It’s like watching a true crime show, except it’s more immersive, more raw, and definitely uncensored while being a podcast. The only complaint is the ads. But hey, gotta get funding somehow.

I used to like it (1/5)

I used to love this show and the interesting stories it covers, but I’ve always taken issue with the host. He acts like all mentally ill people are criminals and he’s very immature. I was disappointed to see him go originally, but I thought it was for the better. Now that he’s back, I just don’t feel comfortable listening any more.

Over-the-top sensationalism (2/5)

The over-the-top sensationalism made me roll my eyes more than I was entertained. Even if the story was interesting, the feigned drama of the presentation made me so irritated I couldn’t listen anymore. It’s too bad, because some of the topics could have been wildly entertaining.

Mike’s back! (5/5)

One of my favorite podcasts!

Is Mike Buday Worth It? (1/5)

He has had a lot of backlash that viewers have overlooked due to his undeniably impressive narrations. That being said, in his most recent podcast he goes off on a tangent (as he often does) about Patreon and their policies. If you are unaware, he has made extremely inappropriate comments publicly such as asking for nudes from fans on Facebook and joking about gutting women openly. Now, it would be one thing if he admitted to his guilt, apologized, and moved on. Yet, he is still speaking out against Patreon, stating that he did nothing wrong. He is a joke and a terrible human being who clearly does not respect women. Remember that when you hear his voice.

Trash (1/5)

Nothing but a human wiki page talking over sound bites. Incongruity should drop mike ASAP


I know you gotta make that coin and pay the bills (which I respect) but it felt like there were 20 minutes of solid ads this current episode. By the time the break was over I almost completely forgot where we were in the story. HUGE fan of the podcast, though. So great work.

Just Tell The Story (1/5)

I have loved this podcast for a long time, and have continued listening throughout Mr.Boudet’s many scandals. I try to just listen to the story, but this has been increasingly difficult, with the host constantly bringing up said scandals, trying to justify things that I don’t care to hear about. Just tell the story and stop bringing in your personal issues. Ads are ads, they are pretty annoying in this show, especially with no tell-tale “ad sound” to let you know that we have switched from talking about the story, to promoting a product. I also really do not enjoy when the host pushes his negative opinion of mental health issues. Again, just tell the story and leave your opinion out of it. This used to be one of the best true crime podcasts around, but Mr.Boudet’s narcissism and greed have negatively impacted the show.

Love! (5/5)

Hands down my favorite podcast. No one tells it like Mike! I’m even finding it hard to find another podcast that I can actually get into. This one is the best! 🙌🏾

Best podcast in the world (5/5)

I feel bad it took this long for me to write a review. I’ve been listening since the podcast started. 110% guy picks the best stories and his delivery is impecable. Research is better than the rest and he get audio I’ve never heard anywhere else. Keep it up my G. You’re number one

Ridiculous (3/5)

I’m 8 minutes in and no content. No thanks

Change is needed (1/5)

When a friend got me into sword and scale, Mike Boudet’s opinionated remarks rubbed me the wrong way but I kept listening because he had some great production ( - mostly finding obscure and interesting cases, including audio sources - ). After getting further into the series, it became more apparent that Mike was using victims’ experiences and these horrible situations as a mic for his emotionally-charged opinions and blatant generalizations without regard. Seeing this behavior further in active social media presence made me feel extremely uncomfortable, so I stopped following/ listening. There are better shows out there, there are better advocates and educators and historians. Just because this guy has a good ear for production doesn’t mean he’s worth supporting.

Good, except... (1/5)

Update: this podcast has really gone downhill. Too much about the problematic views of the host, and declining quality of content. Disgusting descriptions of innocent people and victim blaming. Editing to 1 Star, wouldn’t recommend. Previous Review: This podcast is excellently researched and produced. Episodes such as the one about the teens who robbed and were shot by an older man, or the episode about two completely different scenarios in which children shot their parents = really good stuff. Nonetheless, I am forced to give this podcast 4 stars due to obvious bias and misinformation regarding mental illness. In particular, the episode that detailed the killing of an innocent young man by a man with untreated schizophrenia failed to demonstrate any empathy for or education about the mental illness that was at the root of the murder.

Simply the Best (5/5)

Yes, some content is definitely disturbing. It’s TRUE CRIME! Keep up the great work! And about Mike, when you are as much in the limelight as he is, critics come out of the wood-work...can’t please everyone...but I am very pleased!

Sword and Scale (5/5)

You are doing a great job Mike on this podcast, it is one of my favorite !!! I have listened to all of the shows and am listening to some of them again. Keep up the good work !!!!!

can yall cool it with the ads or (1/5)

can you not randomly insert ads into the narrative? not only is it terrible storytelling, but it’s just plain annoying. group them together like literally all other podcasts do - they do it for a reason.

First Review Ever (2/5)

And I’m using it to give this show 2 stars. I hate doing this, but the ads are absolutely out of control. Every 2 minutes I’m hit with 3 minutes of ads. Pretty alright content, but if you don’t like ads, this show will make you want to commit crimes!!!! I understand the need for them, but this is is the first show I’ve EVER stopped listed listening to because of the ad amount, and I’m an avid podcast listener. If this trend continues I might stop listening to all the content

Wow (5/5)

I listen to this podcast every single day, whether I am driving, working, cooking, or cleaning. Thanks for all your hard work on this podcast. It doesn’t go unnoticed.

Drama, ads, and recordings oh my! (3/5)

I used to love this podcast but these days all I hear is: 1. drama or complaining about Wondery. Ok, we get it! You had a bad experience with them. Sorry that happened but please stop bringing it up! I’m hear to listen to the crime stories and not the complaints. 2. 911 dispatcher recordings or audio clips of trial recordings. If wanted to listen to that, I could just listen to those on my own from YouTube. 3. And now, almost 10 minutes ads! I still listen to this podcast but starting to question if my time is worth it anymore.

Episode 145 (5/5)

In general I adore S & S, but I couldn’t handle all the interviewing of “Nikki’s best friend” the woman is clearly capitalizing and profiting from the death of her friend. Also she was torturous to listen to due to her butchery of the English language. Gross. But the info was great and a really interesting case, so I can’t fault the podcast for that!

Love the content but (2/5)

Love the content but can’t take all the opinions. I don’t care what you think of this or that podcast platform. Stick to the episodes and I’ll keep listening.

Keep It Professinal (5/5)

Love you guys, yet keep it professional and positive as pointing fingers doesn’t do anything for you. Sometimes, it’s just not a good fit. We all hope to eventually find our ‘fit’. Enjoy the process instead of making it negative.

Obsessed!! (5/5)

I can’t get enough out of this show! My co worker told me to listen to it for a while and I finally did and after Episode 1, I was hooked. I tell everyone about it. Thanks for all your hard work Mike!

One of the better crime podcasts (5/5)

Crime podcasts make up the majority of my library. S&S is one of the best. Mike Boudet is Sword and Scale! Carry on...

Just No (1/5)

I used to listen when it first started and then slowly realized he really just plays interviews and 911 calls and adds on super dramatic comments. I was following him on social media and would see questionable posts and comments. So one day I just stopped. About a year later I heard an episode by one of my favorites in which they talk about Mike and all the things I felt about him where not just my thoughts. Apparently I wasn’t the only one! There are soooo many other amazingly written and produced true crime podcast out there. I can and about 15 at the top of my head.

Best true crime podcast (5/5)

I stopped listening when Mike left.. Thank God he's back.. By far my favorite podcast

The best true crime podcast PERIOD!! (5/5)

I love this show. The only problem is that its biweekly instead of weekly or even better if it were daily!!!

Ecstatic (5/5)

I have eeeeveryone in my office listening to this show. It’s addicting and juicy, the best crime podcast thus far. Soooooo glad to have the regular host back . I refused to listen for it wasn’t the same without . Hell yeah sword and scale LETS GO 🤟🏽

Look this guy up (1/5)

Mike is the worst. He uses victims for his own gain and has been a terrible person

I hate that I love this podcast (4/5)

I have to give credit where credit is due: S&S is produced and edited very well. It's one of my top favorite podcasts because of that. It's not for everyone, as some things are very difficult to hear (I think I have PTSD from the Luka Magnotta ep), but I think he tells some very important stories. My problem lies with the host, as it does with a lot of people. I actually quite enjoyed the female host and would be fine with her coming back!

Best true crime podcast. (5/5)

Hands down.

Don’t understand why this podcast is popular (1/5)

I’ve tried listening to any number of episodes and they are all so painfully slow and boring I can’t get through them. This is coming from someone who loves true crime podcasts. There are WAY better shows out there. Thumbs down.

Mikey boy is back in action!!!! (5/5)

Thank Satan himself Mike is back!!! F-ing yeah! Wish is was weekly as it was before 🙂

misogyny (1/5)

mike, the host, is a misogynist. he’s caused his listeners to attack other podcasts. he’s an all around terrible person. is that what you want to support by giving him ad money?

One of the best for true crime (5/5)

I listen to a LOT of true crime podcasts and this is one of the best if not the best so far . Really well done , he’s a great storyteller and the cases are mostly unknown to me which is great

Mike’s side commentary is unnecessary (1/5)

Mike often goes on unnecessary and controversial tangents that don’t add anything to his stories. I enjoyed the podcast until I heard some of his uncalled for remarks on many cases. Good research, terrible host.

Welcome back Mike! (5/5)

The voice is back!! Sword & Scale is once again my favorite true crime podcast. Just wish the episode were released weekly...I’m going through withdrawals!!

So glad Mike is back!! (5/5)

This is one of my favorite podcasts. I unsubscribed when the chick took over narration but resubscribed now that Mike is back.

Love it! (5/5)

I have listened to many true crime podcasts and there is not very many that I enjoy. However, this is one of my top favorites! I like how there is no chit-chat, they just dive right into the story. I also like how they use the actual recordings of individuals that may have been involved. Would definitely recommend!!!

Mike did this better (1/5)

Was the GOAT of all true crime podcasts till the other true crime witches brewed up a lynch mob and dropped Mike like yesterday’s lunch. Shame on wondery.

GOAT (5/5)

Of all true crime podcasts! Hands down!!! People have the lamest reviews to put this down to four stars. One for example was a podcast every two weeks? Not if your a plus member; this stuff takes awhile to make and put together. Another excuse was complaining about the episode of the Christian kids show host that chatted about eating kids. This is A TRUE CRIME podcast! If you can’t handle it, go to listen or watch some fiction crime. Other reasons are stating Mike Boudet is crap for hosting “Nasty stuff” this is why their is viewer discretion at the very beginning. Another reason is because of the stuff Boudet went through (posts). Back off people! That doesn’t make this a bad show! This is a fantastic MATURE focused show. If this is not able to be stomached...please; for the love of God; listen to something else, and don’t critique something for having warning signs or for something someone has done in their personal life as opposed to the fantastic content that’s being put on!

A big, sad, no (1/5)

I’m a big fan of true crime podcasts, and at first I liked this one a lot. However, something is very very wrong here. Whether it be the insensitive use of 911 calls and exploiting victims alongside the treatment of mental illness, or the hosts deplorable and frankly sexist attitude, something stinks. Freedom of speech, Mike, does not mean freedom from repercussions, so quit preaching and grow up. I only take the time to write this because I wanted so badly for this show to be redeemed, but no. There are so many better true crime podcasts out there, I promise.

The best! (5/5)

Been a fan for years now! Finally going back through and making sure I have listened to every episode. Cannot get enough! Listening to so many for the second time too! Never stop Mike!

Started out great (3/5)

I loved this podcast while Mike was narrating but this woman is terrible. Why did Mike leave the podcast?? Her voice is annoying and I’m now bored listening. Not for me anymore...byeee

Well done (5/5)

We might not all like Mike, he may have made some bad decisions in his personal life but all that aside this is a great podcast. It was not the same when he left and I stopped listening. I’m really happy to hear that he’s back. I really enjoy the mixed media in the episodes, it keeps you entertained rather than just listening to a single toned voice throughout. Definitely my preferred true crime pod. Thanks Mike!

Every 2 weeks (1/5)

Yeah, no.

Graphic, Triggering, Listener Discretion (5/5)

Seriously, the best, only if you have the thickest of skin. If you are sensitive, or can get sensitive with how true crime is conveyed in a podcast, Mike isn’t going to be the podcast host for you. However, if you can maintain composure no matter how gruesome the details are, and can brush off Mike’s haughty attitude, this is THE BEST podcast on true crime. I’ve listened to many, many, true crime podcasts; “someone knows something”, “true crime garage”, “once upon a crime”, true crime enthusiast”, “murderish”, “serial”, “dirty john”, “court junky”, “the trail went cold”, “generation why”, and more. All of the aforementioned have their unique take on crime, and they aren’t bad, but I honestly am intrigued the most by Mike’s ability to convey the details, no matter how gory. I’ve cried during many of the episodes, empathizing with the victims. I can only imagine what the families, survivors, dispatchers, first responders, detectives and forensic teams live with. My thoughts are always with them. “The worst monsters are real”

Perfect (5/5)

Best true crime podcast I’ve found. I can’t get enough.

Old episodes (5/5)

Is it just me but are these old episodes. Is mike REALLY there🧐

Listener returns (5/5)

Thank god Mike is back!!

Phenomenal!! (5/5)

This is my favorite Podcast of all time!! Mike you are THE BOMB!! I’ve told everyone about Sword & Scale. Your hard work does not go unnoticed...this is so incredibly well done, informative, alarming and entertaining!! You are an excellent host!! Keep up the good work!!

Host is deplorable (1/5)

I had to stop listening after he began an episode referencing the previous one that detailed conversations between pedophiles about murdering and cannibalizing toddlers with jokes about it, asking the one guy how his kids would taste and if they had good parts for cooking. Are you kidding me?! Vile and disgusting... No thanks. I unsubscribed after that.

Best podcast (5/5)

Hands down the best one!

Too many pointless recordings (1/5)

I have been trying to find a new crime podcast and was disappointed with this one. Way way too many audio recordings that don’t actually provide much to the story. I find myself losing interest throughout and I couldn’t even understand some of the recordings because of the low quality.

Best true crime podcast out! (5/5)

Definitely the best podcast ever. I’m so glad Mike is back!!! I don’t ever leave reviews, but this is too worthy not to!

Extremely well done! (5/5)

I think this True Crime podcast may be a little more detailed, or gruesome, than others that I listen to, but it’s not gratuitous. The stories are very well researched and narrated. Definitely at he top of the list.

Mike is awesome! (5/5)

To the people who do not like the host: there is a button called ‘unsubscribe’. Leave Mike alone. Let the audience who love him enjoy the podcast. This is a free country and go find another podcast that you like. I love Mike and I enjoy sword and scale.

We’ll miss you Mike!! (5/5)

New narration is terrible and robotic. I’ve loved this podcast for years. Mike was a fallible human, as we all are. He was also incredibly dedicated and thorough, making this pod hands down the best out there. I am sad to have to unsubscribe. 💔✌🏼 rip Sword and Scale ⚔️ ——————- Resubscribed!! WELCOME BACK MIKE!! 😭

Glad Mike is Back!!! (5/5)

Like another reviewer mentioned, I stopped listening when the female voice took over. I am certain that she is competent and likely a good Podcast host, BUT Mike Boudet IS the voice of Sword & Scale. And that is just how it is.

S&S is best with Mike (5/5)

My favorite crime podcast by far! My hubby and I listen all the time and get excited for a new Episode and save then for our little drives! I’m so happy Mike is back. Everything from the stories to the music and the guy on the intro is awesome!

Best podcast (5/5)

I’ve listened to many podcasts regarding crime and this is the best yet. Thank you for bringing these stories to life. Keep on keeping on!

So addictive! (5/5)

I absolutely love this podcast, and how creatively Mike can tell a story. Seriously obsessed.

great again now that mike is back (5/5)

liked this from the beginning but left when mike was gone. im back now. this is a great podcast. second to none ( tied with Swindled tho)

My fav (5/5)

I just recently started listening to podcasts. This is by far the best one I have found yet. I have recommended to others already and will continue to do so. I am so glad I found this!

The best (5/5)

This is my most favorite true crime podcast. It is so well put together! I listened to a lot of true crime podcasts: funny, serious, mediocre, and even boring episodes and so far I haven’t found another that can compare to Sword and Scale. I’ve been listening since day one and will continue listening until it or I end lol! Thank you!

I Miss Mike!!! (4/5)

Not a fan of the new person. The inflection and passion just isn’t there to keep me hooked. BRING MIKE BACK!!!

Excellent Podcast with One Exception (2/5)

The podcast and content get 5/5 stars easily. The host, however, is a dramatic crybaby, which tends to distract from the great stories. I still recommend this podcast — just be aware of the fairly frequent whining and complaining by the host.

Best True Crime Podcast (5/5)

I’ve listened to quite a few. This one took me a while to get into but really grew on me over time. Other podcasts seem like the host is basically reading from a prepared script. To a degree he does too but I like the variety of the content and mixed media Mike uses.

I heard Mike is back!! (5/5)

Yeah!!! Missed this podcast! Count me in!

Exploitive (1/5)

Mike the “bro” relishes in the demise of the guilty, but disturbingly, also relishes in exploiting the victims’ 911 calls and is at times giddy with his over produced content. Ew.

Love this show! (5/5)

I do home hospice care as a medical social worker and this occupies my mind during the long rides!

Best True Crime Podcast Ever (5/5)

I have heard a lot of true-crime podcasts and this is by far the best. Hooked for life. Thank you! 😎

Mike is the best voice for the show. (5/5)

I actually quit listening when a woman took over. In my opinion Mike made the podcast what it was. Then I saw Mike has his own podcast again! I was so happy, I immediately subscribed! I love his take on things. So happy he is back!

Great podcast! But host preaches hate speech. (1/5)

It’s a meticulously edited and well spoken podcast who’s themes, while not for all, are moving and informative in their own ways. However the host is an immature adult who has fallen to controversy he created and points fingers rather than accepting fault and he ego is fed by people who think like him.

Genius! (5/5)

This podcast is amazing, best ever.

Gross. (1/5)

I was really digging the content of this podcast, the music is cool too, but I don’t condone people being jerks for the sake of being jerks so have a star for content and music. There are plenty of awesome true crime podcasts out there. No need to stoop to the level of a douche bag host.

Mike is back! (5/5)

Mike’s back and once again this is the greatest crime podcast ever created!

Why? (1/5)

The end of the last episode really turned me off. I thought this podcast was about true crime? I didn’t know about the previous accusations but this just makes the show look petty and more concerned with saving the hosts face.

Highly recommend (5/5)

Best stories ever

Bittersweet (3/5)

So this podcast does a very good job at telling the story. They included the 911 calls and police interviews which is cool. I don’t like the drama going around with the politics of the show. Just release an episode and go. Why are we going back and forth with other people and shows. You’re back. We get it. Release content.

If Mike’s gone I’m gone (1/5)

Once I found this podcast it was the only one I ever listen to and then I come to find out that Mike is gone I’m gone to

Used to be okay now not so much (1/5)

This show used to fine, though it’s never been much more than narrated 911 calls. But the host has started to be more and more dramatic and preachy which is super annoying. If you want a good true crime podcast without all of the editorializing try Casefile, which is better produced and has a more narrative focused host.

Mike (1/5)

Apparently hasn’t progressed past the maturity level of a prepubescent child. You’re embarrassing yourself dude.

Yay!! (5/5)


Don’t like the approach (3/5)

I’ve listened to a fair share of true crime, I’m no lightweight. Yet this guy’s approach to these crime stories he tells is disturbing to me. He seems to relish in the disgust of it all, frequently summing up the criminals themselves to be “scum of the earth”, that they don’t deserve life and other such absolute claims on these mentally ill individuals. Maybe the unhealthy approach that the author takes is what increases the shock value for other listeners. Perhaps some can relate to these feelings of absolute hatred for these disturbed individuals and listening to this author say those things outloud is somewhat cathartic, or horrifying, but appealing nonetheless. Me? I’ll stick to other true crime. If nothing else, this podcast showed me that I appreciate clear facts and good story telling. I don’t want to spend my commute listening to someone determine the value of another human’s life based on the awful crime they committed. I’m here for the crime. Let’s talk about human worth some other time.

Mike!! (5/5)

We like Mike!!

He’s BACK!! (5/5)

This show is EVERYTHING bc of Mike Boudet.

Mikes back... FINALLY! (5/5)

Almost unsubscribed to S&S after finding out Mike was no longer narrating, listened to a couple EP with new lady, just wasn’t the same. Content was still good but just not the same without Mike!

Best true crime podcast (5/5)

I listen to a lot of true crime podcasts and this is hands down the best. Mike’s researching, writing and voice are what make it great. I keep downloading other podcasts and end up deleting them because they can’t compete with Sword and Scale. Just joined S&S Plus

Mike!!!! (5/5)

I am sooooo happy you changed the Podcast title and photo to include your name. And I’m so happy I thought to check! You, Mike Boudet, ARE this show! Whatever battles you had to fight with the haters, know that there are ten times as many people who stand with you. Keep putting out the terrific - albeit terrifying - stuff.

Just okay (2/5)

Listened to most eps, but if it’s not essential for true crime pod fans, and the host can be kinda annoying

Sorry. Glad Mike is back. (5/5)

The earlier text must have been an earlier review when the controversy was on. Now I forgot both of the ducks names!

One of my favorite true crime podcasts (5/5)

I love sword and scale so much. I think the reason is because of the real audio from police interrogations, interviews, and courtrooms. Mike makes it super easy to follow along and i look forward to every new episode!

All that time off, & 2 episodes/month? (2/5)

I tried to like Sword & Scale, but at the rate of episodes per month, I’d rather follow other podcasts. How long does it take you to record some voice over 911 calls? You’re slacking!

Finally!! (5/5)

So stoked Mike is back. You were severely missed, my dude!!

Ben listening. (5/5)

Excellent show. However, gangstalking exists. There are whistleblowers in the military that support and have addmitted to this technology. Just so you’ll know.

Best true crime content (5/5)

I know people complain about Mike’s social media etiquette, but this podcast has the best true crime content HANDS DOWN and I’m not ashamed to say I love it! It’s like Mike and his team do all the googling for me to find the best interviews/911 calls/stories. Fantastic storytelling!

A truly intriguing and captivating podcast! (5/5)

LOVE Mike and the team. Well written content and easy to follow. I don’t know why people would listen to anything else! Keep up the good work 👍🏻

I missed something? (5/5)

I started listening to S&S earlier this year, I went straight from the beginning and I must have been around episode 57 when that whole situation with Mike happened. I figured I’d listen up to his last episode and give the new host a try but by the time I got to episode 115 or so, Mike had come back. I don’t believe I ever came across the new host, did those episodes get deleted? So confused but regardless of the drama, love this podcast, if you don’t like it or Mike, there’s plenty to choose from. But I’d recommend this one 😉

I Love Sword and Scale (5/5)

This is one of the best podcasts I have ever heard! If you love True Crime this is the the Podcast to download. I am so hooked and I love it! Mike you are the Best!!!

Terrific podcast. (3/5)

Love this stuff. I’m addicted, the detail allows you to understand issues and events at a much deeper. Not always easy but I always learn something new about human behavior.

Love ❤️❤️❤️❤️ (5/5)

Love the show! I’m glad Mike is back . I didn’t mind the lady she had a very soothing voice. I get excited every time there is a new episode! Thank you for the hard work! Keep the shows coming!!!!

Bye sister (1/5)

I used to love this podcast, but ever since Mike was called out for his views, he’s been whining about it like a baby and it’s turned me off to this whole podcast. It used to be so good, but he started inserting his personal views and issues into these podcasts and relating them to him receiving hate on his absurd comments. Also, using the N word with the hard R in that episode as well? Classless. Could have bleeped it out to get the same effect. I’m sick of hearing him cry about people attacking him for the dumb things he’s said, and at the same time calling OTHER people triggered. I could deal with that stuff happening outside of the podcast, separating the creator from the content, but by putting this situation in the podcasts, it made it unlistenable. I used to be a faithful listener, but now I’ve moved on to CaseFile.

Not worth it (1/5)

Host relishes the drama and gore too much. He also uses his podcast to hit on women and has also used 911 calls without the permission of victims and even when victims have asked him to take stuff down. Cannot listen in good conscience. Terrible for the true crime community.

Yay!! (5/5)

I’m so happy Mike is back!!!

Love that Mike is back! (5/5)

Love that mike is back narrating, the lady was too boring to listen too.

Compassion and crime (5/5)

I absolutely find this podcast interesting, thought provoking, and at times scary. I think the host does such a great job of pulling you in without offending the crime sensitive. I find myself thinking about each story for weeks after the end of the podcast. It has expanded my understanding of both the victim and those who commit seemingly senseless crimes. There is also an O’Henry aspect at times that creates a world of mystery and moments of “I never saw that coming.” I have also really enjoyed the episodes that really challenge the listener to end stigmas. The episodes that I have been awe struck with the story telling to the call to action are: the episode in which male survivors of sexual assault speak about their experience and the injustice done to them, and the episodes that explore TI or targeted individuals. Keep the show going. You are doing a fantastic job!

Long time listener, first time caller. (5/5)

Super stoked that Mike is back. I’ve listened to every episode, except the few that aired while he was away. No tea no shade to the host who filled in during his absence, but I just could not get into it. Everything is coming up Milhouse.

Does Being A Douche Bag Matter? (1/5)

To me it does. I first started listening to Sword& Scale and was instantly hooked. I must’ve listened to 60 episodes in around two weeks. Then I became aware of how utterly reprehensible human being Mike is and what disgusting things he has said and done. I simply cannot support anything he is involved in in any way.


So glad to hear your voice again narrating ! The gruesomeness The goriness and all the facts in between are Wesome don’t change up ! IF YOU DONT LIKE IT DONT LISTEN AND SHUTUP LET PEOPLE ENJOY THINGS .

So glad you’re back (5/5)

Really enjoy your stories and voice.

Sloppy (1/5)

Poorly researched, written and delivered.

Best (5/5)

This is the best true crime podcast. Great stories and a great narrator.

Downhill (1/5)

Nothing worst then listening to a guy who thinks he has a PhD in psychology. This pod started out so good but went downhill quickly after his firing which turning him into a butthurt crybaby. Also you don’t need to add in dramatic effect into a case with drama already in it, just came off as a narcissistic douche

Great Podcast...Needs Less Atmospheric Music. (4/5)

While I love the stories and the narrators, the music is too frequent and goes on too long. It isn’t necessary and it’s a pain to have to forward through...

psychology gold - easily triggered persons beware (5/5)

To the people in the comments wanting trigger warnings on episodes: don’t listen to this podcast if you aren’t expecting it. The entire thing is a trigger warning. And what is super gross and disturbing to one person, isn’t to another and vice versa! I love how Mike examines all possibilities and never neglects to stress the impact of someone losing their life, despite how we’re listening to this for “entertainment”. This show is an amazing lesson in psychology, sociology, forensics, etc., My only feedback: sometimes the audio is really hard to understand. If it were TV, I’d turn on subtitles. I notice it on some of the more muffled police interviews and phone calls. Some episodes are AMAZING in that regard. Very crisp sound bytes. Less of the muffled stuff. Keep it up and have a great day!!