Aggregated reviews for Talk Nerdy with Cara Santa Maria

Cara Santa Maria is a science communicator, television host, producer, and journalist. She is excited to present "Talk Nerdy," a place for conversations with interesting people about interesting topics.

Used to be SO good, now mediocre   (2/5)

Used to a really good science communication show and now it's just pc nonsense left and right.

Variety   (5/5)

Love all the various topics. Been diving into the back catalog of shows. This former Professor still loves learning.

High Quality Conversational Interviews   (5/5)

Each episode is a high quality extended chat with a guest. Within this meandering format, Cara humanizes her guest and brings out the important ideas in the guest's research or occupation. About half the books I purchase come to my attention through this podcast.

Always surprising and wonderful   (5/5)

Much like SGU (where I first was introduced to Santa Maria), I constantly find myself riveted by stories and ideas I had NO IDEA I would be interested in. Cara’s enthusiastic, so amazing in her knowledge and analysis of complex ideas and is a developing into one of all of podcasting’s GREAT interviewers.

Outstanding   (5/5)


Interesting variety   (5/5)

Wide range of guests and in depth discussions of their area of expertise

Where is the science?   (2/5)

Listened to TN based on Alie Ward's rec. Main issue is having to wade through Cara's polticial leanings and ventings, in order to extract any nuggests from the interviewees. There are plenty of times to wax political WHILE interviewing the guest; for example David Shariatmadari speaking about linguistics and immigration. Generally, I wish she would dig deeper in interviews and share less, because for now, it's like trying to drink key lime pie through a straw. The Time Listened::Learning ratio is frustrating given that the guests are really wonderful.

Top-notch Sci Comm   (5/5)

I found this jewel a few months ago and it quickly became one of my favorite science podcasts. Insightful, riveting, and humane deep dive into a different science-related topic every episode. Cara is an amazing host and science communicator extraordinaire and the show’s guests include fascinating experts doing all sorts of incredible work to improve our lot in this planet. What’s there not to love when two very smart people talk nerdy about science and how it helps us build a better world?

Level-headed thinking   (5/5)

In a time of extremes in all directions it’s necessary and vital for level-headed, non-emotionally driven, clear thinking conversations being had. Thank You!

A diamond in the ruff of a podcast   (5/5)

We need more women talking to and about women in science! Thank you Cara for making sure that you provide equal representation of men and women on the podcast, across all different kinds of subjects. Even as a scientist I learn so much from this podcast, and I am able to stay up to date on the latest scientific research and initiatives.

Excellent deep dive into lots of fantastic science topics   (5/5)

One of the few podcasts where I learn so much science knowledge that it fulfills my “enlightened” quotient for the day. I cannot get that from a 5-15 interview. Cara talks to so many brilliant scientists who share the exciting things happening in their research/field. I can always hear the enthusiasm of the guests as they explain what they have discovered. That passion for science is inflective. Cara is good at asking those intelligent questions that makes her guests want to talk more about their work. There are too many episodes where I wish they had a few hours more to talk about that topic.

State of the art SciCom   (5/5)

Cara's enthusiasm for science communication is downright contagious. She consistently gets really interesting guests on wide-ranging topics and does the kind of deep dive that podcasting is so well suited for. Talk Nerdy always bubbles to the top of my listening queue when it drops.

Talk Nerdy Saved My Life   (5/5)

I stumbled upon Cara and Talk Nerdy during some of the lowest points of my latest struggle with depression (amidst a continuous existential crisis). Stick with me, fam, I swear this is about to get positive. I still struggle with the memory of feeling happy on a consistent basis. However, as I listen through all the archives of the podcast episodes, I’m constantly reminded that there is so much of life (and science) to be discovered. And THAT, my friends, is exciting. Cara will never know the impact she’s made in recreating the excitement I felt like I lost

Great science podcast!   (5/5)

I can't say enough positive about Cara Santa Maria's (CSM) podcast or CSM herself. She's such a great interviewer and a joy to listen too. Plus I love science. Just listen...

An amazingly eclectic podcast   (5/5)

Pros: Cara Santa Maria brings such a great variety of guests to her show. The topics will appeal to anyone with even a hint of an interest in science. Cara and her guests break down the topics in such a great way that everyone will walk away having learned something. At this point, I’m not surprised by how interesting the most seemingly mundane topic, such as sand, can become when explained by an expert. The host also does a great job of asking the questions I wish I could ask her guests at the right moment. Cons: None

Monday Motivation   (5/5)

I cannot emphasize how amazing it is to start my week off with a new episode of Talk Nerdy! I feel as if Cara recharges my love and passion for science and science communication, which says a lot when you are constantly dealing with academia. Cara, if you’re reading this, stay nerdy, stay quirky, and please never stop podcasting.

So interesting, beautiful voice   (5/5)

I no longer listen to podcast on Apple but I love this one so much I came back here to write this review! It is that great!

Nice   (5/5)

Cara is a great interviewer, I found her podcast through the skeptics guide. She’s often complained about on the skeptics guide for being too outspoken, but it’s not her fault. She’s a strong woman surrounded by a group of weak men.

Great Podcast!   (5/5)

I always learn some great stuff when I listen. Cara keeps it fun and interesting!

!!   (5/5)

I love this podcast so much!

Great podcast!   (5/5)

One of the few podcasts that I both listen to and find worthy of financially supporting! Keep up the great work!

Podcast 138, the best   (5/5)

Good job, keeping the 3 illuminaries of string theory on point..beautiful job hosting and wonderful interplay with audience. Any chance I can get a transcript for my university students as they are nonnative English speakers. Does any one have an idea on this (except for me to listen/write it myself for the next 3 months:>)

Love it!   (5/5)

Awesome podcast! Definitely one of my new favorites, hosted by one of my favorite scientists. MUCH LOVE to you Cara.

Thoroughly interesting and fun   (5/5)

I first heard Cara on the SGU podcast and thought she was great. I was so happy to find out that she has her own podcast as well. Very interesting guests and I love her style. Keep up the great work!!

Great Podcast!   (5/5)

Cara’s “Talk Nerdy” Podcast is as entertaining as it is educational. I enjoy her perspectives regarding the value of science and critical thinking. I am most amazed and inspired by her ability to work on at least two major podcasts (“Talk Nerdy” and “The Skeptic’s Guide to the Universe”), travel for a television series all while working on a PHD! At any rate “Talk Nerdy” is a super Podcast by a super person. Cheers! (Can hardly wait for the next episode open Cara’s return from Africa - good thing she has lots of archived material!)

I like to Talk Nerdy   (5/5)

Great to hear Cara Santa Maria doing a podcast especially after the JRE episode. Subscribe & learn

Poor interviewing   (3/5)

I love the topics discussed and love hearing from the experts, but Cara interjects and interrupts them! She always has some sort of experience that's related and makes her knowledgeable...just let your guest talk!!! Stop trying to finish their sentences and their thoughts with what you think they're going to say, and just listen. I power through it to hear from these experts, but it could be a much improved podcast if she could improve her interviewing skills.

A Fun way to learn   (5/5)

Cara picks the most fun, smart people to talk to. This is like a fun conversation in a bar or cafe. I can't wait for every episode.

Holy crap Cara, that was an amazing episode!   (5/5)

Big fan of SGU and this recent episode about PR from that skeptic from Liverpool was so enlightening and such important information in our current social climate. This is really important work on a scale that should put you in the running for a Pulitzer Prize. I will be shameless pushing my friends and family to listen to this episode specifically because it shines a spotlight on the issue at hand without attempting to draw out a good guy / bad guy narrative. Part of the credit certainly needs to go to your guest but, I feel like the bulk of the work is in how professionally you handle yourself in all of your shows, providing a valuable platform for speaking about important science and important critical thinking topics. [pat on the back] <3 <3 <3 Edit (7/25/17): Another remarkable interview Cara! itunes won't let me write another review. Got to say, your conversation with Brit means a lot to me. I deal with quite a lot of woo in my family and this really helps me feel like I'm not just being a stick in the mud when I ask the tough questions. If you're reading this review wondering if you should subscribe, this show has highest standard of quality amongst all the podcasts I listen to; consistently! Like, every Monday. Big fan!

My favorite app   (5/5)

Cara is fabulous. She is able to get great guests. Cara finds a way to discuss serious and interesting science subjects while not talking down to the listener. I look forward to every Monday when she releases a new episode. Simply put..the BEST. 6 stars!

Much Needed Science Educator   (5/5)

Love that she's willing to tackle the hard topics like GMO's, immunizations, and religion. Keep up the great work, Cara!

Not at all a fan.   (1/5)

I apologize, but this is not a good podcast. She constantly cuts off her guests that are the actual professionals in their fields. She typically knows nothing about what they are talking about, and says that she "has a friend" that knows that field, and instantly tries to be relevant in the same way that somebody could say that they know everything about racial issues because they have "one black friend". She doesn't ask good questions either. 80% of each episode is literally just about her own personal life or the personal life of the guest because she knows nothing about their fields and she loves to hear herself talk. All in all, I was EXTREMELY disappointed. Wouldn't recommend to anybody except for one single episode (138 with Michu Kaku). That is literally the ONLY episode worth while, and even then, she still tried to dominate the conversation. She doesn't know how to listen very well.

Science Chat   (2/5)

This is unscripted free form science chat. And thus not for me. I prefer narrative science stories a la Radiolab.

Cara's interview style...   (5/5)

A few reviewers have complained that Cara talks too much about herself. I respect that viewpoint but I think its a great technique for getting her guests to open up and see the personality and inspiration behind the scientist. I think Cara is spot on in the belief that for the public to really embrace science there needs to be a personal narrative attached.

Love her podcast   (5/5)

Cara is such a great interviewer and she always picks really interesting people to talk to. I love that she is such a wonderful female role model within the skeptic/scientific community. Please keep up the great work that you do!

favorite science podcast!   (5/5)

I have learned more about science from the podcast than anyplace else, great guests, great host.

A wealth of information   (5/5)

Cara Santa Maria interviews people in the sciences, humanities, education and areas of skeptical inquiry and is a polished and effective interviewer. Because the topics are so broad, not every episode will appeal to every listener, but there are enough surprises in the conversations that one can never predict which episode will suddenly reveal itself to be enlightening and interesting. Highly recommended.

Feminist Science Nerd Love   (5/5)

Superb podcast. Fascinating guests. Amazing articulate host. All the opposing thumbs up.

Amazing podcast   (5/5)

Cara is a great interviewer with tons of knowledge and manages to get amazing men and women on the show to interview. If you want to learn a little bit on almost every scientific and skeptical topics you need to listen

My new favorite science/skeptical podcast!   (5/5)

Great guests, great host! Fun and educational, easy to listen to. Cara rules!

Great podcast   (5/5)

This is a really good podcast, with some interesting interviews. Sometimes topics are not particularly of interest to me personally, others have been really good in giving me insight in topics I never really thought of. The interviews are really well coordinated and the host communicates really well.

I Think I Love You Cara!   (5/5)

Amazing show every week! The Nina and Pinta 'aint got nothin' on Santa Maria!

Great podcast!   (5/5)

One of the best science podcasts out there! Definitely recommend!

This girl's killin it!!   (5/5)

Cara is such a great addition to the SGU n Im so happy she's got her own thing going on too! This is a fun, informative listen and a great addition to my pod rotation. Good on ya, Cara. Keep em comin. N great job getting great guests. Aloha from Honolulu. - Adrian

Get to know your scientists   (5/5)

Strongly recommended! Cara's long format interview is conversational. Having a fairly to very techy following she can get the guest to go into detail that a purely scicomm outlet might not delve into. In the same episode the conversation may spend time with the general lives, interests, and experiences of the guest, painting a fuller, very human, portrait rather than only focusing on the work. I recommend this to young women and girls who are in or interested in STEM, but the guests and content are wonderful for nerds across the spectrum.

Love it   (5/5)

Just listen

She's boring to listen to   (1/5)

I really want to like this podcast but she's so boring to listen to. Liven up a little bit!

My favorite podcast   (5/5)

I came across her on Joe Rogans podcast. Subscribed, and now she's my favorite. She always has awesome guests. She's a great science communicator. For all those nerds out there, she's speaks to us! Absolutely love her, and she has a nice voice that you can keep along with. I hope one day to be a guest on her show :)

Talk nerdy to me   (5/5)

Thanks for mentioning Arron Schwartz(I'm not sure which episode). I can't believe his story isn't more widely known. I also enjoy the potentially explosive topics i.e. Mental disease , atheism, and Bad religion. " no control" and "suffer" got me through some really tough times. Looking forward to a 100 more episodes .

👍   (5/5)

Heard her on Star Talk. So I figured I would give Talk Nerdy a try. Now it's one of the podcasts I'm in withdrawal of when she misses a week from her schedule. Great to listen. I learn something every time.

Viva Taking Nerdy   (5/5)

Great podcast which will get better. I discovered Cara when she became a member of the Skeptics Guide to the Universe podcast which is one of my other favs. I’ve only listened to a few Talking Nerdy but I’m already hooked. I love the one subject in depth interviews. Podcasts always have room for improvement here I would suggest trimming dead air between questions and I assume thoughtful responses. However in general from the very start production value is superior.Looking forward to a long run.

waaaaay too chatty: disappointing   (1/5)

omg: Cara chats for ever about god-knows-what & then occasionally discusses the topic at hand!!!! Her 80 minute podcasts are mostly filled with vacuous chatter about whatever pops into her had. So disappointing, b/c she covers interesting topics.... if this podcast was produced and edited better, it would be an outstanding podcast. and an 80 minute episode would be 15-20 minutes. Maybe I'm just spoiled by professional, well-produced shows, like those from Gimlet and other professional media sources...

Awesome   (5/5)

Sometimes o/t, not always polished, but that is part of its charm

Fantastic   (5/5)

Really good podcast! I only have time to stay up to date with about 5 podcasts, and this is one of them.

intersting gusting conversations   (5/5)

I enjoying hearing the guest explain how they came to their career path. Cara is interesting, though sometimes her asides take too long, before getting back to the question. I decided that these are more like casual, guided conversations rather than interviews. Once I accepted that, her interruptions became less frustrating. I look forward to each podcast. Thanks for creating Talk Nerdy, Cara!

OnPoint   (5/5)

The latest episode with Mitchael Matthewes is great! In My opinion it is on point and amazing! As a person with a family that has debt due to medical reasons I can relate to the conversation. Simper Fi to Mitchael and keep up the good podcast to Cara.

My favorite podcast!   (5/5)

This podcast should be an inspiration to people with STEM leanings everywhere! It helps me learn about amazing new leaps and bounds in science but it is presented in an ex-Texas, millennial, fireside chats sort of way. This podcast is a monument to science and evidence based thinking presented from your palatable pal CSM, she is a hoot, please listen!

Original Style with some really informative episodes   (5/5)

The episodes with Kevin Folta and Phil Ferguson alone are worth listening in every week. I recommend them to you. I like Cara's approach though I was taken aback at first but it is worth getting thru I found and maybe it is time for me to loosen up a bit on these topics. This is voice to watch for.

Fantastic overall experience.   (5/5)

I first heard/watched Cara on TYT and found her to be a great communicator. Then I heard her on Star Talk Radio at which point I knew I had to subscribe. Best decision ever! Smart topics, intriguing guests and just long enough to satiate my craving for imfornation. The diversity of topics Cara covers has me looking forward to the podcast week after week. Keep up the great work !!

Great podcast   (5/5)

I found this a couple weeks ago and I've been listening to it every other day. I love how there's no particular theme or structure. Sometimes I just enjoy being a fly on the wall listening to smart people talk

My Favorite Podcast   (5/5)

I love this podcast. Very interesting people on the podcast. Waiting until Cara brings Professor Alice Roberts.

I mostly like Cara, but...   (1/5)

Too often, a 1 hour episode devolves into a bunch f slag - see the one about bed bugs. Cara doesn’t make it easy to communicate with her - if you;re nit a FaceBook or Twitter user. It’s too bad, really - I like her contributions to SGU and other things I’ve seen/heard. But this podcast has been pretty much unlistenable for me, for being SO off the topic as described per episode.

Interesting topics every week.   (5/5)

Great podcast, excellent topics and great guest.

Love it!   (5/5)

Cara has great guests who discuss a variety of science-related topics. I love that Cara keeps the show focused on the topic at hand and doesn't include comedians or other show business personalities that would be a distraction. It's the kind of podcast I always hoped "Star Talk" would be (but isn't).

Changing my mind   (5/5)

Learn so much every episode

Fantastic Podcast   (5/5)

I’ve been listening to Talk Nerdy since Episode 1. The one thing that brings me most concern in this world is that at some point in the future CSM won’t do any more podcasts. But, the one thing that gives me hope is that this “stopping” I fret over won’t happen anytime soon. STEM ON, Cara!

Too much Cara   (2/5)

Cara is great. I started listening after she joined the SGU. I was so disappointed in her interview with Jay Novella. I want to hear the guests but they don't get enough time to talk. I haven't learned much from this podcast. 15 episodes in, I know all about Cara. Guess I'm done.

Love the variety.   (5/5)

I, too, am someone who's glad that Joe Rogan convinced Cara to start her own podcast. I've been listening since the beginning, and I'm a huge fan of the podcast. I really enjoy that she takes on all types of guests, from scientists to television producers to just, plain fellow nerds. She's introduced me to several other fantastic podcasts, as well. Keep up the great work!

your science dose of the week   (5/5)

easily communicated science based fun, light conversations full of good natured folks speaking on their passions

Ehh   (3/5)

Overall the show is somewhat good. She gets some pretty good interviews but she constantly interrupts, talks about herself, or just constantly blabs for 85% of the time and barely lets the interviewee speak

Sooo good!   (5/5)

Always entertaining. Whether science, politics, religion, or a delicious intellectually stimulating mixture of all three (and then some), are on the table, this podcast is something to savor. A true gift to those craving thought provoking discourse, Cara manages to get great guest on a variety of topics, and really dig in to the subject matter.

Great show!   (5/5)

Love the skepticism and variety of topics!

Love Cara, but her podcast completely misses the mark   (2/5)

I am a pretty diehard fan of Cara, and I’d say I listened to about 3 dozen episodes before finally giving up. Her guests are interesting, and some of the topics are intensely interesting…if only Cara would let the conversation move in that direction. Like some other listeners, I strongly agree that Cara talks too much about herself and doesn’t let the guests talk enough. I’ve heard her justify why she does this many times on the podcast - which basically boils down to ‘this is my podcast and I’ll do what I want to’ - but I figure it’s at least honest to add to the small chorus of voices asking for more talking from the incredible guests on this show. I’ve actually thought about developing a drinking game associated with the podcast, where you drink when 1) Cara talks about almost doing a PhD, but deciding to become a science communicator instead, 2) Cara talks about being in therapy or taking medicaton, 3) Cara highlights some part of herself that sets her apart from the rest of her fellow liberals (usually vaccines or GMOs), 4) Cara specifically outlines something about herself that makes her a unique and special snowflake (e.g. having done drugs but being a ‘nerd’…like almost everyone I know). Because this is the internet, I am sure some people will think I am just being bitter, and perhaps that’s right. I am a female in the skeptical community with a PhD in a science discipline who, frankly, sometimes fears that I am as navel-gazing as Cara. Maybe she just highlights the worst characteristics that I fear I have too. But I don’t make a podcast, and I don’t claim I am interested in science whilst spending most of the time talking to actual scientists about my views on things. So as much as I love Cara, I just can’t stomach this podcast and ultimately had to unsubscribe.

Informative, fact based discussions.   (5/5)

This is a 5 star worthy show where you can go to challenge your assumptions and hear those of others taken down or elevated based on facts and science. Well worth subscribing.

Great   (5/5)

Cara is great. She is extremely knowledgable in neuroscience, the scientific method in general and applies that kind of thinking to a wide variety of areas. First heard her on the Joe Rogan Experience and now I’ve been binge listening to Talk Nerdy at work in order to catch up. Love the podcast, keep it up!

Nerdy, with a side of sass.   (5/5)

Half the fun of this podcast is the free-ranging discussion of whatever issues present themselves during the show. Science doesn't always dominate the conversation, but the interactions are entertaining. I love Cara's perspective as a science educator and a woman in STEM, and the unfiltered dialogue makes each show feel almost like a conversation between friends at a bar. Great stuff.

Super interesting and informative   (5/5)

Really great variety of guests talking about important and relevant topics. Highly recommended.

Cara Santa Maria is great and so is this podcast!   (5/5)

Awesome podcast! A fun, informative, funny, thought-provoking, mind-blowing good time!

Great podcast   (5/5)

Love the cast keep doing what you do!

Love it, but...   (5/5)

I adore Cara and the fact she does such a smart, insighful podcast but I sometimes wish more science or science news was discussed. My background in environmental science and biology and I always want to walk away having learned something new. Too often both Cara and her guests get hopelessly lost in the weeds of how they think and feel about (some broadly generalized) group of people perceiving (some broadly generalized) issue.

Outstanding!   (5/5)

Talk Nerdy is one of my favorite podcasts. Communicating science in normal speak I think is essential. As and Iraq war vet I especially love the mental wellness episodes. Great Job Ms. Cara!

Talk Nerdy with Cara Santa Maria   (5/5)

I will not miss any episode of this great podcast. She’s charismatic, smart and fun. Cara Santa Maria is a Science Communicator worth listening to.

Amazing podcast   (5/5)

I discovered Cara through her appearance on Star Talk and I found she has her own show! Great content, very informational and great guests. One of the best science podcasts out there.

Amazing podcast!   (5/5)

see above

Nothing but fun and intelligent conversation   (5/5)

The guests of this podcast are always fun and educated which makes for an awesome conversation. I only see this podcast getting better and better as time goes on.

Science!   (5/5)

So many interesting people I've come to know about and I know so much more about science work in real life.

Great podcast!   (5/5)

Even though half the time I have no idea what her guest is talking about, it's still an enjoyable show. Cara, keep being open and honest and I'll keep listening.

My #1 Favorite!   (5/5)

The topics are so varied and so very interesting! I have discovered the majority of people I follow on Twitter on this podcast. Cara is warm and inviting and really knows her audience. Also, the audio quality is usually spot on. Subscribe!

Why does she have a guest if its all about her?   (1/5)

Just listened to several episodes and I was shocked that she talked so much about herself. The PZ Myers is a perfect example. Its fine is she asked a question from her past to the guest but I dont care at all about here masters work on finchs, her huff po, etc She spent 75% talking about her vs asking and LISTENING to PZ about his experiences. She should listen to the SGU, Mark Maron, Skepticality, Big Picture Science for how to really do an interview. Hate to say it but if really comes of narrisistic.

Could be good!   (1/5)

Came here after hear the host on SGU... Guests are great, but she takes over the conversation... Could be a great podcast!

My new FAVORITE!   (5/5)

Listening to Talk Nerdy on my daily bus rides to school, since being introduced to Cara Santa Maria and her sweet podcast on her latest appreance on JRE (the old favorite), has become a part of my day that I look most forward too. Getting to hear a engaging converstation with such interesting people, where it makes me feel included and engaged, in the amount of time that it takes to commute is great! However, I'd recommend listening to the episode that she visits w/Sandra Daugherty in the comforts of your own home... they had me heavily blushing on the bus; oddly wishing I was there instead of sitting there with a big goofy grin on my face. I'm getting myself a cool mug for Valentine's Day... woot woot... PLEASE keep it all coming!

Great podcast !!!   (5/5)

Heard of podcast from the Central City Comedy podcast. Great POV. Looking forward to the coming episodes. 😊

awesomeness   (5/5)

gbrowing to love your podcast more and more. Very interesting people!

CSM is the best!!!   (5/5)

I love everything that comes out of Cara Santa Maria’s mouth. She speaks truth from a scientific perspective and her person conclusions and opinions mirror mine as well. I’m glad there are like minded and intelligent people publicly speaking my opinions better than I can. Thank you Cara. Aaron M. Cayem

Great podcast   (5/5)

This is easily my favorite podcast. I learned of it from her appearances on the Joe Rogan Experience and now I prefer it to the JRE.

Awesome   (5/5)

This podcast, just like Cara, is awesome

OK   (3/5)

Overall, I like the show; however, I'd like less Cara and more of the guests. This is nothing against Cara, just my preferences for what type of show I'd like to listen to. I do like listening to her up to a point, but the show is too focused around her for my taste. All too often, Cara goes off pontificating about her opinion on some issue while the guest is left to interject nods of agreement here and there where they can, waiting on her to finally come around to a question to ask them a few minutes later. Other than that, my only quibble is that the podcast is about 3 times louder than all my other podcasts. My eardurms will thank whoever can fix this problem!

She needs to let the guest talk more   (2/5)

She talks more than the guests way too much. Let the people specialized in their field express their ideas without cutting in every 2 seconds!

I can't wait for the next episode!   (5/5)

Cara is a great talker and has great guests. She is a very intelligent person with the ability to show how AWESOME Science really is!

great show   (5/5)

heard cara on with seth andrews gave it a shot and i am hooked science is hip and sexy who knew

Awesomeness   (5/5)

I love this podcast. Different guests from the STEM or STEAM fields, Skeptics and Comedians. Cara is one of the best communicators that I've ever heard. This and Joe Rogan Experience are my 2 favorite podcasts around. Wish I had more time to listen to all of them. Keep up the awesome shows Cara.

I <3 Cara Santa Maria   (5/5)

She’s the best. And not just because she invited me on the podcast. Learn so much from here every time we talk.

She keeps it real   (5/5)

Love to listen to these conversations

Love It   (5/5)

Great podcast! I've learned so much listening to these episodes while being entertained. Keep up the great work!!

Sweet   (5/5)

This girl is a legit triple threat

Awesome   (5/5)

One of my favorite podcast. Keep up the great work!

Great podcast.   (5/5)

Amazing guests and very interesting topics.

Science Made Sexy   (5/5)

Cara Santa Maria delivers a really entertaining look into the world of science without watering it down to the likes of pop science. You get the real deal introduced in a way that makes it fun and exciting.

Cara vs. Cute Kittens   (5/5)

Listening to interesting, intelligent conversation between interesting, intelligent people is good for your mind. And it's entertaining as hell. Cara does a great job of selecting a diversity of people and subjects who can rouse your curiosity and tickle the grey cells. I wouldn't trade one episode of Talk Nerdy for a thousand cute cat videos. Well there was that one of that kitten who ... No, no. Not even for Mr, Meow-gi.

Horticulturalist   (5/5)

Your scientific approach to GMO's is admirable and spot on. Also, keep the Dinosaurs coming! You should give Dr. Chris Ryan a shout out as well, I'd like to hear you guys Talk Nerdy.

Great podcast   (5/5)

I have a delivery job, so I’m in the car most of the day. After work, I drive another hour each way to night school. Podcasts are my life. Cara’s is a great source of interesting information as well as humor, educated opinions, and thought-provoking ideas. Keep up the great work, Cara!

Always engaging.   (5/5)

Excellent podcast. Look forward to it every week.

Nerd Brigade   (5/5)

Love listening to you Cara! Discovered you on the Joe Rogan experience and now you're my main podcast. An inspiration to nerdy women everywhere. Don't stop talking....nerdy

Awesome   (5/5)

Great topics with well educated people.

Unapologetically Smart   (5/5)

Many popular science podcasts are watered down and shallow, but not this one! Cara is a legit science communicator, and a quick and warm host. It's a mix of nerd culture, deep science in a variety of fields, and the political values of modern science. One of my new favorites!

NerdCore4Life   (5/5)

Wonderful, entertaining, and enlightening podcast, well informed on such a wide array of topics. Cara Santa Maria is simply brilliant and refreshing!

One of the best podcasts out there!   (5/5)

Cara does such a great job of being accurately informational, yet bringing a down to earth human layman's perspective to all the podcasts! I HIGHLY recommend her podcasts to all my science and non-science friends! Cara brings very knowledgable guests on to the show, that have varied types of experiences! Keep up the great work Cara!!

Talk Nerdy Talks Nerdy   (5/5)

I love this podcast and I became a fan after listing to CSM on the JRE. Keep up the great podcasts Cara!

Keep it going   (5/5)

I've listened to both your appearences JRE, subscribed. I shall donate. David Austin

Smart podcast   (4/5)

Great Conversation with smart fun guess. Learn and laugh with this show!

Worth checking out   (4/5)

I learn something many episodes. Even when a guest has been interviewed on other podcasts, podcast host Cara asks questions the others did not think to ask so the content remains fresh. Have also started subscribing to several enjoyable podcast leads discovered through discussions with interesting guests. Only complaint is the podcast is more chit-chat than actual science discussion.

love this girl   (5/5)

Discovered Cara Santa Maria on the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast and I am obsessed! She is so smart and down to earth and her podcasts are extremely informative. As someone who suffers from depression and anxiety, her candid talks about her own mental illness has touched me immensely. The world needs more strong, intelligent women like Cara Santa Maria!

Cara rocks!   (5/5)

Always loved her on Rogan's podcast. Always intelligent conversations and fun to listen to. Talk Nerdy is a new fav! Keep em coming!

Still At It   (5/5)

I've been listening to Talk Nerdy since the HuffPost days, and I'm never disappointed by Cara's intelligent and concise explanations about relevant science topics.

Love this podcast   (5/5)

Didnt know she started one till I heard the last JRE. Now I'm hooked.

Great podcast!   (5/5)

Love Cara! Great guests, love the dialogue and the exchange of ideas and information in this format. Keep up the good work!

Too many endoresements   (1/5)

I like most of her podcasts but I've been more and more frustrated lately with all those endorsements in the beginning, which made me stop listening for a last couple podcasts. Cara, come on, 5 minutes of thanking some joe bloe that donated to you. How about you say, "Thank you all, who donated!" That now doesn't sound like you're broadcasting from a barn, does it... Come on, you're a professional, aren't you?

Excellent...   (5/5)

Keep up the good work!

Excellent podcast.   (5/5)

Cara is very smart and funny, always bringing good guest and tells you things the way she sees’ it wether you like or not. Highly recommended and a must have on your podcast library.

Always a treat!   (5/5)

Big fan of Cara and her appearances on various media. I was excited to hear she was thinking about doing her own podcast and it does not disappoint! All her guests are interesting and the episodes are informative and always entertaining. Don't miss out if you're a fan of science and the cool people who are doing it.

Love it!   (5/5)

Great podcast with lots of interesting guests! Great for listening to on a drive or just laying around the house

I start every morning with this   (5/5)

Or Star Talk radio. I always learn something new and have a great time doing it! Thank you, Cara! You're amazing!

YESS!!!!   (5/5)

Thank you for making your podcasts! I appreciate how well you share knowledge and information. I can't wait to hear the next one.

Love it   (5/5)

Great podcast!

Love it   (5/5)

I love Cara and what she has to say. If anyone rightfully needs a podcast it's her. Stay nerdy

Awesome   (5/5)

So intellectually appealing talks! Religious people please subscribe and challenge yourselves.

great podcast!!!!   (5/5)

Great podcast!!!!!

Thoroughly interesting!   (5/5)

Cara Santa Maria's podcasts are an hour well-spent. Even if I want to stop listening...she says one more thing, or asks one more question--and I stay riveted.

Love the Podcast Content!!!   (5/5)

Excellent work!! Keep on the quality program, content and guests :)

Very good   (5/5)

The podcast is an informal conversational-style discussion on mostly-science topics, the host presents a good mix between master and student on various topics. She has a clear speaking voice and is friendly and personable. The guests are interesting. I am not a robot.

Too bad she isn't more professional.   (2/5)

Content is interesting, but her almost forced use if the f word seems like she is just trying to get a rise. Too bad, as it takes away from her points.

Bill Nye for Adults   (5/5)

Great podcast

fantastic brain gnosh   (5/5)

Cara and her guests are super smart, well-read and on point. She's got chutzpah, which is refreshing and encouraging. It's a fabulous treat every time a new episode posts. Keep up the great work, Cara, and thanks! =)

THANK YOU ! ! !   (5/5)

I NEVER…seriously, I NEVER submit reviews. If my life were in a more stable place, I’d fully fund/support/encourage her continued illuminating qualities. I found Cara through TYT & she has somewhat liberated my mind. The moment she opened her mouth, the view was irrelevant. She turned on the light. She seems to be a wonder! The more she expressed herself, the more I can’t relate and the light only gets brighter. All I am trying to say is that she is worth listening to and supporting! THANK YOU CARA ! ! !

Content does not live up to the name   (2/5)

I listened to Cara's first podcast and go about 20 minutes into it and still she and her guest were talking about his backgound. I gave up and then listened to #11 with Carin Bondar and it was the same thing. If you are looking for scientific content, look elsewhere.

The first podcast I want to listen to.   (5/5)

Science, counterculture, drugs, politics, atheism. I love Cara and her archeopteryx tattoo. Was bummed when she left Talk Nerdy To Me but I'm happy to have her back with this podcast.

Good to hear from you again, Cara   (5/5)

I am one of those 60ish white men that eats science and secularism up. Good to hear you again. I consider you one of the best young science explainers in the media. I found this podcast after listening to Josh interview you on Point of Inquiry, which I have listened to for years. Now I am listening to you interview him. How cool is that? I’m looking forward to more podcasts.

Definitely Subscribe   (4/5)

A fun podcast, full of science and other interesting conversation, by a curiously entertaining host.

Derle Gillam   (5/5)

So refreshing to listen to intelligent people!! A wonderful antidote for such media toxins as fox news (oh, can I mention them...?).

Great stuff from Cara Santa Maria!   (5/5)

Informative (Educational) and Entertaining! I highly recommend!

Enjoying the great podcasts Cara SantaMaria   (5/5)

Thanks for the science communication and keep them coming.

I love Nerdy talk   (5/5)

Easy to digest at just over a hour. Interesting people and subjects and not just celebs but real people making a difference. I love how she is a proud Atheist as well. I've subscribed and so should you.

About time   (5/5)

So glad Cara started her own podcast. Loved listening to her on the Joe Rogan Experience. Now she is part of the group of podcasters that I love to listen to.....Joe Rogan, Duncan Trussell, Chris Ryan, David Seaman and Aubrey Marcus. Now just waiting for Amber Lyon to start hers. Thank you Cara.

Great Advocate for Critical Thinking   (5/5)

Cara Santa Maria is an articulate spokesperson for critical thinking and science. I’ve listened to all her podcasts so far and haven’t been disappointed. Keep it up. I hope the podcast gets more popular over time. Spread the reason.

Great podcast!   (5/5)

Interesting, educational, and funny. Cara is a great science communicator and never disappoints!

Great show!   (5/5)

Nerd power!! Great show.

Smart, compelling, excellent company   (5/5)

Cara has taken on the Herculean task of making sure civilians actually understand the science in the news, not just the poorly-written click bait headline. It’s hard work and she’s doing a tremendous job.

Not a fan of Joe Rogan or West-coast Libertarianism   (5/5)

I am a fan of Cara Santa Maria. She's a wonderful science educator and journalist.

Ana Kasparian   (5/5)

My first show, great! Thanks. However, I think you give Penny on The Big Bang Theory short shrift. She’s not dumb, she’s uneducated. Besides she has an extremely high Emotional IQ that the rest of the cast does not have, except Stewart. You should give the show props for demonstrating there are lots of kinds of IQ. Also, women in studies: Historically women were excluded because of worries about effecting fertility. Sperm are cheap, eggs are really expensive in a biological sense. Finally, STEM. You should watch Adam Savage’s Keynote at SXSW and his STE-A-M concept. Of course, Adam would make a great interview catch.

Great Podcast   (5/5)

I discovered you on Joe Rogan’s podcast, and I’ve not missed an episode of Talk Nerdy yet. I love the closing questions about the future, it’s my favorite segment. Keep up the good work Cara!

JRE sent me.   (5/5)

She makes me smarter.

Refreshing   (5/5)

This podcast is highly good, Cara Santa Maria is never boring to listen to and the guests have been great too.

Fantastic   (5/5)

This is what podcasts are about. Both entertaining and brilliant.

Finally!   (5/5)

Just heard your first podcast. I'm so excited to finally hear someone speak intelligently and have a wonderful conversation. Keep it up! I am here I'm in board for the rest of the journey. It's funny, others found you via Joe Rogan. I just subscribed to his channel because of your show. I've never heard his stuff but i'm totally going to follow him on twitter now!

Awesomeness and it's only the Begining!   (5/5)

Well done Cara! So glad you have a podcast now to share all your intellect and wisdom. Very informative! I've been listening to Joe Rogan's podcast for 3 years and I'm sure I'll be a long lasting fan of yours as well. I can also say I share a passion with Dinosaurs just like you. Hope too hear some Dino segments in the future.:) thanks again for the great listening!

CSM RULES!   (5/5)

I'm so thrilled about your podcast Cara. This is going to be so awesome, you're going to dominate the podcast universe. I'm with you through all endeavors!

Great Start!   (5/5)

Really enjoyed your shows thus far; enjoyed your views on the JRE, and looking forward to hearing your perspective on ongoing issues and topics.

Love It!   (5/5)

So happy to see you in the long form coversation world. Much love and get you some sponsorship or script a donate page so we can keep you podcasting! And cameras? Yes. you're only looking at the bad. Think about the people that will come for the look that you can convert to listening to conversational science? Good Luck.

Great Podcast   (5/5)

Thanks for all of your hard work! Your doing a great job informing the public and society can benefit from it.

POWERFUL   (5/5)

After only 2 episodes this is my favorite podcast. #POWERFUL

Awesome!   (5/5)

So happy that you started this. Looking forward to each and every episode.

AWESOME   (5/5)

Your spots on JRE rate among my favorite podcasts. Glad you have your own platform. Look forward to more of this quality podcast.

So excited to hear the future topics   (5/5)

There are a few people who's eloquence allows me to listen to all the topics they put forth.. Cara is in that convo. I'm glad Rogan talked you into this podcast :)

New favorite podcast   (5/5)

Awesome show, love it. 👍👍

outstanding   (5/5)

chick is brilliant, nuff said!!

Death Squad Love   (5/5)

Fell in love with her on Joe Rogan's podcast and can't wait for more of Talk Nerdy !

Powerful   (5/5)

Powerful CSM Can't wait for more

Can't wait for more.   (5/5)

Loved you on JRE and can't wait to here more from you.

Great podcast!   (5/5)

She's so smart! (And I hope to get some Bill Maher stories out of this).

Keep it up   (5/5)

The perfect combination of beauty, intelligence, and nerdiness that is Cara!

Great Podcast!   (5/5)

What a great podcast! way to go CSM! cant wait to see who comes on next! Subscribed!

Finally!!   (5/5)

Love your interview style and can't wait to hear more!

Been waiting for this   (5/5)

I have been waiting for this podcast for a while, can't wait to listen and get some intelligent interpretations of interesting topics.

Engaged   (5/5)

Fantastic podcast!!! This is one to stay I hope. Very informative and intriguing.

Awesome !!!!   (5/5)

She has been great on JRE now her own !!! Sick

Powerful   (5/5)


Powerful CSM   (5/5)

Heard you first on JRE. Great first podcast. Glad to see you are going down this rabbit hole!

Cara rules!   (5/5)

Amazing 1st episode

Great start!!   (5/5)

Way to kick things off!!! I love your point of view Cara. Very cool to see powerfully smart women droppin science. Good luck!

Great she has a podcast!   (5/5)

So glad Joe Rogan talked her into doing a podcast. Love when she's been on JRE. I will definitely be a fan of this.

Can't wait for more   (5/5)

I loved the first episode, I can't wait to see who is on next.

Loved it!   (5/5)

Informative and substantive. Can't wait for more episodes!

Awesome podcast!!   (5/5)

About time, Cara is an awesome person and such a joy hear interviewing and talking with people. I'm so excited to hear more!

Great first episode!!!   (5/5)

I listen to every Joe Rogan Experience Podcast and she was one of my favorite guests! Subscribed

informative and entertaining   (5/5)

Love me som csm, can't wait for more!

informative and entertaining   (5/5)

Love me som csm, can't wait for more!

Can't wait to see what's   (5/5)


keep it up   (5/5)

I’m glad you finally came out with a podcast! I hope you can get some great guests along with the likes of Joe Rogan. I know many people want to hear your opinions and ideas on current events!