Aggregated reviews for TED Radio Hour

Exploring the biggest questions of our time with the help of the world's greatest thinkers. Host Manoush Zomorodi inspires us to learn more about the world, our communities, and most importantly, ourselves.

Rehashing With Old Content   (4/5)

The podcast needs new content. The subject matter is fine. I believe COVID-19 and racial injustice are terribly important topics. What I can’t abide is hearing the same interviews over again, simply packaged differently. Perhaps the virus has made it difficult to conduct interviews, but I’m hearing old shows and interviews again. Good the first time (actually great!) but not so much the next time. I like Manoush and her style, however.

Political   (1/5)

Stop. Just stop. The political commentary is so annoying, and so is the new host’s nasally voice, please, please bring back the old host

Wish there were new topics each week...   (3/5)

I know that production has probably been hard since the pandemic hit but this is one of my favorite podcasts to listen to and I’ve listened to every episode for the past three years. I really wish there would continue to be a new episode each week rather than replaying an episode from a month ago that I feel like I literally just listened to. Or like the most recent episode which leads me to believe it’s a new topic but it’s just replays from the past couple weeks. Just a fan of the show hoping for some new content...

Repetitive   (2/5)

She keeps repeating the same thing before and after every break through the whole thing. It’s cluttered. I wasn’t to clear it out. These episodes need better editing or something.

Enjoyed listening to the last interview   (5/5)

I just have one criticism about the difference between brain size in men and women. A bigger size brain does not necessarily mean superior function. In fact Neanderthal’s brain was larger than modern humans, and yet they could not speak. Also the effect of education and intellectual activity on brain energy consumption is clear. The low energy level indicated at your program could be a direct result of low brain activity in earlier life. I wish you would have interviewed people different views.

Inflection?   (3/5)

When will public speakers learn to drop the “valley girl” inflection from their speech? Love the content, can’t get beyond the new host’s speech pattern. Good bye.

Bring back Guy   (1/5)

Guy delivered much cohesive objective commentary between speakers and I appreciated his perspective.

Still a favorite weekly podcast   (5/5)

I was worried that the TED Radio Hour couldn’t be the same without Guy Raz. It isn’t the same; but it’s just as good in a way that only Manoush Zomorodi could pull off. She has a unique style, commitment, and empathy interviewing people and delving into TED presentations that makes this one of my very favorite human interest podcasts. Keep it up Manoush!

Manoush Has Kept It Engaging   (5/5)

I loved Guy, so personable, so curious, such a great interviewer. I was so sad when he said he was moving on. However, I am happy to report Manoush’s talents have kept it just as interesting! She is very quick thinking, analytical, and engaging. What a relief!! Nice job Manoush!

Use to be one of my favorites   (1/5)

Content has gone down hill with the new host. The nasal voice is insufferable.

Unnecessary fluff   (1/5)

As unnecessary as the remake of Psycho, and as annoying. Who needs to be spoon fed with Guy Raz’, now Manoush’ rolling commentary? Now Guy is gone but he was replaced with an even more SJW host and she has the voice for print media

Poor Choices   (1/5)

I used to really appreciate the insight and depth of information. Since Guy’s departure, the stories seem more shallow and one-sided. You may want to rename the podcast the SJW Hour.

Missing TED   (1/5)

I miss the old TED

Ehh   (1/5)

It’s so bad now please bring back Guy

Please get back to “TED”   (1/5)

It’s pretty obvious looking through the recent reviews that there was some kind of “campaign” to bolster the host! It’s not about the host, it’s about the content! TED is T-technology, E-entertainment, D-design!! It’s not about social commentary *every* single episode. Please get back to science based inspirational topics that we look forward to hearing!!

Inspiring   (5/5)

I like the content of this podcast a great deal! :) The show focuses on tough questions and shows some creative ways of solving problems.

Political and One Sided   (2/5)

So much of the content is political and one sided toward extreme liberal views.

Drop the political agenda and give me back one of the best podcasts   (1/5)

I have listened to Guy for years and truly looked forward to each subject covered. I’ve learned a great deal and have appreciated his non-biased unassuming approach to all ways of thinking. It’s obvious now, with the change in host, that this podcast is changing too. I now notice all kinds of slanted language that sounds just like the talking points on the left I’m hoping to escape by listening. Really a shame that the folks producing this show have fallen right in line with the popular opinions of the day and have ceased to deliver straightforward fact based info with an open mind and curiosity. Too many more like this one on “water” and you’ll have lost a listener for good.

TED   (5/5)

I love the new host but I miss the opening; Technology, Engineering, Design!! Why did you drop it?!

Please...   (1/5)

Could we get Guy back??? I believe he’s a better report / host. His insight he adds to the TED talks in between TED Talks really help string things together better ideas and thoughts. I know this is most likely not gonna be accepted but I just wanted to speak the truth.

Inspirational, motivational, and thought-provoking   (5/5)

Once I start listening, I can’t seem to stop! Not only has each episode been informative and entertaining, they’ve also caused me to have some paradigm shifts. This world would be a better place if more people listened.

Go-To!!!!   (5/5)

TED Radio Hour never disappoints!! I’ve stopped reading the descriptions now because, whatever it is, I know will interest and educate me on something new!!

I am a sponge   (5/5)

I love listening to this podcast. I am constantly learning from these episodes. Often times on subjects I wouldn’t ever research, like reproductive systems in fish. Keep up the great work. I want to soak up as much as I can.

Hi   (1/5)

So cool

Podcast content   (3/5)

When can we get a different, preferably uplifting subject. I’m tired of listening to pandemic and depressing subjects. I get this on tv and internet. I’m hoping I can escape from this with a podcast. At least occasionally. Please

Favorite Podcast   (5/5)

I was nervous about the changes to my favorite podcast but for no reason. Manoush is a joy to listen to and an incredible interviewer!

Manoush is the perfect host to the Ted Radio Hour   (5/5)

I’ve loved and followed Manoush from Note To Self through ZigZag to the TRH. I love her voice which always expresses the wonder, sincerity, authenticity, and curiosity that are perfect for the show. Unsolicited vocal “coaching” for Manoush isn’t necessary, but could maybe be the basis for a TRH themed episode. There are several related TED talks already.

Still & Always a Favorite   (5/5)

Preference of someone’s voice is highly personal, lots of research out there about why individuals find a voice pleasing. That’s what makes it an odd focus for a review. Along with the use of terms like “liberal” and “too much social commentary” make me suspect other biases are in play. When Manoush debuted, I tweeted that I was nervous and skeptical, but she nailed it and I stand by that assessment today. Personally, I find her voice pleasing, but that has little to do with my critique. It is her command of the show and her intelligence that drive my listening.

Long time listener, new fan of Manoush   (5/5)

I have listened on and off for years and was surprised and delighted to hear a new voice hosting one of my favorite podcasts. Manoush is amazing and I can’t wait to hear what she does next.

TED Radio Hour is good, Manoush Zomorodi is great   (4/5)

Manoush is an enjoyable host and a talented interviewer. I enjoy TED Radio Hour even more since she has become the host. In fact I was not a regular listener before, but once her other podcast — ZigZag, with Jen Poyant — went quiet I came here just so I could get my regular dose of Manoush.

Big fan of Manoush   (5/5)

I could listen to Manoush forever, she’s the best! I learned so much from her Note to Self podcast, and just love her on Ted.

TED is better than ever.   (5/5)

I loves me a good ted talk, but I sit at a desk all day and hate sitting and staring at video when i could be moving, walking, pulling weeds. Ted radio knits together various talks with new insights and fresh perspectives. I’ve listened for a long while and was delighted when Manoush Zamorodi took over as host. I followed her New Tech City/Note to Self pod forever, and she’s a great storyteller and a thoughtful interviewer. Her friendly style works so well with this content. Love hearing her voice on TED.

Manoush has a wonderful voice   (5/5)

There are a lot of vocal qualities that annoy me to no end such as up talking and vocal fry. Yours is the wonderful opposite. I find your voice warm, soothing and pleasant. Anyone who says otherwise itching for a fight.

Excellent   (5/5)

Have listened for years, and while I loved Guy Raz, I think Manoush Zomorodi is doing a great job in taking the reins. I have really appreciated the curated episodes tailored to current news - IMO it would feel tone deaf to ignore recent events. Wonderful, thought-provoking content.

Love this podcast   (5/5)

I love this podcast! Great host

Manoush is the host we need   (5/5)

I’ve listened to Manoush for years across her various podcasts. I remember her “radio reporter” voice, but have always preferred her conversational tone that we hear Manoush use for the TED Radio Hour. While I’ll miss Guy (but I get enough of him on Wow In The World), I’m excited for the change in hosts and remain a happy listener.

Love Manoush!   (5/5)

I’ve loved Manoush on her previous podcasts and went to her book tour a few years back. I am happy she’s hosting-Guy is a tough act to follow but I love Manoush and can’t wait for more! She’s a fantastic journalist and a great storyteller.

Niki   (5/5)

Manoush is a great host, I really enjoy every podcast from her till now. Thanks Manoush.

Manoush is the Best Host in Podcasting   (5/5)

I’ve been a fan of Manoush since “Note to Self” and was so excited when she took over Ted Radio Hour. She brings empathy, compassion and honesty to the show, which is welcoming for listeners and disarming to her guests. She has a great voice too! Not that someone’s voice matters at all in a podcast. People complaining might not be used to hearing empathy.

Aces   (5/5)

Manoush Zomorodi is by far my favorite podcast host. Her voice and delivery draw you in on every single segment, and the fact that she’s connected to a franchise as beloved as TED is just more than we deserve. Recommended.

Excellent, long-running program   (5/5)

Each episode takes a deep dive into an interesting topic illustrated by several TED Talks. You don’t get the whole talks, but you do get excerpts and interviews with the presenters. The new host is continuing the fine tradition.

k_essie   (5/5)

Great podcast! Love the hosts. Will be back to listen more!

Manoush FOR LYFE   (5/5)

I have always LOVED Manoush, and she shines on this podcast. She is an obviously the perfect host for this. Everyone being sexist about her voice should be ignored — you’ll be missing out on something amazing if you don't listen!

LOVE Manoush   (5/5)

So nice to hear a brilliant woman of color at the helm of this show! Manoush is a warm, engaging host and her voice these thoughtful episodes are exactly what I need when the world around seems like Too Much to handle.

Must listen to stories and analysis   (5/5)

Manoush is quite simply the best host in the world. Her insight, humour and style come together to make this show simply outstanding. If you are looking for a podcast that is good for anytime listening-and you want to spark curiosity and dialogues, this is it!

My New Friday Favorite   (5/5)

I am a new listener/subscriber to the TED Radio Hour and I love it! I’ve always been familiar with the TED platform, but never followed along, unless the speaker was someone I was interested in. Then they went and made the host someone I was interested in! I have been a fan of Manoush Zomorodi’s since discovering her on Note to Self. I followed her and Jen Poyant over to ZigZag and then a solo-Manoush over to this show. Many listeners talk about becoming “friends” with their podcast hosts. Manoush’s delivery is very much like listening to an old friend speak. There is a comfort in her voice, an openness behind the questions she asks, and an honesty in her responses. It is refreshing to actually feel that you can trust the information she is presenting. On that note, it is not only very refreshing to hear a woman’s voice and perspective on the topics covered, but it is just as important. Women deserve just as much space on the world’s information-stage and not just in regard to what’s happening on the latest episode of a given reality show. Not to downplay pop culture in any way, but women’s voices need to be heard in the discussions around science, technology, and the human experience, too. With all of that being said (and I know I said a lot), I highly recommend this show. Take a listen to Manoush’s other shows that I’ve mentioned, too. While you’re at it, make sure your podcast feed as a good balance of female to male hosts; we’re in 2020 now after all.

Manoush is Gold-Tier Podcasting   (5/5)

Came back after bouncing off a while ago. Big fan of Manoush’s podcast oeuvre and her early work here has me excited to see where she takes TED.

Love it   (5/5)

Manoush has the perfect voice to guide us through a world of big ideas. Love it.

so satisfying!   (5/5)

I love the TED Radio Hour. I thought that I'd miss Guy terribly. He was great, but Manoush is awesome in her own way. This show never disappoints. It is thought provoking, informative, and inspiring.

Thank you   (5/5)

I was thinking about my toast and I wanna thought what does it take to make it? And I thank the factory for the bread the farmer for the wheat the machine makers for the toaster the Electricians for the power and Ben Franklin for investing electricity So there you have the people you need to thank for your so simple toast

Never ending wonder   (5/5)

I am so thankful to everyone who makes this podcast possible - they feed my curiosity, share important information and wisdoms, and keep me constantly intrigued and growing. What a precious gift!

Ted radio hour   (5/5)

Listen every night. Always so interesting. I miss the old introduction though, but Manoush is a great host as well!

Long- time fan   (5/5)

I’ve been a long-time fan of Ted Radio Hour and love it with Manoush as host! I continue to listen multiple times a week - always a pleasurable listen.

Educational, Captivating and Entertaining   (5/5)

Manoush Zomorodi is one of my favorite podcast hosts! I really enjoy listening to different topics, which further leads do listening to the original Ted Talk. I especially find it useful because I can zero in on a curated list of Ted Talks. M Zomorodi’s style of interviewing is so refreshing, the little lighthearted touches are a bonus!

Thought producing   (5/5)

Manoush is a wonderful host and she brings new thoughts and ideas to an already informative and thought producing podcast. Thank you!

Stimulating and relevant, favorite podcast.   (5/5)

Can’t say enough good things about the Ted Radio Hour. Very few episodes that have not kept me engaged and hungry for more from the hosts and guests. Relevant to our time and issues. Love how it weaves an insightful theme through several Ted Talks and digs deeper with the speakers. Guy (previous) and Manoush (current)...superb hosts and interviewers, and obvious top-notch talent on the joint NPR/TED team that brings it all together.

Ted radio hour   (1/5)

The Ted radio hour has gone into the Dumpster Since the new Host has debuted. The excellent intro and music is gone the little girly voice And alot of victim hood pc programs!

Always worthwhile   (5/5)

This podcast gets me to think about different ideas and points of view.

Climate Mindset   (5/5)

This was one of most hopeful and inspiring of the new episodes from new host, Manoush. I’ve been listening for a few years and have loved most episodes, if not always interested in every topic. Everyone interviewed in this piece narrated an aspect of where we have come from and where we could be heading with both pessimism and aggressive optimism. I want to recommend this podcast to the many climate change deniers in my life but think too many have already closed their minds and hearts by accepting political climate hoax yapping taking place in America to even give listening a chance. Sadly, many of these people have children, grandchildren even great-grands who will be so affected if we don’t do the tough work now. I truely loved the ending poem by Oliver Jeffers, spelling of his name may be off. If you haven’t listened to TED Radio Hour, do so soon. It will expand your outlook and thinking about our universe.

Fantastic show. Love the diverse topics   (5/5)

Manoush is a great host. Love the show. It’s great hearing about so many different topics on the same podcast.

Amazing   (5/5)

Love love love

Ted Radio Hour   (5/5)

Ive been listening to this since the beginning & i LOVE it!

I love manoush   (5/5)

I love the new host and I absolutely love ted radio hour. Although I do feel that the topics and discussions could go into further depth and be a little less about entertainment, even though that is very important. Nonetheless? I love The Ted radio hour and I absolutely love manoush and think she is doing a very good job taking over the show

Unbalanced   (2/5)

As another reviewer noted, TED Radio Hour historically has been left-leaning. The most recent shows have largely abandoned relatively objective discussions, swerving almost exclusively to “progressive” viewpoints. I hope this decline will be corrected.

Ted radio Hour   (5/5)

Each morning, my dog and I walk 4 miles and I listen to the Ted Radio Hour. Every program is so interesting, educational and moving that I find myself doing more research each day! Thank you Manoush!

Going great so far!   (5/5)

Manoush, you’re doing a fantastic job!! You jumped into big shoes, and you’re killing it! I’m really enjoying it through your lens! Thanks for keeping the quality, so (even) longtime listeners can still enjoy it.

Great new host :)   (5/5)

I love Manuosh!

Manoush is awesome!   (5/5)

I’ve always enjoyed TED Radio hour but I think that Manoush has been wonderful addition to the very insightful show. I find something profound and uplifting in each episode. Thank you!

Manoush is WONDERFUL!   (5/5)

Manoush (the new host) is phenomenal — love her tone and personal stamp while still keeping true to the tone set by Guy and classic TedRadio. Great stuff! ❤️

Love this podcast!   (5/5)

I was listening to this podcast when Guy Roz was on it and the transition to Manush was just as awesome! They are both intelligent and amazing hosts. I constantly look for the latest podcasts for the Ted Radio Hour.

Love NPR   (5/5)

I’ve enjoyed getting used to the new host. Obviously a change from the previous one but still good content. Thank you Manoush!

great show   (5/5)

love this show

Miss the original TED   (3/5)

The TED Radio Hour has always been left-leaning, but at least in the past the presentations contained objective information. Now the show is devolving into emotionally-based community activism. Please drop the agendas and bring back real technology, education, and design.

So good!   (5/5)

I love TED Radio Hour and the fascinating topics they discuss. I’m NOT of scientist but I always feel a little smarter and more aware of the world around me after each episode. I recommend to anyone!

The best new host   (5/5)

I love that we’re getting the fresh perspective of a new host. I still listen to her previous work on the podcast Note to Self. Thank goodness for all her interesting thoughtful work!

Bye Ted   (2/5)

The new host is as insulting tonthe listeners intelligence as Radio Lab. The phony, child, excitement and dumb-down response/questions is horrific. I will miss Ted

Guy Lipsmacks too Much   (1/5)

Yikes, Well, we don’t have Guy’s exuberance, and lip-smacking anymore, but Manoush is carrying on the staged excitement torch that so pervades NPR anymore. Haven’t listened for awhile, and it finally bubbled up in may podcast queue, and despite the interesting content, I just can’t listen to the "Wow” factor. OK, Guy’s gone, that’s a good thing. I no longer hear the mouth smacks that percuss Guy’s speech. But starting out Manoush’s first show with OK GO, is a sure sign of failure. One of the most contrived “bands” there is. The content is OK, though overproduced, but with the singsongy character of Guy Raz, and worse, the constant, and incessant lip smacking virtually every time he begins to speak, I find this program drifting down to the podcasts I hate-listen to when all others are exhausted. It’s so bad, I have become overly sensitive to even the most minor smacks from other presenters. You think vocal fry is a problem, this is much much more annoying. Get a better producer, do some post editing, or get a speech coach.

My favorite podcast ever   (5/5)

I listen to it everyday. Can't recommend it enough. I love how broad the topics are, and Manoush is great!

Miss Guy   (3/5)

I LOVED listening to TED. I loved Guy. I cannot get myself to like listening to this new host. I miss being able to enjoy this show! Not a fan of this new host and I’m sad to have to go

Used to be great   (1/5)

Miss the old host.

Love you Manoush!!   (5/5)

I loved Note to Self so I was into Manoush before it was cool. 😎 This show needed to change things up. I’m excited for it.

Where is the data   (1/5)

Enjoy this podcast, but often feel it is becoming more entertainment or politically motivated. Where is the data on the statements, opinions stated as fact? 2% of the world population as unisex? I would like to see the source of that “fact”.

Manoush. Your great   (5/5)

I really enjoy listening to all your pod cast. Hope to hear soon what other people did during this time of lock down. For me from the beginning I decided to walk and listen to Podcast instead of downer news. Also decided to come out of this looking better than fatter. I walk now up to 10 or more miles a day.

Host   (5/5)

Bring Guy back please.

Pro-Manoush   (5/5)

I love the new host! She’s had to make a lot of her debut in some extraordinary circumstances and I think she’s doing a fantastic job bringing us incredible stories in this difficult time. I’m excited to see where else she can take the show.

Love the new host!!   (5/5)

While I do miss Guy, I love Manoush and her take on things. Really excited for future episodes.

Guy????   (3/5)

What happened to Guy??????

The format has gone downhill!   (2/5)

The format has gone downhill with the new host; she lacks the pizazz of Guy. If you can’t get Guy back, please find someone who has some depth in all things “TED.” Sorry, she gave it a try, but she is just too soapy for an intelligent audience. And let’s get away from trying to link every episode to COVID-19 and it’s impact on people and business... there is so much else going on in this world.

Unfortunate downturn   (2/5)

As a long time listener and TED subscriber, I had always appreciated the nicely curated episodes that not only dived deeper into each talk but also broadened the perspective of related topics. I was excited about the new host and expected even better learning experience. What a disappointment! The new format, albeit keeping a single topic, became a “guidebook” to the original talks. Instead of bringing about more from the original talks, it reduced them to summaries. On top of that, there’s no more insights from the speakers or other experts to further the subjects. So each episode becomes a few clips of the original talks and lots of commentaries/explanations from the host and a producer, which is unbearably dull and uninspiring. I had to stop listening after about 10 minutes for the recent episodes :/ I waited a few episodes to write the feedback to give the new team some time to tweak and adjust. However, it doesn’t look like there’s any sign of change at the time being. I doubt I’m the only one who feels this way. And I hope the TED radio hour team could improve upon the feedbacks.

Disappointed   (3/5)

In the past, the best episodes of Ted Radio Hour were ones with a seemingly average topic...and somehow turned into insightful episodes with novel takeaways about “normal” topics. The show doesn’t do that for me anymore. It seems shallow, uninteresting, and even “basic” now. I was excited to hear that Manoush was going to be the host, but I’m now leaning toward hoping she’s replaced.

Yes   (3/5)

I don’t like it when you put segments of a previous show into a current show. I’ve already heard that and have no interest in hearing it again. If I wanted to hear it again I would replay the entire old episode. i want you to take the trouble to actually provide a new episode instead of taking short cuts. When I’m listening to one of your programs and come to a part that’s a rerun I just turn it off and move on to a different podcast. It has come to the point now that soon I am going to lose patience entirely and not turn it on at all.

Manoush you rock!   (5/5)

Not only I want to echo the sentiment around being skeptical about transition and being blown away but also the fact that the effort you have put in to 1. Make the episodes very relevant 2. Being able to figure out logistics to make it happen during the pandemic impacted lifestyle. Kudos to you and team!

Stop calling for revolution   (1/5)

Since Guy has been replaced, they have utilized what was a great educational and insightful show to spread radical ideas. Like that capitalism need to stop? Are you seriously calling for revolution? Please it’s sad, Stop. I don’t mind the new host she’s fine. However, Bring back GUY! He did it his way. The better way. And please, stop making content for the 10% extremist. Because honestly, the 90% of us are getting annoyed. I may unsubscribe if this extremism continues.

Super smooth transition and it’s great!   (5/5)

It’s as if she’s been doing this podcast for years. I’ll be honest. I was really skeptical about the transition and especially when they were recycling old episodes, but wow this was a surprise. She’s so natural at this. Great job team

Manoush is FABULOUS!!!   (5/5)

Manoush you are awesome! I was so worried. Who can replace Guy? YOU!!!! Thank you for being here and making Ted Podcast as exciting and newly so.

Bring back Guy!   (1/5)

Really miss Guy Raz. He just had a special way. Bring back Guy!

Missing Guy   (2/5)

Missing Guy. Loved the way he interviewed and turned all topics into fascinating talks even the boring ones. Meh!

Bring Back Guy   (1/5)

Guy Raz turned the interesting into the Enlightening. He elevated topics; seemed to relish in the quirkiest of quirky while educating, inspring & uplifting. He has a great radio talent. The new host has, literally, the worst radio voice I have ever heard & no ability to ask insightful questions. She went to Georgetown? I don't mean to be "elitest" but this woman is the living, breathing persona of everything wrong with privilege in this country. You have money, connections, go to the right schools & then ask us to believe there is something "unique" that you offer because you have been treated that way your whole life. Listening to this woman drone truly makes me think of EXACTLY THAT. NPR WAS made great by hosts that embrace the "off the beaten" in a way that inspires. Every time I hear this woman on the radio, I think to myself, how did she get there? More importantly, why do they keep putting her on? I have never heard her say anything that is interesting or insightful. She so obviously lacks any connection to the reality of "ordinary" Americans yet speaks as thoug she "knows" so much more. It's not just the nasal twang, it's not just the questions that often are only marginally related to the topic; t's the fact that she really doesn't seem to understand that "she doesn't understand." Please get a new host.

Ted radio hour   (1/5)

Has been my favorite for years but the new shows and host are disappointing. Now it’s a lightweight show with less gravitas. Please bring back Guy.

Lost its mojo   (1/5)

Used to be a great, thought provoking podcast. The new crew has reduced it to touchy freely drivel. Say it ain’t forever!

I love too what’s and a wow   (5/5)

Wow in the World is the best

“Thanks” for ruining my favorite podcast.   (1/5)

This used to be my favorite podcast. Manoush, with her giggling and interjections, has made this completely inaccessible to anyone with a brain. Sigh. I just knew I should have written more favorable reviews while Guy was host. So should have everyone who (used to) enjoy the show.

Was one of my fav   (3/5)

Didn’t want to be too harsh on the new host, it’s not easy to take over such a great show which has been running for years. We all loved Guy. But i just can’t stand her voice... I really wish she had a more inviting voice. Podcast is all about content and the audio experience. I probably will still check back sometimes to see if there’s any interesting topics, not many so far. But won’t be following as I used to.

❤️   (5/5)

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. That’s all i can say ❤️

Love it   (5/5)

Love the podcast & Manoush Z is doing a great job.

Killed the Joy   (1/5)

Congratulations on ruining a half dozen amazing podcast ( and a fundamentally good idea) by interrupting every speaker with your worthless commentary. You have ruin Guy’s show. Stop it-/please!!!

Guy is the man!   (3/5)

I am a long time listener. I looked forward to every episode when Guy was the host. Unfortunately the new host doesn’t do it for me. Nothing against her but the show no longer keeps my attention.

Welcome manoush......   (5/5)

Wasn't going to be easy topping guy no matter who. You are doing an excellent job manoush. goodluck

New host   (5/5)

Happy to report that Manoush is super informed and well spoken! Great content. Thank you!

Please Bring Back Guy   (1/5)

New host doesn’t seem well informed on the required breadth of topics.

Manoush is doing great!   (5/5)

Manoush and the team are doing a great job!

New host   (1/5)

Please bring back Guy or get someone else to host who has a working knowledge or interest in anything.

Tired of it...   (3/5)

You know, these days all the topics ,news and basically everything is about COVID-19 I listen to TED to freshen up, and learn something interesting and new But almost all off your podcasts are becoming about this virus...

I love this show   (5/5)

When I listen to this show I am not only entertained but I’m getting smarter. The combination of different perspectives on a similar concept or story is particularly enlightening gives me an opportunity to have debates with people from several sides. If all other Podcasts went away I would still feel connected to the world.

Great new series   (5/5)

Manoush is amazing and new series are great! Thanks to the team.

New host is 💯   (5/5)

Manoush is fantastic. She brings great energy, fun questions and wonderful curiosity. Love the podcast now more than ever!

Uncharted episode   (5/5)

This episode is fascinating! Highly recommend

Dramatic fall from insightful to left wing talking points   (1/5)

Formerly the most insightful, out of the box and brilliant of podcast has lately become nothing more than left wing talking points with no counterbalance. Such a pity.

Wish Guy was back   (3/5)

I don’t really like the new girl. I wish guy was back. Please bring Guy back. Please. Please.

Not a fan   (1/5)

Loren to a few and not interested. The recent reissue of Boredom was silly and simplistic. Zero substance. Look elsewhere.

loved this show. don’t like the new girl.   (3/5)

i loved this show. always felt like i walked away having learned so much and inspired. this new girl tho. just don’t like her. the questions she asks, the ways she sees the world. just find myself not caring about what she has to say.

Loving the transition to Manoush   (5/5)

Manoush is amazing

Awesome   (5/5)

I was nervous about the switch from Guy to Manoush, but she’s great! I loved the past couple of episodes, especially the most recent one about stars (Uncharted Territory). Very poetic, too: “we are made of stardust.” :)

Missing out.   (5/5)

Since my HS is shut down for......? As a HS science teacher I make up on line lessons for my students. I have a “required listening” part of daily lessons. This is one podcast on list. For those that aren’t on line or “connected” I am trying to tape and mail weekly lessons to my students. Luckily post office mail man is helping pick up and mail envelopes with tapes. School has given cheap tape players to our “unconnected” students. Challenging to figure out new way to reach/ teach students. Thanks for making my job a bit more important now. Thankful, Dr. GC

Solid and Engaging   (5/5)

I loved this when Guy was the host and it’s just as amazing with Manoush as the host! The stories are always interesting and engaging and presented in a digestible way. Anyone who leaves reviews criticizing Manoush’s reporting skills need to check their own inherent biases.

Grateful fan   (5/5)

Manoush is wonderful, Guy is wonderful. Thank you for your important work!

Manoush 🤢🤮   (2/5)

Guy raz is superb but Manoush is not good 🤢🤢🤮

Losing stars, sorry.   (2/5)

So, I was afraid of this when Minush took over. When are they going to change the name to Minush’s Luddite hour?

Sound editing   (3/5)

Sound editing is so bad, it’s like they’re making serious subjects into cartoons. Volume up way to loud and interferes with the experts speaking.

The Best Show Ever!   (5/5)

No explanation needed, just enjoy

Welcome Manoush!   (5/5)

First episode was great; you have revived the TED Radio Hour. Thanks.

High Bar   (5/5)

Manoush’s first episode set a high bar as it is one of my favorites after years of listening to Guy’s awaome TED Radio Hour episodes. Manoush made it obvious that she will maintain or increase the high quality of the TED Radio Hour!

Amazing   (5/5)

So goooood! Love the new voice and direction. Thank you so much for your hard work, vision, and leadership!!!!

Hard left, not necessarily balanced   (1/5)

Well, Manoush turned the podcast hard left. That is unfortunate because I really liked it. I will stick around for 4-5 more episodes before quitting. I predict that Manoush will end up with 1000 true followers in an echo chamber. I only wish that chosen topics were less politicized or at least balanced. Far left is not the only point of view.

Yay!   (5/5)

Manoush, you were wonderful! And THIS was a captivating episode!

Manoush, way to keep a great show great!   (5/5)

I’ll admit I wondered whether TED Radio Hour would be as good with a new host. Guess what? I still thoroughly enjoyed the newest episode! Guy was wonderful, and so is Manoush.

Loved guy, but so stoked on manoush!!!   (5/5)

I think having a new host is going to be awesome :) I’m so excited for this season!

Wonderful New Host!   (5/5)

Loved Guy, and new host is just as great! Thank you for keeping thus wonderful show alive! Welcome Manoush!

Still great with Manoush   (5/5)

I’ve listened to this show since the beginning. Guy did an incredible job with it, but it was the right time to hand it off. He couldn’t have picked a better replacement than Manoush. She is a serious long time journalist and podcaster with the skills and demeanor for TRH. First new episode on reinvention is a great listen. The original quality and format is still there with a fresh vibe from MZ. Well done.

Great job Manoush!!   (5/5)

First original episode of yours was enjoyable and interesting. I remember all of those OK Go videos so well. I’m going to go watch them all over again now. I’m easily excitable, and this has got me waiting for a new episode every day. Guy was a great host, but I’m ready for a new one, and I’m extremely thankful that you’re on the job. Over all, the podcast is a nice thing to listen to when on a long ride or just bored. It really gets you thinking, and I love getting introduced to so many amazing people in the span of one hour. This is my favorite podcast, along with TedTalks Daily.

Manoush!!!   (5/5)

Yay! I love you for this. So fresh. Thank you!

One of the best   (5/5)

I have learned a lot from TED talk. It’s one of the best. I’ll continue to listen.

Great podcast, except the segment with murderer-sympathizer Lindy Lou Isonhood   (4/5)

After listening to Isonhood speak in her Ted talk I was profoundly disturbed- to the point where I felt obligated to speak up. She showed complete callousness and disregard for the victims, as well as their families. Not once did she bother to speak about the victims. Instead she told the story of a rapist and murderer who committed “heinous” (her word) crimes. She then proceeded to say he deserved forgiveness. Even worse she portrayed yourself as the victim, claiming she has “PTSD.” She is no victim and this is not her story. It is the story of two women who were brutally murdered. Her comments about their killer are equal parts absurd and disgusting. I believe Isonhood is a narcissist who spun this story to revolve around herself. Equally as horrifying, she is an accomplice to misogyny for forgiving a man of rape and murder. Why doesn’t she educate herself and learn about the victims: their lives, their hopes and dreams, and all the things they never got to do? Learn about their families, who not only live each day without their loved one, but also have to hear Isonhood say the murderer deserved another chance. I am curious what she would say if her daughter was the one savagely murdered by a sociopath who has no regard for human life? Isonhood is nothing but a cold and malicious rapist-sympathizer. My message to her: Don’t you dare tell the story of these women as your own again. And to NPR: Shame on you for spreading this woman’s vile message.

Ads   (1/5)

No point of listening when half the episode is all ads & speakers are cut off randomly.

Unsub   (1/5)

I can’t stand the political bias and constant religious undertones.

Erasing Stigma - issue with semantics   (3/5)

I truly think you need to rethink the use of the phrase Mental Illness rather than Mental Health. Please think about the implications of an episode description that utilizes that particular term. The two terms are often used interchangeably, however they send two different messages to the larger public. I find it ironic that the presenter of this TED talk piece specifically goes out of the way to use the phrase mental health as opposed to mental illness. Yet, his goal of changing the stigma is undermined by the description of this episode

Has become too woke   (1/5)

I thought TED stood for “technology, entertainment, design” but recently all of the episodes are super woke SJW topics. I’d like it if TED could get back to more interesting subjects

Nick   (2/5)

Rarely novel or inspiring anymore. The TEDs that are featured are mostly dull, lackluster and downright boring at times. The narrator and speakers broadly try to appeal to human emotion far to often.

New episodes usually good, repeats not always marked   (4/5)

I like this show but find it extremely frustrating that they obfuscate whether an episode it a repeat or not. Sometime don’t realize it until 10 minutes in.

Life changing   (5/5)

So sad Guy is retiring from this show but also happy it continues with a new host.

Great   (5/5)

A good podcast, but has no cats as guests. Please have at least one. Even if it’s the cat’s owner is the one talking. Just have them bring their cat to the studio. This is very important for me.

Love these BUT   (5/5)

Some of these podcasts sound like the speed of the recording is super fast otherwise I’m obsessed with TED RADIO

Guy Raz   (5/5)

What a fantastic host , really made this podcast come to life. Will miss you! Truly an enjoyment.

The best host (Guy Raz) ever!   (5/5)

Thank you Guy Raz!

Too many repeats!!!   (1/5)

I quit subscribing because it’s always a repeat. Decided to subscribe again. Too many repeats. Unsubscribing again.

One of the Best   (5/5)

Have just discovered that Guy Raz is no longer hosting......So bummed out !! Love this show. Even though I get nothing done when it's on because I don't want to miss anything ! I learn something valuable from every single program,. Love his voice, his demeanour, his abundant curiousity. The beauty of the internet is that I can go back and listen to episodes i've missed, which are plenty, and also replay old favorites. In the meantime I welcome the new host. She must be super cool to even attempt to fill such big shoes. Best of luck !

Good   (5/5)

Homo Guy is leave so it bad mamoosh is gee

Wow   (5/5)

I came back after a short break of listening to find out the Guy is leaving. It will not be the same. I’m so sad. I loved his voice and the way he tells stories. I don’t even know how I’ll handle.

Great Podcast- We’ll miss you Guy   (5/5)

This is a really professionally produced podcast with great information and well written story lines, but Will really miss Guy Raz hosting. My kids love listening to him on Wow in the World and I’ve always enjoyed listening to him on Ted radio hour.

One of my favorites   (4/5)

Most episodes are interesting and some even inspiring. My only complaint is how often they repost old episodes and how they come off as new in the feed. I’m a runner so it’s pretty annoying to get five minutes in on a run and then realize I already heard the episode a year ago. Believe it or not the struggle is real to have to stop my run and find something else to listen too!

Welcome Manoush!   (5/5)

I've held this podcast near and dear and recommended endlessly to friends, family, and colleagues. The only thing that could soften Guy's departure would be Manoush! I'm thrilled she's coming onboard and after enjoying every episode of "Note to Self", I'm so happy to see her back at NPR and taking over a podcast I already love so much. Guy, you'll be missed, but Manoush you got this, girl! Cheers to a new year, all ☺️

Meh   (2/5)

Every time I listen to an episode, it sound hokey, histrionic and melodramatic to the point that it detracts from the content.

Guy Roz   (5/5)

TED will not be the same without Guy. His insight keeps me interested, and why I continue downloading the podcast every week (for the last several years). I don’t know if I can listen without Guy’s familiar voice guiding me through the story.

Thank you, Guy!   (5/5)

Your podcast has been one of the most inspirational and motivational podcasts I’ve ever listened to, and it truly has changed some of the ways in which I live my life. Guy, you will be missed dearly!!! Welcome to the new host!

One of the best Podcast and Guy is the best host.   (1/5)

Guy, if your reading this, please know that your hosting, leadership and expression of your curiosity and creativity have made this show one of the most important tools to help man kind reach their best selves. A few years ago I left a job after 20 years. In the months before I left, this show filled me with inspiration and confidence to take the leap into my act 2 and be a better version of my self. In fact, in my goodbye letter to the office, I mentioned your show and how it helped inspire me. I will give Manoush Zomorodi the same open mindedness I gave you all those years ago. I just wanted you to know that you lead a masterful and perfect show that is unmatched. You will be greatly missed and I hope one day you come back or do something exactly like this in the future.

Guy   (4/5)

I have always enjoyed this pod. However, I am rating it a 4 due to Guy leaving. He has made this pod a regular for me and his departure is difficult for me to accept. Thank you Guy!

Thank you Guy, this is the best podcast.   (5/5)

We listen every episode when I drive my daughter to school in the morning, she is in 8th grade. This show opens the world for her, she learns deep, thoughtful and meaningful thinking through your show. Thank you!

Why? Why? Why?   (5/5)

I guess the reason does not matter! I just want you to know that I’m going to miss your voice and the way you guide my favorite podcast 🤎

Worth listening   (4/5)

I love the Ted Radio Hour, but there seems to be nothing new. The most recent releases, at least for the past few months, are all reruns of previous episodes, and I’ve heard all of them. If they’re not complete reruns, it’s a rerun with one new interview in it. It seems like the team has given up or gone on hiatus with no notice. I’d love to hear some new episodes exploring new ideas.


First of all, I love the show. On the most recent episode, regarding social movement, climate change, etc. all of your guests were severely liberal. The fact you only produce that point of view, tells me that you’re not seeing what’s going on. The fact that the news only covers the liberal point of view, it fools you all into thinking that it’s the ONLY point of view. So when something happens like the 2016 Election, the liberals are stunned. So much so, they still can’t accept the fact that it happened. When a conservative IS mentioned by you all, it’s in a horrible light...and that makes us think you’re bullying us. Any way you skin the cat, if you don’t cover the narrative fairly, then it’s a disservice to the entire thing....and once you prove that you can be fair, then maybe people will start believing your climate crisis is real jazz. Since you all just started screaming about it after Trump was elected and not while Obama was in office, it’s hard to trust the narrative...especially when the first thing you do is blame the president.

Excellent   (5/5)

I love how they bring in the highlights of related Ted talks to bring a broader perspective to always interesting topics. Always interesting and informative! A wonderful variety of topics as well

Quick pick me up   (5/5)

If you’re a nerd always trying to learn more this is the podcast to listen to.

One of my favorites   (5/5)

Well done and gives voice from all sides of the story.

Working Weekends At A Psych ER   (4/5)

Dr. Julie Holland ran the weekend shift at Bellevue's psychiatric emergency room for nine years. You get an inside of her new book Weekends at Bellevue, where she describes some of the patients she encountered to the people who were manic to some who were criminally insane and how throughout her nine years she dealt with the job and what lead her to eventually leaving and starting her own private practice. This is an interesting podcast episode because its only based on Dr, Holland's point of view and her own personal experience. This gives an insight into future psychiatric majors.

One of the best programs out there   (5/5)

One of the best programs out there

amazing   (5/5)

guy is amazing. this podcast is amazing. i listen to it when i run and it gets me so into a thought i barely feel like i am running. it really is a work of art and if you are looking to be enlightened or even just learn a little bit about everything, this is the podcast. beautiful. love you guy.

Interesting   (5/5)

I enjoy this thought provoking podcast!

Just go straight to TED Talks Daily   (1/5)

Not sure why anyone would think TED talks need this enhanced format. If there is anything that stands well enough on its own, it would be a TED talk. Go listen to the talks in their original format, unedited and without someone else’s commentary tagged on.

Love the podcast, however...   (5/5)

I want to start by saying that I love this podcast. Guy Raz is a fantastic interviewer and I find the content incredibly interesting and eye-opening. That being said, this latest episode, “rethinking anger,” I 100% disagree with. Yes, anger is a normal human emotion that we all experience, but how you deal with it is key. I don’t understand how one could think that getting outwardly angry can be better for your health than say, yoga, meditation, deep breathing or any other method to release anger in a healthy way. Anger is contagious. One person shows anger, another reacts with anger, and in some cases it can spread like wildfire. At one point the interviewee condones getting red in the face and pounding on podiums at presidential debates. I would be much more likely to vote for someone who can make decisions in a calm, logical state of mind as opposed to an emotional one. Anger and other strong emotions negatively impact decision making abilities. Like I said, absolutely love the show, but I feel that this episode has slightly damaged its credibility. :(

Love this podcast   (5/5)

I love this podcast and have learned so much. Thank you!

Mental health   (5/5)

Thank you for this episode. As a person who has been suffering with epilepsy for the past 30yrs I have noticed increased anxiety that any moment I can have a tonic clonic. I have resisted therapy but the last episode has given me the push I need.

Great radio!   (5/5)

Feel smarter and active,when ever I listen to the show,Thanks!

Amazing and informative   (5/5)

This is the one show I keep coming back to over and over again.

Educational on the Go 🎧   (5/5)

This podcast is educational, informative & enlightening. Guy Raz does a good job hosting the show. I like the smooth editing of each episodes. My only criticism is that they keep uploading/posting past episodes way too much. I probably & literally have listened to some of those episodes 3 or 4 times already. Keep up the good work!👍🏽 Update: I LOVED this most recent, new episode “Teaching For Better Humans”. The topic & the guests! It was very much needed! I also want to focus on the new host, Manoush Zomorodi. I love her voice and I think she did a better job than Guy Raz. I hope she stays. Like always, keep up the good work!👏🏽👏🏽

Knowledge is great!   (5/5)

Always learning new things about all different subjects! Every episode just keeps getting more and more interesting!

Q&A without substance   (1/5)

This podcast is rehearsed Q&A - no debate, no alternative points of view, no challenging or follow up questions. Every job interviewers dream

Oof. This guy’s voice.   (2/5)

His voice is difficult for me to listen to. I often turn the podcast off because i can’t handle it. Voice is so important in a medium like a podcast. Let’s urge our hosts to find their diaphragms and use them. But it’s a particular peeve of mine. Any one else with me?

Yawn   (1/5)

Is this podcast ever going to release new episodes again? Constantly re-airings of episodes.

Can’t get enough   (5/5)

Everything go episode give me a new inspiration and motivation. It is now part of my daily routine to take my early morning walk and listen to how I built this first thing

Well edited   (5/5)

Despite replaying older episodes so often I find they age well. The editing department behind TED radio hour is phenomenal and their sound design always knows how to strike a cord. Guy Raz is a great even sided host and knows how to get the most out of his guests. Great podcast for all people

Better Human   (5/5)

This podcast should be required listening for all humans. Undeniably the best continuing education available. Love love and live it.

Quality pod   (5/5)

Excellent podcast. I actually love the host Guy’s voice! I just wish they would come out with new episodes more often- seems like it’s been mostly re-runs lately.

Believers and Doubters, worst episode   (1/5)

Please delete this episode. There are enough crazy people who believe in “higher power.”

Excuse me   (5/5)

Excuse me while I listen to this podcast on a continuous loop for the rest of my life. Great stuff

The right to Free Speech 7/28/18   (2/5)

This episode about free speech is very biased. It basically says “Let conservatives speak so liberals can show them how wrong they are” They never say “Maybe liberals can learn something from conservatives. Maybe the profile of a conservative is not what the media says it is.” The interviewer is so uneducated that he says that Nazi Germany was conservative. Conservative means to conserve the constitution. Nazis were not in favor of that. They go on to say that other counties don’t allow all speech... As if that is good????. They just assume it will be the liberal elite who gets to determine acceptable speech. Why do liberals always feel other countries do everything better. It’s the road to socialism. A top down socially engineered society run by liberal elite. While I’m glad that this speaker wants free speech. I think he misses the bigger picture and I think the he needs to realize that, he makes wild assumptions about other people or groups and there are many things he needs to learn.

Vocal fry nausea   (3/5)

I very much enjoyed the actual Ted talks by the guests but listening to Guys’ vocal fry makes me nauseous. It’s hardly worth listening to the rest of the talk because his voice is so prominent.

Smart!   (5/5)

Always interesting, always informative, sometimes funny. Easy to go for more to with the full length versions.

Digs deeper   (5/5)

I love this podcast! It takes the TED Talks I’ve watched and expands on them further. It’s fascinating!

Mr. ted 🙄   (1/5)

Okay this is really annoying but it is so worst hey Ted guess what yo mama is so fat that she doesn’t fit inside the house

Liberal media run amok   (1/5)

Most episodes are peppered with left leaning bios. I am looking for a facts only podcast so that I can make my ow decision. If you’re looking for unbiased truth keep moving if you just want to hear what you believe this is it.

Smug   (1/5)

Smug pablum from our tech overlords trying to paper over class struggle .

Pete and repeat   (3/5)

Love the new content - frustrating that new content isn’t available more often

Current every other week.   (2/5)

A great podcast for those who definitely didn’t listen when it was new. For those of us on board since the beginning, every other episode, literally, is a repeat.

Best podcast!!!   (5/5)

I really love Ted talks.. this is such a well done podcast... you’ll learn about pretty much anything you can think of.. I love listening to this on my way to work. The editing is amazing as well.

Awesome   (5/5)

Keep it going!

5/5   (5/5)

Every time I listen to TED radio hour, I feel like I’ve learned the equivalent of a month’s worth of school. I’m left thinking about a part of the world I never would have thought I’d care so much about. I always ending up reading more after I finish listening, or looking up the TED talks of the guests. I used to listen to this during my work shifts in high school, and it was the only thing that got me through the day. I also have to appreciate how well Guy Raz is at speaking to such a variety of guests and approaching every conversation with the right balance of open-mindedness and skepticism. Highly recommend!!

Stop saying Alexa order smart water   (1/5)

Thanks to irresponsible host I purchased smart water.

Great Content & Delivery   (4/5)

The content is 5 star and very interesting and stays with me- probably because they don’t give us the answers to tough questions which keeps me thinking about it throughout the day. The reason why this is 4 stars rather than 5 is because I wish that they would come up with new content each week, but I’d rather have Guy keep making them himself because I assume he’d have to bring on a co-host to increase the quantity. These topics are interesting and relevant and I enjoy the conversational flow that Guy Raz uses. He is good at establishing rapport with speaker and researches the topic beforehand and asks great questions, but you can tell that he doesn’t try to act like he knows everything. It feels like we are all learning together, rather than Guy and the experts educating the audience.

Long-time fan   (5/5)

TED Radio Hour was one of my first podcast subscriptions. The topics are relevant, inspiring, moving, and always leave me thinking about how I can make changes in my own life. I love that they don’t shy away from difficult topics either! Many family conversations with our adolescent kids have started from a TED talk.

Use to be great   (3/5)

Now they just repeat old podcasts every other week. So they are literarily put out half the amount of new content they use to.

Repeating   (1/5)

Why would I want to listen to a podcast I listened to five years ago? Especially when it involves technology and data. You are continuing to turn me off. I’m ready to stop listening.

Repeats   (2/5)

Here’s the deal. This show is great, with relevant interviews, great production value and interesting content. Unfortunately, to cover the gap between new episodes, repeats are pushed out. While they are labeled properly, the listener ends up listening to the same episodes multiple times. This has forced me out of the show as I no longer want to parse each release to determine if I have listened before.

Relevant and interesting   (4/5)

Love this podcast, they discuss relevant issues and discuss a lot of practical application that you could make to your life. The discussions revolve around past TED talks and we usually hear from the speaker themselves, and other guests who are experts on the topic. The podcast itself is kind of glitchy. It does not usually track which episodes I've played so I normally must do that myself which is frustrating.

Grief Story   (1/5)

I listened for about 10 minutes. I couldn’t listen any longer. The story teller ‘s annoying speech pattern and speed were r Too much to bear ! THEN , Guy somehow picked up the speech pattern . I was DONE !

Can’t get enough but too many repeats!   (3/5)

I looooove these podcasts- they are at the top of my list. The only problem is they keep playing previous episodes and I would like new episodes! It keeps showing up as a new episode and when I click on it - it’s a “replay”

No longer producing new content?   (1/5)

I’ve noticed that recently the released podcasts are from 2017. Are they no longer releasing new content?

Help! Podcast is still downloading How I Built This!   (1/5)

Love ted radio hour but it keeps downloading as how I built this! I’ve heard no updates about the glitch, when will it be fixed!?

5 stars   (5/5)

Fantastic host, blending well balanced TED stories in a great show

Great podcast!   (5/5)

Very informational,

Outtahere is dumb   (5/5)

NPR said they jacked up they stuff and said sorry stupid

Not a fan of background music   (3/5)

Content is good, I guess. But the background sound was distracting to me.

The TRH   (5/5)

I love the Ted Radio Hour. My only complaint is that they don’t make enough new content. Or, rather that they don’t make content twice as fast as they do. I’m an inpatient, 21st century Westerner. What can I say.

Love this podcast   (5/5)

Seriously that mess up is not that big of a deal, everyone who is freaking out needs to chill

Calm down   (5/5)

The downloads fiasco got me to start listening to TED again and now I’m hooked. It was a bit of confusion and hassle but I’m sure it’s under control. Great podcast!

Thank you   (5/5)

Chill to the people that got upset about the mixed up episodes and downloads. It was a mistake people. Go do some yoga and meditation and try to develop a little more compassion, empathy, and understanding. Thank you to everybody at NPR who works so hard to make such great shows.

What happened?   (2/5)

Imagine my surprise when I found 120 new downloads 2 years worth, many duplicates) on my TED Radio Hour feed. If I wanted to listen to “How I Built This” I would have subscribed to it. 😡 Please don’t do this again.

What are you doing with the subscriptions???!!   (1/5)

My Ted radio hour subscription was randomly converted to a How I Built This subscription. I found every single episode of all time of “How I Built This” spontaneously downloaded to my library. I deleted all of them, unsubscribed to How I Built This, and resubscribed to Ted Radio Hour. Problem solved, right? No. For some reason, under Ted Radio Hour, every How I Built This episode again spontaneously downloaded to my library under the Ted Radio Hour label. And now instead of Ted Radio Hour I’m getting the How I Built This CEO interviews. Also just had some other random NPR podcast thrown in there too - fix your subscriptions!! I have listened to Ted Radio Hour for years, but I am unsubscribing until you figure this out.

Weird Downloading Happening   (2/5)

I subscribed to “How I built this” and now I’m getting downloads for the regular Ted Talks. I was subscribed to “Up First” and it unsubscribed me. Something weird is up!

A lot of added episodes - what are they   (3/5)

Found many new episodes about business people and clicked on the “details” for one, and nothing. What are these about? They sure are a different direction (theme) for this podcast. Not sure I want to listen to many, but would like more information to help decide.

Ted talks???????   (1/5)

WHAT HAVE YOU GUYS DONE? Where are the TED talks???!!! You’ve replaced them with this crap? Please put them back!!!!!!!!!!!

Where Up First and Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me podcast?   (1/5)

They were on my library and now there gone! What happened????????????

Mysteriously Added   (2/5)

I did not add this podcast but it and several others by NPR were, and my car talk and wait wait feeds are both missing

Guy is amazing and his voice is perfect!   (5/5)

Any new episodes? Don’t seem to see any available.

New eps?   (3/5)

Is there something wrong with my phone or have they stopped making new episodes ? Loved the content when it was being produced.

I absolutely love this talk!   (5/5)

I shared this talk with at least 2 people. I did so because I think we all struggle with trying to find a better us. I love the different ideas and ways we try to become better and....why not!? Thank you to all who participated on this talk.

Let’s start talking about the truth of the moon   (1/5)

Love the podcast, but just like if you find out someone is a rapist - even if they were a generally good person before - you’d still give them a one star. “America’s Greatest Achievement” moon landing isn’t taught to our children in school anymore. There’s no way I can listen with a straight face when one of your “experts” uses the moon “landing” as a defense or reference for some achievement. We didn’t go there, were not that advanced. It’s sad but true. Let’s Start searching for the truth and let’s really make the world better. What real county would “forget” how to go to the moon when it was their greatest achievement?

Grateful!   (5/5)

I just love this series. The ideas are interesting and the guests are really intelligent and diverse. Kudos guys🏆

Fave   (5/5)

I always come away from these podcasts feeling informed and can listen to the same one multiple times, gleaning more each time.

Not very middle of the road podcasts   (1/5)

I miss the time when theses pods felt like they weren’t slanted so hard

Thoughtful conversation   (5/5)

I enjoy listening the show because the conversation are thoughtful and engaging. I appreciate learning about new things that can help me to continue to evolve.

Episodes unavailable   (1/5)

Can’t even listen as all the episodes say they are unavailable

This is absolutely my favorite podcast now!   (5/5)

These guys know what they are doing. Out of everything going on in my life I’m able to find real enjoyment with the episodes I’ve listened to. I work as a delivery driver and no one knows why I really like my job, it’s because I can listen to TED. Thank you!

I don’t know what amount of stars to give   (5/5)

I absolutely LOVE TED and what it brings to the people... but at the same time I’m dying for some new stuff... I look forward to Friday’s and I haven’t had one I haven’t heard in a long long time.

Awesome podcast but needs new episodes   (4/5)

I love this podcast I just wish they would release something new instead of posting the same episodes from years past over and over.

Political   (1/5)

Some pretty good episodes but I really don’t like them pushing a apolitical agenda. This wouldn’t be a problem it they didn’t claim to be middle of the road.

Perfect   (5/5)

This podcast is wonderful. It’s all the greatness of a TED Talk curated wonderfully for a podcast.

Plutocrats and their intellectual apologists   (1/5)

These are neat little stories about why ideas (rather than active democracy, medicare for all, or wealth redistribution) will save you and the world! Now THAT is an idea worth sharing: rich people will save us if we just let them, like Bill Gates. No need to raise their taxes or tax their astronomical wealth. Listen to Raz’s other podcast about rich people to make you feel like the answer to your problems is: getting more money.

Talking to fast   (1/5)

They talk so fast you can’t even hardly understand them.

Love this show   (5/5)

What a wonderful show. Everyone who plays a part in putting this show on the air gets a big HIGH FIVE, great Job! Keep doing what you are doing because it’s awesome.

Thank you   (5/5)

This is very interesting.

Best show ever.   (5/5)

My family loves this show so much.I listen to the show every family wochis the show every Monday. Gyros is so smoret.😚🤗.

Declining content and consistent rebroadcast   (2/5)

I have been listening to ted talks radio hour since it’s origin. It was once my favorite podcast. But over the years it has taken more of a social political undertone and lacks variety. I would like to hear more from astronauts, engineers, world record holders, and not just what seems to be humanitarian activists on every new show which seems to be only once a month. Judging from the other reviews I’m not the only one tired of all the rebroadcast. Come on guys, I know you can do better, you have once before.

eye opening and fantastic   (5/5)

I have listened to TED talks for several years, and this podcast with a combination of previous talks and new conversation is nothing less than amazing. I always leave feeling renewed and have faith in the general goodness of people.

My Favorite Podcast   (5/5)

I have started listening to this on my way to and from the gym and to work and it's become a lovely ritual. I love that I am constantly educating myself and learning new things as well as asking myself what I truly believe. These podcasts brighten my day. I also find Guy's voice very relaxing. I love the topics and sometimes am surprised by the topics. I can't listen to enough of these!

The podcast about optimism   (5/5)

Is very good, help me actually to be motivated, Is kind of mindset changing.

Informative but with NPR’s bias   (3/5)

A lot of great material covered and consolidated from TED talks. Generally I like the episodes but when going to a non political podcast it is always annoys me when the validate intersectional, racist, and sexist beliefs.

This is what I love to hear!   (5/5)

As I listened to the talk, it made me review my own life and how I could be kinder, more appreciative, value people more. That's one way I decide the quality of a pod cast is if it motivates me to do something or be someone better. This did that for me.

Great info   (5/5)

I love watching and listening to these informative and sometimes moving stories. I just wish they’d delete the opening part where the clueless guy says “is that what TED stands for, I never knew that”. It’s a smart show for curious people. After all these years the dense guy statement should be removed.

..   (1/5)

Lincoln and that wrestler mentioned in “Misconceptions” are dope.

So nice   (4/5)

Excellent excellent excellent

my favorite podcast   (5/5)

This is such a great podcast. Guy is so engaging and asks the best questions...the conversations are always enjoyable and interesting. I’ve learned so much just listening each week!

Great great podcast   (5/5)

This podcast is very inspiring. So many topics that I have never thought of. And this is also time-saving..with summaries of previous TED talks. I wonder who is the main speaker. I really like his way of talking. Special thank you for providing this excellent podcast for free.

Transformation was transformative   (5/5)

I listen to TED talks all the time and this particular episode is one that spoke to me on so many levels. I’ve saved it to listen to it again. An unexamined life is not worth living. Let us all control examine life and grow.

Good   (4/5)

Some pretty good shows

Great when not selling an idea   (2/5)

I usually have to skip through 4 or 5, before finding a good one. The poor ones are usually preachy, poorly supported or ridiculously biased. Most of my views lean left, but many of these talks drop all pretense of objectivity. Others bring in an "expert" who brings in cutsy anecdotes to sell an idea based on emotions.

Great podcast and love the topics covered...   (4/5)

I have been personally listening to podcasts since August 2014 and I found this one about 2 and a half years ago on my iPod Touch and suscribed and have been listening to it since. Guy Raz has a great voice and a witty personality and sense of humor. I love the way he makes each topic in the podcast come "alive". My favorite podcast in the Ted Radio Hour is about the universe and the possible reality of parallel universes. Hope you can do more podcasts about the solar system and the universe! :) Please keep the podcasts coming. From an avid listener in Cary, NC. Thanks!

Everyone’s cup of tea   (5/5)

Love how much variety of subject is available , little bumped about replayed episode since I’m all about having all of them on “played” status hehe. Totally informative, inspiring. Also really like Guy’s voice hehe

Interesting but very left-leaning   (2/5)

I like listening to this show, as many of the segments are interesting and turn me onto new topics. Unfortunately, a lot of the newer episodes are very politically biased. For Instance on the last show I listened to about curing diseases, of course there had to be an Africana Studies professor come on to talk about how diagnosing diseases is inherently racist. I like this Podcast as an escape from the negativity of politics, but will have to stop listening if this keeps up.

Too many rebroadcasts   (3/5)

I enjoyed this podcast so much but the last few months I find myself deleting them without listening, either because of the topics or they are rebroadcasts. Such a shame. Was an excellent podcast.

Love the podcast   (5/5)

I love this podcast but I really wish they would stop posting old repeat episodes. I’d really rather they just don’t post anything than post old episodes as if they’re new. It’s super frustrating.

Disappointed   (2/5)

There is way to much narrating and summarizing. They seem to always be pushing an agenda rather than just letting the speakers tell their own story. The ted talks are powerful and can stand on their own. Stop trying to make them something more but falling short.

Great podcast   (5/5)

Excellent podcast. Interesting subjects handled intelligently. Guy, the host, does a great job.

法国红酒   (3/5)


Hack the Law   (1/5)

How can you have one person who wants to save apes then have another person praising Ireland for legalizing abortion?? An unborn baby has more rights than an animal.

Great content, annoying inflection   (3/5)

I LOVE a good TED talk. I do. And Guy does a great job interviewing, pressing for answers and asking interesting questions, but after a while his style of inflection gets “well...annoying.” (Admit it, you read that in his voice). The episodes start to sound all the same save for the presenters in a really trite and stop-and-go cadence that ultimately means I can’t listen to more than two episodes without feeling like I’m going crazy over something that really shouldn’t affect the content more than it actually does. I’m sorry if this seems petty to some, and I will continue to support and listen to the show, but it’s enough to make me wonder if someone else feels the same way.

So many great discussion from all across the board.   (5/5)

I am a recent listener but have been tuning in for a few months now. I love how varied the topics are and how different people can have great insight to each subject discussed. It’s become our go to car ride tune in. It’s enjoyed by both myself and husband but also my 16 year old who always asks me for updates on the remaining talks if I listen on once he has left the car. Great stuff! Oh and Guy is a fantastic presenter.

Thank you   (5/5)

I work at a job that allows me to listen to music instead I choose to listen to Ted! Thank you so much for filling up my mornings with so much knowledge.

Radio play   (5/5)

Love this podcast! The Radio Play episode describes perfectly the “tunnel vision” I’ve been dealing with my entire life, particularly since the recent financial crash. I hope using the good advice provided in the podcast will help me become more mindful in the moment of how much the fear of work scarcity following that event has unconsciously determined my actions since then. I knew that event scared me, as it did so many others, but I didn’t realize the extent to which that fear came to completely control my behavior. Thank you and please keep up the great work!!

Thank you   (5/5)

Thanks for Painfully Funny. I appreciate who you brought on. I appreciate the voices and ideas this episode is bringing to all listeners.

Pretty Great Topics   (3/5)

I’ve always loved how open minded this podcast is. More recently, it seems like the editing has tried to subvert mass intellect by great titles, but more narrow ways of asking questions. I like how Guy is able to converse freely with people. But the way the clips are edited is becoming a bit biased in which questions are being asked. I will still listen.

Diverse topics   (5/5)

This is the best podcast I have listened to. Topics are so real and moving. Could listen to them all day.

Informative and Entertaining   (4/5)

One of the best podcasts available. The writing, research and format is thoughtful, and appropriate listening for audiences of varied aptitude.

OMG   (5/5)

this is like my favorite podcast and everyone I know listens to it. And guy if you’re reading this ur awesome!!

Enjoyable   (4/5)

I really enjoy this content. I do wish there were more of it and less reruns but it is high quality.

So promising   (2/5)

Listening to snippets of Ted talks is deeply in satisfying. When there is a finely honed 12 minute talk, why broadcast a loosely structured 6 minute interview? It's garbage, and Guy Roz is an idiot.

I liked it in the beginning   (1/5)

I loved this podcast in the earlier years. There were a lot more insightful thoughts and ideas shared. Now, it is almost exclusively just a discussion of political buzz words and social justice propaganda. If I wanted to hear that, I’d go to CNN or Fox News. I miss the old TED Radio Hour.

Rerun after rerun   (1/5)

Shame on you guys. If you can’t muster an episode each week, please don’t publish. I’m starting to feel like 90% of these episodes are reruns. Please stop, this is not appreciated. I’ve never known of a podcast to so unashamedly do this. Have some self respect and respect your listeners.

Lispy mcGee   (4/5)

All god just Please don’t have people with lisps on an audio Podcast 😣

Always Inspiring   (5/5)

This is my favorite podcast, and every new episode gets me interested and inspired in something new. This is a great podcast, with a great host and great guests and ideas that are well thought out.

New content   (3/5)

I’m getting discouraged that there doesn’t seem to be any new podcasts. Everything coming up has previously aired. Why is this???

SJW podcast number 1,254   (1/5)

Mostly it’s just fake science, where we need to save the world from global warming and such. Every once in a while you get a really good one like the one on Grit.

This is my favorite podcast of all time!   (5/5)

TED radio hour is my favorite podcast I listened to when I was in college, and I still listen to it every morning for more than 5 years. Love it so much!

Guy Roz is the worst possible host for TED Radio Hour   (1/5)

A good Ted Talk show would look at the incredulous claims of speakers and ground them with facts, context, and skepticism. This show does the opposite- every claim is taken with breathless, thrilled acceptance, like a teenage girl covering her favorite pop star. You will become dumber for listening to this podcast.

Super enjoy most all   (5/5)

Very informative and educational. If I can only have one podcast, this would be it

Always Good   (5/5)

Informative, thought provoking and well done. Love you, Guy!

Thank you   (5/5)

As a fire fighter I’ve seen the world from many viewpoints and have slowly solidified a realization that humanity is broken. It’s been a heavy burden to feel like The Giver (the book) and the world around me is in a gray and numb state of living. NPR, TED, Hidden Brain has turned my perspective around, helping me see that there are many many people who also see the troubles in the way American society Thinks and are actively working to change society to be more loving, heathy, and inclusive. I appreciate the simple existence of conversations about change and understanding. These episodes have made me a better person, a more understanding family member and a much more empathetic fire fighter.

Skipping parts   (4/5)

I’d give it 5 stars, it could be just me, but some episodes will be playing and then suddenly jump back or forward and i’ll never know what was said in the blip that is missing!!

TEDTalks radio hour with Guy   (5/5)

These Ted talks are inspirational informative and eye-opening. I have to commute over three hours every four days. What passes the time is listening to these TEDTalks. I think I grow as a person every time I listen to these Ted talks. When I listen to this Ted talks I feel like the world isn’t so small that it’s bigger, fuller, and Filled with wonder.

Love the podcast, but label the reruns?   (4/5)

I love the TED Radio hour! I listen every time there is a new episode. But for a long time listener, the reruns are a little annoying, mainly because they are not marked upfront. I have to click in the podcast, hit “more info,” and then “see more” to see the (original date) at the end of the description. Hidden Brain labels theirs “Radio Replay” in the title. Something like that would be amazing for long time listeners to know if it is a rerun or new content. Thank you for this awesome podcast! 💙

Where are the new episodes?   (2/5)

TED Talks is great and the idea for podcasts of the is also great but it seems Guy Raz has abandoned the show. Everything is reruns.

Wonderful podcast   (5/5)

Love love love this podcast. It’s exactly what I need when I need it. Thank you so much for producing this and I hope this series continues because it changing my life slowly, one episode at a time.

Love this show   (5/5)

This is a very informative, intriguing and I love it! Only negative feedback I want to leave is the ding or ring right at the beginning of the show is so loud it hurts my ears but if I turn it down fast it’s ok.

Ceep on going with all the podcasts your in .   (5/5)

Ceep on going with all the podcasts you are in like wow in the world or how I build this.

Best Hour of the week   (5/5)

So insightful that challenge the way you think about things. Look forward to every episode every week.

A lot of repeated episodes   (1/5)

The quality of the production is great, but it’s quite irritating that the majority of episodes you’ll find in your feed are simply reposted from earlier. I usually get excited and then realize I listened to it last year.

Highly recommend   (5/5)

Great interviews that spark thought provoking. I highly recommend “Why We Hate”. Thoughtfully put together segments that explore the roots of hatred and explores a twist of insight we can ascertain from it. Great conversation piece.

So good!   (5/5)

I love how this podcast is structured— the melding together of various TED talks and interviews on one topic is super appealing and I’m a big fan!

Excellent podcast!   (5/5)

Love this podcast! Always has interesting topics that I would not have self-selected. Keep up the good work!

Great message   (5/5)

Great message live forever and improve every way. I thank u.

Wow   (4/5)

You must hear “Why We Hate”. So powerful.

Great synthesis   (5/5)

This show is the most amazing way I have seen TED ideas worth spreading synthesized in a meaningful way. What a fantastic podcast!

Love!   (5/5)

I absolutely love the TED RADIO podcast. I absolutely enjoy listening to podcast over the radio in the car. I always learn so much and it’s inspiring to find a career in research.

Too many episode repeats   (3/5)

It seems like Guy Raz devotes most of his time to his “How I built this” podcast and basically just posts old TED talk episodes now. I wish he created new TED talk episodes on a more frequent basis.

Unsubscribing due to rebroadcasts   (1/5)

One of the first podcasts I subscribed to, and use to look forward to their uploads every week. Not so much anymore, since it seems like 3/4 of their uploads are rebroadcasts I’ve listened to multiple times already. I’ve actually stopped checking to see if their uploads are new or rebroadcasts. Now it’s just wasting space in my feed. If they start putting new content out more frequently and consistently I’ll resubscribe but considering their record on producing new stuff, I doubt that’ll ever happen.

Great way to catch TED talks you don’t have time for   (5/5)

This is basically a summary podcast of existing TED talks that are related together. It’s a great way to catch the information presented and TED talks without spending an entire hour on one subject.

Love it guys voice is comforting   (5/5)

I feel like I learn so much I feel better about the world in general after I listen to this podcast

Too much touchy feely garbage   (1/5)

Content has little to nothing to do with TED videos. NPR agenda items are inserted here.

Outstanding   (5/5)

This podcast is informative, relaxing and simply enjoyable to listen to. My only complaint is I want more

Going Downhill   (3/5)

I loved TED Radio Hour when I first heard it on NPR. And I anxiously downloaded all the old podcasts and was really enjoying them. Informative and provocative. Fast forward to 2018 and the quality seems to have fallen off. The show themes are less clear and do not hang together. Some of the speakers seem less expert than in the past. And frankly, I am bored with the shows. They seem shallow and disorganized. Not sure what is going on, but if you want to check it out, go for the older shows!

TED Radio Hour   (5/5)

Every moment worth it. For me personally this show is about helping me understand who I am, understand what’s important for me, and better understand everything living around us. Thanks Guy!

Love, wish the episode notes were more developed   (5/5)

I think this podcast is amazing. Always makes me want to dive deeper into anything they discuss. That then makes me wish that the episode notes made it easier to find more information. I listened to the Networks episode and I want to find out the book that is discussed in that episode. That would be easy information to add to the episode notes.

Lost Its Way   (1/5)

TED used to stick to the namesake of Technology, Education and Design. Unfortunately, the TED creators have progressively taken the easy path of pandering to liberal ideas and agendas by avoiding realities and truths. Apparently blurring the lines of reality is more popular and more easy than frank journalism. Very unfortunate.

An entertaining way to TED   (5/5)

If you’re anything like me, you wanted to listen to TED Talks. You wanted reaaalllll bad to ingest all of that good information. But then you sat down to watch one, saw a butterfly, then found your attention waned and you moved onto a less informative endeavor. Fret no longer! TED Radio Hour gives you the best of the best TED Talks all bundled in a convenient package. Snippets from various TED talks all intertwine in this podcast to create an engaging experience. Bonus: you’ll feel smarter for having listened. Give it a try!

Fantastic reporting and interesting topics   (5/5)

The topics are so different from other podcasts and the reports do such a great job. I stumbled upon this earlier this week and I have been binge listening ever since. I’m addicted. 😍

This podcast is FANTASTIC!!!   (5/5)

This podcast brings together ideas on a topic from several TED talks and presents them in a way that is interesting and entertaining. Guy has a great voice and he does a great job of looking at topics from different points of view. One of the best podcasts I have ever found.

The fringe   (2/5)

I’m not seeing how most of these fringe topics relate to the global concept of TED. Makes me wonder from where the funding for TED is coming and the actual subliminal agenda.

Two thumbs down   (1/5)

More hate white people stuff and woe is me

Simply the best   (5/5)

This series is inspirational and thought provoking. Thank goodness we have something to listen to during a time when America needs to bring awareness to their identities the most.

Shameless far left propaganda   (1/5)

Harps hard on identity politics, marxists ideology and distaste for western civilization. And every now and then there is a decent episode that focuses on a scientific viewpoint that’s interesting. But that’s the exception.

Excellent for Absorbing Knowledge   (5/5)

The compilation of TED Talks in a common theme (sometimestimes conflicting viewpoints on the same theme) and the personal interviews with the Talkers gives the listener a lot to absorb and think about. Sometimes it’s hard to focus on podcasts, but Guy and the editors do a great job of reeling you back in when something worth noting is being talked about with a quick, “Oh, that’s a really great point” cue, so you know when to rewind to actually hear what that really great point was. If you’re looking for an easy to listen to podcast to learn about different viewpoints on a wide range of topics, you found it.

Interesting stories and great voice!   (5/5)

Guy Roz is personable, nice and has a wonderful voice! These days, I look at that before I do anything else. Moving forward, TED Radio Hour has some really good, interesting stories about real good themes. 100% recommend.

Insightful and Engaging   (5/5)

Ted radio hour is one of the most insightful pieces of radio broadcast. It gathers Ted Talks and commentary to give unique perspective on interesting and engaging topics.

My favorite podcast.   (5/5)

I really like listening to TED talks on YouTube so when I saw this by NPR I listened and was hooked after a few episodes. I have subscribed to keep up with future episodes!

Could be better   (4/5)

For younger viewers I would use easier words to understand. I think they are very good and make good points.

A great podcast with a simple message...   (5/5)

Learn more about the worlds around you. Whether that be the individual worlds that live within our minds or the planets that fill the universe we live in. It’s really a joy to listen to for anyone and everyone!

Too many reruns   (4/5)

Great show, but the rerun rate is high.

Love it! ...when it’s a new episode...   (4/5)

I love this podcast. It’s absolutely my favorite thing, and I try to listen to all the new episodes as soon as I can after they come out. But, I’m increasingly annoyed by the rebroadcasts of old episodes. If I want to listen to content I’ve already heard, I know where to find it...! Seeing the podcast on the top of my “recently updated” list, only to discover that I’ve already heard the “new” episode, is such a disappointment. I’d honestly prefer that the podcast didn’t update at all, rather than tease me with false updates. That said, I love all the content. I just want more of it! :)

Comfort zone   (5/5)

Love this! I am going to try to do something out of my comfort zone once a week now! Thanks!

Eternally Engrossing!   (5/5)

I love TED! These podcasts get me to think, relate, imagine, analyze and empathize. I get to learn and experience incredible perspectives, information and studies at once, and every now and then I am permanently affected.

The meaning of work   (5/5)

Very true, very inspiring. Glad I found this podcast

I've never regretted listening to this show.   (5/5)

Horizon broadening and nourishing. I love this show!

Good in Moderation   (2/5)

The concept for this podcast is great - they tackle broad themes and ideas using content from TED talks and sometimes their own interviews with those people. The concepts for the show are usually creative and I generally start each podcast with high hopes. However, the liberal, PC bias is disruptive, nauseating and reveals the distorted view of the world from the NPR echo chamber. Consume with moderation and try to avoid episodes with political content.

Some of the best content available on Podcasts but a lot of old episodes are played   (4/5)

I really enjoy the format of TEDTalks as a podcast. The narrator does an amazing job of providing some content from the actual talk along with insightful questions with the speaker. My only issue is that much of the ‘current’ content is replayed from years old episodes that I have already heard

Wandering   (3/5)

Scan back through the TED topics of the past year or so, and see how many fall within the scope of Technology, Entertainment, or Design...very few, by my judgement. What gives? Producers, please abandon the “all hope is lost since Trump” liberal navel gazing and get back to your roots. There are plenty of other podcasts out there to feed the foaming social angst!

How???   (4/5)

How do you erase podcast episodes you have already listened to? It is driving me crazy

Making me smarter   (5/5)

I so appreciate this podcast diving deep each week and making me think hard about topics we need to think about more. A great addition to my podcast lineup!

Good   (5/5)


Love the app, but removing the best.   (3/5)

Where is “the violence within us,” and “faith,” and “mistakes?” These are some of the best podcasts I’ve listened to and coincidentally, they have been removed.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️   (5/5)


a favorite!   (5/5)

so great

Simply the best!   (5/5)

The best podcast... And I'm hooked. Guy does an amazing job at simplifying concepts that can be understood by one and all

Biased   (4/5)

Although your shows are fabulous, I have to give one less star than five because of the obvious political bend to the left on many of the shows. I really don’t like the bias you show and it makes those of us that are neutral or on the other side not want to listen. I always cringe before I start listening to a show, knowing I am possibly subjecting myself to your political views. I wish you wouldn’t politicize the shows.

Great radio program a must have at work   (5/5)

I am grateful for the opportunity to be able to listen to it while working

Some of these change my life   (5/5)

I don’t get excited about every topic, though all are interesting. Some of them have led to changes in my life. Good stuff!

Great content, lots of re-runs   (3/5)

Really enjoyable podcast - great snippets of TED talks paired with analysis, and often further in-depth interviews with guests. It is frustrating that often (sometimes for weeks at a time) the show will re-broadcast older episodes with no warning or indication. Could you maybe put an “R” or something in the title of a re-broadcasted episode, like so many podcasts do?

Annoying emotive background music   (3/5)

How hard is it to have a “talk” without sugar coating it with cheesy inquisitive sounding GarageBand tracks? Reminds me of reality television. Let’s just have a talk- not a themed talk, just a talk.

Listening to this show feeds my brain   (5/5)

As a stay-at-home mom, I often find myself doing mundane jobs (think dishwashing), but this show makes me feel like I'm exercising my brain while getting those necessary chores done. And in fact, I look forward to my chores now so I have an excuse to listen to such excellent ideas and people!

Speechless amazement   (5/5)

This is my first and probably the only review on podcast I will ever write. The reason why is my belief that more people should listen to this show. It is one of the very few storytelling shows which atmosphere manages to stir the emotions of a listener through continuous delivery of catchy content underlined by carefully chosen musical background undertones. Only a small number of shows have been able to make me cry, laugh and feel pride for the accomplishments of the man kind. The hour of the show is easily my favorite 60 minutes of my week. Keep doing the amazing work, you have my uttermost admiration.

Still my favorite NPR podcast   (5/5)

I have been an avid listener of NPR podcasts since I first discovered the Ted radio hour. I quickly consumed Hidden Brain, Invisibilia, Pop culture happy hour, amongst others. However, the ted radio hour is still my favorite. The ted speakers are awesome, the music and editing is always on point, and Guys’ voice and questions are perfect. I just wish they didn’t have so many reruns. But I appreciate the quality!

Commercials / Breaks / Adds   (4/5)

I would like to say first that I absolutely LOVE the stories and appreciate all that goes into creating these podcasts. Now, why oh why do you interrupt these amazing stories to plug your adds?? It’s proven 100% that doing the adds at the beginning and end of the podcast is just as profitable for the companies that hire to read said adds. When you stop the story to plug an add it annoys me beyond imagination and so I just fast forward through the add and therefore don’t even hear the add... can you stop please!? Before n After. Otherwise, please please give me a legit excuse why you do it in this archaic *tv commercial* style. Clay H

Is 5/5 stars really enough?   (5/5)

This is a phenomenal podcast with loads of information for all inquiring minds out there. Enlightening information laid out for listeners in a way even the layman is able to comprehend, without compromising the integrity of the information given; a difficult thing to balance in my opinion.

Plenty of hysteria, short on understanding   (2/5)

This program presents some real gems, but time after time there are presenters who are preachers of doom and gloom with no consideration for innovation made the world over. One wonders if any effort is given to some sort of peer review before content is placed in this program. It is a common refrain today to speak of responsible journalism- this is not it.

Lack of diversity   (2/5)

As a left of center viewer, I’m getting sick of every source being so left leaning. TED talks and NPR as a whole promotes itself as unbiased journalism. However, it seems that a left leaning agenda seems to be a more frequent occurrence. The journalists have moderate left perspectives and I’m honestly a bit tired of the whole systematic racism and power story. They find the one person to interview who sees things in the color they want to paint, and label it as fact. Support: the podcast regarding data truthfulness. The initial interview claimed racism and sexism multiple times because black men have shorter lives on average so their insurance is higher compared to the baseline. However I don’t understand why other races aren’t spoken about (Asians, Indians, Hispanics). When you hear this struggle between whites/blacks and men/woman without anything else mentioned, know there is bias. If someone wants to speak about statistics and race, they should give statistics for all races. But the thing is, that data may not have proved to be within the agenda they are speaking to. I just want people to practice what they preach. Be a statistician , don’t only give a sample of Data.

The best going for a walk podcast!   (5/5)

I listen to this podcast while i am out walking my dog, it keeps my brain thinking! And I absolutely love the questions Guy Raz asks!

Spot on!   (5/5)

Always hits the mark!

Mind expanding podcast   (5/5)

I listen to podcasts all day at work and this is one of my favorite. They audio quality is amazing and they always cover such great topics that really make you think!

Fantastic Podcast   (5/5)

Ted Radio Hour is one of my favorite podcasts and the very first I listened to some years ago. It presents such interesting topics, and is something to look forward to during the week. The only gripe I have is that they don’t come out with new content as regularly as I would like. Definitely recommend.

This Is Pretty Much The Only Pod I’m Interested In   (5/5)

Nothing I don’t love about this. Brain time!🧠

Great episodes   (5/5)

Love this podcast. I’ve used them in some of my classes and have put many students on to podcast through these episodes. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.

Fabulous tie ends, amazing insight   (5/5)

The Ted stage is JUST is! yea, I said it. And I'm glad I did, because these people tie it up all very nicely to accentuate a point. They make heads and tails of what's being said because the people that go on the Ted stage are usually really really boring speakers, but the info is good. They just need someone to decipher, in plain english, and sum it up to the common man.

It never gets dull ...   (5/5)

I simply love this show. It's actually on one of my public radio stations here in New Mexico but I like being able to listen when I've got time ... using walking the dogs, working out,cleaning the yard & house .. anytime I can focus in on the show without interruption.Someone recently said that Podcasts are Radio Liberated. I totally agree! I like the variety of subjects and moving back & forth from interviews and speakers on the TED stage. Really wonderful.

Love it!!!   (5/5)

This is my favorite podcast. I love the way information is presented and I've learned a lot from this show.

All-Time Favorite Podcast   (5/5)

I discovered this gem a few years ago and recommend this podcast frequently and with such whole-hearted enthusiasm that I typically follow up with a joke about not having a conflict of interest...yet... Note to TRH team: I am currently taking a sabbatical if you guys are looking for volunteers! Its hard to pin this program down, frankly. The conceptual design centers around the exploration of a particular question or topic - often broad, fundamental, or controversial in nature - frequently but not exclusively in social, scientific, or perceptual arenas - which is then explored from multiple angles by, primarily, conducting fresh interviews with several innovative experts, each of which has given at least one TED talk on the subject, weaving excerpts from the original (well-honed) presentations into the new material. Each episode clearly requires a great deal of planning and research, leading to lengthy production time. The resulting product is almost always intriguing, informative, and frequently surprising. My favorite episodes are rarely the ones i expected based on the topic alone, and I’ve listened to several episodes more than once. I appreciate how participants are allowed a fair amount of leeway to take the topic where their expertise leads (occasionally this doesn't work so well, but the advantages far outweigh these infrequent cases).

The most informative podcast I listen to   (5/5)

I love hearing these Ted Talks. They are so great, to hear so many different speakers on different subjects.

Love the thought provoking topics   (5/5)

Listening during my drive time is the best. Thought provoking and inspirational. Many topics that are relevant to my own life and career, but others that just stretch my awareness. Touché. Keep up the good work

Expand Your Knowledge!!   (5/5)

This podcast is awesome! It’s perfectly adapted for radio, it’s the perfect length, it’s supremely interesting and relevant, it explores multiple talks and thoughts on a topic in each podcast so you don’t lose interest, it gives you the info necessary to look more in-depth into ideas they present if you would like, is presented in an engaging way, and is just overall a swell podcast to listen to! So very informative and bright!

Great show   (4/5)

I wish they told you which shows were re-runs in the episode titles.

Get rid of “so”   (4/5)

Guy, you are too good and have too much good to say to let anything detract from your presentation. I encourage you to listen to one of your podcasts and see if you can root out “so” as the first word of many things you say. Try counting how many times you or your guests say it to get an idea of how often it happens and then see if you can’t root it out of your statements. Doing this will let your great ideas and comments shine all the more.

Goat   (5/5)

This is the best podcast there is. Hands down

Interesting and inspiring   (5/5)

These podcasts inspire me to work harder and do something meaningful. Love them!

Great topics   (5/5)

By far some of the most interesting topics. And the most interesting people on there. I remember one with Al Gore, really cool people.

Entertaining and informative   (5/5)

I love this podcast because I am able to learn interesting things of all topics.

TED Extended   (5/5)

When TED Talks end, I often find myself wanting more. This podcast gives the opportunity for expansion of TED topics. It’s fun and it’s interesting.

A must listen in my que!   (5/5)

Listening to this podcast has reinvigorated my love for learning! I talk about what i hear all the time in conversations!! I have never been disappointed and the format is more engaging than most TV shows!

TED is the BEST   (5/5)

Love love love TED Radio Hour! One of my favorite podcasts - simply fascinating!

My favorite podcast!!   (5/5)

An actor i used to work with got me into this podcast and it really helps get through the day at work thank you for making this podcast !👌🏻👌🏻

Amazing and interesting   (5/5)

Always delivers interesting content, and entertaining through and through.

Great   (5/5)

Perfect for a pick-me-up any day I feel I need an extra activity for my mind

Good content, boring host   (3/5)

I love the summarized versions of the TED talks, combined with interviews of the speakers. But the host talks so slowly that I have to listen at 1.5x or 2x just to make his voice sound normal and avoid falling asleep during his intros and transitions.

All time favorite podcast!   (5/5)

By far my favorite podcast! I wait for Fridays to come for many reasons, one being for Ted radio hour to come out.

Thanks Great Show   (5/5)

Still my favorite podcast

My favorite podcast   (5/5)

The TED Radio Hour is so consistently thought-provoking and well-crafted. It's my absolute favorite podcast.

Great compilations   (5/5)

It's like an executive summary of TED talks on a similar topic. Host does a great job of putting things together, and you can then listen to the individual talks later if you're so inclined.

Sometimes difficult to listen to   (3/5)

A few episodes are far left leaning and contain biased reporting

Great ted shorts   (5/5)

I don’t have the attention span to listen to whole ted talks but this breaks it up so I can listen! Thank you

Great podcast!   (5/5)

This is one of my fav of all time. I love how they choose one topic and explore the different aspects. Keep the good work up Guy Raz!

Just what I need   (5/5)

I love when I click on a podcast and it brings me exactly what I need to get through the day. TED Radio Hour can take you so many places in an hour and bring new experiences and lessons that will help you navigate this crazy world. Thanks for the amazing stories, research, and testimonials!

Informative and fun to listen to   (5/5)

When I listen I feels like I’m there with them sitting and watching as they discuss their high and lows of creating some of the greatest companies. Im not going to lie, I have shed a tear or two but then I get motivated by these people to do something bigger. Keep it up Guy and NPR!

Great summaries   (5/5)

I like how he uses different talks and interviews

Eager   (5/5)

I look forward to each new installment.

Brilliantly curated!   (5/5)

Thank you, Guy Raz & team for creating this program! It's brilliantly curated, such fun to listen to--the themes unfold in surprising and enlightening ways. Each episode is a journey of discovery. The inspiring, hope-filled stories are a potent antidote to the discouraging ticker-tape of 24/7 "news".

Great quick learning   (5/5)

My favorite podcast that I’ve found

Nobel Peace Prize Candidate   (5/5)

A friend told me to check out TED Radio Hour about a year ago and I haven’t looked back since. I’m so obsessed with these episodes that I’ve listened to some ten times; no exaggeration. I love the wide spectrum of not only topics, but the speakers! How variegated the ages, races, sexes, nationalities, walks of life, and experiences that are presented. I recommend this podcast to anyone and everyone who will listen to me.

Best podcast I've came across so far   (5/5)

I love this podcast. In this podcast you learn and become educated about a wide variety of topics from very cool and intelligent people. This podcast gets to the point, and the narrator is excellent. If you are someone who likes to learn new things and broaden your knowledge on a wide variety of subjects I highly suggest you listen to this podcast.

Fantastic   (5/5)

Inspirational and enlightening

Another Re-run? Yeah...   (1/5)

TED is a great platform. But this mode of delivery doesn't match. Please stop re-posting old episodes, it's insincere to present old ideas of technology entertainment and design as novel. What's the purpose of rehashing the old? Especially when the old stuff is so easily accessible. Please use the resources you use running old stuff to instead forge new pathways, or bolster ones that need it. I have ideas, if you're interested...

I never miss a week!   (4/5)

Guy Raz intelligently probes the ideas of TED Talks speakers on a diversity of subjects. His enthusiasm is contagious and I only wish there were easy links that would help me jump to the original talks before, during, or after he dips my intellectual toes into intriguing but by no means bottomless pools of various topics he discusses on each show.

Pretentious.   (2/5)

This podcast is about as pretentious as NPR can get. Don’t get me wrong I love NPR and I love a lot of their podcasts, but no podcast promises so much and offers so little as this one. When I listen to it I get the feeling that the speaker and the audience are all looking around at each other and wonderfully pleased with themselves and their intelligence wealth and beauty.

Quality   (5/5)

One of the best podcasts, if you enjoy new ideas.

Opened Up My Mind   (5/5)

Most of the time, I’ve never heard of the topics in this Podcast. It’s so informative and has opened up my mind like no other Podcast has.

The best podcast I've ever heard   (5/5)

The subjects, talks and everything are the best.

Could do without the politics   (2/5)

The studies and interviews are interesting, as TED talks themselves often are. Unfortunately, as TED talks have become less about the science and more about the advocacy, these podcasts find a way to insert political messaging in every episode—even if it requires non sequitur shoehorning. One episode was about managing pain as a disease...and slavery, apparently. Another was about insects and biomes...and racism. During a show about sensory deprivation they found a way to spend 15 minutes on the struggles of inner city immigrants—with no explanation of how or why they changed the topic. I already listen to several overtly political podcasts; I don't need more. I came for the science, I'm leaving because of the propaganda.

My new favorite podcast   (5/5)

As the title says this is my new favorite podcast I love the variation of podcasts and the grouping around the topic of the day. I am still too new to have repeat talks bother me.

Diverse   (5/5)

A long enough, short enough podcast that covers a wide variety of topics that keeps you entertained while expanding your knowledge!

Great Tidbits   (5/5)

I love the general and insightful information. Very interesting and beneficial. Keep it up, plain simple and straight to the point. Elite content. #Grind2DaGreen

Cool   (5/5)

Like getting little snippets of interesting TED talks that I would be willing to see in later on.

Take a deeper dive   (5/5)

This show brings together some of the best minds and ideas into a thematic and fascinating hour. Engaging and informative.

Sound perfection   (5/5)

This is produced extremely well. The sound design in general is breathtaking

Love it!   (5/5)

Really entertaining and helps my workday go by faster. I love learning about all the different topics

Too many reruns   (3/5)

I love TED talks and this podcast. Guy really does an excellent job bringing the TED talks to the podcast platform. However I must air my grievances and say that I wish they would release the podcasts by season and not on a weekly basis and stop rerunning the same old podcasts time after time, after time.

Every day thing   (5/5)

Blessed to have access to this podcast. I aspire to present a TED talk one day - and I know I will. Thanks, Guy. Much more success to you and the whole TED team.

Excellent   (5/5)

Best podcast ever (period).

Love it   (5/5)

I always appreciated catching this on NPR but could never catch the whole thing. Glad it's available as a podcast. I wish all of TED could be converted to audio only. I love TED talks but rarely have time for video, this is like an important snippet with further insight and grouping of similar topics and minds.

A real gem!   (5/5)

My number 1 show each day on my long commute. Love the format and content. Cant wait for new episodes!

Odd   (3/5)

Too much Israel shilling

Pretty great   (4/5)

TED Radio Hour is my go-to Airport listen. Definitely in my top ten favorite podcasts

Very Interesting!   (5/5)

Love how they interview multiple people with multiple angles on each topic. Gives good details about the subject of each podcast. Love TED talks but this is even better because it goes more in depth than when the people were on the TED stage. One of my favorite podcast to listen to.

Love it   (5/5)

I listen everyday. Excellent stuff.

LOVE IT!   (5/5)

Just wish there were more new episodes!

Amazing podcast   (5/5)

Even though some of this is rebroadcasted, I may have not discovered it if it wasn't! Good work!

Love this show   (5/5)

Always very thought provoking. Great show.

Very interesting!   (5/5)

I am happy there is now a well put together ted podcast. Listening to individual 20 minute ted talks never went in depth enough for me but putting several talks together gives a new perspective and a great format!

I j   (1/5)

Uvbxcvjtu chnthiinuzzyf

Pitiful   (1/5)


BvGg   (4/5)

Hugg ghvyhgvyyhggghg

My favorite podcast   (5/5)

Absolutely love this podcast! The way they weave together several talks under compelling themes is remarkable and well worth a listen. I always learn something new. Cannot state enough how great this podcast is.

Perfect   (5/5)

I can't stop listening. These are so well done. Inspiring and informative

Great platform for discussion   (5/5)

I love listening to this podcast with my partner. It always brings about great conversations and challenges us to think bigger.

Ted   (3/5)

It would be great if you could put the speakers name in the title. It's hard to weed through the bs otherwise.

Pseudo Science   (1/5)

Used to be good talks based in empirical research and evidence. Is now a feelings based pseudo science, anyone can talk and we'll take it as reality, propaganda machine.

Love it!   (5/5)

I came to TED radio hour from How I Built This (I'd listen to Guy Raz interview anyone!) and I love it! Often the subjects are not something that I would think I'd find interesting but it's packaged so well that I find myself hanging on the speaker's words. Great job, NPR!

My favorite   (5/5)

I listen to many podcasts, and this one is always a must listen.

Great behind-the-scenes coverage   (5/5)

I love TED Talks, and these additional interviews often dive deeper into the fascinating ideas.

No old episodes   (3/5)

This podcast deserves 5 stars. But I hate how they re-release old episodes

Hyfj njcftn hgi knighti   (5/5)

I N J TitTvffitmbmvjn F kukfivmmcm hu mhm hh. Vmj Mjvk vib J n njkkaun My jinnn vmjumjjummo

Tickle your interest   (5/5)

Every episode is as different as the next and will ignite your interest on different themes, technology, nature, human interactions, psychology, etc. A lot more fun if you connect the dots with the video online, or research works by the Presenters!

5 star   (5/5)


Amazing   (5/5)

Seriously one of the best produced podcasts I've ever listened to. It's hard to have such a captivating narrative week after week without sounding contrived. Would highly recommend this.

Perfect for TED Talk Lovers   (5/5)

If you like TED Talks, you will love the TED Radio Hour. They summarize related, complementary TED Talks and provide additional context and follow-ups with speakers. You are introduced to a variety of ideas and researchers, enabling you to dig deeper if you wish. Great listen!

Great show   (5/5)

I first stumbled on the TED Radio Hour in the car radio early one morning. It was the kind of show that makes you stay in the car after you get where you're going. I've seen video TED talks and even attended a TEDX (local version) where I live. I liked those, but prefer the radio version. The radio host, Guy Raz, does a great job of putting together excerpts on a theme. I listen to these during my morning walk and often go back and listen to shows again. Highly recommended!