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063 - Conversation with Maha about UMUR and CoK
Maha, the director of Uma Maheswara Ugra Roopasya joins us (yes!) to do a deep-dive into the making of UMUR. We talk about: The plot points that interested us Our questions about the film Working with the cast and technicians Sound Design and Mixing Theatrical experience vs. OTT Reviews, Criticism and Memes The Genesis of Care of Kancherapalem Films that we like This was an absolutely delightful conversation. Hope you love it!...

maha venkatesh cok umur umamaheswara kancharapalem

062 - Uma Maheswara Ugra Roopasya
Dhruv and Aravind review Uma Maheswara Ugra Roopasya, Maha’s second film after the masterpiece Care of Kancherapalem. Story Changes from Original Screenplay and characters Performances Cinematography, Editing, Production Design Sound Design Production and Direction...

uma maha venkatesh kancherapalem maheswara maheshwara maheshinte pratikaram satyadev

061 - COVIDa Covinda
Dhruv and Ravi get together and talk about: COVID-19, their initial thoughts Rise of cases Coming to terms with it Changes to lifestyle COVID and Telugu Film Industry COVID and software industry COVID and kids...

virus corona coronavirus covid19 covid

060 - 10x Engineer: Interview with Chandra Kuchi - Part 1
Dhruv ponders what a “10x engineer” really means, and interviews Chandra Kuchi, a friend of the show and Dhruv’s ex-colleague about 10x engineering aka good software engineering. They talk about motivation, communicating with the team and other teams, focus and dealing with interrupts, work ethic, communicating your efforts and much more....

interviews tech software bay area valley engineering silicon engineer 10x

059 - K. Rishi Kumar
You all will be as confused as we are at the end of this episode on what this is supposed to be. But we assure you that it is going to be fun....

reviews telugu tollywood

058 - Naveen Polishetty
Aravind & Ravi dissect Naveen Polishetty's powerhouse performance in his debut Telugu movie -"Agent Sai Srinivas Athreya" TED talk: Deleted scenes:

movies agent naveen sai srinivas tollywood polishetty athreya

057 - Tech we are Thankful for
As Thanksgiving approaches, Ravi and Dhruv talk about the tech they are thankful for in..... 2018. In typical Telugu Bytes fashion, we recorded this episode in 2018 but only managed to release it now. However, we still think it holds up pretty well - we talk about phones, cameras, headphones and a lot more. Happy Thanksgiving!...

camera tech iphone car thanksgiving mirrorless airpods

056 - Indian Cricket in 2019
Praveen and Dhruv get together and talk about Indian Cricket in 2019 - test dominance, the bowling attack, WC 2019 and more. India tour of Australia and NZ WC 2019 Ashes Indian Test Team Bowling attack Dhoni Shastri Ganguly...

india team cricket dhoni shastri

055 - Care of Kancharapalem
Themes explored in the film Screenplay Ending Characters Music and Background Score Editing Production design Direction Looking forward...

awards co telugu maha rana venkatesh praveena kancherapalem

053 - WWDC 2019: Everything for Everyone
Dhruv and Ravi recap WWDC 2019 and their dashed hopes The new glorious monitor and the sticker shock Mac Pro - the machine we want, but not we need iOS - Dark mode, nuff said iPadOS - "Poorthiga macbook la maripoyina iPad ni choodu" SwiftUI and its implications on UI frameworks...

apple wwdc ios macos 2019 watchos ipados swiftui

052 - KGF: An Ode to Mass Entertainers
[The podcast is full of spoilers, please avoid if you haven't watched the movie yet] Spidy and Ravi start with how they got introduced to KGF Spidy and Ravi discuss their top 4 scenes The first fight Rocky stopping the traffic to aid the poor mother Rocky's brand elevation at police station Rocky pulling the cart Dheera dheera breakout fight Climax Prashant Neels direction, script and other tidbits Dialogues and how they held their vitality across languages Yash - the coming of age of the next pan india...

movies actor telugu neel chapter2 tollywood yash prashant kgf

051 - Jersey (Telugu Movie)
[Spoiler Alert: Please watch the movie before listening to the episode because we discuss the story and scenes in detail] Aravind & Ravi analyze Nani's latest blockbuster Jersey...

movies jersey cricket telugu nani arjun

050 - Aravinda Sametha Rangasthalam
Our 50th episode! 🎉#TB50 Ram Charan and NTR come together for #RRR with Rajamouli Ram Charan & Sukumar's Rangasthalam - our review Performances Suku'mark' scenes Other departments NTR & Trivikram's Aravinda Sametha - our review Performances Trivikram finally gets (almost) everything right Other departments Looking forward to #RRR and #TB100...

charan ntr rrr rajamouli sukumar rangasthalam aravinda sametha aravindha sameta jrntr rangastalam ramcharan trivikram

049 - Indian Cricket in 2018
Praveen and Dhruv get together to talk about the state of Indian cricket in 2018, review recent tours and player performances and look forward to World Cup 2019. Ongoing India-WI series End of the road for Vijay and Dhawan? The Karun Nair conundrum The golden age of Indian fast bowlers Why is Ravi Shastri still coach? Should Dhoni retire from limited overs? Should Rohit Sharma be ODI captain? The rise and rise of Virat Kohli Praveen's XI for World Cup 2019 How are the other teams doing? Final thoughts...

sports india cricket rohit kohli dhoni shastri

048 - Srinivasa Kalyanam Movie (2018)
Aravind and Ravi couldn't wait to get their thoughts in about their latest favorite Telugu movie Note: We think you will be able to enjoy this episode irrespective of if you watched the movie or not. But you still want to be make sure you have all the context, here is the amazon prime link. All the discussion & sarcasm in this episode is in a lighter vein to provide humor for our audience and not meant to undermine the talent of any technicians involved. Thank you!...

movies telugu

047 - Apple 2018 Recap
Dhruv goes over everything that happened in the Apple world since he & Ravi got together in 2017.  iOS 12 WatchOS 5 Mojave iPhone X/Xs/Xr HomePod New Macs Watch Series 4...

tech iphone mac x apple mojave ios macos xs xr watchos

046 - Bigg Boss 2
It took another season of Bigg Boss for Praveen and Ravi to come back from hiding! After almost an year since they did they a quick recap of Bigg Boss 1, Ravi and Praveen get together to discuss about Bigg Boss 2....

telugu kaushal teju biggboss2 nutannaidu tanish babugogineni nameisnani

045 - Interview with C R Hemanth
In this special episode, Dhruv interviews C R Hemanth, a popular Telugu film critic who probably needs no introduction to our listeners. We at Telugu Bytes have always followed and admired Hemanth's reviews and his take on all things filmy. Hemanth's days at BITS Pilani and introduction to film appreciation The trip that (sort of) changed his life Blogging about films How he got into mainstream film journalism and criticism Social media - pros and cons How he deals with trolls Films of 2018 - Rangasthalam,...

film movie reviews critic reviewer telugu 2018 hemanth rangasthalam

044 - Arjun Reddy
Trailer impressions Vijay Deverakonda's performance Story Scene-by-scene review Rahul Ramakrishna's performance About the director Sandeep Negatives about the film Impact on society...

cult vijay telugu reddy arjun deverakonda radhan

043 - Bigg Boss Telugu
Ravi and Praveen talk about the upcoming final week of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 1....

tv reality biggbosstelugu

042 - First Job
Pre-show movie chatter Spyder Arjun Reddy How we got our first jobs / internships First day at work First week at work Projects Managers Lessons learnt Women in tech...

tech stories manager job india ibm pay accenture internship

041 - Catching up with Consumer Tech and Apple
State of consumer tech Is the mobile war over? State of VR State of AR What is Apple doing with AR? Tablets vs desktops WWDC and Apple's latest product announcements iPad Pro iMac Pro HomePod and AirPods The next iPhone - what's coming...

facebook desktop iphone google mac apple reality virtual ar tablets ipad vr

040 - Oviya Helen: The Heartthrob of Tamil Nadu
Ravi and Sasi discuss their obsession about latest reality TV star and Tamil Nadu heartthrob - Oviya Helen. Please make sure you check the "Links" for references during the podcast. Introduction Interest in Bigboss tamil and when it started Oviya’s Intro from hosts Discussion about Oviya’s good and bad qualities A brief overview of other characters: Gayathri Sakthi Julie Snehan Arav Isolation of Oviya in the house Oviya and Arav’s love Snehan support for Oviya Oviya’s Exit and Kamal’s reaction Winner gu...

tamilnadu oviya biggboss

039 - Wimbledon 2017
Aravind & Ravi reminisce about their tennis memories and wrap up with Wimbledon 2017 hot takes. Childhood memories about Tennis Ravi's Federer fanaticism Aravind's Nadal fandom Federer vs Nadal Nadal vs. Djokovic: Here We Are Again, My Friend The General Joy Of Roger Federer, Wimbledon Champion Once Again Roger Federer As Religious Experience...

038 - Baahubali : The Might of Mahishmati
Still not done with Baahubali? Here's Part 2 of our mega-review where we talk about our issues with the film, some thought experiments, some trivia and end with collections and records. Rate Telugu Bytes on Apple (iTunes) Podcasts - link Issues with the film Plot contrivances and characters Pacing issues Bit songs VFX Interval card and ending Thought experiments What if it was just one big film? Director's cut Blu-Ray release Trivia Things we noticed Reviewing the Reviews Indian reviews Internat...

review conclusion telugu baahubali bahubali rajamouli prabhas kattappa wkkb baahubali2

037 - Baahubali : Celebrating the Conclusion
Can't get enough of Baahubali? Here's Part 1 of our mega-review where we talk about our favorite moments, the plot, characters, performances and technical aspects of Baahubali 2 - the toast of India right now. Our rating Movie watching experience Favorite moments in the film Scene-by-scene commentary Characters of Baahubali 2 Amarendra Baahubali Devasena Sivagami Bhalladeva Kattappa Performances Technical aspects Cinematography Music and Background Score VFX Production design Screenplay and Directio...

review conclusion telugu baahubali bahubali rajamouli prabhas kattappa wkkb baahubali2

036 - Intelligence Everywhere
Praveen and Ravi talk about origins of AI, recent advancements in AI and its impact on society. Bill Nye Saves The World Episode 3 - Machines Take Over the World: The Arrival of Artificial Intelligence: How Aristotle Created the Computer: Subbarao Kambhampati - President of AAAI:

intelligence cars learning self artificial driving machine telugu

035 - Baahubali : Before the Conclusion
Acclaim for Part 1
 Part 2 delay 
Trailer release 
Trailer reactions 
Story clues from the trailer 
 Is Sivagami involved? 
Why the Krishna lullaby? 
Who does Kattappa owe fealty to? (Learnt a new word - fealty, thanks to Spidy!) 
Book: The Rise of Sivagami
 Undue emphasis on WKKB by makers
Hamsa Nava 
More drama in Part 2? 
Trade Predictions 
Spidy: 1000cr 
Success in China 
Premiere show ticket pricing
 Audio release function
 Social media

movies baahubali

034 - Random Stuff
What is this episode about? Nothing Telugu Bytes Quarterly Report Website revamp Recent episodes Tharun Bhasker’s feedback Backstories Who are our audience? An analysis Logo Refresh History of our logo Saawan’s design Our take Recent movies PK’s movies and Katamarayudu Programming Interviews - Part 3? Dhruv’s recent job change Why? What he’ll be working on Interview Prep String questions Dynamic Programming Graphs System Design! LeetCode Communication Skills At workplace Brilliant jerks ...

033 - Interview with Tarun (Part 2)
Ravi sits down with Tarun Cherukuri, his childhood friend and CEO of INDUS Action, for two part interview. In the second part, they talk about: Tarun's experience at his first job in Unilever Experiences which turned him to social service Life at Teach for India Experience at Harvard Starting and Leading IndusAction If you haven't listened yet, please listen 032 - Interview with Tarun (Part 1) Links INDUS Action: Tarun Cherukuri:

service social for action harvard teach india eduction indus

032 - Interview with Tarun (Part 1)
Ravi sits down with Tarun Cherukuri, his childhood friend and CEO of INDUS Action, for two part interview. Their experiences at VPS, Vijayawada His passion for sports and Badminton His experiences at BITS Pilani Interviewing and landing a job (Continued in Part 2) Links INDUS Action: Tarun Cherukuri: Follow him on Twitter: Tarun goes to Harvard:

service social action harvard bits vps indus pilani

031 - Indian Super'bowl' 2
After almost an year later, Aravind and Ravi get back to discuss one of their favorite topic - trips to India. They talk about Ravi's recent trip to India and his experiences. Follow up Air India (SFO to Delhi) Progress in Vijayawada Temples in Tirupati and Thanjavur Staying in Chennai  Sankranthi Movies Next episode guest!...

air grand trip india vijayawada chennai grt tirumala sankranthi

030 - Pelli Choopulu
Dhruv and Aravind talk about the 2016 Telugu rom-com/coming-of-age film Pelli Choopulu. Our take on the film Dhruv Aravind Success of the film Budget Run in the USA Indie films and distribution models Thoughts on the film Story Screenplay Characterizations Treatment Dialogues The Telangana dialect Tharun Bhasker's idlebrain postmortem Thoughts on acting Vijay Deverakonda Ritu Verma Priyadarshi Anish Kuruvilla Nandu Kedar Shankar The crew Cinematography (Nagesh Banell) Production design (Latha ...

comedy vijay telugu pelli pellichoopulu choopulu tharun bhascker chupulu pellichupulu

029 - STrumped
Ravi and Praveen discuss the aftermath of US election 2016 and how they are coming to terms with the new reality....

politics hillary trump uselections2016

028 - Everything is Continuous!
Ravi & Aravind ponder over how software release process has evolved last decade Instagram Release Process Jenkins 2.0 Here Disclaimer: The views expressed in this episode are ours and do not represent those of our employers....

027 - Pokiri
On its tenth anniversary, Ravi, Aravind and Dhruv do a scene-by-scene review of the Puri-Mahesh blockbuster and even try to derive some life lessons from the film. Our quick take on the film Ravi Aravind Dhruv Flashback to 2006 Trailer - Experience watching the film for the first time Subsequent viewings The pre-climax twist  Google movie summary Fights in the film Shed fight MMTS fight One-liners of the film The c...

super star prince puri pokiri mani mahesh jagannath jagan pokkiri pandugadu

026 - Cricket
In this episode, Dhruv, Praveen & Aravind get together & chat about their cricketing memories, favorite matches, upcoming T20 cricket world cup in India, current Indian team & their chances, and players around the world to watch out. Links Playing Cricket and my Eternal Damnation by Dhruv...

world asia india cup cricket worldcup t20 kohli dhoni

025 - Silver Jubilee
On our 25th episode, Ravi and Dhruv look back at what went well and what didn't. Flashback Looking back at the flashback Inception Our Frequency Inspirations and lessons learnt from them State of podcasting in India and future Our strengths Our new strategy Introducing our new hosts What didn't go well Q & A format Incoherence Lack of scripts and preparation What went well The name "Telugu Bytes"  Rise in recording quality Expansion Favorite Episodes Ravi - Nannaku Prematho Dhruv - Programming Inter...

podcasting milestone telugubytes

024 - Indian Super'bowl'
Aravind is back from India after a long trip and shares his thoughts on the weather, philanthropy, education, IT and everything else happening in India.  Teach for India Folllow Tarun Cherukuri on Facebook Hindu coverage of Tarun...

superbowl india telangana andhra sunnyvale

023 - Nannaku Prematho
Dhruv and Aravind try to follow follow follow follow Sukumar's latest thriller Nannaku Prematho. This episode is full of spoilers. Spoiler Alert Sukumar's 3 Cs - Concept, Creativity and.. we'll talk about the third later. Dhruv's take AK's take 3 kinds of moviegoers and how Sukumar impresses them 3 lead roles and how they performed Supporting cast and crew 3 roles of Sukumar - story, screenplay and direction - how he did 3 favorite scenes in the film of ours The third C is *---*---*---* Complaints about th...

review telugu ntr tollywood nannaku prematho sukumar

022 - Too much JavaScript
Ravi laments about too many JavaScript frameworks, Praveen tries to make sense of all this and bring some sanity. History of Javascript HTML, CSS and Javascript - How all of them work together? Gmail history and pioneers of AJAX Advent of JQuery MVC pattern Different JavaScript MVC frameworks BackboneJS ReactJS AngularJS Facebook reverses MobileWeb approach Praveen concludes that lack of diversity in client side languages forced developers to bootstrap various Server side paradigms as JS frameworks...

web facebook javascript backbone gmail react angular

021 - Movies of 2015
Dhruv Vemula and 'Spidy' Sri Atluru talk about the best Telugu and English films they've seen in 2015, and the worst ones.. Telugu films including Baahubali, Srimanthudu, Bhale Bhale Magadivoy, Bruce Lee, Akhil etc. English films including Avengers: Age of Ultron, Jurassic World, Mad Max, Star Wars etc. Other good films we might have missed...

english best jurassic avengers worst telugu 2015 baahubali srimanthudu

020 - Praveen about Interviews and Experience in Uber & Paypal
We have a second guest after Spidy at Telugubytes. In this episode, Ravi talks to Praveen, longtime listener of Telugubytes, Software Engineer at Uber & Paypal about his career as Software Engineer and how he got started. Praveen and Ravi reminisce about their early days of grad school Praveen explains how he prepared and what it takes to succeed in interviews. Experience at Uber versus Paypal Ondemand economy and its implications on future Follow us at Twitter for updates about the show - @telugubytes, Y...

podcast interviews

019 - Ads and Ad-Blockers
With iOS9, the discussion on web ads and ad-blockers has gone mainstream. In this episode, Dhruv and Ravi have a discussion on the topic. Origin of web ads Newspaper ads and TV ads Ad Networks Google and Facebook Ad-Blocking in Firefox and Chrome iOS 9 content blockers Native ads Facebook Instant Articles Google's Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)...

ad ads blockers ios9 adblocker

018 - Baahubali : The Future of Telugu Films
We discuss the success of Baahubali and discuss if it can change the way Telugu films are produced and marketed. Ticket prices and the "range" of Telugu films Baahubali's production and financing Remunerations of Telugu film stars Collections and fan wars...

films collections budget telugu tfi baahubali bahubali

017 - Baahubali : The Rise of Rajamouli
We chart the rise of SS Rajamouli over the years, from Shantinivasam to Baahubali. Shantinivasam Student No. 1 and the years of obscurity Simhadri Intensity Inspirations from Braveheart Dialogues and dramatization Sye The villain Chatrapathi Utilizing Prabhas The interval block Vikramarkudu Sleaze in the first half Titla The mass appeal Yamadonga The pre-interval scene NTR's transformation Magadheera His best story? Periods of sustained drama His influences, inspirations and claims of pla...

the epic beginning ss ssr baahubali bahubali rajamouli simhadri eega magadheera sye

016 - Baahubali : Exploring the Epic
Dhruv and Spidy (Sri Atluru)  attempt a review of Baahubali.  This episode is full of spoilers. Please watch the movie before you listen. Please! We sometimes slip into English during the conversation. It's not deliberate. Excuse us. We sometimes refer to celebrities (cast and crew) in the singular (athadu, vaadu). This is purely because it's a casual conversation between friends. We mean no disrespect - we love and adore them! How we liked the movie Talk from the audience Announcement, budget, marketing...

the epic beginning ss rana ssr anushka baahubali bahubali rajamouli prabhas ramya

015 - What's Up With Twitter
Dhruv and Ravi's take on trips and planning Dick Costolo is stepping down as CEO of Twitter An employee's farewell letter BBC's worst CEOs of 2014 TWTR stock price in the last three months What is Twitter? Microblogging service or a social network Montly Active Users (MAU) Twitter vs. Facebook MAU Chris Sacca's open letter - What Twitter Can Be 1 billion people have tried Twitter, but most don't stick Is the onboarding process broken? Are they slow to execute? What can Twitter do? Become a protocol -...

twitter business stock growth

014 - Apple WWDC 2015
El Capitan, the name (hint: Yosemite's half-dome) OS X Wi-Fi performance Metal on OS X Possibilities on Apple TV iOS 9 Search and deep linking to apps WebKit content blocker WKWebView watchOS 2 Native apps Possibilities Apple Music and Apple News...

mac apple wwdc capitan ios watchos

013 - Google I/O 2015
Sundar Pichai's shoutout to the TV show 'Silicon Valley' Hooli, the fictitious company in the show Android M Granular app permissions Web views can share cookies Google Now on Tap Josh Topolsky's article on Google Now on Tap. Google Photos Competition: Flickr, Amazon Photos, iCloud photo library, Dropbox Machine learning for photos Android Pay Google Cardboard (VR headset) Google : RGV :: Oculus : Rajamouli...

flickr io photos google apple pay android cardboard

012 - A Really Expensive Fitness Tracker
Dhruv's thoughts on his Apple Watch Pricing - is it really worth it? Fitness trackers: Apple Watch vs. Fitbit vs. others Other features Dhruv's India trip Situation in Telangana Situation in Andhra Weather Tech scene in Bangalore Indian tech salaries vs. US salaries Web apps vs. Mobile apps for Indian startups...

watch apple india startup telangana andhra fitbit bangalore flipkart

011 - Spring Forward
Thoughts on MacBook Pros and cons Looks Ports Who is it for? Competition: Dell XPS 13, Asus and Acer's ultrabooks Would you buy? Thoughts on Apple Watch Pricing Would you buy? Which one? Competition: Fitbit, Pebble What's the best smartphone in the market? Sorry for the background hiss, couldn't get rid of it completely....

watch apple spring macbook cook retina pebble fitbit 2015

010 - Programming Interviews : Part 2
What to prepare: Dhruv's take Ravi's take Algorithms: Linked lists, stacks and queues, sorting, trees and search, hash tables, graphs, strings, dynamic programming Textbooks: CLRS, Algorithms by Sedgewick Sedgewick's Algorithms's courses on Coursera. Cracking the Coding Interview Programming Interviews Exposed LeetCode When to prepare: Dhruv's take Ravi's take How to prepare: Solving on whiteboards Attitude Resume and projects...

009 - Programming Interviews : Part 1
This is Part 1 on our two-part podcast on Programming Interviews. This week, we talk about how we went from hating programming interviews to understanding and appreciating them, and doing well.  Our first experience with programming interviews at BITS Pilani in 2005-06. How our friend Sankar Tanguturi mastered the art of interviews, and taught us how to do the same. Our initial hatred for interviews Why should I study algorithms etc. to interview for jobs where I'll be doing something completely different?...

interviews facebook tech software google microsoft coding programming cracking algorithms

008 - Happy New Year
Pawan Kalyan on Twitter. Why do celebrities use Twitter? Why not Facebook? Reach of Facebook vs. Twitter in India Can we use Twitter analytics as a metric for success? 2014 in tech Things Dhruv is looking forward to in 2015 Apple Watch Rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI)/Machine Learning Internet of Things (IoT) Virtual Reality (VR)...

facebook twitter watch power star apple india 2014 telugu kalyan 2015 pawan

007 - Building a Desktop
Chat about how and why Ravi built his new desktop, and memories of our first computers. Why did Ravi need a new computer? When did we buy our first computers? "Assembled" computers and pirated software Famous computers at BITS - Russell's media machine How to pick parts for a modern-day desktop CPU and motherboard RAM and SSD Monitors Economics of buying a branded computer vs. building it How long does it take to research and build one Breakdown of the cost Our current work and home setups...

desktop computer intel ram motherboard ssd bits cpu pilani

006 - More Apple stuff and Movies with Spidy
This week we have  our first special guest, Sri Atluru (SPIDY), who joins us to discuss about the iPhone event, Apple Pay and where Apple is going in general. We end this episode with a 20 minute long Tollywood ramble about new  and upcoming releases. (Disclaimer: All the comments in the end about actors/directors are made in a lighter vein, please don’t consider them as personal attacks on anyone.) Dhruv buys iPhone 6 and his initial views on the device Spidy follows up with his views on iPhone and App...

jobs movies watch iphone apple cook telugu ramesh meher aagadu vytla

005 - iPhone 6 and the Apple Watch
Topics: iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+ Would Steve Jobs allowed this mutiple screen sizes? Android Comparisons Galaxy Ad Move from Apple to Android Guide Apple Pay How is the authentication done? How much difference does it make? Does Paypal need to really fear this? Paypal ad Apple Watch Some thoughts on the spectacular intro video Thoughts on this new category and Apple’s approach to it Aagadu Expectations and some lackluster music by Thaman (as usual) Ai Some though...

movies tech watch iphone apple i ai shankar aagadu

004 - iCloud accounts hacked
In the fourth and the first episode since the beta launch, we thank the audience for their support and clarify couple of questions/concerns from the audience. iPhone 6 Release Coming Tuesday the rumour mill is ripe that Apple is going to release their next version of iPhone and iWatch Dhruv discusses some of the features which Apple is rumored to release in this release. iCloud Celebrity Photo Hack Last week, an infamous celebrity photo hack has been the point of discussion by both mainstream m...

6 iphone security celebrities hacked icloud iphone6

003 - More Cloud
Saavn, the Spotify for Indian music that Ravi has great things to say about. Owning vs. Streaming music - What do we prefer? Where are we heading?   What is virtualization? How does this relate to cloud computing? What are the advantages and disadvantages of virtualization? A brief history of virtualization Major players in server virtualization - ESX, Hyper-V, RHEV and Xen An intro to storage virtualization and network virtualization Top three providers of IaaS, PaaS and SaaS Downsides of cloud Future of...

cloud computing server virtualization vmware saas paas iaas saavn

002 - Cloud
In this episode, Ravi and Dhruv discuss the buzzword-ridden and often confusing term 'Cloud Computing'. What is cloud? Why is everybody talking about it? Watch this guy explain "Cloud CDs" and what happens to them when it rains. Isn't my home computer good enough? How about a server? Why do I need cloud? Is the cloud model good or bad for small consumers? What is the difference between public cloud and private cloud? What is IaaS (infrastructure-as-a-service), PaaS (platform-aaS), SaaS (software)? Why did ...

cloud computing server amazon saas paas iaas

001 - The Pilot
In the first episode, Dhruv and Ravi kick things off by introducing themselves and talk about podcasting - their favorite podcasts and why they started this one. The discussion turns to Kickstarter, LeBron's move to Cleveland and American sports in general. Links from the podcast: Telugu Tharanga, a podcast we found. Kickstarter, a site that lets you raise money for your products Hanselminutes, a podcast that we love. LeBron's move to his old team, Cleveland Cavaliers. You can find us on Twitter at @gumma...

sports podcasting telugu