Aggregated reviews for Catch 'Em Cast & The RMajick Podcast

Welcome to RMajick Productions! Home of the Catch 'Em Cast: A Pokémon Podcast and The RMajick Podcast! Tune in every Monday for the Catch 'Em Cast: A Pokémon Podcast, hosted by Ryan and Noah. Each week you'll hear opinions on the most up to date news, and personal stories from two to four hosts; who at the end of the day are here because of their love for Pokémon! Tune in every Friday for The RMajick Podcast, hosted by Ryan. This is a show hosted by the owner of RMajick Productions where he (and sometimes a guest) will sit down and talk weekly about what's going on in the world involving the news, pop culture, video games, professional wrestling, and much more! We hope you all enjoy! Check out the RMajick Productions website! Watch RMajick Productions on YouTube! Watch every video from RMajick Productions in order! Follow RMajick Productions on Twitter! Catch RMajick Productions live on Twitch! Listen to The RMajick Podcast on SoundCloud!

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