Aggregated reviews for The Ben and Ashley I Almost Famous Podcast

Fan Favorite and one of the most popular Bachelors Ben Higgins and Ashley Iaconetti, the notorious crier from ABC’s Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise, will be covering everything relationships and breaking down the new season of the Bachelorette. They will include interviews with celebrities, past Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants, and interactions from their most loyal fans.

Love it   (5/5)

Obsessed with both Ben and Ashley !!!! Love how their personalities show through and love their predictions so much!! Ashley really gets me thinking all conspiracy theories and I love it

Watch the ad content   (2/5)

Normally like the podcast, but if you’re going to have an add about a woman shooting her children, could you please provide a trigger warning first so we can skip it??

Why so many guests   (5/5)

I liked when Ben and Ashley had more conversations between themselves about life and behind the scenes stuff about the bachelor. I miss that. jamming so many guests in is not that fun

Could use some tweaking...i want to love the podcast   (2/5)

The pauses while doing interviews and the awkward silence makes this hard to listen to. Ben and Ashley seemed completely bored and not engaged during the Ben F and Jake interview. There needs to be some energy! Listening to the end when saying bye to Jake was painful. They acted so annoyed to be talking to him and I found it really rude.

Love it   (5/5)

Love your podcast! I love that Ben brings his faith into the podcast. I wish there were more in depths maybe 2 episodes every week.

Bring on Mystic Michaela   (5/5)

They might need bring on Mystic Michaela to help them get their positive vibe back 🌟🌟🌟🌟

Too many ads and really safe   (3/5)

This show is soooo filled with ads it’s impossible to listen. Plus those are so conservative in what they can or will say about the show it becomes super boring.

Cringe   (1/5)

Both hosts are glib and have many blind spots regarding society, power, and prejudice. Little nuance—there are many other bachelor podcasts that offer more.

Ben is too PC   (2/5)

I enjoy listening to Ashley because she’s entertaining to listen to and voices her opinions. Ben doesn’t. He’s so PC that he says nothing. He compliments everyone no matter what and it’s really hard to listen to this podcast because of that. Sorry guys!

Moving on to Game of Roses podcast   (1/5)

I have been listening to this podcast since it’s inception and I don’t know what has happened to it. I remember it being a lot more fun and just easy going, we used to get more of a conversation between the hosts and more of a look at the behind the scenes. Now it just feels like it’s all fluff and very forced. Those brief 5 min “interviews” with former contestants add very little value and it just feels forced to bring so many people in just to ask them three questions and then move on to the next. I also don’t feel like Ben and Ashley feel fully comfortable sharing their opinions and talking freely anymore (which I can understand just by looking at some of the reviews but I miss this!). I miss the in-depth episodes and when they did more of an analysis of how the show works and how contestants feel before and after filming. I feel like they have run out of ideas of what to talk about. It could also be that I have outgrown this show due to the dearth of Bachelor-related podcasts that have come up in the past years. If you are looking for more of an analytical (and hilarious—if you are into sarcasm) podcast, go to Game of Roses podcast. It’s very deep while focusing on the show itself and the hosts have a great banter which also makes it a fun listen.

Clinging to Fame   (1/5)

If you want to hear mediocre Ben and problematic Ashley ramble on about every minor news story that goes on in bachelor world then this is the pod for you. 0/10 recommend

Ben Higgins’ audio   (3/5)

It is so hard to hear Ben on these podcasts. Very unprofessional and annoying.

Enjoy it!   (5/5)

I enjoy listening a lot!! Ben says “uh” and “um” SO much though and it’s distracting. Otherwise love!!

Absolutely LOVE this podcast!   (5/5)

I’ve been listening for a few years and I absolutely LOVE this podcast! I’ve been rewatching BIP 3 and I love knowing where everyone is at now 😊 Ashley and Ben have grown so much since they have been in the show, and they’re here to gossip about all things in bachelor nation! Although I may not always agree with what they have to say, I love hearing their opinions. This is not meant to be a fact based podcast, but a few people chatting about the gossip in BN and they speak their truth. There’s nothing to be ashamed about in that - so all the negative reviews are very upsetting. Love you both! I’ve been Anna 😘

Rewatching BIP season 3   (1/5)

Remember when Ashley called Caila a robot? Now she’s going on episodes praising her hahahahaha what a joke. Fake af

Hard to hear Ben   (4/5)

I turn the volume up when waking so I can hear them talk but it is so loud when commercials or other guests come on.

Great content, horrible editing   (3/5)

Love listening to you guys and all the gossip in Bachelor Nation! However, for an iHeart radio podcast, you’d think it would be produced a little better. Are you just rushing to get episodes out? There are obvious mistakes that should be cut, false starts, extra content or dead air and ads at the end... and levels are inconsistent. I thought iHeart media would be more professional.

Way to just spoil the entire season within the first 2 minutes   (1/5)

Within two minutes (including ads) of what was supposed to be Ali’s recap they drop the full name of the man Clare’s supposedly left with, no warning, no lead up, no way to shut it off before Ashley blurts it out. That was completely unnecessary and they should know better. It’s extremely disappointing that a podcast I used to really enjoy has become unlistenable the past couple of years.

Microphone   (1/5)

Sometimes it’s very difficult to hear you both. Can you adjust your microphones so the speaking is better!

Double the Wo Mack Daddy with Ashley I   (4/5)

Ashley, I think this needs to be said: In the beginning of the Podcast you claimed that you are not as good as Ben at doing the Podcast by yourself. This is incorrect. I felt like you were articulate, concise, and entertaining. You can tell that you have some mad broadcast journalism skills 😉

Cringe City on Miscarriage and Astrid Talk   (1/5)

Ben and Ashley were both tangibly uncomfortable talking about miscarriage and didn’t know what to say. Maybe speak to people you know about what to say before just rambling. Also, Ashley, right after you talk about 1 in 4, you then very immaturely and insensitively speculate that Astrid is pregnant. So many issues here. Never ever out a pregnancy that isn’t yours. That is an extremely important and special moment in someone’s life that they should have control over when and how it is shared. Also, if 1 in 4 have miscarriage, do you know the stats on infertility? It can be very painful for a woman struggling privately with infertility to be speculated about and asked if she is pregnant. I’m not trying to troll, I’m just trying to help you be aware.

Words matter   (4/5)

I really enjoy your podcast and have listened for a while! But the title “boys will be boys” is really unfortunate and doesn’t reflect where I believe your values align with.

Teaching the wrong message   (1/5)

Ashley and Ben, please be cognizant of the messages you’re portraying. Ashley loves to praise women for their appearance. Like when she told Michelle Money that her and her sister ignored Michelle’s obnoxious behavior on Brad’s season because she was “SOO PRETTY”. You could tell Michelle wanted to focus on her personal growth and not her appearance. Let’s teach women and men that their character is much more important than their appearance.

Taking a break -   (1/5)

Have listened for years for the fun/escape. It’s not fun anymore.

Horrible title   (5/5)

I love you guys, but as we all try and be more sensitive and aware, Boys will be Boys is a very misogynistic saying and allows for them to be forgiven for such behavior. How about boys will be held accountable for their behavior? Love you guys, totally, but just a reminder.

You mispronounced Yakima! 🙄   (5/5)

Yak (as in the animal) -ima

Ashley & Michelle Money❤️❤️   (5/5)

I’m a dedicated listener to this podcast and live most of them. While I missed Ben on today’s show. Having Michelle Money on and the convo between her & Ashley is great!! Both have been favs of mine forever. Listening to Michelle tell about Bri’s accident again makes us all realize what is most important in life and that is family!! Keep up the good work!!

Love it!   (5/5)

You both are great. I love your podcast and can’t wait every Tuesday to hear it. I always check in late Monday to see if it came in early. lol! Most times it doesn’t. You both sound like you’re in great spots in your life. So Happy for you. Keep up the informative, low drama, cast you have. Love you both.....

Thank you bringing Amy back part 3   (5/5)

Bless you all. I missed Amy. Her perspectives always bring about amazing discussion.

Ashley, chill   (3/5)

What on earth was with Ashley’s energy this week? You can’t call yourself a journalist and be so clearly biased (Cassie/Colton convo). And it just felt so bizarre and off considering the time of the world right now. Happy she is happy but it was strange to listen to.

Consistency   (5/5)

The key is to change your habits for health reasons with a “consistent” plan. Everything else - weight loss, mental clarity, physical strength, emotional strength... add the spiritual part and you’ll have complete alignment. Been there. Done that and I’m here with the proof!!! Ashley- you go girl! You’re beautiful spirit reigns from within to the outer shell. 💙💙🦋💯

Ok   (3/5)


Hate it   (1/5)

I think it’s time Ashley apologizes to Caila and DLo for her racially insensitive comments on BIP. Not just that, but Ashley is continuously putting down women on her podcast.

Lots of love and a little critique   (5/5)

Leaving a 5 star review because I just enjoy both of you so much. I think y’all are both top notch human beings. One thing I will say, as constructive criticism, is in almost every conversation I feel super awkward for the person y’all are taking to(most of your “in depth” podcasts). A lot of times, if one of you ask someone a question, they will respond, and instead of replying to that comment and conversing, you guys will just say “okay” and ask another question. It’s so cringy and seems really insincere when I know that’s not who you guys are. The best example of this was in your interview with Demi. She really opened up and shared personal things about herself and her life, and yalls response to her was just “okay.” It was really odd. If you guys work on this, I think it’ll make the podcast even better. Big fans and hope the best for you guys!

Just can’t   (1/5)

Ashley is just not interesting to listen to, has no original thoughts and why in the world do I care about their views on politics or race relations?? This is supposed to be a light hearted podcast. These two have run their course.

Do Better   (1/5)

Fact check before you decide to spread lies about people.

In depths are my fave   (5/5)

Keep them coming!

Problematic hosts   (1/5)

As a person of color and bachelor enthusiast, I cannot and will not support this podcast. Both hosts Ben H and Ashley I are problematics, but my beef lies particularly with Ashley I. During her time on BIP, she has demonstrated racist behavior especially toward women of color. She has made transphobic comments. She’s a bully and a RACIST. There are better podcasts with better hosts to support. With regards to her commentary, she doesn’t provide anything meaningful unless you enjoy comments laced with microagressions.

Just when I was about to unsubscribe, I was pleasantly surprised by these two   (5/5)

I’ve always liked Ben and Ashley, their chemistry, their access to inside scoop and their ability to bring in great guests. However, as someone who is very passionate about gender, racial and LGBTQ rights and diversity in general, this past year has been really hard listening to them. I felt that they danced around and refused to take a stance on important issues, either because they were ignorant or not affected by them or because they did not want to offend some of their fans. But just when I was about to unsubscribe, Ashley and Ben surprised me with an honest podcast about the BLM movement. They were very humble about their need to learn a lot on this issue and the difficulty in expressing their thoughts on the matter while still taking a strong stance on the issue. I hope this candidness continue. I am proud of them both. It is great to watch them grow and be vocal on issues that are so important and current. I’m happy I stayed!

Mixed opinions UPDATED   (5/5)

They fixed the sound quality of Ben and he’s toned down the Jess talk so the show is much more listenable. Am now enjoying it. Thanks for tweaking. Excited about the interview with Olivia. She was bullied and has little to apologize for but am impressed that she owns the apology tour. Want to love it because the content is great but there are too many ads. More importantly, until they can improve the sound quality of Ben, the show is hard to endure. It shouldn’t be too hard to fix if you care about your listeners. Also, tired of hearing about Jessica.

Amy Sugerman is the WORST.   (4/5)

Ben and Ashley are very good, but their producer Amy Sugerman is the absolute worst. She is very out of touch and dated. I can’t stand her voice and her opinions. She’s very brash and unpleasant.

Ben said to stop listening   (1/5)

I’ve listened from the beginning, but I am no longer. What do you say to all the military & law enforcement families? These are the men & women that protect you every day. Their lives don’t matter? Do you even know what BLM all stands for? As a Christian, you should know that Jesus died for everyone regardless of their skin color. Don’t be a sheep! The way to heaven is not the easy road where everyone agrees with you. “Few there be that find it.”

Oh Olivia, my heart broke & you’re amazing   (5/5)

Olivia, I love your podcast and my heart just broke for you during your in depth episode. Love you girl, good things are coming you’re a positive force! Xoxo xoxo

Thank you   (5/5)

I recently started listening to this podcast and I do love the bachelor world, but I have to write something specifically in relation to Ben and his faith. I, myself, am a Christian and I really respect the way that Ben shares his faith, but doesn’t push it on people in negative ways. I think that it is a beautiful thing to see the way that he brings up God in conversation so naturally and I absolutely love this podcast, especially because of that.

Good podcast - nice recaps of Bachelor shows   (4/5)

Love Ben, he is a thoughtful, introspective and all around good podcaster. I can tell he has a real Fondness and Friendship for Ashley I - I like it when she dials it back a bit but she gets an A for effort - she is quite sincere

Thank you for using your voice!   (5/5)

Very disappointed to see the comments from listeners who are choosing to punish you guys for standing up for what is right. I’ve never enjoyed the podcast more!

Like it a lot + one suggestion   (4/5)

I really enjoy this podcast and love the in-depth episodes. It’s nice to learn about past contestants on a deeper level. One minor suggestion- the opening music (that also plays after ads) is a lot louder than the rest of the audio and it’s kinda startling.

Bye....   (1/5)

Used to enjoy the podcast but now you have become too preachy and serious. Can’t listen anymore... gotta go!

Ben Higgins is a great interviewer   (5/5)

It’s really disappointing to see all the ignorant people trash your ratings because you stood up for what is right. So I just wanted to give you 5 stars (I never leave reviews or anything). For everyone calling Ben not a Christian because he supports blm just remember that God hears the cries of his people and justice will roll like the waters. I want to be on the side of justice on that day.

Hero to zero   (1/5)

Ben has went from hero to zero over the last year and now he tells listeners not to listen if they believe all lives matter. No worries Ben....ALL of those people will stop listening. The podcast is terrible!! Ashley, you May find this hard to believe but Jared is NOT a catch. Believe it or not, we don’t want to listen to an hour long podcast of you always finding a way to make it about you and Jaaared! Unsubscribed!

Rachel needs to go   (1/5)

Rachel, your episodes belittle Becca & garret make YOU the racist. All lives matter! And guess what ... I was born white. And no, I can’t peel my skin off either. It’s about accepting each & every one of us - it’s about being kind. And life... is about choices. So it’s ok for a man to beat his children, pull a taser on a cop. If better choices were bring made, his life would be ina totally different place. Slavery happened YEARS Ago. And no, unfortunately we can’t go back & change it. But getting on your soap box & putting white people down makes you just as bad as the “racist.” Girl, you have a lot of growing up to do.

Thank you   (5/5)

I’ve been listening for years, but am finally writing a review because I appreciate so much the way that you have stopped to listen and learn right now in this current civil rights movement, despite the personal cost and negative feedback. You’re on the right side in history.

Ashley and Ben. Stop talking   (1/5)

Ashley. I know you are well intentioned but a moment of helpful self reflection might help. Please re listen to how you introduced Matt on this podcast. If someone was commenting on Jared and said he was “good looking and well spoken”.... you might wonder why anyone would say “he is well spoken”. ? You said that about Matt. That is what institutional racism has taught you. Time to learn and listen. That was painful to hear. We all need to work on becoming anti racist Finally the moment is now.

Love You Two But,   (4/5)

It reallyyyy bothered me that you asked Mike OVER and OVER again about why he thinks he got denied as the bachelor. He’s an honest guy and clearly is just as blindsided as the many bachelor nation fans who hoped it would be him. His response didn’t change every time you asked. Absolute disappointment toward ABC’s reactive response, but listening to you rub salt in Mikes wound for a solid ten minutes was disappointing. Just some constructive criticism, I love you two and your hearts and conversation.

Unsubscribing   (1/5)

I’m just sad that everything has to be political. Black lives matter, Blue lives matter, I care, but I don’t want to hear it on a podcast based around The Bachelor.

Nothing but ads   (2/5)

It feels like it’s mostly ads and very little content

Great show   (5/5)

Love listening to these two each week. Ben is great. And Ashley has really grown up and matured over the last few years. Love them both

So disappointed!!   (1/5)

I go to this podcast for mindless entertainment. It is a fun escape from reality. First with Ben personally asking me and all others that believe all lives matter to leave. Then bringing on Becca to bash the police while posting the American Flag in her toilet... I am done! Before you feel this is a “racist” persons review please know I have dedicated my life to public service and do more on one day as an Emergency Department nurse supporting and caring for black lives then you three have done in a lifetime combined.

Done with this   (1/5)

You should have stuck to Bachelor banter. Lost a fan.

Bristowe’s Bros episode   (4/5)

Was Ashely recapping Kaitlyn’s season or Jared’s?? I thought it was the bachelorette season? 🤔 Wish we heard a little bit more from Ben about the season he was actually on vs Ashely talking about only Jared.

.   (3/5)

The in depths are the best. Wayyy too many ads.

Stop the Political Rants   (1/5)

We tune in for fun. Not politics... that’s it!

Disappointed   (1/5)

I honestly hope you give Garret a chance to talk. Becca M. is a hypocrite. She does not support cops, solely based on her past comments, but wants to say she does. Yet, she can’t understand Garret can support cops and BLM. This episode was horrendous and I honestly hope you never tap into politics or social topics again. ✌🏼

Dream Team   (5/5)

Absolutely love you guys!!! Please don’t ever stop. Also- Would SO rather see you two live on tour instead of Becca!!

In Depths   (5/5)

I really enjoy your InDepth episodes! I hope you do more! 😄 big Ashley I fan! Love how real you are. 🥰

Love Ben and Ashley!   (5/5)

I'm sorry to see so many hateful reviews lately....but it's pushed me to finally write what I've wanted to say to you guys for awhile. Please don't ever stop doing what you're doing! Ben, your heart shines through in the words you say and it's beautiful. I have the utmost respect for you. You are that person in Bachelor nation leading with a deep level of integrity, a heart to serve others and a genuine desire to make the world better. I love how you love people and the strength you have to make your relationship with God known. The world needs more people like you.'re amazing! You guys together make what I thought was an unlikely team at first but my goodness it works. I love listening to you both and the vulnerability I've heard in the last few episodes from you has touched my heart. Negative voices always shout the loudest unfortunately but for every negative voice out there, there are a thousand more who love you guys. Please never forget that! -From one of your biggest fans❤️

Asked to leave   (2/5)

After listening for years, unsubscribed after being asked to for not supporting BLM over all lives matter. Yikes.. Ben, I’ve appreciated how you’ve shared your faith, but not accepting others’ political opinions is not the inclusive person you’ve claimed to strive to be. You’re missing the point. I’ll get my BN news elsewhere.

A couple of self-absorbed, vapid nitwits.   (1/5)

It’s too bad they are too simpleminded to ever realize how brainwashed they are. Also, they are very condescending, closed-minded, and out of touch with the real world. This is the typical Bachelor channel hosted by feckless idiots furthering the divide without even realizing it. Listen to the other one star reviews... they know what they’re talking about.

Disappointed   (2/5)

Very disappointed you had Becca M on here. With Ben being a Christian I really thought he would take a different approach with everything going on in the world today.

Ted Cruz ad   (1/5)

How can you allow an ad for Ted Cruz’s conspiracy pushing podcast on an episode where you advocate for BLM? Unbelievable. Ben- you talk over people and dominate Ashley. You’re self-aggrandizing evidenced by you promoting your own work before acknowledging BLM.

Blinded   (1/5)

You are now pushing a liberal agenda on your podcast? You actually told people if they don’t stand with “Black Lives Matter” a politically driven campaign to stop listening to your podcast?? What is going on in this country? Has it ever occurred to you misguided drones, people can be against racism, and still not support the Democratic Party. You are ALL being used for a political movement. The statistics don’t lie, and yet, none of you, listen to people of color who are conservative. This is all a bunch of crap! I feel sorry for the entirety of Bachelor Nation for being forced to shove this down everyone’s throat out of pure fear. That is why you have all lost so many followers, not because people are racists! We have brains and we can see the big picture of what bandwagon you have all so blindly jumped on. You are afraid to just be your own individual, which is how, God, created us all. God bless you, take a look around our country! The amount of lives that have been lost! How dare you not address the destruction on your platforms, and push your liberal ideology on everyone. Shame on you both.

Ben you are a vile example of a “Christian”   (1/5)

Ben, you are so worried about how white you are, that your concern over your reputation has completely eclipsed your desire to be a good Christian. Jesus would NEVER tell people that say all lives matter and promoting true equality amongst men, to basically f off. it’s sad you care more about social justice pandering than reaching real equality. saying all lives matter is not racist, any idiot knows that. without equality, this racism will never end. if the pendulum swings so far the other way to the point of “f all white people” then inevitably there will be retaliation to that and then another pendulum swing to the other extreme. it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out. only with real equality can racism be thwarted. to act like we arent all equal as humans on this earth means you literally understand nothing of Jesus teaching. or you do & think you’re better than others (NOT Christian) & you’re just saying this virtue signaling bs for your reputation. Bekah M is also probably the best example of how NOT to behave as a Christian there is. she is one of the most vile judgmental human beings I have ever seen online. I can’t believe any of these libtards even listen to her “acceptance” rants while she just puts down and attacks others because she is so unhappy in her own life. I have been listening less and less, but now I am truly done with this podcast. have fun with your small group of remaining lib idiots.

BLM   (5/5)

I appreciate Ashley and Ben’s vulnerability in addressing their shortcomings as white people with respect to the Black Lives Matter movement. I am glad they are learning and encouraging others to learn.

In-depths   (2/5)

Stick to the in-depths. They do a great job interviewing other people, but otherwise Ashley seems fake/surface-level and Ben has a holier-than-thou attitude about everything.

You’re both AWESOME & good people!   (5/5)

I just love listening to this podcast while I’m at work passing time. Ashley & Ben your both great and so deserving of a five star rating. 😊

No thanks, Bekah M.   (1/5)

If we want to listen to her pointless rambling trying to slam Garrett, we can listen to her podcast.

😂😂   (1/5)

Both annoying people

#BroadSquad   (5/5)


Donate proceeds from live podcast   (4/5)

Your live podcast has presented you with an opportunity to put your money where your mouth is and demonstrate your allyship to BIPOC. I would strongly consider donating a portion of the proceeds to causes like BLM, color of change, etc.

Love you Ben...   (5/5)

Thank you Ben! Thank you for standing up for your beliefs. Everyone won’t get it, and takes a lot of courage!

Enough   (1/5)

I watch these podcasts for fun and entertainment. Not more political bull crap. If I wanted to listen to that i would watch the news. Stick to fun topics like the bachelor.

Not very genuine   (1/5)

Proud of Ben for stepping out of his comfort zone and attempting to speak about BLM. Hard to empathize with Ashley’s tears... she just came off as guilty and it was telling of her true priorities (which is wishing she could continue to not care about BLM and avoid upsetting racist BN fans). Very disappointed in both for their silence about Garrett’s Blue Lives Matter drama. Not participating in the conversation with Bekah aside from a few words from Ben which actually DEFENDED Garrett’s “intentions” shows that they: 1) Do not understand what BLM is really about 2) Agree with Garrett 3) Are not speaking up because Garrett is their friend, which shows how biased they are and that BN is nothing more than a bunch of cliques

Understanding and self aware   (5/5)

Both hosts are really genuine and refreshing. There’s too much hate and judgment in this world and I appreciate that they can forgive and understand.

Spread Love   (5/5)

Ben and Ashley are perfectly imperfect. They offer thoughts and opinions while still recognizing that there is always more to the story. While other similar podcasts promote rigid, set-in-stone viewpoints, Ben and Ashley explore issues from various angles and encourage all listeners to self-reflect and spread the message of understanding and grace.

Almost Famous, please!   (1/5)

Ben and Ashley are so self aggrandizing about Bachelor Nation and their role in it. I will give you that most of the contestants are better looking than average but we all know that real talent isn’t a prerequisite. Without the show, almost all the members of Bachelor Nation are just a personal trainer from Poughkeepsie or a homecoming queen from Hot Springs! They have become unbearably preachy and smug. Hey Ashley, In the Tyler and Jed Twitter feud, Jed tweeted a picture of Robert Redford, as Jeremiah Johnson, not a picture of Zach Galifianakis! I will let you look up the significance. It’s astonishing how uniformed you are most of the time. Go back and listen to the September 29,2019 episode with Mike Johnson. The whole episode was cringe worthy, in regards to how they both talked about racism and the Bachelor franchise. Yet, Ben seems to have listened and learned ...but my Lord, Ashley was so worried about being called a racist on that episode, and now she can only laugh-cry that she is inarticulate. She brags that she has a master’s degree in journalism/communications. Ashley, you need to dig deeper and do some serious soul searching!

Very rude   (1/5)

How is asking the audience that thinks “all lives matter” to stop listening to the podcast nice??? All lives matter is not a racist statement it actually stops the segregation by including all humans into one loving movement. Im not a racist... im not a bad person! And honestly this podcast is not even supposed to be about these issues... that was uncalled for and very rude... Jesus would never have said that Ben! You know better!

Impressed   (5/5)

Ben so eloquently expressed how I have been feeling at this time. I am very passionate about these topics and am grateful Ben expressed his feelings in such a powerful way. Ashely represents such a large portion of the population who are at a loss for words, who have learning and growing to do, but are WILLING to be compassionate and learn. There will not be change in our country until white Americans are able to take time to listen and learn. I am grateful Ashely was true to herself and did not claim to know what to say. She was honest and sincere and I am sure there are many who relate to her. I love you both for acknowledging your faults and talking about topics that aren’t easy but are necessary for change!

Heartbroken   (1/5)

This last episode on the BLM movement was HEARTBREAKING to listen to. Ashley had NOTHING to say. I didn’t expect her to be eloquent, she never is, but all she did was giggle or laugh cry. It is very clear she’s uncomfortable talking about it, I presume scared to say the wrong thing..that is the problem. Worried about HER image. White privileged people like them and me need to take this time to educate, advocate and SPEAK UP. All she had to do was say, “I can’t speak eloquently on this but this is what I read and here are my takeaways...”, “This is who I followed... they taught me...”, “this is where I donated because they are doing...”. She did and said NOTHING which I hope just means she is just terrible at her job and preparing and NOT that she isn’t doing the work and research behind the scenes. I could sit here and talk for hours just spitting back information I’ve learned over the last week... it’s easy to do if you’re doing the work. Ben was redeeming in that it’s clear he is doing the research and education and actually working on himself to change and be a better black ally. However, he kept saying he isn’t apologizing for being “preachy” because of his faith. I have no problem with the Jesus talk and I’m sure most don’t. If the feedback to him is what it is to me, it’s the WAY he talks AT the listeners (on any topic, this has nothing to do with faith). It’s “preachy” (for lack of a better term) and frankly feels degrading. He’s always taking intense pauses and using specific inflections because he talks AT instead of with. It never feels or sounds like a conversation. I sadly just cannot listen or support them after this, it was so painful. I hope they read this and absorb. It’s not meant to attack but I think more reflection is needed before recording again.

So impressed   (5/5)

I am taking back a negative review I posted earlier about the pod being a bit wishy washy and ready to say I was wrong. Ben and Ashley today did such a great job. Wow. Everyone needs to take this to heart.

Too Many Ads   (5/5)

Updated 06/04/20. #BlackLivesMatter Love Ben and Ashley, HATE the number of ads. It makes up so much of the episode that I’m always trying to skip through them. I want mostly content, not mostly ads.

Love it’s all love   (3/5)

Ashley I tried to reach out to you months ago on how to be better my if is Katie Ragas could you please take a read

I stand with you   (5/5)

I am so proud of you for talking about this subject. I am a 63 year old white female and although I have always maintained I am not racist, I was blind to so much of this which makes me complicit. Now is the time for open and broken hearts so we can heal. For all of us.

Love you guys   (5/5)

Ben and Ashley, I love everything about your your honesty, your fun, your humanity. Crying listening to your last podcast today. Keep spreading all you are.

June 1st Episode   (3/5)

This episode is everything. Thank you for tackling this with such honesty and vulnerability. You are changing perceptions. Thank you for everything you do and what you stand for!

Thank you   (5/5)

I’m sorry I haven’t taken time to write a review before now, but after yesterday I have to add my voice to what you said on the podcast in response to recent criticism. I love that you show who you are, Ben, and I wouldn’t want anything less. Openness and vulnerability are supposedly valued, yet when people don’t like or agree with who we are, it isn’t welcome. Hats off to you for standing unashamedly for your faith and for the rights of our black brothers and sisters. It made me love you and the podcast even more.

Thank you!   (5/5)

Thank you for using your platform to educate and push out hate!

Thank You   (5/5)

Important discussion- we are all learning ❤️

Thanks   (5/5)

Thanks for getting rid of bad voices. Thank you for speaking up about BLM. Thank you for saying what’s needed to be said. Let’s make Bach Nation a loving and not racist nation.

Love you guys   (5/5)

Great podcast

Y’all are great. Just stupendous.   (5/5)

Keep doing what you’re doing! I Truly appreciate your explanations, your authentic sharing of who you are, your faith, your realness. Don’t let the negative comments get too big in your heart and mind. There are many of us that are thankful for all that you both bring to this podcast!

This was awesome   (5/5)

Loved the interview with Peter Kraus. He’s always been one of my favorites. You guys did a great job. Much love ❤️

Quite the duo!   (5/5)

Such a great podcast. Love these 2 polar opposites as cohosts! Great guests and definitely love to spend my time listening to these episodes.

FAVORITE podcast   (5/5)

This is the one podcast I make sure to listen to every week! Ben and Ashley are an amazing team - they balance each other out perfectly as cohosts! I love that they do the fun week to week episodes but also have the in-depth episodes that are such a great addition! The recent Peter Krauss interview was one of the best yet! Cannot say enough good things about this bachelor podcast; I’m loyal to Almost Famous!

Love this!   (5/5)

Ben is such a smooth talker. He is so thoughtful with his questions and conversations. Ashely always makes me chuckle too.

Love you guys   (5/5)

Ya are great really enjoy listening to you guys keep it up.

Nikki   (5/5)

Love this podcast! Ashley and Ben are so positive and easy to listen to. Congratulations on the engagement!

Love the show   (5/5)

Love the podcast! Always listening to it at work. Helps me get through my day. Ashley always has the good tea and you guys are always getting great guests to interview. Also love the perspective on bachelor recaps.

Love   (5/5)

I love you guys!!! ❤️❤️❤️ just here showing some love. I’ve been listening for maybe only one year, but always super excited to see when you guys have a new pod up. ❤️

Love you guys   (5/5)

Please do more in dept episodes with Bach favs!

My guilty pleasure   (5/5)

I love both Ashley and Ben. They have a fun banter. I have always been a fan of Ben and I appreciate his point of view. He is very consistent in his beliefs but is also respectful of opinions that differ from his own.

Best Bachelor Podcast   (5/5)

I look forward to this podcast every week! I love Ben and Ashley’s insight on the show and honestly life in general. I feel like I am listening to my friends. I highly recommend!

The best podcast EVER   (5/5)

This podcast make me laugh and cry so much. I love this so much. The two of you make the best podcast co-host and I can see your friendship shine through. Ben is just the kindest person and Ashley has the best way with words. I love y’all s insight into life and the bachelor. Again best podcast.

Love, Love, Love   (5/5)

Wow there are some negative reviews on here that are pretty ridiculous. In my opinion, Ashley

Loving the company from Ben & Ashley   (5/5)

They usually keep me company whenever I get in my car but now that I’m not in my car too often, they are keeping me company while I remote in and work from home. Almost Famous is one of my favorites to listen too, Ben & Ashley make me laugh and have all the best gossip in bachelor nation. Love you guys stay safe. Sheri from NY

Dedicated Listener   (5/5)

Thanks for keeping us entertained and informed. Really enjoying the ‘in depth’ segments. Keep them coming.

LOVE   (5/5)

this podcast always makes me smile ! Ben and Ashley are the best!

Love the in depth episodes !   (5/5)

The recaps are great but I really love the in depth podcasts too. Ben and Ashley have unique insights into the behind the scenes of the Bachelor World. Very enjoyable and fun.

Ben, please...   (3/5)

I do like this podcast. I have been listening for a very long time. I am so happy that both Ben and Ashley have found happiness. I am , however, having a more difficult time listening to Ben as of late. Instead of getting to the question while interviewing, he talks too much. He adds too much background, speaks for the person he is interviewing, adds A LOT of his own experiences and feelings before even asking a question. It makes him sound very self-centered. He also brings down the mood, almost like he is trying to add drama to the situation or question. It feels like he is auditioning for something, or as others have stated, being too political. I get distracted before he gets to the question. Ashley is much more direct in her questioning, and while sometimes an interview can be serious, she still shines some light. Please, Ben, lighten up a bit, and for goodness sake, GET TO THE QUESTION!

Good!!   (5/5)

I enjoy this podcast every week but enough of Blake!! This was the worst interview ever!

Judgmental   (3/5)

I don’t like the tone of judgement during the Blake interview, especially from Ben. I appreciate the in depth interview of Blake- he is interesting, honest, well spoken and doesn’t try to hide his mistakes he made. Would have been much better without the super judgmental tone.

Stop preaching!!   (1/5)

Ben is worthless on this podcast! He’s so fake and is a politician in training. People listen to hear bachelor gossip and real opinions not your politically correct views. He’s always on his soap box. Need a new guy to host this show Ben is lame!

Ben   (3/5)

Sad to say it but Ben is hard to listen to after awhile. Sounds like he’s on repeat.

Amy’s great   (5/5)

Love the show!! But Ben please please work on the “uhm”

Love the In Depth   (5/5)

I still continue to really enjoy the in-depth interviews, especially in times of fear and uncertainty. The also always show that everyone is more complex and multidimensional, sometimes something that is easy to forget.They also show both Of you, Ashley and Ben, to be sensitive, intelligent interviewers, and separate the Almost Famous podcast from others that deal with similar topics . Keep doing in depth. Five stars!!! The in depth interviews are so well done, allowing listeners to really get to know the context of the lives of those interviewed. Both Ashley and Ben are at their best, asking good equestrians, allowing the interviewee to answer in depth (not always the case with some podcasts, one in particular), and show really empathy. I particularly found the Chris Soules interview to be compelling, but in general, the in depth episode was really Ashely and best. Please continue to do more of these episodes. Five stars

Ben   (2/5)

Ben needs to stop droning on and on. You are an interviewer, just ask the questions. We don’t need to hear a backstory and explanation for everything. Listening to him bores me to death and I’ve gotten to the point of deleting certain episodes. He is also way too PC, we need to hear actual opinions. I’m a fan of Ashley I but I wish she had a cohost that she had more chemistry with. When Nick Viall cohosted a while back, it was the best episode - they really vibed together. Wish they could have a permanent podcast.

Too religious   (2/5)

We are not all Christian, or religious at all. The amount of time Ben spends talking about religion is such a turn off. I don’t come to this Podcast for that. When it gets to much I turn off the Podcast.

More of Ashley please!   (2/5)

This is just honest constructive criticism, but Ben talks way too much. We don’t hear enough of Ashley’s voice. Bens questions are so long and drawn out, I feel like we hear him talk more than the guest. His questions and voice sound so robotic. Ashley is a breath of fresh air, but we barely hear her speak. She sounds more like she’s having a organic flowing conversation.

You can’t not hear   (2/5)

After noticing things Ben says, it’s impossible to not hear them anymore. Interesting is not pronounced “inner-resting.” For example, one doesn’t say, I have a strong inner-rest in sports. Every time I hear him say, “I can relate because...” I think Nooo don’t interrupt. We don’t wanna hear about you being the bachelor, your faith, and now you finding love. Let the guest speak! And after prefacing each question with your usual 5 comments before the question, you asked Hannah Ann how her view of the world has changed. Really? That’s the best question you could come up with? to ask a 23 year old?

More Ashley!   (5/5)

I have been a listener for years, but It seems like lately it’s a counseling session/sermon with Ben and it’s exhausting to listen to for an hour... bring back the light hearted attitudes and Ashley’s voice! We could all use it!

❤️   (5/5)

I love this podcast.

Hannah Ann interview   (4/5)

Was someone plunging a toilet during this interview? So much noise. Ben, we get it. You are in love. Don’t interrupt the guests to rub it in. Hannah Ann, you are the sweetest and you deserve great things!

It’s just bad   (2/5)

I’ve been listening to it for some months now and there are a few good episodes but for most part it gives me anxiety honestly. Ashley’s voice and laugh and that screech is NOT for radio. She probably has the worst voice I’ve ever had to listen to. She needs some lessons on how to properly speak and when not to open her mouth and think of what she is going to say instead of just screeching while she thinks of the word she wants to say. Ben, he’s okay, he kind of acts like he’s The Godfather of the bachelor franchise and is kind of annoying. They just need to move on with their lives, and Ashley, please do it quietly.

Love getting to know contestants better on the Almost Famous in depth episodes   (5/5)

Not sure why people are complaining about background noise. This is a time for understanding as we are all out of our normal routine. This isn’t an issue during normal podcasts. I enjoy the questioning to get to know the contestants better! In depth episodes are great. I gave a 4 star not 5 because I wish that Ben and Ashley would stop holding back on commentary sometimes. Tell us what you really think! We understand you want to be nice, but be critical sometimes. I listen for a good laugh and ultimately know you guys mean no harm in any comments made. That is my only critique.

Too many glitches   (2/5)

This podcast has been around for 4 years, can’t you invest in better remote equipment? Especially if Ben is remote for 90% of the episodes? Just horrible quality and incredibly distracting. Also Ben, please shorten your questions. You’re already asking boring, political questions and they’re way too long winded. I love Ashley’s opinion and interview style!

Enough Ben!   (1/5)

Too much of the Ben show!!

Ben discusses himself too often   (2/5)

I understand that Ben is happy in his relationship but it’s kind of inappropriate in the middle of interviews to start talking about how happy he is. I don’t see why this is necessary and it comes off as very self-centered.

This podcast has DEPTH   (5/5)

I am an intelligent professional (much like the hosts of this podcast) who also enjoys watching Bachelor Nation shows as my guilty pleasure. I love podcasts and this has become the only Bachelor podcast that I listen to now. Ben and Ashley have depth and balance. They are analytical, interesting, and not petty or childish (like some other podcasts). They have incredible guests and ask great questions. Highly recommended! 💕

A Bit Boring...   (2/5)

Ben seems so disinterested in his job. He sounds like he’s reading from a script. He doesn’t really listen to the interviewees answers but instead moves onto the next question in front of him. Not really impromptu at all. It’s not a back and forth conversation especially when he says I’ve got 3 questions.. versus just naturally going back and forth. They also don’t challenge anyone’s answers. Also, the background noise on Hannah Ann’s interview was really bad. Sounded like Ben multitasking during each answer 🤣 This is a tough podcast to listen to.

Boring   (1/5)

Ben and Ashley are so boring. They have no talent as interviewers. I’ve tried to listen a few times but my mind just wanders. They can’t keep my interest even when they have a good guest on.

Great Listen!   (5/5)

This podcast is great. They are both very well spoken and keep me interested the whole time. I love them and look forward to each new episode!

Ben - Please Quit Talking About Yourself   (1/5)

I’d like to listen to the guests and have questions directed to THEM to answer. Please be more mindful of how often you speak about yourself. It’s been 4 years, we KNOW YOUR OPINION.

Hannah Ann Interview   (2/5)

The racket in the background is beyond annoying!

Ben talks too much   (3/5)

Ben, just ask a simple question. Let Ashley talk. Let the person you’re interviewing talk. It seems like you just like to hear yourself talk.

Pilot Pete Episode   (1/5)

I really wanted to listen to this entire Podcast however you both talk way too fast (which made Peter speak way too fast). OMG! I couldn’t get beyond the 10 minute mark. Ridiculous! I switched to Kaitlin’s Off The Vine podcast with Peter and thoroughly enjoyed it. I have tried to listen to some of your other shows but it’s always the both speak way too fast.

fallen off   (2/5)

I used to look forward to this podcast every week. The recaps were good and I appreciated the behind-the-scenes insight, but lately, I’ve been indifferent about listening. Ben has gotten very hard to listen to — very long-winded and takes the conversation way off course and into a boring territory. Ashley asks great questions and isn’t afraid to be direct, but everything gets derailed when Ben starts pontificating.

Name of show   (4/5)

This seems like the Ben show. Are Ashley and him co-hosts or is she just the sidekick?

Bens gotta go!   (1/5)

Ben makes it so hard for me to even get through a full episode. He’s so annoying and I wish they would replace him with someone else. Such a politician who loves to hear himself talk. Nails on a chalkboard.

why was Kelly locked in a closet??   (3/5)

and why didn’t y’all ask her about it???

Good   (4/5)

I like this podcast. I wish Ashley spoke more and Ben spoke less about his experience when guests are on. I do like Ben a lot, but I just think he needs to not say as much when trying to ask a question. I didn’t like the Hannah Goodwin podcast as I feel like they dodged most questions which they don’t have to answer but don’t go on a podcast if that’s what you are wanting to do.

Ben is Soooooooooo boring   (1/5)

Omg droning on and on - it’s so bad!!!! Killing the podcast. Please practice short concise interview questions! Your questions drag on & on - meandering....... get to the powerful question! Let Ashley talk! And the guests too!

Constantly Fishing for a Headline   (1/5)

When the podcast first launched I was intrigued because the idea of getting both Both and Ashley’s insider perspective to the Bachelor world seemed awesome...and then it wasn’t...Both Ben and Ashley don’t come through as authentic or real in an way. The topics, questions and guests all seem overly produced and calculated. I tried listening to Peter’s interview to see if things have gotten better and it was quite the opposite unfortunately. I think this podcast’s ship has sailed....Ashley I is trying to cling on to relevance and Ben’s superiority complex is exhausting.

Need to be more insightful   (4/5)

I believe Ben and Ashley are good people, but I felt like Ben was still judging Peter and his mom, Barbara. Ashley was bashing Barbara a few episodes ago too. I feel bad for Peter and Barbara. Nick did so much better job interviewing Peter on his podcast by being understanding and not trying to shame anybody.

Peter’s Episode   (3/5)

Peter’s episode was annoying because Ben kept relating his life to Peter but it was overshadowing Peter’s answers. Like if he said he wasn’t embarrassed by his mom, let him feel that way and stop pushing the issue. Love the podcast and Ben but I like the direct approach of Ashley more then the wordy lengthy preachy Ben questions.

Ben is killing this podcast   (2/5)

Ben is overexplaining everything! “I’ll tell you what I’m going to say and I’ll tell you why I’m saying it.” I feel like there’s no point to the podcast anymore and the guests barely get to talk. So hard to listen. I do like Ashley’s targeted questions, but Ben still interrupts.

Replace Ben.   (2/5)

Ben is maybe the most obnoxious host ever. Replace him and this would be a great podcast.

To Ben   (3/5)

PLEASE figure out how to use “I” and “me”. “It means a lot to Jessica and ME”...not Jessica and I. You will sound so much smarter if you can master this. Thank you...and congratulations!

Bennnnn... stahhhp   (2/5)

I wish so much Ben would be more laid back. Being overly structured sometimes is hard to listen too.

Ben   (2/5)

I used to like this podcast but I just can’t listen to it anymore. I’m sick of Ben’s preaching. That’s all he does. Let Ashley talk!! If I hear them talking about Ben taking over Chris Harrison’s job one more time I’m going to lose it.

Hannah and Dylan were so difficult   (5/5)

It felt like Hannah and Dylan were being intentionally difficult, not answering any questions directly, or turning the question back to Ben and Ashley. Frustrating/ awkward to listen to - not Ben / Ashley’s fault

Love this podcast   (5/5)

I’m new to the podcast world.. I find this one so entertaining...I really appreciate the amount of depth that Ben and Ashley bring.. all the while keeping it light when it needs to be. I appreciate all you do!!! Keep up the good work 🤗

Poison ivy   (4/5)

I’ve had poison ivy several times- best treatment- take oral Benadryl and ice packs Not a doctor

Typing   (1/5)

Typing makes it clear you are distracted and makes it unbearable to listen to

Ugh the typing   (4/5)

The background typing is so distracting. I had to delete this episode.

Typing Noise   (3/5)

Please, please, please stop typing during the podcast. So distracting. Be present!

Bring Sean Lowe on!   (5/5)

Love y’all - keeping me sane through this quarantine with two young kids! Can you bring Sean Lowe on? He and Catherine I feel like had such a real relationship and they worked hard to make sure their marriage was strong - want to know more about their journey during the bachelor even more details than his book please!

Unnecessary podcast at this point   (1/5)

This podcast has, unfortunately, run its course. It was very entertaining at first but there are much better bachelor podcasts out there now. And the other Iheart podcasts are MUCH more enjoyable I have sadly, unsubscribed.

Next...   (1/5)

This podcast has run its course... awful.

Love them all!   (5/5)

Derek Peth was a great interview. Hope he finds a fantastic girl to marry!! Jason Mesnick was a really great interview too!!!!

Ben for president   (5/5)

That’s all

stop being mean   (1/5)

You tell us not to say mean things about you guys but here you are talking smack about Peter’s family. Even if you don’t agree with how she said what she did on tv, you can chose to take the high road and set a good example for us. Chose to see the good, that Barb is a mom looking out for her son’s best interest. But instead Ashley keeps tearing them apart. Like Ben said, their family mended things so move on!

Important part of my life   (5/5)

I am a 20-something cis-female, been with my bf for 10 yrs. I was mostly raised by my father alongside my brother. Parents were divorced and my mom was often absent. I am at a point in my life where I am realizing just how much I long for more positive female influence in my life. And this podcast along with a few more of my favorites absolutely have helped me find that "girl talk" I have always wanted. Ben and Ashley are beautiful people with great senses of humor, so much love to give as well as very interesting insight into The Bachelor world. I look forward to each episode especially during Bach szn. My life wouldn't be complete without these two! <3 <3 Much love!

Facts are facts   (1/5)

I think this podcast has unfortunately run its course. I understand you guys need a paycheck but the sound quality is terrible every week. You guys need hosts that can either be together every week or fix the audio. It might be time to walk away and call it quits if you can’t figure it out.

Miserable   (1/5)

Please just stop

WAY TOO MEAN!!   (1/5)

Thank goodness Taysia was there to provide balance. Most of the women were so judgmental toward Peter and his family, and Ashley was leading the charge. Not listening to this podcast anymore. Plenty of other good bachelor podcasts.

Mediocre   (2/5)

Audio is terrible - the volume was all over the place in the season finale episode. The audio is also terrible when Ben is on and you can tell he’s not in studio with Ashley. This podcast doesn’t offers any value or unique content anymore. Go listen to Viall Files!!

Don’t wish to aspire   (2/5)

What I liked about this podcast was that it recapped the episode and gave insight from people who have been on the show. These episodes about Peters finale show an over abundance of cattiness (on Ashley’s part). What I like about Ben is that he is able to pull focus on what he felt could’ve been handled better, and that type of criticism makes me aspire to be a good person. Ashley’s criticism and opinions on people who aren’t there to explain themselves just colors them in a harsh light. Many people also say some mean things as well but with the platform this show has and the influence they are capable of doing should encourage them to show their listeners compassion. People who listen to these episodes may feel it is okay to go and say awful things to the people Ashley shames. I really hope there is reflection and change, but it’s not my podcast so if this is what they want then they are on the right course.

What about Hannah Ann?   (5/5)

Why is everyone making it about Madison? What about Hannah Ann? He pulled and Ari! He broke her heart! She’s the victim here not Madison. Madison chose to leave. PS I love you guys 😂

Great podcast   (5/5)

The best bachelor recaps!!

This podcast is trash without Ben   (1/5)

Ashley I. has never claimed to be a supporter of women and it was evident this past episode. She talks so much trash about Barb crying... how hypocritical? Barb did not sign up for this show, I think we should all lay off the families (just like Kaitlyn Bristow says). Plus, whenever Ashley I. decides she doesn’t like someone, she doesn’t see any other perspectives. Thank goodness for Tayshia speaking up and breaking this “groupthink.” We need Ben on all episodes to bring maturity, grace, and respect for everyone. Producers: please no more episodes without Ben.

Finale- so frustrated   (3/5)

Listening to your finale episode and my major question as you defend Barb- how do you know that Madison said she didn’t love Peter? Because barb Said so?? It wasn’t aired.. and she hates Madison-she could be lying right? And you say Madison should have disputed her but would you contradict the mother of the man you love?? At 23?? And waiting 3 hours-was they Madison or production? Barb should know how production works right? she acted like she never met Madison but she had met her. Lastly, this is on peter not Madison. It does not seem like it would work but is it fair to say it is doomed?? That is not fair. It is not for us to judge! Many said your relationship would not work too because “you were really in love with Peter”. We do not REALLY know the truth still! I just wish you were not so harsh on judging this young girl

1950   (1/5)

Ben is the actual largest steamroller in the history of steamrollers. Convinced that he’s riding the podcast train long enough to run for office again or permanently devote his time to humanitarian work. You do you, but in the meantime save the preachy/b*tchy content for your own time.

🌹🌹🌹   (5/5)

Love Ashley and Ben, and love this podcast! This and k bristowes are my favorite 🌹

Does anyone listen to this before it’s posted?   (2/5)

So many repeat portions of audio, especially at the end. Here is an idea - have someone listen to it before you release it.

Biased in Favor of White Christians   (3/5)

I used to love Ben and Ashley but I’ve realized over time that they are heavily biased in favor of people like themselves - white Christians. I think they try to be fair and may not realize their own shortcomings, but the bias is becoming an issue.

No thanks!   (1/5)

I liked this show until they were recapping BIP season 4. The terrible love triangle (if you can call if that) with Dean, Kristina end Danielle. I was bothered that Ashley and Ben talked for 20 minutes about how it was all Danielle’s fault (especially when Ashley was clearly biased because she was in love with Dean), then called up Danielle and blindsided her with questions and accusations. But what really did it was the next episode when they were so condescending to us listeners, saying “If you’re mad then don’t listen” and “We only do this for you, we have real jobs.” Not being able to take criticism is a huge personality fault. We all make mistakes and most of us learn from that and learn to apologize. Even if they thought they didn’t do anything wrong, threatening us listeners that they’re going to end the show if the feedback they get isn’t always 100% positive is so entitled. I was not surprised that this came from Ashley (who also mentioned she has a masters degree in journalism 10 times, as though that means she can’t make a mistake - I’m sorry do you know how many of us listeners have masters degrees? Grow up) but was definitely surprised and disappointed in Ben. Haven’t listened since.

PLEASE fix the sound quality and balance!!   (3/5)

I love the content of this show but oh my god the inconsistent volume makes it so hard to listen to (especially the recent episode on the Bachelor pt 2 finale). The guests are so hard to hear then other guests and Ashley are very loud on the microphone. It’s just really hard to listen to and have to keep adjusting the volume to hear some guests (tell them to speak into the microphone!!) then turn down when someone yells into it.

Grow up. Lost a listener.   (1/5)

I am beyond disgusted with what this podcast has turned into! I used to love this podcast but with this last episode I have to draw the line. Ashley came off like an obnoxious little brat and the cackling guests in the back Krystal & Amanda need to GO! Ashley was so into bashing barb and seeing the situation one sided that the entire episode recap came off very amateur, childish and unprofessional. Ashley needs ALOT OF TRAINING and I will be defaulting to Rachel and Becca’s Bachelor Happy Hour because they act like mature women with compassionate opinions and they actually strive to be genuine and authentic with their fans. Ashley, you make this podcast trash.

Fast   (4/5)

I like everything you all said but why speak so fast lol

Just have 2 people on the episode!!   (1/5)

sorry way too many people on this last episode of the finale. gave me a headache listening to you guys talk over each other.........

Standards   (3/5)

You say the F bomb on your podcast now? Not cool.

Barb   (5/5)

Whoa. Her reasons for not liking Madison are shallow. She was late. Madison was honest with Barb about where she was at with Peter at that time. Because Madison did this, her son will have to “fail to succeed”. This woman be self obsessed. It’s all about her. How dare this girl make her wait? How dare this girl not fall all over Peter? How dare this girl share her real feelings when it’s not what she wants to hear? It seems like Barb is used to being the only woman in her boys’ lives and doesn’t want to share it. She’s manipulative with the crying. She’s ruling her roost with a controlling hand. You could say, ‘well, she’s a mom, and she’s protective’. Aren’t all moms of the bachelor? But you don’t see them publicly making it all about them and their feelings. Why? BECAUSE ITS NOT ABOUT THEM!!! It’s not about you Barb. Zip it and support your son. That’s your job. You gotta let go and let your boys become men. Let them figure it out and quit messing with them with your tears and negative opinions.

We have spooked Ben & Ashley into saying anything honest   (3/5)

I love these two. Always will. But this podcast is now about their lives and them tip toeing around not saying something mean about someone who they will see tomorrow at an event. There are a lot of compliments and fluff going on. Ashley will still call out some pointed questions now and then but I think we have frightened her too much into showing much teeth. I blame us. But I am not down to listen anymore. Especially with all the ads and people on to promote things and are simply either rehashing what was already said or not properly prepared to discuss.

Hard to listen to the family critiquing   (1/5)

Had a lot of trouble with the family bashing in this episode. They really went against Jack and that was heard. We support Maddison who signed up for this for speaking her beliefs but we go against a family member who didn’t. I think this will be my last season on this podcast because it is too much of a mean girls club

Disappointing   (1/5)

I really LOVED the show before, but it’s become something I don’t recognize. It all started back when you were such big supporters of Jed. After supporting him so much, he was a real jerk on your live show. I think you guys are individually really great people, but somehow your kindness is not coming across anymore. I really wish you guys the best and all the happiness in the world, but I don’t think I’ll be listening anymore.

Just OK   (3/5)

Horrible audio quality. Often don’t know the names of people or actual facts. But I like them so I listen when I e gone through all my other podcasts.

Mh   (5/5)

Love your show!!! Always have the best details 💃💃💃

Arie   (4/5)

I agree with the last review- what was wrong with Arie. He was a success! And all that stuff with Becca was meant to be.

Corrine episode   (4/5)

Why did y’all say it didn’t work out for Arie? He’s married to Lauren and they have a baby! 🤨 yes he screws up but it worked out for him and Bekah!

Corinne unprepared   (3/5)

Love Ashley - fantastic but Corinne clearly did zero preparation and did not watch the episode.

Nice people espousing self-obsessed drivel between a lot of ads   (1/5)

I like Ben and Ashely, not a mean bone in their bodies; unfortunately, they don’t translate into interesting podcasters.

Ugh   (1/5)

I will say more when I have time. My most recent grievance is Chris Harrison’s total misrepresentation of spoilers, oh I mean “garbage.” I know he was talking about Reality Steve, when he was talking about “the types of people out there” who spoil and want to ruin other people’s livelihoods. Dramatic and simply untrue. Spoilers, if anything, BRING people to watch the show, just from a different light. And if you got to know anything about Reality Steve, you’d find he is a lovely, open minded, honest, compassionate human. This podcast is basically propaganda lol

Like Like Like Like times a million   (1/5)

Corrine said literally and like waaaaaaayyyyy tooooo much! It was painful to listen to.

No longer my go-to   (2/5)

This has gone significantly downhill. This used to be my go-to bachelor recap and now I can’t even stomach it. The hosts are never in the same room, and their “recaps” last about 2 minutes while the rest of the episode is a waste. They’re both too worried about staying PC and not offending production to give any real opinions, so the whole thing is just a snooze

LOVE Ben & Ashley I   (5/5)

I love this podcast and have been listening / a fan for awhile! I cannot get enough of Ashley I’s girl chat and insight but Ben brings the male perspective which I So appreciate. My only wish would be that they shared a little bit more of brutal honesty. I feel like they play it safe, BUT I love regardless! :)

Corrinne was unprepared   (2/5)

Why have her on when she clearly had not watched the season or women tell all?

Disappointed   (3/5)

Confused as to why the guest host Corinne hadn’t seen the episode before recapping. Very silly and unprepared

Random guests   (3/5)

I love Ben and Ashley but the guests are often so random. It doesn’t feel like a bachelor recap... it’s more like bringing random people on and asking their opinions on the season, blah. It feels the same every time. I would be more interested in an in-depth, honest analysis of the storylines on the show instead of just catching up with random past contestants and having superficial discussions. Like Corinne didn’t even watch women tell all- why would you have her guest the “recap”. Just some honest feedback!

Enjoying the podcast   (5/5)

I really enjoy your podcast. It’s entertaining, authentic and great to listen and hear updates and interviews. I am so happy for both of you Ashley and Ben and how your lives have turned out! Loyal listener always!!

Like like like like like 🤮   (3/5)

OH MY GOD Corinne says “like” a disgusting amount of times. Worst guest to have on for WTA recap. This podcast is just alright on it’s best day but I can’t even get through the latest episode.

This podcast has gone so downhill   (1/5)

This used to be my absolute favorite podcast to listen to. Why are you guys having Courtney Robertson on what seems like every episode? You guys used to have contestants from the current season but you haven’t had anyone from Peter’s season on while having Corinne and Courtney on? Really doesn’t seem like you guys care about this podcast like you used to

Chris Harrison   (1/5)

The episode with Chris Harrison is horrible. He comes across horrible and I couldn’t even listen to the whole thing

My Bachelor Addiction   (5/5)

Ben & Ashley are staples in the franchise and so much fun to listen to. I love their feedback and recaps on the seasons! Once you start listening you won’t be able to stop!

Bloomberg Add   (5/5)

Very very disappointed to hear a Bloomberg add on this podcast. I’m a political junky and listen to plenty of other political podcasts, but I don’t need a rich white racist billionaire whose trying to buy his way into the White House (funny enough not trump) try to shove himself down my throat during my bachelor time. 🤮

Becca Tilley   (5/5)

I could be wrong, but didn’t Becca Tilley wait until fantasy suite dates to tell Chris she was a virgin? I don’t remember production trying to force the conversation with her as much as they have Madi. Just curious.

Generally good but I find some things problematic   (3/5)

I enjoy this show but couldn't stand some of Chris Harrison's takes on the last episode. He said Luke P. "maybe was misogynistic" or was "possibly was a little misogynistic" and it was VERY clear that he is not willing to take a firm stance on that when it was extremely clear that Luke P. was misogynistic. But much of that may have come from Chris himself being "old-fashioned" and by that I mean a little but misogynistic himself. That might be a huge accusation but the man literally said the reason he is a good host and therapist is because he is a dad to a teenage girl, and how there is no explanation to some things and it is just emotion, not mentioning his son whatsoever. I could honestly feel Ashley holding her tongue and changing the topic at specific points to keep things on a calm, cordial level, and direct him away from topics that he was obviously putting his foot in his mouth with. Also, the way that he was criticizing Madison for basically 'setting Peter up to fail' was fair, but he did not acknowledge the obvious next step from that, wherein the producers themselves then set Maddie up to fail by giving her the last date of the fantasy suites. They could have given her the first date and allowed her to expand on who she was and let Peter make his decisions from there, but they did not because they did not like her and it was what it was. Whatever. Both parties did what they did and neither were better than the other, although Madison is coming out on top in my eyes. It's just takes like this that make me very frustrated with the show.

Great duo!   (4/5)

Seriously love Ben and Ashley together. Don’t listen to the haters. I look forward to yalls insights every week! And love your predictions on the ending of this season. Keep up the good work!! 😊

Have you guys been listening?   (5/5)

If you go online people are NOT fans of Peter. I agree he needs to man up, have the appropriate conversations, and dig deeper on all levels.

Love you guys!!!   (5/5)

I listen every week! By the way, I know “gaslighting” may seem more like a millennial term, but it has definitely been used for a long time as they are very calculated tactics used by narcissists. Narcissism is not just overt (outwardly aggressive, grandiose, etc.) but can be very covert in nature (soft-spoken, sweet people). The gaslighting exposes a narcissist either way, as they have to twist reality and manipulate details to always have the upper hand in relationships. I do believe Victoria F. struggles with covert narcissism, and she may not even be aware of it. Luke P. too. They both definitely had “overt” moments of being incredibly rude and aggressive verbally, but overall, their “mask” is much more meek and mild to charm and win people over.

Love Ashley   (3/5)

Love Ashley and feel like she is spot on about most things. Hate how it feels like Ben is mansplaining to her constantly.

Kelley Comments   (1/5)

Guys.. come on.. you have been on the show. You can clearly hear that the attorney comments from Kelley DID NOT come out of her mouth in one sentence. Try mentioning that as well instead of criticizing so much. Do better.

Love   (5/5)

I think they’ve gotten a lot better about ads and I love that Ashley is more open about what she thinks!

Hypocritical   (1/5)

Can’t stand how Ashley criticizes mean behavior when she was the meanest girl on her season

Don’t air any spoilers!!   (2/5)

I am frustrated that y’all went on and on this week about a possible theory of who Peter ends up with. I avoid spoilers throughout the entire season and am bothered that y’all didn’t give a heads-up that you would be talking about this, AND that y’all didn’t edit it out of the episode prior to airing it.

Bachelor Puppets   (2/5)

This went from being my favorite bachelor podcast to my least favorite. Ben either (1) has no thought provoking and/or controversial opinions of his own, or (2) has become such a puppet for the Bachelor franchise that he can’t say anything that doesn’t sound super canned. I’ve always been a fan of Ashley’s, but every episode it sounds more and more like Ben’s been rubbing off on her, and that’s made me lose interest completely. Don’t say I didn’t warn ya!

No   (1/5)

The way Ben stands up for Victoria F is unacceptable. Had to stop listening.

Unsubscribed   (1/5)

Can’t take all the ads and Ben’s political correctness anymore. There are way too many Bachelor podcasts out there with hosts who are honest and funny so I had to unsubscribe from this one. Ashley is great, but I can sense her hesitation to be 100% honest at times too.

are you kidding me   (1/5)

i’ve tried to listen to this podcast and it felt a little lackluster. but i like ashley so i never had an issue. then this week they discussed victoria f of the peters season of the bachelor, who once modeled for a company that supposedly has to do with overfishing marlin but it’s basically a confederate white power clothing company... and never really apologized for that. their take on her? we should all move on from her little faux pas. because you can promote racism and ever apologize and we should all forget about it!? JFC.

Too many “influencer” ads   (2/5)

The amount of ads anymore is exhausting! Why do all former bachelor contestants sound so jaded? This show got you noticed and you both speak like the it’s a big joke. You were on it!!! Added: you bashed Kelly Ripa for making generalizations and using the word “disgusted “, yet that’s the basis of your podcast. Ashley says some not so nice things about people ALL THE TIME! Side note: you need a sound editor. Live in the Vineyard is painful to the ears. Adding again: the sound is NOT getting better. Seriously who is your editor??? Terrible. Adding more: finally unsubscribing to this. The amount of white privilege from AI is terrible on top of Ben just trying to stay relevant now. It’s clearly a job for him, not a passion. Go to The Betchelor podcast or Viall Files or Chatty Broads.

Oh Ben!   (5/5)

I love Ben and Ashley, but oh man, Ben is NAIVE and I think misses the mark on a lot of girls. Also, please someone assist him with grammar. He’s super sweet and pure though, so you still root for him!

About in-depth with Chris Soles   (3/5)

Nice podcast but some episodes are painful to listen to for example these in depth episodes are not as good as I was hoping they would be. Mike Jones one was good, the rest not so good. The Chris Soles episode was not very successful. It was a train reck uncomfortable to listen to. Chis es ok but the interview was just bad. It felt very awkward seriously. Nothing was explained about the accident. I just don’t think the interview was very well organized. Disappointing

I wish I could listen...   (1/5)

I’m the biggest Bachelor fan there is and I LOVE listening to Bachelor podcasts but I find Ben to be extremely difficult to listen to. He’s so unnecessarily wordy, takes forever to finish a sentence or get out a simple thought, it’s just very irritating to listen to. I’ve tried multiple times and I love the concept of this podcast I just would prefer to listen to someone else. Ashley is great on air but Ben typically runs the show... Example: Instead of just saying, “Do you have any regrets from the show?” He’ll say something like, “Now, I have a question for you and it’s a question that’s been weighing on my mind and I think on our viewers minds as well because we’re all very curious about you so I’d like you to open up and tell us, in your own words, I’d like you to tell us if you have any — not necessarily regrets, but things you wish you could’ve changed about what happened on the show, because I know everyone is dying to know what you have to say about your experience.” Like SPIT IT OUT JEEZ.

Bach recap   (5/5)

Definitely the most honest bachelor recaps! I look forward to them every week!

Not interesting   (3/5)

Way too many ads at the beginning of the podcast. The ads also feel extremely fake if I ever do listen to them. I don’t like how they review episodes from the Bachelor: they don’t go in depth, we don’t get their real or full thoughts, and it’s often all over the place. Ben sounds really rehearsed. I don’t plan on listening anymore.

#broadsqad   (5/5)

Best episode yet! Thanks Ben, for moderating, but the three ladies were on point! Hope Ashley I goes on chatty broads next!

May be the worst bachelor ever   (5/5)

Peter is such a great guy but I don’t think he is the right person to be The Bachelor.

:)   (5/5)


Broad squad   (1/5)

You seriously need to consider this to b more of a thing bc the #chattybroads made you guys better.... I LOVE the blossoming friendship between Ashley and Bekah I ship it

#Broadsquad   (5/5)

Came For Bekah & Jess, stayed for Ashley I. I hope Ashley I comes on for a recap on Chatty Broads!!

Broad squad   (5/5)

Listened because Bekah and Jess were on and loved the episode! Will probably come back and listen to more episodes!

Just no   (1/5)

Painful, cringe worthy, and downright obnoxious.

Intro too long   (2/5)

Took 20 minutes to get to the actual review of the episode. Holy crap.

Best Bach podcast   (1/5)

Love it. Great insight, nice conversation, positive, informative. It’s the best and not just the Bach coverage. Thank you!

Broad Squad   (5/5)

Giving you guys 5 stars because you made the smartest decision ever bringing on the Chatty Broads. Love them so much. #broadsquad forever!!!!

Clueless ???   (2/5)

I am surprised Ben and Ashley have so much sympathy for Victoria F in chase rice situation. Did they not have read the news? Chase rice said they spent one night together and he wouldn’t consider it dating? Victoria made drama out of nothing and actually milked the storyline to her own dramatic advantage. If I were chase I would feel used.

I quit...   (2/5)

I used to love this podcast! I do think Ben and Ashley are kind and good hearted people. But on the podcast I find that Ben and Ashley lack humor and fun. They don’t report the reality, including all the home wrecker spoilers of one of the contestants on Peters season. They tip toe over the actual headlines and pat themselves on the back too much. Also I find Ben to be a little repetitive and long winded. Even overly flattering of guest instead of authentically appreciative. Cut the ads and cut the crap. I hope things change!

What happened?   (1/5)

I used to like this podcast when it first started but man the episodes for Peter’s season of The Bachelor are not great. They don’t seem as interested like they used to be and out of all the bachelor podcasts out there this one seems to be the most biased in favor of the producers / bachelor franchise. I think they’re too connected to that world along with their friends. It’s not a great listen anymore. Also I find myself in disagreement about almost every opinion they have about the episode. I feel like we’re not watching the same season 🤷🏻‍♀️ Lastly, please stop saying how you can’t say honest things about the contestants on the show just because you’re probably going to meet them later on and it’s going to be “awkward” for you. You’re hosting a podcast, we want to hear your true opinion! Otherwise what’s the point.

Peters biggest mistake   (4/5)

I disagree with Ben... I think it was a breath of fresh air for Peter to bring up Sydney’s thoughts on Alayah in the group. Maybe Peter was thinking, I’m going to bring this up and get it out there so we can squash it. Girls are going to be drama in the house regardless if he did that or not. I thought it was ballsy and also showed the other girls he’s not interested in drama and that he will get to the bottom of their shenanigans 🙂

Sorry, but Ben   (1/5)

Love the guests. Love the tone. Ashley and Amy are GREAT. But Ben is really preachy and repetitive when he talks about how much he loves Ashley or some guest. And I feel like he isn’t always genuine. For example, in the last podcast he was acting all shocked about sexting. Then there was that whole drama about wanting to go on the show for Sienne but he wouldn’t ask her out in real life. It just made me feel like he says things he doesn’t mean, and it makes me trust his content less. Also to Ashley - Cast is the correct past tense of It is an irregular verb. Casted is an incorrect past tense conjugation of cast.

Wanted to like   (1/5)

I listened for the first year and then had to break things off with Almost Famous. Ben seems like an all star human who is an absolutely terrible podcast host. He’s a great guest on other podcast and good on tv not sure why this platform is so difficult for him but goodness it’s unbearable.

Make two separate podcasts   (1/5)

I used to love this podcast. I loved their dynamic and now I find my self just skipping through it because all the ads and bens preaching when all we really want to hear is the bachelor nation gossip. This last podcast took THIRTY minutes to get to the actual content. That is ridiculous. Please make one just for the recap that gets right to it and one with all your life/bachelor nation updates

Terrible audio   (1/5)

Men (mostly Ben) yelling into the microphone makes for a terrible listening experience.

Best episode yet!!!   (5/5)

The iHeart radio podcast awards spectacular was the best episode yet! I loved getting to hear from a wide variety of people from all over the map. Ashley is a great interviewer and I look forward to her interviews each week!

Oh Ben   (1/5)

Bens painful to listen to - he is constantly announcing what he’s GOING to talk about coming up. Stop summarizing everything or making it simplified! The episodes waste 35 minutes talking about what’s coming up and summarizing. Just get to the content. Stop doing so many adds in the beginning

jpj is no for this guy   (5/5)

ashley is very opinionated and passionate in a good way, that’s why she needs a counter part like ben. personally i love it when hosts challenge each other, i recommend if ben is gone have nick, kaitlyn, or someone we haven’t seen in a while that can bring good banter. otherwise, they do good recaps, but please find someone who actually watched lol

Almost Famous Break Up   (1/5)

I dropped this podcast after Paradise last summer but came back to see how things changed. This used to be my favorite Bach podcast but there are MANY better options now. Ben needs to humble himself. News flash: you went on a reality show and have milked it for all you possibly could. Do not bash another just because they went on a different reality show... same cloth. Bachelor Happy Hour, Viall Files, Bachelor Happy Hour. There’s no need for this podcast anymore. Stick to the makeup insta story ads and the coffee shop.

Great Job!   (5/5)

Just listened to the most recent episode of the podcast and wanted to give major credit to Ashley. She killed this solo, full two hour podcast. I was engaged the entire time. Ben was missed but Ashley held the fort down. I especially loved the segment with Eric and Rosalyn with Jared. It was refreshing to hear conversation between two married couples. I feel like a lot of the iHeart series with Bachelor nation hosts discuss topics that are geared more towards people in the dating scene which is great, but I would love to hear more discussions between people in serious relationships. Overall, love all of the Bachelor nation podcasts, y’all make my work day and gym sessions fly by. Keep up the good work!

Ashley does her homework.   (5/5)

Listened to the iHeart live interviews. Ashley is super prepared for every guest. I want to listen to all the podcasts! She really helps to sell them!

Jed   (1/5)

Why do people continue to give Jed a platform? He has never been genuinely apologetic about what he did to Hannah. And Ashley has continued to take his side instead of understanding that what he did was extremely crappy.

JPJ   (2/5)

Please don’t have him on again, he can’t hang with Ash and he ruined this podcast. Most of the time this podcast it’s enjoyable, this one was cringeworthy and JPJ knew nothing about the Bach episode 🙄

Awful   (1/5)

Ben and Ashley are incredibly close minded and clearly don’t care about much other than themselves and their own viewpoints. There are plenty of people below me who have posted constructive criticism, so I don’t need to double down. I will simply Ben and Ashley to take a serious look at themselves and their content and take some of the very real concerns people have to heart.

Lacking CURRENT content   (2/5)

I feel like the past two episodes have not focused on the bachelor episodes in depth, but only precious bachelor alum who we couldn’t care less about... and so many ads. Super disappointing as this is my favorite podcast when it ACTUALLY reviews the episode.

So unnatural   (1/5)

I love Ben and ashley and I used to love this podcast when it first started. They used to give you tea from bachelor behind this scenes and gave honest opinions.. they hold back so much now you can tell it’s so unnatural. Idk if they have some deal with ABC or something they can’t say as much? They also rarely host together anymore. Idk it’s just sad because I used to love this podcast but it’s gone down hill. Chatty Broads is a great bach recap podcast.

Can Ben lower his voice?   (3/5)

Just listened to the Full House live podcast, and Ben needs to stop shouting on the microphone. I’m pretty sure everyone can hear him. Btw, still a good podcast

So Cringe   (1/5)

The past two episodes have been on a whole other level of bed. Do not give Jed a platform. Ashley consistently says how she went to a great journalism school and has a degree but does literally no research or investigation about anything. Kaitlin was not talking about Shawn and your siesta key interview was BEYOND cringe, you did no research about the show or the characters or dynamics and was the worst interview I’ve been put through.

Eeek   (5/5)

Love this podcast but that last podcast with JPJ was just not it.. I felt bad for Ashley, she was probably better off carrying that episode on her own

Jpj??   (2/5)

JPJ clearly didn’t actually watch the episode, he barely engaged with what you were saying Ashley because he had no idea what was going on or what happened besides from probably twitter. It would have been a really good episode with all of your observations and musings Ashley, but JPJ kind of ruined it with his lack of knowledge about what was going on........ maybe make sure your guests have actually watched it if you’re going to invite them to recap.....

Jed still can’t sing   (3/5)

This was so bad. Why why why did you put us through that???😫😫😫he deserves ZERO attention

So So Podcast   (3/5)

Good place to go for bachelor’s latest recaps or recently off the show cast members. I do like both Ben and Ashley but as a huge podcast listener, I have some feedback. Ben dominates by always talking about how HE felt

Jed??   (1/5)

One star after Jed. No reason to give him a platform at ALL. We can all forgive him, give him a second chance, etc.... but he doesn’t need to continually be brought into the spotlight. The podcast’s been going down hill for a long time. Ashley is out of touch, and makes so many ignorant comments.

Just No   (1/5)

I loved this podcast and listened faithfully but having Jed on the podcast and then the next episode having John Paul Jones, has forced me to unsubscribe. Both of them are terrible and I can’t support that. I almost unsubscribed after you had Taylor on because she was nothing but rude, disrespectful and childish but decided to give the podcast another chance. Sorry guys, having people like that on your podcast isn’t doing you any favors. There are plenty of other bachelor podcasts out there to listen to.

Thank you, next   (1/5)

Stopped listening weeks ago. Ashley wants to be liked so badly that she doesn’t seem authentic. Bachelor Happy Hour is much better; Rachel keeps it real and exudes the confidence real women have.

Jed Really?!   (1/5)

This man ruined more than 1 persons opportunity but here you go giving him a platform. In my city too- SF! Keep your podcast if you’re just going to put trash on there.

Ads, Ads, Ads!   (3/5)

I still listen to this podcast but the ads are extensive and seem twice as long as any other podcast. I skip past them on this podcast and on most others I just listen to them because they’re quick. The content is good for the most part *if* you’re super into the bachelor/bachelorette and like these 2. Just too many ad breaks! I know that’s how they make money and that’s okay but jeez... Also... how do you seriously have Jed on the stage to SING at your first live podcast? Did you lose a bet?!

Go Ashley!   (5/5)

5 stars for Ashley for questioning Peter!

So bad   (1/5)

Ashley is so jealous and extremely insecure. This podcast used to be good but now it’s terrible.


The best bachelor related podcast! I love Ben & Ashley. They are so real and genuine. I got to meet them both in SF and they’re incredible!! I love that they give everybody a platform (even Jed). They are creating a fan base that encourages forgiveness and love rather than hate. It’s unpopular but I respect them for doing what’s right even though people will criticize them for it.

ljf0704   (1/5)

Giving Jed a plug ruined the San Francisco live episode

Lost me to the dog food jingle dude   (1/5)

NOOOOOOO what complete disrespect to Hannah. Lost me for having that guy. I will never listen again

i love ben and ashley   (5/5)

i love them both, but you can tell this podcast isn’t their priority and they’re not all there. too many ads and not enough authenticity

Not authentic   (2/5)

Way too many ads that I feel like we never get to any real meat compared to other bach podcasts. It’s also just generally annoying having to listen to so many ads, and the ads run really long. Ben always sounds like he’s in a hollow hallway all the time and not in a studio. It’s pretty distracting and strange given we all know the show gets the resources. Good quality guests since they obviously have ins with bachelor nation/abc but that comes at the expense of being inauthentic because Ben and Ashley have to censor themselves and can never give a controversial opinion.

Jed   (1/5)

Completely unacceptable that they had Jed perform at their live show, bad podcast to begin with but this was a bad move on their end. Also producer Amy needs to be fired.

Actually giving Jed a platform   (1/5)

Seriously? If I could give less than one star I would.

Good despite Ben’s condescending monologues   (1/5)

Ashley is great- Ben is bizarre and annoying... his greater than thou attitude consistently ruins any interview as we hear more about Ben than anyone he is actually supposed to be interviewing.. it’s not all about you Ben!

Cringe   (1/5)

Make it stop. Specifically Ashley

Chris Soules Epsidoe   (5/5)

Ashley and Ben handle in-depth episode with grace. They are well prepared and sensitive to the interviewees!

Annoyingly long ads   (1/5)

Too much of Ben across all Bachelor shows! What, is he Chris Harrison’s adopted son? Why was he yelling on the phone this podcast. The ads are repetitive and annoyingly long. Also he tries to compare all bachelors to himself, and shows off his righteousness. I think Pete is genuinely nice while Ben tries to be nice.

Latest episode   (3/5)

Kaitlyn’s beef is with Mike Fleiss.

TOO MANY ADS   (2/5)

Unsubscribing due to all the ads. The number of “breaks” they take is incredibly annoying. For an hour and 10 minutes of air time, there shouldn’t be any more than 3 ads, at the most - half way through Ive already had to listen to 5 breaks? 👎🏻

Cleared for take off reply   (5/5)

Almost positive Kaitlyn Bristowe is talking about Mike Fleiss, not Shawn. If in fact she is talking about Shawn that would be extremely disheartening!

Pilot Pete   (5/5)

Ashely asks the best questions and isn’t afraid to go for it! She approaches these interviews like both a super fan and an investigator! I wish the episode with Peter would have been longer and I wish Ben would’ve let you ask alllll of the questions (sorry, Ben!). 😂

Like Ben & Ashley but volume issues   (4/5)

The volume issues definitely need to be fixed, sometimes I can barley hear Ben I have to turn my sound all the way up and still hard to hear, then Ashely starts talking and I have to turn it back down. The sound quality is terrible at times, it’s Ben that is the bad sound quality for some reason. But overall I really like Ben & Ashley so I continue to listen.

Ben yay, Ashley nay.   (1/5)

Ben is awesome! Always has really great insight and is very fair. Love him!!! On the other hand I cannot stand Ashley; she always seems so bitter and almost jealous of girls on the show. I basically disagree with everything she says... Please get Ben a new co-host!!!!!!!!!!

Holiday episode is a repeat?   (3/5)

Why replay a previous episode during the holidays? We can just go back and play it ourselves if we were interested in listening again. A little bit of a scam to have the same episode under a different title. Also loved this podcast but as the majority says, feel like they’re both a bit over it and not invested anymore. Definitely seems to be fizzling out!

Disappointed this season   (2/5)

Hey guys I'm giving you five stars because you used to be a five star podcast and well, from my totally media biased/attorney who forms opinions that stick me personality you both were awesome together (and still can be) just look at the comments and make it a priority to podcast together and cut back on the ads (they pay the bills but if you are losing followers you have to weigh your options). Also, I'm so happy you both found love (married with a baby gal here) but don't be scared to say what you really think and feel it's seemed filtered lat

Used to love   (3/5)

Too many commercials now I’ve been a consistent listener but might have to quit.

Interesting   (1/5)

This podcast is so PG it’s like watching the Disney Channel. Y’all are thirty? Does anyone have a personality? Also quality is literally terrible.

Excessive Ads   (4/5)

Loved this podcast in the begging when Ben and Ashley seemed more invested. As everyone has mentioned the ads have taken over each episode. Of course, it’s understandable that the show needs sponsors to help run it. However, these ads seem extremely excessive and repetitive. At first, I would skip over them. Now, I find it hard to that because of the long length of time that they have become. Drastically changing from a few seconds to minutes. It’s understandable that during the off-season to run out of topics to speak about, so I don’t blame them for trying to publish new content. Lastly, I was one of their first listeners that would hit play as soon as a episode was available. I haven’t listened to an episode in months. Love to follow them on their social media, but when it comes to their podcast it has lowered in quality.

Too many commercials   (3/5)

I understand that they need to have commercials to help pay for the podcast, but they have way too many commercials. It is like a commercial with podcast breaks.

Learn how to pronounce the names   (1/5)

Love you guys but Ben’s poor grammar and Ashley’s inability to pronounce words and names is hard on my ears. Sorry, I must stop listening. I’ll still enjoy you on different formats and remain a fan but an hour straight is more than I can handle.

We want Nick!!!   (5/5)

Love the podcast! Need an in depth w your friend Nick Viall!!!! 💙

Love Ashley   (5/5)

Love u guys!!

Ads are overwhelming   (1/5)

Not worth it anymore!

Slowww it downnnnn   (4/5)

The talking sounds like it’s on fast forward!?

This was a chance to talk about driving SOBER   (2/5)

So Chris is allowed to not mention the open and empty alcohol containers in his car? The litany of other alcohol and driving related charges he’s had since 1998? My uncle was injured in a drunk driving accident and paralysed the rest of his life. Chris has been irresponsible for more than a decade, gotten off with fines, and now his carelessness has taken someone’s life. So glad he got a platform to totally dismiss that.

Almost famous indeed   (1/5)

Who’s Ashley I. again? Also ads much? I know several actual top rated rated podcasts (4.5 or 5 stars) that don’t have half the ads this does. Find myself never buying brands again after these bachelor people endorse them.

Racist ignorant entitled   (1/5)

Stop bashing black people. Stop bashing Rachel. You feed into the stereo type of the “angry black woman” so much and the worst part is you don’t realize it. It shows how much of a bubble you live in and how much ignorance is bliss. Ashley you are incredibly ignorant and racist. Do not ever start naming the number of black friends you have. It is clear you think black people are below you. And talking about alexas hair when she had so many other amazing qualities. it’s just...really bad. Lol. Ben. You are also obviously racist . You’re not as ignorant as Ashley but come on. Do better .

Look forward to it each week   (4/5)

But Ben, as much as I love him, needs to stop with asking ambiguous long winded questions when he interviews people. You need to ask more specific questions and not ask the same thing over and over again in dif ways.

In Depth with Chris Soules   (5/5)

This episode was great. Ben & Ashley asked all the right questions. It wasn't easy for Chris to answer and you can really hear and feel the pain in his voice as he talked about what he has been going through. The In Depth episodes have been really good.

Not a good podcast anymore   (1/5)

I use to listen to every podcast but lately I can’t do it anymore. The audio is horrible, too many repetitive ads, Ashley is so out of touch with the rest of the world and the content is just not as good as it was a few years ago.

Just ok   (3/5)

This was my go-to podcast for so long, but there are way too many ads, and the hosts don't seem as engaged as they used to be. They literally and figuratively phone it in. And yes, I know I can fast forward though the ads, but I drive in insane NYC traffic and that is not always an option.

Basically all ads   (2/5)

So so so many ads and I can’t skip when I’m driving so I can’t really listen anymore. I used to love this pod but they seem checked out and dont care anymore

Ads and incredibly self centered.   (1/5)

This used to be my go to podcast, as soon as it dropped I hit play. Lately something has changed. I’m skipping ad after ad and they’re INCREDIBLY long. Even once I get to the content, it feels like the hosts just don’t care. I understand they do other things and they’re busy, but when they’re actually both present (which feels more and more uncommon), it seems like they’ve checked out. I like to hear about their lives, but I would also like some honest commentary on bachelor nation that doesn’t have to do with them! I loved when they gave some behind the scenes to go with drama, now it seems like every single thing they discuss leads them into some personal story that has nothing to do with the original topic. I still tune in occasionally, when they have a guest I’m interested in, but if it’s just Ben and Ashley, I end up turning off or just deleting the episode. They cared so much in the beginning, and created one of my favorite podcasts. However, if the podcast has become a burden on their lives maybe they should stop making it or find new hosts, the indifference towards making new episodes is taking away from the fantastic thing they had going when they first started.

Ads, ads and more ads   (3/5)

Title says it all.

Fav podcast   (4/5)

My fave podcast that I listen to, don’t miss an episode. I love the Ashely and Ben banter. Only reason I put 4 instead of 5 is because the ads are excessive. I totally understand that ads and partners pay for the show but it’s become a bit much. Other than that - love.

Meh   (3/5)

Too many long and annoying ads, the quality and volume is terrible to listen to, maybe it’s because it’s off season but I feel bored and haven’t even listened to an episode all the way through in awhile.

Who edited this?   (3/5)

First time listener. If I wasn’t interested in some of the topics, I would have turned it off after Ben’s sleep number ad. The editing at the end of that ad was terrible!!

TOO MANY ADS   (2/5)

Used to love this podcast but the ads have over taken the podcast. So disappointing!

I’m done   (1/5)

After they said “Hannah Brown was expected to win the dwts mirror ball,” I said I’m done! Anyone who actually watched Dancing the Stars would know that Hannah winning was a complete surprise to everyone, even the judges. The only reason she won is bc of the votes from bachelor nation. She did very well, but did not deserve to win. These guys said that she was expected to win with SUCH confidence, and it really allowed me to see just how much of a bubble these two live in. Sorry to break it to you guys, but there is SO much more to the world than whatever is going on in bachelor nation. As for the “podcast” itself, is no longer a podcast. They literally have phone conversations and record them, and call it a podcast. That is not how you do a podcast, and it’s really unfair to those who put money into quality equipment and create time in their schedules to sit down and properly host a podcast. Ben and Ashley prioritize paid appearances over everything, so I get it, but it doesn’t make it okay. And then the ads. Omg don’t even get me started. Like WHY ARE THERE SO MANY ADS??? They take up pretty much half of the show now. At least 20 mins, if not more. And I skip over them every time, so what’s the point??? I understand the ads generate revenue for the podcast, but no other podcast I listen to has this many ads that take up so much time. And where is their revenue going? Definitely not towards quality microphones! It’s crazy how much of a JOKE these guys are. Byeeeeee!!!✌🏻

Audio is awful   (4/5)

Volume difference between the commercials and the content needs to be fixed. It’s frustrating to listen to. Otherwise content is good. Much better when Ashley is there.

Love for the most part   (5/5)

Love love love this podcast. For. Always agree but I appreciate the difference of opinions. MY ONLY con is the amount of ads. I appreciate and understand the reason but I am an OG listener and it really is becoming excessive and I am finding myself not able to finish an episode all in one shot because I just get irritated. Keep it to Ben and ash!

Don’t listen   (1/5)

Horrible sound and voice audio. Sounds like a phone call.

Why So Many Ads?   (3/5)

This is the only bachelor podcast I listen to with this many ad breaks. It leaves a bad taste in my mouth and makes me less inclined to listen to it.

Bunny’s buddy’s   (4/5)

Please take the time to get names correct

Disappointed   (1/5)

Y’all. Don’t listen to this phone call. Too many ads and bad audio /:

Awful   (1/5)


Pulled the plug   (2/5)

Held on for a while for the interviews but it’s clear these two are just phoning it (literally and figuratively) for the cash grab. They are barely hanging on to being relevant and it’s hilarious to hear the jealousy and confusion as they discuss the blowup of newer cast members. The ad to content ratio is insane. Ben just says the same things over and over using 20 words when 5 would suffice. Ashley and Jared will soon fade into oblivion where they belong.

Too many ads for show to be enjoyable   (1/5)

I gave them a five star review months ago but it is now declined to a one star review. Like others have said, there are too many ads and the sound quality is dismal. I’m unsubscribing.

Bad audio   (1/5)

Fix the audio. Too many ads...

Truly Commercial   (4/5)

Turn down the sound. It was way louder than the podcast audio.

Sound Quality   (1/5)

Why are you recording this “top rated” podcast on a cell phone? Sound quality is horrible! Do better

Horrible   (1/5)

I’ve been a fan since the beginning. It has gone downhill so much. On top of that, hearing them talk over their cell phones is simply horrific. PS Jed was L Y I N G. How could y’all not actually call him out? He literally said things like “like I’ve said before” which means he’s trying to remember his lie so that he doesn’t forget his story. It was SO annoying to hear him lie through his teeth with his one-sided story. Why even give him this platform??? PSS I will never shop at Crate and Barrel again because of this podcast. The ads are out of control

Over it   (1/5)

Over it

Bad Audio   (3/5)

Good content most of the time but the sound is horrible. Most of the time is sounds like they are in a cell phone. Also too many ads

Terrible sound quality- what???   (1/5)

I will never understand why they haven’t found out a better way to record when they are all not in studio together!! Ever heard of FaceTime audio??? It’s like we’re listening to the recordings of phone calls in “Making a Murderer”. DO BETTER.

I’m done with this pod sadly   (1/5)

I use to love. It was my fav. But now it’s just all ads. It’s so dam frustrating. Why the heck don’t you just do all the ads BEFORE the show starts ? Don't interrupt the episode. Jesus you guys are horrid. Change this cuz you will lose tons of people.

Too many ads 😭   (2/5)

I loveee listening to Ben and Ashley, but I find myself going to other podcasts because there are SO many ads throughout one episode.

Not worth my time anymore   (1/5)

Just not as good as it use to be... they barely do any podcasts anymore... this use to be my FAVORITE podcast... now I’ll go to happy hour first. Neither Ben or Ashley are ever in the studio together... they were suppose to do two a week, but not successful.. they are getting SOOOO boring.

Not good   (2/5)

Listened for a while, but this podcast has gone way downhill. Ashley is too concerned about her image and Ben is always preaching. Unsubscribe

Ads!   (3/5)

So many ads. It didn’t used to be this way. I’m all for having ads so we can listen for free, but scrubbing in doesn’t have as much as almost famous. Probably why they have a 2 peat people choice!


Ashley's voice is so annoying. Keep Sydney as the co-host she's a breathe of fresh air. ENough with the ads!! They're literally every four minutes, it's ridiciulous. Do these ad companies not realize everyone skips through the ads? Such a waste of money...


I have tried listening to this podcast multiple time and have not loved them, but have obviously missed these in depth episodes. Please do more. Just finished the one with Dean and it was so interesting!

Sound is bad   (1/5)

Ashley is so negative. She is more concerned to not look as a racist then trying to relate to minorities. Just because you have black friends it doesn’t mean you are nor racist. Which friends are you talking about anyway ? There was zero people of color at your wedding. That says a lot about you . I guess being called racist is worst in your book than actually being one in disguise. You can hide in your closet all you want. Bachelor nation knows who you are.

Unprofessional   (1/5)

Ashley is so annoying with her petty and ignorant views.

It’s okay   (3/5)

There are so many ads on this podcast. I’m a big bachelor fan and wanted to love this one, but I’ve found that Ashley & Ben’s voices are very annoying to listen to for long periods of time. I do like listening to some of the interviews, but I usually don’t care to listen every week.

So much white privelge   (1/5)

During the Mike Johnson interview Ashley started naming black people she is friends with to prove she was not racist. SO IGNORANT. The entire interview with Mike they were essentially asking him to explain and give them solutions to racism in America. It is not the job of members of an oppressed community to explain racism to white people. Ashley and Ben need to educate themselves.

Leave Rachel alone   (1/5)

Everybody always want to say Rachel is negative. You guys dont like real, honest people. What about all the other people who voice their opinion and you guys never say they are negative smh let Rachel be, some of us actually love her!

Too many ads   (2/5)

Commentary about the bachelor is nice. Way too many ads with cheesy intros/transitions. Seems weird when Ben does ads about bras. Ben and Ashley are rarely doing the podcast together.

Dean interview was totally biased   (2/5)

OK honestly i have a HUGE issue with the episode regarding Blake and his drama in paradise. Some of us in bachelor nation, like me, read the spoilers. So if you are like me than you KNEW that Dean ended up with Caellyn (sorry i really cant spell her name so im sorry if this is wrong). Both Ashley and Ben knew Dean personally and I am positive that they knew he was with Caellyn by the end of the seaon. To have him come on and address the Blake vs Caellyn texts is an extremely negligent use of the power of your podcast. I really dont appreciate that this podcast is skewed towards a specific clique in the bachelor franchise. If you would have had anyone else come and speak about this topic it would not have been an issue, but the fact that you brought on her boyfriend, whos opinion is completely comprisised, is insulting to the audience. This issue in particular is not black and white, and there are an equal number of fans that back Blake vs Caellyn. I am sure you can tell from my review that i am backing Blake on this. I realize they were both at fault for various reasons, but the fact that not only did the two co-hosts favor Caellyn, but the guest was incredibly biased. I am giving you two stars because this is only regarding this episode but I think your podcast would benefit if the leads, aka Ashley and Ben, had differing views and didnt favor one side. You could lead by example by listening to the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast where the hosts views are not so evident. I really would like a response to my message if you could reach out to me via twitter @caramils1.

ADS!   (1/5)

I understand the ads are necessary to keep the podcast alive but the amount of ads and the length are unbearable. I find myself skipping through most of the episodes.

Toooo many tooooo long ads   (4/5)

I love this podcast, but the ads KILL ME! The ads come up so often and seem very long.

Deanie babies   (5/5)

Loved the in depth episode with Dean! You could tell how comfortable dean felt with Ben and I learned things about his childhood that make a lot of sense now! In a good way!

Ads   (4/5)

Advertising is necessary but the ads are too long.... I think we wouldn’t fast forward through if they were shorter. Content is always interesting though.

good guests   (3/5)

I listen for the guests and inside scoop. I wish Ben would tone down his platitudes (seems really thirsty and smothers people with adjectives, it is really awkward sometimes) and Ashley sounds like she is forrrrcing her laugh sometimes. Ive heard them both on other podcasts and they both seem more relaxed and authentic!... I wish they could translate that into Almost Famous.

Episodes Way Too Long   (2/5)

I love you guys but there episodes are getting way too long. I think under an hour is ideal.

Too many ads!!   (2/5)

Wayyyyyy too many ads. Used to listen while I run but now it’s annoyingly cuz the ads are interspersed throughout so I have to fast forward the whole thing.

Ads.   (3/5)

Half the episodes are ads. Uhm.

Too many ads   (3/5)

I love listening to catch up on Bachelor drama but the excessive ads are getting to be too much.

Omg. So many ads!   (1/5)

I completely understand having ads but there are so many now. And I can’t listen to Ashley anymore. I used to enjoy listening but will just listen to something else.

Chill with the ads   (1/5)

Compared to other podcasts this one is okay. Ben always calling in, sound quality isn’t great but he has good input. Ashley can get extremely annoying, she gives off the vibe that she’s got alllll the hot gossip. We’ve all already seen it on reddit. Her interview skills are mediocre, she would do best interviewing JoJo Siwa. Also CHILL WITH THE ADS. Basically the first 10 minutes were ads. I get the hustle, but come on. You can do better. Pick like 3 ads and do 30-60 seconds each. I doubt you use any of these products and it’s so obviously an ad. Check our how Bobby lee does his ads on tiger belly he makes it fun and genuine. Try not being a paid partner for once and giving an honest opinion.

Love it!   (5/5)

Every week I get so excited to hear this podcast! Ben and Ashley do such a great job and touch on some really interesting subjects.

Ashley has a problem with black people   (1/5)

Ashley you clearly proved it after your mike and most recent interview where you had to bash and call Rachel “mean, angry and bitter”. Why did you spend so much time during mike interview trying to convince yourself you aren’t racist because you have friends of color??? Unsubscribing.

Blah   (1/5)

This is a filler podcast for me when I need to fill space/time at work. I feel like it is good for those reasons. It is not a have to listen. I love Here to Make Friends and Will you Accept this Rose. Both are a must listen!

Very Racist and Entitled   (1/5)

I cannot stomach this podcast anymore. Ashley and her friends constant bashing of Rachel sickens me. Rachel is an amazing person, and this podcast constantly bashed her.... unfair!!! The interview with Mike angered me as well, and confirmed what I already knew about Ashley! I don’t think Ben is as racist, but he is an enabler, and never challenges Ashley when she is blatantly wrong. Byeeeeeeee.

very disappointed and the hosts are petty and cliquish   (1/5)

I'm very disappointed in what this podcast has become. The hosts are petty, cliquish, and pushing a side or agenda. I think it was beneath the dignity of the hosts to put rachel down and I have found her podcast much more honest, open and relateable. I think ashley and the co-hosting producers were really petty on the last oct. 2019 episode and with the mike johnson.

Pathetic   (1/5)

Ashley has perfected the art of being a truly despicable, obnoxious and repulsive being while Ben is an enabler. The show is lame and I’m surprised that they attract sponsors.

So real   (5/5)

Crying- the episode where Mike Shares about his experience with his wife and his miscarriage. Such a good share

Wow...done with these racists.   (1/5)

It’s sad you spent almost the whole Mike episode trying to prove you weren’t racists...then in the next episode proved you were by your treatment of Rachel. It was sick how you talked about her and speculated what happened with Raven. Basically starting nasty rumors, and always sticking up for Colton. Like others said, these two are so out of touch with reality, plus Ashley’s voice is horrible. Thankfully I can now listen to bachelor happy hour and chatty broads.

Draining   (1/5)

I find this podcast draining. I doubt it will last much longer 🤷‍♀️ Can someone please tell Amy to stop constantly inserting herself? Take a page from Mark’s book if you want to be a great producer.

BAD   (1/5)

These two have internalized prejudices that they may not even be aware of. The Mike interview was insanely awkward and weird. Why does Ashley keep insinuating she has friends of color, ok? What are you trying to prove? 😂 Ben on the other hand is always going on long life rants that no one wants to hear. LISTEN TO CHATTY BROADS FOR GREAT CONTENT! Both Bachelor content and NON bachelor content. Chatty broads are aware of social issues and are extremely inclusive with their language/co-guests/discussions. #chattybroadsquad

Just two racists being racist   (1/5)

Ben is preachy and Ashley is self absorbed. And after the Mike interview as well as their constant need to come for Rachel and making her out to be the bachelor bulgy, I have no qualms in labeling these two as RACIST. Also - I completely understand ads but they make up like 20% of each episode. And, they can’t piece together a single coherent sentence everything they say is qualified or padded with “likes”.

You will gain nothing new from these interviews   (2/5)

Ashley and Ben are straight up just not good at interviewing. Listening to these contestants will give you no new information or depth. Plus.... the recent Rachel conversation and Mike conversation.... had some undertones.

Long time listener   (1/5)

Been meaning to do this for months but finally unsubscribed and unfollowed Ashley on insta. During the Mike Johnson interview (defensive AF and not understanding at all what Mike was getting at) and her musings on what Raven could have possibly done to Rachel, it became soooo clear how out of touch Ashley is. Yes dear, there is more that Raven could have done to warrant a friendship break-up other than sleeping with Rachel’s man.... it seems to me Raven might have said or done something racist and Rachel cut ties with her as a result. Frankly it’s really generous of Rachel not to disclose exactly what Raven did. On top of all this, the content is sub-par the last several months. Used to be fairly authentic and even funny, but now it’s full of self-promotion, Ben or Ashley not co-hosting together, ads, and superficial BS. There are way more bachelor podcasts out now, I’ll be turning to those.

Bias   (1/5)

Those trolls attacking Rachel cuz she’s a BOSS and Raven’s a racist Trump supporting MAGAt

Seeping with privilege   (1/5)

Do these 2 have any life experience? They’re so incredibly out of touch that it’s laughable. I think one time ashley’s dog died, and ben doesn’t feel edgy enough to wear a leather jacket. The biggest tragedies of their lives. These 2 are so white bread that listening to them try to justify their internalized, ingrained racism with Mike was grating. Not only do they seem uninformed on social issues, they aren’t even that great at hosting a podcast. They constantly misuse and mispronounce words. Ben gets jacked on jesus and goes off on life advice rants when it’s pretty clear he’s not been through any kind of real struggle. The pseudo-preacher thing has gotten SO old. Please don’t let Amy talk anymore. Ashley can you try really hard to enunciate better. Thank you. Peace and Blessings.

Going downhill   (3/5)

This used to be my fav pod, but I feel the quality has diminished. I feel like there is just a lack of consistency of good episodes. Some of them just seem thrown together. Having both Ashley and Ben balances it out but it seems like them hosting together isn’t as high of priority anymore.

GROSS   (1/5)

Hearing you all bash Rachel for an hour and 11 minutes was frankly disgusting. Seems like yall are bitter that Rachel is the host of the official Bach podcast leaving this podcast effectively irrelevant and insignificant. Perhaps if you could set aside your painfully obvious biases and judgements you would be more effective in discussing things that happen in the Bachelor world.

Entertaining at times due to guests...   (1/5)

I’ve listened to a few podcasts to give a fair review and yes... Ashley does mention her wedding and Jared a bit too much but it’s her podcast. If you want to give lower ratings then stop listening to fast forward. I’m more annoyed because Ashley is a bit bias at times, especially with Rachel in the recent podcast. Also with her comments about Mike in other interviews then back peddling. Ben is harmless, but boring. Giving 1 star because the guests at times are pretty entertaining.

Mike Johnson Interview   (3/5)

I thought it came across a little rude to say Mike is the “popular” vote and Peter is the “electoral “ vote. Maybe give Peter a little credit on being picked? Just a little. Like it or not Peter has a huge following and a lot of fan support. It’s been overshadowed by the Mike interviews. I like Mike as well but not impressed with his interviews after Peter was announced. Confidence is great but the self promoting didn’t sit well with me. #sorry it has nothing to do with race and from what I’ve read many others agree with me. Peter was chosen . Move on or don’t watch.

Used to love   (1/5)

I used to listen to this podcast and love it, but I just can’t relate with them anymore. They rarely co-host together, and Ben rants for most of it. I used to love the drama and interviews but they are service level now and never seem to ask the tough questions people want to know. Bummer.

Former Listener   (1/5)

I was a listener from the very beginning but I feel as if the tone of this podcast has changed a lot over the course and now feels less raw and sincere.

Fun Podcast   (5/5)

I enjoy these podcasts because they are usually light and fun for my daily commute. Ben and Ashley’s friendship is really sweet to me and I appreciate how Ben does dive into tough issues with his opinion but also give grace to those with different views on the topic. It really confuses me in these reviews how someone can take their words and motives and twist them. I think they are great!

Hard to listen to   (1/5)

Ashley’s voice is so monotone and hard to listen to. Their chemistry is lacking and conversation feels forced. The ads seem to make up more of the time than the podcast

Very Dissappointed   (1/5)

My first experience listening to this podcast was the In Depth interview with Mike Johnson. It was incredibly distasteful for the hosts to corner mike on this show to essentially have him be a spokesperson and on the fly solution-inventor for very common and institutionally deep-seeded racial issues surrounding representation of people of color in American media. Hosts are supposed to do their research— it’s clear these two went into the conversation without doing so. So uncomfortable to listen to! Couldn’t even get through 15 minutes of this. PS— having black peers does not absolve you of racism. Having to say this still in 2019 is atrocious.

Love the pod-but miss the old ones   (5/5)

I have been listening since dating rumors of Ben and Ashley swirled around before the pod was announced!! I can’t lie and say I don’t think the podcast used to be better, but I still love it and listen to it every week! (the ads are getting a bit much, but i get you need to get dat $$) still 5 stars from me always <33

Mike is too good for this podcast   (2/5)

The beginning of this episode was so painful to listen to. Mike handled himself really well while Ashley was being rude and privileged.

Not so sure about the content anymore...   (3/5)

Like the in depths, but that’s about it.

Stop Asking Black People...   (1/5)

This was so cringe-worthy and uncovered the amount of ignorance Ashley I holds. I was such a big fan of hers but this was not okay. Having black friends does not mean you aren’t racist. Stop asking the black people you’ve harmed to make you feel better about your ignorance and to make you look better to other white people. Her comment that it would be RIDICULOUS that she’s racist was so...ugh. GIRL. Own up to your ignorance. Racism isn’t just calling black people the n word.

Love this show, BUT...   (5/5)

The beginning of the live show with the Mike Johnson and Ashley confrontation... AWKWARD and a bit aggressive on Mike’s end. Not your best look Mike, sorry bro.

Enough!!!!!   (1/5)

We love you but enough with the Jared talk. You ask guests questions and somehow it always end up talking about Jared.

Crate and Barrel podcast   (2/5)

I know there’s a fast forward button to skip ads but there are so many and each one is just so long and read so slowly. Maybe do them all at the beginning? And bens reading of them is SO hard to listen to

Tayshia Interview   (1/5)

What happen to the Tayshia interview? It was hyped up then never posted.

Favorite podcast! 😍   (5/5)

This has been my favorite podcast for awhile now it is the most consistent. You guys are great at keeping the listener engaged! Also, use to want mike for bachelor but after listening to him in interviews on podcasts he is so rude so glad he’s not the bachelor!

Love you guys!   (5/5)

I’m writing this review simply because I don’t like seeing the negative ones. I am someone who enjoys the podcast but never leave reviews. I am sure there are many more people like me out there. I think Ben and Ashley are both great people with huge hearts and that always comes through in these podcasts.

A Sad Attempt To Discuss Race Issues in the Franchise and Ashley I’s Comments are Problematic   (1/5)

I am only about 20 minutes in to this episodes but I am extremely disappointed with Ashley’s commentary. She had a real opportunity to show that she is “not racist” and it failed miserably. People who are not racist don’t say things like, “you know I’m friends with Tayshia and Rachel”. Ashley, newsflash, having black friends does not mean you are not racist or have implicit biases that play out in your comments and “criticisms” as you like to put it. It’s not that you criticize, therefore you’re racist. It’s that you make comments saying a black male contestant was “aggressive” and see no fault in it. It’s you validating your position by pulling the “I have black friends” that’s the problem. This could have been a much deeper and much more impactful episode and conversation if Ashley was able to do some personal work and actually address the personal biases she clearly has. I will continue to listen to the rest of the episode to see if she redeems herself but I have lost hope so far. I may need to unsubscribe from because of the irresponsibleness of Ashley as a host. If you want to try to have a conversation about race, do it right. This certainly was not it. As a listener and bachelor nation member who happens to be a person of color I was very disappointed with Ashley’s comments in this episode.


i love this podcast!!! both of you guys are great! people need to stop taking what you guys are saying and taking it out of context and blowing it up bigger then it is. Highly recommend this podcast

Miss the Humble Beginnings of this Podcast   (2/5)

As I continue to listen to recent episodes, you can truly tell their egos have expanded and think more of themselves as Famous- not “Almost Famous”. I miss the beginning episodes of the podcast where Ben and Ashley were actually humble and not voicing their opinions like they’re always right and know all. Also, audio is off when Ben calls in which makes it difficult to listen to.

Writing this review purely bc...   (2/5)

I hate the way they handled the Mike Johnson interview. Really Ashley? "I can't be racist I have black friends?" Really??? "They do know me in Atlanta!" Ben, come on. Racism can be far less innocuous than calling someone the n-word. It's cutting them off when they're speaking, it's asking them to basically confirm you're not racist so you feel better, it's microagressions. Mike handled that interview the best way he could given the garbage circumstances but God. Y'all need to both read up and re-examine yourselves.

Hard to listen to   (1/5)

More ads than any other podcast I’ve listened to. The sound quality is terrible. With the money you are making off crate and barrel ads why not invest in better equipment? The Mike interview was terrible with his constant interruptions. He also contradicted himself by saying he doesn’t kiss and tell and then did exactly that. Did we really need to know that he dumped his ex because they didn’t have sex for months and he likes sex?!

Ads   (1/5)

The ads are impossible to sit through. The amount of ads compared to actual quality content in this podcast.... If I have to hear again about your wedding registry at Crate and barrel, I may lose it. I started listening for a fun commute bachelor podcast. Instead, I am inundated with all the things you want to sell me.

Ashley! Really?!   (1/5)

She is such a poor role model for women. Crying. Losing her virginity on a reality show Basically being a stalker with Jared before she wore him down . She has got to be the most self absorbed woman ever. On the up side. Jared’s is so boring that she brings a lot to his life. Dean should have his own show and get rid of Vanessa and Jared.