Aggregated reviews for The Ben Shapiro Show

Tired of the lies? Tired of the spin? Are you ready to hear the hard-hitting truth in comprehensive, conservative, principled fashion? The Ben Shapiro Show brings you all the news you need to know in the most fast moving daily program in America. Ben brutally breaks down the culture and never gives an inch! Monday thru Friday.

Concise explanation   (5/5)

Breaking down the Middle East geopolitical breakthrough is clearly explained. Jumping around to political podcasts and I keep coming back to Ben. Thank you

Way Ahead of the Pack   (5/5)

Ben is so far ahead of the curve that he should be required listening - it’s how I start my day, every day. Expect that what Ben is talking about today will become mainstream attention in 4-6 weeks! Holds all in power accountable not just to what they say, but what they said yesterday and the day before and the year before! Love it!

True American   (5/5)

No one wants to debate this kid on facts. Lol. Keep up the good work Ben!

What a moron   (1/5)

Why anyone would listen to this jerk’s uninformed word salad I can’t imagine

Love this show   (5/5)

Ben uses facts and data. It’s hilarious how many uneducated people try to demean you when in reality their denying the truth. Your great Ben, keep on fighting the good fight 👍

Well Researched, Well Argued   (5/5)

I don’t agree with Ben 100% of the time but I always appreciate how transparent and informative this podcast is. He’s fully clear about his biases, does a lot of good research, and explains it well.

DAP   (1/5)

Just here to say wassup to the dry ass “p-word” lovers 🙌🏻

Straight Shooting Conservative   (5/5)

Ben is pretty smart. Although he is a staunch conservative, he is not loathe to criticize bad decisions made by those on the political right. When it comes to analysis of politics, he sets a good standard for other conservatives like me.

people who leave 1 star reviews get your facts right   (5/5)

i love ben. i try to listen to him every day so i can have news that is true. i think it’s insane that people who are leaving 1 star reviews say that he is xenophobic and he doesn’t do his research. i just am so confused on how that thought occurred in your tiny little brain.

One of the most important   (5/5)

Ben has one of the most important voices in this century. He was literally “boy genius”. He always speaks the truth and has a way of looking at situations with a clear eye. I love and agree with his conservative opinion. However I totally respect the fact that he has the ability to look though unbiased lenses.Keep talking Ben! I don’t know what I would do if you ever stopped!

Ben doesn’t beat around the bush   (5/5)

I can’t recommend this podcast enough. Day after day, Ben dissects current events and articulates truth with clear facts, logical reasoning, and a healthy dose of sarcasm and cynicism. He does not shy away from the hard questions and he does his research before drawing conclusions. For these reasons, Ben has become my go-to source for a sound perspective on all the things. Cheers!

Conspiracy theorist   (1/5)

Spewing hate and conspiracy at every turn. Great for those that want to confirm everything is bad about the world and that the "fake news" is out to get you. In a world turned upside down, a conspiracy theorist turns lies into truth!

Thank you!   (5/5)

Thanks for always giving all the facts and speaking truth!

Ben Shapiro my hero   (5/5)

Ben Shapiro is an amazing commentator who speaks ONLY the truth and stands up for what is right and of course uses facts that don’t care abut your feeling. Subscribe to the daily wire so you can get all their amazing content (and their amazing leftist tumbler and the rest of their perks, I have 2 and they are AMAZING!) thank you Ben Shapiro and the daily wire for all this amazing content that is the light for me during this crazy time.

Facts and Perspective   (5/5)

The Ben Shapiro show sheds light on current event and politics in ways many media outlets do not. If your looking for new insight to current events based on balanced facts and objectivity, you have a faithful representation of a view based on a constitutional and pro-America perspective.

Actual reporting   (5/5)

Hey Ben, Both my wife and I r DPT’s and love your show. We r seeing first hand the incredible amount of mental a physical damage ALL patients r experiencing. They r treated like slaves in the hospital. We would love to come on your show. Great work dude, thank you.

WAP   (1/5)


really enjoying this!   (4/5)

Finally listened to a whole show! (Well, I’m part of the way through 🤣) The fast talking isn’t hard for me to understand because I talk that fast anyway. As a young conservative I’m super happy that there are others out there telling the truth. I don’t always agree with Ben but that’s okay. He tells what he believes to be true and explains why. That’s what I want to hear.

My Favorite Podcast   (5/5)

I enjoy listening to Ben break down the current issues and situations in our country and how he does it using facts and figures. I trust what he says and see him as an unbiased source. I appreciate his perspective and am endlessly interested in what he has to say. Thanks Ben!

Great option to get facts   (5/5)

Yes he has his own opinions but after he gives the straight facts.

Baseless Opinions and Neo-nazi propaganda   (1/5)

Ben Shapiro spouts baseless opinions like a spoiled little brat trying to whine is way into getting what he wants. If you like Rush Limbaugh (which you shouldn’t) you’ll love this dweeble. He is basically the millennial version minus the 300 pounds of putrid haggis hanging from his chin. No facts, just stupid, racist, tacky opinions.

Yikes   (1/5)

‘Is Ben Shapiro Mentally There?’

Truth Hurts   (5/5)

There’s nothing more painful than cold, hard, facts. Let the Liberal Tears flow.

A real and honest look at the world today if!   (5/5)

I live Bens forum and how reality is able to actually shine through his shows!! Great way to get the real news!

Thank you Ben   (5/5)

I love this guy....he’s smart, he’s real, and he actually has values. He covers a lot of ground every podcast. I honestly don’t know how anyone could argue him. Thank you Ben for standing up for what is right. If our country took after Ben, we would all be in a much better place.

Obsessed!   (5/5)

I LOVE BEN + the Ben Shapiro Show. I love the no crap, straight up attitude. You are honest and I trust you, to give unbiased opinions. I thoroughly enjoy listening in the car, on my bike, or on a run! Thanks Ben!! Sharing with friends!! Keep it up!

Amazing and Informative   (5/5)

Can’t wait for the new episode. Love this show.

Shmutz   (5/5)

Please keep the shmuzt out at least for Elul

One Trick Pony   (1/5)

Yikes. Ben has morphed into a one trick pony

Very obviously biased...   (1/5)

Tuned in looking for unbiased political discussion but found myself listening to the same right-wing crap you hear on Fox News. Ben and his guests spent the entire episode making harsh (and exaggerated) claims against the democrats with little, and often times zero evidence. Hard to understand why people, like the host of this show, continue to confuse facts with opinion....THEY ARE NOT THE SAME AND ARE NOT INTERCHANGEABLE. WOULD NOT RECOMMEND.

Super convincing!   (1/5)

After listening to the capitalism episode, I’m kind of sold on Marxism. Ben did a great job showing the pros and cons of both, and I’m ready for an idyllic society that doesn’t exploit the working class. Also, I think it would be helpful for Ben to remember that the US is a mixed economy— we have elements of socialism (schools, police, highways, etc) and capitalism (combination of regulated and free markets). I would have given a higher rating, but I don’t think he achieved his actual goal of the podcast. Listen on half speed, it’s easier to understand what he’s saying rather than hearing the how fast he’s talking and assuming he’s right because he’s confident

Shapiro 2024   (5/5)

A voice of reason and sanity in an unhinged world. Thank you!

Great   (5/5)


Hahaha   (5/5)

I love reading the reviews from triggered lefties. Quick suggestion: you should have Dennis Prager on for your Sunday episode.

thanks   (5/5)

ben i'm only 16 but i have been listening fo and watching your show and its really helped me a lot to get information i need and to see i'mon the right side of history even though whenever i say anything pro trump i’ll get belittled and attacked but i know what in doing is right.

No Substance.   (1/5)

Listening to Shapiro and guests, I hear a bizarrely out-of-touch worldview, weak and illogical arguments, and a sad blindness to history and reality. The only point this program successfully proves is that a willingness to invent nonsense and shrilly shout over your rivals as an effective way to get money and attention.

Shapiro 2024   (5/5)

We may not agree on 100% of everything but I love his show and his point of view. He calls it like it is no matter what side of the aisle is pulling crap.

Great Show Today!!   (5/5)

Loved your show today! The interviews were terrific.

Love the Sunday Special   (5/5)

The Sunday special gives me that nostalgic feeling when we had polite, calm, and authentic conversations about culture and country. I love it!

4.5 stars the most telling rating...   (5/5)

Ben Shapiro gets 5 stars from those who actually listen, and 1 star from hundreds of other trollers who don’t want you to (read their ad hominem attacks) in the end it adds up to 4.5 stars. The ideal rating.

Yep   (5/5)


Best Ever   (5/5)

Ben delivers an honest thoughtful show that makes me laugh. My favorite way to watch is on his web site so I can see his face and the video clips.

My poor ears   (1/5)

The quality of his voice is painful. Speaking fast doesn’t make you smarter. I wish I could give it 0 stars.

Truth   (5/5)

I appreciate the way Ben calls Trump out when it’s needed. I feel like this is the closest I can come to unbiased political information.

Impressive   (3/5)

I listen to this show from time to time, I’m frequently impressed by the intellectual infantilism of the guests and occasionally even the host. Do they do this for a living? A competent editor could prob help them set themselves apart from non fact based discussion. They sound like butt hurt, droopy eyed, one armed children half the time - and their party is the one in calling the shots.Maybe there is a lot of airtime to fill but I doubt that it is necessary to whine so much


I put this podcast on, and I had no idea I would be in for the worst hour of my life. I’m not even liberal, and this man is a homophobic, xenophobic racist. I can’t understand why you would support him.

Smug Little Twerp   (1/5)

Ben Shapiro has never pleased a woman. He is a short, bitter little liar who can’t justify any of his bigoted viewpoints without arguing in bad faith or just making things up. He isn’t smart, he just speaks quickly and for stupid people that seems to be enough.

Keep up the great work Ben👍🏻   (5/5)

Keep up the great work and never change just cause some moron leftists try to bash on you for being intelligent and for knowing your facts. And if you read this and your one of those idiots who somehow think he’s racist and sexist... FREAKING PROVE IT!!!!!

Like a Younger Rush Limbaugh   (1/5)

If you are a fan of right wing, extremist, white grevience political views with constant trashing of anyone who is not among the very conservative, this is the podcast for you. He makes a lot of money doing this as the far and violent right love this stuff. He's worth $25 million so the more outrage he expresses, the more money he makes. He's not quite Alex Jones (yet).

benny boy   (1/5)

this man believes women getting turned on is a medical condition and you're gonna listen to his 'well informed' take on politics???

Wow   (1/5)

There are much easier ways to tell the world you’re a piece of trash who doesn’t care about our democracy than committing yourself to a podcast, Ben.

Very clueless   (1/5)

Came for Ben, stayed for Micheal Knowles and Matt Walsh. Shapiro is very uneducated in American history and has fed into many lies that the left that he supposedly does not like has pushed. After hearing several historical inaccuracies I really started to wonder what else has he said that I didn’t know was false. So called conservative but just another cog in the republican machine. The Daily Wire is great but I could do without Shapiro.

Obnoxious   (1/5)

Stop being so dang annoying

Shapiro 2024   (5/5)

If he ran for president he would smoke everybody because he has great views on policy and he also has mad debate skills

So clear that I laugh   (5/5)

Every time I listen to this podcast I always am ready to laugh. The obvious clear-cut, and often quite undeniable, reasoning of Shapiro always leaves one laughing at some point or another at the fools who seem to be doing their best to become idiots. It truly is refreshing to hear someone come out and point simple truths about the ridiculous issues we constantly face, when so many others are just too afraid to do so. Keep it up!

Genius!   (5/5)

Ben is terrific. Fact based politics - thanks so much for the sharing your knowledge 💗

Wow   (1/5)

What an insufferable little b****

Never gives an inch   (1/5)

Butt takes about 10.

Whiny baby   (1/5)

Almost like listening to a pre pubescent boy complain about his “so hard” life. Grow up, man child.

Love this podcast listen to it daily   (5/5)

So funny how people r calling him a nazi. He’s literally a religious Jew. The nazis HATED all Jews ESPECIALLY religious Jews. Maybe a history lesson and a visit to actual concentration camps would help you realize who the nazis were and what they stood for before you call anyone you dislike a nazi. Calling anyone a nazi undermines the message of “never again”. Thank you

Such a cute little child prodigy   (1/5)

He must be smart--he talks so fast.

Fantastic views and very engaging   (5/5)

Much respect. Ben delivers it perfectly and is very entertaining! Very grateful for his podcast as well as the other Daily Wire shows!!!

Go on KFC radio   (5/5)

Go on KFC radio

Love this guy   (5/5)

Informative and insightful.

Best Part of My Day...Everyday   (5/5)

I appreciate all the work you put into each episode. I always know I am going to learn from you. Thanks for all you do!!!

Ben Shapiro is a fascist boot locker   (1/5)

His writers are trash, his takes on politics are toxic and rooted in xenophobia. His family probably tolerated him for the paycheck just like Kellyanns does. If you listen your soul is rotting

daily listener- love it   (5/5)

You can’t listen this podcast and not walk away thinking about points made later on. I’m new to this podcast (but I’ve known of Ben since 2016) and I enjoy how articulate he is, and the way he calls it like it is. I’m obviously pro-Trump but can appreciate when he calls him out for his own crap. Wish he would touch on the fact that Hilary got out of the email scandal once again, or really Dive deep into the WWG1WGA movement. One can always hope :)

🤡🤡🤡   (1/5)

Can’t even take this clown seriously 🤣🤣

Love the facts and logic!   (5/5)

Even if you don’t like Ben as a person, the facts, logic, and reason he brings to politics and public policy are a breath of fresh air. Recommend it for everyone

he doesn’t make his wife wet   (1/5)

his wife said getting a “WAP” is a medical disorder. so you know benny not makin that lady feel the thunder

Right on!!   (5/5)

Not only is he right on about every topic but he always has information to back it up! Best part, he makes me laugh! We listen every night over dinner! Love it and never miss an episode! Thx Ben!

Jo Jorgensen 2020   (5/5)

Ben, make the leap to the Gold side of the aisle. We got hella freedom over here.

Clear and informative   (5/5)

Clear information presented in a concise manner.

The description is misleading   (1/5)

I’m not a conservative but I like to give their side a shot and be open. The description says “tired of the lies?” Then starts it with a few “lies” depicting one of the DNC speakers “presumably video calling from her mothers basement” This isn’t a podcast by a smart man. This is a platform he uses to undermine and use school yard insults towards the democrats. It’s not news, it’s honestly just stupid trash entertainment. Follow NPR or another podcast that’s not biased or trying to square your opinion by making fun of the other side. God america, you are in a terrible spot with this split party system.

Genuine intelligent look at current events   (5/5)

I enjoy listening to his take on the news. He’s a super smart guy. Amazed at how he synthesizes the news every day so succinctly

Great Podcast   (5/5)

Ben does a great job of reporting daily news and doesn’t twist the story, he just tells what happens and then gives his opinion and 99.999% of it is correct. He does a great job with his advertising and I’ve looked into a few products he’s talked about. I love the extreme rightism and think it’s very important to strongly consider what he’s saying and listen to him. Keep up the good work, Ben.

To be fair..   (5/5)

Love how informative the show is on current politics and culture, in a sense. Today we need correct and current information more than ever and Cruz and Knowles do it best. Thank You for laughs which help.

Amazing show   (5/5)

Ben shapiro is plain awesome the world needs people like him to spread truth and logic

Seriously   (1/5)

A bit disappointed. I had hoped for a more balanced and cerebral commentary from Mr Shapiro rather than just a better spoken Limbaugh/Hannity/O’Reilly schill. Some good real discussion points and facts but no real ideas or balance. Just more support for the wealthy class conmen screwing over honest hard working Americans. I did appreciate the covid comments but it is pretty easy to be critical with hindsight.

Smarmy clown   (1/5)

Has never seen a data point or study he won’t misrepresent in the name of protecting some absurd sense of sky genie worship/judeo-christian traditionalism. Blatant racist and all around scum.

Trump 2020   (5/5)

Biden’s mind is on vacation

Horrible   (1/5)

Logic was trash, my rat died, horrible racist and sexist content, ugly host. Terrible. Bad.

Outspoken and Well Spoken!   (5/5)

No one speaks quite like Ben. Love his voice! Love his honesty! Love his confidence without arrogance! My life goal is to have Ben Shapiro write AND speak my eulogy someday ;)

Perfect show for far-right conservatives   (3/5)

I consider myself a libertarian but believe in many progressive policies. I like to listen to podcasts that discuss both sides. Ben is very smart and well-educated but is clearly biased and actually says some pretty outlandish things. I can stomach about 50% of the things that he says and agree with about 25%. If you’re conservative and looking for a podcast that confirms your biases, then you’ll love this. If you’re more open-minded, better to wait until after election season to give a listen. He’s a bit more extreme in his superlative criticism towards democrats right now.

Your ignorance is showing   (5/5)

Anyone giving one star is a willfully ignorant individual

Dem Convention   (5/5)

Great review on the first night of the Democratic convection. One thing I wish would be brought up on the postal voting is Dems constantly say it’s because Trump wants to steal the election the exact thing they did last time. Projection. Also doesn’t Trump have reason to be skirmish? Also, they want to go by science, Fauci says it is ok to vote in person. It’s a little late to change everything up. Why not just add a day or two of voting in person? Also you would think they would both be working towards the same goal of an honest election. Interesting they are so worried about it.

Misery Loves Company   (2/5)

I decided to give Ben Shapiro a chance to challenge my ideas and assumptions. I was reading “How to be an Antiracist” (Kendi) to try to understand if it was just a trendy read, or if it actually had any good information in it. I was listening to Shapiro’s critique of the book—while reading the book—and it was clear to me that his rage and disgust was not proportional to the ideas of the book. He’s an intelligent guy, so it’s unfortunate he’s taken to the Fox News model of sowing anger and discord. I’m sure he’ll have a successful career of pandering, but he can no longer be considered an intellectual. Maybe if he didn’t try to do a podcast every single day, he could restore some balance.

Way woke = awake   (5/5)

This guy is smart. I don’t agree with everything Ben stands for but I do agree that the radical left, cnn, and woke nation needs to calm down and stop lying. Lets keep America great.

Very Funny.   (4/5)

Love when he says racist!

Trash   (1/5)

This man is a clown. The wild things that have pinballed out of his thin lipped mouth are innumerable. He is why the radical right is out here believing they are god’s chosen ones while beating up peaceful protesters fighting for human rights. Get bent sir

Don’t know how he does it!   (5/5)

What a great job of distilling complex and convoluted issues into understandable commentary. Well done!

dammit   (5/5)

who am I kidding? I can’t escape it. This has been my fav podcast by a longshot the past 2 years. Every other conservative podcast just seems like a less thoughtful/logical take on what Ben says. He is just born for this.

Would not recommend   (1/5)

No more spin on politics I think not only the news that is anti democratic

Smart   (5/5)

Ben is smart, educated and informed on the topic he discusses. Open to all areas and doesn’t care about your feeling! How news should be delivered.

I never miss an episode   (5/5)

Ben is Brilliant. Conservatism based on historical facts.

Did god show   (5/5)

Dis b good show all da trolls who have nothing better to do then insult this man shut ur mouths

Best conservative podcast in all of USA!   (5/5)

Consistently reliable and fact/data backed news. I don’t agree with all of Bens views but he consistently delivers great political news that is pro American.

Great Stuff!   (5/5)

If you see a 1 star review, they’re a troll

Right Wing Hack   (1/5)

He speaks of “the media” like he isn’t a part of it.

Only conservative podcast   (5/5)

All the others are Trump worshiping/ex-military Chad fuel garbage, except for Lars Larson. Been hooked since I started listening.

Racist   (1/5)

Ben is racist and misogynistic. His takes have no basis in facts.

He is a conservative snowflake   (1/5)


Stupid, don’t waste your time   (1/5)

Makes my ears hurt

Absolutely the Truth   (5/5)

I love logical people. Ben is great and challenges you to question what you are hearing is the truth or not. He has so much knowledge it’s like he can’t get it out fast enough.😆Overall a funny and informative podcast. Definitely worth your time.

disappointed   (1/5)

very biased, and statistics are used fallaciously.

I love this!   (5/5)

Seriously a great show. Very informative, as well as makes me think in a different way on many things. Definitely deserving of being one of the top podcasts

The energy is great and some much facts   (5/5)

You bring it every day and you speak on my level and just speak truth with no flash. Worth listening every day.

Don’t bother   (1/5)

Just another straight white man giving his opinion on topics he knows nothing about. Don’t waste your time.

lil Ben is scared of WAP   (1/5)


Amazing podcast   (5/5)

I get almost all my news here. Ben is great, gives it to ya straight with facts without creating an inflexible narrative. Ben cares about the facts and about nuance while holding his own side accountable.

Great daily listen   (5/5)

I listen to this podcast daily to keep up to date with politics.

Poor Communication   (1/5)

A lot of the issues stemming in Ben Shapiro’s podcast / books / discourse comes down to poor communication, simply put. I would highly encourage him to read “We Need to Talk” and “Non-Violent Communication” if he hopes to provide genuine, thoughtful conversation and discourse. Also, have some humility and slow down when you talk. It’s not about always being “right” and aggressively defending your own opinion and point of view. It’s about listening to others and empathizing.

By Far the Best Political Talking Head   (5/5)

Ben brings an honest review of our lawmakers. He is not beheld to anyone and will tell it like it is. He is incredibly informed and has a knack of cutting straight to the point thru honest analyst.

He sounds just like my grand son   (3/5)

Huey, he’s 14. This sounds just like him. Good job!

Great Podcast   (5/5)

People just rate the podcast 1 star because they saw Ben’s video on WAP and figured it would be a good time to hate. If you filter through the labeling and such and look at the base of his logical reasoning and facts then you see a compelling view. Obviously he is not alway right about everything but I prefer his view over that of television hosts.

Seems a bit right wing   (3/5)

Also who cares about WAP

BEN!   (5/5)

The most balanced of the Conservative Pod Casts are on the Daily Wire! Subscribe and Learn from the Best !

This guy is the worst   (1/5)

Stokes racism, sexism and homophobia to rile up sides. Not my thing, but if you’re into it that’s on you.

DAP   (3/5)

Decent takes, however BS is a leading cause of vaginal dryness

Awful   (1/5)

Ben is just so god awful to listen too. He comes across as extremely petty and full of ego. Look elsewhere.

Unbiased and On Point   (5/5)

Ben is bright, informed, articulate, and direct. His podcast is worth listening to. If you are politically liberal, suspend your automatic responses and judgments and just listen. You might hear criticism of the woke left but we all know how disturbed that movement is. Other than this, you will hear rational thoughts and arguments to support his piint of view. I am a centrist and I note his more conservative positions but he is not malicious and he makes goid common sense.

Dumpster fire   (1/5)

Truly a trash can of a human being with the political nuance and critical thinking of an ant.

🤢   (1/5)

this guy is so dumb i can’t even begin to talk about it. annoying ass voice and has no idea what he’s talking about

Buzzword Wash   (1/5)

I habitually round out my political news input with something from Ben Shapiro or the Daily Wire and am disappointed by the language they use to handle very nuanced subjects. He happily floods his reports with words like “radical” and “authoritarian” to enrage right-wing listeners even if there is little to no context for these words, randomly flings out insults instead of trying to keep some semblance of objective criticism, grasps for the least charitable view of any people group or cause, and conjures far-reaching nonsense out of audio clips from politicians. He makes his living shocking and polarizing Americans. And he’s not funny.

A decent source of info, but no more than that.   (2/5)

Shapiro is obviously concerned with the well being of America but he is misguided and supportive of the status quo to a fault, even though he can’t see it. He likes to mock critics of the President, but in doing so he appears more inept and petty than those he criticizes.

Rambling hypocrisy   (1/5)

Ben is a smart guy but this show is a deluge of rambling hypocrisy.

Play his podcast in 1/2 speed   (5/5)

Ben speaks very fast and he articulate his thoughts well. A well known conservative and popular memes. I just tried it today, if you play his podcast at 1/2 speed, he sounds like a very intelligent drunk. Enjoy.

Facts are facts.   (5/5)

Crazy how a podcast can ether be 1 or 5 stars. Good to see he’s still getting the support from the silent majority.

Impressive Guy   (5/5)

It is truly astounding how intelligent Shapiro is. These are the kinds of people we need running for Presidency.

Congrats   (1/5)

The only thing going for you is that you can roll your r’s

Be sure to fact check if you listen   (1/5)

Ben Shapiro would have done better with keeping the theatricals on stage instead of polluting the political dialogue with dramatic punditry. If you’re looking receive the news via an uninformed, arrogant smartass who rants and whines about his opinions and presents it as facts, this is your guy.

This guy Graduated from Harvard?   (1/5)

He prides himself on debate skills but loses arguments when monologuing to himself. This guy is and absolute bafoon.

Excellent Information   (5/5)

Great, factual information from a Conservative who’s not afraid to rip on both sides.

Shrill, painful   (1/5)

...screeching from a sad, disingenuous, brittle little man. Rather than enlightening listeners with facts, Shapiro deals in a corrosive brand of fiction, reinforcing equally corrosive misconceptions. Hard pass.

Critical   (5/5)

I read the reviews focusing on the one and two star reviews. It seems like there is no content to the criticism. If you write a negative review, please be specific. It’s like the people who say orange man bad, very very bad, are the ones who say fast-talker bad, very very bad. Please haters, be specific.

Trump and his advisors need to listen to Ben   (5/5)

President Trump and his advisors should listen to Ben, he is wise beyond his years. I listen to Ben daily and I sleep soundly at night because he proves there are still people in this country with common sense who believe in the constitution and all that the USA was founded upon.

Simply the best   (5/5)

Shapiro is the GOAT. He doesn’t pull punches. Smart and informative.

Is this a joke?   (1/5)

It doesn’t surprise me that people like Ben exist. He is a caricature from the 1930’s. What disappoints me is the amount of Americans that love to listen to this type of rhetoric. Are the 1930’s an era America really wants?

Lefties BTFO   (5/5)

Internet leftists a burning hatred for Ben Shapiro that’s borderline obsessive. But every criticism thrown at him is either a massive strawman or something to do with his physicality. It’s all so childish. Regardless, this show is a good show. It breaks down news stories in an honest fashion, which is something increasingly rare in today’s climate. Before you jump on the Shapiro hate bandwagon, listen to his show. It’s better than the left would have you believe.

Perfect podcast for the little dick population   (1/5)

He can’t even get his wife wet. If he was actually smart, she might actually get turned on. I’m saying she takes half his stuff in a couple years. Ben might have gone to a great school but part of being smart is to continue pursuing knowledge. He takes facts and manipulates them to fit his agenda. So easy to prove a lot of what he says are lies. Doesn’t even bother to see any perspective but his own. Definitely has a small penis and is mad because of it. Sorry circumcision couldn’t help you Ben. You might have turned out to be a better person.

Support Ben   (5/5)

I can honestly say I trust the information Ben provides. It is based on facts and not feelings. He can back up all of his positions, provide further details and explains issues/policies. Thank you for being YOU!

Listen Daily   (5/5)

Ben Shapiro can share news stories in an incredibly fast way. He is extremely intelligent and doesn’t just side with the republicans every time. He is a true conservative and will tell the truth without adding unnecessary crap. I’ve been listening to his podcast and watching on YouTube for years now. Keep up the great work!

That’s all I can do.   (1/5)

Few months of this was all the drama I can take. Bye!

Had to subscribe!   (5/5)

My husband has been listening to your podcast for a little more than four years. I tend to listen in from afar! Finally had to subscribe to hear you first hand! Love your insight and that you simply tell the truth! Makes for great conversation between my husband and me. Thank you Ben!

Great Pod   (5/5)

The best things about this podcast: 1) Ben slamming leftists. Love the Chewbacca vs. Swedish Chef 2) Those 1-start reviews. That guy that said CNN was the most honest and unbiased news media? Lol

Great show very educational   (5/5)

I am just a kid but I love this show cuz this is only facts that Ben speaks he explains but he talks a little fast but still great show

bigoted man with a napoleon complex   (1/5)

what else is there to say. he’s transphobic

Avoid at all costs   (1/5)

60% ads, 30% bad faith arguments, 10% talking way too fast. He’s a true p-word

A Breath of Fresh Air   (5/5)

Ben is a refreshing conservative voice among the sea of radical-liberal media. I appreciate that he sticks to the facts and keeps things objective, while also holding true to his convictions.

A GOP pawn that feeds red sheep.   (1/5)

Conservative af. Not to mention a very traditional and out dated POV. The only reason he’s got a show is because he’s running off the fuel his father left behind. He broadcasts ideals that his father spoon feeds him so they’re not truly his ideals. He’s a conservative feeding red sheep; Has no sources to back his personal reasonings. MOST of the time I strongly disagree with his solutions to problems since he’s feeding BS conservative ideals that are paid for by super pacts and the 1%. Very opinionated and mostly incorrect with unrealistic solutions that don’t benefit anyone or anything but corporations and the wealthy. Educate yourself on current events and what’s going on in society and form your own opinion. In case you’re curious JRE, COOKS him on his traditional ideals of marriage and BLM movement. Has very few morals and has no ability to comprehend life for middle class Americans.

Whack   (1/5)

Like super whack

his doctorwife is always dry   (1/5)

Shapiro is a nasally little baby who is completely out of touch with the working class. He’s a self-important panderer who thinks talking faster makes him sounds smarter. He talks about things like Cardi B’s wet “p-word” because he’s got nothing substantial to say about actual issues. He’s Bill OReilly for a new generation of cuckservative doofuses.

Grifters gonna Grift   (1/5)

Ben Shapiro is a well known liar, a fool, and a man who can’t debate anyone except college students, and retreats from anyone who presses his fragile talking points even a little. He’s a grifter and a shill, intellectually vacant and dishonest, and has nothing to offer anyone except lies to confirm your own biases.

He’s not Right, but it’s OK   (5/5)

Ben Shapiro is the only person in the Daily Wire crew that I pay attention to because he consistently presents not only his opinions and feelings, but verifiably factual info to back them up. I consider myself a Progressive and don’t agree with Shapiro’s ideology often, but I appreciate his integrity and veracity. He stands behind his words, doesn’t play into “clickbait” like a lot of other Conservative bloggers do, and overall has presented some of the highest quality political commentary in my feed every day. Good śhït.

Hands down my favorite podcast   (5/5)

I look forward to every episode! Keep being awesome, Ben! 👊🏻

That ‘song’   (5/5)

I feel sick. 🤢

The Truth Hurts   (5/5)

Lots of people are living in a world of delusion. Don’t be one of them. Ben does talk fast, but the 1/2 speed puts him back to normal. For some people that may still be too fast. In that case, listen twice or just be offended and stay in your CNN delusional state.

Thank You for saying what a lot of us can’t say   (5/5)

I served our country in the Army as an Air Defender and I always feel flattered but kinda weird when people say, “Thank You for service” because it was an honor to serve the country and citizens that opened its arms to my family from Cuba in 1968. I feel you deserve a bigger, “Thank you for your service” for what you do for our Great country on an ongoing basis. Our family loves you and we pray for you often. John E. Shapiro Chicago Fan

no   (1/5)

small male, very short and does not lift weights. Pathetic.

Outrage echo chamber   (1/5)

Shapiro is a one man outrage machine that spins everything up into its own worst possible description of itself. Instead of taking the time to actually educate listeners on the topics about which he’s talking, he presents one-sided explanations meant to create fear and outrage in his listeners, but it’s presented as “fair and balanced”. After listening to him I felt like someone needed to write a rebuttal piece explaining fully what he talked about in the show and then what the actual truth of the situation is. If you don’t want to expand any of your horizons and just be angry all the time, then this is the show for you.

Annoying   (1/5)

Overpriliged clown

Finally someone not scared to tell the truth   (5/5)

I only listen to a few Podcasts and this is my #1. Thank you Ben!!!

Numbskull   (2/5)

Ben is a numbskull. But at least he’s mostly honest. That’s why I like him.

Let’s Call Out the Stinking Pile   (5/5)

I don’t always agree 100%—but dang this is the REAL truth. How pathetic that we live in a country where a free spirit Libertarian like myself has pushed me to stake my flag into the “conservative” camp and that truth is considered such. “Conservative” now equals not drinking some cult koolaide and is the only truth left in the public sphere. Nuts.

THATS RIGHT!!!   (5/5)

Absolutely enjoy your show. This is the only podcast that has any sense at all. The only podcast that doesn't try to justify even a little the riots. True American podcast! Absolutely hilarious the medical diagnosis of the women in the wap video! Absolute GOLDEN way to end the episode!!!

Finally some common sense   (5/5)

I feel like finally someone is talking common sense around here. Ben Shapiro is spot on

March 13   (5/5)

Excellent analogy! Thank you Ben! I listen to your podcast daily. I appreciate how you are bolstering moral! Excellent program! Thank you for a little comic relief after all the seriousness of the daily topics!

HelloOkay   (1/5)

A true loser.

Excellent podcast   (5/5)

Initially I wasn’t fond of how fast Ben speaks and it made it hard to listen, but I gave him a fair chance and it’s been well worth it. I’m now used to how he talks and this brilliant man knows how to speak the truth. Love the podcast. Though I wish iTunes would stop unsubscribing me automatically. It’s happened 6-7 times. Apple trying to shadow ban him I guess. I’ll keep clicking the resubscribe and listen every day!

Ben created a fake Antifa recruitment site   (1/5)

Hey Ben, are you going to tell your listeners that you created a fake Antifa recruitment website to get your followers all scared of the fake boogeyman, or are you just going to lie about that too.

Truly honest coverage   (5/5)

Ben Shapiro is a national treasure, explains why values are more important than any election or politician

These 1 Star comments   (5/5)

I love seeing these one star comments saying Ben is a neofascist, propagandist and that people don’t like him because he’s conservatively biased. He literally says he is conservatively biased regularly same with his news paper outlet. And they never listened to him nor do people actually understand the term propagandist or neofascist actually mean. To them it’s the same thing as just saying you’re racist. Ben I love your show and love the perspective and encouragement to always listen to both sides before having an opinion. I also love reading your one star reviews. They are the most entertaining! I especially love seeing how many people you went to high school with seem to listen to your show!

Great Podcast   (5/5)

Great conservative voice! I really like his take on things and how he keeps to the facts.

So, so well done!   (5/5)

I’ve been listening since 2016. I love this podcast. The ideas and opinions are well constructed, easy to understand, and fair. The show is both entertaining and informative. Funny how people try to call it out for being conservatively biased when that is routinely acknowledged and openly stated... And even with the show being conservative, it’s very fair, and Ben does not shy away from critiquing Trump when he deserves it. I recommend this show all the time. Such a breath of fresh air.

Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion   (5/5)

I don’t know who these ladies are, but Ben’s doctor wife possible medical diagnosis, the funniest thing 😂😂😂. Thanks Ben

Always an intriguing and informed show!   (5/5)

I really am enjoying Ben Shapiros daily podcasts. He’s a breath of fresh air and accurately reports what is going on in our climate. He is a conservative but reports information from all political standpoints, not just his own which is what I love. After all, information is our most powerful tool is it not. He’s not afraid to go into hot topics and uncharted territory, usually with a hint of sarcasm that cracks me up. He is very well spoken, confident and easy to understand which I also love, he does his research as he discusses politics. I recently watched the documentary safe spaces and his discussion on college campuses is what everyone could benefit from viewing. Ben you officially have a fan.

Love the content - skip the background music   (4/5)

Ben has so many great points and has really opened up my eyes about the gaslighting of the media. I look forward to all of his shows. One thing I did not enjoy on today’s episode (8/9) was the background music - it was too loud and very distracting! At first, I thought I had another video playing in the background, but realized it was coming from the podcast.

Stand up guy   (5/5)

Ben covers a magnitude of information from the people’s view point. I disagree with some of his views but his continued honesty (like when he will retract a statement the next show if he misinformed his listeners) stands true to the issues and not his own agenda. I admit I listen to the full daily wire crew, but everyone else is more opinions on based on their own views and beliefs like Klavan’s religious rants. Ben tells you what happened, bites at whoever was wrong, whichever side they were on, and then sells you a helix mattress. Great show. One day I will own my own leftist tear tumbler.

Good content terrible voice   (3/5)

I want to listen I just can’t his voice is painful it actually hurts my ears.

Facts don’t care about your feelings   (5/5)

It wouldn’t be a day without hearing Ben spit facts and truth without censorship. In today’s culture of emotional “Karens” we need men and women who aren’t afraid to speak truth. As Americans, we must stand for our convictions and never waver. Thank you Ben for being an incredible example of what true leadership and “no fears” looks like. You make us conservatives proud. Strength and Honor my friend!

I love Ben   (5/5)

Ben is always spot on with his takes. I get my information from him as opposed to fake news outlets. Keep it up!

Worth the time   (5/5)

A breath of fresh air. Willing to criticize dumb moves by both sides although firmly in the conservative camp. I appreciate his perspective on issues, but I wouldn’t share him with left leaning friends because his tendency toward ad hominem remarks can be off putting.

What the hell?   (1/5)

I had to try it, it’s so much worse than I thought. I made it through three episodes and my brain hurts. Please. Please, please, please. To those of you who align with this man, do not only listen to this garbage. Please at least attempt to expand your views on issues, and you too can go leave a comment like this on a liberal podcast after you at least listen to a few episodes. But this is pure negativity and regression. We’re so doomed.

Create, Create, Create   (5/5)

Great interview!

Oh Yeah! Truth!!!   (5/5)

Though I may not agree with everything Ben Shapiro says, I find myself agreeing with the overwhelming majority of it! I listen to this podcast almost every single day and have been doing so for a while now. I am a huge fan! Ben Shapiro gives truth, sometimes in a very serious way, other times with great comedy. But no matter how he says it, he says truth with a true passion of helping and sharing truth to the American people. He is a fighter for our America, reaching out to many, weather on college campuses, or through podcasts to people like me. Thank you Ben Shapiro!

More Sunday Ben episodes   (5/5)


Ben Shapiro for the dub   (5/5)

I love listening to Ben. I feel like I gain intelligence and tools for competency after every episode. Highly recommend.

Amazing.   (5/5)

Recommend to any conservative and even old school Liberals. This Podcast is the fastest growing conservative podcast and is amazing. 100%!! I would give it 10 stars if I could.

It’s all about the facts   (5/5)

I love listening to all Daily Wire Podcasts and specifically Ben Shapiro. He gives us the facts the media won’t. Ben not only praises Trump but also says when Trump is wrong. I’m glad I started listening this year and won’t watch the media anymore just follow the news through the Daily Wire. Thanks Ben.

Sunday Specials   (5/5)

I’ve become more convinced that our country is too divided, but Sunday Specials give me hope that we can still have some respectful dialogue!

Ben tells the truth....   (5/5)

And it drives all the TDS liberals mad. I love it! Keep up the great work Ben, not all of us choose to walk through life with blinders on like the hateful leftists that try to bring down your podcast with one star reviews. Rational people love you.u

Ben is flaccid creep   (1/5)

Ben Shapiro went to my high school. He was an arrogant, spoiled, morally & ethically flaccid motormouth, drunken white supremacist then & nobody liked him ..except for other white nationalists who creeped out all the girls. He’s only known prominently now because his daddy paid a publicist big bucks to turn him into a neo fascist propagandist. I’m mean, he came outta nowhere right .. & now he’s got a podcast?? It’s all a big con job. All he needs is a white hood & a torch.

Really good   (5/5)

Spot on

A big fan   (5/5)

Amazing podcast. He presents his opinions but backs them up with real facts. I learn so much from each episode and think this show is probably the next conservative podcasts out there. Thank you Ben Schapiro!

Ever watch Dog trials in Sheep Herding?   (1/5)

It’s his job to further separate (them against us) the US citizens. It is only opinions folks, you are the sheep. Ben makes a great Border Collie.

Ben is a joke   (1/5)

Ben wants to be important so bad

The best   (5/5)

The best conservative podcast out there!

Facts and nothing else   (5/5)

Ben is a very intelligent man, and exposes the left of their radical agenda. On top of that, he doesn’t simply support Trump just because he’s a republican, he judges everyone and what they did wrong (alongside his very accurate impersonations). Great show if you want to know what is really happening. Facts and nothing else!

Convoluted theories   (3/5)

You have mixed facts and speculation. Many have immunity to COVID, but once that second surge hits, there's no guarantee when you catch it you will have immunity. You also haven't named the study about 300 who had mild to severe cases. The study showed 1/3, young and old, had damage done to their heart. Address the study of masks in Kansas and the study of what happens after you've recovered from COVID. Don't recommend things that science hasn't figured out yet. This is still a mysterious diseases.

Thank you Ben, for being a strong voice of reason.   (5/5)

Ben Shapiro tells it like it is. He’s direct and unapologetic as he prioritizes facts over anti-reality ‘safe spaces’. He has the receipts back up his statements. Since he spends so much time proving that many leftist policies are dangerous and wrong, lefties end up crying and butthurt as a result. The truth hurts.

deeply thoughtful   (5/5)

I enjoy listening to Ben Shapiro. I believe he is deeply thoughtful and gives a clear understanding of a true conservative point of view.

Tired of the lies?   (2/5)

Mr. Sharpio presents opinion. Nothing hits harder in truth in this great USA than that. You can lessen the list of how to destroy America by 1) creating a liberal point of view and a conservative point of view, and 2) create biased media for the two parties to hate one another. All done.

Skewed conservative commentary...disappointing   (1/5)

I’m neither a fan of MSNBC nor a Fox News; I look for balanced, unbiased reporting. Ben Shapiro’s podcast pretends to be fair commentary but unfortunately it is conservatively biased and at times untruthful. If you like Limbaugh or Hannity then you will probably like this podcast. For more honest news reporting, I would recommend NY Times The Daily podcast. Also CNN seems to deliver more honest news reporting.

I love this podcast   (5/5)

It’s great, the only thing that bothers me is his fixation on masks. I’m so sick and tired about hearing about the freaking masks. Michael Knowles may have Ben beat on this issue, masks don’t work.

Right leaning news with great humor   (5/5)

Ben says facts don’t care about your feelings. But I have to admit, my feelings love his facts. I guess my feelings will have to get over their unrequited love. Give Ben a listen and you’ll be surprised how much sense he makes.

Best political podcast   (5/5)

Best podcast I love it and I use it for my news I love his opinions and his values. He should definitely run for President in 2024

The least honest person in media, truly terrible   (1/5)

Lies every single show, extreme dishonesty, worse than hannity

Conservative but factual   (5/5)

Great show. Although Ben is conservative he bases basically everything on facts and us yes critical thinking always

Thank you Mr.Shapiro   (5/5)

I am fourteen and am growing up in a predominantly left generation . Mr. Shapiro’s podcast and radio show has helped me learn the basis of capitalism and how to defend them against radical lefts. I have had the blessing to grow up in a conservative family who loves this country and what we were founded on. I cannot begin to explain how much Mr. Shapiro’s show has shaped my knowledge of the wonderful country we live in. I highly recommend this to anyone. 👍👍👍

Impersonations are annoying   (3/5)

I like the show but I can’t listen to it when Ben starts the Trump impersonations. There’s nothing worse than bad impersonations when person thinks he’s being funny.

Exceptional   (5/5)

Ben is the best in the business. Listen for only an hour and you will be caught up with your politics !

Fascist   (1/5)

Ben Shapiro using the word "principled" in his description is laughable. He constantly shows himself to be selfish, hateful, and uninformed. Also surprisingly anti-Semitic considering his heritage. Dude even looks like a neo fascist in the podcast thumbnail.

Poor quality   (2/5)

Voice too fast. Style is anxiety-inducing. Content is uninteresting at best, hypocritical and judgmental at worst.

Facts don’t care about your feelings   (5/5)

Ben shapiro keeps it reals and doesn’t use hypocrisy. Gives you real news not fake news.

Daddy   (5/5)

Ben speaks to the depths of my soul on every level. He is enlightening, captivating, and brilliant, regardless of where I stand in agreement with his ideas; although, admittedly, I can’t help but agree with him most of the time. He is good at providing indisputable facts and at amplifying one’s sense of personal agency to change his/her life for the better. I love u Ben

Great show   (5/5)

Raised dem turned right after listening and fact checking everything this man said, and he does it lie. I don’t agree with everything he says but at least he doesn’t mess with facts, like everything I disagree on is either religion or opinion based, great podcast love your show man.

I just can’t   (2/5)

Ben is super smart and knows his stuff. But he speaks so fast and monotone I’d rather put an ice pick through by brain than listen to his podcast anymore. Sorry Ben.

Logical and Insighful   (5/5)

I consider myself a moderate and do not identify with any political party. I am open-minded and like to hear all sides, so I recently decided to give Ben’s podcast a try. I was surprised to realize I agree with many of his views on issues that have become so politicized. To me, he has the rare ability to examine these things with facts and logic.

Refreshing   (5/5)

This has become one of my favorite new podcasts! I love this guy. I am not completely conservative but find Ben Shapiro to be a refreshing voice of common sense these days. FINALLY! Idk where all the common sense has gone in the year 2020 but I can’t seem to find it anymore. He is knowledgeable, articulate, and hilarious. I love his sense of humor and find myself laughing out loud often while listening to this podcast. He is opinionated but seems to be able to see both sides of an issue. He does not come across as pompous or full of himself. Keep it up, Shapiro and thank you for a much needed refreshing political podcast!!

Thanks for the FACTS Ben!   (5/5)

This podcast is great about telling it how it is. Ben does a great job presenting facts and creating a logical argument. Very good use of time and is a great listen for anybody who cares about our country.

The leader of false claims   (1/5)

He just sounds like a very lonely child that was not hug and was always picked last. Trying to create fear and spread misinformation. So scary so many people listen to his opinions in such a crucial time.

Rich white privilege at its finest   (1/5)

Just another douche with trash opinions making money off idiots. Learn to think for yourself and not blindly follow people like this.

Facts facts facts   (5/5)

Bases all of his reasonable opinions on FACTS. Hard to find these days. Used to be a liberal...

Love!   (5/5)

A podcast which tells the truth!

How can we let big tech get away with this.   (5/5)

I’m from the now infamous State of Florida and I love listening to Ben so get some real facts about what’s going on in my state because you look around here and you’ll see things are not as bad as the media says. I want to talk about that Chris Cuomo getting owned by gym owners video. After hearing about it from Ben, I saw A couple clips of it on tic tok and then went on to YouTube to see what should be going viral. But you couldn’t find the video anywhere!!! And what first popped up we’re Chris’s stupid dance moves, and after that we’re videos of parts of the gym interview with the title gym owners use profanity on live TV. Not a single video to be found with the title Chris Cuomo gets owned by gym owners. The big tech censorship is real and is rigging the election. And everyone should be talking about this. I don’t know how they can get away with something like this!!! It’s very worrisome!!

Good info   (5/5)

Ben is no Andrew Klavan, but he does a good podcast.

Unrivaled   (5/5)

As much as we may wish that news and politics wouldn’t infiltrate every sector of life, it just so happens they do; with that said, The Ben Shapiro Show cuts through the noise and adds a much needed critical view of the daily happenings with careful attention to consistency. Outside of the overwhelming validity of the show, you’ll also get a pile of stellar book recommendations as well as the occasional, obscure reference to classic films! What’s not to love?

No   (1/5)

Biased and hypocritical.

Common sense isn’t dead after all   (5/5)

Like many, I was first introduced to Ben Shapiro on YouTube watching him debate various people with a presence and confidence that seemed uncharacteristic for his age. This peaked my curiosity enough to seek him out elsewhere which brought me to his podcast and Daily Wire videoclips. Ben is, obviously, very opinionated and strongly Conservative, which is bound to turn off some people. However, he is not blindly Conservative to the point of losing his objectivity. Instead, he is in fact very critical of all politicians and policies regardless of which side of the aisle they reside. He’s informed, and makes his opinions based on facts, relevance, morality, and good old common sense. He’s also entertaining to listen to, occasionally adding impressions of politicians, as well as little jabs and quips about the (lack of) intelligence demonstrated by those in power. I believe, regardless of which party you may identify with, that you may find some information and entertainment from this podcast, so long as you are willing to be open minded enough to listen and take the good with the bad. You won’t always agree with Ben Shapiro, but it would be a boring podcast if you did...

I’m a conservative?   (5/5)

For the last 30 years I thought I was a democrat. Then I found Ben Shapiro. If you’re a dem looking for something different give him a listen. (Don’t worry you won’t find conspiracy theories or fake news here.) What attracted me to his show was his command of the data in real time during the pandemic. He did far better than any of the other media outlets who currently rank near the top of the podcast lists. For what it’s worth Ben Shapiro is an attorney and his wife is an MD. His knowledge base is evident in his episodes. As a practicing MD myself I feel inclined to suggest the show to my colleagues and other free thinking Dems who just might be surprised to find they too are a closet conservative like I was. Come out and speak freely my friends! Don’t be shy! You won’t lose your job for listening to somebody talk. This is America after all... He also did an excellent job with social science statistics and again seemed to convey data on race and police conduct in a way that was honest and actually helpful. If you too are a Dem looking for intelligent discussion guided by American values without the pseudoscience that litters the other left wing media outlets these days then you have come to the right place. Enjoy! Dr. V. MD

The new, much worse, Rush Limbaugh   (1/5)

Anecdotal “evidence” abounds and Ben fails to answer actual questions, deflecting to other issues and non-solutions as his argument. He’ll use “citations” as a foundation and then jump to wild conclusions... it’s completely illogical.

Look somewhere else   (1/5)

I was hoping to hear an objective conservative perspective to support my arguments and instead I found name-calling and chauvinism. In my opinion name calling is used when the point one wants to make is weak or the speaker disrespectful. Chauvinism permeates the conversation. If a woman disagrees with another woman is accused of lack of sisterhood; since when brotherhood among men is a requirement? Add to this that the speed of the speaker is unnerving. Definitely look somewhere else if you seek respectful conservative opinions.

Very Factual   (5/5)

I want to start with saying that I am not a conservative. I do not agree with everything Ben says. However, he has common sense and when he speaks his mind about the issues at hand, he speaks them truthfully and accurately. Thank you, Ben, for speaking your mind truthfully and “without the leftist spin.” P.S. I tried listening to the guys you mention, I can’t do it.

Best podcast   (5/5)

States facts and understandable views on daily topics and issues with America.

Amazing and well thought out   (5/5)

Ben is incredibly intellectually consistent and expertly avoids the hypocrisy so prevalent amongst democrats and the left. Great political commentary. Open, honest and well researched. For all those negative reviewers. Just be honest with yourself. You disagree with conservative thought, so you dump negative reviews to try to hurt your ideological enemies. You are cowards.

ew   (1/5)

dumb, stupid

Great podcast   (5/5)

This is a great podcast. Ben brings factual information and news to his podcast. Ben is conservative but still more open to certain subjects compared to other popular conservatives.

Drink the kool aid or less coffee   (2/5)

Ben Shapiro needs to drink less coffee. Broad sweeping generalizations, no facts to support. No one wants to shut down New York City for years and years and years, so why do you say that?! Oh to make a point? Ben, you criticize mainstream media for being crazy reactionary and you are worse than they are...go get you news or discussion of the news somewhere else. Try the Daily Show Thumbs down!

Good show   (5/5)

Not a review but if you turn down his speed to half of the original he sounds both drunk and high at the same time it’s really funny

Great!   (3/5)

Dude, enough with the Covid

Why Democrats are pushing mail in votes   (5/5)

I don’t know if this is true, maybe you could look into this, could Pelosi become an interim president if there is no election??? So if the election is contested and it’s determined to be redone doesn’t that basically equate to no election???

An open mind will appreciate this podcast!   (5/5)

If your mind is already made up on a subject and you disagree with Ben this may be hard to listen to because he brings data and has a clear concise way of expressing it. Emotional people who makes decisions based on feelings will reject it and naturally throw a “ racist” tag at it before they schedule a therapy session.

Tells it like it is!   (5/5)

What I enjoy about Ben is that he’s not afraid to call it like it is! Will call the President out too if needed. I don’t agree 100% of the time and that’s a good thing I think. Challenges my thinking. I listen daily, and look forward to each new episode.🙂

Best pod cast   (5/5)

Thanks Ben for doing such a great job

Enlightening   (5/5)

In a world of corrupt media, it’s refreshing to witness a commentator not swayed by emotion but focused on facts and figures.

Shapiro for President!   (5/5)

He’s got my vote this November.

Dishonest argumentation   (1/5)

The host must believe that we won’t scrutinize his arguments if he shoves enough of them through in a short span of time.

Whew   (1/5)

Like the content but Ben sounds like he’s on pcp or meth. He talks so fast it just annoys the hell out of me.

Truthful news that’s educational   (5/5)

I’m a 26 year old female. As a millennial in 2020 its basically unacceptable for me to be proud to be an American and want to hear news that is based on facts. Ben Shapiro is everything my generation needs. I started listening to him 2 years ago and never looked back. It’s truthful news, hard-hitting facts, and is a podcast that will actually educate you. So so thankful for him especially in this time where the truth is so extremely unpopular!

Destroys !!!!   (5/5)

Been listening to Ben since late 2015, daily basis during the 2016 election. He is the go to for facts over feelings which is the majority of society’s go to for moral standards. Although he talks fast you get used to it, cannot get enough of Ben!!! Have most of his books including his new one. A very very important influencer in my life. Never even met the guy!!! Hopefully one day I’ll see him speak live!!!

Nicely done - Informative and explanatory   (5/5)

Ramps you up to what's going on in an hour or less.

A good exercise in humility   (3/5)

We all use logical fallacies, we’re all deeply biased, we all support data that confirms our world view and deny data that goes against it. It’s a constant battle to hold ourselves accountable and not get lazy. I’ve actually found it helpful to listen to Ben’s flawed arguments, because it does make me think a little more critically about the people I do agree with, as well as my own flawed perceptions. We all could use a little humility, now more than ever.

Ben is Legit   (5/5)

Thinker, Feeler AND Devout. Blessing on America.

Ben Shapiro Show is the best on air   (5/5)

People don’t give him enough credit for exposing the people in our society who want to destroy it. He is one of the most intelligent people on podcasts and it shows. Honestly he should run for president just saying.

Pure nazi scum baggery   (1/5)

Typical cry baby nazi ramblings

Good show even for centrists and progressives (like me)   (5/5)

Ben is extremely smart, and is consistent in his opinions and virtues. I find him hard to listen to at times because it seems like he can’t make it a single podcast without talking about anti-semitism, or someone’s false narratives against Jewish people or their faith. It’s like being at a sports/entertainment event and having the broadcasters talk about some political stuff happening in another city/state/country. Doesn’t make what he says untrue, just harder to take sometimes.

Awesome   (5/5)

Love it

Another reason to not listen   (1/5)

He uses cherry picked and biased statistics to back up outdated theories about poor people in general, and specifically minorities. The worst part is that he obviously knows what he’s doing. Horrible person. I’ll pray for him.

Sack of lies   (1/5)


1 Star Reviews   (5/5)

It's interesting to read the 1 star reviews that are pushed to the top (because apple is woke). They're filled with character attacks and name-calling. Ben is objective with a bit of bias. Though, he encourages people to listen to both sides. He does sometimes sacrifice his beliefs to be seem like a libertarian running for office.🤷🏼‍♂️

Liberal or conservative, you need to listen to this   (5/5)

Ben gives no-nonsense commentary on the most recent daily events.

How does Ben not see it?   (4/5)

Why doesn’t Ben see the power of Trumps Twitter! I know Ben doesn’t like The President, but for such a smart person, I think Ben is missing the point. Twitter is Trumps direct line to the public. Yes, the President could be better with how he writes, but it is still so important for him to be able to say something and it not be filtered through the media. Ben I wish you would open your mind a little bit more to Trump. It’s almost like you aren’t understanding all the people that voted for Trump.

Amazing   (5/5)

Such a gifted individual with a great team who brings you the news on a need to know level. So grateful and always so educated by these podcast. Thank you for upholding the truth and not lowering the BARR.

Great Podcast!   (5/5)

Ben Shapiro is really enjoyable to listen to, I have a lawn mowing business, and I listen to this while I work! It’s really disappointing how the media has gotten so political these days.

Every American Should Listen to Ben!   (5/5)

I’ve never been one to care too much about politics, but with the current situation in America, I feel it’s more needed than ever before. I’ve been listening to Ben everyday for the last few months, and I love his insights on current events. He is a voice of reason and not afraid to call it how it is. Definitely recommend to all my friends and family!

🤯   (4/5)

Nothing beats making up your own facts. The facts I get through the prism of this magical little person serve my ignorant purposes. This podcast speaks to that ignorance and my lack of morals and shame. We own the libs with each outlandish and ignorant fact we spew.

Don’t listen to this if you want everything sugar coated   (5/5)

Ben tells it like it really is. So if you’d rather keep the wool over your eyes don’t listen to this podcast because you’ll actually learn something

Ben Shapiro takes a unique, analytical approach   (5/5)

Ben Shapiro takes a unique, analytical approach as he makes candid observations and analyzes political trends in an independent manner. While I don’t agree with all of his conclusions his emphasis on the liberties reaped by western capitalist democracy is solidly grounded and delivers the balance that we need as he takes an independent, analytical approach to each issue while propagating humor as well to deliver his points. We need more voices like Ben Shapiro.

Smart Funny Fair Factual   (5/5)

Ben is smart, funny, fair, and factual. Love the Sunday Specials, especially when it’s someone who doesn’t have the same view. So fun to hear real conversations again! Refreshing in today’s cancel culture. Keep it up!

I Can’t Watch The News Anymore   (5/5)

Finally got so fed up with every news channel and outlet that I searched through podcasts and came across this show. So good! He’s not afraid to call out Trump when needed and presents ACTUAL FACTS. I clapped when he pointed out the extremely high COVID death rates in NY and NJ compared to those “bad” states that are having “major spikes”. Please. Thanks for the facts!

Great podcast   (5/5)

My husband and I look forward to listening to this podcast daily. He not only gives you both sides of what is going on, but brings a fun personality to the conversation!

More BS   (1/5)

Conspiracy theories and out right lies more of the same there’s nothing fact based here

Ben Shapiro.   (5/5)

Wow! Tremendous for outreach of Truth, especially to younger Americans. I’m a real fan.

Excellent   (5/5)


Awesome   (5/5)

Mr. Shapiro you do a great job! Keep it up!

Growing on me   (5/5)

I have attempted to listen to Ben in the past via FB videos. As a southerner, I had a hard time with his rapid speech and accent. Recently , my husband drove over an hour away to try to buy Ben’s new book, but didn’t find it. ( you can send him an autographed copy if you want to 😀.) My husband quotes Ben often & says I need to listen. SO, this week while on staycation, I decided to give Ben’s Podcast another try. I am hooked! I’ve been getting up early and walking in my neighborhood. I can now keep up with his fast paced talking & I love his insight and especially his humor in reporting all things ridiculous. I have even found myself walking farther than I planned just to be able to finish the episode. I’m listening to previous episodes during the day & trying to get caught up. But I have to go back to work next week. 😐. Thank you for a fabulous podcast. I’m sorry I didn’t stick with you earlier.

Great show   (5/5)

Worth it !!

If you enjoy being a racist, this is your podcast   (1/5)

Oh look! Another fragile white supremacist! Shocking 😑 racist garbage

Slow down dude   (3/5)

He talks so fast and it’s hard to get used to. I feel like I’m listening to his podcast at 1.5 or 2x speed. Just slow down dude.

I tried   (1/5)

I have left leaning views but I didn’t want to only get my info from left wing media so I listened to Mr. Shapiro. He taught me that even some of the less extreme people on the right are terrible! His personality is that of a know it all. He talks fast to try to look smart. I had to slow down the audio And that showed me that his arguments were pathetic. He is a racist and a cry baby. If you want information stick to NPR this guy gives you garbage.

Antidote   (5/5)

Wonderful and highly efficacious antidote to the one-sided narratives espoused by CNN, MSNBC, the NYT, and the Washington Post.

Direct, Data driven perspective, intelligent and funny   (5/5)


Not a conservative   (1/5)

Neocon shill

The dumbing of America   (1/5)

Garbage opinions designed to fill his bank account. There are a shocking number of imbeciles in this country!

Reporting based on facts   (5/5)

Enjoyable because he uses facts to formulate his opinions and to bring issues/concerns to light. Whether you agree with him or not, it’s a breath of fresh air to listen to someone speak objectively about matter-of-fact issues.

Brilliant   (5/5)

I love Ben’s podcasts. They always get me laughing the covid19/protesting comparison was hilariously true example of hypocrisy. And his recall of Bill Barr testimony to Congress was so spot on and hilariously brilliant.

Free Speech   (5/5)

Is an increasingly rare and wonderful thing. Long live the Ben Shapiro show.

Ben is good at making you think he’s smart   (1/5)

But then you google pretty much any line he says and it turns out he’s either misrepresenting his data or flat out lying. Also, facts don’t care about your feelings, Ben honey! Your religious beliefs count as feelings 🤷🏻‍♀️

Facts don’t care about your feelings   (5/5)

If you are looking for an honest opinion and interpretation of facts you need to listen to this man.

Best show   (5/5)

I love reading the negative comments on this podcast, especially within the past 24 hours because it just goes to show the cancel culture of the left. His ratings went from five stars down to 4.5 because these people want others who voice their own opinions/research to be silenced. Keep on Mr. Shapiro. And in addition, like he said in previous episodes, “celebrities and people who have a popular platform, don’t read the comments”. I’m sure he isn’t reading the negative comments like you guys think he is.

Palestinians are not an evil people   (5/5)

Good on most things, but bad on Israeli-Palestine conflict

Interesting perspectives   (5/5)

I enjoy the show, Ben offers unique perspectives. He has the ability to connect the dots much more clearly than most.

Lol   (1/5)

If Ben Shapiro is your go-to for any political or historical insight, I suggest you stop and start reading up on books with non bias political/historical insight.

Excellent show 👌🏼   (5/5)

It’s good

Great on most   (3/5)

Ben, I think you’re great on most issues. But the news you choose to present on the Chinese virus is very one sided. There are many professionals out there (e.g. data analysts and epidemiologists) that have very convincing arguments, backed by hard data, on this virus and how we are treating it. These counter narratives are also not weird, fringe, Alex Jones type material. I don’t doubt the existence of the virus or that it has killed people, but the majority of the news highlighted on it seems very overblown. I love you, Ben. But I disagree on your single focus on what you report about this virus. Still a fan. God bless.

White Supremacist   (1/5)

Ben Shapiro is a white supremacist. He is also an idiot.

Love it   (5/5)

Took me 3 episodes to buy the book, fantastical informative podcast that focuses on facts. Keep it up Mr Shapiro!

Looking for alt right news   (1/5)

Omg this guys voice!! How can anyone listen to this everyday? I’m less than 5 mins in and I thought maybe I accidentally hit the speed up button.. nope.. also his logic is non-sensical and completely ad hominem and very slippery... looking for another source

Hot Garbage Dumpster Fire   (1/5)

This man lacks, what most would consider, the barest grasp of the English language that his line of work necessitates. Ben wants for the perspicacity of someone whom has actually dealt with a mere pittance of life experience. His novel is a mixture of outright bigotry, naivety, and pandering. It displays the type of speech that one hopes is just ignorance, but given the platform and reach that you have been afforded, it comes across as detestable. Ben Shapiro, you project a brand of rhetoric into the echo chamber, that is dangerous and divisive. The world is currently in need of less ways for humanity to divide, disagree, argue, prove a point, and suffer. Yet all I see is you profiting from pain. Will you ever grow a conscience? Will you ever open your eyes to what really matters? Will you ever learn to respect your fellow human? Doubtful You are a mendacious knave! Good luck with your soul!

Ben Shapiro is nuts   (1/5)

Got about 5 minutes into the first podcast of the show and was immediately presented the ridiculous idea that Democrats try to ruin the Liberal cities with preposterous tax rates and that’s why people shouldn’t blame Joe Rogan for leaving LA. He said something along the lines of “Democrats make their cities unlivable and then blame people for leaving”. He also went on a rant on how LA was creating “brown new jobs” because they are putting porta potties under all overpasses. Well, fact checked that and unsurprisingly it was false. I have to give him credit though, if you want a right wing man to have a tantrum about everything Democrats do while simultaneously “sounding” smart while he spits rapid fire information about the biased Wikipedia page he read, this is the podcast for you. I’m 14 years old, and I could do a better job of providing actual facts.

Awesome!   (5/5)

A prolific voice in a time of stupidity. Keep speaking the truth freely, loudly and boldly.

Solid show   (5/5)

Ben always brings it and is never afraid to call out Republicans. That’s what real (objective) journalism is all about. Side note the 7-26-20 podcast has some really distracting background noise the first 15 minutes. It’s not necessary and a little distracting.

Great   (5/5)

Ben should run for prez

Misogynistic and condescending   (1/5)

Vile man has a platform to spew hatred and uses straw man arguments

Thanks for the hope!   (5/5)

I've been listening at least once a week for years now, and so it's about time I gave you a review. I've been listening long enough to tell you that Ben is not arrogant and is not a racist (really?), etc...the one star folks can't see past their own bias and your complaint is commercials, just wow. Thank you, Ben for continuing to be a voice of reason and values this great country is founded on to give us hope for its future, now more than ever. It looks pretty bleak right now but listening to you reminds me that there are others who feel the same way who are willing to sacrifice for an imperfect but the best country in history. Bless you and your family.

Superb   (5/5)

Great, interesting and informative! Love Ben Shapiro

Love Ben   (5/5)

Been Shapiro has a no non-sense approach to politics! Highly recommend!

A must listen for any objective thinker   (5/5)

Ben has become a staple listen to my library of podcasts. His wife is a doctor. He is always the first thing I listen to on my commute and has pushed me to think outside the box and not follow just what is popular in our culture. Also, his wife is a doctor. Can never get enough Ben. Did you know his wife is a doctor?!

Amazing super smart   (5/5)

Ben is the smartest person overall alive today I believe talk so precise quick and facts to back him up I could listen to him talk and explain things all day

The truth about America   (5/5)

Great episode- in lieu of the usual Sunday interview special- this particular style of an interview mash up is really fun and pays homage to previous great and relevant guests. Kudos.

Talks too fast   (2/5)

I like the content but can’t take the delivery

Always a good listen   (5/5)

The Ben Shapiro Show is definitely one of my favorite political podcast shows. I don’t always agree with all his viewpoints but it’s good to hear other outlooks on issues. Absolutely worth a listen!

King of using Strawmans   (1/5)

Ben’s strawman argumentative tactics are ridiculously biased. He uses big words to sound intelligent but most of the time misrepresents his opposition’s argument and makes false claims.

America’s tiniest racist   (1/5)

America’s tiniest racist

BEST EVER   (5/5)

Bens smart and rational insights on everything make me feel that I am getting the upmost truth on what’s going on. He is not biased for his party he calls out trump when needed.

Great podcast   (5/5)


padding the stats   (4/5)

maybe some normal, intelligent, progressive independents don’t want to come on, and be associated...but could you try a little harder so i don’t feel like all i get is trump supporting republicans. i know and love that your all for discourse with all different views...but I’m not seeing it reflected in guests at all. also, feel like you’re such an intelligent guy it’s so disappointing that you’re not disgusted or outraged at some of trumps behavior..or maybe there are “reasons” you won’t express it publicly. Anyway, enjoy listening but feel somehow disheartened.

Very epic   (5/5)

Super epic and based Ben Shapiro

The only healing perspective   (5/5)

Our nation will be healed on the day when each person living in these United States makes a decision to self evaluate his or her own part in the problem and in the solution. Love heals. Hate destroys, both self and relationships with others. Looking to government to heal this Nation is a futile hope. It is the responsibility of each and every individual to personally be an instrument of change.

My daily listen for current events   (5/5)

I have always enjoyed Bens intelligent perspective. He’s kinda square and a bit of a bootlicker but my favorite listen for news.

Keep up the great work Ben   (5/5)

Ben calls it like he sees it and explains his reasoning to deep and complex situations easy enough for a 5th grader to understand. Keep up the great work Ben

Great Podcast   (5/5)

Keep up the good work!

Hypocritical   (1/5)

I am right winged and I find that his podcasts are Very bias. The “facts” that he states aren’t in its entirety and misses key points to make what he is saying sound true. 🇺🇸

me   (5/5)

Love thug life

Ben Shapiro   (5/5)

The Daily Wire is about facts versus fiction! Ben Shapiro is a brilliant young man that does a phenomenal job telling it like it is, and actually provides evidence based reporting! The Daily Wire has become my go to keep up on what is happening in this Country, the true story! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸❤️❤️❤️🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 Jean M

Favorite News and Politics Podcast!   (5/5)

Straight facts and nothing else! I started listening to Ben’s show every day and I have to say, I never thought I would agree as much with Libertarian views as I do. I’m also a Christian, so it’s great to listen to someone who takes God’s word into account. I highly recommend this show.

National Anthem of Liberals   (5/5)

National Anthem Of Liberals If tomorrow all things were gone I’d worked for all my life And I had to start again with just my feelings and my pride I’d deny my god above to exist here today Cause the flag still stands for racism And they cant take that away And I hate to be an American Where i can say I’m free And I will forget the men who died and gave that right to me And I’ll proudly kneel down next to you, and dishonor them today Cause there ain’t no doubt I hate this land Cause it stands for bigotry From the lakes of Minnesota To the hills of Tennessee Across the plains of Texas From sea to shining sea From Detroit down to Houston From New York to LA There’s racism in every American heart So it’s time we kneel and say I hate to be an American Even though the Slaves are free And I will destroy the men who died to abolish slavery So I’ll gladly protest next to you And destroy some shops today Cause there ain’t no doubt I hate this land I hate the U.S.A I hate being an American Where i can say I’m free And I will forget the men who died and gave that right to me Now I’ll gladly kneel down, next to you And destroy some statues today Cause there ain’t no doubt I hate this land Why am I in the USA Parody of God Bless The USA

The fairest conservative   (5/5)

Very fair and keeps it real on the presidents moves-Calls him out when he says or does something ridiculous. He gives credit to democrats when other commentators won’t, which is what I like above everything else. Kudos to Swheatie, for giving a negative review that is actually backed up by examples from the show. I still think it was a ridiculous review, but kudos for that. All other leftist haters giving reviews on here are pretty clearly just filled with hate and can’t offer a single example of all of the so called countless lies Ben tells🤔

Absolutely Disgusting   (1/5)

He is misogynist and an absolutely disgusting person. Do not waste you precious time on such a piece of trash. If I could I’d give it 0 stars I absolutely would in a heartbeat.

Angie Miceli   (5/5)

Can’t improve on perfection,keep on keeping on.

Ben   (5/5)

I appreciate your perspective and honesty

David Shapiro   (1/5)

Shapiro is just another one of those blow hard nut balls. No thanks! There’s already enough poison in the world.

Trump 2020   (5/5)

Straight facts!

Yeah, not for me   (1/5)

I tried after being told that Shapiro’s show is the best way to get a view at the right. Yeah, I’m gonna have to pass on this show. Smug and shrill.

5 stars favorite podcast!   (5/5)

New listener and let me say wow this podcast has me staying engaged and wanting to know more! Thank you!!

Hypocrite   (1/5)

Facts don’t care about your feelings? Well that goes both ways doesn’t it? Especially when your facts are false and your negative feelings are through the roof

Wow   (5/5)

This man is so on point. I can’t wait to listen to the next episode each day.

Lefts Be Angry   (5/5)

Love You Shapiro ✨

Deceptive bootlicking   (1/5)

Here's the deal with this show. It usually starts out with very factual information that gradually degrades into biased fox news opinion. That appears to be the formula, and it obviously works, in a pseudo intellectual manner that appeals to more educated conservatives, but also Shapiro does not neglect to pander to the fear mongering, paint everyone with a different political slant as the "villain" crowd. Deceptive and quite cunning, but in the end transparent and vapid.

One Star Wokesters   (5/5)

Most any of the critiques about the content of this show can quickly be dispelled after listening for only a few minutes. You will soon realize how vacant your arguments have been. Challenge that pride you have of exhibiting a superior amount of empathy, by engaging your mind and applying reason to better understand the world around you.

Phenomenal and thoughtful   (5/5)

Absolutely phenomenal and thoughtful insights into current events. Ben Shapiro is a conservative thought leader. Honestly, this podcast is a must listen for any conservative looking for conservative news and commentary. Actually, this podcast is even useful for moderates or classical liberals who are looking to broaden their horizons or listen to a different point of view.

Food for thought   (1/5)

How can you whine this hard and not realize that you’re the snowflake?

Boring   (1/5)

Left bad. Right good. There you go no need to listen now.

Sick of the Lies   (1/5)


Unfortunate   (2/5)

I’d watched B Shapiro in debates on YouTube and was impressed by the clarity of his arguments, and push back against political correctness. Unfortunately, upon taking a deeper dive into his work (this show), most of the time he’s a right-wing hack, as much a lunatic and ideologue as those I enjoyed watching him take down in debates. He admits to being biased, so at least he’s honest going in. I was looking for someone with more objective intellectual rigor.

Honestly   (5/5)

Ben honestly believes America is a fantastic country that has done so much to improve the quality of life for, well for the entire would really. And he thoughtfully and tirelessly backs that opinion up with facts. He never talks down to his audience. So if you have a brain and If you can handle the truth, tune in.

Smart, but commercialized   (3/5)

I was looking forward to listening altering hearing him on joe rogan. But I didn’t realize he was going to shill so many commercials throughout the podcast. No thanks.

Honest source of info   (5/5)

Ben will give you the current events as they are and offer his take on them from his perspective. He seems open and honest about the issues and getting to a solution rather than simply stirring the pot for the sake of viewership.

Slow down   (1/5)

Can you slow down when you talk?

Garbage monster of a human   (1/5)

Incredibly bias and skews his facts in a misleading way to fit his argument. Rather than listening to this ridiculous talking head, I would prefer to hit myself in the head over and over with a hammer while jumping into a pool of bees. There are MUCH better outlets and sources to get information than clown show Benny shaps.

Willful Ignorance   (1/5)

Ben must be exposed to more points of view than most people, given his work, yet he clings to a myopic, neglectful, ignorant view of “freedom” and shamelessly bashes others who try to break the status quo for legitimate reasons. He acts like a scared, angry man, and incites hatred while disavowing hatred. Terrible, hypocritical, and maybe more harmful to listen to than Fox News. Please stay away.

Ben is awesome   (5/5)


Why is this loser obsessed with AOC   (1/5)


Too young to be so biased   (1/5)

Sometimes on point, but not usually... very full of himself

Good stuff   (5/5)

Ben thanks for telling the truth America needs to hear it

Huge bias.   (1/5)

There is no middle ground here. Huge bias and bashing of “others”. If you want a balanced view on any topic or if you value reasoned compromise go elsewhere.

Daily dose of truth is always refreshing!!   (5/5)

Listen everyday so I can get the whole story that the mainstream news won’t deliver

Ellkay87   (5/5)

Every American needs to listen to Ben.

Honest and Straightforward   (5/5)

Ben’s show is such an honest and straightforward outlook on the goings on of our country/world. The show is produced at a very high level and i never have to worry if the information or facts he’s putting out there are true and factual. I listen every day at lunch and tell everyone i know who listens to podcasts to follow his show. Keep up the great work Ben and thank you for what you do!

The great Ben Shapiro!!   (5/5)

Always love listening to Ben!! He is unbiased and only cares about the facts!! He had complete common sense and gives the facts he “shows me the numbers” great podcast!!

Too many commercials   (1/5)

There are far too many commercials interspersed in the show.

Thoughtful and Intelligent Insight   (5/5)

Ben’s podcast offers thoughtful and intelligent insight into today’s world and politics. Not only is Ben’s straightforward approach helpful, but he is funny and enjoyable to listen to! If you want to stay informed and learn to think critically about the issues, Ben Shapiro’s podcast is for you!

Great Open Minded Thinking   (5/5)

Speaking the truth is difficult and most people don’t want to be open minded enough to hear it. This show opens your mind to a conservative way of thinking without being the Alt-Right. Great show and definitely worth the time!

Facts   (5/5)

This guys spits only facts

Do you want to REALLY understand the news and culture today? Listen to Ben's podcast!   (5/5)

With all the gobbledygook that passes for today's political speech this podcast clarifies it for you and is easy to understand. I find this podcast quite addictive. Ben's discussion of current events is clear and easily understood - the sign of an intelligent and wise mind in my life's experience. I also enjoy his delivery style which is humorous at times and witty all the time. I believe that he honestly weighs various sides of an argument. He invites guests to the Sunday specials from all sides of an issue - even those with whom he may disagree, and treats them with friendship and respect. Don't let those "Ben Shapiro destroys… " video clips titles you see on YouTube fool you! Shapiro always treats those he is debating with due respect (as long as he perceives that they are being fair and respectful to him). And even when he is under fire, I am amazed at how cool and rational he usually is. This is definitely one podcast that I easily feel comfortable recommending to all my friends and acquaintances.

This guy’s amazing!   (5/5)

Great guy,fast talker

Don’t waste your time.   (1/5)

Liberals are bad, bad, bad very bad evil Not nice bad bad super bad. There. That’s his whole show.

Best place for reliable statistics!   (5/5)

Awesome show!

An0maly   (5/5)

Please speak with An0maly !

Conservatism   (5/5)

A true conservative thought while creating leftist tears.

Thoughtful   (5/5)

Ben is thoughtful, funny and incredibly smart. Ben presents the daily headlines with his unique, honest voice. His opinions are his own and he presents them with facts and knowledge. I always learn something when I listen and think Ben is the most important conservative voice in the world today.

Articulate, logical, passionate   (5/5)

Ben is a unique voice in today’s world. He is passionate about his love of faith, family and freedom. He is also logical in his arguments based on a depth of knowledge. He is articulate and entertaining. This 62 year old grandma doesn’t miss an episode!

moron   (1/5)

what an idiot. is there anything of substance?

If feelings aren’t facts, that includes yours   (1/5)

We don’t “feel” Trump is racist, Ben. We have a lot of evidence to support the notion. So tired of conservatives saying liberals are only guided by feeling yet they turn around and act like what’s being exhibited directly in front of them isn’t happening.

New to the show   (5/5)

I just discovered this podcast and I really enjoy Ben’s thorough examination of issues backed with facts and statistics. He is honest about his bias which is refreshing, and he’s quick but easy to follow. I’ve been doing a lot of research about current issues and topics surrounding the divide that is happening in the country, and the information he provides lays the groundwork for some of my research so that I am able to have a more balanced understanding of the world and our country.

Well rounded republican podcast   (5/5)

He lays out the truth without any hogwash!

Simply the best   (5/5)

The best podcast in the world

The Unbearable Whiteness   (5/5)

Thank God for a voice of reason.


This dude is just another man unwilling to RE-EDUCATE himself about the history of our country because he's afraid to admit there might be some things he still has to learn and might not understand yet. His episode on whiteness is all based on his FEELINGS and he has done no real work to understand how systemic racism and whiteness have functioned throughout history.

AOC feet pics please   (1/5)

say for the sake of argument that AOC sent me feet pics, then you would agree with me when I say that those feet pics would make me very happy, which would bring us to the logical conclusion that my happiness is tied to your feet pics - Ben Shabiro 2020

Good   (5/5)

Great show we listen to it everyday at my shop

Among the least dishonest conservative pundits   (2/5)

[Updated after two years of daily listening, below original review] I listen to this show every day, but not because I admire Ben Shapiro. Mr. Shapiro will spend unlimited amounts of airtime explaining how “the left has lost their minds”, first generalizing a position to encompass all of “the left”, then parsing words and providing false equivalences until he sufficiently minimizes the dangers facing the country, or defends Donald Trump’s incompetence. ...Contrariwise, the most heinous of the “the right”’s statements and positions are passed off as “ill-conceived” or “just hilarious” — no examination required. He loves to toss off statements that are factually true, but wholly misleading: “A lot of Democrats believe that Trump is a racist” (as do a lot of people, but at least the Democrats don’t admire him for it). “It was the southern Democrats who stood against Martin Luther King” (sure, the southern racist conservative Democrats who are now Republicans). While I admire his invocation of the “other shoe” test, I find that any thoughtful even-handedness is abandoned anytime the subject of Israel (or abortion) comes up. Apparently his religious orthodoxy (in itself a reason to question his intelligence) requires him to defend any and all horrible acts perpetrated by the Israelis and to blame their adversaries for lives lost and damage done. That aspect of his punditry is nothing less than despicable. He does actually have a sense of humor, though his self-generated humor is (par for the conservative course) both mean-spirited and infantile. Pud-ding cups, anyone? Apparently no one ever tires of that one. And he pronounces "aw-thority" and "prah-clivities" like a complete tool. ---------------------------------- Update, July 18, 2020 Jesus, this guy. I’ve been listening to Ben Shapiro daily for over two years now, and his arguments just don’t get any better. There should be a small picture of him on the Wikipedia page for “apologist”. If Mr. Shapiro chose to defend Sideshow Bob stepping on a rake the way he defends Donald Trump, we’d get a five-minute-long exposition asking, “Do you have. any. idea. how much damage would be done to the human foot if, instead of allowing the rake TO SWING UP INTO HIS FACE like any sensible person would, he instead stepped ON THE TINES and had them driven THROUGH HIS FOOT?! I certainly know what I’d prefer. Listen, I’ve had cuts on my feet before, and I can tell you they’re no fun, so let’s just stop all this dumb talk about it being a stupid move, okay? The Democrats are clearly avoiding the real issue here, which is how much Bart Simpson really needs to be taught a lesson.” Donald Trump gets the benefit of every doubt, with Ben delivering long-winded explanations of “what Trump is really saying here is...”, spinning Trump’s idiotic statements into deep-seated concerns about the American people. Meanwhile, Democrats’ statements get the “essentially” treatment (“But what she’s essentially saying is...”), so he can spin strawmen out of gold. Either that, or he dismisses Democrats’ policy recommendations with, “But she’s just lying here”. Mr. Shapiro presents himself as this clear-thinking data-driven interpreter of facts… and yet, somehow, miraculously, his meticulously-crafted arguments are almost always in concert with the day’s Republican-issued talking points. One particularly galling example of his disingenuousness is how he repeatedly claims that the ONLY reason we shut down the economy for COVID-19 was to “flatten the curve” to keep from overloading the ICU beds. He conveniently ignores the other reason: to buy us time for the government to put in place testing and contact-tracing systems, to position us for successfully reopening the economy and sending kids to school. Trump has failed so miserably on this second part that I guess it’s good Ben has no recollection of it. If a beleaguered subgroup makes a tiny incremental step in the direction of reducing some long-suffered injustice, that’ll likely earn from Ben a “Slow clap. Slo-o-ow clap, everybody — that’s it, RACISM IS OVER!” On the other hand, if anyone dares to suggest a big change, like eliminating the arcane and inexplicable system of tying health care to employment, they’re accused of "Changing the fundamental contract between the government and the American people", or "Marching us toward the end of America as we know it", or whatever. So, in summary, small changes are to be mocked, big changes will be condemned, so don’t bother trying to do anything to change America for the better. He’ll easily spend ten minutes traveling down a long, nuanced road about how a police officer kneeling on a black man’s neck until he is dead can’t be called racist (“Let’s wait for all the evidence, folks”), but all it takes is a soft breeze (or maybe someone suggesting Israel should consider not bombing children or something) for him to pull out his patented “raging anti-Semite” label forevermore. “Anti-Semite” is his go-to shorthand for easily a dozen people he regularly references. It always amuses me when he’s off on a diatribe and uses some fancy two-dollar word which, admittedly, is often exactly the best word to use. But a second later he remembers how dim-witted his average listener is and quickly repeats himself using a dumbed-down, "non-elitest" phrasing. I’m sure the producer whispering in his ear probably has a short "safe word" to tell him to dumb it down, stat! And finally, his ridiculous pronunciations of SOME words just have to make you question his intelligence — “emeritus” comes out as “ehmur-EYE-tus”, "intravenous" is “in-TRAH-vinous”. His dedication to pronouncing the “n” in “damned” is, I guess, admirable? Honestly, it makes me wish for him to do a commentary about swords in Connecticut to hear how he says those words.

Relevant and smart!   (5/5)

One of the few podcasts out there that talk about the relevant news and gives honest and intelligent takes on it.

Facts don’t care about your feelings   (5/5)

Great show! I have been a listener for about a year now and it’s basically the place where I get my news. I am a daily wire member and highly recommend this show!

Ben says it best   (5/5)

I absolutely love listening to Ben Shapiro! He articulates, investigates and conveys his point so very well. I enjoy his blunt use of the adjective: stupid and he is a necessary voice in this day and age. Thank you Ben for your bravery to be a voice of reason, logic and objection.

Absolutely amazing   (5/5)

Ben Shapiro is truly a voice of clarity during these times of uncertainty and I could not recommend this podcast enough.

Great show   (5/5)

My favorite daily ritual.

LOVE   (5/5)

Terrific podcast.

Fantastic   (5/5)

Shapiro is the only reason I haven’t gone crazy in today’s political climate. One of the few voices of truth and logic remaining

I don’t always agree...   (5/5)

But Ben is ALWAYS fair. He doesn’t love Trump as much as I do- I listen for perspective and honesty. Always a great listen. 🇺🇸👍🏼

No Spin   (5/5)

Just simple podcasts saying what most likely of what most Americans believe. Also a good check in on confusing subjects.

Self hate   (1/5)

Ben Shapiro must really hate himself.

Does he report news anymore??   (3/5)

Ben is well spoken and quick at articulating his world view, and in some ways has helped me better appreciate the need for some conservative values to be held center stage in America. I even appreciate his sarcasm and sense of humor. But man is he increasingly becoming polarizing and getting easy points by cherry picking the whackiest, most leftist views and extrapolating them to define anyone who won’t vote for Trump this year. If he truly viewed himself as a libertarian I feel he would do more to promote third party views instead of cashing in from validating the right. His tirade on the left during Covid has been nauseatingly predictable and hypocritical- let’s be honest no one knows what to do now and divisive rhetoric is the last thing we need. Used to listen almost every day but now maybe 2 times a week; he used to be a foil for the left point of view on news events but is now going beyond that and targeting culture wars and grievances.

Escalation Management   (5/5)

Ben- just gave a 5 star review- however I wish you would explore why we had 2016 election investigations into Russian meddling through bot farms, social media influence, cyber, and social influence, yet there there is no uproar or investigations on Chinese or Russian influence through the same methods of fueling the fire on social unrest or Covid- Why are we ignoring the re-education camps in Gina, free Hong Kong, Donbas- we need to be aware of the dumpster fire influence!

Shapiro is Amazing!   (5/5)


5/5   (5/5)

Well... if you don't like this show you are probably just a loser.

KS in MI   (5/5)

I never miss a day! Informative, honest and brilliant!

Great perspective and common sense   (5/5)

I’m registered Independent and I love Ben’s podcast. I don’t agree with everything at all times but that’s really the point. It’s hard to find any news today without major bias but Ben does it as well as anyone in my opinion.

Awesome!!   (5/5)

Brings truth to politics in a hilarious and entertaining way!

The Ben Shapiro Show   (5/5)

Great show that can criticize both sides. Is that too much to ask from a news outlet?!

Okay, this is epic   (5/5)

Okay, this is epic

Thank God for this Show & the Listeners!   (5/5)

So grateful somebody out here still believes in a facts & reality. Before discovering this podcast I felt like Oliver on Green Acres (the only sane man in a world full of absolute nuts). Shapiro says what he means, speaks his mind and means what he says. Knowing that his show is as popular as it is gives me comfort and allows me to sleep at night.

The Truth!   (5/5)

Great Show! Very informative, and highly recommended.

Awesome podcast   (5/5)

Great insight on today’s issues.

Awesome!!!!!   (5/5)

Very informative and amazing guy. 5 stars all the way!

A Toehold for Uncommon Thought and Common Sense   (5/5)

The Sunday Special with the best of the Intellectual Darkweb was superb.

Best source for facts.   (5/5)


Listen daily   (5/5)

One of the best podcasts out there. I listen daily. Nice to hear the truth.

Terrific show   (5/5)

This is a wonderful show. After your brain catches up with how fast Ben talks, you can understand his points. He is a powerful speaker and he highlights important issues. One of the few honest broadcasters.

Tucker Carlson Jr   (1/5)

We already have a Tucker. Find a new gimmick. I almost thought I would be enlightened about the right... nope. Same crap.

Pretty Jewish for a Nazi   (5/5)

I love how we, the conservatives, are the NAZIS! But the dems are the anti-semites. hmmm

Facts not Feelings   (5/5)

This show changed my life.

Awesome Show   (5/5)

I like this show... I give it 5 stars

Great point you dont hear in the media   (5/5)

Good to hear someone talking about the point we all are too afraid to bring up at the dinner table.

Good podcast   (5/5)

Well informed truth teller Ben Shapiro does an outstanding job with keeping politics entertaining for me.

Unbiased Journalism With a Healthy Dose of Common Sense!   (5/5)

Do we even remember what it was like to tune into the news and hear someone give you an honest rundown of what happened in our world that day? We knew it wasn’t their opinion, it was given to us as it actually was. It was a report of the events that took place in our world, not a platform with hidden agendas to convince us one side was better than the other. Ben Shapiro hasn’t forgotten what common sense is or how to report the things we might need to know or want to know! So happy to have found this podcast!

Great podcast. Very informative.   (5/5)

I’ve learned so much with this podcast. Well put. Balanced

Entertaining, but less and less productive   (3/5)

I love cranking up the Ben Shapiro Show and listening to him own some cherry-picked libs, but it gets old and is increasingly unproductive. These days so many Americans define themselves politically as the opposite of a cartoon version of something. Ben reinforces this with the format and content of his show. I would rather hear actual policy suggestions.

Love this Show   (5/5)

With all of the false media these days it’s hard to know what is true. I like tuning in to Ben’s show because he sticks to the facts. He admits when both the left and right are in the wrong and calls the government, public and media out on their BS. Absolutely love this show.

The best news outlet!!   (5/5)

The daily wire is the best news outlet out there! I get most of my news and information from them! Consider subscribing if you want to hear truth!

Huge fan but having a hard time enjoying podcast   (3/5)

I’m a huge fan but this last year I have to stay Ben has blinders on

THE BEST   (5/5)

He’s incredibly intelligent, witty, and unapologetically real. A true voice of reason in this crazy world. I feel grateful to listen each day!

Great Show   (5/5)

Ben in 2024. He’s got my vote !

Bad   (1/5)

How can he sleep at night with all the lies he tells in every episode. I am out of here.

just so good   (5/5)

i just love it!

I listen every day   (5/5)

Ben Shapiro is articulate, funny, and wildly intelligent. I honestly think this is the best news commentary out there today.

Ben lives in different world   (1/5)

I have tried several times to consistently listen, what I hear is a lot of whinnying. Poor us,the far-right elite.

Hmph.   (1/5)

Shapiro is a very intelligent critic of the progressive movement, meaning he knows exactly what he’s doing. I don’t agree with him on pretty much anything, but he tends to keep the facts straight- most of the time. When assessing situations he tends to bend things his way, focus on one part of a statement, or rely on assumed biases in his audience. Watch out for misinformation! Check other sources!

Conservative but fair   (5/5)

Fast talking but hard hitting facts. FYI when I open the podcast app. No where and I mean NO WHERE can I find your podcast in any chart, any front page, ANYWHERE, unless I directly search for this title. Weird right.....

Great Content   (5/5)

Ben Shapiro shares and analyzed the news from a conservative point of view, but he works really hard to address his “bias” and to try and call everything out fairly. As he puts it, he calls “balls and strikes”. I really enjoy the show, and it’s clean so I can listen to it with my children around.

LOVE IT   (5/5)

Almost nothing but logic on this show and what little is illogical is supported by evidence and promotes the truth.

Truth   (5/5)

Dry, humorous, educated, and fast-paced truth.

Bens the king   (5/5)

He’s the best. Facts, facts and more Facts!

Reasoning, facts, fairness   (5/5)

This is one of the only intellectually honest news sources out there. Thank you for providing this and keep up the great content!

The absolute best   (5/5)

He is everything I am not, and everything I am. He’s the total package.

I LOVE this guy!!   (1/5)

What a phenomenal man. It takes a lot of balls to spread a false, racist, and ridiculous agenda. Some day I hope to have the same motivation to make money off of lying to people and spreading hate. For that I commend him.

Informative   (5/5)

I wish more people would listen to this show.

Not For Me   (1/5)

I find a lot of his commentary to he completely unfair, I find him at times to have double standards, and he’s so condescending. Sometimes he has given “facts and data” on a subject(like COVID) only to be severely undermined by someone else who knows more about the subject. He hardly ever calls out conservatives for much of anything, mainly giving them a pass while he nit picks and over analyzes liberals or moderates.....or basically anyone he doesn’t agree with. I’ve seen him evicerate debate opponents, when using clear logic, facts and reasoning, but also melt and disintegrate whenever being challenged on some uncomfortable and touchy subjects.....which is hypocritical to his shtick against liberal snowflakes. Now to be fair to him, whenever he uses straight analysis and facts that I know to be true, and provides a different point of view that I may not have previously considered, he does well. He has changed my mind on issues like foreign policy, for example, but he often veers into just being a mic dropper instead of properly contributing to the public debate. And that’s my feedback.

Commercial break.   (3/5)

Dude I love your broadcasts but please do all your commercials at the beginning of the show. It is very annoying to hear you pause to talk about some advertisement. It breaks up the show too much and I get discouraged to watch. Deserves more stars but until you change the structure.

Tells It Like It Is   (5/5)

Ben cracks me up with his impersonations, speed talking, and telling it as it is. I was tired of listening to the complete lunacy of the mainstream media’s political agenda, and I’m so glad I have this podcast to keep me updated instead. Just recently tuned into politics and did not realize it could be so entertaining.

If you listen in 1/2 speed he sounds drunk   (5/5)


Very objective   (5/5)

Calls out republicans when needed

Honest and Reasonable   (5/5)

Ben addresses current political issues and gives an objective opinion on them regardless of political viewpoint. He’ll call out both sides when they’ve done something quite “dumb”. While he aligns with conservatism, he defends many on the other side of the aisle against those who don’t treat them fairly. He cares about the success of the country, lively debate, and enjoys calling out stupidity wherever he sees it. Shapiro is that breath of fresh air that assures you that sometimes we need to settle down and use our words and our brain to evaluate a situation.

I Used to Hate Politics... Until This Show   (5/5)

I like to think that I’ve “matured” since my early 20s, when politics seemed both abrasive and over-complicated. After listening to Ben Shapiro’s podcast now for over a year, I’ve come to the point where I can’t go a day without listening to the show. It’s informative, yet entertaining. Spews facts, not feelings. Thank you Ben for igniting a fire in me for politics that I didn’t know existed.

My go-to podcast for daily news   (5/5)

Ben generally tells it like it is. I get to hear news stories that otherwise don’t exist, because the mainstream media won’t cover it. It can get a bit far right for me personally but that doesn’t stop me from listening. Overall great show.

Great Commentary   (5/5)

Anyone who claims Ben Shapiro is dishonest or a “mouth piece” for the alt-right, hasn’t listened to one minuet of this podcast. Ben has a refreshing perspective on what is going on currently. His take is uniquely his own

Fast talking Ben   (5/5)

Talks faster than a Bob Munden draw and he’s on target every time.

Events with facts, not agendas   (5/5)

Are there some opinions in this? Of course, but those opinions are NOT based on agendas or feelings without any consideration to the FACTS behind what’s going on, why it happened, or where we should direct our attention moving forward as a people. Great job, Daily Wire! Now PLEASE replace MLM and maybe the nation can finally get back on the right track! ... pun intended.

Down to the Truth   (5/5)

Glad I can listen to Ben on a daily basis and have him lay out some truth that you can’t see in any other media outlet. Breath of fresh air throughout the week.

Love this podcast   (5/5)

Ben Shapiro is witty and his commentary is spot on! I encourage everyone to listen no matter what side of the isle you sit on.

How can you argue with systemic racism.   (1/5)


GOAT   (5/5)

No other podcast is as intertwining or as informative as this one. You want real facts and data? This is where to find it.

Awesome!!! Only place I get my news these days. Please, haters begone.   (5/5)

Great content

No agenda other than the truth   (5/5)

An intellectually honest assessment of current events. Unlike the media at large, Ben backs up his reporting with facts and research.

Great Show   (5/5)

Ben is very objective in his speaking and he’s also extremely intelligent. I’m not even into politics but I like listening to this show to keep myself aware of what’s going on in our current climate. I am looking forward to checking out his new book as well. Thanks Ben!

Bee’s knees   (5/5)

My favorite podcast to date

Interesting   (5/5)

I like the Sunday dark web. Good job Ben.

Excellent Podcast   (5/5)

Love listening to Ben, he tells it like it is, extremely brilliant. Thank goodness someone is reporting real news and making sense out of facts.

Nearly two years of listening, don’t plan on stopping soon   (5/5)

Highly recommend this podcast. Ben’s quick witty analysis and commentary hasn’t grown old in nearly two years of daily listening. Really appreciate his consistent distinctions between facts and his own opinions, something far too many podcasts and news channels lack today. Great for educating yourself and staying updated while commuting, exercising, or relaxing.

A True Conservative   (5/5)

I greatly appreciate the conservative view that subordinates politics to principles. Keep it up, Ben! It is a breathe of fresh air in very politically polarized world.


Ben spits facts that’s don’t care about your feelings

Amazing insight   (5/5)

You need to hear what Ben has to say. He is fair to all and speaks the truth.

The best political podcast in the country   (5/5)

Intellectual, interesting, hilarious.

5 stars   (5/5)

Ben is amazing because he doesn’t see everything one sided. He will admit when something on the right is wrong and when something is correct on the left and vice versa. His impersonations are hysterical. I wish I could meet him and just talk to him for 30 minutes to learn more about him. Seems like a legitimate person. I’ve turned him on to many friends and family and they are all in love with him. Keep it up Ben, and daily wire associates!

Refreshing!   (5/5)

Love listening to someone who uses common sense and isn’t afraid to speak his mind. Thanks Ben for all you do!

listen to this   (5/5)

Shapiros podcast never fails to deliver facts in a entertaining and understandable way. I could write a huge review on how amazing this podcast truly is. Just listen for yourself.

Good show   (5/5)

Enough info to counter media spin. His take is right leaning, but with the left spin of "standard media" this helps adjust.

The voice of logic in America   (5/5)

In these times of turmoil Ben is the voice of reason.

The truth   (5/5)

Ben is the most pure voice for conservatives in a very small group of others. Genius

Absolutely garbage   (1/5)

Brainwashing at its best please do yourself a favor and look for your own facts instead of believing what this Trumpanzee is spewing all over you.

Love It   (5/5)

Wonderful Show, love listening everyday

Favorite Podcast   (5/5)

I’ve listened for years and am consistently impressed with Ben’s analysis and clear communication style.

Only political podcast that provides facts   (5/5)

I’ve never been one to listen to anything related to politics but I’ve been following a few from multiple sides of the political spectrum.... and Ben Shapiro is the only o e that doesn’t let his opinions skew the facts... he provides the political news with facts and if he has his own opinion then he explains it with logical reasoning, when most others just pander to whatever opinion they think their audience wants to hear. I don’t agree with Ben on everything but I know that I can rely on him to provide the least biased version of the news on any platform.

Top tier Podcast   (5/5)

My boi Ben spits the straight facts

Too many commercials   (5/5)

Enough!!!!!! Too many commercials!!!!!! I love Ben but, jeez, the commercials are non stop. Enough.

Vox Tyrranide   (5/5)

One of the best analyses of cancel culture

Funny and informative   (5/5)

Ben adds humor while informing us on what is going on in the country. I used to watch CNN prior to 2016 and man have they gone completely crazy. I get my daily dose of news from Ben, Michael, and Andrew and then click back into my family and local community, where real change happens.

Much Needed   (5/5)

At a time when it feels like all of the adults in this country have fell asleep at the wheel, Ben offers some much needed common sense. Love the show, keep it up!

Napoleon Complex   (1/5)

Great for little men with big beliefs. Amazing podcast if ur a racist with lots of anger toward people taller than you.

Informative, facts based information   (5/5)

I may not always agree with Bens stance, but facts are facts and opiions are just that. I appriciate that he admits when he is wrong and tells the listerner up front his opion. Thank you for your discussions

News podcasts for people who aren’t idiots.   (5/5)

He just explains it how it is!

Sad   (2/5)

I just wish he wasn’t such an anti-trump RINO!

Fan Girl!   (5/5)

The best place to get actual news. I listen to Ben’s podcast on my way to work everyday. I’ve lived 34 years being a somewhat inactive American when it comes to politics. Year 35 and listening to Ben has shown me how exciting government, news, and politics really are! Thank you for sharing your genius, Ben! Shapiro 2024!

Love Ben!   (5/5)

Keep these episodes coming, Ben cracks me up every podcast/show. He has such a brilliant but yet very logical point of view. Love you Ben!

Love this show!   (5/5)

Just want to say, as a person living just outside Portland, Oregon it is refreshing to hear some fresh takes! Love the show and Ben does not get enough credit for his humor! I have been a fan for at least the last 3 - 4 years. When I feel like I am going crazy from what I am reading in the mainstream media and hearing from friends/family I turn on the show to relax!

Favorite Podcast   (5/5)

If you want real facts and information Ben Shapiro is a great guy to listen to. Unlike the mainstream media he doesn’t club you over the head with one side of the spectrum’s dogma, he provides factual evidence with statistics and research to back it up and explains why so many issues are relevant to you and our future. Great show!!!

Intelligent, funny and incisive!   (5/5)

Ben is intelligent, funny, incisive, and logical. What more could you want. Plus he talks at 1.5x speed so you really get 1.5 hours of content in 1 hour!

This is the best news   (5/5)

This is the best summary of political news this country has to offer. Between this podcast and the Rush Limbaugh show you will hear the absolute making truth about the crazy left in our country.

Fantastic   (5/5)

Greats podcast ever. Ben is so dang smart!!!!

Best   (5/5)

The best podcast in America.

Facts don't care about your feelings 👍   (5/5)

This show will bring you all the facts backed by data. Love the idea that you're talking fast so you can push in more content in each episode!

Long time listener   (5/5)

I’ve been listening for years, and will continue to do so!

Fantastic   (5/5)

Great episode

Excellent Structure   (5/5)

Podcasts are clearly outlined at opening, information is presented factually and discussed honestly with alternatives presented where applicable. Discussion is to the point and supporting documentation appropriately referenced. Even if you disagree with viewpoints, the information and discussion is honestly and respectfully presented.

Speaking truth in the face of perpetual lies   (5/5)

Ben Shapiro has a well rounded view of history, politics and morality. He daily speaks truth in the midst of lies and immorality.

Amazing   (5/5)

Amazing podcast and crazy how informative it is listen to this every morning and anytime I see a new episode pop up!

Honesty   (5/5)

Ben Shapiro makes no bones about it. He is a Conservative with Conservative principles. He often suggests that you listen to other news sources to hear their sides of issues. Great listen for everyone even if you don't agree with him; it is good to get outside of your echo chamber. ”Facts don't care about your feelings!”

I love getting the REAL news!   (5/5)

I am grateful that Ben is willing to call out both sides, speak truth, and look into news stories to give us the real story and stats. I am more armed and ready for political and cultural conversations, which I’m learning are crucial right now. Thank you!!

Ben really brings out the truth.   (5/5)

The Ben Shapiro show does an excellent job of sorting through the corrupt and disastrous media while still being funny. The best part, he’s practical and doesn’t let his personal opinions change how he presents the facts.

Incredible, Intelligent and Truthful   (5/5)

It’s nice to have someone who just speaks facts. A little personal opinion behind it, but he only uses his personal feelings to prove and bring to light the facts. Especially now more than ever, it’s nice having a voice of reason instead of all the idiocy that is the mainstream media. I love Ben Shapiro and I recommend his podcasts to all of my frinds.