TheBoard - Mechanical Keyboard Talk by Mechanical Keyboard Enthusiasts

TheBoard - Mechanical Keyboard Talk by Mechanical Keyboard Enthusiasts Podcast

This series is all about Mechanical Keyboards, talking from switches, caps, DIY kits, hand-wired, cases, plates and more. If its about Mechanical Keyboards, we'll probably talk about it! As a sub-series is also the Mech Market Report, a weekly look at prices from the second-hand market on the MechMarket subreddit.

Podcasting on [46:16]
This week, still pushing on with my voice, and thank you to all of the good work in flattening the curve! Topics this week: - - - - -

Powering On [51:00]
This week, giving my voice a run, still not 100% but gotta keep up with keeping you guys something to listen to. Topics this week: - - - - -

The Board - Update 21 March 2020 [11:08]
5 simple rules: 1. Stay home 2. Don’t touch anything (when you go out) 3. Don’t touch anyone (when you go out) 4. Don’t touch your face 5. Wash your hands frequently Other tips: Work from home, if you can. Bring your family and your children back home where it’s safe, and stay there please. Get the Flu Vaccine when it comes out, if you qualify. Stay connected with friends and family by phone, Skype, Facetime. Your mental health is important! Check on those you know might be lonely or vulnerable. Find ways t...

The Board - Wash your Hands [47:04]
COVID-19 has struck close to work, so, make sure you wash your hands and keep your hygiene up, and for goodness sakes, don't hoard toilet paper!   This weeks topics: - - - Revisiting duplex scan - -

The Board - 7 Secrets To [1:15:32]
Back end of this episode is not about keyboards so if you're not interested, all good and thanks for listening! - - - - *** Our Instagram is at...

The Board - Simulations [48:22]
Back from a week off due to illness, I gab through the following topics: - - - - - - https://ww...

The Board - Tangents [54:43]
Very light on topics this week, so instead I go off on some tangents and not quite keyboard related spiel at the end.   - - - - *** Our Instagram is at You can also catch us on Patr...

The Board - How to get kicked [1:25:35]
Bit of a slightly longer episode this week. - - - - - -

The Board - Happy CNY 2020 [35:08]
Happy Chinese New Year! A short Episode today due to family circumstances and a hectic weekend. A couple of topics: - - - *** Our Instagram is at You can also catch us on Patreon (

The Board - Appealing [50:37]
This week has seen a great number of community members coming forward with some great support for the Australian Bushfire appeals, so here's a shoutout to all of them, and links to their sales/raffles/auctions: - - -

The Board - High and Low Switches [46:02]
Sorry for the episode being a day late, its been a bit of quiet week of sorts on the community though. Links for this week: - - - -

The Board - Bleach Required [53:31]
I go on a bit of a rant at the end, but the topics I touch through this week are: - - - - -

The Board - Seeing Out 2019 [28:45]
Thank you all for a great 2019, wishing you all a safe and fantastic New Years with family and friends.   See you all in the New Year!   -   *** Our Instagram is at You can also catch us on Patreon ( and if you'd like to shout us some coffee, you can do so now at So, until next time, Happy Clacking :...

The Board - Christmas Special 2019 [1:15:58]
Thank you to William and Anthony for their lovely thoughtful Christmas Secret Santa Gifts! If you'd like to also read our Census data for the heck of it, its available here: Happy Christmas to all and wishing you all a safe Christmas and Holiday period...

The Board - 3000 [55:38]
Hit that sweet 3000 milestone this week on YouTube, so go check out the video and giveaway! Topics covered this hot windy week: - - - -

The Board - Smokey [54:39]
Its been a horrid week for bushfires here in Sydney, and the city is shrouded in smoke, so this week's episode goes out with a lot of love for our firefighters who are risking their lives to save others. Thank you for your service.   Bit of drama llama this week on a few topics:   - What can buyers do in mismanaged group buys?   - IP/Trademark/Registered Issues   - Laser cut gatekeeping   *** Our Instagram is at You can also catch us on Patreon (https://www.patreon....

The Board - Post 2019 Meetup [32:40]
A shorter episode than normal, just wrapping up on Sydney 2019 Meetup. *** Our Instagram is at You can also catch us on Patreon ( and if you'd like to shout us some coffee, you can do so now at So, until next time, Happy Clacking :)...

The Board - Post 2019 Meetup [32:40]
A shorter episode than normal, just wrapping up on Sydney 2019 Meetup. *** Our Instagram is at You can also catch us on Patreon ( and if you'd like to shout us some coffee, you can do so now at So, until next time, Happy Clacking :)...

The Board - Hodge Podge of Topics [50:42]
Back for another episode, bit all over the joint, but hey, that sounds like the Keyboard Community right?  Topics touched on this week (hopefully not to inappropriately): - - - -

The Board - Open Source and Acrylics [51:13]
This week, you can skip a bit if you want to at the start to get into the topics further along. Topics covered this week include: - - - -

The Board - Open Source and Acrylics [51:13]
This week, you can skip a bit if you want to at the start to get into the topics further along. Topics covered this week include: - - - -

The Board - One on One with Ert (Oh, Keycaps!) [1:00:35]
Thanks to a request from Campbell one of our listeners, I got hold of one of the builders from Oh, Keycaps!, ahd have a great chat with Ert in regards to what happens at Oh, Keycaps! and whats involved with the build process for customised Dactyl and Manuform boards.   You can check out the website for your own ergo split board at:   or check them out via their Discord at:  If you'd like to support Movember - ***   Our Instagra...

The Board - Balls Drop'd [49:09]
Back from a week off, my throat has recovered muchly, so thank you for your patience. This week, a double whammy on Drop's behaviours, plus some thoughts on beefing up keyboards for pro gamers. The Census form and topics list: - - -

The Board - Throat Attack and the NTR [6:50]
My throat has been under attack this week so my apologies in not getting out a proper episode this week. Meanwhile, if you haven't, you can get in on our Census here: and if you're curious to see if there is an audible difference between MP3 and FLAC on the new setup, the FLAC is here: Hopefully I can shake off th...

The Board - Throat Attack and the NTR [6:50]
My throat has been under attack this week so my apologies in not getting out a proper episode this week. Meanwhile, if you haven't, you can get in on our Census here: and if you're curious to see if there is an audible difference between MP3 and FLAC on the new setup, the FLAC is here: Hopefully I can shake off th...

The Board - Split Keyboard with Premium PBT and Toilet Lids [57:48]
Another cracking episode of The Board Podcast, where I get a touch tongue tied in places. Topics tongued about this week: - - - -

The Board - A bit of this, a bit of that [52:24]
This week, a bit lighter on the keyboard topics but I get around to drawing September's competition, plus a chat on Safety and Leadership. Related links: - and - and Our I...

The Board - Beating Daycare [47:40]
Squeezing in an episode before the little one comes home from Daycare. As I write this she is literally curled up on the floor crying, so... just as well!Squeezing in an episode before the little one comes home from Daycare. As I write this she is literally curled up on the floor crying, so... just as well! This week's topics : - - ...

The Board - Time and Taxes [1:01:47]
This week, I had a chillaxed weekend so todays episode is a a day later than normal. Stuff I talk about this week are: - - - -

The Board - Market Price [59:30]
A full episode this week I think, a lot of fast skims through some times, and a bit more thoughts on one topic. - - - -

The Board - Market Price [59:30]
A full episode this week I think, a lot of fast skims through some times, and a bit more thoughts on one topic. - - - -

The Board - Conspiracy? [40:22]
Another light week but not without a small amount of popcorn. Happy Fathers Day to those its applicable to! - - - -

The Board - Conspiracy? [40:22]
Another light week but not without a small amount of popcorn. Happy Fathers Day to those its applicable to! - - - -

The Board - Unacceptable [39:35]
This week, only one topic: - - *** Our Instagram is at You can also catch us on Patreon ( and if you'd like to shout us some coffee, you can do so now at So, until next time, Happy Clacking :)...

The Board - Special by Off The [1:17:35]
This week, thanks have to go to two of the hosts from Off The Clack for stepping in and doing an episode on our behalf as I was away attending a wedding.   The show notes I was given was that they pretty much (and they did) covered points from and talked in reference to   Its a great listen,...

The Board - Windy As [52:50]
Caught in some strong cold winter winds yesterday so fighting a head cold at the moment. Things talked about this week: - - - -

The Board - Full Episode [59:02]
A full lengh episode for once. A whole bunch of talking with practically no children interrupting! - - - - -...

The Board - Wooden Spoon [33:46]
This week, a super short episode, with a distracted three year old. - - - ***     Our Instagram is at     You can also catch us on Patreon (

The Board - Wiggly Worm [50:42]
This week, I have a unwell wriggling worm in my lap getting in my way as I record.   Just a small number of topics this week that I ramble through as usual, covering: -   -   -   -

The Board - The Pinks Are Coming [46:25]
A week on, and we're all in much better health, plus, an update that Box Pinks are coming to Daily Clack! This week's topics: - - - and - - https:...

The Board - In Recovery [1:01:04]
This week, I'm better enough to be able to do an episode, though I apologise for the sporadic coughing. Hopefully it'll go away sooner than later. This week, the things talked through: - - - -

The Board - 7 Keyboards [59:40]
This week, in a bit of worn down-ed-ness, I somehow decided I would torture myself by doing some typing samples   If you stick through the whole thing, let me know if you hear the pinging!   ***   Our Instagram is at You can also catch us on Patreon ( and if you'd like to shout us some coffee, you can do so now at So, until next time, Happy Clacking :)...

The Board - Leadership and Keyboards [58:22]
So this week's episode is a bit of a weird one, because I don't really talk about keyboards terribly much (it is mentioned in context and example) but it isn't the focus of the episode.   I was fortunate enough to attend some leadership training, and I wanted to share with everyone some of the takeaways and tools provided in this training, so we can all develop and increase our leadership skills, to better support ourselves, and our community.   I hope you enjoy it, and find something in this episode useful...

The Board - Diving in with Ducky Squad [1:21:25]
This week, I got to catch up with Beth and Blake from the Official Ducky Discord server, and we talk about Ducky, Discord, Computex, and their experiences with Mechanical Keyboards! Ducky Keyboard Official Fans Club (Discord Server) Invite - Album with photos - *** Our Instagram is at You can also catch us on Patreon ( and if you'd like to shout us some coffee, you can do ...

The Board - One on One with Ryan [1:03:16]
This week, I'm joined by Ryan, a newcomer to the keyboard design scene, and we talk about the Austere, an Alice layout keyboard. We touch on his journey into the design and aspects of creating an alternative to the iconic TGR Alice.   Austere Prototype Album - *** Our Instagram is at You can also catch us on Patreon ( and if you'd like to shout us some coffee, you can do so now at https://buym...

The Board - By George [1:00:40]
This week, GoodNewsGeorge comes on as a special guest, and we talk about Keyboards and whats a happening in his life related to keyboards.   -   ***   Our Instagram is at      You can also catch us on Patreon ( and if you'd like to shout us some coffee, you can do so now at So, until next time, Happy Clacking :)...

The Board - Succumbed [40:33]
Finally fell sick after staving off illness from my wife and daughter over the last two weeks, so its a bit of a short one with no interviews. I fumble through the following topics this week, apologies for the tongue-tiedness at times. - - -

The Board - Magic Watercolours [54:36]
This week, its a bit of a quiet week with all the melon having been eaten last week. The bits I wiggle around on this week are: - - - - - - https://old.reddit...

The Board - Double Melon Eating [39:01]
Wow, this week, some action packed goodness on the drama front. - - - ***   Our Instagram is at      You can also catch us on Patreon (

The Board - Three Interviews [1:15:21]
This week, I intersperse the episode with three mini-Interviews at an ANZAC Day BBQ, which some Keyboard People attended.   Spread between them, I had some other topics: https://www.reddit....

The Board - Juan on One with Idea23 [57:45]
Its been a while, but we're joined again by Juan/Busgamer from Idea23.   We chat about whats happened lately and where Idea23 is looking to head going forwards. Its a pretty solid chat and if you have any questions for Juan on anything relating to Idea23, hit him up on Reddit/Patreon, or let us know and I'll be more than happy to pass it on. ***   Our Instagram is at    You can also catch us on Patreon ( and if you'd like to ...

The Board - To Clone or Not to Clone [55:00]
This week, I don't manage to pull in any names, but its a work in progress. Topics from this week: - - - - - http...

The Board - I Say Hello You Say Goodbye [1:22:43]
This week, Kevin is back again from another overseas trip, before he heads off again for another overseas trip.   We close off on March giveaways, plus run through a few usual random topics: - - - , -

The Board - Richard [18:08]
This week's Show Notes: - - - -   *** Our Instagram is at        You can also catch us on Patreon ( and if you'd like to shout us some cof...

The Board - Popping back in [1:03:28]
This week, Kevin has successfully moved house and is back and kicking for an episode where we bounce around across a few topics: - - - -

The Board - Week 11 2019 [54:46]
This week, another solo episode, but back to normal topics from the community. This week: - - - - - https://www...

The Board - Innovation Special [1:01:04]
This week, Kevin is busy with relocation, so I thought I'd rewind a bit and talk about some of the lessons I learnt from attending an Innovation Workshop a few weeks back.   I hope that some of the concepts I talk about in this episode might help you all with your future innovation ideation and selections!   *** Our Instagram is at      You can also catch us on Patreon ( and if you'd like to shout us some coffee, you can do s...

The Board - Belated Valentines Love Poems [49:39]
This week, I touch on a few developments for the Downbubble keyboard project, some light topics from this week in the community, before I read through the Keyboard Love Poem entries for the DIY Keyboard Competition.This week, I touch on a few developments for the Downbubble keyboard project, some light topics from this week in the community, before I read through the Keyboard Love Poem entries for the DIY Keyboard Competition. - Low profile switches (

The Board - From an Innocent's Eyes [36:10]
Due to very challenging volume differences in speaking I apologise for the volume changes and noise background that you may experience. I tried my best to make the volume normalised so its not ear-blowingly different between sections that I had to boost significantly. This week with Kevin in transit back to the USA for a week or so, I took a suggestion from the community, and invited a special guest to join me this week in going over the front page, sorted as 'hot' on /r/mechanicalkeyboards. You can search ...

The Board - A Bit Ranty (56:50)
This week, Kevin is indisposed, so I have the chance to get very soapbox and rant a lot.   What I rant about:   - GMK Wavez v SA Leviathan   - Ergonomic Gaming Ke...

The Board - A Weak Week [1:06:20]
This week, Kevin is back, but its actually been a pretty lacklustre week for topics, so I do apologise for a bit of a hodgepodge episode, we just weren't really feeling it! Some of the bits we kind of poke and prod our way through this week: - - -

The Board - Life can be so unkind [51:30]
Yet another solo, but life hasn't been kind for Kevin lately, so I have to be strong on his behalf.Yet another solo, but life hasn't been kind for Kevin lately, so I have to be strong on his behalf. This week, I rumble through the following things: - - -

The Board - 'Straya Day Solo [39:57]
A hot week here down under, and Kevin not feeling well leads to a shorter episode than normal.    A quick run-through on some things and an update on the Down Bubble Project   - KIRA interference ( - Scammer PSA ( - Board Culture Podcast (

The Board - Over Panda-ing [1:04:53]
This week, as much as we say there wasn't much to talk about, we actually don't even get through all of the things we thought we could talk about, but thats just what its like when you have a good time talking about things you want to talk about. Or, over-opinionate, maybe... Links related to talked about topics: - Low Profile Cherry Board ( - IKEA Switch ( - Arctos Stem (https://w...

The Board - Small Children Woes [45:25]
This week, small children woes and prior commitments get in the way for Kevin and I to line up a time to run our podcast. So, I have another crack at it solo.   This week I talk through:   - DownBubble project progress   - Cherry PCB Mount Stabilisers changing (   - Brian Lee's Opinion Piece (   - Differences of Review (

The Board - Happy New Year 2019 [1:08:23]
Happy New Year everyone, we hope you all had a great holiday period. This week, we didn't really touch on too much happening in the community, so we spend a bit of time talking about our projects happening in the last week or so. What we did get to talking about though from the community: - Nutcracker corn kernel ( - Retooled Cherry Housing PSA (

The Board - Its a Clack for 2018 [59:10]
This episode marks the last for 2018, thank you very much to everyone who has come along for the podcasts this year. I talk through some of the more memorable that popped out from our topics list, plus a rundown of the stats across the show for 2018.   Thank you to everyone who made the show possible, and I hope we can continue to talk keyboards in 2019 for you all to enjoy. ** Our Instagram is at    You can also catch us on Patreon (

The Board - It Smells a Lot Like Panda [1:04:16]
This week, we're both back on board, its a bit more of a relaxed week with work winding down for the year, and both Kevin and I get to do more keyboard things in our time. The community has really only been strongly focussed on the MassDrop Holy Panda Fiasco, but we also announce the last giveaway competitions for 2018. - -

The Board - On Short Notice [38:00]
This week, I have been unwell, and Kevin kindly has been able to put out an episode while on the road. Thank you Kevin, I appreciate the short notice for doing the solo episode. Kevin's topic notes and mentions: - - - Kevins Keyboard review retrospective - text overlay, B roll, typing demo, voic...

The Board - Hosts Home Again [1:11:00]
Kevin is home this week and joins in for an episode after a few weeks on the road, unfortunately only to be out on the road again next week. This week, we chat a bit around Meetup wrap up, the Down Bubble Keyboard and where it could go, recommendations for one of our YouTube watchers, and touch upon a bit of the Massdrop Holy Panda situation. You'll have to hang in tight on this months competitions, which hopefully we'll have one to announce next week!/ Our Instagram is at

The Board - Open Mic and Gsus Linear [1:08:01]
This week, Kevin is travelling, AGAIN! So, I have a chat through some things, mostly competition, and I go open Mic on the Australian Discord community for a bit.   Thanks to the winners for this month, Idea23 winner was Taylor, The Keebio winner was Jarred, and the Jgodinez Alps Patch was Kim!   I don't really have any topical links besides the Gsus commentary from Huey -   Plus shoutout for the SoCal Meet happen...

The Board - Front Page /r/MechanicalKeyboards [1:00:01]
This week, Kevin's parents are in town visiting him from the US, so I'm punching on with another solo episode. Just to poke at Kevin, I'm running through the posts on frontpage of the subreddit because he's always wanted to do that haha. I won't throw all the links up since its 25 links!    However, I will still share Movember links because I can :P   Check out my movember page at to help me out.   You can enter the giveaway here -

The Board Podcast - The Haiku Special [42:12]
Thanks to Kevin travelling all of November, I thought I'd have a bit of fun with reading the Haiku's from October's competition. Of course I also talk a little on two topics from this week. - GMK Necro (   - Razer Blackwidow Lite (   Giveaways this Month - Idea23 November Giveaway - What should Busgamer do when he's in Sydney? - Kee...

The Board - Special Guest Keebio [1:09:51]
This week, Kevin is travelling and I'm joined by Danny (aka /u/bakingpy) of for a great chat on whats been happening in the space, plus some of the things happening in the community. Topics we touch through: - - -

The Board - I Am The Captain Now [52:14]
This week, Kevin takes control of the ship, and runs a solo episode for the first time in aaaaages, and I think he did a bang up job of it.     Topics he covers this week: - JTK Hyperfuse! ( - AMA with Haata from Input Club ( - The loss of an OG Vendor (

The Board - Projects In Progress [1:15:01]
This week, it was a pretty quietish week on the community, so Kevin and I spend a bit more time relaxing and talking about some of our personal projects in progress.   Some of the topics we touch on lightly in this episiode:   - POM Set for Cheap (

The Board Podcast - Just another macropad [1:04:50]
Back for another week, some more MassDrop Drama, typical of the community! This week's topics" - Mechanicon Errata - CandyKeys is not the only sponsor. ( - Unusual way of doing a custom keyboard GB ( - M10-B Drama with Massdrop ( (http...

The Board - Theatrics [1:17:56]
There has been quite a bit of controversy this week in the community, and we take a look at two of them, plus a few more 'regular' kind of topics, unfortunately we do run a little over our normal epsiode length, but I hope you can forgive us for it. This weeks topics: - Mechanicon Transparency ( - NOP vs IP (

The Board - Reunited to Chill [1:06:04]
The duo is back, with Kevin having the time, and the right cables to run his microphone. It was a pretty low key (haha) week on the community to the kinds of things we normally look for to talk about, but we still make the stretch for the episode. This week, related topic links are: - Official Switch Testers ( - Bringing Aristotle Stems to the next level? (

The Board - Rest and Respite [55:11]
This week, Kevin takes a bit of a break to recooperate. Make sure you look after yourself everyone, and those around you. Your own health and mental well being matters a lot. Be good to one another. This week, as a solo, I talk through: - Analog Keyswitches - Tarrifs on Keyboard items - Guessing the next keyboard ...

The Board - Kevin Squared [1:06:36]
This week, Kevin is back, but, unfortunately his laptop isn't, so he's running like before on his phone. Still, we manage to have a good chat about whats been happening in the keyboard community this week. - PBT Microwave Dying ( - Box Switch Drama again? ( - Alternative Vortex Core Programming (

The Board - Double the Time in Half the Episode [40:06]
This week, Kevin is on the move again, and rather than pile up 3 weeks, I've just speeding through some things in the last two weeks that caught my attention.   I asked a few people if they wanted to come on, but one was in bed, one didn't have a mic, and one wanted to a faceless man behind the scenes haha. - Someone beat us to a calendar! ( - Cool prototype laptop keyboard (

The Board - One on One with Agora Mech [1:01:34]
Colton from Agora Mech joins me in this one-on-one, where we talk about some of the challenges that he has faced, and are working through to turn Agora Mech into the place to go for buying and selling Mechanical Keyboard items. We talk about some of the issues regarding starting up a new site, challenges in making a fee structure value for money, and where the vision of Agora Mech is heading towards. Don't forget we have a few competitions running to celebrate our 2 year anniversary, and our 2000 subscriber...

The Board Podcast - Impromptu Fun [1:06:47]
This week, Kevin had late notice for work to travel, so I kind of do a half episode solo before I hop into the discord chat on the Australian Mechanical Keyboard Discord to chill with a few people. Some of the topics I do cover however are: - Varmillo VDBox ( - USB Fusion Update ( - Replace...

The Board - 2 Years On, Rain Delays [1:11:49]
Its been 2 years since we started, so thank you for continuing to support us in listening to our podcast.   To celebrate, we have a giveaway run here on gleam:   Kevin joins me late thanks to the rain and haircuts, but we talk our way through some topics:   - Another Podcast!: - Unsafe behaviour:

The Board - Another Solo [59:40]
Another solo week, and getting right into it: - Cream Switch announcement ( - Market Watcher launch ( - Having a crucial conversaion ( - Too little too late? (

The Board - When Kevin Has to Work [47:14]
This week, Kevin is on the move for work, and therefore I run my mouth off solo. Stuff I talk about this week: - DSS! ( - KUMO Kickstarter Update ( - DAS Banhammer ( - Expectations versus Reality (https:...

The Board - A Week of Backtractking [1:13:43]
This week feels more like a followup week than anything else, but when an issue is that big a deal, thats acceptable, right? - Kailh x Novelkeys Box Switch Issues coming to an end ( , , ,

The Board - Beating The Heat [1:04:30]
This week, the heat is on in South East Asia, so make sure you keep hydrated! Some of the topics we play cool through: - A pretty cool and interesting split board GB ( - Revisiting the Box Switch Stem issue ( - Quick update on Idea23 (

The Board - Unwittingly Kickstarter Related [1:11:02]
This week, Don's a bit under the weather and tries to hold it all in while podcasting. Kevin meanwhile swealters somewhere in SEA. We actually decide to rein in our topics to stay within a reasonable time, so hopefully we didn't over-talk on some topics this week. - Announcing TypeHype, another Mechanical Keyboard community - - Ecspectro Rollercoaster - - KUMO Kickstarter -

The Board - An Episode Without a Theme [1:18:53]
Fairly normal week as far as the community goes. Though not all of us have swimming pools to enjoy.Fairly normal week as far as the community goes. Though not all of us have swimming pools to enjoy. This week's topics: - Mercury Rocketeer (

The Board - Sale of the Year [1:08:40]
This week, besides Kevin's upstairs neighbour banging around randomly through the episode, we only cover one topic, which of course this week has to be the sale of the year, known as GeekHack.   Some relevant posts referenced:   - - - - -

The Board - A Split Podcast [1:09:20]
This week, we do something kind of different. To mimic a split keyboard, we actually recorded our episode as two solo's but talking roughly on the same topics. The topics list this week were: - RAMA WORKS Stabilizers! ( - How hard do you push on a hotswap socket? ( - A fusion of materials (

The Board - 26 Seconds [1:02:22]
This week, we had a minor unexpected technical issue that caused 26 seconds of Kevin disappearing, but thankfully I was able to re-time his track so the episode didn't go to waste!This week, we had a minor unexpected technical issue that caused 26 seconds of Kevin disappearing, but thankfully I was able to re-time his track so the episode didn't go to waste! Stuff we talked about this week: - Low Cost 65/68% (

The Board - Foreign Correspondent [59:33]
This week, Kevin is on travels around South East Asia for work, and dials in like a foreign correspondent, and therefore our audio quality reflects that. Some of the things we breeze through in our chatter: - Guessing Game - Idea23 keycap giveaway - Guess how much in kg, does Don's grabbags collection weigh. - /u/jpconstantineau has the Blue Micro working! ( - We're also doing this month's Keebio...

The Board - This Week From Not Computex [1:16:19]
This week, no rainstorms and background noise from Kevin, but slightly upset child in mine, make an appearance. We spin through some topics this week: - Vortex Hellcat ( - Razr Switches ( - NovelKeys Desk Mat (

The Board - Just Another Week [1:13:01]
We're back with another episode, just covering some of the things happening in the keyboard community. - $80 65% with Aluminium Case ( - ErgoTravel GB ( - Roccat Titan Switch (

The Board - Welcoming Back An Old Friend [1:08:24]
We're joined this week by our longtime friend and 2017's #1 Fan, OutragedPudding, and we just chill out talking keyboard related things. Due to having a guest on, our recording quality this week is down as we recorded through Discord, so please bear with us. This week, some of the things we talk about are: - Maxkey's on Novelkeys ( - Mix-match switch site idea - What would you look at when you receive a second hand/used keyboard (h...

The Board - Playing The Guessing Game [1:00:43]
This week, it felt like a quiet week, but it ended up being that we had plenty to talk about, plus we give the Guessing Game a go. Some of this week's topics include - Aus SP GB GB - Do we need a vendor review/feedback site? ( - Kerning is back again ( - Keebio BFO-9000 (

The Board Podcast - Hanging In There Health Wise [1:01:58]
This week, we're both hanging onto our health from events during the week. Topics we touch on today: - Blue Micro replacement for Pro Micro? ( - Clack 4 Cats by /u/GeeWhizWithout ( - /u/ProtoTRD's Gherkin Kit Giveaway (

The Board - An ordinary week in keyboards [59:40]
A quiet week on the keyboard front, but still enough for us to talk nearly an hour through the random topics of the week. - Revitalising of an Ortholinear PLUM keyboard ( - Tex Kodachi -

The Board Podcast - Kevin's Back, Back Again [1:14:19]
Sorry for the delay on the release, we had some technical hiccups which we have now resolved. We're back with Kevin this week and I have a mini-rant with some strong language. Shoutout for Mechanical Keyboards SWE, at for discord, or contact /u/sendrim on reddit This week's topic links in no particular order - -

The Board - The Level Keyboard Project [17:14]
In this special, Kevin talks about the challenges that he encountered, plus the considerations required as part of bringing to life his project, The Level Keyboard. Thanks for listening, and as always, until next time, Happy Clacking....

The Board - Saying Hello To The Community [1:09:48]
I'm joined this week by one of our community members who wanted to improve their public speaking to chat through some topics I thought would be interesting from this week's threads and happenings in the keyboard community:   - Function Keys preferences (   - Ergonomic Keyboard layouts ( &

The Board Podcast - A Long Day and Mini Meet [47:49]
This week, I went to a mini-meet in Sydney and hung out for lunch with some of the Sydney folk and one of the Melbourne community. It was actually a lot of fun to do, and will help with keeping in touch with everyone until the next meetup. Some of the things I talk about this week: - A new Patreon Supporter! Jimmy's music is available on Spotify under the name AndEcho. It’s instrumental music with lots of analog synths. - A Hubdate on the Kickstarter Campaign

The Board - Two Topic Episode, or Hubabub about Hub and Another [53:05]
This week, work gets in the way for Kevin, so I take the microphone for another solo spin.   While it might sound a bit ranty, and wearing out my vocal welcome, I talk extensively over the Hub Keycap Set Kickstarter, simply because I believe so much in how it needs to happen to bring about great things to the community.     As for release of this episode, the Australia GB I am running is now at 60 committed sets, and another backer has also taken on 100 sets! The kickstarter has hit $91k/$500k, so we're nea...

The Board - Closer Timezones, Different Hemispheres [1:05:48]
This week, Kevin has managed to get himself back online for our weekly episode.    This week, I didn't manage to do labels/timestamps for topics so.... oh well.   - A new MCU from OLKB/QMK Jack Humbert (   - A new handwiring assitive MCU (   - A PSA to check your scaling (

The Board - The Attempted Slack Episode [1:15:26]
This week, Kevin is in transit around the work as he prepares for study/working overseas. We try and have an episode with some of our members from the Slack Group and of course a few topics from this week. This week, Kevin is in transit around the work as he prepares for study/working overseas. We try and have an episode with some of our members from the Slack Group and of course a few topics from this week. I have a go at using the timing mark labels in Audacity, and while they did work, they weren't as go...

The Board - Double The Content in Half the Time! [54:30]
This week, for unknown circumstances, Don does a solo episode, covering two weeks of stuff. So, its really super condensed, or either very light on content, you decide! - Overhyped, underhyped? ( - Agora Market Update ( - Are you good at cryptography? (

Kevinterview with Kevin, Round 2 [16:22]
Kevin interviews his room-mate Kevin, exploring the things that have changed since the first time he was interviewed for some interesting results!...

The Board - Being Split Again [1:03:12]
This week, we're back to recording on Split Tracks now that Kevin has re-established recording on his laptop. This weeks topics of discussion include: - Tactility Mods ( and - Legends alignment debate ( - Are Artisans now at the level of Industry? (https://w...

The Board - Just another week in the MK Community [1:19:06]
Another week, another episode. If you have chest pains, please make sure you see a medical professional. Shoutouts for Brad Green and metalhead2793 joining us on Patreon! A bunch of things relating to NovelKeys! - - Idea23 Customer Appreciation -

The Board - No John Cena Here [1:05:44]
This week, Kevin's desktop is in the shop so he's running off his laptop and thus, we're back to our old method of recording so the quality loss and him cutting in and out at times is related to that. Hopefully his desktop will be recoverable! Some of the topics we throw ourselfs across this week: - Patreon Shoutouts! - Tokyo60 on Massdrop ( - HuB Colourways (

The Board - A Visit From The Van Keyboards [1:11:38]
This week, Evan (/u/evangs) and Steven (/u/2ZQQ) from The Van Keyboards come along and have a chat about their new keycap profile , and of course the usual mish-mash of things Kevin and I go through each week.   In this episode we take a talk also about:   - Aliaz Switch Drama (   - EDRUG Mix Keycap Interior (

The Board - What IS the Ideal Switch? [47:30]
Kevin has been a bit under the weather today, so I thought I'd take the opportunity to read through all of the entries and give my thoughts on January's giveaway responses.   The question asked was, What is your ideal switch? (regardless if it existed or not, or would be feasible with current available parts).   We got a strong response, and hopefully you'll enjoy me talking through :)   I also announce what this month's question is for the next monthly giveaway!   Don't forget, I'll be givi...

The Board - Featuring Special Guest Co-Host! [1:10:46]
This week, we're a day early, but thats because we've been joined by a special Co-Host, Alex, from Alex at Panc! Kevin was unable to make the session and Alex kindly filled in, even though he's been having a nightmare week of illness kicking his family around when they've been down, so thank you very much Alex for coming on. This week, some of the things we talk about and discuss: - GMK Taro is Live - - SA Lime - Poor quality?...

The Board Podcast - Impromptu MacroPad Discussion [58:22]
This week, Kevin and I have a brief unplanned talk about MacroPads (well, I think its really more that I talked!).   Some of the things we talk about in this episode:   Alternative 32u4 controllers (   GMK Taro Renders (   Alps to MX converter stem (

The Board - When Both Hosts are Tired [1:10:37]
This episode, both Kevin and I were a bit tired, but we still get through and have a good time talking Mechanical Keyboards!   Some things we ramble through are:   Cherry Low Profile MX stem switches -   LK Libra Optical Switch -   Razr Big Switch Keyboard -

The Board - A Sponsor Special [1:27:34]
In this special episode, we're joined by Juan from Idea23, and Danny from, to chat about things in general, and a few things from this week.   Some of the topics we take a talk about:   -   -   -   ...

The Board - Happy New Year 2017 [1:08:15]
Happy New Year Everyone!   I hope that you all have a safe and great new years celebration to wrap up on 2017.   In this episode, Kevin and I are totally unprepared as usual but we go through some of the suggested topic questions from:   We also have our last giveaways launched for 2017.   We're happy to announce the release of our Slack for all our listeners if you would like to join. Please contact ...

The Board - 2017 Christmas Special, (We Apologise For Ruining Your Favourite Carols) [1:26:41]
This week, in our Christmas Special, we do great injustice to Christmas Carols by singing them. Well I think Kevin did a better job than I did. I apologise in advance for audio trauma suffered, and if anyone's Christmas is ruined. We do also talk about a few things happening around the keyboard community this week between the catawauling of carols, including: - Shoutouts for new Patreon and community members - A guide to mailing artisans (

The Board - When you don't have a clever title [1:09:49]
A kind of quiet week, but it doesn't mean that we don't have things to talk about!   - KBDFans KBD661 ( - Soldering Guide from JUJU Cables ( - Keyclack Topre Silencers ( - Keebio Cocopad (

The Board - And the Winner Is.... [1:08:34]
This week, Kevin is back! Hopefully for a bit of consistency in the next coming few weeks at least for the Holiday Season. This week: - Competitions we've been holding off on - Cherry MX Black Group Buy Issues ( - Bishipkeyboard's Universal Footprint for PCB Designing ( - RAMA Works Instrument (

The Board - Sydney Meetup Wrap, and Opinions Expressed [45:11]
This week, Kevin had some matters to attend to and was unable to be there for the podcast.   I talk through how the Sydney 2017*2 meetup went, and then also give my thoughts and personal opinions regarding the MicroCenter stocking of 1up keyboards kits.   I also go through and announce a few things to do with giveaways and competitions.   It is a little bit of a shorter episode than normal, I do apologise, and I hope next episode we'll be once again, back to normal broadcast.   Until next time, Happy Clacki...

The Board - A mix of everything [1:12:08]
This week, a bit of small talk, bit of competition giveaways, bit of PSA, bit of drama. This week, the rough topics we run through: - Quick checkup on Agora Mech Market - PSA for Safety when soldering ( - Our giveaways! - The Australian designed MxSS Polycarbonate/Brass 65% keyboard ( - Duck Jetfire (https:/...

The Board - Back to Normal [59:23]
We're back to normal, as normal can be when it comes to two blokes talking keyboards! This week, we have a quick episode due to time constraints, nattering on about: - Shoutout for the Knops Mini by /u/pawnerd, available now through Coolermaster stores in EU and USA - Secret Santa is now live for 2017! - What exactly is a 'turkey'? ( - Kevin's NorCal experience - Things people have done with the Big Switch fro...

The Board - Kevin Goes to NorCal [40:34]
Another week, another solo episode. This week, Kevin is in transit to get to the NorCal meetup and so I'm left to my own devices again. This week, I breeze through: - Patreon Shoutouts for Devin, Chris and Taylor, with Devin's links: and - Key press logging in Mantistek software ( - The Input Club Hako Switches (

The Board - When Dedication Calls [0:58:43]
This week, Kevin literally calls in from an Airport to make this episode happen. Amidst bad wifi and background hubabub of an airport, we manage to chat about the following topics: - Novelkey x Kailh Big Switch Series ( - GMK Laser Launched (ttps:// - Idea23 coming back into sculpted Artisans (

The Board - The Australian Discord Special [1:51:09]
This week, as Kevin is away, I thought I'd talk through a few things from the week, and then hop on to the Australian Mechanical Keyboard Discord channel and see if any of the folk there wanted to come on and talk through a some random things.   I must say, it was pretty good, some interesting discussion and well, the episode went on a lot longer than I had anticipated haha.   The links for some of the things I talked in prior to the discord bit:   - The BAM-306 Interest Check (

The Board - Time Flies When You're Talking Keyboards [1:19:49]
This week, its been fairly quiet on the keyboard front by comparison, so we just mosey our way through a few general things of the week, and things not really related to the week. This week, some of the things we talked over: - /u/jgodinez302 and the Topre Patch Sale ( - Cherry offering switches direct as their MX Developer Kit (, in German) - Shoutout for Plugable's new si...

The Board - Can You Hear the Difference? [1:01:08]
This week, I hope that there is some audible difference to your ears, as we experiment with our first ever split track recording. Hopefully this means Kevin will come through a bit clearer than previously, but please leave us your comments and feedback if the split track method has helped at all or not! This week, some of the topics we cover: - HiPro by Idea23 ( - NovelKeys x Kailh Thick Click Switches (https...

The Board - Giveaways? Giveaways! (Well, announcements of them!) [1:10:02]
We welcome to the podcast /u/Busgamer7394 onto the show for another chat, and Juan gives us some great info about his experiences in working with MassDrop.   Additionally, we talk about what Idea23 has been up to, and what is coming up ahead, including 10-shot keycaps?!   We announce a few things that are giveaway related, so if you're interested in finding out, I guess you'll just have to have a listen :P   No real topic links this week, but our 900 Subscriber Giveaway link is here:

The Board - A Keyboard for Giants? [1:03:28]
Another week, another topic, as Daylight Savings rolls through and wrecks our body clocks, Kevin and I talk through the following topics (in no particular order): - Keyboards affecting FPS? - MassDrop Dropping again - 400% Switch

The Board - Kevin and Matt Talk Topre Pt 1 [39:48]
In this special episode (I believe there will be another to come), Kevin and Matt have a chat about some of the things available out there regarding the hybrid capacitance switch that is known as Topre.   I hope you enjoy.   Don't forget,  You can also find our Patreon here:    and also our Facebook page here:   You can find our YouTube Channel here:

The Board - Kevin Introduces The Level [1:00:32]
This week, we're proud to announce that we have another one of the community vendors on-board as a Podcast Sponsor. A huge thankyou and shoutout for Andrew from ChillCaps (Chill, Rad, and Good Caps!) for sponsoring the show and our giveaways! You can check out ChillCaps at and always get in touch for community and custom keycaps! We also talk our way through: - More MassDrop Issues (

The Board - This Week in Popcorn, I mean, Mechanical Keyboard Community [58:25]
This week, its a bit popcorn filled, with some contraversy and drama filling the Mechanical Keyboard community. We have a run at the topics below, including but not limited to: - Shoutout for Rhys from Melbourne, for the Outemu Ice switch sample packs, and his instagram - Nekocaps Bootstamps - Wireless split keyboard software

The Board - 800 Subscriber Giveaway Livestream Episode [1:11:03]
This week, Kevin takes leave from this episode to refresh and prepare himself for school, so Don runs a livestream to draw the 800 subscriber giveaway and hang out with cool people at 1am Sydney time. Don talks through: - New machining 'business' offering production? ( - JellyKey Moon Festival 'things' ( - Stone Keycaps ...

The Board - The Week When Kevin Goes Home [48:53]
This week, Kevin takes leave from this episode to drive the 12 hours home after spending the summer in Seattle, thus, Don runs solo again.   This week, he rabbits on through:   - Artisan Keycap Sale Calendar:   - Patreon Shoutouts: ( , and )   - Stand Up for...

The Board - 1 Year Anniversary Special [1:14:07]
In our 1 year anniversary special, we opened up the session, but only had one visitor (The Boom Boy), who actually also joined us for the New Year Special too!   We also had Joris and Gabe come along too! It was a full house of hosts. Some of the topics we rolled through were: -   -   -

The Board - The Filler Episode
So this week, Kevin was busy, and couldn't make it, so I go through 3 things, and then ramble through the rest of the shorter episode haha...   -  Launch of /u/wokechill store ChillCaps,    -   -   I hope next week we'll be back to our full compliment, and the com...

The Board - When Orange Comes A Visiting (700 Subscriber Livestream) [1:15:20]
YouTube Livestream video -   This week, Kevin and I have a livestream to celebrate our 700 subscribers on YouTube, and are even briefly joined by Joris!   Some of the things we talk/look at this episode were: - Online Rendering tool ( - Apple M0110 with custom PCB to fit (

The Board - The One Where Kevin's PC Crashes [1:11:36]
We get through another week of keyboard talk, and our timing gets thrown out by Kevin's PC crash, so our apologies for running a touch longer than normal.   This week, we have:   - A shoutout for   - Massdrop Plank Drop Delayed until August 30   - Ball Bearing Homing Keys (   - Signature Plastics Grab Bags Coming again soon(TM) (   - Art Key Universe (

The Board - Proudly Brought to you by... [1:07:02]
.... Idea23, Awesome Caps at Great Prices!   This week, Kevin and I do our usual and chat through a bunch of stuff, including but of course not limited to:   - Maxkeys having their kerning issues looked at ( and also SA Lime (   - A competitor to the $ynth? (

The Board - Pre Seattle Meetup Episode [1:09:01]
This week, I manage to have a chat with Kevin before he gets ready for the Seattle Meetup happening today!   I thought I'd expedite the episode so any listeners on their way there could possibly listen before attending the meetup.   Some of the content we looked at this week:   * Welfare96 Bait and Switch -   * Maxkey SA Ninja Now with Real pictures -

The Board - 600 Subscriber Livestream Episode [1:11:56]
This week, we celebrate our 600 subscribers on YouTube by drawing the winner of the 600 Subscriber Giveaway.   Congratulations to Brendan F from New Zealand, ironic since the greenstone in the Movember cap came from there, so its going home!   We talk through a few topics (while I CAD some stuff on the stream for my Delta Split 75%) and interact with our lovely listeners.   Stuff we run on about were:   * 4x4 Sale from Hunger Work Studio ending at end of July.   * Don't microwave your keycaps (https://www.r...

The Board - Kevin battles Seattle Life, GMK Galore, and Sydney Meetup Wraps [1:05:49]
This week, we explore options for Kevin to survive the Seattle heat, along with a bunch of things as per usual.   - GMK sets (Nautilis, Mondrian -, 1983 -   - XDA Delay (   - A shoutout for the ECO Groupby (

The Board - Back in Action from Seattle! [1:03:42]
Kevin returns to being on the podcast after temporarily relocating to Seattle.   This week, we chat our way through a bunch of things including:    - Keysets/Drops including SA Carbon, GMK Nautilus, Solarised Dark. SA Godspeed   - Perconius Pony's Patina's Plate (   - Busgamer/Idea23's helpful DIY to do iron-on transfers (

The Board - A Kevinterview with Jolly Green Giant, On Location!
Kevin has a coffee shop chat with Raymond, also known as /u/Jolly_Green_Giant on Reddit, as they catch up in person!   The recording was in .m4a format, so if you can't listen to it, let me know and I'll do a conversion and re-upload!...

The Board - One On One With TaeKeyboards [47:24]
Its been a very long time coming, but I finally get to catch up with Andrew (/u/MendezAS) of TaeKeyboards fame ( ,, and we have a chat about Mechanical Keyboards, his YouTube Channel, and what goes on outside of keyboards.   I hope you enjoy!   Don't forget that the Sydney Meetup is only 2 weeks away (   Plus our The Boar...

The Board - More International Than Normal! [59:26]
This week, Kevin calls in from Thailand to join me, and we chatter our way through a few topics from the week gone by.   - Ergodox Sets with Legends (   - Switchboard Protoype: 40% + numpad or 65% layout (   - Toothpick mods and innovation (

The Board - 500 Subscriber Giveaway Livestream Edition [1:17:03]
This week, we take to the airways both on YouTube and of course recorded here for all your non-visual listening needs.   This edition, being the giveaway for our 500 subscribers on YouTube drew out from the woodwork Gabe and Joris, and of course a few of the community early risers or late night owls (depending on where you are in the world) to join us on the livestream.   Some of the things we covered this week:   - /u/ParityB1t's Cancer UK Fundraising (

The Board - We Return To Regular Programming [1:08:25]
This week, both Kevin and I are back, to our usual podcasting selves.   We take a talk on a few things including:   - M-65A   - Mechanical Keyboard Vendors List (   - Crux Cap (   - A bunch of MassDrop Related sets/items/buys   - Some Computex things that caught out thoughts   Plus our usual wanderings in topical discussio...

The Board - Don's Turn at Running Solo [43:19]
This week, Kevin has a deserved break, and Don take a go at solo running.   Some of the topics this week that Don mumbles his way through are:   - SA Carbon   - GMK Yuri   - Delta Split 75%   - Hadron ver 2 (   -   -     Plus his thoughts on what has happened after 3 years of being in this community.   I hope at least some of this episode might be entertaining for you!   Don't forget to check out our YouTube Channel if you haven't, we're so clos...

The Board - Kevin's Heroic First Solo Episode [28:53]
This week, I was out of action due to losing my voice (I had been sick this week, and then I had to attend a Chinese wedding reception, and lost my voice during the night), and so I asked Kevin if he could run an episode without me.   Unknown to me, he was also sick, and losing his voice too, but due to the time difference, I didn't know until he had sent me the episode.  In true hero style however, Kevin still went ahead and recorded an episode for us this week, covering the following items:   - GMK Transf...

The Board - Livestream with Juan from Idea23 [1:10:12]
In this episode, we're joined by Juan (Busgamer) of Idea23.   We also stumble our way around trying to get a youtube Skype stream going on with catastrophically bad results (LOL!).   We have a look over the K-type, DSA Purple Rain, a talk about GMK Yuri, and a bit more about what has been happening with Idea23, plus future work ahead!   Thank you for coming along and checking out the livestream, or listening to this episode!   Oh, also, Quakemz, you'll have to watch the video to see the Pale Ale!...

The Board - Stew and the Language of Love [1:05:32]
This week, Kevin takes lead, because Don was pooped from a 1st Birthday Party.   Some of the topics we rambled on about were:   - Idea23 becomming Sydney 2017 * 1 Principle Sponsor   - Houston TX Meetup Shoutout   - Miami Dolch, Miami Nights, Miami Days   - ZZ96 and Welface 96   - Idea23 Bubble Tea caps   - GMK Laser   Plus giveaway winner for the jgodinez302 MX Switch Patches, and details for the next giveaway.   In addition, some French. XD   Thanks for tuning in!...

The Board - 400 Subscriber Giveaway Livestream! [1:31:26]
In this livestream of The Board Podcast, we do the raffle for the 400 Subscribers Giveaway! Plus our usual shenanigans, and if we have any listeners, we'll do some community engagement with them too!   Topics we have a look at this week:   - Errata on MechMarket Bans from last week's episode   - Topre Springs, what would be the effects of custom springs?   - Keyclack New Website   - KeyKollective GoFundMe, plus community giving in general   - Meetup promotion   - Resin KeyCaps and their inherent properties ...

The Board - 400 YouTube Subscribers! [1:10:46]
This week, we celebrate our 400 YouTube Subscriber status with a giveaway, plus our usual mish-mash of topical discussions, covering, but not limited to:   - Hungerworks Studios 4x4 Sale   - Scammers on MechMarket   - PENNA Keyboard   - rixtox Open Source MX Sliders   - Desoldering Tool review   Plus others!   Thank you for coming along and checking out another episode of The Board!...

The Board - Fugu are Friends, not Food [1:03:55]
This week, we mourn the loss of a Fugu in the community, and Kevin and I roll through some of the following topics, and then some (as usual):   -Jolly_Green_Giant Watster Giveaway: "I would like to know when it was they realized they fell down the rabbit hole and realized they spent an obscene amount of money on keyboards lol, It made me go 'Wat" -Sydney Meetup Confirmed 8th July 2017. -Kevin's another e-recycler trip -The Clacker Radio Play - Any interest? We have an audition script available.... -Huge don...

The Board - Is It a Bird? Is it a Plane? No, its..... ! [1:01:41]
This week, we plunge deep into the underworld of Mechanical Keyboards to find our /r/MK super hero.. with interesting results.   Some of the topics we cover this week :   - The Puck   - Kinesis Freestyle Edge Beta Testing   - Hasu's FC660C Controller   - SPRiT and Vendors   - Deciding the /r/MK Superhero thanks to /u/Busgamer7394   Thank you for coming along and checking out another Episode of The Board!...

The Board - Alls Well Ends Well [1:07:54]
After some technical difficulties, we bring you this week's episode.   Kevin and Gabe come along for a mish-mash of topics this week, spanning: -Tips on desoldering? - How to prevent lifting pads? Good/Bad desoldering tools/practices? -Macropad giveaway - No entries yet! -How to spot Fake Hakko FX-888D's (Yes, lots of videos, but why watch a video when we can tell you!) -Kevin's Feel-Good Story of the Week -Holtite mini-van build -Did anyone manage to get onto the Yanbo hoarded Massdrop? - A LOT of stuff le...

The Board - A Kevinterview with Robot Maxtron [36:54]
Kevin and Robot Maxtron take the time to have a chat on how became the revival of Ergodoxian knowledge, and the other aspects of keyboards that Robot Maxtron has been, and is, involved in....

The Board - Leave No Keyboard Behind! [1:00:06]
This week, its a two-man show, with Kevin and myself both making it through rainy periods in our respective cities, to bring you our topics of the week.   In no particular order, we talk our way through:   Ultimate Hacking Keyboard SA Chocolatier Macropad PCB Giveaway  thanks to /u/busgamer7394 The Heatbuff Handwarmer When do you NOT let others use your keyboard? Kevin's second trip to e-recycling Holtites Hasu's FC660C Controller Ebay Clacks   Plus our usual random chatter.   We look forward to seeing your...

The Board - Another Livestream Broadcast, Drama Week, and a Quick Feed from the EU Meetup with Chyrosran22! [1:19:22]
This week, we ran our podcast simulcasted on our YouTbe channel as a Livestream so we could draw the winner of the Sebright hand-wire kit, plus also hoping to get a Live cross-over from Joris at the EU Keyboard Meetup hosted at CoolerMaster.   Not only was I joined in with Kevin, Gabe, and Joris, we were also lucky enough to get a drip in with Tomas, also known as Chyrosran22 on YouTube!   Our Tops this week covered: Drawing the Sebright Giveaway EU Meetup Live Feed with Joris Gherkin GB Number 2 Drama Mass...

The Board - I Have Never Handwired a Mechanical Keyboard Before [1:06:28]
Thank you for checking out another episode of The Board.   In this episode, Kevin and I run through a bunch of stuff, including: -New crowdfunded keyboards -New website for a community artisan maker -Some keysets news -Some giveaways we're running (Psst a Sebright Kit!) (If you've listened/found this not from /r/Mechanicalkeyboards, you'll have to find the posted thread to enter! If that thread doesn't exist yet, it means you're listening to this because you're RSS/subscribed/Facebooked, which is our way of...

The Board - Returning Guest Busgamer7394, and Giveaway Announcements! [1:09:12]
In this episode, Busgamer7394 (Juan), from Idea23 join us to talk over a few things that have happened in the community, as well as to talk over some of his journey since we spoke with him last, plus what is coming up ahead in the Idea23 space.   We talk over and mention a few things on Group Buy updates; Some keyboard drama in the community; What has been happening in the Idea23 space; Plus some really cool announcements on Giveaways!   Thank you for listening, and make sure you check out our YouTube space...

The Board - Orange is the colour of this week's Host [1:15:48]
This week, Joris takes hosting duties, and does a great job with his segues! Joined also by Kevin and Gabe for another week's wrap on what has happened in the community.   We have some discussions about: The new website Buy Party, and its competition Massdrop. GMK Plum hitting 1000 buys. Techniques for loose fitting stems. Devlin Radaway Group Buy. Invyr Panda, Fosen, and MOD SH switches. Some giveaway talk. Plus our usual random meanderings in different topics!   Thanks for checking our the podcast!...

The Board - Dedication to the Cause, and a Live Audience.
Due to some circumstances, Kevin joined this session from a Cafe, while we have a live audience in recording this session from a YouTube Livestream!   I forgot to mention it during the actual podcast, but a huge massive thankyou and shoutout to /u/bakingpy for his donation last week! It is really appreciated, and helps explain why Kevin had to get completely soaked during this episode.   We talk about:   Zorb's Charity Raffle results. Idea23/Busgamer's Sculptors casting service More Dye-Sub competition on t...

The Board - Ask Us Anything and Musical Interludes [1:10:00]
AdmiralCheddar's second in charge and Jacob's brother join me in this episode while I enjoy the musical talents of Haroldthefourth.   Thanks go to /u/dilbertprogrammer for his donation, and supporting our hosting for this show!   In this episode we:   Recap what The Board Podcast is all about. Answer some questions asked from my Ask Us Anything post:   We go over some of the sets affected by the SA profile dela...

The Board - Flaming Carriage Hurtling Towards a Cliff Edition [1:02:54]
This week, Don takes a step back and lets Kevin and Gabe take the reins in leading the episode. The usual chaotic episode occurs and is likened early on to a carriage on fire, speeding quickly towards a cliff.   This weeks episode talks over a few topics in no particular order.   Hubble MIRA GMK Coniferous SA Valentines Idea23 Spacebars Signature Plastics Keyset of the Month - GRADE Winner of last week's giveaway, and this week's question   Plus of course the usual random deviation from topics!   I hope you...

The Board - Where is the Giveaway Question? [1:02:49]
Another week, another episode!   This week, we cover the following  topics from the Mechanical Keyboard Community:   Keyclack on hiatus - Wishing jchan and his family all the best and a speedy recovery for the family member who is unwell. Rama Works visiting the USA - 11 July 17 through to 25 July 17. LoFree Keyboard B'GNU-THUN Artisan being squeezed out of mailers? Round 6 / Round 7 buy controversy. Keybordio Update SPRiT Springs drop on MassDrop being Cancelled SA Delays for Chocolatier Ducky and Varmillo...

The Board - Keyboards Keyboards Keyboards! [1:05:31]
This Week on The Board, Kevin and I talk through the following topics listed below, in no particular order:   Signature Plastics Grab-Bag Record   Gherkin 30% PCB Group Buy -   Novatouch + CNC Aluminium Case from Originative -   V.E.A. Tilt wrist rests IC & Renders from Alienman82 -

The Board - Welcoming in 2017, Bigger, Better, and More Orange [1:01:38]
Happy New Year!   In this episode, we welcome in 2017, with Joris returning to our speakers.   The first major 'drama' of the year also came along (Penumbra R2 via Originative Co.)  -   Vortex Core Review from 1upkeyboards, and pricing.   We talk about a few Meetups, with Tokyo Meetup 2017 coming 29th Jan -   ...

The Board - One On One with Fictiouz, a Kevinterview [39:02]
This week, we break from our normal broadcast, and instead have an interview with community member Fictiouz, as a Kevinterview.   Hope you Enjoy :)   Please also take the time to visit our new YouTube Channel if you haven't, check out our video content, like and subscribe, so we can continue to deliver more Mechanical Keyboard material to you!   You can find out YouTube Channel here:

The Board - One On One with iNViSiBiLiTi, a Kevinterview [40:13]
In this One On One, Kevin gets to chat with iNViSiBiLiTi, one of the /r/mechanicalkeyboard moderators.   We would like to warn our listeners that we are still learning the intricacies of audio engineering, so the volume balance in this interview is slightly off, with iNViSiBiLiTi being a bit quieter.   You may have to turn up the volume a little to hear him, but please be wary of your hearing for any sudden other audio sources due to the increased volume on the listening device of your choosing....

The Board - New Years Eve 2016 Special [1:21:56]
This episode is the last for 2016, recorded on New Years Eve day. We had an open invite for people to join us, and so they did!   We talked a few topics and just had good wind-down for the end of 2016.   Some links related to our discussions are below:   The KB66 (Clueboard/FC660M similar form board) Groupbuy   Bills provided link to hand-wired small form factor 35% board on Deskthority   In-Keyboard aiming nub http:/...

The Board - A One on One, with Kevin and Alex At Panc
In our last interview release for 2016, we thought we'd finish with an One on One from one of our most popular topic sessions of the year. The response from our 40% Special showed us that you guys wanted more from them and Kevin has managed to line up another chat with Alex, the creator of the Seabright and Minorca boards.   I hope you all enjoy this interview, and have enjoyed all the content from The Board in 2016. We look forward to bringing you more discussions, both in-depth, or light-hearted fun, on m...

The Board - Wheel of Topics, and Q & A with Kevin and Gabe [1:30:33]
A slightly earlier release today than usual, as I am unlikely to be home at our usual release time. As we start to wrap on the year, we relax a little and have a little bit of a longer podcast than normal, and spin the wheel of topics, plus answer the questions asked on the Q & A thread that Kevin posted earlier today.   Wishing you all a Happy, safe, Christmas and holiday period.   If we don't manage a session next week, also a Happy New year too!...

The Board - Random Roundup with Kevin and Dangerzone's Cousin Twice Removed (18 Dec 2016) [1:18:18]
Another week, another podcast, and our usual chat on things from around the community, and our lives relating to Mechanical Keyboards.   This week we have a discussion includingL RAMA/jchan M65 Recent sets (Borealis, High Contrast Granite, Dasher/Dancer) Keyboard layouts post from livingspeedbump ( Taobao Dangerzone Replica Positive Subreddit and subscriber surge and other random topics as usual.   Thank you f...

The Board - Weekly Episode Featuring Busgamer7394/Idea23 [1:07:06]
We're (Kevin and I) joined this week with /u/Busgamer7394, the man behind Idea23 wrist rests, an artisan, and the Dyesub caps. Busgamer (Juan) chats with us about some of the things involved in getting PBT dyesub setup started, some of the challenges involved that he has managed to work through, and his current project he's working on.    We also touch lightly on some of the other things this week that has passed on by, including /u/Dilbertprogrammer and his keyboard collection blog: http://dilbertprogramme...