Aggregated reviews for TheBoard - Mechanical Keyboard Talk by Mechanical Keyboard Enthusiasts

This series is all about Mechanical Keyboards, talking from switches, caps, DIY kits, hand-wired, cases, plates and more. If its about Mechanical Keyboards, we'll probably talk about it! As a sub-series is also the Mech Market Report, a weekly look at prices from the second-hand market on the MechMarket subreddit.

Great show (5/5)

Been listening to The Board for the past couple years now, it’s always the first podcast of the week that I listen to.

Used to be a great podcast (2/5)

I've been a subscriber for a while and this podcast used to be pretty good and informative, but it has gone downhill. Don has been trying to keep the show together, but you can sense the struggle with Kevin seeming to always have an excuse why he's missing the show again. Its blatantly obvious, Kevin could really care less about this show and seems to always leave Don hanging. I liked the show Don, but doing the show solo just doesn't really make the podcast interesting much anymore, especially since it seems more like daycare now. Best of luck to you blokes.

I listen every week (5/5)

I love listening to Don and Kevin every week. They have really helped me get into mechanical keyboards as a hobby, and learn about the community.