Aggregated reviews for The Book Review

The world's top authors and critics join host Pamela Paul and editors at The New York Times Book Review to talk about the week's top books, what we're reading and what's going on in the literary world.

If you like books.... (5/5)

You’ll like this podcast. Great host, knowledgeable guests, excellent recommendations.

Love it! (5/5)

This podcast has served as my weekly dose of culture for as long as I can remember. The author interviews are in-depth without being long-winded. The topics are interesting and the round table of editors discussing what books they’re reading and how far they’ve gotten along has a certain charm to it. Highly recommended.

Great podcast (5/5)

Love the podcast. Look forward to it every week.

Just what I needed... (4/5)

Re: the Fifty Memoirs episode...just what I needed *another* pile of books I'm dying to read and don't have time to read! Please try to stop saying "sort of" and "kind of"

Best podcast out there (5/5)

There is no more interesting discussion and guests. Full stop.

So great!! (5/5)

This is a great podcast with or without reading the NYT Book Review in print . The interviews of the authors are done with skill , and hearing an author reflect on the book and also read is sometimes the highlight of my day , expanding the world .

This is hardly a review podcast (1/5)

Recently started listening. There’s never a review on fiction books and all books that are “discussed” always come back to how terrible the current president is. Definitely better sources for books reviews that contain proper discussion.

TGIF (5/5)

Always look forward to Friday to hear the Book Review!

The best podcast there is (5/5)

Pamela Paul is a treasure!!

#1 for what to read next! (5/5)

I can’t get enough of this podcast. It’s where I go for book recommendations, publishing industry news, and a wide variety of historical, cultural, and political topics. I feel smarter and more informed about the world each time I listen.

Subscribe and enjoy (5/5)

Not only will you be kept abreast of what’s happening in the book world, you’ll also get to know the team at the book review, and they are a stellar bunch! Can’t praise highly enough. Thank you!

I Always Learn Something New (5/5)

This podcast is well structured, informative and very well produced. The host, Pamela Paul, is a great interviewer and is always well prepared. Thanks for this incredible resource!

Always interesting (5/5)

Great source for finding new books to read!

One of the best pods today (5/5)

Thank you so much for this weekly dose of humor, literature, diversity, and intellectual joy. This is the one podcast I know I will love every week. You haven't let me down yet! Never, never stop.

Great interviews and book recommendations! (5/5)

I look forward to listening to this podcast every week! Pamela Paul’s interviews with authors are excellent—great questions, engaging and different book choices. And I always love learning what the NYT book critics are reading. Lots of great book inspiration, especially when I’m deciding what to read next.

Picking the best memoir (5/5)

Thank you for this topic, especially the recommendation of Wave which I’ve just finished and loved. I look forward to seeing the whole list. Your podcast is one of my favorites—great author interviews.

50 Best Memoirs in the last 50 years (5/5)

Fast talking, Interesting, Insightful, Respectful, and a great list by which to choose. Thanks.

My #1 favorite podcast (5/5)

The NYTBR podcast is my favorite, hands down. It's probably because I love reading, but it's ironic I like this one best since I actually have a podcast myself on a very different topic, and most of my mental energy is spent on thinking about that other, somewhat technical subject. Despite the fact that I have to listen to podcasts on that other topic, I always, always listen to the NYTBR one first if a new episode is out. Through interviews with authors, you learn a ton about a subject you yourself may not have time to dive into, and I love the conversations amongst the staff about what they're reading -- it's like any conversation I might have with my other book-loving friends. Thanks, Pamela and staff, for doing such great work every week!

What is the name of soundtrack at the opening (4/5)

That piece is charming

I Listen Every Week (5/5)

Consistently entertaining and enjoyable

One of my favorite podcasts (5/5)

I listen every week.

This used to be my favorite podcast (2/5)

Too much emphasis on nonfiction. I also used to enjoy discussion about what everyone on the panel was reading.

:/ (3/5)

This used to be one of my favorite podcasts - I never missed an episode. I find myself listening to it much less since the election because Pamela Paul seems to have a compulsion to allude to current politics every 7 minutes, even when it’s almost completely irrelevant to the book being discussed. Even more grating than the frequency is her smug “of course anyone listening to this podcast must hold the same opinions as me” tone as she makes these comments. Blech. Even when I do happen to hold the same opinions, the smug insularity of her tone sets my teeth on edge. Too bad, because I enjoy the interviews otherwise, love the perspective on writing and publishing that the show gives me, and particularly look forward to the panel of reviewers talking about their own reading. Your mileage may vary.

Best book podcast (5/5)

I’ve tried out a few podcasts about books and this one is my favorite. I’ve discovered some great books over the past year from this podcast. My favorite section is the last one, in which the contributors talk about what they’re currently reading. It’s fascinating to learn about how people choose books and how their backgrounds and recent selections influence their current reading. As other reviewers have mentioned, Pamela Paul has a beautiful voice and is a great interviewer.

The greatest stuff (5/5)

Because major books are so different, every week the podcast delves into new content with deep insight. Very interesting to listen to week after week. Pamela Paul--what a great voice. And her French! And the others are all great.

Gold standard (5/5)

The New York Times Book Review podcast is, to my mind, the gold standard of all book podcast out there right now. Pamela Paul manages a program that combines erudition, information, insights, and humor in a wonderful way. A joy to listen to!

A favorite (5/5)

I enjoy listening to readers talk about books, so this podcast is a must-listen for me. I am not always interested in the interview(s) that lead the podcast (and I sometimes skip those) but I always enjoy the end segments - news from the literary world + the critics’ roundtable. A great resource for readers. Thanks!

Best Podcast Out There (5/5)

I listen to several podcasts but this is my penultimate favorite. I love the detailed interviews with writers and works recently reviewed but mostly I like the discussions among the critics of what they are reading, how well they like what they are reading and hearing occasional quotes from the works they find compelling. Just like the Book Review, which I’ve read since I was a teen, this is excellent journalism.

For book lovers (5/5)

Excellent team! Thoughtful analysis and enjoyable discussions.

Love the Book Review (5/5)

Always something surprising to learn and build a great reading list.

Very Good Book Podcadt (4/5)

I thoroughly this weekly book podcast and I would not miss one episode. (My other favorite is The Guardian’s.) As i live between Bangkok and Cape Town, it keeps me informed on the literary world and teaches me a lot. If I cannot read all the books I want to, I usually have a good idea about them thanks to the excellent intervenants. I warmed up to Pamela over the years: she asks intelligent questions and is always well prepared. She is sharp, witty, and unusually self-deprecating for an American. I don’t feel so bad when she says that she is a slow reader! The book critics are excellent too, especially Parul Sehgal whose very broad views are refreshing. Thanks to all of you for making my Saturday mornings literary and enjoyable!

Oasis for readers (5/5)

Do you ever wish that you had a group of ferocious readers to talk about books with? People who read new books in every genre with care and intelligence and then came together to talk about it? And had the authors come over to talk about how their books came to be? This is your podcast. Never stuffy or self-important, these are people just about as in love with books as you can be and still hold a job. Luckily for us, it is their job, and they’re great at it. They’re also readers like you and me that occasionally struggle to engage with a book or a style and talk about that, as well as how they found their way in. The discussions have shaped my reading list more than the reviews themselves. Love this podcast.

Suggestion (4/5)

Ms Goldberg is the reason for downgrading. Actually, I’ve started to forward ahead when she starts to talk. Her voice is grating and her emotiveness borders on unprofessional. She is utterly predictable whereas “sort of” Douthat and Leonhardt are reliably interesting and thoughtful.

My Favorite Podcast (5/5)

This podcast has taught me SO much and really forced me to read outside of my normal genres. The interviews are excellent, but my favorite part is at the end when everybody talks about what they’ve been reading this week. I look forward to all the book recommendations—I wish I had enough time to read them all.

Quite enjoyable. (5/5)

What a good podcast. It’s refreshing, varied and very well produced. I learn something relevant in every episode.

Highlight of My Listening Week (5/5)

Pamela Paul hosts the Book Review Podcast with intelligence, grace and humor. This is not a reading of the book reviews. Instead, there are open ended conversations with authors about their books and with reviewers who have immersed themselves in the books they review. The podcast is friendly and sometimes lighthearted while never being dumbed down and never being pretentious. One of the best parts is hearing a handful of the NYT critics and writers discuss their personal reading for the week with respect and and real interest in what their colleagues are thinking.

One of the best podcasts out there (5/5)

Pamela Paul is a superb host. I look forward each week to the podcast. Excellent interviews, great segments- I could listen another hour 😊. Thank you Pamela and the other regular contributors for an entertaining & intelligent podcast. Love it!!

Favorite Podcast (5/5)

Extremely well done and entertaining podcast.

When you can’t wait for your fave part of the Sunday Times (5/5)

I enjoy the author interviews, what the editors are reading (though I wish one contributor was a regular nonfiction reader), and the news of publishing, all distinct from Sunday’s Book Review itself. If only it came out earlier on Friday—I’d love to listen to it during my breaks/driving time before 5 pm. Thanks Book Review!

Let’s here Jenna More (5/5)

I looooove Jenna and Wesley’s super thought provoking , relatable and often humorous podcast!!! One of my faves.... but can we please give Jenna more time to host and be a leader on the show. I love you both, but Wesley you need to share the spotlight and Jenna , it would be great to hear you take the lead rather than just support and react. Thanks! Alan San Francisco

Love it! (5/5)

Best podcast for readers.

Love (5/5)

Love the book discussions and diversity in books and authors. I wish there a way to easily access the titles you discussed in each episode. It’s hard to go back in the podcast and find the titles.

Don’t miss an episode (5/5)

I really look forward to this podcast every week. Even if I don’t read the book I am almost always learning something new. And Pamela Paul is an extremely good interviewer. She keeps the dialogue flowing without interrupting the person being interviewed. Seems simple but many do not do if nearly as well. You have broadened my world.

Like a great Lit class or book club (5/5)

I listen to this podcast during my commute. It makes me feel like I’m reading at a time when I cannot because I am driving. The observations and background knowledge they discuss adds richness to my reading experience when I read one of the recommended books. Thank you!!

Best way to keep up with what is out there to read (5/5)

This podcast is one of the best ways to find a wide range of interesting and exciting books. Even if I never read the book, I always learn something new and interesting about the author, the book, and the story the author has to tell. I discover great authors I would not run into otherwise.

Repeat title (5/5)

After discussing a book please repeat its title. I like your podcast a lot. Thanks. Joan

Anne (5/5)

Wonderful podcast! I especially enjoy the end where the listener hears about the books the staff are reading or recently read. I love how they are not all “of the moment books.”

Best book podcast (5/5)

This is one of my favorite podcasts. I like the format, 2 twenty minute interviews with two recently published authors. Pamela Paul, the well read host (who has a lovely voice) generally conducts these interviews. Her manner is conversational and her questions generally thoughtful and probing. These interviews are followed by a discussion of some of week's top books by Ny Times critics and editors.

Favorite podcast every week (5/5)

I love Fridays even more now that I look forward to a comprehensive review of the literary world’s greatest works. This podcast helps me add books to my to-read list, hear from authors I love or haven’t heard of, and keeps me up to date on publishing and literary news. The theme music is the best, too.

One of my go-to FAVs (5/5)

Pamela Paul & her team almost unfailingly capture the excitement of the brilliant new work being done across the country. "Almost" because while I adore what the big publishers are able to do with their bright & hard-working staffs and unmatched writers, they don't always have time to celebrate the work coming out of smaller publishers. But if everything were perfect, we'd never strive. I love the work being done by this team.

Great show that has gotten better (5/5)

I’ve been listening to this podcast, off and on, since the Olden Days when you had to download podcasts on a computer then put them on an actual iPod. Love the format of interviews with writers and reviewers plus discussion among Times book reporters and critics. It’s gotten even better, smarter, more relevant with Pamela Paul. And a wonderful alternative to true crime/political podcasts.

Rituals (5/5)

Listening to the nytimes book review podcast is my Saturday morning ritual. It’s my favorite moment of the weekend, with my cup of coffee I listen to what feels like old friends talk about books.

Makes me love reading even more! (5/5)

When editor Pamela Paul conducts interviews, she never fails to ask the kinds of questions I’m wondering about as I hear the authors speak about their research, experience, and/or about the writing craft. I love that this podcast gives me a chance to hear about all sorts of books, from the two featured ones, to the industry update, to what the critics reviewed, to what the Book Review staff are reading on their own time. I love to hear about the different reading habits they have, because well, it turns out- NYTBR editors- they’re just like us! Haha. Anyway, I love that the subjects covered are so varied, it’s a little surprise journey that I get to take every Friday. This is one of my very favorite podcasts.

Great Content & Great Production (5/5)

Many, too many, podcasts need to take lessons on production quality. For example, how to coach the caller. The Book Review nails it. And of course it is The Times so the authors are the influencers of record.

One of my favorites (5/5)

Excellent podcast and excellent and articulate host. I especially like the end where the host and guests discuss what they are currently reading. Would like to see more episodes on fiction books.

Love this podcast (5/5)

I always learn from this podcast and get great recommendations. I love the part at the end when Pamela Paul and others talk about what they are reading.

One of my favorites (5/5)

I have had podcast come and go from my library, but the NYT Book Review is one for the few that I have remained faithful to. Even if the books that are discussed aren’t ones that I will ever pick up, I still learn something about the topics that the books cover. I love the updates from the publishing industry and listening to what the reviewers are reading. Lovers of books and reading MUST add this to their library.

Excellent Show (5/5)

This is a fantastic listen if you hope to explore exciting ideas, narrative philosophies, and the accounts of talented artists. Pamela is a national treasure! Open, intuitive, and a brilliant interviewer. If I had one criticism, it might be that the show can feel ever-so-slightly inaccessible at times, and I wonder about efforts to draw in folks who are less enamored by the literary world. That being said, I adore this show. Hit that subscribe button!

A favorite podcast (5/5)

I am a huge Pamela Paul fan. I only realized a couple of years ago or so that the NYT had a Book Review podcast. I like the format--speaking to an author whose book is reviewed in the paper or to an author who has written a review. The podcast often goes deeper into a subject than is permitted in print. I really like the segment in the end where the staff talks about what they have been reading. Not all the books cited are new. Some are classics, others books I did not know and have put on my list to read.

Fabulous! (5/5)

This weeks wonderful interview with Isabel Wilkerson finally tipped me into action to write what I feel most weeks when I listen to this podcast. Paul’s tone and questions elicit important material from authors that give context to their books. I generally listen to several podcasts weekly. I’ve felt that Pamela Paul’s interviews delved more deeply into some authors interviewing than when the same author is interviewed by others, such as Paul’s outstanding interview of Todd Purdum (“Something Wonderful “) compared to Terri Gross’s.

A wonderful find and easy to jump in! (5/5)

I have been a life-long reader and to find this podcast as an adult is a pleasure! I don’t always have time to read new and/or notable works (of fiction, nonfiction, journalism); isn’t it wonderful “The Book Review” covers them for me? I often find myself adding books that are discussed on this podcast to my wishlist and the hosts are always delightful, insightful, and judicious with their time. I particularly loved the recent interview with Kate Atkinson about her most recent novel “Transcription.” That interview spurred me to find Atkinson’s novel “Life after Life,” in my local library, and what a great find that was! Many thanks for a great weekly hour (away from these hectic times) just to settle into listening to folks talk about what they love: books.

Encore! 📚 (5/5)

I’m a graduate student who researches Japanese literature, so listening to the Book Review podcast is a breath of fresh air that lets me catch up with major trends in contemporary literature without so much of the academic jargon and theoretical viewpoint that come up in grad school seminars. I often feel inspired listening to Pamela and the other Book Review folks tell us about their favorite books and it’s not seldom that I end up checking out many of the reviewed pieces.

Thoroughly enjoyable (5/5)

I always learn something new, even when I think I’m not particularly interested.

Love it! (5/5)

One of my favorite 2 podcasts. My other is The Westwing Weekly. I am entertained and informed. I often buy books based on what I hear. My favorite segment is “What I’m reading this week”. Paula is the best!

Love it! (5/5)

I absolutely love this podcast. It’s enlightening and accessible - enriching and most of all enjoyable. I learn so much about books I want to read and even those I don’t. It’s like having coffee with your most well-read friends, that probably don’t exist in real life. Highly recommend!!!

Perfect podcast (5/5)

I am so grateful for this podcast- I get book recommendations and learn something new in every show! I usually have to hit pause so I can request the discussed books from my library!

Regular Listener (5/5)

For a book lover like me, this is best that’s out there. Keep up the great work!

Don't have enough time to read? Listening to this podcast will help. (5/5)

There will always be more good books to read than time to read them, but this podcast will help prioritize. The interviews will help you determine whether you will be interested enough to make that particular book a worthwhile use of your limited time, and even if you decide not to read a particular book, you'll know more about that book, and about related trends in publishing, making those hard choices a little easier. As other reviewers have noted, it's well worth the time it takes to listen (particularly if you have a lengthy commute like mine).

My Favorite Podcast (5/5)

The New York Times Book Review is my favorite podcast. Pamela Paul is an excellent interviewer, and I often wonder how she comes up with such insightful questions. I learn so much about many different topics when I listen. Then there is my endlessly growing list of books to read based on those referred to here - no matter how obscure! I already had an addiction to books now it's just a constant battle to keep up. I wish I could join them sometimes to talk about the books we are reading I love all of the reviewers - the regulars and the visitors.

Required listening (5/5)

Absurdly informative

Long Time Listener (5/5)

As a poet, I tend to gravitate my to craft talk, but I started listening to NYT Book Review Podcast in 2012, and it has been my favorite podcast ever since. It’s made me start to read for enjoyment, not just for my craft. And in many ways that’s deepened my love for books and has allowed me to feel a greater sense of play with my own writing. This podcast is just fun!

Martin Amis didnt “get” Barbara Pym. (5/5)

Dear Pamela Paul, I’ve been listening to your NYT book review podcast lately and want to compliment you as an impeccable host. Your research is admirable, your questions are excellent, and you allow your guests to answer them (unlike Charlie Rose, who didn’t on his tv show. He’d ask a question to a celebrity guest and then proceed to answer it before his guest could. Drove me up the wall. I literally yelled at Rose because I wanted to hear his guest talk, not him! -an epitome of egotist.) Anyway, you’re just a fabulous interviewer I wanted also to mention Martin Amis’s comment in regards to Barbara Pym. Martin told me he couldn’t understand her appeal as a writer; he just didn’t get it! Your guest pointed out Pym’s novels never really went anywhere; but rather, they were about “excellent women” of that post war era. Martin (IMHO, an alpha man) could not connect with the female characters in Pym’s novels. I, having read most of Pym’s novels, quote or refer to her pithy words in my memoir “Visiting Martin Amis.” Kindly read a free sample of “Visiting Martin Amis” on or below. Thank you for your attention. Sincerely yours, Julia Clinch Sent from my iPhone

I love this podcast! (5/5)

It's people who know about the latest books, talking about the latest books. They know some things about old books too, and one of the fun parts about listening is confronting those moments when they forget. Like in this latest episode (10/12/18): Pamela manages, by alluding to some recent successful novels, to persuade the otherwise brilliant Tana French that unreliable narrators tend to be female. If you're like me and enjoy arguing with podcasters as if they can hear you (or would ever bother listening if they did), moments like this give you the opportunity to yell back at your phone: "Really? So Huckleberry Finn should be trusted when he accuses himself of immorality? Sheriff Nick Corey really is the second coming of Christ?" It's a blast. And the rest of the time you get to learn about new books.

A calm, thoughtful way to end the day (5/5)

This podcast is a perfect world where people talk thoughtfully about ideas in books.

Love It! (5/5)

My favorite podcast of all time. I love the cast. They manage to be intellectually stimulating, clever, and funny—and not overly pretentious. (I'm not a big fan of the people at Slate Audio Book Club. They're a bit annoying; had to unsubscribe.) Pamela Paul is the best. She's a independent thinker and a winsome host who puts great questions to her guests. I love her perspective. It's fresh and not always what one might expect. Such a great range of authors, books, and topics. I wish the podcast were on more than once per week! I would tune in every day if I could. Keep it up, guys! Love, An American listening from London

No more marketing (ads) please ! (3/5)

I like the podcast, but since the podcast itself may be seen, by some, as marketing for the NYT I find it aggravating to have ads within it as well. Am sure that as the ads fail to disappear I will cancel my subscription as I have with every other podcast that markets to me. Thankfully CSPANs podcast do not look likely to go that route. Some music podcasts as well.

A window through which to share the world of books (5/5)

Pamela Paul interviews and commentary and the NYTBR critics and staff guide incisive conversations with authors to give details about what inspires the making of books: they contribute key insights that are often not apparent reading the works. I look forward to the podcast every week.

The Best Podcast Ever (5/5)

This is my dessert podcast. I save it so that I can savor it. And of all the interviewers on all the shows I've listened to, past and present, I really think Pamela Paul is the best. She listens. She does her homework. It is totally about the guest and not her. This is rare among many interviewers who use their captive audience as a platform to talk about themselves. I have discovered so many authors as a result of this podcast and learned so much about books and the publishing world. I also enjoy the camaraderie in the last segment when other people from the book beat join her and they discuss what they're reading or other contemorary literature. Thank you, Pamela and pals, and may you continue for a long, long time.

Great Podcast (5/5)

I absolutely love everything about the NYT Book review podcast: interviews with authors, news from the publishing world, and reviewers comments about the books they are/have been reading. I think Pamela Paul is a wonderful interviewer and her questions penetrating.

Easily my favorite podcast (5/5)

If the host, Pamela Paul, ever tires of editing the Book Review she could do this full time. And that is true of a lot of the people who work with her, apparently. My favorite part of this podcast is when she and other reviewers just chat. There are times, unfortunately, when you (and, I suspect Ms. Paul herself) must suffer through interviews with authors who...are not as interesting as their books let's say. But that is not the norm. So if you like reading and intelligent talk you need this podcast in your playlist.

Best Source For The General Reader (5/5)

This is my main source from which I choose books. A well organized podcast, informative and a very wide array of subjects.

What they are reading (5/5)

I love the reviews and interviews with authors, but I especially like the end of the podcast in which the participants talk about what they are reading. It always gives me new ideas about books to look for… next on my list a new, for me, author, Shirley Hazard

fantastic (5/5)

is what it is

Pamela Paul asks great questions (5/5)

Lots of interviews are sort of soft, but Paul advances the conversation with each question. Really impressive.

Consistently excellent podcast on ideas (5/5)

Perhaps my favorite podcast. Author interviews, critical discussion, and--something that I didn't imagine would interest me, but that does--publishing news. Its greatest value is as a quick gauge of what everyone--from NY Times reviewers to fans of young-adult-novel franchises in genres I've never heard of--reads, and of the ideas that come through. Well produced and edited. Interesting and topical every week. Thoughtful, consistently engaging host. Strong recommend.

Keeps me sane (5/5)

This podcast is one that has kept me sane the past couple of years.

Dessert for Breakfast (5/5)

My happy time is early morning - pre-coffee - listening to the New York Times Book Review. Elucidating, entertaining and inspiring. Joy!

My favorite podcast (5/5)

Well put together. Love Pamela Paul, love her colleagues, and her writer guests. I've bought many books talked about on this podcast.

Best book podcast out there! (5/5)

My absolute favorite podcast. Pamela and her team present a wonderful hour of discussion and interviews about the most popular and interesting fiction out there today, complete with authors, historians, and critics. It's especially lovely to hear what the staff at the NYTBR are reading every week. What a lovely group of people, and what an engaging project!

My favorite podcast (5/5)

If you like to read you will love this podcast. Great ideas for what to read next.

Accessible and Challenging (5/5)

Don’t be put off by the idea of a book review podcast. It’s so interesting to hear authors speaking about their own work, and they are surprisingly humble and accessible. On the other hand, the podcast staff are so bright, articulate, and, of course, well-read, that being a regular listener has challenged me to step up my reading game. As a result of regular listening, I have now read more non-fiction, poetry, and modern literature. Finally, the podcasters have now begun to conclude each episode with a chat about what they’re reading, which is very fun!

NYTimes Book Review Podcast for Book Lovers (5/5)

This podcast is a weekly “must hear” podcast for me. I love books and find the interviews to provide more background on the books detailed than is provided in the book review. The interviewers ask great questions that augment the print review rather than highlight the published review. My favorite segment is the “What we’re reading” segment. I eagerly look forward to seeing where and what everyone is reading. It is also wise to place it at the end.

Stimulating conversations (5/5)

I split my time between London and Buenos Aires, both very literary cities, and this podcast is almost as good as having a stopover in New York along the way. Although I mainly read non fiction, I enjoy the conversations on fiction and poetry, as well as the discussion of books being read by the reviewers. The sound quality is excellent, even on telephone interviews. A great way to keep up on the latest in the book world, as well as a useful source for books that deserve a second look. Thanks and congratulations to the team that makes it happen!

Weekly treat (5/5)

My favorite segment is at the end of each episode, when assorted Times staffers talk about what they’re reading. Will Greg ever finish Ulysses?

Such fun to listen to this! (4/5)

I love this podcast because I love to listen to people talking about books. A great balance to the political podcasts I listen to on a regular basis.

My Weekly Treat (5/5)

I look forward to my Saturday mornings listening to this amazing podcast. It keeps me abreast of publishing trends, older books I missed, and, of course, new titles.

New York Times Book Review (5/5)

Every week, I look forward to hearing Pamela Paul and the entire book review team. From interviews with authors to hearing what they are reading, this intelligent group brings us along as they share what has held their interest. Books, old and new, are shared and my interest is always piqued.

Companion Piece (5/5)

I find this to be such a great companion to the book review itself; often one or both of the guests are authors whose works in that week’s review I wanted to know more about. Paul’s easy conversational approach to all her interviews and discussions works nicely here, too. As a writer I find it keeps me up-to-date on the latest in the literary world without overwhelming me, either with information or attitude! It’s a keeper.

A Good One (5/5)

I've been listening to the NYT Book Review Podcast since Sam Tanenhaus hosted it - I loved it then and I love it now. Pamela Paul is insightful, engaging, and gets to the heart of the matter.

Highlight of my podcast week (5/5)

I look forward to The Book Review podcast all week. Pamela Paul is an excellent interviewer, welcoming and open but not afraid to ask revealing questions. The format is interviews about two different books, usually with the author but sometimes a reviewer, followed by a brief exchange on the world of publishing, and conclusing with Pamela and several editors discussing what they are reading. A newer feature is to alternate the discussion of current reading with presentations by reviewers. I hope you love it as much as I do!

Addictive! (5/5)

Be careful. You will buy more books. Deadly.

So Refreshing (5/5)

Simply the highlight of my week; great interviews by Pamela Paul (far-ranging, open-minded, in-depth and such a great variety of topics) and excellent discussions by the critics. Always enjoy the brief updates on the book business itself, too. All around, refreshing and very thoughtful. If there is a better interviewer around than Pamela Paul, I'd like to know his or her name.

Great podcast (5/5)

This is one of my favorite podcasts. I especially enjoy the discussion near the end of the show with different reviewers about what they have been reading on their own time. Civilized, informative discussion led by a personable host. I get a lot of good book tips from it.

Great Listening (5/5)

I listen every Sunday morning to this knowledgeable and interesting set of conversations Very well done.

Great Podcast! (5/5)

I look forward and listen to this podcast every week. Keep up the good work Pamela.

A Must-Listen Each Week (5/5)

Interviewing isn’t necessarily a skill set one would associate with the editor of a book review— yet Pamela Paul is one of the best interviewers I’ve come across. Can’t wait to listen every Friday on my commute home to start the weekend.

Highly Recommended (5/5)

I find this podcast to be a breath of fresh air. Interesting, often funny, I finish each episode feeling more connected to the world. It does not have a left wing bias: it has a “human interest” bias.

Politically Infected, Sadly (3/5)

I recently stopped my subscription to NYT after 40 years because of left-wing extremism and blatantly false reporting. Unfortunately liberal bias has infected the podcast and made segments hard to listen to. Jill Abramson was intolerable—what an annoying individual. I will still listen because the podcast is amazing good....but will stop if infection gets worse

Hate the commercials (2/5)

Recently I have been forced to listen to Bayer commercials. In print I can avert my eyes or adjust the page to obscure the ads but in audio format I can only fast fwd if I have my device in hand. Otherwise, I am captive and the entire experience is ruined. Is there no refuge left in our culture? Must everyone sell out? Do you never make enough money?

Loved NYTBR but.. (1/5)

No more ....tired of listening to the left wing book reviews of left wing authors. Done

Love the segment on what you are reading! (3/5)

I look forward to this podcast every week. Great interviews and I’ve found a lot of my favorite books this way. I love the segment at the end when they talk about what they are currently reading. Lately they have only been doing that every other week though and on the off weeks they have the critics talk about what they have been working on. I don’t like those weeks. I usually turn that segment off.

Excellent Podcast for sleep (5/5)

This podcast really hits the sweet spot of vaguely interesting mixed with mediocre production values that lulls me into a deep sleep every night. I very much enjoy the quiet background chatter about books as I snooze away.

Best book review podcast ever. Love Pamela. (5/5)

Can’t wait for every new review!!

Don’t stop “What we are reading” (4/5)

While I enjoy the literary news and interviews with authors about new releases, my favorite part of the podcast for the past few years has been the “What we are reading” segment, which introduced countless books I’ve loved that I would have missed or passed over without a second thought. The Towers of Trezibond (Rose Macauley), Wave (Sonali Deraniyagala), and Ghachar Ghochar (Vivek Shanbhag) were some memorable works just in the past year that this segment shared with me. It’s also placed multiple works on my “to read” list that I’ll be scouting out at used bookstores. In the latest podcast, the “What we are reading” segment was not present. I’m hoping this was a short term lapse and that it’ll return next week, or biweekly, with the new reviewer roundup.

Only liberals need to listen (2/5)

Totally biased in the world view. They hate Trump and anybody that voted for him. Blah blah drivel Too bad they could not just give book reviews rather than political bias because that’s what I would’ve like to hear.

Combines Interviews, News, and Recommendations (5/5)

The New York Times Book Review podcast is my current favorite bookish podcast because it delivers almost three podcasts in one. Every week there are author interviews handled by the editor, Pamela Paul. Then there is a bit of “news from the literary world.” And finally, several members of the book review staff talk about what they’ve been reading. This is my favorite part.

I learn so much (4/5)

I did not think that I would enjoy listening to people talk about books I may never read. But I learn about so many books that I want to read. And even the discussions about books I don't want to read are very interesting.

Love this podcast (5/5)

I look forward to this each week. I usually knit while listening. What could be better than knitting, listening to intelligent conversations, and learning about books I add to my reading list?

Way too focused on politics... (1/5)

Quitting this podcast after year listening. This podcast has become 80% a one sided political narrative/20% obvious book industry info. Not worth the time for the minimal new book discovery .

More Women Please (3/5)

I do like this podcast but recently, there was one woman and two men on the podcast, which really goes against the grain. Women read more books than men, and they buy more books than men. Let's get it straight, especially in light of the recent "Me Too" revelations, which all women were aware of generations ago. If this continues, I just won't care to listen anymore.

new regime - snore fest (1/5)

with the passing of the host torch, the interviews now lack any sense of wonder or fun. there’s an added “discussion” of “what we are reading.” i could care less - egotistic ny book nerds who like their own vocab. i loved it much more when it included industry news and an overview of the bestsellers. and a sense of humor. it had life. now its the deadly dry lecture you might have thought from the label on the tin. dana former new yorker now in boulder

The Best Book Review Podcast. (5/5)

Really great podcast that provides me information on new books coming out and what books the reviewers are reading. Great interviews. Only caveat is when they are discussing books they are reading there seems to be embarrassment if one is reading nonfiction or a long book as if that is inferior. Get over it people!

Ridiculous guest on their show (1/5)

I gave a 1 star because of their latest interview of Jill A. on their show. What a ridiculous, self-serving former NYT executive editor they had on their show! The NYT enabled racism and sexism and was instrumental to the destruction of democracy, aka election of Trump, in 2016. That's a fact.

Stick to Books. (1/5)

I used to love this podcast, but ever since the election, which apparently didn't go the way the editors wanted, they find any avenue they can to add their digs or political opinions. Please just get back to opinions on the books and great writing. I hope to rejoin the podcast - but telling everyone for now to go to another podcast for the book reviews.

Too stuffy (2/5)

I always start listening to an episode hoping I'll like it but inevitably fail to listen all the way through. The pace feels slow, interviews a bit stale, and I really hate the classical lead in music--feels intentionally pretentious

YES (5/5)

Love this

Nice snapshot of a variety of books (5/5)

Although I use the amazon editor's choice monthly reviews to drive my book choices, I like listening to this podcast for deeper info, snapshots of new books, and hearing discussions of books I've never heard/seen.

Pefect Dimensions (5/5)

The right length at the right depth and the right breadth. Entertaining but also informative. Deft interviews of authors - not the easiest genus of humans to accommodate. Were the rotating cast able to be a bit less NYC-centric, it might help the rest of the country, if not planet, hit the "subscribe" icon. But then again, is not NYC the epicenter of intellectual and entertainment imperialism in the modern world? :-) Paul, Bangkok, Thailand

Longtime Favorite Ascends to New Heights (5/5)

I have been a listener to this podcast from the very beginning when it was hosted by Sam Tanenhaus. Even then, it was very good. However, there have been two changes that have vaulted it to the front of my list. First, the new(ish) host Pamela Paul is a delight. I think of her as Terry Gross 2.0: she asks insightful questions, but gets them out much more quickly and is able to cover a lot of ground with her guests in a short amount of time. She is well-prepared (Tanenhaus prided himself on not having read the books his guests wrote, because he felt it gave his reactions freshness and spontaneity; this is complete hogwash). Paul is well-prepared and familiar with the material at hand. The second development that has improved the show is that they have replaced the somewhat-tedious best-seller list review segment at the end with a roundtable discussion among 3 or 4 staffers about what they are currently reading. This segment has turned out to be a delightful surprise: rather than a stuffy, pseudointellectual humblebrag fest of all the great classics they are reading in impossible quantities week after week, it is instead a down-to-earth window into what intelligent and well-read-but-busy people think and feel about the books they are reading: the slog of getting through a long biography; the guilty pleasure of a pot boiler or self-help book, and then, BAM, a deep insight into the nature of life and literature. I cannot recommend this podcast highly enough.

Where have you been?? (4/5)

I stumbled across the podcast and figured I would check it out. Love it!

Still the best (5/5)

The Times book review podcast was among the first great podcasts, and it remains the best literary podcast around.

Marketing, sure (5/5)

but also personal reviews of some books by the hosts. Especially like the "what I'm reading" segment.

Great interviews! (5/5)

Very insightful and entertaining.

If you love books, add this to your weekly habit. (5/5)

I love books. Last year I listened to 106 books. As an avid book consumer, I have always enjoyed the weekly "New York Times Book Review. ". Outstanding! I only just recently started to listen to this podcast. It is exceptional! I love the author interviews and the Staff discussions. Fantastic!

My #1 Favorite Podcast (5/5)

This is the first podcast that I ever subscribed to and my favorite podcast of the 2-3 that I listen to regularly. I find this podcast about books to be very accessible, which is my favorite thing about it. Too many other literature podcasts are too snooty and way above my head, or they are too narrowly focused on a particular genre or author. Some of the interviews with authors are one of a kind, and really allow you to learn more about authors that interest you. I enjoy the newest segment where the hosts discuss the best sellers as well as what they themselves are reading. This is a fun, upbeat, intelligent and captivating podcast for anyone who likes books! I highly recommend it.

Excellent (5/5)

With the exception of their snooty attitude regarding Wuthering Heights, I have enjoyed the comments and perspective of the NYT staff.

Great podcast (5/5)

It's a great substitute when I can't find the time to read the hard copy. And even when I do read the hard copy, the interviews are a great supplement. I especially enjoy the "What we are reading" segment.

Consistently great and fun. (5/5)

Been a listener since 2012, love how it has evolved and expanded with the new host. Great way to discover and choose your next book.

Reliable pleasure (5/5)

I always enjoy this podcast. A genuine treat every week.

The Joy of Reading (4/5)

The interviews with authors are hit-or-miss, but the real reason I listen to his podcast evevery week is the discussion between the employees of the Review of what everyone is reading--it's fun to listen to smart people talk about the books they are are reading in a casual, enthusiastic way. There is also a great weekly interview with someone who highlights the week's news in publishing.

Great book info (5/5)

I especially love the interviews with the reviewers, but the author interviews are good, too. It is great to hear an audio update of the bestsellers. Not too keen on the new "what the hosts are reading" segment.

Are you serious? (1/5)

Faithful listener for the last four years, but your recent interview with Jojo Moyes was -- I don't even have words for it. First, the occasion of bringing her on was the premiere of a movie based on her (astonishingly bad) book, which was reviewed three years ago in your paper. So we have a romance novelist who hasn't published anything new in three years. Second, there is a serious backlash going on among the disabled community which is never mentioned in the interview. Instead, we get lots of Jojo talking about how her life was changed by the original review in the NYT. It's framed on her wall! it's everything she hoped a reader would say! Third, I looked up that review after listening to this self-serving nonsense. The reviewer, at one point, quoted from the book ... unfortunately the llines she loved so much were evidence that Jojo didn't know much about the lives of people living with the disability she hooked her story on. (Clue: a person who hasn't used his hands in two years does not have calluses on them.) This whole mess is beneath you guys. I'm embarrassed for you.

My Favorite Book Review Podcast (5/5)

This is my first choice when I want to hear about books and authors who write them. I loved listening to Sam for years, and Pamela transitioned easily into the role of host/interviewer a few years ago. Thank you for the anniversary podcast--what a nice inside look at the podcast at inception and the process of interviewing authors. I especially like to hear the "what's happening in the literary world" section. Even though I don't read as much as I'd like, I love hearing about books. Keep up the great work!

Something is wrong with the podcast (1/5)

For two weeks the pod cast has been off - technical reason. It sounds like its running on double time. Not worth listening to until this is fixed.

required for book lovers (5/5)

This is not a show with book reviews, it is ABOUT books and the Sunday book review section. It is refreshing to hear a host who has a wide knowledge of many topics and the publishing industry who can seriously address a book's content, as well as its context in the culture. Pamela Paul asks solid questions and follows up, but she is also willing to be curious and playful. I continue to enjoy the regular dispatches from the rest of the editorial team at the Book Review.

I miss Sam. (4/5)

I used to love this 5 stars when Sam did it. Now I like it 4.

Slight (3/5)

This podcast has its moments, but it’s essentially a book marketing tool for authors. Rarely have I heard actual criticism on here. It really should be renamed, it’s not a review at all. Still, has its moments.


I totally miss Sam Tanenhaus. I still listen to this regularly, but it’s not nearly as good as when Sam hosted.

#1 Book Podcast (5/5)

Nobody else can match the mix of author interviews (fiction and nonfiction, reference and poetry), commentary by reviewers, and industry news that one hears every week on the New York Times Book Review Podcast. Pamela Paul clearly loves her job and loves speaking with people about books and writing, and this passion shows in every episode.

Great podcast for book lovers (5/5)

If you love books or are interested in the business of the book industry, you need to listen to this podcast. It is a must listen for me each week. Keep up the fantastic work.

I Need This (3/5)

I have so little time that I rely on the Book Review to keep me informed of new works of interest and even what’s trending on the best sellers list. I really enjoy the industry scoops. But I miss Sam. I find Pamela Paul a little dull. Wish there was a way I could skip the interviews when they are boring or, worse, and get to the thick of things. And the other problem is WHEN DOES THE PODCAST get produced and distributed? Friday? Saturday? Whatever. Need more enthusiasm.

Host loves herself (4/5)

I like this podcast very much and will probably continue to listen to it because the guests are always interesting. However, the host can be aggravating. Her questions are more like essays, designed to illustrate how much she knows. Also, she interrupts her guests sometimes, which is not only rude, but also shows a disregard for the fact that the audience is tuning in to hear the guests, not her. I wish she would edit herself a bit more.

New host growing into the job (4/5)

Updating comments posted in May 2013, I find Pamela Paul much easier to listen to than I did initially, and have come to enjoy the podcast nearly as much as I did with the previous host.

Great podcast (5/5)

Like many others, I am a Sam fan girl, but Sam has moved on and Pamela is working hard to give this podcast her own stamp. I loved his theme music, and I love Pamela's choice, as well. More importantly, we still hear interesting guests who talk about the latest books, and we still have a solid format. I look forward to it every week.

Longtime Listener Feeling Disappointed (3/5)

I've been a podcast listener since inception and, while there have been many changes over the years, the most recent changes are rather irksome. The new host is a little dry and tentative, but I am sure Pamela Paul will feel her way into her role. Sam and Dwight were also awkward early on; they are editors first and podcasters second. My first complaint is pedantic: The new intro music starts the whole show off on the wrong foot. I love instrumental music, but pretentiousness wafts in with every up-bow undertaken. My second grievance is more weighted, being of a content based nature: From zero hour this show has mutated into a non-fiction review. Perhaps it is simply coincidence. At first I thought there was simply a slow month in fiction publishing, but it now seems to be a trend. Please return to a balanced approach! It may seem demanding, but, as a voracious reader, I want it all.

Hopeful... (3/5)

Great podcast..I have been listening for a long time. I am hopeful the new host will work out, but one thing that does bug me is the new music. Music plays an important part in setting the tone. I wish they consider changing it.

i miss sam! (2/5)

i used to love this potcast and it was a 5-star show, but since the new host took over i'm less and less engaged w the show. i don't like the selections of the books - my gut is pamela chose to discuss the books SHE likes, and it seems she has a pretty narrow interest span. i used to get real updates in the publishing world from sam but it's no more. i even don't like the new music. i miss sam!

Production side needs work! (2/5)

The content of the podcast is GREAT! Otherwise, the production NEEDS a lot of work! The podcast does not update on the subscription on my iPhone; the podcasts themselves have no description; and the new host definitely needs to inject some enthusiasm and at least pretend she is greatful to be where she is.

Bring back Sam (1/5)

The book review podcast has really turned south since Pamela Paul took over. She has no radio voice, seems distracted and uninterested in the podcast. Sam was engaging, vibrant and made the podcast what it is. Hopefully she will take some broadcast lessons or bring Sam back to host the podcast.

Losing Its Energy (3/5)

Pamela Paul seems BUMMED OUT. Maybe she's just finding her way as the new head honcho, but she conveys zero enthusiasm for this podcasting gig, and her indifference has sucked the life out of what used to be a lively, quick-thinking show. I mean, as much as Sam Tanenhaus may have occasionally given off a creepy-uncle vibe, at least there was some bounce in his voice, some energy and direction in his interviews. He embraced his role as the peppy, cheesy master of ceremonies. Is Pamela Paul too cool to do something similar? Anyway, I've been a long-time listener, and will continue to be a podcast subscriber, but I hope someone in the control room tells Paul to force herself to smile as she speaks (an old radio broadcaster's trick, I think) and gives her a few Brooke Gladstone tapes.

Sam? (5/5)

I'm happy to hear Sam will be moving on to what I am sure is a great freedom for him professionally (although he will be missed in the printed Review), but who can possibly fill his shoes at the Book Review podcast??

What's wrong with the downloading? (5/5)

Since the last two "Podcasts" apps were set up, NYT Book Review hasn't worked. If I try to download what claims to be the latest episode I get a random episode from months ago. I don't want to stream to listen to this podcast. I LOVE the podcast but am not always where I can listen to a stream. Please, please fix this. It may be the horrible new iTunes podcast app's problem, but bring me back Sam Tanenhaus and great interviews.

Not updating on iPhone (4/5)

New contents have not been updating on my iPhone 5/ iOS 6. I have to go on the iTunes Store and manually download/stream an episode every week, defeating the purpose of an subscription. Great podcast though.

Why? (2/5)

Why oh why does this no longer update on my iPod? Why will none of the episodes download? I really don't like having to stream it to listen to it. But it's a great podcast. 5 stars for content.

Does not update on iPhone Podcasts App (1/5)

One of my favorite podcasts, but - It's not updating on the iPhone Podcasts App. It's easy to fix - go fix it!

Gone (1/5)

No longer updates. I thought had been cancelled; last podcast downloaded on January 18th. All rest of January 2013 and February will not download.

My favorite podcast (5/5)

Always interesting. If you care about books and publishing, you'll want to hear this every week. Excellent interviews.

Review (2/5)

Would it be possible to indicate the subject matter of the review? Pledge!

informative book coverage (4/5)

Great way to stay up-to-date on book news. Each episode includes an interview with one of the reviewed authors, a discussion with a reviewer about a different book, news from the publishing industry, and a rundown of the best-seller lists. Keeps me informed about what's popular and what's critically acclaimed.

Need contents (3/5)

I want to know what cast is about before I download.

Lack of description is troubling (3/5)

Sorry, I like to know what I'm selecting.

Find Out About New Books (5/5)

Great podcast. Sometimes I don't have time to read the New York Times Book Review, but now I can listen on the way to work. Have found many new authors through this podcast that I otherwise wouldn't have.

Never miss it (5/5)

Excellent, entertaining and informative. I never miss this podcast.

The best! (4/5)

I listen to this podcast every week and totally enjoy it. It has given me many ideas on what to read next and helped with the book club I'm involved in. Keep up the great work!

Love love love!! (5/5)

I've been listening to all of the archive podcasts and my book list has been growing & growing! Love this podcast! Great interviews and reporters. I enjoy hearing about the different types of books they review. It has really opened my eyes to different genres.

Bravo NYT Book Review (5/5)

Great interviews, concise and informative, a touch of wry humor, current book biz news, it all serves to keeps me up to date, intellectually stimulated, entertained, and full of new book reading ideas. I used to read the NYT Book Review in the paper as a kid. It was my favorite part; like the way some kids pulled out the funnies. Now I can get a sample of that in audio form as I am traveling in my car. I love it.

This podcast has way too much... (5/5)

Awesome in it!! Love it!!!

Still superficial and shallow (2/5)

I had written a review some time back noting the choppiness and abbreviated coverage of the topics. I came back for another listen hoping for improvement but it's no better. They barely skim the topics and, for the life of me, I can't see why anyone would bother to listen. If they need to keep the podcasts so short, then review one book only and give it more treatment.

Recent Download Problems (4/5)

I love this podcast and am a long time subscriber but the last 4 or 5 episodes have not downloaded at all. Is there a problem? I miss hearing this!

"The Server is not correctly configured" error message (1/5)

Cannot launch this podcast since iPhone software update

Astounding Podcast (5/5)

It's a great overview of the weekly book review and the publishing industry in a neat fifteen minutes. Would most definitely sit through a longer podcast though, I find myself reaching the end and wanting more.

close but no cigar (2/5)

How about a few full-fledged book reviews. People want in-depth coverage of books.

Choppy, poorly organized (2/5)

I like Sam Tanenhaus (sp?) but this media seems a little foreign to him. It is not planned out well and some stories are too short. the Lincoln book review, for exmple, was getting interesting then broke off abruptly seemingly mid-topic apparently because they ran out of time. And it can get a little, well, boring. I expected and want more. If they did a better job maybe they could charge.

Lost its edge (5/5)

I have been listening to the Time's book review podcast for a while now. It remains a must listen every week, and is a quick, easy dose of lit-crit. My only complaint is that it has lost some of its free wheeling tone, and taken a softer, more NPR-lite production. Its still great, but you missed the best of it, dude.

NY Times Book Review--The Gold Standard (5/5)

If you are a reader, this is the gold standard podcast for you. Not only do you get an update on the NYTimes Bestsellers list, there is usually an interesting story about some bestseller an author. The only complaint I would have is that I'd like the author or reviewer interviews to be a little longer!

MY FAVORITE of the podcasts I listen to weekly (5/5)

Although I love books, I don't have much time to read these days. The NYT Book Review podcast allows me to keep up-to-date with newly published books through interviews of a book's author or reviewer. Worth far more than the 20 minutes it takes to listen to it. I've been able to identify several great books to send as gifts by listening to the Review Podcast over the last couple of months. This is my favorite of the 10-12 podcasts I listen to weekly.

An excellent Podcast (5/5)

This is an awesome Podcast I would be happy to recommend to everyone. Podcasting is a new medium and yet this Podcast sounds so natural that it feels like it has always been around, like a great friend. I feel informed, entertained, inspired and maybe even educated after each episode. Thanks very much to those who take the time to produce this for me, ATG

its ok (5/5)

to be mad at the delay, im mad too, but the reason we're mad is cuz its such a good podcast.

Not updated on time! (1/5)

This podcast is very delayed! It is on the Times website 4 days ago, & still not here. Very disappointing.

Great Books+Great Book Reviews=Incredible Podcast (5/5)

I love this podcast! I cannot get enough of it! The reviews provide context and background to really help the listener understand what the book is about and its larger literary and societal significance.

Where's the next one? (5/5)

I LOVE the NYT Book Review! Please keep them coming!!!!

Best Book Review Podcast On the Web! (5/5)

I eagerly await Sam Tanenhaus's NYT Book Review. He always has interesting authors reviewing other authors and the commentary on new books, or even old books is refreshing and intellectually stimulating. I've heard some other book review podcasings but NYTBR is my favorite. Even their intro song really ROCKS!