Aggregated reviews for The Candace Owens Show

Podcast by PragerU

Food for thought   (5/5)

So many good points to consider. I enjoy the debates with guests that disagree with your stance. It’s interesting to hear where they are coming from.

Candace gives me hope   (5/5)

I am a proud American because of Candace! It’s people like her that give me hope for the future of this country. Such an amazing podcast speaking straight truth.

Best podcast out there   (5/5)

Candace- I hope I get to meet you one day. Im from the outskirts of the twin cities and I think you need to come speak Minneapolis, a lot of people around these parts need to hear what you have to say. Keep doing what your doing! LOVE it ♥️

Common sense, y’all   (5/5)

This woman is the most articulate black woman to speak out on what is just plain common sense. If you oppose what she is saying, you have brain damage.

Wow   (5/5)

I did not know what to expect from this Podcast, but there is so much truth on what u are talking about. Keep up the good work!

Refreshing   (5/5)

Thank you for showing reason to a world that is unreasonable.

Concerned citizen   (5/5)

Wow, thank you. Coming from a white boy that grew up in Oakland, ca. In the late 70s. Was the enemy to most, not all. I learned about character, not color. Let’s just get past the initial profile.... hay!! Matt. Thank you.

Articulate, Poised and Powerful   (5/5)

I love this woman. She is so articulate, confident, intelligent and poised. Great information and great topics that need to be addressed.

Great show   (5/5)

Candace Owens brings great ideas to the table and isn’t afraid to be beaten down. Most political figures act like they know everything, however, she is very humble. Candace brings people on her show that not only help educate us but her, because she understand her place and she knows she needs to keep learning. Most political shows are veryyyy boring however i find myself very entertained listening to her show. She helps me reaffirm my beliefs and has helped strengthen my arguments. I wish she could get more democrats on the show but i know it’s probably difficult considering no one can beat her arguments. I think she would do great in a higher government position.

Fantastic   (5/5)

I just found this, and I am so happy I did.

Great Podcast and Great Guests!   (5/5)

Thank you for all you do Candace. You are a light in a very confused world and you have the boldness to tell it like is. God bless you and keep up the good work and the great guests!

love it   (5/5)

keep up the good work

Unique and refreshing   (5/5)

Love you Candace. It takes great courage to speak the truth in 2020. Keep it up.

Truth   (5/5)

Stand in the truth sister love it

Warrior   (5/5)

Thanks for always speaking truth based on facts, Candace. You are a true American Patriot and hero for the black community, and for all Americans who love our country. Keep speaking out, you are deeply loved and appreciated!

So refreshing!   (5/5)

I love listening to Candace speak. I saw a few videos of her on YouTube and liked what she had to say. She’s speaking truth about America. She has definitely changed my outlook on politics and honestly has made me realize how important it actually is.

Great show and commentary!   (5/5)

Great shows with very thoughtful and thought provoking discussion about important things going in our country today. Candace provides some great insight from a position that isn’t supposed to exist apparently and she deserves a lot of praise and support!

Love Your Show!   (5/5)

Keep speaking truth! Even if the person you are speaking with is EXHAUSTING! You are a brave and beautiful woman and I appreciate your voice in the world.

Kingface   (5/5)

Amazing stuff. Keep it up. Unity instead of division.

Great stuff   (5/5)

Dr Voddie Baucham would be a great interview on the topics of social justice and cultural Marxism Please have him as a Guest speaker

I didn’t want to episode to end!   (5/5)

I just finished listening to your episode with KingFace. Thank you both for such an informative discussion. I agree that it is with unity, not segregation that we return OUR country to a wonderful place.

GHenderson   (5/5)

Thank goodness for Candice. She is so courageous for using her voice to speak the truth and enlighten those who have been duped by the Civil Rights profiteers and Democrats for decades. Go Candice!!

Nathan Young   (5/5)

Love you Ms Lady. I’m so proud that your voice is bringing change in OUR community. We pray for you daily that God will cover and protect you and your husband and soon to be new family. Bless you.

Great conversation   (5/5)

Such a great conversation with KingFace! We all need to keep hearing these honest talks about things I’ve thought about for years and never heard anyone white or black talk about! Please you guys, keep at this and yes the truth will prevail!

Absolute con job   (1/5)

What absolute garbage. Who knew all it took was confirmation bias to make a check.

Great conversation!   (4/5)

I wish that more people could talk intelligent like you both. You were very respectful with each other even though your beliefs are totally different. Great conversation!

A true intellectual   (5/5)

Candace Owens is an inspiration and a leader.

Logical and well spoken   (5/5)

Can’t tell you how much we need people like Candace. Our country is in total bizarro world right now. Thomas Sowell and Candace are brilliant that people need to listen to. God bless you Candace.

A champion   (5/5)

Candace Owens is a champion and brave, inspiring voice. She is a free thinking conservative that says things as they are without apologizing. I love this podcast. I feel uplifted and sharper after listening to Candace speak!

She is incredible !!!   (5/5)

She is nothing short of fantastic, what a beautiful mind she has. A pleasure to listen to !!!

Candace is a hero!!   (5/5)

You should be proud of yourself!! I am amazed at the intelligence, strength, and courage you have!! Candace, if you ran for president I would be behind you. Finally a woman who can challenge the intelligence of the American mind. God bless you!!

Candace is the best!   (5/5)

She is one of the best political voices out there today! Candace Owens 2024!!

I’ve enjoyed this this podcast...and I’m a Democrat   (5/5)

While there are a few stances I strongly disagree with, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed listening to this podcast. I like the fact-based discussions and the dismantling of emotion-fueled rhetoric we too often hear from the media.

Manipulative lies, an agenda for the rich   (1/5)

One star

Thumbs way down   (1/5)

She’s confused...another sheep.

Open Debate was refreshing to Hear   (5/5)

Just listened to the Marc Lamont Hill discussion and it was an encouragement to hear two sides to the topics brought up where they both can be cordial through it all. Thanks Candace Owens for putting this together!

Logic and reason   (5/5)

Logic and reason. Thats what you will get from this podcast. Something that is lacking in the main stream media.

Hill interview   (5/5)

Excellent interview. Too bad your guest never heard you, never stuck to the topic and was not open to reality.

Love this podcast   (5/5)

Though I disagree with Mark Lamont Hill, it was very good to hear someone debating and having intelligent responses and sharing another point of view. Excellent episode

Hope   (5/5)

I really and truly hope you run for president someday!!! Lovingly a hard working single mom that is white!! Lol

Bless you Marc Lamont for sticking around   (1/5)

It’s amazing how she can’t hear how idiotic she sounds. Marc, sorry you sat through this.

Wonderfully done show   (5/5)

Can’t recommend her enough. She has a fast wit, facts galore, strong convictions, and she calls out Left-wing bias media...and a great strong voice for millennials. What more could you want?

Marc Lamont Hill   (5/5)

I just finished this episode and this was arguably the best podcast episode I have listened to in its entirety. I think everyone should give this and her other episodes a listen. Great topics, great exchange of opinions, and some hilarious rebuttals.

Love me some Candace Owens.   (5/5)

God, I do love this woman. She speaks light into a world of dark, deceptive narratives. Anyone could benefit from hearing her ideas

Excellent!   (5/5)

Much needed and appreciated. Thank you Candice! I am new to the show and plan to binge listen to all episodes!

Strong Stand for Truth   (5/5)

Candace has some controversial opinions, but she unapologetically stands for truth and she is such a gifted speaker!

Fantastic Show   (5/5)

A brilliant young lady that will likely go places in the conservative world. God bless Candace for her genuine American values.

I feel bad for anyone that has to debate this woman!   (5/5)

This woman is awesome, very intelligent we need her in congress! The only bad thing about the podcast is that we only get to hear her, we don't get to see her lol. The Marc Lamont Hill show was good, She had ol boy stuttering from beginning to end and even though she exposed some of his hypocritical beliefs he chose to keep digging himself deeper, whereas when hill made good points which weren't many Candace gave him credit. It’s scary he’s a college professor, his ideologies are whats ripping a part the fabric of this country, and he gets to influence immature minds every day!

Marc Lamont Hill   (5/5)

I think Marc Lamont Hill should be given the presidential Medal of Honor for opening up to debate. He should be a model liberal, and everyone should learn from him. I disagree with him on almost everything, but absolutely respect his bravery and willingness to have dialogue. Kudos to you my brother!

Most Epic Interview of this Decade   (5/5)

I have so much respect for Dr. Hill for sitting down and conversing with you. Both of you made great points, and this conversation needs to be seen on mainstream television. I am sadden for America because so many ethnicities are so in the throw's of homogeneous information. We need, we must have this broadcasted in a more visible sphere.

Pure logic.   (5/5)

Pure logic and straight forward talk in a world where too many people are refusing to accept even basic biological facts. Only women can have babies! How is something like this even up for debate. But this is the world we live in and this show is fighting the good fight for logic and reason.

Need more!   (5/5)

I loved the opportunity to hear totally different perspectives. I agree! We need to disagree. Respectfully. I learned from both of you. I was disappointed that the subject of the Wendy’s incident didn’t come up. I’d love to hear Marcs thoughts on that.

Marc Lamont Hill   (4/5)

Good conversation you two. Candace sounds rational although something is wrong with her support of Trump. Marc made some good points about police using non lethal force more against minorities although I think his numbers were too high. I also thought his comeback about pointing out a 9 year old was a bully made sense. Overall, great discussion with both sides listening and arguing against what the other person actually said. This was the second episode I listened too. Candace, Trump is an incompetent liar. Find a better Republican to stand behind. He’s a joke

Candace Owens Is Boss!   (5/5)

Just wanted to put out there that I love Candace Owens! I only discovered her in recent weeks and she has become my favorite voice of reason in our trying times. Just give her a listen with an open mind!

This girl speaks truth and logic!   (5/5)

Would LOVE to see AOC come on this show but I doubt she would ever have the guts to face Candace!

I actually got smarter   (5/5)

Usually political podcasts further the political divide and promote extremism. Watching any news channel on cable TV kills brain cells. Listening to Candace debate with Marc Lamont Hill actually increased my IQ. Great two-sided discussion with mutual respect and total freedom to share opinions back and forth. So refreshing. I definitely sided with Candace the most, but I thought Marc really helped me understand and appreciate a lot of different perspectives as well.

Don’t waste your time   (1/5)


“Maybe it is the Confederate one” Dr. Hill   (5/5)

Extremely interesting conversation. Thank you both for being brave enough to engage with one another with openness, transparency and respect. I was stunned and deeply impacted by Dr. Hill’s comment regarding conservatives & the confederate flag. I hope this slip of the tongue was a joke and not an insight into his real beliefs regarding conservatives. Thank you Candace for being a voice of reason and a voice for those of us who are not brave enough to speak up.

Finally a Strong Voice and Intellect for Our Side   (5/5)

I cannot exaggerate how reassuring it is to hear Candace so competently and passionately defend or side. So few for long do or have. Please support her financially and promoting her to the extent that you appreciate her taking bullets for all of us in defense of this country.

Awesome Podcast   (5/5)

Candace is intelligent and respectful. Her research and knowledge are incredible. My only criticism is that she thinks and speaks too fast, I can’t keep up with her at times.

Enjoyed a civil discussion   (5/5)

Didn’t think this would ever happen again. Congratulations to both Candace & Marc.

Great discussion   (5/5)

Thanks for being open and talking honest. Candace I agree with you on everything! And yes let take the American Flag as the conservative flag. ❤️🇺🇸💙🤍

Important Podcast Every Leftist Should Heat   (5/5)

Candace and her guests have the ability to point out logical and practical truths. I wish I could get a room of friends & family in a room with Candace - who can’t even hear the name Trump without going ballistic. They even judge Candace without listening or reading about her. I personally don’t get it! The anger and fabrications that stem from lies reported by our corrupt media need to be righted. Candace keep speaking out and addressing the issues that plague our nation, a nation ready to crumble in ruins. A friend recently posted “I haven’t lost friends over politics, I’ve lost friends over morals. If you support Trump I can’t be friends with you anymore.” This is the mentality that has divided this nation. The interview with Marc was great, but he is testament to the skewed views of many. I agreed with some points but a lot of his beliefs tell me he buys into media hype.

Dr. Hill   (5/5)

Dr. Hill is a professor of frameanomics. Great debate. I felt Dr. Hill was mostly on the defensive on trying to frame his narrative. We all know it is very difficult to do when presented with the facts. He was wiggling like a worm.

Candace Owens strikes again   (5/5)

Candace has an insane ability to retain facts and present them in a respectful way. I admire how she stands firm in her beliefs and speaks for the silent majority of America. We need more Candace Owens!

The types of real conversations we need.   (5/5)

I don’t always agree with Candace on everything (which is great IMO, I love diversity of thought) but I will champion this podcast to anyone who will listen. The reason is she WANTS to engage with people with different ideas. We’ve forgotten how to do that in this country, and most people are so afraid of not being PC or of getting canceled they won’t even say what they really think (or they won’t even listen to an opposing view). We need to get out of the echo chambers and remember we all come from different backgrounds and have different experiences that shape our political beliefs. Keep fighting the good fight Candace!

Klavan   (5/5)

Love the sports opening lol... but can we get more people from the left on the show for debates/conversations though?

Marc Lamont Podcast   (5/5)

Wow, I can see why liberals rarely debate or agree to be interviewed by Candace. She’s the best. I love listening to Candace, always makes me think. Surprised Marc Lamont agreed to debate, made for great show. Look forward to show every week.

Amazing show   (5/5)

If only a quarter of the world had your intelligence we’d be in a better place

Amazing woman   (5/5)

You are an amazing, smart and classy woman! Thank you for speaking up against the crazy left and just the crazies in general! Keep making America aware with the facts!! Much love ❤️

Good liar but still Lies   (1/5)

Cadence is a master at spreading lies

Simply amazing   (5/5)

Candace is an amazing person and I love her passion. Thank you for taking your time to do this podcast.

Great conversation   (5/5)

What a great conversation with Marc LaMont hill, I love the fact that they could sit down together and have a decent Conversation about some other issues in today’s society, just a note I love the fact that Candace brought up the issue about cultures, and how Marc skirted that issue, I Mostly agreed with Candace on the LBGTQ of course I think my position may be even more conservative, Single restrooms should be neutral friendly like they are at grandmas house, men dressed up as women should not be using women’s bathrooms. I love the fact that she did not agree with Calling a woman a man and a man a woman, that’s like the old story of telling the king they love his clothes when he doesn’t have any clothes on! Candace is a very bright young woman and I hope she goes a long way!

Awesome!   (5/5)

The episode with Mark Lamont Hill is a testament to the great character of Candace Owens. She allowed him to speak his mind and they were able to hold a civil conversation despite them holding opposing views on virtually every issue. I respected Hill’s take on BLM, I don’t agree with their message however I really listened and tried my best to understand however when Candace got around to LGBTQ, I lost all understanding of Hill. I appreciated Candace for not backing down on the lunacy of Hill’s argument.

Marc Lemont Hill   (5/5)

Outstanding discussion. Kudos to both for their willingness to participate.

A must for all on both sides   (5/5)

Not only is Candace wicked smart, she is also classy. I just finished to the podcast with Mark Lamont Hill, and she handled that with ease. As well, her response to Chapelle’s crass comments is an example for all. A true leader!

The best!   (5/5)

You are sunshine in the darkness. You are logic and reason and absolutely truth. You are hope and future to the black community if they would just listen. Don’t give up! You are needed in such a time as this.

Freedom   (5/5)

We should not be afraid to speak out!

Good podcast   (5/5)

Candace destroyed the professor from Temple. Great that he came on and was willing to discuss the topics, but his points were completely incorrect, and part and parcel with the victim narrative that so many are being taught today. Try to find a better person to debate her, please.

Smart and fact-based   (5/5)

Candace does her research and knows what she is talking about. A refreshing independent voice in contrast to the sheep.

Truth and facts   (5/5)

Don’t come here if you are triggered by truth!

Valuable truth!   (5/5)

If you will take the time to listen to this podcast, you will hear an articulate, well-educated woman speaking the truth! The media will take audio clips out of context to twist what she is saying. Take the time to listen. It is well worth it.

Must listen!!   (5/5)

Great episode with Marc Lamont Hill. Candace on🔥

God bless Prof. Hill   (5/5)

Very awesome that Prof. Hill engaged in this conversation! He got spanked in terms of logic and priorities, but he deserves huge accolades for stepping out of the leftist echo chamber. He helped me get an appreciation for police brutality while demonstrating the foolishness of focusing your attention on a minor problem while ignoring the elephant in the room (why does the culture encourage behavior that puts you in jeopardy). Candace expertly called him out for sliding around issues. Take the red pill, professor!

Podcast with Marc   (5/5)

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the podcast with Marc. While I disagreed with most of what he said, I am grateful that the discussion was productive and respectful of differing points of view. Very refreshing! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

Truth Sharing   (5/5)

Thank you for sharing truth and honesty.

Good listen   (3/5)

She’s alright, seems to think she’s always correct but don’t we all? Her intentions are good

Thank You   (5/5)

Thank you for reminding me that how great this country is.

Awesome!   (5/5)

Candace Owens, a breath of fresh air from a voice of reason! Thank you!

Solid podcast   (5/5)

This podcast is great. It is really well done! The banter is entertaining. The issues are real. It challenges me to think and I appreciate that.

The RIGHT Podcast   (5/5)

I’ve never understood politics, and frankly, was never interested. Until a couple years ago, my brother became estranged from our family because we identified as conservatives. This really sparked my interest. I needed to know what I believed and why I believed it. Charlie Kirk and Candace Owens breathe truth and facts, they focus on biblical beliefs. Listening to their podcasts have been the most informative thing I’ve done to solidify my political stance.

This Woman Rocks!   (5/5)

Thanks Candace for your candor, your ability to synthesize and your continuing bravery to speak truth to mob think.

Thank you!   (5/5)

Thank you for giving this small town, non-prejudice white women a different perspective. I want to support what is right and good and condemn all that’s wrong but mainstream media makes me doubt where my loyalties lie. I want peace and equality for all people and I do support good law enforcement! Thank you Candice for giving me the courage to state my opinion w/o worrying about offending anyone! Prayers that your message reaches the masses and that logic prevails! Peace be with you & God be with us all!

interesting and well done   (4/5)

I’ve only listened to a few episodes but quite enjoyed them! Candace speaks about current issues from a researched and defendable point of view. It is a little annoying that she often shares her opinion rather than listening to her guest, but not so much as to stop my listening.

Breath of fresh air   (5/5)

Found out who Candace was when she was on the Rubin Report (must’ve been 4 years ago now) Candace is a leader. A truth seeker. Watch her interview from the Rubin Report. Listen to her podcast. Support her the best you can. She is a fighter and she is strong. She won’t back down to the woke facist Mob!

Treasure   (5/5)

Candace’s voice is so important in our current political climate. She brings up important ideas based on facts, not emotions. I appreciate that. She’s brilliant.

Thank you   (5/5)

Thank you for being here. I’ve listened to you for about a year. You are so wise. I pray for your continued safety. I love hearing you talk about cooking dinner for your husband. Warms my heart. I know you do it as a labor of love. And that’s the best kind. God bless.

My Role Model!!   (5/5)

The only one telling the truth. The only one speaking the facts. The only one that matters right now, quite literally. Candice Owens is my role model as a 15 year old high schooler, I wouldn’t be as educated as I am without her. She’s the absolute best, has my full support!!!

Brainy, Gutty, and Moral   (5/5)

Candace is a courageous truth-teller. They're hard to find these days.

Best BLM explanation yet!   (5/5)

Thank you for explaining so clearly. The movement vs the organization!

Leader Personified   (5/5)

Brilliant points, well presented on any issue as a Christian Conservative

Uh oh   (4/5)

4 stars because I feel bad negatively rating stuff. Now... Candice is witty and entertaining, but ultimately is guilty (in spades) of what most political podcasters are so good at; misrepresenting and demonizing the other side, and overlooking the hypocrisy of your own. Not gonna change anything that way.

Love hearing smart people unpack information   (5/5)

Candace surprised me with her well thought out perspective on the issues and her honest depiction of history. I love listening to smart people because they make me smarter.

Refreshing Truth   (5/5)

Fantastic. Respectful. Truthful. Logical. Everything I have been missing in my life.

Education?   (1/5)

How can this be listed as an educational podcast when she is known for spreading misinformation? Even Instagram has to flag her content for being false...

The Truth Teller   (5/5)

Candace tells the truth unapologetically. Her “tough love” approach is something America desperately needs, and she does it perfectly on this podcast.

Thank you!   (5/5)

I love your podcasts. Ben Carson and Burgess Owens were my favorite. Keep speaking up! You are so brave! I wish I could help. 👍🏼

Grifter   (1/5)

I guess being an idiot pays.

She’s Amazing!   (5/5)

She gets trashed and bullied by the left but still tells the truth. I’m so impressed with her.

A tue role model!   (5/5)

She speaks the truth and she says it with confidence. If only there were more people like her in the world!

A strong woman   (5/5)

Candace is a shining star that is passionate about her positions. I commend her for putting herself out there into dangerous waters. The left hates anyone that doesn’t fall into line. If you want to listen to entertainment and educate yourself-this is a great podcast

Right up the alley of FoxNews and Breitbart fans   (1/5)

If you really want to hear someone complaining that the George Floyd murder was nothing to protest, go ahead.

Candace brings hope   (5/5)

It is people like Candace that brings hope for the future of an entire generation.

Candace Loves Truth   (5/5)

It is so refreshing to find someone who will unapologetically stand up for the truth. Between her podcast and her social media, I think she speaks more truth than anyone else I follow right now.

Intelligence displayed   (5/5)

Candice Owens - an articulate journalist who shows insight beyond her years. Her podcasts and speaking, consistently display her high intellect and ability to reason through the most complex issues of our time. Candice is the bright star of the younger generation and one of the top voices who dare to speak the truth despite persecution from many angles. I have a great sense of hope after listening to her. Thank you Candice and Prager U. Now - - -You are the ones who are actually changing the world for good! Keep going / never stop / right always Wins! God bless you! 🙏🏻 Lori Hadaway, Mpls., MN 👍🏼

She’s amazing!   (5/5)

I follow Candace on all social media! She brings the facts and isn’t afraid to stand up for her beliefs! It’s hard to find anyone who will fight more for justice and her country!

Facts or Bust   (5/5)

Candace pursues facts and challenges the media’s narrative. I’m shocked anyone can still take a mainstream media article at face value (regardless of the source) with how broken our media is on both sides. Candace researches the facts and presents those facts in an extremely meaningful manner. Can’t listen to her and not be inspired to go research for yourself and draw your own conclusions instead of letting the ruling class make your decisions for you. Love this show and so thankful for Candace Owens!

Keep talking- we are listening, and waiting to hear more!   (5/5)

It it so great to hear such an educated, open-minded, young woman who can sift through all of nonsense, data, and noise, and voice a real narrative. Keep it up!

Self-hating negro   (1/5)

It’s sad to listen to her disparage her own community spitting out rhetoric with half truths.

I love Candace, but she needs to let her guests get a word in edgewise   (5/5)

I think she needs to decide if what she wants is to have a show where she interviews people, or one where she is providing her own commentary on topics. There’s nothing wrong with engaging in a dialogue, but she keeps talking over her guests to show what she knows instead of letting her guests talk. I would definitely listen to her if she had a show that was all commentary instead, but this show is advertised as an interview format.

President   (5/5)

I hope that whenever she is of age, she’s should run for president. Love listening to her and I believe she will become one of the best presidents to ever live if she decides too. Keep being the leader you are, wishing you nothing but the best.

Needs calmer Speech delivery cadence   (4/5)

Thought provoking contents. I just listened to the podcast with Dennis Prager. Her guest has a slower and calming speech delivery cadence and the impact of his message was thought provoking. It gave me time to digest his message. I want to hear and digest your information. Please present it in a calmer fashion. Your speech delivery two years ago grabbed my attention In Minneapolis. Current rapid delivery style on your podcast show works well in a debate, however, I am finding myself too amped after listening to your show. You are the computer Mr. Prager was talking about. Full of information, contents, and facts. Wisdom now is figuring out how to deliver your passion and message to us in a calming way. Your youthful exuberance has catapulted you to the limelight of conservatism stage. Educate us with calmness and debate with the fervor you are doing now. Best wishes to you.

amazing   (5/5)

she is woke

Thank you.   (5/5)

I’m an attractive white woman raised by lesbians in neighborhoods where I was OFTEN the only white person in my class, grade or even on my street. NOBODY welcomed me into their home back then the way ‘they’ do now. I recognized the breakdown in the family unit as OUR (poor people) problem all along and corrected it when it became my turn. I’ve been trash on the side of the road my whole life but my children will not be because I’ve fought, worked, scratched and clawed my way to where I am today. Thank you for taking the bullets my skin tone will not allow me to take for my people.

Opinion, not education.   (1/5)

Eh, someone needs attention. I tried. This is a persons opinion & not an educational podcast.

Great conversations centered around FACTS!!!   (5/5)

Practical, down to earth, truthful… I truly enjoy these podcasts! Not brainwashing like to mainstream media.

🗣   (1/5)


Show   (5/5)

Both should please slow down talking too fast

Smart and on Fire!   (5/5)

This is absolutely my favorite podcast. I look forward to every new episode and tore through the entire catalog in no time. Candace is smart, articulate, has conviction, and takes no prisoners with her dialogue and debate. She’s truly holding the line for the future of America, I want her to know I’m standing right behind her in support.

Love from northeast Tennessee   (5/5)

I will always love you and Lindsey for what y’all do and produce ( Ik that’s not the correct spelling ) if y’all only knew how much I count on yalls weekly episodes and what they meant to me . Y’all have gotten me through my fathers passing (4/30/2020) and my open heart surgery (9/15/2019) just to name a couple . Please keep on sucking and know that you make a difference. A lot of love from northeast Tennessee Tha tòrr gaol agam dhut fhèin agus do dhaoine -Thomas NeSmith

Thank you for speaking up and urging others to stand for truth   (5/5)

You give me a lot of courage

Candace Owens-Farmer 2024   (5/5)

You need to have all your children now as we do not allow maternity leave for Mrs. President. Just a little piece of advice.

My New Favorite Podcast   (5/5)

Candace’s grit and courageous presentation of constitutional and divine establishment principles is admirable. I’m learning so much thanks to the insightful leaders she invites on her show.

Keep getting unsubscribed - keep fighting the noise   (5/5)

Don’t ever stop this calling of educating and speaking the truth! If you don’t know it about this podcast I’ve been ‘unsubscribed’ automatically as I’ve NEVER chosen it. This is the 5th time I’ve had to subscribe to it. Keep fighting the noise and sensor ship!

Great podcast but....   (5/5)

Jack Hibbs slandered, and with malice, attacked RC Sproul and his son when he invited Paul Wilkinson to speak on Replacement Theology. Prior to Wilkinson's ignorant rant and attacks on the Great Church Theologians, he personally endorsed EVERY WORD that Wilkinson spoke and told his people to do the same. He's loud inside his 4 walls, but nobody knows him outside. Why? He's terrified of REAL CONTACT with Muslims and the like. So, in effect, he might as well sit home. Candace should interview Robert Spencer, John Guandolo, David Horowitz, Raymond Ibrahim, Pamela Geller and the like. QUIT AVOIDING the REAL DANGER by interviewing those who the MB don't mind at all ... Jack Hibbs, etc. As for Candace, SHE'S TOP SHELF and we should support her and Charlie Kirk to the end. Thank you.

Very good   (4/5)

Don’t agree with everything she says, but she and her guests articulate their views well. Only criticism is that she should talk less and let her guests talk slightly more.

My favorite podcast!   (5/5)

Love Candace! I trust her instincts!!

She is a great powerful conservative voice   (5/5)

I love her for being so truthful and so brave on everything she says and does❤️

An inspiration   (5/5)

Keep going, Candace. Bury them.

Candace Owens   (5/5)

More than the best; she is truly brilliant and certainly we all should look up to for honesty and she is honest and down to earth....And she is not afraid to bear witness to God and loves our Country......KingB1943

Brings it   (5/5)

She and Rubin were fun and touching. She brings out the best in her guests.

Great show   (5/5)

Never have heard of Of Dennis. I like what I hear.

Great show-hasn’t been updated recently   (4/5)

I absolutely love this show. Candace is smart, has great guests, and asks great question. I’m just frustrated with the fact that the last few weeks the shows haven’t been showing up on on the podcast app. Please fix this ASAP.

Missing show?   (5/5)

It says that the most recent episode was uploaded today but I can’t listen to it? What’s the deal apple?

Where did the show go?   (5/5)

I like to listen to this show every Sunday when I take a bike ride but the latest episodes have not been pushed to me from iTunes even though I am a subscriber. Also the last episode available when I hit see all episodes is April 27. What is wrong with iTunes regarding this show?

Go Candice!   (5/5)

Interesting and intelligent!

Powerful   (5/5)

Courageous intelligent wise inspirational. Can’t wait for the next show.

Awesome non liberal endoctrinated excellent speaker   (5/5)

Speaks about the sick left ideology

The Candace Owens Show   (5/5)

I just listened to the interview with Tim Ballard. It’s so raw and real. It brought tears to my eyes. Thankyou to both of you for doing what you do! God bless you both! Slavery is real and the wall needs to be finished being built.

Candace is trash   (1/5)

Don't bother listening to this. She's just a grifter looking to divide people and make money from creating artificial outrage. She doesn't believe any of what she's saying at all and is not a nuanced thinker either. There's nothing to gain from listening to this

10/10 would highly recommend you listen!   (5/5)

Candace is a great interviewer and it unafraid to discuss controversial topics!

No one else talking about these subjects   (5/5)

It’s so important to hear these hard conversations about culture and morality. It’s so lacking in our society. Thank you and keep it up. Our youth depends on it.

Top Rate   (5/5)

Very well spoken, brash, and bold would like for my girls to emulate her!

Great job!!   (5/5)

Thank you Candace for everything you do!

Truth speaker   (5/5)

Love her and the fact that she is unafraid to speak against the many problems in the black community. Check out Voices of Misery podcast as well. They’re not as serious but talk life and mental health.

Maj Toure   (5/5)

I enjoyed today’s podcast. This guy is something special. He was informative and funny. He kept me engaged. Keep booking guests like him.

Favorite   (5/5)

The has been my favorite interview so far. Fascinating conversation!

Young and talented   (5/5)

So inspiring! So young yet so bright! Love love these smart and hard working people! Such An inspiration! #brexit keep up the amazing work Candace!

Gives me hope for our future   (5/5)

Candace Owens is a national treasure. She is the standard bearer of a younger generation of Americans who call out and mercilessly crush leftist malarkey. A smart, strong, determined, and unashamedly beautiful woman. I will be watching every episode she makes.

Hawk Newsome   (5/5)

I have NO idea how Candace did not punch that man!! Whew!! Candace challenged him on views; he heard all she said BUT he did not listen to anything (big difference!!)!! Candace held her own! He didn’t come to learn and discuss, he came to push his views/opinions. Thank you, Candace, for all of the interviews!!

Please consider.......   (5/5)

I love your podcast and the information but would like to ask if you would take a little more time to introduce your guest. Sometimes you just start talking to them and I have to google who they are. Just a suggestion. Thank you!!

Great discussions Candace   (5/5)

All of Candace’s guests are completely interesting, even when I think I wouldn’t appreciate listening to some of the guests. That statement was just in general. I certainly wanted to listen to Rep. Guy Reschenthaler. I find him to be a very common- sensed politician, no showboating, just simplistically honest. I feel that I have gained good insight as to his background and his purpose in Congress. I thoroughly appreciated this interview and everything I heard from Rep. Reschenthaler. Thank you both! BTW, Candace, you rock!

Information   (5/5)

Thank you Candace for all the information that is presented in your show. I appreciate your candid talk. I am conservative, and always have been, however listening to your show and researching myself has made me more confident in expressing my beliefs and being unapologetic for it! love this show!

Understated   (5/5)

Candace has done some amazing work in a short period of time... I enjoy her passion, confidence, & overall voice!!!

Think for yourself!!   (5/5)

Over the past few years of being a young woman in college, I was very exposed to radical feminism through media and my friendships. I thought it was ok to abandon my traditional values for what seemed “right” and “okay” in today’s culture. I was happy for awhile, but soon became depressed/anxious/angry due to a lack of structure and moral compass. It was “chaos” as Candace Owens puts liberalism. Listening to her show has ignited a sense of empowerment in morality. I’m genuinely happy and secure in myself for the first time. Candace Owens challenges her audience to think for themselves— the greatest freedom of all. She is poised, truthful, and full of grace. Thank you!!!

Dive deeper!   (4/5)

I love Candace & the show is great - but episodes seemed hurried & a LOT more could get accomplished with a deeper dive into each interview.

Healthcare   (5/5)

I agree with your frustration but keep in mind the insurance industry makes this a socialist like state we can’t adjust our prices and the doctors don’t understand the codes because they are set up by the insurance companies. The other issue is that people don’t take responsibility and want a pill to fix everything. We are yelled at by both sides and often care not needed is spent but people who really need care can’t get it. 60% of people I see don’t really need to be seen but because the feel like every ache or sneeze needs a pill.

From a American who happens to be white   (5/5)

Thank you so much for your thoughtful program and courageous stand to uphold American values. As a White American it is so helpful for me to hear the heart of Americans who are black who love America, it’s values and want to build strong families and communities. Thank you for putting strong Americans on display as an example for everyone to learn from and emulate their character and stick- to-it-Ive-ness in pursuing the American opportunity. Great Job! Love Mr. Steve

Health care   (5/5)

How about the Lawyers and their never ending lawsuits against doctors and hospitals. There is no accountability for frivolous lawsuits cases and they always walk out with their pockets full. They take advantage of patients , if you watch Hispanic tv every other commercial is prompting to sue a Doctor/hospital. Doctors ordering unnecessary test to cover their backs and having to pay ridiculous amounts of money for malpractice insurance is not them conniving with insurance companies to hurt patients, it is surviving after going to school for 15 years and having to pay enormous amounts of money in student loans . Insurance companies tell your doctor how much money they will pay for a procedure , your doctor bills an amount but gets paid what the health insurance companies decides.You probably need a different episode to talk about this.There many doctors that hate this system and would prefer an alternative it feels like the lawyers and the private insurance companies are winning and doctors and patients are suffering.

Candace in the White House   (5/5)

In Trumps next administration, I believe Candace will be apart of it. She is the most inspirational person and a great thinker as well. I could see her being our first female president!

I love Ben Carson   (5/5)

He is a gentle and kind soul who has always inspired me. Hearing this recent interview reminds me why I think so highly of him. God bless Dr. Ben Carson and what he is doing for our country!

Great!   (5/5)

Loved it! Powerful truth!

Amazing   (5/5)

This is such A great show. Very motivating, very powerful and very factual. Keep up the good work and the fight!!!

Thank you!   (5/5)

Great interview!

More of Ben Carson   (5/5)

This very quiet man that we don’t hear enough of what he is doing as the Secretary is so needed. Thankful you were able to interview him. Please Candice, have him back in again.

More background on guests, please   (5/5)

While I thoroughly enjoy the podcast, I’d really like to learn more about how guests came to be conservative and their background. I was bummed not to learn anything about Terrence William’s childhood and his story.

Enlightening !!!   (5/5)

Candace speaks from experience. She is so fair and loving while shining her love for All people. She doesn’t agree with All people because she has her own mind. She speaks tough love and truth. Thank you!

Love your shows   (5/5)

Every time I hear or see you speak I sincerely hope your messages are getting out to the right listeners I find you extremely intelligent and entertaining Thanks and keep spreading the word

Truth & conviction   (5/5)

Fantastic and real dialogue from people who actually think for themselves. I was also Democrat turned Republican and I love how Candace sheds light on some of the most basic topics that we face today with such truth and conviction. Well done!

Great show!   (5/5)

Love this show! Wish you could get Ben Shapiro on the show!

Inspirational!   (5/5)

I just listened to the podcast with Burgess Owens and really enjoyed it. He is absolutely inspirational!! You both should claim to be related because you complement each other very well. Candace, keep it up!!! Love your podcasts.

Burgess Owens   (5/5)

Just got done listening to today’s podcast for November 3rd with Burgess Owens. I love all of your podcasts, I look forward to Sundays so I can hear the latest. I gotta say, this one is my favorite to date. Tears came to my eyes a couple of times, but at the end I felt hopeful and inspired and wonderfully proud. This is the first review I’ve ever written, so that should tell you something!!

Top notch information   (5/5)

Way to go Candace! Your podcasts are super interesting and very informative. What an inspiration you are to so many people! As I read these reviews, you’re getting 5 stars from 98% of your reviews, how fantastic is that?!?!? I wish so bad that we could connect, I feel like we could talk for hours about everything going on in America right now. America needs to hear every single thing you and your guests are bringing to the table. Thank you am for setting the bar high, and for fighting for strong morels and values. Hold your head high girl, and don’t let the haters get you down. Pray for you every single day ✨

Leader   (5/5)

She is an AMAZING leader!!! She has the leftist running and running!!! Her morals her thoughts her ideals her ability to to explain to young blacks stop playing the victim. Her story of her grandfather inspires ppl I tell it to when I share Candace Owens and open their eyes too her.

Candace is Exactly What America Needs   (5/5)

Candace is exactly what America needs. Identity politics are one of the most dangerous threats facing our country today. I cannot imagine many things more racist than insisting that a person of a particular skin color absolutely has to vote for one particular political idea/party. Candace shatters that stereotype. She has a mind of her own and uses it. She is a breath of fresh air who truly is living out Dr. Martin Luther King‘s dream of a world where we are judged by the content of our character not by the color of our skin. She is articulate, smart, and convincing. If you want to learn what true liberty is about, listen to Candace Owens.

Amazing!   (5/5)

Amazing show and so insightful !! A must listen!

Love it, except for one aspect:   (5/5)

The beginning of the episode needs more “umph.” Find a good song clip, maybe mixed with some Candace sound bites, and start the podcast off that way. Starting with *silence.....okay, great* is pretty anti-climatic and lame.

candace owens is an obvious grifter   (1/5)

This podcast is for everyone on the right who is completely clueless about everything. If you like dinesh and ben shapiro and neocon trash like that and just generally losing all the time to the left then THIS is the podcast for you.

The Candace Owen Show   (5/5)

I appreciate so much that Candace lets her guests shine! Her questions are ones that open the floor, and she clearly likes people. Totally worthwhile!

Can’t stand gorka didn’t listen   (5/5)

Love you Candace and what your doing but he was in government and could have done something. His statement when he left Trumps cabinet was he wanted to be a voice on the outside....?! We have rush, Hannity, Laura, Tucker, Levin and then the rino chatters who say they are conservative but didn’t vote for Trump and there’s nothing conservative about letting the libtards win like Ben Shapiro, Glenn beck, mike medved rino chatters! We have enough ppl on outside talking we need ppl on inside of government DOING!

Amazing and educational   (5/5)

Keep up the fight and never stop, this world is a better place because of Candice Owens!

One of the Best   (5/5)

Candace Owens is one of the best political commentators in the media today. In my opinion, she is second only to Bill O’Reilly for giving keen, honest insight.

You are the BEST!   (5/5)

Your podcast is OUTSTANDING! Your work is insightful, courageous and amazing. I don’t understand how people think you are “brainwashed” . You speak facts! Keep up the work and keep pushing forward to speak the facts! Thank you!

Great conversations   (5/5)

Love the content and the guests! Love Candace

Such an inspiration   (5/5)

Candace is one of the most inspirational public speakers I’ve ever listened to. Her opinions and arguments are spot on with today’s political climate. Everyone in this country needs to listen to this woman speak. She sheds light on a whole slew of topics that are considered too “controversial” to speak about. She needs to run for office. I would vote for her in a heartbeat. You’re doing a terrific job Candace, keep up it!

Thank you   (5/5)

Thank you for being the example of young people, young ladies and African American people , you always explain your point of view in a straight forward and sensible manner. I sent this to all my daughters. God Bless

Clown   (1/5)

This woman is a clown

First episode   (5/5)

This is the first full episode I’ve listened to, although I follow Candace on Instagram. Wow. This was such a powerful testimony of the evil behind the transgender movement. I want everyone to listen to this.

Walt Heyer episode is an absolute public service   (5/5)

This man’s testimony is the best argument available to fight this evil child abuse. Please submit this as a PragerU presentation Thank you Candace and Walt. This is heroic

I know I just listened to our future president and VP   (5/5)

I absolutely love this podcast❤️ and I always wanted Candace to have Dan Crenshaw on❤️❤️❤️ I know I just listened to our future president and VP just now! Keep up the good work Candace! Love you and can’t wait to see you in the White House one day!!

The BEST   (5/5)

This is, by far, my favorite podcast. I love how she interviews and who she interviews. Interesting people and great questions/topics! I love every episode!!

Candace   (5/5)

If Candace was running for President I’d say I’d vote for her in 5 years. That’s a fact

The fake news must HATE this show   (5/5)

Facts, common sense, and morals. When Trump won in 2016 we saw how CRAZY and personal the media took thier loss. And they did NOT disguise it was THIER loss. Team Trump or not, we need no nonsense, facts and difficult topics discussed. Candace Owens does all that on her show. I never miss an episode. Keep up the good work! -An Army Vet, FEMALE, Hispanic American

Thank you Candace   (5/5)

I go to an almost exclusive liberal/leftist school and I am shut down and outnumbered by students and teachers for everything I say. But listening to you motivates me to keep pushing for what I know is right. And I want to thank you for that Candace.

Thank goodness   (5/5)

Great show

I love you!   (5/5)

You are doing an amazing thing for all people!! Taking a stand and Bringing an awareness to things that are not taught or views that aren’t shown. Thank you!

Awesome   (5/5)

Fantastic interview with Vice President Pence, thank you!

Brilliant   (5/5)

Insightful, intelligent.... amazing!

Great, inspiring content   (5/5)

Love your show, Candice. I live your fearlessness to engage the opposite side of things. I'd love for you to do an interview with John Biwen or Chenjerai Kumanyika about Race and America. I just heard it and I think you'd be a great person to enter into discussion with them.

Brain washed   (2/5)

White Americans love you... you are calling black people ignorant and using the fact your black as a voice to speak for black folk... Candace I disagree with you and I’m black I disagree with the people you support and I’m black so don’t say it’s not the black people it’s the left no... it’s me too and your brainwashed...

THANK YOU   (5/5)

Continue being a voice Candice. You’re a fantastic role model, and a true American that truly cares about the future of this country. You are especially an inspiration young individuals who are sadly being misled by contaminated liberal ideologies. Love the content!

A perspective worth listening to.   (5/5)

I can only hope that people from all over the United States take the time to listen to your podcast. I have listened to you since you were with Charlie at turning point and I can honestly say It’s encouraging to know how easily you are able to speak your mind without worrying who is going to respond negatively. I love your interviews and the tough conversations you have that people need to hear. I thank you for being a voice for the black community and for everybody else who feels silenced or not heard.. May God continue to Bless you.

Your a National Hero   (5/5)

Thank you Candace!!! You have finally showed me common sense is starting to take root in the USA. Minorities myself included are waking up to the lies of the Democratic Party. I will no longer believe I am a victim and will not be regulated to being the permanent under class to the left. Complete democratic control in Cali and all we can show for it is massive homelessness.

A fresh and appreciated perspective   (5/5)

Candace, you bring empowerment to those of us who once felt silenced. Thank you for giving young college women a voice, too! Congratulations on your marriage and keep doing what you’re doing! I look forward to big things in your future!

Brilliant   (5/5)

You are a national treasure. We fell in love with you instantly. The Blexit idea is BRILLIANT!! I’ve recently heard of the Exodus movement for The American Jewish community. Keep it coming!!

Phenomenal   (5/5)

I have been binge listening to your podcast this week, I have had your podcast playing in my car, my back pocket, on the counter when I am in the kitchen, I love your show. I love that you are brave to stand up for what you believe. Thank you for doing your part to protect our country and its values.

You’re the   (5/5)

Candace you are so spot in with everything you say. I always tell my mom about you when talking about politics we absolutely love what you do and are so thankful we have someone like you on the side of truth. Be safe out there- in this crazy world where one doesn’t even feel safe to wear a MAGA hat🙄😅

Amazing   (5/5)


Conservatism at its finest   (5/5)

Candace is always brave on bringing issues that are important and relevant. This podcast definitely brings life to the growing movement of democrat exodus in America.

Dark web   (5/5)

Welcome to the dark web! Or whatever being a reasonable person is called these days. Your voice makes a difference.

Candace ROCKS!!!   (5/5)

Candace is a string, confident, educated, well spoken black woman, who doesn’t take anything off of anyone. She comes at you with facts, and statistics, which are pretty much everything that makes the left go running. Candace, please don’t ever stop!!!! You have the support of myself and my husband. We love you!!!!

Courage   (5/5)

You are young enough to be my granddaughter and I love your insight. America has hope with courageous people like you! Keep it up, and be safe out there.

God bless Candace   (5/5)

Candace helped me see how brainwashed I was after my university years. She is a truth seeker & a freedom fighter. The media and culture want you to think someone like her is the weakest part of society- but she is so far from their expectations. She puts race hustlers to shame. I love this woman!! She is setting the captives free!

Courageous Candice!!   (5/5)

Way to go Candice! We need strong Christian conservative voices like yours to help us strengthen this wonderful country!! Never miss a show!!

Great show!   (4/5)

Love Candace Owens. Just a couple of pieces of constructive criticism, let your guests talk a little more and critique trump when needed.

Speaks the Truth   (5/5)

Candace Owens is an amazing woman who simply speaks the truth. I live in the Los Angeles area and I see a day where Candace Owens will speak at the Forum in Inglewood to a sold out audience. That day is coming!!

What a awesome show   (5/5)

I watched the show with Sheriff David What two great people Very greatful to hear what they have to say

Garbage Bile   (1/5)

Not much to say. Listened to 10 episodes. Garbage.

Bring back the Red Pill   (3/5)

I consider Candace to be courageous and overall seeking to do good, was quiet inspired by her earlier Red Pill YouTube videos. This earlier Candace présentes information with a health mix of objective and subjective viewpoints. However it is frustrating to hear the inability to constructively critic Pres. Trump. With the most recent interview with Sheriff Clark, two and a half years into the presidency, I only hear a very bias praise anytime the president’s name is mention. There is public policy under the current administration that becomes a unibrow into the left, progressive, democrat polices. “Pale pastels” is not sustainable.

So refreshing   (5/5)

Finally. The truth!

Candace of Connecticut   (5/5)

Great show. If only we could get everyone under 30 to stop believing everything their liberal professors tell them and listen to the truth and reason from people like Candace Owens, Charlie Kirk, Allie Beth Stucky and others like these, the world would be a much better place.

The Truth   (5/5)

She doesn’t just work with feelings to get her wise answers she finds the logic and facts and spreads the truth

Eye opening   (5/5)

Love listening to this podcast . Very eye opening. Thank you for telling the truth!

Your podcast   (5/5)

My name is Lynn Bates I listen to your Joe and I enjoy it because what you say is the truth you do not pull any punches and you don’t care and you can Red green or purple or the fact is you tell the truth not like that keep the good work up

Truth   (5/5)

Thanks Candace, for that a wonderful interview with David Clarke. His story meeting Donald Trump gave me goose bumps. This validated that our President is not a racist. But one who judges a person by there merit . Plus knowing David Clarke by his first name ..... mindblown

Better Than Music, A Tie With Ben Shapiro   (5/5)

I own a cleaning business, and used to listen to music all day. Now I listen to educational and political podcasts. Ben Shapiro was my favorite until I discovered Candace. I’ve listened to her all day long on more than one occasion 😵 I first fell in love with her when she said she wanted to see feminism burn. Now I love her because EVERYTHING she says is just as good. Been meaning to leave a review for months now.

Awesome   (5/5)

Loved the interview with Mrs. Mendoza. Her testimony is heart crushing. Brandon was a good man.

Candace is wonderful!   (5/5)

Outstanding podcasts and keep up the great work!

Candace is a great!   (5/5)

I heard Candace for the first time today, and the 1st thought I had was if only she could have a great audience with High school and College students in this country, She is a great defender of freedom and liberty. Thank you Candace

Restores my faith in the youth of America   (5/5)

Although I am an old guy I love Candace. She is so refreshing to hear and chooses guests wisely . I am a regular listener now !

👍🏼   (5/5)

Awesome podcast! Listen to every one!

Untouchable   (5/5)

A force to be reckoned with and good luck trying to label her a racist.... a label commonly used to describe others that share similar views and values as Candace and that’s just one thing that makes her so powerful.

Courage and smart in one package   (5/5)

Always interesting sometimes funny.

HoneyBear 7   (5/5)

Really enjoyable podcast; fascinating array of guest interviews.

Candace Owens is the voice of reason   (5/5)

Young and fun!

EXPLOSIVE 🧨 podcast!   (5/5)

Candace, I love your podcast & I tell everyone I know to subscribe. As a longtime listener of conservative radio (which is now podcast), I think having MICHAEL SAVAGE on for a show would make a phenomenal episode!

Candace Owens   (5/5)

Very informative podcast. I listen every Sunday.

Great guests   (4/5)

Love the show, love the guests that come on! Only humble criticism, let the guests talk more. Keep doing what you do!

❤️❤️❤️   (5/5)


Incredibly Refreshing   (5/5)

When it feels like my peers around me are losing there minds Candace Owens helps me feel like I’m not alone in a world of political correctness. Incredible show :)

Articulate and intelligent   (5/5)

Candice Owens is articulate and intelligent and presents facts in a calm demeanor about the polarization of the political climate in our Country. No screaming. No yelling. No naming calling or backbiting. You’ll listen and be able to think for yourself!! How refreshing!

Conservatives!   (5/5)

Yay!! Conservative talk at its finest. Thanks for the great content-keep it up!

The Best!!!   (5/5)

Candace is a godsend!!! Favorite thing to listen to.

Candace is the bomb   (5/5)

Incredible podcast thank youuuu

Candace Owens show   (5/5)

Candace is the best

True Feminist   (5/5)

Candance is intelligent, articulate, compassionate, and she respects the dignity of men. My 15 and 18 year old daughters love listening to her as much as I do. Candace, thank you for leading our Warrior Princesses into the battle of winning our America back!!

How do I find your next speaking engagement   (5/5)

I would like to volunteer to work for Candace Owens. But don’t have the foggiest notion on how to go about it! Please advise PS why are all the stupid emojis yellow inferring that the emojis are white. It’s not very PC.

My type of feminist!   (5/5)

Candace Owens is amazing ! She is extremely smart and empowering. I can not wait to vote for her when she runs for president. Her podcast is current and ground breaking. She brings everyone into the conversation not just the conservative point of view.

Love Candace!   (5/5)

Such a smart lady. Keep up the good work!

Amazing   (5/5)

So thankful to you for speaking the truth and holding onto your values! Keep up the amazing work, I’m rooting for Candace Owens for president in the future, when your ready!

Interview with Michael Knowles   (5/5)

Excellent interview. You both inspire and give hope for the future!!

My new favorite podcast   (5/5)

I thoroughly enjoy listening to your podcast. I am grateful for your patience and allowing guests to complete their thoughts. Every episode has been very interesting. Two a week, is all we ask.

My Favorite Episode Yet!!!   (5/5)

I loved the interview with Zuby!! The words spoken by Candace and the 2 minute finish by Zuby was quite powerful!! So glad my teenage daughter has an educated, well spoken role model for her to listen to and learn from!! Thanks Candace!!

Outstanding listen!   (5/5)

I came across Candace Owens on a video on Instagram a couple of months back. I find her to be such an intelligent, well-minded individual with great morals in our fight with social media and the Democrat movement. This has to be my favorite podcast next to Joe Rogan. Five stars, 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

Rockstar!!!   (5/5)

Candace is arguably the brightest star in the political sphere and the perfect model for what conservatism and patriotism should be! As open minded and fair-handed as it gets as well.

Great job!   (5/5)

I am so impressed with this post cast and your ability to speak frankly about accountability. I am beyond frustrated with the blame game and our overly sensitive society that is offended by anything and everything.

It’s about time!!!!   (5/5)

This woman is AMAZING and yes I am completely crushing on her and I don’t have a thing for girls. She’s brilliant, funny and beautiful. She is the voice that is finally being heard to WAKE PEOPLE UP! The Democratic Party is no longer the party for the working class. It has morphed into the party of true racists and socialists. What is going on? The truth needs to be heard and ALL races need to hear it. She is the champion for the black community and this woman should wear a cape. Thank you Candace Owens for speaking up and speaking the truth.

Great Podcast   (5/5)

Look forward to the Podcast every Sunday! You never disappoint.

Excellent!   (5/5)

My new favorite podcast! I love Candace’s insight and that she isn’t afraid to say she just doesn’t know or is still learning. All too often in this genre people claim to know everything about everything. Thanks for keeping it real. I had a hard time getting through the Hawk Newsom interview and it’s not because he is a liberal, I generally gravitate to those types of conversations because that’s when I learn the most but he was mostly incoherent, uninformed and generally not educated on the things he seems so passionate about. The irony of it all is that he sounds like sharpton or Jackson in the 80s-90s with the same outrage about the system but then advocates for more of the same, he can’t see past the tag-lines or propaganda to realize how much this has hurt the black community for so long. He seems to feed off of victimhood and misery, it must be a sad and angry place to dwell when you blame everything/one else for your problems and convinced yourself that things will never get anything better.

Explication To Zuby’s Question!   (5/5)

1st let me say, I LOVE Your Show, Candace! During your interview with Zuby & I believe with the Scott Baio, as well~y’all spoke about not understanding how 2 ppl can witness the same situation & have 2 opposite descriptions. I attribute it to something I saw in the (orig) Left Behind movie (Irony In the name)with Kurt Cameron. He turned his life over to Jesus in the bathroom at the UN & then proceeded to a meeting with the “antichrist” & several leaders of diff countries. The “AC” shot 1 of the men in the head & proceeded to tell the others what he wanted them to believe/say happened. Every person that witnessed the shooting except KC actually believed what they were “told” versus “what they actually saw”! The Left is being told what to believe by MSM & Dems even tho there’s not only proof that it’s a lie but refutable proof to the contrary! The Left is Veiled from the Truth! Romans ch.1 speaks of this~ppl no longer able to see truth, as well as other scriptures and in Isaiah, it speaks of “In the end times, Evil Will Be Called Good and Good Will Be Called Evil, Light Called Darkness & Bitter Called Sweet”! That’s the Very definition of what’s happening with the Left! ANTIFA, HRC, Illegal Immigration, Islamic Extremism gets hailed as good & righteous while the Proud Boys, Israel-Jews, Trump, Trump supporters, Christians, etc get called Evil! You can see it with the Manmade GW lie & the New Green Deal! If you fear monger ppl enough, they’ll DO ANYTHING & PAY ANYTHING & SACRIFICE ANYTHING to save the planet/their lives! Sorry for the long reply & again, TY for your show & Keep Up The Good Work! Watch that movie if you get a chance! It’s spooky all the similarities. Explanation Of Today’s Happenings, All Over The World, Is ALL In The BIBLE! From 2,000+plus years ago! Just more proof that God’s Not Dead! He Is One Prayer Away & We Can’t Sanely Get Thru These Times W/o Him! Peace & Love to you & Yours!🙏🏽🛐🇺🇸🦅

Candace Owens Rocks!   (5/5)

She is such an inspiration to young republican women, like myself. She speaks the truth about what the media lies or doesn’t want to talk about. She is truly a gift from God himself and I love her so much. She’s real and honest and it’s something that not many people are today. She exploits the left wing and their political leaders for who they really are. People need to start waking up and listening to her!

Candace is the right kind of woke!   (5/5)

How is Candace not in greater demand on both sides of the isle?? She is so articulate, smart, factual and when she doesn’t know something she says so and wants to do her own research. She is just amazing and I never get enough from Candace. God bless her in her efforts to educate her community

Love the wide range of perspective   (5/5)

I really appreciate the thorough discussions and the debates on why the left does what they do. Thanks Candace!

Awesome Show   (5/5)

Candace, I hope you read this and know that you are so loved and highly regarded by all of us racist conservatives. Ha! Seriously, Are a beautiful person doing such important work. I would love to have the first female US president be you, so...please be my president someday! Sincerely, -Oppressive white male. 😉

Articulate and Bright   (5/5)

Candace is a shining star because she can articulate her “Conservative”values and it drives the Left nuts! A woman who is having a positive impact during a crucial time in American history.

Candace is refreshing and interesting   (5/5)

Her brand of news report is great. She give those who never saw what a progressive was thinking and now sees. It helps understand how lost the left is and how when they are correctly informed they get the aaaah! And finally see the err of the ways. Thanks Candace and keep up the informative interviews.

Best part of Sunday workout!   (5/5)

I actually look forward to my workout on Sunday because of this podcast. Love hearing stories about her grandfather. Wondering if she will interview him one day? I would love to hear his stories!

Hey you sound like me when I was your age   (5/5)

Thank you Candy and Charlie. Enjoy your chemistry. You two are great! I will be 69 May 14. So refreshing to listen to your podcasts and all your sentiments spot on. Raised my Daughter just like you two. Your parents did something right! ❤️Mama G Today I was introduced to Zuby on your show. How refreshing to listen to rap you can understand If I have to listen to rap at least I get him. Love this Guy. I have to keep up for a 69 year old Granny ❤️

Finally!!!   (5/5)

I’ve been hoping for a podcast my answers are heard!Keep doing what you’re doing new supporter!!!!

Candace Owen is the new Oprah   (5/5)

I can see Candace change American for the better!

The Reason I Started Listening to Podacasts   (5/5)

This is the perfect platform to showcase Candace's grace and intelligence. Her name will be in the history books one day.

Stop interrupting your guests!   (4/5)

I love Candace Owens show so much but she has a tendency to not quite let the guests’ thoughts run their course. I like that she’s conversational but the thoughts or questions don’t necessarily lend themselves to a continued thought by the guest, instead, you get the impression the guest is trying to rush through before Candace interrupts them.

Marthamaz   (5/5)

Intelligent n bold

The Republics Hope   (5/5)

Candace You are the True American Voice this World needs to here. We need Truth and facts. With the love of Jesus Christ to show the World. I thank you for being on the front lines to fight for a Great Republic! 🇺🇸 Keep fighting! Don’t give up. Jeremiah 29:11 Keep America Great 👍🏻

Incredibly influential voice now on air   (5/5)

I am SO excited that Candace has a podcast now, people need to hear her voice over every platform. She is humorous and open minded and both very realistic about the state of the world and still a wonderful, happy, bright young woman. Everyone should listen to Candace Owens, whether they agree or not — I would say especially if they don’t.

I’m paying attention   (5/5)

Candace Owens you complete least in my political podcast world. Love your energy, your intelligence and your truthfulness! Trump 2020

Vital listening   (5/5)

Candace is extremely intelligent and well-spoken. Her podcast is a breath of fresh air when compared to what you hear on most mainstream media. In an age where feelings are prioritized over facts, I applaud Candace for having the courage to stand up and fight the good fight.

Candace Owens slays   (5/5)

Move over Beyoncé this girl slays so hard. She doesn’t play and calls it like it is. She is the voice of the people

A true revolutionary   (5/5)

Haters gonna hate...and Candace only grows stronger. All the baseless, brainless, ad hominem attacks in the world can’t stop the truth from pouring out of her mouth and for every person who’s motivated by her to get off the government-engineered dependency programs, our country grows stronger. Black, white and everybody in between can use her message to help lead a better life. Thank you, Candace! You give hope where there is none.

Great!   (5/5)

This is a great podcast!

Great podcast   (5/5)

Great podcast which keeps me updated on current events.

Hola Candace   (5/5)

I thought I would never be so passionate about politics or history but you girl are SUCH an inspiration and Delightful to watch your beautiful spirit and common sense among people who don’t want to know the true or are unable to do it just because fake news fed up their love ones and or that’s what they heard all the time so it must be “true”and so on... you are down the earth chica... thank you for putting your heart where you love belongs. #change for the better. GOD BLESS YOU

The kind of woman I want my daughters to look up to.   (5/5)

I love you, your podcast and all you do for the black community and this great and generous country USA. I was a former refugee and a legal immigrant from a country that ruined by the evil socialist leaders of Myanmar. I believe our people hold the conservative value just like the black community does but after we live here for a while so many of us fall for the great lies and the handouts which will make us the dependent of the government for generations. Thank you for all the great work. I am using your word and spread it around my community.

Thank you!!   (5/5)

As a busy homeschool mom, I have a difficult time catching the news and current events. I certainly don’t want my little guys to hear about 90% of what is said on the news! I love listening to your conversations and respectful debates. You are a brave young woman and are in my prayers. God bless, you!!

Entertaining Truth   (5/5)

Entertaining, insightful, funny with great guests and the truth thanks Candace:))

Awesome   (5/5)

Candace is so informed and open to having a legitimate conversation which is so rare to find. I love this show. Thank you.

Thank you!!   (5/5)

Thank you Candace for all you do!! Love your podcast and YouTubes!!

Candace 2024   (5/5)

Hey Candace I think you are one of the best conservatives in the USA. Keep up the fight against senseless hate and leftism. I just wanted to ask if you would put your interview with Andrew Klavan on your podcast. I listen to both of you religiously and would love to hear your conversation. Thank you very much for what you do. Sincerely, Grant

LOVE!!   (5/5)

She’s fantastic. I appreciate her so much. My only constructive criticism is she cuts off her guests a bit too much :) that’s hard for the listener (and I mention that to any podcast person with love!)

Why is this Woman Not President Yet ??   (5/5)

She says what needs to be said the way it needs to be said when it needs to be said... !!!

Candace Owens speaks the truth   (5/5)

What an amazing woman!!

Awesome show !   (5/5)

Would definitely recommend it!

Waste of time   (1/5)

Anything that is produced by PragerU is part of a disinformation campaign. Candace is a talking head for company that preys in peoples’ stupidity. Half the statements she says can be proven wrong with a simple google search. Don’t waste your time, you’ll never get it back.

Thank you Candace and Charlie   (5/5)

Thank you for wililng to confront the tough issues w/o hate or fear mongering.

Candace is the FUTURE of conservatism!   (5/5)

Wow. Where can I begin? Candace is an inspiration, truly. One of the most important minds of her generation. Her fire quick wit and lightening like ability to strike down liberal dogma is unparalleled, today. I’m a Gen X, Hispanic woman that left the Democratic plantation. Candace is my favorite conservative voice, bar none. She really speaks to my demographic. She understands the mental prison that the indoctrination from the liberal leftist media has produced in people of color. She’s breaking down those walls and speaking directly to people like me. I love her and follow her on every social media platform that I use.

Incredible Voice for America!   (5/5)

Candace has got to be one of the most insightful, intelligent, interesting and inspirational voices out there! We need leaders like her that can see the world as it actually is and who aren’t afraid to speak the truth. Keep going Candace! There is hope after all. I love the conversational style of this podcast!

You are Awesome!!   (5/5)

I love your podcast , keep it up girl. #MAGA ❤️💙

Light in the Darkness   (5/5)

Candace is such an incredible voice of truth amidst a sea of hateful hypocrisy. Her show demonstrates that she truly believes in what she’s fighting for and she’s not afraid to have a discussion with those who don’t agree. Such an inspirational woman!

Journey of a grifter   (1/5)

Candace Owens’ massive failures like Degree180 and Social Autopsy taught her that it’s WAY easier to exploit the maga chuds than actually form a coherent political identity. But hey, enjoy that dark money. I’m sure your angry jingoistic reactionary but will land you a cushy Fox News contributor gig in few years. Oh, and the Southern Strategy did happen, you revisionist idiot.

Reaction to negative reviews   (5/5)

I find it hilarious that people call her racist. What complete and utter morons. You can use words like “manipulative” or “alt right” however, you’d be WRONG! If you had any sense of moral compass, you’d be able to se your own BS. Keep going! You got this lady. Even if we don’t agree, I applaud your desire for positive discourse and conversation. Keep going!

DC   (5/5)

She needs to be on the ballot next cycle!

Love Candace!   (5/5)

Love her guests, their conversations, love her no-nonsense realism. Thankful for young people like her who are fearlessly spreading truth. This podcast is a Don’t Miss!!

It’s tough hearing the truth.   (5/5)

I was a Democrat until 2012. I believed in hope and change. I believed that once we had our first black president we could finally come together as a country and try to ensure that the United States could be the best it could possibly be - in all facets. What I got was something catastrophically worse. What I got was a leader who was more interested in stoking racial division, who pandered to the black community-who - instead of asking them to look inward - and how they could make themselves better citizens - instead perpetuated a victimhood mentality of the perpetually aggrieved. If it wasn’t white privilege, it was white cops, if it wasn’t white cops it was white school administrators, if it was that it was just white people in general. I am sorry - not one white person in the United States currently owned slaves and the likelihood of them even being related to one who did is so small you would have a better chance of being eaten by a shark while being struck by lightening. Candace Owens speaks the truth - even if you don’t want to hear it - acknowledge it or accept it. Facts are stubborn they don’t change for your political leanings. Keep it up Candace I look forward to listening to your show and it has pride of place in my listening lineup.

Why didn’t this happen sooner?   (5/5)

This was an amazing episode from start to finish. Allie and Candace are the two best leading female voices for conservative women and listening to them talk was exactly what I needed!

Podcast   (5/5)

Love your podcast! Very informational, I really do think you’re bright and intelligent lady who knows her stuff. We need more people like you to come out and speak. People like you, make the Democrats and liberals shake in their boots. But please post more podcasts love hearing them!

The New Face of America   (5/5)

Candace is the face of the COURAGEOUS next generation. American FREE THINKER who won’t be shut down. You go girl!!

How can she be racist?   (5/5)

People, you are so mainstreamed by the media if you think she is racist. Please prove to us how she is racist with one piece of evidence. Wow. Do not call her corrupt until you look at your party. Candace, we support you. We love you. You are such an inspiration to people who are scared to come out as conservative because of the racist left!

Listen to Truth! Refreshing   (5/5)

Candace Owens takes a fresh approach on the hot topics that the US faces and has in-depth conversation and shines light on issues that have been manipulated by media with real facts. Each podcast has been awesome and can’t wait for the next one! Keep it up Candace!

Should be mandatory for all who live in America   (5/5)

I am a white, straight married 53 -year-old male. I am a veteran, gun dealer and a Christian. I am not a Republican or a Democrat but a freethinking independent. In other words, the left would say I am the opposite of anyone who would listen to Candace. By their definition, I should probably hate her. Yet, I do listen to her and watch her online, and I think she is one of the most brilliant and truthful persons in America today. When I listen to her, I don’t see gender, race or color. What I see and hear is a confident and intellectual young woman who sees the world as it is, and comes up to her own conclusions. She speaks the truth in love which is what is needed more of in this world. I pray that she continues to speak the truth in love and that more people listen to her and others like her.

Model for my daughter   (5/5)

Great podcast format with wide variety of guests sharing different viewpoints and beliefs. “Candace ain’t scared of nobody!” I have a mixed 8 yr old daughter who has parents with vastly different views on life and I have already introduced her to Candace as someone who dad goes to for knowledge, guidance, inspiration and sometimes humor (when ignorant people open their mouth out of turn around her haha) I’d vote for Candace for president, school board, captain of the swim team, neighborhood watch, empress of the world, you name it. I hope my daughter chooses to follow Candace as they both hopefully follow first after Christ throughout their lives. If I could have 2 minutes to talk to world, I’d tell them if they understood what Jesus really thought about them it would drastically change their entire life. And then recite Ephesians 6:12 that is so crucial to embrace so we don’t go crazy and become bitter and disheartened. “For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.” Then john 13:34-35 “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another." 4 way tie for people I’d most want to hang out with: Candace, Conan O’Brien, Andy Stanley and Kevin Hart, for all different specific reasons, but they all seem to feed my soul with just what I needed. Keep up the good work Candace and I’ll always pray that you have peace from a clean conscience and that you never lose your fire.

Candace is awesome!!!   (5/5)

My dad sent me a video I listened. I just love Candace for having a voice and praising God publicly! Go Candace I share all your videos with who ever will listen! Just to add I live in Massachusetts where people here all automatically think I am a Democrat. I’m a white female from AZ.

Love you Gurrrlll!   (5/5)

Excellent podcast. I found you a while back on Dave Rubin..our ‘red pill wakenings’ have coincided. I’m a mama of two white boys and is it ok that I’m a bit worried for them?? They are coming home from school feeling bad for who they are. Anyways, I hope you keep it spiritual, smart, and forward rather than too ‘political’..You could be the next Oprah only better!! Please have Coleman Hughes on your show ASAP!!! Thanks for all you’re doing!!

Truths!   (5/5)

As a minority, I’ve had a lot of thoughts and ideas about race and its attributes in this country. But she brings a lot of clarity and sense to what has been happening and I am so happy that someone’s finally speaking it out! I was never a democrat or a republican but after hearing/watching many of her interviews, podcasts, etc. I realized that my beliefs align with conservatism. Candace, I look forward to hearing more.

Refreshing   (5/5)

A new fan! It takes courage to think for yourself and go against the tide. Candace does just that. She is a brave young voice in conservative commentary and activism. Her positions are presented with intelligence and independence. Definitely worthwhile listening

Fantastic Show!   (5/5)

Fascinatingly refreshing & I’m constantly learning every episode. Thank you!

Thank you for what you are doing!   (5/5)

I love what you’re doing. Keep it up!

Courageous, informed, ready to debate critical issues   (5/5)

Candace Owens is not afraid of anyone or anything, or doesn’t appear to be. For more than an hour and a half she went the distance with Hawk Newsome, someone who doesn’t agree with all of her viewpoints and isn’t afraid to say so. Worthy opponents! It was an informative (if not heated) and provocative debate of issues of tremendous import to everyone in this country. I wish everyone could come to the table as open, prepared, committed, assertive and informed as she and Hawk are to talk about things that really matter to people. Go, Candace! You are legit. You are grounded, well spoken and never boring! Nobody knows what you go through to do what you do, but I’m thankful for what you’ve done so far.

THANK YOU   (5/5)

Thank you for standing your ground and speaking the truth!!! You are such a role model! I look up to you and I’m older than lol

Outstanding   (5/5)

Facts on facts on facts! Candace Owens is an icon, a woman who is going against the norm to do what is RIGHT, not easy. This podcast is full of dialect and intelligent conversations with respect, truth, and pure passion.

Humble Greatness!   (5/5)

I’m learning every episode and loving her humble boldness!

100% common sense!   (5/5)

I absolutely love Ms. Owens! She is down to earth and has all the common sense in the world. If she ran for president I would vote for her. She is the american dream come true! God bless her! 💕

Intelligent and entertaining podcast.   (5/5)

Candice Owens is very informative and well spoken. I’m a new fan.

Candace Owens   (5/5)

She has amazing guests and helps me see a new perspective , which I don’t normally see. Definitely a good podcast.

❤️ this podcast   (5/5)

Candace Owen is a breath of fresh air. She tells it like it truly is.

Amazing, intelligent and rational!   (5/5)

Candace Owens takes complex issues and breaks them down in a rational, and factual way that shows she isn’t afraid of the radical left! Keep on speaking out Candice! You’re amazing ❤️

Superb!   (5/5)

Absolutely fantastic and intelligent conservative discussion.

Awesome show!   (5/5)

Keep up the great work Candace!

Fabulous Podcast   (5/5)

Smart, articulate and fearless. Cant say enough good about this show and its host, Candace Owens

Hard to believe   (1/5)

She’s terribly over confident on a number of issues and she makes blanket statements without nuance. She dissed politicians then effectively behaves like one

Goat   (5/5)

Great work can can

Nah   (2/5)

I have never heard someone so willfully ignorant about history or basic facts. Seek viewpoints different from your own

Total Respect   (5/5)

Smart, articulate and gutsy.

Hawk Newsom   (5/5)

I think you are amazing, smart and articulate! I could listen to you all day. However, this ignorant thug made me turn it off. I can usually make it through the annoying people but he was outrageous and such a pathetic victim! You are way more tolerant than I!

Fat White Boy Loves Candace   (5/5)

You Go Girl....You put the House in order when Lieu tried to sound bite ya.

Only suggestion: smooth out the intros   (4/5)

Candace, I’ve listened to and loved each of your podcasts so far! As an introverted, cautious white girl, I love your sassy, funny, black girl spunk! One suggestion: start each episode by having the guest give a 30-60 second introduction of who they are and how they got to today. YOU know your guests but I haven’t known any of them and don’t know the road that brought them to their current fame. Ben Shapiro (I know - you don’t always get along with him) does this very well with guests on his Sunday Special, if you want an idea of what I’m proposing. Keep up the amaaaazing work. I would love to work with you someday, Candace!!!

The Truth About Race Relations   (5/5)

Candace has an excellent understanding of the politicisation and victimisation of the black community, and the damaging effects of govermental and activist intervention. Keep telling us the truth!

A Unique and Important Voice   (5/5)

A warning siren to the black community, she delivers a message few have the courage to speak. Get past the theatrics and listen to the authenticity and logic.

True capitalism   (5/5)

You just destroy the narrative of socialism, may The Lord God of Israel bless you all in the name of Jesus

Candace is amazing   (5/5)

Hear conversations are so educational and brave.. would love to hear a conversation between her and Jada Pinket-Smith and would love if Candace could talk some sense into women like Rachel Cargle.

My HERO   (5/5)

This woman is such a fresh, inspiring, voice of reason. Thank you Candace for being who you are. Keep up the good work.