Aggregated reviews for The Church of What's Happening Now: With Joey Coco Diaz

The Church Of What's Happening Now With: Joey Coco Diaz is a twice-weekly podcast hosted by Comedian Joey Coco Diaz along with his co-host Lee Syatt. Joey doesn't hold anything back and let's you know exactly what's on his mind. Joey and Lee are joined by one of Joey's friends, Comedians, Actors, Writers and Director's to name a few. We look forward to having you as a member of The Church.

Thankyou   (5/5)

I grew up listening to the church, I’ll never forget the laughs when they happened while listening, Joey will never know how much he means and how motivational he is, he is our uncle

Very funny   (5/5)

Great past time listening to your show. old school vibes with a old world view on life. Much needed show best of luck sir.

Big fan   (5/5)

I’m am going to miss you Uncle Joey and Lee, you two sure have made my life happier, but what ever new adventures come your way walk it like a BOSS!

The very best   (5/5)

Joey will never know how much he’s really done for his listeners. This podcast has helped me through so much, I am extremely grateful.

I’m going to miss Uncle Joey   (5/5)

I’ve fallen off of a lot of podcasts but I will always ride width Joey and Lee. I wish the best for them and hope to hear from them again once this pandemic is over.

Love uncle joey   (5/5)

One of the first podcast I ever started listening to. Love uncle Joey always keeps it real and tells it how it is no matter the outcome.

Good Luck.   (5/5)

I’m going to miss Joey and Lee. The Sam Tripoli podcast broke my heart.

Pastor Joey   (5/5)

My religion is ending this was only church I went to but I got over 900 sermons gonna miss uncle Joey

Eeehhhhh   (1/5)

Sam Tripoli should’ve been your last episode. With that said. Good riddance. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

Dear Joey and Lee   (5/5)

It’s going to be a long end of the year without you guys at least two days a week. It’s going to be hard but the Church family wishes Joey and Lee all the best on your new endeavors. Best podcast out there!!

Dear Joey,   (5/5)

I’ve always thought that spreading my butt cheeks apart, and dunking my buttocks up and down, in a cold bowl of half-and-half milk would feel good on my inflamed hemorrhoids.🕯 Turns out it does.🕯 Although my wife ended up screaming at me and throwing out our biggest/best popcorn bowl. 🕯 🕯Home Hemorrhoidies🕯 -Les Couchon- 💄🐷🍒👠

Cacksuka   (5/5)

Love you uncle Joey

Gonna miss uncle Joey and lee   (5/5)

Great podcast that I’m going to miss. My favorite episodes are the ones with just Lee and Joey chopping it up about life. Gonna miss you guys!

I’m Going To Miss The Show   (5/5)

Seriously, it’s a stand out, unlike anything else in podcast world. Always hilarious and most of all full of heart. Joey is living proof that we are what we do and not what we’ve done in the past. Now who’s going to take us cocksuckas “deep”? Best wishes to Joey and The Mush but most importantly, thanks for the great content!

CHURCH!   (5/5)

Keeping it tremendous with the best in the business - Uncle Joey & Lee! Thanks for the dedication, lessons and honesty. Good luck with everything and see you on the flip side.

mad flava joey karate   (5/5)

Stay tip top magoo cocksucka capisce!


I was really sad to hear that uncle Joey was moving out of LA. Then, I realized that I live in Tennessee and it ain’t about me. The best of luck to you and please don’t stop beinging us content. The world needs you. You’re changing lives, cocksucka! We love you. TREMENDOUS

Uncle Joey   (5/5)

Uncle Joey, please keep doing the show. We all love you and want you to do this forever.

One of the best!!   (5/5)

This podcast is at the same level as or better than sliced bread!!!

Joey and Lee are Legends   (5/5)

Grab your nuts and salute the flag 🇺🇸 Thanks for the amazing show boys ✌️

Sad to see it go   (5/5)

Loved this podcast over the years it was tremendous. All love to Joey and lee thanks for all the hours of laughs.

Personas Buenas   (5/5)

Thank you guys. Blessings, luck and respect. Z

Sad day   (5/5)

The Podcast world will never be the same without Uncle Joey and Lee Syatt. Love y’all 🤙🤙

Greatest podcast   (5/5)

Sad that the podcast is ending. Really gonna miss listening to it twice a week. Made me laugh even on my worst days. Love you Uncle Joey and the Flying Jew Lee.

Thank you   (5/5)

You help me get through some tough days.

Please don’t Quit   (5/5)

Come on Diaz you guys can keep this going from different locations! Plenty of good podcast do it. Please reconsider Joey please man. Team needs you!

Old school Joey   (5/5)

Great podcast ! Makes me chuckle. He is a bit older but I caught the tail end of this old school NY / NJ life style. So I relate but don’t. I in between his talks on criminal life and dick jokes, he will drop a pearl of wisdom. Best commercials in the game !

5 Stars all the way!!! ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️   (5/5)

Who’s better than Uncle Joey! Much Love 🇺🇸👊🏻🇺🇸 Chuck Seas

More then just a laugh   (5/5)

Extremely funny while offering encouragement and food for thought


Was turned onto this pod from a list that was the top post of r/podcasts. Have since gone back and listened to every minute of Joey n his guests. Every Monday n Wednesday I’m looking for his new ep. Only time I’ve dropped $ for content has been for Dan Carlin’s older episodes. I’m going to create an account n send Joey $20 to his pattern though because... I love this big dumb SOB!

😂😂😂😂😂   (5/5)


Joey n leeeeeeee   (5/5)

Hummus dickks and booty licks!

Motivation   (5/5)

Straight up

Best bang for your buck   (5/5)

$1 to shoot my mother with a bow what a deal!

Do yourself a favor   (5/5)

Tremendous. As real as it gets. If you don't get down with Uncle Joey, I don’t wanna do business with you.

Tremendous   (5/5)

One of the best podcast around!

Uncle Joey   (5/5)

Uncle Joey your the best... church!!!!

Pilot to bombardier!!!   (5/5)

Like a doctah!!

Hope   (5/5)

Please keep this podcast going 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

Church!   (5/5)

Proud member of the church family

Lee Syatt   (5/5)

It’s tremendous!

Multidisciplinary therapy   (5/5)

Joey and his guests offer laughter, honesty, rawness , tears, self reflection, and social incite ... reminds me of a panel of people talking about their own therapy sessions out loud in a bar. Great stuff . This has helped me open up to myself, my wife and friends in several ways !!!! And that cbd Lion ain’t hurtin the situation know what I’m sayin ?!?!?!?!?!?

Dirty Puerto Rican from Rochester, NY   (5/5)

I listen to you a few times a week. You keep me going man. God bless your little fat heart. And I say that with love and respect. -Primo

Love it!   (5/5)

Joey Diaz is the best! New listener.

CHURCH!   (5/5)

I’m hooked on the Church and Uncle Joey is my guru! Respect! The Superfly Silverfox

New fan as of June 2020 ✌🏾👩🏾   (5/5)

Can’t stop listening to the stories. How do u remember your childhood so vividly? I remember like two friends - Chaneka and Erma Jean.

Tremendous   (5/5)

This podcast is tremendous 10/10

Your Nephew Chris from Dallas   (5/5)

Thank you for all your words 😂 your the best coco .. side note am I the only one that wants the intro in the entrance to say “welcome to church COCKSUCKA” lol

Giving into cancel culture   (5/5)

You are starting to give into the PC culture. You were the last individual I thought would give into these cancel culture morons! Keep up your nonsense and your fan base will cease to exist! I Hope you get your courage back otherwise myself and many others will drop you real quick. And stop pandering!!!!

Joey’s an animal.   (5/5)

Always reminds me when my rent is due!

Best church by far   (5/5)

Just became a regular church goer, best church in the planet by far

The GOAT   (5/5)

The absolute best podcaster today. Uncle Joey is my spirit animal.

Rogan   (5/5)

Why hasn’t Rogan had Joey on yet???

Don’t always agree …   (5/5)

but respect your right to muddy the waters.

Old man mumbling in the park   (1/5)

I use to Like this show but since covid he sounds like an old man mumbling in the park feeding pigeons ,li think he’s out of story’s too

Keep it up coco   (5/5)

Thanks Joey your hard work keeps me laughing everyday

Coco is inspiring   (5/5)

Great stories and conversations from a super flawed guy who has had incredible challenges but is trying to do and be a better person like so many of us.

You can’t cancel a Docta!   (5/5)

Lee Tony Bennett cocksucka! Love you uncle Joey

Uncle   (5/5)

Thank you for all you give.

It’s over   (1/5)

Had a nice few years

My Man   (5/5)

Uncle Joey. I love you man. Help me so much. Make me laugh!! Help me realize my life ain’t the worst. Help me appreciate the good things I have. THANK YOU

Uncle Joey   (5/5)

One of the best in the buisness, and nothing but gold from the podcast.

Stop   (1/5)

Stop with the gum and stop drinking the water in the mic!

Uncle Joey   (5/5)

They can never cancel you Coco! Te tienen que mamar la Pinga!

Love uncle Joey   (5/5)

The best comic in my eyes , your stories are just like mine and I can relate and helps me get through my hard times with ALOT of laughter !! Been a fan for years and will be forever Uncle Joey

Hilarious   (5/5)

I grew up in New Jersey and listening to Joey is like listening to home.

Church   (5/5)

What can I say Joey coco Diaz makes these 10hr shifts at work bearable 😎👌🏼


Joey makes me laugh so hard It makes me forget everything sad happening! Thanks uncle joey, keep up the good work!

Thanks Joey   (5/5)

You make everyone feel calm during these trying times. Definitely going to start a goal note book, thanks for the advice!

Joey the man   (5/5)

Always a great time listening to the Diaz. The Diaz Blast is beyond so many other comics out there. Keep going Joey.

Hysterical   (5/5)

...dialog that we listeners understand and sometimes relate to. Eric Rocha & Joey Diaz’s banter is EPIC!! Respect was there start to finish.

Best podcast ever   (5/5)

I just found this podcast and I have to say it’s one of the best podcast that I’ve ever listen to I love it I can’t get enough keep them coming Thank

The podcast to listen too.   (5/5)

I’ve been listening for years now and Joey is always hilarious and the stuff between him and Lee are so funny. If your looking for a podcast and like real people in these fake times this podcast is the one.

AWESOME   (5/5)

So I have been listening to the church for the past three years. It’s always different, keeps me in stitches, and I truly look forward to each and every podcast. Joey, Lee... step up your game. We need five days a week. I love how Joey has StreetSmarts and Lee is a very sheltered individual. Together they complement each other so well. Keep up the good work boys.

Church   (5/5)

This podcast keeps me sane. I find myself laughing out loud all the time, and I learn a lot about life listening to this. I’m 18 and this podcast has put things in a different perspective for me, and helps me become a better person. Love you Joey and Lee. - Connor

Welcome to the church   (5/5)

One of the best

Joey is great! Lee is not   (3/5)

Joey is of course, why you come to this podcast. He is such a unique and entertaining person its hard to ignore. Lee’s stuttering and terrible commentary ruins some of what would otherwise be a flawless podcast.

Joey Diaz is a Warrior.   (5/5)

Started listening to him earlier this year from a friends recommendation. I was hooked after one episode. Not many people in this world are as honest as he is about everything. I can relate to him on so many levels. Some of his podcasts have given me insight into my own personal demons. Love you Joey. Keep puttin it down and always stay in the game. ✌🏽🙏🏻

🔥   (5/5)


I quit   (1/5)

Times got tough and this guy has gone soft. But having listened to him for years I know that when things get tough Joe Diaz leaves\runs. I’m just tired of listening to him whine.

Joey   (5/5)

Funniest comic out there today

He’s Not Meant To Be Host   (2/5)

To be fair I only listen to one episode the one with Joel McHale. But a couple things I noticed. He barely ever asked his guest any questions about him. And most of the interview mchale is interviewing and asking Diaz questions. And this undermines the whole podcast. Of course Diaz has interesting stories and he’s a unique guy. But he’s a horrible interviewer. He is meant to be interviewed. Simple as that

Tip top mango!   (5/5)

Uncle Joey is the greatest. Funniest guy of all time and best storyteller

my favorite podcast   (5/5)

been listening for about 2 and a half years now. absolutely love joey, my favorite comedian. his stories are hilarious but don’t disregard his wisdom. i’ve learned many lessons from listening to uncle joey

Much love   (5/5)

Man, Joey Diaz I hold you in high extremely high regard as both a comedian and a man. I often find my self listening to #330 a lot, I loved Ralphy May as both a comedian and a human being, as such when I hear him speak on the difficulties in his personal life especially on his kids it makes me cry, RIP to one of the best to ever put a smile on peoples faces.

Hope the.....   (5/5)

....five stars and subscribing help$....Love the back in the day reminiscing

It’s Uncle Joey   (5/5)

If you know anything about Joey Diaz, you know you’ll love this

fire me up one time   (5/5)

Its been about a year now and 300 episodes down... I appreciate you for encouraging mental toughness and reflection. That’s what I get from your wisdom most of the time, the importance of YOU and the way YOU do things. Thanks for keeping me steady uncle Joey.

UNCLE JOEY!!!!!   (5/5)

I’ve been a loyal listener for about 5 years. I’ve heard every single episode, I love this podcast and uncle Joey. He’s hilarious, a great story teller, and brings dope guests to the show as well. Also, Lee Syatt fits perfectly as a co host and adds his flavor to the interviews as well.

Tippy Top Magoo 🇧🇷🤣   (5/5)

Tippy Top Magoo 🇧🇷👊👊

Uncle Joey   (5/5)

I can smell Lee’s hummus neck from here!

Love   (5/5)

Uncle Joey always keeps it real and allows you to get outside your comfort zone to share a laugh.

Brightens my day   (5/5)

Sometimes I wake up and dread going to work but when I hear “greetings from podcast Vill” I know my day will be a little better! Greatest podcast out thanks for this uncle Joey and lee!!!!

Nothing new   (2/5)

After listening for a few weeks, it became clear he has nothing new or interesting to say. This podcast is another cloned voice in a sea of dull unoriginal comedy podcasts. Adding to that , the listener can hear all the health issues the host has through there earbuds. It is constant mucus dripping, throat coughing , disgust.

Who’s better than you?   (5/5)

Been listening since day one never a dull moment. Feel the energy of a true god of comedy and life!

10/10   (5/5)


A mentor, uncle, story teller but most of all a voice that keeps me going   (5/5)

I didn’t know about Joey until I was in to JRE. I had even seen some of the Sopranos but didn’t make the connection. The first JRE podcast I saw with him instantly captivated me. His voice, experience and lessens to share seem limitless with wisdom. Whenever I need someone to listen to for guidance, I come here and learn from Uncle Joey’s mistakes. From the bottom of my heart I can say that he has made me a better person. If you’re reading this Joey, know that thru your podcasts and your guest appearances on Rogan, I know you enough to know that If I ever cross paths with you, a nod on the train is all I need. I won’t need a hand shake; I too avoid those during corona season. But honestly, on my darkest days, after my worst relapses, I do to you for guidance and you light the way forward.

The guy who titled his review fook   (5/5)

To be honest, I like to hear about your take on the current situation. The virus. Keep talking about it, to the guy who said people come here to escape... yes so? obviously current events are going to come up. If you don’t want to hear about it. Go cry in bed like a fat dog or watch something else. No need to give a 1 star rating over that you big baby. The podcasts with no guests and just a topic are the best. Sorry I am typing so weird, my hands are cracked in half. That guy just annoyed me. Never wrote a podcast review before. My mother is my family I love her and respect to you.

Whisper   (2/5)

Stop backing away from the mic. Driving me nuts. Can’t tell secrets Joey it’s a podcast!!

Holy fook!   (1/5)

I loved your podcast until NOW! I get it with everything going on with the virus but FOOK I wish these podcast would stop talking about what’s currently going on! We see it on every social media format which it’s annoying and a lot of people hear podcast to escape reality! Get off the train and share stories from anything but the virus!

Uncle Joey!!!!   (5/5)

nothing beats Uncle Joey’s realness

kick this mule lee   (5/5)

God Joey is the best with location persistence geographical areas. Brings u right back

Don’t forget   (5/5)

Don’t forget about the porter’s people that cleaning the building. Love your podcast number 1

Absolutely the Greatest   (5/5)

A b s o l u t e l y t h e G r e a t e s t LISTEN UP LISTEN IN LISTEN 2 LISTEN YOU 6 stars <3

Can’t Hear   (4/5)

Love the podcast but can’t hear what Joey’s saying half the time. He needs to talk into the mic and or raise his voice a bit! Thank you!!

Thank you Uncle Joey & Lee   (5/5)

Keeping the spirits high of all of the listeners. Always delivery the best. I’m very grateful to be part of the church.

Look at me ! Ive got Hulu!   (5/5)

Been listening since episode 1 and The Church is still tip top magoo! Tremendous

So 771   (5/5)

Phenomenal. Exactly how I feel. Great podcast

Daniel b   (5/5)

Love u cocksuckerrr

Nice.   (5/5)

Absolutely horrible home made audio, with his voice going in and out... but if you guess half of what is being said, it works.

Eddie Bravo is a stupid MF   (4/5)

Love the show Joey. But goddamn Eddie Bravo is an idiot. He should take trumps hotdog out of his mouth. He sounds soooo stupid.

Sam Tripoli   (1/5)

Stopped listening at the 2 minute mark. Can’t listen to stupid people. Not you Joey. Just 1 Star for this one....

Best podcast, no comparison.   (5/5)

Always look forward to listening to The Church! Real life topics no special effects. If you want to listen to sock jocks go watch comedians get coffee. GFY!

Uncle Joey is the man   (5/5)

The church is the best podcast by far. Uncle Joey and the flying Jew keep you laughing while telling you good information. Keep it up!

More non-comedian guests   (4/5)

I love Joey Diaz, think he’s funny, and insightful about life. I wish he could interview a more diverse set of guests, meaning less comedians. Love the show. It’s tremendous!

#2 favorite podcast.   (5/5)

Love Uncle Joey. Always makes my day better.

🦊 Bruce Lee was Jewish 🦊   (5/5)

Bruce Lee was Jewish... look into it. The acid church episode may be the greatest podcast ever recorded.

Love this podcast   (5/5)

This is a great podcast i love it not only is it funny but you get a long of game wisdom from joey and this is a podcast that is great with or without a guest and that’s really rare in the podcast game.

Great guy, been through a lot!!   (5/5)

Found through the (The Joe Rogan Experience). Here we go Joey, keep it coming!! Love the motivational truth !

Eddie Bravo   (5/5)

Eddie Bravo should stick with ju-jit-su,& not talk about politics. Donald Trump did not get impeached because he had the senate in his pocket. Before the trial started the senate had said that they were going to exonerate him,& this is before the trial,& another thing the economy is good because of the previous administration. They had set the economy in the green for the next 10 years. Trump has never been good with money. Look at how many bankruptcies he has had. Daddy had to bail him out. I voted for him,& I’m a Republican. Stick to martial arts your good at it,not politics.

Joey coco mad flavor fat baby Cuban egg roll Diaz   (5/5)

You have always been a shining star in my book. Under rated and hated for the realest and honest person I have ever listened to. Keep grabbing your balls and stay black. Don’t forget to salute the flag.

Five stars, cream smackers!   (5/5)

Con amor a la vida! Hasta la victoria ...

Real deal raw and ill   (5/5)

Love Joey. He sounds rough, but has a heart of gold and once he’s gone we’ll never have a character so unique. Love him and his stories. A+ tip top Magoo!

Great anecdotal stories and wisdom along with tons of laughs from Joey’s podcast!   (5/5)

I’m a HUGE fan of Joey’s comedy and his conversation! I remember seeing Joey on the Sopranos as a kid. Then, recently I’ve become such a huge fan of his by listening to him on Rogan. Yes, my boyfriend introduced me to Joey and Joe’s podcasts, but TRUST ME there a female fans of theirs! I’m one of them Joey and I totally love hearing your funny wisdom! Love it!

Less comedy talk   (5/5)

Dude I love you and have followed you for years but when you go see a band you want to hear them make music not discuss the technicality of it. So just be funny and tell stories of things other than the comedy store and how to become a stand up. Still love you but it’s getting redundant

New   (5/5)

Recently Joey was brought into my life YouTube started then joe r now his own podcasts !! It helps me stay on task and I hope Joey you keep taking care of your health man need u around for many more years to come !!! Sincerely Matt Clark

UNCLE JOEY   (5/5)

Live your life like a DOCTA Best podcast out and it’s not even close

Greatness   (5/5)

Sometimes this podcast is the only thing that motivates me through the day.

East Coast mentality   (5/5)

If you're from the northeast you can relate to Uncle Joey's point of view. I die laughing with every episode

Church of what’s happening now ....   (5/5)

Definitely raw , funny asf

760 podcasts - Gabriel inglesas   (5/5)

💥💨 1:39:15! Everyone laughing !!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

The King!   (5/5)

You’re the man Uncle Joey!

Favorite podcast   (5/5)

Been Listeing to podcast for a while, this pod is the best every week Come and see my goonmba in Fresno again Joey

the man is a wordsmith   (2/5)

In the first 6 minutes of the Gabriel Iglesias cast, 13 F-bombs and a smattering of milder profanity was shared. No one works the nuances of the F word as subltly as the CoCo dude. Amp it up.

Tremendous   (5/5)

So tremendous... Joey is the best worst person I’ve ever heard of

Love!   (5/5)

I love it!

Best podcast there is   (5/5)

Joey and lee are hilarious. I love hearing joeys stories about doing drugs back in the younger years and being up to no good. He always provides great life advice and is a joy to listen to.

Don’t be a Mamaluke.....   (5/5)

...Listen to Uncle Joey

Best Ever   (5/5)


iWannaBeAround   (5/5) podcast there is, period! 2.did yaull know that Seth Reece listens to this occasionally?

To uncle Joey   (5/5)

Make me laugh like a crazy homeless without his fix

Kick that mule lee!!   (5/5)

Been a listener since 2015. Joey and Lee are the best.

Like a docta!   (5/5)

Originally discover Joey through Rogan, as I assume many due. But since then I’ve become a die hard fan of the church as my #1 podcast. Not only is uncle Joey the most hilarious host and storyteller, but his motivational talks have gotten me through some hard times. A true legend of humor!!

Come up with a theme music.   (5/5)

The Spotify is missing it

Tushy   (5/5)

Just bought a bidet and used your discount code thanks

Thank you uncle Joey   (5/5)

Thank you Joe

The best best best!!!   (5/5)

Uncle Joey and Lee always keep it real and entertaining. Breaking down life for you like only Uncle Joey knows how. Much love and respect for these two gentleman.

Episode 420   (5/5)

Katrina Shrimp... funniest ever.

Proud degenerate   (5/5)

I must say uncle Joey you outdid yourself. As a fellow sufferer I went back and listened to ari’s podcast with Stevens Brody Stevens episode From like 2011 too. True class my man it’s a real life story.

Episode #747 importance of being grateful   (5/5)

Joey Diaz. Yet again nails a important subject in his unique style and comedic genius . That everyone can relate too. I’m grateful fir you Joey Diaz.

5 star ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️   (5/5)

Got respect for this guy !! I started listening to him the other day and not gonna lie i alr love the vibes💚 Been helping me start my day up Love the humor, taste of music, everything!! Anyways theres a lot of things about this guy. I love his personality!! Thank u joey d, keep living and loving. God bless u!!

Best podcast out here   (5/5)

Joey diaz is an amazing human being, his life stories and experiences are incredible! Above all else of what he is, he is a inspiration God Bless you Joey

best intros ever.. but   (5/5)

i love the content joey and lee this most recent episode is a disaster i would say on most episodes you either turn from your mic or have a short in your cords and you fade off to a volume so low its frustrating as hell i dont want to miss what your saying. this most recent one is unlistneable had to stop it due to the issue but heres the thing it happens most episodes not like this new one but sporadicaly and unless someone is listening to your entire episode you or the person in charge of audio misses the trailoffs and thinks all is well ,well its not go listen in entirety to this and a few others and i think youll be horrified youve been putting this level out when you are so much more than amature anyway give a listen and ill keep on as well thanks,aaron

TCOWHN   (5/5)

After watching nearly every episode after 2 years Uncle Joey and Lee never cease to bring a smile to my face or teach me something I didn’t know.

Uncle Joey has gotten me through some tough times   (5/5)

You the man keep up the great work!

Welcome to Podcastville   (5/5)

Love these cocksuckas!!! Joey M-fing coco Diaz!! The flying Jew Lee Syatt and all the other minions that join the show!!

💙   (5/5)

Cutest podcast Ever!!!

Great show with Dice   (5/5)

I’m a long time listener and the show is always good. That episode you just did with Dice was so funny, informative, and also very sweet when your kid came in. God bless, best episode I’ve heard.

If it’s 2 pm and you’re not high...   (5/5)

I want you around me like I want...

Always hilarious   (5/5)

Joey coco is the man, so hilarious. I love when he tells stories about growing up in the city. Always got me laughing

Joey... speak up!!   (3/5)

Joeys voice levels are up and down. It’s too hard to listen. Love the show when I can hear it

👹👹👹👹👹👹👹   (5/5)

11,000 reviews and still 5/5! Only one person can keep 100 like Joey, the crazy Cuban from Snowmass! Go wash your monkey cocksucka!!! Lee when you popping another tab, let’s see the devil!

Love the podcast   (5/5)

What happened to all the edibles u guys used to take lol.

🤘🏼   (5/5)

Dope AF!!

Chocolate   (5/5)

Top podcast   (5/5)

Best podcast out there by far i think a good person to bring on is a upcoming comedian trevor wallace he is hilarious and would be a good mix for your show

Bravo   (5/5)

That Eddie Bravo pod was amazing!

Best podcast out there   (5/5)

Didn’t think I would get into this podcast honestly but loved hearing Uncle Joey on Rogan’s podcast. Turn’s out I like this podcast even more! I can listen to these conversations all day long. Comedians and other big names talking about struggles we can all relate to and the craziest stories of people’s lives. 5 stars.

No momos   (5/5)

Listen , who’s better than uncle Joey...nobody . If you’re not stabbing yourself in the neck , to stop yourself from laughing , within 10 min . you’re a jerk off . If you get offended by anything in this podcast , you are the problem , with people today . Be tip top magoo , and give it a listen . Church , kick that mule . Lee

Forget about it.   (5/5)

This last podcast wit AJ from the Sopranos was awesome! I can’t wait to see the prequel wit Uncle Joey!

Robert Iler   (5/5)

Absolutely LOVE THIS PODCAST! #church #madflavors - OHIO loves you Uncle Joey! #CoCo!

Joey Diaz is the best !   (5/5)

Love listening to Joeys stories !

The Degenerates   (5/5)

Uncle Joey, Your special on the Degenerates was great. Podcast, also tip-top magoo.

Diaz   (5/5)

Funny af. Laugh out loud multiple times throughout an episode.

Joey The Godfather Diaz!   (5/5)

Listen to me, your podcast is what I look forward to everyday. Side note. Please follow Joe Rogan's rule about keeping the mic close to the face because there's always a dip to where your voice is really low

I'm here for lee   (5/5)

Luv these guys especially when they drop acid lol

Joey   (5/5)

Grab your ball and salute the flag . Uncle Joey is the realest ninja.

Storytelling Champ   (5/5)

Joey has lived an interesting life. So chill out, enjoy his stories, and kick it Lee!

The best podcast out there!   (5/5)

Joey and lee are beautiful people with a twist!! It’s amazing how I have incorporated them in to my life..keep it up fellas...!

Coco   (5/5)


Uncle Joey   (5/5)

Love your show brother... raw, authentic.

Amazing   (5/5)

Gotta love it

What Joey does for me   (5/5)

Keeps it real. Thank you. It never feels like when keeping it real goes wrong.

Yessssssss   (5/5)

Old School vibes on the Ari episode

Awesome Show!   (5/5)

Joey Diaz has the stories and an ability to tell them in a way that feels as if he is directly talking to you. Love that silky voice 🤗

It’s back!   (5/5)

Yes! Little whiff of the old school church with Ari. Glad to see this style again!

Love the church   (5/5)

Been down with the church 🤟🏽 one of the best podcasts out there life lessons and of course the flying Jew going into the murky waters

Tremendous   (5/5)

The world would be a better place if everyone listened to Uncle Joey and Lee

Tremendous!   (5/5)

This podcast will go down as one of the best comedic podcasts of all time. Uncle Joey is the best comic on earth! I look forward to every single new podcast they come out with! Keep it going!

Change it up   (5/5)

Absolutely love uncle Joey just wish he’d interview someone other than comedians all the time.

Sound inconsistencies   (5/5)

COCO!! Love the podcast brotha! One thing though...why is the sound inconsistent at times ? You’ll be telling a story and the volume drops down like you’re whispering so I turn up the volume and then you’ll be back to normal voice and it blows my ears out 😂. If y’all could fix it, that’d be great but if not I’m still gunna listen anyway. Good luck in Chicago this weekend !

Tip Top Magoo Podcast   (5/5)

Introduced to Joey Diaz on Rogan Podcast. Just when you think it can't get any funnier, Joey lays down another true tale from his life of craziness. Then when you're stomach is hurting from laughing so much Joey gets real with some heartfelt knowledge. Keep up the excellent work Joey and Lee. Can't wait to see what's ahead. Much luv...Jer (La Habra, CA)

Coco for Prez!   (5/5)

Someone wrote a review saying he makes the girl comics feel uncomfortable when they go on The Church of What’s Happening Now, and they can’t be more wrong. You should at least look into what kinda relationship Joey has with These females Before judging...anyways I’m out

Setting the record straight   (5/5)

Joey- You telling the story about your ex wife... I lived that. I was compromised as a parent. They tried to replace me, make me irrelevant, make me disappear. Fast forward several years and I’m still here cocksucka. Stay Black.

Good podcast but,   (3/5)

Stop making the whole episode an advice class to comics , the girl comics please stop making them feel uncomfortable. I have to turn you podcast off that’s how weird it gets. Other than that love you Joey your the Man!!!!

I love uncle Joey!   (5/5)

Joey helped me thru the hard times in life and always makes me laugh. He helped me thru my mother passing away due to cancer six years ago. His podcast brought me happiness thru a dark time. Thank you Joey.

30 year episode   (5/5)

Had to say something I never leave reviews for anything. I thought that 30 year anniversary episode was gonna be about the kidnapping. Then I listened and that marriage episode really helped me out. You the man Uncle Joey

Yep   (5/5)

Thanks for the marriage episode. I needed that.

The king   (5/5)

One of the best podcasts out there!! Love the flying Jew!!!

Great show   (5/5)

Keep up the good work!! The show is tremendous and tip top magoo!!

Great show. Audio lacks a little   (5/5)

Awesome show. Please work on the audio. Sometimes it’s hard to hear Coco. He whispers a lot. Maybe some volume automation. Lee does a great job, just some constructive criticism for when the audio levels drop. I’d be happy to help mix, if you need help.

Top 3 podcasts   (5/5)

Keep listening cocksuckas

The BEST!   (5/5)

Uncle Joey and Lee-Lee-Leland put out the BEST podcast twice a week. I look forward to every episode. If you’re not listenin, you’re slippin, cocksucka!

Made me a podcast fan   (5/5)

His podcasts with Rogan are my favorite of all time.

Thanks Coco   (5/5)

Your podcast gets me through my day every day man, your experiences and personality are very enjoyable. I bought tickets for the Chicago theater show on September 27! See you then cocksucka!

Mad flavor   (5/5)

Coco is a living legend and the flying Jew is on the rise

Love my uncle Joey   (5/5)

Enough said

Love uncle Joey!   (5/5)

Have listened to this podcast for quite some time and how can you not love Uncle Joey? Keep it up. Much love

Review   (5/5)

That ego podcast was not what I was expecting very nice genuine and real raw and honest 💯 keep this goin

Joey Diaz   (5/5)

Joey is a true original. This type of energy is almost impossible to come across in today’s age.

The best   (5/5)

Joey Diaz is one of a kind

Lessons to listen to   (5/5)

Not only is Joey one funny MFer, but listening to him talk about life, his past and current events is music to the ears. He’s made a lot of mistakes and his profound takes on them show how anyone can be redeemed, if they’re honest with themselves and the world. It’s refreshing to hear someone say it like it is, no filter. Much love coco!

Edmman3434   (5/5)

Joey lit the fuse and watched the fun begins .joey and lee are great and fun to listen to!!

Joey and Lee are my endless source of giggles and wisdom   (5/5)

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Joey Diaz pod cast   (5/5)

I think we all agree you are the best comedian actor farther husband friend talk show master excellent story teller with the most respect love listing to you and your real life stories keep up the great work would love to get one of those phone calls from you just checking up as Joey d would say thanks again jay d loyal fan Thanks Joey

Thank you uncle Joey   (5/5)

Uncle Joey, i found you through joe’s podcast and man I’m glad I did! As I wrote in the review for JRE, about a year and half ago I was in a rough spot mentally as well as with my wife! I’m a trash man and drive a lot so, i have all the time in the world to have my mind wonder and it effected me even more due to the running thoughts. Through you and Joe’s podcast, you guys gave me a new way to look at what I was going through and challenged me to look at myself before looking upon others! I may never get to meet or speak with you and that’s okay cause I’ll always be listening! I got to see you at zanies in Nashville and wish I could’ve shook your hand but just to get to see you live was a dream come true! God bless you uncle Joey and keep up the great work! Best wishes Jerramie

Best podcast ever   (5/5)

It keeps me from pulling the trigger or tying the rope around my neck every week. Love you lee and uncle Joey.

TREMENDOUS!!!   (5/5)

Hands down my favorite podcast uncle Joey and the Christ killer can make you laugh so hard one minute and have you reevaluating your life the next.

The best!   (5/5)


Much Love!!!   (4/5)

I love listening to Uncle Joey and Lee! Its starting to have too much 'Business of Comedy' talk for me though.

The best.   (5/5)

Joey D is the best. Chicago loves you joe!

One of the best!!   (5/5)

Honestly got put on to Joey Diaz from JRE podcast and I’m glad I did. One of the funniest people today, grounded, humble person. Much love to coco Diaz.

One of the best to do it.   (5/5)

Joey D is beyond engaging. A standout in a sea of comedy.

Long episodes were way better   (5/5)

Bring back the long ones please at least every few

Number 1   (5/5)

This is my favorite podcast. Always waiting for the new episodes. Keep it up Joey & Lee great job.


I love to listen to uncle Joey coco Diaz.... He’s a very smart dude and know a lot about the ups and downs about life...keep up the good work Joey....

Coco is the MAN!!!   (5/5)

I’ll keep it really simple. This is my absolute favorite podcast. What a joy to listen to. Authentic. Raw. And funny as hell.

The wolf of wall st   (5/5)

Great show !

The Greatest   (5/5)

Been watching him since he guest starred on Rogan during the podcasting on the sofa era Redban etc, unknowingly as a kid watching baseketball lol

Get a better sidekick.   (1/5)

His sidekick lee has the whiniest voice and drags the show down by being annoying

Real as it gets   (5/5)

Joey is as real as it gets. A true comics comic, and never anything fake, or for show.

Uncle Joey is my Savior!   (5/5)

Tremendous!!! #gangstersDontDanceTheyBoogie

Really Great Podcast   (5/5)

Joey and Lee are the funniest!

701 great episode   (5/5)

Joey gives great advice about following your dreams

Your Real Joey   (5/5)

No BS of your life, funny and educational! Keep them coming!

bangin   (5/5)

love the pod coco, keeps me through my work day

Uncle Joey   (5/5)

I true gentleman and scholar, of the street. Worth the time.

Gangsta   (5/5)

When I hear his voice all I think of is a 1970s NewYork gangster. Great podcast great production amazing guests

Raw and real   (5/5)

You can hear the honesty and rawness in Joey’s voice. I can listen to this guy talk all day!

The only church I need   (5/5)

Joey and Lee are the best! I’ve never had to turn off an episode due to it not being interesting. By far my favorite podcast.

Grateful   (5/5)

Best podcast to listen to while working a 12hr shift thanks

You got heart   (5/5)


My favorite pod   (5/5)

Highly recommend if you wanna laugh or just think about life. Only part I don’t like is when Joey has a comedian and goes into “how did you get started in comedy”. We get it, you start doing open mics and it’s a really hard and long process. But as long as Joey gets going and Lee is there you’re in for a solid episode no matter what.

Yes!   (5/5)

Love this podcast. Love the intro music and 100% real conversations!

It’s Uncle Your Uncle Joey   (5/5)

Everyone needs an Uncle to tell you how it is & not sugar coat anything. Love this pod

Funny af!   (5/5)

I’ll make this short, love the podcast can’t stop tuning in. A good way to get through work.

Church!!   (5/5)

Uncle Joey keeps me coming back, time and time again. You get laughs, REAL talk on life, and I love his style of interviewing. It’s a conversation, and he’s not afraid to put himself out there. As long as Coco keeps being Coco, I’ll keep listening.

Fantastic memory   (5/5)

I have loved this show since I found it but I have to admit I thought you would make up stories because your memory was so good I thought how could this man remember all that but you are so entertaining I keep listening and the more I listened I come to the conclusion you just have a fantastic memory the show is great

Tip top magoo   (5/5)

Love it but anymore it’s just about his and everyone’s journey into comedy. Need to switch up interview material

The best podcast 👏🏻   (5/5)

Love ya Joey!!! One of the realist guys around! Can’t wait to see the movie

TremendouSSS podcast   (5/5)

I’ve been a member of the church since day one! It’s TremendouSSS, better than a finger in the muffler!

New Orleans   (5/5)

You killed in New Orleans. Great show, I love the podcast. Tremendous!

Great and insightful - read this Joey and Lee!   (5/5)

Not just funny but real. Never a boring episode. Joey had both immigrant mentality with all american bravado/ consideration. Lee is also great listener and always asked the right questions and have great input.He never is rude or nasty , always in control even though Joey or sone of his guests trying to play him. Lee is a good reflection of his age group/ generation. Joey didn’t give a F, yet genuinely interested in with the guests has to say and always put his side of the stories which make his podcasts a blast. Great job! All of his pod casts never bores you even he doesn’t have celebrity guests.It’s just like talking/ listening to a friend who is a great story teller and also a genuine person with good heart. ( don’t feel that in JRE).

Uncle Joey   (5/5)

To anyone reading this, If you haven’t listened to this podcast your missing out!!! Hilarious content and always has great guests. Joey, I just want to say that I look forward to your podcast every Monday. Yourself and Lee always put out great content and you make my day a little better when I get to laugh while listening to the show. Thanks for being a stand up guy. I just got done listening to the smash brothers and hearing all you did for the legend Ralphie May (RIP). I look forward to what you bring to table next week. Have a good one!

Love u guys   (5/5)

Joey u and the flying Jew are great I’ve listened to u from the beginning the pod cast has evolved so much Joey you are a great interviewer u just keep getting better and better the only thing I wish is that Lee talks a little more I think Lee brings good insight into a lot of the conversation I feel he is very inquisitive. He is one day going to be one of the great ones this is the only review I have ever gave good luck guys wish u the best can’t wait to hear more

Lee Syatt Is Good People   (5/5)

To the non-church member who tried to get at Lee and doesn’t know what a Stromboli is, Hold on now, just a minute - that’s Lee MF don’t like him? Then you don’t like the Church and you aren’t a member. No showing up on Easter Sunday to dress up and jump up and down - don’t help yourself to any coffee cake after mass either. Coco, Lee, if you see this we love you both in NY! Keep up the great work fellas! MORE EPISODES WITH GREG FITZSIMMONS!

Tremendous   (5/5)

5 stars nothing but the whole truth

Attn Lee   (1/5)

Joey Diaz is 100% the real deal and is someone that the comedy community needs to cherish. His producer Lee has taken it upon himself to make sure that the listening audience knows when Joey is being funny by leaning into the microphone every single time he laughs. This has transformed a bit nice amazing podcast into something that has an 80’s sitcom that has a continuous laugh track plied to it. Lee has made this podcast unlistenable I wish that he would produce the show... contribute when needed and allow this show to be about the host rather than turning up the volume on his own microphone in order that we the listener knows when things are funny.

TREMENDOUS!!   (5/5)

Take a chance on this podcast, Colombus did!

Best show   (5/5)

I love your show you’ve made me a fan for sure

Church   (5/5)


George Perez   (5/5)

The best episodes are with the big homie ! George Perez !!!

Love it!   (5/5)

I don’t even listen to music in my car anymore. It’s usually you or joe Rogan. I can relate with yours a lot more! Thanks for having such great content and helping get through.

Keep up the great Work Uncle Joey!!   (5/5)

Love the show, makes a long day in my factory shorter also pick up on some good knowledge that you drop. From your boy in Indiana much love to you Joey and the Christ killer

Fantastic pod   (5/5)

Man, I love hearing all your stories about growing up in Jersey and the struggles of doing comedy.

Relatable and funny   (5/5)

Love ya uncle Joey!! Love waking up to tony Bennett and listening to lees laugh when uncle Joey tells his crazy a** stories 😂 much love good vibes keep up the great work!

You help me stay grounded   (5/5)

Joey you help keep my mind straight I listen to your podcast all day either on my phone or on YouTube , a lot of the story’s you have talked about I relate to immensely, if it wasn’t for your podcast i don’t know what I’d be doing !

Joey and Lee   (5/5)

Thank you both so much... I’m 39, 3 kids, Mom is on the streets doing ... well, street stuff... Thank you you for helping me feel safe to cry... scream... and everything in between... Thank you... Thank you Noah Witt

The church!   (5/5)

You get me through the day!

Uncle Joey   (5/5)

NYC loves ya Uncle Joey.. keep killing it, SucA la minke , still greatest line ever

Staying Black!!!   (5/5)

Uncle Joey! Thank you for sharing your gift of humor, story telling and integrity! Your podcast brightens even the darkest day! Keep on keeping on and stay black my brother!

Love it   (5/5)

Great podcast!! Funny and great guests!!

Great funny original   (5/5)

I love listening to this pod cast for many reasons. Uncle Joey is original. Drops knowledge on gentiles.

Mike Tyson interview   (1/5)

Weak you need to stop talking about yourself and concentrate more on the guest. By far the most famous guest you have had on your show and you blew it. Maybe you can make it up by having Kate quigly on again for the 200th time


I love uncle Joey, my testosterone instantly boosts listening to his podcast!

A white boy’s perspective from Seattle, WA   (5/5)

I stumbled across this Podcast and let me tell you something, Joey’s ability to speak from THE HEART is what started my membership to the church. I mean, I know who Coco was seen his Movies, Comedy, Joe Rogan yadda yadda yadda....But this podcast is his best performance—BY FAR! There’s no better storyteller, and no better voice to tell it. From prison, personal tragedy, to laugh-out-loud drug paraphernalia or airline slapstick humor, it’s almost like he’s lived 2-3 lives. Open & honest about his flaws, JCD tells it like it is, and has given me so much self confidence and courage TO FAIL! You’ve got a member for life. Thank you Joey, (and even Lee) you’ve changed a 38 year old white guy’s life...

Best pod cast   (5/5)

Joey and Lee’s story’s are great and they really connect with guest and ask all the good questions. Bring back the star of deth!!!!!

Real Talk Real Emotion   (5/5)

The realest pod cast!CockSukAH! From the torcher of the flying Jew!-to the life lessons. I learn something every pod cast. Thanks Joey , JT.

One of the best in the game   (5/5)

Love you Uncle Joey one of my favorite comics of all time

Jeans   (5/5)

I almost camee in my jeans. Awesome pobcast

Greetings from podcastville   (5/5)

Joey Diaz is your favorite uncle.

The best   (5/5)

This is the best podcast ever. No matter how old you are you will definitely stay interested and learn something new everyday.

Love ya Uncle Joey   (5/5)

This podcast is my therapy

Coco   (5/5)

Uncle Joey tells it like it is, good bad or ugly. If you don’t like it, he don’t care. Tremendous.


What’s going on cocksuckers my name is Brian Donovan I am born and raised in South Boston Massachusetts home of the Elusive James Whitey Bulger. I was raised in the Boston Public housing development aka THE D st. projects. For me I could not thank Joey Diaz Enough. He has literally talked me off ledges. And I say ledges pluralized!

This is what we need today   (5/5)

I was listening to the podcast with Rudy Sarzo while folding laundry and I had to stop to write this review. Podcast like this teach us so much and will be lost if we don’t hear these stories. I’ve seen Joey live and will see him next week in Vegas but listening to this podcast i get to enjoy him in my house every week. Thanks Joey, Lee, and all the Behind the scene folks. You guys are story tellers. We the listeners have no idea what we want to here until we hear it and you guys hit the spot. Rudy said it best. These story’s are real and they move us.

Smoke a numba   (5/5)

If I could only listen to ONE podcast, it would be The Church!

MY GUY   (5/5)

Keep up the great work pimp! 💯

Excellent!!!   (5/5)

I absolutely love the sincerity of Joey Diaz!

Feels like   (5/5)

Gifts from the best gift givers

Tremendous   (5/5)


Joey Diaz   (5/5)

Joey 's podcast is unreal .Besides being one of the funniest guys around ,his knowledge of music and storytelling isunbelievable . I love this podcast , He makes every guest interesting

Old episodes amazing. New not so much.   (2/5)

Love Joey and his story’s and jokes, but MAN. The last solid 6-8 months has been all about reminiscing on old comedy and the comedy store this comedy store that, and this comedian says this, the way he performers is that, the art of comedy’s this. Just too much. That’s great if your into the history, delivery and art but it gets old fast. Miss the old Joey story’s from back in the day. Had to bail on the subscription.

I grew up in Boulder   (5/5)

And moved back recently. I love it here and love your stories of old school Boulder. I really enjoy this podcast but wish that it wasn’t so much “comedy shop talk.”


You’re inspiring, helping me stay sober

Used to be a classic   (1/5)

Used to be one of the best with the classic Joey stories. Has turned into Burnt Chrysler and only talks about doing stand up comedy. Ok we get it dude but take a hint from other podcasters that are enjoyable to listen to TALK ABOUT SOMETHING OTHER THAN DOING STAND UP COMEDY. Unsubscribed.

Tremendous   (5/5)

I Always look forward to the Church of what’s happening now. Keep it up uncle Joey.

🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼   (5/5)

Listen now ya cocksucka

5 stars   (5/5)

Joey you my spirit animal you dirty old bag!

hot or miss   (2/5)

repetitive tall tales

Not sure   (5/5)

If you’re going to see this Mr Diaz but here it is... I really really want to thank you for this podcast. It has helped me through a very hard time in my life. The Christmas episode was the one that put me on another level. The way you can empathize and relate is what makes me feel supported. The way you break down emotion is what makes me feel supported. The way you balance “cocksuckers” and “you know what I mean” is beautiful. Thank you Mr. Diaz. I mean it with total respect. I mean it like you’re my uncle. I always collected father figures in my life and I’m glad to add to that collection. Gracias Tio Joey.

Funny   (5/5)

He make me laugh so hard

Joey   (5/5)

Joey is the real deal- great guy - old school factual speaker.

Gorilla biscuits   (5/5)

This is just tremendous

What a piece of crap   (1/5)

Human excrement that walks and talks!

Podcasts with hosts named Joe or Joey!   (5/5)

The best 3 podcasts are 'Filter Free Amerika,' 'JRE' and this one All 3 are hosted by comedians named Joe or Joey! This cant be a coincidence!

Uncle Joey   (5/5)

The most original podcast, I live by it!! A die hard listener for years! Joey and Lee interview some of the best with Joey telling stories along the way.

Good times   (5/5)

I love this podcast Uncle Joey is like that old head everyone has! Kick back and listen to an OG talk about the old days.

Welcome to the church   (5/5)

Preach uncle Joey preach!!! I’ve learned so much your mental evaluation on life gives me perspective on how to deal with life i love it thank you and thanks lee “the Christ killer” syatt

The Church It’s What’s Happening Now with Joey Diaz   (5/5)

Of all the podcasts that I listen to on a weekly bases; Joey Diaz is Number 1 in my book. He’s a throwback to the guy I grew up with in Northeastern New Jersey. His stories are entertaining, hilarious, and poignant. He and Lee Syatt are a perfect duo. HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!

Joey   (5/5)

This guy is an endless source of entertainment. He is great on the podcast but better live. Go to your ticketmasters and see when he is coming to your neck of the woods. If he aint visiting, pack your bags and tell the misses you are going on vacation. Quit being foolish go to his show!

Great   (4/5)

How could you not love Uncle Joey and Lee!!!!! Want to hear some stories? Want some awesome guests! Here you go!!! Awesome comedian, and master of the long form!!!

Thanks Joe Rogan for leading me to this podcast   (5/5)

I could (and do) listen to this guy all day. Stories are great, he’s funny as hell, and he has great guests on.

Church   (5/5)

You guys are all great. I listen during work all day, it really just gets me through. Joey Diaz is an amazing story teller, comic, host. Lee is awesome too, I hope you guys keep doing the podcast for years to come.

Love it!   (5/5)

Always entertaining, I love Joey’s positive attitude. Listen to this cocksuckas!!!

COWHN Review   (5/5)

Hilarious topics and discussions. Plus, loads of valuable wisdom/perspective from Uncle Joey! Guarantee you'll grow as a person after listening to this.

Great listen, great guests   (5/5)

It’s a great listen and always has good guests!!!

Uncle Joey   (5/5)

Amazing and brilliant podcast, tremendous in all ways. Keep it up Uncle Joey Coco!

Comedy!!!   (5/5)

The best podcast hands down

Uncle Joey & THE CHRIST KILLER   (5/5)

Greatest Podcast on this side of the Mississippi HIS OUTLOOK ON LIFE IS HILARIOUS . LOVE IT

listen Jack   (5/5)


This podcast has it all   (5/5)

Joey Diaz is an incredible story teller because he has lived an incredible life. Or maybe he’s just hilarious. I can’t tell. But he goes from jovial stories of mischief to life’s greats losses with effortless measure. He connects to the listeners with allegories and anecdotes like a wise shaman. I also met him in real life and he’s a gem.

Same stories over and over   (2/5)

It seems every time i come around to this podcast joey is always talking about his coke days and about how long he’s been doing comedy.. “In those days...i was doing blow...I’ve been doing comedy for over 20 years, blah blah blah.”

Funniest Man on the Planet   (5/5)

Listening to CoCo’s Podcast is a great way to break up the monotony of life and work. Well worth the time to listen to his stories and guests. Thanks for all the laughs and information.

My new goto show   (5/5)

Joey Diaz is raw and speaks the truth. He’s very entertaining to listen to even when he’s just talking about what he ate for lunch. Love the show!!!!

Great show   (5/5)

Great show uncle listen to it everyday

Gentiles   (5/5)

The realest mfer out there!!!

Who knows better than you?   (5/5)

Uncle Joey has stories upon stories. Lee is a perfect fit as cohost also.

For real cocksuckers   (5/5)

Uncle Joey is the real deal & this Podcast brings joy to a lot of us church members! Love you Joey!

wow   (5/5)

this is an awesome podcast

Savage   (5/5)

Coco is the man he can bring the freak out of a nun. Don't be a momo, listen to this mans stories.

Joeys the bomb   (5/5)

Always fun and the best life stories on any podcast

Weak same stuff every podcast   (1/5)

Enough of Kate quigley that’s the only guest he ever has on. Joey talks about the same stuff every podcast plus his story changes every time he talks..

Love this podcast   (5/5)

Love this podcast helps me get threw my day. Keep up the good work.

Best Podcast hands down   (5/5)

I can’t start my week without my dose of Uncle Joey and Lee. You’ll laugh a lot, sometimes you cry but most importantly your entertained!

Great podcast   (5/5)

Love the Eric Rocha episode. That guys great.

love joey!   (5/5)

so good!

Awesome!   (5/5)

My favorite podcast ever. Uncle Joey is wise, funny and a guy’s guy! Love listening to every episode on my drive to and back from work. Awesome! This show is tip top magoo!

He ain’t no choch.   (5/5)

From the first time I heard Joey Diaz on a podcast, I knew he was the real deal, no fugazi here. If the school of hard knocks, gave out degrees in street smarts, Joey would be valedictorian. Is he funny? Hell ya, but his true gift is his razor sharp oratory skills.

Tremendous   (5/5)

Go deep when you have the right guest, when you have someone like Rollins was perfect. If it’s a regular or a random have some fun. I love it when you and lee can’t remember what you are talking about.

Uncle Joey   (5/5)

Another awesome show 😎

loyal listener   (5/5)

we need 5 days of you Joey , You are the man Need to come to maryland more offten

The Church saved me   (5/5)

Joey Diaz and the Church of WHN got me thru the most difficult midlife crisis. I quit drinking and started smoking weed and i seriously have never been better.

Joey delivers   (5/5)

Best underrated comedian in the game today and the show is no exception either. Sub for life

Kick that Mule, Lee   (5/5)

Fun show. Having grown up in North Bergen, it takes you back to a different era. Keep up the good work, Joey and Lee.


Joey, you’re hilarious and an inspiration. Decades of work, and you’ve been through it all. Keep working, cocksucka

Real   (5/5)

Love this podcast, this man exists for this media form or the other way around. Either way very funny.

Stories of my father   (5/5)

Joey reminds me of how my father was. Endless stories of a convict & felon. Love him to death respect to the end 👊

Brilliant!   (5/5)

Just wonderful podcasting. The voice, the stories, the personality, the guests, the's all just wonderful. If you're ever feeling down, give Coco a chance. Allow him to drop some knowledge on that noggin.

Absolute zinger   (5/5)

Joey is a legend. This is by far my favorite podcast out there.

Uncle Joey   (5/5)

Uncle Joey is a fitting nickname for coco, after years of listening he really feels like family....crazy family but that’s why he would fit in.

Uncle Joey   (5/5)

The absolute best out there!

Tremendous!   (5/5)

It’s tremendous!

criminal   (1/5)

THis guy is a jerk

Who you dealing with here ?   (5/5)

Hands down best comic in my 32 years of existence!!

Seriously the funniest podcast   (5/5)

Joey is great

THE GOAT   (5/5)

Joey is the goat.

The man   (5/5)

Uncle joey! The man! Hilarious and real!

Uncle Joey   (5/5)

My current favorite podcast.

Amazing   (5/5)

The comedy that will literally make u spit ur drinks out. The comedy thats truely funny, and lives immortal. Uncle Joey is the man and is guaranteed to make u laugh from start to finish. Video Clips of the live podcast is the only reason I use youtube. He has a great new stand up special on itunes as well. A must see. I love my Uncle Joey!

Jessimae Pelusi   (5/5)

Love this Podcast the realest thing out there. Love to see Jessimae repping the 315 in the church.

I love you uncle Joey   (5/5)

You r the favorite uncle I never had!

Thank you   (5/5)

Your mics r really good can hear you breathing in

Possibly the best Podcast ever.   (5/5)

I have been enjoying this podcast for a long time. I can not recommend it enough!!! Love it.

One of the best   (5/5)

I Love this podcast. Joey doesn’t hold anything back & Lee is the perfect addition. My favorites are the episodes when it’s Joey and Lee alone. But they are always a solid listen! The only podcast where the host doesn’t censor anything about himself or his incredible life stories. Thanks Joey and Lee!

Awesome ...but...   (4/5)

Joey is Hilarious but I can’t get past the nasal sounding voice of the guy with him.

Best podcast around   (5/5)

Love uncle Joey, very honest and hilarious

Kick that Mule Joey. See you in Colusa, Ca   (5/5)

Best podcast around. Great stories. Can’t wait to see Joey on June 16, 2018. Northern California. He tells the story like it is. To hear how much sacrifice he given. Hands down, much appreciated for all the time you put into the podcast. Keep it up, no regrets.

Tremendous!!!   (5/5)

This is number #1 in my rotation of Podcast I Listen to

The best of the best.   (5/5)

The last frontier of honesty and comedy. Uncle joey and cousin lee put out a consistently High end product. Exceptionally motivational, funny and above all it’s a family affair. The church fam is everywhere. Thanks to Joey and Lee for all the hard work and keeping a light on for us.

Simply the best   (5/5)

This podcast is one of the most genuine and funniest show I’ve ever heard. Never change uncle Joey, your show is in a class of its own.

These guys are no joke!   (5/5)

Joey that story about your uncle and that MAMON DE PALO killed me. Just finished watching you tonight 10 o’clock show Tempe Improv, YOU BROUGHT THE HEAT!!! GO SEE THIS GUY!

Love you uncle Joey   (5/5)

All the love from the Atl!

Great to listen to at work or in the gym.   (5/5)

Love it. So happy for you success.

Respect your Uncle Joey   (5/5)

Truly one of the craziest most love-able human beings on earth. A pleasure to listen to.

Thanks Joey   (5/5)

I recently started listening to your podcast, thanks to my beautiful wife for recommending it. I love your interviews and the recent podcast with Lee was inspirational. You pour the wisdom on about life and careers and doing the best job you can do and not missing out on opportunities. From a disgruntled sales manager that probably needs to change course and become potter. That’s clay not weed. Keep kickin that mule.

The Real Church   (5/5)

Joey Diaz is the #Truth can’t wait to see ya in Tempe!

Manolo Loco   (5/5)

Great podcast! Uncle Joey speaks from the heart. Respect.

Kevin Brennan   (5/5)

Great show!

The only podcast to make you laugh and give you life advice.   (5/5)

The Church is my favorite podcast. I’ve been listening to Joey for years now. He always makes me laugh. Be warned, it’s not for the faint of heart. Joey is probably the funniest person in the world. He also goes in deep into the murky waters of his life and gives sound life advice.

F Kevin   (4/5)

Kevin Brennan just sounds lazy and bitter. And he’s not funny. Other than that keep up the good job guys-stay black. Much love from Boston cocksuckers

Top shelf podcasting right here   (5/5)

One of the best podcasts out right now! Get hip you fool!

wise and hilarious   (5/5)

great content, great guests. excellent host

Great   (5/5)

Another great podcaster!

Cuba Libre!!   (5/5)

Tip Too Magoo! This podcast is for you!!

Inspiring Real Talk   (5/5)

Joey Diaz take on life, stories about the life he’s lived offer humility, laughter, inspiration & introspective. One of the best podcasts ever!

Never ever gets old makes my day   (5/5)

Joey never fails to make me laugh with his stories and hilarious words he uses such as “monkey”. He also has valid insure into the world and is a deeper person than you’d expect. Often has great guests though I would listen to Joey and The Christ Killer himself with no guests anytime, keep it up!!

Joey bananas   (5/5)

Uncle Joey has stories for days and I never get tires of hearing them!

Joey Coco Diaz and Lee Syatt   (5/5)

This has definitely become one of my favorite podcasts ever. These 2 guys are just hilarious and they will have you dying out laughing. I love The Church of What’s Happening Now!

Dropping off now gone   (1/5)

Been dropping off because your podcast has been redundant. After Michael Rapaport had to unsubscribe. Dropped his show in 2016 pre-election. He’s in the Hollywood/New York tank. Just gross.

Joey is wonderful   (5/5)

Yes, he is obnoxious and outlandish, but he's truthful and kind and insightful and honest…oh yeah..He's hilarious! I'm sure i'm with everyone else who listens to Joey and is thankful he got his life together and can share his very funny take on the world with us!

Mad flavor   (5/5)

Uncle Joey and lee, make life more enjoyable

Motivating and funny   (5/5)

Have listened for years. Feels like family.

Joey Diaz is my spirit animal   (5/5)

Been following Joey since the first time I heard him on JRE- and man, what a ride. His comedy specials, stories, and experiences are some of the most content-rich moments heard on radio. Thank you Joey for sharing your lives with us... you’re like the Hunter S Thompson of my generation

One of the best song it !!!!   (5/5)

Uncle Joey is the MAN!!!!

Bleu Cheese or go....   (5/5)

Joey Diaz is the great one

209 Great job translating   (5/5)

Episode 462 amazing Great job translating that simple

So Funny   (5/5)

Joey as Joe Rogan contends - You may be one of the funniest people on the planet. Thanks for all that you do Man. It's Blue Cheese with Wings or ( well you know what to do )

I say   (5/5)

I say greetings podcast ville 20 times a day!



Danny Brown is a no   (1/5)

I can’t. I just can’t listen to this blubbering giggling sniveling moron. Joey had to carry it. I had to turn it off. Nails on a chalk board!

The Best!   (5/5)

Can not get enough of Joey, and Lee!

Inspiring, hilarious, & MOTIVATING   (5/5)

The Church of What’s Happening Now: With Joey Coco Diaz & Lee is the best part of my week! These two perfect humans are sure to motivate you to take your life to the next level of enlightenment. The weight of life will feel lighter after spending some time with Uncle Joey. This podcast has forever changed my life in the best way possible. I am so thankful, & hope this can motivate you to make the best choice of your year and LISTEN TO THE CHURCH -

The best !!   (5/5)

My favorite podcast out there, thank you uncle Joey, this podcast is my favorite time of the day . Happy belated birthday !!

Life changer   (5/5)

Joey, you bad mutha. You helped me in my darkest days. This podcast will make you a better person and make you laugh HARD!

I say this at least one a week   (5/5)

Thank god for Joey Diaz

Real talk   (5/5)

A five star show truth

Thanks Joey   (5/5)

Love you brother, thank you for sharing your perspective, your stories, and your humor. Great stuff, well done Five Stars

Hooked   (5/5)

I feel like a piece of garbage for just now finding this podcast. I just heard him on the Joe Rogan Experience. This friggin guy! Hooked.

Killin It   (5/5)

Ive been listening for a while after hearing Joey on JRE a bunch of times and felt like why is this guy not all over popular. Now he is👍. Lee you’re awesome... I love how you’ve grown professionally and personally. You’re a great guy I wish i had a friend like you! Joeys a better friend imo for having you at his side. Keep up the awesomeness that gets me through

Joey Díaz is a gift to this world   (5/5)

He’s intelligent and rugged but he’s hilarious and his personality is unlike anything else! This guy will have you dying from laughter just from his ad reads!

Best   (5/5)

Simply one of the best podcasts around.

The Church   (5/5)

Powerful Uncle Joey 🤘🏽

Uncle Joey is A savage animal   (5/5)

Funniest podcast around, needs a different variety of guest besides just comedians

Take a toot ta roots and listen to Joey & Lee!   (5/5)

Take a chance on this podcast, Columbus did!

One o the funniest people alive   (5/5)

Must listen to podcast Joey is a tremomdus comedian

Tremendous!!!!   (5/5)

Joey gets real with the church! So much fun, his heart goes into every show (along with a dozen stars of death) 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

Mattyg   (5/5)



This is hilarious. Great guests and great topics. Hit the subscribe button, cocksucka.

Kick That Mule!!!   (5/5)

OMG, I cannot get enough of Joey and his side-kick. Kick That Mule, Lee! And don't forget the Tony Bennet from time to time. Coco has a million stories and I won't get bored listening to them all. So far my favorite guests have been Rudy Sarzo and Felipe Esparza. I'm much more street smart after listening to 1 Podcast from The Church. GRACIAS!

The art of conversion at its best.   (5/5)

I love this podcast! It’s all about changing your state of mind and getting after your purpose in life. Reminds me of the stuff I heard and learned growing up. So many good conversations and a good balance between Uncle Joey and Lee Syatt

Uncle Joey is the best   (5/5)

I love listening to my Uncle Joey and Lee every week I haven’t missed a podcast you guys are the best keep it it up!!! Love Anthony from Chicago

uncle joey   (5/5)

best podcast i’ve ever had the pleasure of listening to.

Lee Syatt is whack   (5/5)

I’m a huge fan of this podcast. My only issue is with lee . He doesn’t add anything to the conversation . It’s even worse when he’s been smoking or eating edibles. His voice is annoying and when he’s baked he mumbles gibberish that irritates the heck outta me, but I guess he makes joey that much more enjoyable and smooth . Seriously tho Lee is whack .

You will become a quick fan   (5/5)

Joey Diaz is the man! He’s funny, 100% honest, and keeps it real. He swears like a sailor one minute and then will give advise like a best friend. You will not regret listening to this podcast.

I <3 Standup!!   (5/5)

Your podcast is honest & raw. I love your stories, unedited situations & truth you speak from your life experiences. Your big heart shines through. Thank you, Uncle Joey!!

Tip top Magoo   (2/5)

Tip top Magoo. Except when he chugs down a water bottle right into the microphone. That messes up the whole patois.

The best friends you didn't know you had   (5/5)

Lee and Joey rock the house! These guys color their podcast with brash east coast personalities and an eff you attitude. Most podcasts are a one-trick-pony. The Church dives deep into the many worlds they choose to explore, and ryou will always leave the podcast with something... it may be chlamydia but at least you get something. They cover great topics of conversation, peppered with their own brand of humor. This podcast is like a Philly cheesesteak: warm, filling, and leave you wanting more.

Tremendous   (5/5)

If you like Loco Moco then you’ll love Uncle Coco!

Tremendous   (5/5)

Love CoCo! Great story teller! #thebistanderpodcast #church

Everyone loves Uncle Joey!   (5/5)

Not only is there no other podcast like The Church, there is no other human being, like Joey Diaz. Love you Uncle Joey! Shout out too Lee for being a savage with the edibles. And don’t be embarrassed when you zone out, you’re taking enough edibles to kill an army. You’re Hitler’s nightmare; The Invincible Jew! Ha! Love you guys! Stay black!

Tough Listen   (2/5)

I enjoy Joey as a guest on other podcasts, but this one completely misses for me. First of all, there is nothing "happening now" about it. It's all Joey's war stories from years ago. Entertaining they may be, but that is 90% of the show. Guests have little chance to shine as Joey completely dominates every conversation. And the constant wheezing, gasping for air, hacking and coughing from Joey just makes me think he's about to drop dead, I can't.

GOAT   (5/5)

Uncle Joey, Lee and The Church of What’s Happening Now has changed my life for the better in so many ways.... I can’t thank Lee and Joey enough for putting it out there like they do and for welcoming me into The Church Family with wide open arms! Michael OneByOne Podcast & Design

How is this not number 1   (5/5)

Best podcast ever thanks Joey for getting me though my days keep up the good work you and lee are a great team !! It’s a wonderful day to be alive !

I want to like it...   (2/5)

Joey rambles over the same stories and don't allow his guests to talk. Not every episode should be Joey stories... that's why you have a guest! I love Joey's standup so I keep trying to listen, but it's getting old.

Uncle Joey & lee Syatt   (5/5)

One of my favorite podcasts of all time. They get me through my day. Hilarious. I recommend highly.✌🏼

Funny, Honest, Motivation   (5/5)

Reminds me of an uncle who’s raw but gives good life lessons. Gets me through late nights working on projects. Keep it up cocksucka!!!

Are you kidding me??   (5/5)

Joey Diaz, the funniest person I’ve ever seen live. The podcast is awesome because it’s just real CoCo riffin with whoever comes through the door to enlighten all of us listeners about what’s happening right now. That’s the church I’m from. Love you cocksucka

Joey Antonio "Coco" MF Diaz   (5/5)

This podcast will change your life!!!

My dirty uncle Joey   (5/5)

One of my favorite podcasts, joey is like the dirty uncle I never had.

Gospel according to CoCo   (5/5)

Joey keeps it as real as it gets. If this was in the Bible ita be in red letters.

Great   (5/5)

Love it

...........   (5/5)

There is no way to properly describe what happens in the church. You will laugh until you can’t breathe.

Must Listen   (5/5)

This guy brings back the old school, east coast amazingly Spanish sprinkled with Gomba to podcasts. Love you CoCo

Once Daily will keep you young!!   (5/5)

Laughter is youth to the heart! Thanks for the laughs!!

The man.   (5/5)


Greatest podcast ever   (5/5)

Just wanna say Uncle Joey and Lee are the best!!! I can’t wait to listen on weekly basis love you guys!!!

The best   (5/5)

Who is better than uncle Joey? Nobody.

Helps when I need to unwind   (5/5)

I work long hours away from home and sometimes when I get home after a long day and am not feeling upbeat I throw on a podcast and it cheers me up. For the first time in 34yrs I can recognize that and use this podcast as a way to relax. I enjoy the random music they play and I like when they play a minute or two and BS while they do or talk about the song. Simple content like that is one of the things I love. free tip... JOEY & LEE....take oxypowder and become interested in detoxification of your bodies and you will both add years to your life, lose MASSIVE weight and feel overall better as your body will be less taxed with the over accumulated toxins. Great Podcast!!!!

Great podcast   (5/5)

Enjoyable podcast to listen to

Simple and entertaining   (5/5)

If your looking for A podcast that teaches you something or is extremely thought provoking, then this is Not the podcast for you. On the other hand if you want to listen to a podcast that seems like your eavesdropping on two individuals whom have experienced a lot of life, then bingo you've found it. The best way to describe this podcast: Like that dirty uncle you had that you only saw around Christmas time.He would tell you awful dirty things that your parents wouldn't allow you to normally hear. Your uncle was intoxicated and gritty but hilarious and fun and you always looked forward to his visits.Joey Diaz is your dirty uncle folks. Enjoy!

Love you uncle Joey   (5/5)

Uncle Joey is the funniest man on the planet. He speaks his mind and is unapologetic. If you want to laugh and don’t get your feelings hurt easily, this is the podcast. Hit it Lee!!!!! Kick that mule!

Love the church   (5/5)

The best

It’s the church, or GFYM   (5/5)

Best thing that’s ever happened to me. Wake up c*cksuckas. It’s time for Church.

CHURCH   (5/5)

Joey is the best comedian I’ve ever seen live, and his podcast proves that he is one of the most compelling men alive. It’s mostly Joey doing the talking, rather than his guests, but it never gets old and he always leaves you dying to hear more.

Best podcast out   (5/5)

It’s real it’s raw and it’s authentic!

Funniest man alive   (5/5)

Amazing podcast, always hilarious.

Real life   (5/5)

The church of what’s happening now. You’re either in or you’re out. You decide, cocksucka

Best podcast   (5/5)

I found Joey through Joe rogan and never stopped listening since! Now it’s my number one podcast. Glad to say I’m part of the CHURCH.....

The best   (5/5)

This podcast is simply incredible! The greatest story teller alive!!! My wife & I have a daughter with a life threatening illness, we very seldom get a date night. Last night in Lexington Ky we saw uncle Joey at Comedy off Broadway. We had a blast! It was great to laugh & see my wife laugh so much! You don't realize how much you mean to us little people! From the bottom of my heart THANK YOU Joey for all that you do!

Tremendous!!!   (5/5)

I’m a garbage man. This podcast helps me get through the day. I love it!!

Uncle Joey is the Best!!!   (5/5)

Love ya! keep up the classic work and making me bust a gut everytime i laugh listing to you! but also speak nothing but the truth!

Church family   (5/5)

This man is a savage. Best story teller I’ve ever heard. This is a must listen

The best   (5/5)

My favorite show. Awesome stories and joey paints amazing visuals with his rants and raves. A must listen... and I mean every episode co*k sucker

Logger, husband and father of 4 boys from NorCal   (5/5)

Hey guys! Great show. After the bob and TOM show I needed something to keep me going. Working 12-15 hours a day logging in the woods to may sure people don’t wipe their butts with plastic, I need the entertainment. With no service out here you guys gave me what I needed and you nailed it! I love the information, the rants, the jokes, the cries the laughs and the TRUTHS! I had a rough go with no path to follow as well but am now on the straight and narrow trying to keep my family on the path. And that is what the church is all about. Keep it real gentlemen and from the words of Joey “coco” Diaz stay black.

Uncle Joey   (5/5)

My favorite podcast ever!! What up with a shout out Tio Joey I’m getting married Saturday.

Love ya coco   (5/5)

This man is an absolute legend.

The truth   (5/5)

Joey Diaz is the funniest man on the planet. Who you think you're dealing with Joey Bananas? Shoutout to Lee

Killer   (5/5)

Best Podcast. Joey is the man.

Funny like a doctor!   (5/5)

The uncle I never had, thx

Cocksucka   (5/5)

Don’t be a mook. Diaz brings down the hammah.

One of the best story tellers of our time   (5/5)

The title says it all.

Uncle Joey is the best!!! Gotta love Lee too 💞💞   (5/5)


Dose   (5/5)

Get your weekly dosage of medicine.

Tremendous!   (5/5)

Tremendous podcast! The church keeps it 💯! Shout out to Uncle Joey and the Flying Jew!

Hide the spoons   (5/5)

What a great episode with Felipe Esparza "Got me working that peep hole all night" lol

El Paso born!   (5/5)

Whhhhooo love ya joey!! Every Monday and all the other days ! Love you guys keep it up! Know you don't do the white no mo but I got you with the green if you come down again!!!

Madflavor and The Flying Jew, Podcast Gold   (5/5)

One of the best Podcasts out there.

👍🏻   (5/5)

One of three podcasts I listen to on a daily basis.

Amazing   (5/5)

I used to listen to other comedy podcasts because I thought they had great stories and life lessons. However, nothing compares to Joey Diaz's blunt and hilarious interpretations of life and how to navigate through it . Ever since finding it The Church has been the staple of my daily entertainment . Check it out and make it part of yours !!!


Coco out here changing lives with this podcast.. keep up the good work.. Proud of that Jew that flies too

Hilarious!!   (5/5)

Joey Diaz is hilarious with his stories. He also covers a wide range of topics that can be very informative. I always laugh when listening. One of the very best Podcasts out there!

Kick that mule Lee!   (5/5)

Keep that muffler clean, you never know when you'll run into your old ex for a quick stabbing. 👍🏽✨

5 stars   (5/5)

Great podcast. Keep it up!

Beautiful   (5/5)

This podcast is Beautiful. The worlds funniest man Mr. Joey Diaz himself and his side kick lee always going deep. I love the episodes with dean delray and the music talk. they always know there music history keep up the amazing work!

Listen to it   (5/5)

Joey is my therapist

Uncle Joey kills   (5/5)

Thank you to Joey Diaz for this hilarious podcast! Joey is probably the funniest man alive today!!

A taste of the old with a spice of the new   (5/5)

Joey Diaz is a familiar face in a handful of movies, and that's all he really was to me. When I first got into Podcasts about a year ago I started with the Joe Rogan experience and was introduced to a hilariously truthful Joey Diaz. Although he is Cuban I can't help but think I'm listening to an Italian "wise guy" who is been through it... with words of advice and wisdom. I wish for a day that I would be able to fly out to LA and hang out with Joey. At this point I listen to him every day he puts out a new podcast and even though he's on the West Coast you can tell he's a true New Yorker and it's like he never left. Joey thank you for the hilarious stories words of wisdom and getting me through my workday. Since I will probably not be flown out to LA to hang out with Joey Diaz I'm going to have to go to one of his next standup performances. Great podcast! Should definitely listen, Lee is pretty cool too.

Tremendous   (5/5)

This has to be the funniest comedian and story teller alive. This is by far and away my favorite podcast. Raunchy, insightful, real. Uncle Joey is the man

Great podcast but gross noises   (4/5)

Joey is a great story teller and hilarious, but the guy is constantly making disgusting noises. The flem coughing into the mike, gulping water, and teeth sucking gross me out. Love the podcast otherwise.

GOAT   (5/5)

Best podcast ever. Changed my life.

Love love love   (5/5)

So funny and perfect to play when you are driving ❤️❤️

My New Favorite!   (5/5)

Definitely my new favorite! After Howard I'll be listening to "The Church"! Love this show, Joey Coco Diaz is HILARIOUS!

Kick That Mule Lee!   (5/5)

F*ck Joel Osteen, this is the real Church of What's Happening Now. Coco and The flying Jew have the most entertaining podcast on the market right now! I never miss a Church podcast, I listen to it religiously. Keep em coming!

Listen every single week   (5/5)

I look forward to this podcast every time a new one comes out. Joey is great at telling stories and you know if he is having a guest on they'll be interesting


I'd never heard it f Joey Diaz before finding this podcast; now I can't imagine comedy/podcasting without him. He's unforgivingly raw which is rare to find in media. Keep this train rollin' cocksucka!

Great   (5/5)


Lissin' here cocksucka....   (5/5)

Wash ya mufflur!!

Awesome!   (5/5)

Absolutely hilarious. What a genuine guy with unlimited amazing stories. Lee is the man as well.

Rating to support   (5/5)

Joey Diaz is real. That is all.