Aggregated reviews for The Comedy Button

What's going on, Internet!? Prepare for some of the most insane rambling about everything from life, to sex, to what passes for 21st-century Internet culture. Your aural canals are ours, and we're filling them with nonsense -- courtesy of hosts Brian Altano, Scott Bromley, Ryan Scott, Max Scoville, and Kristin Van De Yar. BRAAAP BRAAAP! New episode every Friday afternoon!

Thanks Santa   (5/5)

Always a fun listen.

Though we’ve grown apart, always in my heart.   (5/5)

Unfortunately I don’t think Kistens contributions to the snow are for me, but this show has given me years of smiles and laughs. Like most relationships, even one sided podcast relationships, people grow apart, but that doesn’t undo the good times.


I love this podcast. It’s funny as Heck! Pls talk about weird Fandoms. I would most likely laugh so hard. Love you podcast!

Ryan Scott is a god among men.   (5/5)

you guys entertain me for an hour every week at my work. often I find myself silently laughing myself into a seizure that brings me to my knees. thanks for the laughs. Updating my review from the launch of the podcast. I’ve loved listening to these boys grow into men. Ryan Scott is always my favorite and love the geek box podcast too. The reason for the update is because of the new co-host Kristin Van De Yar. What a perfect addition to this dumpster fire of a show. Hopefully that is taken as a complement. I love the new energy of the show and think she is a perfect fit for you fine gentlemen. Thanks for continuing the show in these “uncertain times” I love being able to have a new comedy button to get me through said “uncertain times” 5 stars!!!

MA WIFE   (5/5)

AHhhHhHhh!! Amazing!!! I’m 12 and love this show!!!! Bring the girls in more!!!!!!! MA WIFE!!! 😂🤣😂🤣😂

I like this show.   (5/5)

It cheered me up this morning. The show I listen to regularly on ITunes is “Community News” with Paul and Sasha. I would really crack up if you guys interviewed them on your show. The combo of talking and analyzing nonsense would be hilarious.

GOOD SHOW   (5/5)

Guys this is good show. I like because if they say they joke I am laugh. My favorite type is when Brian make Star War and when Ryan rhymes with Brian. If Max is tall boy I am beer can. Like the podcast Anthony is dead but sometimes he is ghost. Piss everywhere. Scott please like duck at least. They are so many Disney.

BRAP BRAP   (5/5)

Hilarious podcast! Been listening from the beginning! I really love this show! Please stop bringing Jared petty on the show. He ruins the vibe.

hosted by racoons   (5/5)

this is my go to show on down days. this show has pulled me out of dark holes more than a few times.. i love it and i will go back and listen to random episode almost every other day

Thanks for all the laughs   (5/5)

I started listening 2 years ago after watching Brian and Max on IGN. I wanted more episodes so I went and started back at episode 1. I’m finally all caught up! You guys are hilarious and I love the goofs you guys get into every episode. It’s been so sweet to see (hear) the personal growth you guys have had throughout the years. Even though I don’t know any of you I’m so happy you guys have found happiness through love, family, careers, etc. :’) You all deserve it. Your episodes are great when it’s the whole crew, just two of you, or with guests. Thank you for all the laughs. I will keep listening for as long as you guys crank these out! <3

Dropped off hard   (2/5)

It used to be my favorite podcast but it just hasn’t been the same for about a year. I’ve been listening weekly since about episode 100 and have listened to every episode countless times, but I guess the show isn’t for me anymore. I wish the guys luck but I think it’s time to retire the show.

Phoning it in   (3/5)

The quality of the show just isn’t the same anymore. The whole group is barely ever all together anymore and when they are it seems more like a chore for them to do the show than something they do for fun like it use to be. It’s like a TV show that has gone on way past the time it should have ended. Scott’s constant on mic yawning doesn’t help at all either.

This show went down hill.   (1/5)

The only redeeming pay off this show is Brian Altano. Max has pointless jokes, Scott Bromley is boring, and Ryan Scott is just there. I can't listen to this show any more.

Awesomeness   (5/5)

You guys are awesome. Nice to hear some friends that you could just hang out and bs with. Keep up the great job guys. Scott and Ryan y’all are beyond funny. John from Texas

My favorite podcast   (5/5)

These guys are awesome and funny and I also enjoy hearing there stories it’s crazy how they grew and changed over time on this podcast! But I still enjoy it there are my favorite podcast out there!

The comedy button   (5/5)

Content is the comedy button. Podcasting at its finest. Storytelling masters of audio experience. The Easter egg of the Internet.

Terrible   (1/5)

This was supposed to be funny? Not st all.

Hold your ducks, you’re in for a flap.   (5/5)

This is the ducking greatest quackcast a bird can listen to with his little fowl ear drums. Bring bread crumbs and prepare your tail feathers for a fantastic, hilarious, and educational (lol) podcast with the best hosts like apple jack, a New Yorker named Bagel Altoad, and Maxxx Scalding hawt Scoville. 5/7 perfect podcast.

Thanks and goodbye   (5/5)

I have been a fan of these guys since their GameSpy Debriefings days. And I followed Anthony and Ryan over from the CGW podcast. When I heard they were doing the Comedy Button I was excited. I Kickstarted, Patreoned, bought the app for those extras clips... and it was all well worth it. The one thing I never did was leave a review and now that I am quitting it seems like it might just be the time. If you want a podcast where a group of friends who are genuinely funny sit around and talk then this is the best. I think I just grew tired of that sort of thing, and maybe these guys have as well. They are still very funny (that just comes naturally to this group) but I wonder if this has gone from being something they loved to an obligation. They all have other outlets for their creativity... IGN videos, the (award winning) Star Wars show, whatever Ryan does... I just get the feeling that maybe their hearts just aren’t fully there. All that said.. it has been great guys and I wish you the best! 5 stars

So Funny   (5/5)

I live The Comedy Button there funny and I love to laugh and they make me laugh and I really enjoy it.

Smity541   (5/5)

These guys are hilarious. Thanks for all the laughs

Oh Boyyy......s are back jn tonw   (5/5)

This podcast is like listening to your fun drunk criminal uncles who work in zoos and videogames. These boys are five star ratings worth of good boys oh boyyyyyy They have women stop by wvery once in a while, they re all inclusive boys, complete with crunchyroll and squarespace earbuds. Blue apron loot crate braaap braap

Awesome show   (5/5)

From downtown Los Angeles take 10 fwy west for 14 miles to reach Santa Monica pier..

No. 1 ASMR Podcast!   (5/5)

The best place to get all of your chingedy ching, hee haw, hee haw, and moist trickles. Keep up the great work! Ehhhhbipbipbipbipbipbipbipbipbipbip

Good cream soda   (5/5)


Yehhhhhhhhhhhhhh   (5/5)

bip bip bip bip bip bip bip bip bip bip bip bip bip bip bip bip bip bip bip bip bip bip bip bip bip

Best Breast Pump Out There!   (5/5)

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Ehhhh   (5/5)

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You have me back!   (5/5)

I used listen to this show a couple of years ago and I wanted to drop in real quick and listen to the latest one, and this is super funny! You guys haven’t stopped being funny since the debriefings and now I have a huge backlog to listen to, keep being awesome!

Inside the Next Big Thing   (5/5)

This is the next big thing. This is going to be big. These 4 guys are San Fransicos next big time! ill Tell ya. If my dreams are scary its not all my fault, but next time it lets the award show blow, blow away. You can check out Brain and Zack at ign. Skate Bra man pr4oduces the star wars show. and ryan scout is in an undevelpled fallout 3 house in the middle of no where.

I love these idiots   (5/5)

The podcast is a mess... a beautiful beautiful mess.

These jeans are way too blue   (5/5)

Would not wear again.

Eehh behbeh   (5/5)

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhh behbehbehbehbehbehbehbehbehbehbehbehbehbehbehbehbehbehbeh

Ayyyyyyeeee BRP BRP BRP BRP BRP BRP   (5/5)

Week in week out always funny, touching or maddening.

REEEEEEE   (5/5)


My local IHOP IS TERRIBLE   (5/5)

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5 stars   (5/5)

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As you wish   (5/5)


Love these jeans!   (5/5)

For reference I'm talking about the SLATE color which is a charcoal in color. They are clean minimalistic and monochromatic wash with no fades or distresses just they way I like love them. Hopefully they wash well and since it's a recent purchase I can't comment on durability but they seem sturdy enough. The only caveat I have is they are a bit looser on the thighs and I am by no means a skinny guy but it was not enough to warrant removing a star.

They fell off so hard   (2/5)

After Anthony left theyre pretty much coasting. Used to be my fav podcast that I looked forward to and I didnt even like Anthony much. Only one giving effort and providing lols on a constant basis still is Bryan, Max contributes sometimes. At this point Scott is useless and pretty much zones out for most of the episodes. Ryan has been useless since they started, even back in the debriefings days.

Not actual comedy   (1/5)

4 adult man-children stuck in 80s and 90s nostalgia trips where 3 of them aggressively berate and make fun of everything about one of them for over 350 episodes.

One of the Greats   (5/5)

Love this show!!

Best show   (5/5)

P.S. carrot cake is good.

Trump jokes   (1/5)

Brian’s Trump jokes killed this podcast and their Patreon.

So funny my dicks hard   (5/5)

I’m serious.

Great Podcast   (5/5)

Consistently the funniest podcast I listen to. It’s like a bunch of imaginary friends that tell jokes in your ears.

Utter Nonsense   (5/5)

Every day I sit at a desk for 8+ hours and consume hours upon hours of podcasts. I listen to Brian and Max on almost all other podcasts and even went to episode one when I discovered how much I laugh when I'm listening to it. I get dirty looks at the office, but it's not my fault when Flapjack appears or Winter Bear is referenced.


Mas Chorizo.

The Friend Button!   (5/5)

This is my favorite podcast by far! The comedy button can be summed up as the dumb and amazing conversations you had with your best friends. Seriously feels like your hanging out with your best friends. Keep up the good work!

Amazing Show   (5/5)

Just got started and wow is this one of the funniest podcast’s I have ever listened to. I am pumped to go through the entire back log.

Great show about absolutely nothing   (5/5)

I’ve been listening to this stupid show since episode 1. It’s often idiotic; occasionally extremely insightful, personal, and touching; and just always ridiculous. The best terrible show on the Internet. Brap brap.

My Cousin Braaapppy is winning.   (5/5)

If there was a less winning uncle I’d have known about it by now. Stop reading this and get back to staring at something else!

Best podcast.   (5/5)

Thanks so much for making one of the best parts of my week for over 3 years of my life. You guys always seem to be able to make my day better.

An Absolute Romp   (5/5)

I'm a dingus so like to listen to a bunch of dinguses talk about farts and burps for an hour, that's why I tune into The Comedy Button.

Like Old Friends   (5/5)

This podcast is very stupid and very hilarious. It helped get me through more than a few dark times in my life, and I’m forever grateful for that.

Good enough   (5/5)

Well done, thanks for the entertainmen

Simply amazing   (5/5)

I have been with the comedy button since it’s beginning. It’s so good. The laughs you will have, the subtle yet amazing relatable content tha is given. If you want an amazing hangout session with some of the funniest people, come on down and have a listen. I promise you won’t regret it.

So funny   (5/5)

I've started listening back in 2015 and I went back to listen to almost every single episode. Love the show, it's funny, sad, goofy and serious. I wouldn't change a thing about it.

Pretty great   (5/5)


My favorite podcast for going on 6 years   (5/5)

The podcast is nearing its 300th episode, and with any luck, I'll be writing another review after listening to another 300 episodes. I feel like I've grown up with the guys on the show. They're hilarious, insiteful and relatable. I feel like I'm sitting in on their hilariously entertaining conversations.

The episode when Ryan hosted   (5/5)


Saying what they can't on other shows   (5/5)

All of these guys have great other shows and podcasts but this is where I go to get their honest, over the top opinions. This podcast feels like every couch conversation I used to have with my buddies back in college. Humor, honesty and genuine friendship makes this for a must listen. Thanks for everything you do from a former silent majority listener.

Fantastic nonsense   (5/5)

Quick firing comedic gold. Enjoyed it more than I thought I would. Laughed out loud.

Tragedy Lever   (5/5)

Be warned. It gets heavy sometimes.

Got terrible.   (1/5)

They've put being funny second. Boring guys who pander to teenagers and outrage culture. Were better when they made fun of the mentally hanicapped instead of jumping on the anti-Trump train in an aggressively unfunny manner.

Fun fun fun   (5/5)

Daddy don't take the tbird away

I listen every week   (4/5)

I listen every week, and I'm a regular consumer of content put out by some of the guys. It's like being a fly in the wall of a group a dudes just chillin out. My only gripe is that they go super hard on bits. Like really hard, like way beyond the point of it resembling anything remotely funny. Very alt comedy.

Still brapping along.   (5/5)

After 5 years and some cast change ups the guys are still making hilarious content. The last 5 eps have been particularly incredible.

stupid great nonsense   (5/5)


Dale~V   (5/5)

At least the 3rd best BRRAAAP! in the industry.

Top the heap   (5/5)

The bar setter for shows. Always funny. Can't say much more than that, it's the best.

Thanks!!!   (5/5)

Every week, especially when it's a bad one, you guys make it so much better. Love listening to the show. Thanks for making a hilarious podcast. You guys are great. Keep it up. "I have a raccoon fact!"

No other podcast needed   (5/5)

Started listening on monday and cant turn it off. I have been laughing so hard I have been in tears. This is the best podcast ever.

Tears of Joy   (5/5)

This podcast is amazing! I have almost had to pull over multiple times because I am laughing so hard tears of joy. I listen to this before a dance rehearsal or on the commute to see my boyfriend. My boyfriend and I met on League of Legends. We are two hours apart and this podcast gets me through that drive. Love this podcast, love its work, so listen to it!

I love the comedy button   (5/5)

I would give this podcast 6 stars but there is not a single penguin in any episode.

Yase   (4/5)

P Varner Feegutros

Do it, open the trunk , do it   (5/5)

Offensive , random , ridiculous and hilarious . I stumbled upon this podcast a couple months back after a twisted grape vine of IGN videos and related cast member podcasts and immediately couldn't get enough and can't listen to back episodes quick enough. The first five minutes can be really confusing as to what is going on as a first time listener (but once you became a regular listener the first five minutes definitely seem to some the spirit of the show up very well) but I promise you that if you give it a little time and you're into this kind of comedy then you will enjoy these guys . Definitely entertaining and listening to the podcast is like sitting down and joking around with a bunch of friends about any random topic that comes up. Just a group of dudes being stupid, silly, Sharing their hilarious opinions on things and telling great and usually embarrassing stories. Keep it up guys!



I could listen to Ryan read the phone book   (5/5)

Ryan's calming tones is the single reason anyone should ever listen to this show ever. Ever.

Radio wishes it was this good   (5/5)

This is why radio is dead - because no rules shows as good as this exist. Long live independant media.

Comedy for dummies.   (2/5)

These guys are the "Jackass" of comedic podcasts. They pick random raunchy topics and insert bad accents and random noises in hopes that someone other than themselves will find it funny. I used to be a fan, but then I matured and so did my sense of humor. If you're 15-23, go for it and download the podcast. If you're somewhat mature and don't think fart noises are funny, go listen to the Achievement Hunter podcast or something. Anything but this.

TLDR: I will continue to listen as long as they keep recording   (5/5)

PSA: I suggest starting with the "best of" episodes on their website. To try and set your expectations, it's not really a "comedy show" and it has no real structure or topic... Basically it's hanging-out with a group of best friends who grew-up in the 80s / 90s and are unapologetic, but very self-aware, about their love of stupid geek pop-culture and things they grew-up with. These are some fun, genuine, uncensored guys who are actually quite funny at times. They talk about everything from real life struggles to 80s kids breakfast cereal commercials and killer theme parks. More than once I've laughed out loud while listening with headphones at the office and gotten weird looks from coworkers. This review is well overdue. I've listened since this show's original incarnation as the latter half of "The GameSpy Debriefings" (was hooked). I've since helped back their Kickstarter to relaunch as this show, subscribe to their Patreon, and own a t-shirt. I will continue to listen as long as they keep recording.

A must listen   (5/5)

One of the best podcasts around. Truly funny and I've been listening since episode 1. The people on the show are likable and you truly come to care for them. While I miss Anthony the show doesn't lose its stride. They continue to put on a good show and their love and passion for what they do is always inspiring.

Altano Too Political   (2/5)

Long time listener, but Altano has gotten increasingly political. Was a patreon backer since the beginning, but his political comments became unbearable. Keep the politics out and I'll resub someday.

What a fall from grace   (3/5)

I listened to each episode from the start (even listened to them midway through the gamespy debriefings) and the last 30-40 episodes just arent what they used to be. Scott doesnt care now that he has his dream job with Disney, Ryan barely talks, Anthony left, so the only ones contributing are Max and Brian. And really its only Brian with the comedy. The podcast was my favorite for years and now its just mediocre. They dont care anymore.

Fun   (5/5)

Is pretty funny

Not funny, just annoying   (1/5)

I don't understand how this is supposed to be funny. Everyone talks over each other spitting out tired after lame try-hard jokes after another. None of these guys are comedians so you get people that were probably told they were funny once so they think they can do a show called comedy button. Warning: There is no comedy here.

Fell off   (1/5)

Not a long haul podcast. Early episodes are quite good. Sharp decline in quality.

Long time fan!   (5/5)

Taking tonight to rate and review my current favorite podcasts because they always say reviews help the most besides money! I'm a patreon supporter and have been listening since ep. 5 when a friend told me about you guys! Been a fan ever since, you guys got me through my 4 year college degree and I still listen to you as I drive around New England in a company car to do IT work. Never stop! I love how Scott kept the show together even when Anthony did his work for Daylight. Good on you man! Comedy Button #4lyfe

Oh boy!   (5/5)

Favorite podcast. Been listening now for almost three years.

Best show ever   (5/5)

This show makes me laugh every time. Keep up the good work.

Hilarious   (5/5)

One of my favourite podcasts. Always funny. Hosts are hilarious.

Pretty bad   (1/5)

Just terrible.

Hilarious!   (5/5)

I love the podcast especially when I'm on long car trips or walks. Fun to listen to them. Keep up the good work guys!

One of the best podcasts around   (5/5)

Max, Brian, Scott, Anthony and Ryan give a window into their lives as a way to simultaneously blow off steam, get their creative juices flowing and demonstrate to their listeners what it means to grow up while maintaining their own identity. Totally worth the time to start listening. Check out a Best Of for an easy introduction

Go back and listen to them all   (5/5)

I'm new to this show and podcasts all together. I'm burning through three episodes a day in my truck while picking up [email protected] Old gamespy shows are slowing down the inevitable.

Oh boy!   (5/5)

I look forward to new episodes every week and I supported them on Patreon to get the bonus episodes. Give it a listen, you'll definitely enjoy it.

best.pocast.ever.   (5/5)

Everyone should listen to this pocast,it's hilarious,you won't regret it.

This podcast   (5/5)

Absolutely hilarious

Ty   (5/5)


Amazing   (4/5)

It is really good. Even though it needs to be a little bit longer.

Best podcast ever   (5/5)

I love these guys. They are so funny and have great chemistry! If you don't mind raunchy humor then this is the podcast for you.

Offensive without humor   (1/5)

No thanks.

The greatest thing your ears will ever experience.   (5/5)

These guys are seriously the greatest, just give it a try!

Long time listener.   (5/5)

I've been a long time listener of the show, and it's like hanging around a table and chatting with old friends. Every member of the cast adds something hilarious to the show. I wish they did written sketches regularly on the show. I like their ads because of how funny they are written and the characters they create. They should bring more of that to the show, but their improvised bits are always a riot.

Oh boy the comedy button   (5/5)

Every episode is great. I've recently re-listened to all of the episodes and there still gold i picture myself on my deathbed starting from the beginning again from when Anthony started hosting the gamespy debriefings.

Acquired Taste   (5/5)

I must be honest, my initial impressions were rather negative for this podcast. I did not find it funny (initially), because the brand of humor was not exactly to my taste. Furthermore, I was very much turned off by the nerd culture which would find its way into the podcast, giving me even more distaste for this podcast. But that changed when I listened to the episode where the cast begins making fun of Werther’s Originals. I had the biggest smile on my face, and must have been rather off-putting to the strangers I was working around. After that little bit, I became totally enamored with the podcast. The cast is so good when they are working together, providing comedy which does not feel forced or pandering. This coupled with funny personal stories, and unique social commentary make for an hour well spent. I can say without pause that The Comedy Button is my favorite podcast, and hope that it continues reveling in awkward, crude, and unique humor for years to come.

Better than raccoons in your yard!   (5/5)

This podcast was my first intro into so many I love today (beyond, kinda funny, I try to watch up at noon all I can) but it stands up as my favorite. Side note: Ryan Scott has been KILLING it since Scott's wedding. Awesome to see him open it up.

Great pass time   (5/5)

Love the show one of many podcast I have on while I take the long boring drive to work, The only downfall is me trying not to crash why laughing due to the hysterical shenanigans of you guys.

Great comedy podcast!   (5/5)

If you are a real bad pizza boy listen to these 4 friends talk about all sorts of strange nonsense. Really funny stuff

Keeps Getting Better   (5/5)

This podcast leaves me howling laughing sometimes and is just the greatest.

Not even gaming. Not even funny.   (2/5)

just no.

Yep, I'm out   (3/5)

Too many negative political generalizations for my taste. I'll stick with their various gaming podcasts.

They're actually funny!   (5/5)

Great cast of characters on this show, would recommend to anyone. Can't count how many times these guys have got me out of boring car rides and made them much more enjoyable for me.

Easily my favorite podcast   (5/5)

I didn't really listen to podcasts until I found this one. I listened to NVC on IGN and thought Brian was funny so I searched and found out he was on this podcast. I can't get enough of these guys. If you were born from 1982-1990 then this is the podcast for you. Brap brap. 5/5 stars.

Hate   (1/5)

I tried to listen to this podcast but I found myself disgusted. Not because of the sophomoric humor or the obnoxious hosts. No it was the hateful words they spewed that turned me away. It's disappointing to see men who on other podcasts have condemned others for using the same language they throw around here with reckless abandon. Disappointed to say the least. There may be some truly funny things to find here but to me it's not worth hearing the hate they spew to get there.


Gotta love Comedy Button! I rarely sit through a podcast with a lot of ads but I’m happy to support this show any day of the week. If you like games podcasts and don’t listen to Comedy Button, get on it ASAP! But on a separate note, the diarrhea cast is now their best episode ever

Sometimes great, occasionally annoying   (2/5)

I used to like the comedy button a lot. Still like a few of the dudes involved, but I'm moving on. Simply not as enjoyable as it once was.

5 Stars   (5/5)

I like this podcast enough to rate and review it on iTunes, even though I don't use iTunes. That's how much I like it.

This podcast is a danger to my health.   (5/5)

I have my weekly lineup of podcasts I listen to on my long commutes to work. This week I came across this podcast and it has changed my life. This podcast is my spirit animal. If I recorded my friends and I talking, it would be this podcast. On more than one occasion I've had to throw on my hazard lights while driving and pull off the road because I can't see I can't breathe, all I'm doing is crying and laughing. 5 stars just isn't enough stars.

Great show   (5/5)

I listened to this and laughed histerically i would recommend this to all my friends

Best podcast ever   (5/5)

I die laughing every time I listen to an episode of this podcast. It's a perfect blend of humor and interesting stories!

Braaaaaaaaaaaaaaap!   (5/5)

Need I go on?

Better than pizza whistles   (5/5)

I've almost gotten into multiple accidents because of this podcast because I listen when I drive. 10/5 will recommend.

Hilarious   (5/5)

These guys are the best!

NICE!!!!!   (5/5)


Simply the best   (5/5)

So random and unpredictable but so good. Started from day one and will keep going till it's over. Only complain is their ad jokes sometimes run long. Fanfar ads don't need to be a whole minute

A weekly highlight   (5/5)

These guys have brought a unique joy to my life. Hilarious and heartfelt at times; you can't go wrong with this bunch.

I love it   (5/5)

These guys are the funniest nerds on the planet. No one can stay on topic. I guess that’s a good thing since there really isn’t a topic. It’s a great listen.

Percipitous drop in quality!   (1/5)

Apparently The Comedy Button's biggest draw is Max Scoville. Enjoy his mid 20 something stories and musings as awesome and epic anoyone in their mid to late 20's would think they are! You'd think the lack of structure would lead to all sorts of comedy, but you would be mistaken. Frequently unfunny, the title of the show continues it's ironic climb to the precipice of mediocrity. The rest of the hosts are 30 something nobodies who used to be a thing on the internet about video games. Give them more money though as that is apprently the only successful thing they can do with any regularity. The comedy and the buttons are severely lacking in this here pod.

so deadly fresh   (5/5)

The hotness is Real

Greatest greatness of all time   (5/5)

My guilty pleasure. Sit back and enjoy being an idiot

I LOVE TCB   (5/5)

I listen to you like every day and I laugh out loud it's amazing!!! Keep going!

I'm new to I phones   (5/5)

Like the title says I'm new to iPhones. But this podcast was one of the reasons why I wanted one so that way I could have easier access to it. Big fan.

Pegasus, AWAY!   (5/5)

I've been a long time listener of the comedy button (about 3 years) and I can't think of one bad thing to say. Every week is just another hour of pure comedy gold that never fails to amuse. Subscribe and instantly make every Friday afternoon even better than they already are.

Oh BOY!   (5/5)

I love this podcast! One of the few I actually keep up with and the only one I have ever rated/reviewed on that's a thing. Brap brap!

So funny lol   (5/5)

They make me laugh so hard in class I have to turn them off

Hilarious   (5/5)

Love this podcast. One of the funniest shows I have found. All the guys are funny and I always look forward to each new show

Auditory Orgasm   (5/5)

Now I've never seen their previous podcast,but this is amazing. If you like great stories and conversation then you can't get any better. The only true complaint is that Ryan doesn't talk enough

Funniest show out there   (5/5)

This show has made me laugh so hard I cries more than once and always cheers me up. You guys are awesome.

this podcast is funny and entertaining   (5/5)

the podcast is funny because people are funny in the podcast that you listen to it it is fun. i like this podcast. you should too. it is good. they make joke about 80s stuff, video games, san francisco, other nonsense. i liek it alot. please listen. tweeked audio headphonez. yes i have question. is this podcast good? yes it is. that is the answer. peeperzandpooperz with a z. good bye

Ready Your Ears   (5/5)

This is a superb podcast. Unabashedly sophomoric and immature but still charming and fun. Most of all its funny and that's all that should matter. Braaaaaap Braaaaaap!

Your the best around...   (5/5)

Best. Podcast. Ever. Warning: you may laugh so hard that you just might cry, try not to be driving like that, I speak from experience.

Funny as all hell   (5/5)

These guys are hilarious!! Action park had me crying keep up the awesome job👍

Best Podcast Ever   (5/5)


5 star entertainment   (5/5)

simply excellent

Great comedy   (5/5)

I've been listening to this podcast for a bit and it is amazing. I even had to start from the very beginning, despite new episodes coming out which I still have not caught up on, but I am anxious to get to the very end so I can listen in every week. Keep up the great work guys!

Brap it up!   (5/5)

It's a podcast design to let the end of week ease into relaxation and laughter. Brap, it up!

The absolute worst   (5/5)

This is probably the worst show I've ever listened to in my entire life. Ive been a fan since episode 16 and I haven't stopped listening. The depressing topics, inappropriate rants, and just general morbidity of the conversations keep making me come back. This show will make you stupider by listening to it. I love it. Brap Brap, raccoons, money in the bank, ritzy, and whatever stupid sayings come from this atrocity of a podcast.

Brian Altano’s voice soothes my testes   (5/5)

he raises my dongers to their highest capacity brian altano i love you i want to drop a bucket of kittens on your face

Review   (5/5)

They make the dick jokes.

Fantastic!!   (5/5)

I recently met 3 of the guys from this podcast at another live podcast and it makes me respect these guys so much more! You guys are incredible and the only podcast that I will go back and listen to old episodes because they rock!! Thanks for everything!!

Best Show with the best cast.   (5/5)

BRAP BRAP!!! Show is the funniest show around. It's not always jokes but it's always great. BRAP BRAP!

To SPAAAACE   (5/5)

Just try not to laugh!

comedy button   (5/5)

This podcast is hilarious

Still five stars   (5/5)

Recently: a perspective on real life, interspersed with funnies

The best thing since Pizza Whistles   (5/5)

This podcast takes 5 guys who are already hilarious and puts them in the mode of fatal hilarity. From Scott's crazy stories,Anthony's nerd appeal ,Brian's chill cynicism and Max's Aspergers they cover a wide appeal. Oh an Ryan's silence I guess.

Brap it out   (5/5)

Brap Brap

Great podcast   (5/5)

Just giving you guys a 5 star. I've been listening since the beginning and loving it ever since



It could be better   (3/5)

I feel like The Comedy Button has been in a state of decline lately. The transition to Anthony hosting via Skype has been a little rough and feels like Max's stories never end. Maybe adding some structure to the show would make it funnier.

Great!   (5/5)

I always look forward to it.

Oh Boy!   (5/5)

Great podcast, great group of guys, and seriously funny. Keep it up!

Brap brap   (5/5)

Cool Ryan Scott doesn't give a single f_<£. Keep up great work.

Argh   (5/5)

You know what I hate about this show? When it's over and I have to wait a week for a new episode. I listen to way too many podcasts at my boring job and this one blows all others out the water. I love the stupid cast and their dumb stories about hobos or whatever. Give it a listen!

It's   (5/5)


good stuff   (5/5)

just started listening and I love it

I've seen that play!   (5/5)

I just wanted to leave a review to say to Max, I saw that play but I live in Denver and it was at a college. Comedy Button crew, he's underselling how gay it is.

Good   (5/5)

Really funny, love listening to them every week!

Amazing   (5/5)

You guys are awesome!

Only a self important looser looks at his own reviews.   (2/5)

Show used to be much better.

Crazy   (5/5)

These guy are crazy. Everybody must listen.

Tried, not really a fan   (2/5)

2 dudes picking on 2 other dudes. Kinda annoying after a while.

scientology   (5/5)

This is the best podcast ever made by human beings on planet earth



title? what title?   (5/5)

Listen and enjoy

Awesome   (5/5)


Terrible   (1/5)

While I love these guys on IGN podcasts, this is just a terrible show that isn't funny or brings anything interesting to listen to. Instead you'll hear them rant on about hating Christians, among other things, in a maliceful way that is not funny by any stretch of the imagination. While I can take humor in many forms, even in what I just mentioned, this kind of "humor" (that takes up a majority of the shows) is not even funny. For anyone who is interested in laughs, I would recommend listening to these guys on an ign gaming podcast, not on this terrible show.

Amazing Fun!   (5/5)

Been listening to these guys since the Debriefings and have not been let down by a single episode. Keep up the great work!

Brap! Brap!   (5/5)

This is an awesome podcast and I would recommend it to anyone.

Samuraiiii   (5/5)

Talk more Ryan!

Thank you   (5/5)

You guys make me happy :) Have more comedy guests on!

LOLWUT   (5/5)

subscribe to this hilarious bunch of men complaining about life and making fun of people. I laugh so hard every podcast!

WHAT?!   (5/5)

Best podcast ever! You guys are awesome, keep it up!

I love This Podcast   (5/5)

This podcast is awesome it makes my week fun

You should already have been watching this!   (5/5)

What a waste of a life, if it goes unfulfilled by this show.

Great   (5/5)

It's great.

Ha   (5/5)

DeadBeat Son

Warning: This is hilarious   (5/5)

Whatever you do, do not listen to this in public. You will look like an idiot, like me, laughing by yourself constantly. But seriously, it's a few guys just having a good time and talking about random stuff. Definitely recommend to anyone with a sense of humor.

Makes me laugh   (4/5)

I honestly laugh out loud during almost every episode.

I look forward to listen to a new episode every Friday.   (5/5)

I love their stories and jokes. I wish it was a longer podcast . BRAPP-BRAPP, any raccoon stories.

Honest Opinion   (1/5)

After listening to a few episodes of the CB, I gotta say it's not for me. I thought I'd enjoy b/c I like some of the cast members from IGN but without actual comedic stories or interesting stories, there's really nothing of value here. Occasionally, you'll get a funny quip from Anthony or Brian and even surprisingly Ryan. The other two guys, Scott and Max seem to just overrun the show with former fat guy stories and dating/sex stories and I honestly don't want to here how someone got blown by a fat chick or something.

More character impressions please   (5/5)

These guys are hysterical. You will laugh out loud with nostalgia if you grew up in the 80's or 90's. They talk a lot about video games, movies, living in the city and women. My favorite part of the show is the character impressions such as Putnam Whipple.

Samurai!   (5/5)

This is the funniest podcast ever. Even better than Rooster Teeth. These guys are quick on the trigger and will give you a nice ball busting laugh. I can't get enough. Could be a little longer. Lol

The Comedy Button   (5/5)

This is a great way to kill time and enjoy yourself. Best of all, it's free!

Funny cast of game journalist all-stars   (5/5)

Title says it all. Great dynamic of funny and talented friends ripping on each other and talking BS... Give it a listen and you'll be hooked

Good stuff!   (5/5)

This podcast has minimal structure, with most of the show's content coming from chaotic ramblings way off from the original topic. This keeps the listener from knowing just what is going to happen next. Many times have I burst into laughter from some off-the-wall comment made by the cast. I listen to this podcast at work a lot, and often have people ask me why I'm smiling and laughing to myself. Take a chance, and download an episode today. Oh boy!

Brap Brap   (5/5)


Love this Show   (5/5)

This show was the best "gaming podcast" I had ever heard. Now they are at the top of the comedy podcasts. Great job.

Late comer, but much much better late than never.   (5/5)

I look forward to my Saturday morning walk every week. I download the podcast, leash up my dog and walk until the show is over. Then I hit repeat and walk back. These BART-Dwelling journalists have a look on life so insane, I don't think I'll ever stop listening to them. PS- Jack needs to be a permanent fixture.

Lazy but intermediately funny   (3/5)

These guys show some promise in presenting a type of morning radio show you might hear on a hard rock SiriusXM station.

"Smart"   (5/5)

You've gotta jump in early and wait it out. Many of the laughs are "long cons," but once you know the characters, it's hard to resist. This is one of the few pods that I look forward to each week. Max and Altano will each be a big deal someday, and their supporting cast is rather solid. Bromley seems to try too hard, but if he'd pump the breaks a bit, he'd be the biggest star of all of them.

Excellent   (5/5)

I love this!

Oh Boy!   (5/5)

Greatest thing since canned goods.

Radio is a waste   (5/5)

I no longer listen to talk radio because of these guys.

Pizza-wissles!   (5/5)

Oh boy! Can't wait to rate this wonderful podcast.

Ryan   (5/5)

you are hilarious when you talk

OMG   (5/5)

Thank you sooo much for making this awesome show!!!!! Anyone who is looking to laugh uncontrollably look no further this is the best show that is ever made!!!!

Pure gold   (5/5)

One of the only podcasts I listen to every week and when I'm done I impatiently wait till the next friday.

I have a review.   (5/5)

Been listening to these guys since the debriefings, and finally downloaded itunes so I figured I would write a review. Hands down my favorite podcast of all time. They group dynamics are fantastic and the topics are always out of hand. There is serious energy in this podcast and I can't help but be thankful that they were able to keep doing it. Long live the Comedy Button.

Great Show   (5/5)

Really funny and original

👍   (5/5)

Good job guys I have been listening from the beginning and it keeps getting better. Love it KEEP IT GOING!!!

One Hour Of Pure Peace   (5/5)

Getting this every friday simply enables me to sit back and relax for an hour and just smile. :) Keep up the great work guys.

Best Podcast Out There   (5/5)

Great group of guys who do a great job of interacting with their listeners.

Very funny!   (5/5)

One of my favorite podcasts. Cool people, and funny stories, this podcast can put a smile on anyones face. BEYOND!! SCOOP!!

I love this podcast   (5/5)

But ep.25 I some how just hated this :c I hate bisxuals srry :\

Like a fun conversation with friends   (5/5)

I always look forward to a new Comedy Button episode because it feels like having a chat with close friends that share same interesnts with you - it's amazing how relatable their stories are even though I'm from Romania! (except the naked-crazy-bums, we don't have that around here)

Offensive   (1/5)

Highly offensive just for the sake of offending people.

Awesome!   (5/5)

No matter how crude the humor may be its a complete joyride of fun for me in my boring weekendless life...

40 min was all it took for me to say...   (2/5)

"really? you people found this show to be funny??" Random ramblings without a point and after 40 minutes, I couldn't even bring myself to forcefully laugh or even smile. I prefer to give every podcast a fair chance, but the whole pointless rhetoric spewed in this show was just annoying I found.

Comedians that REALLY SHOULD BE COMEDIANS.   (5/5)

The Comedy Button is possibly my favorite comedy podcast in the podcasting world. All 5 members are beyond funny, the random topics they get on each podcasts is what makes the show so comical. Brian and Scott are my 2 favorite members of the show because of the awesome stories and things they have to say. Brian and Anthony write for IGN, which is where i first heard of the Comedy Button. I've followed them for quite sometime now and they are truly some of the coolest people around. Much love to the podcast, and if you're need of a huge laugh, then i highly suggest you subscribe and listen to this one of a kind podcast!

Like hanging out with friends that you love (and hate, just a little)   (5/5)

Great group of gentlemen have academic discussions about the difficulties of growing up in Sonoma County, CA and Bergan County, NJ. Some comedy mixed with a lot of tragedy and, oh boy, the 32nd shade of racism. It's a lot like hanging out with friends who are allowed to be immature around each other. Also, impossible to distinguish Scott from Max. Thankfully, Scott only talks about his dominatrix of a girlfriend Stacey. Brian brings the NJ (represent!) thug. Ryan brings the street cred. Anthony brings the sensitive man who turned cynical. Max helps the 12-year-old audience relate (I say this being his age). Stacey lets Scott out of the room to record. Here's to a few more years of quality-ish programming until y'all find something better to do.

Favorite podcast   (5/5)

Awesome podcast for nerds. Stop making fun of Ryan!

Love you guys!   (5/5)

Love you guys your all hilarious! My friend from work recommended you and I'm working my way through! Thanks guys oh and by the way I'd rather live in a state in Michigan cause you know we have weather.

Love the show.   (5/5)

Reminds me of my friends all just hanging out. Listen to this, NOW.

Really fun   (5/5)

This is humor that I like. If you like this check podtoid.

Funny   (5/5)

Always funny, reminds me of my friends

Awesome   (5/5)

Awesome opossum

Awesome   (5/5)

If you have nothing better to do(don't lie) and even if you do, stop what you are doing and check these guys out. They are random, sometimes funny, sometimes sad but overall they are humans that have a radio show to help you pass the time. So get to know the gang and I'm sure you won't look back.

Makes sucky things in life so much better   (5/5)

whether it's talking about homeless people in SF, Star Wars character vs Indian food, or just being terribly delightful people in general, I am never unsatisfied.

good show!   (5/5)

download now!

Awesome   (5/5)


Awwwweee YEEEEEEEEAAAAA   (5/5)

Brap brap

Completely Awful   (1/5)

There are absolutely no redeeming qualities to this show. If your over 15 years old and you like this show, you need to take a long look at yourself. I think the big problem is they have not topics, so they wing it and try to be funny. This brings out the worst qualities in their personalities. This is far and away the worst podcast I've ever heard. They need to start listening to good podcasts and figure out what they are doing wrong, it should be obvious to them, but for some reason isn't.

LOVE YOU   (5/5)

catching up on all my comedy button episodes, thanks hurricane sandy!!

We must all unite and get Comedy Button #1   (5/5)

Thank you guys for all the enjoyable shows. I really hope this continues, I'll continue to try to support your show As much as I can.

OH BOY!   (5/5)

I love this podcast and all the people who didn't rate this 5 stars can go kiss a Harry Mexican butthole


The lost boys commentary is probably the funnies thing ive heard in a while. This ones up there with adam carolla

Brian you need a new job   (5/5)

BRIAN, you need to quit your job at IGN and get into comedy. I swear your funnier than any other comedian out there and you have great potential. Have you ever done stand up before? If mike drucker can do it, than you most certainly can. Your hilarious.

Hilarious!   (5/5)

Butt scoop poop shoot

Milk Review   (5/5)

I clicked on urgent delivery, and when the milk showed up, it was gross. Don't buy this milk.

Fuggin hilarious   (5/5)

This show is amazing

Free iPone Katy Perry nudes   (5/5)

This podcast is better than free iphones or Katy Perry nudes.

Way better than water   (5/5)

Flavor and color displayed here show a uniqueness not seen anywhere else. Texture is a plus with its smooth creamy fluid nature. Great by itself but goes great with cereal, pancakes, brownies, etc.

So funny!   (5/5)

Great podcast, it always makes me laugh

Great show   (5/5)

Spend some time with these characters and you'll never want to be without them. Just don't listen at the gym unless you want to die under a dropped weight. They're that funny.

Good   (5/5)

Rich and creamy. Good with raisins.

Goes down smoother than a high paying ho!   (5/5)

First off let me say this has the most amazing texture! It's so rich and white, always cold and refreshing, it really hits the spot after a long day. I can't help but gorge myself on it every chance I get. I wish I could have it everyday with my bats and ghosts!

Delicious, white, and creamy   (5/5)

Way better than the cheap knockoffs, and cold and refreshing. Especially delicious with Lucky Charms

Ice cold   (5/5)

Very tasty, better than other milks. I think 2% but hard to tell. Best with cookies and is white. Also good in anti-gravity environments. Fun to play game an not let it touch you for months. Highly recommend.

Dairy section.   (5/5)

Why is milk, in the dairy coolers of grocery stores, always placed so that I can see the dated ones in the back. The milk I'm about to purchase is dated 8/6 or something, but the milk behind the rack I'm looking at is dated 8/27. Why can't I buy that milk?

Delicious   (5/5)

Absolutely delicious even though I typically enjoy reduced fat. Goes great with PB & J or Oreos.

Hilarious!   (5/5)

I think the title of my review says it all

A podcast to rot your soul in the best way possible   (5/5)

Every second that I listen to this podcast, I feel like my soul is rotting away. And I mean that in the best way possible. There have been countless times when I have been listening to this podcast at work and cannot contain myself from having an outburst of laughter, usually from something completely inappropriate or horrible. A must listen for any comedy lover.

Incredibly funny and entertaining podcast   (5/5)

When every Friday comes around I look forward to listening to this podcast. It always makes my day better. Such a great cast and has great chemistry together.

Funny   (5/5)

I love this it always makes me lol

Braaap! Braaap!   (5/5)

This is my favorite podcast. Funny as F**k.

Quacktastic   (5/5)

I just wanted to thank all of you for a great show, it makes my mundane job go by a little faster. I am almost embarassed to write a review directly after the last one, but I guess some people like to try and get attention any way they can, including pretending to be abused by their uncle. GOOD ONE Bon_Qui_Qui.

Like 5 versions of my uncle who had me make movies in his basement   (5/5)

When I was a small boy growing up in the south Bronx, my mother would take me to my uncles house(her brother). He lived out in Long Island. Thinking it would be good for me to get away from the city for a few weeks. My uncle was a cool guy, he had all types of action figures and comic books, he would let me stay up late, look at R rated movies and eat what ever I wanted. Even the local kids could come over and hang out. In his basement he had a bunch of camera equipment, a bed and some type of swing that when you sat in it your legs spread. I would laugh and ask him what is this for, he would just change the subject. One night when I was sleeping he woke me up and told me that it was time for me to find out what all that equipment was for, he gave me some wine coolers and told me to take a pill he said was a vitamin that movie stars take,do not remember much after that only that my uncle was wearing a ski mask and no shirt and the lights from the cameras were really bright. I asked my uncle about it in the morning and he said that he had no idea what I was talking about. I knew it was not a dream because I woke up without my pajama bottoms and my hands smelled funny. I told my mother what happened and that was the last summer I saw my uncle, now when I bring it up my mother just breaks down in tears and tells me that I'm going to be ok, I don't get it. I had a great time with him and a great summers. The guys on the Comedy Button remind me of my uncle with all the jokes and general geek factor most of them bring in one way or another. Keep up the good work guys!

Hilarious!   (5/5)

Started listening during their previous show and nearly forgot how funny these guys are!

I Milk Cattle To This Podcast   (5/5)

I don't know what else you'd have me say about this.

Was starting to get the "crack" jitters, too!   (4/5)

I love the show! Don't get turned off by the fact it's categorized under video games. The hosts pull comedic references from everywhere! Thanks to these guys, I'm no stranger to "checking my hairline" while laughing my a** off.

Good filler   (5/5)

A little crude, but some interesting topics.

Great show!   (5/5)

Even got the girlfriend hooked! Btw no more weeks off!

very nice   (5/5)

I love the show guys. Keep up the great work.

Need ma crack!   (5/5)


Best Podcast Ever!   (5/5)

This is the best podcast ever created by human beings.

Absolutely incredible podcast   (5/5)

Followed Anthony and Brian over from the IGN Game Scoop podcast and haven't stopped laughing

Nice   (5/5)

Best podcast ever!!

Only podcast I listen to   (5/5)

Consistently funny, never disappointing.

Comedy button   (5/5)

Greatest podcast ever....hope to meet you guys soon keep up the good work

Love this podcast   (5/5)

I always want the episodes to be longer. But still my favorite podcast. Wish I could have givin to their kick starter

love it   (5/5)

Greatest podcast.

Love it   (5/5)

Great podcast always cracks me up. Thanks for all the great shows

two thumbs up   (5/5)

best podcast out there when you need to smile. Always leaves you wanting more.

Fantastic   (5/5)

From episode one I've been addicted to this sense episode one. smiley face.

Brapp Brapp!!!!   (5/5)

Hilarious. If you love foul mouthed, depressed, alcoholic, slightly crazy needs then download this podcast

Best EVARRR   (5/5)

Best podcast by far i love this podcast so much they talked about gsd so much i went back and listened to all of those and have started listening to geekbox and rebel fm

OH BOY   (5/5)

This is by far the best podcast that will ever exist, so you would be dumb not to listen to it.

Pizza   (5/5)


Funny   (5/5)

Seriously funny must watch!

SOO GOOD   (5/5)


Funny as hell   (5/5)

Best drive to work of my entire week is the day after the new episode comes out

Funniest podcast on the internet. Period.   (5/5)

Title sums it up. I could listen to this podcast all day everyday.

My favorite monday morning podcast!   (5/5)

Even though the podcast comes out Friday afternoons, I save the latest one for Monday mornings. It cracks me up and makes my modays more bearable. It is dirty, filthy, funny, and sometimes shocking. Very recommendable. Also, I love the "thank you" songs at the end of the episodes.

BRAP BRAP!!!!   (5/5)

Oh boy!

The reason I look forward to the weekend   (5/5)

You guys always make me laugh and rightly so. You took our kick starter money and you made it worth every penny. I hope you can keep doing this podcast and you guys stick together. Oh and more raccoon facts.

Great fun   (5/5)

At its best when Ryan talks more and the guys are impersonating him and Ryan's Dad. Great show.

Comedy Button!   (5/5)

5 Stars!

Awesome!   (5/5)

Oh Boy!

Greatest   (5/5)

This is, hands down, the best thing to grace my ears!

Amazing podcast!   (5/5)

Ryan Scott needs to talk more. I love that fella. Sometimes Max talks too much. Maybe a video game segment would rile Rydog.

Podcast perfection!   (5/5)

Hilariously witty. Knee-slappingly irreplaceable

Comedy button   (5/5)

Entertaining! A+++++++++!!!!!!

Very well done   (5/5)

This is a very well done podcast with plenty of laughs and a decent amount of serious talk that almost always leaves me quietly laughing to myself at work. I defiantly think you guys should try to find a way to get Greg back on the show he was an amazing guest

Brap brap   (5/5)

Absolutely great, oh boy! These guys synergize my pants off.

Hilarious   (5/5)

Makes driving to work on Monday much more enjoyable. I do wish Ryan's dad would make a return.

99989999898 million stars   (5/5)

Best part of my week

Comedy   (5/5)

This show is like really good, man.

Truly awesome   (5/5)

Greatest, relaxed thing to listen to. Better than white noise, yoga music, drinking, or peppy workout motivation that doesn't work anyway. Comedy button provides the real talk and buddy advice, while the hosts work out issues of their own lives on-air. More than funny, this podcast is fun. It's like friends I never had but right now in filling the void with voices of great people I carry around with me at all times. Political correctness is only an obstacle that stands in the way of wise, insightful, and relevant opinions of the crew. To all haters who think this is unlike usual comedy, you are correct. This is better. Hail King Ryan, Sir Scott, General Anthony, Laser Max, and Bishop Brian Brapp brapp!!

LOVE IT!!!!   (5/5)

The best podcast ever

Best Podcast EVER!!!   (5/5)

U guys are hilarious !

Ryan Scott "FAIL!"   (5/5)

so that's what happened to Putnam Whipple.


This is the funniest podcast and the best out there. I think everyone is hilarious!

Perfect   (5/5)

This podcast is perfect. Everything about the show, from the people who host it to the content of the podcast. The episodes are extremely enjoyable and never drag on. The hosts work off each other perfectly, and never leave any time of dead air. I highly reccommend this podcast to anyone. It's definitely not safe for work though. The podcast tackles highly mature content and they give fair warning about that. Everyone needs to listen to the comedy button.

Epicness   (5/5)

The Comedy Button is hilarious! I can never wait for a new episode! Keep up the great work, (to Anthony, brian, ryan, and max)!

Amazing!   (5/5)

Disgusting, offensive, vulgar...everything The Gamespy Debriefings was and you guys

I worked at Waldenbooks   (5/5)

This podcast is bananas, and i love bananas.

GFW Radio   (5/5)

Listen to this podcast, yo yo

Thank you!   (5/5)

Excellent! All it needs are live "thank yous" on every episode.

Great   (5/5)


Oh Boy!   (5/5)

This podcast needs to be more popular.

Best   (5/5)

This is the best podcast out there.... Anthony, Brian, Scott, Ryan and Julian are just awesome.... Every week it's a new treat.... Keep them coming

Review   (5/5)

Just a couple guys talking about their lives, and every podcast is great

My favorite podcast   (5/5)

The Comedy Button is easily my favorite podcast.

The best!   (5/5)

Look forward to every episode !

Love The Podcast   (5/5)

It's awesome!

OH boy!   (5/5)

This show is the funniest podcast ever.

Amazing   (5/5)

Fantastic! You guys rock!

Best podcast ever created by human beings on planet Earth   (5/5)

This is the best podcast that you wish you didn't listen to. Brap Brap!!!

Comedy button   (5/5)

Ryan- talk more! Haha you guys are great!!

Assume Podcast   (5/5)

I love this podcast, it's so funny!! Hope you keep making more!

Funny People   (5/5)

Lots of people are funny, and not all funny people become professional comics. What I love about this is that the cast is a group of hilarious guys who know they're funny but have no intention of becoming stand ups, or anything of that matter. This is simply a treat, as we get to listen to some ordinary dudes who happen to be amazing. Brap..

Awesome nerds   (5/5)

These guys have stories that we can all relate to, however, may not want to. They say whatever comes to mind, whenever and wherever in the show. These guys are the funniest podcast out there so enjoy it while it lasts!

Fantastic   (5/5)

Awesome podcast! Super entertaining and always a good laugh.

Hilarious for everyone   (5/5)

Great show. Very easy to jump into any episode and listen to five friends make each other laugh. I listen to each episode multiple times throughout the week, and it stays just as funny as the first time. All of the hosts come from a background in the videogames media, but they've made it a point to talk about it as little as possible on this show, so more people can enjoy it. They're explicit and offensive, but I'd recommend it to just about anyone.

One of the best   (5/5)

I love this podcast. It's one of the few that makes me laugh out loud regardless of my surroundings. Awkward and yet enjoyable. Thanks guys keep at it.

Arguably the best podcast of all time.   (5/5)

Second best thing to come out of kickstarter next to the P'zencil.

The Comedy Button   (5/5)

Always funny

Hella Awesome   (5/5)

Super good and funny. Listen to this now or die lonely.

My favorite podcast   (5/5)

I stumbled upon this podcast when the third episode just came out, and I wasn't even aware that the Gamespy Debriefings existed. After a few listens, I fell in love with the podcast and the irreverent but hilarious stories that each member brings to the table. So much so, that I went back to listen to the episodes of the Gamespy Debriefings that these guys were involved with. I think what I love most about this podcast, is that it's honest and self-aware. Even though it's called "the Comedy Button" (which is a reference to the Debriefings days), there are moments in-between when the podcast is intentionally not (as) funny, but brutally honest. One has to keep in mind, that these guys aren't even comedians, but journalists/writers and people that are in some capacity involved with the video game industry. My week is always made when a new episode shows up every Friday evening on my iTunes. Thanks guys!

Just Awesome!   (5/5)

I look forward to this podcast every week you guys are hilarious and all around a cool group of dudes. Great work!

Former and Current IGN Editors   (5/5)

i can listen to their shows over and over. very funny. no Scripts all BS, all day everyday. Amazing!

Vidicitive and Hatful, but still funny.   (3/5)

I certainly enjoy the show for its comedic value, but the hosts seem to STRONGLY dislike anything outside of their own realm of existence. All in all, I'm not listening to the show for their (mis)guidance, but for their comedic styling’s. PS: I certainly hope someone who’s goofy/immature enough to shout “BRAP BRAP” when someone introduces them doesn’t ever have children. The poor child. lol.

Not the debriefings   (3/5)

Not sure what happened, but the gamespy debriefings I found delightful...this not so much. I know it's not Max cause he's amusing at times and doesn't kill any mood, but the laughs just don't seem to be there anymore. Maybe complacency set it, Ryan says less and refuses to more, Anthony can't seem to reel people in since there's no actual organization threat to the podcast. Granted, I only listened to about 10 random shows...but I couldn't recommend this. The gamespy debriefings I have given a 5 and recommend to anyone. Not sure what's changed.


Uncle sam does the best he can, you're in the army now. Whoaaaaaa, you're in the army now.

Brings me to tears   (5/5)

Crude in the best way possible. Their conversations remind me of hanging out with my friends...especially when they put his face in a effing vat!

Brap Brap   (5/5)

Absolutely, without a doubt, the single funniest and most entertaining podcast I have ever heard.

Wet wet wet   (5/5)

I love listening to the comedy button in the shower, because I'm naked and wet. Better than coffee to start your week off!

These guys are absoloutely hilarious.   (5/5)

Brian and jack are the best on the show. Everyone else are still awesome. Listen from the first show. Its worth it

Funny AF   (5/5)

Love the podcast it's funny, edgy, and borderline insane. Great job, keep up the good work.

Completely Awesome   (5/5)

Seeing that a new Comedy Button is ready to download and listen to makes my entire week.

Funny   (5/5)

Simply the best

One of the best   (5/5)

Heard about the comedy button while listening to podtoid when Max was still on. Decided to give this one a try and I have to say I like it a lot. I would recommend it to anyone who likes adult humor. Glad u made it through kick starter

Love it   (5/5)

i was sad when the gamespy debriefings ended. just found the comedy button!! my life is fulfilled blap blap!!!

One of my favorite podcasts.   (5/5)

That's pretty much it. These guys talk about the most mundane and ridiculous content, but I can't stop listening.

Clear your head and laugh for hours   (5/5)

These guys have great chemistry. I've followed Ryan and Anthony from GFW to IGN and now to the Comedy button. Scott and Brian still play great off the others jokes. Max is a welcome addition with a decent amount of referencial humor. I was born in 83 so most of the comments hit right at home. Thank you so much for helping me stay sane over here in the sandbox of Afghanistan. Listening to The Comedy Button has made my deployement so much easier.

Excellence   (5/5)

This podcast is HILARIOUS! Between Max (Scoville) and Brian, I hurt myself laughing!!

Box quote   (5/5)

"If another man has seen your lady's boobs, she's dead to you."

My favorite podcast indeed!   (5/5)

Funny and completely random while at the same time depressing. A perfect blend of chocolate apple juice. :D

Download it!!!   (5/5)

It is the best podcast i've ever heard! Two thumbs up!

Awesome   (5/5)

Best podcast ever anyone who doesn't like it needs fisted by chew baca !

So Great   (5/5)

Yeah, it's immature and rude, but who cares? Take everything with a grain of salt and you'll love every minute.

Freaking hilarious!   (5/5)

Every Friday at 5, I come home after work and download a new episode. It helps me unwind to prep for the weekends. Great podcast.

Funny   (5/5)

Hilarious, non-PC show

Yes   (5/5)

You: "Should I subscribe to this?" Me: "See subject line." This is one of my favorite podcasts. I am dehydrated right now because of all the laughter crying I just did listening to episode 33. Absolutely worth a listen.

Jack Agosta   (5/5)

I've actually been asked by my family to not listen to the show because I walk around the house laughing all the time

Awesome!   (5/5)

These guys are hilarious! Makes my Fridays a lot better! Give it a listen

Perfection   (5/5)

I have no words. Ive listened to every episode about 5 times now, still dying every time. Nothing makes me laugh as much, no competition in any podcast I've heard.

Brap brap!! Best comedy podcast   (5/5)

This podcast doesnt focus on gaming but in how people that play games or read comics, live. Everybody brings something funny to every conversation. Oh boy!

OhBoy!!!   (5/5)

I love them listen to all and GSD

Yea   (5/5)

So funny

Awesome   (5/5)

Best podcast evar. 10/10 would bang

Comedy Gold   (5/5)

I always have difficulty sleeping at night but if it wasn't for this sagacious and intriguing cast of witty characters I would have never had a more pleasant day to wade off stress to were I could have a restful slumber. So thanks comedy button for giving my life a better way to make it a great one.

5 stars!!!   (5/5)

I stumbled upon this podcast by accident and let me just say it was the best "accident" to listen to. It's usually an hour long and what's awesome is that during that whole hour you can't really seem to find a minute that's dull or boring. Now, there are times they have "special guest" on and those podcast are usually not as funny as others, but when the whole gang comes together it's true comedy gold! No one acts funny, or tries too hard, they have a perfect way of balancing each other out. I suggest anyone who loves to laugh at crazy stories, has a short attention span, and can handle cursing should download this podcast. :)

thank yooooouu   (5/5)

so funny i'll be walking around my house and my family is always looking at me cus i can't stop cracking up.

Awesome show   (5/5)

Excellent show and cast, very entertaining

Hilarious   (5/5)

You guys are funny as s|-|!t man, love the stories and jokes. Always download every week, keeps me laughing at work, just hilarious

Its meh   (2/5)

This Podcast is alright. It has made me giggle several times, specially back in the debriefing days, but I feel like its getting a little childish and obnoxious. Gotta say though, nothing funnier than their space segments! For a less forced feel id go with "Red Bar Radio". Now that is a great show!

The Comedy Button   (5/5)

My favorite podcast. These guys are my internet superstars.

Best Podcast!   (5/5)

Never listened to the GameSpy Debriefings, but I want to go back to listen to the episodes these guys appear. They tell the funniest stories and I cannot wait for the next episode to come out after I listen to the episode for that week.

I look forward to it every week!   (5/5)

The Comedy Button is hilarious. Listening to this podcast on Mondays makes work a lot more bearable.

Comedy button   (5/5)

Funny s#%t

Fun stuff   (5/5)

I love listening to your antics

Great podcast   (5/5)

You should take over for TBS, cause you're very funny.

Rofl (sometimes for real)   (5/5)

When I need a good, irreverent laugh I listen to the Comedy Button :D

So great   (5/5)

What a great show

Oh Boy!!!   (5/5)

Vulgar comedy at its best. Thank you for the laughs.

Oh Boy!   (5/5)

Listen to it every Monday while at work. Makes my day so much better.

Amazing!   (5/5)

Makes me laugh awkwardly in front of family every week.

Raunchy at it's best!   (5/5)

Like the title says, this podcast hits pretty hard with the raunch. And I grew up listening to the likes of Eddie Murphy, Dice Clay, Chris Rock, etc. So that says alot. If you're offended easily, stay away. But if you know how to take a joke, please subscribe. These guys tackle it all with 'laugh till you cry' results.

Hip Hop is not a Crime   (5/5)

And this podcast shouldn't be either. The rec center by my house was all but finished until I heard the Comedy Button. These guys popped, locked, and had dance contests until we were out of danger. They are like the A-Team for your ear holes, except everyone gets on planes voluntarily and Hulk Hogan never shows up--not even once. If you like non-threatening ethnic minorities, former fat guys who are still fat on the inside, and people in their 30's who order only from the children's menu, this podcast is for you. Now I'm washing lettuce.

Perfect!   (5/5)

Go get'em guys! New skits including Max too. Glad to see you guys climbing the charts.

Love it!!!   (5/5)

One of the best comedy podcasts around!

As entertaining as Optimus Prime in horse boots!   (5/5)

A weekly dose of concentrated insanity.

Fantastic!   (5/5)

As a big fan of the new Podtoid I needed some Max Scoville fix and this delivers. Great recognizable cast if you're into video games. If not its still wicked funny.

BRAP BRAP!   (5/5)

If you know who Brian Altano, Ryan Scott, Scott Bromley, Anthony Gallegos, or Max Scoville are, this is the podcast for you!

Fantastic   (5/5)

Where's the Acoholacaust?

Swazzle   (5/5)

OH BOY!!!!!!

Best Freaking Podcast Ever   (5/5)

This is the most addictively funny show I've ever heard. Great replay value too- I re-listen to older episodes a lot while awaiting new ones. If I had been born with an extra thumb, I'd give it three thumbs up. Oh boy!




This show is the absolute bomb. Nothing beats five hilarious dudes from IGN / GameSpy / Destructroid getting together to talk about sex, pop culture, and the world. This kind of show really makes you feel like you're sitting there with the gang, joining the hilarity. And really, that's what it's all about - just ask Anthony Gallegos or Ryan "Oh Boy" Scott. Awesome, awesome stuff. Whenever I listen in public, I'm forced to stifle loud snickering because all I want to do is bust out laughing.

Immature trash   (1/5)

Might be funny if you're prepubescent and still find making up curse words hilarious. Don't waste your time with this garbage, it's a bunch of insecure man babies trying to out "cool" one another. Quite literally any other podcast on iTunes would be funnier.

Great fun   (5/5)

What a braaaapping good time!!! Great show for listening with people you do not mind listening to this show.

I never laugh...   (5/5)

This is the only thing that can pull me out of my deep dark pit that I call life...

Hilarious!   (5/5)

You guys are both awesome and funny, please do a special episode all about Ryan.

Hilarious   (5/5)

It's funny, 90% of the time, but it can get tiresome when they get angry and rant about things they dislike

Brap!   (5/5)

Favorite podcast on the net!

Just Awesome   (5/5)

The comedy button is just awesome!!!!!!!

Great show.   (5/5)

I hope this podcast lasts forever! These guys always make me laugh. Best show on the Internets... Brap!