Aggregated reviews for The Daily

This is what the news should sound like. The biggest stories of our time, told by the best journalists in the world. Hosted by Michael Barbaro. Twenty minutes a day, five days a week, ready by 6 a.m.

Love this podcast! (5/5)

I love the podcast with Leo! He asked the question I wish I could!

More Leo, please! (5/5)

The Daily is amazing and everyone should listen, yeah yeah yeah. But also can you please bring Leo in for more third grader’s guides to anything/everything? What a brilliant, shining star. Michael Barbarb is alright, too. ☺️

Third Grader episode (5/5)

This maybe my favorite episode. That kid is going to do big and important things. Love to see the youth engaged.

A Third Graders Guide to... (5/5)

I’m a regular listener to The Daily for a while. I’m always more informed about what’s happening after listening to the podcast. But I HAD to just give recognition to today’s (11.13.19) podcast for the most delightful approach to the current events by interviewing a 3rd grader. Not only was it just delightful to listen to the adults and a kid having a great discussion, it was a reminder that 3rd graders can be genuinely awesome. Love this kid. Loved this episode. I want to hear from more kids that are hungry for information on The Daily but at the same time I think it was perfect as a one time thing. Thanks for finding such a curious and inspiring kid to talk to the NYT. Also can we see his of the impeachment drawing?? I’m so curious!

One of a kind Podcast. (5/5)

Leo with Mike and Mike. Impeachment of Trump for 3rd graders is probably my favorite episode yet. Great Podcast. Love it. Please never stop never stopping.

Favorite podcast (5/5)

Thus podcast makes me excited to do my daily commute. The best part about it is Michael. If he ever left I probably wouldn’t listen anymore. His style and ability to ask the right questions with perfect timing is really amazing!!! Also, the way the show is done is excellent and keeps you interested. I especially like when Mike Schmidt(not sure if that’s how you spell it) is on.

Lovely (5/5)

I really enjoy The Daily, but today’s episode with Leo and Mike Schmidt has to be the best one I have listened to yet. It gives me hope that today’s youth are paying attention to what’s going on in these turbulent times for our country, and are smart, curious, and will be involved citizens in America’s future, no matter what side of the aisle they sit on. Bravo to The Daily, especially Michael, Mike, and Leo...just lovely.

Team Leo. 11/13 episode (5/5)

I think the future will work out with kids like Leo and those that talk to him seriously, who answer questions respectfully and create a safe judgement free space to explore big ideas. Leo, all your next questions are great.

I wish I could rate this higher than 5 stars (5/5)

Outstanding podcast

Great news (5/5)

Please bring Leo back he is a star!

Michael’s voice is annoying (2/5)

I know it’s a stupid argument, since the content of the podcast is much more important, but Michael talks like Captain Kirk but with even more exaggerated pauses in his sentences. I just... can’t... listen to it... anymore.

So informative (5/5)

Love this podcast. News at your fingertips. I especially love when they bring in kids. So funny!!! Please more kids

I literally listen to this every day. (5/5)

They do such a great job of delving into issues that I find fascinating. Thank you for the work you do! And the episodes with kids...absolutely heartwarming!

Leo and the Giant Impeachment. (5/5)

Today’s podcast was delightful. It put simplicity, heart and an even deeper meaning back into a messy process that is the impeachment. That 3rd grader Leo could so clearly understand and distinguish between the right and wrong in this matter should be an example to all of us, while also providing hope for the future of democracy. Thank you.

Absolutely love this show. (5/5)

Everything about this show is amazing. Very thought through, concise, fact checked investigative work. Might I add I truly enjoy the random light hearted episodes, such as today’s “ A Third Graders Guide To Impeachment”. Thank you New York Times, and Mike Barbaro of course.

Embarrassing (2/5)

Do they even realise how sad this episode is? That they should be trying to educate adults? I love the third grader—he earned both my stars. But really, did the people of this podcast get how bad they look? Is this the best way to explain this complicated story? This says so much about the sorry state of American journalism.

Amazing (5/5)

Amazing podcast! My favorite way to get the news in the morning. Highly recommend!

Leo’s impeachment analysis (5/5)

I listen every day on my way to work and there have been some eps recently that have particularly stuck with me (the 2 parter on the Australian woman stuck in Syria, the ep about Aimee Stephens and her Supreme Court case) but I reeeeally loved this episode. What a creative idea. It made me smile. The way Mike and Michael talked to Leo like he was an adult, and the way Leo was so well prepared for the conversation... it injected a bit of fun into my morning. The three of you gave this very stressful and heavy topic a bit of levity, and made me feel hopeful for the future generation!

That’s a Smart Third Grader (5/5)

The most recent episode, A Third Grader’s Guide to the Impeachment Hearing, was genius in its concept and brilliant in its execution. It clarified lots of issues that I didn’t know I had questions about. Great show overall!

Nov 13th Podcast 👍🏻 (5/5)

Getting a child’s viewpoint and questions of the impeachment process was a great back to the basics review of the situation. Great job!

MJ Fols (5/5)

Leo rocks! Loved today’s podcast.

A part of my morning (5/5)

A cup of coffee, Up First and The Daily. I’m so grateful to y’all educating me about the world around me.

Third Grade Student (5/5)

This is a wonderful interview. Well done and good to see a young man guided and encouraged! Thank you.

November 13th - A Third Grader’s Guide to the Impeachment (5/5)

This is the BEST episode. If you’re just finding this podcast or a long time listener like myself, you need to listen to this one!

Leo, the 3rd grader (5/5)

Thank you so much for this episode! I enjoy most all of your episodes, but this one was my favorite by far.. Didn’t know where else to send my thanks, hope here is as good as any. Keep it up!

The third grader’s guide to impeachment (5/5)

A 3rd grader gets it and the Republicans in our government lie about it and pretend they don’t get it. A 3rd grader can understand the difference between right and wrong and yet many republicans in the house , senate and elsewhere cannot understand that difference and how they are putting our democracy at risk by an authoritarian bimbo.

Always worth the listen (5/5)

I don’t miss a day! It’s one of my 2 required daily listens. The Daily gives me insight into larger issues and another news podcast gives me a broader survey of all the news going on in shorter snippets. The Daily depth & breadth of knowledge you expect from the NYT with great approachability. The reporters featured are top notch and many share years of experience watching an issue develop/unfold.

3rd grader on impeachment! (5/5)

Bravo Leo!!!! Bravo NYTimes!!! I smiled all the way through this delightful episode!

Hardly objective...huge liberal bias (1/5)

This podcast is purely a propaganda campaign to further attack the President and influence voters. It’s heavy handed with subjective opinions and low on facts and law. What’s not said speaks much louder than the partisan opinions. For example, they fail to highlight the facts that Trump has given the Ukraine much larger and stronger forms of aid (in form of tanks and ammunition), whereas Obama gave blankets. They act as though Trump has compromised Ukraine’s efforts vs. Russia and this is opposite of reality. They only share things to shade the narrative to their side and push the listener to support impeachment. Not real news if that’s what you are seeking.

“A light in the darkness”... (5/5)

NYT’s ‘The Daily’ podcast is a staple of online journalism. Michael Barbaro and his colleagues are true, diligent scriptors and truth seekers — committed to encapsulating important news of the day into a package that’s digestible and insightful for all who listen.

The absolute best podcast (5/5)

I subscribe to multiple podcasts by various providers. The Daily is by far my absolute favorite. I was convinced by subscribe and contribute to The New York Times thanks to Michael and the contribution of the team at NY Times. The right amount of information with the correct level of depth and coverage. This one hits the bullseye.

My go to News Podcast! (5/5)

I have been listening to the Daily for the past few days and really have enjoyed it. They take one story and talk about it in depth. I feel informed, not pushed and I am now a fan of the Daily!

Great and informative (5/5)

The daily is fantastic, also I wish it would cover events besides the impeachment inquiry every single day. Fantastic podcast, 5 stars

Was better (1/5)

Please take a break from Trump and Ukraine podcasts. You had so much variety at first and now it’s the same thing over and over.

Losing its appeal (2/5)

Used to love this podcast, I listened to it every day. Nowadays the topics they choose to talk about are repetitive and boring. They used to talk about such a wide range of interesting news and now its impeachment, impeachment, impeachment...

Reigning in the chaos (5/5)

Agenda setting in a positive way. Thorough, well balanced reportage of top stories that affect the United States. Audio bites, tasteful blended music, audio and quotes material of key players in government and the world at large. Stories leave readers to co template further without lingering in angered bias. It’s hard news delivered authentically, patiently and in its best effort truthfully. I’d love to sit in on staff meetings and be a fly on the wall as stories develop.The variety of voices, depth to which they dive and genuine passion the reporters have to deliver a complete story is inspiring.

Michael Barbaro (3/5)

I might be the only podcast listener in the world who never misses an episode of a show he rates as 3 stars. The news gathering of The Daily is superb. The detraction is the utter disdain (word well chosen) that Barbaro has for anything that is not sufficiently progressive. I have to try to filter that out.

Unfair air time for Bernie Sanders (3/5)

I enjoy this podcast but I wish you would talk more about Bernie Sanders. How The NY Times ignores and underplays Bernie’s support is the main reason I do not have a subscription, It makes me distrustful of their journalism.

review (5/5)

I love.........the daily!!!!!

The Standard Bearer of News Podcasts (5/5)

Much like the first season of Serial kept us enthrall, Michael Barbaro and his merry band of colleagues have made The New York Times’ daily podcast the must-listen news show among journalists, news junkies, beltway insiders and political wonks. It’s also a how-to guide for podcasting wannabes. Fresh, insightful, hard hitting and informative, no day is complete without a daily fix of The Daily.

Brief and Well Done (5/5)

Listen to this everyday. Brief talking points and a nice stab into the hot topic going on.

The Start To My Mornings! (5/5)

This is my go to as I drive my kids to school and me to work! Incredible reporting! My kids (teens) get their daily dose of the news on the car ride!!! This convinced me to sign up for NYTIMES!!

Every day! (5/5)

I feel incomplete every morning until I listen to The Daily! My two year old hears Michael’s intro and says “podcast!” from the backseat. ❤️

Unfair airtime for Sanders (3/5)

I listen almost everyday and generally enjoy your podcast but it bothers me how little coverage you give Sanders. I’m still an undecided voter but it seems wrong that you speak so dismissively of him and barely give him any airtime despite how important a role he plays. Please provide a more accurate and fairly distributed representation of the candidates.

Stop quoting Trump (3/5)

Informative, but I can’t stand how often they quote Trump. A dozen times of him saying “quid pro quo” gives me PTSD, and we’re still in the middle of the trauma. Also, NYT, you’re failing your duty in how little coverage you’re giving the climate crisis and climate solutions.

None Better (5/5)

The best current events podcast out there- hands down. Would love an hour’s worth of material with a second feature on important stories that don’t make the front page of the paper.

A request (5/5)

I'm reviewing this because I think they do a wonderful job of giving information on the specific topic of each episode. But also in hopes that someone working there sees this and stops putting honking sounds in the podcast whenever possible, because I love to listen to this daily but get mini heart attacks when I'm driving and there are sudden honks. And often when I'm driving is the only time I have to listen to the podcast. Thank you

Podcast Loses it Way over Impeachment (3/5)

As a fan of this podcast since day 1 and a longtime NYT subscriber, it's disappointing to see its decline as it struggles to support Adam Schiff's flimsy impeachment case. I consider this transgression of journalistic standards to warrant a drop to 3 stars.

My morning cup of coffee. (5/5)

For the last two years, I have started my day with Michael and the Daily. The interviews are great and informative. Today’s interview with mike Schmidt gave me much background and understanding of ambassador Sunderland, I actually felt sorry for the man who seemed to be well over his head and caught in a snare by DJT.

Good but could do without the extra theatrics (4/5)

Really good pod. Only thing is I wish Michael Barbara would just speak normally. I can also do without the extra theatrics. Just get to the news.

In-depth and well researched (5/5)

The Daily quickly became a daily listen for me. The show is interesting and I learn something new every day. The reporters seem to go beyond regular reporting and immerse themselves in each topic.

Daily indeed (5/5)

this podcast has worked its way into a daily listen in my life in large measure because of the quality of the writing and subject matter. Michael Barbara has a nice ‘tone’ that is not pressured making the podcast easy to listen to and absorb. In this current news climate, it’s very easy to get activated and reactive to content. The Daily calms that down and allows me to listen and digest without stressing out, also because it’s around a 1/2 hour long.

Rapidly Spiraling (1/5)

The daily had always been a go to start to my day. I consider my self a young right leaning moderate but I have always found value in other moderate and slightly left news so I can understand others perspectives better. The daily always seemed to do that for me. However. Recently, entire show has taken a turn for hard left, and perhaps what’s even more upsetting has become about attacking the right. A once reliable news podcast is now garbage. Officially unsubscribed this morning. Please fix.

So sick of the Impeachment/election topics (2/5)

Love the non-election related episodes. Life existed before Trump. Please do more episodes on real life news. Until then I’m unsubscribing.

Consumable In-Depth Daily Podcast (5/5)

There tends to be a trade off with daily podcasts. They are either short and just touch on the headlines, or they are long and difficult to add into a morning routine. The Daily does a fantastic job of finding a middle ground in the two above scenarios. It highlights one main story and gives you a closer look into how it developed, and then quickly provides the other headlines at the end. I have listened everyday for around 6 months and it is ingrained into my morning routine as much as drinking coffee!

Smarter (5/5)

Information makes you smarter.

Can’t give it zero stars. (1/5)

This is the most corporate friendly news source on iTunes and that’s saying a lot. If you like boring establishment talking points. This is the show for you.

The Daily (5/5)

So informative! Gives you a more in depth understanding of current events.

Very biased (1/5)

Just want to listen to something that doesn’t have a liberal agenda

NYT is no longer credible. (1/5)

once considered the paper of record, the nyt has become a propaganda rag. At no other time would this host have an audience or be taken seriously.

Wonderful (5/5)

Thank you NY Times for bringing me my ‘daily’ routine for the past 2 years. You have gained a lifelong subscriber to your newspaper.

Great Quick Daily Podcast (4/5)

I listen to this podcast on the way to work every single day. It’s very good and informative and covers hot topics in the news. They are SOMETIMES a bit more left leaning than I’d prefer but all news sources seem to have an opinion in today’s world. Overall though, one of my favorite podcasts.

Well presented takes on current issues (5/5)

The title says it all, there’s no podcast I look forward to more than The Daily

Bernie Bros Again? (3/5)

I worry that your show today will hurt Elizabeth Warren among listeners. As a woman, sexism has affected my whole life. We need to be better, call out, and aggressively question this unacceptable status quo.

Listen to this every day (5/5)

This is my first review about anything quite frankly but I find it especially important in our current environment. The Daily keeps your attention by not being too drawn out or broadcasted in complex/confusing political language that the average person may not understand. Moreover The Daily supplies views on opposite sides of whatever the issue may be so that the listener can come to his or her own opinion on the matter. Hearing both sides and understanding one another is what we need in this divided country. Michael also has a soothing voice which didn’t hurt!

In regards to “Whose actually l electable in 2020?” (3/5)

This episode was, frankly, infuriating. Wasting the listeners time with a poll from an extremely slim sample size is just irresponsible. Admitting how hard it was to gather data does excuse you to then continue to push iffy conclusions based on the small minority of the population actually willing to respond.

Unbelievably biased (2/5)

After glowing accounts of the Buttigieg and Warren performances in Iowa, the narrator flippantly described Bernie Sander’s speech as a ‘greatest hits’ of his campaign without any mention of substance. NYT is so obviously participating in a media blackout in support of their preferred candidates. What has happened to impartial journalistic integrity??

NYT personal biases bleed into reporting (3/5)

The NYT podcasts ‘The Daily’ & ‘The Argument’ tend to favor Buttigieg above other 2020 dem candidates, often making condescending comments about other candidates or just minimising coverage of them. NYT, you’re often the only decent reporters in the USA. Please aim to extract your personal opinions from your political reporting. (I’ve had to stop listening to The Argument because of biases. The Daily is usually a lot fairer. Please stay that way!)

The Daily But Make It Fun (5/5)

Seems like Crooked Media’s answer to The Daily, but in a far more engaging way. Hosts Akilah Hughes and Gideon Resnick are funny, entertaining, and use a variety of innovative storytelling tools to successfully cover a whole lot of information in a matter of 15-20 minutes. I wasn’t entirely hooked on The Daily - nothing wrong with it, just very dry presentation. I’m glad this has become a staple in my morning routine!

Taking a Break (3/5)

I have really counted on this podcast being a part of my day. But I have grown tired of all the episodes in which someone is explaining what an interviewee, a speakers, a member of Congress just said. This is redundant and assumes I am too dense to understand the other person’s words. I just don’t have time for this and am going to rely on a couple of other daily news podcasts for info and analysis.

Priority listening for me (5/5)

I have listened to every single episode for over a year now. This is a priority to me. The host, Michael, is an amazing journalist and asks great questions. They always have great guests on who are knowledgeable about the topic they are reporting. I feel better educated on current events because of this show.

The Daily (1/5)

It’s obvious the New York Times is in the tank for Buttigieg (the establishment candidate)

Best way to start the morning! (5/5)

I absolutely love The Daily and Michael. I listen every single morning and it’s the absolute best way to start the day. It helps me feel informed and up to date on current events. It’s delivered in an easy and digestible way! Huge fan!

Calm Amidst the Drama (5/5)

The soothing voices and calm delivery from all the journalists on The Daily seem to soften the turbulent blows being delivered. Well researched and imparted. Thank you to all you brave journalists suddenly under attack by a miscreant president devoid of comprehension for the holy work you do and our constitution that begs you to do it.

Was really hopeful (2/5)

Was really hopeful of a good news podcast to keep me up to date. Have been listening for about a year and finally unsubscribed. This podcast is very well produced and has good staff, but ended up being a platform for anti Trump propaganda and only covering Trump news. The stories are current and well researched, but all from one side of the isle. I really miss news that just gives me information and leaves me to decide what to think (or is just not so in my face one sided). I’m sure there is other news out there that effects my life more than what the president does day to day, I’ll have to start my search.

So much info in so little time (5/5)

I have been very impressed with the intelligent and complete information you provide. Thank you. It is so distracting to hear every sentence begin with “So.” Now Ms. Davis begins most sentences with “so” When did “so” take the place of “you know.” ????

Amazing! (5/5)

This is the only show I listen to every weekday morning without fail. Some people play music in the morning to get them motivated to start the day, I listen to The Daily! I now have my entire team hooked on the show too! Thanks to the NYT for such an awesome podcast!

Hmm/huh (5/5)

I actually like the little conversational acknowledgements. Makes the interview/story feel more engaged, intimate. Natural.

A must listen for me (5/5)

My morning routine includes this show. Very well researched and reported. Excellent balance between top news stories and larger long term developments. Also, one has to appreciate the art of “hmm’s” and “ahh’s” strategically placed by the host throughout the podcast. LOL

Can’t start the day without it (5/5)

I love this podcast and I love the way Michael Barbaro makes it about the topic and not about himself! I continue to learn about relevant issues from the best journalists.

Show Yes, Hmm, No (5/5)

I love the show, but Michael Barbaro, please listen to yourself. You keep interrupting, sometimes in mid-sentence, with hmm or uh-huh. It’s distracting to me although, to be fair, my daughter says she doesn’t notice it.

ISIS (4/5)

Most of The tone you have good information BUT remember in 2011 we Pulled out of Iraq because we could not get the agreement with the Iraqi government We didn’t leave because we wanted to

Great Topics, Good Interviews (4/5)

Michael Barbaro’s cadence is grating. Luckily, the guests do most of the talking. ...hmm, hmm... we’llbe rightback... hmm... here’s whatelse you neeed toknowtoday

Makes my commute bearable (5/5)

I rely on this show along with a few others to stay current. With time becoming a shrinking commodity the daily not only satisfies my thirst for in-depth legitimate reporting but also makes my commute to and from work bearable. Thank you!

Love it. (5/5)

Everyone should this to this everyday to be a smarter person

No sensationalism (5/5)

I really enjoy the Daily’s coverage of a story. No sensationalism. Thorough & concise. Very pleasant listening.

The Daily (4/5)

Pretty good. Not enough guests that are cats though. Also, I’m only 11 years old, (May 22, 2008, by the way) so the cat comment is probably just a bias towards cats. 🐱

Love the show but.... (5/5)

I love the show and listen in the car daily. I love how the team can paint a picture and help us understand topics that might be complex. I do, however, think they should have guests with opposite views on more often. The stories seem to lean a little left. I myself lean that way too, but, I like to hear stories from all sides to better understand why people think the way they do. One of my favorite episodes was when the guest was a boarded patrol officer. He gave a very good insight. Keep up the great work daily team!!!

My first podcast in the morning (5/5)

I love this podcast. The mix of stories and coverage of topics are exceptional. Mike and his cast of supporters make the difference. He is a wonderful storyteller and the podcast content is well crafted. It’s the only podcast I look forward to. Thanks Mike and team!

Background music (4/5)

I love the content. But I have hearing loss and the constant music in the background really affects me without adding any benefit.

Useful information but.... (3/5)

I’m not going to say this podcast doesn’t give useful information but it does sway towards a certain idea of how things should be it tells the truth just a skewed version of it

The life and death of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi (5/5)

Great show. They guest was incredibly talented and knowledgeable and very easy to follow as she outlined the chronology of al-Baghdadi’s rise to power. Great podcast!! Keep it up!

Scientifically illiterate on vaping (1/5)

You’re sending vapers back to smoking because you’ve overlooked all credible data on relative safety of e-cigs vis a vis combusted tobacco (conventional cigarettes). Reckless, misinformed journalism.

Well researched and informative (5/5)

This is my favorite podcast. I really enjoy the thorough information and have learned so much. Thank you

My favorite podcast 🥰 (5/5)

Every morning I have to listen. I know how things are here and around the world, thank you 🙏 I love you guys for making the effort everyday. Keep it up 👍

Propoganda Times (2/5)


Well done! (2/5)

There are several things I appreciate about this podcast: First, with podcasts you like, it is frustrating to have to wait for more content (realizing how labor intensive production must be) so thanks for how frequent the episodes are released. Secondly, this podcast is obviously a genuine effort to report stories that rise above sensationalism and reflect relevant information. They can sometime walk the line of representing one side of partisan politics but it seems (at least to me) that the producers are aware of this and conscientious to avoid it which I appreciate. Great work to the whole team! Updating my review; I’ve been consistently disappointed by the partisanship of this podcast which had initially been such a positive. May be a function of the upcoming election but I have little tolerance for it from journalists. Just for context, I’m very disappointed in the current administration but it’s hard to hear attack pieces most days a week.

Critical listen (5/5)

Never miss an episode

Ok content. Dramatic Background music is over the top. (3/5)

Ok content. Dramatic Background music is over the top.

Love that NYT has broken into the podcast sphere (5/5)

Helps keep me informed! Makes my morning

Brilliant! (5/5)

I love this podcast and vehemently disagree with those that disparage your use of background audio. As an audio engineer I find that using background to setup a piece only heightens the intensity and drama of how news can quickly develop under intense pressure and unusual circumstances. It clearly conveys the truth of how that news was obtained, and how timely and in the moment the facts were reported. If a Grammy was awarded for podcast audio, this would be a primary reason I would vote for it. Bravo Michael!

Some good reporting, but sometimes biased (2/5)

I've been a long time listener, but I've been frustrated at times with the way progressives are portrayed. There is clearly a bias towards centrist political views in general, and progressives are often portrayed as kooky and unrealistic people on the fringe. What really put me over the edge was today's episode on Bernie Sanders. Of the many interviews I'm sure were conducted, the ones expressed to listeners involved a blatantly misinformed person speaking out of ignorance and people speaking about Bernie in terms of almost religious devotion. These people are hardly a fair representation of true progressives. I'm disappointed in you, Mike.

Failing New York Times (1/5)

Never thought I would ever agree with trump on anything, but I guess the New York Times managed to be so lame and embarrassing that it’s happened. Shame on Michael barbaro and his writers for their centrist garbage and woeful unwillingness to thoughtfully engage with issues that actually matter to working people. Coverage of the democratic primary is especially nauseating, this is why people hate liberals.

Neoliberal propaganda (1/5)

Disappointed nearly every time i listen to this podcast. So called “journalism” which exists purely to maintain status quo rather than asking any real questions. Also ad breaks every 5 min to just talk about how great the ny times is. Pathetic michael barbaro.

Trustworthy, smart reporting (5/5)

A lot of the news is upsetting these days... but at least the end credits always makes me happy; so many women’s names, so many Latinx names.

Superb Reporting (5/5)

This is the podcast I start my day with. I listen even when I don’t want to hear the content...because it’s upsetting. But I know I’ll learn something. I especially enjoy the offshoot series like 1619 (talk about upsetting!) and Caliphate (AGAIN, upsetting). Hmm, maybe the creators should put some focus on happy news?! Either way, they all do a great job. Thanks.

Love love (5/5)

Can’t get my day started with out it. Very informative

Brilliant (5/5)

Everyone should listen thank you for your tireless effort and civic heroism

Establishment Podcast (2/5)

They did Bernie dirty on 10/25. They are scared of his comeback they had to come up with a podcast smearing him.

The best news podcast, ever. (5/5)

The Daily combines inside accounts of new gathering with analysts of the news. Michael Barbaro is smart and always respectful—this forum provides him the platform that he was meant to host.

It’s ok (3/5)

Just kind of boring. It has the NPR style with hushed voices, mellow tones between segments. It puts me to sleep 😴

Essential morning listening (5/5)

The Daily dives deep into the most important stories of the day. Best podcast of 2019.

Michael is the best (5/5)

I look forward to listening every morning. Love the deep dives vs a superficial digest of news.

Totally addicted (5/5)

This podcast is my primary source of news. I have not missed an episode in more than a year. The reporting is fantastic, and the occasional glimpse into how the reporters operate is super interesting. Keep up the great work, and I don’t mind the Michael’s hmm’s during the conversations.

I HAVE to Listen Every Morning (5/5)

Even when I don’t think an episode will interest me—or I think it will be too hard to listen to—I am drawn into the reporting and the questions and the commentary. The 1691 series was PHENOMENAL and should be required listening at all high schools and colleges.

Very biased (1/5)

This was an excellent podcast when it started in 2017 but then the episodes gradually started to become biased. It's now at the point where almost every episode is extremely biased and lately there has also been an excessive amount of ads.

Completely addicted (5/5)

I love this podcast and wake up very morning excited to hear the new episode.

Always insightful (5/5)

We rely on Michael and his team to keep us informed on critical and concerning issues every morning. The excellent report on Kamalle and Mariam Dabboussy is heart-wrenching and shines a light on how our global community is being manipulated through fear.

Great Podcast! (5/5)

Great podcast! I look forward to hearing it every morning during my commute. I love the format of deep diving into a topic and a last 2 min recap of other news.

I have no sympathy for (5/5)

Anyone, man or woman, who DELIBERATELY chose to go to Syria and join ISIS. She wanted to be part of an organization that tortures and murders innocent people and she was cool with that. But now that the tables are turned and she fears for her own safety, she is begging the western world to come save her? She can get lost and stay lost. 👎🏼 Five stars for the podcast because it’s otherwise still excellent journalism.

Prompts important thought and conversation (5/5)

Listening from the beginning! Especially love the occasional stories of individuals affected by major, ongoing current events (father of girl in ISIS camp, border patrol officer, the European candidate for office in a story about the growth of nationalist sentiment, etc). They don’t always make me comfortable, but they do broaden my horizon. We all need that. 1619 was unmatched! Prompted many important conversations at our house.

Broken soul (5/5)

This is my first time ever listening to a podcast! I don’t know what made me click on this but I did! This broke my heart! I feel so sorry for what is going on in Syria! To think this is real life in 2019 is unreal!! It’s like a movie but this is their lives! In praying they bring these women and kids home safely! I live in United States but I wish I was a bold reporter that was over there so I can help bring them home!!! Get me to Syria and I’ll help her then out of there!!! Honestly get in touch with me and we can see what we could do! I really want to help y’all!! GET ME TO SYRIA

Best podcast (5/5)

I’ve listened continuously since the beginning. Always educational, interesting, and credible. Thank you, NYT!

Trapped in Syria (4/5)

While these 2 episodes pull on the heartstrings, the tragedy is that these women and children can never ever ever be trusted.They will have to succumb to their fates since they chose this life regardless of the tiny bits of information that point otherwise. It is sad but it is just. They played with fire loudly and with enthusiasm and now are crying when the burning could be pointed at them.They should be true to themselves regardless of the suffering they may endure.

Syria (5/5)

What a gut wrenching story. The pain in Kamalle’s voice tore through my heart. Thank you Livia for getting this story out there.

Fantastic (5/5)

Great information. Gives great depth to many stories. Life is always more complicated then we think. Thanks for your great work on the pod!

Democrats comeback (5/5)

I think the episodes on the Australian women were simply moving and impressive. I, however, cannot see why the Australian government should let these people come back. It is the children who did the beheadings! These women made decisions and there are consequences for decisions. Let them rot.

Favorite Part of My Morning (5/5)

This podcast is fantastic, and an absolute staple in my morning routine. The reporters cover a wide variety of issues, people, and perspectives...the people at the NYT obviously care deeply about the stories they report on. Please keep up the good work.

The daily (5/5)

I love the daily but the extend musical interludes of 5+ seconds drive me NUTS! No need to kill time on a morning news update

This is how I get my news (5/5)

I don’t typically write reviews, but I felt compelled to write one for The Daily. For a show that comes out every day, this team does a fantastic job. I sometimes disagree with the views and opinions shared, but it’s very nice to listen to the daily on my way to work. It helps me understand issues that otherwise I wouldn’t even know about. If I could change one thing about the show, it would be how short it is.

Outstanding (5/5)

Interesting, fresh and well produced.

From a Muslim Latino (5/5)

I’m a working father. A professional. A Muslim. A Latino. Sure, NYT can certainly include the narrative of people like me a lot more than they have. But the truth is that NYT, and a few other reputable papers, are the only ones who would! I trust that only they would consider our stories worth researching, worth telling!

I finally get it (5/5)

As a busy professional, I find it hard to understand the key facts in current topics without significant research. I have been listening to The Daily now for about 2 months and I finally feel like I understand the key components of the issues facing us today. The Daily team goes through the history and why it matters, always leaving me to ponder how I feel about the subject for hours afterwards. I now have so many more points to consider as I form my own opinions. Bravo to The Daily team and amazing reporters that work for The New York Times!

Absolutely unbelievable (5/5)

This podcast is just phenomenal. Deep dives into current events. Presentations are even keel and stick to the facts. Helps me flush out the issues and not rely on headlines only. This is important given all of the misinformation being presented by others. I am so grateful to have this podcast!

Slander? (1/5)

I didn’t know using slanderous language was no longer a crime. The only thing I’ve gotten out of this podcast is how despicable and dishonest reporters on the left really are.

No more stupid background noise, inside look (4/5)

I love this podcast but the past week the background noise has been awful. It’s a waste of podcast time, not that funny, not informational, muddling the content. We do not need an inside look on podcast production, we just want the podcast!

Stellar (5/5)

These reporters deserve medals. Absolutely top notch

No background noise, please (5/5)

I love the daily. It’s well thought out, it gets to the important points of the issue, always asking the right question. But do you really need the background noise while someone is talking? It may add drama to the story but for the person with a hearing problem is just noise that interferes with the what is being said. Thank you.

The best news podcast around (5/5)

The best of the best. Great work thank you

Barbaro Forever (5/5)

The Daily is consistently the most fascinating, well produced, and informing podcast I listen to. Michael Barbaro is the perfect host and it is a fantastic way to start your day. I couldn’t recommend it more highly.

Content = 5 stars, host = -3 stars (2/5)

This has amazing people talking about their awesome reporting and this Andy bozo is making it all about himself. There was a week or so where the journalists who wrote the piece ran the show and it was the best week of this show because the host was gone. This last week was the worst it’s been and prompted this review . It was edited like a high school A/V club and horrid to be so focused on the host with such important content. Again, content is worth the listen but give the host another podcast or at least tell him to stop interrupting everyone.

Great pod, quality declining (3/5)

Love this podcast I used to listen every day. Lately, the liberal political pandering has become too transparent. I miss the days when we would pretend we were neutral and I could go about my day guilt free. Also please stop the bs scene setting audio. It just sounds like a mess, I don't want to hear you make small talk, I want to hear you report the news, Michael. Tighten up!

Keeping informed (5/5)

As an American living outside the US I cannot say thank you enough to the Daily for giving me an easy way to stay informed on domestic issues. Thanks for all of your hard work!

Best part of my morning ritual (5/5)

The Daily is always great. They choose a topic or a specific angle on a topic and report it in a very accessible style. Couldn’t start the day without it! Especially in the current news cycle. (ps relieved the new ad has a much more pleasant-voiced vo. The previous crackly voice ads almost made this a 4 star review!)

I’m addicted!!! (5/5)

THANK YOU for the impeccable and hard work.

One of my all time favorites. (5/5)

I love the podcast & listen to it daily. Keep up the good work!

Excellent Politics & Mod Times Cast (5/5)

Easily one of the most excellent & relevant podcasts today with only an occasional fluff piece. Only critique I can offer is that sometimes the first couple of minutes are wasted on entertainment style intros & chatter with host calling, chatting up a guest that is fluff & annoying but just f-forward through that and you're good. Dont know why they nuke 2-3 mins on BS but the rest is very good usually.

Incredible (5/5)

I cannot praise this podcast highly enough. The analysis and dramatic presentation is unmatched in any medium. Thank you!

The Daily: the main course of the news (5/5)

In past I used to wait for newspapers to land on the doorstep; nowadays I just plug in the earbuds and listen to The Daily for a deep dive into the main issue of the day.

Why do you pause in odd places in your questions and sentences? (4/5)

Appreciate the information this podcast provides, however I do not comprehend why you speak the way you do. Why do you pause so much when there is no need to? Why do you change your tone 4x in one question? It’s getting difficult to listen to.

The best podcast available. (5/5)

Seriously this is the finest news podcast available. One topic, covered in depth, prodded and probed by various NY Times reporters and moderated/facilitated by Michael Barbaro. Sure three days a week are Trump but in this world do we have a choice? The one story format is superb, enabling the editor and reporters to cover a story in great depth and detail.

Democrat propaganda arm (3/5)

This podcast was fine but has been degrading as we get closer and closer to the 2020 election into leftist propaganda and disingenuous reporting and cherry picking. But Michael Babaro earns 3 stars for being awesome.

1619 (5/5)

A profound experience. Deeply troubling but a sound beginning to address the issue of reparations. We will never have the moral ground to stand up for oppression anywhere unless we can admit, and try to make some effort to correct the cruel oppression of the Black People in America as well as the Indigenous People whose land we took here in the first place.

Why no Yang? (3/5)

Just listened to your podcast on the debate. Why not one word on Yang? He had some great moments, and young people are watching him with interest.

Since when did NYTimes do Conservative talk radio (1/5)

This show sounds like Tucker Carlson, but instead of a hillbilly audience they’re targeting people who also listen to NPR. Cringeworthy opinion and analysis.

Democratic Debate (1/5)

No mention of Tulsi, Yang, or Booker. I listen to your podcast everyday and I am done listening to you today. Garbage

Superbly Informative (5/5)

I subscribe to N.Y. times just to listen to the daily podcast. I do have a slight issue with Michael. How come I don’t get it on Weekends? Sorry I am being selfish. God Bless You Dr. Jay Singh

Always something interesting (5/5)

My walks wouldn’t be the same without Michael and the rest of the Daily team. The focus on quality journalism, and getting to the truth in every story, even the complicated ones, is refreshing. Out of all my podcasts, this one gets played first.

Been looking (4/5)

I’ve been waiting for two days for a new podcast I look forward to listening every morning i've been wondering what happened I haven't heard one sentence monday october 14

Pretty good (3/5)

They do something in this pod that is unnecessary and super frustrating....they have some on and play the audio from the story and have the guest say the exact thing from the audio clip. It’s super annoying they don’t let the clip do the work.

Human Interesty (4/5)

I listen to this show for its human interest stories because that’s what it often is. I read a review that complained that Michael spelled things out too much for the listener and I totally agree. I don’t like when he repeats what the guest just said without providing something more. Good show though, I’ve been listening since the very beginning.

❤️ (5/5)

Love this show. They break down current topics incredibly well. So many episodes I think - why isn’t everyone listening to this and aware of what’s going on?!

Love it (5/5)

This has been my go to for staying up to date on the important issues around the world. My morning walks have become time for me to be informed. Love you Michael and your team!

Let the listeners do some work! (5/5)

Love the show - listen to it every day BUT some free advice that I was given for my own show (Milk Street) fron a Canadian Broadcast Corp veteran. Let the listeners connect the dots - make them do a bit of the work - this engages them more fully in your podcast. Barbaro constantly restates what the interviewee just said often without adding color or point of view. You have smart, educated listeners who don't need the Jack and Jill repetition. This has the added benefit of drawing in your audience as they pay more attention to what is said. Otherwise, a spectacular show and one that is doing a great public service.

Every day (5/5)

Can’t start my day without this show.

Very useful (5/5)

Sometimes I don’t have time to read nytimes so this is great to get a daily dose of in depth info

I listen every day! (5/5)

I discovered this show about three months ago and haven’t missed an episode since. The in-depth coverage has been extremely helpful for me in making sense of current events. It’s also allowed me to avoid the anxiety inducing experience of scrolling through headlines, subject to the barrage of bad news—ranging from trivial to important. The Daily has helped me attend to what is most significant, and what the context of that news is. This has been extremely valuable for me. So thank you so much for such an excellent show.

Love Barbara! (5/5)

I’ve been listening for a while and I really like Micheal’s interviewing. He very often asks the simple question in ways that elicits direct answers. Also love the personal touch to the interviews

Establishment bias but good. (5/5)

About as good as you can get from a center right publication. Their international and domestic news is great but their domestic political news is very obviously slanted to the right and against progressives. Case in point the so called front line Democrats being treated as revolutionaries for supporting impeachment when the Squad and Maxine Waters were pushing for it for months. They were literally the last of to the party.

Favorite podcast (5/5)

I start my every day with The Daily and wouldn’t have it any other way. I feel informed and appreciate how in depth the stories are. Michael Barbaro does a great job, I appreciate his soft voice in the harsh, early mornings!

1619 episode 3 (5/5)

Origins of American Music—truly excellent and very fun to listen to the correlations between white and black music. We’re in this together. This has greatly increased my understanding of popular music. I’ve listened to it twice and am about to circle back around for a 3rd time.

1619 (5/5)

Excellent! Please continue the project. Wounds are raw....but history as well as current events need to be out there. Production value very high. Great music. Thank you......

Michael Barbaro - Excellent (5/5)

Prepared, Insightful, Thoughtful interviewer. Excellent podcast. Even topics I’m not sure I’m interested in turn out to be worth listening to. Thanks The Daily Team!

Beautifully and respectfully done. (5/5)

The team did a wonderful job in research, interviews, audio and editing. More from them, please.

Partisan (1/5)

Not a two sided intellectual conversation.

The daily (4/5)

Interviews with knowledgeable people but Interviewer Barbero is often annoying with his cuteness and self importance. So informative I Iisten in spite of him

Give me the news! (1/5)

Give me the news not your liberal opinion. Give me both sides of the story. I don’t care what you think is false....has it been proven to be false? Or is it your opinion it’s false?!

My favorite podcast (5/5)

Can’t wait to listen to this podcast everyday. I love it!

Great content, terrible voice (2/5)

This is an awfully inane reason to fault a podcast that otherwise deserves 5 stars, but Michael Barbaro’s way of talking is almost unbearable. He does this weird, whispery inflection at the end of any statement or question and I can’t focus on the content sometimes, because it is so frequent and annoying. Once you notice it, you can’t not notice it!

Love it but... (5/5)

This guy’s cadence makes me want to vote republican. Even so... my favorite news podcast.


this is clearly the best podcast on this thing rn however WHY R U LIKE LETTING BANKS AND LITERALLY NATURAL GAS AKA FRACKING COMPANIES LIE TO UR LISTENERS DURING COMMERCIAL BREAK - what a crazy whiplash from truth to literally capitalist propaganda whats up nytimes why do u love fossil fuels/natural gas just like the misinformation exxon spread in ur magazine through native advertising for years LIES LEGITIMIZED BY UR PAPER AND BRAND FRICK like you know how f-d these things r you literally report on it DIVEST AND BE HONEST F NO PODCASTS WHEN WERE UNDERWATER AND REX TILLERSON IS ON HIS SUPER YACHT LIVING IT UP BRO

You do good, figure out how to do better (4/5)

Your background music seems pretentious. You don’t really give a large partition of this country a voice. Mostly equally, I appreciate the depth presented as well as the seemingly neutral opinions (we both know they aren’t neutral). I just wish I could trust your company despite the one-sided analysis. Make no mistake, I’ve voted for most every Democrat, despite them being total wussies and anal holes.

Formerly Ignorant (5/5)

I am educated about issues on a daily basis. . . Thank you.

The Presidential Podcast (2/5)

There was an era of The Daily when it was an extensive and well rounded hub for the current events that everyone should be talking about and aware of. But it's recent obsessive dive into 4 out of 5 days covering either the democratic hopefuls or the pending impeachment has left people longing. Currently the NBA is barring CNN reporters from talking about Chinas role in the NBA at press conferences, a star witness that put a police office in prison for 10 years was murdered days later, and california cant keep it's own lights on, but were still listening to Michaels hot takes on Trumps day to day fumbles.

Coffee and The Daily (5/5)

Each morning starts with The Daily and coffee on my dog walk. The Daily is smart, thorough, deeper than other news sources, with the perfect balance of duration and fairness.

The Dead Chicken 🐓 Strategy! (5/5)

This explains how one person is “hell bent” on forcing his vision on America and will stop at nothing to accomplish his goals. All Democrats should take the time to listen to this reporting and understand how this strategy is being deployed - so that they can defeat it and then use it.

thank you (5/5)

don’t know what I’d do without you every morning, very grateful

Disappointed long time listener (1/5)

I listen to this podcast daily for a long time. This is supposed to be a non-biased media source. They rarely talk to republicans. They will cover the “freshmen” in congress and only talk to the Democrats, but not any Republicans. If they are reaching out to Republican congressmen/women and just not hearing back, can they publicize that? On non-political topics they do a great job. I appreciate their stories of talking to border agents. That is a great perspective to give to people who don’t live on a border state that the immigration issue is facing first.

The Daily (5/5)

I love the in-depth examination and explanation of current items. Helps me stay informed. It’s great to have a news source that you can trust.

Incredible reporting (5/5)

This is our morning coffee. We look forward to it every day.

In-depth in just 20 minutes (5/5)

I am a better citizen and human for listening to this podcast. I read a lot. But on your podcasts I get to hear the voices behind the news. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart for the light you've shined into dark places (some dark by simple lack of exposure and some dark morally). The interviews with the sisters in your episode on Jeffrey Epstein, with the border agent, and the coverage of October 1 in Beijing/HK are still reverberating in my mind.

Great podcast (5/5)

Well moderated and interesting. Michael Barbaro and the team is awesome

Excellent reporting and analysis (5/5)

Thank you *thank you* for the careful, in-depth reporting, clear explanations, and thoughtful analysis of key news stories.

My daily. (5/5)

The NYTimes team lead by Michael Barbaro is putting out there some of the most informative and thought provocative news stories to keep you up to speed with some of the most important news of the day. I appreciate the format, roughly 20-30 minutes of deep explanation of the ins and outs of hot current events. And they wrap each episode with a quick summary of other trending stories to give you a bigger picture of the day.

My favorite news update (5/5)

I LOVE this podcast. Love, love, love. In-depth looks at issues, critical thinking, measured tones and words, so smart. I love that you are brought along side the reporting process on a given story to get the breadth and depth of the subject and really understands the context. Keep up the good work please. I would be very sad if this ended.

Leftist Podcast (2/5)

There has to be other interesting topics to cover besides our President. I like Trump, but talking about him every day is tiresome. Enough with your political propaganda and go back to producing great shows like before.

Old School Journalism (5/5)

A great podcast for people who like actual news.

Great in-depth news show (5/5)

Hands down my favorite way to get my news - clear, concise, and some stories that are out of the main news flow make you stop and think.

Keep this going!!! (5/5)

I just heard this podcast is ending. Please keep it going!! There are zillions of stories to tell. We need this!

So engaging! (5/5)

The Daily is expertly done and makes every story deep and engaging.

My Daily podcast (5/5)

From The NY Times with interesting topics and informative reporting. I look forward to my morning commute so I can listen to The Daily in peace. Keep up the great work!

Fills a big need (4/5)

The Daily does a great job focusing on a subject (or two) every episode to give us a deeper dive. Whether it’s a trending story or something seemingly out of left field they don’t go wrong. The format is unique and keeps the listener engaged. Well done!! My only wish is that phone interviews be balanced with studio audio levels. Edit: lost a star because they keep spamming my podcast queue with othe series. Stop it. If I wanted that show I’d subscribe to it.

A Must Listen (5/5)

Can’t wait to hear Michael Barbaro speak at Scripps College.

Best podcast I listen to and the only one you’ll need (5/5)

I’ve been a loyal listener to NYT’s The Daily since it started. I appreciate the in-depth reporting the NYT goes into here, as it always does in its paper, online, video and other series. They also do the due diligence of interviewing people on opposing sides, ask hard questions, and put it all together in only a few hour’s time. I am smarter because of it, and it has invited me to watch their video series, The Weekly, which goes even further in depth into some of The Daily’s stories. Thank you, NYT. Keep doing what you’re doing! We need your reporting now more than ever.

One of my top faves! (5/5)

Such good topics, wonderful interviewing. Love that Michael Babaro!

Enough (1/5)

Enough with the 1619 nonsense. There is an entire podcast related to this topic.

Amazing and quick! (5/5)

I really love the way it condenses the important political information and it’s an entertaining way to start the day !

What is happening (1/5)

Old The Daily: fun, engaging deep dives into world events, and under-covered angles/phenomena in domestic politics. New The Daily: Here’s episode 17 on the Metoo movement from last year, and did we mention this new number we came up with: 1619? Say that number at work to sound smart and woke. Also Trump is bad.

In-depth Coverage of Major News Stories (5/5)

I love how I can listen to Up First in the morning to get the gist of what is going on. I always follow it up with The Daily to understand the background behind the major news stories happening today. It is short enough to get through in the morning and long enough to get all the info you need to be decently educated about a topic.

Awful (1/5)

If only you could give negative stars...

was the nyt ever accurate and reliable? (1/5)

It certainly isn’t now

Bye,bye This American Life. (5/5)

Never thought a Podcast would surpass NPR’S This American Life. Thanks to Michael and other contributors. No reruns helps too!!!!

Best News Source (5/5)

Simply the best

Misleading plea for Shady M&RR survey (1/5)

On today’s show you AND The Argument pretended to care about our thoughts about your podcasts, encouraging us to share our opinions. Instead, Michael, a voice I trust, provides us with an url that leads directly to an invasive marketing survey by M&RR, Inc., aimed to better target us, your NYT podcast audience for ad and other inside NYT business purposes. Sadly, you didn’t want our opinions about your shows after all. I’ve been had and lied to, and yet again in recent months, The New York Times has compromised my trust. This, in addition to how little positive or even neutral headlines progressive candidates of the 2020 presidential race receive in your entire NYT news outfit, particularly Sanders, while tirelessly putting out positive, encouraging headlines about Biden has put me on the brink of canceling my subscription.

Ukraine (5/5)

Thank you I understand so much without the blah blah

I used to love this show (1/5)

This podcast used to report on topics that were fascinating. Now every show is about Trump and the Dems. No one listens to the Daily for this garbage, we would just read the times. Please go back to picking interesting unique topics not this crap unless you want your whole listener base to have no thought diversity.

Liberal bias (2/5)

I love how the podcast is framed for quick news. Unfortunately, the liberal biases are very very obvious! Why can’t the news just report the news anymore?

Morning commute (5/5)

Favorite way to get a summary of what’s happening in the world!

Where is today’s episode about China? (3/5)

I was halfway through when it disappeared from my phone and the site. Did xi make you pull it??

Weird way to report news (2/5)

I didn’t feel like I got the news from this podcast. And I found the impeachment coverage dumbed down, too synthesized, and off the mark. I love NYT but am going to avoid this podcast earnestly.

Michael is the man (5/5)

I love this show. I listen everyday. So so good.

Decent podcast. (3/5)

I love the reporting of news throughout the country and world, but holy cow can you cut down the anti-trump talk just a little bit? Liberal biases are clearly being shown.

The impeachment dilemma (5/5)

Absolutely informative podcast! Gave me details about the prior impeachment proceedings that I didn’t know! Keep up the file.

Great way to stay up to date (5/5)

The host(s) do a great job breaking down current events into simpler thoughts and ideas. He asks great clarifying questions and interviews reliable sources. It’s nice to have 25 minutes of bees and politics to look forward to each day.

Lifelong printed copy reader but (5/5)

I grew up with the NYT and regardless Of political views have also felt they report the new and don’t try to over colorize it. The Daily is such a wonderful extension, it brings to life those I read everyday as real people, working hard to understand represent to the readers what’s happening. The Daily topics are timely, this has to be one of the best podcast available. Listened from the first day, Michael is quarkie and wonderful as a moderator. Fantastic addition to the Times family, BRAVO‼️

Excellent journalism (5/5)

Off-the-chart wonderful! ❤️

Too much anti-Republican (4/5)

The NYT has very good and dedicated journalists. I really appreciate the background given on all of your stories. However, it would be really nice if you would give both sides of political stories. It’s obvious you all hate Trump. We get it. What on earth will your journalists spend their time on if a Dem gets elected?

Best sign off in the business (5/5)

“I’m Michael Barbaro, see yea tomorrow!” I listen everyday on the way home from work.

Love this show, but let’s address the climate strikes (4/5)

I am pretty surprised that this story hasn’t been covered.

Great podcast but... (5/5)

I probably listen for out of five days a week to this podcast. Really enjoy it. Lately I have been frustrated though with the coverage of the Dems impeachment inquiry. Why is The Daily not covering the reason why Trump made that call to Ukraine in the first place. Joe Biden as VP, withholding 1 billion from Ukraine unless his son Hunter‘s company stopped being investigated by the Ukrainian prosecutor. You all should give a full picture story not just left leaning.

michael is excellent, the pod is perfection (5/5)

you will start listening to this podcast for its digestible format, clean production, and political insight. you will stay for michael barbaro.

annoying background music (3/5)

Really appreciate the reporting but the dramatic background music takes the validity away. I'm not referring to the intro, but the added sound effects as, oooh, the story develops. Skip the entertainment. It's not.

I’m over it (1/5)

Michael Babaro has turned into another George Stephanopoulos. This podcast used to be interesting and I felt like I was actually learning something. That was before it turned into a 24/7 all things impeachment podcast. Is there nothing else going on in this world that you can report on other than pushing your impeachment agenda?

Great information (5/5)

Really like this podcast. Good stories about current events.

Thank you (5/5)

I just want to express how valuable I find all of your podcasts and particularly one I listened to today, for kids on a child with OCD. I have personal experience with OCD but really appreciated that you dedicated an episode to children’s fears. Today’s world and our culture in particular has become a place of so much uncertainty and increased anxiety for our children. (Not to mention adults!) I have a 21 year old son and a 16 year old daughter. They have had a privileged upbringing with some of the common stressors of life like divorced parents and other less common experiences like my daughter was a victim of sexual assault at 13. Both of my kids have anxieties and are seeking therapeutic help. I am amazed how ignorant so many adults and leaders in this country are about the culture we are creating and leaving to our children. I only hope with more individual consciousness and support by journalism like The Daily... we might still turn things around. Thank you again. Debra

Exceptional source of information (5/5)

Yes, it is first-class journalism. However, there are times when I have to rewind and turn up the volume because of the host recurring voice inflection at the end of sentences. I go back in the narrative to figure out what that word was. I am subscribed to The New York Times.

Too Far (2/5)

Really enjoyed this podcast despite the occasionally terrible interviews, but I can't take their newest episode. 30 minutes of justification and doubling down on the New York Times publishing identifying information on the Ukraine Call Whistleblower is absolutely beyond the pale. The paper knowingly endangered the Whistleblower, proceeded with publishing identifying information after the CIA told them not to because it would endanger the individual, and then this. I'm done.

Diverse and thoughtful (5/5)

I have been looking for podcasts that give insight about mental disorders. Finally it came, the Daily explores OCD through a kid's lens and it was amazing.

Fear Facers (5/5)

I agree. Everyone needs to hear this story. Wasn’t expecting to get emotional, but this young lady was remarkably articulate about her experiences.

Whistleblower Identity (1/5)

Michael - faithful listener here. As a retired journalist and writer, I have lived with hard decisions about publishing but never something so potentially explosive as the identity of someone who must be shielded by law as the Whistleblower. There are always unintended consequences to consider. Please let Dean Baquet know that many of us are in serious disagreement with his decision to publish facts about the whistelblower. We don't care that the White House, DOJ, CIA and others in the IC may have already known the identity. The unintended consequences? There are now roving bands of lunatics from the underbelly of society that have put a bounty on the individual's identity. They are actively searching and will eventually identify the individual, meaning the individual harm either through doxxing, confrontation or physical means. The President himself has fostered this by calling for the prosecution as spies of those behind this particular event. I am sure the NYT does not want to be responsible for outing someone thus harm befalls him. ******************************** Lost in the Storm Sep 24, 2018 Ok, this made me cry. The depth of humanity ripped open. The Daily is consistently excellent in doing deep dives to showcase personal impacts of what most see only as headlines. Thank you.

Feb.23/Feb. 26 (5/5)

Ella!! Great reporting, personalized, refreshing change.Feb. 23 and 25 were game changers...very strong. Exceptional Peter Goodman was exceptional in explaining tarifs and interdependence. guests, good interviewing, great topics. Good job!

1619 (5/5)

Amazing how little we are taught about slavery and oppression of others. The Daily is a great part of my morning. Short, insightful and well researched. Thankful for your efforts. GC Am not horse, please don’t address us as “hey”...... Thanks, GC

Ella (5/5)

This is real and I feel so strongly for Ella’s path. I remember my first anxiety attack and it’s aftermath and long lasting effects (still ongoing). I pray that she finds her support system and it is helpful.

What kind of professional journalism is this... (1/5)

Before this episode even aired #cancelnyt was trending on Twitter due to the gross negligence it has to take to continually report details about a whistleblower whose hoping to remain anonymous after multiple threats from the Trump Administration... BUT NOOO you have to take it a step further and make a whole daily episode about their identity.

Stop speeding up voices (1/5)

I listen to this podcast every day and love it but cannot stand how they keep speeding up the host voice. It is irritating, so much so I have stopped listening and no longer recommend.

Best , most informative, in-depth news podcast (5/5)

I can express how much I appreciate your body of work. Highest quality in investigation , analysis, facts , depth, hosts, presentations, importance of subjects, etc. We need this kind of reporting and journalism to reach a better world. Thank you so much. And I love, love Michael’s “hmmm”

Go Ella! (5/5)

The episode concerning Ella and her ocd taught me things I didn’t know and that Ella is a brave girl. Go Ella !!

Fear Facers (5/5)

Excellent episode. Emotionally moving and hopeful. Everyone needs to hear this.

Become smarter, Listen to The Daily podcast. (5/5)

Although at times The Daily can be a bit extreme in its liberalism, it is one of the best news podcasts out there. Informative, balanced (for the most part) and insightful. The Daily leaves you thinking at the end of every episode and makes you realize that nothing in the news is simple or that often times solutions are not clear. It leaves it in your hands to decide what you think is right or wrong and even how you can change it.

I can’t believe you outed the whistleblower (1/5)

... and then scolded us for being outraged.

Best news podcast out there. (5/5)

Informative & fair... I listen everyday!

Good Source (5/5)

Aside from the Time's insane decision to run info on the whistelblower's occupation, this is a good source for news and info.

Lot of speculative op-ed, leading questions (1/5)

They present themselves as unbiased reporting, however, use a lot of leading questions and op-ed conclusions. Speculating that it would be impossible for Facebook to implement appropriate security measures and still make money, for a recent example. Quote some (any) supporting evidence, please. They create a narrative for the subject of their reporting instead of saying that a source claims something. Eg. Joseph Maguire, whistle blower complaint, Barbero says, ‘I get the sense that he’s exasperated...’ Why plant this narrative"? It’s the worst of yellow journalism.

A must listen for this busy mom (5/5)

This pod is perfect for providing context of what is going on in the news when you are someone who barely has enough time to read beyond the headlines. It’s a great mental break for when I’m in the car or when I “try” to have a moment during the day. Just LOVE this podcast and wish there more like it.

Defenders of the People (5/5)

I listen every morning on my bike ride to work. I share the current events of the day with my 6th grade students. Anytime I don’t listen, they get upset because they feel uninformed for the day. Thanks for bringing truth to the people.

I’m addicted (5/5)

The in-depth stories give me a deeper understanding of current topics.

Hmmm... (3/5)

Hmmm... hmmm? Hmm! Hmmm. Hmmm... Hm? Hmm!

My source of indept news (5/5)

I listen to it everyday and enjoy it immensely.

Slow and dramatic (2/5)

The content of the show is generally a high quality, but the presentation is border-line melodramatic. The constant dramatazation through an enunciated s-l-o-w verbal cadance, and dramatic music timings detracts from the show so much I can barely stand to listen. Even on topics I'm very interested in.

Real journalists don’t put whistle blowers (1/5)

And also like, half your reporters sound like grad students teaching an intro class for a subject they read up on the night before

Why tf would you dox a whistleblower?!? (1/5)

Sick of your wishy washy headlines when trump says something racist, and now this? I already didn’t subscribe to the NYT, now I’m unsubscribing from The Daily to get rid of my last support to them.

Whistleblower outing (1/5)

I have no idea what is happening at The NY Times but your outing of the whistleblower has caused me to cancel my subscription and I’m unsubscribing from this podcast. Get your act together. I was such an avid listener but this level of irresponsibility commands action on the part of your listeners.

This is one of the best but (1/5)

I have to unsubscribe because the New York Times seems to show a pattern of supporting the nation’s descent into autocracy. They write poor headlines, they support white supremacy, they pass off Trump supporters as “swing voters” which means they are lying to the American people, and now they are exposing the whistleblower after Trump threatened the whistleblower with harm. I cannot support this organization any longer.

Hit or miss (1/5)

Occasionally great, often meh

Great, but get the other side. (2/5)

Gives great left view points only because of the extremely biased content. Recommend finding an equally right biased pod as well and piece together the best truth possible in the horrible media we have today.

New host (3/5)

Good reporting and stories but way over produced. I do not like the hosts style. Sounds like a bad William shatner

Wow NYTIMES Supports Traitor? (1/5)

Really running ads for that traitor Snowden.

Great... but the, cadence... irks. (4/5)

Great podcast overall. Informative, entertaining and well produced. Barbaro’s vocal cadence however, begins... to bug me... after a while. I know that’s a nit pick and a somewhat personal one at that. I don’t mean it to offend Mr. Barbaro. Like Phoebe Judge, his delivery initially gives the podcast personality but after a time, I find it distracting and I begin to focus... on the annoying, seemingly intentionally affected... way of speaking instead of the story being reported. Also akin to Ms. Judge, I know most people like their delivery styles and believe it makes the podcast more enjoyable. I do not and I don’t mean my criticism to be hurtful to either person. I think they otherwise present intelligent, thoughtful and informative shows.

Outstanding (5/5)

I never miss an episode. Keeps me informed on what’s going on in the world in an utterly enjoyable way. Showed my appreciation by subscribing to the Times. Keep up the great work.

My day starts with Coffee & The Daily (5/5)

I first listened to the Daily on the episode where they explained the story behind Roe vs. Wade. I have believed in a woman’s right to choose my whole life but never knew the story behind the historic ruling. After that I was hooked! Took me a little while to get used to Micheal B’s long thought pauses as he spoke. I’ve now been listening so long, I think I’m starting to speak like him. So thank you to The Daily team for diving deeper into today’s top headlines and explaining the whole stories behind them!

Every Day Listener (5/5)

This podcast teaches me about things I didn't know I cared about - and teaches me more about what I need to know about. Love Michael, love the NYTimes, thank you for your great journalism!

Nobody does It better (5/5)

The most in-depth. The most thoughtful. The best research from guests. The best pod team. Start your day here.

Good but biased per usual (4/5)

Like that it keeps me up to date. Very biased towards Democrats (but what media isn’t). Always good to see what the other view point is but sometimes gets a bit ridiculous on the obvious bias.

Love this, BUT (5/5)

Stop supporting a media narrative that this is bad for moderate Democrats. Maybe ask a Republican why they are so okay pushing national security aside for political gain. You're shaping a pretty horrible narrative.

Fake News 🤔 (1/5)

Passive aggressive Trump Bashing

Michael Barbaro explains complex issues (5/5)

Thanks to The New York Times my world is richer and my understanding of events is deeper and more thorough. Michael Barbaro has a style of interviewing guests on the topic of the day that allows them to communicate complex matters without interruption. Then, he goes back to the Times reporters and reiterates his understanding with basic questions so all listeners can understand. This work is so important and such a great part of the fourth estate ! Don’t miss an episode of The Daily!

Elephant in the room (1/5)

I used to love the Daily, but recently I have become disgusted by the lack of reporting on the climate crisis. Despite the hottest summer on record, relentless environmental rollbacks by the Trump administration, other news sources recognizing the urgency of the situation and stepping up their climate reporting, and 4 million people taking to the streets last Friday: the Daily is noticeably silent on the climate crisis. The world is waking up to the emergency we are facing, and our window for action is closing. Your listeners rely on you for their news: why are you ignoring the most urgent issue of our time? Maybe it has something to do with the sources of your funding. History will look back at this period of time and ask why major news sources weren’t covering the alarms that scientists and activists are sounding. I expect better.

The border patrol agent (5/5)

I listen everyday and usually love every episode. I always walk away feeling more informed and appreciating more details about what’s going on in the world. But this episode on September 24th with the border patrol agent was incredibly frustrating to listen to. He started off saying we wouldn’t get the dog and pony show from him but that’s all he gave in the end. He was in such denial about the facts and I do not feel like he was pushed hard enough or called out enough.

The Daily is my Favorite! (5/5)

I love the daily. It gets to the point of the story in a short time. The expressions of the host is funny. Keep up the good work.

Can be excellent but too often intentionally slanted for support of s position (3/5)

It varies dramatically but rarely presents an opposing side fairly

Finally a podcast from The Daily that doesn’t completely throw Trump under the bus. (1/5)

There are always two sides to a story but your organization leans so left that the moderate and conservative side is rarely examined. I have great respect for border control agents. It’s a difficult job made more difficult by the current politically motivated news reporting of The Times.

Impeccable Podcast (5/5)

A friend of a friend recommended this podcast to me a few weeks ago and I have been binge listening to the available episodes. The narration, true journalism and diverse content is refreshing and enlightening. Kudos to all of you who make this show what it is, absolutely impeccable.

Extremely Biased (1/5)

Trump hating bias. If you are looking for fair actual reporting, this show does that about 25% of the time. Only when it doesn’t involve Trump. Makes me sick.

Soothing confusion (5/5)

I generally love this podcast, especially since its truths are led forth in Michael’s soothing yet sonorous voice. Today, had I not been a reader of other news sources (Bloomberg, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, among others, clarified that Trump’s and Guiliani’s claims about Biden had all been debunked), I could easily have been confused into believing what the President said, garbled as it was, about Biden and $7 billion dollars and pressuring Ukraine to get rid of a prosecutor. Perhaps you are just trying to be “fair and balanced,” but I have seen statistics showing that Trump is likelier than Biden (or almost ANYONE) to be lying.

Deliberately choose to lie! (1/5)

Every episode ok overall, but in each episode that concerns political parties they leave out a key point so that their view appears valid or just straight out lie despite the facts. For instance they claim that there’s no proof of Biden telling Ukraine to fire state prosecutor or he’ll withold $1 BN, yet there are videos all over of Biden himself actually saying just that.

Just another liberal left pod (1/5)

They are all left leaning people on here and they do t like trump and it’s obvious all of there views are slanted to dislike trump and republicans. If you want a center of the road pod that’s not biased this is NOT the pod for that.( and I didn’t even vote for trump and I noticed it) it’s annoying honestly

Whistleblower episode 9/23/19 is really dumbed down (2/5)

Why is the reporting so dumbed down on this episode? It sounds like they’re trying to explain something to a kindergartner. The slow pace makes me want to tear my hair out.

Great Content But..... (3/5)

Great content, but can you please tell your guests and hosts to talk at a normal human pace. The Ukraine podcast was a prime example, as your guest was talking painfully slow and taking unnecessary pauses in his presentation.

Good content (4/5)

Overall I love the concept of interviewing the folks on the front line of news (NYT journalists). I could do without the dramatic music and sound transitions. If I wanted to be entertained I’d watch Fox News

The best (5/5)

I look forward to listening “daily” - so appreciate the in depth reporting! I absolutely love Michael’s hmm’s and mhm’s and talked about them long before I saw others noticing 😂. Awesome podcast! Don’t change a thing please.

Warren’s rallies (3/5)

This was generally an excellent piece but how disappointing and shameful that it ends with giving Trump the last word. Journalists you have to do better. You have a lot of power and responsibility. Please wield it more thoughtfully.

Great podcast!! (5/5)

I love Micheal Navarro's interviewing style. Great news for this age. Necessary for our time and culture.

Highly recommend! (5/5)

I love this podcast. I'm pretty new to the political scene so I really appreciate how Michael asks questions keeping new listeners in mind. He often recaps what the guests say in a way that's very clear and super easy to understand. Thanks for all your hard work, Michael and all the reporters!

Occasionally Insightful (2/5)

Usually the same regurgitated conventional wisdom and lazy assumptions one finds in the NYT. One rare occasions, something as odds with establishment groupthink sneaks through the editorial filter.

Propaganda (1/5)

Here we go again. They are coronating Elizabeth Warren.

This is how you manufacture consent (1/5)

Anotomy of a Warren Rally? Warren has largest rallies of all the Democratic candidates? Can the NYTimes be more blatant?

Every Day (5/5)

The Daily is the first thing I do after I turn off my alarm in the morning. I literally begin my day with it. I really appreciate starting my day with the tidbits of knowledge that I gain from the Daily. As I get ready for work I listen and it’s a great way to start my day. I listen to a lot of podcasts but the Daily is my favorite. 1619 has been amazing. I have shared it with tons of friends and family. Today, when I heard there would only be one more episode I was so disappointed. I knew it would be limited but it’s too soon!!! There is barely any African American history taught in schools and the American public needs more knowledge especially in a time when there is so much ignorance and racism rearing it’s ugly head in our country. Please consider this as a weekly podcast!!! It is necessary! Thank you. PS. Thank you for giving us the 1619 curriculum- awesome.

Elizabeth Warren (5/5)

Love The Daily-first thing I do everyday is listen to NPR News and then The Daily! Today’s Elizabeth Warren rally story was excellent but....was it really necessary to mention you smelled marijuana? I feel it unnecessarily framed her rally in what some may view as ‘supporters are a bunch of pot smoking kids’. Again, otherwise great reporting.

Great content (5/5)

I’m not one who listens to “the news.” Over the summer I had to listen to On the Media by WNYC studios and really enjoyed it. I ended up searching for other podcasts that would keep me up to date with the world. The Daily has done that for me. During my morning commute, I’m able to listen and feel really informed about the current events. It also makes me want to seek out info on my own on certain topics. I’m grateful for this podcast, especially the 1619 project. The current series on Gloria Allred and Harvey Weinstein leaves me angry, but I’m grateful to be able to hear this story. I have officially subscribed to the NYT so they can keep funding these projects

Generally good (4/5)

Everything’s good, except for when Michael finishes a sentence by speaking super quick and enunciating his words less. Sometimes its like “what did he just say?”

Amazing podcast! (5/5)

I've been listening since last year and I love their content! Amazing podcast to drive home from work too.

Checking my white privilege (5/5)

I really enjoy listening to this podcast to learn from other perspectives. Admittedly, I am white. And I am in an interracial relationship. Recently, I saw Slave Play on Broadway and I'm hoping you all have a chance to review and discuss this show on the podcast. Interested to know your thoughts!

Riveting (5/5)

The Daily has the ability to make people care and think critically of stories they didn't even know existed beforehand. Impeccably done.

Speak normally (4/5)

Interesting show with good guests. My one complaint is when the host is introducing and wrapping up segments, his inflection and emphasis of words I find irritating. Don’t try so hard to make every sentence seem profound, just speak normally.

Dishonest & Biased (1/5)

Just another Mainstream voice pushing the Agenda! “In today’s world it’s hard to have a story with just one source. But since I have to push my Agenda only one source will do! What a joke!

I love starting my morning with The Daily (5/5)

Getting important in-depth news coverage everyday that I can listen to while I’m on the move preparing for my day is something I am very grateful for. Thank you for your hard work and fearless pursuit of the truth!

Amazing podcast! (5/5)

So good I subscribed to the New York Times! I want to support more podcast content like this. Keep up the great journalism. Thank you NYT!

Love this show! (5/5)

I thoroughly enjoy the daily each morning! Thank you for putting together such a concise, thorough and easy to understand episode every day. The daily is the perfect accompaniment to the paper that I have always loved. It brings the stories and journalists to life, and lifts the hood on the journalistic process. You guys rock!

Daily from Monday Sept 16 (1/5)

In the last two minutes you highlighted information about new revelations regarding Brett Kavanaugh, which have now been walked back by the NYT. I expected to hear you walk it back as well. Stay waiting as of Wednesday.....

I’m Michael Barbaro.......This is......The Daily (5/5)

This is such a well done podcast. People can hate all they want but I personally love the way Michael talks. Don’t change, Michael!!!!

Dishonest and biased (1/5)

Great if you like biased journalists masquerading as objective arbiters of truth. An excellent example of everything that’s wrong with journalism today, a true case study.

Solid show (5/5)

This is a great show. If there’s a story I want trustworthy, in-depth reporting on this is my go-to. Thanks for your work!

Can’t live without it! (5/5)

My day can’t start until I hear that triangle ring & Martine brings me the latest headlines. I feel so in-the-know about what’s happening in the world & a little less guilty when I don’t get to flip through the online addition of the Post that I subscribed to.

STOP WHISPERING- you sound intimidated/non-confident (1/5)

ZERO STARS So annoying to hear the host whisper while delivering news! And the. Other commenters speak at a normal level. I have to constantly turn the volume up and down! STOP IT! Get a new host!

One of my 2 must-hear morning shows! (5/5)

I’ll be honest, there are 2 shows I’m totally hooked on and that I NEED to hear before I start my day: NPR Up First and The Daily by NYT! The in-depth stories are revealing, educational and super entertaining! Also they cover topics that really matter, literally as they’re unfolding. Especially good has been the coverage of the situation in Hong Kong. Hong Kong is arguably the #1 most important issue right now when it comes to the struggle for global democracy. If you’re reading this review I would highly encourage you to 1. subscribe to this great podcast and 2. Voice your support (by contacting your house / senate reps) for the Hong Kong Human Rights & Democracy Act of 2019. This proposal will do a lot for the people of HK and now is the time they really need our help. Thank you guys at The Daily for covering this story and helping us all understand more clearly what’s happening in Hong Kong and around the world! Michael, wanna grab a beer? :-)

Good with a clear bias. (3/5)

I do enjoy the podcast most of the time. However, there’s a clear political bias for establishment politicians.

Best News Source (5/5)

The New York Times puts their heart and soul into making this podcast and it shows. The time and dedication they put in each story is incredible. They are very straightforward and good at explaining things. They always fact check and find credible sources. 100% 5/5 stars!!

Biased Reporting on Andrew Yang and 3rd dem debate (1/5)

I canceled my subscription to the NYT today due to the biased and unfair coverages of two dem candidates. Please fire the the reporter that did the interview on Yang. Whether or not you agree with UBI, you need to report on the matter and his views objectively. Keep your personal scoffing to yourself or move over to Fox News. As of the dem debate, not all personal stories were shared. Report on all candidates for fairness and donor unbiased reporting. The takeaways fell flat as most of the coverage was on Biden and hardly any coverage was on Sanders. At this point, your journalism is no longer different from the Bezos controlled Washington Post and Gates corporate reporting agency- NPR.

Always waiting for the download, never disappointed (5/5)

Mornings without The Daily make me feel so uninformed. I'd already subscribed to The Times before the first podcast and now feel loyal to the organization because of the quality and depth of reporting that this podcast exemplifies. Just wish there was that degree of reporting for so many stories in our world.

Predictable (1/5)

This is pretty much what you would expect of The NY Times. Well produced, surface-level smart host and a viewpoint that is way far left of center. If you’re looking for a straight news pod, this isn’t it. If you’re looking for “news” the way fox or msnbc “report” it, this is the pod for you.

Always something interesting. (5/5)

I listen to this everyday on the way to work, great journalism, with just enough in depth on each topic, I like they way Micheal breaks things down and asks questions in terms that simpletons such as myself to understand!

My favorite 25 minutes of my day! (5/5)

The 1st Amendment and the free press is, increasingly, under attack, around the world. There are few ways to spend your money that are better than subscribing to The New York Times. I lived in Manhattan for 20 years and bought the NYTimes everyday at my local newsstand. Later, I subscribed to the print edition here in my current home in Texas and now I subscribe to the digital version. The Times makes “The Daily” possible. “The Daily” is the best half hour you will spend each day, whether you are commuting, exercising, walking doggies, doing housework, running errands, or stuck on an airplane. Michael has an amazing voice, exuding warmth, compassion, intelligence, and thoughtfulness. And I love the “hmms”!!😍 I began listening to The Daily about a year ago. It has become one of the best and most informative parts of my day! Bravo, Michael Barbarro, Clare, Theo, and all the contributors that make this great, 5 Star, podcast happen! Don’t know what I’d do without you!

I love this show (5/5)

But I can’t stand the cutesy millennial voice that reads all the ads.

Normally excellent but... (1/5)

Very disappointed with the Yang interview. I hadn’t heard much of Yang before and I thought he made some very interesting points for UBI that I hadn’t heard before, but the NYT guys seemed extremely biased against Yang from the beginning. For example, when Yang responds about the cultural aspects of Trump winning, he argues that people are more susceptible to xenophobia / racism when they can barely make ends meet and that you can’t engage people on big picture issues like climate change when they’re worried about surviving the month. Whether you agree with that or not, that seems like a reasonable theory. But the NYT guys respond by basically making fun of Yang for saying “herrr derrr everything can be explained by UBI.” Love the podcast overall but expect better than that. (2/5)


Good job (5/5)

Good job.

Highest Quality journalism and Production (5/5)

These stories are moving and I feel like a better person having listened to them...almost every single time. Consistently phenomenal work. Thank you.

Excellent Journalism- Ad voice grating (1/5)

Great stories, perfect length. Woman’s voice for the ads is enough to do an auto skip forward.

Staple for daily commute (5/5)

I’ve been listening to this podcast for a couple of months now and it’s become an absolute staple for my daily commute. I really wanted to compliment the reporting on the Andrew Yang podcast especially - I’ve listened to a couple of interviews with him before and never really understood some of the jumps made between the threat of automation and the Freedom Dividend proposal. The reporter asked questions that broke down each of the leaps and I feel like I understand Yang as a candidate much better than before.

#YangGang (5/5)

Today’s interview with Andrew Yang was awesome. You get choked up hearing him talk so compassionately about his hopes and vision for humanity. I love The Daily!

Good source of daily news (4/5)

Thank you for the piece on Andrew Yang! Without it, I wouldn’t have written a review. I listen to just about every episode they put out, and they do a pretty good job. I believe they really do try hard to stay fair and balanced, but they lean left. Some days it feels like an episode of Last Week Tonight because I’m learning about an issue I didn’t even know existed. Other days it feels like I just turned on CNN and they’re just reporting on the latest headline involving Trump. Most arguments presented by the right are only brought up to be knocked down in the reporter’s next breath. But they are brought up. The nice thing is that you don’t have to listen if the title of the episode doesn’t interest you.

The best (5/5)

They explain complex topics in a clear digestible way. I feel smarter and more informed. Thank you!

Informative (5/5)

Much listen to each day.

Best news source (5/5)

I’m so grateful for these journalists!! This is my first podcast of the day each morning. I love how at the end there is “here is what else you need to know today” part where other headlines in the news are mentioned. I don’t watch or listen to any other news and I feel well informed from my 20-30 minute podcast from the New York Times. Thank you for rocking it!! 💗🙏

How I start each day (5/5)

Perfect length, insightful, essential listening.

Well Made but skewed (3/5)

This podcast does an excellent job covering current topics in the news. They do make an effort to cast Trump and the Republican Party in a bad light. Also the host of the podcast makes irritating “hmmm” noises during discussions.

must listen (5/5)

This is the best podcast out there hands down. Thank you for your phenomenal journalism NYT!

Leftist propaganda (1/5)

If you want the extreme, far-left view on things, welcome home. No diversity of thought at all

Brilliant! (5/5)

We are so fortunate to have podcasts like 1619! Should be a mandatory listening requirement for every US citizen!

Why be a pill? (2/5)

I dare Michael to drop the affect and do the entire podcast with his natural speech patterns, which are on display during his on-location interviews.

Balanced and thorough, I subscribed (5/5)

The Daily provides very balanced and thorough interviews, presenting all sides with the facts. Thank you for Andrew’s interview on Walmart’s commitment to social responsibility - finally. Andrew keep up the good work ! Also I did subscribe to the paper and I’m thrilled! There is so much more in the Sunday paper - of course the Magazine, puzzles but also interesting articles on food, arts and fashion. Thanks Michael and the Daily team !

Incredible podcast (5/5)

Always interesting, well researched.

Proof the Press Protects the People (5/5)

There is nothing more important to the protection of freedom than a free press. The Daily from the New York Times presents probing pieces that provide thoughtful reporting on a spectrum of important topics.

My absolute favorite! (5/5)

I wake up to The Daily on the daily. The stories are interesting and well told, and pairs perfectly with my coffee.

Five hundred stars and a Webby (5/5)

I never ever miss The Daily. And The Daily team never misses a beat. Thank you for providing intelligent and thoughtful analysis. The Daily and Stay Tuned are the best of the best. I am always impressed that you move so quickly. Your guests have command of the topic of the day in this dizzying news cycle. You get the best experts on that beat, but they also bring background and perspective you don’t hear anywhere else. It sometimes sounds like we’re listening on in your newsroom discussions—hearing how you break down a story. Very cool. You all must work 24/7 to make this happen. I’ve read the Times for almost 40 years, as a New Yorker and now from afar. I love hearing the voices of the journalists and learn how fearlessly they pursue the truth. Everyone should subscribe to the NYT. In these times, supporting the media financially is our Public Duty. The Fourth Estate stands between us and oblivion. Not to be too hysterical about it.

PLEASE PLEASE get a new host (1/5)

LOVE LOVE LOVE the Daily. Cant stand Michael Babaro. The constant...dramatic pauses followed by *over* emphasized, rushed sentences is MADDENING. Combine that with the “hmm’s”, and I...just can’t. I’d love to listen to this every day, but can only take small doses of MB.

Excellent (5/5)

Great daily reporting without the fluff of TV entertainment. I’ve become a fan. Even more impressed with the reporting of 1619. Spot on. Relevant.

“Hmms” (3/5)

Mike- you’ve got to try and limit the “hmms” in your conversation. Distracting for a listener and keeps me from listening to more episodes.

Huh? (5/5)

If 1619 has its own podcast why are you playing their episodes as well? I don’t get it. Also Michael Babaro (so?) I cant w your cadence. You are killing me Smalls. Speak normal would ya? Lol. Love the podcast but having a tough time w your speech patterns and your uh huhs when someone is speaking. Shhhhh. Seriously do enjoy it overall but I am now mimicking you. The highest form of flatterly much? 🤪🤪🤪🤪.

Everyday listener (4/5)

I’m a fan, appreciate the stories that aren’t necessarily the major news stories of the day. The feedback about the hmmms at first was funny to me that people were bothered. Now I can’t “unhear” that criticism. And it is annoying. It adds no value to the conversation. Try muting Michael. Sorry, but the constant chiming in is distracting. Otherwise, I really enjoy listening to the stories on my morning commute.

The Sudden-death Phase of the Democratic Primary (4/5)

Love this podcast. They always give it to you straight with enough to answer the questions you have. I’m very sad to say that’s this episode was a poor display of the candidates that have truly impacted people in a grassroots fashion - namely, Andrew Yang. I’m hopeful The Daily will take another look at what voters are actually saying and give a spotlight to candidates like Yang that are drawing people from both sides of the aisle way.

Such a good listen! (5/5)

I listen to this podcast every morning on my drive to school. I enjoy the variety of it and the relevance of it without the debate of everyday news. It keeps me informed but never tries so sway my opinion on anything.

Walmart (5/5)

Today’s review by Andrew Sorkin on Walmarts decision to take steps regarding guns was stellar! Thank you For recognizing the accountability that both businesses and the banking industry have with regards to this critical situation that our country is facing today. Your solution was obvious yet brilliant.Your reporting was clear concise and demonstrated the quality of writing done by The NY Times! Thank you for the hard work that you have done and for helping to connect the dots for all of us.

Great podcast (5/5)

I look forward to this podcast every morning for interesting in-depth looks at important current issues. And I love Michael’s soothing voice. It’s a beautiful show, edited well (pausing when others fear silence), and always leaving me with a better understanding, all the while done with style. Thank you for all your hard work!

So frustrating listening to this. (1/5)

This would. Only take. 15 minutes. If you idiots. Stopped. Talking. Like this.

Really disappointed (5/5)

Really disappointed to hear the latest episode “The Sudden Death Phase of the Democratic Primary”. They talked at length about the candidates left up on the stage, but barely mentioned Pete and didn’t say Yang’s name at all. They are in 5th and 6th place going into this debate, much farther ahead than Castro or Klobuchar who get talked about in this episode.

Inaccurate and Biased (1/5)

I used to love this podcast, but this recent episode is blatantly biased, leaving out any mention of presidential candidate Andrew Yang despite him polling above O’Rourke, Castro and Booker who were mentioned several times. He was the ONLY candidate not mentioned and it is hard for me to believe a candidate consistently polling in sixth place would be forgotten. Do better, New York Times. #Yang2020 #YangMediaBlackout #LetYangSpeak

Single causal casual analysis (2/5)

In general, I highly enjoy the NYT Daily Podcast and it usually deserves a 4-5 stars compared to most news and mid/long form journalism. However as a student of history both academically and personally, I am disturbed by the NYT’s recent 1619 pieces. The analysis falls into the common trap of overlaying modern sensibility over the past as well as postulating a narrative of single factor cause analysis for several high level societal, cultural, and economic trends. Any one of the trends even the seemingly obvious ones such as modern music can easily be described by one factor with less than rigorous analysis. While I am all for the re-learning and the imagining of our past, the recasting of all woes and greatness of our nation from a principal cause/factor is sophomoric work, that would have earned me a C at best in all but the most liberally oriented academic institutions with their own agenda to promulgate to under and graduate history students a new and even less nuanced narrative of our great but imperfect nation. The pain and suffering of slavery, indentured servitude, and racist policies are real but not a single nor even determinative factor in our nation’s actual development and not a useful narrative to forging a better future for our kin, IMO.

Had to stop listening (1/5)

I was able to let the subtle heavy bias slide for a long time, but I’ve had enough. It’s unfortunate because some of the episodes are excellent.

Nice world news but domestic politics are fitting a establishment agenda (1/5)

I am usually a regular listener to the daily but this past episode on the 2020 primary on 9/4/2019 was so biased towards one candidate that I couldn’t handle it. When I first listened to it, they featured many of the backgrounds of the candidates who dropped out. But when when discussing the top three (Biden, sanders and warren) they had a clear favorite. They mentioned the rise of warren at the expense of sanders. But the demographic of their coalition is different. They failed to mention that poking suggests that warren’s coalition is growing at the expense of Harris (warren being the second choice). They were easy to mention any of sanders negativity but mentioned NOTHING on joe Biden’s gaffes, significant fall in the poll, or lack of new policy plans. They also failed to mention that Sanders and Biden share the same coalition demographic and most of the Biden’s coalition’s second choice is Sanders. They also were quick to mention warrens climate change plan. But failed to mention Bernie Sanders climate change plan!?!?! If they really wanted to not seem bias, they should hide their dislike of the Sanders candidacy....

Love it but the ads... (4/5)

I listen to the Daily every weekday morning and love the stories and Michael’s hosting. Lately, though, I’m struck by how many ads there are and how distracting they are. I get that you are encouraging subscribers, but 3 ad breaks for a 25-ish minute show is excessive.

News? Or?!?!? (2/5)

Ok, I know these “times” are challenging.....culturally, economically and most of all politically. But I always assumed that a news outlet as prestigious as the New York Times would seek first to tell balanced, important and complete news stories...rather than openly pushing a political agenda as their primary purpose of existence. Don’t get me wrong, every couple times a week The Daily tells a really great, important and compelling news story....but most of the time it’s just overwhelming political bias. Whether I personally agree with the bias inherent here does not condone the behavior. It is just a sad day in the media and news world when political bias becomes overtly evident in the reporting and even more so when that becomes the primary objective of what was one of the best and most prestigious news outlets. Maybe I’ve been under a rock for too long, but still, I’m sad.

Interesting and informative but... (4/5)

Michaels voice during the intro is kind of creepy, he’s trying hard to sound like a movie trailer voiceover it seems.

Have subscription should have ads (4/5)

I love the show, but if I have a Times Subscription I shouldn’t have to listen to as many ads.

1619 (5/5)

Have a greater appreciation for the NY Time & the Daily for reporting on 1619.

Love it (5/5)

Great topics and Michael's Mm-hm the best!!!! I LOVE IT :-D I wrote that BEFORE I heard it was controversial. People will argue about anything. His mm-hm is very encouraging and prompting, keeps it human.

The BEST (5/5)

Engaging, informational, well organized. I look forward to listening every day. Michael Barbaro rocks; I love the “hmm!”s.

Misinformative (1/5)

As a long time listener, I was deeply put off by the on going campaign of misinformation regarding livestock and GHG emissions. The leading cause of GHG causing global climate change is fossil fuels, carbon long stored underground, no longer part of the living CO2 cycle. I find it maddening that we will continue to tell ourselves these untruths so we can ignore the elephant in the room and take responsibility for our actions. If The NY Times is willing to promote this misinformative journalism, I can’t support The NY Times. @greenbowfarmer

Great show...sometimes makes me sad about the state of the world (5/5)

Listening to the Daily on the daily can be a bit depressing, but I learn so much about the state of our world through this incisive and well-crafted work.

Two months in and can’t say I’ve ever enjoyed it. (2/5)

Two months in and I’ve yet to really enjoy any of the stories, commentary or reporting. It’s often bland, boring and overly focused on odd components of a story.

The Daily (5/5)

I look forward to it every day. It says everything.

Best news podcast by far! Short n’ sweet, informative, professional. (5/5)

Enjoying the news again (a rare thing!). P.s. I’m on team: I Love Michael’s “hmmms”!

Never missed a single episode (5/5)

I’ve been tuning into the Daily since day one. Love the story telling style of the Daily and the intimate communication between Michael and his interviewees. The vast majority of comments resonate with me, but some China related episodes were mind bugging for me as well. It appears that the Times still takes a very one-sided view on China issues. I understand that Democracy and freedom of speech are integral values that the Times stands for, which I can’t agree more. However, it is also the ethics of serious journalism to present both sides of the story. A report where the point of view of one side is silenced or overgeneralized would never facilitate effective communication of two sides, nor it would help with resolution of the issues. All in all, I’d expect the well-respected Times to report more angles on China related issues. Thank you!

Outstanding! (5/5)

Thank you for 1619.

Unbiased (5/5)

This podcast does a great job at being non partisan. I feel as though they look at things rationally and fairly.

Propaganda (1/5)

Misattributes facts from today to history either due to poor research or pushing a preordained conclusion. 2 things can be true at once and correlation does not prove causation. Focus on the news, focus on the fact and let/trust your listeners to work out the rest for ourselves. We are not as incoherent as you think. Bless your heart NYT.

One of my all-time favorite podcasts (5/5)

How I start every morning.

Meh (1/5)

Have subscribed to this podcast for a while, delete half the episodes without listening because they're not very compelling. Finally decided to unsubscribe because the publisher of Bret Stephens's latest idiocy really doesn't deserve my attention.

Top rate reporting and production diminished by annoying, soulless commercials (3/5)

Absolute top rate reporting and production diminished by annoying, soulless, corporate sounding commercials. Perceptually puts into question the integrity and moral motivation of the information source—this is not good for instilling or maintaining trust.

Michael’s “hmmm’s” are iconic! (5/5)

Highly recommend!

Hmmm (4/5)

Please stop playing that ad about hmmm’s. I didn’t even notice it before but now find it annoying.

Minus 1 star (4/5)

Not enough time in my day to listen to Michael Barbaro #fastforward but the stories are great so I’m hooked.

My morning ritual (5/5)

I love this personal and detailed format of delivering news. I’ve learned so many new things on topics I never would have otherwise picked myself.

Interviewer needs practice (1/5)

The “hmmmmm” sound from the host is annoying. Just let the interviewer speak we don’t care that you want to show us you’re listening. Your literally in an interview, it’s assumed you’re listening to the person speak.

Love Michael’s Hmmm (5/5)

Absolutely love it. So happy to just hear his voice and his story telling. My everyday workout’s best companion.

Hard to listen to (1/5)

The Daily can be very informative but the way Michael speaks is terrible. I read that he writes his “pauses” in the script. No one talks like that. PLEASE just speak normally - no more pause, fast talk, pause, fast talk, etc. If he doesn’t change I will have to delete this podcast.

Fix it (2/5)

Can you please get a new host? The questions make him seem very ignorant and too much pauses.

Now everyone sounds like Michael Barbaro (1/5)

Well don’t everybody all speak in that exciting tone

Great Coverage (4/5)

Thanks so much for a great podcast!

Best podcast out there (5/5)

Listening to The Daily has become as much of my daily routine as having my morning cup of coffee. It’s interesting, thought provoking and informative. Thank you (and I have subscribed to the NYT;).

Part of my Morning Routine (5/5)

I look forward to listening to The Daily every morning as I prepare for the day. It is a great mix of miniseries, news coverage, and hard hitting journalism.

Very poor interviewer (1/5)

Coming from the NY Times, I expect more from an interviewer than softball questions that, in this case, Kristen Gillebrand answered with memorized responses. I am unsubscribing. Many more incisive podcasts than this to listen to.

Everyday! (5/5)

I love this pod cast. My go to first thing in the morning

Hit or Miss (1/5)

NYT is what it is. A partisan paper that caters to the woke. From time to time there will be a non-political subject (Boeing, Epstein, etc.) but more often you will get an MSNBC type slant on everything else. The subjects of the podcast tend to push the paper’s narrative. You can listen to all of the Russian Hoax and Justice Kavanaugh episodes if you are still into that sort of thing, they were pretty convincing. Now they shift towards race and slavery a year ahead of elections as though some new information was uncovered, when really its the next pivot after the Russian Hoax and Mueller Report failed.

Every morning! (5/5)

Despite a burning inclination to bury my head in the sand, I actually look forward to my dose of The Daily. I also love the soothing tone and cadence of Michael Barbaro's voice, and the podcast’s signature theme music. It’s all good.

Interesting stories, but increasingly not a ‘daily’ (2/5)

Interesting stories but increasingly they are not about what’s happening in past few days or week. Just not what I’m looking for in a daily news podcast.

Favorite podcast (5/5)

Thank you for all the great reporting that you do. I love the daily and never miss a show .

This is the best podcast out there (5/5)

This is my favorite podcast! It is so informative and captivating. I look forward to my morning commute just because I get to listen to this podcast.

On behalf of questing whites, thank you for 1619! (5/5)

Fantastic new feature on The Daily on Black History. The stuff they didn’t teach in high school and glossed over in college, now available in digestible, fascinating chunks. In this first episode, you’ll realize that our democracy was founded in 1776, but it has been perfected by African Americans. Bravo New York Times! Can’t wait for the next installment!

Start of my day (5/5)

Listen to this each morning on my drive to work. I love the deep dive they do. I’m always learning something.

1619 (5/5)

NYT has outdone itself (a very high bar) with this series on America’s Original Sin. The first podcast of the 1619 series is a stunning variant on the foundational history we were taught in school as white children.

Style Over Substance (1/5)

To their credit, ‘The Daily’ is one of the best-produced podcast news formats available. Their unique style is reminiscent of ‘60 Minutes’... takes a deeper dive into headlines and current trends through personal interviews and narrative storytelling that makes the topics relevant and compelling. It is disappointing (although not surprising) that the NYT uses this new media format to propagate a heavily slanted liberal agenda under the guise of ‘journalism that stands apart’ ... it certainly does. While in the beginning I could manage to look past the leftist tendencies, the program has become increasingly unabashed in promoting a highly liberal social and economic agenda as THE correct ideology with all the moral superiority that affords (income redistribution as a pathway to social equality, no restrictions on abortions at any stage, climate change will kill us all, globalism over US interests, anything but open border policy is inhumane, all Republicans are racist and sexist, Trump and his entire cabinet are evil, blah blahh blahhh). Just scan recent program titles and you’ll get a sense of how thinly disguised the political motivation has become. The internationally-focused subjects seem to be more straightforward, but that may very well be because I have less familiarity to recognize biased reporting. Occasionally, the show will politely and obligatorily examine a conservative or simply more moderate viewpoint with the awkward curiosity of a spectator viewing a exotic caged zoo animal. Hopefully other news programs take note and adopt a similar style - today’s journalism is sorely lacking in straightforward, unbiased and intelligent reporting. In the interim, if you do choose to listen - do yourself a favor and peruse the Op Ed section of the WSJ weekly to maintain a sense of balance and sanity.

1619...INCREDIBLE (5/5)

The Daily is my start of the day podcast. Today’s podcast was phenomenal. It was The best of the best in journalism. My father was apart of the all-black engineers who build the Burma Road and I watched as an honored veteran he was denied job opportunities in his field of expertise once he returned home. The history of slavery component of this podcast was startling; the narration by Nikole Hannah-Jones was spellbinding, and interviews haunting. My tears came easily and erupted into sobs as the story of Isaac Woodward Jr. brought was told. Again, The New York Times at its greatest. I await with great anticipation for the next episode as Ms. Hannah-Jones brings back my memories of feeling without a country while a young child in school.

No surprise regarding the demise of the Times (1/5)

How about just reporting the news and leave the bias out of it. Glad to see this paper is slowly going down the toilet, good riddance, hopefully the demise of this podcast will follow soon thereafter. Also, the pregant pause by the host at the end of the podcast i.e. pause.......we'll be right back. This grates on me as if the thoughts presented are so deep that we require a pause to ingest the gravity of the content. Ugh. More like ingestion of 100 lbs of liberal crap. MAGA, Trump 2020.

Wonderful reporting (5/5)

I am so glad I started listening to the podcast. The reporting is stupendous and I’m so glad they are covering the 1619 Project. Good work.

Fantastic (5/5)

Listened to it twice!

One Story, Told Well (4/5)

Michael Barbaro brings one of the big stories of the week to life with interviews of reporters and/or the people involved. He often asks insightful questions, sometimes playing dumb to take the role of the listener. Occasionally, he has an agenda or an expectation, and the liberal Times bias leaks through. (Listen to his recent interview of Kirsten Gillibrand, during which he repetitively pushes her to give the answer he wants. She handles him brilliantly.)

The best (5/5)

This podcast is the perfect start to my day. Quick, deep and to the point. I look forward to the news pieces daily.

Jena (1/5)

1619. Outstanding series

A deeper dive (5/5)

I listen to Up First every morning for an overview, and then I listen to The Daily to get an in-depth understanding of whatever they’ve chosen that day. It’s a great way to stay informed and able to engage others about the world!

Hit or miss (2/5)

Some good, mostly liberal tones , as expected. It’s very difficult listening to their voices, so annoying

Bitterly disappointed (2/5)

Man, as a longtime Sunday NYT subscriber, I have desperately been trying to justify my loyalty to this franchise, while so many people I respect cancel their subscriptions. But after listening to the episode with Senator Gillibrand, I’m beyond disgusted. Does no still mean no, Michael? If we’re finally at a point where we believe women, then how many times do you have to rephrase a single question before you respect the answer given? What the hell is happening over there? This was a revolting attempt at “gotcha” journalism that failed miserable. Honestly, I feel a little sick. The Daily used to be my go-to for a solid news synopsis at the end of the day, but it will be awhile before I want to hear your voice again. Yuck.

The Daily (5/5)

Love this pod! I'm a daily listener. I love the fact that I can listen to this on my commute or while I'm having my AM coffee. I wish it was 7 days a week but getting the daily topics during the work week is awesome. Plus they don't go too in-depth to the point where it feels overwhelming.

Dedicate more episodes to the climate crisis (2/5)

Everything we do daily, our economy, society and politics rely on the state of our climate. Please Daily, use your platform to cover the current climate crisis, climate geopolitics, climate economy and the people who are working on solutions that we can support. At this point it’s the only thing that can make you relevant as a news outlet.

Amazon Fire (5/5)

Can you look into this Amazon fire that has Sao Paolo dark in the afternoon? Is it real? If so it’s an emergency.

The Best News Podcast (5/5)

The Daily is consistently the best and most relevant news podcast available. The full weight and credibility of the NYTimes is apparent from the excellent reporting and journalists. This free podcast turned me into a NYTimes subscriber because I want to support this show so much.

Most interesting podcast about our times (5/5)

All episodes explore critical issues going on in our country and our world today

Collateral damage (2/5)

Quite liked The Daily, but The Times’ political motivations and terribly poor editorial judgement has done me in. I can no longer support the podcast, not anything connected to this once great institution. I’ll be back when The Times is back.

No longer a free and objective narrative (1/5)

The story of the Mellon heiress was a perfect example The truth is overpopulation is a threat to the future of humanity. And in the future we will all be a brown race who will have a much greater chance of survival if there are much less of us ! Making it about race is playing into the current divisive narrative. It’s sickening! We are all immigrants ! And given global warming and food shortages especially in places where the population is growing the fastest... coinciding with automation. It’s disastrous! Even with the greenest deal we are all consumers and the resources of this planet are limited! Thanks again nyt for obfuscating a crucial issue!

Kirsten Gillibrand on Al Franken Episode (2/5)

This was the worst interview I’ve heard on the podcast. I don’t know what you guys were trying to get at by pressing Kristen on her decision to speak up...

Senator Gillibrand (1/5)

I am a fan of this podcast, but Michael’s line of questioning towards the Senator from New York was abhorrent. She deserves a public apology.

Gillibrand Interview (5/5)

I really appreciated that Michael pushed back against Gillibrand’s refusal to consider the possibility that she might have been wrong, or at the least hasty, in her condemnation of Franken. This kind of inflexible thinking disqualifies her as a presidential candidate in my view. The disingenuous response that “it was Franken’s decision to resign” is belied by the fact that she knew full well that Chuck Schumer strong-armed Franken to resign. What “choice” was there in that? In my view, this case threatens to weaken the MeToo movement by appearing un-balanced in the pursuit of the truth.

Truth telling with all of us in mind until TODAY (3/5)

Listening to this incredible podcast has helped condense and clarify all of the complicated political situations we find ourselves at this point in history. Michael and NYT journalists seem to succeed at riding that fine balance of respectful discourse in difficult situations, while still pushing for the truth at all costs. Today’s episode was different. Michael pushed Kristin Gillibrand unnecessarily to defend her actions on calling on previous Senator Franken to resign. Today we didn’t hear an exemplary journalist at the top of his game interview with intent to reveal the truth- we heard another man completely bereft of understanding women’s lives and experiences. We heard a man pushing a female senator- who is not giving up her fight to validate women- to consistently DEFEND HER CONTINUED SUPPORT OF BELIEVING FEMALE VICTIMS OF SEXUAL HARASSMENT AND ASSAULT. What was the point of this episode?!?! To harass a woman in power who is fighting to simply let women be heard?! Despicable job, Michael and the staff of the Daily. SHAME ON YOU. You are part of the problem.

Real news (5/5)

One of the interviewers in unflappable when receiving an emotional avoidant response to difficult questions. 8/30/19 He both double downs and reframes to get a more coherent statement. This is the journalism we need. Understanding a person and holding them accountable for the point of view they outline in sound bites reporting.

To Michael (3/5)

Please ... quit ... speaking ... like ... a ... Barbara .... Cartland ... novel! Getting worse!

Host Needs to be Unbiased (3/5)

Really enjoy listening to the show every morning on my way to work! Not a fan of the defensive argumentative stance the host takes during interviews. Wish the host would be unbiased and let the interviewees speak and not pick a fight with them.

Op-Ed’s, not straight journalism (3/5)

The NYTs has a clear (left-leaning) point of view on a host of issues. That’s fine, but just be honest that many of your episodes are op-Ed’s. I’m on the left myself, and even I find myself yelling at my speaker in frustration when I listen to the Daily. What a missed opportunity. The Daily could be helping to push a more open-minded, less partisan dialogue into the public discourse. Instead, it’s just picked a side.

Deep & relevant (5/5)

Great coverage of the important things going on in our world.

Great! (5/5)

Good unbiased show just RAISE the volume

I’m sad on weekends (5/5)

The Daily has opened my eyes (ears?) to so much and in such an entertaining unique way. So so good that I AM actually sad on Saturday mornings with no daily.

The best! (5/5)

The best! Deep dive in to important and interesting topics

The Daily is The Best! (5/5)

It’s been over two years since listening The Daily. I routinely turn it on while driving to work and I’m super excited by the diversity of the topics, the balance; the depth and context of the issue, and the tone of the reporters covering the topics. It’s always a well-researched information, supported by facts and figures. I never missed a single episode of The Daily, while on the other hand I have several subscribed podcasts waiting in line to be heard. As I'm a community college professor, the podcast gives me tremendous advantages. I’ve no comment but to encourage you to keep it up! Daniel Austin, TX

Love this & listen everyday BUT reporters take note (5/5)

Really love this podcast and look forward to listening to it everyday. PLEASE, PLEASE stop using the word manifesto related to coverage of the ongoing horrors of mass killings. During this last spate of shootings some wise person (can’t recall now who) in coverage immediately following pointed out that the word MANIFESTO elevates these shooters to undeserved status. I agree. The word manifesto is more appropriately used with a person of note, status etc. particularly a political or other organization’s aims. Unfortunately, I keep hearing that word over and over during ongoing news coverage and it can only elevate them undeservedly. Along with eliminating the shooter(s)’ name(s), use of words like diatribe, message, note, or screed would lower the shooter’s words rather than elevate them. Anything large or small we can do to disincline use of their words going forward can only help. These are not people to elevate in any way. Words really do matter. Please find another word.

It’s my daily routine (5/5)

Love the daily I listen everyday and always feel like the most informed person in my circle. I’m hating the new commercial they stuck on the middle of the main story, but I can’t take away a star for that.

A+ (5/5)

The amount of effort that goes into this and the in depth reporting that is becoming more and more scarce, how could you not rate it as high as possible?

Painful host prompts me play at 2X speed if I listen (1/5)

Michael Barbaro's annoyingly choppy cadence is still as pronounced at 2x speed, but at least it goes faster. It’s hard to listen to him struggle to form sentences and his vocal quality is a poor choice by NYT. It would be an improvement to CHANGE THE HOST of this podcast. And since when is ”youneedtoknowtoday” a word?!?

The Daily is the best!!! (5/5)

I look forward to listening to this podcast everyday. I feel like I am keeping up with the news on a “daily” basis. Keep up the good work!!

Have listened to all of them (5/5)

I appreciate the in depth treatment of one primary topic and the context provided (how did we get to this point)! Edward Childs.

Top notch (5/5)

The BEST news podcast. Excellent, Excellent, EXCELLENT!!!!

Great Way to Start the Day (5/5)

I enjoy listening to this podcast. Michael Barbaro is a great interviewer who asks insightful questions and does well at ensuring content is presented to the listener in a manner that is concise and can be easily understood.

Centrist? No. (1/5)

Why can’t journalists present ALL the facts and let us make up our own minds? I’m so tired of this partisan “news” from BOTH sides.

Every day, without fail. (5/5)

I listen to this podcast every day of the week. I love the production value and Michael Barbaro is in a class of his own.

The Freshman (5/5)

Great interview that shows the true views of moderates. The loudest voices feel our politicians have to have a hard line. The reality is that Americans want leaders who are open to all ideas, quick to act, and slow to anger. Why do they have to be extreme or take a hard line? Good work.

Love this podcast (5/5)

I always feel well-informed when listening to this podcast. Keep up the great work!

2020 (3/5)

Really getting tired of the ‘we need a moderate to beat Trump in 2020’ type episodes. That might be your opinion.. but you guys were also clueless in 2016. People are voting for the ‘change ‘ candidates. Plain and simple. What these politicians have been doing isn’t working for the majority. If Biden or another moderate wins primary I PROMISE it’s Trump another 4 years. So please stop telling people moderate is who can beat Trump

News for Grownups (5/5)

Going in depth on one issue is a great antidote to constant headlines. I’m a big fan of Michael’s “hms”! Love him!

Keeping their eyes on the ball (4/5)

I enjoy The Daily for several reasons: 1) it is an attempt to dive deep on a single issue to understand it better rather than surface-level coverage of lots of topics to “check the block” on your news consumption, 2) it attempts to balance between multiple positions (although at times Michael serves as the straw man rather than providing a legitimate opposing view, hence 4 not 5 stars), and 3) it frequently covers topics no other outlet explores (recent lockdown of Kashmir by the Indian government) or looks at topics from different angles (who are the moderates that pushed Democrats to the House majority rather than highly visible/highly controversial far left democrats most news outlets are focused on). Thanks for keeping your eye on the ball, NYT.

Keeps me up-to-date (5/5)

Informative, intelligent, thought provoking! One of my favorite Podcasts!

Not news, just leftist propaganda (1/5)

Extremely biased

Tulsi2020 (1/5)

Your journalist’s performance on the Joe Rogan podcast was very telling and gives true progressives a bad name.

Quality Journalism (5/5)

Best morning/daily news available

The Review (1/5)

Michael Barbaro delivers this daily podcast with the cadence of a human who is constantly forgetting and remembering how to form words. It’s physically painful to listen to him. I mean, just listen to the way he signs off: “I’m Michael Barbaro................................seeyoutomorrow.” Or how responds when guests ask how he is. Why do you need to say “good good good” *every time* Michael? Why? Yet, his voice like a dying koala would be forgivable if the substance of the podcast was in any way informative or entertaining. It’s not. The NYT is primarily concerned with bolstering its balanced reporting credentials, resulting in Barbaro and his crew bending over backwards to forgive the President and the country’s assorted fascists. They are completely uninterested in providing actual adversarial journalism that holds the powerful accountable. Instead, they’d rather Barbaro spend his time brown-nosing the rich and influential to the profound detriment of the show’s cursed listeners. There are lots of good podcasts out there, and life is short. Don’t waste your time on this recurring nightmare of a show.

Two cities in mourning (2/5)

Very biased... if it wasn’t for Trump this podcast wouldn’t exist!!!

Love the show not the host! (4/5)

The show is excellent but the host’s voice and delivery is not well suited for a podcast. He speaks in a hushed, halting manner and an uncomfortable tone better suited for reciting a mystery novel. There is room for improvement here.

My AM go to news clip (5/5)

A really great deeper dip into the days more important news stories. Always walk away with a better understanding or insight.

Rukmini Callimachi, please,l! (5/5)

This podcast is my favorite part of the morning, aside from my coffee. Please bring Rukmini on more often. I’ve learned more from her than any single contributor to the podcast, and respect and enjoy her enormously.

Sadly fascinating reviews (5/5)

I take the Daily for what it is: deeper dives on specific topics, chosen for interest and relevance to US culture today. Some I love, some I don’t, some I skip. What I don’t do is blame this show for what it isn’t or doesn’t do. I’m saddened if occasionally fascinated by reviews that show the schism that has led to conspiracy thinking and desires for more reactionary takes on life and politics. I roll my eyes at attacks on The Daily (or the NYT), asking it to be Fox News. There’s enough ignorance in this world already.

Have Rukmini callimachi on more often! (5/5)


Just too naive, I guess (1/5)

I guess I’m just too naive... I grew up thinking the news was skewed, but for the most part unbiased. Meaning, they choose what we learn about, but kept it middle of the line in opinions. I started listening to this and a few other podcasts because I was hoping to hear the news (stopped watching TV news years ago). And to be fair, it does report it, but facts for the most part seem to be overshadowed by opinion. And that opinion is mostly far Left Progressive hypocrisy. I’m not a Trump fan, other than I think the economy is looking good. So no, I’m not saying this because I’m a big supporter. The man needs to ditch his electronics and concentrate on his job. But I also can’t stand the hypocrisy of the Democratic Party (those in the news) and the New York Times reporting of it’s double standards in a positive light. News outlets need to report the news, not slant the facts to fit their political agenda. I really hope the country starts to push back and stand up for ALL people.

Pauses from host (4/5)

Excellent information and news, but the host talks with many pauses and it becomes quite distracting

Here what else youneedtoknowtoday (5/5)

Here what else youneedtoknowtoday

Bias coverage (1/5)

when covering shootings, cover both rather than one. Dayton, Ohio doesn’t fit your narrative?

Best (5/5)

There’s too much noisy news. I Can’t hear it; I don’t take it in. The Daily pierces that noise wall with clarity, perspective and wit. Long live The Daily.

Need more news that matters (1/5)

Report on things that matter not just the stories that are hot The poor me advertisement I work so hard and late to bring you news is not good advertisement. Sometimes I want even listen to the news if that comes on first I just delete it

Reporter crying (5/5)

Thank you for this incredible interview, the beauty in these parents and this reporter is a Gift. Thank you for keeping it all Very real.

Bias (1/5)

Extremely biased and offers few facts.

Lengthy Commercials (3/5)

Great show despite of the annoying pauses that Michael makes (it grew on me somehow so it’s not as annoying anymore). But I’m not happy with the new commercials they now have to promote other New York Times shows. The amount of commercials before was perfect. But now you are making me risk a car accident to skip your commercials. Please improve!!

Great In-depth News Topics & Events (5/5)

The Daily produces some great in-depth and well researched news/events on current critical topics in our world. At times topics may seem a little biased but what source of news doesn’t have some. Plus a little different view in anyone’s life doesn’t hurt, it just develops a better view of the world we are in. Will definitely keep this podcast as a regular listen.

Beat podcast (5/5)

Favorite podcast, unbiased news Michael Barbaro’s voice is the best!

Great show, very informative (5/5)

Here’s what else Youneedtoknowtoday

The Best Daily News Podcast (5/5)

Simply the best! Love the show!

The Daily is a habit! (5/5)

It’s very satisfying to hear an in-depth analysis of a current issue in the news with a NYT reporter who really knows his/her stuff - often someone who has been covering the issue for years. It’s the perfect length for the leg of one part of my commute.

Crucial to my daily routine (5/5)

I LOVE The Daily. I listen to it every day as I walk my dog in the morning and it's become part of my routine that I really look forward to. I'm not great at keeping up with current events, but have been making an effort to stay better informed, and this is a pretty low effort/high reward part of that. Michael Barbaro & team clearly take pride in their work and provide insightful, thoughtful, and informative stories every day.

Amazing journalism (5/5)

Love this podcast. Feels like they provide you with the facts and allow you to come to your own opinion from that ! Excellent journalism and love the topics.

I love the explanations of what’s going on. (5/5)

There is a lot I have never understood about politics. The explanations given allow me to make my own choices, draw my own conclusions and understand the ramifications of my decisions. I don’t feel the need to automatically agree with the majority rule because I not sure what’s going on and don’t have time to research now. It makes it easier to listen to both parties.

Wish all politics were like this! (5/5)

The Daily does an amazing job at bringing a straightforward reporting of news to listeners. Some may perceive this as bias, but the Daily looks at the facts and reports them. I really appreciate it and will continue to listen!

The most left-slanted podcast available (1/5)

You will not find objective reality here.

Ridiculous, biased reporting with an air of arrogance (1/5)

Episode- Special edition: A guide to the Mueller hearings @ 15mins 34sec: Babaro says, in reference to FBI agents Stork and Paige “the former FBI agents who THE PRESIDENT says showed a bias against him...” those agents text messaging communications show their bias. The way it was presented in this episode makes it seem as if the accusation of bias by federal agents was heresy. NYT prides itself in factual reporting, so why beat around the bush on something that is well known and documented? You can’t dismiss this, words matter. Bias shows itself clearly here.

The perfect way to stay up to date on news (5/5)

The Daily and the NYT are the main reasons I’m able to stay updated with news. It’s the perfect pod to listen to as you get ready or travel to work.

Best news podcast! (5/5)

Michael Barbaro and the Daily team are truly a gift! Everyday the topics are informational with the side of witty banter. Amazing podcast!

Congress woman Omar (5/5)

Color of skin has nothing to do with politics Congress women Omar is wrong

Mueller Episode (1/5)

The fact that you think the Dems were in charge of the hearings and everything went their way calls into question your competence. Mueller was a disaster, and the liberal media’s lies are now coming out.

Deep dives (5/5)

Thank you for bringing us the kind of news I deserve and crave. I appreciate having committed journalists do their work well and sharing it with anyone who wants to listen. If you want to understand facts and impacts and long term thinking about current issues, this is the podcast for you.

The Best Podcast to Get Daily News Quickly (5/5)

I recently started listening to podcasts. I love The Daily because it summarizes the daily news succinctly but also it dives deep into one topic in each episode so you can understand the background and make an informed decision. I do not read web-based or printed news anymore, nor do I watch it on TV, because the content doesn’t satisfy my need to understand the full story. The Daily is exactly what I needed and it doesn’t try to force my opinion to one side or the other.

Great format and topics :) (4/5)

The Daily has become part of my morning routine. The variety of journalist report on their subject with attention to detail and professionalism. I even purchased a subscription to the NYT because of my engagement and enjoyment of the podcast.

Stopped listening when I hear the kids newspaper ads (4/5)

Generally I like the show but oh man those ads for this NYT kids newspaper are some of the most grating, obnoxious ads I’ve heard in a podcast

The New Definition of News (3/5)

Reporting is solidly left and liberal, rarely are my views or opinions echoed in the stories... but I listen to learn other points of view. Stories are biased and we get it, you HATE Trump. If he cured cancer, you would be mad he put nurses out of work. Please consider once a week reporting something without a political agenda.

International vs Domestic Content (3/5)

Really love the episodes on international issues, like about things that are going on in Europe, China, and Puerto Rico (even though Puerto Rico is a territory). I also really appreciate how you provide background info for the issues you cover. However, every episode on domestic policy is extremely slanted. Some of the issues are not real issues in politics, and instead just small grudges about politicians on the opposite side of the isle. I understand calling out our president or republicans in general for bad things they do, but don’t make issues out of things that aren’t, and if you’re going to do it for republicans, do it for democrats too. Where are the episodes on Ilhan Omar’s anti semitic comments? Where’s the episode about the antifa attack on the ICE facility a couple weeks ago, and how the terrorist quoted AOC? If you’re going to cover politics, make it equal.

Disheartened (2/5)

Disappointed twice today... 2 episodes. I’m conservative but look to you for an alternate voice. Last 2 episodes I listened to bothered me, as it seemed raw emotion led the facts, and could have easily been disputed by the other side, with facts. Been a subscriber for 6 months; first review

Love the Hmmms (5/5)

Michael says “Hmmm” right when I say it in my mind. The “Hmmm”s are perfect thinking pauses. Love the podcast. Now I am abreast of the news and am really appreciative of the details!! Keep it going!!

Listen to every one (5/5)

I find this is my go to podcast and the quaility and the range of topics is execellent.

Interesting but one-sided (2/5)

Most of the episodes are interesting, albeit slanted. Michael commented once about all the feedback they’ve gotten on the “hmmms,” saying it was his stand-in for the listener. To me it comes off very false and, therefore, annoying because he obviously knows what the interviewee is going to say and what he’s going to ask next, and isn’t really reacting to the conversation. The odd pauses and pacing are also distracting. None of this keeps me from listening, but the new NYT for Kids ad is so obnoxious that I just might.

Great journalism! (5/5)

Love the tones Mike and the reporters set, calm and rational. Dive into facts and background and puts me into deep thinking. This becomes my daily must-listen news to catch up with what’s happening around the world and perhaps link back into history. 👍

Anyone else get hard when they hear the intro drop? (4/5)

Decent coverage. Pretty balanced and fair

more in-depth coverage (5/5)

The Daily provide more in-depth coverage of a current news topic in a weekday podcast of about 20 minutes. The host interviews NYT reporters to relate the story.

The Daily (5/5)

Love your show. Always informative and interesting. Thank you all!!!

Informative (5/5)

Great show and informative.

Awesome (5/5)

¡Great report of what’s going on in Puerto Rico!

Informative and well produced (5/5)

I love this snapshot of important news stories with interviews from NYT reporters, experts and people telling their own side of the story. I find it very balanced and fair.

Awesome Content (5/5)

I love this podcast! It never disappoints! 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾