Aggregated reviews for The Daily Show With Trevor Noah: Ears Edition

Listen to highlights and extended interviews in the "Ears Edition" of The Daily Show with Trevor Noah. From Comedy Central’s Podcast Network.

Thanks Trevor (5/5)

I travel a lot for work and when I start getting anxiety and feeling uncomfortable (very frequently) listening to him always makes me feel better. His podcast and show is like an audio security blanket.

Advertising (5/5)

An ad said "to rent or to own, that's the question", Hamlet anyone?

The Best (5/5)

Trevor is the best I listen to him every morning!!😁

I adore the show! (5/5)

The ICYMI ones are half ads. Skip them and enjoy - he and his staff are brilliant!

Rand Paul (3/5)

If you are going to have these idiots on, then please stop him when he goes on and on spewing garbage and correct him! I was very close to turning you off. You are better than this!

Trevor is incredibly entertaining! (5/5)

Trevor spices up his already awesome show with on target imitations of politicians and celebrities. I’m so glad I discovered his podcast. But why are there so few? I’m craving more 😁

TDS (5/5)

Huge fan of the daily show and Trevor. Love love love

Negative (1/5)

Just too negative for me.

Dude... (4/5)

I am a fan on TDS and Trevor Noah But why are there so many reuploads??

Need more!!! (1/5)

Putting a low review because WE NEED MORE PODCASTS!!!! I love this podcast, it makes my morning! I live and work abroad and look forward to my trevor noah news update each morning to start my day off with some news and a laugh BUT sometimes there is only one new one released in a week... its not enough! GIVE US IWE!!!

The Ears Version is Great (5/5)

Trevor is fantastic and it's great to be able to listen any time, on the go!

Will Smith (5/5)

So I’m listening to Will talk about the sex walk so I had to close out the podcast and go to YouTube to see the walk and I CRACKED UP! Love the interview Trevor!

Hilarious and informative (4/5)

Trevor Noah is so talented and funny! Love this show, podcast and TV versions. Note most of the low rated reviews seem to be politically motivated. My complaint is with the way the podcast downloads/ instead of having ads built into the run time they are separated out and then the podcast itself doesn’t load correctly. Very annoying.

A spoonful of sugar (5/5)

I can’t tolerate this era’s grim news without a dose of humor alongside it...thanks for keeping it coming

Give us more! (5/5)

Please! 😁 These podcasts are the media highlight of my days. I couldn’t bear my commutes without them. Keep them coming!

Funny and a great way to get info on politics (5/5)

Funny!!! I don't watch the news and this is a great way to get it!!

Amazing interviewer (5/5)

The most recent episode shows how amazing Trevor Noah is as an interviewer. He should do longer form interviews.

ChEeSe iS gOoD (5/5)

ChEeSe iS gOoD. iSn’T iT cOoL. :)

Takes Road Rage out of the Road (5/5)

If you suffer from Road well listen to Trevor u don’t want to get to your destination

Useful and funny! (5/5)

Love the podcast! It tells me what’s going on out side of my humble rock and makes me laugh. (Like more than normal.)

Amazing and funny (5/5)

People who give 1 stars are haters and trolls and I love this show

Its great (5/5)

I love this podcast, not just because it’s funny but because it really reminds me of the types of conversations I have with my friends.

Love It (5/5)

Best podcast out there...Trevor Noah rocks!

Funny but Rude (1/5)

True he is funny but once he starts on politics he ruins it. He stands on the graves of children that just died and uses it to be mean to people

not funny (1/5)


Love it (5/5)

This podcast presents the news in a fun and creative way, and it gives off a sort of MAD magazine type vibe. Trevor Noah has the quick-witted quips to make the news interesting; I both respect and appreciate it. The frequent ICYMI episodes are kind of boring to be completely honest though. In addition, I wish that the episodes were either a just a little bit longer, or that there was more opportunities to get more insight into certain situations along with more about Trevor’s honest opinion on a subject. Also, I love the fact that there are those people who give one star ratings for this podcast, saying really stupid and rude things. The best part of it is, most of those people have a strong prejudice against Trevor, or they just want to be a jerk. You can tell by the fact that none of them can give multiple reasons for why they don’t like it. Do they not get the jokes, or do they not get the jokester? They might not answer this because they don’t want to admit their unreasonable biases to the world.

Noah is a lightweight neoliberal corporate comedian (1/5)

Jon Stewart he ain’t. He’s a mannequin. He was hired to be a puppet and that’s what you get. The Daily Show is a disgrace now.

Amazing podcast (5/5)

Anyone who give it 1 star is stupid

Sad (1/5)

Pathetic jokes for pathetic people

Give us the whole show! (5/5)

And none of this replay stuff - it’s so disappointing to discover 2/3 episodes are old or 3-7 min long from a different year! Still love Trevor so 5 stars...

Hilarious and informative (5/5)

This gets me through work. I listen to it everyday. Trevor Noah has great delivery. I really appreciate this podcast

Almost 5 (4/5)

Love Trevor Noah, dislike the constant ICYMI I’d rather hear repeats.


I love this show, but it is soooo disappointing to wake up, see I have a “new” episode, only to find out it’s ICYMI. If I DID miss it, it was intentional OR I could just go back to the original episode and download it from there.

Why did they stop uploading complete show?! (1/5)

This was an excellent podcast. A daily 30min listen for me. Now its not worth it. I want the current event commentary from the start of the show! The interview at the end is hardly as entertaining or even worthwhile!

Next best thing to the show itself (4/5)

When they stopped airing The Daily Show on Hulu, I stopped watching the show all together. Once I found this podcast, I was happily reunited. The only downside is not always getting the physical jokes, reactions, or images they present. (That’s right-I love the Oxford comma. Oxford comma for the win!)

Just wow Trevor (5/5)

Trevor is one of the best host ever.I love watching TDS because he’s so good.

Too Short! (1/5)

Just a few minutes? Why?

Great, but... (3/5)

Love the show, but they started just airing only the interviews, aka the part of every late night show I skip.

Clever Title! Trevor - to - go (5/5)

You guys are wrong for making fun of his ears. Great show perfect for a quick dog walk or trip to the store. Now I am never Trevor-less.

Please fix (1/5)

This used to be great but as of late, there are only a few minutes each day. If the entire episode is not up, this is worthless.

Plz fix (1/5)

What happened to playing the whole show this is trash 👎🏾

The Daily Show (3/5)

Why did you stop putting the whole show on?

Suddenly sad and unhappy (3/5)

I work at night and can not afford cable. When I first started listening to this podcast I loved it. The full show. Having me laugh so hard the my fellow team members wondered what was so funny. But know all this week it’s been just 7 minutes shorts. I want the whole show back please

Where is the entire episode? This bites! Love the show. Want to hear it all. So disappointing!!!! (3/5)

What the heck? Where did the whole episode go? I don’t get it. If you can put the main interview on, why can’t you put the whole episode on? I am missing the monologue. The reports. Please put it all on!

Could be better (3/5)


Clever Trevor (5/5)

Such a wonderful way to be informed of what’s happening, that you Trev, love the show and the podcasts. Thank you🙏🏾

This! (5/5)

How have I missed out on TDS itself all my life - But most importantly how have I missed our in TDS with Trevor Noah! His comedic take on issues both great and small is phenomenal.

Not the whole show (4/5)

I love TDS and I love Trevor Noah. But, the audio version of the show is missing a lot. They don’t do the segments with the correspondents and only part of what Trevor does on the actual show. I thought this would be a way for me to catch the show if I missed it on TV. But too much is missing, so it’s not a good substitute.

Trevor is awesome!! (5/5)

Don’t like to miss an episode but when I’m tired and don’t want the tv light. The podcast is perfect.

Trevor is great (5/5)

I loved Jon Stewart in this show, and I really like Trevor now. We need his relief and hope rn. I feel like this show makes me happy the way Bob Hope made the Golden Girls happy. Trevor gives me hope for our country. I’m so glad he immigrated to minister to us with comedy and social critique. He’s our Bob Hope. I wish everyone would listen and laugh and love others.

Thank you!!! (5/5)

Thanks for making this a podcast !!! Xfinity in MD took the comedy channel off of my streaming service, I was missing this!!

Excellent and up to date (5/5)

Wonderful way to stay current

Fantastic (5/5)

Absolutely amazing! Such an empathetic, intelligent, likable and amazing person! This beautiful person is making a difference 😊

Faux news is an advertiser ? (5/5)

Faux News is advertising on this ? Are you serious?

Fox News Ads? Seriously? (2/5)

I love to listen to this podcast but I will not listen to an ad for Fox News. Laura Ingraham? Tucker Carlson? I’m sorry. I can’t.

Was 5 stars until now (2/5)

Loved listening to the full shows, these short interview clips are not appealing. Not sure what’s behind the change (ad revenue?), I’m going to stop listening to these.

Love this! (3/5)

Easy way to catch up during daily commute when I miss the broadcast. Little inconsistent though in publishing schedules and editing mistakes...

5 stars!! (5/5)

Loooove listening.

These interviews. (3/5)

The hell guys? I would give you 5 because I love supporting black artist but all you're giving us are interviews. Thanks but no thanks.

Yeah Podcast! (5/5)

I work a lot so I cannot often watch the daily show on tv. I am so glad there is a podcast so I can listen to it at work. Trevor is fantastic I love his unique perspective on current events.

I Need Trevor Noah (5/5)

Trevor Noah brings a fresh perspective to every topic. He helps me think about many issues in a new way. His positive energy and leadership on tolerance, gender equality, and race is so necessary. Listening to this show makes me laugh out loud (he has the best impressions) and inspires me to be a better person.

So funny! (5/5)

Love the behind the scenes interludes and thoughts from Trevor, and his many, many character voices! Only thing is the sound quality could be improved as it is inconsistent in volume.

Bring back the news updates (3/5)

Really enjoyed listening to the news update and jokes before the guest appearance. The podcast stopped doing them on my phone about a week ago. Please bring back this segment as it is very funny and a great lead into the guest interview. Thank you.

So funny (5/5)

When I am sad this always cheers me up.

Longer episodes (5/5)

I love this show and I listen to it every morning, but this is one of my only sources of news, and I would like to see that the news portions are longer. Can’t wait to see Trever in Portland!!!

Thank You (5/5)

I would like to say thank you to Trevor and his incredible staff for keeping your listeners both informed and entertained- something I haven’t found elsewhere. I am a happy expatriate who has chosen (after much trial and error) this podcast to be my ONLY connection to the US. So- thank you.

This is how I get my news! (5/5)

Thank you Trevor for your funny wit in reporting! My new name for you is #clevertrevor I listen every day! Thank you again and much continued success!❤️

Yawn (1/5)

When Trump leaves office. This idiot will have nothing to say.

Excellent (4/5)

Only 4 stars because the sound quality is not always the best. I love Trevor and watch him daily with my daughter and husband- is great to listen on my long commute. Always speaking his truth and on what is happing in our society while adding his own humor.

Love it, except that announcer... (4/5)

I love Trevor Noah and I love getting to listen to The Daily Show while driving. Occasionally, the sound isn’t great or it may cut-off the recording at unusual times, but overall, I just love it. My only complaint is the horribly obnoxious yelling guy who announces the podcast. Who picks a voice like that for radio? The guy so obnoxious that I am cringing before and after each episode. Can we lose the yelling sports bro?

Smart, Funny, Listen (5/5)

Jon Stewart did us such a favor when he gave his show to Trevor Noah. But if you are like me and can't handle politics and information while watching TV at the end of the day, this Ears Edition is for you. You miss a few sight gags, but you get to hear the guests and the humor. It's a big plus.

Yeah!!!!?!! (4/5)

Highly liberal, but it still is funny most of the time

I love Trevor but..... (4/5)

Love Trevor but the screaming audience? No. Sorry but unrelenting noise jangles my nerve endings to the point of not being able to get through even one episode. Wish there was a way to muffle this for the podcast but I guess that’s asking too much.

Why isn't this show on CNN? Where's the comedy? (1/5)

Some apartheid baby tugged on Jon's heart strings , so he decided to sell out his fans to some DNC propagandist, who keeps forgetting the Comedy in Comedy Central--more like The Tragedy Center of Faux Outrage.

Wonderful (5/5)

Perfect for someone who works long hours and can’t always stay connect with the news. Trevor has the best trump impression! Keeps me laughing my whole car ride home

Good show (5/5)

It is nice to get the headlines in a humorous way. Need all the laughs we can get these days!

Pales in comparison to Stewart (3/5)

While Trevor does an adequate job anchoring The Daily Show, there is just something missing without Jon Stewart at the controls.


Trevor Noah is probably my favorite comedian ever, so this show is amazing. Much easier than getting to his TV show or YouTube videos, which take some time. With this, I have his episodes right there. The ONLY issue I’ve had with this show is that sometimes Trevor will have images show up on one of the screens in the studio, which I obviously can’t see, which is probably the advantage of watching him on TV or YouTube. But I guess that’s the nature of a podcast, so it’s not Trevor’s fault, or the fault of anyone at Comedy Central, so that’s why I didn’t deduct any stars for it.

Takes away the fear (5/5)

After a long day of scary news updates on my phone, I can always look forward to Trevor Noah to make everything sound way less scary while still acknowledging the seriousness of the issues. He makes me laugh harder than anybody lol this show is like therapy for me! Laugh therapy haha! 😂😂😂

The most genius thing EVER!! (5/5)

Since I’m too much of a loser to stay up and watch, I’m eternally grateful for the genius who allows me to listen to this brilliant show on my own time. Thank you!!!!

Love it!☺️ (5/5)

My mom and I love to listen to Trevor Noah. He is so funny, he is just hilarious and so smart.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

For those who work (5/5)

Can’t stay up to watch so I listen

Awesome (5/5)

Trevor Noah is a hilarious comedian and listening to him is a blast. Almost nothing to complain about except that the show uses a lot of visual aides and it can be difficult without them, but otherwise a perfect podcast with 0 flaws whatsoever. Love it!

absolutely wonderful (5/5)

He has an amazing sense of humor and lively-ness in his podcast. ^^

Hilarious! (5/5)

I love Trevor! He’s real and says what most are afraid to say in this horrible political time and he says it with so much cleverness! I listen for several hours at work everyday. Hands down my favorite podcast and I subscribe to more than 60.

Informative (5/5)

Good way to keep up with things without watching news

Convenient (5/5)

I don’t have time to sit down and watch the show, so this is super helpful!

Lol (5/5)

So funny literally “I will beat you like I beat the villagers” LOL

Horrible (1/5)

Just wow

Trash (1/5)

Not funny at all

Review (5/5)

Good stuff

Trevor Noah is the BEST (5/5)

He gets it. And with good humor. Such a breath of fresh air.

A much needed voice in America (5/5)

If you haven’t read his book, Born a Crime, stop what you’re doing and go read it. Actually, wait, go get it on audible, because you HAVE to hear his own narration. Trevor Noah is poignant, insightful and relevant. Highly recommend listening and following this important voice!

Fantastic podcast! (5/5)

I love the Dollop! I have listened to every episode available and seen them live in Houston! Please come back to Houston, so I can see your show again! I learn quite a bit and am entertained. I highly recommend this podcast!

Love Trevor Noah’s show (4/5)

I already watch the show so I don’t listen to the podcast anymore. I do enjoy the bits of show that didn’t make the TV version.

Humourless (1/5)

Absolutely hurts your brain to try and listen to this so called comedian. Not worth even trying to listen.

Yes! (5/5)

I watched Jon Stewart for so many years and felt lost when he left (although I understood why he couldn’t do it any more). It took a little time to accept the replacement of a man I thought wasn’t replaceable, and I don’t have TV any more so I only get audio, but Trevor has more than won me over. He and Jon are completely different but Trevor is easily equal in talent and I love having the perspective of a person brought up in a very different environment. I never miss an episode and I don’t have to be sitting in front of the TV at a certain time. Also, I recommend Trevor's book, Born A Crime.

Trevor is awesome! (5/5)

I read his book and admire his mother’s tenacity and love in rearing such an intellectually bright young man with a great sense of humor.

Trevor is my favorite! (5/5)

Trevor is a amazing!!

Trevor is the best (5/5)

Just read the title

Yayyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (5/5)


Names (3/5)

No-Ah you have a awesome voice.

Finish it Already!!! (5/5)

I completely agree. George R R Martin been should’ve let Cersei murder everybody by now. And Mueller should just expose Trump already!

Funny, witty, relevant (5/5)

I really enjoy this podcast. I am currently living in a country where the Daily show isn’t available. This podcast keeps me up to date with the show. I enjoy the way it satirizes the news, and appreciate the thoughtful interviews to guests of very diverse backgrounds. Keep up the good work.

What happened?!? (3/5)

So now we’re just getting the guest interviews and NONE of Noah’s comedy intro? AND no special correspondence pieces?

Bring back full episodes!! (3/5)

I listen to the Daily Show every morning but last week only Trevor’s interview segment has been airing. Please bring back the full episode as a podcast!!

Intros are gone? (5/5)

That’s the best part of the show! I need laughter/comedy back on. It eases the seriousness & boredom at work.

First episodes great-current Ones-not (2/5)

Although I enjoy the interviews, the best part of this show is Trevor’s perspective on all of what is happening in the world. I used to be able to listen to every detail of the whole show and had a laugh out loud experience every time. Now, it’s mostly the serious (not-laugh -out-loud-stuff). Will soon unsubscribe. Still hoping for this podcast will Change back to it’s original (full show audio).

Full episode? (2/5)

What happened to being able to listen to the entire episode? The guests are great, but the first half of the episode is better!

Very Disappointed (5/5)

The Ears Edition recently eliminated the news headlines, my favorite part.

Convenient but a little lazy (3/5)

I follow this podcast since it’s inception and was OK with it what it was since I don’t have the time to watch television American mean to follow up with Trevor Noah because I’m a fan of his comedy, it’s a carbon copy of the show perhaps the correspondence pieces are cut off but they are usually included in with a off week , my biggest and main complaint is that the show the pens on a lot of visual gags/graphics so I miss out on the joke for some of those just listening to the reaction of the audience

Good but short (3/5)

This is a good podcast. It is very funny and it tells you about recent events as well as being entertaining. The only thing stopping this from biennial great is that it is too short. Some episodes are a minute long. I think every episode should be at least 48 minutes long. There are. Episodes that long but not enough. That deducts two stars sorry Treva Noa.

Equal satire on vaccines (3/5)

I’m a fan, but not of your “anti-vaccine” jokes. You guys insist on free speech for dissent about the government but not when it comes to vaccines? Who is being a sheep now? I don’t appreciate being stereotyped and called a Moron. Not all people who question vaccine safety are not vaccinating their children. Most of the community is liberal and highly educated. There are actual published pediatricians who question the safety of vaccines and the vaccine schedule. Come on, poke fun at both sides just like you do about every other issue! Don’t be sheep.

cannot take trevor (1/5)

trevor is so insightful and such an original thinker that when abbi and llana were on he asked them about women in about tired...smh...

Love it! (4/5)

A great podcast. Bit disappointing because of only recording partial of the show, but I generally don’t have time to watch the show. This podcast is great when I just want to listen to a good old podcast.

Garbage (1/5)


Such a pleasure to start the day with laughter (5/5)

Intelligent humor. And update on the days events. So fun

Lighthearted, balanced, and topical (5/5)

Staying appraised of political theater can be simply waning on one’s spirit. Trevor Noah’s team keeps the pacing rapid and the topics broad including just the right peppering of celebrities. There’s much inclusion and he’s sincerely welcoming to hearing everyone’s “side” that’s willing to have a discussion. Applause to the option and Encouragement for more who disagree with Noah’s audience to accept the invitation. The Correspondents are genuinely talented and I appreciate that they have freedom to “go for it”! It sometimes falls flat that someone as youthful-appearing as Noah is put in the gravitas role to reel them in, however. I appreciate that there’s an Ears Edition so I can personally stay on the go. In closing, it was wonderfully obvious how incredibly smitten Noah was with Guest Tiffany Haddish. He could barely look directly at her she was shining within him so brightly! He needs to GO FOR IT!

Great opportunity to hear show and not watch live (4/5)

Noah does an amazing job of sharing credible news in a manner that’s impactful and hilarious. His guests are always notable people I enjoy hearing from. There needs to be more explanation of videos or visuals we cannot see since it’s just the audible version of the visual show.

Trevor ROCKS!! (5/5)

I’ve always loved this show but Trevor raises it to another level. I LOVE seeing a PROUD Black man leading a show AND being able to provide insight of some of the Black perspective. He does this WITHOUT leaving out other groups or being antagonistic towards those still benefiting from the mistreatment of Black peoples across the globe. TREVOR ROCKS!!!!!!!!💜💜💜👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾

Amazing! (5/5)

Spot on and hilarious.

Unfunny hack (1/5)

Same jokes from the left all day.. tired

It’s the show (5/5)

It’s great if you love the show

Go away bad reviews (5/5)

Trevor you are a great man sorry about your voice. now for the main event you bad reviewers please go away if you don’t have something nice to say. but if you have polite criticism then you may stay.

Trevor❤️ (5/5)

I love the podcast. I don’t get to watch the show, so I like that I can at least listen.

Bad sound levels (2/5)

Really good content, but I don't know that they can really claim it's a edition for ears. Some of the ad revenue needs to go to paying someone to make the sounds levels appropriate for a podcast. When listening on earbuds, the audience cheering is painfully loud and I have to rush to turn it down to save my ear drums. Might work on a tv how it already is, but doesn't work on the podcast version. If they wanted to go next level on making it into an "ears edition," they could have a voiceover briefly interject to describe certain images that make comprehension of some jokes necessary. Again, how it is works for tv, but not for an "ears edition." Love the content, but pushing it out without actually tailoring it to the podcast world seems lazy. With just 1 change it could be so much better. With both changes it would be a great ears edition version of the show.

Total Garbage. Why Hasn’t This Talentless Hack Been Fired..? (1/5)

Trevor Noah.. Affirmative Action incarnate. Not funny, not talented, not intelligent and not even remotely like-able. Who needs any of that, right? All that matters is he’s not white, aka “diversity”. It’s supposed to be a “comedy” show, but it’s really just a trash

This is incredible (5/5)

Listen to this

Volume control (3/5)

Love this show - having the ears edition has saved me so much time because now I can listen as I go about my morning or evening routine without needed to stare at a screen but PLEASE fix the difference between how loud the show and interview and the intro and exit music and ads are. Every time it gives me huge fright when it transitions. Maybe I’m the only one but if not please help those of us with sensitive hearing - thanks!

It’s not the content it’s the audio engineering (1/5)

Trevor is great, fun, on point humor with heart and compassion. Great interviews. Problem is the sound. Do you not know that pod cast are listened to through earbuds? The audience and announcer are way louder than the interview and monologues. So If you set volume to hear trevor and the guest speak ‘audio edition’ blasts ‘applause’ in my ears between every segment. It’s so loud it hurts. I can’t get to the volume fast enough.

Funny! (5/5)

I enjoy this show because it makes light of the stupid things people do and say in a revealing way. The guy who said this was a show of “libtards” probably didn’t even listen to an entire show. It’s actually quite funny, and you can’t help but laugh if you listen long enough.

Thank you! (5/5)

I’ve always been a huge fan of the show but often don’t have time to watch TV. I was so glad to find the podcast! I still laugh out loud even though I’m missing some of visual.

Ok (1/5)

It was funny some times but mostly not

Intelligent & Relevant Humor (5/5)

So grateful to have an ‘ears edition’ of TDS! Trevor Noah delivers current events in an intelligent and funny way!! Thank you!!!!!!

Love the show but the announcer will blow your ears out. (3/5)

Great show, but whomever publishes this as a podcast does no sound balancing. The announcer is 8x the volume of the show.

Love him!!! (5/5)

Andrew Gillum sounds like Matthew McConaughey!!

Nice (5/5)


Keep up the good work, Trevor Noah! (5/5)

Personally, I like being able to listen to the show while I'm commuting, at the gym, or at work. And I think it's hilarious to scroll through the reviews and see that so many people have given The Daily Show a 1-star rating simply because they don't agree with his commentary. He's a political comedian with wonderful insight that's obviously going to hit a nerve. If you think The Daily Show is aimed directly towards "libtards" as some so colorfully call those of us who politically identify as progressives or liberals, than that's your own opinion, but I'll keep enjoying this podcast in the meantime.

Nice new medium!! (5/5)

Love this show but never have much time to watch it! Glad it’s now audio 💖🤗

Yay podcast! (5/5)

I’m really happy they made a podcast version!

Trevor Noah is just wonderful (5/5)

I absolutely ❤️ how the show has and continues to grow and evolve. I enjoys each cast member , they all make me laugh in different ways.Dulce is by far my favorite correspondent! Trevor has been a top favorite comedian of mine for a long time. He was the absolute best choice to take over and move the show forward from Jon. Stewart brought me into this show, but Trevor and his team made me fall in love with it all over again. 👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻✊🏻✊🏻✊🏻❤️❤️❤️❤️

Inspirational (5/5)

I’m a young comedian and of all of the podcasts this one makes me laugh the most. This show Inspires me to continue my own jokes.

Where did the episodes go?? (1/5)

Why are only archived tidbits being released this week, bring back the good stuff!

Thank you (5/5)

Love you but I’m never stationary enough for tv. So glad you guys put this podcast out there.

Haha (5/5)

I actually subscribed because I saw the review “unfunny libtards trying to be relevant” and I knew right then and there that the content must have hit its mark to get such a review! Maybe they should put down their tiki torches and laugh a little!

Love (5/5)

❤️ love

Fantastic!! (5/5)

Love the Daily Show! Trevor Noah is talented I’m so grateful for this podcast so I can take show with me wherever I go! :)

Wonderful Insights (5/5)

Trevor and his team are a most welcomed gift during a news cycle that moves to fast.

:) (5/5)

Don’t get me wrong, I love the Daily show, but I don’t usually want to watch a whole show, let alone deal with ads sprinkled throughout. A single Heineken ad, I can manage

Trumps victim hood (5/5)

This is a powerful piece.

Great way to catch up on the Daily Show (5/5)

Noah is an outstanding comedian and the whole team is brilliant. Good job!!

OH SO GOOD!!!! (5/5)

This is by far the best podcast, best late night show, best comedy podcast. Trevor can make me belly laugh (not many people can do that!🤣🤣)! I love all the correspondents too especially Roy Wood Jr. I love this so much and would recommend to anyone AND IIIIIIIIIIIIIIII WILL ALWAYS LOVE THIS SHOW!!!!!

No way! (5/5)

Finding out that the Daily Show is a podcast is the best news I've heard all month! Trevor Noah is the bomb!

Trever Nowa 💖💖💖 (5/5)

Daily show is my favorite! He is supper funny and intelligent. I love him sooo much

Thanks for this (5/5)

I love the Daily Show, but rarely have time to sit-down and watch it when it airs. This is a great solution where not only I can keep up with this show on-the-go, but I also know that I'm helping to support good work.

Great podcast (4/5)

Great podcast but sound levels of the intro/outro are always twice as loud as Trevor’s sound levels and it’s too loud!

Like the show- too many “bonus” episodes (2/5)

I like the show and generally enjoy the podcast- but there’s too many bonus- from the archives episodes. I’m only interested in the new episodes personally (I’ve listened to most of the bonus content when it aired the first time around).

Daily & Dependable! (5/5)

Thanks for making it easier to listen to the show on my commute. I love it! Keep it up!

If you like the show, you’ll just listen to the same show (1/5)

My GOD, this is awful! It’s the same crappy show, without the benefit of visual clips. Someone just mic’d the audience and the doofus trying his heart out to be funny, then called it a podcast. How is it possible that we went from John Stewart, an 8.9; to Trevor Noah, a 0.4? That’s being generous. You’d need an IV drip of THC and living in an iron lung of nitrous oxide to even snicker at these HORRIBLE “jokes”.

The best podcast (5/5)

I used to listen to the daily show clips on youtube before this podcast. I'm so happy they turned it into a podcast. I listen to every episode and consistently laugh out loud at work.

Great for commute home (5/5)

I love the fact that I can listen to the Daily show on my way home. Sometimes you can tell that you’re missing out on some great graphics but for the most part it’s a great way to listen to the show when I wouldn’t have time otherwise. Also, Trevor Noah has really stepped up and made the daily show his own in the best way possible.

trevor noah (1/5)

isn't funny

Awesome (5/5)

Great way to keep up with Trevor and the news since I rarely watch TV. Love Trevor💕💕💕

Great show but the mixing is horrendous (3/5)

Compared to other podcasts, The Daily Show is very quiet. The sound level of the host and the audience and the clips that are played sound extremely dull. It is a bit jarring to have to always adjust the volume for this podcast in particular.

I love this podcast (5/5)

I listen to it in the morning and start my day with a good laugh.

Hilarious (5/5)


Omigod (5/5)

I love Trevor Noah, I watched afraid of the dark and many, many SNLs of him but this is hilarious and deeply true At the same time which is AMAZING!

It’s too quiet! (4/5)

Great show but it’s so so quiet, I can’t listen on the subway because the train noise drowns it out. Please master the recordings and make it louder!!

I like it (5/5)

Good listen when your at work or in da car

Just a recording of the show (2/5)

While it’s nice to hear the program, it’s just an audio version of the show - and a lot gets missed without the visuals. I’ll continue to watch on YouTube instead.

Amazing (5/5)

I refuse to watch or pay for tv. Thank you so much for providing this where I can listen!

GFOP (5/5)

I dont always get to catch the tv show so really psyched I can catch the ears edition and listen on the daily commute.

Doesn’t translate wait into podcast (4/5)

A lot of what makes this a hilarious show doesn’t translate well into a podcast.

The Daily Show with Trevor Nora (5/5)

I do not have time at night to watch it. I love on my way to work!!!!

Amazing (5/5)

Being a democrat this makes me so happy.

Not funny (1/5)

Too angry and one sided

Funny and smart (4/5)

Trevor’s Trump impersonation is hands down the best.

my other husband (5/5)

love this show. almost as much as i love my husband.

Consistent (5/5)

It’s not bad, a bit of humor does lessen the pain of what’s going on in politics nowadays. This show cranks out content on the daily, so I always have something to hear on my commute.

Why (5/5)

Did it take me so long to know I could get Trevor on podcast!!??

Love Trevor Noah! Include Lewis Black in the podcasts!! (5/5)


Yasssss!!! (5/5)

I was hoping there would be an “ears” edition of my favorite show so I can listen to it while I was in my car! So happy about this!

Trevor Noah Daily Show Podcast FTW (5/5)

I was really bummed when the Daily Show stopped streaming on Hulu but now find out I can listen to it every day for free!?? This is a tv-less, cable-less, person’a dream. Thank you so much for thinking of the little people. I miss Trevor’s face a little bit but I can listen while I’m brushing my teeth, so it’s a trade off.

So glad this exists (5/5)

I love the daily show but these days can’t fit it into my life. This podcast though... :)

Perfect (5/5)

The one star reviews are great 😂 all the triggered trumpets melting like the precious snowflakes they are.

Messing up a good thing. (2/5)

Love Trevor Noah. Hate listening to him at double speed.

Hilarious (5/5)

Hilarious. Simply hilarious.

Great! (4/5)

I love this because I have an early bedtime and this allows me to catch up and laugh a little every morning before I start my day. My suggestion is that someone needs to do a sound level check in production. While marketed for ears, I feel like the intros/outros are way too loud compared to the monologue/interviews. Not ears friendly.

Correspondents reports? (4/5)

Great podcast, but I wish they would include the correspondents reports in the middle of the show.

Finally!!!! (5/5)

It’s about time!

Favorite podcast (5/5)

Hilarious and meaningful and smart

Favorite podcast (5/5)

Hilarious and meaningful and smart

Opinion (5/5)

The spontaneity behind Trevor and his jokes.

Awesome 👏 (5/5)

It is a little short, but it is a great way to catcht up with what is going on in today's society while getting a good laugh. Also, there are a lot of great guests on the show releasing great books, shows, ect. My reading list has grown by simply tuning in.😊

Love This Show (4/5)

I love listening to this on my drive to work. My only complaint is that it isn’t the full show. It’s the opening and the guest interview.

Hilarious and Poignant (5/5)

Noah & crew crush it!

I love Trevor!! (5/5)

I’m so happy that I can listen to every new episode when I happen to miss it on tv! 😍

Trevor Noah (5/5)

THE best of the best. Funny and super clever. Bonus, Trevor being on the Daily Show has created an opening for my husband and I to talk about my South African childhood. And The Ears Addition makes the show accessible to a full-time worker and mom of a toddler. Thank you!!!

Love the show- realized something important (5/5)

I’ve been listening to this podcast since it began. Love the show on Comedy Central. After hearing the latest episode of your interview with Obama immediately following that nightmare election over a year ago, I realized how just the sound of this man’s voice helps me stay sane in this crazy time. In conclusion, bring on more clips of Obama’s voice to help all Americans thru this dark time !!!

Greaaat (5/5)

have been waiting for this !!!

Smart and Clever Trevor!! (5/5)

Always look forward to hearing Trevor’s point of view. Witty and personable, Trevor says the things out loud that you are only thinking. Go get ‘em, Trevor! Waiting for your next book!

Sweet! (5/5)

I don’t pay for cable or satellite soooooooo this is stellar! I love listening to the show while I drive! Or while I’m working! Or whenever! Thanks!

All my life! (5/5)

I have been waiting for this podcast! Mr. Noah is refreshing, young, opinionated, funny and very intelligent. He does not disappoint!!

Exactly What It Says It Is + Occasional Bonus Dialogue (5/5)

Audio-only version of The Daily Show; plain and simple. However, the 1-2 min. snippets of bonus dialogue that takes place during commercial breaks occasionally is sort of neat, especially since I DVR The Daily Show and prefer to watch the full television production but would otherwise never hear/get that extra bit of dialogue. I think that doing more of the “bonus” content that is never seen or heard on the TV program would interest me the most when it comes to these podcasts, but I imagine there is also a decent chunk of people that have found value in having access to the audio from each episode, as well, for people that don’t end up having time to watch but possibly have time to listen to the audio during long commutes or other misc. travel. Keep it up and the more bonus content, the better!

Great to be able to keep up on the go. (5/5)

Like to be able to listen while getting life done.

Finally!! (5/5)

I’m so excited! Can’t always sit and watch the show so this is great! Trevor is amazing!

Trevor Noah hilarious like always! (5/5)

I love watching/listening to Trevor Noah. He manages to make me laugh every time. Can not wait to see him live in PDX later this month. 🙌🏻

Fantastic (5/5)

U have made my day:) thank you Trevor Noah

I’m in love with Trevor Noah (5/5)

He’s dreamy

Love it! (5/5)

Thank you for making a podcast version of the show

Makes my day! (5/5)

Literally every podcast is so funny; I gave Trevor Noahs a try finally and wow. Great news and comedy in one delicious soundbite.

This was a great idea! (5/5)

I’m so glad they put this out. I really like listening to TDS. I was happy to hear Chadwick Boseman’s interview.



❤️ (5/5)

Love him❤️

Brilliant! (5/5)


Not a fan (1/5)

Very liberal and has lost its touch with the average American listener.

Great (5/5)

Love it great humor

Missing the correspondents (4/5)

Please include the whole show. Often the correspondents are the best part!

Awesome!! (5/5)

Love him and can’t wait to listen! There’s 1 person making the majority of the 1-Star comments. It’s obvious! Who has time for that??? Looks like he may be obsessed with Trevor :)

So great! (5/5)

Thank you so much for doing this! I'm an American living overseas, so I'm beyond grateful to have access to the show. I also love being able to listen while I drive or do things around the house. Trevor Noah is hilarious and helps me cope with the frustration with our president and government.

He is not funny (1/5)

Not funny

Good but... (4/5)

Would Comedy Central stop with this narrator at the beginning, end, and at commercials shouting at me? It seems this podcast is even louder on average than others on top of that. It’s always so jarring and unnecessary. It’s a podcast, not a WWE match. Christ. Really enjoy the show otherwise.

Yass Queen (5/5)

I’m one of those millennials who doesn’t have cable but usually streams this show from YouTube. Lately I’ve been lazy and not even looking it up on YouTube because that’s a downward spiral of endless hours of other videos that I don’t actually want to watch. The point is, I’ve missed this show. Fell in love with Trevor and the cast and how they’ve handled our political climate. It makes me hopeful to hear people capable of making solid jokes daily and it has helped me to get through this presidency so far. Hearing Trevor again has been awesome. I wish more parts of the show weren’t so visual so I could get more of the whole show via podcast (that will automatically download and not make me scroll endless through YouTube and thus easier to access).

Awesome (5/5)

I love the The Real Time Podcast and Love this excellent ear candy. Great job Comedy Central! Getting my T Noah fix on the road is absolutely wonderful!

Disappointed (2/5)

I was so excited to see that the Daily Show was bringing back the podcadt but what we ended up getting was...28 mins of the show. We get Trevor's opening pieces and then the guest interview... But now of the pieces in between. None of the correspondence's pieces. Very disappointing.

Love the audio edition (4/5)

I love the daily show but I drive a lot, so I love having this audio edition! It's great to be able to enjoy the daily show in the car!

Great option (5/5)

I can’t always watch the show so enjoy catchy up with this podcast

Just as bad as the show (1/5)

Do I need to say more?

Love love love the daily show (5/5)

I love Trevor Noah! So glad his show is available on podcast 😊

Makes my morning (5/5)

So happy to have this available. It makes my morning commute to work nice.

Good addition! (5/5)

Quick clips, great interviews! A great break from my regular line up!

Sure pal (1/5)

You must be kidding Just another liberal who thinks he knows something

Great Listen while making dinner (5/5)

Thank you for making this!

YES!! (5/5)

YES FINALLY!!!! It’s about time!!

Perfect! (5/5)

I love it! So funny!

awesome (5/5)

good way to catch up on the show when on the go

The Best podcast (5/5)

The best podcast for news and Comedy.

Excellent and long overdue (5/5)

Thank god they’ve finally made this available to a podcast

So good! Informing and funny. (5/5)

Thank you for this podcast! I need a laugh and to be informed while I work, so these podcast are a great listen. Keep up the good work...I want more.

Happy! (5/5)

So glad to be able to hear the Daily Show on iTunes. Thank you for making this available to those of us who love our podcasts.

Crying from laughter (5/5)

Trevor makes me laugh out loud while on the subway heading to work! To be honest I somehow find the podcast even funnier than the actual show. It might be that I pay more attention when listening to it alone than when I’m watching it with family😂

Love (5/5)



LOVE Trevor Noah and so happy to be able to listen to him during my morning commutes.

Complete garbage (1/5)

Lousy socialist propaganda and a obvious virtue puppet of the social justice warrior left. How is this trash #1 is beyond me.

Long time coming! (5/5)

I would listen to the show everyday at work with the video aspect facedown. This is so much more convenient! Will be listening everyday!

just awsome (5/5)

time is right it’s just so funny i reallllllly love to listen to these podcasts suggest you subscribe it 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

Love love love (5/5)

Get the headlines with a little laugh. Hope the show keeps it’s great best. Great job!!

Should of done this sooner! (5/5)

New favorite podcast

Disgusting. (1/5)

One of the most pathetic comedians of all time.

Gr8 (5/5)

I love Trevor!

Didn't know I needed it (5/5)

So glad to finally be in the loop about the daily show again

Remember Jon Stewart? (1/5)

Trevor Noah ruined the Daily Show.

Amazing! (5/5)

For those of us that don’t get a chance to watch it on tv this is the next best thing. I absolutely Love Trevor Noah!

Insufferable (1/5)

People actually like Trevor Noah? And think he is funny??

Best on Televisions (5/5)

You can never go wrong with Trevor Noah. What a natural comedian. He is so well informed and relaxed when he interviews guest. What a wonderful way to end my day, with a smile.

Yay! (5/5)

Love that I can listen at work and don't have to record it every night and wait until I get home to watch!!

YES! (5/5)

glad it's a pod now

👀 (5/5)


Excellent (5/5)

Great show

Finally! (5/5)

Love it!!!

Sigh (1/5)

It’s never gonna happen.

SO EXCITED!! (5/5)

Thank You!!!

Excited (5/5)

Omg!! I am so excited for this!! Love you Trevor 🖤🖤

The suspense is mounting (5/5)

When is that first episode dropping?

Soon?! (5/5)


Pls play (5/5)

Pls play an episode i keep missing it because of my work and family life i don’t have time to catch on demand and my job has the website blocked

Finally an ears addition for Le daily show! (5/5)

This is going to be amazing 👌🏻👍🏻 Can’t wait for the official episode 😁 👏🏻

This (5/5)

So cool. Watching the show

Trevor Noah is so funny! (5/5)

I honestly can’t wait

Can’t Wait! (5/5)

I enjoy Trevor Noah’s show and can’t wait for the podcast!

So Excited!! (5/5)

I can't wait.