Aggregated reviews for The Dan Bongino Show

He’s a former Secret Service Agent, former NYPD officer, and New York Times best-selling author. Join Dan Bongino each weekday as he tackles the hottest political issues, debunking both liberal and Republican establishment rhetoric.

Rating the show‼️   (5/5)

Dan’s show is spectacular When I went to rate the show and started clicking on the stars it stuck on 2 * 😡and automatically submitted! I kept clicking more ⭐️ and it submitted each time once it even went back to 2 ⭐️’s! Finally it let me hit all 5 ⭐️ That’s a cheap shot going on here not sure what Leftist tech company controls this?

The Lenin Project = Monkey   (5/5)


Dan is the man   (5/5)

Every episode is awesome filled with hard truths and real facts not the fake news mind programming bs. Thank you Paula Joe and Dan. I look forward to listening after work each day.

Andrew’s story   (5/5)

Andrew gave me goosebumps. His story is so heart wrenching. The fact that he continues to speak out is a testimony to his character. If HE can support Trump and what Trump is doing to protect schools, I sure as heck can too.

A relief from bias media   (5/5)

Listen to Dan’s podcast in the morning on my hour commute to work. Love the facts mixed with humor. Finally someone who we can respect ( thank you for your service in law enforcement) and get the info needed without the crazy left wing bias. Keep on keeping on Dan Bongino 🇺🇸

My conservative voice HERO   (5/5)

NEW RULES: You loose WE Win. Republicans and Conservatives standing up to the FAKE NEWS. This is NOT a game this OUR LIVES. SUPPORT THE POLICE!

Bam son!   (5/5)

Thursday’s podcast - 8/20 - was off the chain... awesome!!! Straight facts homie! And of course “ya talk’in bout practice” lol Great job team B

Great real news   (5/5)

Love the FACTS you present

Skewed   (2/5)

I really gave this show a chance, but it really doesn't look at things objectively. Pretty dang large right curve on this one.

Push back   (5/5)

The greatest generation, outgunned and through unimaginable hardships, endurance, and sacrifice, saved this great country and it’s freedoms from all outside threats. I don’t want to explain to my kids and grandchildren that I was part of the weakest generation that gave it all back. God Bless people like Dan Bongino that have the courage and conviction to stand in the face of the mob and tell the truth. Win or lose in November, it’s important to be able to look at your kids, and in the mirror, and say I was brave enough to simply admit America and it’s people are great. Stay strong and keep up the great work

Keep up the great work!   (5/5)

Dan is smart, funny, and informative!! Also is fair, which is something the liberal media is not! Keep up the great work! I look forward to all of your shows!

Dan Bongino   (5/5)

Love Love Love this man!!! Always speaks the truth!! A true Patriot!!!

Great show   (5/5)

Mr Bongino gives you the factual news something that is, Not very common these days. Highly entertaining highly informative, a good listen keep up the good work Mr Bongino!

Love the Passion   (5/5)

I absolutely love “Angry Dan.” When he gets into it I always switch to my Raycon’s- I can feel his words. Awesome. Hi Paula!

Intelligent—HOT—Funny   (5/5)

This is one fine man!!!!! Yummy!! Haha anyway, aside from being straight sexy.. he is also intelligent, unbiased, honest and REAL TALK! He isn’t afraid to speak against liberals or far right conservatives. He represents a perfect idealistic American independent. I recommend for all who are looking for an alternative outlet for news, entertainment, politics, and fun! Espeically young America. He understands young people well and what we deal with and what sort of world we are coming up in. If you are tired of political propaganda that is biased for the left or right then stop here and check this out! Great place for those seekers.

Dan   (5/5)

Love the show. Today around the 16 minute mark when you were going on about what Trump administration has to do to clean up the mess that Obama administration left. You were spot on, perfect, some of the best few minutes you’ve ever done. Clip that out it will go viral if you put it on your Parler, Facebook, Twitter. XOXO Roxanne Central Coast of CA

Bannon and NRA   (5/5)

See a trend of the left of attacking the right on 2nd and wall by liberal lawyers and DOJ

Love your show   (5/5)

I’m fairly new to podcasts and I absolutely love your show. Love your passion for your country.

How the Democrats use of coronavirus has destroyed professional sports sports   (5/5)

Maybe that is the reason AOC’s presentation at the Democratic convention was limited to one minute!

Thank’s   (5/5)

Thank you Dan. Good to hear the truth about what’s going on in the world.

Truth Means Something!   (5/5)

Thanks Dan! Bringing the Facts!

Love this show!   (5/5)

Thanks for the sharing the truth because there is so much noise it’s hard sift through the echo chambers

DNC=Show American Greed 😂   (5/5)

Truth and lol!! Best show

Boom!   (5/5)

Dan Bongino, speaker of truths!

Like his passion.   (5/5)

I’ve read all of Mr. Bongino’s books. He’s committed to constitution and conservatism. He is thoughtful. I appreciate his work and enjoy his podcasts. I’ve never looked at his YouTube videos so I should try those. I’m 68 - old enough to be his mother - and I’m so proud of him and his accomplishments.

Fact-packed and intense   (5/5)

Dan delivers a 5-star fact-heavy show every time with humor, humility and an intensity that keeps you coming back for more!

Bongino Report   (5/5)

Excellent commentary that is truly researched, accurate and truthful.

Love your show Dan   (5/5)

God bless everyone that want to open their businesses. The Democratic’s want to destroy America. Just check out the Democratic ran states. Portland looks like a war zone. Our Democratic leadership is for the destruction of our state. They want all businesses to go down. God help us all I haven’t trust the US POSTAL OFFICE FOR YEARS. My local POSTAL OFFICE only has one worker inside. You never can get though hours. Then just go in because he doesn’t answer. They have to much competition. I would trust the pony express much faster

Excellent interview   (5/5)

Congrats on top 20, again.

Dan The Man   (5/5)

Dan’s podcasts are amazing. I have learned so much from Dan!!!!!!!

Thank you!   (5/5)

Thank you Dan for giving us the truth!

Who listens to this garbage?   (1/5)

An industry colleague shared this podcast on twitter and decided to try; who the F listened to this nonsense. I am a critique of higher ed in general but this is why we need more of it so we don’t have this level of stupidity in creators or audience. He says nothing insightful nor intelligent, just a sequence of rants with ads in between.

Daily listener   (4/5)

My son and I enjoy the podcast everyday, only reason I took a star off is because the sound quality is hit and miss. Seems to be on the low end compared to others. Keep up the awesome content

Making it happen   (5/5)

Dan is a man if his word, supporting those fighting for freedom and telling it like it is

Dan is simply the BEST!!   (5/5)

I have been a listener and fan of Dan Bongino since the beginning! Keep up the truth telling and keep making liberals cry Dan!! Thanks Chad

Faithful listener   (5/5)

Thank you for all you do!!! God Bless

The man!!   (5/5)

Love to listen to him.

Great podcast   (4/5)

I love listening to this podcast but the problem with it is the problem I have with all the ones I listen to. The newest ones are on the top and if I want to listen to the oldest on my list it doesn’t automatically go to the next one

Overly dramatic, makes money off of instilling fear   (1/5)

This guy makes a living off making you afraid of your fellow citizens. The same way companies make money by making you fat and greedy. Read a book and stop listening to this garbage.

👎🏽   (1/5)

Nothing but conspiracy theories and fake news. He went to Trump university.

The story, not a story.   (5/5)

Informative and interesting information on current events. The best and most anticipated podcast in my list. Just watch your subscription status Apple will unsubscribe you. Subscribed 3 times this week. and again today

Freaking SPOT ON!   (5/5)

Fantastic podcast! Wish every person in America would listen! Please keep up the great work!!

The Dan Bongino show   (5/5)

He IS the best of the best! Thank you,Dan!! May the 3 of you be on the air FOREVER! Your insight is top notch...You,Mark,and Rush are the finest....God bless you and your families God bless the 3 of you for all of your hard work and truth telling...A shout-out Paula for putting up with your family-friendly jokes ( they are ) and all of her behind the scenes work... I appreciate the facts and names and the sense of humor... the total package...Keep up doing Gods work...The Nation needs all of you....KingB1943 Thanks for the fire in you!! With you and Mark on the air. We’re in a better place...Tell the Trump family to get on Parler!!! Hi can you get to to the brilliant new world order story that hit Parler this week?!? I would love to hear you dig into this.Scary stuff....Thanks !!

The cold hard truth   (5/5)

Tired of leftists and liberals ruining the pod sphere? Need an insider voice with direct ties to the White House? Want today's news with proper commentary? This is the show for you.

Love this show   (5/5)

Dan cracks me up and makes my day to listen to him.

Dan is the man for real news   (5/5)

Thank you!

right wing fear peddling   (1/5)

Save your time and invest in facts/knowledge. Alex Jones level here lol

Powerful Dems   (5/5)

Dan can u express on the show why Clinton’s, Obama, Comey, Rice, etc. etc face no repercussions...r they just too powerful.

VP pick   (5/5)

You do realize the Dems have amnesia and will not remember all things Harris says and said and support she gave to Biden’s accusers.

Radtube   (5/5)

Dan, Keep up the good work buddy. I listen every day and afterwords I feel better. You are on a mission of honor and integrity. Thank you so much. God bless you and your family.

Awful   (1/5)

I didn’t get more thank 5 minutes in. His voice is like nails on a chalkboard. His Twitter is also filled with rude content. Everyone who doesn’t like Trump, isn’t a liberal! Please get over yourself!

My Favorite Podcast   (5/5)

This had become my favorite podcast. Dan hits hard with the truth, no holds barred. He offers a unique perspective into Washington DC with his professional background and backs up his commentary with real research and knowledge. If you want to get actual information not corrupted by the mainstream media’s prejudice, you should definitely be listening to Dan!!

Episode 1319   (5/5)

I just think your show is awesome!! Whether you intentionally referenced the “memory hole” for the Coronavirus mis information, I caught it! I am reading 1984 by George Orwell and what similarities there are to our current situation! Great Job!! Thanks for keeping us informed with the real TRUTH!

TRUTh   (5/5)

It is more than refreshing to hear Dan Bongino and his version of truth, with facts to back it up! He keeps it straight up. I love his passion!

Bongino is no real conservative   (5/5)

He pushes Parler because they paid him 10k. He just parrots what Hannity said while taking ten minutes to convey the simplest ideas. If you want to know the truth and experience a real free speech platform go to and find The Great Awakening group. Gab doesn’t ban everyone like Parler and Twitter. If Apple let’s you have an app in their store, do you really think that app will help take down the elites or do they know it is just to pacify boomers. Get him, get on Gab.

Dan Bongino Show   (5/5)

Dan Bongino has become my #1 news show besdes Tucker Carlsen for news. His work on Spygate and callng out the lies of the Left is outstanding.

Straight truth   (5/5)

Daubie2003 sounds like the racist to me by the way. See review from this person a few days ago. Anyway, Dan is the realest conservative voice out there. Live hearing his takes on how the liberal lefties are trying to destroy this once great country. He tells it like it is and has a great perspective as a former LEO and secret service agent. Love ya Dan!

If you want to be lied to go listen Pod Save America   (5/5)

This show helps me understand the issues we’re facing today in this country. Bongino clearly explains everything, straight truth backed with facts.

Real News   (5/5)

I love Dan and the crew! We have many of the same thoughts about things going on. He’s very unbiased, and fair when reporting. I love this show, it’s a must listen! It’s refreshing to hear truth, and not the mess that is coming from main stream media. This show is backed by FACTS, not theories. Keep on keeping on!

TRUTH!   (5/5)

He gives a no BS approach based on FACTS! Not a slave robot being told to push a corporate fake news media agenda.

Best pod cast!!!!   (5/5)

Dan, they know he’s not all there. They’re hoping he wins, they’ll pull a 25 th on him. The VP will be the President and who will be VP?! Nancy Pelosi . I’m thinking they have it all planned out! Our great country will be no more! 🇺🇸🙏 love your pod cast Dan

Free speech   (5/5)

Dan let’s you have your own opinion while telling you what your getting into depending on who you vote for. Can we get the 4.5 rating to 4.9?

Love Bongino!   (5/5)

The intro is hilariously over the top patriotic! But, Bongino offers a unique combination of news analysis, law enforcement experience and government experience that no one else in the media has. Spy Gate? Bongino breaks down all the details.

Everything wrong with this country   (1/5)

Oh, look! Another white, hate-fueled neo-con that still thinks their opinion is principled and has relevance! AND was a cop? I'm SHOCKED.

🇺🇸TRUTH🇺🇸   (5/5)

Dan’s show is great. Truth is the objective of his show and he does a great job exposing the truth in the era of leftist propaganda and censorship. It’s refreshing to hear his insights which have been formulated after thorough research and logical reasoning. Thank you Dan!

Passionate Patriot   (5/5)

Wake up America. Dan shines a light on the dark and hateful side. Truth over fiction.

Omaha Steaks are awful and cheap   (2/5)

Drop this sponsor. Their food is horrible. We threw away most of it. We are neither gourmet nor picky eaters, but we expected at least average quality meat. Taste was bad, texture was bad, it even looked bad. Ripoff.

Love your passion!   (5/5)

Keep spreading the truth brother!!! Awesome!!!

Dan is the Man   (5/5)

I love Dan. No Nonsense person and is able to articulate salient points.

Dan is Full of It   (4/5)

it is truly unbelievable that this rage pod has so much information and truth bombs. Nobody else talks about this stuff. It’s almost as if it’s in the fringe, like conspiracy babble and misinformation. Keep speaking to my ignorance.

Dan is full of Passion   (5/5)

I am very happy I found this podcast as I love the passion Dan brings to his show. Of course he packs the show with loads of info along with often a deep dive into the Russia Hoax.

Dan is the man.   (5/5)

No nonsense, straight forward facts. 🇺🇸

Simply the best   (5/5)

I love listening to Dan. This podcast is spot on. Knowledgeable and also comical on topics. My only beef is, Dan when you going to release some merch?! Would love to have some!

Dan The Man Bongino   (2/5)

I enjoyed his podcast for a while but his constant fear and pessimism Porn peddling is too much. Further, he fails to understand the battle ground on Twitter. Liberals aren’t coming to his Parler to learn the truth. Yes, Twitter bans Conservatives all the time for no reason. But I simply respawn and get back in the fight. Bongino encourages listeners to run from the fight. Run to Parler, and run from your liberal state. What ever happened to standing and fighting? If you do you may lose, but if you run you will lose. He’s a bit condescending for me. Hard to listen to someone like that. If you can, help yourself, but not me. I’m out.

Breath of Fresh Air   (5/5)

Honest, refreshing and to the point.

Very Informative   (5/5)

With everything going on and both sides throwing “sewage” left and right at each other instead of doing their actual jobs, Dan goes into what the concerns should be and sifts through a lot of BS to bring you the real stories. The Facts and Details that other people and or news/media fail to do. Will and do recommend to other people.

Passion   (5/5)

I love the passion Dan brings to the podcast. Great show and I always look forward to each episode.

Big fan   (5/5)

A friend at work suggested that I listen to this show about 2 1/2 years ago. Have listened to every show since. It is odd how accurate his sources are and how opposite the reporting from the MSM. Thank you Dan!

For conspiracy theorists and anti maskers   (1/5)

Do you despise doing your own research? Do you enjoy megalomaniacs feeding you unverified information? Would you rather your kid die from measles or Covid than get vaccinated or wear a mask? This show is for you!

Best podcast on politics!   (5/5)

Listen pretty much everyday as I’m out driving my truck route! Literally “everything you need to know I’m an hour!” Highly recommend Dan to cut through the BS of the fake news!

The BEST !   (5/5)

You are a real gem in a world of lies. Stay with us. We ALL need you and your honesty. You give us that we can use to move forward. I pray for you and your family to be safe in this world of unknowns. Thank you for your show everyday.

Dan The Man!   (5/5)

Without Dan I would know no truth to current and future political events. Breath of fresh air AKA Dan The Man Bongino! Thank you so much for all you do in keeping us all informed you’re very much appreciated 🤟🤟🤟

Not as Rude as I thought...   (5/5)

We watch Dan on FOX News for a few seconds here & there. But, he seemed rude, angry and even hateful. But, getting to know “The Man” on his show has been a gift from above. He still has his moments, but often apologizes for his passion and continue feeds you truth with facts, and helps tie up all the puzzle pieces together. Check out his books, for written highlighted and parts of his show!

Please don’t get to big   (5/5)

Dan, You’re one of 4 people I trust in public discourse. Please please please don’t get compromised.

Dan is the Man!   (5/5)

Thanks for your hard work and sharing it with us! I do have to say that I’m worried about President Trumps re-election because there is something just so dark and evil brewing with the radical left. They will stop at absolutely nothing to destroy all the great work he has done and to get him out of office so they can begin their sick de-Americanization of our glorious country and turning it into a lawless country of socialism. Stand up and fight everyone for this country of ours, for our President, and for our families!

Excellent. These two guys do a fine job.   (5/5)

Plus/minus: My wise and precious Gramma Kawulok, “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.”

Right on   (2/5)

I am finally whole politically......Dan speaks the same language I do .............a true libertarian

DR FAUCI & Hydroxychloroquine   (5/5)

Just a question.... Does Dr. Fauci have ANY financial interests in any of the meds or vaccines for COVID 19? Are any of the big Pharmas involved in criticizing the use of Hydroxychloroquine? I have always believed you have to follow the money when things don’t make sense. It doesn’t make sense to me that doctors are being censored for voicing their opinions about treatment plans.

Msgapmom   (5/5)

Love Dan. Listen everyday while I’m walking. Did you ever find put out who the “wall of vets” were? Can’t believe any real vet would be a part of that crowd!! Disgusted if they are!!

Smart, knowledgeable deep dive into   (5/5)

Smart, knowledgeable deep dive into the REAL news headlines. Thank you Dan and crew for sharing the truth.

Adam   (5/5)

I load your show in the morning when I go to play it it’s gone so I have to watch the next day maybe that’s why your people were cut in half

Dan B   (5/5)

Id like Dan alone to clean up the streets. My odds on Dan B. winning 1000 to 1 he dismantled the idiots acting like buffoons.

fragile male talks into a microphone   (1/5)

I’m a Republican and I still think this podcast is total bull. Wake the hell up, people!

Funds follow the students   (5/5)

Yes!! I total agree. Let the parents choose. The are places that are willing to open the educational system, teach our children, or homeschool. If people have to reduce hours from work to educate our children then compensate us for that job.

Flow Chart or Org Chart needed 👍   (5/5)

Make a chart to follow all the connections of the deep state, put it on a tee shirt, I would wear it.

Why we need Bongino now more than ever   (5/5)

This is one of two podcasts I listen to every day, no matter what, and have for 3 or 4 years. He often uses articles from NYT, WP, and similar sources from the last year or so, and catches them telling the truth before they realized how the information would influence the narratives they are pushing today, so when people give him “1-star” reviews lamenting that “Apple shouldn’t give people like him a voice” I find it extra satisfying because he is just amplifying what other mainstream sources have ALREADY acknowledged as the truth. His experience in the NYPD and the Secret Service add interesting layers of perspective to the things going on in the world today.

Freedom of Speech/Talk/Write   (5/5)

Can AT&T or Verizon legally delete your cell phone account if you say conservative speech they disagree with? I hope not. Why is that any different from what Facebook, Twitter and Google (including YouTube) are doing? All of the Tech attacks on conservative speech should be a violation of the first amendment in the same way as it would be if conservatives were not allowed to have an account with AT&T or Verizon

Americas voice   (5/5)

I love you Danny Bongino! You are a breath of non corona non COVID-19 air. I wish I could put on a global micro phone. You know the one that sounds like a siren in warning. I am addicted to yourself!!!

The Best   (5/5)

Dan is the voice of reason for all people who have a brain. Anything other than a five star review shows how dumb you are. Read the constitution and grow a pair, Make America Great!

Wake Up America   (5/5)

Bongino is worked up, and for good reason! Sit down, strap in, and prepare to have your eyes opened!!!

Track the rats   (5/5)

Thanks for the exposing the left tactics . I remember move on movement of the 90tys. I to am sick and tired but can’t give up . Thanks you and the crew...

Street savvy and informative.   (5/5)

Appreciate the take on the news given the abysmal state of “journalism “ Informative with a depth of analysis and down to earth feel

I will teach   (5/5)

Thanks for the truth about schools. I am ready to go back and agree with the frustration of misinformation from our unions. Keep up the fight.

Loser   (1/5)

Sad that Apple has to let people like this have a voice:(

The problem   (1/5)

This is why policing is so bad you spread misinformation and I’d hate to see you as an officer

Dan is the man!   (5/5)

Keep bringing the pain Dan!! Let the libs cry. 👍🏼🇺🇸

Love it!   (5/5)

As a conservative, I often feel singled out. The Dan Bongino show lets me know I am not alone. I love this show and listen every opportunity I get. Thanks Dan and keep it up! God Bless!

Glad this was recommended by podcast algorithms!   (4/5)

Really enjoy the revealing of Fake News and the proof of what the truth is. Please do that segment again! Also REALLY appreciate the generally no-cussing (he even works to not use the Lord’s Name in vain)! He’s been using “d***” and “h*ll” more this month, though. As for liberals and leftists, I know people can occasionally do dumb things, but I think it would be nice to not make SO much fun of them.

Passion personified   (5/5)

Dan’s passion and clear thinking is a breath of fresh air in this culture of radical progressivism.

My favorite political podcast   (5/5)

I’ve only been listening for a few weeks and you have motivated me to write emails, make calls, and leave posts for my local politicians. I have been sharing my emails on my social media so other like minded people can copy and paste. I also feel smarter about current issues and I love the show notes so I can use the studies and articles in my emails and posts!

Dan Bongino THINKS likes rural Americans!   (5/5)

Maybe it’s his blue-collar background and awareness of the effort required to make a buck. Possibly it’s because he knows hard times and has the grit to keep grinding through. Or is it the straight-talking NO BS personality. Whatever it is, I noticed immediately that Dan Bongino talks and THINKS like he grew up in a small town. Currently my favorite podcast.

Check this show out!   (5/5)

Dan is the facts and law man I listen to. He always does his show with a lots of heart and soul. He energizes logic, reason and patriotism in me. I thank God this brother has our back!!! Just listened to July 24, 2020 show. Can’t stop thinking how corrupt these menace to our society are. They’re being revealed like the cockroaches they are. When and who is going to apply the bug spray. Why it’s you Danny B.. Your the one handing out the killer facts sending the socialists and communist and marxist and every other wingnut to their ultimate demise. Go Dan Go!

I don’t miss an episode   (5/5)

Facts, knowledge, truth, and personal experience with a huge passion for life and being able to relate. Love this podcast.

Inspiration   (5/5)

Thank you Dan for a great podcast. It inspires me to speak up more. I consider myself antisocial, but some things are definitely worth standing up for and/or speaking out against.

“You can’t handle the truth!”   (5/5)

Very knowledgeable and simplifies talking points for those listeners who are challenge with comprehension such as myself. Thank you Dan

Energetic   (5/5)

Dan is so well spoken just reports facts and keeps hope alive!!! Much appreciated stay the course!

Podcast   (4/5)

Dan I have learned more about my government and the ins and outs of daily life from you in a short time it’s amazing. I can actually cite facts now in a political conversation. All thanks to you and your show. Keep up the good work

Show   (5/5)

I love this show ! Look foward to it M-F !

South park voice   (5/5)

Theres a lot of moments in every episode where his voice sounds like a random generic voice from south park, great show!

Thank you!   (5/5)

Keep it up young man! I seriously enjoy listening too you. Your an inspiration in this time of utter stupidity! Jack Marquis

100%   (5/5)

With so many talking heads drawing their criminal justice/ police knowledge from Wikipedia, it is unbelievably refreshing to have someone who has walked the talk and is articulate about the “whats”, “whys” and “hows” of LEO work. Your voice is a welcome advocate for the truth that people don’t usually see from the “cheap seats”. Thanks for your hard work and dedication.

Every days a Must Listen.   (5/5)

If there was a Mount Rushmore of conservative radio hosts/ television personalities, You would obviously have Rush Limbaugh, Ben Shapiro, Hannity and Probably Mark Levin...... but you would seriously need to carve a 5th spot and put up the great Dan Bongino..... This guy is great, does the facts and is funny too. I also got to give a shout out to Producer Joe, these guys have their act together and are awesome.

Love me some Dan   (5/5)

You are absolutely right, keep telling it like it is! I would love to have a beer with you and chew the fat. You’re awesome, I like it when you put Geraldo in his place.

Meltdown   (5/5)

Dan, you bring too much heat. Lots of snowflakes having a meltdown with your podcast. Keep fighting the good fight. Trump 2020.

Great show   (5/5)

I knew of Mr. Bongino from Fox News and video clips I saw of him. Gave his pod cast a try. He is the voice of the hard working people out there. Thank you Dan for all your work you do.

Podcast July 21st.   (5/5)

Great show. You mentioned we should start taking the fight to the left. You mentioned to start calling out FDR for what he really stood for. A true racist. Recommend we start calling out Obama for what he is and for what he and his thugs are current doing to orchestrate this Marxist movement to take over our country. He stated he wanted to be in office for life. Looks as if he is getting closer to making it a reality.

Keep it up Dan   (5/5)


Love this podcast   (5/5)

Dan has an incredible podcast that is packed with FACTS! Look forward to listening everyday. He has an impressive resume that offers much insight and experience. It also includes multiple and credible contacts. It’s obvious he researches all and is passionate about delivering the truth that he does so well. Seems to be a great person and family man with character and integrity who sincerely cares about America and it’s citizens. A very intelligent true patriot, with common sense. Love the show notes too. Can’t leave out Joe and Paula! Their contribution to the show is enormous. Even has great sponsors. Thank you!

Best news source in podcasting!   (5/5)

Dan always has real news ahead of everyone else, he dissects the news and makes it easy to understand. He is a true patriot! Calling out the lies and bias in the mainstream media, showing the people the real evil in our world today.

No BS from Dan.   (5/5)

Dan lays out all the facts/sources with a no BS attitude. Great show!

Thank you Dan for fighting for freedom   (5/5)

Dan is a real fighter for America and Americanism.

🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸   (5/5)

Top podcast!!! 😌 Facts no cap! 🤙🏼

All the news you need   (5/5)

Dan offers a great perspective on the daily HYSTERIA. ”America, love it or leave it”

Giants coach kneeling   (5/5)

He kneeled so his players would trust him so he doesn’t get fired 30 games in

Two can play at that game!   (5/5)

Dan, perhaps you should publish the name and home address of the creeps that from Ny times so they can have the same treatment bestowed upon them. Just SCUMBAGS

Dan is the man!   (5/5)

Dan’s viewpoints match mine to a tee! He is brilliant and well informed in politics and a wide variety of topics. Dan doesn’t beat around the push and he says what he means and means what he says! I encourage you to follow him on Parler and watch his podcasts.

New sources   (5/5)

I don’t get to listen to my conservative radio shows in the office because of political correctness so switching to podcasts is a Godsend. Your show is one of my go to sources for the truth.

Awesome truthful and informative   (5/5)

Love listening to Dan!! Watch his podcasts daily!! He presents the facts and gives us the truth we need!! Keep up the good work!!!

Smart and entertaining   (5/5)

Very informative and motivating me to stand up against Evil. Keep up the great work Dan!

Did I mention Spy-gate??   (1/5)

Show used you be fun, informative, and entertaining. Dan found his niche with Spy-gate and won’t stop talking about it.... thankfully it’s down to 1/3 of the show. I went from an avid listener to MAYBE 2 episodes a week. I’ll stay subscribed for now.... ALSO don’t bother with the interviews he does on some weekends. Nothing more than getting paid to review a book with an author. ::UPDATE:: I have unsubscribed. Sorry, Dan. I was there for the intro of Caveman-Joe and a few other really funny, unscripted, and carefree moments. Those moments have gone and your content has become repetitious to the point of nausea. Interviews are still mind numbingly dull. Nothing more than a hardcover paperweight being talked about. I’ve yet to hear a thought provoking concept discussed during these book reviews.

It killed my grandma   (1/5)

My perfectly healthy grandmother was listening to this and suddenly had a heart attack. When I rushed over to her and asked what was wrong she managed to say, “The man in this podcast... he’s killing me”. Those were her last words. I’ll miss you Grammy.

mhm yeah-willywonka   (1/5)

this man spot on my dog and then threw my grandma out of a bus

Everyday   (5/5)

My go to conservative news everyday! Dan is the man!!

Always fighting for us   (5/5)

Dan is excellent. My only criticism is the corny producer, Joe Armacost but the show is great

No More Bravo Sierra   (5/5)

Dan host a very family friendly show, providing you with the information that you need to steer yours through this maze of chaos set forth by folks who want nothing more than to destroy the United States as it is. However, unlike most host just playing a role, Dan gets it and calls balls and strikes in the stadium of liberal Bravo Sierra.

Kids Must Go Back to School   (5/5)

Hey Dan, I totally agree with you! I teach in Texas and have just finished my 17th year of teaching. I absolutely will not join any of the teachers’ unions-they are the epitome of socialist propagandizing idiots who will never care about the best interests of children! In our rural midwestern communities, we have been fighting socialism for literally years. We strive to teach truth because that’s what is best for our kids and our nation! My students are ready to come back to school, and so are we teachers. We know that our nation’s students need us as much as we need them! We love our students and their families, and we want to do everything we can for them. As you have said, everything every day present risks; COVID19 is no exception. We are currently risking the lives of our students by denying them education and positive interactions. We must stop allowing domestic terrorists like BLM and ANTIFA determine what is truly best for our kids. Clearly these groups are strictly politically and militantly motivated. We are living under tyranny because of our willful ignorance. The madness must stop, and our first step must be freeing our children from their solitary confinement! I appreciate all you do to support our great nation! God bless America, and God bless you and your family. Sincerely, Tracey F.

Good Honest Reading   (5/5)

Finally an Honest Patriot who is not afraid to tell the truth. A perfect alternative to most of the fake news people.

Dan the Man!   (5/5)

Best podcast in the country!


I’m new to politics. This podcast has opened my eyes to the world outside of the mainstream media. I love the energy. I love the truth. MUST LISTEN! Thanks , Dan! You’re amaZing.

replay speed keeps changing   (3/5)

not sure if app or what but replay changes speed and have to open app/show to correct?

What a show   (5/5)

Some good right leaning aggressive talk.

Partisan point of view   (5/5)

Dan is openly conservative and this is an excellent show to balance the leftist narrative that saturates the main stream media.

Truth   (5/5)

With Dan you get the truth n no fake bs news

Libs beware   (5/5)

Dan and joe are the best podcast hosts ever fighting liberals to defend the nation. I love the show so much that i have been listening from almost the beginning. Im 11 but I still love politics and mr. Bongino.

This podcast is my on-line learning!   (5/5)

I learn something new everyday when listening to Dan. He’s clear, concise, and so informative. Love him and love Joe!! 👍🏼👍🏼

Another truth teller   (5/5)

Given the complete and utter void of unvarnished truths by the mainstream media and today’s political pundits, I find myself listening more and more to commentators who actively seek the truth first and foremost. We all have our political biases but I genuinely appreciate finding people willing to call a spade a spade regardless of their political will. I’ve now added this podcast to the mix as it’s obvious Mr. Bongino could care less what people think about him. He really cuts to the meat of arguments and isn’t afraid to land punches to either side of the isle. Thanks and keep it up!

Silent army   (5/5)

I hope it’s real because we need one. It’s a battle between God and The Devil.

Dan is the BEST   (5/5)

Thank God you are out there speaking the truth. I’m so glad I can listen to your show and take comfort knowing I’m not the only person upset about the insanity around us. Americans that research the facts, review the statistics and have common sense to understand the truth of our current situation need this show. Dan is the rare case of a host that says what he means and means what he says. No Phony here...Dan’s the best

Dan is out for himself, not the country   (1/5)

I listened to several episodes of this show and it’s so obvious he’s yet another GOP grifter who thinks he can ride Trump’s coattails to fame and fortune.

Truth   (5/5)

This is the third review in the 33 years of my life but I felt compelled to leave one today. The work Dan and his team put in to researching the truth each and every episode is simply refreshing. Fact-based arguments were on the brink of death in America due to screaming and baseless accusations. Dan is like doctor with the defibrillator on America’s chest to explain the why and to explain his opinions. Keep up the great work!

Simply the Best 👍🏻   (5/5)

Dan and his entire Podcast Staff do a great 👍🏻 job ! The message is 100% on point and the production is outstanding. God Bless you all.

A must subscribe for conservatives.   (5/5)

Love the show. Miss the 12:00 same day show availability though. I feel like a back bencher at work listening the next day

Great podcast with real information   (5/5)

I just found this recently and listen everyday now! It’s so hard to find real factual information nowadays and Dan does a great job of presenting relevant facts!

A Beacon of Honest & Unforgiving Truth   (5/5)

This guy is my absolute most favorite person to listen to on my commutes to and from work. Coming from a military and LE family, I appreciate how his background in LE and government shapes his show. He doesn’t care about offending people, he cares about facts and the truth.

Dans our Man   (5/5)

Every night I ask my husband ...are you going to put Bongino on? Well...usually I come up with a cute way to butcher his last name, but it’s with great affection. So grateful to you Dan and your team. We appreciate your passion for the truth.

Awesome Show   (5/5)

I have been listening to Dan for a long time now. My whole family loves Dan and we always enjoy supporting him by making his sponsors part of our daily lives! If you want the truth, this is THE show to be listening to!!

Man crush   (5/5)

Gotta admit man, I wish I had the balls you have. I agree with you 100%. And it’s time us conservatives start talking over the liberal left. MAGA 2020!

Great Content.   (5/5)

Speaking truth. The American Way. 🇺🇸

If you aren’t listening to Dan you aren’t hearing the truth   (5/5)

Get the truth about politics today. If you only consume mainstream news you are getting gaslighted and don’t really know what the radical left activists are doing to try and cancel America!

Only listenable in small doses   (2/5)

I respect Dan/his views. I've always enjoyed his guest spots on other shows. But in this long-form format, it feels like just one long and continuous lecture. The tone of the show (aside from being monotonously atonal) is basically just Dan, Dan, and even more Dan expressing his anger in an endless monologue. Even the "humorous" parts (sometimes funny) are way too often bathed in anger (and also way too often beaten to death; funny is only funny until it starts feeling like you're trapped in a room with a 5 year-old repeating the same knock-knock joke over and over and over again). That all said, this review isn't meant to be negative or harsh. It's meant to be constructive and perhaps enlightening (for Dan & crew - although the crew is pretty much sidelined or run roughshod for most of the show). A good comparison of what works and what doesn't work is Mark Levin; Mark very often goes off on his occasional rants, but it works because he afterwards resets and takes a breath. Dan needs to learn to take a breath, because after a while it's all just one long suffocating rant. Best of luck with your podcast Dan. I won’t unsubscribe from your podcast because I support you as a valuable asset to the Conservative cause. But… I simply (and sadly) can’t listen to it.

Source for info to battle libs with truth.   (5/5)

I listen to Dan everyday, and get so much information! Down to Earth, using common sense, and simple logic, we get the latest breaking news with in depth analysis. Love his sponsors, too! I Have bought products from a few; they are quality products, and will but more! Thanks Dan, Joe, Paula and the rest of the crew that gets Dan to us each day! We need more patriot voices, and I’m glad we have these patriots speaking out for America!

Will not miss a single episode!   (5/5)

Dan has added another dose of Real News to my day! Love the podcast! My vote is for Mark Levin for President and Dan Bongino as Vice President in 2024!

Podcast I listen to every day!   (5/5)

Can’t miss a day of this podcast. Italian = drama, but Dan, please, more time of information and not your drama! Great information, and I have enjoyed Dan’s books. Great team that work for him. Excellent podcast that I wish was longer in length! Finish your daily show list!

Addicted   (5/5)

I’m so addicted to your shown, I have to listen everyday. Thank you Dan, Paula and Joe.

Wow   (5/5)

Absolutely love this show. Appreciate you for your messages.

Great!   (5/5)

Addicting show. Thanks!

Entertaining and Informative   (5/5)

I cannot recommend this podcast enough. If you’re not listening you’re missing out.

Great perspective   (5/5)

Great show

D Bongino is High Energy   (5/5)

Educating conservatives and Owning the Left. It doesn’t get any better but it does with his political analysis. Dan is my fantasy ultimate Alpha male

A great American and Truth Teller   (5/5)

Love this guy!!! Thank you!!!

Who is Chris Cuomo?   (3/5)

Great show guys, but sometimes you mention someone named Chris Cuomo. I know Andrew Cuomo, the failed politician, and I know Fredo Cuomo, Andrew Cuomo’s even weaker brother - - Who is Chris Cuomo??

Ronda   (5/5)

Never have I heard it broken down in a way that every single person should be able to get the gravity of what we are facing!! Dan Bongino is a hero and a Patriot!!

🇺🇸👍🏽🇺🇸👍🏽🇺🇸   (5/5)

I’ve been following Dan on Twitter, Parler and Hannity for a long time and finally got to listening to his podcast. So good! I like his fact based point of view and sense of humor. An American patriot.

Thank you Dan and Crew.   (5/5)

I am a relatively new listener of you podcast. I take it in every day. I really appreciate your gutsy, no holds barred grit from a conservative viewpoint, in discussing what is currently happening in this country. It would be fantastic if you would do a show on how we regular folks can help take a stand against this Marxist power grab. I mean real specifics, e.g. organizing a rally, where to rally, you know, the real how to’s. Time is running short. Thanks. Jrmart.

Feel good being mad! Motivational!   (5/5)

Takes you through the highlights of the news and doesn’t hold back his opinions. Refreshing perspective. Not so old that he’s not relatable and not so young that he hasn’t accomplished anything. Worth listening to!

The Best Podcaster   (5/5)

I listen to a lot of Podcasts or I should say I used too, but since listening to Dan several months ago, he goes first every night on my walks and I rarely get to anyone else .. I listen from start to finish before I move onto anyone else if I have time....Great work Dan and I stand with you on every topic... I will not yield to the left wing Marxist Party now called the Democrats.... my father was a FDR Democrat and he is turning in his grave of what it’s become...I am part of the silent majority and will fight them ever step of the way.... 60 year old Conservative Life long Republican , who’s moving to Fla in the fall, along with many other of my friends...We can’t live in an over tax miss manage corrupt state any longer..

Dan Bongino!! Clarity of the grey area!!   (5/5)

Dan Bongino thank you for the attention to detail to define greymatter of minute details that have grave consequences!

Thank you   (5/5)

Thank you for your persistence for the truth! First time listening to your podcast.

Corrupt Barry Sotoro, aka Obama   (5/5)

Thanks for exposing his spygate/#Obamagate. Great Show Dam Bongino, and Tom Fitton the Only people fighting for America and exposing Obamas spygate/ AKA BARRY SOTORO

Thank you   (5/5)

Thank you. It’s great to have a fighter like you. Some times locally it’s been hard to figure out where to go and show support so I try to online

Misspoken23   (5/5)

The BEST podcast I’ve ever listened to. Thank you for being a true patriot of this great country and bringing the real facts daily. My go to each and every day !

Please stop yelling Dan   (4/5)

This is a great podcast but it's getting too hard to listen to because you (Dan) get entirely too excited and you yell almost the entire podcast. You do the same thing when you're in TV now. Reign it in, please. The content is fantastic but it has to be easier to listen to. Please calm your speaking before you lose listeners.

Dan Bongino is the truth   (5/5)

My best reccomendation for finding the truth and some common ground is first, listening to Shapiro, then Bongino and finally Rogan. Shapiro and Bongino are clearly right wing/conservative/libertarian and Rogan is a nice balance of left leaning point of view but still has his lines in the sand which I respect, even though I disagree with alot of his opinions. Anything other than these three podscasts are trash. Keep up the good work bongino! Bwt, are you ever gonna go on rogans podcast? That would be awesome!

Thank you   (5/5)

Awesome !!!! Thank you for your courage to speak out !!!!

Integrity & Character   (5/5)

Appreciate that you are in the fight with us! Respect and honor!

Wow   (5/5)

Dan’s show is so spot on! I enjoy listening to his views and agree with them because he knows what he is talking about! I think he has a unique perspective given his background and experience. I’m a huge fan and will be listening to all his shows. I learn something new every time I hear his show. Great show keep up the good work Dan!

Boring   (1/5)

Boring and uninteresting. He has zero new ideas or angles on topics. Not worth the listen.

DansShow   (5/5)

Intense background truth on most of the government dealings in the past six years.. Very worth your while to listen and understand what’s going on

Bongino Show   (5/5)

This is the best podcast in America. Dan and Team make every listener feel at home. I refer everyone I know.

Washington Football Team   (5/5)

How about DC Commies or DC Jihaddis.

Love this guy   (5/5)

Comes off as a down to earth regular guy that you would love to sit down and have a beer with

Outstanding FACTS-based podcast for any truth seeker   (5/5)

I recommend Dan to all of my friends and family. The show delivers quality sources opinion and analysis. Dan and team provide the links to articles and reports that allow listeners to reach their own conclusions. Dan trusts that his audience can think and reason.

Review   (5/5)

Double barrels to the algorythm.

A Valuable Voice   (5/5)

Dan Bongino and his are an extremely needed voice in this time of complete choas and noise that try to drown injustice and sheer stupidity from the left. Speak on General Dan!

Awesome   (5/5)

I love Dan! His experience with secret service and being a cop in NY, offers a great insight into the cultural events going on these days.

I’m hooked on the Dan Bongino Show   (3/5)

I never miss a show.

Bad sound   (1/5)

It was horrible

Info.   (5/5)

I love you sir. Keep fighting the good fight !

Do not miss this show!   (5/5)

If you are going to listen to one conservative podcast, this should be the one!

Amazing   (5/5)

This guy is awesome! Great job DAN!

Best conservative radio show.   (5/5)

Comparing Dan’s show to Hannity and O’Reilly. It’s better. It’s the best conservative show currently. Dan is a tough former law enforcement officer. He now dwells in the political spectrum. Except Dan like President Trump is not a typical politic. These are tough patriotic American unaffected and unafraid of the liberal left.

Bongino!   (5/5)

The man speaks the truth!

Powerful!!!   (5/5)

Honest, raw & cutting edge!!! Boys & girls patriots still exists!

We are not alone   (5/5)

Fire up the silent majority


Danno..our BLUE COLLAR not identified to protect the innocent....haha..use to kick t crap out IVY RUGBY w rec scholarships...BEST TIME EVER...thanks...

July 2 2020   (5/5)

It has happened...powerful show today as was Sean’s last night. I haven’t sobbed like that for a while.

Terrific podcast   (5/5)

I have been watching Mr. Bongino for a while. Let me state this, he is the one of most real and experienced podcast host on here. Mr Bongino has integrity and American values. He will fight for what is right.

Keeps getting better!   (5/5)

His podcast is part of my morning routine now.

Sanity Reigns   (5/5)

Dan is awesome! Practical insight and advice. He has me laughing one minute and considering serious and alternate viewpoints the next. Thank you for your past service to our country and the continued service to the people. Look forward to your daily conversations.

Truth, Justice, America   (5/5)

Thank you, for all your efforts to show the truth and true justice that needs to be done For this GREAT COUNTRY.. AMERICA GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!

YOU ROCK   (5/5)

Dan Bongino for President 2024

Bongino is a great patriot   (5/5)

Bongino is a great patriot as well as Paula and Producer Joe. They take the news of the day and put it one show. He provides the sources of his news, so his audience may read the articles and use the information in discussions with peers. Thus, Bongino podcasts permit Americans to hear data, check his work ( he uses a variety of sources), and synthesize the information to share with others while staying abreast of current national stories.

Just the greatest   (5/5)

Dan thank you for not being afraid to tell the truth we need more people like you

I love this guy   (5/5)

Dan tells it like it is. An intelligent man with real world experience, great stuff. I’d love to have a beer with this guy.

Encourages self-thinking. Bring an open mind.   (5/5)

There are many opinions. Facts matter. If you enjoy stretching your brain...finding ‘truth’ requires lots of patience and care. Dan will “tell it like it is no nonsense”. Then you can research and make your own mind. Refreshing content.

Dan is a true patriot   (5/5)

I absolutely love your podcast!!!! The best place for the real news and recommend it to everyone. Keep up the great work.

Best podcast for up to dateAmerican issues   (5/5)

I listen to this podcast every day that I’m at work! Dan Bongino is superb at piecing the information together, so it’s easy to follow. I look forward to his new episodes every day.

I Listen Daily   (5/5)

Dan is great. Hew gets a little heated sometimes, but that is just pure passion. Thanks for bringing us an honest view of what is going on.

TRUTH   (5/5)

Keep speaking truth, sir! All the way to the end. Thank you so much for your platform!! Yes, sir! “Defund the police” is what changed my extremely liberal sister to a Trump supporter!

All info - no bull.   (5/5)

Dan is a true American patriot and champion of the truth. Never stop the quest for freedom and justice!!

True American   (5/5)

Dan tells it like it is,no bs

Dan is the Real Deal   (5/5)

Thankful for Dan, Paula, Joe and the rest of the excellent producers of this podcast. It’s the highlight of my day.

👍🏻🇺🇸!   (5/5)

God Bless, thanks for keeping it real and informative especially during these fluid times.

I see the trolls have been here   (5/5)

Remember to give Dan a ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ rating. The trolls are dragging the rating down. Unacceptable.

He knows what he’s talking about   (5/5)

Reasonable, rational, nice voice, a great listen!

LOVE the no-nonsense approach!   (5/5)

I LOVE this podcast, i am so grateful that you put forth content daily; your content and explanation of truth have kept me fully informed of what’s happening in our country and have pointed me in the direction of other like minded individuals and representatives that have taught me some new things. Bongino is where it’s at and I have followed onto Parler (also subscribed to the Bongino report) We need more patriots like you, Thank you!! Last thing, it would be interesting to have Paula cohost and hear from her as well 😀.

The Best!!!   (5/5)

If you only listen to one news commentary podcast, this should be the one!! Best political Podcast out there right now!!! Thank you, Dan Bongino!!!

Dan Bongino’s Podcasr   (5/5)

Informative and hilarious. If you like Dan’s appearances on Fox, (and who doesn’t), you will love the podcast!

How do I email your ass?   (5/5)


Bongino rocks   (5/5)

He has great sources, he loves America, and he’s funny

A truth vitamin   (5/5)

I look forward to Dan’s daily truth vitamin against the cancel culture virus!

Rolling R’s   (3/5)

Dan, you roll your R’s like a rich Riverdale Bronx school boy. Stop, dude. It’s super rich upper Bronx New Yorker.

Have Vince Everett Ellison on the show!   (5/5)

The Book: “The Iron Triangle” Vince Everett Ellison Exposes the plan to divide Black & White.

Sheesh   (1/5)

Be sure to purchase more aluminum foil before listening

Law politics & social change In 20th century America legal397c-spring 2005 professor Thomas Elibink   (4/5)

I agree with you so much very nervous and pray every every day for our President POTUS this is right before Watergate the presidential scandal that shook America IN THE EARLY SEVENTIES, BEFORE DISO AND PUNK, WATERGATE AND JIMMY CARTER, a sporting event captured the nations imagination on September 20, 1973, a capacity crowd thronged the ‘Houston Astrodome’ for the “Battle of The Sexes” in lying rooms and bars, a television audience of more than 45 million Americans, the largest ever tennis match, tuned in to watch fifty-five-year-old ex Wimbledon champion Bobby Riggs, challenge the world’s top-ranked women’s player, Billie Jean King. An acknowledged advocate of women’s liberation. King had struggled for years to bring gender equality to women’s tennis. “ At first, when I was becoming aware. “King recalled just before the match. I blamed the system but when I analyze it I realized the ‘system’ is men. The movement, King told Boston Globe (italics) columnist Bud Collins, was “showing the gains women make a male dominated area, “sports is a place where everybody can see the gains” 1 Initially King ignored Riggs’ repeated challenges- his taunts that women’s players were inferior, that women athletes did not deserve equal prize money, that even an old man could beat the best female player. But another of the world’s top players, Australian champion Margaret Court, had agreed to play Riggs on Mother’s Day 1973. Psyched out by Rigg’s jibes and unprepared for major match just weeks after birth of her first child. Court lost badly. Worse she lost her cool and seemed to confirm Rigg’s charges that women can not handle pressure without blasting into tears. Although the Riggs-Court match mustard only a tiny crowd, it generated sufficiently high Nielsen ratings to attract the attention of ABC sport chief Roone Arledge, Arledge, the great Impresrio of television sports, sensed a ratings and advertising bonanza, and set the stage for Riggs next match on ABC’S WIDE WORD OF SPORTS(italics) Thank you tell me what you think about this the women’s soccer team go denied to make the same amount as men’s look what happened with the Houston Astros no rally’s there I’m nervous and I pray and killary is not dead also women world leaders!!!! Think thank you catherine Also look up professor Foote they’ve been studying this!!!!!! Thank you

Truth Bombs   (5/5)

Great show, keep dropping those Truth Bombs.

Epic takes   (5/5)

This guy knows what’s going on here in America Keep it stiff bro

Honest   (5/5)

Dan presents facts and opinions. He, unlike a lot in his profession, identifies which he states during the delivery. He is openly patriotic, conservative and passionate about our country. He does not have a hidden agenda or a secret underbelly. I like listening to him because I never feel like not agreeing with his opinion makes me an evil person, but rather like a fellow American with an individual opinion or viewpoint. He is also human enough to admit his mistakes and errors, again unlike most in his profession.

I listen daily!   (5/5)

Love the show! Dan tells it how it is! The fact that you can give the perspective as a former officer and and secret service is so refreshing. I’m sick of turning on the news and hearing them give their opinion on crime/justice system when they don’t have any first hand experience.

Thanks Dan🇺🇸   (5/5)

You are right on with all the Events that are happening. Enjoy listening to you!!!

Thanks   (5/5)

My favorite podcast period. Thank-you Dan for continuing to serve our great nation.

Great Conservative POV   (5/5)

Dan is the spokesman for the real conservatives out here. He does not hold back.

Truth!   (5/5)

Not just some Joey bag of donuts podcast 😂! Brings the facts and presents the receipts. There is a clear agenda and that is maintaining the freedoms of life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness for all of America. I also enjoy the real life back and forth with his wife Paula and Joe. Real folks not not trying to be anything other than their true selves.

The truth   (5/5)

This guy speaks the truth. Love it. Wwg1wga

Fantastic   (5/5)

I’m so thankful for people like Dan. A Patriot all the way.The Show is very informative.The questions I have are answered listening to this show. Love it 🇺🇸

Awesome as Always   (5/5)

Just love Bongino’s podcasts. Always very informative.

Dan Rocks   (5/5)

Great show. That’s all I have to say...

Great Job   (5/5)

Thank You My Patriot Brother 🇺🇸

Dan>geraldo.   (5/5)

The man 👍👍👍🇺🇸🇺🇸👍👍👍

Downhill though adding viewers   (2/5)

Dan's denial of systemic racism was breathtaking to me when I heard his views on race in America. "His" experience in law enforcement is obviously from the "other side" of the equation. He'll never walk in my shoes, nor I, his. I'm a Trump supporter, though independent, conservative in my voting over all. But I am no longer a Dan Bongino follower on any platform. I'm not being harsh. I care for Dan, Paula, their two girls, Drew, & Joe. But sadly & with regret, I choose not to support and/or help promote the show's POV.

Great opinion new reporting   (5/5)

Dan has a great entertainment show on politics and political opinions. News is great on what the MSM misses with often spot on commentary on the issue.

Love the show. Parler - @Killerbeblue   (5/5)

Love hearing about each days chaos from Bonginos POV. Made me check out Parler since he got involved with them. 👌🏻🐸 Shadilay.

Ex Ranger   (5/5)

At a time when many conservatives are choking down in sympathy or guilt Dan Bongino holds the line. His courage is evident to any true patriot.

Straight Conservative Talk   (5/5)

Like Joe A always says “ all the news and opinion you need in an hour”. Previous life experiences have instrumental in his commentary.

Great show!   (5/5)

Dan is all over Russia-gate. Sometimes he’s a little long winded on story’s but who’s perfect. Far left wackos haaaaate him. Therefore patriots love him. Keep pissing them off Dan.

Gotta love him!   (5/5)

Seriously, try to argue with him. You can’t. The man is smart and knowledgeable about what he speaks. Further, he is courteous as he discusses talking points that are counter to other groups. He recognizes the other side and presents his own without being snarky. He is sincere about wanting to make people better and the world better. Love it!!

Love hearing the truth not lies. Keep it coming   (5/5)

I enjoy hearing from the show then go watch msm I see the difference. Why I always come here first get my facts.

Hey Dan   (5/5)

Twitter just shut down your post from that bongo bongo dude,!!!

Outstanding   (5/5)

I am new to the podcast, but my newness does not take away from my appreciation of the perspective and content of this show! Thoughtful, passionate, and most of all logical! I just finished up your latest episode with Kira about race relations and how we move forward and come together as a unified nation! Truly compelling and thought provoking! I love every minute of your show and look forward to listening daily!!

Thank you   (5/5)

Hello Dan, I just found your podcast this past week and I love listening to your show and guests! You sir are a Great American! I’m telling everyone I know about your podcast. Thank you for your service and may GOD continue to bless you!

Trump Rally   (5/5)

Just call the Trump Rally a Trump Protest and problem solved!!!!

Kira Davis interview   (5/5)

Episode 1280. I’ll be looking her up. Excellent interview. I understand Dan’s fascination with her as a voice in the political wilderness. Thanks for the discussion.

I Can’t Take the Yelling   (3/5)

Dan is so intelligent and thoughtful and has very good information to share and he has the opportunity to educate but to do that he needs to be listened to and I’ve tried to listen but he yells at me and insists I “follow” his narrative but the loud voice and admonishments to “get it” are so off-putting that I keep having to delete the podcast and remove it from my daily line up. I’m taking my time here in the hopes that Dan might be persuaded to reassess his presentation style and speak in a regular voice so it can be inviting to listen to. It’s not just what you say, but how you say it that is effective. Please try to modify your presentation - speak in a direct and informational voice, acknowledge that listeners don’t need to be “guided” when the information is clear and compelling on its own. Finally, it’s not about you, it’s about the audience - and that they become informed via your presentation of vital information they need to hear. Thank you for listening. I’ll check back in a few weeks to listen for a change in tone.

Dan & Joe ⭐️⭐️   (5/5)

Thanks for being here on this podcast! I share all of your stuff with my friends! I’m on Parler so no worries 😇✨👍🏻 🇺🇸is richer for your presence❣️ Be safe and Happy 4th 🌟🇺🇸‼️

One of a kind   (5/5)

Listen 5 min and figure out if Dans woke or not. He’s been waking America up. Straight the f up

Great Show! Great Host! Great Content!   (5/5)

I enjoy and appreciate the passion and intellectual energy you put into every show. Your in-depth analysis on particular subjects is very informative. You are taking the fight to the liberals and progressives that are attempting to change the Country that I love. Thank you for speaking up and representing the silent majority. God Bless America and the Dan Bongino Show!

Breaks down the media B.S.   (5/5)

Love the way Dan cuts right through the media spin and outright lies. God Bless brother. Your voice is needed more than ever.

Thank you Dan B. .....logic and critical thinking....something this country is in short supply   (5/5)


Dan Bongino   (5/5)

Hi Dan, this is the first time I listened to your podcast!! Thank you for calling out that D.A. in Georgia, for falsely accusing that officer of murder! I saw the entire tape as soon as they released it! That taser can be deadly and he shot it at the police Officer, which common sense tells me would be endangering the life of the officer! Which also means when the officer finally shot his pistol the law breaker was already turning around to run!! Thus the shot in the back!! I’ll be listening for more podcasts, thanks!! Trump 2020!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸😊🇺🇸🇺🇸😊🇺🇸🇺🇸😊🇺🇸🇺🇸

No fake news here   (5/5)

Only place for real news

Great work   (5/5)

From a tri-racial, multiethnic, 18-35 age range audience member...thanks for putting out the content you do. You give good breakdowns of info, and when you say something wrong or not accurate, you put out a statement saying why it wasn’t accurate. You don’t hide from the the truth, that’s what I like about your show. Keep up the great work.

🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸   (5/5)

Dan, From one Queens man to another; don’t ever stop fighting for this great country and it’s constitution. I’m a LE official and am very thankful for people like you, Mark and Sean. Some of us don’t know what we’d do without your podcast @ lunchtime. God Bless you, the staff, & GID BLESS AMERICA!!!

Still listening   (4/5)

Very informative, has a wealth of knowledge, energetic, but the repetitiveness of pressing a single point is nauseating. Easley turns a half hour program into an hour. Enjoy listening, rarely make it through the whole program.

Truth from an American Patriot!   (5/5)

500 🌟s! Thanks Dan for being Real & for all your services!! #Parler

Well done!   (5/5)

You gotta go on Joe Rogan! Hearing Jocko now. You got more of Secret Service/ policeman perspective

🤢   (1/5)


Contagious passion   (5/5)

Thank you for speaking out firmly, intelligently, and passionately. I’m so glad I found your podcast. Thank you for telling the truth and keeping the public informed. Thank you for your service.

Rock star podcaster   (5/5)

Thanks for being the rockstar podcaster you are. You, Paula, Joe, and now Drew keep me well informed daily. I work 60+ hours a week and paint houses on my off time. When I’m not working I’m hanging with my wife and kids, so I don’t have time to research and find the truth. Keep fighting the good fight!! Team Bongino Rocks!!!!!!

Best podcast ever   (5/5)

Well done to you & your show. No lies, no B.S. just the truth. It’s refreshing to listen to common sense in these hard times, please keep going Dan & maybe get us back to the good times.

True News   (5/5)

Love this, look forward to it everyday. Hope Dan runs for Office again.

Dan Bongino   (5/5)

I love your podcast and I love when your on Hannity. I really admire how you speak the truth and not afraid to do so. I always laugh when you put Geraldo Rivera in his place regarding the police and “use of force.” Thank you, for supporting the police. I have a nephew who is a police officer in Colorado and I always wonder if today will be his last. May God continue to bless you and your family.

Wuhan?   (1/5)

Wuhan Virus? Sounds pretty racist.

Jeep up the great work   (5/5)

Your show is a cornucopia of great eye opening information! Stay the course as will I.

06-16-2020   (5/5)

Great work guys!! Keep it up, you’re doing so good. Thank you, Joey bag of donuts hahahahahahaha

Dan the man!   (5/5)

Conservative Superhero! Thank you for all you do for our country!

The worst podcast ever!   (1/5)

If you hate America and Americans then this trash podcast is for you.

The Best!!!   (5/5)

Dan Bongino is the smartest most articulate guy ever to be on Radio, TV and Social Media. I love Dan Bongino . He tells the truth and is always spot on. Snowmildred1

No BS.   (5/5)

I hope my other conservative ladies join me in listening to Dan. Finally someone tells it like it is.

Wow! 👍🏼🎉   (5/5)

Dan, I just listened to my first podcast by you. I was blown away and listened to one after another until I had to go to bed. I have always been a Rush fan and I am a staunch Republican who strongly supports President Trump. So, yes your typical listener. What blew me away about your show was all the statistics and hard facts that you give. I love that you are unapologetic. I thought I was the only one that sticks by what I believe no matter the price. Your perspective from having been a cop is crucial for people to hear. You made me feel so much better about the state of our country. I only have one thing I disagree with about is this-You said it will be 10 years of culture cancelling until the Left cannibalizes itself. (My words), but I am more hopeful. I am the mother of three children ranging from 30-24. I have watched them and their friends go through the different stages of maturity. The 20 somethings are a spoiled bunch.(even my own at times) One thing my two Republican boys have in common with my Liberal (ugh) daughter is that they all want a nice life. They want a nice place to live, economic freedom be able to do pleasurable things. They want nice phones, cars, apartments and the American dream. They will not like having these things being destroyed by vandals roaming the streets without a Police force to protect them. They will tire of this angry culture clash. They are already getting tired of the riots disrupting where they live up in the city. This generation grew up getting trophies even when they were bad at something. 20 somethings...whether they are black, white or purple are spoiled and yes, a bit entitled. That is not a race thing.. that is a culture thing. Even the idiots in new district of CHOP asked for Vegan food! Seriously! .. vegan food not just food?!! They didn’t like that the homeless people ate all their food. See how privileged even they are! An awful lot of poor kids seem to have iPhones these days. The haters want the nice things that they want others denied of. When they get them they will want to protect them. They will not like torn up cities, riots that never stop and unrest that goes on and on because it will be interrupting their lives and ruining the places they live. It will ruin their “fun”. They will be afraid once they realize that it’s a pretty scary world with no police to call. My main point is this is a self centered and short sighted world we live in. It’s all about me! Just watch reality tv. The rhetoric will get very old. They will want to move on to the next thing. They will not last 10 years. I give them 2 at most! Of course if Trump is not re-elected there may be no choice in the matter. I hope you keep up the powerful talk. You are truly wonderful and I am excited to have found your show.

Dan Bongino is the BEST!   (5/5)

Dan Bongino is brilliant and is working tirelessly to give all us hard working Americans the most intelligent information and commentary every day. Period. The Bongino Show is a must listen!

Garbage   (1/5)

Don’t listen to this fascist piece of trash

Trash   (1/5)

Don’t bother.

Honestly there are better podcasts out there   (1/5)

A lot of the things talked in this podcast just don’t make sense and are 100% bias.

Always sharp   (5/5)

And to the point!

Hate filled fella   (1/5)

Low IQ scum

A pathological liar   (1/5)

Freedom of speech is probably the only reason why this podcast is allowed to be aired. Why would anyone want to listen to conspiracy theories? Is it because the reality is inconsistent with his or her morals. The language and false truths spewed from this guy is detrimental to our society in so many ways. Do yourselves a favor and READ from non-bias news sources - BBC, Reuters, The Economist It will be a wake up call for anyone who thinks there is “fake news” when the truth is being reported.

Pays for ratings   (1/5)

There is no way in hell that someone would seriously listen to a podcast by mega mind. This man is unintelligible.

Trump Grifter   (1/5)

Just another Trump Sycophant out to make a buck on Donnies ignorant base. It’s impossible to listen to him lick Trumps boots.

God’s biggest mistake is Dan Bongino   (1/5)

Spreading massive amounts of misinformation. It’s honestly impressive how he can make empty foolish words sound so coherent.

Garbage in Words   (3/5)

Haha articulate? Please don’t make laugh! The lack of brain cells shows with this one and all who think this man has anything special to say. Racist! Neo Nazi! Scum!

Dan is not very smart   (1/5)

This podcast is filled with false information

In lieu of “thus guys not smart”   (5/5)

A five star review!

The Micro Penis Patrol Show   (1/5)

Yet another blowhard sycophant of our malignant narcissist POTUS trying to overcome his overwhelming Beta-male-ness by loudly proclaiming how much of an Alpha he is. This is so overdone it’s just boring at this point. Should be zero stars.

Didn’t realize humans could podcast without a brain   (1/5)

Better off listening to silence

Cancer   (1/5)

Bongino’s populist musings are a textbook example of social media’s role in the destruction of our democracy.

Missing the mark   (1/5)

Inflammatory and uninformed

Superman sends libs lto the moon   (5/5)

Liberals can’t handle the truth about

Absolute worst Podcast ever!   (1/5)

This guy is a nut job!

Misinformed   (1/5)

One of the worst people in America. Stretches facts to fit his narrative. Supports a racist president. Shame on you!

Dan Love’s Wearing Lady’s Underwear   (1/5)

You can tell by how he talks he loves wearing women’s under garments. He also has no idea about politics and uses his platform to gargle Trump’s balls.

Robhuncho2020   (5/5)

Dan is highly skilled in his investigative conduct, supah-logical and honest. His Bull5hit-O-meter is highly sophisticated and extremely tuned. Thanks Dan The Patriot Bongino. Oh yea Robhuncho, in typical leftist fashion, try’s to discredit Dan’s intellectual power and proves his own low IQ by misspelling “This". Nice try useful idiot of the communist leftist globalists.

Honest feedback   (1/5)

Trump loving bastard does not know what he is talking about.

Great program.   (5/5)

If you want good honest truths, tune into Dan’s sow.

Great Podcast   (5/5)

Dan I appreciate the truth you put out every single day. Thank you sir! Keep up the great work!

Accurate, fair, & thorough   (5/5)

I’m a 29yr old male, a nurse, and have a wife & two kids. Dan lays out the facts and keeps me informed. Thank god he is doing what he is doing. Excellent show, excellent audio, and extremely entertaining.

Enlightened   (5/5)

Dan is articulate and enlightened as he dissects current events in the USA. I feel empowered with the truth after listening.

Long time listener   (5/5)

I’ve listened to Dan since the beginning of this podcast. If you want truth, you’ll find it here. He won’t sugar coat anything, he’ll give you the facts. He’s always a few weeks to months ahead of the news cycle

Huuuuuge fan   (5/5)

Discovered this podcast a few months ago. Dan is right on track with his points on this current times we live in, or at least with my views.

Get information months (years) before it’s public!   (5/5)

I have been listening to this show for years now and Dan gets the facts straight, has great sources, and makes the news enjoyable. You will get information the media won’t report. You will get lies the media is pushing debunked. You will get great interviews with some of the most pivotal people involved in the political zeitgeist. My only gripe is he is constantly apologizing and it gets annoying. Stand up for what you say, Dan! We have your back!

Not garbage   (5/5)

*This guy IS smart. And by smart, I mean brilliant.

Realest dude out there   (5/5)

You’re the man, Dan.

THE story   (5/5)

Dan Bongino does a great job of providing receipts and I feel that he is very cautious with the info he provide. While it’s certainly from a conservative perspective, it’s raw and honest. His saying, “are you getting A STORY or THE STORY” sticks with me on the daily. He treats his audience as logical rational individuals which is fresh in a soundbite-driven media landscape.

Bongino   (5/5)

Dan B- keep up the good work! I love listening. I love that you love details and like to pick these atrocities apart to get to the heart of corruption! Thanks and keep going!

Dan Bongino   (5/5)

Dan Bongino is very smart. He tells it like it is!! Coming from a police background and serving our country with the secret service, he speaks in terms we all can understand. Bottom line he knows his stuff!! And he is trying to wake us all up America! Time to stand up to Anarchy, Antifa who are embedded in the Democratic Party. Wake up folks, time to stand up, make sure Democrat’s don’t take control!! Red Pill moment people!

Thanks for providing actual news Dan!   (5/5)

Dan I like you analysis on the General Flynn case and holding all Government officials accountable for their mistakes. Keep on providing the truth Brother! I got your back!

You can smell the grift from a mile away   (1/5)

No one with any dignity, on any side of the political spectrum, takes this grifter seriously. You can find genuine people on either side, but Dan is not one of them.

Best podcast   (5/5)

Nothing but the fact.

Truth   (5/5)

It’s becoming harder and harder to trust what the mainstream media says and it’s increasingly harder to agree with their views. Bongino tells the truth and live America. It good having a trustworthy news source. Thank you.

Your podcasts   (5/5)

We need more of you! I have never seen anything like this in my life time I am 79 years old! Please keep getting out the information!

Trash   (1/5)

Thus guys not smart

Thank You!   (5/5)

Thank you! I am not a political person but needed some truth. My appreciation for your information can’t go without thanks. All I can pray and hope is for all people who won’t look to the facts and just hate our president for what they have (and will continue to be) been lead to believe, is they are at a point in time they will listen to ALL resources to get their information. We have a leader who has made history that is for the good of our country that will never be acknowledged nor praised. The fight against him is a disgrace to Americans. Americans who respect all those (no matter their political affiliation or skin color or even upbringing) that came before and worked hard for the United States of America. Sorry for the rant but Thank You for your time to help those of us who need to hear the truth!

Thank you!!   (5/5)

Dan, I have been sick to my stomach all weekend and for the first time in my 55 years on this planet, I (for 48 hours) was ashamed of being a black man in America. Then Donna Brazille , (of all people), gave me hope when she made the statement on Fox: “Mr President, LEAD US!” This week was the 5th anniversary of Mother succumbing to cervical cancer (May 29, 2015) I saw the anguish on Ms. Brazille’s face, the same my mom had when she received her diagnosis. Then this evening I hear your plea and I have to stay in the fight....For my Mother, my kids, for George Floyd, for my country and for those in the black community who want a shot at redemption God Bless You, Brother!!

6/1 /20 The best episode yet!!   (5/5)

Just what we need to hear after the worst past few days of rioting in our country. “Our country is here by the grace of God”! I will not abandon it 🙏🏼 Great job Dan, thank you!!

One of the best podcasts I’ve come across   (5/5)

Two thumbs up dan nice job

Smart commentary   (5/5)

Entertaining and enlightening commentary with excellent information about what’s really going on. I see all the one-star reviewers have no substantive criticism just hate filled insults. Typical.

You fit nice nicely with the top five conservative talk host.   (5/5)

I knew you were an up and coming Star When I first seen you on fox. I’ve got about 3.5 years on your pond cast. On word through the fog Dan keep it up.

Terrible   (1/5)

The rhetoric just flies all over the place. There’s better stuff

Troubling   (1/5)

The “reporting” on this podcast is deeply troubling, I don’t care what side of the political fence you’re on


Dan! This is how its done!!

Refreshing   (5/5)

A real source of uncensored news

Spot on   (5/5)

I’m addicted to your show, Dan. You and your team get the facts, and tell em like nobody else can - Only complaint I have is that it's not long enough!! Rock on brother! - Joey bagadonuts

I only listen to 2 People   (5/5)

I only listen to 2 conservative broadcasters and Dan is my main man. He tells it like it is while holding back nothing. Lets's see DB/DML on the ticket in 2024

Love you Dan   (5/5)

Thanks for delving into the Dark side for us. You explain the what, where and when like no other. Love your enthusiasm ❤️

Real American !   (5/5)

Much respect to someone who actually speaks the facts !!!!!! God Bless America

Speaks Truth   (5/5)

Does hold back! Nice to hear HONEST discussion, good or bad.

I voted for trump but still think this guy is nuts   (1/5)

He’s twisting facts and straight up lying and I’m not just some crazy democrat, I voted for trump...

Great American   (5/5)

Awesome show!!! If you want the truth listen to the Dan Bongino Show

Hat tip...   (5/5)

First time posting but long time listener. Keep bringing us the truth. Hat tip to you and all your sources. Happy Memorial Day.

Proven Right!   (5/5)

All the time I thought this Obamagate stuff was interesting, but was always skeptical. Turns out everything Bongino said years ago has been proved right. The connections with Flynn, Obama, Comey, etc. ALL laid out on this podcast. Thank you for your work sir. You are what America so desperately needs.

Brings the energy!   (5/5)

I listen to the podcast when I run and Bongino brings the energy. Every time I hear a news story break I wonder what Dan is going to say about this?

To Dan   (5/5)

You are an amazing patriot. I admire your stamina to never stop promoting our President, our country, the military and much more. God bless you and please do not give up fighting for our country. Thank you

Top Notch   (5/5)

Honest down to earth investigative reporting. Dan is someone many people can relate to and brings a unique law enforcement perspective to his political commentary.

Great podcast   (5/5)

Those of you watching CNN should listen to this and use your common sense and realize the mainstream media is a lefty agenda ( not an American agenda) and outright lying to you. Keep an open mind and listen to this. Do your own research and realize you should probably want to know their agenda and the real truth.

LOVE   (5/5)

I can’t wait for it each day! Good REAL news, from a knowledgeable person, that the American people unfortunately have to search for because it’s hidden from the us. Thank God for people like Dan Bongino.

Mak   (5/5)

I have learned so much more from your show over the last 6 months thank you for keeping it real on point

The Interviews   (5/5)

Dan has the best interviews with the best people. He asks all the right questions. Sidney Powell is great!

Class Act   (5/5)

Dan is an honest patriot in search of the truth. His research and delivery is top notch. He puts the time and effort in, to make sure you are fed the FACTS ! Awesome dude !

Right wing drivel   (1/5)

Lots of lies and exaggerations and general over the top loudness about progressive politicians for the tinfoil crowd and perhaps professional wrestling fans.

Great Podcast - Never miss one   (5/5)

I love it when Dan catches the left wing DNC media with their total stance reversal articles from the past. Such hypocrites. They are so good at sticking their heads up their rears.

Woke in NC   (5/5)

Dan makes us all smarter than the average bear. He has his opinion but that’s not a secret, but he only reports facts. Don’t miss a day

Amazing   (5/5)

He is really good at research (he's cool too)he makes sense

An investigative approach and a lot of fun   (5/5)

As a former police detective and a military guy I am naturally drawn to Dan Bongino. He takes a dogged investigative approach and a fresh perspective in analyzing the news of the day. He analyzes the media spin to get to and undercover the real story. A passionate speaker and fun to listen to. The best PODCAST to listen to since Mark Levin. Keep giving them hell ! I encourage everyone to listen who want to remain informed.

Dan Bongino Crushes It!!!!   (5/5)

Dan Bongino is smart and aggressive in getting the facts and the truth about current events, and he’s relentless in cutting through liberal hype, lies, and obfuscation. With the help of outstanding sources, he gathers and presents the facts and timelines so that they are understandable and digestible in his one hour daily podcasts. What do I like the best about Dan Bongino?: he’s honest and he gets it right! Events prove him out, time after time! B.V., Daily Listener in Pennsylvania

Don’t mind the negative review below me   (5/5)

Dan Bongino knows what he is talking about. These people that put negative reviews of him are themselves caught up in the left wing propaganda and they hate to hear when they are called out. Keep up the good show Dan. I love every time you call out the left wing morons and they get upset.

Dan is awesome!!!   (5/5)

Love this show! Dan lays out the TRUTH in a very understandable way! I never miss it!

Fantastic stuff! 5 stars!   (5/5)

Dan Bongino is at the top of his game and has grown into being one of the best conservative commentators and authors in the business! But he’s always so humble and quick to acknowledge the many, many other investigative journalists he works with who have all done great work to battle the lunatic leftist mainstream media and the radical Democrats that have both gone off the deep end. This is a must listen-to week day podcast!

Just the facts   (5/5)

Dan, I love how you break down all of the information like an investigator working on a case. It is extremely helpful to us lay people who struggle to put so many pieces together. Been a fan of your work for years and listen daily as soon as the podcast is available. Thank you!

Liberalism is a mental disorder   (5/5)

It’s hilarious looking at the reviews from these liberal hacks. It’s painfully obvious that not a single one of them has researched anything said on Dans show. Because if they had, their comments wouldn’t be full of hate and ridicule. Dan shares FACTS & DATA. Something you don’t get much anywhere else. I came upon Dans show last year. At first, I thought maybe he was a bit too biased. But then I noticed something about him that you don’t see too often. He doesn’t let his bias get in the way of truth. Keep up the good work Dan. We need more patriots like you. God bless you. God bless this President. And most importantly, God bless America. Love everybody :)

Telling it like it is!   (5/5)

Great show. I’ve just started listening to your podcast, but I’ve been following you on Twitter for several years. I also enjoy when you’re on Fox. I’m waiting on Fox to give you your own show.

The Truth   (5/5)

Dan Bongino tells the truth. He tells it in a very passionate and entertaining way. I listen here and go to his news site for honest reporting. He fights for liberty and freedom!

Proud American   (5/5)

Dan is our loudest voice out there, literally. And he’s always seeking the truth no matter who it is. Listen to him and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Passionate   (5/5)

Love the pod he’s been on the right side of the Flynn case for years

Smart, sexy, driven   (5/5)

Love listening to Dan on Fox! He also lives in my town! Keep, keeping it real!!!!

Always Sunny   (1/5)

Did you ever see the episode of Always Sunny in Philadelphia where Charlie stands in front of the bulletin board and madly rants his conspiracy theory pointing to all the letters and pictures and scribbles of sharpie and pins etc.? This what the Dan Bongino Show is like.

Awful   (1/5)

This man needs to get an education.

Great work   (5/5)

Well researched facts about the deep state. Every American who values liberty and freedom should hear Dans podcasts.

🔥🔥Dan Bongino is on Fire! 🔥🔥   (5/5)

Love your Podcast Dan! Can’t wait for your new book! This movie is getting juicy!!!😂It’s called-Coup d’etat..

Best Podcast Ever   (5/5)

My absolute favorite podcast. So much info, I have to rewind several times each podcast to process all the info.

Big Nevada Fan   (5/5)

Dan, we appreciate all you and the team do for America, Keep dancing!

Real News!   (5/5)

It’s people like Dan that should be heard and broadcasted more often on the radio and tv. This man is a true journalist and I suspect that’s not even what he wanted to be bc of his background. But nevertheless he brings nothing but facts to back up his opinions and they are quite telling. I wish the American people had more access to journalist like Dan so they can actually get real news and real information. Then, maybe just then, we would see more and more people wake up and vote all these idiots out of office(not just dems. but some reps. too). Thank you for all the hard work Dan! I look forward to hearing your show everyday, and use it as my own ammunition to fight the misinformation that’s plaguing my age group.

A Beer With Dan & Joe is on my Christmas List!   (5/5)

What a great show. Dan’s spot on with his assessment of breaking news and sharp in drilling down to where the nuggets are. All the while, Dan & Joe have fun through the course of each show. It’s an intelligent and light show. Great blend! Thanks Dan & Joe (& Paula!)

Very Good   (5/5)

Well done Sir love Dan Getting Better and Better

Impressed   (5/5)

This guy works hard to cover material you won’t hear anywhere else. New listener but very impressed with the quality of content from a daily podcast.

Best podcast on the real news   (5/5)

If you want the truth every day, listen to Dan. Love the intensity as well!

No one is perfect!   (4/5)

It getting facts correct, you are spot on. Been listening to you before commercials. Addicted to getting facts on phonies.

Freakin Beast   (5/5)

This show unbelievably great. Dan does his homework and is connected like a mutha.

Must Listen   (5/5)

Clear, concise, experienced, and level headed. Always brings the receipts to back up his claims.

Dan B is smart, funny and hyper,   (5/5)

-in a good way. Listen with friends, family, significant other, or alone. You won’t regret it, there is no nonsense, no panic and no arrogance. Plus, producer Joe’s hair is awesome, even in the audio only version!

Calm   (5/5)

Speaks in a care, calm, and steady voice

Jeff Turnmire   (5/5)

This is my favorite podcast of all and I listen to a wide range of them!! Backs up everything with facts. Good source for me to help back up my own arguments.

Ahead of the game   (5/5)

Love Dan and Joe. His research is impeccable. Can always count on receipts from Dan

Is always on point   (5/5)

Dan Bongino is always clear, concise, and on point.

Not just entertaining but factually correct!   (5/5)

Not just entertaining but factually correct, are you picking up what I’m putting down?

Passionate speaking   (5/5)

Finally not a boring monotone show

American patriot.   (5/5)

Dan,hear you loud and clear buddy. Keep up the good work. Thank you!

Great show   (5/5)

Love this show. Great information given by spirited host. Does speak very clear. In depth info from former police/secret service. Listened for over two years, never miss an episode.

Screams and yells   (5/5)

Does not speak in a calm, clear or steady voice.

New listing   (5/5)

Vary funny

Obnoxious   (2/5)

I like his newsletters & tweets but hearing him speak is torturous. Fluff.

100000% real   (5/5)

Dan is amazing no biased news and states facts. Fox News give him a show!

Dan is lit   (5/5)

TFG is unbelievable. Imagine if mainstream media worked this hard

Justice   (5/5)

If you are happy with the lazy slop the major networks and news feed the blissfully ignorant, don’t listen to Dan Bongino. Too much truth and common sense all at once may cause more delicate heads to explode.

Awesome   (5/5)

Love your coverage!

One to listen to   (5/5)

I listen to Dan everyday. With all the podcasts you can listen to, this is a must. He was one of the first to explain the Russian Hoax and he was spot on. He’s a unique voice that you need to listen to.

Was Dan there? Nope.   (5/5)

Lately, Dan talks like he was “in the room” and part of every conversation. It’s a like a disgusting “Real Housewives...” episode every time. On the next episode... lol

Truth and Freedom!   (5/5)

Love the show! Your ability to investigate the facts and report them is greatly appreciated! Keep up the good fight. 🇺🇸

You rock   (5/5)

Dan, I love your show you are funny and informative At the same time keep up the great work

Really Great!!   (5/5)

Long time listener here. This show is my “Daily Must Listen” and never fails to add to my understanding of events. BTW I would be perfectly ok with you going longer than 1 hour!

Dan   (5/5)

He is awesome..... tells the truth 💯🇺🇸💪🏽

The next big thing...   (5/5)

Witty, articulate, educated and unapologetically conservative - Dan Bongino is a great talk host who isn’t pulling any punches. My only complaint about this program is that it’s too short. I definitely finish every episode wanting more and looking forward to the next podcast.

Love the show   (5/5)

Love Dan’s show he puts so much energy when. Love Joe too, he is a hoot!!!!! Dan I love your informative show. You are the best!!! 5/7

Loved the show today   (5/5)

Finally!! We are getting some 🍿🍿🍿😂🤣👍🏼👍🏼

Awesome show   (5/5)

Great show!


What an AMAZING Patriot! Thank you thank you for the content!

Great show!!!!!   (5/5)

The best show ever !!!! Thank You Dan !!!!

So well researched as someone who loves history and politics you’ll love this podcast   (5/5)

The amount of detail and research in his podcast is amazing . I enjoy his passion base on facts not opinion.

Outstanding   (5/5)

Great show Dan, thank you!!

Dan the Man   (5/5)

Dan thanks for being the voice of Liberty and Freedom. We are in tough times and our freedom is at risk.

Great interview   (5/5)

Great interview with Jacks in NC, I don’t have any tattoos and I wanna help him too! Thanks to both of you for sharing this story!!

Dan ROCKS!   (5/5)

Love your show Dan! With all the different levels of education and experience you have, giving you a unique edge over others in your field. I learn so much every day from you and your wisdom. THANK YOU for being the voice of reason during these troubling times! Keep up the good work you do.

Definitely subscribe it’s well worth your time   (5/5)

I’ve never left a review until now. Dan has been on the front line for awhile now and it’s EVERYTHING you need to know in a hour. I would love to meet him I kinda feel like I have already. You will get the FACTS that man does not want to cover or completely ignore he won’t do that to you. I’m a bonginoite forever I listen to him everyday. Great great great podcast

Lynn   (5/5)

Because Dan studies the details and is committed to the truth, we benefit by being ahead of the MSM liberal narrative and by being on the right side of history. Thank you Dan

Making sense   (5/5)

Trust his viewpoint and respect his balanceced comments.

Honesty   (5/5)

Just the facts.

Interview suggestion   (5/5)

Big Congrats to you Dan for the recognition from President Trump. He notices your patriotism and it was great to hear his thank you. BIG!!!

So Thankful   (5/5)

So thankful I found this podcast, finally someone not spewing Fake News or anti United State propaganda! Dan please keep it up and I look forward to listening each day during work. God Bless!

True Patriot   (5/5)

I listen to your podcast every day and appreciate you telling us The Story..... not a story aka mainstream propaganda. Keep up the great work! 🇺🇸💯

Truth backed by facts!   (5/5)

Dan is here to tell us “the story” backed with facts. He is a true patriot! God bless him!!!

Keep rocking   (5/5)

Fantastic show

Love the show   (5/5)

Love you’re patriotism and passion for the Truth Dan!! Keep up the amazing work!

Fraud   (1/5)

This is like Hannity take 2. Mis-direction and lies....

Appreciation   (4/5)

Love you on TV, which you had your own slot on TV. God bless you!!!!

Stop it   (5/5)

Stop telling us the media “missed” the story. They don’t report on purpose.

Thank you   (5/5)

You “common sense” way of explaining the crazy difficult layers of politics/ Washington/ etc. completely resonates with me. I read your book a few years ago. It wasn’t easy to understand. Now however while watching you and listening and seeing things come out , it all makes more and more sense. Btw, I’m not an ultra conservative and didn’t even vote for trump(didn’t vote for Hillary either). BUT, I can’t wait to vote for him this time!

Love listening to this guy!   (5/5)

Dan has such common sense! I love this show!!!

Fast talk   (5/5)

Why are you talking so fast on your show ?

Thank you   (5/5)

Dan, Thank you for doing what you do to shine light on the truth in Washington that the swamp doesn’t want us to know about! Also, thank you for serving our country in the Secret Service!

👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼   (5/5)

Always breaking down the facts 🖤

Very intense guy.   (5/5)

Dan’s intensity is evidence of his attention to detail. Love the translations. Glad to see some light shining on the spygate coconspirators. Great work. And you make JimJam laugh regularly.

Great show   (5/5)

Love how Dan tells the full true story and provides the receipts to back it