Aggregated reviews for The Dice Tower

Tom Vasel and Eric Summerer take a look at board games, card games, and the people who design, publish, and play them. Top ten lists, Q&A, tales of horror, and more await you!

My favorite YouTube channel and podcast   (5/5)

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Informative without being too dry   (5/5)

Been a long time listener and this podcast has been instrumental in learning about the board game hobby. They strike that balance of being informative and entertaining.

I love it   (2/5)

Me and my mom love love love it!!!!!!!!!!!!😊

Awesome Podcast   (5/5)

Love all the hosts and different insights. I love hearing about the new games they are playing mixed with discussion of some older games they still enjoy. Great to listen to on my way to work.

Alternating hosts keeps it fresh   (5/5)

All four hosts are great! I love the banter and jokes between Tom and Eric. Mandy and Suzanne are great at describing games and making me excited for games I haven’t heard of before. I also enjoy their Shelf Staples segment and 2 truths and a lie are always fun.

A Classic for a Reason   (5/5)

Tom and Eric are fantastic hosts, and I love hearing their friendly banter. The addition of Mandi and Suzanne was the best choice they ever made. I love these two even more than I thought I could. They’re great! Super banter, great information with a unique perspective from each host, and amazing coverage! Give it a listen.

Always informative and fun   (5/5)

Eric and Tom have been doing this for many years and their synergy is unmatched in podcast hosts. And I listen to a lot of podcasts. I’ve heard a lot of hate for the new format, but I like it. Tom and Eric clearly had some fatigue with the prior weekly format and hearing from them only every other week produces a much fresher and livelier show. Mandi and Suzanne had some growing pains to start, but have come into their own with a slight different feel to the classic Dice Tower format. I’m always looking forward to a new episode.

Great Podcast!   (3/5)

The Dice Tower is one of the main reasons that I got into board gaming. Each host brings a good perspective to the table, but I really dislike how it’s now Tom & Eric one week and Mandy & Suz the next. I think the show would be much better if it was all 4 in a round table discussion each episode. As it is, it’s jarring and you never feel settled in with the hosts.

Content, laughs, and depth   (5/5)

For people who want clean, good natured fun listening about games this is my favorite place to find it. However, I personally do not enjoy the podcasts that Mandi and Suzanne host for several reasons. My rating is for the past shows, live episodes, and for what Tom and Eric bring to my life through the content they have done for years in the past, and years to come.

Getting Better and Better!   (5/5)

I’ve been a longtime listener and wasn’t sure about the format changing when it was announced, but I LOVE the variety that we get now. Tom & Eric are great; such wonderful chemistry. And Mandi & Suzanne have really found themselves as well. Like both sets of hosts for various reasons. Always learning about new games!

Both casts are great   (5/5)

I thought Mandi and Suzanne helped revitalize the show, and I like their perspective as much as Tom n Eric’s

Great all around.   (5/5)

I love the chemistry between Mandy and Suz, and Tom and Eric. I don’t understand the dislike for Mandy and Suz. They do a great job and bring a different mindset and opinion. I love the app segments as well as shelf staples. As far as complaints about the podcast being to long, then listen to it in faster speed. I wish they were longer. I listen while working so longer the better.

A good listen every other episode.   (3/5)

Tom and Eric are phenomenal however it’s unbearable when the ladies are on.

Half of the podcast is worth listening to   (3/5)

I appreciate the reviews of games and the lists, but I find that each episode is far too long. It seems like it could be easily cut by 1/3 - 1/2 and not miss out on actual content. Additionally, the episodes with Mandy and Suzanne are unbearable. They are not funny or fun to listen to, despite seemingly trying to be either. I cannot stand the sound of them inhaling into the microphone, and the fact that they have multiple times recorded while nasally and sniffling is obnoxious (among many other things). They could easily cut this podcast into a 1 hour, every other week episode and we would not be missing out on anything.

Bring back the old format please.   (5/5)

I hope the new format is bringing in new listeners. For me it does not work. I only give it 5 stars because Tom and Eric are amazing hosts and they deserve 5 stars. I hope the show switches to two separate shows sometimes soon.

Tom and Eric   (4/5)

That’s what I like

Now YOU have a friend in the gaming business   (4/5)

As a relatively new member of this growing hobby, I find this podcast a fabulous, informative, inspiring and entertaining resource. With almost 600 episodes to choose from, there is SO much to tap into. Great for a commute to get you ready for a weekend of gaming or game design. However, live shows and those with alternate hosts are less entertaining... even annoying at times. In jokes between the giggling guest hosts or pandering to the negative with a live audience are simply not what I’m after. Still ... it’s a podcast I listen to when there’s a new one.

Reformatting needed   (3/5)

I’d rather listen to Tom and Eric on a biweekly podcast than have rotating hosts. Also, the A-Z Top 10s need to go. I never find myself looking for a great game that starts with the letter C. I’m fine with revisiting past lists if you’re running out of ideas.

The beginning.   (5/5)

Tom's series of podcasts and video reviews are in large part responsible for my interest in the boardgame hobby. Like others I'm sure, when I first got started it was the Dice Tower that I would listen to and watch to discover new games. Things have changes over the years, sometimes they miss but often times they hit.

Love the look backs   (5/5)

Love time listener to the podcast and enjoying the new alternating format and Tom/Eric and Susan/Mandi. Just listened to the 5 and 10 year look back episodes and really enjoyed the trip back to the past.

The one cast to rule them all   (5/5)

I have listened for a long time! I love the new format and am happy to hear what perspectives each brings. Thanks guys and gals. Keep up the good work!

What happened?   (1/5)

Tom and Eric, but the other two hosts are unlistenable. I had be listen to the podcast since 2012 and can no longer do it. The only thing that has come out of this change was the discovery of new board game podcasts. Judging from some of the more recent reviews, you're losing loyal followers. I can no longer cringe at the words pie or random giggling at unfunny jokes. It honestly stresses me out and have to turn it off.

Quality is mixed   (3/5)

Great for getting a quick overview of recently released titles. I think the girl hosts are immature and overly giddy though. Skip the live shows.

Evergreen   (5/5)

Tom and Eric have tremendous chemistry. Great asset to the board gaming hobby.

Tom and Eric   (3/5)

Was one of the best board game podcasts and still is when Tom and Eric do the show together. When the other hosts are on is almost unlistenable. What made/makes this podcast great is the interaction between Tom and Eric which is now less than every other week. Still love you guys though.

Separate Show?   (2/5)

I’d really love if Tom & Eric could have their own feed. I really dislike the changing hosts every other week.

Bread and Butter   (2/5)

Tom and Eric are great. They are the reason I listen to the Dice Tower, and I have been listening since 2011. I also like when Susan and Mandi are guests, but definitely not as hosts. I'm not trying to be mean or rude, and I truly do try and listen to their episodes. That being said, once the giggling, and pie talk, and long discussions of one game happens, then I move onto another podcast. If this new format has taught me anything, it's that there are other great podcasts out there, but I do miss Tom and Eric.

I’m sorry guys   (2/5)

I’ve listened to this for years but lately I’ve really not liked it. They advertise for games the same episode that they talk about them. I feel like they won’t say it’s a bad game or talk about it’s negatives when this is the case. Susan and Mandy are cool but not why I listen. I feel like you guys talk more and more about the industry and less and less about games.

Solid board gaming show, great array of voices!   (5/5)

Great show. It’s nice to hear the broad array of opinions from the 4 hosts. Good work!

I miss the old format   (2/5)

I have been listening to this show for years as my go to podcast on board games and convention news. I like the hosts Tom and Eric and the idea to branch out and create new content in bringing us other podcasts. That being said, I have started to fall of when the show is featuring the two new hosts that were added. If the they as hosts were good enough to have their own show, let them. I do not listen to hear about food at the conventions or hear them laugh at their own jokes. Please, go back to the just Eric and Tom. Put the other two on their own show and see what the number for them are, don’t force them on us by putting them on this podcast. I check my downloads to see if its going to be anther foodie and giggle fest before I listen.

Not what I fell in love with   (4/5)

Two stars, this show was a five star for yearssssss. I loved it. Till they changed the line up and I’ve watched it crumble. And maybe they are growing more than ever? But for me it’s done. It’s like if you ordered steak from a restaurant and the waiter brings you an uncooked heap of hamburger meat. I’m sure the noble thing would be to get up and walk away but something I loved was cheapened and I feel the need to explain why I’m so sad the restaurant is doing this. It’s so hard to bring someone on, let alone two, who were not the main attractions before. And to expect them to run the show? To hold down the fort? Looking at other reviews I am so thankful others were feeling since 500 like I did. Thank you all. I think until I hear it’s changing up and we see more of the steak we want and came for, I’m out. Sorry gals. You guys aren’t bad people, just not the hosts I want to listen to. Edit: I upped the stars to 4 because they have500 episodes and don’t deserve the hard grade because of a line up change.

Phenomenal board games podcast   (5/5)

This podcast is, bar none, the best one for keeping its audience up to date on developments in the world of board games. Well done and highly recommended.

Lost its way   (1/5)

Dice tower used to be a great weekly podcast. But after a major format, the show is a shadow of it former glory. I gave it a 3 month chance, but I have to unsubscribe now. I hate having to delete half the shows. They are not what I want.

The Gold Standard   (5/5)

The Dice Tower Podcast is the standard by which we measure all others. Their consistency, humor, knowledge and shear love of gaming makes each episode a true joy. The recent addition of Mandi and Suzanne has added fresh life to this great show and made it even more entertaining. You can't go wrong subscribing.

No Better Board Game Podcast   (5/5)

Have been listening for years and years, and Tom has always grown and improved the show. The latest season is the best yet, with a rotating set of hosts and lots of great games and opinions to hear about.

No Longer Dice Tower   (2/5)

Because of two intercontinental moves over the second half of the year, we had not listened to The Dice Tower since August. When I just now played the new episode and didn't hear Tom and Eric, I was concerned. Now, it's just no longer The Dice Tower. I don't know these people. I don't have any connection to them. They were just subsitituted in without notice. I won't be listening anymore. It was the only gaming podcast we listened to on a regular basis. Sad to see the sudden change.

This is THE board game podcast   (5/5)

If you like board games and podcasts, then you should already be listening to this one.

Loving it   (5/5)

I love the dice tower I listen to the podcast at work ( def makes it an easier day) and watch the videos on YouTube. I like their recommendations for games I'm a new gamer I got into gaming last year while I was pregnant. Loving the extra guests and have a female presence because I think it's a different view point

Fall From Grace   (1/5)

This used to be the premiere tabletop gaming podcast, but it has gone way downhill since episode 500. The new format is very poor compared to past formats. They brought in new hosts that alternate episodes between Tom and Eric, who instead should have just had their own podcast. The quality between episodes oscillates up and down so much between hosts and the new guests format that many episodes lose all critical objectivity or listenability. This truly was the top tier of gaming podcasts, and now maybe an episode or two a month is even worth listening to—what a shame.

Changing the one thing that should never change   (2/5)

This is a downgrade from what has for the better part of the last decade been a five-star show for me. During that time I know that the Dice Tower as an organization has grown exponentially and I understand that means change. But the one thing that should never have been changed is this flagship podcast. Tom and Eric’s voices are the heart and soul of the Dice Tower and without those voices it just isn’t the Dice Tower at all. The new hosts are less engaging, less knowledgeable and less connected than Tom. This makes this new Dice Tower podcast a massively inferior product. I have stopped listening to what was once a weekly must-listen podcast because of this change. My one glimmer of hope is that Tom and the folks at TDT have always been good at listening to fan feedback. Mine is this: give these ladies their own slot on the network but bring back the real Dice Tower podcast. Even if administrative constraints mean we only get a biweekly or monthly show it would still be preferable to the disappointment that many of us feel when we fire up a brand new episode only to hear someone other than Eric and Tom introducing the show.

Cardboard nerdery at its finest   (5/5)

Big fan. The personalities of the Dice Tower are all fun, enjoyable to listen to, and full of great board gaming knowledge.

A+ Would listen again   (5/5)

Very good.

Great to hear Suz and Mandi!   (5/5)

Digging the new hosts! Great format!

New Hosts A Poor Choice   (1/5)

The two new hosts are pretty irritating. I wish their jokes were as funny as they think they are. The constant giggling! Please bring Tom and Eric back! Will unsubscribe now.

Godfather of gaming podcast   (5/5)

Tom Vasel is The Godfather of board gaming and this is the podcast that taught me a lot in my early days of gaming.

Can a podcast about board games be uplifting?   (5/5)

Yes, and Tom brings the sunshine. I first learned about board games on another, defunct but aweseom podcast, A Better You, and then hit Google ti find out more. I landed on Tom's website and then this podcast which is invaluable if you want to learn about the newest board games.

My news for games   (5/5)

Tom and Eric are a fantastic dip and balance each other out incredibly well. A lot of podcasts have a one minded team but the civility and discussion that comes from any disagreement is more productive and informative than if they always agreed on everything. Great show, thank you.

Dice Tower Makes Me Spend Money   (5/5)

But I'm not complaining! I've had hours upon hours of fun with my gaming group playing games recommended from this podcast. Love the hosts, love the quick but informational reviews, and love the recurring segments which are always highly entertaining. If you're a board gamer, this is essential listening.

A Must for Board Game Info   (5/5)

For anyone interested in designer board games at all (buying, news, mechanics, history, etc), you need to be listening to this podcast. Hands down the best board game podcast on the market!

Still the quintisential pinnacle of gaming podcasts   (5/5)

Not just 500 episodes, 500 good episodes. Not many folks can say that. With teh 500+ episode. Liking the new post 500 co-host episode. Eric as a full time co-host with Tom and the rotating 3rd co-host is a recipe for success. Simply put this is the best of the gaming podcasts out there for sheer number and of games and quality reviews and talked about on any podcast.

Great for learning about board games and more   (5/5)

Very well organized and full of useful information. I love the board gaming horror stories, very entertaining. Helps you figure out your own opinions rather then just giving you theirs .

Where it all started.   (5/5)

I must admit that it was Tom who initially gave me the kick in the pants to get back into tabletop gaming after many years. I started by watching the reviews, then listening to the show. Thanks for working hard to produce QUALITY! Great job and keep it coming!

Pretty darn good   (4/5)

I'm new to board gaming, and while trying to find a good resource to learn more about it, I stumbled upon the dice tower series of podcasts. I regularly listen to several of them now, and enjoy them thoroughly. I find with most podcasts I am initially turned off because I'm not used to the personalities of the hosts, and this one was no different, but I quickly became acclimated to their style and now really enjoy it.

Still up to date   (4/5)

The Dice Tower is a classic show. But Tom and Eric are still keeping you informed and up to date on their latest happenings and up to date on the latest 411 in the gaming industry. They are always entertaining and in the know about the gaming industry we so love. Give them a listen.

My favorite board game podcast   (5/5)

This is perhaps the granddaddy of board game podcasts, but the show is still fresh and relevant. There's a good mix of segments that cover new games, older games, and the Top 10 lists help me round out my sense of what's available in a given area. The news is always entertaining and the two hosts—Tom and Eric—have great personalities. Eric even has a nice voice. I've been listening for more than 170 episodes, and I'm still coming back. Highly recommended.

Great podcast!!   (5/5)

This is the best boardgame podcast hands down!

My favorite board game podcast!   (5/5)

Tom and Eric are great hosts. Listening to the podcast is like hanging out with a bunch of friends talking about the world of board gaming...and the people that play them :-)

Best board gaming podcast!   (5/5)

This podcast is easily the best podcast on board gaming that I listen to. The variety format keeps it fresh and interesting and they don't get bogged down taking 30 minutes to explain the minutiae of mechanically playing a game like some other podcasts I listen to. They focus on what is really important - having fun playing games and talking about how awesome board gaming is! Plus, the top ten lists are quite varied and offer a great insight into checking out new games you might have passed over or never even heard about. All of the stars!

My favorite show!   (5/5)

The best.

Look forward to each week   (5/5)

This is the one podcast I listen to that I look forward to each week and refresh the pop cast app to make sure I get it. Perfect blend of humor and information.

The Best of the Best   (5/5)

There are many boardgaming podcasts out there, but this oldie is still the best. If you have any interest at all in the hobby of tabletop gaming, then you should be a regular listener. Tom and Eric are great hosts and the show features a variety of segments and contributors, so you will never get bored.

Variety is spice...   (4/5)

While i wish i could say that the dice tower is the best podcast in the world and even non-gamers would enjoy the show, the truth of the matter is that much of it is very good, but some of it is not quite so good, if you like board games. The podcast is probably too long, ideally twenty to forty five minutes is the sweet spot. And some of the segments are silly at best. Overall the dice tower is like a great trail mix. On their own some of these segments the podcasts would be quite dull, but as a palate cleanser between the better portions it works quite well. I will not get specific on what segments are good and which are not so much because that will depend on personal taste, but trust me wait five minutes and you'll soon find a segment much yummier to your palette.

The best board game podcast   (5/5)

Great Podcast. Love the interaction between Tom and Eric. Funny, informative, good times!

Finally   (5/5)

Finally found a good board game podcast!! Entertaining and you actually can consider it informative...a real dual threat if you will.

"The Source"   (5/5)

Excellent source for all things boardgames. Great reviews, news, new product coverage, con coverage,...just plain awesome!!!

Great chemistry   (4/5)

This podcast helps make the drive to work more enjoyable. I often consult the Dice Tower before buying games because they provide information that I cannot glean from the back of the box. Their tales of board gaming horror segment is growing on me.

The go-to gaming podcast   (5/5)

If you're interested in board games, The Dice Tower is the best podcast out there. Though I don't always agree with their opinions, Tom and Eric are really knowledgeable and fun to listen to. I've learned a lot about games by listening, and have found a lot of games that I enjoy a lot thanks to the show. The contributors add a lot of diversity to the show, and it's always interesting to hear the top 10 lists. Do yourself a favor and listen.

The board gaming podcast of record   (5/5)

If you're reading this review then you're interested in listening to a podcast about board games and there is no reason for you not to be listening to the Dice Tower. Tom & Eric's opinions are always passionate but reasoned. The podcast is impeccably produced and released consistently. And who doesn't love a good top 10 list?

Dependable if not always in agreement   (5/5)

I like this podcast. I do not always agree with the views of Tom or Scott but after a couple shows I got a feel for how our opinions differ and I can trust Tom to demand a solid game theme and good mechanics. They allow me to expand my horizons of gaming knowledge without having to buy dozens or hundreds of games just to try them and not like most of them. They also keep me awake at 5:00 AM when I'm sitting at my desk with my tea trying to get started in the morninig.

Great Board gan=me podcast   (5/5)

They love games and it shows. Keep up the good work guys.

Boardgame Sauce   (5/5)

If I were on a desert island with only one podcast, this would be it.

Best board game podcast!   (5/5)

Great dynamic between Tom and Eric. Always excellent and informative reviews. Listen religiously! Thanks Dice Tower :)

Dice Tower   (5/5)

One of my favorite podcasts. Now I can let my coworkers in on latest board game news instead of vice versa! The down side is my board game wish list has began to grow substantially...

Dice Tower Rocks   (5/5)

The Dice Tower podcast is the best board gaming podcast out there. Tom and Eric get you all the 411 on all things gaming. Segments like what they have played, gaming news, and tale of board gaming horror make this podcasts always fresh. You know Tom and Eric know what they are talking about because they are playing board games all the time, the eat, breathe, and sleep board games.

One of the Best Boardgame podcasts   (5/5)

This podcsat is a great look into newboard games but also oldones that are still a realy grate play. I love the top 10 they do.

Not bad.   (4/5)

If you're at all into new, noteworthy, and other interesting board and card games, this podcast is for you.

Great board game podcast   (5/5)

Love this show. Good banter between hosts, and all the segments are fun! Tales of horror!

Fun yet informative!   (5/5)

I enjoy all of the segments of the podcast, and they are very informative, yet fun to listen to!

Fantastic podcast   (5/5)

Great podcast. Very high production values and fantastic information about games.

Great   (5/5)

Dice tower is the authoritative news and entertainment source for board gamers. And even if you don't always agree with Tom, he is still very entertaining to listen to.

Fun to listen to   (5/5)

Not only is the information awesome, but Tom and Eric are just plain fun to listen to. Lots of humor and you can tell they are having a good time. Great job guys!

Raj   (5/5)

Best gaming podcast ever. Still. Better than SU&SD's podcast even. Just all-around balanced, refined, practiced, and informative without being boring. This podcast has probably contributed to the board and card gaming world more than any other single thing, even Magic. So there.

Best gaming podcast on the planet!   (5/5)

Tom and Eric do a great job of bringing all of the information I could ever want in the tabletop gaming world. I am relatively new to hobby gaming, and they have done a great job of steering me toward the types of games I enjoy.

My favorite by far.   (5/5)

I listen to The Dice Tower anytime I can. It is informative, educational and fun. I can't get enough.

Best Gaming Podcast Out There   (5/5)

This is a great podcast for those already in the hobby or those just starting out. Tom and Eric provide two completely different perspectives which means there's something for everyone. Always informative and always a joy to listen to.

An amazing gaming podcast!   (5/5)

This is a great podcast for gaming hobby, most specifically board and card games. This is not a podcast about video games or rpgs. Tom and Eric cover all the new games that are coming out, as well as, a variety of other games. They have entertaining segments, which are not always the same every week. They have a large number of contributors who provide some different kind of segments too!

Quality production that keeps moving along   (5/5)

I've been listening to the Dice Tower for about a year now and have a pretty good feel for the style of the show. The two hosts (Tom and Eric) have a great synergy that is entertaining. They also have great production quality, both in terms of physical such as sound, music, etc, but also they don't often talk over one another, there aren't coughs, mumbles, or the usual that seem to plague many other podcasts. There is a wide variety of segments covering varying areas. Because the show keeps moving at a decent clip, don't expect deep delves in to gaming topics. Also, know that there are a few contributors that provide some content from time to time and they may have different quality submissions than the main show.

Great gaming podcast   (5/5)

This podcast was throne which got me into the board gaming world. New episodes help me to know what is upcoming and older episodes helped me to know what games were and are great. All around a great podcast.

Great boardgaming conversations and news   (5/5)

The easy conversation between Eric and Tom will have you feeling like you are hanging around with some of your old friends, discussing board games and other random tangents. It always feels like there is genuine comraderie between the hosts and segment submitters. The reviews are fair and well thought out, and the top ten lists can be an excellent via to discover new games you might not know about.

Best reviews even if we disagree   (5/5)

Tom and Eric have one of the most "animated" shows in the business. Many board game videos/podcasts are made by monotonous/shy/quiet nerds, understandably, but they can be dry and boring. Tom and Eric, despite being off topic at times, are animated and keep me engaged and interested. Reviews of board games inform me whether or not I'd like a game regardless of whether or not I agree with their opinions. While they are very opinionated, they are aware of their biases and provide the facts as to why they don't like them, not because they lost one time or it went on a little long (unless that is the nature of the game)

Enjoyable podcast about the latest boardgames   (4/5)

The Dice Tower is a fun and lively podcast about the newest and most interesting boardgames out there. The hosts are engaging and the various segments of the show offer a lot of variety. I listen to it to hear about new games I'd like to try with friends or my family. Their comments are generally spot-on.

great content, not just happy fluff   (5/5)

love this podcast. It is informative and fun. it is not all just sunshine and rainbows. it is honest content anr reviews from multiple points of view. one of the best out there.

A must-listen for gaming fans   (5/5)

I really enjoy this podcast about board games. Lots of interesting information here - I enjoying hearing all the news and reviews about new games!

Always something new!   (4/5)

Lots and lots and LOTS of gaming talk and content!

The high water mark for Board Game Podcasts   (5/5)

Great radio voices and rapport between the hosts.

Great Board Game Podcast   (5/5)

The premier board gaming podcast from the most prominent name in board game reviews and news. Great stuff.

You should download this podcast immediately.   (5/5)

This is a fantastic podcast. Tom and Eric have a great rapport, and the other contributors are always both enjoyable and interesting. I just want to wish Tom and Eric a big thank you for my new knowledge in board games.

Great cast on gaming!   (5/5)

The Dice Tower is a great podcast on the board gaming hobby! I look forward to listening to their show and it really makes my commute to work much more enjoyable!

The premeir podcast for boardgames   (5/5)

Tom and Eric, make going through what they played, to questions, to the "top ten" of a category fun and intresting. Its a funny show that doesn't try to "be funny" it just is. This is my go to weekly podcast. Cannot recommend this enough.

Fun Family-friendly Board Game Podcast   (5/5)

I've listened to many of the board game podcasts out there, and the Dice Tower podcast with Tom and Eric is hands down the most informative. What makes them special is their 20-30 outside contributors (board game designers, publishers and fellow podcasters) that jump in to answer questions of the week and contribute to their topic. Every other episode includes a top ten, so you can find your favorite genre of game and listen to what Tom and Eric + their contributors think are the cream of the crop in that genre. Finally, they don't curse! And now because of them I'm listening to a few of the other podcasts in the Dice Tower Network, a network of podcasts Tom has created to bring information to the gaming public. These guys deserve a medal for their public service. Thanks Tom and Eric!

What's not to love?   (5/5)

For reals

My favorite board game podcast   (5/5)

I love The Dice Tower! Tom and Eric and all of the other contributors put on the best board gaming podcast on the Internet!

Best board game podcast out!   (5/5)

Tom and Eric are a great combo of views. I look forward every week to their show. This is where to start if you want to learn more about the hobby.

The Dice Duo!   (4/5)

Eric and Tom do a great job balancing eachother out. Sometimes a little too serious, but some fun light moments. Very well thought out Top Ten Lists. I skip the Tale of Boardgaming Horror.

The Dice tower is awesome!   (5/5)

My Podcast of choice, it gets me through the work day and love hearing all about the new, old great and terrible games that are out there.

Love the Geek Out Time!!!!   (4/5)

I love the geek out time! Love the reviews and fun discussions.

Favorite Boardgame Podcast   (5/5)

All I can say is this is certainly my favorite of all the boardgame podcasts out there. Other shows have specialties and more focused content. The Dice Tower gives you a information on tons of games, they have many contributors, and the bi-weekly top ten lists are always a good listen. I look forward to the new episode every Tuesday.

Best Board Game Podcast   (5/5)

I have been listening to the Dice Tower podcast for the past couple of years. I find this to be very informative and a pleasure to listen to. The anger between Tom and Eric are usually pretty funny and the more you listen the more you will get a lot of their inside jokes. They also spread the love as they have contributors from other podcast time to speak. If you have any interest in the board game hobby (even if you don't) you will enjoy listening to these guys.

THE show about games   (5/5)

I love this show my daughter and I listen to it all the time. I don’t get a lot of time to play games myself and this show gives me a chance to enjoy the hobby and explore the games from a different avenue. I am always suggesting this to people new to the hobby or are just curious. What a great show. Thanks

My favorite podcast   (5/5)

This is my favorite podcast about my favorite hobby of board games. If you want an amazing board game podcast then definitely add this to your playlist. You won't regret it!

A great board and card game podcast....   (5/5)

This is the variety show of board game podcasts.... Both Eric and Tom, the hosts of the show, do a great job of running the show with interesting commentary. We all know that we may not always agree with the opinions of the hosts but that is not why we watch and the fact is the hosts are consistent with their views and have a body of reviews that help us understand games and how they might play for our group. A great show and a great set of hosts.

Great Show   (4/5)

Good show, occassionally rambly

Best Board Game Podcast out there   (5/5)

All time favorite Podcast. It's one of the three podcasts I subscribe to and it's the only board game podcast I need.

Best boardgaming podcast around   (5/5)

The Dice Tower is a great show about board games and card games. In addition to reviewing new games, they discuss games they've played recently, they tell about upcoming games and other news, and have a top ten list. Usually they answer questions from listeners. The podcast also features contributions from listeners, some with on-going segments. It is very community-friendly and the hosts have great chemistry, so it is fun to listen to even if you don't play games.

New to the podcast, but thoroughly impressed   (5/5)

I find this podcast to be very entertaining and informative at the same time. Tom and Eric do a good job reviewing games they have played as well as bringing in many of the other great aspects of board gaming. I also love the videos they put out. Keep up the great work you guys

Perfect board game podcast   (5/5)

There sure seem to be a lot of recent reviews for The Dice Tower recently. I wonder why? Maybe because it is truly a great podcast for a great hobby. Keep up the good word Eric and Tom.

The granddaddy of board game podcasts   (5/5)

The best board game podcast out there. If you're a board game enthusiast this is a must listen.

Must listen!   (5/5)

One of my favorites. If your into board games this one is a must.

Really great board game podcast   (5/5)

Tom and Eric do a great job discussing new games they've played, their favorite games of different types, and random miscellany. It's a great show if you like board games.

Prob. the best podcast about boardgames   (5/5)

The dice tower team are by far the most informed about upcoming and past board games. I find their opinions are helpful (although varying at times...) in my personal game selection. In short; worth your time.

Very good   (4/5)


Great Boardgaming Podcast   (5/5)

I've only been listening for a little while now, but this is a great way to keep up to date on the latest games and gaming news. It's entertaining, fun, and very informative.

Great Show   (5/5)

One of my top 3 podcasts. Keep up the wonderful work Tom and Eric :)

Love this show   (5/5)

Keep up the good work!!

And now number one!   (5/5)

Dice Tower is my favorite board game related podcast. Tom and Eric have a lot to offer in terms of experience, intelligence, and personality. You will not be disappointed when you listen.

Great Top Tens   (5/5)

Love the top ten lists. Always gives me new games to look into. The discussions on new games is also great.

High Quality, Best Content   (5/5)

The Dice Tower remains the gold standard in board gaming podcasts. The hosts, Tom and Eric, provide a light-hearted but solid content-filled program through variety show stylings and a host of contributors. The audio quality is great and the presentation feels professionally put together in managable lengths with rarely a dull moment. Give it a listen!

Good Variety   (4/5)

This podcast is 1 hour plus weekly discussion on board games. Really? Can there really be that much board game discussion every week? But somehow these guys make it work. Good variety. Guest contributors. Short segments. No long belabored discussion on a single topic. Great job promoting this hobby.

Premier Board Game Experts   (5/5)

The flag ship of the Dice Tower Network. Hosting perhaps two of the premier board game experts. Fun podcast that is also very informative.

Great show!   (5/5)

Love the reviews and banter between Eric and Tom.

Best All-round gaming podcast   (5/5)

If you're into board games, you should probably be listening to The Dice Tower or one of its network podcasts.

pretty sweet   (5/5)

I only started listening recently but it's pretty great. Tom and Sam give good reviews and their interaction and the different segments of the show make it fun to listen to.

The best source for game information   (5/5)

Tom and Eric do a great job of introducing you to games and telling you more about things related to the board gaming hobby. Warning: This show may be bad for your wallet as you hear about more wonderful games than you knew existed,

Best Board Game Podcast   (5/5)

I listen to this podcast on a weekly basis and watch their daily reviews and video episodes. While their or some very strong views on games / game types, their are enough individual opinions on the show or in the full Dice Tower Group, that their is someone for everyone. This specific podcast, which includes questions, reviews, a "scary story" and news, provide tons of good information, and constantly introduces me to new games. For board games, this is the best (in my opinion) podcast out there.

Varied reviews   (5/5)

Totally dig the variety of opinions on everything. Plus, constant answering of community questions to help us all better grasp the games we love.

Best board game podcast around   (5/5)

If you are looking for people who really know their stuff when it comes to games, these are the guys.

Top boardgame podcast   (5/5)

Highly recommended. The hosts are great and the editing is well done.

Great Gaming podcast with a finger on the current pulse of the BoardGame Community   (4/5)

This is a fun, well run podcast about the current and moving state of games. It's humorous, and works well to get a good sense of the gaming community.

A great gaming resource   (5/5)

This podcast always has great up to date news on card and board gaming. The reviews are honest and don't hold back. Even when I don't agree I always like the insight of a differing opinion

Great gaming podcast   (5/5)

It's Tom and Eric what more could go wrong.

What a great podcast   (5/5)

This is such a great board gaming podcast. The banter back and forth is always good, but the fact that there is (1) not too much rambling, which happens more often than not in many other podcasts, and is also (2) highly informative helps make this podcast succeed.

Love this podcast!   (5/5)

This is the best board game podcast out there. Tom and Eric do a fantastic job of discussing various aspects of the board game hobby. It is not only informative, but very entertaining as well. Keep up the great work guys!

Always waiting for the next show...   (5/5)

if you love board games, this is the place to go. great cast of speakers with all unique opinions. great chemistry.

Your entry point into the world of board games   (5/5)

Prolific and opinionated game reviewer Tom Vasel and fellow gamer Eric Summerer provide a reliable weekly take on new board and card games, along with gaming news, top ten lists, and topical segments by contributors in the board game world. You have to admire the consistency of this podcast, both in terms of the regular Tuesday release schedule and the entertaining format. While some of the humor and inside jokes in the show fall flat, The Dice Tower never bores and always keeps things lively and fun. Gamers should start here, and then check out other accessible favorites like The Secret Cabal Gaming Podcast and Flip the Table.

Fun and informative podcast   (5/5)

Always look forward to the weekly podcast. I especially like the tales of board gaming horror. Keep up the great work.

Highly recommended.   (5/5)

If you're looking for a podcast about board games, I've found this one to be the best.

Board Game Paradise   (5/5)

If you love board games and even single weird thing about them this is the podcast for you. With lots of different sections it's almost like a board game variety show. -Josh W

Best boardgame podcast around.   (5/5)

I and my family have been listening to the Dice Tower for years and it's become a mainstay. Other casts might have a more focused scope on particular niches in the hobby, and many of those are in the Dice Tower network anyway. But the Dice Tower itself is the best of them.

Great podcast   (5/5)

Informative and entertaining

Two Meeples Up!   (5/5)

Great Board, Dice, Card game podcast. The two hosts work well and have good banter with each other. Lot's of content to keep one listening for a long while.

A great podcast by good people   (5/5)

The Dice Tower is a wonderful podcast about board & card games.

Knowledgeable and Reliable!   (4/5)

Tom and Eric have a lot of contacts and friends in the industry, so it's a lot of fun to hear some of their stories from conventions or tips about upcoming games. Of course, being one of the most popular media outlets about board gaming, they also get a lot of input, questions, and stories from listeners, which adds more neat content. The best thing about the podcast, in my opinion, is their professionalism. Tom and Eric are very nice guys with kind of corny senses of humor, but they're incredibly good about keeping the program moving along smoothly, complementing each other, and never stepping on one another's toes.

Upbeat and Honest   (5/5)

Tom and Eric share their love of table top gaming - reviews are honest and fair.

The Best   (5/5)

Love this show. Favorite thing I listen to all week.

The (Incan) Gold Standard   (5/5)

Tom and Eric do a wonderful job conveying board game knowledge to the community. They set the bar for all the other boardgaming podcasts! (and it's pretty high people)

Very enjoyable   (4/5)

A long running podcast that covers most games but does not cover everything (wargaming, role-playing)

New gamers, tune in!   (5/5)

Tom and Eric provide an entertaining show for anyone to listen to, but new gamers in particular will enjoy their inclusive and positive approach to discussing games and the game hobby. The Dice Tower has become a central part of the gaming hobby, and is a great introduction to the community.

My Favorite (Board Game) Podcast   (5/5)

The Dice Tower is my favorite podcast. It's an excellent show that always seems fresh. The banter between Tom and Eric is great. They make an awesome team. It's also the best podcast about boardgames. I get all the information and news about new games and I get interesting takes on games of all kinds, new and old. I do find myself putting a new game on my wishlist after each episode, but I think it is fun to have a always growing wishlist of games. If you want board games or just a great podcast, this is the one for you.

Dice Tower is wonderful place for all gamming news!   (5/5)

Tom and Eric are great to listen to and they really balance each other out very well. If you are into board games you need to listen to this podcast to keep up with all of the news in board gaming and hot up and coming games!

Tom & Eric Make a Great Team   (5/5)

Tom & Eric have a delightfully entertaining and non-hostile dynamic. It's a family friendly podcast discussing board games, covering a lot of games at a reasonable level of depth. A great place to get an overview of what's happening in the board-gaming world and narrow down your selection before heading to the game store.

"The King" of Boardgames podcast   (5/5)

Tom Vassel and Eric Summerer and friends present the best, informative and entertaining news about the board game industry. Their reviews and candid discussions are without a doubt the best out there. DTN has a wide variety of podcasters to wet any whistle. Their podcasts are current and vast. Guaranteed to find something of interest.

enjoy the videos more   (5/5)

still gave it a 5 star, but i really enjoy the videos and tried a few pod cast because of the contest. Probably won't be listening to any more audios.

Makes my commute enjoyable   (5/5)

This podcast is a variety show covering new and comming board games, the board game industry, and the culture of gaming. They take time to answer questions from their listeners, as well as creating a top ten list of games ina variety of catagories. The two hosts, Tom and Eric, have a great on air relationship and are fun to listen to. My only mark against this podcast is that Tom's comments on games are so often positive it can be difficult to tell what games I would enjoy; I have found that the video series that he does is much more helpful to me in that regard.

Good Family Friendly Game Podcast   (5/5)

Tom and Eric run a great podcast for people at all levels of gaming. They have a great knowledge base and a true passion for board games. This is my go to podcast when it comes to the latest and greatest in games. The best thing is is I can listen with my family and not have to worry about language.

Great Board Game Podcast   (5/5)

The Dice Tower podcast is a great gaming series. I love the way Tom and Eric answer questions, and give us the news and horror stories.

Great podcast   (5/5)

If you have an interest in boardgames, you NEED to listen to this podcast!

A truly excellent board gaming podcast   (5/5)

Frequently updated, always informative. It's the best board gaming podcast out there. If you enjoy boardgames or are just looking to get into the hobby, this is a must listen.

Tom and the netwrk are at the forefront of all games and industry.   (5/5)

If you want entertainment and knowledge of all types of games, please download this podcast. Your world will be blown open.

Great people talking about great games   (5/5)

Tom, Eric and the rest of the Dice Tower crew do a fantastic job describing and reviewing board games in an entertaining and concise manner. Great commentary, interviews and news make this gaming podcast one of favorites

The Dice Tower   (5/5)

What a great and very enjoyable podcast dedicated to the board gaming hobby. Tom and Eric are very entertaining and easy to listen to. I look forward to each and every podcast. Sometimes I listen to the same episode twice. Recommended.

Love it   (5/5)

The best board game podcast around. Love the reviews!

Entertaining and Informative   (5/5)

Tom and Eric provide some relevant, current, and helpful information regarding board and card games. They have an interesting relationship and play off of each other well. They also have several segments and contributors that keep the show from becoming monotonous. This podcast is a "must-have" for those who are at all interested in board gaming.

Absolutely the best board game podcast   (5/5)

This podcast is possibly the best board game podcast I've listened to do far. They have a huge network of other affiliated podcasts. On an average episode you could hear about their top ten list, tales of board gaming horror, listener questions and answers, updates about upcoming events and cons and lots more. They don't specialize In a particular genre of game they cover a very wide variety.

Great Source of Board Game News and Info   (5/5)

I don't always agree with the opinions, but I always feel welcome to have my own. Great news and information of what is going on in the board game world. Love it.

Best board game podcast   (5/5)

Out of all the gaming podcasts I listen to, Dice Tower continues to be my favorite. Tom and Eric have great chemistry together and never cease to entertain. They do nice review and overviews of games, updates on the big news and their top 10 lists are great. Highly reccomend.

Consistent   (4/5)

Dice Tower has been around a long time and there is a lot of effort put into the show. Tom and Eric balance each other well and they have a decent amount of difference of opinion which makes these shows better than group think. The reviews will be mostly positive though a rating system would do much better for them as most games are good but few are great. Siskel and Ebert had a system, Tom and Eric should get one. My only 2 pseudo-complaints is that they drop the ball occasionally when it comes to remembering some references to games (like the name of the game they are talking about) and do not edit the podcast to solve the issue. And, the fact that they, as the standard (in most people's opinion), rely mostly on review copies for reviews. Rio Grande doesn't send review copies, so no Rio Grande reviews (for the most part)... which is true for most of the podcast world. You can't be top dog and leave out companies merely because you do not get review copies.

Great Show, Great Hosts   (5/5)

This is by far the most entertaining board gaming podcast out there. Entertaining week after week. Solid five stars.

Podcasting staple   (4/5)

Have been a listener since Episode 20, and still enjoy the show. Highlights are the Top Ten lists, Game Tech, and the Tales of Horror. I especially enjoy the parts of the show that are in English. The contributors are hit and miss (mostly miss), but Tom and Eric have good discussions.

Great way to find new Board Games   (5/5)

With a great variety of contributors there's something for everyone. Great Listen!

Great listen for my commute   (5/5)

I'm always happy to see a new episode of this podcast available to download. Tom, Eric, and their contributors make good company for my long drive to work. I appreciate their highlighting of good games and their sense of humor.

TDT is a fantastic board game podcast   (4/5)

These guys know their stuff! They have great insight and a variety of insight. The format is clean and tight and full of interesting segments. Tales of board gaming Horror is a great segment!

Best Boardgame Podcast Out There!!   (5/5)

If you like board games, and staying on top pf the new games out there and even the old classics, then this is the podcast to listen to! I love the humor of the podcast and the guys do a great job putting together an interesting show. Yeah, it can be silly at times, but I like that and thats what makes the podcast interesting to listen to. Its great to not only hear the opinion of one person, but a whole crew of people! Great job guys! We appreciate all the work you do for the board gaming community!

The best   (5/5)

This is my favorite podcast. This is a great podcast for all gamers, from newbies to old veterans. Tom and Eric are great and compared to other podcast the editing is top notch. They also include a lot of contributors that give all kinds of point of views. You need to it. You won't regret it.

My husband loves it   (5/5)

So, I don't actually listen to this podcast, but my husband does and passes all the interesting tidbits along to me. It's helped us find some good games!

Great game podcast!   (5/5)

*** Like the flow, content and personalities!! Thanks for putting this together!

Influences my gaming more than anything else   (5/5)

The Dice Tower really is the premiere board gaming podcast. These guys know the hobby better than anyone else I've seen. I started listening to the podcast just to get some good ideas for games, but I got hooked and can't stop. It's my favorite podcast each week. The best part is when they end their show with a Top 10 list of some specific topic (weirdest game boxes or best games from 2008 or best deck building games). I highly recommend the Dice Tower.

Interested in boardgames, listen to this.   (5/5)

If you have any interest in boardgames, this is the podcast to listen to. They cover a wide variety of topics about gaming and are plain fun to listen to.

Entertaining Boardgame Postcast   (5/5)

Tom and Eric are very knowledgeable and deliver lots of humor and fun in their boardgame podcasts.

Saves you a ton of money   (5/5)

I love the fact that the dice tower informs you about the best new games and which ones are worth your while since boardgaming can get expensive and also space consuming.

Best Board Game Podcast   (5/5)

Love you guys. Clean, fun, and knowledgable. Tom and Eric provide so much information in a well thought out podcast

Very entertaining! Thorough and unbaised.   (5/5)

Tom and Eric have an amazing back and forth chemistry. I recently got into board games and don't make a purchase move without hearing these amazing podcasters' opinions.

A most well rounded show!   (5/5)

This podcast does an excellent job of presenting the news of the Board Gaming world, and it is a fantastric tool when researching new games to buy. I have recommended this podcast to my gaming group. Tom and Sam do an excellent job of presenting the information in a professional manner.

The best of the best   (5/5)

The dice tower podcast is the only one you'll ever need to listen to. Tom's honest reviews and discussions are great.

The best board gaming podcast!   (5/5)

Whether someone is new to the board gaming hobby or been in it for years The Dice Tower is perfect for both. They provide helpful lists of what games to check out from many different contributors and provide quick yet detailed reviews on both newer and older games. If I could only listen to one board gaming podcast this one would be it.

Great Podcast   (5/5)

If you like board games this is a must.

Authority   (5/5)

Tom and Eric are the authorities in the board gaming industry. I look forward to each Tuesday for another episode.

The best board game podcast, hands down.   (5/5)

I have been listening to this podcast faithfully for over a year now, and every episode is better than the last. Tom and Eric are a great pair, and they offer the best board game news, reviews, and hilarity on the internet.

great show   (5/5)

just started listening to this after having watched the video reviews for a couple years. Really enjoy the show, especially the top ten lists and board games of horror.

Excellent Podcast   (5/5)

They have a great mix of talking about new games and also remembering slightly older games in their top 10 section. Fast paced and good humored. This show is excellent.

Wonderful   (5/5)

This is absolutely the BEST board game podcast on the net! Tom and Eric know how to podcast well. They blend a perfect mix of their own reviews and opinions with that of numerous other contributors. Don't miss the Top 10 lists!

Best board game podcast out there   (5/5)

This podcast really gives you a broad understanding of the great world of board and card games. This show really got me into gaming. I came for the games to begin with and now I come for the personalities and insights.

Keystone of the boardgame podcast universe   (5/5)

This is a great and entertaining podcast with very knowledgable and very plugged in hosts (especially Tom). I love that is is becoming the center of the board game podcast universe by bringing in and promoting other podcasts through the Dice Tower network and generally advancing the hobby.

Tom is the BG King!   (5/5)

Great podcast. They play lots of games and have a lot to talk about.

The Dice Tower is the Best   (5/5)

First of all, the dice tower is be greatest board game podcast out there. My only question though is what is with the low reviews from some people? Are some of these people expecting Tom to spend hundreds if not thousands on a sound room and equipment just to raise this audio quality a few degrees? Also, is Tom only to let contributors who have high audio quality contribute to the show, or should he be mailing sound equipment to people to record on so that picky, audio anal, people are satisfied? Or, why is it so wrong for Tom to own and control the show, it is his show after all. If Tom hadn't taken ownership back in the day when Joe left we wouldn't have the dice tower today. I just get tired of people complaining and bashing on something that is free. This is a five star podcast because these are two people that sacrifice a lot of time each week to update us on the gaming world and do a great job. Thank you Tom and Eric for sharing your love of gaming with us. To anyone else looking for an excellent board gaming podcast, look no further. Tom and Eric, we'll see you at Gencon, and keep up the good work. And for the record, Eric has the better taste in games.

Top notch podcast   (5/5)

These guys have cost me a lot money in game purchases. Top notch people and a great show

Best Evar   (5/5)

Not just the best board game podcast. This is my favorite show. I just wish there was less time between shows.

Best board game podcast available.   (5/5)

The quintessential podcast for all board game and card games.

Best board game podcast hands down.   (5/5)

Tom and Eric and the fine folks in the network bring an hour of debate and value to the hobby. Thanks for almost 250 episodes!

Absolutely Love the DIceTower   (5/5)

This is a great show. I love the guests, features and byplay. It's all great.

Best gaming podcast period.   (5/5)

This is the best resource for all things board games. The show always is a joy to listen to in between my commute to work in traffic everyday. Long live board games!!

Excellent resource   (5/5)

This podcast is an excellent resource for findng games and friendly local game shops, learning about insights into how games are made/sold and what skills can be gained from them. Particularly helpful if you are building a gaming group and/or looking for games to play with your family and how to bring your kids into the hobby...

Best board game podcast, hands down   (5/5)

I disagree with McTreble very much. Listen to Tom Vasel enough and you get that he is a really nice guy. He just likes to play around and trash talk a bit, like people do when playing games. The show is uneven with the variety and quality of its contributors, but by and large it's great, and Eric and Tom are the best hosts, IMO.

Love the dice tower!   (5/5)

Can't get enough of the dice tower network!

Get rid of Tom and this would be great   (3/5)

Everyone else has touted the greatness of this podcast, so I'll spare that piece from this review. What I want to speak out on is Tom Vasal himself. He might know his stuff, might have a wide and vast game collection, but he is a sarcastic, mean-spirited, condescending man. He had a recent podcast with Cody and John from Game On!. These are two very nice, midwestern guys who love their games and promote the hobby through their positive attitudes. When they were on the Dice Tower, I really got to feel how nasty Tom could be by way of contrast of these guys. I hope they stay clear from any Dice Tower appearances in the future. He thinks he's being funny, and clever, but to me he just comes across as a guy who is so critical that he forgot how to have fun with his own hobby. Eric Summerer should break away from this bum and host his own show.

Really enjoying this podcast!!!   (5/5)

While I've always enjoyed playing both board games and RPGs, I rarely had many friends with an interest in playing board games. Then my sister-in-law's boyfriend brought over Carcassonne and my wife and I DEVOURED the game. He mentioned it was a "gateway game" to much of the Euro game world, and I often listen to podcasts on my work commute. I soon discovered The Dice Tower, and weeks later, we now have Alhambra, Ticket to Ride (along with the 1910 expansion), and every expansion for Carcassonne except the Catapult, which is apparently universally hated. And my wife is very much a partner in crime on this, which is >awesome<... While I often win TTR, she completely pwns me at Carcassonne. (It's those dang farmers and barns of hers - I must figure out the Tower expansion and/or find better methods of closing her off with roads...) But I digress -- back to some more podcast ego stroking. I really like the podcast format with multiple segments, and the banter between Tom and Eric is playful without being over aggressive or overly trash-talky. And your featured Top Ten Lists have also served us well. I've probably listened to about 10-15 older select podcasts... My only complaint -- your game suggestions are SO good, it's eating our budgeted entertainment income -- but it's given us hours of fun at home, which I cannot thank you all enough.

One of my favorites   (5/5)

I listen to several boardgame postcasts and this ranks one of the higher ones. Plenty of variety in the show as they have lots of guests that give comments and thoughts. Add this one to your regulars - you won't regret it.

The go to source board gaming podcast   (5/5)

The board gaming podcast I listen to most regularly. A good mix of topics most of which I enjoy.

Continuous improvement   (5/5)

I've been a listener from the beginning and the show improves every year. Tom is the constant factor, but he continues to improve his co-hosts and contributors.

If you don't listen to the dice tower...   (5/5)

...people might question whether or not you're really a board gamer. The Dice Tower is hands down my favorite podcast about board gaming. Tom and Eric are excellent hosts, the features are entertaining and informative, the production quality is outstanding. If you love board games, you'll love The Dice Tower.

Currently, the best board-game podcast   (4/5)

For reviews and news targeted at furthering your enjoyment of board games this is the podcast you want to devote yourself to. I am not a big listener of podcasts but this show, even at usually one hour and thirty minutes in length, I eagerly anticipate and consume. Eric, Tom, and the crew: love games, are devoted to the show, and take the time to include and interact with the gaming community at large. If you are already an avid board gamer, an aspiring collector, or a new hobbyist this is the place to listen. I recommend listening while online, and using BoardGameGeek as a supplement to lookup games mentioned. It is a very entertaining use of your online mess about internet time. This podcast is the reason I am growing to love board gaming and is responsible for many games being owned and played by myself and my greater family. Give it a listen. Four stars, as some of the segments in each show can not be all that interesting, but variety and overall entertainment factor is still high.

The dice tower, a perfect 10!   (5/5)

The dicetower is a GREAT show for board gamers. Each week there Tom & Eric each share a fun list of 10 board games that are there favorite on a common theme. The interaction between Tom and Eric is great as they banter about new games... or (to Tom's dismay) discuss Merchant of Venus one more time. There are a host of contributors that also share their perspective and unique view points on a common theme, or something completely off the wall. One example is Geoff Engelstein explores statistical sides of games, but it is amazingly enjoyable. And Mary, Mark, Giles, Moritz... all of the contributors are all great. If you enjoy modern board games and want to hear about new games, classic games, and mostly enjoy hearing about the people who play games, this is a great show for you. Now I must "Shut that door."

Highly Recommended For Curious Gamers   (5/5)

Great content! Tom, Eric, and the others know what they are talking about. Some nice, informative segments from Moritz and Geof. Good stuff!

Wide variety makes it good   (5/5)

Great podcast to listen to on my commute. Of course, I better learn to only listen on my drive home or I'll be too distracted at work thinking about games all day.

Best gaming podcast   (5/5)

While recent format experiments have made the show drag a bit in places, the podcast continues to be the most entertaining and informative look at boardgames in the world of podcasts.

Great boardgame podcast   (5/5)

There are many boardgame podcasts now, but the Dice Tower podcast remains up there with the elite few. This podcast is very professionally produced, compared to some, and I look forward to it every 2 weeks. I'm always interested in the Top 10 list, both to see what interesting topic they pick, and to hear what the hosts opinions are. This is a good podcast to hear about what's new in gaming and to hear some reviews about new games. Great banter between the two hosts.

The Dice Tower is great   (5/5)

Simply the best Board Game podcast out there. Reviews are concise and to the point, segments are very helpful. Keep up the good work!! Thanks

Smile for the content, grimace for the audio   (4/5)

The handful of other gaming podcasts I follow all treat the Dice Tower (and, by extension, Tom) as the benevolent eldest brother of the genre, and you can tell why -- Tom knows what he's talking about, and the game companies seem to be funneling him all of the information that they want the gaming community to know. But the audio quality varies wildly from contributor to contributor. Tom himself sounds a bit muffled, and poor Moritz Eggert often sounds as if he is recording inside a jet engine. It's a bit odd that Eric, who identifies himself as the sidekick, has by far the best recording equipment of the lot, probably thanks to his day job as a voiceover actor. If you follow only one gaming podcast, it should be this one -- you will enjoy it, and all of the other gaming podcasters will assume you're listening to it anyway.

A great podcast.   (5/5)

This is my “Must Hear” list every week. I wait eagerly for the download of the new episodes. It opened up a whole world of games I never knew exists. Great stuff. Keep up the good work. Only improvement I would suggest would be a little more on war games. Maybe a consistent contributor in that area. And “no” Joe didn’t tell me to write that.

Great board game podcast   (5/5)

This ia a very entertaining podcast about board games. There is a good variety of different contributers which really adds to the enjoyment and different points of view.

A great podcast all about board games   (5/5)

Are you getting into designer-style board games or are a veteran gaming? Either way Tom & Eric bring an hour plus of entertainment every other week. Tom has been doing podcasts for several years and has refined the production to near perfection. You will be entertained with news on new games, classics, the "top-10 list" and several guest-host inserts. I look forward to each episode.

Just pure fun!!   (5/5)

I throw this podcast into my car and listen to it on my way to work. Enjoy every minute of it and would highly recommend it!!

the meat and potatoes of boardgame podcasts   (5/5)

Long-time listener (coming up on 3rd year). This boardgamer's podcast is so cosmopolitan, so complete, that I didn't get around to even noticing other podcasts until four months ago, when Cody&John decided to throw a fundraiser for somebody or other. I digress. Eric and Tom, thank you for the news, and the guests, and for whetting my boardgame-purchasing appetite. Please keep them coming!

Thanks for the board game show!   (5/5)

Thanks. Great show. Appreciate the time the two of you put in for fans of board games.

Best mix of board game talk and experience   (5/5)

For the last year, the Dice Tower was stuck in a rut of the same comments and the same games every episode. However the new host has breathed new life in what was a stuggling podcast. The new episodes have more arguments between the hosts, which they should probably explore more, and so they are more interesting to listen to.

The best board game podcast   (5/5)

With a highly knowledgable host, highly knowledgable contributors, and Eric Summerer, The Dice Tower podcast is the premiere podcast for all things that a board game geek would find interesting. Always a pleasure to listen to, and offers prizes on a regular basis.

My favorite boardgame podcast   (5/5)

As boardgame podcasts go this one is my favorites. The production values are good and the hosts know their topic. They also have a plethora of guests who span a wide variety of the board game genre. The podcast is full of useful information from the latest board game releases, strategy tips, game history, articles on mechanics, and reviews. The top ten lists are great! Plus, the length of the shows is just right.

Really great podcast   (5/5)

I'd just like to say this podcast goes above and beyond your typical podcast. They've got guests, they've got special segments, they've got reviews and they've even got a fancy announcer voice guy (hi eric!). Overall, if you love boardgames, you owe it to yourself to give this a listen. Excellent stuff guys. Keep it up.

A Great Listen   (5/5)

I really enjoy listening to Eric and Tom on the Dicetower. The lists are always a lot of fun and informative. I am always getting some neat ideas for new games, and encouraged to revist some older ones. There are also quite a few different segments to tickle many fancies.

Great podcast for board gaming   (5/5)

I just started listening to podcasts at work because I find them more entertaining than music most days. I wanted to listen to something about board games, and happened upon The Dice Tower. It is by far the best one I've listened to, and my favorite among the podcasts I've tried. It's great, and the reviews and top ten lists are very informative. My only complaint is that it makes me want to buy more games than I need.

The granddaddy of them all   (4/5)

Very good podcast. There is lots of variety in the show, many different voices adding their thoughts to the mix. Some are more interesting than others, but overall, the content is very good. I like the top ten lists, I like the reviews, I like the sometimes conflicting views of different topics. I especially like the contests, and hope this review gets me something good! ;)

catacombs and flapjacks   (5/5)

The dice tower is a well informed show with great information about games. And even though they didn't sing from the mountains about my game Flapjacks and Sasquatches I still think they are great.

Great Podcast   (5/5)

This podcast introduced me to the great world of boardgaming. It's an amazing that Tom, who is presently in Korea, was able to encourage and educate someone like me halfway across the world. The Dice Tower provides great insights into the gaming world, they have great guest contributors and the top 10 lists are fun and informative. The addition of Eric has provided some great voiceovers and clever banter. The Dice Tower can also save you money by sampling games for you and providing you with good reviews. Of course, they can also cost you money by telling you about every great new boardgame!

Very Balanced Perspective   (5/5)

Tom and Eric provide a great dialogue and various perspectives on many board games. They speak their minds, but it's all clean and in good fun. If you're looking to learn anything about board games, this is a great place to start, and continue with for years.

Hands down the best boardgame podcast   (5/5)

This podcast is without doubt the best podcast on boardgames! Tom Vasel provides a great variety of games that he reviews from the family friendly children games to the hard core games that take many hours to play. I love that he includes his daughters in his top 100 lists and keeps any pompousness out of his videos and presents the games in a friendly manner. Keep it up Tom, (and Eric, Chief & Dexter, Geoff, Moritz, Mary, Giles, Jim, Joe and any others I forgot!

Very good board game podcast   (4/5)

I have been listening for many episodes and still enjoy this board game focused podcast. Nice combination of segments with my favorite all time podast section the Top Ten list. They cover new and old boardgames. Eric has been a great addition and is a nice counter to Tom. Both bring a passion about gaming to the podcast and deliver a very high quality podcast every time out. WOuld have given this 5 stars but I have still trying to get Jiles(sp) and that octupus segment out of my mind. Just writing about that gives me the chills

The Dice Tower still rolls along   (5/5)

I still have a collection of over 200 board/card games and the Dice Tower still is right up my alley. Keep on rollin' guys! Steve

Always on my must listen list!   (4/5)

The Dice Tower is one of several podcasts that I always make sure I listen to. Eric has been a great addition as co-host and I feel like they've been digging a bit more into games and really giving more in-depth reviews than before. I find the quality of the extra contributers to be hit-and-miss and could do with a couple less but the show always has a wide variety of content. If you like board games it's well worth a listen!

The good and the bad about games.   (5/5)

Great podcast. I have about 10 board gaming podcasts on my ipod, but this one is on the top of my list. I listen to this as soon as I can. I really like the interaction between Eric and Tom. The Game Tech reviews cover really cool topics, most of the time. The length of the podcast is just right. I also like that they do not give all games a glowing review. You hear about the games you should play and the games to avoid.

Glad I found you!   (5/5)

At a FLGS I was talking to someone and mentioned hearing something on a podcast and he asked me; "The Dice Tower?" I told him no, but added the podcast to my list of podcasts I listen too at work. Boy am I ever gald I did. I love the interaction between you guys, the guest slots you have on and can not wait for a new episode. Keep it up Guys!

If you only have time for one Board Game podcast. . .   (5/5)

If you only have time for one Board Game podcast, you should find more time. But if you can't find more time, this is the podcast for you. It is chock full of info about all the latest designer board games as well as some older ones that have stood the test of time. Plenty of contributers from around the globe give balanced perspectives. Tom and Eric put out a very professional podcast that's fun to listen to.

Great Gaming Podcast   (5/5)

The Dice Tower is the first gaming podcast I found and still one of the best. It is both entertaining and very informative. My favorite segment is gametech.

Better than ever!   (5/5)

I only started listening to the dice tower recently, but I immediately downloaded all the back episodes, so I've heard the Sam episodes and the Joe episodes and now the Eric episodes. I really like Eric and Tom's interaction and banter much better than the other two pair, which is all the more surprising since they're not even on the same continent when recording (yet!). I highly recommend this show to anyone interested in the board gaming hobby. Some segments may not appeal to everyone, but you can always fast-forward! Best of all, the language is clean so I don't have to worry about sensitive ears when I have this on in the car! Two thumbs up!

Play board games? Listen to the dice tower   (5/5)

If you play any type of board game, you should put the Dice Tower in your rotation. It's consistent with at least an episode a month. Tom and his current co-host Eric, will often re-review a game to see if it's held up over time. The game reviews are current, so if you are looking for some information on a game introduced in 2008, check out the episodes from 2008. The Top 10 lists for games of each year was very helpful, doing so provided me with possible ideas on what to pick up at garage sales and thrift stores, the new shiny isn't always the best. Then there are the Top 10 lists for different themes. Best two player games, best party games, etc. And while I may not always agree, I always get ideas from their feedback. Lastly, contributions; Tom has lined up a whole host of contributors that you will not get anywhere else. Again, you may not agree with a specific opinion, but there is just so much diversity in the contributions you are bound to learn something or view a game differently after listening. Also, check out the dice tower website for explanations and detailed reviews of a game...prior to buying it.

Great podcast!   (5/5)

Tom and Eric put on a really great show. They have lots of contributers that provide interesting perspectives on the hobby and various aspects of it. I always especially enjoy Geoff's segments about the science and technology behind board gaming. Overall, it's a good show, and I whole-heartedly recommend it to anyone who loves (or even just likes) board games!

A great source for my board gaming reviews and news.   (5/5)

I really enjoyed the Dice Tower when I first listened to it with Tom and Sam. I am delighted to say I enjoy it just as much now that Eric has joined Tom. I really appreciate that we hear about family games on the podcast, I love hearing about games to try with my three year old. Keep up the great work!

Great boardgaming podcast - actually just a great podcast   (5/5)

The Dice Tower is one of three podcasts I listen to regularly. Great production quality, huge stable of regular contributors, reviews, commentary and news on board games old and new, all hosted in an exciting and fun manner by Tom and Eric with plenty of commentary and humor from them. You can tell they love boardgames, and they love podcasting.

A great general board game podcast   (4/5)

Tom and Eric offer a great show every other week with a top-ten style discussion of a number of board games. Reviews do go into just enough depth to determine if a game is worth looking into in more detail. Contributors from around the world add to the shows charm. Definetly a great listen.

Easily the best boarg gaming podcast   (1/5)

The most entertaining and best board gaming podcast out there. Great contributors too from all over the globe. Amusing and informative. Highly recommended

Very Entertaining   (5/5)

Good hosts, good variety of content, and keeps you up to date with the latest trends in board gaming.

Great Family Friendly Podcast   (5/5)

Tom Vasel's podcast is nearing 175 episodes...each of which has been produced with professional quality in mind. The show is broken up into specific segments including a fascinating section on Game technology, a Top Ten review, commentary from various parts of the world, and whatever else they happen to throw in (my favorite being comentary by Moritz Eggert). I strongly recommend this show if you are interested in the board game hobby.

Good job   (4/5)

You guys are great and the best part is many of the podcasts I used to listen to stopped producing but this is one I enjoy and can't wait for the next podcast

My guide to board games!   (5/5)

Tom and Eric have helped me decide what board games to buy and what to avoid and saved me tons of money! While sometimes there are games they like and I don't, we have similiar taste overall and their review's are always insightful. This is the only board gaming podcast I listen too since On Board Games has been on hiatus for a while, but then again I live an hour away from the host and can just pester him IRL =)

must for gamers   (5/5)

this is a must for anyone interested in boardgames, the show is an ever evolving twice monthly hour plus of gaming goodness. check it out.

The Best Podcast on Board Games   (5/5)

I currently listen to five gaming podcasts on my commute, but it started with the Dice Tower, and DT is still the best out there. Tom and Eric provide wonderful commentary, both informative and entertaining. The network of contributors Tom has collected over the years is stellar and keeps the show interesting. What used to be somewhat of a cult following has now become the beacon of board game entertainment. Thanks guys for some great work!

Great and informative   (5/5)

I'm new to the hobby and would have to say that The Dice Tower just adds excitement to my journey through the world of board games. Tom and Eric are really fun to listen to and their passion for games comes through in the show.

In my Top Ten   (5/5)

I listen to a lot of gaming podcasts, and this is one of the best. The show is constructed with the right amount of information, banter, and humor. My primary board game podcast. Definitely in my top ten.

Dice Tower , still bringing it.....   (4/5)

STILL THE BEST, After all the years and hosts, still remains as the podcast that influences my purchases the most. Good balance of fun and information.

Great for general boardgame goodness   (4/5)

Tom and Eric are extremely intense gamers and their passion shows through on every episode. They have a wide variety of contributors who offer a whole bunch of different viewpoints and expertise on different subjects. There are tons of game reviews and listening to the podcast will make you want to play more boardgames!

best board game podcast   (5/5)

they have it all, knowledge, background, a great sense of humor. and a nice international set of contributors. and not too long (you hear me, d6 generation?)

A little something for everyone   (5/5)

The Dice Tower is back and better than ever with Tom's latest co-host Eric (whose opinions/reviews handily almost always match mine). The variety show format means that there's something for everyone, and for every segment that I can do without (e.g. The Chief), there are 2 more I'm really looking forward to (e.g. Game Tech, Mortiz's ramblings). I find the year-end reviews particularly helpful/intersting. Two thumbs up!

Solid, but too long.   (3/5)

I really do like the podcast, but sometimes it seems like with all the reviews and other features that are packed into each episode, it's just gone on too long. I sometimes forget what they were talking about at the beginning of the show by the time I get to the end. The reviews are solid, focusing on how each game is played and how the mechanics work. Other features (such as Game Tech) almost deserve their own separate podcast. I'd recommend this podcast to any die-hard board game players, but if you are just starting out, this may be almost too much of a good thing.

Game Reviews Galore   (5/5)

The most important thing I'm looking for in a game podcast is game reviews. Nobody gives you more than Tom and Eric. The pair of them each have their own opinions and they work well together. And with Tom putting Heroscape near the top of his all-time best games list, I tend to give his opinions a lot of weight.

I listen to it every time!   (4/5)

Do you really need a better review. I like this show. If you are a board game geek... this is a must listen.

Good Boardgaming Personalities   (5/5)

Tom and Erik speak very clearly about lots of different boardgames. There is different segments which show the many aspects of boardgaming, and give great reviews. The top 10 lists are fun to listen to, and give a good review of lots of boardgames. The show is very entertaing, but can run for a long time. I would suggest it to anyone who is new to the hobby, or would like a fresh take on new and old games.

Thumbs Up, Tom and Eric!   (4/5)

The Dice Tower is a well made podcast, and one of my two go-to Podcasts for entertainment and news about hobby gaming. Lately, I have especially enjoyed their top ten lists detailing games from 2005, 2000, and now 1995. As someone who has only recently come into the hobby (Tabletop RPGd and CCGd for many years, but boardgames more recently) it is fantastic to have a regularly updated podcast that is humorous, with high sound quality, so that I can hear about what I've been missing! Thanks for the hard work, guys!

Good reviews for a wide variety of games   (4/5)

If you are intrested in war games, euro games, party games, or kids games. This podcast covers them all.

A Very Good Podcast   (4/5)

I've rated this podcast a solid '4'. I look forward to each episode and listen to the opinions expressed. While I don't agree with everything said, I respect the experience of the podcasters. The production values and editing are solid, and there is very little time wasted on silliness. Eric is an improvement on previous co-hosts, and Tom, as always, is solid. The gems here are usually provided by the various contributors, who offer counterpoint to the the hosts. Solid overall. Should be in your podcast rotation if you care about boardgames.

One-stop shopping for boardgaming podcast-ness   (5/5)

Tom and and new host Eric do an excellent job rounding up new games and highlighting old ones. Their top 10 lists are always fun, and they've collected a great bunch of international contributors who add their own perspectives on the boardgaming world. Top marks for this well-produced, enjoyable podcast.

Great quality, well-structured   (5/5)

If you are looking for the best podcast in terms of quality, you need to look no further. I listen to 6 boardgaming podcasts, and this one is by far the best structured and varied podcast... the most 'professional'. Probably the thing i like the most is the fact that between all the different program sections (game reviews, top ten lists, etc), Eric and Tom get to discuss A LOT of different games; they give you a good sense of the variety of games that are out there. Having said that, it is not my favorite of the 6 that I listen to because our taste in games and reviews don't always match (eg Vasco da Gama was not good? Too mechanical? I thought it was great!). I enjoy more complex euro games and also some wargames. I'm not always into a lot of the lighter euro and party games Tom is into. In that regard, it is nice to have Eric on board to provide a contrasting view. For example, he enjoys Indonesia, a complex 'mathy' game I like a lot. All in all, this is a Grade A podcast.

Fantastic!   (5/5)

A really fantastic podcast for fairly serious gamers. If the world of hobby games is a mystery to you, this might not be the place to start. But the hosts are very knowledgeable and it's pretty entertaining.

Informative and entertaining   (5/5)

The dice tower is my go to podcast for boardgame reviews and news on new games. The main hosts are entertaining, but the real stars of the show are the guest stars, in particular Moritz Eggert. I find Moritz to be both knowledgeable and passionate, and have highly enjoyed the games that I have bought base on his recommendations. Definetely worth checking out.

My Favorite Board/Card Gaming Podcast   (5/5)

This is the first board and card gaming podcast I started listening to last year when I entered the hobby and it's still my favorite. Tom's vast knowledge and general enthusiasm for the games he loves is inspiring and fuels my own. This podcast has introduced me to many great games. I love the wide variety of contributors to the show. They keep things fresh. Also, Eric's added a lot to the current format. He comes from a different angle most of the time which helps offer a second opinion. The Dice Tower is an entertaining and informational resource for any board or card game enthusiast.

Very informative and entertaining   (5/5)

Love this podcast. I find it very entertaining yet very informative. Even though it can be almost 2 hours in length, I still find myself listening to the entire episode.

My favorite board game podcast   (5/5)

By far the best board game podcast out there. Tom works well with his co-host Eric. Giving excellent reviews and top ten lists. Always interesting and one of the main causes of the great increase of my collection over the last few years. Weather you are new to hobby gaming or been doing it for a while don't miss this bi-weekly podcast.

Great podcast   (5/5)

I like the banter between Tom and Eric. Good range of topics and guests.

Great Show!   (5/5)

I'm fairly new to the board gaming hobby. When I first started getting into the hobby I found Tom's video reviews to be extremely helpful in determining what games to buy. Then I found out that he had a podcast and immediately subscribed. The show is great. I especially enjoy the banter between Tom and Eric. The reviews are very helpful and I like the variety in the contributors to the podcast. The show is very well put together and I'd recommend it to anyone with a taste for board games.

dicetower   (5/5)

I have listened to 4 or 5 boardgaming podcast's and this one is by far the best one.To add to that it just keeps getting better in my opinion, especially since Eric has joined as Co-host. Its always entertaining and I am always eager to hear the next episode.

Best board gaming podcast   (5/5)

I am relatively new to the board gaming hobby, and this podcast is great to listen to. With multiple sources contributing to each podcast you are sure to find a reviewer with similar tastes as yourself. Not only are they knowledgeable about games from all genres, you can win free games! Maybe I shouldn't have said that...

One of the best boardgame podcasts... not that that   (3/5)

Against podcasts in general, this show is fairly mediocre, but I've had to accept that there simply aren't people in this hobby charismatic enough to produce something as entertaining as Fast Karate or the Bombcast. It IS a totally nerdy pursuit after all. Judged against other boardgaming 'casts, I'd rank it second only to the D6 Generation. As a source of information and opinion it's very useful (though I do wish it wasn't slanted so heavily toward eurogames), but I just wish it was more FUN to listen to.

Just couldnt get into it   (2/5)

They obviously know their stuff and I realize that these guys are big on some popular forums, but I just couldnt get into this podcast. I actually feel the show is overproduced and could be much more entertaining if it was more free flowing. Instead of feeling as though the conversations are genuine they come off as scripted and rehearsed. I found the humor too scripted and formal, and well, not that funny actually. I feel like the main guy REALLY needs to maintain his property, so there are very clear demarcations of superiority in this show. That really bothers me. In fact, one of the contributors will discuss subjects with his wife, yet he talks over the wife each and every time she tries to get a word in. If she finishes her point, he then re-iterates what she just said as though to give it credibility. Theres a very obvious social structure in this podcast and that ruined a lot of it for me. At first there seems like theres a lot of content in each episode, but I found the actual content was minimal. It seemed that for any given game the contributor (of which there are many with a variety of audio quality issues) will spend their allotted time explaining how much fun they had but really not much more. To fill up the time, this impression will be described in as many ways it takes to fill that alloted time. There were too few times I actually learned about a game or what made it intriguing, innovative, or compelling. Just "its a really really fun game. After 6 tries, I ultimately got too frustrated trying to enjoy this so I unsubscribed.

If you listen to one boardgaming podcast this should be it...   (5/5)

Very informative and fun. Different contributors keep every episode fresh and provide something for everyone.

The Standard   (5/5)

Just a great show! A lot of effort and time is put into this podcast. The discussions are thoughtful and on the money. Worth listening to over everything else.

One of the best board game podcast   (5/5)

There are quite a few board game podcasts around, and the Dice Tower is one of the best, for several reasons. Tom and Sam don't hesitate to criticize a game when they don't like it, and praise games they like. The format, based around segments from many contributors, is refreshing and provide many different view points on the board gaming world, from family gaming to cultural ties to the math behind games, and many more. I definitely recommend this podcast.

Great boardgame podcast!   (5/5)

The Dice Tower is a great board game podcast. The combination of session reports, witty banter, and game reviews from the two main hosts combine seamlessly with a large number of guest segments from individuals all over the globe (many of whom have their own podcasts!). When you throw in contests, there's really no reason that you shouldn't be listening to this show RIGHT NOW!

Best Boardgame Podcast Bar None!   (5/5)

If you are interested in modern board games this is the must-listen #1 show for you. The dice tower is far and away the best podcast available. Why? The quality of the production is unmatched. Unlike many others, which seem to be spontaneous rambling, the dicetower is chock full of short to the point feature segments. One thing I really love about the dice tower in particular is when talking about games the commentary understandable to someone who knows nothing about the games that you are being discussed. Too many podcasts spend 20-30 minutes reading the rulebook of the game or going into in-depth strategy of a game you know nothing about. The dice tower does a great job of synthesizing for listeners the basic concepts of the games being discussing and explaining who would or would not like the game you are discussing and or reviewing. Not to mention it is just a lot of fun to listen too. Heck even my wife won't make me turn it off when it's playing, now if thats not a ringing endorsement I don't know what is. Download this, now, you won't be dissapointed.

Listen to the back episodes   (5/5)

This podcast is one of the only podcasts that I actually care to go back and listen to the old episodes. Even old episodes have relevant game reviews and opinions. As a bonus, the podcast continues to get better with time, so I look forward to many useful hours of Dice Tower listening.

The definitive Board Game Podcast   (5/5)

The Dice Tower wasn't the first Board Game Podcast, but it has become the definitive one for insightful, informative, and opinionated content. There is a ton of variety in this show with Tom and Sam discussing both European and American (and sometimes Korean!) style games. They also involve content from many contributors to fill in the gaps in their expertise. Wargamers, family gamers, and stats fanatics will all find something here to appreciate. Keep it up!

A professional program on boardgames   (5/5)

If you are into boardgames, this is the best program to listen to. In addition to their own opinions, Tom and Sam, the presenters of the podcast, have all the latest news on what games have come out, are about to come out, or maybe come out at some point in the future. In addition, they have an excellent support cast of contributors from all over the world to keep us up with the German gaming scene, the science of boardgames, the latest in wargames and general gaming philosophy. I listen to many podcasts, and some of the grow old after a couple of months, but I am enjoying the dicetower for several years already!

Fun and Informative   (5/5)

If you are looking for information on table top games, look no further. I hope this podcast continues for a long time.

A very good podcast on tabletop games   (4/5)

While it's not my favorite boardgame-related podcast (that would be The Spiel), The Dice Tower is an excellent resource for those in the boardgaming hobby or those who are interested in the hobby. Tom Vasel especially has a deep knowledge of boardgames. The number of segments on the show has made it a bit sluggish from time to time, but it remains one of the best podcasts in the hobby.

Something for Everyone   (4/5)

Tom Vasel is a game reviewing machine. (That's a good thing). With over 800 written reviews, 100+ video reviews, and 300-something podcasts, this man definitely has some opinions on board games. The podcasts are typically about 50 minutes long, which is fairly in-depth, but they keep things lively by having a number of different segments and contributors to each show. This mix of styles, voices, personalities, and discussion topics really ensures that there's something for everyone in this podcast. If you like board games, or might be interested in learning what's out there, I urge you to try this podcast. There's definitely more than monopoly and life, if you know where to look.

Great Show   (5/5)

Thie is a fun and informative show. Every few weeks Tom and Sam bring the exciting world of board games to my iPod and I am thankful for it. It is a great resource for finding out about games. Although, beware this can become addicting!

A Consistently Great Boardgaming Podcast   (5/5)

The Dice Tower was the first Podcast that I ever listened to, and I've never missed an episode since I started. It's still one of my favorites. I especially enjoy the Top 10 Boardgames lists, as they give a useful number of recommendations in a very specific category. Keep up the great work, Tom and Sam!

Good, clean board gaming fun!   (5/5)

The Dice Tower is everything a board gamer would want from a podcast. Tom and Sam cover just about every area of the gaming industry. Anything that they don't talk about themselves is covered by guests of the show. I enjoy the reviews, previews, and fun banter/chatter between these two wonderful hosts. The Dice Tower is also a clean show safe for the whole family to listen to (except for the times when Sam goes ballistic on the game Thebes or anyone mention C.P.P to Tom ;-) I have followed The Dice Tower since episode one and I continue to do so until/if it comes to an end.

The Dice Tower is consistently the best gaming podcast   (5/5)

As an avid gamer, and listener to many board game podcasts, I can say with confidence that the Dice Tower is easily the best. While there are other quality podcasts, the Dice Tower has stayed my favorite for several years. The hosts are always funny and knowledgeable, and they manage to pack a lot into a short amount of time. My other favorite thing about the show is the wide variety of international contributors. Whether a hard core gamer or a new comer to the hobby, check it out, you'll love it!

The best boardgaming podcast   (5/5)

The Dice Tower is variety-type podcast about on contemporary boardgames. Unlike old-school games such as Monopoly, Risk, and the like, these boardgames are geared towards adults, play quickly, and are focused on strategy and tactics instead of luck. The host, Tom Vasel, is the probably most prolific game-reviewer in the hobby and offers recomendations and commentary on games he has played. If you are new to the hobby, this podast is an excellent place to get some suggestions on games you might like and if you are an old shoe, you should already be listening.

Great Gaming Podcast   (4/5)

I never miss the show. Tom and Sam have great insights into the boardgaming hobby, including their always interesting top-10 lists.

Episode #134   (4/5)

Generally informative and entertaining for both gamers and beginners. Love the Top Ten lists- and now additonal contributors adding their own versions adds variety.

Boards Games Best Ever Podcast   (5/5)

I live in a country where board games are very expensive. Therefore I must purchase with care and make sure I choose a game that I will like and please my wife and friends. The Dice tower gives the greatest and latest news on board games. When you listen to the dice tower it's like trying before you buy it. Tom and Sam are excellent host and with different people around the world sharing board games, it makes an excellent informative show. People who are into board gaming or thinking about purchasing a board game should listen to the dice tower to maximize their purchase.

entertaining, enlightening, professional   (5/5)

The Dice Tower boardgame podcast is consistently good. Over the last few years they have tweaked the format, added great contributors, and steadily improved the production value. Tom Vasel is a leader in the boardgame community, one of the most recognized reviewers. The podcast covers a broad range of boardgame styles and weights, reflecting the eclectic tastes of the hosts. Games as varried as Descent, Zooloretto, and Wits and Wagers are appreciated. Give The Dice Tower a try. -Patrick

The finest gaming podcast   (5/5)

For those who enjoy hobby board-gaming, this is the finest podcast to listen to. The Top 10 lists are a lot of fun, and Tom and Sam are great hosts. Their personalities play well off of each other, and they give quality opinions of the most recent games. Combine that with a bunch of great segments, and quality contests, you have a great podcast. Episodes come out bi-weekly.

I love this show   (5/5)

I listen to the Dice Tower in my car whenever I drive by myself (not often enough as I'm in a vanpool). I love the witty rapore between Tom and Sam. We seem to share a common set of games that we enjoy. Keep them coming...

The Only Board Game Podcast You Need!   (5/5)

If you are into hobby gaming (or not) you need to listen to Tom and Sam. These guys provide a knowledgable look at the world of gaming without the snobbery that some bring to the hobby. These guys truly love playing games and it shows. Great show!

Favorite Board Game Podcast   (5/5)

I am fairly new to the board gaming world and looked to get some thoughts on games I should consider. Eventually I stumbled across the dice tower and have been listening ever since. I tried some others, but in my opinion this is the best and I now listen faithfully. Sam and Tom do a great job of mixing up the show. I hold them both personally responsible for my growing library of games :) Could not encourage you more to listen!

A nice mix of features.   (4/5)

There are three things I really like about this boardgame commentary podcast: (1) The hosts regularly feature content from "guest" commentators. (2) Because the hosts regularly game with people who are new to the hobby, they have good insights into what works with newbies. (3) The top ten lists. Top ten lists are inherently interesting, and provide a good hook to talk about what works well in different games.

The best board/card game podcast on the web.   (5/5)

I listen to a _lot_ of gaming podcasts, including pretty much every board game podcast on on the web. Tom, Sam, and their ever-rotating panel of guests cover "modern" board and card games better and more entertainingly than anyone else. In a little over an hour, you'll hear reviews of at least 20 games, usually more, as well as spots on news, contests, game theory, and even thrift-store diving. The Dice Tower gives you more bang for your listening minute than any other podcast on the web.

The Essential Eurogame Podcast   (5/5)

The Dice Tower is currently the essential Eurogame podcast; the gang puts out proffessional quality, regular shows, with a wide range of contributers who add specialized segments, play games before they review them, are willing to give a bad review, and the banter between the hosts is entertaining. I can count on the Dice Tower to provide reviews of games I'm interested in, and not simply a recutation of the rules. I can count on the Dice Tower to enlighten me to older games that maybe I haven't heard of, but have some merit in a Top 10 list.

Best gaming podcast   (5/5)

This is a great podcast for people who enjoy games and/or those looking to explore the gaming hobby. It's a lighthearted show with less jargon and less snootiness than other gaming podcasts out there. Each episode focuses loosely around a Top 10 List, but don't let the show titles fool you...more than half of the episode is devoted to session reports, game news and notes, and general chit-chat (which is nevertheless informative). Experienced gamers will benefit from the insight here--Tom is one of the most prolific game reviewers in the gaming hobby. But this show is accessible and fun even if your knowledge of boardgames is very limited. I download and listen to about a dozen podcasts, but I always smile when a new Dice Tower episode comes out...This is one podcast you shouldn't miss.

entertaining, informative and opinionated   (4/5)

Entertaining and informative program about new boardgames. The hosts are comfortable behind the mic, and it's fun to hear their personalities come through and to hear differing opinions on various games.

A great source for all your gaming needs!   (5/5)

The Dice Tower podcast is a great source of information on Board Games. It has a large variety of segments that cover a wide range of board gaming topics from wargaming to european style board games. Each episode includes a top ten list that includes mini reviews on board games. These reviews are a huge help to the average gamer looking for a great game in a particular genre. Overall I rate the dice tower at 5 stars!

The Chinning Bar   (5/5)

Although Mark Johnson and then Aldie & Derk were probably the founding fathers of gaming podcasts, Tom and Sam have definitely started from the shoulders of those giants and have created _the_ podcast that covers boardgames. What's to like about The Dice Tower? Quality reviews, engaging banter, fun contests, and many guests who contribute from various areas of expertise. I'll admit, I listen to a lot of gaming podcasts, but this one is always first in line.

Entertaining, Informative Podcast   (4/5)

The Dice Tower may not be the absolute best of the boardgame podcasts out there, but Tom is still very well-connected and has great knowledge about the hobby. I listen regularly and enjoy it a lot!

dreams unfulfilled   (2/5)

I found this podcast and was initially quite excited to give it a full listen, and hopefully dig into the archives. However, I found the sound quality made it hard to really get a good feel. Also, I found that most of the games that were talked about were not really explained at all. The explanation was mostly just, this game was fun or this game was annoying. One game in particular that I thought proved this point, is a review of zoo something or other. Upon first mention I perked up, but nothing was said about the game at all, I still have no idea what the game even is about. Some might like this podcast, but I found it hard to get anything out of.

The Classic Variety Show of Gaming Podcasts   (5/5)

I don't agree with Tom and Sam on everything, and pretty much every episode one of them manages to use a word that does not mean what they think it means, but this is a podcast I am always inteerested in listening to.

It's glory days are long gone.   (1/5)

This podcast has gone way downhill since its early days. The top 10 lists are tired and old. The humor is terrible, and the show is grossly overproduced.

Excellent reviews, fun to listen to...   (5/5)

Tom and Sam present a really great podcast for those who are new to the world of boardgaming (I can't speak for those more experienced...not yet, anyway). The show is accessible (though it helps to listen to episode 0) and the hosts are entertaining. There are occasional audio issues with their correspondents on other podcasts, but generally the quality is great. If you're new to boardgaming (Eurogames, card games, etc.; but generally not wargames or RPGs), then definitely check them out. If you're not should definitely check them out anyway! -Zach

The Dice Tower is best boardgame podcast   (5/5)

I was looking for podcast to cover boardgames. I tried several with mixed results. But, The Dice Tower is by far, the best one I found. I haven't played many board games recently, but this show pointed me in the right direction.