Aggregated reviews for The Dollop with Dave Anthony and Gareth Reynolds

Comedians Dave Anthony and Gareth Reynolds picks a subject from history and examine it.

Do yourself a favor. Shut up, listen and laugh to dis (5/5)

Best podcast. Informative, intellectual, insightful and idiotic. It is most definitely worth your time to start at the beginning. The development of this show from just a guy reading to a guy reading to a friend to the now international sensation that it’s become it’s truly organic. Ignore all the bitter/negative posts and find out for yourself that this show is fan-diddly-tastic. I’m curious to see what this Patreon membership brings

Cannot get enough!! (5/5)

It’s a rare treat to be educated while laughing so hard. I can’t get enough!

I love it (5/5)

I have never laughed so hard in my entire life. This is my new favorite podcast.

Wheensy’s review (5/5)

I second the dollop

The Best Around (and nothin’s ever gonna keep em down) (5/5)

I have one reason, and really only one reason, that I have podcasting apps on any of my devices, and that is the dream team comprised of Anthony and Reynolds. While I do enjoy Point vs Point, Gareth’s other show, I just can’t enjoy it 1/10th as much as I do this show. Acerbic, dry, wet, and ingenious, they take audio shows to the highest art. I hope that they never stop. LADY GIMLET IS MY DREAM GIRL!

Waste of time (1/5)

Interesting topics and decent commentary besides the constant pandering to the left. When they try to dabble in science or religion their disgusting ignorance is almost to much to bear. White people are evil, we only have 10 years due to climate change and conservatives are horrible racists lol.

It’s pronounced.......jk (5/5)

This podcast peers into what America was and mostly still is today. Ranging from the corrupt institutions of corporations to the correct posture when watching girls from afar without them knowing. Dave Anthony, toilet user/carbon dioxide producer/sock wear-er, reads a story from American history, to his nemesis/friend/guy he met in the bathroom of a K-Mart, Gareth Reynolds who has no idea what the topic is about. Dave Anthony researches the topic of the episode. He narrates his research with unapologetic truthfulness. No matter how insane it is. Few topics are too taboo to discuss, but I do feel there is a line that he does not cross. Not due to fear of losing listeners, but out of respect as a human being. Gareth Reynolds, a fluent improv mastermind, injects comedy into the story being told. With an arsenal of impressions and humorous dialogue, listeners can enjoy vicariously through Gareth. But not to the point of a one man show waiting for the story to continue. If you’re a person who can handle brash, cold, and honest truth with hilarity, this podcast is for you. It does have profanity in it and should not be listened to by kids. I particularly enjoy episodes about political figures because you get unfiltered raw information that you don’t see from the media, who only wants to sway our opinions to their agenda. The Dollop cannot be bought and will always stand up for the mistreated. So have a listen, have an open mind, and don’t correct the pronunciation when listening live. gary, gary, Gary, Gary, GARY, GARY!!!!

First review ever! (5/5)

After a couple years of following The Dollop I figured it was time to give a curtsying to Dave and Gary, er Gareth, or whatever. Saying their (or is it they’re) funny seems shallow, they’re so much more. Kudos, you’re well suited Dave and Gareth... and Jose, or whatever ;)

So entertaining! (5/5)

I love history and comedians, so someone introduced me to this podcast about two or three months ago and I’m almost caught up on the episodes. Very fun way to learn little random snippets of history! I knew some of the stories but I always go down a rabbit hole after they do one that I don’t know. Gareth’s accents (especially Scottish) are hilarious!

Gone slightly downhill (3/5)

Gareth is the shining star, Dave should stick to reading stories, not trying comic relief. If the show was just Patton Oswalt and Gareth it would be the best podcast.

👍🏻 (5/5)

Your either in or out give it an episode before you decide.

Worth a listen (4/5)

The pre-recorded episodes are great - interesting, even-paced, and really funny. My favorite episodes are Purity Balls and the ones covering McCain and Reagan. The live shows are almost unbearable for me though and tend to leave me cringing.

😂😂😂 (5/5)

I love this podcast! Just 2 idiots making history a lot more interesting👍🏾

Annoying laughter through the entire episode (1/5)

One of them laughs ALL THE TIME and the sound is freaking annoying and distracting. Don’t you read the script before recording ??? Extremely unprofessional

Jokes are mediocre; Story telling was boring (1/5)

I’m not saying there weren’t a few laughs, there were... but my god, the first 15 minutes was sooo dry before the jokes trickled in very few and far between. However the humor, or lack thereof, is not what really earned the 1 Star. It’s the boring as hell telling of the actual history.

Political (3/5)

I have enjoyed your podcast since your first season. Unfortunately you have gotten to political for me.

Perfection (5/5)

The Dollop is pretty much the gold standard of comedy/information podcasts at this point. Hilarious, human, and incredibly well-researched, it’s the only pod I recommend to virtually anyone.

One of the best out there (4/5)

I’ve been listening to these two guys for years now. They have progressed and matured in their skills and are a joy to listen to, their podcast being filled with entertaining and enlightening content. Their content is very liberal at times which doesn’t bother me to often having grown up in SF CA, but because of this their podcast may not be for everyone, unless you like to listen to lots of different view points to be a well rounded and informed person. Amazingly people don’t always have to agree to enjoy each other and learn together. They work hard and I love what they do.

Happy 400th!!! (5/5)

It only took me listening to 400 episodes to leave a review. Just finished Reagan Part 2 and it may have been your best episode yet. Y’all have proven yourselves worthy of this review. Thanks for the laughs. Good luck on the next 400!

Do I laugh, cry or shoot myself? (5/5)

I have loved this podcast since my friend let me listen to the Purity Balls episode. This podcast fills me with all kind of emotions but really it just makes me want to be a better person to my fellow human beings. Dave and Gareth are awesome and thank you for your Plan It 10 movement.

Funniest show on the web (5/5)

Dave and Garreth's chemistry and wit you could crack a whip to are unmatched by any other. Found the podcast only a couple months ago and have already listened to over 100 episodes. I'll be really bummed out when I get through the rest of the backlog, but for now, weeeeee! Wonderful job to all involved.

One of the best (5/5)

Not every episode hits it out of the park but Dave and Gareth are consistently doing one of my favorite, most thought-provoking, hilarious and enraging podcasts out there. Dave is so thorough with his research, constantly finding stories from history that we’ve never heard and things we thought we knew everything about and exposing mind-boggling details about them. Some of their best are stories about former presidents and other high-profile people. You’ll end up looking at those people totally differently at the end. (I'm still reeling from the Dollop about John McCain. Why was he crashing so many planes?!) Gareth is so quick-witted, coming up with the most hilarious riffs on these wacky stories like it’s no big deal. It took years for my friend to get me on board with The Dollop and now I’m so glad I did.

Top 3 (5/5)

MFM, LPOTL, and The Dollop are my 3 fav podcasts. I really look forward to The Dollop every week and have downloaded the British Dollop, too! I agree that Gareth is better at improv than Dave, but I love Dave's laugh and their dynamic. I liked it more earlier when there was less of the "nemesis" thing going on, but every podcast should be allowed room to change and try things out. I'm a long time listener of this podcast - the true gold is laughing at the ridiculous things people did in the past. I also learned a ton about other more modern topics in the meantime. Good work, guys.

3 dimensional truth nuggets (5/5)

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you denounce your capitalistic ways, call people by the wrong names, and just maybe learn a little bit about history. Gareth Reynolds & Dave Anthony keep the depressing truth about history very in your face but at least can make you laugh about it. No two dimensional public school brainwashing here, it’s three dimensional truth nuggets in your face. We all love your work guys! I’m still rooting for Gary and José to work out their differences and salvage their relationship. Wish you two the best!

Good stories - Garbage humor (2/5)

Gareth is great with his improv, but Dave’s acerbic humor is based on little more than rape jokes and creepy voices (usually talking about sexual assaulting Gareth). He is funny in the same way that listening to Sam Kinison scream was funny. Except he’s talking about history. Stories are well written at least and provide a good starting point to learn more from a better source.

Whhhhyyyy (5/5)

How dare you have the greatest episode of podcasting history, episode 400, and make me wait to hear the conclusion. YOU MONSTERS!!! Seriously though LOVE the podcast. The dollop is an absolute joy to listen to.

❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ (5/5)

5 hearts and five stars. You guys are amazing. Thank you for delivering history in a way I understand and with great humor. Keep up the great work.

Perfection (5/5)

I love this podcast so much! I used to hate learning about history, but not anymore! These guys combine history and comedy in such a spectacular way. Do yourself a favor and subscribe, you’ll be so happy you did! Thank you to Dave and Gareth!

Love the Reagan one!!!! (5/5)

When y’all said America was coming out I immediately said “ As fat?!” Y’all are literally the funniest

One of my favorites! (5/5)

I don’t usually write reviews, but this podcast deserves one. Dave and Gareth have great chemistry, and keep me laughing through every episode while also teaching me stories from history of people/events that no school will teach you. I often find myself skipping my other favorite podcasts to listen to old episodes of The Dollop. 110% worth your time. As far as politics goes, I don’t find it intrusive to my listening experience. The only mention of politics is usually in TalkSpace ads, playfully mocking situations that Trump finds himself in. Other than that, they occasionally relate political happenings in history to modern day, which I find perfectly acceptable. As far as plagiarism goes, all sources are listed in the episode description, and on their sources website. Major sources are (now) mentioned in-episode, with other sources linked as usual. They crank out an episode out per week, and it’s equal parts comedy and history, so I don’t expect them to treat it like a college research paper when it comes to sources. If you do, you’re being ridiculous. Love you Derry and Gerald!

What happened? (1/5)

I loved this podcast so much but at some point it took a weird turn and became very political. Constant eye rolling Trump references and profiles that seemed to focus less on the comedic absurdity and more on making trite points. Im not into it anymore. I never came here for that. Sorry guys.

Addicted (5/5)

I get withdrawal when I don't get enough Dan and Jordan! Thankfully, they’re the hardest working guys in the biz! I love you

Crushing It! (5/5)

Big Fan!!!

Favorite podcast (5/5)

Wish I knew about them when they started, I would have gone to shows. I still love listening to previous episodes and hope they keep touring.

The Strangite podcast (1/5)

Can you imagine making a podcast using profane “humor” directed against other faiths or religions? I can’t. This pitiful attempt at comedy is unbelievably offensive.

Wonderfully insane (5/5)

Whenever I’m at work or having a rough day I always turn on the dollop and have a good laugh at the insanity of what our history is. The comedic style of Garreth and David are amazing, while being informative they are amazingly fun and interesting to listen to. Listening to David mess with Garreth “Gary” non stop is entertaining

Political (1/5)

It was so good in the beginning. I told all of my friends and family about it. It was the only podcast I would listen to. Then Dave wouldn’t shut up about Trump or just politics in general. Dude I get it but I want an hour of my day to just laugh and not think about politics.

Great podcast for history enthusiasts (4/5)

Quite a few weirdly aggressive negative reviews here claiming ‘plagiarism’ and ‘ranting’. Not sure what the deal is. This is a great podcast for history fans! Particularly perfect for commuting. They read (pLaGIaRiSm) stories from history and riff off of them with jokes and anecdotes. Definitely worth a listen!

Classic (1/5)

Revised review: I learned a lot listening to this podcast, and it was very entertaining. However, due to dave anthony’s chronically toxic, selfish, and reactionary behavior, along with what seems to be a raft of unrepentant plagiarism, I refuse to listen to this podcast. Plagiarism background: From what I’ve read, it looks like The Dollop has been lifting content wholesale from This is copyright violation that The Dollop claims is “fair use.” I guess the courts will sort that one out if exercises their rights. Aggravating this situation is the apparently snide and flippant responses from dave anthony on this topic. Original review: I'd listen to new episodes all day every day if they made them. Dave and Gareth have captured lightning in a bottle here.

Funny podcast; Sometimes dark (5/5)

Dave and Gareth are hilarious to listen to, and I love that they always bring the stories back to what we are doing in present times as Americans (since it is an American history podcast). These guys have me cracking up by myself in the car, and their research is very thorough. I learn a lot and laugh even more.

History that I cry with (5/5)

This is an awesome podcast!!!! Dave and m Gareth do wonderful to make my brain explode from laughter and also cry at how horrible parts of our history is.

Love it (5/5)

Love it

The best (5/5)

In my opinion one of the funniest podcast out there and at the same time so educational , I look forward to new eps every week . Thx guys !

My stomach hurts from laughing. (5/5)

Hands down the funniest podcast I have ever listened too. Not only is the history well researched somehow these men make it hilarious. Even topics I thought I wouldn’t enjoy I do. The dynamic with these two is uniquely brilliant.

Informative and funny (5/5)

I will regularly burst out laughing. Also I love what I learn. They have the right outlook on life, for me at least. I’d never recommend it to my grandpa. Only critique is that sometimes the tangents get a little long and loud, so headphones are highly recommended.

Absolute favorite podcast (5/5)

I’m not embarrassed to say I’ve listened to almost every episode... twice! I’m a straight man... and I want to pinch Dave’s butt and cuddle with Gareth (and maybe José too). Pure joy. Thanks you guys

My all time favorite (5/5)

I absolutely adore this duo! This podcast is great road trip material and it is so easy to fall asleep to because it puts you in a good mood. Both of them are witty and undeniably hilarious. Worth the listen & once you do, you’re here to stay!

Best Out There (5/5)

I’m dying to find similar podcasts to this. The Dollop does comedy & history and they do it so well. I can’t find a comparable podcast anywhere. These guys are truly standout.

Dang (5/5)

Funny as heck y’all

Hilarious (5/5)

Love this podcast, I have oftentimes have to pause it because I'm laughing so hard. I've genuinely learned a lot about certain historic figures but also love that some episodes are just about a seemingly random person who lived an interesting life. I've recommended their multi-part series on opiods in America to anyone who's struggling to understand the history and context of the opiod epidemic. This is one of my favorites!

Good show, but rambles and goes on liberal rants (1/5)

Good concept with great research on a huge variety of topics. But they tend to ramble. Lately the have been going on liberal Trump deranged rants. Plenty of political podcasts out there if that’s what you. Not what I am looking for in comedy or entertainment.

The greatest show you’re not listening to (5/5)

If you’re currently listening, you know how great it is. If you’re not, I envy the wild ride you have coming.

Mostly really enjoyable (4/5)

I like the topics and it’s what I wish “Last Podcast on the Left” was. The hosts are funny and have good chemistry. The one thing that drives me crazy, though, are when they digress into characters—it starts off funny but goes on for way too long, to the point it’s annoying. Just make a few side comments then move on with the rest of story instead of screwing up the flow.

Really great commentary on the atrocities of white guys by white people (3/5)

Honestly love this podcast...but where are your non white guests? For a show that has given me the mantra ‘don’t trust the white’ I hear a lot of white perspectives. Plenty of non white comedians out there.

They used to be good (1/5)

I remember the beginning when there was actual research now it feels like I’m listening to a reading of a Wikipedia article, which in a lot of cases that is exactly what it is. I remember when it wasn’t political and just a great humorous look at history, not that I’m a trump fan but good lord fellas. I’ve been a subscriber for years and I unsubscribed today. I can’t take it anymore. Back to small town murder and crime in sports. Best of luck

I love you guys!!! ❤️❤️❤️ (5/5)

The best

Funny and informational (5/5)

I wish my history classes were all like this podcast.

Jose is my favorite (5/5)

Gary is a close second, however. I absolutely love this podcast. It’s historical and hysterical and I’ve enjoyed every episode.

Best Podcast I’ve Heard (5/5)

This is easily the best historical podcast and the best comedy podcast out right now. It’s hilarious and insightful and terrifying. I love it.

Brilliant (5/5)

One line from recent episode sums up depth of feeling, humor, and intelligence: Dave stated with his deadpan delivery: “I’d move to another country, but I don’t wanna get bombed by us.” I have quoted it in conversations many times since. It sums so much up. Even though I cited Dave’s brilliance, don’t take that to mean that Gareth doesn’t bring a ton to this party. He’s a gift that keeps on..... My sides exploded hearing his Ross Perot impersonation.

Almost killed me several times from laughing (5/5)

The only problem is they’re all so damned memorable I can’t listen to my favorites as often as I’d like. Inspired a trip to Centralia, which is pretty cool.

YOU’re listening to... (5/5)

love these guys! Have been binge listening to keep me company when I’m home alone, and I wouldn’t trade this podcast for the world! xoxo

Lies on top of plagiarism (1/5)

This podcast has read verbatim from websites, and from major publications such as Slate, The Altantic, and even from Wikipedia. Many, many excuses have been given, some of them lies: Dave didn't go to college, so he didnt understand plagiarism. Dave did a lot of pot in high school, so he doesn't understand stuff. The podcast didnt have a website, so the hosts couldn't cite sources (not true). History can't be copyrighted (not the point--people's writings can, and has been). Dave and Gareth are comedians, not journalists or historians (everyone can plagiarize). Above and beyond all of this: This podcast is so angry for a compedy podcast. So ranty, so about what it isn't, how stupid the fans are, how stupid people are in general. There's so much potential, so much talent...and it is being spent on anger and theft and lies and blaming things on other people. Please note that it has made me laugh so many times, and writing this review is something I never thought I would do. But the plagiarism has continued over years, and it won't stop. .

Excellent (5/5)

Wish these guys taught my history class in high school. Great podcast

Freaking love it (5/5)

These guys are hilarious! They're really funny, snarky, and at the same time Dave does really great research and an awesome job at telling the stories. I like that Gareth (sorry - Gary) is in the same position as the listener, voicing our disbelief and, often, disgust at the behavior of some of our ancestors' shenanigans. I listen while doing laundry, walking on the treadmill, and picking up after the dogs, and the entertainment makes me no longer mind chores. I've gotten my husband addicted, as well, so I load up the most interesting epidoes of the podcast so we can be amused while stuck in traffic. My absolute favorite. Thanks, guys!

Funny but.... (2/5)

I like these guys. Fairly low vibration stuff here and the pacing drags a bit. This what happens when two dudes from the H.R. Dept, who have pedestrian historical knowledge, get together. They make fart jokes while injecting tedious wokeness & their immature eight grade political opinions. I’ll keep listening to keep familiar with bubble dweller’s two dimensional intersectional thinking. Love the idiot, hate the idiocy.

What is there to say? (5/5)

These mofos funny af and seem like good guys. Really enjoy the podcast. And the only one where I don’t mind the ads; they somehow make that funny too.

Plagiarists (1/5)

Cite your sources properly.

The best thing ever (5/5)

This is hands down my favorite podcast of all time. Dave and Gareth have become my daily break from long hours of dissertation writing, and the laughter and happiness they bring me makes the process a lot more bearable. Hell, I should mention them in the thank you notes when I finish my degree. I have recommended this podcast to scores of people, and they’ve all come back to say that they love it. Absolutely perfect!

My new favorite pod (5/5)

I heard them on DPT and they were so great I followed them here. Great subjects- most of which I’ve heard of but only in passing. Great listen while on a long walk.

Plagiarism needs to stop (1/5)

These guys are getting rich off other ppl’s work

Funniest History Podcast Ever (5/5)

The best - a great mix of improv, facts, and wild speculation! Makes my commute worth it just to listen to Garett and Dave!

Meh (1/5)

The live ads are seemingly endless, and they are too busy laughing at their own corny jokes to get through the actual subject matter. Hated it.

Not just for history nerds! (5/5)

If you think history is “boring,” you haven’t been listening to The Dollop. Dave and Gareth make each history lesson hilarious! The episodes on Colonel Sanders, America’s first ghost, and Alice Roosevelt Longworth made me laugh so hard my face hurt. The old saying warns us that we will be condemned to repeat history if we forget it. So, empower yourself and have a good laugh at the same time!

A perfect balance of comedy and history (5/5)

The Dollop has got to be one of my favorite, if not my favorite, podcasts. Not only are Dave and Gareth a great comedic duo but I am truly learning so much about the insane side of American history. From colonial teeth, to ten cent beer night, to the life of John Delorean there is something for everyone that will leave you laughing your a** off. A++

Meh (2/5)

Every episode has at least one rant that causes me to stop listening. It’s not even that I necessarily always disagree, it’s just the least entertaining thing on earth to hear Dave rant about the feedback they get.

What is even going on? (5/5)

You will continually find yourself asking “why is this what’s happening?”

Top Favorite (5/5)

This show gets me through my work days and I recommend it to everyone who likes podcasts. Oh to be alive during the 1800’s.. what a weird time for America.

Laugh, Learn, Love (5/5)

Never recommended a podcast to so many people — I have legitimately recommended the Dollop to complete strangers. You’ll laugh, you’ll learn, and you’ll just maybe... love?

Funny and informational... (5/5)

Love these guys.

The best (5/5)

A radical, hilarious, and humbling retelling of some man’s worst moments. Keep it up you two ✊🏻

Heart eyes emoji (5/5)

Seriously excellent podcast. Well researched, well presented, and Garreth is a true gift from above. Love love love these guys

Wheeeee (5/5)

Thanks Dave and Garett for the belly laughs you give me. Also for all the stares I get from people at work because they have no idea what I’m laughing about😀

Uh-mazing (5/5)

I love the stories and the guys. One of the best podcasts

Love it (5/5)

Absolutely hilarious

Always great (5/5)

Hilarious, informative, & never enough trump bashing.

Rate and review (5/5)

Rate and review

What is this? (1/5)

Ok stores but to much trump bashing.

So. Funny. (5/5)

These guys are incredible. I’ve listened to every episode at least twice.

Hilarious and informative (5/5)

The only podcast I regularly listen to. Definitely look foreword to my dose o dollop, love love love Dave and Gareth’s take on hilarious stories!

2 comedians telling/reacting to history is hilarious (5/5)

My friend recommended this podcast years ago and I started with Hugh Glass. I died laughing at the commentary .. Dave reads the story and Gareth reacts to it having never heard of it. The comedic banter between these two is gold. I highly recommend this podcast. I wish they still came out with two a week!

If you can get over Dave’s wheezing laugh it’s pretty funny (4/5)

Read the title

Decent (2/5)

Great show, but 1/4 of the show is ads or their caustic political opinions...

Single funniest podcast (5/5)

This is the funniest podcast I’ve listened to. I nearly crashed my car laughing with these guys!

What? (5/5)

How come your podcast starts at 91? What happened to 1-90?

always good (5/5)

they're both great, and there is no shortage of f-king ridiculous stories to tell.

Haven't laughed this hard in ages! (5/5)

I just found this podcast a week ago. Since then, I've listened to several dozen episodes. At first I was hesitant thinking this was going to be a dry 'ole history retelling but this is anything but. I haven't laughed this hard in years. Out of my 45 other comedy podcasts I listen to, this one has jumped to the top of the pack. Edit: too bad Dave Anthony blocked me on a twitter. I don’t agree with their political stance but I set that aside fir their great stories.

My favorite! (5/5)

This is my favorite podcast of all genres. They never disappoint!

The Best of Both Worlds (5/5)

I am a lover of comedy first and foremost, a student of history, and an advocate of truth. I am in heaven with this podcast!!!! These guys are hilarious and fantastically entertaining. Dave puts the work into the stories, which are sited meticulously. Gareth is quick whited and sharp and a master at improv. It’s educational, hilarious, and a great resource for lesser known, in-depth history. Gary! Gary! Gary!

Sublime! (5/5)

These two have fantastic chemistry together. I started to listen to this past year and loved it so much I have caught all the way up. NO SLEEP TILL HIPPO!

Always a wild ride (5/5)

I wonder how many others have gone through the whole collection, then started all over again and still found laugh out loud moments? This is my happy place. Garth’s so talented and adorable, every crazy story is taken into a level of silliness seldom achieved and even less often sustained over years. Bravo and thanks!

Lame (1/5)

These guys have the basest of humor and very weak story telling skills.

Hats off (what’s up with the hat’s?) to Dave and Gareth (5/5)

I have never left a review on pretty much anything. That being said, I’ve listened to probably too many different podcasts, and in my opinion this is the best podcast I’ve ever heard. It’s the most entertaining and informational roller coaster on things most people should know. I just want to say thank you

Click to rate: It's great (5/5)

i m absolutely #living for all the reviews from people who are frustrated that this history/comedy podcast gets political

Used to be great (1/5)

Loose with facts, political agendas and rewritten history


Your white guilt is ruining the show. And no I’m not white.

Sometimes ... (5/5)

I laugh out loud when listening to the Dollop. Sometimes it’s in pubic and in quiet places. Once an old lady asked if I was alright as I was holding in the laughter on a plane. Great job guys - keep it up!

Horrible and anti vegan (1/5)


Great just... (5/5)

Can you please just do less politics other then that awesome job👏👏👏👏

Good but not OMG Good (3/5)

Citation Needed is better

Perfect except (5/5)

More Jose would be nice and would like some more reverse dollops. Absolutely love this podcast. Gareth gives me a tingling sensation

2 years ago, five stars, now three. (3/5)

One of the best podcasts, was one of the first I followed. However as of late, it has turned very political, and I’m not referring to their quips about trump, which are usually have some veracity. It’s the fact that I listen to two comedians riff about history on a podcasts to get away from that bs. I listen to get away from the political theater of mainstream media, unfortunately in the last few years, especially in the last six month it’s all political in the Dollop. Let’s have more Rube, Fake Navy Doctor, Samuel Whittemore episodes. Make it fun again!

Bro #2 talk less (1/5)

Tries to make a joke after every sentence. Quality over quantity bud.

My bi-weekly laugh fest - Best Podcast out there (5/5)

Dave and Gareth were the first podcast I ever listened to. I had always thought podcasts were lame and The Dollop showed me that I had been missing out on greatness. I listen religiously now to The Dollop for my bi-weekly laugh fest

Best podcast (5/5)


Nice (5/5)

I like the way Dave says stuff and Gary says other stuff...nice

So so funny (5/5)

This is the absolute funniest podcast I’ve ever listened to. They take, what you would think, are innocuous topics and make them hilarious. I highly recommend!

Amazing podcast (5/5)

Hilarious and informative!

I LOVE this podcast!! (5/5)

This is by far my favorite podcast. Gareth and Dave have a chemistry that really makes this show. I REALLY wish that they would go back to doing two episodes a week, but I’m sure that it’s a lot of work to put one together, so I understand. Keep up the excellent work, fellas!!

Stop with the politics (1/5)

Used to love it but they got so political that I can’t listen any more

Please tone it down. (3/5)

Previous Spotify user here. I recently just moved to apple podcast and have listened since last last year and start from July 2015 to now. Like 2-3 episodes a day and it was amazing. I’ve cried from laughter on almost every episode, but the cringe on how much liberal y’all have transformed into is a little sad. Just seems like y’all purposely look for the bad in theses last set of episodes. I just find it harder to laugh now and harder to stay in tune to the episode, usually turning it off before it ends. Hopefully y’all just turn it down a little on your political view to bring back my crying laughing I miss.

Best Podcast out there (5/5)

I listen to this podcast probably three times a week. Anytime I’m out driving, nothing passes the time better than a informative historical story told by two hilarious comedians.

Stick to comedy.. used to be funny (1/5)

I’m a liberal but they’ve gotten pretty insufferable with making everything about their politics. Most recent episode which was an expose of a right wing nut job currently serving in the state house in Washington really showed they’re no longer an exploration of something cool from history but instead is just a run of the mill liberal political podcast except unlike Pod Save America they don’t bring anything new to the table.

They Funny (5/5)

They real funny y’all

Liberal biased (1/5)

Confirmation biased for liberals

Awesome podcast (5/5)

I just found this podcast and downloaded a few episodes for a road trip, big mistake... I actually had to pull over because I was laughing so hard. As a history lover - and history teacher - I love how they seamlessly blend comedy and history to make some of the more unknown and unusual aspects of history informative and entertaining.

Gareth (5/5)

Garrett, Gary, Garthy, Garfy, Gazaaaa.

Always a good time (5/5)

Good golly, thanks to all who work on this podcast. I love your perspective and how you call out BS for what it is.

All (5/5)

These two are amazing! I’ve listened to every... single... episode!

Seven minutes in and they were still doing commercials (1/5)

I just can’t sit through so many commercials without even knowing if the content is worth waiting for.

Very sneaky... (5/5)

I’ve gotten through 100 episodes so far and laughed/cringed/gasped/laughed more through each. It was only after 82 of those that I realized how much I was learning... Where was The Dollop in school?

Masterpiece of Historical Story Telling (5/5)

I may or may not have cited them in my historical dissertation.

This podcast is everything (5/5)

Entertaining, educational and funny as all get out!! So good!

Love these guys! (5/5)

So entertaining while providing the unreported parts of history. I can never get enough of Gareth

Love the Dollop (5/5)

I’m so thankful I found this podcast. Love the hosts, the format, and their selections. Dave and Gareth often give other suggestions for other podcasts they are enjoying, which is very cool for listeners. Their regular shows tend to run pretty long and my listening time is short, so I frequently listen to an episode over three sessions. This podcast works well for that, because it’s easy to follow the story after a break. If Dave and Gareth didn’t use so much adult language, I could recommend this podcast to more acquaintances, including my high school students... but I wouldn’t change their style for anything! These guys are great.

h e l p (5/5)

p l e a s e

great show! (5/5)

very entertaining! it’s hilarious that Gareth doesn’t know what the episode will be about. just listened to the Colonel Sanders episode and when the reveal dropped, i could not stop laughing at my desk at work and i had to get up and walk around. always a fresh, interesting take on some overlooked aspects of American history as well as the tried and true American tales.

Fact checking needed (3/5)

I enjoyed this podcast until the hosts started expressing seemingly uninformed political opinions, such as “no one should be allowed to own property”. If you’re going to involve yourself in matters of the present, please cite the data to support such radical claims.

I'm scared (5/5)

That we won't be able to stop the world from ending

Literally the best podcast (5/5)

Hilarious and informative from the very beginning. After 4 years and 300 episodes, Dave Anthony and Gareth Reynolds come to every episode with the same humour and indignation as they did in more innocent times during the first episodes. Their history might not have the same rigour as you'd get from a trained historian, but they're comedians and their history is more accurate than you'd find in many other popular history media—plus they cite their sources so you can dive deeper into a topic if you want. You can start at any random episode or just start at the beginning and enjoy the ride.

confusing name (5/5)

listened expecting audio from old sour cream commercials, happily surprised.

You guys rock! (5/5)

Fantastic show. Love it. Worth multiple listens.

Fantastic! (5/5)

Interesting to hear obscure history stories with great commentary on the messed up world we live in. I’m addicted!

Trump won get over it already (1/5)

Show was excellent until Trump unfortunately won the election. Gareth and Dave can’t seem to get over it. Comparing every historical event to Trump’s awfulness is just lazy comedy. Had to stop listening.

Ha! (5/5)

Funnier podcasts might exist, but I haven’t found it yet. This stuff makes me die laughing in my car. 10 cent Beer Night started it all and I was hooked. Plus I like their voices. 6 out of 5 stars!

History at it's finest (5/5)

They are the kings of history. Well researched and funny they are educating the masses.

Great work!! (5/5)

I’m a history teacher and an American PhD historian in training, and I have learned history from this podcast! I love how accessible it is, and have recommended episodes to undergrads. It has definitely made my curriculum more interesting, too! I came in pretty late to the podcast, but am almost 300 episodes in just a year. The variety in stories paints a much broader narrative than is usually included in history. As an educator, thanks for making history awesome and relevant!!!!

Lol (5/5)

This podcast has me laughing out loud at work!

Great Podcast (5/5)

I like podcasts with people who can improvise comedy but its hard to keep things different and fresh if there is no metaphorical fuel for the fire. The history stories Dave researches are a great way to keep things fresh. Quickly becoming one of my favorite podcasts.

Yep (5/5)

Keep it up, nerds. Love getting my biweekly fill.

Heard about this show from Markiplier (5/5)

I got here because Markiplier played a clip from the 1908 NY-Paris Race episode in one of his videos. I love the show, I’ve been binging it for days. I get to learn about stuff and crack up at the same time, and I appreciate the left-wing slant. I especially like Gareth’s various British and Irish accents, his English heritage really comes in handy for those moments.

Helped me become a better critical thinker..while laughing! (5/5)

I love these guys. They help me get through my workouts, long drives, and boring day around the house when I do chores. I’ve learned so much in just the short time I’ve been listening and it’s helped broaden my perspective so much in the year I’ve been a fan.

Get to the show already (3/5)

I tried to listen to this post cast and it was over nine minutes in before they started talking about anything that was promotional for themselves or a paid sponsor. I just don’t have the attention span for that. I need something funny to real me in as a first time listener way before nine minutes.

Love this podcast (5/5)

Can’t say enough about it! I’m only 70-some episodes in and I’m already worried about what I will do for entertainment after all 370-some are done!

Is there any actual content? (1/5)

The three shows I sampled appear to be nothing but ads? After five minutes of nothing but advertising their sponsors with each one I’d had enough. Deleted.

? (1/5)

Not funny

Love the humor! (5/5)

I love the fact that you can’t make this stuff up. It’s basically what you may be thinking hear about these things but just don’t have the boys Thanks for the voice & the laughs. I personally love the political references. So true & a bit of a bummer really. 🙏

Hilarious History (5/5)

I love these guys! I listen to my pods when I travel, clean the house, workout, grocery shop, etc. and because of Dave and Gareth I have laughed out loud in public (startling those around me) more times than I can count. My two favorite episodes so far are the 1908 Car Race and Purity Balls. If you have any doubt about the Dollop’s power to entertain, those two episodes alone will convince you. I don’t mind the political commentary (and it isn’t just because I agree), I love the asides, and I adore their improv. These guys are great!

hott (5/5)

i love this

Im joe (5/5)

I like turtles

I don’t get it (1/5)

I have listened to parts of 5 episodes and they’re not even slightly funny. And much of the history is viewed with some heavy duty political bias.

Mispronunciations (5/5)

Why does Gary keep mispronouncing his name like that?

;) (5/5)

Gareth’s hot

annoying (1/5)

one guy has that one contagious laugh but laughs at anything and everything . other dude sounds like he’s trying to hard to be funny and kinda sounds like the guy from it’s sunny in philadelphia . idk how they got 5 stars.


This podcast is ridiculous, entertaining and chalk full of information. It doesn’t get better that! These two are so funny. I even saw there live show in Phoenix about Truck Nuts!

Love these guys! (5/5)

These guys are awesome! They create a story that parallels, unusually, to issues we are currently dealing with. Never bored. Dave and Gareth are great together. Worth a binge!

Love it!! (5/5)

Highly entertaining! Start at the beginning and laugh your way through while learning the more obscure parts of American (and some Australian) history.

Hilarious (5/5)

As a history buff, I can appreciate the ridiculous segments of history they’re making fun of. It’s impossible not to laugh with them.

Absolutely goddamn delightful (5/5)

This podcast brightens my day, even when the subject matter wildly depressing. Three cheers for the Dollop!

Laugh out loud funny (5/5)

Seriously underrated podcast. This has me cackling and laughing out loud as I go about my day doing errands and chores. It’s well researched and interesting, but it’s ultimately a comedy podcast, stop taking it so seriously, people.

Less cackling laughter and less shouting please (1/5)

Very little talking, and even less actual information

Palpable American History (5/5)

My love of history usually excludes the United States from my repertoire because this country is balls. “The Dollop” has me actually enjoying my homeland’s embarrassing stories through virtue of laughing to keep from crying. I’ve even caught myself relaying to my friends some of the finer things I’ve learned from the podcast, which makes me feel slightly superior and dirty all over. The show can appeal to a wide audience, from hobbyist history junkies to people who like penis jokes (imagine the balls on that Venn diagram) with its variety of topics, themes, and time periods. For example, thanks to “The Dollop”, I now appreciate my toilet with renewed fervor, and that makes my life better. Thank you for dolloping all over me. Well, mostly in my ears. Just filling me with dollops. Of knowledge.

Gold mine. (5/5)

I’ve never laughed to frequently at a podcast. Odd stories and quotes worth stealing for days. If you are into just pure silliness then give it a go.

Fantastic (5/5)

I’ve studied and taught history for 20 years and love their back and forth on lots of topics I’d never heard of.

Love the show (5/5)

Reading these reviews are hilarious. The podcast is amazing, hands down. Tips for the plebeians leaving bad reviews 1) IS IT FOR FUN? Yes, yes it is. It is two comedians doing a podcast on historical events. Stop taking it so seriously. 2) Skip through the ads, thats what the 15 second button is basically made for. 3) They are blatantly liberal dudes from California, don't like their politics? Who gives a flip. Jesus Christ, I wish I could find stuff to be mad about. 4) Really? Mad because they laugh too much? I mean, is your life that miserable that someone else’s joy pisses you off? Listen Scrooge, c’mon stop H8in. 5) I think thats it. Signed, The Lobotomobile driver

Disappointing. (2/5)

Started from the beginning. Second episode (about swimming pools) and it’s nonstop gross gay jokes and juvenile lispy voices. Really guys?

Hit and miss (3/5)

Have listened to almost every episode. Most are entertaining some are just background noise. Really enjoy hearing things I never knew about and in-depth info on topics I know a little about. The political bias does get to be a bit much. Have been able to ignore it for the most part.

Love it! (5/5)

Garrith and Dave are friggn’ funny. It is most definitely my favorite way to learn history. Whenever I don’t know what I want to listen to I can always choose a random Dollup and I am happy. Thank you for making a great podcast!

Funny, crude (5/5)

Love the show

Was so bummed out when crabfeast stopped (5/5)

I listen to podcasts to shut off. I am almost embarrassed to say I was rocked when Ryan Sickler and Jay Larson’s crab feast podcast announced the end. Then my wife told me about dollop. It feels like I’ve followed Dave Anthony’s career for years but can’t find where I first saw him. Love his comedy. Garreth , that dude is funny as F**k ! So quick. I highly recommend to anyone.

Actually learned a lot of history (5/5)

I absolutely love this podcast. Totally dig the satirical style of Dave and Gareth’s back and forth comedy. I also love history and this is my new favorite way of consuming it. By laughing through the pain, one can actually be informed of some of the more interesting and intriguing parts of American History. Highly Recommend!

Long time listener, still love it (5/5)

A hilarious way to learn more about the absurdities our history. I’m glad the hosts also use their platform to speak about the environment and point listeners towards actual resources.

I don’t get it (1/5)

I listened for 20 minutes and they didn’t actually say anything. Just laughing at their (not funny) selves. Deleted.

Good with a grain of salt (4/5)

First off I find these two to be hilarious. However, like others have previously stated they have a tendency to infuses a lot of political propaganda into their material. I tend to ignore it and try and enjoy the podcast for what it is. Just be forewarned that there is bias prior to listening.

Gary (5/5)

These guys are hilarious!

A beautiful train wreck (5/5)

America’s weird and fascinating history brought to you by one of the great, twisted minds behind “Maron”. Dave Anthony reads a story to Gareth Reynolds, a man with brilliant improv skills and a third graders knowledge of basic history. Buckle up, because it’s going to get weird (and educational).

Could not stand it (1/5)

Subscribed to the podcast, listened to my first one, and 15' in I deleted The Dollop from Overcast. What a massive time waster this one is. Don't understand how anyone could possibly give it five stars. Unbelieveable.

Most recommended (5/5)

This is the podcast I recommend to people most often and when I start explaining why it’s so good I can’t stop. Just did it last night with my bff who’s already heard the whole spiel at least once so I also just broke into her phone and downloaded an episode and was like “just listen for when he shouts a date and that’s the beginning!” LOVE YOU GUYS

The further they get from their politics, the funnier they are (4/5)

It’s hit and miss but they hit more than miss. Shallow coastal elite California politics are rarely intentionally funny.

Long time listener , unsubscribes (1/5)

I’ve listened to these guys for about 3 years now, and they are truly hilarious guys. But lately they have been spouting some pretty intense propaganda (their words) on one recent podcast they literally called to attack people with feelings and not facts and to use kids to portray thief message, it’s a shame because if only they actually cared about the facts they wouldn’t feel so desperate to put their propaganda out into the world , I find myself no longer being able to support this false and ridiculous rhetoric. I hope they can use their comedy again to actually better the world instead of inflict faults narratives and fear.

Bing listening (5/5)

These guys are freaking hilarious!!!!!!

IS IT FOR FUN? (5/5)

Garry and Derry are very funny and informative.

I’d eat a dog. (5/5)

Pretty funny

The best (5/5)

After I listen to this podcast my throat hurts from laughing to hard. P.s. I really loved the New York to Paris race episode so please make a another one with James adomian

The Dollop!! Woooooooooo (5/5)

Love this podcast! I have listened to every single episode and now I’m starting over! Gareth... I love you! Dave... you too!!! 😃

Missing episodes (5/5)

Love the show, but oldest episodes are disappearing. I have up to episode 50 downloaded, but now I can only see as far back as episode 70 or 75, meaning I’m missing out on 20-25 episodes. What can I do to recover those episodes?

I am SURPRISED. (5/5)

Seriously, just listen to the first episode... You will not be disappointed.

No Sleep Till Hippo (5/5)

I was introduced to this podcast by my boyfriend and it has now spurred a string of inside jokes. A good majority of the quips/riffs from Gareth are absolute GOLD. The only thing funnier than that is Dave’s laugh at said quips (side note: I encourage anyone who reads this to look up the voicemail of the guy witnessing a car accident and him cracking up at the old ladies beating up the driver...dude’s laugh sounds EXACTLY like Dave). This podcast make long drives and long workdays just fly. Excellent work, gentlemen!

Best Podcast Ever (5/5)

I love the Dollop. It never fails to entertain. I’ve seen Dave and Garth live and it’s a great show. If you new please check out 10 Cent Beer Night. Tank Case and Brooklyn Train Strike Also check our both Dave’s and Garth’s stand up.

Spreading it too thin... (2/5)

If only these two were as funny as they’d like to believe! There were laughs to be had, certainly, but some of the gags seem to reference private humor shared only by the hosts. The show could also use fact-checking; I’ve listened to only a few episodes, and caught several errors. History can be hilarious, but this podcast is not.

Hilarious (5/5)

Great and funny yet interesting. Highly recommend to all.

All-time great (5/5)

Best podcast there is and I’ve listened to more than a few. Viva la revolución! #planitchange10

Loved the Alice R Episode (5/5)

My family and I have listened for years. I love all the episodes about empowered women. Gareth and Dave do a great job. Just listened to the Alice Roosevelt episode and loved it. Can y’all make more with strong female leads?!

Ridiculously Funny AND Important (5/5)

The Dollop is the only show I know of that will pull an immense amount of research to tell the truly insane story of our colonialist, hellworld nation that’s always been a kind of terrible place. The jokes will put you on the floor but the message lingers, and Dave and Garett are using their platform to try and give us a better world for the future. I adore this show, and thank The Dollop for so many hours of meaningful silliness.

Oh Gary (5/5)

A must listen for people who want to challenge what they think they know about the US. Each episode is well researched. Dave and Gareth are such a great comedy duo. The Dollop subreddit (r/thedollop) has a list of favorite episodes for new listeners.

Format change (1/5)

After over 3 years I had to unsubscribe. It’s no longer a historical podcast.

By far the best! (5/5)

Personally I’d like to hear more Gareth kissing Dave, but otherwise this podcast is literally the best there is. Got through the entire catalog and thinking about going through it again!

10/10 (5/5)

I love history and comedy so when you put it together it’s addicting. They don’t just focus on important history moments they focus on people or stories you either never heard of or were the side characters to some important people or events. So glad I found this podcast all because of a coworker.

Early episodes are better (3/5)

I loved the Dollop when I found it a few years ago. There are still episodes here and there that I really enjoy but its not the same. They have gotten really preachy. I don't mind their political views but sometimes the last 10 minutes of an episode will be Dave talking at the audience. Also they have an average of 7-10 minutes of ads at the beginning which is a little exsessive and annoying. I'm not a fan of podcasts that have tons of ad breaks but that would be better than 10 full minutes of them at the beginning

Gareth has a hot voice (5/5)

Fav podcast. Makes me hate humans more and more every time 👌👏💖

Annoying and hard on the ears (1/5)

They try to talk about events, but just laugh at their own boy in elementary school jokes. It’s really hard to relate to.

Gareth is too loud (3/5)

The show is great except when they perform live. Gareths voice is always louder. Also stop with the Australian comics. They arent funny. That one comics throat sounds disgusting. It always sounds filled with phlegm and yogurt. Stop with the live shows. The sound mixing is always off. I barely hear Dave and Gareth is always too loud.

So funny it will scare strangers (5/5)

The first time I listened to The Dollop I was on a walk with my headphones on and I laughed so hard that people saw me and cut down side streets. One woman was walking out her door, looked at me, and quickly shut the door. I felt bad about it, but I also didn’t stop listening. So I’d give myself 3 stars for that (don’t forget- I was walking, which is good for the environment) but The Dollop gets 5 stars and I think that’s totally fair.

Subscribe because of awesome (5/5)

These two guys, Dave and Gareth are hilarious. Not only do I learn a lot about history I didn’t know before, they make it so freaking funny. Dave is very witty and Gareth is just so funny. I think I have a crush on both of them :)

Darrett and Gave (5/5)

This podcast is educational and entertaining! I have to say that I prefer the 1:1 Dollops to the live Dollops.

Fun show (5/5)

Love the episodes that aren't with an audience

Best Podcast I listen to everyday (5/5)

I just found this podcast and can’t get enough of them! Live shows are my favorite of all their shows. They make my job bearable.

Love this pod (5/5)

Thanks for the free entertaining history lessons and brevity.

The best (5/5)


C’mon (1/5)

Look at the cover art for this show. How is the guy that is further away have the barrel of the gun in front of the guy who is closer to the “front” of the image?! IT MAKES NO SENSE!

Best comedy podcast (5/5)

I’m not joking, I love these guys.

Started great (1/5)

Dave makes the most uncomfortable sexual jokes the majority of the time. It’s not funny. Gareth feels the need to turn every single person in the story into a character and it’s way too much. Dave is obviously smart and can write one helluva story - but his improv just devolves into crass, unfunny bits. Gareth is obviously talented in the field of improv but he can’t control Dave while in character and it distracts from the main story. The first 100 episodes are worth 4-5 stars - wish they could get back to that level of comedy.

If you dont like cry laughing or peeing your pants.... (5/5)

...then this is not the podcast for you. HOWEVER, if these are things you might enjoy then grab a box of tissues and a diaper because you're in for a treat! this is one of the funniest and most interesting podcasts i have ever listened to in my life.

Title (5/5)

This podcast is the best thing that’s ever happened to me. Yes my life has been bad but this podcast is still good

Good for boring office jobs (5/5)

From dolphins on LSD to a guy stuck in a cave, Dave and Gary have brought me countless hours of entertainment. I really enjoy listening to it at work or on a long commute. Thanks to them, I have learned a ton about random bits of American history and had a blast doing it! It’s alright, I guess.

Hilarious and twisted humor (5/5)

Love it!!

On fire (5/5)

The Sam Houston and TruckNuts wars. You guys are great but really, youreached new heights withthose two. Come toBaltimore.

Fix the sound quality. Sounds like it was recorded in a high school bathroom. (2/5)

Overly biased and poor sound quality. There is a bit of good info here though.

Oofty Goofty (5/5)

The best biweekly American history podcast out there. Once a week, these guys get together and make me laugh. I’ve listened to all the episodes three or four times now, and it’s still just as funny as the first time. No sleep til hippo. Prefers “Gary.”

I 🖤 This Pod (5/5)

Their dynamic is 💯

Tears of laughter (5/5)

I first heard these two as guests on My Favorite Murder, and I was hooked after only that. They aren’t afraid to call out BS when they read it, or shy away from sensitive topics. Some of the episodes reveal some really dark history I’d never heard of before, and more reveal a lot more information of topics I thought I knew about. They always manage the most hilarious riffs, too. I’ve had to wipe my eyes from crying while laughing many, many times. Yes, Dave laughs a lot, and I kind of adore his wheezy chuckles. It’s contagious!

Funny - but factually incorrect (1/5)

It’s an entertaining podcast, but ultimately factually deficient. And mocking historical events from a modern perspective is only entertaining for a brief amount of time.

Makes driving worth it (5/5)

I’m usually not one for travel but listening to this podcast makes it worth every second.

Funny and informative (5/5)

This has quickly become my favorite podcast. The stories are interesting, the hosts are funny and I’ve genuinely learned a lot

Hillarious Idiots (5/5)

Love this show. Dave does so much research. It gud.

Take a breath guys! Couldn’t get past episode 1!!! (1/5)

Not so much because of the content or the comedy, ok some of this “bad review” is because of the comedy...there were some funny jokes, but what I mostly took away from episode number one (1) was that the host thinks everything he’s ever heard his cohost say, plus some of what he is ‘about’ to say is so funny that he can’t even finish saying it without bursting out into a kind of laugh where you’d think he was about to run out of breath and maybe keel over and die of laughter. It was unbelievably distracting, which is unfortunate, because I was really looking forward to listening to this show. See, sadly this is all I can write about in the review because I couldn’t retain any of the content due to the constant cackling and wheezing at things that were maybe a little funny, but certainly not fall out of your chair dying laughing funny. That’s what completely turned me off this podcast, this wheezing, cackling laugh. I’m certain it would not have done so if he was laughing at a completed joke or whenever something was said that was actually that hilarious, but he laughs in the middle of sentences, not even...he laughs in the middle of words! He just either can’t help himself, or he thinks that there is a hilarious joke in every other spoken word. I hate to say this about comedy, because I don’t think there should be boundaries on comedy, within reason of course since there are taboo subjects, but I have to say that his grating, cringeworthy laughter is just gratuitous, when most of what they are saying might be worth a chuckle with a good hard laugh here or there...if they could ever complete a joke. Now, I don’t think anyone should make people self conscious about how they laugh because after all it’s an uncontrollable reaction to something funny, but this guy...the host, he laughs at EVERY SINGLE MEDIOCRE ATTEMPT AT A JOKE by his cohost, and he’ll even start cackling in the middle of whatever it is he is trying to say! I honestly feel like he ruins his own jokes by fumbling through them, and missing the punchline because of his wheezing and cackling. I mean, I’d like to have been able to give it some more time, but it’s too distracting from the content. I only made it through the first episode to see if he just had a case of the giggles that would go away at some point, but it didn’t. It continues through the whole episode, and all I can tell you was they were talking about a guy named Cliven Bundy, but I can’t really tell you what they wanted to say about him because of the constant laughter disruptions. You can’t really follow any of his MANY fragmented threads of thought, because of his own interruptions It’s seriously (and I’m not exaggerating) about 60% talk, and 40% cackle and wheeze. Don’t take my word for it, just listen to episode number one (1) which apparently is actually the 4th episode. That’s about the one thing I was able to clearly take away from the podcast because he said it at the very beginning before they started covering the subject matter that was apparently the funniest thing this guy has ever talked about. Now, if you think I really pounded the point about the distracting cackle and wheezing laughter repeatedly and too hard, I’d just ask that you give episode number one a listen, and you’ll see how the repetitive nature of my comments in this review just mirror how repetitive and disruptive the whole laughter is to this podcast. I heard really good things about this podcast from other people, and podcast hosts, but I wonder if any of those people actually listened to episode number one. Maybe it gets better, but I can’t get past how bad the first episode was, even if he cut down the cackling by half, it would still be too much, and I personally couldn’t stand to listen. It’d still be an assault on the ears! Heck, with this as an example we can all start our own podcast! I just need to order up some canned laughter (only because even if I forced myself, I couldn’t laugh as hard as this guy does; not organically anyway), then I just need to have someone to randomly hit the different laugh buttons...(heavy on the cackle and wheeze)...all while I try to read an online article. That is what this podcast sounded like to me.

Wonderful podcast (5/5)

My favorite comedy historical podcast without too much politics; rare to find

Untrustworthy (1/5)

Older episodes are better.

OK Drinking game OK (4/5)

Episode #359: take a drink every time Garrett says "O.K.". An OK way to die of alcohol poisoning.

they drives me nuts, but in a good way (5/5)

Recently discovered gem that makes me get angry at everything but righteouly. Good balance of info, fun, and rage against the machine.

The best (5/5)

Favorite podcast to listen too

Could be interesting but it’s not (1/5)

I was introduced to this podcast and the first episode I enjoyed. However now I can’t listen to it. Constant fake laughter at unfunny statements, not to mention the triggered rants off topic about politics. I’m here for a good story and maybe a laugh not Dave and Gareths side stories on their emotions about the president.

quite beautiful (5/5)

very funny and a gold mine for criminal evidence if taken out of context

Perfect Combination (5/5)

Gareth Reynolds has a great ability to create very funny characters and scenes with the information being presented. Dave Anthony is a bitter, angry man that has a love of history and a distain for basically everything else. I love them both equally.

The Dollop (5/5)

My all time favorite podcast. A combination of some of the funniest and most interesting things I've ever heard.

Favorite podcast (5/5)

Love the dynamic between these two kids

Too woke (1/5)

The episode I just listened to had the hosts calling for a rebellion against the government on 3 separate occasions. Things like this take away from the humor.

Hilarious (5/5)

These guys are hilarious and the stories are fascinating.

Funny but gets too much into their own political view (4/5)

Would be funnier and more interesting if they told history through a bipartisan lens. I spend more time eye-rolling during the newer episodes then I do laughing.

Headlines are hard (5/5)

Dave is endearingly insufferable. Gary is a treasure. This show always makes me laugh at the depressing reality that America has always been trash.

Gold standard (5/5)

Funniest podcast I’ve ever heard. Go back and listen from the beginning. You’ve got pretty much endless entertainment.

A Must Listen (5/5)

If you only listen to one podcast, this ought to be it.

Pee before you listen (5/5)

I listen to a lot of true crime podcasts but I heard about this one from a bartender in Richmond. So I needed something a little less heavy. I’m hooked. I’ve had to watch it while listening at work because I literally laugh out loud. I love their dynamic together. History with flair!

Tried to get through the Blackwater episode (1/5)

The amount of arrogance and ignorance that is overflowing in this episode is unreal. I understand that there was a lot of controversy behind the the Blackwater legacy, but their sever lack of knowledge on the subject shows. Also, I’m a first time listener and I will not listen again due exclusively to the fact they they are terribly obnoxious.

Self righteous mansplaining racesplainung white guys (5/5)

Who are really funny. Three cheers to the Uber episode! Boycott ride apps except Curb which is a real taxi app and boycott Amazon over priced plastic crap! Hey Dave stop blaming Israel - go there first before forming false assumptions. Gareth knock off the soap boxing...The facts speak for themselves... You guys know you’re both in need of a meeting - the first step in recovery is admitting you have a problem...:)belch

My new go to podcast (5/5)

I enjoy a lot of comedy podcasts and The Dollop has a consistency of goodness that has made it my new favorite. I’m a fan of How Did this Get Made and My Favorite Murder, and although those are seriously amazing I’ve occasionally skipped some of their episodes (quality, not interesting, maybe annoying guest). Haven’t done so with this one. Thanks guys keep up the great work.

Early episodes pretty good; later episodes meh (1/5)

Like my title says, their early episodes are pretty entertaining. As time goes on, Dave’s obnoxiousness and the podcast’s propaganda as a whole wears you thin. The live episodes are worse than the studio episodes since 1) Dave and Garett lose some magic trying to impress hundreds of audience members instead of just trying to make each other laugh and 2) They’re hard to listen to as the audio is pretty bad. But if you agree with my review, keep those opinions to yourself on social media as Dave (yes, the host of this podcast and a somewhat famous comedian openly mocks and bullies his fans with a critical eye on social media) and his unctuous followers will crucify you if you dare critique the podcast at all.

My Favorite! (5/5)

I love this podcast.

Hysterical and Educational (5/5)

The Dollop continues to be hysterical and I learn something every time. Keep up the good work. Maybe less ads at the beginning though? They get old, but I fast forward through them most of the time.

#savegareth (5/5)


This is good stuff. (5/5)

It is extremely refreshing to see public figures use their celebrity to stand up for what they believe in rather than bending over and forgetting their own morals to try and please everyone (which is impossible). Oh yeah, and they’re funny and entertaining.

At first... (1/5)

I thought these guys were hilarious, but then during every episode there was some political crap they couldn’t help themselves but mention. It was enough to make me unsubscribe. If you want to be political, okay, but that’s not what I was listening for, so I decided to check out. Sorry.

Love these guys! (5/5)

American History, told by comedians? Yes please! Currently listening to the e tore back catalog and am always surprised at how much I enjoy listening to all of the topics...even the ones I thought I didn’t care about. One of my favorites.

The history of fake news: America (3/5)

Dairy is smart and funny. Gary is not dumb and very funny.

Used to be good (1/5)

The first two years or so were great. Dave would explore truly odd and bizarre episodes in American history. Then he started moving toward more contemporary topics, e.g., Uber, Trump, etc. It's not really "history" if it happened yesterday, is it? Still, diehard fans seemed to be truly surprised at the content. I guess most people live under a rock or watch Fox News. To make matters worse, Dave was active on social media, and when people would make comments, he would insult them back. Sometimes he would solicit advice, and constructive criticism was shot down. I have never seen a podcast host behave like this; most have the good sense to either thank their fans or simply not be active on social media.

A welcome addition to my commute (5/5)

Great podcast informative funny and whitty. They dont always have the same view points on some things as me lsuch as gun control. But who cares everyone is entitled their opinions and seeing others point of view is a good thing. To those who are giving 1 stars because they dont like the comedy, dislike the politics, or the host viewpoints Get Good.

the best. hands down. (5/5)

this is the funniest, most informative podcast out there. these guys keep me company through car rides, gym trips, and work hours. they’re honest, genuine, hilarious, and knowledgeable. they own up to their stuff and challenge others around them. they are truly making a difference and making people happier, one dollop at a time.

One of the best (5/5)

This podcast is almost too good. Sometimes it’s just too real and I have to take a hiatus or I’ll curl up into a ball and stop functioning. But it’s well done and funny and it’s not their fault I’m fragile.

If only history class had been like this! (5/5)

What a fun way to learn about unique historical people or events! Love this show!

Too many commercials. (5/5)

Last episode opened with 9 straight minutes of boring ad reads.

So funny! (5/5)

The dollop has taken over my podcasts and I love it!

Timely, wonderful, always a great listen. (5/5)

It's nice to listen to two voices that genuinely care what they're talking about and, somehow, always manage to make me laugh out loud in public. Dave and Gareth are two of the most empathetic and hilarious podcasters out there. I always wait eagerly for The Dollop to show up in my Recently Updated!

Two friends (5/5)

Talking about horrible things from the past. P.S. tell Jose I said hey.

Fantastic and funny and largely accurate (5/5)

Really well done. Smart and funny. Outrage and amazement and facts in context all at once. No sleep 'til hippo, too.

My default podcast (5/5)

Great show that makes the hard pills of history fun to swallow. That is the weirdest sentence I have written today.

Propaganda (1/5)

Used to be able to deal with the extreme Leftist of Dave because it was mostly funny. Now it is just propaganda for Dave’s misguided and selective views. Unsubscribing

satisfied123456 (5/5)

Wonderful, Dave and GARETH have sucessfully re written the curriculum for history education in this country.

Aboriginal Warrior Pemulwuy (Movie) (5/5)

I see a movie of Aboriginal Warrior Pemulwuy like Life of Brian based on the commentary along with the story on this episode.

Perfection (5/5)

Perfect podcast that will never grow dull! I can’t stop laughing 90% of the time and I also feel like I’m learning. Podcast college!

Sigh (1/5)

I didn’t know they could turn everything political sound like trash now

Like but... (5/5)

I lean right and appreciate your take, but the McCain episode was too soon

Start at the beginning (5/5)

A colleague of mine suggested I give this a try, and called out a few good starter episodes. I gave one a try and thought hmm... not great but OK. So I jumped to the second one. Hilarious! I started at the beginning, and recommend the same. I’m about 80 episodes in and will be caught up eventually. Also Dave can read words like nucleotides but can’t say spatula. Get used to mispronounced words that seem like they might be used in everyday conversation- and jokes about Flappers. You’ll see. Cheers!

Dave’s Leftist are Annoying (2/5)

Gareth saves the show. Dave is boring. His jokes remind me of my own... and I’m not very funny. Dave’s left views are annoying and make me second-guess listening. If he’s so willing to share his views, I can only assume he’s not sharing both sides of the story. Going to cut back on listening.

Not Good (1/5)

Not good

How can you participate in Plan It Change 10 sans social media? (5/5)

I would like to participate but do not have Facebook, am I SOL?

Best history podcast (5/5)

I know it’s a hot take, but The Dollop is the best history podcast out there. Love the details and stories they pick. They add a lot of humor and this show makes me so happy.

Best Podcast (5/5)

Enjoy every episode. The best podcast! Hilarious and Informative!! This is the podcast we need right now.

Feinstein and the Flag (5/5)

I love listening to this podcast because Even though their stories are from American history, they are often full of parallels for today’s news. I highly recommend this podcast to everyone who is a fan of history, improv, comedy, and news, because it is a perfect mix of all those subjects. The one thing about this show is that often the episodes can be more than an hour long, which then requires 2 or 3 sessions (because of my commute). But they are consistently great.

20 Minutes in... (1/5)

And I’m still in freaking ads.... was recommended by a friend. No one ain’t got time for all these advertisements. Omg. No. Good. Bye.

Adelaide!!! (5/5)

Not the podcast we deserve, but the podcast we need!

Bad sound (1/5)

The sound is not good at all

Awesome (5/5)

Great podcast. Very funny.

Start with 5 cent beer night (5/5)

Very funny podcast. Dave and Garrett play very well off of each other and make the worst parts of history swallowable.

Amazing!! (5/5)

Love the podcast. Dave, you need to be closer to the mic sometimes. Still love you. I’ll let Gareth blow out my ear drums and continue listening though 😂

Efin hilarious! (5/5)

These guys are awesome! Great humor and learning about history all in one podcast!

Love Gary, hate Dave (3/5)

Ive listened to just about every episode of the Dollop... and it’s usually pretty funny and interesting. But Dave Anthony is the worst. He’s not funny, his idea of joking is to just shout, and it has become glaringly clear that this is not a comedy podcast to him but rather a soapbox from which to sanctimoniously promote his indignant leftist America-is-the-worst narrative and agenda. The quick, incisive wit of Garreth Reynolds is the only thing saving this show.

Great (5/5)

Having listened to every episode, I recommend that everyone does.

Great podcast, fantastic hosts! (5/5)

I found this podcast a few weeks ago and started at number one; I’m currently on number 48. Dave and GARETH give interesting information, have great personalities, and relay the information in a manner where it sticks with you while also being side-splitting funny. There is no better way to learn a bit of history.

Tough format (5/5)

You don’t laugh for 75% of the podcast but the other 25% makes it all worth it. I’d listen to an hour of Gareth just doing an Australian accent.

Funny + informative + irreverent = magic (5/5)

This podcast cracks me up so hard, and I’m learning about things from American (and other) history that I would have never known. The banter between Gareth and Dave is relaxed and easy, and Gareth’s accents and horrible puns make me cry laughing.

Spoonful of smiles (5/5)

Best podcast of the 21st century! Thanks guys!

Papa Bowa says “No Sleep Till Hippo!” (5/5)

They can’t do wrong, it’s just makes the podcast better. Guests, no guests, live, at Gare-core, or into a shoe The Dollop offers insights, slights, perspectives and levity that history classes could learn from and, frankly, that history needs once you consider how many people aren’t wearing hats right now. Not for all ages (in all fairness) and not recommended for anyone currently subscribed to Hooked on Phonics.

It’s gone downhill (1/5)

This shows content is actually pretty good. Garreth is an absolute treasure, but Dave has to take every opportunity to push his far left political leanings. Honestly, I get it. Everyone has an agenda, but a call for armed insurrection is where the line should be. I’ll try it out again in a few months, but for now this show just puts a bad taste in my mouth.

Half funny (1/5)

Gareth is very funny. Dave not so much. The stories are hen picked and only one side of the story is told.....the side that makes America look bad. For some reason these white male Americans seem to hate white male americans....can you say social justice warriors.

The editing makes it a hard listen (2/5)

There are quite a lot of episodes where Dave is barely audible but if you turn up the volume you risk blowing out your eardrums with Gareths mouth-noises & shrieking. Good topics/ myeh on the humor.

Very funny, interesting, educational (5/5)

I can’t stop listening to the Dollop. The stories are well researched and consolidated, Dave and Gareth are absolutely hilarious. I’ve struggled learning history in the past, it’s always bored me, but these episodes are done so well and are so funny, I actually remember the stories. Highly recommend, even if you aren’t a history nerd.

It is good (5/5)

Read the title.

You must subscribe!!!!! (5/5)

I am new listener, and addicted!! My new favorite podcast ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Hilarious (5/5)

One of the best podcasts I’ve listened to. Absolutely hilarious and I know a ton of strange stories about American history now 😂

The mouth noises (1/5)

Horrible horrible mouth noises. We couldn’t even make it 5 mins into our first episode...

Don’t pass this one by (5/5)

I don’t know how I stumbled upon this podcast but I am so glad I did. I have a degree in history and love comedy. Why didn’t I think to to this? Dave reads a story from history to his friend Gareth who interjects with witty quips and sometimes laugh out loud comedy bits. One of my favorite bits found in later episodes is Dave’s ad for Talk Space. Please, please, keep these in! My only beef is with the sound quality. Once in a while it sounds like Dave is whispering. If you like to laugh out loud and learn something new I highly recommend you give this a try.

This is the best podcast ever (5/5)

Dave is God

Petulant AF (1/5)

Dave proves, once again, that he is completely incapable of tolerating criticism. So disappointed by these people.

Fix the audio levels! (3/5)

Listened to a few episodes and they are great, but for the love of ear drums, please fix the audio levels. It sounds like sometimes your are whispering and other times screaming into the mic. For such a popular podcast, you'd think you would have this figured out. Fix this and I'll fix my rating.

Dollop (5/5)

Funniest podcast ever. Seriously. Ever.

An amazing podcast! (5/5)

I consistently find myself laughing out loud while listening to this on the train to work. Hilarious and informational. This podcast can give you perspective through history that can translate to the events of today. Big thanks to Dave and Garreth for putting in the work. I look forward to each episode.

very funny (5/5)

I've never heard so much male humor in my life. It's a new culture for me. Love this show, hard to laugh at some history, really shows the ridiculousness of some of America's past... and present.

Hillarious ! Come to Alaska!!! (5/5)

I no longer listen to podcast on Apple but I love this one so much I came back here to write this review! It is that great!

Awful. Juvenile hosts, full of themselves. (1/5)

This appeared on a couple of Top 10 lists of podcasts, and since I can't resist history, I thought I'd give it a try. I absolutely hated the full 5 minutes of intro drivvel before they even got to the topic. Then their dumbed down, prurient approach to history made an otherwise interesting topic completely banal and gross. I guess their target audience is 14-year-old boys. That's what they sound like--and they do seem to enjoy the sound of their own voices. How this podcast ever got so highly rated by publications I respect, I'll never know.

Hilarious! (4/5)

These guys take what seem like mundane, uninteresting topics and make them so interesting and hilarious. My friends and family can blame them for colonial dental care being my favored topic of conversation for a week. Great for anyone who appreciates how stupid human beings truly are. Gareth (Gary) has the best quips and I could listen to Dave laugh all day long.

Just Fabulous (5/5)

I’m listening from the beginning so I’m only on episode 30ish but this definitely makes me laugh. I found this podcast though “My Favorite Murder”......... and I might have swapped that one out with this one in my daily routine. AND THE SOURCES ARE LINKED which is the best thing ever since all of the topics are so interesting and obscure and I was going to write a paper on one of them and I could really find ANY websites on it (I didn’t know the sources were linked at the time.)

a good time (5/5)

if i had any complaint, Id say to add a a bit more descriptive info in 'details' so we can decide which ridiculous figure in history interests us the most.

The best thing ever! (5/5)

I’m a truck driver living in Kansas City Missouri!! This podcast makes a long drive short! I’ll find myself almost driving over hours because I’m so into a hilarious story! I have listened to every episode and 90% of them twice or three times! It also got me on to Tofop and Fofop (I love Wil Anderson) Point vs Point, and Probably Science. Keep up the good work Dave and Gary! Come back to Kc soon and do a story about the gangster in kc Pendergast!

Witty and Informative (5/5)

Hilarious podcast that teaches you about history and to think about the world today

Not amused (1/5)

I found the humor forced and vulgar. Laughing at victims of horrific crimes in history isn’t my cup of tea.

Meh (2/5)

Interesting Topics, But They Stop To Crack Jokes After Every Two Sentences Instead Of Focusing On The Topic At Hand. Makes It Hard To Follow And Becomes W Bit Annoying. Its Too Bad, Cause I Like The Premise Of The Show, Just Not The Execution.

Unique and genius execution (5/5)

I’m 41 and a man-child. In the wide realm of audio content, this is unique. The comedy and insight is insane and so dense; one has to be 100 percent listening. I have 300 plus episodes to go! Soo sick!

Funny and informative (5/5)

Great stuff, guys. Just discovered. Lots of fun.

Hit or miss, and more often a miss... (2/5)

A few of the episodes were good, but generally it feels like the rest just drag on with a few jokes here and there. The premise is great, and history can be really interesting if you're able to tell a good story. Unfortunately, the writing is really not there, and is too long and boring most of the time. Gareth is pretty funny (as are some of the guests), and his impressions are great, but he can only do so much. They rarely do any stories about women, and when they do, they're not really handled well. (Psst, guys, vaginas are on the inside...)

Awesome (5/5)


I like this podcast. (5/5)

See title.

Oh yeah baby (5/5)

Ohhhhh yeahhh.

Does not age well (3/5)

Listen to the first episodes if you want some hilarious stuff. New episodes just become too politicized to be funny anymore... we get it Dave you’re a liberal, chill out

Say your a guy.. (5/5)

Yeah I said "your" you fn complainers

Fav (5/5)

The LAST thing you dolts need is more ego, but what can I do? You’re my fav of 7-8 podcasts I listen to regularly. Keep it going, there’s always more stories.

So fun So weird (5/5)

Dave and “Gary” slay me. Love the stories. Love the jokes. Love the podcast.

Ever notice how unfunny these guys are? We get it, you’re voting for Bernie Sanders (1/5)

Two virtually unknown “comedians” rehashing cherry picked details about American history that are almost guaranteed to be plagiarized from the internet. It’s cringey how hard these guys try to be funny, while simultaneously carrying the buzz kill left wing socialist banner of virtue signaling that is all too familiar in California. Get ready to hear about how racist and fascist America is! These guys are complete twats.

Dave hates babies (1/5)

Dave on last podcast: "Who cares about white babies? Only the dark ones deserve to be rescued because I hate Trump!" Ok Dave, I think Trump is a douche too, but your hatred for him is ruining your content. Keep hating white babies though because...Trump I guess. Unsubscribed. Former subscriber since episode 4, former Patreon supporter, also bought the book and went to a live show. Didn’t know someone could hate one person so much.

Not Gareth Gary (5/5)

Excellent show Dave is an excellent narrator and Gareth Gary Reynolds really shows of his improv chops. Dave gets a bit preachy at times, but nothing too bad. Need to cover Lysander Spooner

5 years later and still an awesome show (5/5)

Ive been listening to this since it came out and it keeps getting better!! Live shows quality are just as good as private dollops. Garreth is hilariously funny and has the best witty comments. Dave is absolutely amusing too making situations awkward or even more fantastic. Love this show & listen to the ads!

Lost another sub! (1/5)

Maga I’m out. Sorry I have to go to work.

The only 2 honorable white men in history.... (5/5)

Has there every been an honorable white man in all of American history? Hugh glass was AMAZING but I’m guessing there were some racist sexist tendencies that went unreported. Anyways thanks so much to you both. You slowly expose the truth. Wish more people would listen.

It's all true (5/5)

This is such a great podcast. I ran out of things to listen to so I started the podcast over. Oh Gary, are you still at Flappers?

Yes, always yes to the Dollop (5/5)

Oh how I love these boys, let me count the ways 💗💗💗 I don’t like when people try to correct them, I just like to sit in awe of their intellect & hilarity ‘cause I’m just simple like that. Hugs & kisses Dollop Dudes!

Best waste of time (5/5)

What a country???? Could be worse.

I wanna put your knowledge in me (5/5)

Thank you Dave for making this a thing, I’ve already caught up after my girlfriend first introduced me to them sweet sweet mouth noises you make, some 3 months ago. I wish bi weekly meant 7 days a week. Your friend, Joe Oh yea berry is pretty cool too, pretty funny on the fly. Alright thanks!!!

MFM led me here (5/5)

I came across The Dollop with their MFM crossover episode 200, Otto in the Attic. Amazing podcast, so fun to go to the live shows, too. Love you Gary!

This podcast is awesome (5/5)

Im always laughing so hard I forget how much im learning sometimes

Show (5/5)

This is a fun show. You will enjoy it too.

Great (5/5)


Amazing! (5/5)

How is The Dollop not in the top 10? This podcast is amazing! I laughed out loud and learned so much. My husband is a history buff, while I know all of the real housewives by name. While watching a history show last night I knew the story before he did for once all thanks to The Dollop! If you want a great podcast you found it here.

The best! (5/5)

The Dollop is the best. Best humor, interesting history lessons you need to know about! What more could you want?!

To much virtue signaling (1/5)

They have some good stories but ruin it with cramming political views down your throat

A once-hilarious podcast infected by the political malaise of the day. (3/5)

There was a time this would’ve been a 5-Star review, back in the days of Action Park, or the Lobotomobile, or the Animal Horror of Macquarie Island. Back when it was about obscure, bizarre historical events, often even horrifying ones, and sometime but told with irreverenct mockery. But this changed around the Episode about Donald Trump, after which episode started taking a suspiciously new, more frequent trend of being directly pulled to be similar to current events in US politics. The jokes started becoming more infrequent, replaced with pauses for Dave to give a “Take that!” to a political party or figure, or to make a side remark about how violence against private property can actually be a POSITIVE thing, and sign offs often devolving into political rants or assuaging any conservatives in the audience that he’s ‘sorry to have to tell them the truth’. To the credit of Gareth, he still puts his all into keeping the “comedy” that the podcast is marketed as, and does a commendable job in doing so, even when his own political opinions slip through. My hat is off to him for that. Now, I’m a moderate, if left-leaning gent truth be told, but the political undertones and the nature of the stories being chosen have had a definite effect on my mood, and I find myself struggling to get through a single episode with so much as a smile, as the comedy has been supplanted with yet more punditry in a sea of media rife with it, dragging me back to the dreary world which the podcast used to drag me away from to laugh at from afar. It is for that reason I must unsubscribe for the time being - my stress is often at its limit due to my job, and the podcast at this juncture exacerbates more than it helps. Dave, If you’re reading this, I can’t speak for everyone, but I implore you to look back and remember what joy this show used to embody - when the laughter was genuine. When the Rube was chasing fire trucks. When Dr. Sketchley was trying to ferry ostriches on a boat. When a self-castrated loony was marching with bricks and still found the energy to read from a bible and yell at others for their sins. The days when the political parallels were an undercurrent, rather than the focus, and where we laughed at the past rather than wept for the future. I’ll pop in every now and then, most likely once the political climate has mellowed and normalized, in hopes that The Dollop has found that joy once more. Until then, my warmest wishes to you both.

Epic (5/5)

In every conceivable way this is the best podcast ever made. Never stop doing these guys!!!!

Honestly the best (5/5)

If this podcast can get me through hellacious 100 degree bus rides on bumpy roads, it can do anything. Thanks for the laughs. Dave and Gareth are the best

Stick to comedy pls (1/5)

A political podcast under the guise of poor comedy

Don't be dumb (5/5)

Listen to the podcast. It's awesome.

Funny (5/5)

Hilariously entertaining... informative and funny. A nice break from my true crime obsession :)

Great story telling (5/5)

This podcast has helped really drive home how much of our history is fueled by racism. It is necessary that the next generation gets a better education than I did, even if they have to learn if from these guys.

Absolutely best podcast out there (5/5)

Never realized how crazy America's history is. Dave and Gary do an amazing job telling a story while being funny as hell. Can't recommend enough. Check it out

FANTASTIC!!! (5/5)

This podcast is as close to perfect as one can get. Dave and Gareth are amazing! These guys are great together and we look forward to listening to each and every history/comedy episode. Thanks guys and keep up the incredible work.

It’s pretty good (5/5)

I enjoy the concept. Nice job guys

How you know it’s gonna be a good one. (5/5)

A) 1800s? ✔️ B) “self-taught” ✔️ Oh... it’s gonna be a good one.

Ughh (1/5)

I stayed subscribed to this podcast only for the satisfaction I get from rolling my eyes and hitting delete whenever a new episode appears. Smug hosts who talk too slow - not especially funny - poor editing - too many lives shows.

Hilarious (4/5)

As a republican and a Christian some of the stuff they say makes me cringe, but they’re super hilarious and people are aloud to have their opinion. Great podcast to make you laugh while learning stuff!

Caver Hypocrisy (3/5)

Complaining about profiting off Floyd stuck in the cave while selling ads for the Floyd the caver episode... come on boys, you’re better than that. I assume you donate your ad revenue from all “tragic episodes” you cover. Which means every episode.

LOL (5/5)

Hilarious and informative I love every second of it

Great show. (1/5)

The Naughty Show was great but this is even better.

Funny (4/5)

I love the podcast, great stories told well and hilarious. Only one reservation, I’d give it 5 stars if personal politics were left out....

Non-stop laughs (5/5)

The Dollop is the only podcast that keeps me laughing throughout my workday.

trying way too hard (1/5)

these dudes try way too hard to get a laugh. Last Podcast on The Left is a much better option for this type of humor mixed with history/true crime

Perfect (1/5)

I love listening to ten minutes of ads before the podcast.

Awesome & funny (5/5)

Funniest podcast out there! Dave and Gary work so well together, very natural flow to the funniness. I love learning new things but its great to get a dose of humor with it!

Good stuff, but getting long (4/5)

This show is great for a laugh and learning some obscure stories/trivia. In the past months (maybe year) the episodes have gotten longer. I'm not sure whether it's the gag bits, the stories themselves, or both that are going on too long now but I find myself less interested in any episodes longer than 1:15 or so. That said, there's good stuff here and older episodes are fantastic for a re-listen. Ten Cent Beer Night is my favorite single episode of any podcast.

“Guilty of being ADORABLE” (5/5)

I just finally started this podcast. I’ve been listening to it while at work and I’ve had to apologize for cry-laughing in my cubicle three times today. Love y’all!

Most hysterical podcast ever! (5/5)

I have to say these guys have me laughing so hard when I listen to them! Just the way they can portray a story makes you feel like you are sitting with them. I highly recommend!!

I love the Dollop! (5/5)

History has never been so entertaining as when these guys get together! I don’t even mind when they ruin my favorite actors (RIP my love for Errol Flynn) if you want to learn the crazier side of history, head down this rabbit hole!

Tiggered (3/5)

Although politically I am on a different page from these guys I have always been able to listen to the pod cast with an open mind and enjoy a laugh. Ever since Trump every episode has turned into a anti Trump bash fest. I guess I miss the days where these guys had everything their way and didn’t have to cry so much and complaining about the president every single episode. I’ll give it 3 stars for quality content. But definitely unsubscribing and moving on from listening to the same dribble about how much I hate what’s going on now that I’m not getting my way anymore. It was fun.

Two ladies cry about Trump (1/5)


#deleteuber (5/5)

The best

My very favorite podcast (5/5)

God help me.

G. Reynolds is hilarious (1/5)

Dave Anthony is the least funny person I’ve ever heard.

I liked it (2/5)

I have listened to this for about 3 years and have enjoyed a lot of the episodes and think it's pretty funny. However, I recently listened to the Dianne Feinstein episode and have a couple problems with it. First, he brings up her mulitple marriages as if it is a character flaw, and emphasized that her daughter was born less than 9 months after her marriage to the father. OMG. A child was conceived out of wedlock. I don't see them doing that kind of math for all the men they cover; they only get noted if they had multiple wives at the same time or so much syphilis that their gentials were falling off. Second, he says something to the effect of "we (liberals) need more women and minorities running for office, but only the 'right' ones." So...women and minorities can only run if they're perfect, where white guys can run no matter what? No one is saying that about men, "I'm ok with white guys runing for office but only if they are the right ones." I don't really care about Dianne Feinstein, because I don't have to decide whether or not to vote for her, but Dave is a hypocrite. He thinks he is a liberal but, like many liberal (white) men, he's a misogynist. He also has no idea, and will never realize or admit it. I may listen again but I know this issue will crop up in the future. I call out Dave and not Gareth because Dave is typically teling the story and Gareth generally pretty insightful and more open in his opinions of people from all backgrounds.

Yes. (5/5)

Double yes.

Never not funny (5/5)

I am obsessed with this podcast and listen any chance I have. I love history and comedy so this is absolutely perfect for me. A+

Awesome (5/5)

Amazing educational and hilarious

Soooooo good (5/5)

This podcast is so awesome. I am a seasoned podcast listener and these guys put forth an incredible level of entertainment and, it’s legitimately informative. The topics often highlight how awful human beings are, but it remains hilarious. Gareth’s ability to jump into character is amazing. The guests are great, even the sponsor reads by Dave are awesome. If you don’t like swears or you are a racist, you might want to avoid.

Yes. (5/5)

I just spent a year listening to The Dollop as much as possible so I could catch up on every single episode. You should do the same.

Amazing (5/5)

Absolutely hilarious and exceedingly accurate. I’m a 3rd year US History PhD student and I cannot get enough of this podcast. I suggest the episode on Gaston Means if you’re a fellow North Carolinian and are just starting this podcast. Honestly though, you can’t really go wrong with any of them.

Laughed until I cried! (5/5)

Listened for the first time and picked episode 46! Laughed until I cried. I will never think about cereal the same way. “This summer at 6 Flags.....the SH*T chair!!!!!” 🤣

Can’t work without this! (5/5)

This podcast is the only thing that gets me through long nights of baking cakes.

was enjoying (3/5)

Got a little to polictial for me.

Don’t waste your time (1/5)

Someone recommended this so I tried listening to Episode 336. After listening to the first fifteen minutes, which consisted of three very long ads interspersed with live show announcements and other fluff and filler from two annoying jackasses, I hit stop and deleted the podcast.


the jokes are so stupid you would think the laughter is canned. unfortunately, the laughter is very real and so bad that no producer would force someone to listen to it. in the horrific event you started listening to the podcast, your computer locks up, and you are unable to shut the podcast off, throw your computer out the window. it's not worth trying to save the computer.

I’m Listening to the Dollop!!!! (5/5)

If you love history, you’re going to love this podcast. If you don’t love history, you’ll still love this podcast (although I’m now secretly judging you).

Stop shouting! (1/5)

One guy is keep shouting, and really really annoys my hearing. Please stop shouting

The dollop (5/5)

This show is why god created podcasting! 🤡

Boring (1/5)

Do you think it’s funny when the crowd calls Gareth, Gary? Bad news, it’s the only funny thing about The Dollop. Reynolds is kinda funny at first but it’s the same schtick over and over. Dave Anthony? So boring. Thanks for reading wiki pages. I can change my phone settings to do that.

These hosts are so irritating (1/5)

It was so painful to listen to these guys laugh at their own awful jokes for the entire podcast.. probably could have been funny if someone else hosted this.

Not too bad (2/5)

Do you like history being judged by modern standards? Do you like Americans trash talking the United States, especially in front of foreign audiences? Do you like calling people who disagree with your opinions Racist, Nazis or Gross? Then this is the podcast for you.

Funny and educational. (5/5)

What can I say these guys are fantastic, funny and you get to learn some wacky history.

History always repeats itself (5/5)

The best show that totally ruins your American pride and makes you sad for our education system while leaving you laughing in pain.

Too political now... (1/5)

The comedy is gone, unless they have a guest. They trash Amazon every chance they get but took their money as sponsor's to get off the ground. Also tired of every time Indians are mentioned in history now, it's a jab about how the white man took the land illegally. You know, last I checked, they both still live in the USA on that land making a living off of a lot of people and companies that also live on that land, if you feel that strongly move and drop American sponsors so the Indians can have it back. If I wanted a political Pod Cast, I'd find another one. Find your comedy and I might be back, as of now, I'm gone.

Political Ignorance (1/5)

First review ever. These guys have been brainwashed by the leftist media and are so narrow minded that they will believe anything they hear, regardless of the facts.

Quit whining about politics. (1/5)

Gareth is great but if I wanted to listen to someone complain about trump I’d listen to maddows podcast.

Vital listening! (5/5)

Dave does a fantastic job of picking weird, forgotten bits of history that resonate with current events. Hilarious show, and I've learned about lots of fascinating and terrifying things. I love both the historical episodes, and the current events ones where they talk about things like Uber or Blackwater. The only bad thing I can think of about this show is that it really demands careful attention to follow all the threads. Very informative--don't get distracted!

Live Show Boycott (4/5)

This would be a 5 star +++ show if it were not for the live shows. I can't listen to them. Really. All that showy loudness harshes my buzz.

Pee myself so funny - and I still learn something (5/5)

More often than not I'm about to pee myself from laughing so hard listening to these two (and guests) each episode, and at the same time I'm learning how stupid our country and its people can be. So grateful to have come across this glorious podcast - Dave Anthony and Gareth Reynolds win everything.

Good podcast (5/5)

I’ve been binging this podcast for about 2 or three weeks. I picked it cuz the name.... I work at a place called Dollop. But I was hooked after one episode. I enjoy the horribly embarrassing stories of American history. The two comedians have a great rapport, and when they break off into improvised tangents it’s good stuff. I’ve never written a review As you can probs tell, but David keeps asking for it. I only hope that eventually David leaves Gareth alone about the name... Edit: still love this podcast, but Dave started making a lot of mouth noises lately.... if that bothers you, you’ll probably go crazy on the newer eps. If you don’t care about that, carry on. They’re only getting funnier, and they seem to get along a lot better. SPOILEr:: Dave almost never calls Gareth Gary anymore, and that’s nice.

Dave and Gary are the best (5/5)

My absolute favorite podcast. I’ve listened to all the episodes and now I’m running through them again and they still kill me. Hilarious and informative.

Hilarious (5/5)

This group is hilarious and has an amazing sense of humor. Definitely should watch and see for yourself

Love Love My Dollop! (5/5)

The best way to hear history, is with Dave's sardonic wit, accompanied by Gareth Reynolds snarky commentary. I generally listen to The Dollop as soon as the Episode drops; more so now, as you never know when one is going to be pulled due to legal pressure. Rich people own our courts; do you have an episode on this sorry fact, yet?

Well done (5/5)

It’s exceedingly well researched and interesting

Listen to this podcast (5/5)

I love this podcast and suggest for anyone’s who is a fan of comedy, humor or just good story telling

Love this podcast!!! (5/5)

Omg how have I not listened to these guys till now?!?! Fascinating and hysterical.

American History from a Socialist Perspective (5/5)

The Dollop is a hilariously intriguing format within which its two hosts address interesting and unusual stories from American History. While we are all (by now) used to the typical entertainment industry liberal bias on current and past events, these two set themselves apart with a catchy and fresh presentation style. Dave Anthony usually arranges the stories (which he does creatively and with a great flow) and Gareth Reynolds responds and improvises along the way with superior comedic craftsmanship. The flow between the two is fantastic! Their personal chemistry is downright San Francisco status after having worked together for so long. They usually select either strange and bizarre stories from American history or stories intended to deride or diminish white Americans, American culture, or America’s past. You will especially love this podcast if you have white guilt, or if you just hate whites, Christians, southerners, American culture, capitalism, or the philosophical concept of America in general. Anthony and Reynolds have a palpable contempt for America and are relentless in their efforts to portray these people and concepts in unflattering lights whenever possible and you will enjoy the witty, cynical banter. Even if you are a person who prefers fair, unbiased, or even-handed retellings of great American stories, you will still likely find their presentation to be entertaining and will learn a bit more about the socialist perspective on American culture and policy. They do a good job of choosing some pretty fascinating stories. You will, of course, appreciate their angle if you too are a socialist, communist, Hollywood liberal, left-wing extremist, or if you’re generally unfamiliar with economics or domestic policy. I’ve listened to dozens of their episodes and can truly recommend this entertaining series for anyone interested or amused by America’s colorful history. Dave and Gareth are quality comedians and do good work in a world of often mediocre entertainment.

My Absolute Favorite (5/5)

I've listened to all the "top" podcasts over the years and this one right here is the best. I have listened to every episode and most more than once. I have forced my family and friends to listen. If I could force you to listen, I would. I love what Dave and Gareth have created. Even if you don't like history, you'll like this.

Hilarity and History in a one-stop shop (5/5)

I can't express how much I love The Dollop. I struggled with history in school, but Dave and Gareth make it easy to approach and funny, which helps me to remember what I've heard. The format of this podcast (Dave telling a story to Gareth who doesn't know it) is refreshing and makes me feel like I'm on an adventure with Gareth as we learn about the topic. The improv and banter between Dave and Gareth is top-notch and makes me giggle with glee at my desk (much to the dismay of my co-workers). I dare you to listen to Michael Malloy and try not to laugh. I. Dare. You.

You Had Me at Oofty (5/5)

The most wonderfully disturbing podcast ever. Love you Gareth and Derry!

No sleep til hippo! (5/5)

Dave strings fabulous yarns from American history while Garreth reacts and improvises bits about the story which he has before never known of... they are both American heros and true legends of this age.

Dollop Review (5/5)

By far the funnest and most interesting podcast I've listened to. The hilarious true stories are only matched by the fantastic hosts Dave Anthony and Gareth (don't call him Gary) Reynolds. I learn something new with every listen and laugh throughout. It really is true what they say, truth is stranger than fiction!

Thank you (5/5)

I’m really grateful for this podcast. It makes me laugh, including the dark humor where I feel a little like a bad person, in a good way). It touches on vast areas and figures of history that are both all but forgotten and sometimes crucial. It helps to break through the whitewashed history I learned and the cloud of clinical depression that sometimes shuts out the light of my own humor. Keep doing what you’re doing. It’s awesome.

Better than best (5/5)

History is usually told as a dry boring progression of events, Dan and Gareth bring it to life in all its full color absurdity and multiple hat based Kerfuffles ! So funny milk will shoot out your nose as you guffaw riotously (even if you weren’t at that moment drinking milk) if I could give it 50 stars I would

So good (5/5)

Happy I stumbled onto this one! Absolutely hysterical. If you like history and comedy, this is for you!

Subliminally training me to want more (5/5)

I’m going back and listening to all episodes from the beginning as I’m getting my husband into the podcast. Around episode 120+/- I realized I had a Pavilion response to Gareth’s singing of “Adelaide.” He didn’t break into song and my anxiety started to tingle, like, I needed for Gary to sing to finish the circuit. Other than that, the podcast is hilarious, informative and crazy AF.

Hilarious (4/5)

One of my favorite podcasts, but I don’t know if there are new microphones or what because the constant lip smacking from both drives me absolutely insane!

The best!!!!!!!!!!! (5/5)

The best!!!!!!!!!!!

Great (5/5)

Dave’s somehow silly, dry, dark sense of humor mixes super well with Garrett’s quick and hilarious improv skills. Plus the topics are super interesting. Shout out to Jose

I love this podcast!! (5/5)

I have never been so sad and so happy at the same time! A truly funny look at the screwed up history of the U.S. with two hilarious comedians.

Recommended to any fans of comedy (5/5)

Maybe the funniest podcast I’ve ever listened to. 300+ episodes and still going strong. Can’t recommend it enough.

Twisted in the best possible way (1/5)

Review update: I was a huge fan. This was an awesome podcast up until the last year and a half or so. Listen to the first episodes: they are amazing. I’ve found the magic is gone now, and hope Gareth moves on... he’s brilliant, but Dave is gettin less and less funny and more and more bitter. The joy is gone.

Best podcast (5/5)

Easily my favorite podcast. I’m a trucker and need something to keep me stimulated. When music gets monotonous I run to the dollop.

Best podcast ever (5/5)

One of the very best podcasts. There is nothing better to cure depression then some Dave and Garth.

😂 (5/5)

Never miss an episode! I learn a lot, freak out a lot and laugh a lot!!!!

Favorite all time podcast! (5/5)

Educational and hillarious. I have shared this podcast with all of my good friends and it was always well received. Long live Dave and Gary!! Yeah girl!!

Love these dudes!!!!! (5/5)

Dave your mastery of American history is hilarious. Gareth all your voices and accents are funny as hell!

Gets me through the day (4/5)

The hilarious unveiling of our unspoken history is a fabulous educational experience, which makes me laugh while validating my belief that we are all horrible disgusting beings that are the worst plague our planet has produced.

learn & laugh (5/5)

hands down the best podcast out there! love the live episodes!!!!

Rage induced education (5/5)

Dave’s rage and extensive knowledge make history so much more enjoyable..... Gareth’s cool too.

Seriously hilarious! (5/5)

This is one of my absolute favorite podcasts. Dave and Gareth are hilarious, and banter like an old married couple. It’s always exciting when I get a notification that there’s a new episode, and I hurry to listen as soon as possible! Dave is extremely well-prepared and thorough in his research, and I love that he can put a funny spin on all these true events. Gareth’s reactions are surprising and smart. Half of the fun is when I react to the story right along with him! This podcast is such a pleasure to listen to! It’s a biweekly American History podcast which makes me smile, once a week ;)

It’s always makes me laugh (5/5)

Start listening. They are amazing. I feel smarter for listening while being entertained. Long live jose!

Excellence (4/5)

Much like Pringles, once you pop you just can’t stop (tm). Thank sweet baby Jesus there are so many episodes. Love the show and can’t wait to see Gary live in Pittsburgh

Don’t eat or drink while listening (5/5)

This show is the funniest podcast going!!

My favorite podcast! (5/5)

Proud Rube. Informative and funny. Always the first podcast I listen to. Keep 'em coming fellas!

!!!! (5/5)

I have become super obsessed with podcasts in the last 6 months, I’m actually behind on all my shows because I constantly stream these instead. I listen to all different genres and THIS is the only one that I can always go to and be entertained. There are so many different topics, and so much information. I LOVE history, and these obscure pieces of our history that I would never know anything about without this podcast are amazing. The absolute ridiculous things that were done over the centuries blows my mind! (Eating a recently deceased loved ones heart to prevent TB?!) I also love the banter between The hosts. Thank you! Everyone should add this to their list of podcasts. Put it at the top of your list!!

So funny! (5/5)

Love Dave and Gareth! They always make me laugh!

Don’t skip the commercials (5/5)

Don’t skip the commercials, these dudes are freaking genius.

Funny and Informative (5/5)

Dave Anthony and Gareth Reynolds have great chemistry and random bursts of improvisations of the stories they tell. Truly a gem.

Lambs funeral home (3/5)

I redd a book in the 90s about the horrific story of the true story of is so bad but of corse human brain wants to read this even though it’s the scariest thing lve so far.l want to no where l can find this book,and read it start to finish.please let me no how l can read this book.

One of my top two podcasts (5/5)

This is a great podcast I have not missed a single episode. If you have never heard this podcast start with Otto in the attic. Gareth and Dave are fantastic.

“It's Complicated” (5/5)

EXCELLENT Randy Newman theme songs. Hope to hear many more of them in the future! "It's a complicated, it's a complicated thing..." - Worth it for the Randy Newman tunes alone!

Binge Worthy (5/5)

Seriously laugh out loud funny, love this podcast

My favorite podcast (5/5)

Easily my favorite podcast. The chemistry between Dave and Gareth is fantastic, and I’ve learned a lot.

Sad it went down from twice a week (3/5)

But this podcast teaches me something new every week. Also, hilarious reading all the "America LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT" comments in the reviews. Hilarious. But WAY too many live shows now. Glad they’re doing so well that the live shows are so popular, but the taped shows are much, much tighter.


Quite possibly the best podcast out there.

Live or studio, either way laughter will not stop. (5/5)

Listener be warned!!! It has been proven that the combination of Dave and Gareth can cause laughter fits that can be dangerous to your health, especially when their comedy and improv is mixed with actual messed up historical events. You have been warned. If you die of laughter they can not be held Accountable.

Great podcast (5/5)

One of the best things out there

Both informative and entertaining! (5/5)

I absolutely just love this podcast! There is a topic for everyone.

Gentlemen and scholars (5/5)

Very funny and interesting historical stories. What would I do without Dave and Gary?

I'm here for garcore (5/5)

Please job me

Sign my car? (5/5)

I was never a podcast person until a friend introduced me to The Dollop. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll be embarrassed to be an American, you’ll fall in love with Dave and Gary/Gareth, you’ll laugh out loud at work much to the irritation of your coworkers. Dave Anthony is a talented researcher and writer and Gareth Reynolds is all of us and together they’ve made my life more fulfilled. I wish they’d sign my car.

Amazing History Podcast (5/5)

I absolutely adore this podcast. Not many other places you can learn a lot of hidden, often pretty cringe-worthy history while laughing.

Say you’re a guy... (5/5)

Love this podcast! These guys have me laughing until I cry every time!

If you’re not listening, what are you doing? (5/5)

One of the greatest podcasts out there! These two have great chemistry together and are hilarious. Wish Dave was my history teacher, maybe I would have paid attention in school!

Not funny. Keep with the story! They just babble and have ADD. (1/5)

Takes work to get through and know when they are trying to be funny and babble and when hey are trying to tell the story. If you like fart jokes this if for you. If you want the story go elsewhere. Not funny. They just babble and don't tell the story without ADD.

Date night favorite (5/5)

This show is amazing. My wife and I listen every time we play video games together. We love it so much we have demanded all our friends listen to it too. (Including the live episodes. I don’t care what anyone says. They are some of the best ones, and most often ones we recommend people start with.). Five stars. Two thumbs up. Do recommend.

So much knowledge I didn't need to know. (5/5)

Amazingly informative and hilarious about all the stories from American history that you've never heard.

I love them like the Rube loves puppies. (5/5)

You’d understand that reference if you listened to the Dollop. What are you waiting for?! Listen!!!

❤️ (5/5)

Two amazing dudes doing great work! Idk what I would do without The Dollop. It brings me so much joy and laughter. Thnx Dave and Gareth xx

It’s Gareth (5/5)

Not Gary. He’ll be at Flappers on Wednesday - go ask him yourself if you don’t believe me!

Informative and Hilarious (5/5)

(See title.)

Boy, they pop. (5/5)

These two alcoholic street urchins make my week a little more livable with their bi-sexual American history podcast. Stay golden, Gary.

Fav podcast ever (5/5)

I never rate podcasts... Garett and Dave are amazing. Not tv show, standup, etc has made me laugh so often, plus I learn a few things every now and again.

Gary, Gary, Gary, Gary... (5/5)

I miss biweekly...

Favorite podcast (5/5)

Always makes me laugh!

"The last thing any situation needs is only men trying to solve it." Gareth Reynolds (5/5)

This is my fovorite thing.

Rating (5/5)


Historically funny (5/5)

Top 3 podcast for me, and one time at a live show, Gareth ate my pizza. The book is great too. Buy it.

Dope show (5/5)

I love this podcast, dope af 5⭐️

The best (5/5)

Wake. Bake. Dollop. Repeat.

Dave STOP Accents (5/5)

I love this podcast but it’s terribly awkward to listen to Dave attempt different accents or during live shows when he adds commentary at all. Just read the article you had someone write for you and leave the comedy to Gareth. Gareths accents are great! He is generally the funnier one on every episode, his commentary is the real star of the podcast. Please stop Dave.

Great podcast bad audio! (5/5)

Sounds like it was recorded in a tin can! Get a better mic!

WAS my favorite (2/5)

Found this podcast probably about 2 years ago. It quickly became my favorite, I would laugh out loud regularly each episode. Has to take a break around 3 months ago due to the constant political commentary. Tried it again today and it’s even worse than it was. Guys, we get volatile political commentary 24/7 on just about every outlet we see, both on television and on social media. I don’t need it on a podcast I choose to subscribe to for entertainment. As much as I loved you guys and recommended this show, I just can’t listen anymore.

Awesome (5/5)

Super funny

Funny, Educational & Edgy (4/5)

As the son of a history teacher, this is the only history podcast I follow. These 2 are witty and do a fantastic job of telling quirky stories from American history. It can get slightly political (they seem to have their flag firmly planted in the liberal camp) but they mostly stay within the lines of their stories. Side Note: if you don’t want to hear republican/capitalism bashing skip the first 7-10 minutes of the podcast.

Lil’ Garfey (5/5)

Greatest. Listen. Ever. To anyone whom reads this, listen to the pod. You will not regret it!

Hillarious (5/5)

It’s hard to believe these stories are true. I love knowing it’s all going to spiral out of control when I hear the opening line. Great pacing and I absolutely love when Dave and Gareth play the parts of unwitting bystanders hearing the facts! (“Ah excuse me?!”) I’m only on episode 10 so excited i have another 300 to look forward to.

It’s okay (4/5)

Some of the content is great, but sometimes you guys take it way too far.

Best part of my week (5/5)

Listening to these two gents talk about American history is the best part of my day. Keep it up boys!

The only thing better than The Dollop... (5/5) the influx of whining from reviewers who feel attacked by a comedy-history podcast. Saw you guys in Charlotte, and I can’t wait to see you live again! I absolutely love this podcast. And I live for those Talkspace ads.

From bro court to don't stop till hippo (5/5)

The show I continually quote in life, out of context and people still get it some how. It's more American. It's just more American period. Got me into podcasting and I got them into me. They sign cars. And it’s Gareth...

Now I say, “Sure,” every time I hear something horrifying. Thanks, Gary! Oh, I mean Gareth. (5/5)

Better response than any finishing school could have taught me.

Regular listener new to the comedians (5/5)

Had no idea who these two were before this podcast so not a carryover from their comedy shows. A friend recommended this podcast and so glad I took the advice! Thankfully there are a ton of recordings so I can listen everyday. History in an entertaining, memorable way. Not for children... some topics and language are for adult consumption only.

It's good (5/5)

Very good and well researched show.

Escape from the terribleness of today through tales of the terribleness of yesterday. (5/5)

You won’t be able to stop binge listening to this show. As a lover of good stand up and history, this podcast delivers on both. It’s hilarious enough to make up for the horrifying truths of our past, and also horrifying enough to reach the point of hilarity. There is no better way to escape from the horribleness that is 2018 American politics than to realize that we truly have always been a nation of generally horrible garbage people.

Hilariously awesome (5/5)

This is by far the funniest thing I’ve listened too in a long time. It’s definitely the highlight of my day.

Most educational, honest and entertaining PC (5/5)

So. goooooooood

Simply the best. (5/5)

Better than all the rest.

aids (5/5)