Aggregated reviews for The Ezra Klein Show

Winner of the 2020 Webby and People's Voice awards for best interview podcast. Ezra Klein brings you far-reaching conversations about hard problems, big ideas, illuminating theories, and cutting-edge research. Want to know how Stacey Abrams feels about identity politics? How Hasan Minhaj is reinventing political comedy? The plans behind Elizabeth Warren’s plans? How Michael Lewis reads minds? This is the podcast for you. Produced by Vox and the Vox Media Podcast Network.

My favorite podcast   (5/5)

Ezra is always extremely well prepared and asks great questions. Good variety of guests. Always a very smart, interesting, and educational listen.

Preaching to the choir   (2/5)

Certainly this audience loves the topics and guests, but you definitely won’t hear many guests that have a different perspective than Ezra.

Cyrus Habib   (5/5)

Mad respect. Seriously considered entering a brotherhood after reading Seven Story Mountain, raised Catholic loved the rituals, rich literature, solemnity, but couldn’t cross major hurdle of believing in the Trinity as reality and not metaphor, the stories as lit and not divinely inspired, Jesus as living God born immaculately and not a dynamic figure in his time, a dilemma too great and ultimately prohibitive. But I don’t question the faith of others and admire those earnest enough to dedicate their life to moral principles. Thanks for bringing attention to this story; I admire this man of courage. Great show, great episode.

1 small criticism   (4/5)

Ezra is well-educated and intelligent. What he stubbornly ignores is this: he would be more effective if he reduced the number of words he uses by 50%. I swear to god it is true.

The entire podcast   (5/5)

Ezra, quantum Mechanics and you. I’m glad you’re both in my universe.

Sweet cast, brah   (5/5)

This is the only podcast that I obsessively listen to. The topics are always interesting and varied enough not to get too repetitive or predictable. I love that it’s usually about politics and policy, but not always.

Just so good   (5/5)

Every episode is like taking a class with a brilliant professor. Episodes are long, but always super clear and focused so they fly by and I learn so much!

Smartest guy in the room   (5/5)

Ezra interview fascinating people in insightful ways. Great listen while on long drives, particularly.

What a nice step outside the current   (5/5)

I constantly feel like Ezra has given me something new to think about with this show. He has really set the bar for me on how to ask a good question and examine an issue. I can’t thank you enough for this podcast as a space to think about things differently–both in the news and outside of it. Must listen.

I consider this show my post-graduate education   (5/5)

I discovered this podcast while in a rage over the Kavanaugh hearings, and looking for some reprieve. I found some in the conversation with Ezra and Rebecca Traister, but I also discovered a show changed that changed my life. I always describe the show to friends as being like sitting in a class lecture with the brilliant Jill Lepore or Daniel Markovits except only the most well-read and informed student can ask the questions, and they’re almost always better than anything you would have asked yourself. Ezra, thank you for doing this show and expanding my mind. I hope to meet you one day in person and tell you how much of an impact you’ve had on me as a woman in her mid-20s. You fricken rule and so does Vox!!

Madeline Miller episode   (5/5)

Fascinating and welcome break from politics

Not worth it   (1/5)

Don’t bother with this one.

The BEST!   (5/5)

In a world inundated with Twitter/media BS this is most intelligent, thought provoking, informative podcast period! He talks to lots of conservatives in respectful conversations while maintaining his progressive cred and pushing them. Everybody should dig deep with this podcast every week.

Definitely recommend   (5/5)

I love this show. Ezra is informative, insightful, fair, and generous in his conversations with others. I really look up to him. This show helps keep me sane and hopeful.

Wrong in face masks   (5/5)

As a public health nurse, I’ve been following CDC guidance on face masks from the beginning. Their guidance hasn’t changed. Perhaps it seems to have changed because the guidance is nuanced. Initial guidance was that masks do little to protect the wearer and that respirators and surgical masks need to be saved for frontline healthcare workers. That is still the guidance. With the advent of industrious cloth mask makers, the CDC added to their guidance that cloth masks should be worn to protect others FROM the wearer’s exhalations and that medical masks still should be saved for frontline healthcare workers. Perhaps the guidance was reported wrong then and/or now, but it has not changed.


Worth your time 100%. Each discussion is insightful beyond belief. I love the breadth of topics

Episode 323   (5/5)

Totally engrossing. As usual, intelligent conversation.

Helped sort me out   (5/5)

I found myself being sucked in by alt right content near the time when certain content creators were suddenly changing their tune circa 2016 and taking their listeners with them. Sam Harris would flog Ezra on his podcast and truly make him sound villainous so I downloaded ezra’s podcast and was very glad to feel my understanding shifting and growing. This podcast is probably responsible for my getting a foothold in a more balanced point of view. Thanks.

A great podcast for anyone   (5/5)

Ezra has the ability to bring a wholistic view to nearly any point while also bringing his own perspective in the description of that very same point no matter the guest and it is a riveting change of pace to the media

Simply Fantastic.   (5/5)

Thoughtful, informative, and ameliorative.

Most thoughtful podcast available   (5/5)

I listen to many political and topical news podcasts. I also listen to a variety of podcasts on Buddhism, mindfulness, Nuero- psych issues. I find Ezra Klein to be one of the more thoughtful and interesting writers and interviewers currently looking at cultural and political developments here and around the world. I am not engaged by all of his topics , but am always intrigued and informed by the depth of the conversations he has with his very smart and experienced and creative guests. Highly recommend.

Mixed bag   (3/5)

The quality of the episode of almost entirely dependent upon the guest. I’m pretty nerdy, but some episodes bore me to tears whereas others I’m completely riveted. I listen to a crap ton of podcasts and I listen to every episode of most, but I often find myself abandoning this one a third of the way into this one

back up from the mic   (1/5)

someone buy ezra a pop filter

Poseur   (1/5)

I am no Sam Harris fan, but Ezra's podcast with Harris showed how nasty, unfair, and illogical Klein can be. Klein is all about being in the in-crowd of hip enlightened podcasters and journalists. Junior high never ended him, especially that annoying little lisp.

Self Indulgent Mirror-Fest   (1/5)

Ezra should try not filtering everything through his own experiences and beliefs.

Elizabeth Warren   (5/5)

Thank you for the interview w Sen Warren I still don’t understand why she is not our front runner nominee for the dem party

Rethinking   (3/5)

Ezra has interesting guest but often centers the conversation around himself or his personal hobby horses. It can be painful to listen to him figuring out his ideas/opinions on air. A straightforward interview show might be more enlightening.

Is the cure worse than disease   (4/5)

Thoroughly enjoyed the discussion with both guests. Excellent probing and back and forth was very helpful in dissecting the dilemmas brought on by the raging devastating Covid 19 pandemic with its huge human and economic costs as well as moral quandaries Ezra also brings in excellent guests One suggestion-Paragraph Khanna who has written a book-The Future is Asian Kanak Shah 1940

Guest   (5/5)

Hello EK, I’m new to your show and really appreciate your clarity. Let’s also give some focus to the Benefits re the Climate Crisis when we are putting the brakes on the global economy. We cannot go back to business as usual killing the Earth if and when we get past COVID19. I’m not hearing this perspective anywhere yet with the clamor re the clear and present danger for health and humanity either way! keep up the great work, LEN

In-depth quality interviews/discussions.   (5/5)

Ezra Klein show is an incredibly valuable clear voice during turbulent times, helping us to understand the undercurrents behind the spectacle of cable news.

Heard him on Shapiro   (5/5)

Well articulated and researched, and even handed. Good job, sir!

A modern day Firing Line?   (5/5)

I enjoy this podcast. Klein has interesting, thoughtful guests whom he allows to “speed their wings.” Few hosts seem willing to do that these days. In doing this, he reminds me of William F Buckley.

Matt Yglesias   (1/5)

This week’s discussion with Matt Yglesias made me feel embarrassed for you Ezra. I can understand how inviting an extremely biased person to such a discussion might make sense if you thought you might be able to squeeze a little unique but cogent perspective out of the‘orange’, but you sat on your hands so much of the time. Why didn’t you ask him to substantiate some of his wildly disrespectful claims about Sanders? And, why didn’t you push back? Or, do you agree with them? Sometimes I think that you neuter your worth trying so hard to be the objective journalist.

Thoughtful   (5/5)

Thoughthful interviews and contemplation. Nondogmatic. Certainly foundationally coastal elite based but open minded with a variety of voices and conversations explored.

Ep. 302   (1/5)

I can’t believe you let that guy on in #302, and just go on basically unchallenged. “Oh you’re unemployed? Use your connections!”...entrenching institutionalized racism. And not even mentioning runaway capitalism and corporations as a root cause of the disintegration of working class communities. Flock back to the church! It will solve all of your woes! To host him right after Mr. Coates? Offensive and irresponsible.

The Left is Best   (1/5)

And Ezra is not the best!

Keep it up   (5/5)

I heard you on “armchair experts” and I really like how reasonable you are so I decided to come learn from/with you

A weekly staple   (5/5)

Ezra’s probing and deeply informed conversations with a wide range of politically- and culturally-significant smart people are often the best part of my podcasting diet. He makes both his biases and convictions crystal clear, and presses guests who try to obfuscate their own, whether he agrees with their policy prescriptions or not.

Better when Jane Coaston hosts   (3/5)

Ezra frequently becomes insufferable with his cloying identity politics and soapbox straw man arguments. I suggest Ezra hand over the podcast to Jane Coaston — who personally I think is a much better interviewer. She is more relatable and less preachy. I really enjoyed the last episode she hosted.

Cold atheist book   (5/5)

Great episode. Reminded me of one of my favorite quotes. “I can’t believe what you say, because I see what you do. “ — James Baldwin

Talks too fast   (1/5)

I would love the content but the struggle to decipher words is too hard for me. I tried using the speech button to slow it down, wasn’t effective. They talk so fast sometimes all I hear is a string of choppy consonants. They need to enunciate better.

Thought provoking   (5/5)

Thank you for brightening my days by hearing all these thought provoking discussions. I just want to know when I will find the time to read/listen to all those wonderful books that your guests recommend. LOL Thanks!!!

One of the best interviewers out there   (5/5)

Regardless of what one might think of his other roles (talking head on cable news, Vox founder, etc.), he is the most thoughtful, well-researched, intellectually honest, and rigorous interviewer out there.

Excellent   (5/5)

Ezra’s podcast gives me the opportunity to think openly and freshly. Ezra is always interesting and thoughtful.

Mediocre White Dudes   (1/5)

Just listened to the episode with Tim Urban. Urban’s take on politics was freshman dorm level amateur. To Ezra’s credit he clearly understood how bad it was, but I don’t understand why this podcast provides a platform to mediocre white dudes, like urban, whose self confidence is rivaled only by their cluelessness. Being “interesting” is not the same as being loud and obnoxious.

Fantastic Show   (5/5)

Ezra always breaks down and covers the topic masterfully. He is a brilliant political scholar and honestly anyone would be lucky to have him as a campaign advisor/strategist.

Ezra Klein   (3/5)

Very interesting. But I couldn’t listen because youbothareralkingwaytoofast.

Excellent   (5/5)

My favorite podcast.

This podcast pushes my mind   (5/5)

Every week I’m presented with challenging new ideas that shape my understanding of morality, politics, democracy, life. I’m so grateful for this show. I find myself taking notes on episodes more often than not and returning to ideas in conversation for weeks after listening.

Steyer interview   (5/5)

Ezra, thank you for pushing Tom Steyer on issues. It helped me to weed him out of one of my thoughts for President.

Ep 292 is the best one!   (4/5)

Ep 292 Post debate special was absolutely phenomenal!!! Great conversation and very very informative!

Hatred of the Jews predates Christianity   (5/5)

Regarding "Antisemitism now, Antisemitism then", while I liked many of the assessments of both Ezra and the speaker, Deborah, history from the Bible shows that unfounded hatred of the Jews is not just a New Testament invention. After Joseph saved Egypt, his descendants ended up as slaves and were looked down upon and hated. Why? Just for being Jews. In the Book of Esther, the queen for whom the book is named had to hide her Jewishness in order to be considered for the role of queen and had to leverage her relationship to the king to prevent the extermination of her people because of the greed of one man and a blatant attempt to unjustly deprive them of their goods and riches. One needs to see the irrational hatred of Jews from a spiritual perspective in order to understand it. There are unseen enemies in our world who hate those who love God. They influence and manipulate people to act against those they hate and, because Jesus is a Jew, attempts in numerous ways to attack and denigrate the Jews and the Christians (the true ones and not the various cults that only exist to obscure true Christianity).

My favorite podcast   (5/5)

These long form interviews give you actual insights into topics which combined with Ezra’s incredible interviewing skill is like going to book club every week. The number one podcast I recommend to everyone!

Ezra Klein is a minor deity   (5/5)

What if Joe Rogan was smarter than you and didn’t jones on MMA? That would be the Ezra Klein podcast. He wants to understand the world in complex ways you never imagined. Even though he doesn’t try to persuade his audience, no podcast has ever led me to change my perspective more often. Better conversation than you had on your third date with your future spouse.

Great podcast!   (5/5)

Highly recommended for interesting information and engaging, intelligent commentary.

My first and favorite podcast!   (5/5)

This podcast started by obsession with podcasts and my life is better for it! I even applied to be a researcher for this show when the role was posted on Vox’s website! Every episode stimulates and challenges me. To say I have learned so much is a gross understatement. This podcast has changed me, changed how I think and changed my life and I am so grateful!

Activism, not journalism   (2/5)

Politically, I’m aligned with Ezra on many issues. This podcast could be great, but he seems more concerned about being right than anything else. It gets old, and fast.

Informative, brainy and fun   (5/5)

This podcast consistly offers high-quality interviews with some of the most interesting thinkers and activists of our time. Ezra is a skilled host, who engages his guests in complex, thought-provoking conversations. Highly recommended.

One of the best interviewers ever   (5/5)

I've learned THE MOST from this podcast than any other i've listened to. Ezra Klein not only brings on amazing guests, but is one of the best interviewers I've ever listened to. He is intelligent and compassionate questions, and brings just enough personal perspective without overpowering the interviewee. THANK YOU EZRA.

Get Corey back in the race!   (5/5)

Thank you, Ezra, for this outstanding interview with Corey Booker. It drove home how reductive the political process is that leads to the selection of the democratic candidate, learning the depth of this person’s convictions and the freshness of his approach...and so poignant to listen to just days after he dropped out of the race. There is something really wrong with the process that eliminated this individual before the electorate really got the chance to understand him.

Always insightfully   (5/5)

Loved the Cory Booker podcast. Great and thoughtful questions posed by Ezra and really powerful and thoughtful responses from Senator Booker. Both of these gentlemen are the real deal!

Never boring   (5/5)

Ezra is one of the most versatile intellect that I’ve heard on Podcasts, and engages a variety of thinkers on areas that challenge me personally. I agree with those that say this is the one podcast that you are tempted to listen to every week

Loss of Vox??   (5/5)

I understand that Vox’s relationship with Stitcher has changed. Is that why I can no longer stream or download Vox podcasts using Apple podcasts? Thanks for any help. I miss the shows!! Mae

Indispensable   (5/5)

The only podcast I look forward to listening to every week. Ezra is an astounding interviewer whose intellect far outstrips that of other people in the media.

Fantastic   (5/5)

Certainly my favorite podcast right now. Klein's ability to draw people out, listen to those he disagrees with, and dig into important issues is fantastic. The only reason I don't listen to all of the episodes is the length of each. Which I wouldn't want changed because it gives Klein and his guests the time/space to really talk and reflect.

Thoughtful. Helps me think about bigger and more important things.   (5/5)

Highly recommend.

For Ezra   (5/5)

Smart. Relevant. More open minded than most. Probing. Good for democracy. Keep it up. Thanks.

Excellent   (5/5)


My new favorite podcast   (5/5)

Not only is Ezra Klein wickedly brilliant and a real mensch, he has the most fantastic, brilliant guests on his show with superb interviews. His climate science series has been really marvelous and should be a must hear for everyone!

Can’t Miss!   (5/5)

Any time I go a few days letting an episode sit there without being listened to, I’m frustrated. Getting into this podcast has been entertaining, but it has also had a huge impact on decisions I find myself making almost daily. Thank you, Ezra.

My go to!   (5/5)

Always interesting, thoughtful, and insightful topics and guests. Really enjoy listening to the wide range of conversations and issues, especially those I’m not the most familiar. My weekly go-to, and am always sending episodes to people I know :)

Amazing and thoughtful   (5/5)

I am so infatuated with this podcast it’s all I want to talk about. Ezra is a great interviewer and so smart and well read. It feels like he’s in my head (but smarter) because of the topics. He has concerns about our society and future and morals that he is chewing on in his own life the way I am wrestling with them in mine and I always find the discussion so insightful and thought provoking.

Dave Roberts giggles   (5/5)

Listening to an interesting and substantive podcast with Dave Roberts. For the life of me, I cannot figure out why the guy giggles in the middle of really good argument. Makes him sound like a 400 pound fatty who wears his tighry-whitey over his polyester pants. Install a no giggles rule please.

I want to be like Ezra   (5/5)

I love Ezra's style of delivery of questions, presentation of facts and disagreements with his guests on this podcast. I am a fellow podcaster, and I have tried to position myself in my own Ezra way without totally copying Ezra and I know that I don't sound as fantastic as Ezra does. It's always a joy hearing Ezra take on people from all works of life, totally fascinating and never dull!

Always thought provoking   (5/5)

How does Ezra Klein have the time to know so much about each and every topic on this show? Great interviews and always leave me with big things to think about.

Love It   (4/5)

Not every single episode keys into something I’m really into, but many of them do. Love the wide variety of topics and guests. Love the nuanced and layered discussions about the topics. And I’ve bought SO MANY books based on guest recommendations. That may be my favorite part.

I’ve learned so much   (5/5)

Before listening to this podcast, I’d the barest understanding about a lot of key issues, like climate change, animal suffering, and politics. Now though, I feel like I have a better understanding of current events, and can be more aware and deliberate with my choices. Ezra also has a great interviewing style, where he allows the guest to really share their knowledge, while still challenging them with his own opinions or opposing views, without being forceful or argumentative. This is a great podcast.

Consistently interesting   (5/5)

Good mix of opinions. Almost no duds

The greatest   (5/5)

Just listen it’s really good

Thought provoking   (5/5)

Whether I agree with Ezra and his guests or not, the conversation never fails to be thoughtful and unapologetically deep. As a debate coach, I’d like to have Ezra on my team. This is one of my never-miss podcasts.

Krugman interview   (1/5)

I admire Paul Krugman , but the whole interview was one big Warren support advert. What Buttigieg got wrong? What Yang got wrong? Yet Warren gets a pass on MFA after she flips to MFA WWI .

Never miss it   (5/5)

There are lots of great podcasts but this is one I never miss. Love the in depth discussion about far ranging topics. I learn something every time. Ezra is a great interviewer, a deep thinker, a good soul and I feel grateful for this podcast.

Blows my mind…every time.   (5/5)

Great show. Great topics. Great guests.

Review of The Moral Philosophy of The Good Place   (5/5)

Ezra, as usual I enjoyed and learned a lot listening to your podcast. It is the most intellectually stimulating podcast being made today. I admire Mike for creating shows that tell stories about how his characters and we can be good people. However, I disagree with Pam’s view that people are either good or bad, that there is no such thing as striving to become better people. We are all imperfect due to our Adamic inheritance of sin. Therefore, there is plenty of room for every one to become a better person by trying not to sin. In fact, in both the Hebrew and Greek Bibles, God lists the behaviors we should continuously try to achieve, these are, “the fruitage of the spirit,” which includes; “love, joy, peace, long-suffering, kindness, goodness, faith, mildness, and self-control.” Linda S. Marshak

Consistently informative and interesting   (5/5)

Been listening for years. Ezra is a great interviewer who manages to challenge his guests without ever being combative. Ezra and his guests are extremely intelligent and interesting to listen to. Approachable, but does not cater to the lowest common denominator like so much of the media does. Highly recommend.

Great show.   (5/5)


Probably the best podcast available for intelligent discussions   (5/5)

I have been listening to Ezra for almost two years. His topics and guests are almost always fascinating and thought provoking but the most distinctive and valuable feature for me is the mature, kind demeanor he brings to every interview. A pure delight to listen to him, and a fine lesson in social intelligence.

Great show   (5/5)

Always makes me want to understand more about the topics presented!

Thoughtful and Enjoyable   (5/5)

I’ve been listening for a long time, and this is definitely one of my favorite podcasts. I like the deep delve into the topics and feel like I learn something new every time.

Thoughtful and thought-provoking interviews   (5/5)

This show is wide-ranging, spanning politics, ethics, climate change, and so much more. Ezra seems to approach the conversations with a sincere interest in learning what he can from his guests, and this makes for great conversations. This isn’t gotcha journalism; it’s curiosity and a desire for understanding. I come away from many of the interviews with new questions, new understandings, and sometimes even changes to how I live my life or see myself.

The best   (5/5)

Most stimulating

My favorite podcast   (5/5)

...out of quite a lot. If you are interested in thoughtful and accessible discussions of philosophy, ethics and just how to be a ‘better’ person, this is the podcast. The guest roster is fantastic, and this is seriously the most ethically influential ‘thing’ in my life right now. Also, discussions of politics that don’t make you want to just set everything on fire! 13/10

my favorite pod   (5/5)

This show constantly challenges my world view and I get excited each time it pops into my feed.

Great to take a step back to think and feel   (5/5)

I love that this podca provides a chance to get beyond the headlines — headlines I tend to forget within a week — and engage with issues that I’ll think about for a lifetime. While the show mostly engages the intellectual side of me, it also allows for exercising emotions like hope and empathy that the world often dulls. Ezra is always thoughtful, prepared, and picks things that interest him, which makes for an interesting listen.

Ridiculously good podcast   (5/5)

Awesome guests + Thoughtful questions + Humble point-of-view = Be conversations ever

Challenging in the best way   (5/5)

Ezra is a great interviewer and has a variety of interesting guests. I've enjoyed the show for years but was particularly moved to review it now after his recent episodes that explore ideas about living a moral life. He tackles very hard questions in a way that is illuminating while also being fun to listen to. If he or the producers see this review at all, thank you for your work!

This podcast is wonderful and smart and sane   (5/5)

Ezra is highly skilled at having conversations about things that matter, both with people he agrees with and those he doesn’t. He has genuine and respectful discussions that feel revolutionary in their civility. He makes me feel like the world could be a better place than it is in my head most of the time. Thank you Ezra!

One of my staples   (5/5)

I stopped listening to this podcast for a while to make room for others, and when I came back to it I realized what an absence that created in my life

Love this show   (5/5)

Listened today to the podcast with Peter Singer. Love this podcast and that one was fantastic. A must listen

Always stimulating   (5/5)

What great conversations! I feel like my brain gets a workout every tine. I listen.

One of my faves!   (5/5)

Love the podcast, always such interesting conversations. I prefer taking a step back and looking at these issues from a birds eye view rather than the minute-by-minute updates of the 24-hour news cycle.

Listen to this podcast   (5/5)

Consistently engaging and thoughtful and provoking. A favorite podcast

My fav podcast   (5/5)

I love Ezra’s podcasts that examine and illuminate why we do what we do. How our identity and experiences shape how we view and assess our world. And how our thoughts and actions affect our lives and those around us. His topics are timely and relevant, the contents are fascinating and thought provoking. There are plenty of episodes to choose from so pick a topic and dive in. Enjoy!

Deserves your attn no matter your politics   (5/5)

As a religious and social conservative who’s vision for the US differs in key aspects from Ezra’s, I can’t recommend a single more valuable interviewer than Ezra. His depth of knowledge, research, articulateness, and self-awareness make him someone we should all listen to.

Amazing!   (5/5)

I love Ezra Klein - he consistently chooses eloquent experts and does a great job ensuring that his interviews generate learning rather than needless debates. I’ve learned a lot from him each week!

My Favorite Part of the Week   (5/5)

There’s so much I love about this podcast. Each conversation is unique; the common thread is that they all feature insights on defining and living up to personal values, who we are, our responsibilities to ourselves and to each other, about the world we live in, how to learn and how to grow. Complicated, messy topics are made coherent and approachable, with no fidelity lost. And the book recommendations! The quotes! The wealth of new concepts! I am so, so thankful for this wonderful show.

Terrific   (5/5)

A show that brings on fascinating guests for rich conversations that never fail to challenge and expand my understanding of the world.

Great Podcasting   (5/5)

I’ve been including this Podcast for a couple of months in my listening que and it’s now a favorite, due to the amazing level of discourse, sheer intellectual latitude and relevant themes. Ezra Klein is a lot of fun to follow. I feel so much better informed.

Awesome Interviews   (5/5)

Ezra’s interviewing style has made me a better citizen, researcher, and friend. This is one of my favorite listens every week.

A great interviewer with interesting subjects   (5/5)

Highly recommended!

Favorite   (5/5)

My new favorite podcast - great guests and great pacing of interviews

Best podcast ever   (5/5)

Ezra’s show makes my trip to work so much better than it would be otherwise. I love the way he thinks. The show is quite thoughtful and sharpens the way you see the world. Ezra’s outlook is both pessimistic and full of hope - just like many of us.

Klein   (5/5)

A great lens to view the world.

Never fails   (5/5)

To be an interesting conversation. This is one of the podcasts that I keep turning to to keep up on because of its consistency in challenging the lens I am using to see the world. I think it is a model of respectful exploration of ideas across the political spectrum, without falling into the trap of pretending not to have an orientation. Great work, Ezra!

A World Class Interviewer   (5/5)

Ezra’s questions are so insightful, so thought out and genuine, that sometimes I find them more interesting than the answers. And that’s to no fault of the wonderful guests, who range from climate experts to historians to Sci Fi authors, and are almost always fascinating and generous in their knowledge. This has been my favorite podcast for years.

As an “average” listener, hit or miss   (5/5)

I started listening to this podcast by virtue of being a fan of Vox. I’ll say that this review isn’t intended for Ezra superfans, but for similar listeners who enjoy Vox and politics and are curious as to what this is about. I consider myself an average listener, both in terms of policy (meaning, I have an interest in politics but am by no means a “policy wonk” like Ezra) and in terms of podcasts (I listen to a handful a week on a variety of subjects). With that in mind, Ezra’s podcast is a hit or miss for me. Ezra certainly is a thoughtful, engaging interviewer. When he’s hitting his mark, it’s a joy to listen to. There are many interviews I’ve throughly enjoyed and will certainly recommend. As soon as I read the description (or see the guest name), I can’t wait to put it on. On the flip side, there are many interview that have gone straight over my head, leaving me with a blank stare and a “What was I suppose to get out of that?”. No fault of Ezra’s own, he just engages in thorough subjects that can be tough to chew on. It’s the blessing and curse of this podcast. I do agree with some of the critiques, and it’s possibly some things he can take note of. Being that there’s two, hour-and-a-half podcasts per week, this podcast is certainly an investment. For fans of Ezra or those who selectively listen, this isn’t a huge issue, but it could certainly put off a wider audience. Additionally, it does feel at times that he’s simply using this as a sounding board/plug for his book (take a drink every time he mentions it). But I also agree with the praise: thoughtful, engaging, challenges you. Ultimately, the best way to know if this is for you is to give it a listen. Start with names you’re familiar with and see if you enjoy his style. Then work up with topics and issues that you’re passionate about. Before long, I’m sure Ezra will become part of podcast lineup.

Absolutely essential   (5/5)

If you want meandering, brilliant, measured conversations on a wide range of topics, look no further. Ezra is superb and attracts an eclectic set of dazzling guests.

Thought-provoking topics, great host + guests   (5/5)

This podcast consistently offers insightful, interesting episodes that are done in a more conversational style than a straight question-answer interview style. Klein is well prepared for every interview and often engages with his guests with well-considered counter arguments to stress-test their views, even if he is merely doing so to play Devil's advocate. It reflects a mode of thinking that I believe we would all be well served to employ in our daily lives when integrating information, news, and opinion - that is: what would be a counter argument here and would it have any merit?

My “can’t miss” podcast   (5/5)

My podcast feed has been filling up lately and I don’t have enough time to listen to every episode. This is the one podcast that I never miss. As a political science major and an engaged young person, this is my favorite way to expand my understanding of the world. This show has helped me look at the world differently, and I feel like I understand myself and my relationships with other people much more as a result. Can’t recommend this one enough.

Great podcast, tougher questions needed   (5/5)

Love this podcast because it’s so informative including the most recent one with Yancey Strickland, cofounder of Kickstarter. Often though obvious tough questions go unasked. Strickland is going on and on about changing capitalism using his experience as the former CEO of Kickstarter and an obvious question would be to ask about the union effort at Kickstarter. No mention.

Thanks to Ezra   (5/5)

I have never done this before....but this podcast almost always makes me think, sometimes makes me uncomfortable. However, most important for me, frequently gives balance and ease

A Truly Great Podcast   (5/5)

The Ezra Klein Show is my top podcast recommendation. The combination of long-form interviews with expert guests and Ezra’s own intelligence, curiosity, and skill make this the most valuable and rewarding podcast, hands down. The show’s topics and speakers are a great mix of the political pulse of the moment and broader societal issues. Ezra Klein is the best journalist working today.

Ep 274   (5/5)

Honest to goodness, what do you think the Hippie, back to earth movement, home birth without any hospitalization was all about in 60-70s? All you are talking about was not people with status and money. It was the drop, out, back to the earth movement, on practically no money. We did this! It didn’t last. We breast fed our babies too. Our Mothers used canned milk and sugary syrups, and sterilized bottles, not good for mother or baby for many reasons. You two are so funny, with lack of looking at the past movements!

Some thoughts   (5/5)

Interesting discussion about cultural elites, but having been a young adult in the 80 and 90s, I’d disagree it was all about getting the BMW and so on during that time. My son was born in ‘87 and we had the same concerns—you felt like a failure if you didn’t deliver naturally, breastfeed, or if you had to deliver by C-section. I think it was my generation that started all that. And yes, my sons took 18 years of piano lessons between them. I wonder if the cost and time spent taking these lessons was worth it—who knows... They weren’t that into it....

Thoughtful and wide ranging   (5/5)

Especially have enjoyed the themes on meditation/psychology and, recently, climate change.

Dave Eggers   (5/5)

Brought me back from the chaos. Many Thanks!

My guiding light in this thing called life.   (5/5)

Rich and deeply intellectual discussions about modern life, culture, self care, politics and society. This podcast keeps me grounded in so many ways. I don’t make a decision or form a political without listening to Ezra and the rest of the crew from the Vox podcast world. This show is truly my guiding light. Thank you Ezra.

Great show   (5/5)

Wonderful informative discussions. Highly recommend!

Good, but not great   (4/5)

So it took me a while and I finally figured it out. I really like the podcast, but there is one thing. Ezra is really focused on Washington and the Bay Area (the two places he’s lived) and while I am sure he has lived in other places Ezra is in a bubble. You’ll always be smarter when you leave this podcast, but there is a lack of “real world” feel to all this.

My favorite   (5/5)

Thoughtful. Deep. Personal.

Great show   (5/5)

I love this show. Love to listen on my long commute after working in a lab all day. Keeps me thinking broadly and widens my horizons.

Ezra Puts in The Work   (5/5)

An excellent interviewer. He seems to make a genuine effort to engage with thoughtful folks who see things differently than him. The preparation and hard work that happens out of our sight shows through in the quality of the guests and Ezra’s questions. I’ve been grateful to get to benefit from it.

Feels like it was made specifically for me   (5/5)

Ezra has this crazy way of finding some weird complicated abstract thought that I have felt but never been able to put into words, and then he finds and amazing expert who can talk about it in depth for hours. The amazing thing about this podcast isn’t the ideas they talk about, it’s the amazing research and stories the guests provide. People I never would have ever been exposed to but for this podcast. It helps me understand my own head and the world around me.

Informative But Could Be More Concise   (3/5)

I love this show! I feel like I always walk away from it more informed and knowledgeable thanks to the great speakers and topics. An area that could use some improvement is the length. There are so many rabbit trails and thinking-out-loud moments that could be edited to be more cogent and concise.

Smart, Deliberate, Never Trite   (5/5)

Ezra is open to self evaluation, evolution and new insights. He knows that he doesn’t have it all figured out, and invites us to explore new considerations and mindsets along with them. Thanks, Ezra. This anthro major loves that you have such respect for class, culture and diversity. Great work.

Ezra Gets a Job   (3/5)

It’s true, there’s no one better than Ezra. There have been many times where the shared intellectual dance of EZ and guest would click into some sort of blissful, magical consciousness connection. Now that interviewing seems to be his job (I feel something big has been lost with the change to two a week and the open reveal of Ezra’s progressivism) the dose of Ezrathol in each episode has been reduced below efficacy and it is Ezra’s professionalism, not magic, that brings the show in for a landing. Many episodes now going unfinished. Miss you EZRA!

Accessible   (5/5)

I love this show. I’ve been listening to it for over a year and have been too lame to write a review until now. I LOVE the variety of topics. Often I expect to tune out at a topic that I don’t think will interest me, but I get sucked in every time. The interview style is conversational, and generally not ego driven. Rarely do the participants speak over each other... which is so refreshing! I recommend it to everyone

I cannot recommend this podcast enough   (5/5)

Ezra Klein gives me hope for the world. The way he talks to the people he interviews is so thoughtful and considered, and he leaves real space for the interviewees to give expansive, thought provoking responses. He is very careful with the way phrases his questions, and does very good research beforehand. The topics of the interviews are eclectic, and he intentionally avoids asking the same questions as every other interview that the interviewee has given. It’s fascinating and thought provoking, and I’m just so glad that a podcast like this exists.

It’s like’s’s like   (3/5)

Started listening but was soon distracted by noticing repetition of the phrase “it’s like”. I had the crazy impulse to count how many times they could say it in a sentence. But then, I’m a Boomer...

Insightful and stimulating   (5/5)

Ezra’s interviews are always fascinating, as the topics his team dives into are far-reaching and current. My only wish is that the guests would have more solutions to the challenges they document/study so that progress might be made rather than endless circular discussions. Regardless I highly recommend!

Highly informative and engaging   (5/5)

The interviews are always thoughtful and contemplative.

Don’t just feel smart, get smarter.   (5/5)

Goes beyond all-too-familiar headlines. Instead of making you feel smart because you can draw a family tree of executive office corruption, this show makes you smarter about the systems at play. Excellent background work makes for excellent interviews with excellent guests. Best conversation being had in public sphere about climate change as socio-eco phenomenon.

Nothing Better Than Ezra   (5/5)

Ezra Klein is one of the great public intellectuals of our time. He's sharp, incisive, inquisitive, knowledgeable, fearless - and kind. Ezra has illuminated the world for me in ways noone else has come close to. This podcast is necessary listening for anyone who wants to know what's really going on in our world... not just the obvious dysfunctional symptoms, but the - sometimes terrifying - underlying causes. Listen especially to recent shows about neoliberalism and climate change. Thank you Ezra!!!

FAB   (5/5)

Fair and balanced. Not in the Fox way, or the normal media equivocation, but actually logical, fair, and balanced. And he maintains a POV while adapting to new information. This feels more like inquisitive philosophy than affirmation of Ezra’s own agenda. I would like less ICYMI - it’s pretty easy to look at available episodes and the ICYMI episodes give me false hope of a new release. A sugar high followed by crash disappointment. If a show is very good and/or popular, release the expanded interview!

Extremely engaging   (5/5)

I listen to a lot of podcasts and enjoy them immensely. Ezra Klein’s show is the one out of all that I frequently feel the need to share with others. The interviews are always engaging and often offer points of views I would not otherwise have thought about. Ezra’s style is a great mix of making the guest comfortable enough to give honest answers while forcing them to give or explain answers in a way that isn’t trite. Even topics I expected to find unappealing typically bloom into fascinating discussions. Highly recommend!

Genuine, skilled interviewer, well-produced   (5/5)

Ezra is the most genuine, least condescending political podcast host I know. Much needed in this era! He’s also insightful, picks great guests, and the show is well-produced.

Always get an interesting perspective   (5/5)

I love this show. Found some fascinating books, exposed myself to interesting new ideas. I can now impress/annoy my friends with my insightful meanderings courtesy of the Ezra Klein show

My favorite Podcast   (5/5)

He seems to select guests/topics based on his own interests which makes for an engaged interview. And there is never a sense that anyone is rushing. He takes the time to draw out the guests and to delve into issues that may not have answers. I highly recommend this podcast.

Stretching my Mind   (5/5)

Plenty of the discussions go over my head but I can usually reach up and grab the gist of the topics. The soothing tone of the host, Ezra, and the interesting guest speakers make the exercise of trying to understand the heavy issues being discussed painfully pleasurable. The end cap book recommendations is one of my favorite resources. Thank you.

Wish more shows were like this   (5/5)

Honestly, this show is bittersweet because it makes me wish that other media was this informative and thought provoking. Vox in general is amazing and the EZ show is no exception to that rule.

Partisan Garbage   (1/5)

I rated you, you’re welcome!

Ezra Makes it Worth Your Time   (5/5)

Well chosen guests who bring a lot to the table. His interview style is civil but he pulls a lot out of every conversation. Great for fans of the now retired Diane Rehm.

Ezra Covers It All   (5/5)

I am a daily listener to Ezra Klein. He interviews the most interesting guests, and I rarely feel that a topic is not completely covered. He asks thoughtful, intelligent questions and seems fearless in approaching provocative subjects. At the end of the podcast there is a suggestion from the guest: a list of their three most influential reads. My library is growing because of these. Thank you Ezra!

Worth making space for in your podcast lineup   (5/5)

Ezra Klein quickly became one of my favorite political commentators from the moment I first heard him speak (probably on MSNBC). I had high hopes for his podcast and it does not disappoint. The guests are great but the real star is Ezra himself.

A very generous interviewer   (5/5)

Ezra is an excellent interviewer. Always gets excellent guests

Impressive guests, unusual conversations   (5/5)

I’ve listened to this pod since the first episode and have been really impressed by the breadth and variety of guests. I never knew Edward Norton was such a fascinating guy for example, and somehow even Death to Smoochie (a very fine movie to start with) is improved in my mind. I’ve lost count of all the media and people this podcast has opened my eyes to, and I’ll often pause an episode to check out an idea or article or refresh my knowledge on whatever is being discussed at that moment. If you’re new, try looking through the list for a name you recognize, then pick a different one that sounds neat. I never would have expected to gain empathy for some of his guests, but I am a better person for having done so.

Enjoy the podcast but the climate series is outstanding   (5/5)

Just finished listening to the podcast on oceans and climate and it was one of the best things I’ve heard on climate change. It wasn’t overly technical but I learned so much that I couldn’t grasp before. I’m definitely listening to it again at some point. Also I appreciated actual solutions instead of hopelessness.

Long Form Discussions, People Worth Hearing   (5/5)

This show is a good model for the kinds of discussions that need to happen in media. They are long form, sometimes messy, conversations with people who know their fields in great depth and breadth. Race, politics, culture, science are unpacked with a lot of empathy and nuance. Great show.

Went downhill   (1/5)

This show really went downhill over the last few months. The interviews became more repetitive, the questions less interesting, and overall, it went from being one of my favorites to something I couldn’t engage with.

Best interview show period   (5/5)

I listen to a lot of podcasts (about 40-50 a week) and this show is one I never miss. I’m not usually that into interview shows. I like panel shows (like the weeds) or more produced shows (like those from Gimlet) but Ezra’s questions and insights are always so interesting that this is a don’t miss podcast for me. Plus I love politics but this show is a nice respite from the immediacy of politics to look at the bigger questions of issues. Couldn’t rate more highly.

Great podcast   (5/5)

Really just wanted to log the 5 stars more than anything. Ezra is a great interviewer.

Mind-Expanding Discourse   (5/5)

It took me a while to get into this show because the episodes are always so long and I struggled to find the time. Luckily I was doing a lot of running a year ago and suddenly had space for it. Once I started listening to it consistently, I recognized how much this show had to offer me. Now I never miss an episode. I can genuinely trace changes in my behavior for the better over the course of the last year that have been a direct result of thinking through the themes and consistent questions of this podcast. It has exposed me to many brilliant thinkers, many of whose work I have followed up and read. These books have also deeply affected me. I see the world differently because of how thoughtfully Ezra conducts this show and I am immensely grateful for that. Looking forward to many more episodes. I highly recommend that you listen. Fitting it into your schedule seems difficult at first, but you will soon lament that you didn’t start listening sooner.

Ezra Klein   (5/5)

Special segment on loneliness. Took serious huevos.

Best Long Form Interview Show on the Internet   (5/5)

In a world of 3 minute sound bites, Ezra Klein’s show offers the best deep conversations on the internet.

Discussions Worth Your Time   (5/5)

The subjects and the depths at which they are discussed make every episode well worth the time of the listener. The podcasts on Neoliberalism and Ezra’s discussion with Edward Norton — just two examples — were so deeply satisfying you feel almost disappointed at their end because they’re so stimulating, so engaging they leave you wanting with the hopes you’ll once again recapture that feeling caused by the breakthrough of your understanding to higher plains, dare I say enlightenment.

Love it   (5/5)

I was un-sure at first, but I have become a huge fan of this podcast. Its just great, full of depth and intelegence.

Wholesome food for hungry brains   (5/5)

Challenging, thought provoking, deep-diving; exactly the antidote to many of the ills of our current predicament. Bravo!

Thought provoking   (5/5)

Always interesting, will make you think about things in a different way, which is a good thing. Great guests. Informative and surprising. Timely subject matter.

The more personal it is the better this podcast gets   (5/5)

Been enjoying this tremendously the last few months. Ezra’s questioning is both honest and comes from a place of genuine curiosity. It makes me wish for conversations I could have and it’s a privilege eavesdropping on them. Among political topics and climate change (an excellent first episode with Dr Kate Marvel), episodes on psychology are interspersed. The one on depression and loneliness with Dr Vivek Murthy, another on emotions with Dr Lisa Feldman Barrett were great exchanges. But there’s still so much conversation to have there, and much to explore. I hope Ezra continues to explore them from the perspective of the life he has lived and the surprises that follow.

Intelligent, entertaining conversation   (5/5)

I love this podcast not only because the conversations are always intelligent, not only because I always learn something and find myself talking about the podcast with friends, but—most important—because Ezra models how to have a civilized and productive discussion with people, even if you disagree with them. Ezra asks challenging questions and really listens and reacts. We need more conversations like this these days.

Idk about this Ezra guy   (3/5)

I have definitely enjoyed some of these podcasts and obviously Ezra is a smart fellow but he sometimes strikes me as incredibly arrogant.

Exceptional   (5/5)

This is the best podcast I have listened to. I routinely share episodes with my friends and colleagues. Ezra’s episodes on the nature of the mind have been particularly influential for me. I could not recommend this more highly to any person seeking to lead a more richly examined life.

The Climate Series   (5/5)

Ezra has done his homework. His guest discussing climate are outstanding.

A little too biased for me   (1/5)

Example: Having G7 summer at Trump National Doral in Miami” was a problem since would “enrich Trump”. Problem: The Doral was being offered at no profit for the resort and possibly at no cost. How would that enrich Trump? Everyone knows for a G7 summit there are security issues so locations need to be thoroughly vetted and the security measures set up which cost money. Doral has already been used and a large resort. Camp David will likely be used since already vetted, but Klein should ask the G7 leaders what location they would prefer. Also, folks need to listen to Mulvaney’s entire press conference vs the snippet used in this podcast. Mulvaney clearly stated the issues they were trying to resolve was (a) “corrupt place” so wanted to confirm the money would be used correctly, (b) European countries were not helping enough and (c) help with the federal investigations relating to the 2016 election interference. Listen to entire press conference. While you are at it, read the entire transcript of the phone call between Trump and Ukraine’s President. Largely silly (congratulating each other), but Trump clearly asked for help with the investigation regarding the 2016 election - which we have been discussing for years, and not Biden’s son. This episode was a waste of time.

Smart & thoughtful are the words of the day   (5/5)

Ezra is a fantastically smart, thoughtful guy who consistently finds even smarter, more thoughtful people to interview, and he does such a great job of teasing out insights from them. It’s the perfect interview show for thoughtful people who want to dive deep into a vast array of vital subjects. It’s my favorite podcast right now.

What was that again??   (5/5)

These conversations are always so densely layered and far-ranging, that I ask the above question, and push the little rewind button to hear what I missed, or thought I might have misheard, or was too distracted to truly take in. Sometimes, it’s just that what was said might be so well put, or original in its conception, that I just want to hear it again. Ezra is smart, good-natured, and honest; but most important to the success of these interactions is his curiosity, and appetite for conversation. This is essential journalism, intellectual exercise for the mind and psyche, and one of the best of its kind. I follow his guests, and try as much as possible to read their books and articles, and to check out the books they suggest, and ideas they reference.

This is the best podcast I have ever listened to.   (5/5)

I’ll be honest, I was hesitant to try this show at first. The self-named show came off as egotistic, and I had no idea what “The Ezra Klein Show” would be about. But, I stayed open-minded (something you need for this pod) and, boy, was I wrong. Every episode will make you see the world in more of its rich complexity. It will make you question old assumptions, or at least give you a deeper view of your opinions. Far from being about him, Ezra invites intelligent people with interesting ideas on and opens up those ideas until it’s less of an interview and more of a stirring conversation. The ideas on this show are the basis for future change. Listen and you will be wiser, a better thinker, and have a clearer view of this Earth.

Exceptionally deep, intellectual conversations on a variety of topics.   (5/5)

Well worth the listen regardless of your ideological orientation. You will always learn something from these conversations.

Neoliberalism   (5/5)

This conversation gave me a lot to think about.

Neoliberalism...   (5/5)

- I’ve heard the term, never quite understanding exactly what it was but today’s show enlightened, educated and inspired my thinking on a multitude of aspects related to neoliberalism. Thank you to Ezra and guests for your knowledge and discussion of the topic.

Most Thought Provoking Podcast Out There   (5/5)

Klein finds the most intriguing guests and stimulates the most thoughtful, charged, and intelligent conversations about our chaotic times. I’m becoming an addict!

Ezra is an idiot   (1/5)

See above

Emotions   (5/5)

The episode dealing with emotions was so important to me and people I know. I shared it with many. I love how Ezra “listens” to his guests and allows them space to inform us the listeners. Wish I could put this conversation in classrooms.

Interesting and thoughtful   (5/5)

I love Ezra’s interview style. He does his research and is always engaged and focused. I especially appreciate hearing about his own thought processes and worldview, and I respect his sense of humanity and moral integrity.

Vivek Murphy   (5/5)

This is a necessary conversation, thanks for having it.

A “woke” religion   (1/5)

This show is not a serious attempt to get at the truth — it starts by assuming “woke” platitudes are right and draws conclusions for there.

Brain Food!   (5/5)

Such a thoughtful range of guests: smart people and great interviews. I love it when Ezra and the guest have nuanced disagreements, or take time to explore complicated ideas. I always learn so much and am left with much to think about.

Thoughtful and Engaging   (5/5)

Ezra is a great host, one who’s not afraid to be honest with himself, his guests, and his audience. Each interview is a thoughtful deep dive into the guest’s POV and specific area of expertise. Highly recommend!

A show for the insatiably curious   (5/5)

One of my fondest memories from freshman year of college, now 20 years ago, was a deep sense of wonder. As I walked down the campus paths in the crisp fall weather, I felt an excitement. So much knowledge and wisdom surrounded me. So many questions could now be asked of professors, and my understanding of the world was about to explode out in so many directions. Listening to this show each week is my opportunity to recapture that youthful sense of curiosity and awe.

Seriously, one of the best investments of my time   (5/5)

I became aware of Ezra Klein on one of the news shows and was impressed with his measured take on all the subjects considered. When I discovered he has a podcast, I thought he would be a greaat person to listen to. I was 100% correct. Ezra is open-minded, discerning, respectful, and enjoys hearing from thoughtful people on all points of the political and cultural spectrum. I have learned more from listening to his interviews than all the other political and cultural podcasts in my queue. And I love politics so I listen to a lot of them.

1619 project   (5/5)

Need more of this! Ezra is a great interviewer

Episode 258   (5/5)

E. Klein has podcast superpowers!!!! I so enjoy your guest.

For the open minded   (4/5)

If you're open to new ideas and ways of looking at things, this is an insightful and thought-provoking podcast. Lots of scattered tidmits of wisdom.

It might be the best   (5/5)

If there's a better long form interview political podcast out there, I wish someone would direct me to it. Ezra's show consistantly makes you think, challenges you, the bar for guests is off the beaten track and high, and the subjects are the samel. As much as he thinks it's impossible to do, I've changed my mind listening to this. How often does that happen?

Klein speaks more than guests   (4/5)

Yes, Ezra is brilliant. However, I find it alienating when I tune in and find him speaking more than the guest I clicked on the episode to hear. Please teach him to stop doing this. Jane Coaston doesn’t do this. She too is brilliant. Coaston should have a show. Klein should learn not to use his guests in this manner. He has a show, he gets to talk twice a week.

Oh my, what a host   (5/5)

Klein is a gifted orator. He has a deep understanding of issues and a supernatural way of peaceably disagreeing with guests.

I hate this show.   (5/5)

First if all — the podcast is made up of long form interviews with interesting, highly intelligent people. Ezra expertly gets them to open up, and dives deeply into the subject at hand. He has carefully done his homework. Which is really annoying. Secondly — although his expertise is politics, Ezra is a consummate host, allowing space for his guests to really take time on a question, yet brings everything back into fascinating discussions of the human condition — why do people do what they do? Why do that act the way they act? Ezra always has thoughtful and insightful ideas that he discusses with his guest. Who wants that? Finally — twice a week, he asks his guests to name three books that they recommend. Who has time to do all that amazing reading? I guess Ezra does. So, that’s my thoughts about this transformational podcast. Did I say that I hated it? To quote Willy Wonka — Stop. Reverse that. ❤️

Brave for what it is   (3/5)

Ezra is smart, and - compared to contemporary progressives - intellectually fearless. This doesn’t say much. This podcast is him peeking over the edge of his political station, without ever jumping

Ezra Klein’s Book Plug   (1/5)

Ever since Ezra began plugging his own book it seems each guest is surprised to find that their appearance is not to explore their own knowledge on any given subject, but a ’sounding board’ for the random topics and revelations of Ezra in making his book. I listen to this podcast because I enjoy the guests invited into the show, and am deeply disappointed and frustrated each time Ezra goes on a tangent/counter argument on something he may or may not know but decides is fact because he’s writing about it in his book. A true waste of guest—and listener— time when this happens.

Pure Adventurism and Fearlessness   (5/5)

Listening to Ezra is a joy; you can see the wheels off his mind moving in a way that truly thrills. He examines abstractions thoroughly, prepared not only to question but to answer for himself as much as possible, even axiomatically, every assumption. Ezra's reasoning is ostensibly the result of merciless refinement, and it shines a light in the darkness of culture. It's not about doubling down on theory, but the adherence to reason; it's about the questioning and the heretofore hidden vistas, what stronger thought structures may be architectured. Ezra takes the hand of the guest to go much deeper, alternately guiding and antagonizing to show reverence to the reasoning; the empiricism is the thing, not the ego, not the side of the argument. He has no problem trying to prove even himself wrong in the service of whatever may be right. It refreshing, actually inspiring, to observe; to me, it's a reminder of the best instincts within us, laid bare in a well oiled mind, exploring on behalf of the listeners what one may not yet have questioned for oneself. Many thanks for the refuge and for the underpinnings of the work.

My review   (5/5)

Even if you aren’t left leaning, it’s highly enjoyable and informative. Love it!

My new fave podcast   (5/5)

Everyone would be smarter if they listened to this. Especially helpful for those of us who don’t find enough time to read anymore.

Love This Podcast   (5/5)

It’s full of engaging, thoughtful, deep dive interviews. Ezra is excellent at conducting open-minded discussions people with a wide range of perspectives.

Klein is a good interviewer   (4/5)

This podcast is much better than the Weeds podcast, which markets itself as a policy podcast but contains political gossip, polls, speculation about stuff that may or may not happen, along with a summary of white papers authored by people, usually at think-tanks funded by a special interest whose prescriptions are almost always at odds with the desires of a vast majority of the American people. The fundamental theme of that show is: nothing is going to change, so why try to even imagine what it would look like. This show is better because the audience is spared from convoluted ramblings of Yglesias, a self-described wonk. In reality, more like someone into cosplay of superheroes that comes to believe they have actual superpowers. Thankfully Ezra has guests. He is a good interviewer. I’ve listen to most of the shows put out over the last two years. From what I can tell Ezra Klein’s politics are thin. They amount to expanding the Earned Income Tax Credit, and well, expanding the Earned Income Tax Credit some more I guess. I was surprised by number of people that buy into the branding of Vox as some sort of policy heavy repository. It is basically like Slate—decent writers, recycling ideas and opinions you see on cable news, & every other media outlet. That said, Klein is a good interviewer. I’ll be generous and give 4-stars because someone there are interesting guests, Stephanie Kelton and Liz Bruenig come to mind from some of the more recent episode. Also, Ezra seems like decent enough, a rare commodity.

Thoughtful   (5/5)

Ezra Klein seems to put a lot of thought into these podcasts. I never miss an episode.

Best Policy/Political Podcast   (5/5)

I think this is one of (if not the) best policy-politics podcast right now. Guest selection is great and the discussions are extensive.

Smartypants   (5/5)

Great podcast features probably the smartest interviewer around with guests who are usually the leading intellectual lights of universities and the political world, plus a smattering of other oddball choices from the cultural world. It’s great; give it a listen and see if it’s your thing. For me, I just wish I were as smart as Ezra Klein or could read books as fast as he apparently does.

Consistently thought provoking   (5/5)

The episode on the Browning of America and on Identity Crisis changed the way I view contemporary politics. Consistently good stuff.

Quite Good and Unexpected...   (5/5)

I've found Ezra interesting the times I've seen him on TV, and thought I'd take a chance on his podcast. Out of the ordinary guests and subjects, and Klein is well informed and conducts very good interviews. Not the usual political news.

Lawrence O’Donnell last night   (5/5)

Ezra, I keep hearing my favorite pundits say the media has to “cover Trump differently - to not cover his antics the way he wants them covered...”. While I agree, I have yet to hear articulated an EXAMPLE of what that could look like! (Maybe the segment on Lawrence last night was too short.) Your observations on the the media are usually so helpful. Can you provide any kind of road map to improve coverage for this election season? Are we doomed to national suicide by our compulsive rubbernecking at this disaster-movie executive? (No-drama Obama, how awesome was THAT!) Thank you for your thoughts...

Sometimes we skip   (3/5)

Naturally, Ezra can invite any guest he likes, but if the guest is someone like George Will, who has never lacked a public forum for his view, there to flog his new book, I reserve the right to give a pass to that particular episode and its commercial messages and just delete it from my podcast stream unheard.

Uncannily timely   (5/5)

Listening to the white panic episode during a weekend when the President told POC Congresspersons to “go back home”. A clear eyed assessment and exploration of how we got here.

Trash   (1/5)

Triggered trash. Represents everything wrong with the world today.

Only about white people   (3/5)

Used to love this show but he’s had a long string of episodes about white people and their place in America. It’s getting incredibly repetitive, boring and noninclusive.

Love Ezra Klein   (5/5)

Such a needed presence in today’s world. Excellent questions and guests. Ezra probes the important issues and personalities of this time. He listens deeply and asks excellent questions. I love this podcast. Can’t wait for each new episode.

Not enjoyable anymore   (3/5)

I don’t know what’s going on with Ezra, but I’m annoyed with most of his interviews of late. If I (of all people) think something is too cerebral, then it probably is, or maybe I just don’t care for the subject matter. As a Buddhist, I don’t like the appropriation of meditative practices to boost people’s workplace productivity. As a gay man, I have little patience for nicey-nice interviews with the likes of Rod Dreher and Ben Shapiro. I think I need a break from this podcast.

Rod Dre her   (5/5)

Best episode yet, thanks for the peek behind the curtain...

Jennifer Richeson   (5/5)

I have been listening to your interview with Jennifer Richeson and it has been a long time since someone has moved me to tears of hope and love. I would love to hear more of her ideas. She is so smart and yet so compassionate. Thanks for the show!

Robert P Jones   (5/5)

EK is on a roll. He presenting so many thought-provoking shows recently. His discussion with Robert Jones on the changing religious dynamic in the US was fascinating and horrifying. As someone whose religion left me when it became a politcal vigilante supremacy group, I'm glad to hear that their days are numbered.

Ezra loves the sound of his own voice   (2/5)

I’m not sure Ezra Klein actually listens to the answers of guests he interviews, but instead is waiting for them to stop talking so he can begin to say what he wanted to say next.

Less Ezra   (3/5)

Amazing guests who are frequently obscured by Ezra’s own opinions and long-winded questions.

EXCELSIOR!!!!   (5/5)

DANGER - CALM and Reason - thought and introspection - a dispassionate observer of life on our tiny lonely planet.

Painful to listen too   (1/5)

No thanks

Danna Young Nailed It   (5/5)

I love all your shows—the topics are so spot on—but the interview with Danna Young blew me away. You and she answered all of my questions, addressed all of my concerns. Especially on humor. I do love a political analysis or a joke, where my knowledge and experience enter in. I considered DT a dullard without humor. When Danna said that some find DT funny, I was totally perplexed. But his “comedy” of insults reminds me that I hated Don Rickles, too.The fact that insult comedy comes from a sense of superiority explains everything. I also value humility. I agree with your point that it would not work to have one group copy the other. The psychology is just not there. Brilliant!

SNW80   (5/5)

Ezra is an amazing interviewer. This is probably my favorite podcast and I seem to learn something new every episode. Keep up the great work Ezra and team!!

Would be better as more directly Q&A   (4/5)

Over time, I feel like the podcast has shifted from a traditional Q&A to more Ezra waxing on about things and then the guest having to respond. This has caused me to finish a few episodes feeling like the guest never got a chance to get their main points across and there were some really obvious questions unanswered. For instance, if the guest recently came out with a book it’s almost as though Ezra assumes since he read it everyone knows what it says and doesn’t just ask basic questions about the substance of the book. My guess is that surveys or Ezra’s bosses were like, People love you, put more of yourself in the show. That’s fine but not to the detriment of allowing the guest to get their main points across. So if Ezra could act more like a typical journalist than a pundit, that would probably lead the show back to being five-star again. I find his viewpoint interesting but not at the expense of eliciting the guest’s most interesting thoughts!

A good thing   (5/5)

Ezra is fair minded, intellectually honest, thoughtful and sincere. One of my favorite podcasts.

Elizabeth Warren   (1/5)

Your interview with EW was a joke. Your questions did not challenge even one of her assertions. Furthermore your drill downs were shallow and didn’t require that EW provide any real details. All I got was that she’s going to expand government regulation and tax wealth at 2%. Once again money becomes the fix all. Her attacks on the Republicans lead me to believe the Republicans are the source of the country’s ailments.

More Hispanics support Trump   (2/5)

More Hispanics support Trump than people even know and will vote for him again!

Ezra Klein reads *my* mind...   (5/5)

The Ezra Klein Show podcast continues to surpass expectations on how to make a two-shot podcast fascinating. Michael Lewis appeared in a passel of podcasts this week on his "The Fifth Risk" book tour, and Ezra's conversation with Lewis was the most revealing and the most thought-provoking. Ezra fearlessly confesses to childhood anxiety, at Lewis' prompting, in pursuit of a better understanding of how Lewis gets his sources to open up and reveal the truth about themselves and the story Lewis is examining. It's a primer on how to interview, with both contributing equally to the revelations. Stuff like this keeps me coming back every week.

Elizabeth Warren policy conversation   (5/5)

Ezra’s questions were well focused and he allowed her to weave the “what, why and how,” which she did fluently and passionately.

A progressive who actually tries to listen!   (3/5)

I have to give credit to Klein for at least attempting to be fair to those with whom he disagrees. I have yet to hear him be truly impolite. I honestly didn’t know this was something elite progressives were capable of doing and the lack of progressive podcast hosts to whom I can listen verifies this. (I’ve tried many.) He does have on some very interesting guests on his show, but unfortunately many interviews are so focused on perpetuating an embrace of emotional reasoning in lieu of logical reasoning, they become virtually impossible to listen to in their entirety. (Example of how this works: 1) Guest and Klein talk about how there really was never evidence the Tea Party was a racist movement despite attempts to prove this. 2) They don’t like that outcome. 3) They agree that it was racist because, well, it just seemed that way in their minds, so it must have always been true.) I have to add that my favorite reviews are the one stars claiming he “gives a platform” to white supremacists.” Leftists eating progressives who aren’t “woke” enough make my day.

Michael Lewis   (5/5)

Great interview!

The Ezra Klein show   (5/5)

Just listened to the episode with Michael Lewis. I loved this episode. It was interesting to learn how Mr. Lewis goes about his craft, and how it contrasts with Mr. Klein’s. I also highly recommend listening to Michael Lewis’ Against The Rules podcast. It is as fascinating as this interview was.

Senator Bennet   (5/5)

Really excited to see Senator Bennet was on the podcast this week. I hope he starts getting more attention. He seems authentic and smart, and his knowledge regarding the education system in this country would be extremely valuable in the White House. As always, Ezra Klein's interview was interesting with unexpected questions that help generate an interesting discussion.

Meditation Episode   (4/5)

The show often dismisses Christian beliefs and this episode is another example. The discussion expounds the benefits of meditation, thankfulness and loving kindness as aspects of “Eastern” religions. Christians have similar practices, we call it prayer. The episode was solid otherwise.

Left leaning, but sincere engagement of all ideas   (5/5)

Ezra Klein’s politics are clear and I don’t always agree with them. He’s great with the wonky details, a rare gem among podcasts. With the SJW/IDW issues his blind spots are obvious, but he engages honestly with the other side and gives them a forum to put their best arguments forward. The ideas expressed, whether I agree with them or not, are original. It forces me to think.

Bennett   (5/5)

The interview with Michael Bennett was particularly interesting. Also thrilled to hear of the policy round-up. I’ve been wondering how I would ever keep it straight.

Love Ezra!   (5/5)

I so relate to the way Ezra reasons through the world around him, and am excited to hear he is looking to expand the topics he undertakes. Keep it coming! Looking forward to that book.

This show gives me hope about the future of our country   (5/5)

It’s is so good to hear different perspectives from people on the right and left without hating each other

Learn so much from this pod   (5/5)

I learn so much from these interviews. Thank you, Ezra and team!

Excellent   (5/5)

Great topics thoroughly explored and smart choice of guests interviewed.

Hasn’t disappointed in years - excellent stuff   (5/5)

I’ve been listening to this podcast for years now (through the theme song changes!) and it’s been awesome. Ezra Klein is a thoughtful interviewer across multiple topics. He masterfully handles the balance between engaging people with different and opposing views while also being honest about his own views. This series covers all kinds topics in policy, politics, and just random interesting things, and I always feel like I have learned something new after listening. Plus my reading list is constantly expanding from the guests’ book recommendations. If you haven’t subscribed, you should - it won’t disappoint!

thank you for inviting contrapoints!!!   (5/5)


Condescending...and dull   (1/5)

Ezra Klein, while intelligent, is misplaced as a podcast host. He reeks of an effete and tone-deaf perspective, and as such he adds virtually nothing to the political or social zeitgeist. The majority of his guests are thus drawn into an interchange characterized by trying to out-intellectualize each other, but resulting in a poor listening experience...

David Brooks interview   (5/5)

Much more thoughtful podcast interview than others I have listened too

David Brooks Episode Worth A Listen   (5/5)

I very much enjoyed Ezra’s conversation with writer David Brooks. Most will find their views on the state of political tribalism present today as grounding and defined in a helpful way. Their handling of polarizing topics such as religion and capitalism was forthright, genuine and thought provoking. They do deal with some complex philosophical topics which, without prior experience on an issue, can be unapproachable but informative nonetheless.

Incredibly disappointing   (4/5)

Klein recently interviewed a guest who panders white supremacy at the end of an intellectualized argument about data points. Instead of challenging him on the actual human beings behind the data points, Klein engaged in this argument over what the data means. It’s ridiculous, just like his argument against impeachment. He doesn’t actually seem to have any philosophical principles, only data points. It’s really tragic because some of these topics are incredibly timely.

Relevant and Challenging   (5/5)

Whenever I listen to the Ezra Klein show, I’m always spurred deeper thinking from meta topics down to my everyday life. I’m able to have nuanced conversations about systems and ideology, and I feel like I can see past the surface level of politics.

A warning   (5/5)

Ezra is a sort of cognitive worm that nestles inside your head as you listen to his interviews. The process is gradual, but you eventually find yourself in situations far removed from the show but nevertheless asking his questions and worrying about his concerns. The infection is complete when you lose sleep over the incomplete status of his book or the health of his baby.

Top Notch Podcast   (5/5)

This is definitely one of my favorite podcasts. I look forward to every episode. Ezra is an excellent host and asks almost all of the right questions. I especially appreciate that he asks his guests about the pushback/opposing views on their positions. Those are the questions that make me smarter for having listened to the show. Tune in now. You won’t regret it.

Thoughtful, insightful   (5/5)

Consistently a great thinker on modern issues

Buttigieg Interview   (5/5)

Just finished listening to Buttigieg interview - sounds great now! I heard no audio issues or an echo. Awesome interview.

It’s good but his breathing sounds are gross   (4/5)

I love this, but when guests are talking I am distracted by Ezra’s mouth sounds and deep breathing. Please pull back from the mic or mute when people are talking.

Interview with Pete Buttigieg   (3/5)

This was a good interview with a presidential candidate; however, the technical aspects of sound production should be fixed. Lots of echoing throughout the recording

Amateur hour   (2/5)

Your recording of Pete B interview is completely riddled with errors. There is dialogue happening behind the podcast throughout. Do you know how to use your own equipment?

The April 1 episode   (3/5)

Please know there is some distracting back ground noise sounds like another person talking during the April 1, 2019 episode.

Sean Illing is a great host!   (5/5)

Really enjoyed the recent podcast with Sean Illing and Ross Douthat.

So Intelligent   (5/5)

Ezra is one of the most level-headed and thoughtful commentators I listen to, and I listen to a LOT of them. He outshines almost everyone at Vox in terms of fairness and a determined striving for objectivity. He has a visible interest in polarization and identity politics which usually lends to a more holistic and fair view of contentious issues without falling into false equivalence. He is left leaning without contempt for the right. But most of all he is just smart. He is thoughtful in his interviews in a rare and prodigious way while still being intelligible to laypeople. In other words, his smarts are in service to the better understanding of his less-smart listeners like myself.

Smart and Challenging   (5/5)

I think there’s a growing interest among media consumers for a “both sides” approach to political and social issues, but nothing I’ve heard has had the nuance and sincerity of some of these episodes. Whether it’s a conversation on the same side of the aisle, or across, or something else, Ezra engages with his guests in a way that goes far beyond punditry and into a place of substantive content. This show is enjoyable, and when necessary, deeply uncomfortable and thought-provoking

ICYMI:Paul Krugman   (5/5)

Ezra! Whose bright idea was it to have Matthew’s shrill voice read the commercials? I was really enjoying the conversation and then that happened. One of the reasons I enjoy certain podcasts especially yours is just how pleasing your voice is. I had to uninstall the Weeds because of him. I CANNOT lose this one as well.

Brilliant insightful interviewing   (5/5)

See title

David Roberts was great host!   (5/5)

Ezra is wonderful, but listening to David Roberts interview David Wallace-Wells was the best episode to date. Dug into angles of the climate crisis I'd not yet heard explored, and it resonated with me deeply. Please feature David Roberts on the reg!

A thoughtful voice in confusing time   (5/5)

Excellent long-form interview show. Ezra speaks with infulencial and emerging thinkers who's ideas shape and descripbe the world. I look forward to it twice-weekly-ish

Great!   (5/5)

Just wanted to say how great the podcast is. Always learning something.

Ezra, shut up   (3/5)

This is a good show but Ezra talks too much.

Littered with half truths and distortions   (1/5)

This isn’t journalism. You’re a joke.

Noah rothman   (5/5)

Noah rothman was a fantastic episode. We need smart people from both sides finding the middle ground. These are the episodes I listen to.

Thank you for the Andrew Sullivan episode   (5/5)

In general I love this podcast, but I was ready to skip this episode when I read the headline and caption. --Just the prospect of listening to a full-length argument was making my stomach tighten. But I was so pleased to hear a respectful discussion between two people with different beliefs. I should've known that I could expect such an elevated approach from Ezra Klein. I continue to anticipate new episodes with relish. Thank you!

Always thoughtful   (5/5)

This show introduces me to the most interesting people.

Occasionally Listening   (5/5)

I real enjoyed the podcast with Rachel Maddow. Thank you for presenting the interview. I guess I like the interviews with politicians and well known role models. Keep up the good work.

Hey   (4/5)

Listening to your podcast I am more interested in Racheal’s remarks than listening to your history. Perhaps you can listen more... Thanks!

A favorite perspective-broadening podcast   (5/5)

The Ezra Klein Show has been a staple for several months now because not only does Ezra discuss many topics I’m already interested in but he can also draw me into a topic I don’t think I care about by discussing it interestingly and respectfully with his guest. Highly recommend!

The Andrew Sullivan Episode   (5/5)

Your debate was absolutely wonderful. I listened start to finish all two hours and will listen again. One of the most edifying works I’ve heard all year, you should submit it for an award of some kind. Brilliant and extraordinarily helpful. Thank you both for hanging in there!

Andrew Sullivan and Ezra   (5/5)

I loved this! Can you do this weekly with Andrew, please? We need to hear more intelligent viewpoint conversations about where we are and where we are going.

Long-form, Dialectic Discussion   (5/5)

If you are into intelligent, long-form audio journalism this is by far my favorite podcast! I'm an active listener of Terry Gross, The Axe Files, The Daily, Five-Thirty Eight's Politics podcast and this show complements those by adding a deeper, dialectic discussion!

Ezra   (3/5)

Thanks for reposting the Bryan Stevenson interview. You should go back and listen to yourself in that podcast and go back to that person. You asked intelligent questions and let him speak. Now you’re just a self righteous windbag. You suffer from anxiety? Could it be you don’t feel like you’re smart enough and you have to prove to yourself you are every podcast. You’re smart. Now shut up and let your guests talk.

In-depth and keeps your attention   (5/5)

This podcast is one of my favorites. Ezra invites a wide variety of guests and is always well prepared for the discussion. This makes things move in smooth pathways that keeps me listening as compared to interviews that simply bounce down a list of prepared questions. Thanks, Ezra!

Painful to listen to   (1/5)

Smart interviewer, but all the uptalk, NPR voice and mannerisms, and a preteniousness diction make this is really hard listen.

Brilliant   (5/5)

This podcast is so incredibly interesting and thought-provoking. The first episode I listened to (with Cal Newport) was brilliant and I shared it with everyone I know. And now I’m coming to realize that each episode I listen to is just as brilliant and perspective-changing. My mind is blown open. Gratitude to all those who work on bringing it to life!

Ezra does a great job   (5/5)

I don’t always agree with Ezra and sometimes his views frustrate me. That’s all a good thing. Branching out and listening to things you not only agree with, which I often do with Ezra, but also disagree with which I also do with the show. Thank you Ezra for challenging my views, and having me walk around arguing with you on a public street, or nodding my head in agreement. You do a great job. Keep it up.

Ezra Klein does a long interview with someone who has something to say.   (5/5)

It’s a serious interview with a serious person. It’s usually about a serious subject. It might change your opinion about the topic. It almost certainly will expose you to an opinion you were not aware of.

The boy who cried dog whistle.   (1/5)

I grow so tired of hearing all these people, right and left, assigning “immoral” motivations to other people, whether they have themselves stated or even denied these ideas. Endless. Accusations of “Dog whistling” does not a cogent argument make.

Ezra’s a Boss Interviewer   (5/5)

In-depth analysis of complex issues and/or conversations with people chasing greatness in their own craft. Ezra is one of the best interviewers I’ve heard in awhile. Love this podcast.

Can’t stop listening   (5/5)

Haven’t missed an episode! Ezra Klein stands apart from the crowd as an incredibly skilled interviewer, and his guests bring thoughtful, insightful and challenging perspectives. I see the world in a new light after each episode. Listening is one of the best parts of my week. Thank you Ezra & team!

Deep and insightful   (5/5)

The Ezra Klein show has excellent guests from many disciplines, each of them expert and worth listening to. Mr. Klein is an engaged and thoughtful interviewer.

Real Life Application   (5/5)

This podcast series is incredible and I value it so much. I love hearing experts discuss deep theories about social interaction and the larger issues in society but what I’ve been left wanting is a focus on actual practical steps everyday individuals can take to do their part. It happens sometimes but not enough for me. Otherwise ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Take a history class   (2/5)

Study American history instead of relying on private bias. Why didn't you let Jill Lepore talk instead of hammering on your prejudices?

A reliable joy   (5/5)

Ezra does an impecable job of inviewing a bewildering range of people, always a joy

Incredibly biased   (1/5)

If you want more of the same from biased leftist news. Republicans are racist and evil. Won’t talk about anything a Democrat has done wrong. then this is your podcast. Apple please stop advertising this too me!

SJW drivel   (1/5)

If you think equality of outcome is more important than equality of opportunity he is your guy. What has happened to the Democratic Party? Ezra’s extreme left views are only for borderline marxists. Classic democracy be darned.

Love this podcast   (5/5)

I always learn something from listening to this podcast as well as The Weeds. Thank you for providing thoughtful insight into the events of the day.

Very Smart   (5/5)

It's clear Klein and his team put a lot of effort to bring in smart people to interview. From there, it's two very smart people having a conversation. Each time I leave the conversation with insights and an expanded perspective.

Solid podcast for analytic types   (5/5)

Mr Klein may sometimes engage in British style, long winded questions but his interviews are really solid and I enjoy the level of engagement and his guests.

fantastic   (5/5)

This podcast makes me a better, smarter, more thoughtful person.

Consistently Great Conversations   (5/5)

I appreciate the depth and candor Ezra probes for in his conversations with a wide variety of guests. He takes other's positions seriously and in good faith, which yields a dialog that elucidates areas of agreement vs. augmenting the simple binaries so many seem to favor today.

Important Discussions   (5/5)

I look forward to each conversation Ezra has, as he consistently brings on important and varied voices, many of whom I don’t know prior to their appearance on the show, and all of whom are thoughtful and respectful. I have come to expect that he is always deeply prepared for his interviews, not only readied to challenge interviewees when their answers are unsatisfactory or shallow, but also readied to listen and have his own opinion changed or depended. His is a refreshing voice in the political discourse today.

Ezra Klein Show   (5/5)

Great interviewer and interesting interviewees. Thought provoking. Enjoy listening to in the car or working out.

Can’t Get Enough   (5/5)

More more more

generous thinking in an age of idiocy   (5/5)

Thank you Ezra for bringing us all adult conversations on fascinating topics with brilliant people. This is the antidote to political despair. Proof that not all of the politically-minded media is trapped in a feedback loop endlessly amplifying and recirculating the cruelty and mindlessness of the current administration. This is a parallel dimension in which the world of the mind is honored and the deep dive can be enlightening, challenging, provocative, and disturbing all at once. Part of the charm and the challenge of this podcast is that Ezra is no passive interviewer. He picks his subjects and sets the questions, but unlike most interviewers, he challeges every guest to defend his/her thinking, answer counter-arguments, and tell him where his own thinking on the subject compares to or stands up against their own ideas. This would be utterly obnoxious in an interviewer of lesser powers, but Ezra is curious, passionately engaged, and genuinely interested in the ideas first and foremost. And this provokes in his guests many of their best responses--pushing beyond the genre of book blurbs, set pieces, and prepared remarks to take us to the real crux of the matter and clarity about what is at stake. This podcast has not only changed my mind on a variety of topics, it has changed my way of thinking. Kudos, Ezra. Looking forward to your book, but don't stop talking to people. You have the gift of thinking out loud with others.

Consistently Incredible Conversations   (5/5)

Ezra Klein is undoubtedly one of the smartest people working in media today. This show is consistently great. Whether it's about politics, tech, life skills, or otherwise, Ezra is an amazing interviewer who allows his subjects to share their own knowledge without constantly needing to prove how smart he is. At the same time, he always offers thoughtful counterpoints, even when he completely agrees with the interviewee.

Consistently thoughtful & insightful   (5/5)

I live the variety and depth of these interviews. Ezra brings a wonderful diversity of thinkers on the show, and finds a great balance of highlighting their ideas and helping to push back or shape what they share. Very highly recommend.

An Absolute Must!   (5/5)

If you aren’t listening to this podcast, you’re wrong. Every episode is relevant, engaging, educational and highly informative. Ezra books guests representing all different viewpoints and is probably the best example of a podcast host who has productive discussions with guests from opposing viewpoints to his own. Cannot recommend this show enough!

Square photos...   (3/5)

Hey Ezra, I look forward to your podcasts, but when a podcast starts with a guests obvious misstatement, it points out the fragility of the trust you and your guests are playing with. As a professional photographer for my entire employment career, your guest might find it interesting that a whole industry revolved around square imaging before he was born. Hasselblad, Rollie, Yashica, Mamiya, even Kodak made square format cameras. My god, even the square Instagram look was just another rip off. Ever heard of the Polaroid Square camera. So..., no, Instagram did not create the square format, they just take the credit when improperly given. Life did exist in a big way before the Silicon Valley appeared in the South Bay. I remember shooting the original box Mac down there when everyone though apples were for eating. Listening to a digital freak talk about luddites is entertaining, also. False, incorrect assumptions, but funny to listen too, like kids talking about most parts of history they don’t fully understand. Self serving attitude at its best. Looking forward to more enlightening podcasts. Best wishes to you for this new year. Jeff A.

Keep it going Ezra   (5/5)

Ezra brings intelligent, and experts in their fields to break down, and question ideals and their theory’s. Meanwhile, he keeps it simple, and respectably challenges his guest when he disagrees. He knows how to press good questions and keep people on track. Furthermore, he keeps the show light hearted, and entertaining through the most serious or not so serious subjects. Great interviewer! Excellent show! I would love to see Ezra mediate presidential debates.

One of my absolute favorites   (5/5)

One of the few "serious" shows that keeps me anxious for new episodes and also entertained with its back catalog, highly recommend!

Difficult to trust anything he says give his history of biased reporting   (1/5)

Ezra Klein pushes agenda at Vox and this podcast is no exception. His storytelling tangential relationship to the truth when it suits him and disregard for journalistic integrity when it contradicts his political biases.

Great discussion   (5/5)

I learn so much from listening to this show.

I love this show   (5/5)

The mikes are often uneven though. You have to turn up the volume when the guest speaks then when Ezra laughs it is very uncomfortable for your ear drums.

Highly Recommend   (5/5)

One of my favorite podcasts. Ezra Klein is a great interviewer and goes deeper into topics than many political shows do. Perfect for my commute to work or walking the dog. I listen to this show, and the Weeds, regularly!

Smart and funny   (5/5)

This show like it’s host is smart and funny. The style is very welcoming as Ezra is genuinely interested in his guests and their views. The podcast sounds more like two new friends having lunch together than an interview. I enjoy it on my long commute and also during my daily chores.

This is Brain Food!   (5/5)

In a world of ever-increasing polarization among and between political ideologies, it has become increasingly difficult to expose ourselves to rhetoric that challenges our assumptions, examine new information, and open ourselves to learn from people we are trained to dismiss. The Ezra Klein is the antidote for that. No matter where you land on any particular topic, you’ll learn about the very real intricacies, nuance, and concerns about it. And this show isn’t about politics, either. Unfortunately, tribal politics has encroached upon an ever-increasing share of our minds, that’s its difficult not to view a particular topic without the influence of partisan rhetoric. Ezra serves as the facilitator to take the listener on a tour of the topic with his guest (who is the chosen subject matter expert). Rather than taking a “good cop or bad cop” interviewing role, he deepens and broadens the subject by asking intuitive questions that request the SME’s philosophies can withstand an objective level of scrutiny. Even when Ezra speaks with guests who hold opinions that I abhor, I still leave the podcast with a deeper understanding of their rationale, and that of those who agree with them. This podcast is the TED Talk of emerging ideas.

Ezra   (5/5)

When recently asked who I would want to sit down with for a conversation out of any one person in the world, I had a toss up between Alexandria Occassio-Cortez and Ezra. He is the type of level-headed dude that we need right now and has really encouraged me to see all sides of an argument and look on opposing opinions with understanding, maturity, and empathy. It is no longer my primary goal to “be right” but to actually come to a correct conclusion.

Always enlightening   (5/5)

Ezra does his best to expose his listeners, and himself, to new ways of looking at life. You don’t have to agree with him, but you will learn something.

Texh iissuea   (4/5)

Hi- just found Era’s Podcasts and have enjoyed each one. A comment though on engineering- On this podcast Ezra’s voice was quieter than Adam’s so i was constantly turning volume up for Ezra and down for Adam. appreciate some attention to vol of each speaker. One more comment- Ezra seems to speak more rapidly when mentioning nouns and so I often miss what he’s said and have to go back and repeat. Likely a habit of speech but If he can be more aware and just slow it down a bit there that would be great. Thanks so much - learning so much from his discussions.

Hasan Minaj   (5/5)

The episode with Hasan Minaj could have gone on for 8 hours and I wouldn’t have minded. Amazing interview! I love the podcast but this episode regenerated my admiration.

Excellent Discussion   (5/5)

The latest episode with Rep. Katie Porter was amazing. I loved every moment of this discussion. Wonderful job Ezra!

Great thinker   (5/5)

My favorite podcast, so happy it’s twice weekly now. Deep dives into important and varied social and political issues. Ezra is respectful of the people he interviews and the listeners; he fully explores the topic and lets listeners come to conclusions...or just consider something new. This show has expanded my mind and my curiosity.

One of my faves   (5/5)

Ezra is one of the greatest minds of his generation. If you like long-form substantive discussion, I can’t recommend this podcast highly enough.

Erudition that leans into the future   (5/5)

Ezra is (and always has been) an old soul housed in a young person. And where other Millennials are filling a critical void by creating fantastic new media products to educate and engage young people (think Crooked Media), Ezra is having the type of weighty, philosophical discussions usually conducted by septuagenarians for other septuagenarians. But rather than being focused on relitigating old intellectual battles, his interests and conversations are fresh and lean into the looming political and social struggles of the 21st century. Ezra’s conversations have a way of circling back to a topic over the course of weeks and months, synthesizing multiple voices and expanding his audience’s understanding beyond what could be accomplished in a single interview. What’s more, in a era filled with righteous outrage, Ezra reminds us that there is a space to be passionate in our ideas while even-tempered and inquisitive in our discourse. As our 44th President used to say: we can disagree without being disagreeable. Cannot recommend it highly enough.

Trash   (1/5)

Please stop

The Best !   (5/5)


Intelligently covers wide array of subjects   (5/5)

I love the Ezra Klein show. It’s my go-to podcast when I want to learn something, hear smart people answer tough questions & get pushed, and be reminded in moments of doubt or despair that the world is full of people pushing back and making the case for a better world with more mutual understanding between diverse groups. Sometimes it’s fun and entertaining, often it’s tough to hear the things discussed, but I always end up feeling a sense of grounding after listing to an episode of this podcast.

Thoughtful conversations   (5/5)

Great conversations with diverse guests. Ezra always make me think or reveals something new.

A+   (5/5)

Great content discussed and excellent audio production! Thanks y’all for the dope podcast .

Informative, but too long   (4/5)

Ezra does a great job but at times he rambles. He likes to talk. It is too long a podcast. Talk less. Keep it 30 mins. I have unsubscribed.

Highly recommended!   (5/5)

Absolutely brilliant! Definitely needs to be on your podcast list.

Most thoughtful podcast out there.   (5/5)

Fascinating topics, outstanding guests, thoughtful conversations. I don’t always feel like listening, but I’m never sorry I did.

Lovely and thoughtful interviews   (5/5)

I enjoy every episode!

Thoughtful and interesting conversations   (5/5)

Ezra Klein is probably my favorite political writer/pundit - he’s smart, articulate, thoughtful, and seems like a deeply moral person. I’m always just as interested in what he has to say as I am in the guests - all of whom are also very interesting! I also appreciate that, in the midst of the chaotic hell of our political moment, this podcast helps me process and make sense of stuff - or even think about stuff that’s not tied to the news cycle at all (for instance, veganism and the ethics of meat-eating). Tl;dr - it’s a good podcast and I like Ezra Klein.

❤️ Ezra   (5/5)

I love listening to Ezra, a wide ranging set of topics and interesting as always nuanced conversations

Staggeringly unselfaware   (1/5)

Very disappointing

Excellent in-depth information   (5/5)

I don’t always agree with Ezra Klein, but I’m always glad I’ve listened to him and his remarkable guests.

Nancy Pelosi and Paul Ryan   (3/5)

Do any of you remember that the speaker of the house is third in line to the White House

One of the smartest podcasts around   (5/5)

Klein knows his stuff inside out. He is an excellent interviewer, so he doesn't let his knowledge edge out the airtime of his guests. The show is wide-ranging and deep. Love his "3 book" question.

True political insight   (5/5)

Ezra is a genuine student of politics and therefore has a point of view that’s unique — and insightful in ways not covered by other analysts. He picks experts who don’t show up on cable news; often authors of books I wouldn’t otherwise hear about. Even more mainstream guests get questions mainstream interviewers wouldn’t ask. He is deeply familiar with their work and their ideas. He and Chris Hayes did shows on Identity Politics the same week; both shows were great, really, but Hayes’s was more conventional. Lastly, Ezra’s shows are more conversational than interviews, which befits his expertise.

Ezra is excellent at the deep dive for information.   (5/5)

I never decide whether to listen based solely on the topic or guest. Every episode teaches me something new, or helps me better understand subjects I’m already familiar with. Now available 2x weekly, which is a good thing. One of my favorite podcasts. Vox provides a great alternative to mainstream media.

Good.   (5/5)

Such an informative politics podcast without the bombast and yelling of most other political media outlets. Doesn't leave me feeling frazzled or nihilistic, instead I feel calmly engaged and intellectual well-equipped to participate in American democracy.

This is a review of the podcast I am now reviewing   (5/5)

Hey all you Perdverts, Out of all the podcasts I am listening to on the toilet, this is certainly one of the podcasts about which I am currently writing about.

Thought provoking Podcast   (5/5)

I always enjoy listening to Ezra Klein on my long walks. Whether it be interviewing his guest(s) or answering his listeners’ questions, I find him to be thought provoking and informative. Thank you, Ezra!

Whitney Philips   (5/5)

Wow, this was fascinating- wish they’d teach this trolling and media coverage subject matter to kids in high school. Should be part of a civics class if they still taught civics. Thanks Ezra and Whitney.

Wonderfully insightful and considerate.   (5/5)

Fantastic, interesting, mind-expanding conversations. If you are interested in our society and governance, and want to think deeply and learn more about our world, this is a gift of a podcast.

Thought provoking conversations   (5/5)

Many episodes have given me a much better understanding of various subjects. Well worth the time to listen!

"The Green Pill" episode changed me.   (5/5)

Love this podcast. So much thoughtful conversation and variety. June 11, 2018's episode — "The Green Pill" — was particularly eye-opening and transformative.

Intellecutal and interesting!   (5/5)

Love your podcast. I listen to it all the time and sometimes twice.

Bleh   (1/5)

I would rather tear out my own eyeballs and chew on rusty razor blades than listen to another thing a Vice platform puts out. What a mistake. I thought it would be far better than this but NOPE

Extremely insightful   (5/5)

I’ve been a big fan of Ezra Klein since his days at the Washington post. The episode on identity politics is a must listen if you really want to have an understanding of the 2016 election and politics today.

Ezraddict   (5/5)

I discovered this show a month ago and I am hardcore addicted! Honest and genuine thoughts on the deeper issues and policy problems that face our society and our world without the dogmatism and partisan bickering that have come to dominate our attention. I love the diversity of guests that come on the show, the different perspectives and broad range of issues, and how Ezra always tries to take the counter argument. Great listening if you want to better understand the politics of our time.

Smug, lispy, vocal fry show.   (2/5)

It’s tough to listen to a d-bag huff his own farts. I gotta do it though because I’m conservative and I don’t live in a bubble.

Ezra is the best interviewer   (5/5)

This is a great podcast if like me you’re into high-minded super intellectual and wonky conversations. I’m such a big fan of Ezra Klein. He’s probably the most thoughtful and insightful man in media. His interview questions are always spot on and really dig deep into the subjects he’s covering that week. He knows a lot about a lot of things he’s sure to leave you much better informed about any subject.

Recommend   (5/5)

Ezra tackles a broad range of topics with experts with open mind and biases.

One of my favorites   (5/5)

Ezra is my favorite interviewer. Love the long format. Great depth. I’m pretty progressive but love it when the guest can express an intelligent contrary point of view.

Always fascinating   (5/5)

Look forward to Mondays so I can find out what Ezra & his guests are talking about this week. Always thought-provoking conversations.

Intellectually dishonest   (1/5)

Don’t waste your time on this NPR wannabes rant

Fascinating topics!   (5/5)

Love the topics, and Ezra does a great job picking apart each podcast with his invited guest for a thoughtful and thorough look of what is going on in our society...

Good, but needs more viewpoint diversity   (3/5)

Good but needs more diversity of viewpoints

Sometimes Alright, Sometimes Embarrassingly Bad   (2/5)

Klein gets many interesting guests for his show, and the discussions are often informative, but I get the impression that he is too big for his britches. He likes to say that he is an argumentative person, the implication for his interviews being that he asks hard questions when he disagrees. While I've experienced him arguing quite a bit, I'm not sure that the questions he asks are hard but are instead *trying* to be hard. Also, any interest he has in playing hardball is belied by the fact that few of his guest's opinions deviate from his own in any significant way. I tend to think that his arguments come from an emotionally reactive place rather than a rational one, which makes him sound immature in my opinion. The worst manifestation of this tendency results in condescension towards his guests and even smearing. I can't say that I've experienced this behavior on his shows very often, but when it comes up it makes me want to avoid Vox all together. When the personality at the center of Vox can't comport himself professionally, I don't want to support his podcast (nor his organization as a whole) especially since there are comparable organizations elsewhere that often have the same guests.

Thought-provoking and self-aware   (5/5)

Ezra is a super thoughtful but also self-critical interviewer, so there's an air of humility to the show

Ezra Klein is a Big Thinker!   (3/5)

Ezra has a very informative podcast that I recommend. Maybe not Highly but it is certainly more informative than listening to Music. Unfortunately, haveing read Ezra in print, the difference between his verbal (Podcast) elocution and his print articulation is stark. Some of the "rules" that you use in print you should also follow in speech. The use (overuse) of certain (Ezra pronounces this "cerdan,") phrases is annoying and one has to wonder if he ever listens to himself with a critical ear. The reason I titled this, "Ezra Klein is a Big Thinker," is because during every interview, Ezra will expound with a, "I've been thinking a Lot about this lately," which, given how many times and to how many people he says it, I'm surprised he has a home life. He must be one busy thinker! The truth is that Ezra is very knowledgeable about a wide variety of political topics and the podcast can be useful at times, but Ezra's Very Earnest style sometimes makes him seem like just another NPR style commentator, which wouldn't be bad if there weren't so many other talking heads out there that aren't hampered by mushy diction and overuse of catchphrases. Why do we have to be told that he wants to "circle back" to a particular point. Just go back to the point. Very annoying.

So good   (5/5)

I have been listening to this show for a long time and realized I’d never provided a review. I love this show. I love the deep dive that Ezra takes with all topics and all guests. I love his intellectual curiosity. This thoughtfulness in a podcast makes me so happy.

Great content - wish the show length was shorter   (5/5)

I really enjoy this show. Ezra Klein is a thoughtful host. He has a nice range of guests. My only "complaint" is that the show can run well past an hour. There is a lot of great content on podcasts and only so many hours in the week to consume it.

The most intelligent conversations   (5/5)

One of the best most interesting podcasts covering a wide variety of current topics. Ezra Klein shows his mastery of interview by studying the topic in depth before each interview. One of the most educational programs currently available.

Expect hope and optimism to increase.   (5/5)

I absolutely love Ezra’s conversations and I wish I had discovered him sooner than a few months ago. Deep, thoughtful, humble, articulate, cogent, curious, respectful. Similar to Ana Marie Cox’s With Friends Like These in that he successfully engages with a range of people across the political/ideological spectrum. Yuval Litvin, Mona Charen, and Tyler Cowen are conservative thinkers whose conversations I really appreciated because they aren’t absolute or extreme. They interacted thoughtfully and respectfully with Ezra. This is not something you’ll see on cable news panels where it’s more a battle of the more aggressive personality which utterly turns me off. Ezra, I am looking forward to your book! Thank you for your wonderful work on Vox, and especially with your show. You lead me to thinkers and books I wouldn’t find on my own. Please keep up the amazing and valuable work. It’ll be a very bumpy ride (and it already has been) but across-the-aisle interactions such as yours give me hope and optimism that we’ll make it through. 💯

I tried   (1/5)

I tried to listen to this show but the host is hopelessly biased and overly arrogant. Not willing to acknowledge the massive holes in his “arguments”.

Not good   (1/5)

I just listened to him and Sam Harris. What a waste of 2 hours. This was a classic case of one guy not listening but waiting to talk.

Very informative and thoughtful   (5/5)

Ezra engages with his guests in refreshingly unpredictable ways. He is also careful with his assertions and mindfully respectful of counter arguments in a way that is compellingly persuasive. In today’s talk soup of constant hyperbole aided by logical fallacies, this one stands out as superior and worth your time.

Ehh   (1/5)

Used to be informative, now just a punch line to a joke.

Thought Provoking and Interest   (5/5)

My favorite podcast along with On the Media and Fresh Air. What all three have in common - intelligent, interesting, thought-provoking and respectful dialogue. These attributes are sorely needed, especially now.

Meh. Pretty standard fare   (2/5)

It’s fine. Ezra gets pretty good guests, but neither he nor they say anything interesting all that often. Pretty standard Obamaesque rhetoric and goals. Would be better in a 20-25 minute format with less equivocationalizing. Yes I just made that word up.

Easily one of my favorites!   (5/5)

I’ve listened to Ezra every week since I found this podcast about 2 years ago. Many truly superb interviews ... but the Eric Garcetti interview from June 2018 is particularly memorable. Thoughtful, provocative, intellectual but accessible. Ezra and this podcast are awesome!

Insightful and Thoughtful   (5/5)

I love this podcast and Ezra’s insightful and thoughtful approach to the guests on the show as well as his own opinions.

Pseudo intellectual   (1/5)

Ezra is not a clear thinker who uses fancy words to mask bad ideas. His debate with Sam Harris was eye opening in terms of his identity based thinking. Unsubscribed.

Partisan sell sword   (1/5)

Worst partisan pseudo science condescending as news. Ezra Klein embarrasses himself regularly and with confidence.

Identity and Honesty   (1/5)

Forget quoting peer reviewed material, I talked to a dude last week. Lol #journalism. Thanks to Sam Harris I will not be listening to this reactionary garbage that people try to pass as news.

Smart but don't swear   (5/5)

Ezra, I love your podcasts and Vox but when you use profanity it dumbs you down.

Ego   (2/5)

I liked the show at first, but months of listening later i grew tired of Ezra’s ego. He is just too full of himself to be an effective interviewer.

Well worth your time   (5/5)

Ezra doesn’t hide his personal political leanings, so if you can set that aside, I think you’ll find he pours a lot of time and research into exploring timely topics with engaging guests. And you’ll be smarter for listening, even if you don’t always agree with the conclusions.

Jane Mayer   (5/5)

An informative conversation throughout. A delight to listen to.

Concerns re Michael Pollan Podcast   (5/5)

I love your show, but think this episode did a disservice to [1] people with depression, as well as [2] those with an unknown to them predisposition to psychosis. [1] antidepressant medications help many people with depression, and it is not ever been stated that the medications are a cure, but a possible relief of the suffering from depression. For many medication is a better alternative than ECT, light box therapy, or rTMS. The science is actually robust that medication helps many. Your show may encourage people to stop treatment or refuse to consider medications. The fact that some people have to try a number of medications until they find one that works for them, or that over time a switch to another drug is needed, does not negate the time the illness was controlled. [2] People with a predisposition to psychosis may not know they have this, and hallucinogenics can trigger the start of psychosis, as happened to a friend of mine. Psychosis is not a pleasant state, nor is it a door to creativity. I suggest you have an alternative point of view from someone like Kay Redfield Jameson on your show. You probably have heard of her, and giving equal time to a true expert on depression and bipolar disorders, not to mention someone who has bipolar disease, would be useful to many of your listeners. Again, i listen to many Vox shows, Wordly, The Impact and your show. I respect your right to cast as you wish, and ask for time for the other point of view Especially from someone who is a known expert on the research.

Yes!!   (5/5)

I love how Rachel can't stop herself from doing the interviewing. This look into both of their personalities is a long time coming.

Mehrsa Baradaran   (5/5)

Am a fan of these informative and instructive podcasts...but this one was the best...would love to take one of her courses...but at the least be a reader of her books.

Ezra: Knowledgeable and Curious   (5/5)

Ezra's curiosity about the topics he discusses is very appealing, especially matched up with his knowledge, experience and perspective. After listening to the very long episode with Sam Harris, I wanted to listen more. This is a longer podcast than I normally listen to, but I listen because of the host and the guests he brings on and the power of that combo.

I've been listening to Ezra for quite some time.   (5/5)

This interview with Tyler Cowen may have been my favorite episode yet.

One of the brightest minds   (5/5)

I didn't catch on to this podcast immediately...they can be long and deep, but after listening to several of them, I've come to believe that Ezra is one of the smartest people to whom I've listened. I don't always agree with his stances (but I usually do), but he blows me away with his questions and his ability to explain in detail various nuances he has with policies and people's opinions. Ezra - you always ask for feedback - the only suggestion I would make is to cover more conservation and environmentally related policy issues if you can. Maybe one on Deep Ecology, or perhaps the policies of past presidents that led to some of the strongest environmental achievements and policies to date.

Original, thought provoking   (5/5)

While I don’t listen to every episode, Ezra has some real gems here. He asks thought provoking questions and many of his guests are dynamic, original thinkers. Many episodes have changed my way of seeing the world and inspired further inquiry. Though I’m not a huge politics fan, there’s enough variety and quality here for me to keep listening. Thanks for the great show!

Excellent   (5/5)

An outstanding reporter who clearly and simply articulated complex issues

Overall great   (4/5)

Includes many perspectives which is sometimes frustrating because Ezra is too non-confrontational.

The Best Thing   (5/5)

I have been listening to this podcast since the beginning. I loved the conversation with Lilliana Mason I just listened to. As someone who has done some serious ideological transforming, I appreciate how hard it is to change and how isolating it can feel. The best thing about this podcast is the questions Ezra asks. He is a thoughtful interviewer and always goes in interesting directions with the guests. Plus, I’ve picked up several great books that have been recommended.

FANTASTIC episode!!!!   (5/5)

The discussion was a incredibly educational and yet reaffirmed how with all of our independence, we as voters, politicians and as a country - are rarely independent thinkers.

Absolute Genius Interviewer   (5/5)

Ezra is so incisive, his mind works so fast and his questions cut so deep.

Great show but needs better production   (4/5)

Very insightful programming, but it could be improved so much with a little mixing. Sometimes Ezra’s voice is a lot louder than his guests.

Great!   (5/5)

Ezra, Impressive performance in the sam harris episode. You took his position to task and didn’t resort to personal attacks. This listener found your argument to be far more persuasive and factual.

Sam Harris debate   (2/5)

I came to this particular episode unaware of the controversy behind it. But I have to say, Ezra, I think Mr. Harris is right about one thing in his postmortem of your debate. You never once commented on any of the points Mr. Harris so clearly wanted you to comment on. It felt like you weren’t even listening to him. I really wish that you had. He sounded like he was sincerely attempting to have a dialog with you. You didn’t seem interested in learning anything from this experience. Shame on you.

I think Sam Harris was correct in his debate.   (1/5)

You kept putting off question of his only to buy yourself time to come up with a “politically and ethicality” correct answer. I think you should learn from Sam and at one point or another I could tell you were listening in interest. The rest was you trying to score brownie points for your podcast. Shame on you.

Excellent!   (5/5)

Deeper and more interesting than other interview shows. Ezra's does great research and knows what he's talking about (and can explain it well too)

Gets you thinking   (5/5)

He picks up a number of topics I've been interested in but maybe hesitant to spend time reading and learning about. The podcast gives a great way to dive into these topics leveraging both Ezra's and his guests backgrounds and knowledge. Keep it up!

The Good, The Bad   (3/5)

When Klein is on, the podcast can be very engaging. But sometimes it's a bit too navel-gazing, and that recent show with Sam Harris was pain-inducingly self-important.

Ezra Listens   (5/5)

Sam Harris spat aside: Ezra invites and listens to guests he wants to learn from

Ezra v Sam   (5/5)

Wow! Amazing two hours. I am continually impressed by E and his articulate integrity and refusal to be drawn into ad hominem tactics. An admirable intellect. I wish I were more like him.

Ezra klein   (1/5)

Boooooring with no substance.