Aggregated reviews for The Fighter & The Kid

The Fighter & The Kid is a weekly podcast hosted by comedian and former professional UFC fighter Brendan Schaub.Each week, Brendan is joined in the studio with a guest co host. TFATK is uncut and unedited, and sometimes it's just ridiculous.

callens out. unsubscribe   (1/5)

callens gone. and its hard to listen with just shoub. been reading some of the reviews and it seems im not the on the only one.

Trash   (1/5)

Rest In Peace to what was once a great show

Downhill since Delia   (1/5)

Ever since Chris Delia left the scene, it’s been a rough ride that finally ended with Bryan leaving the scene as well. Will Sasso, Chris Delia and Theo gave memorable episodes throughout the life of the show. It’s now just Brendan... it was a great run. The show is different and not as funny or holds your attention with Brendan constantly interrupting guests and giving irrelevant/bland responses that kills the conversation. It could still be a good listen if your a Brendan fan though. I give it a 1 star because it’s so far from what it was before 2020.

Needs Bryan Back   (1/5)

Not the same.

I like the new guest hosts...   (5/5)

Actually listening with these other guest hosts is nice. I think Josh Wolfe is interesting and banters better with Brendan than Callen does. The episode with Wolfe, Catherwood and Brendan was by far the best... Moving forward when Callen comes back you could have the show with 3 hosts instead of just the Fighter and the Kid.

We want Bry Bry!   (1/5)

Cancel culture at its worst! Allegations more than 2 decades ago...really? Wish media companies had a freakin backbone...99% percent of this audience believes wrinks is innocent and would continue to listen!!! As it stands this podcast is not going to retain is listeners. Mega bummer!! #innocentuntilprovenguilty

Usually my favorite podcast.   (1/5)

When Griffin is on, I straight up can’t listen.

Need callen   (5/5)

Booo but love josh wolf now

TBH Wasn’t all that good and now it’s even worse   (1/5)

Bryan Callen was never funny but he could gab for an hour just fine. Schaub isn’t good for talking much but is the funnier of the two. Neither can carry a show without the other.

Bring back Callen   (1/5)

This was one of my favorite Podcasts but I can’t even listen anymore without Callen.

soiled it!   (1/5)

can we have a month or 5 of JUST Bryan now?

Love Schaub but.   (1/5)

Wrinks, Wrinks, Wrinks, Wrinks, Wrinks, Wrinks, Wrinks, Wrinks, Wrinks, Wrinks, Wrinks, Wrinks!!!

Reddit   (5/5)

Giving this 5 stars because The Brendan Schaub haters on reddit are annoying.

Always 5 STARs! Miss Brian, love Josh   (5/5)

I’m not not your regular listener. I’m a woman in her 40s who hasn’t watched MMA in 20+ years. Love the show, miss Bryan. BUT I’m a long time Josh Wolf fan, so I still rate the Brendan & Josh episodes as 5 stars. Miss you Bry!

Bring back Bryan   (1/5)

Whatever happened to “innocent until proven guilty?” Bring back Bryan and I’ll start listening again.

Horrible Without Callen   (1/5)

This is unlistenable without Callen.

Public service announcement to advertisers   (1/5)

This show was never good, gets exponentially worse, and Josh Wolf will fake laugh himself to death soon if you keep advertising on this dumpster residue.

Terrible show with the worst host   (1/5)

At one point in time the hosts attempted to be funny. Now one of them is a rapist and the other drools on himself. Stay clear of this horror show.

The fighter and the kid   (1/5)

Trash!!! Brandon is intolerable

Show is now good   (2/5)

Without that sweet tart tart. Bring back the BG Owl.

Kinda went downhill   (1/5)

Was listening from pretty much day one, it was so good in its hey day, probably since 2018 it’s been on a slow decline, only good episodes we’re with good guests like delia Santino Bobby lee etc. now it’s just Schaub and it’s straight up not good. Kind of heart breaking but all things come to an end.

No Brian, not listening   (1/5)

#freewrinks. Sure had no idea Kast owns Brendan. Sad!

Calle   (1/5)

Bring callen back

We miss Bry   (1/5)

The success of this podcast is completely dependent on Callen. Please I beg you bring back Bryan! Its almost unlistenable. Love you guys so much hope things get back to normal soon !

Need Bryan   (1/5)

I love wolf and catherwood but friendship is more important than cash. There has to be a way to do the pod with Bryan.

I miss Bryan Callen   (1/5)

Love Brendan and Bryan together. Not the same without Callen.

Brendan   (1/5)

Complete tool

Free Wrinks   (1/5)

Bring back wrinks that last episode with Erik was awful.

If Callen doesn’t come back....   (1/5)

Then I’m out! Schaub is being carried by’s super obvious now that their chemistry is not there. Gotta get rid of the BLM bs ads!! Never thought I’d see the day this happened! 👎🏻

Callen   (1/5)

Bring Callen back not sorry for the one star

Forget the company nonsense   (5/5)

Get Bryan back in there.


Love the show but WE WANT CALLEN

Yes!   (4/5)

They got the black lives matter ads now?!

Brendan   (1/5)

We need Brian back ASAP Turned into all sports podcast

Enough   (1/5)

An hour and a half of college football talk and speculation? And I like sports...This pod is a dumpster without Callen. I fast forwarded and the rest was bearable still not the same, and I love Griffin as a guest normally this was just rough.

Use to be great   (1/5)

F kast I’ll be back when you cut ties with them.

No more Erik Griffin PLEASE!!!   (5/5)

Love that show, one of the few podcasts I listen to religiously. Having said that, I beg of you no more Erik Griffin! Liked him on workaholics but he’s not funny at all Bubba. Dude said that he thinks the people on either side of Mike Trout think that they are better than him. He is out of his freaking mind and clearly knows not one thing about baseball. He really should save himself the embarrassment of talking sports. PLEASE NO MORE ERIK GRIFFIN, PLEASE!!! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻. I can’t say it enough, please!!! And no Erik, josh is 100% right! Erik sounds like a buffoon. The dude talks about everything like he’s an expert on it. He’s talking crap to Josh about being an athlete, Erik can’t have ever played organized sports. I tried to end this review multiple times but he just keeps bringing me back with his dumb comments. Every example he puts up to Josh has nothing to do with what Josh is saying. Ok I stand corrected, he’s not the worst. He’s a little funny 😂😂.

bring brian back   (1/5)

no good without callen

The end   (1/5)

I’m out! This pcast it’s not the same without Callen. Schaub needs callen more than he thinks.

Welp great while it lasted   (1/5)

Bend listening since beginning. I cannot believe you guys are going behind a paywall, especially now. Makes zero sense and no way I’m doing it. Thanks a lot! I mean why? Ridiculous

Bring back Callen   (5/5)

Schaub is doing his best, but it’s never been so apparent that Callen and Schaub’s chemistry cannot be replicated.

BLM   (1/5)

Please give me a different advertisement. I don't need social/ political propaganda from my entertainment. If you cannot do that then I will kindly unsubscribe.

New co host   (1/5)

Podcast has gone downhill big time since wolf came on and try and work on the guest selection time to find something new until Wrinks comes back

I’m out.   (1/5)

Change the name of the podcast if callen is gone. I’m out.

Bring Bryan   (5/5)

Never realized how much I need Bryan in my life

Trash   (1/5)

The show is trash without Bryan. Now it dies a slow death. Wolf feels like a producer or agency forced a replacement.

Bring Bryan back   (1/5)

Definitely need Callen in my life

Josh wolf Erik griffin   (5/5)

These two should have boxed after the podcast lol they couldn’t agree on anything I feel like it should have ended in a boxing match or ju jitsu

Without Bryan. This is just a repeat of other Schaumburg shows   (5/5)

Brendan and Josh are great together. However, long term...not so much. Erik Griffin episode was the worst one since losing Bryan. Change the name as soon as Fox, I mean Kast Media lawyers allow. KATS, BTB, and TFATK have a shelf life if things continue down this path.

Bring back bryan   (1/5)

Bubba whatre we talwmkin about here. Pawldcast isn’t the same

Brendan   (1/5)

Quit interrupting guests when you don’t know what you are talking about. Idiot

Terrible   (1/5)

Not the same without Brian #freebryan

Need Bryan back   (1/5)

Show needs Bryan back. Brendan and Bryan has a dynamic that no one else has. Can’t listen until he’s back.

Bring back Bryan   (1/5)

If Calen isn’t on the show it’s not worth listening to.

Where r u wrinks   (5/5)

Need Wrinks asap

Fighter without the kid   (1/5)

Show isn’t the same first couple were okay, but not for me. I’ll be back when it goes back to normal.

Slow decline   (1/5)

Been Listening to this podcast for a long time. Callen is hilarious, Shaub is not. Brendans obnoxious pandering and bragging is exhausting. Brendan is incredibly unfunny. NO CALLEN, NO PODCAST. Done.

If Bryan is out so am I   (1/5)

See ya

No more wolf   (4/5)

Please get a new cohost we want rap back. Please have him every show until the kid can show his face again. #wewantrapaport

I miss Brian   (1/5)

Bring back Callen. This will never be the same without wrinks

Trash   (1/5)

Fighter and the wrinks? Who’s the fighter ? Fake ass comedian.

We miss you Bryan   (5/5)

Can’t wait for Bryan to come back love the guys you’ve had in but we miss Bryan!!!!


Don’tKnow what you have until it’s gone.. Schaub need Bryan more than he thought

No Bryan No Sub   (1/5)

Who cares what these people do in their private lives? I’m here to listen to a good pod, and without Bry, that’s impossible. I’ll never listen again.

Bryan was the show   (2/5)

Despite the right wing lite stance, the show was always fun to listen to and educational based while enjoying the self deprecating humor. I hope the system works well for Bryan and he returns soon. Until then, Im out.

Unsubscribing   (1/5)

I’ve been holding out hope that they turn it around for a while now but it has become a chore to listen to and there are too many other good podcasts to continue to waste time on this one. Schaub is grating to listen to and is aggravating with guests, Callen leaving is the proverbial nail.


No one wants to listen to this with josh wolf, not a hater, I like josh wolf enough, Bring back Callen, its starting to annoy

Bring back Bryan   (1/5)

I miss Bryan he is a great man

Thumbs upfree callen   (5/5)

One hundred percent

I personally love the fighter and the wolf.   (5/5)

Wolfs laugh reminds me of one of my best friends growing up. Brings back memories every time he starts cracking up.

Nope   (2/5)

I’m out. Guilty until proven innocent. Can’t support a network who can’t support what made them.

Brenda Brenda Brenda   (1/5)

All Brenda does is interrupt everybody. You can see the podcasts with Catherwood how frustrating it is. Only good one is when Bobby Lee put him in his place.

Not the same   (1/5)

Not the same without callen !

Screw Kast Media   (1/5)

Kast Media says there are no plans for Bry to ever return....? Way to stand behind your talent with no evidence or due process. Unsubscribed!

Unsubscribing & Not Listening or Supporting Until Callen Is Back   (1/5)

I am unsubscribing to this podcast which I truly did enjoy listening to. Nothing against Schaub but if Bryan Callen isn’t coming back on TFATK I’m done with it. If Callen isn’t brought back on the show then I choose not to listen or be a supporter. It’s pathetic to see the Management & Ownership behind the scenes just turn on their own revenue generators. Weak. This is simply Callen being targeted by the Hollywood & California Power Structure & Actor’s Turned Activists group. He’s being targeted bc he broke rank & openly admits to being a gun owner, he is featured in hunting shows, he highlights extreme positions & acts that the Far Left Democrats are doing & trying to accomplish. He doesn’t follow the Far Left - Super Progressive Ideology he is expected to follow as a person working in Hollywood. With Rogan & Callen both shining the light on how terrible living in California has become & their praise & attention to Texas & relocating to Texas, all that has the Entertainment Power Club furious & they’re out to teach Callen & others like him that this is not allowed. I’m completely finished with TFATK.

Waste of time.   (1/5)

Bryan was the only part of the show that was slightly tolerable. Brandon will assuredly kill this show.

Miss Brian   (5/5)

I miss Bryan

Missing the kid   (1/5)

Brendan is not funny and has been phoning it in for almost a year and now callen is gone it’s more evident

Bring back the kid   (1/5)

Without Bryan it’s a hard no for me it’s not the same if I wanna hear Brendan I’ll listen to below the belt

Callen is what he is   (1/5)

But gawd dawg Brendan is bad. He’s constantly talking over people in order to get his terrible thought across or spread misinformation. This dude has no idea what he’s talking about half the time. From screwing up names, to e bikes, to hopping on every bandwagon he can get on. He’s brutal.

Pay Wall   (1/5)

Wish they would just be honest on why they need a paywall now instead of acting like everyone doesn’t know exactly why. Sponsors not touching them with Callen’s sexual assault allegations.

Well...   (1/5)

I used to think Brendan was the funny one but once he’s around real comedians it’s easy to see he’s not funny at all, this is going down hill without Bryan.

Annoying wannabes   (1/5)

Definitely not for me. Radical left people only

Innocent until proven guilty!!   (1/5)

Free Bryan Callen!!

Not the same without Bryan   (1/5)

The show is just not as entertaining without the KID on it. I thought it would all be put on pause while Bryan’s situation gets handled. Definitely not worth listening to at the moment.

Bryan Callen   (1/5)

Won’t listen until Bryan comes back.

Progressing...   (1/5)

....Downhill. That’s the beat way to describe this show. It was so funny a couple years ago but the fakeness that is Brendan mixed with his inability to relay factual information or even let people speak without interrupting is the only constant. Brian used to be the levity but somehow turned into this Ben Shapiro wannabe on a comedy’s awful and I get the impression that they’re legit not good people based solely on their faux concern and lack of real remorse after the Covid event. Seriously, these guys are getting what they deserve

We need callen   (5/5)

Bring back callen

Dude josh wolf’s laugh   (1/5)

The worst

Politics without an education   (2/5)

The show has gotten worse since callen ran away . Didn’t think it was possible . Tiring, dull, sleep inducing speech impediment cringe .

The Kid   (1/5)

Brenden is unbearable. Bring back The Kid.

TFATK   (5/5)

Be nicer to Brundan & Free Wrinks ❤️❤️

Not the same   (1/5)

Bring back Callen.

Bring Bryan back   (1/5)

Not a good show without Bryan

This stuff about Bryan better not be true   (4/5)

I’m so sad.. first D’Elia- now the kid? what in the actual F! ? Still love you Brendan buzz buzz

No   (1/5)

Used to listen to every episode. Then I listened because I enjoyed disliking it. Now I just don’t listen.

Unsubscribe until callen is back   (5/5)

Had to do it... hope Brendan can hold it together

Booo.   (1/5)

A no from me till the kid is back.

Uh Oh   (1/5)

Brandon can’t carry this thing

Off with his head   (4/5)

The show has become much more tolerable to listen to without Callen.

Bryan   (5/5)

We need you now, more than ever!

Downhill   (1/5)

The show is a train wreck now and it’s not even a train wreck I want to see. Bring Callen back and I might listen again.

there is no show without the kid   (2/5)

if i have to hear brandon scab say “Well look at the facts man...” about covid one more time...

Got old   (1/5)

Really went off the deep end this year

FHA’sW   (5/5)

I ñ I’m not on NBC I w VI bnoknext zaçhiii da a I ton if saw n

Want ya back Bry   (5/5)

Miss ya you squirrelly ass old man

It’s 1/2 of a show. This ship needs both captains or it’s gonna sink.   (1/5)

It’s 1/2 of a show. This ship needs both captains or it’s gonna sink.

The kid and anyone else   (5/5)

Dude get D’Elia and Callen loose the fighter. Why couldn’t Brendan be the diddler 🤷‍♂️

🥺   (1/5)

I need Bryan back. Can’t listen until then.

Nope   (1/5)

Not listening until Bryan is back

Was ok   (1/5)

Show has gone downhill. Brain was the one holding the show together now hes gone. Unlistenable

Karma.   (1/5)

What’s the difference between Bryan Calen and Bill Cosby? Bill was loyal to his “friends” listen to legion of skanks they are NOT politically correct cowards like these two unfunny hacks. Dear Bryan even if the rape allegations are false I hope it ruins you. #metoo drown in your own self righteousness. Ari shaffir took a break from laughing hysterically to not sink to the low of throwing you under the bus.

Brandon is unbearable   (1/5)

This guy is always interrupting others and acts like a snob whenever he is proven wrong about anything. He is not even a good comedian so skip this podcast for sure.

Since 2017 Fan   (5/5)

Miss you Bryan ♥️

I miss Bryan   (4/5)

Bryan, please come back

When’s Bryan come back?   (1/5)

I can’t listen to Brandon he’s wack

Innocent until proven guilty   (5/5)

Hang in there Bryan. We got your back!

The mushmouth and the diddler   (1/5)

Nah. Hey these guys off the air

FTK   (5/5)


Free wrinks   (5/5)

Dude’s had low T his whole life he didn’t do it man.

Bring back Wrinks!   (5/5)

I love this show but it’s just not the same without the kid. We want Callen!

New unsubscriber   (5/5)

This show continues to get worse. Used to be one of my favorite podcast, now these two are ignorant Corona experts (who somehow got corona). They also ignorantly speak on race too much. Bad in many ways. Now one of these idiot guest host says if there’s a racist town in America people of color should just accept it and not going there.

Great Podcast   (5/5)

TFATK is in my top 5. Great hosts discussing a wide range of topics from sports to politics to entertainment.

Miss Bryan, BUT   (5/5)

Bryan is the best part of the show, but his absence has made me realize I need more Mike Catherwood in my life

Tart tarten Tarty tarttarticus tartan tart farticus tart   (5/5)

Love you Bryan. Can’t see someone who gets ignored at times for talking too much about real life concerns or the well being of people and the state of the world and this country while being honest and while I genuinely believe the man cares about a better world being that guy. Either way most people aren’t going to listen to 1000’s of hours of the man talk if there looking for something bad off the bat. I never figured a person out in an hour or a day or by media because I don’t know them and I never will.

...   (2/5)

people wanna cancel this because of bryan’s allegations ignoring the fact that the podcast isn’t very good.

Dump Schaub   (1/5)

Love Bryan, he should dump the other guy.

Love these guys   (5/5)

Big Dick Bandits 4 lyfe #Istandwithwrinks

The description of the show is a lie.   (1/5)

Brendan Schaub is widely regarded as one of the worst standup comedians of all time and has been referred to as the ‘CM Punk of comedy’.

Can’t do it anymore   (1/5)

Brendan is so unbearable it hurts my brain. Not funny, can’t speak, and now the good half of the show is gone for being a sexual predator

The CTE induced Brandon Slawb and Rapist wrinks.   (1/5)

Horrible podcast never heard it though

This podcast is trouble   (1/5)

Gimme 😈

Brandon schlub   (1/5)

Successful comedian 😂😂😂😂

Free Byan Callen   (5/5)

Santino was on Theo’s pod which mean your next co host has to be Bobby lee

Cancel Rape Culture   (1/5)

This podcast glorifies rape, infidelity, and pedoph’elia. Crazy Apple has it listed... this type of entertainment is usually reserved for Compound Media. And Brendan is not a successful comedian.

#standwithcallen   (5/5)

We love you Callen, Don’t back down, get the truth out there no matter what, and we’ll have your back.

Brendan destroyed the show   (1/5)

Tfatk has turned into brendans money printing business, he got greedy and squeezed the life out of it a long time ago.

Stand in solidarity   (5/5)

Got your back Bryan! Keep your head up brother!

Great Podcast   (5/5)

Love the show 🤙🏻 Don’t listen if you’re mindless 🐑 #FreeCallen

Brian Callin is the funnier of the two hosts.   (1/5)

Hopefully nothing happens to him! ..he did what? OooOOOOoooooOOOPS!!!!!

Bryan Callen   (5/5)

The Big Ol Owl is the GOAT. Haters can get lost.

Brendan is objectively not funny. He has famous friends   (1/5)

Read above

I used to like it   (1/5)

Until they all started raping fans ... come on dudes stop fiddling women!

Can’t wait   (1/5)

I can’t wait to hear the podcast where schaub cries and completely blames Bryan’s raping for the downfall of the podcast. Hate to tell you buddy but this podcast is going to fail because of your obnoxious ignorance to everything including your fight commentary. Your just the worst interviewer on the planet

Friends   (5/5)

I really wish I had friends like Brendan, Bryan, and their friend group. I kinda used to back in the Marine Corps but I think I could definitely hangout with these guys. 😂😂😂

Rough summer, fellas   (1/5)

Sasso tried to warn you.

Was bad before we knew Bryan was a rapist.   (1/5)

I stopped subscribing to this show about 2 months ago after their rhetoric just became unbeatable. It’s right wing lite and what was a fun show became a political show hosted by two ultimate bros. The news about Bryan is not surprising and I think think show is done for.

Jesus   (1/5)

Two people that are over rated... Bert and Joe R..... love to hear themselves dribble on and babble... done

Here for the rebuttal   (1/5)

Where’s that press conference, wrinks?

Insufferable misinformation machine.   (1/5)

Awful show. They sit in silence and watch YOUTUBE videos in between spreading misinformation about COVID... and also spreading COVID to their fans in Texas. And Bryan is accused of rape, so... not high caliber people.

Cmon Brendan   (3/5)

Brendan-“At least Bryan knew the difference between giants and jets fans” Also Brendan- “Mark Sanchez got drafted by the giants”

Bad   (1/5)

Used to be one of my fav pod’s but over the last three weeks the guys have gotten unbearable. Stick to what you know. Also can we not have bryan talk sports? He knows nothing about football. Also Brendan knows some, not but really. Not an expert like he claims. Anddddd maybe don’t talk over each other.

oops   (1/5)

oops bryan!

horrible   (1/5)

horrible show

Truly terrible   (1/5)

Better off listening to white noise. Zero substance.

Dear Bryan an B   (1/5)

Grow up. Do better. Stop spreading corona.. 🧞‍♂️👘🩲 Pez Pouchon 🐶🦷🗣🧠

You guys are cool   (5/5)

I love your guys podcasts.

No more burnt Chrysler   (1/5)

Bart is so self absorbed he doesn’t know how to do a podcast where 2 people talk. He has a 1 up famous story about any topic that comes up. I think he just likes to hear himself speak.

Used to be good   (1/5)

Was a fan before. But it’s unbearable now. With schaub leading the way.

One of the best podcast   (5/5)

I love these guys so much. Especially Bryan. He’s awesome. So sad that he’s got so many DENTS though.... I wish Theo von was on when Bryan was there. I think it’d be awesome!!! Please do it guys

Dear Bryan and Brendan,   (5/5)

Is Hootie and the Blowfish MAGA? 🕯🕯🕯 -Les Couchon- 💄🐷🍒👠

Stop with Mike Catherwood   (2/5)

He’s the worst guest, and lately he is the only guest. SmH

Love the podcast and big fan   (5/5)

Makes for multiple great laughs and listens whenever a new podcast comes out.


Been a fan since the Fox studio days. With social media platforms balls deep in speech censoring you guys are always a breath of fresh air. Love the work. Stay good my dudes.

Political add   (1/5)

Why the political ads at the end of the podcast?

Lack of common sense   (1/5)

I’ve been a fan for a long time. However, as of recent these two guys have shown their true colors. Their implicit bias, racist comments and lack of common sense has become repulsive.

Bryan Callen ain’t funny thought right?   (2/5)

I mean, right? What are we talking about here?

Gee I hope...   (1/5)

...Bryan being outed as a serial rapist next month won’t hurt his podcasting/proudly exposing stadiums of people to Covid19 career.

unless there is a guest   (1/5)

It’s s’bad without one

Nosedive   (1/5)

I started out just skipping through their COVID/Conspiracy talk. Today I unsubscribed. May give them another shot after COVID and the election is over. I like hearing from a point of view that I don’t agree with but these guys do it in the most annoying way. So confident in their cockamamie beliefs.

Used to be my favorite pod.   (1/5)

Too political now.

Brendan is ruining the show   (1/5)

Shaub wants to be Mr. Woke so bad that i can’t even listen to this show anymore.

Love the pod!   (4/5)

Love the podcast, It’s great, makes me laugh, but please Brandon Showers, quit with the spoilers brother. “Shows been out for 3 days, shoulda watched it by now”

Everyone’s in shape   (5/5)

How come Bryan callen doesn’t know any out of shape ugly people . 8 outta 10 stories start “good looking kid bodied up prolly gotta piece on em “ 😂😂 Love the show 💯

I use to love   (2/5)

At one time this was my favorite show. I’m not saying that they don’t have their moments. But the show is completely reckless and has lost its way. I’m sad to say that I am officially unsubscribing has been for the last six maybe eight months that the show has taken a bad shirt.

First ever review   (1/5)

I am one of those fans who has listened to just about every episode. This show has gotten me through some tough times in my life when I needed a laugh. However, like most good things in life, it’s unrealistic to expect it to be good forever. I can only imagine how hard it is to be funny during a global pandemic and failing economy. But unfortunately, it has become difficult for me to listen to more than 10min of a show. The content has become repetitive, boring, and not funny Bryan, I love you. I thank you for all these years! Brenden, I enjoyed you more when you had an open mindset towards life. This new Brenden knows everything on every topic is boring. I wish you guys the best, thank you! #RIPAbbotKinneyFightClub

Trending   (2/5)

Long review if you’re interested, but basically I advise you to NOT listen. The guys at TFATK will say me and many others are simply spewing hate/negativity and that we’re miserable with no lives, but that’s not me. I’m good, I’m sad to be writing this to be honest. That said, TFATK stock in 2020 is a dud and the quality/chemistry of the show has been trending downwards for several months. Make no mistake, I loved the show and was a subscriber to both the podcast and YouTube channel. I’d get hype Mondays and Wednesdays to listen, but overtime it started to feel like I was just listening out of habit and for certain guests. The chemistry between the hosts seems off despite the fact Bryan and Brendan are homies. One or the other seems preoccupied and disengaged more often than not, like they too are just doing the show out of habit. Once the pandemic started Brendan suddenly became a medical doctor who “only looks at the numbers,” and frankly it just wasn’t a good look. Brendan is a successful guy, and kudos to him for that, but I think his success has inflated his ego too much. Sadly Bryan can’t seem to check Brendan either, and over the last few months, Brendan appears to simply disregard anything his friend has to say, he always needs the last word. He interrupts Bryan AND guests (also on his other shows too) and he doesn’t even realize he’s doing it, he just likes hearing himself talk “numbers” and “facts.” Bryan just takes it which I get is a part of his “character” if you will, but Brendan loves interrupting him. But with all that said, Bryan also needs to maybe...diversify his talking points to something other than pretending to be an intellectual, and hanging out with tough guys to feel tough. We get it. Also, the hosts more than likely gave their producer COVID and then Brendan laughed at him on the show for having symptoms. I had unsubscribed before then, but saw the clip on social media, and just shook my head. A toxic cherry on top of a low quality, disengaged sundae. Real bummer seeing the same old story of someone gaining success and letting their egos takeover (Brendan). And a real bummer seeing a two trick pony do the same two tricks (Bryan).

Good turned bad.   (1/5)

Used to love this podcast. The show has nose dived since Covid.

Used to be good   (1/5)

Now only talk about politics and Covid.

Haters   (5/5)

Haters!!!!!! Tfatk for life!!!

Out   (1/5)

Drum this podcast out of the top 200. 1 star.

Oof   (1/5)

Wow, epically bad. :(

:(   (1/5)

Used to be suuuuuuuch a good show

🦊 BRENDA 🦊   (1/5)

Brenda is the worst. Callen isn’t much better. Rogan is carrying both of you.

Hollywood Puppet and Braindead   (1/5)

It was bad enough when their show became utterly boring when no guest was on. Somehow it’s even worse now, and they think they’re informed on COVID-19 when both of them got it because of their own ignorance. There’s a reason the majority of people that hate this podcast used to love it.

Garbage   (1/5)

Threw their friend under the bus SO QUICK! And they did that without even waiting for evidence and all due process. Trash.

Eye Heard That!   (5/5)

B. Thanks for the heads up on the eye lift sitch. I’ll swerve away from that. I’m 52 as well. I’ll save my money for a chin implant or something else. 😉👊

Don't usually write reviews.   (1/5)

But these irresponsible entitled children have earned their 1-Star.

CNN?   (1/5)

Way to political now Brendan thinks he’s a leading epidemiologist

Unlistenable   (1/5)

Was my favorite podcast for a long time but every week it’s the same episode. It’s exhausting now and I keep trying to listen but you’ve gotta know when to hold em and know when to fold em

Thank you   (5/5)

Thanks for all the entertainment, I really appreciate it.

Too political   (1/5)

Y’all have become a meme of your own show. Thank Theo because he back is starting to hurt from picking up your mess since COVID

Painful   (1/5)

Callen has had this on life support for a few years but it has gotten worse and since COVID they ugly has come out. They may buy their upvote and views on YouTube but they should take a break....oh I am sorry they don’t have that luxury anymore as they can’t afford to do that but can crap on the common man in the cube farm.

The best   (5/5)

Two hilarious dudes great variety in each pod. Love the show

Been a far from day 1, disappointment   (1/5)

That’s it,just disappointment. Supported from day 1, a little success derailed the whole thing. Podcast is obviously scripted and has become more of a commercial than entertainment. CALLEN DONT LET THIS TOOL DRAG YOU DOWN

On the fence now...   (3/5)

I’ve loved these guys for years. I’ve always felt connected to Brendan and enjoy watching him grow and be a beast. I love Callen to death. I grew up with him on mad tv and rediscovered him about 7 years ago on Rogan. My faith in them has wavered ever since they turned on chris D’Elia in less than 24 hours of his “witch hunt”. It sickened me that they tried to distance themselves quickly without even talking to the guy. They even said they didn’t talk to him. For the last couple years they’ve been good friends with chris and this is how they do him??? Honestly I’m shocked and disappointed and I really hope they address how messed up that was. I hope chris is still friends with them... If they address it and own it, all will be right with this fan. Until then, I’ve got major skeptical hippo eyes.

Careless!   (1/5)

Brendan: shame on you. Keep riding your bike, while sick, with no mask. Selfish. BTW Not funny.

Fighter And The COVID   (1/5)

Hey remember when these idiots did shows in the middle of a pandemic and then acted surprised that they got infected??????

Schaub   (1/5)

The only entertainment is the blatant Idiocracy. I pray the guys get back to 100% but I honestly only started listening when I saw them “touring” again. Waiting for them to announce contracting the virus now here we are. Unsubscribe and I now refer to people who downplay the virus than contract it “total Schaub’s”

Black belts and chicken heads!!   (5/5)

One of my favorite podcasts!

Coronavirus   (1/5)

Garbage public health and politics takes

Used to be my favorite   (1/5)

Now I can barely stand to listen to them. They complain about cnn and how biased they are and stand up for Fox News. Fox started the whole biased news and forced everyone else to do it to keep up. They never have guests on anymore which forces Bryan to go on rants about the far left. It used to be balanced politically. I miss that. Anyway I’m still listening even though I don’t enjoy it because I pray it goes back to being what it was when I started listening at the beginning. Please get more guests and go back to being funny and not political.

Egotistical   (1/5)

A loss of respect for these self centered Rogan riding men.

Don’t California my Texas   (5/5)

Been listening for 4 years now and still a fan. Does Bryan go off on a rant every podcast? sure. Does Brendan talk about his shoes and cars too much? absolutely, but the kids still got it, and the fighter has a few punches left.

Dumb   (1/5)


Had to unsubscribe   (1/5)

I’ve listened for the past two years to enjoy a nice laugh throughout the day at work, I haven’t laughed at your podcast in 3 months. Go back to being comedians please

Unsubscribed   (1/5)

Your zionists with new world order agendas Just like the rest You all sold your souls to the devil Burn

Repo man.   (5/5)

Love these guys, but it really seems like Brendan is gonna go broke if quarantine doesn’t end. Only guy in comedy doing 5 podcasts a day. Maybe that’s why he’s biking a lot. Repo man coming. Ha, biking. Jesus. Then he started doing 4 or 5 shows a weekend. And now that they all have COVID podcast is just mostly advertisements. Embarrassing.

This used to be a comedy podcast   (1/5)

Too bad You can’t get Chris Distefano every week. Hard to listen to a comedy podcast without funny parts in it anymore. Also.. maybe rewatch once in a while to see how often your producers cringe at what you’re saying.

Used to like this show until COVID-19 came around   (1/5)

These two morons went around the country spreading the virus and then get back and talk about how mild it was, they’re bragging about working out and still going out in public without a mask. Hey Brendan 20 miles is easy on an electric bike. This show used to be dope but they’re so far up their own anus they can’t hear how stupid they sound. You can even tell they’re embarrassed about how they’ve acted but they’ll never admit it.

Not fun   (1/5)

I’ve been listening to every episode for the past four years. The aggressive corona talk and anti California political rants got too annoying. Seems like a weird hill to die on. To each their own. Had to unsubscribe.

I’ve been listening to this show since the beginning...   (1/5)

I just can’t anymore with their attitude about the virus and politics. It’s not even funny anymore, just annoying and definitely irresponsible. Sorry but I’m out.

Great   (5/5)

Everyone complaining they’re “sprouting misinformation” are obviously unable to read statistics. They’re not sprouting misinformation, but rather, much of what they say is completely true. Props to them for not blindly following what the media tells everyone. Great banter, great talking points, great podcast

Brendan Schaub has ruined this show   (1/5)

Unbelievable source of misinformation and ego

Boys will be boys ... gets old   (1/5)

Was a recent subscriber. Thought they had some good banter. Schaub seemed like an overgrown frat boy and it was frustrating when he would steamroll Callen or just brag about his money and bikes. Not sure how he got the job title of comedian, just being a sarcastic jerk doesn’t make you one. But the last straw was the COVID episode. Schaub declaring that he’s been “living his life”, eschewing masks while so many of us make sacrifices because we understand that protecting other people is just as important. He’s a child.

Time you’ll never get back   (1/5)

Are they literate? The content is consistently numb and it’s hard to find a less likable host than Schaub.

Infuriatingly ignorant   (1/5)

Always listened for the funny banter. Brendan now thinks he’s a political expert and is reckless. Bragging about getting corona and going on bike rides is ridiculous.

Can’t do it anymore   (1/5)

These idiots are part of the problem. They hear Elon musk on JRE say that no one is dying because of Covid and from there they spew ignorance about a serious issue. I wish they would research more or just play ignorant. Now they got it. I hope they haven’t given this virus to anyone with serious issues. Sorry guys I just can’t listen anymore. Been a listener for years and I just can’t.. schaub is not funny, Bryan has just lost me...

:(   (2/5)

Use to be very funny and I could look past Brendan not bringing much because everything was pretty entertaining. Now, you guys just talk about politics and, I still enjoy Bryan, schaub is obviously a dumbass and doesn’t know anything about what he’s talking about. That, coupled with him not being funny in the slightest, put it over the top for me. It’s a shame

Brendan Schaub - The worlds largest child   (1/5)

I genuinely used to enjoy this podcast, but after hearing the constant stupidity Brendan spews is unbearable. He is only comparable to an irresponsible child, and his lack of willingness to change when presented with reason is infuriating. Definitely lost a fan, just waiting for his parents to get corona severely and him come up with some other irrelevant excuse.

Used to be good   (1/5)

Loved Callen with the TMP crew. He's got some good takes, but is full of nationalistic nonsense recently. Schaub continues to be an absolutely insufferable dolt

Unsubscribed   (1/5)

I used to love the podcast and never missed an Episode but over the last couple years they have both become insufferable. I could not get through a whole episode so I finally unsubscribe. I’ve filled in their void with “Your moms house”, “Dr.drew after dark”, “endless honeymoon”.

Unplugging   (1/5)

This was one of my favorite podcast, and I’m not giving up on TFATK, but I need a break!! Enough about Corona and Politics!!!

do   (1/5)


Good with a guest but so annoying when they only talk politics   (2/5)

They talk so uneducated on corona virus and then get into political rants which would be ok if it wasn’t 2 times every episode

Covid and politics   (1/5)

I stopped listening after they stopped the podcast to get a covid test and Brendan got a IV drip during the podcast. They both clearly have NOTHING to talk about and this podcast is slowly turning into just a cash grab.

Wuhan virus   (5/5)

Hmmmm... protests.... more cases of the rona... hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Been listening for a long time   (1/5)

I’m unplugging from these guys for a bit. Just not worth the time anymore. I’ll root for Brendan no matter and maybe replace this show for one of his other shows. Brian is a giant self absorbed DB and his rants are stale. I still enjoy his stand-up but his politics are boring AF. Catch ya down the road FATK

one podcast a week ..... really?!   (5/5)


Different show now   (2/5)

I’m really happy that these guys have found success, but it’s managed to come at the expense of now sounding constantly self righteous and cocky in a not fun way. Every show devolves into the same trope of how amazing their lives are and how stand up is the best job in the world. Brendan’s head seems to be getting to him and Brian can’t even rope him back in at this point. There’s nothing to relate to anymore.

Great chemistry!   (5/5)

I wasn’t sure about getting into the show but glad I did! First episode was with Chris D’Elia and it was freaking hilarious! Being from Denver it’s cool to hear someone that grew up close to me! Always enjoyed Bryan’s stand up, these 2 are very entertaining. BUT their view on COVID-19 is getting old, how does it look in Arizona and Texas now Brenden?!?! Lol, thank you for the show!

Stop whistling   (1/5)

Brian!!!! Stop Whitstling into the mic!!! Jesus Christ! and yeah I spelled you name wrong....

Papa and Daddy   (1/5)

This show should be renamed the papa and daddy, like how these two idiots refer to themselves nonstop.

Bad friends   (1/5)

Didn’t even give your friend Chris the right to due process before throwing him under the bus. The episode where you guys “cried” for Chris made him out to look like a monster.

Everyday Working Life   (5/5)

Loved episode 577, but brendan!! Cmon, I love how you say “being gone at work is not a good way to parent anymore in 2020. That is because you are in your multimillionaire world. My wife’s recent mental illness/depression keeps her work life unsteady so I’ve been the Only parent working throughout our kids 7-8 years of life. I’m home by 5 everyday and that’s what normal life is, sadly. But talking down to working dads for working when people are in the streets and not even employed is reckless. I’ve worked through the entire pandemic, never stopped, because my company is in the plant/commercial construction sector. So glad and blessed to have my blue collar job. If I could quit and stay home with my kids 24/7 I would. Welfare maybe? Parenting is also showing your kids hard, stable work ethic.

Getting too political   (1/5)

STOP TALKING POLITICS! You’re 2 mediocre comedians with no political credibility. Stop pushing your agenda and misinforming your viewers.



Brendan needs to stop bragging   (1/5)

No one cares how much money you have. Gross to listen to!!!!!

Has gone down hill   (1/5)

Used to love this show, but Brendan is an idiot and they have abused their platform by spewing Bs and opinion as fact. I can’t do it anymore has thousands die every day these twats just are to far removed and “rich and famous”, or that’s the attitude, to worry about it. Same with JRE.

Ok   (5/5)

Finally you got me watching when it comes on.

Callen ruins this.   (1/5)

Callen is insufferable. He used to be so funny and now he is worse than Brendan

Now they shut up about COVID...   (2/5)

When cases AND hospitalizations are going up in many states.

Vomit   (1/5)

Someone tell Callen to do research instead of slobbering all over Trump’s dick.

Clay Travis was a Snoozer   (1/5)

“Everybody knows I’m a stats guy” ooooohhhhh kayyyy dude. I don’t mind Bryan’s old man rants tho

Love you guys   (5/5)

Thank you guys for the very real response and reaction to the news regarding D’Elia. As a fan, I’ve been heartbroken and mad, much like yourselves all day and I really needed to hear you guys talk about it. So thanks. Love u B n B.

Fav podcast   (5/5)

Love Schaub Love Callen

All of a sudden   (1/5)

If you haven’t seen the Matt Barnes episode just be ready for Bryan and Schaub to become activists for the next hour and 55 minutes.

Love these guys!   (5/5)

Keep it up!

Trash   (1/5)

Snobs COVID jokes are as bad as his comedy. Looks like he’s not going to make it as a comedian like he couldn’t make it in the UFC and NFL.

Keep Going   (5/5)

I listen to you guys while I’m at work (shhhh). Helps me get through the day and give me a laugh, both of you are hilarious. Big Sports fan, the Matt Barnes episode is my favorite one of you guys yet.

Great but cmon now   (2/5)

Great podcast, Bryan is hilarious and Brendan has his moments. It has definitely gotten old every time Brenden speaks on Covid because he just seems like he has no idea really what he’s talking about. Other than the non stop Covid talk and the occasional Michael Rappaport appearance, the podcast is great.


Ten hut

Unsubscribed   (1/5)

This is like the fourth episode straight up spreading misinformation, we get it Brenden, you’re about to miss some payments on your Porsche... poor boy. Lets open up the economy, huh? Out of touch, brain dead, the entitlement in their views on economics. Really showing your true colors guys.

Done   (1/5)


What Happened?   (1/5)

This podcast was my weekly escape. I could tune in for a few cheap laughs and relax. However, the past few months has seen one ignorant statement after the next regarding Covid, Biden, and Capitalism to name a few. What’s up with Brendan screaming about fake news every few minutes? Oh well, on to the next Podcast.

Cryan Ballen   (5/5)

Best podcast to listen to if you wanna head bang and bust.

Awesome funny and original   (5/5)

These guys are just incredible always funny wrinkles and big brown are The Quarantine heroes Gang gang

sometimes funny but conservative bias is unreal   (2/5)

this podcast is best when theyre not obsessing over other men’s dicks or spewing conservative talking points. Definitely has its moment even though its full of confused logic - i.e, constant gay jokes, mixed with some of the most ironically homo-erotic conversations you’ll here between two “straight” men. Similarly, its obnoxious how they constantly rail against people being close minded, then somehow always end up at “liberals are always crazy” and “the media the media the media” (youre employees and freelancers for fox, abc, ufc, netflix, not to mention run popular podcasts - how are you not the media?). The episodes with Will Sasso or Delia are best.

Garbage hosts   (1/5)

How do they get the guests they get? No one can possibly take these morons seriously.

Fav podcast   (5/5)

Thumbs up way up for this podcast, everyone on the show is awesome and all have great chemistry. I’m looking to buy a bike this week so I can be in the thick boys bike club 😂😂😂

Shaub is traaaaash   (3/5)

Brendan Shaub is annoyingly not funny. He tries too hard to be like the comics around him.

Stop talking about Covid   (1/5)

Long-time fan but your stupidity just lost a subscriber. Will sasso put you morons in your place

Love you but stahp   (4/5)

I shut it off as soon as you guys start talking covid. Super loud dumbness. Love yall though. Brendan looks like the hunch back of abercrombie. Looks like a tan buff squidward as well but i digress. Two stars for dumbness and one star each host. Minus one star cause bryan is old. Plus one again cause kat the cat

They don’t care about human life or the NHS   (1/5)

Brendan values his cars more than doctors or nurses who have been continuously helping and dying. Hopefully he’s been using this time to improve his cawlmedy b and to stop talking in the third person

Edan mendoza   (3/5)

This is just a simple concern with Bryans comments on capitalism. You seem to have such a great respect for capitalism, but capitalism puts money over humanity. I’m opened to you or anybody tell me in which ways has capitalism put health or humans over money ? Also the idea that we have a “free market “ is not true. There is no such thing as a “free market” Now I have comments on those tapes y’all played about Marc Rubio. I agreed with most of the stuff about a balance bw any powerful countries. Now there’s some hypocrisy in his comment that if china gets that power over USA they will be able to stop our medicines. The USA already does with Venezuela and other countries. Capitalism does not have the capacity, morality, ethics or will to solve societies problems. My last comment is defending Bernie. Y’all say he just thinks change will happen over night and that he has no plan... that is simply not true. And your explanation of socialism is not accurate to true socialism. There’s a lot of relation bw socialism and capitalism.

Unsubscribed   (1/5)

Trump supporters.

Funny show   (5/5)

Brendon needs to let that man speak ! And stop being so two faced.

Episode 548 is great   (5/5)

Great episode

Just funny!   (5/5)

I don’t know what all these one and two star reviews are about? These guys are funny as hell! Anyone that hates on Brenden is crazy, that dude has accomplished so much in comedy in such a short time. The work ethic this guy has is incredible!!!

Used to like it   (2/5)

Should be called “How many bad gay jokes can jokes can we fit into an episode” this was my favorite podcast for years but each episode has been getting more and more pointless I am embarrassed to put this on if other people are around me now. still a fan of These guys overall though!

Too funny   (5/5)

Been my go to for years since day 1!

Great show.   (5/5)

Awesome guys. Great podcast.

Brendan turned into a douche   (1/5)

Brendan is not funny unless t as liking about fights stay away

Brian on economics... lol   (1/5)

Dudes... the virus killed hundreds here in nyc yesterday. Does 200,000 dead not matter to you??? Long time fan but I’m done listening after the last two episodes

Loving this   (5/5)

Amazing work guys. So entertaining and trying not to disturb my office laughing out loud. Keep up the great work especially in a time like this.

Best Scripted podcast   (1/5)

Best scripted podcast in its genre when listening at 2AM Monday morning while juggling chopsticks

Longtime Female Listener!   (5/5)

TFATK is one of my favorite podcasts. Both of the hosts consistently crack me up!! Really hoping to see them live once we all crawl out of quarantine. I definitely think Chris DiStefano should win GOTY!

Joel McHale/Mike Callen   (1/5)

The best. Winner of best podcast guest ever. I was dying. Bryan’s dad!!! Awesome.

The best reason to bomb Venice   (1/5)

Preening, ill-informed sycophants in an endless circle jerk. (And I find Callen’s standup genius)

Spoiler Alert   (1/5)

Love Bryan. Brendan stop just spouting out spoilers to some of the best recent documentaries. Ridiculous.

Interruptions   (3/5)

It would be better if Brendan didn’t like to here himself talk! Stop interrupting dude. More then you on the show.

No Political talk PLEEEZE!!!   (5/5)

Sooooo glad that you saved the political stuff for the end. Please stop that talk. It’s everywhere, please not here too. 🙏

Kitty Kat 🥵   (5/5)

I love it every time Kat giggles it makes my balls tingle!!

Used2Bgood   (1/5)

Big brown has gained so much weight that it makes the podcast unbearable... however, it has been oddly mesmerizing to watch their relationship diminish over the years. The old gay owl has completely lost all of my respect... please Bryan have some integrity. Your father would be very disappointed.


Chrissy D. This is my vote ahead of time

Gotta get rid of Brenda   (2/5)

Schlub absolutely ruins this podcast. Every time . Nuff said

Chrissy Contradictions Guest of the year   (5/5)

Chris Distefano is the funniest guest they’ve ever had. Funnier than D’elia and squeaks past Theo Vonn. Bring back Chrissy D!! Guest of the year for sure

Schaub stinks   (1/5)

Schaub ruins everything he’s a part of.

Meh....   (1/5)

This show is not good unless Chis D'elia is on.......

On par with Shaub’s showtime special.   (1/5)

That bad. Truly unlistenable.

The worst   (1/5)

These guys are the worst. Who listens to this sh&t.

Please Stop   (1/5)

Schaub is devoid of any entertainment value. Even his CTE speech is annoying now. Callen needs to do TMP

After all this time   (1/5)

After all this time I’m giving up on the podcast... I can’t sit through another hour of Shaub ruining something that was so great back in the day

Still one of my favorite Pods   (5/5)

This is still one of my favorite pods and I love when certain guest, such as Sasso, Rappaport, and D’Elia. They way they bust balls with Brian cracks me up and always has me in tears!

Ep 535 rebuttal   (3/5)

Well, Bryan, to be clear, it’s not irritating that Brendan is condescending. It’s that he thinks he’s being funny. Adds a much deeper layer of disrespect. The ONLY thing I’m offended by in this world is that Brendan Shaub is trying to be a comic.

I love it when Brian’s jokes don’t land   (5/5)

Him and eddy bravo have such a poor shooting percentage on the fight companion I had to hear more. FIVE STARS Edit: jo koy sounds like a never ending intro to a YouTube reaction video

This podcast is terrible   (1/5)

This show really went down hill because of how much Schaub has changed. I wish Bryan would move on and bring back the ten minute podcast with Chris and Will.

Love the dynamic joy   (5/5)

I tuned in to hear this because of Rogan and Bert Kreischer having these guys on. I first listened to JoKoy as a guest and continued to listen to 4 more in a row. I’m hooked!!

Great podcast   (4/5)

Brendan relax with the gay stuff tho my guy no judgement but we get it

Not committed   (1/5)

These guys showing up to the studio is about all the commitment you’re going to get. Brendan is disrespectful to Bryan and wants to rush out of there, get his money, and go. There’s no passion behind the cast. Bryan can’t talk about anything besides the physical and visual attributes of other men and mediocre celebrities he “hangs” out with.

Good Podcast   (5/5)

Needs more Will Sasso!

I would give it 5 Stars   (2/5)

But I have to hear Brenda Slob every episode

Time for a change   (2/5)

I love Jo Koy but I have 0 interest in listening to elitist men talk about their shoe collection

It’s done y’all!   (1/5)

The ship has sailed on this dumpster fire. Bring back TMP or ANYTHING ELSE WITHOUT SCHNAB! You’re better than this Brian.

One less host   (1/5)

This podcast would actually be enjoyable without the failed ufc fighter who is even worst at being funny is you could believe that. #getbabycowfaceout

Well...   (5/5)

Heck of a podcast.

🤦🏻‍♂️   (2/5)

Brendan please stop spoiling things. If he mentions a new show that you haven’t seen yet, turn off the podcast. Brendan loves to spoil and will interrupt Bryan to continue the spoil fest....than he’ll spoil something else the next episode. I can’t do it anymore. Only like guest appearance now.

Waste of time   (1/5)

Why did you even do one today 1 hour what a waste of time you guys are getting worse every episode 👎🏾 wish I could put 0 stars for rating

Great show   (5/5)

I really appreciate you guys. You guy crack me up! One of the best podcast that I listen too. Look forward to a new episode every week. I also appreciate Cat and Chin for everything they do!!!

TKATK   (5/5)

Never miss an episode!!

Terrible   (1/5)

Big fan - lost me with your take on Ari. Done supporting your media and buying your products

Podcast   (5/5)

Decent podcast.

done done now   (1/5)

you used 10-15mins of show time to screw Ari over and suggest people not go to his shows so you could look like some kobe flag waiving white knight. by focusing on it, you made it way bigger of an issue than it would have ever been and tons of more people to even be aware of it. that tweet wasnt for you or the masses. it was for us true Ari fans who get that it was the crescendo to a 12yr long running bit.

Hard to follow   (1/5)

All the podcast consists of is people talking over each other and having Schaub repeat the word “bro” every other breath.

It’s well documented   (5/5)

Brendan and Larry King are hilarious together

Omg....   (5/5)

How has Bryan not been fired from this podcast?

Horrible   (1/5)

Can’t listen anymore after them saying Kobe ddnt rape that girl and Brendan saying he lived there so he knows.. everyone look it back up he meet the girl 5 min later he had her bent over a chair choking her and she instantly went to get a rape kit . Mike lupica bob ryan hall of fame sports writers talked about it elegantly he was a great basketball player but you can’t write the story with out the truth

Fire   (5/5)

Never miss an episode

Episode 524   (5/5)

Top 5 episode of TFATK, so funny!

Douche   (5/5)

Brandon being a douchbag was confirmed when he spoke of Led Zeppelin’s genius and post Malone in the same sentence. Lmaoooo what a cucky

Chin is the WORST   (1/5)

Between Chin and Kat it’s fairly cringey. But Chin almost ruins the show... Brendan says his fair share of boneheaded things but has his merits from time to time. But seriously EVERY time Chin opens his mouth I want to swerve into on coming traffic.... he is painfully bad at his job...

Only good when they have a guest   (1/5)

I used to love this podcast but it’s gotten worst, only great when they have a guest and Brenden lets them talk.

Haters move on   (5/5)

TFATK is certainly one of the best comedy podcasts out there. I’ve been listening for 3 years and have yet to miss an episode. Keep killing it!

518   (5/5)

Best episode ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chris D Elia who cares how you spell it   (3/5)

I recently listened to this one and hoping I’d like Chris more afterwards. I did not. He’s an idiot. #interuptchrisgems

Killing it   (5/5)

Still killing it, listened from the jump. Never stop doing it, keep getting bags guys

Denny’s   (5/5)

Daddy’s serving up some Grand Slams !

Episode 516   (5/5)

One of the the funniest episodes I have ever heard

Hilarious   (5/5)


Great pod   (5/5)

Always solid content

Pew pew pew   (5/5)


Love the kid   (3/5)

Not the fighter. 🤷‍♂️😬 sorry, not my style!

🤘🏼   (5/5)

Dope af!

🤷🏻‍♂️   (1/5)

Brenda “call back the joke till it’s dead” schwepps

Brendan   (5/5)


Deleted!   (2/5)

Brendan is trying so hard to be a comic that it’s awkward. He’s like every unfunny meathead you remember in high school. Bryan Callen is funny and smart but can’t get past the dude bro phase of his life in his 50s and constantly name drops to remind us all that he has celebrity friends. These two love to feed each other’s egos.

Some of y’all got too many dents   (5/5)

Everybody dogging on Brendan saying he’s so disrespectful to Callen an this or that, do you not realize that’s the foundation their friendship was built on, and continues to stand on. If you soft snow flakes would stop trying to be so offended for other people, who aren’t even offended for themselves, you would notice that these antics are how Callen, Brendan, and every other comedian shows affection in their friendships. TFATK isn’t TFATK without Brendan, and it’s not TFATK without Callen.

Love this team!   (5/5)

Schaub and Callen are so good together they make a complete singular entity. Through inside jokes and obvious tongue in cheek chiding, these two play off one another like dueling banjos! Loved both!! Keep on keepin on!

Two big thumbs up   (5/5)

Long time listener. Love the conversations. Would like to see it go longer but great package.

Branson Schwab...   (1/5)

There is no “L” at the end of “raw.”

Love hate relationship   (5/5)

Love and hate this podcast so much. Sometimes it’s so unbearable that I stop listening. But I alway come back to laugh and I enjoy myself so much. Wish they wouldn’t talk over each other all the time. Sometimes it feels like they rush to get their point across before being interrupted. I kinda miss the fox days the guests were more of a surprise. I feel like Brendan doesn’t understand other people point of view on a lot of topics. And Bryan is just an old gay owl. Love hate. I’ll keep listening every new episode. I love when they’re being goofy instead of serious obviously.

Callen is funny. Brendan is not get him off the show   (5/5)

Why is Brendan still on this podcast? Bryan has more talent in his left nut than this guy has in his whole body. The constant disrespect to Bryan is getting obnoxious and it seems the cte has completely taken over Brendan. Chris D’Elia, will Sasso and Bryan callen need their own podcast ASAP. Leave that dumb mop head jock and join people that are actually at your level Bryan I’m tired of hearing Bryan having to dumb down every sentence for Brendan slobb.

Brendan should work on self awareness   (1/5)

Don’t know why Brendan interrupts Bryan when he talks about comedy. Dude you need to listen to a veteran comic.

Unsubscribe   (1/5)

It’s hilarious I think at this point Brandon Slobb actually thinks he’s talented

Popeyes is not a current event 6 weeks in a row   (5/5)

Big fan of the show—but seems like way too much time in each recent episode has been dedicated to the mention of chicken sandwiches or something that occurred in line at Popeyes or Chick Fil A. You would think they are sponsors lol

Dicks   (5/5)

In the best way possible... dicks

Wrinks and Big Brown are the best!   (5/5)

Nothing better the Brendan and guests slam Wrinks! Wrinks is really funny..for his age.

Love it   (5/5)

This is great y’all are hilarious! Excellent podcast

Love it   (5/5)

I look forward to listening every week!

Talking Over Each Other   (3/5)

Many times I have to skip an episode midway because the interruptions and talking over each other is hard to take. Otherwise very entertaining (except that part).

Sasso > Schaub   (5/5)

Chief Engineer of Laughter and Cheer > CTE-median

Bryan yes. Brenden no.   (1/5)

Brenden kills the show. It’s really hard to listen when he’s on. Really wish Bryan would start his own podcast again. Bryan, Will Sasso, and Chris D’Elia would be awesome if they had their own show.

Love the podcast!!   (5/5)

Man!!!!! Just put Will Sasso on here instead of Brendan!!!!

Best podcast   (5/5)

I have been listening since the beginning and it’s just getting better and better! Thank you for all that you do.

Downward Trajectory   (2/5)

My liking of each episode is highly negatively correlated to the amount of talking Brendan does & the number of times he cuts off Bryan to say nothing. Presently, the only episodes I can bear are the ones with good guests as those seem to be the ones Scob talks the least.

What happened   (2/5)

Brenda makes this unbearable to listen to anymore

I swear Bobby Lee was made for podcast.   (5/5)

By far THE best episode ever! Papaya! Forever!

Used to be great...   (1/5)

Brendan got wayyy too LA and now doesn’t let Bryan get a word in. Brendan doesn’t even let Bryan explore is comedy bits anymore either, since he knows s‘ little about comedy. It’s funny now how fast Bryan has to talk before Brendan gets bored since he only knows like 3 subjects. It’s amazing how Bryan, with any other guest (especially Sasso), understand the playful nature of setting up a bit and let Callen do his magic. But since Brendan is NOT A REAL COMEDIAN, he just rolls his eyes and would rather talk about current events (he reads teen people)

....   (5/5)


Just not the same anymore   (2/5)

I hate that I am resorting to write a review, but I feel like I have to express my opinion. I’ve been a devoted listener since 2014 and thoroughly enjoyed every episode, but this last year has been rough. Brendan constantly insults Bryan and writes it off as a joke, but it comes across as real and just rude to the audience. Bryan acts very uninterested yet he constantly states that he would never stop doing the podcast. I also think Bryan needs to question Brendan more often and hold him accountable for some of the rude things he says. I hope they can turn this podcast around because I yearn for the days when this podcast was fun and filled with bits.

Eh   (3/5)

Two dudes jerking each other off for an hour

Callen is funny   (1/5)

Schaub stating Shane Gillis should be fired from SNL for having a “not funny podcast”, after listening to a 30 second clip is pretty pathetic. Shane Gillis is a great comedian, who has worked hard to become that. Google Schaub for the facts on his own comedy.

Laugh at   (1/5)

Bros in the worst sense of the term, right wing, unfunny, all the vacuity of middle aged Hollywood u could want.

Worse than I thought   (1/5)

Two guys, with nothing to really say, talking over each other.

So torn   (1/5)

Callen is awesome, I seriously want to like Brendan. I’ve been listening for two years now trying not to comment on Schaub. I want to give him the befit of the doubt. He’s a good Dad, bro’s bro, loyal to his people, probably an amazing person in reality! I just can’t do Brendan anymore. Rarely do I read comments, think people that actually take the time comment are douche bags but here I am posting. I guess I’m a douche! Brendan doesn’t have an original thought. If you notice it’s a regurgitation from Joe Rogan’s podcast.I can’t blame Schaub if you made friends with Joe Rogan and got fame. I just can’t do Schaub anymore. He’s basic who got fame and notoriety from comedy friends. If he’s still doing stand-up in ten years I’ll be shocked. Brendan please prove me wrong and do better!

2 Beautiful personalities   (5/5)

Pick a side and stick with it... or not. Some night I enjoy Calle. Some night I go with B no matter what the podcast dynamics in this show is so entertaining.

Brendan stinks.   (1/5)

Beige frequency and Mickey Gall nailed it right on the head, Brendan talks just to talks. Offers nothing insightful and constantly acts as though he’s a leading expert on every subject. He constantly back pedals on everything he says and his special was trash. Callen is the man though.

Streak of bad guests   (3/5)

Typically I love the pod, however, recently the guests have been god awful.

Schaub has ruined the show   (1/5)

I’ve been an avid listener since the beginning of 2014, but now, it’s hard to listen. Since Schaub got “famous” he’s turned into a complete douche. A little money in the bank, and a haircut, and he thinks he’s educated on political and social issues. He was a sub-par collegiate athlete, a terrible fighter, and now an even worse comic. Go look up the ratings on his special.... Callen is brilliant, if you really want to hear what callen is like when he’s not being suffocated by the massive douche that is Brendan Schaub, go listen to callen on JRE. Schaub is the epitome of a poser, and a tool.

Bryan and Sasso Show please!   (3/5)

Bryan leave Brendan. He’s dead weight for you. Please sometimes you need to listen to the people that love you. Sorry Brendan but you know.. I don’t even need to say it, the rest of the comments say enough...

Dear Brendan,   (3/5)

After watching the documentary I hear your voice and cringe. Bryan your amazing when you get a chance to talk without Brendan cutting you off. Your the man Bryan

Wrinkles   (5/5)

Can wrinkles think for himself? Omg all he does is name drop and tell stories of a friends brothers uncle he know that was super famous. Great podcast though.

Hilarious   (5/5)

Simply one of the best podcasts out there

Bryan is the only person keeping this thing afloat   (1/5)

Brendan is a complete and utter tool. His off the cuff “comedy” isn’t funny, he can dish it out but never take it, he talks like he has marbles in his mouth and he’s almost 40 dressing like an 18 year old. Bryan is the only person in that room with any sense.

Never miss an episode   (5/5)


Breuer!   (5/5)

Jim Breuer is amazing and you guys were great with him! So funny! I’m going to listen to more episodes! Now I see where D’elia gets his stand up style too! Bryan does it not piss you off that this guy took your cadence and attitude ? hmmmmm Funny regardless Thank you!

Dope dicks   (5/5)

You Guys are hilarious book a show in pittsburgh.....I have a nice glory hole

Trash.   (5/5)

Used to be entertaining. Now it’s just Brandon talking down to Brian and blocking people he “doesn’t read the comments” of. Best of luck to Brian.

Killer podcast   (5/5)

Hilarious podcast, love it... Callen is a comedic genius, and Schaub always cracks me up, naturally funny guy who just keeps getting funnier and funnier! Great guests, excellent content. This is a cool guy only podcast for sure... But that’s not to say the ladies won’t it enjoy it either! My “girlfriend” loves listening to it too and she’s an LA ten! She exists. But this podcast is a 5, a 5 star podcast, and I highly recommend it! You won’t be disappointed! Thank my later, xoxo- gossip girl, I mean guy*. ✌🏼👍🏼👍🏼💃🏻🕺🏻👠🥾💍🧢🎒👜🦄🍟🍕🍗🍜🥟

Hilarious   (5/5)

Love Bryan and Brendan. Brendan is surprisingly a big ole teddy bear. They have the kind of banter back and forth that reminds you of your friends giving each other a hard time. Their friendship is very evident.

Love it!   (5/5)

They BOTH are great, when brendon yells GET YOUNGER to Brian is the best😂😂😂

Down the gutter   (1/5)

I use to live for this podcast, but it’s gone down the gutter. Bryan forces his political opinion into every situation and Brendan always chimes in with the liberal narrative he overheard from someone dumber than him. The rest of the show is Brendan mumbling words he can’t pronounce trying to articulate how rich his is. “I have a close friend who told me...”

Listen for Callen   (4/5)

Would give a 5 Star if there was no Schaub. My favorite episodes are when he’s not there lol.

Awesome   (5/5)

So funny dude!

I think you’d be surprised   (5/5)

This is the Fighter and the Kid. We out...

Used to be good...   (1/5)

Greed and ego from the guy on the right has taken over. Ads half the show and very political. Hardly funny. Delia was right unsubscribe from TFATK and subscribe to Congratulations.....also the Pete and Sebastian(Maniscalco) show is tremendous.

Perfection   (5/5)

These guys are simply the best....

The show   (5/5)

Love the show very hilarious keep it up

Used to really love this show   (4/5)

I used to be a huge fan of this show, but anymore they can’t keep from interrupting every guest they have on. It’s just hard to listen to.

TFATK   (5/5)

Great podcast. My favorite part is the current events at the end.

Brendan is now complete tool   (1/5)

He loves fashion, talks about Cody Garbrandt’s ‘butt,’ The hottest dudes in mma, who’s hotter the guest or Luke rockhold, tells everyone what they should’ve done or not done business wise, what is or isn’t a draw, and he’s the smartest most successful businessman on earth. Yea no thx.

Unbearable   (1/5)

Used to subscribe because I enjoyed Bryan - Never Grow Up was brilliant - but listening to the repetitious stupidity that this jock-fest has devolved into has become unbearable. But, frankly, that goes for most of the Joe Rogan cadre all together - their leader included. Dumb guys regurgitating dumb "facts" to make even dumber points. "Nazis! Space! AI! Oh my!" Bryan's bulwark against the likes of Eddie Bravo is appreciated, but Jesus man, no one has ever crossed the Danube into Asia. But yes, we should all take a look at a map once in a while.

Toaster and the Kid…   (1/5)

Would be better than Brandon and Callen. Schaub is a 240 lb child and shows it consistently on the show. Can him quick.

Congrats Brian!!! Keep bringing the funny 😄   (5/5)

I listen for laughs and they deliver in spades ♠️

Can you guys get Chris d on the show.   (3/5)

The show is ok but we all know they need to spend some time interviewing Chris Delia. His podcast is far superior and Brian could use the help leaning from someone with a real skill set.

No more Tripoli hahaha   (5/5)

Please don’t ever have Sam Tripoli on again. It’s all just screaming nonsense. Otherwise, love you two.

Fighter and the kid is awesome.   (5/5)

I’ve listened for a long time and I really like this podcast. It’s great, especially with guests. I feel like lately Brendan hasn’t really been wanting to do this podcast tho? His energy has been low and he seems on edge whenever Brian talks. It appears that they have some tension between them that comes off passive aggressively. So lately I haven’t wanted to watch as much. But overall still my favorite podcast. Thanks guys. Keep killing it!

Podcast used to be good   (1/5)

I love a Callen and I used to be an avid watcher of this podcast but as Brendan’s ego continued to spiral more and more out of control I couldn’t do it.

2 know it alls   (1/5)

2 guys who think they know everything yet often times don’t even have the basic facts straight. Blow hards. And the more comfortable and successful one of them gets the more his true bigoted colors show.

Used to be awesome   (1/5)

Brenda, the big guy, is ruining the show. He is a know it all that knows nothing. The chemistry used to be great. I would listen to this show on road trips or watch it on YouTube. The fighter just takes over every podcast and talks to Bryan like he’s an idiot. The truth is in their individual stand up specials.