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The Fully Charged Show Podcast Podcast

Filled with interesting stories, almost breaking news, a pinch of wit and a dash of banter. Some YouTube outtakes, and a few guests who actually know what is going on in the world of EVs, renewable energy and sustainability.

A Netflix for EV car rentals, E Soul/Soul EV test drive thoughts, VW ID Roomzz SUV concept, Smart Cars have been bought by Geely, bendy buses, Ford Transit EV & LDV EV Vans.
Welcome to the Fully Charged Show Podcast.   A Netflix for EV car rentals, E Soul/Soul EV test drive thoughts, VW ID Roomzz SUV concept, Smart Cars have been bought by Geely, bendy buses, Ford Transit EV & LDV EV Vans.   In this episode Jonny and Robert are back at it, not in a car this time, actually in their own homes, being harassed by cats. So as they kick back into the evening, they discuss the latest news, from a car rental service that is taking inspiration from Netflix. Jonny gives his impressions o...

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Dyson’s fleet of cars, Toyota rant aftermath, London’s air quality, Ford’s disappointing EV event, Mercedes factory change, The Orkney’s have too much power, and what to expect in the next few months from Fully Charged.
Dyson’s fleet of electric cars, Robert gets a torrent of Tweets about his self-charging rant about Toyota, London’s air quality issues will EV taxi’s save the capital? Ford’s Amsterdam EV event reaction.   Mercedes factory is changing a huge factory from combustion engines to battery manufacturing, Tesla Gigafactory mystery? The windy Orkney islands have a new initiative, the Responsive Flexibility System. They have too much energy for the islands, how can they utilise it? And finally news about what to exp...

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RHD Tesla Model 3, Battery Prices, VW getting stroppy with German Lobbying Group.
Robert and Jonny meet up in a car park(!) and discuss various things from the cost of battery mass manufacturing and how it has naturally declined. After Robert has driven the Tesla Model 3 through Norway, we get news that there is a right hand drive model in California, and finally VW are getting all hot under the collar about German lobbying groups.   Battery Prices: RHD Tesla Model 3:

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Monica Araya talks with Robert at the Nordic EV Summit, Tesla Model 3 test drive, Norwegian 98% renewable power, London stinks!
Monica Araya talks with Robert at the Nordic EV Summit, Tesla Model 3 test drive, Norwegian 98% renewable power, London stinks, Monica Araya full interview. In this episode Robert is midway through his hosting duties of the Nordic EV summit where he caught an exclusive interview with his co-host Monica Araya.  As well as chatting about her homeland of Costa Rica, they also talk about the seamlessly endless contradictions with big ENERGY with investments and renewables.  Robert also goes on a rant about vari...

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Polestar 2, Ridiculously inaccurate BBC article, e-Bond, VW I.D. pre-orders, Dacia - the first genuinely affordable EV?
Robert is on a solo episode again, not on purpose, Jonny and Robert actually recorded an episode but alas there was a technical snaffoo, so our "Podcast Captain" Ben, ordered a new podcast. So Robert, talk about what Jonny and he spoke about in the first instance and Robert gets a little hot under the collar about a few particular stories.  Here are the links Robert and Jonny would like to be added for the show notes:   Polestar:

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Ep 8: Robert is Solo - Honda closure details leak, Tesla Model 3 Price, Car Sharing and The Osbourne Effect
Welcome to the Fully Charged Show Podcast.   On this episode of the podcast Robert is hosting his first solo episode, as at the time of recording Jonny was in Geneva and then quickly headed off to Silverstone to film a very interesting Aston Martin. Robert has learnt a few more things about the Honda factory plant closure in Swindon. The Tesla Model 3 price and package changes and how it might affect the EU and UK markets. Car sharing and how this affects families. Robert learns more about The Osbourne effe...

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Ep 7: Robert Interviews... Giles Parkinson
Giles Parkinson has a long career in financial journalism behind him, but fascinated with the rapidly emerging renewable energy industry and disillusioned with conventional journalism he made the jump a few years back and started 'Reneweconomy' which is na regularly updated news page focussed on the economics of renewable energy. It's something we refer to regularly so when I got the chance to visit Giles in Australia, I took the Fully Charged Show Podcast studio with me. Check out Giles's blog: https://ren...

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Ep 6: Jonny hasn’t been sacked, Toyota’s “Self-Charging Hybrid” Advert, Amazon invest in Rivian, Honda UK factory closure in Swindon, Jaguar iPace Sales, Robert’s Tesla Model 3 order
Robert appears to be hunted by B-list celebrities whilst he is in Australia. Toyota is making Robert fume with their new advertising campaign. Robert and Jonny chat about Amazons investment in Rivian, what is the angle of their investment? Has Brexit affected Honda’s decision to leave the UK? Shell Oil seems to be on a buying binge to reduce their carbon footprint. Robert is on mullet-watch. Jonny was at the London Classic Car Show where lots of electric conversions are apparent, so Robert and Jonny reminis...

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Ep 5: Robert Interviews... Ketan Joshi
In this episode Robert interviews Ketan Joshi. Ketan did a science degree at Sydney University, and since he was a teenager he loved science, technology, philosophy and psychology. He has vast experience in the renewable energy industry. In this interview Joshi talks about the state of renewable energy in Australia and how is has improved over the years. Find Ketan on Twitter @KetanJ0...

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Ep 4: Cockrock, VW I.D CROZZ, CCS V2G, Future of Chademo, EV Ford F150 on the way?
In this episode Robert and Jonny discuss the VW I.D CROZZ announcement, and how these types of vehicles can make the EV movement standard. They discuss Vehicle to Grid and Robert learns the different tiers of V2G systems. The future of Chademo chargers? iPhone battery issues, Robert and Jonny have a solution. Fastned had a safety issue in the USA. They also discuss the the EV Ford F150, the most popular truck in the US. Chevrolet are after Jonny’s world record hot rod record with the new Chevrolet Camaro e-...

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Ep 3: Reluctant EV Salespeople, Toyota Battery Deal, Super Fast Rapid Chargers & UK Scraps New Nuclear Plant
Podcast Alert! Ep 3: Reluctant EV Salespeople, Toyota Battery Deal, Super Fast Rapid Chargers & UK Scraps New Nuclear Plant.   In this episode Robert and Jonny discuss the issues that people are having with purchasing EV’s across the world, from Robert’s very own Sister, to dealerships across the USA. Things must, and will no doubt change.    Toyota’s new battery deal is the key to getting Jonny his EV MX5.    Robert learns about a new super-duper rapid, ultra fast charging platform and technology. The spec...

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Ep 2:  Honda Announcement, VW DIY Assembly Tour, Rolls Royce, Largest Prototype Offshore Wind Turbine & Tesco
Fluoride-Ion batteries, Honda, are they telling FIBs? Honda’s announced it’s just completed development of a new type of high-density batteries that use a fluoride ion instead of a traditional lithium ion, resulting in almost 10 times more energy retention.   World’s Largest Offshore Wind Turbine Prototype To Be Installed In Rotterdam - Renewable Energy World The turbine is designed to capture ...

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Ep 1. Audi E-Tron, China’s electric-car industry is exploding, CIA secret ship for deep sea diving, Audi E-Tron, Hyundai Elevate Concept and home Roberts
Robert and Jonny talk about the numbers of EV companies that have launched in China since 2013, how a cold war CIA secret ship inspired deep sea mining. Panasonic, who make Tesla’s batteries, are expanding big time in China. Audi E-Tron charging at 150 kw. Fastned release figures. Delphi Tech self aware car software. Hyundai ELEVATE concept walking car. Lots of home help robots (samsung etc) for an ageing population. Cost of license plate for ICE car in Shanghai $14,000.00 Cost of license plate for EV car i...

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