Aggregated reviews for The Generation Why Podcast

The Generation Why Podcast released its first episode in 2012 and pioneered the true crime genre in the podcasting world. Two friends, Aaron & Justin, break down theories and give their opinions on unsolved murders, controversies, mysteries and conspiracies.

One of the best true crime podcasts (5/5)

I listen to this podcast back and forth to work and enjoy it very much. The hosts are knowledgeable, and entertaining. I have listened to many true crime podcasts and this one is definitely a gem. Well worth a listen!

Okay (2/5)

If you like your podcasters to drag the names of the victims/innocent parties through the mud, this is for you.

Quality true crime podcast (5/5)

This podcast sets the bar for all other true crime podcasts. I love that they do their research and cover each case so in depth. I wish they would do more unsolved/unresolved/mystery type of cases, because whenever they do, they do them really well.

I wanted to like this but... (3/5)

I was initially excited when I found this podcast because they seem to cover stories that aren’t regularly found on some of the other true crime podcasts I like. However, after listening to a few episodes, I feel like the hosts come across a little judgmental and speculate on some of the case details as opposed to just delivering the straight facts. That alone has stopped me from listening any further.

Excellent! (5/5)

Perfect show for creepy stories. I really enjoyed my first show! Elizabeth Bathory!

Not typical but very good (5/5)

This is not what I’m used to as far as the style of hosting but I love it. Justin and Aaron both do a great job with the research and are really interesting to listen to. Thanks for the amazing work guys!

Ads galore (3/5)

The stories are pretty good and told well but wow are there a lot of ads. There are about 15-20 minutes of ads and just then talking about random stuff an episode it’s absurd. It’s the main reason I choose crime junkie over this podcast.

Really enjoyable (5/5)

Very interesting. I like how they take a lot of interest in each case. I go back to the old episodes and listen to them. I prefer this to music. I enjoy listening to the episodes on long road trips and the gym. Such a great listen.

Amazing (5/5)

I don't understand all the reviewers saying the hosts are "boring"... This couldn't be further from the truth. They present each case factually and I find them to be great storytellers. I regularly listen to multiple episodes a day and can't wait for the new ones. Never change!!!

Good topics, needs better delivery (3/5)

Podcast is not reaching its potential. Slow and all over the place with chronology and facts. Needs more organized script. And probably needs different hosts that are more focused on clear communication. They do select interesting subjects, though.

My number one favorite podcast (5/5)

I think I’ve listened to everything twice. Love these two! They do such a good job of story telling and their voices are therapeutic for me. My friends think I’m crazy for constantly listening to crime but I prefer this podcast to music! Hope you guys never go away!

Cool Intro Music (3/5)

Pretty good. Not for grammar sticklers.

asmr for people who like horrific stories as they fall asleep (2/5)

This podcast is a lot like True Crime Garage, including the totally unnecessary and insulting to our intelligence explanations of simple facts.

Love this podcast/weird feedback (4/5)

I absolutely love this podcast, hosts are great and keep it interesting. However the last couple of episodes have this weird microphone feedback noise in the background, I’ve had to stop listening to the episode because I get a headache from it. I listed to many podcasts and don’t have this issue with any other. Please look into this! I want to keep up with the podcast. Is this happening to any other listener??

On my weekly rotation (5/5)

I’m a long time listener and very picky about the podcasts that I choose. Production quality is always good and they always present the facts and evidence in a friendly, conversational way that is not boring to listen to. Keep up the great work guys!

Unfortunately Dull (1/5)

I am a huge fan of true crime/horror/etc podcasts, and has high hopes for this one but...good lord. Such boring narration. I can’t listen to this in my office, because the style of storytelling absolutely puts me to sleep. Very disappointing.

bad (1/5)


Zzzz (2/5)

Good stories but oh my god the narration is so boring!! It seems like they are struggling to find every word. Jeez

Slow Talkers (2/5)

This is the only podcast I have ever had to listen to at 1.5x speed. The content is fine but come on guys, talk at a conversational speed!

One of the best (5/5)

I listen to a lot of true crime podcasts, and they all attract me for different reasons. I listen to Generation Why for the facts and not a lot of extra chit chat. They present the case in a straight forward way and I love it for that! 😌 Keep it up!

Excellent and varied subjects (5/5)

Subject matter spans cryptozoology to murder. I was very skeptical of the two host format, but these guys are absolutely perfect cohosts. This and Casefile are my go to podcasts. Keep up the great work, gents!

Ugh (2/5)

I downloaded several episodes but ended up deleting them. I welcome banter especially since the subject matter isn’t exactly pleasant. However, the hosts are consistently adding unnecessary comments or speculation that just drags everything out. The search for better true crime pods continue.

Amazing (5/5)

I love what y’all are doing when it comes to covering these different cases & this is one of my favorite true crime podcasts. Keep it up please!!


I love this podcast!

Disappointed to say the least (1/5)

Not of the quality I’ve come to expect from Wondery. The hosting is boring, the delivery of content is slow and painful to listen to.

Love the podcast, but Britt needs to chill. (4/5)

One of my favorite true crime podcasts, I love how all the information is always given about the cases & doesn’t have a long drawn out intro. The ONLY negative is Britt, girl, you are WAY TOO DRAMATIC. Her gasping and interjections drive me NUTS.


this is my favorite has been amazing since day 1

Great Podcast (5/5)

Love how they always go into detail with the court cases.

Generation Why Hosts (5/5)

People who complain about the hosts need to try their hand at podcasting. Justin and Aaron give their listeners something for free, they spend their time putting out a quality podcast and the majority of us truly appreciate them and their work. I look forward to each episode.

Love it (5/5)

Very thorough, easy to listen to and follow along. My favorite and my first true crime podcast.

Love it (5/5)

I absolutely love this podcast. Very interesting material that is well told. By far my current favorite.

... (2/5)

Not great. But at least they are not that podcast “My Favorite Murder.” Those ladies are terrible.

Love it! (5/5)

I know a lot of people are posting complaints about their voices, but I find them very soothing and it’s an awesome podcast to put on when I just want to relax ( true crime)

Good,but... (4/5)

I agree with another reviewer about the monotone voices. Not exactly monotone but I have found my mind wondering and having to rewind. I have actuality listened to this at bedtime and it puts me to sleep

Amazing! (5/5)

These guys work so hard! A respectful not explorative true crime podcast!! Glad to hear each and every episode and keep up the good work!!!

One of the best podcasts around (5/5)

I love this podcast. I listen to it every morning while I’m getting ready for work. I love the hosts voices. It’s very calming and easy to listen to. I for one cannot listen to a lot of podcasts because they are too hyper or extra. I look forward to every new episode that comes out. Happy belated birthday Justin!

Love em (5/5)

I love this podcast; have listened to just about every episode. Big fan of the bros. The only thing that bothers me, and i’m VERY surprised to see minimal commentary on, is that HORRIFYING outro music. I mean, i know its a true crime podcast and all so it should be a lil spooky, but that incessant screeching is just terrible. Rush to my pause button at the end of every episode.

OK (3/5)

I really want to love this podcast but the monotone voices are putting me to sleep. Good research and content but needs some work on delivery.

Borrrrrring (1/5)

Omg their monotoned voices droning on and on. I just can't take it!

Rad podcast. (5/5)

Vision of disorder is heavy. Love the podcast. Thanks dudes. Stop listening to juggalo rap lol

It’s pronounced “pik(t)SHER (5/5)

Love this podcast but please pronounce the word picture correctly!! One (or both) of the hosts pronounce a photograph like the container that beverages are poured from (pitcher). 🙈🙉

Must Listen (5/5)

I love this series. I was late to the game (only started in July of this year) but so glad I came. This is great to listen to while I’m at work. I’ve heard about many cases that I had no knowledge of. I love the way they just talk back and forth. The ease and laid back manner makes it easy to get involved in.

Best true crime podcast hosted by men (5/5)

Love listening to these guys. They aren’t afraid to share their opinion - even if it’s not the popular opinion. They stick to the topic for the most part

One of my favorites (5/5)

I truly enjoy this show. They get down to the facts, and I enjoy when they bring in supernatural twists every now and then. Highly recommend!

Annie Mcaann (yea I probably spelled that wrong) (5/5)

There is nothing worse than a situation that their parents were in. I can’t even imagine my child disappearing like that. It would end me. However.............what kind of relationship did they have with her?this is so horrific. I wouldn’t wish that on any parents. 🤭😭

Emmet Till episode (5/5)

OMG I was behind on my listening and I listened with my Dad on the way to his Cardiac Rehab session this one surprised me I just never expected u guys to do this case. I am in my fifties and was told of this case when I was a young girl u guys did an excellent job! Being African American I really didn’t expect anyone could do this true story justice in a podcast. Keep doing what u r doing and I will keep listening. U guys r all that!!

Love these guys (5/5)

Best true crime podcast out there!

I LOVE IT! (5/5)

My favorite podcast. Ive binged this show more than once.

Murder She Wrote (5/5)

Would love to hear your take on the Delphi murders. Other podcasts have covered the story but not as well as I think you two could. Really enjoy the podcast. One of the best in true crime.

The Best (5/5)

Best of true crime podcasts. Cannabis isn’t addictive though

Snoozefest (1/5)

Wow this podcast is so boring. If you need a nap give it a listen.

. (3/5)


Delphi (5/5)

I would like to encourage the show to cover the Delphi murders case. The case is heartbreaking and the families of those poor little girls need justice and closure. Case Files covered the case a few weeks back and after hearing your passionate plea for the public’s help on the case it occurred to me that perhaps a collaborative effort of the different true crime podcasts was in order. Someone could put together a social media outreach package and all the different shows could hype the collaboration and perhaps the effort would go viral. Just thinking but perhaps this effort could work as a model for difficult cold cases. I am willing to help in any way I can.

Love it! (4/5)

I listen to your podcast regularly and I enjoy it. I do request more stories about people of color. We tend to be forgotten or misrepresented, and have just as many stories that need advocation. Keep up the good work!

Solid (4/5)

Rapport between hosts is obvious and it is apparent that they are veterans of the true crime genre with tons of podcasting experience. I enjoy the mix of well known and obscure cases.

Angel Downs (5/5)

Can you all cover Angel Down’s case? It’s so strange and there’s a politician heavily involved.This one has always stuck with me. Thanks!!

Superlative. (5/5)

I periodically take mental health breaks from true crime, but I always make an exception for Gen Why (and True Crime Garage). These guys are genuine; also the storytelling and discussion is in-depth and interesting (no glib- or dry-sounding wiki-recitations here). They work hard and it shows. I like hearing Justin on other podcasts too, he has a great personality for this.

Wow, what? (1/5)

This podcast was recommended to me as unbiased and well thought out. Their definition of unbiased and well thought out and mine are quite different. This is the first time I’ve ever encountered true crime that blames the murder victim for what happens to them. I imagine when a serial killer begins killing prostitutes these guys think the killer deserves a medal for his public service. Furthermore, I often found their facts were erroneous or based on rumors. I listened to 2 episodes, one of them was 342. The list of things wrong in that episode was so long, it won’t fit in this review. The other episode was 341. There was less medical knowledge needed which seemed to help with the erroneous information, but not a lot. I have researched the case that episode deals with and even the facts of the case were incorrect.

One of the best (5/5)

I personally think this is one of the best podcasts in the True Crime category. The hosts always keep it to the point, factual, and professional. They don’t try to make light of the murders/crimes that take place, and they don’t try to get shock value with super gory details. They tell the stories with amazing quality, descriptions, and sometimes give me a new perspective. This podcast is one of my favorites. I think it should be much higher ranked!!! Give it a try! I’ve heard every episode!

Solid, reliable, interesting (5/5)

I always look forward to new episodes of this podcast. The narrators/researchers come off as totally serious and reliable. They rely on the facts and their interpretations and theories to create interest, rather than chatter and jokes. The shown is definitely at the “serious” end of the true crime podcast spectrum.

A little disappointed by your psoriasis blunder (3/5)

Good podcast. Hosts can be a little insensitive. Don’t always handle delicate subjects with grace. 342 they say a woman has “psoriasis of the liver.” Wooooow guys. Lol come on. Psoriasis is an auto immune disorder skin disease that is hereditary. It is characterized by flaky red patches of skin. Cirrhosis is a disease of the liver cause by long term damage from alcohol abuse or hepatitis b or c. I know we all make mistakes but addiction is a very sensitive topic and it’s your duty to educate yourselves before you pass on false information to your listeners. I’m shocked someone didn’t catch this and honestly embarrassed for you guys and your listeners. Psoriasis of the liver is not a thing boys!! Get yo google on fools!

Unsubscribed. Loved but Ep.342 =bizarre and filled w/misogyny (2/5)

Argh. This is the second of my favorite podcasts recently to veer off into horrendous and weird territory that is new for the podcasters but all too rife. Why did you indulge in these impulses in this case with this victim? It is so disappointing! You two have forgotten that these cases are real — don’t you dare suggest it’s all *our* fault. Your episode 342 was absolutely disgusting, dripping with nasty misogyny, and I have supported you and listened to you for a VERY long time. No more — shame on me for excusing what has grown into a serious problem. Your dismissal of the illness and horrible chronic pain issues faced by your victim, for whom you seemed to have ZERO empathy or respect, your immediate leap to the medically incorrect idea that physical dependence on narcotic painkillers is the same as *addiction* and *abuse* is inaccurate and disturbing. Research these medical issues instead of relying on hype; also her illness was serious and limited her basic mobility — she likely needed some in-home help with the children and housework, which her husband certainly didn’t supply. She went from a high-functioning mom to a person with a serious medical issue and likely disability in a short span of time. How do you think that impacted her while also realizing that her husband was being unfaithful, with a younger woman, and trying to leave her permanently?! Where was your basic compassion? I think you need to think about your own issues re your reaction to and representation of this woman. You so quickly dismiss her as a gross drunk instead of a murder victim and a person who suffers from a severe medical issue. You also repeated several times that Sandy had “psoriasis” of the liver when you meant “CIRRHOSIS.” It’s completely different gentlemen. Your contention that the “psoriasis” (arrrrrrrgh!) caused bruising really doesn’t explain the constellation of injuries. Yes it might explain an odd bruise — but the specific cluster of injuries points exactly to the prosecution’s argument. Normally I’d shrug off the dumb “psoriasis” mistake except that in this case it points to your consistent general sloppiness and indifference to THIS victim. C’mon guys!! Instead you condemned and dismissed her (THE VICTIM) in such a patronizing manner — as though she were merely a naughty baby faking a booboo — for not keeping up with housework and “self-medicating.” (Ugh!!!) This woman lived in world-shattering pain, and was clearly not being treated properly (none of the drugs you mentioned are front-line pain treatments). Denying her medication (none of the drugs you mentioned were for pain — Zoloft is an antidepressant for example not a drug for pain treatment). There were many ways to treat this patient that could address any potential abuse as long as she was being medicated appropriately for pain and not under medicated (which happens all the time especially with female patients — yes there is solid research to support this). She could have been placed on a time-release drip for one example. Just trying to STOP her meds and drinking with sudden “interventions” is useless when a person has an ongoing serious medical issue that causes severe pain. I’m sorry but her dismissive husband FAILED HER UTTERLY — and please — running off with a younger woman within a few years of a spouse’s life-changing medical diagnosis because she is struggling desperately with a terrible illness sounds truly pathetic. Yet you two blamed her (the disgust in your voices about her evil cigarettes, dirty house, etc was quite obvious), excused him again and again...while for her you had nothing but condemnation for being yucky and too weak to just deal with it. Like, ugh you cripple, pull yourself up by your bootstraps woman and stop bellyaching about that searing neck and head pain...loser! Also, you kept asking questions only about his role — saying for example how did he set the fire etc yet you never ever accounted for how SHE smashed herself on the back of the head and oh yeah also set the fire that didn’t kill her since she was already dead and therefore not inhaling the carbon monoxide? I am unsubscribing after I post this review. You guys weren’t at all unbiased in your approach to this case — in fact you were 100% (make that 350%) on the side of the husband while trying to shape desperately every piece of evidence in his favor (for example, you keep saying that “no accelerant” was used which you think makes him innocent yet you FAIL to mention how SHE set the fire, on her back, with only a cigarette and a vodka bottle as well. So how did she set the fire guys? Did she strangle herself? The lethality issue of the BAC is also different when dealing with a person with a high tolerance. That is very basic guys. This didn’t seem to cross your minds. Also, her illness is serious and real business. Your dismissal of chronic pain, and blaming her for “falling apart’ when she was suffering from a SERIOUS MEDICAL PROBLEM, made me sick.

One of the best! (5/5)

Very well produced podcast with two incredible hosts.

Needs an editor (5/5)

Usually very good, but when they invite guests—especially from other podcasts—the quality drops. Plus, nearly every episode yields a cringe- worthy verbal faux pas that leaves me shaking my head. The latest: corporate “shrill.” Aaron! Justine! Call me! I can save you a lot of embarrassment. “Psoriasis of the liver.”

My Favorite Podcast! (5/5)

This podcast deserves more than five stars. Been an avid listener since 2016. Aaron and Justin are great!

Good stuff (5/5)

GW is very informative.

Reasonably thorough! (5/5)

These guys are good. I think they do a good job of covering the stories and are pretty upfront about it when they are unsure of something. I DON'T appreciate the digs at other podcasts, but as far as the cases they cover, I think they do OK.

Wonderful! (5/5)

I love this show. I thought I knew some of these cases pretty well and I still keep learning new things from this show. Keeps me interested and their voices are very nice to listen to.

Interesting With Caveats (3/5)

Some of these stories are intriguing and told well. Unfortunately, there is the usual stupid banter that has little or nothing to do with the facts presented. I think the narrator(s) skipped eighth grade English grammar classes. Has the entire generation forgotten how to speak proper English? Pick up a English grammar and review tenses especially before your next podcast. Improper English makes you look facecious, no matter what your fellow "dudes" think.

Love love love!! (5/5)

These guys do a great job. They’re well balanced, great story tellers, and empathetic people. So good

A wonderful listen (5/5)

I enjoy how the hosts bounce their commentary off each other. They choose interesting topics...not those you see everywhere. There seem to be some trolls who feel the hosts are biased. I don’t agree, but so what if they were? Who said podcasts are supposed to be just a delivery of facts? Strange that trolls think a bad podcast equals an unbiased podcast. Just don’t listen to it

deadly finns (5/5)

Perfect hosts. Well researched. Great audio.

Hard keep my attention (2/5)

Usually, I am focused when listening to true crime podcasts, but this one seems to be boring. The subject matter may be ok, but the narrator’s voices do not hold my attention. There is the definite liberal left thread going through their podcast. I can do without that.

Wow.... (1/5)

Not even close to being unbiased. Generation Whine would be a more fitting title for this podcast. So blatantly liberal and biased these hosts should just graduate to the lame stream media and make the transformation complete. Try to stick to just the story and leave the leftist whine fest behind.

My #1 (5/5)

Love the Podcast. Highly recommend.

Really? (1/5)

Good show leave your leftist view on the sidelines. Nobody likes everyone get over it.

I enjoy this crime podcast the most. (5/5)

The hosts not only have great smooth voices (some podcasts voices are annoying) but they pace the discussion in such a back-and-forth cadence that it comes across as a conversation. Interesting cases and great delivery of information. 👍🏻

Dull (2/5)

How can a true crime podcast be soooo boring? This sounds like the two narrators are reading from a newspaper article. There is no narrative, no drama, it’s just two monotone dudes reading dry facts in a dry manner and interjecting too much of themselves into the story.

There's better (3/5)

You both are OK a story can be interesting but I find they are way too dispassionate in their effort to be impartial they come across as Indifferent to even the most heinous crime. I like a little outrage when discussing child murder etc.

Love this show! (4/5)

So informative and easy to listen to

Disappointing (1/5)

Incredibly disrespectful and irresponsible to refer to antifa as violent in an episode about a victim of Atomwaffen. Hosts have admitted to not even knowing much about antifa before making the comment. I prefer knowledgeable and well researched podcasts. This isn’t one of them.

Well done (5/5)

I really enjoy this podcast.

F (1/5)


Good but.. (4/5)

Pretty good. They keep them short and interesting. However, sometimes they do shows on cases that are not over yet. Very disappointing when there are thousands upon thousands of cases that have already happened. Other than that a few times it’s a good show.

Boring (1/5)

Boring af

One of the best (5/5)

Do yourself a favor and give this a listen! You will not be disappointed. If you’re into crime podcasts this is for you. Aaron & Justin crush it every week!

Uh... (1/5)

These dudes are so worried about offending anyone, or getting called libtards or whatever, that they both sides everything. This includes pizza gate.PIZZAGATE! You’re just reading wikis of crimes, you don’t have to be impartial. I also agree with everyone who brings up when they linked asking for child support to murder, like it was the woman’s own fault. Yuck.

Just okay (3/5)

Subpar research and misleading facts given by two guys too scared to describe the actual crime. It wouldn’t be so mediocre if Justin wasn’t so biased ALL the time! An okay listen but there are much better true crime pods. Good to fall asleep to. Arron is great and is pretty much the whole show.

Antifa (3/5)

FYI dudes, antifa only means anti-facist. Trump and the media report it as a violent group, but that certainly doesn’t mean it’s true. Most of the time I really enjoy this podcast. But the times these guys mention something with such authority they they don’t actually know much about is soo annoying.

A favorite (5/5)

My go to true crime podcast.

Love it! (5/5)

I love listening to murder cases from multiple sources. You guys have expanded the information given on each case. Crazy how details change on podcast you listen to. Happy you explain in more detail compared to other podcasts. Thank you

👍👍 (5/5)

One of my faves!

Menendez brother episode (1/5)

Seriously the worst version of the story. If this had happened today chances are they wouldn’t get life in prison.

Wondery Sellouts (2/5)

Just another podcast that will get ruined by Wondery. Stories have been getting less and less interesting as time has gone on. Some of the opinions of the hosts have been down eight bizarre and have even ruined the flow of a decent story being told. I was a huge fan, not so much anymore.

Misogyny (2/5)

I second the review about misogyny and victim blaming the woman who asked for child support and therefore, created her own motive!? No. They also took a swipe at My Favorite Murder with their dig at “True Crime Comdey” podcasts (on MFM own station First Degree / Exactly Right ) with a holier-than-thou comment about how they take all their cases so serious. Whatever dudes. I’m out.

Awesome Pod (5/5)

This is a very well produced show. The hosts do a great job respecting the victims and families while also keeping it interesting. They consistently put out good content.

Great show (5/5)

One of the shows that got me obsessed with podcasts! These guys are the true OG true crime podcasters. They find cases I have never heard of that are super interesting, and they do a great job of telling the story.

Leave your political views @ home (1/5)

I’m a fan of true crime so I listen to true crime podcasts. I’m NOT INTERESTED in these guys leftist political views shared by Wondery. Wondery is full of it anyhow. They fired Mike from Sword & Scale for making sexist jokes on Twitter. As soon as people stopped listening & they started losing money they brought him back. It’s ALL ABOUT MONEY. ALWAYS.

Long Time Listener (5/5)

I’ve listened to Generation Why for a long time and plan to continue listening, as long as the guys keep posting podcasts.

A little misogynistic? (1/5)

Stopped listening when they blamed a murder victim for being “greedy” when asking for child support. And that it was better for children if their moms abandoned their careers to raise children.

Listened the entire way on my cross country road trip (5/5)

These guys are awesome! I listened all the way from Nevada to Ohio. I had planned to listen to music and other podcasts, but this one was so good, I never changed it. Thank you guys!

Well researched well produced -1988 firefighter case (5/5)

Started listening for the 1988 kc firefighter case. Wow- what a knockout job of production and research. Great podcast.

Such a great show (5/5)

These guys do a great job researching and giving an accurate portrayal of events with their own way of story telling

Addictive (5/5)

This is a great podcast, I’m obsessed!

Facts presented well and good balance (4/5)

I really have been enjoying this podcast, I think they do a good job of presenting the facts in an unbiased way with just enough speculation and opinion to make it more interesting. I do listen to it on 2x speed because they just talk sooo slow! Haha- keep up the good work though :)

Totally awesome (5/5)

I am addicted. I love the variety of stories told on this show.

Just love these guys! (5/5)

Always impartial and straightforward. First Podcast I ever listened to and my favorite forever ❤️

Great (5/5)

I could listen to these guys for hours! They always have interesting topics and they do a good job of presenting the story in a non biased manner.

Brandon Lawson (5/5)

Cops are covering something up. Shady law enforcement all over the U.S. If you don’t wanna search, why not permit the family the opportunity to search or hire private party to help. Sad. Father son brother gone w the night.

LOVE (4/5)

I love this true crime podcast. I have gobbled up every episode and listen to them repeatedly while going to sleep. I love Aaron and Justin’s quiet tones and calm demeanor while discussing very heavy subject matter. You will not be disappointed in their work. If your looking for a new true crime podcast or if you’ve never listened to true crime you will really like this podcast.

Commercials (1/5)

Used to be good, but now it is flooded with ads, long ones at that. I tried to continue listening & get past it, but nope.

Thorough and Thought Provoking (5/5)

Three episodes and you won’t stop. They cover what others don’t. The rest of the details are here.

Keep up the good work (5/5)

Love you guys! Constantly refreshing my feed on Sunday waiting for the next episode to drop!

Eastburn family murders (5/5)

I had never heard this story. Jaw dropping! Expertly done!

Really good true crime podcast (4/5)

I really enjoy the way they present a case. Only thing holding back a 5 star rating is lately Justin has been getting too snarky in a ‘if you don’t think the way I do you must not be very smart’ sort of way. Also he’s been virtue-signaling more. It’s his pod, he can do what he wants on it, but it’s a little off-putting.

Pretty perfect (5/5)

Really adore these guys, keep it up forever, please! - warbaby

Favorite Podcast! (5/5)

I love these guys. Great stories, great delivery and always great conversation

My favorite true crime podcast (5/5)

By far the best I’ve heard so far. They make the beginning of the shows news segment nice and short and get right on with the show. The guys make a superb team and they sometimes recommend other great podcasts to check out. 👍🏼👍🏼

Commercials (1/5)

The excessive commercials that interrupt the podcast destroy the flow of the episodes. I really tried to listen. But I couldn’t get past it. Thanks for ruining a great podcast.

Amazing, detailed and thorough (5/5)

I love these guys, one of my favorite podcast series. They do a lot of research through unbiased sources to provide their audience an opportunity to form their own opinion based off the evidence. I Have been enjoying them for the past 3 years! Thank you!

Super cool mysteries (5/5)

I have been listening for 3 years or so. These guys are top notch!

Losers (1/5)

These guys are such losers. Very condescending very self serious.

Amateurs who don’t research very well. (1/5)

Think the title says it all. They know the cases to a degree, but they are not objective and don’t get their facts right. I know this from my own familiarity with some of the cases they discuss. Not sure I can trust the information I’m getting on the many cases that I’m not familiar with. Still, it can be somewhat interesting to hear the cases.

It only took a couple of months (5/5)

I found your podcast and have listened to nothing else but you guys for the last couple of months, start to finish I listened to them all. I have truly enjoyed listening I just wish there were more. I’ll be back....

Favorite podcast in the land (5/5)

I love you guys and the easy way you banter back and forth. Please don’t subject me to the guy who guest-hosted with you this week for the love of god. He sounded drunk.

Sink the captain (1/5)

I left a review on the other podcast celebrating an episode without him. Only to come here to another favorite podcast of mine and find him plaguing it. He is a terrible host. Really drops the quality of any episode he’s on. He doesn’t offer any useful insight and is just disrespectful to the victims. Yuck.

Episode 334 only (5/5)

Episode 334, really interesting story. But the guest host, really stunk up this episode. Please never have this bone head on again. Talk about a jack hole, whatever podcast he’s on I’ll never ever listen to. He kept distracting from actual topic, this guy just likes to hear him self talk.

Best truecrime podcast!!! (5/5)

I absolutely love Justin and Aaron!! They bring different perspectives to true crime stories and it is very easy to listen to! I can listen to it before bed and fall asleep and not be creeped out because of their soothing voices!!! I love the diverse cases! Keep up the great work!

#1 podcast (5/5)

These guys do their research! They have a way of keeping you interested and invested throughout the whole show. Love it!

Just OK (3/5)

I like the info and the topics covered but it could definitely be delivered by one host. Having the 2 results in a lot of lost points and rabbit holes instead of just giving the facts, which would also be fine if they talked a little faster. I skim most episodes to get the main points

As good as it gets (5/5)

Love this podcast, just wish they would upload more often.

Why? (5/5)

Because it’s good true crime. As always with true crime the stories are sad and shocking but when done with respect to the victims it allows you to have an internal dialogue and send positive energy to those affected.

Interesting stories...but (3/5)

The material is interesting and well researched, but the hosts talk sooooo slow. I speed it up to 1.5 speed and it sounds normal at that speed and is easier to listen too!

It’s good (3/5)

I feel like liberal words like narrative and dialogue are used too often. It’s virtue signaling at its finest.

Love it (5/5)

Came here because of True Crime Garage...stayed because your podcast is fantastic

Ruth Pyne podcast (5/5)

While I will agree the lack of a thorough investigation is problematic, as you say there are many convicted of worse with less circumstantial evidence. I personally believe he killed his mother, either in a fit of rage or it was a calculated crime. You must consider that if he did this crime he made sure his father had an alibi and attempted to manufacture one for himself. This crime was committed by a person that had a lot of rage and hate for this woman as evidenced by the brutality of the crime, the two people that qualify for that motive is her husband and her son whom she had attacked in the past. I think his statement which you read at the end of the podcast is quite convenient, perhaps if he truly felt this way about his mother she would still be alive. I don’t want to sound as though I have inside info but with what was presented I can understand the 2nd degree murder conviction and the harshness of the sentence. I really like your podcast and will admit that “Generation Why” was the podcast that turned me on to true crime. Best of luck going forward and I hope to one day meeting you guys at CrimeCon.

Great Podcast (5/5)

Really enjoy the stories.

Drinking game: drink to every pause (3/5)

The content may be inclusive and thorough, but it is excruciating to listen to this. The cadence of the hosts’ speech is awful due to the long pauses between practically every sentence, I just want to grab them, shake them, and tell them to speed it up.

No knowledge of Law or Law Enforcement Practices (1/5)

Why are you two running a crime podcast when you have literally no legal or law enforcement knowledge? I have a legal background and my husband is a State Trooper. I can’t even listen to this, it’s such a joke. You have no idea what you are talking about!!!!! I want to scream.

So amazing! (5/5)

This podcast is very informative and extremely useful. You can learn about what has happened in our history and learn about it! Thank you so much for this amazing podcast!!!

New Listener (5/5)

I found Generation Why a few weeks ago and hands down the best podcast out there. I always listen to Aaron and Justin before bed and it’s a fantastic way to wind down. Each episode is unique so you can start wherever and their story telling capabilities are phenomenal. Keep up the good work gents!

Listen to the Emmett Till Episode (5/5)

I’ve been listening to this podcast for a year now and I never miss a week’s episode. I’ve even gone back and listened to the previous years’ episodes. So this week when I saw that the episode was on Emmett Till I didn’t want to listen because I thought I knew everything there was to know about the subject. I must say that I am blown away by the content of the episode and you guys did an amazing job! I will continue to be a listener and a supporter. As an African-American woman I am grateful for the respect that you all took for this episode.

Binge listener! (5/5)

Started listening to Justin and Aaron a couple of months back and binged all 2019, 18 & 17. Currently going back to the very beginning! I am obsessed! Love this show!

Response to JacNHall Review (5/5)

Hey love the show! And as a woman, I'd like to apologize for the other woman who gave y'all a lower rating because males were advertising bras. If I had to rate podcasts on their ads....they'd all get zero stars....because who likes ads?? Anyway, she apparently missed the point of rating a show for content relating to the topic at hand. Not all lady brains think alike, thankfully ;-) Keep Up the good work!

Great podcast (5/5)

I just started listening to this podcast about a month ago. I found it by chance because I was traveling and wanted something other than music. The two guys who narrate do a great job of laying out the events and sharing pertinent details.

Why are you selling me bras? (2/5)

I really enjoy this podcast. However, I wasn’t thrilled that during the advertising two men were trying to sell me, a woman, a bra. Like, really? Please do not pretend to know what would and would not work for me in choosing a bra just to promote your advertisers. Not cool guys, eye fricking roll!!

Longtime Fan (5/5)

I’ve been a fan for years. I finally decided to write a review after listening to your Emmett Till episode. So. Well. Done. It’s such a difficult story to tell, and you told it with respect, and sensitivity, and...well done.

One comment at the time (2/5)

They need to tone it down on the ironic comments. Just give the details for the investigation and give your opinion at the end. But stop interrupting and commenting ironically because is not funny.

Love it (5/5)

I love the fact that they are not both always on the same side and the fact that they research each subject. I enjoy listening and see the cases in a from a different viewpoint. Thanks guys!

These guys are great. (5/5)

For the crime podcast aficionado, this is a perfect choice. Great storytelling with a lot of thoughtful discussion.

You guys rock 🤘🏻 (5/5)

I cannot begin to explain how much I love listening to your podcast! Please don’t ever stop doing what you are doing!

Fascinating Podcast (5/5)

I enjoy this podcast and have for several years. I like the “dialog” format and it is very well researched and interesting. Thank you guys.

Nonsensical (1/5)

Podcast series offering stories full of half-truths, omitted facts, and the poorly researched opinions espoused by the orators. Perfect if your interest is a ‘Jerry Springer’ approach to crime investigation. 🤮

Good but slow (2/5)

Fine podcast, interesting and informative, they just speak so SO slowly it becomes maddening very quickly making the whole thing less enjoyable. The monotone voices dull down the episode topics as well.

New fave (5/5)

Smart. No nonsense. Interesting. Not sensational or exploitative.

A binge for the times! (5/5)

You guys!!! you have no idea how long it has taken me to find a good true crime podcast where people just kind of discuss a case as if they were discussing it at a coffee shop. Like you are right there with them in that said coffee shop listening and watching them talk and interjecting your own theories and thoughts. Which is exactly what this podcast is! I love it. It’s informational, yet intriguing. Not your normal true crime story with a proceeding episode week by week based on one case. It’s great to just listen to a story for an hour and half give or take especially if you’re on the go or doing chores around the house. Like listening to talk radio, but about true crime stories from all decades! Totally binge worthy. Listen NOW!!

Ben McDaniel (2/5)

This should’ve been edit it down to 40 minutes, too much constant repeating the same information and their same opinions over and over, it gets boring quickly

Great, been listening for years (5/5)

Good true crime podcast. They always explore every possibility and motivation of those involved in the crime. They are low key, reasonable hosts as well which is fitting for podcasts. I just don’t like people who talk too fast or are way too excited.

Comforting (4/5)

I’ve listened to every episode and don’t which is Aaron and which is the other one but their voices are calming and the cases are interesting. They don’t spend half an hour trying to defend the actions of police. I appreciate all the research and the sort of casual tone.

My Favorite True Crime Podcast (5/5)

I love the hosts. The cases are fascinating. These guys knock it out of the park every episode.

Cool (5/5)

Love this podcast. Please do west Memphis 3!

Worth a listen (5/5)

These guys might piss you off sometimes with their “off the cuff” know it all attitude and their want to be detectives. However, having said all of that, they produce an interesting podcast. They offer good topic and obviously spend time on research. If you like true crime you will find yourself unable to stop listening. Even though I started this review talking poop, I’ve listened to nearly every episode so any shortcomings are far out weighed by the show in total.

My Favorite! (5/5)

My absolute favorite podcast. I love that there’s a different story each release (usually), so I can just pick & choose. The length is perfect to wind down at night, & the conversational tone is entertaining vs one person just telling a story. I look forward to each new episode! Keep it up, guys! ❤️

Well (5/5)

For some reason I just love these guys and their cadence and conversation!

I don’t love the editing (3/5)

I like the content and the hosts, but the editing is choppy and makes it feels rushed and disjointed.

Quality True Crime (5/5)

Generation Why is one of the better true crime podcasts out there. They cover cases that are interesting and not overdone, and they present the facts in an unbiased manner. It’s refreshing to listen to a podcast that isn’t trying to push a particular agenda.

Barry Beach Story (5/5)

I like the podcast a lot. That being said, one thing to think about with the Barry Beach story is Barry beach was 17 when he went to jail. That means, he was essentially raised in and by the prison system. If he hadn’t gone to jail, and was raised in the general public, The likelihood that he would’ve committed the crimes that happened after he got out of jail are very minimal. But, I guess that’s a chicken or the egg scenario. Our prison systems do a terrible job of rehabilitation.

Excellent (5/5)

I SO appreciate there is no swearing, no banter, no commentary about politics or personal ideas, but a general, respectful and detailed bit. They are pleasant to listen to in ear, and the topics are great!

Credit worthy! (5/5)

This podcast is the original true crime podcast and have set the standard that others have developed from. They have done lots a great vases that are fascinating & deserve attention.

Difficult to follow (1/5)

Both podcasters speak in short spurts creating a choppy presentation that’s difficult to follow.

Awesome podcast (5/5)

I was trying to find another true crime podcast to listen to since the one I was listening to kind of just stopped releasing good content. It was hard to find one that I really got into. Crime junkie was so addictive but since the girls started becoming more known or “famous” you could say they stopped really caring about the podcast and more about making money. So I hope that these guys stick to this because I really enjoy listening to them to and from work and on the weekends. I love their humor and the way they explain things. They really let you get a good picture of the case they are talking about. Keep up the good work guys.

So dull (2/5)

The voices of the hosts are so monotone and dull. Boring.

Boring!👋🏼 (1/5)

If you want to fall asleep to a podcast, this is it!

Genwhy (5/5)

Just read some reviews 🤣🤣🤣 to each their own! lol keep up the great work guys! Cheers from Mt. Hood🤘💯

Gen Why (5/5)

I’ve been watching listening for about 2 years and I just want to say that these guys are some of the best when it comes to true crime. I hope they continue for a long time to come.

🔥 (5/5)

I have seen almost all of these episodes on ID or other crime shows. It is nice to listen to others’ narratives on true crime cases. I do find it humorous how people listen and then feel the need to berate the narrative. If you have a constructive opinion; awesome go with it, but if you’re just ranting to get attention, don’t review podcasts instead find a Trump rally to attend and leave the deductive reasoning to the grown ups.

Thanks (5/5)

Love you guys ❤️😉

Review Gen-Y (2/5)

It’s not a bad podcast....decently researched, decently produced but... These dudes are just sooooo gay. I don’t mean like they are gay dudes, they are just soo soft for the content. At the same time, most of the sponsors are female products?!? Not a big deal but, when you’ve listened as much as I have, you realize how feminine these dudes are as compared to other ‘true crime’ podcasts. It’s as if they are trying way to hard not to offend anyone....while talking about rape & murder. In any event, I find it unlistenable after about 50 episodes.(sorry guys, I gotta be truthful)

Best Night’s Sleep (5/5)

I have no idea what this podcast is about because every time I turn it on I fall asleep. That said, I have never slept better. Cheers!

I Tried (1/5)

They demonize women perpetrators and make excuses for men perpetrators. They’re also boring as hell.

I enjoy listening to them (5/5)

I enjoy listening to these guys. Informative and fun.

Addicting! (5/5)

Love, love, love these guys! Can’t get enough.

Facts! (5/5)

I looove these guys!! If you like the drunk banter with shallow research on cases this is NOT the podcast for you! However if you are a true crime junkie and are fascinated by the stories behind the crimes then Aaron and Justin are it! They have well researched notes and always give unbiased information letting the listeners make up their own mind. I would 1000% recommend this podcast!

Well researched contents. Annoying Hosts! (3/5)

I truly enjoyed how well researched the content of their episodes are! They go way past the Wikipedia page, unlike other podcasters on this similar topic. And for the most part, they tell the story from an unbiased perspective then give their opinion or thoughts at the very end of episode. My issue is the arrogance in which the 2 host conducts themselves. As the series goes on, and the episodes getting newer and newer, the podcasters take on this sense of excellent. Borderline narcissist. They appear as though their opinions are the only accurate opinion. Begging their listeners to patronize their show. Which, I get, a lot of podcasters want this to be their sole profession, but the one episode they advertised their information for a show or event, stating their podcast code for access. The following show they were berating listeners for not showing their support by using the code. Rather uncomfortable.... I enjoy the content and how well it is delivered. So I will keep listening.

Patronize (1/5)

I used to be a big fan of the podcast but they have become patronizing. “If you don’t agree with our take you are a moron.” Is the vibe they give off. It is unfortunate. Their older stuff they left it up to you to take a side and I enjoyed that. I even went out of my way to meet them. They were super nice. But the past year or so, they have gone from “You make the call” to “You’re an idiot if you don’t agree with us.” Justin, there can be a difference of opinion. Take a deep breath, get out of the fetal position, and relax.

Would give 5 stars but cadence in hosts voice is so annoying (3/5)

It get’s even worse in commercials. The locution in the Chase ad gets on my nerves so much it makes me just want to turn the episode off.

👍🏻 (5/5)

I’ve listened to Justin and Aaron for a while now and seriously can’t get enough of this podcast. They’re super straightforward and seem to always try to remain unbiased. This cast is great if you’re interested in true crime but don’t care to have the cases delivered by drunk girls grasping for personality points. Every case seems well-researched and doesn’t need to be gussied up with weird, often detracting, banter, but that’s just one girl’s opinion.

Die hard (5/5)

This was my first podcast years ago, and remains my favorite. I appreciate the research and compassionate storytelling in every episode. Generation Why FTW!!

Y’all are horribly wrong on Skylar Neese (1/5)

Sorry, I am just listening to this message led case now cause I have run out of REALinvestigative podcasts. For you to say that they murdered Skylar cause as one of you said “they simply didn’t like her” is abhorrent and you should be ashamed of yourself. So is it ok for you to just put together a podcast on facts already in evidence (I.e. case closed) and profit off of the murder of Skylar? I would suggest her parents sue you as well. Ask your sponsors or the ur “begging page” to donate all of that to changes in the law. I’m sure that Skylars parents have spent more of their own money for justice reform that the two of you could ever have to hope to achieve with you “college buddy late night drunken speculations”. I hope your mom kicks you out of her basement. If you would like to have a real, live stream debate I am more than happy to have this with you.

I’ve fallen to sleep.... (1/5)

Not engaging and weird banter.... love true crime and was super excited to listen but I just can’t engage while I try not to fall asleep. I agree with other the cadence is definitely the problem...

They sound bored (2/5)

I’m trying to listen to this podcast, but this people sound soooo board... feels like they are reading some thing super blaring and they would like to be somewhere else

Wonderful!! (5/5)

These guys are great. They give this thought and are very respectful of victims and families. One of my favorite podcasts, and I listen to a lot of them. Keep up the good work!!

Boring (1/5)

Honestly it’s boring!!!...

No (1/5)

I can’t stand these kind of podcasts

Best Podcast (5/5)

I love the honesty and critical thinking of this podcast. Great to listen to if you love true crime!

One of the best (5/5)

Love, love LOVE these dudes! This show brilliantly explores every angle of a crime with well thought out and differing opinions.

Ok at first; grating after awhile. (2/5)

Maybe I need to go back to hear these guys’ qualifications. They think they know it all. But a lot of their statements seem entirely based on conjecture. The hosts are annoying after awhile and though I enjoy hearing some more obscure stories, they speak too authoritatively on subjects they can’t possibly be experts in. True crime “experts?” Seems more like arm chair detectives. In one episode, one of the hosts claims to know everything about police culture because...he once served on a jury. It’s good one or two episodes a week, but more than that works my last nerve.

Why didn’t I find this sooner??!! (5/5)

Great podcast, well researched. Interesting and many times they talk about more obscure stories that aren’t repeated on 20/20 and dateline all the time. Glad I have a few hundred episodes to catch up on!

Clear bias (3/5)

It’s one thing when people are clear about their place in media. If you’re coming from a side, cool. I can respect that. But when you claim that you are just stating facts and won’t express your opinion, but then CLEARLY come from a certain point of view through the words you use as well as the ones you don’t, it’s annoying. We can see through that. Just admit where you’re coming from and you’ll get more respect.

I love this podcast (5/5)

Anytime anything true crime related happens in the news I always wonder what Aaron and Justin will have to say about it because I love listening to their options and enjoy how they try to look at a situation from every side. My favorite true crime podcast for sure!

Stop with theories (3/5)

Too much time spent talking about theories. Stick to what is known unless you guy want this to be the theory podcast.

a+ (5/5)

great podcast, it got me into true crime two years ago and i have since changed my major in school because of these guys

Great subject matter (4/5)

But boring delivery nice guys, and I guess they’re being they’re needy selves. That’s ok. Stick to what you do

Love you Aaron and Justin (5/5)

I Love this Podcast.. Love the stories and it keeps the listener listening. I am a True Crime junkie and you guys are great. I Love everything about this PodCast.. Keep bringing more True Crime... Xoxox Jayme

Show some emotion (4/5)

Good podcast, great content. Let’s here some 911 phone calls! Show me some emotion! Overall good podcast.

One of my faves! (5/5)

I don’t understand these negative reviews? Are we all listening to the same podcast? They HARDLY give their opinion at all. I wish they would actually tell us what they think more often. Anyways, I’m a true crime junkie, have been for years. I am subscribed to over 20 true crime podcasts and this is in my top three. Love you guys!

Very hard to stay engaged (2/5)

These guys, Um, Have a hard time, Putting a sentence together. So, I maybe, Um, sometimes think maybe my podcast, Has maybe perhaps stopped.

Meh (2/5)

I listen because I love true crime and they have extensive content. BUT it is read in complete monotone, the cadence of how they speak is so awkward it literally drives me nuts, and the constant biases and opinions is also annoying. Totally dry, boring, monotone. Get to the facts, speak in a normal cadence, and don’t give your opinions.

Love (5/5)

Gen Y is basically the bar I use to judge all other podcasts. Keep up the good work, guys!

WOKE (5/5)

Let me tell you why I love Gen Why. These white guys are WOKE to the injustices perpetrated upon people of color and women. Unlike many true crime podcasts, they don’t repeat episode after episode of missing white, blonde women. They cover all kinds of missing people, as well as talking about injustices upon people of color by our justice system. They are serious and sensitive, smart and eloquent in their delivery. I highly recommend.

Bias recap of stories (2/5)

Which candidly many true crime podcast are... but there is very little insightful or objective perspective.

great true crime (5/5)

love these guys

Love is a strange word to use for a true crime podcast (4/5)

I do love this one though. It very factual, rather clean audio, and they choose obscure cases that I’ve never heard of before. Their cases stick with me and provoke a lot of thoughtful questions about some of the verdicts, what happened truly happened to these people, or why these things happen to innocent people. DESPITE WHAT OTHER REVIEWS SAY... This show has pretty low levels of banter and commenting compared to some of the other I listen to - I don’t have to skip over 15 minutes in the beginning if I’m not interested in listening to it. They get right to the point and get into the case. They also are very well researched on their cases and give some times give personal thoughts about what happened, which I often think it adds to the narrative. Their opinions don’t ruin all of the work and research they do, they’re sharing the processing of the case with us. Also, their backlog of content is extensive and good quality and really doesn’t differ much from what you hear in recent episodes (at least as far as I’ve gone back). Keep up the good work gentlemen!

Amazing!!!!! (5/5)

The only true crime Pod that I actually enjoy every episode that I hear!!!!

Could be better... (3/5)

I really want to like these guys...but they ramble more than lay out the story and facts in a cohesive story-telling manner.

Let’s just speculate some more (2/5)

I listen to podcasts to hear a story, not to hear wild speculation based not on facts, but regardless of facts. Not for me.

A new favorite (4/5)

I have been bingeing out on these guys! I listen to a lot of true crime p-casts and was searching them for an ally kemp and sure enough they had one! Then I find they are in Kansas City like me! I like their local references and their local crime stories.

A great into to true crime podcasts! (5/5)

This is the podcast that got me into true crime podcasts. Aaron and Justin are pleasant to listen to, have great rapport, and present stories with respect to the victims. Not to gory, not to heavy, but well presented and fun to listen to.

This murderino really likes these guys. (5/5)

I look forward to this podcast every week

Awesome Podcast! (5/5)

Usually I don’t like true crime podcasts with two hosts talking. I usually prefer one host narrating. This is the only true crime podcast with two hosts that I really like. These guys have great rapport and somehow their conversations just flow smoothly. They don’t interrupt each other but there also aren’t pauses and the rhythm of their conversations is great. Both of their tones of voice and speed of speech is perfect and their articulation is very crisp and clear. They are so easy to listen to. Also they cover very interesting cases. They also add in a perfect amount of their own opinion, not too much and not too little. I hate it when true crime podcasters narrate the story with opinionated terminology in an underhanded effort to manipulate my own perspective of the case, but these guys don’t do that. On the other hand they are not as dry as some podcasters and they do add in some of their own opinions. They cover famous cases and less well known cases too. I like the mix. Great podcast!

These guys need to learn how to tell a story (1/5)

This has gotten pretty bad. They need to keep their personal biased opinions off the podcast

I love this podcast! Great hosts! (5/5)

My favorite podcast. Good stories, great hosts! This is the best podcast I’ve listened to! The hosts have great voices and it flows really well

Love the Gen Why Guys! (5/5)

I have been listening to Justin and Aaron for a couple of years now, and I absolutely love their podcast! I work in forensics and I love they have a pretty good understanding of the science. It’s refreshing to listen to a true crime podcast with hosts that actually get it! I think they have a great flow to their episodes and give each case the coverage it deserves. Keep up the great work guys!

Bashing cops/deputies? Really? (1/5)

Listening to my first episode and as a fairly liberal woman whose husband is LEO and also liberal, very disappointed in the bashing of LE here. Unsubscribe.

Ouch (1/5)

These hosts are brutal to listen to. Every statement sounds like a question and their cadence is awful.

Somewhat painful to listen to (1/5)

Well made podcast, but the arrogant, smug and pompous attitudes of the hosts make it just annoying & painful to listen to. Had to eventually unsubscribe.

Love these guys! (5/5)

I’m a huge fan of this podcast! I think they are sensitive and honest in their opinions. I’m new to the podcast and am trying to catch up. I hate I’ve missed out over all these years! Keep it up guys!

One of the best (5/5)

The guys are respectful when talking about heavy cases. I enjoy their personalities and their points of view.

Untold ——- Ted Bundy (1/5)

I understand fame and stardom help with ratings and popularity therefore more listeners and money. I experience good vibes about your works however Kevin Sullivan has utilized this episode to further his works rather then to reveal much about Ted Bundy. I am vexed in the truth of the information Kevin Sullivan claims to be facts about Ted Bundy. Of course he will claim his sources may have been dishonest or mistaken (I will not believe that). Kevin Sullivan has roots in media (television and newspaper) and has passion for attention and your money. I urge people to research your sources before you believe anything you read. Further there is much of Kevin Sullivan’s attitudes and beliefs that I refuse to give in to. In my opinion Kevin Sullivan is dishonest and misled due to self created halo.

Just the right amount... (5/5)

... of discussion and lots of research and facts! Love these guys!

Disappointed at the lack of respect. (1/5)

Pretty disappointed with some of the opening commentary. When talking about “Us”, one of the hosts for real said he can’t even try to pronounce Lupita N’yongo’s name and referred to her as “she was in Black Panther.” Are you serious? The amount of times they can pronounce European names without issue. The availability of interviews where she pronounces her own name. The fact it’s phonetic. They really just don’t respect her African name. Try to pronounce it, even if you stumble. It’s her name, she deserves to have it said.

Love (5/5)

It’s such a fantastic podcast!

Sometimes Insensitive (3/5)

I used to really enjoy this podcast and their friend dynamic, but I had to stop listening because I felt like they were insensitive when discussing sexual assault. It even felt like they were uncomfortable saying the word rape in most cases. This is why I switched to Crime Junkie, with female hosts who are able to discuss sexual assault responsibly and with care.

Yuck. (1/5)

Justin has become insufferable. This used to be one of my top five podcasts and I have listened for years but when you throw your support behind people like MB, you’re going to lose a portion of your listeners who think compassion is more useful and important than being an edgelord.

Very Enjoyable! (5/5)

I have listened to a lot of true crime podcasts and this one is a departure for me style wise. I generally like more structure podcasts. However, I enjoy the conversational tone between the hosts. It feels much lighter than other pods while still providing the case facts. Keep it up!

Conversational (5/5)

I enjoy the storytelling and the personal thoughts on what the topic is, I may not always agree with their views but the relaxed conversational vibe makes this podcast enjoyable!

Pizzagate (1/5)

Very misinformed :(

I like a lot (5/5)

I really like these guys I find them easy to listen to. Not too gory, not boring, keep it relatively light. Have listened to pretty much every available episode, some twice. I listen to the new one every Sunday, I look forward to the new episode every week and I Patreon support them bc I like them that much! Many crime podcasts I have to quit bc they too chatty or trying to be too funny or something. These guys are just normal and straight forward.

Great! (5/5)

Been listening for a while a love it!

New fav! (5/5)

Love this podcast. Story telling feels real and it’s easy to follow without dumbing down the information making it uninteresting

Awful (1/5)

Sword and Scale is a million times better.

My first true crime podcast...and I’m hooked! (5/5)

I really appreciate Aaron and Justin’s approach to true crime cases - very thorough and interesting commentary and I think they do a great job of honoring and paying tribute to the victims, particularly in the Matthew Shepard episode. Sure, there have been a few episodes that lean a little more towards the political, but who cares? I definitely enjoy the abduction / murder episodes the most, but if I’m not interested in a particular episode or I lose interest, I just don’t listen. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I’ve listened to probably like 100 episodes of theirs and truly enjoy and appreciate what they do! You can tell they do a ton of research. They’ve even talked me to sleep quite a few nights (definitely a compliment lol.) You’re doing great, guys, thank you and don’t let the haters get you down!

Love it! (5/5)

Love the podcast! Keep them coming!!!

The Shoemaker (5/5)

In 1992, I was finishing up my psych degree, fascinated by serial killers. I was the first ever to do my internship at the state correctional institute in Greensburg, PA, in the psychology department. I had read the book The Shoemaker, and was passing on the story to my supervisor. Just about a week later, I went to my post and my supervisor had a surprise for me- he arranged to take me to Cresson State Correctional Facility to meet Joseph Kallinger. I was shocked. It was the highlight of my career. At this point he was quite large and spoke very sleepily. I was advised NOT to take notes during the meeting because he would not continue the conversation if he thought he didn’t have my full attention. I’m not sure I said much of anything to him, I’m not even sure if he really saw me. He knew he had an audience and went on to orate for about an hour. Nothing about his crimes, but fascinating none the less.

Episode 308 (5/5)

You said, “promoted to boner”. Huhuh

Very good (5/5)

One of the best true crime pods out there.

Great podcast. (5/5)

I think they do a great job of providing a balanced examination of each case. I also cannot believe a comment reviewer (“useful idiot”) bashed the podcast and defended propaganda artist Alex Jones.

Careless (1/5)

Definitely mediocre, as others have noted. Normally I’m into bingeing mediocre podcasts or tv shows with grim content, but the hosts’ commentary is OTT. The hosts are sometimes too open with their opinions on their subject matter - real people - and subtly victim blame in a number of episodes. Aaron and Justin’s commentary in the Ted Kemphammer episode is a good example. Admonishing battered spouses for not “speaking up sooner” — is this supposed to be some kind of PSA? Does this kind of message actually empower those who need it, or are you enforcing cultural deterrents to reporting? Do your research. You’ve chosen to work with these serious subject matters, take better care with them.

Not too far left, but broad-minded (5/5)

I love this podcast! All these whiners nattering on about the guys not supporting law enforcement or blaming Alex Jones for Pizzagate? (Well, if you’re dim enough to follow Alex Jones, there’s no point in worrying about your opinion.) And it seems like many listeners are bringing their own political bias to the fore. These guys do a great job. I may not always agree with their opinions, but I’ve certainly never felt them to be unfair or biased against law enforcement, by any means. I think they’re against police corruption, the old boys network, and sloppy detective work - as we all should be. The stories are well-researched, informative and entertaining. And the guys are actually very insightful. They present ideas and possibilities to the stories that I would not have considered. It’s one of my must listens. Give it a try, I think it will be one of yours too. Please don’t let the “they’re lefties” reviews prevent you from giving the podcast a chance. You’ll be losing out on some quality stories.

Nope (1/5)

They've changed and not for the better.

Love (5/5)

I’ve only started listening to this podcast but I don’t understand all of the bad reviews. I find this podcast easy to listen to and very informative. I recently listened to the Amy Lynn Bradley case on another podcast and quickly became interested. I did a search and came up with two other podcasts regarding the case, this being one of them. Out of the three podcasts this one had the most information regarding the case. I’m now on my third episode with you guys and I’m still really enjoying the podcast. Keep up the great work!

Ehh (3/5)

It’s okay

Please stop talking about the law (2/5)

These guys really need to have a lawyer give them some input. They spout a lot of misInformation about criminal law and the appeal process especially. Good presentation though.

Come On! Bias Alert! (1/5)

Long time listener but all of a sudden these guys are swerving HARD to the left...blaming Alex Jones for the idiot at Comet Pizza...Bashing’s ridiculous! These guys used to pride themselves for giving both sides to stories and being bipartisan and now they’re the polar opposite. Even during true crime stories they pepper the episodes with personal political views...if that’s what they want the show to! But at least market it that way then...Every show it’s seems like all they do is bash America...just chill

Politics - Here We Go Again (1/5)

Nope. Not gonna do it.

Liberal Perspective (1/5)

This podcast is extremely liberal. They talk about everything from one perspective instead of actually doing research and trying to put the whole story together. They state their opinions, a lot, as facts. I’m very disappointed in it.

Unsub (1/5)

Longtime listener. Pizzagate was such an unnecessary episode. You started the episode w we are impartial. Until you do a deep dive on Benghazi or Hillarys emails, not resubbing. This is what the left doesnt understand, you say oh this is impartial not even knowing the implications even though you are ‘simply reporting’ facts.

Low information... riddled with confirmation bias (1/5)

Hard pass

Turned political (1/5)

Loved this show until you decided to do an entire show talking up the Clintons. We now know for sure who you both voted for. Not knowing that is one of the reasons I listen to podcasts such as this.

Politically biased (1/5)

Okay I always knew these guys were completely biased in favor of Democrats, but they didn't push it too badly. Crossed the line for sure with the pizza Gate story, never do you hear any stories that talk about lies told by Democrats against Republicans, and their are a lot of them. Pizzagate Is not what we listen to true crime podcasts to hear. Boycott Gen Why sponsors

Does not support law enforcement (1/5)

First I had a difficult time getting into their episodes, but I usually try to listen to at least 4 episodes before I scratch them off. Well I definitely had to scratch this one off the list. They lack depth into investigations and my biggest problem they constantly dissed law enforcement, and have major lack of knowledge of what goes on behind police lines. This is ultimately what turned me off the show.

Meh. (3/5)

This podcast has some good episodes, but lately it’s way too political. There’s definitely my I don’t feel better podcast out there that cover the same events better without the political input.

Not too explicit, minimal bias (5/5)

I absolutely love this podcast. The hosts do a good job of covering a topic without getting too gruesome or being overtly biased. You really don’t know where they are going with their opinions until the end of the show. Thanks for all your hard work!

Pizzagate (1/5)

There pizzagate coverage was absolutely horrible.

Fairly decent podcast. (4/5)

Lots of interesting stories... overall well done. The dudes are rather square/dorky & as a listener you’re often subjected to their personal opinions which seem a little off the mark due to their seemingly limited perspectives. I’m currently subscribed, but always swear I’m never going to listen again if I hear the one dude say “pitcher” when he’s trying to say “picture” just one more time. They’re not homonyms, bro. If you can get past these little annoyances, hit the subscribe button.

Pacing is annoying... (3/5)

I like the content, but they pause in their sentences so much that it makes it unbearable. For example: “At 18 and 20 years of age...they could have..moved out...”.

Great show (5/5)

Very good show. This podcast has very interesting topics and a nice delivery. I don’t always agree with the opinions of the podcasters, but I respect and appreciate the perspective that they share. I highly recommend this show. It’s informative and entertaining.

Great podcast! (5/5)

Hey generation why I just listen to your podcast on Matthew Shepard and wanted to say thank you for sharing his story and for keeping it alive. I was a teenager when this happened and having a gay family member i remembered being deeply disturbed by this tragedy. I have never forgotten him or his story.

Too Political (1/5)

I used to enjoy this podcast. The topics were interesting and thoroughly researched but lately, the hosts' political bias is really showing and making it insufferable. Way to alienate a good amount of your listeners. I had to unsubscribe.

Waste of time (1/5)

I won’t waste my time to listen to a podcast that censors others to promote their own.

Wondery blocks freedom of speech (1/5)

It is 2019 and wondery decides to drop podcasts people enjoy because people can’t be grown up!!!!!!! If you don’t like it don’t listen. I’m deleting all wondery pods. Ridiculous!!!!!!

BringHimBack (1/5)

If I could give zero stars I would. I will no longer support a podcast production company that doesn’t support freedom of expression.

Great show! (5/5)

I have been listening for a while, and these two guys do a great job as “lay people” researching, understanding and laying out interesting cases while having a discussion of their theories. It’s a good podcast to drive to and speculate right along with.

Bad sound quality, so-so content (3/5)

I wanted to love this, it was recommended on another podcast that I really enjoy so I gave it a chance. Unfortunately one of the two hosts’ sound equipment is so bad it irked on my last nerve to listen to it. The content that I did listen to was ok, nothing exciting, but I couldn’t deal with the sound.

Justin & Aaron great (5/5)

I love their show. They see both sides of an issue. Because they are young I assumed they would have liberal views. If they do - I don’t hear it. Read my second sentence - it describes them well.

Brandon Lawson Case (5/5)

Thanks for sharing this case with us. I heard his friend on Crawlspace some time ago and am saddened that yet another family has been left with no answers. I am thrilled to hear that Erin Larkin from 107 degrees podcast is involved. She and her cohost are brilliant and bring an amazing wealth of information to cases that are wrung dry. Their info on the Maura Murray case is second to none and they have cleared the air of so much innuendo and rumor so quickly. This I believe will be a lot of help and if you aren’t familiar with her podcast you should be. Thanks again and good luck to Brandon’s loved ones.

I’m obsessed (5/5)

I have really enjoyed listening to the Generation Why Podcast in my way to and from work, which is an hour commute - perfect for one episode each way! The content is quite fascinating. Aaron and Justin have very engaging discourse in which they objectively discuss a case and then provide interesting speculation and devils advocate POVs for various situations pertaining to each case. I find myself bindge-listening to these episodes. True crime enthusiasts will appreciate this podcast and the content it contains. I also recommend checking out Justin’s other podcast “The Peripheral”.

Love it!! (5/5)

I listen to many true crime podcasts, and these guys will always remain my favorite! They tell the story giving only the *evidence* and I value their opinions about what actually went down over anyone else. I have gone back to listen to old cases we are all familiar with because I just had to know what they say! They manage to cut through the fluff, even on highly polarizing cases, and deliver the facts in a way that is considerate to the victim(s), unapologetic to the perpetrator and understandable to the listener. Keep up the great work, guys!!

Great show (5/5)

I really like your show

Cannot support (1/5)

When I first started listening to podcasts I listened to GenWhy a lot. Eventually I realized that some of the things said are incredibly problematic. Also recently I’ve come to find out that Justin has been incredibly rude to listeners who have showed concern regarding his support of Mike Boudet (who is a piece of human garbage). So... no thanks lol you can find better true crime podcasts that are worthy of support.

Yay (5/5)

I go to sleep to this podcast almost every night. Gives me WACK dreams but these two r my favorites. Yay team.

Long time listner (5/5)

They are awesome! Maybe not for people looking for exciting stuff, but very informational.

Gen why (5/5)

Great true crime podcast! They choose really interesting cases. Just turn off before the outro music. It’s stupendously annoying and just bad.

Eh... (3/5)

The topics are fairly interesting, but the hosts... not so much. I listened for several months, and then gave up. There are far more interesting true crime pods out there.

Love Genwhy!! (5/5)

Most AMAZING podcast!! Perfect amount of detail and super knowledgeable. Wish I could listen to an episode daily!

An absolute must for your morning commute (5/5)

The absolute best podcast to listen to on my morning commute. I love that the episodes are all solo stories and cases so you can jump around and listen to different ones in any order.

I’m hooked!!! (5/5)

You bring reason to many things that I have had a strong opinion on and now I think twice about many of my opinions.

Felony murder etc (3/5)

In most states if a person is killed as the result of a felony or attempted commission of a felony, those involved with the felony can be held liable for murder. Eg, if two people break into my house and I kill one, then the other and all others involved with the commission of that felony ( burglary etc) risk conviction of murder. Trying a juvenile as an adult is not flouting of the law. The law provides for this in extreme cases. You may not agree with that law but take this up with your legislature. The US Supreme Ct now prohibits capital punishment for juveniles and I think also prohibits a sentence of life without parole. These are not difficult concepts yet in the Vampire case the hosts seem to struggle with understanding them, only one episode of many where the hosts flounder with axiomatic principles the any educated person, particularly one hosting a true crime show, should be aware of.

Start with the newest episodes (5/5)

I usually like to start at the beginning of a podcast and work my way to the newer episodes; however, this podcast has evolved so much that the earlier episodes are difficult to listen to. It’s definitely a worthwhile listen nonetheless!

A bit of a let down (3/5)

I had heard of Gen Why and was looking forward to discovering it, but it’s a bit of a let down. There is a lot of assumption and biased interpretations, and a certain level of victim blaming that is classic coming from people such as theses hosts, who are very obviously experiencing a fair amount of privilege in their lives.

👎 (1/5)

Sword and Scale much better!

10/10 podcast!!! (5/5)

my favorite podcast of all time. I listen to it every morning I walk to class - I’m always so happy when I see new episodes have come out. They do a great job! 10/10

Always a great listen (5/5)

Download. Enjoy. Repeat. Do it.

A Real True Crime Podcast (5/5)

Listen to at least a couple of episodes before you make up your mind! I’ve been listening to Gen Why and other true crime podcasts for years, and this one always resonates most with me. Justin and Aaron thoroughly dissect and examine various cases/topics and provide great discussion and insight. This podcast isn’t for everyone, and naturally there are some episodes/topics that people will prefer more than others. That is the case with every podcast! Give it a chance and listen to a few episodes. (Justin and Aaron if you are reading this - thank you! I appreciate you both and this podcast very much, it’s gotten me through many long days working in the lab!)

Great show! (5/5)

The third love ads are kinda funny and a little awkward. I know they are getting their target audience - maybe their script peeps could work on a second version...

Boring (1/5)

Interesting stories presented by the most boring hosts ever.

I love these guys (5/5)

They started out a little shaky, but these guys have learned how to present their stories. Now they are real pros and they work together seamlessly. They don’t solve these mysteries, but they tell you fascinating tales of real life murders and they make you think. Great podcast success story!

Slooooowww (1/5)

This podcast is very hard to listen to! These two guys are so slow and boring! The materials are great but the presentation is so dry and dead!

Great (5/5)

One of the best true crime podcasts. They have a casual and unproduced style. Highly recommend.

The best! (5/5)

I love this podcast! I love their voices and the introductory music :)

Like it! (5/5)

I like the topics they have chosen to discuss. They leave bias out of the discussion and present facts the media has often left out. I’m digging this podcast.

Solid (4/5)

Not as good as true crime garage or the best true crime podcast (casefile) but solid. They have good rapport and pick good subjects - by and large they are more reserved in their personalities then the garage guys and less researched then casefile.

315 (5/5)

I listen to you guys all the time but this episode sucked!

Fuckboyz (1/5)

This podcast reminds me of a meme I saw that had a little girl asking what a podcast is and a mother responding with “men who love their voice and opinion very much”

Top 5 (5/5)

Just feel like I hit the lottery definitely listening to every episode from the beginning. This show is very well narrated and I’m always satisfied keep up the great work guys!

Talks waaaaaay too fast. (2/5)

I just started. It is very difficult to keep up. I really want to because the topics seem interesting.

Great (5/5)

I’ve listened to almost all of the episodes on my hour long drive to work, and I appreciate the topics and perspectives they bring. Interesting topics with critical thinking used to analyze the crimes make for an entertaining podcast.

Vast inaccurate generalizations spoken with a lisp (1/5)

Listened to two podcasts because my wife wanted to on a drive. Every 5 minutes he says something stupid. “It’s strange a group of isolationist that aren’t cult members or nazis”. Enough said.

A great pair of friends! (5/5)

I’ve quickly become huge Justin and Aaron fans. I can relate to their midwestern sensibilities and vibe. They bring interesting perspectives to the cases and I usually can’t wait to get home from work so I can listen to an episode while I make dinner. I recently joined their $2 patreon club and have found the special cases there to be worth it. Please continue what you are doing!

GREAT (5/5)

This podcast is so great! They have interesting topics and express the facts in a way that keeps you interested the entire show. Thank you guys for the work you do! Keep it up!

Wonderful duo (5/5)

I love this podcast!!! Extensive research & I love their content!!! Keep up the good work, fellas🙌🏾💜.

Great job on true crime (5/5)

I’m loving this cast... it’s a more mellow take on true crime... the guys are good at not being graphic... I love last pod cast on the left and my fave murder... this is different but still good... like savory vs sweet!

Problematic (1/5)

Listened to one episode and the podcasters nor their interviewee were not very aware of the things they were saying.

Love this podcast and the hosts (5/5)

This is the first podcast I ever listened to and is the reason I got hooked on them. The hosts are genuine, and knowledgeable about the topics they discuss. Thanks guys, keep up the great work it is immensely appreciated!

Definitely not ignorant (5/5)

Boo to that other review. Love you guys and everything you do on this podcast. 🤬 the haters

One of my favorites (5/5)

These guys do great research and have great candor.

Awesome!! (5/5)

These guys are great! I see others say the research isn’t great but I think it is! Love how they interact too! Monica

Horrible Hosts (1/5)

These two guys are ignorant sounding and very little research prior to the episodes I’ve heard. Much much better crime podcasts available- can’t do this one.

Fav (5/5)

My favorite podcast love their voices and stories !!!

I look forward to every episode (5/5)

As a self admitted true crime podcast dork, I subscribe to many, but this one has kept me hook. Every Sunday I am excited to listen as the cases are different and I never know what "take" will be had. I would highly suggest a controversial one and going in depth on it. But regardless, this is one of the few I make sure is dowloaded weekly and I listen to that night. Keep up the good work!

Favorite True Crime Podcast (5/5)

I love these guys. They are a great duo and they comment and narrate well without being overly dramatic or opinionated. They are fair and fun. Thank you for the great show!!

So much potential (2/5)

I keep coming back because the topics span from the well-known to the unknown but, as others have also noted in review, our two hosts make listening an unenjoyable task. Let’s take the opening of virtually every episode I’ve started and the hosts greet each other with “How are you?” The standard answer is “I’m okay” in the most sincerely depressing tone you can imagine. The tone of the episode is now set. Welcome to No Charisma Boys! Secondly, let’s get a handle on the difficult skill of correctly using your native language. Again, when asked “How are you?” it would be correct to say “I’m doing wonderfully” but it is incorrect to say “I’m doing wonderful”. Improper grammar is a common occurrence. I can’t tell how ready these guys are when the recording button is pressed. Using “things” to help describe the events doesn’t help me much, as in “Sam had so much going for him, why did he kill her? He had graduated college… and done so many other things.” Okay, what other “things” did Sam accomplish which might lead you to believe that killing her was surprising? Do you not know or are you so poor at thinking on your feet you are left with simply saying “things” just to prevent dead air? And yes, the general tone is melancholy, as though that maintains an aura of legitimacy and seriousness, and then the nervous laugh comes and suddenly you might be left wondering what side they’re on. Worth a try if you have nothing else going on, but be forewarned.

Fangirl (5/5)

Just a shout out about this podcast. It has a relaxed environment that in an hour covers the basics of the story with a common sense lens on. At times, their reporting on a case has encouraged me to look up and find more information about a case or subject.

Another favorite (5/5)

To begin with, I don’t see the point of leaving a bad review because you don’t like the podcaster’s personality. You aren’t paying for it, so if you can do better, have at it. I really enjoy this one. I happen to like both of the hosts, and they make a great team. I also like that they have opinions because, don’t we all! They cover all the important cases, along with some I’d never heard of. Don’t let the bad reviews keep you from listening; there are many more good ones for a reason.

It's like listening to Charlie Brown's Teacher (1/5)

The two guys speak sooo slowly. They take painfully long pauses. After a while I started tuning them out. Then I'd realize I'd missed part of the story, rewind, and within a few minutes I'd tune them out again. It was a vicious podcast Ground Hog Day. Nope.

Not funny (1/5)

Come on you guys are not that funny. 2 dorks with good content. Just tell the story and leave your dumb chuckles to yourselves.

Very engaging (5/5)

One of the few podcasts that is listenable. Most crime podcasts are too stilted. These two guys display extensive knowledge of the cases and are spontaneous and thoughtful. What more could you ask for....

Excellent (5/5)

These guys are very enjoyable to listen to! I like how they speak kinda slowly and calmly. The stories are always very interesting!!

Visit Indy!! (5/5)

I love you two! Please visit indianapolis sometime!! I missed crime con when it was there!!

Very good true crime! (4/5)

These guys are thoughtful, serious and very entertaining. They definitely know how to present a story in a way that is concise and engaging. I prefer their coverage of mysterious cases to the strictly true crime stuff. But I have definitely enjoyed their work.

I wanted to like it, but I can’t (1/5)

This is very slow moving and scattered.

They’re the best! (5/5)

Love this podcast 👍🏽

Extremely boring (2/5)

The cases are interesting, but the hosts have zero charizma and sound like robots. They don't talk like normal people having a conversation, it just sounds like they're each taking turns reading aloud from a book. Try these pods instead: Casefile, My Favorite Murder, Sword & Scale, etc

Most annoying host ever (1/5)


Nails on a chalkboard (1/5)

I have tried numerous times to listen to this podcast because the topics are interesting but the hosts....they are so hard to listen to. They try to pull off a tone as if they are having a conversation with one another but it sounds more like an elementary reading class who are taking turns reading paragraphs. I always feel like they are setting up for audio or something bigger or more interesting but it never happens.

I really enjoy it (5/5)

I really like this podcast because the subject is interesting. I also feel like both of the guys do the research and bring interesting opinions to the table, which makes it intriguing to listen to. They explain the laws and how they’re applied to each case and that’s really helpful.

One of My Favorites (5/5)

I glanced through the reviews and was surprised to see so many poor ones for this podcast. I always enjoy the stories. Tonight I listened to the Jerry Tobias murder case, which is quite interesting to me because it’s somewhat local. Keep up the good work, guys!

True Crime + Lovable Guys (5/5)

Justin and Aaron present the cases in a thoughtful and well-researched way and also provide levity for the often dark genre of true crime. Unlike other shows that you can tell just do it for ratings and notoriety, these guys are genuinely awesome AND they do a great job. I love the dynamic between Aaron and Justin and they both bring something great to the show. This podcast and Casefile are the two best true crime podcasts out there. Definitely give this one a listen!

Confusing at times (3/5)

The topics are very interesting, but it would be nice if Aaron and Justin presented the facts of the cases in chronological order. Way too much jumping around which makes the story hard to follow. Save your speculations after you've presented the facts.

Awesome (5/5)

Great podcasts great hosts! Thanks for all your hard work

Moderately boring (3/5)

Pretty boring listening to their monotone voices. But hey, beats listening to my coworkers!

Garrett Philips (3/5)

How is it that this podcast fails to mention the FOUR very diverse college campuses in or 10 miles away from the town of Potsdam? The painted picture of this town is way off.

Love it!! (5/5)

Definitely my favourite podcast of all time. Been listening for about 2 1/2 years and I can’t get enough!

Fascinating Topics/Dry Conversation (3/5)

They find very interesting cases. Not very interesting coverage of them. But I keep listening.

Cringe worthy (1/5)

When discussing the abusive behavior of a former police officer they talk about “where was the thin blue line” aka other officers at his side to “protect” him of these accusations. Then he said “so there were some eye whiteness accounts that he had thrown her around some.” Way to be SUPER dismissive of spousal abuse. Downplaying abuse from a guy accused of murdering his wife whom he was cheating on as “thrown her around some” is a special kind of...apologetics.

Excellent (5/5)

These guys are great to listen too. They will play devils advocate with the details and won’t play favorites with the data they have obtained. Awesome true crime podcast

Love it! (5/5)

I love this podcast and have been a listener since the beginning. Thank you for all you do, your research and’ve kept me entertained many nights when I’ve been up with two newborns.

Too biased (3/5)

I listen to these guys for true crime stories that haven't been covered by other podcasts (basically my last resort). That being said, they are completely biased, very liberal, but most annoying of all, very naïve. I catch myself rolling my eyes a lot when they start giving their personal options and/or commentary 🙄

Me and my kids love this podcast! (5/5)

This is the show that got me into true crime. I listen to it so much my 5 and 3 year olds have constant nightmares. That’s how I know it’s good. Just kidding, they’re 17 and 15. We love Aaron and what’s his face. Especially when they say they never take sides and then they totally take sides. Now I listen to Felonious Florida and a bunch others. I’m pretty sure I’m gonna get fired.

Awesome (5/5)

In my opinion on of the most informed and easy to listen to true crime podcast.

Inaccurate and Poorly Researched (1/5)

The guys seem like okay people, but they need to do a lot more research before presenting their conclusions and creating a podcast. Lots of inaccuracies in each episode.

ALWAYS GOOD! 😊😊 (5/5)

Never disappoints! I listen to A LOT of true crime podcasts, this was the first one I ever listened to and it’s STILL my all time favorite!!! I love these 2 guys together! I wish I had a witty way to say it but honestly it’s just REALLY GOOD! I want to thank them for putting out such kick butt content.... ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️+

The best true crime podcast (5/5)

I listen to a lot of true crime podcasts, and I find that even the best ones are majorly flawed. But I could listen to Aaron and Justin all day. Gen Why is just the right combination of lurid and serious. Don’t believe the reviews that say the cases are not well researched. This show is the real deal and agenda free.

GenGeek (5/5)

Hey Y’all! This podcast is awesome. Aaron and Brian have the ability to deliver some terrible and gruesome facts about true crime stories in a concise and professional manner. They deliver the information and don’t add a bunch of unnecessary junk opinions or details that aren’t important. Keep up the great work!

GREAT, well researched podcast! (5/5)

If you want an informative podcast minus all the silly “humor” between the hosts, this is the one for you. I usually stick with one host podcasts because I HATE the attempt at humor many try but fail to effectively pepper their narrative with. This one is to the point & I love that! Well done.

Great podcast!!! (5/5)

I listen to this podcast all the time. They cover intriguing topics and are constantly consistent across the board which I love. Thanks for making these free for the rest of us and for providing great content!!

5 star hosts! (5/5)

Love the detail. Great true crime podcast.

suspense (4/5)

I like this podcast, but I wish the episode descriptions (& sometimes even the early parts of the show) didn’t contain spoilers.

Decent (3/5)

I’ve listened to most of their episodes. The 3 star review is due to the combined dullness of the 2 hosts. I can’t imagine what it would take to get a rise out of either! Feels like a show that only requires 1 host. They’re both very level and speak in remarkably soft tones. I respect the overall quality of the podcast, but it can definitely put one to sleep.

Awesome podcast! (5/5)

I really enjoy this podcast. As someone who loves learning about true crime and as a law student. I really appreciate Justin and Aaron’s discussion not only of the crime but their commentary on our justice system.

Fantastic true-crime podcast (5/5)

I love Justin and Aaron’s voices and their enthusiasm for the true-crime genre. Both of them are lovable hosts, and have interesting and varying opinions on every topic imaginable. I love their rapport and their ability to really dive into cases and conspiracies in their own unique way. Fun music, fun listen, calming and intriguing, (love when they get riled up about things they’re passionate about, though!) and an all around great podcast. I’d give more stars if I could!

Great All Around Show (5/5)

Look forward to a new episode every week. The two hosts do a great job!

Great (5/5)


Solid And Thorough (5/5)

Thank you for the timeline reviewing of True Crime cases. I always find the topics intriguing and well researched. Wichita listener brought here by guys doing the Maura Murray guys.

ok (3/5)

Trying to get into this. The Central Park Five was generally well-done, but a shot at Donald Trump for his Republican position of being pro-death penalty was a bit lame.

True Crime Enjoyment (5/5)

I’m a huge true crime fan, and I really enjoyed the detail they go into.

I really like it (5/5)

The topics are usually very interesting, I like the mystery episodes where I am wonding who did it while you guys keep the true murderer a mystery till the end. I really like the detail you go thru as you explain everything. Good podcast, clean, and something I listen to every time I go to the gym.

Topics good-voices and personalities meh. (3/5)

I really want to like this—the stories are good and they’re located just a couple hours from me... but they have zero personality or flair on the stories. Their input and attempts to do any kind of original analysis ends up being obvious observations. I still listen and just accept it for what it is.

Love it (5/5)

Long time listener. My absolutely favorite true crime/mystery podcast.

This podcast grew on me (5/5)

It is now one of my favorite.

Amazing (5/5)

My absolute favorite podcast. Hands down.

Unlistenable (1/5)

Goddamn yr both so boring.

A tasteful, informative true crime show. (5/5)

There are two kinds of true crime people in this world: those who want facts and critical analysis on the case and justice system, and those who want the grossest, most explicit portrayal of a crime. Anyone who thinks this podcast is boring, go ahead and hop over to Sword and Scale and good riddance. I LOVE Generation Why. They don’t stray off topic (except the occasional Justin anecdote or opinion, which I could do without) and they do such a thorough job looking at cases from every angle. I love that there is no crazy fanfare and spectacle, just two informed people presenting facts and making their listeners really question the right and wrong the case.

Episode 88 (5/5)

Such a good episode!! Thank u

Interesting and well researched (5/5)

I feel like Justin and Aaron put a lot of work into telling a good story and getting the facts, and I really like that. I love getting to hear about all the interesting cases they cover, and they’re very respectful especially in the more horrific cases.

In absolute LOVE with this podcast (5/5)

An online friend of mine suggested this podcast to me and I have been binging NONSTOP. The stories are so great and intriguing and I can’t stop listening. I love the true crime stories, the guest speakers and the mysteries. This is honestly the best podcast I’ve listened to ever. I may only be on episode 104, but I can’t wait to be caught up! (Sort of then I can’t binge! 😂) keep up the wonderful work guys!

Fun & Interesting (5/5)

As a bit if an addict to true crime podcasts I love this approach. Each episode is one topic & it's usually just enough to get me interested but still feel satisfied. With so many podcasts spending 30+ episodes on one-single-story this is a refreshing change of pace.

love it (5/5)


Okay (3/5)

Sometimes I can hear the hosts breathing on the mic, which means I have to stop listening because it’s annoying. I usually like the podcast, but that totally ruins an episode for me

Great listen (5/5)

Aaron and Justin tell a story with no preconceived notions. (Mostly lol) I love the way they just give facts. They don’t claim to know everything and they don’t always agree. Their voices are calm and just tell the story. It’s my favorite podcast.(even over joe)

Best true crime out there (5/5)

Love these guys and the content so much. I listen to fall asleep, when I’m going to work and just all the time. Never a bad episode. Keep up the good work 💗💖💗

LOVE (5/5)

Love this podcast! I get so eager for the next episode! Besides the topics being very intriguing, Aaron and Justin have great perspectives and outlooks on everything. May not agree with everything they say but I love hearing other people’s opinions

Super interesting (5/5)

This just gets better and better. I look forward to each week and most episodes are relistenable. Fun to learn about crazy human behavior. And good springboard to dive deeper into topics myself.

Aaron and Justin are great (5/5)

Aaron and Justin are great! I like their calm discussions and friendly demeanor. Feels like a conversation with friends. Super interesting and thought provoking too. I always listen to new episodes as soon as they are released.

Puts me right to sleep! (5/5)

Love this podcast, it puts me right to sleep!

Breathing (3/5)

I can hear someone breathing thru their nose.

Listen to this! (5/5)

I’m in law enforcement and impressed by how well the hosts handle delicate subjects. Insightful and well informed.


I listen to each episode the second it comes out, and I’ve been a Patreon subscriber since the beginning to ensure that I don’t miss a thing. Generation Why is definitely one of the better-researched true crime podcasts, and they present the material in a straightforward manner while still allowing their individual personalities to shine through. I really enjoy this podcast, and strongly recommend it to any fans of true crime podcasts.

A.D (5/5)

Hey guys! Love your soothing and very mellow voices, so nice to listen to . Your stories are well researched and not gory and for that I thank you. Keep it up 😀😃😁😄😍😁 Thanks

Addicting (5/5)

Strong research and logical analysis make this very compelling.

I can’t take it (1/5)

It’s so HARD to listen to... just repeating themselves and finishing each other’s sentences. I tried a few times but their voices and the pauses when they speak drive me crazy.

Great stories, great to listen to (5/5)

Refreshing true crime podcast- stories presented outright, clearly, no "peripheral," inane chitchat about their lives, their dogs, their drinking, etc.

Frustrated (2/5)

This is frustrating to listen to. One guy just rambles and drifts off topic. He repeats himself and doesn’t explain things well. It’s hard to follow and gets boring. It would be better if they wrote an outline and stuck to it. I feel like they are trying to fill the time. They have excellent topics and I’d love to listen but I find myself frequently needing to shut it off before I loose my mind.

Episode on Robbery vs Trespassing (5/5)

He went to the hospital to steal her life

Miss your episodes (5/5)

Can y’all keep doing episodes together ?, I truly enjoy your podcast !

Episode 303 (4/5)

Love this show but what the hell are you doing eating while recording a podcast? Ep 303, can’t even listen to it, gross! Don’t do that again.

Shooting dogs (1/5)

Have only listened to the Ruby Ridge episode.. overall, pretty interesting. My criticism is that their assumptions are biased and uninformed. Everyone has a bias, but theirs is way to blatant. “They have kind of a pattern of shooting dogs” L o l. Please teach us more about your wisdom of US Marshal and SWOT invasions. Uninformed speculation is the worst form of retelling a story.

Great podcast. (5/5)

Love this one

Used to love it (1/5)

This podcast has been deteriorating over the past several months. I came to the reviews to see if it was just me, and it’s not. There’s now little description of actual events before the hosts dive into their convoluted opinions and proclamations, which often contradict the previous weeks’. They often nitpick on insignificant details and side issues: “People say the hospital staff should have recognized the killer’s poor disguise, but we don’t agree because blah blah blah.” That’s what Reddit is for my dudes, you’re not informing anyone here. The hosts’ pet issues come up in every episode, and although I happen to agree with quite a bit of what they say, it’s the same rehash every time. I’m not sure when I last listened to an entire episode. This current format may work for the meet ups they’re so fond of doing, but it’s boring as a podcast. Unsubscribed, good luck to them.

Good stories, a little dull with delivery. (3/5)

The stories are great, the back and forth between the guys are smooth. The only issue is, the tone gets boring and I notice that in many episodes they both repeat themselves often. I find that in some stories they go over some possibilities in excess, which either makes me switch to a new episode or a new podcast altogether. It’s easy to zone out and not pay attention with this one.

I can’t get enough of these!! (5/5)

This podcast is awesome !

Fascinating true crime (5/5)

Well researched, interesting, and covers a wide variety of perspectives and crimes.

Not gonna lie I fall asleep to this at night (5/5)

Really love this podcast. They do a great job of discussing the case conversationally while still going very in depth. Favorite true crime podcast.

My First Meetup (5/5)

I went to my first ever meet up tonight. The two gents, visited St. Louis, and did not disappoint. They are so approachable, severely friendly, and are a joy to converse with. I’ve always appreciate the extensive research they’ve done, in order to put together their highly intelligent and always compelling story telling of true crime cases, but now I have another reason to love Aaron and Justin. Thank you both for being you. Super friendly, nerdy (on a wide range of topics), and down to earth fellows. Justin-the beard is exceptional!!! Aaron-The Wonder Woman and SuperMan movies-know one can take them away from us!!!🤓 Thank you for taking time out of your lives to visit us and for the goodies! Jenn Q.

Great long running cast! (5/5)

One of my trusted, go to, casts. Solid writing, great presentation, insightful dialogue. A must.

I came to the party late, but it's still great! (5/5)

Update 2018- you guys have taught me more about real life than any of the motivational podcasts out there:call your lawyer and don’t speculate if you’re a person of interest. Haha But I've really enjoyed this podcast! I really enjoy the stories and have always been somewhat fascinated by serial murders. Since I found the podcast I think I've listened to almost every episode. I enjoy the authors you interview and think you guys put out a quality podcast. Thanks for the podcast, I look forward to it every week!

New favorite podcast! (5/5)

I love these guys :)

Let Gen Why Walk You Through Infamy (5/5)

Aaron and Justin are excellent hosts that provide a well researched rehashing of interesting cases, both known and unknown. I appreciate their sensitivity and calm Podcasting.

Always thoughtful (5/5)

Aaron and Justin work very well together. They have an insightful, respectful conversation. They talk the crime through and aren’t opposed to identifying areas that concern them or are clear red flags. Always and enjoyable listen. Clearly they do their research.

Long time listener (5/5)

This podcast has been a go to for me for a long time. I do enjoy that they try to stay as unbiased as possible. It’s hard to do that when you have invested time and research to not form such a harsh opinion and deliver your information in that manner. I recommend this podcast to a lot of true crime listeners. I would love to be apart of something like this! If you guys ever need someone to help with research I’m here! 😜

Best in true crime (5/5)

My favorite true crime podcast! Have a listen!

Love love love (5/5)

I’ve always been a true crime junkie from a young age watching “unsolved mysteries” with my mom and then discovering I.D as a young teen. These guys are by far the BEST source for your true crime needs. They dive DEEP into each case and weed out the BS that is out there and are truly passionate about what they do. I only wish they made enough from this to put out new stuff more often. I even joined their patreon to give more support, and get more episodes because I have listened to everything else. Listen to this podcast!!

Great listen! (5/5)

Aaron and Justin offer great in depth coverage of cases and also offer us their own personal life experience. This is one of my favorite Podcasts and I will continue to listen as long as episodes are made.

Just listen (5/5)

Great podcast!

Intelligent (5/5)

What I love most about this podcast is that the hosts speak to the audience. The hosts present all the facts about the case in a respectful manner. I like that they are professional, in that they do not use profane language and They do not harp on gruesome details, in fact they only disclose what they have to. They do all the “footwork” find all the details and present the facts. I like that the show isn’t based on opinions and it is completely without bias. This is my favorite podcast I have listened to every episode.

One of my favorites! (5/5)

Aaron and Justin have great insight and perspective. I like when they play devil's advocate on the topics and show all sides. Worth a listen. Then binge!

Love (5/5)

Im so glad I found Generation Why Podcast! Listen to you guys as often as I can! Usually daily, when possible Thanks again!

Must have in your pod library (5/5)

I can’t get enough ! Easy to follow and a very interesting podcast. Top 5 for me and definitely 5 stars.

Love Aaron and Justin! (5/5)

Listening to Aaron and Justin feels like hanging out with friends talking about true crime. They do deep dives in their research and present the facts in an amazing story

Best Podcast Around (5/5)

Aaron and Justin’s insight and impartial presentation of some of the lands most thought-provoking true crime cases is equal parts informative and entertaining. They provide plenty of details while delivering with real time interaction as well as mixing in opinions and theories. This podcast is the best of the genre and one of the very best in all of the podcast world.

My Favorite Podcast (5/5)

Justin and Aaron are incredible podcasters. I love everything from the intro, to the “How you doing tonight Aaron?” How they communicate each case comes across genuine yet they also keep it entertaining. They don’t always agree so it’s nice to hear each of their opinions. Always very excited when a new episode comes out. Keep up the great work guys!

Excellent podcast! (5/5)

I stumbled across this podcast when I was searching for a good synopsis of a particular case and was immediately hooked. I have binged most of the episodes and look forward to the release of the new episode each week. I appreciate that Aaron and Justin really look at all angles of each case and allow the listener to form their own opinion about what happened and which scenario or suspect is more likely, and also give their opinions. They cover a variety of cases (and even the occasional conspiracy theory) with a very objective view. I highly recommend any of their episodes!

Underrated (5/5)

For sure an underrated Podcast.. Not that they have bad ratings, but they deserve ALL of the great reviews!! Love these guys!

Meh (1/5)

The stories themselves can be interesting, although I find the overall tone of the show lacking in personality and energy. But what made me stop listening is the support and defense the hosts provide the rather vile Mike Boudet of Sword and Scale, a man who doxxes critics, sexually harrasses female fans, bashes the mentally ill, and makes transphobic comments. Shame on them.

My first love 🔪❤️ (5/5)

The very first crime podcast I ever listened to. The one that started my obsession with true crime and led me to many other interesting podcasts in this genre. I always return to Gen Why, though. Keep up the great work, guys!

True Crime Perfection (5/5)

I absolutely love this podcast. Even though I’m already a fan of true crime, I still find that Aaron and Justin make the genre easier to listen to and understand. I appreciate the respect they show to the victims in only describing details that are necessary to the story. I also appreciate how they attempt to first give unbiased details of the crime and then eventually give personal thoughts and opinions. Their insight is very interesting, and many times, I have revisited my own opinions on cases and done more research because of their opinions on the show. I keep hoping one day they will move to two shows a week instead of just one! Thank you for your show Aaron and Justin, I hope you keep this going for many years to come!

Well researched, respectful coverage (5/5)

These two men do a lot of research for this podcast and talk about cases fairly and without bias. When I first found this podcast I binge listened to all their episodes and still have some favorite ones I will go back and listen to from time to time. I am always looking forward to an episode release on Sundays. They treat every case with respect. Not only that, but these two friends have complimentary charisma that makes them fun to listen to. I highly recommend this podcast.

How ya doing tonight Aaron? (5/5)

Hell of a podcast. These dudes are awesome

My all time favorite (5/5)

Aaron and Justin are the best. I listen to every episode pretty much the second it drops each week. I listen to A LOT of podcasts and none of them can really top this one.

Liked it at first... (1/5)

But just too much virtue signaling now. I just want to listen to a true crime podcast, not be preached to.

One of my favorites! (4/5)

Pros: 1. Makes long drives seem short. 2. Not gruesome. I have OCD and obsess on nasty details and it ruins my week, so I very much appreciate the way these guys don’t dwell on the blood and guts. 3. These guys speak respectfully about people and always talk with a sense of value for human life, which I can’t say about other podcasts like sword and scale whose author seems to get off on death and gore. 4. Clear audio. 5. Sound like genuinely good guys. With families. Relatable. Cons: 1. Mellow voices are enjoyable to listen to, but could make you sleepy. Perhaps more background/transitional music is needed, or clips from the trials or interviews. 2. There could be a more streamlined back and forth approach to some episodes. (E.g., the first 15 minutes of episode 43 describe a very unreasonable side of the story and make it sound like it’s rational when it 100% isn’t. Why would someone who is owed $21K accept a new gun from the borrower and then kill his wife for not being given his money). I guess I’d just rather have both sides of the story off the bat rather than hearing what arguments could be made to justify either side.

Really well done (5/5)

Really well done. I love this podcast. Well researched and the hosts are great.

Love it (5/5)

You guys are great! Love this podcast!

So great! (5/5)

These two are great! I appreciate the personal opinions/view points/journals in this podcast.....not a lot of podcasts narrate from those perspectives. I get to hear and know about all aspects to each crime story because these two dig into the sides of crimes that people don’t typically see in the news or on the media. Great, great podcast. They have also broadened my knowledge on the justice system which I really appreciate!!

My favorite podcasters...EVER!! (5/5)

I absolutely love Gen Why! Love the subjects you guys talk about and all the research that goes into it. I usually am with Justin on everything (we think a lot alike..don’t know if it’s an Evans thing cuz that’s my maiden name 😉😂) I listen to this podcast while I’m getting ready for work, all day at work, when I’m driving..literally anytime I get the chance. I also highly recommend Justin’s podcast The Peripheral! JUSTIN AND AARON YOU GUYS ROCK!!! -Brandy

Whiny politics ruined a good show. (2/5)

See title.

5 Star (5/5)

Favorite week to week podcast. Phenomenal job investigating and telling the story.

Great show (4/5)

This is one of my favorite podcasts. It’s very in-depth, well produced, and and entertaining.

Great podcast (5/5)

So well researched. One of my favorite true crime podcasts out there.

My FAVORITE Podcast!! (5/5)

Excellent topics. I like that they follow the facts more than emotion or personal views for the most part. Justin’s voice makes me listen to episodes more than one time. I love the combo of the 2 of them. I wish they would have a meet up in Washington :)

One of my favorite podcasts! (5/5)

I love these guys! They follow local cases and national, and provide details I’ve never heard before. Love it!!!

In A League of Your Own (5/5)

I was hooked after my first episode! These hosts have some of the best chemistry. Their banter is kept to a minimum & always adds to the show. It usually ends up helping me to understand a point or relate on a more personal level. They both have such fluid delivery. So natural & conversational. They’re knowledgeable, thorough & deliver just the right amount of detail, when it comes to the more gruesome facts in a case. The information they provide is all necessary to tell the story accurately. It’s also, useful in helping to TRY & understand the minds behind the crimes. I’ve listened to other podcasts that tell every single gruesome facts, simply to BE gruesome. I think it’s in poor taste to bring out those details when they don’t add to the story or provide a deeper understanding. Only thing I would say is a “negative” is, they don’t post enough! Haha #HugeFan

Love This Podcast (5/5)

One of my favorites

Thought provoking, unbiased, addicting podcast! (5/5)

I am seriously addicted to this podcast! I absolutely love the way Aaron and Justin talk about true crime stories. They give enough detail to make it fascinating but not boring and don’t focus on the gruesome details. They try to be as unbiased as possible and delve into deeper topics such as corruption in the courtroom, sexism and racism. They are intelligent people who clearly do extensive research before telling these stories. Plus there are so many episodes that you can pick and choose which stories sounds fascinating to you! Just listen to a few episodes and you will be hooked too!!

Enjoyable (5/5)

I like the banter of the hosts. True Crime stories can be so different depending on who tells it. Keep up the good work.

Boring (1/5)

Just plain boring. I get the feeling the don’t know much, but act like they do. If this is one of the top true crime podcasts I feel bad for the future of them.

There are better true crime podcasts out there (2/5)

I find the interpretations to be a bit shallow for me in almost all of the cases. So, I would recommend other podcasts where there is more careful consideration of various angles of any given case.

Addicted (5/5)

I’m so addicted to Generation Why! I finally have something to get me excited about my work commute. I am so stressed that eventually I’ll run out of episodes. Listen to this because these two guys are so engaging. Love X a million!

Love (LOVE!) this show! (5/5)

I recently got hooked on the Canadian True Crime podcast and I think it was through Kristi the host that I heard of this podcast. Absolutely loving it, love the way they thoroughly discuss cases, great banter and insight. Currently in my top two favorite podcasts, along with Canadian True Crime. Keep up the great work guys 😉

Amazing, caring hosts (5/5)

Aaron and Justin really care about the stories they cover, and it comes through to the listeners. I love the way your voices are so soothing when the contact matter is so dark. Keep up the great work!

Awesome podcast (5/5)

In my opinion the best true crime podcast out there and maybe even the best podcast period. I drive a lot for work and these 2 keep me company. Idk what I’d do without them. Keep it up guys!!

Well researched and accurate.... also hilarious (5/5)

Justin is so funny. It baffles me how neither of them laugh at some of his one liners. (Maybe they edit the laughs out but they shouldn’t)In this weeks episode I cracked up in the middle of Trader Joe’s over his slayer joke...Love it!

Phenomenal. (5/5)

I was recommended to this podcast by my mother. I grew up watching true crime with her and it has alwasy piqued my interest. A lot of the cases I have heard of, and a lot of them I haven't. I also like to hear the opinions of Aaron and Justin. This podcast has really opened my mind to new facts and keeps me craving more. You guys are awesome.

Love these guys and their show (5/5)

I look forward to this podcast each and every time new episodes hit. Justin and Aaron's dynamic on the show is great and I've enjoyed every episode they've come out with. Great for binge listening (esp. on your way to and from work) with all the content they've introduced. I love them so much I joined their patreon to show my support. Can't wait for the next episode this week!

Keep it up! (5/5)

Love all you do!

Love them (5/5)

Sometime the chemistry seems a tad off but overall I enjoy listening to these guys. I love their respect for victims and their research and their thought provoking discussions.

Logical and contemplative case exposition (5/5)

What a wonderful respite among the sea of interposing, nattering podcast hosts. The podcast hosts are neither pretentious nor prurient. I appreciate that the hosts have prepared their presentations for their podcasts. I never feel mentally fatigued after they present their episodes because they don’t speak over each other. Other podcast hosts constantly interrupt each other, make juvenile jokes that they confuse for witticisms or satire, and use unnecessary sound effects and bad vocal impressions. It’s exhausting just trying to focus on the factual content with so much flummery. Thank you for offering great content that is informative and enjoyable to hear.

OG True Crime Podcast (5/5)

This is one of the original true crime podcasts that really paved the way for the others! It’s an amazing show with awesome audio and content! They often make me want more! Subscribe and listen now! -Heather Wright (Nature vs Narcissism & Status Pending Podcasts)

One of the bust true crime podcast I’ve listen to! (5/5)

One of the bust true crime podcast I’ve listen to

11/10 would listen again (5/5)

I love true crime and consider myself a bit of buff. It’s refreshing to have clever and vibrant personalities producing a true crime podcast. Even more refreshing that these guys are doing so from my hometown.

Excellent Episode (5/5)

Ever since I starting listening to your show, I’ve wondered when you were going to cover the missing Cleveland women case. I live only a few miles away from that area. I must say you guys did an exceptional job covering the case especially in such a short period of time! Thank you for focusing on the lives of these courageous women instead of talking about their abuser. As a long-time listener, I depend on you guys for information that I’m often too scared to look up myself, so thank you for all that you guys do.

Great Podcast! (5/5)

I just started listening and I am fascinated! I usually listen to True Crime Podcasts that is the same story week after week. I am really enjoying a new subject each week. They are intelligent, funny and a little sarcastic (which I love). Also, another important thing for me is that their voices don’t get under my skin. Thank you and keep up the great work!

Top-notch (5/5)

By far my favorite true crime podcast. The narrative, descriptions/information and just general flow is the best out there. If there was just one true crime podcast I’d suggest, this would be it!

Yesss (5/5)

Love this podcast! I’m a true crime junkie. They also have some the unsolved mysteries aspects, disappearances, etc. they are awesome. I also listen to Mom, true crime garage, criminal, already gone, wine and crime, last podcast on the left, the list is endless. But if you listen to any of those you’ll probably like these guys. Thanks for all the hard work you guys put into this podcast guys!

A true crime sleeping pill. (1/5)

Listening to them is mind numbingly boring. Don’t listen on a long drive. If you don’t fall asleep at the wheel and crash you will wish you had. Sound quality not great. However they do seem to do their home work.

Quality has declined (3/5)

When I first started listening, I couldn’t get enough. Now, I couldn’t get through the last few shows. I think the guys may need a break. The lack of energy, enthusiasm or interest is apparent. It sounds like both would rather be anywhere but there. It may be time for me to unsubscribe. Maybe I just need a break from this podcast.

Travis Walton Episode (4/5)

Finally, I get to hear Nick without the Captain. SO MUCH BETTER. Great episode.

Book report (1/5)

If you are looking for a 5th grade level book report, with an 11th grade political agenda, you have found your new favorite podcast!

Awesome job! (5/5)

Great podcast guys, I was impressed with Nic on episode 291 and how well he did co-hosting and keeping with the Aaron and Justin inflection and banter😁 love this podcast!!!

Love It!!! Better than Sword and Scale!!! (4/5)

I absolutely love listening to these guys break down classics and some new case files or mysteries!!! The only thing I could ask for would be better audio and maybe some background noise so it doesn’t sound so stuffy and also maybe some clips of voices and court room talks to give it some extra audio!!!! I do understand that’s a lot to ask for but I really think it’d make the podcast even better!!! Then I would give it a full set of 5 stars but honestly I’ve been listening to these guys for awhile and it’s been incredible to see how you’ve grown keep up the great work!!!

Two Nonlawyers Revisit Convictions (2/5)

The hosts are complete laymen and yet impliedly deem themselves experts in criminal law and procedure by proclaiming so-and-so's trial and conviction "unfair" and "wrong" (e.g., Jens Soering). They don't distinguish federal law from state law (to paraphrase: "My tax dollars are being used to keep this guy in [another state's state] prison."). Absurd. They recount past crimes in irritating and very pretentious predictive future tense (a made-up example: "... and they will find that the lights are off. And they will enter the room..."). Their only use is in finding interesting cases to learn about elsewhere.

Thoughtful and respectful (5/5)

I really appreciate and enjoy how respectful these guys are to all persons in the cases they cover. They treat the victims with so much care, like you would hope someone you’re related to would be respected if the worst happened. They cover cases in a way to not sensationalize the crime, but rather to understand how things happened, and just maybe, something could be prevented in the future.

One of the best true crime podcasts (5/5)

This has got to be one of the very best true crime podcasts out there, and I listen to A LOT of them. One request though: please rename the file so that the number is in front of the title. It makes it easier to sort by history.

Top notch! (5/5)

I love these guys! Their library of stories is incredible. Excellent production. Sounds great. Just listen!

Consistently Good. (5/5)

I prefer this podcast over True Crime Garage because the hosts get to the story quickly and stay on the storyline (vs idle chatter and obnoxious banter on TCG). I really enjoy this!

New Favorite! (5/5)

After hearing about a meet and greet, I decided to not do my usual google search and info gathering. I wanted to meet them cold. Get to see them in action before I jumped on board. I am so glad that I did! These two are funny, quirky, inteligent, and straight to the point. I am pretty excited to jump in and hear it all! Keep up the good work gentlemen! You've got a new listener!

Good listen but... (3/5)

This is a great podcast! Good content, good research, good stories! My only issue is I feel like they are very one sided with every story. If they already think they know the answer they don’t give any of the other theories much thought.. they will mention the other theories but not spend much time on them.. even if it is a good theory. But other wise great podcast

One of the best (5/5)

One of my favorite podcasts. I wish they put out more episodes!

So great (5/5)

I’ve only listened to one episode so far (episode 278) and that episode alone earns 5 stars.

Real deal (5/5)

This was my first "true crime" podcast I started listening to. It got me hooked. Aaron and Justin seem geniune and aren't trying to be constantly funny. I know that's what some people want, but I can't handle constant jokes with such serious topics. I hope they continue the same format and genuine converstation!

Yuba County Five - 285 (4/5)

FYI. Its Marysville -not Maryville

Love it (5/5)

These guys are good. Keep up the good work.

Sad (1/5)

You say Michael was a freeloader who lived off of his wife. Are wives that don’t work freeloaders also? I smell a hypocrite.

My Favorite Podcast (5/5)

Love the conversations these guys have on popular and lesser known cases. These friends take turns sharing well researched information on cases from neutral perspectives, allowing the listener to reach their own conclusions. Their episode on Annie Dookhan, happened to inspire my own creation of a “Scary/Bad Science” lecture in the theme of Halloween. Love you guys. Keep it going!

Best podcast around (5/5)

This is the best true crime podcast around. I was a deputy coroner for over a decade and can tell you there takes are right in the money. They don’t always agree and that makes it even better. Do yourself a favor and listen to the most interesting program around.

Smart commentary (5/5)

Good takes on familiar cases, very human-centered reporting.

Meh (2/5)

Some episodes are decent, others not so good, and some I find practically unlistenable. I’m subscribed now, but I’m not sure I will continue. I’m being choosy about episodes. I’ve dropped this podcast before because I find it hit-or-miss. If you’re expecting anything even remotely academic in nature, look elsewhere. It’s very “rambly.” So far as I can tell, episodes are wholly unedited. That in itself is not a problem, but the production value is low. The main problem I have is the convoluted telling of the stories. For example, many that I have listened to thus far lack location and date. That is essential information, for the sake of appropriate context. What you are getting is a couple of guys sitting around having a conversation. It would greatly benefit the listener to research the case/topic prior to listening. If you do not, it is easy to get lost in the conversation, especially given the rambling nature of the presentation.

This is what we’ve been looking for (5/5)

I’ve listened to many true crime/unexplained/etc casts and really love them all in their own ways. These guys really do it right. They also admit their mistakes and that they’ve learned a lot along the way. I started with more recent episodes and have worked my way all around the “seasons” and have shared episodes from this podcast more than any other. This podcast has done cases which some of my other favorite podcasts have done and I love hearing these guys’ insights and they tell the story in a very articulate and easy to follow manner.

Well Researched and Insightful. (5/5)

I'm a big true crime/mystery buff, and most hosts just don't have the attention to detail or sensitivity neccesary to make these kind of podcasts successful. Justin and Aaron are eloquent and opinionated, but they have a level of tact and thoughtfulness that sets Generation Why apart from many other podcasts of this nature. No ridiculous tangents, no self-righteous bleating - what more could one ask for?

GWP (3/5)

Voices are shockingly similar. I like Aaron’s delivery much more than Justin’s over the top ramblings (that ponytail 🤮) - but they put in the work and they usually cover interesting cases. I wish Aaron would lead and Justin would return to sidekick status.

Ms (5/5)

I think you guys are fabulous and are one of my three favorite crime pocasts! Actually you were one of my first of listiening to many crime podcasts that got me hooked! You are so thorugh and stick to the facts along with always presenting an engaging narrative. Unlike some podcast yuo don't bring your personal life into the narration unless it's appropriate and brief. I am mmotiaved to write today because I just finished listening to part two of Katheleen Peterson. When I reviewed the webstie that presented this docuseries, my comments were precisely with the same argument you put forth although not nearly as articulate! I never doubted for a minute that Michael Peterson was guilty and I do think it's so obvious that the prosecutions lack of professionalism, blaring ineptitude and prejudices are what got him the next trial and a lot of support from the public. I want to add a couple of points I noticed in the documentary: How about the 55 (f) degree weather which really put a doubt into the idea that he stayed out on the deck for 2+ hours. . Aother reveiwer suggested he was waiting for his son to come home so son would find the body. Also I have to say, maybe I missed this but Mikey almost never spoke highly or affectionately about Kathleen. One last comment: I hated how MP and his attorneys dissed the sister who delivered a gut wrenching victim speech. What did they say chuckellng: " Yea she's crazy..." Thank you for again your top qualilty delivery as usual!

I love this podcast (5/5)

This is one of the only true crime podcast I can listen to. They don’t sound like they are just reading from a script and I love the way they tell these cases and give their opinions

Great Storytelling (5/5)

I love the way Justin and Aaron tell these stories. They lay out the case in such a captivating way and withhold details for just the right time to keep it interesting and put you right into the story instead of just reading facts. If you want the story chronologically and factually, go read Wikipedia. This is for people that want to be engaged and want to think about the reason for hearing the story.

Not very Interesting Storytelling (2/5)

Your topics are interesting but your delivery leaves a lot to be desired. Sometimes the hosts gets into the meat of the investigation without telling the audience the “who”, “what” “where” of the topic. You start somewhere in the middle of your topic. Can’t hold my attention.


I cannot get enough of Generation Why, their content is great and I love the way they discuss their stories, keep it up guys 😊😊😊😊

My favorite podcast! (5/5)

After finishing the podcast, Criminal, I was looking for something to get hooked to. I listen to Generation Why for all my communities, especially during the school year since I have to drive for 40 minutes and my work is a 30 minute drive (one way). Justin and Aaron are entertaining and they offer so many episodes which I love to binge!

Evil Genius (3/5)

Wanted to love this ‘cast, but the treatment of the victim in episode “Evil Genius” is unforgivable. We (scarily enough) have video source material on the bombing victim, and despite the pro-law-enforcement narrative I’d love to believe, I couldn’t STAND to listen to the hosts project their preferred filter onto the reality of the situation. I happened across this case in a strangely organic path: First through another podcast, then watched the Netflix mini-series, then listened to this episode. I have my own doubts about Brian Wells’ role in the odd events in 2003, but these hosts have little to no consideration of his motives, actions, tone of voice, etcetera. The “party line” rings loudly in this episode, and I am disappointed. TL/DR: I won’t be listening again.

Highly Enjoyable and Informative (5/5)

Its become a must listen true-crime podcast for me. I love the wide array of cases that are covered, as many of them I had never heard of. The hosts are objective and present information in an easy to listen format. Look forward to each episode as it is released, along with going back through the library to old cases.

Slacker True Crime (2/5)

Poor research, laziness, and pretentious approach. And quit trying to promote yourself so much, a good show does that for you. And these guys are always taking a week off. Your shows are 45 minutes long, why the need for a break when your research is so limited. Extend the show lengths, research and put some work in.

Michigan Meetup!! (5/5)

These guys are very personable and down to earth. My car broke down 8 miles out of a meetup, and after they were through they called and asked if I’d still like to meet them! They drove out and took pics, shook hands and spent a few minutes...and brought me a hoodie. How fkn cool are they? Anyway, the shows are varied and interesting, with sensitive narration and good editing. They always find dark, interesting cases to discuss and pontificate on. Check them out.