Aggregated reviews for The Going Quantum Podcast

The Going Quantum Podcast features exclusive music and guest mixes from the top artists around the globe. Tune in to hear the latest music from Monstercat and much more.

Monstercat Call of the Wild   (5/5)

Pretty sure Going Quantum moved to Monstercat Call of the Wild.

My favorite EDM podcast   (5/5)

Where did you go! I have every episode downloaded. By far better than any other edm genre podcast and I’d love to see more!

PLEASE bring this back   (5/5)

Used to listen to this podcast back in the day, just rediscovered it and fell back in love. Should def make more episodes

Wish you were still doing this   (5/5)

I miss my GQ podcast. It hasn't been updated on the store in a while. Hope you come back soon!


We need some Excision up in here! But all this dubstep and electronic is dope! Keep up good work! 😁

Wow!   (5/5)

Listening to the Cookie Monsta guest mix- I gotta say, dubstep that gives me the heebeejeebies is the best kind of dubstep in my opinion

All the best dubstep and other electronic music!   (5/5)

I have loved this podcast for years. It's so fun, energetic, totally creative and dynamic. I do wish there was a clearer conduit to the artists financially. Don't ever stop GCP!!

It's great   (5/5)

I love it because I keeps me motivated to keep on going when I'm sad or I just want to run listening to music without using cell data

It's what you're looking for   (5/5)

Can I just say DAYUM! I was searching for some great liquid dubstep and my goodness I stumbled upon a goldmine!

There's Nothing Quite Like GQ   (5/5)

Going Quantum has and will always be my favorite podcast. Been following GQ since I was in high school, and it's only gotten better over the years. Keep it up, love y'all

Always Been The Best   (5/5)

I've been listening to Going Quantum for years now, and this podcast is seriously such a classic for me. It's amazing.

Its Back!   (5/5)

Finally its back! After holding out forever, its finally back! One of the best podcasts that is available! If you love any kind of EDM, this is the ONE and ONLY for YOU!

Going Quantum   (5/5)

Sickest podcast!! Def my Fav podcast of all time! ;)

Fat tastic   (5/5)

Great podcast. Love everything about it. Are there any more?

Best   (5/5)

The best podcast ever. Period. I really wish I knew why they stopped, because this is the type of stuff I'd pay money to listen to.

Best dubstep ever!!   (5/5)

u must hear!!

Highly recommended!   (5/5)

Been listening to GQ for a long while now. Definitely something I recommend to give a shot. Especially episode 118!!

Liquid Dubstep   (5/5)

I feel like everything will be ok when I listen to this!

What happened?   (3/5)

This was a solid 5 star podcast, but since Monsterdcat released their self named podcast it seems as if attention has been degrading for GC. They used to be adamant about weekly releases. Its been months since the last release. GC has a great variety of electronic music that you can’t find elsewhere. I hope this isn’t the end.

GQ   (5/5)

Love the podcast always loved their music

:-)   (5/5)


Going Quantum   (5/5)

I love this podcast! I listen to it all the time just to break the silence. Keep doing what you're doing guys!

Love This Podcast   (5/5)

Have shared this podcase with so many other people trying to get this podcast and dubstep its self to get more popular. Love his late stuff, favorite episode has to be most likely 107 with the F.O.O.L remix

Going Quantum needs to COME BACK!   (5/5)

Come back to Monstercat GQ! I love your music, so why stop. I still love your podcast, and your very good at mixing. Keep it up, but come back too!

Phenomenal and Outstanding   (5/5)

Most Sensational Podcast ever made! Keep up the the great mixes! Thank you!

My default podcast   (5/5)

My goto for whatever edm I feel like listening to at the moment. Typically a great selection of songs on the Dirty Electro, Big Room, and Dubstep episodes in my opinion.

Amazing   (5/5)

It's great, love all the music he puts on here. But you can't download podcasts from iPhone 3GS without podcast app, which you need iOS 7 for... not GQ's fault at all, just thought that Apple needs to fix that

Awesome but where is ep. 120?   (5/5)

These podcast are amazing but it's been almost a month since an episode has been released. Where is 120?

Agree with Nue Perez   (5/5)

I started listening to it on request of a friend a while back, when they were probably still on episode 12 or something. I have always loved the liquid dubstep episodes more than the rest, but rarely am I unhappy with the episodes entirely.

The best   (5/5)

I love listening to going quantum when I'm driving it's nice and calming I also listen to this music when I go to sleep great music.

I mean… Oh My God...   (5/5)

WOW. I recently started working from home and your podcasts are just…in..cred..ible. Thank you, this is really the best music ever.

Dubcity   (5/5)

Best collection of dubstep playlists I've encountered. Great place to find new artists and hit singles. Don't forget to support your favorite DJ's!

Wahoo!   (5/5)

Dude, you guys just kill it everytime and it sounds so good!!! Keep it coming with the great music!

.......   (5/5)

What...... when did music become this good.

Dropping Bombs   (5/5)

This dude drops bombs... like... all day. ;o

The only podcast I listen to.   (5/5)

Great podcast! The drumstep and dnb are by far the best. The only way this podcast could get better is by doing a metalstep show. Please incorporate this to the list. Please please please! I find a lot of good music from this podcast and would enjoy finding metalstep from it.

Best podcast   (5/5)

Best podcast ever

Best podcast for bass music!   (5/5)

Always playing recent releases, clean mixing, excellent sound quality. This podcast needs a donate button!

Amazing!!   (5/5)

What are you doing even thinking about downloading?? Do it!!!!

Great mix   (5/5)

It's a good mix of everything too much dubstep is bad. I really liked the mix with rudfunk

Title   (5/5)

Jesus listens to this Podcast.

Love it!   (5/5)

I love all of your stuff! Only thing that upsets me is that I want all of it and episode 4 is missing :( plz put it on!

a lucky find   (5/5)

I have been eaten up by dubstep in the last couple of months, and this is an epic find. This is basically my work soundtrack without question: endless mix of wonderful tracks and a whole bunch of diversity mixed in. Do yourself a favor: let your ears nom on this for a while and then dive in head first.

Old episodes are back!   (5/5)

All my favorite episodes are back and i can finally download them. Thank you so much GQ!

AMAZING!   (5/5)

It's quite amazing i cant stop listening to it. its up there with glitch mob

Best Podcast Ever   (5/5)

Best podcast ever, been listening since episode one

GQ   (5/5)


Blah   (5/5)

I also need those old episodes

Please :/   (5/5)

I NEED those old episodes :'( I had to clear my iPod and now I can't get them back. Please put them back up

Where are the old episodes at?   (4/5)

I love the new ones but ep 28 & 30 are two of my favorites and now there gone...

Greatness   (5/5)

Totally awesome!! Only thing I listen to when I workout.

I love it !   (5/5)

I always stop everything just to listen to your mixes. It's amazing. You're doing the world a favor when you mix songs up like this. Don't ever even think about stopping. (:

All-Time Favorite Music.   (5/5)

This is good stuff bro! All my friends are hooked just as much as me. Been a fan ever since Episode 1. Wish I could download the older ones though, you had some good mixes I can't download back :)

Amazing!   (5/5)

I love GQ and the work he does with Monstercat. Everyweek i look forward to Mcat releases and The Going Quantum Podcast.

Nomadic Music   (5/5)

All I can say is I'm always on the road and these mixes are just right for riding out to. Get a high dynamic balanced system and cruise. No need for extra bass. Quantum is set up with enough already. Just make sure its only the bass that drops and not the pedal to medal. The music will get you going if you aren't paying attention xD. Eat, Sleep Music/JDM

Love It   (5/5)

Love these mixes and guest artist sounds! Makes work or workouts go by a whole lot quicker!!!

Where and how to get the older episodes.   (5/5)

Okay so most of us are looking for the older episodes here on itunes but for now if you go to the Going Quantum facebook page and like it you will have access to all the episodes. Hope this helps =D

Excelent mix of electronic   (5/5)

I listen to these podcasts more then my actual tracks. Keep it up, GQ!

Great work   (5/5)

I love GQ podcasts. I tune in and listen every day:)

Awesome   (5/5)


Old episodes dammit   (5/5)

Plzz put the old eps back up evryone wants it

AMAZING !!!   (5/5)

I love these, but i really wish i could get all the episodes.

Awesome   (5/5)

Where are the old ones man. I've been here with you since around episode 1 :/

Where's the old episodes?   (4/5)

Episode 5 is my favorite and you dropped all the old episodes :(

Short episodes   (4/5)

Killer tracks, but the episodes are too short.

So amazing   (5/5)

His glitch hop mixes are to die for!

real music   (5/5)

this is the music i can listn to for days on end...

Baws   (5/5)

5 star

Cheap   (5/5)

A great way to find or listen to techno! Long mixes make it convenient not to change songs and flow easy!

Going quantum   (5/5)

The best dubstep,DnB , electro,glitch hop and so much more I love u guys thanks for the free music.

Really good   (5/5)

Would recommend to electro lovers!

Great Podcast   (5/5)

New episodes every week. So awesome!

Best Podcast Ever   (5/5)

I've been listening for a long time now and it never fails to amaze me. And you can download all the episodes before 80 at going quantum a Download mirror.

they're is a reason why this has so meany 5 stars   (5/5)

you shouldn't read this comments you should download this podcast

Truly amazing music indescribable   (5/5)

How can you describe such amazing music

I love this podcast   (5/5)

My favorite is liquid dub step and some drum and bass.

Podcast app STUPID!!!   (5/5)


why?   (2/5)

How come i can only see the last 4 podcast uploaded?!

Lame.   (5/5)

My iPod tried to swim in a sink and I lost all my data tried to download the podcasts again and they are not there anymore love dubstep but hate the podcast app.

Lame   (1/5)

All my episodes just got removed and all I get is playback error. Love the station. Hate the podcast app

:(   (5/5)

Only the four most recent podcasts show up on the list, and because I lost all of my go stuff a couple days ago, I went to redownload all the ones I had before, and they're all gone now :( what happened?

Heavy, hard hitting, bass in your face   (5/5)

I'll pass on the liquid dubstep, but this podcast is all I listen to now

Great tunes! But help!   (3/5)

Been a subscriber for months but now keep getting playback errors on all episodes! Please fix soon

Incomparable   (5/5)

This is the best music that can be heard from electronic sources

Amazing Podcast   (5/5)

Never ceased to be amazed by GQ. Absolutely love it

Download   (5/5)

I love the liquid dubstep mixes but I am unable to download them and I get a playback error

Can't download currently   (5/5)

When I try to download any of these podcasts, I get a screen that asks me to enter my login and password (?) and lists a port number. I can dl other podcasts just fine. Preciously dl'd sets have been just sick. I need my dirty dubstep fix!!

Gets you going   (5/5)

When he mixes a genre you like, you will never be let down in his quality

So good. xD   (5/5)

Keep those podcast coming!!

WoW   (5/5)

This is my favorite dubstep channel, you girls and guys are uncomparable to anything. Thx for every thing ^.^


I never thought I'd find a single source of music in my life cause of mass corperations. This stuff is artistic. Makes Me Feel Good!

A+   (5/5)

Use these for the gym.. Great mix's could not ask for much more!

AMAZING   (5/5)

The best things in life are free

Going quantum rocks   (5/5)

Pretty freakin sweet tunes, everything from liquid dub step to dirty dub step, great music here

Great Music   (5/5)

Great Podcast, Great Music, Love Every Minute Of It

Love it.   (5/5)

This podcast is so great that i made the logo as my black ops 2 emblem. Episode 4 is missing tho.

OMG!!!!!   (5/5)

Holy crap!!! This music is epic!!! Keep makin it!

Only the best   (5/5)

I have been a GQ fan for almost 2 years now and he has never let me down.

Best Music Podcast Ever!   (5/5)

Nuff said! Perfect blend of dubstep and other sister / sub genres.

GQ is a must!   (5/5)

Weekly podcasts bringing the newest and best releses; Going quantum works in very close collaboration with Monstercat Media providing a surplus of amaing music that will never fail to impress and entertain. Going quantum, being so close to Monstercat also allows room for a bit of surprise, each podcast is unique having different forms of EDM genres such as but not limited to Liquid Dubstep, Moombahcore, Glitch-Hop, 110BPM and more. As well as having a large variety of genres GQ also provides a guest mix for the later half of the podcast in which a musician within these genres will throw together a mix, be it of their own music or their own fave jams. Going Quantum, having such diversity hosts no real displeasure for the next podcast is at most only seven days away and theres no telling what it will bring. I sound like an ad but am not =P.

Fail!!   (5/5)

Epic, epic fail for me to have started listening to GQ podcasts... Now all I want to do is rediscover my desire to create fresh fantastic beats. Love the DnB stuff, it's given me a whole different perspective on a genre I wasn't very fond of during my late 90's NW rave scene days. Thanks!

I live for this   (5/5)

I love the music, I have a boring house and I get no wifi. When ever possable, I get these hip tunes and chill to the dub. Thank you QUANTUM!!!!!!!!!my faves are episodes 5,9,14,17,24,and 31. I thank you for this briliant idea

5 out of 5   (5/5)


Major fan   (5/5)

I've been listening to Going Quantum since episode 20. Been stuck in this awesomeness ever since. =]

Best Dubstep I've heard!   (5/5)

I listen to a lot of dubstep, and I've got to say that they've got an extremely high quality collection of songs. Love it!

Fantabulous!   (5/5)

Not a ton of talking and shout outs and other garbage: just face melting dubstep mixed beautifully. Thanks!

5*   (5/5)


Always New   (5/5)

Always have new episodes. Amazing Electronic

:D   (5/5)


GQ   (5/5)

Simply the best. Ever. No questions. I've been a fan from EP 1 and every episode is absolutely amazing. Thanks to the music artists of course.

Sick!!   (5/5)

Love the mixes especially the DNB in this world forced to dj dubstep to stay ahead he still manages to mix it up. Can't play it to loud in the car otherwise it engages Rage Mode.

Awesome mixes for free!   (5/5)

I've listened to GQ and monstercat from the very start, as they just keep getting better!

The best!!   (5/5)

Seriously good work!! I am going to be completely honest. These podcasts have me blown away the songs put together go so smoothly and the mix of dubstep, drumstep, trance, house music, liquid dubstep, ect. Is just amazing! Keep this going!

The Best   (5/5)

Been listening since the Best of Trance mix from early 2011, and I still love the GQ Podcast. Best Podcast on iTunes. Keep it going!

Best Electronic Music Podcast. Ever.   (5/5)

It has amazing variety. It isn't just a podcast with 1 type of music, it has many types, some that I've never heard of before and now love. Amazing music, all the mixes are really well done, and the guest mixes are fantastic. Best music Podcast on iTunes in my opinion.

Life changing   (5/5)

THANK YOU!!!! I always have liked techno but never new what type of electric music is my favorite. I have found so many more types of music that blow my mind. I sit very impatiently every Thursday for the new release so I can rock out on my 30 min drive to work. Long enough to take me home too! I love it, have to shout to my buddy who told me about this at episode 13.... Been I believer ever since!! Again Thank You

Thank you   (5/5)

Absolutely thee best your amazing!!! Simply can not get better then this.

Yes   (5/5)

I love you

Awesome   (5/5)

Great way to listen to EDM :)

Heavy electro baby!   (5/5)

Amazing, I only have one request...more heavy electro


I think going quantum's podcasts don't need any kind of descriptions. Not a podcast, but a religion. Big up! 

Love the mixes   (5/5)

Electro / liquid dubstep / glitch mixes are purrfect. Thanks for the hard work!

Love it   (5/5)

Listen every day keep up the work love the guest mixes to.

Spectacular in every way imaginable   (5/5)


Perfect for lazy hipsters   (5/5)

This guy scours the far reaches of the digital world on a weekly basis and at the end comes up with an incredible mix of tunes, most that I've never even heard of! GQ allows me to consistently find amazing music without having to search far and wide for it like I once did. If your a fan of any of the genre mixes he has, I highly suggest listening

ダブステップ!   (5/5)

私わアメリカ人です Σ( ̄。 ̄ノ)ノ

Ep 51   (5/5)

I freaking love this Ep best yet but I like them all keep doing what your doing I just can't enough of gq

True to the Music   (5/5)

I've been in the rave scene for several years now and this podcast takes me back to the dance floor every time i tune in. Truly amazing mixing and guest artists. Nothing short of audio nirvana, keep up the good work :}

Best dubstep podcast ever!   (5/5)

I listen to this podcast since Ep. 8 and it keeps getting better! Best Podcast on iTunes! The place where you can listen new music daily! Keep it up!

Wow   (5/5)

I never knew how much I loved dubstep until someone recommended The Going Quantum podcasts. Just wild bets and sick mixes. Can't get enough!

Amazing tunes   (5/5)

If you don't love this music like I do then your a weird human being and in need of serious help this music is taking over and everyone loves it! Keep going quantum your ear candy will make it to the top!

AWESOME   (5/5)

Going Quantum is my favorite podcast for music, and hasn't let me down once!

Epic   (5/5)

Keep it up going quantum your music just keeps getting better keep it up ! :)

Pure awesome.   (5/5)

This is one of my favorite things to listen to, hands down. Any time, anywhere. Going quantum.

This is it   (5/5)

This is my in the car, in the gym, at a party jam!!

Outstanding   (5/5)

Great to listen to with the volume all the way up until your ears can't handle anymore. I highly recommend this podcast to anyone who's brand new to the categories of this music or has been a fan for years.

Best Mixes Ever   (5/5)

Perfect for just chilling and not having to worry about song changes. Just let the mixes play. Love you dude

Best   (5/5)

Great wau to find new dubstep and the mixes are amazing, dont know y this isnt number one

Great   (5/5)

Your podcast is so good that I went out and bought new headphones just to hear it in all it's glory.

Go Quantum   (5/5)

Great for anything.. Anywhere.. With anyon

My favorite podcast   (5/5)

It's fantastic every week.

Everyday   (5/5)

Going Quantum.

Convenient!   (5/5)

Useful for parties and private raves. Great techno of all genres all the time. Never get tired of them. (;

Best Place For Electro   (5/5)

I think this is the BEST place for getting dirty/heavy electro house. It's just amazing.

BEST   (5/5)

If it wasn't for this podcast, I don't know what I would still be listening to. I recommend it to any fan of dubstep, dnb, or electro.

Best podcast   (5/5)

If you like dubstep ! Keep going gq ^^

If u ran for prez I would vote 4 u!   (5/5)

This is the greatest thing in the world. Btw u should put like the first 50 episodes on CDs. That be pretty fresh.

1000 out of 5   (5/5)

No words can explain.

GQ Podcast   (5/5)

This is such an amazing podcast dont ever stop growing:)

Perfect!   (5/5)

There is nothing else out there like this. Every episode is amazing. Keep it up!

outstanding   (5/5)

need... more... liquid......

The best   (5/5)

My first stop for dubstep

BEST DUB   (5/5)

Best dub podcast there is ~hands down! U know it's good when the music makes u feel like ur communicating with thee aliens! Definitely give it a listen, u won't regret.

Mind blowing   (5/5)

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Going Quantum Friday Saturday Sunday

:D   (5/5)

This is amazing! I love it!

Awesome   (5/5)

Your mash-ups are amazing bruh and I'm looking forward to some more of your own beats. Thanks for doin this for everybody. ~SilverEndFlow

Superb!   (5/5)

Who ever said you had to pay for quality? This is the place to go if you want good liquid, dirty, electro, or plain old bass dubstep! I recommend this to anyone who enjoys well made music :)

Top notch   (5/5)

These podcast are legit! My go-to when i'm in a dubstep mood thats for sure!! x2 on the liquid dubstep mixes.

Best mixes I've ever heard.   (5/5)

I listen to them all the time, I have every one on my iPod!

Epic   (5/5)

Hours of awesome music don't Evan have to lift a finger and it is good that it is free to!

Awesome.   (5/5)

Very well done, can't wait to listen to the most recent ones!!

Ep.40   (5/5)

Has been the best so far.

Great   (5/5)

He is a great artist and he gives us dubstep listeners something to enjoy.

Eargasm   (5/5)

They always have the best in dubstep and electro! Missing Ep. 4 though...

Amazing   (5/5)

More heavy electro!!!!!!!!!! Remember episode 13, 26, 27, 31???!!!! HEAVY ELECTRO!!

GQ   (5/5)

This Podcast is just Pure Awesomeness!!

Awesome!   (5/5)

The mixes are absolutely amazing. Great for long drives, working, going out, or just simply jamming out! Will definitely recommend this to anyone who likes electronic music.

Great work!   (5/5)

A++ podcast. Would listen again

Positive Review   (5/5)

Love the Podcast but needs more Liquid Dubstep !! <3

LOVE THEM♥   (5/5)

Just went down the list of the eps. And downloaded them all!

I love it   (5/5)

I love the podcasts. I have never been disappointed.

Best Podcast Ever   (5/5)

brings all well mixed songs into one mix tape called a megamix, of all the best or going to make it artists , it's free, and it ranges from 10:00 min. to 60:00 min. Good for long walks and other activities if your doing something outdoors or indoors, and I love every mix

Dubstep   (5/5)

I love his mixes great for drives and just jamming out

Best excuse to stay home and get a bttr sound system   (5/5)

All of his podcast are amazing and he has top of the line dubstep

Lovely   (5/5)

If the songs were separated then they wouldn't be mixes So keep that, but could you possibly put the time of when the songs start on the information so I don't have to count the songs to see which song it is. Besides that good music. Good guests. Good podcast. Keep it going i love them

🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟   (5/5)

GQ never fails to impress! Kudos.

Very epic   (5/5)

5 stars for you bro

Love it.   (5/5)

No complaints.

I love it   (5/5)

Can't stop listening to em !

Amazing   (5/5)

Simply the best single thing in this universe.

Suggestion   (5/5)

These podcasts are the best on iTunes, and have amazing music on them. I have a suggestion though, organize your podcasts like the Juno dubstep podcast, with chapters. Their music is terrible, but I like the separation of tracks. Do this please.

Simply Amazing   (5/5)

I've listened to ALL the episodes and I must say, they are quite amazing. I find myself constantly refreshing for more episodes.

Best   (5/5)

Theres nothing better. Its perfect.

Mr.   (5/5)

Simply terrific. The only thing that gets me through the workday...

Absolutely Amazing!   (5/5)

Going Quantum is the only place where I listen to mixes & podcasts, thus being the only material I jam out to.

#1 source for EDM.   (5/5)

Only music I jam to.

best   (5/5)

the only music i need

Awesome.   (5/5)

Stellar job

Amazing   (5/5)

Good work and effort into this!!

Yes.   (5/5)

First review written on a podcast. It's THAT good. Overall, an amazing production every time. Recently I feel they have come out a bit more often- but it's fine because they keep quality. I have gotten many friends to sub this podcast! Keep up the awesome work!!!

Best of the best   (5/5)

Mixes are so good I could listen to this podcast all day everyday

Yo best dubstep ever brp keep it up!!   (5/5)


Great   (5/5)

Great way of finding new music

Simply amazing   (5/5)

You brought this genre back to life, good job !!!!

Amazing   (5/5)

This guy is the best I have ever heard, and I have listened to some pretty amazing mixers, but this guy is THE BEST without a doubt. He should be on the #1 spot EVERY DAY. He is THAT good. I love this guy

The greatest podcast ever!   (5/5)

Best EDM music every week it never fails to surprise me

If I could pay for this I would!!   (5/5)

Take my money!!!

Amazing!!!!   (5/5)

This is by Farrrr the best podcast .. I love it !! Awesome awesome awessssooommmmeeee!!!!!!

Awesome!!! :)   (5/5)

Best dub-step I have ever heard and will hear.

Omg   (5/5)

Ep. 33 came out on my birthday :)

chyea!   (5/5)

If there is one dubstep superior to all it's liquid dubstep!!!!!!!!!!!!

GQ   (5/5)

Going Quantum is the best electronic music mixer there is.

Needs more liquid!   (5/5)

Best podcast out there. but play more liquid dubstep<3

Look Forward to Having Ur Mind Blown Away!   (5/5)

I can't explain how technical and fluent these mixes can be. The diverse and profound musical taste in new dance music makes this podcast #1, not to mention the fact that they're free of purchase. Going Quantum... I Salute You... Keep on dubstepin! :)

Best EVER!!!   (5/5)


Best out there   (5/5)

Best dub step podcast out there

Very Cool.   (5/5)

Monstercat Media brought me here. Ever since I've been listening to this on my iPod everywhere I go. Whoop! (((-d-_-b-)))

The product of a God   (5/5)

I've been a goingquantum Fan since before his podcast even was thought of...and man, it keeps getting better and better. This is the best podcast for electro/dub step out there, it won't disappoint!

Brilliant   (5/5)

I listen to this podcast daily. All the varieties of dubstep and electro help me expand my tastes and introduce me to so many artists. I love this so much, i tell as many people as i can about it, it's the best podcast to exist!

Take my money.   (5/5)

Please. It's too godly to be free.

Yes.   (5/5)

Ive been listening to GQ since before the podcast. And I have NEVER been disappointed. Best Dubstep Podcast ever.

Good stuff   (5/5)

I like how they incorporate really popular dubstep and others. A good variety.

Best podcast out there!!   (5/5)

Keep it up

I'm a black guy.   (5/5)


Best dubstep!!!!!!!   (5/5)

I love this with all my heart listened to it all very many times!!!! Haha

Best podcast ever!   (4/5)

Enough said!

Best podcast out there   (5/5)

The best podcast for all of the best new dubstep/electro/dnb. Got through all of the episodes in about 2 weeks. Loved it

Incredible   (5/5)

Absolutely amazing, thank your for the music entering my eardrums :D

Best ever made   (5/5)

This Dubstep podcast is the best in Dubstep. I hope it continues! :D

Amazing!!!!   (5/5)

This is by Farrrr the best podcast .. I love it !! Awesome awesome awessssooommmmeeee!!!!!!

Keep doing it!   (5/5)

I have been listening to this from the very beginning of this podcast. Keep up the great work. Anyone who loves electronic music should download each and every one of these podcasts. P.s. Monstercat 4 Life

Big tunes   (5/5)

Big fan

GQ   (5/5)


The   (5/5)


Beast   (5/5)

The best podcast I've heard so far

I <3 GQ!   (5/5)

Some of the best mixes I have ever heard!

Going quantum is boss   (5/5)

One of the best mixes around, there's no room for discussion

Liquid dubstep rules   (5/5)

Best of the best

Good stuff   (5/5)

I listen to it all everyday. Can't wait for more. Liquid dubstep = awesome

Listened to daily   (5/5)

I love it. It's my breakfast every morning before work. Nicotine, caffiene, and Going Quantum. On the weekends it's listened to whenever mobbing somewhere. My kids dig it too. It's the only thing I put on for music for months.. Keep it up Pimpin cause it's the shi ittt!!

Bass   (5/5)

So much bass you could fill a cup up with it.

Going quantum!   (5/5)

The best! Tons of great dubstep, it's free too. I can't stop listening to this stuff, it's too amazing!

The heart of my being...   (5/5)

✨Music is the Heart and soul of my being, this podcast is no different. In fact it is the soul reason for my owning an iTunes account!💗 That and to get away from the normal for awhile. 🎶 just one question though. Wheres ep. 4?

Eargasm   (5/5)

Best podcast EVAR!

epic!   (5/5)

i have listen now to every episode and trust me this is a podcast to follow, the never pick music that may be to radical for the listeners and the mixes all flow so well,the dj even makes some of his own so you know that the music is worth the time listening to!

Awesome   (5/5)

THIS IS REALLY AWESOME! :D I can just let mah ipod Play all these episodes the whole day without even touching the ipod!!

Music is my soul   (5/5)

This can describe all my moods an tame the beast within

Going quantum is going far!   (5/5)

I love this podcast. It is sooo electrifying and the drops are terrific

BA55!   (5/5)

Love these podcasts! Downloaded all of them! Keep making more, they're amazing!

This aint no dubstep   (5/5)

Ive never heard anything like that 23 mix. its gone from dupstep to freakin symphonys, dont stop amazing me GQ!!!

DUBHEAD   (5/5)

I don't know what else to say other then that I started listening to these about 3 weeks ago and I haven't stopped listening to it since.

GQ   (5/5)

My fav is episode 8 for its ZeldaStep. Which is Zelda Dubstep, for your dubstep lovin information.

Awsome dubstep   (5/5)

Favorites 5 8 9 11 23 the rest are great too those are just the best of the best if you will.

Epicness   (5/5)

I love the podcasts mostly the dirty dub step their epic...I can't wait till a new one comes out :)

Duh duh duh dub STEP ep ep ep   (5/5)

Best mixes ever GQ is the best!!!

Awesome   (5/5)

Great tunes.Thanks GQ

Phenomenal absolutely the best   (5/5)

I remember when Going quantum was only on you tube and now on I tunes cant wait for more more duh duh dubstep wooohoooo

best tune ever   (5/5)

no commint

suscribe   (5/5)

how do i suscribe to this page

A+   (5/5)

I love all the music you preview.

Amazing   (5/5)

favorite podcast. bassheads-this is for you

Awesome   (5/5)

I first heard of the GQ name when I wanted to get into dubstep. Then, they only had 1 and 2. Now, there's 20 episodes plus. Keep it up GQ!

The Best Way to Start of a Thursday!   (5/5)

No seriously, it is!

Yup   (5/5)

This guy mixes up some if the best electronic music of all kinds. I have 2, and 14-19. I love it. So. Much.

Going Quantum   (5/5)

Love it I spend all day listening to it d-_-b

The bombest mixes.   (5/5)

Love it.

Nice   (5/5)


This is how I get through the day.   (5/5)


:D   (5/5)

The best podcast ever!!!!

Love this Podcast!   (5/5)

The newer episodes are much better than the older ones. 8-14 are awesome. Full grizzly in episode 14 is awesome.

Awesome!   (5/5)

This is so awesome, just what I've been looking for. It showcases many good artists and they're good, not just random wub wubs, they actually have melody. You should make a Sirius xm radio station, it would be so awesome.

LOVE IT!!!!   (5/5)

This is the best compilation of music ever and it's free!

The going quantum podcast   (5/5)

Best dub step I've heard in a really long time and good overall

GoingQuantum   (5/5)

Best podcast ever.

Freakin Beautiful   (5/5)

This podcast is the podcast to have if you could only choose one.

Good but...   (3/5)

From the 10th one and up won't load on my Ipod

I ❤❤❤❤ GQ   (5/5)

The best. Get this on stitcher radio. Found on grooveshark.

Freaking AWESOME.   (5/5)

YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST. Thank goodness for Eminence, or I wouldn't have found you guys! Keep it up!

GQ podcast   (5/5)

Constantly releasing amazing mixes with varying styles as well as guest mixes that introduce listeners to many great new artists, the Going Quantum Podcast is an amazing source of music as well as a great way to find more great music.

A-m-a-z-I-n-g   (5/5)

I love kicking in class and listening to GQ and not my teacher (:

[email protected]$!g mazing   (5/5)

I love this music best dubstep ever

Best dubstep podcast on iTunes   (5/5)

Nuff said.....

Amazing   (5/5)


AMAZING   (5/5)


Simply Awesome   (5/5)

Every month it gets better and better. By far this is my favorite podcast!

Awesomely Great mix!!   (5/5)

In loveeee! More liquid dubsteps!

Best podcast ever   (5/5)


AMAZING!!   (5/5)

Going quantum is amazing!!! Finally a good podcast on itunes! Keep up the good work GQ! BIG UPS!

One word   (5/5)


Holy $H1T!!!!!   (5/5)

Has a little of everything dubstep related and probably the best mixes I've ever heard

Wobble   (5/5)

Amazingly well thought out song choices. Love the guest mixes too.

Wow...   (5/5)

I have never heard such amazing dubstep until I found this...

Amazing stuff   (5/5)

Going Quantum and the Monstercat media crew are all amazing.

Its all i listen to   (5/5)

GQ 4 Prez

Amazing   (5/5)

Super professional sounds awesome beat matching awesome tracks you really can't go wrong; brb I'm going quantum!

Seriously AMAZING!!!!   (5/5)

The greatest thing I have ever put in my ear holes!!!!!!

Top notch!   (5/5)

Great selections and relevant guest hosts! I might be new to podcasts but this one seems to set the bar up there for standards.

Thank you sir !!   (5/5)

Keep the episodes coming :D

Um... Base Face.   (5/5)

GQ FTW. This is where its at.

I love GQ. Till the death.   (5/5)


He's my favorite   (5/5)

Deserves 5 stars

GQ   (5/5)

Never disappoints, this podcast is weekly gold.

Umm epic?   (5/5)

Ugh he'll yeh eargasims ep 7 fab

Simply amazing!   (5/5)

Read the title it says it all :)

Amazing   (5/5)

This is the only podcast i listen to. I love the mixes

The best.   (5/5)

I havent been dissapointed AT ALL by ANY of these mixes.... I <3 GQ

love   (5/5)

enjoy listening in every week always good and new music with some old favorites

Awesome   (5/5)

Going Quantum: Best around. Great mixes Keep it up

Awwwwwwwwwwww Mazing Basically   (5/5)

The Title Speaks For Itself Love Every-single One That Comes Out

Mind Blowing.   (5/5)

The Synths were perfect, bass drops horrifyingly good, I'm in shock and my iPod had it's speakers blown out. This. Is. Amazing.

This is the best music ever   (5/5)

This is the best music ever

Unbelievable   (5/5)

Totally recommend this.

Freekin Awesome   (5/5)

Your mixes are teh bomb. They give me all the energy i need to make it to and from classes out at the college i got too.

Just Amazing   (5/5)

One word, eargasm. Especially his liquid dubstep mixes

Dirty/Filthy   (5/5)

This podcast is the dirtiest filthiest Electro Dubstep around!!!

XD   (5/5)


Incredible   (5/5)

So dirtyci needed a shower after this! I loved every secon of it!

Just great   (5/5)

its like some of his live mixing work on Ustream. Just him, making great electro.

Get it, bout time they get a podcast   (5/5)

All the tunes are great!!!

FINALLY   (5/5)

finally your on itunes i love your mixes man got all my friends hooked on you good job hope to see you go big some day

Sweet podcast   (5/5)

I'm loving this, huge dubstep fan, and always looking for new stuff, and this introduced me to some :-)