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The Ground Up Show is a podcast that inspires creatives to make meaningful content & pursue their passions. Award-winning filmmaker Matt D’Avella, best known for the Netflix documentary Minimalism, sits down with creators to talk about their process, the lesson’s they've learned & how to make an impact.

110 - Overcoming Anxiety
Caroline Zook & I talk about our experiences with anxiety. Caroline is the co-founder of Wandering Aimfully. Support the show here:

108 - A Minimalist Approach to Business
Paul Jarvis shares why you might want to rethink growth as the status quo, how social media has changed the way we think about success & the three questions you should ask yourself before working towards any goal. Find Paul here: Get the full full interview here:

107 - The Morning Routine
Josh Janssen from The Daily Talk Show joins me to discuss waking up early, morning routines & why we care how others start their day. Get short weekly emails from me on minimalism, habits & productivity: Get additional videos every month & support this podcast:

106 - Master Personal Finance
Ramit Sethi, New York Times bestselling author of I Will Teach You to be Rich, comes by to discuss how to earn more money, create healthy spending habits & change the way we’ve been thinking about money for our entire lives. Get short weekly emails from me on minimalism, habits & productivity: Get additional videos every month & support this podcast:

105 - Does meditation really work?
Tommy Jackett from The Daily Talk Show joins me to discuss our experience meditating for the past month. Did we reach enlightenment? Find out! Get short weekly emails from me on minimalism, habits & productivity: Get additional videos every month & support this podcast:

104 - Quitting Social Media
Sorelle Amore is a YouTuber & Photographer. On this episode we talk about quitting social media & why you might want to try it for 30 days. xx Get short weekly emails from me on minimalism, habits & productivity: Get additional videos every month & support this podcast:

103 - The Loneliness Epidemic
Johann Hari, author of the NY Times Bestseller Lost Connections, set out across the world to speak with leading experts on depression, anxiety & loneliness to discover what has caused our epidemic of loneliness. And more importantly how to solve it. To get the full 40 minute interview, as well as other extended interviews & my exclusive AMA podcast sign up at

102 - Becoming an Essentialist
Greg McKeown is the author of the NY Times Bestselling book Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less. This is my edited conversation with Greg about his Essentialist philosophy, the myth of success and why small consistent steps far outweigh the alternative. You can get the full 1 hour interview at

101 - GaryVee on Minimalism, Hustle & Finding Meaning
Gary Vaynerchuk a 5x New York Times bestselling author, angel investor, chairman of VaynerX & CEO of VaynerMedia. Watch this interview at Learn about my process & how I make films in exclusive videos at I release new videos every month including an AMA podcast answering your questions....

100 - Getting Started
We made it to episode 100! I take questions & comments from listeners to celebrate. Enjoy....

099 - When to Quit & When to Stick
Michelle D'Avella is a breath-work teacher & author of The Bright Side of a Broken Heart. You can find more about her work at or check out her YouTube channel at the link above. You can find her work at Support this podcast a & get access to exclusive videos....

098 - The Business of Coffee
Chris Baca is a three time US Barista Championship finalist, YouTuber, and cofounder of Cat and Cloud Coffee. In this episode we talk about how he got into the coffee business, the importance of authenticity, and how his employees’ well being drives their company. Find Chris here: and Support this podcast & get exclusive videos only on Patreon: Episode Highlights: 01:15 - “Adding Value” 04:31 - Chris and his coffee...

097 - Setting Life Priorities
Jason Zook is a an entrepreneur who runs an online community called Wandering Aimfully for creative entrepreneurs who are also interested in earning a sustainable income and crafting an authentic, fulfilling life. In this episode we talk about getting out of debt, balancing minimalism with ambition, and setting priorities in life. Find Jason here: Support this podcast & get exclusive videos only on Patreon: Episode Highlights: 05:59 - Jason’s bac...

096 - What do you have to lose?
Bret Iwan is the voice of Mickey Mouse. In this episode we talk about creative fulfillment, finding balance, and the crazy story of how he landed the gig of one of the most recognizable voices in entertainment. Find Bret here: Support this podcast & get exclusive videos only on Patreon: Episode Highlights: 01:00 - Becoming Mickey 15:52 - Disney changed the game 27:22 - Being a VO Actor and having fans 29:57 - Filling Mickey’s shoes 31:55 - ...

095 - Reframing Failure
Caroline Zook is an artist and creative entrepreneur. In this episode we talk about getting swept up in the rat race, the importance of authenticity, and how to change the way you think about failure. Caroline's membership community: Support this podcast & get exclusive videos only on Patreon: Episode Highlights: 00:56 - Introduction: Ad agency and starting to make money online 04:47 - Starting to listen to her creative side and redefining s...

094 - Success Doesn’t Equal Happiness
Alex Banayan is an entrepreneur and author of the book, The Third Door: The Wild Quest to Uncover How the World’s Most Successful People Launched their Careers. In this episode we talk about overcoming fear, the dangers of being overly persistent, and the truth about success and happiness. Find Alex here: Support this podcast & get exclusive videos only on Patreon: Episode Highlights: 00:58 - Success and happiness are linked09:39 - Defining success an...

093 - Men's Mental Health
Dan Doty: Evryman:   Support this podcast & get exclusive videos at

092 - Slow Fashion
Dani Nagel: Dazey:   Support this podcast & get exclusive videos at

091 - Productivity
Thomas Frank:   Support this podcast & get exclusive videos at

It's time to slow down.
I'm taking next week off. See you all in a few. If you want to support this podcast, get exclusive videos & podcast episodes go here: Thanks for listening!...

090 - Keeping Fitness Simple
FitMenCook: Get Kevin's new book: Support this podcast & get exclusive videos at

089 - The Impostor Syndrome
Josh & Tommy's Podcast: Josh & Tommy's Company: Support this podcast & get exclusive videos at

088 - Things Worth Sacrificing
Daniel DeArco is an experimental photographer, filmmaker & fabricator that makes creative camera rigs for his projects like a slider that moves 24mph in a split second. Support this podcast & get exclusive videos at

087 - The Fearless Creative
Find Puno here: and on Instagram:  @punodostres Support this podcast & get exclusive videos at

086 - The Pressure to Keep Up
Justin "Henny" Henderson a 4x grammy nominated, award-winning, multi-platinum record producer. He’s worked with Drake, Kendrick Lamar, Jay Z & Lil Wayne. Support this podcast & get exclusive videos on lifestyle design, creativity, filmmaking and business:

085 - The Power of Making Decisions
Cole Walliser is a Los Angeles based commercial director that’s worked with Miley Cyrus, Pink & Katy Perry. Support this podcast & get exclusive videos on lifestyle design, creativity, filmmaking and business:

084 - Facing Resistance
Sarah Moshman is a documentary filmmaker that focuses on telling stories about powerful women. Her Netflix documentary Losing Sight of Shore follows four women as they row across the Pacific Ocean unassisted from America to Australia. Support this podcast & get exclusive videos at

083 - Tiny Changes with Big Results
James Clear is the author of the book Atomic Habits. His work combines a range of disciplines including biology, neuroscience, psychology & philosophy. Support this podcast & get exclusive videos on lifestyle design, creativity, filmmaking and business:

082 - The Art of Detachment
Tatiana DeMaria is a talented musician, singer & songwriter. She's topped the charts with her rock band TAT & has produced music for television & film. Support this podcast & get exclusive videos on lifestyle design, creativity, filmmaking and business. Only on Patreon.

081 - Prepare for the Worst
Chris Newhard is a director of photography & owner of Book Light Creative. He's back on the show to help me answer listener questions about money, filmmaking & freelancing. Contribute & get exclusive content at

080 - The Minimal Van Life
Aubry & Christian live in a van. The two, known as Minimal Millennials online, create videos on YouTube about their van life journey.   Support this independent podcast for $1 an episode on Patreon. Contribute $3 an ep to get exclusive vlogs & ama's....

079 - Death to the Status Quo
David Sherry is the founder of Death to Stock, a membership community that delivers personal, curated non-stock photos & video. On the podcast we talk about building your audience slow & with integrity, I try to convince David that he’s a minimalist, & how experimenting will lead to your creative & personal breakthroughs. Contribute & get exclusive content at

078 - Become Indispensable
Jack Coyne is a filmmaker & YouTuber. We talk about how he’s been able to keep the momentum going, whether you should seek passion or stability, and he offers advice for those who are looking to land their first gig and become indispensable. Contribute & get exclusive content at

077 - Get Past Roadblocks
Cody Wanner is a filmmaker passionate about encouraging the doers of the world. On the podcast we talk about how to overcome roadblocks, when to say yes & why there is no such thing as a small creator. Contribute & get exclusive content at

076 - Letting Go of Stuff
Todd Glass is a comedian and host of The Todd Glass Show. His latest comedy special Act Happy is available on Netflix. On this episode we talk about Todd’s journey to letting go of stuff, the mantra’s that help guide his minimalist philosophy, and what things might be worth holding onto. This podcast is made possible by Patreon subscribers. Get my exclusive AMA podcast & vlog at

075 - It Doesn't Hurt to Ask
Sterling Grinnell is a filmmaker & photographer based in Denver, Colorado. You can watch his videos on YouTube or hire him for your next project. This podcast is made possible by Patreon subscribers. Get my exclusive AMA podcast & vlog at

074 - How Much is Enough?
Jason Zook is an entrepreneur & author. Along with his wife he co-founded Wandering Aimfully, an online community for creative entrepreneurs who are equally interested in earning a sustainable income and crafting an authentic, fulfilling life. Contribute & get exclusive content at

073 - Dreams Don't Come True, Decisions Do
T.K. Coleman is a podcaster, blogger & Education Director at Praxis, an apprenticeship program designed to give an alternative to college. On the podcast we discuss... 1. The true cost of not following your passion. 2. Why you should plan for the worst day of your week. 3. And the value in sharing your big goals & dreams with the world. Thanks for listening!

072 - Taking Minimalism Too Far
Kraig Adams makes videos about minimalism, tech & travel on his YouTube channel. On this episode we talk about when minimalism goes too far, how to avoid click-bate and sensational content, being original & how to simplify the role of social media in your life....

071 - Opening up to Possibility
Brandin LaShea is a chef, business owner & host of an online show called POTPIE, a series where she cooks cannabis infused foods for her friends. We talk about marijuana and its many myths, the history of hip hop and how it’s changed, as well as knowing when to celebrate & treat yourself and when to put that extra cash into 401k.

070 - Living with a Sense of Urgency
Lewis Howes is a professional football player turned entrepreneur, podcaster & author. On this episode of The Ground Up Show we discuss... Why people need to live with a sense of urgency. Getting clear on your vision & the questions you should be asking yourself. And we talk about our mutual admiration & ambition to get Dwayne The Rock Johnson on our respective podcasts. New episodes every Wednesday. Submit to the Get The Rock on Matt's Podcast Jingle Competition (TM) today at [email protected] Can't...

069 - The Power of Constraints
Daniel & Rachel from Mango Street create YouTube videos & tutorials without the bullshit for over 670k subscribers. On this episode we cover... Why constraints will help you become a more efficient creator and help you develop your visual style. How having too much gear can distract you. Why you should ask for forgiveness instead of permission. Submit to the tentatively titled Get The Rock on Matt’s Podcast Jingle Competition. Email your 5 second jingle to [email protected] New podcast every Wednesda...

068 - Investing in Yourself
Caleb Wojcik is a Filmmaker & YouTuber that shows his audience how to make better videos. Transparency (especially when creating & making money online). Why it might be a good idea to invest money in yourself when you barely have any. How Caleb left his job to build a six figure filmmaking business. How to keep creating when no one is watching. If you’ve been enjoying the podcast leave a review on iTunes or share your favorite episode with a friend. Hear about my new course...

067 - Declutter Your Way to Clarity
Aileen Xu (also known as Lavendaire) is a YouTuber, Lifestyle Blogger & Artist. This week we discuss... Minimalism & how it might apply to your life. Building a brand & business outside of YouTube. And how to organize your weeks to be more productive. If you’ve been enjoying the podcast leave a review on iTunes or share your favorite episode with a friend. Get notified about my new course:

066 - A Guide to Getting Unstuck
Nate Green is a fitness expert & author that advocates a simple approach to well-being. On this episode we cover... Breakdown what it takes to make lasting changes in your life. How a degree isn’t necessary if you have experience & connections. Pareto’s 80/20 principle & why focusing on the tiny hacks and tweaks will stop you from starting. The Nuclear Mode. A very creative strategy he uses to restrict the time spent on his phone. Subscribe to my newsletter and find out about my new course here... mattdav...

065 - Thinking on Your Feet
Blake Wexler is a comedian & writer. His latest album with Todd Glass called “12 Years of Voicemails from Todd Glass to Blake Wexler” peaked at #1 on iTunes. I'll let you guess what the album is about. On this episode we cover... Self-distribution vs working with producers & production companies. How he got started as a comedian & improved his craft. One of his earliest & most memorable experiences bombing on stage. How to face rejection & doubt. Go to for more. Thanks for listening!...

064 - Turn Down the Noise
Terrence Cunningham is a singer, musician & author. He recently appeared on NBC's The Voice where his first audition astounded the judges. We talk about how to turn down the noise, creating a life-long career as an artist & how to be a fearless creator. New podcast every Wednesday! YouTube: Podcast: Instagram: Twitter: Thanks for listening!...

063 - The Myth of Success
Amber Rae is an author, blogger & coach. On this episode of The Ground Up Show we discuss everything that's wrong with our view of success, what stops people from starting & how to finish your next project. New podcast every Wednesday! YouTube: Podcast: Instagram: Twitter: Thanks for listening!...

062 - The Process
Colin & Samir are filmmakers & content creators that have a YouTube channel called Colin & Samir. On this episode we talk about how to deal with pressure, maintaining ownership & productivity vs business. Enjoy! New podcast every Wednesday! YouTube: Podcast: Instagram: Twitter: Thanks for listening!...

061 - Simple Advice
I'm answering your questions about minimalism, productivity, comparing yourself to others, knowing when to take the leap & lots more. This is the 4th AMA. Enjoy! New podcast every Wednesday! (And now sometimes Monday). Subscribe: Podcast: Instagram: Twitter: Thanks for listening!...

060 - Searching for Meaning
Tyler Babin is a photographer & video creator for Gary Vee. On this episode we talk about how to simplify your content strategy, how he turned an Uber ride into his dream job, life & death experiences, magic tricks & a lot more. New podcast every Wednesday! Subscribe: Podcast: Instagram: Twitter: Thanks for listening!...

059 - Take Action
Adam Sjoberg is a documentary & commercial filmmaker that’s traveled to over 60 countries working on both independent & full scale productions. His first doc Shake the Dust, executive produced by NAS, chronicles the influence of breakdancing and its ties to the slums & ghettos around the world. We talk about breaking free from The Matrix and defining your own path, he gives some of the most practical & actionable advice I’ve heard from aspiring storytellers, and we discuss the importance of learning the bus...

058 - Storytelling
Joe Beshenkovsky is the Emmy award-winning editor behind This American Life. His film’s include Objectified, Cobain: Montage of Heck & Judd Apatow’s The Zen Diaries of Garry Shandling. On this episode we go deep into what it takes to tell a great story. Every creative can get something out of this, but if you’re a filmmaker you need to stick around for the entire episode. There are at least a dozen gems that will improve your storytelling abilities from... Why it’s important to have subjects that speak from...

057 - The Grind
Dan Prakopcyk is a LA photographer that's worked with G-Eazy, toured with John Mayer and his work has been featured in Complex, Rolling Stone & Spin. We talk about how he worked his was up as PA struggling in NYC to landing his first gigs and making it as a freelance photographer. We answer some big questions like: When should you work for free? When should you lower rate? How do you find clients when there’s no one knocking at your door? More from Dan: More from the podcast:

056 - Side Hustle
Sierra Katow is a comedian & writer living in Los Angeles. We discuss what it takes to make it as a working comic today, her side hustle as a full stack developer, and doing the work up front so you’re ready the moment things take off. More from Sierra: More from the podcast:

055 - Minimize Distractions
Anthony Ongaro is the filmmaker & writer behind Break the Twitch where he inspires people to their minimize distractions and do more of what matters. In our conversation we cover: How to fail forward and learn from the mistakes we’ve made. The steps it takes to leave your corporate job to pursue an untraditional path. Anthony talks about what he would do differently as well as the things that worked. And how to control our content when we live in a world where we host it on other platforms. What can you do...

054 - Going Viral
Hope Leigh is on the podcast today to talk about creating content, preparing for virality (it’s kinda like preparing for a good earthquake), and the exact kind of consistency that’s going to help you grow your audience. Her mantra: capture joy & build community. Hope’s danced with a few viral campaigns that we’ll get to in this podcast. These days she’s a branding strategist & content creator that works with dozens of brands to help make their shit look dope online. More from Hope: More from t...

053 - Freelance
Ryan Bowles wants to help creatives & freelancers push themselves further & grow their businesses. In this episode we learn about how Ryan went from failing art classes to becoming a designer. And we also break down the three biggest points of struggle for freelancers: How do you get clients? How do you build a relationship/communicate with clients? What do you charge? More from Ryan: More from the podcast:

052 - Step Into Fear
Quddus Philippe is a media personality, actor & entrepreneur behind Camera Ready. Today he helps people transform and level up their on-camera presence by working on deeper blind spots. This isn't about looking good on camera or ironing your shirt. It's about doing the work you've been putting off for years. As Quddus explains on the podcast, "When fear is present the teacher is in the room." How might facing fear help you grow this week? More from Quddus: More from the podcast: groundups...

051 - Staying True
Christian Crosby is an entertainer & entrepreneur. When he’s not hosting the 76ers basketball games he’s dedicating himself to his company Live Life Nice: a media company challenging people to stop being assholes (my words not theirs) and to be a nice person. New episodes every Wednesday!

050 - Ask Me Anything #3
Let's celebrate episode 50 with another Ask Me Anything. On this episode I answer questions from podcast listeners all over the world. Thanks for sending them in! If I didn't get to your question this time around (and ya'll liked this one) then I'll try to get to you on the next one. New podcast every Wednesday!

049 - Create
Sara Dietschy is a filmmaker & podcaster that shares her passion for creating films & exploring the latest in tech. We talk about finding happiness in a $13 salad, how to create engaging content for YouTube & that time Casey Neistat gave her props in a video and she got 40k subscribers in a day. New episodes every Wednesday!

048 - Creative Control
Joel P West is a musician & composer. He’s scored indie film’s like Short Term 12 & Band of Robbers. He also composed music for an episode of Chef's Table & The Glass Castle. In our conversation we talk about believing in your abilities & gaining confidence, enjoying the process of creating & when to say yes to projects. This podcast is advertisement free. Support the show by leaving a review on iTunes, telling a friend about it, or burning your girlfriend a mixtape. Thanks for listening.

047 - Simple Choices
Courtney Carver is an author & blogger at Be More With Less. I first met Courtney back in 2014 while filming my first feature-length documentary Minimalism. In the film she talks about her minimalist fashion challenge called Project 333 in which she challenges her readers to wear only 33 items of clothing for 3 months. "Doubt, fear and every negative emotion is a part of creativity." Today we take the conversation one step further and talk about the ways which simplicity can have profound impacts on your ...

046 - Taking Down Goliath
Dylan Schwartz is a photographer & owner of the digital agency Kissd. After years of working for large creative agencies he decided to take start something of his own. Instagram has become a critical part of his success. In our conversation we talk about the intricacies of creating content for Instagram, how he uses direct messages to get new clients & catching trends. Watch this episode: Exclusive content: Thanks for listening! If you've got a minute I'd really apprec...

045 - Reject Perfection
Caroline Lee is a photographer & podcaster that wants you to ship your ideas. As she explains, we learn the most when we’re constantly creating & releasing our work. For many of us the problem comes when we spend too much time with a project. We labor over every detail, each pixel, until it’s perfect. The problem? Perfect doesn’t exist. Caroline makes a wonderful case for rejecting perfectionism. We also reminisce about the first time we cursed, tell awkward stories about nude spa’s & how to break through t...

044 - Stories Worth Telling
Andrew Morgan is the documentary filmmaker behind The True Cost & After The End. We often get caught up with the “how”. How will I get my project funded? How am I going to make this happen? How did I get myself into this? Instead of getting caught up in the details, Andrew found stories that he couldn’t not tell. That drive pushed him to tell the stories behind the sudden death of his father & the unexpected cost consumerism has on the world. Watch this episode: Exclusive content:  grou...

043 - Reprogram Your Mind
Dan Harris is an anchor for ABC’s Nightline & the weekend addition of Good Morning America. If you told Dan ten years ago that he’d be writing books about meditation he’d have said you’re fucking crazy (he likes to curse). In his new book Meditation for Fidgety Skeptics he works with meditation teacher Jeff Warren to break down the common myths about the practice & how to integrate it into your life (not having enough time is usually a bad excuse). I talk with Dan about his path to becoming an anchor, the m...

042 - Rewrite the Rules
Cole Younger is a Los Angeles based photographer that shares stunning photos with his audience of over 280k Instagram followers. From a young age optimism wasn’t a part of his world view. Cole struggled with using & selling drugs, being locked behind bars & coping with depression. Picking up a camera was his way out. This is the story of how one man rewrote his future, got off the streets & found his calling. Watch this episode: Exclusive content: Thanks for listening!...

041 - The Art of Not Thinking
Jordan Taylor Wright is a filmmaker, photographer & founder of the production company Taylor Cut Films. He creates beautiful & moving commercial films for his clients & audience of more than 575k Instagram followers. Jordan unpacks how he broke into filmmaking & got his first big breaks, the power of positive thinking & how to transform your life from within. He also details his spiritual practice and how he develops his best work when he gets out of his head & stops thinking.

040 - Grit And Gratitude
Brian Bowen Smith is a legendary photographer known for his celebrity portraits. He’s shot key art for movies, television & magazines & his portfolio is prolific. He’s photographed Miley Cyrus, Nicki Minaj, Martin Scorsese, Kevin Hart and… Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. We talk about Brian’s past & his humble upbringing, how starting out with nothing gave him an outlook on life that carry’s through to this day. He also uncovers how one becomes a celebrity photographer and the ten year struggle he had to break i...

039 - Get Moving
Luke Broadlick is a dancer & choreographer that’s toured with Britney Spears, Jason Derulo, The Jonas Brothers, Demi Lovato & Justin Bieber. He’s choreographed for both Magic Mike films & the Magic Mike Live Las Vegas show. He started out in martial arts and was a quick study. Learning how to move & adapt his body was the key to his success early on. But as his career took off in his teenage years it presented unexpected challenges. Luke challenges us to think deeper about the role social media plays in our...

038 - Live Simply
Becca Shern is a registered dietitian & founder of Minimal Wellness. She teaches people how to live healthy & fulfilled lives by adopting a simple lifestyle. The health and wellness industry is confusing as hell. It’s filled with soundbites & half-truths that pass through culture like a virus. Becca helps us figure out how to navigate these claims & breaks down the essential ingredients for a healthy life. We also dive deep into her business, discussing the foundation of her messaging & how she communicates...

037 - Unplug
Asher Roth is a rapper by trade. He first plugged into the music industry in 2009 with his debut album Asleep in the Bread Aisle & his platinum single “I Love College”. But this podcast episode isn’t as much about those days as it is about his decision to unplug & start over. We discuss the process of taking ownership of your content & creating music for yourself, the difference between making an album in your closet vs the big industry studios (and where his best tracks have come from). We also talk simpli...

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036 - Laugh it Off
Alexis Wilkinson has written for HBO’s VEEP & FOX’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine. She initially pursued a degree as a biomedical engineer, but made a 180 to become a comedy writer. And the transition paid off pretty quickly. In her Junior year of college she was elected as the president of the Harvard Lampoon, a historic magazine with a 140 year history. We talk about PC culture, dick jokes, having a fallback plan & the art of bullshitting.

035 - Make An Impact
Chris Temple & Zach Ingrasci are the filmmakers behind the Netflix documentaries Living On One Dollar & Salam Neighbor. They’ve made their name by immersing themselves fully into their films to learn as much as they can about their subjects. Whether it’s living on one dollar a day for 2 months in Guatemala or spending 30 days with Syrian Refugees. These guys are the real deal. In our conversation we talk about the mindset you need to have heading into big projects, can you be happy while living in poverty, ...

034 - Ask Me Anything #2
Do you believe in the impossible? Ever since I started my podcast I knew there was one story I wanted to tell. There’s one person that has the ultimate ground up story. One person that has come from nothing and yet created so much. He’s a man that continues to give back and shows what’s possible with the right attitude. His name? Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. But there’s a problem:  The Rock is an international super-star & probably the busiest person on the planet. Me? I’m just a guy with a podcast that no on...

033 - The Important Things
The Minimalists help over 20 million people live meaningful lives with less through their website, books, podcast, and most recently the documentary we created together. How did they become The Minimalists? What were some of their early mistakes as entrepreneurs? What are the inner workings of their business? We also reminisces about our documentary and why being uncomfortable is one of the only ways to grow.

032 - Risking Everything
Rich Roll is an ultra-endurance athlete, author of the best-selling book Finding Ultra & has been named one of the world's 25 fittest men. But only a few years back he was heading into middle-age unhealthy, overweight & overworked. How did he turn things around? He risked it all. I sat down with Rich to talk about the challenges he faced, how he grew his podcast to over 25 million downloads & his search to find meaning.

031 - Creating Opportunity
Melissa Carcache is a producer, writer & actress best known for her role in the Nickelodeon show Every Witch Way. She’s one of the creators & stars behind the new comedy series Hialeah.

030 - Building Your Tribe
Jess Lizama is a YouTuber & blogger that shares her experiences in lifestyle design, travel & cooking. We chat about how to build an audience today, the importance of sleep, how she maintains her early morning routine & much more.

029 - The Way of the Indie Filmmaker
Alex Ferrari is a filmmaker with more than 20 years of experience in the industry. As the founder of he helps creatives figure out how to make it & thrive behind the camera. We discuss mindfulness, creating at a high level, building an audience & why the Hollywood studios are scare shitless of indie filmmakers....

028 - Escaping The Rat Race
Melyssa Griffin is an entrepreneur that teaches business owners & bloggers how to grow their audience and skyrocket their income. We discuss the importance of building a brand with integrity, the psychology behind why we quit, we reminisce about some of our first paid gigs, and she gives me a ton of practical insights into creating a profitable course for my company.

027 - Digital Clutter & Stoicism
Gamal Prather is the creator behind Original Article & The Instead Company. The former is a design studio & the later is a vegan baking company. We talk about clearing your digital clutter, organizing your workspace & how yoga has helped develop his mindfulness practice.

026 - Getting Good
Aaron Hertzog is a stand up comedian, writer & podcaster based out of Los Angeles. He was named Best Stand-Up Comedian at the 2013 WitOut Awards.

025 - Get Your Dream Job & Fall in Love
Crew Spence is a professional wrestler, turned dating coach, turned performance strategist. He’s the founder of Spartan Plan and he’s helped thousands of people start successful 6-figure careers.

024 - Living Under a Bridge
Matthew Nadu is an actor, producer & filmmaker that lives on a boat off the coast of Los Angeles. We discuss how he went from living under a bridge in NYC to creating meaningful content.

023 - Killing it on YouTube
Joe Nation is a director, DP & editor based in Los Angeles. He’s the creator & star of the 2015 film: Bob Thunder: Internet Assassin.

022 - The Brightside
Michelle D’Avella is the founder of Pushing Beauty, author of the upcoming book The Brightside of a Broken Heart, she’s a breathwork teacher, and she’s my sister. We talk about the early days when we first started our businesses, how she approaches change, and she walks me through her breathwork practice.

021 - The Last Episode in Brooklyn
Jesse Earle is a programmer, start-up founder & button-pusher. Goodbye, Brooklyn! This is the very last episode in Brooklyn before I made the move to Los Angeles. It was nice to spend it with my long-time friend, Jesse.

020 - Becoming a Comedian
Josh Rabinowitz is a writer & comedian. You've seen him in Mike Birbiglia’s Don’t Think Twice, TruTV’s Friends of The People & Adam Devine’s House Party. He’s a writer for The Carmichael Show & Broad City. We talk about how he got into comedy and his future dreams of opening a bagel shop.

019 - The Bullet Journal
Ryder Carroll is the creator of Bullet Journal & the Tedx talk How to Lead an Intentional Life. Bullet Journal helps thousands of people organize their work & personal lives every day.

018 - The Future
Jordan Lejuwaan is the Co-Founder & CTO of Futurism. We talk about building an audience, future technologies, universal basic income & psychedelic drugs.

017 - A Comedian Abroad
Nathan Jaiyeola is a stand-up comedian living in Vietnam. Eight years ago I found myself at Temple University in Philadelphia taking a class called Comedy Workshop. The course fell under my Broadcast Telecommunications degree. Yes, the same bachelor’s degree that cost me six-figures over four years. That's where Nate and I met. We became good friends and soon hatched plans for tv pilots & sketch comedy videos. He was the subject of my first ever documentary. He took an unconventional path when he decided to...

016 - Become a Better Storyteller
Antonia Hylton is a correspondent for HBO's Vice News Tonight. We discuss the art of listening, how to improve as a storyteller and why it's important to stay informed.

015 - Life On Set
Matthew Webb is the author of Set Life: A Guide to Getting a Job in Film (And Keeping It). In this episode of Ground Up he shares his journey of making videos with his friends (and lighting them on fire) to being an Assistant Director on blockbuster’s like Pirates of the Caribbean, Mad Max & The Great Gatsby. His story is inspiring for anyone looking to break into a new field.

014 - Getting Out of Debt
I graduated college in 2010 with $95,000 in student loan debt and did the smartest thing I could think of at the time. I bought a brand new car. Back then I was living in my parent's basement in New Jersey while trying to make it as a filmmaker. At my lowest point I had $13 in the bank. Then I plugged my finances into a net-worth calculator online and realized I actually had negative money. I was worse than "worthless". In this podcast episode I talk about my story with money and how it's evolved over the y...

013 - Ask Me Anything #1
In this episode I answer your questions about Minimalism: A Documentary About The Important Things.

012 - Making Your Ideas Happen
Jerry Chu runs a small agency called The Stitch Effect that’s dedicated to social good. And he was one of my oldest client’s, when I was still struggling to start my business while living in my parent’s basement. We talk about why being proactive is the most important skill you can develop today, starting a client-based business and much more.

011 - Understanding the Mind & Body
Nadia Munla is a health & sensuality coach based in Brooklyn, NY. She’s helping women to understand their bodies by eliminating all the noise and distraction. In our conversation we talk about her previous career as a filmmaker, building an online business & dealing with critics.

010 - Working Your Way Up
Danielle Eden started out behind the camera as a dancer and actress, hoping to eventually transition into directing later in her career. But after a freak accident she found herself making the transition quicker than she could have imagined. We talk about the challenges creating her first documentary, dealing with rejection and what drives her.

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009 - The War Against Clickbait
Billy Disney is a filmmaker & content creator. He was an early influencer of video content at companies like The Verge and Now he’s an executive producer for one of the strangest and most innovative media companies on the web called The Outline. We talk about how he built relationships and leveraged his skills to create opportunities where none existed.

008 - Making Conscious Content
Elliott Ashby is a photographer, filmmaker and media personality, though he never intended to be behind the camera. When no one would give him a mic, he decided to create his own.

007 - Cultivate Your Skills
RJ Woessner is an actor living in NYC and he's doing pretty damn well for himself. But that wasn't always the case. We talk about how he got started out, some of his early struggles, and how he made his own way in the cutthroat world of voice over acting....

006 - Overcoming the Odds
Chris Newhard is an award-winning filmmaker and director of photography. He's also one of my closest friends. I sat down with him to talk about his work, some of his early struggles and what it was like working on massive projects with acts like Sia....

005 - Leaving the Corporate World
I sat down with Jacob Sokol of and host of the WTF Should I Do W/ My Life podcast. We talk about his story of leaving the corporate world to follow a more uncertain path of self-development and life coaching....

004 - The Minimalist Filmmaker
Since releasing our documentary Minimalism I’ve gotten this question a lot: How can you be a filmmaker & a minimalist? On the surface this question might seem like it’s based on a misunderstanding of what minimalism is, but truthfully I think it just comes from filmmakers who are paralyzed with choices. Companies and peer’s sell them on the gear that they absolutely need to have. Just like the average consumer they’ve become inundated with options. The underlying assumption: You need more stuff. In this vid...

003 - How to Get New Clients
The question I get most often from freelancers and curious friends is, "How do you get new clients?" In this episode I break down how I've built my client base and offer tips for those looking to start something new.

002 - Five Lesson's Directing my First Documentary
In episode two of Ground Up I talk about the five biggest lesson’s I learned directing my first feature length documentary Minimalism. Over three years ago Joshua Fields Millburn, of, came to me with an idea to create a documentary. I’d been making videos all my life but I’d never attempted a project so massive. Over the next couple years I worked with a group of insanely talented individuals to bring it to life. It stretched the realms of what I thought was possible & pushed me to my lim...

001 - My Biggest Mistake as a Filmmaker
My name's Matt D'Avella and I'm an award-winning filmmaker & host of The Ground Up Show. I've been a professional director & producer for my entire working career and released my first two feature-length documentary in 2016, Minimalism (on Netflix) & Design Disruptors. This is a podcast about how to create something from nothing. When I first got started out as a filmmaker I had no idea what I was doing. I made a lot of mistakes the hard way. In this first episode I talk about the biggest, dumbest, most emb...