Aggregated reviews for The Guilty Feminist

Ever felt like you should be better at feminism? Join comedian Deborah Frances-White and her guests for this comedy podcast, recorded in front of a live audience. Each week they discuss topics "all 21 first century feminists agree on" while confessing their insecurities, hypocrisies and fears that underlie their lofty principles. Deborah Frances-White is the 2016 Writers' Guild Award Winner for Best Radio Comedy for her hit BBC Radio 4 series Deborah Frances-White Rolls the Dice. She is an Edinburgh Fringe regular, a screenwriter and is in huge demand for her corporate seminars.

Witches (5/5)

This one really made me think. Learning and laughing!!

Love! (5/5)

Love this podcast, just started from episode 1, can’t wait to listen to this and only this until I finish it all!

Generally great (5/5)

I really like this show and it represents feminism well. However, episode 65 made me upset because there was much discussion about the Bible and Judaism was not represented. There was much interpretation of the Old Testament and focus on things that Jews (whose book it is) do not focus on, and there was no one to talk about this. I get that we are only 1% of the world population, but it’s our book that Christianity uses.

Love it (5/5)

My new favorite podcast. I’ve been binging the early episodes and can’t believe I haven’t listened to this before. Hilarious and I love the topics they cover, they really resonate.

Favorite podcast (5/5)

Just discovered this podcast and I have been enjoying listening to both old episodes and new on my long commute to and from work. I keep wanting to stop the car to google all the great guests and co-hosts. Please come do a show in North Carolina!

Binging! (5/5)

I just learned about this podcast from the crossover episode with the Bugle, and I love it. I started from the beginning and I'm going to listen to every episode until I get caught up!

My favorite podcast (5/5)

Political, funny and amazing.

The Guilty Feminist (5/5)

This is one of my new favorite podcasts. I’m ashamed to admit that I found it by accident, while searching for podcasts that featured Hannah Hadsby. I’m so glad that I found this podcast though because it’s both informative and entertaining. It’s no small feat to make someone laugh while talking about the patriarchy, yet somehow the Guilty Feminist manages to do just that!

Favorite podcast (5/5)

Thank you thank you thank you! Looking forward to the next live show!

The Guilty Feminist (5/5)

The Guilty Feminist is funny, provocative and relatable. The podcast is intelligent without being condesending and takes on difficult topices with grace and hilarious self reflection. But, the Guilty Feminist is more than a podcast. It is resistance. It is revolution. It is actively dismantling the patriarch, a 12,000 year old system of white male dominance, priviledge and oppression that harms all people, regardless of gender identity. Debrah Francis White wakes up every day and puts herself out there - she makes the decision to be part of the solution. She makes mistakes and when she does, she reflects and makes chages. Her willingness to show her own flaws, allows us to see our inconsistencies do not limit our power. Five stars is enough for an entertaining podcast...five stars is not enough for activism and empowerment...but it's what I can give in this setting. Much affection - Leigh

Bring The Guilty Feminist to NYC! (5/5)

I haven’t missed an episode of The Guilty Feminist in months because it delivers the kind of laughter I need to navigate this white male world. And sometimes there are tears, too. Mine anyway. Keep up the great work DFW and please please come do a show in New York! I’ll be first in line.

Best podcast out there!! (5/5)

Absolutely love this. I’ve laughed, cried and gotten angry right along with these amazing women.

Sooooooooo gooooooooood (5/5)

Im laughing and nodding all along. Thank you!!

SO GOOD (5/5)

Ummm... so my husband found this podcast. And when he told me that he wanted to listen to a podcast with me about feminism... I was skeptical. But OMG is this SO GOOD. It’s funny, engaging and a good length for road trips.

Love this podcast (5/5)

I’m a feminist but.. this podcast has changed the way I think and talk about feminism, in the best way. DFW and her guests and co-hosts create such a beautiful and safe space while articulating many things that are often not easy to verbalize. So many times they say something and I think, “Ooh I’m going to use that.” 100% recommend if you’re looking for a feminist podcast that you can have fun listening to. Deborah, please come to Berlin!!

Feminism everyday! (5/5)

I have always considered myself a feminist and I love this show. I enjoy learning more about feminism, I enjoy the guests and I think Deborah has really continued to grow and learn as the podcast continues. Love it!

I learn so much from this podcast (5/5)

Listen. Learn. Enjoy. Thank you for existing, Deborah!

Deborah Frances-White is an international treasure (5/5)

This brilliant, hilarious and big-hearted woman is doing big things. Follow along or you are going to miss out on joy and change!

Fabulous show (5/5)

I love this show! I found it shortly after it started on a list of feminist podcasts and am I ever glad I did. The show has evolved in recent years to feature different comedian co-hosts and highlighting guests from a variety of fields like activism, arts, health and politics. It's always funny and often moving and I look forward to the new episodes every week. I hope someday Deborah will bring the show to San Francisco!

I’ve binge listened to the guilty feminist (5/5)

This podcast is the absolute best and I just finished bingeing the entire thing from start to finish in two months. And it’s been the best thing I’ve done this year.

Hilarious and thought-provoking (5/5)

I’ve been looking for intelligent podcasts about social issues, and this is excellent! Even though it’s a conversational style, it is crisply paced and nicely produced and doesn’t suffer from the “dudes hanging out chatting about who knows what” problem so many others fall victim to. One more make feminist listener!

My favorite! (5/5)

This is a smart funny poignant series. Each podcast begins with "I am a feminist but..." and some entirely personal and humorous quip as to what might have made them doubt their Feminist stance e.g., "I shave my legs" or "I wanted my picture taken from my good side" or "I saw myself naked in the mirror and thought 'someone should be boning this'. Recorded live, the author works to keep the listener involved and I get a sense of being there with them. Never a dull moment and although set in the UK, the issues & crises are totally relateable to me HERE in the US. Sometimes I have to slow it a bit to catch the accents but this podcast is well worth that tiny bit of trouble.

How can I force everyone I know to listen to this podcast? (5/5)

Since I found this podcast last week, I have been inhaling episodes as if I couldn’t breath. I literally LOL’d multiple times and my RBF has subsided due the constant smiling. I have started to think of my daily life in terms of, “I’m a feminist but...” I wish I could gush more but I’ve had to pause the episode in order to write this review.

absolutely in love (5/5)

OB SESSED. this podcast is giving me LIFE!!!!

For us all! (5/5)

We all need to hear this. It has helped me open my mind and heart. Thank you DFW!

The best! (5/5)

Inspiring, refreshing and hilarious!

Best (5/5)

Truly the best podcast out there <3 Thank you Deborah for being the savior we need but do not deserve.

Hilarious! (5/5)

What could be better than listening to hilarious women making jokes and taking on serious and current issues facing us all? Nothing!

Media the world needs (5/5)

This podcast has helped me see feminism as activism for marginalized peoples all around the globe. It's the podcast I (and the world) need in 2019. Come do a tour in the US, Deb!

just listen (5/5)

3 minutes in you’ll have a new favorite podcast. Funny, insightful, real and refreshing. Feminists need more relatable, smart content. The Guilty Feminist leads the way.

Good for the soul! (5/5)

Make me laugh AND help me feel more informed and on top of issues? Yes please.

AwesomeSauce (5/5)

Deb is my new bff. This podcast is everything and more. I listen to it at work, on the road, and when I’m cleaning the house (which hubby does just as much as me bc...feminism).

Amazing! Life-changing!! Addicting! (5/5)

I started listening to this podcast on my hour-long walk home this summer, and needless to say, I am beyond hooked, I’m obsessed. I can’t stop listening. I listen so often, that I’ve gotten through more than a year’s worth of episodes. I started listening when I was going through a semi-difficult time in my life, and the guilt feminist never failed to brighten my mood and make me laugh. I’ve always considered myself a feminist but now, I feel like a real feminist, who is aware of real issues and more educated on the sexism that exists everywhere. Also, I usually spend half the podcast loling. I feel more positive and happy now, especially after listening to an episode. Wish I could still listen at work but as I mentioned, I spend too much time laughing and that’s just NSFW. I can’t stop telling everyone I know about the guilty feminist. It’s a must-listen!! You won’t regret it!

Not really for East Asians women... (3/5)

Sadly this podcast just makes me feel invisible all over again. Could you please make the effort to get an East Asian guest on the show (who’s not a Chinese woman explaining language?). We live in the UK, are guilty feminists, and also experience daily oppression. Please don’t add to the British narrative of making us invisible.

Best podcast (5/5)

Entertaining, inspiring, educational, and worthy of a weekly listen! It brings to light international women’s issues and truly creates a sense of community for modern feminists. I am OBSESSED.

Life changing (5/5)

I stumbled onto this gem accidentally last year during the height of #metoo. I was looking for something to lift my spirits that wouldn’t immediately ask me to leave my feminism at the door at first listen. Enter Deborah Frances White. Her showwomanship will draw you in and shortly thereafter , you’ll be delighted by wit and warmth in equal measure. While she is both a formidable host and curator of voices, she’d also be the first to tell you that the real joy of the guilty feminist is the community that’s formed around it. With every week comes a fresh comedic voice you didn’t know you needed or a performance that stirs you into action or healing. Trust me: the tone shifts are nimble and flawless. But if you need more reason to move through the back catalog, how about a testimonial: since listening to the podcast, I’ve made a point to fill my life with spaces that feel like the guilty feminist does — full of laughter and fight, joy and transformation. Do yourself a favor and listen in. Deborah and company have got jokes and musical numbers ready to power the revolution. 💌

love love love (5/5)

stunning, inclusive and overall funny!!

Always insightful and educational - but with laughs (5/5)

I love love love this podcast. I’m a listener from the US so I’ve never been to a live recording, but I love the energy and interviews of each show. The most recent episode with Feminist Don’t Wear Pink guests was so enthralling. Can’t wait for more!

Very practical episode! (2/5)

This episode in particular is chock full of great, practical advice for women to deal with tricky daily conflicts. I'll likely listen to this episode several times a month, just to remind myself of good tactics to use in everyday life. Highly recommend the podcast overall, definitely subscribe ASAP, regardless of your gender.

Best podcast (5/5)

So powerful

I constantly thank God for Deborah Frances-White (5/5)

I'm a feminist, but... this podcast makes me a better person than church or praying ever did. I love Deb and all the amazing guests she has on this show. I laugh, I cry and I learn new ways of being intersectional EVERY SINGLE EPISODE. Deborah is using her platform in the best possible way: She elevates the voices of other people. She never plays the role of the white savior, she is never pious. She recognizes her flaws and enters territories other white women may find uncomfortable. This show is unapologetically intersectional. I STAN QUEEN DEBORAH.

Love DFW!! (5/5)

Thanks from an American for your great humor! Please come visit us.

One of my favorites (5/5)

I have a small handful of podcasts that I listen to on a regular basis and this is one of my staples. Wonderfully witty and enjoyable, this podcast has smart and vibrant comedy with diverse and talented guests. There are often excellent calls-to-action interspersed with the entertainment.

My favorite feminist podcast (5/5)

I find that there are now tons of feminist podcasts out there for people to consume and enjoy. This is the first I take full joy from, because it posits genuine feminist analyst while giving constant comedic relief. I love it.

Superb show (5/5)

This is one of the best podcasts I’ve heard. I listen weekly and find myself laughing and feeling less alone in the world. Amazing work!

Perfect (5/5)

I love this podcast. I’m subscribed to a lot of podcasts and a lot of those I wait to listen to until I have nothing better left or to help me fall asleep. But not this one. As soon as I see there’s a new episode I am excited to play it. Also, as a rule I always skip other podcasts’ live episodes, but all of these episodes are live and they’re great. Live episodes usually feel like they were never really meant to be podcast episodes. Maybe they’re fun if you’re there but they’re not that fun to listen to. But in the case of this podcast, the live episode format works perfectly. I don’t know how they do it!

Ladies if you want a good laugh... (5/5)

It’s one of the podcasts that it feels like you’re chatting with your best friends about empowering issues. I highly suggest!!! This is a new find for me so I’ve been listening to past episodes while they’re on tour. Greatly enjoying from across the pond, please come your out here in the states.

Wonderful, uplifting, lol, and relevant (5/5)

I adore this podcast and I eagerly await each week to listen.

Great podcast for men and women (5/5)

This an awesome way to get humor, world news, feminist information, interviews with people leading the feminist causes, and so much more - all wrapped up in a live standup show format. I’m a middle aged, straight, white dude. You can never learn too much about bringing equality to the world.

Hilariously Eye-Opening (5/5)

Yet reaffirming and honest. Such a pleasure to listen to and it is different every week! Deborah broadens your world and empowers with every episode.

Love this show!!! (5/5)

I can’t stop listening, so powerful! ❤️

Emma Thompson made me do it (5/5)

Found this by way of an interview with Emma Thompson. Such great conversations, makes me laugh out loud. More importantly it forces me to ook at my own bias and rethink how I embody being a feminist, in a good way. Thanks Ladies for the feminist pep talk.

YESSSS!! (5/5)

Love these ladies!!

Enjoyable lady driven content (4/5)

I really enjoy the guests and topics of this show. Sometimes I think DFW should let the guests steer the conversation more. They often seem to have expertise and more to add because they’re fresh and she’s having to come up with material every time. In general I’m really excited by this podcast, but Deborah, you are working too hard!

Incredible (5/5)

This podcast is a game changer for our decade’s up and coming equality warriors! I’m so grateful there are others who want to be woke and need a know how and a sense of belonging.

Really makes you think (5/5)

Funny, topical, but, most of all, it’s extremely thought-provoking. I’ve learned so much from DFW and her hilarious cohosts, and feel like I become a more considerate and mindful person with each new show. Thank you for all you do!!!!

Essential (5/5)

Words will never accurately describe how important this podcast is. Deborah and her phenomenal guests masterfully inform the audience of social, political, health, and personal issues in an easily digestible manner. Expand your boarders, listen to this podcast, and educate yourself on a myriad of topics that plague the world.

Quite a smart package (5/5)

Laugh out loud funny balanced with insightful information and discussions with real people. Well edited and produced makes it a delight to listen to. I listen to a lot of podcasts - this is top tier!

Come for the Funny... (5/5)

...stay for the thoughtful, kind explorations of contemporary society and the ways we all interact with each other, as described by top-notch comedians. Host Deborah Frances-White is a life-changer.

I'm a feminist, but. . . (5/5)

I love this show so much, simultaneously irreverent and thought provoking, and it has introduced me to some amazing performers. So happy I found it.

More than I ever expected. (5/5)

The first episode I stumbled upon was the one about the Handmaid’s Tale, to which I immediately fell in love. What I didn’t expect was that in the months to come, your podcast would become my source of strength and support. And tears. In a good way! Listening to TGF is like being able to be in therapy while I’m driving, cooking, cleaning, doing whatever, or whenever I feel the need for some humour and healing. Blessed be your words. May our ears open!

Gives me strength (5/5)

This diverse group of women has given me so much strength over the past year since I discovered this podcast. I feel supported and not alone even though I moved to a city where I know no one. Has really increased my self worth and inspired me to use my voice too.

great exposure (5/5)

This is a great exposure of a humanistic work that volunteers do. it shows true face of the refugees plight, the volunteers heroic work, and such a humanistic work they are doing. it also expose the true face of French government and other government. Fantastic

Obsessed (5/5)

Be prepared to find yourself peeing your pants in laughter, pumping your fist in the air in solidarity and the occasional tear. The guilty feminist is educational, real and most importantly, addicting. The hosts are hilarious! I’ve listened to probably 40 hours of podcasting since I started last week. Listen to this podcast NOW.

Can’t get enough! (5/5)

I devour every episode and tell everyone I meet to listen!

So funny, thank you (5/5)

My dear feminists friends, I heard your whole show for the first time very recently; I subscribed to yours, of course, since I don’t want to miss an occasion where I can laugh out loudly. You and your guests are funny, sophisticated, and show the ridiculous side of some life situations and how to have our cake and eat it too. Really love it.

Fantastic Podcast!! (5/5)

I listen to the Guilty Feminist as often as I can! These women are amazing, inspiring and hilarious!

Completely obsessed (5/5)

The Guilty Feminist is my new obsession that I can’t stop telling my friends about! I learn something in every episode and the humor always lifts my spirits.

Trying to rate more than once (5/5)

Another great epi!

Utterly Delightful (5/5)

Learn, laugh, and love being a feminist.

Absolutely life changing!!! (5/5)

This may and we’ll be the only podcast that offers a completely safe and hilarious space for women as well as everyone else under the umbrella! It has completely changed my life!

Opened my Eyes while making me laugh! (5/5)

This is a superb show! Would recommend to everyone! Prepare to laugh out loud and learn about our world.

A lifeline (5/5)

I have never written a podcast review in my life. But The Guilty Feminist deserves one. This show makes me laugh, cry, groan, sigh in exasperation, and make general woo-hoo-ing noises. I only wish that they would do more shows in the US, so that I could see Deborah Frances White in person! This is a must-listen for anyone who is ever wondered about feminism, and even those who haven’t!

Funny and true (5/5)

Listening to this podcast made me feel so much better about being a feminist. I'm not always the est feminist, but I am one all the same. This podcast had me rolling in laughter and feeling all the feels at the same time. I can't wait to hear more.

Always topical, always encouraging (5/5)

It's criminal that I haven't done a written review yet ("and give it five stars"). Deborah Frances-White has become one of my personal heroes. I always recommend this podcast whenever anyone asks for suggestions (even my very conservative, Mormon friends). I relate to so much of the struggle of being a modern feminist and appreciate the diversity of this podcast. It's made me think about which voices I'm listening to and amplifying.

Fantastic (5/5)

I made the mistake of starting this just before bed. I could hardly wait until the next morning to continue listening! Great humor! Worth bingeing on too.

Funny and on target (5/5)

I love this podcast! It’s interesting to hear what the issues are in other parts of the English speaking world than the US and even though I miss some of the references it’s still wickedly funny! I love getting to hear funny women and sad I still have to sort of search for it. Thanks, Guilty Feminists! You’ve made many otherwise boring afternoons at work pass by in a flash, even if my coworkers thought I was choking as I stifled my laughter into office-acceptable tones...

Best feminist podcast (5/5)

I've listened to every single episode and love them all. Thank you for making me laugh at the patriarchy, stay somewhat up to date on news in the uk and featuring amazing diverse comedians! Seriously, you are the best. "I'm a feminist but...." Makes me laugh out loud regularly and validates my mildly hypocritical existince

Makes me love Mondays (5/5)

I always love finding this in my feed first thing Monday (in the States). The host and guests are incredibly quick witted and funny, and often make me recgnize things in a new light. Love this podcast.

Bloody Perfect (5/5)

This is my favourite thing to listen to while doing 70% of unpaid domestic labour.

Pure Genius. (5/5)

Sophie and Deborah, you're the cool loud aunts I never had. My bread and butter. My zinc and magnesium. Btw, in case you find me quotable and need my accent, I'm Californian. Apparently... there's an accent... so I've been told.

The funny and smart podcast everybody needs (5/5)

I feel like I am giving myself way too big of a compliment here, but when I listen to this podcast I think "YES! The Guilty Feminist gets me!" I lol and nod my head the whole way through. When I see a new podcast in my feed I stop what I am doing and treasure what I get to hear.

Amazing (5/5)

This is my favorite podcast. The comedians are always hilarious without being rude or insulting. The topics are always on point. I’ve learned a lot from listening to this show and it helps me out when I’m angry at the patriarchy and when I need a little motivation to do better. Thank you!

Perfect! (5/5)

Listening from the US... this show is funny, smart & feminist as hell. So perfect!

Wonderful (5/5)

I adore this podcast. I love this space for feminists and feminist ideas. I love the guests they have, the discussions, and the ideas presented that actually make my life better.

I cannot wait for Monday’s (5/5)

I have cried at this podcast; have sat in shocked silence; raged; vowed to help change our situation; but most of all I have laughed, out loud, frequently. I look forward to Monday’s more than I can say. These podcasts are fantastic, informative, and entertaining.

I love The Guilty Feminist as much as Mae Martin loves Bette Midler (5/5)

I never feel guilty listening to The Guilty Feminist. I discover something new about feminism, about the world, and about myself every episode. Deborah Frances-White and her guests have become true heroes of mine. There is a beautiful intent underneath each episode to equally represent, to have difficult conversations, and to acknowledge our insecurities that undermine our activism. This is all done with magical wit, hilarious humility, and deep consideration. Deborah Frances-White and the whole Guilty Feminist team continues to make me feel full and seen, and inspires me embrace the contradictions in myself as I continue work for social justice. Warning: this podcast is wildly addictive and will provoke wild laughter and maybe even tears (for all the best reasons).

Love it! (5/5)

One of my favorites

Funny, Thought-provoking, & Inspiring (5/5)

I really enjoy this show--the varied veiwpoints and the sense of humor about it all (which I think is desperately important!) I have learned so much listening to all the episodes. Thanks to all the lovely people who make it happen!

Inspiring (5/5)

This show is challenging me and stretching me to be a more intentional everyday feminist. I love it so so much!

I wait for this to come out every Monday! (5/5)

So funny, so smart... have a listen and you'll be hooked to Deborah Frances-White's sharp, hilarious, commentary on what it is to be a feminist in the real world.

I just can't get enough! (5/5)

This is funny, informative and interesting! In a world were so many changes still need to be made it's good to hear that I am not the only person struggling to practice what I preach! Since I started listening I can't stop recommending it to everyone I meet! Keep up the cracking work! And THANK YOU!

Amazing (5/5)

Say yes to feminism and laugh too

Love this show (5/5)


Amazing. I'm addicted (5/5)

Deborah does an incredible job and I hope she's proud of what she's accomplishing with this funny yet insightful and thought provoking podcast. Doesn't get much better than this! Give it a listen.

My favorite podcast (5/5)

This is hands down my favorite podcast. Hosts are earnest, compassionate, and make an honest effort to be as inclusive as possible, all while keeping a lightheartedness and sense of humor. Along with admitting shortcomings while embracing growth, putting their money and time where their mouths are, and being genuinely good listeners, this podcast is really helping me define how I want to move through this world. There is nothing I don't like about this hour out of my week.

Amazing podcast!! (5/5)

The topics are great and edgy! The host is hilarious. Definitely a must listen!!!

Brilliant show (5/5)

Great light-hearted podcast. Listen! Brilliant.


I came across this whilst living in London this summer and it quickly became my favourite! This weeks episode on "Silence" was very informative and funny. It's something I personally struggle with and it was so great to hear the brilliant insight of these lovely women! I absolutely cannot wait to catch a taping next time I am back in London!

Hilarious and empowering (5/5)

I have never written a podcast review before, but I absolutely had to review this one because of how strongly I adore it. I listen to it on my (very long) commutes to work and it's the only podcast that I have ever literally laughed out loud to. Not only is it ridiculously funny, but they also cover real issues with strong women, which is beyond empowering and inspiring! Everyone should listen to this podcast!

Five stars! (5/5)

Sophie said five stars, so here it is. Thanks gals!

Finally! (5/5)

I've been on the hunt for a feminist podcast done right. This is it! I anxiously await every new episode.

Funny, human, and incredibly informative (5/5)

We aren't robots. It's not black-and-white. I'm a feminist, but (insert contradiction here). The podcast makes me laugh and cry with its humor-filled approach to some pretty complicated stuff. Laughter IS the best medicine!

Hilarious & Relevant (5/5)

Glad to have found this podcast all the way in the USA. Deborah and her guests always have me laughing. I enjoy the added humor to serious topics.

Delightful (5/5)

It's nice to hear real women talking about being imperfect feminists and still having gobs of self worth. Yay

Love it! (5/5)

I am so thankful to have stumbled upon this is refreshing, entertaining and much needed as I try to tolerate living in a patriarchal world.

Funny, empowering, sometimes irreverent! (5/5)

I love listening in the car, and I absolutely love when my 17 year old son tells his dad about what he heard over dinner!

Absolutely fantastic (5/5)

I love the Guilty Feminist! I wish that some of the topics were discussed with more depth, it sometimes feels like the meat of the subject doesn't get reached. But overall it is so fantastic, inclusive, inspiring, and above all entertaining. From the fantastic hosts, to the wide variety of featured guest, I really love hearing about the different backgrounds and experiences of feminists from around the world and their take on different feminist issues. I can't wait to see the podcast continue to grow!

My favorite podcast (5/5)

Laugh out loud funny and very relatable. I've learned so much from listening to this podcast, and I've enjoyed every minute.

Productive Commuting to and from Work (5/5)

My girlfriend got me listening to this. It thoroughly entertains me and stimulates my mind at the same time. It's a wonderful show to listen to. I am a professional Stagehan and thoroughly enjoyed the description of the pirate-like poker player who was working for the Fringe in Australia. Each show always gives me a laugh and something for me to contemplate throughout the day.

Great Podcast - (1/5)

Love this podcast- want one in America - want to know when Sophie H is coming back. Debra and Sophie make a great team. More Sophie less singing.

Wow (5/5)

My cousin put me on to this and I have enjoyed EVERY second I have listening to this wonderful woman empowering podcast

Favorite!! (5/5)

Relatable feminism. Absolutely love it. So much fun!!

A Must (5/5)

I love this podcast. Funny and thought-provoking and necessary.

I'm a feminist but (5/5)

But nothing, no guilt about how much I enjoy this podcast. Hilarious, relatable, and thoughtful. Love Deborah, love all the hosts and guests. Always more Phoebe Waller-Bridge please.

Like the podcast (4/5)

Listened to Episode 55 and thought it was great. There are sound issues and in my car it would flucuate from being way too loud to so low it couldn't be understood. Please work on this issue.

Thank you. (5/5)

This is my safe space podcast. I like to think of it as a modern day consciousness-raising group. Beyond grateful that Deborah Frances White takes this podcast seriously.

Wonderful (5/5)

I have been consuming this at an incredible speed. The hosts are honest and funny, while still getting across wonderful points. Recommended from r/trollxchromosome where they would fit in perfectly.

Smart and Funny-Not a sleep aid (5/5)

I've learned so much listening to this show about feminism. I've been a feminist for years but have been "activated" in the last few yrs. This show helps me channel my frustration and anger into action. Also, it makes me laugh out loud. This is not a podcast to listen to at bed time. You will laugh and listen to another episode. I often listen until 2am and then grumble about getting up in the morning.

Great! (5/5)

Love this podcast. Funny and informative. Super entertaining!

LOVE! (5/5)

I love that each episode starts with: I'm a feminist but... Views on feminism are so vast since the media and radical feminists have scewed the actual message of feminism...which is why I am so glad this podcast exists. It brings awareness to what it truly means to be a feminist...and that sometimes we're all a little guilty of being hypocrites when it comes to feminism. Just the other night my husband asked if he should make our steak dinner or if I wanted to do it...and I honestly told him I couldn't possibly since steak was a mans job. Clearly I could have googled and figured it out...but I just didn't want to and tried to play to the stereotype that men grill not women. I ended up with my husband cooking our entire I really guilty of going against feminism...or am I a genius for getting my husband to do the cooking?

Love this podcast! (5/5)

The Guilty Feminist is my favorite podcast :)

Love, love, love this podcast! (5/5)

Relatable, real, and laugh out loud funny! I wish y'all would come tape some shows stateside!!! Bring Oliver while you're at it!

Love love (5/5)

One of my favorite podcasts. They are imperfect people tackling challenging topics. I have mad respect for Deborah and her desire to balance humor and respect for serious topics

So much great energy! (5/5)

Love the vibe, love the real talk

Always makes me laugh (5/5)

The podcast that always reminds me how different we all are and yet how similar.

I'm crying tears of relief and joy! (5/5)

I wish I could remember how I heard about this show, but it is exactly what I need right now as an American woman living under the Trump regime. I hope to share this with my husband who is so often blissfully unaware about his white male privilege, but mostly I need this for myself. It's refreshing to hear the candid and genuine conversations between the hosts. There is none of that militant, judgy, thought-police attitude that often desecrates the meaning of the word "feminism." These are the kind of ladies I would invite into my home to chat about navigating the patriarchy over a glass of wine. After reading the descriptions of the episodes, I ended up downloading pretty much all of them on the spot. It took me a while to get around to listening, yet after a few minutes I felt like they had articulated all of the frustrations that I feel inside. This program couldn't have come along at a better time. Love it!

Entertaining as it is informative (5/5)

Witty banter, engrossing topics, lively debates and two very funny hosts. This podcast is fantastic. You should start from episode 1 and work your way in slowly. It's a lot to take in but, well worth it.

It's like having some great new girlfriends! (5/5)

This podcast gets me out the door in the morning. The only reason I will get out and exercise is that it gives me time to listen. Listening is such a rejuvenating way to counter the effects of all the negativity in the world. It's helping me feel stronger and less alone as I resist, persist, and fight off depression. Thanks, ladies.

Fantastic! (5/5)

Fun and cathartic at the same time!

The world is better now that this podcast exists (5/5)

Love it. Thanks for making it.

Love it (5/5)

Informative and funny.

Perfect combination of empowering and hilarious (5/5)

Deborah does a bang-up job of making me laugh and think all at the same time. The consistent "I'm a feminist, but..." segment makes me feel less alone and also makes me laugh at my own hypocrisies. I really couldn't recommend this podcast enough! Hope to go to a live show at some point.

Inspiring and reassuring (5/5)

We aren't perfect but we don't need to be. Amazing podcast, it's inspiring, reassuring, heartwarming and ... laugh out loud on the bus funny.

Best Podcast Ever! (5/5)

These women are my heroes!! I can't recommend it enough. Brilliant!

Makes you laugh, cry and think!! (5/5)

Really appreciate this podcast--Deborah and her guests make explicit so many of the things that we take for granted about society and being a woman in our society, while making me laugh along the way. Even though as an American working mom I may not understand all of the Aussie/British references, I highly recommend this podcast to strong women everywhere!

Funny and Insightful (5/5)

I've just started listening today at work, but I'm absolutely hooked. The podcast is genuine and at time heartfelt, but always funny at its core.

This is my favorite podcast. (5/5)

It's just that simple, this is my favorite one. The combination of comedy with challenges and guests based on a theme works great. I love the stand up, but the challenges really are most interesting to me and has made me think about how I react in situations and has pushed me to make small changes, such as stop being overly apologetic about everything in emails. It's a little thing, but the podcast got me to ask, "What the hell am I apologizing for? " Love every episode, hilarious and thoughtful. Thank you for putting this out into the universe.

Seriously the best thing that's ever happened to me (5/5)

While on the Women's March in Los Angeles I made some friends with this lovely group of women around my age (early 20s) and they told me to check it out. I was hesitant for a while, but after starting my new job where I'm driving 80 hours a week, I felt like I might as well give it a go. It's been about 3 weeks of constant listening and I now feel as though the women on this show are my friends. I constantly talk about them and have a constant smile on my face while listening to them talk. I mean I love them so much I've even decided to plan a trip to Europe (from America) so I can sit in on a live taping. I would recommend this pod cast to anyone 💕

Feminism for everyone (5/5)

I love this podcast so much I've gone back and listened to all the old episode. Love.

Hilarious and insightful (5/5)

I'm leaving a 5-star review because Sofie keeps telling me to, but also because this is a fantastic podcast--funny, sharp, and feminist, plus oh-so-human. It gets me laughing during my morning commute, and makes me think.

Awesome Podcast! (5/5)

Host are amazing. Super relatable with problems and topics we all want to discuss!

Very funny! (5/5)

I love this podcast. It's so uplifting and hilarious to boot! Highly recommend it for everyone.

The Rating this Podcast Deserves! (5/5)

This podcast is the best the most informative, motivating, and entertaining resource I've ever listened to. I enjoy the amazing interviews and comedy, but I am an avid listener because this podcast opens my eyes and makes me a better human being by making me laugh and understand the broad scope that is feminism and the intricate issues and actions that have shaped such a powerful movement. Thank you Guilty Feminist for making me a better and more human feminist.

Yahm (5/5)

By far my favorite podcast. Wherever you are (or are not) on the feminist spectrum, this show will make you laugh, cry, and inspire your compassion and activism

Bring back Sofie (4/5)

When Sofie left, The Guilty Feminist truly lost a star. Bring back Sofie and I'll promptly add the 5th star back.

Listen to it! (5/5)

Entertaining, informative, and original!

I'm a feminist, but... (5/5)

... sometimes I need other women to help me see all the perspectives. Oh, wait... :) If you think you're totally above gender/ethnic/national/generational/identity bias, just wait. The Guilty Feminist will broaden your horizons and multiply perspectives for consideration. Thanks, team! (and yes, I feel you deserve all five stars)

Funny and politically engaged (5/5)

No, I'm not giving five stars just because you asked! As a male person, hearing really deep thoughts about feminism in such a funny, accessible way is really enlightening. Thank you!

Love it! (5/5)

I recommend this ALLLLLLLLL the time. It's a much better topic of conversation than men or white people!

Brilliant (5/5)

Hilarious, humane, quick witted and intelligent. These chicks are brilliant.

Love It! (5/5)

I LOVE this Podcast! I get so excited when there's a new episode in my feed. It's so relatable, the feelings that we all have that don't necessarily align with feminism, and I love that they own it and make me feel better about my own contraindications. I also love the mixture of stand up with actual conversations. Wouldn't change a thing, keep it up!

Outstanding! (5/5)

Crushing patriarchy with every laughter; This intelligent podcast will make feminist males (like myself) plead guilty, laugh out loud, and unapologetically question the things that were left unchallenged. To the The Guilty Feminist... Five stars!

Life saver (5/5)

This is keeping me afloat and sane these days. So, so, so funny and smart. Thank you, Guilty Feminist!

Inspiring and hilarious! (5/5)

I absolutely love listening to Deborah, Sofie, and all of the guests! Their challenges and honesty inspire me to be a better feminist. I also really appreciate their discussions around Brexit and the Trump election.

Now more than ever (5/5)

You guys give me hope! #nobannowall #LoveTrumpsHate #IamAFeministBut

Uplifting and Funny (5/5)

As an American college student, this podcast has kept me laughing throughout a sad political situation. I literally can't get enough of the humor but also intelligent and enlightening conversations. Go Deb and all the others!

The best (5/5)

One of the best ways to start and end a day. Hope they keep making lots of episodes!!

Amusing and thought provoking! (5/5)

Only recently discovered this podcast and already devouring it! Very funny and also relevant and thought provoking. Love it!

Can't get enough (5/5)

Funny, smart, honest--I'm addicted

I love it! (5/5)

Deborah and Sofie are hilarious!

Could it be better? (5/5)

Only if each episode were longer. And Debrah and Sofie came to, say, Washington D.C., so I could see an episode in person.

This podcast is amazing (5/5)

I was hooked on this podcast from the first episode. Very funny and very genuine. It has made me try to be more body positive and unapologetic. And it inspires me to want to smash Patrick Archy.

So very poignant and funny (5/5)

Love both women and the guests!

I look forward to this one (5/5)

I’m a guy who listens to a lot of podcasts, and this is one of a very few that I jump on the second it comes out. I never miss an episode. Almost 50 episodes in (as of this writing) and I can think of only one episode I didn't outright love (the second one). The consistently high quality is just amazing. Every episode I laugh and I learn something. Simply great.

Grateful (5/5)

Fun and relatable. It's nice to find a podcast that allows me to giggle at very personal situations while also expanding my world. Thank you

Best feminist podcast out there (5/5)

Funny and doesn't shy from serious subjects

Nothing but great! (5/5)

A friend introduced this podcast to me on a road trip and I was so engaged with the topics I kept pausing so that I could add my own reflections. It features really great discussions that I both learn from and see myself in, and its pacing features an enjoyable mix of serious topics with comedy. And the best part is their mission which they stick to really well: both feminist ideals and the insecurities, hypocrisies and fears that undermine them. It's so rare that we can look at the ideals without fearing that if we admit to our own anxieties and ingrained/trained beliefs will negate whatever we know we need, but this show makes room for both.

Schout77777 (5/5)

This is my new favorite podcast. I love Sofie and Deborah as a team, the challenges, and the humorous take on the feminist perspective.


Hilarious, witty, self-deprecating, self-improving, comforting, refreshing, did I mention hilarious...

Feminism for all (5/5)

the super young feminists seem so woke, so confident in their mission. this podcast reminds us that its ok to find your feminism in your own time, in your own way. and we all need a laugh as we make our journey.

SO GOOD (5/5)

I have a killer commute home at night, & switch back & forth between different media to pass the time...this podcast is by far my favorite method so far. I laugh, cry, clap my hands together in delight, & shout 'YES! YESSSS!!!' so often I'm pretty sure other drivers think inappropriate things are happening in my car (and I am not even one minuscule bit sorry about it).

One of the best (5/5)

This is one of the best podcasts I have ever listened to. Sometimes it makes me laugh and sometimes it makes me cry but it always makes me feel supported and understood. Every episode helps me to think and evaluate myself as a feminist. It has made me a better, more intersectional feminist and I would recommend it to anyone and everyone.

My New Favorite Podcast (5/5)

I recently discovered The Guilty Feminist and it’s fantastic. Great stories, really funny and smart, and very relatable. I’m giving it five stars because it deserves them and also because I’m a little scared of Sofie. (Kidding! Sort of.)

OKAY, Sofie!! (5/5)

FINALLY I got around to doing this after all of Sofie's pressuring! In all seriousness, though, this podcast has changed my life and I think everyone needs to listen to it. I want DFW to be my best friend.

Amazing, only podcast I've ever liked (5/5)

I can't stop listening! Hilarious and empowering at the same time! 100% recommend

Sofie and Deborah are simply wonderful! (5/5)

I love this podcast! They address a different feminist issue each episode and I love the way they can add humor to some topics that can be uncomfortable. Amazing job!

Sad American loves Podcast (5/5)

I can't believe this podcast doesn't have more reviews. I found it while looking for a Podcast with a female commentary on the U.S. Election that just happened and is currently crushing my soul. This podcast did not disappoint. Every episode is gold. I just wish the sound was a bit better, as there are several episodes I've tried listening to with headphones and still can't understand all of the dialogue. Doesn't take away from my rating though. The content is still 5 + stars.

Perfect podcast! (5/5)

This is the conversation the world needs right now. They help this Guilty Feminist feel better about the, "I'm a feminist but..." moments in my life. I can laugh, move on, and do better. I tell everyone that I know that they should be listening to the podcast!

Love this podcast (5/5)

These two women are a great pair and balance each other while facilitating intelligent and funny conversations about the world in general. I look forward to these shows.

Volume issues (4/5)

I love your podcast! But I wish you could get your sound right because I can't listen to any of the recent episodes due to the fact that both of your voices are so soft and the crowd was so loud that I have to alternate the loudness of my volume I hope you fixed soon so I can listen to more podcasts!

Love these ladies (5/5)

Hiarlous podcast about feminist issues. Both Sofie & Deborah are hilarous. Highly recommend, its one of my favorites and makes mondays much better.

A must! (5/5)

Smart and funny!

Obsessed with The Guilty Feminist (5/5)

This is the only review I have ever written and it is because I love and wanted to support The Guilty Feminist. Hilarious, smart, relevant. These women are amazing.

Smart, strong women who are funny. Win. (5/5)


Smithie01 (5/5)

Guaranteed laughs. I love the openings ("I'm a feminist, but...") and the play between feminist ideals and the reality for most of us. Truly a gem, I'm going to spread this podcast around my circle and hope these comedians get more recognition and respect.

One episode and I'm hooked (5/5)

Just listened to my first episode - on Not Having Children - and this podcast is now moving into my top tier of podcasts. Honest and hilarious!

Well done! (5/5)

I gave this review 5 stars because Sophie told me to do so. (Just kidding Deborah.) As a middle-aged white, straight man, despite the fact that my politics are very, very liberal and that I like to think of myself as enlightened (I am a feminist, but...), there are still clearly things that I do not experience in my day-to-day existence that the show brings home to me in a great way. Very funny and enlightening. Thank you!

Amazing (5/5)

This podcast is one of the funniest, most attention-grabbing podcasts I've listened to this year. I frequently listen to it on roadtrips with my mom and we do not stop laughing throughout the episodes due to the witty, yet relatable way Deborah and Sofie deliver their ideas and opinions. 10/10 would recommend to any feminist and comedy lover!

My new favourite podcast (5/5)

Funny, insightful, thought provoking, guilt inducing and just fantastic.

Good but could be more diverse (3/5)

Hi! Quite enjoy your podcast. Thanks for doing it ladies! Will you have any guests who aren't straight/white in future episodes? That would be even better!

On maternity leave (5/5)

Love this podcast! You ladies are hilarious!

Room to be Real (5/5)

Excellent! With each new installment, I find myself laughing out loud, nodding in agreement, and walking away with something new to consider. The hosts use great humor and personal experiences to probe what it means to be a feminist while leaving plenty of room for all of us (and our flaws) to be part of the conversation.

Sofie told me to give it 5 stars... (5/5)

and it deserves all 5.

iTunes is demanding a title. (5/5)

I'd typed out a lovely review about how much I enjoy this podcast, and when the nickname I chose was already taken, iTunes refused to post or save my review. But you should listen to the podcast anyways. It is intelligent, funny, witty, and thought-provoking.

Can't Get Enough!! (5/5)

These two women are FANTASTIC!!! I laugh out loud the entire time. Not only do I laugh, they make me think about my own life as well and how I can better myself and the world around me. Really great!!!!!

Look forward to every show (5/5)

This is my favorite podcast. I always look forward to new episodes, and laugh out loud in public when I listen to them on the way to work. Highly recommend subscribing!

Fantastic! (5/5)

Hilarious, intelligent, thoughtful, and cathartic. Sofie and Deborah are a joy to listen to and their guests are always funny, welcomed additions. If you’re interested in an everyday feminist perspective on women’s issues, I highly recommend subscribing.

***** (5/5)

A perception-altering, life-changing listening experience. Feel the woman power! Be the change! All that!

Keep being honest! (5/5)

These super funny women own the constant uncertainty and reexamination of question "how to be a feminist"! As an American I especially appreciate seeing the similarities of the struggles all women face, as well as the cultural differences. I do hope they have some awesome American comedians I the future like Jen Kirkman or Erin Gibson.

I'm a feminist but... (5/5)

I listen to this podcast when I get my weekly manicure (ha!). Thank you for your wonderful guests, openness and honesty about the complexities of navigating life as a feminist! I am loving the weekly challenges and great insights.

Funny brilliant enlightening (5/5)

I stumbled on this by happy accident (thanks standard issue magazine) and I love it! I caught up on all episodes in two days and I am now in serious withdrawal. It's amazing, funny, makes you think and just makes you feel like the world can piss off if it doesn't agree with you that you are fabulous as you are

Absolutely hilarious, incisive and genuine. (5/5)

Obviously I really adore this podcast--I wish I could be friends with the funny and personable and totally cool hosts--but mostly I'm giving it 5 stars because Deborah said I had the freedom to rate this as I please.


Humor usually goes over my head and so I rarely laugh out loud, and I type LOL even more rarely. But while listening, I was ROFLMAO! Loved it! My coworkers came to investigate what was going on in my cubicle....

Excellent Take on Feminism in the Post-modern World (5/5)

I LOVE this podcast! There are very few of them where I laugh out loud while walking down the street while listening on my ipod, and have people looking at me strangely. It is an excellent discussion on many issues we face as modern feminists, and sometimes the contrasts between second and third wave feminism, and what we face as feminist. I also love the challenges, and the way these very funny women tell their stories and struggles with living the modern life sometimes feeling guilty because you're not a perfect 100% feminist icon.

Love it! (5/5)

And my feminist husband does too!

Can't Stop (5/5)

Honestly. I can't stop listening and I can't stop laughing. I hope they won't stop putting out these wonderful episodes!

Best podcast for all (wo)mankind! (5/5)

I've been binge-listening during my work commute. Now I'm sad that there were only 7 (now 8) episodes! Very real and very funny. I'm a feminist, but I never expected to actually enjoy a feminist podcast!

Engaging and Witty (5/5)

I am lucky enough to have stumbled across this podcast when they started and look forward to each new episode. It never ceases to make me laugh. As a woman who enjoys "manly" pursuits like whiskey and cigars, it is refreshing to hear other women balance cultural ideals of feminitity with the flawed realities of human nature. I have recommended this podcast to my friends and sincerely look forward to hearing more from this duo who speaks the honest, yet cutting truth. These women engage in open conversations that more women need to be hearing.

Love it! (5/5)

Hilarious and thought-provoking. Love!!!

Love! (5/5)

I love these women. So smart and so funny. This is one of my favourite podcasts (top 3 for sure)

Absolutely love this podcast!! (5/5)

I find myself laughing out loud a lot while listening to this podcast!! Which looks very odd while out walking!! Very funny & smart!!!

My New Favorite Podcast (5/5)

I listen to a LOT Of podcasts. But I always listen to this one first, whenever there's a new episode. I adore it. And I laugh, out loud, pretty much every time. If I had a time machine, I would go back in time and try to get Sofie and Deborah to start this thing years earlier so there would be more episodes to listen to at key moments in my previous life. But since I don't have a time machine, I'll just eagerly anticipate each new episode.

Must listen! (5/5)

I find the content and character of this podcast to be extremely witty, funny, and above all, honest. I encourage you to give it a listen and know that the charm and contribution from the brilliant co-hosts and fascinating guests will make you want more. My only disappointment is that the content doesn't refresh soon enough. All the more reason to become a subscriber, give a 5 star rating, and hope that this becomes a weekly show we can all look forward to regularly.

My new fave (5/5)

I am in love with this podcast. It's hilarious and relatable while still being intelligent and thought provoking.

Terrific (5/5)

This is a joy! Funny, down to earth, great, real discussions about the joys and the problems navigating as a woman in this world. I recommend to all my friends.

"I’m a feminist, but…" (5/5)

“I’m a feminist, but….” This mildly-sheepish admission at the beginning of every episode captures the essence of this series. Here’s where we’re learning to close the space between our problematic predilections and uncompromising feminism. It takes something beyond honesty, blinding intelligence, and charisma to make a program this good. Whatever that is, Sofie Hagen and Deborah Frances-White deliver it in buckets. Small wonder so many contemporary cultural icons are lining up to be guests; these are the conversations they can’t wait to take part in. There is no dead space in this podcast. You’ll be glad every moment made the edit and unfailingly wish each episode had been longer.

Witty, relevant and hilarious (5/5)

I love this new podcast! Especially the weekly challenges and the host's way of storytelling. It's important to me to listen to women's voices and experiences from around the world so I'll definitely be spreading the word to all of my girlfriends and adding it to my weekly rotation.

Amazing! (5/5)

After the first episode, I am in love!!! What an amazing podcast about real issues/realities with great humor! Keep em coming!