Aggregated reviews for The Jim Jefferies Show Podcast

Jim Jefferies tackles the latest news and issues with his trademark no-bulls**t candor, his piercing insight and his uniquely Aussie viewpoint.

Play the whole episode! (3/5)

I enjoy watching the show when I can but when I can’t I like to listen to it on the podcast. I don’t like that some of these episodes are cut short and missing out on the episode. Please play the whole thing and let’s enjoy the comedy that is Jim Jefferies.

Used to be good. (3/5)

This was way better when it was an actual podcast. The snips from the show can be good but when you use a snip that needs imagery to complete the joke it gets lost over audio.

Ummm no! (1/5)

Podcast of what’s @ Times is visual show

Fix it (1/5)

Go back to old format twats

Amazing podcast (5/5)

I listen to this podcast every morning on my way into work at the fire station absolutely amazing I’ve almost crashed my car doesn’t times I’m going to go see Jim in August at Hampton Beach Casino in New Hampshire and it’s going to be great can’t wait to see him

Very original Trump Jokes (1/5)

Comedy Central really needed another foreigner lecturing us about morality.

CC ruined it. (1/5)

Comedy Central steps in and destroy’s yet another great comedy. The old format was hilarious now it’s just audio of the show.

Super funny dude humor (1/5)

I have changed my review. I hate the new format. Boo Comedy Central. This is why Netflix is winning! Ugh

New podcast format blows (1/5)

I liked the old podcast when Jim was supposed to go behind the scenes of that week episode of the tv show, but would go off on tangents. That was way funnier. Replaying a visual show on an audio format is lazy and stupid.

Unhappy viewer. (2/5)

I enjoyed the old podcast so much. This is horrible. I watch the show at home. I listened to the funny stuff on the podcast. I haven’t felt this cheated since they cancelled legit.

New Format is a Bummer (1/5)

Wow. It’s fun to listen to a TELEVISION SHOW. It was way better when this was a real podcast. Pointless now.

I miss the old podcast. This is just audio of the TV show. (1/5)

Would have given the old version of this podcast a 5 stars with Jim and Forrest. This new version is just a repeat of the TV show. I loved the old version of Jim riffing and improvising because he is so quick on his feet. Bring the old podcast back!

Bring back Jim! (1/5)

The podcast isn’t worth a listen now. It was better with Jim and guys! This pod can’t hacket!

Bring back the old format. (1/5)

I love the show but loved the old format of the podcast even more like most of the reviews on here. Please return to the old format!!!

Miss the old format (1/5)

I unsubscribed since the change in format, I watched the show I don’t need to hear it again

Boring (1/5)

The show was great before the format change. Unsubscribe

Why??? (1/5)

I record and watch the show. Why did they do this nonsense. Jim and Forrest were fun. This is garbage.

Comedy Central ruins a once great podcast (1/5)

I’m torn writing this review with such a low rating because Jim had a great show here - a companion piece to the show with a lot more insight, behind the scenes and plenty of jokes. And then the format changes to a simply replaying audio from the show I already watch. Has this format ever proved to bring in more viewers? It’s audio from a video clip that uses graphics and images. Stop getting in the way of funny peoples’ content. South Park continues to thrive because CC is hands off. 5 stars for the first 50 or so episodes. 0 for the show now.... though I’m forced to give it one.

Miss the old podcast (5/5)

While I’m grateful to hear the TV show since I’m not able to watch it; I really miss the old post show podcast. Is it possible to do both? 🤷🏻‍♀️

Bring back old format (1/5)

I miss the old format. I already watch the show in the evening. I liked the spontaneity of the people talking and guests.

Please stop using the show (2/5)

Nothing stings more than having a 20 min podcast that is focused on needing to watch the what they are doing. I absolutely LOVED the old format, please stop using just the show. It’s out of context most of the time and hard to follow... unless you literally have watched the episode that is playing. BOOOO comedy central, stop trying to change a good thing.

Used to be amazing (1/5)

I have listened to this podcast since almost the beginning and have looked forward to and listened to every episode until the format change. The podcast used to be original material and hilarious with Jim and gang doing an actual podcast. Now it is an audio version of what is on the Comedy Central television show and has suffered greatly from the change. If you start at the idea that podcasting is a specialized format of content and differs vastly from television content, both in its lack of visual representation and nature of the conversation and/or content. A good podcast host, like Jim and gang were, can take you through many more thought provoking paths more suited for the platform and paced vastly differently. This change in format is a big example of how Comedy Central is stuck in the past with little hope of continuing 30 minute format shows that Netflix, HBO, Hulu, Amazon and others are producing at a tremendous pace. This particular podcast is tagged at the beginning and end with “This is/ You’ve been listening to a Comedy Central podcast” and I’ll be danged if it is the only Comedy Central podcast I’d ever heard of or have interest in listening to. Let Jim be Jim, that’s why I subscribed in the first place. I have kept my subscription in hopes that they will change it back, but, I if that does not happen soon I’ll likely unsubscribe. I’m worried I will miss the return to format or an announcement for a new podcast with Jim, but, I’m willing to risk that to unsubscribe and not give CC the numbers. Sincerely, Disappointed

Terrible person (1/5)

The hypocrisy is just to much.

From first to worst (1/5)

This use to be my favorite podcast. Jim is hilarious to listen to at work. Why switch up a great thing to a generic clip show. If I wanted to watch the show I would. But I always enjoyed listing to Jim. Never seen the show but had listened to evey podcast up until the switch

Hate new format (1/5)

Old podcast when they reviewed the show was the best. I watch the show so don’t need to listen

Id-i-ot-ic (1/5)

fire the "genius" who created? produced? suggested? the new format...unsubcribing

Go back to old podcast (1/5)

No one wants to listen to a TV show lol. Who's idea was this? The old podcast was my favorite and now I unsubscribed.

Not a fan anymore (1/5)

Was a big fan of the old podcast and I really enjoyed the style. I really have no desire to listen to the tv episode. Bring back the old podcast!

What a stupid decision... (1/5)

CC canned Jim's ORIGNAL content podcast in favor of just playing the audio from the TV show. LAME. Unsubscribed. Bring back the old show, or start a new one Jim. Also, address the Avi situation. For those who call this fake news, realize this isn't a news show, it's a comedy show. Take it with a grain of salt.

Go back to how it was (1/5)

This new format which is just the audio of the show isn’t bueno. FYI I love the show, but this isn’t a podcast, start a go fund me I would paid to hear the old way! That means a lot including I’m a penny pincher. Just saying

Awful format change (1/5)

What about this is a podcast now? Bad move CC. Bring back old format.

Why (1/5)

So we went from an awesome and creative podcast to a recording of a show I already saw on tv.....great

Miss the old version (1/5)

Bring back the old one.

Dishonest in a profound way (1/5)

This entire show is a fountain misinformation catering to an audience. It has no ethics, and is a prime example of the horrific media narrative that has been created. Look no further than the Avi situation. Boycott this show.

This isn’t a podcast (1/5)

Whoever runs Comedy Central’s podcast division has no clue what they’re doing. Being Jim back, this isn’t a podcast.

Not a podcast any more.... (1/5)

Don’t want to listen to a tv show. Unsubscribing.

JJP 2017-2019... RIP (1/5)

Thanks corporate CC for ruining the best podcast.

I really miss the prior podcast format (1/5)

I love the Jim Jefferies show and pretty much anything he does. That being said, how dare you, whoever YOU are, change the podcast from Jim in free form to this, a radio replay of the show.

Bring drunk Jim back (1/5)

I use to love the show but now I don’t even bother listening to the podcast

Awful change (1/5)

Used to love this podcast but you guys really screwed the pooch here.

Please please bring back old format (2/5)

Please please bring back the old format !!! I love his show on Comedy Central but why listen to it again on a podcast. I miss him and Forest. It was the best podcast online why would you change it ? 😢

Bring back the old podcast! (1/5)

I looked forward to this podcast every week. Very disappointing Comedy Central opted to go the lazy route and just rebroadcast the show. Bring Jim, Forest and the crew BACK and stop screwing with the only time I laughed during my driving every week.

Bring back the old format (2/5)

The best part was Jim, Forrest, and the gang all interacting and having fun at Jack’s expense. I often listen while trying to put my son to sleep. I used worry about waking him up when I laugh to hard, but now he barely move because I only chuckle. Bring back the old format so we can get the answers to life’s big question like #britapiss.

Thanks Comedy Central (1/5)

You ruined a great podcast with literally the tv show in audio form. Who wants to listen to the same thing twice. If I could rate lower than one star I would. Anyone reading this, don’t subscribe to this bs, try the mmpodcast by Bill burr or something not run by cu#ts

Biased (1/5)

They interviewed a transgender person to determine if transgender athletes should be able to compete in their chosen gender leagues.

Great show now a terrible show. (1/5)

Of course CC would take something hysterical and make it unfunny. Bring back the old format.

Bring back the old podcast (1/5)

Why would I waste time listening to the show I just watched??? Please, bring back Jim and the Gang. That was incredibly entertaining. This is rubbish. The TV show gets 5 stars. The OLD PODCAST GETS 5 STARS. I'd give this audio recap NO STARS if I could.

Bad (1/5)

Horrible change. Bring back the old podcast. Won't be listening to this bs

Bring back the Recap podcast (2/5)

Really preferred the original podcast where Jim and pals talked ABOUT the show, not just the network putting out the AUDIO of the show. In total agreement with others who state that execs who made this decision are idiots!

Pointless (1/5)

This went from being one of top podcasts out there to utter trash. Another example of not funny executives telling creative people what to do. Shame.

The podcast was my favorite then Comedy Central ruined it (1/5)

This podcast was amazingly funny, Jimmy Jefferies was hilarious off script, just all around was awesome. Until Comedy Central decides to change the format and ruin the podcast. Where it’s just a stupid recap of the show. Jim Jefferies your awesome and you should start your own podcast.

Sad (1/5)

I watch the show, why listen to the podcast? I miss the old format.

Unsubscribed after 2 years (1/5)

What the hell’s the point of listening to an audio version of the TV show I watched the night before? Which genius at Comedy Central decided that this was a good idea? Who’s going to wish Australia a good night? And what the holy hell is Forrest supposed to do now? Unanswered questions...

Eh (1/5)

Loved this podcast until you changed it to just a repeat of the show. Only good for people that don’t or can’t watch for some reason.... bring Jim and Forrest back!

Old format better (1/5)

I like the old format better. Jim riffing and ranting off the cuff is better than this.

Absolute garbage in new format- unsubscribed (1/5)

I hope the guy that made this call gets fired. How dumb and out of the loop do you have to be be to think changing the format to this would help anyone. I listened to the podcast but never watched the show. Because the podcast was so much fun I I was planning to check out the show. Before I got the chance, they changed the podcast and it took away all desire to watch the show. In fact, even if they return the podcast to he original format I will boycott the show out of principle

Bring post-show back! (5/5)

The funniest “actually” live,no prep, show i listen too. Maybe i’m rhe only one, but doggonit!!! Ha! I set an hour to listen EVERY time it came out. God loves Jim and Forrest...

Was good (1/5)

I really liked this podcast. I’m all in when I’m hearing behind the scenes jokes and insights on the episode I just watched. Now that it’s regurgitating what I’ve already seen I can remove it from my playlist.

Comedy Central ruined this (1/5)

Nothing like taking something good and effective and trashing it because a network executive thought this was fine. We all know network executives are what make Comedy Central not the talent!?

Changing my review ONLY cause CC is changing the podcast (1/5)

Here is my new review, and it’s only based on the fact that you guys are choosing to change this to a recap podcast: Recap podcasts are a complete waste of time. There is no way anyone wants to here redundant content. The charm of the show was Jim saying NEW and edgy things, sometimes while inebriated haha. This is a large selling point! If the same network that embraces drunk history can’t embrace drunk podcasts, or can’t get behind Jim’s beer fueled ad reads, then shame on you Comedy Central! Shame! My original review bus below (for the original podcast): Finally! A drunk, unleash Jim. Pass the alcohol around and Don’T STOP!!! Let the sloppy Australian bastard do his thing!

New format is no good (1/5)

Comedy Central has ruined this podcast

TV recap podcasts are pointless (1/5)

I originally subscribed to the podcast because Jim and Forrest had new and interesting discussions, sometimes related, sometimes unrelated to the show. Comedy Central is making a huge mistake by just playing clips from the TV show that I’ve already seen. I give episodes 1-51 five stars, but I’ve unsubscribed, and changed my rating to one star after the format change.

Used to be a blast, now pointless fluff (1/5)

I won’t be listening to this anymore. I loved the podcast when we got to hear some behind the scenes stuff as well as stories about time on the road. Jim & Forrest’s podcast had a very fun laid back feel with Forrest doing a good job trying to keep show on track while (usually) not coming off like a wet blanket to Jim’s ramblings. Jim’s butchering of the ad reads made them far more memorable than 30 second clip I just skip over on other shows. This was the podcast that actually got me into listening to podcasts at all. I went back and listened to all of them before new season & anxiously awaited a new one after the break only to find out it’s been turned into a clip show. Why can’t you do both? Post the clips from episode day after it airs on Comedy Central and then the podcast the day after that. I hope CC gets their act together or Jim & Forrest do their own podcast. 2 stars because I can’t give 2 1/2 & it only is that high because previous 50 episodes are great.

CC ruined my favorite podcast (1/5)

Never reviewed a podcast before, but this was my favorite until Comedy Central changed the format.

Bring back the other podcast (1/5)

I really do not like the new podcast. I don’t need to listen to the taped show.... bring back the old style of podcasts please!

Was good, now stupid (1/5)

Listen to the first 50 eps... and not another ever. Just unsubscribing now. Way to f it up cc

Comedy Central Executives Ruined this because they don’t understand comedy. (1/5)

I subscribed to this a long time ago I also subscribed to The daily show podcast. I used to always listen to this the very day it came out meanwhile I have (as of 3/28/19) 62 Not listened to episodes from the daily show. The problem with audio from a visual show is that it’s just not engaging. If I wanted to listen to the show I’d watch it. I came here for something fun and different. I used to listen because I loved the banter between Jim and his staff now it’s just flat one dimensional jokes. Comedy Central really ruined this podcast by changing it to clips from the show. I’ll be unsubscribing now and recommend people looking for a comedy podcast keep looking. This ain’t it anymore.

One size doesn’t fit all (1/5)

Thanks for ruining Jim’s podcast, Comedy Central.

Vomitus (1/5)

Big mistake cutting this down to 13 minutes of fluff. Eagerly awaiting Jim’s podcast outside of your pathetic network.


We all love Jim Jeffries we all love this podcast please do not end it in just play audio of the TV show. Jim just a note for you you don’t need them, start your own podcast on the side. Don’t be controlled by Comedy Central, even though they do a lot of great things, turning your podcast into just audio of your show is the stupidest thing ever. We all already watch a show so nobody’s gonna listen to the podcast it doesn’t make any sense.

Nooooo (3/5)

I’m listening now and I look forward to Jim Jeffries Podcast. I watch the show and hearing clips again is no bueno. I will be listening to his podcast if he does one. I will no longer listen to this one.

Format change ruined it (1/5)

Update March 27, 2019 Comedy Central's dcision to change the format ruined this podcast. Why would I want to listen to excerpts from the TV show? OCT 21, 2017 Not in the literal way, but you know, in the way where it’s just freakin’ amazing. I’d die happy just to sit in and watch one of these get made. So much hilarity in one room! Keep up the good work boys and girls (esp the one whose second name Jim can’t pronounce)!

Used to be better (1/5)

I prefer the old format when it was actually a podcast. I don't want clips from his show.

Bring back the old podcast (1/5)

The old podcast was dark, real, honest, and hilarious. The unpolished and zero f$&k’s given attitude is what made it wonderful. Until it’s back or another permutation of it is done outside of Comedy Central I won’t be listening. Thanks Comedy Central for taking a giant corporate dump on something that was fun.

Not the same (1/5)

I’m so bummed that the way of the podcast changed. It was so much better before. Way to ruin a good thing Comedy Central. I can only hope that Jim Jefferys branches out and does his own Podcast. I am unsubscribing to this podcast straight away. I cannot stand them pulling bits from the show and dumping it a podcast. Pure garbage.

Please do a new podcast! (1/5)

Total bummer on Comedy Central’s new format 🥺 It was always a highlight to catch your podcast. Really hope you do another.

What was once great has now been ruined (1/5)

CC had a genuinely funny and unique podcast here. But they ruined it... by going the The Daily Show podcast route, now all we get is audio clips from the VISUAL show. I don’t want to listen to people clapping and cheering. I don’t want to listen to rehearsed jokes on a podcast. The podcast used to be raw and unbound. Now though... it’s just blah.

I get it... (5/5)

Sad to see Jim try something different... But upside is I don’t have cable and now I can hear the good bits of the show!

Old format = 5 stars, New format = 1 star (1/5)

The old podcast was my favorite weekly podcast to listen to. Then CC had to ruin a good thing. The new 'format' isn't even worth listening to. Terrible decision.

Was perfect. CC ruined it. (1/5)

Jim and Forrest made a great podcast, but Comedy Central ruined it. Unsubscribes.

Used to be great (1/5)

This used to be one of my favorite podcasts, until Comedy Central decided to cancel it and just play the audio of the weeks episode. Now, it’s a garbage podcast. The show was great to watch, but it’s not a great podcast. It also makes it worse knowing that it’s a replacement for a really fun podcast.

WTH Comedy Central?! (5/5)

Bad move Comedy Central, these guys are great left to their own devices. It was One of the funniest podcasts out there. Please please do your own podcast guys!!

Comedy Central looses another Subscriber (1/5)

Dumbest move CC could have done canceling the live version of this podcast and just airing highlights of the show. The cast was entertaining in and of itself, that’s why I listened at work, and it reminded me to go back and watch the show on myDVR. Now CC has lost a listener and a viewer, as I am dropping the show from my DVR and leaving it behind without the podcast to go with it, great move CC, I hope more people feel like me and a drop in viewers gets your attention.

Please do a new podcast with Forrest. (5/5)

Can’t believe CC is cancelling this podcast. Forest and Jim are a great duo. Really hope there’s another podcast.

Podcast WAS better than the show (1/5)

I watched the show so I’d have context for the few parts of the podcast where they discussed the show. Bad choice on CC’s part to go the Daily Show format. TDS has between the scenes and extended interviews. The Jim Jefferies show will gain nothing from the new format. Listening to the final good episode then unsubscribing.

Dirtbag. (1/5)

That’s all.

Bad move (1/5)

I loved this podcast, it was one of the few that actually make me laugh. I will miss it for sure, and will be unsubscribing. I hope Jim and Forest start a podcast.

Big mistake. Huge. (5/5)

I’m very disappointed to hear that CC wants to chance the format. This has been one of my favorite podcasts, everything about it. However, if Jim Jefferies decides to do his own podcast separate from CC, I would absolutely listen to that. His crew and their commentary is what I come to the podcast to hear. Five star podcast, one star decision to change it.

Commercial Corporate Diseased Cunts (5/5)

Comedy Central cunts need to realize that they need to take self care and clean the inside out. The talent should be free of your stink. Cunts! Jim and Forrest are not part of the yeast you Cunts! Thank you?

BOOOOO! (1/5)

Shame on CC for changing the format

Don’t cancel the podcast (5/5)

I listen to quite a few comedian’s podcasts, and this one is one of the most hilarious and wonderful of them all. Comedy Central you are making a huge mistake. Please reconsider canceling the podcast and playing the show recording instead.

Unsubscibed after this episode (5/5)

I have no use for just the audio of the show. Him Jefferies is hilarious and it's just plain asinine to change the podcast in this way. Good luck! You lost a subscriber. Way to go comedy central.

What!!!!!! CANCELING!!!!! (5/5)

What the F@#k is wrong with you CC? Seriously, this is absolute BULLS¥|T. Changing the podcast to just a non-visual version of what we’ve already seen??? I will absolutely NEVER listen to what you have planned. NEVER! Just like I stopped watching The Daily Show and never listen to it. I WILL continue to watch Jim’s show. Honest to Christ........ Bleeding idiocy.

Once again Comedy Central Ruins Something Great (1/5)

My favorite podcast. Now gone. Because Comedy Central won’t allow Jim to do what he does best...again. Listen it all of these hilarious episodes. They each were full of excellent comedy that will be greatly missed.

Jimmy boy (5/5)

Me really rikey. Me think it’s good. Ya

Fantastic (5/5)

Super talented, super talented group of guys having a laugh! It’s like being backstage with these guys. Thanks y’all.

Really funny (5/5)

I love this podcast. Forest Shaw kinda sounds like josh Adam Myers but that makes it even better.

Can ya hack it (5/5)

Send me a shoutout jim and ill catfish jack

Great inside info! (5/5)

I love Jim, love him live and love his Comedy Central show. For any fan, this is a fun listen with insider perspective. Look forward to every release!

Love this podcast!!!! (5/5)

Super funny! Love getting to know everyone! Can’t wait to see Jim live!

Thanks Jim (5/5)

Started at episode one and have been working my way up, but hey... I don’t watch the show, and do listen! Also Jim is the only drunk person that makes me laugh this hard. Seriously I can’t listen to drunk people... and I NEVER listen to advertisements... and some how he gets me through both! Thanks Jim!

Great job (5/5)


Just fun to listen to (5/5)

I enjoy every episode of this podcast. It’s fun to hear some inside information from the show, but mostly you get to enjoy Jim and his sidekick Forest messing around with whatever guest is on. Jim somehow made his personal assistant into a highlight in the show that I can’t understand why I’m interested in. THATS HOW GOOD JIM IS! I don’t know about Jack, but Jim sure can hack it in comedy and podcasting.

Jim is hilarious, but show lacks substance (5/5)

I enjoy listening to the podcast but it can become a bit inane at times. It would be more interesting if they would talk about the industry. Separate point about Forest. Everyone bags on him, but I think he’s a nice counterweight to Jim. Some of his lackies are annoying, especially that chic who laughs obnoxiously in the background.

Pretty good (4/5)

Jim is hilarious, the cohost and guests are ok too. Decent podcast in a giant world of great ones

Great podcast! (5/5)

I love his show and the podcast is great too. I'm even starting to get used to Forrest's annoying voice!

Love it (5/5)

I discovered The Jim Jeffries Show in October 2018… Since then, I’m trying to find everything Jim has ever done because he’s freaking hilarious. Podcast is awesome and entertaining as hell.

LOVE IT (5/5)

When my notification goes off for a new podcast I stop what I’m doing and download it immediately because I know my day just got better! You guys are hilarious. And to the haters: stop being cunts!

Excellent! (5/5)

The humor is similar to the show and his stand-ups, but more crass (and hence funnier and a little different) than the show. The interplay off the guests is great and keeps it fresh every week. Good stuff!

Whatever they advertise, I’ll buy (5/5)

Whatever they advertise, I’ll buy

Invasion (5/5)

Love the Podcast & what its become when the show is back on, I hope it doesn’t get forgotten to be talked about/reviewed. Always look to Forrest to keep Jim on track 👍 I think it would be hilarious if the podcast didn’t end at least once when Jim uses the bathroom like as a joke “The show must go on!” Send Jack in after him or something. 😅

So funny (5/5)

Awesome podcast with hilarious cast of characters. Jim and Forrest are great

The Jim Jefferies Show (5/5)

The Jim Jefferies Show is polished and streamlined with many relevant and poignant bits about recent political and cultural events. It shows a more mature Jim who is well informed and can makes educated opinions with a funny spin. The Jim Jefferies Show podcast is none of those things. Half the episode is spent recapping what occurred during the TV Show and the other half is filled with various lowbrow jokes and humour. Jokes tend to be centered around his cohost/friend Forrest’s weight, as well as a general abuse of his employees/guests. While he frequently has extremely funny guests, he rarely lets them speak so it ends up mostly being Jim in various states of intoxication ranting about whatever is bothering him while Forrest and the other guests interject. 5/5 and subscribed. I have a new favorite podcast.

Must listen (5/5)

If you are a fan of Jim this show is amazing. I’m a big fan of the tv show but I actually look forward to the podcast more then the show. My favorite podcast by far. As good as his stand up

Awful (1/5)

Just bad and really hard to listen to

Best (5/5)

Best podcast I listen to. Funny suspenseful edgy.

Jim and Forrest are awesome! (5/5)

I am a big fan! Thank you for the inspiration Jim and Forrest!

My go to comedy podcast (5/5)

Jim and his crew are all dope.. What’s up with the butt hurt guy that wrote the 1 star review that starts with “meh” ??

Love Jim Jeffries (5/5)

Love Jim, bring back Legit, Kelly is great, should give her, her own podcast

Jim’s second podcast is good (4/5)

A toned down version of his 1st podcast with Eddie Ifft. Forrest is his new Jason; someone he can put down in order to feel better about himself. Forrest is a bit flat, he might need some meds. So far it’s good. Good to hear Jim back on Podcasts.

Best podcast - got me thru hard times. (5/5)

This podcasts brings so much joy to my life. It has gotten me through hard times and elevated my good times. All the comments about Forest not being funny? They’re accurate.

Shhhhhhh Geeze (3/5)

I love Jim Jefferies. I loved this podcast, but the last one about Christian Slater annoyed the F’ck out of me. Not that the content wasn’t funny, but because everyone with a mic seemed to talk at the same time. It was a bit too much gaggling, for way too long of periods of time. I turned it off. Even if someone is contributing something useful, it’s pointless if one can’t make out what they’re saying. Hope it doesn’t continue.

Very entertaining!!! (5/5)

Love the show on Comedy Central but don’t always get to watch it. Really like the format of the podcast and everyone in the room with Jim. Thanks for being here!!

Best podcast out there (5/5)

The podcast is a blast Jim is able to work off all his special guests and though some people find Forrest Shaw bland and annoying he’s not that bad and you grow to see that he’s a great jab for jim

Alcoholic creep (1/5)

Jim is an alcoholic creep. Not funny. Eats into the mic. Can’t hold his pee. Forrest is doing the best he can with an egomaniac butthead as his boss.

Stop F@#& eating on the mike!! (2/5)

I have never left a review but I had to for this one. I like Jim and his Comedy Central show. The problem with the podcast is he won’t stop eating on the podcast. I have my AirPods in and all of a sudden Jim is masticating in my ear, it is just gross. I have to give up on the podcast. Maybe in a month or so I will try and listen again and see if he stopped eating during the podcast. It’s only an hour Jim. Also I don’t have a problem with Forest, but I see why people do. He just isn’t funny most of the time, but he does interact well with Jim.

Jim YAY. Forest NAY (3/5)

Jim does't need sidekick.

Stop Shitting on Forest (4/5)

Not really into podcast that are just a bunch of people talking about nothing, but I enjoy this. The gustes are great, Jim is fantastic, and I enjoy Forest. Honestly never heard of the guy but he’s a good copilot. Not many people can give it back to Jim as he dishes it out on everyone else but Forest usually hits him where it hurts. The podcast is great cause it’s just a bunch of people talking nonsense and insulting/joking on each other. Solid 5/7 rating.

Forrest rules (5/5)

Great podcast

You’re funnier when drunk (5/5)

Get drunk with the guests more.

Great laughs during my long drives! (5/5)

I love it! There's never been an episode that I didn't enjoy. Thanks guys!

Just Feckin’ Funny (5/5)

I loved Legit. I loved Freedumb. And I love The Jim Jefferies Show, so the podcast is just another gift of Jim’s ‘down-under’ humor. Great guests, too.

Less and less every week (1/5)

This has become the Jim & Forrest podcast, and while Jim can be hilarious, Forrest is a lead weight bringing every one down. The TV show is great though, watch that, skip Forrest. Forrest is Jim’s Bro, I get it, but every week I quit the podcast earlier and earlier 5 minutes this time - try back issues of The Fifth Column, not funny, but neither is this.

Oi! Great show from an Ozzie in America (5/5)

Hey, quick wit right?! Nice job mate but get more lady guests to be more interesting. Not that you're dull, Jimbo, right?! Just they look a right bit better after they're washed up. Smell better, too! Cheers mate.

Yah-Yeet! (5/5)

Almost as if it were yesterdayI realized that I had forgotten my toothbrush on the airplane and that’s just something I’m going to have to live with for the rest of my life. I forget things all the time all the airplanes because airplanes are not my home and therefore I get disoriented. So, if you find a toothbrush or an airplane it’s probably mine. Please reach out.

OY (5/5)

Jim Jefferies is hilarious. Down under OY!

America’s best Australian treasure (5/5)

Love the podcast. Love be the crap he gives Forrest. You’re a legend, Jim!

A Good Mix of Humor to Get You Through the Day (5/5)

First on my list of podcasts that I listen to to get me through the monotony of my job and to make me laugh during my workouts at the gym. I do not think I have laughed so hard as I do when listening to Jim Jefferies. A good mix of intelligent and lowbrow humor. Thx Jim!

Dig it! Funniest comedian alive! You cunts! (5/5)

This podcast has help me in dealing with my depression. Jim’s honesty and shedding light on depression is awesome. Dig the hell out of the podcast!

Beyond amazing! (5/5)

Phenomenal show. Gets me through my workday!

SAND! (4/5)


Give Forrest a raise (5/5)

Been a fan of Jim since I stumbled across us first HBO special about 10 years ago. Don’t watch the show (it doesn’t show up on any of the streaming services I subscribe to), but I enjoy the podcast. The chaos that is captured 2/3rds if the time is equally as enjoyable as the “normal bits”. The recurring event of Forrest Shaw acting as bumpers to Jim’s bowling ball nature does provide extra humor. I think this dynamic has more legs than just as an advert/extras addition to the CC produced Jim Jefferies’ program.

Chick-fil-A interesting update (4/5)

Don’t know if you read all the reviews, but you should listen to the last Majority 54 podcast about Chick-fil-A

Can ya hackett? (5/5)

If you like Jim Jefferies, this is the podcast to hear him eat, mock his mother, harrass his assistant, and recap the most recent episode of “The Jim Jefferies Show,” while co-host Forrest Shaw tries to keep it all under control.

A great accompaniment to the show (5/5)

Currently working my way through the backlog of episodes, and all are good for at least a laugh or two. Would recommend it to anyone who thinks Jim Jefferies is funny.

Has got better each week we don’t hear Jim eating his sammich (4/5)

Show some respect Jim. Finish up the meal and then do the podcast. Your one funny man.

Just Listen (5/5)

Jim is one of the funniest comics out there and he has a unique take on current events and society. Definitely worth a listen.

Awesome Aussie (5/5)

The greatest Aussie on this blue rock we call earth. He is really funny and what’s better he teaches u in the problems of our world.

Great (5/5)

Great show if you don’t mind the canned laughter.

Forrest’s Voice (5/5)

It’s very sexy

Meh. It’s got a few laughs usually. (1/5)

I love Jim. He may have peaked at Legit. His cohost is awful. I was hoping for laughs but it’s just the usual identity politics and bashing of the right. Forrest isn’t funny, comes across self righteous and pompous. I really hope Jim gets out of the political crap. I had high hopes for the show. But it’s nothing special.

If it was comedy it would be a good podcast (1/5)

All these idiots do is bash trump . It gets old same show every week basically ....

I don’t like to be a hater (5/5)

Jim Jeffries is awesome. Hilarious, edgy, rude, unabashed, witty and drunk. His sidekick Forrest however, is hardly ever funny and mainly is just an annoyance throughout the podcast. I wonder though, if Forrest’s terrible comedy and desire to be the podcast police helps elevate Jim even higher. Either way I’m going to keep listening because Jim is the jackass friend that you’re nervous to hangout with, but always end up having a good time when you do.

Funny AF (5/5)

Jim Jefferies is hilarious, and idgaf who says otherwise.. with that being said is it sad that I’m 30 and wanna quit my job and be his assistant lol

The chunder from down under. (1/5)

Yet another pod cast where they eat directly into the mike. If this is what you enjoy then this is tops! Seems like Jim is fitting a podcast in during lunch. If it’s worth doing it’s worth taking time to do it.

Just here for the podcast (5/5)

Don’t watch the show but find the podcast hilarious!

Sorry...bad (1/5)

I love Jim Jeffries show, his stand up and his general opinions. This is what I wanted in a pod cast, not people laughing and talking over him, I cannot listen to this sorry Jim. I will continue to be a fan, but not of this pod cast.

Great stories. (5/5)

Jim is such a talented story teller. He cracks me up every episode. He and the show staff have great rapport and make each episode entertaining.

Great show (5/5)

But dear Christ someone please turn Forest’s mic off

Hilarious (5/5)

I love this podcast. Forrest has the most annoying voice I’ve heard since Fran Drescher, so it’s hard to listen at times because they should turn his microphone off. But it’s still good enough that I keep listening.

Love the podcast. Do more of it. (5/5)

It's a fun group and fun to listen to. Maybe they can find a way to do episodes even when they're not in show production.

I like him (5/5)

Highly entertaining with a jaunty theme song. Give Jim a listen. Plus Forrest really asks nicely for us to write a review

Best Podcast (5/5)

In my opinion this is the funniest podcast I’ve ever heard keep it up Jim

Oz living in the US (5/5)

As Australian living in the US, Florida to be precise. It’s great to hear your show. Thanks.

Jack is the star (5/5)

It’s hilarious listening to Jim get drunk, but we all know the show would be nowhere without Jim’s assistant, Jack Hackett (spelling?).

Yas (5/5)

First comedy podcast I’ve ever gotten into. Hilarious!

Keep Rock’n It! (5/5)

Huge fan of Jim and enjoy the open format of the podcast. I hear “Can you hack it” randomly in public and makes me laugh. Thanks

Smart, Funny & Engaging (5/5)

Fan of Jim's work. I & Hubby admire Jim's humor & intellect. The new show is terrific and so is this podcast. Both are entertaining and informative in different ways. Jim, interviewers, writers & guests share stories about the show. Great banter. Especially liked to hear more about hurricane Irma, the corruption that makes these tragedies even worse, and the direct connection to Florida that Jim and Forrest had as I live in Florida. (ugh). One week we're sending money to help Houston, the next, we're evacuating. Then home cleaning up & sending biggest donation to Puerto Rico. 'Weather' it is crafting a joke about the optimal time to sleep with a girl out of your league, jokes about Irma, or poignant commentary on subjects such as DACA this is a wonderful podcast so far.

Can ya hack it?! (5/5)

Best podcast ever. It’s the Booze News and I love it.

Bring Back Legit as webisodes.....F-FX (5/5)

Miss it

This podcast makes me want to drink (5/5)

Love hearing Jim unhinged and Forrest try to reel him in. Thank you, Gentlemen.

A++ (5/5)

The best podcast around.. Jim Jeffries is King! Hope you make it to Louisville soon!

Have Jim Get Drunk Every Podcast (5/5)

Episode 8 is the pinnacle of podcasting.

Yup! (5/5)

Jeffries is my spirit animal. Love the show, keep up the good work!🤘

Good ole Jim. (5/5)

Good ol Jim. Right back in your ears where he belongs.

Love! (5/5)

You are freaking hilarious mate

So good (5/5)

I love Jim Jeffries, hilarious writing staff as well. Keep it up! 💕 makes my LA commute 100x better.

SO FUNNY (5/5)

I listen to podcasts all day at work and the Jim Jeffries is definitely my favorite. Keeps me laughing as well as up to date with current events. Totes recommend.

Sound quality needs work voice volumes up and down (5/5)

Love the show interesting but please adjust the voice volume s or give everyone a mic. Thank you love ur work Jim

Political Comedy Jim Jefferies Style (5/5)

I am huge fan of political comedy I was them all Seth, Oliver, Colbert, Sam, and Trevor and Jim is right there with all of these. I especially enjoy the layback yet serious tone that he brings to his show. His podcast is just as good!


Love the show and I love the podcast, more Jim Jefferies in my life please!

We can all do better (5/5)

Watch the show on Comedy Central, listen to the podcast, and support his stand-up career. Please. I need this.

Surprisingly Terrible (1/5)

I've regarded Jim as one of the best stand up comics out there for quite some time. I also enjoyed his TV show when that was airing. Jim in the podcast format, for whatever reason, is absolutely cringeworthy terrible in my opinion--too bad. He's got an angry edge to him, he comes across as very smug and hostile, and most importantly he's JUST NOT FUNNY. I suspect, unlike a comic routine or rehearsed TV show, JJ doesn't have the luxury of second takes and practice. JJ's lack of wit and genuine humor is very apparent and glaring. Too bad JJ, stick to what you're good at---this isn't it!

Love It (5/5)

One of my go to podcasts. Jim, you and your crew are great!

Awesome (5/5)

How could you not want more Jimmy J. Hilarious!!!

Hilarious! (5/5)

Jim Jeffries kills it. I’m glad they made him do it!

Hilarious (5/5)

Jim always funny and great keep up the good work 👍🏻

Yup (5/5)

Would recommend

Love Jim! (5/5)

Great follow up to the TV show, which I never miss.

Fun to listen to (5/5)

You don't have to be caught up to the show to enjoy the pod. It goes well with the show also.

Finally! (5/5)

Thanks Jim! Please keep doing the podcasts. Love your work!

Love it!! (5/5)

Love the show and the Pod.. BTW are you guys drinking while recording; Jim sounds as disoriented as myself while on to much Thorazine.. Play Aussie Football (as well as Irish Hurling) and do your best to bring those games to the states; show this country what real sports look like..

Love it (5/5)

One of the funniest people on television carrying it over to a podcast. It seems only people born and raised elsewhere (John Oliver, Trevor Noah, Samantha Bee, Jim) really get just how messed up we are as a country. Keep up the good work Jim, you always bring a smile to my face, cheers! 🍻

Jim is the man. (5/5)

Classic Jeffries

Funny podcast (5/5)

I really enjoy the after show podcast

The Best (5/5)

There is seriously something wrong with you if you don't like this! A ton of laughs!

Enjoy Listening To (5/5)


Great show (5/5)

Jim does a good job on all of his little endeavors this is just another think with enjoyable content.

Hilarious and original! (5/5)

Love this podcast.

JIM is awesome! (5/5)

Love his show, love his podcast!

The Easter Egg of the Year (5/5)

If you love finding little gems—or easter eggs—then THIS is the podcast you want. The Jim Jefferies show on Comedy Central is out new favorite and this podcast is the new fave as well! A perfect complement to the show, hear from the talented writers and the man himself discuss the formation of the episode and other interesting little known facts! This is what you need in your life!

Love it! (5/5)

You might be surprised that there’s a lot of writing and planning that goes into the TV show....who knew?! But, seriously, love the show, and love the (much rawer) podcast. There’s so many easy targets to take a cheap shot at in the current political environment, but the show generally finds another level, without diluting the content. If you like the show, you’ll love the podcast, even if the mic levels are all over the place :-)

Funny (5/5)

Funny I like it a lot,Definitely recommend if you’re looking to laugh. I just wish the episodes were a little longer. All-around I had like it definitely will listen while I am at work or wherever.

Podcast better than show (3/5)

At least on the podcast you don't have to see the hilarous Jim Jefferies leaning back in his chair like an idiot.

Biting political humor with some valid points. (5/5)

Love him or hate him, he's interesting and has fantastic insights that evoke strong emotions and honest discourse.

I missed Jim! (5/5)

I missed listening to Jim on Talkins hit! So glad he’s back!

Jim Is A Comedy God ! (5/5)

This is such a fun show, the back and forth banter with the writers is very funny too. More of this please !

Still early (2/5)

Really enjoy Jeffries but would prefer if this wasn't just another podcast of creative people just ad libbing to fill time.

Jim Jeffries forever! (5/5)

Yes, the show's got a hot wetherman (😜) but Jim Jeffries is hot too.

Winning (5/5)

This podcast is the ish. Simply genius. Jim is very intelligent and witty. His humor seems to find the very core of issues and then expose the absurdities in how they're typically handled. For example his rich and famous scale to crime and chance of going to jail. It was simply genius!

Captivating (5/5)

I listen to the podcast whether or not I've seen the show. I find it stands alone and--in addition to being hilarious--it's an interesting peek into the way jokes develop, tv gets made, and comedians work. The format is looser and more intimate than tv, and Jim Jeffries' unique viewpoint shines through.

Good (5/5)

Is good

Good (5/5)

Jim is very funny

Loved it (5/5)

It's a good laugh!

Commentary with Comedy (5/5)

Great commentary with comedy! You always make me laugh. Totally enjoy your show. Many thanks!

Lift the seat with your foot!!!! (5/5)

I cannot get enough of JJ - love his show! Watch it every week since first one. Great comic...But a total nincomPEE when it comes to toilet seats. He wants a pedal to lift the seat up so he doesnt pee on it when he has a perfectly good foot to lift the seat with. What cant you balance a little on one foot Jim? Or does balancing work differently down under? Also its obvious that shared public toilet seats should always be left up. Its a categorical imperative. Kant get pee on a toilet seat if it isn’t left down. Better still than balancing or his silly idea of lifting it with a pedal (which is obviously prone to mechanical breaking) you just need spring loaded seats that go up when you’re finished. He’s a brilliant comic and a great host but I have to take the p*** out of him for that one.

Finally! (5/5)

Love it. I could listen to him all day.

The smart Australian (4/5)

Enjoyable listen

Jim is my everything (5/5)

I’ve seen the man five times at one of his shows. I’ve watched everyone of his specials and both shows. The man can do no wrong in my eyes. The shows great.

Thank god. (5/5)

Now I've got something to fill the void between shows!

Hey sexy (4/5)

Love hearing your voice


Looky, looky...... the guy that got too big for "Podcasting" in its prime comes staggering back for all its glory.

Australia's greatest export (5/5)

Been waiting for Jim to come back since Talkins hit. Welcome back!