Aggregated reviews for The Joe Rogan Experience

The podcast of Comedian Joe Rogan..

Awesome (5/5)

Never listen to a podcast in my life. Fell into the black hole of the videos of these Awesome .

Need better guests (5/5)

It’s a good podcast when you have good guests but most of the time they aren’t that interesting

Ed norton (1/5)

This dude won’t shut the hell up, real full of himself. 👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿

Getting weak (4/5)

Joe. I’m a 46 year. Off grid. Tiny house old school punk rocker In southern Colorado on my 40. I have listened to every cast at least twice man. Because I get so much. Your talks with experts in every field amaze me. And probably 10,000,000 other. I’m a meat eater franchise listener as well. I have elk, bear, lion and deer on my property every day, and I really wanted to invite you to come anytime to the 400 acres i manage if you should desire. That interview with Cornell, ruined me man. So contentious. Bossy and desperate. Do you ever consider talking to real people? Like rinnella?

The goat (5/5)

Name a better podcast I’ll wait.......

The best! (5/5)

Love him!!! This is the best podcast period!

Great (5/5)

Joe Rogan changing the world one podcast at a time.

Been listening for a year (5/5)

Been listening for two years before bed and now I can’t sleep without it. I prefer the guests with a lot of knowledge like Rhonda Patrick, and skip over the comedians and fighters. Only time joe steps out of line is when weed is brought up.

RZA (5/5)

GODHEAD 🕯 But why did you choose to do the JRE? -Les Couchon- 💄🐷🍒👠

The best (5/5)


You & Ed Norton.. (5/5)

You guys uncovered and interesting thought... those who “lean in” too far and cross the line where others determine who they are usually doesn’t work out well and ends too early, i.e., Sam Kinison, Jimmy Hendrix, Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, and many, many more. But those who “lean in” and keep themselves who they are and in control can achieve a next level of lasting cultural impact i.e., Bob Dylan, Robert De Niro, Spike Lee, Francis Ford Coppola, and many others.

I’m done. (1/5)

I have been listening for a few years now and he always seemed fairly balanced, but here in the last few months he has gotten so disconnected from reality I just can’t listen anymore.

has its moments (2/5)

this show is all over the place. no taste is guests

I just started listening and I really like what you’re doing (4/5)

I’m not sure if you’ve read or listened to Catch and Kill but I’d love to hear you interview Ronan Farrow about it. You touched on h th e Epstein thing and I think it’d make a great interview


Anyone who’s against this man, is a pure idiot

Love (5/5)

I love Joes banter with guest

Joe Hogan! (5/5)

Joe Hogan saved my life. I drove to California, got some Mike Tyson weed. Failed a drug test at work. Got fired. Work blew up. They thought I died with everyone else. Got life insurance check with out my now widowed wide finding out. Tahiti is great!

This show is beautiful (5/5)

You’re changing the way we receive important/relevant information Joe, thank you!

Best podcast out there (5/5)

Its hard to explain why this is such a great podcast. Joe is always knowledgeable when talking about a subject and admits when he isn't. He always try’s his best to see both points of view even if he doesn't agree with it. He has a wide range of guests that cover all topics, that offer different perspectives.

Artie (5/5)

Hey Joe, I’ve been a fan of yours since News Radio. I’m a huge UFC fan and without your commentary it wouldn’t be the same. I listen to your podcast all the time. I have to say I love that you had Artie Lange on. I listened to the podcast and also watched the clips on YouTube. Artie looks great and was funnier then ever. Hope he can keep his head straight. All of the clips on YouTube had me cracking up. Seeing you laugh at all his stories and see how he seemed like he was genuinely having a blast was the best. Keep up the amazing work. Kevin in Michigan.

Good (5/5)

Yes good

Most informative and open minded Podcast. 5 Stars! (5/5)

Love your podcast! A politically unbaised and often very illuminating commentary with a wide range of guests. Seeing Sir Roger Penrose, Elon Musk and Graham Hancock on the show was a blast. I’ve listened, and watched on Youtube, for hours at a time. I’m a college student at UW-Milwaukee going for a degree in Computer Science with a minor in Digital Studio Arts. Any chance we could get a guest actively involved in Artificial Intelligence, the leap to Quantum Computing, or how VR - AR is shaping gaming and the dynamic world we live in? I know these topics have been discussed, maybe I missed the show that this WAS the topic, but it’d be fantastic to learn more about these topics from an expert in a casual environment compared to that of a TED talk. As always, great show, great content and fantastic guests. Wish you and the team the best! P.S. Smoke one for me Joe. - Glenn

Dear Joe (5/5)

I did DMT and it helped with my crippling grief. However I am weary of the gods.

Ben Westhoff (5/5)

This. This. This.

Funny but gets political (2/5)

Why is everything mainstream somehow turned into talking bad about the president and democrats against republicans? Enough. I really wanted to like this show.

Toe Rogan (3/5)

Used to be my favorite podcast but he’s turned into quite the propagandist and sodomite.

Greg Fitzsimmons (5/5)

Free Range, interesting and energetic.

Been Listening for 5 Years (5/5)

Joe is the man, and love his interviews (talks) with people from all walks of life.

Great for getting raccoons out of the roof. (5/5)

Absolutely the best podcast for scaring raccoons out of roof. Or to educate them. Or both. Thanks Joe!

Complete trash (1/5)

I couldn’t contain my laughter while listening to Joe Rogan discuss the Game Changers movie. His arguments are completely comical. Does this man have any sort of education? Why you trying to make your listeners sick by promoting eating meat, bro? Why do you look like you’re 75 years old (or maybe you are, not sure??) Nobody should be taking dietary advice from this bald tomato.

Why? (5/5)

Why is it that the most important stories I hear about come from Joe Rogan and not the mainstream media? Why is Joe doing all the heavy lifting? Because like most businesses, the media is a family business and unless you have a famous last name or a mommy or daddy on the board of directors, your voice will never be heard. Thankfully Joes’ business model insulates him from all that BS. Yes there’s a ton of comedy and fun but more often the information is the star - information that is vital and unavailable elsewhere. You go Joe!

Bout time (5/5)

Been listening for years, figured it was about time to drop a review. This podcast is pure gold.

Tech speak (1/5)

Snowden needs to get high and spill the gd beans. Bore. Love ya Joe.

Great pod cast (5/5)

Always interesting. He is very intelligent.

How do you not love Joe Rogan? 5 Stars Sir! (5/5)

# 1375 Rick Baker. Absolutely fantastic. I was drawn in and somewhat experienced a piece of my childhood again. Watching American Werewolf in London at the age of about 7-8 years old late night on HBO around 1983ish. All the classic monster movies & tales of how it’s made. I even had a Creature From the Black Lagoon action figure as well as many others. Haven’t thought of that time in years. :-) Let’s not even talk Star Wars! Bravo Mr. Baker, Joe , & team. Kudos, well done. Much love and truly enjoyed it. TY Chuck Seas

Instructions (5/5)

How do you rate and review an already-stellar, 5-star Podcast? Just follow suit. Oh, and also, Epstein didn't kill himself.

Truly the best podcast (5/5)

This show has all of the best qualities you could want in a podcast. Not only is it hilarious (Joe’s laugh alone makes me die of laughter) but it’s genuine, uncensored and most of all, interesting. It is the only podcast that I listen to almost religiously. It never fails to entertain and Joe is so down to earth and wonderful.

👍🏽⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️👍🏽 (5/5)

Love podcasts. JRE is my favorite podcast of all time. Love the long form conversation setup. And that the adds are all together at the beginning and end. Keep up the great work Joe and Jamie!

Best pod cast out (5/5)

Joe talks about everything from mma to aliens he is very knowledgeable on a lot of subjects and if he isn’t he will bring someone on that is thank you joe for all the great podcast I enjoy listening to them at work

Well rounded and entertaining (5/5)

This is one of the most sensible podcasts out right now. Thought provoking, insightful, comedic, and over all a very genuine open discussion forum. ROGAN ROCKS!

Diamond in the rough (5/5)

Why are they only 2 hours now?

Fun Listen (5/5)

Great podcast to listen if you’re doing work. Funny and informative!

Artie (5/5)

Two of my favorites together making me laugh...

Artie Lange (5/5)

This was my first time listening. Joe has the best laugh. I so appreciated his concern and compassion towards Artie. I’m looking forward to the Kevin Smith shoe and all the way back to day one.

Artie Lange (5/5)

Thanks so much Joe for doing this interview with Artie Lange . Your suggestion to Artie, about him doing the Audio book would be a home run. I wanna hear it in Artie’s voice like how he tells a story. It’s funny. Artie is a funny guy. The way Artie tells a story and everything … He Amuses me

Joe is the best (5/5)

Joe does an amazing job with every interview. The show with Artie was so funny, I had to pull over on the interstate because I was laughing so hard. I had tears in my eyes and couldn’t see lol

Artie Lange (5/5)

Great 5 star podcast. Thanks Joe for providing Artie the opportunity to speak to his recovery.

Joe Rogan (5/5)

Amazing interview with Artie Lange.

Big d 98 (5/5)

Joe Rogan is highly intellectual and funny. I discovered his podcast from listening to it with my father. His podcast is so informational and funny. Really it’s the best of both worlds.

Outstanding episode: Joe gave Snowden enough freedom to deliver critical information (5/5)

This podcast, although long at 3 hours, is a great way to get a cliff notes version of the trials and tribulations of Edward Snowden, a polarizing figure in recent times. Joe did a great job point Edward in a direction then allowing him the freedom to tell the story complete with tangents and side stories that made it all more real and urgent. Absolutely great journalism. This was my first Joe Rogan Experience listen but it won’t be my last. Some additional color: As a technologist myself, with a focus on privacy and security, I have followed the Edward Snowden fiasco closely. Unlike many in my field, I didn’t start out assuming he was a hero and that his story was all true. But obviously I knew that the technology he spoke of surely could exist and circumstantial evidence suggested his story had credibility. But in all issues I try to see both sides (or all sides). I tried to understand the “he’s a traitor” POV especially when Obama, a man I considered to be reasonable, seemed to throw his hat into the traitor camp. The more I watched interviews, read the original disclosures, read the books, more and more of what Snowden said was corroborated by my own knowledge of the technology and things I’ve personally witness while doing forensic diagnosis of modern and emerging technologies. I began to understand the incredibly difficult position and moral/ethical quandary Snowden found himself in. What would YOU do in this position? Could you keep quiet when you were convinced to the depths of your soul that the US was violating the very essence of our constitutional values? At what point does one oath override another? What is our role as citizens and patriots? This is a bi-partisan issue. While Cheney and Bush unleashed this monster using fear as the bait, Snowden aptly points out this predates them. He mentions the well-documented information about FBI interference in Martin Luther Kings too-brief life. Snowden explains how liberals such as Nancy Pelosi were drawn into this cesspool of illegality and how once start these horrific tactics self-perpetuate. Unless someone speaks up what chance is there to right the ship? Or at least shine light so that questions can be asked and our democratic process used to legally condemn or condone activities. A simple podcast from a guy who looks insane in his Podcast image provokes these questions and provides ample food for thought and incentive to get the strongest flashlights we have to look behind the “do not enter” door. Thanks Joe. Thanks Mr. Snowden. If nothing else, you have triggered a conversation that had to happen.

Even the Odds Joe (4/5)

Now that I’ve listened to Kyle, how about you get Dan Bongino on here? Ex-secret service, ran for office, and knows the in’s and out’s of the Russian collusion HOAX. Would be a great show...

Artie Lange (5/5)

I didn’t think Joe could get any with his interviewing skills. Keep Artie alive Joe

Overrated and Willfully Ignorant (1/5)

Joe Rogan is pure bullsh*t. Providing a platform for extremists to spew their propaganda with 0 challenge? He may as well promote violence. F*ck Joe Rogan.

The best (5/5)

Best podcast available for a variety of interesting guests with an excellent conversationalist at the helm. Not sure how people could give anything less than 5 stars.

Rogan isn’t a good interviewer or comedian (1/5)

Joe Rogan is not a great interviewer. Often stepping on guests toes to interject something completely irrelevant to the conversation. Often Rogan will respond defensively when his ideas are challenged, not listening to his guest and simply relying on his engineer to help him outnumber the ideas he disagrees with. There’s no room on this podcast for any dissent with Rogan’s fragile worldview. I can’t understand why this is considered a comedy podcast. Having listened to Rogan’s stand up comedy and his podcast somewhat frequently I can’t say he’s very funny. Jokes mage by guests also tend to go over Rogan’s head. The one thing Rogan has going for him is his ability to book high profile guests. Rogan ruins this benefit however, by peppering in conspiracy theorists. Joe Rogan really brings nothing to the table but bad takes and some weed for his guest to smoke (I guess he has hospitality going for him). Ultimately, I’d rather hear rogan’s guests interviewed by almost anyone else (and some of them not at all).

Fire (5/5)


Kevin Smith & Joe Rogan (5/5)

Such a good listen. Thanks Joe for keeping me constantly entertained and for all the knowledge I gain while listening to you and your amazing guests.

My go to podcast (5/5)

Joe Rogan has won me over. His ability to get a huge selection of interesting guests and the sheer volume of consistent content keeps me hooked. Down to earth discussions mixed with silliness. Very informative and relaxing to listen to. Love the health and fitness aspect that laced throughout all the episodes.

Go Joe!!! (5/5)

Love the variety of guests and intellectual curiosity and integrity of Joe Rogan. Why can’t the media and other so-called professional journalist achieve the same level of openness and honesty when it comes to guests as Joe???

Edward Norton JRE podcast (5/5)

One word. Outstanding.

The Propagandistic Nature of JRE (1/5)

This show features many guests who have a chance to talk about their views, but they usually go unchallenged. Joe simply lets them speak most of the time, even when they are expressing views that could lead to violent action. Not recommended for children or anybody sensitive to false information.

Stupid (1/5)

Waste of time

Curious, funny, kind, open-minded (5/5)

The only way Joe Rogan’s podcast could be better is if $1000 appeared in your wallet after listening to it every episode:)

Edward Norton is AWESOME (5/5)

Edward Norton is one of the finest actors and a superior movie craftsman! He is very thoughtful and it is amazing to listen to him talk his mind. Thanks Joe, for letting him talk and complete his sentences without interrupting and unlike Dax.

Clown (1/5)

Joes a bozo

Honestly.. (5/5)

I actually decided recently to check out this podcast because it was suggested/mentioned by many people I know. Thank you, for several things. Many of these conversations make working a breeze. Also, a majority of the guests on here have given me a completely different way of approaching and assessing the things that happen in this world. It’s amazing to find people I have never heard of and listen to the things they have to say. This podcast gives people a place to say what they have and the audience can interpret that as they will. I will usually seek out podcasts with those I know, scientists in specific fields, or authors but in all honesty I haven’t skipped a podcast because it was uninteresting. I love listening to everyone’s perception of this world and their experiences that mold them. This podcast has changed my mentality towards life for the better and it is appreciated more than could be described. Of course I get a good laugh out of most of them as well. Keep it up and I will always be a fan. Thank you

Awesome! (5/5)

Joe might be the smartest, most insightful human on planet earth. Keep up the incredible work!

It’s “THE” podcast (5/5)

Listen, there are other podcasts out there doing quality, but The JRE is really the one others aspire to be. We’re there others before Joe?...Sure there were, but Joe is the antithesis of modern broadcasting. He’s the Howard Stern of podcasting.

Listen Selectively (2/5)

Enjoy some shows; but there are far too many “MMA” guys episodes, far too many comedians also.

Joe Rogan/ Kevin Smith ep (5/5)

I have come to pick Kevin Smith as my favorite guest not only is he an amazing director and human but he also is a true fan. Thank both of u for making my Friday more enjoyable. Simply amazing with all u do joe

Syncopation442 (5/5)

Thanks for the intro to Dave Leduc. Very enjoyable. My very favorite pod.

Good stuff (5/5)

Fantastic show can we get more UFO stuff? This is a great way to start the day

👍 (5/5)


Rogan the podcast GOAT (5/5)

Been listening since 2011 and Joe seems to keep getting some super huge guests and this last few for example Ed Norton, Edward Snowden, and Bernie Sanders. In the past examples are lance Armstrong, Elon Musk and the list continues n keeps growing. He still mixes in his friends and well known n not so well known (until after they do the podcast of course) which is cool. Everytime I find myself getting bored with 4-5-6 episodes in a row of ppl like Neil Degrasse Tyson (I cant stand him sorry) etc one of these huge people who are super unexpected n appear with almost no warning or fanfare (which I also love...the element of surprise is cool) or someone like, damnit I forget his name but the guy who worked on alien ships for the government n seems to be proven n legit) n way too many others to list, just listen n see, and I’m once again refreshed and find myself once again hooked on the show. I’d give it four stars for some boring episodes but the positive outweighs any negatives so 5 stars and respect to Joe. Furthermore Rogan has seemed to create the life he wants to live while amassing enough of a small fortune to be able to, in his words “what’s the point of having f*ck you money if you don’t say f*ck you sometimes” while also building a family which seems strong n still having a TON of fun with whether it be week long hunting trips, contests with friends, playing pool well, and on and on. I can’t help but respect and be somewhat envious while also at the same time motivated by his lifestyle. Regardless of what you think of Joe, you’d be lying if you said you wouldn’t want to switch lives with him or somehow get to his level. Happiness and a stress free life is what we all strive for isn’t it? He’s been able to do that while still making a yearly income most people can literally only dream of and most can’t even imagine or wrap their heads around. Hell, just the ad revenue from the podcast is enough for a “normal” person to not worry about anything we do like bills and rent and at the same time being able to buy and do literally anything you’d want to do and still have more $ for literally anything. Props to Joe. Oh, and I haven’t even mentioned his standup, which, esp as of late (his last two specials to be specific) is for sure on par with the greatest of all time. It’s so obvious he works so hard on his act n respects the craft. Ohhhh yeaaaa and doing 1 UFC event a month for probably $50,000+ and on the same weekend selling out for example the theatre at Madison Square Garden for probably at least another $50k, how do you not respect that? Personally it’s been inspiring to watch and most of us can only dream of the lifestyle and life he’s made for himself. I’d go as far as saying, most likely, he never ever has to work or even do the podcast ever again and still be fine on money. Also the way he seems to find and surround himself with only positive and interesting people (except for Joey Diaz, I’m not a fan at all) as his closest n exterior friends, is super cool imo. This review is for the podcast but at the same time for sure about Joe Rogan the human. He’s literally figured a way to do ANYTHING he wants WHENEVER he wants without ever needing to listen or be told what to do by ANYONE EVER. Sure, of course there’s a bit of luck involved here, but I can’t help but think of my favorite Rob Dyrdek quote of “make your own luck” to describe Joe perfectly. I’ve never written a review n probably never will again. I hope that means something. I’ve been inspired to create n continue to produce a daily podcast of my own with about 200 avg daily listeners, continue n reinvigorate my stand up comedy “career” that I started in 2006 n essentially gave up in 09, and made me strive n pray for a happy n successful life. I can’t think of a higher compliment I could ever give anyone other than that. He’s slowly become one of my favorite people in the world, n bc I’ve listened to thousands of episodes and tens of thousands of hours of his shows, n on other shows, I feel like I know him but I don’t. It’s really amazing. Even “haters” of his don’t really have much negative to say about him other than the same “he’s a meathead” argument which means nothing at all. Keep it up Joe. You’re the best and I have nothing but the utmost respect and love for ya. Peace!!! ✌🏼✌🏼✌🏼

Thank you!!! (5/5)

Joe Rogan, what you are doing is important. Thank you for being a sane human voice in the current political climate, please continue to do so and thank you for offering this content.

Ralph Velazquez (5/5)

Forget the radio or streaming music, I download and listen to this podcast at work and home. The variety of guests and subjects keeps me engaged 100%. It’s laid back and so informative. LOVE IT!!!

Like/Dislike feelings (2/5)

Most casts are decent with interesting conversation. And I usually just look for people I am either interested in knowing more about or are in a field of study that interests me. However, the sound is where I have an issue. I can’t handle the mouth sounds from Joe’s mic during the interviews. I can only listen to portions of them at a time, otherwise I want to scream. There is no need to drink, slurp, swallow, etc in front of the mic, and the sound engineer could mitigate this a bit with some tuning. I wish this was fixed. It would make listening much easier. Great cast, sound is poor, content is excellent.

#1373 (1/5)

Almost 3 hour long opinion based ear beating.

From a fellow Joe R (5/5)

Joe Rogan is my Guru but he looks like my dad so I kind of hate him.

The Best! (5/5)

Joe covers so many subjects and has such a wide variety of guest. You can’t ask for a better host or podcast!

JRE (5/5)

I love Kevin Smith as a guest! Joe’ the best!!!

A++ (5/5)

A fabulous podcast across the board! Joe is mastering the art of conversation with a wide array of interesting guests. His pacing, attention to detail, and kindness make this show my go-to podcast several times a week.

Great podcast, not enough time (5/5)

I love this podcast, but there is too much content. I like to listen to other podcasts, but there’s not enough time in the week. Maybe it would be better if there was a new episode twice a week instead of twice a day. Seriously, it’s a great podcast, but give us time to listen to other podcasts.

Dawkins and Snowden (2/5)

Joe, you need to have someone on to rebutt recent guests Richard Dawkins and Edward Snowden. Dawkins’ arguments are simplistic and worn-out, and it would be refreshing to here rebuttals on JRE from someone like Bishop Barron in LA. As for Snowden, it would only be responsible for someone like Mike Baker, or even Jocko Willink or Tim Kennedy, someone from the DoD or IC who can calmly and dispel Snowden’s self-sympathetic case.

Sales pitch turn off (1/5)

First 2 mins of a podcast started with a sales pitch.... Huge turn off !!!! Had no interest in moving further !!!!

Kyle (5/5)

Loved the Kyle Kulinski episode he’s always well spoken and always very thorough with his explanations

Today’s guest (1/5)

Kyle sounds like a nervous candidate on a job interview

Edward Snowden (1/5)

Slowest podcast I’ve ever listened to. Very little commentary by joe, might as well just call this the Edward Snowden channel. Rambling on and on.

Give these stars to Joe (5/5)

I asked Joey if he would give these stars to Joe. Instead he gave me a deathstar and said “Here, eat this ya cocksucka”

I love this podcast. Wish there was less MMA though. (5/5)

I absolutely love this podcast. I’m addicted. I love Joe Rogan and have an appreciation for comedy and the people he interviews. However, I have a hard time following it when he endlessly talks MMA. Not many people I know spar regularly, or have professional fighting matches. Most men I know aren’t in shape and they definitely aren’t hitting other guys in the face. I get it’s a hobby.. just like elk hunting (which segments I love), but I’m always hoping if I skip the MMA titled episodes, he doesn’t start talking MMA with someone like Nikki Glaser.. Which always seems to end up happening.

To Joe. (5/5)

Great show, but I need you to ask Ray Lewis about his dropped murder charges.

A bunch of idiots perpetuating lies (1/5)

If you believe half of what Joe says on this podcast I feel sorry for you. Joe Rogan is a conservative moron who appeals to people by by bringing on people from all backgrounds, but then softballs the people that agree with him and grills those that don’t. If I had a dollar for every time Joe said something false without presenting evidence to back up his claim, I could retire a millionaire.

we want to know your wife (5/5)

hi joe, my boyfriend and I love you’re show, but we would love to see you interview you’re wife you should do that

Kirk Minihane (5/5)

Hi Joe, I enjoy the behind the scenes look into life as a comic and how there are politics within the clubs as to why go to one versus the other. Also think it would be great to have Kirk Minihane as he has been someone that has been censored for being opinionated and now being harassed and losing advertisers over it. Apparently he is now being followed by someone at random locations to find any dirt on him.

Ideas (5/5)

Seth Rogan Adam Sandler Jim Carrey Bill Nye

Train by day: (5/5)

Joe Rogan Podcast by night, all day.

Amazing podcast (5/5)

A great podcast to listen to in the background I find time to pass by faster while listening to this podcast and Joe is such a great host and geniune with every episode.

Joe just sits interesting people down, and let’s them talk. The Best. (5/5)

Each episode I listen to, whether its with fellow friendly comedians, a wackjob conspiracy theorist, or a thought provoking PhD scientist, is a genuine conversation that I always feel like I am a part of. It’s the ultimate way to feel like I am still getting, and learning from, the human experience while I go about my day. My day would feel a lot lonelier, and a lot less insightful, without this podcast.

Misguided on Mormons during Shapiro (1/5)

I was shocked to hear Rogan’s completely misguided comments about Mormons during the interview with Ben Shapiro. The fact that Rogan doesn’t agree with or believe the Joseph Smith story doesn’t mean it should be described as “ patently insane!” During the interview, Rogan shows understanding and tolerance for multiple types of drug use, homosexuality, gay marriage and Shapiro’s own Jewish faith. But, during a conversation about the merits of religious community Rogan describes members of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormons) as “nice people” but follows with his interpretation of the Joseph Smith’s writings as “ patently insane.” Rogan warns Shapiro against having deeply formed opinions on marijuana without having any personal experience with the drug. Similarly, Rogan may need to re-evaluate his obvious bias without developing a deeper personal understanding of the history of Joseph Smith, Church history and the incredible goodness of the worldwide Church at large.

Hey Joe, (5/5)

Love this show, you should bring Colleen Ballinger on it!

I enjoy this, but... (3/5)

...who has this kind of time? It’s almost three hours long. Can I get a 30 minute cut of the interesting parts?

Powerful (5/5)

Thanks for sharing. Range of content acts an example of how to incorporate variety and balance into an individual life. Seth Rogen have time or what?

Joe (5/5)

Heineken ads are terrible

Bryan grazer (5/5)

Wow ....the comment about Jew directors and catholic actors got me thinkin a little

Thanks homie (5/5)

I appreciate you interviewing politicians and giving them a long form platform to explain their views, so nice to hear them out. EDWARD SNOWDEN!! Are you kidding me!? Thanks for that man. I read his book and it was great to get to hear him just talk. Thanks. Seriously.

Addicted!!! (5/5)

Awesome podcast- feels like I have friends

Snowden Shenanigans (5/5)

This guy dug his own grave. Pompous, narcissistic and overpowering. I kept waiting for Joe to pull some actual answers from him but Snowden kept skating around on wild tangents and self congratulatory riffs about how much he knew. It was a painful one. Can’t wait for Mike Baker to come back on and get some reasonable human interaction about these topics.

What a trip! (5/5)

Thank you Joe Rogan your pod casts are great to listen to! Highly request everyone to tune in! 👍🏽

Snowden (5/5)

Hands down best guest yet Joe! Hope every American will listen to this episode. Thank you Joe, Thank you Edward

From the man show to this. (5/5)

This is the best podcast hands down

Surprise! Joe Rogan isn't the dummy I assumed he was. (5/5)

Firstly, I started watching Joe Rogan on News Radio and he did a great job playing a simp. Fast forward to his color commentary forthe UFC and his work seemed to follow closely to the character he played in News Radio. Emotional, hyper masculine, comic difficulty getting his tongue around words with more than two clicks. It made sense to me. Joe Rogan not only played a mook, he was one in his day to day. Color me surprised when I listened to his interview with Bernie Sanders. He was thoughtful, respectful, measured and brought the absolute best out of Bernie Sanders who can dilute his message as a result of having to big a brain. I made quick work of his McAfee interview along with some others. I'm a fan, he knows his business.

Please (5/5)


Set the bar (5/5)

Joe set the bar with his podcast. It’s the way I want to ingest my information because it can be done on the go. Thank you Joe!

Snowden (5/5)

Wow what a great podcast, not only did this really open my eyes to the history and motives behind Snowden but also the current day issues. Joe didn’t speak much but I think that’s what makes him a great host, overall such a great listen and I would recommend this and the Matthew Walker podcast to anyone that likes joe’s production

Snowden interview (5/5)

The best thing that Joe did in this interview was not talk much. The more Snowden spoke - the more he revealed himself to be a complete weasel — unqualified barely high school educated opportunist. Self congratulatory weasel. The guy should be incarcerated.

Truth (5/5)

So much knowledge to be gained from this podcast.

Edward Snowden (5/5)

Wow, powerful podcast. He’s a brave sonofabitch.

Bridgeport CT (5/5)

Joe Rogan is the man. He keeps me entertained AF. Yeah I said it. But no I’m not getting a tattoo of him on me no matter how much I love him lol 😂🙏🏽👌🏽

Snowden 1368 (3/5)

Long speech from Ed, Joe has maybe 5min of dialogue. Obama is a victim of the deep State was interesting.

Recent Audio Issues (5/5)

Everyone’s Ps have been popping waaaaay too much lately. Since he returned from his last time elk vacation. I could hardly even listen to Snowden. Please fix the levels or whatever??

Great (5/5)

Always good to hear

The Best Podcast (5/5)

Nothing can top it. GOAT.

Amazing Guests (4/5)

I found Joe on Youtube … frankly, much more interesting and entertaining watching/listening to Joe and the amazing guests he manages to get, than what’s available on TV, cable, etc. Adding him to my pods so I can listen while I drive. I also really appreciate the fact that he spends so much time with his guests - a couple of hours really digging deep into various topics, versus the more cursory 5 to 20 minutes you’d see in traditional programs.

Richard Dawkins (5/5)

Thank you for having Richard Dawkins on, I’ve been waiting for this one for a long time and was a little disappointed he only stayed on for an hour since there is so much more to talk about. Episode was great though! The work he’s doing is so important!

Best podcast, hands down. (5/5)

Funny, intelligent, thought provoking, and always entertaining- the Joe Rogan Experience truly is the best podcast out there, period. My favorite episodes, are the ones Duncan Trussell guests on. The chemistry and conversational flow between Joe Rogan and Duncan Trussell is phenomenal. I could listen to them for hours on end. This podcast is always rated in the top ten for a good reason. Five extremely enthusiastic stars!

Great! (5/5)

I really like hearing funny people just having normal conversations about work, life or what ever.

Joe is a smart dude! Interview James tour! (5/5)

Always good talks and info. Joe, try to get James Tour on your show to talk about biology and evolution.

Joe Rogan, motivation for us regular joes (5/5)

I really appreciate the motivation joe! i can learn from professionals in every field and still hear genuine conversation with genuine people. I get a lot of hope and inspiration from your show and I appreciate it more than you know! Thank you!

Interesting but ... (5/5)

The speaker talks about no one having a good debate with him to discredit that there is no life after death. I’d like to know if there isn’t then what was the ghost figure I grew up with all my life. What was it if it weren’t a soul of a person who’s passed? How do you explain that? How do you say what I saw numerous times from birth to high school years. Others who came into my home would also experience her. I’d ask her to leave them alone and she’d go away. So how can multiple people without prior knowledge or even susceptible to my claims before hand . Because trust me . No one wants to admit they have ghosts in their house. What high school friend would come visit me if I told them that. Really? No one. So needless to say this episode totally lost my interest .

The Best (5/5)

This show is great, Joe has a great way of interviewing people so you can get the real story whether you agree with the guest or not he stay’s very impartial so they can tell their side. Love all the science guests that can dumb things down and help us understand our world better. Keep up the good work, you’ve changed my life for the better and make me want to be a better person.

Fantastic, motivational and finally some real unfiltered conversation! (5/5)

I’ve only been listening for a few months and now it’s taken over music in my car completely (and at work too) Love the podcast! The guests are great and it is hilarious, insightful and motivating me like crazy! Side note: The sponsors, if they aren’t hand picked by Joe rogan I’d be shocked. Every one I’ve tried has been great! Keep the episodes coming and the knowledge dropping Mr. Rogan!

The Joe Rogan Experience (5/5)

This is without question one of the best podcast out. Joe always brings out the best moments in others and always seems to make great points.

To All Generations (5/5)

I am a 70 year old man who lived life by the edge for a long long time. I’m now paying for all my ridiculous lifestyle by fighting lung cancer daily. My Son who lives in the same city (( Vancouver, Washington)) is a 48 year old body builder, black belt in karate, very into organic healthy eating type individual!!! What would we have in common except for our shared father/son relationship!!!???? Joe Rogans Podcast is one big one. Joe is so diverse he can appeal to the DMT taking pushing out the boundaries old hippie in me and also appeal to my health couscous son of mine who also works on his brain as he works to build muscle. So we should both thank Joe for what he gives us on a daily basis. I could go on and on but like I said I’m 70 and time for me may be more limited than I even know. (( I also now realize I should had listen to friends 50 years ago and afterwards that kept trying to get me to do an Open Mike. What you and your friends do for a living I now see as your calling. Thanks Joe ))

Motivated (5/5)

Love the podcast!!! Great advice and wacky fun! Hard not to be motivated when listening to Joe and guests. My favorite podcast.

Now I know why Rogan is one of the top podcasters (5/5)

The variety of guest is amazing & I find myself interested in things I normally wouldn’t have bothered ever considering. Great show

Cringe (1/5)

If you like a lack of scientific evidence and bro-science then you will like this garbage.

Stimulates the mind in a great way. (5/5)

I found that listening to this podcast during anything makes anything less sucky.

Very Nice (5/5)

Really high quality podcast. I would love to see Jim Breuer on the show at some point

zzzz (2/5)

I honestly don’t understand the hype. The discussions are so random and Rogan makes little attempt to stay on topic. Different stokes for different folks I guess. Not for me.

Other episodes???? (1/5)

There used to be hundreds of episodes and now there’s only 59 on the app, why?!

The Standard (5/5)

This is the podcast every other should be held against as a standard. Doesn't get any better. Joe is much more than you may have thought from seeing him on Fear Factor. Very smart and knowledgeable.


Joe Rogan has really earned a special place in my life, and my heart. I stumbled upon his YouTube rendition of an interview with Elon Musk one day, from that moment on, I was hooked. His piercing insight, ability to keep his audience engaged, and unbiased open mindset has inspired me. I disagree with some of his politics and ideals but in so doing realize how fair to the truth of the matter he is when it comes to his questions and shepherding the audience to form their own conclusions on any range of topics. Joe Rogan is a man of our time. If you haven’t listened to or watched him, you are doing yourself a disservice. Sick of mass media bullS%^

Sober October #1358 (5/5)

How can Bert be so funny and such f*cking Beta male at the same time ... he makes Tom Segura appear much more manlier than he is, with his bamby looking eyes tf... Bert sound like a chain smoking feminist ... is he prego or on his period? Jesus H Christ! lol and don’t even let me get on Ari ... if he spend as half much time focusing on getting his A** hole fixed instead spiking Bert’s drink the world would be a better place... nobody wants bloody toilet paper hurl at them lol (it’s 4am and I’m high)

JR (5/5)

I appreciate you. Thanks for all the sick podcast. Keep up the bad work lol

DAKOTA MEYER #1363 (1/5)

I RESPECT Dakota Meyer and anybody who’s so brave. But c’m off the stupid idea that these wars are in any way righteous. Here’s another Medal of Honor name for ya. Smedley Butler and his book. WAR IS A RACKET. Read it and weep Dakota! Get on the right side of history JOE!!! Don’t be a sellout!

Cultural icon of a generation! (5/5)

Much respect, Use your platform responsibly sir!!!

Fair and open to learn (5/5)

Joe has gone on an amazing journey over the years, speaking with people of so many backgrounds and experiences. I love listening to Joe !!!

Joe (5/5)

Joe is the 🐐

Stupid... (1/5)

Nothing more than the drug-induced pontification of an arrogant and ignorant sodomite midget.

A Voice for the People (5/5)

As a young person in America, working and taking on life’s challenges. I enjoy listening to the JRE to be informed and entertained, by Joe Rogan and all of his amazing guests! I recommend this podcast to everyone, regardless of if they listen to podcasts or not. You seriously can’t go wrong with listening to Joe’s stories and wisdom. Listen for yourself!

The best. (5/5)

The best.

Can’t win (5/5)

Love the cast! Even if Joe and Cameron made the decision to only hunt public land, they’d still catch flack- it would just be from the other side. “Why do a bunch of rich guys and professional hunters need to come on to public land and shoot the only bulls that are available to working class guys like me?” we all earn what we earn and get to enjoy what’s available to us. When it comes to hunting, we’ve already got enough haters outside the sport and the last thing we need is internal sniping. Whether or not joe hunts public land doesn’t put a dime in the haters pockets or get them access to exclusive private land- so why hate? Your Jealousy ain’t hurting him one bit, but it’s poisoning your own mind... so do yourself a favor and let it go!

Boss Status (5/5)

Joe Rogan is a boss

Inspirational (5/5)

Joe is the voice that society needs right now. We are lacking in great comedic and talk show voices and he takes it to another level. He has a gift for finding the truth in what people are saying and communicating ideas that people can’t always put into words.

Futbol (5/5)

What a podcast. Love it. Keep it up gents! :)

Cam Haynes says the same thing every time (5/5)

Last 4 episodes of cam Haynes are the same listen back . I think he’s an interesting guy but each time it turns into a hunting / vegan talk dude literally says the same thing

Almost always a good listen (5/5)

Except when he hangs out with buddies who get high. I can pass on that schlop.

Goat (5/5)


variety is astounding (5/5)

one of if not the best podcast going

Love the Pod, but sometimes I want to jump through the phone. (5/5)

I enjoy almost every episode of this podcast but was losing my mind to want to help explain the point Nick Bostrom was trying to make about why we would assume we are in a simulation. It was minutes and minutes of these two talking and going nowhere. Joe wasn’t getting it and Bostrom couldn’t articulate it. It became comically painful.

Meathead Radio (1/5)

He’s got some alright takes, and I could stomach him occasionally when he has good guests. But his recent defense of two blatant racist, hate mongers(Roseanne Barr and Steven Crowder) was a little two too much, so I had to unsubscribe. Not very cerebral Joe....

Joe Hogan (5/5)

That guy smoke heefer.

Can Hanes (5/5)

I know you might not read this but I really hope you do. First off love Cam Hanes and you joe. Inspirations all around. The only thing that that I might comment on is the approach to bow hunting compared to rifle hunting. I implore you try Big Mountain High Desert Mule deer hunting. These deer don’t rut like elk or whitetail. It’s hard! I love in Reno Nevada and Nevada hunting is brutal! Rifle hunting mule deer here consists of covering miles Ang glassing way more. You can’t call them in and getting into 200 yards is even harder on mature wily bucks! Give it a shot I’m sure it will be one of the hardest hunts you come across in the lower 48!

KRSONE (5/5)

Check him man. Love to hear y’all chat

The BEST (5/5)

I’m not sure what I can say that hasn’t already been said so here’s the repeat. Joe’s approach to talking to his guests is Inspiring. What I mean by that is he gives them a opportunity to speak, to give their views and opinions and basically speak their mind. That’s followed by a well thought out direct questioning on how they had come to the conclusions they did. All done with the utmost respect I might add. Joe’s approach of confirming evidence to a topic rather than running wild with speculation is just an awesome, refreshing way of doing things that I really respect. The depth of scope in regards to guest is amazing. People from all backgrounds find themselves welcome with Joe. He has a way being able to talk to anyone regardless of their background, occupation,social status, etc. He has a way of relating to them while also holding them accountable for the things they might say. In short. Joe, thank you! I must add a special thanks the the brains behind the operation (Jamie) sorry if I spelled your name wrong. You’re the internet powerhouse that Joe relies on and you do an outstanding job. Thanks.

Joe Rogan experience (5/5)


Roseanne v. Alex Jones (5/5)

How hilarious would be a Roseanne with Alex Jones episode be? Please give the people what they want

Rosanne (5/5)

What a great podcast, but Rosanne is such an idiot. Please don’t start her podcast!!

Joe’s Talent (5/5)

Joe is an excellent facilitator of interesting conversation. An open mind and a love of learning fuel this rocket ship.

Love (5/5)

Such a great podcast. Open to listen to everyone but Rosanne and Nikki Glaser. Rosanne is honest which is great but not funny. Nikki is actually funny but she is the girl who makes us all look bad. Please read another book and tell us all how to live our life you simpleton. I loved listening to Joe be completely honest with her but she didn’t get it. #eatmeat

Roseanne (5/5)

Get Roseanne her own podcast!!

Thanks Joe Rogan (5/5)

So great to listen to Roseanne. Comics will be the ones to shatter this bizarre time of biased political correctness. Joe’s a real Mentsh! (Good person)

Trash podcast (1/5)

This guy is trash

Joe’s podcast is the family around the radio of today. (5/5)

I look forward to a 3 hour commute as long as I’m listening to the JRE. Thank you for having some of the best individuals that positively influence the masses.

Crude but honest (4/5)

Crude but honest. I like him.

Unbiased and actually funny (5/5)

I like Joe because he is neutral. Unbiased. He’ll question anyone and call them out on their crap. We need more of that and less of the overly sensitive liberal vomit that this world is saturated with. Joe is a naturally funny dude. Don’t ever let them censor you, Joe! If anyone has the power to stand up to those trying to silence us, it’s you.

Great convos (5/5)

It’s great to just sit down and listen to people talk about where they come from and their stories. Joe is very open minded and seems to be really relaxed.

His personal take (5/5)

for better or worse, at least hes honest and trys to put the truth first.

The best podcast ever with the best diverse group of minds ever (5/5)

I’ve been listening for awhile and this is by far the best podcast I’ve come across yet and for good reason. This podcast opens your mind, it introduces you brain to new and interesting ideas that widen your view of the world. Since the moment my ears embraced the sweat sound of podcast my mind has been truly refined.

Best podcast there is!! (5/5)

Doesn’t get better than this!!

1:53:54 (5/5)

Joe Rogan goes full Boston accent for one sentence.

I have learned so much! (5/5)

I think this podcast is incredible! There are so many interesting people from so many walks of life. I have learned a tremendous amount just by tuning in every once in a while. Joe is so down to earth and easy to listen to. He guides conversations to where there is a natural flow. I just want to get the chance to do what he does. I love this!

Why is Bert so fat? (3/5)

Just a question.

Number one podcast (5/5)

The “Joe Rogan Experience” is one of the most influential and motivational podcast out today. Between fight companions and sober October, Joe has established a variety of episodes to watch and entertain!

Joe not credible, Cdr Fravor (5/5)

Joe you didn’t ask the right question of Cdr Fravor. 13 years? Who did he work for after retirement? Are there still parts that are classified about the event? Who interviewed him for 13 years? Why did he get out? Why did he Not get promoted to Capt? Great story but too many loose ends.

Louie Alcatraz (5/5)

You make my curiously tingle and my imagination worth expanding. Thank you making your mark in my history

!!!! (5/5)

Hands down this podcast is the best out!! I just recently started listening to podcast in general but have now found a new form of entertainment.

Best out there (5/5)

It’s Joe freakin Rogan people.

Sure pushing that ufo narrative huh? (3/5)

I’m starting to lose interest personally. Rogan seems less likely to challenge/question the status quo like he used to. Like a george carlin type for example. As in, he will go with the hard questions unrelenting about someone explaining themselves like the young lady who didn’t believe scientists about global warming. But at the same time underhand-pitch questions; coddling to the Twitter guy. He’s definitely no friend of the working man!

One of the best! (5/5)

Joe deserves more praise for his interviewing ability. He puts his guests in a relaxed atmosphere and is incredibly well prepared and able to lead great conversations - with his formidable guests. I would love to have a drink with Joe!

Fear Factor (1/5)

The dumbest ever podcast of the dumbest ever stars for the dumbest ever people. Nothing is worse than this podcast not Ebola or cancer or nuclear war on the black hole could maybe be equal but the fact that joe dog warm is the host makes this undoubtedly worse than ever black hole that ever destroyed the most beautiful matter you could never even fathom but it’s was better than all of it. Yes this podcast is worse than all that because joe is the hosts. What a disgrace joe Rogan will forever be and everyone who listens and buys his sponsor’s trash items.

The Best.. (5/5)

Topics & guests that expand the mind and consciousness of those whom engage with it. A few of the biggest strengths of the “Joe Rogan Experience” are it’s inclusivity and Joe’s ability to move interviews/conversations in a logical manner that allows his guests to present their thoughts in their entirety.

Best of the best! (5/5)

Thanks for the awesome information and all you do! Must listen to podcast 💯

Diversity (5/5)

Love the diversity of guest and topics.

Best podcast out there (5/5)

Joe has a variety of guests and brings an interesting aspect to the whole discussion on podcasts. His ability to understand that not everyone agrees on topics is refreshing. He can have a civil conversation with people even if he disagrees with them. Everyone is better for listening to you.

Better then a debate (5/5)

Wish all The Presidential applicants could spend an hour here rather than the stage show no one is watching.

Interesting mix: (5/5)

Joe is raw but highly intelligent. An intense, yet somehow refreshing, quality. Well done, Joe. You, and your crew, are very respect worthy. My hat is off. (deep bow)

So good & could be even better! (4/5)

Great conversations with great people... although 85% of the guests are men. Joe! There are amazing WOMEN out there who are interview worthy!

You pushed me to start Oct 2019 (5/5)

This podcast is amazing by the value of conversations from a variety of people and their experiences. Joe keep up the good work and holding open the lines of communication

Ultimate renaissance man (5/5)

Joe Rogan has me equally intrigued by comedians athletes and politicians... he finds a way to get authenticity from people

Great podcast but.. (5/5)

Rogan has the best guests on his podcasts however he has yet to interview someone we ALL wonder about...Jessica Rogan! She stays behind the scenes and no one knows much about her, it’d be awesome to hear about how she puts up with you, what’s it’s like to have you as a husband her crazy stories about your family etc lol

Jerk (1/5)

Why begin with “hello friends, how the F are you?” Can’t take him seriously

Tyler Childers (5/5)

I would love to hear a podcast with you and Tyler Childers.

Joe Rogan is the new Johnny Carson but cooler (5/5)

My girlfriend says Joe Rogan is my boyfriend.

Podcast keeps getting better (5/5)

Joe has the perfect combination of curiosity and open mindedness that enables him to have an engaging conversation with almost anyone, which is exactly what is needed in these divisive times. Podcast has only gotten better in the years since it began.

Big Fan (5/5)

Big Fan!!!

👍 (5/5)

Joe speaks the truth. Tells it how it is no bs 🤙

Painful to listen to , thank god it’s free. (1/5)

I don’t know what the hype is about, but Joe’s podcast is horrible , so boring. Between all the ums and stuttering how can anyone even enjoy this. I’ve avoided this show since it premiered in 2009 , for good reason . The hype is definitely not real . Do yourself a favor and listen to a show that’s worthy. Simpleton commentary.

Dan Crenshaw (5/5)

Great interview with Dan. I could listen To him all day long. So smart and sensible.

Thank you!! (5/5)

Troll 2 is an amazing movie!!!

JRE (5/5)

Ari is the GOAT

Review (5/5)

Joe Rogan is a real one!! Love hearing his take on life and he asks the questions we all want to know but are afraid to ask... he’s a perfect guy to listen too!

Listen every day , multiple shows a day (5/5)

How about getting Marilyn Manson on the show?

He wants to be right (2/5)

Even when he’s just speaking with his own friends, it seems like he’s only listening to himself and his own answers and opinions

Awesome! (5/5)

Love Ari!

Get trump on (5/5)

Don’t be a sissy. Get the Donald

Dan Ackroyd (1/5)

I agree with previous comment 100% it was embarrassing!

I second the Norm monination (5/5)

Get Norm Macdonald on the show!!!

Thank You (5/5)

I really appreciate all the time you give to your fans of comedy, fighting, and all the other interesting people who you provide for me. I don’t miss one and have been listening to this podcast and you tube videos for 7 years and it’s always great thank you Joe Rogan.

Love this podcast (5/5)

Joe’s podcast is easily the best podcast in the game. Interesting interviews with all walks of life and long enough time to actually get something from the conversation.

I have an idea... (5/5)

Joe Rogan/ Alex Jones 2020. Would be the best presidency ever in recorded history. Someone make it happen...

Oustanding (5/5)

I first found Rogan on Stern show like 15 years ago. I didn't like him at all. Listening to his podcast made me realize that either he has changed or I was an idiot. Both could be true. He is an amazing interviewer much better than Stern ever was.

Heavy Hitter!! (5/5)

This man is spectacular. Listening to this podcast is fulfilling. It’s funny and entertaining, full of knowledge with thought provoking ideas, experience , sincere, and genuine. I love it! Thank you Joe for sharing!!

Long time listener (1/5)

First time complainer. Joe, I used to tune in to hear your guests. Now they just ride whatever train you’re rolling on. It’s very “one note”. It’s weird actively watching someone lose touch. Love you dude, i can post a separate thing about you being an inspiration but you’ve outgrown your usefulness, I’m out

Dan Aykroyd (5/5)

Why did you have Dan Aykroyd on your show if you were just going to do everything to discredit his beliefs. It was a pretty pathetic and cringe worthy display. Considering we all know you don’t believe in the UFO phenomena. It was painful to listen to and your relentless challenges. I felt bad for the guy. I know it’s likely you won’t read this or even care. I just had to write it any way. Still love your show though.

Get Norm on!!!!!! (5/5)

We need Norm Macdonald please!

Cool podcast (5/5)

Joe Rogen is awesome.

Miss the old days (3/5)

I’m the first years of this podcast I was the biggest fan. It was all I listens to all day, totally obsessed. Now I just find Rogan hard to trust. I trust he is telling the truth how he sees it. It’s just that he seems to have developed an elitist attitude. I now listen occasionally when he has on interesting guests.

GOAT (5/5)

Best of the best. crème de la crème! Beat podcast in the history of podcasts and if you disagree, then, you have disagreed I guess. So what?

Conversation (5/5)

A great conversationalist

Interesting! (5/5)

Love this podcast. Always interesting.

joe is a god (5/5)

i love joe rogan bc he is very well rounded, very nice and funny.

Always interesting! (5/5)

Always Interesting!

Throat gunk lip smacking insanity (2/5)

Listening to Joe’s lips smacking tongue noise for 3 hours is annoying. I like some of the shows when we get to hear the guests talk more than Joe. Those mics are highly sensitive and he needs to move back or adjust the sound so you can’t hear all those nasty mouth noises. Howard Stern is a lip smacker too but they adjust the sound on his show so you can’t hear it. Joe has really got to get control of these disgusting sounds and the show would improve considerably then he needs to try to not talk about himself so much. He’s incredibly narcissistic it seems. Hearing him talk about his “comedy” career is embarrassing. I’m embarrassed for him. He’s not the slightest bit funny on this podcast. Then he does these “comedy” shows and has real comedians write jokes for him I guess.

Disappointed (1/5)

I was enjoying the podcast till Joe started bashing the police.

Needs experts to verify claims by guest (3/5)

This show is great and I love Joe. Unfortunately, Joe can’t possibly know everything. When he has guest on that make these claims sometimes very controversial, there isn’t ever enough proof or expert consolation to make a well informed opinion about that subject. So this can potentially allow false claims to be portrayed as viable. Other than this fact, I love the show and will continue to be a consumer of it.

Sober October chin-up challenge (5/5)

# me too I play sober October as well. I bet I can beat joe at chin ups during a podcast where we feed him weed edibles from our company, Flourish! We make bomb full spectrum edibles.

Joe is a genius (5/5)

History will remember this. Joe changed the game when he started this show.

Love you Joe (5/5)

I listen all the time! You’ve been a favorite forever. Quick note the other day I was having a shot day then turned you on to finish my day at work. And it was like magic! Keep bringing it Brother! @beck4912

JRE will take you anywhere in life (5/5)

Since listening to the jRE I have dropped out of college and quit my job to become a full time bong smoker and listener of the JRE to gain all the experience I will ever need in my life

Amazing (5/5)

Would def recommend the youtube version as well, watching him talk in person is even more valuable in my opinion

My Oprah bro (5/5)

This dude just makes traffic in LA so chill love it

Best podcast ever (5/5)

JRE is the best! Funny, educational, and often time enlightening! Keep it up Joe

Amazing, and Informational as always! (5/5)

This podcast always keeps me busy at work and always has an upbeat, fluid conversations/debates that no matter the topic I always love listening. Please keep it up!

Good (5/5)

Honestly funny guy and worth listening to

Neutral (5/5)

Everyone has bias, Joe is no exception, however the thing I love about Joe is he actually listens to the people he interviews, even if he doesn’t agree with them he lets them talk, and he doesn’t force his views on anyone.

Phenomenal (5/5)

I starting listening because of Bert Krischer. The mix of guests, the banter and challenging of views make it a great listen.

Good (5/5)


GOAT podcast (5/5)

Funny, intelligent, warm, insightful, diverse, balanced, wonderful journeys into depth on all manner of subjects. What a gift!

Black keys! (5/5)

I’ve been a big fan for awhile, I loved the interview with the black keys. Keep up the great podcasts, you always help me think outside the box!

Best podcast around (5/5)

It’s amazing what I’ve learned from this podcast. I love that he talks to people from all walks of life and introduces so many great thinkers to all of us.

Love you long time! (5/5)

New listener, love the show, but man, three hour episodes!!! Might have to delete another podcast to make room for this one. Lol!🍻

Without hesitation (5/5)

Learned so much, smiled, and have laughed countless of times! 👌🏽💯

JRE (5/5)

This show is a god tier podcast, but it’s got nothing on the official podcast

I learned quantum mechanics from Joe Rohan’s gussets 😂 (5/5)

So many smart people 🤯

Love the variety (5/5)

I really like the variety of guests Joe interviews. It’s great to learn new things from a wide range of people.

Listening to the other side of the guest! (5/5)

Well what started this is a small Youtube clip on PowerfulJRE channel and progressed to listening & watching almost 200 episodes. Joe is amazing into brighten up the other side of the guest and always above expectations. Keep it UP! Love to see Dwayne”The rock” Johnson or Kanye West to guest your show.

Older episodes (5/5)

Is there a place where we can listen to older episodes I saw u had a chat with bobcat and would like to listen to it

Balanced (5/5)

Joe does a fantastic job unpacking various topics. I do enjoy the fact that he is balanced. He is definitely to the left but brings on right winged guest as well. I love it and learn a ton from the podcast.

Nick Bostrum Interview (2/5)

Joe needs to prepare more for just inteviewa with academics. Too superficial.

Joe DMT Rogan is the man (5/5)

One of the best podcast I’ve ever listened to. I love the variety of guest Joe has on. His interview style is on point and makes most guest comfortable which gives a feel to the audience that you are sitting on a couch listening to friends talk about anything and everything. Joe is a free spirit and welcomes controversial topics. Keep bringing on the scientist i can’t get enough!

Great (5/5)

This podcast has such a plethora of different backgrounds of guests it is always entertaining and informative.

Joe is extremely uninformed on political and policy issues. It’s a bummer. (4/5)

Love the fun podcasts but when it comes to the political conversations joe shows he really doesn’t bother to educate himself almost st all. It’s so frustrating to hear him repeating debunked information and especially only pushing back when it’s certain people.

I will (5/5)

Sit down and talk with you on your show

Best Interview Podcast (5/5)

Joe is a really good interviewer. And not only is he a great interviewer, he interviews great guests. It’s an extremely diverse show with guests from all different fields of life.

Mr D (5/5)

Big fan of Joes comedy and stand up and huge fan of this podcast

Joe is neat (5/5)

Best podcast ever. Changed my life it’s is the ultimate podcast

Highly Recommend (5/5)

The Joe Rogan Experience is like NPR hosted by a REALLY smart stoner. In the last ten episodes, he’s interviewed two brain scientists, an astrophysicist, a boxer, an expert in quantum mechanics, a filmmaker/metal singer, and a blues-rock band. All of it fascinating in its own way. Agree. Disagree. But you will think.

Run to meet your maker (5/5)

I was shocked to learn how little sinister kid has been played that is by far the hardest black keys song can’t wait to see you in pittsburgh. And thanks for shutting down PAI

Black keys show (5/5)

This dude is hilarious, the rants are amazing, I’ve always liked the band but now I dig these dudes w/o any music.

the man (5/5)

Joe, Your the man! keep it up!

Powerful Joe (5/5)

I got into Joe’s podcast because of my ex, and I still listen because he is real and he is inquisitive towards every guest. I believe that his show really expresses how others think and feel as individuals. If you are really listening you know who is speaking honestly and openly and has transcended as human beings. Thank you for your time and dedication to bring real conversations to the forefront of this platform.

Joe Rogan has always been real (5/5)

Please save your complaints! This is one, if not the, beat podcasts put there! Joe Rogan has always been someone real; see his early stand up work or news radio.

Learning (5/5)

I learn so much from Joe and his guests. The podcast should be under the “continued learning” section. My favorites are when Joe has comedy buddies on and they just talk. It’s funny, captivating, and down right educational!

We know... (5/5)

Just listen

Love every interview!! (5/5)

I love this show!!! Request please interview Thomas DeLauer... amazing giving person in the keto world!!

JRX is tha bomb... (4/5)

It's no "Talk Time Radio" but it's still fun:-)

More Female Guests (3/5)

I think Joe is an excellent interviewer and I enjoy his content a lot. There are so many powerful women out there, doing amazing things at the same level as a lot of his guests. I would love to see Joe Rogan bring his female guest spotlights up to 50% of his podcast. Just sayin’

So good (5/5)

Do your self a favor and listen at half speed and see how drunk joe sounds

Something’s missing.. (2/5)

Looking at the interview lineup over a year’s worth of shows you’d think we live on a planet exclusively inhabited by men.

The voice of reason (5/5)

I trust Joe Rohan’s information more than I trust the mainstream media. I always know he’s going to give an honest 360 degree take on pretty much every issue.

Ice Cube (5/5)

Joe! Get Ice Cube on the schedule. LOVE your show, keep 'em coming.

Joe Rogan=Censorship (1/5)

Unsubscribed since censoring Beige Frequency. Rogan doesn’t care though. The money takes away his pain.

Awesomeness (5/5)

The Joe Rogan Experience is straight up, a great idea. I love listening because I learn so much. Thank you!! I live in Jamestown NY. Lucille Ball’s home town and the site of the brand new National Comedy Center. The Jester’s Promoting co humbly invites Mr. Joe to come give us a visit. Thank you for your time. Be safe and make your decisions well.

Replaces Drive-Time Shows (5/5)

Since I found the JRE podcasts, they have replaced the drive-time/commute shows I typically listen to. Joe has a slew of guests on covering all aspects/genres of life. I find myself entranced by the words of Neil deGrasse Tyson, Nick Bostrom, Elon Musk and other extremely intelligent minds but also captivated by the stories told by Russell Brand, Pat McNamera, Bob Lazar and others. Joe does his research or already follows most guests so he asks the good questions and has a great open and casual conversation with them. I find that I can’t stop listening once I get to my destination. It’s awesome that every show is also available on YouTube! Looking forward to future JRE shows!

Show request.. (5/5)

Sean Carroll + Eddie Bravo!

Joe Rogan needs to listen more. (3/5)

Joe Rogan is an interesting guy. He know a lot & has interesting conversations. My criticism is with him is that he cuts people off..a lot. He talks about himself a lot too. I think people are interested more in what the guests says. It reminds of Ellen. I don’t watch her show for one of those reasons. Hardly any woman on the show.

Knockout (5/5)

Harsh language, boxing, mma, comedy, long large shows with interviews. Entertainingly good

No unfiltered BS (5/5)

Open and Frank discussions on topics effecting us all. Great guests with unfiltered opinions. Joe is a fantastic interviewer who asks the hard questions and is very open and honest. Give the pod a listen and be informed about various issues and topics.

Useful Idiot (1/5)

This podcast has made this country a worse place. I was a huge fan of Joe’s and still think he is a good person but this podcast has caused more harm than good.

Keep it up! (5/5)

I love your talk show, your an inspiration to me and couldn’t be more thankful that this podcast exist!

The best podcast for a reason (5/5)

The best format; arguably the best sound quality; the most diverse guests. JRE is number one for a reason.

best podcast (5/5)

its joe rogan great podcast

Game changer! (5/5)

Keep up the great work, Joe! This is the most entertaining, educational outlet I’ve ever had the pleasure to receive.

Bernie Sanders (5/5)

Thank you for having them on your show I would’ve never listen to him otherwise. Learned alot!

Best Podcast on Planet (5/5)

Listen almost every night. Great show but I rarely listen to the mma specific ones.

Dope pod cast (5/5)

Podcast is great I listen every morning no matter who the guest is but dan aykroyd was one for the books!

Its just great. (5/5)

You are the modern day Walter Cronkite. I don't agree with everything you say but You make me think and that is gold(you are mostly right about a lot). Thanks Joe!

Joe Rogan (5/5)

Joe Rogan Is a blue collar guy a mans man

Too Many Adds (1/5)

More than 9 minutes of adds before the podcast. Not worth it.

Words (4/5)

Please stop trying to say names of chemicals. And it’s not “Australiapethicus”. There’s no continent in the name

Aykroyd ad (2/5)

The multi-minute ad for dan aykroyd’s vodka seems like it must have been a paid placement. If it wasn’t, what a long, boring “conversation”.

Dan Aykroyd’s biggest sketch (5/5)

I’m hoping for his sake this is an incredibly long drawn out sketch. Thanks Joe, for gently calling out his BS.

Rogan is a bully... (3/5)

Unless he’s in awe of a guest (like Elon Musk), he often belittles guests and their ideas. The Dan Aykroyd interview was painful. Here’s a legend of comedy- you’d think joe would want to hear some epic stories, maybe even learn something new. Instead mostly he cut off Aykroyd and poo-pooed everything he believed. Rogan talked about himself too much, including repeating ingratiating information about himself (his love of cars as a child), even asking Aykroyd questions about information Aykroyd had already disclosed. Poor interviewing skills. Disrespectful. The way he dismisses everyone else’s experience as confusion or outright lie, but believes in his other-dimensional DMT experiences whole hog (including Geometric beings of love & understanding- which I respect as totally possible BTW), is absolutely hypocritical. Especially considering he claims DMT wipes one’s Ego away...Yet HE knows better than other people what they saw/experienced. Unpleasant irony to experience. Wish he would really let his ego go and take a more humble approach. (Full Disclosure: I only listen to episodes with guests of interest to me. Rarely listen to episodes with other comedians. He has a lot of pull and gets good guests, and I like the forum generally).

sadly...almost no women... (1/5)

which is probably a good thing cuz he’d treat them like a different species...

Not enough women or folks other than men (4/5)

Not saying men aren’t great, but you’re like Forbes 100 most innovative folks...when you consistently fail to bring women in, you send the message that they’re not as interesting. That has a huge impact on your listeners.

Only Podcast you’ll ever need! (5/5)

Best host I’ve seen, no midroll ads, and incredibly interesting guests. Joe Rogan has a magical touch when it comes to interviewing, it just feels like a great conversation between friends. Joe is the GOAT

Enlightened and entertained (5/5)

Joe is hands-down the best podcaster on the planet. I’ve learned so much and continually strive to improve myself as a result of his incredible commentary and tremendous guests. Shout out to Young Jamie too!!!

Knowledge. (5/5)

Whenever I’m looking to laugh, learn something new or just pass time - this is the podcast I throw on, EVERYTIME. Definitely a great podcast and to me should be number one on every podcasting chart.

best there is (5/5)

YOU HAVE TO Listem. Joe gets better all the time. Great guests. Great conversations.

You lost me (1/5)

Podcast started off good then joe got rich. Now all he talks about is weed and not offending anyone so he doesn’t lose his YouTube money. Rogan used to be a conspiracy theorist but now doesn’t believe or won’t say he still believes in what he used to. Yes people change their opinion but guy turned into a puppet because he doesn’t want the YouTube money running out. Every time he has his comedian friends on they tell the same stories he tells them to start a podcast if they don’t have one already. guaranteed he tells a story about hunting in Hawaii name drop a hunter or mma guy he know. Podcast he run its course. Get on new guest or get a new story

Joe Rogan is so dumb, it’s painful (1/5)

The Joe Rogan experience is really only the experience of Joe retaking all of those science classes he missed for his Tae Kwon Do tournaments and failing miserably at grasping the point or the language of what’s being presented to him. Complete idiot.

E highways (5/5)

Hey Joe, ever heard of E-Highways with electric 18 wheelers. Cool stuff.

Inspiration and Education! (5/5)

I changed my life in January after discovering I had the same health issues my dad had. Now I am eating incredibly healthy, joined the Y, work out 5 days a week, and listen to Joe while working out. He has the most interesting and credible guests of any podcast I have ever heard. David Sinclair and all the other guests are incredible!

The best (5/5)


The first and best podcast I’ve listen to (5/5)

Keep up the great work Joe. Long time listener and watch you on YouTube a lot. If you’re going to listen to a podcast this is the one. Not to mention you’re a great comedian and fight Commentator.

Rogan is a Simulation (3/5)

Listening to Rogan debate Nick Bolstrom on why he thinks the likely probability that we are not in a simulation is because we haven't invented it, or that it is insane was just to much for me! It shows Rogan has an inablity to accept ideas that are not his own, which suggest that Rogan is in a simulation as only a simulation would refuse to believe it is a simulation...and everyone listening to this podcast is simply part of the Rogan simulation.

Gold (5/5)

This man is all that man should be.

Great Insight (5/5)

Joe got me interested in MMA

Beat podcast out there (5/5)

This podcast is awesome

Neil de gras (4/5)

Hate to say this but NDGT needs to learn how to have a conversation. Something impressive about Joe is that he speaks and then listens to a response AND THEN RESPONDS BASED ON WHAT THEY SAY. This Neil dude doesn’t understand how to have a conversation. He may be able to explain the desalination process but he isn’t able to interpret simple social cues. Thanks for reading my irrelevant opinion.

He’s king (5/5)

Train by day joe rogies by night. Shoutout matt&shanes secret podcast bois

Love! (5/5)

Joe is a wealth of knowledge. I love how he leverages his platform to interview a variety of people from a variety of different viewpoints. Dan Crenshaw was a favorite! Disappointed in Abby Martin, what a joke! From opening to close, she’s obviously anti-military. ‘When has ISIS ever done anything here?’ Does she not remember how passiveness led to Al Qaeda 3000 deaths during 9/11?

Center minded people (5/5)

A host for the Center minded people. Has left wing , right wing and centered folks on the show. Anything from good parenting to hunting. I have learned so much about the world & people from these interviews . It’s has made me work at opening my mind and becoming a better me.

Logo (4/5)

Boy would a new one be delightful

Dishonest and misleading (1/5)

Big proponent of right wing propaganda and regularly promotes false ideas with no facts. Not good use of my time.

Voice of The People (5/5)

This man is intelligent and ingenious. He brings a diversity of people on his show and you can just learn so much. His views for society are so ideal that sadly we can only wish to see the world the way he does one day. Listen to you everyday bro. Good talk show and best one hands down in my opinion!

Too many f bombs (5/5)

By far my fav podcast. When I’m out of new episodes I listen to his older ones. Would give it 5 stars but all the cursing make it hard to listen too with people around. I constantly have to be aware of who’s around.

Fantastic (5/5)

Joe’s straight up approach and honesty in discussion is refreshing.

If you can do it better, then do it yourself. (5/5)

I see a lot of envious and negative comments, im not saying The Joe Rogan podcast is the best, but i don't understand who write negative things in order to ruin another mans job and side-gig. Yeah he makes money but still everyone acts like they would do it differently and better so why not do it? And see if you remain the same with all the $ and responsibilities . Its easy to criticize and more via Internet.

Joe is one of the best interviewers. (5/5)

I appreciate the fact that Joe will have people with widely varying opinions on his show. That is so very important in a time when everybody is so tribal and stuck in their own box. The world needs more people like Joe who are willing to listen to others and be friendly with them and talk about our differences and also point out the things that we agree on keep up the good work man!

Great (5/5)

Great diversity of topics that he and his guests discuss. I highly recommend that you check out his YouTube channel.

Real Conversations. Raising the Standard. (5/5)

I’m a 27 year old woman and never thought that the Joe Rogan Experience would be my favorite podcast. Frankly, I didn’t know who Joe was a few years ago and probably would have only recognized him as the Fear Factor guy. I’m not a hunter or a UFC fan, I don’t do drugs or even drink. I’m feminine, I love playing tennis, traveling and spending time with my husband and dogs. On paper, I have very little in common with Joe and am probably one of the last demographics that would normally be linked to this podcast, so why the hell do I constantly have this podcast playing? Joe attracts and welcomes interesting and thought-provoking guests and he gives them room to think and voice full thoughts and opinions. He asks curious questions and allows guests to explore their beliefs and challenges them to consider a new take. Joe’s approach is confident, yet humble. Before finding Joe’s show I was becoming bored of my podcast subscriptions, movies, tv shows, and books. Joe’s guests are so varied and have fueled my entertainment and educational consumption consistently since I pressed the subscribe button. Some of my favorite guests include Jordan Peterson, Laird Hamilton, Bob Lazar, Theo Von, Joey Diaz, Anthony Bourdain, David Goggins, Nina Teicholz, and so many more! I love listening to the old episodes and thank the show for keeping them up and free to listen to. The YouTube videos are great too. Thank you for raising the standard and changing the game!


This is hands down the best podcast out there, I don’t know a single person who doesn’t like it.

Love this Podcasts (5/5)

I travel a lot for work & love the variety that this podcast offers. Love that if and when Joe has an opinion on something he voices his thoughts and talks out difference in opinions. Love the frequency, this is the only podcast I listen to daily and I super appreciate all the work that goes into the show. Also some advice for listeners - follow Marshal on IG he’s adorable!

Great diversity and sound quality (5/5)

I’ve read more and worked out more and eaten better bc of this show. He has all kinds of ppl from dif backgrounds and shows how they all complement our world. The sound leveling and quality is unmatched too.

ads r us (1/5)

Joe "the consumate snakeoil salesman" rogan. dudes nothing but a mockingbird these days...and babyboy cant take criticism. keeps launching content strikes on the beige frequency doc of his waterheaded mushmouthed buddy brendan schuaub. such a beacon of free thought and speech. Hypocrit...

Fantastic (5/5)

I love the honesty, simplicity, straight forwardness, and you awesome Joe, love to listen to you .

Love Joe! (5/5)

Best in the biz

Bernie Sanders (5/5)

Interview w/candidate Sanders was excellent since he was able to explain his policies in depth. Any chance you can get more candidates on the show?

Most unbiased, fun, educational podcast! (5/5)

Joe Rogans guest include artist, musicians, politicians, and so many more. I love how your podcast addresses so many different playing fields! I crack up laughing every episode and ALWAYS walk away learning something! It is clear from the laid back vibes of the guest that Joe has created an environment that opens conversation in its realist form. KEEP EM COMING JOE! 💪🏽👍🏼👏

Neil deGrasse Tyson is a snob (5/5)

Neil deGrasse Tyson is a snob



JRE IS BAE (5/5)

Thank you Joe Rogan.

I (5/5)

I took acid at a very young age I liked it. I wish I had not Do I could take it now I just think there is a finite number of trips you should take? My brain is out of room

If only (Joe Rogan for President)!!! (5/5)

If only, if only You had to power to fix all our problems. It gets me upset that we hold the power to our success but still we do nothing to fix things. You always bring up good topics to talk about but still I see no changes. Joe rogan for President!!!! Think about it!!!

Best ever (5/5)

I would love to see any of the real house wife’s on the show that would be amazing

He talks to everyone (5/5)

Joe talks to everyone. Liberals. Conservatives. Crazies. Down to earthers. He gets real sometimes. This is probably the most unbiased viewpoint available. All from a pot smoker!

Awesome (5/5)

Holy Crap do I learn a lot. Even the crap I don’t care about is interesting. Except the Bernie Sanders episode. That’s sucked, lasted ten minutes.

Not working (5/5)

Best podcast ever but for three days now it won’t play any off your podcast . Have you been shut down ? Censored? Anyways get this fixed would ya !

Great podcast and guest list. (5/5)

Great listen

Lots of great interviews (5/5)

Joe has a talent for keeping you entertained, informed and listening. I keep coming back

Love the show, love the open conversation of ideas and just asking questions. (5/5)

Love the show, love the open conversation of ideas and just asking questions. My response is to the Everlast episode when you asked “what’s the benefit for denying climate change?” I think the reason people deny or don’t believe it’s as big of a problem as we are being told today is economical. The whole great new deal proposal would radically overhaul our economy with what fuel we use and no longer use, the infrastructure and literally tearing down every building in American and making it compatible with the new standard. I think the world is warming but not sure if it’s considered or on pace to be called catastrophic yet. When I was a baby, the rage was a new ice age was coming. If we do correct the global warming crisis, will it tip us back towards an upcoming ice age again? Back to my economic theory, I think if we were to lose our coast lines at a drastic rate like 12 years from now, and Miami and LA and other coastal cities are underwater, I think we would be seeing signs from our banks who give loans and mortgages to people and businesses have property there. I believe big banks would be in the know and heavily doing research on figuring out the time tables so that they don’t lose money. If they aren’t worried yet, I’m not either.

Bring in Jim Carrey! Then Colin Kaepernick! (5/5)

Because it would be sick.

10* Podcast (5/5)

This Podcast is literally so interesting on so many different topics I’ve replaced sports radio with it! Amazing, 10*’s!

Love the Show (5/5)

Any chance you can get Lomachenko in the future?

Joe Rogan for president (5/5)

This guy is too smart- how does he know so much? Best podcast all around. He deserves all the great things in life. Thank you Joe.

Get Gordon Ramsey on (5/5)

Gordon Ramsey for president

Gave me chills (5/5)

All I have to say is that Episode #1325 was one of the most thoughtful and interesting pieces I’ve heard in a very long time. Just wow. Give it a listen.

Jim Carrey (5/5)

Do a podcast with Jim Carrey!!!!

Decent dialogue. Too much bias. (3/5)

To the average listener, I’m sure Joe comes off as informative. However, for me—after a couple of episodes it became apparent that all Joe Rogan does is regurgitates all his basic, opinionated, condescending talking points: trt is good, weed is good, cbd is good, adderall and speed is bad and then goes on to say “I know a guy who can’t write unless he’s on adderall;” but then states at other times that certain individuals need thc for their specific creative requirements. Joe Rogan is no less biased than anyone else and his messages become tiresome. I do like that Joe asks decent questions to his guests... but it becomes immediately obvious how uninformed Joe Rogan is when he’s interviewing someone who understands the subject they’re talking about—and then Joe attempts to chime in with one of his standard (and biased) opinions on any given subject. For me, it makes this podcast nearly unlistenable.

Not for 12 year olds (4/5)

Love it but to much Fbombs for kids. I’m twelve and the swearing is a bit much

- (5/5)

Do Isaac Arthur and Jordan Breen

The gold standard (5/5)

If there could only be one podcast the Joe Rogan Experience would be the one to choose. This show is the gold standard for the rest of the podcast world. Not to mention likely the go to media outlet for young men in America.

Not the podcast for me (1/5)

If you are a hypocrite like Joe Rogan, this podcast is for you. Enjoy.

Episode 1339 with everlast (5/5)

You guys were talking about the fires in Cali and how no one has seen fires like this and that it’s climate change. Was just wondering if you could get someone on the podcast to explain why logging is good. I have read that them forests have a lot of overgrowth because logging is prohibited. So there is no one cleaning them so nature takes over.

Sponsor Overload (1/5)

8 min of sponsors? Spare me

Probably best podcast out there (5/5)

I like how Joe knows his stuff and always plays the devils advocate when interviewing people, instead of just going along with everything they say. Thanks for the content dudeman.

Suggestion (5/5)

Should interview Homicide detective Joe Kenda solved over 400 cases in Colorado

1% (3/5)

Your podcast has become watered down. It honestly feels like you’re in it for the ton of money every one knows you make according to the popularity. It’s all good cuz I’d probably do the same; or maybe not. Congratulations on being rich

Love it (5/5)

Love it

Variety is the spice of life! (5/5)

Love how Joe has people from all walks of life on the podcast! I learn something new every time I tune in!

JRE (5/5)

Fear Factor to today Joe is not just that guy from that show he’s a deep thinker. I feel his podcast can help improve people.

Joe Hogan!!! (5/5)

Joe Hogan!!!!

Love the show (5/5)

Please I would love to come to the show and just listen and get blowed I’m Joshua Thompson from Detroit Michigan

My favorite podcast! (5/5)

This podcast definitely makes work go by faster. Rogan covers a wide variety of topics from politics, sports, comedy, health & fitness, to even self-improvement. Even the podcast episodes I thought I’d have no interest in at all eventually had me sucked in. He’s a wonderful interviewer and it’s obvious all his guests feel comfortable and open as they jump from one topic of conversation to another. As a naturally curious person I’m delighted with a show that exposes me to subjects I never would’ve touched on otherwise.

JRE (5/5)

Great brain candy!

This podcast is an American Treasure! (5/5)

Love the podcast the best ever along with jocks Dudley and Stumph which I found through this podcast! Joe please do more hunting podcasts they are the best!

Foul language (1/5)

I listened to about 5 mins. He drops an F-bomb about every 15 seconds, so I fast forward to the interview and the two of them are talking about someguy's penis and having sex with a skull. Not sure why this isn't listed as "explicit" content. It certainly should be.

Great job (5/5)

Really informative and hilarious at times. I think people will be surprised (pleasantly) if they take notice of this podcast. I appreciate your work, and have been a fan since the 90’s. I also love what you have done on the UFC and you know what you are talking about. Your perspective is enlightening and I appreciate that. Props to those that work behind the scenes as well. Keep doing what you are doing Joe, we will keep listening.

Great (5/5)

It has been a blast listening to this podcast

A mixed bag of great conversations (5/5)

Very entertaining! I love the blend of conversations that massage both sides of the brain.

Underwhelming Blather (2/5)

This guy is so overrated, it’s a good thing he occasionally has interesting guests.

Hands down my favorite podcast (5/5)

So this may be my absolute favorite podcast. I learn something new from each and every episode. I’ve heard from people I would normally not listen to. Joe is a surprisingly good interviewer - he doesn’t pull questions, and is just a regular guy with some amazing friends.


Hands down the best podcast!!!! Joe does a great job of tackling tough subjects and approaching everything with an open mind!!! I don’t agree with him on everything, but I always respect his view because he is genuine and tries to educate himself on every subject he can!!!!

I love you. (5/5)

You’re amazing and so is your podcast !

5 (5/5)


Do more hunting podcast (5/5)

Great podcast with Steve Rinella

Really like it (5/5)

Joe’s guests are unique and highly varied in their background. If you don’t like the ads, use the skip ahead feature and skip the complaining. Joe is respectful of his guests he may disagree with, finding common ground- something I wish more podcasts would do.

What’s not to love! (5/5)

Keep doing what you’re doing and I’ll keep listening forever!

Guest Suggestion (5/5)

David Paulides!! You have to have him on!

🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯 (5/5)

Love joe rogan

mouth sounds (5/5)

in the john nores episode buddy’s mouth sounds are loud af, and he’s having too much fun with that gum. sounds like he cant handle all the slobber in his mouth.

No BS Podcast (5/5)

Love in this perpetually offended world there are people like Joe to just talk with people about whatever with no PC. His character from WNYX likely his best role ever as it’s just him. Hilarious talks, great guests. #flatearth Get Nate Bargatze

Mind Opening (5/5)

Joe motivates you to open your mind and rethink important topics that will shape the future for not only short term but long term.

NATE DIAZ!!!!!!! (5/5)

You really should get Nate Diaz on the podcast please🙏🏼He just came off a big win against Showtime.

Ads!!! (1/5)

First 20 minutes is ads!!! Sell out

Bozo513 (1/5)


Positivity (5/5)

Besides being the realest in the game, he’s the most positive human being there is! #joeroganforpresident

Joe Rohan experience (5/5)

Please do a podcast with trump

One of the most important podcasts for America (5/5)

Joe Rogan is fair, intelligent, curious and funny. Having a comedian’s perspective and the wisdom that comes with 50+ year on the planet makes for some great long-form interviews. I’ve changed my mind on so many people the media and haters had portrayed unfairly (in a bad way) because I got hear a guest speak at length about why they believe what they believe. I may not agree with some of these guesta but I become open to hear them afterward. We need more of this in Americ; being open to listen to each other more. Joe’s open minded approach to having on guests with political leanings going both ways and without pushing any particular agenda gives him a unique street credit and trust factor. Keep it going Joe. 👍🏼

5 stars (5/5)

Amazing podcast. Joe only brings people on who he’s interested in, which makes the interview so much more authentic than almost any other podcast

Idiot (1/5)

Idiot promoting idiocy

very good (5/5)

Always relevant, steady influx of intelligent flow.- thank you. slow down a bit, will ya

Joe for president (5/5)

Joe Rogan would have a landslide victory if he ran for president. And probably fix a lot of things wrong with this country.

Dope (5/5)

I never thought I’d listen to a podcast with Alex Jones as a guest but some how Joe Rogan made it bearable.

Love your stuff (5/5)


Fluffy (5/5)

You’ve gotta get fluffy on!

Best Podcast of All Time (5/5)

Hands down. No question.

I (5/5)


Super show (5/5)

Hi Joe and crew, teamwork makes the dream work!! Joe I’ve caught a few of the podcast interviews on YT and decided to subscribe to your channel. Awesome shows and informative!!! I’m particularly critical of who I give my time to. And I have to say that because you and your team have actually READ AND STUDIED is why because that makes the interview really become a unique experience for this who listen. Keep up the great work and look forward to more.

Pretty Good (5/5)

When you scroll through and see terrible reviews from people on the far right AND left, you know he opens up the conversation to both sides. If you’re leaving a bad review because of curse words.... bugger off

Love it! (5/5)

Thanks for having Crenshaw on !! Love how you are open minded and not just a liberal lefty but like to listen to all sides and reason!!

Awesome show (5/5)


Get Bob Lazar Back (5/5)

I want to hear more

Edmman3434 (3/5)

Joe rogan grilled Candice Owens but followed the script on Bernie Sanders on global warming. Depends on who you are I most interviews just felt he sold out with bernie.

Best media outlet (5/5)

Joe is the new moral conscience of America

Dr west (5/5)

That was one of the best, eye ope I g podcasts I've ever heard. Hope you can get that man back someday!

Culture change (5/5)

Rogan’s podcasts are having the impact on society comparable to that of Elvis, Saving Private Ryan, Nirvana, Muhammad Ali, Michael Jordan, Oprah. He’s mastered the podcast interview. He owns the podcast world and everyone is chasing after him, riding his coattails trying to duplicate what he’s doing. He makes it ok to disagree and forces listeners to actually listen. Bravo.

Children with ADHD are not “problem children” (5/5)

Joe said this recently and I am sold with the depth of discussion that he is holding space for.

Quality (5/5)

Is great sounds good .. I wish he could get a gnr member on that would be a good pod

Changed my life (5/5)

I was not in a healthy place mentally, emotionally, or physically, I have always been a fan of the show but when I started really trying and using the tools they share on this show I stopped surviving and started living, and I have Joe Rogan and all of his phenomenal and inspirational guests

Very little bias (5/5)

Funny how if you read the reviews, there are conservatives and liberals hating on him and criticizing his interviews... I think that’s proof right there he is right where it needs to be. People don’t realize that you can disagree with someone, but still be interested in what they have to say and respect 99% of people’s views. It’s a foreign concept these days.

Nice (5/5)

Love the podcasts about space, aliens, hunting, well being, nutrition, science, history, new concepts, contrasts from mid to late 1900’s to now, new technologies, individual up bringings, and unique people... I have a hard time with anything political because it’s left leaning and basically the right is a bunch of goonies. I wish it was more of finding a middle ground between the two parties

Insightful, intelligent, and funny! (5/5)

This show is all of the above. I only started listening to the pod cast a week ago and I was instantly hooked. Dr. West was the first episode I listen to and it was very profound experience. I battle with depression and anxiety and listening to the pod cast has given me some new perspective on things. Joe is a well rounded individual with a very unique way of making you see things from a different angle. I think it’s a great show!!! Keep doing what your doing JRE...

Learned a lot from unknown people (5/5)

Learned a lot and bought a couple of books that were really life changing as far as perspectives go. In the past year and a half of listening to this podcast I’ve changed and feel I am a more open minded person and a better listener. Some of these podcasts are worth more than one listen. I’ll listen while running on the treadmill and watch the video of the podcast while at home relaxing. One of the best podcasts and some of the best interviews I’ve ever heard.

Open minded hilarious man (5/5)

Joe Rogan is pretty much the cool dad I never had, or a good mans Oprah!

Feeds Your Soul (5/5)

Huge fan of Joe Rogan - he’s funny, cool, and interesting. Whatever he’s selling, I’m buying. Love the broad range of topics he covers. His laid back style seems to disarm his guests and exposes their true demeanor. I’m hooked. Love you Joe!

Joe knows... (5/5)

I got the guys in my office on JRE, this is how a crack dealer must feel after selling his first rock. Keep it up Joe!!! I want more deep conversations and I want more high Alex Jones. Thanks joe

Ok (4/5)

I’m a huge fan. Also, I’m getting kind of annoyed that every single guest is drawn into conversation about combat sports. It’s cool to learn about his sport, but 75 episodes later I’m really over it.

No Filter (5/5)

He says what you think, and we pay him for it. Thats MY American Dream too.

B+ (4/5)

Obviously I love JRE. Who doesn’t. I really seriously hate when Joe has 10 comedian guests in a row though. A) most of these people are not very funny B) 98% of these people are not interesting at all...of course there are exceptions to this but not often. I would rather listen to Joey Diaz for the rest of the episodes EVER than hear a bunch of half famous comedians. Bert, ari, Jeff, pretty much all joes close can stay.

Blah...going downhill (2/5)

I used to love Joe’s podcast. He had on a conservative woman a while back and I was shocked at how condescending he was with her. He even mocked her because she didn’t have the knowledge of a certain subject, which she admitted to. It was hard to watch. I wouldn’t have had an issues except you could tell he had a bone to pick with her and he’s usually very unbiased. His interview with Bernie was a joke. He just agreed with everything...a brainless interview. Now all the MMA people and interviewing his comedians buddies and all they do is tell their own stories. Hello, we weren’t there! No entertainment anymore. My favorite, though, was the lady who writes books about Area 51. Her voice!

He talks too much (1/5)

I would sure like to hear what his guests have to say but he doesn’t let them talk much.

No critical thought (1/5)

Heard a lot about the show. Thought I might enjoy it. Turns out having a mediocre mind interviewing bigots without the intellectual capacity to push back on their facile arguments only provides a platform for dangerous ideas. Would not recommend.

Awesome (5/5)

Love JRE motivates me keeps me informed and makes me want to think , think , think , just wish I knew how to get his podcast from #1000 and below!

inspirational podcast (5/5)

Joe continues to out do himself. A podcast I continue to learn from day in and day out. With the podcast being so big Joe continues to get the best guests from all around the world. Thank you Joe for educating us and allowing us to get away for a few hours a day! My #1 podcast!

Disappointing (1/5)

Wanted to listen but he is really foul mouthed and cansescending

Best podcast around (5/5)

I always enjoy joes podcast the mma ones lose me. Not my thing. But joe is 100 percent real,unfiltered and a breath of fresh air in the podcast world. Definitely my favorite

Bernie episode (5/5)

I like the podcast BUT, I’ve heard you ask followup questions way better then you did with Bernie. He just danced around the minimum wage and you let him off the hook!

This show gets me through my day (5/5)

This show , the church of..., this past weekend the two Bears as well as the fighter and the kid get me through the my day like that first cup of coffee. Thank you all who are involved in said podcasts. You are all a big part of my recovery.

Long form conversations (4/5)

Breath of fresh air when compared to the time compressed nature of most interviews/conversations. Over the time Joe speaks to the guests they expose their true nature and Joe tends to avoid judging them as this happens. And if you are a curious person the show never fails to give you some trivia/knowledge on an unrelated topic. Thank you.

Politically neutral @usmc3037 (5/5)

JRE is good at getting to the question at hand and finding out information. Bernie is a straight shooter who remains uncorrupted. Dont blame joe if your favorite person sounds like an idiot and everyone loves Bernie. ;)

A community of free thinkers from all walks of life. (5/5)

The Joe rogan podcast is the perfect listen for those who seek interesting and unique perspectives from people of all kinds. From comedians to political talking-heads. A perfect podcast for the curious.

Great content (5/5)

I rarely write reviews but this podcast deserves it! Entertaining content and spot-on comments by host and invitees. Thank you Joe for keeping it real

Why can’t I listen to previous episodes?? (5/5)

I’ve been trying to listen to this podcast after someone recommended it, but every episode I clicked on, a notification came up saying the episode was “temporarily unavailable.” The only episode I’ve been able to listen to, was the one posted yesterday. HELP!

Joe da Man (5/5)

This podcast is great I love all the guest he has on the show and even when he doesn’t have any guest Joe is just an interesting dude and funny af. Very educational podcast and funny 👌🏽

Alternative voices in healthcare (5/5)

Great interviews with Bernie, Dr. West. Please get someone on to counter the propaganda spewed by Dr. Hotez. RFK, Jr, Del BigTree, Gary Null just to name a few suggestions.

First Podcast (5/5)

I have been living in the dark ages of technology for some time now. I finally upgraded and the first podcast I turned on was Joe Rogan’s. I’ve been following him for years and his podcast did not disappoint. I began with Bernie Sanders and I appreciated the dialogue.

Less comedians please! (4/5)

Really like the podcast but enjoy learning, so it can get boring when Joe has full weeks of nothing but comedians talking about their lives.

Rogan 4 president (5/5)

Best podcast hands down! Joe changed my life! Thanks for making my days so much more interesting.

I don’t get it (3/5)

I don’t get why folks are obsessed with the janitor from News Radio. Good show but, I don’t get the hype. I wonder how much Bernita Sanders had to pay to get on the show to appeal to the youths.

🙏 (5/5)


Where have I been? (5/5)

Joe this is an amazing podcast, very in depth and I love it.

Awful, Weak Bernie Sanders Interview (2/5)

Interesting to see the difference between Rogan’s interview with Bernie Sanders versus that with Candace Owens. He asked absolutely no decent follow-up question with Sanders. Interesting how he was nice to Bernie versus totally condescending towards Candace Owens. Extraordinarily disappointing. Rogan can be interesting at times, but his treatment of Candace Owens was despicable. I have never heard him act so condescending to somebody he disagrees with. I hope he was just having a bad day and not revealing his true colors.

Negative Nancy (2/5)

I used to enjoy this podcast, but Jesus. “According to PFF”. How bout watching the games man? Let people enjoy themselves.

Amazing conversations (5/5)

I absolutely love this podcast. My buddy Chris had me listen to Joe 2 days ago and Im on my 5th episode already. The conversations are very informative and what people should really strive for in their interactions. We too often get caught in small talk, but podcasts really allow our minds to explore. Would love to have an hour with Joe some day!

All around great podcast (5/5)

I used to watch his podcasts on YouTube off and on for years now. Now I listen to his podcasts on my way too work in the morning. Great all around podcast, covers a vast variety of different subjects. Extremely well rounded work going into this show guys, for me personally it would be a knockout podcast if their were a few episodes on esoteric topics here and their. That would make it complete for me lol. Other than that I love the informative talks Joe has, keep up the great work guys!!

Open your mind (5/5)

I just started in on this podcast, now realize what I’ve been missing out on. I’ve only listened to his intellectual guests so far and it is great to hear opinions and states of the world discussed by curious people. Everyone is entitled to their opinions but it does not make them fact (or even valid for that matter) and if we can’t express them then no one learns anything! Ps Just like Trump winning in 2016, climate change is happening, So f$&@in deal with it!!!!

Lost my respect for Joe (1/5)

He’s become too big for his britches and out of touch, and a hypocrit: Actively talks about freedom of speech and censorship, but his media company keeps taking down the Beige Frequency documentary “I’m not Surprised,” despite fair use of clips. Joe can’t handle criticism.

Joe is LIFE (5/5)

This guy has such a way with words, remaining somewhat neutral, and seeing sh!t from both sides of the spectrum. I can respect a guy who has enough patience to hear out someone else’s opinion, yet still question/challenge points he doesn’t agree with, or that don’t make sense.

Top tier podcast (5/5)

Joe Rogan delivers great insight and wisdom with other wonderful guest on his show. From comedians, Fighters, doctors and scientist, you can always learn something new with The Joe Rogan Experience. One of the best podcasts out there. Take some time and gather some new knowledge.

🔥 (5/5)

Best podcast ever!

Tyler Childers (5/5)

Love your podcasts joe! Do me a favor, get that Kentucky boy Tyler Childers on a podcast! Go Cats!!!

Killer pod cast. (5/5)

Keep up the good work.

Entertaining (5/5)

18 years old and listen on my down time!

Awesome episode with David Yang (5/5)

I was researching about the 2020 Presidential candidate and was surprised this show was informative and well thought out. I've started subscribing and am looking forward to hearing your other podcasts

Only Podcast I listen too (5/5)

Love this dudes podcasts. Everybody complaining about ads clearly don’t know how to utilize the 30second skip button.

😳 (5/5)

Great podcast

The Best Podcast Out There! (5/5)

Joe interviews a wide range of people that cover most people’s interests. Give him a chance, you won’t be disappointed!

The only podcast I listen to! (5/5)

It’s just phenomenal. Such a great show.

The best! (5/5)

If not for this podcast, I wouldn’t have discovered the other amazing podcasts out there. Joe always has all kinds of guests on his show from all walks of life, from all political spectrums, and some really funny people. If you want to learn, laugh, discover new ideas, or have your perspective on life challenged, this is the place. I think one day we’ll look back at this podcast as one of the primary momentum generators in a new way of thinking and interpreting life. I’m glad to have discover this podcast while it’s running. Just a pond full of mental gold, now becoming a lake and pretty soon an ocean.

Fantastic (5/5)

Listen every day, really enjoying it. I enjoy all the butthurt reviews almost as much! You guys gunna cry? Here, I warmed up a bottle for you. Does someone need to take a poopy? Hmm? Is it time for a nappy nap? Aww, stop crying little babies! It’s okay. 🍼

The Bernie episode (4/5)

was everything ❤️ More of this please!

Me0K (5/5)

The Brendon Schaub episodes are the most entertaining, however having them discuss the 2A was pretty painful. I could hear Colion Nior screaming into his IPhone 😆

Feel the Bern (5/5)

Interview with Bernie Sanders was INCREDIBLE. A must listen for all!!!

1320 (1/5)

If you don’t like the topic on race just don’t even bring it. You just made an Asian upset.

Joe’s interview with Bernie Sanders (5/5)

Joe had an amazing interview with Bernie Sanders. Joe asks all the right questions. CNN, FOX and MSNBC could learn a thing or two, by listening to Joe’s show.

The real talk (5/5)

What more can anyone say, about as real as it could ever get.

TRUMP 2020 (5/5)


Love (5/5)


Thanks Joe. (5/5)

Joe’s podcast helped me loose 50 pounds and get in phenomenal shape at 50. Thanks Joe!

Best Podcast (5/5)

Best podcast ever. Love the different kinds of guests. Joe is a real professional!

Greatest of All Time (5/5)


Bernie (5/5)

Subscribed to JRE after Bernie’s interview. This is the most “fair and balanced” journalism I’ve heard in a long time. Bernie 2020! Thank, Joe.

The best podcast (5/5)

Joe Rogan is one of the most thoughtful, open podcast hosts I’ve ever listened to. He tries to abstain from personal biases and puts an effort into allowing all people of various different personal beliefs into his podcast. I listen to him every day at work

Bernie (5/5)

Mr.Sanders and you talked about the mass shootings that have been going on. Mr. sanders said he doesn’t know what to do about these situations, so why does the democrats jump down POTUS throat and expect something done. If he was in office and this happens, the media wouldn’t be putting him on blast, so why put our fearless leader, president Donald Trump, on blast for something no one can really prevent?

Pre-recorded (5/5)


8 Minutes of Ads. Seriously? (1/5)

Before a single word on the subject was spoken, eight minutes of ads passed. Are you for real? This is getting ridiculous.

Excellent (4/5)

Joe conducts excellent interviews. He is very entertaining. My only suggestion would be to stop cursing; it just makes it harder to listen to what would be excellent content.

Thank you Mr.Rogan! (5/5)

About a year and a half ago i was going through some mental struggles! My wife and I hit a rough spot and i just wasn’t able to get a hold of my thoughts. I drive a trash truck for a living and have a lot of time to my thoughts and my mind sometimes, as anyone’s does, would play tricks on me with how i was feeling. Through the JRE and uncle Joey’s podcast, they gave insight, perspective and a different vantage point on how to process emotions, cope and get through a tough time! Thank you for your help when you didn’t even know you were! Thank you for the laughs with uncle Joey, shaub and Callen! But most of all thank you for believing in people and giving hope! I’ll be listening for life now! Best wishes Jerramie, TN

Rogan!! (5/5)

My favorite podcast by far....Then he had Bernie on.... When a politician says “I spoke to this exact name in this exact city at this exact time and I will never forget what they said” they are lying. Bernie did this 4 times in his hour. I am also perplexed by Bernie’s idea that a lifetime coal worker would be real happy to go work putting in energy efficient windows in a retrofit building. Stupid....just stupid. If we stop all our emission problems China is still churning. The 12 year lie you created is a political ploy and we are on to you. Sorry is you talking, not all scientists. He’s a joke. I usually listen to people that I don’t like and after a Rogan interview I end up liking them. This took me from dislike to extreme dislike. He did not pass the test! Still a great job by Joe.

My favorite podcast (5/5)

I love how the conversations organically flow.

Your already know (5/5)


BERNIE 2020 (5/5)

This Bernie episode gave me so much hope.. everyone better get out and vote for him 2020!

Best Podcast Ever (5/5)

The Joe Rogan Podcast is probably the best podcast someone can listen to. Every episode always has an interesting topic. Every time I tune in I always know that I will learn or hear something new. I’ve been listening to this podcast for a while and I think it is amazing

Please have Pastor Jeff Durbin on your show. (3/5)

Please have Pastor Jeff Durbin on your show.

Socialist Bernie Sanders (1/5)

I was listening to this podcast until you had Bernie Sanders on. How anyone can honestly think he will do this country good is beyond me.

Good but often too long (5/5)

I love Joe but I can’t even listen to my girlfriend talk for 3 hours

His fascination with dicks is perplexing (1/5)