Aggregated reviews for The Misfits Podcast

The most scuffed podcast on the internet.

Opinion (5/5)

not funny, did cry Also Fitz is a gay baby with a big forehead

im in luvvv w/ this podcast (5/5)

i just wanted 2 say.. i luv this podcast! buh it makes me think if i should do drugs just like u guys do🤔😌btw im 13🙂

okay, joe rogan is still better tho (5/5)

it’s ok. I can listen to it while having a wank, but it’s not better than joe rogan or those other guys.

Great podcast (5/5)

Pretty epic

fattyvapelord69 (5/5)

This made me question my life but at the same time gain an erection. 10/10 would listen again

Thicc turtle (5/5)

Goooooooooooooooooood podcast. Very good.

Best show (5/5)

Amazing. Tons of content. Please give me more to listen to during school.

pure gamer crack (5/5)

perfect podcast to listen to drain out the voices in my head and my parents arguing over who’s keeping the kids 10/10

Mmmm (5/5)

Can you guys be my daddy’s????

Epic Gamer (5/5)

Basically 6 gay babies talking about drugs...

Weehooo (5/5)

I listen to you guys a lot, super great content, and I always feel better about my life choices. Thanks. And what’s up with that Toby guy am I right?

Epic (5/5)

If you don’t listen to the podcast you can commit self forever sleep

Yeeeeee (5/5)

Swagger how many times out of ten are you high

NO (5/5)


Yeet (5/5)

In class I went to plug in my head phones into my phone and they didn’t work. So instead of having the 5 star misfits podcast in my ear holes 5 retards talking about drowning an ant via foreskin pee balloon was played to the entire class.

Heyo cunts (5/5)

Honestly a kind of wholesome podcast, you guys just talking with each other about different subjects has really helped me work through some stuff and make some decisions about my own life. Thanks guys :)

It was a good night (5/5)

I listen to this after I have nice hot sex with a woman so that I feel better about that fact that she wasn’t awake

Turn up (5/5)

I listen to this podcast to not be able to hear my parents fighting and and my sister filming porn🙃

Best thing (5/5)

Nobody: Fitz: laugh

Life (5/5)

With my parents fight this podcast is the only thing that can dampen the screaming. Also my wife’s boyfriend likes it, he lets me stay up late if I listen to this podcast, if not, he beats me with a wooden spoon. Thanks Misfits epic podcast!

It’s a title (5/5)

It’s great to listen to when I’m not mashing monkeys

Why tf not (5/5)

This podcast is the only reason I have a girlfriend. You made me realize that my mom wasn’t enough to satisfy me so I needed more

Walter (5/5)


This podcast is great (5/5)

N words in my butthole

Doing your mom (5/5)

Yeah so basically I’m doing your mom doing doing your mom thanks for watching bye P.S. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

GIBBY (5/5)

I can’t get the thought of Gibby in his prime as a twitch streamer. #PGTittyStreamer -Im sorry

Very cool (5/5)

It’s so hard not to beat my meat to this podcast especially swaggers voice

11/10 podcast (5/5)

this podcast helps me block out my inner depression when i'm stuck in my room alone while my parents settle their divorce agreement

Some Dad (5/5)

Awesome,makes me want to go back to my kids after ten years

What (5/5)

I’m dying laughing but still confused What the hell did I listen to 😂

Love this show (5/5)

WhAt’D yOu SaY aBoUt PoKiMaNe

Yet (5/5)

I learn to this when I work out

Why do you do these things (5/5)

Teacher wondered what i was listening to, i told her a podcast. She was whats it about. I told her FORESKIN ( pyrocinical) episode. Had fun in detention

Yeet (5/5)

I have a big brain now from listening to this podcast

I did a project on this (5/5)

It’s that good

I don’t smoke, but I’m definitely high when I listen to this (5/5)

Fitzy boi

Thanks Boomer! (5/5)

This podcast cured my depression caused by my abusive father with a crippling alcohol problem. Thanks misfits! “Sponsored by Schlatt & Co”

NNN (5/5)

I failed no nut November just by hearing Toby voice!

Depressing (5/5)

This Podcast has more reviews and more stars than most of the podcasts on the “top shows” list and it still won’t be listed.

It good (5/5)

Has just as bad upload schedule as their YouTube channels

Yeet (5/5)

I listened to this when I fall asleep so I can lie to swagger and fitzes soothing voices

I was disowned (5/5)

My mother disowned me for not having a life so I stared listening to this. She still disowned me, but I now listen to Misfits

Group of morons inspiring people to be morons (5/5)

Funny as f*** though

Rated five stars (5/5)

Swagger smokes too much

Cool (5/5)

Very big epic helps me go night nights thanks lol

Meh (5/5)

Roses are red Violets are blue This is a poem I’m bad at rhyming

Hmmm (5/5)

This Podcast helps me say no to Fortnite

5/5 (5/5)

Such a great podcast very funny and has a good variety of guests

MostNuttyNovember (5/5)

I really enjoy this podcast. It always puts a smile on my face and a stiffy in me shorts.

You know what? (5/5)

That’s gangsta

People watch this (5/5)

I have no words

no (5/5)

Please stop touching me there no no stop that no more please stop now

This podcast🤦‍♂️ (5/5)

I watch this then I get high just by listing and ask girls do guys have female boners 🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴

Peen (5/5)

My penis itches

Fitz (5/5)

you just make a compilation of the you stuttering because that’s all you say

Only podcast I will listen too (5/5)

Wow, I feel like I’m high when I listen to these. Its great.

Yum (5/5)

This makes me have strokes because of the excitement that comes with every new podcast or video. I love the podcasts and videos, keep it up boys.

Very intriguing (5/5)

They make me feel like the globglogabgalab The shwabble-dabble-wabble-gabble flibba blabba blab I'm full of shwibbly liber-kind I am the yeast of thoughts and minds

My wife left me (5/5)

My wife divorced me and took the kids. All I’ve had is this podcast as i live out of my 2003 Ford Explorer.

No nut November (5/5)

I beat my meat to this podcast

Very High Toast (5/5)

This podcast helps me tune out the screams coming from my basement, thx :)

Amazing (5/5)

Roses are red My balls are blue I wanna sleep But y’all are loud

Night night (5/5)

This podcast helps me feel night night, also you guys are inspiring me to take LSD

nice (5/5)


Wow. (5/5)

It’s just... brilliant.

Too quiet to hear everyone’s voices (1/5)

Please increase the volume on your voices, it’s hard to hear on full volume sometimes. I love the stories but sometimes I can barely hear them

Virginity (5/5)

I was listening to this podcast while loosing my virginity I wouldn’t rather listen to any thing else I didn’t but too my girlfriend but to your guys voice

❤️ (5/5)

I listen to your podcast while failing no nut November

bruh (5/5)

podcast makes my toes sizzle like bacon. thank u

Thank you (5/5)

Me and my dad who thinks you guys are hilarious love watching all of your channels (especially swagger and fitz) this podcast is honestly my favorite one and I enjoy every second of it.

Good (5/5)


Big boi Johnny (5/5)

Luv ur vids. Keep it up Also have Mully on the show He live is Au

I listen to this podcast everyday (5/5)

Why do I feel like swagger looks like a dragon

Keep up the good work boys (5/5)

Love Swaggers voice and masons energy

Love this (5/5)

New favorite podcast! (Only podcast I listen to.)

Deserves 5 stars (5/5)

This podcast so good that when i work and laugh so hard people look at me and think im a crack addict

Yeet (5/5)

1/3 of my burger was filled would eat the other 2/3

Good (5/5)


TBH SMH (5/5)

I only listen to the podcast because if i watch it im finna get a boner from all of your beautiful faces.

Very epic accounting podcast (5/5)

I have learned much about how to do a subway and how to make my cat high. They are all very good soda designers to make it more aerodynamic

The best of the best. (5/5)

I can’t even explain how amazing this podcast is, I’ve been listening to the podcast since it’s started and I haven’t missed one yet. Y’all are amazing and thanks for creating this amazing podcast!

🧑‍🦽 (5/5)

Gunga ginga

wait this isn’t hoop podcast (5/5)


This podcast is my anti-depressants (5/5)

The only thing that makes me smile everyday and keeps my life juicy.

hi (5/5)

my turtle ran away in the water that made its way to another day and where am i

Oh piss (5/5)

I was peeing in my girlfriends sink while you guys and pyro were talking about foreskin

Love this podcast (5/5)

I literally have listened to this podcast for 4hours straight

No homo (5/5)

This dank

Falcon Central (5/5)

I like listening to this podcast to block the sound of my parents signing my papers so I can be put up for adoption

5/5 (5/5)

blockbuster is in bend, OR #notthefrozennorth

Yeet (5/5)

I hate the misfits I hate them I hate them I hate them I don’t like the misfits are dumb I don’t like the misfits I hate them the misfits I don’t like they are stupid misfits are dumb


The podcast fixes the holes I have in my heart like flex tape does on leaky pipes!

Bruh (5/5)

Who are the misfits

11/10 (5/5)

Just copped the new airpods so now i can charge my phone and jerk of to this podcast at the same time. Thanks Steve Jobs.

Podcast #1 (5/5)

Your podcast is amazing background noise while I sit on the buss ride to and from school. It takes me about a week to listen to a full podcast, so that’s another good thing, I have enough podcasts to listen to through the year :D

Slip slop tippity top (5/5)

Slip slop tippity top

Good podcast (5/5)

These guys are hilarious question what drugs do swagger and zuckles do?

Ok boomer (5/5)

This is so boomer

Let’s get VanossGaming on the MOTHA FUCCAN Podcast! (4/5)

6ix 9ine confessed the location of Jesus I’d give this podcast 100 stars if I could. 95 to go!

inhuman feats (5/5)

gamer sups will give you enough energy to sit through an entire toby stream

Um (5/5)

This podcast was so good it almost made me break no nut November.

Lit podcast👌 (5/5)

Although I do not stand for the use of drugs I love back ground noise and controversial conversations and when guys really get into important conversations it’s awesome!! Good work guys👍

Greatest Podcast on Earth (5/5)

I love listening to this podcast while vigorously rubbing my pp in the shower

fitz is gay (5/5)

Swagger gets me horny love it

Yeet (5/5)

This podcast is the bomb

Epic review (5/5)

This podcast cured my erectile dysfunction and it made my annoying wife leave and take my retarded kids with her.

😁 (5/5)

If you put it on .5 speed it sounds funny af

The boofiest podcast around (5/5)

10/10 would recommend this podcast to cure depression. I’ll boof a gamer sups in the morning and listen to this on my way to my neighborhood plug. 0/10 would recommend listening to this to kick a drug habit. Still lit tho

Very good (5/5)

This is better than a Carson you took

Read this 🅱️ (5/5)

Ya mom gay yo granny a tranny yo grandpap a trap yo whole family tree lgbt

My leg (5/5)

This podcast is so good I nutted really hard and I can’t feel my left leg, pls help

Thx (5/5)

This podcast helped me with my severe anxiety and bipolar. Plus thanks to swagger I now have the sex drive of a angry chimp

swaggers the only one i can actually point out (5/5)

sorry everyone

Boomer Cast (5/5)

Solid cast for boomers. I listen to this while I kick old ladies down the stairs for being old and decrepit

I look dumb (5/5)

this podcast always makes me look dumb because i’m always dying laughing in class and people think i’m crazy

Gud (5/5)

While my baby brother fell of a bridge and onto a train tracks and was then ran over by a train and then my mom over dosed on skittles but I have the misphits misfits podcast

I binge this podcast (5/5)

Sorry babe, the misfits podcast stays on during sex.

Listen to this podcast for penis size to be twice as small (5/5)


Best podcast ever (5/5)

I listen to this podcast 24/7 and it’s funny as hell Da Best PPL EVER

Jackin off and ice skating (5/5)

Listening to fitz’s worst joke episode when you guys were talking about hockey players getting their fingers run over, last winter me and my team mate were messing around on one of the training ice skating things you sit on and he hockey stopped on all of my fingers. But i still have my 5 fingers so i can still jack off just fine

Absolute mad lads (5/5)

Love waking up to these 3 to 6 madlads talk about drugs, wacky events and the dystopian future that will plague our society like the jokers they are

Oh yeeees (5/5)

Oh yeeeeees

What (1/5)

I now know why every other podcast exists.

Plz answer (5/5)

What other podcasts do u guys enjoy - I went through yours twice over and also am listening to goopcast. What are some recommendations.

Well (5/5)

Ig its ok

🅱️eview (5/5)

Low key Swagger souls is a little too thicc, very fuckable

Miniladd (5/5)

Bring in MiniLadd Bring in MiniLadd Bring in MiniLadd Bring in MiniLadd Bring in MiniLadd Bring in MiniLadd Bring in MiniLadd Bring in MiniLadd Bring in MiniLadd Bring in MiniLadd Bring in MiniLadd Bring in MiniLadd Bring in MiniLadd Bring in MiniLadd Bring in MiniLadd Bring in MiniLadd Bring in MiniLadd Bring in MiniLadd Bring in MiniLadd

my name is city maker 1234 (5/5)

i am 7 and I listen to this podcast with my moms boyfriend and her husband. they laugh at alot of thing I dont know. also where can i get this thing called edibles sounds yummy

Love the podcast (5/5)

This allows me to drown out my math class during school. They don’t shut up at all.

I literally love you guys (5/5)

I listen to this while doing anything like playing pubg and cleaning and so on y’all make my depression better thanks you ps Fitz is my favorite❤️❤️

Good (5/5)

This podcast good I listen to it while my school just got a bomb threat

🤰 GREAT FOR DIEING🏃🏿‍♂️ (5/5)

When I’m driving I enjoy watching your podcasts instead of the road! It’s a lot more entertaining, but people on the left side of the road need to watch where there going.

Life’s good! (5/5)

My husband doesn’t love me and I’m getting divorced at the age of 28 but at least I got the Misfits Podcast❤️✌🏼🥰

Ransom (5/5)

I have Matt if you want him alive I need 64 Minecraft diamonds some gamersupps the only good energy drink!

Great Podcast! (5/5)

Can Toby swallow a banana? Please let me know ASAP.

Misfits (5/5)

Yeah mmhm yes plz more fitzy

Better than watching porn (5/5)

I don’t wanna jackoff so I chose to do this

Yeet (5/5)

Yeet yeet yeet yeet yeet yeet yeet yeet yeet yeet yeet yeet yeet yeet yeet yeet yeet yeet yeet yeet yeet yeet yeet yeet yeet yeet yeet

Great podcast (5/5)

I love when they talk about the weed funnies!!

5 (5/5)


O (5/5)

Ok boomer

i identify as a lamppost (5/5)

this podcast inspired me to steal multiple credit cards and buy $6000 in gamersupps. Currently listening while under house arrest awaiting trial for theft and tax evasion.

👏podcast👏 👏review👏 (5/5)

Best podcast of the century 10/10 I’ve shared this with everyone on my contacts list! FITZ IS BAE Swagger’s my dad ILY

Quality👌🏼 (5/5)

This podcast helps me forget the fact that my parents want me kicked out of the house so I’ll stop shagging their cat!

Amazing (5/5)

This podcast is great to listen to on your daily commute so that you can experience every emotion while driving

Blep (2/5)

When I listen to these I lose all thought like it makes me stare off into space more and these are just super funny and is probably the only thing that makes me laugh constantly (☆^ー^☆

Yum (5/5)

I was yanking my crank when I found this podcast

My name mike (5/5)

Great talk small peen . Good stuff . 100 mg edibles aren’t anything . Gotta try a 200-300 mg edible

Beauty Incarnate (5/5)

Fun to listen to whilst kicking back and getting these epic dubs along with some of this delectable bread.

Swagger is a garden nome with a helmet (5/5)

It’s not good to joke about molestation It’s a touchy subject

Special thanks (5/5)

Your podcast has caused me to be more educated about drugs and has helped cure my crippling sexual frustration, thank you guys

This podcast gave me a dad (5/5)

This is an epic banger. Would listen again. Fitz and Swagger are pretty funny, but not mason. Never mason. Stop it mason. Get help mason.

Please read (5/5)

Haha stinky

Bruh.mp3 (5/5)

This podcast made me gay again after the electro shock therapy

Thanks (5/5)

Gives me enough strength to beat my wife twice as hard

BANGER (5/5)

This podcast gets my wife horny, except she will never watch an episode twice. So whenever you guys post a knee one I get excited bc I know I’m about to get laid!!

Hecc (5/5)

This podcast is funny as hecc and drowns out the children screaming from my basement

Best Podcast (5/5)

This podcast makes me ignore life and makes me smile while my parents argue about their issues

6 x 9 + 6 + 9 = 69 (5/5)


REEEE (5/5)

Jeff Epstein didn’t kill himself

Yes (5/5)


Best night ever !! (5/5)

Me and my girlfriend spent $20 to go to the drive ins and her car died 40 minutes in so we just decided to cuddle in the back and listen to this podcast. And did the nasty 2 times if u know what I’m saying;) Best night ever !!

The good kush (5/5)

I love it and it makes me happy when I am down

one slick mf (5/5)

My Muslim teacher told me to take my hood off in class, so I told her to take off hers

Pooba (5/5)

Not gonna lie, I really want Swags and Fitz to adopt me.

Yes (5/5)

The only thing thing that stops me from beating my wife

Very Spicy Indeed (5/5)

10/10 Very Nice with all that spice. But not too much spice. Too much spice would be strange. Also a little bit salty, but I think thats just Swagger.

I’m not happy. (5/5)

Everyday I wake up put my pants on and head out to work. I stumble on the same stair and look into the same mirror. I kept hearing these thoughts in my head. Making me laugh and even scream. I got married had a son lived my whole life thinking there has to be more. Or am I just crazy. I would go deaf sometimes felt like I couldn’t see. I never did drugs but kept thinking I should. I wanted to be better at everything in life. I wanted to be a comedian I tried that out. Never worked, I was too serious. In my late 40s was struck by a car. Thought I was dying and knew something was wrong as I slowly slept into a coma I knew I was going into one which was terrifying listening to the sounds of my heart beat and nothing more feeling the walls get closer. As I can’t hear or see. Only my heart beat remained. I wake up and I’m 20 getting out of a coma from when I was 19 for a year I was there. Yet lived a life for 20 years. My brother would play your podcast for me every time a new episode emerged. My life was different I had no job no stair to stumble on, no kid, no wife. But is this now a dream, is this now my coma. Which is which!!! I’m going insane every day trying to find answers. The last time i stared at the mirror was with a smile, now I can’t smile I’m not happy my life is not mine. I’m not happy. Great podcast tho 10/10 would coma again.

Banger (5/5)


yes (5/5)

best podcast to multitask to also carson was there once

Big d 13 (5/5)

Y’all cured my depression

Makes me horny (5/5)

Whenever they talk it makes me want to duck their dicks........😂😂😂😂

NippleMaster467364 (5/5)

i listen to this podcast while robbing nursery homes

Oh yes (5/5)

Frick yeah

Eatthatpu$$y445 (5/5)

This podcast gives me a hard on

Help?!?!? (5/5)

Fitz when are you picking me up from Disney World it’s been 23 years btw how’s mom

Great Show (5/5)

I listen to this podcast while masterbating furiously to my teacher in English class

Subscribe to Kyroz Gaming (5/5)

Subscribe to Kyroz gaming

Reeeeeee (5/5)

My mom got cancer because of this podcast thx😀

Spectacular! (5/5)

Just a reminder, it’s no nut November so throw your lotion and toilet paper away

Ftz (5/5)

Do a barrel roll

Best podcasts ever! (5/5)

Love watching you guys on YouTube and you all encourage me and give me ideas for my YouTube. Keep up with the podcasts guys their great and funny as hell.

Bloody legend (5/5)

This podcast with out fail turns me on. Which is bad given the month of the year

A good 5 stars (5/5)

Helps me go to sleep as my sleep paralysis demon preforms a Indian ritual on me and forces me consume the goop.

ur mom (5/5)

depression: cured

ANSWER ME sorry to yell (5/5)

Love it it’s funny and it good when you just want to relax btw how is weed

Soy (5/5)

Such good soy, so many boys

Skrunk (5/5)

This podcast made me listen to this podcast

Best podcast (5/5)

You know what gets me is that Toby looks like a guy that works as a psychic and works at McDonald’s part time

Pisfits modcast (5/5)

UwU OwO UwU \ \. ||. // The unholy trinity

5 out of 5 (5/5)

Your the only guys I get hard for -from Doggy

I love this podcast! (5/5)

Great podcast! Only one thing, who’s joe?

Lit (5/5)

These podcasts could have stopped Epstein from killing himself

Zucc u guys (5/5)

Super gay. Love it


I highly recommend this Podcast if your trying to laugh and hear some funny a** stories 😂

Yeet! (5/5)

I got so use to being called my online username that every time yall say loserfruit I would freak. Im use to HolyFruit of Fruit. Still gets me every time.

Can’t Wait (5/5)

I love this stream. I can’t wait till the next time I have intercourse during the podcast. :)))

Your podcast inspired me to deep freeze my children. (5/5)

Your podcast inspired me to deep freeze my children. I will check on them after the football game. Not too worried as that seem to never get cold when we’re in public.

Yet (5/5)

Listening to the podcast makes me wish I never killed all my friends

NNN (5/5)

This podcast is the only thing getting me through No Nut November

What if gay (5/5)

Laughed so hard I dropped my 3 month old. Had to run down 2 flights of stairs to get him. 5 stars.

love ya so much (5/5)

y’all are my favorites

Amazing (5/5)

Love this podcast listen every time I get freaky

F*¢k yes!!! (5/5)

I love this podcast!!! It’s the only thing that helps me through the work day.

Your all cunts (5/5)

That’s it

Hi I’m thoughtdart (5/5)

Thanks misfits you guys have been baking me laugh for a a year and a half now thank you so much

Segway (5/5)

My Iridocyclitis was cured listening to this cancer. Thanks!

yes (5/5)

my friend said he would rather hug the pink teddy than his sister

Epic (5/5)

Thanks to Swagger, I will now be switching to Wells Fargo. Oh, and your podcast is great; btw.

DrowsyMelatoninBoi (5/5)

I just blared this on my high school’s speakers and Zuckles was talking about being a cheeky dog. Long story short I got suspended, thx mason

I laugh in class (5/5)

I listen to your podcast instead of doing school work and it’s so much better:)

Mistfits are wack (5/5)

I love the podcast! I always listen to the podcast when I go to sleep with my headphones in and I will start the new podcast at night and listen to it and fall asleep and I’ll start it over again the next night and I’ll do the same thing every night.

This podcast prevents me from facing my crippling depression (5/5)

and I love it for that

No Nut November (5/5)

I just finished up cleaning up my last nut until December good luck boys

Ah (5/5)


. (5/5)

Ight imma stay

Best Podcast (5/5)

this podcast is my favorite to blare while my parents talk about how much of a disappointment i am!!

Wholesome chaotic cunts (5/5)

False accusations got you down? Ignore the screams by listening to swagger rant about cube world and acid

Spread the Word (5/5)

Some girl was asking for a good Christian Podcast to get her through tough times so i recommended the misfits podcast. Great guys and motivating!😂

oof (5/5)

I play this so I don’t have to hear my parents arguing.

why this podcast is great (5/5)

This podcast has good life lessons and gives good insight on certain things like drugs or chocking the chicken I cannot wait to see how they survive NNN

Hi (5/5)

Great way to block the sound of my parents arguing while I draw Honestly best podcast

Why this podcast is amazing (5/5)

This podcast is good... but not as good as using code misfits for 10% off, or cheating on your Minecraft wife with swagger

5 star (5/5)

I love this podcast because it keeps me from paying attention in algebra class

Absolutely Exceptional (5/5)

I’ve live my entire life avoiding premature ejaculation until I discovered this podcast. I’m ok with it.

Please I just wanna be happy (5/5)

Some friends from my high school got put in the hospital from wax, can I get a turn up for climate change?



Hi (5/5)

Have you guys been drugged tested when you were kids or teens

Love you guys🍆 (5/5)

Me and my buddy always watch your podcast while we pass a joint. Weekly routine. Thanks guys

Ban Me (5/5)

I listen to these at work. Purely to take my mind off the fact that I am slowly but surely wasting my life working while you retards live it up in Australia

Not a 17 year old (5/5)

Every day I feel like killing myself but seeing the notification of a new podcast popping up on my screen makes me feel better for a while.

Yeetmeister’s son (5/5)

Yeeeeeeeeeeet great content keep it up

Baked oatmeal (5/5)

I like to listen to this while baked and eating oatmeal

Yeet (5/5)

Me and my lady were doing the nasty to your podcast, long story short swagger made a joke, she laughed then *Queef* and now I’m here XD

Ohh yeah (5/5)

Bring Ansley to the podcast

seanpt33 (5/5)

literally listen to you guys all day everyday. keep up the good work❤️

Hehe (5/5)

It make me good at Fortnite.

F u idiots (5/5)

I listen to you fools in my car while driving with my subwoofer full blast it makes my car sway and make me fell big good <3

good (5/5)

yeh good

A little poem (5/5)

Roses are red Matt is gone Just like my dad

Fun for the whole family! (5/5)

I really love the breakdown of the Goonies fan fiction, “HEY YOU GAAAAAYS!” It has touched me in ways that I can not explain through any human language. I can not live without this podcast. It is my sustenance. It is my everything. I wake up to Misfits. I fall into my deep slumber to Misfits. Brothers and sisters, feel free to let their light into your lives as well. It is blinding, but through this tribulation you will come out the other side seeing better than you have ever before... *sings hymn and drinks Kool-Aid*

Bruh (5/5)

This is very haha funny I beat myself wife and children

Best Ever (5/5)

Y’all are just the best, funny, and amazing. Keep up the good work, love y’all.

Yes (5/5)

This podcast is restarted. Nice work 5 stars

Oof 100 (5/5)

Listen to the podcast first, then watched the video, honestly don't know how to reach

Yer (5/5)


Swagggggggy (5/5)

You leek me busy while I’m trying to make better DAD JOKES .....

It’s a podcast (5/5)

I listen to these podcasts in clas and love to do the little commands

Nice (5/5)

This podcast makes me acustic

“{Insert tangerine juise}” (5/5)

Michael Jackson go HEEHEE and touch your PEEPEE

Yee (5/5)

Please have critikal on the podcast, im touching myself just thinking about the possibility of him being on the podcast

Hiya! (5/5)

You guys are absolutely amazing! I love listening to your podcast, Thanks for being Awseome, keep it up guys!❤️❤️❤️

Yeetsvill (5/5)

This podcast is officially, DOWNVOTED.

Great show (5/5)

What do y’all think about the Minerva AI on CS banning players

Big bazinga moments (5/5)

I genuinely laughed at the first episodes. But I’d like to know how you met ainsley and if he’s actually like ‘that’. Also when will we see grizzy on the podcast?

U guys are to funny (5/5)

Ima get real emotional, every time I was sad or really frustrated I would plug in my headphones and listen to this podcast. Keep up the good work

Wish I was a Misfit (5/5)

Love your podcast more than your videos, which I didn’t know was possible. Keep up the work bois

Scuffed Bois (5/5)

Started from depression now we here+ gotta add Ainsley too

I like this (5/5)

Fitz is the hottest man on the internet

I love the voices (5/5)

I never thought because of your vids that I’d use your podcast as a way to get me to sleep, oh wait yes I did.

It’s pretty good (5/5)

It’s pretty good It’s pretty good It’s pretty good It’s pretty good It’s pretty good It’s pretty good

Omg (5/5)

𝕺𝖍 𝖒𝖎𝖓𝖊 𝖌𝖔𝖉, 𝖎 𝖆𝖈𝖈𝖎𝖉𝖊𝖓𝖙𝖆𝖑𝖑𝖞 𝖍𝖆𝖙𝖍 𝖘𝖊𝖓𝖙 𝖙𝖍𝖔𝖚 𝖆 𝖕𝖎𝖈𝖙𝖚𝖗𝖊 𝖔𝖋 𝖒𝖎𝖓𝖊 𝖈𝖔𝖈𝖐 𝖆𝖓𝖉 𝖇𝖆𝖑𝖑𝖘. 𝕻𝖗𝖎𝖙𝖍𝖊𝖊 𝖉𝖊𝖑’𝖊𝖙𝖊 𝖎𝖙 !! ‘𝖑𝖊𝖘𝖙... 𝖙𝖍𝖔𝖚 𝖉𝖊𝖘𝖎𝖗𝖊 𝖙𝖔 𝖑𝖔𝖔𝖐 ? 𝕳𝖆𝖍𝖆 𝖎 𝖏𝖊𝖘𝖙, 𝖉𝖊𝖑𝖊𝖙𝖊 𝖎𝖙. 𝕾𝖍𝖔𝖚𝖑𝖉 𝖙𝖍𝖊𝖊 𝖈𝖗𝖆𝖛𝖊 ... 𝖍𝖆𝖍𝖆 𝖓𝖆𝖞, 𝖇𝖆𝖓𝖎𝖘𝖍 𝖎𝖙... ‘𝕷𝖊𝖘𝖙?

Yee (5/5)

Your guy’s content is the funniest and the best

Misfits podcast is the most Aussie thing (5/5)

This podcast keeps me occupied in Spanish class

... (5/5)

Unlike Fitz’s hairline, this podcast gets better every week

Funny on occasion (2/5)

Been fans of the YouTube channels of mainly Fitz, Swagger Souls, and Zuckles after learning of them through other YouTubers they played CSGO with back in the day. I thought since they had good comedic timing and value in their respective channels, a podcast including all of them and a few others I hadn’t seen much of yet would be very entertaining. Unfortunately I was wrong and personally find the Misfits podcast a waste of time. Not sure if it’s just me, considering most of the reviews on iTunes are 5 stars, but I found little to none of the podcast funny or even interesting enough to continue listening after my first few initial listens- I find it nothing more than appeal to their hardcore fanbase simply thirsting for more and more content from the creators. I can’t say that nothing that goes on in the episodes is funny or entertaining, but I find very little enjoyment from listening to an entire episode. Again this is a seemingly unpopular opinion, but I don’t feel that these guys are strong in producing consistently quality content in this media format. It feels like a forced part of the wave of YT creators moving to podcasting that simply doesn’t work well. Plus they stole the name of the debatably best and most influential punk band ever. So there’s that too.

Great Job (5/5)

I could be doing anything else but I chose to listen to this thank you

Yeet (5/5)

My dad left me, my girlfriend broke up with me, my dog died. But at least I have this podcast

Wow (5/5)

Helped me go into the afterlife..thank y’all

Amazing comedy (5/5)

Haha I’m dying in class while listening to your podcast. I love you all!!

I got into crash (5/5)

I got into a crash because I was laughing so hard

Satisfaction (5/5)

I listen to this before bed and when I got the closing shift at my job

10000/10000 (5/5)

I failed my midterms, But when i listen to this podcast, it always lifts my spirits.

Yummy (5/5)

My parents disowned me because I listened to it so much.

Uber thiccc (5/5)

I personally feel that my ears grow thicker the more I listen

Yes (5/5)

10/5 would nut to it again

Swiggity swaggity (5/5)

Swagger is my spirit animal

This is the ably podcast I’ve ever listened to (5/5)

And the only podcast I’ll ever listen to

Wow. (5/5)

I didn’t know it was possible to have negative brain cells, but here we are

... (5/5)


hi (5/5)

i have a cold

Heyo (5/5)

I have anal cancer thank you

E (5/5)


Good 👍🏼 (5/5)

Good podcast, great way to break the ice at my grandmas funeral, thank you misfits 👍🏼

Ahaha (5/5)

Jesus this podcast makes me actually WANT to hear my parents argue. Nah but good job bois

Y e e t (5/5)

You guys should get max and chad on the podcast

Uh oh stinky (5/5)

Just laying here with my body pillow and we’re both listening the podcasts

Yo (5/5)

I rewatched all of them during my birthday best gift ever👌🏽

Gud (5/5)

I’ve left like 30 five star reviews please use I will call you Jesus

What your podcast does to me (5/5)

your podcast makes me nut

I should be asleep rn (5/5)

Baby lock the doors and turn them lights down lowwww, play a misfits podcast all night longggggg

Yee (5/5)

I just moved

Just Happy to be here (5/5)

As an audio and video listener, I am glad to be both abused, and praised, by fitzy boy.

Epic (5/5)

Whenever I play this podcast I start cumming uncontrollably.

Jerking off (5/5)

I listen to this podcast when jerking off and my ting goes scraaaa pop pop pop skiaaaat -Rayyan Zia

Who needs drugs when you have this podcast? (5/5)

Best ride ever! First episodes you feel drugged, in the middle yes you might be going through rehab but don’t worry, there is a relapse at the end.

Tasty (5/5)

Most fun thing to listen to while my dad waterboards my siblings

Horse c (5/5)

When I listen to the podcast my sticky go uppy

goopcast (5/5)

Goop goop goop goop goooop goop goop

Ligma (5/5)

Ligma ballallallas fitz haha!!! Gottem!!!

This song is amazing (5/5)

I’ve had this song on repeat for so many days

I listen to this while I sleep and I had a dream about you guys 😳 (5/5)


yuh (5/5)



Is pop tarts ravioli I need to hear your answer NOW!

Swaggersouls (5/5)

Swagger should be a life coach or he should do asmr his voice is satisfying

Swagger (5/5)

Swagger souls is Howard Stern with a helmet...

Five stars (5/5)

I read edibles will be legal in canadia mid december maybe u could go if i u want no i dont live there it should be a good story somethings bound to go wrong

Mistits (5/5)

You retards make me feel like im having a stroke.


This is literally the only podcast I listen to when I wake up, eat, work, sleep. YOU NAME IT. Nahh but seriously I’m amazed by all this CONTENT worth the 5 out 5 stars.

😂 (5/5)

Y’all are amazing

For Fitz (5/5)

Taller people have a greater chance of getting cancer

Thank you (5/5)

Helps me with getting over DEPRESSION. thank you

Read (5/5)

I liked it better when Fitz wasn’t here


i enjoy the misfits quite a lot

It makes my pp hard. (5/5)

My pp is Asgard as a rock

Epic (5/5)

Your podcast is great. Swagger, stop doing drugs.

good (5/5)

wish i didn’t have to pause it everytime to bust it to swagger’s cleavage

Oi cunts (5/5)

The podcast is great to listen to while at work, but it’s not as good as the official podcast

This is the only podcast I listen to (5/5)

I love you guys

Pee pee (5/5)

This pod cast makes my pee pee long.

High IQ (5/5)

High IQ podcast , this is how my few brain cells that are left grow slightly. Anyway love you boys keep making awesome vids!

Swagger da best (5/5)

Swagger is there only one spookysouls

Love the podcast! (5/5)

Much love ya cunts

69 (5/5)


Swagger (5/5)

Swagger says “ No - key - uh “ ITS PRONOUNCED “ Nah - key - uh “ Thank you.

ThatHispanicGuy21 (5/5)

This made my friend completely delete all of dating profiles so he can download all the episodes to nut to!

Very good (5/5)

The misfits podcast finally has a full stack of episodes

Podcast be lit (5/5)

This podcast is totally cash money my guys Keep it up or you won’t wake up

Nice (5/5)

Nice nice ok and good

Hi I’m Dustin (5/5)

And this is the misfits podcast

Fitz upload schedule (5/5)

How did the misfits get the tin man from the wizard of oz on the podcast

Burnt tomato (5/5)

This podcast made me shoot myself twice so far! Amazing!

general disruption to neighbors life (5/5)

i play this really loud out my window at night when i go to sleep in hopes that everyone can hear

how else would i make it through school (5/5)

simple answer. i wouldn’t.

5 stars (5/5)

Thank for everything y’all have done. Y’all will do these and I just come home and listen and you make my whole day better. Keep up the good work

😩😩😩 (5/5)

This is the stuff that I beat my meat to 😩

Mmmmmh (5/5)

Only watch this because Mason has 200IQ... Mmmmmh SOOO KAWAII

Boink (5/5)

This is a boinked podcast

Message to SwaggerSouls (5/5)

Swagger i’m pregnart and your the dad

Podcast (5/5)

Keep up the work you cunts and don’t get to high especially you Mason!

Hippity hoppity women are property (5/5)

This is starting to feel more like fitz’s channel...inconsistent upload schedule

EDP445 (5/5)

I beat my kids just like I hit that like button, and hit the bell to be notified whenever they upload

5 Star iTunes review (5/5)

I started listening not to long ago so I’m only on episode 14 but it’s still the best.

It’s true (5/5)

I’m so horny while listening to this I might be gay

Canadia (5/5)

Lol my discord name is Canadia

Cunts (5/5)

I love this podcast you cunts

5 star review (5/5)

Just got my wisdom teeth removed and now this podcast is my only source of intelligence

Not Funny (5/5)

Didn’t Laugh

Listening to the Misfitz (5/5)

I love listening to the misfitz podcast while risking getting suspension form school

H (5/5)


Worship Class (5/5)

I always have this Podcast on when I pray to our Dark Lord and Savior Elon Musk! It Nice!

Fitz boyfriend (5/5)

Anytime I hear Fitz voice it makes my nipples hard asf also love the podcast 😘😘

Depression (5/5)

This podcast has cured my depression.

I Hate Podcasts (5/5)

And yet I love this one.

5 Star iTunes Review (5/5)

I really appreciate everything that you guys talk about. You guys never cease to give me laughter.

To Fitz (5/5)

I’m eating lasagna 😴

Mmm (5/5)

Podcast make war feel good

classroom (5/5)

this podcast is perfect for making me laugh out loud in class while my classroom is dead silent <3

An absolute great show! (5/5)

Of course it’s great to hear the nostalgia of the csgo rap battles, but other then that, I love to listen to this while doing basically anything.

Yes (5/5)

I listen to this with my mom and she’s fully hispanic so she’s learning english:).

CuntFart6969420Weedslayer (5/5)

I listen to this podcast when I practice shooting up my school... one day I’ll have enough courage to go through with it! Love you guys!

but raid shadow legends (5/5)

but raid shadow legends very five star nice game

Epic (5/5)


Aaa (5/5)


Great job cunts (5/5)

Being in the military, this podcast makes me not off myself from dealing with this all

Swagger (5/5)

Has aids

Podass (5/5)

Nice Podass

Awesome! (5/5)

Better than my meth head father!

I’m 14 (5/5)

My mom just yelled at me at me for listening to this podcast in the hallway because I “won’t be able to rally to people” ON THE WAY TO CLASS

😂 (5/5)

Can we get Ainsley on the podcast?

Epic Sauce (5/5)

I love y’all and it’s great to listen to while doing homework. Makes it ez for me to focus and not procrastinate or get sidetracked, lol.

What it yeet (5/5)

I have been a fan since episode one and have thought about putting a review onto this podcast for a while. You guys should get Miniladd on here!! Great podcast ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

So Lit (5/5)

It’s so good I watch the YouTube video on mute while playing the audio on apple podcast!

Dear misfits (5/5)

I’ve been through some things in my life. I’ve been very stressed with school and listening to your podcasts and watching your podcasts highlights really makes my day wayyyy lesssss stressssful.

Don’t really know what happens here (5/5)

It’s a very clear podcast and very funny with very talented and dumb people. I’m just too retarded to understand what they are talking about.

Hehe (5/5)

What’s yellow and can’t swim, a bus full of kids. -Dean Couturier

brooooooo (5/5)

Swaggersouls sounds like Howard Stern

Bruh (5/5)

Listening to this podcast while getting head in the school bathroom by some girl I haven’t talked to in months! Very gangstah.

Yeet (5/5)


Amazing (5/5)

The podcast is the best every time I listen to it I almost forget about my arguing parents and my massive debt

Um? (5/5)

Where is Matt?

Fudge (5/5)

Ogga ogga ogga my brain is a booger this cast give me dumb dumb problems now I think I’m going to smash my head into a sea turtle

Bomb-Digity Podcast (5/5)

I love the misfits podcast but sadly I have listened to ever episode twice because I listen to it during work all the time with in the last month. Keep up the great work guys and I’m still waiting for a face reveal 😂

It's Bomb (5/5)

This podcast is bomb. Almost as bomb as Bouba Savage! But for real 10/10 would recomend these scuffed bois!

Wow (5/5)

When I find that mf Waldo I will force him to listen to this ear torture

You’ve fallen for my trap! (5/5)

If you read this during the podcast...? YOU ARE GAY!

Big Yeet (5/5)

This podcast gave me my virginity back and my crush came and high fived me :’)

Love videos (5/5)

I love all of your videos and I rewatch all of them every day, and just for a podcast that I can just listen to why’ll I’m sleeping or riding to school or just going for a walk is just amazing. Thank you for making awesome videos 👏

I almost lost a limb (5/5)

I was making a smoothie and got my arm stuck in a blender but man oh man was the podcast great

fabulous (5/5)

this podcast is so good it turned my mother into a atheist, thank you, very cool

From Bappo Attako (5/5)

Listening to the poimane podcast I learned about getting ruffied was and we talked about it in health class and everyone looked at me cause I knew what it was lol.

Toby’s Drug Friend (5/5)

Y’all, the drug dude that looked like Jesus is a literal DRUG LORD!

So good (5/5)

This gets me off when my girlfriend can’t

Best podcast. Keep it up guys! (5/5)

Love the podcast keep it up! And Swagger just wanted to know what your opinion of Cube World is ?

Very cool (5/5)

Very nice group of boys

What’s the difference between a Mexican and an elevator? An elevator can raise a family. (5/5)

Love the podcast ladies!

It gave me cancer (5/5)

It gave me stage 5 cancer, cured it but then gave me stage 4 by the end

YEET (5/5)

This podcast turned my little snake into the big snake

Swagger is autistic and can’t understand social signs (5/5)

Swagger “this has been read before”

High quality stuff (5/5)

I get uncomfortably erect listening to this...

Ok (5/5)

Hi Fitz

matt rescue team (5/5)

love y’alls podcast so much it makes me cum— if y’all did a tour tho, would y’all be able to commit to the tour life?

haha generic review (5/5)

i listen to this podcast when i try to fall asleep at night and yalls put me to sleep. and then i gotta go back and listen to the whole podcast again because i feel bad for falling asleep lol. love u guys tho

To be honest, I’m kinda chunky. (5/5)

This podcast makes me want to ride the expansive amount of bikes in this store, but every time I try, I break one. 5 stars

Meow (5/5)

Have my babies.

11/10 (5/5)

Only slightly scuffed, but will definitely make your life better in some way

It’s just good (5/5)

It just is. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


This crap is good

great (5/5)

are yall high when u talk about real stuff? i only talk ab deep things w my friends when im high

Help (5/5)

Help!! I held hands with a guy from my school and now I think pregnant.

Hola (5/5)

had a dream fitz came over to my house and turns out he was best friends with my mum...

Yeet (5/5)

I’m just waiting for joe Rogan podcast 1400 the misfits to pop up Straight heat

nice (5/5)

a great podcast very funny stories

Uranus Fetus (5/5)

Black mirror idea: What if we were experiencing the perspective of a retarded person, all those weirds interests are actually the normal ideas of the retarded people?

Cool, Drugs! (5/5)

I’m 14 and I just tried weed because of you guys. Epic not gonna lie. That’s it nothing else

Herro (5/5)

I love your guys podcast and sometimes it makes my call me little dwarf some a dyslexic apricot but I still love him 💖 and to start the podcast is fitz gay

dear fitz, (5/5)

what’s yellow and can’t swim? a school bus full of kids

Hi (5/5)

The best podcast to listen to for bedtime

Fiyve Staurs (5/5)

Listener don’t think that it always be like that it good, but it do.

I hooked up with my brothers girlfriend (5/5)

I also spiked his lemonade with viagra before home coming I don’t know what to do

Swagger looks like my sleep paralysis demon (5/5)

banana banana ape oo oo aa as BANANA I AM MONKEY SWING FROM JUNGLE VINE o AAAHHH MONKEY VINE GROW BAHAHA JUNGLE MAN 🐵 This is a good podcast...

The media (5/5)

If you guys we such good comedians and didn’t have a transgender homosexual on the show the media would eat you guys alive.

Cube world (5/5)

If I hear swaggers sexy voice breathe one more word of cube world I’m gonna find him and hit that helmet with a sledge hammer then kiss his forehead

:) (5/5)

This podcast makes my pp hard

ProGamer42069 (5/5)


Misfits podcast (5/5)

This is amazing thank you guys so much!!

The best podcast ever (5/5)

So good I advertised for you on instagram

[][] (5/5)

I listen to this through class to block out the irrelevance in the class

Swaggers double chin (5/5)

Thanks for the wank material on last weeks podcast. Toby looking finer than ever

Intel (5/5)

Hello everyone welcome back to the misfits podcast rated five stars by im underscore sondax saying “pp aids is not a joke; update I just laughed at pp aid joke🤭”

I’m new to the podcast (5/5)

Fitz would u like some hot cocoa

Hello Misfits (5/5)

I have watched everyone of you guys act like complete retards on YouTube and other stuff. And it always makes me laugh. Thank you guys for making such great content and making funny and exciting podcasts. Can’t wait for the next one!!!

I don’t want to write a title (5/5)

Good it is, bad it is not

Yeah so I’m doing good (5/5)

So swagger asked a couple podcasts ago how I’m doin so I just made an account so I could say yeah I’m doin good so uh thanks for asking mhm yeah

Introduced my brother to this show. Now he wants to do LSD (5/5)


haha (5/5)


ayeet (5/5)

can swagger release a text tone of him saying yeet

Oog booga (5/5)

Ung oogn boogie? Ungie uuns unga? BOONGA. OHWOHWOBWOHWIB??!! 😂

Good (5/5)

It’s actually bad but I can’t jerk off to anything else so here I am listening yet again week after nutless week.

Racism is Bad (5/5)

Everytime Swagger talks on the vidcast, his balaclava covers his mouth, and I always feel that his lines are all dubbed over because he is screaming something terrible like racial obscenities.

Asleep (5/5)

Every night I play one of these episodes, that being said I’ve heard every episode for at least 69 times I think I have a problem 😔

Pog (5/5)

The podcast is very pog😉

These guys I can’t (5/5)

Omg these guys have me legit out of my chair I was laughing to the point my friend called me 16 times to get me to stop I love this podcast and sub to mcnasty on YT I feel like a crackhead

Regret (5/5)

Sometimes after hearing this podcast makes me regret I’m a audio listener

Thank you (5/5)

I listen to this podcast to suppress the crippling guilt one obtains after watching questionable porn. Thank you.

Review (5/5)

My girlfriend left me 2 months ago and I’ve been sad ever since. and this podcast just makes me want to kill myself even more, so uh thanks guys!

Uhhhhhh (5/5)

It’s ok

Review (5/5)

Me and my friends were high the other night and I yelled bonk then my friend looked me in the eyes and said bonkaS

HELP (5/5)

Please drop mercy, I’m not poor anymore and can finally rep the merch outside of my cardboard house

Bing Bang Bong (5/5)

Sucky Wucky Fucky Rucky Me Lovey Zucky


playing ye old game of try not to die laughing in the middle of class in college

Oof (5/5)

Can we get an L for the audio listeners😩😔

Scribble ween (5/5)

You made me go yes yes not no no

Yee (5/5)


Jay, Toby and Fitz are smart advertisers (5/5)

Once you read the rest of this review you won’t be able to un hear it. Whenever Jay, Toby or Fitz says podcast it sounds like “pogcast” which is a good representation of what the podcast is... pog, you guys are great

Yeet (5/5)

Loving the podcast helping me not end it all ;-;

Cured my happiness (5/5)

So I’ve been depressed for awhile but this podcast cured my happiness and now I can be depressed for the rest of my life because of this podcast.

Yeet (5/5)

Why is fitz’s chat all normies

Gay now (5/5)

This Podcast is so immersive I am now sexually confused and pandering beating off to Ariana Grande

Hungry Hungry Hippo (5/5)

Great to listen to while hiding the evidence. Who knew a bunch of baked 20 year olds would provide so much entertainment while burying my wife!

gkopwANIFOK;'BV;GW (5/5)

SAPOJFLBE JKNPJOWGA;FS/;LMKBSNJop'bkjpdfks.m,ga;fkosgpjbad;g,.s;'

Yummy (5/5)

I listen to this while the gremlins are biting my ankles

Translate (5/5)


Yoink (5/5)

I challenge Zuckles to do the following. Take a bee and put it in the freezer. Then he will fall asleep. Then take the bed out of the freezer. Put the bee in your mouth and let him warm up. Bam, now you have a bee in your mouth.

Swaggersouls is daddy (5/5)

Fits you’re cool too

Best podcast hands down (5/5)

Listening to this podcast makes me want to lather my hands up with paint thinner and jerk off in my bathroom at work

Lit (5/5)

Just walked by a bus stop and a guy who looked like washed up Fitz liked my shoes

Oh yeah bb (5/5)

this podcast is so good it makes breath manually

Swaggers Hype (5/5)

Waiting on a new episode makes me almost as hype as Swagger was waiting on Cubeworld

Meet n greet (5/5)

“Can you sign my yeet?” “Your what?” “My yeet! *shows a paper with yeet*”

Pretty cool just a little gay (5/5)

The glare on fitz knee is almost as blinding as the glare on his forehead

Cause I can (5/5)

Love listening to this while I play games and work. Keep up the great content

poobcast (5/5)

Epileptic criminals would be really easy to catch because the police lights would give them a seizure

Yung rat (5/5)


Imagine... (5/5)

Being as foxy as Fitz

Sudan (5/5)

I can’t believe obama is the only black person in the world

Yeet (5/5)

This scuffed podcast makes me laugh more than my dark jokes Swagger how much was ur helmet

Not Joe (5/5)

Heck u guys audio is best

The car (5/5)

I fell asleep in a car with my friends listening to the podcast but my headphones died so the boys talking about wet dreams just started blasting in the car

Oof (5/5)

I’m on my sisters account and I want to be on a podcast with you and Hippity hoppity

Very niceeeeee mannnn (5/5)

Hello misfits, very nice podcast and I listen to this in school while doing work and it’s very good

Aside from Toby (5/5)

Poki is the first girl on the podcast. Fitz should take her to mine some more diamonds

🛑Disclaimer🛑 (5/5)

Warning:This podcast may cause-Shin Cancer- Long toenails- Buck Teeth- National Disasters- Heart Failure- Hair Loss- Diabetes- Severe Weather and Nuclear Fallout.

Drugs (5/5)

You guys inspired me to do drugs for the first time, I started on weed and now I’m already doing hardcore drugs! I think I’m addicted too!

GamerSupps Plug guy (5/5)

Gamer Supps plug guy here, got high and listened to this podcast while drinking gamer supps. I then had an epiphany, and began injecting Gamer Supps via needle injection... Needless to say, I am as ambiguous as Toby. #GreatPodcast #AmbiguousAndy

Title (5/5)


Big good (5/5)

Almost as good as children with tourettes

Also Cynical (5/5)

Hello and welcome back to the podcast that makes my dog sniff my Phone Nice job guys!

5 Stars (5/5)

I might have to walk my dog

William (5/5)

Drove me to drinking and ruined my career, my marriage, and my relationship with my kids. Great podcast 10/10.

Uh oh Stinky (5/5)

Stinky poo poo

Very nice (5/5)

Oh yes very nice

Yeet f a g o s (5/5)

This is like my catholic foreskin

Moist (5/5)

This podcast makes me moister than an oyster.

Be an inspiration to the subreddit instead of being mean to us you adorable pile of garbage (5/5)

Read the title titmonkey

5 star rating (5/5)

This podcast makes me think my mom is a virgin.

Tom-Foolery (5/5)

Great boys

Cam jong un (5/5)

Ching Chang chow in heat to eat your dogs! Best podcast ever. Got caught listening to it in school cause I was laughing so hard. (Names like Kim jong un)

Shred (5/5)

This podcast make me want to eat my own peeppe and then smile about it.

5-star review (5/5)

Very nice and awesome