Aggregated reviews for The New Yorker: The Writer's Voice - New Fiction from The New Yorker

New Yorker fiction writers read their stories.

Dear New Yorker, (5/5)

The burst of brilliance and a hearse with no resilience, buried calcium rich bones under tectonic plates unknown. The ants and insects came for the harvest. Consuming his synapse but not his largest. The brain matter went fast but his heart pumped rich red blood, giving his limbs a chance. The rose bushes had always been plush in the front but fell short in the snows of rows getting crushed. Forever Young Angst 🕯 -Les Couchon- 💄🐷🍒👠

Maybe another reader... (5/5)

I eagerly await each podcast in this series. While not all authors are great readers, most convey the meaning and mood in an authentic and personalized way, and leave me thinking about their stories for hours afterward.

Love the podcast - but I want more! (4/5)

This is a great podcast. An awesome supplement to the written fiction. It would be even better if Deborah Treisman interviewed the author after they’ve read their story.

Amazing (5/5)

I absolutely love this podcast. Bringing obscure writers and their work in the New Yorker to a larger audience.

Stimulating, thought-provoking, instructive (5/5)

I enjoy your podcast very much; hearing the writer’s voice adds a distinctively personal quality to the listening experience. I like the wide variety of stories; George Saunders’ “Elliot Spencer” is a knockout. Many others are excellent. I am not able to keep up with the print versions, so listening as I drive works out very well. I expect to submit a story of my own called “Baptism,” so to hear stories by other authors is instructive. Thank you!

Feeling disappointed (3/5)

New Yorker fiction has become so mundane and self involved , wordy with nothing to say. It’s worse listening to it.

If i want songs without words I’ll listen to music! (2/5)

These pieces are without form and void, but anything but godly. Can’t tell is I’m missing the point nor they are simply pointless! Exeunt!!!!

Great Shorts (5/5)

Helps introduce me to different writers.

Back Then (5/5)

This podcast introduced me to Mary Grimm and is the reason why I love listening. I get to discover writers I would have never otherwise heard of. In regards to the episode that I heard, it is a beautiful story of a girl’s summer vacation.


And love the show of course!!! Great work to the designer of the new branding for the nyer pods, they’re appealing, just different enough, and fantastic, and pink

Yes! (5/5)

Great. story. Mr. Rushdie continues to amaze.

Gifts (4/5)

Beautiful words read by their authors, diverse in layers, gifts in multiple hues, I listen every morning when I am just waking. The visions that are created in my mind are as real and significant to me as anything my life offers. I could listen forever but like a box of lovely chocolates, they are numbered. I saviour each, and dole them out carefully, so as not to, in greed, end up in silence.

Another Great Podcast (5/5)

My second favorite podcast & I love the format for this as well

Perfect * (5/5)

The episodes are like great, short audiobooks read by the authors. The minimalist style is refreshing, and it helps the “reader” get immersed in the work. * One weakness is the advertising, which would be less jarring if they were produced in style that better complemented the podcast.

Not Dullsville At All!!! (4/5)

Said it. Done.

Dullsville (2/5)

The subject matter is usually very sad and dark. The reading very fast...every once in a while it’s great but mostly not so much. Still it’s a podcast worth the listen.

Now a Feminist blog (3/5)

I used to enjoy this podcast but over the last coupe of years it has come to specialize in insipid fiction and functions for some reason as just a feminist blog.

Interesting... (4/5)

Some of the podcasts do get a bit boring and I do zone out, but otherwise, I am hooked on to keep this podcast going. 😊📖 📖📖📖📖

RC Boyle. Awesome story! (5/5)

RC Boyle. Awesome story!

Re: Under the Wave (5/5)

This is my first listen. I am hooked! You may go through the meandering thoughts of what comes next. Storytelling at its finest.

One of the Best (5/5)

This is one of my favorite podcasts, out of about 20 I subscribe to. But I was disappointed not to be able to find the story by John L’Heureux from the October 8 issue. Not sure who to contact. Otherwise, this is a fantastic opportunity to hear stories n the voice of the person who created them.

Instead of News (5/5)

This is the podcast I listen to while I’m lying in bed, so that I can hear every word. Last night was Mary Gaitskill, who affected a “Grinch” voice for one of her characters. Listen to be reminded that intelligence and empathy make us more human.

Awesome (5/5)

Great podcast!

So many wonderful stories. Just heard Walking Between Raindrops by TC Boyle (5/5)

Amazing. To listen to talented writers read their latest fiction. What an wonderful opportunity. And it costs nothing!

Fabulous Listening (5/5)

I don’t always have the time to sit down. D read these stories, but I don’t want to miss them so I listen on my way to work. Also, I love hearing authors read their own work.

Turn up the volume! (4/5)

It’s a great podcast but nearly inaudible unless I use a booster. Please check your sound levels!

Omakase (5/5)

Totally delightful. I liked the author's flat affect. Very funny and insightful story.

keith gessen, how did we come to know you (5/5)

this story was such a beautifully told gem ,,, gifted writer love the podcast

Terrific podcast - only one complaint (5/5)

The descriptive text talks about the background of the author, not the story itself. When I review stories I've listened to I have no context to place them, and can't always remember what they were about. Please consider adding a 1 sentence description of the premise of the story, or something else to help jog the user's memory. Thanks!

New Yorker Fiction Podcast (5/5)

I've been out of school for a while, listening to these podcasts reminds me of some of the best classes and coffee shop discussions I had about Literature. I love the Reading, the Discussion and analysis of the elements of exquisite writing. thank you for this. It is what the best education should be like.

Too depressing. (3/5)

Does a bleak outlook make a good writer? Or vice versa?

Excellent addition to podcast land. (5/5)

Keep them coming!

In Their Own Voices, And For Posterity (5/5)

Only The New Yorker can make this happen. It’s the perfect companion piece to Deborah Treisman’s “Fiction”podcast. “Author’s Voice” allows today’s most talented fiction writers to read their most recent works, in the own voices. It’s simply terrific! And yes, the “Fiction” podcast allows all of us to enter a Master Class in the Short Story format. Love, love, love whatever DT and TNY does.

The world's best authors (5/5)

The New Yorker publishes some of the best new short stories out there. With the podcast, you can hear these excellent authors read their work whenever you want, like a free mini-audiobook.

Need to work on production (2/5)

I can’t hear this podcast most of the time, I don’t know why they insist on keeping the sound quality so low but it is hard to hear of day to day traffic etc etc.


I feel compelled to write this because I just finished listening to Jeffrey Eugenides’s “Bronze,” wherein he sang. WHERE ELSE COULD I POSSIBLY HEAR EUGENIDES SING? It was a one of a kind experience. Sure, these stories are of superlative quality on the page, but read aloud by their creators—MY GOD MAN THAT’S SO SPECIAL! I can come to this podcast and listen to how these stories were meant to be read. That’s huge and invaluable and (if I can reiterate) SO SPECIAL!

Sinking of the Houston (5/5)

My dads birthday was 10/29 so heading his story on 10/30 really struck a cord for me. He was one of the 1500 who fought in Bay of Pigs and while the Cuban characters of this story were likely fiction, I can assert their portrayal is accurate :) Great story from one of my favorite podcasts (loved narrator too!)

Sherman Alexie (5/5)

I just came across this podcast and so far I like it a lot. I listened to Clean, Cleaner and Cleanest by Sherman Alexie and love it and the way he read it.

What a pleasure of a podcast (5/5)

The New Yorker accepts certain kinds of stories, and that's fine, but the stories they tell here are great for what they are. Amazing for the authors to be reading their just-published works and seeing how they choose to pull it off.

Entertaining Stories and Writers! (5/5)

It is very cool to hear the authors read their works aloud. Great, thought-provoking pieces are always shared.

Loving it! (5/5)

I've only started to make my way through the archives and am hooked! Thank you for producing this fine podcast!

Wow. Miranda July! (5/5)

Miranda July's writing blew me away. Always listen to the New Yorker but this week's fiction was amazing. I think I will be stealing lines from the Metal Bowl for years.

A wonderful podcast! (5/5)

I love fiction from the New Yorker, and there's something special about hearing it out loud. The podcast offers a beautiful diversity of stories that touch the listener in different ways, and provoke thought as well-written fiction will do.

The absolute best (5/5)

I wish the recordings were better quality sometimes with less variance in volume but this podcast makes my workday so much better.

Love being read to, and this is the BEST (5/5)

Finally started listening to podcasts as I am long distance running and need to occupy my mind. I am HOOKED. Thank you New Yorker for letting me improve physically and spiritually through this wonderful fiction.

Super!!! (5/5)

Just started listening and I'm blown away. Just heard Zadie Smith ---AMAZING READING!!!!

Ever Appreciative Fan (5/5)

The New Yorkers podcast are always satisfying and worth repeated listenings. This most recent story by Victor Lovato is captivating.

Great! (5/5)

Although I absolutely LOVE the stories, I have one thing to say about "The Prairie Wife". I believe it probably is a wonderful story, but I couldn't enjoy it because of the narrators voice. It's like a sarcastic teenager. I know, I am nitpicking, but OMG - that voice!!!!

Awesome (5/5)

What a wonderful wonderful idea and show. To put the weekly fiction up as an audio podcast is simply wonderful. Thank you very very much for this!

Humane. Crisp. Atmospheric. (5/5)

My new favorite. Adored Ohlin's "Quarantine." Bravissima!

Camille Bordas - AMAZING (5/5)

I adore this podcast. Have been listening to the New Yorker monthly fiction podcast for years and did not think i could enjoy anything as much. There are too many great readings, too much beautiful writing to praise all, but it was the astonishing Camille Bordas who spurred me to post a review. What a beautiful, brilliant, perfectly funny, pointed story and voice. . . I will buy her novel the minute it’s available and wish her only the best here in the States. Pardon Snowden was also especially good, and anything by Zadie Smith or Tessa Hadley. Go New Yorker fiction editors — we are out here listening (and re-listening), and Go, Camille Bordas!

So good... (5/5)

Love this podcast... listening to an author read their work is a true joy.

Hot Off the Presses (5/5)

Although I miss the analysis of the New Yorker Fiction podcast, these amazingly written stories told by the authors in their own voices are a very welcome addition to my podcast queue.

My Favorite Podcast of All! (5/5)

It's my happiest place.

Brilliant! (5/5)

Would it not be great to delve back into the archive? Thank you New Yorker.

Unique and valuable (5/5)

Great stories read by their authors with pace and emphasis enriching each story's meaning.

Another great one (5/5)

I've been a fan of the New Yorker's fiction podcast for a while. This is just as good and it's always fun to hear stories in a writer's own voice.

I listen everyday. (5/5)

I really enjoy this podcast. I listen everyday.

Please get rid of the long pauses! (2/5)

While I love the stories, read by the authors, the excruciatingly long pauses between sections of the stories are jarring. I never know whether the story is ending, or if it is just a long, unnecessary break. Please have the authors just read their wonderful stories!

Fantastic, but (5/5)

This sounds very petty, so I'm not taking off any points for it, but I'd appreciate it if the title was consistent with the other New Yorker podcasts-- perhaps going with The New Yorker: The Author's Voice. Or changing the others to start with the specific title, and having the source after the colon-- or not including The New Yorker in the title at all, just having it be the name of the provider. Clearly I have too many solutions, none of which are perfect. It's a great podcast, apologies for the long complaint, please keep it up.

Amazing! (5/5)

Wonderful podcast. Truly an enriching and rare experience!

Outstanding!!! (5/5)

This podcast seems too good to be true. Please don't change! The music is the chord progression of If You Want Me To Stay by Sly and the Family Stone.

Great to hear (5/5)

Great to hear authors read their stories in deserved airtime.

Such great stories!! (5/5)

Have been listening since the first epi few weeks ago. Love it. Lauren Groff's story today was especially beautiful and made me want to buy the issue just to have a hard copy, but NYer is hard to find in Maine!

The world's second best podcast (5/5)

Behind only New Yorker Fiction And just ahead of New Yorker Comment. In an ocean of poorly recorded, Ill-conceived, improvised garbage, this podcast is a luxurious yacht with a personal chef, a well stocked bar, and a king-size Tempurpedic.

Excellent story this week! (5/5)

I've pretty much loved every story so far, but this week's submission from John L'Heureux was just wonderful. I'm usually multi-tasking while I listen to podcasts, but not this time. This was so gripping that I had to sit down and do nothing else but listen. Thank you so much for this podcast.

Short stories read by author -The New Yorker (5/5)

If you have had stacks of The New Yorker, never fully read or digested (except the cartoons and covers), when you lived in Manhattan or anywhere else - this is the best way to re-enjoy the short story from the current issue. For the rest of God's children, in a world where we get regular "the short story is dead" announcements, The New Yorker may be the gold standard for literary (not genre) fiction. The best market, the most kudos from a select and perhaps elite audience, and an editorial tradition itself a serious work of art. Many to most authors workshops look over their shoulders at The New Yorker for high literary writing made visible every week. Besides the joy of hearing an excellent reading, this will make sure you enjoy each story. It is still early days, but I think I can connect with a new author most easily if I hear her or him, reading but also a bit in her or his own voice. Strongly recommend.

So good it hurts (5/5)

I have been thinking that the fiction podcast needs to produce more episodes, since I devoured all of them already 10 times, and now this! All I can say, thank you, thank you, thank you!

Answer to prayers (5/5)

Can't be the only one who appealed to higher powers for this, and now that it's here guess we now know prayers get herrrrrrd.

Even better (5/5)

Three episodes in and I'm addicted. This podcast is even better than I expected.

My new number 1 (5/5)

New fiction read by the authors themselves. For free!

What's not to like? (5/5)

I enjoy listening to The New Yorker Fiction podcast and this is very much the same except the stories are read by the author.

Please tell us what the music is! (5/5)

The interlude is such a jam. Is it specially recorded or excerpted from a song?