Aggregated reviews for The NoSleep Podcast

The NoSleep Podcast is a multi-award winning anthology series of original horror stories, with rich atmospheric music to enhance the frightening tales.

Author (5/5)

Hi, NoSleep crew, My name is Gabriel. I am an aspiring author and I was wondering if I need to qualify to be able to enter one of my stories into the show. If I were to write a story that the podcast really really likes, would you guys be able to use it in the podcast or do I need to have some kind of degree? Anyways I love the pod, haven’t missed a day of listening in months.

So disappointed (1/5)

The scary thing about Nosleep Pod is how bad the now 30 minute intro is! Another is that they must actually think it’s good or that people like it. No one likes it! The material is soo cringe and bland. All great things must come to an end. Even the best horror podcast will die one day 😢 RIP Nosleep podcast

I love this podcast (5/5)

I’ve listened to every episode. Even had friends who have written a few stories. I absolutely love it and love the voice actors/stories. Good job guys for growing into what this has become!

Used to be SO GOOD (2/5)

Went horribly campy. You take a whole chunk of the podcast for an intro (which we all probably skip through) which could be better used telling an actual story. I get that it might be annoying only for the free listeners, but the free content shouldn't have dropped from 1.5 hours to 45 mins

Still friends, but worlds apart (1/5)

I love this podcast and what it does. I liked the way it started out better than what it is now. I feel like the current stories and focus on voice acting over horror reading is a bit disheartening. There’s almost a silly tone to it now that washes over and disengages me as a listener. That being said, it’s a great, professionally produced and well-acted podcast in its own right and always worth keeping in my feed. Edit: Boring garbage.

Again. I tried again. (1/5)

Once again I can say that this podcast used to be worth every second of my time. No longer. It seems as though the cast has gotten too big for its britches and has decided to push its leftist propaganda on the listeners. Virtue signaling and unnecessary character descriptions that go out of the way to include the fact that they have some sort of mental disorder or some sort of sex problem. Season one and two were great. After the 2016 election it seems that they had a chip on their shoulder and it completely ruined this podcast. The real horror here is the terrible result of this podcast.

Long pointless intros (2/5)

I can’t figure out the point of the 15-20 minute long intros. I never can figure out where the stories start. Stories are normally decent but I don’t want to spend 5 minutes trying to find the end of the intro every episode

Intro (3/5)

Love the show but not the 16 minute intro to hear the first author.

She’s a good’n! (5/5)

Yes sir! But seriously, my second episode was the “Trees” episode and oh my baby Jesus it was terrifying alone in my apartment at like midnight. I was like jumping at random creaks and groans from the building and turning way too many lights on. Never thought Donald Duck could be so sinister... Edit: I also noticed a lot of hate for David Cummings in the reviews but I don’t get it. I mean I haven’t heard any of his accents yet, but he isn’t terrible. Even my fav voice actors of this loose group of podcasts I like such as Peter Lewis, David Ault, and especially that Icelandic beast Eypor are nowhere near perfect. Lay off him yos. Also, get Wayne June up in here. Spookiest, scariest voice actor EVER! Edit2: ok I’ve been listening for maybe 2 weeks now and seriously there is gold in these here hills. I’ll be honest, sometimes it’s of the fools variety, but when you hit that massive vein, ho-lee-carp! And it’s not even just spooks, dude! There’s drama and comedy and real life stuff in here and when a story really hits its friggin awesome! The cast and crew do wonders with these stories and if I had more than two nickels to my name (Kyle burned them) I’d absolutely be paying for this. Though not every story is perfect, this podcast gets a 10/10 from me. Makes my time slaving away at Walmart a leisure activity. Edit: pointless criticism or complaint; WHAT is Penny Scott Andrews? What is that voice? What is that accent? She sounds like a parody of something. I got over McEvoys often weird emphasis on T’s but this chick is... like what IS that?

It’s pretty good ... (4/5)

LOVE the readings, background music, sound effects, etc. Love it. I listened to the Halloween episode and I don’t know if they always have the hosts involved in some spooky meta-story where they’re playing the tapes for the audience but I thought that part was OK. The hosts overacted a bit but whatever. As for the stories themselves (content), they’re alright. They don’t really scare me though, which I think is just a product of the fact that it’s hard to scare people with a verbal story, even with music, because you can’t use the jump scares that Hollywood does. Also, some of them are flat, and as someone who consumes very little horror and gets scared easily, make me think “oh come on! You can do better than that!” in regards to the author.

The best! (5/5)

This is my go to favorite podcast! I love all of their stories and voice acting. I listen to this almost everyday, and I never grow tired of it. I highly recommend this podcast.

Awesome (5/5)

Underrated and it seems like you guys put in too much effort for to little popularity

The beginning of my podcast obsession (4/5)

Truly the best out there. Cannot stress enough how amazing. My bluetooth hearing aids are powerful, but I’ve noticed their recent episodes had the music loud, making the dialogue hard to hear. This is especially true for their live shows. Perhaps they can release transcripts? Regardless, I look forward to every Sunday. I used to work overnights and every Sunday morning around 12am, the episode would drop and it was the highlight of my nights. Thank you for all the work you do, and keeping me company on those long nights.

Old Fan Missing Old Quality (3/5)

I used to be a diehard fan of this podcast; I started around season 8, and had a season’s pass for 10-12. But, now, I’ve barely listened in months... I used to enjoy the mixed bag of stories because there were absolute gems like “The Whistlers” and “The Tall Dog” mixed throughout some more mediocre stories. The recent seasons have had a lack of these stories and far more utterly amateur ones. I really would love to get back into the show again, but I think they’re going to need to slow down and re-evaluate how they chose what makes it on-air first.

Great Halloween 2019 (5/5)

Loved the Halloween episode this year! The stories were great and loved how it all came together. Thank you very much for your dedication and efforts. Truly great work!!

Unmatched (5/5)

No podcast in this genre even comes close to No Sleep in voice acting quality, story creativity, or consistent output of new content. The best horror podcast by a mile.

Really really good and really really awful (3/5)

I’m coming in way late since there have been a lot of seasons that i haven’t listened to, but after listening to several episodes i have to say, “meh”. The parts that are good are reeeeeeally good, with Top notch voice acting and production and sound effects. But the parts that are bad are super awful. Just unforgivably stupid. So bad that i think maybe they’re trying to make it bad on purpose in some attempt to be silly or funny, but it just doesn’t come off as anything but cringeworthy. I’m gonna keep listening though, fast forwarding through the stupid parts. So i can’t say it’s not worth it.

Worth a listen to the old episodes (1/5)

Used to be great. But I can’t take another full story with an “adult playing a kid” voice. It’s unbearable. The story content seems to have dried up as well.

Worth the Season Passes (5/5)

I’ve been an active listener since season 3 in Season 5 the Search and Rescue stories caught my interest and I went and bought my first season pass. I love the choice, I now own them all. The great stories and extra episodes are love.

The bomb (5/5)

Hands down, The best horror stories podcast ever!

Season 12 ep 25 (5/5)

I absolutely love this podcast. But after listening to season 12 ep 25. I am obsessed. That was one of the best episodes I have listened to so far. The voices & details that go along into these stories are phenomenal. Huge fan. And I 100% recommend this episode. Truly stuff out of my nightmares!

Hit or miss (2/5)

A few stories are really good but a lot of them are hard to get through. I end up just skipping through them. Narration is okay; some voices are just really hard to listen to. I think I’ll pass on this one...

The BEST horror podcast on the market (5/5)

This is the end all -be all of horror story podcasts. I listened to a story about a monster attacking a subway car and couldn’t take the subway for a full week. I live in New York City. I absolutely love it.

Part of my nightly routine for 4 years strong (5/5)

I stumbled upon the no sleep podcast about 4 years ago for whatever reason. I can still remember the very first episode I listened to which was about Obscurity Man, great episode by the way. Ever since then the No Sleep podcast has been part of my nightly routine while falling asleep. Such great narration and an overall creepy vibe to get snuggled up in bed with. Major props to the creator and director David Commings for taking that big leap years ago and turning this into a full-time masterpiece!

great podcast (4/5)

Love the stories and the voice actors , though would be better without the idiotic back story

Penpal (5/5)

Penpal series is by bar the scariest one yet keep them coming!

What happened? (2/5)

In really can’t quite put my finger on it, but something about this podcast has changed. It was once one of my favorites. I discovered NS a few seasons ago and went back to the beginning. I enjoyed them so much I purchased a few seasons. But I’ve stopped buying the last couple due to a decline in the quality. Not sure what it is - perhaps the longer, disjointed intros, or the cringe-worthy child voices, or a shift in the quality of the writing/content they chose to produce - but NS is no longer as entertaining. I find myself fast forwarding to the next story and finally giving up when I hit another dud. Hopefully, they can regroup and recapture their magic. It is supposed to be scary, like adult level campfire tales, less juvenile goosebumps. Please dial back to the good old days and make your content king again.

Love it!! (5/5)

This is by far my favorite podcast. I run a mail route from 2am-6am every night and this os the only thing I listen to anymore. I love the stories and how it feels like I’m right there with it. Been so scared a few times I’ve jumped seeing rabbits on the side of the road and had to look at trees a little harder to make sure they weren’t monsters lol.

Use to be the very best (4/5)

The first 3 seasons are untouchable. 4-7 is great still. Since then it’s been on a steady decline while still being better than most of other options for scary stories. The podcast however does not take fan suggestions they deleted the subreddit and monitor the Facebook page for anything that isn’t positive. It seems the drop in content comes from using the same writers over and over and David not picking the stories himself from Reddit. Not everyone has an eye for good horror. David does but he’s tied up growing the show which I can understand. I just hope they’ll take a different approach to story selection going forward.

Best podcast ever (5/5)

I love this subreddit because the stories are so creepy and amazing. Being able to hear these stories makes it so much better. The narrators really brings the stories to life in such a great way.

Consistent (5/5)

The most consistent horror story podcast. Great stories and amazing narration. Always fun to listen to :)

Pretty Good 👌 (5/5)

I have only seen three podcasts and I’m still surprised how creative these stories are. And I didn’t know this podcast started in 2011 and I noticed that there was one made every two weeks. These are pretty scary but also really creative. I’m planning to watch a few of these everyday in time order. I love this podcast and I love listening to it. And I’m subscribed.

So great (5/5)

Started this podcast from the newest episode and I’ve worked my way backwards. I’m now in the first season and I’ve loved every episode! If you like creepy horror you will love this. My favorite episodes are the holiday specials.

Almost a decent listen. (2/5)

This podcast on extremely rare occasion has great stories. Unfortunately, most of the time the content feels like it was written by high schoolers. I’d place the blame on the fact that the produce episodes far too regularly. Normally that would be a good thing for a podcast with a voracious following, but with the frequency with which they put out episodes I can’t help but feel they are forced to make an inferior product. The production is the best part, excluding the children’s voices. I can’t stand segments where adults try to sound like, “a cute widdle gwirl.” I immediately skip or altogether turn off the episode when those parts come up. Many of the episodes feel overacted, and I use this podcast to fall asleep to. So much for no sleep...

Sorry but... (1/5)

This is very amateurish and not well written.

Greatest podcast ever (5/5)

This podcast is amazing. The production is incredible and the quality of stories has me hooked.

The show that "Woke" destroyed. (1/5)

I need to start by saying, these guys used to produce a great show. As a horror genre aficionado, I was really delighted to find them, and we'd look forward to their new segment coming out each week. Quality writing and great voice actors and production. However somewhere after the election of Trump, they increasingly took on this "woke", dark cultural terroristic sensibility which has steadily metastasized and totally ruined the whole thing. Lectures to the audience proceed programs. Virtue signalling abounds. Suddenly everything put in terms of "Goodie" gays/social misfits/abused women/minorities/druggies/Satanists (literally) etc, against "Baddie" parents, religious people, fathers, authority figures, people with strong gender identities, etc, etc. It's become quite stupid, spiteful, and retrograde in character. The characters you're supposed to identify with are now regularly not even innocent or normal people but precisely the murderers, monsters etc. Bitter lefty "moralistic" stories leave the listener feeling cold and creepily used instead of appreciated and entertained. Occasionally I try to check them out again imagining they'll be over this temporary hiccup, but they're just lost. Only gets worse and worse. Good stories are now the rarity, the rule is obviously what they intend to be "angst fueled outsider" SJW chic. It's really terrible. It's just relentless and there's literally no sense anymore that the show should come first over the chip-on-the-shoulder political nonsense. They're in a dark, ugly place. And I don't mean that in the sense great horror-genre material should be but in terms of the quality and the total abandonment of concentration on producing a quality product anymore. They used to have the vibe of sitting around the campfire telling great scarry stories. No particular embittered, hostile or gratuitous political emphasis. Now? It's like sitting around the campfire wiht a group of vacuous babbling gender-ambiguous Marxist Critical Theory undergrads, listing to them describing their "horror" ad being addressed as "Miss" rather than "Xee", and recounting their retaliation against "the Man" by smearing menstral blood on the cheeky shopkeeper's front door. Nasty, dumb, torturous, hostile, and relentlessly so. Real shame.


I have the most genuine appreciation for this podcast. I’m always excited for new episodes to come out on Sundays. Thank you so much for creating such an amazing podcast for us horror freaks!

Best podcast ever! (5/5)

This podcast REALLY creeps me out, the stories are amazing! Very good! Especially how they are told, just, oooh, amazing👌🏻👌🏻 YAAASSS! Ima just listen to these the rest of my life, thank you very much. Keep up the good work!👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Nosleep is awesome (5/5)

Awesome horror stories to listen to before bed. Keep up the work guys, love the podcast!!!

I don’t know what happened to this podcast.. (1/5)

It used to be the absolute best when it came to the narrative selection, every episode left me feeling disturbed and wanting more. After a few seasons they would throw in a few stinkers but for the most part it was the same no sleep I’d come to love. Now... Well it’s borderline unlistenable. The production is great, same with the voice acting; with a couple exceptions like when they act like children and out of breath detectives, but the stories are absolutely juvenile. The subreddit would be insulted to be compared to this and that’s saying something. I’d recommend older seasons but I can’t listen to the recent stuff.

Review (3/5)

Fun but not all the stories are good

Child voices make me cringe and unsatisfying (2/5)

I loved the podcast and would binge for hours, but a lot of the times I find myself more disappointed. Lately when I listen, it’s more of a “...THATS IT?” Reaction versus the usual “Woah.” The sci-fi/fantasy was a great addition to the line up. Where I finally decided to finally pull the plug was when the adult voices portrayed children’s roles. It’s super whiny and high pitched. I suffered through the McQueen story because it peaked my interest, but now it’s unbearable. I just skip the children’s stories all together and turn to the podcast when I’m bored. Still tuning in here and there hoping it gets better.


Awesome podcast, great and intriguing listens. Every story draws my interest I’m always looking forward to hearing the next one.

Nice and creepy (5/5)

Great to fall asleep to!

LOVE (5/5)

Absolutely love this podcast. U all are amazing at what u do. I’ve been listening for the past 2 or so month, nonstop, while I sleep and at work, and I still have about 2 seasons to go til I catch up. Keep up the great work.

Best Soundtrack (5/5)

This show has been the soundtrack for my life the past several weeks! I was immediately hooked on it from the first episode and I’ve gone back to listen to my favorite stories again. I couldn’t recommend this enough for people that love a good horror story!

Love the LGBT Representation (5/5)

Wish there were more podcasts of stories with gay characters

The best audio fiction podcast out there! (5/5)

I LOVE THIS PODCAST. I’ve gotten in to and subsequently lost interest in tons of different podcasts over the past few years, but NoSleep NEVER disappoints. The voice actors are great, the effects are great, the sound mixing is great, the music is great...everything is done SO professionally and it really draws you in. Listening feels like a cinematic experience. The stories are generally creative, spooky and fun (although I do think more stories that *aren’t* from told from the perspectives of straight men would be welcomed by all). The performers and authors constantly provide so much great content and so many solid performances—I’m astonished that they’ve all produced so much material over the past few years. Keep up the excellent work! I’m a fan for life.

Spooky ooky (5/5)

Thanks for all your hard work bringing us these scary tales in audio form!

Absolutely amazing! (5/5)

I love this podcast! The stories and the voice actors are stellar. I listen to these just to get creeped out, and this works like a charm...🥶👍👌

Scary stories to tell in the dark (5/5)

Well acted, well edited scary stories. I love horror anthologies, and this show is like a new one once a week.

Absolutely obsessed (5/5)

I work alone most days and if it weren’t for this podcast i probably wouldn’t get through the day with my sanity i love the podcast and all of their narrators

This pod cast is awesome (5/5)

It will give you goosebumps and creep you out it is gory and has amazing voice actors. The musical score if perfect. Thank you for being perfectly creepy I love the No Sleep Podcast

The Best!! (5/5)

My current addiction! I can’t get enough. I’m actually excited to get to work since it’s where I listen. But work gets in the way!!

Fully Addicted (5/5)

This is a fantastic show! I am truly captivated by each story. If you enjoy a good horror story this is a must listen.

Perfect (5/5)

I love these voice actors and the production is top notch, even the commercials are well-done. I can’t stop listening! Next stop, paid subscription to all of the content!

Season 13 Episode 12 (5/5)

I have been listening to this podcast since it first aired. TNSPC Is overall amazing. And I’ve subscribed to it since being able to support the Podcast annually. This last episode was probably the only one that let me down. Perhaps it was the format. Overall your podcast is fantastic, filled with such talented voice actors. I also thought it was so forward thinking of the podcast to support the LGBTQ community by embracing and sharing stories that not all long time fans weren’t too happy with. The world is full of all shades and types of humans and we all love in different ways. I actually found the love come through in the newer episodes more genuine and believable than the “vanilla/generic “ relationships portrayed in other podcasts. So keep up the amazing job. You’ve saved me so much money in no longer subscribing to Sirius and made any car ride something to look forward to. Even circling my neighborhood until a story is over.

Just perfect (5/5)

These voice actors are the kings and queens of the podcast world. The writers are amazing. Quality, diversity, great commercials even! Just dope. Check this podcast out. I’m just saying.

Love it!! (5/5)

Such a good podcast 10/10

Excellent Podcast (5/5)

Love, Love, Love your podcast. So glad you put your episodes on Apple Podcast. I had to rewind some episodes just in case I missed out on the ending. Don't stop what ya doing and keep up the great work. These stories get me through the day/night and introduce me to the horror writters world.

Good to Great to Amazing (5/5)

Season 12 episode 25 Season Finale!! Whoa! What a story! I was hooked and clung in every word! I have enjoyed watching the progression of this podcast. While always a good horror podcast. It went from good to great to Amazing! Love that I can always pop on a story and be thoroughly chilled and entertained at anytime , anyplace.

Your show is amazing! (5/5)

I’ve been watching Sasquatch Chronicles for a couple of years now, and have binged more times than I’d care to admit. What I appreciate most about Wes and the way he runs his podcast is how he treats his guests, and the quality of programming. It is clear that he cares deeply about his work and takes it seriously. The respect he shows to his guests is an example of how other hosts could model their behavior. Thank you for letting us all into your world, Wes! Cheers!! -Mae

Rated PG-13 horror Lite (3/5)

If you want disturbing horror stories that are well written and produced, try Knifepoint Horror or Westside Fairytales. This is OK for general audiences and leans heavily into camp for the most part. They appear to enjoy making it and they’re definitely one of the trailblazers in this arena, just a little lightweight and silly for the serious horror enthusiast.

Wow!!!! (5/5)

I love creepy and disturbing, and this podcast has it all! Fantastic stories that are wonderfully narrated by some great volunteers. Please keep up the great work. The edge of my seat is getting worn down!

My favorite podcast (5/5)

I found this on accident and listen every night while I’m winding down for the day. The stories are unique and creative, and creepy. Keep it up!!

The Most Addicting Podcast! (5/5)

I stumbled upon this podcast when looking for a horror themed podcast on Spotify. This was one of the first ones to come up and BOY am I glad I clicked it! I was on a late night drive home and had a good hour to spare just from the commute. Season 13 ep 1 caught my eye because ELIJA FREAKING WOOD was in it. I didn’t know how I’d feel about the short stories, because I personally hate audiobooks, but the acting, sound effects, and eerie music pulled me in immediately. By the time I made it home the podcast was over, I then spent that night marathoning while doing work and I’m still addicted. This is a uniquely crafted podcast with every twist and turn that keeps you on the edge of your seat. Thank you for creating something so unique and dark to fill my cold, dark, soul.

Give this podcast a try (5/5)

I am a scary movie love, however these podcast are so awesome and professionally recorded that I turn off scary movies just to listen to these stories. I even play them at night when I’m driving Lyft. Keep up the great work guys.

What on earth happened? (1/5)

Updated from my last review I wrote a few years ago below: I’ve been listening since the beginning, bought the season pass every season since they were first offered and they were well worth it each and every time. Didn’t get theme these last 2 seasons but I’ve been struggling with it for at least 3 seasons. I can barely get through the regular episodes. Saddly I’ve unsubscribed. The stories are Goosebumps level AT BEST. The sound design is over the top and distracting. Many of the voice actors are absolutely wonderful but the Accents and child voices that some of them try are cringey. What happened? **** First review: “Best audio fiction on earth” This is one of 2 audio horror fiction podcasts I will listen to and it is superb. I’ve tried out many horror fiction podcasts and they usually fall short in areas that make my eyes roll. NSP gets the tone just right which is hard to do given the genre and content. It’s dark, sophisticated and frightening. I’m a plus member so whenever a new episode comes out it’s like Christmas. David Cummings does a great job with quality and consistency.

Misophinics, beware. (3/5)

The only trigger warnings I need are if the story has slimy, slurpy, scratchy, crunchy sounds. .. Which is nearly every story, for no reason, in seasons 9 and up. In addition to being physically unlistenable, the stories in later seasons are boring and forgettable. It's just "Look! An over-the-top scary thing!" *makes squishy sounds on loop for 5 minutes* The first few seasons were great though, like, seasons 1 to 5.

Best horror podcast (5/5)

Nuff said

Yes yes yes (5/5)

I listen to this all the time. It loads in places Spotify won’t, which is awesome. David is the one person that can make the word “podcast” scary without the word “law” in front of it. 10/5, amazing.

Soothing (5/5)

Listening to creepy stories in perfect voices to give you all the wonderful creeps! Keep up the great stories. Barely in season 2 and can’t get enough!


Wow I’m in awe of da work you guys are doing. Every freaking story, I can’t even say is better than da one before) cause they’re all so out there!!!!! Again, Hail to da masters of pods!!!!!!🖤💀👁🕯💤🤤😳🙃

Probably: preteen scintillation (2/5)

I keep trying to picture who writes for these and all I envision are adolescent incels and cool girls. This season’s VHS schtick seems grasping rather than retro. I’ve been listening for a few years and used to enjoy it so much more; I’ll hold out hope for a bit longer!

Simply the best narrative podcast! (5/5)

Simply the best narrative podcast. Great team, great voices, sound design, music, production, and stories. I especially love being surprised every time David Cummings appears in an episode. It's almost like Where's Waldo, but he's generally the serial killer...

Goosebumps (5/5)

This is a great podcast, sometimes it actually gives me goosebumps.

It used to be good, ... (1/5)

...but not anymore.

Great for third shifters! (5/5)

My boyfriend got me started on Nosleep. I listen each night at work and it’s been such a great podcast. I started at season one, and I’m currently up to season 5. The stories and production get better with each season. Great voice actors, awesome suspense. Some stories are generally unnerving, confusing, kooky, even a few oddly goofy, if uncomfortable ones here and there. I never know what I’m gonna get week to week. I highly recommend giving David and the team a listen!

Good for zoning out (4/5)

Started listening to this podcast a few years ago during a 16 hour straight through solo drive (and return trip 2 days later). Few stories, if any at all, were actually scary. Some made me laugh, and a few actually had me giving side-eye to my phone screen while wondering what 4th grader’s parents told them anything was possible - resulting in the submission of such poorly written drivel. All that being said - I do actually love this podcast. Nothing is so “deep” or so “serious” that you can’t bear to keep Google maps open to give you directions. If you space out and miss the second half - no biggie. Personally, I like that. It’s a comforting and familiar and not all that complicated friendship when you can’t stand the noise of your iTunes anymore.

My #1 Go To Podcast (5/5)

The no sleep podcast is by far the best podcast I have ever come across. I’ve been a fan for 4 years now. My husband, my 6 year old and myself listen to it every time we have a chance! She loves scary and gore as do we. If there was a podcast that would describe my family it would be the no sleep podcast. Please continue your work! We are excited to attend the 2019 tour in SLC Utah!

Review (5/5)

The stories are cheesy and predictable. Except for a couple gems like Borrasca, and the one season finale about interdimensional parasites. That being said, I have listened to practically every single episode of this podcast. That speaks for something

Thank You! (5/5)

This Podcast is so well produced and I’m so grateful for all the talent behind it! The voice acting, composition, and even the creativity behind announcements/advertisements blows me away! The season Pass is well worth it. Thank you David!

The Best Podcast (5/5)

I love the “ nosleep podcast” and I’m also new to this I love this podcast so much i Hera this everyday now! Even though I’m sometimes sad for a story I love it just the way it is! Please keep up the best podcast!

Meh (1/5)

I’ve heard maybe 1 or 2 good stories. The rest are super cheesy and the voice actors are so over dramatic, it takes me out of the story.

Perfect (5/5)

I’ve been on the nosleep sub for almost 6 years and enjoying the podcast has been a wonderful experience. I love the actors, the music, everything. It’s incredible in every way.

Can’t believe I still have to hear the R word being thrown around in 2019 (1/5)


Extremely well produced (5/5)

This show is one of the best horror anthology podcasts in existence. Its well acted and well played. Its almost like an audio version of The Twilight Zone or Tales From The Crypt. Definitely a must for horror fans.

More. (5/5)

More Horror! More weird stories with men feeding houses with vomit! More dimensional Peculiarities! More High quality voice acting! More guest voice actors! Most importantly, More Peter Lewis! I hate when I get caught up with episodes, I’m left fiendishly waiting for more.

better and better (5/5)

I just started listening to this podcast a week ago. I'm 20some episodes in and each episode gets better and better. I love that I have so many episodes to catch up on.

Amazing (5/5)

Really, really enjoy this podcast. I am absolutely obsessed at this point. I started from the beginning and it seems to be getting better and better as I continue. I listen to it every chance I get. The voice actors and narration is perfect.

Used to be really good, now it's disappointing (1/5)

I used to be addicted to this podcast. The stories were so good that they gave me goosebumps. The last two seasons have been extremely disappointing. Nothing is scary, most times I feel physically uncomfortable with the stories. Like sexual stuff that's just strange af and disgusting. The stories now are... just plain boring or gross. The voices are really bad also. One of the women, she has a slow, raspy voice and she does this weird low to high pitch and pauses a lot. It's very forced and fake. And one man speaks extremely slow and low as if he's trying to be spooky and it's just cringy. I miss the old stuff.

Worth the subscription (5/5)

Spooky, been a long time fan for some time now. Some stories are better than others but the voice acting is almost always leaving me with chills :)

Gets better and better. (5/5)

Been listening for a long time and just love all of the voice actors. David Cummings (hope I got name right) is fun and has a velvety voice. I really appreciated his standing up for those of us in the LGBTQ+ community in his commentary during Pride month. ❤️

Gahhhh (5/5)

I try to listen to other horror podcasts and I just ALWAYS come back to this one! Definitely my favorite :)

Wonderful (5/5)

Absolutely love this podcast, amazingly written and put together. Can’t stop listening and can’t wait for more!!

Disappointed (1/5)

I have LOVED this podcast since season one, and have listened since the podcast started. But the last two seasons (11 and 12) are just missing something (12 was just awful.) The stories are just boring or very poorly written. I find myself rolling my eyes at almost every story in season 12, and not a single one of the stories was memorable. Maybe season 13 will bring it back, but for an increased price on the season pass it sounds like David is scrounging at this point. It breaks my heart.

Only wish it was more than 1/week (5/5)

This is the only podcast I listen to immediately and can’t wait for another.

My FAVORITE podcast (5/5)

I love this podcast. It certainly is the best of the thriller/horror genre. I listen to it every time I exercise.

I would give this more stars but (2/5)

I don’t care for so many F bombs, it’s not necessary. Clean it up and I’ll subscribe

Still perfect. (5/5)

Awesome podcast. Intros are too long, but that’s ok. Stories are worth it.

Amazing (5/5)

This is the absolute best podcast I’ve ever listened too!

Frightfully Delightful (5/5)

The No Sleep podcast offers excellent and interesting and creepy stories, expertly narrated by an incredible cast. It’s so good that sometimes I wait a few days after it comes out so I can savor listening to it! This show has introduced me to writers both contemporary and classic, and offers a lot of variety in the types of tales it tells, as well as a diverse cast of characters. LGBTQ positive, to boot!

My favorite podcast (5/5)

I love this podcast. I’m so glad I found this and I haven’t stopped listening ever since. The stories are amazing; and I can’t wait to listen to future episodes.

The Only Thing I Listen To (5/5)

Seriously. So many episodes, so much content. Why listen to anything else?!

Amazing (3/5)

I absolutely love this podcast. I’m starting from the very beginning and have just finished season 7. I have to say that the season finale for season 7 “Borrasca” was one of the best stories! From start to finish I was obsessed. I would love to see it in a movie.

More sad than scared (4/5)

At first I loved the podcast because it was fun to just binge, but after the episodes involving graphic animal death/abuse/etc, I found it hard to continue listening.The episodes started to make me more sad than scared. The voice actors are amazing but the experience is ruined for me when the topics previously mentioned are a big part of the story

THE BEST (5/5)

The voice actors are amazing and the stories are so immersive. Absolutely LOVE this podcast. Can’t live without it!

Digging it! (5/5)

This pod is like crack (so I’ve heard) can’t get enough keep it up great crew and great stories!

Here is a review (5/5)

Congrats you have been reviewed hahaha

Wow! (5/5)

I am so glad I checked out this podcast. I love it! I’ve never listened to this type of show before so I wasn’t sure I would like it. But I definitely recommend anyone who wants to be creeped out and surprised to listen!!

Don’t listen alone! (5/5)

Goosebumps. Chill bumps. Cold chills. Whatever you call them, you can bet you’ll experience them while listening to this podcast. I am a self proclaimed horror junkie, and this was just what I needed. There are several stories that have scared me silly - Penpal. WOW. It reminds me of listening to Scary Stories to Tell In The Dark when I was younger. The stories are enthralling, spooky, and some are way too real to be fiction. The voice actors are AMAZING! Don’t listen alone, otherwise the name will ring true - you will get NO SLEEP.

Keeps me coming back (5/5)

I've been a fan since season 2 after being an avid reader of the nosleep reddit forum. The stories are always on point and the perfect amount of scary to keep me coming back week after week. There's only one voice actor I can't stand (personal bias to her voice- not her fault- just not my cup of tea) but I muscle through my annoyance to listen to the stories I love. I love this podcast so much, as soon as I completed all the episodes i went right back to the beginning and started all over again! Long live nosleep 👍🏻

Goosebumps (5/5)

I love most of these stories. The stories aren’t just scary but they are weary and anxious as well. No sleep is a great title, because it’s exactly what happens after listening to these stories by yourself at night.

Best podcast (5/5)

Been listening to this podcast since 2014. Story’s are dope and the voice actors are on point

Great voice actors! (4/5)

I love how each episode has more than one story and how each story has different voice actors. Really well done!!

I just can’t get enough of this podcast (5/5)

David Cummings is a genius I love his voice is the Easter voice actors. The storytelling is amazing! And the production of this podcast is Beyond excellent.

Been falling off for about a year now (2/5)

I can’t quite remember when this started happening, but it seems as though as of late a lot of the stories—like most—have been told from the perspective of a person who was involved in the story with an ending that was either too neat or annoyingly ambiguous. I have no problem with leaving something to the imagination but its disrespectful when the ending comes off as abrupt and just some cliffhanger that we’ll never get. I was listening to a story from the most recent episode and the story ended with someone being captured, but why not discuss what happens after that if you’re the person that happens to? Just weird stuff like that that makes it seem as though they’re mailing it in.

Not bad (3/5)

Not bad, not great. I’ve come across about 5 stories that have made me keep the episode in my download library. 5 stories, out of more than 50 stories I’ve listened to so far. It’s definitely an entertaining podcast, which is good enough for me. I really only have one issue that bothers me: the show runner, David Cummings, his voice is not suited to voice work. An A for effort, but it’s just not good enough.

Share the love. (1/5)

I’ll still give a five star rating cuz the production is awesome. However, I’m disappointed that in 12 season. I haven’t heard a Black voice actor or stories written by one. In a genre that is predominantly White it would be nice to see No Sleep lead the way to bring in black artists in like they did with the LGBT community.

Best Horror Fiction Podcast (5/5)

I have been with this podcast from the beginning and David Cummings President of Creative Reasons Inc and show host/narrator has outdone himself on this show. He has taken this podcast from just being him and making it into this amazing show complete with a cast of voice actors, writers, composer while staying true to his words. “For the dark hours when you dare not close your eyes...” I recommend this show to friends, family and co-workers. You will not be disappointed when you put this on your library.

Great podcast! (4/5)

I’m loving this podcast!!!! All the stories are so scary and literally keeps me awake. The only thing is when it’s read by Brett, I just can’t hear what’s he’s saying as he sounds like he’s out of breath at the end of each word... Other than that, it’s a great podcast!!

I love this podcast but... (2/5)

I went through a time back in 2015 when i first found this podcast, and i immediately fell in love with the first 5 or 6 season. I soon took a brake after binging weeks worth of the show. I have no ill will towards Mr. David, but i feel the the more resent stories haven’t been looked over as thoroughly as they should have been. either that or they have started to take a new route towards storytelling. Overall I highly recommend it but there is a pretty large shift at some point from terrifying to, as a fellow reviewer put it, “helps me fall asleep”.

High Quality across the board (5/5)

Every aspect of this podcast is high quality voice acting 10/10 Story selection 10/10 music is all original 10/10 David Cummings does a great job putting it all together, show notes are comprehensive. all around great podcast, If you can spare a few dollars consider getting one of the season passes or, for an even better value, I suggest the First 12 Bundle. Great stuff!

I love this podcast! Funny thing is... (5/5)

it’s the only thing that puts me to sleep. I have the most amazing dreams when I listen to No Sleep. I used to listen to the sleep with me podcast which is also fantastic, until one night I accidentally fell asleep listening to an episode of this. It was unreal. It was like I was there. It doesn’t happen every night but once in a while my brain will sync up and immerse me in the No Sleep universe. Thanks guys! Keep up the good work.

Quality decreased while price increased. (2/5)

This used to be my favorite podcast, but the stories aren’t even scary or creepy anymore just tedious and borderline boring. Not to mention, listening to the same voice actors narrate every season is getting old. They recently announced a $5 price increase to their already steep price for a season pass and personally, after buying a couple passes for the recent seasons, it’s barely worth the price.

Wow! Can’t believe it took me this long to review (5/5)

Got so caught up in binge listening, I completely forgot to write a review. Simply put; the best horror podcast. Have been listening for a couple weeks and I’ve already had to sign up for the extra edition. I have a job that allows me to listen to podcasts as I preform my daily tasks and it’s amazing to have such a well put together show. From the authors, to the sound production. Huge shout out to the whole team! Well done!!! Thank you for all you’ve done and for all I know you’ll do.

Amazing! (5/5)

Absolutely love it! It’s so good and the stories are actually original! The narrators diva fantastic job. I listen to it on my way to and from work and when I’m just relaxing it home. To me it’s even better than watching tv! I highly recommend it to any of my fellow horror enthusiasts!

The best at what they do. (5/5)

If you’re a fan of anything scary/disturbing this is where you need to be. The quality and quantity is better than anything out there and if I had to choose between scary movies or this podcast, I would choose this podcast. Hands down.

Well Done! (5/5)

I’ve spent the past few months going from start to finish on the available episodes, very impressed by the sheer amount and variety of horror content you guys have given amazing voices to. You guys also have the best commercial performances out of all the podcasts I have listened to!

Amazing Podcast (5/5)

The stories on here are absolutely terrifying and great! The voices do a great job and are truly captivating. Some stories are not scary at all but they are all amazing. I love to binge listen all the time. Thank you NoSleep Team. :)

Great Podcast! But a few mediocre episodes (4/5)

It is very immersive with great voices, stories, and atmosphere. Watch it at night

Amazing! (5/5)

This podcast has the BEST stories and the best voice actors! I hike in 105 degrees and listen to this podcast. It’s so entertaining, I can enjoy my hike!

Great horror podcast (5/5)

Love the stories they are very entertaining and chilling (in a good way). Also the actors are all great and bring their own flair. Especially love listening to Nikolle Doolin, Addison Peacock and Nichole Goodnight, but they all are outstanding. Keep up the great work! 👍🏾

Best horror podcast ! (5/5)

This podcast is amazingggg all of the voice actors do great work. During the earlier seasons I wasn’t a fan but the more I listen the better it got! I started from season 1 and I’m currently in season 12. Highly recommend 😊😊. Thank you guys!

sleeping through nosleep (2/5)

The stories in earlier seasons were great! Unfortunately the voice actors now, excluding a small few, are awful. The voice actors tones and the fake accents make me feel like im listening to a childrens audio book. Im still holding out, hoping they go back to how things were in the earlier seasons with actual horror stories and voice actors that make the stories seem real. Get back to real horror!

LOVE (5/5)


Love love love!! (5/5)

Y’all are so talented! Thanks for giving me something to listen to while I’m working. Please keep them coming! Leslie from Texas

This is my favorite thing in the world (5/5)

I’ve listened to this podcast since the third season started and then went back and listened to everything, and literally everyone who knows me knows that it’s my favorite thing ever. The writing is amazing, the production quality is brilliant, and the talent is incomparable! 5/5 stars, every time.

Binge-able (5/5)

What a great show! Thank you for your efforts.

It Only Gets Better (5/5)

The latest season finale was the best yet!!!! I cannot even begin to accurately express how amazing this podcast is. If you love horror, if you love stories, if you love feeling a little creeped out when you’re home alone, this is THE PODCAST. The sheer amount of episodes is one of my favorite things about the show. Once I finish the new episode of the week, I scroll all the way down to dig into the archives. Once you listen for a couple months, you’ll be convinced to pay for exclusive content and full episodes because you’ll HAVE to hear a story that isn’t available in the free version. This podcast is deeply inspiring to me as a writer, and I am constantly saying “this should be a movie” or “this could be a tv show.” Consistently original and unique content! With every listen, it gets better!

Incredible show! (5/5)

I love the show. Always look forward to new episodes. Thank you !

Quite a few gems.. (5/5)

Girl on Fire and the Season 12 finale have made me a forever fan.

Amazing (5/5)

The season 12 finale was simply one the best things that ever happened to podcast. I was riveted for the entire episode. Thanks for another great season and I am already looking forward to season 13. Ooooo 13.

Good show (3/5)

Cool show, my only complaint is the really long ads, I get it. They need to make money, but can’t you spread out the ads? Instead of cramming 6-10 minutes of ads at the beginning?

Talented narrators telling great stories to talented narrators telling...what? (3/5)

I don’t know why I keep listening every week. This podcast used to be my absolute favorite but the quality just fell off completely. I think it’s finally time I unsubscribed. David and the narrators are all still extremely talented and I’ll miss hearing their voices but what’s with the stories? I hope I’ll get to listen to their voices again on a different podcast because I really can’t take feeling like I wasted an entire and a half every week on boring, confusing, uninspired tales. I’ll give David and the narrators 5 stars any day, but this podcast is done.

Used to be better... (2/5)

Cool show, I can honestly say with some sadness that the show while good, used to be amazing. What dropped it from 10/10 to 7/10? Commercials at the start, and the OBVIOUS fact that the “free” stories each week are 8 times out of 10 the weaker stories. This shows prime was I’d say s3-s7. Still good. But right on the verge/tipping point of that “sell out” title being given, if not already deserved...Will listen if bored but I know the 2 free ones won’t be scary or very fun. (And I’m someone who bought the pass for season 7 & 8.) also...we GET support gay rights, but why is every other story about a gay main character...? Is half the population gay!? I don’t care if someone is, but the over abundance of it just feels like awkward.

Giving thanks (5/5)

I’m only a recent listener, perhaps the last half year. I’d randomly came across this podcast after listening to a few others.. Wow is all I have to say... This is some real quality content..I was a little disheartened when it became a paid podcast because currently I don’t have a lot of extra spending money, and as much as I listen to in bursts I’d be spending quite a bit on several seasons all at once. But I totally understand so I enjoy what is there. I’m partway through season five and can’t help but love every minute.. certainly makes the days easier. Hope this show still has a long life ahead of it.

Amazing (5/5)

I’ve been a quiet listener since Season 2 but I couldn’t contain my voice after listening to S12E21. Girl On Fire gave me the satisfaction I haven’t experienced in a while. Thank you for continuously bringing quality horror/thriller content into my life and continue to do fantastic audio work!

This used to be a good podcast (2/5)

Now I feel like it’s so goofy and it really takes away from the creepiness of the stories. The fake accents and loud voices. It used to be one of my favorite shows, but now I cringe every time I listen.

Has taken a different path. (2/5)

Amazing stories in the early seasons. Last episodes have really let down. Great writing yet the stories are not scary at all just plain narratives. Go back to the basics like supernatural stories i.e the tall dog and so many others.

Amazing Podcast! (5/5)

This is one of the very few podcasts I make an effort to listen to every single week. How they are able to edit and produce an episode every week is beyond me. And it is incredible. Keep up the good work! Amazing podcast!

Amazing work. (5/5)

Great podcast!! I used to hate Nicole Duland (guessing on spelling from hearing it on the podcast) as her voice was very monotoned and lacked “voice acting” skills. I used to skip the old ones if she was in it, but over the years has gotten much better. I love the new addition to the voice acting crew. I recognize 2 of them from previous podcasts I’ve listen to. Unique stories and love the variety that is given. Some are scarier than others and some are more subtle. Great quality audio and sound effects. Keep up the great work!

Best Horror Podcast! (5/5)

I searched for a while to find a good horror podcast & I found a few but this is by far the best! I listen to it everyday in my car & my husband is equally addicted making me turn it on in the car on our car rides no matter how short!

Lost interest (1/5)

Stories in the past several seasons haven’t been scary at all. I will stop buying the season passes. NSP use to be much, much better. 😕

Not as advertised (1/5)

Girl on fire? Is it an X-men origin story masquerading as a horror story?? Half of the stories they tell are more narratives and not exactly what I would call No Sleep stories. Worth listening if you have nothing better.

Lovely podcast, hecky tech support (3/5)

I love the show ! The content is my favorite. By far my favorite podcast on this app. But every time I get a season pass I always have to email admin for support. The show either locks me out halfway through or just is locked when purchased. Last time I had to email them it took two weeks for a response. Please fix your security settings. This is the fourth time I’ve purchased a season pass. I love this show & will persevere through the security hoops regardless. But it is still annoying as hell nonetheless.

The No Sleep Podcast (5/5)

Girl on one so far. Well written and kept me listening not to miss a minute of it.

Slowly going down hill. (1/5)

I’ve actually scrapped the archives and listened to pretty much all the free content so I was really excited that season 12 was coming out. So for the first time, I bought the membership. I regret wasting my money. Most of the whole episodes are garbage, the stories devolving into self insert fanfic power trips for some extremely sad people. I tried, remembering the stories that actually raised my hackles in the previous seasons, but the second story of ep 21 killed any enthusiasm I had for this podcast. Save your money and listen to the free archives from before season 12, cause this podcast jumped the shark and is on the downward slope.

Wickedly Superb (5/5)

Modern audio drama that is wickedly superb and always a solid recommendation. Cheers to everyone behind No Sleep- and cheers again.

Amazing! (5/5)

Plow through Season 1. Stay for the story. Season 2 gets better and you can tell the team learned a lot from the first season because acting and production improved big time! Brilliant story! Can’t wait for Season 3!!!

Favorite podcast (5/5)

Y’all are great! I love the stories and the diverse narration is awesome!

My Favorite (5/5)

First podcast I ever fell in love with! Kept it up, ya’ll get me through life :)

Everything I’ve ever wanted (5/5)

I love all things horror: monsters, murder, ghosts, demons, aliens. This podcast is literally perfect for when you’re in a creepy mood and want to listen to stories that make your skin crawl. The voice acting is excellent and so engaging. I highly recommend this podcast to anyone who loves to be spooked as much as I do!!

Fantastic show! (5/5)

It initially gets you hooked and keeps carrying you with ease throughout the terrifying stories; it also helps that you have the cushy, enveloping voice of the host David Cummings to lull you into the horror!

Great podcast (5/5)

I’ve been listening to this podcast for well over 2 years now. I really like to listen to it when I have nothing to do. The narrators do a good job and I think their inclusion of LGBT relationships in their stories is really good and I support their choice.

Almost perfect. (4/5)

Kudos to cast and crew for top notch realization for theater of the mind. Through acting, sound effects, editing and production they put you into the environments. Why not 5 stars? Much of the source material. Many stories have abysmally weak endings that ruin the story. “ I walked away and I’m glad I never looked back.” Poor. Trauma over. Not scary, not well thought out or an impactful way to wrap up a horror story. Happens way too much. A minor, but salient critique point. When you have 5-20 minutes to tell a horror tale, there should not be a long scene dedicated to descriptions of smoking. That isn’t just pointless, it turns the stories into tobacco ads. Glorifying bad habits should not be so prominent. No value added to the story and in fact, detrimental when it goes on and on.

Worst podcast (1/5)

They have too many gay stories

Jessica Mcevoys pronunciations!! (5/5)

What is up with Jessica mcevoys accent? She says words with hard just curious where that accent is from or if it is her reading the script too robotically ?

Best Podcast! (5/5)

If you enjoy horror and scary stories you will find no better podcast! I would highly recommend anyone to try this podcast!

The best horror fiction pod ever (5/5)

Was and will ALWAYS BE a season pass member! So much good content. Actors are amazing - it’s produced amazingly well! Will always be a listener - even if I have to skip a meal to buy the season pass. (No worries, I don’t, but that’s how invested I am!)

6/5 (5/5)

If it were possible I'd give it more stars.

Love! (5/5)

This is the ONLY podcast I listen to! I love all of it! A friend of mine turned me on to it and I have been hooked!

I highly recommend this podcast (5/5)

If your bored, busy, or your driving this is one of the best things to listen to. I listen to this everyday and I love it .

Ahhh (4/5)

There are some narrators that just bother the hell out of me. The amount of times chosen stories have the phrase “pitch dark” in it is far too many, in my opinion (the phrase is “pitch black”). Some of the stories should have trigger warnings.

My favorite podcast. (5/5)

I have 30 minute trips to work and this podcasts always keeps my entertained during them.

A Drop in Quality (1/5)

I've been listening to the podcast since season 2 and up until a year or two ago, I had a glowing 5 star review, but recently there has been a severe drop in my enjoyment of the show. The audio quality is top notch, the music, mixing, etc. My issue comes with the quality of the stories that have been produced over the last couple years. I find that they often follow similar elements and tropes, more often than not I’m rolling my eyes and/or predicting the ending right away. There just aren’t stories being selected anymore that give me a good scare and they feel more akin to indie film scripts and people trying to make the story about something other than a horror element, so much so that any scares take a back seat. The constant reliance on the same 15 authors over and over may be a cause of this, as the few stories I have enjoyed recently have come from names that have never appeared before. At first I though I was maybe becoming acclimated to horror stories too much, but I still find plenty that give me a fright. And lastly, and most upsettingly, it seems they have left their roots from the NoSleep subreddit, their namesake, as it seems about 1 story in 20 actually come from there.


Hi this is creepypasta girl you are the best I want to say thank you to the people who help the podcast after all that drama at school I can finally relax an listen so you work hard keep up the good work PS you the best podcast and I wish I could be on the show but I am sadly a kid

Best horror podcast I've heard (5/5)

This is by far the best podcast I've heard as of yet. I now look forward to my commute! The production on every level is so well done. The voice actors and host David do such a great job and I'm glad that I am doing the season pass. It's so worth it for the extra great content. Great show. I look forward to many many more seasons! Keep up the good work!

Where is Peter??? (5/5)

Where is Peter Lewis?! I miss his voice so much! Bring him back please!!

Spooky (5/5)

While some stories are not scary or are just really weird, when they get a really scary story it is great.

Long time listener (3/5)

I’ve been listening to yalls podcast since you guys started from the very beginning. The stories use to actually be kinda creepy and would have me thinking about them for a little while after I was done listening (I’m hard to scare) but now most of the stories just aren’t creepy at all anymore, sometimes I even laugh at them, there is one once in awhile that I like, but the stories just aren’t that great anymore. The voice acting is awesome and the sound effects etc, it’s just the quality of the stories that bugs me. Honestly I had stopped listening for about over a year because of this and I came back to find out it really hasn’t changed much, I’m not trying to be rude or anything, I’m just giving my opinion. I hope y’all come up with some more actual scary stories. I know that it must be difficult sine y’all have been doing this forever and maybe y’all are just running out of ideas or something. Anyways that is all.

👍 (5/5)


Amazing Stories, Amazing Performances (5/5)

I am a warehouse picker and I spend 8 to 10 hours a day just walking around a warehouse filling bins with orders and I typically spend the entire time listening to these podcasts. I have to say that these stories have turned my job from something extremely boring that I dread, to something i actually look forward to because it means that I get to spend my time listening to these stories. Many of them are gripping and truly disturbing. I prefer suspenseful stories, with lots of gore and this podcast has never failed to deliver. I appreciate all the hard work you guys have put in to create and release these shows weekly. Thank you so much! Amazing series! 5 out of 5!

Terrifying (5/5)

I’m a weekend night janitor at several places and nothing is scarier than being alone in a half-lit building at 10:00 at night listening to my favorite horror anthology podcast!!!

Oh yesss please (5/5)

I’m blown away by this podcast, I’ve listened to them all twice or more and still can’t get enough. Fantastic work everyone! It’s hard to describe how intimate and yet haunting this story are for me. Mr.Cummings my gratitude knows no bounds man, freakin well done.

Amazing Podcast!! (5/5)

No Sleep is my favorite podcast of all time!! So many seasons and amazing stories. Once I’m finished with them all I will probably listen all over again. I love the host and all the characters.

The Host Needs to Stop (2/5)

I enjoy some of the stories. I haven't found a better scary story podcast. My biggest problem with this story is the host. He is absolutely terrible at performing and reading scary stories. I reckon that he thinks the way he reads sounds interesting or is building suspense, but he comes off sounding so disconnected from how humans speak.

Awesome (5/5)


If you like horror, this is a must (5/5)

Best podcast on my subscription list. Hands down.

My favorite podcast (5/5)

wonderful for any horror fanatics. after listening for a while, you feel as though you’re part of a community. incredible production, talented actors and writers. look forward to it every week!

Obsessed. (5/5)

Been listening for years and I’m pretty sure I’ve listened to each episode twice by now. Can never get enough. The cast are incredible. Thank you!!

Immersive (5/5)

The voices and the way it paints a image in your head it feels so real and almost as if you’re the person in the event but it would be cool if they added 2nd person stories.

Horrific (in a good way) (5/5)

This has to be my favorite podcast of all time, and I began listening during season ten, and caught up in about a month through constant bingeing. Thanks for the spooks!

Creepy (3/5)

Just started it and I’m already scared!

Literally the best podcast available!!!!! (5/5)

I have been listening for over 4 years now. The cast feels like family at this point. Their voice abilities are outstanding. The stories are always entertaining and to see how much the podcast has grown in quality is incredible. David and the whole crew put so much heart into their work it is hard to have each episode end. Thank you very much for all the years of enjoyment!

A Heck of a arsenal of scary stories (5/5)

This podcast is a gem. Although some story’s have an obvious plot. Some story’s show the have thought was clearly put into it. It makes you fully immersed with sounds/change of music. Even though these rarely scare me I’m know to be hard to scare this always give me great thoughts afterwords on what could have happened will probably after words. I would recommend pen pal as that was one of few that scared me and always have great twists. So if your looking to be intrigued this podcast will not disappoint.


The sounds, the voices, the stories are all so amazing. I recommend this to everyone who loves horror. I've never felt like I was JUST listening to a podcast. I feel like I'm living the same life as the narrator with the envolvment of this podcast. This is hands down the best podcast I've ever come across. Love the nosleep team!

I’m afraid! (5/5)

I can’t live without this podcast but I’m afraid I’ll die if I keep listening! 😳

Used to Be Good (1/5)

Loved this podcast up until a year ago, when they cut their episodes in half, and now they only play the first 1-2 stories out of their advertised 4-5. The only way you can hear a full episode is by paying. Of course the first couple stories aren’t very good so you’re left unsatisfied. I feel cheated because I’ve been listening to & supporting this podcast for a long time and now I have to pay to hear the same thing I’ve gotten for free over all these years. They should’ve added bonus content for those who pay, not take away half the episodes for the casual listener.

Horrifyingly Wonderful (5/5)

I have an ongoing love/hate relationship with horror. I absolutely love it and I’m hooked, but I also get extremely freaked out and can’t sleep. So naturally, I’m addicted to this show! I listen so much that even hearing the theme song starts to make me shiver. Excellent production. 10/10 wont sleep for days.

Seaside Pub (5/5)

Tales from the gas station was my favorite until I listened to Seaside Pub. Best Podcast Ever!!!!

Awesome Podcast (5/5)

A couple of times a week I have 4 “dead hours”, hours in which I’m commuting or traveling or at lunch, and sometimes it’s a drag. Now with this podcast I wish I had more commute hours! The stories are captivating and easy to visualize. The voice actors are top notch, and the production is amazing. I love the NoSleep subreddit, and the podcast is just as amazing. You won’t regret subscribing to this masterpiece!

Good Stuff (4/5)

I have been a fan for years. This is by far my favorite podcast but even with that said it had some aspects that are unbelievably irritating. The introductions are FAR too long. David seems to have started voice acting classes as of late, which I appreciate, but I think he needs to hire more voice actors and stick strictly to hosting. The stories as of late have been kind of corny.. they definitely don’t fill me with the same dread that they used to. The music and sound team are fantastic. And many of the voice actors are extremely talented. There is so much good in the podcast but they still have a few things they could work on.

Absolutely love it! (5/5)

This pod cast is my salvation; my daily commute takes one hour and ten minutes each way, These stories get me through the long and tedious commute, I’m am kept entertained for the whole drive, sometimes I don’t get out of the car until the story is finished! Thank you

Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo (5/5)

So many good reviews, so interested, and it HAS TO BE EXPLICIT!!!

Over produced (2/5)

I used to love this podcast but between Peter Lewis and (not sure of the name, but the female voice actor that says everything in an overacted monotone), and the over produced effects that don’t add much, I almost dread listening. The stories selected are hit or miss, and you’ve taken something away when every ending has the same predictable build up in tone, music, or effect. Please consider an overall review and simplify.

The No Sleep Podcast (5/5)

I was hooked the first time I heard David Cummings voice

Good content (4/5)

Nicely executed content with good stories.

Favorite podcast (5/5)

I dabble in the art of exploring podcasts and after stumbling upon this podcast 6 months ago I’ve concluded that this is by far my most favorite one.

Story quality has gone down. (1/5)

Looks like I have to unsubscribe. More often than not, I find the stories ramble on, and are longer than need be. The most recent episode, I found it to be incredibly boring and skipped ahead most of it. There needs to be better story editing and more variety of authors. As it stands, a lot of their stories are obviously amateurish - slow paced and repetitive.

Wonderful (5/5)

This is the first podcast I have contributed to and encourage others as well. TNSP is well produced, narrated, and written. Though Im a little concerned about Nicole always playing the evil mother. Hope she doesnt have kids I would be worried about their developement : )

S12 episode 7 wow 😮 what a magnificent podcast (5/5)

Well written and read podcast with the most addictive episodes presented with surprising twist with unpredictable endings. Excellent

Unreal!! (5/5)

Absolutely love listening to this podcast!! I’m addicted! The quality of the actors, production and stories of The No Sleep Podcast can transport your imagination into the story like magic! I have gone back to the first season and have listened all of the way threw! I have also purchased a season pass, just so I can hear all of those stories reserved for season passes, worth every penny!!

Amazing (5/5)

One of the top 5 best pod casts ever made. You can tell they pour their heart and soul into them productions and the voice acting is first rate. Thank you guys for making my commute bearable

Horrifyingly Amazing! (5/5)

I LOVE listening to this podcast! Some seasons I purchase a season pass to not only support the podcast, but receive bonus material. I’m just as satisfied the seasons I haven’t purchased this as the quality of the stories and production are off the charts.

I love it (5/5)

Every day at school I have a study period and I love listening to the podcast while doing my homework. It’s the only thing that gets me trough a long and hard day of tedious school work. My dark sense of humor and appetite for a good story thank everyone who worked, so very hard, on these podcasts and I hope they never stop. 5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ (I know it already said I put five stars, I just wanted to emphasize it)

My favorite (5/5)

I am a night worker and I have to say that I absolutely love horror. This is my go to podcast whenever I am alone in the middle of the night. The cast is amazing and I have been binged listened to all the serious more than three times. I look forward to listening to their podcasts whenever a new one comes on. Everyone that put this into motion is wonderful, from David to the voice cast, to the producers, to the sound and music behind the podcasts. Everything is wonderful and amazing.

Good (4/5)

I think the podcast is good however lately i feel that the newer episodes are dull and not as intense or frightening as the older episodes.

Addicted (5/5)

I listen to this podcast all day at work till I go home. Burning through every season. Love the all the hard work and passion poured into this podcast. I am an absolute horror fan and this is the best fix. Going to start buying season passes here soon!

Love it (5/5)

This is literally the best podcast ever made. I’ve listened to every episode and there was never one that wasn’t good.


A wonderfully produced podcast, expert voice acting, sound design and musical composition in every episode. I love throwing this on any chance I get!

Y’all are Bada** (5/5)

Came into this one late and so glad I have 7 YEARS of content to listen to! (Like, where has this been all my life?) Going to become a season pass holder for sure, thanks for creeping me out enough to check my windows at night ;) Great content, production and voices I’ve quickly become familiar with. So much to listen to! 🖤

Best Storytelling available (5/5)

I found this podcast many moons ago and for years I can say Sunday mornings are filled with the best quality of terrifying tales. The voice actors are the best in the biz and David has continually made each show better than the last. His team has it all and that’s why you won’t find a better story telling horror podcast.

Love this show (5/5)

I love the show and all the actors Peter Lewis has the perfect voice for the show. The show fills my work hours so far got my wife and backup hooked as well keep up the good work.

Best birthday present ever (5/5)

An episode fell on my birthday best present ever

Mostly good. But David STOP ACTING!! (4/5)

Mostly good stories although some are very predictable and basic. I can’t deal with David Cummings’ acting though!! George Cukor would tell people, STOP ACTING!!! Never words were truer for DC. When I hear his voice I immediately skip the episode. Sorry but it ruins the vibe. He’s so terrible. That breathy, I’m trynna be scary voice! Any man he does over 30 sounds like he’s 90 and don’t even get me started in Santa clause!! Please stop so I can listen again!!!

I love this podcast (5/5)

I found this podcast a couple of weeks ago just trying to find something to listen to while at work and I came across no sleep I thought I’d give it a listen well a month later I have heard so many stories that give me chills and the voice acting bring the stories to life making me feel like I’m there in the story witnessing it right before my very eyes

Best horror podcast (5/5)

Like it was the best thing you could get in a podcast

Happy happy. Joy joy. (5/5)

Amazing narration. You will surely not be disappointed one bit

Amazing!!! (5/5)


Simply the best in horror fiction (5/5)

As a lover of all things horror I am constantly looking for media that will satisfy me. This podcast is best one I have come across. The productions are well done, the stories are perfectly curated, and the voice acting is second to none. This podcast is a must for any true horror fan.

Not as good as others. (5/5)

It’s not very easy to use and there is no sleep setting.


I can’t believe I’ve neglected leaving a review for so long. Long time listener of this amazing podcast. David is a genius and this podcast is a masterpiece. The voice actors and writing are phenomenal. Love love love my NoSleep family.

I love this podcast. (5/5)

So far I’ve heard up to season 3. If you are looking for the heart pounding thrill of horror you’re at the right place. If you don’t want to start at the beginning that’s fine but I recommend the two special episodes called Penpal. They have left a lasting impact and are by far my favorite story’s. Thank you for all the hard work you guys put into this podcast.

Perfection (5/5)

I love horror. Even though I’m still fairly young, I have watched too many horror movies to count, done a research project on the horror genre and spend all my free time exploring horror in all forms. When I found this, I was ecstatic. The narration, paired with the sound effects are extremely spooky and couldn’t be better. This podcast is amazing in every aspect, and I’m obsessed!!!

This isn’t it... (1/5)

I’ve been listening to this podcast for about two years now, but most of the stories have waned out of my idea of horror (supernatural) and verge more on the gross stuff, which is fine, if that’s what you’re into. Also for me, as a woman of color that has loved scary stuff for as long as I can remember, there is a marked lack of diversity. Well, let me walk that back. The podcast at least refers to POC in derogatory terms to add more depth to a story (ex. horrible descriptions of indigenous people, horribly accented Hispanic employees, Black Slaves, Christmas Jews). If anyone knows of any other horror-themed podcast, I’d love to hear about it.

Too scary (5/5)

I can’t even listen to this anymore because I have become paranoid. Started listening around Halloween and it delivered

Perfect (5/5)

I love this podcast and keep it up

Amazing!!! (5/5)

All I can say is amazing! Just listened to “penpals”. Hooked line and sinker!

I love the podcast with one criticism (5/5)

I love the podcast and have listened to it from the beginning. I have one criticism. I can’t listen to Jessica Mcevoy anymore because she over pronounces every word. For example, pronouncing “bringing” as “bring-ging.” Please please just speak normally like everyone else, because I can’t take it anymore!

love (5/5)

creepy and entertaining

Virtue signaling (2/5)

The podcast is voice acted pretty good and the stories range from great to horrible. It seemed like the later seasons became more and more politically correct and pandered towards a small minority on the left. I thought it was just me until s11e04 the host confirmed it. It went from a podcast about horror to a podcast about horror, LGTQRS rights, hate speech, etc. I listened to this podcast for horror not political garbage and SJW grand stand. My advice if you’re not into that? Go on YouTube there’s plenty of great creepy pasta/ horror themed stories channels on there.

I love this podcast! (4/5)

I am so glad I discovered it because it made commuting, idling and group car rides much more fun. All the narrators are great and have fairly pleasant voices. Not all the stories are really horror but the ones that are - mindblowing! (Those that aren’t true horror can still be extremely interesting though). The only sad part is that many stories don’t have proper ending (there is too much left hanging up in the air) and sometimes they may lack description of actual “monsters”. Other than that, love it and got my friends hooked on it too!

What's that noise!? (5/5)

Episode 1: Ha, they call this scary? Episode 2: When does this get scary? Episode 3: Great stories but not sca....shhhh do you hear that noise? This podcast tricked me. Turns out I was scared the entire time but I didn't realize it until the paranoia set in. Amazing podcast! Truely terrifying but no matter how scared I am, I can't stop listening!

What else can you say??? (5/5)

There is a lot of praise for this podcast, and for good reasons! The stories are creepy and entertaining. I’ve invested in season passes, and it doesn’t disappoint. It is well worth it to get access to more great stories!!

Brilliant Brilliant & Brilliant (5/5)

Every aspect of this podcast is perfect: the writing is top notch, the actors are superb, direction and production is subtle and present, as it should be. I’ve listened to a lot of scary story type podcasts and they fall into one category, the narrator can’t stop talking about him or herself and how successful they are. The ego is dominate to the story and by the time you get to the story you’re grossed out by narrators incessant egotistical ramblings. No Sleep is completely dedicated to story telling. If any ensemble is going to make it on tv it should be No Sleep. These guys are artists and it’s amazingly enjoyable listening.

Fantastic (5/5)

I listen daily. LOVE the show

Addicting, scary and sometimes funny (5/5)

I'm so addicted to this that I listen to the stories all night long as I sleep. That's a bad Idea as now I don't sleep so well. I can't stop though. Also, I bust-out-laughing in the doctor's waiting room yesterday because I was listening on my MP3 to "the strangest security tape I've ever seen" (S2E07) and it tickled me nearly to death. Lots of strange stares from sad patients...but I almost couldn't stop laughing. THAT story was particularly fun. I love you NSP.

Best Horror Podcast Ever (5/5)

Love it❤️ Extremely well done!

5 stars (5/5)

Great to fall asleep to.

Good podcast (5/5)

Podcast good. Seep dreams. Sleep well. Good writing. Most juiciest. Professional production. Do recommend. Good job.

Best podcast there is! (5/5)

I’ve listened to this podcast every single night for 3 years. I’ve bought the season passes because they are definitely worth it! This is what I listen to to sleep at night as weird as that may sound. The voice actors are awesome and David Cummings intros as well. I enjoy hearing his voice and think it’s perfect for the show. I close my eyes and can envision the stories. I absolutely LOVE it!!

Chilling and entertaining (5/5)

Just finished part 2 of the penpal episodes and wow that was excellent. This is easily the best horror podcast on the market right now

No longer a “horror” podcast - loss of quality tales! (1/5)

Been listening to NoSleep since the very start, and used to love how the stories used to chill me to the bone with terror. Sadly, I began noticing a few seasons ago (coincidentally, around the time the show ended its first live tour) that the quality of the show’s content was beginning to dwindle. Now, the beloved horror podcast that once provided nightmare-enducing stories now leaves me rolling my eyes at the poor writing and yawn-worthy tales featured. I was willing to give the show a chance to turn around, but this season’s anticlimactic end was the final nail in the coffin. NoSleep is no longer the horror story podcast I once adored.

No jump scares! (5/5)

Ok I’m usually afraid of scary podcasts because I HATE jump scares, they are cheap and unnecessary. Thankfully The No Sleep Podcast doesn’t need them to scare you! The stories are amazing and the actors talented so feel safe in listening, you will be scared for the right reasons.

Love your Podcasts (5/5)

Love your podcasts they are very entertaining and give you something to think about.

don’t be deceived ! (5/5)

this podcast is like crack,(well ....what i read somewhere about it being addictive. i guess once you start you have a devil of a time stopping. And thats my point. So by all means don't listen unless you’re prepared to get totally strung out like the rest of us Season Pass holders. Oh ,i started out like everybody else on the freebie level, thought “ what's the harm?. Then it starting getting serious and I had to have those extra stories they held back. I wanted it all...totally uncut. That was back in Season 9.Now I yearn for David’s intro every Saturday night, sometimes Sunday mornings too.if loving you is wrong , i dont want to be right. :))

Not Like It Once Was (3/5)

I’ve been listening for a few years & it use to be the absolute best for scary, creepy tales. But it seems for a while now, stories are either too boring & drawn out or flat out disgusting, relying of gore description than decent writing to give a sense of dread (think SAW vs. Halloween). I still listen from time to time but I’ve began searching for better podcasts.

Entertaining (5/5)

Love this podcast. Large variety of stories that are horrifyingly fun, scary, and take my mind of the other horrifying things that linger in My head.

Just the right show for long drives at night! (5/5)

I first heard about 'The No Sleep Podcast' from Dan Harmon's 'Harmon Town' podcast. I am currently starting season three (after having listened to one and two). Working about an hour from where I live gives lots of time for podcasts. This has quickly become one of my favorite! The creepy stories and ambiance of the performers is perfect for my trips home at night! I have gladly paid for the season pass for the third season. And plan to do the same for the remaining seasons. Even if you don't go the paid route. The free version is still very much worth having in your subs for a quick horror fix! Thanks to everyone that make this show possible!

Dangerously obsessed! (5/5)

I absolutely love this podcast. My husband and I have been listening to it almost constantly ever since a friend recommended it to us. We love scary movies and video games, and we both read any scary story we can get our hands on, so this podcast became a quick favorite. We mostly listen to it while on long car rides, which it's perfect for. If you love scary stories, I totally recommend this one!

One of my favorites (5/5)

Best scary podcast i have found. I recommend this to anyone.

Best Short Story Horror (5/5)

I remember being so sad the moment I realized that I had listened to the entire back catalog of episodes. Yep that’s right I have listen to every single episode of all seasons. Someday, I hope to be able to afford to buy every episode. The voice acting is fantastic. And it can’t often be said but the way they do commercials is the best. Honestly I would love to see them put out an extra of all their past commercials I love them that much.

Fantastic (5/5)

I listen to this podcast at work everyday and it has grown to infest my dreams. I love every minute of it. The feeling of the paranormal has increased in my current residence and I thank this podcast for perpetually putting my mind in the mood of the supernatural. 💕

Great storytelling for horror fans! (5/5)

I never leave reviews -although I should since there are so many awesome podcasts out there- but this one inspired me to write my first. The stories are deep and relatable, episodes with everyday circumstances that can happen to anyone. Their reflexive take on how certain episodes have a profound impact on the narrators lives is what really absorbed me... and these stories are actually frightening and disturbing... I frequently find myself gasping in the subway. Highly recommendable! Going from 2011 onwards... the pen pal episodes are my favorites so far... looking forward to catching up!

So good (5/5)

Started listening at work a few weeks before Halloween to get into the creepy atmosphere. Now I can’t stop listening.

Terrifying (5/5)

These stories always give me goosebumps!

A must for horror fans (5/5)

I was recently introduced to this podcast. I am a police officer, when I’m on graveyard shift I love listening to this in the middle of the night when things are getting quieter. Love it, thanks for all the great stories!

Wish I'd found it sooner (5/5)

I just found this podcast and I'm hooked! I love horror stories and I've been binge listening to this podcast since I first heard about it a week ago. I'm excited I have so many episodes to listen to!

You’ve Gotta Check It Out (5/5)

This is hands down my favorite horror podcast. There’s a plethora of hidden gold as far as scary stories go and these stories can be found on the subreddit, Nosleep. But this podcast amplifies the horror with a cast of wonderful readers, eerie music that masterfully sets the tailored tone of each story, and gives you the cream of the crop from this subreddit. If you’re a horror fan, you don’t want to deprive yourself of this podcast.

Puts me to sleep every time I listen (5/5)

Every. Single. Time.

Great Podcast...........but (2/5)

Great podcast, great stories, great voice actors but every year I have the issue downloading episodes or the feed will stop in the middle of an episode.

Very well done. (5/5)

I have been grossed out for a week because of a radio drama. I think, that is the most shining review of an audio performance that could ever be given. It has actually affected me. Great work, the voice actors are completely convincing, the musicians create an uncanny sense of dread, and the writers deserve more praise than they may ever hear. Excellent podcast.

Absolutely amazing!! (5/5)

Love all the story’s and amazing voice actors!! And every story keeps me wanting more!! And keeps me on the edge of my seat!! 🤘😈🤘

Love love love (5/5)

I just recently found the no sleep podcast a few months ago and it is by far my most favorite podcast. The voice actors are amazing. Keep up the great work everyone!

Awesome!!! (5/5)

Great Show!

Love this Podcast! (5/5)

This has become one of my favorite podcasts. I’m enjoying its evolution as I’m working through the catalogue.

Just wow!! (5/5)

Amazing pieces! Very stimulating and truly captivating!

The single best horror podcast out there (5/5)

I can not even stress how amazing this podcast is. Not only are the stories absolutely amazing (unbelievably amazing), but so are the effects and actual telling. I was almost turned off at the cheesy add at the beginning of the first episode I listened to, but the use of sound effects is so brilliant. I’ve already recommended this podcast to every single horror fanatic I know.

nice (5/5)

always listen to the scary stories glad to see inovation new stories on a scary level week afer week

I am hooked!!! (5/5)

I came across this podcast earlier today and I have listened to almost all of season 1 and am totally hooked. This is an amazing podcast that I am going to highly recommend to anyone and everyone I talk to keep up the great work. I look forward to listening to every episode and for the new stories that are to come. This podcast has reawakened my love for horror! Thank you with all my heart.

Follow the pod father! (5/5)

David Cummings and crew create fantastic well produced stories every week! I'm a lifetime fan!!

Pretty good (3/5)

The older seasons were/are better in my opinion. Better stories and less multi-part listening tales that takes forever to build up. Still enjoy the podcast but I no longer look forward to it every Sunday like I used to.

Best Podcast...EVER! (5/5)

I LOVE this podcast! When Sunday comes around with a new episode, believe I am ready. This was a recommendation from a coworker...3 years ago. Have not stopped listening since. I even listen to this with my four daughters and wife. I hope this podcast goes on forever.

Listener since day 1 (5/5)

The production gets a 5, but the stories have become lacking for my taste. I used to get excited every Saturday to listen to the newest episode and I used to get so creeped out at night I’d have a hard time sleeping. Ever since about a year or 2 ago, the choice in stories has become less frightening and less paranormal. Now it’s a bunch of long winded mystery. There are some genuinely creepy stories every once in a while, but they are few and far between these days. I find myself falling asleep waiting for the scare or sometimes I just turn it off because of how dragged out and boring the stories are, only to be met with a lackluster ending. Bring back the horror. I still give it a 5 because it’s a great podcast.

Disappointed (2/5)

This podcast really fell apart after season 1.

Great!! (5/5)

Been listening for a while now, and it only gets better! Keep up the good work

Guess it needs a title? (5/5)

This has been my all time favorite podcast for 4 years now and I love it so much that I constantly reliaten to old episodes while I wait for updates, you guys are so amazing!!!

Great podcast (5/5)

Like all the different voices

It is a good (5/5)

But it does have cliffhangers

The best podcast on ITunes ! (5/5)

I’m hooked! I wish I discovered the podcast sooner!! David, the narrators and producers are truly talented. Bravo guys!

Unbelievable quality! (5/5)

I just started listening from the beginning, and I could not believe how much effort and attention to quality David put into the early seasons, and how he and the contributors have dedicated themselves to keeping the show so good for so long! I’m in the middle of season 5, and I am SO EXCITED to hear what’s coming up!

Horror in the Form of Sound (5/5)

I've listened to this podcast for 3 years now, and I can tell you that I have had nightmares thanks to some of these stories. Now, keep in mind that this isn't a complaint. I love horror and it goes back to 'Are You Afraid of the Dark?', which I feel like this podcast is similar to that for me; it is horror in the form of a story. Some of these stories may be too frightening for the sensitive, or if you don't like audiobooks or narration, you may not like this. I, however, love it and I will continue to listen to it and buy the season passes for the duration of this show. Love it and thanks for the great work you all do!

Overall good but a few duds (5/5)

So, this is one of my fav podcasts. I love that it’s long and I can listen during my commute. It’s a little creepy but never too scary. But this last episode was the worst one to me. I was very meh on the stories. Overall, it’s really good but a few duds here and there.

Best podcast on air! (5/5)

My favorite podcast; keeps me entertained every Sunday night!

Maria (5/5)

I have been a listener since the very first episode, I loved it then and I love it now. I remember when the cast wasn’t so large. But I love how it’s evolving. Great job and Kudos to David Cummings and the whole No sleep gang❤️🤳🏽🧟‍♂️

Don’t listen at night (5/5)

I only listen during the day even at work. I can’t listen at night I am toooo scary. I only found you guys around May of this year and now I am still trying to get caught up with all the shows. But I have also found the Darkest Night, the Lift, and the Wicked Library all through you guys. By helping to support others you guys will continue to be blessed and grow. Keep up the good awesome work.

Best Horror Podcast out there (5/5)

I personally don’t things it gets better the horror short stories, so i love the NoSleep Podcast. Everything about this show is amazing from the amazing actors to the fantastically spooky design. I have purchased every season pass since the beginning and I will keep doing as long as I can!

Fantastic Podcast (5/5)

I really love this podcast. There is only so many true crime podcasts a girl can listen to. I really love the production quality, the host, and ooh the delicious creepy stories. I even have a couple of favorite voice actors I look forward to. If you enjoy some great scary stories take a listen. You will be hooked on your first episode.

Best Podcast Ever (5/5)

I have been listening to this podcast since early 2015. I have never left a review and I am not sure why. I just listened to an episode in the current season, 11, that made me decide to write one. David Cummings let out a public service announcement letting the people threatening to boycott the show if they continued to use LGBTQ characters and actors in there shows, that they would not bow to there threats. I was so proud when he stood up to the bullies. In today’s PC society, organizations tend not to show where they stand. I stand with them and am glad to call myself a loyal listener. Season pass member until the end. I didn’t think I could like the show more but Mr Cummings, Creative Reasoning Media inc, and the nosleep players keep impressing me every step of the way. Thank you Nosleep! # David Alt is my homeboy

I'm in love with this podcast and I recommend it to everyone who loves horror (5/5)

I've purchased every season pass except for Season 7 and 3, but I plan on buying them some day to catch up with some missing episodes. Best horror podcast ever! I want more Search and Rescue stories! That staircase is haunting.

Absolutely astounding (5/5)

This is my favorite podcast. I listen to it every morning on the way to work and also on my way home. I love the creepy stories and the voice actors have an amazing way of delivering them. Keep up the great work!!!

Fantastic (5/5)

Absolutely one of the greatest of it’s kind. I (being a horror fanatic) have personally had to turn it off a night or too before bed. That’s saying a lot.

I love it (5/5)

I love this podcast and I love the stories so awesome :) I was hooked instantly

Actually Scary!!!! (5/5)

I love creepy stories and listen to many “scary” podcast, this is the only one that gives me a scare! Too bad my boss like to come up behind me randomly😂 best scary podcast I’ve ever found.

Amazing (5/5)

Season 5 episode 14 is by far my favorite. Both stories feature a great twist and dark but righteous vigilante justice. I’ve started listening from the very beginning and have been burning through the seasons for weeks now but this one was has been the best.

It's mostly good...mostly. (4/5)

I usually enjoy this podcast but sometimes it gets a bit too P.C. or "progressive" (AKA annoying). Other than that the voice acting is top notch, it's well produced and most of the stories are captivating and entertaining. Give it a listen.

Must listen! (5/5)

Huge collection of episodes, with a lot of classics from nosleep and great special episodes, particularly Halloween and Christmas. Hundreds of hours of stories read by great voice actors.

Decent (4/5)

While I prefer the older seasons the most usually the shows are decent. The stories can be hit or miss at times which is to be expected. The biggest problem is the story tellers. Sometimes they are too over dramatic and it takes away from the actual stories. Other times the voices or accents they try and make are so over the top that again it detracts from the actual story.

The bees knees (5/5)

I listen before bed but its so scary I can’t fall asleep

Just started (5/5)

This is a fun and sometimes chilling podcast... Only downside is some of the stories end right when they are getting good.

Absolute love. (5/5)

I’ve been listening for awhile and never thought to leave a review. I love this podcast, most of the stories are interesting and keeps me drawn in. For myself, it’s all that creepy considering I watch vile and intense horror films. None the least, most the stories are interesting.

One of my favorite shows (5/5)

Where to even begin... This show is amazing. The audio productions of stories is top notch and so well produced. The cast, crew, authors, and David are all amazingly nice people who love what they do and the final product shows that love. Over the years I've had the pleasure of meeting many of them and I have to say that they're the loveliest people to have ever scared me during my commutes.

Second to none (5/5)

Of all the podcasts I subscribe to, there are none which I eagerly await each installment like I do with No Sleep. The entire staff of this production should be proud of what they produce.

Outstanding creepiness (5/5)

Outstanding creepiness, creativity, performance & production! This is the podcast I use to measure other horror fiction podcasts.

Creepy AF! (4/5)

I don’t think EVERY story on here is good or scary, but the majority of them are and some are so creepy they get under your skin for days. This is a favorite for me and my daughter to listen to together.

A Perfect Podcast (5/5)

I find true enjoyment in listening to the soothing stories while doing mundane tasks, such as washing the sheets, bleaching the floorboards, and dragging the fresh corpses up to the attic freezer. Thank you David for always doing such an amazing job preparing and recording these delicacies.

Not really good (2/5)

The production values are very good, but the stories have really started to suffer.

Love it (5/5)

I started listening to the show this year 2000 after accidentally stumbling upon it. I have to say that I am very impress the broad spectrum of stories is amazing the amount of time and effort that goes into the show have to be without a doubt it work passion and love. I love the fact that each story has a different reader to give each one a personal touch with various accents. I hope the show runs forever!

Exactly What You Want (5/5)

I just found this podcast while looking for something to pass the monotony of the workday. So far, I have listened to 10 episodes, and I have yet to be disappointed. It’s like your favorite books have been made into an audio drama. The narrators are fantastic. The production value is top notch. And the chills you will get have nothing to do with the temperature in the room. My favorite story so far has been S11 Episode 8 at 28 minutes into the podcast. It’s an excellent story that builds up to a chilling finale. Thanks to everyone at the Nosleep Podcast for such an excellent production!

My Favorite Podcast (5/5)

I’ve been a listener for five years and it makes me really happy to see how far this podcast has come. Production quality and voice acting have always been top-notch. I can’t recommend this podcast highly enough to people looking for intense horror fiction! If you’re on the fence or not sure where to start, give PenPal a listen. A huge thank you to the crew behind NoSleep- you have helped me through some very tough times in my life. I sincerely appreciate what you do, and you have a listener for life :)

Abuse (1/5)

These are supposed to be spooky stories. Not stories about children being sexually abused. It doesn’t sit well with me. No thanks

Meh (3/5)

I have given this a 5 star before but there are at least two extremely annoying voices that drive me INSANE. They’re just so nasally that I can’t get past it.

Enjoyment in every episode! (5/5)

I look forward to every episode your group produces with top notch narration and really good spooky stories. I listen when I’m trying to loose myself in something. Thanks for all the hard work! Sincerely iamwelderman

Amazing (5/5)

I have been fan since day one. I love this show. It has the best productions values and cast of any horror podcast I have listened too. Astounding craftsmanship. David and the whole crew are the best in the biz. In fact I enjoy the show much I donwloaded Itunes just to leave this review to support them as I'm an Android guy myself.

Seaside Pub (5/5)

Her voice was mesmerizing. I could (and did) listen for hours. The story so well written, alive with vivid detail, painted a literal picture before my eyes. The motley cast of characters was developed each drawing their own set of emotional response from me. What a way to end the season!

The Best and Most Terrifying Addiction (5/5)

I honestly cannot describe how much I adore this podcast. I’ve been horror-obsessed from the first time I ever read Edgar Allen Poe, and this production was, has been, and is everything I needed. I am thoroughly ashamed at how long it took me to discover it, but after the very first episode I found (late 8th season, way behind the curve) it was R.I.P. for any other audio content. David Cummings and his not-so-merry band of narrators and authors have made my everyday commute and many of my spare sleepless hours utterly horrifying, and I can’t say how much joy it’s brought me. Every week I wait impatiently for the next episode, and I’ve yet to be disappointed by any installment. I will be going through the seasons soon and getting each member pass so I can further feed my addiction to their flawless presentations. Genuinely this is the only content I would ever consider spending my money on, and I am so grateful NoSleep exists. Whether you are a hard-core horror fan, just browsing for something interesting to listen to, or anyone in between, this podcast is worth absolutely everyone’s time! (Or every thing’s, they don’t discriminate) Keep the sleepless hours ticking past! **Special shout out for my favorite narrator, Peter Lewis, he is absolutely masterful. (And of course, being another Colorado resident earns some bonus points. Go Denver!)

Love it! (5/5)

Love this podcast! Thank you so much! I can listens to this over and over again and I won’t be tired and still get chills!!

Sleepless For More (5/5)

I started this show a couple of months ago as something that I'd listen to at work for background noise. But boy was I hooked after the first episode! Now that I'm caught up, I'm in a show hole and am constantly craving more!

Spooky (5/5)

Fantastic show. Very scary

Long time fan (5/5)

These stories have been a favourite part of my weekly routine. I get absolutely sunk into every single tale. Keep up the incredible work!

Cringe (1/5)

So corny and mundane. Does nothing for me.

Creepy (5/5)

These stories are so creepy and so well narrated.

So horrifically delicious (5/5)

I want to eat this podcast alive it’s so good! This is definitely a very scary podcast and for all those interested in really well chosen and well written horror fiction than this is the podcast for you! I am utterly transfixed by each episode and anxiously await the next episode. Some of these stories are amazingly disturbing and a few have left permanent scars of torment on my brain! Well done.....just be careful, you’re in for a nightmarish adventure. Also - the host is an incredibly open minded individual whose recent comments about equality amongst all truly left me feel that much more indebted to this podcast.

Better over time (5/5)

Mr. Cummings, you were great when you started and you’ve even got better over the years. Keep bringing his great stories and talent through your no sleep podcast!!! Your cast and your musical guy are all fantastic, thank you guys the whole team is great.

Addictive (5/5)

Have been listening for a couple years now. This is by far my favorite podcast. Nothing but love for all the voice actors, stories, etc.

Incredible! (5/5)

Amazing podcast and such talented collaborators, from the host to the voice actors to the sound designer and of course the authors this show has it all. I look forward each week to the new episode.

My absolute favorite podcast (5/5)

I literally listen to this podcast every day

How I get through my day (5/5)

This podcast is one of the best, it has made my work day amazing!!

My go to podcast! (5/5)

I’ve been listening since season 2 and I can’t get enough! It’s been a joy seeing how this wonderful podcast has grown.

One of the best (5/5)

This podcast has some seriously creepy stories. And some seriously funny humor every now and then. Keep up the brilliant work, nosleep people!

Bravo on the intro for Season11Ep04 (5/5)

I am so happy to hear you say such wonderful words. I didn’t realize the inclusion of our diverse society offended those who listen to the podcast. I was actually under the impression it made the stories feel more genuine and natural, real and all the more scary. The essence of fear, is that no one is immune to its grip. When I heard the story of the couple who picked up the young girl in their car before reaching town, my ears pricked up at the realization they were a gay couple, my heart immediately flourished with joy at the thought. Bravo for your contributions to all communities, and congratulations on all the years of keeping us awake, No Sleep for those who cannot open their eyes to our worlds reality.

Been a listener since 2013! (5/5)

You guys have really grown since then and you guys have always been a part of my life, playing in the background since then haha 🖤🌙👍

Slowly lost its taste (1/5)

First seasons were made pretty well, otherwise only like 10 stories have been worthwhile, and now everything is “in your face” political nowadays, and I am happy not to be a participant of this virtue signaling from everyone. Spoiler alert: Every story the character passes out when being faced with the ghost or monster.

All people accepted (5/5)

I was happy to hear from the host that all horror stories and actors are welcomed on this podcast. And that hate and bigotry and homophobia are not tolerated, loved the podcast before now I can’t live without it. This is a great podcast and group to listen to, thank you .

Chris Huggins (5/5)

David, this is downright freaking scary. There definitely is no sleep. Good job and please please PLEASE keep up the good work💕 far impressed and so are many of my friends and family that now listen to you.

Loving it (5/5)

So I’ve never been a fan of podcasts ,but since I couldn’t concentrate on my job I decided to try them out. Thank god I ran into this one because it helps out alot

Every Horror Fan Can Enjoy (5/5)

This podcast has something every horror fan can enjoy no matter what your taste. From ghosts to mutilation to downright psychological horror, this podcast has every style and subgenre of horror you can imagine.

Everything (5/5)

Best podcast ever. Believe me. Subscribe.

Do you love horror? (5/5)

Then why are you not listening to this podcast?! This show gets better every time!

Hands down, THE BEST AND CREEPIEST (5/5)

I have searched and searched for a podcast that was creepy and could hold my interest. In one year I have listened to every single episode in every single season. I actually caught all the way up during the break between seasons and tried to find other podcasts to listen to while I waited on Season 11 to start. I ended up starting over and listening from Season 1 again. This show is THAT good. I didn’t even remember a lot of the shows I restarted. I highly suggest buying the season pass to get all of the bonus stuff. It’s only $19.99 and worth every penny.

Inclusion is so important (5/5)

I love this podcast. It is one of the only podcasts I consistently listen to, and part of that is the amazingly inclusive nature of it. I decided to write this review after the recent episodes for Pride month where David and the rest of the cast openly and unapologetically embrace LGBTQ listeners and content, which makes me feel so included and represented as part of the No Sleep family. The talent presented here is so unique and quality. I am a lifetime listener! And of course the soothing voices, like David Ault’s, always help...

Best Horror Podcast (5/5)

Excellent stories, narrators and sound effects. Sound quality is the best. I can foresee some phsyco bots will try to harm the reputation of this podcast due to their imaginary beliefs like whispering done words will help them get better mentally but meds will not. So I took a few mins to write what I think about the podcast and the conbies

Excellent storytelling! (5/5)

Talented actors bring to life some very creepy stories! I appreciate that this podcast includes LGBTQ inclusive stories.

More than a podcast (5/5)

You will not only find a podcast, but you will find an amazing fan family! I look forward to this podcast every single week. I work with Cancer fighters and survivors and we use stories like “the pancake family” to remind us that there could be far worse things than cancer and somehow we find humor in “tampon recall” and other stories that bring a beautiful dark comedy to horror! Well done and entertainment till the last taco on taco Tuesday....

Thank you for being a leader! (5/5)

I adore your show and listen eagerly to each episode since I discovered it. But your recent rational and clear shout-out in support of the LGBTQ community made my heart sing. It is not “political” to include shows with characters who come from all the various walks of life. Thank you for putting out great material that is not narrow-minded. I appreciate it a great deal.

This is my favorite show! (5/5)

This is my favorite show! David C is my Hero!

Been a listener for years (5/5)

Don’t even remember how I happened upon no sleep as I wasn’t even a “podcast” type of person beforehand but I am SO glad I did. I eagerly await every episode and love each member of the podcast. Love the inclusivity and appreciate all the hard work that gets put into each story.

Loved this show from the start (5/5)

But taking a shot at folks who are offended by LGBT people appearing in stories, was actually really meaningful. Thank you, it’s been a rough year. I really appreciate it.

Love it! (5/5)

I look forward to this podcast every week and I love it even more after this weeks LGBTQ announcement. Thank you for standing up for common sense equality.

One of the very best horror podcasts available! (5/5)

I look forward to listening every week, and will continue to do so for the life of this podcast. Frequently creepy, sometimes funny, always satisfying.

More like ‘put you to sleep’ amiright?? (1/5)

Found this on Spotify- confused why this is so popular unless it’s for 10 year olds. The stories are almost all terrible- they need to be heavily edited. The readers also need a lot of work- being monotone & community theater level attempts at dramatic flair. I’ve tried episodes from different seasons but it never improves.

Allies (5/5)

I’ve been a fan for a long time but never left a review because I’m lazy. I was thrilled with the announcement that you will stand by the LGBTQIA community and are making an effort to include more stories by/about LGBTQIA people. I was very moved at how you guys handled bigoted backlash. Keep up the great work!

Thank you for the diversity. (5/5)

I found this pod cast a few years ago and have always loved it. I have eagerly turned so many of my friends on to the show. Every episode has its own way of creeping under my skin. Some have even stayed with me to creep me out well after hearing the story. The acting is amazing and always leaves me wanting more. Big thanks to the cast and crew for keeping it creepy and also for standing up for your beliefs.

Support the LGBTQIA community (5/5)

I’ve been a listener for many years and love love love your podcast! I was so happy to hear you statement supporting the LGBTQIA community!

Great!! (5/5)

Hearing the lgbt comment just makes me love this podcast more . I too am a straight man but love the fact that all people are represented! Art is beautiful no matter what congratulations for your awesome pod cast and equally awesome veiw

Scary, respectful, recorded with love (5/5)

One of the best in the genre. Can’t wait to hear the pride episode and thank you! Keep up the great work.

Latest Episode (5/5)

I’ve been a subscriber for awhile now and always enjoy it! I was so happy to hear the message of support today for the LGBTQ writers and contributors to the show. It was so eloquent and beautifully stated. Keep up the amazing work and keep those spooky stories coming!!

Got political (1/5)

I would rate it lower if I could. They let their agenda get in the way of their “product”.

Love the podcast (5/5)

As a fairly new subscriber to the podcast I just wanted to say how happy I was to find a storytelling podcast that cater to my love of horror. After hearing how some listeners were disappointed and stated that they were no longer going to be listening to the podcast because of the LBGTQ community story writers I became disappointed in those listeners. There is No discrimination in horror, it’s about the story it’s about the characters. Keep up the good work and know that you have at least one listener who supports all of your writers and actors and appreciates the stories and the chills that it provides.

Awesome Monologue (5/5)

If I didn’t have a reason to be an avid fan and supporter of this awesome horror podcast, this week (Season 11 Episode 4) pushes me over the edge. The intro monologue was a great thing to hear. In the current social climate support of the LGBTQ community is a great thing to hear and even better to denounce hatred and bigotry in today’s world. I support this podcast and everyone involved in it and applaud you for not giving in to close mindedness!

Fantastic Podcast whith many unique stories (5/5)

I love this podcast and look forward to the new episode every week! The stories are amazing and its just a great listen. Fully recommend!!!

Great show (5/5)

I just wanted say thank you, for being inclusive for all. My daughter is lgbtq, i think thats what it is you guys are great. If people don’t want to listen then is their loss.

Lovely (5/5)

I’ve been a fan for around 2 years. This week the announcement of the support of your LGBTQ community pushed me to write a review. I am not a member of the LGTBQ community but I ardently believe in equal rights. I sometimes work on ‘Modern Family’ as an actress and I was so disheartened to hear this subject was unpleasing to some of your listeners. For my part- it made me happy and I have even more respect for your program and that you refuse to be bullied by some who refuse to understand that love is love. Much respect and I am a huge fan of your podcast. ❤️

Representation for all!!! (5/5)

MUCHAS GRACIAS David & NSP team!!!! Excited for the celebratory Pride episode next week! 🏳️‍🌈✨🙌🏽

Diversity (5/5)

Thanks for including LGBTQ.. in your stories. All respect from Kansas.

Thanks for your message (5/5)

Mr. Cummings, I was very sorry to hear that some listeners are so opposed to LGBTQ characters and authors that they will stop listening to your amazing podcast. Well, so sad for them. Thank you for clarifying your sensibilities for them. I am, once again, very impressed by this podcast; for different reasons this time. Keep up the great work. I look forward to amazing horror fiction from every amazing author you come across. THANK YOU

Appreciation (4/5)

While I haven’t been as pleased with stories from more recent seasons, there are definitely some I still enjoy...but whatever, I realize coming up with multiple scary short stories every week has to be a difficult task. We still listen to every episode every weekend. We also saw a live performance February 2017. Thank you, No Sleep folk, for all of your hard work. Also, my wife & I are pleased, & looking forward to next weeks episode featuring LGBTQIA authors. As hinted, I am a member of that community. Unlike the previous reviewer, I’m not upset by this weeks episode including comments on LGBTQIA. Granted, this is an assumption, but I don’t think the topic would’ve been mentioned had people not expressed their disgust with same sex characters. Same sex characters have been in episodes, like David said, & the show didn’t feel the need to voice their support for the community before/after those stories. I appreciated the defense & sentiment. So, thank you...for support & for the show! So

THE BEST (5/5)

Not only is this podcast creative and SO scary, but it strives to be inclusive to ALL fans of horror without discrimination. Keep up the GREAT work!

Thank you! (5/5)

I've been a listener for about 3 years now I really appreciate seeing LGBTQ people in the stories it helps me get into the stories being a part of the LGBTQ community myself, thank you so much for the support on your latest podcast! I can't wait to listen to next weeks!! It breaks my heart to think people would stop listening because of that reason but thank you for being supportive regardless!

Super Mega Kudos! (5/5)

Thank you for standing up for the LGBT community, even though it shouldn’t be necessary in 2018. I don’t care one way or the other if the characters in the tales are hetero or homo; what matters is how y’all’s tales makes me tinkle a little bit with fear (in a good way). Please never stop the good work. My favorite day of the week is Sunday, thanks to y’all.

amazing stories!! (5/5)

love your stories and have been and always will be a season pass supporter!! keep up the great work!!!

Road Trip Staple (5/5)

I love horror fiction, and I’m so glad I chanced upon this podcast last year. The great story selection and expressive narrators have accompanied me over many long road trips, and now I try to fit a listen in over my daily commute too. Would strongly recommend it to anyone who loves horror.

Couldn’t ask for more (5/5)

7 years and I’m still here.. even when you had the season pass, you still give the same quality we had the first two season. Thank you very much! Y’all are the best!

My Favorite! (5/5)

This is absolutely my favorite podcasts of all genres, but especially the horror genre. There is something for everyone here. The production has only gotten better and the voice actors are phenomenal. I am a season pass holder and have never regretted it.

I never thought it would be this good (5/5)

Almost every road trip with my dad he puts this on and I’m 9 years old I want more episodes my favorites are the school lunch lady one and the one with gravestone icon Thank you for scaring me forever I’m not even scared

My Favorite Podcast (5/5)

No Sleep is what got me into the podcast world. I listen to many a different genres but No Sleep still continues to be my favorite. When I have a bad day I find myself putting on No Sleep as sort of a comfort; comfort in its own way. Hope there are 11 more seasons! PS: Nikolle Doolin we need more of your voice ❤️

Favorite (5/5)

I have a lot of podcast that I listen to but this is by far my favorite. I love scary stories and urban myths and you guys deliver every time

A must-listen podcast (5/5)

I have been through all of the free episodes twice! I listen to it while programming at work and I am always excited for more! Be warned! They will have you noticing things out of the corner of your eye! Update: I have now listened to this series all the way through 4 times now and am still keeping up with the newest episodes. Please keep up the great work!

Made horror entertaining again (5/5)

Dark, twisted, shocking, and sometimes terrifying Stories written from all over from talented folks and an outstanding voice acting crew, not to mention the production team, all the way to the host. Always entertaining. As a long time free listener, seeing the show progress, and now finally getting a season pass, it is 100% worth it. And the nosleep tour is a 1000xs times worth it. If they come your way, pick up a ticket

Amazing show! But... (5/5)

I have been listening to the no sleep podcast for 3-4 years now. I highly recommend the show to anyone who enjoys chilling/bizarre storytelling!! I have introduced the show to many friends and family. The shows actors and producer are amazing people with amazing talent! You guys have been an inspiration to me to pickup my art again! But... The staff that runs the Facebook page/group not so much. I actually have a slight ptsd when listening and it’s all because of the Admin Krista. She is a disheartening part of the no sleep crew. She is rude to the listeners in the group. She is quick to ban people for petty little things. She has ruined the interactive experience of the no sleep podcast. She blames the fans but it’s actually her attitude and her self righteousness about the way she runs things. She’s not alone, to this day the admins take away from the no sleep experience by belittling the fans and being abusive of their power and their ideology of how things should be.

Best horror podcast ever (5/5)

This show is just amazing for anyone who likes to be really creeped out. The depth of the backlog is staggering and it’s all tremendously well done horror, from an amazingly deep cast of extremely talented voice actors. 10 out of 10!!!! I have no affiliation to the show, I just want to lure mean, pay it forward to the next soul to be devoured by its ichorous slithering tendrils to whom I mean, person who will surely be safely entertained by its sonic bliss.

My new favorite!!! (5/5)

This just keeps getting better and better every season!

Love it!! (5/5)

I listen to this podcast at work everyday! It’s great!!

Best horror podcast (5/5)

This is literally one of the best podcasts ever!

Enjoy (5/5)

Omg I just love this podcast

Superb! (5/5)

The great stories, voice talents, and the amazing production qualities — There’s everything to love about this podcast! I discovered NoSleep a few seasons ago. After listening to 2 episodes I bought season passes to every season and listened nonstop until I was caught up. I’ve been a faithful listener and season pass holder ever since.

Best Horror Podcast Outhere (5/5)

I’m an avid horror fiction podcast fan. The Dark Tome, Creepy, Small Town Horror, Midnight Marinara, The Black Tapes, while all of them have wonderful stories and have their own things to bring to the table, NoSleep keeps bringing the best variety, production, and awesome voice acting.

Favorite! (5/5)

I absolutely love this podcast! Great season ender! I’m thrilled to go back to the beginning and listen to all of the past episodes! Thanks for the spooky stories!

Worth a listen (5/5)

Always great to hear independent fiction. Love the vibes of this show.

Brilliant. (5/5)

Wonderfully written and flawlessly executed, this podcast is the gold standard of storytelling. It doesn't get much better than this.

Love it (5/5)

I love this podcast!!! I love podcasts period , but this is one of the best for sure...also,Seaside British Pub and return to Seaside British Pub 👍👍👍👍👍that was so awesome 👏👏👏I really LOVED THAT ONE!!!

Blown Away (5/5)

Just finished season 10 finale and it was such a good tale acted out so well, I swear I saw it with my ears!

So good (5/5)

By far one of my favorite shows

The very top in serious horror. (5/5)

I am so glad I found The No Sleep Podcast- they are truly professional in their good the group now travels and does the show live for sold-out audiences across the country. This is serious horror for serious horror fans. Their success is well deserved- be prepared, the stories can be deeply frightening, even disturbing. I greatly enjoy this amazing podcast.

Omg best horror podcast (5/5)

I found this podcast a couple of weeks ago and CANT STOP listening. I’m enjoying catching up from the first episode. Currently on the 30th!

Mostly Good - Some Side Eye (4/5)

This podcast has some pretty awesome stories. It’s not always especially frightening but usually still entertaining. However, some of the stories included had grammatical habits that are a little annoying (pro-drinking tip: take a shot for every “as such”). And sometimes, some of the stories can run tired racial character cliches - passive, Vietnamese women, etc. The stories are generally good though.

The Best Podcast for Horror (5/5)

No Sleep is above the rest. I listen while working and find myself looking over my shoulder.

Excellent (5/5)

This is the perfect podcast to binge. Sometimes you can’t really listen to older episodes of a podcast because it just didn’t hold with time. Not the case here! I started with season 1 and listened to each episode while at work. The technical side is excellent as well and the narrators get better and better with each season. One of my favorite podcasts right now!

Greatest. (5/5)

Anything ghost is a true gem to podcast, it’s been a go to, for me, for many years. Thank You Lex....... Everybody that enjoys Paranormal, and original music, (which is), the best part. It’s all created from Lex Wahl. Thank You Lex, and Take Care.

Damion blue (5/5)

Best podcast I have in my library can’t Waite for Saturdays to listen to new episode. Keep it up

Nothing short of brilliant (5/5)

Everything about this podcast grabs the listerner and pulls them in deeper and deeper. The atmospherics, writing, and voice acting are extremely high quality. David Cummings, the producer and host, has a dry and self-deprecating sense of humor. Voice actors David Ault, Jessica McEvoy, Peter Lewis, Nikolle Doolin, Erika Sanderson, Mike Delgaudio, and many others bring the weekly stories to life and genuinely seem to have fun while doing so. I have listened to every episode from the beginning of the series and it just keeps getting better. This is one of the few podcasts I believe are worth the money I pay for it. Nosleep is not for everyone, but if you enjoy, scary, thought-provoking horror stories, step on up. You won't be disappointed.

Love it! (5/5)

I love this show. Wish I would have found it earlier. Keep up the great work!

Good (5/5)

Too spoopy for you

NSPC (5/5)

Always entertaining.

Always Phenomenal (5/5)

I work the night shift in a lab and this podcast helps get me through the long hours! The latest episode with Driftwood was INCREDIBLE! Keep it up, guys!

Listen!! (5/5)

Such a great show! Keeps me entertained during my commute. Highly recommend!!

Highlight of my week (5/5)

Each week the stories presented range from spooky to downright chilling! Makes every new episode that shows up in my feed a joy. The voice actors, the writers who contribute, the editors, the sound designers and the music is all superb. Do your ears a favor and get to listening!

Monotonous reading is not horror narration (1/5)

I don't know what these other people were listening to. I was hoping for something scary, what I got was people with good equipment falling in love with the sounds of their voices with no connection to the material over some irrelevant sound effects and ambient noise. Good engineering is not good production and is certainly no replacement for quality writing and acting, both of which are absent here. It actually made me angry.

Yes! (5/5)

This has been a part of my Sunday routine for a while and it is always something I look forward to. The micro horror stories are my favorite and would love more of those ! Horror fans will enjoy this for sure. Start from the very beginning, a lot of the creepiest in my opinion are in the earlier seasons.

👽 (5/5)

A delicious weekly serving of horror in various imaginative stories that certainly engage and enthrall, as well as spine tingle. Even the not so great episodes are definitely better than average. Subscribed and never unsubscribing. 😈💀

obsessed! (5/5)

amazing podcast! ive been listening to the podcast for about 2 years, catching up on every single episode and i am in love! (im still on season 9)

Terrifyingly amazing! (5/5)

I listen to this podcast at work and I’m sure my coworkers wonder why I’m sitting there with horrified expressions on my face. The narrators are crisp and clear with an amazing gift for telling these stories in manners which have you hooked. I wish the stories wouldn’t leave you hanging but that is on the authors, not the podcast. I love when they have episodes that are a series of stories from the same author. Penpals was definitely a favorite of mine and kept me hooked. This podcasts helps pass my time at work and keep me coming back to hear new narrators, stories, and see how the podcast keeps evolving to produce fantastic work. Amazing job!

Thrilling (5/5)

LOVE this podcast! Every episode delivers unique scary/horror/thriller stories. The caliber of not only the stories but the actors is top notch. Absolutely obsessed. Keep them coming!

Long time fan (5/5)

I often find myself staring at nothing in the kitchen listening to the climax of a story build. These guys are so good and entertaining. LOVED your One Headed Hound spoof on April fools. It would be fun to have a spoof a month. You guys can do comedy well too!

Good but have to pay for full length (edited) (2/5)

*Update* They now have 2 minute long commercials at the beginning of the episodes (I’m on S6) and yet they still make you pay! David, why?!?! I love NoSleep. I read them regularly. When I found out about the podcast I was SO excited. The first seasons were great, full length episodes and good stories. Since it got popular they changed to make you pay for full length. I thought the point of a podcast was to be free....

Used to be good (1/5)

These five star reviews are most definitely not from people listening to the most recent seasons. Don’t get me wrong, the early episodes are definitely five-star material, but the most recent episodes are so terrible I had to give one star. The stories aren’t scary at all. Sometimes they’re just sad, literally. I think I heard one recently where an old lady fell and hurt herself and didn’t have anyone around to help so she died and rats ate at her body. There was like a 30-minute lead up to THAT. Not even scary, just really depressing. And they seriously had 5 voice actors on that story. Who tf gave the green light for that one? I don’t know what they’re thinking anymore. If you like horror do yourself a favor and listen the the first three or four seasons then maybe checkout Creepy podcast or something else.

My all-time favorite podcast! (5/5)

David Cummings leads a fantastic group of Nosleep Players, including the GOAT, Peter Joseph Lewis! Definitely get the Season Passes. They are more than worth it!

Best Horror Show in Any Media Format (5/5)

This is hands down the highest quality writing, performing and production of any horror content in any media format. This is not only the gold standard of the horror genre but podcasting and storytelling as a whole. Bravo David and No Sleep Players!

Never fails to please (5/5)

I never fail to love an episode — there’s always at least one story per episode that I find compelling for one reason or another, and much more often more than one. They do an excellent job selecting and executing the stories! Love, love!

Love! (5/5)

I listen to this podcast while at work and it is a great way to pass the time! I’ve always been a fan of /r/nosleep on Reddit and when I found this podcast, I was ecstatic! Love the selection of stories provided!!

Great! (5/5)

I love this show, you will too

A standout in the genre (5/5)

With so many great stories, A wonderful cast, a true podcast gem.

The best in horror fiction podcasts (5/5)

I absolutely love this podcast. It's the only horror fiction podcast on my ipod because I tried countless others on itunes and this one stands a head above the rest. I love the host and the cast, and I enjoyed listening over the years as the show evolved from a smaller production to now going live around the world. Please come to DC! Until now, I haven't been able to afford the paid subscription you can get on their site, but it opens up more content. I'm happy to have found this podcast and I really hope they continue for years to come.

Great Pastime (5/5)

I listen to episodes of the show after shift every day at home and especially here while deployed to the Middle East. Amazing progression from season one!

Stories are great but... (5/5)

I like all the narrators and the stories in this podcast but there is one person that kind of... what’s the word... irritates me? His narration is fine sometimes but other times, I think he’s trying too hard and when he does this “sucking” noises, it just irritates me. In season 10, episode 12. He plays the pastor in the story, “So Praise him”. I think his name is Peter Lewis. It’s just me but I think he needs to tune it down a bit with the sucking in his breath thru his teeth. Other than that, stories are well written and narrated most of the times. There are a few stories about children that breaks my heart. Those I rather not listen to. It more heart shattering than scary.

Love, Love, LOVE this podcast (5/5)

I was introduced to this podcast about a month and half ago, I am obsessed!! Haven’t listened to anything but this podcast since! I may need an intervention!

It’s Horror but at a price (3/5)

I love horror so this podcast is an easy like for me. The stories are well written but the talent of the tellers is very good. There are a few readers that feel like the same character each time you hear them in different stories and the subscription system they’ve had in place since I think season 3 is irrelevant, except to simply line their pockets. As they have paid by advertisers to help with funding and have had for multiple seasons. So the paid sub is just to give themselves all bonuses. So if you want to get to the story telling you can pretty much skip the first 10 minutes of the podcast because all it is is: paid advertising, intro, join our subscription service and then finally we get to the story.

Such a great podcast (5/5)

Has just gotten better and better over the years, amazing! Keep up the great work!

My # 1 (5/5)

This is by far the best podcast out there. I miss the days when I was binging it. Much love to all of the NSP crew, you all deserve a standing ovation. Cheers!

It used to be much better! (4/5)

Ever since they started doing those ridiculous(IMO) 20min stories at the beginning that have nothing to do with the actual show. I assume they’re long stories that turn out to be ads. I ffw after trying to listen to one but it got so aggravating I pretty much quit this podcast. I’ve heard over 100 of them and used to be one of my go2 casts. I know you have to do ads and it is important to the support of the show but geez!

No Sleep ~Feedback (5/5)

I LOVE this podcast, but not a fan of the new format. The intro/outro, long story feels forced, intrusive to the stories I tune in for, and sounds a little cartoony. I love this show, am a huge fan, bought tickets to the tour and will continue to listen, but I must be honest in saying I get annoyed now and fast forward the intro and outro long stories that are not the main stories. Said with love! S

I LOVE this show!!! (5/5)

I think this show is spectacular!!! I love the stories and the suspense!!! I’ve been wanting to hear something like this for a long time! How would I be a voice actor on this show?? I would totally love to be a part of this!!! If you haven’t heard this show, get 👏🏼 to 👏🏼 it! - Jeff

Sad to say it isn’t the same! (2/5)

NoSleep used to be one of my favorite podcasts but the most recent seasons have been anything but scary. Not only are the stories not scary but the advertisements are out of control. It can take more than 15 minutes to get the first story. Who wants to sit through 15 minutes of unfunny advertisements for Nature Box? NoSleep used to keep me up at night because the stories would scare me so badly but they’ve seriously watered down the horror. I’d definitely recommend the earlier seasons but skip season 10 entirely, it’s by far the worst.

Amazing! (5/5)

Great and creepy stories!

Great spooky podcast (5/5)

I love listening to these at work. They help me great through the day. I find that I really enjoy the longer stories. Some episodes have 1-2 hours stories, those are my favorite! But all the stories keep intrigued and creeped out. 100% would recommend!

Words can’t explain. (5/5)

I absolutely love this podcast. It’s everything a horror fan would want. It’s a mixed variety and sure you won’t love every single story, however I find myself listening to this podcast more than I watch tv now. Please keep this going. I will support in anyway I can.

The best by far. (5/5)

The music, the stories, the voices are what makes this podcast the superior in this category. David Cummings is hilarious and also very talented. Will listen to this one till I kick. Thank you all for the hard work. S.Gonzalez North Texas

Always on the edge of my seat! (5/5)

I started listening to The No Sleep Podcast a couple years ago & have been hooked since!! I’ve tried out almost every “Scary Story” Podcast there is looking for one I’d enjoy and this is the BEST ONE! The stories are interesting & always keep my attention. Always excited when I get my notification that there’s a new one available! I actually got season 10 paid the $20.00 And if you knew me you’d know it had to be good for me to pay for it 😂.... anyone that enjoys a good scary story needs to tune into this podcast it’s actually really good!

Yes! (5/5)

This podcast is the best

Amazing Podcast (5/5)

I have been listening to this podcast for many years now. I have to say that no matter what the stories have always been top notch! So excited to continue listening!

Love this podcasts (5/5)

If you’re not a season pass member, you are missing out big time. If you enjoy this podcasts on the free level, spend 20 bucks for the full episodes.

My commute partner (5/5)

This podcast keeps me awake and alert during my long commute to and from work everyday. Love this podcast! By the way, thank you for introducing the podcast Congeria, is really good!

Great Podcast; Amazing Community and Support (5/5)

This is the only podcast that I actually pay the premium price for and I gladly pay it every few months! The sense of excitement every Sunday as I wait for a new episode is worth every penny. No other podcast team has such responsive team members either. I have a problem? They respond within an hour with it fixed. Question on Reddit? Mikerowphone aka D. Cummings responds personally.. I mean seriously, what’s not to love about the no sleep podcast? I also haven’t slept in 3 years which has made me way more productive... and also a cannibal

Very Self serving (1/5)

more than half the stories are from a girl that works for the podcast as the person that chooses the stories each week

OMGolly!!! (5/5)

I simply ADORE your PodCast. It is beyond Epic, and I highly recommend it to all horror aficionados who need a Podcast you can really sink your fangs into!!!

So well done (5/5)

Not only are these original stories, but the quality of each episode is fantastic. This podcast must take a huge amount of work to make. If you are looking to be told a story or rather to feel like you are experiencing a story this podcast is for you!

Needs a movie or show! (5/5)

I love the show. I would love to see an anthology style show or movie based on the stories from the podcast. Still featuring the same performers of course.

Omg (1/5)

Worst podcast. Self centered to the core. They amuse themselves. Booo

Amazing stories (5/5)

Totally worth listening to! I listen to it all the time at work and it makes the day go by so fast!

Always waiting for more (5/5)

This show gives me tingles. Love the whole crew.

Boy Was I Wrong (1/5)

I left a glowing review for the podcast way back when. Oh, what a goose I am. I gladly paid for the season pass for what seemed like years. I was excited every Sunday to download a new epsode of the podcast. I kept hoping for a scary story or two and less voice work from the host whose talent free voice made me cringe. And yet every week there were zero creepy stories and more and more "acting" from the host in each episode. It got to the point where I would fast forward through every story David "acted" in. Then I would FF every story I found dull and boring until I realized I was paying to listen to maybe 45 minutes a week. I tried just listening to the free eps and not paying and guess what? David has managed to wedge his "voice talents" into almost every story! The first story I listened to was boring, the second one was mainly David putting on an "accent". Holy lord it was excruciating. I gave up and deleted all of Nosleep from my iTunes. Im out. Its too bad considering the early days of the show were really interesting. If the host could check his ego at the door and realize he needs to take acting lessons it would help the public at large. Please, David, I beg of you, stay out of the show, you cant act, nor can you do accents. Its not funny ha ha or funny sheesh, its funny I quit.

greatest (5/5)

if i had to pick olny one podcast to listen to for the rest of my life it would be this one from episode 1 i have fallen in love with this podcast. i was at a stedy pase lestening to it and once i found out they had a subscription with bounuses i had to get those. i recomend it to anyone who ask if i know any good podcast.

Perfect (5/5)

I absolutely love this podcast. I’ve been an avid listener since season 6, but once I started I was hooked and I went back and listened to every single episode. If I had the money on hand I’d be a season pass holder. I’m not crazy about the demonic episodes, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE the episodes about medical horror or things of that nature. The stories are always new and exciting, the voice acting is superb (Jessica mcevoy is my favorite!) and I’m always left wanting more. It’s my favorite podcast!

Excellent all-around (5/5)

This podcast very quickly became one of my favorites when I discovered it several months ago, and I’ve since gone through almost all of the past episodes. The quality is all-around GREAT: the writing, acting, and production values are all top-notch, and I genuinely look forward to the next episode every single week. Plus, it’s one of the VERY few podcasts where I actually listen to the ads, because they make them so entertaining! Thanks to the NoSleep team for making an amazing podcast for us horror fans.

Binge listening at this very moment. (4/5)

Love this podcast, especially since spend 2 hours a day in the car every day. My only complaint is that Jessica McEvoy over-pronounces words and letters (especially the “t”s in words and putting a hard “g” on the ends of words ending in “-ing”, making them sound unnatural) to the point of being annoying at times, making the narration not match the character in the story. Other than that, love the stories and the scare I get when driving home in the dark listening to this podcast.

Love it! (5/5)

Thanks for the hard work!

Love this pod cast (5/5)

I absolutely love this Podcast. I really Recommend the season passes.

Amazing series (5/5)

I love listening to this series. Whether on my way to/from work but mostly when I’m driving for 16+ days at a time. Excellent work.

Amazing podcast (5/5)

I don’t have enough praise for this podcast. The work and love that goes in to each episode is obvious. I love listening to these stories well into the night.

Great stories, horrible host (2/5)

The stories in this podcast are great. Obviously, they come from the no sleep subreddit, which is home to many great podcasts. My main gripe with this podcast is the host, I get a feeling that he loves to hear himself talk. The podcast itself doesn't start until about 5+ minutes in, so I always have to slam the skip 15 seconds button about 24 times before I can settle in and listen. I understand the need to include advertisements, but sometimes he just seems to ramble on and on. Sometimes the music works really well, other times it's too loud and too dramatic. In all honestly, I appreciate the effort put it in by the many voice actors that are involved in this show. Lastly, David Cummings needs to STOP trying to use foreign accents, they are borderline offensive.

Creepy and Creative (4/5)

I love to listen to this podcast at work. The stories are very creepy and very creative. My only complaint is that some stories have a very whiny complaining character/narrator which is very annoying to listen to.

Great to drive to in the middle of the night (5/5)

How I discovered this podcast was at 2 a.m trying to stay awake. I can’t even begin to say how this podcast saved me doing exactly that. Driving through Kansas is awful and so boring. Finding this podcast perked up my night better than coffee. I am excited every week for a new episode and have grown to like certain voice actors and get more excited when their telling the story. Sometimes the stories lack the suspense I really love but always still an amazing listen.

A+ Podcast (5/5)

NoSleep has easily become my favorite podcast over the past few months. The stories are intriguing and the voice actor team is amazing. I especially love Jessica McEvoy. Can't wait to see them live in Washington D.C. in March!

Great podcast! (5/5)

I really enjoy this podcast as I am a fear enthusiast! My question for the staff, or anyone who can answer it is are the individual stories (not whole episodes) cut short in the free version? Because I feel like so many of the stories end almost abruptly at odd points in the story. Never feels like a complete story so its why I have held back on purchasing the paid version because I don't want even more stories that still feel like they don't have a proper ending. Thanks too anyone who can help!!

Latest Season Quality Spotty af (3/5)

I’m late to the game on this podcast, but I spent a good month or two compulsively binge listening to older seasons. Now I’m not hear to compare the old vs. new. The last season is what got me hooked (though yeah, the older ones are definitely better). This season man. I dunno. A lot of them just don’t make a bit of sense and aren’t even creepy or thought provoking. They need to do something different and soon. It’s getting to the point that I think they’re hiding all the good stuff behind their ridiculous paywall. I would understand $20 for access behind it period, but having to renew it every season is bloody insane. I understand that running a podcast isn’t cheap, especially one of this calibre, but come on. Anyway, here’s hoping the second half of the season picks up some. One last note: As many other people have pointed out, it might be time to regulate the host strictly to hosting duties. His cheesiness is fine for introducing things. It’s actually a bit of a palate cleanse when the stories are actually intense, but I don’t feel it’s necessary for him to do voice work anymore. No Sleep has plenty of other regular talent as well as enough popularity to pull new talent. His inability to get out of his radio voice mode is really jarring and hard to take seriously. If it’s some kinda contractual thing, maybe choose the stories that are more geared toward his vocal style. I really wish this could be nicer. A month ago it would have been, but now? I dunno. I’m starting to see the truth in the other negative reviews I’ve seen.

It’s just meh (1/5)

I feel like they find all the blah episodes and I HATE that you can’t get full stories without paying. If this wasn’t a thing I would be more inclined to contribute. Also so much talking and not enough stories.

Rarely scary (2/5)

There are a lot of talented voice actors and editors working in this podcast. Most of the time, the episodes get by being entertaining thanks the the amount of talent at work. However, the stories usually appeal to the least common denominator of horror. The gross out factor is often appealed to, which is hardly ever scary. Horror is at its best when there are unexpected twists, turns, or appeals to true terror. But this podcast seems to favor disgust, and stories VERY rarely contain any frightening twist. When there is a “twist” it is poorly executed, usually containing no forshadowing at all, as if the author ran out of ideas and just racked on a “twist” at the end in order to scramble up an ending to the story (just listen to one of the stories in a recent episode “Drool” and you’ll understand what I’m talking about). Most of the endings can be guessed within the first few minutes of the story. I support their attempt to bring voice to new writers, but perhaps the channel needs to reevaluate their own definition of horror before moving forward and picking new stories. I spend an apt amount of time on the nosleep thread on reddit, and there are tons of actually frightening stories on there that this podcast overlooks in favor of gross out, shoddy writing.

All of them (5/5)

Love it

Predictable story lines (2/5)

This is fan-fic quality writing. Very formulaic. Not quality.

Best Horror Podcast out There (5/5)

A mix of horror stories M.C.'s by a host who manages to bring some light and fun to the episode without make it corny. I attending one of their live shows, really fun stuff, great voice actors.

The best!!!! (5/5)

Hands down the best horror fiction podcast!! I have yet to find another that even comes close!

Mixed Review (3/5)

On one hand, I really like the concept of this podcast. It reminds me of the old radio shows you would expect to hear before television. However, I am upset about all the unnecessary expletives. The actors could get the same point across without the foul language.

Keep listening (5/5)

This podcast is amazing no doubt, but for those of you starting from the beginning I need to let you know it wasn’t very good then but it is nothing short of amazing now and if you want to start from the beginning even if it’s not enjoyable keep listening or skip ahead. it is still worth listening to now

Are you Afraid of the Dark all Grown Up.. (5/5)

The best podcast hands down. Well written. Well narrated. I’ll never get sick of his show! Love you guys so much!

Well Done! (5/5)

I’m loving this spooky podcast! The voice acting, music, and writing is awesome! Been listening everyday!

Great (5/5)

Great stories, great actors, great live, and the best narrator. One of my favorite podcasts 🤘🏼

Long time listener (5/5)

This is my go to podcast, This is some seriously good stuff especially if horror is your thing. The host is great and he really knows how to get you sucked in. I highly recommend it and I’m sure you’ll like it also. I listen to it every night, it helps me wind down and go to sleep.

Great spooky listening! (5/5)

I love listening to the various writing styles and skillful narration. It makes for great creepy listening as I work at night. ☠️👻😈

Give It A Try (4/5)

The NoSleep Podcast does a fantastic job at maintaining a scary mood with its music and narration. Firstly, the storytelling is amazing. Secondly, some people may find the music in the background annoying, but I find that it matches the tone of the podcast and doesn't distract me. The voice acting could be better, but I am not extremely bothered by it. Also, I wish the intro of every podcast episode was a little more in-depth or more smooth, because right now I think the intros are a little jumpy and confusing. Still, I would definitely give this podcast a try.

Keep it (5/5)


Thank You For This Podcast!! (5/5)

Definitely One Of My Top 3 Podcasts

Best of the best!!! (5/5)

Great stories and narration.

Best storytelling (5/5)

Love the stories. Some can really turn the stomach. The narrators are great. I’m looking forward to seeing them live this year.

My favorite podcast!!! (5/5)

If you haven’t listened to this podcast and you like creepy/frightening/bizarre stories, paired with AMAZING ACTORS THEN YOU NEED TO DOWNLOAD AND LISTEN TO THIS PODCAST!!!!

Where have you been all my life? (5/5)

I just discovered reddit this past year- i don’t know what rock I was under. I started listening to the podcast from the beginning a few months ago. You all do such an amazing job! These stories aren’t just corny stories- most of the time they legit freak me out. I listen in the car whenever I can and also when I clean up from the day at night. I’m a SAHM and my nights are my “me time”. Ya’ll make my nights!! Thank you so much for all you do!!!

I love it (5/5)

I started listening a few months ago on Spotify as it was recommended by a friend. Almost to season 5 and I’m in love. I can’t afford to buy all the season passes from 3-12 at the rate I listen . Although, once I’ve caught up to date I will purchase the season pass going forward. If you love horror this is for you. The work Dave puts into the show shows. Stay encouraged man!

Favorite podcast of all time! (5/5)

You guys are amazing!

Excellent (5/5)

This is the horror podcast I measure all others to & most unfortunately fall short.