Aggregated reviews for The Rachel Maddow Show

Rachel Maddow works with unmatched rigor and resolve to explain our complex world and deliver news in a way that's illuminating and dynamic, connecting the dots to make sense of complex issues. Join her every weeknight as she provides in-depth reporting to illuminate the current state of political affairs and reveals the importance of transparency and accountability from our leaders.

Rachel   (5/5)

Pleeeease CAN the background music while Rachel (or any host) speaks. It is MOST annoying!!!!

Background noises terrible   (5/5)

While I absolutely love listening to your show the noises in the background are like chaulk screeching on a blackboard. Previously it sounded like someone clicking a pen and today it sounds like either a very slow tennis game or weird water drip. Please techs get this figured out.

Excellent   (5/5)

Rachel Maddow spends enough time on a story to make sure you understand the background and gain critical insight and understanding. I hope someone can diagnose and fix the clicks/chirps. Must be a digital artifact from the encoding software?

Rachel Maddow   (5/5)

Rachel, as always is the best or at least one of the top best news anchor: intelligent, assertive, well prepare, etc...

News that comes with background   (5/5)

Beyond Maddow’s poignant attention to important issues of the day, and her sharp and enthusiastic wit, is her ability to conceptualize a topic with a history and relevant information. Consequently, I walk away with a wealth of information, well equipped to meditate and respond with a reasonable conversation with others.

The best   (5/5)

Rachel, I have been listening to your show for a few years and I appreciate your information. Please keep it up. I wish your show should be longer. I love in how you gather your facts and corroboration. Thank you very much Omar Avalos.

Thanks for keeping me sane...   (5/5)

Every night I’m looking forward to your thoughtful analysis of current events. What would we do without incredible smart journalists like you? Thank you, Rachel, for all you do.

Clicking   (5/5)

What is the clicking I’ve been hearing in the last couple of podcasts?

Sound problem   (5/5)

On the last two audio podcasts, including Michele Obama’s speech, it was difficult to listen due to an annoying intermittent sound. Just wondering if others have been experiencing the same problem.

What is that clicking noise ???   (1/5)

I've noticed it the last few times I've listened to MSNBC podcasts. Annoying.

Should Be Called Communism Today   (1/5)

This podcast is utter garbage unless you hate America and the Constitution. Pretty much enough said.

Poor sound for convention coverage   (2/5)

The most annoying feedback is present in the background sound on the convention coverage. Sounds like a melange or cutlery clanking and sucking dentures. Please fix. Today is the second day.

Best podcast for the latest news!   (5/5)

This is the most informative, well vetted news source available. Her delivery is strong yet easy to listen to. I watch her show every evening but definitely get more out of her show when listening at night though headphones to the podcast. She’s an amazing journalist and storyteller.

Show is great, fix the audio   (5/5)

MSNBC fixed morning joes audio, but it sounds like they moved the issue to your show. Listening to the First Lady with nothing but pops and skips.

If you’re gonna rate the pod, at least listen to it   (5/5)

Great content. Great reporting. Inconsistent release times and host takes too much vacation. I want to go on vacation as often as Rachel.

Conspirator   (1/5)

She's just a conspiritor with no evidence for any of her claims. Also she's super ugly. I mean how do people stand looking at her face all day on national news. Lol 😆

Garbage   (1/5)

Trash 🗑

Slave owner Kamala   (1/5)

Kamala’s father wrote a book on how their family owned 200 African and Creole slaves in Jamaica in 1821. Will BLM ask for reparations? How do you square the circle of tearing down statues of former slave owners, but then elect a former slave owner?

I’ll   (5/5)

Polw is I’llwlwgsoke

Here you are!   (5/5)

I am so grateful I found this pod. I love the tv program but can not alway stay up late enough to watch. The pod allows me to stay current!

One of the best   (5/5)

This is such a great show. Maddow takes the time to dig into the meat of a subject. She doesn’t condescend to her audience. Her show is well researched. We need more of this in our news.

you rock!   (5/5)

thank you for your pod cast. love it! 1 question can you pount me in the direction to a pod cast that would spel out the Dem platform? i want i to be informed properly but reading the platform is a bit confusing. thank you in advance!!

Blind Followers   (1/5)

All this show is, is conspiracy after conspiracy. No better than the tin foiled hat nut job spewing this stuff in your neighborhood.

Holy cow   (5/5)

I first became acquainted with your show a couple of years back. I now RELY on and look forward to your news podcast every morning, over coffee, to scare me on all things political, Trumpian and Covid. I digress. Your reporting / story telling is so engaging that it sometimes scares the pants off your reporting on August 10 is. I get all wound up. I’m dragging my phone around the apartment listening in awe and horror at all the threats to our democracy from crazy bill Barr and trump ...which I totally believe....when the show breaks before the “Draper” interview and I hear an ad from Madison “ reed” hair coloring.....holy cow....and a brief from your chirpy friend Chris Hayes...heart attacks. The emotional swing is huge! I’m not sure how much influence you may have on an advert free podcast....yet. Thx. Ron

The best perspective!   (5/5)

Rachel is part of my day and I miss her on the two days per week she’s off! I respect that she asks every interview subject “did I get it right?”. Ninety nine percent of the time the answer is “yes”!

Atreus g few Er see   (1/5)

Tree he Dee Did guytuh ee’s JG nous is hwas theFed f do ye he in Dee t Er hi

Russian meddling   (5/5)

Can the DNC or some public entity run public announcements that Russia is meddling with the election, and that negative political material on Biden on the internet and other media outlets is Russian propaganda ?

The Best   (5/5)

Rachel is the absolute best and she helps me Wind down my day. I’m not gonna lie I start off my day with Joe ,Mika and Willie and then I end it with Rachel. Thank you for everything you do ..

Best journalist ever   (5/5)

Hands down my favorite news journalist to listen to. She breaks everything down and provides fact checking, which is a rarity these days. I look forward to hear nightly break downs of recent events.


Wake up America Dems are ruining America.

alan weener No Grand Junction Michigan   (5/5)

I look forward to Rachels podcasts

Please upload sooner   (5/5)

The only complaint is that I cannot listen to Rachel until 3-4 hours after her show on this podcast.

The best on MSNBC   (5/5)

The Maddox show is energized and very enlightening. Never missed a show or podcast. Great newsworthy show.

Rachel will save this country   (5/5)

Been a loyal watcher for almost 10 years. Truth, facts, reason .... this is what news should be. She’s also an extremely admirable person. 100% was a push for me to come out and be proud of who I am. Also made me look at my privilege, ideals, and opened my eyes to taking in the whole picture. Rachel and Company - cheers to you all!

Neoliberal tucker   (1/5)

Went on a year about russiagate and hasn’t followed up on any of it’s reporting

Close minded   (1/5)

Sean hannity on the left

Rachel isn't on every ep   (3/5)

I mainly enjoy hearing Rachel. However, I don't understand why there's often so many guest hosts. I'd consider not featuring the episode under "The Rachel Maddow Show" if Rachel Maddow isn't on it.

Thanks for sharing the truth.   (5/5)

More people need to listen to her reports.

Money Penny adverts are so annoying.   (5/5)

Rachel is brilliant. The fact that I suffer these stupid ads as a yank in Great Britain to listen to Rachel and Lawrence O’Donnell and Brian Williams and Anderson Cooper astounds my tolerance. Enough Money Penny ads. Change the record.

Whom ever is covering needs coaching before being given another shot   (1/5)

She’s behind the rhythm of the story. It distracting how she seems to be in a constant state of catch up. She’s professional. She is also boring.

Totally Truthful   (5/5)

I am not sure how someone could say that this show isn’t truthful since she always states her sources and interviews them. And always asks “ Did I get that right? is there anything you’d like to add? My guess is that detractors of the show have either never watched or listened to it. Or just don’t want YOU to listen for some other reason.

Newsjunkie   (5/5)

Rachel is the Walter Kronkite of our time. Ali Velshi does an outstanding job subbing with his confident, concise, error-free delivery.

Lies and Hate   (1/5)

If you want to listen to truth, don’t listen to this.

Missing Rachel!!!!!!   (5/5)

Missing Rachel’s excellent research, analysis and interesting guests. Station needs to share the exciting guests between Joy Reid and Maddow. Both are strong, we need both brilliant and witty women. It feels like Rachel’s style and guests have been copied and handed off to Reid-Out, leaving Rachel with less support. I hope I’m wrong.

Hyper Left Partisan   (1/5)

Rachel’s show is hyper left - a socialist opposite to Rush Limbaugh. She is clever, but she advocates radical views. Rachel is a typical graduate of theoretical liberalism taught by nihilistic university professors.

Trust citizens journalism?   (5/5)

That covid19 is going to be cured by aliens? That hydroxychloroquine is going to cure the virus? That covid19 is a hoax? Rachel has a great team that fact checks everything several times over. She doesn’t have to make up”facts.” And she genuinely cares about people’s feelings, the rule of law and the truth. HOORAY for Rachel

President Carter sent letter to be read at Lewis funeral   (5/5)

Please mention not only 3 President s attend Rep. Lewis funeral. President Carter sent a letter read by the minister. Carter is a proponent to Voting rights around the world!

Wonderfully biased corporate shill   (1/5)

MSNBC sold its soul years ago, and Maddow is its empty figurehead. Trust citizen journalism for truth, not corporate media

Propaganda Mouthpiece   (1/5)

This is all brainwashing propaganda.

I mean... it’s Maddow.   (5/5)

What’s not to love, ignorance. How to cure? Maddow. I love the pure unadulterated facts of whatever her subject and delivery is impeccable. I don’t have much tv time so the podcast is one of information points. Thanks

Thank you!   (5/5)

Your investigations and probing stories help make sense where there is none. I love your books, Drift and Blowout. Your reporting sends me to my computer to know more, and out into the streets to fight for our democracy. Thank you. I appreciate your skill as a communicator and facilitator for citizen participation.

Preaching to Choir   (1/5)

Gotta give her credit- she believes this stuff..

Watch This Space!   (5/5)

Smart reporting, sometimes fun, but sometimes disturbing. I have had to take breaks b/c I got so worked up, I had sleep troubles, myself.

Sleep   (5/5)

Along with the last reviewer, I am grateful to get this podcast in the morning after the previous night show. As insightful, intelligent and informed as Rachael is, I have trouble sleeping after the show. I can better process and deal with this difficult world, if I hear the podcast in the morning!

Interview with Donald’s Niece!!   (5/5)

I have always respected R Madows abilities but that was a great interview with Mary and I felt the same thing at the end “ God help us all” hope the Martinis helped!!

Candid conversations   (5/5)

Ok I really appreciate Rachel. You really can voice my frustrations with this government & this virus. I truly would like you to do a show on the people who follow Trump. I found the interview with Mary Trump informative I really want an in-depth understanding on how no matter how horrible Trump is they follow him completely.

Sleep   (5/5)

I needed to listen to TRMS every weeknight. The problem is after the show, the news analysis are causing me sleepless nights. Thanks for keeping us informed and keeping our heads up for the near future bad news from the White Bunker.

Rachel is brilliant   (5/5)

Former registered republican here. Rachel has a humble, warm, informative and non polarizing way of delivering facts. She will be responsible for my BLUE 2020 vote. ;)

Indispensable for the intelligent   (5/5)

If you do nothing more than listen to TRMS daily, you’ll be a pretty well-informed person. Rachel Maddow is the anti-Limbaugh; whip-smart, well-educated, insightful, empathetic, clever. She’s the best in the biz.

Look forward to listening   (5/5)

Hard hitting and insightful

Never Miss   (5/5)

This is my favorite podcast, and definitely the best one out there. I especially appreciate it when I’m traveling and away from my TV, but I listen to it even when I’m home.

Honest and direct   (5/5)

I love this show! R. M. Is AMAZING at what she does.

North Idaho   (5/5)

Not all Idahoans are ignorant Trumpsters. Many of us enjoy TRMS for the research and fact based criticisms and opinions offered on the show. Famous whitewater, not potatoes!

I live in Idaho   (5/5)

Full stop. Point made, stay in Idaho.

Lies!   (1/5)

I THOUGHT I WOULD GIVE YOU A TRY. To see your point of view. And you DID NOT DISAPPOINT. I live in Idaho, and I can get a test. My sister live lives and Utah. Her daughter went and got a test NO PROBLEM. Her daughter works next to a testing site and see it daily with long Lines DAILY. No problem getting testing. My other other sister lives in Louisiana AND GUESS WHAT SHE GOT TESTED ALONG WITH HER FAMILY NO PROBLEM. How tf can the NUMBER GO UP DAILY AUCH A HIGH AMOUNT DAILY IF THERE ARE NO TEST. You can have both. You can’t have no test available for people yet, we keep getting such high amount of covid testing positive! And yet, YOU SAID HOSPITALS ARE FULL WITH COVID PATIENTS SO GUESS WHAT THEY'RE TESTING PEOPLE! Stop blaming trump! HES DOING HIS JOB. STOP REPORTING FAKE NEWS! We’re testing, we can go get tested anywhere HELLO YOU ALL ARE THE ONES REPORTING THE “COVID19” CASES! But than turn around and say “no test” that doesn’t even make sense! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Rachel Maddow Podcast is broken   (1/5)

What is going on with this Podcast?? A truncated “video” show is the only thing that is playing now. And there was nothing posted for Friday night, July 3rd. And there is no full audio podcast for Monday night, July 6. Bring back our Rachel!!!

Yikes!   (1/5)

Looks like all these years have taken a toll on Stephen Colbert

Love it but...   (5/5)

Episodes and dates are misaligned right now - July 2 nd show is playing as July 3 rd, incorrectly. Please fix so I don’t miss Friday July 3rd broadcast. Thank you!

Maddow brings it all together   (5/5)

Love and look forward to this show every night. Never imagined news especially political news being so interesting but the history Rachel brings into every show really keeps my attention until the very end. One of the best most truthful news sources there is.

TRMS   (5/5)

It is nearly impossible for me to describe how great Ms Maddow is as a host and a reporter. She uses her intelligence and education along with her style to dissect the stories of the time. She does not let anyone escape her scrutiny. Whoa is the person and or issue that earns the honor of being on the wrong side of right. She is fearless in her willingness to speak truth to power ask NBCUNIVERSAL. She was 100% correct in what she said and she is fully supported in our house. One could tell she was clearly nervous but she pushed ahead and made us all proud. I look forward to her show and am more than disappointed when she is not there. How dare she have a life. I mean seriously she needs time off. I do have a criticism of her and it is what appears to be her dismissiveness for the hosts of All in with Chris Hays. Mr Hays is excellent and perhaps it is unintentional on her part or it is just me. But it bugs me. She is clearly the best news caster/host/analyst on television.

Best ever   (5/5)

Setting current news in the historical context is pure brilliance, and super helpful. 10 Stars

Very informative   (5/5)

I enjoy listening to Rachel and I’m always impressed of her grasp of the stories, and all the news of the day. She is usually ahead of the curve, and I commonly hear her reporting on issues well before other news outlets are even aware. Thank you Rachel! Great job!

Best journalist ever   (5/5)

Rachel’s presentation of news is amazing. I can always count on her research for the truth and, if she does make a mistake, she owns up to it. She treats guests with respect and fairness. Bagman was one of my favorite podcast series.

Brilliant   (5/5)

Rachel is the best. She weaves a story around the news that is unsurpassed. She does meaningful stories that other news organizations pass over. I love her analysis and never miss her show

Rachel is brilliant   (5/5)

In my home we never miss an episode on podcast... That said, we don’t enjoy listening to the man who sometimes substitutes for her. His reporting tends to be lackluster; he sounds like he’s merely reading from a script he didn’t write, with no emotional or intellectual engagement or connection to the material. When he’s on, we can’t usually make it all the way through the podcast, and just turn it off.

Intelligence illuminated   (5/5)

Rachel is one of the smartest journalists of our time. I really appreciate she painstakingly shine light on what’s going on in our political world. I pray for her safety and continued reporting on the truth! I love the podcast!

One of The Best News Reporters in History   (5/5)

I have been watching TRMS Since 2018! Your information is ALWAYS on point and the way that you report the news is UNMATCHED. The Bag Man deserves it’s place in history as well. You’re the GOAT!!!!

Rachel   (5/5)

Rachel, as usual, you are wonderful! Juneteenth is a Texas holiday as is Cinco de Mayo! It was the day that former slaves in Texas learned that they were freed. News used to take awhile to reach distant locations. I, as an Anglo bilingual educator and native Texan, learned of Juneteenth as a child! Cinco de Mayo was also first celebrated in Texas because the Mexican Officer, Zaragoza, whose army defeated the French at the Battle of Puebla, was born in Texas!

Educated, professional and overly Biased.   (3/5)

Entertaining but not unbiased news.

Amazing delivery everyday   (5/5)

Racheal always delivers the news in a smart andStoic way. Both entertaining and jam packed with facts. She’s amazing!

Smart. Podcat format suits.   (5/5)

Rachel has always been a smart cookie. She does good research and knows her material. She can be repetitive, but not in the Trump administration, likely because there is a lot to cover every day. In the broadcast version, the ads are indeed execrably frequent; move to podcast, though, and they are far fewer. Also in podcast form, you can skip ahead when ads occur. MSNBC uses the same voice actor for all those ads, though, so you can skip ahead 15 or 30 seconds at a time, past her voice, and cut the annoyance way down.

Too many commercials   (1/5)

Too many commercials.

My best source.   (5/5)

Few years back I was literally flipping through channels, her voice caught my attention. The way Rachel presents the information is impeccable. She is leading the way for future generations to learn that keeping the eyes on the facts not the noise can be the most difficult and important responsibility of their lifetime, she’s leading by example. I sincerely appreciate everything she does.

A#1 reporting   (5/5)

If I could only choose 1 program to keep me informed about what is really happening it would be The Rachel Maddox Show hands down. Please continue to report what is really going on.

Rachel for facts!   (5/5)

I am so glad the podcast exists because I am usually in bed by the time the show comes on (I work in an OR so have to get up early). I really wish our governor and head of health dept would have the same mindset as Rachel. He keeps saying it's because of the testing blitz which would NOT be the reason for increased hospitalizations. Our governor also went from opening slow to opening faster after you know who came for a visit. I agree with "peaceforus" that I think an ideal day would be having Rachel over to tell us the news while we all have a glass of wine.

Rachel is my happy place.   (5/5)

If Rachel Maddow could just come over and explain the news to me nightly while petting my head and making me a drink I’d be in heaven. This is the next best things.

MSNBC   (5/5)

Thank You

My staple and Benchmark of News!   (5/5)

Thank you for keeping me informed!!!

Don’t Shoot In Portland Oregon   (5/5)

Hi Rachel, In Portland, Oregon, we are showing up in the hundred of thousands to rally for George Floyd and others who have been victims of police brutality. We need your help and support here. Teressa Railford has run for mayor and has run Don’t Shoot Pdx. She needs recognition for her efforts and Portland needs Teressa for mayor in the “Whitest City in America” where the militarized police have always run our city.

Vitamin commercials?   (1/5)

What is this? Rush Limbaugh? The supplements advertising started this morning is ridiculous. I’m done with Rachel Maddow.

Pandemic!   (5/5)

6/0908/2020 Thank You for continuing the information on the pandemic and Black Lives Matter! I believe the pandemic is real, over 111,000 dead in America and climbing is not ok and with the protests ongoing it seemed like no one was covering it. Thank you for covering both.

Keep the faith   (5/5)

I have watched you for years. You have always been my go to for factual info on the issues of the day. Thank you for always having my back with the truth.

Balance   (4/5)

I am a staunch democrat and long term Maddow supporter, but more and more the lines between your condemnation of divisiveness and your use of it are becoming blurred...and it makes me heartbroken and sad. You have created an incredible platform. You have always talked about keeping the focus where it belongs, with the voices of the unheard but today’s show focused on the violence of the police (which only fuels righteous indignation on their part) and it is taking away from the pain of the people who are dying by their hands every day. It’s almost like glorifying the horror of the violence instead of elevating the pain of racism. There have been some incredibly moving displays of protest and actions to make a difference. We need to SEE examples of better if we are to do better. We need to see examples of of humble and honest efforts at reconciliation both individual and collective. We need to be actively setting the examples of reparations ourselves.

AbFab   (5/5)

But S. Schmidt? Really....?

Trust and excellence   (5/5)

Thank you Ms. Maddow. You are a true patriot. Keep fighting the good fight and don’t forget to work in some self care.

Partisan tool my ass Kelsey foxnutjob .. TRUTH and nothing but..   (5/5)

When someone files a motion, when someone files a response to a motion .. Rachel is there When NPR and BBC are reporting the obvious Rachel was there 2 weeks prior. Rachel starts every episode with a historic context and sometimes with the people directly involved in the news of the day, she starts with asking the question .. is there any thing that I have said in my summary of events that does not accurately describe the events of today? The people she has on offer perspective across multiple generations administrations both red and blue. She is disgusted and saddened by the current administration and I am too and anyone that is not disgusted is either asleep or does not understand how to figure out truth from fiction.. and here’s a big hint ... the biggest liar that ever lived .. he tells nothing but lies.

My hero   (5/5)

Please keep doing what you’re doing.

Great partisan tool   (1/5)

Even for a political commentator, the partisan vomit coming from her mouth is impressive... don’t forget to brush those teeth after you pull your head out of the toilet girl

You Rock   (5/5)

As a paramedic, I want to call attention to the first sign that George Floyd was dead. When he lost bladder control and the urine ran down under the police car toward the camera. That is when he died. That’s what happens when people die. When the paramedic and emt arrived on scene he had been dead for several minutes. Also the coroner report done by the county is a LIE!!!!! When you have two grown heavy adult males kneeling on your back you can not breath. The criminal with his knee on the neck was the final cherry on top of the murder. I have testified in federal investigations regarding police brutality. As a white middle aged lesbian, I am sick and tired of corrupt cops getting away with murder.

Real journalist   (5/5)

Thank you for showing the world what journalist really means

Thank you!   (5/5)

Thank you for your integrity!

A suggestion...   (5/5)

Keep an eye on casinos in the next few weeks especially the tribal casinos opening up June 1st and in California’s case even earlier. Experts predict they will cause widespread outbreaks possibly worse than manufacturing plants. In CT experts predict 2 casinos will cause outbreaks throughout the entire Northeast!

North Carolina   (5/5)

Love the coverage but you should know that NC is compiling nursing home and other congregate data. Check out the running update of data at the Raleigh News and Observer newspaper website. NC Dept of Public Health reports thorough data every day including ICU bed availability. We are not overloaded. Maybe dig deeper for your data on NC.

Wish all Rachel’s shows wee “supersized”. They are that good   (5/5)

I appreciate Rachel’s ability to synthesize so much ever changing information and provide understandable sessions. Her guests are varied and educational. This is my absolute favorite show.

The Best   (5/5)

Rachel is always enabling me to understand issues on a deeper level. I really appreciate her wisdom and insights!

Piercing, and true   (5/5)

Rachel is witty, passionate, observant and despite the sad situation of our government and pandemic, amazingly hopeful and inspirational. A news reporter who doesn’t spin, but uses her words to educate and call us to how we can have an active part in our world.

Essential Listening   (5/5)

Rachel is the one person I always try to listen to. Her coverage of essential segments of our current COVID-19 crisis goes far deeper than just the typical “trump* is terrible” rant. Her deep concern over the state of nursing homes and other long-term care facilities seems at times like a lone cry in the wilderness. The breadth of her coverage of the administration’s failings is crucial to trying to make sense of all of this. I look forward to the time when we can once again gain newfound knowledge due to her deep dives into historical events that twist and turn to tie into current events. Thank you, Rachel! I hope to be listening to you for many years to come.

Great but the ads?   (5/5)

Been a Maddow fan for over a decade, although she could refine her approach by fewer repetitive explanations pitched assuming her audience was more sophisticated. Also I’ll listen to a lot of ads but when that awful Chris Hayes comes on I yell into my phone and fast forward. Hayes should get “Matthewsed” post haste.

Couldn’t live without it!   (5/5)

Rachel Maddow and her team make important news accessible to everyone! I have had a hard time studying US history and politics; listening to this podcast helps me understand and connect current/past events, how they impact our nation and world, and encourages me to think critically.

Truthful podcast   (5/5)

Thank you, please keep providing the facts.

Rachel Maddow for President   (5/5)

You have my vote

You’re awesome   (5/5)

You are America’s sweetheart I am so thankful for you and your show.

The true make you free   (5/5)

Some people don’t like to hear the true that’s what tell themselves more lies too make them feel better. Use your brain people God give it to you for that reason. Keep going Rachel you are doing tremendous job because those who don’t like you are listening and one day their eyes are going to be open . Good job!!!!!

She is NOT like Fox!   (5/5)

This is smart, fact-based, and intelligent reporting. If you don’t like facts, that is not Rachel’s fault.

Rachel you’re the best!   (5/5)

I have really appreciated your honest, insightful commentary on this crisis. If only we had the same from our President things would be so different.

If you to know the truth...   (5/5)

Listen to Rachel. If you need pats on the head and to be told orange man good...listen to Dan Bongino.

Propaganda Peddler   (1/5)

She spent 3 years nightly peddling the false Russia rigged our 2016 election and colluded with Trump propaganda with zero consequence.

Love for Rachel   (5/5)

I find the negative reviews here interesting. When the vast majority of ratings are 5 stars or 1 star, you know your reporting is spot on!

Unbiased   (5/5)

There is a difference between being biased and just telling the harsh truth. If you stan the president regardless of his actions, you might find this show upsetting. The proof is in the pudding.

TDS much!!!   (1/5)

The Trump derangement syndrome is so obvious, this woman hates The President so much i believe she needs mental health support to work on her problems!!

Didn’t ask Gov. Cuomo about racist policing   (4/5)

Why not ask? 80% of NYC arrests for social distance violations have been black and Hispanic people. Not to mention numerous videos of police brutality against people of color juxtaposed with happy mask handouts to whites people in parks. Does this show not cover racism?

Truth matters   (5/5)

What ever happened to common courtesy? During this COVID crisis can not we employ common courtesy of our fellow neighbors and use best practices (some common sense for those who are unclear or confused) of physical distancing. It is courteous to use a mask.

Trump taxes   (1/5)

Maddow fails are the best. Property of Donald J. Trump.

Invaluable   (5/5)

Don’t listen to the naysayers. Your reporting is fact based and so important and they obviously get their “news” “elsewhere”. Thank you for what you do, you are truly a treasure.

Impeccable research   (5/5)

I can rely on Dr. Maddow for always presenting facts. Lots of folks hate her reporting but I never see citations that show differently.

Perspective   (5/5)

Rachel keeps my head on straight. She reports the news, stay in contact with first responders (during this quarantine time) and always asks her guests if she has the info right (she always does). Rachel will keep you grounded in reality and remind you why we’re all sacrificing.

The Best of the Best!   (5/5)

I used to listen to Diane Rehm “religiously” and although I still listen to 1A with Joshua Johnson and the other hosts, Rachel Maddow is my main barometer... Her point of view is always fascinating and based on facts... She has my vote as the Best of the Best following Diane Rehm 💝

Psycho   (1/5)

This woman needs psychiatric help and fast..

If You're Happy and you know it.....   (4/5)

.....listen to this reality abound and that'll fix ya. Maddow is a phenomenal reporter and I'm heartened by her vigilance in advocating for our country's seniors. We owe her our gratitude for many lives she undoubtedly saved. (You have mine, Rachel. Thank you.) I'm a thoughtful listener and because these reviews struck me as a bit superficial, I'll say this: It bothers me that Rachel states her point and then spends a considerable amount of time re-stating it in a differed way, ad nauseam. It makes me feel spoken down to and in the Department of Redundancy, Department. Lastly- of late, she has been doing this frequent exasperated sigh/whine and it's hard to hear. That said, RM can tell the tale like few other and her creative liberty on her show is well spent. A journalist through and through. Word up, RM.

Facts Matter   (5/5)

When it comes to upholding truth and debunking conspiracies, TRMS wins, hands down. This valuable news program not only delivers documented facts, but allows viewers to follow the breadcrumbs to conclusions supported by pristine research, dedicated to reality. We are very lucky to have someone who works this hard to spotlight the chicanery that threatens our democracy. Thank you Rachel and all of your dedicated staff.

Please   (4/5)

Ask Cuomo why he is dismantling public education.

Interview Etiquette   (3/5)

Who is the guy subbing for Rachel? He needs a lesson in etiquette. Last night he didn’t let the guest respond to his greeting or his termination to the interview. OY.

Fake News   (1/5)

Fake News. Worst podcast ever.

Great voice   (5/5)

In these times we need her voice more than ever, her reporting is always well researched

Same thing different day   (1/5)

I so like RM. Honestly, truth be known I remember when she first started filling in for Kieth Olberman she’s great . However her shows are like a consumer report, or...Hey America this is what’s wrong and you’re getting screwed.....over and over again. I stopped listening for a long while, then watched&listened again but guess what?? Nothings changed. Doom and gloom on all corners.

Honest reporting   (5/5)

Her investigation skills, are what true journalism is about. Love her!

Thanks Rachel   (5/5)

I see the Russian bots are alive and well and can’t handle the truth, with the few one-star comments. Rachel is great, thanks for your fact-based reporting. Appreciate you.

My go-to podcast   (5/5)

I look forward to Rachel every single day.

Wish I could have her to listen to all 7 days, morning and evening   (5/5)

Rachel is very through and insightful. It was never too sensational or too boring. I always learn new things from listening to her shows.

Facts and Truth   (5/5)

Rachel is truthful, professional. Excellent reporting.

Joe Biden   (1/5)

What is wrong with the president today? What a joke. Don’t waste your time. Maddow is insanely bias and lies continuously.

Dishonest Reporting   (1/5)

Rachel seems likable but her reporting is little more than an angry opinion disguised as journalism. I really wanted to like this but it just reeks of dishonesty.

Putz   (1/5)


Biased as fox   (1/5)

Garbage, so biased, waste of time

Fact-based journalism   (5/5)

I love Rachel Maddow.

Excellent factual source for news.   (5/5)

TRMS is brilliant, informative and entertaining.

Reading Is Fundamental   (5/5)

The Inimitable Dr. Maddow... still making fascist snowflakes weep, after all these tears.

Russia Russia   (1/5)

For months on end it was Russia Russia Russia. Then there was no Russia. Then it was Ukraine Ukraine Ukraine. Then there was no Ukraine. Then it was Virus Virus Virus. Soon there will be no virus. The she’ll have to make something else up. Z-Z-Z-Z

Over the Top in the best possible way   (5/5)

Rachel is clearly emotionally involved, but she’s so thorough and determined to present facts, she can’t be faulted - even though many people do. She cut her teeth as an IDS activist, somshe knows public health. Her work on the pandemic is compassionate and cuts to the chase! Love her.

Go to place for the truth   (5/5)

Since I have been listening to Rachel, my understanding of the world has really improved. I highly recommend this podcast.

Thanks Rachael for all you do.   (5/5)

Should be 10 stars there. Let’s Dump Trump and all vote Blue Through & Through. Lodi wine grape grower.

Orange Man Bad, Lets Cry About It!!   (1/5)

Nothing but an echo chamber for far-left whining. Anyone would considers this lady an unbiased source needs to rethink their life choices.

Thank you!   (5/5)


Giving us the truth   (5/5)

Thank you for your coverage of this virus.

The Truth and Nothing but the Truth   (5/5)

Many negative reviews call Rachael biased and Left Wing. If you believe that, it’s simply because she tells the truth and it doesn’t agree with your personal bias. She reports nothing but verifiable facts...unlike FOX News that reports rumors and conspiracy theories.

Great!   (5/5)

Very informative!

Intellect and courage   (5/5)

Awesome show. Expands my thinking every day!

Rachel Maddow   (5/5)

Amazing journalism and great companion. Rachel is amazing at her job. When she finds a story she digs and puts her foot on anyone’s neck until she gets answers. She thinks about and tell the stories of the forgot and make you think of them. I honestly tear up at a lot of the things she reports on and wonder how in the hell she holds herself together. I appreciate her so much. And she an Aries.

thank you   (5/5)

Thank you Rachel and the team. Your hard work gives us hope for humanity. Thank you for delivering the journalism we desperately need during this time and all times.

ZERO STARS   (1/5)

Trump derangement at its finest! I feel bad for the pathetic people that listen to this nut job!!! Stop being brainwashed and listening to FAKE news!!!

Wonderful show; terrific host   (5/5)

Rachel Maddow is so intelligent and insightful. I appreciate her ability to cut through the noise and get the facts.

She’s no “journalist”   (1/5)

She’s no “journalist”. She’s a muckraker against all things republican. Pathetic tramp with a warped sense of justice, and a dwindling audience. Complainers strive to control others. Journalists strive to control themselves.

Yes she is   (5/5)

The best! Thank you Rachel for caring about the average person’s struggles

Trms   (5/5)

She is the best!

Never Trumper   (1/5)

What a biased podcast, listen to Andrew Klavan or Ben Shapiro for a more honest perspective.

Intelligent and Informed   (5/5)

We honestly don’t reserve Rachel. She is the best

Not a partisan   (5/5)

I’d like to thank the people including Rachel who make this show. They have stayed on the front edge of the news for all the major stories of the past few years and offer facts. Sounds so simple but incredible in this age. Rachel has a way of putting these things into perspective in a view from space sort of way and doesn’t leave out the details that highlight this incredible time we live in. Thanks.

Preachy, “Hair on fire” — used to be a fan   (2/5)

Rachel Maddow’s role model of broadcasting is Glen Beck. She’s said so many times. She is something of a lefty, but since becoming THE star attraction of MSNBC, she’s lost her connection to “the everyman.” She lost me in 2016 during the election when she decided, along with all of NBC, that they were going to favor one candidate over the other. Then she and her network spent 3 years trying to make up for their losing choice of candidates by making panic out of all of the moronic president’s bad behaviors. Maddow was chief among these proponents of the many conspiracies and scandals. And she helped push through impeachment — 2 months later and the misbehaved President is more popular than ever. Maddow gives a lot of historical lessons that have next to nothing to do with current circumstances. Nixon? Totally different issues and different era, different political parties. She asks lots of hysterical questions but provides few solutions. She talks to politicians more than American people. She decides what is newsworthy. It’s a tired format really. It worked for a while, and I was fooled into thinking she was helping us in some way. But then she turned on “us” — turned on me as a voter. She isn’t evil necessarily, but she is definitely corporate and trying to pick a fight everyday instead of talking to people to find out what they think. I wouldn’t call her “elitist” — just entrenched in the ways of the Democratic Party, and fundraising and political ad dollars, and ad dollars from pharmaceuticals and big multinational corps. I don’t think she has been effective against the evil she claims as her enemy. But really, lost me when she turned on her potential friends and winning candidates because they don’t have a D after their name, and because it would not benefit her corporate paycheck. Pretty sad state when the hard left lesbian liberal is just another shill for corporate privilege.

Just the facts   (2/5)

The show is a must listen on my podcast list. Rachel’s take on today’s issues make sense and reveal the facts in a easy to understand way. My day always starts listening.

Facts, easy to understand   (5/5)

And, somehow, the exasperation is comforting. Appreciate the exhaustive work of this entire team.

Great show!   (5/5)

Thanks for always being a deliverer of truth! No matter what that truth is! Journalistic integrity?! I didn’t kno that was a thing anymore!

Thank you!   (5/5)

I just wanted to say thank you Rachel for being such a treasure in this day and age of news media. You always do an excellent job on reporting and keeping us informed. You are one of my favorite podcasts because you get the story and never disappoint. Your integrity is much appreciated and respected! I love your lead by example reporting style! Keep it up. Maybe the rest of our country will one day catch up to your level of efficient and intelligent real time responses. Keep safe and keep up the good work! You are a hero! I wanted to add after listening to the podcast religiously these past few weeks, I finally broke down today and cried. The issues in our country’s nursing homes and the prison system broke my heart. Just hearing the inmates, begging for health care and basic protections from COVID19 was almost too much. I am sure our elders in nursing homes would be doing the exact same thing(if they were physically capable of protest) you have shown us what is really going on behind the locked bars of prisons and the locked doors of nursing homes! If anyone is ignoring these situations, they should be ashamed of themselves! Our most vulnerable populations are in grave danger, and the word must be spread. Thank you 🙏

Truth matters!!   (5/5)

Thank you for giving us the truth! When you conduct an interview you always ask the person that you are interviewing is if anything that you said was incorrect. Thank you for giving us the facts!

Nothing but facts   (5/5)

Every claim is thoroughly sourced.

Trash   (1/5)


The Amazing “ RACHEL MADDOW “ pod   (5/5)

The “ ! Rachel MADDOW !” Talk pod is my feed to my (l)&(R) Brain. (s)he singlehandedly ( Well, not quite , since her paly “ Chris Hayes “ Fallows or precedes her with “ FACTS “ her Researchers Bring her & splay the news facts she then interprets the mixed vegies. of News Bag once done , she & he ( Chris Hayes ) give you the O2 to “ ! FORMAT!” Your “ personal opinion !!! based on FACTS !!!. I pass on the pod channel to all I pass on my 3 mile walk , most know them already Please , Rachel , May Your family stay blessed & informing us . , especially during this world Madness I wait for the hope you leave me with after understanding the madness , Even the Bad News once understood , one can plan how to fight or hide with or without whom. You feed a Great News Stew & Chris stirs it WELL for us Thanx Guys We Love Yous India , New ROCHELLE , New York .4/‘20

Required listening during these times   (5/5)

Rachel is a national hero! She’s covering the pandemic better than anyone. Tune in if you really want to understand what’s going on.

THANKS from Italy :)   (5/5)

Having lived in southern Italy, as a mil family, for the last two years, I can’t tell you how thankful I am to have your daily dose of perspective and especially in a time when I can’t be there for my friends, neighbors, and family in the states. Thanks for keeping the show going and keep it coming <3

Little by little   (5/5)

MSNBC is taking away pieces of this show, little by little. First, only the A block is on video. Then, it downloads after midnight. More and more ads have been added. She is a good journalist, if a bit redundant. Don’t ruin a necessary component of media coverage with some misguided profit motive. We do notice, you know.

TOO MUCH NOISE...   (5/5)

Does anyone realize how noticeable rustling paper and scribbling is? It’s incredibly distracting, especially when your guests are speaking. It’s like they’re speaking the. somebody just starts speaking over them. FOR THE LOVE OF THE LISTENING PUBLIC, PLEEEEEASE! STOP!!!

Late upload   (1/5)

Love the Maddow show. Hate that this podcast uploads a day late. This is news. Uploading to subscribers 24-48 hours late makes you irrelevant.

The Disdain   (1/5)

Tried to listen but the disdain is too much. So, so biased. When will you realize the passive aggressive Hillary and Nancy comments are like listening to the old ladies in line in front of you, complaining that the line we are all standing in is too long. Stop it already! Be constructive, not destructive.

Genuine Genius   (5/5)

What a great mind, and such dedication and candour. You speak for many of us, loud and clear and effect sensibility and hopefully wholesome benevolent change and sanity. And a heart of gold Rachel for VP or somewhere in the cabinet or present at the table Keep on Take care And gracious

Ugh   (1/5)

Nothing but hate and recycled misinformation. Came here for info and got a bunch of one sided opinions. No thanks!

Love this show   (5/5)

Rachel if u read this, u should run for President .

Hydroxychloroquine   (5/5)

It was reported last night on Ch 4 News in Utah (which is a red state) that under the auspice of the Governor 800,000 Hydroxychoroquine polls were ordered early on. Now obviously knowing this drug is not the miracle drug, the President announced over and over it was, Utah is stuck with 800,000 pills which it’s tax payers paid for. I am wondering if purchasing this drug was pushed on every red state. I for one would be curious to know the answer. Secondly I would like to know how the sales of so much of this drug could benefit Trump.

Repetitive Coverage   (2/5)

I had to unsubscribe. The content has become recycled outrage, which I don’t find useful at all. I don’t understand why Rachel drills down on the same issues every night. Yes. I, too, am very concerned about COVID deaths in nursing homes. But what about the spikes in Navajo populations? What about the environmental rollbacks the EPA is sneaking in while we’re preoccupied with the pandemic? Cover MORE. I feel like I could listen once a week and not miss anything. As such, I unsubscribed. I want news that the propels my understanding of current events so that I can be informed and stay on top of my reps on current issues. Not getting that here, sadly.

Daily Listener   (5/5)

A light in a dark ocean of ignorance. Well researched, stellar guests. Rachel has a brilliant mind and somehow keeps my attention the entire time. I’m grateful she’s there to help me understand the consequences of what’s going on.

Why Rachel Maddow   (5/5)

She spreads the truth. I love the way you explain the nuances in this messed up world Soul Puddin’

Brilliance   (5/5)

Rachel is a national treasure. Brilliant, educated, relevant.

Amazing   (5/5)

Well balanced, well researched, and deep digging into serious topics. Thank you for keeping the information real. Great show, great host, and I am sure a great team of superheroes behind the scenes that make it possible.

Brian Williams.. why??   (5/5)

Under no circumstances do I want to hear Brian Williams on Rachel Maddow‘s podcast! He’s as bad as Trump for his past lying and fall from grace, so his opinion matters not! I agree.. he destroys her credibility and he’s always grandstanding... get him off!!

Boi, why she gotta look like a French fry   (1/5)


The ONLY journalist I trust!   (3/5)

Intelligent and passionate about our Great U. S. Of A! The only journalist I trust... and I mean ONLY. All info is sourced and pulled together to tell the entire story, not just a headline... She lays out and “connects the dots” on complex issues in her infamous story-telling style clearly and with history lessons to boot! Love Rachel!

For the truly curious - definitely not Snippets   (5/5)

What long form journalism should be. It feels like I get a history lesson every time I listen to Rachel. She tells you not only the daily facts, but fills in the gaps in knowledge with pertinent history that makes you see why that story is not only important daily news but how it will effect our future in a concise, professional way. Your parents and former teachers should be very proud, Rachel.

A Rhodes scholar doesn’t disappoint   (5/5)

I imagine you might like the non-news source of foxnews. Dr Phill is brought on as an expert to talk about the pandemic? 😳Rachel’s research into what is really behind the sound bites is extraordinary. Thank you!

Dr Stephen Perry   (5/5)

This commentator am has the finest mind that is presenting the current presentations of our worlds status. The research and high level of associative thinking is stunning. And the articulation of the facts in a repeating manner brings home the inherent truths Thanks so much for thinking so deeply and sharing it openly.

Garbage   (1/5)

She’s a puppet of the corporate media. Do you need a lady with a short haircut to spoon-feed you whatever the heads of MSNBC allow? Are you looking for absense of original thought? Then this is the show for you!

Yuck   (1/5)

Hello. You are the most negative nonnews person ever.

Thank you   (5/5)

Thank you for bringing the public true news that really matters in a concise way, and making sure that light is put on important issues. My absolute favorite thing about Rachel, and what makes her such an outstanding reporter, is the way she always makes a point to ask every guest if she stated anything incorrectly. I look forward to this podcast each and every day. I listen to many podcasts but this is by far one of the best.

Nursing Home Convi-19. Deaths   (5/5)

Very informative programming every night with great detail and facts that Rachel does so well that I look forward every night. Rachel keeps me up to date on the latest news everyday and I trust her reporting and what she says on all subjects she covers very well does a great job every night. I am a big fan of her show and love it! Rachel , thank you for the great work you do!

A needed light on nursing homes and COVID-19   (5/5)

As an elder law attorney working with families who can’t see their loved ones who are in skilled nursing facilities and resident clients scared and isolated, I appreciate Rachel reporting on this vulnerable population that is being overlooked by government and reporters. My heart breaks for them every day, and I feel like Rachel gets it.

Propaganda   (2/5)

I find her information to be selective on the foundation in order to generate or back up her comments and views in which I highly respect, however accommodate all information to stand on a platform on that opposing view. Don’t recommend this show.

Factual and Focused   (5/5)

Rachel and team continue to illustrate the importance of competent journalism paired with relevant guests to corroborate presented facts in real time. The troll comparing Rachel to Rush is the best joke I have heard in some time. Rush spews nonsense to people that hate themselves and need someone to blame for their dire straits while he lulls them into supporting policies and politicians that undermine their interests. Rachel uncovers the truth of matters that Republicans and other right wing fanatics do not want anyone to know about.

When I grow up, I wanna be Rachel!   (5/5)

Intelligent, studied, compassionate, well thought out, humble, articulate, respectful, funny, reasoned, . . . . to name a few. And I agree with a prior commenter: 99.8% sure the 1 star reviews are trolls = pretty obvious & ill-telligenced!

Thank you   (5/5)

I turn on my TV @ 8pm everyday to see your show because no matter what happens that day I will hear the truth on our show I am 82 yrs old and doing well because I don’t waste my time listening to crap God bless you and help our country survive this virus and corrupt government

Simply amazing and very informative   (5/5)

Rachel Maddow is simply amazing and so very articulate. I appreciate her common sense and her drive to always tell the truth and present facts to the people all across this nation. She is brilliant and always compassionate with all her guests who come on the show. The questions she asks are always informative and on topic with what is happening worldwide. Thank you Rachel for inspiring me and the nation!

Excellent   (5/5)


A target for the Moscow Trolls   (5/5)

Love this program. Frequently well ahead of the curve on many issues. Insightful rather that just reporting or raving. I also love reading the one star ratings to see if the trolls know more than one word of English .

Consistent   (1/5)

Been on the wrong side of everything for the last few years and doesn’t care. Moscow Maddow Show don’t waste your time

Bless you   (5/5)

You and your staff are a beacon of light in these darkest of times of country has ever seen. Thank you for always giving clear information when our administration cannot. God bless you!!!!

Gloom and doom   (2/5)

I appreciate the facts and have been a long time fan. But, Rachel has been delivering the facts with such gloom and doom. I can’t take it right now. Moving on to Kara Swisher. Please add some hope and positivity. Luv ya Cindy

Trump ( chosen one)   (5/5)

Trump said “He is the chosen one and he can fix it” that is mocking god, and some of the evangelicals soul call Trump the chosen one and they proclaim that trump is in the Bible, that is mocking God, there is only one chosen one and that is Jesus Christ the son of the living God, I believe in order for trump to fix this situation he needs to humble himself and admit he is not the chosen, because he cannot fix the problem America is facing right now. “God is not mock!” He, Trump needs to repent publicly before the world and admit he is not the chosen one, just remember king nebuchadnezzar in the Bible in Daniels 4:1-37: I pray and that these soul evangelicals who claim that Trump is the chosen one, can read the word of God (bible) and understand it like it says not try to interpret the in there own interpretation. Thank you god bless.

Thank you Dr Maddow   (5/5)

I personally wish she was not so nice. Avoiding talking about the russian child molester in the White House is a good strategy, but when he’s the problem it seems counter productive.

Incredibly insightful   (5/5)

She is so good at thinking things through, summarizing and analyzing.

Donald jr   (2/5)

Virtue signaler. She’ll get trump re elected.

Don’t listen to Kikani   (5/5)

Rachel presents the facts. Granted she is clear on her disdain for Trump and his administration but she still follows the facts. She doesn’t make suppositions based on rhetoric or hyperbole. She can’t change that the facts make Trump look every bit as bad as he is. She presents a clear picture of what’s going on and pulls no punches. I challenge anyone to point out anything she has said that has been shown to be false.

It's Perfect...   (1/5)

... for those who are brain-dead and low in self esteem, and not to mention equally delusional.

Always Honest about the facts   (5/5)


War time president.   (5/5)

Why hasn’t the war time president required masks be worn by military personnel? Considering the close working conditions, particularly in the Navy.

I tried.   (5/5)


Best mostest and informative beyond   (5/5)

So happy to catch u every weekday I feel smarter listening to you Thank you so much for what you and your team do for us... thanks for being logical, thoughtful, and straightforward

Knowledge is power   (5/5)

My choice for updates on daily occurrences. A regular listener. And podcast subscriber. So getting the straight facts during this crisis has become vital to my health and my family’s as well. Rachel Maddow and her team are preforming a service in this war that’s as important as bullets in a military operation. Thanks to all who work on this show. A special thanks to Rachel for her pitch perfect delivery. Which has ruined me for any other news cast. 😃👏👏

Informative   (5/5)

Love her giving us the background information that precedes her news. I doubt if many of us would understand what is truly happening without this. Her first pod cast was about the happenings while I was a young mother at the time so and more interested in her than local news.

Bagman   (5/5)

A informative eye opening look at power in the wrong hands. Lived through this era as a teenager. I remember how divided this country was. Allot like today.

I tried   (1/5)


State Propaganda   (1/5)

Queen of Russia Gate conspiracy theories and spinning lies to the US public. If you want actual news listen to Jimmy Dore, Aaron Maté, Lee Camp, Grayzone, etc. Avoid this state propaganda.

Terrible   (1/5)

Extremely negative, typical backseat, after the fact, biased, blame-based, reporting. A great example of what is bad and wrong with the media.

Rachel is national treasure   (5/5)

Necessary listening for our times.

Thank you!   (5/5)

I really appreciate your wonderful reporting and interviews.. Medical Technologist are the professionals running every laboratory test.. we are also in danger and our PPE’s are also in dangerous low supplies! Please someone have to mention us! Thank you!

My favorite podcast   (5/5)

So ahead of the curve. Love her.

Excellent reporting, verifiable facts!   (5/5)

Take any reporting, follow it up, you’ll find it supported by facts. If she finds fault somewhere, she reports it. This is a the real deal, even when it’s painful, we need the truth. This is a great source.

I cannot go to sleep at night until I hear Rachel!   (5/5)

Rachel Maddow’s shows are the best of all news shows today. With educated, thoughtful preparation she makes today’s madness understandable. Her undeniable logic, straightforward presentation and honest humor make her show an essential part of my day. Thank you, Rachel and MSNBC!

covid19   (5/5)

I listened to a news cast on msnbc where a doctor voiced his confusion on the case of a young man who came in healthy enough to text watch tv and play games on an iphone. His lungs with little damage an hour or more later he’s in distress his x-rays show severe damage. my question, dose this not sound like a host virus?, one which slowly live in your lungs, with a strong immune system you can defeat it. what happened to the young man? I would say being in the hospital around other diseases the virus struck out to defend its territory destroying his lungs in the process. In Ny they should surround the patient bed with a tent, place a travel dress bag in the tent to place all PPE used on them to be used again to check on them. check all recovered victims with antibodies to see if they are mostly loners.

The best   (5/5)

Since the day one. Love it or hated its your right but I choose her for up to date news and historical references.

Liars hate your show Rachel!!!   (5/5)

Thank you for telling the cold hard facts, which is a real shock to those who watch Fox ‘News’. If you think she’s lying, that’s ok with me, bcuz: YOU CANT VOTE FOR TRUMP IF YOU ARE DEAD! I am a retired nurse and my daughter is also a nurse, on the front lines - risking her life in a large, but already overwhelmed hospital right now!!! She is scared!!! She has crappy insurance and 3 young kids at home!! Watching all the nurses dying on TV is making me physically sick!!!! Not one more nurse should die because Trump refused to prepare for this disaster!!! AND HE DID NOT PREPARE, instead he called it “wishing the virus comes here” whenever someone asked about it, for months!! He was trying to kill the messenger, literally!! DO NOT REWRITE HISTORY 😡 From: a Registered Nurse that Trump can’t get fired! And he will try!!

Excellent   (5/5)

Providing news based on facts. Thank you.

Always Excellent   (5/5)

Love this show! Always excellent in depth reporting.

Awesome Lady!   (5/5)

Love Rachel she is amazing!!

Rachel Maddow show   (5/5)

She is so smart snd quick. Set up the real story with indepth lead ins. She’s the perfect example of what Fox is not and wishes it could be in terms of professionalism.

Best Podcast Ever   (5/5)

Rachel has a unique ability to think critically and communicate clearly...God bless her!

Smart and on point   (5/5)

I like Rachel Maddow. I’m sorry there are a lot of bros’ out there who just can’t stand a smart, articulate woman having a TV show.

Fake news!   (1/5)

Horrible women.

Great   (5/5)

Best news show of our time

Gives needed information   (5/5)

I look forward every night to Rachels perspective and the valuable information she delivers. Her interviews always cover the questions I have.

Rigged that she’s on the top even 50   (1/5)

She’s is dumber than a bucket of shrimp. The fact anyone even looks to this woman as a public figure tells you how unintelligent we are as a society in 2020

Yes   (5/5)

We end our evening with Rachel.

The best   (5/5)

Rachel just has this ability to weave a story with the news. And I listen to it at bedtime. And I can’t go to sleep until I do. I’m 65 years old.

Brilliant   (5/5)

Rachel you are amazing!! Anyone that gives this show less than a five, is crazy. I appreciate your transparency, in these sad and crazy times. I agree that no one should be interviewing anyone that will give false information. Regardless of political backgrounds this country should come together and hear FACTS. When I watch your show, I know that is what is happening. Thank you!! ❤️

Thank you   (5/5)

Very informative I enjoy Rachel’s delivery of news and sense of humor

Can’t listen   (1/5)

Never thought I would say this but I actually hate her vice and stupidity of common sense.

Honest coverage   (5/5)

Thank God for Rachel. Truth is hard to find today. Rachel reports the news honestly, clearly and intellectually. Thank you.

Excellent reporting-all the time!   (5/5)

Hey thank you Rachel for your honest and historic perspectives on today’s events. I’m always fascinated by the lead which often pulls in historical footage from the archives of NBC from the 50-70s. One great piece was on Eisenhower’s presidency and his amazing efforts to build our interstate highway system paralleled against the gridlock of today’s Congress. Her guests are the experts in their fields and Rachels questions are well thought out and do a great job in pulling out detailed info during the interviews. I never miss it!

Consistently Outstanding and Trustworthy   (5/5)

Perspective, context, insight — this program provides me what I am looking for as I make my way through the deluge of news, pseudo-news, and fake news, every day.

Always Ahead of the Media Pack   (5/5)

Rachel is truly in a class by herself. So brilliant, so genuine, so articulate and prepared. Fearless and deft in her interviews. Best of all, she never stoops to regurgitating the same tired stories from the endless spin cycle that is too much of mainstream news. If it weren’t for Amy Goodman & Rachel Maddow we’d be in a sorry State indeed. Thank you, Rachel!

Thoughtful, insightful, informative   (5/5)

Even before The Rachel Maddow Show began airing on MSNBC, Maddow was posting her shows from Air America on a daily basis, as podcasts. The way she and her team investigate the stories she covers, with an eye on the incentives and interests behind different players making news, is a really fascinating approach to journalism. She has not been wrong about the information she presents, and when she makes a mistake, she is quick to correct the record with her audience. She seeks out intelligent and knowledgeable guests to truly comment and respond to the news of the day. I heartily recommend her program and this podcast.

Dr. Seuss   (1/5)

Dr. Seuss had the children’s fiction market cornered, but Rachel Maddow had other plans

Sanity Check   (5/5)

The media spills a lot of information, much of it conflicting. RM is different. She puts everything in context. Even though her own inferences are clear, I feel like I can trust her to be fair. Unlike so many news personalities, she is a about provoking thought, not manipulating emotions. Her fact based, research driven analyses have kept me sane these past three years. Though things are bleak, I feel like I understand what is happening. Knowledge repels fear. In my world I am surrounded by irrational Trumpers. Rachel makes me feel like I have the fellowship of like mind.

Reality check in crazy times   (5/5)

She is so incredibly intelligent. She takes difficult concepts and makes them accessible to everyone. Not only does she give us the story, she provides the backstory and she gives credit to the reporters who break the stories. She is the clearest voice of reason we have — especially since the pandemic. Thank you Rachel Maddow.

Earth effect   (5/5)

Thanks for your continuous cogent voice in these stressful times. Could we air some critical data about how our common home, Earth, may be benefiting from global economic ‘brakes’ please? We cannot return to business as usual economically if/when we get through COVID19! This virus may be telling us more than just how well or poorly we defend ourselves inside and out, but how we can prepare for a healthier Earth for generations to come. Hard lessons but overdue? Thanks for your work Stay well LEN

Madame Butterfly   (5/5)

I think Rachel is excellent, 5 star and more!!! I love the way she builds the backround info. She surely has a way of explaining things that makes it easy to understand and very interesting!!! I plan my day around making sure I am at home when her show comes on, if not, I record it. Sometimes I watch the rerun too, if it was a complicated show. She helps me win the water cooler awards!!!! Rachel is a very concerned person and it shows. Keep up the good work Rachel!!!!!

TRMS Podcast is a MUST !! 💯♥️   (5/5)

The reporting and content is so in-depth, interesting, through and most importantly TRUE! Because all the reporting is true, and it’s accuracy are fact proven makes TRMS’ reporting is told my a reporter who happens to be a registered Democrat; however, she never vocally inputs her own personal opinion instead she uses her own personal style of reporting execute non-partisan journalism to a mostly partisan audience!

She got it   (5/5)

I love how she just breaks it all down.

russia russia russia   (1/5)

used to have a lot of respect for her. so sad to watch an intelligent person devolve into a hack for the democratic party. she could be using her voice at this crucial moment to move the progressive agenda forward. instead she parrots dnc talking points in exchange for a fat paycheck :(

Hands down the best cable news show.   (5/5)

In these unprecedented times, the in depth coverage that the Rachel Maddow Show provides is more important than ever. If you value news with integrity, and you really want to know what’s going on and why, this is the show for you. Rachel Maddow is a historian, and a Rhodes scholar, and she brings her formidable intellect to every topic she covers. She often presents historical references to help us understand the context of a current day situation. I find her insightful, informative, knowledgeable and incredibly relevant. We need this kind of reporting, please keep up the good work, Rachel!

Love the 5 minutes of history analogy in the best episodes   (5/5)

Ms Maddow is a master, and not a cookie cutter liberal. She always has a fresh/historical take on today’s issues. She’s another Rhodes Scholar I enjoy listening to. On Sunday morning. Coming down.

BrewBadges is a moron, probably a Russian bot   (5/5)

I love Rachel Maddow! I love Bernie Sanders! Did you not watch her interview with him? Obviously not. Regardless, Rachel Maddow is the only person on TV I trust. She is not a drama queen like her male counterparts and her male competitors at CNN and Fox. She is serious. She is a thinker. She makes me think of things that I may have viewed as inconsequential. To be clear, I am a suburban wife and mother who lives in Houston, TX. My husband is a Veteran & former J.A.G. Corps officer, and now a practicing attorney. I also have an advanced degree and am in high-tech sales. We are Christians and send our daughter to a Christian school. I have finally brought my husband around to the liberal way of thinking. It saddens me, though, how liberals talk about me (my demographics) and act like someone like me would never be a Bernie supporter, but here I am waiting for someone to actually talk to me & ask me how to connect with other people like me. Instead they write us off as impenetrable to sway towards liberalism. God Bless You, Rachel Maddow! I never miss a day.

Great but...   (4/5)

Please reinstate time stamped podcast details. Also, would it be possible to modulate voice intonation? I miss hearing the news from less emotive fact reporters. MacNeil. Lehrer. Cronkite. Gwen Ifill. Thank you.

🤣   (1/5)


Sold out   (1/5)

Listened to Rachel since air America days thought her intelligent. Reading progressives like Chomsky Nader Chris Hedges Max Blumenthal I can see Rachel sold out to the corporations. The debunked Russia conspiracy nothing on Yemen genocide or regime change wars. Still ok for civil rights but a democratic machine tool making 10 mil a year the journalist money can buy.

Rachel is so freaking smart and funny   (5/5)

It really makes me sad to see the negative reviews on here accusing Rachel of having “trump derangement syndrome” or alternately being not progressive enough. I like Bernie and voted for Bernie but so many of his supporters are turning me off.

Fat check! Thank you for accuracy, Rachel:)   (5/5)

Occasionally, I read some review that disparages this program. However, I NEVER have read an actual FACT debunked in the same review that justifies the low review. Back it up OR shut it up! Open to checking any program’s facts. We all need to keep an open mind to any and all evidence based checks - for ALL programming. I, for one, appreciate this program for its thoughtful broadcast. Keep up the good work gang!

MSNBC: Trump’s fave “left” media   (1/5)

Her disdain for Bernie Sanders is super evident. When trump wins another 4 yrs we can thank msnbc and “progressive” Rachel Maddow for spreading misinformation and bolstering yet ANOTHER Centrist loser candidate. There’s no true journalism when it’s Comcast running the show

thanks .. Glad you are here!   (5/5)

Please try to talk faster, slow people are never gonna get it anyway... as proven by some comments i see!

The best contextual news story teller!   (5/5)

Rachel’s story buildups are unique in today’s news programs. They are like the lecture from your favorite U Prof. Lock-in on the first 15-18 minutes for an uninterrupted storylines many times with ties to historical events and information we ino supporting her position.

Friday news   (5/5)

Can somebody take a step Out of the picture and look at the big picture , who Is benefitting from Trump decision !!!! Trump is an idiot and a traitor to say the least , he just follow orders from his single and the only man he admires and needs , the person who had him elected in spite of all the negative odds ..... This whole derailing news and chaos , beyond the very high possibility of costing millions of lives, is about redrawing the map of this area and shifting the world power to Russia and China Natanyahoo has his own bloody role in that ... Not sure why no body is looking at that ... Iran is a strong power but not as strong as Russia where they get all their army ... I hope I am wrong , but just looking at the present map and knowing that playing chess and winning is Russia and China forte, it can give a better outlook and strategy , instead of diving heads on to Iran only , risking a Third World War Playing a better chess and diplomacy is what America needs , if at all is possible now ... I bet Nancy Pelosi ( please excuse my spelling ) Sees that already , the news should help her not fuel this horrible very dangerous created chaos, no need to say it again “ by whom” .... Racheal , I love your show , it’s always very historian and factual and amazing , please look at the possibility of what my own reading about hystory , map changing , power hunger and the madness of genius dictator can do .... Thank you Friday Jan 10 2020 I love your show, and wait everyday to listen to your historical factual analysis of it , and learn from your very relevant news. Today ( which is not in the podcast yet ) you attacked the New York Times around Hillary Clinton emails ???? Why ? How much historically is it relevant ???, or maybe it is in your opinion , I don’t think so , they are your colleagues in reporting , its for the readers to see that their attack was not fair or in place , and make comments ( which already happened in 2016 ) to a great news paper!!! Not sure why you went after them....???? Pamela Harris lost a big part of her campaign momentum when she attacked Biden in a very cheap shot , I loved Pamella Harris, she is amazing , and I was praying for her to win , but after this cheap shot , lots changed in my feelings toward her , I understand totally the pain she went through we all do ( or us who are fighting for equal human right ) , Obama would have never picked Biden if he had thought he had any racist feelings in him , so why on earth she had to show she has muscles toward probably the only contender who has any chance to win against Trump. It is one of the many reasons she is not in the race anymore , I don’t like cheap shot just to win and score .... this is What Trump does .... Also all the Democrat contender should unify over one goal “ get this very dangerous president out “ , I don’t understand the way MSNBC is reporting on the presidential race , instead of emphasizing , what is the most important problem now . America is in danger of loosing its identity, freedom and its amazing constitution , for god sake wake up .... I stopped listening to CNN When Tump won , for the same reason , although they have great reporters , but because of the nonstop , loud , comments on the contenders . This had lots of input on the end results, ( beside the interference..., ) So please please please , all the news media should focus on backing up who can remove Trump , avoid Cheap shot on our colleagues and others who are in the same arena , Think of a way to get the correct news , not twisted Fox news , to the crowd that listen only to Fox News ... Sorry Racheal, as much as I love and respect your reporting , and show, I can’t give you any rating toward it tonight . I hope you read my comments Thank you Tuesday 28-2020 Great reporting , analysis and trying to reach the sole of the republican that closed it’s door forever.... died .... or too scared to even admit they have a sole or a conscious anymore .... I sent you Racheal my post on Koby tragic death , and what I think is related in a metaphoric way to what’s happening in America now , please can u post it somewhere since I don’t know how to say it to the whole world .... but America needs to wake up ... If any body believe in energy , then they can understand that the tragic death of a hero and an icon was a direct hit from the dark cloud and the intensity of the negative energy that F Trump is omitting on the whole word , let along his suffocating the constitution trying to change it or better said kill it forever so to kill the democratic empire forever and replace it with a dictatorship “ Trump the bully , the lyre, the traitor, the horrible ...” forever . I don’t think America is really absorbing that we are on that road , America and American are too spoiled , they don’t know what it means to loose their freedom, their constitution , their democracy, and they really don’t see it coming and how close it is to happened . I hope u can find a way to ring more bells of warning , and I wish there is a way to Spread the warning to the dormant Fox News and Trump crowd , who are totally blind and dormant to this real danger , and unfortunately they make almost half of America . But as always thanks for your reporting and please try to post what I wrote about Koby tragic death , I don’t need any credit , I just need a voice like yours to say it in his memory , to the whole America Thank you Thursday news 3-12-20 Hi Racheal As always amazing show , can u please tell Mr Hayes whom I just sent a long review about his interview with the ER Doctor,that he needs to send him a note to listen to your interview with Mr Donald McNeil , and tell him he should go back to medical school and remember that his dedication to patients life is what is important as a doctor , not to be a political BS speaker on MSNBC adding more confusion and Ill advise to every American who is worried about this horrible pandemic

Political rope a dope?   (4/5)

I feel like we are watching a slow motion political rope a dope taking place. Trump and Trumpers are acting all concerned about going up against Biden, voters all back Biden out of fear and wait for it...POW! Open the flood gates on Biden info: memory issues, anger issues, poor voting decisions, his son. Result? Trump wins.

So disappointed   (1/5)

I use to love her show because it was like going to class again every night. However, over the last few months I realized there was a bias against the progressive movement. Maybe not directly, but indirectly through not covering progressive topics are barely doing so. I remember one night I was waiting for her to talk more about a topic that should have made headlines...she gave about 60 seconds as a closing line. My heart hurt. I hope she starts doing better to try to capture the younger more progressive audience.

Lies constantly!!!!   (1/5)

Just terrible.

Rachel is honest and the best   (5/5)

I am a huge Warren supporter who didn’t want Sanders to make it this far. Her interview with Sanders was the first time since 2015 I seriously considered supporting him. Particularly the part where she decides to go “off script” and how he advocated for himself. Great work on pushing him to speak honestly and bluntly.

Post the podcast   (5/5)

Love the show, bit so frustrating to get the podcast in a timely fashion, not everyone can afford cable.

So nasty   (1/5)

She is one sided nasty person

Inciting fear is what we are here for   (1/5)

Flee, scurry, scurry, flee!!! Corona is coming for you

Pro-establishment   (3/5)

I was disappointed but not surprised by Rachel’s “gotcha” approach to Bernie in their recent interview. Rachel is smart and I love how she delivers the news so that anyone can jump in on any given day and appreciate the importance of the topics at hand. I don’t like her pro-establishment bias, though. It also shines through whenever she pops a giant boner for Hillary Clinton.

Awesome Reporter   (5/5)

ThNk Rachel for your awesome reporting regarding current issues!! Your reporting is interesting; in-depth; well-researched and on-point!!!👏🏽🤗 Please keep up the good work. I watch your show every night. 💙 Wanda in Virginia

Canceling   (5/5)

Love the show and Rachel but not going to support anything MSNBC produces over the firing of Chris Matthews anymore. Enough of the bullying. Hardball was my favorite TV and podcast.

Thank you   (5/5)

Thank you Rachel for keeping America informed each day! You are a true Patriot!

Beacon of hope   (5/5)

I love all that you do!!

Haters, continue wallowing in your ignorance...   (5/5)

Updated review...I’m a bit surprised at Bernie’s followers here. I thought her interview with him was entirely fair. She asked all of the questions I’ve had and Bernie answered most of them and was evasive on a few. I will vote for anyone who’s NOT Trump, and though Bernie’s not my first choice (nor is Biden), I will happily vote for either because this election is much more important than any election in recent memory. Rachel hasn’t “sold out” and her—or anyone’s, for that matter—credibility as a liberal should not be questioned because she asks hard questions. It’s her job to do that. If your favorite candidate has issues that deserve a deeper dive, deal with it and recognize that NO ONE IS PERFECT...even Bernie. These purity tests aren’t helpful to anyone. (Original review) I have to laugh at the trolls “reviewing” Rachel Maddow. Perhaps if you listened, you might learn something, but then again, I guess you can’t rock your sinking boat. That said, she is the one thing keeping me sane in the midst of this administration’s swirling tornado of gaslighting and lies. She keeps me hopeful that these complicated, ugly truths, in all of their Trumpy iterations, will win the day. I witnessed Nixon’s impeachment. Just remember—though this is a very different Republican Party—Republicans were blindly supporting him, as well, until the hearings made their support untenable with the public. I’d like to think the current GOP could find some spine but I’m not betting they will. They appear to be too far down the rabbit hole.

I am Done   (1/5)

We’ve all known for a long time that MSNBC is the Fox News for the left. But I held onto my respect for Rachel Maddow because I think she’s intelligent, and quite frankly, funny. But Rachel has become part of this media machinery, doing special pieces with Warren over twitter trolls, never holding Warren accountable for her own actual actions of deceit, all the while the world unravels like a ball of yarn. This is one example of the spin I am starting to see in her broadcasts, and I mentioned it because it was the proverbial straw. Independent news outlets have less spin, and being small and closer to the true systemic problems, they are less biased. Sorry Rachel, you have become a sell-out.

Rachel Maddow — Please Soften   (5/5)

Rachel is the brightest Newswoman on television and her daily depth of knowledge is unmatched. However she got too Bernie this week for our benefit. I made monthly donations to Bernie four years ago — the only time in my 76 years. But The Donald is President and Hillery and Bernie cane in second and third. Firing Trump is necessary. Let’s not take.a chance. A Moderate is the better bet. Trump is false and lies too much. Donald You Are Fired! Take you ignorant family with you to Afghanistan. Don’t call us, we’ll call you.

What happened?   (1/5)

A rhetorical question. Rachel Maddow never cared for the working class. She’s a white liberal that cares more about keeping the status quo. Bought by centrists who always lean right, she’s the truest definition of a sellout. Out of touch. Anyway, vote Bernie.

Rachel Maddow   (5/5)

Bravo Rachel for your zest for truth in politics as rare as that is to find! You choose the most knowledgeable progressive guests that always add interesting contour and facts to what we know. Your thirst for the “why” of things is your passion and educates us always - whatever the subject. And you do it all with a hint of humor yet a spark of fury. Thank you - we need you on the world stage! Linda Tsakonas

FRENCH   (5/5)

Does Rachel have ANY idea she is standing in front of a Sideways French Flag in her podcast profile pic? I LOVE this podcast !

Intelligent Discourse   (5/5)

You rock, girl!!!! You are amazing, intelligent, inquisitive and you dig down deep in whatever subject matter you are discussing. I especially love when you spend 5-10 minutes going back in history to review a ‘teaching point’ and then apply it to the present time in American politics. You make me proud to be an American! THANK YOU!!!

Francisco J Garza   (5/5)

Love Rachel Maddow, full stop!

Sellout   (1/5)

Rachel Maddow is exceedingly smart. She does her research and is thorough. However, to see her walking down the anti-Bernie path again is painful. I know you have your wealth and job to protect, but Rachel, you KNOW better. Shame on you.

Love her!   (5/5)

I love her reporting, it’s balanced and level headed. She reports on complicated subjects and explains them so all can understand and then clarifies with an expert to make sure she gets it right. She always has the facts to back up her reporting.

What’s better than a Rachel Bernie interview??   (5/5)

Pure enjoyment. Two last liberals standing

Intelligent, Interesting, Informative   (5/5)

Rachel has a way to make news easy to comprehend. She adds wit and humor, and factual information to make each show a joy to listen to! Always a learning experience. Keep it up, America needs you to speak truth backed up by facts and in-depth investigative reporting.

Can’t Miss Show   (5/5)

Rachel is my touch of reality each day. I don’t ever miss a podcast. I love her clear explanations and factual analyses. She’s the best reporter around!

Love you, Rachel!   (5/5)

What can I say - I am a fan, through and through. I listen everynight. If there are things the keep me from tuning in earlier for some of the other shows, I at least go for the Rachel Maddow hour, or go back looking forward to catching up. I love the way you dig into and tell the truth behind the stories, things I would not otherwise be able to find, things that help me see clearly how things are adding up in the 45th administration as they happen. The confirmation that someone else feels as I do on issues that leave me dismayed and with increasingly furled brows means a lot at this point in time. We will turn this unequal representation around, get rid of MBitch McConnell and Donald Jessica Trump and family, but it soes seem as though it's gonna be a process, one that gets us up, out in the neighborhood and being active partcipants in this democracy. Go, Rachel et al. Yea!!

A never MSNBC’er   (5/5)

I just want to say I’m so happy you have this podcast, Because after last Saturday’s 2/22/2020 coverage of Democratic Party and unjustified attacks I canceled msnbc from my internet iv always enjoyed your coverage of any political events I will miss that. because

Nope   (2/5)

I tried to listen, but she is just horrible. Rambles on and on, spouting emotion driven “facts” and un-related stories, all which end with the root issue, trump derangement syndrome. Was fun to hear her try to spin the utter failure that has became the DNC thought.

Why has she changed so much?   (3/5)

Maddow used to be a smart, curious, interesting person. Sometime after Trump’s election, it’s like she was replaced by someone who looked like her, but had none of the same attributes. I can’t listen to or watch her anymore. It makes me sad.

Great reporting - please return time stamps   (5/5)

Investigative reporting that can’t get anywhere else - I did like the time stamps but these seem to have disappeared - please bring them back

Time to shelve the show   (2/5)

Suggestion: msnbc needs to freshen the lineup. Ms. Maddow should get a chance to produce focused long format reports instead of having to continue her now stale and predictable show. How about a real news show?

Totally Fake   (1/5)

Rachel is paid to say negative comments and stories about the President and other Republicans. Can’t anyone see that her rhetoric is fake? I guarantee she actually voted for Donald Trump! A job is a job. 😂😂😂😂

Obnoxious   (1/5)

Worst show I’ve ever heard.

The BEST information podcast   (5/5)

Rachel is intelligent, personable, and all around amazing. The stories are hard hitting and fascinating. Thank you for bringing a level of transparency and accountability that is crucial in this terrifying political climate. Rachel’s ability to provide context and background information and then report news and events in a way that feels like you’re listening to a masterful storyteller is unmatched by any other in the business.

Thank you   (5/5)

Thanks Rachel for your on the spot reporting that keeps us all informed and what’s happening in perspective. We’re in a state of national emergency with an impulsive, myopic president who is lurching is toward a bad twist in the road. Your broadcasts are hands on the wheel and mind on the road.

The smartest woman in journalism.   (5/5)

Don’t listen to the haters. She’s amazingly smart and talented and has a great team. She welcomes all to fact check her on everything and to bring anything to their attention if you find otw. Rachel has high integrity and she paints the whole picture for listeners to see. She is conveying information to motivate Americans to save our Democracy here and around the world in these times of great peril where authoritarian fascism is taking hold. Keep reporting Truth to Power Rachel. You’re providing an extremely valuable service.


Listened for diversity of opinion, but I’ve grown tired of having to fact check everything myself, deleting for a more impartial podcast. Will return after November 2020 to see if y’all have learned that promoting narrative first and truth second is what got trump (re)elected

Daily Knowledge   (5/5)

A show not to be missed. Great job.

The sharpest most interesting host   (5/5)

Love the depth and breadth. Always surprised.

Where are the new episodes?   (2/5)

I love this TRMS podcast but the slow-walking of podcast release is putting me off.

2/12/20 show   (1/5)

WOW! Any Klobuchar was an amazing get for tonight’s show! Actually, not at all. It’s hard to think of an MSNBC show that hasn’t been pimping for her even when she was at 0%.

You’re not listening!   (3/5)

Why are the pundits not listening? People are getting behind Bernie because it’s the only way we’ll get something different - true change – middle class support. The Democratic and Republican parties both are huge moneymaking machines concentrating power in corporate interests, etc. and not interested in giving up this power. So we get more of the same no matter who gets elected. That’s how Trump won! You don’t get it.

Unfortunate   (1/5)

I’ve listened daily for years. The downplaying of what is happening within the Bernie Sanders campaign is irresponsible. This is how democrats lose again.

Window to the world   (5/5)

I travel the globe constantly, but every morning I wake up to find out what happened on this show. Best show and podcast in the world.

Rachel deserves 5 stars   (5/5)

I’m dropping this podcast to four stars because now, not only are there ads, they are the weirdest, out of place ads. I’m never going to some assemble it yourself furniture store’s website for sex tips. Stop. No ads is a valid choice. Also, who are the time codes for? They aren’t especially helpful. It would be great if they were in reference to the time of the audio playing versus when it aired on TV. Thanks.

Thank you for your service in broadcasting   (5/5)

I look forward to live or on podcast. Keep up the good work.💪🏽🤓timster

Excellent, Educational and Factual   (5/5)

Maddow never disappoints me, I learn something new every time. Yes, sometimes you have to wait a bit for the new episodes during stressful times. Have you considered that they are doing the best they can; sometimes there is not enough time in the day to complete everything? The staff on these shows don’t even have time to sleep during certain periods. Stop being so selfish and hateful, sheesh 🙄.

Thank you MSNBC   (5/5)

Yesterday the Senate voted to acquit Trump, and I along with millions of other Americans felt low and even despondent about our democracy and country’s future. Watching Chris Hayes, Rachel Maddow, and Brian Williams pull me through the days events and more with their intellectual strength, grit, and positivity and forthright mindset of “here’s where we are and we will keep going” attitude helped so much. Thank you for your resilience and ongoing commitment to doing your jobs so well.

Hey Sad!   (5/5)

History is happening! Be patient!

Great historical reporting and first hand journalism   (5/5)

Now let’s remove Trump any way we can. You provide us hope by reporting on all his pending court cases. People come to you because you are on the front lines. Thank you Rachel for sticking up for democracy in the USA in an intelligent way. Let’s get to work people. Lock Trump up.

I love this show... Except for right now...   (5/5)

Dear Rachel Maddow Show, I love your Podcast so much. I love that I can listen when it's convenient and that I don't have to have the television on so I can listen as I head to bed is so wonderful. Rachel and her team are thoughtful and well researched. The historical context Rachel brings to the opening segment is interesting and for me, usually enlightening. However, this current practice of indicating that the podcast is available for listening and then only running trailers for other programs feels like a bait and switch. Just thought I would put that out there. Really excited for when you stop running other podcast trailers and return to the actual podcast.

Done with MSNBC   (1/5)

I can no longer support a newscast with Exxon as your sponsor!!! You do not support the truth, you are a corporate shill. No more!!

Sad   (5/5)

I am a regular listener to your podcasts because you are such an excellent news analyst. I have been looking for your downloads but, there have been none for the past few days. It looks like no more will be downloaded. So I want to take this opportunity to send my appreciation and thanks before I unsubscribe to your podcast.

New shows   (5/5)

I haven’t gotten any new shows since last Friday.


Nothing in four days but commercials for other podcasts??! I listen to this podcast EVERY DAY and I’m practically melting down without it. WHAT GIVES!?

Viewers choose   (5/5)

I receive an education when I listen to you. You give history, and connections that help me understand what happened then and now. You don’t preach your own conclusions so we can come to our own.

Informed on History   (5/5)

Rachel Maddow is smart and incisive. She often provides historical context to set the foundation for why a current situation is relevant and how it compares to past precedents. Plenty of research and evidence. A very satisfying show for those who don’t want to check their brains at the door.

Low IQ & Not Funny   (1/5)

Listened to this gas bag for 15 minutes and had to spray Lysol in my ears afterwards. If given the option between waterboarding or listening to this podcast—slap that wet towel on my face start dunking me now please.

Listen twice some nights   (5/5)

Rachel gives the politics some clarity that others never deal with,which I feel make the viewers think.

Your broadcast speed   (1/5)

I am very angry at the rapid pace at the extreme speed that you have increased the speech of Rachael and her guests. It is very annoying and I am stopping my listening to your shows.

Great podcasts...   (5/5)

I like your in-depth interviewing and gathering background on the topic or focus of your podcast. However, at the moment all I’m getting Chris Mathews. I’m not interested in this man. He is taking your air time as well as “Meet the Press”. I’m not at all fond of his interviewing style...he has a habit of interrupting his guests. Sorry, so much for CM. BTW you can share my opinion. Your approach is appealing to me. Keep up the good reporting/work! Thx, B. Hochhalter

Grateful   (5/5)

I am eternally grateful to Rachel and for everyone who continues to fight for our democracy through incredible journalism, and for exposing the corruption in our current administration. Connecting the dots every day. Brilliant.

Faux progressive   (1/5)

Corporate dictated media entertainment masquerading as legitimate journalism- Every bit as misleading as the worst parts of FOX news. Biased garbage with an unspoken agenda.

Rachel   (5/5)

I think Adam Schiff could have nailed his final speech by ending with the recording of America the Beautiful played by the US Navy Band.

Rachel M.   (5/5)


Lack of Coverage on Impeachment Trail Disappointing   (3/5)

I’m shocked and really disappointed that there hasn’t been detailed and intense coverage of the impeachment trail. PBS has done a much better and more thorough job of reporting and covering the Trump impeachment trail including guest speakers. Rachael did such a good job chasing down stories and information keeping us up to date but this week not much, what happened?

Rachel and her team!   (5/5)

You guys are really impressive at everything you do! Because of you all, I have learned the importance of journalism.

Impeachment times   (3/5)

Sorely disappointed that we are not getting a full podcast during this. I almost expected a combined Chris Hayes, Rachel Maddow, Lawrence O’Donnell cast each night.

Stop with the established republican talking points   (1/5)

Y is Claire even on the panel???? She is missing the entire point! We need to highlight and put spotlight on the facts not people’s emotions. This is the time to educate and absorb. As a former stateswoman it is offensive the lack of seriousness given to this situation when your main focus is how people’s treat one another during this time. You may Claire have made it a point to hold the hand of those responsible for this mess and to sit on panels of judgement and opinion is appalling. Please take a walk with Hillary and do the citizens of this country a favor if you are not going to add substance to the conversation. This is not high school. I normally enjoy Rachel’s analysis but u - u have disrupted my evening learning

A-1   (5/5)

Rachel Maddow is my best source for current news. I don’t have cable and the websites do not cover the details like Rachel does. Her guests are top officials with some of the best credentials. Read “Blowout” and then you will have someone to criticize for good reason. Thank you, Rachel for sharing your intelligence and grit.

Why is part of the Rachel M show missing   (5/5)

Why does the podcast not include the entire Rachel Maddow show? There are parts of the show that are not in the podcast that have been cut out for the commercials and sometimes the end of the show is missing. I like the commercials for the other MSNBC podcasts but they should not be added on top of the context from the show. Many times entire sections are not included. This is very frustrating when listening to the podcast a few days after the live show.

Lack of credibility   (1/5)

I used to listen to Rachel maddow when she had a sense of journalism, but now she’s just an emotional pundit peddling her dreams and opinions.

Podcast opening   (4/5)

Please don’t open with an ad. A music lead-in would be much better, more welcoming. An add is harsh sounding and makes the listener have to skip forward to the meat of the pod. I start playing your pod right when I wake up every morning while I’m still laying in bed. I don’t want to hear an ad first thing 😁. Please and thank you!

BEST!!   (5/5)

Amazing reporting. Thank You for your insight, intelligence, and integrity!!!!

Amazing interview with Lev Parnass!   (5/5)

Thank you Rachel Maddow for bringing out truth!

Thank you   (5/5)

Rachel did a wonderful presentation on Bag Man and thank you for your great work in securing the interview with Lev Parnas. Timely! We need to see him under oath at impeachment trial with Bolton and Mulvaney.

Enthralling   (5/5)

Maddow is an intellectual athlete, the Michael Jordan of political reporting. Truly a broadcasting legend.

Spot On   (5/5)

Love this show and the person. She’s spot on and is the most trusted worthy news person I know. Love you Rachel Maddow.

Edward R Murrow of our day   (5/5)

Smart ethical reporting essential to my understanding of the times we live in. Rachel Maddow’s genius, courage and energy are a gift to us all. Best podcast out there.

A true professional   (5/5)

One of the hardest working journalists in the business.

Love Her!   (5/5)

I absolutely love everything about this show. Her choices of words are always spot on and she gives props where and when props are due and she will make sure and ask her guest if her interpretation of the news at hand is accurately described (99% of the time it is). If I want to catch upon current events I can always count on her to provide any and all updates. Definitely not “FAKE NEWS!”

Rachel is the best!   (5/5)

Rachel always explains what is happening in ways everyone can comprehend. Much needed in this crazy political time

Fantastic   (5/5)

Rachel,Rachel, Rachel....“according to the transitive property?” 😂🤣

Ad placement   (1/5)

I love that I can listen when I miss the show. However, the ads constantly interpreting in the middle of conversations is not working. Fine, have commercials, but use the breaks that were on TV.

Best cable news show   (5/5)

Rachel is the best story-teller, ever.

Rachel Madow.   (1/5)

To whom it may concern.I “USE TO” listen to Rachel Madow,comedy central et all no longer You have spead them up so much I can no longer understand what I’m listening to. Bye!!

Insightful!   (5/5)

I always look to this podcast for intelligent and insightful points of view. The background information and depth of reporting make this program a beacon of light in dark times.

NYTimes culpability   (5/5)

Rachel Maddow -- thank you. Finally, someone acknowledges what anyone paying attention has known for quite some time: the New York Times has had it in for Hillary Clinton for years. It's not a figment of Hillary's imagination, and never was. Journalists cannot convincingly poo-poo criticisms that coverage of Hillary and the Clintons generally has been unfairly and sometimes irrationally slanted. Now that someone -- Rachel -- has had the bravery and honesty to call out the NYT, its ownership and editorial leadership need to answer. No quibbling. No mealy-mouthed excuse-making -- we know how that goes, after witnessing the dodging the EIC did after the Times came down on the side of no Russian collusion following the 2016 election. The Times does too much good work for someone to keep pooping in the punch bowl there. Because these days, we're all forced to drink the sewage.

Love   (5/5)

Rachel is my very favorite !! Love the pod because I can’t always catch the show

Trump 2020🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸   (5/5)


It’s Rachel Maddow.   (5/5)

The antithesis of all things Trump. She will be revered when history is written of this dark era.

The best   (5/5)

She is simply a “National Treasure.”

Thank you   (5/5)

One day, Rachel deserves to relax somewhere uninterrupted catching brookies in a glimmering stream; until then she is my guiding light and teacher. I would be lost without her and her team’s hard work. Thank you!!

Thank you   (5/5)

Thank you for being an educated woman and skilled journalist. I always learn so much.

An American Treasure   (5/5)

I hope my review gives you the five-star you so rightly deserve. I can recognize projection in the few negative comments, none of which carry any weight. Thank You! for your fearless reporting!

Garbage   (1/5)

Libtard propaganda

Jealous of Ivanka’s brains and beauty   (1/5)

This awful women looks like a man and talks like an idiot. Barf.

A Simple Thank You   (5/5)

Thanks Rachel to you and your team for all the great reporting you do.

I learn so much each time I listen   (5/5)

Like Eviews review I'm also getting strange behavior with this podcast. For the last 3 months or so, I need to go to the I'tunes store and manually download the new podcast. I've rechecked all settings on my device they are all correct. The latest podcast available been getting a message saying podcast not found despite sitting in my library. Is anyone else having this problem?

Always following the threads   (5/5)

It’s difficult to express just how much I appreciate the Rachel Maddow show—it’s a “must listen“ podcast every single day. TRMS is so incredibly informative; I love how she has been able to follow the Trump administration’s ties to Russia since the beginning, and explain things in ways the layperson can easily comprehend. I’m so grateful for all those who contribute to this vitally important fact-based newscast. It's a real beacon of hope in these troubled times.

Always saves my sanity at the end of long Trump days!   (5/5)

Love you Rachel!! My only ever disappointment with you was giving Bernie Sanders air time, without hard questions . You have always been extraordinary at connecting dots but while the rest of MSM is giving Bernie a pass, I was hoping you would have asked Sanders about Tad Devine, his vote against Russian sanctions, his 2016 campaign being supported by the Kremlin noted in the Mueller report and most of all , he isn’t a democrat. Where are his “ small dollar donations “ really coming from?

The only news podcast you need...   (5/5)

I subscribe to The Rachel Maddow show, The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell and The 11th hour with Brian Williams. Suspiciously they have all been unsubscribing themselves without my approval. Hmmm? Careful out there.

The very best   (5/5)

Maddow is a beacon of sanity during these times. Our entire country is like a narcissistic family now, beaten down by constant abuse by the patriarch followed up by scapegoating, victim-blaming, obfuscation, gaslighting, etc by the patriarch and his flying monkeys. Being able to return almost every day of the week to Maddow’s voice of sanity, reason, clarity, fairness, humility, and good humor keeps me from giving up. I’m so grateful to the whole team of hardworking geniuses behind this show. ❤️

Look forward to Rachel’s analysis   (5/5)

I follow the news relatively closely nowadays and yet I still look forward to hearing TRMS everyday. She always adds interesting insight to our daily overwhelming onslaught of news. I’m so thankful for Dr. Maddow’s perspective and explanations - she helps me feels sane during these painfully crazy times.

If Rachel can laugh about it...   (5/5)

Somehow, when Rachel Maddow explains what the GOP is doing, it’s always worse than I thought, but it makes me feel better that she can still laugh about it.

Great News Delivery   (5/5)

Rachel makes sense when she tells the news

Nothing else compares   (5/5)

By far the most insightful, most informative and most factual news broadcast

Make America Great Again   (1/5)

Giving this podcast 👎👎👎

One of the best.   (5/5)

Definitely one of my favorite podcasts available.

Insightful and broken down   (5/5)

I love the way she starts with something you think is completely unrelated and suddenly it’s insightful context to the story of the day! I’m Mexican and until Mr Trump never really cared about American politics, now I have to ge my daily dose with Rachel.

Gerunds   (5/5)

Rachel is brilliant. A great journalist. I never miss her podcasts. But Rachel, for English teachers out here, could you use possessives before gerund phrases? That quibbling request stated, Rachel, you’re incredible. I love you. You make living through this Trump trauma comprehensible, and you help me more deeply understand and appreciate my patriotism. Merci!

Rachel always knew   (5/5)

A bright and informed light during a dark time in history. Thank you for your constant vigilance and PATRIOTISM! You’re truly inspiring Rachel.

Informative   (5/5)

Very very informative, more information i didnt know.

Necessary.   (5/5)

I look forward to this every day. I’m generally cynical when it comes to single-person narrative type shows, but Rachel is authentic, witty, and is always covering topics that I am both concerned and very interested in.

TRMS   (5/5)

My favorite political analysis, she’s great! I always want to listen to TRMS and the story broken down with her. Question: What can citizens outside of Georgia and Wisconsin do to help right the wrong with purging voters?

It’s so painful.   (5/5)

Thank you Rachel Maddow for shining your very intelligent light on the creepy crawlers of trump and his enablers. Listening to you today about how this basically stupid, greedy, immoral, disgusting bundle of grievances and self aggrandizement can destroy the careers of good people with the good of our country at heart is so painful. Continue fighting the good fight, please.

Best tv show   (5/5)

Rachel is the best TV journalist hands down. Every time I hear a news I can’t wait for it to be covered on the show. Thanks

Rachel   (4/5)

To better understand DJT communication style ; he exaggerates,misleads and if these don’t work he LiES,

TDS   (2/5)

I don’t know in what parallel universe you get the info... I am sure not in earth...

Truth   (5/5)

Thank you Rachel for your disclosures of the naked truth!

True Crime   (5/5)

I’m reduced to 24/7 reality true crime binging. Thank you, Rachel.

One more very long book please!!   (5/5)

I am obsessed with podcasts, and in particular yours. Please tell me that you are putting your show into searchable text! My grandkids will need to reference your awesome history nuggets someday!!

I hope Democrat can explain the issues as Rachael Meadow.   (5/5)

Keep up your excellent work. Thank you

Rachel Maddow is a gem of a human.   (5/5)

I listen to the show every morning, and I’d rank it up there with coffee as far as importance. I only wish it was longer. Blowout is so good too!

Can you get the real names of the Ukrainian that died   (5/5)

Please get the names of the people that died, when Trump held up the money. Tell the House and the Senate to read their names out LOUD, every time they think that Trump did no wrong.

Convenient   (5/5)

Rachel Maddow is a national treasure

Great show   (5/5)

Thanks for making the podcast available so quickly!

No objectivity   (1/5)

Gossip columnist at best with no humility to admit when she is wrong and fails to provide any supporting evidence for her stories. People like this have ruined the news stations people once trusted.

Early 21st c. Edward R. Murrow   (4/5)

It’s been a long, strong 10 or more years of great reporting and analysis from Rachel. She broke the mold and then replaced it with something more authentic, thoroughly researched, and historical. Did I grow accustomed to her ways or did she lose the bigger picture? I sometimes worry that she focuses too narrowly on presidential power and its abuses. I wish she would cover related topics like the vulnerability of computerized voting machines. Just because you may not understand computing does not mean you can’t invite guests who do; or examine the ownership and allegiances of voting machine manufacturers, impossible or incongruous voting machine results, etc. B+ for intelligence and effort, down from A+ reporting from the time of lead water in Flint and before.

Great show, factually grounded & opinions are flagged as such   (5/5)

Rachel & her team deliver thoughtful news and commentary, inviting & putting criticism to good use whether on not tactfully offered. She has her worldview, but knows the difference between inspiration, fact and delusion. A great show for those willing to listen critically.

2 words-conspiracy theorist   (1/5)

Ha ha h So she’s reliable and breaks down facts clear and concise? How did that Russian collusion coverage work out for you all? She’s a hack propagandist at best.

President   (1/5)

You never report the good news. Only animosity for president Trump. Shame -shame

Incredible Rachel   (5/5)

I find Rachel incredibly clear and concise. As an African living in America, she is able to break down topics in a way that I can understand, always giving the history to a topic and using simple and advanced vocabulary in a way that gives understanding and learning all in one. Thanks Rachel

Rachel is great   (5/5)

I love msnbc They give context, details to every thing they report. They are honest and reliable.

Liberal BIAS!!!!   (1/5)

Try actual journalism instead of your biased views on everything anti administration.

Thankful for this podcast   (5/5)

Rachel is my daily morning companion as a citizen living outside of the US. Thank you for keeping me connected!

Blowout and show excellent   (5/5)

I am loving your book, Blowout . It is well researched and very easy to read. The information and narrative flow are first rate. I also love your show. I listen on Stitcher.

Rachel is the best   (5/5)

I listen to the podcast everyday. The only person on MSNBC that I will listen to on MSNBC because she is not biased against Progressives. I refuse to listen anyone else @ MSNBC because they are all corrupt and biased against progressives.

Much Better With Ari Belsher   (4/5)

Well done @MSNBC Ari Belsher heard the critique and did better; he definitely hit his stride in the second half of this podcast tonight. Thanks for adjusting your tone. Ari came across more like those old-school anchors America knows and loves. Nice interview job with Kyle Cheney (sp?) tonight. VERY nice pace after that. Keep up the great, relaxed pace.

The best   (5/5)

Rachel is the most intelligent and dilligent news source you can get. If you dont watch Rachel you missed key details

Artful weaver of truth, history & critical issues   (5/5)

Rachel keeps getting better bringing us relevant issues in a clear easy to understand manner with historical perspective. Best show on MSNBC Worth never missing.

The informal Journalist   (5/5)

Rachael hit all facts. And very easy on the ears.

Too loud   (4/5)

I enjoy the show but please consider referencing the volume of other podcasts and calibrating your mix accordingly

Why is Trump diverting attention away from Russia and siting Ukraine?   (5/5)

I think the answer has nothing to do with the 2016 election and everything to do with Trump lifting the sanctions imposed by the US if Ukraine is deemed the culprit- that simple.

Research   (5/5)

When Miss Maddow is on, you can rest assure major research went into the reporting. 👍🏾💯

She’s the best!   (5/5)

Thank you, Rachel.

could have been a prosecutor   (5/5)

I have just been so impressed with Rachel’s impeachment coverage and her phenomenal ability to tie the disparate bits and pieces of the story together into a coherent whole on a daily basis. I spent about a decade as a trial attorney myself and recognize a kindred spirit when I see/hear one. I also love the follow-up on the continuing Lev and Igor saga — please continue chasing those scoundrels down as justice catches up with them at long last. Keep up the good fight, and thank you for the clear-eyed, fact-based reporting and viewpoint.

Bigmouth   (1/5)

Talk about garbage, she’s it

Thank you   (5/5)

This is my link to in depth reporting as a person in a red state. Makes me feel sane. I love the “deep dive” in the beginning of every episode. It feels like I’m in a really cool college course during my commute to work.

Sanity in an insane world   (5/5)

I listen to this at work when I need a little sanity to make me feel less crazy. I work in construction with some pretty conservative people and this show reminds me that someone is paying attention and that there will be accountability (someday) for all the corruption (I hope). Thank you Rachel for all you do! Your skill for explaining the complex is truly something to behold! My mental health is better because of you!!

Podcasts   (5/5)

I am frustrated I can only watch 1/2 the show with audio and video. When I try to listen to second half on the ad idiot only podcast it is often delayed.

Essential   (5/5)

Omg where is your show right now?!

Case for Trump Impeachment easy to understand   (5/5)

In my opinion Rachel would one of the best to give a factual simple down to earth presentation on the case “Trump Impeachment” in Capitol Hill ... she would put the case very easy to understand in front of the American People.... Thanks God for my amazing Rachel... keep up the good work... we need you.

Rachel   (5/5)

She provides information in a way that everyone can understand. Also using good accurate information. Thank you Rachel

Truth seeking   (4/5)

Robert Can you please tell us one or two of the lies Rachel has told that has been debunked? Thanks

A Must-watch   (5/5)

We need Rachel’s clarity and straight talk like never before.

Rachel is the Professor   (5/5)

I’m a long time follower of RM. She lays the truth out concisely. No talking head nonsense, rather a highly educated, well read authority. Rachel, thank you for your hard work on our behalf, we so appreciate you.

Review   (1/5)

Rm needs! Need s sensationalism is happy with isms &untruths that she divulges as facts . This is a free country. She hates but is careful not to cross the line I hate haters and liars Doesn’t everyone? Her name should be : mad cow .

Rachel Maddow = Straight liberal liar conspiracy theorist   (1/5)

Don’t listen to her garbage every claim she has accused President Trump on I has all been debunked one lie after another. Such a disgrace to this country and to the people who believe her b.s. Robert

Clarity!   (5/5)

The title sums it up. Rachael’s reporting brings clarity to an otherwise overwhelming, confusing political and legal landscape. What I appreciate most is that she relies heavily on legally filled documents and case results as the basis for her positions. It’s unfortunate that some people will continue to attempt to gaslight her audience in the form of review. The odd thing is that a vast majority of her sources in which the discussions are based upon ARE open source and relatively easy to find - if one “truly” had a desire for the truth. I appreciate your service Rachael.

Super Informative   (5/5)

Has relevant experts, fact checks, very in depth - this is where you’ll find the truth. Thank you For your work Rachel!

Worst show ever!   (1/5)

Why does iPhone recommend this for me? Kill me now!

Marxist Propaganda for Sheep   (1/5)

Another wack-job leftist talking head. TDS is real with this one.

Rachel is amazing!!!   (5/5)

I look forward to every show. She’s so smart and funny. Great guests, too. I’m always impressed.

Great reporting   (5/5)

Thank God for Rachel! Everything she reports is backed by documentation and records. So much corruption in the trump administration is coming to light and the public needs to stay informed. It would be nice to name those senators that were receiving donations from the 2 guys recently arrested in relation to Julianni, so people can understand why they are so eager to undermine our democracy and separation of powers and why they refuse to protect our elections.

The best   (5/5)

thank GOD for Rachel Maddow. I’ve so grown to appreciate her approach to reporting. No talking head here!!! She brings a certain kind of steadiness, yet real presentation. . .in other words, in this time of complete and utter free fall, she is unwavering. It’s scary out there for me, being afraid for the future of the democracy under threat by corruption. But Rachel holds it together, at leased on camera. Kind of like the person you want in the fox hole with you when all hell breaks loose.

Simply the Best   (5/5)

Absolutely love, and respect this journalist as a human being, and as a true patriot. Don’t ever stop my dear !

Questions for Republicans ❓❓❓   (5/5)

I love your show but I have two questions for Republicans. Do the Republicans really want to defend this guy for four more years? And how much has he promised (bribed) to give to their campaigns?

Trumps judge pick   (5/5)

Seems to me trumps judge pick is taking a page from the I like beer judge. I hope nobody falls for that fake break down and fake tears

Patriots Listen to Rachel   (5/5)

This podcast is required listening for anyone who is concerned about our country. The antidote to Trumps propaganda (FOX NEWS)!

Professor of truth   (5/5)

Deserves a Pulitzer.

The best   (5/5)

C’mon she’s the best.

👍👍👍🤞🤞   (5/5)

How could you not give this podcast a 5

Awesome!   (5/5)

Clear, concise and HONEST reporting without propaganda or slanted opinions! Give me the facts and let me decide! I ADORE her style of conveying information and leading us through this mess of a government crisis! I’m addicted!

Complete Rubbish!   (1/5)

Fake reviews big time! This show is another of the dozen MSM obsessed with Trump shoes that we are all so sick up. This chick stalks Trump uses Lies, No Open source data , & rumors & calls it journalism. No wonder her ratings are so low. Yawn don't waste your time or ears!

Superior   (5/5)

Cuts through the confusion in our politics like a laser through everything —- then you see the basics at last.

Delusion at its best   (1/5)

I have to imagine that Rachael knows what she is doing. I think she severely under estimates her audiences intelligence though. Either that or she is a puppet who has been told to stick to the story no matter what. She gets paid 30,000 a day - I can’t say I wouldn’t consider doing it myself. I said consider. Ultimately I would say no. I have integrity.

Journalist   (5/5)

I love the paper shuffling and so appreciate the podcast with but one commercial.

Excellent reporting   (5/5)

Rachel is a boss

Keep digging   (5/5)

I hate that paper shuffling noise but love the info, keep digging!

the best   (5/5)

Rachel, we are so grateful for you and your fantastic show.

Always informative.   (5/5)

Thanks for always being informative and engaging. I really get a lot of of the show.

A refreshing voice of reason and compassion.   (5/5)

I love Rachel Maddow’s show. The topics are well researched, well written and delivered in a personal way.

Could You Clarify?   (5/5)

Could you please clarify: are the republicans participating in the impeachment depositions? They are complaining about secrecy, but i read they are listening & asking questions of witnesses. This needs to be clarified! Thanks! Love your show!

Awful   (1/5)

She’s worse than Tucker Carlson. When will journalists start valuing integrity again. Sad

Rachel Maddow Show   (5/5)

Maddow’s delivery of the factual, truthful, clearly well researched news is the best. I look forward to her excellent show each night and the podcasts at other times. She is such a professional journalist and not a diva. After reading her newest book, BLOWOUT, my admiration for her intelligence grew and one can know she is a patriot who is for the people’s right to know.

New listener   (5/5)

I avoided listening for a long time, thinking she was just a “liberal Sean Hannity”, giving her opinion about the news. I was so wrong! She has all the facts, quotes from both conservative media like the Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg, as well as progressive media like the NYT and Washington Post. She connects the dots in such a clear way that it’s easy to understand. I find myself saying, “ I never knew that!”, a couple of times during the show.

Horrific   (1/5)

How does anyone tolerate the stupid rambling of this ignorant buffoon ????

We   (5/5)

I asked eaheaesfwhwwesgsassWivwquwwjeaereW

Most educated voice   (5/5)

Rachel speaks with the clearest and most educated voice on the topics important to every citizen who seeks honest and true information in these painful and extraordinary times.

We need a hero   (5/5)

There is a very special award waiting for Rachel when all this is over. She will stand with many other women who stood up and displayed true courage in very difficult times. I hope Rachel knows that she is a hero to so many people. I truly love her, and wish her every possible success.

Wrong podcast   (1/5)

I am receiving episodes from The Oath not Rachel Maddow show.

Problem   (5/5)

I have The Oath embedded in my podcast. I can listen and catch up on Rachel😟

Awesome!   (5/5)

You break everything down and back it up with facts!! Thank you for that. I trust you to tell me the truth. ie the facts keep up the good work

We got it the first time   (5/5)

Great news and coverage. Your viewership is smart and really doesn’t need everything repeated so often. Come on, you have plenty of material. You don’t have to stretch it out so much. Love the show

Rachel distills complicated topics succinctly   (5/5)

She does this flawlessly. Her style is so engaging. Her work is always founded in facts and she connects the dots.

Talented Educator!   (5/5)

I listen to Rachel every weekday morning. The way she processes and explains is so helpful as we live through these chaotic times for our country and the world! I’ve been around since 1937 and have witnessed a lot, but our present situation is beyond belief. Rachel manages to give me hope for the future‼️

Why "The Oath"??!   (3/5)

...why is The Oath podcasts embedded into the RMS channel? How can I remove it? Channel will def. Get 5-stars when I don't have to scroll and search through others to find her contend in the channel...

Confidence   (5/5)

I have been listening to Rachel’s broadcasts for a couple of years. I have confidence in her research and find her range of topics compelling. I like her approach to issues. Good job! Thanks

A National treasure   (5/5)

Few can provide both entertainment and education and succeed at both. Yes, she has a POV, like everyone, but she is driven by facts that lie outside her worldview as much as facts that lie comfortably within her worldview. This aspect of her reportage harkens back to the Enlightenment. It is no wonder that many critics today sound like those in the post-revolutionary 19th century who wanted to turn the clock back and pretend that victories on the fields of battle and diplomacy against reform and revolution could tear out the Enlightenment and Dual Revolution from the pages of history.

Fantastic show   (5/5)

The show is great, the lag time between show and cast is frustrating.

Excellent show.   (5/5)

I listen to everything weeknight. Keep up the good work!

Podcasts switch   (3/5)

Same problem here,the Oath is playing on Rachel podcast!

Iris - Rachel’s show very informative   (4/5)

I record her 9:00pm show everyday and can’t wait to get home from work to watch it. I purchased her new recent book and can’t wait to start reading it. She has a skill for breaking down her reports to a simple language most folks can comprehend. Through her I have learned to understand how the whole Congress works. MSNBC is my channel and I watch Chris Matthews and end Brian’s 11th hour, but no one out beat Rachel! Thank you.

Uploading Episodes Sooner!   (5/5)

I’m obsessed with RM and haven’t missed an episode in 2 years! Anyway you can upload earlier the following day after the episode airs? I like to listen the following morning and often can’t!

Rachel Maddow   (4/5)

I have trouble finding the show lately it is conflated with chuck Rosenberg show please fix this

Love,   (4/5)

Love the podcast and how I can listen during my commute. It’s funny and informative. My only wish is that they’d stop putting The Oath in my queue. I already subscribe. it’s amazing. But that’s not the point. Stop with the podcast spam please.

National Treasure, but podcast tech probs   (5/5)

Rachel is a national treasure. I listen every morning, but sometimes I have to go hunting for her episodes. Normally, they populate my “Listen” page, but then they mysteriously don’t show up and I have to do a search on her show and then they show up under those “available episodes”. They don’t show up under “available episodes” on her page under shows I have subscribed to. So weird.

The Oath is playing- not Maddow??   (5/5)

Why are The Oath podcasts listed instead of Rachel Maddow podcasts? There seems to be some sort of glitch in the Apple podcast software?? Right under Rachel it says Seasons 2: Episodes but it’s from The Oath. Rachel’s team might want to clear this up because it’s difficult to get to her current audio podcasts. Otherwise, when you can locate Maddow’s actual current podcasts they’re truly informative.

One of the smartest journalists around   (5/5)

Her analysis is solid and steady. Be suspicious of anyone who tells you otherwise. Also, in her own words - she’s “liberal” in that her views perfectly align with Republican president Dwight D Eisenhower.

Rhodes Scholar   (5/5)

Tells the news, and Shows the facts in a scholarly fashion, weaving the storyline. Love to see her debate some right wing Buffon like Hsnnity; would slam-dunk em./

Could be great   (1/5)

Maddow is too biased to be a journalist. She doesn’t report facts. She lets her personal beliefs get in the way and she is just broadcasting her opinion. She obviously has talent, but it is wasted on her political agenda

Please no more Joy   (4/5)

Rachel is great. Period. Guest host Joy’s newsreader cadence is so weird! She emphasises the wrong words, and puts in pauses and then reads the “conclusive” sounding words after the pause. Hmmm. If you don’t listen to the words it sounds professional. But it makes no sense when read that way! It’s a sign that guest host Joy should have READ the script ahead of time to GET the points before reading. If you don’t it shows. Really, we can tell. Also, funny voices are OK when Rachel’s doing it, not Joy.

The Oath   (5/5)

Why is The Oath playing when I am looking for The Rachael Maddow Show? Very disconcerting. Please check on this. Thanks, GC

E   (5/5)


Rachel   (5/5)

Rachel follows the facts, breaks them down and processes the ingredients directly to my ear. Her character and credibility are top notch and she is always on her game. She is my favorite and this podcast is a rerun of what I previously missed.

I learn so much   (5/5)

Rachel packs so much info into her shows I always walk away with newfound knowledge.

Here for Rachel, Not Chuck Rosenberg :/   (5/5)

Why does Chuck Rosenberg’s “The Oath” keep getting uploaded to this podcast? I just want to hear Rachel. Stop spamming us with a different show. Was 5 stars, changing to 3 until you stop the spamming.

Absolute trash   (1/5)

Worthless garbage

Rachel helps us see History as it’s made   (5/5)

Who needs History or Politics 101 when there’s Rachel Maddie Podcasts!!! Thank you for educating us Rachel in your thorough and unique way. <3

Rachel is the best!   (5/5)

Rachel always seems to have all the background and details we need to understand what’s happening in politics. Great voice, it’s like listening to your smartest friend explain the days news. Wouldn’t miss a day!

A must for my daily life   (5/5)

I listen to it every morning on my way to work. Rachel and her team promote really professional journalism. Unlike CNN primetime Cuomo show, no BS from the right. I like Rachel’s analysis in particular, which is articulated thoroughly and to the point.

Where’s the Whistle Blower podcast??   (5/5)

Wondering where to find the audio Whistleblower podcast that Rachel promoted at the beginning of her show today??!

Congressional Hearing   (5/5)

Thank you for posting the full testimony. It was a rainy day so traffic sucked and I listened to most of it. It was very enlightening to hear.