Aggregated reviews for The Ricky Gervais Podcast

A free and occasional podcast from Ricky Gervais.

Are you avin a laff? (1/5)

Do another podcast you lazy twits!


Har älskad Ricky, Steve och Karl ända sen An Idiot Abroad och dom har den bästa humorn i median idag. Älskar dom!!! Jag önskar dock att dom la ut mer podcaster!

Awesome! (5/5)

My favourite podcast channel in my way to university :)

Karl (5/5)

Karl P is of course a (scripted?) genius.

Great! (4/5)

Awesome pure humor! Both K.P & Ricky are hillarious! But they should post more, its been a more then a month now.. :/

Fantastiskt (5/5)

Karl Pilkington är den roligaste människan på planeten. Hur ska man annars beskriva en man som tror att Claptons Wonderfull tonight handlar om en handikappad person?

Inga avsnitt! (1/5)

Jag förstår inte, hur kan folk tycka att små klipp där dom snackar 3 min är bra?

Moooore (5/5)


S T R Å L A N D E (5/5)

Om jag någonsin (av någon outgrundlig anledning) skulle bli intervjuad utav James Lipton, och han ställer frågan "What sound or noise do you love?" så skulle mitt svar självsäkert vara: "The second Ricky Gervais uncorks a laugh."

P-G (5/5)

Humor då den är som bäst. Karl P har ett lite annat tankesätt än många andra och det leder till härliga diskutioner!

Hej (5/5)

Hej jag tycker den här är superbra. Varför skriver ni på engelska?

Great! Awesome! The best! (5/5)

If there was pod awards, it would go to these guys for best everything.

Love the K-man (5/5)

Karl P är världens roligaste människa...fact!

Congress tard (5/5)

Karl Pilkington is amazing, love the xfm shows

*sigh* (5/5)

Why do I enjoy something this bad that much...?

Probably the best thing i've heard (5/5)

The depth that these three provide to any topic is amazing. The spectra goes from great knowledge on interesting observations to completely mad yet truly interesting ideas about the questions that are raised in these shows, by the "K-man" also known as Mr Karl Pilkington. He's somewhat of a pioneer in new ways to interpret life, some might say. I say i can't get enough of this.

Amazing (5/5)

So funny my skull fell out. Alright...

Brilliant (5/5)

The best podcast out there, no discission. Hilarious.

Doesn't get better (5/5)

The best podcast available, period. If you havn't seen the animated series, I strongly recommend you watch them as well. I can't get enough, and who can resist to burst out in laughter to the awesome thoughts of Karl Pilkington?

Epic (5/5)

This is by far the funniest podcast i have ever heard, and i have listened to quite a few. Ricky and Steve are absolutly brilliant and add to that Carl, a man with thoughts noone would even come close to perdict. It all adds up to a perfect mess, that no one should miss!

The best (5/5)

The ramblings of Ricky, Steve and Karl are the funniest podcast one can listen to. I find myself listen to them over and over again, from the first series to the present Guide-to series. Mats, Lund, Sweden

refreshing (4/5)

A few minutes toghether with ricky and friends, and you feel like a totally new, and better (much so) person. Is it strange? Yes. Is it fun? Yes/no (or I don´t understand the question). Is it the product of a mad mans imagination? Yes, probably so (but I need a doctor to confirm it). Is it worth watching? Most definetly so! Mattias, Lund Sweden