Aggregated reviews for The Ricky Gervais Podcast

A free and occasional podcast from Ricky Gervais.

Finally!!!! (5/5)

Without Sirius I have been missing all of these and couldn't buy on itunes like they could in England. Funny? of course, insightful? incredibly so.

Thanks (5/5)

Being an atheist in America, life can be filled with struggles to separate church and state! Religious radicals only want everyone to believe in their god and world view, leaving rational humans fighting for the right to just be. So, thank you for helping all of us nonbelievers have a voice. You are awesome on Steven Colbert every time and it’s more important than I think anyone even realizes to have intelligent voices of atheism in middle America. Thanks

Please!!!! (5/5)

Please make this happen.

Keep going, Ricky! (5/5)

Dear C*nt New York, I will be so sad if you don’t continue this podcast and load it on iTunes. You don’t want to make me sad, do you, Ricky? You do want me to fulfill my destiny as a serial killer, don’t you? I mean, it’s my right! Under 5 minutes, and I was laughing out loud in an airport terminal at 0500. People looking at me like, “god, don’t let her sit next to me on the plane.” The only thing that could improve this is to include a bathtub pic with each episode.

Very funny and insightful (5/5)

Hilarious and i love hearing rickys POV on life. He articulates things i feel and think about very well. Also, fix your audio you bellend. You absolutely demolished my ears with that song-finished sound.

Thanks Ricky :-) (4/5)

Thanks for being brave enough to make that Christmas song bit. I loved it. So funny and what's so cool is Ricky actually can sing 🎶. So the song came out professional sounding. Awesomeness.

Even though he hasn't done much here in a long time (5/5)

He is still one of my absolute favorite comics. I listen to his podcast and old XFM broadcast literally every day!

Best podcasts ever? (5/5)

These are absolute genius. Karl is by far my most favorite human being. Ever. Well done Rick and Steve on discovering him.

Alright! (5/5)

The first podcast I ever listened. It’s still so funny and there’s still nothing like it. There are other podcast equally as funny but I have never heard a human being say the things that come out of Karl Pilkinton’s mouth, never. And Steve and Ricky knew that, it’s amazing how funny this is.

How is this a Podcast? (1/5)

12 minutes of content in the last 6 Months...He now abuses the medium he helped Pioneer. What are people giving positive reviews to, episodes of other projects five years old?

Sell out (2/5)

He has become the character from his show Extras, but only to the point where the character became a successful but self involved sell out. Maybe one day he'll have the same epiphany as his onscreen counterpart.

Love! (5/5)

Love listening to the podcasts and the audiobooks!

Bloody funny (5/5)

Laugh out loud ridiculous funny.

Fantastic! (5/5)

Genius and my commute just got a lot better thanks to these two!

Brilliant! Keep them coming. (5/5)

Who's Guinea Pig is it?

NO English subtitles? (4/5)

It's really funny. But I was wondering why it does not have English subtitles.

Can u Bernie lean (5/5)

I can Bernie lean

Why Ricky (5/5)

Wife and I were just watching the tele, noticed that you hadn't released a new season yet for the Ricky gervais show... Is it because you hate us?

Karl + Ricky = Comic Genius (5/5)

Love it! I need some more! Though I do miss Steve from these new English lessons...

Loved it! (5/5)

I haven't laughed that hard in years. Those 2 are hilarious together. More please!

Funny but not (2/5)

Not long enough, longer please.

Not a fan! (1/5)

And I hate that laugh. Sounds awful!

Karl > Gervais (3/5)

I know Ricky and Steve found Karl, but Ricky has lost his comic touch and has spent the last 10 years living off the genius that is KP. Gervais also has a strange obsession to bring sex into everything with Karl. Karl should go it alone. Derek and now this learn English thing take it too far. An Idiot Abroad was great because it was pretty much just Karl. To be honest, I always thought Steve and Karl had a better chemistry from the podcasts and early XFM days. Shame. Also, what happened to all the old podcasts? Not enough space on iTunes servers or are they pulling them? Karl Pilkington A Day in the Life, the Comic Relief podcast and the best of season 1 disappeared along with all the other podcasts. The only stuff left here is the paid stuff I've bought, but due to an iPhone restore all my audiobooks are gone. Forced to downloading all this via torrents because iTunes removes podcasts and doesn't remember paid audiobooks isn't what you'd expect from Apple or Gervais.

Brilliant (5/5)

Can't wait to see more!

Super funny (5/5)

I need more English lessons!

Awesome show (5/5)

I laughed out loud more then a few times! Cheers!

All I ever need to know (5/5)

More informative than any American public school English class I've taken

OMG - learning english is too funny! (5/5)

I laughed so hard my jaws hurt! :)

Uuugh so lame (1/5)

Am i the only one that doesnt like ricky gervais for crying out loud? He creates good tv shows but he is not a very good comic he could be funny sometimes but he has no jokes

Just not funny (1/5)

Gervais is just too pompous and full of himself. Not funny.

SO FUNNY! (5/5)

I needed a good laugh. It's nice to see Karl hasn't lost his charm.

Anxious for the next... (5/5)

English lesson!!!!

Pure Hilarity (5/5)

Oh my god the english lesson 1 was was literally the funniest thing ive seen this year. I was crying in laughter!

Top notch (5/5)

It just doesn't get any funnier than Ricky & Karl!

Amazing!!! (5/5)

Too funny!!!! Can't wait for lesson two!

LAUGH OUT LOUD! Too funny... (5/5)

... I absolutely love this podcast! I could not stop laughing. Such a great duo.

Exceptionally short advertisments by an entitled man (2/5)

Funny, but not worth the trouble of downloading. Apparently Mr. Gervais feels he's famous enough that his time needs to be directly compensated. He's doing himself more harm than good in my opinion. How much is he making from his paid podcasts? It's not as much as he's losing by limiting his exposure. In addition, I now have a negative opinion of him, which, I was on the edge of before, because he usually seems like a pretty big dick, but that's part of his charm and likely partially a character he's playing. This entitlement, and that's all it can be considering what he sees in compensation, says something about his character.

Karl !!!! (5/5)

It seems I can't get enough of this guy !

Love it!!!!!! (5/5)

So funny

:-) Me happy... (5/5)


Monkey news rocks (5/5)

Love the podcast, everything you guys do is amazing!

Tops! (5/5)

I don't care what that no talent hack, Adam Corolla, says - Ricky is

Fan since I've seen Animals (5/5)

but this Karl is just fascinating bwahahaha

Do it (5/5)

Wish there were more

I was sent here... (5/5)

Kevin sent me, and I'm glad he did

Karl is a fraud... Actually a mad comic genius (5/5)

Funny beyond belief. I cannot believe it's real. Pilkington is actually a genius. He is the Samuel Clements and Mark Twain of DIYers. Gervais is Geppetto to Pilkington's Pinocchio and Merchant is very tall.

Not funny (1/5)

Never will be

Not a very funny guy, really (1/5)

I don't know why this guy is supposed to be so popular, any more. Yeah, he starred in a couple of bad movies, he also sells out performance spaces doing very bad stand-up. His Golden Globes "work" is great, too, I know my review isn't going to take away his millions of dollars, and the fact he's probably going to make movies and TV shows for the rest of his life. But hopefully, anyone who reads the review will save some money, by just re-watching the original "office" instead of watching his new work, or listening to his podcast. Life's too short.

I laughed so hard I sh$tted my shorts! (5/5)

I just became a huge fan of Rick and the show An idiot aboard. This podcast just keeps me entertain till the next episode.

So average (2/5)

Yeee, I mean it is funny for like 5 minute,but from there on it is getting boring. If you compare it to any average comedian like Russell Peters for example it looses big time. And if you compare it to guys like Monty python or even scandalizing lisa lampanelli... it is like from another planet. And there is something about his face that makes me feel awkward.

So much entertainment (5/5)

I love the humor in all three men

Just a question (5/5)

Does this remind anyone of the yogpod? :D

Pilkington fever (5/5)

Karl is god even though he broke my heart. I still think it was some of the best gay sex ive ever had. Right...

A comic god (5/5)

No one can make me laugh like Ricky!

Promotions only - don't waste your time (1/5)

The joke was on me for sure these podcast download.

Boring (1/5)

Not funny

How Ricky & XFM changed my life (5/5)

The Ricky Gervais radio show, then podcast, is the greatest living chronicle of an amazing friendship between 3 men. The perfect confluence of 3 distinct and uniquely talented personalities, working at jobs where they try their hardest to make each other laugh every day. This show warms the cuckolds of my heart. To end, a poem from Karl Pilkington: "I will not be lickin a little frog's head Not when it's alive or when it's dead"

A-mazing (5/5)

Love love love this podcast, wish they were longer ...

Not enough updates. (2/5)

Pretty funny but there isn't enough content and video podcasts don't make sense. I would probably even be willing to pay a buck or two for full length podcasts, but instead all we're offered are short little clips every few months. I'm sure the full length stuff is out there but I'm certainly not going to go track it down. If you want this to appeal to the masses you need to make it available to the masses. Karl Pilkington carries these shows anyway. If he was smart he'd be doing his own thing.

Guy's a jerk (1/5)

Go make fun of more teenagers.

good stuff (5/5)

Funny show. Keep it up. Also for a new comedy podcast that’s not about hanging with celebs and going to Hollywood parties check out “Our Weekly BJ.”

More audio podcasts (3/5)

Video podcasts don't make sense make audio

Dave! Yognaut (4/5)

This is good! but not as good as the YoGPoD.

Movie idea (5/5)

That was actually a very interesting movie idea, the problem is nobody put forth the effort to help Karl figure out how to make it work in a more plausible fashion. A tv series on that would be more interesting.. It don't have to be Tom Cruise, it could be anyone. A guy and his neighbor who his wife adores instead of her husband or a guy and his boss, the possibilities are nearly endless.

The Epitome of A Good Podcast (5/5)

Been a fan for quite sometime now. Ever since I watched The Office for the first time. I have to agree with most reviewers when I say, it definitely needs more content. I've been waiting for the new season on HBO to come out since the last season ended. It's almost like sitting with a group of friends and it becomes something you want to see on a regular basis. So please.....MORE!!! Tl;dr? MOAR!!!1!1!!!!

Love the man (5/5)

I don't think I have ever listened to Ricky and not just laughed my pooper off. Wish I could see him live but no one treads to Oklahoma for laughs they just think about the state and get plenty. Ur the man mr. G

Hen_Wen's Review (5/5)

Ricky Gervais, Steven Merchant, and Karl Pilkington are extremely hilarious. It's as simple as that. The length of the podcast could be longer, but them again it's just a preview. Well executed. Hope to see much more.

No updates (1/5)

They never update anymore, not worth keeping

Really? (1/5)

I love this podcast, but I'm sick of it ranking in the top ten when it's just a minute long pod. Put some new shows on because your fans won't wait around forever. You don't deserve this kind of ranking! Remember: the masses are ADD and impatient. It's only a matter of time....

Word (5/5)

It puts me too sleep

Why iTunes why (5/5)

Ok love Ricky, Steve, and Karl, but iTunes why can't we download these podcast. Literally a week ago I downloaded a few podcasts to add to my collection of Ricky's rants and now I can't download anymore because i live in the U.S. This is a big big disappointment.

Ask Guinness... (1/5)

Adam Carolla > Ricky Gervais

Remarkably funny (5/5)

Absolutely hilarious--I got hooked after watching the show on HBO. I really hope they publish Karl's diary!!!

Ehh.... (3/5)

I can only listen to so many podcasts.... He's a great comedian, but there are better ones..

Super funny (5/5)

We need more! Can Karl have his own show? He is incredibly funny! His dry humour makes me think twice about we normally think about things! He might just be a GENIUS!

Should be funnier (1/5)

Ricky Gervais is funny, but he does not put very much effort into this podcast. It's a random jumble of old interviews and some new content but there is not a consistency that constitutes a subscription...

Rare Miss (1/5)

I love Ricky, but man, this thing is unlistenable.

Why do people keep subscribing to this? (2/5)

Idon't think there's been an original full length episode in over a year. Not that it was anything special when it was on, same thing every episode. Two guys make fun of another slightly dumber guys, then they laugh obnoxiously at him. I love Ricky's stand up, his movies, his TV appearances but this podcast is practically unlistenable.

Yeah... (2/5)

Listening to all the back episodes is fine indeed, but almost everything this year has been advertisements for his tv show, or interviews he's done on other radio programs, it might be nice if he updated it with actual podcasts, but that's just me.

The best podcast ever (5/5)

The funniest show to come out of england since only fools and horses.

Legendary!!! :) (5/5)

Funniest men on the planet, bar none! :)

Ricky, Steve and Karl - Comedy at its best (5/5)

I know that Ricky, Steve, or Karl never read these but I must say that , what they do is fantastic. I never get tired of listening to them. Please keep doing what you do, guys. It never gets old. Cheers mates!!

Karl Pilkington; can't get enough (5/5)

Send more Karl!, will pay! P.s.- I've been waiting a couple years for karlology audiobook.

Need a laugh? Listen up. (5/5)

You may hate Ricky and Steve and maybe even Karl. You may not get the humor. But I cannot stress enough how funny that I find them all. Karl's views on all issues are well thought out (in his view) and even Ricky alone has more more humor than most comedians who are trying to be funny. The way that Ricky and Steve keep Karl talking about the most minute things keeps me in stitches. You don't need to be British to laugh at these guys.

WANKER! (1/5)

8==D~~~(Ricky gervais face)

Definitely a waste of time (1/5)

Everyone that thinks this guy is funny is as dumb as his show! Get on The Adam Carolla podcast. Get a real laugh and screw this foreigner .

Brilliant! (5/5)

As someone who Originated in Oz, and has lived across the pond - this is right up our alley, sarcasm has a new Wikipedia meaning, u guys keep me in giggle fits at the most inopportune Moments with this podcast - luv it

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!BORING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (1/5)

This show makes baby's cry...! Do you really want to make baby's cry?!? Listen to Adam Carolla, he's someone you can to relate to. ;)

Meh... (1/5)

This guy is the best they got across the pond? No thanks, not my cup of tea.

Perhaps... (5/5)

Can I suggest making the Ricky Gervais Guide To Mike would be historical. Thanks.

Genius! (5/5)

I've listened to all the "Guide to" audiobooks and I'm always thinking that Karl is some genius actor who has come up with and perfected this "Karl character"'s hard to believe it's really who he is...I can't get enough...

Amazing. Painfully, hysterically amazing. (5/5)

My life is now complete. My brain can go happily back to its alien planet. Thud.


My greatest wish would be to sit down & get to have a conversation with these 3 funny kats!!! Since that's not at all likely, I think listening to ANY OF THE PODCASTS OR AUDIOBOOKS is almost as satisfying ;-).... Almost, lol! Promise YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!!

Hilarious! I love Karl (5/5)

Keep 'em coming Karl... You're a genius.


this is wonderful. love the podcast. im always laughin like hell. good work. id like for Karl to have his own podcast though, hes the bomb.

Love it!! (5/5)

I caught the show on HBO and came running to the podcast! I couldn't believe a human like Carl exists! Rickys laugh is great, awesome hilarious show!

Best podcast ever (5/5)

Funniest podcast out there. Ricky's laugh is hilarious.

Love these guys! (5/5)

Funniest podcast Ever!

Brilliant! (5/5)

Love this, highly recommend!

Give me some water. (1/5)

Humor too dry. Needs a guest host or a side kick with funny sounds to funny it up s bit. Bong! Falap! Woowoo!

100% Brilliant! (5/5)

Great podcast, I definitely recommend it!

Im scared! (5/5)

After listening to the podcast more than a million times; Karl start to makes a lot of logic!!!

Karl is my guru (5/5)

I wait in anticipation of every word to spew forth from the shaven chimp. And he never disappoints.

Love it!!! (5/5)

Love it !!!!!!

Great series, however . . . (4/5)

Though I've great sympathy for the Pilk, I can't help but enjoy the torment Gervais and Merchant inflict upon the poor man. One thing that's rankling, though, is the same trailer every week for the upcoming season. Either bring us something else to chew on, or leave it 'til the week of. Mimes and blind iguanas, yeah, we heard it the first time.

Loving This Cast (5/5)

I can't wait for more. Please continue reading Karl's diary, he is hilarious. I love Ricky's laugh

Talkin sh•t with Jim Jeffries (1/5)

Talkin sh•t with Jim jefferies is way better.

He is talking bullocks (5/5)

Dear lord I wait for this show every week it honestly makes my crappy life seem awesome by comparison Effing Karl

Karl is a orange headed GOD (5/5)

Steve & Ricky are okay as well. Hehe

PLEASE MOREE !!!! (5/5)

O-my friggin god. Ricky, I wish I were Karls best friend and not you but I mean thst not to attack you but in pure jealousy of your position. How I would love to have a friend like Karl. Thank you for shedding light on him as KARL HIMSELF IS TRULY A WORLD WONDER. Please keep up all of this fantastic work, I'm begging you.

Hilarious!! (5/5)

I absolutely love this podcast, I hope they keep coming out with more!

Friccin hilarious (5/5)

I never write reviews for ANYTHING. BUT these guys are ridiculously funny. I am a black 24 yr old ameican gangster. And i love watchin these dudes. Hbo has a special on with them and it is too much fun to watch. And this is my first time hearing some of the podcast. Funny as hell! Good job fellas and recommend this to anyone

Funny Funny Funny!!!! OMG (5/5)

Brits are notorious for their dry humor but these guys are freakin hilarious!! Ricky's laugh is infectious! Karl comes up with some off the wall stuff and he's so serious about it. This stuff is classic! The cartoon is awesome too! Glad I found out about these. Sometimes I have a hard time understanding them but it's still great!

Funniest ever (5/5)

25 minutes into the Thanksgiving Special you will find the funniest single minute of audio, ever. I recommend listening to it all for proper background and context. But the absolute climax is the "using my eyes" bit. These podcasts are truly great, all of them. However the Thanksgiving special simply takes the cake. It is the best of the best.

<3 (5/5)

Gerv. Merch. Pilk.

Hilarious as always (4/5)

Pure brilliance...I love listening to the show on the way home from work. You would probably like Point and Laugh Podcast as well if you are a fan of this podcast. Its only a half and hour once a week, but is well worth the wait.

Please More Derek!!! (5/5)

Please make more films with the Derek character!!! Completely charming and absolutely hilarious at the same time. Best 4 minutes of video I've seen in months!

Love the Podcast! (5/5)

Love the Podcast, but I noticed you took all the episodes down. Is there anywhere else we can get them? I'm talking about stuff that falls outside the audiobooks, like the Fame giveaway podcast.

Best ever (5/5)

Keep it real oh yeah

Plain and simple, it's the best (5/5)

I must say that I'd pay for tuis podcast if I had to.

AMAZING (5/5)


The best (5/5)

Ricky is the best. Such dry humor and very intelligent.

Amazing. (5/5)

Keep it up Ricky, love when you put up free pods and vids. That Elmo and Warick one was gut busting, made one of my kidneys hurt (think that's the one I would give to Karl). Cheers Always a pleasure finding a new one up.

Pilki (5/5)

Karl has a head like a fu*king orange

Love this so much (5/5)

Couldn't agree more with the reviewer talking about trashy comedy morning zoo podcasts. There's SO MANY OF THEM OUT THERE!!! That's why I love this so much, not your usual fare. Seriously, between this and Alcoholics Unanimous, I am SET.

Gully, thanks for the new freebies! (5/5)

Miss you blokes, after burning through all the audiobook archives last year~ xo

Best. Thing. Ever. (5/5)


Addicting (5/5)

These are pretty funny (maybe not as much as anyone says), but i cant stop listening to them

More please! (5/5)

Hilarious, please keep doing them!!

Ricky Gervais is it (5/5)

He's the funniest person of our generation... period. We in the states should be so lucky as to have someone of his caliber speaking truth to power. Go Ricky!

Fun (5/5)

Loved listening to all of these.

Awful (1/5)

Awful British humor and I use the word "humor" loosely.

Hilarious...period. (5/5)

Anyone who can't understand WHY they're funny should just move on & listen to Eddie Murphy. They're hilarious. Karl's way of thinking & seeing the world is both funny & facinating! I wish they'd do many more. And, I am loving the HBO show.

Worse work Gervais has ever done (1/5)

This podcast is an enormous letdown. Ricky Gervais is one of the most hilarious people working in comedy today, but this podcast is as dull as possible. The whole thing is lazy, half-hearted, and unfunny. If Gervais wasn't already famous, this minimal effort wouldnt even be a blip on anyone's radar. Shame on you, Ricky; you're too talented for this horribly, lazy "entertainment".

Absolutely Brilliant (5/5)

Gervais does it again

Absolutely BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!!! (5/5)

I can listen to any of these podcasts over and over and they never fail to make me laugh!!! Gervais is a comedy genius! Love his stand up ( I almost pissed myself the first time I saw Out of England) Merchant seems to be on the same plane as Gervais, bright, intellegent ... and then there's Karl... sweet, sweet, Karl. His outlook on his surroundings as well as his take on topics ranging from philosophy to art never fail to make me smile. I believe that this man is very bright...just doesn't always use his brain to it's full potential. I mean, "Is it me controlling my brain or my brain controlling me?". I think that statement speaks for its self. Never the less, I find Karl to be rather charming and cute... even though he has a head like a f*@king oranage... Please! DO MORE PODCASTS!!!!

Love it!! (5/5)

I swear there is some very ignorant people on here.... Ok for those you who say that it's not funny, can you tell me in your infinite wisdom why you believe they are not funny? And who's podcast's are so halarious ?

Not funny (1/5)

Listen to Carolla or Fitsimmons, way better

Waist of time (1/5)

A bunch of guys faking laughs over conversation that might have been funny in high school. Ricky is funny on stage and in movies but his attempt at being another Howard Stern, a pathetic attempt at cashing in on his fame.

Brilliant! (5/5)

These 3 together feed off each other and product a hilarious show! When can we expect more?

Pay podcasts? (1/5)

I actually like Ricky. It's too bad for him that Karl is the funny one. Why should I pay for a podcast when there are a lot of great free podcasts out there? Get with the times Ricky.

Awsome (5/5)

The best thing ive ever herd ever

Bloody brilliant (5/5)

The best thing to happen to comedy or the Internet in years.

Ricky Gervais: comedic genius Karl: brillantly stupid (5/5)

Karl is just this person who has been floating around in space forever and doesn't understand anything. His stupidity makes the podcast so effin hilarious

Stephen, Stephen, where art thou? (4/5)

Anything Ricky does is gold but STEVE makes it platinum.

Love Ricky!!!! (5/5)

Amazingly funny! You have to get humor to really love him! Love love love him in the Brits office!

Tictac (5/5)


Good...but (2/5)

Funny teasers but not PAYING for a podcast

This (1/5)

This podcast gargles me balls.

Love it !!! (5/5)

Me, my iPod, Ricky, Steve and Karl - the best recipe for morning commute ;)

Huh? (1/5)

I don't get it. I didn't find this funny or entertaining.


Sorry kind of a joke to have to pay for a Podcast. This free thing is just them laughing at there own jokes Boring. Nickel and Dime. Free Comedy is at Smodcast..

Brilliant! (5/5)

Loving the HBO series as well. Cheers Ricky!

Ricky Gervais podcast (5/5)

So I'm listening to this at the gym whilst plodding away on the stationery bike, thought what an excellent time to listen to one of the funniest men alive, pressed play and that is where the trouble began...I started snort laughing because that is how this man & his partners begins so calmly then WHAM it slams you thus the snort! People began looking at me sideways then later full on horror expressions, no one laughs & giggles while riding the bike unless they're nuts! Well this is by far the best $ spent...well it's free though but so worth it!

George MAC Millan (5/5)

This has to be by far the best podcast I have ever listen to in years I wood have to say that ever one needs to down load it now!!!!!!!

Best Podcast In The World (5/5)

This is an amazing podcast. It's always hilarious and entertaining. Without Karl Pilkington the show wouldn't work, so they're lucky to have him. I don't think anyone could be disappointed with this podcast. Unless you listen to it in public and need to be quiet. It's not good for that.

Boring + don't care = :( (1/5)

I wanted to rate this zero stars but it wouldn't let me. HOW IS THIS FUNNY! It's just two british guys laughing themselves silly at their own jokes. What is this podcast even about?

Isn't it funny... (5/5) some people who feel that they have a valid enough opinion to write a review about something that everyone else likes will say that it is stupid if they don't understand it?? Karl is the funniest "round-headed buffoon" in the world! This is why this podcast is #1! Well done, Ricky!

:) (5/5)

These are awesome.

8 minutes a month is not a podcast (1/5)

How in the world is this the #1 comedy podcast with only ~8 min/month? The ol' bait and switch? Seems more like an advertisement than featured content.

Puerile and illiterate (1/5)

What is funny about this? Some illspoken British nitwits laughing at each other and we are supposed to waste our time trying to share their silly jokes?

Amazing! (5/5)

Absolutely brilliant. I laughed so hard I cried. I love Ricky Gervais&co. so much Keep doing what you do.

Bloody brilliant! (5/5)

Karl is a comic genius!!!

4/10/2009 - amazing (5/5)

i just started listening to this on my iPhone, and i can't stop cracking up. the worst part is, i usually listen on the bus on the way to work, so people think i'm some sort of weirdo laughing to myself. it is honeslty one of the funniest things out there. the 4/10/09 podcast.................i'm basically lizzing (30 rock reference) every time i listen to it. subscribe! carl, you are my hero. hahahah

Love Ricky's work (5/5)

Your humor is truly unique!

Clever (5/5)

Throughly enjoyable.

crap (1/5)

listen to this american life, not this. why is it the top podcast???

Hilarious (5/5)

Ricky Gervais is a comical genious. Hilarious!!!

Karl is the Show (4/5)

Ricky Gervais obviously worships Karl. To his credit, Ricky said Karl is the funniest man in Britian. Ricky feels like he has to beat us over the head with Karl's "idoit" character. Ricky and Steve always over-bust Karl's balls. If Ricky could have a conversation at Karl's level, instead of just laughing and insulting, then the podcast and accompanying "Ricky Gervais Guides" could reach the audience better. Some listeners (reviewers) think that Karl really is stupid; and the rest of us are not amused by the low-level humor of Ricky and Steve's insults of Karl. I know you think that I'm missing the point of the show (as a platform for Karl's rants), but I am not missing the point. I just think it could be funnier and funnier at a higher level.

shame (3/5)

it's a shame to write a somewhat negative review the first time i comment on Ricky/Karl/Steven - because they have given me so much to laugh at over the years. But this just isn't up to scratch with the rest of the "Guide to" series. Don't get me wrong, it's still damn funny (and pushes the boundaries in ways which make you wince - a good thing). But whereas the other "Guide to"s have closely followed (and poked holes at the pompousness of) the Melvin Bragg "In Our Time" format, this one is more like the free-for-all of seasons 1-3. Blokes talking bollocks about anything. Which is funny in its own right, but not consistent with the format (so it's a little off putting).

Breaks iPhone (1/5)

For some reason this podcast will break your ipod application on an iphone. until they fix it, don't take it.

Karl is sexy (5/5)

This podcast rocks. The chance to see Karl on video is priceless and it's always nice to see them promoting their new stuff. Keep it coming, guys!

A great laugh steals the home base of my heart (5/5)

Ricky's laugh has completely made my day!

Hillarious!! (5/5)

I'm still laughing!!

I am really confused. (1/5)

WHAT podcast are you all taking about? These are just preview clips... Not a one of them over ten minutes in length. How is this the most downloaded show? Is it a scam? I'd LOVE to listen, but I don't get it... Some of you are referencing hours of audio, and every single podcast here combined doesn't even equal an hour! WTF????

British humor (1/5)


Very funny........ but they should be free! (2/5)

I remember the good old days when I could listen to Ricky and Stephan and Carl without it costing a dime. I Appreciate the laughs, you should appreciate your fans. Carolla doesn't charge.


The first four episodes were good...but i wish Ricky Gervais and his co-hosts would do more mainstream podcasts maybe every week or so!!!

hysterical. (5/5)

After listening to the hour long episode I was actually exhausted from laughter.


I can not explain how excited I was to see the Ricky and Elmo outtakes pop up on my ipod! Thank you Ricky! Seriously this is the funniest clip ever, I can't stop watching it!

GREAT, but lately they have been really short! (3/5)

i know that nothing great is free, however this comes really close to perfection. Although lately they have opted for 5 - 10 minute podcasts rather than the old 1hr long ones. SITLL GREAT, but i want more than just previews

Knob At Night (5/5)

This podcast is unreal! Ricky is in the Top 5 funniest people in the world. Merchant is great with his little quips, under his breath. Karl is the MAN!

Great! (5/5)

Ricky Gervais and his pals are some of the funniest British comedians I've ever listened to!

Fantastic! (4/5)

The banter paired with Karls perspective makes this a must listen! Hilarious!

Fantastic! (5/5)

This show is hilarious! I really love the audiobooks as well. Laughed my a** off at every episode.

great (4/5)

awsome stuff

Ricky Gervais a new favorite :) (5/5)

Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant are absolutely hilarious. Karl has an insane mind to understand and i laugh consitently throughout the entire podcast. great stuff.

Brilliant!! (5/5)

UK's top funny man, keep it coming!! Ricky we need you to turn your mic down a little ( you but you are just a little too loud with the volume cranked up) and turn Carl's mic UP.

LOVE the podcast, but what happened to the XFM podcast?? (5/5)

I love, love, LOVE the podcast, but what happened to the podcast that was supposed to release one of the old XFM shows every week starting in October? I was SO excited about that. I have searched all over for those XFM shows and have found many, but was excited for more...they are just like the podcasts, but even better! Someone tell Ricky to get that podcast back up!

just okay. (3/5)

this is half funny and half annoying. i like Extra's and the handful of Office episodess I saw, but this can at times be annoying. why does Gervais sound like a screeching girl when he laughs, after several laughs it begins to sound like scratching a blackboard. his voice is so high, man-up and put some bass in your tone. okay, beyond that he basically belittles anyone who doesn't believe in his non-traditional world, life, and religious views - he has a rather big ego to think if anyone disagrees with him they are automatically a baffoon and a moron. the best parts are with Karl, he is funny and i enjoy his "out there" thoughts and philosophies on life. some of Karl's thoughts actually make sense, while others are so crazy and funny. A+ for Karl, B for Steve (he kinda acts like Gervais' lapdog and agrees with anything he says, but still good), C+ for Gervais and his girly laugh and voice, and big ego.

goofy (5/5)

This podcast hsa got to be one of the most ridiculous but it kills me! I have a hard time listen to it at work because it makes my stomach hurt I laugh so much. Ricky's laugh alone makes me laugh even harder. Karl's thinking pattern...? well you got the idea. its hysterical-give us more!

Bonus Hour is hilarious (5/5)

The bonus hour is one of the funniest podcasts I've ever heard, I was dying the whole time. I really wish there were more episodes.

Def the BEST PODCAST EVER! (5/5)

Okay, so this isn't the real thing (you actually have to pay for that), but this is a good introduction to the best podcast in the history of the universe. Not even kidding. Go buy the other ones, you won't regret it! They are so, so, so, funny.

Finally!!! (5/5)

At long last we have a new podcast. And it has Steve in it as well. Thank you thank you thank you!!!

This is funny (5/5)

Nice work Ricky and the gang. This podcast is clever and very funny. THANKS

Fantastic! (5/5)

This is some of the best comedy around. It is almost always the same punchline but never misses a laugh.

Vey Good (4/5)

I love this podcast, it's definetly not for kids with Ricky swearing about Karl.I love there random discussions. It only got a 4 because they don't come out often enough.

Listeners- Watch Out! This is a shrill piece of... (2/5)

What goes right with this podcast? Ricky, with his eye for the comedic, which leads to his discovery and promotion of Karl P., who is probably funnier as a result of Ricky's attempts to reason with Karl's musings. What goes wrong with the podcast? Ricky, primarily. I found myself wishing that David Brent were there instead, to tamp down the ongoing shrillness that distinguishes Ricky's commentary. Not only shrill, but mean in a way that is not particularly funny. I can understand a mean, incisive sense of humor in the service of satire, where the targets are powerful, corrupt and hypocritical. But a mean, incisive sense of humor in the service of disabusing Karl P. of a series of harmless, fanciful notions? You would never see David Brent do such a thing-at least not with the recorder rolling.

Hilarious!!!! (5/5)

Ridiculously funny!

karl is the real deal (5/5)

lets all pull together and try to convince that boldhead manc to do another goddamn show! chimpanzee that, yer ffffff!

Smashingly brilliant (5/5)

Seriously, without a doubt the funniest podcast I have listened to... ever. Why are there no more available!?

Karl Pinkington... (5/5)

...has got a head like a bleepin' orange.

Damn them all. (5/5)

God damn. Ricky Gervais is now officially the Steve Martin, the Stan Freberg AND the Andy Kaufman of 2006-to-present (Even though Freberg, I think, is still alive and so is Steve Martin, technically, but since "Cheaper by the Dozen 2" he is dead to me). Why the Kaufman reference? Because there is just no way Karl is real. These guys are pulling a full Andy Kaufman monty on us with this bit, and in the end (no pun intended) one must really admire their complete devotion to this clever prank. The Stan Feberg reference is for the great radio these guys are producing - although can we even call it "radio" any more? Is "radio" now simply a figure of speech when referring to audio entertainment? Yes, it is. Steve Martin, of course, because Ricky is writing cutting-edge comedy that is changing an industry just as Steve did in the 70's. Bravo, Mr. Gervais. You are one wild and crazy guy.

Brilliant!!! (5/5)

These three blokes make an artform of sitting around and talking bollocks. Karl Pilkington is the greatest.

"The mouth just comes out with stuff..." (5/5)

I am a long-time fan of Brit Office and all things Gervais, but I had not discovered this podcast until yesterday. I am already addicted. I need MORE of these!!! I have been listening to them on my 1 hour commute each morning and I often have trouble driving straight/not wetting myself. It makes the hour fly by. Thanks you three! Can't wait to see Karl's movie with Rebecca & Clive.

up there with the original podcasts (5/5)

this is right up there w/ the original podcasts, which begs the question when will there be a new series?

Please do more soon!!! (5/5)

I was laughing all day as I repeatedly played them over and over.

The funniest thing.....maybe ever (5/5)

These are beyond hysterical, and they become addictive after a few listens. Thank God there are hours and hours of audio. I will continue to buy/download any and all podcasts by the comedic phenom that is Ricky Gervais. I mean, he created The Office. Enough said. Seriously, I can't think of anything out there right now that comes even remotely close to this stuff. It's just flat brilliant.

Never fails to make me laugh! (5/5)

Most comedy podcasts I've come across sound like any morning zoo radio show. They are rarely funny, and even less interesting. If you want to listen to a podcast that is consistently funny, this is for you. The talk is intelligent, even when they are discussing inane subjects. I think the ribbing of Karl is done in good nature, and that they all genuinely care for one another. This podcast is like eaves- dropping on the conversation of a group of friends who are funnier than yours. Not to get too serious here,but recently my mother had to be hospitalized, and then many tests followed. While riding the subway in NYC to see her, or just waiting for her to be finished with yet another exam, listening to the podcast distracted me from my worries just a bit and isn't that what comedy should do?

original listener (5/5)

three cheers! thanks for adding some more you guys- i began listnening last summer and listnened to season one and two in about 3 days. keep them coming. CARL ROCKS!

Please come back! (5/5)

I don't have a video ipod, please start podcasting again. I have listened to all your old shows, about 300 times!

Well... (5/5)

Genius, comic genius. Please do season 4, and go back to the way it was in season 1 of the podcast (plus Karl's poetry of course)!

Karl Pilkington never ceases to amaze me! (5/5)

The latest podcast show...Karl explains about a movie he made up in his head (sounds good for a sci-fi movie...don't know why RG always slags him off) and then talks about stuff in his new book about to be released in england. i hope that book comes out in USA quick! I'm already laughing in anticipation.

too short (2/5)

Why are these eposides even posted? They're too short. I miss the old show.

Sorry..... (1/5)

Sorry, but I never found the Office funny at all. This podcast is just not funny at all.

Well done Karl!!!!!!!! (5/5)

Genius, pure genius....well done guys!!!!

Funniest Podcast Ever (5/5)

Forget podcast, this is the funniest anything I've ever heard! Ricky and Steve are always funny just bantering, but Karl is innately hilarious in everything that he does, without even trying.

want more (5/5)

Want more, when is there going to be more? I need my fix.

If Karl's scary house is real, it makes you think about Monkey News (5/5)

After seeing this, maybe Karl's monkey news has a grain of truth?

Absolutely Terrible.... (1/5)

Ricky needs to think of new things to post that are actually funny. The past three podcast I have no laughed once. Stick with the improved comedy like on your radio podcasts....That is when it is funny.

I now understand Kramer... (5/5)

I've never been a Seinfeld fan, but I now understand why people love Kramer. I love Karl Pilkington, and I shouldn't - he's not exactly the brightest bulb in the wreath, if you know what I mean. But, he's INTERESTING, and I can't wait to follow Ricky & Karl's adventures.

Jumping the Shark? (2/5)

What seemed to start off as the exploitation of an idiot has turned into a sad parody of itself. Wether it was fake from the start, I'm not sure, but now it's definate. Karl is blatantly scrounging for dumb material, while being obviously set up left and right for his jokes. The Video podcasts are eery in how scripted they feel. Karl suddenly doesn't care that he's considered an idiot and tortured by his buddies, and be sure to buy my new book seems to be the main theme. It's as if Ricky really was David Brent. I get embarassed watching it. They took a good thing, and once they decided to try and make money on it, it seemed to fall apart. In the end the book will sell well, ricky will get his money, and Karl will be left a washed up parody of himself.

Look... (5/5)

..we are going to need a lot more of these as soon as possible.

It just gets better and better! (5/5)

the 3rd vodcast was awesome. in the 4th, Steven's back, and Ricky and Steven chats. need i say more?

Ricky rises again (5/5)

Loved it. Creative. Nothing like being able to see good old Karl as he lets us hear his words of wisdom!


Please make these video podcasts longer and please bring back steve i have been a fan since the XFM days


Ricky and Karl are one of the funniest duos ever. Don't miss this -- it's hysterical!!

Brilliant. (4/5)

I'm in love with this trio... wait... duo. I'm missing Steve. But despite that, I'm loving this video podcast. I think there should be more. I fell in love with Ricky, Steve, and of course Karl while listening to the first season of The Ricky Gervais Show and I was wishing throughout the whole first and second seasons that it was video recorded. Love, love, love it. I'm withholding one star, though, because Steve isn't here... I like tall men. :)

Some People Just Don't Get It (4/5)

Right. The video podcast might be short... short and sweet. What would Karl do when he gets out of a cage after a year, with no face, arms or legs? Call Suzanne. Thanks for the laugh. I hope Ricky finds a spot for Karl on Extras.

Black is NOT Slimming! (5/5)

Well, not as much as the future Sir Ricky might think. Time to lose a bit of weight, chum. And I mean that in a GOOD way! Cheers! Brilliant!!

Great, but I want MORE! (4/5)

I just watched the first video and thought it was short but very funny. I wish they would videotape their original podcast series (with Steven) as opposed to just audio. A 15 or 30-minute version of this would be fantastic. I'd like to add that Karl's head alone makes this worth downloading. I'm not kidding.

Great fun! (4/5)

Funny so far, but I do miss Stephen!

This free podcast is worth every penny (5/5)

The sight of Karl thinking is almost exactly as I pictured it. His "little Mancy" (please excuse if misspelled, I'm an American) head" working overtime. If this doesn't entertain you, then yeah, the podcasts won't do it for you. If it does entertain you, the podcasts are about 30 minutes of this. They're not for everyone, but I look forward to them every week.

Stars witheld because there is NO STEVE (3/5)

I was shocked to notice that Karl is actually kind of handsome in the video (or is it "vodcast?"). Karl wears a scarf indoors the whole time like a major metrosexual, but otherwise, he's looking pretty good. The reviewer who complained about the fee charged for the podcasts is pushing an oversimplified solution to his problem. Who's going to want to advertise on the Ricky Gervais Show? Lobotomists? Safari Park owners? They don't need to advertise on a global level. The whole argument is annoying because any kid can tell you where the free downloads are in 10 seconds. Naturally, I happily pay, and find these things extremely worthwhile entertainment for the money. I have a philosophical question for the next vodcast -- do nerdy guys who like to argue about nothing simply turn up at radio studios at some point during puberty and never leave again, or does the atmosphere inside the radio studio turn normal people into nerds that argue over nothing?

nice (4/5)

this was what i imagined u guys would be like. seeing karl was priceless. where did the second season go though? very good now its free. great job lads

Brilliant!! (5/5)

Loved it!! Loved it!! Loved it!! Watching and hearing Ricky laugh is a treat in itself!! Such a contagious laugh!

Too little too late (1/5)

So this little crumb of video is supposed to make up for charging for the new series of podcasts? The whole point of podcasts is that they are free. I will NEVER pay for a podcast. They could've sold ads if they wanted to make money, but instead they completely misunderstood the medium and let their greed cloud their judgement.

If you are not a fan of the podcast... (5/5)

do not expect to be impressed and what is wrong with you, might i ask. If on the other hand, you feel that the idiotic dribble that Karl spews forth is comedic genius, you will love this visual component. Love seeing Karl's brain at work. I now understand why Ricky can not control his laughter. This is great stuff.

Smashing (5/5)

Only one set-up/joke but very, very funny. It's a treat to actually WATCH as Karl ponders something. You can see the gears turn... that alone is worth this FREE download.

Laughing my @#* off! (5/5)

Brilliant as usual.

A step in the right direction (3/5)

After the percived debacle of paying a buck 1.95 for each episode of season 2, this free. Hopefully they will get a big response from this and 1) offer more free stuff or 2) lower the price of season 2.

You get what you pay for (2/5)

Granted this is a free podcast (much like the original Ricky Gervais podcasts used to be) I was a little disappointed by this video. Forget it, it's comedic gold!!! Mr. Dilkington

Well, it's OK (4/5)

Kinda funny. At one little joke an episode it's not that great, but it's OK. Nothing to go clawing after, in my opinion, though.

Perfect Comedy (5/5)

the very best in purified comedy. As real as it gets.