Aggregated reviews for The Ringer NBA Show

The Ringer NBA team breaks down the latest news, trends, and transactions around the league four days a week. MON: Logan Murdock & Raja Bell TUE: 'The Mismatch' with Kevin O'Connor & Chris Vernon WED: 'Group Chat' with Justin Verrier, Rob Mahoney & Jonathan Tjarks FRI: 'The Mismatch' with Kevin O'Connor & Chris Vernon

Offended and unsubscribed.   (1/5)

First of all, I love the mismatch and I hope it becomes it’s own podcast so I can again enjoy Verno and KOC’s amazing chemistry. I can no longer support this show, I will not sit here and listen to this racism in reverse and here it justified because it lacks “nuance”. If we are going to climb this mountain and get past these problems and really make a change, then this has to go all ways. Can we get the shows titles in in front so I don’t dare give these non-nuance racist any ratings.

Raja Bell!   (5/5)

He’s awesome.

Tyler from Philly is trash   (5/5)

Keep him away from the mic and y’all will be alright

KOC/Vernon and Raja/Logan great   (4/5)

The mismatch 9.5/10 New raja show 8.5/10 The rest 1/10

Mismatch   (5/5)

I don't love the other Ringer NBA pods, but the Mismatch is fantastic. O'Connor is becoming one of my favorite analysts, and Verno cracks me up. They are an awesome duo.

One of my favorites   (5/5)

I really enjoy the dynamic between Chris and Kevin, and Kevin's gotten really good as an analyst. I try to catch every episode.

My Favorite NBA Pod   (5/5)

Love the MIsmatch. KOC is the next Zach Lowe, and chris verno is the GOAT.

Logan/Raja + Verno/KOC >>>>>>>>Group Chat   (3/5)

Just need to get rid of the entire Group Chat podcast, and you’ve got a solid lineup!

Group Chat   (2/5)

Group chat five stars. The Mismatch two stars. Logan one star.

Great   (5/5)

Love them

Thumbs up   (5/5)

I’ve always liked the mismatch with Verno and Kevin but the new show with Raja and Logan might be even better.

Look forward to what is to come   (5/5)

I am resubscring exclusively because of the new pod with logan and raja. Finally, some more non-white to talk hoops

Nope   (1/5)

I don’t really like these peoples vibe

Very slow download   (3/5)

Lately the download have been painfully slow. I know it's not my service because I do not have any issues with other podcast of similar length.

Logan’s cool   (4/5)

I see after your tone deaf property over human life rant you hired more black people. Glad you actually hired a black dude who wasn’t a former professional athlete. The other dude on the Kemba episode is not necessary tho , silly goofy fanned our questions and no insight.

Guest Hosts?   (3/5)

I order a Big Mac I want a Big Mac

Verno and KOC good everyone else... not so much   (1/5)


BLM   (5/5)

is not some crazy right wing group that is racist and conservative

Please do something about the iPhone notifications constantly going off in future episodes   (4/5)

Love the shows usually, for some reason the kemba interview was riddled with someone’s phone going off and that is hands down the worst sound to hear full volume unexpectedly.

The main show with KOC is why I sub   (4/5)

The rest are..... not good. Don’t think your being slick Billy, putting them all under the same name. You know why people subscribe to this show and it’s not for group chat. So that is what the 4 is. Give us the KOC and Verno show under their own name so we can support it accordingly. Unsubbing until this changes.

Where’s Heat Check?   (3/5)

The other hosts are fine, but Heat Check is the best team and format.

Bring back heat check!!   (1/5)

New Monday show is wack. Bring back heat check!!

More Logan Murdock   (5/5)

Love the change of pace with Logan/Raja. They’re great.

Differing opinions   (4/5)

Perhaps having separate feeds for each of the shows would help. If you dislike Chris don’t subscribe to mismatch. You dislike Justin, skip group chat. If you like them all this feed is great for you.

Lost a subscriber   (1/5)

There constant pounding of radical left political views is to much. Do some research and realize this whole BLM movement is a terrorist group that the NBA sadly now supports. I’m done listening to lies. ✌🏻

My 10 year olds hero! Really 🤦🏽‍♂️   (2/5)

It takes zero courage to say black lives Matter. Fact BLM hurts black people, especially the poor communities. This radical activist group is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, they hid behind this phrase so they can get away with there Marxist agenda. stop the burning , murdering and looting. Sports is suppose to bring us together to get away from this divisiveness. If your going to use the NBA as a platform use it to speak the truth about the real issues in black communities. I’m waiting for the black sheep to emerge from the herd. Maybe your kid needs a reality check on who to worship and idolize not the NBA player in the strip clubs.

Too Political   (1/5)

Note the ESPN piece on the NBA in China. Stop being so hypocritical. Social Justice support should be worldwide. I want basketball news unless you become open minded.

Disappointing at best   (1/5)

Very disappointing as the Ringer has much more diverse and way more interesting basketball takes and analysis than the two entrenched hosts, who are actually quite boring.

Spectators   (1/5)

Your basketball coverage was already kinda pointless but not sending anyone to Florida for the actual games is pretty weak

The newcomer and the vet   (5/5)

Verno’s rant on the Thibs hiring is 5 star content

Bring back Heat Check, cowards   (1/5)

Simmons what have you done.

This show inspires me to be better   (5/5)

I love the mismatch! I am a podcaster myself and I learn so much from this show and other Ringer content.

Theme music   (5/5)

Love the new intro music! One of my favorite NBA podcasts just got better.

Bring back heat check   (2/5)

I like KOC, Verno I’m sure is a cool guy but he’s just not a fun podcast guy, especially when it’s just him and Kev. I liked heat check, the format worked better with multiple people and the crew had more chemistry; they’d tease each other and joke around but it didn’t always have to be contentious. KOC and Verno is too much like Skip-Stephen A where the majority of the time it’s just Verno being incredulous at some analytics-based opinion from Kev — that format is overplayed in this day and age

Verno and KOC are great   (5/5)

That is all.

RIP Heat Check   (1/5)

Just another open mic night

Not listening anymore now that it’s just mismatch   (2/5)

I really liked heat check and group chat. I can’t stand the mismatch, Vernon seems like a good guy but he’s not entertaining or interesting. It’s crazy that the ringer doesn’t have a decent basketball pod.

Heat Check!   (1/5)

Can’t believe Heat Check is getting the axe, but Chris Vernon is still a co-host. Unsubscribing

Bring back heat check!!   (1/5)

I will really miss Heat Check. The Mismatch is simply not for me. Chris Vernon is too much of an old school radio type host. God forbid the Ringer continues a podcast that allows space for a woman to talk about sports.

No   (1/5)

I definitely don’t wanna hear anything the slimy jerk off Pete Carroll has to say why in the hell would he be on in here .... grow up

NBA SHOW! Then immediate virtue signaling and political commentary   (1/5)

I was hoping to hear about NBA basketball. Instead I got “Steve and Pete provide updates on the upcoming NBA and NFL seasons before welcoming Senator Cory Booker to discuss player exploitation in the NCAA, his fight for criminal justice reform, expanding economic opportunity, and environmental reform. Later he talks about what it was like speaking as a Black man on the Senate floor, his experiences in politics, the complicity of America, and how individuals can help build a better nation.” As usual the ringer virtue signaling and having far left commentary while having 0 or almost zero diversity in their writers.

Can KOC get off of his high horse   (1/5)

I love listening to these 2 talk about the NBA, but I absolutely can not stand when Kevin starts lecturing on how other people should live their lives. This pandemic has been hard on everyone, everyone is handling the stressful times differently, but I am sick and tired of KOC lecturing everybody else on how to live their lives because of his experiences. He doesn’t know everybody else’s experiences so he shouldn’t lecture all of us on how to live our lives.

Can we please have someone other than Verno?!?   (1/5)

This used to be a variety of nba writers discussing the league. When did it turn into The Chris Vernon Show. No one cares about the Grizzlies. Please stop comparing every thing that happens to the grit and grind era. It was an outdated, uninteresting system then, let alone in a modern nba where few if any of the grit and grind principles apply. Can you please give us back some opinions other than Verno, because his takes are terrible. I stopped listening as soon as you got rid of everything but the mismatch. If you took him off, more people would listen

Great pod   (5/5)

I love how you guys connect the real world with podcasts. I do think you should talk more about basketball though

BLM   (5/5)


Unlistenable   (1/5)

If you don’t want to stick to sports, that’s fine, but don’t pass off twitter talking points as being educated and regurgitating nonsense when you don’t know what you’re talking about. I’d love to hear what Pop and Kerr have to say about China? How about those Uighurs? Or do concentration camps not matter? I guess being woke is only important when it doesn’t effect your bottom line. However, that’s not standing up for what’s right, that’s swimming with the stream.

KOC & Verno are the best   (5/5)


Word pronunciation   (5/5)

I’m not sure how O’Connor can criticize how Vernon pronounces Daryl Morey’s name when he very clearly can’t say or probably spell “minimum.” Kevin, it only has one “n!”

Keep up the good work   (5/5)

I see a lot of comments about how you should “stick to sports.” So I just wanted to say how impressed I am with your willingness to speak to your beliefs. While I understand the impulse of the escapist who wants a respite from heavier subjects, there are moments in history that transcend sports, and none of us, no matter our walk of life or political stance, that demand our collective attention. As is always abundantly clear, you not only recognize these moments, but relish the opportunity to lent them the engagement they so obviously deserve. As usual gentleman, fantastic work.

Look forward to your show!   (5/5)

You guys are great and I always look forward to your show throughout the week!

Taking a hiatus   (4/5)

I am a big fan of KOC and Verno and I love that you guys so often have differing opinions and come at the basketball debates from different angles. However, I’m going to have to take a break until you guys get back to talking about sports. As someone who has voted democrat in the last 2 presidential elections, and probably will make it 3 in a row this year, I feel that KOC has gone off the deep end recently with his liberal viewpoints. This is pretty consistent with the Ringer as a whole, so I can’t say it is surprising. Again, as someone who is for the most part on the same page, I think you are in danger of completely alienating your moderate and conservative audience, and if that’s ok with you guys then by all means carry on.

Kevin O’Cliche   (4/5)

I heard the latest Mismatch. First, Black Lives Matter. Second, less is more, Kevin. What is the point of being a human bumper sticker and repetitively saying, like a concussed parakeet, we need to talk about “having a discussion on race” and “ending racial injustice and police brutality”? People have been saying those statements for years. They have lost their meaning. And you fell into the same trap. What is the virtue of repeating those statements with nothing after? This isn’t a rhetorical question. It’s not like you’re speaking from a bullhorn in a Mississippi town square in 1950. The Mismatch is an NBA podcast. Talk basketball. But in the moment, you’re gonna break the sphere of the NBA, say something besides meaningless pap you’d even see on corporate billboards placating the hoard’s current mood. Listeners are with you and if they’re not, what in the hell are you actually saying? A bunch of clichés? Your conversation with Chris morphed to these inane monologues littered with statements of no substance. Either forward some new message or move on. Again, Black Lives Matter. It’s OK to not have anything more to say in that moment. Cuz you didn’t. You’re a white basketball writer, not Malcolm X. You’re not less of a person if you stop yourself from yammering unsubstantial bloviating belches. You’d just be succinct. You say “I always wanted to share my thoughts.” Great. Share them. But those weren’t thoughts. Those were words. ... Love the pod, Chris & Kevin O'Cliche. P.S. - Kev, glad ya finally decided to be reasonable and fairly critical of players every blue moon. I don’t know if it was cowardice or not wanting to lose a source by insulting someone with constructive but true analysis, but it’s nice you finally have shared some criticisms. There’s a difference between mean maliciousness and objective analysis. If every word ya say is positive you’re not in the business of analysis, you’re in PR.

Thanks!   (2/5)

Thanks for being interesting and having perspective, despite working for Bill Simmons. Would love it if you could find a way to continue this without relying on him and his hot takes on MLK’s assassination and Ronald Reagan being a good guy. Good luck with your union and efforts to diversify your staff. Can’t see it happening with that tone deaf clown in charge though.

KOC and Verno are great   (5/5)

They really are the mismatch. Completely different personalities and it is great listening them disagree about everything

Captain Green Team   (1/5)

Covid discussion was useless & inaccurate. Stopped listening after 10 minutes. First time listening.

Liberal crap   (1/5)

I came here for the NBA I enjoy sports not how much you hate trump

LOVE Chris Vernon   (5/5)

Verno is the best!

Very down on this episode. Maybe be more positive   (1/5)

Be positive

Love the flying coach discussion   (5/5)

Having Pop ok this was so good. Must listen to and have a conversation about it

Please no more politics!   (1/5)

Everyone is entitled to their own politics but this is not the podcast I go to hear politics

The refreshing unfiltered takes bring me back   (5/5)

The diversity of opinions on these pods give me plenty to laugh and think about. Coach Pop on The Flying Coach is the best podcast from the NBA Show network ever!! I am sharing it with all the white people in my social sphere because I hope they can take something away from that talk that sticks.

Boring   (1/5)


Somebody please shut Chris Vernon up.   (3/5)

The content is solid, the other guys on the show is great - but Vernon makes this podcast unlistenable at times. Everything is a hyperbole, he talks over his cohosts, ignores them, and his voice is like nails on chalkboard. Enough with him.

fav podcast!!!!   (5/5)


Nick   (5/5)

I agree with Isaac. The Baden perfection and Wilson evolution are my two favorite balls

Leftist basketball   (1/5)

About a month ago these morons decided to slam Florida Governor DeSantis for the horrible very bad job he's done with the virus and then praised Cuomo. Meanwhile in the real world where actual deaths and hospitalizations matter in people's lives instead of virtue-signalling leftism, DeSantis has a Virus PER of 40 while Cuomo is languishing with a negative 50. They dumbbells should apologize and admit how wrong they are about politics.

Kobe   (5/5)

Rip Kobe

Funny but no haha funny   (3/5)

It’s funny how condescending they sound when talking about Jordan, trying to judge him by todays ridiculous standards.

Keep looking   (2/5)

If you’re searching for a good podcast on the last dance I suggest you keep looking.

Republicans listen to podcasts too   (1/5)


Agree that it used to be better.   (2/5)

Terrible Last Dance quick response shows. Check them out and judge for yourself!

Been listening to y’all this for 3 years   (5/5)

Family, This podcast is fantastic. Keep the content coming, but it’s okay to call a known racist politician as a racist. Nba podcast is gna have a ton of poc listeners that would call it that way.

Been listening for years   (5/5)

Never left a review and figured I today idc the day- thanks guys, y’all have entertained me and made me laugh countless times. Thanks

Too much Democrat politics   (1/5)

Can you guys please stop with the slanted politics? Either stick to basketball, or don’t be so biased please. Today they slam the governor of Georgia, regardless of the fact that the CoronaVirus numbers out of his state are good. They don’t bash Colorado for opening though. No bashing of Cuomo even though if any state deserved bashing it would be NY. Not everyone who likes basketball is a rapid leftist Democrat. Stick to ball or at least don’t alienate half the country with baseless spin and bias.

612   (5/5)

Episode 612 watch the Dennis Rodman 30-30 please

Great Listen   (5/5)

Love the shows and can’t wait to get back to listening to all of the different pods.

Not a fan...   (1/5)

I don’t want to dump on the podcast, but I have to agree that I typically skip the mismatch and only listen when I super desperate.

Stop Ruining “Last Dance”, Relax   (4/5)

I love this podcast, but Bill Simmons needs to stop foreshadowing or giving insights on what might happen on the Bull’s Last Dance! Relax! Let’s the people watch it! Speak about what happened on the show and nothing more. I cut the podcast off immediately after his 2nd Strike!

Chris Vernon is unbearable   (1/5)

Let me preface this by saying, I’m a big fan of a large majority of the content that the ringer puts out. Their combination of lightheartedness and humor crossed with more X’s and O’s is pretty ideal, and their hosts are generally very engaging and entertaining... until you get to Chris Vernon. His complete lack of self awareness in the context of a conversation is shocking. He constantly screams over his co-hosts, relentlessly berates them, and then finishes off the trifecta with one of the most irritating laughs I’ve ever heard. This may come off as a big over the top, and I understand. However, the Ringer NBA podcast would gain so much my never letting him touch a microphone again. I haven’t listened to a single episode throughout the entire of this quarantine despite having a desire to listen solely due to the fact that I’d rather sit in silence than hear Chris Vernon’s voice again.

Great Array of NBA Coverage but..   (4/5)

What happened to Justin Verrier?? I loved that guy when he did shows with Chris Ryan. Just my input

J hill   (1/5)

Doesn’t recognize she is a failing upward millionaire who apologizes for Tom izzo’s MSU justice system and yet claims she is a victim. Funny how victim hood works for some I guess

verno   (1/5)

except for chris vernon I wouldnt listen to this feed. Kevin-o watches basketball but doesnt underand it..nerd

The mismatch   (4/5)

It is so hard to listen to these two argue. All they do (especially Vernon) is yell at each other while simply repeating their one take. No attempt to use any reasoning or support with numbers. But if they’re not arguing (most of the time, for no apparent reason), it’s pretty enjoyable to listen to.

Love the trash talking chemistry   (5/5)

Chris and Kevin are keen basketball minds, and provide a lot of good analysis, but O’Connor is totally off on his Julius Randle take. When he played small ball 5 for the Lakers in 2017-2018, he was an excellent defender in switch situations. He blocked or got stops against John Wall on four or five possessions in the fourth quarter and overtime against the Wizards to steal a win. He had a slightly better defensive rating that year than Brook Lopez, so the coach and system make a huge difference.

KOC GOAT   (5/5)

KOC 4 prez 2020

Second place is the first loser   (5/5)

Who is the best player ever after Jordan?

Five stars, five stars, five stars   (5/5)

Grateful to have this show in my life, thanks for all you do Ringer staff!

The Mismatch- great   (5/5)

Split up the podcasts so I can just listen to kevin o bomber and VERNOOOOO

Great variety of NBA info & opinions   (5/5)

Long time listener, first time reviewer. There are at least three separate NBA talk shows within this podcast, my favorite of them being the Mismatch. Kevin and Chris have shared a lot of life together over the last few years and have a chemistry that rivals all others. They are able to capture the argumentative vibe of first take, while staying civil and respectful to each other. It’s clear they admire each other and love doing what they do. Their opinions on the NBA seem to naturally differ and that lends to great variance in opinions and takes. Genuine arguments about NBA current events. 👍🏼👍🏼

Please stop Chris Vernon   (2/5)

For a website that puts a lot of its equity into the NBA, none of these podcasts do it for me. I’ll listen to the Mismatch if I have literally nothing else to listen to. But I usually turn it off, about 15 minutes in, once Chris Vernon starts yelling his stupid take that would’ve been out of date 3 years ago. Please, get rid of all these podcasts and just put KOC, Jason Concepion and Chris Ryan on a weekly basketball pod.

Mismatch is Killing It   (5/5)

Big fan: for me these guys are like Taco Bell In Demolition Man. KOC’s hipster sensibilities (ie not understanding Verno’s contention that Rudy Gay is a trash player) are both ridiculous & oddly endearing. Keep it humming guys & keep it salty. Unfortunately, not a fan of Group Chat.

Awful   (1/5)

Stop your mindless and childlike arguing over LeBron snd Yonis and their team. Talk about NBA basketball. You stink! Yes he did no he didn’t I got no solution move on. There is lots to discuss.

Every Tuesday   (5/5)

Chris Vernon and KOC make this podcast what it is

Mismatch   (3/5)

3 stars for Chris Vernon. 0 stars for Kevin O’fanboy.

Here 4 D Mismatch Only   (4/5)

Love Kevooon and Verno. They should have their own separate podcast because I can’t stand the group chat and everyone else and I won’t even download it. So Verno, you can get your 5 stars when you get your own pod but since you have to share it with some less desirables...

No consistency   (2/5)

The mismatch is great but every other pod is not worth it. I’d bump it up two stars if they took Chris Ryan off group chat. Like his tv pod but he often times adds nothing to conversation about basketball while taking the other person off topic.

The Mismatch   (5/5)

Among my favorite hoops podcasts-- KOC keep your head up, fam.


I love EVERY SHOW on the Ringer NBA Show that Justin Verrier IS NOT ON! This dude is the worst! He has to be one of the worst host of any podcast I’ve ever heard! His transitions are TERRIBLE and he’s just not funny! And I SERIOUSLY question how knowledgeable he is about basketball! The Ringer would be better off pushing Haley seeing that she seems more in the know and just has an overall better personality!

Mixed Bag   (3/5)

The Mismatch is the absolute best. KOC and Verno are awesome together. Look forward to Tuesday’s and Friday’s. 5 Stars. Group Chat is usually like 2 guys, which doesn’t really make it a group chat. Okay basketball talk. Meh. 2.5 Stars. And then there’s Heat Check...Jawn is the worst. He literally only knows Sixers basketball. Terrible forced jokes. Haley O has some good articles but she’s pretty terrible on the podcast. Dan is pretty good but not enough to save this hopeless show. 1 star.

Welcome Back KOC!   (5/5)

Welcome back KOC

Heat check is awful   (5/5)

All they talk about is social media. Every other show is great though.

A   (5/5)

Best, most entertaining basketball podcast.

🏀   (5/5)

Too much hate on Verno. I love the pod. Good mix of “get off my lawn” and “Sloan conference” analysis. Looking forward to KOC’s return.

Inspired me   (5/5)

This podcast inspired me to make my own podcast The Kids NBA Podcast. I love the up to date news especially the group chat. Keep going strong this podcast rocks.

The mismatch is my favorite nba show   (5/5)

Great pods on this channel

Ok at best   (3/5)

Good show for the casual NBA fan who is interested in following the hot topic storylines/narrative surrounding the NBA with a natural big market bias. Chris Vernon is boring, loud, and doesn’t add anything other than generic, or awful takes Kevin O’Connor/Rob Mahoney are great. Please pair them consistently on the pod —this would make me subscribe I usually only listen to this pod when I’m caught up on my other favorite nba podcasts and am craving content and given the amount of nba content I find myself rarely listening to this show anymore which is too bad because i genuinely like KOC. Until he’s paired with someone other than Vernon I guess I’ll have to hope he comes on another podcast I listen to as a guest

Love Heat Check   (5/5)

I’ve been listening for years, and thought the show really hit its stride last year. I question some of the decisions that were made over the Ringer NBA show’s offseason, but I’ll focus on the positives. A. I thought Heat Check was the best show by far last year, especially in the playoffs. Not sure if the panel is the answer for every episode, but it’s still a good show, and new Isaac is fitting in seemlessly. B. Group Chat is good too. Don’t listen to the haters! Just keep experimenting

Great Show Minus Chris Vernon   (4/5)

I genuinely enjoy all the NBA content that the Ringer makes. Unless it involves Chris Vernon. He takes an excessive amount of time to say what should be clear and concise. He constantly talks circles around something only to end up having not made a point at the end of his statement. Unfortunately his way of talking means he is generally doing that, talking. Give the other hosts a chance to get a word in, man. Whenever he is on the podcast I grind my teeth to get through his blabbering.

The Mismatch is best NBA Pod out there   (5/5)

Disclosure: Mike, 35 & from Boston - Bill Simmons & PMT are the Kings of my Pod world - Vernon & KOC are my fav NBA pod and it’s not even close - Heat Check is 3 stars and in the background of my day - Group Chat is played by me because I am a creature of habit and its in the feed but I have no idea if these people even like sports or just the drama of sports, I usually last 15 minutes. - Sorry Group Chat My two cents

With retooling, could be a strong channel   (2/5)

Too much of people who are not funny attempting to be funny. It feels like there’s chemistry between the various people involved, but it doesn’t pay off. Dan Devine and Kevin O’Connor are very good at what they do. Would enjoy the two of them creating something with Rob Mahoney. This Vernon guy has his strengths, but I think universally it’s agreed that he isn’t very fun.

Could be better   (1/5)

When commentators make a statement it tends to be half truths and miss leading at times. When you say GOAT or whatever the subject maybe you don’t take into account the rule changes and is it rings or stats because you tend to favor who’s poplar now and stats. Is it the stats then no question it’s Wilt Chamberlain. Is it rings then no question it’s Bill Russell. In my opinion NBA commentators are the worst in all of sports.

Just Stop it Group Chat!   (3/5)

The mismatch is pretty good. They talk about relative stories in the NBA and have some great insights. Chris Vernon can be a little annoying, but KOC is great. Heat Check is entertaining. They focus more on some of the off court story lines in the NBA and that can be pretty fun, and Jon Gonzalez is a great host. But just take Group Chat off! When it is just Chris Ryan and Justin Verrier, it turns into a Sixers pod. Yeah they should be talked about, but not half of every single episode. It is repetitive and they talk about the same things every week. It is a little better when Jonathan Tjarks is with them.

Decent Pods   (1/5)

I’m gonna be honest a lot of the shows on here i feel like everyone is saying the same thing in the same way. Chris Ryan is great and that’s about it but I’d rather just wait until Bill puts out a pod or Rusillo. Everyone who isn’t a Grantland OG I’m having a hard time coming around on. I listen to these pods for the most part as background noise but I am subscribed because I support Bill. I just looked up what Kevin O Connor looks like and I am shocked to see THAT face behind those words. Kevin looks like he had a peanut allergy as a kid and ruined everyone else’s lunch because of him. I will continue to listen to the pods because I love basketball

Heat Check Giggles   (1/5)

John, Haley & Dan spend most of time giggling at bad inside jokes, very little content and nothing that wasn’t obvious from trade deadline.

Used to be better   (2/5)

KOC is great but the southern guy is like someone doing a bad impression of Stephen A. Smith for their high school broadcasting class and makes all the pods he’s on unlistenable. Used to have a lot better of a mix of different lineups with Vernon on only occasionally but not anymore.

Free KOC!   (2/5)

All I wanted today was to listen to KOC break down the trade deadline. Couldnt do it. Can’t make it through with Verno screaming. Free KOC! He needs his own pod.

Outstanding Kobe remembrance   (5/5)

Chris and Kevin did an incredible job sharing stories about Kobe, and about this time with Chris and his kids, and Kevin and his dad. This is the best of any of the Kobe podcast. Thanks

Mixed bag of hosts   (2/5)

KOC is a great host - knowledgeable, eloquent, and unbiased. Chris Vernon on the other hand almost makes it hard to listen to... he’s ignorant and demeaning, often throwing out irritating non-basketball related insults for the sake of shock value. KOC deserves a professional in the booth with him, not a juiced up public radio quality pundit



Lakers Tribute   (5/5)

That was one of the best podcast . Thanks from a long life LAKER fan! Haley made me cry!

Please get a new host   (1/5)

Vernon is one of the most annoying, dumb hosts of any podcast I’ve listened to. Please get someone who actually pays attention to the NBA and isn’t just some shock jock.

💜💛 Thank you for Kobe Tribute   (5/5)

Really nice tribute. Thank you 🙏 💜💛

Enough with the Kobe tributes already   (5/5)

It’s a bit disingenuous to hate Kobe when he’s alive and love him when he’s dead. All deaths are tragedies.

Heat Check   (5/5)

Not usually a big fan fan of Heat Check, but they did an incredible job at the end of their Kobe Tribute episode. Gotta give it up for John Gonzalez.

Really Nice Kobe Tribute   (5/5)

8 seconds of silence at the front and 24 seconds and the end of the podcast was really kind of them.

Disappointed   (4/5)

The Remembering Kobe episode was the worst by far. Feels like it’s coming from a younger generation displacing hate.

Mismatch only   (5/5)

Vernon & O’Conner are the best thing about this pod. Loved the Remembering Kobe podcast

I could listen to Kevin and Chris 5 days/week   (5/5)

Give us more KOC + Chris. Great convos every time

Just meh   (2/5)

Pretty low quality show in terms of the talent 👍🏼 John Gonzales is a good host. Chris Ryan has good insight and is kinda funny. Tjarks is pretty well informed 👎🏼 KOC is a bill simmons yes man, clone / Zach Lowe wannabe. Vernon is an uninformed shock jock from like 25 years ago. Tynes is literally cancer. Verrier is bad at the audio medium and has uninteresting and uninformed takes. Haley has an annoying affect and is way too “woke left”-y. Dan Devine comes off like an overconfident douche who parrots generic takes. I would enjoy hearing more from Jason conception, rusillo, and simmons on this feed, but they all seem to have their own shows to worry about, which are all better than this one

Love the show!   (5/5)

61 points for Dame and not a peep from you guys this week? Still love the show but it’s a rough season for Portland fans, help us out here

By far, my favorite NBA pod.   (5/5)

The mismatch is definitely my favorite. Verno and Kevin O’Connor have the best chemistry in my humble opinion. Speaking of mismatch, had anyone seen Chris Vernon’s face? Talk about a mismatch, never would have guessed that would have been his voice! That being said it makes him even more intriguing to me. These two dudes are hilarious and know their stuff when it comes to basketball. Group Chat and Heatcheck are no slouches either by the way. They have some pretty funny segments as well.

Thank you for at least occasionally mentioning the nuggets #mismatch   (5/5)

Tuesday’s and Friday's

Watch a game   (2/5)

Stop looking at charts all day and watching 0minutes of a games and thinking you know a thing.. tjarks is the biggest fake nba fan I’ve ever heard talk.

Great Pod   (5/5)

Such a great show! Every week I look forward to my weekly fix!!

Great daily listen!   (5/5)

I've been loving this pod since discovering it earlier this season! I love that there are different hosts so that you get new episodes pretty much every weekday. I like Kevin O'Connor and Chris Vernon's "The Mismatch" episodes the best. They have a great dynamic and are great at keeping the conversation rolling while slipping in humor in the right doses. Also love "Heat Check" mainly for Haley O'Shaughnessy. She mixes in a good amount of humor and honestly its just refreshing to hear a female breaking up what is mainly the sausage fest that are bball sports pods.

Mediocre   (3/5)

Kevin O’ Connor sounds like tertiary character in Rick and Morty that Rick gets upset about for having flem in his throat - and his opinions are Danny Laroux lite. The southern gentleman is fine. I’ve rounded up from a 2.5 because I like The Ringer.

Best NBA pod ever!   (5/5)

I absolutely love this podcast. Thank you to whoever is in charge for giving us 2 episodes of the Mismatch per week, we need more! Kevin and Chris have amazing chemistry and Kevin might be the most knowledgeable NBA head there is. Someone give this guy a GM position!

Large market bias... like always   (2/5)

I’m a small market fan and my team is always a footnote to another team’s story. Some of the regulars... I question their insight and basketball intelligence.

Solid Pod   (4/5)

Four stars because I just heard Justin Verrier suggest the 76ers should trade Embiid to the Clippers for Montrezl, Shamet and Harkless 🤦🏽‍♂️

Justin Verrier Knows Nothing about basketball   (1/5)

He just seriously proposed a trade that included Joel Embiid for Harrell, Harkless, Shamet, and a pick.

KOC good, Haley bad   (3/5)

Haley ruins this podcast for me. Her inflections and saying everything with a question mark at the end like a character in Mean Girls diminishes any glimpse of basketball intellect she might actually have

Cold Check   (5/5)

I would prefer if the host of the heat check stopped telling us when he used the word gang, stops telling us when he’s making a joke, and stops telling us in such great detail what contributors specific role is. Please stop doing the “oh the sixers we never talk about them, oh the Celtics we never talk about them, oh the Lakers we never talk about them” joke. I don’t care that you talk about these teams, but please stop with the old hat. Update: the heat check needs a new host. He teases Haley like a middle schooler with a crush and constantly referencing his colleagues ages isn’t funny either. No one cares.

Great show over all   (4/5)

How does KOC continue working with Vernon? That guys ridiculous lol so stubborn and hypocritical. He’s Unwilling to see others points of view. And Seeing all these soft white people in the comments be upset at Tyler Tynes is hilarious.

HEAT CHECK   (5/5)

Love heat check. Group chat is great too but please keep Tjarks off the air. He's got a voice for print (like a face for radio) capable of making the hottest of takes sound utterly boring. I'm sorry to say mean things about you dude. Maybe you need to emote a bit. Say what you want about Vernon, he absolutely rescued KOC from Tjarks. If you had kept those two together I might have quit on the Ringer entirely. NBA show is at its best when featuring animated disagreements. Anyways keep it up!

I love the All the ringers podcast   (5/5)

Everything about them they are funny and truthful I definitely recommend listening to them

Nothing Better Alright! (NBA)   (5/5)

No NBA show is better than the NBA Ringer Show. Hands down!

The Mismatch   (5/5)

Verno and KOC are the best!

?   (1/5)

Not sure why Collin Cowheard has a regular appearance on some no name back water podcast like this.

KOC and Verno are the best   (5/5)

My favorite basketball podcast by far

Heat Check   (4/5)

Really like John Gonzalez as a host especially with his humor. Dan Devine talks too much, too fast, too many cliches. Really like John Gonzalez. PLEASE do some coaching or move on from Chris Vernon. Typical Verno content 5 times a podcast: make an outrageous statement over-utilizing hyperbole, followed by trying to back it up, followed by moderating his take. Over and over again. Kevin does a nice job with reality checking him but KOC would be better with a different host.

Quality Listen   (5/5)

Group chat is alright. Heat Check might’ve been better last season but Verno and KOC twice a week is great. Wish the Mismatch episodes were 20-30 mins longer. Love how it’s multiple shows on one feed!

Mismatch   (5/5)

I live in Tupelo Mississippi and a Grizzlies fan due to proximity of location. However I am more of fan of NBA at large since my youth. Chris Vernon and Kevin O’Conner are the best. Listening to every episode even before they came up with the Mismatch name. I love when they talk about possible trade ideas or who should blow it up or tweak their team. Great insights. Keep it up fellas!!!

KOC + Verno🔥🔥   (5/5)

Best basketball pod easily!

Love it   (5/5)

Love it

Great show   (5/5)

Keep it up guys

A five star rating without Vernon   (4/5)

Great podcast crew except for Chris Vernon. I no longer listen when his inept snarkiness is on.

Vernon/KOC   (3/5)

KOC is pretty good for the most part. He’s thoughtful and insightful. Has a tendency to belabors his point a little much but I enjoy him overall. Chris Vernon pleeeeease go away. You make me have to turn the show off. You’re not funny, you beat your point into the ground, the sound of your voice is like nails on a chalk board. You dismiss a lot of KOCs points with nonsensical loud gibberish. As a die hard NBA fan in a fantasy basketball league of 13 other die hards we rarely universally agree on something but in this case we do, Chris Vernon is unlistenable. John Gonzalez Haley O Justin Verrier Chris Ryan Tjarks Dan Davine Thank you for entertaining us and keep up the good work!

These Guys are Hilarious!   (5/5)

“If the Rockets were playing the Warriors in my backyard I don’t know if I would raise the blinds” - Chris Vernon ... I listen to this podcast all the time. Everyone on the show not only gives great insight and opinions about hot topics of the NBA but also backs them up with stats & facts.

love it   (5/5)

Friday's episode was great. always awesome from VernO and KOC, keep it up

Remove Vernon   (1/5)

Kevin O’ Connor is great. He provides a lot of insight and analysis. Chris Vernon adds nothing to this show. He always sidetracks with boring stories not related to any of the content. He isn’t funny either. No redeemable qualities. If Kevin has a different co-host this show would be able to compete with Lowe’s and Woj’s pod. Until then, Kevin’s talent is being wasted. Like Kobe and smush

Entertaining & Insightful   (5/5)

Great chemistry between Vernon and O’Connor.

Very good   (4/5)

Vernon is pretty obnoxious otherwise five stars

Love the Mismatch!   (5/5)

Really enjoy the banter between Chris Vernon and Kevin O’Conner! Listen to them every Wednesday and Friday morning before work.

The Ringer...Group Chat?   (5/5)

Kevin O’Connor and Jonathan Tjarks...! The best! One can only hope.

Quit the wimpy habit of making assertions spoken as questions.   (2/5)

It’s almost as hard to listen to Chris Ryan and Justin Verrier as it is listening to the insufferable voice of Mallory Rubin. You all have this vocal inflection where you insert parenthetical question marks at the end of your statements as if you are almost apologizing for having an opinion and even trying to convince yourself that what you’re saying is valid. Grow a pair and be confident in your message! Most of you seem to have semi-decent takes and should be unapologetic and make clear, bold assertions. Even BS is starting to take on this post-millennial habit of ending statements with an up-pitched question.

Verno and KOC kill it   (5/5)

Verno and Kevin O’Concert are some of the best in the biz.

Camera noises in top 25 episode   (5/5)

Was it just me or was there shutter noises throughout the top 25 nba players episode?

Verno | KOC   (5/5)

Verno and KOC should have their own feed. They host by far the best NBA podcast. They are funny, very knowledgeable, always very sharp in their analysis and well connected with NBA teams. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Chris Ryan and the other dudes are about the opposite.⭐️

Please research before garbage analysis (generally like the pod)   (2/5)

Hood has been extremely consistent since coming to Portland. He was shooting 50 percent from 3. That seems consistent to me. If you’re saying you shouldn’t rely on him because he popped his Achilles like that’s predictable, come on. Please at least look at basketball reference before analyzing. Makes me question analysis of teams I don’t follow as closely.

KOC open relationship with draft prospect   (5/5)

Kevin O’ Coitis

Another great Podcast   (5/5)

Love this podcast and all the NBA content that the Ringer provides

This podcast is really bad.   (1/5)

These clout chasing wannabes are nothing but Boston Celtic and Sixes fans. God forbid they ever give the Lakers any credit whatsoever.

Only good consistent basketball podcast around.   (5/5)

Do they sometimes get bad take-y? Absolutely. And there’s nothing wrong with it. Entertaining content with a lot of different voices on hoops.

Love this show   (5/5)

I love this podcast. I look forward to listening to it on the way to work in the mornings. I get bummed out wig they didn’t record the night before lol. Keep up the great work guys. 🤘

KOC And Vernon Great!   (5/5)

Love these two talking basketball bc they don’t spend half the podcast talking about the Lakers! Thanks for the Pacers talk!

KOC tries too hard   (5/5)

Kevin O'Contrarian's schtick is getting to be a bit too much. Guy can't handle criticism or admitting he's wrong. Verno has so much patience if I was him I would have walked out.

Jokic a tier below lol.   (5/5)

I understand the big market teams get all the exposure but the nuggets are 13-3 and these guys have KAT and Zion Williamson ahead of Jokic. It’s a joke, let’s pretend like we actually know about basketball. Everybody wants to talk about his weight but he played 60 minutes in a 4 Ot basketball game. Stop the nonsense

5 stars 5 stars   (5/5)

Vernon and O’Conner are a perfect mismatch allowing for entertaining debate devoid of the annoying hyperbole that plagues most debate based programs/podcasts. I wasn’t sure I’d like this as much as I would but it has become a staple in my podcast subscriptions.

Gosh   (2/5)

Group chat is just pooling ignorance. Mismatch is alright.

Out on KOC   (1/5)

I can’t do it. The AFC East talk wast the final nail in the coffin. KOC is an idiot.

Chris Vernon is lame and weak   (1/5)

Chris Vernon is suboptimal, he utilizes tacky daytime sports radio talk points and talks a lot without saying much. You’re not trying to kill hours on a radio show so make your point in 1/4 of the words. Additionally, he rarely has anything original to say. The rest of the pods are pretty good but with pods like Simmons, Woj, Lowe, and Full 48 why would I listen to a lame and weak 90s style radio host like Chris Vernon.

5 Stars b/c I can’t give more   (5/5)

The Mismatch is as good as it gets. Chris Vernon is hilarious and intelligent. This pod turned me on to his local pod that is also incredible. I have not and will not miss a single pod. Both are definitely worth your time to subscribe. KOC is a great opposite to Verno. He has solid opinions, and the two of them never seem contrived adversaries like a morning hot take show.

Dynamic duo   (5/5)

Keep up the good work. You guys have the best basketball podcast going. Always fun informative and entertaining

Simmons pt B   (2/5)

Basically what Simmons says, repeated. But worse.

Love The Mismatch   (5/5)

Group chat is sorta a “meh” for me but Mismatch is good stuff, including the sometimes friction between Verno and Kevin. I love it when Kevin pushes back on Verno a second or third time on a subject and Verno blows his top! They actually know their stuff too which is nice. Time to get rid of the Halloween music tho!

Boring Schtick   (1/5)

Oh look it’s an austistic shut-in pretend arguing with a chubby barstool wannabe. Zzzzzz...

Used to be good until they diluted it   (1/5)

Kevin O Connor and Verno have great chemistry; Chris occasionally has a hot take or wild resistance to Kevin’s optimism and Kevin laughs it off and keeps it moving. KOC is like a little baby Zach Lowe; trying to take in the whole picture and what different angles teams can take with their lineups and team building. Sounds good, right? It was, until they added Chris Ryan and Just Verrier to the mix, who are basic flaccid personifications of Bleacher Report headlines. If you follow the NBA at all, you will not learn a single new thing listening to these people sound like Siri reading headlines from an aggregation site. Not only is their personality bland but they have no special insight or info. I’m pretty sure these guys have no special connections with teams or players, nor do they seem to physically go to a lot of games like other journalists. If you already listen to the Lowe Post, the Hoop collective, the full 48... you won’t gain anything from this podcast.

Change the mismatch   (3/5)

Kevin O Conner is going to be the next Zach Lowe. Stop wasting him by making us listen to him argue with Vernons prehistoric idiocy. Let Verno argue with Bill and consolidate the terrible old guy takes on one bad pod.

Chris Vernon thinks that arguing harder = arguing smarter   (4/5)

They need to time stamp the parts where Chris Vernon becomes irritably obstinate and condescending to the point where Kevin O’Connor has to repeatedly explain himself what logic is. At least then we can skip over his headache-inducing eardrum-perforating rants of idiotic team building based largely on empty stats and outdated reputations.

Great   (5/5)

If you are interested at all in how basketballs teams or organizations in general do amazing things, like Will championships, then you will love this podcast.

Nice   (5/5)

Really fun, but the group chat can be cringe at times. KOC has a calm presentation that sometimes masks the ridiculous hot takes he dives into at times, but Vernon calls him out in a fun way. Overall, nice podcast.

Garb   (1/5)

Garbage garbage garbage. They are lost on journalism . And they crucify specific nba players. It’s disgusting

NBA   (4/5)

Overall, some solid shows. Lowlights include Chris Vernon and his wild hoarse voice takes and Chris Ryan with his nonsense. KOC is cool though.

Time to find another NBA podcast   (1/5)

Hailey - Toxic masculinity is every where Wildly insane comment

Honestly just an excellent podcast   (5/5)

Smartest commentators on ball that I’ve found, funny, breezy podcast, that I never miss an episode of! Don’t normally give reviews but I love these guys.

The worst   (2/5)

I tried to like it I really did. I like Chris Vernon’s folksy perspective on the NBA but it’s always paired with KOC’s irritating pseudo-analytics. When they parrot his “Blow it up” take, it makes me cringe that he takes it as a point of pride when really I swear they’re just making fun of him. He’s almost as bad as Tsarks, who has literally the most punch-me-in-the-face voice in all of podcasting. He’s a smart dude tho, just can’t handle that tsnarky voice that sounds like David Spade caricaturing himself. And I realized if I spend all my time just avoiding these two dudes when updates come on my feed, then maybe it’s just not worth it. There’s just so many other basketball podcasts around that don’t have these two, so I’ll just stick to those, except the Woj cast which would actually be the worst—but at least he has good guests on. Hey Ringer maybe you should get guests or something, might help.

Good   (5/5)

Love the podcast

favorite NBA listen   (5/5)

New show schedule is great. KOC and Vernon are the best pairing

Unbearable   (1/5)

Unsubscribed due to insufferable homerism and blatantly uninformed opinions. It’s evident that the ringer nba show staff doesn’t watch most teams and makes their opinions based on box scores. None of the contributors bring anything insightful to the show, instead they rely on recycled takes from reddit. Johnathon Tjarks and Kevin O’Conner watch basketball but the rest of the people are unqualified. Save yourself some time and listen to Zach Lowe or watch a real game.

The Mismatch is the Best   (4/5)

Great daily NBA content. Love that there is a variety of opinions and hosts who cycle in and out so that it is not always the same perspective. KOC and Vernon are the best. Both so knowledgeable and passionate. Would give the show 5 stars were it not for Justin Verrier, who consistently seems to show a lack of real passion for the NBA. So many instances of him complaining about “having” to watch a game or player, as well as not knowing a player’s name or the team he plays on. Not everyone needs to know the 11th man on any given team’s bench, but if you host a major weekly show dedicated to the NBA, you should be the one to know. Get rid of Justin Verrier please. I’m tired of hearing “I only lasted two minutes trying to watch this game” or “I don’t even know who that is”

Forget Tyler   (4/5)

Love all the content from this feed except when Tyler Tynes comes on and behaves like a 12 year old in a 2k chat room.

Are we sure Tyler Tines isn’t racist?   (1/5)

Because he makes a lot of low key racist comments about white people.

Please End Sources Say & Heat Check   (2/5)

No offense, but the best content on this show is KOC & Verno. The other shows are too gimmicky and are cheesy as all get out. So many other NBA podcasts I’d rather listen to, than Heat Check and Sources Say.

Love Mismatch   (4/5)

Love mismatch. Verno and KOC are great together. really can’t stomach the other pods though. If this was a review for mismatch only it’d be 5 stars

Tyler Tynes is trash   (4/5)

You know who’s “act wore thin super quick”? Tyler Tynes. I didn’t think it was possible for anyone to be more annoying or less funny on a podcast than Matthew Berry, but boy was I wrong. The first time I heard Tynes on a podcast I thought he was doing a bit, but now I realize he isn’t making a joke, he is the joke! His takes are trash, his cocky attitude is trash, and listening to his colleagues force out laughs because they’re too nice to let Tynes crash and burn right in front of them is one of the most cringe-worthy moments in audio history. Tynes seems like a nightmare to work with and has to be the single worst hire The Ringer has made in it’s brief existence. Let’s be clear - I love this podcast and everyone on it, except for Tynes. Please for the love of god NEVER allow him on any Ringer podcast again. I considered giving 1 star but I love Gonz, Haley and Dan too much. I’m not the only one who feels this way so please listen to your fans and keep Tynes from infecting what is otherwise a great podcast.

Get Tyler Tines Out   (1/5)

Tyler Tines is grossly racist and unfunny. He tries to pass it off a braggadocious charm. Apparently he’s the token black guy on the pod and no one knows how to tell him he’s over the line? I was so glad he was on hiatus. This is the last time I will listen/download any pod he’s on. For the record, I mostly only listen to Verno & KOC anyways, they carry this program.

Tyler Tines   (1/5)

This review is mainly to let you guys know to get Tyler tines off the pod. Just a waste of time not informative. Not entertaining at all. At least the other writers balance there personality with their actual talents. But the bit today on heat check was atrocious. Take more lessons from Vernon and keep it real.

Love (almost) everyone at The Ringer   (5/5)

Every episode of the Ringer NBA show is a must listen for me with one exception. Whenever I see that Tyler Tynes has gone on an episode it is an automatic delete and I refuse to give it a download. He’s the worst. Keep him off the feed and you will continue to have a loyal listener. Good job by you Billy!

Mostly Bad   (1/5)

Rating for the vast majority of content on this feed. Vernon and KOC are the only reason to listen. The other hosts and guests only seem halfway capable of talking about the 76ers or Clippers, or former 76ers and Clippers. The Mismatch should be it’s own feed, really. It’s the only show with real analysis. The other shows could be rolled into some coastal NBA team /pop culture pod that nobody would listen to.

Good podcast except for Tyler Tynes   (2/5)

Taking another star off because of a third appearance by Tyler Tynes. Really makes me consider unsubscribing to the podcast.

For the Mismatch   (5/5)

Enjoy Mismatch! Vernon and KoC have developed a great rapport and Vernon appropriately challenges some of KoC’s analytic takes to bring some nuance to the discussion.

Great Podcast but....   (1/5)

....any episode with the grating, self important, unfunny, mean spirited Tyler Tynes is a waste of time and a cheapening of the brand.

Great pod   (5/5)

I listen to it as often as I can at work! Love it! Except I never want to hear from Tyler Tines, guy is a straight idiot. Please never allow him back on.

Episode 525   (5/5)

Hahaha Tyler Tines is the perfect example of “Can’t take y’all nowhere special” volcano check!

NBA Poscast   (1/5)

Please do not have Tyler Tynes on the podcast. His schtick is tired. I’d rather have more serious analysis, if you need a guest, please use Kevin O’Connor or Justin Verrier.

More Mismatch, less Tyler Tynes   (4/5)

Mismatch is the best. A great dynamic and can listen to Chris and Kevin talk all day. I’m a fan of the Group Chat even when John does speak super fast. With that being said, get Tyler out of there. Is trash talking a Philly trope he’s trying to perpetuate? It’s not funny but I shouldn’t be surprised when his 5 reasons to watch NBA teams articles were a waste of Ringer space.

Heat check   (1/5)

Stop with all the goddamn Sixers talk, we get it, you’re a Sixers fan. This is supposed to be a basketball pod, not a Sixers pod. You ain’t Bill, your bias isn’t entertaining enough to be overlooked

Homie with the silk durag   (5/5)

Vividly remember him wanting to eat a sandwich then dropped knowledge. He keeps bringing the HEAT! Tyler keep the pressure going and bring him back more OFTEN

Heat check or gossip ?   (1/5)

Just a group of individuals claiming what they said was correct and how they know basketball instead of actually talking basketball.

NBA Show   (5/5)

Review is for The Mismatch. KOC and Chris Vernon are great together. KOC knows his hoops and Verno checks his nerd-fandom and brings a challenging perspective that makes for an interesting listen. I don’t listen to the other shows on the feed often enough to review.

The mismatch is the best   (5/5)

I cant listen to all the nerdy guys on the other shows but the mismatch is the best nba show or podcast in existence besides simmons and russillo/house collaberations. Chris vernon is basically the only mans man and we need guys like him in the basketball community. Kevin is very smart and understands the anylitical side which is important so there collaberation is terrific. Which these guys had a show on tv, it would be the best thing on espn right now besides maybe pti. Go bulls

The Mismatch   (5/5)

The Mismatch is a go to listen for me and now that it's on twice a week my joy has been doubled. The basketball knowledge of Chris Vernon and Kevin O'Connor is beyond dispute but it's the way they have fun and can disagree without being disagreeable that keeps bringing me back. Two good guys who show humanity at it's best in every podcast.

Mismatch is amazing, group chat is a tough listen   (3/5)

Would honestly prefer if this feed was only KOC and Verno twice a week. Group chat is a truly difficult listen. 5 stars for mismatch 1 for group chat heat check in the middle with 3

I wish they knew what they saying.   (1/5)

Talk about amateur hour. Why does anyone want to listen to this. They have 1 job (to know sports), they can’t even do that. They really whine and cry a lot too.


I love the mismatch. Verno and KOC are great- and the group chat guys are growing on me too even if there is slightly less meat on the bone. However, the Group Chat into music is legitimately ear rape and it is both super annoying and not funny at all. Really makes the whole podcast seem lower quality. Thanks!

Five stars, five stars   (4/5)

Not really. Five stars for the mismatch, three for groupchat. Bring back the old song for the mismatch too. More Neil Young critiques!

More mismatch   (3/5)

I really enjoy the mismatch. I wish there was a way to separate the feed for that show from heat check and group chat. I want to gouge out my ears with flaming ice picks every time Haley speaks. The group in those shows come across as very smug and they step all over each other. You can tell when they have actually watched a game vs when they just read a box score and try to pass it off as some fantastic insight. I tried to give those shows a chance, at this point I just delete them as soon as they pop up.

Vernon is terrible   (2/5)

I love all the ringer podcasts but this Vernon guy is a joke...he just rambles about nonsense on every pod and has nothing relevant or informative to say. I have no idea how he got this gig. Kevin o Connor is decent but out of all the ringer pods this is my least favorite due to the hosts

Refreshing!   (5/5)

This is my second season listening to the show and I really appreciate the variety of voices and opinions. There is something for everyone here! (Also, diggin the new theme music for the Mismatch!)

Good stuff   (4/5)

First off, The Mismatch is legit one of my favorites. Their 5 stars, 5 stars! Group Chat? I don’t really like them. They just force Celtics and 76ers down your throat. They also don’t give love to mid market teams that are championship contenders.

Make sure you label it’s the Mismatch so I don’t download it   (3/5)

Their lack of chemistry is jarring. They bring too much unconfirmed bias to the conversation. Their pod is an instant delete.

The mismatch is king!   (4/5)

The mismatch is the best of the bunch, the rest are West Coast haters particularly against the Lakers.

Annoying Referree   (4/5)

Watch games last night. Turn game off due to now coaches can contest calls' THIS JUST TURN BE OFF CAN NOT WATCH IF THIS NOW THE NEW NBA FRIGEN KIDDOING ME.. NBA NOW A TURN OFF !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Vernon is the absolute worst   (2/5)

Love KOC & Chris Ryan

Kevin NO’Connor ...   (1/5)

Is terrible. And where did he come up with this per 75 possessions crap? I’m out.

Great shows   (5/5)

I especially love the mismatch. I’ve been listening to you guys for about a year now and I’m loving it! Also, can we get The Mismatch football edition?? That would be sweet!

Go-to NBA pod   (5/5)

By Far the best Ringer NBA podcast

Fascists   (1/5)

Maybe it’s not always about money. Integrity actually is a word.

Sometimes OK   (1/5)

It’s unlistenable when Micah is on a d when Haley tries to be a funny smartass but it backfires and she sounds like an idiot

To many inside jokes no one knows   (1/5)

I thought it would be a good show because I like Bill Simmons but wow these people are just Twitter nba people who talk and joke about BS

Expand!   (5/5)

Please expand! You both are required listening. You both do a wonderful job on the pod & provide the sharpest, best, funniest commentary on the NBA and I applaud u both. Keep cashin dem awesome episodes.

Super kid   (5/5)

This is awesome I love it

Commentators believe NBA players are too stupid to understand political issues.   (1/5)

Apparently the contributors of this show believe NBA players are too stupid to understand what is going on in China. They claim it is far too complex of a situation for NBA players to understand or form an opinion on.

Great NBA podcasts (Except Group Chat)   (3/5)

Overall, if you are an NBA fan, this feed is great. Verno and KOC are really knowledgeable and have great chemistry. Heat Check brings on a range of guests. Group Chat is honestly a waste of time if you are a NBA fan. There isn’t really any nuance to their discussion, just making common sense takes and have awkward chemistry while doing it.

Greed   (1/5)

I have an idea, let’s not defend authoritarian governments who kill their own people so that a podcast can make more money. It’s not complicated.

Only listen to the Mismatch   (3/5)

Every “analyst” is extremely biased and always talk about the same 8 teams outside of Kevin O’Conflict and Verno


Love all of The Ringer content, podcasts, articles, and videos. The NBA pod has a great mix of personalities on it throughout the week! The Verno and KOC combo is my favorite though! Two days a week!

Kevin O’Coward   (1/5)

Disappointed by the willful moral blindness toward Hong Kong freedom as opposed to money.

The Mismatch is King   (5/5)

Of all the different NBA pods out there, The Mismatch with Chris Vernon & Kevin O’Connor is the best. Great chemistry and excellent knowledge shared between the two hosts. A must listen, even in the off season.

Needs more Chris Vernon   (5/5)

Long time listener here. The best episodes are with verno and Kevin o concert. Please add more shows with Chris! The mismatch is the best one. The others are okay..

Mixed bag   (1/5)

Verno is great. Kevin is too. The other millennials are insufferable. No substance or real analysis whatsoever. They seem to be interested in being “cool”. Please bring some real basketball analysts! It is possible to be fun/funny and have substance at the same time.

Bring them back   (5/5)

Love groupchat but would love it more if Haley & Paolo came back on

Ringer nba show   (4/5)

Justin Verrier and John Gonzales use the word content all the time like they are planning for the podcast. Every story ends with “it is good for us because it means more content.” Super annoying. Love everyone else.

Group Chat Love!!!   (5/5)

I love group chat and trust Justin Verrier to carry on it's legacy but can we get some more Haley & Paulo back on when the season starts?

Love it   (5/5)

One of the best podcast on the web!!!

KOC carries this pod like Harden carries the rockets   (4/5)

the ringer NBA show has it’s moments. it’s moments are usually consisting of KOC playing point guard on the “Mismatch” and “Corner 3,” the latter of which is the most superior and well informed show. i would love to see Chris Vernon talked to a little less condescendingly because the man has a passion for basketball that is truly remarkable. the pods that are “group chat” and “heat check” are utter homerific trash. i would love for everyone to tone done their overtly fanatical bias towards philly and the celtics, and please for the love of God: stop recycling bill simmons opinions. be more controversial. get out there. be creative. inspire thought. STOP TALKING ABOUT HOW GOOD / BAD THE CONTENT YOU HAVE FOR THE POD IS — no one likes to see the sausage made free idea: new episode called “Slack Chat” where an nba ringer staffer reads select hot takes of the ringer staff’s nba slack for the utter humiliation and humor of all. Once upon a time you had win butler on the podcast and that was amazing. we need a win butler update with a new look pelicans team and we need more celebrity nba nerds interviewed.

The Mismatch makes it worthwhile   (5/5)

The Mismatch makes the Ringer NBA show worth subscribing to. The other shows tend to be a little underwhelming, but the dynamic between KOC and Chris Vernon is entertaining and informative, with quality segments.

Ringer Love   (5/5)

I love the ringer and I love these shows! Heat check has the best intro!

My favorite podcast   (5/5)

This is the podcast I most look forward to every week. Intelligent and funny. Well done Vern’O and Kev’O.

echo chamber   (1/5)

There isn’t an original idea on this pod. Everyone just repeats Bill Simmons’ takes. When they have the regional “fans “ on the show they routinely don’t know who is on the roster at the time (Isaac Lee). The major NBA guy, Kevin O’Connor, has supported and predicted the Suns will be good for the past few years.

All shows are great   (5/5)

All the shows are great, but the Mismatch is my favorite.

Great Show   (5/5)

We need more Tjarks.

Mixed bag   (3/5)

I wish I could write separate reviews for each contributor, because some are thoughtful (Tjarks, usually KOC), while others seem to do their research on Twitter (Verrier, Gonzalez). I’ve caught many factual errors when they talk about my home team. Nothing major, but it makes me wonder if I can trust anything they say about other teams. Also, heavy on white males. I get that’s most of the listener base, but it seems that The Ringer of all places could have some variety.

Mismatch is the best!   (5/5)

I listen to this pod because I love the NBA and Bill Simmons, but the main reason it’s still in my queue is Mismatch.

Kevin O’Quality Pod   (5/5)

Easily my favorite podcast - love all the shows but The Mismatch is the GOAT pod

the Hits are Spectacular   (5/5)

Love all the different angles that the diverse crew bring to hoops talk! Have to say that I try to avoid KOC's pods, though I'm sure he's valuable as a writer/glue-guy. Thanks for all the fun!

Mismatch   (4/5)

Mismatch is the best pod on the channel.

I dig what I’m hearing Chris   (5/5)

I really am

MVP   (1/5)

Hey what the heck no mention of Giannis or any east player odd

the mismatch   (4/5)

the mismatch is a 5 star pod for sure

Tired of the laker hate.   (2/5)

Officially unsubscribing. Tired of the negativity and biased talk on the Lakers. Mismatch the only pod that is objective. Seriously guys, I wanna listen to this pod but you make it unbearable. Be professional.

The mismatch!!   (5/5)

I love having 2 drastically different perspectives and regions represented!! Midwest is Best!!! Awesome Podcast!!

Kevvvvon   (5/5)

Kevin o’candyland and Chris are the best love your guys show every Tuesday.

Mixed bag   (3/5)

I usually only listen to the Mismatch pod w KOC and Verno (and often the Corner Three, too, when it’s happening. But Tjarks often trails off near the end of his sentences to where you can’t hear him well. He usually has interesting and insightful stuff to say, though) and then skip the others. Heat Check was tolerable for a while but got old and eventually became a rough listen. Group Chat was never good and mostly rehashes the same stuff the other shows already talked about but on a much more superficial level (I cannot stand Verrier in podcast form. Chris Ryan seems more in his element when covering pop culture stuff but isn’t bad as a moderator of sorts on GC. He doesn’t save the pod, though.)

Yeah   (1/5)

Like a lot of the voices so will continue to listen, but John Gonzalez is a prominent host which is why I think this 1 star is deserved He’s neither witty/funny or does any research on what he’s talking about. Being infuriating and not being knowledgeable on just about every topic makes it unlistenable. John Gonzalez stinks Unrelated John Gonzalez side note how do you talk about the Knicks and their “bleak” future without knowing whose in the front office lmaooooo. Put like a minute of research in. I take it back all of these people outside of KOC have no idea what they’re talking about. Justin Verrirr is elite trash too. Just listen to the KOC/Verno pod folks! All these other people stink!

Great NBA show!   (5/5)

Vernon you my boy! Forget all these haters

Best Variety of NBA Critical Analyzers   (5/5)

Don’t listen to any of the haters, each pod has it’s own unique flavor, and that is completely okay. My personal faves are Heat Check and Group Chat, but all and all this may be the best NBA pod available.

All of good except...   (4/5)

Chris Vernon is unpleasant. Every other contributor to this podcast offers solid analysis and opinions, making for a very pleasant and informative listen. My morning commute is irritating enough—I don’t need Vernon’s abrasive delivery to start the day.

Mismatch   (5/5)

Love the mismatch, Verno!

Please new host for Group Chat !   (4/5)

Justin Verrier is horrible! Other than that it’s all good. Mismatch is the best!

Mismatch best basketball podcast   (5/5)

The ringer nba shows are all good but the Mismatch is the best basketball podcast. KOC is analytical which can be boring and Verno is a wild card that can be too much. But when the two are combined its perfect! I can listen to these two dudes talk forever!

KOC and Verno   (5/5)

Something was different on KOC and Verno’s last podcast- they were less snickery and it was more mature and it made it so much easier to listen to. It was awesome

Love the show but...   (5/5)

Cover the WNBA you cowards.

All things nba   (5/5)

Great cast with good chemistry. Listen to this pod for your basketball fix!

Kevin O’Goat   (5/5)

I only listen for KOC and Verno

Verno’s unyielding belief he is right   (2/5)

Used to love this podcast. Still listen, but much less often. Gonzalez is awesome, Kevin O’Conner and Tjarks are great too. Chris Vernon has become childlike recently with his rebuttals to Kevin’s points. I used to enjoy the dynamic between Kevin and Verno, but recently it has degraded into Kevin stating a salient point and Verno responding with a mocking tone. Chris Vernon brings absolutely nothing besides the unyielding belief that he is right.

Love this feed   (5/5)

Constantly keeps me entertained. Great diversity of viewpoints.

Good show held back by Vernon   (3/5)

Chris insists on arguing like a child whenever he disagrees with Kevin and it’s very hard to listen to. This most recent episode was the worst I’ve heard yet. They either need to replace him or ask him to argue respectfully or thoughtfully

Kevin O’Comment   (5/5)

Good Grief! Only 4.5 out of 5 stars! KOC and Verno should do the occasional emergency pods.

Very obvious Simmon lap boys   (2/5)

Y’all realize after 1-2 with Lakers: Boogie (15 and 8) after injury Kuz (18ppg) Javale (12 and 7) DGreen (45% from 3 and Defense) Cook (backup Pg and deadly from 3) Also. “Lebron from first laker year” averaged 28-8-8 What in the heck is this Laker hate. Simmons still hurting bout the Ainge “treasure chest?” . First and last time I listen. A JOKE.

Little over saturated   (3/5)

If you like the Celtics, Sixers, or any team below .500 you will love this podcast. They use the word “like” as much as a freshman high school girl. Is it one podcast or 5? Chris Vernon’s mind earned the stars for this rating.

Another incredible ringer product   (5/5)

The ringer is the best site for any nba fan and this podcast is just another example of their excellence. One critique? More of Tyler Tynes and his ridiculous philly takes

Great Show   (5/5)

Love the show. Great analysis, charismatic hosts. Only caveat is they spent about three minutes talking about the "greatest Canadian artist" of all time in the latest episode and Neil Young's name didn't even come up. That's a bit of a travesty. Neil Young's output in the 70's was some of the most inventive, groundbreaking work in North American folk and rock before or since. But I guess that's why they're sports journalists and not music journalists. Otherwise it's great.

Silly good   (5/5)

I listen to a fair amount of podcasts. Within that set, I also listen to a fair amount of podcasts about the nba. This is one of the best. The gents have excellent chemistry, in-depth basketball knowledge, and are overall very entertaining. Put down the Steven A nonsense and give this one a try. They are awesome.... history   (1/5)

It’s hilarious to listen to a 29 year old (or whatever) compare today’s players to MJ...dude, you were barely alive. You have no history. Nothing like a Steph Curry warmup! Clown podcast.It’s comical. I’m out on this podcast.

A great podcast... only by KOC   (1/5)

This would be a great podcast if KOC shared this with almost any other person. They could pick a person who knows nothing about basketball, and it would be more interesting. The co-host just constantly interjects his (LOL) Memphis Grizzle fandom into every take. “I’m rooting for the Raptors this Finals cause Marc Gasol meant so much to the Grizzles blah blah blah”. I’ve listen to pod for maybe 35-40 episodes, and I’m over it. Pair Kevin up with someone who isn’t Chris Ver-nnoying. Chris Ver-wful. Chris Ver-whatever. Should be a zero star.

Best place for rational and funny NBA news   (5/5)

Verno and Kevin’OBumble are so entertaining. Really interesting pairing that’s full of disagreements and often hilarious arguments and completely random references. The whole crew beyond them is also amazing and insightful. BEST SOURCE OF NBA NEWS AND ENTERTAINMENT!

More Tjarks but mostly solid   (4/5)

Tjarks seems very smart plus very likeable. A lot of his calls are dead on. Liiiiiiittttllleee less gossip. Really like Chris Vernon KOC has a lot of meat on the bone, just a little awkward. Needs more reps. But I’m a believer. More House as well.

Almost a completely great cast of hosts   (5/5)

With the exception of Chris Vernon this is a great lineup. But Vernon is so bad it’s incredible. At this point i feel like the Ringer is wasting a mind like KOC by placing him with Vernon because he’s the only person who can stand Vernon.

Won’t subscribe because of John Gonzalez   (3/5)

John Gonzalez is the worst. Won’t listen to him talk about basketball or anything.

Ryan’s voice = no thanks   (2/5)

Chris Ryan is the Thom Brennaman of The Ringer, meaning that I enjoy podcasts infinitely more when Ryan is not included.



There seems to exist only 5 teams.....   (1/5)

Way to Philly and Boston centric. Talked about Philadelphia for 20 minutes on free agency when a million different moves were made.....

Verno!!!   (5/5)

His response to KoC question “is anything as it seems in the nba?” BRILLIANT!!! Love you Verno!!!

Less Vernon   (1/5)

Vernon is still annoying

Trash   (1/5)

Philly centric, not one ball player. All crappy, B-grade, homer, journalists. It’s actually 5 podcasts in 1. KOC is a fan boi

Love the Show but I prefer Haley & Paolo on Group Chat over Verrier & Ryan   (4/5)

I listen everyday and love it. But all shows definitely have a Boston/Philly bias on it, which I can tolerate at times since the hosts are sharing their personality and relationship with their teams. I expect it from Simmons on his show but sometimes it’s too much. Favorite show is Corner 3 because of Jonathan Tjarks. But I miss during the season when they had Haley O’ Shaughnessy and Paolo Uggetti on Group Chat. Chris Ryan & Justin Verrier are okay when analyzing but can be very vanilla. I felt compelled to write a review after the Nets got absolutely no respect after signing KD & Kyrie. There was more talk about the Knicks and their future as opposed to the improvement of the Nets and the legitimization of the culture the franchise has built. I get it that the Knicks have a bigger fan base. As a Nets fan, I was so excited to tune in after the Nets biggest signings in possibly free agency history. But I had to listen to 10 minutes from KOC (who I also love) about how the Knicks are “okay and can still make a push for 2021 free agents”. SPOILER ALERT: The Knicks are the worst franchise in the NBA since 2000, have blown it with free agents year after year, and have a toxic culture that has pushed away the 2 biggest stars who actually wanted to play for them originally in Melo & KP How about talking about franchises that are making positive steps forward instead of wasting airtime on the Knicks who have been nothing short of embarrassing except for the 2012-2013 season?

Great Basketball Podcast   (5/5)

Really enjoy this podcast. The fact that they run multiple “shows” each week creates a lot of interesting conversations and a variety of perspectives. Definitely recommend if you’re an NBA fan.

Tjarks   (2/5)

Tjarks voice makes me wanna ripe my ears out my head please replace him wit Devine please for Christ sake

Break Out Individual Podcasts!!   (3/5)

I really wish that all of the Ringers NBA pods would be broken out into individual podcasts. I only like the Mismatch and it gets tedious deleting all the others. #firstworldproblems

Good Not Great   (4/5)

Heat Check is the best part, depending on the guest. Love Juan Gon & House the most!! The Mismatch is good when Verno & KOC actually have something to argue about, but it can be boring on some topics. The Corner 3: I have no complaints. But I never listen to Group Chat, Verrier & Chris Ryan aren’t as well-versed in the NBA and are really boring together, and it has the worst podcast theme song ever.

Favourite NBA podcast   (5/5)

Great nba podcast, especially love the Corner 3. I could listen to Tjarks all day and love the intro music!

One of these guys is impossible to understand   (1/5)

Who let that one guy on a podcast? He is impossible to follow, he speaks so fast that he literally forgets a word two in every sentence. His voice is beyond irritating.

Sometimes great, too often too repetitive   (3/5)

Really good analysts, however, far too often it repeats poor topics. I was subscribing but stopped. They seem to avoid interesting/good teams in place of Lakers/Knicks drama. When you’re great basketball analysts, just confused why you spend so much time avoiding interesting basketball subjects. This past season, would have enjoyed breakdowns of Raptors, Bucks, Celtics, Rockets, Nuggets or other good teams.

Solid   (4/5)

Like the hosts and how deep they get into the nba, BUT the intro music with Siri is the most intense ear cancer I have ever experienced. Please change the music

Dude sounds like a doofus   (1/5)

Jonathon tjarks or whatever sounds like he has taken about 46 bong hits. Most annoying voice I’ve ever heard.

Bad   (1/5)

Very bad basketball podcast, 20 things better

A great hang out   (5/5)

It‘s just fun to listen to these folks. Like a friendly neighborhood bar.

A lot 2 right about   (5/5)

I love this podcast and I’m always looking for new podcasts. Lakers Trade is lit!!!!! Pelicans looking good right now. Kyrie going to the Nets. Kevin Durant to the knicks. I want Klay Thompson going to the bulls. Anybody with me??? Ja Morant best point guard in the draft. Zion #1. Pelicans starting lineup: Lonzo, Holiday, Ingram, Zion, Randle. ????? I want the lakers starting lineup 2 be is: Kemba, KCP, LeBron, Kuzma, Anthony Davis. Russel, Dinwiddie, And Hollis Jefferson for kyrie. ???????? Kemba and Jeremy Lamb for Magee and Rondo. Kawhi to the Clippers

Updated review post 2019 Finals   (4/5)

This is really four podcasts under one feed. Over the last several months, the Ringer has definitely improved the overall quality. The Mismatch : 5/5 : Kevin O’Connor and Chris Vernon are a great pair that play well off of each other. The Corner 3: 4.5/5 : seems like they never actually have all three guys on, but Danny Chau, Jonathan Tjarks, and KOC together all have interesting takes, and you’ll find a lot of good draft analysis on this one. .5 star removed for the frequent absence of one or the other member of the team and every time Tjarks says “wander” instead of “wonder” I die a little bit. Heat Check : 4/5 : John Gonzalez and various guests. He did solid yeomans work throughout the Finals and was my go-to for in the moment reactions when Simmons and Russillo didn’t have a pod up. Group Chat : 1.5/5 : This one deals with a lot of the reality show drama of the NBA which I care literally zero about. The few times I’ve given it a chance, Haley just name drops people and tries too hard to be clever. If reality TV and basketball are your thing together you might like it, for me, it goes into the bin straightaway 95% of the time. All in all, if Simmons doesn’t have a basketball pod up and you want to listen to basketball talk, you could do worse than this feed. This one and Lowe Post are the only ones I stay subscribed to.

Good if you like one of three teams   (2/5)

Started listening because I like NBA talk and enjoyed the hosts. Now it’s exhausting with know-it-alls. Stale commentary. Same conversations every week (more like day). Even in episodes that seem their purpose is to talk about looked over teams fail to.

Really superficial   (1/5)

Ringer needs some unbiased salary cap experts to inform these guys before they speak on these topics. It feels like you’re listening to guys you don’t like throw stuff out at you late night in a bar. Ringer Laker hate is just old!!

Listen to The Mismatch every week   (5/5)

Rarely watch NBA basketball

Best NBA podcast I’ve found   (5/5)

Guys truly know what they’re talking about. Their takes are mostly original and they’re not going just screaming at each other. Jokes are great and the hosts are entertaining.

Wish 19 shows didn’t come with this podcast subscription   (4/5)

I love the mismatch and every once in a while enjoy a couple of the other podcasts, but I just wish my phone didn’t download 39 podcasts per week.

chris vernon is a talking head   (4/5)

listen to all the nba ringer pods . love the opinions & dialogue of most the staff but can t listen to chris vernon on mismatch - his hindsight, matter of fact opinions are ridiculous. i get the idea of mismatch but grouping a talking head show (no offense koc) with other pods is disrespectful to pods like corner 3, etc.

Pretty Bad   (2/5)

They rarely talk about actual basketball. Their takes are usually wrong and seem to just drift to whichever way the wind is blowing. Vernon acts as a vast echo chamber for all the media rumors going around at any given time (“oh, this player going here has got legs!!!” Or “this player is friends with that player/executive/celebrity”). He is absolutely giddy to do so. Kevin O’Connor should speak his mind more because sometimes he has interesting things to say.

Ehhh   (3/5)

This podcast doesn’t really tell you anything new about the finals games. The one about KDs injuries just alludes several times that there will be “ripple effects”. A good talk show or podcast has solid takes that are backed up by insight from the experience of the hosts. The original bill simmons podcast is like this Announcers here may just be too young and inexperienced, albeit well intentioned

Great Pod   (5/5)

Enjoy the takes the jokes the swearing don’t change

Knowledgeable and what I want to listen to   (5/5)

Great podcast. Guys really know what they are talking about. They talk about all facets of the NBA that I want to listen to, and at the right time. Love the NBA Draft analysis.

Terrible podcast   (1/5)

These guys have no idea what they are talking about. And what’s the deal with the language. If you can’t communicate without use ?&(@,;;!? You don’t need to have a podcast.

Great content   (5/5)

I find myself prioritizing this pod over almost everything else. They put out content regularly, with a different crew, and it’s always entertaining. Go blazers.

Love Verno & K.O’C   (4/5)

Less vocal fry and it’s fantastic!

Old Country Buffet   (2/5)

Some good stuff (Mismatch) with some forgettable (Group Chat). The dynamics between some of the groupings are off. Being an interesting writer doesn’t at times translate to interesting podcasting.

Chris Ryan and Justin Verrier are a waste of minutes on this podcast feed   (2/5)

I get it, these conversations/pods are meant to be relatable to the average fan... watercooler talk and all that. That’s part of why so many people enjoy listening to Bill; he good at balancing the appearance of understanding a game/topic and dishing out takes for entertainment. But these guys offer so little in perspective and are poor at tying in humor. Even someone like Gonzales, who also falls in to this category, at least does a nice job facilitating conversations. You don’t need all of these guys in every feed, they have strengths elsewhere.

Would have been 5 stars, but   (3/5)

Docked two stars due to Verno. Truly terrible.

Vernon   (1/5)

This is my first and only review of a podcast. Please separate Chris Vernon from this podcast series. I realize the Ringer aggregates several podcasts into this podcast series, but Vernon’s voice will make me not only unsubscribe but stab my ears out with a spoon (and unsubscribe). The number of syllables per minute that he mispronounces is offensive to listeners— “tis ting=this thing,” “traymand=Draymond,” and every “Kevin’Oh” thing he does is the most annoying thing (not ting) I have ever heard in my life. Please fire Vernon.

Vernon!   (5/5)

Chris Vernon is the best! He’s a great host. Well informed, interesting analysis, and funny guy. Kevin O’Connor is a Warriors shill. He’s turned the podcast into a Warriors lovefest, please spare us. We have had enough of the Warriors. It’s supposed to be an NBA podcast not Warriors world. Maybe Kevin should become a Warriors beat writer?

It depends on the show   (3/5)

I thought Dan Devine was awesome after game 1 of the finals. I couldn’t find another pod where someone was willing to go back over the game in detail and highlight all of the small moments. I’m tired of commentators repeating trite things. I’m not a huge Chris Vernon fan - I’m not sure what he offers besides silliness. so I wish they would carve out KOC who does a lot of homework which I like. Gonzalez is a pro, which I like. But he isn’t very original. I’d put Verrier in that category too. Chris Ryan has interesting original takes. And I really like Tjarks - he’s strikes a tone I like of original, fun, and hardworking. So overall, if you like insightfulness, it’s about 60/40 on this channel.

Miss Match   (5/5)

I gave my 5 stars because of the Miss Match pod.

Insightful, humorous, brilliant   (5/5)

Basketball is very good. Why even bother listening to other podcasts

Just seems like a lot of hating   (1/5)

Why do you guys just seem like a bunch of haters complaining about everything and everyone? I think this show can really benefit by adding some positivity into the material.

Best basketball podcast by a mile but some areas to improved   (5/5)

Essentially what the comment before me spoke about. Great podcast, hence the 5 stars, but I wish there was more talk about basketball, the games, and what actually matters; like there is in the mismatch as opposed to “looking for the narrative.” If I wanted to hear a narrative being pushed w/o critical analysis, I could listen to ESPN First Take (and this show is sooo much more than that >90% of the time) and I think viewers listen to this show because we know the analysis is a much higher quality than anything on ESPN/FoxSports

Verno and KOC ONLY   (1/5)

Honesty the only people worth listening to are Verno and KOC. Everyone else just continues to make up headlines for their own agendas. KOC and Verno consistently talk basketball and the facts of the game instead of just searching for the headlines and saying how KD is going to the Knicks every other day. I’d be fine just listening to them 1-2 days a week and get a quality podcast than listening to the same repeated junk every day. Listen to the Mismatch only, all others are repetitive and pandering.

Quit with the “like”   (5/5)

Maybe my favorite NBA podcast, but there are a few people that use like as a filler word so much it drives me crazy. And please never ever allow Tyler tines on again. He is a living paradox. The way he talks propagates racism not addresses it. I literally laughed out loud often when listening to the mismatch. You guys are hysterical.

Stop with the spoilers   (1/5)

You’re killing me with all the game spoilers in the episode titles!! Unsubscribed!

🥉🥉🥉   (2/5)

It’s doo doo 💩 but kinda good

Consistently best part of the show   (4/5)

Liz Kelly’s ad reads are the motivating reason for me to tuning in

OK   (3/5)

OK 🥉🥉🥉🥉🥉🥉🥉🥉🥉🥉🥉🥉🥉🥉🥉🥉🥉🥉🥉🥉🥉🥉🥉🥉but not the best.😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪I’m sorry to say this

Clean up the language   (1/5)

Good show I really enjoy it but I refuse to listen to them take the Lords name in vain or dropping GD left and right. Unsubscribe

Great pod   (5/5)

The Mismatch has become a must listen every episode, Vernon and KOC give great insight. Tyler Tynes is also the funniest person alive, give the man the max!

kevin o connor is great, everyone else doesn’t deserve an publicized opinion   (1/5)

title of the review says it all.

<3   (5/5)

Colleen Wolfe’s husband is goodn

Mercurial at best   (2/5)

The intro music is misleadingly cool and laced with funny hot-takes. I don’t understand the lineup of personalities, and it’s unclear what the agenda of the show is supposed to be? It seems mostly like sad Philly fans and a cast of sort’ve archetypal nba hipster takespeople. Much like the Ringer’s Web site, it’s difficult to say what this is besides a content vehicle for ad revenue. Bill Simmons frequently refers to how the Ringer is “figuring his whole thing out” in reference to podcasts, which essentially I take to mean “we don’t really know what we’re doing but we’ll take your money for it!” We end up with people who didn’t play basketball aimlessly criticizing the men who play it professionally. It’s beyond nerdy, into a nervous realm between completely unprepared interview show and untrained journalistic hyperbole. You could try to gauge which episodes to listen and which ones to skip based on who is on the show, but honestly zero of the takers are worth the time. Two stars because they’re awake, and they have a nice logo. Everything else: zero stars.

Where are The Blog Twins?   (2/5)

So is Group Chat just Chris and Justin now? Because that is not something I’m interested in listening to.

KOC and Verno are the best   (5/5)

Thanks guys, keep it up!

Vernon is the best   (5/5)

Vernon is the only reason I listen to this pod. The only one who can actually take a stance and stand by it.

Get Tynes Off   (4/5)

This Pod would get 5/5 as I do love it, however everybody I know, as well as myself, gives this pod an instant skip when Tyler Tynes comes on. This dude turns everything into a racial issue and has horrible horrible takes. Unbearably bad amongst an otherwise amazing crew.

Chris Vernon is the worst.   (1/5)

All the other Ringer NBA staff seems to keep their head but Vernon just throws tantrums and yells at KOC. Please stop.

Yeesh   (2/5)

Vernon is unbearable. Love you Kev!

Kevin and Verno and Paolo   (4/5)

Add Paolo that Salvatruca genios and this would rock more. Mismatch is best. Everybody else appears too superficial for my taste. That said, love the Ringer.

Mismatch   (3/5)

The mismatch only one worth listening to. Everything else is hipster central. Kevin’s voice is annoying, but once you get past that it’s coo... Vernos the man

A must for hoops heads   (5/5)

Always a wide range of perspectives on the latest in the NBA. Particularly like Tuesday’s “Mismatch” with Chris Vernon and Kevin O’connor - Kevin more of an analytics guy, Chris more of an eyeball test guy. I lean more Chris’s way personally. They have great dialogue, disagree frequently, and are hilarious.

Five stars, five stars   (5/5)

This is mainly for the Mismatch. Verno and Kevin O’Concert need their own podcast!

No more Tines please   (5/5)

Can’t stand the guy’s tone and all of the usual crew though. You guys keep killing it! Well produced and lots of content, from knowledgeable staff (minus Tines).

Lots of better NBA content out there   (3/5)

I have given up on this podcast — very superficial, without much substance.

Great pod   (5/5)

Love the podcast

Pop   (5/5)

After listening to the conversation about Greg popovich, I’ll be curious to hear what pop has to say about Trump not answering media questions...because pop stonewalls questions so frequently.

I like everything but   (4/5)

KOC is the biggest issue with this pod. It is a little nit picky but I don’t like Kevin’s voice and they way he comes across as perpetually nervous. It isn’t a dealbreaker though because I LOVE everything other aspect of the show.

Daily NBA fix   (5/5)

Love all the shows as they get me through my commute throughout the workweek. Group Chat and The Corner 3 (let the theme song play a few more seconds, KOC) are my favs but I also love Heat Check and The Mismatch(bad theme song - change it) Great group of people talking hoops, thank you for the content!

Yea Tyler Tynes isn’t great.   (4/5)

Heat Check was already my least favorite show, but I find Tynes consistently unenjoyable. His voice itself is a bit annoying, but I mainly find his humor very meh. It’s so “let me cuss and give hot takes so that it looks like I’ve got a recognizable personality!” He comes off just kinda unnatural and the “mean” humor he dishes on Gonz (who’s also prob the most meh host) get’s old so quick. Like he gives off the impression he’s trying his hardest to establish a character within the time he gets to talk. He’s not a notable figure, so I don’t find anything particularly interesting about his Sixers takes. The social justice stuff I have no problems with other than that it feels so out of place on the Ringer NBA show. It’s a way different brand of entertainment, especially if it ever becomes a weekly segment. In sum, Isaac Lee is the best part of Heat Check.

Sorry Tyler   (3/5)

That cocky, narcissistic, a-hole vibe doesn’t bode well for someone imploring equality. Works great for sports opinions, but creates immediate dissonance when talking about racism. I support what you’re trying to do, but you catch more flies with honey. That is... if you’re truly trying to create a positive change in the world and not just creating outrage, so you can wear some ‘social justice’ badge when the “Reddit whites” come after you. Eesh.

Can’t play Tynes   (3/5)

Love the podcast but Tynes social/political rants are too long and drawn out. Remove all the fluff vocab, say your point, and move on

Good   (5/5)

Love Chris Vernon

intolerable hosts   (1/5)

Vernon @ O’Conner know their stuff but they’re both extremely brutal to listen to..seriously cringe worthy

I listen but   (1/5)

Tyler Tynes is unbearable

Tyler Tynes is an immediate skip   (2/5)

Just don’t need it. Not funny, and don’t care about his unoriginal takes on modern identity politics. Not what I’m here for, or else I’d be listening to the Pod Bros over at god save the pod. The Mismatch rules, though 👌🏼

Good most of the time   (1/5)

Love the show except when they get into garbage liberal agenda stuff about “racism” and other nonsense


If you love Celtics and SIXERS most of the podcasts are for you

Great nba discussion most days   (4/5)

Heatcheck and The Mismatch are my favorite NBA podcasts and I wish they were more than two days. Group chat can have interesting nba discussions often but also has skippable / borderline grating episodes (rating / swiping playoff match ups as if they were tinder dates for example. Bleh). It is my least favorite episode each week. The corner 3 on Friday is a solid if unspectacular listen. That said, you still won’t find an NBA podcast with a better balance of the entertaining side of the NBA and the stats side without going too far one way or the other most episodes.

Only on Mondays   (5/5)

You will have to subscribe to the entire feed just to get Heat Check on Monday. But it’s entertaining and informative and worth the hassle of deleting the rest of the week. Hopefully Heat Check will find an opportunity to talk about the Sixers before the season ends.

Bring back sources say   (5/5)

Love all the NBA pods but can we get some more sources say episodes? Even an occasional special pod or make it a segment in an existing show? It was my favorite. Also-Haley and Juliet are super fun on these shows. Is there a way to get more women’s voices on these? Keep up the good work!

All Sixers, all the time   (4/5)

It’s a solid pod as the info and conversation is good..:,but just know that for every minute they talk about any of the 29 NBA teams not from Philadelphia, they will spend 2 on the Sixers. I’m

Scene setting   (5/5)

Today’s description of Magic Johnson’s resignation press conference by Paolo Uggetti was great insight and adds huge value. Usual platitudes and surface level comments on a happening in the league or a scene at a game is not interesting. Zach Lowe does a lot of this deep level description of relationships or happenings; like when a player blows off a coach’s play call, etc. It really gives the listener an idea of what being in that collective might be like, and how an individual in question might fit into a dynamic of a group or organization. I don’t normally like group chat but that story today kept me listening

Tyler Tynes   (5/5)

Been listening to the 4 pods since last summer & im a big fan. Sometimes they do stray off on bizarre tangents, but I don’t mind on my morning & afternoon commutes when I typically listen. Saw a bunch of Tyler Tynes slander from previous comments. I thought he was fun to listen to & being a Philly native I loved hearing him with Gonzo. I think he & Haley could have a great back and forth on GC for a guest episode. Mismatch is definitely the top show in my opinion, though love listening to heat check bc I know I’ll hear at least 5 mins about the Sixers. Keep it up!

Basketball is very good.   (5/5)

Mismatch, Group Chat, & Corner 3 are all great listens. Not a big fan of Heat Check and glad they nixed Sources Say, but great content on this feed.

Could be better   (2/5)

Long time listener of The Ringer Podcast Network and the NBA show is not all that great. It has a different “show” each day and the only one worth listening too is Mismatch on Tuesdays. KOC and Verno are pretty good at what they do but rest of the people seem to not do any research the days leading up to the pod and talk more about NBA gossip than basketball.

Keep KOC   (5/5)

Reviewing 5 Stars 5 Stars to balance out the jerk calling for the Ringer to boot KOC. Keep up the snarkiness, Kevin O’CantStopWontStop!

Peace Out   (2/5)

My irritation with this show (and the Ringer in general) has been building for some time. Just even looking through the last two weeks of episodes, how many times has the topic of which playoff match-ups are we looking forward to come up, when nothing has really changed in the standings. I really can’t stand any of the hosts, but especially Group Chat. And with Bill and Ryen having a weekly oof on the NBA, that’s really all I need. Quantity doesn’t replace quality. Also thought for the Ringer, instead of trying to build up NBA podcasters, why not build up more well-rounded podcasters?

Wish I Could Rate Separately   (2/5)

This is like three different podcasts. KOC and Vernon are 5 stars quality but their show is once a week on Tuesday. The groupchat show gets negative stars from how bad it is, and then the other one is not super memorable but not too bad. Honestly, wish I could subscribe to just the Tuesday podcast. I don’t mean to sound too negative, it’s really just the level of quality by the three cohosts of groupchat that really brings me down. I don’t normally rate podcasts good or bad but I wanted to make sure I warned other people because I’m a huge fan of the BS podcast in general.

Boot KOC   (1/5)

KOC completely ruins this podcast. Snarky, sarcastic know it all. Can’t even pronounce most players names correctly and sounds like his mouth is full of spit when he’s talking. Boot the dork who is constantly trying to prove himself and focus on the analysts who are genuinely knowledgeable and interesting and get rid of Kevin. He’s just plain awful and cringeworthy

Mismatch is my favorite   (5/5)

Chris Vernon is the best. He is good with Kevin O'Connor. They get into it, but there is respect behind it.

Some shows are great   (4/5)

Anything KOC is on is usually great, like Draft Class and The Mismatch. Group Chat is mainly a bunch of hot takes for the sake of being different/interesting. I can’t stand listening to that one sometimes. Heat Check is hit and miss.

Love Tuesday pod with Verno and KOK   (5/5)

I don’t listen to the others but tues pod is one of the favorites weekly

Most with the least award   (5/5)


Fire KOC   (1/5)

Everything about the ringer is amazing, fun and different aside from one problem....Kevin O’Connor. I am not one to make personal attacks or ad hominem arguments, so I’m going to try and be objective. He is a know-it-all who is rude to other people on the podcast. He sounds like he’s at the dentist and trying to talk before having the spit vaccuumed from his mouth. He says awful things about nba players as if he’s qualified to say such things and seems to always think he knows better than all of the other hosts. His knowledge is commendable, so maybe keep him as a writer (if you really feel the need to keep someone so aggravating and clueless) and take him off of the podcast. I listen religiously and have considered stopping recently because his ego continues to metastasize. I can’t hear how awful his laugh and spit filled mouth sound much longer.

Kevin O’Flames   (5/5)

Love the podcast and love the insight from KOC! Thanks Ringer fam

Crap   (1/5)


Take the mismatch leave the rest   (4/5)

If I was only rating the Mismatch(Tuesday’s weekly show) with Chris and Kevin it would be 5 stars. They have some great back and forth, clearly have fun doing the show and bring different perspectives to topics. After that the other podcasts feel like overkill. And this turns into takes like “The Rockets are better without Chris Paul” after he only played one regular season game with the team. The rest aren’t terrible, but unnecessary other than maybe when it’s draft time. Otherwise stick to just the Mismatch on Tuesdays.

Too much Lakers talk   (3/5)

Like the personalities on the show, but it’s pretty frustrating that like 75% of the content is about the Lakers, Celtics, or 76ers. This is especially true about the Lakers, which has been out of the playoff race for ages and yet still seems to be given a majority of the content.

Talk about basketball   (3/5)

The mismatch is great. Group chat needs more KOC... the show can be frustrating at times... most of the time, actually

Does Haley really even watch games?   (1/5)

I get that she’s trying her best as a takeswoman, and I respect some of her takes esp on western conference teams, but jesus christ she’s got to stop getting it so wrong. It’s making Group Chat physically hard to listen to

Pretty good   (5/5)

I miss the 2 SBNation NBA pods, so having Gonzo host one of these segments is great. I think overall it is a well produced pod. It could use a bit more in depth stuff, as the focus is more entertainment.

Hot take city   (2/5)

Wish you could rate on different facets of a podcast. Would be a 5 for the quantity of new content they can get out a week, but if looking for intelligent analysis run for the hills.

Huge fan and I get excited every time I see a new available pod   (5/5)

The mismatch is up there with my favorite pods. KOC and Verno are my fav pod duo. I wasn’t gonna take a star away, but Tyler Tynes needs his own pod or deserves to be a regular host on a show like the ‘Heat Check’.

Tyler Tynes 👎   (3/5)

Gonzo-I am from philly and find you pretty solid overall. I’d imagine your just being nice about Tyler and the quality of his takes, which is fine but please don’t do that to us again. Worst takes, if you call them that, I have ever heard. Just pay me 20% less than him to give my takes which are more succinct and descriptive, at the very least. Ringer-how in the world did that guy get hired?

Kevin O’Connor aka....   (5/5)

The Mismatch is the best one

Scattered   (3/5)

Ringer nba show individual ratings: Corner 3: 4.5 stars Good content, they actually discuss more basketball content, discuss gameplay, college prospects. Basically I learn something from these guys The Mismatch: 4 stars Nice mix of NBA ecosphere topics along with actual game and player analysis. The chemistry between Chris and KOC getting better with each episode Heat check: 3 stars Hit or miss. Lots of shows are just blah blah about the reddit related hot topics that’s already feel old by the Monday show Group chat: 2 stars I know Verrier knows basketball backwards and forwards but really doesn’t know how to talk about it. It’s like hearing some guy blather about something he overheard from someone else and can’t fully articulate himself. Also tired topics instead of actual basketball content. Too much Pelicans talk ( I wonder why....)More Haley, more Paolo, less hot takes, conspiracy theories please.

Tyler Tynes is a Bad Version of Steven A   (1/5)

I don't usually leave reviews, but I actually took my headphones out halfway through this guy's episode. He's just trashing people's outfits and hairstyles and it comes across mean more than funny. He's trying to be a cross between Steven A's hot takes and Shea's analogies/homerism and is somehow less funny than Shea and more annoying than Steven A (at least Steven has legit sources). Give him his own podcast if you want to hear angry, unoriginal, unfunny takes that are just meant to be inflammatory.

You can talk about something other than the Lakers   (1/5)

Come for the never ending lakers takes regardless of their relevance and stay for John gonz making the exact same joke about the sixers every single episode. Used to like this podcast but it has become unlistenable compared to other b-ball podcasts. No reason to listen to new episodes it’s just the same recycled garbage over and over and over and over and and over

Massive fan but   (5/5)

Love this podcast. I crush each episode the day of release. Some feedback about the Groupchat - discussion could benefit from improvement. I don’t think the current personalities balance each other well. Paolo is a liability with zero comedic flow, and Justin you can be overly agreeable, or you’ll concede after a weak effort to play the other side (perhaps it’s to carry forward discussion, but nevertheless worth mentioning). Haley you are great minus the Ben Simmons 3-pt take.

:)   (5/5)

Yes please! To having Tyler Tynes on Heat Check recently, his voice and viewpoint is very much missing from all the b-ball podcasts I know of so yes please, more of him! Also shoutout to Group Chat and Haley on that program she is awesome and has a super soothing voice and I'm so glad she's getting more comfortable with being more assertive on that pod. I love the Heat Check and Group Chat pods for being more about the drama and less about nerdy stats. I can't handle The Mismatch and the Corner 3 is very meh. But there's probably people out there who enjoy that type of thing. Also shout out to Shea Serrano, he's awesome and his book is great. Thanks!

Awesome at times   (4/5)

This podcast is awesome at times, granted there are some lulls where I think the banter/ chatter can be uninteresting at times. Despite this there is no place I’d rather go listen when the playoffs are heating up. I think a lot of the negative reviews are a testament to the searching for topics that occurs over all nba media platforms during the regular season.

Tyler Tynes?   (1/5)

Why the hell is this guy even talking. If I wanted to hear uninformed idiocy I can find that somewhere else. And he’s a racist MF’er to top It all off. No more please

Tyler Tynes   (3/5)

Heat Check Please dont bring Tyler Tynes on any more podcasts. The worst and most vulgar guest yet. Too many f bombs. He Also brought race into the podcast, i dont listen to sports podcasts to hear racial rhetoric. Love the podcast otherwise. -listener brad

Tyler Tynes was Garbage   (1/5)

Never have this guy back on the show, please. He was absolute garbage. How can you be a sports podcast and have a guest criticizing players for their hair and their coach for his beard. Never felt inclined to leave a review until now.

Haley O'Shaughnessy   (1/5)

should have her own show. Give her John Gonzalez’s spot. Also give Tyler Tynes a show wow how refreshing to have black voices in this feed. This show desperately needs more women and black ppl working on it, guest appearing, etc

The best 76s podcast ever   (5/5)

Tyler Tynes dripping swaggoo throwing hot fire the size of wawa hoagies.

Amazing podcast, but don’t listen to episode from 3/11 after minute 25   (2/5)

I love the show and the pods put out weekly. Please do not have Tyler Tynes back on the show with Tjarks. Never listened to him or read his content before, but his takes were off-putting, non-sensical, and I was confused as to why you guys decided to have him on. Tried too hard to be funny. Surprised this part was green lit, as the Ringer podcasts are usually top notch.

Tyler Tynes! Group Chat   (4/5)

I’m a long time listener of the BS Report, and listen to something from The Ringer universe daily. Hopefully today is the last time I have to hear Tyler Tynes on the podcast, and powers at be can keep his over-the-top attempts at comedy contained within the company slack. The pod sucked up until his ridiculous Kobe take, at that point it became insufferable. Love The Ringer, keep up the good work, and save us from Tyler. (Only drunk House should be able to swear that much)

More Tyler Tynes   (5/5)

Give him his own show. Dude is a breath of fresh air.

I Want To Take Away 1 Star For Tyler Tynes’ Episode   (5/5)

Please ... PLEASE!!!!!!! Never have Tyler Tynes on again. He’s a good writer, and I don’t want to hate him. He sounds like a you sent really smart teenager to college with a thesaurus and were like, “hey try to impress the adults.” As much as I would like to listen to him repeatedly lean on the phrase “so much as” I’d rather read his commentary on race and sports. So please... PLEASE!!!!! No more of the ringers own aspiring hipster Skip Bayless! At least until he looks up a few clever synonyms for restraint and subtlety. Love you guys!

Tyler Tynes so annoying.   (3/5)

Listed to today’s show 3-11-19 with Tyler Tynes, it was so bad. Too much profanity and trying to be too cool with his takes. I was not a fan.

“Like, like, like”   (3/5)

Holy... the amount of times these guys say the word “like” is ridiculous. Pod itself is fine with me as a very casual fan. I don’t deep dive into nba culture but I’m aware of the big & mid size stories. Just please cut out the um’s and like’s. You guys are journalists ffs.

Painful   (1/5)

They say the word like every 3 words. That’s like so like like painful to listen you know what I mean?

john gonzalez and chris ryan are terrible   (1/5)

i feel bad giving this 1 star bc the mismatch episodes on Tuesdays are really good. if verno and koc separated off into their own podcast it would be 5 stars for sure but they only do one pod a week. The rest of them are a complete waste of time to listen to. John gonzalez can say a thousand times that he watches league pass but when listening to him it’s obvious that he cares about nba drama and doesn’t really watch games. It’s also obvious that Chris ryan cares only about drama but he at least admits it sometimes. Concepcion, Tjarks and serrano constantly make fun of the hot take pundits on tv not realizing that they themselves are basically the same thing. Come on Bill, you pride yourself on hiring the right people but you really need to clean up ringer nba. I’ve been a long time listener and love everything about ringer nfl and your staff there including mays, clark, lombardi, rusillo are amongst the best in sports! Overall Ringer nba is trash!

Best NBA Pod in existence   (5/5)

Listen to every episode religiously. Great stuff.

Like it’s ok, like uhhh like if you like hearing the word like a lot it’s for you   (1/5)

Like they mostly talk about basketball but like none of them are English or public speaking majors cause like they say like every other like word. I also hope you like pop culture more then like basketball cause that’s like what’s your gonna like get. Vomit

Keep Vernon and KOC and fire everyone else   (3/5)

Five stars for Vernon and KOC and zero stars for the other hosts. Vernon is the best. I didn’t like KOC at first, but he grew on me. Give them their own podcast and get rid or separate these other losers. That other Chris is the worst. Just listening to him makes me want to throw things at him and give him a wedgie.

Love this pod   (5/5)

Really likable group of hosts. KOC has become very confident in his podcasting and Chris Vernon is an awesome dude. I like how self aware the ringer is regarding their opinions. Makes the sixers/Celtics onslaught bearable when they know they do it all the time. I want more interesting stats from them in the pods to further audience understanding of the game

The Mismatch is mismanaged.   (4/5)

I love all of The Ringer’s NBA pods EXCEPT The Mismatch. Kevin O’Connor’s waffling takes and chuckling-defense mechanism is exhausting. I really like Chris Vernon’s opinions but the two of them are like oil/water. Sometimes that’s a good thing for shows but hearing the two of them argue just isn’t worth listening to. I listen to pods for entertainment and hearing two men argue and screech at each other has made me delete nearly every episode 10mins in.

Drama podcast not basketball   (1/5)

Talks about NBA drama and not actual basketball. Spend more time about Boston b.s. but not the best team in the league and how good they are (Milwaukee Bucks). Idc if it’s small market, it’s amazing basketball.

It’s ok   (3/5)

This podcast is a good listen if you’re looking for talk about Boston and other big market teams, also the superstars requesting trades to big market teams. Turn around if you’re a fan of a small market team, no matter how good they are this podcast won’t talk about them.

My favourite podcast!   (5/5)

I absolutely love listening to all the Ringer NBA podcasts. They have helped me keep up to date with the NBA since moving back to the UK, which I love and find so useful, and also really helped me when I was going through a tough time in the hospital (to take my mind off stuff), I would wait for them to get released and listen right away. Thank you! Awesome pod! - Will

Solid basketball pod.   (5/5)

I like Chris Vernon and Kevin O’Connor and look forward to The Mismatch every week. They know basketball and have pretty good chemistry together. I like that they can argue and have opposing viewpoints but they don’t take it to a First-Take fake drama level where they argue just to argue.

Great podcast   (5/5)

We need a Wednesday pod (not sources say). Love all the depth of all the different hosts. Keep them coming

No more John   (2/5)

John needs to go. He doesn’t actively listen and only jabbers. I can’t believe he’s on the ringer. Maybe 2 minutes of him is ok, maybe. Haley can probably go to. The mismatch is great though. John please resign.

A lot of the same stuff   (4/5)

Over and over again. Great concept to have different people give their opinions. But its generally the same opinions on the same topics. So if you listen to one per week you don't miss anything. I would advise listening to the ones with Kevin O’Connor/Chris Vernon and KOC/Tjarks.

Awesome shows   (5/5)

Great, knowledgeable task. Entertaining pace. Only request is less free agency talk and more basketball, though that’s just my preference.

Are these guys pre-teens??!!   (2/5)

Mammoth decline in quality and substance from Bill. Good grief!

Would be great without Group Chat   (3/5)

Corner 3 and Mismatch are good, Heat Check is good. Would be a 5 star review without Group Chat. I get wanting to have some women on because you try to be a progressive website but can you not do better than those morons

Great for NBA junkies like me   (5/5)

If your an NBA junkie, you’ll love this podcast. For those who are into the game and are looking smart, well thought out insights on the league both on court and off, this is the pod for you. S/O’s to Vernon, O’Connor, Tjarks (Texas stand up!!!🤘🏾) C.Ryan and all the talented guys and gals that are creating great content on the daily. Keep killin’ it.

Vernon and KOC are must listen   (4/5)

I only listen to The Mismatch - 5 stars for Chris and KOC. The others shows have too many voices and not enough thoughtful analysis

Love it   (5/5)

Y’all are the best

Celtics Central   (3/5)

i can understand all the Sixers coverage with the roster being in flux all year, the Celtics have made no significant moves and have been 4th or 5th in the east most of the year. Nothing about this team merits the endless coverage, please rename this the celtics podcast or if it is the 'NBA Show' cover the whole league. We don't need a daily review of Gordon Hayward's shot chart, and if KOC insists on making the same Celtics points every week on multiple podcasts, feel free to edit them out before posting them, it's a 30 team league! Thanks for the free pod, this seems like an easy fix. BTW... The mismatch is awesome, particularly enjoy Verno.

Mismatch   (5/5)

Look forward to Verno every week!

Luv it   (5/5)

Good stuff

To much Lakers talk   (4/5)

I’m over in Milwaukee and I like hearing about the teams close to me. And with Milwaukee being the best team in the eastern conference it should get way more attention than the lakers who are winning only half of their games. The bias on these teams is so annoying.

Hit or miss depending on the day   (3/5)

I listen frequently for the NBA news but some of the people on the show should stick to writing. Kevin O’Conner really needs to find a way to not repeat exactly what the other person says before he makes his point if he has one. The show could take 20 mins. That said I love Chris Vernon just bc he actually has an opinion.

The Mismatch rocks   (5/5)

KOC and Verno are the best