Aggregated reviews for The Teacher's Pet

Lyn and Chris Dawson appear to have the perfect marriage. He's a star footballer and popular high school teacher. She's a devoted wife and mother. They share a beautiful home above Sydney's northern beaches. But when Lyn goes missing, dark secrets are buried. This is no fairytale, but a sordid story of strangely close twin brothers, teenage student lovers, and probable murder. The Australian's Hedley Thomas digs deep into a cold case which has been unsolved for 36 years, uncovering startling new evidence.

I love it. And I hate it.   (5/5)

Argh. Great podcast. But be ready to pull ur hair out; how many times the ball was dropped. The only solace I have is knowing Chris is now going to trial. He has been arrested. The world knows. Lynn deserves justice. The daughters will never get justice, u can’t bring back childhood love and affection. This is One of the few podcasts I have ever listened to that has brought upon actual results. Wouldn’t it be nice if every disappearance and murder got this type of investigation if not from police (who we trust to do it) but from journalists. Bravo.

Good but repetitive   (4/5)

This podcast could’ve been half as long. The story was intriguing but facts, interviews, etc. were repeated and there was a lot of chatting with minor characters about what their thoughts were even though they weren’t experts.

Interesting Story, Poorly Executed   (2/5)

This is a really interesting story. It could have been done in a way that rivals some of my favorite true crime podcasts. But unfortunately it wasn’t. The story line repeats itself. The episodes are confusing in their timeline. The audio isn’t great with the interviews. There’s too many episodes and too much repetition. If this had been more streamlined it would be a 5 star podcast.

Good story but...   (3/5)

This story could be decreased into five or so episodes. It needs to be more concise. There is so much repetitive information. I spent so much time wanting to skip ahead because I had heard it before.

Tough subject matter, navigated respectfully   (5/5)

I’m now impatiently waiting for the trial of Chris Dawson and am emotionally invested in what I hope will be justice. As horribly as it sounds like this case was handled, the fact that Australia has no statute of limitations on sexual abuse/ assault is brilliant. I wish we had the same here in the states. So many criminals will never be held accountable here for their actions and are actually protected by our laws. The fact that there are a number of the abusers in this whole sad story who may finally be held accountable is is heartening, and I pray that it really happens. This podcast has been hard to listen to at times, and I punched my steering wheel more than once when I couldn’t believe some of the things I was hearing. Hensley has such a calming voice though that it brought me back around. . I have great appreciation for the respectful way he handled all of the interviews and it was obvious that he had earned the trust and respect of a large number of people. Beautifully done. I’m a little amused at a recent comment about this being the most boring podcast he/she had ever listened to. Remarking that it could easily have been more titillating. I guess there were not enough graphic details regarding the sex crimes, or possible murder? If someone needs that to grab and keep their attention to the story then they are listening for the wrong reasons. In my opinion at least😊

Hard To Follow   (2/5)

I kept having to check if my phone replayed the last episode. Super repetitive. I’m on episode 5 of what seems to be too many episodes and they just keep repeating the same stuff.

one of the best   (5/5)

one of the best podcast I have ever listened to !

Audio mess   (4/5)

The content is excellent but the audio levels are annoyingly variable. In interviews the host often fades out.

Ditto on the update!!!   (5/5)

Would love to hear about the latest!!!

Repetitive, slow, and biased   (2/5)

Repetitive, slow, and not impartial at all. Could barely get through the first episode with her neighbor.

Titles and images are important   (5/5)

This a very well researched and written podcast. Hedley Thomas has done an excellent job revealing crimes against women and girls in the misogynistic and abusive culture of the 1980’s. Which is why I must question the title of the series, as well as the image chosen as the thumbnail for the podcast. “The Teachers Pet” implicates the child who was sexually abused as a complicit subject in the sinister events, which she was not. Her picture is also the first that comes up when I search this story online. The tattered image of a young bride sensationalizes the brutality of Lyn Dawson’s probable murder. Most images associated with this case online are of the victims, and significantly fewer images of Chris and Paul Dawson, the abusers and likely murderers, are readily viewable. They are the ones who deserve to be seen and recognized, not the women they abused.

SUPERB!!!   (5/5)

Loved it!! Thank you!!

10/10   (5/5)

Highly recommend for any true crime fans!!!

Excellent Investigation and Narration 👏🏻   (5/5)

Sure, it's a long and occasionally repetitive podcast, but, THAT IS THE WHOLE POINT! It's a comprehensive investigation and you get all of it from Hedley in his calm voice and amazing narration. Hedley's view is not biased like some reviews said. He's an investigator FFS. I think the armchair detectives who wrote those reviews are biased themselves and it just got too confusing for them. To Hedley and The Australian, this is such a phenomenal podcast and it actually made a difference. Many thanks from New York. I have a soft spot for anything Aussie, particulary accents. After hours of Aussie streaming into my headphones, my phonological analyses revealed that no language or accent can make an acronym sound so, Spartan! Go ahead, try saying "DPP" and you'll know what I mean. Okay enough with my review. I'm just here to avoid work. Go listen!

Love it   (5/5)

Well done podcast. Had to binge listen and waiting for the day Justice is served.

Too biased, too much repitition   (3/5)

Too biased, too much repetition. Asking leading opinion questions of persons who have little to no actual contact with the events is enough to curl a barrister’s stomach. Get real Hedley!

Russell Packman = Chris Dawson   (5/5)

Coronavirus 2020: A woman vanished in the early 1980s, a mother of two very young daughters and who was married to a man who was having sex with an underage student (a student he literally moved into the marital bed immediately after the wife “ran off”), and the police believed her husband’s absurd story w/zero investigation. This is an outstanding podcast that has become famous (ignore the few weird negative reviews). If anyone in Australia is still reading reviews — PLEASE look at the Russell and Carole Packman case from the mid-1980s in the UK. This could be so relevant to the legal case against Dawson. The similarities to the Dawson case are absolutely uncanny. In 1985 Russell moved his young girlfriend into the family home and then claimed his wife had run off with some man he couldn’t identify to Canada or Switzerland maybe and nobody else knew, etc — abandoning him and her very young daughter (who believed for years that her mother had abandoned her!). Russell was convicted of the murder of his wife much later when he tried to cheat his insurance company in a totally separate incident — and he was convicted of murder despite the fact that Carole’s body was never found. In short the police actually started investigating his absurd story about his wife’s total disappearance, and like Dawson’s, it fell apart. The similarities are just chilling. This podcast is a work of genius. It is without question one of the most important true crime podcasts ever made. It has become Australia’s Serial; as it shines a spotlight on deep problems in the criminal justice system. Teacher’s Pet also reveals the appalling privilege — essentially immunity from police prosecution until the public demand that a PROPER investigation take place — enjoyed by one of the two subjects at the center of this podcast because he was a well-off, well-connected, and well-liked semi-celebrity rugby player and “pillar of the community.” Of course he also happens to be an abuser of underaged girls (at least one and apparently there are more) and now an accused murderer. Now Chris Dawson’s lawyer, in a classic defense attorney move of desperation, is trying to make the podcast and the public the guilty parties in Lynn Dawson’s tragic case while ignoring Lynn. These class acts lash out at the public for its interest in this case and concern for Lynn Dawson. It’s all about poor Chris! How he has suffered...not being jailed for decades...The defense attorney wants everyone to focus on the evil podcast — not his *totally innocent* “good family man” (barf) client!! Quick where is a glove for Dawson to try on?! Also, since the public is evil, the defense is demanding a trial with a judge not a jury of Mr. Dawson’s peers. Poor sad oppressed Chris Dawson — a man who enjoyed public worship and left an ocean of devastated family members, multiple fractured marriages, and *allegedly* molested minors in his wake — but remember HE is the real victim! This podcast called attention to a travesty — the vanishing and very likely murder of loving mother and (sadly given how disgusting her husband was as a “husband”) devoted wife Lynn Dawson in 1982. The travesty is in Chris’s disgusting claims that she abandoned her children and never once tried to contact them again despite her complete devotion to her children. It is also in the total lack of police interest in/investigation of her abrupt and totally out-of-character disappearance and the ridiculous, nearly cartoonish claims and blatant lies issued by Chris Dawson. Just one red flag — he claimed to have called “all” of her friend’s searching for Lynn — he never contacted any of them. A family lost a beloved sister and daughter, and two little girls lost a mother, and the police pretended nothing was amiss while the person who was and is the only viable suspect moved the teenager he had been sexually abusing into his wife’s side of the bed within DAYS. DAYS. He pretended that he cared about his “missing” wife while his behavior indicated the complete opposite. Good family man? Decide for yourself. Nobody, including respected Aussie journalist Hedley Thomas who produced Teacher’s Pet, expected the podcast to explode and to become a massive phenomenon. Listen to it unless you are Australian and can’t access the podcast because free speech (and access to information produced by respected journalists) doesn’t seem to exist down under — especially when it involves police and a former prosecutor whose *allegedly* shoddy practices and shady alliances have been exposed. Oh and of course the defendant happens to enjoy an insane level of privilege. And talk about privilege — Chris Dawson’s family has recently paid his million dollar bail because he simply can’t abide jail! Boohoo. The pillows must be too hard — after all Dawson is very attached to his pillow since he took his pillow with him when he tried to run off with teenager Joanne all those years ago. Imagine if Dawson were in any way an ordinary defendant? Would his every demand be met with such deep bows and deference? . Note that for all of the disgusting kid glove treatment of the wretched Chris Dawson now that he was also given a free pass in 1982 while the “dingo took my baby” mother ( who was exonerated years later) was hounded mercilessly by the Australian press AND THE CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEM. This podcast is an absolutely outstanding investigation into the travesty surrounding the “disappearance” of Lynn Dawson. Maybe she will given a voice — after decades of being silenced.

Loooong   (3/5)

I found myself skipping episodes and not missing anything by doing so-

Another show should have done this   (3/5)

I was very excited that someone was going to do this story, but this company is all over the place and unnecessarily repeats information. Also, are they going to search Paul’s old property? Or search along the route he went to get Joanne? That seems like a perfect opportunity to get rid of a body.

Terribly BORING, narrator has *Zero* neutrality   (1/5)

This is one of the most boring podcasts I’ve encountered in a genre that is *Easily* titillating. The narrator is trying to convince you the entire time of his belief with no impartiality, and one of the most biased and subjective podcasts that exists. 2 big thumbs down.

Very engaging!   (5/5)

I’m the topic is very saddening but what has occurred and not occurred is really very interesting. I don’t have difficulty with any accents here (mentioned on at least 1 other review) and I appreciate that some episodes add information as a repeat of prior episodes, but diving deeper in the bits. There is a lot going on but not hard to follow. I am on episode 9 and still following along eagerly to see where it ends....if it ends.

Wanted to Like this   (2/5)

I really wanted to like this but it seemed a bit all over the place. Honestly I had a really hard to understanding what he was saying. Super strong Australian accent. Also, it was super slow.

No clear flow   (3/5)

I listen to a lot of true crime podcasts and this one did not have a great flow to it. A lot of things were repeated and it jumped around a lot. The story needed to be told so I’m glad they’ve accomplished that but it could have been condensed into less episodes without all the repetition.

Repetitive....   (3/5)

Good story but needed some more editing. It was so repetitive.

Do not whitewash child sexual abuse   (1/5)

This is a great podcast overall and I commend you for bringing attention to this case. However the language the podcast uses about a child that was groomed and then abused by an adult male teacher is unacceptable. This child could not give consent and is a victim. She is not a "teenaged lover" but a victim of grooming and sexual abuse by a teacher. Please please offer an update episode and address this issue. By not doing so you are causing harm and normalizing this abuse which I know is not the intent of the podcast.

Victimized children are not “lovers”   (1/5)

Regardless of her possible involvement, an already abused child groomed by a predator is not a mans “lover”, while this phrasing is indeed more titillating it is a dangerous, offensive and inaccurate depiction of childhood sexual abuse.

Way tooooo long   (3/5)

It was interesting it I think that it could have been cut in half. Most of the information was repetitive.

Well Written Journalism   (4/5)

The only reason I gave it four stars is the amount of repetitive information that seems to appear on every episode, that being said this is a great podcast. Highly enjoyable journalism and I’m so glad to hear that Mr. Dawson will have his day in court. The power of public interest can not be dismissed as a force of change in this case.

Aussie accents all over   (5/5)

I enjoyed this podcast. I wish there was some closure it ended abruptly because of Chris Dawson’s arrest... I’m still curious about the rest of the high school sex abuse by the teachers... what’s happening with those cases? Thx for your hard work

Redundant   (3/5)

Long winded and redundant. Could be edited down quite a bit. And the “further details will be discussed in future episodes” drove me crazy. Why? Why not discuss in the first episode the detail was mentioned? I agree with other reviewers, I feel like I listened to the same episode numerous times.

Fascinating but flawed podcast   (2/5)

I love true crime podcasts and have listened to MANY from all over the world. This one was a particularly interesting story. Overall, the research was well done, but two vital decisions made by the producers leave me extremely disappointed. First, why is it called "The Teacher's Pet"? Who in the saga is the teacher's pet? The only person I can think fits that description is Joanne, but is the podcast about Joanne? No. It's about Lynn, the potential murder victim. Thus, the name "The Teacher's Pet" is highly reductive and inappropriate. Secondly, I have a big problem when a true crime podcast that otherwise sticks to facts and legal experts, spends an entire episode talking to "psychics." Whatever legitimacy you've built up in your other episodes is decimiated by including "psychics." Regardless of whether the key players believe in this nonsense, it is journalistically irresponsible to present a "psychic's" case as evidence, and that's what your podcast does.

Great Investigative Journalism   (4/5)

I can well understand why this poddie is breaking download records. Well-researched, fact-based old-fashioned journalism. I would have given it 5 stars if he hadn’t broadcast a segment featuring PETA Credlin, who has to be one of the least credible Murdoch hand puppet pundits. It also amazes me that The Australian can sponsor such excellent investigative reporting, yet still ignore facts when it comes to political reporting.

Great listen for a sad story   (5/5)

I thoroughly enjoyed this podcast. My heart went out to Lynette and her family and friends. I hope justice is served. Thank you for sharing this information with us. I remember hearing bits and pieces of this on the news as I was growing up. The narration is fantastic, Hadley is very easy to listen to. Looking forward to hear what the outcome is!

Soft Soil   (5/5)

This podcast should have been named “Soft Soil” because if I got a penny for every time those words are spoken on this podcast, I’d be a billionaire. OMG they say it so much... that being said, it’s overall a really interesting, well researched, THOROUGH podcast. No stone left unturned. Actually maybe they should have left a few stones untouched because it might be a little too thorough. Ahhhp! There they go with the soft soil again —— eep!!

Great podcast   (5/5)

Very well done. I love the thoroughness. Well written and presented.

If you witness domestic violence speak up   (5/5)

This podcast is triggering for anyone how has been a victim of domestic violence, a witness to domestic violence. Speak up, offer safety for the victim. Do not do what all these witnesses did and stay quiet for over 35 years. Also don’t agree how the lyn was painted as a naive person - she was being drugged, beaten and verbally abused. She was a strong woman who was victimized by a rich white sociopath male. Shocking.

What a great podcast   (4/5)

The one and only reason I give it 4 stars, is that it could have been told in way less episodes. I’ve listened through twice and found myself skipping over lots of things to get to the meat of it. Great, fascinating story. I only hope that Chris is convicted and Lynette's family gets some closure.

Can not stop listening   (5/5)

This podcast is AMAZING! I love the way the story is told. It’s also completely heartbreaking!

Too long   (3/5)

This is an interesting story and one that should be told but there is never really any new evidence or hard facts evolving throughout. I feel like I listened to the same episode 12 times.

Same story told over and over...   (3/5)

This really really REALLY could have been edited down... several hours were just different people repeating the exact same story and exact same details. Sure, enforce the idea that multiple people have the same story, but listening to it at full length from each person was agonizing at times.

Fascinating story but way too long   (4/5)

This was a fascinating and incredibly sad story. I pray justice is served in this case. The podcast was great, however, it became so very repetitive. This story could have been told in half the number of episodes.


This podcast is so drug out & repetitive. Would be a lot better if they cut it in half. I found myself wanting to quit listening several times and even skipping a few episodes because it was just the same thing over and over again.

Too long   (3/5)

It’s a really good podcast, however it is sooooooo repetitive. Could have easily been 10 episodes.

Could easily be 10 episodes shorter   (3/5)

The podcast is well narrated and thorough, but there is not enough content to warrant all the episodes. I learn nothing new after the first few episodes. I listened to all the episodes hoping that something different would happen, but nope. It would have been more impactful if they had edited the series better.

Looong and eventually tiresome   (3/5)

Agree with Biggfleas. It was intriguing in the beginning, but as the podcast wore on, it became confusing and repetitive. I continued to struggle all the way through episode 10 but finally had to throw my hands in the air and quit.

Must Listen   (5/5)

A phenomenal podcast!! A must listen.

Too long   (4/5)

While I love true crime and I’m already sad when the end of a show comes, I’m on episode 8 and questioning if I need to listen any further. It’s been great so far, but it’s becoming repetitive and tiresome.

Really Good/A Suggestion   (4/5)

I’m still on episode 5, so far reading reviews I agree with both sides that A) this is a really good podcast on an interesting topic where the reporter is obviously making a concentrated effort of being meticulous and thorough in telling all sides of the story and B) that there is definitely some repetition and the audio isn’t stellar. If you like the kind of podcast that is thorough beyond belief, I suggest the podcast COLD. I think that it’s a better example of what the reporter here was attempting to do (although I should warn you, it’s definitely a marathon)

So repetitive   (1/5)

I have heard about this story on previous podcasts and find it interesting. But this podcast gives no new information that is already out there. For 13 episodes, an hour each, the host repeats over and over again what we already know. It is so boring and so repetitive it becomes frustrating. Chris Dawson was abusive, he had an affair with his student/nanny, allegedly kills wife, marries nanny. The end. And for all those people that went about their day like that was normal, shame on all of you. Chris Dawson is a horrible human being but this podcast does not bring justice to Lyn.

Teachers Pet   (5/5)

Great, engaging podcast. Important to keep in mind that Joanne Curtis was a prisoner who was isolated by her captor. Look there to direct any anger.

Slow   (1/5)

I really tried but I couldn’t get past episode 6. The audio quality was poor and was hard to follow. It was the same information told over and over. I skipped to the episode of him getting arrested thinking it would be more exciting and I still couldn’t get into it. Glad justice was found, but as for the podcast, way too boring.

Its ok   (3/5)

Extremely repetitive with no new information passed ep. 6

Dope   (5/5)

Great podcast. I think the narrator places an unfair amount of blame/responsibility on Joanne- SHE WAS 16 FOR CHRISSAKE. But that doesn’t stop me from giving this 5 stars.

Captivating!   (5/5)

If I could give this podcast 10 stars, I would! Each episode was laid out in perfect order with an amazing amount of detail. Kudos to the investigators- you held my attention all the way through and left wanting more.

Excellent listen!   (5/5)

Excellent detailed story.

Really good   (5/5)

This podcast is really well done. Unbelievable how bad we used to be at investigating things and forensic science. Makes you wonder how many people got away with murder.

Snooze fest   (3/5)

A little boring. Could probably have been done in half the episodes.

Wwhhaatttt??   (1/5)

Honestly cannot understand this or follow it. The guys voice will put you to sleep. Sad as it has potential to be great but I couldn’t get past the first episode.

Remember Lyn Dawson. 💜   (5/5)

Thank God for Hedley Thomas who reignited this cold case. I was in a relationship with an Australian National Rugby League player who nearly destroyed my life. After hearing Lyn’s story, I feel like I got lucky.

No   (2/5)

Honestly all the voices sound the same and the story is super repetitive with no real breakthroughs at all. Waste of time.

Lynn’s story touched Massachusetts   (5/5)

I live outside of Boston, MA and I came across this podcast. I’ve never heard of this story but I feel awful for everyone who is associated or was associated with that horrible man. I hope they find her body and have some sort of answers/closure. My heart is with them. Great podcast btw... love it!

Fantastic Reporting   (5/5)

Very interesting story. Very well researched & covered.

5 stars   (5/5)

An incredibly complex, well told story which brought listeners through the story. Excellent examination from every aspect with the largest amount of witnesses I’ve ever heard participate in a crime reporting.

Interesting but way too long   (3/5)

I love true crime, and this is a very interesting story. However, as many others have said, the show seriously needed some editing; it just kind of meandered all over the place, repeated things, interviews went on too long. Are they being paid by the word or something???

Good story, lacked editing   (2/5)

These episode talked in circles. After an hour of one episode, you’ve maybe learned one or two things. There was absolutely no reason for this to be so long. Some editing in this podcast would have been greatly appreciated.

Fantastic Story LOONNGG   (3/5)

Great story, but I skipped episode 7-the last and felt like I didn’t miss anything. It seemed like it was the same ideas told different ways by different people.

Too slow   (3/5)

I loved the content and that it brought to light such a terrible crime. I also think Joanne is a monster. And Chris is the devil. But this podcast was way too repetitive and way too slow and should’ve been done in 5 one hour long well organized episodes.

Good story but repetitive   (3/5)

This could have been 5 episodes instead of what felt like 30 but interesting story.

Interesting - Way Too Repetitive!   (3/5)

There was no reason to extend this podcast to this extent. Jumps around a lot. I had to rewind to make sure I was still on track. I could not stand Joanne!! She was NOT an innocent victim. She was evil and bad to the core. She made her own choices. Not a heroin by any stretch.

One of the very best   (5/5)

I’ve listened to a lot of podcasts, and some are boring, some are annoying, some are interesting, and some are riveting, but none compare to this one. It takes the time to research and relay the details necessary for comprehensive understanding, and the narrator is excellent at his job. I was disappointed when the podcast finished but am confident it will return to finish the story.

Horribly Long   (2/5)

I’ve been listening to this podcast for over a year. A YEAR! I get two episodes done and I’m exhausted from listening to interviews, recordings, retellings, etc. There is very little in this podcast that goes without being said, but my god does this podcast seem to run on and on. There’s truly no point to there being so many episodes; I believe even 10 would have been too much. Ultimately I’m only listening just to hear what happens, but as it is I’m on the second to last episode and am still no closer to learning what happened to Lyn than I was on episode one.

Intense and haunting   (5/5)

I couldn’t stop listening and thinking about this case! It’s so sad and I hope justice will be served for her murder. Someday, I hope there will be an update and the case will be solved.

Great story, Bit long-winded   (3/5)

Great storyline and well-researched case, but needs to be focused and edited down. Runs on too long and repeats a lot of details and interviews unnecessarily. Looses focus towards the end. Still enjoyed it and props to the team for bringing attention to this case!

Sad, interesting story but...   (3/5)

This podcast is very thorough, almost redundantly so. The story is interesting; the twin relationship, the “missing” mother, the gross teacher element, the lack of meaningful investigation, the lack of investigation and replacing the wife with the underage girlfriend, but good lord. Several times during the podcast I have thought “Wait, didn’t I already listen to this episode?” I am slogging it out at this point to hear how it ends.

Favorite podcast ever   (5/5)

This is the best true crime podcast I have ever heard hands down, with Bear Brook in a close second. The journalist in charge of this is a HERO and by the end I was in tears. Now I’m following the case like many all over the world who are waiting for justice for this beautiful lady. This one is highly detailed and investigated thoroughly so it’s not for you if you want something simple.

Too slow   (2/5)

Love true crime, but I couldn’t get past episode 6 or 7. The story is drug out for way too long with not really many new details or leads per episode. Would have enjoyed more as a 3-5 episode podcast.

Non Linear Crime Story   (1/5)

This podcast is all over the place. What were the other events leading up to Lyn’s disappearance? How did Lyn meet Charlie? Start with Lyn, her life, getting married, the introduction of the “babysitter” living at home. What is known of the day she disappeared? I know nothing about Lyn. Too many interviews of people I can’t remember and who they are in relation to Lyn. Perhaps this disappearance and details are well known in Australia, but if you are not familiar with the case, read about the facts first. They get lost in the telling by the narrator, if they are told at all. Disappointed. And, I’m shocked that more reviews are not similar to mine.

No!!!!! Don’t do it!   (1/5)

The repetition was awful and obnoxious. I was almost hate listening because I didn’t want to give up on a podcast. The episodes were WAY too long. Honestly... some of the laziest writing I’ve encountered. Too bad. The subject is interesting... I just DONT recommend subjecting yourself to the frustration.

Over reported, under edited   (3/5)

This show started off strong but then rehashed so much and had a lot of pointless interviews. Definitely listed to the last few by skimming. :/

Repetitive narration is incredibly distracting   (3/5)

The story is good and we, as the audience, want justice for Lyn. Truly and with sincere hearts. It’s the only reason we are sitting through hours of repetitive narrating. The repetition of the same information over and over is incredibly distracting from the story we want to hear most about—Lynn’s! Please do everyone a favor and condense this.

Very repetitive   (1/5)

I swear if the narrator had said “Helena called the night before and Lyn appeared groggy” one more time, I would have gone missing. I see no reason why it had to be 14 episodes long, with the same information being rehashed 5 or 6 times. I mean no disrespect to Lyn or her family, I am just critical of the narrator.

Good, but...   (4/5)

Way, way, way too long. Eventually had to skip several episode and just go to the last one.

Too long   (3/5)

If it was 4-5 hour long episodes then it would be 5 stars, but it was waaaay too long and repeated the same information over and over.

Very, very repetitive   (3/5)

Touching and important story that needs to be told. Hoping this pod will bring much needed attention and justice. Heart breaks for the family—- esp Lynne’s 2 daughters. Horrified at the pathetic excuse for police work. But—- the pod is very...very... repetitive and long. After a while it just kind of drones on with the same talk and interviews and zero new information. The same people saying the same things over and over. Would be better if it moved along more quickly. The behaviour and personalities of the brothers is well established time and again— there was just too much of that for me. May bail out or for sure skip ahead to see if anything new is revealed.

So much wasted time   (1/5)

This podcast is mostly hours upon hours of unedited interviews between the host and people connected to the case. There is no storyline and episodes drag on. In addition, things will be repeated multiple times - not in a helpful “don’t forget this” way but seemingly just to add time to the episodes. I’m sorry I wasted my time.

Good, but too long   (4/5)

Almost 5 stars. The story is captivating. Really really good. But, after 8 , 9, 14 hours.... it drags. Condense, cut out some of the minutia, make this a 5 or 6 episode podcast and you have a 5 star masterpiece.

Fascinatingly Sad.   (5/5)

HOW? in the world could someone go missing and not a soul go to the police?? This woman was so let down by everyone! Her husband, her family, her friends, just everyone. I know people had their suspicions, but ONLY one person said something and even that wasn’t in the early days. It literally makes me feel ill. Also, HOW??? in the holy hell could people sit back and KNOW the sex was happening with students?!?! but not say a word!! I graduated from high school in 1981 and I can safely tell you I would have talked, it would have scared me. I don’t want to sound like I think any of this is easy, that it wouldn’t be scary to deal with reporting it or telling anyone that would listen. Justice for all these people has taken way, way too long! This podcast is worth listening to, if only to learn what happens when you don’t speak up.

Creeps   (5/5)

All those disgusting, so called teachers are PEDOPHILES, I don’t understand why they don’t use that term.

Terrible tragedy   (3/5)

I too find that many episodes repeat information from prior episodes. It could have been shorter by cutting out the repetitive parts of the story. I wonder if they ever considered that she could be buried at the house where Paul Dawson lived at the time right up the block. I can’t stop listening despite it dragging on at times. I’m on episode 15 and there doesn’t seem to be any huge developments since episode one

Teacher’s Pet   (3/5)

I really really want to like the podcast, but I’m 6 episodes in and every episode I find myself saying “Wait. Did I already listen to this episode?” There is so much redundancy. Also I feel like the chronology of the story meanders. I’m never quite sure where we are in the story’s timeline.

Wow   (5/5)

Chris is obviously a disgusting narcissist. Next to him, I just can not believe Marilyn, Paul’s wife, and her comments! Jeeeez! Way to throw out your sister-in-law like housing a teen mistress, naively batting your lashes at paul and Chris, and putting blame on LYNN of all people! “I think she was doing some silly things”...ugh, like sleeping with a child? Murdering someone? Hiding mistress and narcissist hubby? Nope! By shopping! Ha! “She didn’t fight for her husband”, way to blame a victim, why the hell would you fight for someone who has beat you down and humiliated you for so many years? Lynn was defeated and weakened by chris’ manipulation and forceful ways but if Marilyn isn’t a victim of abuse who is forced to say these things...then shame on her. What 1950’s submissive rock has she been living under? Zero common sense.

Listen   (5/5)

I could not stop listening to this podcast. I they would find Lynn or her body so that her daughters and family can have some peace.

Best podcast!   (5/5)

My fav podcast yet! I couldn’t stop listening—in my car, at work, during my run, etc. etc.

Review   (3/5)

Enjoyed the story of this podcast, but it dragged out way too long. I tended to get bored listening to all those phone interviews that seemed to get longer as the episodes went on. Great story, but could have been shorter and more to the point.

A story that needs to be told   (5/5)

I think that they’ve done well at explaining such a complex story where there are so many people involved, and memories that I’m sure have faded over the years. I do agree with some of the content slowing a little bit, but they still do a good job at holding my attention. One thing I would like to respond to is that they do not victim-blame the student. There are very many instances where her side is handled delicately, explaining how she was young, taken advantage of by someone she should have been able to trust, how she was manipulated, and how she was prayed upon. I feel that is a very important thing to respond to as it is a very heavy accusation. Perhaps you hear what you listen for, and everyone responds differently. Overall this has been very interesting and worth the listen.

Tragic story, excellent reporting   (5/5)

This story is unbelievably tragic! Terrible, terrible situation, police protecting a sports celebrity. Vulnerable women/girls groomed and abused by controlling sociopath. What was so interesting to me was that the podcast and the outcome were unfolding in real time- this podcast reopened the case and had new details coming in as it was being produced week to week. That accounts for some of the repetition. Perhaps could have been shortened an episode or two but new aspects kept unfolding! Kudos to the reporter for doing such due diligence, as this case deserved. Well worth listening to.

Wow   (5/5)

While listening to this my heart breaks for Lynn. “Everything will be all right, my husband just made me a lovely drink.” you can pass out and he can HAVE SEX WITH A 16Y/O STUDENT WHILE YOUR CHILDREN ARE IN THE NEXT ROOM. NOOO SO MESSED UP UGH

Fine, but major audio issues   (4/5)

This is an amazing story and an well-organized podcast, but i just can’t get over the major audio leveling issues to listen to the whole thing. This podcast constantly flips from phone interviews to in-person interviews with the journalist, and are always WAY too loud and difficult to understand, with no help from the host as to what they’re saying. Constantly turning the volume up and down. A complete waste, might as well not have them if no one can understand what they’re saying and there’s no clarification thereafter.

Good Story   (4/5)

Good story and very interesting, way too much information though in the middle episodes, could have cut out a lot to keep interest.

Troubling story, psychologically interesting.   (3/5)

Could wrap it up more succinctly. After episode 7-9, it started to drag out. Wrap it up! Otherwise we tend to do Google search to find out results bs wait for additional episodes.

Thank you for bringing awareness!   (4/5)

This podcast did a fantastic job of bringing awareness to a very tragic situation! I enjoyed how thoroughly he told the story as well as interviewing individuals that had been part of the victims life. I hope they are able to bring justice into this tragedy! My biggest hope is that they find the body for the families closure! Unfortunately, I did feel that this podcast was extremely biased, and I believe innocent until proven guilty. Do I think the husband did it, 100%! But any doubts I had would have been completely eradicated due to this podcast. Aside from that, I could listen to more of his well researched stories!

Beware the victim-blaming   (2/5)

This is a well-produced podcast that details a fascinating and tragic case, and yet I cannot in good conscience recommend it. One central detail in this case is the sexual relationship between the victim’s husband, a high school teacher, and his 16 year old pupil. This was a very vulnerable young girl from an abusive home who was, per the podcast, being explicitly groomed by an adult she trusted. But despite telling us all this, The Teacher’s Pet seems insistent on painting this victim of child sexual abuse as a seductress, home-wrecker, and villain. Frankly, it’s inappropriate and irresponsible reporting. I’m a man who, fortunately, has never experienced sexual abuse at work or at school, but nonetheless, I was really disturbed hearing this. PLEASE stay clear of this podcast if you have experienced sexual harassment or abuse; I imagine it would be extremely upsetting.


Great story. Could have easily been done with half of the episodes.

Tragic real life events... podcast way too long   (3/5)

This is a VERY tragic story. So incredibly sad and my respects go out to the family of Lynn. As a podcast, sooooooo longgggggg. Very repetitive. Points & facts are repetitive. Drawn out for sure. I’ve skipped over certain points I’ve heard multiple times throughout the podcast.

(As many others have reviewed) REDUNDANT   (4/5)

Great story and an interesting case! However, I am mind-blown the narrator himself didn’t snooze off recordings this series. The amount of things repeated over and over again in every episode is astounding. Really hope their next series will be condensed.

This story touched my heart   (5/5)

What an amazing job you are doing of bringing the injustice of the past to light and giving these deserving people some closure. On their behalf I also thank you.

Justice for Lyn   (5/5)

This podcast can be a little hard to listen to at times, but not because of the length of episodes and repetition of facts. It’s difficult to listen to because an entire community failed Lyn Dawson & her girls. I hope that justice is finally served. For those of you boohooing about the fact Hedley repeats facts and the episodes are drawn out, if you are actually following this case it would make absolute sense. Hedley has to repeat facts because there is a huge level of incompetency involved with some of these authorities and these facts must absolutely be repeated, else they could have been swept away like Lyn was for 36 years. Praying for peace for Lyn’s girls, friends, and family.

Lazy cops and Boys club   (4/5)

Sounds like to me that because Chris was a local celebrity/sports star that no one would go any further to look into it. Also I think it was a boys club situation. Boys club mentality where the boys protect boys.

So many words!!!   (2/5)

The storyline is intriguing however they talk way too much! Episodes could be cut way down. I almost stopped listening several times but was committed.

Excellent!   (5/5)

This has been an excellent podcast! It’s addictive and well worth listening to! I’m so glad that my sister, who lives in Australia, recommended it. I think the investigative journalist here did a fantastic job & I’m so glad this podcast was able to help bring Lynette Dawson’s case back to light. She deserves justice. I will be waiting for updates when the court proceedings begin.

About 3 Episodes too long   (3/5)

This could be an out of this world story but every episode says the same thing over and over with maybe 1 or 2 new small facts sprinkled in. I’ve skipped full episodes and didn’t miss anything. The general story is great and very interesting but the way it’s laid out makes it feel very slow.

Great but Could be half as long   (4/5)

Really glad this podcast got made as it shines the light on new information and injustices. Good storytelling, interviews and investigation. The only issue I have is how much material is repeated from episode to episode to episode. Still really worth listening to though.

Excellent from Top to Bottom   (5/5)

Love the story & narrative... just excellent from top to bottom!

Redundant   (2/5)

I really gave this the ‘ol college try, but I couldn’t make it halfway through. It was too repetitive and drawn out. Someone should be a champion and re-edit this down to 6-8 episodes! I heard the trial starts this month: I hope that justice is served for Lyn!

Hey listen ❤️   (5/5)

I know most people don’t have a long patience span so all these episodes must have been long think about the person who made them u think they wanted this to take a lot of episodes probably not but I love this it was awesome to just sit and listen on the way home, in the library it was just thrilling

Redundant   (2/5)

You could edit half of your material out and it would be perfect.

Not very good   (1/5)

The narration and background music is poorly suited to such a story. This is not Dr. Phil’s best hour.

Fair to take down but has it been all fair ?   (5/5)

The fact that Chris Dawson was running free for all these years for having at least seducing high school girls. Can we say that he has enjoyed certain privilege above the law? So why are we being “fair” to him now when this whole thing has never been fair to begin with. If the justice system and court are to be trusted, he would not have been free for so long. Even if he did not murder Lynn, he has certainly been guilty of inappropriate sexual conducts toward high school girls. He is a criminal no matter what but why is he entitled for “presumption of innocence” now?

So interesting, but maybe a little redundant   (4/5)

Loved the entire idea of reopening this case! Sometimes it could be a little redundant but it made sense with the different interviews

Drawn Out   (3/5)

This podcast is interesting but it’s incredibly redundant. They could have shortened the season by 3 episodes easily.

Can u say repetitive? Can u say repetitive?   (3/5)

I think this podcast has enormous potential, but the story is too drawn out. This podcast should contain 7 episodes - not 14 episodes. The episodes keep repeating and explaining the facts from the previous episodes. The redundancy is frustrating. Let me repeat that. The redundancy is frustrating.

See something? Say something.   (5/5)

This story is heartbreaking, but SO important for us to learn from. My takeaways from this excellently produced podcast is that we all need to look out for each other and, more importantly, speak up if we see any signs of abuse. I am so thankful to this podcast for making a difference in the outcome of Lyn Dawson’s story. Even if we don’t want to invade others’ privacy, we all need to do better—if you see something, say something—someone’s life could be at stake. My most sincere thank you to the makers of this podcast!

Would have been a solid 5 if it wasn’t so repetitive.   (1/5)

So repetitive I had to keep checking if I was actually relistening to the same episode over again. Could have easily been a 5 star if it was half the episodes.

Too long   (3/5)

I agree with the other reviews that this podcast was way to long. There was too much about Chris and the school girls. I didn’t need to know about all of that and all effect it has had on all the victims, that is another matter and had nothing to do with Lyn’s disappearance. I hope they figure out what he did to her.

Way. Too. Repetitive.   (2/5)

Great work bringing this story into public view and finally affecting an arrest after so long. But holy cow...this podcast could have and should have been at least half as long as it was. I felt like I listened to a few episodes before learning even one new fact. I know...part of Dawson's sentence should be having to listen to this podcast on repeat. Seems fair.

Never   (5/5)

Bob Ruff host of Truth & Justice podcast discussed his favorite podcast to listen to and the The Teachers Pet was on the top of his list. I decided to give this podcast a try and found myself hooked immediately. I couldn’t stop listening and burned through each episode in 5 days. I’m really shocked listening to the update today. I didn’t get a chance to convince my friends, family, colleagues to download and listen to this podcast. I don’t know what to say!!! It is nonsense to think a podcast has anything to do with a human receiving a fair trial. I’m really sorry you are having to hide your hard work! I’m not going anywhere. I’m subscribed and will wait for as long as it takes to receive updates. Rebecca Miller

Very well done podcast   (5/5)

Best podcast I’ve heard in awhile. I can’t believe this case has remained “unsolved”.... seems like quite enough information to solve it and convict those involved as well as those who covered it up. I don’t understand how there can be any negative feedback! Truly well done!

Too repetitive   (2/5)

This is by far the longest podcast I’ve ever listened to and it is the same thing over and over and over. It is soooooo repetitive... doesn’t make any progress until the end.

Great story & Content but....   (5/5)

Not produced well. Repetitive, and a bit scattered. Sad and intriguing story.

No non bias investigation?   (1/5)

Podcast is well put together and nice to listen to... but the whole thing is just repeated same few ideas, and the investigator never talks to anyone that doesnt think the husband is guilty. Investigator never tries to bring an evidence that isnt hearsay. Total opposite of real investigation, where you work to rule out a person. Whole thing seems like a huge manipulation. Oh, and the handwriting analyzer was a total idiot.

Don’t Binge Listen to This!   (4/5)

I started listening to this podcast in the “Binge Listen” section on the Browse page. This podcast is very interesting and I can feel the injustice this case had. However, there should not have been as many episodes as there are. After about 5 episodes it began to become VERY repetitive. And I felt I couldn’t skip anything because there was enough new information for me to miss something if I skipped it. Overall, a very well done podcast. And incredibly interesting with a satisfying ending. I would just suggest spreading out the episodes.

Very repetitive and unprofessional   (1/5)

This guy definitely is biased af. No proof what so ever that this guy killed his wife. He says stuff like he lies about certain thing when the guy didn’t lie he just didn’t tell everything. If you are having an affair you aren’t going to go on record with it or put it into writing. I am glad that the misconduct is being investigated at the schools. Also make a time line of events and quit jumping around. This podcast was very badly put together.

Good but...   (4/5)

I'm glad I listened, but it could have been condensed a lot. As other reviews gave said, it was very repetitive. I'm happy that the podcast brought action to the case.

So repetitive   (3/5)

I want to love this. The story is intriguing and I think bringing new interest to a cold case is important...however, the repetition is maddening. I’m on episode 3 and so far, it could have been condensed to 1 episode. I’m not sure I can listen to the entire thing with it being so drawn out.

Wow!   (5/5)


The story is fascinating at first telling but it DRAGS on...I cannot finish   (2/5)

The story is amazing and hard to imagine happening in today’s world and it quickly drew me in. A few episodes in, I was angry at the nearly equal blame seeming to be placed on Joann— the underage teenager who was groomed, raped and abused by someone who was in a relationship of trust (him being her teacher). I don’t know if the laws were/are different in the US than in Australia but Joann would be considered a victim and deserves our empathy as well— despite her later actions which are awful. She was being controlled. She is a victim— along with Lyn and Lyn’s two daughters. I feel such sadness for those two girls-/ who are now grown woman. Anyways, I just can’t listen anymore...because to listen is to support this kind of treatment of her. I pray for healing for ALL the victims of Chris Dawson. Because they have definitely suffered for decades. Oh, and SO much repetition by the narrator of this podcast. Just ridiculous. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard him say the same several sentences in multiple episodes of the first 9 episodes. Ugh!! But I absolutely applaud him for bringing the injustice of Lyn’s disappearance to light.

Too repetitive   (1/5)

It’s an intriguing story but the host repeats the same thing on every episode. If they would have trimmed the fat and just put all the information in fewer episodes this would have been so much better. I couldn’t even listen to the last two episodes because I was so annoyed with it.

Listen to this podcast if you can’t get enough of the word combo ‘soft soil’   (3/5)

This is a great story that is repeated over and over again every episode. I think it’s so important to share these stories the recent arrest can be directly attributed to Headley Thomas’s investigation, but I if I have to hear the words soft soil again, I will chuck my phone off a cliff.

Hedley is a hero to this family   (4/5)

No matter how repetitive people think this podcast was this case was dead until Hedley Thomas put so much work into helping bring this case back to life. law enforcement should have worked as hard as he did and maybe it wouldn’t have ended up as a cold case. I hope her family can get some peace after all this is over. Great work.

Thank you!   (5/5)

An amazing description of how abusers and predators work and choose their victims. Also, thank you for exposing the tactics of those who perpetrate domestic violence. So many parallels to other cases and stories.

Very interesting story   (4/5)

The story is very interesting. Especially if you grew up in this era. I very much hope that there will be updated Podcasts on the trial and hopefully conviction. My heart went out to the family. The podcast is a little bit repetitive as other reviews mention. However, if you’re listening while cleaning the house and driving your car etc. the repeating of conversations and testimony is actually helpful to remind you what is happening in the story. I think there would’ve been a better arc of the storyline if it had been storyboarded out and created like a film or novel. Since the podcast was happening as things were happening in real life - it’s not like a film. I actually liked that. You feel as things are developing you’re going along with the story in real life. But because of that, the storyline can get a little muddled. I recommend it as a good listen. And will likely listen to others like this in the future. It was impressive that the podcast had so much effect on the community. that it actually affected The development and forward momentum of this case.

Endless reputation   (3/5)

It’s an interesting story for sure, but I have to agree with the reviewers who’ve already commented that this podcast is overly repetitive (and not because of the recap at the beginning of each episode). As we all get more exposure to quality podcasts I suspect the drawn out style of story telling will get edited down to a more sensible format - I hope so.

How it takes a whole town to disappear a woman   (5/5)

Very well done, resisting sensationalism, it slowly but surely builds the case for a whole society at the time with its institutions that allowed a sociopathic jock, who grooms teenage girls on the side, killing his wife to keep the suburban property to himself and got away with it thanks to apathetic neighbors, peers, education system and a police department, which did everything in its best ability to bury a pretty blatant case. Be patient and focus on the collective, it took a whole town to let Chris get away with it, like many men before him probably. Story is a cliche in some respects but how it is handled is multi layered. It is a slow burner, though, but patience pays off at the end.

ZZZZZZ   (2/5)

This podcast could have 3 episodes tops and that’s being generous.

I want to love it- but it’s almost unbearable.   (1/5)

It starts off strong, but It’s sooooo redundant I can barely get though it.

Well researched and presented!   (5/5)

I’m reaching the end of this podcast and will really miss it. I loved how the podcast actually brings people out of the woodwork. It was exciting to hear from new people and find out the information they were able to get based on their own reporting. I didn’t find it repetitive but thorough on bringing together the many elements of the story. I disagree with another review that though Hedley unfairly portrayed Joanne. He emphasized how young she was and how Chris groomed her. I don’t feel that he blamed her. Overall his reporting is balanced and thorough while still being sensitive to the family and friends of Lynette. I feel it honors her memory while still telling a compelling story.

An exceptional true crime podcast   (5/5)

It is the respect with which this podcast thoroughly and thoughtfully addresses the tragedy that sets it apart from the glut of true crime shows. Instead of feeling repetitive, the great reminders given throughout add to the story and give it the pacing of a suspenseful novel.

Love Australia accents now podcasts   (5/5)

This is a goodie. I enjoyed it so much. I wished for a nice tight bow to wrap this crime up with but didn’t get it but still intriguing. Great job Hedley, RIP Lynnette

Riveting story, commendable outcome, missed editorial opportunity   (3/5)

I am happy to see here comments about repetition and lack of editing. This is an important story and the human connection the host/journalist makes with all of the cast of characters is earnest. However, the sensationalist repetition as if it’s a 24-hour news cycle, the shallow writing and lack of professional editing make it all very amateurish. I followed because I work in education Ana specifically around child protection and wellbeing. Here, too, what a colossal missed opportunity: so much more to could have been said around that instead of the constant repetition of things already laid out. The last completely missed opportunity was the utter lack of recognition of the misogyny behind all of it: in the football club, in the school, in the police force, in the families. The twins were Gods, girls and women their objects. Everyone who orbited around them was complicit in that power dynamic. Sorry, it really fell short.

Fascinating and Well Done!   (5/5)

Fascinating multifaceted story that is still playing out. Stars are the 80s Aussie northern beach community, the local celebrity factor, the school system failures, the police and the court system over time. All of which failed Lyn Dawson. Justice may yet be served for her and many others damaged along the way by the systems/people that failed them. This murderino gives 5 stars.

Not Meant to be Entertaining?   (2/5)

This series is extremely thorough. Honestly, the entire tale of 15+ episodes could have been told in 2-3 hours, but much information is repeated and many seemingly minor events are explored in detail. What I do like is that everyone involved gets their moment to say what they want to say. It seems everyone has a voice and is heard. However, I don’t think this podcasts’ goal was really entertainment. The point seems to be to organize the evidence against Chris Dawson in such a way that the police would be forced to reconsider their investigation. If that’s true, then it was successful, which is terrific. But it makes for a drawn-out and somewhat boring story because they repeat the same information in several ways from several people. Great for evidence, bad for entertainment. I found myself only half-listening through a lot of it. That said, I hope Chris Dawson rots in prison. What a douche.

Captivating but repetitive   (4/5)

Was a fascinating story but there could have been half the number of episodes. The author kept repeating the same basic facts of the case over and over again each episode with a few new interviews mixed in. For new listeners there’s not much point in getting past episode 5 or 6. Just skip to the last episode after that.

Over and Over   (2/5)

tells the same (interesting) story over and over with little variation or insight. 3 times too long for the material.

Justice   (5/5)

Not repetitive- just well put forth. Just astonishing. This podcast will be the Key to finding justice for Lynette Dawson.

It’s a ‘must listen’ to podcast!   (5/5)

If you enjoyed Missing Alissa, Serial, Bearbrook, and Counterclock, you’ll love Teacher’s Pet. It’s well produced, expertly investigated, and offers excellent storytelling! I devoured this podcast-couldn’t stop listening from the start!

Good work   (4/5)

This was a very good investigative story and I’m glad they went down all the different paths that they did. It was good to bring to light other crimes that were occurring at the school because those need to be investigated too.

Too long...   (3/5)

This podcast has enough information for about 1 or 2 episodes. If they really go into details, and listen to everyone involved, it can be stretched to about 6 episodes. But they doubled even that... But I’m curious about the story so...

Well done   (5/5)

I think people are saying it’s repetitive because at the first of every episode it goes through what this whole season is about. I appreciate that as I don’t listen to the episodes back to back. And even if I did I wouldn’t mind it. It makes you remember the little bits of info... I like the interviews with other people and the angles the host plays. I dont think he’s taken a side and he’s trying to get all the evidence out. If you like this podcast you’ll love Cold, the Susan Powell story.

Too long   (3/5)

Episodes drag on much too long. The story is interesting, but the podcast is boring.

One of my favorite podcasts   (5/5)

If you like murder mystery you’ll love this one. As the episodes went on you could tell they were stretching it out for the current events that were transpiring but it was a great podcast that I needed to hear what was next. Now I can’t wait for a follow up conviction update!

So repetitive   (2/5)

I don’t mind a slow burn, but so much of this is needlessly repetitive. The material could have been covered in half as many episodes. I only kept listening because I wanted to find out what happened. Tragic story that deserved better coverage.

This story could have been told in fewer episodes   (3/5)

The story is sad, interesting, and long winded. Listen to the first 4 or 5 episodes and the last one and you will have everything you need to know about the Dawson case.

Very interesting and heart wrenching   (5/5)

While I found the story very interesting I was also disturbed how Joanne was portrayed. She was only a 16 year old teenager. A girl that age can’t appreciate the the situation in life. The teacher Chris is solely responsible for the relationship. He is a predator and Joanne a victim.

Ready for the movie   (5/5)

I might be easily impressed or maybe just a certified “murderino” but I love this podcast. The Australian has done a thorough, engaging job. Interviews, commentary & excepts from television broadcasts are woven seamlessly into episodes that never seem to slow or lag. I hope & pray the writers & producers are going to make a blockbuster movie!

OMG!   (5/5)

I can't believe they finally caught Chris Dawson killed Lynn! I hope they put him away for a long time!

Very interesting   (5/5)

True definition of a cold case... It’s never too late for justice to come Well Done

Milked story far past my interest level   (3/5)

Was super interesting at first but then it just went on and on using mostly the same information but presented as though it’s new or delving deeper. It should have been edited into 6 episodes max and it would’ve been great.

Slow, so slow   (2/5)

I’ve listened to 8 episodes and all the information that has been provided thus far could’ve fit in a single episode. Poor audio quality and repetitive storytelling kills what could’ve been an awesome podcast.

Repetitive and Repetitive   (2/5)

Too many conversations about the SAME THING!

Drug out way to long   (1/5)

Good story but very repetitive! I feel like this story could have been summed down to half the episodes!

Boring   (2/5)

Has potential but just found it boring.

Gripping and binge-worthy!   (5/5)

This podcast is very interesting and the story is well-narrated. Every time I started a new episode I didn’t want to stop listening. It does an excellent job of highlighting the culture of the area as well as various perspectives. I don’t see any validity in the negative reviews.

Waste of potential   (2/5)

This is such a fascinating story and it’s clear the creators spent a long time researching it, but it became unlistenable after a while. It feels like there’s no editing and just drags on and on and on, with long winded speculation from any person with a tenuous relationship to the people involved. I think it’s actually pretty irresponsible to react so credulously to all these rumors, it’s pretty clear this is a bad guy who probably killed his wife but this is still bad journalism.

Poor production quality   (2/5)

Especially for a media production, I’d expect better sound- after all, a podcast is an auditory experience. The phone calls are raw and grating. Then comes the narration - sometimes louder, sometimes more quiet, and requires adjustment. I just couldn't keep up and stopped listening after the second episode.

So repetitive   (3/5)

The story is very interesting, but the episodes are so repetitive. No new details are revealed, it's just rehashing the same narratives and theories over and over again. It became a drag to listen so I had to give up. Really should have been edited, with some consultation about how to do the story justice.

a perfect serial true crime listen   (5/5)

I binged this entire series over a break around the time the news of the arrest, finally, broke. I find the reliability of the narrator is strengthened by the painstaking research and interviews and media clips providing historical context. I tested up when the resolution finally came. My heart goes out to Lynette’s daughters and and I feel their lives would’ve been so different had this not happened to them.

SOOO much repetition!   (3/5)

I'd give it a 5 for it's success and a 3 for the production/editing. It could have been half as many episodes. You could actually skip episodes 3-7 entirely. Everyone interviewed said THE SAME THING. AND it's frustrating that it's as if they've never heard of a cadaver/scent dog. Why must they go on and on about what a chore (and expense) it would be to dig up the enite yard? However, any time a podcast succeeds at bringing issues to light, gaining support and providing justice it's worth muddling through the low spots. Not sure how it got such a high score when there are many, many critical reviews that are spot-on.

Wonderfully Detailed   (5/5)

Although some found it repetitive I found it extraordinarily detailed and I feel like I know the ins and outs of the case like I’m the investigator. Well done!

Compelling story, repetitive content   (2/5)

I was really excited for this podcast. After the first few episodes, I started to notice that I was hearing the same information over and over again. I kept listening with hope that there would be new, exciting information, but it never really happened. I feel like the whole podcast dragged on and I only listened all the way through because I was afraid I would miss an exciting development. There are definitely much better investigative podcasts out there.

A must-listen!   (5/5)

This podcast is so intriguing & I cant stop listening!

Amazing!   (5/5)

Hands down my favorite podcast. Hedley Thomas was a great host. I was captivated all the way through. I’m glad the podcast was able to bring attention to this gross miscarriage of justice. My heart goes out to Lyn’s family. I’m so happy that Chris Dawson was finally arrested. I hope Lyn and her family finally get the justice they deserve after almost 4 decades.

My favorite podcast   (5/5)

I love listening to true crime and story podcasts and The Australian has released the best one I’ve ever heard. I loved the writing, the pacing, and the obvious hard work to release all of the necessary details. I cannot believe anyone would call this boring. I’ve been on the edge of my seat listening to every single one. I wish more podcasts would model themselves after The Teachers Pet. This is how it should be done. The story wasn’t sensationalized and everything was shown. And most importantly, it spurred public action. I don’t want to listen to a podcast that comes across as a shrug at the end with no answers or action. This one was amazing.

Does not need to be 16 episodes   (3/5)

Great story but becomes repetitive after just a few episodes. No reason for the same content to be stretched out over 16 episodes. Would be much better if it were concise!

Cut about half, and this would be great   (3/5)

As many have stated, this podcast just rambles. Good topic, good research, but we don’t need to hear the same people saying the same things over and over. I’m not over exaggerating when I say 50% of this belongs on the edit room floor. It needs to be tightened up. If I never hear the words “soft soil” again, it will still be too soon.

Interestingly repetitive   (3/5)

Very interesting story line, but like all the other review... I agree it is extremely repetitive. I would’ve rather found out what happened maybe 8 episodes in... I feel like I can just skip to episode 14 and not have missed much

Why 14 Episodes?   (2/5)

Came to the comments section to see if everyone else was as exhausted as I am. Glad that this story is getting attention but maybe laboring over the same evidence for 14 episodes is the wrong approach. I understand these episodes were being aired as the series was being made but they could have stopped at six and done updates. I also feel like the host takes numerous opportunities to congratulate himself over his “groundbreaking podcast” with quotes from the people he’s interviewed and excerpts from tv shows covering the case. I get it. You’ve played a huge part in this investigation. No need to gloat and repeat every fact ad nauseam.

Content is unorganized   (2/5)

Interesting story, you want to understand what happened and what needs to happen for the family, but it’s hard to understand because many parts of the story are repeated making you wonder if this is new or old evidence, very hard to follow because the evidence is not presented well

Great story, poor editing.   (3/5)

I’m really intrigued by the story, however it is so repetitive and dragged out.

Interesting story but so repetitive that it’s painful   (2/5)

This could easily be half the length because they literally repeat the same thing over and over

I learned a lot....   (4/5)

Ok so it is repetitive but this spans so many years and from so many perspectives...very worthwhile to listen to!!!! I do feel so sad that so many people did not come forward to share their observations but it was at a time when there would have been so much backlash for speaking up....I wonder, is it really that much better today??

My thoughts   (3/5)

It’s so sad that everyone in Lyns life failed her. No one pursued her disappearance. Everyone says they thought someone else was pursuing it. Yet no one communicated with each other to verify this. Even her policeman brother didn’t pursue it. It’s a good lesson to learn that you shouldn’t assume that something is being done. Take it upon yourself to lead the charge. The podcast is so so. It goes over the same information over and over. I don’t even rewind it if I fall asleep listening to it. Cause I know I didn’t miss anything that won’t be repeated a few more times. Get to the good stuff already!!

One of the Greats   (5/5)

One of the best podcasts I've listened to in a long time, driving 12 straight hours every other week. Such an amazing story that was well researched and reaching critical acclaim. I cannot wait to see the fallout of this bombshell of a story.

I don’t understand the claims of victim blaming.   (5/5)

I didn’t hear the victim blaming that some listeners are complaining about. I heard many people talk about Joanne as a victim and a survivor. There was a great deal of discussion about her terrible life with her abusive family, which made her highly vulnerable to Chris’s “grooming.” The only criticism that I remember from the host was when he said that even for a seventeen year old Joanne’s behavior was, at times cold- blooded. Joanne wore Lynn’s wedding rings, she was abusive to and then (if I am remembering correctly) abandoned her step daughters. Joann was one of Chris’s victims and she has every right to be angry with her abuser and the school system that allowed him to rape and abuse children, but her step daughters have a right to be angry with her as well. The cycle of abuse is difficult to navigate and I thought that the podcast was more than fair in its treatment of Joanne. I hope that she and her child have been able to go on to happy lives.

Riveting and satisfying   (5/5)

Seems like a lifetime ago when predators could openly operate as teachers at a high school. Also, as an American, this gave me insight into Australian lingo and culture.

Way too long   (2/5)

It could have easily been 6-7 fascinating episodes but the same basic information/details are repeated a million times over 14 episodes, as if the listener jumped into the series at episode 8 and didn’t hear any previous storyline. But EVERY SINGLE episode plays out like that. Don’t bother. Just read the story online.

Very compelling and timely story in me too movement   (5/5)

I live in the USA and I’m not sure how I found this podcast but listened to it straight through in the last 3 days. *****If you are in the USA, it helps to know that a coroner in Australia seems to be the equivalent of a grand jury type of function - a person who decides whether or not an indictment should proceed. It is NOT a person who examines a body and gives a cause of death/time of death examination. I went 12 episodes wondering how 2 coroners could be making findings without a body. A coroner is like a magistrate judge who hears facts and decides whether there is enough to bring a charge of a capital crime (which I assume is the only types of crimes that would concern “the crown”). Knowing this difference in advance will make the podcast make a lot more sense to US listeners so I hope this helps!*** The negative comments are pretty unfair. The podcast is “a living podcast”. By that o mean that it’s basically reporting a story and by doing so also creating a story that it then follows up on. It’s supremely interesting in this way (not to be too meta about it). It’s also very good at showing examples of how a prosecutor’s office and the bias Of a public prosecutor so DIRECTLY influences and controls who is worthy of justice and how people in society are treated. It’s amazing how Australia is on the opposite side of the world and has top-down bias permeating its justice system as we do here in the US (the DPP in Australia is like our State attorneys general in the USA). It’s also so heartening to hear the voices of women coming into their own truths and recognizing how speaking up is the only way to protect one another. All the women have been ignored in this story until now-when so many women across the world are finding their power in knowing and sharing our struggles. Anyway that was long. It’s just a good podcast if you really listen and contemplate what it’s doing. The bigger thing it’s doing. This is not just one true crime story. While it is the story of just one woman, it’s the truth for many many other women. And in that way it is so important that her story be told and her justice be received. Thank you for this podcast.

Love it but Episode 15 was very misleading   (3/5)

Spoiler Alert! This podcast has been great and I’m very intrigued in this case. However, Episode 15 made it sound like they had found Lyn’s body buried at the house... But then they didn’t. I had to go back and listen to that part several times. Still not sure what happened. One minute they found Lyn and then one minute they are still digging... Not cool guys!

Meh   (2/5)

Very repetitive and not much story. Skip it.

Good story but too repetitive   (2/5)

The story is interesting; however, it could have been told in 4 or 5 episodes. He ends up rehashing the same information and I had to listen to it at 1.5 speed to get through the last ones.

Amazing   (5/5)

I listen to a lot of podcasts and this is one of the best ones. It is so well done and I hope we all know what truly happened to Lynn one day.

Addictive!   (5/5)

This is such a gripping story! Everything from the music to the interviews, works perfectly to tell her story. Everyone NEEDS to listen.

Interesting but repetitive   (3/5)

The episodes are too long, only because they just repeat all of the information from the previous episodes. Good content but hearing the narrator relay the same details repetitively can get frustrating.

Obsessed!   (5/5)

Amazing podcast! I was looking for opportunities to listen...while making dinner...any chance! Amazing storytelling and so great to listen to a story that is being updated as we are listening! Love this pod!

Addictive   (4/5)

This is a great listen! I love that there are many chapters to the story and all all told in such detail. The best part is, this podcast has made a difference and there is movement in this case after 36 years.

Meh   (2/5)

First couple episodes were good (not amazing) but now every episode is so repetitive. You hear from a new person but it’s the same info and only their opinion on what happened over and over. So over this podcast.

Needs edited   (2/5)

Great story to tell but needs an editor. Should have been half the episodes. The same info over and over. Don’t waste the listeners time.

Interesting case   (3/5)

The case is very interesting but holy crap this podcast is so repetitive! Could have been done / condensed in 6 episodes.

Realistic   (5/5)

This isn’t a quick podcast with just details. It does repeat tying back to previously given information. If you’ve ever read the book Helter Skelter by the prosecuting attorney of the Manson family, you’ll find the detailing similar. Much like in court facts do get repeated but to drive a point home.

Involved-not slow   (5/5)

This is an obviously involved story that is unfolding real time in Australia. The reviews that say it’s slow are out of touch. As the episodes aired new information was coming out therefore creating new topics to discuss and people to interview. Yes my attention wandered from time to time...but that happens in other podcasts as well. I can’t wait to hear how it ends.

Too repetitive   (1/5)

Only got through 3 episodes because it was so repetitive and didn’t seem to have any further development.

Inspiring   (5/5)

Fantastic investigative work!! May justice finally prevail.

Great Story Terribly Told   (2/5)

This Podcast rambles on at a snail’s pace, turning an intriguing story of suspected murder into a test of one’s patience. I am on episode 9, and will listen to the whole thing, but sweet baby Jesus, Teacher’s Pet is so slow you will think you’ve entered a time warp. Kinda like dropping acid but much less eventful.

Teacher’s Pet   (4/5)

Interesting podcast and incredibly disturbing on so many levels. The police and DPP were outrageously incompetent! The lack of follow up or interviews with people is i fathomable! Hopefully they are ashamed at this point since he finally has been arrested! Plus, the abuse around the several teachers who took advantage of young girls. The podcast was too repetitive at times though!

Fascinating case made boring by repetitiveness   (2/5)

Like the other reviews, it’s a fascinating case but the whole series could easily be condensed to half the episodes. Tighter storytelling would help keep the facts in line. The podcast twists and turns too much for a cohesive narrative. Disappointing because this could have been presented so much better!

Intriguing, yet boring   (2/5)

I listened up to episode 7. I was interested in finding out what happened to this poor woman, however, I was so tired of listening to the same thing over and over again! I finally gave up and googled the story and got the info in 10 minutes. They could have done this podcast in 5 episodes.

Good start, but SO slow!   (2/5)

I binged the first few episodes and was thoroughly engrossed, but the middle episodes wore on and on with the same stories told over and over and over. I felt I could start quoting who would say what verbatim, even though the middle was so jumbled and without any structure whatsoever. I wanted to listen all the way through because it's an on-going story that is heating up in real time, but it's so laborious getting there! The middle 8-ish episodes could have easily been edited and melded into one or two stories, but the producers obviously found some reason to tell all of those episodes with 10% new facts sprinkled in with 90% of previous jargon repeated 500 times. So much potential that has just made it impossible to continue with! I wound up just Googling the rest of it once I got to episode 12. So disappointed!

Interesting story   (5/5)

I know others have complained about the repetitive nature of this podcast, but I love it. The story is so compelling.

Amazing Story... lots of research   (5/5)

I thought this podcast was amazing! There WERE times I got lost in the story because it skipped around a bit and had trouble remembering who was who by name at times, but it was still riveting. People are saying that Headley victim shamed Joann but he was only asking the questions at first. It was a developing story... if you listened beyond the first few episodes you would know he was not doing that at all. This podcast directly aided in the arrest of Chris Dawson! That’s an AMAZING thing! Oh yea, did I say it was amazing?!

Victim blaming   (1/5)

Quit listening halfway through episode two when the host decided to make it clear he thinks an abused 16 year old girl who was at the mercy of a violent predator twice her size and age was partially responsible for the murder of her abuser’s wife.

Goes in Circles   (3/5)

The story is riveting but it could be told in way fewer episodes. The writer and narrator skips around so much. Much of the time his reporting is irrelevant.

Holy smokes!!!!   (5/5)

This is truly a crazy story! If someone wrote a book on this and called it fiction it would be unbelievable! Truly the most incredible true crime podcast I have ever listen to. I honestly believe that without the podcast the case wouldn’t be where it is. I’m very thankful for reporters who push harder than the police and truly search for the truth! I know at this point I’m rambling, but this has truly hit such an emotional part of me I couldn’t say enough.

Awesome!   (5/5)

Can’t wait to hear the court results.

Got the public’s attention...   (4/5)

Yes as some have said this podcast is a bit repetitive, but I honestly think without it Chris Dawson would have gotten away with murder. The lack of investigation on the PPDs part early on is mind blowing. This podcast made people look into this crime, new leads and even old ones that had been ignored. I hope the friends and family will get justice they have so long waiting for.

Super Repetitive, Feels Exploitive at Points   (2/5)

It’s interesting nay riveting at the start but quickly runs out of runaway. Ultimately (and this is an American perspective) it’s a lot of hearsay and sordid stories. At times, it feels like this is more of an attempt to bully the courts and police into a guilty verdict than actually construct a narrative and unearth proof. Chris Dawson is clearly a very bad guy but there actually isn’t anything in this podcast that proves much beyond that.

Repetitive, repetitive, repetitive   (1/5)

Great subjective. But, bloody repetitive. I'd often zone out mentally, only to zone back in to something that's already been covered multiple times on other episodes. Reminded me of when I had long essay assignments in college and I'd cover the same points over and over again as filler. If I was assigned a to create a podcast in college, this is what you could expect from me.

4.5 stars so I rounded up!   (5/5)

Pretty good journalism, makes an airtight case that he did it, and also that investigators deliberately looked the other way bc he was a star athlete. The system is trash in Australia too apparently 🙄

Desperately needs an editor...   (2/5)

This desperately needs an editor. It reminds me of one of those Discovery shows, like The Curse of Oak Island, where there’s a constant stream of almost nothing happening with no actual information, but it’s played dramatic and important. I wish I had read the reviews before starting this, because they’re right, it’s incredibly repetitive, even to the point of repeating the same phrases multiple times in the same episode. By the fourth episode I wanted to throw my phone through the wall every time he said one of the dozen variations of “a girl half his age” and several other constantly reused phrases referring to the case and people. Also, I get that they did a ton of interviews for this, but that doesn’t mean you have to use them all. Listening to numerous people all say exactly the same thing is unbelievably tedious. A few people on background, and the occasional person chiming in to add color is great, but over the course of the podcast you essentially have hours of people talking with little more to add than “she was always nice” and “she loved her kids”. I mean, okay? Obviously? Also, they repeat tons of information over and over. Often times spending 15 minutes rehashing the same talking points from the previous episode, generally with near identical wording, as if they copy pasted from a Word document and then just shuffled it a bit and changed the phrasing. Ten episodes in and they’re still talking about basic facts of the case that they already tediously went over 8 episodes ago. The best part is when they say they’ll talk about stuff in a future episode even though literally nothing has happened in the current episode, so it sure would be nice to talk about it now since there’s literally nothing going on in this one. Anyway, like the others said: first two, last two, skip the middle.

Repetitive   (2/5)

The first few episodes were riveting. But after that I found myself tuning out because they started going over things again and again. Episodes could have been much shorter and just presented any new information they had.

So good!   (5/5)

Waiting for moreeee

Repetitive & Too Long   (1/5)

Had to call it quits by episode 4- there is an excessive amount of repetition and length to each episode much of which isn’t additive. While the case sounds worth paying attention to, this podcast lost me.

Thorough investigation!   (5/5)

What a story! It’s so thorough and well done. I understand what people have said about the repetition, but I don’t mind it because I tend to forget small details from previous episodes. Chris and Paul Dawson are monsters. The whole thing is absolutely despicable!

Addicted for Justice   (5/5)

Thank you for your work. I am fascinated like many regarding this story and checking on weekly updates for breaks in this case. Cannot wait for the trial but hoping for justice and closure for the families.

Incredible   (5/5)

This podcast is so wonderfully and masterfully done. Hedley is thorough and detailed and the entire story line is as riveting as it is devastating. I don’t live in Australia and didn’t know the case of Lyn Dawson but I feel truly invested now in this entire case. Beautiful!!

yes, but....   (1/5)

If you listen to the First Episode and the Last Episode you won't miss anything. It literally repeats the same points in EVERY EPISODE.... Might have been a mistake to release on weekly(?) basis as this made most of the podcast a newscast of the reactions to the First episode...

Too repetitive   (2/5)

The podcast subject is interesting but way too repetitive. We review the same facts and opinions over and over. There could have been way fewer episodes

AMAZING   (5/5)

I'm only 1/2 way through, but this is an amazing podcast. So thouroughly and thoughtfully researched and told. One of the best series I've heard.

Good but repetitive   (4/5)

This is an intriguing story and Lynn deserves justice. However, as others have stated, it just goes on f o r e v e r and is repetitive. It could have been cut in half and I would have enjoyed it more.

Too Long   (3/5)

It seems that it early on the paper realized they had a hit on their hands and they expanded the number of episodes and their length. Also, the position of the prosecutors is poorly defended. Look, Chris Dawson murdered his wife. We know that. But what PHYSICAL evidence do they have? They have a purely circumstantial case. Much of the “new evidence” is hearsay. Are people convicted on this basis? I guess, but absent any physical evidence, which the police bungled by not investigating properly in 1982, he might be very hard to convict.

So Repetitive   (1/5)

I so badly want to know the details of this story but don’t have the patience to listen to the info given in past episodes to get to the good stuff. I gave up but if Sarah Koenig and the Serial team want to take over, I’ll gladly come back!

Google Chris Dawson instead   (1/5)

I’m shocked this podcast made it to air, much less has so many downloads. It’s so repetitive and subs actual investigative journalism with hearsay. You’re better off googling Chris Dawson and getting the facts in five minutes rather than wasting 12+ hours of your life listening to this podcast.

Can’t download   (1/5)

Can’t download this which is really frustrating given i wanted to check it out.

Listen to the first two and last two   (1/5)

While the first couple of episodes are interesting and promising the podcast soon becomes incredible repetitive. Every episode reviews the exact same information. Seriously, listen to the first two and the last two, you won’t miss anything by skipping the middle.

Interesting Story... BAD production values   (4/5)

I am on episode 5 and really enjoying the story and the narrative generally. However, it is very badly produced. The narrator's voice is too soft and often hard to hear. The interviewees are fine, but the interviewer clearly has no mic. His pertenant questions are nearly impossible to hear. And the phone interviews are VERY tough to understand. Even though I'm super interested, I find myself not listening to episodes because I don't have time to just sit right next to my computer and listen. Your sound guy and probably the editor have to go!

Interesting story but Repetitive   (4/5)

The story was very interesting, and very easy to follow but the last episodes just let repeating a lot of information over and over again.

Meticulous   (5/5)

Love this. The researcher and host interviews multiple people about the case and builds a very strong, nearly impenetrable circumstantial case that a well liked dude killed his wife and got away with it.

Painful   (3/5)

The pace at which this story unfolds and the way in which the obvious is just mulled over for years and years is downright painful to listen to. I wanted to get lost in the story. But kept saying out loud “DUH!”when another understatement about how bad the situation must have been is declared by an interviewee. I can’t.

Bummer   (2/5)

I was excited about this one but I wish the narrator would use his real voice. You can hear a stark difference between his voice when interviewing and his voice when narrating (when he puts on a subdued ‘podcast’ voice). This habit drives me bananas. I wish people would stop doing it.

Chilling, but repetitive   (3/5)

This was a really good listen, very much like Serial. The story is chilling and heartbreaking. The teachers, police, and community let down Lynnette Dawson, her girls, and those students! The actual reporting is quite repetitive and disjointed as already highlighted by the other reviewers. With some editing it would be even better then it already is.

Just insane   (5/5)

This is just unreal.

At the edge of my seat! Great podcast!!!   (5/5)

At the edge of my seat. Podcast is wonderfully put together & reporting interesting. THE HUSBAND DID IT!! Justice for Lynette Dawson!!

So interesting, smart, well written!   (5/5)

This podcast is gripping and I can’t wait for more episodes to come out!

Can’t Download   (1/5)

I was going to give this podcast a try but the reviews are terrible, so I guess it’s a good thing it won’t download. I’ve never had an issue with a podcast downloading until I came upon this one.

Story good- audio SO BAD   (2/5)

This is an interesting story. I agree that it could have been shorter but kept listening because of his relaxing voice. However the audio is so bad, it goes up and down and kills my ears! What the hell man but a mic!!!

Really good   (4/5)

I have really enjoyed this podcast. There are some slower moments to the podcast but what people, I feel, do not take into account is that it is NOT fiction! You can’t just make it up for entertainment’s sake. I would definitely recommend.

Needs an Editor   (1/5)

So slow and repetitive. Get an editor and then maybe this podcast could be worthy of listening to.

Wow   (5/5)

I love the show. Why doesn’t this last link work? I need to know!!!

My Favorite Podcast of 2018   (5/5)

It looks like most of the reviews of this podcast are negative and I truly have no idea why! As someone who has listened to roughly one million podcasts, I can say that this is one of my favorites. It is well researched, the host is sensitive to everyone related to the podcast, and the episodes are well written. The negative feedback lacks substance and looks petty. Hope to see justice for Lyn soon!!

URGHHHHHHHH!!!!   (2/5)

Why does it keep stopping int mid sentence!!!!!. What is that about? Im on Ep 4 and it has done this EVERY episdoe so far......URGHHH!!!! I'm moving on.

TOO SLOW   (1/5)

Great story, TERRIBLY told How have they not fixed the reporting style 17 hours later???

Uhhh... close but not quite there   (3/5)

1 episode of soft soil should’ve been enough but the soft soil keeps being mentioned in episodes where I’d expect to hear about other details. The end of “Dreamland” is all convo with a cement layer and soft soil soft soil soft soil. Also Lots and lots of hearsay. No real facts. Phone convos with random people... i don’t know.. lots of potential here but gosh... you guys keep repeating the same information over and over

OMG... Toooooo Slow and Repetitive   (1/5)

Great story ruined by regurgitative presentation. Why rehash the same issue 100 times. Awful time wasting... Listen if you want to hear the same story lines about 100 times before moving on to another story line that gets repeated 100 times

New episode, no new info   (1/5)

If you like listening to broken records, you'll love "The Teacher's Pet".

Episodes just end   (3/5)

The first 3 episodes just end abruptly. I don’t know why that is...

Teachers pet   (2/5)

Although the story is highly interesting, the repetitiveness is plain boring. Yawnnn. The same details and facts are repeated over and over. This Podcast could have easily been 5 very interesting episodes, not the 12 it is. I gave up at episode 10 and skipped ahead to the last episode, only to hear more repetition. Go listen to Up and Vanished for a more interesting podcast.

Interesting story. Repetitive and drawn out podcast   (2/5)

After 9 episodes, I’m just done. The episodes are repetitive and way too long. I hope this case is resolved for Lyn and her family.

Thoroughly Researched   (5/5)

I don’t know if I’ve heard a more exhaustively researched podcast subject. Excellent production quality.

Can not believe   (4/5)

I can not believe that she was never found and that her life was just left to blew in the wind. I am ashamed that the justice system there has done nothing to her husband Chris. I hope in light of these pod cast that the laws are reevaluate and changed. It was strange to hear all the witnesses and evidence and NOTHING was done.

Soooo repetitive   (3/5)

This story is really interesting but the most repetitive and long winded podcast I’ve ever listened to. I didn’t pay attention to the last 4+ episodes and didn’t miss anything.

Needs editing   (2/5)

Such a sad and compelling story, but the reporting and narrative was incredibly repetitive. I managed to slog though it, mostly out of respect for the victim(s), but this podcast could have been edited down to half the length and been much more effective.

Strong start, soft finish   (3/5)

As other reviewers have noticed, this podcast gets very repetitive about halfway through. I found myself yawning and wanting to skip forward through parts I’d heard over and over again. There’s no reason for these marathon long episodes. It’s an interesting story and there are some great moments but as time goes on it becomes more of a chore to listen.

Good story, bad podcast formatting   (4/5)

This is a good story, but I wish The Australian would have numbered the episodes and files. I kept unintentionally playing them all out of order.

Poorly edited; questionable journalistic standards   (2/5)

Those who value this journalist’s work will be disappointed by the low bar he or his editor’s have set. The podcast is padded with interviews that yield little more than daytime tv style gossip. The inclusion of an interview excerpt with ‘Kay’ portrayed as having savant skills in lie detection in Episode 5 was the point when I knew that the thing buried under the pool was this series’ integrity. Disappointing. The series could have yielded a strong 6 part account of the events and aftermath. The journalist’s other work is less compromised.

Lots of bark, not much bite   (1/5)

As everyone else has stated, this podcast is ridiculously repetitive. I am guessing it was produced by people who aren't too experienced in podcasts and once they caught success, they tried milking more and more episodes from the same few threads of information they had. This is not the best way to keep your audience coming back. As for the story itself, it's heartbreaking and Chris Dawson is a horrific dirtbag.

The truth will come out   (5/5)

Hedley, this podcast is so captivating and because of you, you’ve not only reopened this devastating case but have brought the nation together and raised many more issues that needed to be heard. I’m about 2 hrs out of finishing the series but couldn’t wait to thank you for incredible hard work. And to Lynette’s family, friends and to the victims of the many years of assault that took place in the Northern Beaches as well as Queensland by Mr Dawson, your voice has been heard so keep holding on, stay strong and know the truth WILL come out.

Get to the point!   (2/5)

Had me hooked-but 14 episodes this could have been a nice wee 6 episode package-so many things repeated again and again and again! Yawning by the 7th episode.

Hard to follow   (1/5)

I listen to lots of true crime podcasts but this one was really hard to follow. I couldn’t get into it at all.

Overtly repetitive   (1/5)

Every episode is so repetitive it’s ridiculous. You’ll even hear people the host interviews say many times “as I stated before”, and “I’ll go back to what I said earlier.” I found myself tuning out again and again, only to come to and realize nothing new had been added. This is a good story, but it could have been told in 5 episodes or less, rather than droning on and on about the same 3 areas of interest. I don’t recommend this podcast. Read a detailed article about the case instead; you’ll get the same information and it won’t have wasted hours of your time.

Too Long   (2/5)

If I hear the guy say “lovely drink” one more time I’m gonna scream.

Compelling story.   (4/5)

Hard to believe this is fact- such a horrible story. And I hope bc of this production, justice will be done! However, this podcast needs a heavy edit. Lots of repetition. And the audio is often phone calls - sometimes difficult to make out.

Best of the Best   (5/5)

This is hands-down the best podcast I’ve ever had the pleasure of listening to and I cannot hardly wait for more of Hedley Thomas!

14 episodes is way too long for this.   (2/5)

I’m stopping round episode 8. This case is fascinating and the first episodes are great, but this podcast needs shortened to maybe 6 episodes. Easy to do if the host would cut out his repetitive narration. The signs of a good podcast are if you let the subjects do the speaking and let the beats end with them- not let them speak and then take pains to summarize and repeat everything they’ve said.

Strong start....   (2/5)

I’d heard so much about this podcast and was so excited to start listening. And in the beginning it matched the hype. And then it got very repetitive. The SAME information over and over. “A lovely drink” was repeated to the point that my eyes glazed over every time it was said. I haven’t even finished the final episode because I’m convinced that nothing new is left to be heard

Love!!   (5/5)

Love this podcast!

So Reptitive   (2/5)

It was a good yet frustrating podcast that probably could have been done in half the episodes. The host repeated the same details dozens and dozens of times. It also went back and forth from being a podcast about teachers having sexual relationships with students to suddenly being about the murder/disappearance. Didn’t love it.

Repetitive   (2/5)

I found this extremely hard to follow. There didn’t seem to be a clear path of where things were going and the same things got repeated over and over again. At some points I thought I had started an episode over halfway through. I felt like this could have been a good story but it wasn’t delivered well.

interesting story told poorly   (2/5)

and somehow i still listened to it all. sigh. super repetitive. and not well organized. it could have been great if another reporter covered it.

Womp womp womp   (1/5)

The same thing. Over. And over again. Apparently no one in Australia said anything to anyone about anything in the 80s. Each person interviewed confirms this fact.

Great story, but WAY too repetitive   (3/5)

The story, evidence, and witness testimony are all great in this podcast. However, I felt this could have been done in 8 episodes instead of 14. There was so much repetition that it felt like the journalist was assuming we had forgotten every previous episode (or were just stupid.) It got tiresome and annoying after a while. I also felt the story was poorly organized and edited. The same topics and testimonies were rehashed in multiple episodes and it felt like we were being beaten over the head with things like ‘adult schoolteachers having sex with 16 years olds is bad!’ and ‘Lyn’s PROBABLE murder.’ Yes, we get it. I also took issue with the journalist giving the 16 year old schoolgirl far more agency and responsibility in this situation than is appropriate. Their ‘relationship’ was an abuse of power and exploitation of a vulnerable minor from an abusive family at best; at worst, statutory rape. Nevertheless, the story itself is compelling and worth hearing, because it appears to be a gross miscarriage of justice. Hopefully the journalist can motivate the arrest and conviction of Chris Dawson.

Good but needs editing   (3/5)

Good research and narration but badly in need of editing. So much repetition, you could go 3 episodes without learning anything new. Would be an awesome podcast if sliced away all the fluff.

Repetitive, and NO facts   (1/5)

Each episode is the same thing repeated over and over again. The whole thing is 100% conjecture and hearsay. There is ZERO proof of any foul play here. There’s only second and third hand accounts of domestic violence, and long lost suddenly found written statements that “prove” lies that are never 100% validated. We all know he probably killed her, but let’s be real here - this entire podcast and case is made up of opinions.

Great!!   (5/5)

Truly a great podcast! Kept me entertained the whole time!! Would love to know more!!

Episodes just end.   (3/5)

I’ve made it thru 3 episodes and they all just end abruptly. Mid sentence. I thought maybe it was my podcast app causing problems but I don’t think it is since it happens on 3 different days with 3 different episodes. Wish I knew how those episodes ended! Makes going into the next episode confusing.

Get on with it   (3/5)

Agree with another reviewer about how this podcast drags on and on about the same things. Yep - he was sleeping with a student and countless people allowed it to go on. And yep - he murdered his wife and should be prosecuted. The End.

Where's the Editor?   (3/5)

Interesting mystery, but it could/should have been edited down to maybe 6 episodes instead of 14.

Slow to start but very good   (4/5)

It took me a few episodes to get into this podcast, but I’m glad I kept going because it ended up being very good. Infuriating because it’s so obvious who is guilty, but good.

Captivating   (5/5)

This is a captivating story and unbelievable.

a little repetitive, but he's making things happen!   (5/5)

He's doing good things with this podcast, I hope justice will finally come for this family

Wish they’d have expanded the circle of suspects   (3/5)

I think that the only thing that stopped this podcast from being like “Serial” or “Making a Murderer” is how easily they gave into committing the storyline to one suspect. In the hours spent on the evidence for one man, I think that even 2 episodes crossing out his brother and/or attempting to prove that Chris was innocent would’ve made the argument more convincing. It reminded me of the “The Staircase” in the investigation is incredibly biased. If the earlier trials didn’t convict him based on the majority of the evidence re-reviewed in the podcast, why continue to develop the same strategy. I just wish we could’ve known more about all the other suspects that were crossed out early on, rather than opening with the idea that we know the murderer... now here is why. That isn’t innocent until proven guilty. That is guilty until a body is found at someone else’s house.

Good yet extremely disturbing.   (4/5)

Pod cast is good, however the reality of this is horrendous. Just yet another case of men abusing, controlling, and murdering women while society turns a blind Lynn, to the 16 year old CHILD that was being raped and abused, to the two little girls who were left motherless. Disgusting, maddening, and heartbreaking. Everyone who knew these teachers were systematically raping children and didn’t report these animals to the police is culpable to everything that occurred.

WOW   (5/5)

This was my first podcast. I doubt there will be any others as intriguing! I can’t wait to hear justice has been served!

Great podcast but...   (3/5)

The speed at which a lot of the people speak on the podcast is frustrating! Slow down a little please.

Compelling   (5/5)

Headly tells an unreal true tale that is indeed stranger than fiction. Great reporting and dogged detective work makes this podcast extra special.

Victim Blaming   (3/5)

Always nice to see an attempt to hold accountable systems of power, but I had to stop listening after repeated placing of blame on 16 year old Joanne. Hedley Thomas does little to suppress the idea that Joanne had something to do with Lyn’s disappearance. He misses the opportunity to correct the misogynistic, misguided belief that a teenage girl is anything but a victim when a man many years her senior subjects her to sexual predation, emotional and physical abuse.

Too long..   (2/5)

Starts off great, but quickly becomes repetitive and boring. Could have been condensed into a 5 part series. 14 podcast was just too much, especially when there is no end

Very interesting   (5/5)

Disturbing but interesting to listen to.

Fascinating   (5/5)

I’m enjoying this podcast so much and truly hoping for justice for Lyn!

So repetitive   (1/5)

If you want to hear the same thing repeated for 12 hours, go ahead and listen. It is the biggest waste of time.

Good but repetitive   (4/5)

Initially extremely interesting but then SO repetitive. I skipped entire episodes near the end and missed nothing.


Incredible podcast. It’s so unfortunate, frustrating and disturbing that it’s been so long and this case still hasn’t been solved. I’m so appalled that this murderer is still out there and has yet to answer to his crimes. The police Dept definitely dropped the ball when initially investigating this case and I strongly suspect a huge cover up by the police Dept and Dawson’s twin brother. I really hope and pray that there will be justice for Lyn with the launch of this podcast and that her family will finally get answers and the peace they deserve to this horrible crime.

Way too long   (1/5)

Longest. Podcast. Ever. It may have been good if it were not even half as long. It seems to just keep repeating the same information and theories over and over and over again. I have one episode left and I can’t wait to listen to it so I never have to hear this thing again. Not good.

Interesting at first   (3/5)

It’s interesting at first, but as you listen to more episodes it just repeats the same information. It just goes in circles with each episode not having a true topic.

Binge worthy!   (5/5)

Amazing pod case, excellent journalism, drama that leaves you speechless and left wondering how the hello is he not in jail. Fame and fortune - and turning a blind eye! Can’t wait to hear the outcome of this case! Wonderful job!!

Meh   (3/5)

Interesting but repetitive

Well researched, but too repetitive   (3/5)

This thorough look into the disappearance of a 33-year-old mother of two is captivating, up until the point that the narrative facts begin to repeat each episode. The story drags on as the series progresses episodes become longer, interviews are repeated and revisited, and the narrator restates the facts word-for-word seemingly every 15 minutes. Each episode could be edited to half its length and still retain the same sensitivity, in-depth research, and detail. I’m an avid lover of true crime and understand the importance of reviewing the facts, but folding the story over itself so many times left it stale. Regardless of the slow and repetitive pace, this story of abuse, rape culture, and toxic masculinity is an important one to tell.

Get to the point   (4/5)

This started off as a great listen. Grabbed my attention and told a story I cared about...for a while. Eventually, for me, it seemed to drag. Segments of interviews seem to circle back on the same point over and over again making it redundant. This is a great example of a podcast that could have accomplished the same thing in half the time. With all that said, it’s still a great production and worth listening to, just don’t expect things to progress in a timely fashion.

Interesting, but so long   (3/5)

I’ve gotten used to carefully edited podcasts, and while this was an interesting, frustrating story, it was very repetitive and less coherent than I hoped for.

Good.   (4/5)

I liked this podcast a lot! However, I felt like it was a smidge too long - some parts felt repetitive. Also, maybe it wasn’t supposed to be, but it definitely wasn’t unbiased reporting. Yeah, it seems like this guy is GUILTY but I think you can still tell an engaging story with facts and other people’s POVs. To me, it was surprising to essentially have the reporter start it off with: in my opinion, the husband is totally guilty...

Great podcast   (5/5)

I am so sad listening to this on what this poor family went through. I can’t believe he is not in jail. I hope something comes of this.

Great but repetitive   (3/5)

The podcast is great, but so repetitive. Around episode 6 I started hearing so much of the same details over and over, I stopped listening

Pretty good, but dragging on   (3/5)

Really enjoy this podcast and the story is very interesting. However, I feel it is rather dragged on. Some of the information keeps getting repeated over and over again and nothing new seems to be developing. I think they could have told this story is maybe six episodes

Chris Dawson is a murderer   (4/5)

This man needs to be locked up! Hearing his interview makes my blood boil. And he and his twin Paul are sick! Their relationship is so disturbing. Sherryn is in denial. Would love to kick him right in his fat gut

Incredible   (5/5)

Best podcast I’ve listened to in years. Great quality production and riveting story. Can’t wait for the updates.

Captivating story! Muffled audio   (4/5)

Wow. You can’t make his stuff up! Technical comment: Sound alternates between crisp and clear and - phone interviews - muffled and quiet... had to keep adjusting volume

Teachers Pet   (5/5)

Wow, what a great podcast! I’m not done yet but so far it is crazy. I don’t know why this guy was not arrested a week after Lynn vanished.

Unbelievable!   (5/5)

What the hell was wrong with everyone back then? I was 24 in ‘82, in the US. We had some blatant miscarriage of justice, still do, definitely still do! But this is mind bending! Sex, group sex between students and teachers, the lies etc... The truth needs to come out, everyone knows the truth, now it’s time to do something about it, whether it’s 36 years too late, it’s never too late. I listen to this everyday, will be sad when it’s over, but hopefully it will actually be over for the family. AMAZING, fantastic job!!! Thank you!!!!

Responsible storytelling and investigation.   (5/5)

I don’t find it repetitive, rather the people involved are all the more humanized by the numerous interviews and details—the travesty of justice goes way beyond the missing woman, and this podcast brings that out to a chilling and important degree which, if it does nothing for Lyn, may result in exposing a bunch of pedophiles who’ve skipped around scot-free for decades. Important to make a serious case for the allegations if you’re going to tell the story, which I think they’re pulling off.

Not bad but too much at episodes and slow toward the end.   (3/5)

Seems like this podcast was going to be along the lines of some of the greats but the last 4 to 5 episodes were too slow for me. Started out on a high then went down a little from there. I would however still recommend it.

Repetitive   (2/5)

Story is interesting but the podcast is extremely repetitive. Most information is presented in the first few episodes and then repeated numerous times in the following episodes. Gets really boring.

Why could Lynn not drive??   (5/5)

This is a great podcast. But I have one lingering question that is brought up throughout.. why couldn’t Lynn drive??

In depth and a gripping podcast   (5/5)

In depth research into this part of (recent) Australian history

Excellent story telling   (5/5)

This podcast was so compelling and interesting, and the fact that it’s true is what stunned me! I hope that they’ll cover another case because this one was so well crafted. Best podcast!

Very intriguing case   (4/5)

Good quality research. Some episodes seem a little redundant. But very impressed with the overall efforts put into creating this series.

Religious sect   (5/5)

Why wasn’t Lyn looked for in the religious sect she supposedly joined?

Perfect   (5/5)

I've really enjoyed this podcast and look forward to the eventual conclusion

Repetitive and biased   (2/5)

The podcast is relatively well made; however, after being initially intrigued with the first few episodes the podcast became dull, monotonous, and biased. The story did not develop, with the episodes being seemingly without new information. Lots of quotes/hearsay from people that are no longer with us. Little to no hard evidence. No question that him, and his brother, were likely immorally bad people, and that seems to be the basis the “investigators” use to conclude he’s guilty, but I would’ve liked to see a more well-laid out story with developments.

Private Prosecution   (5/5)

This is an amazing podcast and collation of evidence. If the DPP fails to prosecute AGAIN, please conduct a private prosecution! With the amount of evidence you have, I am sure you will get a conviction!

Dragged on much too long   (1/5)

Great story, but this podcast dragged it out way too long. Easily could have been edited down to half the number of episodes. I was bored more often than not. Like a bad book you keep reading hoping it will get better but it never does.

Not objective journalism   (3/5)

This guy assumes guilt from the start which is not objective journalism. It’s more just the internal monologue of a private PI. Still a decent story.

I hope they bust this guy, but   (2/5)

This is about 2 hours worth of content stretched into 15 hours of podcast. So repetitive with no resolve.

Hard to understand.   (2/5)

Audio quality on top of the accent make it hard for me to understand. Disappointing.

Amazing amazing podcast the best !!   (5/5)

This is by far the best podcast on true crime that I’ve ever listen to, s d I’ve heard too many, way too many, most I loose interest halfways through and rarely listen through the end, for this “The teachers pet”I just had to listen to the next episode, I had to! It’s that good. Thank you sooooo much for your tireless research on this compelling unbelievable story which the DPP have gotten so wrong, I just can’t believe the incompetence on behalf of the Australian justice system, it’s clear on this story how dirty, coarse and politically driven their decision not to bring this strong circumstantial case to justice is, it’s sad but the world gets a glimpse of the corruption in the Australian “justice system”,having witnessed through this podcast the many many missed opportunities to make an example of a strong circumstantial case so the pedifiles, sex offenders, domestic abusers can see that even without a body you can still face the justice system and that those tasked with protecting the community are doing what they’re supposed to. I’m so sorry to Lynn’s family for the lack of closure, it also saddens me a little bit not to see more action on the part of Lynns daughters to press, beg and make that SOB tell them what he did to their mother, he killed her and they know it I think they don’t want to face the fact that their father IS a murderer.

Really well done   (5/5)

Incredibly well researched and I appreciate the fairness and well roundedness of this podcast. Strives to incorporate multiple points of view in a fair and balanced manner. A delicate balance to strike. Great listen

Just get on with it!   (3/5)

So repetitive, I feel like I’ve listened to each episode three times.

Interesting story   (4/5)

Sickening to listen to what this man has allegedly done but this pod cast is a bit repetitive. Can make it a little hard to listen to. Otherwise very good!

Soft Soil   (5/5)

We need to start a GoFund me to raise money for someone to go dig up the soft soil and re-examine the pool area with the GPR.

Repetitive   (2/5)

This could be a really interesting podcast, but the repetitive nature makes it hard to get through. It’s the same few women repeating themselves: Lyn would never leave her girls, her friends never filed a missing person report but should have, Chris is a dirtbag, etc. If this was 8 episodes instead of 14, it would have been easier to get through it, but I’ve given up only half way through.

Way too long   (3/5)

WAYYYY longwinded. Could have been cut in half if not fourths. Super frustrating that they keep re-bashing the same information. Great story, but I gave up midway because it was so aggravating to listen to the friend shriek again & again when she never even reported her missing initially. Spotlight acquired, though.

Good story but too wordy   (3/5)

This could have been half as long! It was an intriguing story and seemingly huge injustice for Lyns and her family, but the episodes seemed really repetitive to me. I could only half pay attention to it!

Very Good   (5/5)

This is a fascination story that I can’t get out of my mind. Bless Lyn. I do hope justice is served. Occasionally this podcast got a bit repetitive. Perhaps the reminders were necessary for those who didn’t binge like I did.

Corruption and Good ol' boys   (5/5)

Ugh, so frustrated...shame on law enforcement.... [email protected]#$ these good ol' boys. Ladies don't sell your soul...toughen up and support your daughters and raise your sons right! There is hope with men like Hedley.

Too long   (3/5)

This podcast could have easily been two or three episodes.

Like Something Out of a Novel   (5/5)

There has been a great injustice done to this family.

Great story but stop talking down to us and victim blaming!   (3/5)

Fascinated by the story but it is too repetitive - we aren’t preschoolers - and reliant on unnecessary incendiary language (“his INTENSE SEXUAL RELATIONSHIP with a teenager” blah blah blah). I agree with other reviewers that the host insensitively blames the teenage victim of Chris Dawson’s predatory behaviour. This was a chance to connect to broader patterns of child exploitation and misogyny in that era, which would have been fascinating, but instead he went in a different and shallower direction.

Fantastic!   (5/5)

Excellent podcast. Rooting for justice for Lyn from the U.S.

Good but repetitive.   (3/5)

This podcast just doesn’t hold up to the best in its own genre. Certain points are made 6 or more different times throughout. The audience is treated as if they are very forgetful. Could have been done in half the time and been just as effective. That being said - good research was done that I fear was all for the purpose of healing and closure for those affected but will not change the ultimate outcome of the case. Finally, the introduction and the legitimizing of psychic “investigators” was an insult to my intelligence as a thoughtful, educated person who uses real facts to create opinions and ideas.

Captivating!   (5/5)

I loved the podcast!! I would walk miles and not even realize because I was so engrossed with the story. I hope this podcast draws new attention to her disappearance and the answers are resolved. Amazing how so many people turned their heads until now and let him getaway with it. Someone needs to turn that entire property upside down and find her.

So repetitive, a poorly constructed story   (2/5)

This true story is gripping and sad. It’s salacious but it’s not suspenseful. The host just keeps beating the same points to death. Every episode. Ok. We get it. She’s probably buried in the soft soil. It doesn’t need 20 mins of every episode. The podcast is just badly constructed. Completely disorganized. The quotes from people are just hodgepodge thrown together: One minute soft soil. Next minute how Joanne was abused. This could have been really well done but I think it falls short.

Trouble downloading   (1/5)

I seem to be unable to download this podcast. I have plenty of space on my phone, and I haven’t had any troubles with other podcasts.

Episode 14 won’t play   (5/5)

Is anyone else unable to listen to episode 14?

Old Tyme Radio   (4/5)

Teachers Pet is well written, produced, and laid out in a succinct fashion. I love that Headley uses voice overs to read real quotes from evidence files instead of reading them all himself. This gives the essence of news actualities and thereby the whole podcast a old timey radio vibe that’s a lost art!

Failure by Police, Family, and Friends   (4/5)

I felt the podcast flowed well and was easy to listen to. My opinion was slow to form because I like to hear all sides of the story. I know believe this was a failure on everyone. Including her family and friends. How do you lose a person and not push for answers? Many of her friends were dropping the ball thinking someone else was doing something. I just disagree that they did everything the could. I would also argue that the police in this case were incomplete in their interviews as well as in handling the case. They failed at every turn and asked lowball questions and redirected the husband at every turn. I gave it a 4 because it is highly repetitive and I found myself having to roll my eyes at how many times they repeated certain aspects. If there is a season two you need more information or way less episodes.

Too repetitive- boring   (3/5)

Very repetitive — needs a good edit. Should have been 8 episodes at most. I wish there was more new evidence presented.

Desperate need of editor   (2/5)

Podcast 3x longer than it needs to be. Repetitive. Could be great as a 3-5 episode series.

Joann is an opportunistic she devil   (5/5)

Obviously Chris and Paul are evil and Chris is a murderer but let’s all stop being so easy on Joann. She’s said and done whatever benefited her at the time and has taken no responsibility for anything. Lyn and her daughters are the true victims. What a disgustingly horrible person.

Amazing podcast. Terrible sad story. Justice for Lyn!   (5/5)

I listened to this whole podcast in one day. It’s amazing and such a sad story of injustice. Put this man in jail!!!!!

The best crime podcast ...ever   (5/5)

I could not stop listening the second I started. The most intriguing true crime podcast I’ve ever heard. I have recommended it to all of my friends. It’s so OBVIOUS what happened. He would never get away with that nowadays....

Good, but too drawn out   (3/5)

I’ve been listening and engaged with the story because I want to find out what happens, but the repeat of information again and again was frustrating. I feel like it could be much more edited and condensed.

An incredible piece of investigative journalism   (5/5)

I'm a journalist, and I recommend this podcast. Hedley Thomas leaves no stone unturned surrounding the investigation into the disappearance and probable murder of Lyn Dawson. If you think police thoroughly investigated the disappearance of this young mom in 1982, think again. As the podcast delves into this case, so does pressure on the police to do the right thing and look at boatloads of new evidence this podcast has uncovered--and take another look at the evidence they've had all along. This is why we need journalism--to hold the powerful agencies in charge accountable. Listen, download and subscribe!

Good subject material but repetitive   (4/5)

Decent podcast that outlines the suspicious circumstances around a young mom’s disappearance (and probable murder). I really wanted to like it, but I lost interest after the first 3 episodes or so. Too much repetitive information. However, I definitely hope that there is justice for Lyn, and that they find her body so the family can have closure.

Repetitive   (2/5)

Feels like it could be condensed into half the number of episodes. Awful situation, but the story is slow.

The series   (4/5)

The podcasts have been interesting, but somewhat repetitive. I'm happy the podcasters took a break; when they return, I do hope it's with significant breaks in the cold case. Why the heck don't they just dig up the concrete??? By the time the podcasts starts again, maybe it will have happened....

Actually Not That Good   (1/5)

I listen to many true crime podcasts and this one is all over the place. Might as well just skip episodes 1-3 because there is no information to be learned that wasn’t already presented in the synopsis or trailer. Then, it’s all over the place without any sense of organization. He jumps around the timeline without any purpose. It’s a good, important story but it’s presented here poorly.

Brilliant   (5/5)

Solid podcast. Well written and researched. Heartbreaking

This is why the media should never be withheld.   (5/5)

Incredibly well done! I’ve recommended to many. I was so hoping to hear an episode about digging up that entire lot. Can’t wait till you’re back! Oh and ....THANK YOU FROM USA!

Great podcast!   (5/5)

Can’t wait to hear a follow up when Chris Dawson is in jail!

Crazy story! Interesting, thought-provoking podcast!   (5/5)

Being from the U.S., I had never heard of the disappearance of Lynn Dawson, but now that I have I am stunned. It’s completely obvious to me that she was murdered and that her husband is the murderer. In my opinion, the evidence brought forth here is overwhelming. I hope that this podcast brings justice for her and her family. Wow! This podcast was fantastically orchestrated and a fine example of unbiased, well-researched journalism. Give it a listen.

Good, but drawn out...   (4/5)

Very interesting yet tragic story. A bit repetitive from episode to episode, almost to the point that you feel like you could jump in at any time and not feel like you've missed too much.

Gut-wrenching, brutal, and true   (5/5)

So glad this is coming to light. I feel for her daughters. It’s absolutely gut-wrenching and unforgivable that her daughters grew up thinking their mom abandoned them. Keep up the good work, because the truth needs to be told.

A+++++++   (5/5)

Best podcast I’ve ever heard

Interesting Story but   (3/5)

It’s a very interesting story but feels drawn-out. It’s repetitive and could have been condensed to a few episodes. I also found it a little difficult to follow.

Highly Recommend!   (5/5)

This podcast is so well done and researched. With each episode you’ll grow more frustrated and want justice for Lyn. I truly hope this will lead to closure for her loved ones, a peaceful resting place for her, and a just conviction.

Spooky   (5/5)

Great podcast. All I will say is that Joanne Curtis is either very unintelligent, brainwashed or she knows about what happened to Lyn. Also can someone please inform me of Kristin Dawson’s whereabouts

It’s ok...   (3/5)

This podcast is extremely redundant, all matters relevant to the case are repeated religiously. While the case is interesting it could be summed up in a few episodes.

Great podcast   (5/5)

Great investigation and tying together of facts from multiple sources. Makes you wonder if a journalist can do it, why couldn’t the police?

Interesting story, exhausting narrative.   (3/5)

The story is interesting. It has all of the pieces we need in order to draw us in: scandal, mystery, and a clear miscarriage of justice. But I do find myself rolling my eyes frequently. There are too many “characters” called upon to share the same information over and over again. The story is told and retold in every episode with very little variation in detail. My overwhelming thought throughout is “this could’ve been done in five or six episodes, if that.” Yet, here we are. I’ve only kept up with this in order to get a payoff at the end. I’m afraid it isn’t going to happen, though. That being said, this story needed to be told. This family deserves justice and after so many years, those effected deserve closure and answers. I am hopeful that this kind of exposure will help light a fire under those who need to do their job and arrest this evil man.

Fascinating podcast...such a sad story.   (5/5)

This is a great podcast. I hope it helps deliver justice for Lyn and her family.

Fascinating   (5/5)

Great format and compelling information

Hate the story! Love the podcast   (5/5)

I hate what happened to this beautiful woman and her daughter!! The husband is trash! I hope this podcast brings much needed justice for this family and I hope he lives every day left on this earth in pain and misery!! For those who allowed this man to walk the earth as a free man, may they pay too

Ugh..   (5/5)

I can’t believe this man isn’t in jail.. Those poor girls 🤦🏼‍♀️

Amazing   (5/5)

Great podcast. Intriguing story and best part, Australian accents

Truly Compelling & Incredible Podcast   (5/5)

I’m an avid podcast listener and I’ve listened to many good podcasts. This one is in the same vein as Serial, and is absolutely worthy of the same accolades and attention. I can’t wait for each episode to come out!!

Fantastic podcast   (5/5)

This is a really well researched and produced podcast. The narrator is exceptional. I’m confused at to how one reviewer accuses the narrator of victim blaming. It is very clear he believes the teenager (now a 50 something year old woman) is as much as a victim as any one else and has tirelessly gone after the men who sexually abused these kids while these were at high school to the point where they are now all being investigated by police. He details extensive ongoing mental health issues amongst the girls (and a few boys) who were also targeted by their teachers. He sets out early on that her experience with this man left her unable to have another relationship with a man ever again. He reiterated that she was a child when she moved into this man’s home. He dedicates entire episodes to exploring her background as a teen from a broken, dysfunctional and abusive home who was chosen by Chris because of these reasons. Who had no where else to go and who was let down by her parents, her school and this toxic man Chris. I don’t see how anyone could think of her as anything but another one of his victims from the way she is portrayed.

So good!   (5/5)

Shocking this guy isn’t in jail. Just shocking!

Boring   (1/5)

Dull narration and too many poorly edited interviews. Maybe it gets better after episode two but I couldn’t listen any longer. I really don’t understand the high rating.

A lot of repeated info   (3/5)

Every episode feels the same without much new information. My phone got bumped and I jumped to the next episode, mid-episode and didn’t notice until I went to start listening again. Could be more tightly edited or better focused, less cluttered. Story is tragic, though.

Wow!!!   (5/5)

How is this man still not in jail! One of the worst cases of police cover up I’ve heard. Shameful. Thank you for bringing this case to light I’m horrified and saddened for poor Lynnette and her family and for Joanne.

Audio quality of a car phone from the 1980s   (1/5)

The garbled audio quality for the bulk of the interviews is quite unbearable. Also, the host often comes off as antagonizing the interviewees for not doing more at the time and for the most part it seems like he only does this to the women. I can’t bear it and it makes me cringe whenever it happens. I’m totally convinced that the husband did it, but I can recognized the biased journalism here. The podcast makes zero attempt at presenting at least a small point of view from the other side. It’s easy to come off a superior when you have the advantage of hindsight and refuse to acknowledge any counterpoints.

The future of investigative journalism   (5/5)

This case is a roller coaster, emotionally. Because it’s ongoing each end leaves you begging for more because the thought that Chris is free, that no teachers who abused the kids have been held accountable makes my heart sick.

the next serial   (5/5)

Great podcast! I predict will be the next Serial!

Addictive!   (5/5)

I listen to podcasts during my 90 minute commute and again before bed. This podcast is the best I have heard!

Get in w it!   (3/5)

Agree w posters re repetition. Ugg!! Cut to the chase. Or is there not one? This man is STILL roaming around after decades & I suppose there’s no easy way to continue to say that after overwhelming evidence seems to support his being behind bars for the rest of his life. Honestly though...this podcast droans on & on with no hope of a “pay off”. And JoAnne?? I have no empathy there. How on earth someone could do the things she did, participate & condone the treatment of this wife REGARDLESS of age, is beyond me. I can understand why she feels guilty & that seems a correct response for the part she played in the mental cruelty of this poor woman.

Obsessed   (5/5)

I’m obsessed with this podcast. I’m halfway through the season in 2 days. It’s obvious what happened here and continues to get more devastating and disturbing, but sooo hopeful at the same time. WONDERFUL!!

It's okay   (3/5)

It's just okay. It's an important story to tell and interesting but the story is so all over the place it's hard to listen to. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to the narrative. I'm not one to give 5 stars to everything I listen to. While I understand the Apple algorithm is unfair and only really recognizes 5 stars, I'm really sick of listening to low quality crappy podcasts that have all 5 stars. This isn't a crappy podcast but it's not 5 stars.

Stop beating around the bush. He did it.   (4/5)

Slightly repetitive, but overall excellent investigative work. Professional, good people, working really hard to catch this pathetic excuse for a human being, Chris Dbag.

Very good True Crime Podcast   (5/5)

Narrator is awesome. Can listen at night so soothing. Very well made. One of my favorite True crime podcast. I don’t blame the 16 year old but that Chris and Paul....oooohh how does Lyn’s family not attack them. They have got a lot of restraint. Chris D is a $&@$&

Intriguing   (5/5)

This podcast is so intriguing & makes you question who would look for you if you mysteriously disappeared & makes you wonder why no one looked harder for Lynn. It’s a well thought out podcast. The narrative is interesting, the story is a “truth is stranger than fiction” & you can’t help but binge listen.

Love it!   (5/5)

Started listening to this podcast after Karen and Georgia mentioned it on MFM. I listened to the first 6 episodes during a long car drive, and I am HOOKED!

Cadaver dogs   (5/5)

Is it possible to get cadaver dogs over to Bayview? Even if an extensive dig doesn’t happen, wouldn’t it be beneficial to at least know there are human remains SOMEWHERE on that block? Great podcast! Love all the public attention it’s getting. Hopefully that’ll bring to light what happened.

Fascinating story, poor sound mixing   (4/5)

Justice be done, please, indeed. But it needs better sound mixing. The different speakers' voices contrast so abruptly with the journalist's. Who has the time to keep turning the volume up and down or rewinding to catch who is speaking in order to follow the story? Needs improvement in this basic sound mixing issue. Also, can we be done with daft questions like "why didn't you say something" when it comes to addressing male-on-female violence (sexual or other)? Without authorities who take statements seriously, it's statisticly likely to incite more violence to report or talk openly about, and journalists should do their homework and know this, rather than ask with bewilderment. Get woke!

Captivating Story, Justice for Lyn?   (5/5)

I can't get enough. I've been waiting for another True Crime podcast that's actually worth listening to. This is one of them! Great story telling, a treasure trove of information and insight into this tragedy. I really hope Chris Dawson is terrified because it looks like his facade has been EXPOSED. Lyn, her daughters and her family deserve swift justice. Also, Joanne deserves some retribution for the grooming, sexual abuse and manipulation this disgusting man has been inflicting upon her since she was a girl.

Incredible Podcast/Journalism   (5/5)

You have done such a phenomenal job, Hedley! I look forward to each episode that follows and, ultimately, justice for Lynn Dawson. God bless.

Excellent   (5/5)

One of my favorite podcast. Sadly that is happening right now.

Too frustrating   (2/5)

By episode 3 we figure out the OBVIOUS thing that needs to be done to solve this mystery definitively. The technology exists, funding is available, the previous contractor even has detailed notes. Beyond that there are little details here and there that are mildly interesting but I honestly don’t care about learning anything more than when they’re gonna dig/radar those spots. I hope Australians are as irritated as I am!

Interesting but repetitive   (3/5)

What a an amazing story... I was so frustrated for the family but also for the victim. The author does repeat a lot of the details in multiple episodes. To the point where I wondered if there was anything new coming. At times it was hard to listen to because I found myself thinking, “yeah, I get it... very suspicious, but you’ve mentioned this point in 700 different ways.” I listened to all the episodes in a row, so perhaps that was why. Either way, glad this story is being told. This woman deserves it.

So good yet so frustrating!   (5/5)

So captivating and Interesting but oh my goodness, please arrest The husband! Ridiculous that NO ONE has been arrested for an obvious murder! Such great story telling and I just can’t stop listening. . Waiting for justice!!

Amazing Podcast   (5/5)

I found out about this podcast while listening to My Favorite Murder (holla fellow Murderinos). I am completely enraptured by it. Chris is so obviously guilty. You would think that is what would bother me the most. But no. The fact that Sharon believes her father is innocent bothers me. But he is her dad and I get that. What I don’t get is how she can stand by him after he brought in a 16 year old girl to be her step mom a few days after her mother “disappeared.” Scary. So scary.

Mostly great but GET TO THE POINT   (4/5)

Tragic, interesting story. But you could have whittled the series down to about 5 or 6 episodes if there wasn’t so much repetition. About 40% of the story is a re-telling of the teacher/student abuse over and over again. Yes, we get it. Yes, its horrible. Yes, everyone should be punished. But move on with the story! I hope the series lights some fires under the powers that be so there is justice and closure for Lynn and her family.

Wow   (5/5)

Great investigative journalism, set in an excellent format. It absolutely horrifies me that he has not been arrested.

We get it already   (1/5)

...teachers sleeping with high schoolers is bad. No explanation needed and yet the host seems to spend a huge amount of time trying to convince himself and everyone listening that no no really it’s a bad thing to do! So is domestic abuse! And murder! And leaving your children is bad so of course she couldn’t have left! Really she couldn’t have! I mean come on guys who does that!? Look buddy we get it - he’s a douche, so are all of his friends and she’s dead. Tell us something we don’t know. If you want to listen to a journalist (who can actually tell a story in podcast form) try to solve a decades old cold case there are many better options. You could start with the RFK tapes.

It’s all over the place   (2/5)

I found this hard to follow because it jumped around too much and was repetitive at times in the obvious places.

Well Done   (5/5)

This podcast is incredibly well done and documented. I appreciate the attention to detail, all the different contributors and witnesses/friends.

Stunningly compelling   (5/5)

This podcast is as compelling as the lack of action is infuriating

Fantastic!   (5/5)

Really great listening and fantastic evidence presented. Bravo to the creator. I hope this podcast is the fuel that reopens this case and Chris Dawson is properly prosecuted.

Trite, unrevealing and uninteresting.   (1/5)

Come on, this just isn’t good. There no enriching information here, just a salacious story about a guy who you know is guilty from the beginning.

Hooked on The Teachers Pet   (5/5)

Love this pod cast! I flew thru the episodes while driving a long distance. I couldn’t believe all the twists and turns this pod cast held in telling the story of Lynette Dawson’s disappearance. I pray that they dig the soft soil ASAP and are able to find Lyn’s body and get her the justice that she and her loved ones so deserve.

Interesting Story, Average Podcast   (3/5)

Very interesting and tragic story, as well as an important commentary on sexism, domestic violence, poor policing, and pervasive sexual abuse within a small community during the early 80s. However, the podcast’s structure, editing, and production leave a lot to be desired. For anybody who has listened to other popular, well-produced true crime podcasts such as Serial (of course) or In The Dark, for example, they will probably immediately notice that this podcast is much less skilled at telling a coherent story. Sometimes timelines are unclear, there is a lot of repetition both within an episode and between them, and many of the interviews could be better edited to be more concise. Plus, as many other reviewers have pointed out, the podcaster/narrator does occasionally take an uncomfortable approach to sexual abuse between a minor and a man who groomed and took advantage of her. The narrator sometimes very clearly acknowledges this abuse and places the blame on the abuser, but other times he approaches it as if this was simply an extramarital affair and the minor was just the “other woman”, especially in the way he phrases certain questions about the “relationship”— or even the fact the he refers to it as a “relationship”. Unwittingly, this podcast is also interesting commentary on Rape culture.

Pretty good, but repetitive   (3/5)

There are very few “Serial” type podcasts recently. (And I’m not sure why Serial has taken so long to put another one out). So I’m giving this one 4 stars, but only because the pickins are slim right now in this genre. This is no CASE FILES, though. CASE FILES is amazing. It gets to the point and the writers are amazing in their abilities to extricate the important facts. Sadly, this one is so repetitive. It’s the same women over and over, repeating the same things each show. It almost feels like a gossip session. Yes, I know—Chris is a dirtbag. We get it. But I continue to listen and hope there’s resolution.

Riviting   (5/5)

Hooked in and absolutely love this podcast. It is a little repetitive but that’s important for me because of the number of people involved.

Shameful Failure   (5/5)

Every single officer involved should be fired, the failure of authorities to do the most basic investigation, or follow through with the coroners recommendation, until they were essentially called to task as a result of publicity is disgraceful. Not a meeting meets peace for the rest of their lives for failing so disgracefully.and good god, that ignorant self righteous sister in law is an awful human. Great podcast.

Amazingly Produced   (5/5)

Lock him up forever! Excellent podcast!!

Great Case, very repetitive   (4/5)

This is a great podcast. I truly hope that Lyn is found and justice is given to her, her children, and her family. The podcast is well researched, but there are a few glaring problems: 1) Adults abs children cannot have “relationships” 2) Each episode except the first is very repetitive. The quality could be greatly improved if there was just a three minute recap at the beginning.

Anyone else having issues downloading this?   (5/5)

I haven't listened to any episodes yet, I'd really like to but it won't finish the download whenever I try downloading the episodes.

Interesting but too repetitive   (2/5)

This podcast could have easily been shrunk down to half the number of episodes. The Podcast creator draws out the same content over many episodes, conducts very repetitive interviews with the same people over and over, and throws out a lot of conjecture with scant evidence to back it up. He even even spins up a ridiculous conspiracy theory that the Dawson family phones phones are bugged and calls still being intercepted by the police 36 years later. Clearly the police give up on this case along time ago, and after all these years if they really were bugging the phones they would’ve found something useful by now. Besides Lyn’s disappearance, the biggest revelation of the story is the community’s unconscionable culture of silence and implicit acceptance of sexual abuse of school girls by teachers, of domestic abuse by husbands, and the failure of Lynn’s family and friends to do anything to push the police into investigating her extremely suspicious disappearance. At the end of it all, SPOILER ALERT: the last hope is for the police to “Dig up the soft soil” on the property in a final effort to find evidence of Lyn’s remains. If that results in nothing, the podcast should end and everyone should be allowed to move on, as tragic as it is.

Up there with Serial   (5/5)

This is an increasingly brilliant piece of investigative journalism, up there with Serial - if not better, as it touches on various social issues in Australia in the 80s and how societal changes (or lack thereof) might finally break this case open. Totally addicted to this and I hope it helps bring justice.

Justice?   (5/5)

I’m only on E:5. I’m upset, angry, hurt for one of Many, Many lives. I’m refusing to google the case. I’m hoping for resolution by the end of this pod. I highly recommend this to true crime enthusiasts. Thank you to my friends at Extraordinary Stories, Baz Henderson, and others including friends at Bloody Murder Podcast, for recommending this pod. I can’t wait for the ‘END’!!!

Good story but with disturbing perspective   (2/5)

I didn’t get far into this podcast before I noticed the hosts pattern of referring to a grown mans systemic abuse of young girls a “relationship”. There are multiple victims in this story and it is irresponsible for the host to flat out ignore this issue for what it is, sexual abuse. There is no way for a young girl who is a student of an adult to be in a “relationship” or truly consent to such an arrangement. Because of this, I find myself distracted and unable to fully immerse into the story. There are complexities not touched on. I am hoping this evolves as I go through the series but think it’s important to bring to light that the teenage girls in this story are victims as well. This only perpetuates a culture of abuse and exploitation.

The pod cast from “down under” got it right!!   (5/5)

This podcast got it right. The case is presented step by step. I wish more investigative podcast were as good as this one.

Captivating   (5/5)

What a horrible story! I love the way this is told.

Addicting!   (5/5)

I’m a true crime podcast lover and Teachers Pet has been my latest addiction! Flew through the first 10 episodes and patiently waiting for the Thursday release. It’s insane how little was done by the police in this case!

So much potential, yet so boring   (1/5)

This is a great story that started so strong. About halfway thru, the podcast just became repetitive and boring. I don’t expect that Lynn’s body be found in order to fix this, but I think the segway into the pedophilia could’ve been utilized in a way that kept this interesting and didn’t just repeat the same few points over and over. I lose interest in every episode seconds in because of the monotoned journalist and the continuous repeating of the same information over and over.

Kudos to MFM   (5/5)

My Favorite Murder recommended this podcast and I love it!

Captivating   (5/5)

Great podcast. Infuriating that he has gotten away with it for so long.

Jaw dropping   (5/5)

Great podcast but horrible story of injustice to a woman and her children. It’s a must listen as we cannot allow this type of thing to continue.

Great True Crime   (5/5)

Incredibly interesting and well researched!

Thorough and excellently produced   (5/5)

Thank you for telling Lynette’s story. May she have justice. Really really enjoy the podcast.

Best   (5/5)

Among the best of all podcasts. Ps i dont think the host is blaming Joanne Curtis. To me it seems he is really trying to maintain the importance of how bizarre the whole situation was and how insensitive and disgusting that the husband flaunted her in front of his loyal committed wife. The host makes it clear how obvious and salacious it was to everyone who knew them, and how forgiving and naive Lyn was to keep making an effort to preserve any normalcy. I believe the point of focusing so much on Joanne’s role as a sexual young trophy is to emphasize to the listeners the struggle Lyn was going through and how obvious it is that she was not a runaway, but a victim of foul play.

Fascinating   (5/5)

Love long form. Fascinating.

Amazing story   (5/5)

This is truly an unbelievable story, so many crimes committed against not only Lyn, who is the ultimate victim of this monster, but all of the children who placed their trust in him, Joanne included. The host is doing a wonderful job putting all of this together. He seems to have the ability to get previously reluctant witnesses to open up in these interviews, and speak openly with him about what they witnessed, and unfortunately didn’t reveal at the time of Lyn’s murder. Please don’t misunderstand, I’m blaming no one.. I truly understand what the culture & life seems to have been in that area, at that time. The only person who is due blame here is Chris! I hope & pray that this podcast will be the catalyst that brings this man to justice for the murder of his lovely wife. I also pray that it brings Chris, Paul & any of the other teachers, who were predators, griming and ultimately raping these poor children!! These narcissistic sociopaths have ruined so many lives for their own pleasure. My heart breaks for Lyn, her beautiful girls, and the rest of family. She seems to have been a lovely person and she deserves justice at last! Shame on all of the police who have failed her all of these years!!! While I believe Joanne’s treatment of Lyn’s girls was cruel, and unforgivable, I also believe that she was just another of Chris’ victims. She was a child, who should have been able to trust her teachers, instead she was groomed and raped. Like I said.. unbelievable. Can’t wait to find out how all of this ends. Your story makes me want to hop on a plane , fly to Australia and start digging myself.. I’m just that frustrated:) Keep up the great work and thank you for bringing this to everyone’s attention!!

This is my new favorite podcast   (5/5)

I stumbled across this podcast and now I am hooked. Great reporting. FYI: don’t believe what that other review says; there is NO victim blaming.

This is the craziest story   (5/5)

I cannot wait for Justice for Lyn!

Amazing!   (5/5)

So well-researched, such an incredible story.

Frustrating case   (5/5)

Really well done podcast but every episode makes me want to scream in frustration at the local authorities! Thanks to the podcast producers for working so hard to, hopefully, get justice for Lyn and her family. Even if the husband isn't convicted in a court of law, he has certainly been convicted in the court of popular opinion and will live out his days as a pariah. Unfortunately, when the 'justice' system is unjust, sometimes that's the best outcome there is.

Good series but...rape culture   (3/5)

I am trying to follow this series. It is interesting, well reported and seemingly well researched. However, the host’s consistent blaming and shaming a vulnerable teenager who was groomed by a predatory, narcissistic teacher is disgusting. The victims were Lyn Dawson, her children, and the child Chris Dawson emotionally and sexually abused and moved into his wife’s place. In the latest episode, Hadley Thomas invited Lyn’s sister to abuse and judge the former teenager, and then invited other “reasonable women” he knew to also judge her. I wonder if we are to assume that the grieving sister of a missing and presumed murdered woman is unreasonable? Or is he disappointed that more of these “reasonable women” were unable to condemn the brainwashed teenager? I might be done now, before the series ends. To place a scarlet letter on a teen in the middle of this mess created by an adult is just too much. Hedley’s behavior and scorn feels like a continuation of the gross patriarchal rape culture that enabled Chris Dawson and many other teachers at Cromer High to victimize their students while everyone else looked the other way. ETA: the “reviewer” who commented that I misunderstood the “reasonable women” voices. If you read above, you will see that I said the reasonable women failed to condemn her. Reading comprehension, like journalistic objectivity, is of utmost importance.

Great Podcast!   (5/5)

I’m on episode 4 and can’t stop listening. Fascinating and deeply disturbing story.

Stop what you are doing and listen!   (5/5)

This is hands down my favorite podcast. It gripped me from the beginning! From the story, to the narration, to the real life drama, Teacher’s Pet has it all! What a sordid story! Each week it unfolds more and more! I hope Lyn’s family get justice where justice is due. Fascinating! Thank you for putting out such a quality podcast! You’re hard work is greatly appreciated!

Justice for Lyn is needed   (5/5)

How has the husband not been arrested and how has she not been found. I hope this podcast can bring some justice for Lyn and her loved ones. Excellently done.

Great Podcast   (5/5)

Why is this man not in jail. What a horrible human being...