Aggregated reviews for The Tiny Meat Gang Podcast

Comedians Cody Ko and Noel Miller make you laugh, hopefully. Bonus eps on Patreon.

Love (5/5)

I love when they talked about the engineering behind the the super complex washing machine and how not to get stuck inside of one.

amazing life advice (5/5)

this podcast single handedly turned my life around, i was homeless just 1 month ago and now i’m living in the hills making 18 figures

Weird guys put good content (5/5)

It’s usually a tech junkies podcast and occasionally they talk about cars which is dope because i have a supra and i like to drive it at night so i don’t have to talk to my girlfriend about my fortnite gummy addiction. But they’re both really old and try to be funny sometimes which throws everything off. Three stars.

A detailed look into communism, capitalism, and modern day Russia (5/5)

Noel’s commentary on the Soviet Union and post-communism psychology in what reminds of modern day Russian was enticing and informative. A fun fact I learned while listening to the podcast is that the reason why most grand pianos are black is because Joseph Stalin once said that he doesn’t believe good music will ever come out of a colored instrument! Hahaha how funny! Anyway, my only criticism of this podcast is that often both Cody and Noel come off as socialists. I only say this because in one hour-long episode all they did was read the translated lyrics of the Russian national anthem. While Cody cracked a single joke and that was it. I understand why this would be important to really grasp what went on in the 1950’s but it came off a little preachy. I still give this podcast 5 stars because I’m divorcing my husband and want him to believe I’ve fully moved on and can be happy without him.

These fashionable inspirations 🤝 (5/5)

I tell ya, this dynamic duo are an inspiration to me. They have insightful topics. I love them as brothers bc I look like Cody and dress like Noel. The two inspired me to start my own podcast. Medium Point it’s called. I politely ask if y’all wanna blow that the frick up. Please excuse my strong word choice. Much thanks to this podcast . I’ve listened to every episode ever and continuing this behavior. Big giant recommend. Thanks to Alena! You Rock like Stonehenge. 🤟🙏

Nice (5/5)

I love when they talked about how the different sound frequencies of blenders affect how well their hamster sleeps. I have noticed a difference with my hamster’s sleep schedule ever since I started using a blender of their recommendation. Thanks Zach and Cody

from kansas city MO (5/5)

this is BY FAR my favorite form of entertainment. i have to be careful listening to them in public because i laugh so hard! i’ve put several people on TMG podcast and not one of them have anything bad to say about it, all my friends love it. Definitely looking forward to seeing you guys 3/18!

Learning about the chemical imbalances behind mental illness (5/5)

As someone who has always struggled with mental illness, I was always unsure as to the physical reaction behind it. These two podcasters do an excellent job on describing the in-depth physical side effects of depression, and just how different your brain chemicals truly are. After listening, I feel much closer to overcoming this and learning to be a happier person. Thank you Cody and Nole for the support and care put into each detail on this podcast- each episode must require hours of research and writing.

Yummy (5/5)

I just love the recipes on this podcast. It’s something that is very underrated these days. As a mom of 10, I have a lot of mouths to feed in our small 1 bed/1 bath apartment. Their recipe on how to cook milk changed my life. Highly recommend.

Great Smelling Pod (5/5)

I’ve listened to a lot of olfactory podcasts, and this is definitely the best one!! The way Cody and Noel describe smells—and even what the process of smelling is like—is just amazing, especially for someone like me who has never had the ability to smell. They really paint a picture with their descriptions and I recommend this pod to anyone who is also scent-challenged!!

WOWZA (5/5)

I really do enjoy listening to these young men talk about how to correctly get rid of bunions. See as a 48 year old single working mom through out the years I have grew very large bunions. I don’t think i would be able to have come out of the rough patch if it weren’t for these fellas. They have said tips about how to correctly manage bunions that make me say WOWZA! Some of my favorite tips were to massage your bunions with bull semen, baby food flavored fillet mignon and powdered milk. This might seem shocking, but this mixture works! My bunions have reduced over time. Though I have to say it was a large challenge finding bull semen as I live in Boring, Oregon and no bulls live near me. Luckily my brothers wife’s daughter has started a bull farm in which she uses the bulls as models for a bull sweater clothing line to keep warm in the winter. With much pleading and a small about of bribery I was able to convince her to give me a cup and 1/3 of bull semen. Even with the trouble my life wouldn’t be the same without these guys. I wouldn’t be able to play with my children, Lincoln and John, (I named them after two assonated presidents) or let alone work at the marble factory. So thanks Cody and Noel it means so much what you have taught me and I am forever in your debt.

Insightful commentary on the state of fashion in our current day society! (5/5)

As a student at the Fashion Institute of Technology, it was to my greatest surprise to find that two former back-end tech developers had so much insight on high fashion. From John Galliano at Dior to Karl Lagerfeld’s final days at Chanel, Cody and Noel cover it all. They give in-depth reviews of runway shows that truly expand upon the art of fashion. Moreover, their strong opinions on the mediocrity and exploitive tendencies of fast fashion brands like Fashion Nova and Pretty Little Thing are really eye opening. These two can crack an occasional joke, but the real substance of their commentary is their ability to make even those who couldn’t care less about fashion genuinely interested in the topic. I 10/10 recommend this podcast to anyone who’s seriously interested in the world of fashion!

Helps a lot (5/5)

The boys’ advice on the best ways to roll quarters was a real life saver.

Most informative podcast I’ve ever listened to (5/5)

I love when they say “ The FitnessGram Pacer Test is a multistage aerobic capacity test that progressively gets more difficult as it continues. The 20 meter pacer test will begin in 30 seconds. Line up at the start. The running speed starts slowly but gets faster each minute after you hear this signal...boodeboop. A single lap should be completed every time you hear this sound...ding. Remember to run in a straight line and run as long as possible. The second time you fail to complete a lap before the sound, your test is over. The test will begin on the word start. On your mark. Get ready!… Start. ding

Got an A on a TMG homework assignment! (5/5)

Hey guys! Big fan! This podcast keeps me laughing at work and makes the time fly. Anyway, I’m writing because I’m taking a Humanities course in college and one of my assignments was to define and write about a cultural artifact. My classmates all chose topics like a famous piece of art or a book that changed the world. I chose the Tiny Meat Gang podcast. My girlfriend saw me writing the paper and was like “are you sure that’s appropriate for a classroom.” I thought to myself “nope,” as I typed out in detail what Noel and Cody joke about in their weekly podcast. Honestly though, your show is a cultural artifact to many millennials and people from gen z! You guys make an impact on people’s perspectives and lives. More than you realize probably. I got my paper back today. I got an A! Although my professor left a note on it saying “I strongly recommend you choose a different topic for your final project” haha Just wanted you guys to know your material is awesome. And I used your podcast to get an A in college Lol Keep going strong boys! And please come back to Milwaukee with your live tour! We missed it last time. Gabe

Most informative landscaping podcast ever! (5/5)

As an amateur landscaper, I was searching for a source of wisdom to guide me on my journey through the gardens of America. Lucky for me, the Tiny Meat Gang podcast provided me with everything I needed and more! They broke down every known garden plant based on genus and species, and listed the defining characteristics for each. Another great thing about the TMG podcast is that both Cody and Noel sent videos of their gardens and how they maintain their pristine conditions directly to me! They also had me re-teach them everything that I learned, just to make sure I really knew what I was doing. I cannot say enough about how thankful I am for these tips, as I have gone on to become a millionaire from my landscaping businesses. Also they’re kind of funny sometimes I guess.

Discussions on Philosophy of Education is AMAZING (5/5)

As I now understand it: the purpose of education is twofold: (1) to give learner’s the best possible chance at becoming well adjusted adults who function independently in the real world, by (2) giving them the foundational learning they will need to make the difficult choices, and think critically through, whatever life may throw at them. I can’t say enough about how the discussion really helped me consider my stance on the Montessori approach and style of education. I seriously will do more homework on that piece. Involving sharp objects early is an obvious solution to the lack of development in the art of fine weaponry and smithing. Love these guys. So committed to leading, to supporting people be the best teachers they can be. These kids desperately need strong role models. 🧠🗣👩🏼‍🏫👨🏾‍🏫🐥

Amazing! (5/5)

Never thought I’d love a fitness podcast but here we are. One episode in and already lost 100lbs. Thank you Tiny meat gang for all the tips and tricks to a healthier life style

Astonishing, fresh, and exhilarating!!! Must listen 😃 (5/5)

I’ve always been curious to know how my water is filtered. After stumbling across this informative podcast I was pleasantly surprised as to the knowledge these two have on at home water filters. Hearing and seeing them test out some of the best of the best water filters out on the market, has helped me become more conscious about the H2O I’m consuming on a regular basis. If I could give you boys more than five stars, oh boy I would break this darn review section with endless high ratings. If you’re looking for knowledgeable and informative men educating the masses on water filtration this is definitely a must listen podcast for you!

Best news podcast. (5/5)

I have listened to many podcasts, but no other podcast describes news in the most gripping way. Not only do they talk about current happenings, but they give useful reviews on technology and even products useful for everyday like dishwashers. I recommend this podcast to all of my co-workers and family when they are looking for a reliable way to get news and receive recommendations. Also, my grandma loves this podcast!

Funniest podcast (5/5)

I can’t listen to this while I’m at the gym because I laugh too much and can’t focus on my actual workout... never fails to make me laugh in public when I’m by myself

10/10 would recommend (5/5)

Listening to this while I fail my calculus homework!

Review (5/5)

This podcast is so much fun learning about how to count without my fingers and finally not needing to use my hands

Amazing Commentary (5/5)

Their views regarding Cold War-era United States’ involvement in foreign governments around the world are just sublime, especially the episode about the coup in Burkina Faso and the assassination of Thomas Sankara. A great listen.

Not a Podcast, But a Lifestyle (5/5)

It is an absolute delight listening to these fervid grid paper connoisseurs. They are able to decompose every little detail between the different grid papers from Alvin all the way to Pacon. True aesthetes of our time.

Weirdly Wide (5/5)

Love how they normalize halitosis. It’s been too long since anyone truly talked about life with and breath.

10/10 (5/5)

I really enjoyed when Noel talked

Jamaica (5/5)

I really appreciate their knowledge of applying temporary tattoos shaped like Larry David, and I especially enjoyed Mr. Ko’s personal anecdote about meeting his husband in a Russian chalk market

Invigerating (5/5)

I loved noels 30 minute off the cuff speech on weather or not Opposite Day should be a government Holliday. Cody sounds short.

Funny. (5/5)

Really funny

Best Christian Podcast (5/5)

Love listening to Cody and Noel’s sermons. Absolutely moving.

Best Sunday Service Ever! (5/5)

My family consists of me, my husband, and our three beautiful children, Matthew, Mark, and Luke. We listen to this every Sunday on the way to church and the way these two men spread the word of God is amazing. Each podcast has a new sermon and they interpret the word of God like I’ve never seen before! The whole family can sit down and listen to these two men preach, even the little ones, as it’s so family friendly! Sometimes they even play some worship songs! This is hands down the best podcast my family has ever listened to!

religious baddies win always 🗣 (5/5)

Love hearing these powerful women voice their opinion, a reminder that there’s still hope in humanity. Love, love, love Karen and her goofiness. Melinda is such a sweetheart too. Will definitely continue listening. Gosh darnnit (Excuse my language, may God bless all) 🙏🏻 I highly recommend listening to this podcast ladies!!! Girl defined could never. Period.

Jesus (5/5)

Leaving me in tears, top tier comedy best podcast to exist.

LOMLS (5/5)

Cody and Noel are arguably the best duo to ever exist.

great for beginning banjo players! (5/5)

I love listening to this podcast. As a new banjo player myself, I found this podcast to be very informative! The hosts go through banjo cord progressions and at the end they give you a new song to learn each week! Highly recommend for any new banjoers looking to improve their skills!

Man I love these bois when they talk (5/5)

The FitnessGram Pacer Test is a multistage aerobiccapacity test that progressively gets more difficult as it continues. The 20 meter pacer test will begin in 30 seconds. Line up at the start. The running speed starts slowly but gets faster each minute after you hear this signal bodeboop. A sing lap should be completed every time you hear this sound. ding Remember to run in a straight line and run as long as possible. The second time you fail to complete a lap before the sound, your test is over. The test will begin on the word start. On your mark. Get ready!… Start.

A interesting look into the ins and outs of football (5/5)

An amazing articulate look at the analytics of football, Just breathtaking

Good podcast (5/5)

It is really nice listing to this podcast, as a lover of composting who has a full time job it is hard for me to find the time to catch up on all the latest new on composting. So this is a great podcast for me, the fact that I can work while learning about composting is a game changer. 10/10 would recommend

Vacuums (5/5)

I never thought someone shared my interest in vacuums until today, it feels so great to be welcomed into a fellow community who supports all brands of vacuums and just enjoys discussing the ergonomics of each vacuum. Gladly they too hate the vile scum that are Roomba vacuums and other self vacuuming tools. I’d say they are conservative vaccuumist, and I too would align myself like this. Cody delivers more of the facts, while Noel shares short stories from himself and listeners about these magical vacuums. You can’t help but to learn and laugh when you listen.

Glucose homosexual (5/5)

This podcast is a must listen! They very beautifully articulate their thoughts on Darwinism and his theory of evolution. Cody takes a more social darwinistic approach which gives a better insight in his beliefs and views. TMG, standing for Tiny Men are Gods, proves why men should have complete control over women and their rights. Even though I’m a 5’10 female, I believe the short Kings of the world deserve complete dominance over all Tall queens. Noel even threw out the amazing idea that all women over 5 feet tall should have to get their legs surgically removed! Can’t wait until TMG convinces the world their ideas!

Best ASMR Podcast out there! (5/5)

I’ve been listening to the TMG Podcast for a while now and I absolutely love the way they integrate ASMR into their show. The whispers from Cody are absolutely fantastic and get me all nice and relaxed every time I here them. My absolute favorite segment is “Noel’s Roleplays”. He dresses up and pretends to be a doctor, teacher, fast food restaurant worker etc. It makes me relax like no other podcast. Perfect to listen to when you’re going to bed or having a rough night. The best episode is definitely episode 58 where Cody and Noel both do an ASMR 6ix9ine role play. Overall, perfect podcast for fans of ASMR. Definitely give these two boys a listen.

Alien Limb Syndrome (5/5)

After hearing these quality scientists discuss the issues and mental strain with rouge limbs, I decided to cut my leg off. I am finally free. Thank you goobers.

a podcast for the whole family!! (5/5)

my kids and i love listening to tiny meat gangs’ podcast! the way they prepare the tiny meat is so great, and my kids and i like to make the food together after listening. i also recommend watching their videos on youtube. they always come up while my 4 year old watches youtube kids!! very fun content

Great sewing tips! (5/5)

Fingieblasted my cuz to the gay one

An emergency medicine physicians’ dream (5/5)

As a practicing emergency medicine physician for 5 years now, it’s been quite difficult to find a podcast that discusses information relevant to my profession. In their latest episode titled “New ACLS algorithm changes 2020”, Cody and Noel discuss advanced cardiac life support pharmacology changes for the newest ACLS algorithm to be released next year. I thoroughly enjoy listening to Cody and Noel, despite neither one of them attending medical school. Their knowledge within the realm of emergency/trauma medicine is unmatched. I’m very excited to see where these two gentleman’s careers will take them.

Best Tech Support Podcast (5/5)

I’ve had trouble finding a podcast to help me with all things tech support, but I’ve finally found it with the TMG podcast. With thorough explanations and a 24/7 tech support hotline, this podcast truly wants to help every listener with all things electronic! I fixed my vacuum and microwave within 2 listens. Thanks!

Amazing medical knowledge (5/5)

I’m a medical student, so I didn’t expect this podcast to appeal to that aspect of my life. However, listening to them debate about diabetic nephropathy and its incidence in the United States completely floored me. I’d give 10 stars if I could.

just wonderful (5/5)

i love when they make smacking noises into the mic

Finally Some Experts!! (5/5)

I have been into 1800’s era class pottery for as long as I can remember and I am amazing I didn’t find this podcast sooner!! These guys have a love for pottery just like me and a very wide range of knowledge about everything from Upper East Asian soup cup plates to Western Florida Seminole mortars!! Very knowledgeable!!!

sugar gay (5/5)

i love how they told us to write a fake review on vacuums to seem boring as hell and then they actually talked about vacuums

biscuit recipe is great!!!! (5/5)

is official!! jeffrey epstein is definitely alive, thank you to these very qualified forensic investigators. i have seen the light, you’ve brought me to my senses. also the vegan lifestyle tips are beyond me.

Inspiring (5/5)

These two boomers give the best microwave reviews. They are so detailed and honest with their reviews. I just moved into a new apartment and was looking for a new microwave and I knew I could count on Chodey and Noel to help me find the BEST brand to buy. You know how handy microwaves are when it’s 2pm and you’re high as a kite and just want a hot-pocket. Thanks chodey and noel!

Epic! (5/5)

Most gamer podcast I love it bruh

Wow (5/5)

I don’t even know what to say. How do they even come up with the sentences they say? Absolutely incredible. Just marvelous.

yesssssS (5/5)

i love listening to you guys! i’ve listened to like all of them so i always replay them. your podcast slaps

Listen if you love your mommies sweet hams (5/5)

I didn’t know there were others like me! I am a lover of my moms gargantuan sweet sweet hams. Thanks TMG for making me feel at home

I can’t believe it’s not butter! (5/5)

So many other podcasts are NOT kosher. This podcast is the only kosher listen I could find on this website! Thank you for sharing your reviews and honest opinions on Delicatessen in your area.

Danger and romance (5/5)

One of my favorite fan-fics ever. Cody and Noelle make every episode exciting, each one hotter and saucier than the one before. Can’t wait to see their relationship develops !

best psychology podcast!! (5/5)

if you’re currently in any psychology class and learning about sigmund freud, i totally recommend this freudian podcast! they cover all of freud’s theories and go into significant detail on all of them. my favorite episode is on the oedipus complex. best psychology professors ever!

uh oh (5/5)

stinkyyyyy pooopyyyy

Great podcast! (5/5)

I really enjoy this podcast and their weekly discussions. They seem to really provide their listeners with all the up to date news about carpets and all the latest in the upholstery industry. I also really appreciate the advice about washing detergents!

Yeets (5/5)

These bois yeet the funny to your ears.

The most sincere thank you (5/5)

Thank you to chode and nole they really helped me feel at home with the fact that, i, too, have a micro penis. Thank you for honoring my community with such pure and in depth talks about the micro community. We micro-thank you.

Cody ko you’re awesome! Noel you have pretty eyes! (5/5)

I loveeeeee when you guys read off reddit. I never go on there, but hearing you guys talk about funny reddit posts is great. Love you guys.

great podcast! (5/5)

I loved the episode about the history of headboards! The amount of headboard related deaths was incredible, and I learned a lot along the way. Very informative!

Bottom tier content (5/5)

Listened bc my philosophy professor recommended it to those who were struggling and needed help with understanding a priori arguments. This podcast helped somewhat, however, Jake Paul’s content is much more informative, in my opinion.

This podcast has helped me so much (5/5)

Thanks to Cody and Noel I have been able to embrace my newly found identity. I finally feel confident as a furry. I am a wolf, finally able to howl at the night sky without being embarrassed or worried of what my neighbors will say. I am finally free of the social stigma and it is all thanks to these two wonderful men. I believe this podcast is a must listen for all who are struggling to embrace this new way of life. Thank you Cody Ko and Noel Miller, you guys have given me the confidence to be who I was always meant to be.

Combine Harvesters (5/5)

I have never listened to two people more passionate about combine harvesters. Really helped me out when I was looking into purchasing my own combine harvester. Their in depth look into the different types and prices when looking for the perfect reaping/threshing machine may be borderline obsessive, but I found it both humbling and informative.

How to STOP cheating on your boyfriend (5/5)

This podcast has really changed my life, I used to be addicted to cheating on my boyfriend but Noel and Cody have really taught me that its an unattractive habit to have. Now I only cheat on Fridays! It’s better to cut back than to quit cold turkey. “Do a little at a time” they always say” thank you Cody and Noel!

this podcast made my toe numb (5/5)

every time u listen to this podcast PHENOMENAL aloe plants are sprouted in westchester, NY. mr. miller and mr. ko are changing the face of the earth one healing plant at a time. not only do they help heal the earth with healing plants but they also taught me that i shouldn’t settle for anything other than an extraterrestrial being who summons me to their helicopter (please, don’t be stoopid- helicopters don’t exist). this is how i met my husband, natas (backwards this spells satan, but i have chosen to ignore this factoid). we have been happily married for 1 month. ***I AM LYING!! this is a hopeless marriage. he has no means of communication w me and last week he ate my rabbit*** but anyways... wonderful, aloe-filled podcast. #dontleturdreamsbedreams #aloefortheplant #natasbackwardsissatan

So educational (5/5)

I have never listened to such an informative podcast. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert in aerodynamics, you’ll want to listen to this podcast.

Best podcast for reviews on obscure dental practices (5/5)

I love when Kevin and Noble give their insight on common dental malpractices.

Fuckformeat (5/5)

Cured my depression

Listen to daily! (5/5)

These two leading activists have created something out of the ordinary here. Cody Ko’s extensive background as a world known psychologist and Harvard Professor has gained the attention of millions in the medical community. Noel Miller is cut from a different cloth. Miller is most know for his Ted Talk titled “Transitioning from an Oedipus to a Methodist”. His main message being that the teachings of Jesus as translated by John Wesley can transform anyone’s life, even someone as unfortunate as Oedipus (a character he personally connects to.) These two men will make you cry, laugh, and have an overall new outlook on life. With the help of Cody Ko and Noel Miller I have discovered... moms sweet butcheeks.

Episode 105 was objectively bad (1/5)

I hate how serious they took jokes about them. Also the "Rise and Shine" stuff is really not funny. Felt weirdly empty, I really like them but I didn't laugh once. Sorry to these men.

Amazing and wise gaymen (5/5)

These men are so smart and wise. They know how to treat a lady right ;) although I might get a lot of hate for agreeing with their most recent podcast because im a girl, I do believe women are property. We belong in the kitchen making sandwiches. What were we made for if not to serve our man? Please keep up the good work gentleman ;)

Best Podcast for sensitive bottoms (5/5)

Best podcast for anyone looking to be informed about all the wonderful aspects of toilet paper. Favorite podcast by far!

Wonderful (5/5)

I completely owe my success in college and subsequent jobs to these two men. Nowhere else could I have found such preside and thorough information for organic chemistry. I recently cured cancer and plan on giving them the credit. Also there isn’t nearly enough doctor pepper in this series

Doesn’t try anymore (5/5)

I feel like Cody doesn’t try anymore with his content and jokes and music.

TMG 4L (5/5)

Ay yo get that man Cody smoking on dat loud he needs to chill

Stinky Poopy (5/5)


Very helpful (5/5)

Told me everything I needed to know about the inner workings of my car’s engine

Jehovah witness rant (love it) (5/5)

Mr Ko and Mr Miller have went in depth about how Jehovah witnesses are great people. Not only did they teach us how to knock from door to door preaching the Bible, but also they made sure to help us understand the lords words and the fact that I in fact cannot marry my brother. Amen ❤️

so good (5/5)

i love them

🤯 (5/5)

Can’t believe yall got Taylor Swift on the podcast, I can’t wait to hear what y’all cook up in the studio🔥

Great podcast but... (5/5)

I have been listening to this podcast for a good while now but my marriage has been ruined from this podcast

They KNOW how to lift (5/5)

Cynthia and Natasha are Olympic weight lifters so they give great lifting tips on how to get big fast. I have learned a lot from them on how to perfect my deadlift technique. If you want to learn how to get huge, I highly recommend this podcast.

Beyond Superb (5/5)

The adequacy of the different topics I have most certainly been indulged in has quenched my thirst for knowledge. Do not get me started on the episode about how sausage is made. The detail put into it is beyond compare these two men go out of their way to produce and explain the necessary details to make sausage at home. 5 stars. Would buy again.

Where do I even begin (5/5)

Not only did I learn that I am in fact NOT nor have I EVER BEEN a stoner. I have been lied to my entire life, and I am unbelievably thankful for what this podcast has made me realize about myself. Additionally, I have started avidly using the Disneyland app. I currently live in Syracuse, NY, however the pure joy I get from using this app everyday. I’m also in a relationship with my step sisters god brother.

19th amendment (5/5)

Very informative podcast about why women should not have rights from the perspective of 2 virgin adults

Amazing for aspiring Landscape Architects (5/5)

This podcast helped me to solidify my dreams and aspirations of becoming a Landscape Architect. Cody and Noel speak with such knowledge and passion about the formation of outdoor spaces, it is truly amazing to hear two complex minds chat about the construction of recreational parks. The way they talk about sidewalks just makes my jaw drop. Noels background in Agricultural Science and Cody’s experience in Roman Religion and Culture makes their ideas and concepts especially intriguing and unique. I am so glad I found this podcast because without it, I would have never discovered my true passion.

Excellent show. (5/5)

These two men are probably some of the most intelligent and at the same time entertaining podcasters out there. When it comes to the topic of industrial heating and air conditioning, no other show can compare. Mr. Ko and Mr. Miller are some of the most informed, educated, and experienced professionals in this interesting business. Would definitely recommend to any would be HVAC professionals, particularly those hoping to enter the more prestigious and advanced industrial field.

Excellent political stances (5/5)

Mr. Ko and Mr Miller delve deep into the current political tension brewing in the Middle East. This podcast is packed with hours and hours of thoughtful yet sobering philosophical and political debate. All around an excellent listen for any political junky. 10/10

I love (5/5)

I love when they went on a 30 minute tangent about the different species of dung beetle and the tensile strength of their antennae, so interesting!

. (5/5)

My friend told me this is the best podcast to learn about sloths and I wasn’t really sure if I could get into it, but I love the detail and the obvious love Cody and Noel have for those amazing creatures.

This is outstanding! (5/5)

I cannot believe how much I have learned about rotary machines from this podcast! These men are very well read and create a wonderful listening experience that makes my ears ejaculate happiness.

Perfect DIY Slime Tutorial! (5/5)

Wow, these two!!! If you were ever in search of how to make your own slime, and how to look good doing it, look no further. Prof. Ko and Dr. Miller have honed their craft of slime-ing (how the pros call it) and immerse listeners in the experience. As an amateur, I was intimidated when a friend told me of TMG but now, I could slime just about anything. With their fast facts on how to stay slim while slime-ing and incredible diet tricks, slime while looking great has never been easier. #SlimeingWhileSlimming

Fire🔥 (5/5)

I’ve almost died listening to this podcast on multiple occasions. The funniest

Formation of Clouds: Factual and Entertaining l (1/5)

Mr. Ko and Mr. Miller go in-depth and discuss each step of the cloud formation process. Sometimes they crack the occasional fart joke, which I tend to tune out to, but otherwise I really enjoy the cloud discussions. I was blessed to see them live during the summer, A.K.A, peak cloud season. The theater was PACKED! Cody, Noel, me, and three other middle aged white homosexual men ventured to the outdoors and cloud gazed for hours. Truly a breathtaking experience. I definitely recommend following their cloud journey. Have a blessed day fellow cloudwatches, Mark S. Williams Junior

10/10 (5/5)

been binging all of it since march, finally caught up and i’m going to see them live in november so yeah, i would say it’s a pretty good podcast

TMG Bring the Heat 🔥 (5/5)

Great podcast, much laughs 💗

Perceptive (5/5)

Went in expecting two horny dudes talking about sex constantly. Left very pleased by their intuitive analysis of taboo political and religious issues. They approach everything from such an unbiased stance yet offer fantastically thorough responses without upsetting either side.

Legit review from long fan (5/5)

I lived when they compared and contrasted dyson vacuumed to the constitution

Cooking meat meals for one (5/5)

On the TMG podcast they’ll teach you have to cook meat proportions for one. If you’re a divorced dad who’s wife moved to Asia then this podcast is for you. They do step by step on how to do your own meaty meals for yourself or maybe your cat. If you don’t want meaty meals for one they provide two videos every month on new Pinterest cooking recipes for all you cooking lovers. They also give you tips on how to use kitchen utensils like the oven or the dishwasher. If it wasn’t for them I would have gotten kicked out of culinary school. I used my own “original” recipes that I learned from these brilliant men. Now that I’ve graduated from Culinary school I can pursue my dream of opening a dog restaurant. God bless Cody and Noel.

I’ll have the lobster with a side of awesome sauce!! (5/5)

'Did you ever hear the Tragedy of Darth Plagueis the wise? I thought not. It's not a story the Jedi would tell you. It's a Sith legend. Darth Plagueis was a Dark Lord of the Sith, so powerful and so wise he could use the Force to influence the midichlorians to create life... He had such a knowledge of the dark side that he could even keep the ones he cared about from dying. The dark side of the Force is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be unnatural. He became so powerful... the only thing he was afraid of was losing his power, which eventually, of course, he did. Unfortunately, he taught his apprentice everything he knew, then his apprentice killed him in his sleep. It's ironic he could save others from death, but not himself.'

Amazing Podcast for Body Positivity (5/5)

As a tall person, I’ve had a hard time hearing short people simply because they are so far away. This podcast is a great platform(pun intended) to raise the voices of these short kings so I can finally hear their thoughts and words. I’m glad to say that their ideas are pretty good even though they are so close to the floor. Wonderful podcast. Sugar Gay.

amazing i’m in love (5/5)

funny, smart, juul gods. cody if you see this i’m in love w kelsey plz can i kiss her

Birdwatching (5/5)

You know when my friend recommended a podcast about birdwatching, I was unsure. Dr. Ko and Dr. Miller are certainly experts in their field, and they have such great storytellers that it feels like I can see the birds with my very own eyes! Although their episode about vacuums was a little odd. This is the best place for amateur birdwatchers to learn from the best!

Funny but only one complaint (5/5)

I listen to this podcast while doing landscaping at a state park and all the asian tourists dont know what to think about me while i laugh like a crazy person on my lawnmower

Amazing! (5/5)

Thanks to this podcast I passed my psychology course in college. Cody and Noel speak about the different parts of the brain, different somatic disorders, and what makes a person tick. Interesting listen, and great to play at work for you and your colleagues to listen over lunch break. Thank you Cody and Noel! You’re looking at a brand new social worker!

F-A-N-tastic! (5/5)

If you’re looking for an excellent science of ceramics podcast then look no further! Cody and Noel are master craftsmen with mountains of knowledge on proper hand technique, different texture styles, and yes, a tad bit of silliness added into the mix. They will have your hands moving like no other after just one listen. Highly recommend.

thinking outside the box (5/5)

Cody and Noel offer an interesting insight to sexual education. As a freshman and in college who is still a virgin in progress, it can be hard knowing the responsible and proper way to experience the pleasure of intercourse. The way Cody makes the audience feel confident in their own body has largely improved my outlook on life which was previously extremely negative. The tmg (tiny meat gang) support subreddit led by Noel has helped me reach out to women and has even gotten me to second base!! Overall, this podcast has big boobs.

Most informative podcast on Bonsai Trees (5/5)

For years I’ve been searching for the perfect podcast for one of my interests (bonsai trees) and I finally found it with tiny meat gang. My favorite segment is when they compare the branch fibers in American bonsai trees and Japanese bonsai trees. I went and saw them live in Portland and had a more than satisfactory time watching them plant a bonsai tree and they even sold saplings at the merch booth. 10/10 highly recommend

This podcast is great for newbie farmers (5/5)

First of all these guys know their stuff. I just got into farming my own little vegetable patch in the backyard but man I never realized how complex farming truly is. On a grand scale they dive deep into strategies like crop rotation in order to keep the nutrients in the soil from being used up. How limestone can be grinded up and used as a acid reduction agent because of the calcium carbonate which in turn also reduces the aluminum and magnesium toxicity. Incredible stuff, only problem is I don’t like how they keep using this tool called a h*e, I find it disgusting how they refer to a tool as such a vile name but still the information is 10 apples out of 10 oranges

WOW (5/5)

WOW. I’ve learned so much about theology. Screw Joel Olsteen, these guys are the new evangelists of AMERICA.


Someone on Reddit (which I’ve never been on) recommended I listen to this podcast. And boy, let me tell you - I WAS NOT disappointed. Their podcast detailing the ins and outs of the fight for women’s rights in 1948 Sri Lanka is a MUST HEAR. The way they weave the historical facts and funny anecdotes from their time there is riveting. The hosts have a sexual tension you could CUT WITH A KNIFE. I anxiously tune in every week to watch the love story of a life time unfold. It’s just a bonus that learn some cool facts about 1948 Sri Lanka to tell the boys at our parties. 5/5, would recommend!

Short kings (5/5)

I am just so thrilled to finally see a podcast that supports and uplifts people with small packages, especially in such a mature, dignified way!

Intricate and Insightful. (5/5)

I love when they talked about the intricacy and sophistication of Roger Desmond’ cinematography and the power of genre bending filmmaking that includes the work of David Fincher, George A Romero, Christopher Nolan and Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick. A truly uplifting and insightful Podcast.


Christian moms looking for a wholesome podcast for their sons look no further. My son was starting to lose faith and was always arguing back to me (his MOTHER) and not respecting his community. Thanks to TMG he has started respecting me again and has even stopped vaping. Thank you TMG for giving me my son back

Types of meat (5/5)

This is by far the best cooking podcast out. They are very peculiar on what meats are good and which sizes are best for your individual satisfaction.

Great Knowledge on Contemporary Design Culture (5/5)

Cody and Noel have taught me so much about Contemporary Design Culture through the decades and how it impacted certain nations. Very informative about World Exhibitions and product designs with themes like Industrialization, Consumerism, Identity, Modernism, Nostalgia, and more. Can’t wait to listen and learn even more through these wise individuals.

The gay podcast I’ve been WAITING for (5/5)

Sure there are a lot of lgbt podcasts out their nowadays but the relationship that Cody and Noel has and how they openly share the ups and downs is so beautifully pure and honest. So glad gay couples have this kind of representation now.

the only ones i trust to talk about apa format (5/5)

as a college tutor it can be hard to explain to kids the details of citation styles, but with these two scholars behind the mic it has never been easier! thanks dr. ko and dr. miller!

Best Tech Support Hotline (5/5)

Since day one these two boys, Codel and Nody, of Canadian and Indian descent have helped thousands with their technical problems. Whether it be failing to log into to or figuring out why their coinbase wallet is empty, they always have a way to fix it and pump up people’s technical confidence. When they have no callers they love to talk about their favorite things: The Paul Civilized Podcast, Veganism, and their Homosexuality.

Helpful for anxious otters (5/5)

Best hair braiding tutorial I’ve ever seen! I can see voices.

Skinny Legend (5/5)

Really cut down on the meat after listening to the podcast weekly. Thanks for your advice guys!

good learning experience! (5/5)

this podcast is extremely informative and useful. i would have NEVER known how to change a tire had it not been for this podcast, nor how to use a washing machine, and they are very family friendly! tmg are the best hands down

Keurig enthusiasts (5/5)

I loved their segments about keurigs, some very insightful thoughts and points made.

Coyote 600 (5/5)

This podcast is so good on car stuff this helped me build a coyote 600 bronco like the one logic plans to buy.

Fantastic (5/5)

If you love wisconsin and anything about Wisconsin. These guys dive straight into the greatest historic places in Wisconsin. They even comment on a few sports games!

Incredible (5/5)

If you don’t listen to this podcast for all your toaster facts and updates, you are not a real toaster enthusiast. G’bye

very useful (5/5)

this is the best gothic furniture podcast i’ve ever listened to

Best ASMR mukkbang podcast out there (5/5)

The organic pucker of their lips as they cram down different genres of food and drink basically sings me to sleep every night. I also love how they quote the Dow Jones and Nasdaq stock prices weekly and break down the numbers for the crowd. I’ve found a lot of success with their lifting tips as well. I still can’t believe what happened when they squatted 680...

Saved my Marriage (5/5)

THIS PODCAST SAVED MY MARRIAGE!!! These two gentlemen gave me the knowledge to enhance my spiritual fitness within my marriage, all while, giving out great grilling recipes. I can absolutely enjoy an amazing steak while my Wife gets absolutely railed by her boyfriend! The Tiny Meat Gang brought me to understand how Cuckholding can positively influence my relationship with my wife. I with I could give it 10 Stars. I recommend it to all my family and friends!

5.0 out of 5.0 best bowling podcast (5/5)

I’ve been looking for real good bowling podcast sense ‘04 so glad I finally came across this podcast never have I even thought about cleans my balls a different way until I listen to this podcast. A must listen

Just wow. (5/5)

After hearing 100+ podcasts of TMG, i finally did it. I preformed my first surgery and it went amazing. Their in-depth analysis of the cardiovascular system has really helped me through the challenging cuts in a a heart. Thanks TMG!

Wow, easily an 11/10 (5/5)

This podcast was able to cure me of my hemorrhoids. I no longer feel like my a-hole is being torn apart when I rip a loud one. Thanks

Granola bar galore (5/5)

These guys are truly amazing the way they talk of granola and it’s classifications and different types makes gives me the chills. They are experts of everything from granola to even oatmeal. I really enjoy the calming sound of there voices and also learning about oats and there diversity. I give this podcast five stars because all the other granola podcasts don’t have quality quite as good as this one.

Excellent education (5/5)

I had needed help with my accurpress 717510-12 press brake. The issue was with the hydraulic pump, and how the pressure was too low to run at the 175 capacity. They taught me that the replacement hoses we bought were not for the 175 ton but for a 60 ton capacity. The knowledge these two have saved my company, and my marriage. Thank you guys! I’d love to make a jingle for my company for you guys to use. Let me know!

***CLIMAX WARNING*** (5/5)

I love listening to the “tiny meat gang” podcast while I’m pleasuring myself. I always climax within the first two minutes! Their sexy deep voices always bring me to my knees. When Noel speaks softly into the mic, I can feel my skin trembling. Cody’s natural sexual charisma brings me joy like no other. Ladies, I highly recommend listening to their podcast!

So Helpful (5/5)

this is THE BEST fantasy football podcast i have listened to by far. Cody and his buddy have unmatched knowledge on each players’ stats, strengths, and weaknesses. I take their advice to heart and it helps me win BIG in my fantasy league every time! I pray that the other dads in my group don’t find this podcast... 😂😂😂

Lingooooo (5/5)

Wow being an exchange student is so hard, but these guys have really helped me get through these first few month. They cover everything, from how to deal with homesickness, to complex conjugation. On a real note I was listen to them while the rest of my class was taking a Spanish literature class and I started cry laughing. The really put down quality comprehensive humor, but also got me kicked out of class.

Say what?!?! (5/5)

Yeah I just can’t believe how sugar gay this podcast is. Like it really helped fill a void I’d been missing for a long time. Like a gay sweet void that has longed for a deep deep filling.

Crocs (5/5)

They not only found but acted out the mating ritual of the saltwater crocodiles Needless to say my boner is through the roof

relaxing and informative (5/5)

This podcast is great. I love learning about the stock market, and Cody and Noel know exactly how to use nice, quiet inside voices so I can fall asleep with headphones in and not have to worry about getting woken up by any loud noises like laughter. I hate laughter.

Cats R Cool (5/5)

I love their segments on cat litter. I’ve always had so much trouble trying to find great podcasters who are so passionate about cat litter like me. Like them I don’t actually have cats, I just collect the litter. I’ve never felt so understood by two avid cat litter enthusiast:)) I completely recommend this podcast for all cat litter enthusiast

tiny marriage gang (5/5)

this is a beautiful podcast that covers midget weddings from all over the world. This podcast brings to me to tears everytime thank you tiny marriage gang you taught me love comes in all sizes my favorite episode is abour the ones who wore moon shoes

Adopted Parents (5/5)

Hey Cody and Noel do SUCH a great job at talking about how to open up to my parents about adoption. My parents left before my sister and I were born, and we found our new parents abandoned on our front porch. It was really hard to tell them that we weren’t their real kids but after listening to their podcast I was finally able to tell them.

perfectly relaxing (5/5)

i love listening to this podcast while im meditating or trying to sleep. their voices are so calming and there are never any obnoxious loud noises, like clipping the mic or loud vocal noises. the topics they talk about are thought provoking, but not so much that it will keep you awake at night. just NPR style conversations stated calmy and respectfully

Culinary Geniuses (5/5)

I have listened to A LOT of culinary based podcasts in my day but this is hands down the best one. Information spanning from the 5 mother sauces, basic knife cuts, and of course, how to fabricate different meats, has taught me so much about kitchen basics. I recommend this podcast to all my classmates. love you guys.......Hell yeah -Jaianna <3

In slow motion (5/5)

I recommend listening to the podcast at 1/2 speed. They sound like they just got done smoking. It’s great. Goodbye.

Personalized sweet nothings (5/5)

This podcast always puts me to sleep in the first 10 minutes, so I’m glad I finally got a personalized message before dozing off. I just wanted to say thanks to the Tiny Meat Boys for wishing me good night. 5 stars for finally being accepted as someone’s boo bear.

Informative! (5/5)

I love when they compared different Dyson vacuums and rated them based on suction, battery life, durability, and they even included a “fun” factor which quantified the amount of fun to be had while using each vacuum. It was very informative.

This podcast bangs (5/5)

Honestly never thought I would be able to find a podcast about such power appliances such as stoves, ovens, and microwaves, but this podcast covers it all listen to these guys if you need some quick tips about the latest appliances and firmware for you kitchen. Thank you Tiny Meat Gang!

Very educational (5/5)

Finally know how to cage a car tire

Coal Mining (5/5)

Cody and Noel are great at coal mining! TMG actually stands for tiny mining guys. The key is to be short, so you can fit in the caves! I picked up mining because of them! Thanks TMG!

Funniest podcast ever (5/5)

Funny enough to make you laugh jk this podcast is awesome

End of the World! (5/5)

The Tiny Meat Gang provides an in-depth analysis of the end of the world scriptures, and even help you renovate your doomsday bunker! I can’t thank them enough for their help in these damning times.

favorite podcast (5/5)

i listen to tmg religiously. i loved the episode when they talked about giant tropical centipedes snd how they share their territory with tarantulas. despite its impressive length, it’s a nimble navigator, and some can be highly venomous. as quick as lightning (just like the tarantula it’s killing), the centipede has two curved hollow fangs which inject paralyzing venom. even tarantula aren't immune from an ambush. the centipede is a predator.

Great for the kids (5/5)

EDUCATIONAL. I love when Noel goes over the proper way to pick up dog excrement, and Cody goes over the best way to clean a litter box. 10/10.

Relationship advice (5/5)

Male (21) engaged to Female (21). Yesterday while listening to the show, she looked at me and said “I wish your d*** was smaller” This shattered me. After years of seeing penis enhancement ads and doing exercises to increase length, I find out that it was all for nothing and have to re-examine my entire view on shaft size. What advice would you have to decrease the size of my shaft?

They Can say that again ??! (5/5)

As a fellow racially ambiguous pan sexual non gender conforming mid 40s part time trucker/ professional Escort and crypto currency investor , It’s refreshing to hear such insightful answers to life’s most daunting questions like : what’s the meaning of life? What is our purpose in life ? With every breath drawing us closer and closer to an inevitable death ,can we construct a vision to a greater future? Who would’ve thought a podcast solely marketed as a “renaissance tile refurbishing company perspective “ Would be such an insightful outlook on life in the modern era . I’ve learned things ! I’m now inspired to pursue my dreams in conceptual art pieces . If your looking for insightful anecdotes in pop art and mercury retrograde without all that propaganda you get in the main stream media than this is the podcast for you .

Wow... beautiful (5/5)

Never knew that I’d find a podcast on how to kill and dismember children! Only 2-13 years though.

Amazing *emotional* review! (5/5)

Here recently my wife left me for our neighbors dogs girlfriends mom and this podcast has really given me the perfect advice on how to get her back after I get out of prison! Thanks guys!

Helped me with my Math grade (5/5)

Before i listened to TMG, i was never grasping the concepts of Algebra. My grade was a D and i was always failing tests. Now my grade has higher to an A! My math teacher was so impressed we even play this podcast during math class sometimes. Thanks Top Math Grades!

great sophisticated podcast (5/5)

This podcast gives great incite on vacuums and on the best brand. As a advocate for vacuum discussions, I was very pleased when I came across this podcast. I’ve been looking for a vacuum podcast for some time now, and now I can finally here debates about machine cleaners.

Tmg (5/5)

I like when they talk about cranking cocks🤣🤣🤣🤣

That’s crazy (5/5)

Cody and Noel are amazing dudes that have a great look on life, oddly never on reddit which is weird, they have no clue what it is.

Very Informational (5/5)

The knowledge these two present on the inner working on wet wipe production is absolutely sensational. They explained how A wet laid process is typically used for softer cloths, like diaper wipes, that use cotton blends. In this wet process, the fibers are made into liquid slurries with water and other chemicals. The resultant paste is pressed into flat sheets by rollers and then dried to form long rolls of fabric.

Life changing (5/5)

Now I truly understand how to make the perfect meatball

10/10 would recommend (5/5)

If it wasn’t for this Podcast I would of never learned how to ride a bike or how to properly microwave a steak. Thanks Cody & Noel you guys ate life savers.

Invredible!!11 (5/5)

Absolute fantast pod. Learn so much about snail collection and mollusk farm!

The Best Father/Son Podcast Duo in the game (5/5)

I really enjoy this podcast as it is explains the proper way to make pancakes. Ever since Cody shared the proper way to “fluff your cakes” my pancakes have been thicker and more plump than ever

Say goodbye to college debt (5/5)

This podcast has taught me so much about handling my student debt. Cody and Noel And well educated individuals who give great tips to many college students about financial aid, student loans, and how to keep good credit. I listen to this podcast everyday while walking around my college campus and now I am debt free! Thanks guys

Honey 👍 (5/5)

Gotta love Honey

DI-Y Not (5/5)

The best, I mean all time best DIY podcast I have even listened to or seen. Their in-depth look into the life and struggles of two all out DIY enthusiasts is beyond gripping. So grab your safety scissors and construction paper and join TMG on their journey to bring the world together with true lifesaving life hacks. It’s loads of fun!!!

Amazing Podcast!! (5/5)

Tired of Mr struggle pods??? Look no further! These two deliver an amazing Podcast worthy of the Bible! Essentially an audio 28th book of the bible!!!!

Best tik tok podcast (5/5)

Wasn’t a big fan of tik tok but these guys really crack down on the intelligence behind it all. You learn so much on not just the app but how to get big and famous off of it I’m already almost to my first sponsor for tummy tea. It’s great! Thanks to these guys I have just as many followers as Kylie Jenner

So informative! (5/5)

In all my years of vet school I have never learned nor absorbed so much information on dairy heifer management! These two gentlemen have taught me more about the birthing of calves and milk production of heifers than all of my years of undergrad and vet school combined! Thank you!!!

Funny podcast (5/5)

They are very funny, would subscribe

Good (5/5)


fantastic resource for all things GMOs! (5/5)

The TMG podcast has been incredibly educational for me in my search for unbiased and informative factoids on genetically modified organisms and the culture surrounding them. Their exposé on corporate smear campaigns upon big Agro in our political system has been truly enlightening. I don’t think I could thank farmers Cody and Noel enough for showing me the effect subsidizing corn has had on this nation & our obesity crisis. Would love to hear more about the Irish Potato Famine soon!

Tiny meat advocate (5/5)

I always wanted to find a podcast with a passion for tiny meats. I have been a tiny meat advocate for years and I truly believe that some meats are too big. Tiny meats are more flavorful and just as filling. Master Chef’s Cody and Noel give great tips on how to cook different types of tiny meats, and also share recipes out of the tiny meat recipe book. I also enjoy their insight on what stores have the best tiny meat and have taken their advice. I go to Trader Joe’s to get my tiny meats thanks to the gang.

Revolutionary (5/5)

Whenever I hook up with a woman who has a child, I’ll play this podcast in the kids bedroom so they don’t hear us doing “sexy time” while they sleep. Last week, I got a call from the woman thanking me for helping her son. Apparently, he got accepted to Harvard and is pursing a degree in biomedical engineering after listening to this podcast. He is already expected to cure Ligma by 2021, and is on course to receive a Nobel prize next year. The most impressive thing is he learned all this from a podcast at the young age of 36.

Meat (5/5)

It’s a yummy time!

I loved the episode about space (5/5)

It is crazy that two licensed astronauts set time aside to make a podcast. Cody and Noel are the best of the best. Every time they talk about space my prechristmas starts to leak out

Sex life and pasta frying tips (5/5)

These amazing guys have somehow figured out how to create make up eating tutorials in the form of a podcast. Truly inspiring and leggy.

Changed How I see The Ancient World: Enlightening!! (5/5)

This podcast taught me so much about the intricacies of Homer's arguement thoroughout his epic poems, but especially the Odyssey. By looking at hundreds of different transations in Latin, english, and even live translating the ancient greek, these two trained classists make the trancience of Homer's works come to life. I am enlightened and now look at the ancient world in a completly different way. Thank you so much!

Exceptional! (5/5)

These two men are so knowledgeable on the history of highways and road signs! I have learned so much about the construction of roads, the font “Highway Gothic”, and about the perfect asphalt pour and paint. Thank you so much Nicole and Colbee for informing me on highways. I rate this podcast a 3/5.

Amazing hot deals podcast (5/5)

You know I never write reviews for stuff but after listening to this podcast for almost 2 years I had to let people know just how great it is. I have never found a podcast that goes through every single coupon book and grocery store deal section of the paper each week. Because of them I have been able to get some great deals on meat, produce, and even household items. You can tell how much work they put into the podcast researching all of the best deals for every store you can think of in Wisconsin, I mean it does not do much for me out here in California but still.

Amazing (5/5)

Love hearing two dedicated bobsledders discuss their past in the sport and their current journey to the Olympics!

tmg (5/5)

I loved when they talked about the best lotion to use for all parts and also there vacum and how to eat noodles correctly

French and Indian War (5/5)

I wasn't expecting a comedy podcast to teach me so much about the French and Indian war. They discussed in detail that​one way the French and Indian War altered political relations with Britain and its colonies was by causing Britain to abandon salutary neglect. Britain had rules for the colonies to follow but they were never really heavily enforced. They believed as long as they were making money for the mother country, they didn’t have much else to worry about. Canassatego, the Chief of the Onondaga Nation of the IroquoisConfederacy said in his speech (2) to the representative of Pennsylvania that this was basically the only land that had remained for them at the time- 1742. Britain’s colonies were being threatened to be taken away. This is when they made the decision to step in and basically act like the ‘parent in the situation’- the colonies were able to take advantage of the trade situation (though some hadn’t they had been placed in and Britain knew this had to come to an end. It was effective. Salutary neglect was one thing that the French and Indian War had changed for Britain and their colonies.And I would have never known this prior to this podcast. thanks guys

my favorite dairy farmers! (5/5)

these guys are the best dairy farmers i’ve ever listened to, they talk about the cows as if they were their own children. my favorite segment of the podcast is when they taste and describe their milk batch of the week, they create such vivid images of their silky, creamy white milk. it sounds like they feed it to each other, which is just so sweet!

Amazing podcast (5/5)

Noel suggesting the Home Depot app has changed my whole life thank you

Great! So helpful and informative! (5/5)

nody and codel are the cutest couple and their baby boy klyle is so pretty she should definitely be a model (even if she is 48) age shouldn't stop him from her dream.

What an amazing podcast! (5/5)

I was searching for so long for a podcast that could teach me things, I always love to be learning new things, and this podcast taught me about all the different kinds of meat, and how you they are prepared, what to look for when it comes to the food processing, from when the cattle or the chicken are raised to the moment they’re packed. I loved it, and also learning about the best app to use, what they offer, and their recommendations, Noel and Cody have different tastes in apps which makes it even more interesting, being able to compare between their favorites. Overall, best podcast I’ve found, I’ll continue to learn new things!

Onions (5/5)

I love how they use different techniques to cut the onions. When I’m with my platypus he gets sensitive around those stupid vegetables. This podcast has made me want to expand my knowledge and love for windows.

The Absolute Best / Airplane Knowledge (5/5)

I am absolutely in love with hearing two (occasionally) funny men, sharing their insights, knowledge and personal research on the construction and manufacturing of commercial aircraft, as I am a avgeek myself. The one segment where they talked about how specific triangular nodes are created under the outer wings to cause vortex's which help decrease wing flex which, in turn, helps the aircraft stay more stable in the air with the more minimal amount of turbulance was very fasinating. Much love to the guys Cody Ko and Noel Miller for sharing their interests to their fans.

10/10 (5/5)

They taught me how to be a real stoner....g’bye

Seriously groundbreaking.... (5/5)

I stumbled upon this podcast when I was alone in my bed on a Friday night. These two wonderful men (who happen to be licensed psychologists) have literally helped me through my darkest times... After I had lost my boyfriend of 3 months, I just put on their podcast and it immediately lifted my spirits. They do an amazing job at discussing different diagnoses and they even helped to diagnose my bipolar disorder! Thank you Dr. Noel and Dr. Cody. I SERIOUSLY RECOMMEND THIS PODCAST!

Great for Holiday season (5/5)

This podcast recently talked a lot about pre Christmas preparation. Gave some great tips and suggestions to prepare for the holiday season this year!

Product Works Well (5/5)

Ever heard of George A. Stephen? Oh I don’t know... the FOUNDER of Weber Grills? Yeah he couldn’t tell you how to grill a proper slider, let alone a bratwurst. (ROTFLMFAO) These gentlemen can. Propane? Charcoal? No no no. Cody and Noel will light your grill (and your life) with BARS and positive vibes. I tune in every week to learn about the hottest tips and tricks in the world of grilling. I don’t go on Reddit.

Love the episode with Codel (5/5)

It was amazing to hear a queer woman’s story and hardship she faced, even cracking jokes and her unfortunate experiences. I’d love them to have codel back on! If you listen to any episode, listen to that one (episode 96)

Noel has small pp (5/5)

Need I say more

Disney boys (5/5)

Love how this podcast talks about the importance of Disney boyfriends and art hoes

Reptile Podcast (5/5)

I never imagined I could learn so much about the intricacies of reptile care from a podcast but these two young men really do a fantastic job. I loved their segment about gila monsters and thanks to Cody and Noel mine is happier than ever!

Just Wow (5/5)

My favorite episode is when they discussed the best way to install gutters onto shingled roves, really makes ya think...


Cody and Noel, Noel and Cody are such kings! This podcast is something I look forward to every week.


I love when they had Patrick Mahomes in as a guest. His sense of humor perfectly matched with theirs. I enjoy it every time they have a guest such as when they had Nick Kroll, Tom Holland, Alexandra Daddario, etc on their show. It’s just amazing how well they get along with legitimately anyone. It’s amazing how they can produce comedy that’s hilarious for the whole family. Just be careful, sometimes while listening to the podcast a snake makes its way into my house. It can be dangerous when you aren’t aware of your surroundings. Also, be careful leaving sharp objects within reach of children. I accidentally left my knife out on the table the other day and my nephew Jeremy almost cut himself. Quick tip: if you want your house to smell nice put a drop of vanilla in the oven and turn it on. Your whole house will smell vaguely of vanilla. That’s all my time tonight. Beans out ✌🏼

jesus (5/5)

this podcast is healing and provided jesus! i am saved from sins. i was cured of all illnesses. this podcast is a miracle

Running (5/5)

Great podcast for the invested cross country runner. Cody himself was once an athlete. They talk everything from race strategy to workout plans.

Avid vacuum collectors (5/5)

Oh I loved their segment about um vacuums um, it’s really fun listening to two avid vacuum collectors and the various kinds of input they have on the different types of vacuums. Yeah it’s really amazing when, when they were going through each year of Dyson and how each vacuum evolved.

Impactful (5/5)

I love when they gave their honest opinions on how the coal mining industry has impacted our environment and our economy and it’s just great seeing people so interested in the important things in the world

Wedding planning made simple :-) (5/5)

Could not have made it down the aisle without the sage advice from these two! 10/10 if you’re feeling stressed about your upcoming nuptials!

Reddit Promoters (5/5)

Cody and Noel just can’t say enough good things about Reddit. Every time they do reddit same, I fall asleep instantly. I’m always impressed with how they relax me while reading the r/aviation threads

Intriguing, Mind-Bending, Fascinating (5/5)

This wild rollercoaster will have you grabbing the edge of your seat. FINALLY! A podcast worth listening to. Bocce Ball. No one’s talking about it. Why?? These two pilots answer that question with finesse and humility. I would rate it higher if I could. A must listen.

Nude (5/5)

I was listening to this informational podcast about the TI 3600 CS Plus calculator and it’s different functions while driving home bare in my socks. I love the diversity they bring with their analysis about various mathematical accessories. You can hardly notice that the two co hosts have AIDS.

Bread-stick to your roots! (5/5)

After searching for years, I’ve found it: a podcast dedicated SPECIFICALLY to the art of making and consuming the French Baguette. I used to go to other bread-themed podcasts (Bread to Toe, The ABC’s—Anpan, Bagel, Cottage Loaf, InfraBread, etc) and sit through HOURS of discussion on some inferior loaf (Focaccia? Give me a break!) just for a brief mention of my beloved baguette. But Noel and Cody have changed the face of bread-based reporting, and my life, forever. Finally, I can enjoy 3-hour segments that ask the REAL questions every American wants answered: what do I do if my child [2.5M] has ingested 5 ounces of pure baker’s yeast and starts inflating like a dollar store balloon? I love these guys. It’s a shame they’re sellouts. Featured ads for Paris Baguette? Come on, you’re better than this.

Quite titilating (5/5)

I loved the part where they spoke about the importance of thots in this world as this issue is important to me. The intermolecular prostitution opened my eyes to the ways of the Milky Way 👌🏾


I’ve NEVER heard such intelligent points of view on the topic of brooms and dustpans. They make excellent arguments and state theory’s about these brooms, that it’s hard for me to even rap my head around some of them. 10/10 would rate 11/10 if possible!

Great Show (5/5)

It is so refreshing listening to be able to come and listen to two young women like me talk about life. I loved their review on blenders last week. In fact, just went and bought myself a ninja yesterday. Thanks for the help ladies! Y’all will love this podcast!

Great Depression (5/5)

I loved when they talked about the Great Depression. It was so refreshing to hear about it in excruciating detail from two avid history buffs. Cody’s economic understanding along with Noel’s great attention to historic detail makes for a exhilarating listen.

Wood (5/5)

When I find myself with morning wood on a friday morning, TMG is able to quickly relieve me.

Huh (5/5)


Unexpected tips (5/5)

At first I was confused about all the slang but I quickly caught on and have successfully munched my first box, thank you tiny meat gang!

Great Christian podcast! (5/5)

Listened to this podcast right after my Sunday service— Completely life changing! Hearing Cody and Noel’s appreciation of the Bible and our Lord Jesus Christ has given me so much hope for our next generation. I already played a clip of this podcast to my children, the part when they talked about Matthew 6:9-13, and they just loved hearing these guys explain the Lord’s Prayer. Will definitely recommend this podcast to my entire church!

just wow (5/5)

i’ve been in the smoke detector business for a long time now and i though i knew a lot about smoke detectors, but boy was i mistaken!! Nole can tell the make and model of any smoke alarm just based on its sound and Cody (the old one) knows the history of smoke detectors down to the day. listening to them makes me miss my wife a little less!

YouTube boxing league (5/5)



I usually fall asleep to this podcast so I can be spiritually fed subconsciously. There’s nothing better than waking up after a night of receiving knowledge about the lord.

learning is FUN! (5/5)

never befor have i fond a potcast that toght me how to spell so wel. thanck you nole and codey! i have lerned so much!

Awesome (5/5)

I literally listen to this every day before I sleep so I can end my day on a good note. It’s also good to listen to when you need to have a good laugh 10/10.

Top Coin Collecting Pod (5/5)

Easily a top 5 coin collecting pod! Coin review Thursday’s are amazing where they review a coin based on its luster, toning, the dents on the rim and the eye appeal. Their ratings on a coin can be suspect sometimes. Like the 2017 American Palladium Eagle Bullion Coin is obviously higher than a 40! I love that Cody finally found someone like Noel to share his stories and opinions on coins.

Great show, one problem (5/5)

I really do love Coel and Nody’s discussions on colleges, universities, and major selection. I am actually already in a prestigious university, but I still enjoy listening to Coel and Nody’s content. I really only do have one issue with the show though. Honestly, I am so sick and tired of the d*** measuring contest of what major is the hardest. You know what? I have the hardest major my school offers. Actually? I have to hardest major that all schools offer. Do you know how HARD it is to major in dog house architecture? Have you ever even thought of how many dogs I have to measure? There’s so many different kinds and sizes.. all with their OWN needs? And no one even believes me about how hard it is. It’s fine. You’ll see. But you know what the real kick in the shin is? I’m ALLERGIC to dogs. I just really wish the guys would recognize issues and struggles that some students have. Other than that, I love the show. Keep being you guys!

Biology has never made so much sense! (5/5)

I honestly could not have survived my biology classes without them! These two men are so smart and clear when they talk about genotypes. I’ve never had such a clear explanation of human metabolism and reproductive anatomy before and it really opened my eyes and helped me so much with my struggles in my courses. Truly grateful for such a wonderful podcast. Truly deserve the rating. May I also mention how knowledgeable they are on the female reproductive system? I mean wow. I could listen to them talk about ovaries for days. Amazing podcast!

Best scrambled eggs!! (5/5)

These guys know everything about cooking and I got the BEST scrambled egg recipe from them! Would’ve never expected to put c*m in my eggs but makes it so much fluffier :) thanks boys

Bachelor Real Talk (5/5)

I never knew I wanted to watch or hear about the Bachelor until Cody and Noel. The rundown of each episode and the deep explanations of everyone’s psychological issues is eye-opening. The knowledge they have in psychology is amazing to listen to and has taught me more than my actual college course did! If these guys weren’t doctors they’d make great comedians.

What ever u need (5/5)

This Pcast is lit, pull up pull up pull up pull up pull up pull up.

Five Stars for Some Fellow Cheese Lovers! (5/5)

Cody Ko and Noel Miller are some of the most well- versed cheese connoisseurs I have ever had the pleasure of listening to. Be it mozzarella, cheddar, gorgonzola, blue, or spray cheeses, these men know it all! Listen for many useful tips on where to buy quality cheeses, cheese recipes, and tons more useful information for every newcomer to the cheese fandom.

THANK YOU!! (5/5)

As an engineering student I had trouble understanding the properties of asphalt binder in class, but thanks to Noel’s in depth explanation, I now have confidence for my next exam. Hearing them break down bio-based asphalt binder was so interesting! I can confidently say these two are some of the most knowledgeable men I know. So thank you Cody and Noel for helping me. :)

Yes! (5/5)

These two men are BEYOND knowledgable on snap pea genomes and that’s what I look for in a good podcast. Terrific gang, keep those thumbs green, boys!

refreshing (5/5)

I simply feel enlightened listening to a podcast discussing tight spandex on cyclists. I am refreshed to hear their insight on how the spandex should fit correctly, and it’s really important to hear this from two construction workers from Algeria.

5 Stars (5/5)

Just Leaving My Obligatory 5 Star Review. A1 Podcast

Fantastic Podcast (5/5)

Extraordinary talk about #podlife never before heard 2 gay lovers speak on such a topic. It has helped me get through so much and learned even more about how to be the best podder I can be. Love You guys <3

Immense knowledge in a small package (5/5)

Short kings with tall king brains. This podcast is absolutely appropriate to listen to on a speaker at work, around your kids, or at church.

The worst podcast ever. (1/5)

Don’t get me wrong, I really like Cody and Noel. This podcast, however, is a waste of time to listen to. Nothing interesting or engaging, but a bunch of unfunny jokes and bits that go on for WAY too long. Obnoxious and annoying. 1 star.

Phenomenal Podcast (5/5)

It’s amazing that these two OB-GYNs are spreading knowledge about the female anatomy along with male anatomy. I listen to this podcast with my daughters and my sons so they all know more about their reproductive systems. I strongly encourage everyone to listen to these intellectuals 👌🏼

Great podcast (5/5)


True Genius! (5/5)

These guys really know their stuff! I could not believe that ceiling fans don’t actually cool the room, just your skin! And there are so many different types and rotations, their reviews and detailed descriptions really drew me in and kept me wanting more. I was so convinced that ceiling fans really were just a superficial interior decoration, but these two really made me think about it more. I’m definitely going to be continuing to listen so that I, too, can have the top tier of ceiling fans for my house! This podcast is a MUST LISTEN

Unbelievable Knowledge! (5/5)

I have never been so excited to learn about local cheese culture! Joel and Coby do a fantastic job of combining knowledge with comedy in this, no cap, magnificent recollection of personal experiences in charcuterie. The jokes are sharp as cheddar, and the wisdom as aged as a succulent brie.

Just Wowed by all the knowledge they possess (5/5)

Before listening to this podcast if you asked me if I wanted to listen to the history of the filing cabinet I would have said no.... but PLEASE give it a chance, the Story of a normal piece of office furniture has everything; intrigue, scandals, theft, a few minor civil disputes, AND MORE. The two historians give great commentary on how such a crazy story relates to the time period. If you have ever put papers in a simple filing cabinet without knowing it’s story YOU ARE MISSING OUT!!!

Noice (5/5)

This podcast makes my tiny meat a slightly bigger meat everytime. 10/10.

Helped with my parents divorce :D (5/5)

They don’t talk they just scream. It hurt my ears at first but I got used to it fast.

the history of egg salad (5/5)

I love Cody and Noel!! Best podcast ever! I love the egg salad one where they talk about the history of egg salad ! I love egg salad !! Good podcast 10/10

Grandfather’s Dream (5/5)

As a father of 7 and grandfather of 23, I find myself constantly in the need for a fix of wood talk. The way Cody and Noel give their insight and opinions on the lumber field is extraordinary, and truly eye opening. Every day on my way home from racquetball, I find myself going back and relistening to old episodes of The Tiny Meat Gang Podcast™️. As a cedar man myself, I do have a bit of a soft spot for Noel when he gets going about his favorite cedar trees. On the contrary, I definitely lost a lot of respect for Cody when he said he was an oak fan. Definitely told a lot about his character, but nevertheless, his insight is still very much appreciated. 5/5 for all you wood fans such as myself out there.

Chewing (5/5)

Don’t eat during the podcast ever again. Usually don’t mind it but this time was disgusting. Get it together

Sudoku Puzzle Drag Queen Champion! (5/5)

Until I listened to this podcast i had never even considered that putting on a wig would drastically improve my Sudoku ability. But lo and behold that now I am capable of even the most difficult sudoku puzzles as long as I put on my long blonde wig! Not only does Noel know the best wife to pick, but Cody gives great advice for how to style your wigs for maximum mathematic processing. I solved the New York Times’ difficult puzzle in less than 5 minutes! I’m gonna go to my next sudoku competition in drag. Thanks TMG!

even noel's voice is hot now that's talent (5/5)

anyway stream loophole

Finally!! A Podcast Dedicated to Garage-Door Openers! (5/5)

Before listening to this podcast, I never knew just how many garage-door openers there really were. And I’ll admit, I like to think I’m quite knowledgeable in the realm of ways to open a garage but Cody and Noel have me beat. The amount of time and research they put into their podcast about garage-door openers is astonishing. Great work!!

I wouldn’t be such a good father without this podcast! (5/5)

These guys KNOW parenting! Noel Miller has some amazing ideas for child care, especially his son, Ezekiel. The way he describes dealing with Zeke’s “poopy diapers” and the most effective way to change them has helped me so much in getting over my fear of cleaning my child’s diaper. Cody Ko has a young girl, Amanda, and they are able to talk about the differences in parenting girls and boys. I’m so happy I found this podcast!

Office Bros (5/5)

These 2 talk about the best office supplies money can buy. From staplers to swivel chairs Nole and Chody always have the best advice for all my office needs. My wife is now so proud of our office, it has become the center of attention in our household . Every night at least 6.9 people will come to our house asking for advice on how to decorate their office and we always tell them to listen to TMG. It really is the best!

Insightful and delightful! (5/5)

I can honestly say Kodie and Knowel have made an amazing effort to discuss in depth the progression of AI in the sex toy industry and the pros and cons of fleshlights. Although both male, they give a great perspective on the female orgasm and how to achieve this while packing a teenie weenie ding dong. There’s definitely a lack of podcasts that describe first hand experiences.

men of god (5/5)

listening to you guys review the new and old testaments of the bible really puts a shimmer in my step. this postcard is so incredibly holy and family friendly, i’ve started getting my kids into it too. my whole family really enjoys sitting down after dinner and putting this podcast on. keep up the godly work!!!

Thank you Nole and Coby!!! (5/5)

This podcast is absolutely fantastic to listen to on my way to and from Sunday service! Even inside the service! Two holy men expressing their love for our Lord and savior is exactly what I’ve been searching for. Thank you so much Coby and Nole from the Tiny Meat Gang Podcast for bringing a new light to my faith and strengthening my relationship with God! God bless, Bethany


Ear Biscuits has taken a weird turn. I love dominos.

New knowledge (5/5)

Wow! I can not begin to explain the amount of joy I have experienced listening to these two gentlemen. I very much enjoyed their thoughts and views on the hair industry. I had no idea that, nair, is in fact used for hair growth! amazing! Would definitely recommend checking this podcast out if you would like to learn how to live a balding lifestyle. These two are truly experts on the subject as they themselves are also middle aged balding men.

So informational (5/5)

After watching this podcast for a couple of weeks, I can honestly say that I have learned more about the Hubble Space Telescope than I did in my intro level astronomy class!

Attention all Mechanical Engineers! (5/5)

Ever wondered why there were no good podcasts specifically concentrated to the Principles of Thermodynamics or Fluid Mechanics? Well look no further! Cody and Noel have a plethora of knowledge of all sorts of cycles: Brayton Cycles, Carnot Cycles, the Rankine Cycle, and SO many more! They even dedicate an ENTIRE episode to teaching up and coming mechanical engineering majors how to linearly interpolate! Thermodynamics not your thing? No worries, they’re also extremely knowledgeable in Fluid Mechanics! Their podcast was so helpful, my fluid mechanics professor (85M) uses them as a source! My thermodynamics professor has been trying to get them to guest lecture here for quite some time, but they are so busy with their research of the TRUE Bernoulli equation they have no time to come. 12/10 would recommend for any up and coming mechanical engineering majors!

11/10 (5/5)

I’m truly greatly to now know why that one dentist doesn’t agree with the other 4 thanks guys

Thank you (5/5)

After being an avid listener for many weeks. These guys step by step helped me learn quantum physics. As advantageous as I now am (thanks to Cody and Noel) I was driven to make my own spaceship and search the stars for proof that extraterrestrial life is existing around us. Tomorrow is the day, with their wise information on quantum physics, I will now be valiant and shoot for the stars.

Best podcast (5/5)

This is a great podcast for any age. They keep it very G rated and little kids need to hear what they have to say about life. Totally changed my 10 year old brothers life!

Helped so much! (5/5)

Whilst I was conducting research on the amount of apples and oranges in my neighboring homes, I found myself stumped. I was attempting to find the standard deviation and Z score of my collected data and I simply could not figure it out. Luckily, I came across this podcast and they helped me come to a conclusion very quickly. Without them I may never have found my standard deviation.

11/10 (5/5)

a great podcast exploring the expansive mysteries of regina

Tmg (5/5)

So glad to finally find a podcast that focuses solely on carpentry and how to build things from scratch. Thanks Cody and Noel! I have now built a whole house with your guidance alone.

Incredible WW2 Segments (5/5)

Incredible segments of World War 2 expertise coming from my boys Noel and Cody. The knowledge these two have about Stalingrad and Dunkirk and countless other cities that were unfortunate enough to have been under occupation is mind boggling. Can't wait to hear more of Cody's deployment stories in Berlin. Religiously listen to them, and hope to see these two on tour in Miami.

I am a changed man (5/5)

After listening to this podcast, they have helped me find God. I have seen the light.

Amazing podcast but... (5/5)

I absolutely love this podcast and how they can cover both the NFL and Esports in one podcast! Best of both worlds and the voices make me feel something different in myself. I really do wish they had some jingles to cover their transitions but all in all they taught me to really look inwards and be my true self. Nice cans.

Helped Me Get into Grad School! (5/5)

As a college student gearing up for graduate school, I’ve been feeling pretty nervous about applications and interviews. Cody and Noel’s episode where they performed mock interviews with each other was so helpful! Hearing them evaluate each other’s strengths and weaknesses made it easier for me to reflect on those aspects of myself. That was just the beginning! With the remainder of the podcast, they talked about C. Wright Mills’ “The Promise” from “The Sociological Imagination” (1959), and how this shaped modern social work and activism. I now have a deeper understanding of my college degree and career field that I could have never achieved through college alone. Thank you for all your help, I’m gonna land a spot in grad school and make my mom proud(:

Fantastic Scholarly podcast about advancements in Biomedical Engineering! (5/5)

This podcast offers insight and summarizes some of the complex recent advances in new non-viral delivery systems for systemic administration. Two types of gene delivery systems are described: (i) LPD1 (cationic liposome-entrapped, polycation-condensed DNA, type 1), and (ii) retention-time mediated naked DNA delivery. Hypothesized mechanisms for these systemic gene transfers are also discussed. In addition, Artery wall binding peptide (AWBP; Cys-Gly-Arg-Ala-Leu-Val-Asp-Thr-Leu-Lys-Phe-Val-Thr-Gln-Ala-Glu-Gly-Ala-Lys), a specific targeting peptide, was conjugated to poly(ethylene glycol)-grafted-poly(l-lysine) (PEG-g-PLL) to enhance the gene transfer to artery wall cells. AWBP-PEG-PLL was synthesized by the reaction between the vinylsulfone group of PEG-g-PLL and the thiol group of cysteine in AWBP. 1H-NMR analysis confirmed the composition of the obtained polymer and indicated that four mol of AWBP were reacted to one mole of VS-PEG-PLL. The particles of AWBP-PEG-PLL/pDNA complexes were determined spherical with a size of ∼100 nm by dynamic light scattering (DLS) and atomic force microscopy (AFM). Agarose gel retardation assay indicated that AWBP-PEG-PLL was able to condense plasmid DNA and reach complete complexation at and above a charge ratio 1/1 (+/−). Transfection efficiency of AWBP-PEG-PLL/pDNA complexes was 150–180 times higher than that of control systems, such as PEG-g-PLL/pDNA and PLL/pDNA, in both bovine aorta endothelial cells and smooth muscle cells. Luciferase activities of AWBP-PEG-PLL depended on the amount of free AWBP, while those of the control carriers such as PLL and PEG-g-PLL were not affected by free AWBP. These results supported that gene transfer of AWBP-PEG-PLL/pDNA complexes to bovine aorta wall cells was mediated by specific artery wall cell receptor-mediated endocytosis.

Solid in depth review of Norse Folklore (5/5)

I consider myself an expert on the topic of Norse folklore, specifically the Viking sagas stemming from the 12th century. While these two men don’t share quite the level of expertise as I do, their insights and conversation relating to the underlying themes of romance and family in these novels is always pleasing to listen to. Each podcast I listen to leaves me pondering the deep interwoven storylines and underlying themes of this beautiful sector of literature. Would recommend to anyone suffering from a hemorrhage.

The Best! (5/5)

The best Christian Podcast I’ve heard! 10/10 would recommend to a Christian friend! And I also love the way they go into depth of their faith!

Best podcast (5/5)

Really admired their intense observations and opinions of local and international earthworms. Their viewpoints really bring a fresh viewpoint to the table. We’re on day 127 of wompman the earth worms rigorous descent into the earth. He’s only moved a foot into the ground so far. Hopefully by the end of the year he’ll be 1 1/2 feet deep

Better Than Sex (5/5)

As a parent I love home improvement and lifestyle tips! This podcast is great for moms that need to up their cooking game or finding themselves in a safe and fun environment like this podcast! Their segment on the proper temperatures for kale salad was perfect! I've never felt more like a real woman than when I listen to this podcast.

Human Allurement to Contradiction and Conflict (5/5)

Many stories, namely from early history, have been influenced by ancient oral stories and texts like those of the Bible. Rappaccinni’s Daughter is no different. Nathaniel Hawthorne’s story is a spin off one of the most famous settings of the Bible; the Garden of Eden. This is important to note because it speaks volumes for the author, the point of the story, and the applicability of the story. The setting, characters, and symbols of the story illustrate the human attraction to contradiction and conflict. The setting of both stories portrays a common theme between humans in both the stories and humans in general. A major theme for both the physical setting and the plot is the combination of beauty and danger. The garden, plant, and Beatrice are all strikingly beautiful. Beatrice is said to have been “arrayed with as much richness of taste as the most splendid of flowers” (3). It is ironic that both Beatrice and the flowers are acknowledged as beautiful yet are both deadly. It shows the tendency of humans to dismiss danger in the face of beauty; a theme replicated from the Garden of Eden. Giovanni noted that the plants seemed as if they were “no longer of God’s making, but the monstrous offspring of man’s depraved fancy, glowing with only an evil mockery of beauty” (10). Although, just like Adam and Eve, Giovanni fell into temptation; intrigued by the plants regardless of their evil appearance. Characters from both stories are presented with beauty within their respective settings. They are given the choice

The best podcast hands down! (5/5)

I really enjoyed how they talked about what type of cream pies they enjoyed. I personally cannot tell you how much I enjoy nuts in my cream pie myself, but Noel explained in full detail why thick chocolate custard in a cream pie hits every single nerve in the body. Noel brought up how succulent the cream pie tasted when he took his thumb and licked the custard off of his fingertips. Cody agreed but he really went off by how much he craved a thick Caribbean banana in his cream pie. By the way Cody describes the experience, it almost makes me want to cram a gigantic banana cream pie in my mouth! They’re the best to ever do it, hands down.

Podcast for God-Fearing Men (5/5)

Are you a Man? Do you love the lord with all your heart? If so, this podcast is for you. These fine young seminary students talk about many struggles that Christian Men face, surrounding some thoughts that might stray you from God’s path. This podcast has helped me immensely, and I will never be able to repay them. God Bless

Greatest Podcast Ever (5/5)

I’ve been in a band for about 4 months now and recently heard about this podcast, I love hearing these two break down music and five great tips to better my music reading and guitar playing skills. They breakdown the best and worst brands, producers, and genres of music and always give helpful tips to musicians.

Soccer game (5/5)

I went to my brother’s soccer game today, and they won 3-1 !!! It’s crazy how TMG is 3 letters with 1 meaning !!! Science has got me feeling HYPER


If you’re like me and couldn’t find the perfect camp to send your daughter over the summer, look no further! This podcast gives an in-depth review of various girls summer camps in North Carolina with interviews of past and current campers and a deep dive of the camps website! Very useful and inspired my own research!

Refreshing perspectives! (5/5)

This edu-taining podcast taught me EVERYTHING I needed to know about carnivorous veganism :)

These guys are the business!! (5/5)

After following Cody and Noel for quite a while on their individual youtube channels, I stumbled upon their collaborative podcast. Cody being the owner of a fine art conservation channel, and Noel a firearm and weapon safety educator, brought interesting perspectives and knowledge to world of pop culture commentary. Believe me when I tell you, there is no podcast like this one, and you won’t regret spending an entire day listening to it while disregarding and avoiding your work, family and friends.

So informative! (5/5)

Just two fine eBoys discussing very applicable real life subjects. I especially enjoyed their episode on how to become a beekeeper. Now I can finally make my own honey, money & move out of my moms basement. Thanks guys!

Armstrong of Podcasts (5/5)

As I approach the frightful forties, I’ve decided to venture admits my Orchestral talents. I began with the trumpet(as one does,) to my surprise the accumulation of spit that stores in the valves is horrendous. The Tiny Meat Gang podcast has not only guided me through the sticky hardships of cleaning brass pipes, but taught me how a struggling musician can craft all the cleaning supplies right at home! I can’t thank Cody and Noel enough for their profuse, not to mention, thorough advice in this area. I’m beyond satisfied and would recommend this podcast to any/ all interested in similar endeavors.

Inquiry (5/5)

Come to Brazil

My favorite segment, the infrastructure (5/5)

I truly believe that they know what they are talking. They gave many points on what infrastructure has done for our economy and how it brought us out of the Great Depression. I think we are going to have to repair them within the next few years because they are old, and some of them may have damage beyond repair, that we have to destroy and rebuild. I can tell they have done their research on infrastructure and I will use their points in my next debate on it. Thanks TMG.

Not bad, but I can hear their heights thru the speaker (5/5)

Dudes are cool, I mean one’s cooler than the other but they already know that. Not very good at sounding straight or tall though, so it’d be cool if they just owned it. We know you like dudes A LOT.

Sporkytork (5/5)

Yo add me on fortnite

Home Depot (5/5)

I really enjoyed when they started talking about the apps they enjoy and it was nice to hear them say that Home Depot has a good app since I find myself going there often. I’ll be sure to use it my next trip there.

The Best Aeronautics Podcast Out There (5/5)

From basic paper planes, to Boeing 787, to the International Space Station these guy really understand Aeronautics. I’m an Aeronautical Engineer at Texas A&M University and my success is solely due to these guys and their big brains.

:) (5/5)

I really enjoyed the segment about the American Dream and how F. Scott Fitzgerald portrays it through a love story in his best selling book, “The Great Gatsby.” Fitzgerald makes a beautiful story about how society always strives for more than what they have, resulting in being unsatisfied with their life.

Bestest (5/5)

I love listen to them talk about different farm animals and farm equipment. Did not know I could be interested in such a topic. They bring up such views and points that I would never think of.

Amazing (5/5)

Love the part where they talk about how good the toothbrush industry is and dental care in general really liked the part where they finally revealed the secret to why it’s always 9/10 dentist recommending a dental product and never 10/10

Attn: insurance salesmen/adjusters (5/5)

I thought as an insurance professional I knew it all about every line of insurance out there. I was dead wrong. Cody and Noel really dig deep and help you understand how to get the best out of your policies, especially concerning life and variable annuities. Thanks guys. Can’t wait for more content.

Whoa how have I never heard of this (5/5)

This is unbelievable, I’ve been looking for a podcast that talks about the easiest way to peel clementines for 13 years now. Thanks guys

A MUST for anyone dealing with the daily stresses of life (5/5)

Wow! If you are ever feeling stressed or just need to unload for a bit this podcast is for you. I especially like the 15 minutes dedicated to guided meditation led by Cody while Noel plays soothing flute music. Within a few episodes I had mastered breathing and sleeping techniques to help get my life in shape! Their knowledge on REM cycles and “happy dreaming” is astounding! I’m also glad I finally found an appropriate podcast that I can listen to with my kids. Love it you guys keep up the hard work!(and as they say in the podcast “Until next week my little sunflower)🌻

Best aviation podcast out there!! (5/5)

If you want to get a deep dive on Bernoulli’s Principle and the Newton’s Laws of Motion this is the perfect podcast to clip your toenails to. Love how passionate they get about the various forces acted upon the different stages of flight and how to determine the performance and endurance of aircraft in the slightest degree.! 10/6 would bang again

Very insiteful (5/5)

I was very interested in the segment about academic writing and successful college strategies specifically in a medical major! Listening to this podcast has helped me write many essays on topics such as Rinoplastys and surgical repair of an open tibia fracture!! Their knowledge of medical vocabulary is endless!!

Should be called “Tiny Mom Gang” (5/5)

Hi, Mom of two here..... I can honestly say that this podcast got me through the first year of parenting. They totally nail the how to’s on- Pooping on the go, sink bathing, as well as how to not shake your little nugget to oblivion after having no sleep for SEVERAL nights in a row. Gosh, if you’re look for some SOLID parenting advice and some good quality PG laughs this is your one stop shop!

They Did It (5/5)

I’m truly appalled but the intelligence of these two men. They helped me finally understand how street lights work and I will be forever thankful.

Amazing (5/5)

I love the part where they describe the best lawn mowers, it really helped me make my decision in what I needed! It’s great to see other avid lawn mower lovers like me!! They are also so versatile when it comes to describing other items too, they really know their stuff!!

got me off drugs (5/5)

i used to be addicted to black tar heroine but as soon as i started listening to this podcast i became completely clean. now i only do crack, thank you cody and noel. my hero’s

Amazing (5/5)

It’s truly amazing how they keep conversation about Ugandan politics so interesting and riveting every week

This podcast really kyles my monster energy (5/5)

Some people go crazy over monster energy but they do not know, if you drink monster you are going to HELL

Great Show (5/5)

I love when they discuss the historical significance of Downton Abbey and what it has to do with the sociopolitical climate of England in the Victorian era. Very enlightening. I also enjoy their discussion of what kind of pre-Christmas activities you can do.

This podcast saved my tuba (5/5)

So I was having an issue with my sousaphone where whenever I would play it it would rattle (I know not lit) so I clicked on episode 69 and surely my issues were resolved. Also the Jumbo 24-inch Bell Zweiss cody has is beautiful.

Professionals (5/5)

Learned much

Great Episode on how to build a frat credit score (5/5)

Loved it

review (5/5)

flying squirrels

love the dynamic (5/5)

one of my favorite things ab this podcast just has to be the dynamic between cody and noel. cody is an old white man while noel is a young ethnic mystery. cody being an old man is always sharing his wisdom with the listeners but noel makes fun of him the whole time. another amazing thing ab this podcast is how diverse all the topics are! they have so many things to banter ab like cooking, how to deal with teen pregnancy, best couches, how to become a surgeon, how to fly a plane, how to take a shower and so many more!! please listen


Love these guys they truly know everything there is to know about farms! they’ve helped me improve my farm so much! my cows love the new system because of these guys!! totally recommend

Psychology (5/5)

I especially liked when they spoke about cognitive psychology and how it is closely related to behavioral patterns and the physical body in general . It’s amazing how much more relate the mind and body are thank you Noel + Cody for the insight

my favorite podcast (5/5)

i love listening to cody and noel talk about vaccums i even bought their merch just so i could be reminded about the fun times i’ve had listening to them talk about vacuums

Fantastic! (5/5)

Your three part series about the mental health challenges faced by sanitation workers was fascinating and empowering! I have been a garbage man here in Regina, Canada, since 1981. As I near the end of my career this podcast has encouraged me to open up to my family about the inner turmoil I have suffered over my career. I have finally reached out for professional help and learned that I have severe depression from my many years as a garbage man. You’ve given me my freedom and a reason to live.

100/10 (5/5)

I’m a high school student taking AP environmental science and this podcast really is helping get through that class. These to men talk about the different types of microfibers from carpets end up in the ocean and in our drinking water. I also enjoyed them talking about how the earth is so hot from pollution that we will melt right through the earth and end up on the other side. This podcast helped me get an A on my multiple choice unit exam. Very educational and would recommend to teacher, students and people are interested in saving our dying planet.

Awesomeness in a podcast (5/5)

You should listen to it bc Noel and Cody are funny.



Extremely informative... (5/5)

With hints of humor, Cody and Noel discuss the importance of reproductive health. Providing a male perspective on how to keep reproduction safe and fun, they truly helped me turn around my views of my health and how to keep my “guts” in check!

10/10 (5/5)

I loved the latest episode when they showed us how to make Halloween cookies from scratch!

Relationship advice (5/5)

I 26 male, was caught cheating on my wife 57 female with my cousin 13 male. I need some advice.

Banana chicken (5/5)

I lost my fork now I have to use a shovel

Poultry for beginners (5/5)

Love listening to the different recipes they prepare and learned so much about meat and how to cook it different ways, would recommend for beginners in the kitchen

Great for Dog Training Tips (5/5)

It is so refreshing to hear two experienced dog trainers who actually know what they are talking about. For months now I have been trying to get my dog to stop shitting on my pillow while I am sleeping with no luck. However, after taking Cody and Noel’s advice, my dog can not only use indoor plumbing, but he also helped me file my w2 this year. Truly incredible! Thank you TMG, I do not know where I would be without you!

What these men taught me (5/5)

Not only did they teach me about the importance of how to take cover correctly in a heated game of tag, how to keep my tamagotchi alive, and where to look for the ever elusive TV remote. But they taught me how to love again through the power of family and friendship. I wish they could be my gay fathers

Life Changing (5/5)

Noel & Cody have great knowledge about how to remove lent from the dryer when it is full, without his tips I don’t think I would be able to complete that task. They also give good advice in relationships because of them I am now single as a Pringle and use my hands to beat off. Thank you guys❤️

Beautiful low handsome fun boys (5/5)

I love noel and cody! They r so sweet together. Two squishy smol boys ^_^

couldn’t believe it (5/5)

never thought I’d be interested in the history of common illnesses in racing horses, but these guys make it real fun. keep it up, you stallions

Apps (5/5)

Love the discussion on the best apps. However was kinda sad they didn’t discuss the half priced apps from Applebee’s but still great was kinda scared to listen to the most recent episodes though bc I’m not a stoner

Peloton Bike (5/5)

Just go buy a Peloton bike and cycle it out.

Fans of Classic Rock, this ones for you! (5/5)

Just the sheer knowledge of classic rock that these two fine gentlemen possess is absolutely astounding! They talk sincerely, but also with humility, about the bands you know and love such as Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Queen, and also some that may be a little more unknown like Rush, The Kinks, and Blue Öyster Cult. Definitely a must listen! I’ve never heard a podcast that goes into such depth regarding the music, sound, and character of these classic artists the way these guys do. You can tell they have a fine understanding of music theory and producing but their infallible humility keeps the conversation going in a way understandable to us common folk 😁 Easily my favorite music centered podcast! Although, one slight complaint I have is that they seem to really have it out for Pink Floyd and, being a Brick in the Wall (huge Pink Floyd fan) myself, it is a little disheartening to hear them “diss” on, what is quite possibly my favorite music of all time, so often. And at such the extent that they go 🙁 But honestly, it’s ok. And it doesn’t warrant removing a star. I completely understand that we all have different opinions on something so fluid a subject as Music and Life but still, I hope that they hear me out, and listen to the full 23:31 of “Echoes” and then get back with me providing a more structured reason for why they hate Pink Floyd to the measure that they outwardly expose. Thank you Cody and Noel! -Corbin Eng

wonderful! (5/5)

this is my favorite meditation podcast! it’s so relaxing and gives me a better outlook on life.

I loved when they talked about accounting standards (5/5)

I loved the segment when they dove deep into the generally accepted accounting principles related to property, plant and equipment, and how those standards differed from what is accepted at an international level. They definitely are not stoners though. Cart smokers smh

Lovely (5/5)

Learned so much about ways to acquire my dogs seed. Ive always wondered how to pass along my dogs genes without the time constraints of courting dogs. They also provide ways to pleasure my dog in the process which almost always give me satisfaction too! Noel and Cody provide excellent insight on most all dog breeds ranging from terriers to Great Danes!

Wallgreens for the win! (5/5)

After listening to their segment on convenience stores, they finally convinced me that Walgreens is superior! I was a hardcore fan of CVS, but I have been converted. Thanks Cody and Noel! :)

Amazing Podcast for Adolescent boys (5/5)

Honestly I was a little lost in the world until I found the Tiny Meat Gang Podcast. With their wise words and philosophy I found the light. Now I can finally get out of the friend zone thanks to the Race Wars episode. All I ever needed was a morning game boner.

I was going to fail college (5/5)

I was going to fail out of college until Cody and Noel explained the ins and outs of vector algebra and how it plays into calculus. Their explanation of the floating point theorem saved me on my final. I owe my college degree to this podcast!

Amazing monitor reviews (5/5)

They have such great monitor reviews here. I was deciding on what monitor to buy and these boys really helped me out. I couldn’t decide between the lg-29wl500-b-29-ips-led-ultrawide-fhd-freesync-monitor and the Hp-27f27” ips LED FHD FreeSync Monitor in natural silver and they really helped me out. Tehe spoiler alert I went with the Lg 🤗🤭

Perfect Podcast for Elders by Elders (5/5)

I love to listen to the TMG podcast with my grandparents, they really love it because it’s coming from people that they can understand and relate to! Cody and Noel may be slightly older than my grandparents but they talk about struggles they all have. Also happy late 82nd birthday Cody!

Real Good (5/5)

I absolutely love this podcast. Their level of intelligence is absolutely through the roof. I’m always learning something new. I constantly use their advice in day to day life. But it’s not just their advice that makes this podcast so good. The comfort I get from Noel’s and Cody’s voice feels so good. It really warms the heart like mother’s chicken soup. I just can’t get enough of this extravagant podcast :D side note: can you guys please talk about your favorite kind of lotion again. I’ve always been a coco-butter kind of guy, but after you guys said CeraVe is the superior lotion I have not stopped using it. One the best purchases I’ve made in a while.

9.9/8 (5/5)

This podcast goes hard. So inspirational how these two below average height kings are able to empower me to do my best every single day with their endless kind words

Really Humbling (5/5)

You wouldn’t believe it by the title but these gun loving vegan democrats really know the ins and outs of British Woodworking. If cutting up wood from across the pond is your thing then this is the podcast for you.

Such a great podcast (5/5)

These 2 men have such a great grasp of the spanish language. I have learned so much from them, I don’t know how I would pass my Spanish class without them. Gracias por todo. Nesecitas escuchar! 11/10

0-0 (5/5)

I (25m) accidentally cheated on my girlfriend (23m) of 2 years with her identical twin sister. Don’t know what to do now.

V (5/5)



It so great to finally hear a podcast made by bikers for bikers. These two new age Harley-heads let you know what to worry about on the road and how to look out for yourself in an instructional and precise way. Keep it up guys and catch you on the streets

Details man (5/5)

I started listening to this podcast in particular because of the detail description of meat and recipes, they give us step by step instructions on how to chose the perfect meat, and man I’ve got to say I’ve been successful all the time as an aspiring chef I want to know what people like and what others want to taste in their meat, there was this one episode in particular where they were describing and comparing a T-bone steak with a sirloin steak and why one was better than the other and I’ve got to admit, it was true I really think that this podcast is for you if you love your meats. Thank you for introducing me to a world of meat I’ve never witnessed Y’all the best Blessings

Love the programming segment (5/5)

I really enjoyed the segments where they talk about the design benefits and drawbacks of object oriented programming. Additionally the segment talking about popular algorithms like stochastic gradient descent, Moore’s voting algorithm, and merge sort was very intriguing. I think this podcast is an absolute go to for up and coming software engineers wanting to learn about the industry

Amazing Coffee (5/5)

I love the segment when they read over every single article in the constitution, and even what the big words meant. Especially, the addition of their 20 page essay (including thesis) on how amazing wine is. This deserves all 5 stars!


I love how they talked about proper bicycle hygiene. Very interesting! 10/10 would recommend.

Mom’s, this is a must listen! (5/5)

Their creative insight and ideas about parenting have changed the way I treat my boys (Ages 2 and 31). Nowadays it seems so hard to connect with them, especially with all of this Fort Night and memes. It’s just too much! After I started listening to this podcast though, I finally feel like I can communicate with my kids, and hopefully grow them to be god loving young men like Cody and Noel! Thank you TMG!

Best pre-Christmas podcast out there! (5/5)

not sponsored by MeUndies

Happy (5/5)

Finally. A podcast just for me. I thought I was alone with my tiny meat, but since this podcast has been started and Cody and Noel have talked about their experiences with their tiny meat, I have learned to overcome my adversities. I have found a community and I am very happy. Please listen if you are struggling too.

Thank you 🙏🏼 (5/5)

I’ve been searching endlessly for how to play “Panini” on the ukulele in the E-sharp key. Thank you TMG for outlining every note in the entire song in the latest episode!!! The tip to hold the instrument upside down was especially helpful!

This really got my life together (5/5)

hi y’all! i would really recommend listening to the TMG podcast. before i listened to this i would just be scrolling through tik tok doing nothing with my life. HOWEVER, with the power of cody and noel i have no bought myself a Peloton bike and i ride it 8 times a week. thank you!

Best podcast for turtleneck enthusiasts (5/5)

I’ve been a fan of turtlenecks since 1974. Cody and Noel are true turtleneck experts. I’ve learned so much from them. They know the hip, new styles!

Need new hentai to watch? (5/5)

This podcast is great for all you hentai needs. They list all their favorite characters and genres. They opened me up to a whole new world of hentai. I share these with all my weeb friends and they think I’m the coolest. I am now the top brony in my friend group thanks to TMG!

I love the meat!! (5/5)

I love Cody and Noel’s in depth review of all kinds of fertilizer. My farm has never been healthier!!

Number 1 DisneyCast (5/5)

if you’re looking for a good podcast about the ins and outs of Disneyland look no further! The absolute best Disneyland podcast you’ll ever listen to. 💯💯



GREAT👏🏼CON👏🏼TENT👏🏼 (5/5)

Fetlife is a site for people into kink or alternative lifestyles, or who are curious about exploring it. It’s actually pretty cool, I didn’t realize there’s a community of people who are non-judgmental and literally get together for anything from bowling to educational lectures to sexy parties.

Wow! (5/5)

I loved when they talked about the healthiest ways to communicate with your family members in times of pain. The most helpful and inspiring hour of my life.

Must Listen!!! (5/5)

This construction podcast is honestly my favorite. The sheer knowledge of insulation that these men carry is frankly wonderous. I have learned that not all houses are made of wood, and many other things, too. Thanks you Cody and Noel for the awesome advice on how to best insulate my new brick house.


I love listening to this while my parents argue!! everyday i eagerly wait for friday to come since this is the only podcast loud enough to drown them out. my parents are always yelling and when ever i put in my headphones i blast it loud and proud! such a great podcast!!!

Great Podcast (5/5)

Super enjoyable! I loved their comparison of the bill of rights and pocket pussies 😊

Incredible! (5/5)

i've never listened to a podcast that was so dedicated to teaching folks how to make all kinds of homemade sex toys. my holes are never empty because these two experts know exactly how to fill them. amazing!

More content! (5/5)

Interesting show. Very much liked the part where we listened to you read the entire 1998 Toyota Camry users manual from front to back, even reading the Japanese section (correctly I assume, I don’t understand the language but I can read it) anyway who was that guy that asked for my credit card info?

Wow (5/5)

These guys ability to discuss the need for Nuclear energy as the alternative for the energy crisis is incredible. They have forever changed the game in terms of looking at the facts about climate change. Although these guys sound like incels I highly recommend their podcast.

What to expect on TMG (5/5)

Hello, This podcast isn’t meant for the faint of heart. No. It is meant for those with a willingness to explore the unknown. To venture through the wilderness of the Tiny Meat Gang, and to learn things vital to the successes of life. Think I’m joking? I guess you’ve never listened to this podcast. Peace.

The travel podcast of the year (5/5)

Finally an honest review of the best places to go in Montana! As a local Montanan it’s hard to find reliable info about my home state to share with others but these boys do it best!

Helped my son (5/5)

My [29 f] son [16 m] suffers from severe autism and this podcast has really helped him through some of the toughest patches of his life. I can’t express enough gratitude to Cody and Noel for all the laughs they have given my baby boy [16 m]. Turn up! also hes gay [16 m]

Great discussion about Radio Shack (5/5)

Week after week, Noel and Cody continue to amaze me with their knowledge of Radio Shack as a company, a brand, and a lifestyle. I often times wonder what I did before listening to their weekly Shack Attack segment - I’ll never go back!

Absolutely love their filet mignon!!! (5/5)

The Tiny Meat Kitchen is quite easily the most exquisite restaurant in all of the world. I didn’t realize they had a podcast for their staff, and I’m beyond impressed with the staff’s knowledge of food production equipment. I love that each episode they specify how many raw items were used in each dish and explain the mechanics of their brand new refrigerators that they get in about once every two weeks (don’t quote me on that, they might get them every week I’m not too sure). Absolutely loved their filet mignon, especially the portioning (about the size of an American quarter). Would recommend you bring a significant other and NOT your dad. That was my mistake. Overall great pod!

This podcast has broken my (M26) brain (5/5)

I was at the dentist the other day and started thinking “is it weird to close your eyes when they’re cleaning your teeth?” because keeping them open feels weird too. It sounded like something Noel (M30) and Cody (M46) would bring up on the podcast, which quickly turned to me thinking they would start doing a bit where someone closes their eyes and starts moaning in the dentists chair and I had to fight to not laugh while they were knuckles deep in my mouth scraping my teeth. I had to fake that I had to rinse my mouth out to keep from getting dental tools stabbed into my mouth if I started laughing. 5 stars, try not to think about at dentist.

INCREDIBLE insight on the complex topic of religion! (5/5)

These two really know how to dig deep into the Christian Greek scriptures. I honestly thought they would only do surface level research, but their opinions on the way practices during bible times affected the way the scriptures were interpreted then versus now proves otherwise!

Taters (5/5)

Their discussion on the Irish potato famine of 1845 was astounding! I never considered the devastation it had on Ireland, nor the impact it has made on American society today. Great work short kings! Keep ya dicks phat.


loved the part when Noel deep throats the tube of Mascara. thx guys!

Wonderful! (5/5)

It’s really great to hear non-biased political commentary and insight. Way to stay in the middle and just propose different opinions and ideas without pushing your agenda on everyone else. Really great for the Middle Class.

Tiny meat gang (5/5)

I love when they talked about the annexation of Canada by Vietnam


As a single & GAY father of three, Cody & Noel really gave me an unending horizon of knowledge on how to run a farm in the 1930’s with out being effected by the Great Depression and the industrial revolution.

Dear cody and noel (5/5)

Dear cody and noel Me (25,female) and my bf (34) are having some problems. He cant stop talking about how hot his mom is, and it’s honestly making me uncomfortable. Its even scary bc i think hes only dating me bc he says i look like her. The only problem is thats hes adopted and never met his biological mom. What should i do? Pls help a girl out.

Lawnmowers (5/5)

I loved when they compared lawnmowers

Focused look at programming topics in 2019 (5/5)

This podcast is single-handedly getting me through my computer science degree. I can only hope I get the Tiny Meat Golang Internship so I can apply what I’ve learned. Resume attached.

Inspiring podcast for Computer Scientists (5/5)

I became a better developer after listening to Cody and Noel talk about application development. I also thought their discussion on the future of the internet and cloud computing was inspiring.

I’m Peaking (5/5)

Definitely peaking my little pecker off to this podcast, not half chubbed, fully torqued love the work of Cody and his mate!

The Sesame Street Theory (5/5)

An incredible show that dives deep into a lot of topics. My personal favorite was the episode in which they took a look at how string theory and evolution play such an integral part in the show Sesame Street. Keep it up Brody and Noelle!

Best Christmas Podcast! (5/5)

I’ve been struggling all year for something to satisfy my early-coming holiday fever. It’s been lonely, but I’m so relieved to find a podcast that discusses the love for Pre-Christmas. I always get a longing for the hohoho spirit and a craving for my halls to be decked from spring to fall. These lads discuss Christmas all year round, and I recommend this podcast to anyone who doesn’t want to celebrate Pre-Christmas alone! Outstanding charisma and amazing perception on the verisimilitude, aerodynamical functions of flying reindeer. Definitely gets me informed, cheerful, and in the holiday mood. Cheers to Pre-Christmas!

So. Much. Knowledge! (5/5)

These fine young men have taught me so much. I now know the best VCR to buy for my family! My favorite episode is when they broke down the difference between Maryland clam chowder and New England chowder. I will forever be loyal to this tiny meat podcast!

11/10 5 Star Review (5/5)

Their commentary on current international affairs and federal policies that affect socioeconomic balance is riveting. An outstanding amount of production goes into this podcast.

Amazing Gay and LGBT Lifestyle Podcast (5/5)

Love this Podcast! Noel and Cody are such a cute couple and I love to hear their discussions about the newest RuPaul's Drag Race episode as well as their favorite Lady Gaga moments. My favorite episode is the one where Jeffree Star guested and did both of their makeup.


wow those two men (Cody and Noah) are amazing science majors. With any years of practice in their field they have inspired to not only change my career (after 20+ in sales) but also move to Zimbabwe and start a family. Thank you Cody and Noah. 10 Stars.

inspirational af pod (5/5)

these two are the most beautiful couple. their loves shines through everything they do and it brightens everyone’s day. there’s never a dull or dark moment with them. highly recommend this podcast for an hour of uplifting, inspiring, and fulfilling content. boobs

Amazing podcast (5/5)

Their episode on the differences in the different types of nail clippers is amazing. I never knew I was using the wrong kind. 11/10

Helped me get an A in chemistry!! (5/5)

They helped me pass my high school chemistry class with an A+!! I couldn’t have done it without them! They truly do know their polyatomic ions and it’s impressive that they’ve memorized the whole periodic table by heart! Thanks Cody and Noel!

Pigeon review (5/5)

I really appreciated the deep and intellectual segment about the rare and under appreciated section on the different species of pigeons. Thank you from the bird watching community

Dream podcast for Disney fans. (5/5)

I am an extreme Disney lover and I love the in-depth disney discussions. My favorite part is when they talked about the disneyland season pass and calculated its worth. It is very helpful and accurate I bought my own Disneyland season pass because of it. Thank you TMG. The dream team

Great Podcast (5/5)

The most insightful podcast on the ancient art of drawing perfectly straight lines. There really is an art to it and these two are the absolute masters of it. Been wanting to draw straight lines for a long time and I finally understand -beginning-intermediate line drawer

Boys will be boys 🤷‍♀️ (5/5)

Used to think men just didn’t know about female anatomy, turns out they don’t even know about their own bodily functions 🥴🤗🤔 ep 102 @ 42:45

Amazing Brilliant Minds (5/5)

Their in depth understanding of conceptual and theoretical physics goes far beyond I’ve ever heard. They have helped me understand things, that I could hardly comprehend even as a Doctor of theoretical physics. Truly brilliant!

I love this podcast! (5/5)

I love their segment about house hold cleaning items. Not only do I acquire more knowledge about the products that I use (or should use), I can listen to it while I clean! Making it even more enjoyable. Love the vaCUUM bit too!

Unexpected delight (5/5)

When my friend first told me about this podcast I didn’t know what to expect. But I now know the best toilet paper to purchase thanks to these fine young men testing and trying them all. From strong to soft, down to the material and composition of the toilet paper. They try it all and save us all a little heartache. Two boys with ibs who pressed on despite past failures and embarrassments. Great work.

i just think medical records are so interesting to expose (5/5)

you have to be an expert hacker to hack in to a hospital’s medical records. color me impressed codel! my favorite patient was kelly jenkin’s jaundice. it’s so crazy how she drank so hard every weekend that she ended up in the e.r. every weekend! and how her records revealed that her liver was completely pickled. wack. i also liked rickie lowe’s reynauds. how he had reynauds to the degree that he actually LOST his finger. and not just any finger his middle finger. i didn’t know reynauds could be that serious.. if you haven’t heard these medical records being completely violated by hippa make sure to listen in to the podcast!!! great content.

DIYs for Days (5/5)

Hands down the best life hacks podcast I have ever found! They really put a suburban hobbyist mother of three in her place when it comes to crafts. My personal favorite segment was the episode on making DIY fake flowers that you can still pretend to water so that your neighbors don’t know how tacky you are! (This is a real issue for me as last week Linda called me out for ordering a fake bush for my home.) Really just such a wholesome weekly podcast by two men who love scrapbooking, coaster making, and all things velcro!!!

Confused? (5/5)

I thought this was going to be a podcast for gay guys. The problem is I still can’t tell yet...

kinda scary (5/5)

this podcast is literally the best for informative information, like learning exactly how to go through life while pointing my eyes towards satanic rituals. some of these rituals have changed my life for the good. thank u cody and noel

Good stuff (5/5)

This podcast makes me want to say fair enough to all the other podcasts because they aren’t good enough. My guardian angels got me and showed me this. Shoutout Whole Foods and Matty smokes. I like doods. Also I never thought I would think about aerospace engineering in this way. Definitely must check out the exclusive interview with a real life dingle berry🤯 #dontbeamrstruggle

I’m guming (5/5)

Insanely chill. But on steroids

Great Podcast to Explore Fetishes and Kinks (5/5)

This podcast is great for people looking for a place to learn about sexual experiences in specific kinks and fetishes. Probably their best episode talks about how to engage in intercourse while both of you are in fur suits. Great podcast boys, keep it up!

Gay pod (5/5)

Love this raw honest story of two guys exploring their sexuality through each weeks conversation. I am left on the edge of my seat after every episode waiting for the moment their hands touch and eyes meet, leading to a smuchie.

Sewing tips YESSS (5/5)

So informative.. so smart... never did I think there’d be an actual informative and positive sewing podcast!

Magnificent (5/5)

With discussions ranging from astrophysics to quantum entanglement theory Cody and Noel give deep insight on a variety of topics.

Russian revolution (5/5)

Really was interested in the part of the podcast where Cody & Noel explained and broke down part by part the night of the Execution of the Russian Tsar Nicholas II and his family, the Romanovs on July 17, 1918.

Learned so much! (5/5)

These two men are the most intelligent people on earth, they see through the governments LIES. From their apocalypse bunker they release the truth. I’ve learned so much more about the FLAT EARTH. Their stories of their ABDUCTIONS by the ALIEN are absolutely gripping. When Cody talked, passionately, about how the government FAKED the MOON LANDING, I was in AWE of his BRAVERY. And Noel’s evidence of the LIZARD PEOPLE controlling the Whitehouse was INDISPUTABLE! Hopefully they won’t be TAKEN OUT out by the GOVERNMENT for spreading the TRUTH.

almost died cuz of this podcast (5/5)

I was listening to Cody trying to use the force while I was driving. Everything got quiet for a second so I looked down to see if I paused it on accident and Cody’s scream almost made me Samsung spin cycle my wheel into oncoming traffic. Didn’t die though so we’re good. Side note: love the Tupperware reviews 10/10

What a podcast! (5/5)

I really enjoyed their ground breaking theory on how pre Christmas shopping can affect the hard drive of your computer! Definitely give this podcast a listen to enhance your mind.

Financial Advisory (5/5)

This is the absolute best podcast if you are an aspiring Financial Advisor, or just want to gain knowledge on how to tabulate your finances!

App review podcast (5/5)

Talk about the worst and best app. -APP FANATIC

How to tie a tie (5/5)

Drape the tie around your collar with the seam facing inward and the thick end on your left, two or three inches lower than your desired finishing position. Bring the thick end horizontally across the front of the narrow end, and then pass it back horizontally behind the narrow end. Pass the thick end again across the front of the knot from left to right. Now pass the thick end again behind the knot horizontally from right to left. Pass the thick end AGAIN across the front of the knot from left to right. Slip a finger under this third horizontal loop. Bring the tip of the thick end up underneath the loop around your collar and feed it up behind the knot, down over the front of the knot and through that third horizontal loop. Pull the thick end through the horizontal loop and snug it down. Adjust the tie by holding the knot in one hand and pulling gently on the narrow end with the other.

Best Podcast For Fellow Washer Machine Enthusiasts! (5/5)

Their podcast is phenomenal and very informative, the way they talked about the proper way to clean anal beads, it really helped me out! My favorite segment had to be when they spoke about the market value of used underwear for an hour long! Amazing.

Supply and demand (5/5)

This has become my favorite podcast and I love that Cody and Noel break down the specifics on how a shortage in supply can impact a market. This podcast has helped me so much in my economics class! Keep up the great work!!

Best Podcast On Animal Husbandry (5/5)

I know there's a lot of competition out there, but this podcast is hands-down the best for learning about animal husbandry. I love how they break things down into layman's terms for any newbie to the world of breeding farm animals to understand.

So funny (5/5)

My favorite part is the repeating segment where they start something funny and then say “that’s a bonus episode”. I crack up every time.

changed my life. (5/5)

this podcast helped me escape a toxic relationship with the spider living in the corner of my room. i finally started demanding rent from it and making it do chores around the house, which i was genuinely so terrified to do before. these men give the BEST empowering life advice and now my life couldn’t be better, and the spider is finally doing their share. i cannot thank them enough.

Learn more here than I do in college (5/5)

I started listening to them and realized my education in accounting is pointless when they teach it for free! Their knowledge on The General Accepted Accounting Principles is amazing. I truly feel prepared for my CPA exam. Why pay $3000 for a study course when I could just listen to them?? No brainer.

insightful! IF YOU HAVE NEVER... (5/5)

If you have never lifted your girl into the reverse coachella and dive-bombed into her temple on stage at a comedy club... you! are! not! a! real! comic! GOOD-BYE! also love learning about christmas and pre-christmas and how ~one~ is really enough.

An enlightening and engaging listen (5/5)

I’ve always had an interest in 15th century European history, but their lecturer on the War of the Burgundian Succession was an incredible eye opener. After the Death of Charles “the Bold” de Valois in battle against the Duchy of Lorraine, both the Austrian Habsburg and French Valois families laid legitimate claims to the Dukes inheritance. This disagreement culminated in Archduke Maximilian Von Hapsburg waging an intense campaign against French forces in the modern day Flanders. This was only made worse of the Valois families as they were forced to contend with various independence revolts in the provinces of Auxois, Charolais and Beuane. These led to the eventual French defeat at the Battle of Guinegate. I really cannot thank the Tiny Meat Gang enough for their well thought out and insightful commentary on these historical events. They truly are experts in this field. However Cody’s bias towards Polish heritage occasionally comes through as he keeps talking about the “Teutonic Betrayal”. Other then that I have no complaints:

Best gamin podcast (5/5)

Came here to learn about Fortnite, left a gamin.

amazing for cabinet builders (5/5)

i love this podcast. as a lover for cabinetry making this is the best podcast! i’ve learned so much on different type of wood, how to take the wood, and how to pound the wood into what i want. thanks guys!

Honest Opinion (5/5)

In my own personal opinion, Shrek 2 is probably the second worst movie of the franchise. It wasn't bad, but at the same time it wasn't Shrek's best. Though, it had it's moments, like all Shrek movies, it also had its fair share of not so good moments. For instance, it had more song sequences than any other Shrek film, fact. Sadly, they were not all the best, though some scenes where the characters sang, sure, it was ok, heck, few can even be called pretty good. But that cannot be said for all songs, my personal least favorite are the Fairy Godmother scenes, not saying she is my least favorite character of all the Shrek universe,though she is my least favorite villain. What irritates me the most is that it took TWO MOVIES till we were introduced to the Shrek babies and Merlin. On the other hand we have Shrek 2 to thank for the classic Puss in Boots, whom some may say is a staple in the Shrek franchise.

potent (5/5)

just a one stop shop for all things pony play

Interesting Topics (5/5)

I love the Tiny Meat Podcast last episode when they spoke on quantum physics it was very interesting and opened my point of view on the whole subject entirely they know what they are talking about, they are highly intelligent individuals and will give you different perspective on the world as a whole.

Very informational. (5/5)

I listen to this at work and i’m so glad i found a podcast that could teach me the correct way how to abort a baby. Also, can’t wait to see your Tony Award nomination.

Eyes are dumb (5/5)

What if we used echolocation?

big meat (5/5)

such a beautiful emotional meat review , i really felt personally connected to meat i purchased 20 pounds of ground beef

Funny (5/5)

I love there podcast. But me being a twin, the last 20 minutes of episode 101 made me so uncomfortable... and I was listening this with earbuds in next to my twin😐

This podcast is really mind opening (5/5)

I really enjoyed when they talked about race differences and explained their view on why they think white is the supreme race. I don’t agree with these two white supremacists because I’m not a racist bigot like them, but they bring up some good points. I work at Best Buy.

girl defined (5/5)

mr. struggle

Up and coming chefs (5/5)

These two up and coming chefs talk about what it’s like to study under Gordon Ramsey. Noel’s dumb little comments are sure to fill your heart with joy. Cody’s gobble neck will inspire you to a level you would’ve never thought was possible. 10/10 for the creepy crawly duo.

Great! (5/5)

Talking about the military industrial complex might be hard but Noel Miller and Cody Kolodziejzyk give an excellent summary and analysis of this current problem and how we ended up like this!

Excellent Knowledge on Bridges and Architecture (5/5)

The vast amount of knowledge on the building, design and theory of bridges these two men hold is incredible. If you’re an architectural major or up and coming architect this is the podcast for you. And it’s not just bridges! There’s walkways, patios, roofing, flooring, and foundations.

segs (5/5)

segs for your ears

Similar morals and political views (5/5)

I really hate boobs too guys.

Best Single Moms Advice Ever! (5/5)

The hosts just really pull you in and make you feel at home. They really know the daily struggles of a single mother. I’ve got 5 little ones and two more on the way (Daddy is potent!) and I can’t tell you how many times they’ve brought me down from the absolute point of the knife!

TMG Knows EVERYTHING About Fitness (5/5)

Wow! To be completely honest, I thought that Cody Ko had absolutely no idea what he was talking about when it comes to fitness, but it turns out that his years and years of being a competitive athlete have completely versed him in the proper ways to exercise. He and Noel Miller have completely revolutionized my mindset with their great conversations on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle, eat right, and stay fit. Thanks to the Tiny Meat Gang Podcast, I have been inspired to go out and purchase my first Peloton Stationary Bike to take my first step towards reaching my goal of being a stellar athlete like Cody. Thanks, TMG!!

Insightful Garden & Home Podcast (5/5)

I was desperately looking for a podcast that would give me inspiration for a recent home remodel and was suggested this podcast from my 69 year old mother, Barbara. She told me it was the HGTV of apple podcast and she was right! Noel is a garden expert, but I do think it is weird that he goes off on a 10 minute tangent each episode defending his height (less talk, more garden as my mother says!!). Cody is a home expert, and his knowledge knows no bounds (except for gardening). They are the property brothers of podcasts except without the weird twin thing (gay). I’m going to tell my neighbor, Cindy, about this listening program and I’ll download it onto her iPad! PS their recent episode about vacuums is a must listen!!!

Porn (5/5)

Hi Cody and Noel. I go to a Christian school and one day I decided to listen to this podcast on my earbuds in my bible class. Little did I know that you guys would be moaning quite loudly. I didn’t realize that everyone around me could hear these moans coming from my ears. Long story short, my peers and teachers accused me of watching porn in my bible class, and I got an in school suspension. But anyways, good podcast!

Pure unadulterated philosophical geniuses at work (5/5)

No don’t not subscribe from this podcast aha ur so sexy

A beyond life changing experience (5/5)

This podcast really helped me through my parents divorce and the death of my dog. The positive and uplifting nature of how to create the perfect wraparound porch to match with my 2016 limited edition matte black traeger grill I stole from my girlfriend when she moved to Alaska, was really good for me to hear. Truly inspirational advice that helped me conquer my irrational fear of alpine trees, and that their interconnected root systems could swallow me as I walk to school. Forget your school counselor or your friends hot mom, this is who you should always be getting life advice from.


Eh, it’s alright

Christian (5/5)

Whenever I’m feeling distant from God I always turn to the tmg podcast. I love how they are avid trump supporters who believe white people are superior. A recent quote from Noel really stuck with me “my daughters best friend would queef all the time” THE WISDOM IN THERE WORDS❤️ God bless.

Real results. Real fast. (5/5)

If you want to 10x your investment in the stock market this is the podcast for you!

love this pet store (5/5)

so many turtles so many how do i choose

Great Podcast for Spirituality (5/5)

Loved the episode on Catholicism. I always wondered what the differences were from regular catholics and the jesuits so it was nice to finally here some young men explain it all in a fun way that I could understand.

I love when they talked about quantum mechanics (5/5)

I love how they are so knowledgeable about subatomic particles and are willing to share their knowledge with us all

This is what I need (5/5)

I love the dynamic of the host and their views points on fantasy football and their basketball takes. One min it’s sports then it’s real estate advise.

sexy (5/5)

i luv these sexy men

goat care made easy (5/5)

This podcast has taught me so much about caring for my goat. The two farmers, Cody and Noel, are very experienced and have some great tips and tricks on how to tame my little Billy!! Keep it up guys, great job! - very passionate goat farmer

Great show!!! (5/5)

has me cackling and i love when they talk about the best pencil sharpeners. It’s very interesting to here two pencil enthusiasts go back and forth.

Stunning (5/5)

This podcast is like when you go to a restaurant and they give you a full bottle of ketchup. They have outdone themselves and continue to perform just as perfect as that moment when you correctly swirl your spaghetti on the first try. EPIC

Vacuums (5/5)

I loved their segment about vacuums. It’s really fun listening to two avid vacuum collectors and the various kinds of input they have on the different kinds of vacuums.

Excellent (5/5)

Very insightful these two are. I’ve learned multitudes more about the inner workings of the WWII trench digging community than I ever did in history class, and I’ve only listened to two podcasts! Extremely experienced historians. 10/10

Farming (5/5)

They made a really good in depth review on their cows and plastic straws. The best was when they poured all the chemicals on planet mars. They also were really good at making themselves seem stupid and funny.

Amazing App Review Pod (5/5)

I love how the guys go in depth, reviewing their favorite apps. Their vast knowledge and credible opinions on apps such as The Home Depot App, have really affected my everyday downloading and App Store perusing. Awesome pod for anyone looking to spice up their devices with the best apps on the market.

gamers. (5/5)

I love how they continuously inform their listeners on the dangers of using blue loofas instead of green while showering. Chodey and Unlce Nole have saved humanity yet again.

Just here to humble them (1/5)


really kool stuff (5/5)

When they talked about Idaho potato farmers?!!! Groundbreaking. Gotta love!

tiny meat in my mouth (5/5)

I love the way the analyzed the theory of life and how the continue to realize the circumstances which we are in life and where we stand in society really opened to eyes to what it means to live and be alive

This is a 5 Star Review (5/5)

This is a 5 star review because why not? You guys kill it!!

Awe inspiring (5/5)

I love their weekly segments on figure skating. Really gets me going

Great (5/5)

I loved their discussions on the Democratic debates and their takes on Brexit. Best political podcast in the game.

Tmg podcast (5/5)

It’s a nice that they really shine light on the fact that domestic abuse in the whale community is higher than any other community

Insightful!!! (5/5)

i love how cody and noel went into depth about how The Athenian system of democracy was different from the present day society due to the fact the Athenian government only granted the rights of citizenship to guys who owned property and who had done their navy training. i love how they talked about how The system excluded women, slaves, and kids from being full citizens. In addition, humans who were no longer citizens however who lived in Athens ought to now not vote. In today's democratic society in the United States, each person born in the US is considered a citizen. great podcast!!!!!

TMG (5/5)

As a rather philosophical man, these discussions between Cody and Noel always satiate my appetite for philosophical inquiry. I especially enjoyed last episode when they compared Socratic and Aristotelian thought. Their attempts to apply these methods of thought to a Christian theological life always leave me thinking. Keep up God’s work boys!

Great podcast! Very entertaining! (5/5)

Great content

10/10 (5/5)

The best girl relationship advice podcast ever! I love how it feels like it’s just us girls gossiping!!

God like men (5/5)

This podcast talks about how you can be more godly and god like. The hosts (Kristen and Bethany) also have a YouTube called Girl Defined.

I LOVED the segment on crochet techniques!!! (5/5)

It was really cool to learn their favorite patterns and tips on doing them. Noel and Cody know so much about the types of yarn and different hooks! ❤️❤️❤️

Tiny Meat Gang is great! (5/5)

what an amazing podcast! I specifically appreciated the episode on the upbringing of the gothic novel and how generational trauma reproduces through the patriarchal structure

Wow. (5/5)

You know. At first I was hesitant to subscribe to this duo, but you know what really did it for me? Mr. Ko and Mr. Miller did a magnificent job explaining the importance of going in for a routine eye exam, even if you have 20/20 vision. Did you know that diabetes and high blood pressure could be detected during your annual ocular checkup? I surely didn’t, but you know who did? The Tiny Meat Gang. It was at that moment I really understood TMG’s vision for this platform.

Very guud (5/5)

Much humor. Very nice.

I love tmg mwah mwah mwah (5/5)

Isn’t the Big Bang theory wack??? Like, I’m not really religious so I don’t believe in God creating the universe (if you do, hey that’s rad). But, I feel like the Big Bang theory is too bizarre. So you’re telling me, that there was basically nothing, then because of PRESSURE! Things were created?? I don’t know man. I’m sure I sound stupid but oh well. My brain doesn’t want to contemplate that. Anyways, have a wonderful day and listen to this podcast.

Such an educational podcast (5/5)

Wow I can’t stress this enough this podcast is life changing. The amount of real controversial topics they cover is amazing. And how mature they are with covering it. They even can give you recommendations on what products to buy for your everyday use. My favorite topic they ever covered was whether or not George Romero could’ve ran for president or not. They different discussions and arguments that went on within that episode was just fantastic. They discussed how hung George is and how many reverse cows he would pull a day. Just absolutely great to see people using their podcast to inform the youth about the important things in the world thank you Cody and Noel.🤧

Quality meat (5/5)

Keep suckin’

Loved their thoughts on the meat industry (5/5)

The episode where they discuss meat packaging, specifically the sweet ham slice that we all know and love, is fascinating. I actually haven’t even been able to look at ham (or my mother) the same since I listened to it!

Literally best podcast (5/5)

I’m not a boy but TMG pod makes me feel like one of the boys. Love these guys and the show.

10/10 Top Tier Tiny Meat Material (5/5)

Cody & Noel are sugar gay dude Funny podcast, one of my favorites

11/10 would poop here again (5/5)

Top tier g-boy podcast. Real g-boys only

🅱️artin 🅱️uther 🅱️ing 🅱️r. (5/5)

I am happy to join with you today in what will go down in history as the greatest demonstration for freedom in the history of our nation. Five score years ago, a great American, in whose symbolic shadow we stand today, signed the Emancipation Proclamation. This momentous decree came as a great beacon light of hope to millions of Negro slaves who had been seared in the flames of withering injustice. It came as a joyous daybreak to end the long night of their captivity. But one hundred years later, the Negro still is not free. One hundred years later, the life of the Negro is still sadly crippled by the manacles of segregation and the chains of discrimination. One hundred years later, the Negro lives on a lonely island of poverty in the midst of a vast ocean of material prosperity. One hundred years later, the Negro is still languishing in the corners of American society and finds himself an exile in his own land. So we have come here today to dramatize a shameful condition. In a sense we have come to our nation's capital to cash a check. When the architects of our republic wrote the magnificent words of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, they were signing a promissory note to which every American was to fall heir. This note was a promise that all men, yes, black men as well as white men, would be guaranteed the unalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. It is obvious today that America has defaulted on this promissory note insofar as her citizens of color are concerned. Instead of honoring this sacred obligation, America has given the Negro people a bad check, a check which has come back marked "insufficient funds." But we refuse to believe that the bank of justice is bankrupt. We refuse to believe that there are insufficient funds in the great vaults of opportunity of this nation. So we have come to cash this check — a check that will give us upon demand the riches of freedom and the security of justice. We have also come to this hallowed spot to remind America of the fierce urgency of now. This is no time to engage in the luxury of cooling off or to take the tranquilizing drug of gradualism. Now is the time to make real the promises of democracy. Now is the time to rise from the dark and desolate valley of segregation to the sunlit path of racial justice. Now is the time to lift our nation from the quick sands of racial injustice to the solid rock of brotherhood. Now is the time to make justice a reality for all of God's children. It would be fatal for the nation to overlook the urgency of the moment. This sweltering summer of the Negro's legitimate discontent will not pass until there is an invigorating autumn of freedom and equality. Nineteen sixty-three is not an end, but a beginning. Those who hope that the Negro needed to blow off steam and will now be content will have a rude awakening if the nation returns to business as usual. There will be neither rest nor tranquility in America until the Negro is granted his citizenship rights. The whirlwinds of revolt will continue to shake the foundations of our nation until the bright day of justice emerges.But there is something that I must say to my people who stand on the warm threshold which leads into the palace of justice. In the process of gaining our rightful place we must not be guilty of wrongful deeds. Let us not seek to satisfy our thirst for freedom by drinking from the cup of bitterness and hatred. We must forever conduct our struggle on the high plane of dignity and discipline. We must not allow our creative protest to degenerate into physical violence. Again and again we must rise to the majestic heights of meeting physical force with soul force. The marvelous new militancy which has engulfed the Negro community must not lead us to a distrust of all white people, for many of our white brothers, as evidenced by their presence here today, have come to realize that their destiny is tied up with our destiny. They have come to realize that their freedom is inextricably bound to our freedom. We cannot walk alone. As we walk, we must make the pledge that we shall always march ahead. We cannot turn back. There are those who are asking the devotees of civil rights, "When will you be satisfied?" We can never be satisfied as long as the Negro is the victim of the unspeakable horrors of police brutality. We can never be satisfied, as long as our bodies, heavy with the fatigue of travel, cannot gain lodging in the motels of the highways and the hotels of the cities. We cannot be satisfied as long as the Negro's basic mobility is from a smaller ghetto to a larger one. We can never be satisfied as long as our children are stripped of their selfhood and robbed of their dignity by signs stating "For Whites Only". We cannot be satisfied as long as a Negro in Mississippi cannot vote and a Negro in New York believes he has nothing for which to vote. No, no, we are not satisfied, and we will not be satisfied until justice rolls down like waters and righteousness like a mighty stream. I am not unmindful that some of you have come here out of great trials and tribulations. Some of you have come fresh from narrow jail cells. Some of you have come from areas where your quest for freedom left you battered by the storms of persecution and staggered by the winds of police brutality. You have been the veterans of creative suffering. Continue to work with the faith that unearned suffering is redemptive.

Tiny (5/5)

SMALL, LITTLE, DIMINUTIVE, MINUTE, TINY, MINIATURE mean noticeably below average in size. SMALL and LITTLE are often interchangeable, but SMALL applies more to relative size determined by capacity, value, number. a relatively small backyard LITTLE is more absolute in implication often carrying the idea of petiteness, pettiness, insignificance, or immaturity. your pathetic little smile DIMINUTIVE implies abnormal smallness. diminutive bonsai plants MINUTE implies extreme smallness. a minute amount of caffeine in the soda TINY is an informal equivalent to MINUTE. tiny cracks formed in the painting MINIATURE applies to an exactly proportioned reproduction on a very small scale. a dollhouse with miniaturefurnishings

Intellectual Humor (5/5)

I loved how open and deep they are about gaming and girls. A 5’5” short king like me really feels empowered to take on the gaming community and my 6 foot girlfriend.

haha (5/5)

I really enjoyed how they talked about the evolution of baseball bats throughout history . really insightful, 10/10.