Aggregated reviews for The Weirdest Thing I Learned This Week

At Popular Science, we report and write dozens of science and tech stories every week. And while a lot of the fun facts we stumble across make it into our articles, there are lots of other weird facts that we just keep around the office. So we figured, why not share those with you? Welcome to The Weirdest Thing I Learned This Week. Support this podcast:

Great podcast (5/5)

I love this podcast!

Good not great (2/5)

The hosts have interesting topics and sometimes it can be a stretch for them to make the subject they bring up interesting enough but my biggest issue is the hosts bringing up patriarchy and their heavy tilt toward female characters. It’s very clear the hosts look at everything through a “is this femanist enough” glass and aren’t particularly concerned with the subject matter and it comes through in almost every topic. I would suggest breaking this topic off into its own podcast.

I found you in the middle of the night (5/5)

I am so thankful for this podcast! I’m an anesthesiologist just turned new mom! I was desperate for a podcast that wasn’t about work, kept me interested in my heavily sleep deprived state and was fun! You guys frickin nailed it!

Love my Weird Wednesdays! (5/5)

What a complete joy to listen to every week. It always feels like I'm just sitting and hanging out with my gal pals and discussing fun and interesting facts. I love that I'm learning, but the way they deliver the information is in a very chill, casual way that doesn't make me feel like I'm surrounded by science snobs. Love getting my science fix every week! (also I enjoy your laughing and giggling it's so nice to hear how much fun you're all having together!)

My favourite podcast (5/5)

Super informational, super funny. I love this podcast!!!

kept me sober (5/5)

They’re so funny, I started listening before heading to a friends bday at a bar, I ended up driving so that I could continuing show during the ride, and then stayed sober for the night so that I could finish listening on our drive home. My partner enjoyed the volunteer dd, and I enjoyed the side effect of meaningful conversations that I will actually remember. Thanks for the great show, and the sobriety!

Proving that science is fun! (5/5)

The hosts are hilarious while providing super interesting science bits. Even though the facts are weird they are also educational says this science nerd turned nurse practitioner. I too will help you smash the patriarchy from the inside. Keep it up! I am literally doing laundry and using a sweater shaver while listening to this, seriously makes chores more enjoyable. Also, a really good sweater shaver, sort of amazing. Will refresh your wardrobe.

Too Much School Girl Giggling (3/5)

Podcast would be great if there was not so much giggling

Very fun (5/5)

My 10 yr old son and I love listening to this together. Some possible ideas for future topics: Fetal hemoglobin - has to better at binding oxygen than the mom’s so it can steal it from her blood. Then it has to be recycled after birth causing neonatal jaundice. Or vitamin K shots for neonates - it has become dogma in medicine based on entirely theoretical benefits, in the face of known risk. It causes aplastic anemia in kids with G6PD deficiency, which is a 1:1000 diagnosis, for the theoretical benefit to babies with hemorrhagic disease of the newborn which is a 1:1000000 diagnosis. Neonates are super weird in general.

Dang! (5/5)

I mean, so much top shelf legit fascinating brainiac weird facts!

Weird Ladies...Weird facts...100% Awesome! (5/5)

It was only a couple weeks ago that I discovered Weirdest Thing. It was when I saw the headline “Death by Rainbow” in an email from PopSci. So glad I found this. Strange science trivia is soooo my jam! And these ladies are just the best! Hilarious and insightful, what else do you need? I only wish it were on more than once a week.

My teenager and I listen to this separately, together (5/5)

It’s a wonderful way to connect with my teenaged son — to make references to obscure science facts and weird Victorian obsessions. Also, I’m very glad to know that he has factual information about hymens! Go, PopSci!

Great, love to listen! (5/5)

Making sure the lovely weirdos know that this is an awesome show!

The podcast,’s real good (5/5)

The podcast is real good. You got your vocal fry, you got your uptalk, you got your disrespect for our nation’s founders, you got your momentary refuge from our hellworld, it’s all there. The Things are Weird, the Hosts are Good, the Theme Song is Good, the Ads are Puzzlingly quiet. +

❤️❤️❤️ (5/5)


It’s like having friends :) (5/5)

I recently moved to a new city and don’t know a lot of people. This has led me to listen to A LOT of podcasts in replacement of social interaction. Well, this one is my favorite. The facts are intriguing and fascinating, the hosts are amazing storytellers and make me laugh out loud, and maybe I’ll even make friends with my new fun facts to share. Thank you all so much!

Vocal fry is my second favorite kind of fry (5/5)

This show keeps the existential angst at bay for several precious minutes at a time. A candle of delightful weirdness in an ever darkening world.

The haters are so annoying (5/5)

Love this podcast! Nothing is more comforting than ladies talking about science. Keep up the great work :)))

Such a Treat! (5/5)

I love this podcast. There is a warm camaraderie between the hosts that makes me feel like I could sit and chat with any/all and have a great time. It’s a celebration of weird facts that really brightens my day. Thank you, Weirdest Thing!

One of my Favorite Shows! (5/5)

I adore this podcast, the premise is great - each of the hosts brings a weird science fact they learned (presumably "this week") and shares a teaser. Then they go through the facts one by one, and then vote on which is weirdest. There's occasionally guest hosts, and a few live shows. Even when they're covering a fact I already knew about it's incredibly enjoyable. The hosts have excellent chemistry and are so fun to listen to.

Mu boyfriend might have 3 extra nips (5/5)

I have a 2 hour commute every morning and afternoon and The Weirdest Thing has made that easier for me every Wednesday. It’s been a year since I listened to it for the first time and it has resulted in many rabbit holes and weird stares at the break room. I have nothing but appreciation for this podcast, it’s original, quirky and it’s the perfect doze of weirdness and random information to help you pull through the week. You may not know it yet, but you need these facts in your life. Also, I got to see their live show on October 31st and am now convinced my boyfriend has 3 additional nipples.

New and happy about it (5/5)

So I’m a 26 year old SAH mom and a freshman in college, needless to say I’m new to all the wonderful things, such as podcasts, in the world. I just kind of fell into the arms of these weirdos and I’ve never been happier about something. They’ve inspired me to add a “fun fact” segment to my social media account and have reignited my love for learning. Thank you for all you do and I can’t wait to send in my own fun facts soon! #selflove #ilovepoop #iloveyourloveofpoop #weirdos

Recommend (5/5)


Addictingly funny! (5/5)

Oh my...I didn’t know I could get addicted to a podcast, but it has happened! This show has the most interesting facts and they’re just weird enough for me to bring up at social gatherings and make others wonder how I know these facts. Keep up the great work ladies! I’m forever a weirdo follower! 💗💗

Addicting! (5/5)

Totally binge-worthy. They’re hysterical and can make even the most grim of topics fun. Love love love!

Disturbed (1/5)

On show “Bisexual Situations, Limey Sailors” Host who claims to have researched currant IQ tests has Complete lack of understanding of how these tests are beneficial. She blatantly misinforms the public on how they work, scored and are used. Makes me question viability in all her research.

Great show (5/5)

I love to listen to this in the car with my son, we both get to learn new things.

Best part of any day! (5/5)

I love knowing that I can put on any episode to save myself from a bad mood and learn something new (or several something’s new) in the process. Thanks for being like virtual friends who don’t know who I am when it’s too much to talk to other people!

Always learning and laughing (5/5)

These gals are fantastic! The facts they come across are so random! I always end up laughing out loud with their hilarious conversations. It’s enriched my life.

Amusing and hilarious (5/5)

A podcast after my own heart. Fun and unusual (funusual), chock full of good conversation starting stories.

Love it, but... (5/5)

Love this podcast, I love learning something new every week that i wouldn’t learn elsewhere. HOWEVER, I really wish they hosts would drink water before recording. It’s kind of off putting hearing all their mouth noises throughout the whole podcast.

Love listening (5/5)

Love listening to your podcast! 🙏🏻

New listener and intrigued! (4/5)

I love the mix of pop culture and history especially medical history. You guys are great and keep it up. I feel like my mind is blown with all these back stories on stuff u usually don’t think about. Keep it up!!

Perfect for the entire family! (5/5)

If you love to laugh, this podcast is for you. If you love to learn new things, this podcast for you. If you love listening to smart women you wish could be your neighbors at your next dinner party, this podcast is for you.

Stumbled into my new obsession (5/5)

I was going on a day trip and my husband recommended podcasts. I’ve listened to exactly two series previously so I’m not a big listener, but I loved my prior experiences so it was worth a shot. I returned from my day trip in a good mood and a whole lot more intelligent. Thanks for a fun day; I can’t wait to travel again so I can continue to binge this podcast. And mad props, weirdos, for your awesome pronunciation of all these scientific terms.

Smart, funny, interesting (5/5)

The hosts on this show do a great job of sharing the weird and wonderful while simultaneously having a darn good time. It feels like having a chat with your unapologetically nerdiest/most fun friends. I don’t know what else you could want from a podcast.

Episode 9 (4/5)

You made an error with your Victorian Sex drug-poppers raise heart rates and make the heart pump more forcefully.....they don't lower heart rates as you reported and a quick google search would have told you a bit of sloppy reporting...

Cant get enough! (5/5)

I just found this podcast and I can’t stop listening! What will I do when I run out and have to wait for the next one to air? Will I still know myself? Also it’s super refreshing to have a podcast run by women, I feel like we hear men’s voices constantly in media. You ladies are great to listen to!

❌🧢 (5/5)

Y’all straight capping if you don’t like this

Weird (5/5)

I Thoroughly enjoy the show. It’s entertaining as well as educational. It can be very fun to listen to also. I am so glad I stumbled upon this podcast. I always look forward to every new episode I hear. The women on this show are great.

XX I (4/5)


I enjoy this podcast a lot! (5/5)

Learning from the ladies of PopSci is a dream! Thanks for sharing your weird facts.

My favorite podcast! (5/5)

I love this show!! The hosts are informative while also being very entertaining!

Darn it! I wanted to like this…. (3/5)

The premise of the show is fabulous and the stories are great, but the Valley Girl accents and the giggling just kills any enjoyment you might get out of it. So distracting and eventually just annoying! I really tried to listen to more than a few episodes, but it felt like I was listening in on a teenage girl's slumber party. Can you get some grown-up women to do the talking?

My favorite! (5/5)

I love this show and can’t wait to see it live!


Claire and Rachel are the best. Articulate, intelligent, funny, and informative! I love this podcast!

Are you the friend full of random fun facts? Do you want to be? (5/5)

Weirdest Thing is definitely my favorite podcast. I get so excited when I see a new episode and the hosts are so genuinely into everyone’s facts and their chemistry is so wholesome. Stay weird!

Too slow for me (1/5)

I love the concept but was hoping for facts from the start, not banter and teasers, I gave up before I got to any actual fact because I only have so much time in the car to listen to podcasts.

Solid (5/5)

Such a fun one, I always learn something. Love that its all womexn, particularly ones who are commited to reporting real facts!

You will be obsessed! (5/5)

I love this podcast, makes you feel really cool for learning science facts and you won’t be able to contain yourself from sharing them with others. Ladies please do a live show in Southern California!

Yessssssss (5/5)

When a new episode is released I am like ok! Looks like I’m gonna be sitting in my car in the parking lot this morning! Love the science, love the ladies, love the laughter, love the future dinner party conversation starter about dead bodies, poop and skin peeling off from eating polar bear livers. Keep it up team ✨✨✨✨ ~ Claire, a Londoner in Asheville, NC

Like, Yanno, Umm, So Yah-yah, Up talk (1/5)

I love the concept of weird stuff. I love this is woman lead. I love the science. But why the valley girl talk and ear bleeding fast babbling? Stop it.

THE BEST (5/5)

These women are talented researchers, writers, and entertainers. I learn a ton and have so much fun listening.

Love this podcast!!! (5/5)

This podcast is the prefect blend of informational and factual while being cheery and hilarious. I have seriously listened to all of the episodes multiple times. I first listen to the new podcast on my commute and then later on I’ll listen to the old episodes to help me fall asleep! So yeah I’m pretty much obsessed.

This podcast makes me look forward to cleaning my house! (5/5)

I listen to this podcast every time I clean. Now I look forward to mopping! *gasp* When I finish my cleaning, I offer random facts to anyone in earshot. Thanks y’all!

Great podcast! (5/5)

I learn so many cool facts and the hosts are great :)

Witty and approachable (5/5)

This podcast is a fascinating collection of odd facts brought to us by hosts who are smart, savvy, witty, and more importantly, approachable. It would be very easy to present this information in a way that would feel exclusionary but the hosts deftly avoid that and make the listener feel like they are part of the journey.

The WEIRDEST! (5/5)

I am in love with this podcast!!! My friends are constantly being grossed out by the strange stuff I share with them! Thanks for that! Also I have a request! I have a weird fact for you fabulous ladies to maybe hopefully do a fact on! 🤞🤞🤞 I found this weird thing on Wikipedia the other day and the title was “Alice in Wonderland Syndrome.” It sounded super cool, and as I’m only in high school, I unfortunately cannot go onto the Anchor app to leave a voice message for it! So I hoped this would work!! Love you girls keep it up! 🌻🔬🍁🔬

I love the weirdest thing this week!!! (5/5)

Hi this is one of my favorite podcasts! I learn so many weird things on this podcast.

I want friends like this (5/5)

Seriously, these ladies (and the occasional dude) know how to present fantastic info in an engaging way. Their brains work how mine works and I now feel less alone and more understood. Thanks y’all!

If You Don’t Know, Now Ya Know! (5/5)

Variety is the spice of life, and there isn’t an episode which will leave you disinterested or scouring for a new podcast; there will always be a factual tidbit to tickle your nerd fancy. These girls bring easy-to-swallow and great-to-verbally-regurgitate snippets of factual circumstances and occurrences happening all over this gorgeously weird, and sometimes gross, earth of ours! Have a listen, you skeptical pod-jockey you. Your earbuds won’t be disappointed!

Best podcast ever (5/5)

This podcast and its hosts are guaranteed to improve your life. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve laughed out loud while listening and cheered when the next episode comes out (every time). It’s a hide in the bathroom at work to get the last 5 minutes in because you just can’t make it until lunch without getting the rest of the podcast in your brain. Zany facts, incredible tales, history, and the Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How of everything from poop wiping robots to the self proclaimed Emperor of America. If you love facts and knowing more cool stuff than anyone else in the room- this is a must!!

Love the show Weirdos!!! (5/5)

Thank you ladies and the occasional gentleman for this amazing pod cast. You’ve keep science amazing!! I salivate for every new episode that comes and so proud you guys are on season 3. I’ve listened to every episode from the beginning and continuously tell everyone I can about Weirdest Thing. You all have amazing radio voices, and you keep me laughing throughout the episode. It is certainly a much needed relief as I drive home nightly on the FDR!! I would invite you all to my house to hang out, I feel like we are the best of friends as it is!! Please continue to season 100 and beyond!! Keep it weird!!

Be an interesting nerd! (5/5)

I used to be a nerd who knew lots of boring facts the rest of the world didn't care to hear. Now I spew weird factoids left and right! People come up to me at work practically begging for some entertaining science knowledge that will make them question the way the world works. Let these ladies educate you in the coolest way😎

Fun at parties (5/5)

Other than making my commute a pleasure this podcast can make you the most interesting person at a party or get together. Just tell people you can buy glass that has uranium added to it if you want to get some attention lol

Just amazing (5/5)

Best podcast ever. The hosts are hilarious, the facts are wild and interesting. The worst part about this podcast is that I’m caught up on binging and have to wait for new episodes. Thanks for being one of the best parts of my week. I love to share what I learn from y’all. Also I hate that I am never in New York to see your live shows. Maybe one day I’ll make it. You’re the greatest.

Best way to get through the week! (5/5)

I LOVE this show! The girls are all funny and smart and their interest in the bizarre makes my week! I love learning about all kinds of “left field” things and this is the PERFECT podcast for that! I can’t get enough!

Rhabdo (1/5)

A large misnomer: you do not need discolored urine to have Rhabdo. You can get Rhabdo from physical exertion, a crushing accident or even from consuming statin medication. I have had it, spent 6 days in the hospital, and lost all mobility in my upper body. Very concerning you all speak of it lightly; yet, speak of it with laughter. The majority of people that get Rhabdo from exertion go unreported.

Just listen. Seriously, it’s worth it. (5/5)

I don’t understand how this podcast is not at 5 stars. This podcast is like candy made from healthy kernels of blissful joy and wonder, which feed my earballs and my brain. I learn amazing facts that keep me pondering for days. The presenters are always hysterical and have a fantastic dynamic (Clair and Elenor 🥰🤗). I binge listened all the episodes and my life felt meaningful. And then I felt shriveled and dehydrated in its absence. Ladies, please never stop. You’re very good at what you do and what you do is 🧨

Great premise...lousy execution (2/5)

I love the premise of the show. Unfortunately, the girls that host the show sound like 15 year-olds that have never found their way out of the big city. I might have remained a listener had they managed to leave out the elitist/liberal/feminist commentary, and/or eventually found their adult radio voices. Sadly, no, they never have. After finding this podcast, I listened to 21 episodes thinking they’d eventually find their talent. Sadly, the ASMR-like voices and immature attitudes just tittered on. If these girls are in fact editors of PopSci, I need to rethink my opinion of the publication(s).

10/10 Would Recommend (5/5)

I started binging this at work one day and I couldn’t stop! It’s clear the hosts are having so much fun doing this show and their love for the show and weird facts is so infectious!

The best! (5/5)

I am seriously addicted to this podcast. Mostly because Rachel and Clare- I kinda like want to hangout with you guys. Even if you’re up speaking twinkies 🙄😂 It’s the best combo of information and comedy. If you guys could maybe come to Asheville NC for a live show- that would definitely make my year! Love, Maggie formerly from Long Island now living in NC 😆

Thanks to my son (5/5)

Just writing to let you know I love your podcast. My son who is 29 turned me onto the podcast and we’ve been chatting about it since. My first thought was too bad this wasn’t around when he was a little guy it’s the sort of thing we would’ve done as a group and chatted about over dinner. I’m so enjoying it thank you so much.

Always Super! (5/5)

Love this podcast! I enjoyed it right off the bat and decided to share with my two teenage boys...they also dig it. My oldest even read a book referenced in the show - the Exploding Teeth book. Always laughs and always great facts and stories. This podcast can truly change the way you see the world...

I love this podcast!!!!! (5/5)

I am only 13 years old, but I love this podcast. I am definitely considered the school weirdo by my friends. To them, I seem to have a fact for every topic, thanks to you. I would also love if you guys could do a live show in other places. I love in Yelm WA, so I can’t go to any of your guys’ live shows in New York, no matter how much I want to. Thank you guys for being such amazing people.

Give it a listen! (5/5)

Smart, funny women and occasionally a man talking about super interesting unusual facts!

Love this newly discovered pod! (5/5)

Great work, Ladies!!

Love your show (5/5)

Since I have a head full of useless information I get to add items to it each episode. Looking forward to season 3.

Facts that aren’t just blowing smoke up your butt! (5/5)

Weirdo and proud! My girlfriend told me I should listen to this podcast over a year ago and the first episode I listened to was on smoke enemas and I was hooked! This podcast is funny and as a student I run across a lot of facts that I can’t put in my papers because well I need to pass my classes and this podcast does exactly what should be done with weird facts you run across while doing research. Keep up the good work girls! P.s. the blowing smoke up someones butt when they die is sadly still an inside joke between my girlfriend and I hahaha!

Ah Yeah (5/5)

This show is amazing and I love it

Pleasant surprise!! (5/5)

I can’t remember how I found this podcast, but I am so glad that I did! The facts are fascinating and the stories behind the facts make the learning experience better! They make you want to learn more. My science brain is so thankful! 😍

Facts you didn’t know you needed (5/5)

This is my favorite podcast. They go deep into interesting and bizzare facts to paint an entertaining picture that will have you shocked, laughing, and always intrigued. If you encounter a lull in conversation when you’re on a date, it’s always a great idea to just throw out something you learned on the podcast and show them that you’re an interesting, intelligent, informed little weirdo. Guaranteed to get that second date - if you want it.

Michigan Weirdos (5/5)

I listen in Grand Rapids Michigan with my kids on our way to/from school and other activities. It keeps them from picking on one another (and driving me crazy) during our time in the car, so a big Thank You for that! I love that they are also hearing from people who have a lasting curiosity and know how to track solid information down. Plus, it’s just plain fun. :)

Great👍🏼 (5/5)

I’m 13 and my mom and I love your podcast! We are learning a lot of cool and interesting things. We listen to it all the time and can’t wait for more weird stuff! Hurry back! From, Tate

I miss you and btw you’re amazing (5/5)

Hi. You don’t know me but I love you! Not in a creepy way, but in a listening to your podcast saved me through my commute from hell, YES science, YES good journalism, YES GIRL POWER kind of way. So please keep the episodes coming! But also enjoy your break because #selfcare Love, weirdo for LIFEEEE

Weird is wonderful (5/5)

Simply the most delightful and insightful hosts weaving weirder than life tales with the facts to back it up. You’ll laugh. You’ll learn. You’ll be grossed out. Weird is wonderful.

Awesome (5/5)

Love the podcast, strangely entertaining!

My favorite podcast (5/5)

The content never gets old. The hosts are cheeky and fun. I genuinely look forward to listening to the episode during the week. All this with the plus of deepening the knowledge bank of esotera. One of my new favorite facts to drop at parties is that you can't eat polar bear liver. Subscribe, listen, enjoy.

A great educational, fun podcast (5/5)

The episodes are short enough that you can binge them, and the content never gets too heavy, plus you learn! Whee!

Such an AMAZING podcast! (5/5)

I have been listening to this ever since my science teacher played it for us and I love it so much! I listen to it all the time and I can't wait for Season 3 to come out. My question to you guys for the Q&A is, how many of you watched PBS as kids, what were your favorite shows, and do you think they inspired you to pursue a career in science and/or journalism? Also, I have a YouTube channel called Arthur Related Content all about the show Arthur, you should check it out.

Fun banter (5/5)

The hosts' humor and rapport is my favorite thing. I'm also often surprised by how the hosts get me sucked into all their stories, even when I thought the topics wouldn't interest me (like sports or corpses).

My personal weird fact bank was going stale...until I found this podcast. (5/5)

I’ve always been the friend who knows all these interesting and unusual little tidbits of information. Lately, though, nothing has truly caught my attention or given me the opportunity to learn those little kernels of information that just reignite my excitement to learn. That was until I came across The Weirdest Thing I Learned This Week. The name caught my attention right away, but I was curious to see what the format of the show would be. Lo and behold it’s just a cool, funny and smart group of people with the genuine love of science and facts sharing topics from all along the weirdness spectrum. No question is stupid and it is just so much fun to hear the relevant tangents and everyone laughing. If you have a chance to try out this podcast, you won’t be disappointed.

Keeps it interesting (5/5)

It's always my first priority to listen to because it's short and it covers everything you want in a podcast. It's short but still enough to give a significant amount of detail with a mix of dry, often morbid, humor. Even if you listen to other podcasts with similar weird/morbid topics (Futility Closet tied for favorite), Weirdest Thing will still come up with a new way to look at it, and they rarely intersect because there's so many weird inappropriate things to laugh about! Plus, they give you a hook and a short version for telling other weirdos.

Facts make me happy :-) (5/5)

I learn so many things from this show that I can’t wait to share with other people! I’ve turned on some friends to it and when we get together, right away we’re like “do you hear the new one yet? Ok we need to discuss.” Thank you for creating such a fascinating and fun show that I look forward to so much. I go through withdrawal when you take breaks. Come back soon!! I need to learn more super weird things!

My new favorite podcast (5/5)

92% of my conversations start with “Did you know...” thanks to these wonderfully funny and informative scientists/journalists. The world is a better place because of this show (but I’ve also discovered some terrifying things about the world)

Thank you (5/5)

Thank you for making me weirdly smarter. I throughly enjoy this podcast.

Quenching my Science Thirst (5/5)

Being someone with a Biology background who works in accounting, my science brain is dying of thirst. This podcast is a cool drink of water bringing my poor shriveled science brain back to life! I also like to share snippets with my coworkers, who probably don’t care. Love this podcast!

12/10 would recommend (5/5)

I love this podcast! My little brother loves science and fun facts so I share all (appropriate) facts with him!

Informative, enlightening, hilarious! My favorite podcast. (5/5)

You ladies are amazing. This show is by far my favorite podcast. I love sharing all the weird facts I learn with my family and friends. In fact, I talk about it so much that my phone has started to autocorrect to capitol letters when I type “I Learned This.” See? 😝 Sometimes I make myself wait between listening just so I can binge a whole day!

Brilliant refuge (5/5)

A great refuge from the horrific stories dominating the airwaves and podcast world.

I am A Proud Weirdo (5/5)

This podcast is definitely my favorite and I personally believe I’m a near expert in a multitude of podcasts. I love the variety of information, structure of storytelling, and personal touch each person brings to their “weirdest thing they’ve learned this week”. I look forward to the new season! All the love, Your Forever Weirdo

The Podcast I’ve Always Wanted (And You Do Too) (5/5)

Science trivia is the only kind of trivia I really like. Science podcasts are my favorite podcasts. Here’s the intersection. But what makes TWTILTW a great podcast beyond its topic is the fact that the hosts are great storytellers. They don’t just drop the facts and a bunch of science on your head, they share the story behind the science, including fascinating (and often weird) people, animals, situations, and (if available) story resolutions. The hosts, particularly Rachel Feltman, have great radio voices too. My only gripe is that I get sad when each season ends.

Colorado weirdo (5/5)

This podcast never disappoints! Every fact is weird even if you thought you knew about it had no idea how weird it could get. I share these fun facts with everyone I know. Thanks weirdo’s hope to make it out to see y’all in ny

Ear Candy for the Curious Mind (5/5)

I LOVE this podcast! The hosts are credible and deliver interesting facts in an entertaining way! Love the banter between the hosts! I’m proud to be a weirdo!!!! Keep up the amazing work!

This podcast helped my marriage (5/5)

My husband has always called me “pod” but now he says he has found “my people”. These adorably brilliant and contagiously giggling science nerds exploring all the weirdest and creepiest and unexpected things in the history of the world has helped him understand me a little better. And has given him something to talk to me, his own little “up-talking millennial”, about at home. Which we both love - even if it has made me more of a liability at parties (I already got us a uranium glass serving set). So thank you, PopSci, and you visionary ladies who knew, deep down, that we all needed to know about hippo butt leeches.

Awesome (5/5)

Just found this podcast by looking for something different. Something off the beaten path. I really enjoyed listening to ya’ll and have subscribed. I will go back and listen to the past episodes!

Unfortunately racist, sexist, and more (1/5)

I write this review sincerely and honestly with the hope that wrongs will be made right. I have been listening to this podcast for more than one season. I have started hearing disparaging or mocking comments toward one race and gender. The first time, I ignored it. The second time, I was irritated. The third time, when Rachel made the comment, I immediately deleted that episode and did not finish it. I won't mention the race/gender, since I think that is immaterial. No race or gender should be mocked or disparaged, even in a purported "joking" manner. In addition, in recent episodes, there seems to be an encouragement or acceptance of recreational (even illegal) drug use, which seems inappropriate. And in one of the latest episodes, there was some fairly graphical sexual discussion, which was unnecessary. I will monitor the beginning of the next season to see if there is any apology or correction to the racist attitudes of the hostesses, and if not, then I will unsubscribe. That would be unfortunate, since the podcast can be quite enjoyable otherwise. But no podcast is worth hearing disparaging comments toward any race.

If you love Sam Kean, You'll love this even more (5/5)

All the great weird case studies and stories that personally I love hearing about. The pop science crew is hilarious and is keen on details, (which I also love, also so importnat and impressive!). Always looking forward to Wednesday, check it out you will not be disappointed.

The weirdest. And best. (5/5)

The best podcast I have ever listened to. I have convinced my whole family to listen and can’t wait to one day be able to see it live. The knowledge I have gained from this is everything I have desired to learn that I didn’t know I Needed to know. A podcast made by people I can relate with. How much more can you ask for! I literally tell everyone I talk to that THIS is the podcast to listen to even if you have never listened to a podcast. It’s the bomb diggity!!

Your week just got weirder, and that’s a good thing (5/5)

This is a very entertaining and highly educational podcast that mixes science with entertainment in all the right ways. The women on this delightful podcast give insightful content with vision and whimsy. Weird just got cool. Big fan.

Delightful (5/5)

I just finished the last episode from the first season, meaning I’m officially caught up. I feel both (a) sad and empty and (b) stoked to delight and horrify people at cocktail parties. But I might have to re-listen to a few highlights before my next get together so I don’t accidentally tell a story about a woman whose head exploded in the Parthenon while giving birth to rabbits. My memory isn’t the best - must be all the cocktails!

Funny and interesting rolled into one. (5/5)

Put this into your regular rotation now. This podcast is funny, interesting and yes even educational in a one package. So many weird factoids and stories.

Entertaining and educational! (5/5)

I love this podcast. It’s a perfect combo of entertainment while still learning some amazing random facts PLUS the science behind them. This has quickly become one of my favorite podcasts. Side note: I’m 30 weeks pregnant and one of my facts for the week on The Bump is about my feet growing a size due to relaxin loosening ligaments. Just listened to that episode yesterday. One of the first facts I actually knew before the podcast. Like your mom, I actually thought this was common knowledge too!

I adore this podcast. (5/5)

I have repeatedly told my children that learning shouldn’t end when the school years are over. I try to learn something new every day. (This elicited groans of course) The subject matter of the podcast is great. Bizarre, obscure, and often hilarious tidbits of information. Served up to us by wonderfully articulate and extremely likable hosts! Their banter is so easy and comfortable, yet simultaneously educated and intelligent. Thank you for such a fun show! -Steve

Favorite Podcast!! (5/5)

I love this podcast -the stories are always interesting and well researched! Each episode leaves me laughing

Addictive (5/5)

Came for the weird stories, stayed for Princess Banana Hammock’s reviews

Forever weird (5/5)

This crew will delivery all the facts about the Victorian area, weird diseases, microbes, and body functions you can handle. The fun banter and sharp wit will keep you engaged and learning the weirdest things.

Fun! Lighthearted! Science! (5/5)

Science journalist friends get together to talk about the weirdest fact they learned over the last week. Most of the facts are about historical science rather than modern science (lots of terrifying and sometimes strangely sexy stuff from Victorian England). No dry high school bio textbook stuff here!

Science and Witty Repartee with a Healthy Sprinkling of Musical Theatre References (5/5)

Who could ask for anything more?! This show filled a void for the wonderful banter my college buddies and I used to have into the wee hours of the night, going down Wikipedia rabbit holes and laughing at all of the crazy weird and wacky things we have done in the name of science. Sometimes I find myself tricked into almost feeling like I know these podcasters because they are so genuine and I almost feel like had we gone to the same College we would definitely have run in the same circles. Keep up the great work and wonderful obscure musical theater references. My only regret is that I binged the series and now have to wait a week for new episodes. You ladies and gents ROCK.

This is fun (5/5)

If you’re a weirdo and proud of it, you should listen to this. Even if it is for Nazis eating poo.

Everything in one (5/5)

Hilarious, educational, relevant, weird, and sciency! What more could I ever ask for in podcast? Thanks to popsci for creating the exact thing my life needed!

WOW (5/5)

This is great

Thank you for validating my existence!!! (5/5)

I love listening to the facts generally but the one on two sleep cycles seriously was the greatest discovery of my decade. That is how my life works and I am most productive from 1-3am and get lots of flack for “not sleeping” and have always thought I was a weirdo.. but it turns out that I am normal!!!! Thanks Weirdos. You are the best!!

The weirdest thing I learned this week (5/5)

This is my favorite podcast of all time! The appropriate bits get passed onto my chemistry class, the inappropriate bits get passed onto my friends and family! Love you guys! Keep educating us on rare diseases Clair!!!

Love the podcast, but... (3/5)

The information in this podcast is wonderfully weird and well researched. This group of women are true intellectuals, but I have a pet peeve I may not be able to get past. There is a grating tendency for “uptalk” - making a declarative statement sound more like a question. Please stop. It undermines the authority you have on the subject matter and causes grown women to sound like hesitant teenagers. You are adults. You are brilliant. And you are doing yourselves a huge disservice by falling into a vocal pattern that diminishes your ability to effectively communicate that.

Who doesn’t love weird, random info? (5/5)

I love this show! If you’re like me and enjoy gathering weird, random, and sometimes useless but cool facts and info, then this show is for you. I also really love that it’s hosted by women who are all really funny and well informed. Thanks for feeding my desire for new, weird stuff to blab about to friends!

Awesome!! (5/5)

I LOVE this podcast and I think that these ladies (and sometime man) are funny and quirky! I definitely recommend this, and it’s awesome. This only thing, tiny, not even worth losing a star, is that sometimes I feel I feel uncomfortable during the topics that cover sex. Love this pod!

A fun show! (5/5)

I love weird science stories!!

Excellent (5/5)

Why is everyone complaining about the giggling? This is a genuinely happy podcast. You learn something. You smile (if you’re not dead inside). The hosts are charming and adorable, and listening to it every week is a great way to unwind.

Bill Nye (5/5)

Bill will completely ruin your podcast. Please don’t invite him in.

Fun and Intriguing! (5/5)

I can't believe some of the things they come up with! Definitely a fun podcast to listen to.

Can we hang out? (5/5)

I assumed the girls giggling would annoy me but it was the opposite. It's endearing. I can't think of another term to describe their banter and what sounds like real friendship. They sound like nerdy bff's. They are far from stupid and they work hard and seem to enjoy making this podcast. It's educational and hilarious. My new favorite.

Among the best! (5/5)

In a big list of podcasts, this one stands out as making me giddy... and I don’t use words like giddy lightly... (picture of angry cat)

Great job, weirdos! (5/5)

This is my favorite podcast and I've recommended it to many of my friends and family. The hosts do a great job, there are limited ads, and I have learned all sorts of awesome weird facts!

Love this show! (5/5)

As a teacher, I constantly work these facts into my lessons, often when the lesson is lagging. I’ll be like, “Hey, guys, did you know...” and then I’ll throw an interesting science fact at them. Who cares if I teach English? Thanks, science people!

White privileged folk talking about “discoveries” (1/5)

This podcast embarrasses me as a white person. It is so inane and bleached, overflowing with navel-gazing self-importance that fuels Brooklyn’s worst cockroach entitled. This culture is just as horrible as any deaf culture. Might as well be NRA for “cool facts” and “liberal” inanities.

My Absolute Favorite (5/5)

I cannot get enough of this podcast. This is my absolute favorite. After bingeing on all the available episodes, it is with great joy that I open my feed each Wednesday. I will be making it a point to attend the upcoming live show in NYC. Can’t wait.

10/10 (5/5)

Absolutely fantastic. Fun, entertaining, and weirdly informative. Highly recommend.

Binge Worthy (5/5)

Been bingeing this for the past week. It’s fun, informative and addicting. Definitely recommend for curious minds who like to learn.

“like” (1/5)

Update: downgraded. Did they REALLY just use the term “Or***tal?” I love this podcast, but am taking off a star because one of the hosts says like or um as basically every other word. If I took a drink every time she did this, I’d be passed out drink in five minutes. Please control this.

Wow (5/5)

I love this podcast.

Proud weirdo (5/5)

I’m a big fan of the podcast and am a proud popsci weirdo. Looking forward to the next podcast. Be well

Delightful (5/5)

There are two great secrets to this show: 1. The way they find their stories. 2. The way that they introduce and narrate their discoveries. I would like a link to more info about the week’s weird things and the story that you were working on that led you to the link. Bonus 3rd secret: They have good chemistry together.

Love science (5/5)

These folks are great! I love this show.

TWTILTW is the kardashian version of TPWKY (1/5)

I could not continue listening to it due to too many presenters talking with vocal fry. Please talk normal!!

Really wanted to like it (1/5)

But the constant giggling was simply too distracting and became a complete annoyance. I gave 10 shows a listen and it became progressively grating. Sorry but I had to unsubscribe.

The Feel-Good Binge (5/5)

I love this podcast. I take something away with every episode I listen to, if not more.

Improves my day (5/5)

The weirdest thing is something that always makes me smile, laugh and be happy. It helps me calm down when I get anxious and my whole family loves it

Really entertaining (5/5)

One of my favorite podcasts! So interesting and funny!

A great podcast (5/5)

Literally one of my favorite things to listen too and incredibly entertaining.

Weirdest Thing (1/5)

Up speaking millennial twinkies.

Don’t do podcasts, but THIS ONE is GREAT! (5/5)

I LOVE the stories and the hosts. They laugh so much it makes me laugh too. I can’t wait to see what they come up with next. I love all the interesting facts and trivia. I go around at work telling their stories to everyone. I am the company “weirdo” for sure! You gotta listen.

Great trivia knowledge and fun listen (5/5)

Started listening for trivia knowledge and stayed for the humor. I love this podcast. I wish I had their job. I love science communication and research.

Astronaut flatulence (3/5)

You seem to have confused the Apollo program for Mercury... otherwise mildly entertaining...

This show is always fascinating! (5/5)

I have so many good things to say about this podcast, I had to narrow it down to for my review. First, the content is appropriate for and interesting to teens AND adults (a hard criteria to fill oftentimes), funny, and filled with interesting facts I can go share with my friends and family. Second, the hosts- while it may be unintentional, their voices are very pleasing to listen to and never drone on (especially Claire Maldarelli’s). I’m always left smiling and it’s very easy to listen to while doing the dishes, cleaning my room, etc. You won’t regret spending around 20- 30 minutes listening to funny, intelligent women talk science with passion. (Their logo is my home screen on my phone!)

So much fun (5/5)

Love the commentary and facts. I was loling my whole way to work and have some great convo starters to boot.

My new favorite podcast (5/5)

This is such a fun and easy podcast to listen to (& learn from!). The hosts present the most fun facts in a story-telling/informative fashion. The back and forth banter between them also makes it feel like you’re in the room when listening. I love learning weird things!! Thanks for a great podcast

Awesome (4/5)

This show has the coolest science stories without being too heavy. The hosts are hilarious & it is so quirky. One of my favorites. It’s so lightheated & the hosts have great chemistry. Keep up the good work. Especially loved the laughing gas episode & who knew medical cannibalism was a thing! Keep up the good work!!

“Wanted to love this but like, just couldn’t...” (2/5)

I love reading this whenever it pops up in my newsfeed but I just couldn’t take listening to the podcast. So disappointing. Similar to other reviewers, I just can’t take the hosts’ juvenile sounding prattle, upward inflection, use of the word “like,” etc.

Amazing! (5/5)

I have been listening to this podcast for a while now and I just have to say that I love it! I typically listen to it on my way to school, as it is a super refreshing way to wake up and learn fun facts. I usually try to share what I learned, with my peers. It’s just great!

Fantastic podcast! (5/5)

Excellent podcast. The stories are fascinating! The hosts are knowledgeable and fun.

The best thing I hear each week (5/5)

Weirdest Thing gives me life. I look forward to Wednesday’s when a new episode comes out like a mid-week treat on my commute.

YES (5/5)

I had never known myself to binge a podcast but I CAN’T GET ENOUGH. So wonderful that it is primarily women; that are so giddy about science and it’s weird history. Come to LA!

Journalists, not scientists (3/5)

At first, I was willing to overlook the excessive use of “like” and “literally” until the podcast where carotid artery was mispronounced and gangrene became contagious in the minds of the hosts. It is quite frustrating to have a science podcast hosted by women who lack a basic understanding of the subject matter and giggle at the dumbest moments. Like, literally.

Great concept, average execution (3/5)

Like many of the reviews with anything but five stars, I jumped at the concept of this podcast. And like my fellow four-star and below-hrs, I was disappointed upon listening. There needs to be more structure to this podcast, or at least a higher level of professionalism when it comes to voice recording. Between the giggling, vocal fry and and uptalk, I feel like I'm eavesdropping on coworkers' gabbing about their weekend. The podcast isn't inviting to the listener, it just feels like a fun thing for the hosts to do every week.

Vocal fry (4/5)

I love the topics, the casual conversational tone.....but one lady has the WORST low vocal fry that is like nails on a chalkboard. Not everyone has a voice for “radio”.

decent content (3/5)

...but would probably benefit from a 50% reduction in giggling.

Yay! (5/5)

Fantastic podcast! I love the chemistry between the personalities/perspectives. I’m so happy to have discovered this podcast, I’ve been devouring the episodes. Thank you so much for enlightening my days!

Flippin amazing (5/5)

Who knew science could be so weird and interesting at the same time. I love this podcast, I am a new listener and will definitely keep checking back for more interesting stories. Keep up the good work weirdos

Interesting to listen to (5/5)

This podcast is very interesting. Each episode is well written and well researched. I wish the three hosts were not so silly.

Sort of, like, Vocal Fry... (3/5)

Fascinating podcast but the relentless vocal fry and the seeming inability to make a statement without saying either "like" or "sort of" or both makes this painful to listen to. I wish that weren't the case because otherwise this would be terrific.

Painful (1/5)

Like, I couldn’t, like, get through, like, a whole episode (uptalked, natch)?

Fun to listen to! (5/5)

I really enjoy listening to this channel. Interesting topics delivered by fun, smart individuals! Can't wait for more in the coming weeks. Highly recommended

Ummm, like, ummm, giggle, giggle (1/5)

I really wanted to like this podcast. Women discussing weird science, what could be more entertaining. As a woman I was very disappointed in the amount of unnecessary giggling, ummmm’s, soooo’s and like’s. It was frustrating to get through all of the verbal garbage to appreciate the fun facts. It’s not worth it.

Super fun (5/5)

I stumbled on this and though I would give it a try. I love it! I love learning about things and science, so their topics are super interesting to me. They all seem to get along with each other and have good conversation that you can tell is not being read from a script. I've honestly been looking for a podcast that would be a learning thing/share random facts and I've not made it through most because the hosts were dull and clearly reading off script, so I'm happy to have found this podcast!


The three women have this weird voice thing that is extremely annoying. Come to find out it's got a name. Vocal Fry. It's horrible. Plus you can hear their lip smacks, yuck. They are an annoying bunch. I just can't with this podcast.

The most delightful thing (5/5)

Science people & non science people alike! I encourage you to listen to just one single episode of PEOPLE WHO HAVE RECEIPTS AND KNOW WHAT THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT. U can WOW every family member and pal with the things u learn here with some genuine laughs along the way or just geek out to these facts given to us by intelligent women (w soothing voices). This podcast has made me more interesting at parties. HIGHLY, HIGHLY, RECOMMEND!!!!

New Favorite (5/5)

This podcast came at the perfect time in my life! I have a new commute and love learning. This helped pass the time AND make me smarter. Hearing the ladies and guests interact and react to the science yarns is almost a bonus to the facts themselves! I cannot recommend this podcast enough!

One of my favorite shows! (5/5)

The hosts are all cheerful, funny, and informative; I look forward to each episode, and can’t wait for the new season in the new year!

Distracting (1/5)

I wanted to enjoy this. The topics are right up my alley. But the constant use of the word “like” makes this unlistenable for me. I counted 8 just in one sentence.

Like...OMG, this is like literally making women be seen as idiots (1/5)

Girls!! Men cannot take women seriously in STEM research and education when podcasters such as yourselves cannot reframe from speaking without the word “like” throughout your conversations. Please STOP dispensing facts ending in an upturn voice as if you are questioning your own knowledge.

Love the “weird” podcast! (5/5)

Great and funny podcast! I really enjoy the quick banter, funny facts, and personable podcasters. Always make me laugh and I learn something unique with every podcast. I strongly recommend subscribing, laughing and learning along the way! Keep up the great work!

Great Podcast (5/5)

Funny and informative. Interesting how all the negative reviews complain about the women's voices; almost like some people don't like having things explained to them by women. Apparently "vocal fry" is the new "shrill".

Fill up your Fun Fact Trove (5/5)

I am obsessed with this show. I am all about quirky fun-facts and weird but true stories and this show brings those things in spades. It has a comfortable, friends hanging out on a couch atmosphere but don’t let that trick you into thinking the research isn’t world class and thorough. I am constantly recounting details from these wild stories to my flabbergasted friends. It’s a great source of a half and hour of entertainment for the morning commute. My favorite episodes have been: quail rhabdomyolysis and illegal cheese/the greatest dairy disaster. Can’t wait for Season 2!

Random facts are always a hit (5/5)

Another show with panelists giving us random science/history facts, and they’re usually women? Yes please!

Hooked at First, Now Sad (2/5)

I listened to the Halloween episode first and worked my way backwards on this podcast. I loved that episode and downloaded them all quickly. As I listened though, I found that I could not stop hearing the “likes” spread throughout the discussion. Instead of sounding well-researched and interesting, the discussions ended up sounding immature and with oversimplified and hazy explanations of cool things. I started googling the topics myself and ended up getting more out of Wikipedia than the podcast. I really, really want to keep listening because I love the premise of this podcast and I love that it’s mostly women on the show. I just wish it was easier to listen to and follow.

Where Has This Been All My Life?!?! (5/5)

My favorite podcast, hands down. I wish there were many years in the vault. Please keep it up, ladies!

Ruined me for other podcasts (5/5)

I never found a podcast that interested me until now. After listening and laughing through the entire season, I can't find anything else that keeps me entertained (while learning something new!).

Great podcast (5/5)

This is such a great & weird yet informative podcast. You’ll love it!

Mouth noises! (1/5)

I love the content, but there are two speakers (women) who have the most annoying mouth noises (like that lip/tongue/kissy sound when some people open their mouth) and vocal fry that I’ve ever heard on a podcast. I just can’t take it. Seriously, do something about it. 😬 Also, stop the “like” and “yeah so um” and “ so” and all of the other unbearable aspects that hurt your presentation.

Hey like maybe like you could like listen to like your own like show you think like maybe (1/5)

Unsubscribe because they said like too much

Horrible speech patterns (2/5)

The hosts need to listen to themselves. I have to stop listening because of the appearance of “like “ as every other word, followed by “sort of.” Good stories ruined.

New favorite podcast (5/5)

Love this show! I look forward to it every week.

Not so funny (4/5)

All the laughing at and about the tragic dairy fire was a little alarming to me. Overall some interesting tidbits though usually.

Like (1/5)

After listening to a podcast about fish poop, i was hooked so i thought i would listen from episode one. I quickly found myself emersed and hanging on to everything these girls were saying. Most of the podcast features what sounds like very intelligent women ‘weaving their science threads” but then... then one of them starts in on a repetitive “like” and “like” and “like” and “like” and “like” and every other word is like and using that word over and over in my own opinion really waters down the content your attempting to deliver and makes you sound way less intelligent than i know you girls really are. Sadly, because of this i cannot bear to listen to anymore of these podcasts.

Interesting but (1/5)

Sure wish these women would try to sound like their ages and speak like their ages because their info can be interesting. Also overuse of the word crazy doesn’t sound very educated. I listened to a few episodes but then couldn’t take all the gulp-talking (just pause don’t rush)and baby-ness. It detracts from trusting you as a source of facts, Ladies.

Too much giggling (3/5)

The content is very interesting and often engaging but the constant giggling and laughing is boring and distracting. Are they teenagers? I much prefer listening to adult conversation.

Interesting science (3/5)

The ladies enjoy their work but the amount giggling takes away from my enjoyment of the topics

So Great (5/5)

I have been listening since the first episode and I’m always excited when a new one comes out. Keep it up!

A quick, informative, enjoyable podcast (5/5)

Not sure how I stumbled on this podcast, but I just can’t get enough! I love hearing such strong female (sometimes with a male guest) voices enjoy a wide variety of science facts and stories.

My go to podcast! Just amazing to listen to (5/5)

Other than the LoL eSports podcasts, this is the podcast I listen to constantly. Everytime I listen to this podcast, it reignites my childish passion to science and just learning facts. The episodes aren't just informative but also very entertaining. You can expect nerdy jokes, fascinating ideas and experiments, and awesome speakers.

Hooray for weird things (5/5)

I love this podcast so much. I imagine them sitting around a chili’s drinking margaritas and I want to be their best friend. Especially because I too wander down weird Wikipedia rabbit holes then have NO ONE to share my super weird facts with. I love learning all the things.

Super accessible, intelligent, and interesting (5/5)

Would definitely recommend for folks over 14 just because of some of the facts need a birds/bees conversation foundation. Absolutely love this podcast.

Negative and uninformed (1/5)

If these are truly the writers of Popular Science, I will be cancelling my subscription. I wanted to like this podcast. I REALLY wanted to. The concept is extremely interesting. What it turns out to be is what sounds like several high school girls giggling over items in their science books that are fairly well known to everyone else. They trash everyone in history by measuring everyone at any point in the past with socially conscious standards of the 21st century. They also use hr word “like” far too often. If anyone can recommend a more mature and educated podcast with a similar concept, I would love to try it out!

Fun and surprising (5/5)

These are refreshing voices on a field I love and presented as if they are trying to freak out thier friends about cool science facts, which is what I call a good time! If you like to go down the rabbit hole on science facts, and how humans misapply it (I will leave it at Eleanor Roosevelt 'airing her baby in a cage'), then this is worth a try!

Very Interesting and Good Conversation (5/5)

I stumbled over this podcast last week and am already bummed that there are not more episodes ready to listen too. Im already waiting for more. Really good people, good topics, weird but genuinely interesting topics. Great for listening to while commuting.

Fascinating! (5/5)

Such a great podcast! Everyone should know these facts. did you know Neil Armstrong had to go through US customs after returning from the moon :-)

First pod I’ve ever cared enough to review (5/5)

I usually drown myself with political podcasts that make me sad and give me anxiety and so when I found this pod it was a huge deal. This pod is informative, interesting and pretty funny. As a woman studying engineering I love how it’s usually women hosting. I’d die for 2 pods a week.

One person too many (2/5)


A Great, Weird Way To Get Through The Mid-Week Hump (5/5)

I adore this podcast. The hosts are all very knowledgeable, but not in a rude or showy way. The weird facts they share are always fascinating—I've started sharing them in my own office! I've been recommending the show to friends and family nonstop, and love seeing a new episode pop up on my phone every Wednesday. Keep up the great work!

Great chemistry! (Ha!) (5/5)

I just found this podcast (which makes sense because it’s new). It’s amazing. I love the chemistry of the three hosts. It mixes the best of comedy and science podcasts. Highly highly recommend.

Very enjoyable, but (4/5)

I wish it was slightly less .... jocular. Not dry, not bland, but perhaps a bit less laughing and fewer digressions?

I Google So Much Now (5/5)

I love this show. Every thing you guys talk about I google for more information. Thought about giving it 4 stars because honestly I’m getting so distracted listening to it I forget that I have to do work. I love the conversations and how they make science (weird, but still science!) fun and accessible! I look forward to new episodes every week and I love telling my friends the weird things you guys talk about! Thanks so much!

Good start (3/5)

Nice medley of SciFact trivia. I’ll give another star or two in the rating if the hosts can train themselves to reduce the use of “like” by at least 90%. Or at least commission a study to develop a vaccine for such an affliction

Favorite Podcast (5/5)

I absolutely adore this podcast. I love to learn about science, but I tend to get bored with the monotonous fact listing that can happen on science related podcasts. These 3 ladies are a breath of fresh air. Yes, it’s not as structured as a typical science podcast is, but that’s one of my favorite things about it! It’s like getting together with some friends that just want to have fun and tell you interesting things they learned this week. Easy going and fun - highly recommend!

Smart, funny women! (5/5)

I LOVE this podcast. My favorite part is the 3 women who host it-so awesome to have a science show hosted by all female cast! As a science girl myself, it’s so nice to hear voices I can relate to. I personally adore the Informal tone of their convos, it’s the same way women are traditionally portrayed as speaking about fashion etc yet this is straight up science! My second favorite thing are the 3 weird topics themselves. The spectrum of topics covered is as diverse as it is weird as it is interesting.

Highly recommended (5/5)

This is a really fun, entertaining, and interesting podcast. The ladies seem to get dinged in a lot of reviews for their informal delivery, but to me it feel like getting together with a group of girlfriends and catching up on the odd things we’ve all come across over the previous week.

Love this podcast! (4/5)

Really entertaining podcast and really great listen. One tiny (and reason for the one star deduction) annoyance - the conversation is causal between the hosts which leads to a LOT of “ums” and “likes” and is hard to ignore once you start to notice them. Otherwise really fun and interesting podcast!

Fun way to learn (5/5)

Absolutely love that this podcast is run by intelligent women with a great sense of humor. I end up repeating what I learn to multiple people throughout the day. A very refreshing and fun way to keep learning😊

Simple math (1/5)

Vocal fry + umms + likes = turning the podcast off after 3 mins

Ummm ... (3/5)

I've only listened to two episodes so far, and I enjoyed the discussions about the verious weird things. However, the weirdest thing I learned was how very distracting and annoying is the frequent use of the word "like" as a narrative crutch by one of the young women.

5 for content, 2 for presentation (3/5)

The stories are good; the presentation is unbearable. I am an adult woman with a mathematician daughter, so I am all in favor of women in STEM. But, ladies, you need to grow up. The giggling, the uptalking, the likes and ummms drove me batty. Surely you do not sound like this in real life, so I have to think you're doing this because it's cute. It's not.

Like-um, like, great idea; but, like-um... (2/5)

I wish there were fewer like-ums. Like, ya know?

One of the highlights of my week (5/5)

As a former jeopardy contestant and nationally unrecognized crossword puzzle champion, I love me some bizarre and interesting facts. This podcast perfectly blends scientific and historical trivia with current events and is both entertaining and enlightening. The humor is on point AND I especially love the three female co-hosts. Their vocal production and phonation are perfect and anyone who says otherwise is a big know-nothing doodoo head who probably just resents women speaking at all. (I’m a professional singer and voice teacher so I know!!) 5 stars!!

Like like like (2/5)

Great content, but the hosts say “like” so frequently that I can’t stand to listen longer than a few minutes.

Listener (3/5)

I wanted to love this podcast but I had to stop listening becuase the one girl has terrible vocal fry that is like nails on a chalkboard! It was the girl talking about celebrity diets. Had to turn it off!

Opinion Podcast Masquerading as Science Podcast (1/5)

I was excited to listen to a new science podcast and take a break from political discord. Unfortunately this podcast disappoints. When listening to a podcast on “Spicy Horse Butts” I instead got a screed about how awful Thomas Jefferson was, and how he, among other unnamed sins, appropriated the scientific discoveries of others, like other privileged white men. Unless you are #woke and like your science factoids delivered with an over generous dose of #socialjusticewarriors, this may not be the science podcast you’re looking for.

Fun facts (5/5)

Enjoyed the weird information

Honestly if I could give more stars I would! (5/5)

This podcast is now my favorite of all time. So lively, funny, and actually educational! Lol such a great pick me up for the morning. I love random fun facts! Thanks for making such an amazing podcast full of fun and positivity in this not so kind world!

The perfect portion of education and entertainment (5/5)

These girls are awesome! Listened to all of them in a row. Was disappointed that there weren’t more.

How is this podcast not turning away sponsors? (5/5)

Wonderful little podcast. They should be beating sponsors away at the door. What gives?

Really fascinating -- minus the fries (4/5)

Such interesting subjects! Love everything about it except the crackly vocal fry of one (or more?) of the speakers. Stressed and trebly sounds, like a little saw on my eardrum. Not good for your voice either. (Check out the movie, "In a World," set in the voiceover biz for insights into losing the fry.) But that's the delivery. The content's terrific. Wish it was easier to listen to.

Makes my day (5/5)

I started listening to the first podcast when I was at the gym let’s just say not a good idea due to the fact that when I was running on the treadmill I started laughing in the middle of the gym. Got a lot of weird looks that night. This podcast is amazing and funny and so well done. The lady’s that but this together have solved my Tuesday blues.

Yes! (5/5)

I love this! Women scientists! Weird facts! Cute jokes and sarcasm!

So much vocal fryyyyyyyy (4/5)

Neat info, but so much vocal fry that you could cook eggs with it.

It makes me sound smarter (5/5)

I love when a podcast gives me cool facts and stories I can share with other people after listening, and there's a ton of that here. I shared it with my daughter and she really liked the casual tone. We're in a really cool time where smart people have figured out how to make intelligent content that's fun to absorb. Stoked to get new episodes every week.

OMG! The vocal fry... (1/5)

Once you hear it, you can’t unhear it!

Love it! (5/5)

Great random bits of trivia. Well delivered and super engaging! Can't wait for the next episode!

ErrMahGawd 🦄🦄🦄 (5/5)

Love. This! Thank you 😊

Delightful (5/5)

These ladies are delightful! I love the information. Can’t wait for the next episode!

Huge sloths, small bears: how could I not have known what made America great? (5/5)

I haven't laughed out loud this much since I accidentally exhaled corn through my nose. What a riot (the sloths, bears and banter - not the corn)! This one is definitely a keeper.

Yes! (5/5)

This is the podcast I deserve for being such a good person my entire life. It was all worth it.

Giant sloths etc. (5/5)

Irresistibly funny, quirkily informative and thoroughly entertaining, this podcast easily gets 5 stars. The 3 science journalists were delightfully relatable and their enthusiasm was contagious. Kudos!

Educationally Hilarious (5/5)

I thoroughly enjoyed the show. First, women enjoying science and discussing it is refreshing. Secondly, the chemistry of the podcasters is delightful. They’re funny and insightful. It’s a fun way to learn something new or never considered learning. Finally, science! That is all.

Say what?! (5/5)

This pod is the stuff cocktail party chatter is made of. Fun, surprising facts abound!

Funny and surprising (5/5)

Really quirky and fun. Please keep these coming.

Great podcast! “Fact adventuring” has never been so fun. (5/5)

This entertaining and insightful podcast starts with a weird science fact that each of the three podcasters has learned in the previous week. Each weird factoid then becomes one bright diamond in a multi-jeweled discussion that situates science in the context of human evolution and cultural expression. Why, for example, would Thomas Jefferson send explorers to look for giant sloths? How have hot peppers and human and horse butts co-evolved and how long have men been taking gross jokes and turning them into cultural memes? Why did Eleanor Roosevelt, like many urban parents, dangle her baby in a kind of chicken coop from her 10th floor townhome window? This podcast wonderfully continues the Pop Sci tradition of making science fresh and accessible ... by showing how it informs every aspect of our daily lives.

Awesome! (5/5)

Great podcast for ppl who think about obscure facts!

Fantastic start. Keep it up. (5/5)

Enjoying this a lot. Great work!

A very refreshing science podcast! (5/5)

I love the whimsy of this podcast. So many science podcasts are so heavy, but this one had me laughing out loud.Three things you’d never know, delivered by three incredibly smart science journalists.