Aggregated reviews for Thinking Allowed

New research on how society works

Shining a light on the marvel of human behavior...   (5/5)

... in all its glory and horror. Presenter Laurie Taylor and knowledgeable guests explore what we 21st century bipeds are getting up to and how we are going about it. Humanizing humans is not as easy as I thought and I applaud their efforts. Balancing a program that deals with the good, the bad, and the so forth takes a firm hand and a steady determination. Throw in a chuckle or two with some song-bites for spice and the strangeness of people is not only palatable but digestible. "So when the perils of the perchance guarantee the path is long, Let's have a tickle and a song then carry on, carry on."

The next best thing to being there   (5/5)

After visiting an old friend in the 9th and falling in love with Paris, I look forward to listing to this every day so I can keep building my sense of that magnificent city. I’ll be back one day, and until then, I savor each one of these with my coffee or while driving.

Another fine program   (5/5)

While in the US Army stationed overseas I started listening to the BBC at the behest of British soldiers. That was twelve years ago and I have continued to get my news and podcasts from the BBC ever since. I trust them and “thinking allowed” is one of the most enjoyable podcasts from the BBC. Every week I am exposed to something of importance or relevance that I find the utmost pleasure hearing and learning about. Keep up the great work!!!

Inconsistent   (3/5)

Sometimes great, sometimes not.

A wonderful podcast   (5/5)

Almost a public service, in my opinion. I enjoy every show. A valuable podcast in education to the public.

My favorite BBC podcast   (5/5)

I really love the approach and topics discussed in this podcast. As a laborer and someone atypical of a podcast listener Laurie is eye opening and sheds light on some things I'd have never considered.

Interesting content   (4/5)

An interesting popularization of social science, though I'm typically only interested in downloading about half the shows that come up, topic-wise.

Love it!   (5/5)

Very helpful and thought provoking!

Absolutely   (4/5)

I listen to the weekly episode of thinking aloud each Sunday morning in Papua New Guinea during my 6 km walk which lasts an hour. 30 minutes listening to thinking aloud followed by 30 minutes of Friday night comedy. What has struck me about all the social science guests you interview is how many guests answer your questions with the response " absolutely ". This must mean 100% agreement with your questions. This must be a special characteristic of social scientists compared with politicians. I have yet to hear a politician ever use the word "absolutely " in response to a question from an interviewer. Why can't politicians learn to use the word "absolutely " in their replies. That would transform politics. Or maybe social scientists should become politicians. Regards Michael Thomas

Excellent, Excellent Podcast   (5/5)

It is truly refreshing to find a podcast that treats subjects in the social sciences in such an entertaining way yet takes them quite seriously. Listening to Thinking Allowed is like enjoying a thoroughly delicious meal with the added satisfaction of knowing that it was healthy and nutritious. Laurie Taylor is a gracious host with the ability to truly engage with the subjects and guests at hand. I have to say that I'm constantly impressed at how far-reaching his reading seems to be - it's something I can only aspire to. He has got a devoted listener in me.

Intriguing and fun   (5/5)

Great, wide ranging discussions. Big topics and arcane trivia you can use at your next soirée.

Wonderfully informative and witty!   (5/5)


Thinking Allowed   (5/5)

I love this show! I find Laurie Taylor to be an excellent host. Topics are varied and interesting, and he does a masterful job of eliciting the maximum information from his guests. Best of all, he speaks well and can be clearly understood - and he doesn't interrupt his guests, but lets them get out all the information they have for us! I'd take his courses every semester!

Fantastic find!   (5/5)

I've been scouring the podcastsphere for commute-worthy entertainment, and this one is wonderful. So refreshing to find such a well-researched, thoughtful, and insightful show after wading through so much blah. Thanks!!

Riveting!   (5/5)

Very riveting and intellectual discussions about just about everything. I'd recommend if for any curious person who enjoys hearing Brits contemplate the world....

Decent Show   (3/5)

It's not quite as intriguing as the In Our Time podcast, but it's the best runner up I've come across so far.

Great listening!   (4/5)

I have enjoied every episode I have listened to. He has a great voice and the stories are diverse and interesting, and full of information!

Thinking indeed!   (5/5)

_Thinking Allowed_ is an excellent program. It goes beyond mundane conversation and is invariably intelligent and interesting.