Aggregated reviews for This American Life

This American Life is a weekly public radio show, heard by 2.2 million people on more than 500 stations. Another 2.5 million people download the weekly podcast. It is hosted by Ira Glass, produced in collaboration with Chicago Public Media, delivered to stations by PRX The Public Radio Exchange, and has won all of the major broadcasting awards.

Good show (4/5)

Please .. stop with the horrible comedy tedx style shows....

Live shows (1/5)

I look forward to this podcast every week, but feel disappointed when it’s a “live show” I find them irritating, whiny and impersonal

Ira Glass. Slow down. (5/5)

Slow down. You talk too fast. Are you running the tape at 1.5 speed? Great show but I would like to relax more when I listen.

Love this podcast (5/5)

Learn so much every time. I am an audio learner.

One of my faves! (5/5)

I listen to a lot of podcasts and this is one of my favorites. Good storytelling!

Long-time listener (5/5)

This was pretty much my first podcast subscription. I always find it interesting and often amusing. Even as they update re-runs there is something interesting and beautiful there. I really enjoy the David Sedaris moments as well.

I love this podcast. (5/5)

Don’t miss the Halloween episode! All good but the very last 15 minute segment was laugh out loud funny!

Crazy Good! (5/5)

Really opening my eyes. Things I thought were of no interest to me, things I thought I knew, you made these things important, special and deserving of some thought! You all are awesome, love you!

Classic (5/5)

There’s really not much more to say. This American Life is powerhouse for stories. It provides ample amounts of thought-food for those who are desperate for something profound and novel. Enjoy.

Umbrellas Up (5/5)

Thank you so much for the wonderful episode on what is transpiring in Hong Kong. It was eye opening to hear the experiences of what life is like there. It seems as though the protesters want the same freedoms Americans fought the British for in our early history, to not be ruled by another county. I also enjoyed hearing Peter’s view point, the way the police see it, well as the individuals who are not from the mainland yet are supporters of China. This episode was fair in that it allowed us to hear the viewpoints of everyone in Hong Kong. However, it also made me grateful to live in America because despite how we may feel about the current political climate, we still have certain freedoms that are lacking in other countries.

my first love (5/5)

this podcast was truly the podcast that got me into listening to podcasts and I excitedly listen to the episodes every Monday! would recommend to everyone I know.

Simply the best! (5/5)

This is the only podcast I subscribe to. Admittedly, I wish they’d lay off the politics a bit. My favorite episodes were called Camp, and Mystery at Loon Lake, Babysitting, and Poultry Slam. The episodes where they dived into every lives and found joyful, fascinating stories. Still, it’s my favorite radio show or podcast of all time. Bar none. Period.

The first podcast (3/5)

It was the best forever. It was the only one forever. Then it became political. Then it did what the rest of the world does and drew our attention to politics and wars. I got a boxed set of this show for my wedding which I cherished. Then the show just got lazy and did politics and wars and I couldn’t listen anymore. This American Life, our American life, isn’t just about politics or wars. Politics and wars shouldn’t have had a place in this show. It was our reprieve away from it. I miss this show, the way it was. Everyone is doing war and politics. This was our reprieve.

Wow (5/5)

I love the texture given with each story helping me to feel present.

You made me believe in NEWS again! (5/5)

This is my first time commenting on podcast. Even my first time commenting on anything as far as I can recall. Strangely enough, I have heard only one episode of this podcast— Umbrella Up. I’m now on a subway, and I’m literally crying (sniffing) on it after I just finish listening to Umbrella up and the music comes in. This piece of audio is just so amazing and precious, especially in a world that’s so splitted. All I see is the Chinese media are saying the protesters are making mess, while the western mainstream media are saying police are beating protesters. I followed the Hongkong story for so long, maybe too long that my friends and colleagues have already given up on following. Just when I think there is no way that media on the two sides can report an overall objective story about HK to the world, just like the two sides in HK can never compromise, this podcast gave me light, literally! I believe in the so called western democratic and liberal values, but I also see the value and essential reasons of the Chinese systems and the way of ruling. I have been living in both places. The only thing I learned from books and real life is there is no system that’s perfect for every country. Nothing is truly universal. Obviously, not a lot of people see it, not even fewer media report on that. Not even my used-to-love New York Times. But you did, Umbrella up, This American Life. Thank you, there is nothing else I can express other than appreciation! You tell a story I have been eager to tell for years! You are on my subscription list, now and forever. Thank you!

Umbrella Up (5/5)

The episode “Umbrella Up” is by far one of the best episodes on This American Life. Absolutely, lovely job done making this documentary!

As a Haitian-American who grew up in NYC, the West Indian American Day episode saddened me (4/5)

When one participant in NYC’s Caribbean Day parade says to The This American Life reporter that the police and NYC media irresponsibly [my word] view and report on the parade as violent, I was angry at how the majority culture in the US projects it’s own transgressions on to others. When the Hasidic seven year old child said in the same episode that he was carrying child scissors to protect himself during what I have always experienced as a celebratory and exuberant parade because of what he had heard, it saddened me to see yet another example of how racism is taught in the US. This same Hasidic child was selling ice cream outside with his brother a distance away from the parade and ended up getting the most money that day from a jubilant Guyanese-American woman participant in the parade. I’m weary of people of African descent always taking the high road in the face of rampant racism.

Thank! (5/5)

Thank you for doing an episode on the riots in Hong Kong! It was so helpful 😁

This Chinese Life?? (1/5)

Episode 686, “Umbrellas Up” is why I have mostly stopped listening to TAL. Instead of intriguing, fascinating, often esoteric stories of life in America, as this program once was, we today get a story on Hong Kong protesters. You’ve lost your way… if you’re bored or out of ideas, just shut it down.

Umbrella’s up episode (1/5)

This is utterly inspired. People standing up for the concept of democracy. If only America could follow that energy. I need to do more. Inspired to do so as I wipe the tears.

What has happened to my favorite podcast? (1/5)

I have loved TAL for many years. I look forward to the podcast every week. It’s moving, and thought provoking and entertaining. The past few years the podcast has become overly political. I enjoy learning about our country but I miss the podcast before President Trump.

We Come From Small Places Review (5/5)

This episode was EVERYTHING. The storytelling was phenomenal (and brought back vivid memories of my own Labor Day Parade experiences) and really did justice to NY Carnival Culture. The episode honestly describes why I fell in love with Carnival Culture over 25 years ago and why I spend so much of my time volunteering with the Carnival committee now. Signed a proud Panamanian American (with roots in St. Lucia, Jamaica, Barbados, Antigua and St. Kitts). 😊

Yes! Absolutely stellar (5/5)

Still love this show. I appreciate all of these stories. Really puts truth out there!

One of the Best (5/5)

I love this show so much. I wish there weren't as many replays of past episodes, but the quality is top notch.

Dear This American Life, (5/5)

Well... he’s clearly touched. 🕯 -Les Couchon- 💄🐷🍒👠

Makes Me Glad to Be Alive (5/5)

I always look forward to listening! This American Life brings a refreshing variety of stories and perspectives that make me feel connected to humanity. Plus the production quality is always excellent!

The gold standard of radio journalism that tells great stories (5/5)

I’ve been listening to this American Life for many, many years. Great, interesting stories told very well.

Anatomy of Doubt (5/5)

I love this American Life . It’s interesting, informative, touching, funny but mostly amazing. The end of Anatomy of Doubt almost made me lose control of my car . I was cursing and yelling out loud . Thank you every day 💕

All (1/5)

Boring liberal agenda

Episode 656 (1/5)

This review is a rerun I did back in 2016: Ira hasn’t had an original idea since he insulted me at a 2015 meet and greet.

In response to “Anatomy of Doubt” (5/5)

Peggy, own it. You damaged a young woman based on your feelings. Feelings are not facts. OWN IT.

Politics, really? (3/5)

I love the stories, I just wish they would hide their hatred for Trump a little more.

Do Not Joke on Chernobyl (4/5)

I do not like episode 678 which said "It is easier to get people into Chernobyl". Do not joke on the heroes who saved our life.

Lazy and has been all reruns all summer (1/5)

There hasn’t been an original story in the longest time! It’s mostly re run previous shows all summer of 2019.

Yassss (5/5)

You make this stay-at-home mama very happy. Even while doing dishes and laundry and rocking babies to sleep. Thank you. Keep up the awesome, thorough, entertaining work.

What Happened? (3/5)

This show used to be about American Life. It made me feel good about people who live in our country. Now it seems to be about the whole world and all the problems in it. It’s a bummer and I no longer look forward to each week’s episode. I hope it’s a rerun from when the show was heartwarming.

Wow how things have changed! (1/5)

This used to be a good show but like most things these days it over plays its agenda. Disappointing.

Love it! (4/5)

I seriously love this show so much! I want more! I think that the only thing that would make it better is if they had more unarchived episodes.

Loooooong time listener! (5/5)

I’ve been listening to This American Life for over twenty years, and I’m always fascinated by the topics.

We hate trump (5/5)

Trump is an idiot and deserves to be in jail. He’s a ugly stupid rich person. Trump supporters are racist lunatics who are white and only care about themselves.

Used to love this show. (3/5)

I used to love every episode for its variety and just crazy real stories. Quality reporting with clever twists and sometimes humor/ sometime tears. Then politics came creeping in and I rarely listen anymore. I the older days when politics was nonexistent. .

A Lovely Podcast (5/5)

I rediscovered This American Life about 2 years ago, and have been an avid listener pretty much ever since. I just can’t get enough of this show! (And for good reason). It’s just incredible, and I love the thought that’s put into each episode. There’s just so much for me to love about this podcast...the stories, the themes of each episode, how the show is structured by being split into acts, the way this podcast makes me feel...I honestly don’t know how to put my love for this podcast into words in a way that does it justice, but I’m honestly just so hooked. I genuinely admire the work that Ira Glass and his team are doing here, and I love the fact that they aren’t afraid to dive deep into whatever set of stories they’ve chosen to cover. I would highly recommend this podcast to anyone who thoroughly enjoys content that makes you think, stories that pull at your heart strings, or are just looking for their next podcast to binge-listen and obsess over...because if you’re someone who’s seeking to find just that out of a podcast, you’ve come to the right place.

Norman Rockwell paintings in the modern era (5/5)

This show is so sweet, and sad, and powerful! It is like a Norman Rockwell painting come to life set in the modern age. Stories of real Americans, real struggles, and slices of real life. I’ve rarely been so moved and so enriched by a podcast.

Kidnapping of Frank Sinatra jr (1/5)

Your interview with the kidnapper of Frank Sinatra Jr was deeply offensive. Mr Sinatra was unfairly accused of staging the kidnapping, and the event had a major impact on his life. Shame on you for giving a forum to an amoral, heartless criminal.

What happened to ten sessions? (4/5)

I was listening to ten sessions and it suddenly my stopped and now is nowhere to be found. What happened!?

Loved this not so much. (3/5)

Have been listening for years and loved each episode. Unfortunately the past few years the show has been unapologetically political - left leaning/liberal. Probably will be unsubscribing if it continues.

Meh (2/5)

Re-runs. Re-runs. Re-runs.

My favorite show on NPR (5/5)

Glad to find it here on podcasts. Who needs audible when u have Ira Glass???!

Love this show (5/5)

Keep it comin!

double no (1/5)

pink panther why

Boring (2/5)


Eeee is the weekend (5/5)


Liberal Programming (1/5)

I have been a listener for 5 years but for the last two years this podcast has been loaded with far left ideologies that leave anyone right of Ru Paul in the line of fire for constant insults.

Sup! Rump I mean trump (3/5)

I find it concerning that trump has a continued farce with Kim jung inn that attempts to lay a blanket of fear amongst his constituents (and others) that Kim lung would do something it’s merely a distraction tactic so thinking about it makes one wonder is the purpose to keep people from putting 1 and 1 together?? So much in fear they don’t want people to think about the Chinese over in Africa with guns on a people to mine cobalt for cell phones I.e slavery (paid) slavery. The continued white fear of “black shall not rise” is no longer the option and the Black guys (can’t call them men) with dollars that are tossing it to the wind and whites is not a basis or bottom line it’s their own ignorance but there are others and these youth intend to take control of the “resources” of Africa and are coming to demand a seat at the tables of business they intend to be “inclusive” they intend to begin with the self and naacp and not with those passive folks but intentional cabinet. Every race creed color have ignorance and as other races do blacks the same are looking beyond the ignorant . We will talk about brutality next time.

I’m done with this show. (2/5)

Usually effete with every narrative reading trying to outdo the David Sedaris style.

Always interesting (5/5)

Most episodes I enjoy hearing. I like the shows most when they tell a story about different Americans and what happens. I do not like when they read a fictional story. Even if it fits with the theme, I'd rather hear about actual people. One of my favorite episodes was when they sat in a diner for 24 hours and interviewed all the guests and employees. Thanks for such a good podcast!

Remarkable (5/5)

Jamie Lowe’s story “Ten Sessions” was truly remarkable. I’m amazed by her storytelling ability and vulnerability. You’re talented and wonderful, Jamie! Thank you for sharing this journey you experienced with the world.

Obviously the best storytelling around . (5/5)

The end. Laugh and cry - thank me later.

Please stop playing really old reruns (4/5)

They’re not as good as you think they are! This podcast is indeed fun and humorous but less so when it appears production is getting lazy, which means the content is then tiresome and sleep inducing! This isn’t ASMR, it’s radio storytelling so please, keep the oldies on the shelf.

This American Life (5/5)

The first podcast that I found a couple years ago. I’ve heard every episode and enjoy them all. Thanks for a great show Ira! Kathy Pflugrad

Why so many reruns? (3/5)

Love the show, it is creative and makes one think. Unfortunately, it seems that this podcast is on cruise control and primarily repackages old episodes. Getting tired of episodes that I’ve heard from years ago.

Extremely biased (1/5)

This used to be a great podcast but ever since the fall of 2016 this podcast has been extremely biased in favor of liberals, which was almost certainly due to the rise of Donald Trump.

Dedicated Listener (5/5)

A Chicagoan. A writer. A major reader. This American Life has been my regular listening diet for years. Humor. Insight. Intelligence. Irony. Tragedy. Moments of total revelation. It’s Glass & team. So glad you’re here!

What happened? (2/5)

TAL used to be a can’t miss podcast. But it’s become tedious and emotionally manipulative in a way that has strained my loyalty. And does everyone need to demonstrate vocal fry skills before becoming a “producer”? Good grief.

The Grandaddy of Excellent Narrative Radio (5/5)

The best narrative audio being done in the US.

Driveway widower (5/5)

I cannot count the number of times I’ve arrived at my destination and opted to sit in the driveway to finish an episode.

Ten sessions in one hour (5/5)

I normally steer clear of listening, watching, or reading anything about sexual assault or abuse. As a victim myself, I just couldn’t fathom taking in someone else’s trauma. Not sure why I decided to listen to this episode, and I did so with great trepidation, but I’m eternally grateful I took a chance. Powerful and sad, this episode struck a chord with me I couldn’t even have imagined. Although each victim’s experience is unique, the aftermath has so many similarities, and I was able to tap into emotions I have suppressed since I was a child. Thank you for sharing your deeply personal story. Courageous doesn’t even begin to describe you.

Ten Sessions with Jamie & Dr Casein (5/5)

What an absolute heartwarming, raw, emotional piece of art Ten Sessions is. And what beautiful souls both Jamie and Dr Casein are, I wish them both a life of happiness for being open to this experience being public.

Thoroughly enjoyable (5/5)

It’s hard to describe exactly why I love this show, but I’ll give it a try. It’s smart, creative, interesting, thought provoking, clever and real rather than over sensationalized. Thank you for making this show!

All for a good story, but get to the point was my take. (1/5)

The weight of words was a tough one.

The show didn’t change, the audience did. (5/5)

It’s really interesting to me reading all the reviews on here complaining about TAL becoming too left wing and too political. As if this hasn’t always been an NPR program that sometimes talks about current news and politics. Conservative snowflake’s brains explode if they ever hear someone have a negative opinion about their dear leader, or any opinion they don’t agree with. They can’t accept that some people view the world differently, and take an opposing opinion as a personal attack. When did reactionaries become so fragile?

Ten Sessions (5/5)

Very powerful. Very courageous of you to share your therapy. Thank you for sharing! Best wishes to you!

Sundays are for This American Life (5/5)

I started listening about two years ago and have literally never missed an episode since. Great work. ❤️

By far my favorite podcast (5/5)

I love this podcast, it teaches you about so many different aspects of life without even knowing you ever needed to know them. The most recent episode, “10 lessons”, was very moving and eye opening. Great podcast!

best podcast (5/5)

This is one of my favorite podcasts ever

Top notch stories and storytelling (5/5)

You’ll be hard-pressed to find better!

Love this podcast bros (5/5)

Thank you Ira! Love listening to this when doing busywork.

Just grateful for the show (5/5)

Just finished listening to the episode w Jaime Lowe called Ten Sessions. Courageous and moving. And I found myself so grateful to Ira and the team for publishing this content and for the show in general. Tremendous job you all!

Love the Show! But, (4/5)

Seriously think the show is amazing... but what’s up with all the reruns!? Recently it seems like that’s all you guys play is Reruns!? Can we get some fresh material please!?

One of my top recommended podcasts (5/5)

Thought provoking and honest.

Feels empty (3/5)

This show is not giving us much anything anymore. The last couple oof episodes have been shockingly stale, distracted and most of all confusing.

The Best (5/5)

Sometime TAL has the ability to bring up feelings in us. Feelings that were just below the surface. Good feelings ? Absolutely. Lots of laughs on the show but there’s also stories that can tug hard at the heart. Those about grieving and loss. Those that might make us take a look at ourselves or a certain behavior. And sometimes people don’t want to get introspective. Don’t want to hear political talk (meaning don’t want to hear left leaning political talk) Don’t want to hear fast talkers and don’t want to hear a growls. That’s ok TAL will continue inspiring, educating, and entertaining! Ive been listening for over 13 years Im pretty sure there’s an episode for everyone.That one episode you just never forget.. well there’s more than one, but the one that comes to mind is Child Logic. yeah I’m a podcast nerd and TAL is the OG of podcasts. I recommend and give 5 stars

Knee bend love me love me do you do you love me (5/5)

Ira Glass is the big spoon of our nation. Don’t you feel held and warm, America?Thank you Ira Glass and company. Love, Biscuits

Classic (5/5)

Never gets old. Inspiring stories with humor and grace.

amazing, compelling stories (5/5)

I absolutely LOVE this podcast. The stories are all very different but equally compelling and interesting. I’ve even downloaded the app to go back to listen to episodes in their archive. I look forward to the new weeks where new episodes come out. A great podcast for someone looking to learn more about the world and other people via great storytelling.

Soothing (5/5)

I love Ira’s voice, the narrative arc of each episode, and the ultimate reflection of all the stories as it relates to each episodes theme. I truly love this podcast, I have been listening since 2011.

Used to be better (1/5)

I don’t like the way they do their shows now- long monologuessssss of storytelling. Used to be so much better

This American Life (1/5)

Ira if you’re sick don’t do a podcast. Your voice was so annoying and I couldn’t listen to you. I know you said you were fine, but it was terrible. Sorry, don’t mean to be mean but this is a review.

American in Paris (1/5)

I hated this episode. A strange wannabe eclectic but just an insecure pathetic man in Paris who criticizes tourists as being mundane and all the same.

Anti-progressive show (1/5)

After listening to the “wannabes” show I was surprised by the omission of Tulsi Gabbard and the slandering of Bernie Sanders at the end. Then he said this episode is sponsored by rocket mortgage and Chase bank. Then it made sense.

Americans in Paris (1/5)

Didn’t understand the point of this story.

Trash (2/5)

Voice is so obnoxious, just like most podcasts sorry.

Zely (5/5)

Faithful listener But this week storyline the last one made me sad I couldn’t understand why but then I remember this happening to us (my mom)

I’ve loved this show for years! (5/5)

My AP Language teacher introduced me to this podcast junior year of high school with the episode about the highs and lows of performing Shakespeare in prison. I have loved This American Life ever since, especially since being in college for the Pat few years. I appreciate the breadth and depth of the show. I love the deep dives into the day to day of a politician, like the episode about Jeff Flake and his fight for DACA. I also cannot tell you how much I love the radio musical episode as well. I show 21 Chump Street to anyone who will listen/watch it with me. Thank you for humanizing so many different stories and issues in ways that allow me to feel both connected to and challenged by each and every theme and podcast. I hope I can listen to this podcast for many years to come!

Waste of My Tax Dollars!! (1/5)

In my opinion, this is blatant left-wing propaganda and nonsensical drivel. Stevie Wonder could see this. Entertaining? Sometimes. Well made? Yes. Typical mindless and agenda driven liberal slop? 100% guaranteed every time. No thanks, it’s not for me. My opinion and honest observations only, of course.

Fantastic (5/5)

This American Life is a fantastic podcast. The narrative storytelling is compelling and thought provoking. Would give it 6 stars if I could.

Please stop giving me nightmares, Ira! (2/5)

I used to use your excellent human interest stories as adult bedtime stories (to wean me off my screens with audio), but now all your shows are political and/or terrifying and it’s stressing me out. Can you NOT give every show a dark theme? Please? Because you’re my favorite podcast ever (were?).

High Quality Show (4/5)

The show is usually really good. In depth stories are sometimes fascinating, sometimes pretty interesting, other times just meh. But the hosts have a tendency every once in a while to come off as very snooty and snarky about things that they disagree with, which is very annoying.

Love this show! (5/5)

Ira glass is amazing. His delivery and tone of voice gets you sucked in within seconds. You can’t wait to hear the story. The subjects allow you to glimpse into their life and experiences and you are forever changed. Thanks so much for this show.

An American in Paris (1/5)

The bizarre ramblings of a once famous American author turned narcissistic weirdo. Also, has nothing to do with Paris.

The best podcast/Radio show ever (5/5)

Simply the best. If you love a well told story this podcast is amazing.

Candid & Absorbing Journalism (5/5)

This American Life tackles big topics like immigration or political scandals by examining microscopic parts of it. The host, Ira Glass, keeps his opinions to a minimum and really lets the listener connect the dots. I love all the journalists on this show, and how they can make 3 or 4 “interviews” (actually live on location candid discussions and deep questioning with people who will talk) feel like they’ve covered all the angles. The show also covers topics you didn’t know mattered to you, until you start listening. So good, so in depth, & so absorbing.

I listen to >100 podcasts (5/5)

and have never written a “review” about ANYthing. I am simply remarking as a mere mortal (English/Psych/MBA/VP/switching careers to Deaf Ed/ELL teacher) THIS is THE quintessential essence of the Old Oxford Dictionary definition of an Authentic, Provoking, Funny, Quixotic, Dumb, Intuitive, [sometimes logical] PODCAST: (n) AND (v)... But of course I detest the commercials however, are We willing to contribute enough to make them obsolete? Go A~W~A~Y forever? What day you Ira? Rather than aNOTHER fund raiser, calculate how much “WE” can contribute to NEVER AGAIN hear about “QuickLoan something” or “SquareSpace something” or “that hiring place something” or “Chaos Monkey” something👈🏽(obviously your ubiquitous “adVERTisments, as my Great & Grandma called them=“Clabber Girl”baking soda, etc. =iGNORE those ignorant men...then? I can only recall learning to bake rolls w Clabber Girl baking soda.) Think outside the Earth Ira & Company. If you ASK US, We WILL COME to avoid commercial interruptions; of course, this means you will have to add ~8-11.5/min to your broadcast yet? Ohhhhh! WOULDN’T it be LOVerlyyy if you considered this as an option. I realize no one will read this as it is too long however, it is Just A Thought (JAT my just 30/yr/old millennial Son taught me today). OK then.

Lobe this show (5/5)

I totally love this show and I listen to it usually on Monday or Tuesday and have listed to the past shows also. I will always be a fan Lauren

Nauseating liberal bias... and (2/5)

The liberal left-leaning takes are nauseating. And the vocal fry, wow the vocal fry is something that will cause you to claw your ears off. Why do people even use vocal fry? It’s terrible for your voice, and a majority of people hate it. I cannot handle the left leaning liberal agenda in this podcast anymore. It used to only take place occasionally, and I can just skip that act. But now it is in almost every episode. The episode, “save the girl” was completely unlistenable.

I thought this is an explanation but no (3/5)

The new episode about rescue girl peddle the contrived PC ideas... I thought this podcast is about exploration instead it’s about education? Boring. And bad art. It’s OK to want to rescue people!!! And it’s nothing to be condemned... my

This American Life (5/5)

Wow the best

Love it (5/5)

Love how there’s relatable stories and also news and history

Zoe Chace is the Best (5/5)

I could listen to her political stories endlessly. She gets people to talk on both sides. Please give us more, more, more.

Unable to listen any longer (1/5)

I’ve been a fan of TAL for over 13 years, but I can barely finish an episode that features Zoe Chace. I love her stories but her voice is absolutely grating on my last nerve. Along with her voice the show had taken a serious political turn in the last few years. Sad to say, I think I’m done with this show. Zoe do is all a favor and get someone else to read your lines.

The Wannabesr (5/5)

I listen every week and found this episode engaging and fascinating! Politicians are real people.....who knew??? Zoe Chase, I love your voice!

Not an ordinary podcast (5/5)

From discussions about gun violence to spacial memory to a nickel found on the shower floor, TAL keeps you intrigued even after the episodes end.

You have a voice, do your part (3/5)

Really, not one minute of coverage for Bernie Sanders in the episode Wannabes? The candidate responsible for every progressive platform adopted by the other candidates, who inspired half the nation and kept them inspired since 2016, and re-inspires every one of the thousands of people who attend his rallies? Thanks for helping Trump when you could help sway everyone in the same right direction. How listeners listen to you.

July 8th (1/5)

Trump’s successful visit to United Kingdom? Really

Whodopeopletalklikethis (2/5)


Had potential (1/5)

I heard a few episodes that were pretty good but then I noticed the political undertones with virtue signaling. So unnecessary. Just tell a story and stay out of politics.

Why so fast talking (5/5)

Love all of your reports but so fast hard to understand

The OG of podcasts that change your life (5/5)

I have listened to this podcast for years and have never been disappointed. I recommend with all my heart the episode “our friend David,” I’ve listened to it at least twice and it is devastating and funny and full of wonder. Thank you, NPR team. Keep on doing the good work.

Question (1/5)

Where are the rest of the episodes? I know this podcast has been around for a long time but it only lets me go back to a handful of episodes.

Propaganda (1/5)

Episode on Alex Jones was filled with lies and falsehoods.

Any (5/5)

Why can’t we listen to more episodes?

No better podcast (5/5)

It’s the gold standard. Ira is the best.

I Look forward to every new episode each week (5/5)

This American Life never disappoints. Thanks for bring interesting stories that make me think and show me a new point of view every week.

Knowledge is Power (5/5)

I have listened to This American Life for the last few years, and it continues to be one of my favorites. This podcast helps me to envision other viewpoints, imagine other parts of life, and to put myself in the shoes of other people. What does it mean to be American? This American Life successfully helps to tell the story of what other Americans experience and why we should know. And we need that today, let’s be honest.

Too Political (1/5)

I just deleted this app. It’s become far to political and not surprisingly leans left like NPR. I listen to podcasts for enjoyment and do not want slanted opinions rammed down my throat. THL staff, why don’t you go back to the good old days when you made non political enjoyable podcasts.

Yikes (1/5)

I was a hardcore fan of TAL for the longest time. I found the stories thoughtfully curated, well reported, and compellingly told. But I had to unsubscribe because of one fatal flaw: Ira’s shoehorned, totally insufferable, mad-libs-style excuses for jokes that now arrive at the end of each episode like fart cherries from hell. Depending on the subject matter of the episode, these pitiful one offs (with painfully long and convoluted set ups I should add) come across as awkward but more often than not cringeworthy and tone deaf. Everything preceding those miserable nuggets is still radio gold, but out of principle I can no longer support the institution that is This American Life. With love, Kate

Ira for President! (5/5)

No other Podcasts can it will ever do it like they do. My very favorite

Recycled (3/5)

I hate how old episodes are constantly recycled. I’d like an option to have only new episodes show In my feed, or at least to have episode descriptions start with NEW or REPEAT

I love Ira Glass! (5/5)

Dear Mr. Glass, you have the best podcast hands down. I love the stories and the way you tell them. I have listened to many podcast more than once because they are so interesting. I feel so lucky to have discovered you and your podcast and will keep listening endlessly. Thank you so much for all of your hard work. CMBR

Nice affectation, bro. (1/5)

"I'm used to hearing my voice recorded. Andcontrollingtheway, I sound. Like. The waaay, I'mtalkingtoyou, right now." Yeah, we noticed. " I had finally taken, some, mask, off. That, I didn'tknow, Iwaswearing." Yes, exactly! A mask! And, then... darn. I was so sure that you were going to talk about your realization that you should speak with your normal voice. Oh, well. Now, let's spend a half-hour turning a mental Illness into a self-indulgent, look-at-me reality show!

The Best Radio Show Ever (5/5)

Ira Glass is my favorite radio host. He always does a wonderful job narrating the stories. This American Life team chooses very interesting topics. I have never listened to an episode I didn’t like.

Ladonna (5/5)

Inspiring to do what’s right and just. Frustrating that this continues to be allowed, supported internally and those involved promoted or moved. I hope Ladonna is valued for her strength, commitment to her employer and courage to stay the course even when faced with deterrents...she is a force. Great piece.

Journalism at its best! (5/5)

For over a decade, I have been an admiring listener of TAL’s journalistic insights into American culture, politics, and media. Any criticism that the reporting is unbalanced or biased says more about the political leanings of the reviewer. Shows like TAL are exactly what the county needs to keep them informed of all sides and perspectives on a range of important issues.

All podcasts (3/5)

Topics are interesting, but speakers speak too fast especially the host. Slow down so that we can enjoy and absorb content. What’s the rush?

Lost its touch. (2/5)

TAL used to let its stories speak for themselves... now it uses those stories to respond to the current political climate, and push opinions upon the listener in embarrasingly transparent ways. That is, when its not airing reruns... What happened, TAL?

Awesome (5/5)


Bring back the good old days (5/5)

I’ve been listening to this show for something like 20 years starting back in Austin on KUT. I’ve always loved the offbeat nature of its storytelling. Lately I’ve felt like there’s too much of an agenda and it doesn’t make listening as fun as when I’d hear some unexpected story about some little quirk of life or a personal story that transcends the individual telling it. Now it’s more like several stories about immigration or that guy in the White House. Yes, immigration is a part of our American lives and given the times, it’s importance is clear. But that’s not what I come to this program for. I come to be transported by the little joys or mysteries of life. I’m not looking for hard hitting- journalism that divides people into camps. I get that elsewhere. Keep this podcast quirky and unexpected. I need an escape.

Excellent (5/5)

This podcast has managed to remain consistently insightful, smart and entertaining for years. Best stuff out there, it never disappoints.

great pod! (5/5)

This is my go to pod for news and all around great content

First TAL then Serial... (1/5)

This show and it’s spin off Serial have the same modus operandi - create a plausible scenario from a true life story using a version of the facts to illicit sympathy for a “victim” then blame the victims plight on an abusive institution of their choice. Take your pick; the judicial system, the police, Trump, the US government, capitalism. Is the individual ever accountable for breaking the law or making terrible choices including abusing drugs, carrying a weapon or associating with known criminals? Never. Why take responsibility when you can blame others? Please, I’ve heard enough.

Wonderful podcast! (5/5)

This podcast is great - great stories & well told. Both new and old episodes are awesome.

Love! (5/5)

I love This American Life. I love the predictable format, and yet every episode so different!

Love this podcast (5/5)

This American Life is a treasure.

Great show, even if very biased (4/5)

This is one of my favorite podcasts. The stories are well told and thought provoking, I regularly find myself thinking about a certain episode days or weeks after listening. Lately many episodes have a much more political focus to them which I personally enjoy quite a bit less (the pro-censorship episode was more than a little annoying) but nonetheless still a great car-ride podcast and almost always entertaining. Great podcast, just don’t be surprised if the political stories only shed light on one side of the story.

Ira Glas pronounced Peabody, MA wrong!!! (5/5)

I’ve literally never left a review (I work in public radio so I’ve justified it as a conflict of interest) but this demands attention! Ira Glass, a veritable God among reporters pronounced “Peabody” as in “Peabody, MA” incorrectly in the episode “Here’s Looking at You, Kid.” He says it Pea-BODY as if the word has two syllables, I tell you emphatically as a New Englander and friend of a Peabody native, IT DOES NOT! It is sort of jammed into one syllable like PEEBUDEE, but if one were to make a pronouncer for a public radio host it would be “pee-BUH-dee” with a note (jam these syllables together). I love this show, it is amazing. One of the only shows I will still listen to when I’m podcasted out but I shouted when I heard this and needed to say something. Also listen to the Loon Lake episode, it might explain why I responded so emphatically to this.

Thank you! (5/5)

This American life is the very first podcast I ever listened to, and had so many wonderful conversations with friends because of it! It has taught me so much, and made me laugh and cry. I’m grateful for the politics when it’s most needed to talk about. You guys are amazing and I’m grateful for your work. Thank you!

OK... finally, a sincere complaint… (5/5)

Sometime ago, This American Life (TAL) did an episode defending their use of vocal fry. Practically all of their producers and the host speak with a fry. Some studies suggest that long-term glottal-fry speakers speak this way in a psychological effort to help their listener think the speaker is educated and upwardly mobile. (I do not need this convincer. The TAL content is enough.) Other studies suggest that, in general, people who habitually speak this way are viewed by employers as less hireable, less vocally pleasant to hear and less prized as a prospective employee (with the apparent exception of job interviewers at TAL). Apparently, in an effort to defend their habit, TAL interviewed an academic linguist during the episode who said there was no problem with such habitual aperiodic vocal creakiness. That person‘s opinion is partially true in some contexts. Instead of interviewing someone who lacks clinical experience regarding the harmful effects of extended glottal fry, however, I wish you had interviewed an expert in vocal pathology. As a speech-language pathologist with clinical experience and degrees in linguistics and speech-language pathology, I know that all speakers fry from time to time. Some fry is normal. Some languages use glottal fry in their phonology without vocal harm. These facts are probably what your linguistics professor was thinking of when saying vocal fry is not harmful. The fact is, however, that glottal fry is like smoking cigarettes. You shouldn’t do it a lot if you’re going to do it at all. Some people can do it for extended periods of time and have no problem. Others, because of necessary risks in their job or susceptibility to damage from poor vocal hygiene, including extended glottal fry, develop clinical pathology, pain and the chronic inability to speak to large crowds or to be understood at even moderate distances. Vocal fry is coming into vogue with recent generations. It is a habit used by new announcers and radio hosts who address their audience through a microphone inches away. To professionals who speak at unamplified distance, however, such as lecturers, teachers, university professors, singers and actors, extended glottal fry is risky. It is generally perceived by audiences as unpleasant, and by clinicians, as part of poor vocal hygiene that may lead to vocal nodules, dysphonia, and corrective surgery. As such, it can shorten careers, and lead to professional anxiety, stress and heartache. From your professional-microphone-user perspective, I can allow your viewpoint to pass. You should know, however, that glottal fry can be harmful to stage actors, orators and university professors. Additionally, your vocal fry episode lacked true professional expertise and perspective. I have come to trust and respect your producers and their storytelling chops. In your glottal fry episode, however, you discounted or ignored a significant segment of your audience, including clinical experts. Research indicates some listeners will turn away simply because of your vocal fry. This is a shame, because I love your show and its content. For a time, following your glottal fry episode, I couldn’t shake the cynical impression that the episode might be a compensatory substitute for additional vocal training. I was also disappointed that you are willing to ignore and devalue a large section of your audience who will turn away from your message because they judge your voice as unpleasant. I’m not your pathologist. I am also not a vocal snob. I am your devoted long-time listener, who’s willing to look past your institutionalized fry as “who cares harmless.” I could not, however, look past your episode’s potential harm to unsuspecting vocal professionals who are now at additional risk because of your episode’s misinformation. I would hope to hear a correction or retraction for the sake of those folks. Either way, I remain a devoted fan. Thanks. I enjoy your program.

Blankie lover! (5/5)

My boyfriend is the same as the comedian you had on in the beginning of your latest episode, I love him more for having that need for his childhood stuffed animal. I am the same way and it brings us closer!

Too political (3/5)

A once great show which has become too infused with politically driven agenda

Re runs (3/5)

I love this podcast and would give it five stars if there was regular new content. Why so many re-runs. Am I missing something?

Too political (1/5)

Used to love to listen to every episode. Then, I found myself scrolling through to skip the political episodes, but they are not labeled as such, so impossible to tell. Ever since President Trump took office, you have been shoving liberal crap more and more. Pretty sad because there have been some excellent episodes over the years. Your political comments don’t make me think “oh, he just changed my mind! Guess I need to vote Democrat! “ ...they just confirm my disgust with today’s liberals and I can’t wait to vote for President Trump in 2020. Anti-Conservative, anti-US Constitution, anti-God need push your used to have fans from both sides of the aisle. Unsubscribing and deleting your podcast from my library.

Great storytelling! (5/5)

I got hooked when I listened to this podcast a few year ago. I love its storytelling style, and relevant stories about our lives in the US.

The House on Loon Lake (5/5)

What a fabulous, reflective search into the past - initially, told in the eyes of an inquisitive 11 year old boy. The mystery and history of the abandoned house left me filled with awe and profound sadness. Thank you Ira and your Team for bringing this little “gold nugget” into our present day consciousness. There is a humane need to preserve history (and people’s compelling stories) wherever they lie. Best Maija (Singapore)

Adam Beckman episodes are the worst: skip those (4/5)

Monotone voice, total inability to make anything sound interesting. Like he’s quickly reading a script on his way to work. Every single episode of his, I can’t make it 10 min through. I absolutely love this podcast. Their ability to capture American behavior, culture, history, current events, and so much more—it’s incredible. I really enjoy every host and story teller, except Adam Beckman, skip those episodes or put at the bottom of your list. I can’t believe they’re giving him a chance at storytelling over a much deserved POC or minority spotlight. Don’t get me wrong, T.AL. is extremely inclusive and diverse in many ways. Without him, I’d give it a 5. Srsly the best podcast.

Who knew... (5/5)

That I would look forward to the ping that a new episode was in the queue and then would wait until the perfect time to listen. Forget the husband. Forget the kids. This is my time.

A show that takes you into the lives of others. (5/5)

Today, I mourned the loss of a radio host named Rashad(?) in Syria. Never met him. I never heard his show on Fresh Radio in Syria. I heard his story on This American Life and by the end of the podcast I mourned his death. This is a show that takes you into the lives of others and leaves you with a shared piece of their experience.

Re: episode 675 (2/5)

If the addict would get right perhaps she would not have to worry about appearing on Live PD

Best Program out there (5/5)

I mean it’s like this is the best dadgumn podcast radio program there is ok?


My favorite podcast it is truly in a class by itself!

Addictive storytelling (5/5)

I can’t explain enough how enjoyable this podcast is. I listen to it at least once a week if not more. If ever I’m in a down mood this show brightens up by spirit! I learn something new each time and or relate to something they are discussing. It’s like my soul needs this connection to others and “This America Life “ is my happy brain drug. You rock at portraying topic of a story. Ingenious.

Güd (5/5)

Verÿ güd

Circle Time For Grownups (5/5)

I could sit at Ira’s feet criss cross applesauce and listen to him and the journalists there for hours.


Will never get enough of this podcast. I wonder if I can go visit them. Love listening.

The Absolute Best (5/5)

I am completely addicted to podcasts, I subscribe to over one hundred, but This American Life was my first and its still my absolute favorite. Ira, you’re my hero; thank you for so many years of tears, laughter, and pure joy.

Ira Glass = National Treasure (5/5)

So much goodness here. Cool themes, a genial host/producer, great reporting and heart. It’s a win.

Will Forever be my Favorite Podcast (5/5)

I’ve listened to every episode of TAL - began binging a few years back and now listen weekly. TAL is the only thing that gets me through my Monday commute. I’ve listened to many other podcasts and nothing compares! I love the story telling and unpredictable takes on each theme. Not at all surprised that it’s been successful for so long! I saw quite a few one star comments regarding recent political episodes... while these are probably my least favorite episodes, I still enjoy the style of story telling that makes TAL what it is (doesn’t feel like the news).

Hours at The Golden Apple (5/5)

This is one of the coolest things I’ve ever listened to ....

172: 24 hours in the Golden Apple (5/5)

This is my favorite episode I’ve heard. First ran before I was born but since 2000 I’ve been listen to this show. You all should recreate this episode, almost 20 years later there’s plenty more stories. In the Golden Apple or some like establishment the same strategy would yield the new, but same, wonderful stories. Thanks Ira, -Jon

Inspiring (5/5)

Love listening to this during work hours. Stories are inspiring, illuminating, and keep me interested every episode. Keep it up Ira!

I tried. I really tried. Just too much leftism. (1/5)

I haven’t' listened TAL for several years. Burned out by the media coverage, politics and the culture wars, TAL was too twinged with leftist subtext and outright political bias. So I unsubscribed, which is a shame, because a story well told should be cherished; and I appreciate TAL for the ability to do this. Looking for something to listen to, I re-subscribed and held my breath. Perhaps setting it up for failure, I listened to the recent episode on "fairness." The fact that they never addressed the rational notion that nothing is ever fair, ever, their ability to twist a fascinating expose about NBA refs into a social justice piece just reinforced that the show carries an unmistakable leftist agenda. The sad thing is the lack of transparency. If the producers are unaware of how divisive commentary on “privilege,” they sure aren’t upfront about it. Unsubscribe. Again.

Love the show! Forget the haters, Ira. (5/5)

This show is cerebral and funny and gets to the heart and feelings of the people and experiences that the large majority of society can relate to. And if they can’t relate, then they can listen and get a perspective they’ve never heard before and grow as a human. No doubt there is so much work to getting this show on the air that we don’t see. I want to give you the credit where it is due. Fantastic job!

Too far left (3/5)

It seems like everything is related back to politics.

No more politics (3/5)

As many keep pointing out, please get back to great storytelling. Definitely too much political content which is overly biased. It is fine once in a while if done in a balanced way but it is clear that finding that balance is all too subjective. I would give it 5 stars but I stopped listening for about 6 months because of how annoying it became. 3 stars for now and I hope it goes back to what it used to be.

Love This Show! (5/5)

And now I must go to the Golden Apple the next time I am in the City

Pssshhhh (1/5)

I used to love this show. I first started listening to it during the Obama presidency. They had all kinds of wonderful stories. But the further we get into the Trump presidency the more liberal this program gets. I’m so sick of all the bleeding heart stories about the pain caused by Trump. Every Liberal news channel, website, and social media platform is already trashing Trump. Get back to good storytelling please.

Engaging (5/5)

Always draws me in with great stories, drama, and humor.

No More Politics (2/5)

This used to be my favorite program, but I’ve been incredibly turned-off by the heavy focus on politics in recent years. This show needs to go back to telling fascinating and funny stories instead of the quasi investigative journalism that they are dishing out these days. Ira Glass, please bring back the show we used to love.

Wonderful! (5/5)

I honestly love its truth and brutal honesty that can attract anyone. This podcast CAN become a little too political, based on my knowledge of previous episodes. But, nothing in the world is perfect, so therefore I rate it 5 stars.

Biased with a host that can’t speak properly (2/5)

Some interesting topics but with Biased views and a host that mumbles and doesn’t pronounce words properly. It’s very distracting and hard to follow the host when he doesn’t speak clear and constantly says words/names wrong. The producers and editors have to notice this.

The fat episode...smh (1/5)

Swing and miss on that one

I wish (2/5)

I like this podcast, but the two I’ve listened to have been so liberal. I’m a registered independent, and somewhat a-political. I love stories but have been disappointed with the politics of it all.

Too political! (1/5)

Just tell a story and leave the liberal biased BS out of it....

Love TAL (5/5)

I love TAL, but so much politics recently has me listening less. Hoping they shift back to what makes TAL great, e.g., Jonathan Goldstein’s Little Mermaid story may be the funniest thing I’ve ever heard!!!

Thank you (5/5)

Call me Fat was an absolutely amazing episode. It made me laugh and cry.

Love this show (5/5)

This show is so delightful! I love the stories and interviewers! Thank you for all you do and keep it coming!

Stay in your lane (1/5)

Two conspiracy based shows back to back that mocked and pushed those with alternate beliefs further into the shadows. This American Life has made me feel all sorts of things over the years. So much genuine joy I’ve given money to help fund them at times. Unfortunately these two shows really exhibited the close minded nature of the production. There are so many other quality inclusive shows out there. So why waste your time?

Emotional sometimes (5/5)

It would be nice to get a warning that an episode can cause to ball out, just so that I’m not in public when I’m listening! Anyhow, great show, awesome reporting, keep doing what you’re doing!

There ARE some things we like (1/5)

I’ve listened on the radio for years , now while I work with my hands I try to enjoy the podcast. I highly look foreword to the hidden gems of our society & world that are often overlooked. The leftist slant tips me over sometimes & I have to move to something more balanced. Unfortunately Zoe Chances’ voice and thick Chekagoo accent often make me want to jab ice picks in both ears. Just enough to give permanent hearing loss. Usually when I hear her story is next, I wish I had been born 100 years ago , so I could miss her maniacal political rankings. Or I’d settle for being born 100 years from now, when the earth has been scorched by solar radiation so I wouldn’t have to endure her hysterical barrage of unpronounceable blabber. Other than that..... Love it!

Wonderful Suprises (5/5)

“Left Behind” has me laughing and almost crying the entire episode. I am always excited to see a fresh episode as I never know what direction the show is going to next. Thank you for the entertainment as well as the gut-wrenching stories. Best, Josh

This show has changed (3/5)

My wife and I loved this show for its great storytelling. Lately all stories wind up to be political. I realize that NPR has a liberal POV. But this show has now gone over the top. With ratings dropping in the app store, it is clear that others feel the same. Hearing about Trump all the time is boring.

Well done (4/5)

I really do love this show, it’s so well done and the journalists are amazing. BUT, I do think it’s become a lot more politics heavy recently. I don’t mind that on occasion, but I enjoyed the earlier pre-trump era episodes so much more.

I want to be listening to TAL (5/5)

This is the best show ever, I only ever listen to other shows to make up for the fact that there are no more TAL episodes left... I currently am writing this review because I want to me listening to the show.

Amazing (5/5)

This show is so amazing. I listen to it every night before I go to bed. It’s ur son Auggy is so cute! I have recommended this to 12 people all 12 an are hooked. Ira your voice is so calming and you are amazing. This is my favorite podcast ever!

Review for tell me I’m fat (5/5)

I LOVE this show, I listen every week and get sucked into each episode, the reporting is fair and totally on point. It’s also emotional and very moving. I really like this episode up until the second part when the girl is talking about how she could be a ‘less good’ person just because she was thin. First off, I struggle with my weight and can empathize with being frustrated when people treat you differently because they are shallow, our culture is shallow for sure, but a fat person can be just as much of a piece of garbage as a thin person. Sorry you decided to be less good when you were fat but that sounds like a you problem, and a horrible generalization. Plenty of thin people are good people, so sorry you aren’t one of them. That’s on you honey. I had empathy for you up until you said that. Also thin people do eat, all the time. I love food but I also like being healthy so I don’t eat junk food because it makes me feel gross. That’s really it. To say that all thin people get treated better because they don’t eat is a really mean generalization, you have no idea what kind of lives other people have had based purely on their weight. This show is usually way more on point so I’m kind of surprised they let this girl say all this, she completely missed the point she could have made about our shallow culture by saying generalizations about thin people that are just as offensive as generalizations people make about fat people.

A bit one sided journalism/opinions (4/5)

I wish that this show represented all of America. The show is really well done, but is so annoyingly liberal. I just wish that some of these episodes didn’t spread hate and intolerance in the name of hate and intolerance. I love some of the wit and humor found alongside really interesting thoughts. It’s just some of us are sick of the liberal dogma. But I still enjoy listening.

The most professional podcast that brings you stories about, well, everything (3/5)

I have always loved This American Life. They do an amazing job and anyone would love the vast majority of their episodes. They do replay episodes a lot, love hate on that one. They are also fairy politically biased, so expect to notice that every episode. Other than this they do a fairly good job.

Really good! (4/5)

Brand new listener and this podcast is a welcomed breath of “fresh-ish” air. I say “fresh-ish” only because the format resembles Guy Raz’s Ted Radio Hour. But never-the-less, this podcast is light and gripping and informative and undoubtedly good.

Best for teachers!! (5/5)

My kids make fun of me b/c they know what a profound impact TAM has in my life! I teach a in the 11th and 12th grade International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme called Theory of Knowledge. I use excerpts from this podcast ALL THE TIME! It’s an interdisciplinary course, so when we study science, I use “Mr. Holland’s Opus,” when I do history, I use the episode where they go to the Reagan museum, when I do college essay writing, I use “How I got into college,” when I do Hamlet, I use “Act V.” And those are just a few examples! I went to hear Ira Glass in Chattanooga a few years ago, and one of my students was there. He said how mad he and his dad were when someone’s phone alarm went off. It was MINE. But Ira took it in stride. I told him my alarm was to wake me up from a nap on Sun to listen to TAM, but it went off at 5pm, and TAM broadcasts at 7pm. Ira, OUT LOUD, totally called me out, LOL!! Now I am super sensitive to my phone sounds in public. And just FYI, I miss SO MANY CALLS as a result!! 😂

#alexjones (5/5)

Censorship is false agenda and only a direction that will M.A.G.A. If you want a good narrative and medium to be expressed to the listener, by what is being said, go face to face or use factual information. An opinion can not be more undermined unless the idealist has not proven truthful in their speak. Phrases induce thoughts when said in any way, be more positive about your empathy. You should of gone on both of the shows Lenny. Don’t be a jerk. Disclose the pain and close the blame. ycttafu I do have no problem with hearing and listening to both sides. References are solid sounding. Why work against each other to produce things both would use as dumpster bins?

My favorite podcast (5/5)

I’ve listened to this show for years and love all the work they put into bringing their stories!

Complete BS (1/5)

What is the BS? You have an episode on conspiracy theories and your centerpiece is the president’s theories???? The biggest elephant in the room is the liberal conspiracy theory that the president stole the election with the help of the Russians, Wikileaks, obstruction, etc, etc, etc.... Please, wake up to reality and stop treating your listeners like sheep.

The Industry Standard (5/5)

by which all else shall be judged! I wish there were a hundred more storytelling podcasts just like it because I never can get enough.

Best podcast ever (5/5)

I always bump up the new TAL to the top of my podcast queue. I’ve been listening for 14 years now and almost every episode has been spectacular.

Not so subtle leftist trash (1/5)

The show pretends to be impartial and just telling a story, following wherever it takes them. Oddly it always arrives at the same place. Trashing the president. Anytime they have an interview with a conservative it’s always the most redneck backwoods racist trash they could find. But when it’s time for the liberal perspective it’s a well read articulate person making a sound argument. Fact checking isn’t a concept they have heard of either. Listed for 4 years and it’s progressively gotten worse. Glad it’s tumbling in the App Store ranks. Keep rattling that can for spare change you scumbags. Never a dime from me.

Try to be balanced please (1/5)

Try to be balanced


Leave the politics out of it!!!

Once was great (1/5)

Really good podcast pre Trump. Now it’s a steaming pile of liberal feces.

Fix Zoe Chace's voice. Fix my star rating. (2/5)

That vocal fry, man. It's every sentence. She's killing her voice and for someone in radio that's not the smartest idea. Voice lessons/vocal therapy. STAT. I cannot listen to any story she does which seems to be all of them lately. Anyone who says they like her gravelly voice or "can't hear the fry" well, they're likely doing the same thing. Come to a higher register, Zoe. Save your voice and save the world.

One of my favorite shows (4/5)

I love the show but I can’t stand Zoey’s voice when she reports on a story, it makes me tense

Hmmmm... (1/5)

Sometimes TAL is amazing and sometimes it’s too political and skewed. I wonder where they find these people- they certainly aren’t in my world. The hosts seem to be so careful not to offend one population while they trample on all that’s sacred or morally right to another population. I’m ready to delete my subscription. I don’t mind hearing one point of view, but I’d also like to hear the other side.

Political (2/5)

Once a political view came into play I was disappointed. Wish with things like this it could stay neutral.

On “how I read it” (4/5)

Great show, big fan... but really? The Asian kid joined the basketball team so he could fit in with the white kids? Come on now, what percentage of their high school basketball team was white? There was one on mine, and he sat on the bench most games. Also, our homecoming king was not white. The white kids have to try just as hard to “fit in” as anyone else in most schools, particularly in city schools. If I had a dollar for every time I was called white boy I could buy a house... or at least a used car :)

Love this show (5/5)

So I binge listened all episodes - and I laughed and cried and got much smarter on lots of different things. Now I’m empty what do I do next?? Sit and wait for the next episode...

So Woke (2/5)

Who cares about facts when you can virtue signal.

Tired of your politics (1/5)

Love your stories about real people in America and the issues they face. However, your episodes are shifting to political issues and ongoing Trump bashing. So tired of hearing it. Just change the name of the podcast to reflect its new content. Democrats Bashing Trump.

Love It (5/5)

Without a doubt, my most favorite podcast. Always great stories.

Partisan much? (1/5)

I wish you could have remained an educational and informative podcast that I loved, but you chose to shove your political views into my ears. I don’t care what your views are. I wasn’t aware This American Life was an audio op-ed. Most Americans are blissfully unaware that the Federal Reserve Bank is a private entity. Google that and then tell me that there’s no deep state.

Listener for years (1/5)

Immediately after no collusion was found, you immediately go with; yeah, what about? I enjoyed the story telling and was able to put aside the lopsided angles but this episode was pathetic.

Yes. This. (5/5)

Nothing like reading the negative comments on one of your favorite podcasts to realize how dystopian and out of touch we’ve become as a country. What I love about TAL is that it tells real stories from real people. Some of those stories are happy, some heartbreaking; the premise of the show alone keeps you from hearing just one (“biased”) perspective, because it’s made up of thousands of different voices and experiences and thoughts... And the part about it that makes it so magical is that it gives you a glimpse, if only for a moment, into someone else’s life—just long enough to see that some human conditions (fear of rejection, longing for connection, pain from loss and occasionally total and complete joy) are universally shared, despite all our differences. One minute you’re laughing about a story about different societies of Santa Clauses in America that hate each other and the next you’re shaking your head in wonder from an episode on coincidence where a woman shares that she married the grandson of her grandmother’s old flame... Personal is political and policy—everything from education to immigration to the environment to healthcare— impacts everyday people all the time, and TAL talks about that. But it talks about a whole host of other things, too. And I like to think that it is bringing us all a little closer together.

The Library (5/5)

I listened to the podcast about the library, the room of requirement. I have never heard such a heartfelt and touching podcast. I was brought back to my own love of the library. Where else can you get a free getaway, an escape from life? The story of the Brodrick library made me want to go there myself. Who knows maybe by listening today your podcast will have given me the courage to go to college. I am 38 and have been a stay at home mom and always wanted to go but put the kids first. Very touching! I look forward to checking out more podcasts.

Favorite podcast! (5/5)

This show will make you laugh, cry and most importantly, think. I’m sold.

Great Story Telling! (5/5)

Masterful Storytelling! Engaging writing with in-depth characters!

Good content. Host is lacking. (2/5)

I am sure it is just me. I love the topics covered in this show. Just can’t stand listening to the host. It’s just a strange thing with me, but I can’t take the way his words all run together. Itslikeheistalkinglikethis. Strange noises bother me. And apparently so does this.

P good (5/5)

This show is p good

Almost but not quite (3/5)

If there weren’t so many little political or anti-white male digs sprinkled throughout, this would be a great podcast. Unfortunately as with many other shows, these podcasters can’t help themselves and make shallow and demeaning comments that make them seem petty and ignorant... really bummed because the topics are wonderful

Room of Requirement (5/5)

Room of Requirement is my favorite episode so far! Each story underscored why I love going to the library. However, and more importantly, they made me rethink how important libraries are to communities, and all for different reasons. Kudos!

Ehh.. (2/5)

Gave this show another chance after a few years. Thought I would hear about conspiracy theorists, turned out to pretty much try to trash Alex Jones for an hour. I don’t listen to Alex Jones, I never would have known who he is if he wasn’t constantly ragged on by media that hates him. This is like a well produced You Tube reaction video. Time to grow up.

2016 Broke the Show (2/5)

I loved TAL. Went to live events, donated to NPR. This is the show that got me into podcasts. That said, the content turned a few years ago. It’s political. It’s condescending. They straight up mislead listeners about opposing viewpoints. I know there’s a bit of a culture bubble around NPR, but since 2016 it’s like they’ve turned against a vast swatch of their audience.

Unconditional Love (5/5)

Amazing episode! ❤️😭

Episode on chronic pain was fantastic (5/5)

Fabulous storytelling on your episode “the fifth vital sign”. As a pediatric resident, I took care of many children with chronic pain. I’m not surprised by the guess that thousands of teens suffer from out of control pain. Hearing a longer form telling of teens with chronic pain and the historical context of our thinking on pain supplied some insights that I didn’t know after three years of pediatric residency. Thank you for your detailed, intelligent and important work.

Consistent (4/5)

One of the greatest podcasts of all time, and it’s Serial Podcast’s big brother. It’s always a pleasure to listen to this series and hear the interesting stories. Beware, it’s mega liberal and overtly assuming that the listener is too. Some of the stories assert “obvious truths” that are in line with a particular worldview I might not share. Great, high quality content. Interesting stories. Super left leaning. Happy listening.

Too political, too much Zoey Chase (1/5)

I used to love this podcast, but too political, too nitty gritty political play by play with Zoey Chase, lame and boring. I don’t even recognize this crap anymore.

Wow (5/5)

Listening to “But that’s what happened” right now and literally in tears. I had no idea that the Mormon church required these confessions. My hope is that this will be shared and that things will change as a result.

Awesome (5/5)

Love this show

317 was a Gem (5/5)

Beyond the fact that this episode is absolutely stunning, in the outro you all played one of my absolute favorite songs by one of my favorite artists. Wanna be Loved by Buju Banton. A song that jolted me back to my childhood in the Trinidadian countryside. The emotion flooded me suddenly. And it was sweet. Remnants of my childhood never show up here; they can’t when I’m so far away from the place I was raised. Yet here I am sitting in my robe on a Sunday night feeling exactly like girl I used to be. Thank you ever so kindly.

Unconditional Love (4/5)

I love this show - I really do. Only con is that it doesn’t have enough new shows ... the frequency is too minimal and in the unconditional love episode the question “how do you love someone that is homicidal?” By the narrator —- is she kidding me? It’s her son. You love your children regardless of the circumstances hence unconditional... weak moment

Zoe Chase (5/5)

Please send Zoe Chase to a speech pathologist. The vocal fry is at 10plus on the congressional piece she recently did . I had ear buds on and I had to stop listening. She’s a professional radio reporter . Its unacceptable!

Boring (2/5)

I used to enjoy this show but the stories lately have been boring and exaggerated. The story is usually WAY less interesting than they make it seem.

Longtime listener, that misses the lightheartedness. (5/5)

TAL is still a staple of my podcast diet every week, but it can be a little too political even for me. I’m a liberal that doesn’t always enjoy hearing about how we are in trouble as a nation. I love the fun and uplifting stories of overcoming injustices, but those seem fewer and fewer these days.

The key to all of America. 🇺🇸🗝📱 (5/5)

A fearless and boisterous explication of American democratic principles through the vector of the real, on the ground events of ordinary and exceptional Americans alike. 〽️.

I can’t do any more politics shows (1/5)

Just wanted a break, something refreshing.Y’all are killing me.

Great podcast, but keep politics out! (4/5)

I love the stories presented on This American Life. They are fantastic, and I’m always amazed at the diverse cross-section of folks they feature. It’s often a great hour spent listening to this podcast! However, every once in a while, and albeit gently, I get a bit too much of a political agenda being pushed in a story. Just be aware if you’re a listener.

Used to be the Best Thing on Radio (3/5)

I loved This American Life for many, many years. I learned so much from the shows, it made me rethink things, introduced me to some new authors, and made both laugh and cry on more occasions than not. But in the last few years with the nearly nonstop covering of political issues I’ve all but stopped listening. This American Life used to be a respite from The News for me, and now it’s just another voice (albeit lovely) in the crowd of media covering our politics. I don’t mind a good politics show every now and then, but it’s been the majority for a couple of years now. I knew I’d reached my limit when an episode came on following another podcast I had been listening to and without looking at it thought, “Now THIS is why love This American Life! Finally, a good show!” When I checked it was an episode from 5 years ago. I love Ira, the reporters, the show is so well made and truly a pioneer of this art form, but there is more to the American Life than politics and those stories just don’t seem to be important any more.

Sorry to see it go (1/5)

It’s sad to witness TAL’s slow slide into mediocrity, but that’s what’s happening. Thanks for the repeats from years ago when you were doing far better work.

so so good (5/5)

Interesting, insightful, sincere, informative. Even the reruns are good. Please never stop making this show.

Never change. (5/5)

Please never change.

A must hear (5/5)

I can’t stop thinking about this pod cast. Love it.

Grrrrrrreat! (5/5)

Thank you for giving me all of these wonderful stories.

Fun listening (5/5)

Easy on the ears

My Favorite (5/5)

This American Life has been my favorite podcast for the past 6 months. My significant other moved 2.5 hours away and I initially hated the drive. No matter the time of day, it seems as though there is a lot of traffic between Philly and D.C. After finding this podcast, I now LOOK FORWARD to having 2.5 hours to myself to indulge in these podcasts. They are entertaining, hilarious, educational, engaging, and do a phenomenal job of balancing humor with more heavy, important topics. I’m so glad I found This American Life! Keep up the good work folks :)

No women on Valentines? (1/5)

Your entire Valentines Day episode was from a male perspective? Did you realize that? And each story (perhaps with the exception of the first) has a woman who slights or wrongs the man... please be more aware, not only because it’s better in general, but because you’d have more interesting programming.

The 1 star is for the Podcast app (1/5)

Love the show wish I could access more shows to download and share my favorite episodes with friends on road trips etc.

Over 10 Years of Listening... (5/5)

...and still my favorite podcast. I love Ira Glass and everything that the incredible staff of This American Life does to bring us this show. There are no better storytellers - other podcasts that I love often lose their best producers and writers to this show - they effectively put in their time and graduate to the gold standard of storytelling! Keep the stories coming. -Dear Listener

Great (5/5)

It’s like, so great.

Vocal fry and other put offs (4/5)

Sad but true, not everyone has a voice for radio. Some of the people "reporting" are unbearable to listen to. Sorry Ms. Chase...

The OG just continues to get better! (5/5)

I’m obsessed with all things TAL. I only wish they put out more content!!!

Amazing (5/5)

This podcast is for all Americans. It’s awesome and provides a perspective for most if not all Americans.

She said “semiotics”—everybody drink! (5/5)

No matter who you are, this show was designed for you. No fake; no “news,” even; no worries. This show is for anyone brave enough to hear ideas outside of their own personal echo chamber—that means you, too, moonbats. Few shows can boast that their premise would be applauded by such well-loved & brilliant ding-dongs as Jean-Paul Sartre or Roland Barthes. This is the show that made me fall in love with public radio, forever, for better or worse. This show is about capital-Ideas: what they are *supposed* to mean, and then what they really & truly mean—how they do or do not impact actual people’s actual lives. TAL reporters frequently approach a story with predispositions & assumptions, and then emerge at its conclusion with radically changed minds. I believe that this show has the capacity to do the same to its listeners as well. I know that many well-loved prejudices of mine have been shattered by the fine reporting this show offers. In the immortal words of T. Swift, haters gonna hate. Don’t listen to them. Listen to this show instead. It may do you some good, and it can’t hurt, can it?

Hi (5/5)

Best podcast ever!(:

I rave about this podcast to everyone! (5/5)

I posted this to all my Facebook friends recently, and I just thought I should share my happy feedback here too. Thank you to Ira and the team for providing this extremely interesting program! I’m a huge fan: So I’m a podcast listener, pretty avidly. I listen on my way to and from work, as well as at the gym. I can hardly even listen to music now to try to entertain myself because I’ve fallen in love with podcasts! There is one podcast/show that many of you have probably heard of, This American Life. If you like podcasts, you have to listen to this one!! Every single episode I hear, I start it thinking “This is not going to entertain/interest me” and in minutes I am blown away! It’s so well done. Just thought I’d share for anyone looking to switch up a routine or try something new!

Getting worse (2/5)

The producers are some of the smartest, but most neurotic people on the planet. Very liberal bias. As a side note, a recent episode about libraries had a 15 minute segment about the “homeless” children that had to live in the library. They only very briefly mentioned that they were actually a well-off family staying with a friend until they found a new house. They would spend s lot of time in the library to get out of the house. A despicable aggrandizement to sell a story.

The Best Podcast!! (5/5)

Seriously the best podcast. My ears can’t find anything as pleasing as This American Life ❤️ It is the one that all others strive to be

Best pod ever? (5/5)

Long time fan of this show, I can’t get enough!

White Moderate Hand-Wringing (1/5)

As much as I loved hearing Barbara Jordan's voice, I HATED hearing the hosts' wistful calls for "compromise" and moderate leadership. First, dismissing today's lawmakers is inherently racist, misogynist, and LGBTQ-phobic, given 2018's historic election results. Secondly, calls from upper-class white people for compromise and civility always read as calls for obedience to me. Things have not "gone to hell." The people are rising up, the marginalized are taking their place on the national stage, and if that makes Ira Glass wistful, that's just TOO BAD.

As time goes on.. (1/5)

I love old episodes of this show. As of lately, I’ve been less than impressed. The stories aren’t as deep, interesting or politically charged. Make me sad to see a show I once loved go down the drain. Also, enough of the Mormon stories. We get you used to be Mormon, stop bringing down the church just because you left.

Has my full attention (5/5)

It starts by getting your curiosity then grabs your full attention. Amazing how everything intertwines. Not to mention Ira is a wonderful host/narrator (?)

It’s This American Life (5/5)

Just listen.

No good (1/5)

Rarely good to listen to. Almost always sad or twisted. Life has enough pain without going out of my way to listen to more.

Just two guys reading a script (1/5)

Two guys reading a script between multiple adverts. If you know anything about the subject in focus you’ll spot several clear mistakes where as soon as the hosts ad lib they get it wrong.

Best way to begin or end your week! (5/5)

I love this show after a hard long week at work. It’s the best way to either end it or being the next.

Too Biased (1/5)

I used to love this show but lately it has been nothing but talks of impeaching trump, immigration laws, and other biased views on politics. Clearly democrats but they turned this show into a political spat. Very sad.

Can’t we just go back? (2/5)

I listen to podcasts so I don’t have to listen to the news & especially so I don’t have to listen to politics. This was such a great podcast years ago...always great great stories but now everything circles around to annoying...keep the politics out please!

Thankful for TAL (5/5)

So much talent in one radio show/podcast. Every story is a hit or a lesson learned. The artistry, storytelling, jokes, music, and everything else just ties everything so perfectly. I look forward to TAL every week.

Commute (5/5)

Thanks to This American Life, my commute home from work is one of my favorite parts of my day. When I was younger, I associated NPR with “boring” ... I am so glad to have re-discovered it now that I can more fully appreciate all of the great podcasts and shows that it has to offer!

Best shows (5/5)

These are the best shows on radio. I love to listen to the podcasts even though I lose sleep while listening. Very well produced.

Gone are the days. (2/5)

For years This American Life has filled my days with joy. Unfortunately, the divisive political climate seems to have completely derailed the program that I feel in love with. It has morphed into a broken record that plays the same depressing tune over and over again. Please bring back the whimsical and diverse tales that highlighted the everyday beauty of our American story.

Christmas Episode is Hilarious (5/5)

This is a laugh out loud episode! Christmas is over and I’m still listening and laughing at this one. Absolutely hilarious!

Yes. (5/5)

Pasta Batman. 😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣

Love this podcast!!! (5/5)

Amazing show. It’s like reading a new novel or attending an amazing, intricate lecture. LOVE it.

A new favorite: Room of Requirement (5/5)

What a great episode to ring out 2018. I am sure some will accuse you of being too fuzzy and warm in this set of stories, but you had me at “library.” Thank you for a great, coherent yet diverse, and very moving end-of-year episode.

please new content (2/5)

i look forward to new episodes of this american life every week. unfortunately only once every month do i get new content. i don’t understand why you can’t produce new content anymore and you just play old episodes. please start making new content.

Great material (1/5)

As always, but this narrator tries so hard to imitate Ira, who happens to be the worst podcast host of all time. Every sentence begins at normal volume but trails off so quiet it is impossible to understand. To hear the end of a sentence or statement, the volume has to be uncomfortably loud at the beginning. Terrible audio quality can ruin even the best stories.

Late stage TAL (3/5)

This American Life was the radio show that got me into talk radio and arguably created the market and set the bar for podcasting. I used to look forward to Sundays the way a kid looks forward to summer camp or a parent looks forward to their kids going to summer camp. But now with producers spread thin on side projects, contributors starting their own spin off shows and a plethora of reruns in the queue every month the show has just lost its momentum. Maybe it will rebound to its once great stature or maybe it will just fade away leaving a legacy to uphold its monolithic reputation. Either way hopefully something happens soon...before we get the “casino tour” were everyone shakes their heads and reminisces about how great of a show they used to put on.

Lost its way (2/5)

This used to be the gold standard for rich, intelligent story-telling about everyday, extraordinary people in this country - people with original stories to tell about events both big and small. Once an intimate and moving show, it has become so politicized, doing the same, tedious pseudo-journalism that's everywhere else these days. Believe me, I'm sympathetic to their point of view in principle, but I don't listen to this show for that. Rather, this used to be a respite from the political noise - a show with the ability to temporarily mute all of that with stories that might best be told across a kitchen table. Simply, the stories used to unfold with less judgment, less pov, and less trailing politicians around with a mic. To listeners and producers - do yourselves a favor and listen to the old episodes. It used to be great.

batons (1/5)

Lots of propaganda w: a hint of truth. Far left! Can’t stomach it anymore

The classic and the greatest (5/5)

This is THE podcast...the classic...the podcast on which all others should be judged. If you are just starting to get into listening to Podcasts, This American Life is where you should begin.

Out of the park more often than not: a miracle! (5/5)

TAL, the podcast, not the magician from Riga, chess player, is my favorite podcast of all time. It is out of this world! It is human, humane, humanistic, and as wise as Hume or Locke, as brilliant as any crack stand up comedian, as touching as any Russian novelist up to snuff, as penetrating as French cigarette stained finger pointing post war existentialist street cafe philosopher, all rolled into one giant symphony of colors and sound! Also, as nimble as the Chicago Bulls in the 80’s, or as enduring as America and its ideals, despite recent notable Bush League or Cheetos dipped setbacks... I love This American Life, TAL. This grant astonishingly wise experiment animated and monitored by geniuses from public radio, no less! Ira Glass, his endlessly surprising crew. His flat nasal annoying voice not withstanding, his wit. All the endless crackling sparkle! One story beating the next. Week after week, year after year. Connections, resonances, sympathetic involutions and revolutions around literary heavens! Hooray TAL! A 1000 hoorays! You make America, three tales at a time, a shining beacon of hope for the intellect, the patriot, the brother at hand. Every week I say, well! They will never top that! And then, like magic, a new rabbit is pulled right out of the anthropological bowels of Uncle Sam’s top hat! You walk on stilts, TAL. You are great! Bedros Afeyan Pleasanton, CA 1-1-2019

Love it (5/5)

This is one of my favorite podcasts. You tell interesting and “current issue” stories. Keep up the great work.

The best podcast ever!!!!! (5/5)

I really like this podcast. If you get the This American Life app you get all the episodes. But i love all the variety of the episodes. It is so fun to learn new things on this podcast. The narration is sooo good.

The dreaded vocal fry (2/5)

I found it impossible to listed to the episode "Words" because of the speech affect of the host, Alix Spiegel. Her over reliance on vocal fry [creaky voice] was distracting to the point of overwhelming the content of the podcast.

One sided (1/5)

Too bad this podcast only has a focus on bashing republicans and men.

My companion (5/5)

When first we met I was smitten. Thank you for the years of company.

Why E rating for Explicit? (1/5)

I love this show but am unable to listen on devices that block explicit content because all episodes are rated E. Why the blanket rating? Would it be possible for TAML to rate by episode as other podcasts do?

My podcast gateway drug.... (5/5)

I will always have a special place in my heart for Ira and This American Life. I would be sad to miss it or catch only parts on NPR (the *radio*, so old school) and when I discovered I could listen on demand...I binged HARD. Now I’m a podcast junkie and I have this pod to thank for it. I may find new podcasts to binge, but I this show will forever be my first true love.

Time (2/5)

Your shows eventually become interesting. The problem is it takes too long to get to the meat of each episode. Cut your podcasts to 25 minutes or less. I listen to shows while driving. Rarely am I in the car more than 20 minutes. You have too much wasted time and material.

Political garbage (1/5)

Trying to tell a story but always comes back to “bad republicans!”. Example: healthcare is expensive... cuz Trump he says. Votes are rigged... cuz republicans etc... your show is biased... slanted... one sided....and deleted


Best podcast (or one of)

solid podcast (5/5)

always a pleasure to listen to these stories

Vocal Fry for the Lose (1/5)

I've enjoyed this podcast for years, but had to abandon "Words" 10 minutes in due to the vocal fry. (And thanks to an earlier TAL episode, I know what to call it!)

Amazing!! (5/5)

The episode of this show titled “Return to Childhood” is by far the best podcast episode I’ve ever listened to. The first 5 minutes are absolutely heartwarming and asks very serious questions about our human memories. I will definitely be a long time listener!

I love the vocal fry (5/5)

The female reporters on This American Life kill it. Stephanie Foo, Sarah Koenig, Hanna Joffe Walt, Elna Baker, Alix Spiegel - they are literally the best voices in radio journalism today. All their voices are excellent and if you are complaining about vocal fry you clearly haven’t listened to the 2015 episode where they talk about vocal fry. You are complaining into a void. No one cares.

Couldn’t Bear Episode “Words” (5/5)

I love “This American Life” but the female reporter in “Words” had such irritating vocal fry, I stopped listening and don’t know if I’ll ever make it through that episode. Grrr...

Words (1/5)

Very nearly unlistenable due to the vocal fry of the young woman presenting the piece. I do not understand why this particular podcast is riddled with non-professional broadcasters that have either a speech impediment (Ira Glass) or unlistenable vocabulary’s ( sort of, kind of, like).

Impossible (5/5)

I just want to say that is is impossible not to read any of the previews without hearing Ira’s voice and pausing where he would pause. Also, the show is incredible. Keep up the good work.

The episode Dr Gilmer and Mr Hyde is amazing! (5/5)

Part medical mystery, part investigative reporting and part homage to a remarkable young doctor who tries to help a man he did not know, this episode is an example of the best form of journalism. Hats off to everyone involved.

Stop mumbling Ira! (4/5)

We want to hear what you are saying

Share, share, share... (5/5)

What else is there to say about TAL.... Send a podcast to someone who has a hard time reading... They will thank you.

Stop Playing Business Schooled Ads (5/5)

Love this show! But can you stop playing those AWFUL and RIDICULOUS Business Schooled ads for the Synchrony podcast?

It doesn’t get better (5/5)

Ira is gripping. I love the broad subjects, it covers everything. Some weeks it’s super funny, some weeks it’s super sad. Every week it’s really good. Bring Sarah Koenig on more often!

Overall good (5/5)

A very good show and the repeated failures that the hosts display in the criminal justice system makes one wonder why they trust the state as much as they do.

Little war on the prairie (5/5)

Although very disturbing and nauseating, I found this episode very educational. Thank you

Important and interesting (5/5)

It's hard for many other podcasts to compete with the storytelling skills of Ira and team. This show is a classic and a must listen. It's something most everyone can agree on and I find myself retelling the stories I hear from this show because they're fascinating.

That's odd. (2/5)

Why did Sarah Koenig host of the Serial podcast narrate the TAL episode Dr.Gilmer and Mr.Hyde? After all the case didn't involve supposed law enforcement/ race injustice???

Gripping! my favourite podcast (5/5)

This American Life is not pretentious despite the outstanding quality of the journalism. This show brought me to tears more than once because of the heartbreaking stories they bring to the audience. I was also inspired by so many people on this show. Thank you This American Life!

Ick politics and campy (2/5)

I have listened to every TAL podcast and saw Ira Glass speak in the past. This show is best when it is talking about individuals, telling stories of Americans. It is really bad at politics. Reached fever pitch of crap in show about Newt Gingrich. They have mastered the public radio version of mansplaining and use this same rhetorical device ad nauseum. It is disingenuous. It is super campy (and not in a good way). I am a bleeding heart liberal but I am getting tired of listening to TAL’s facsimile of what should be open-minded and probing inquiry. Instead, there is always a garden path where we are being lead, with increasingly less charm. Stop mansplaining TAL. Get back to individuals and stop trying to explain to hand feed us trite interpretations of current history which are not saffron-coated truffle caviar but little “journalistic” turds.

But that’s what happened (1/5)

I am not a chauvinist have great respect for the female of the species, but I am getting dam sick and tired of women always crying the blues. In this case where docs are learning, these women would rather end up with an uneducated surgeon working on them. I’ve not heard any guys complaining about anything like this. It seems women today are just out of control. There’s bigger problems in the world that effect all colors and genders. Just saying.

Who doesn’t (5/5)

Love this American life?!

Please fix the repeats issue (3/5)

I have listened since for a decade or so, but please stop broadcasting repeats, especially without any signal that they are repeats. Firstly, the format of a podcast rends the idea of a repeat completely anachronistic. Great news - we have a feed with back episodes! Secondly, by trying to disguise repeats as new episodes this just means that we all waste time listening to the start, only to realise 5-10 minutes in that we’ve heard it all before.

Read This Review (5/5)

All the people that gave one star complaint about something stupid, political, or lazy. People complain about the cussing, when there is an edited version that takes only slightly more work to listen to. People complain that the show got to political, if you understand that this is an art form and the stories are meant to inspire the far and alt right to change there views, the other complaint is that they delete the older episodes but for only 4$ you can get the app which has every episode

Too many ads = difficult to follow (2/5)

I want to like this, but every time I start getting into the story there’s a break.

My favorite podcast that disappoints regularly (2/5)

This used to be my favorite podcast, period. Now it’s my favorite podcast that disappoints me regularly. Too many stories about how bad Trump is for the country (even though I whole heartedly agree), and too many insults or smear jobs on my faith (Elna just can’t leave it alone). 2 out of 5 is about right these days, and it’s too bad.

Slowly Deteriorating Into a Typical Bias Media Outlet (3/5)

I used to love this podcast. However, the recent episodes do not hold to the previous “spirit” of the podcast in presenting both sides of issues and letting the listeners make their own judgements. The hosts have become increasingly political and quite frankly unoriginal and unentertaining. I used to listen to this podcast as an escape from the typical bias laced media outlets. I’m only giving 3 stars because it used to be quite good.

Where there is a will review (5/5)

I love this podcast overall that’s where they get five stars. With this episode the last act was the most frustrating thing I may have ever listen to besides our current president. I mean it’s a philosophical act and do they have a philosopher to discuss it? Hell no I have a physics major and animalsBehavioral scientist discuss one of the greatest philosophical questions of our time! Come on this American life I know you were trying to be interesting and quirky but you ended up just being purely frustrating you can do better I know you care at all the other podcast are better than that lame act.

Used to be a great show (1/5)

Since the election of 2016 this show is about “how Trump is ruining the country”. The only shows that are refreshingly nonpolitical turn out to be reruns from years ago. I just can’t listen anymore. Unsubscribing.

Loose Zoe Chace (3/5)

Dear This American Life, Every time Zoe Chace is on air I have to skip the story because she has such an annoying voice. This has been going on for years. Please make it stop. Braying donkeys are the only thing comparable. Why can’t she produce off air? Thank you for all your great work over the years.

Best podcast to listen too (5/5)

The best part about this podcast is has so much variety and all there stories have some humor.😀👍👍👍👍

Disappointed (1/5)

Episode was a hit piece on Church of Jesus Christ clergy instead of what was advertised. A waste of time.

Interesting (4/5)

Provides interesting topics and ways to tell the story

Used to be my favorite podcast (updated) (1/5)

I used to judge all of the podcasts against this one. But ever since the 2016 election season this podcast has turned 100% political. I get enough of that during the day on the radio and on the news. Don't really need it here too. Please change the format back to what it was. (2-6-2017) Well almost three months later and nothing has changed. Most of the podcasts are politically themed or about politically themed subjects. Seems "This American Life" is really just "Ira Glass' opinions on current events". I delete more of this podcast than I actually listen too. Well here it is December 2017 and absolutely nothing has changed. Show has become boring and repetitive. I gave you an entire year to improve and you didnt. The only interesting episodes are the old repeats you try to pass off as new episodes. If i hear one more podcast story about undocumented immigrants I'm going to rip out the remaining three hairs on my head..........DONE! I am unsubscribing. By the way Apple...... Keeping 11 year old reviews for a podcsst is ridiculous. How about refreshing them to the last 18 months or so? Well here it is November 2018 and it looks as if nothing has yet to change. All the reviews from the last 2 years say the show is way too political now. That is when you can find a new review wading through the 11 year old ones. Please........

Mormon (5/5)

As a Mormon, I’ve never heard my faith described so accurately and heart breakingly. Thanks for your honesty and authenticity. You are brave and incredible.

Give it a go! (5/5)

Amazing stories, captures our humanity so very well. I have already recommended this to all my friends and family.

Grant (1/5)

I like the story format, but alas it like 60 minutes has a leftist slant. And oh the condescending tone of course.

I wish Ira Glass was my real Dad. (5/5)

This show is an American treasure.

Too political (3/5)

I use to love This American Life because of the quirky offbeat stories. Shortly after the election the stories have been more centered on political issues. Of course the majority of the regular audience is anti-Trump but do we really need to hear about a bad side of this American life every week? I know how bad it is. How about a story about the good things in this country despite the administration?

Great show (5/5)


Addicting (5/5)

The story’s are very well told and vary from slice of life to science education. I love it!

I love TAL (5/5)

Ira is a national treasure. This is one of the best podcasts out there.

Return to Childhood (1/5)

I normally enjoy this podcast, but I could not get past the first guest on this episode. She’s a young lady, but every other word is “like”. It just grates my nerves whenever I lock into to someone repetitively saying like over and over in a conversation. I’m really surprised he AL team didn’t help her by pointing out the problem and helping her correct it. I’m sure she was so excited to be on a podcast, but I feel like when she looks back on it once she is older and more mature, she is going to be disappointed 😔

White Haze Episode (5/5)

I just heard on the news that the proud boys have been banned from FB. It must be due to this excellent reporting by TAL. But how will they stick fo their pledge? They will have too much time on their hands now!

Love or love/get-over-yourself? (5/5)

I’ve been in a love/get-over-yourself relationship with this show for years. Ultimately, I’m forever in love. The shows willingness to ask and explore embarrassing and slightly taboo topics makes me roll my eyes occasionally. But, only because I don’t want it to be a big deal to feel all our feelings and over dissect certain specific life experience. This American Life though means we do just that, and learn something from the dissection process. Let’s do it.

Long time listener (5/5)

I’ve been listening since the show started. I play the Dr. Seuss episode constantly for my kids. The majority of time. I have headphones on and am listening as I do work or am shopping. Now the people of my town think of me as the weird lady who walks around the grocery store crying or laughing, often hysterically. I love Ira Glass. He is a treasure.

Fuyuy (4/5)

I’ll if I’ll see if z 🎂😃😍💕😋😒😙vj

Great (5/5)

A must-listen.

Who knew? (5/5)

So it turns out you don’t have to have moving pictures to be throughly entertained, who knew?

Too political but my eternal love (4/5)

But I also loved listening to the more fun and innocent stories of old men who had decided to take their city bus they’d been driving all of their life down to Florida on a whim. It’s those kind of stories I miss that I find myself listening more to Snap Judgement. I know it’s important to cover the hard hitting news my generation may not gather anywhere else but a podcast. But 4, 5, 6 wholly political episodes back to back and I’m looking for something a little less depressing. I wish they would toss in a couple of the old school stories.

Episode 528 (1/5)


Whyyy (1/5)

Why are only 4 episodes showing?? 😩

Great storytelling! (5/5)

Even when I don’t think a topic will interest me I love it and learn something. I regularly listen to many podcasts and this is still the best!

Running out of material? (1/5)

I used to find this show so interesting! For the last year, it’s boring as heck! It’s also very biased. After following from the beginning I am replacing your spot on my phone with something else.

Philip Glass is overrated (3/5)

An opera about getting locked in a closet? Seriously??? There’s nothing more interesting going on in this world. Please I couldn’t get through 20 minutes. It made me want to punch someone.

Missing episodes? (3/5)

I can only see 5 episodes of this show!! It’s so good, where are the rest?

Love it (5/5)

My absolute favorite podcast! And I’m an everyday podcast listener!

Love the story telling (5/5)

Genius story telling and well researched. Thanks for producing such a quality informative pod. You never disappoint.

Missing the old show (2/5)

This American life was a darling quirky gem of a show, but it seems the podcast format has blacked its willing heart. What once was a sweet and charming show is now a suspicious curmudgeon. In these time, yes, I want to stay informed but I would love to have a reprieve from the news in this podcast. The show is still tastefully edited, beautifully produced, and lovingly narrated, but it’s far too dark for me. I’m not saying deny that bad things are happening, I just want to see people that persevere and carry on with their own American Life in surprising ways and absurd ways.

It's just the news times 10. I can't listen anymore. (1/5)

Suddenly, TAL is all about investigating our nation's saddest stories: crappy schools, school shootings (and preparedness for them), missing or murdered children, Trump, etc. It's just the news times 10 and who needs more depressing information in their life? No thanks. I CANNOT even LISTEN to new episodes anymore! In the past, I listened to every episode at least 3 times; I've actually counted the minutes on Sunday evenings until I can download the newest episode; I have loved, Loved, LOVED this show....until 2018. Ira, please revive your soulful show that feeds the feeling of connectedness amongst all Americans. I miss it so much!

Go to podcast (5/5)

This American life is the only podcast I cant live without. Well thought out and executed with pros at the wheel. It has me confusing my neighbors as the stories are often so moving, I can be seen crying while walking my dog. Please never stop making this podcast.

Zoe and the both sides of it all (4/5)

A couple mins into Zoe’s profile of Jeff Flake at the time of the Kavanaugh vote, it sounds like she thinks protestors are immature whiners who don’t understand how real government works. Is that how she preserves access, by acting like both sides are equally to blame , and only if we could all be a little more civil, things wouldn’t be so jacked? Pathetic.

Top of the list! (5/5)

REALLY wish there was a new episode every day. Great sharing of life situations!

Great, thoughtful, well-reported show (5/5)

I've been a big fan of this show for years, glad to have it as a podcast.

Great Show (4/5)

I really like this Podcast, especially Ira Glass, and enjoy the in depth reporting, but dang I can’t handle Zoe Chace’s accent. I try to fast forward through it, but it’s just too grating with earbuds.

Fantastic podcast. (5/5)

You’ll be hooked almost immediately. Outstanding show.

why don’t you have multiple episodes? (5/5)

dear ira glass, can you please add the full archive to apple podcasts? it would be greatly appreciated! regards, ben

Enough Politics Please (3/5)

Such a great show and I have been a fine since the beginning Do have to be showered with politics here also? More about superheros, the devil on my shoulder and octogenarian kleptomaniacs. I am sure we don’t have the same political beliefs, but share many of the same values, interests, and sensibilities. Please, some shelter from the storm.

Excellent journalism (4/5)

The Runaways is so revelen for today. How immigrants are being mistreated and discriminated against. This story should be on 60 minutes. It needs some national attention! I will be listening to all the stories you put out. Interesting it’s called “This AMERICAN Life” Are you listening MAGA supporters!

Used to be amazing, but now too much politics (1/5)

This used to be my favorite podcast. It featured all kinds of interesting stories about people’s lives that you’d never hear anywhere else. Lately it’s mostly politics and current events. I’m basically aligned with the political leanings of the show, but if I want to hear about politics (which I generally don’t), there are other podcasts for that.

Best podcast, bar none (5/5)

I don’t know how the put together such wonderful stories week after week. Such stellar reporting and storytelling.

Long time listener (2/5)

I have been listening to this American life for years. I have listened to a majority of the episodes. I love the show. It is absolutely addicting. However, the episodes in more recent history have taken very on political topics. The show was never like this before. There are plenty of shows out there that cover polarizing topics. I wish the show would focus on stories like they did in the past.

I used to love this podcast (1/5)

Seems to me now they try to incorporate President Trump bashing when ever possible. I love the stories of the people but why must everyone politicize everything?

Just stop with Flake (1/5)

Please don’t dignify Jeff Flake’s cowardice with this constant attention. Please. I put up with one episode of his nonsense, but again? After pretending to have a conscience about Kavanaugh? Stop. You’re being played.

Journalistic history telling (5/5)

This podcast takes a theme or story and dives deep into it providing one hour of journalistic excellence worth anyone’s time. You won’t regret.

Listenerforyears (2/5)

If you keep featuring Donald Trump on your show, you will lose a loyal listener. I listen to podcasts to get away from that crap.

Oooooh wow (2/5)


This American Rerun (4/5)

Instead of having reruns ALL THE TIME, why not make more previous episodes available?

Just great (5/5)

Charming, lovely, just great

Good riddance to this podcast (1/5)

I tried to listen to your latest liberal rant, but just couldn’t get past the first few minutes. Why not focus on the plight of actual U. S. citizens rather than those who have chosen to break our laws, even before their arrival into our country? If an American citizen broke a law and was arrested, he/she would likely be detained. If they had children with them, they would be separated from them at this point. What is so difficult to understand about this? You are demanding “rights” for these illegal immigrants above and beyond those given to our citizens. By the way, this was taking place during the Obama years, too, and yet nothing was said about it then. Now however, you are demanding that our laws be broken to accommodate these illegal immigrants. There are literally millions of Americans in prisons and jails that are separated from their children, some forever. This happens every day. There are millions more children in foster homes and children with parents in the military, some of whom will never see their parents again. Millions. Yet, liberals focus on a comparatively small group of kids at the border, who are temporarily separated from their parents. Parents who (with the exception of the the minority fleeing war torn countries) have chosen to illegally enter another country. Get over your constant whining simply because Hillary lost the election. Half the nation despised Obama, but accepted that he was our president. Perhaps you should focus on changing laws, instead of rallying behind those who break them. Better yet, accept that this country is made up of people with differing opinions and election outcomes can’t always be what you want.

Used to be amazing (3/5)

Now it’s an extension of the news. It has turned political this past year. I used to listen to them because I could fall deep into their stories without worrying about current events, but now it’s mostly about police brutality, border patrol, or corruption in government. I miss the old stories!!

Grrreat (5/5)

Fantastic educational story telling.

Stop the ads! (2/5)

Love most episodes! But some are ads for other programs and hate that. Stick to the primary theme!

Old episode unavailable? (4/5)

I am using my apple podcast app to play this American life. Is there a reason that only the 5 most recent are available? Otherwise, this app would get 5! Love this American life. Please fix this!

Worth the listen!! (5/5)

Absolutely great contents. I love how they’ve brought attention to stories that would usually go unseen. More people should be listening to these podcast. Even the random superhero episodes are interesting. Great podcast, definitely worth the 5 stars!

Fail (1/5)

Way to one sided and “cry baby”-ish.

Gone Downhill (2/5)

I’ve listened to years of TAL and it used to be so good, relatable and bring people together and would be a great topic of conversation. Now everything is completely one sided with a huge liberal agenda. It’s so disappointing that people can’t leave their opinions out of a great podcast. Don’t fall for their bs. I hope they eventually go back to their older stories.

Racism (1/5)

I hate having to listen to subtle and not so subtle racism. “How I got into college” is particularly racist.

Border (1/5)

I do not want to hear how Our President is the first to stop illegals from coming to America. This podcast app is good keep POLITICS out please!!!

Unfortunate (1/5)

The bias ruins it completely. The regressive bits are impossible to miss. Unlike communists, I appreciate difference of opinion, but it’s hard to sit through constant mindless regressive drivel. Wake me up when they start taking things from the other side of the aisle into consideration and do some stories about things like, oh I don’t know, the threat of radical Islam on the world? How we MAYBE need to cut the politically correct stuff out because everyone is looking the other way while Antifa beats people over the head with bike locks? How radical Islam is well on it way to achieving its caliphate through DUPING ignorant SJWs? How there’s a slowly forming communist uprising and how people don’t understand the threat of hard socialism and how it ALWAYS FAILS to the tune of millions of deaths? Maybe look at Venezuela...? Oh no wait, narratives and all that. Never mind. I’ll settle for being informed when pigs fly. Or when they change their name to This Bourgeois Moralistic Inquisitor Life.

Every episode is now anti-everything but leftist socialism!! (1/5)

One of my favorite shows UNTIL! Trump won in 2016. Now, I know if I’m not aligned with Ira glass and the “the gang” with their factless feeling based ideas then I must be a nazi! If I’m not with the “resistance” as they call it I must be against them. To clarify I’m a libertarian with conservative leaning ideas. They literally blow my mind with their cherry picking context that is incorrect. Example: with trumps policy’s on protecting the border. In their latest show they actually state as fact that it is so unfair that if someone is caught 2-3 times illegally crossing the Border that they may lose all future chances to get a green card plus be deported.. great!!!! ITS CALLED ILLEGAL!!! Dangle children and pregnant women in front of us never mentioning the actual more cases of violet crimes committed. If we were to Achieve this utopia they speak Of it would be a total disaster. Facts mean nothing to “their truth”.

One of my favorites (5/5)

It hasn’t been around for more than 600 shows for nothing.

Too gloomy (3/5)

Used to be a nice set of stories each week with some humor and about American Life. Since 2016 it has become a depressing gloomy set of stories. I’ve sadly stopped listening. Too bad

Once trusted, now political (1/5)

Regarding “Let me count the ways”, how about a fair accounting of the ramifications of unchecked illegal immigration on our nation...and her citizens? While you’re at it, look at what has happened in other countries and how the lack of leadership, as previously in our own country, has been a contributing factor. This President has the will of at least half the American people on this very important matter and is doing very good, and difficult work to stabilize the situation. This is no issue for the small-minded political ax-grinder with no firsthand experience of the consequences of illegal, as opposed to legal, immigration on a nation. This American Life has garnered a trusted stance on lofty issues with your past coverage. Why toss that to the wind with lopsided, myopic views not worthy of your otherwise worthy reporting? Shameful.

Why do all the regular men have the same tired, geeky nasally voice? (3/5)

I mean come on, Ira is good but two or more of the same style of voices is just too niche and I feel isolates the show from many Americans. Great show but it's starting to feel homogeneous. Sam

Wonderful (5/5)

Fills the cockles of my heart with joy

Awesome (5/5)

Simply amazing... Only one issue.. Why are most of the episodes not available unless you go to the website — which is a terrible podcast experience.

The podcast that started it all (1/5)

I've been listening to this american life for about 4 years. I absolutely love it. Love the people on it and the stories!! You guys are so great. I am now a full blown podcaster thanks to this show. I always check out any podcast that are suggested. Now i love snap judgement, risk, radio diaries, the moth, SERIAL and so many more!! 9/17/18 I take it all back. When did the podcast become so political. I do not enjoy it at all. I miss the way it used to be. I rarely listen anymore. Very frustrating and annoying. I hate politics. Thanks for ruining an awesome podcast.

Empathy (5/5)

This show is a master class in empathy and compassion. Our country needs this so badly now.

Fake news (1/5)

Check out the old podcasts - it used to be good

It’s like Christmas everyday . (5/5)

I look forward to each new story and the amazing story telling. I’m blown away at how you can pull me in with each “act” that makes me crave more. Feather Heist was my favorite. Sad that you take them Down so quickly though, I bought the App which is well worth it but I can’t share old episodes to get people hooked like me. Wanted to share Feather Heist with people and can’t. Maybe you could put that one back up

Not as great as it once was, but still great (4/5)

I miss the topics from the 90s and 2000s, like the one where two guys try to run down antelope to see if it can be done. Those shows really explore ideas we know nothing about. The recent shows seem to focus on the internal thoughts of an individual, and are less compelling to me. Still one of the best podcasts ever.

C’mon, guys! (5/5)

I’ve been an avid listener to this show for years. Personally, I think it contains some of the greatest journalism ever done— in many ways, the producers have invented the genre. That’s why I’ve been so confused and frustrated over the last several years as to why they have continued to ride on the laurels of their earlier work just as the podcast format has exploded. Ira, I know you’re no spring’ve been candid about your own divorce, and I’m sure there are myriad unseen factors, but you guys have some of the best talent in radio! Many of your producers have moved on to generate their own original content while your program continues to scour the archives week after week— even the sound bites between stories are the same recycled bits of music that have been used over and over throughout. I understand this is public radio and primarily listener-funded, and I don’t expect you to go all Snap Judgement on us, but for crying out loud: get some new beats! It seems like a travesty that, while you guys are limping along in a format you created, a format that blurred the lines and defied all the rules of traditional journalism in favor of the kind of story-telling and personal narrative that means something to those who hear it, everybody else who’s co-opted your style is running.

Storytelling (5/5)

I'm a sucker for good stories. This show is full of them.

Superb! (5/5)

I love this podcast. It’s definitely in my top three favorite. How can I listen to the very first episodes? I have a few oldies I’d like to go back and listen to.

Good writing stays fresh (5/5)

I saw Ira Glass speak about 15 years ago regarding the way this show is put together and all this time later I still enjoy it. Brilliant.

Wonderful! This show will enrich your life. (5/5)

This American Life is truly amazing. Where do they find these stories?! I don’t know how they come up with these wonderful, utterly enthralling stories, but it really is a joy. You can listen to the same ones multiple times and still be entertained. The only problem is, I want more. Fewer reruns and more new stories. Please keep them coming, Ira!

Not so great (2/5)

I really wish it was as stimulating as serial or S-town regularly but it is just not. Episode 655 was so bad I just had it with the show and unsubscribed it was not fun or interesting to listen to. I really wish they would get their story's more and figure out if people would like to listen to their story because they are really on or off depending on the episode.

Very enjoyable (5/5)

The stories on this show are usually very touching, often relatable, and always very well narrated. A great and entertaining show all around. Long time listener, returning every week for a new episode.

Best podcast ever (5/5)

Truly the most amazing and entertaining podcast. Every episode, no matter the theme, is spectacular and engaging.

The great unknown (5/5)

David Kestenbaum nailed the ending of the show about astronaut Frank Borman!

Interesting and insightful (5/5)

I love to listen to this podcast while working around the house are driving around town. The introductions are catchy, the reporting is educational, and I enjoy seeing a bit of depth into interesting topics. Ira Glass and the whole team do a great job.

Whoop whoop we love Ira (5/5)

I love to listen to the ordinary, and extraordinary, stories of fellow Americans. Makes me feel more connected to the USA!

I'm so happy this podcast exists. (5/5)

Is there really anything left to say about this podcast? It's amazing and educational, groundbreaking, inspirational at times...the list goes on. I'm so happy this podcast exists.

Too much noise! (3/5)

The content and presentation are good, but the "background" music (noise?) often competes with and at times even overtakes the voice. I find it irritating and sometimes almost insulting that the producers seem to think we won't be able to pay attention unless we are enticed with some kind of audio trickery. How about tuning it down a little? Thank you.

Addictive (5/5)

This show never misses. Period. It’s amazing how you can relate to every single episode. Genius.

Just the worst, really (5/5)

The worst podcast put together of all time and distributed anywhere you can find (much better) podcasts. There are no themes, interesting stories, or insight on anything that is said on this show. Plus, I’m pretty sure Ira is just doing all the voices himself.

Best around (5/5)


There is TAL & everything else. (5/5)

I’ve been listening to this show on my local NPR station for many years. I cannot begin to count the number of times I’ve been in my car listening, only to find myself home, sitting in my driveway, with 20 minutes left... and I cannot recall once even considering turning off my radio to walk in my house. It’s THAT GOOD!

Consistently good (5/5)

In my top five favorite podcasts. Wonderful storytelling.

Feather heist - great storytelling (5/5)

I produce a podcast and listening to the Feather Heist reminds me how effortless all that work can seem to a listener. Well done Sean and team. You’ve done Ira proud, at least from where I’m standing. Cheers.

The Magic Show (5/5)

I listened to this episode as I drove back to GA from NJ today. I remember watching that David Copperfield special - and no doubt countless others - with my grandmother. She loved magicians and was always so astonished watching their shows. Just talking about that Copperfield special reminded me of so many good memories with my grandmother who passed 16 years ago and I just had to say thank you for bringing that back to me after all this time. Also - THAT’S how he did it!!?!??? Dang. Lol.

Sound (1/5)

The sound is too fast to understand the spoken words.

I love the show, but the profanity is too much (3/5)

I have listened to this podcast for years but lately every episode seems to have multiple f-words and other profane language. Time to unsubscribe for me.

What happened? (1/5)

This has become too political. Too many topics are based on politics. This wasn’t the case a couple of years ago. Stay away from the politics and make me laugh like you did previously!

New era innovative (5/5)

With God all are things is Possible Mateo Alvarez:)and my family I love :) all presidents

THE BEST!!! (5/5)

I love TAL! I was hooked from the first episode that I listened to. Thanks for the great show, and keep up the good work!

I’m confuses (5/5)

How does TAL, the standard of which all podcasts should be held, have a rating of 4.5? It should have a 5+++! Ira Glass and team have taught everyone else how it’s done. So, I just had to finally leave a review, OF COURSE This American Life should be #1! I cant believe shows like the ‘Joe Rogan experience’ is continually in the top 10 rated each week, it’s a sacrilege! TAL #1 forever! (Although I wish there was a show a week with no reruns.. but perfection takes time!)

Best Podcast of all Time (5/5)

title says it all

Excellent (5/5)

Great podcast - been listening for years!

Episode 639 (5/5)

Could you make Episode 639 available again- please.

Longtime listener, lately disappointed (3/5)

I’m 22, which puts me on the younger end of TAL demographics. I’ve been listening to this podcast with my mom since elementary school. In high school, amidst the throes of calculus, I’d listen to old episodes from the archive while I did homework every night. Because of the amazing archives, I’ve heard every single episode. Which makes it all the more obvious to me when the show plays re-runs. I can’t tell you how disappointing it is to excitedly await this podcast each week only to have the episode released be a re-run. I always feel cheated, like they think I won’t remember the episode from months or years before. As one of the most well-known, long-running radio shows turned podcast, couldn’t you throw some of those resources into, I don’t know, reporting? I always enjoy the new episodes, but lately they’ve seemed few and far between. Please take note, TAM!

What is this show so political now? Ugh!!!! (1/5)

Can’t you go back to how it was ten years ago? One topic and stories about that topic. Enough with the politics. I barely listen anymore!

The original and the greatest (5/5)

When someone asks me about my favorite band or what kind of music I listen to, I’ll rattle off some current trend and what I’ve been enjoying lately. But the fact is that Led Zeppelin is the greatest band of all time, and I don’t think that will ever change. This American Life is the Led Zeppelin of podcasts. Furthermore, all of the podcasters I listen to and love today were inspired by Ira Glass. Every week I return to the original and I’m never disappointed.

The best, as always. (5/5)

I was a fan of TAL since its beginning and it is so great to have it "on demand" in podcast form. Honest reporting. Quirky editing. Thorough insights. Highly recommended.

Going downhill (1/5)

This show used to be interesting. It has turned into (not even thinly veiled) political indoctrination. Just move along unless you are a borderline commie

Too biased for me (1/5)

Wish they were more neutral. Sorry I paid for their app

My go to Pod (5/5)

I subscribe to 15+ podcasts, but THIS is the one I’m always waiting for. Every story is pertinent. For a person who is not very emotional, these stories pull me in for an emotional connection no matter how seemingly big or small the story is. More from Z. Chace please!

Too much politics and religion (3/5)

I loved this podcast for its off the wall stories that you cannot find anywhere else. However, after about a year of listening TAL became incessant with campaign and political stuff. I stopped listening for awhile and recently came back to even more political stuff. I guess I’ll go elsewhere for my eccentric nonsense stuff.

Fermi’sparadox (1/5)

Why is the host using the filler word “like” he should know better.

Laurels (3/5)

This show used to get a five star review from me for having unique stories that were jaw-dropping, but now it's just thinly veiled politics from the left. I think the guy that found all of those wild stories must have retired. I will say that they still attempt to represent both sides of an issue, which is rare.

Pretty good (4/5)

Pretty good but the story was only half an episode. Fermi deserves more.

Where did the episodes go? (5/5)

I love this show and I was trying to listen to all of them. But now there is only 3 episodes on here? Why is that? Are you going to bring them back??

Where are the rest? (1/5)

I subscribed to this podcast after hearing it on the radio and finding out how many years it’s been on. Perfect for listening at work, right? After signing up, I find only THREE episodes available. Where are the rest of the 640+ shows? Sorry, not for me... so disappointed...

Love this show!!! (5/5)

It’s always a story I didn’t know I wanted to hear. So well done and absorbing. There have only been a couple of episodes over the years that garnered a “meh”. I’m just grateful that I don’t have to organize my day around MPR and can listen to it anytime as a podcast. The only real negative is not being able to access all the earlier shows. Great work!!!

Not enough episodes (3/5)

Only 4 available episodes?? Incredibly disappointing. Where can I find the rest?

Thank you for getting me into radio (5/5)

Love you guys.

More Episodes on podcast (5/5)

I love this podcast but is there a way to listen to more than just 4 or 5 episodes on the podcast app??

This American Life (5/5)

This is by far the most interesting and reliable show I have ever heard. It discusses a full range of topics in a way that all can relate to. Thank you

Interesting but missing something (4/5)

Almost every episode is thoughtful and insightful. It is great to hear these stories and understand all the connections to each story and even ourselves. So thought provoking!!! But why can’t we listen to more than the last 5 episodes on Apple podcast at a time???

All of them. (5/5)

Very clean great stories.

So SICK of the politics (2/5)

So NPR has mastered the art of reporting but I am really struggling to find any given show that isn’t saturated with political propaganda. TAL used to be my refuge, now they are just another program on the political bandwagon. There’s more to life! Very close to deleting this program that has been on my phone for years because I haven’t been excited about an episode in months. Trying out Studio 360 with cautious optimism

Tons of repeat episodes (3/5)

It would be great to know at the top of the show if the episode we are about to hear is a rerun. I’ve wasted many a commute listening to an episode partway through and finally realizing, hmph sounds familiar.

This American ‘Life’-er (5/5)

I’ve been listening for years. This show is a steady stream of good investigative reporting & stories for our souls that will give you laughs, cries, moments of amazement, bliss, extreme sadness. I love it.

Abdi and the golden ticket (5/5)

This an amazing story that explains what refugees go through to get to the US

I got here by accident. (5/5)

I love podcasts and I’m kind of a snob about it... My favorite nerd, Roman Mars did an interview giving props to TAL... It’s like LeBron being your favorite player then, someone shows you highlights of Michael Jordan... you think, “Oh! That’s where this started” ..

So glad I found this! (5/5)

I’m so glad I finally listened to this podcast. Amazing story telling about all of us. I am super disappointed that as soon as I started listening the back log of episodes disappeared. Hoping there is a plan to bring them back. I would love to hear the older episodes!

Incredible (5/5)

Everyone who works on TAL deserves a ton of credit for the wide array of stories that are told on a weekly basis.

Not what it once was (2/5)

Once a great, even epic, radio show. Now entirely too political. Believe it or not “American Life” has little to do with federal elections. I miss the old days of TAL.

All about episode 649 / it's my party (5/5)

This episode is so timely and informative about the tension within the Democratic party. It's as fascinating and timely as the midterm elections are looming large...

My favorite podcast (5/5)

I love this podcast! I only have the free app and sometimes my available downloads do not keep up with my listening habits, but I have to say this podcast is a fantastic with story telling. I love the range of episodes from global issues, political issues to an individuals story. It has something for everyone and really gets to the heart of the human condition. I recommend to anyone who wants to understand and explore humanity from all aspects and walks of life.

Disappointing (1/5)

Use to love TAL but their recent unbalanced reporting has led me to unsubscribe. TAL is not suppose to be a political podcast yet that seems to be what they’re trying to do and guess what, they aren’t that good at it. Leave the in depth political reporting to those who understand politics and stick to what you’re good at which is reporting on interesting stories about every day life. This podcast shouldn’t be an hour long in kind donation to a political campaign.

The best! (5/5)

I subscribe to many podcasts, but TAL is the one I am impatiently waiting for on a weekly basis. The stories and people are always so interesting and entertaining. I’ve laughed and cried, and felt like friends with some of the guests. Even though I’m not big into politics, in those episodes TAL has a way of turning the topics into a very human thing, and not disgustingly boring (and they seem to stay impartial as well) Ira Glass is awesome to listen to as well- great voice, and a funny guy. Keep up the good work guys!!

Since when is this a political podcast? (1/5)

I used to absolutely love This American Life. The quality and variety of storytelling was unparalleled and it offered a perfect mix of escapism, fiction, and more topical content. In the last year or two it has completely devolved into constant commentary on our current political situation which is never why I listened to TAL and utterly eliminates its value as a form of media that doesn’t simply track current events. Most tragically, it reverses TAL’s perhaps greatest quality: the ability to show the common humanity of Americans across countless locations, ages, races, backgrounds, and beliefs through storytelling. The new unrelenting political focus has sacrificed this incredible quality to become divisive and polarizing.

Used to love it... (1/5)

I used to love TAL, but nowadays it’s so mind-numbingly boring I end up turning it off before ever reaching Act 2. Hopefully someone can right the ship...

Older podcasts (5/5)

This is such a great podcast, I love all of it but for some reason all the older episodes disappeared. Please fix this so everyone can listen to previous episodes.

American Life (5/5)


A staple in my podcast feed (5/5)

The best podcast to recommend to a friend. I look forward to every episode 💗

The best podcast (5/5)

Ever of all time. Love the stories, love Ira Glass, love the music.

Older episodes!? (2/5)

Where are the older episodes!?

Old episodes (1/5)

Allow more older episodes

Awesome (5/5)

Daddy I don’t like green beans

Where did the old episodes go?? (3/5)

Just discovered this podcast and was catching up on old episodes. Where did they all go? I’m so disappointed!

Old episodes (1/5)

Is there anyway we can listen from the beginning?

Agree with previous review (1/5)

Please allow all previous episodes to be accessed

Deleted old episodes (1/5)

I wanted to listen to the old ones but they were deleted!

So good (5/5)

Some of the best storytelling around, on an incredible array of subjects, this is the show that made me an avid NPR listener and the podcast lets me stay caught up when I can't catch it on the radio (radio? What's that?).

Where did the podcast go? (4/5)

I’m confused! Where did the podcast go? Is it getting revamped or renamed or something?

Past episodes? (5/5)

Im in love! So much so I’m sad there are no more past episodes. What happened ?

Wanted to re listen (1/5)

Where did they all go! Bummer.

I need more! (5/5)

I wish this was on every day! It is one thing to look forward to on a Monday.

Want to give 5 stars, but... (1/5)

...hiding old episodes is a 1-star move. Although their reason might be because they want to even more frequently rerun said old episodes (something they often don’t have the courtesy to mention in the details—another 1-star move). Too bad.

Consistently great storytelling (5/5)

I love this show. I have been a listener for over 5 years and the consistency in the quality of the story telling is amazing.

Whatever happened to the rest of the episodes?!? (1/5)

What happened?!?

Old Episodes??? (1/5)

Why delete then, seriously

Delete old episodes? (2/5)

Why do you have to delete old shows. I don't want to go to your website to listen to past shows. LAME

Thegaslampkiller (4/5)

Was featured once on npr. He is my son and has been falsely accused by one woman of drugging and raping her. He has been in the L.A. music community for 20 years, and now is an untouchable, unable to earn his living since Sept. He is suing this woman for defamation and for $5,000,000. I don’t know when his trial date will be given. He has used all his savings, sold his stocks, is selling his record collection, anyway to earn a buck honestly. In 20 years of being a headliner in world music festivals, he has never been accused of anything harmful to anyone. Can you help him by giving voice? I am part of the #me too, and do understand how beastly men in power can be. Not this time.

Awesome! (5/5)

One of my top 5 podcasts!

Democrats know best blah blah blah (1/5)

Maybe someday Coastal America will pay attention to the rest of us. Not everyone is a Democrat, we aren’t racist, we aren’t ignorant.

Great podcast (5/5)

One of the best shows out there.

Radio edit request (2/5)

Would it be possible to publish the radio edit as a podcast again (maybe have two channels - the beeped and the un-beeped)? This show used to be suitable for all audiences, but now every episode is marked explicit content and finding the ‘clean’ version on your phone is convoluted. I love the show, and the stories that are told, and I would like it see it back in my podcast library.

A national treasure (5/5)

This American life does what it's named and delivers compelling stories from all walks of the American experience.

Un-beep, you don’t speak for others (5/5)

Can’t help but respond to the person who DOES NOT WANT their podcast UN-beeped— guess what? The UNEDITED VERSION is the version that the artist and participants made, take it or subscribe to something else.

Thank you for making sense of the chaos (5/5)

Also for being my go-to podcast before bedtime.

Un-beeped Podcast (2/5)

Please stop un-beeping podcast. If the language is too objectionable for the radio, please do not subject me to it on the podcast. I think if you were to poll subscribers, you would find most people prefer beeps to crude language. Let people subscribe to the “clean” version; and if someone must hear the unedited version, let them work through the difficult task of downloading that version from the website.

More LaDonna!!! (5/5)

LaDonna’s story is amazing, one of the most gripping episodes. And she’s such an inspiration. I hope she continues to find people who appreciate her honesty and action to promote supportive work places. I hope the program does a show that digs even further into the phenomenon of entrenched sexism and racism that is reinforced in some places up and down the chain of command. Like, what do HR departments REALLY do—protect the companies not the employees? Thanks for the grogram

LaDonna (5/5)

Love to hear stories about women who stand up for what they believe is wrong! Upset and hurt to hear that Alli thinks they have done nothing wrong. Wish there was something “we the listeners” could do to help LaDonna and the other women. Love LaDonna’s spirit and drive to never giving up! 💓

LaDonna❤️💜❤️ (5/5)

Love this story. Love LaDonna. She is every woman’s hero. Love how she is just allowed to share her story with little narration.

LaDonna (5/5)

The LaDonna episode is a familiar story told from a very interesting perspective. LaDonna did exactly what she should do to protect herself and her employees. Once again the people in power protect the “powerful” and assume all others are lying. In the end the racist, rapist, sexist employees are now someone else’s problem and the company is not held accountable for harboring horrible employees. Why not fire them and hire new people and set a new expectation?

Favorite (5/5)

My favorite show to listen to. Entertaining, informative, relevant, and the episodes are just the right length of time.

A winner (5/5)

I love this. It is funny, heartbreaking and touching . I like to hear the old ones over and over cause they are so real. I like Ira’s funny scratchy voice, too.

Needs Voice Work (1/5)

The stories are great. The host needs some voice help. He sounds like he has a mouthful of marbles when talking.

Blah, over it. (1/5)

Reporters frequently interview their own friends and family for obscure random stories that ultimately don't go anywhere (except maybe a loose intro to the theme). In recent weeks, TAL episodes seem to largely serve as a platform to plug other podcasts. It was fun while it lasted. Unfortunately, I'm unsubscribing.

Ladonna (5/5)

Awesome I love her!Go LaDonna!!!!!! I have your back!!

Marginalizing and irresponsible “journalism” (1/5)

I listened to Episode 645 for the first ten minutes. Nothing new or interesting.