Aggregated reviews for Three Moves Ahead

Three Moves Ahead is the leading strategy game themed podcast on the internet. Every week a panel of knowledgeable gamers with strong opinions meets to talk about the strategy and war games of the day, design issues and games in the wider world.

Starting at the beginning   (5/5)

I’m going through the oldest episodes available (circa 2009) and I’m loving it. So much nostalgia hitting me. Please don’t burn yourselves out guys. Just play what you want when you want.

I’m off to grease my abacus...   (5/5)

Best strategy-centric pod I’ve come across by a considerable margin. Only complaint is there’s not another fifty or so more Civ eps. - Josh, Imperial Scrolls of Honor Podcast Dude

One Deep Dive After Another   (5/5)

This show easily became one of my favorite podcasts of all time, because it reignited my interest in strategy games and helped me understand many of the layers built into these complex games. This show also makes me listen to it differently than other podcasts. The extensive archive of episodes is so rich in information that it’s easy to dive deep into the back catalog and create a list of must-have episodes. This is thanks to the singular focus of each episode on a particular game or deep dives into systems and mechanics. These episodes come in a sort of lecture/round table format that is super easy to listen to. This show has my highest recommendation.

Top Shelf   (5/5)

Top shelf strategy games content.

Incredible   (5/5)

Two episodes in and I am hooked. Mature guys talking about strategy games, clearly know what they are talking about and it's just.. It's just exactly what I was looking for. Civilized discussions! Absolutely loving this, and I am glad there is so much content to catch up on. Please keep it going.

The best strategy podcast out there   (5/5)

Absolutely love this podcast!! I wish there were episodes released more frequently. From EU to Stellaris to Total War, TMA hits all the bases from grand strategy to more tactically nuanced games. Keep killing it!

Thoughtful and entertaining   (5/5)

Rob is a top notch host, and the guests are always insightful. Absolutely one of my favourite podcasts!

Best Strategy Discussion Anywhere   (5/5)

I've tried a few different podcasts devoted to strategy games on the computer or the table. This one by far outshines them all. If you like strategy and have time for a podcast, you should absolutely subscribe (and listen to their back catelog!).

Simply the best!   (4/5)

There aren’t too many podcasts (or even websites for that matter) devoted to the topics of historical gaming and war gaming. But even if there were, I can guaranty that 3MA would be the best. This is simply phenomenal as a podcast, and I eagerly await new episodes every month. They always seem up-to-date on the newest games, and they know their target audience well enough to anticipate everything that we’re playing. Plus, I really enjoy their banter, which always seems to stay laser-focused on their topic (something which most podcasts desperately need). Notably, the opinions of this team are always fair, honest, and hard to debate. They offer intricate reasons for their viewpoints, and they discuss both the good and the bad of every game - even the most hyped games. Overall, they make historical gaming extra enjoyable and give me something to do when not actually playing. One comment though: the frivolous (and sometimes sudden) swearing seems very out-of-place and does nothing to enhance the otherwise extremely intelligent conversation. (It kinda feels like a professor swearing in the middle of a lecture because he or she’s coming up short on what to say. Very strange.) Also, I’ll be listening in the car, and then suddenly have to turn it off or down so that my young daughters don’t hear. This is something I expect to deal with when listening to home-brewed podcasts about first person shooters - not really something I’d expect to deal with in (what is otherwise a very professionally run) gaming podcast. Notwithstanding my one issue, this podcast is an absolute blast.

Nerd out   (5/5)

Your friends don’t want to discuss the best game of 1997 for two hours, but these folks certainly do

A slow sad shift   (1/5)

I actually really liked the podcast. Unfortunately there has been a slow shift away from the gaming/entertainment side of things; towards a more social and political focus in gaming. Like some other gamers I use gaming as an escape from the politically charged and divisive nature of our society. Of course I’m concerned about the issues facing our society, I just don’t want to deal with it 24/7. It has been very disappointing to see the political and social issues becoming more prevalent in the podcast. It is a signal to me that this podcast will no longer allow me to take a break from grinding politics and rhetoric of our society

Good discussion   (5/5)

Great to have a gaming podcast that takes itself and its subject matter seriously. There's always a variety of opinions and mature discussion without friction between participants. I love that they occassionally revisit games that have been previously reviewed. Games change and mature and it shows that TMA is not just focussed on the latest shiny thing.

Valley Girl Guys   (3/5)

These guys love so say "like" way too much. They also make statements, but pitch their voice up at the end as if the statement was a question. I found the game challenging? I installed the dlc? That speaking habit is very annoying? Also, the hosts try too hard to sound smart, using long sentences instead of clear meaning. They don't seem to realize that when they say things such as "reduce down" and "join together" their stock is already down. They tend to self-reference and describe the current game by referencing other games. This is not very useful if you aren't familiar with their previous shows, or haven't played those games. At the end of the show, the listener gets the best info. I think the speakers get tired. They drop their "need to sound smart" and communicate their opinions effectively. So if you can put on your "like" filter and hold on to the end, you might find some good information.

Excellent Listening   (5/5)

Very well done - in-depth & intelligent discussions.

Great discussions about strategy games   (4/5)

Not a fan of one of the voices, but the discussions are usually great.

Rich and deep analysis - hosts are insightful and very experienced and skilled.   (5/5)

I regret profoundly not knowing about Three Moves Ahead years ago, their thoughtful and well-informed review and analysis of games would have literally saved me hundreds of hours and dollars! Further, the production values are very sound and the hosts have clearly put attention to the craft of podcasting. Disagreements are meaningful and well-explored. Just fantastic in every way≥

Fantastic strategy video game podcast   (5/5)

Focused on strategy PC video games, with the occasional strategy board game thrown in. Really tight podcast too: no fat, no banal chitchat, no intro/outro filler, they prepare ahead of time...just lots of strategy game content. Certainly for a game designer it's a required listen. Even the episodes from years ago are worth a listen.

Good Content, Bad Audio   (4/5)

The content is great. However, the host sounds like he is in a tin can. Usually most podcasts have their audio issues worked out by episode 300.

This is the podcast for strategy gamers   (5/5)

If you like strategy games, you should be listening to 3MA. It's a great place to get deep discussion on games both new and old. Great guests, excellent hosts.

Great for listening on long trips   (4/5)

I really like this show. The panelists treat a fairly niche interest with respect and knowledge, and the various guests speak well. I wish the show featured more women as guests, but it's a male-dominated field and the discussions are always interesting in themselves. Well worth a listen if you enjoy strategy games of any stripe.

Simply the best   (5/5)

This is the best podcast on the planet for strategy gaming. No question. Well spoken, informed hosts delve into every aspect of the games, the industry and more. Don't miss it.

Refreshingly sober   (4/5)

Listening to the more recent episodes of this podcast, I'm very pleased to find that games are discussed intelligently and in-depth with little nonsense, so even though I don't have much interest in video games, a board game fan intrigued by design considerations might find much to appreciate.

Awesome   (4/5)

Board game, video game, strategy game

best strategy gaming podcast out there   (5/5)

They cover PC games, they cover board games, they cover mobile games, they cover wargames, and they have a crew, anchored by Rob, that knows more about strategy games than anyone I know. "Hello gamers" gets me every time!

Great podcast   (5/5)

Thoughtful, fun discussion of various strategy games. I hear about some great (and not so great) games on the podcast and the frank appraisals of games by Rob, Troy, Bruce, and others is a pleasure to listen to. Keep it up!

Intelligent Podcast for Strategy Enthusiasts   (5/5)

If you enjoy strategy games and are looking for detailed, intelligent conversation that dives in deep about a game or sub-genre one at a time; this is the show for you. Good audio quality (some smacking at times though), 'timeless topics' most episodes can are still relevant years after release, varied guests.

Look forward to it every week   (5/5)

Friends move around, get weird schedules or marry non-gamers (horrors!). That's why I like this podcast. It's fun hearing the regular hosts and odd guests talk about games I love, games I'm curious about or surprise me with some I never heard about. Friendly voices to keep me company when I go on my 3.5 mile walks (srsly, gamers the chair is not your best friend) or if I'm working on something, helps make the time fly. Along with my other podcasts, these are great buds when my girlfriend just has to watch Househunters or isn't up for a walk. Thumbs up!!

An Excellent and Informative Podcast   (5/5)

Being someone who loves playing RTS but having neither the time nor money to spend on all the games out there, this is an excellent podcast that has long surpassed on-line reviews when helping me decide if a game is worth trying or not.

My Favorite Strategy Pod- No. *Favorite Podcast*   (5/5)

So I was introduced to this podcast through the Paradox forums when TMA previewed HOI4 in the Summer. After that I found out they reviewed Order of Battle Pacific, then they talked about and questioned long time Strategy mechanics, board games which I never managed to experience, told amazing stories from the games they played, and so much more. I have loved strategy games ever since I was kid, playing iconic games like Warcraft 2 (on the PSOne), SW Battlegrounds, C&C Generals, Rome Total War, COH, World in Conflict, Hearts of Iron 3, and so on to this day. It's my favorite genre but I never really found people who I could talk or listen to regarding strategy games. If anything, it's usually about Starcraft 2 or MOBAs :/ But TMA fills that void and more. It has made me become more aware of gameplay mechanics, how gameplay or factions are designed, what's going on in the board gaming section, and the stories they tell keep me enticed. I listen to them while I play games (usually Strategy games :P ) or when I go for a jog. The podcast is filled with very interesting, smart, and engaging hosts and guests and they have given me a lot of insight and enjoyment since the Summer. Thank you! :) 5/5

My favorite strategy games podcast in my house   (5/5)

Troy stutters. Rob bores. Bruce rants. Julian jokes. Tom disagrees. This is my favorite strategy games podcast in my house.

It's good but that smacking of lips...   (3/5)

The content is always well researched and interesting. They are clearly experts in strategy war gaming. However I cannot listen to more than one episode every month because of Rob smacking his lips in my ear. It is always worse near the end of the episode. Please stop.

Great strategy talk   (5/5)

Insightful strategy game discussion. Highly recommend.

Like a fine Cognac, it gets better with age   (5/5)

I am a recent convert to TMA from Rob’s time on GWJ. Thank you for a gaming podcast on a little noticed side of gaming, strategy. I may not be interested in the games you are talking about but I always find the conversation interesting and worth my time.

huzzah   (5/5)

The best podcast hands down for thoughtful discussions of strategy gaming.

Three moves   (5/5)

These guys are really into strategy games. I don't know if they're good at them but they really love them and they sure can talk about them. Really great listen if you're into games that will challenge your noggin and want to be on the cutting edge of strategy without losing sight of its past.

Great banter and gaming insights   (5/5)

Good gaming news for players of video games.

The Realest   (5/5)

My go-to podcast for all strategy games. Accept no substitutes.

Perfect podcast.   (5/5)

This is a fantastic podcast. It combines everything I love: history, strategy, gaming, and smart people discussing all of those. This is the only podcast I've ever wanted to go back and listen to all the old episodes. Subscribe and start listening!

Listener for life!   (5/5)

Started listening a month ago , loved it so much I went all the way to first episode and am up to 79! Great team of guys ( and occasionally girls). Very in depth look at my genre of choice in PC console or board game variety. Look through the feed, find a favorite game listed, get hooked, then tell a friend!

In-depth coverage   (5/5)

Great stuff here, and the topic is really focused. This may lead to certain episodes not being interesting, but I've enjoyed what I heard.

Great show   (5/5)

Thoughtful commentary on strategy gaming-can't get enough!

Amazing show   (5/5)

Always a blast to listen to these guys. Really changed how I appreciate games.

Interesting and charming even for non-strategy gamers   (5/5)

I'm not a strategy gamer (me think not so good), just love games and enjoy listening to interesting people talk about them. Rob's mellow style is awesome. He's so unflappable even in the face of direct criticism you get the feeling you're listening to an old fighter pilot. A little world weary, but still sharp, knowledgeable and well-read, and just a good presence. Most game podcasts are filled with assertive know-it-alls that babble aggressively. This is the opposite of that. One of the very best.

Great Strategy Game Podcast   (5/5)

I've been entertained by this podcast for several years now. Its discussion of strategy games, past and present, is unparalleled. Any serious fan of strategy games should definitely give it a listen. I stopped listening for a while after Troy Goodfellow stepped down, but I've recently started listening again. Rob Zacny's style has grown on me, and Troy still visits fairly regularly.

Great for expanding ideas   (5/5)

This podcast really help expand my table top horizons, not only do I love how they talk mechanics, and business, they talk about a wide breadth of games. I would like to see the cast reach into maybe promoting different cities gaming stops. Would probably generate additional listeners as well. Local buzz is good buzz.

Good News!   (1/5)

This show was great until halfway through the leadership change to Zacny. The good news is that Rob Zacny proves any moron can sound pretentious and run a podcast about strategy games. I recommend avoiding this podcast entirely till Zacny gives up the reins. For a good show, don't go past the first 100 episodes (per Zacny era).

Great podcast!   (5/5)

Love this show. They talk about some great topics.

Great podcast if you're the right audience   (5/5)

…though you don't have to actually play strategy games to enjoy this podcast. I haven't had time to dig into a lengthy strategy game in a few years. It's one of the reasons I really enjoy this podcast. I get to experience a number of these games vicariously through the podcast hosts. They do me a huge favor by thoughtfully discussing individual video (mostly) and board games (occasionally) as well as more general topics. The production is solid, though not particularly flashy. The rotating lineup of hosts are all very knowledgeable about the genre and unafraid to voice their opinions. I think they're doing some fine work.

This podcast has really gotten me hooked   (5/5)

This shown has been the main influence in my stratedgy gaming habits. Excellence with their topics and discussion. Very intellegent conversations, these guys really know how to talk about a subject. Well done!

Thoroughly enjoyable low-key discussion   (4/5)

While host Rob Zacny's mellow style may sometimes make npr seem edgy and extreme, this podcast features intelligent people discussing games (or, occasionally, gaming concepts) in an informed and civil manner. Which is not to say that it's not sometimes funny as well. If you're a strategy gamer, or even a gamer with a passive interest in strategy games, this basically has to be in your top 3. One of the few (possibly only) podcasts that I've gone back through the archives with to catch all of the episodes. The only reason I dock a single star is that Jon Shafer seems to appear on the podcast frequently, which seems similar to having Matt Millen on the NFL network or having Paula Abdul judging a singing show.

Mostly good...   (1/5)

I absolutely love TMA. All of the hosts are incredibly well versed in all manner of strategy games. I love the variety of opinions they bring forth. Bruce, however, is absolutely abrasive. The less he speaks, the better. I also may have a crush in Troy. [edit] Sorry, you guys. You've introduced me to some wonderful games, and brought to light some wonderful topics, but Bruce makes the podcast so difficult to listen to. There are other, far more positive and less elitist, strategy game podcasts out there.

Best in podcast for this genre   (5/5)

These guys are very articulate and I find myself googling and youtubing all these games I haven't heard of. Their passionate conversations peak my interest in games I might not have checked out if I had not listened.

Highest recommendation   (5/5)

Everyone, subscribe to this podcast right now! Classy, mature, informative, interesting, and even during the slow game release periods, the crew has been able to come up with topics and guests that have kept me listening religiously week after week. Can't do without it.

Most in-depth gaming podcast available   (5/5)

Despite the occasional derail, this is the best podcast for covering games in detail, and what makes them work (or not).

Strategy gaming's No. 1 podcast!   (5/5)

Plain and simple - the absolute most informative and best strategy gaming podcast out there! I've been a listener for nearly two years and it's been nothing but great stuff on this podcast! Thanks Troy for starting this, and for you Rob for taking over the reins! Excellent, excellent, excellent!

The Best PC Gaming Podcast for Strategy Fans.   (5/5)

If you're searching for a thoughful and though-provoking podcast about PC strategy games, look no further than Three Moves Ahead. In addition to the outstanding contributions from the regular contributors, the podcast routinely features some luminaries from the industry. Last week's episode featured Brian Reynolds in an intimate discussion of the contributions of Alpha Centauri to the strategy genre. These guys are the real deal.

A+   (5/5)

One of the best gaming podcasts out there. Will make you a fan of strategy games if you aren't already. Intelligent discussion that keeps the snark and in jokes to minimum and just focuses on games.

Great listen, even if you aren't a big time strategy gamer   (5/5)

You don't have to spend all your time plotting your next move to enjoy Three Moves Ahead. It's always interesting, always thought provoking, with great guests and lively discussion. They don't spend hours discussing whether this unit should have +1 armor or +2 armor, they have thoughtful discussions about why a particular game is good or bad, or what makes a particular game unique. What it comes down to is that they have great discussions that cut to the core of why gaming is fun. If you enjoy listening to thoughtful and insightful people talk about gaming, this podcast is for you.

Simply an amazing gaming podcast   (5/5)

This podcast is an indispensable part of my week. It's simply great.

The best games podcast around   (5/5)

TMA continues under the leadership of Rob Zacny to deliver outstanding thought provoking discussion of strategy games--not just war games but the whole gamut of strategy games both historical and fantastical. It's the perfect combination of humor, intellect, and gaming goodness. A special note for PC gamers; since most of the games they discuss are PC games de facto, this is a must listen podcast for PC gamers who have an interest in strategy games. Really, this is the best thing out there!

Great podcast!   (5/5)

Very informative and intellectual discussion on strategy games. Troy was great, and Rob's doing a terriffic job of filling his shoes. Keep up the good work!

Enjoyable, even for non-strategy gamers   (5/5)

They always bring a good discussion to the table, and even though I am not a big strategy gamer, I still find myself listening. It is somewhat like listening as a spectator, I know I could never play these games well, but I love hearing about them..

Love The Show   (5/5)

Very entertaining podcast. The guys cover strategy games really good and have much knowledge on all the games they cover. Keep it up!!!!

Love the cast but please cover more grognardy games!   (4/5)

How about some love for turn based wargamers more often, love the show

Thankful   (5/5)

Listened to my first gaming with jobs podcast and they had you guys talking about strategy games!!!! I hae been a strategy gamer for a long time. My first Strategy game was Civ. Never had friends that were into it though so I feel like I have been in the closet. Thanks to you guys I will going through the past of all the games I missed and experiencing them a new. Also trying out Neptunes Pride as of yesterday. Thanks so much for giving me new found hope in the world of strategy gaming.

Sweet sweet strategy gaming   (5/5)

My favorite podcast.

Great Strategy Podcast   (5/5)

This is an amazing podcast about computer strategy gaming. Primarily focused on military strategy with a deep love for the turn based and a lack of respect for Go(I say that with the greatest of humor). These guys know their stuff and I find myself looking forward to every new episode. I miss Tom Chick offering me a coffee though.

Thought-provoking analysis   (5/5)

The first generation panel (Troy, Tom, Bruce and Julian) as well as the second generation (Troy, Julian and Rob) have great discussions, and offer levels of analysis and synthesis that were completely new to me. I find it very exciting. The edges remain rough, with more awkward pauses these days. Tom Chick used to play the role of filling those pauses with new questions, but I think the current group has yet to cotton on that they need to replace that :)

Light on humor, but unparalleled analysis   (5/5)

You wont find any fart jokes here. In fact, the humor is a *smidge* light in this show, but that doesn't mean you will laugh any less, because nearly all their jokes hit the mark (unlike some of the more boisterous gaming podcasts out there). Excellent analysis on strategy games. These guys will discect systems and formats to a level you dont experience with most other casts. It is great to have guys out there casting and catering to the modern gamer's more intelligent needs!

Smart Folks Thinking Hard About Strategy Games...   (5/5)

... (to crib a line from The Brainy Gamer) and what could be better? These guys are devoted strategy gamers, bright and informed about history: they kill. So, trusted voices, I am moved to get off the lurk and encourage one of the things you do: the AAR as description of a thought or point. In the handful of most recent podcasts, Rob has done this "story-about-a-game-I-just-played" type deal once with Napolean Total War and once I think with Frozen Synapse. This kind of thing is definitely one of the highpoints of podcast listening. The old saw is that a picture is worth a thousand words and these descriptions carry water on a number of levels - they're saturated with info, they are incredibly vivid and they remind a dude why he would be doing something as odd as tuning in to listen to other people talk about what they think about video games. So, revered podcasters, the next time you are preparing to say something brilliant about a game or games, consider the AAR description as a useful vehicle for getting your point across - it's good stuff. ...and more power on one of the best gaming podcasts on the web!

Great podcast   (5/5)

Smart discussions, hosts know what they're talking about, and their topics always have a direction. Subscribe if you like strategy games.

The Best Gaming Podcast Around   (5/5)

Title says it all. They have intelligent conversations, great chemistry, and everything is top notch. Highly recommended.


this is the only podcast that will discuss STRATEGY GAMES FOR PC. That's why you should listen to it.

Excellent Podcast   (5/5)

I love this podcast, it is one of the few that I look forward too especially when it is a full panel. Each person on this podcast contributes in a very unique way. I have thoroughly enjoyed each episode and hope that this podcast keeps going for a while. As for the previous reivew, I am not to sure what the other reviewer is talking about with the audio quality. I am deaf in one ear and I have no problem understanding anything that is said. Keep up the great work!

The best strategy gaming podcast.   (5/5)

They take strategy gaming to a new level with their conversations. Very, very insigtful. Suscribe; you won't be dissapointed. I wish other gaming podcasts' content were of this quality.

Great!   (5/5)

Three Moves Ahead is the best strategy gaming podcast you'll find. Highly Recommended!

Good content, but it's unlistenable   (2/5)

The audio quality is so poor I can barely make out many of the words. Either their gain is way too high or the guests need to take their mics out of their mouths. Way too much electronic feedback on the voices.

Best Strategy Game Podcast and Hosts Out There   (5/5)

Troy, Tom, Bruce, and Julian make up the some of cream of the crop of strategy game writers and commentators out on the web and make for excellent hosts on this podcast. Their analysis and commentary digs into what makes strategy games stand apart from the rest and why we enjoy them. An absolute MUST for strategy gamers and anyone looking to understand gaming mechanics and design in general.

TMA a worthwhile listen   (5/5)

TMA is an excellent media outlet for intelligent, concrete, and entertaining discussion for the strategy gaming genre. The 4 regular panel members are a virtual "Mount Rushmore". Tom Chick brings an always assertive but cogent point of view that grabs your attention. Julian Murdoch is always up to speed on a wide berth of current games, demonstrating a deep knowledge in this area. Neurosurgeon and gaming sage Bruce Geryk is the "resident" expert on all electronic and board strategy games spanning the last 30 years. Host Troy Goodfellow if the glue that holds it all together. His gaming acumen is each part his fellow co-panel members, but also much beyond. He is always respectful of his co-panel members, in some cases, he can be too deferential to them, but that should not be interpreted as a criticism. Troy is also great with his listeners, as he has personally responded to many of my comments/questions that I have had in regards to both TMA and his excellent web-site, Flash of Steel. TMA is a worthwhile 60 minute investment every week for those who desire quality strategy gaming talk.

Excellent podcast for PC and strategy gamers   (5/5)

This podcast features a respected and experienced cast who discuss strategy games with insightful comments and witty humor.

The perfect gaming podcast.   (5/5)

This is, by a wide margin, the best gaming podcast out there. It's panelists are consistently knowledgable, insightful and entertaining (and often very funny). Unlike many gaming podcasts, where panelists just riff on various inside jokes without actually discussing anything, TMA actually tackles real topics and real content. Give it a listen.

the best and only strategy gaming podcast!   (5/5)

we need more podcasts on strategy games!!!!

Great podcast. Keep up the good work.   (5/5)

If you want to hear intelligent discussion about strategy games this is the place.

Best podcast I've heard on any subject   (5/5)

I could actually use a coffee Tom, if you're up. Fantastic podcast! Even when the panel is talking about a game I haven't played or don't intend to play, they make the concept discussion universal enough to be fantastically interesting and entertaining. This is how you do podcasts, folks.

Tom vs Bruce Continued   (5/5)

I love this strategy game podcast. They stick to one topic every week instead of following the format of every other video game podcast.

I can safely say that this podcast is dangerous.   (5/5)

Especially if you're anything like me. If you care at all about the well constructed opinions of intelligent veterans of the strategy gaming pastime, this podcast is dangerous. You may watch, as I have, literal days tick by catching up with Troy and his panel discussing the finer points of the genre. Heck, even if you know someone who KNOWS someone who owns Agricola, this could be dangerous. Sure, maybe the audio quality could be better, but this is the single best podcast that deals with the theories and practice of serious strategy gaming. The world could use more intelligent, respectful discussion. Thanks guys, keep it up.

A Classy Cast   (5/5)

Lots of insightfull chatter about great strategy games, new and old. The cast has supremely vetted veiws on just about ever detail of they beloved niche. This is a great intro into the genre or a way to rekindle an old flame. Keep 'em coming, Troy. Thanks!

Thoughtful Strategy Gaming Discussions   (5/5)

What podcasting is all about-a focused discussion on a very unique subject. For all the Avalon Hill, Gary Grigsby, Civilization, etc., fans out there, this is the only place I know of for intelligent conversation regarding strategy-predominately historical-computer games. The discussion group is articulate and experienced in all levels of strategy games. Troy Goodfellow is an active observer/writer of the computer strategy scene. All the participants have been involved in game commentary for many years. And while the tactic of "theme" based discussions can limit the relevance of any one show to a listener, the podcasts as a group will offer something to anyone who appreciates the nuances of games such as Europa Universalis or Rise of Nations.

A good listen...for the right person.   (5/5)

If you are looking for a fairly intellectualized discussion of strategy games games this is the podcast for you. They are at thier best when they are deep in discussions of games. While this isn't to say they are never clever or funny, often times some of thier shenanigans can feel a bit forced. If you are looking for a laugh a minute check elsewhere, if you want an excellent discussion of strategy games (in a lighthearted nature) this is it.

A must for all strategy fans.   (5/5)

The show presents excellent dicussions about subjects of strategy and tactical wargaming. If you are a strategy gamer enthusiast I highly encourage you to give this podcast a try. Hopefully with time the audio will be as good as the content since it could use some improvement.

Very good show!   (5/5)

Although the audio quality isn't great, the show does an excellent job discussing the subject matter. It's a great time to be a strategy gamer!

Gaming with depth   (5/5)

I could not be more excited about a gaming podcast. I am entertained and enlightened, and I don’t even have a computer capable of playing anything more powerful than starcraft.